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Smartphone patents

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Method and system for displaying event messages related to subscribed video channels

Thomson Licensig

Method and system for displaying event messages related to subscribed video channels

Smartphone holder providing usb connectivity and tripod support

Smartphone holder providing usb connectivity and tripod support

Smartphone holder providing usb connectivity and tripod support

Device and method for surface positioning of antennas

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 Sensor-assisted biometric authentication for smartphones patent thumbnailSensor-assisted biometric authentication for smartphones
During a technique for authenticating a user using a portable electronic device (such as a smartphone) while preventing successful 2d media attacks and virtual-camera attacks, the portable electronic device provides an instruction to a user to move the portable electronic device relative to the user's face. Then, using an imaging sensor in the portable electronic device, the portable electronic device acquires, a series of images while the portable electronic device is at different positions or orientations relative to the user's face, where the series of images include at least two images relative to a symmetry axis of the user's face (such as the midline).
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Method and system for displaying event messages related to subscribed video channels patent thumbnailMethod and system for displaying event messages related to subscribed video channels
A method and an apparatus for receiving and displaying event messages associated with subscribed video channels, in particular television channels received by a set top box, or other television receivers, in a user location. According to the present principles, the user selects one or more channels to be included in a subscription list, which is transmitted to a message server.
Thomson Licensig

 Smartphone holder providing usb connectivity and tripod support patent thumbnailSmartphone holder providing usb connectivity and tripod support
A smartphone holder has a removable rubberized clamping assembly at an upper end thereof for securing a smartphone or other device in a desired position. A reversible male usb connector protruding from the lower end of the holder permits use of the smartphone regardless of the orientation of an external female usb connector to which the male usb connector is connected.

 Device and  surface positioning of antennas patent thumbnailDevice and surface positioning of antennas
Systems and methods for providing antennas for transmission and reception of radio frequency communications. More particularly, implementations of the present invention relate to a device and method for positioning antennas on surfaces encasing or surrounding an electronic device such as the rear of a flat panel display television or a laptop computer, smartphone, or pad computer, or on plates and components which removably engage with such devices..

 Flexible band or strap with integrated battery patent thumbnailFlexible band or strap with integrated battery
A method, apparatus, and system relating to a strap or band with an integrated battery are disclosed. The band or strap is designed to retain some flexibility and to interface with an electronic user device (e.g., smart watch, smartphone, etc.)..
Pebble Technology Corp.

 Efficient  audio signature generation using motion patent thumbnailEfficient audio signature generation using motion
An automatic content recognition system that includes a user device for the purpose of capturing audio and generating an audio signature. The user device may be a smartphone or tablet.
Alphonso Inc.

 Passive cardholder verification method in mobile device patent thumbnailPassive cardholder verification method in mobile device
In a payment-enabled smartphone, a customer verification method (cvm) may be performed without prompting the user to provide any input. An outcome of the resulting passive cvm process may be an input to a risk based decision process performed by the smartphone, by a point of sale terminal and/or by an issuer of a payment card account accessed via the payment-enabled smartphone.
Mastercard International Incorporated

 Image capture and mapping in an interactive playbook patent thumbnailImage capture and mapping in an interactive playbook
This invention enables people to use paper-based templates as an “input device” for creative expression based games, animations, activities, and customization of physical goods (stickers, plates, etc.). Colored documents can be captured using a smartphone, tablet, or computer camera, and still enable the document contents to be correctly extracted (versus using a 2d capture device like a scanner).

 System and  controlling test script execution by smartphone patent thumbnailSystem and controlling test script execution by smartphone
A computer implemented method, and system, for selecting an appropriate test script to test software in a testing environment using a smartphone. The system fetches test scripts from a script repository as selected by a developer using a smartphone.
Unisys Corporation

 Efficient  audio signature generation using recognition history patent thumbnailEfficient audio signature generation using recognition history
An automatic content recognition system that includes a user device for the purpose of capturing audio and generating an audio signature. The user device may be a smartphone or tablet.
Alphonso Inc.


Efficient audio signature generation using audio threshold

An automatic content recognition system that includes a user device for the purpose of capturing audio and generating an audio signature. The user device may be a smartphone or tablet.
Alphonso Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus support system

An air-conditioning apparatus support system has a smartphone including a gps, a camera, a communication unit that communicates with a center computer, a screen, and a control unit. When the control unit is activated at a location at which the air-conditioning apparatus is installed, the control unit executes a step of assuming a location detected by the gps to be the location at which the air-conditioning apparatus is installed and causing the center computer to register the location, and, after registration has been made, when the control unit is activated at the location at which the air-conditioning apparatus is installed, in the case where the air-conditioning apparatus is registered in the center computer, the control unit causes the screen to display information about the air-conditioning apparatus..
Mitsubishi Electri Corporation


Antibacterial composition, antibacterial cases and accessories for handheld electronics, and making antibacterial cases for handheld electronics

An antibacterial composition is formed from a polymer matrix that includes silver nanoparticles. The antibacterial composition can be used to provide surfaces that are to be touched.


Sensor based configuration and control of network devices

A mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer, can execute functionality for configuring a network device in a communication network and for subsequently controlling the operation of the network device with little manual input. The mobile device can detect sensor information from a network device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Delivery of visual voicemail over multimedia messaging service

A visual voicemail (vvm) service uses the mms (multimedia message system) system as a transport mechanism to deliver a voicemail payload to a client vvm application on a mobile device such as a cellular phone or smartphone. The payload is identified as a voicemail using a specific identifier included in a wap (wireless application protocol) push message that provides a url (uniform resource locator) that the vvm client application follows to download the voicemail as an attachment to an mms message from the vvm service.
Microsoft Corporation


Cloud based mobile device security and policy enforcement

Cloud based mobile device security and policy systems and methods use the “cloud” to pervasively enforce security and policy on mobile devices. The cloud based mobile device security and policy systems and methods provide uniformity in securing mobile devices for small to large organizations.
Zscaler, Inc.


Food and beverage preparation and retailing

Improvements are disclosed in the ordering, preparation, billing, and delivery of food and beverages in contexts including retail establishments. The customer order can be developed at the same or another location, via an application on a smartphone, tablet, or computer, on or offline.


Process of sponsorship of a purchase

A process for sponsors such as corporations, institutions, non-profits, or individuals, to pay for customer's purchases at the time or after the time of payment, before or after a customer presents a credit card or other payment method that identifies the customer, or pays with a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch or wearable device app such as apple pay, or google wallet. Both physical and virtual, internet, and application (app) based stores are able to practice the present invention..


Release date notification system

An application software for smartphones and tablets works with a cooperating website. The app will compile a calendar and notify the user of the dates of release or availability of selected events, media and/or products, based on a targeted item database compiled by the user and stored locally on the smart device as well as remotely accessible through the website.


Smartphone light projection device with effects and ambient noise synchronization

An entertainment accessory device for use with an electronic device's built-in light source for projecting light effects onto a surface, such as onto a ceiling, wall or car interior. The entertainment device can operate in conjunction with application software loaded into a smartphone's computer memory that fluctuates the light emitted by the smartphone in reaction to the volume, frequency, or pitch of music played through or detected by either the smartphone or an independent audio source.


Adaptive conveyance operating system

An apparatus, method, or system for providing specialized platforms and computing environments for vehicles/conveyances to coexist with end user devices is disclosed. Provided configurations and operations may apply to autonomous vehicles/conveyances.
Hj Laboratories, Llc


Systems providing electric vehicles with access to exchangeable batteries

Electric vehicles that use replaceable and exchangeable batteries, applications for communicating with a service that provides access to kiosks of batteries, and methods and systems for finding charged batteries, reserving batteries, and paying for use of the batteries, are disclosed. One example is a system that includes at least one server that is capable of communication with a plurality of kiosks.


Spinal cord stimulator system

Spinal cord stimulation (scs) system having a recharging system with self-alignment, a system for mapping current fields using a completely wireless system, multiple independent electrode stimulation outsource, and ipg control through software on smartphone/mobile device and tablet hardware during trial and permanent implants. Scs system can include multiple electrodes, multiple, independently programmable, stimulation channels within an implantable pulse generator (ipg) providing concurrent, but unique stimulation fields.
Globus Medical, Inc


Portable medical device and quantitative retinal image analysis through a smartphone

The present invention essentially consists of an integrated system that allows acquisition and quantitative analysis of high-resolution images of the retina. The integrated system includes an optical device and a software app.
Universita Della Calabria


Magnetic case or holder for smartphones and portable electronic devices

A magnetic device is provided, which includes an array of magnet stacks placed on a base plate that has a paramagnetic property. Each stack of one or more magnets is arranged such that the opposite poles of adjacent magnets in the stack face each other and preferably are in contact with each other.


Solar-powered charging umbrella with usb ports

A solar-powered umbrella has a cap structure that is connected by hinges to struts. The struts are relatively rigid and positioned above the umbrella shade and house solar panels.


Disc golf disc location system

A system for locating a lost disc golf disc is disclosed. A disc having a bluetooth transmitter is utilized to send a signal to a smartphone which measures the distance to the disc from the smartphone.


System and using vehicle radio to control delivery of premium content to a smartphone

A system and method for enabling access to premium content, obtained via a smartphone, to be controlled by using a vehicle as a “key” to unlock the premium content. In one implementation the user of the vehicle uses her/his smartphone to establish a wireless link with the vehicle's radio system.
Myine Electronics, Inc.


Powered portable handle remote for smartphone

The powered portable handle remote system wirelessly controls a mobile communications device's application using wireless technology. It serves as a remote for the mobile communications device and as a handle to stabilize and hold the mobile communications device while using the mobile communications device.


Secure communications smartphone system

Methods, systems, and non-transitory data storage media are provided for secured communications where biometrics are used to secure communications sent over a data communication path. A sender of a secured communication may identify one or more biometrics required from a recipient before the recipient is allowed to interpret, read, view, or listen to the communication.
Oto Technologies Llc


Hands-free, wearable vibration devices and method

A wearable haptic device includes (a) substrate having provided thereon a fastener (e.g., adhesive) for attachment to a user; (b) one or more emp transducers attached to the substrate, such that a mechanical response in each emp transducer may provide a haptic response of sufficient magnitude to be felt by the user; and (c) control circuit controlling the vibration frequency, the time of operation and the duration for each activation of the emp transducer. The wearable haptic device may include a wireless communication circuit (e.g., bluetooth transceiver) for receiving message from an external device (e.g., smartphone).
Novasentis, Inc.


User interfaces for mobile and wearable medical devices

Graphical layouts, algorithms, and methods are introduced herein to implement user interfaces for mobile and/or wearable medical devices. In one aspect of the present invention, new graphical layouts are introduced for simplified presentation of time-dependent patient data.


Barcode-reading system

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation


Liquid crystal display device

There is provided a liquid crystal display device which prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and which overcomes problems of defective display such as voids, uneven alignment, and screen burn-in. The liquid crystal display device prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and reduces defective display such as screen burn-in; hence, such a liquid crystal display device is particularly useful as liquid crystal display devices of a va mode and psva mode which involve active matrix driving and can be applied to the liquid crystal display devices of liquid crystal tv sets, monitors, mobile phones, and smartphones..
Dic Corporation


Detection and monitoring of atrial fibrillation

A real-time arrhythmia discrimination method is used in smartphones, which can discriminate between nsr, af, pacs and pvcs using pulsatile time series collected from a smartphone's camera. To increase the sensitivity of af detection and add the new capabilities of pvc and pac identification, the arrhythmia discrimination method of these teachings combines root mean square of successive rr differences (rmssd), shannon entropy (she) and turning point ratio (tpr), with the poincare plot, and utilizes the features of pulse rise/fall time and amplitude for arrhythmia discrimination..


Wirelessly operable cooking appliance

A wirelessly operable cooking appliance for cooking food products includes a wireless communication device. A computing device, such as a smartphone, can wirelessly communicate with the cooking appliance to control and monitor the cooking appliance..
Spectrum Brands, Inc.


Location information service system, location information service method employing electronic tag, portable information terminal, and terminal program

A system enables desired information to be delivered to, or jump into a portable information terminal such as a smartphone which is carried by a user, without relying on gps or network environment. The system, provided with an electronic tag transmitter, is configured to broadcast the first identification information (management equipment number) such that the application, executed in common by the plurality of the portable information terminal, and a management device configured to receive an inquiry based on the first identification information received by the portable information terminal; transform the first identification information into a second identification information (application identification number) which is to be managed by the portable information terminal; and transmit the second identification information to the portable information terminal having made the inquiry, wherein the portable information terminal is configured to execute the application based on the second identification information..
Tagcast Inc.


Switchable camera mirror apparatus

Techniques for switchable camera mirror apparatus are described. In one or more embodiments, a computing device (e.g., a tablet device, a smartphone, and so on) includes a camera functionality that is configured to capture images from a variety of different device perspectives.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Remote access, control, and management of a power micro grid

Systems, methods, and apparatuses are disclosed for remote access, and management of a power grid and their associated loads. At least certain embodiments are configured for provisioning and control of decentralized non-grid connected power sources and corresponding power loads, including dc from photovoltaics (“pvs”) and ac from inverters, to a variety of power loads such as various electrical motors, lights as well as residential or business appliances.
Nuevo Power, Inc.


System for assigning a smartphone as a temporary key for a vehicle

A method of providing access to a vehicle, including wirelessly and electronically discovering a personal electronic device disposed outside of the vehicle. A remote central controller is wirelessly instructed to wirelessly transmit a certificate to the personal electronic device.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America


Method and wirelessly activating a remote mechanism

A system includes a first device to select and transmit a first code by a transmitter to a remote device; the remote device implements a sequence detector based on the first code; the transmitter in the first device generates a first sequence based on the first code; the sequence detector in the remote device detects the first sequence and activates the mechanism based on the detection; the first device may be a smartphone or a smart watch.. .


Preference based anonymous mobile push targeted advertising based on time and proximity

A mobile marketing system for targeted advertising based on anonymous user input of preferences. The zatify system utilizes technology that delivers mobile promotions based on location, timing and preferences.
Zatify Inc.


Process for synchronizing audio playback on a smartphone with content displayed on a digital sign

A method of operating a plurality of signboards includes continuously displaying a current time-of-day on the signboards. A request is received from a smartphone for an audio clip corresponding to one of the signboards.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America


Device and detection of counterfeit pharmaceuticals and/or drug packaging

One aspect of the invention provides a device for detecting a counterfeit product. The device includes: a plurality of light sources configured to emit light at a plurality of different wavelengths onto an object potentially including a suspect product; at least one image acquisition device adapted and configured to acquire image data; and a communications interface adapted and configured to transmit the image data to a computing device selected from the group consisting of: a tablet computer and a smartphone..
The United States Of Amarican, As Represented By The Secretary, Deparment Of Health & Human Ser...


Method and providing real time mutable credit card information

A method for using a smartcard is provided. The smartcard may include a microprocessor chip, a button, a dynamic transaction authorization number, a bluetooth low energy (“ble”) device.
Bank Of America Corporation


Electronic payment transactions without pos terminals

Techniques for completing a financial transaction without deploying merchant pos are described. According to one aspect of the present invention, a user or buyer uses his/her smartphone to complete a monetary transaction with a seller, where the seller does not have a pos device instead receives a conformation from a designated party that a payment from the buyer has been received.
Rfcyber Corporation


Method of secure access to confidential medical data, and storage medium for said method

The concept of medical profile, which is a particular and temporal mode of the medical file prefigures the transmission of the digital medical information continuously from the patient to his doctor (or vice versa), with the objective of creating an universal and interactive external digital support (usb card, smartphone, digital tablet, etc. .


Apparatus and methods for dynamic role switching among usb hosts and devices

Apparatus and methods for usb hosts and usb devices to dynamically switch roles such that a product which initially operates as a usb host may instead operate as a usb device and vice versa. Products such as smartphones and tablets which initially operate as usb devices may dynamically switch roles to become usb hosts.
Mcci Corporation


Portable biometric monitoring devices having location sensors

Assisted-gps for a portable biometric monitoring device is provided. The portable biometric monitoring device may obtain updated ephemeris data from an associated secondary device via a short-range, low-power communication protocol.
Fitbit, Inc.


Method and determining that a watercycle has completed

A device, comprising a float, basin, and basin cover, is removably attached to interior rungs of a dishwasher via clip-hooks, and stabilized with a tongue arm, design features of the clip-hooks, and the cooperating portions of the basin or cover. The float rises to a completed water cycle ‘clean’ position as basin fills with water.


Loop suitable for use with a variety of objects

Disclosed is a loop suitable for a handheld object. A flexible loop is affixed e.g.


An earphone and a making an earphone to achieve automatic identification and switch control

The present invention discloses an earphone and a method for making an earphone to achieve automatic identification and switch control. The earphone comprises: a voltage-controlled switch, a switch button set, a microphone and more than two earphone remote control circuits, wherein different earphone remote control circuits correspond to different smartphone operating systems, respectively; the voltage-controlled switch is arranged between the switch button set, the microphone and the more than two earphone remote control circuits, and the voltage input terminal of the voltage-controlled switch is connected to the microphone-connected terminal of the earphone; the voltage-controlled switch identities the operating system of the smartphone that the earphone is plugged in according to the voltage of the microphone-connected terminal of the earphone, and then controls switch(es) in itself to switch to a corresponding earphone remote control circuit, to achieve the connection of the switch button set and the microphone to the corresponding earphone remote control circuit.
Qingdao Goertek Technology Co., Ltd.


Firefighters integrated thermal imaging/ information system

The invention is a small optical display connect to a facepiece. The optical display is paired via bluetooth or wifi to a thermal imager.


Application of the invoke facility service to restrict invocation of compound wireless mobile communication services: division 2 - vehicular safety measures

This invention provides a mechanism for restricting invocation of wireless mobile terminal (smartphone) apps whose execution creates a vehicular driving hazard. Events that cause such hazards are included.


Illuminated integrated speaker port insert and button

Electronic devices such as smartphones (100) or tablet computers are provided with an illuminated integrated speaker port insert and button (110) which allows audio energy to pass out of the speaker port (108), serves as control button for a function such as volume control or power, and is provided with single or multi-color illumination (212) so as to serve as a visual information indicator. The button (110) can serve in place of side mounted button while not requiring additional allocation of area on the devices front surface beyond what would be allocated for a speaker port and therefore not reduce the area available for a display screen (203).
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Information processing device and controlling information processing device

A provider server (100) includes: a receiving section (21) for obtaining a redirection url (2); an information registering section (11) for registering user information (3); an access authorizing section (12) for authorizing the consumer server (200) to make access to the user information; a sending section (22) for sending the redirection url (2) to a smartphone (300); an authorization judging section (13) for judging whether or not the access is authorized; and a sending section (22) for sending the user information (3) to the consumer server (200).. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Smartphone control of electrical devices

A wireless mobile device controls at least one controllable electrical device from audio speech, by receiving the audio speech that is associated with the at least one controllable electrical device at a microphone of the wireless mobile device, generating speech data that is associated with a vocabulary set of the at least one controllable electrical device from the audio speech, converting the speech data to an ascii string that is associated with the at least one controllable electrical device at the wireless mobile device, the ascii string representing control data of the at least one controllable electrical device that is indicated by the audio speech, establishing a wifi communication path with a wifi wireless router that is associated with the at least one controllable electrical device at the wireless mobile device, and sending the ascii string from the wireless mobile device to the wifi wireless router that is associated with the at least one controllable electrical device through the wifi communication path.. .
Altorr Corporation


Process, system, monitoring status and control of equipment

The present invention provides am apparatus and methods for an equipment monitoring system coupled to equipment, such as a garage door opener, sprinkler system, hvac, and other equipment amenable to remote operation. The system permits a user to operate equipment controls via a smartphone, tablet, or other networked appliance.


System and providing targeted advertisements and geolocation information to an operator of a vehicle

A system is disclosed for inserting stored advertising content into broadcast content being played over an audio system. The system may have a smartphone in wireless communication with the audio system which runs an application relating to a specific broadcast station that is broadcasting the broadcast content.
Myine Electronics, Inc.


Expiration time authentication system, expiration time authentication device, and expiration time authentication applications

A smartphone into which an application is installed includes a first and second authentication processing unit. The first authentication processing unit is configured to determine whether or not a current activation time of the application is past expiration time; permits authentication if the current activation time is not past the expiration time; and denies authentication if the current activation time is past the expiration time.
Alpine Electronics, Inc.


Electronic test device data communication

Electronic test devices and methods include data transfer capabilities. In one implementation, an assay device includes wireless communication capabilities to send assay result decisions and/or values to a separate processing and display device such as a smartphone.
Z-integrated Digital Technologies, Inc.


System for prevention of texting while driving

A system for prevention of texting while driving is comprised of an always-on mobile application which is installed in the user's smartphone or other mobile electronic device, and a proximity sensor and transmitter which is preferably mounted on the steering column of the user's vehicle. The sensor detects any electronic device with the mobile application installed within a specific short distance, consistent with the user being seated in the driver's seat with the electronic device activated.


System and providing information lookup while buffering received content on a radio system

A system is disclosed for providing supplemental information to a user receiving a broadcast of audio information. A radio system is used for wirelessly receiving broadcast content.


Mutual information based intelligibility enhancement

Provided are methods and systems for improving the intelligibility of speech in a noisy environment. A communication model is developed that includes noise inherent in the message production and message interpretation processes, and considers that these noises have fixed signal-to-noise ratios.


Method and system of facilitating shopping through a handheld device and mobile network

The present disclosure relates to a system to allow for a direct customer/retail integrated communication activated through a product barcode scan on a handheld device such as a smartphone that will display item specific details, stock availability and automatically suggest alternate, upgraded, add-ons or other coordinating items/products on the handheld device.. .


Gastronomy payment system using geotagging and mobile devices

Methods and systems for gastronomy payment using geotagging and mobile devices may enable a user to browse and select restaurants using a mobile device, such as a smartphone. Menu items for a selected restaurant may be viewed and ordered after the user provides payment information to a gastronomy payment system, including authorization to charge the user for ordered menu items.


Wearable metabolic physical activity monitor and method

A metabolic physical activity monitor measures metabolic analyte data using one or more wearable analyte sensors. The sensors may be incorporated into a self-contained device or communicatively coupled to an external computing device like a smartphone or computer or both.


Notification system including a notification accessory linkable to a communications device

A notification system includes a specially-configured communications device, such as a smartphone, and a notification accessory that is linkable, e.g., via bluetooth, to the communications device. The notification system allows a user to selectively, according to user preference, reproduce at the wearable accessory customized notifications corresponding to notifications that would otherwise occur at the communications device.


Determining indoor location of devices using reference points and sensors

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for determining the indoor location of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers using reference points and sensors. According to one aspect disclosed herein, an environment analytics system can retrieve a layout of an environment and determines an absolute reference point for the layout.


Carwash with smartphone proximity detection

An example carwash method involves a customer using a smartphone with an app for finding participating carwash locations, making online payments for select carwash options, and then using the smartphone app to start the washing process when the customer arrives at the carwash. Various means can be used for determining when the vehicle is at the carwash entrance.


Systems and methods for mutual integrity attestation between a network endpoint and a network appliance

Described systems and methods allow malware-protecting a client system (e.g., computer system, smartphone, etc.) connected to a network. In some embodiments, a network appliance transmits a boot image over the network, on demand, to the client system.


Device, system, and automatically generating an animated content-item

Device, system, and method of automatically generating animated content-items. A user operates a smartphone, a tablet, a smart-watch, a computer, or other electronic device, to record an audio segment, and to select a graphical avatar.


Portable sound device for sound amplification of string instruments and similar musical instruments

The present invention refers to a type of acoustic and amplified sound box including a portable sound device, an acoustic box with a flexible base and perforated sound outlet, internally containing the operating devices such as a pci amplifier board, a power battery, loudspeaker sound amplifiers, subwoofer, audio input and output connectors as well as on/off connector with led light, as well as p10 plug or similar installed on the lower part and connector for smartphones such as iphone or ipod or similar and/or usb connector, to be used in amplifying sound in string instruments or similar instruments in order to provide sound amplification from the musical instrument whose primary sound source is the vibration of the tensioned strings when plucked, struck or rubbed and, thereby providing greater surround sound and better quality, reaching a more distant audience and not only those close to the musician and his instrument.. .


Biometric data gathering

A universal 6-dof mems sensor combined with six degree of motion algorithms and human motion parameters permits individualized real time motion analysis of a user to enable accurate measurements. Data derived thereby is wirelessly sent for viewing to a bluetooth® enabled smartphone or combination smartphone and eyeglass device, marketed as the google glass® headset.


Solar lighting with pay-as-you go technology

Disclosed are systems, devices and methods for providing solar lighting and power to a customer by using pay-as-you-go (payg) technology. The payg technology allows a customer to make incremental payments for a solar energy system that includes a lighting unit.


Personalizable engagement platform

A personalizable engagement platform includes a customer module and a merchant module for use by participating customers and merchants. Participating customers and merchants are limited to using their respective modules.


Carwash communication

An example carwash method involves a customer using a smartphone with an app for finding participating carwash locations, making online payments for select carwash options, and then using the smartphone app to start the washing process when the customer arrives at the carwash. Various means can be used for determining when the vehicle is at the carwash entrance.


Shut-in communications system

A facilitator, physically present with a patient, uses a portable device or handheld device (such as a laptop, a tablet computer, a smartphone, or a similar device) to connect wirelessly to a web-based application. This web-based application communicates with a designated or pre-selected number of other applications—such as an e-mail service, a twitter account, and a facebook account.


Systems and methods to reconcile free-text with structured data

The present application relates generally to systems, software and electronic commerce. More specifically, systems, methods and software to reconcile free-text with structured data are disclosed.


Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement enables a content creator to select software with which that creator's content should be rendered—assuring continuity between artistic intention and delivery.


Method and device for generating data from a printed document

A computer implemented method for retrieving information from printed documents and dumping it into formatted documents like forms or templates; the method is mainly aimed to portable and autonomous electronic portable devices furnished with capture means like cameras; therefore the invention is meant but not limited to its implementation in smartphones. The computer implement method of the invention allows the direct dump of data present on printed documents to a computer system in order to use that data to fill formatted forms or documents, so the user can easily fill forms, more specifically tax or financial forms, in a direct way.


Cloud-based server for facilitating health and fitness programs for a plurality of users

With the widespread use smartphones, sensors, connected devices the volume of data generated by users is staggering. Cloud based systems allow the statistical evaluation of user data which is vital for analyzing trends but privacy remains a major concern.


System and transport layer agnostic programming interface for use with smartphones

An application programming interface (api) is disclosed for interfacing a vehicle electronic component with a smartphone, wherein the vehicle electronic component and the smartphone each make use of a short range wireless transceiver for wirelessly communicating with the other, and wherein the smartphone includes an application running thereon. The api has an interconnect api disposed in the electronic component.


Bicycle activity monitoring and recording device

An activity monitoring and recording device may include a smartphone, a magnet, a hall-effect sensor, a global positioning system (gps) device, a microprocessor and proprietary software supported to a bicycle. The software may determine bicycle and rider information including speeds, distance travelled, average speed, and calories burned by the rider during a ride..


Emergency stop for carwash

An example carwash method involves a customer using a smartphone with an app for finding participating carwash locations, making online payments for select carwash options, and then using the smartphone app to start the washing process when the customer arrives at the carwash. Various means can be used for determining when the vehicle is at the carwash entrance.


Device for holding a smartphone inside a vehicle

A device for holding a smartphone inside a vehicle is disclosed. The device includes a housing for receiving the smartphone and a rail for receiving the housing.


Method and system of using eye tracking to evaluate subjects

A method and system of organizing salient, aversive, and neutral stimuli in a visual display, deliberately separated by space and/or time, to better reveal attractors and aversions for a test subject observing the display, whose reactions are tracked using eye and gaze tracking, as well as other optional body parameters, all captured as data. The data is analyzed using rules and algorithms to characterize or diagnose the subject based on single test results, or comparison to prior test results, and comparisons to norms.


Multi-function wallet

A multi-function wallet is provided which is adapted in one mode for carrying and storage of non-flat items concurrently with and conventional flat items. Additionally the wallet or an engaged stand component is configured to securely yet removably engage a computing device with a viewable screen such as a smartphone, and hold it an multiple angles while in an inclined position so as to be easily viewable by a user..


Smartphone conferencing system and operating same

This invention relates to a smartphone conferencing system (1), a dial-out and permissions rating engine (dpre) (17) for use in the system, and a method of handling a smartphone conference call between a smartphone user and a plurality of conference call participants (5). The system and method both incorporate a dpre (17) which analyses the conference call establishment requests and determines if a request is valid or if a request is invalid based on call dial-out history.
Snaptalk Limited


Systems and methods for enhancing targeted audibility

Systems and methods disclosed herein provide for low cost hearing assistance to improve intelligible hearing for those with normal hearing and to greatly improve hearing intelligibility for those with hearing problems. One goal of the systems and methods disclosed herein is to make hearing assistance algorithms easily accessible and available by implementing such algorithms using non-dedicated hardware platforms such as non-dedicated mobile computing devices, e.g., smartphones, pda's and the like.
Soundfest, Inc.


Safety monitoring system capable of proactively detecting locations of terminal devices

The present invention is to provide a safety monitoring system, which includes a plurality of terminal devices (e.g., smartphones) each configured to wirelessly and periodically send out a report message and a home server storing positioning data created according to the strengths of signals transmitted by each terminal device from different locations within an indoor environment (e.g., an apartment) respectively. According to the positioning data, the home server divides the indoor environment into a plurality of monitoring areas (e.g., living room, bathrooms, kitchen .
D-link Corporation


Video reply system and method

Provided are a video reply system and method using a smartphone.. .


Internet-enabled standby energy management system

A smart power outlet and/or power strip can be comprised of any number of active receptacles and deliver any voltage/power rating. The power outlet and power strip relays standby power loss data to a base station via power line communication or another means of wired or wireless communication that minimizes the cost of electrical components.


Validating biometrics without special purpose readers

To validate a user's identity a network validation server receives a smartphone image of a preexisting user credential, including both a user biometric and a unique identifier associated with the credential and stores them in a database. The validation server also receives the unique identifier from a registrar network device seeking to validate the user, and in response transmits a validation code to the user's smartphone for display by the user's smartphone and/or the registrar's network device for display by the registrar's network device.


System and two factor user authentication using a smartphone and nfc token and for the automatic generation as well as storing and inputting of logins for websites and web applications

The present matter relates generally to the matter of authenticating users for login to websites and web applications to use a computer service. More specifically the matter of using a communication device such as a smartphone and nfc-based token as a two factor authentication solution for authenticating to use computer services such as logging into websites and web applications.
Symple Id Inc.


Method and system for enabling anonymous communications between two or more interested parties

A method and system for communicating anonymously between two parties until such time that the parties may wish to reveal their identities to each other. This is accomplished by using a portable device that enables anonymous communications between a sender (operating a sender device such as a smartphone) and a recipient (operating a recipient device such as a smartphone) via an anonymous communications server computer..


Communication system, relay apparatus, control apparatus, server apparatus, control method, and information processing method

A hems controller repeatedly transmits a predetermined signal to a control-target appliance at a set time interval in order to detect a change in a status of the control-target appliance. If the status changes, the hems controller notifies a smartphone of the changed status via a server apparatus.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Techniques for enhancing baud rate in light-based communication

Techniques are disclosed for coding light-based communication (lcom) data in a manner that allows for detection thereof, for example, via a standard low-speed (e.g., 30 frames per second) smartphone camera. In accordance with some embodiments, the disclosed techniques can be used, for example, in encoding and decoding lcom data in a manner that: (1) prevents or otherwise minimizes perceivable flicker of the light output by a transmitting lcom-enabled luminaire; and/or (2) avoids or otherwise reduces a need for additional, specialized receiver hardware at the receiver computing device including the camera.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Electronic device, transmitting electric power, and electric power transmission system

A mode setting module sets a mode of a smartphone b to an electric power transmission mode or an electric power reception mode based on a state of use of a smartphone a and the smartphone b. An electric power control module allows electric power transmission of electric power transmission and electric power reception when the electric power transmission mode is set, and allows electric power reception of electric power transmission and electric power reception when the electric power reception mode is set..
Kyocera Corporation


Method for preventing children being left in car by using obd2 socket and smartphone

A method for preventing children from being left in a car. The method comprises find an obd2 socket in a car; insert an obd2 adapter with bluetooth in the obd2 socket; equip a driver with a smartphone having a reminder program; use the bluetooth to establish communication between the obd2 adapter and the smartphone; when the obd2 adapter obtains car moving information from the obd2 socket, the moving information is sent to the smartphone by the bluetooth; and the reminder program issues order to operate the smartphone to make a reminder to the driver, let the driver take necessary response to prevent children being let in car..


Client-side personal voice web navigation

A system running on a mobile device such as a smartphone is configured to expose a user interface (ui) to enable a user to specify web pages that can be pinned to a start screen of the device. Once pinned, the user may launch a web page by voice command from any location on the ui or from within any experience that is currently being supported on the device.
Microsoft Corporation


System and providing simplified path and points of interest user interfaces

Embodiments of the present invention are generally directed towards systems and methods for user interface generation. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention are configured to provide a system and method for providing one or more user interfaces capable of displaying path and points of interest information data in an easily understandable and consumable manner.


Thumb stylus for capacitive touch screens

A thumb or finger extension device for touchscreen use may be manufactured in a generic shape or may be custom-fitted to a particular user's thumb or finger, for example to accommodate a user who has lost all or part of the thumb or other finger. The device, whether generic or custom-fitted, fits firmly and comfortably on the thumb or finger.

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