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Smartphone bluetooth headset receiver

Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

Smartphone bluetooth headset receiver

Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device


Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device

Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device

Process for configuring consumer source selections in deregulated markets

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 Time cycle audio recording device patent thumbnailTime cycle audio recording device
A wrist-wearable, battery powered device (10) for recording audio uses circuitry to record audio in a continuous, looped fashion, and a processor which can be triggered to store a segment of previously recorded audio. Vibration circuitry (34) in the device is used to generate and respond to vibration so that a user can enable or disable recording (308, 314) and direct the storage of recorded audio (302) by mechanicaily tapping the device, and the processor can confirm user directions relating to recording of audio by responsively generating vibration of the device (304, 310, 316).
Nugg-it, Llc
 Smartphone bluetooth headset receiver patent thumbnailSmartphone bluetooth headset receiver
Systems and methods are provided for allowing a user with a smartphone to pair the smartphone with another bluetooth device to receive audio that is played to the user over headphones or through speakers on the smartphone. Further, an audio processing module is used to modify the audio presented to the user, extract closed captioning text to be displayed to the user, find information relevant to the audio to be displayed to the user, and pause audio content sent to the smartphone when phone calls or other smartphone interruptions occur..
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.
 Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device patent thumbnailSecure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device
The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to systems and circuitry for and/or methods of establishing communication having one or more pairing facilitator-intermediary devices (for example, a network connected server) to enable or facilitate pairing and/or registering at least two devices (e.g., (i) a portable biometric monitoring device and (ii) a smartphone, laptop and/or tablet) to, for example, recognize, interact and/or enable interoperability between such devices. The pairing facilitator-intermediary device may responsively communicates information to one or more of the devices (to be paired or registered) which, in response, enable or facilitate such devices to pair or register.
Fitbit, Inc.
 Process for configuring consumer source selections in deregulated markets patent thumbnailProcess for configuring consumer source selections in deregulated markets
Some embodiments include novel methods for obtaining information regarding one or more deregulated utility markets, switching between utility providers in a deregulated utility market, and renewing utility contracts with existing utility providers in a deregulated utility market. In some embodiments, the deregulated utility market is one of an electricity market, a natural gas market, and a telecommunications service market.
 Payment system and method patent thumbnailPayment system and method
A smartphone (106) with a processor (150) can execute program instructions to cause currency transfers transactions to be made to accounts associated with other smartphones and to interact with an application server (102) or merchant terminal (108). The smartphone can scan a quick response (qr) code and decode the qr code to recover encoded data.
Gelliner Limited
 Transaction authorization control and account linking involving multiple and singular accounts or users patent thumbnailTransaction authorization control and account linking involving multiple and singular accounts or users
Systems and methods for controlling authorized transactions associated with an account and for linking multiple accounts are disclosed. The systems and methods may be implemented over a network and may include receiving input from an account holder and/or account user, each of which may communicate with the system through a user interface displayed on a computing device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
 Strongly isolated malware scanning using secure virtual containers patent thumbnailStrongly isolated malware scanning using secure virtual containers
Described systems and methods allow protecting a host system, such as a computer or smartphone, from malware. In some embodiments, an anti-malware application installs a hypervisor, which displaces an operating system executing on the host system to a guest virtual machine (vm).
Bitdefender Ipr Management Ltd.
 Interactive communication augmented with contextual information patent thumbnailInteractive communication augmented with contextual information
Techniques are disclosed for augmenting an interactive communication session with contextually relevant information. A computing device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, can be configured to provide an augmented chat application configured to create, send, receive and display a conversation, and further configured to locate, retrieve and display, via a graphical user interface (gui), other information that is contextually relevant to the conversation.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
 Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device patent thumbnailEnhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device
A centralized resource manager manages the routing of audio or visual information within a device, including a handheld device such as a smartphone. The resource manager evaluates data-driven policies to determine how to route audio or visual information to or from various input or output components connected to the device, including headphones, built-in speakers, microphones, bluetooth headsets, cameras, and so on.
Apple Inc.
 Digital map based 3d-character virtual interaction system for social networking patent thumbnailDigital map based 3d-character virtual interaction system for social networking
A digital map based 3d-character geospatial virtual interaction system for social networking proposes a visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods for presenting 3d-characters which can be extended to other 3d objects (e.g. Cars, buses, bikes, ships, planes, etc.) and presenting their animations and sounds for interactions on a digital map mimicking the actual persons' and/or objects' physical appearances, looks, shapes, voices, sounds, locations, movements, behaviours and interactions, some or all of which can be mimicked, the visual and audio presentation and virtual interaction system and methods being combined with a geographic information system (gis) supported social networking platform which can store, manage and distribute geospatial and virtual interaction information along with other social networking information for use on the actual persons' computing devices (e.g., any type of computers, smartphones, tablets, microcontrollers, etc.)..

Evidence collecting and recording a gun

A battery-powered electronic evidence-collecting device on the gun that transmits to a smartphone or other device carried by the peace officer for recording and forwarding the evidence to a central station. The evidence collecting and recording apparatus is activated by the removal of the gun from its holster..

Game controller with clamp for portable device

A game controller for use with handheld game devices, for example smartphones, includes a cradle for holding the smartphone. The cradle is pivotable between an open position, extending from a base of the game controller, and a closed position in which the cradle is about a bottom wall of the base..
Activision Publishing, Inc.

Mobile companion

The mobile companion is a wrist or ankle worn device that combines the attributes of a watch, smartphone, pulse-oximeter, temperature monitor and accelerometer into a health monitoring device that can maintain and transmit both positional and medical conditions of the wearer. The system also has a programmable processing unit that can set parameters to allow the device to automatically alert military or civilian emergency services without the users input when certain emergency criteria is met.

System and receipt acquisition

Systems and methods are presented for acquisition of receipt information using portable scanning devices such as a cellphone camera running suitable software. A smartphone having associated software is used to capture image from a receipt, by holding the smartphone camera over the receipt such that the latter is within the field of view of the cellphone camera.

System and sharing previously visited locations in a social network

A system and method for sharing previously visited locations in a social network includes a location-aware computing device (for example, a smartphone) configured to send, to a server, a historical log of data representative of a path previously travelled by a user. The server may determine one or more candidate places of interest along the previously travelled path based on the historical data, and provide the candidate places of interest to the user for selection.
Google Inc.

Configuring applications and policies in non-cooperative environments

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for configuring applications and policies in non-cooperative environments. Embodiments of the invention provide the ability to configure non-cooperative applications and operating systems to comply with a policy.
Microsoft Corporation

Biometric security and authentication for a mobile device

Methods and systems for authorizing a wireless device via biometrics. A biometric interface permits a user to enter via the biometric interface, one or more biometric attributes employable for authorizing the wireless device for use by the user.

System and quickly obtaining medical information

A medical bracelet, wrist-band device, watch, piece of jewelry, or any other worn item contains a or code for fast scanning by emergency first responders, er teams or any other medical personnel. Scanning the qr code with a handheld device like a smartphone results in immediate retrieval of pertinent medical information either directly from the qr code, or from a dedicated website.
Endevr Llc

Methods and systems for using scanable codes to obtain a service

A mobile communication device may include a scan client module for scanning and communicating qr code information. Qr code scanning is accomplished by a camera module that is associated with the smartphone or other mobile computing device.
Flashback Survey, Inc.

Smartphone application enabling instant activation or deactivation of credit cards with the touch of a button

A method of activating and deactivating credit cards or debit cards by initiating activation or deactivation of a credit card or debit card in an application, transmitting an activate signal or deactivate signal to a server of a card issuer, validating user information, and activating or deactivating the credit card or debit card. A method of preventing fraudulent charges on a credit card or debit card.

Managing applications in non-cooperative environments

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for managing applications in non-cooperative environments. Embodiments of the invention provide the ability to manage non-cooperative applications and operating systems.
Microsoft Corporation

System and wirelessly rostering a vehicle

A system and method for wirelessly generating a roster of drivers and passengers in transportation vehicles. A driver's or passenger's smartphone can communicate using short-range communications with the vehicle, or a smartphone in the vehicle, so that the id associated with the phone can be linked to a vehicle id, date and time stamped, and stored in a log or database.

System and body motion analytics recognition and alerting

Device, system and methods for using body worn sensors to analyze human body motion. The device, often configured to be worn on the user's wrist, arm, neck, belt or other location, comprises a processor, an output device (often a wireless transceiver), and at least one accelerometer, angle, location, direction, or physiological state sensor.

Methods and systems for arrhythmia tracking and scoring

A dashboard centered around arrhythmia or atrial fibrillation tracking is provided. The dashboard includes a heart or cardiac health score that can be calculated in response to data from the user such as their ecg and other personal information and cardiac health influencing factors.
Alivecor, Inc.

Systems/methods of conducting a financial transaction using a smartphone

Embodiments of inventive concepts are provided wherein a mobile device, such as a smartphone, may be configured to communicate with a base station, using a first mode, and to communicate with an access point using a second mode that comprises a level of security exceeding that of the first mode. The second mode communications between the mobile device and the access point are conducted over a short-range wireless link responsive to an identity of the mobile device and/or responsive to a biometric data being provided by a user of the mobile device.
Odyssey Wireless, Inc.

Smartphone based telematics applications

A system for monitoring vehicle operation during a driving experience of a vehicle using a smartphone having a position module configured to generate driving data associated with the position of the smartphone. The system includes a database for storing driving data generated by the smartphone, and computer executable instructions downloadable onto the smartphone.
Innova Electronics, Inc.

Bandwidth reclamation using ip infrastructure for video content delivery

A content delivery gateway receives a video sequence transmitted over an internet protocol network and the video sequence is destined to multiple digital display devices. The content delivery gateway transcodes the video sequence into one of multiple video formats, e.g., high efficiency video coding (hevc) format to advanced video coding (avc) format, hevc or avc to mpeg-2 format.
Zenverge, Inc.

Remote control built-in device case for electronic device

A device case for an electronic device such as a smartphone or tablet includes a detachable remote controller, or remote key, for controlling a camera and other features for the electronic device. The remote key can control the camera and other features via wireless communication protocols such as bluetooth® protocols, wi-fi, or infrared.
Jwin Electronics Corp.

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Arrangements involving portable devices (e.g., smartphones and tablet computers) are disclosed. One arrangement includes a smartphone comprising: a touchscreen display; a camera for capturing image data; a microphone for capturing audio data; memory for storing software instructions; and one or more processors programmed with said software instructions.
Digimarc Corporation

Electronic device cover

An electronic device cover is provided having an elongated first surface, a first and second sidewall surface, and a first and second inward lip member forming a sleeve-like configuration to accept a handheld electronic device therein. The first end of the cover comprises an inwardly flaring surface adapted to prevent an electronic device from sliding therethrough.

Spectral comb voice activity detection

The various implementations described enable voice activity detection and/or pitch estimation for speech signal processing in, for example and without limitation, hearing aids, speech recognition and interpretation software, telephony, and various applications for smartphones and/or wearable devices. In particular, some implementations include systems, methods and/or devices operable to detect voice activity in an audible signal by determining a voice activity indicator value that is a normalized function of signal amplitudes associated with at least two sets of spectral locations associated with a candidate pitch.
Malaspina Labs (barbados), Inc.

System and monitoring and controlling appliances and powered devices using radio-enabled proximity sensing

A system and method of monitoring and controlling powered gas or electric appliances or devices using proximity awareness and providing optional watchdog safety shutoff capabilities including an inline or remote monitor and control system, radio awareness of compatible components such as bluetooth smartphones and dongles, and optional internet connectivity for remote monitoring, control, and usage data accumulation.. .
Wallflowr, Inc.

Method and server for providing a set of price estimates, such as air fare price estimates

The field of the invention relates to methods, servers and computer program products for providing a set of prices. A computer server receives a request for a price for goods or services, such as airfares, together with parameters defining those goods or services, for example: activity type, such as airfare, hotel booking, train fare; date range; destination; origin; desired weather conditions; star ratings; keywords; any other user defined preference.
Skyscanner Limited

Differentiating real faces from representations

Facial recognition can be used to determine whether or not a user has access privileges to a device such as a smartphone. It may be possible to spoof an authenticated user's image using a picture of the user.
Google Inc.

Mobile wireless hand-held biometric capture, processing and communication biometric identification

A mobile, wireless biometric identification system includes a biometric capture device, associated software and processes which enable a commercially available wireless communication device, such as a smartphone, using a commercially established wireless communication networks, to capture a digital image of a human biometric (iris, fingerprint, etc.) for transmission via a secure connection to a central server. The capture device is designed to focus on the difficult task of capturing the highest possible quality image for encoding and comparison, while the overall system is designed to leverage the existing cellular communication network.
Bi2 Technologies, Llc

Retractable electronics protection

Cases are disclosed herein for mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones, tables, e-readers, etc., that have an integrated retention system. The integrated retention system includes a retention device and a retraction device.

Apparatus, method, and software systems for smartphone-based fine-grained indoor localization

Techniques for accurate, low-complexity, scalable indoor localization. Low-complexity anchor nodes generate acoustic beacon signals, which are passively detectable by a mobile device, which may be unmodified smartphones operating in an acoustic frequency range.
University Of Florida Research Foundation Inc.

Camera supporting assembly including angularly adjustable wheels

A camera supporting assembly includes a frame supporting interchangeable camera mounts thereon to support smartphones, and other camera enabled devices interchangeably thereon. A grip member with a first pivot coupling selectively couples to a second pivot coupling on the frame and a pair of stabilizer legs are suspended below the frame so as to balance the camera on the grip member.

Method and system for operating a collaborative network

A method and system for operating a collaborative network of participants attending an event/meeting presentation in person employs a web-based control server connected online with participants using their personal networked computer devices. The control server sends a question or prompt to and receives inputs from participants via the display screens of their personal networked computer devices, and calculates aggregated results of participant users' inputs for display on the event/meeting display screen, then sends a next question or prompt to the participants for a next activity step of the group activity.
Sift Co.

Intelligent state determination

Methods are introduced for determining user activity states (walking, driving, biking, jogging, etc.) using smartphone imu and other sensors. By use of such states, a novel parking spot sharing system is implemented; walking after driving is interpreted as necessarily involving parking.

Crime deterrence using smartphone signatures

A method and system of deterring crime by analyzing short-range signals broadcast by mobile wireless personal communication devices. Business places have sensors that are used to detect the short-range broadcast signals.

Menu level advocate and reward system

An advocate and reward process is dedicated to mobile users. The process includes the following steps: a consumer posts an advocate on the electronic menu and reward (emr) bank for an ordered product or service; the consumer earns certain value of reward points based on the influence level of the advocate.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Node-enabled proactive notification of a shipping customer regarding an alternative shipping solution

Methods and systems are described for proactively notifying a shipping customer using a wireless node network about an alternative shipping solution when shipping a package. A master node in the network related to a shipping facility may detect a signal broadcast by a user access device related to the shipping customer as the device approaches the shipping facility master node with the package to be shipped.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Node-enabled shipping without a shipping label using elements of a wireless node network

Methods and systems are described for preparing a node-enabled shipment of an item to be shipped using a wireless node network having at least a node and a server. A user access device, such as a laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet, may capture an identification of the node to be related to the item.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Portable biometric monitoring devices having location sensors

Assisted-gps for a portable biometric monitoring device is provided. The portable biometric monitoring device may obtain updated ephemeris data from an associated secondary device via a short-range, low-power communication protocol.
Fitbit, Inc.

System for inexpensive characterization of air pollutants and inexpensive reduction of indoor dust

The invention describes software (including mathematical models implemented in software) and related electronic circuits that can be used to combine data from local, inexpensive dust sensors (particle counters) with internet-available rich data on pollutants, weather, optional household devices, sensors, and appliances to create a rich picture of the local environment, shape that environment through non-trivial control of said household appliances and ventilation systems to reduce buildup of household dust on surfaces or reduce sensitive individuals' exposure to specific pollutants, and monitor individuals' exposure to pollutants. The software might live in a smartphone (such as the inventors' iphone prototype), related hardware devices (such as a pollution sensor communicating via bluetooth with the smartphone) or in heating/cooling control system such as a common household thermostat.
Acculation, Inc.

Compostable composite multipanel smartphone, tablet & mobile electronic device cover kits for consumer print personalization and structural customization

Disclosed is diy consumer kit for making print personalized, structurally customized covers and cases used to protect mobile electronic devices. In all embodiments, covers and cases use an encapsulated bio-based compostable resin composite fused with external layers of organic carbon neutral reclaimed industrial fiber, this composite provides an inkjet receptive sheet that may be fed through any printer for consumer customization.

Therapeutic device for neck pain

A therapeutic device has a body (2) with a shoulder-engaging part (12) and a chest-engaging part (11) and elevated pivot supports (12) extending upwardly from the shoulder-engaging part (12) at locations to be on opposed sides of a patient's head in use. A head support (3) with a chin cradle (35) is pivotally connected by pivot joints (20) to the pivot supports (12).
University Of Limerick

Display an item detail with a receipt snippet

The present disclosure extends to displaying a portion of an image representation of a paper receipt, the image portion corresponding to a selected item from a completed transaction. In embodiments, an “ereceipt,” a digital representation of a paper receipt, is transmitted to and displayed on a customer computing device, such as an app installed on a smartphone.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Intercom handset for cellular phones and smartphones with e.m.f. shield

Intercom handset for cellular phones and smartphones provided with a ferritic layer of shielding against the electromagnetic field or e.m.f. Emitted by mobile phone devices.
Manarin Srl

Method, non-transitory computer readable storage medium, device and system

The present application relates to a method whereby the communication traffic between a wireless communication apparatus such as a smartphone and another device such as a map information providing server and/or server managed by mobile virtual network operator mvno. According to a first aspect, the communication traffic can be reduced by dividing items of geographical information that are sent to the smartphone are divided into static information and dynamic information and the two types of information are separately processed in that the map data is updated less often than information such as traffic congestion, weather information or the congestion level of a base station.
Sony Corporation

Learning system using oid pen and learning method thereof

The present invention relates to a learning system using an oid pen, the learning system including a plurality of textbooks, in which texts and drawings are formed in a dot code, an oid pen to read and decode dot code information formed in a corresponding area when a specific area of the textbook is touched by the oid pen and generate a digital code based on the dot code information, and a smartphone to store content information and operating application corresponding to each textbook at a designated area, wherein the oid pen is connected to the smartphone, any one content corresponding to each textbook may be selected, and corresponding image data or audio data of the content based on the digital code determined when the dot code is read by the oid pen are loaded and outputted.. .
Bunny Land Co., Ltd.

Detecting removal of wearable authentication device

A wearable device is disclosed that, while being worn by a user, may allow a user to authenticate to a second device such as a smartphone without having to enter an unlock code such as a personal identification number. The wearable device may detect when the user removes it.
Google Inc.

Caretaking communication bracelet

A caretaker's communication bracelet that can record and asynchronously transmit a message to another similar bracelet, a smartphone or mobile phone, or a computer, via a cloud server.. .

Normalizing universal product codes

The current disclosure extends to normalizing upcs so the normalized upcs can be readily compared against each other and used for item lookups in a local cache. Embodiments of the present disclosure include a upc cache on a user's mobile device, such as a smartphone.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Enabling a secure environment through operating system switching

Described systems and methods allow a host system, such as a computer or a smartphone, to enable a secure environment, which can be used to carry out secure communications with a remote service provider, for applications such as online banking, e-commerce, private messaging, and online gaming, among others. A hypervisor oversees a switch between an insecure environment and the secure environment, in response to a user input, or in response to an event such as receiving a telephone call.
Bitdefender Ipr Management Ltd.

System and viewers to comment on television programs for display on remote websites using mobile applications

A software system, method, application that allows television and cinema viewers to create, store, and display on remote websites comments pertaining to viewed content (e.g. Programs, streaming movies, advertisements).
Social Commenting, Llc

Interface for interaction with a compendium by members of a group

A system, method, and user interface for interacting with digital yearbooks, memory books, or other types of photo books via a smartphone or tablet (device). Electronic books can be viewed easily on the user's device.
Memoreze Llc

Ergonomic micro user interface display and editing

A method and apparatus is disclosed for more efficient editing and reading comprehension of text and other content on a computer screen with a virtual keyboard and limited space, such as would be found on a mobile device such as smartphone, tablet, handheld computer or an automobile dashboard, or an appliance with a small screen. The method provides aids that assist in saccadic related cognition of limited text display, especially condensed or abbreviated text.

Method of generating physical mail from electronic messages

A system for transmitting user messages to a recipient via standard physical mail is disclosed. A data service provided over the internet or other data network receives a message, addressee information, and payment from a user via a network-enabled device such as a personal computer or smartphone.

Smartphone-based methods and systems

Methods and arrangements involving portable devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, are disclosed. Exemplary arrangements utilize the camera portions of such devices to identify nearby subjects, and take actions based thereon.
Digimarc Corporation

Analyte concentration alert function for analyte sensor system

Systems, methods, and apparatuses that provide alerts based on analyte data and acceleration data. An analyte sensor may generate the analyte data.
Senseonics, Incorporated

Sniffing smartphone

A wireless communication device having a breath sensor and a proximity sensor to measure the distance from a user to the device. The breath sensor is configured to measure or detect various components in the user's breath that may be indicative of a health issue.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and system for pre and post processing of beacon id signals

A wireless beacon message management system and method of operating the system with a mobile device. At least one wireless beacon is strategically located in a premises, such as a building or other geocentrically defined area.

Mobile video editing and sharing for social media

A mobile video editing and sharing systems for social media referred to as the capture system, which improves over prior video editing systems for smartphones through a more extensive editing suite including functionality for adding and altering music to video files. The video editing portion of the system allows for further creative freedom and expansion than what is already offered.
Sketchpost, Llc

Communication system

The present invention regards a communication system (10; 10a; 10b; 10c) comprising at least one communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) configured to connect to other communication devices (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) via an audio and data link (52). The communication device (36, 36a, 36b, 36c) comprises at least a receiver unit (40), an output transducer (32), a microphone (22, 22′), a transmitter unit (42), and a control unit (38).
Oticon A/s

Smartphones backgroung uplink small data packet optimization

A communication apparatus includes a wireless transceiver that transmits data packets including background traffic data packets and a transceiver control unit that controls transmission by the wireless transceiver of the data packets. The transceiver control unit receives, prior to their transmission, all data packets that are to be transmitted by the wireless transceiver.
Verizon Patent And Licensing, Inc.

Generating panoramic images

Methods and systems for generating panoramic images using images captured from, for instance, a camera-enabled mobile device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, wearable computing device, or other device) are provided. More particularly, a panoramic image can be generated from images simultaneously captured from at least two cameras facing in different directions, such as a front facing camera and a rear facing camera of a camera-enabled mobile device.
Google Inc.

Input devices and methods

Devices and methods for providing an interface to a computing device are disclosed herein. The disclosed embodiments allow a user to utilize a first computing device, such as a smartphone or other mobile computing device, as a mouse-like peripheral input device for an associated second computing device, such as a tablet computing device.
Tabitop, Llc

Portable biometric monitoring devices having location sensors

Assisted-gps for a portable biometric monitoring device is provided. The portable biometric monitoring device may obtain updated ephemeris data from an associated secondary device via a short-range, low-power communication protocol.
Fitbit, Inc.

Enhanced wireless location system and method

An identification tag has at least a controller, a receiver for receiving wireless signals from an exciter, and a transmitter for transmitting wireless signals to at least one location receiver (which may be a wlan access point). The tag's controller can determine the presence of interference from sources unrelated to the location system, such as smartphones, tablets, computer monitors etc., and signal an alert accordingly..
Aeroscout Ltd.

Configurable footwear sole structures controlled by a smartphone app algorithm using sensors in the smartphone and the soles

A smartphone or other mobile computer app that causes a smartphone or another mobile computer device to actively control a configuration of footwear structural elements located in both footwear of a device user. Sensors are located in both footwear soles and in the device of the user.

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