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Multi-operating system


Multi-operating system

Lenovo (singapore) Pte

Control of an electronic device equipped with cordinate input device for inputting with an electronic pen

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 User interfaces for hvac schedule display and modification on smartphone or other space-limited touchscreen device patent thumbnailnew patent User interfaces for hvac schedule display and modification on smartphone or other space-limited touchscreen device
A novel small format touch screen user interface for displaying, adding and editing program setpoints is described. When editing a setpoint the user's input is constrained such that the user can only alter one parameter (either time or temperature).
Google Inc.
 Multi-operating system patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-operating system
A mobile computing device with a mobile operating system and desktop operating system running concurrently and independently on a shared kernel without virtualization. The mobile operating system provides a user experience for the mobile computing device that suits the mobile environment.
 Wellness management method and system by wellness mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone patent thumbnailnew patent Wellness management method and system by wellness mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone
A device, method and system processes data about the user for determining and recommending a health/wellness action to the user. The action determined can be based on: (1) current biometric and/or motion data about the user (from the sensors), and (2) current health/medical information or condition about the user (from the user's personal information, e.g., health library or programmed into the smartphone).
Futurewei Technologies Inc.
 Receiver for sideband mitigation communication  increasing communication speeds, spectral efficiency and enabling other benefits patent thumbnailnew patent Receiver for sideband mitigation communication increasing communication speeds, spectral efficiency and enabling other benefits
Common wave and sideband mitigation communication systems and methods are provided that can be used with both wireless and wired communication links. The systems and methods provided can enable faster data rates, greater immunity to noise, increased bandwidth/spectrum efficiency and/or other benefits.
Falcon Nano, Inc.
 Control of an electronic device equipped with cordinate input device for inputting with an electronic pen patent thumbnailnew patent Control of an electronic device equipped with cordinate input device for inputting with an electronic pen
A manner of reducing the power consumption is utilized in a tablet terminal equipped with a digitizer for inputting with an electronic pen. When another tablet terminal or a smartphone approaches the tablet terminal, each digitizer detects input.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.
 Barcode-reading enhancement system for a computing device that comprises a camera and an illumination system patent thumbnailnew patent Barcode-reading enhancement system for a computing device that comprises a camera and an illumination system
This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation
 Integrated electronic health care coordination system with touch screen tablets and smartphones patent thumbnailIntegrated electronic health care coordination system with touch screen tablets and smartphones
A patient care coordination system that includes a plurality of hand-held computers in communication with a cloud computing network or a remote server that has an accessible database of all patients and the health care information of each. The cloud computing network or remote server synchronizes, in real time, patient health care information input in any one of the plurality of hand-held computers with all the others of the plurality of hand-held computers that are each able to download and view the patient health care information in the database in a user friendly graphic user interface..
Southwest Ip Holdings, Llc
 Processing and reporting usage information for an hvac system controlled by a network- connected thermostat patent thumbnailProcessing and reporting usage information for an hvac system controlled by a network- connected thermostat
Systems and methods are described for interactively, graphically displaying and reporting performance information to a user of an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat. The information is made on a remote display device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other computer, and includes a graphical daily or monthly summary each of several days or months respectively.
Google Inc.
 Method and  pre-processing video frames patent thumbnailMethod and pre-processing video frames
A video device continuously monitors the current frame rate and the speed of its processor to determine how much pre-processing the device can carry out on each individual frame. Based on this knowledge, the device continuously adjusts the pre-processing methodology in order to ensure that processing is completed before the next frame is likely to arrive.
Motorola Mobility Llc
 Smartphone based passive keyless entry system patent thumbnailSmartphone based passive keyless entry system
A passive keyless entry system is provided comprising an access point module, a smart phone for capable of transmitting an identification and proximity signal, the passive keyless entry system allows the user to program or set the distance for activating the passive triggering of the lock mechanism using radio signal strength indication means of a smart phone. The invention further provides for setting of a parameter boundary whereby the passive keyless entry system is disabled either manually or though an automated process or whereby a user can set a perimeter around a specified point location whereby a passive keyless entry system is disabled when a smart phone is within the perimeter and enabled the passive keyless entry system when outside of the perimeter..
Directed, Llc

Barcode-reading capabilities of a portable, hand-held computing device that comprises a camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Barcode-reading application for a mobile device with a high resolution color camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Configurable and portable device for holding accessories on motor vehicle dashboards

A device for holding accessories such as a tablet computer, smartphone, navigation device or similar accessories to the dashboard or center console of a motor vehicle. The mount is secured to the dashboard or console with one or more upper adjustable strap(s) and hook(s) to the defroster vent or other attachment point on the dashboard or on the windshield and one or more strap(s) and hook(s) to anchor points under the dashboard or center console.

Method for controlling inlining in a code generator

The various aspects leverage the novel observation that the number of call sites in code is directly correlated with the code's compile time and provide methods implemented by a compiler operating on a computing device (e.g., a smartphone) for performing inline throttling based on a projected number of call sites in the code that would exist after performing inline expansion. The various aspects enable the compiler to improve the performance of the generated code by aggressive inlining while carefully managing increases in compile time, thereby decreasing the power required to compile the code while increasing performance of the computing device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and improving one-handed operation of a large smartphone or a small tablet computer

The present disclosure involves a method of improving one-handed operation of a mobile computing device. A first visual content is displayed on a screen of the mobile computing device.

Personal merchandise cataloguing system with item tracking and social network functionality

An online personal merchandise cataloguing system is equipped with integrated item tracking and hosted (or imported) social network functionality. The system comprises an internet application with a supporting backend network, the pertinent configuration and operation of both being substantially under the control of an individual retailer.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Communicating information about a product via an attached tag

Communicating information about a product includes associating a tag with the product, where the tag provides information to a smartphone of a user that interacts with the product and the tag, sending product identification information from the smartphone of the user to a back end processing system, where the information indicates an owner of the product, the back end processing system sending product sales information to the smartphone of the user in response to receiving the product identification information, the user interacting with the back end system through the smartphone to purchase the product, and the back end system recording the owner of the product and the sale to the user. The tag may be visual and may include a decorative pattern and/or a qr code.
Evernote Corporation

System for automatic registration of expeditionary telecommunications deployments

A system and method for enabling voice and broadband data delivery to users in expeditionary deployments is disclosed. More specifically the system is composed of a registration server, a wireless telco network server, a wide area transport network, and an external network interconnect (like satellite or fiber location) such that when users arrive at a disaster scene where communications infrastructure has been destroyed or is unavailable, they are either handed a smart device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.) or they utilize an existing smart device they brought with them (byod) and via the wi-fi interface they connect to the wide area transport network..
Xg Technology, Inc.

Mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device

Generally described, the present application relates to a system and method for processing input to control a set of functions and features. More specifically, however, the present application relates to user devices that can be controlled through brain activities or similar actions.

Social media fountain

Systems and processes for facilitating control of a decorative water fountain system through a network are described. A central computer may be connected to a network and may communicate with a variety of controllers to drive fountain hardware, lights, and music for an automated performance.
Watergush, Inc.

Weapon video display system employing smartphone or other portable computing device

A video display system for a weapon includes a removably attachable optical range finder for calculating a distance to a selected target. The optical range finder includes an optical emitter for sending an optical signal to a target and an optical detector for detecting the signal reflected from the target.
Wilcox Industries Corp.

System and sending and receiving action-based digital greeting cards

Systems and methods are described herein that allow computing device users to send and receive encapsulated messages, such a greeting cards, consolidating input from more than one user into a single greeting card. Sensors on a computing device, such as a smartphone, may be used to simulate an action that triggers an encapsulated message to be transmitted or retrieved..

System and computerized recommendation delivery, tracking, and prioritization

A system and method for recommendation delivery and tracking is provided. Users may use a smartphone enabled recommendation system to select products or media such as movies to recommend to other users.
Reccosend Llc

Online match-making system or game, such as a web site, smartphone or tablet application and supporting network, and code configured to provide same

An online match-making system, such as a smartphone or tablet application and supporting network, which is configured to promote contact between users when a mutual interest has been determined. Profiles are received from (and maintained in) a database.
Plymouth Rock Llc

Methods and systems for providing scan triggered application services

Disclosed are methods, systems and computer program products for providing scan-triggered application services to a user using a scan-able information encoded in a service scan code, such as a bar code, a quick response (qr) code, an rfid code/tag, or an nfc code/tag. In one embodiment, a mobile communication device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other mobile computer is adapted to include a scan-triggered service client module for scanning and communicating scan code information obtained from a scanable service code.
Flashback Survey, Inc.

Wearable defibrillator system communicating via mobile communication device

A wearable defibrillation system can establish a local comlink with a mobile communication device, such as a smartphone, tablet-type computer and the like. The mobile communication device can in turn establish a remote comlink with other devices in a network such as the internet.
Physio-control, Inc

Bidirectional communication between an infant receiving system and a remote device

An infant device, such as in infant swing, establishes a wireless connection with a parent's existing portable electronic device, such as a smartphone. The portable electronic device sends messages to control any of the functions associated with the infant device.
Mattel, Inc.

Automatic hearing aid adaptation over time via mobile application

A hearing assistance system for delivering sounds to a listener provides for programming of a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid, using a communication link with a secondary device such as a smartphone. An example hearing assistance system may compensate for a patient's hearing deficit in a gradually progressing fashion over a configured period of absolute time, device operation time, or a combination of absolute and operation time.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Affixable belt clip for a phone incorporating an adjustable kickstand

A combination clip and table top supporting device for use with any of a smartphone or other portable electronic device. The device includes a body having opposing and extending ends and which is constructed of a resilient and biasing material.

Dynamic force sensing to determine mass using a smartphone

Systems, apparatus and methods for estimating a mass of an object by a mobile device are presented. The mobile device, which may be a smartphone, vibrates the mobile device both unloaded (without an object) and loaded (with an object) while measuring the unloaded and loaded vibrations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and detecting a security compromise on a device

Embodiments of a system and method for detecting a security compromise on a device are described. Embodiments may be implemented by a content consumption application configured to protect content decryption keys on a device, such as a computer system (e.g., a desktop or notebook computer) or a mobile device (e.g., a smartphone or tablet).
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Distributed audio playback and recording

Techniques are disclosed for providing distributed audio playback and recording functionality according to certain embodiments. In such embodiments one or more client audio devices can be connected to a server computing device via a network connection, thereby providing distributed audio playback and recording functionality to the server computing device.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System for performing secure large monetary transactions through mobile communication devices

A computerized system and associated process for securing large monetary transactions through mobile phones or smartphones. The system offers several security innovations bringing the trust and safety expected when handling such important transactions..

Avionics system adapted for employing smartphone to input-output flight data

A system and method configured to monitor aircraft flight performance data. The system includes a wireless transmitter in data communication with an avionics system of the aircraft, a portable wireless transceiver associated with the wireless transmitter, and a wireless database associated with the wireless transmitter.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Peripheral access devices and sensors for use with vehicle telematics devices and systems

A telematics method and system includes, and uses, a telematics device with a controller in communication with a diagnostic system configured to receive diagnostic information from a host vehicle; a position-locating system configured to determine location information of the host vehicle; a wireless transceiver configured to transmit and receive information through a wireless network to and from at least one internet-accessible website; and, a communication interface including at least a short range wireless interface link. The telematics device may be embodied in an access device, which may include the position-locating system.

Triage tag management system and smartphone for same, and triage tag management method

An example of a triage tag management includes a triage tag attached to a wounded person, a smartphone that receives input of symptom data of the wounded person, determines a symptom level of the wounded person, and transmits data of the symptom level to the triage tag, and a wounded person information database that receives the symptom level data of the wounded person from the smartphone over a network and stores the symptom level data therein for each wounded person attached with the triage tag, the smartphone including a temporary storage section that temporarily stores the symptom level data of the wounded person when the symptom level data cannot be transmitted to the wounded person information database.. .
Tokyo Electronic Systems Corporation

Universal adjustable lens adapter

A universal adjustable lens adapter and rig system for smartphones, or similar electronic devices, that is modular in nature. The universal adjustable lens adapter includes a clamp mount assembly, a lens mount assembly, and a handle assembly.

Collapsible cell phone boom arm

An extension arm for a digital media device having a camera communicating captured video to a viewable display, such as a smartphone, cellphone, or digital camera, is provided to extend a user's reach for media capture. The device features a telescopic member configured at a distal end to engage with the intended media device.

Remotely activated illuminated shoe

An improved remotely activated illuminated shoe includes a chipset assembly, a actuator assembly, a connection apparatus, and an led array. This improved remotely activated illuminated shoe is used for the purpose of illuminating the shoe with a hand-held activation device such as a keychain whereby a portion of the shoe is illuminated in a variety of burst modes.

Multi-smartphone grabbing device with attachable wallet

A grabbing device and an attachable wallet for smartphones and methods for attaching the wallet to different brands and types of smartphones and the automatic adjustment of the grabbing device to fit multiple brands and types of smartphones is disclosed. Additionally, the invention described enables various attachment means for easy separation of the grabbing device and smartphone while not interfering with the overall functionality and settings of the smartphone..

Integrated combat resource management system

An integrated combat resource management device is in the form of a smartphone with a display screen and user input device. The smartphone has a set of integrated applications stored therein which when executed provide an interactive display offering dynamic real-time situational awareness information to the user.
Thales Canada Inc.

Multiple contact and/or sense promotional systems and methods

Various embodiments that may generally relate to presentation of content in a coordinated manner through a plurality of output devices is described. A smartphone, for example, may enhance a visual presentation made by a digital billboard by adding audio to the presentation.
El Media Holdings Usa, Llc

Consumer-centric product warranty management system

Consumer-centric communications-enabled portable, preferably tablet or smartphone-based, systems, methods and apparatus for product registration and warranty activation, and for product warranty management.. .

Method of sharing set data for vehicle control

A method of sharing set data for a vehicle control includes reflecting requirements of a user and generating the set data for the vehicle control by a smartphone. The set data for the vehicle control is transmitted to a vehicle mounted terminal according to a request of the user.
Hyundai Autoever Corp.

Injector system

Multiple embodiments of contrast media injector systems (800, 800′, 800c) are disclosed. A number of different devices are disclosed for providing user input to such a contrast media injector system (800, 800′, 800c), including at least one tablet computer (700), a user-mountable user input device (760), a smartphone (762), and various combinations thereof..
Mallinckrodt Llc

System and scalable video cloud services

Methods of monitoring real-world environments using a plurality of processor controlled internet video cameras, scalable cloud computing technology, and various internet connected smartphones and tablet computers. The system is designed to use cloud computing technology, including automated service provisioning, automated virtual machine migration services, restful api, and various firewall traversing methods to scale to up to millions of cameras and beyond.
Intellivision Technologies Corp.

Methods and systems for vehicle theft detection and prevention using a smartphone and video-based parking technology

Methods and systems for preventing vehicle theft. A video stream of a parking area wherein a vehicle is parked can be captured, the video stream provided by a theft notification service to which the vehicle is pre-registered.
Xerox Corporation

Method and phase identification in a three-phase power distribution network using servers

A remote phase identification system identifies the unknown phase attribute of any energized conductor within a three-phase power distribution network. A base station at a reference location obtains a reference phase each gps second and stores it on one or more servers.

Power source device having standby power-cutoff function, and controlling same

Disclosed is a power source device having a standby power-cutoff function, which is to be used to charge a battery. The power source device comprises: a micro-usb connector (24) for connecting to the power source unit (20) of a smartphone when the battery of the smartphone or the like is to be charged; and a power generation unit (32) supplying dc charging power to the smartphone (20) from an ac input power source.

Near-field-communication or rfid based electrochemical biosensor and an ingredient measurement using thereof

Disclosed herein are a near-field-communication or a radio-frequency identification (rfid) based electrochemical biosensor capable of measuring an ingredient by being inter-worked with a wireless communication device such as a smartphone and a method for an ingredient measurement using thereof. The near field communication or radio-frequency identification based electrochemical biosensor, includes: a casing having a specimen introduction channel formed therein; an ingredient measurement electrode disposed in the casing and measuring a specific ingredient of a specimen; a reaction reagent portion disposed in the casing and reacting with the specimen; a specimen recognition electrode disposed in the casing and recognizing the introduction of the specimen; an antenna transmitting and receiving signals and power to and from a smart device or a tester; and a control integrated circuit (ic) chip controlling the ingredient measurement electrode, the specimen recognition electrode, and the antenna..
Center For Integrated Smart Sensors Foundation

Multimedia personal historical information system and method

Disclosed is a mobile and web-based personal history capture-store-retrieval process and system intended to be used by individuals or groups (including companies and educational institutions) to record personal historical information in multimedia file format from any source, such as the individual's smartphone, tablet, or personal computer. The system will assist individuals in the recording and storage and retrieval of the individual's (or group's) personal histories.
Hj Holdings, Llc

Mobile-to-mobile transactions

A mobile-to-mobile transaction method allows two mobile smartphones to engage in a private transaction between themselves. The two share the same transaction server using prearranged individual enrollments.
Cryptite, Llc

Systems and methods for selecting parts configurations

Techniques for suggesting suitable brake-pad and other automotive-part configurations, based on information including vehicle and/or driver characteristics. In some embodiments, the information can be received by a processor or computing device, such as an in-store kiosk, smartphone, or personal computer.
Genuine Parts Company

Apparatus for coupling to computing devices and measuring physiological data

Devices, systems, and methods for measuring and monitoring biometric or physiological parameters in a user-friendly and convenient manner are disclosed. Relevant physiological parameters of the user may be measured as the user normally operates a computing device or other hand-operated or hand-held device.
Alivecor, Inc.

Apparatus and/or kit related to smartphone cases

Devices, features, and aspects are drawn to using and repurposing smartphone cases. A holder insert having a frame is dimensioned to be received in a cavity of a smartphone case in place of a smartphone to repurpose the smartphone case.
Tanuki Entertainment, Inc.

Methods of using and smartphone event notification utilizing an energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator mechanism

The present invention provides methods of notifying a user of a smartphone event through use of an energizable ophthalmic lens. In some embodiments, the smartphone may be paired with a specified ophthalmic lens, wherein the pairing may limit wireless communication to communication between the two specified devices.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

Integrated health measurement and food service system

An infrared imaging service combined with a food service business serves to educate consumers about healthy eating and health in general, and provides viral marketing aspects to grow the food service business and associated healthcare practices. Customers at the food service business may scan a qr code located at a table or food counter, schedule a thermographic image on their smartphone, use an image downloaded to their smartphone ad a ticket to have their thermographic image taken, and be automatically e-mailed their thermographic image when it is taken..

Methods for object recognition and related arrangements

Methods and arrangements involving portable user devices such smartphones and wearable electronic devices are disclosed, as well as other devices and sensors distributed within an ambient environment. Some arrangements enable a user to perform an object recognition process in a computationally- and time-efficient manner.
Digimarc Corporation

Salient point-based arrangements

A variety of methods and systems involving sensor-equipped portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are described. One particular embodiment decodes a digital watermark from imagery captured by the device and, by reference to watermark payload data, obtains salient point data corresponding to an object depicted in the imagery.
Digimarc Corporation

Methods and arrangements involving substrate marking

First and second patterns are formed on a substrate. A spatial offset between the patterns is determined, and stored for later use in authenticating the substrate.
Digimarc Corporation

Energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator mechanism

The present invention is directed to an energizable ophthalmic lens with a smartphone event indicator, wherein the ophthalmic lens may wirelessly receive smartphone event data from a smartphone. The energizable ophthalmic lens may comprise energizable components encapsulated by the soft biocompatible portion or may comprise a media insert that may encapsulate the components.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

System and method to find lost objects

The invention disclosed herein is a system and method to locate lost objects. The system (1000) is comprised of at least one accessory, at least one computing device (e.g.
Akka, Inc.

Case for a portable electronic device having rims and a material

Provided a case having interchangeable parts that are coupled together to provide a protective casing for an electronic device, such as a smartphone. The case parts may comprise a first rim, a second rim and a material, such as a flexible material, to extend across a surface of the portable electronic device.
Afc Trident, Inc.

Methods and systems enabling access by portable wireless handheld devices to data associated with programming rendering on flat panel displays

Flat panel displays (e.g., smart tvs) can wirelessly broadcast their identity for discovery to users of handheld devices (e.g., smartphones) interested in obtaining additional data associated with programming displayed on the flat panel displays. Data can include video, text, audio, and identifying information needed to access related data from a remote server.

Processing of automobile data on a smartphone

A device for determining an operating state of an automobile from automobile data available on a can network of the vehicle, the device including a computer for mathematically processing the data to determine the operating state of the vehicle. The computer is hosted in a smartphone, a specific application for processing the data using the computer is implemented in the smartphone, recovery of the data from the can by the smartphone is carried out via a wired or wireless link, and the smartphone displays, via a graphical interface thereof, the operating state of the vehicle..
Renault S.a.s.

Qr code scoring system

A videogame, method, or system incorporates the use of a qr code which is produced by a central processing unit of a game, and is scanned by the player's or user's mobile communication device such as a smartphone. The smartphone's means for network connection to the internet is then used to communicate the game's data to a server associated with the game.
Raw Thrills, Inc.

Mobile, handheld wireless communication device, smartphone, with improved functionality

A folding, handheld wireless communication device that is designed to be carried in a hip pocket like a wallet. The advent of curved touch-sensitive glass will facilitate the design of wireless devices that conform to the user's body.

Smartphone handle

The invention relates to a smartphone, and more particularly, relates to user more conveniently and firmly hold a smartphone and more quickly to respond to take a picture and shoot a video.. .

Method and detecting sms-based malware

There are provided a method and apparatus for detecting and handling a malicious act that performs billing and takes a financial gain using a short message service (sms) in real time. The apparatus includes an sms collecting module configured to collect an sms message sent from or received in a smartphone; an sms parsing module configured to parse the collected sms message; an sms examining module configured to examine at least one field of the parsed sms message and determine whether the sms message is a malicious act-related message based on an access control list (acl) and an sms signature db; and an installing app examining module configured to examine sms message sending permission of an app to be installed in the smartphone and a priority of an sms receiver process included in the app and determine whether the app has a possibility of being malware..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Remote camera associatable with objects for wirelessly transmitting video to a handheld device

A holder capable of holding objects, such as a hair grooming tool, or being held by objects, including an integrated camera is provided that can communicate video wirelessly (e.g., via bluetooth™) with a smartphone that includes a video application, wireless communications, and a display screen. The display screen can be a touchscreen.

Physiologic audio fingerprinting

Audio sounds are captured from a subject's body, e.g., using a smartphone or a worn array of microphones. Plural features are derived from the captured audio, and serve as fingerprint information.
Digimarc Corporation

Dynamically optimized transportation system

A comprehensive system to optimize utilization of transportation resources, including public vehicles such as municipal buses, quasi-public vehicles such as university and corporate campus shuttles, private vehicles, and freight carriers (all participating vehicles collectively, “transportation assets”) and provide superior, expedient, efficient, and economical transportation options to prospective passengers or cargo items (each, a “rider”). A central tracking and guidance system (the “coordination system”) will monitor the current itineraries, present locations, capabilities, and operator-designated preferences of transportation assets.

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