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 Voice call management in a modular smartphone patent thumbnailnew patent Voice call management in a modular smartphone
In an embodiment of the disclosed principles, a modular portable device includes a first module acting as a traditional high-function phone or “smartphone” and a second module that adds enhanced functionality to the first module. When the modules are separated, they may operate independently of each other.
Motorola Mobility Llc

 User feedback for real-time checking and improving quality of scanned image patent thumbnailnew patent User feedback for real-time checking and improving quality of scanned image
A smartphone may be freely moved in three dimensions as it captures a stream of images of an object. Multiple image frames may be captured in different orientations and distances from the object and combined into a composite image representing an image of the object.
Dacuda Ag

 Internet security and management device patent thumbnailnew patent Internet security and management device
Systems and methods to secure and manage home or other networks. A security management device is connected to the home network that learns about the people and devices who use the network to keep them safe and secure.
Lantern Security, Llc

 System, design and process for easy to use credentials management for accessing online portals using out-of-band authentication patent thumbnailnew patent System, design and process for easy to use credentials management for accessing online portals using out-of-band authentication
The invention provides an easy to use credential management mechanism for multi-factor out-of-band multi-channel authentication process to protect user access to online portals. When opened, the client processing application generates a multi-dimensional code.

 Baby seat alert patent thumbnailnew patent Baby seat alert
An alert system for use with a infant car seat that includes: a car seat alert device, where the alert device includes a means to attach the alert device to a car seat, a belt extending from the means to attach and an activation button on the alert device; software residing on a user's smartphone, where the software links the user's smartphone to the alert device; and instructions within the software activating an alert on the smartphone, if the smartphone is moved greater than a predetermined distance from the car seat. The car seat device may also be linked to a vehicle's computer system, where the car seat device sends a secondary alert to the vehicle's computer system.

 Babystar - alert system for babies left unattended in a car patent thumbnailnew patent Babystar - alert system for babies left unattended in a car
An alert system composed of a bluetooth device that is installed in a baby car seat and is paired/connected to one or more smartphones or tablets using a monitoring application developed for this purpose, which receives the signal communicated from the device installed in the baby car seat and stays connected within a 15 feet range. The application immediately produces a vibrating sound alert, and displays a notification message as soon as the smartphone crosses the 15 feet boundary range..

 Method and apparatus of converting control tracks for providing haptic feedback patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus of converting control tracks for providing haptic feedback
Disclosed are systems and methods for converting a control track designed for use with a number and/or type of haptic output devices to be used with other numbers and/or types of haptic output devices. For example, a computing device may convert the control track into another control track that can be applied to other types and/or numbers of haptic output devices.
Immersion Corporation

 Access management system patent thumbnailnew patent Access management system
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for remotely managing access to an area. An access management platform, which can be an electronic lock that is installed on, e.g., a door of a house, can enable a user to establish a virtual presence at the door.
Gate Labs Inc.

 Reorder point management in a smartphone patent thumbnailnew patent Reorder point management in a smartphone
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method, system and computer program product for reorder point management in a smartphone. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for purchase reminding includes monitoring payments performed by a payment application executing in memory of a smartphone and determining by a processor of the smartphone for each of the payments, an ordered product.
Sugarcrm Inc.

 System and  point of sale payment data credentials management using out-of-band authentication patent thumbnailnew patent System and point of sale payment data credentials management using out-of-band authentication
The process of the invention includes an authentication server, a secure payment application to generate an authentication vehicle or an embodiment (i.e. Multi-dimensional transitory key) and handle incoming requests, and a portable communication device with a smartphone application..

new patent

Food data access and delivery system

An improved system for accessing food data and tracking a user's food intake includes a nutrition information system 600 and a mobile pda or smartphone-based tag reading system 900. The two systems 600 and 900 are configured to communication.
Tutsho, Llc

new patent

Touch tag recognizable through capacitive touch panel, information recognition method therefor and information providing method using same

The present invention provides a touch tag having a conductivity pattern corresponding to a touch point of a capacitive touch panel. A capacitive touch tag according to the present invention includes: a substrate; a plurality of capacitive touch points which are formed on the substrate and are arranged at arbitrary positions on a virtual lattice corresponding to a touch input sector of a capacitive touch panel of a personal information device; a conductive wire for connecting the capacitive touch points; and an electric charge transfer unit for transferring electric charges to the capacitive touch points through the conductive wire.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

new patent

Flexible display for a mobile computing device

A display device comprises a flexible display comprising a plurality of pixels and one or more of a z-input element and a flexible array of convex microlenses disposed on the flexible display, wherein each microlens in the array receives light from a selected number of underlying pixels and projects the received light over a range of viewing angles so as to collectively produce a flexible 3d light field display. The display device may be augmented with a flexible x,y-input element.

new patent

System for assisting in balancing body weight

System for assisting in balancing body weight containing a footwear item and a smartphone or similar, where the footwear item comprises means for detecting the proportion of the weight bearing on the front part of the foot and on the rear part of the foot, preferably load sensors (1 and 2), a printed circuit board (4) for controlling and transmitting/receiving signals, a power supply battery (5) for powering the elements installed in the footwear item and vibrating motors (3) positioned in the front part of the foot and in front of the front load sensors (3). An application is installed in the smartphone and used to control the operation of the system and consequently, the footwear item and the exercises to be performed thereon..
Operacion Sonrie S.l.

Smartphone application for online provision of data

A smartphone app that enables users to send requests for information regarding specific sites; whereby the app identifies the geographical location of the requested site and sends the request for information to other app users who are in the vicinity of the requested site. The app may include a payment system that enables to pay for the requested information; whereby the payment system changes the requesting user and credits the user providing information as per the request for information..

Doorbell battery systems

Doorbell systems can communicate wirelessly with remotely located computing devices such as smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and streaming media players. In some embodiments, doorbells comprise a camera, a speaker, and a first battery.
Skybell Technologies, Inc.

Automatic transmission of a barrier status and change of status over a network

An internet based system for remotely monitoring and changing the open/closed door status of a garage door. A position detector is coupled to the door.
Overhead Door Corporation

Electronic system for consulting and verifying the authenticity, validity and restriction of documents using proximity data reading technology

The present invention relates to a system of electronic query and verification of authenticity, validity and restriction of national driving license (cnh), vehicle registration certificate (crv) and vehicle registration and licensing certificate (crlv) using technology of data reading through approximation, which inhibits falsification, by inserting rfid or nfc tag, which will contain cadastral information, encumbrances, restrictions and photo of the vehicle or driver. This label, when approached to a reader, will allow this information to be viewed on a computer, portable player, tablet, smartphone, using application that will tell you if it is true the queried item.

Dynamic signature box for a digital signature system

A system that allows a document to be sent to an authorized signer at a remote location for signature. The signer can manipulate a signature block or other indicator to anywhere on any page of the document on a handheld device like a smartphone.

Cylindrical computing device with flexible display

A mobile computing device with a substantially cylindrical form factor and a flexible display screen. The flexible display screen is adapted to display content when it is substantially completely wrapped around the cylindrical body, partially wrapped around the cylindrical body, or substantially not wrapped around the cylindrical body.

Wireless smart battery system

A wireless system for monitoring rechargeable and single-use batteries. The wireless system is usable with existing batteries that implement a smart battery standard and/or an analog port.
Pointzero Labs, Llc

Methods and systems for automatic electric vehicle identification and charging via wireless charging pads

Cloud systems executing method operations for communicating with connected vehicles of users having user accounts with the cloud system are provided. In one example, a method includes receiving discounts published by merchants for presentation to a network of charging units (cus), each of the cus being associated to a geo-location.

Optical accessory for a mobile device

An optical accessory, which can be associated with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, is described. The accessory comprises coupling means which allow it to be firmly positioned in correspondence with both a camera lens and a light source of the mobile device.
D-eye S.r.l.

Custom lighted accessory

A configurable system is provided for lighting operation and display with respect to an accessory article such as a purse or handbag. Decorative color-changing lights on an exterior surface of the article are driven by a controller within the article, wherein the controller is configured to interact with a remote computing device such as a user's smartphone.

Security gateway for a regional/home network

Systems, devices and methods to protect a regional network (e.g., home network) by monitoring devices connected to and attempting to connect to the regional network. Monitoring includes assessing and addressing security concerns regarding devices attempting to or available to connect to the regional network as well as monitoring configurations and activity of connected devices.
Mcafee, Inc.

Utility data measurement system using a smartphone

This invention teaches a system for measuring utility data consumption using a smartphone or similar digital device in a crowd-sourced process.. .

Wide field retinal image capture system and method

A method, system or apparatus for generating a wide field retinal image. System embodiments comprise a camera, which may be a smartphone camera and associated optics to capturing a digital video stream of individual retinal images and store the video stream of individual retinal images in a memory associated with the camera.
Rsbv, Llc

Image and augmented reality based networks using mobile devices and intelligent electronic glasses

A mobile communication system based on digital content including images and video that may be acquired, processed, and displayed using a plurality of mobile device, smartphones, tablet computers, stationary computers, intelligent electronic glasses, smart glasses, headsets, watches, smart devices, vehicles, and servers. Content may be acquired continuously by input and output devices and displayed in a social network.
Ip Holdings, Inc.

Training in dispensing a medicament

A medicament-free device (e.g., a smartphone device) for simulating a medicament dispenser may include a sensing device and a processor. The sensing device may sense a user action performed upon the medicament-free device and may output sense data.
Teva Uk Limited

Augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems

The augmented reality virtual content platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“arv”) provides a photo driven ad-platform that transforms digital media placements into immersive and immediately shareable brand-consumer engagements via gps-linked virtual photo components instantiated on a user mobile device. Within embodiments, users may create and share photographs augmented with brands or other images and accompanying messages on various social networks using their smartphones or tablets to earn rewards.
Snaps Media Inc.

Group monitoring and communication system

A system for monitoring/confirming the location of and communicating with a group of user devices or individual members thereof is generally represented by reference numeral 1. The system 1 comprises a mobile application or website executable on a mobile device 2 such as a smartphone.

Analytics virtualization system

Analytics virtualization is a system and method for bridging data and readily usable autonomous computational model based applications using one to many, many to one and many to many relationship. A generalized system is created that allows any data contained virtualized folder to utilize any number of computational model application via a centralized facilitator framework.

Aimer for barcode scanning

When imaging with a smartphone, a user typically uses the smartphone's display as a viewfinder. The user aligns the smartphone's camera with a target by focusing on the display rather than the target.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

Method for calibrating medical display device using smartphone

A calibration method using a body in which an image information program for displaying medical image information is installed, a medical display device connected to the body and including an image processor and a display panel, and a smartphone having a camera and enabling an application to be installed, includes a calibration preparation step of installing a calibration application in the smartphone and connecting the smartphone to the medical display device; a calibration measurement step of executing the calibration application, acquiring a measuring image displayed on the display panel using the camera of the smartphone as a color sensor, and generating calibration information from a deviation between an measured value of the acquired image and a criterion value; and a calibration performing step of transferring the calibration information generated in the calibration measurement step to the image processor of the medical display device and performing calibration.. .
Advan Int'l Corp.

Charging stand having selectively interruptible charging system

A wave charging stand adapted selectively to interrupt charging of a smartphone to initiate a time display function. The stand employs one or more ir sensors to detect a predetermined sequence of wave activation events, e.g., motions or actions of a user's hand adjacent a portion of the stand.

Mobile phone using non-invasive nerve stimulation

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed that allow a patient to self-treat a medical condition, such as migraine headache, by electrical noninvasive stimulation of a vagus nerve. The system comprises a handheld stimulator that is applied to the surface of the patient's neck, wherein the stimulator comprises or is joined to a smartphone.
Electrocore, Llc

Aromatherapy apparatus and housing

The present invention is an apparatus for employing aromatherapy and binaural sounds for inducing a state of relaxation in a user who may be anxious, upset, or experiencing sleeping difficulties. The apparatus comprises a shape memory foam pillow, a pair of stereo speakers, an aromatherapy diffuser, a pillowcase comprised of heat-transfer fabric, an optional vibrating device, a canopy and a housing to support these elements.

Smart medical examination and communication apparatus

An embodiment of a portable sensor input device operatively connects to a smartphone, wearable computer device, tablet pc, and/or other mobile computer device to facilitate medical examination and diagnosis. The sensor input device used for biological signal detection contains one or more sensors inside it's chest-piece, such as, without limitation, acoustic sensor, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, light sensor, image sensor, electrocardiogram (ecg) sensor, and/or ultrasonic sensor.

Gesture-based control techniques for lighting systems

Techniques and architecture are disclosed for gesture-based control techniques for lighting systems. In some cases, the lighting system may include a camera and/or other suitable componentry to interpret gestures made by a user for controlling light output.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Systems/methods of preferentially using a first asset, refraining from using a second asset and providing reduced levels of interference to gps and/or satellites

Embodiments of the invention provide reduced levels of interference to gps receivers and/or to satellites. These embodiments allow frequencies that are proximate to gps to be used by base stations and/or access points (such as femtocells) to provide forward and/or return link communications to user devices such as smartphones.
Odyssey Wireless, Inc.

Camera headband device and system with attachable apparatus

A headband camera device which transmits streaming video, images, gps location data and voice communications via a smart phone app or transmit and store data independent of the smart phone app. A bluetooth module or other short range transmission module in the headband facilitates voice communication by interfacing with a user's bluetooth enabled smartphone or within a wifi location.
Remote Xccess, Llc

Method of image conversion operation for panorama dynamic ip camera

The present invention provides a method of image conversion operation for panorama dynamic ip camera. Three wide-angle cameras are used for obtaining a panorama dynamic image, and then to be compressed and transferred through internet to a pc/smartphone/tablet for being decompressed and image conversion operation, so that a user can use the pc/smart phone/tablet to slide a touch screen thereof for viewing the desired dynamic image..
National Taipei University Of Technology

Expanding capabilities of mobile computing devices

A rim for protecting a handheld computing device, such as a smartphone, has left, right, top, and bottom edges sized to engage the corresponding edges of the handheld device. An electronic processor is disposed within at least one of the rim edges, and is able to communicatively connect to the handheld computing device when the handheld computing device is engaged by the rim.
Msc Accessories Corp

Privacy preserving limiting communications to targeted recipients using behavior-based categorizing of recipients

In a data-handling machine system which has data originating and replicating units (e.g., smartphones) configured to allow users to create or replicate and transmit voluminous amounts of data (e.g., emails) on a recipients-targeting basis to large numbers of recipients, a communications constraining mechanism is provided which intercepts emails (or other forms of recipients-targeting communications), classifies the communications, categorizes the targeted recipients and then based on the classifications and categorizations, generates recommendations on whether to block or let through as is the intercepted communications to their intended recipients.. .
Ca, Inc.

Control and monitoring of light-emitting-diode (led) bulbs

A smart light-emitting-diode (led) bulb includes apparatus enabling the bulb to be turned on, off, or dimmed without the use of a wall switch. Such apparatus may include circuitry responsive to rotating the led portion of the bulb, circuitry responsive to touching or tapping on the bulb, or a bluetooth or wifi interconnection enabling the bulb to be controlled using a smartphone or other device executing a bulb-control application.
Rtc Inc.

Shadow advertisement system and method, controlled in linkage with smartphone

Disclosed are a shadow advertisement system and a shadow advertisement method which are controlled in linkage with a smartphone. The system comprises: a power supply unit for, in dc-dc conversion of solar energy from a photovoltaic module, supplying a constant dc voltage and dc current or using an smps power source; a shadow advertisement controller for receiving, via a smartphone and a wireless communication means, an upload of an advertisement image and setting an advertisement time; and a shadow advertisement system for projecting a shadow advertisement printed on a film through a light source, a lens and an advertisement film in linkage with a lighting circuit and exposing the shadow advertisement, wherein the shadow advertisement is exposed at a certain location in such a manner that the light source is delivered to and penetrates the lens, and the advertisement printed on the advertisement film is projected by light which has passed through the lens..

Gesture based interactive graphical user interface for video editing on smartphone/camera with touchscreen

As the user changes the video effects though gestures, the changes are simultaneously applied to the video providing graphical feedback to the user.. .

Device and vascular access

A new device and method are introduced herein to facilitate vascular access in general and the placement of central venous access devices in particular. In one embodiment, the device consists of the following components: a wireless ultrasound imaging handheld scanner, a bluetooth ecg (electrocardiography) data acquisition module with patient ecg cable and sterile adaptor, and a mobile medical application running on a mobile platform (device), e.g., a tablet, smartphone or smart watch.
Bard Access Systems, Inc.

Lunch bag for meals with support for an entertainment gadget

The present invention refers to a lunch bag which has integrated within it the dishes, cutlery and cup for meals, and which is equipped with a support for an entertainment gadget, such as a tablet, a smartphone or other. This equipment is especially suitable for children who need some entertainment during meals and is also indicated in cases of displacement, it makes it possible to have all the necessary accessories for a child's meal in one single space.

Wireless proximity password pairing of user-interface devices

To establish a connection between electronic devices some embodiments include a system, method, and/or computer program product for password pairing user-interface devices in wireless proximity. A first electronic device (e.g., a keyboard) transmits an advertising packet, and receives a password, where the password has been generated by a second electronic device (e.g., a smartphone) and the password enables pairing between the first electronic device and the second electronic device.
Apple Inc.

Distributing content using a smartphone

A method of distributing content using a smartphone (110) includes capturing an image of a machine-readable (102) code with the smartphone. The machine-readable code (102) is decoded to extract information which is transmitted from the smartphone (110) to a server computer (130).
Eastman Kodak Company

Small-capacity ims core system

A small-capacity ims core is a system that provides support so that a group customer using an ims service can manage a pots system and an internet telephone system in parallel and can manage a non-ims terminal. This system includes a main control unit (mcu) configured to provide only functions that belong to the functions of an mcu ims structure and that are required for a group customer, a line interface unit (liu) configured to be used to extend physical ports of the mcu and a pots, a sip gateway configured to convert a standard sip message into an ims message, and an fmc controller configured to provide support in order to enable a wireless terminal, such as a wireless ims terminal/smartphone, to be used in a mobile environment.
Core Tree Co., Ltd.

Power generation via proximity sensor and wireless internet

Advantage should be taken for all the efforts by the major tech superpowers in supplying internet to the most secluded places on earth, and the current trend that almost everyone has a smartphone—to produce a collective and almost effortless way of harnessing energy and supplying electricity to all. This can be achieved by utilising the technology of proximity sensor by monitoring movement and close-proximity detection as energy provider.

Method and system for transaction verification

Methods and systems allow for the verification of transactions, such as purchases, by location verification of the purchaser, for example, by obtaining the location of a device, such a mobile device, for example, a smartphone, of the purchaser.. .

Apparatus and transmitting traffic-related data in road traffic

An apparatus and a method for transmitting traffic-related data in road traffic include transmitting the traffic-related data in the form of dynamically generated qr codes from a transmission or display device to a mobile unit hosted by at least one vehicle, and wherein the mobile unit hosted by the vehicle is designed likewise to transmit dynamically generated qr codes. The mobile unit may include an organic light emitting diode (oled) display, or a smartphone, tablet, or similar device positioned for visibility through a vehicle window..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Testing a smart wristband and testing system thereof

A testing method for a smart wristband and a testing system thereof are provided. The bluetooth function of the smart wristband is put into a sleep state through presetting of the system software before the test, and the testing method comprises the following steps of: carrying out electrical connection operations on the smart wristband under test during the test so that the bluetooth function of the smart wristband is activated; completing pairing between the smart wristband and the testing apparatus, and synchronously displaying a corresponding function of the smart wristband on a screen of the testing apparatus so as to be tested, wherein the testing apparatus is a smartphone, and the testing of the corresponding function includes at least one of bluetooth power testing, writing of the mainboard serial number, charging testing and motor vibration controlling..
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Electronic filter detection feature for liquid filtration systems

A filter monitor system (“fms”) module is installed on the engine/vehicle and is connected to the filter systems, sensors and devices to monitor various performance parameters. The module also connects to the engine control module (“ecm”) and draws parameters from the ecm.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Methods and systems for providing alerts to a driver of a vehicle via condition detection and wireless communications

Methods and system for alerting a vehicle driver via wireless communications. One or more conditions with respect to a vehicle are monitored.

Method to provide dynamic customized sports instruction responsive to motion of a mobile device

A family of sports teaching applications that delivers customized lessons driven by the analysis of user body motions where data is captured via the accelerometer and gyroscope in a mobile device, such as a smartphone is provided. Each specific application is designed with motion data models that define proper form for athletes in club sports such as, but not limited to, golf, baseball hitting, hockey, polo, and racquet sports such as, but not limited to, table tennis, squash, badminton and throwing sports like baseball pitching, football, discus, javelin, and shot put, and other sports such as skiing and running.
Aquimo, Llc

Ketone measurement system capable of detecting and notifying a user of proper insertion of detachable components

Systems and related methods are provided for measuring a ketone in the fluid of a patient or other user. The systems include a portable measurement device for analyzing a plurality of fluid samples and for generating a corresponding plurality of ketone measurement results.
Invoy Technologies, Llc

Methods and systems for invoking functions based on whether a partial print or an entire print is detected

Systems and methods are described herein for expanding the functionality of a print scanner. The scanner may be programmed to invoke a different function if only a portion of a print is detected rather than a full print.
Rovi Guides, Inc.

Imaging device and time-lapse imaging method

The present invention provides an imaging device and a time-lapse imaging method capable of simply realizing time-lapse imaging using a pan and tilt mechanism. In a preferred aspect of the present invention, an imaging device includes a pan and tilt mechanism that rotates an imaging unit in a horizontal direction and a vertical direction relative to a device body, transmits a live view image to a smartphone, displays the live view image on a display and input unit, and receives an instruction input for specifying camerawork in time-lapse imaging using the display and input unit.
Fujifilm Corporation

Emergency information conveyance system

An emergency information conveyance system is provided. The system comprises a cellular smartphone and an activatable computer program within the cellular smartphone.

Portable electronic devices with integrated image/video compositing

Digital imagery is composed or composited within a smartphone or other portable electronic device to merge foreground and background subject matter acquired simultaneously with different cameras or acquired at different times with the same camera. A processor stores the digital imagery along with information derived or used by an operation to differentiate the foreground subject matter from the background scene, which may be a digital matting operation, and/or may involve finding an edge or an outline of the foreground subject matter.

Wireless power distribution and control system

A wireless power distribution and control system may be used to supply power wirelessly to various devices. The devices in the system may have control over the system and/or over certain features of other devices.
Access Business Group International Llc

Liquid crystal display device

Since the liquid crystal display device of the present invention prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of the liquid crystal layer and enables a reduction in defective display such as uneven alignment and screen burn-in, it is particularly useful for active-matrix liquid crystal display devices of a va mode and psva mode and can be applied to liquid crystal display apparatuses such as liquid crystal tvs, monitors, mobile phones, and smartphones.. .

Wireless electromyograph equipment and operating system thereof

A wireless electromyography equipment and operating system thereof, more specifically, an electromyography equipment (ae) comprising surface and internal (anal and vaginal) electrodes (sensors) (1) provided with signal conditioning circuit (1b) for amplification of electromyography signals generated by neuromuscular activity of the user (u), as well as an analog-digital converter (1c), a digital telemetry radio transmitter (1d) and respective antenna (1e); the internal electrodes (sensors) (2) may adopt various shapes to serve as a probe adapted to vaginal and anal anatomy; it includes a signal conditioning circuit (2a) for amplification of electromyography signals generated by neuromuscular activity, an analog-digital converter (2b) and a digital telemetry radio transmitter (2c) that, on its main implantation, uses bluetooth; each surface (1) and internal (2) electrode (sensor) has a battery (1f) and (2e), respectively, with a wireless inductive coupling charging system (capacitive), which are recharged through a charger, preferably of wireless type (4); all activation buttons (1g) and (2f) (on/off) of the respective surface (1) and internal (2) electrodes (sensors) are molded within flexible plastic, preferably silicone; the computer program or software (s1) is associated to the electrodes (sensors) (1) and (2) and destined to receive stimulation generated by neuromuscular activity of the user, read then and return then as information and report data to the user (u) on a smartphone, tablet or other chosen device by the user (ap1) and/or remote professional, if desired.. .

System and posture and body position correction and improvement through a computer-assisted biofeedback system

A wireless, programmable biofeedback system, including one or more biofeedback sensor devices, a biofeedback controller device, and a wireless communication link that operationally connects the sensor biofeedback device(s) to the controller biofeedback device. The system may be programmed with desired posture setting, monitor a user's posture with the biofeedback sensor devices for deviations from the desired posture setting, and alert the user to help correct and train to achieve the desired posture setting.

Bladders, compartments, chambers or internal sipes controlled by a web-based cloud computer system using a smartphone device

A computer system including a web site and/or a cloud array of computers configured to have a connection to a smartphone or other mobile computer device and use the device and connection to control a configuration of one or more bladders, compartments, chambers and internal sipes located in a sole or removable inner sole insert of footwear. The computer system can also use the device and connection to transmit data to the computer system for storage and/or shared or independent processing and/or analysis, process data from sensors located in either one or both of the sole or the removable inner sole insert of the device user, in, on, or near a center of gravity of the device user, in the device and/or in, on, or near the head of the device user, and use the processed data to alter a configuration of the bladders, compartments, chambers and internal sipes..

Portable information device case and video picture display device case

A portable information device case according to the present invention includes three plate-like members: a holder part for housing a portable information device (smartphone) therein, a cover part for covering the holder part, and an optical panel part including an image-forming optical element (micromirror array) fitted therein in light-transmissive fashion. When these members are combined together to have a predetermined shape, the optical panel part is held in an attitude inclined at a predetermined angle with respect to a display surface of the smartphone.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Fall detector and alert system

A fall detection and alert system and associated methods are described. The system includes a right footwear item and a left footwear item, each of which includes foot pressure sensors, communications circuitry configured to transmit foot pressure signals from the pressure sensors to a mobile device, such as a smartphone, and a power source.

System of distributed planning

A method for performing a desired sequence of actions includes determining a list of candidate activities based on negotiations with at least one other entity. The determining is also based on preference information, an expected reward, a priority and/or a task list.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wearable display system

A wearable display system has a first lens sub-assembly defining a first optical path and a second lens sub-assembly defining a second optical path. The first and second lens sub-assemblies are disposed in a frame in respective first and second lens-holding sub-assemblies.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Multi-position adjustable support assembly suspended from an elevated horizontal edge for securing such as a book, smartphone or tablet style computer

An assembly for supporting a device from a structural location exhibiting an upper horizontal edge. A main support body has front and rear faces, a bottom support ledge projecting from the front face and being adapted to receive a bottom extending edge of the device.

Wireless network design, commissioning, and controls for hvac, water heating, and lighting system optimization

Methods, devices, and systems for commissioning and programming a network of wireless devices are disclosed herein. These can include utilizing a commissioning tool having a directional radio frequency antenna, a microprocessor, and memory.
Amatis Controls, Inc.

Near field communication antenna and smartphone having same antenna

Disclosed is a near field communication antenna comprising: a plate-shaped magnetic core; and an antenna coil having a wire wound multiple times in a loop shape, wherein the magnetic core comprises a first surface, a second surface facing opposite the first surface, and a side surface connecting the first and second surfaces. The antenna coil comprises a first portion placed over the first surface of the magnetic core, a second portion placed over the second surface of the magnetic core, and a connection portion placed over the side surface of the magnetic core to connect the first and second portions, and the first portion, the second portion, and the connection portion are joined to form a loop..
Aq Corporation

Message translation application

A smartphone message translation application for smartphones with internet connection that enables to send text and voice messages from the one user's smartphone to another user's smartphone; wherein the said text or voice message is translated from the device language of the sender's smartphone to the device language of the receiver's smartphone.. .

Filling forms with a smartphone

Form filler app is a method for filling out forms using smartphone technology and image processing. It encompasses creating an image of the form with the smartphone's camera, then using image analysis to identify the input fields of the form.

Spinal cord stimulator system

Spinal cord stimulation (scs) system having a recharging system with self alignment, a system for mapping current fields using a completely wireless system, multiple independent electrode stimulation outsource, and ipg control through software on smartphone/mobile device and tablet hardware during trial and permanent implants. Scs system can include multiple electrodes, multiple, independently programmable, stimulation channels within an implantable pulse generator (ipg) providing concurrent, but unique stimulation fields.
Globus Medical, Inc

Safety system

A safety system includes a wearable device having means to determine whether a child has been left in a car seat and further having means to detect the wearable device's global position and the ambient temperature, heart rate, and activity of a person wearing the wearable device. The wearable device can send notice to a smartphone or other designated device when certain specified conditions have been met or exceeded.
Safe Family Wearables, Llc.

Communications methods and apparatus that facilitate discovery of small coverage area base stations

A communications system includes a plurality of different types of small coverage area base stations, e.g., femto cell base stations, wifi access points and bluetooth access points within a macro cell. Different user equipment (ue) devices, e.g., different smartphones, include different capabilities.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and wireless management access to a telecommunications device

Systems and methods for wireless management access to a telecommunication device are provided. A portable device, such as a tablet, smartphone, etc., can be used to access a network device, such as a telecommunication device, by accessing a wireless access module of the telecommunication device using any desired wireless technology.
Adtran, Inc.

Object distance determination system

An object distance determination system for measuring the linear distance between two objects. The object distance determination system comprises a smartphone configured as a base station in the preferred embodiment and a reference device.

System and improving hearing

A system and method for improving hearing is disclosed. The system includes a microphone array that includes an enclosure, a plurality of beamformer microphones and an electronic processing circuitry to provide enhanced audio signals to a user by using information obtained on the position and orientation of the user.
Noopl, Inc.

Methods and systems enabling access by portable wireless handheld devices to audio and other data associated with programming rendering on flat panel displays

Video data rendering devices (e.g., flat panel displays such as smart tvs, set top boxes, and media dongles) can wirelessly broadcast their identity for discovery to portable wireless electronic devices (e.g., smartphones, tablets) interested in obtaining audio and other data associated with video programming displayed on the video data rendering devices. An application can be downloaded and activated on portable devices that will enable them to obtain a list of available (discovered) video data rendering devices (multiple screens, depending on venue) and allow wireless access to audio and data associated with displayed video programming.

Portable terminal and controlling portable terminal

Avoided is falsely detecting a hand of a usual user being in contact with a contact sensor, instead of detecting an object, such as water, having a high dielectric constant being in contact with the contact sensor. A smartphone (1) includes a contact determination section (101) which determines that (i) a hand is in contact with a contact sensor (11) in a case where an output value outputted by the contact sensor (11) is not lower than th1 and lower than th3 and (ii) an object, such as water, having a high dielectric constant is in contact with the contact sensor (11) in a case where the output value is not lower than th3..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Electronic access control and location tracking system

A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

Plan visualization

A business continuity plan visualization implementation for triggering a set of external technical processes to create event(s) that describes a disaster; specify plan(s) relevant to the events and assets affected by the event; algorithmically assembling a logical, sequenced set of disaster recovery procedures and tasks based on the impacted location, business process or assets; assignment of these procedures and tasks to personnel and automated procedures responsible for executing them; managing real-time communications (text message, e-mail, push messaging, text to speech) delivered to personnel via other computers and smartphones at various locations; and reflecting status of all tasks or procedures as they are completed. The can also provide an in-context editable “view” of business continuity plans specific to each incident responder..
Sungard Availability Services, Lp

System, method, and computer software code for planning and executing a travel itinerary

A computer program product for planning of, and executing a travel itinerary—while traveling to and while at the destination—is stored on tangible computer readable storage medium as computer readable program code. The code causes a p.c./smartphone to: permit making online reservations (airline, hotel, rental car, event tickets .

Method of operating ephemeral peripheral device

An ephemeral system includes an ephemeral communications device and associated ephemeral memory system (onboard or peripheral) for securing user data. Different secure operating modes are provided for customizing user security requirements across end-to-end communications links, including in exchanges of electronic data between smartphone devices..
Jonker Llc

User fingerprint authentication system

An integrated authentication system for automatically inputting a particular user's stored login credentials for an active process, such as a software application or website is employed on a conventional mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, through the use of a fingerprint scanner apparatus defining a conventional fingerprint recognition device having a conventional fingerprint sensor and memory for storing fingerprints and an input software application operative to identify the active process on the mobile device and retrieve and enter store login credentials based on an input from the fingerprint scanner apparatus.. .

On-wall docking station for touch-panel devices

The present disclosure relates to systems for mounting touch-panel devices such as smartphones or tablets. An example embodiment of an on-wall docking station is provided wherein the docking station comprises a metallic pad, a gripping surface, mounting screws, a mounting plate, an external connection port, magnets, a near field communication device, and a magnet buffer.
Intuitive, Llc

Liquid crystal display device

Since the liquid crystal display device of the present invention prevents a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of the liquid crystal layer and enables a reduction in defective display such as uneven alignment and screen burn-in, it is particularly useful for active-matrix liquid crystal display devices of an ips mode and ffs mode and can be applied to liquid crystal display apparatuses such as liquid crystal tvs, monitors, mobile phones, and smartphones.. .

Progressive weighted aerobic ping pong exercise racquet

An enhanced table tennis racket is disclosed that incorporates features for enhancing the aerobic exercise value of the game. One or more weights may be attached, removably or permanently, to the racket.
Jules Apatini

Cross-platform automated perimeter access control system and method adopting selective adapter

Integrated cross-platform perimeter access control system with a rfid-to-bluetooth selective adapter configured with a rfid lock, a wireless communication conversion unit configured for operating under a first wireless communication platform and a second wireless communication platform, and a smartphone is disclosed. Rfid-to-bluetooth selective adapter is installed above sensor area of rfid lock to facilitate rfid lock to interrogate the rfid-to-bluetooth selective adapter.
Polaris Tech Global Limited

Modifications for hearing deficiencies

This invention relates to a hearing assistance that corrects hearing deficiency of individuals and thus serves to provide a realistic hearing capability/experience to those suffering from hearing loss. The modification of the frequency response of earbuds is the method of modification discussed here.

System, for providing a mobile application across smartphone platforms to enable consumer connectivity and control of media

A system, method and device for providing a mobile application across smart phone platforms to enable consumer connectivity and control of media. The viewing experience of the individual is improved by the added control and the advertising experience is enhanced by ensuring advertisements are relevant and actionable.
Cox Communications, Inc.

Method and system for implementing a user interface for capturing videos and photos on cameras with a touch screen

A method and a system for implementing a user interface for capturing videos and photos on cameras with a touch screen are provided herein. The method may include: presenting on a touch screen a capturing control button; responsive to a tap of the capturing control button, instructing a capturing device to capture a still image; responsive to a continuous touch of the capturing control button, instructing the capturing device to capture a video footage throughout the continuous touch; and responsive to a displacement movement applied to the capturing control button, instructing the capturing device to capture a video footage until a reverse displacement movement is applied to the capturing control button.
Magisto Ltd.

Automatically modifying a do not disturb function in response to device motion

A processor-based personal electronic device (such as a smartphone) is programmed to automatically respond to data sent by various sensors from which the user's activity may be inferred. When one or more alarms on the device are temporarily disabled or ignored, they may be automatically restored when sensor data indicates a change in the user's activity.
Apple Inc.

System for bridging, managing, and presenting smartphone and other data files with telephony interactions

A system for interfacing with mobile carrier networks, mobile application-equipped devices, social media networks, and individual and enterprise user's databases, contacts, pictures, videos, and text is disclosed. A data link is connected to a mobile carrier network to receive user application and other data.

Sensors and systems for iot and ifttt applications and related methods

Devices are equipped with ble modules that can scan, advertise, or both scan and advertise to form smart devices with beaconing capabilities. A cloud server can act as a bridge to allow a first user to remotely communicate with a second user based on the beacon generated by the smart devices.

Method and system for credential management

A security system comprises an access control node broadcasting a beacon including a time stamp and user devices generating replies to the beacon that are based on credential information for the user of the user device and the time stamp. The system relies on the users' wireless-capable mobile computing devices such as smartphones, tablets, or wireless fobs.
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc

Holder for a mobile telecommunications terminal

A holder for a mobile telecommunications terminal, in particular a smartphone, has a receptacle for the terminal. The holder has a first locking mechanism by which the smartphone can be locked in the receptacle.

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