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Sleep patents

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Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sleep-related patents
 Sleep wake event logging patent thumbnailnew patent Sleep wake event logging
A machine implemented method includes creating a universally unique identifier, detecting a trigger of a sleep event, and associating the universally unique identifier with the sleep event. The method monitors sub-system events that occur after a sleep event has been triggered and stores data in non-volatile non-disk storage (e.g., non-boot storage) identifying an event stage corresponding to the sub-system event that is occurring.
 Deferred inter-processor interrupts patent thumbnailnew patent Deferred inter-processor interrupts
A data processing system includes, in one embodiment, at least a first processor and a second processor and an interrupt controller, and the system provides a deferred inter-processor interrupt (ipi) that can be used to wake up the second processor from a low power sleep state. The deferred ipi is, in one embodiment, delayed by a timer in the interrupt controller, and the deferred ipi can be cancelled by the first processor if the first processor becomes available to execute a thread that was made runnable by an interrupt which triggered the deferred ipi..
 System and method of treating intractable epilepsy by stimulation patent thumbnailnew patent System and method of treating intractable epilepsy by stimulation
System and method for treating intractable epilepsy are provided. The method includes implanting electrodes in pedunculopontine nucleus and delivering electrical pulses to the pedunculopontine nucleus, thereby inducing the stimulation of cholinergic neurons leading to the release of acetylcholine, thereby enhancing the genesis of rapid eye movement sleep, which reduces the occurrence of epileptic attacks and also chronically suppresses the epileptogenic process..
 Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection patent thumbnailnew patent Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection
In a respiratory apparatus for treatment of sleep apnea and other disorders associated with an obstruction of a patient's airway and which uses an airflow signal, an obstruction index is generated which detects the flattening of the inspiratory portion of the airflow. The obstruction index is used to differentiate normal and obstructed breathing.
 Detection of sleep apnea using respiratory signals patent thumbnailnew patent Detection of sleep apnea using respiratory signals
A method and system for sleep apnea detection are disclosed. The method comprises detecting at least one respiratory signal and utilizing a detection algorithm to automatically detect at least one sleep apnea event from the at least one respiratory signal.
 Biological information management module, sleep monitor, and control apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Biological information management module, sleep monitor, and control apparatus
A biological information management module includes a first acquisition unit, a determination unit, and a generation unit. The first acquisition unit acquires a plurality of pieces of biological information of different types for a living organism during sleep.
 N-linked quinolineamide m1 receptor positive allosteric modulators patent thumbnailnew patent N-linked quinolineamide m1 receptor positive allosteric modulators
The present invention is directed to n-linked quinoline amide compounds of general formula (i) which are m1 receptor positive allosteric modulators and that are useful in the treatment of diseases in which the m1 receptor is involved, such as alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, pain or sleep disorders. The invention is also directed to pharmaceutical compositions comprising the compounds, and to the use of the compounds and compositions in the treatment of diseases mediated by the m1 receptor..
 Methods and apparatus for providing unified wireless communication through efficient memory management patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for providing unified wireless communication through efficient memory management
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with improving interactions between various components within a wireless device to enable improved communications between wireless devices. In an example, a wireless device may include an application processor equipped to send first and second amounts of data to be buffered in a buffer associated with a controller, and cease communications with the controller after the second amount of data is sent.
 Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for enforcement of policies upon a wireless device
Apparatus and methods for changing one or more functional or operational aspects of a wireless device, such as upon the occurrence of a certain event. In one embodiment, the event comprises detecting that the wireless device is within range of one or more other devices.
 Antihistamines combined with dietary supplements for improved health patent thumbnailnew patent Antihistamines combined with dietary supplements for improved health
The present invention provides combinations comprising a sedating antihistamine and selected indole-based natural products such as l-tryptophan, 5-hydroxytryptophan and melatonin, along with pharmaceutically acceptable calcium and magnesium salts and selected b vitamins. These combinations are useful in providing a medicament for improving sleep in mammals, especially humans..
new patent System and method for filtering broadcast messages received over a wireless local area network
A user device configured to communicate with a remote device via a wireless access point (wap) listens on one or more active ports for data sent by the wap while in a sleep mode. Upon receiving data, the user device identifies the port over which it received the data and determines whether that port is on a list of active ports.
new patent Apparatus and method for avoiding system losses for m2m devices operating at longer slot cycle
Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to an apparatus and methods capable of pre-correcting reacquisition slew of pilot signal timing when a mobile device operates in a slotted mode or discontinuous reception (drx) mode. In one aspect, a mobile device is operated in slotted mode.
new patent System and method for discontinuous reception control start time
Methods of combining semi-persistent resource allocation and dynamic resource allocation are provided. Packets, such as voip packets, are transmitted on the uplink and downlink using respective semi-persistent resources.
new patent Multi-event time and data tracking device
The battery operated baby care tracking device comprising an information screen on the face of the device, displaying the date and time in one mode and recent baby care information in corresponding modes; a first group of buttons on the same face of the device, labeled as integers 1-12, including clear and decimal point buttons; a second group of buttons labeled as baby feeding events, including nursing, pumping and bottle and baby food feeding, including buttons to indicate the left and right breast; a third group of buttons labeled as baby care information, including diapers, sleeping, crying , medicine, vomiting, temperature and a generic baby care event which are used for data entry and review; a fourth group of buttons having two scan buttons allowing the reviewer to scroll through data; an alarm switch, on a first or second side of the device, by which the caregiver can set an audible and/or vibration and/or backlight alarm for a particular time or time increments; a lock switch, on the first or second side of the device, which locks the device or allows input and review of information in different positions; a light switch on the side of the device, which can be switched off, on or to the nighttime position; a microprocessor for providing temporary memory storage for the device and mode selection for each of the buttons and a usb port on a side of the device as well as wifi capability for data transfer from temporary memory storage in the device to a permanent memory storage.. .
new patent Bed with ergonomic bed making position
A bed is described that has an ergonomic bed making position. The bed has a lower portion and an upper portion.
Methods and apparatus for efficient service layer assistance for modem sleep operations
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in connection with improving wireless device power consumption in an m2m environment. In an example, a service layer module equipped to obtain a network value indicating that a service layer transaction is complete and no additional activity associated with the service layer transaction is expected from a network entity, determine that no additional activity associated with the service layer transaction is expected from a wireless device application, generate a sleep mode value based on the reception of the network value and upon the determination, and provide the sleep mode value to a modem subsystem and/or an application subsystem indicating that it is allowed to enter a sleep mode.
Method and device for apnea and hypopnea detection
Disclosed herein is a method and device for apnea and hypopnea detection. In one embodiment, a method is provided for detecting apneas and hypopneas from a digitized breath sound recording acquired from a candidate suspected of sleep apnea.
Method and system for heart failure status evaluation based on a disordered breathing index
An evaluation of heart failure status is provided based on a disordered breathing index. Patient respiration is sensed and a respiration signal is generated.
Adaptive network searching in out-of-service scenarios
Adaptive out-of-service search behavior by a wireless user equipment (ue) device. The ue may perform cellular communications according to a radio access technology (rat).
Device triggered wake up of powerline communication devices
A first network device detects at least a first orthogonal code included in a preamble of a network packet received at the first network device from a second network device in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) communication network. The first network device determines whether the first orthogonal code included in the preamble is associated with an assigned orthogonal code for the first network device.
Power consumption in motion-capture systems with audio and optical signals
The technology disclosed provides systems and methods for reducing the overall power consumption of an optical motion-capture system without compromising the quality of motion capture and tracking. In implementations, this is accomplished by operating the motion-detecting cameras and associated image-processing hardware in a low-power mode (e.g., at a low frame rate or in a standby or sleep mode) unless and until touch gestures of an object such as a tap, sequence of taps, or swiping motions are performed with a surface proximate to the cameras.
Controlling embedded image data in a smart display
A method and apparatus for controlling embedded raw image data within a display having internal memory. The method includes sending a frame of code and a final compilation of raw image data to the internal memory of the display from a primary host processor prior to the primary host processor entering a sleep state.
Responding to a touch input
Disclosed are systems and methods for responding to a touch input at a user computing device such as a mobile phone, smart phone, tablet, pc or other device. In one aspect, such systems and methods are performed on an electronic device including a touch-input system, a first processor, and a second processor distinct from the first processor.
Power-saving remote control apparatus and power-saving manual control apparatus
A power-saving remote control apparatus (40) includes a remote control receiving unit (1022) and a main control unit (104). The main control unit (104) is configured to control the power-saving remote control apparatus (40) to enter a working mode when a controlled apparatus (30) needs to be turned on.
Device and methods for treatment of bruxism and tmj disorder
The present invention relates to a device and method of treating temporomandibular joint disorder (tmj) and bruxism by placement in the mouth of an individual with a dental mouth guard to produce a minor irritation of the palate of a person suffering from temporomandibular joint disorder (tmj) and bruxism through one or more irritation teeth or spines that mildly irritate the palate of a wearer when tooth grinding or maxillary pressure occurs. The mouth guard includes an irritation plate and a tooth molding for placement and fitting to a patient's upper dentition.
Integrated oral appliance for sleep-disordered breathing
An integrated oral appliance for treating breathing obstruction, snoring and restriction of the upper airway during sleep with a tongue restraint. Oral appliances of the invention may include an oral cavity engagement device including one or more trays, a tongue restraint with a tongue contact portion, a spring force element operatively coupled between the at least one tray and the tongue restraint, wherein the spring force element is adjustable anteriorly and posteriorly relative to the tray(s), and an air conduit inside the tongue restraint with a front opening of the air conduit extending beyond an anterior end of the tray(s) and a rear opening of the air conduit at a posterior end of the of the oral cavity engagement device configured to extend to a posterior surface of a tongue..
Oral device to eliminate air space in oral cavity
This invention provides devices and systems and methods therefrom for properly controlling negative pressure applied to oral cavity, facilitating breathing and treating sleep apnea and snoring. The systems comprise a negative pressure system providing a vacuum source and an oral device comprising a shield, a tube passing through the shield, a flexible negative pressure deliverable part connected to the shield or the tube, an optional tongue protector, where the negative pressure deliverable part is conformable to the contour of the upper palate.
Ultrasonic welding of fabrics for sleep apnea treatment
A respiratory apparatus may employ ultrasonic welds. The ultrasonic welding may be used to join a variety of headgear, mask and accessory components.
Periodic activity alignment
Methods and systems may provide for determining a latency constraint associated with a platform and determine an idle window based on the latency constraint. In addition, a plurality of devices on the platform may be instructed to cease one or more activities during the idle window.
Block-level sleep logic
In one embodiment, a processor includes at least one sleep block and a central sleep controller. The at least one sleep block may include at least one execution unit, at least one processor component, and sleep logic.
Method and arrangment for remote controlling a power consumption state of a network device
The instant invention improves the control of a low-power consumption state of network devices linked to a network switch by a suitable network such as an optical network. It allows for the sleep mode also to shut down the power supplies of the components of the network device necessary for the normal data link layer network communication according to the osi model and the higher layers of the communication protocols.
Memory controlling device and method thereof
A memory controlling device and method are disclosed for controlling a memory having a partial array self refresh (pasr) function and a plurality of memory segments. The memory controlling device comprises an address mapper, an address decoder, an address selector, and a pasr configuration register storing a pasr configuration.
Screening devices and methods for obstructive sleep apnea therapy
Devices and methods for treating obstructive sleep apnea by first performing an assessment of the patient that involves observing the patient's upper airway during a tongue protrusion maneuver. The assessment may, for example, be done using endoscopy to observe the upper airway while the patient is awake in the supine position.
Breathing disorder identification, characterization and diagnosis methods, devices and systems
Disclosed herein are breathing disorder identification, characterization and diagnosis methods, devices and systems. In general the disclosed methods, devices and systems may rely on the characterization of breath sound amplitudes, periodic breath sounds and/or aperiodic breath sounds to characterize a breathing disorder as obstructive (e.g.
Device which comprises a physical activity and position sensor, a peripheral temperature sensor and a light sensor for providing information relating to the state of the circadian system
The invention is a device consisting of at least one body position and activity sensor, at least one peripheral temperature sensor and at least one light sensor, configured to provide information on the circadian system status and the sleep-wake status of an individual based on the data obtained from said sensors. It can be placed on the wrist of the subject, or on the subject's arm.
Honey composition with l-alanyl-l-glutamine
The present invention relates to compositions includes honey and l-alanyl-l-glutamine, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and a combined product comprising honey and l-alanyl-l-glutamine for a simultaneous, separate or sequential use in therapy. The composition, pharmaceutical composition and combined product have particular utility in improving sleep and treating sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleep apnoea..
Communication method of a terminal and an access point for multi-user transmission opportunity (txop) power saving
Provided is a terminal and an access point in an active mode for multi-user transmission opportunity (txop) power saving that may decrease power consumption by changing an operation state of the terminal from an awake state to a sleep state if there is no stream of data to be transmitted during a txop duration.. .
Method and apparatus for power saving in personal area networks
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method of reducing power consumption in a wireless network device, comprising determining a duration prior to a beacon being received by the device; comparing the duration against a predetermined value; and adjusting a duration of a sleep period in response to the comparison.. .
Increasing the heat flow of flexible cellular foam through the incorporation of highly thermally conductive solids
Methods and combinations of mattress support surfaces comprising one or more flexible polyurethane foam layers containing highly thermally-conductive solids, such as diamond or silicon carbide, and said layer combination is capable of transferring heat from a warm surface, such as a person sleeping on a bed, to a cooler region at a faster rate throughout the mattress than the thermal dissipation rate obtained from flexible polyurethane foam without highly thermally-conductive solids.. .
Rail track sleeper support
A support (32) adapted to be used in place of ballast in supporting a rail support member (31) of a rail track comprises a body (50). The body (50) includes a lower face (70) for resting on a support surface, and an upper surface (71) for supporting the rail support member (31)..
Method and apparatus for treating cheyne-stokes respiration
A system and method for delivering a flow of breathing gas to an airway of a patient. The system monitors a characteristic that varies based on variations of the flow of the breathing gas and determines a target flow for the gas to be delivered to the patient based on the monitored characteristic.
Apparatus for a sleep mask
An apparatus comprises a gauze layer comprising a gauze material, a first area, a gauze first side and a gauze second side. The gauze first side is configured to at least contact and cover a user's eyelid area where the gauze material mitigates irritation of the user's skin.
Netlist cell identification and classification to reduce power consumption
In an integrated circuit device, a power circuit for maintaining asserted values on an input output pin of the device when a functional block of the device is placed in a sleep mode. The device includes a power circuit disposed along the periphery of the device, the power circuit configured to maintain power when the device is placed in a low-power mode.
Reducing power consumption of volatile memory via use of non-volatile memory
A method includes initiating a transition from an operating mode to a sleep mode at an electronic device that includes a volatile memory and a non-volatile memory. In response to the initiating, data is copied from the volatile memory to the non-volatile memory and a portion of the volatile memory is disabled.
Methods and apparatus related to processor sleep states
A system includes a processor including at least a first core and a local interrupt controller associated with the first core. The first core is operable to store its architectural state prior to entering a first core sleep state, and the processor is operable to receive and implement a request for entering a system sleep state in which the first core is in the first core sleep state and the local interrupt controller is powered down and exit the system sleep state by restoring the local interrupt controller and restoring the saved architectural state of the first core..
Idle phase prediction for integrated circuits
A method and apparatus for idle phase prediction in integrated circuits is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit (ic) includes a functional unit configured to cycle between intervals of an active state and an idle state.
Multi-mode device power-saving optimization
Methods and systems input an energy consumption profile for each of a plurality of different sleep modes available for a device, and input a probability distribution of interjob times for the device. The methods and systems then compute the optimal time-out period for each sleep mode based on the energy consumption profile of each sleep mode and the probability distribution of interjob times.
Reducing power consumption of a redundant power system utilizing sleep power consumption considerations for power supply units within the redundant power system
A method, system, and information handling system provides better system power consumption of a redundant power system having a plurality of power supply units (psus) by taking into consideration each psu's sleep power consumption during selection of one or more psus to place into a “hot spare” sleep mode. For each psu, power efficiency data at different load ratings are measured and stored.
Tap-to-wake and tap-to-login near field communication (nfc) device
Described herein are techniques related to a tap-to-wake and tap-to-login system. This abstract is submitted with the understanding that it will not be used to interpret or limit the scope and meaning of the claims.
One group paging scheme for machine-to-machine communication
A group paging method is disclosed for efficient machine-to-machine communication in a wireless network. The group paging method enables m2m-capable base stations to group m2m-capable mobile stations according to their traffic properties, assign them a group paging id, and thereafter page the m2m device, whether the mobile station is asleep or not, by way of a paging channel.

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