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Wellness/exercise management method and system by wellness/exercise mode based on context-awareness platform on…

Futurewei Technologies

Wellness/exercise management method and system by wellness/exercise mode based on context-awareness platform on…

Misplaced article recovery process

Misplaced article recovery process

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 Methods for secure control of and secure data extraction from implantable medical devices using smartphones or other mobile devices patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for secure control of and secure data extraction from implantable medical devices using smartphones or other mobile devices
The system presented allows secure control of and secure data extraction from implantable medical devices (imd) using smartphones or other mobile devices. In particular, a patient's or a healthcare provider's mobile device can be utilized to securely interface with an imd that has been implanted in or on a patient's body.
 Point of sale normalization and extension services patent thumbnailnew patent Point of sale normalization and extension services
A method and a device are disclosed including software components that run on a computing device to allow extension of services to customers of a provider of services and/or goods, such as a restaurant. The extension of services include remote pre-selection and pre-ordering of goods and services prior to making contact with a point of sale (pos) by a customer, authorization and/or authentication of users, association of the customer with one of multiple pos via a quick response code (qrc), updating of orders, adaptive learning of order patterns to generate customer profiles, recommendation of goods/services, normalization of data, separate billing for various payers, and the like.
 Connected health care system patent thumbnailnew patent Connected health care system
A connected health care system is provided with various devices for tracking and monitoring health statistics and behaviors including oral health, fitness, heart health, bone health, salivary diagnostics, diabetes, and further options that will be explored in the subsequent sections. The connected health care system is comprised of various devices, a data transfer medium (i.e.
Beam Technologies, Inc.
 Method and system to remotely control a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system to remotely control a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device
A system to remotely control a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (tens) device is disclosed. The system includes a tens control unit where a transceiver of the tens control unit is configured to receive wireless bluetooth signals transmitted from a smartphone, and to transmit wireless bluetooth response signals to the smartphone in response to biofeedback from a user's body.
 Smartphone and ecg device microbial shield patent thumbnailnew patent Smartphone and ecg device microbial shield
A shield can inhibit transfer of microbes and bodily fluids from a first side to a second side of the shield, while allowing an ecg device adjacent the first side of the shield to sense separate electrical potentials on skin adjacent the second side. The shield comprises a flexible sheet with a first electrically conductive portion and a second electrically conductive portion; the first and second electrically conductive portions are separated from one another by an electrically insulating portion..
Alivecor, Inc.
 System and  facilitating remote medical diagnosis and consultation patent thumbnailnew patent System and facilitating remote medical diagnosis and consultation
The present invention is a method and system for facilitating a remote preliminary medical diagnosis of patients. An examination apparatus is provided comprising a single jacket attached to a smartphone and enabling a set of necessary examinations for preliminary medical diagnosis.
 Wellness/exercise management method and system by wellness/exercise mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone patent thumbnailnew patent Wellness/exercise management method and system by wellness/exercise mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone
A device, method and system provide a wellness management process and/or an exercise management process for use with a smartphone or other mobile computing device. Various data about the user is obtained and used for determining and recommending an action or exercise to the user to improve the user's wellness/physique/health.
Futurewei Technologies Inc.
 Methods and  promotions and large scale games in geo-fenced venues patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and promotions and large scale games in geo-fenced venues
A method and apparatus for a system's customer to capture a user's contact information or location during an event uses an application for a personal electronic device that senses a jolt registered by the accelerometer of the device, and/or the user's location based on location sensors within the device. In response, the user receives any combination of text, picture(s), sound, or encrypted barcode, specified by the customer.
 Smartphone and tablet having a side-panel camera patent thumbnailnew patent Smartphone and tablet having a side-panel camera
The present invention includes a smartphone or a tablet having a camera, or having multiple cameras, and particularly having a side-camera or a top-side camera. A smartphone or a tablet includes: a wireless transceiver to send and receive wireless communication signals; a processor to execute code; a front-side panel comprising a touch-screen; a back-side panel, located opposite to and generally parallel to the front-side panel, the back-side panel comprising a back-side camera; a side panel, being generally perpendicular to the front-side panel and being generally perpendicular to the back-side panel, the side panel comprising a side camera..
 Misplaced article recovery process patent thumbnailnew patent Misplaced article recovery process
A misplaced article recovery system utilizing an application operating on a computing device, such as a point of sale system, a smartphone, a tablet, and the like. A unique article registration identifier (numeric or alphanumeric) is associated with a registrant.
new patent

Support for flat rigid objects

A drop in receptacle for generally flat and rigid objects that is particularly useful for supporting electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones. The support includes corner catches for at least two corners of the device.
new patent

Magnetic mounting system for electronic device

An electronic device, such as a tablet computer, smartphone, or television, can be mounted to a surface using a magnetic mounting apparatus. In one example, the apparatus can include a protective case that is adapted to receive an electronic device.
Otter Products, Llc

Systems and methods for enabling simultaneous second screen video segment replay during ongoing primary screen programming

Flat panel video display can wirelessly broadcast its identity for discovery to users of handheld devices (e.g., smartphones) interested in obtaining recorded data associated with video programming displaying on the flat panel video display. Data can also include text, audio, and identifying information needed to access related data from a remote server.

Method and interfacing broadcast television and video displayed media with networked components

An interface system for interfacing media between a video display screen and any one of a plurality of electronic devices having media files as sources of displayed video for presentation on the video display. The device employs a microprocessor and software to provide an interface for networked electronic components operating over different communications protocols.

System and viewers to comment on television content for display on remote websites using a web browser

A software system and method allowing television and/or cinema viewers to create, store, and display comments pertaining to media content (e.g. Programs, streaming movies, advertisements).
Social Commenting, Llc

Configuration interface for a programmable multimedia controller

In one embodiment, a configuration application executing on a tablet computer or smartphone presents a configuration user interface on a touch screen for configuring a home automation system of a structure. A plurality of components of the home automation system that have wireless capabilities are detected.
Savant Systems, Llc

Combining data sources to provide accurate effort monitoring

By combining data from different sensors (on fitness device, mobile smartphone, smart clothing, other devices or people in same location), an intelligent system provides a better indicator of an individual's physical effort, using rich data sources to enhance quantified metrics such as distance/pace/altitude gain, to provide a clearer picture of an individual's exercise and activity.. .
Sony Corporation

Satellite terminal cradle

The present invention comprises: a first cradle installed at a satellite terminal and formed so as to have at least one coupling block; and a second cradle in which a smartphone terminal is seated and which is formed so as to have a block-coupling portion on one side thereof, wherein said block-coupling portion is to be coupled to the block of the first cradle.. .
Asia Pacific Satellite-communications Inc.

Mobile devices and methods employing haptics

A variety of haptic improvements useful in mobile devices are detailed. In one, a smartphone captures image data from a physical object, and discerns an object identifier from the imagery (e.g., using watermark, barcode, or fingerprint techniques).
Digimarc Corporation

Sound effects security application for smartphone

A sound effects security application for a smartphone provides icons on the visual display that are linked to sound effect audio files simulating a handgun being loaded, a shotgun jacking a fresh shell into the chamber, a barking dog, a piercing alarm and other similarly alarming sounds. The intended result of the sound is to cause intruders to hesitate before continuing to enter the premises..

Optimizing backhaul and wireless link capacity in mobile telecommunication systems

To overcome the problem of limited backhaul capacity and limited wireless channel capacity when downloading videos to smart phones, a method for transmission of data across a mobile telecommunications network, includes providing each smartphone or other user station (ua-ud) with a memory cache (12) and a download app (10), and providing a server (2) in the core network with a server cache memory (16) and a download control app (14). Each user registers with the server, the server gathers information of internet web sites (urln) accessed by the users from which downloads may be made, monitors the websites, and as and when updates appear on the websites, selectively downloads the updates in the server cache.
Alcatel Lucent

Intelligent ringtone and alarm management for smartphones

A method and system of managing ringtones and alarms by intercepting device events, associating them with user events, smartphone sensor data and text search to intelligently alter the smartphone ringtones without user intervention. Conventionally, altering the ringtone of a smartphone is done through manual selection and is at most customizable with static selections like a different ringtone for text messages and a different for phone call.

User input with fingerprint sensor

Devices such as tablets, smartphones, media players, and so forth may incorporate a fingerprint sensor to support acquisition of biometric identification data. As described herein, input data from the fingerprint sensor may be used to control one or more functions of the device.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Dialer for call routing systems

A method for connecting a smartphone to a telephone via a call routing system includes presenting by the smartphone of a list of destination telephones that are connectible to the smartphone via a selected call routing system. A selection of a destination telephone from the list of destination telephones is received by the smartphone.
Ipex Business Cosulting Ltd.

System and apn correction in gtp messages associated with gprs data services offered by mobile operator using a sponsor network

In a method and system for apn (access point name) correction in a gprs data roaming scenario where a sponsor operator network is used and a method and system for routing gtp messages to the correct destination network entity after actuating the apn correction as and when required. The gtp filter checks the imsi and apn data in the gtp layer and, depending on the imsi and apn data performs apn correction and manipulates gtp parameters to ensure the pdp context is correctly established between the sgsn and the ggsn, and the further gtp control or data messages bypass the gtp filter application.
Belgacom International Carrier Services

Wearable computer system

A wearable computer system that provides for convenient and efficient use of all fingers while the user is standing, reclining or using hands intermittently for other tasks. The central unit hangs from a neck strap and communicates with a head mounted display.

Apparatus for mobile pattern projection

Integration of an apparatus for recording a three-dimensional image of a measurement object in mobile computer apparatuses provides additional functions. The integration can be very cost-effective and simple.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Display information collecting device and hmi system

An hmi display terminal unit includes a motion sensor; an ieee802.11 i/f; and a cpu that transmits, to a smartphone via the ieee802.11 i/f, data collected from a control device and hmi display data that shapes the collected data for display, wherein the cpu determines whether an operator has approached on the basis of the detection result of the motion sensor; when an operator has approached, acquires unique information on a smartphone of the operator via the ieee802.11 i/f and authenticates the smartphone on the basis of the acquired unique information; when authentication is successful, transmits the hmi display data and the collected data; and, when authentication fails, does not transmit the hmi display data and the collected data.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Short-range antenna structure and methods

Antenna apparatus and methods of use and tuning. In one exemplary embodiment, the solution of the present disclosure is particularly adapted for small form-factor, metal-encased applications such as smartphones or tablets (and “phablets”) utilizing near field communication (nfc) interfaces.
Pulse Finland Oy

Lighting control system, lighting control method and storage medium

According to an embodiment, a lighting control system includes a smartphone and a lighting control device, and the smartphone includes an illuminance sensor and a wireless communication section. The lighting control device performs dimming control of a plurality of lighting apparatuses that respectively illuminate the plurality of areas, based on detected values of a plurality of areal illuminance sensors, which detect brightness of the plurality of areas, and performs calibration of the areal illuminance sensors, based on a detected value of the illuminance sensor of the smartphone, which is received in a wireless communication device..
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

Modular handle and stand for electronic devices

A modular handle and stand for electronic devices is disclosed that aids the use of cameras, smartphones, portable music players, tablet computers, or multiple such devices used in tandem. The modular system is comprised of a handle, various accessory heads, a means of attachment, and an optional charging battery enclosed in the handle for charging the attached device(s).

Smart retractable holster harness system for electronic devices

A retractable holder for a smartphone is formed with a housing, a connection mechanism for connecting and disconnecting the smartphone to the housing, a first lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing, a second lanyard loop comprising lanyard cords that are reeled onto or deployed from cord storage spools located inside the housing and a lanyard control mechanism. The lanyard control mechanism applies a retracting force to each of the cord storage spools, the retracting force operational to reel the lanyard cord extending from the housing in a deployed state to the cord's respective cord storage spool and to enable a user draw out and deploy a fixed length of the lanyard cord from the cord's respective cord storage spool.
Palms Free Inc.

Secure smartphone-operated locking device

A gun trigger-locking device which is configured to be manually installed on a gun with a trigger-blocking member disposed behind the trigger to prevent the gun from being fired. The device includes a data receiver, a data memory and a logic device for determining whether data received by the receiver is the same as data stored in the memory.

Menus with hand based gestures

Several embodiments that allow for more precise three dimensional control of menus within electronic interfaces that may include televisions, computers, tablets, and smartphones. Interaction with electronic interfaces may be made through devices that measure three dimensional interaction such as the leap motion controller and oculus rift headset..

Smartphone-assisted maintenance of a self-service terminal

A method (5) and a system 100 are provided for maintaining a self-service terminal (1). The maintenance is effected using a mobile terminal (3), such as a smartphone.
Wincor Nixdorf International Gmbh

Multi-profile synchronization

Various embodiments provide an automated multi-device login synchronization function. For example, a private computing device, such as a smartphone or table computer, can detect a shareable device, such as a television set top box or video game consul, when the private device enters a room.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Mobile phone using non-invasive nerve stimulation

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed that allow a patient to self-treat a medical condition, such as migraine headache, by electrical noninvasive stimulation of a vagus nerve. The system comprises a handheld stimulator that is applied to the surface of the patient's neck, wherein the stimulator comprises or is joined to a smartphone.
Electrocore, Llc

Universal ecg electrode module for smartphone

Apparatuses and methods for sensing an electrocardiogram (ecg) of a subject using an ecg module that may removably connect to a mobile telecommunications device through a base unit, and which may further then wirelessly communicate with the mobile telecommunications device.. .
Alivecor, Inc.

Achievement replay and fraud detection

Devices including gaming consoles, personal computers, tablets, smartphones, and the like may be configured with a client for capturing signals which are representative of user interactions with applications such as games. The captured signals are sent to a cloud-based service for archival storage.
Microsoft Corporation

Smartphone-based methods and systems

One arrangement concerns a portable device (e.g., a smartphone) that executes plural recognition agents, such as agents that perform fingerprint-based object recognition, fingerprint-based audio recognition, barcode reading, watermark decoding, etc. Each of the agents reads from and writes to a blackboard data structure, to which camera and microphone sensors also post their data.
Digimarc Corporation

Headset computer (hsc) as auxiliary display with asr and ht input

The present invention related to human/computer interfaces and more particularly to a headset computing display device that accepts voice commands and tracks head motions to provide command inputs to and receive display information from a software application executed on a host computing device. An example embodiment of the present invention includes a method of, and corresponding system for, operating a native smartphone or pc application, simultaneously displaying an output of the application through the smartphone or pc screen and a headset computing display device, and using speech and head tracking commands to control the native application.
Kopin Corporation

System and detecting and transmitting medical device alarm with a smartphone application

A system and method provide for relaying a medical device alarm to a remote location without having a device electrically interconnected with the medical device. The system includes a relay device having software that can store specific alarm patterns or sequences for one or more alarms for a medical device.
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

Method and apparatus of converting control tracks for providing haptic feedback

Disclosed are systems and methods for converting a control track designed for use with a number and/or type of haptic output devices to be used with other numbers and/or types of haptic output devices. For example, a computing device may convert the control track into another control track that can be applied to other types and/or numbers of haptic output devices.
Immersion Corporation

Generation of metadata and computational model for visual exploration system

Various mechanisms are described for generating metadata describing relationships among data sets. Quantitative data can be analyzed to determine relationships, and metadata representing the determined relationships can then be stored.
Intelati, Inc.

Incentives for acknowledging product advertising within media content

A cloud-based service provides incentives for users of devices such as game consoles, personal computers, smartphones, and the like to explicitly acknowledge product placements within media content by offering rewards to the users that may be obtained by performing certain user actions as the media content is being consumed and rendered on the device. The user actions may comprise clicking a button or performing a gesture to an input device, for example, at particular times in the media content presentation in which a branded product is shown, mentioned, or used.
Microsoft Corporation

Observation and/or operation of a sport and/or rehabilitation device

A method for observation and/or operation of a sport and/or rehabilitation device uses open-loop and/or closed-loop control of the device. A smartphone, navigation device, digital picture frames or a tablet pc is used as the human machine interface (hmi).
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Systems and methods for low energy wake-up and pairing for use with implantable medical devices

Techniques are provided for use with implantable medical devices or trial medical devices for wirelessly connecting the devices to external instruments such as tablet computers or smartphones. In an example where the medical device is an implantable neurostimulator, the neurostimulator passively detects wireless wake-up signals generated by the external instrument, i.e.
Pacesette, Inc.

System and video and secondary audio source synchronization

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for video and secondary audio source synchronization. A system practicing the method establishes a communication with a device such as a telephone or digital device and receives an identification of an audio stream associated with a video presentation specified by a user.
Alpine Audio Now Digital, Llc

Attachment for a personal communication device

A personal communication device, such as a smartphone handset comprises a main body incorporating a camera having a lens. An attachment for the personal communication device is detachably mountable to the main body by means of a cover.
Bubblepix Limited

Lighting system including near field communication controller

An environmental control system such as an illumination system includes one or more led lighting devices or other environmental factor control devices and a control device for controlling one or a combination of the led lighting devices or other environmental factor control devices. A remote controller for remotely setting control content, control parameters and the like can be communicatively coupled (e.g., wirelessly) to the control device.

User interfaces for hvac schedule display and modification on smartphone or other space-limited touchscreen device

A novel small format touch screen user interface for displaying, adding and editing program setpoints is described. When editing a setpoint the user's input is constrained such that the user can only alter one parameter (either time or temperature).
Google Inc.

Multi-operating system

A mobile computing device with a mobile operating system and desktop operating system running concurrently and independently on a shared kernel without virtualization. The mobile operating system provides a user experience for the mobile computing device that suits the mobile environment.

Wellness management method and system by wellness mode based on context-awareness platform on smartphone

A device, method and system processes data about the user for determining and recommending a health/wellness action to the user. The action determined can be based on: (1) current biometric and/or motion data about the user (from the sensors), and (2) current health/medical information or condition about the user (from the user's personal information, e.g., health library or programmed into the smartphone).
Futurewei Technologies Inc.

Receiver for sideband mitigation communication increasing communication speeds, spectral efficiency and enabling other benefits

Common wave and sideband mitigation communication systems and methods are provided that can be used with both wireless and wired communication links. The systems and methods provided can enable faster data rates, greater immunity to noise, increased bandwidth/spectrum efficiency and/or other benefits.
Falcon Nano, Inc.

Control of an electronic device equipped with cordinate input device for inputting with an electronic pen

A manner of reducing the power consumption is utilized in a tablet terminal equipped with a digitizer for inputting with an electronic pen. When another tablet terminal or a smartphone approaches the tablet terminal, each digitizer detects input.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.

Barcode-reading enhancement system for a computing device that comprises a camera and an illumination system

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Integrated electronic health care coordination system with touch screen tablets and smartphones

A patient care coordination system that includes a plurality of hand-held computers in communication with a cloud computing network or a remote server that has an accessible database of all patients and the health care information of each. The cloud computing network or remote server synchronizes, in real time, patient health care information input in any one of the plurality of hand-held computers with all the others of the plurality of hand-held computers that are each able to download and view the patient health care information in the database in a user friendly graphic user interface..
Southwest Ip Holdings, Llc

Processing and reporting usage information for an hvac system controlled by a network- connected thermostat

Systems and methods are described for interactively, graphically displaying and reporting performance information to a user of an hvac system controlled by a self-programming network-connected thermostat. The information is made on a remote display device such as a smartphone, tablet computer or other computer, and includes a graphical daily or monthly summary each of several days or months respectively.
Google Inc.

Method and pre-processing video frames

A video device continuously monitors the current frame rate and the speed of its processor to determine how much pre-processing the device can carry out on each individual frame. Based on this knowledge, the device continuously adjusts the pre-processing methodology in order to ensure that processing is completed before the next frame is likely to arrive.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Smartphone based passive keyless entry system

A passive keyless entry system is provided comprising an access point module, a smart phone for capable of transmitting an identification and proximity signal, the passive keyless entry system allows the user to program or set the distance for activating the passive triggering of the lock mechanism using radio signal strength indication means of a smart phone. The invention further provides for setting of a parameter boundary whereby the passive keyless entry system is disabled either manually or though an automated process or whereby a user can set a perimeter around a specified point location whereby a passive keyless entry system is disabled when a smart phone is within the perimeter and enabled the passive keyless entry system when outside of the perimeter..
Directed, Llc

Barcode-reading capabilities of a portable, hand-held computing device that comprises a camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Barcode-reading application for a mobile device with a high resolution color camera

This patent specification describes an attachment for a mobile device. The attachment may have an attachment feature designed to be attached to a mobile device such as a smartphone, tablet, or smartphone/tablet with a camera.
The Code Corporation

Configurable and portable device for holding accessories on motor vehicle dashboards

A device for holding accessories such as a tablet computer, smartphone, navigation device or similar accessories to the dashboard or center console of a motor vehicle. The mount is secured to the dashboard or console with one or more upper adjustable strap(s) and hook(s) to the defroster vent or other attachment point on the dashboard or on the windshield and one or more strap(s) and hook(s) to anchor points under the dashboard or center console.

Method for controlling inlining in a code generator

The various aspects leverage the novel observation that the number of call sites in code is directly correlated with the code's compile time and provide methods implemented by a compiler operating on a computing device (e.g., a smartphone) for performing inline throttling based on a projected number of call sites in the code that would exist after performing inline expansion. The various aspects enable the compiler to improve the performance of the generated code by aggressive inlining while carefully managing increases in compile time, thereby decreasing the power required to compile the code while increasing performance of the computing device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and improving one-handed operation of a large smartphone or a small tablet computer

The present disclosure involves a method of improving one-handed operation of a mobile computing device. A first visual content is displayed on a screen of the mobile computing device.

Personal merchandise cataloguing system with item tracking and social network functionality

An online personal merchandise cataloguing system is equipped with integrated item tracking and hosted (or imported) social network functionality. The system comprises an internet application with a supporting backend network, the pertinent configuration and operation of both being substantially under the control of an individual retailer.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Communicating information about a product via an attached tag

Communicating information about a product includes associating a tag with the product, where the tag provides information to a smartphone of a user that interacts with the product and the tag, sending product identification information from the smartphone of the user to a back end processing system, where the information indicates an owner of the product, the back end processing system sending product sales information to the smartphone of the user in response to receiving the product identification information, the user interacting with the back end system through the smartphone to purchase the product, and the back end system recording the owner of the product and the sale to the user. The tag may be visual and may include a decorative pattern and/or a qr code.
Evernote Corporation

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