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Smartphone patents


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 Operating environment setting system of electronic device, operating environment setting method and operating environment setting program patent thumbnailOperating environment setting system of electronic device, operating environment setting method and operating environment setting program
There are provided a code reading unit 12 for reading a code in a smartphone 10, an operating environment setting unit for analyzing the read code, thereby acquiring first operating environment setting information required for setting to perform connection through bluetooth to a relay device 20 to set the information to the smartphone 10, a setting information transmitting unit 14 for reading second operating environment setting information required for setting to perform wireless connection through wi-fi from a setting information storing unit 11 and transmitting the information to the relay device 20, and a second operating environment setting unit 23 for setting the received second operating environment setting information to the relay device 20. Even if the relay device 20 does not include a code reading device, it is possible to automatically set the connection through the bluetooth, and furthermore, to automatically set the wireless connection through the wi-fi to the relay device 20 by reading the code in the smartphone 10..
E3 Co., Ltd., 32f

 Detection of smartphone to enable content patent thumbnailDetection of smartphone to enable content
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for detecting a smart phone to enable content. An embodiment operates by detecting that a mobile device is within a vicinity of a media device.
Roku, Inc.

 Hands-free bluetooth car system patent thumbnailHands-free bluetooth car system
A hands-free bluetooth system is described. The bluetooth system comprises a base unit and a controller unit.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Smartphone accessory with camera module patent thumbnailSmartphone accessory with camera module
An axillary recording module is provided for mounting engagement to a cellphone. The recording module comprises a housing defining a forward cellphone receiving well and a rear camera module compartment.

 Integrated system and method providing users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment. patent thumbnailIntegrated system and method providing users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment.
An integrated system and method that provides users with non-destructive ways of manipulating musical scores and or audio recordings for student practise, testing and assessment. The said integrated system and method allows users to create questions that utilise one or more of the manipulated items, present questions to a student, collect the said students answer and assess the said students answer.
Rising Software Australia Pty Ltd.

 Driver behavior sharing patent thumbnailDriver behavior sharing
One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for providing driver alerts. For example, a client device module (e.g., a smartphone, a vehicle navigation unit, etc.) may collect driving behavior information (e.g., braking patterns, vehicle speed, weather conditions, acceleration/deceleration patterns, etc.) and/or user specified information (e.g., a number of passengers) of a driver driving a vehicle.
Inrix Inc.,

 Integrated mobile parking application and smart parking meter system patent thumbnailIntegrated mobile parking application and smart parking meter system
A mobile computing device executing software code interacts with a smart parking meter to permit the user to complete a parking transaction without the need to exit their car. The transaction proceeds digitally and confirmation of the purchase is sent to the user's smartphone or via other electronic message means.
Municipal Parking Services, Inc.

 Communication based searching method and apparatus patent thumbnailCommunication based searching method and apparatus
A system for storing and accessing data relating to real estate, for example, a memory or a software application for execution upon an electronic device (e.g., smartphone). The software application provides to the user information, statistics, or other data regarding real estate or associated geographic regions based upon user criteria.
Lennar Pacific Properties Management, Inc.

 System and  human sexual relationship enhancement patent thumbnailSystem and human sexual relationship enhancement
A libido measurement icon displays messages related to a partner user's sexual arousal level on the display of a user's devices, such as smartphone or tablet, having internet connectivity. When a user or partner user activates the icon, the icon will display messages received from partner users related to the partner user's current level of sexual arousal and will allow a user to submit the user's own libido level (a “libido score”) to a partner user via the libido measurement system's messaging function..
Open Island, Llc

 Smartphone packaging and virtual reality headset patent thumbnailSmartphone packaging and virtual reality headset
In a general aspect, an apparatus can include a goggle portion having a chassis that is open on a first side, a lens assembly disposed on a second side of the chassis of the goggle portion and a ledge disposed around an interior perimeter of the chassis of the goggle portion. The ledge can be configured to physically support an electronic device inserted in the goggle portion.
Google Inc.

Smart valve

Methods and systems for accurately determining and delivering the appropriate ingredients, in appropriate quantities, of a particular substance are disclosed. In some instances, a controller of a fluid delivery device opens a valve for an appropriate amount of time to deliver an appropriate amount of fluid.
Bernooli, Inc.

Method and system for self-managed sound enhancement

A system and method are provided for capturing hearing characteristics from self-administered hearing tests, including loudness tolerance levels at different sound frequencies, as an individualized shaped auditory profile for automatically enhancing audio to complement and address an individual's hearing deficits experienced via a particular signal pathway including the audio device used to administer the test, the sound environment, and the user's hearing capabilities. The user may self-administer a hearing test on a smartphone or other device.
Ace Communications Limited

Connectivity management for mobile wireless low-power wake-up radios

Mobile platform power management is an important problem especially for battery-powered small form factor platforms such as smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, internet of things (iot) devices, and the like. A low-power wake-up radio cooperates with a mobility manager which is configured to receive information from one or more sensors and determine a mobility management frame.
Intel Corporation

System and mitigating of bad posture and property loss through computer-assisted appliance

A wireless, programmable system, including one or more sensors devices, a controller device, and a wireless communication link that operationally connects the sensor device to the controller device(s). The system may alert when a sensor device and controller device exceed a predetermined threshold of distance and/or time.

Smartphone case with concealed card cache, and using same

A smartphone case is provided with a card cache assembly for concealing one or a few cards therein, which may be credit cards, identity cards, or other cards selected by a user. The card cache assembly includes a slidably mounted card support member and a latch for retaining the tray inside of a main cache body.

Portable visualization devices

A portable, soft, enhanced visualization device with a shatterproof reflective surface, dimensioned for use in connection with close-in visualization. The device permits flexible alignment of the reflective surface with a desired line of visualization.
Instinctive Behavior, Llc

Smartphone dock and diagnostic-test reader plus related methods

Disclosed is are a diagnostic test reader and related methods or systems. In one embodiment, a smartphone, including diagnostic software and a camera, may be docked onto the reader so that the camera of the phone is coupled to a diffuser for imaging test strips or other test cartridges provided to the reader.

Opportunistic calibration of a smartphone orientation in a vehicle

An opportunistic calibration method continuously monitors a smartphone orientation and compensates for its variation, as necessary. The method relies on the probabilistic fusion of built-in sensors; in particular, the gps, accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.
Ims Solutions, Inc.

Mobile application for vehicle alarm notices and related system

A mobile application for vehicle alarm notices and related system alerts the user to possible theft of their vehicle. The application may be downloaded and installed on the user's smartphone, tablet, or other mobile electronic device.

Food preparation control system

Systems, methods, and articles to provide customized control of a cooking appliance, such as a sous vide cooker. A user provides a selection of one or more ending characteristics for a food product.
Chefsteps, Inc.

Energy savings on multihomed mobile devices using a dynamically adjusted inactivity timer

Energy consumption of cellular interfaces on multihomed mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can be improved by adjusting the inactivity timer of the cellular interface of the mobile devices based on the on/off status of non-cellular interface(s) on the mobile devices. Possible near-future data packets can be transmitted or received on the non-cellular interfaces that co-exist on the mobile devices and thus the inactivity timer of the cellular interface may be dynamically and more efficiently adjusted, based on the on/off status of non-cellular interface(s).
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Audio broadcast recording device

An audio broadcast recording device records live radio broadcasts. The device is similar in size and shape to a smartphone, with a large visual display occupying most of the front surface, and also provides a set of audio function buttons on its front surface which perform functions of recording, playing, fast forwarding, pausing, and rewinding, applied to radio broadcasts and podcasts.

Network of tags

Systems and methods are disclosed for communicating product or service information to a potential purchaser. A product or item describing a service are scanned to obtain both a product or service code and an advertisement promotion code provided by a vendor/retailer or manufacturer of the product or service using a smartphone of a first user.
Motedata Inc.

Spinal cord stimulator system

Spinal cord stimulation (scs) system having a recharging system with self-alignment, a system for mapping current fields using a completely wireless system, multiple independent electrode stimulation outsource, and ipg control through software on smartphone/mobile device and tablet hardware during trial and permanent implants. Scs system can include multiple electrodes, multiple, independently programmable, stimulation channels within an implantable pulse generator (ipg) providing concurrent, but unique stimulation fields.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Smartphone with telemedical device

The present disclosure discloses a smartphone based telemedical devices incorporating into smartphone medical devices such as stethoscopes, thermometers, ultrasound imaging devices and/or alarm generators for diagnosis or determination of the disease or health status or condition of a user. The present smartphone based telemedical devices can be advantageously and conveniently used to measure and generate and/or remotely transmitting the medical data or information generated by the incorporated medical devices thus allowing an accurate and rapid determination of the status of a user particularly under emergency particularly when there are no regular medical or hospital services are available..

Telemedical throat examination device

A throat examination device, suitable for telemedical application, whereby an unskilled examiner may safely perform an examination of a patient's throat and send the results to a remotely located medically qualified personnel. The device may be used with a smartphone having a camera and comprises a viewing port, a positioning device to properly position the camera and a constrained tongue depressor to safely position the patient's tongue..

Hair salon cape with smartphone pocket

A hair salon cape with a smartphone pocket provides a transparent large pocket on the front surface, with two apertures for the user's hands. Within the large pocket, one or more transparent small pockets are provided near the aperture on the right.

Determining indoor location of devices using reference points and sensors

Concepts and technologies are disclosed herein for determining the indoor location of devices such as smartphones and tablet computers using reference points and sensors. According to one aspect disclosed herein, an environment analytics system can retrieve a layout of an environment and determines an absolute reference point for the layout.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Monitoring camera system

In a monitoring camera system, a master device registers a smartphone and a wireless router therein in advance. If sensor detection information is received from a human sensor, the master device requests a monitoring camera to transmit image/audio data, and sends image/audio data transmitted from the monitoring camera to the smartphone via the wireless router.
Panasonic Intellectual Management Co., Ltd.

Method and communicating information about networked gaming machines to prospective players

On a network of electronic gaming machines, data regarding the performance of the machines or the players of the machines is collected and processed to make predictions of future jackpots and recommendations of games to play. The predictions and recommendations are delivered via at least one virtual persona that communicates with players or potential players via displays in a casino or on a web browser, via smartphone.
Patent Investment & Licensing Company

System for tracking a handheld device in virtual reality

A system for tracking a first electronic device, such as a handheld smartphone, in a virtual reality environment generated by a second electronic device, such as a head mounted display may include detection, by a camera included in one of the first electronic device or the second electronic device, of at least one visual marker included on the other of the first electronic device or the second electronic device. Features detected within the field of view corresponding to known features of the visual markers may be used to locate and track movement of the first electronic device relative to the second electronic device, so that movement of the second electronic device may be translated into an interaction in a virtual experience generated by the second electronic device..
Google Inc.

Methods and remote collection of sensor data for vehicle trips with high-integrity vehicle identification

The present invention provides methods and apparatus for improved confirmation of the identity of the vehicle whose data are to be captured for any purposes, including usage-based insurance. It can perform this service to improve confidence in certain data captured by stand-alone smartphone applications, as well as for all data captured by stand-alone hardware devices that attach to the vehicle for power but do not electronically confirm vin from the vehicle..
Telanon, Inc.

Location-based locking and unlocking of payment accounts

System, method and media for selectively activating and deactivating payment vehicles based on the positions of an authorized user of the account, the payment vehicle, and/or the transactions. The security and budget-control abilities of a consumer are increased by allowing the user to specify geographic regions where payment vehicle will not, or should not, be used.
Hrb Innovations, Inc.

Device, method, and system of differentiating between virtual machine and non-virtualized device

Devices, systems, and methods of detecting user identity, differentiating between users of a computerized service, and detecting a cyber-attacker. An end-user device (a desktop computer, a laptop computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or the like) interacts and communicates with a server of a computerized server (a banking website, an electronic commerce website, or the like).
Biocatch Ltd.

Smart phone based multi-patient worklist (spwl)

When providing a smart phone based multi-patient worklist (spwl), a smartphone application, or “app,” is provided for nurses or other healthcare providers to plan and coordinate the care of their assigned patients. The spwl includes time-based and patient-based screens that allow a nurse to determine what needs to be done for a particular patient as well as what needs to be done at a particular time or time range for a group of patients.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Selfie camera and writing device

A device for capturing “selfie” images is integrated into a writing device. The device includes an extendable (e.g., telescopic) section, such that when refracted the device is useful as a writing instrument (e.g., a pen, stylus, etc.), and when extended, provides a way of capturing selfie images, or other images that benefit from a point of view that is removed from the user beyond the user's reach.

Motion-correlation control system to control communication of a wearable device

An apparatus and method for communicating between a first device and second device, where each device includes a motion sensor. Communication functions are triggered by comparing motion data derived from each device.
Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

Miniature electronic customizable room building toy components

An electronic building toy component having a main body having opposing top and bottom surfaces and a thickness and having wiring between the top and bottom surfaces and having a connecting feature at a peripheral edge of the main body. The connecting feature, such as a plug or receptacle that is compatible with other electronic building toy components, allows the electronic building toy component to be electrically coupled with other electronic building toy components, such as batteries, bluetooth enabled hubs, lights, buzzers, motors, sensors, and other electrical connecting building components.
Playmonster, Llc

Method for implementing a computer game

A method, implemented as computer code being executed by one or more processors, in which computer game graphics for a casual, social game are shown on a display of a computing device, where the casual, social game is downloaded as an app to a smartphone and/or tablet computer and can be accessed or played using a social network application or environment; and in which one or more of the processors are programmed such that: a notification is automatically generated if a player is stuck at a level for more than a defined time or after more than a defined number of attempts to pass that level, the notification alerting friends of the player so that they can assist him or her.. . Limited

Athlete informational device

A digital image with athletic information organized on it to be output to a computer, smartphone and/or physical, including paper, media. .

Interworking controlling an electronic eye protection welding and a smartphone

The present invention relates to the interworking controlling method of an electronic eye protection apparatus for welding and a smartphone, or more specifically, it relates to the interworking controlling method of an electronic eye protection apparatus for welding and a smartphone, which enables remote management from a smartphone by interworking history state data on utilization, operation, settings, failure of the electronic eye protection apparatus for welding, and which enables location searching and anti-theft function such as password setting of electronic eye protection apparatus for welding with a smartphone.. .
Otos Wing. Co., Ltd.

Gps walking stick

A gps enabled walking stick that includes: a staff; a handle at the top end of the staff; gps technology integrated into the staff; and directional sensors integrated into the staff. In one embodiment, the gps enabled walking stick includes bluetooth communication and may be paired with a smartphone.

Method and system for location-based game play

A wireless beacon message management system and method of operating the system with a mobile device. At least one wireless beacon is strategically located in a premises, such as a building or other geocentrically defined area.

Telephone system for impaired individuals

An expandable or all-in-one telephone system is designed for seniors suffering from alzheimer's and other forms of dementia as well as other cognitively challenged individuals. The features and settings are managed by their caregivers through a web browser or a smartphone application.
Telecalm, Inc.

Method and apparatus to enable smartphones and computer tablet devices to communicate with interactive devices

A method and apparatus to enable smartphones and computer tablet devices to communicate with interactive devices, using a selected area of the emissive display of the smart device coupled to one or more optical guides 1. Additionally the enabled optical communication allows smart devices to indicate their position, identity and orientation 3 relative to a receiving device.

Retailer linked personalized shopping assistant

An application (app) is provided for a virtual online shopping experience utilizing a user generated three dimension (3d) proportional avatar of themselves for the selection and purchase of clothing items and accessories from participating retailers. A user accesses the app on their smartphone, tablet, or portable computing device via an account, which may be password protected.

Method of hand-gesture input

The present disclosure provides a method for efficiently providing character-based languages (e.g., chinese, japanese, and/or korean) into portable electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, etc.). An example method generally includes receiving a sequence of hand-gesture inputs from an input device, detecting a pattern corresponding to each hand-gesture input in the sequence, determining a sequence of numeric values that correspond to the sequence of hand-gesture inputs based on the detected patterns, and, as each input in the sequence of hand-gesture inputs is received, determining a list of one or more characters to display based, at least in part, on the sequence of numeric values and an index of characters..
International Business Machines Corporation

Hand-gesture input

The present disclosure provides an apparatus for efficiently providing character-based languages (e.g., chinese, japanese, and/or korean) into portable electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, smartwatches, smartglasses, etc.). An example apparatus includes an input device configured to receiving a sequence of hand-qesture inputs and a a processor that performs operations for generating input for an electronic device corresponding to characters.
International Business Machines Corporation

Controlling a lens for adjustable vision correction

A device for controlling a lens for adjustable vision correction is provided. The device, e.g., a smartphone, comprises circuits to determine if a user of the device is gazing at the device, and, if the user is gazing at the device, to determine a distance between the eye and the device, and to control the lens to adjust its focal length based on the determined distance.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Interactive data retention and display pet ball launcher

The invention relates to a novel interactive pet ball launcher wherein digital circuity in the ball and launcher will wirelessly track and record throw data, allowing a user to view the data on a readout in the launcher handle, or to transfer the data to a smartphone or computer via wireless technology or a data dongle that connects via usb in the handle of the launcher.. .

Comprehensive body vital sign monitoring system

Ambulatory patient wearable vital sign monitoring system, often comprising a plurality of ambulatory patient wearable ecg sensors, pulse oximeters, and oscillometric blood pressure monitors, configured to transmit sensor data to a wearable computerized device such as a smartphone. The smartphone will typically be configured to obtain the patient's health history and other health status information, often by querying the patient.
Cloud Ds, Inc., A Corporation Of Delaware

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