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 Process and system in which the user can enhance their selfie photos before they are taken patent thumbnailProcess and system in which the user can enhance their selfie photos before they are taken
The current invention is process and system that works with a camera device like a smartphone that allows people to enhance their selfie photos before they are taken. It applies blemish correction and/or a filter if chosen by the user.

 Electronic access control and location tracking system patent thumbnailElectronic access control and location tracking system
A method and system that allows authorized individuals access into controlled access locations and the ability to grant temporary and limited access to guests into these locations. The method and system allows for navigational services to be provided to members and guests, and real-time tracking and confirmation to members and administrators that guests have arrived at their destination and did not enter any unauthorized areas.
Collateral Opportunities, Llc

 Access management system patent thumbnailAccess management system
Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for remotely managing access to an area. An access management platform, which can be an electronic lock that is installed on e.g., a door of a house, can enable a user to establish a virtual presence at the door.
Gate Labs Inc.

 Time card punching system patent thumbnailTime card punching system
A time card punching system comprising a cloud-based database, a work spot device, and a smartphone carrying a mobile application; wherein the cloud-based database, the work spot device, and the smartphone performs data communication among each other; the work spot device can be registered with designated gps and equipped with bluetooth smart technology; when punching a time card, the mobile application can detect if the employee is within five meters from the work spot device; the mobile application uses a face recognition to prevent buddy punching.. .
Asiabase Technologies Limited

 Digital inventory system patent thumbnailDigital inventory system
An inventory technology that works with computers, smartphones and devices that assists in creating a personal property inventory for insurance purposes wills, probate, taxes and or other needs. An inventory may be prepared before an insurance loss occurs by use of photos, videos, user input and vender supplied receipts.

 Guided purchasing via smartphone patent thumbnailGuided purchasing via smartphone
Guiding purchasing via smartphone by, determining, via smartphone input of a user, the smartphone user's intent to purchase a given product. At least one sequence of tasks to purchase each of a plurality of products is determined.
Google Inc.

 Bicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors patent thumbnailBicycle activity monitoring and recording device with air pollution sensors
Provided is an activity monitoring and recording device which may include a smartphone, a pollution sensor, a global positioning system (gps) device, a microprocessor and proprietary software supported to a bicycle.. .

 Support for a device, such as a smartphone patent thumbnailSupport for a device, such as a smartphone
A support for receiving and holding a device, such as a smart phone, in a vehicle. The support includes a first jaw, able to receive a first edge of the device, and a second jaw, able to receive a second edge of the device.
Faurecia Interieur Industrie

 Movie master game method patent thumbnailMovie master game method
Systems and methods for displaying movie related information on a system (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, personal computer, and devices comprising processing, memory, communications, and a display) capable of displaying information and features of an application's movie related functions (e.g., dilemmas, filmmaking, locations, music, plot info, quotes, food recipes, shopping, superfan, trivia, vehicles & weapons identification, and performer/character identification) in each of a plurality of presentation modes (e.g., synchronization, lists, and games modes).. .
Customplay Llc

 Moral dilemma movie game method patent thumbnailMoral dilemma movie game method
Systems and methods for displaying movie related information on a system (e.g., a smartphone, tablet, personal computer, and devices comprising processing, memory, communications, and a display) capable of displaying information and features of an application's movie related functions (e.g., dilemmas, filmmaking, locations, music, plot info, quotes, food recipes, shopping, superfan, trivia, vehicles & weapons identification, and performer/character identification) in each of a plurality of presentation modes (e.g., synchronization, lists, and games modes).. .
Customplay Llc

Device and administering medicaments to the brain

The present invention provides a system for administering a therapeutic substance to a brain, for example a brain of a person afflicted by a neurodegenerative disorder. The system may include communicating with the person and locating it via a smartphone, characterizing the level of its alertness or cognitive abilities, and initiating the substance release via a vocal signal.
Inhaletech Llc

Gesture-based data exchange between electronic devices

A digital data transfer between two users' electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones, tablet pcs, laptops, etc., is initiated by detecting both that the users' wrist-worn electronic data exchange units have been brought into proximity, and also that their on-board accelerometers sense movement consistent with a gesture, especially that two equipped users are shaking hands. The electronic data exchange units can communicate over a limited distance and can use bluetooth.
Limited Liability Company "myco"

Methods and systems for real time display of caller location, profile, and trust relationship

Methods and systems to display, in real time, detailed attribute information regarding a calling party. This information may be presented to a user in conjunction with an incoming voice-call or message on the user's smartphone/mobile internet device (mid) or other mobile device.
Intel Corporation

Method of flight plan filing and clearance using wireless communication device

A method for obtaining flight plan clearance allows a general aviation pilot to negotiate flight plan clearance directly with an air navigation service provider (ansp), exchanging digital data messages, with the pilot using a wireless communication device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer. After an initial flight plan has been submitted, the pilot receives a message regarding clearance of the initial flight plan.
Raytheon Company

Method and system to optimize lights and sounds for sleep

The method for optimizing light and sound programs for a falling asleep phase and for an awakening phase of a first user, in a system comprising, for the first user and other users, a bedside device, a bio parameter sensor, a smartphone, and additionally for all users a central server, with: /a1/ collecting, with regard to the first user, sleep data and sleep context data, said sleep data comprising at least light and sound program played for the falling asleep phase and for the awakening phase, bio parameters and sleep patterns sequence deduced therefrom, said sleep context data comprising at least previous daytime activity such as, sending this data to the central server, /a2/ repeat /a1/ for other users, /b1/ building a user-specific model of each user sleep behavior, /c/ comparing user-specific models to define groups of similar users, each group of users being allocated with a group meta-model with decision rules and preferred playlist of sound tracks, /d/ sending the group meta-model from the server to the bedside device or to the smartphone of the first user, /e/ displaying to the first user, using the group meta-model and in function of the time to go to sleep, a recommended list of light and sound programs or a particular light and sound program, namely a single choice, for the upcoming falling asleep phase and/or the next upcoming wakeup phase.. .

Directed image capture

A process is provided for graphically guiding a user of a capture device (e.g., smartphone) to more accurately capture a series of images of a building. Images are captured as the picture taker moves around the building—taking a plurality (e.g., 4-16) of images from multiple angles and distances.
Hover Inc.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus which utilizes a communication device is disclosed. A communication unit of a housing which corresponds to an antenna portion is provided at a position at which the communication unit can be seen without obstruction from the upper side.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Hacking-resistant computer design

A computer architecture is disclosed for implementing a hacking-resistant computing device. The computing device, which could be a mainframe computer, personal computer, smartphone, or any other computing device suitable for network communication, comprises a first partition and a second partition.
Newman H-r Computer Design, Llc

Automatic indoor parking system using collaborative smartphone sensing

Methods and arrangements for tracking within a parking facility. A module of a mobile device is used to communicate, to a parking server which stores global data relative to parking places in a parking facility, the presence of a vehicle in the parking facility.
International Business Machines Corporation

Bi-directional power transfer

The user of a portable device defines the charging direction when two devices with bi-directional power transfers interfaces are interconnected. The device detects a gesture of the user and starts the power transfer to the defined direction.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Liquid crystal display device

Since the liquid crystal display device according to the present invention does not suffer from a decrease in the voltage holding ratio (vhr) of the liquid crystal layer or display defects such as alignment unevenness and image-sticking, the liquid crystal display device is particularly useful as an active-matrix-driven liquid crystal display device such as a va, psva, ips, or ffs liquid crystal display device and can be used as a liquid crystal display device for products such as liquid crystal display televisions, monitors, cell phones, and smartphones.. .

Devices and methods for applying external controlers to mobile electronic devices of any shape or make

The invention discloses devices and methods for attaching game controller elements to a mobile electronic device such as a tablet computer or a smartphone. In some embodiments of the instant invention, controller elements may be brought into contact with a tablet or smartphone, locked in place, and then brought into electrical communication with the tablet or smartphone.

Arm support device

An arm support device for improving body posture when viewing an object such as when using a smartphone or reading a book. The arm support device generally includes includes a strap which is connected at its first end to the first end of a retainer and at its second end to the second end of the retainer.

Method and system for respiratory monitoring

A method and corresponding apparatus for monitoring breathing computes a calibration signal from a first sequence of images of a user's chest to produce a calibration model.. The calibration signal is representative of movement of the user's chest during a first time period during which the user is using an incentive spirometer a commercially-available (is).
University Of Connecticut

Minimally invasive wireless sensing devices and methods

A sensing device allows detection of biological quantities in ways that are minimally invasive. Micrometer or nanometer sized needles allow sensing of bodily fluids in a minimally invasive method.
California Institute Of Technology

System and user profile enabled smart building control

A central controller for device automation can control output devices (e.g. Automated lights and speakers) based on calculating the indoor location of a person.

Electronic test device data communication

Electronic test devices and methods include data transfer capabilities. In one implementation, an assay device includes wireless communication capabilities to send assay result decisions and/or values to a separate processing and display device such as a smartphone.
Church & Dwight Co., Ltd.

Systems, apparatus, and methods relating to a wearable electronic hub for personal computing

Systems, apparatus, and methods are disclosed for personal computing enhanced by a wearable electronic hub device for wirelessly coupling with an electronic satellite device to increase portability, versatility, efficiency, and security. A wearable electronic hub device retains the most important, expensive, and personal aspects of computing, whereas electronic satellite devices, including dummy screen devices of various sizes, can be shared, lost, stolen, and/or replaced without the same security risks and expenses associated with the duplicative hardware components and personal information retained in current smartphones, tablet computers, laptop computers, etc.
Neptune Computer Inc.

Retriever locator

A selectable lost item retriever locator system to locate the predetermined lost and/or stolen items, comprising a hand-held receiver or locator unit and chips applied to items the user desires to locate, is disclosed. The receiver or locator unit is a hand held device, either a smartphone app or a component that picks up signals like a remote or a key clicker device.

Method for smartphone-based accident detection

A method and system for detecting an accident of a vehicle, the method including: receiving a movement dataset collected at least at one of a location sensor and a motion sensor arranged within the vehicle, during a time period of movement of the vehicle, extracting a set of movement features associated with at least one of a position, a velocity, and an acceleration characterizing the movement of the vehicle during the time period, detecting a vehicular accident event from processing the set of movement features with an accident detection model, and in response to detecting the vehicular accident event, automatically initiating an accident response action.. .
Zendrive, Inc.

Electric commerce support system

An electric commerce support system that an introducer does not have to specialized knowledge and further that an orderer can comfortably order an/a article/service is provided. In an electric commerce support system, a smartphone operated by the orderer and an electric commerce support server are connected to each other via the internet.
Alivecast Inc.

Systems and methods for sizing shoes

Capturing three-dimensional images of feet and arraying them against vast databases of stored shoe data enables better developed matching with desired fittings than conventional systems. smartphone/iphone/digital camera and related interface tools supported by proprietary data streams and engines recommend better shoe choices from plethoric offerings updated continually and based upon legacy shoe data along with new ways to compare and select shoes..
Vfit Technologies Inc.

System and methods for effectively taking surveys using mobile devices

Systems and methods for more effectively obtaining and understanding a person's responses to a survey, poll, or questionnaire, specifically for persons providing a response using a mobile device (such as a smartphone). In some embodiments, a user of a mobile device may be provided with a survey or poll and asked to respond by using a gesture, a combination of a gesture and an audio input, a combination of a gesture and a key press, etc.
Swurveys, Inc.

Display control apparatus, display control method, and program

The present technology relates to a display control apparatus, a display control method, and a program which can implement a ui that allows a user to intuitively select an intended region in an image. A position of a display surface on which a display apparatus displays an image is detected, and a projected image obtained by projecting an image model of a predetermined image is displayed on the display surface along a straight light passing through a position of the user and a pixel of the display surface whose position is detected.
Sony Corporation

Smartphone / tablet stand

A mounting stand for a portable electronic device that includes: a base; a pedestal at one end of a top surface of the base; an arm extending from the pedestal; a cradle at a distal end of the arm; and a audio speaker on the top surface of the base abutting the pedestal. Preferably, the base is rectangular in shape and includes a led light surrounding the perimeter of the base.

Multifunctional wearable with live cam

Multifunctional wearable with live cam, a wearable electronic multipurpose device is disclosed. The device can function along with an electronic device or it can also function as a standalone device in some situations.
Mconception Eood

Apparatus and universal setup, monitoring and control of field devices for a plant

Setup, monitoring and control of various field devices are provided using a general purpose, off-the-shelf mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet computer adapted by an application program to communicate using the bluetooth communications protocol with communications and control modules attached to the field devices.. .
Metso Automation Usa Inc.

Computerized yo-yo

There described a computerized yo-yo toy that uses an acceleration measuring device, a computation and control device, a communication device and entertaining devices to enhance the entertaining experience of playing with the computerized yo-yo toy. The acceleration measuring device measures the acceleration values of the computerized yo-yo toy.

Scorekeeping wristband for sports games

A scorekeeping wristband allows the user to track the points scored in a pick-up basketball game. The wristband is similar in structure and function to a sports wristband, but provides a scorekeeping function.

Systems and methods for treating acute and chronic heart failure

Systems and methods and devices are provided for arresting or reversing the effects of myocardial remodeling and degeneration after cardiac injury, without the potential drawbacks associated with previously existing systems and methods, by at least partially occluding flow through the superior vena cava over multiple cardiac cycles, and more preferably, by adjusting the interval or degree of occlusion responsive to a sensed level of patient activity. In some embodiments, a controller is provided that actuates a drive mechanism responsive to a sensed level of patient activity to provide at least partial occlusion of the patient's superior vena cava, while a data transfer circuit of the controller provides bi-directional transfer of physiologic data to the patient's smartphone or tablet to permit display and review of such data..
Tufts Medical Center, Inc.

Desk organizer

A one-piece, unitary desk organizer with one or more relatively deep cups that are constructed and arranged to hold relatively long and thin items such as pens, pencils and scissors, and a cell phone/smartphone-receiving receptacle that has an opening that provides for access to a connector or jack on the bottom of the phone so that one or more cords can be run to the phone.. .
United Comb & Novelty Corporation

Enhancements to data-driven media management within an electronic device

A centralized resource manager manages the routing of audio or visual information within a device, including a handheld device such as a smartphone. The resource manager evaluates data-driven policies to determine how to route audio or visual information to or from various input or output components connected to the device, including headphones, built-in speakers, microphones, bluetooth headsets, cameras, and so on.
Apple Inc.

Apparatus and methods for content distribution to packet-enabled devices via a network bridge

Apparatus and methods for providing content to packet-enabled devices in a content distribution network. In one embodiment, a network architecture is disclosed which enables delivery of content to ip-enabled devices such as mobile smartphones and tablet computers using a traditional high-speed data connection.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

Biometric and bluetooth enabled vehicle console and glove box lock

The present invention is directed to a biometric and bluetooth enabled vehicle console and glove box lock that provides a unique apparatus for locking enclosures such as any locking compartment within a vehicle as well as the vehicle doors, vehicle hood and vehicle trunk locks, and the like, with indirect operational control by the means of a smartphone, tablet or a computer. The biometric and bluetooth enabled vehicle console and glove box lock contains a biometric based finger print authentication module, and a bluetooth/rf comm communications enabled module, to prevent a non-owner or unauthorized user from accessing the device..
Iwallet Corporation

Intelligent management of computerized advanced processing

Systems and methods are disclosed for automatically managing how and when computerized advanced processing techniques (for example, cad and/or other image processing) are used. In some embodiments, the systems and methods discussed herein allow users, such as radiologists, to efficiently interact with a wide variety of computerized advanced processing (“cap”) techniques using computing devices ranging from picture archiving and communication system (“pacs”) workstations to handheld devices such as smartphone and tablets.
D.r. Systems, Inc.

System for assisting a helper in the resuscitation of a person with circulatory arrest

The invention relates to a system for assisting a helper (8) in the performance of chest compressions for the immediate resuscitation of a person (1) affected by a circulatory arrest, wherein the helper (8) may be an untrained novice helper, in particular. In order to identify the circulatory condition of the person (1) and impart assistive first measures, a position sensor (4) connected to a support of similar design to a sticking plaster (5) is arranged on the sternum (2) of the person (1) by means of adhesion at an appropriate position.

Intelligent management of computerized advanced processing

Systems and methods are disclosed for automatically managing how and when computerized advanced processing techniques (for example, cad and/or other image processing) are used. In some embodiments, the systems and methods discussed herein allow users, such as radiologists, to efficiently interact with a wide variety of computerized advanced processing (“cap”) techniques using computing devices ranging from picture archiving and communication system (“pacs”) workstations to handheld devices such as smartphone and tablets.
D.r. Systems, Inc.

Safety processor for wireless control of a drug delivery device

A system and method provide for enhanced reliability and safety of programming and/or operating a medical device, such as an infusion pump, with a remote control device, such as a mobile phone (e.g., a smartphone). A safety processor acts as an intermediary device between the smartphone and medical device to review transmissions from the smartphone prior to the transmissions being delivered to the medical device.
Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc.

System, enabling corneal topography mapping by smartphone

An apparatus for enabling corneal topography includes an attachment to align a placido disc illumination system with a camera of a mobile communication device. The placido disc illumination system generates concentric rings and reflects the concentric rings off a cornea.
Smart Eyedeas I, Llc

Safe driving monitoring system

A method and system for detecting unsafe or suspect activities such as distracted driving associates distracted driving events to the road type, vehicle speed and vehicle acceleration (positive, negative and lateral) at the time of the distracted driving event, and identifies severe distracted driving events from a large population of minor events using a statistical distribution such as a cauchy distribution equation. The system employs a smartphone application (app) coupled with a central server that computes driver safety scores which relate time of day, road type, vehicle speed, vehicle acceleration (positive, negative and lateral) and distracted driving using the cauchy distribution equation.
Speed Demon Inc.

Radio with wired remote switch for smartphone

A radio includes controls operatively disposed on a face panel. A 3.5 millimeter audio jack is disposed on or through the face panel.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Systems and methods for autonomously generating photo summaries

Implementations of the disclosed technology include techniques for autonomously collecting image data, and generating photo summaries based thereon. In some implementations, a plurality of images may be autonomously sampled from an available stream of image data.
Google Inc.

Attachable smartphone camera

Systems and methods are disclosed herein that generally involve a camera system including a high-quality lens which is selectively attachable to a mobile device, effectively replacing the mobile device's integral lens. The attachable camera system can leverage existing features of the mobile device, such as the display, battery, storage, and sharing functions, allowing the camera system itself to be a relatively simple, lightweight, portable, and inexpensive device.

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