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This page is updated frequently with new Smartphone-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Smartphone-related patents
 Communication method and system to process and control the legality of products patent thumbnailCommunication method and system to process and control the legality of products
A method and system of communication with an information exchange architecture within a dta registry, which registry is designed to handle and control the legality of any commercial products. The system uses software and applications for smartphones and allows the identification of a product and information about its origin and legality..

 Methods and systems for walkie-talkie communications patent thumbnailMethods and systems for walkie-talkie communications
Walkie-talkies are a common means of coordinating activities at events but must be handed out, transferred as shifts and personnel in roles change, and collected. Further, walkie-talkies have a set range and the bigger the range the more expensive the walkie-talkie.

 Configuration of playback device audio settings patent thumbnailConfiguration of playback device audio settings
Example techniques describe may facilitate a playback device joining a playback network. An example implementation involves a computing device, such as smartphone or tablet, receiving, from a playback device, a message indicating that the playback device is available to join a playback network.
Sonos, Inc.

 Cross channel in-vehicle media consumption measurement and analysis patent thumbnailCross channel in-vehicle media consumption measurement and analysis
The invention provides a novel and unique system and method for cross channel in-vehicle media consumption measurement and analysis. Real-time measurement and analysis of all applicable forms of media that a driver or passenger may consume inside of an automobile can be achieved.
Drive Time Metrics, Inc.

 Multiple-body-configuration multimedia and smartphone multifunction wireless devices patent thumbnailMultiple-body-configuration multimedia and smartphone multifunction wireless devices
A multifunction wireless device having at least one of multimedia functionality and smartphone functionality, the multifunction wireless device including an upper body and a lower body, the upper body and the lower body being adapted to move relative to each other in at least one of a clamshell, a slide, and a twist manner. The multifunction wireless device further includes an antenna system disposed within at least one of the upper body and the lower body and having a shape with a level of complexity of an antenna contour defined by complexity factors f21 having a value of at least 1.05 and not greater than 1.80 and f 32 having a value of at least 1.10 and not greater than 1.90..
Fractus, S.a.

 Battery-equipped cellular telephone case with internal sound generator and layered sound blockage for privacy patent thumbnailBattery-equipped cellular telephone case with internal sound generator and layered sound blockage for privacy
The subject matter herein field is for multiple and complimentary systems in the structure of a cellular device case so as to provide sound jamming and/or sound insulation, and/or powered noise cancellation as means of restriction the entry of useful sound into the microphone(s) of cellular smartphone devices, as a means of citizen counter-action of the “constant surveillance” characteristics inherent in the “always on,” microphone systems as described under background of the subject matter, above.. .

 Clinical monitor emulator for cpr feedback patent thumbnailClinical monitor emulator for cpr feedback
An embodiment in accordance with the present invention is directed to an electronic training tool having one or more sensor components. The sensor components include a single depth camera and accelerometer or force sensor.
The Johns Hopkins University

 Smartphone controlled biometric and bluetooth enabled smart wallet system patent thumbnailSmartphone controlled biometric and bluetooth enabled smart wallet system
This application provides an electronic wallet or passport case for controlling the opening, unlocking and locking of enclosures such as luggage, briefcases, lockers, cases, cabinets, vehicles, buildings, homes and with indirect operational control by the means of a smartphone, tablet or any personal computing device. More particularly, a smartphone controlled biometric and bluetooth enabled locking smart wallet system is provided.
Iwallet Corporation

 System for zoned admission to performance events patent thumbnailSystem for zoned admission to performance events
A method and a device are disclosed including a software or physical admission certificate configured to allow admission of a spectator to a special admission zone with a view to a performance stage for a predefined duration of time. The special admission zone is usable by multiple spectators in multiple successive time periods during the same performance.

 Electronic identification, location tracking, communication & notification system patent thumbnailElectronic identification, location tracking, communication & notification system
A system and method for identifying a customer's location within a facility or place of business, such as, but not limited to a casino. The system and method provides notification company representatives upon arrival of the customer at the given location.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc


Content based recommendation system

A media control system enables a device-agnostic and source-agnostic entertainment experience through use of an internet-enabled user device. The user device includes a client application for navigating through media or entertainment content, controlling media devices according to a type of media content selected by the user, and sharing media experiences via social networks.
Peel Technologies, Inc.


Smart power scheduling for user-directed battery duration

The systems and method described herein provide smart power scheduling for an electronic device. A user can specify a desired battery duration for the electronic device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for haptic remote control gaming

Systems and methods for haptic remote control gaming are disclosed. In one embodiment a portable multifunction device receives information from a remotely controllable device.
Immersion Corporation


Smartphone-operated hvac anemometer device and system

A smartphone-operated hvac airflow anemometer device and system includes an anemometer device having an impeller and a photo interrupter circuit. The circuit generates an output signal that is proportional to the rotation speed of the impeller, and transmits the same via a headphone jack to a smartphone device running an airflow balancing application.
Weatherflow, Inc.


Smartphone-operated wireless hvac anemometer device and system

A smartphone-operated wireless hvac airflow anemometer device and system includes an anemometer device having an impeller assembly, an inductor and a controller. A magnet within the impeller assembly generates an oscillating current in the inductor which is proportional to the rotational rate of the impeller.
Weatherflow, Inc.


Cabinet locking device using an electromagnetic switch actuated system with fingerprint identification, combination code and bluetooth system

A keyless lock system includes not only an electromagnetic switch system, a fingerprint identification system, but also included a combination code system though a bluetooth wireless connection to a smart phone or external device. The electromagnetic switch system can secure a cabinet or any lock.


Collaborative image collection and processing using portable cameras

A system and method for capturing image information from multiple camera devices, either simultaneously or in an organized sequence. A group of cameras may act in collaboration with each other to capture multiple images of a single subject or multiple subjects.
Apple Inc.


Enforcement of compliance rules

Disclosed are various embodiments for enforcing restrictions or compliance rules specified by a dialer application or messaging application executed by a client device such as a smartphone. Such a device can be managed by an enterprise and assigned to a particular user.
Airwatch Llc


Attachable smartphone on smartwatch with open-close flexible screen panel of smartphone

A mobile dual system includes an attachable smartphone, a smartwatch, a flexible screen panel, a first docking device, and a second docking device. The flexible screen panel is disposed on the front surface portion of the attachable smartphone for displaying image and video information, and the flexible screen panel is disposed so as to follow contour of the front surface portion of the attachable smartphone or so as to be deployed flatly over the front surface portion with an end portion anchored.


Automated creation of photobooks including static pictorial displays serving as links to associated video content

An image processing system (ips) is provided for creating a video-linked photobook. The method includes: receiving a video file including video content; processing the video file to identify a series of still image frames extracted from the video content; formatting the series of still image frames into a pictorial compilation; storing in a memory the pictorial compilation, and an association between the pictorial compilation and the video file; and transmitting from the image processing system computer-readable instructions for printing the pictorial compilation.
Zoomin Usa Inc.


Method and communicating information about networked gaming machines to prospective players

On a network of electronic gaming machines, data regarding the performance of the machines or the players of the machines is collected and processed to make predictions of future jackpots and recommendations of games to play. The predictions and recommendations are delivered via at least one virtual persona that communicates with players or potential players via displays in a casino or on a web browser, via smartphone.
Patent Investment & Licensing Company


Smartphone screen touch round keyboard with or without swift, with or without vowels

This software system allow smartphone users to type words using a round keyboard containing the letters of the alphabet, numerals and special characters (including emoji).. .


Real-time warning for distracted pedestrians with smartphones

Studies have shown that using smartphones while walking increases the probability of pedestrians colliding with obstacles. Techniques are presented for providing real-time warnings to distracted users of smartphones.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Device triggered elevator car call

Embodiments are directed to establishing, by at least one panel of an elevator system, communication with a user device comprising at least one of a cell phone, a smartphone, a pda, and a laptop computer, receiving, by the at least one panel, an identifier associated with the user device based on the established communication, receiving, by the at least one panel, a selection of a destination floor, and associating, by the at least one panel, the identifier with the destination floor.. .
Otis Elevator Company


Smartphone-based vehicle control methods

Method for controlling a vehicle including a smartphone-engaging coupling element. Data about operational status of the vehicle is transferred from one or more vehicle-resident systems to a smartphone when the smartphone is engaged with the coupling element.
Intelligent Technologies International, Inc.


Network initiated evolved packet core (epc) and ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network usage optimization algorithm for lte capable smartphones connected to wireless lan (wi-fi) network

According to some embodiments, an lte node determines that a wireless device is in radio resource control (rrc) idle mode and starts an inactivity timer tw. In response to expiry of the inactivity timer tw, the lte node directs the wireless device to a legacy node..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Ue initiated evolved packet core (epc) and ip multimedia subsystem (ims) network usage optimization algorithm for lte capable smartphones connected to wireless lan (wi-fi) network

According to some embodiments, a wireless device determines that wi-fi is on and that the wireless device is not in a voice over lte (volte) call or a video call with an lte node. In response to the determination, the wireless device starts a wi-fi ping session via a wi-fi node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Mobile device assisted smart building control

A system for signaling electronic devices based on the occupancy of one or more regions of a building includes a central controller with a wireless receiver to receive data indicative of the occupancy of a region of a building from fixed wireless sensors associated with the building. The central controller also receives estimated locations for one or more mobile wireless devices.


Smartphone based meter and injector

One embodiment of the present invention incorporates a comprehensive blood glucose monitoring system into the case of a smartphone or other device that a patient normally carries with them. This system may include a glucose meter, lancets, test strips, logic to report the result of the blood test in the glucose meter, and a communication module to report the results to the smartphone.


Customizable compact disposable smartphone vehicle mount for enhancing accessibility, viewing, communications, and safety

A customizable, compact, and disposable smartphone tab is disclosed that can detachably attach to the backside of a mobile phone device or its protective case, allowing a mobile phone device to mate with a phone tab mount, while not obstructing the mobile phone's camera lens, flash, speakers, and microphone which require unobstructed exposure to its surrounding environment. In one embodiment, the phone tab has a plurality of removable adhesive sections allowing for a customized unobstructed fit on the backside of a smartphone device.



A smartphone may be provided that includes: a cover layer; an lcd panel; a backlight unit which is located under the lcd panel; a pressure electrode which is located under the backlight unit; a shielding member which is located under the pressure electrode; and a converter which converts a signal comprising information for a capacitance change amount outputted from the pressure electrode to a digital signal. A magnitude of a touch pressure is detected from the digital signal..
Hideep, Inc.


Method and system for generating identification and certification of e-license

A method and system for generating identification and certification of e-licenses includes the use of software, applications and mobile devices such as smartphones. It is designed to issue and manage all kinds of permits, e-licenses or other documents intended for identification and certification of specific documents and permits in any defined area..
Id Security Experts Inc.


Collaborative and interactive queuing and playback of content using electronic messaging

An application (app) executing in a processor of a host device, may receive an electronic message (em) that may include a handle for an address associated with the host device or a user of the host device, and a data payload that identifies content to be played back on a media device in communication (e.g., wirelessly) with the host device. An electronic messaging service may receive em's addressed to the handle and may broadcast (e.g., wirelessly) the em's.


Hazardous material detector simulator and training system

A system and method for simulating another apparatus provides simulated readings by controlling a simulated display provided to portable simulator clients, such as via a wireless interface. Each simulator client provides detector reading displays for selected environments and allows for two-way interactive response with a master control unit.
Hazsim, Llc


Purchase incentive delivery system and method

A system and method for augmenting a consumers purchase decision by automatically collecting purchase incentive data and/or other product information and by having the incentives and other information automatically available to the consumer at the time of purchase. A mobile digital device, such as a tablet or smartphone, is enabled with an app for storing inaudible purchase incentive data and/or other product information embedded in selected broadcast content.


Method for multi-factor transaction authentication using wearable devices

The present invention relates to a method (100) for multi-factor authentication, which uses wearable devices as a secondary device (204) in conjunction with a primary/main device (200) (e.g., the smartphone of user who conducts the electronic transaction) to allow the user to verify the data integrity of electronic transaction before authorizing it (out of possible compromised device e.g. Smartphone)..
Samsung Eletronica Da Amazonia Ltda.


Persona-notitia intellection codifier

A persona-notitia intellection codifier (p-nic) server intelligently codifies and disburses personal user information from a user device (smartphone, laptop, etc.) to a multiplicity of designee devices. Masking persona-notitia intellection codes (a.k.a.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Improved making radiographs with direct radiographic panels

A method for performing a job list of radiographic recordings indicated in a radiographic information systems includes communicating the job list to a mobile apparatus, e.g. A smartphone, whereby, in a first step, a peer-to-peer communication is set up between the radiographic information system and the mobile apparatus by a near field communication technique, whereupon the job list is transmitted to the mobile apparatus via a wifi peer-to-peer communication.
Agfa Healthcare



A smartphone includes a cover layer; an lcd panel which is located under the cover layer and includes a liquid crystal layer, and a first glass layer and a second glass layer between which the liquid crystal layer is placed, wherein at least a portion of a touch sensor which senses touch in a capacitive manner is located between the first glass layer and the second glass layer; a backlight unit which is located under the lcd panel; a pressure electrode which is located under the backlight unit; and a shielding member which is located under the pressure electrode.. .
Hideep Inc.


Fiber optic connectors and interfaces for fiber optic connectivity through device display surface, and related components, systems and methods

A fiber optic connection system is disclosed for optically connecting a fiber optic connector to an internal optical interface of a device through a display surface of the device. Connecting the connector to the device causes a display alignment feature of the connector to be retained against the display surface of the device.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


System for optimal exercise and training

A fitness system for enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of physical training and/or exercise by a user comprises uses (1) a plurality of sensors that are worn by an exercising user and which generate data concerning monitored body processes pertaining to the exercise's effects on the user's body, (2) a processor operates under software control for processing, storing, and analyzing the data, and sending the processed data to a host device using a wireless communication protocol to communicate desired adjustments to the exercise in real time. The host device can be a smartphone, tablet computer or other web accessible device that can display and communicate bilaterally with the processor..
Intelidigital Corp.


Medication dispensing phone case

A system includes a smartphone contained within a medication adherence case, the medication adherence case including a repository and a hinged access door to the repository, a wireless network linking the smartphone to a content data network (cdn), the cdn including a medication adherence server, and an application residing in the smartphone that sends data to a medical adherence process in the medical adherence server upon receiving a signal generated from a communication device residing in the hinged access door that indicates the hinged access door has been opened.. .
Healthbeacon Limited


Method and hand luggage trolley for facilitating a flow of passengers in an airport terminal

A method and a trolley for facilitating a passenger's way through an airport terminal, and improved methods for boarding aircrafts. The trolley may include an interface, such as a boarding card reader, for receiving information identifying the passenger and/or the passenger's flight.
Udviklingsselskabet Af 2014 Aps


Smartphone-based apparatus and method

A method for obtaining a point-of-collection, selected quantitative indicia of an analyte on a test strip using a smartphone involves imaging a test strip on which a colorimetric reaction of a target sample has occurred due to test strip illumination by the smartphone. The smartphone includes a smartphone app and a smartphone accessory that provides an external environment-independent/internal light-free, imaging environment independent of the smartphone platform being used.
Cornell University


Enhanced feature vector

The number, popularity, sophistication, etc. Of mobile applications have grown dramatically with the rise of smartphones, tablets, and other such devices.


Information processing apparatus and remote operation control

An apparatus link unit of a pc and an apparatus link unit of a smartphone link with each other to automatically establish a mode of remote operation between the pc and the smartphone. When the apparatus link unit of the pc transmits a notice of completion of pc-smartphone link to the smartphone, a port number to be used in the remote operation is informed.
Fujitsu Limited


System and voice networking

A system and method for voice based social networking is disclosed. The system receives a voice message (and frequently an image) and ultimately delivers it to one or multiple users, placing it within an ongoing context of conversations.


Memorabilia authenticator process utilizing geolocation assets from satellite or terrestrial sources on mobile devices such as: handsets, watches, tablets, laptops or desktop computers...

A process by which memorabilia is authenticated using geolocation assets to verify time and place of signing or marking. The assets of smartphones, computers, watches, tablets are used along with a mobile application to certify when and where the interaction occurs.


Methods and aggregating packet transfer over a virtual bus interface

Methods and apparatus for data aggregation and multiplexing of one or more virtual bus interfaces via a physical bus interface. Various disclosed embodiments are configured to: (i) multiplex multiple logical interfaces over a single physical interface, (ii) exchange session management and logical interface control, (iii) manage flow control, (iv) provide “hints” about the data (e.g., metadata), and/or (v) pad data packets.
Apple Inc.


Dynamic cross-environment application configuration/orientation

Dynamic configuration of cross-environment applications enhances the computing experience in a computing environment with an extended active user environment and/or multiple active user environments. A mobile computing device maintains multiple active device configurations associated with multiple active user environments and/or application windows within active user environments.


Liquid crystal display device

There is provided a liquid crystal display device which prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and which overcomes problems of defective display such as dropouts, uneven alignment, and screen burn-in. The liquid crystal display device of the present invention prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of a liquid crystal layer and an increase in ion density (id) therein and reduces defective display such as screen burn-in; hence, such a liquid crystal display device is properly used as liquid crystal display devices of a va mode and psva mode which involve active matrix driving and can be applied to liquid crystal display devices of liquid crystal tv sets, monitors, mobile phones, and smartphones..
Dic Corporation


Work machine and communication monitoring

Disclosed are a work machine and a communication monitoring method that allow recording of work information even in the event of interruption of communication in a communication path between the work machine, a mobile communication terminal and a server. There is provided a control section (71) configured to transmit work information to a server (z) via a communication section (68) and a smartphone (y) if a monitoring section (69) detects that communication is possible between the communication section (68) and the smartphone (y) and also to cause a storage section (70) to store the work information if the monitoring section (69) detects that communication is not possible between the communication section (68) and the smartphone (y)..
Kubota Corporation


Real-time sharing during a phone call

A real-time sharing component operating on a computing device such as a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer (pc) is configured to enable a local sharing party to share content with a remote party during a phone call. The real-time sharing component exposes tools, controls, and functions that enable the shared content to be a curated experience in which content available to the sharing party can be selected and shared with the remote party with voice narration while controlling the pacing of the sharing, maintaining privacy so that only intentionally shared content can be seen by the remote party but not other content, and controlling how and when shared content can be saved by the remote party, and enabling the shared content to be zoomed and panned and be highlighted with graphics and/or annotated with text..
Microsoft Corporation


Methods and systems for connecting physical objects to digital communications

Disclosed is a system which uses a unique code, for example a qr code, on a physical product. The code is conveniently readable, for example by a smartphone or tablet, and connects the reader to a specific network address.
Fabtale Productions Pty Ltd


Method and system for secure messaging in social network

A method for exchanging content items in computerized social network using data communication network, using mobile phones. The method includes the steps of: creating new message with content object by a first user using a mobile phone, sending the message with the content object to at least one second user mobile phone, saving content object in a specific location in the memory of the second user smartphone which is restricted for use only to a designated messaging application, creating data record of the content object including: unique id of the object, identification of the first originator user and adding identification of the at least one second user into distribution list, saving the data record in graph database in a network server, receiving update of distribution of the object by a second user to at least one third user, updating distribution list in a graph database with the at least third user identification and applying delete or share actions of objects at the mobile phones based on the distribution list of the users..
Youme.im Ltd


Smart table service

The instant application discloses, among other things, a smart table service. In one embodiment, it may include ways for any entity, such as a restaurant, for example, to provide services to patrons, who may use their own devices.


System and electronic payment using payee provided transaction identification codes

Computerized payment method using short, temporary, transaction id (tid) symbols for secure payer (customer) financial transactions. Payees (e.g.


Method and producing a 2d barcode encoded part by molding being identifiable using a smartphone

A method for producing a part by molding with an embedded 2d barcode defined in the surface of the part and the embedded 2d barcode subsequently being readable using a light source and a camera, the method including providing a mold with an array of individual areas of optical anisotropic surface structures, where at least a number of the individual optical anisotropic structures forms a two-dimensional barcode or data matrix; making a replica of the mold, the replica including the array having the property that the directional reflection coefficient of the individual areas of optical anisotropic surface structures is depending on the illumination angle and detection angle in a way that is not rotational symmetric around the axis normal to the surface of the replica, the array being readable by illumination and detection of reflection intensity of the illumination source under a non-normal angle to the surface of the replica.. .
Inmold Biosystems A/s


Method and device for contactless biometrics identification

The present invention provides a new method and a device for the contactless human identification using biometrics images. The present invention develops a robust feature extraction algorithm to recover three-dimensional (3d) shape information from biometrics images.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Systems and methods for motion two-dimensional codes

Systems and method of the present solution are directed to a motion qr code. In general a motion qr code is a 2d code that evolves over time.
Cellum Innovacios Es Szolgaltato Zrt.


Managing applications in non-cooperative environments

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for managing applications in non-cooperative environments. Embodiments of the invention provide the ability to manage non-cooperative applications and operating systems.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System and creating, processing, and distributing images that serve as portals enabling communication with persons who have interacted with the images

A system and method for processing, storage, distribution, and interaction with electronic images created or captured by mobile devices having network communications capabilities, such as smartphones, allows a user whose image-displaying device includes enhanced viewer software to use an image displayed on the image-displaying device as a portal for communication with others who have interacted with the image, including authors and facilitators of the image. Watermarking and security measures are provided to enable source and content verification of a displayed image so that user morphing of imagery can be tracked to maintain stability of image-based interaction and so that malicious imagery tamper can be prevented..
Click Evidence, Inc.


Two-stage, gesture enhanced input system for letters, numbers, and characters

A system and method that allows convenient input of letters, numbers, and characters using an input requiring a minimal number of input buttons or keys enhanced by gestures. The system utilizes a two-stage input, first with an array “call-up” function that allows a user to select a range of letters, numbers, or characters, followed by a subsequent “specification” function that allows a user to select a specific letter, number, or character from the aforementioned array.


Spectral imaging system for remote and noninvasive detection of target substances using spectral filter arrays and image capture arrays

An approach to noninvasively and remotely detect the presence, location, and/or quantity of a target substance in a scene via a spectral imaging system comprising a spectral filter array and image capture array. For a chosen target substance, a spectral filter array is provided that is sensitive to selected wavelengths characterizing the electromagnetic spectrum of the target substance.
Innopix, Inc.


A smartphone electroshock facility

A smartphone electroshock facility, comprising: a cover (10) of the smartphone (12), for storing therein an electroshock circuitry (16), for generating an electroshock; two electrodes (14), for administrating the electroshock; one or more activation buttons, for activating the electroshock circuitry to generate an electroshock; a safety catch mechanism employing the activation button, for preventing unintentional activation of the electroshock; a communication channel between the smartphone (12) and the electroshock circuitry (16), for controlling therethrough the electroshock circuitry (16) and activating therethrough the shock; and a power source (40, 48), for providing electrical power for generating the electroshock.. .


Systems and methods for leveraging smartphone features in continuous glucose monitoring

The present embodiments harness a wide variety of capabilities of modern smartphones, and combine these capabilities with information from a continuous glucose monitor to provide diabetics and related people with more information than the continuous glucose monitor can provide by itself. The increased information provides the diabetic with an increased likelihood of good diabetes management for better health..
Dexcom, Inc.


Power adaptation during communication for improved margin

In order to improve communication with another electronic device, during an advertising mode an electronic device (such as a smartphone) may transmit a packet with advertising information using a default transmit power level. Then, based on feedback about a performance metric associated with the communication from the other electronic device, the electronic device may selectively increase the transmit power level for a subsequent packet.
Apple Inc.


System and collecting usage history of smartphone, recommending user fitting application, and providing research service based on reward using smartphone optimizing application

A service system and method for collecting usage history of a smartphone using a smartphone optimization application, recommending a user-fitting application, and providing a research service based on a reward, include a processor, and a memory. The processor includes a collector configured to collect usage history provided from a terminal according to a control of an optimization application that is installed in the terminal and automatically executed in the terminal for at least one of a security enhancement and performance optimization of the terminal, and an analyzer configured to analyze at least one of a field of interest of the user and a usage pattern of the user about at least one other application installed in the terminal, based on the collected usage history..
Naver Corporation


Digital video recorder (dvr) implemented using supplemental device storage

Techniques described herein may use a computing device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, that is attached to a local area network, as a storage device or supplemental storage device for a set-top box (stb) that is also attached to the local area network. In one implementation, the stb may stream, to the computing device, video content corresponding to a television program that is being viewed by a user of the stb.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Bandwidth on demand in sdn networks

Bandwidth-on-demand (bod) as a network service (bod-as-a-service) is integrated into applications that end-users can flexibly purchase when and for however long they need it. A centralized software defined networking (sdn) controller and distributed sdn controller agents that may be seen in a service provider, enterprise or distributed computing environment with remote and mobile end-users is provided.
Extreme Networks


Method and communicating information about networked gaming machines to prospective players

On a network of electronic gaming machines, data regarding the performance of the machines or the players of the machines is collected and processed to make predictions of future jackpots and recommendations of games to play. The predictions and recommendations are delivered via at least one virtual persona that communicates with players or potential players via displays in a casino or on a web browser, via smartphone.
Patent Investment & Licensing Company


Smartphone enabled passive entry go system

In one embodiment, a method is disclosed in which the signal strength of a wireless connection is evaluated to determine a proximity of a portable electronic device relative to a vehicle. Based on the determined proximity of the portable electronic device, one or more doors of the vehicle are unlocked.
Kia Motors Corporation


Image combining apparatus, image combining method and recording medium storing control program for image combining apparatus

The impression given by a background image is determined, wherein the background image represents the background of a location to be decorated with a picture frame into which a print has been inserted. A picture frame image that gives this impression is found.
Fujifilm Corporation


Mobile-merchant proximity solution for financial transactions

In order to facilitate conducting a financial transaction via wireless communication between an electronic device (such as a smartphone) and another electronic device (such as another smartphone), a secure element in the electronic device may generate, using an encryption key associated with the secure element, a signed blob based on a transaction amount and a merchant identifier. Then, the electronic device communicates connection information between the electronic device and the other electronic device.
Apple Inc.


Multi-operating system

A mobile computing device with a mobile operating system and desktop operating system running concurrently and independently on a shared kernel without virtualization. The mobile operating system provides a user experience for the mobile computing device that suits the mobile environment.


Reduced size configuration interface

An electronic device with a camera invokes a wireless communications pairing mode for pairing the electronic device with an external device. The electronic device obtains an image via the camera.
Apple Inc.


Portable analytical equipment

Portable analytical equipment, systems, methods, and techniques related thereto is disclosed. Portable analytical equipment can comprise a controller and a probe.
Marqmetrix, Inc.


Method to determine length and area measurements within a smartphone camera image

A mobile communication device includes a processor operably coupled to a memory and to a wireless communication subsystem operable to send and receive data, a camera operably coupled to the processor, a sensor operably connected to provide to the processor a distance between the camera and an element viewable by the camera. Instructions are stored in the memory; when these instructions are executed by the processor, the mobile communication device takes an image with the camera, uses the sensor to determine a distance between the camera and at least one object recorded in the image, receives a request for a desired measurement comprising one of a desired length measurement and a desired area measurement of an element in the image, calculates the desired measurement, and provides the desired measurement to the user..
Blackberry Limited


Air concentrator/diffuser pet accessory

A molded, carved, stamped, or otherwise manufactured apparatus covers an hvac register. The apparatus provides an air enhanced lounging place for pets while simultaneously facilitating air-flow from the register to a room it is part of.


Device, device control method and control program, and system

Provided is a device which can utilize a motion sensor installed in a mobile device. A smartphone includes a motion sensor and a controller.
Kyocera Corporation


Disposable connectable wireless communication receiver

A wireless receiver can be connected to a user device, such as a smartphone or a tablet device. The wireless receiver can receive a wireless data communication from a wireless transmitter.
Prosports Technologies, Llc


Portable electronic devices with integrated image/video compositing

Digital imagery is composed or composited within a smartphone or other portable electronic device to merge foreground and background subject matter acquired simultaneously with different cameras or acquired at different times with the same camera. A processor stores the digital imagery along with information derived or used by an operation to differentiate the foreground subject matter from the background scene, which may be a digital matting operation, and/or may involve finding an edge or an outline of the foreground subject matter.


Push user interface

Exemplary embodiments may be used as a push-user interface (ui) for electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets and other similar devices, including personal computers, watches, etc. The system may be used with a remote device having a wireless communication interface such that a unique ui is pushed from the remote device to the electronic device to create a user interface experience specific to the remote device on the electronic device..
Rf Digital Corporation


System and determining liveness

Systems and methods are provided for recording a user's biometric features and determining whether the user is alive (“liveness”) using mobile devices such as a smartphone. The systems and methods described herein enable a series of operations whereby a user using a mobile device can capture a sequence of images of a user's face.
Hoyos Labs Ip Ltd.


Gps device for locating a lost child

A pendant which provides a large, prominent alert button comprises a gps device for locating a lost child. The child user may wear the pendant and may press the alert button to alert authorities, family, and friends.


Wagering aid

Methods and system for facilitating the in-person wagering process. A bettor operates a device, such as a smartphone or tablet pc, to indicate the various indicia of a desired wager: amount, event, etc.
Gaming Studio, Inc.


Marketing of authenticated articles thru social networking

A unique virtual hybrid world, operating under the direction and oversight of an overseer, that defines the rules or conduct, permissible actions and interactions, the virtual habitat construction, permissible personal objects, artifacts, products, etc. All actions or interactions of participants are monitored in a manner sufficient to insure adherence to the allowable conduct and interaction rules and procedures.


System and methods of generating user facial expression library for messaging and social networking applications

Embodiments are provided that utilize images of users to represent true or personalized emotions for the users in messaging or social networking applications. A library of user facial expression images is generated for this purpose, and made accessible to messaging or social networking applications, such as on a smartphone or other user devices.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Universal adapter for camera-containing handheld device

A device adapter is used to mount a handheld device, such as a smartphone, to the binocular tube of a microscope, such as a slit lamp. The handheld device has a camera, a device surface on one side, and a camera lens at the one side.
Transamerican Technologies International, Dba Tti Medical


Preventing location tracking via smartphone mac address

An approach is provided for a wireless mobile device that includes a processor, a wireless adapter, and a memory to connect to an access point using a generated random pseudo-mac address that reduces address collisions with other devices. The approach generates a dynamic mac address for the device.
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Utilizing a smartphone during a public address system session

A technique utilizes a smartphone during a public address system session. The technique involves operating a public address system to provide audio from a local human presenter to a local human audience, the local human presenter and the local human audience residing at a common physical public address location.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Movement-based, user identity authenticated unlocking and locking triggers for smartphones and wearable mobile devices

A system for locking and unlocking the display of a smartphone or wearable mobile device, which includes the use of a unique movement-based identifier contained on the device. For unlocking, if the person can reproduce the input movement with similar enough characteristics to a reference movement stored on the phone, or to a previous input movement stored in the database, then the person is authenticated and the phone is unlocked.


Electronic access control and location tracking system

A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc


Electronic tags for micro-proximity location, detection and services

Designs of a tag are described. Relevant parameters of the tag can be selected and determined via a device (e.g., a mobile device) running the client module in a predefined mode.
Doorga, Inc.


System and efficient allocation of resources in a financial services branch

A system for efficient allocation of resources in a financial services branch includes a branch computer system and a remote solutions server which are in communication with a core banking server. The branch computer system includes various computer, network devices and equipment for branch operations.
Cash Flow Management, Inc.


Method for automatically changing display version of website

The invention provides a method for automatically switching to a desktop version website when using a display to show an image of a smartphone. The method includes the steps of: a) connecting a docking station with a switch to a smartphone and a display; b) echoing an image from the smartphone onto the display; c) starting an internet connection function of the smartphone; and d) opening a proprietary web browser with a default of displaying a desktop version..
I/o Interconnect Inc.


Mobile keyboard

The computer keyboard operable in motion includes keys and control circuitry, and communication means to connect the keyboard to an in-motion operable mobile computer. The keyboard has one key column for the thumb; one key column for the index finger; and one key column for the middle finger; one key column for the ring finger; one key column for the little finger.


Image stabilizer with extended power source

The present invention generally relates to devices for stabilizing and holding devices that record visual images (e.g., cameras, smartphones, etc.), where the devices have integrated power sources (e.g., batteries), and methods related to such devices. In one aspect, the present invention is directed to a device for stabilizing a camera, wherein the device comprises: a stabilizer body; a power source (e.g., battery) included within the stabilizer body; a camera mount connected to the stabilizer body; an internal power bridge connecting the battery pack to a power out supply; an exterior power bridge connected to the power out supply; a camera attached to the exterior power bridge, wherein the camera is attached to the camera mount..


System and displaying surf information to a user

This disclosure relates to a system configured to display current surf information to a user on a device worn by the user, track physical surfing activity of the user across multiple surf sessions, and/or alert the user when current surf conditions match previously highly rated surf conditions and/or any user selected criteria based on surf/weather forecast data. The system may comprise a first device (a watch) worn by the user, a second device (the user's smartphone) associated with the user but physically separate and unconnected from the first device, external resources, and/or other components..
Nixon, Inc.


Smartphone and external micro projector thereof

An external micro projector comprises a micro projector body. A magnetic block is disposed in the micro projector body.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co. Ltd.


Call coupling

A method for establishing for a first smartphone a phone connection with a second smartphone, each smartphone comprising a phone and running a software application (“app”), the method comprising: exchanging, by operating the app, at least one permission message between the first and second smartphones; transmitting a first identifier from the first smartphone and a second identifier from the second smartphone to a call connector, responsive to a successful exchanging of the at least one permission message; and connecting a first phone call and a second phone call to establish a phone connection between the first and second smartphones, if the first phone call matches the first identifier and the second phone call matches the second identifier.. .
Cell Buddy Network Ltd.

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