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This page is updated frequently with new Smartphone-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 Method, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment- intelligent and automatic connection activation patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and computer program product for management of connected devices, such as in a wireless docking environment- intelligent and automatic connection activation
Method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments enable a wireless docking center device to manage one or more wireless and/or wired peripheral devices on behalf of a wireless dockee device. In an example embodiment, a wireless docking system may automatically provide only those peripherals to user's attention, which are in direct relation to user's activity and are meaningful to the user at each point in time.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Optical image stabilizer and  decreasing power consumption patent thumbnailOptical image stabilizer and decreasing power consumption
An optical image stabilizer includes a motion sensor configured to sense a movement of a camera, and a controller configured to move a lens module based on the movement of the camera. The optical image stabilizer enters a standby mode based on an ois turn-off command being received from a host, in response to the camera being turned off or a camera function being executed in a background during a stage in which an optical image stabilization (ois) operation is performed.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

 Drone for taking pictures or videos patent thumbnailDrone for taking pictures or videos
The invention relates to drone configured to communicate with a portable electronic device, such as a smartphone, and being further adapted to take pictures or videos of a user, the drone being an accessory of the electronic device, the drone being movable between a first configuration secured to the electronic device and a second configuration detached from the electronic device, the drone being equipped with a camera.. .

 Method for visualizing an ivr system patent thumbnailMethod for visualizing an ivr system
The invention is a method of creating a dialstring for use with mobile smartphones and other computer-enabled telephones. A software app designed to implement the method recognizes input from the user (such as the initial digits of a phone number) that identifies the organization to be called, and accesses a stored representation of the ivr phone tree for that organization.

 Method and system for synchronous operations of text message data patent thumbnailMethod and system for synchronous operations of text message data
A method and a system for synchronous operations of text message data, which may include, on one hand, that a feature phone receives an operation request regarding text message data from a user on the user interface, and the feature phone sends the operation request via bluetooth to a smartphone. The smartphone can receive the operation request sent by the feature phone.
Jrd Communication Inc.

 Smartphone cover with garment styling patent thumbnailSmartphone cover with garment styling
A smartphone cover with garment styling provides the appearance of a tuxedo, a bridal gown, a cheerleader uniform, or some other distinctive garment, in the form of a three-dimensional simulation, without significantly increasing the overall thickness of the smartphone.. .

 Head unit for providing multi-streaming service between different devices, streaming control method thereof, and computer readable medium for executing the method patent thumbnailHead unit for providing multi-streaming service between different devices, streaming control method thereof, and computer readable medium for executing the method
A head unit for a vehicle, for providing a multi-streaming service between different devices is disclosed. The head unit includes a resource controller for permitting access of a plurality of mobile terminals and exclusively reproducing each resource so as to occupy only one content in each resource within a control range for each respective content of at least one content provided from a plurality of accessed mobile terminals.
Hyundai Motor Company

 Systems and methods for automatic device detection, device management, and remote assistance patent thumbnailSystems and methods for automatic device detection, device management, and remote assistance
In some embodiments, a network regulator device protects a local network of client systems (e.g. Internet-of-things devices such as smartphones, home appliances, wearables, etc.) against computer security threats.
Bitdefender Ipr Management Ltd.

 User interface for security protection and remote management of network endpoints patent thumbnailUser interface for security protection and remote management of network endpoints
In some embodiments, a network regulator device protects a local network of client systems (e.g. Internet-of-things devices such as smartphones, home appliances, wearables, etc.) against computer security threats.
Bitdefender Ipr Management Ltd.

 Methods and devices of laminated integrations of semiconductor chips, magnetics, and capacitance patent thumbnailMethods and devices of laminated integrations of semiconductor chips, magnetics, and capacitance
Semiconductor chip laminates and inductive, capacitive, and electromagnetic shielding laminate structures that can be integrated together to form electronic circuits for use in systems and devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, notebook computers, wearable electronic devices, portable medical devices, servers, networking equipment, industrial equipment, etc. Fabrications of such integrated laminate structures can be modularized into four (4) types of laminates, namely, inductive laminates, capacitive laminates, electromagnetic shielding laminates, and semiconductor chip laminates, which can be vertically laminated together and/or integrated side-by-side with high density to produce the desired electronic circuits, systems, and devices..
Grenotek Integrated, Inc.


Digital assistant voice input integration

A digital assistant supported on devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, game consoles, etc. Includes an extensibility client that exposes an interface and service that enables third party applications to be integrated with the digital assistant so the application user experiences are rendered using the native voice of the digital assistant.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Mobile computing weight, diet, nutrition, and exercise management system with enhanced feedback and goal achieving functionality

An illustrative mobile computing device executing weight, nutrition, health, behavior and exercise application software serves as a simulated combination personal trainer and dietician/nutritionist for the user using comprehensive databases storing personalized health, nutrition and exercise information. A mobile computing device, such as a smartphone, executing such software monitors, tracks and/or adjusts caloric intake, energy expenditure taking into account nutritional information and behavioral factors.


Alarm systems for detecting and communicating anomalous events

The present invention relates to an alarm system comprising a cellular communication device, such as a smartphone/unit, and at least two detection arrangements, each detection arrangement, of the at least two detection arrangements, comprising: a housing; a detector device arranged in said housing, said detector device comprising a smoke detector and a gas detector and a moisture detector; a positioning device arranged in said housing; a control unit arranged in said housing; and a wireless communication device arranged in said housing; wherein said detector device being configured to provide said control unit with an indication of when smoke or gas or moisture has been detected, said positioning device being configured to provide said control unit with a geographical position of said detection arrangement, and said control unit being configured to transmit a message wirelessly through said wireless communication device to said cellular communication device after receiving an indication from said detector device when smoke or gas or moisture has been detected thereof, wherein said message comprises said geographical position and information of what has been detected; wherein each detection arrangement is arranged to monitor an area different from areas monitored by other detection arrangements; and said cellular communication device is configured to receive said alarm message transmitted from a detection arrangement and to notify a user of said cellular communication device of said alarm message.. .


Methods for object recognition and related arrangements

Methods and arrangements involving portable user devices such smartphones and wearable electronic devices are disclosed, as well as other devices and sensors distributed within an ambient environment. Some arrangements enable a user to perform an object recognition process in a computationally- and time-efficient manner.
Digimarc Corporation


Method and system for automated visual analysis of a dipstick using standard user equipment

A method for analyzing a dipstick using a smartphone is provided herein. The method includes: capturing an image containing: a dipstick having colored test reagents, and a color board having a grid of grey patches and a plurality of reference color patches; deriving, based on the grid, local illumination parameters associated with the colored test reagents and the plurality of reference color patches; determining whether illumination parameters are sufficient for interpreting the colored test reagent; in a case the illumination parameters are insufficient, notifying a user that an interpretation of the colored test reagents is not possible, otherwise, applying one or more image enhancement operation to the captured image, based on an analysis of the grid of grey patches, to yield enhanced reference color patches; and interpreting the one or more colored test reagents, by projecting the colored test reagents onto a vector of the enhanced reference color patches..
Ownhealth Ltd.


Smartphone operating characteristic evaluation and diagnostics

Methods and implementations of providing device upgrade notifications and determining device upgrade eligibility and device trade-in values are described herein. These techniques include operations to determine and obtain an upgrade status of a device (and a device's contract status with a service provider), and determine and obtain characteristics of the device.
Bby Solutions, Inc.


Transferring money using a mobile electronic device

A check service provider enables users to make and receive payments from a financial account via a mobile electronic device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. The device includes a check module and a camera.
Google Inc.


Optical recognition of blood types

Disclosed are methods for analyzing blood and displaying information related to blood type. A method may be a computer-implemented method or utilize computer-implemented steps.
Orig3n Inc.


System for optimizing bluetooth streaming and method therefor

A system for optimizing bluetooth streaming includes a head unit including a bluetooth module for bluetooth pairing with a mobile device. A logic module is configured to correct sound quality of a selected media file by optimizing the media file reproduced by the mobile device.
Hyundai Motor Company


Vibrating device and electronic device using same

In an embodiment, a surface of a smartphone 10 is covered with a transparent protective panel 22 supported by rims 16 of a housing 12, and a display device 18 and touch panel 20 are placed in a storage part 14 of the housing 12. The protective panel 22 is constituted by joining a glass plate 22a and resin plate 22b together, and concave parts 30a, 30b are provided on the joining surface side of the resin plate 22b, with piezoelectric vibrating elements 40 placed therein and joined to the glass plate 22a, wherein vibration is transmitted to the surface of the protective panel 22 as surface acoustic waves, demonstrating a haptic function, and also, audible vibration is generated because the modulus of elasticity of the resin plate 22b is lower than that of the glass plate 22a, achieving an operation as a speaker (or receiver)..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Secure smartphone-operated gun lock with means for overriding release of the lock

A gun locking and unlocking device, which may be configured to be disposed on or in a gun to alternatively prevent or enable firing, includes a data receiver, a data memory and a logic device for determining whether security data received by the receiver is the same, or substantially the saris, as data stored in the data memory. One or more separate electronic gun key devices are provided to transmit security data and gun control signals to the data receiver of the gun lock device.


Telescoping tripod for smartphones and portable media players

A tripod with telescoping legs specific for supporting smartphones and portable media players of similar size and shape that have photographic and/or video capabilities is in the form of three telescoping legs that extend to reasonable adult eye level height and are attached to a support trough for holding the respective device being used. The support trough is lined by fabric to prevent scratching of the device, and a rubber coated wire arises from the outer side of the support trough to be brought over the device and bent at its edges to secure it in the desired position by the user.


Power adaptation in an electronic device

In order to improve communication with another electronic device, during an advertising mode an electronic device (such as a smartphone) may transmit a packet with advertising information using a default transmit power level. Then, based on feedback about a performance metric associated with the communication from the other electronic device, the electronic device may selectively increase the transmit power level for a subsequent packet.
Apple Inc.


System and processes to facilitate context-based messaging

A process, a system or both may be configured to correlate triggers indicative of an occurrence of one or more events or other data associated with lodging for a traveler, determine if one or more precedent conditions associated with the one or more events are satisfied, and generate one or more context-specific messages when the one or more precedent conditions have been satisfied. Context-specific messages may be communicated (e.g.
Homeaway, Inc.


Portable microphone array

A microphone array of three or more microphones may be mounted on a housing or substrate configured to be part of a smartphone or a smartphone protective case. The microphone array may be positioned so that the far field sensing range of the microphone array is unobstructed.
Stages Pcs, Llc


Application and platform to build enhanced data repositories for facilitating a merchant/service provider electronic exchange

A platform may include resources configured to receive information representing a phone call from a caller (e.g., a traveler) to a callee (e.g., a proprietor) and instead of immediately connecting the phone call may communicate a message to the caller telling the caller the call is being connected. Prior to connecting the phone call with the callee, the platform may connect with a proprietor device (e.g., a landline telephone or a smartphone) and communicate a message to the callee that an incoming phone call is from a potential customer and is being provided courtesy of a merchant electronic exchange.
Homeaway, Inc.


Digital assistant alarm system

A digital assistant supported on devices such as smartphones, tablets, personal computers, game consoles, etc. Exposes an updated and enhanced set of alarm functions to improve a device's user wake-up routines by applying automation rules to a variety of collected or sensed data and inputs in a context-aware manner in order to surface user experiences and content that are contextually meaningful and catered to the particular device user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Multi-endpoint actionable notifications

An actionable notification service supports a notification publication and subscription system that interacts with registered endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, and pcs so that notifications can be distributed and effectively managed across multiple endpoints. Applications on registered endpoints can publish notifications into the system to which other registered endpoints may subscribe.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Emotion type classification for interactive dialog system

Techniques for selecting an emotion type code associated with semantic content in an interactive dialog system. In an aspect, fact or profile inputs are provided to an emotion classification algorithm, which selects an emotion type based on the specific combination of fact or profile inputs.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems, methods, and devices for commissioning wireless sensors

In one embodiment the present invention comprises a smartphone and encoders for commissioning rfid transponders. The present invention further includes novel systems, devices, and methods for commissioning rfid transponders with unique object class instance numbers without requiring a realtime connection to a serialization database..



A smartphone includes a cover layer; an lcd panel which is located under the cover layer and includes a liquid crystal layer, and a first glass layer and a second glass layer between which the liquid crystal layer is placed, wherein at least a portion of a touch sensor which senses touch in a capacitive manner is located between the first glass layer and the second glass layer; a backlight unit which is located under the lcd panel; a pressure electrode which is located under the backlight unit; and a shielding member which is located under the pressure electrode.. .
Hideep Inc.



A smartphone includes: a cover layer; a display module, and comprises a component configured to cause the lcd panel to perform a display function; a pressure electrode which is located under the display module; and a shielding member which is located under the pressure electrode. At least a portion of a touch sensor which senses touch in a capacitive manner is located in the display module..
Hideep Inc.


Apparatus, method, and program product for determining the location of a portable electronic device on a display

The position of a smartphone placed on a touchscreen is determined. Smartphones are placed on a touchscreen of a table pc, and user interface images are displayed respectively around the smartphones to perform cooperation.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Device interaction for correcting presbyopia

A system for correcting human vision includes a mobile device in wireless communication with a vision correction device. The vision correction device includes lenses that are positioned to correct a user's vision.


Light bars

A light bar assembly for use in combination with a mirror. In the illustrative embodiment, the assembly includes a housing; a frame mounted within the housing; one or more light emitting elements mounted on the frame in the housing; a power supply mounted within the housing; a controller mounted within the housing for controlling the light emitting elements; and a transceiver for communicating control signals to the controller.


Emergency beacon

The present invention is directed to an emergency beacon and visual distress signaling and communications device that will float vertically and provides a high-intensity pattern of light which incorporates both a radially symmetrical and omni directional/beam electrically-powered, led light emitting electronic visual distress signaling device (evdsd) incorporating a wireless and gps transmitter that can interface with the internet using a cell phone adaptor to enable mobile handheld smartphone application (apps) devices to alert emergency situations and locate vessels and persons in distress, and also to notify defined contacts and persons or assistance response resources via internet this connectivity. This device can be used as a replacement for pyrotechnic flares utilized in search and rescue of vessels and persons in distress, especially in a marine environment..


Computing based interactive animatronic device

Using various embodiments, methods, systems, and device for a computing based interactive animatronic device are described. In one embodiment, the animatronic device can connect to a computer network, and has its processing system coupled to an internally located computing electronic device (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, etc.).
Pecoto Inc.


Wireless video/audio signal transmitter/receiver

This invention is new to the field in two ways: [1] it sends audio/video signals wirelessly between tablet computing devices and smartphones to projection devices instead of using attached cables, and [2] it does not require an app, a second computing device, a driver, a download, or a “jailbreak” of the computing device to function properly.. .
Untethered, Llc


Methods and devices to provide smart and efficient electrical and electronic systems

This application discloses methods and devices which may provide for smart and more efficient electrical and electronic systems. Implementation of smartphones and tablets to control some electrical or electronic systems are described.


Smartphone and computer application for personal meetings documentation that enables access to the documentation file only by the participants

An application that enables documentation of meetings using a smartphone or internet-based communication programs installed on a computer whereby the application enables each of the participants in the personal meeting to input a personal identification code designed to serve as a personal key. The application enables the user to document the personal meeting using the audio and video recording means of the smartphone or the computer's internet-based communications programs and to save the documentation as a documentation file that may be opened only using all of the personal keys simultaneously..


Smart communication device secured electronic payment system

Systems, apparatuses, and methods enabling secure payment transactions, and methods for sharing secure documents, via a mobile device, for example a mobile telephone, smartphone, cellular telephone, other wireless device, a near field communications (nfc) device, or the like. Actual user account information is substituted with temporary account information such that the temporary account information may be manipulated in a manner similar to actual user account information, with the result that actual account information is masked thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of misuse..


Methods and a computing device for maintaining comments for a document

In various implementations, a first computing device (such as cloud-based server) transmits instructions to a second computing device (such as a notebook computer, tablet computer, or smartphone). The instructions are usable by the second computing device to render at least a first portion of the document on a display.
Workiva Inc.


Information exchange using color space encoded image

Embodiments of the present invention include systems, methods, and non-transitory computer program products for information exchange using color space encoded images. A color space encoded image can be displayed, for example on media such as posters, billboards, or paper, or on a display of a first device such as smartphone displays, palmtop displays, camera displays, tablet displays, or e-reader displays.
Pictech Management Limited


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device which prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and which overcomes problems of defective display such as dropouts, uneven alignment, and screen burn-in. The liquid crystal display device of the present invention prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and reduces defective display such as screen burn-in; hence, such a liquid crystal display device is properly used as liquid crystal display devices of a va mode and psva mode which involve active matrix driving and can be applied to liquid crystal display devices of liquid crystal tv sets, monitors, mobile phones, and smartphones..
Dic Corporation


Secure pairing of devices via pairing facilitator-intermediary device

The present inventions, in one aspect, are directed to systems and circuitry for and/or methods of establishing communication having one or more pairing facilitator-intermediary devices (for example, a network connected server) to enable or facilitate pairing and/or registering at least two devices (e.g., (i) a portable biometric monitoring device and (ii) a smartphone, laptop and/or tablet) to, for example, recognize, interact and/or enable interoperability between such devices. The pairing facilitator-intermediary device may responsively communicates information to one or more of the devices (to be paired or registered) which, in response, enable or facilitate such devices to pair or register.
Fitbit, Inc.


Method and automatically adjusting the operation of reminders based on device event history

A processor-based personal electronic device (such as a smartphone) uses combinatorial logic to automatically adjust alarms, notifications, reminders, and the like based on data from device event histories, on-board sensors, user-entered data, and similar information. One particular representative embodiment comprises a process for automatically deleting an unneeded reminder.
Apple Inc.


Automated wlan radio map construction method and system

An automated wlan radio map construction method and system is provided. The automated wlan radio map construction method includes: collecting wlan fingerprints obtained by mobile device in an indoor space, machine-learning a learning model which is generated based on a state diagram in which divided areas of an indoor map are expressed by location states, arranging the collected wlan fingerprints in corresponding location states, and storing a result of the arranging.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Audio visual smartphone broadcaster

An information transfer system including a personal electronic device, at least one television, and at least one signal broadcasting device. The signal broadcasting device transfers information from the television to the personal electronic device, and includes a signal input and a processing apparatus.


Monitoring system

In a monitoring system, when a monitoring display instruction is received from a smartphone, a master device transmits an image transmission request to a plurality of cameras, each of the cameras transmits image data obtained by an image capturing unit to the master device in response to the image transmission request from the master device, the master device generates a plurality of separate images in order to display images from the plurality of cameras on a single screen in a distributed manner, and transmits image data of a monitoring screen of the plurality of separate images to the smartphone, and the smartphone includes a display/input unit and displays the monitoring screen of the plurality of separate images transmitted from the master device on the display/input unit.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Monitoring camera system

In a monitoring camera system, a master device registers a smartphone and a wireless router therein in advance. If sensor detection information is received from a human sensor, the master device requests a monitoring camera to transmit image/audio data, and sends image/audio data transmitted from the monitoring camera to the smartphone via the wireless router.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Monitoring system

In a monitoring system, a master device stores setting information indicating a predetermined state for detecting a target by using a sensor in a storage unit, and transmits the setting information to a camera (a baby monitoring camera or a monitoring camera) having a sensor built thereinto or correlated with a sensor so as to set a detection parameter therein. When the predetermined state set by the detection parameter is detected, the camera transmits a detection notification to the master device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Portable device interface methods and systems

Whilst portable electronic devices such as smartphones have become ubiquitous for billions of users their primarily uses are consuming content or generating limited low complexity data. In contrast, laptops, desktop pcs etc.
Bluink Ltd.


Monitoring system

In a monitoring system, a master device stores setting information indicating a detection area of a target detected by a sensor in a storage unit, and transmits the setting information to a camera (a baby monitoring camera) having a sensor built thereinto or correlated with a sensor so as to set a detection parameter including the detection area therein. When a predetermined state set by the detection parameter is detected inside the detection area by the camera, a master device transmits detection notification information to a smartphone, and the smartphone displays a detection information screen based on the detection notification information transmitted from the master device on a display/input unit..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Augmented reality lottery system

A method of creating lottery tickets of which the possible prize will be discovered by the holder of same via a smartphone application which, depending on the image on the ticket, will make it possible to reach, on a remote computer site, the equivalent of a draw, that is preferably pre-recorded or pre-defined and will be displayed on the smartphone in a form equivalent to a video, thus making it possible for the holder to be able to follow and experience the draw and thus find out if he has won and, in this case, what the prize is. The distribution of the prizes, the guarantee that the draw is unique and the “new” nature of the tickets are guaranteed and managed by the remote computer system.


System for securely transporting and housing cosmetics

Where the opening and closing means (3) are based on the use of biometric sensors for reading fingerprints and the smartphone enables the registering and de-registering of users to be controlled and remote opening and closing to be carried out. Furthermore, it comprises an electromechanical lock (4), electronic control (5) for opening and closing, signalling means of the operations carried out, which may be lights (7) or acoustic means such as a buzzer (8) and an opening and closing detection sensor (9).


Methods, devices and systems for providing mobile advertising and on-demand information to user communication devices

Methods, systems, software, computer-readable media, and the like relate to providing and receiving relevant data from one or more entities. Data is received by a wireless user device directly from a wireless transmitter.


Electronic fund transfer reconciliation and management

The present invention relates to a method of reconciliation and management of electronic fund transfer and card reader device (1) for mobile services network that is embedded in smart mobile apparatus (2) with internet connection, such as smartphones, tablets, ultra book or notebook to enable the use of these apparatus to perform reconciliations and fund transfer.. .
Rede ServiÇos Ltda.


New uses of smartphones and comparable mobile digital terminal devices

New uses of smartphones (1, 1′) and comparable mobile digital terminal devices are proposed. This includes uses of a digital terminal device, preferably in the form of a mobile device such as a smartphone or the like, wherein special application software (app) is stored and run on the terminal device and wherein the terminal device (1) is advantageously used together with a holding device (2) arranged or to be arranged on the head of a user (5), particularly in accordance with ep 2 103 862 or ep 2 562 462 or us 2012/0175394 or de 20 2009 009 326 or de 24 20 2013 000 740, so that the hands (6) of the user (5) are free and thus additional application possibilities arise during the use of the terminal device (1), for example by using an external controller.
Readio Gmbh



A touch input device capable of detecting a pressure of a touch on a touch surface includes: a display module and a pressure electrode. The display module includes a display panel and a reference potential layer.
Hideep Inc.


Smart patient monitoring

A patient monitoring method wherein data is received from a transducer by an electronic device, the electronic device receives input from the patient regarding timing of various events, the data is processed to incorporate the event timing data, and the data is then transmitted to a terminal. The terminal is accessible by, e.g., a healthcare provider.


Ad hoc communications

Ad hoc communications are established between unknown contacts. For example, in today's mobile communications environment, there are many instances in which a user of smart phone may wish to send a message to an unknown user's smartphone.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Healthcheck access point

A wireless configuration network may be provided by a wi-fi hotspot active at the wireless access station. The wi-fi hotspot may be connected to by a wireless network-capable device, such as a tablet computer, e.g., an apple ipad, or a wi-fi enabled smartphone, e.g., an android or apple ios device.
Parallel Wireless, Inc.


Protective case accessory with multi-function button for smart-phone device

A protective case accessory with integrated multifunction button configured for attachment to a cellular smartphone device, facilitating the initiation of embedded features or software applications, or both, when attached to the smartphone device. The invention includes a multifunction button integrated into a protective case accessory and preferably uses a bluetooth transceiver to connect wirelessly to a smartphone device to send and receive audio or data communication, or both..


Battery charger

A rechargeable battery charger is provided and is characterised by comprising a supercapacitor comprised of one or more sheets of graphene or a graphene containing material, a power module adapted to provide up to 40 amps to the supercapacitor from a source of alternating current rated at 100 volts or above, an output converter adapted to deliver direct current power from the supercapacitor to an output port for connecting to a battery-powered electrical device, and a control module adapted to control the charger's various functions automatically and/or for managing and regulating a variable output from the supercapacitor. The charger is especially useful for recharging portable electrical devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or similar hand-held or worn items..
Zapgocharger Ltd.


Collapsible surgical training laparoscopic procedures

A laparoscopic surgery training kit and method is disclosed. The laparoscopic surgery training kit has improved portability and storability because it is collapsible and foldable.


System and managing binge eating disorders

Systems, methods, devices, and applications for managing a binge eating disorder (bed). A smartphone and server application may be provided for monitoring and treating bed.
Drexel University


System and parking management based on location tracking

In a parking facility, a plurality of beacons are placed near the entrance and pinch points on a path to a venue. If the motorist has pre-loaded the parking application (app) and pre-registered his smartphone, vehicle, and license plate information, along with a valid credit card, then the motorist will be instructed to enter a fast-access parking entrance lane.


Device for protecting the access to a vehicle by means of a mobile phone

A method of access to a motor vehicle includes establishing contactless communication according to an nfc protocol between a badge of the motor vehicle and a smartphone, communicating an authentication key from the badge to the smartphone, transmitting the authentication key of the smartphone to a server by telephone communication, the server being capable of communicating with the vehicle, and recognizing the authentication key by the server and transmitting data concerning a status of the vehicle from the server to the smartphone.. .
Renault S.a.s


Security coding system and marker, optoelectronic scanner and coding articles

A scanner (200) is arranged to detect a unique spectral signature acquired from a sample (230) coded with a security marker (700) made up from one or more overt or covert coloured features (704a-704b) having known and uniquely identifiable spectral characteristics. More particularly, a narrowband light source (218), operating in the middle/near ultraviolet to short/near infra-red wavelength ranges, pulses light onto the security marker fixed to or formed in the sample (230).
Gluco Technology Limited


Simplified user interface for the elderly and the vision impaired

The present invention relates to user interfaces for smartphones and tablet computers generally. Particularly, the invention relates to user interfaces for smartphones and tablet computers optimized for use by the elderly and the vision impaired..


Nfc configuration of hvac equipment

A heating, ventilation and air conditioning (“hvac”) controller has near field communication (“nfc”) capability and allows communications with an nfc-enabled pc, tablet or smartphone device, allowing initial configuration to be performed with or without building power being supplied to the controller. The nfc transmitted information is a subset of all the configuration settings, arranged in a particular order from most commonly changed to least commonly changed.
Kmc Controls, Inc.


Chatting smartphones

The mobile application system and method increases the overall level of efficiency in communication. In an embodiment, a chat room may be created based on a specific location of a user.


System and synchronizing public event music broadcast to mobile phones

A system and method for providing audio/video program files associated with a public event to mobile computing devices, including smartphones, for playback during the public event, wherein storing the audio/video program files before the public event mitigates the timing and scalability issues inherent in the present state of the art.. .


Offloaded data entry for scanned documents

Embodiments described herein provide the capability to offload a data entry activity from a multi-function printer (mfp) to a remote computing device, such as a user's computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. In one embodiment, the mfp generates a scan of a document for a user, and holds the scanned document pending a data entry activity that assigns metadata to the scanned document.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Secure installation of network devices using beaconing systems and methods

Secure installation of a new device onto a home-control network uses pairing with an intelligent device. An intelligent device, such as a smartphone, receives a notification, such as optical pulses, audible tones, short-range radio frequency signals, a watermark, or a barcode, from an uninstalled network device over a second network other than the home-control network.
Smartlabs, Inc.


Training management system and smartphone application

A system or method that consists of a training journal which logs all training conducted in relation to martial arts or combat sports and then outputs logged training into readable statistics to aid a user in the tracking and monitoring of training for martial arts and combat sports.. .


Driver measurement and incentive system for improving fuel-efficiency

A vehicle driver is provided with a display interface a smartphone, tablet, pc, or any telematics or in-vehicle device installed in the vehicle. The display interface presents a real-time target for the driver to follow to maximize fuel economy and safety, achieved by modulating the accelerator pedal appropriately..
Linkedrive, Inc.


System and detecting sensitive user input leakages in software applications

A system and method for detecting sensitive user input leakages in software applications, such as applications created for smartphone platforms. The system and method are configured to parse user interface layout files of the software application to identify input fields and obtain information concerning the input fields.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Universal adjustable lens adapter

A universal adjustable lens adapter and rig system for smartphones, or similar electronic devices, that is modular in nature and provides a means for manipulating and stabilizing the smartphone. The universal adjustable lens adapter includes a clamp mount assembly, a lens mount assembly, and a handle assembly that includes a clamp mount support that is adjustably and removably connected to a lens mount support.


Biochip for measuring blood glucose levels, and blood glucose meter for smartphone, containing same

Disclosed are a biochip for measuring blood glucose levels and a blood glucose meter for a smartphone including the same. The biochip for measuring blood glucose levels includes: a substrate, one surface of which is provided with a blood glucose inflow region into which blood glucose flows and with a reaction region that is connected to the blood glucose inflow region and has a recess formed therein, a porous separator disposed on the blood glucose inflow region to face the surface of the substrate, and silica nanoparticles and a reaction reagent distributed on the reaction region of the substrate.
Gachon University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


System and the automatic persona identification of a person post motion

A method for using a sensor device such as a smartphone that a user/person already carries for recording motion data and change in location used to match one of several specific user profiles based on actions at the destinations and behavior prior to arrival. The present invention requires no odb or beacon external connections to predict when a smartphone user is the driver or the passenger based on exit direction after arriving at a destination and validated by specific behavior in the vehicle/car.


Vehicle door with control panel

A control panel realized in the form of a touchscreen is arranged on an inner side of a vehicle door. The control panel can be switched over between at least two display modes.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Vibration sensor based drug delivery monitor

A monitoring system comprising a monitor is disclosed that utilizes a vibration sensor to monitor the occurrence and properties of an event. The monitor does not require disassembly of the device to be monitored, or interfere with the operation of the device to be monitored, because the monitor is affixed to the exterior of a device to be monitored or a component thereof, or is integrated into the design of the device to be monitored.
Oscillari Llc


System for measuring skin hydration

A system for measuring skin hydration at a measurement site with a independent measurement probe and a portable data processing system. Wireless communications enable the transfer of commands and data between the probe and portable data processing system.
Nova Technology Corporation


Automatic connected vehicle subsequent owner enrollment process

The present invention is directed toward an automatic connected vehicle subsequent owner method and system for automatically wiping personal data from the vehicle, transitioning remote services access to a subsequent owner, and delinking the vehicle from their smartphone or other interactive communication link. In one more embodiments, a computer implemented method provides for delinking customers and deregistering vehicles from original owners where those vehicles have been subsequently sold, discontinued, or otherwise transferred for the customer's ownership..
Aeris Communications, Inc.


Virtual reality underwater mask

The proposed invention refers to an underwater virtual reality mask which makes it possible to breathe easily and naturally under water while observing the virtual reality on a screen such as a smartphone screen, and which has all the intrinsic control elements such as lenses, a speaker, a button to control the screen functions and a device for breathing while the wearer is semi-submerged.. .


Wifi wireless rear view parking system

A wifi wireless rear view parking system comprises a main body, a camera sensor, a wifi transmission module, a mobile personal electronice device. The main body is installed at a license plate of an automobile.


Integrated multi-band bandpass filters based on dielectric resonators for mobile and other communication devices and applications

Multi-band radio frequency communication is performed using an integrated multi-band bandpass filter implemented based on ring resonators, such as concentric dielectric ring resonators. By constructing the multi-band bandpass filter using concentric ring configurations, the print circuit board (pcb) real estate requirement of multiple filters operating at multiple frequency bands is significantly reduced.
Zte Canada Inc.


User-assisted learning in security/safety monitoring system

A method includes: collecting data about a first event at a first physical space using a first electronic monitoring device that is physically located at the first physical space, enabling the collected data to be displayed at a computer-based user interface device (e.g., at a user's a smartphone that may be remotely located relative to the first electronic monitoring device), enabling the user to describe, using the computer-based user interface device, the first event represented by the collected data, and storing, in a computer-based memory, a logical association between the user's description of the first event and one or more characteristics of the collected data.. .
Canary Connect, Inc.


Methods and systems for marking animals

The invention provides, in one aspect, a computerized method for graphically marking an animal for display to a user. The method includes retrieving, with a first computing device (e.g., a smartphone), one or more animal metrics (e.g., weight) from a data store, and capturing, with a second computing device (e.g., google glass or similar device) coupled to the first computing device, an image of an animal.
Clic Rweight ,llc


Scanner with illumination system

The present disclosure relates to a scanner with an illumination system, including: a plurality of illumination devices in the illumination system, wherein the plurality of illumination devices illuminate a label; an imager, which captures an image signal reflected from the label and decodes the image signal; and a detector, which detects the intensity of light reflected from the label, wherein if the light intensity is higher than a predetermined threshold, an illumination status of one or more of the plurality of illumination devices is changed. The scanner with an illumination system according to the present disclosure can effectively avoid specular reflection when scanning a barcode on a smartphone screen..
Hand Held Products, Inc.


Database registration

For database user registration a card is provided carrying an identification and a matrix barcode, wherein the matrix barcode stores the identification and a link to an online registration page of a database associated with an issuer of the card. The card may be used in combination with a smartphone for user registration into a database of e.g.
Reward Technology Limited

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