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Sleep patents

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User device and operation method thereof

Method and apparatus for fast booting of user device

Obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sleep-related patents
 Communication system and communication node patent thumbnailCommunication system and communication node
A main body ecu as a slave node includes a switch. The switch is under off state when a prohibition signal is outputted from a verification ecu as a master node and under on state when the prohibition signal is not outputted.
 User device and operation method thereof patent thumbnailUser device and operation method thereof
An operation method of an electronic device includes performing a sleep mode and at least one function that is allowed during the sleep mode, if at least one preset condition is satisfied.. .
 Method and apparatus for fast booting of user device patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for fast booting of user device
A method of fast booting of a user device is provided. The method includes detecting a movement of the user device in a power-off state, generating energy corresponding to the movement of the user device, changing the power-off state to a sleep mode state by the generated energy, partly performing a booting operation and waiting a period of time to perform the fast booting when changing to the sleep mode state, and performing the fast booting in response to a turn-on event of the user device..
 Obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods patent thumbnailObstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods
A method of treating a patient, comprising: sensing a biological parameter indicative of respiration; analyzing the biological parameter to identify a respiratory cycle; identifying an inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle; and delivering stimulation to a hypoglossal nerve of the patient, wherein stimulation is delivered if a duration of the inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle is greater than a predetermined portion of a duration of the entire respiratory cycle.. .
 Sleep apnea avoidance and data collection device patent thumbnailSleep apnea avoidance and data collection device
A device for sleep apnea avoidance and data collection may include a sensor configured to sense a pressure and generate a first signal when the pressure exceeds a threshold. A signal generator module may be configured to generate a first stimulating signal in response to the first signal.
 Apparatus for assisting a child to fall asleep patent thumbnailApparatus for assisting a child to fall asleep
One or more embodiments of the present invention pertain to an apparatus that helps a child to fall asleep. The apparatus includes a set of eyes and eye lids.
 Pde10 inhibitors and related compositions and methods patent thumbnailPde10 inhibitors and related compositions and methods
Compounds that inhibit pde10 are disclosed that have utility in the treatment of a variety of conditions, including (but not limited to) psychotic, anxiety, movement disorders and/or neurological disorders such as parkinson's disease, huntington's disease, alzheimer's disease, encephalitis, phobias, epilepsy, aphasia, bell's palsy, cerebral palsy, sleep disorders, pain, tourette's syndrome, schizophrenia, delusional disorders, drug-induced psychosis and panic and obsessive-compulsive disorders. Pharmaceutically acceptable salts, stereoisomers, solvates and prodrugs of the compounds are also provided.
 Treatment of sleep disorders patent thumbnailTreatment of sleep disorders
The use of 7-chloro-3-(5-dimethylaminomethyl-[1,2,4]oxadiazol-3-yl)-5methyl-4,5-dihydro-imidazol[1,5,-a][1,4]benzodiazepine-6-one or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt for treating various types of insomnia.. .
 Methylpiperidine derivative patent thumbnailMethylpiperidine derivative
A compound represented by formula (ia) or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, which acts relying on an orexin (ox) receptor antagonistic activity and is useful for the treatment or prevention of diseases such as sleep disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, schizophrenia, drug dependence, alzheimer's disease, parkinson's disease, huntington's chorea, eating disorder, head ache, migraine, pain, gastrointestinal diseases, epilepsy, inflammations, immune-related diseases, endocrine-related diseases and hypertension.. .
 Sleep quality improving agent patent thumbnailSleep quality improving agent
An object is to provide a sleep quality improving agent that has a sufficient effect of improving the quality of sleep, can exert the effect regardless of the form of administration, even by oral administration, and ensures safety for the body. A sleep quality improving agent containing an s-adenosylmethionine-containing yeast as an effective ingredient and a sleep quality improving composition containing the sleep quality improving agent are provided..
Method for wireless fidelity peer-to-peer communication and device therefor
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method for performing wi-fi p2p communication and a device therefor, and the method comprises the steps of: receiving a first beacon message from an owner of a wi-fi p2p group; and confirming a plurality of slots which are formed between a time when the first beacon message is received and a time when a next second beacon message is received, by using the first beacon message, wherein each slot of the plurality of the slots corresponds to one service type, and in one or more slots corresponding to interested services among the plurality of the slots, a wi-fi p2p device performs an operation for wi-fi p2p communication, and in one or more slots corresponding to uninterested services among the plurality of slots, the wi-fi p2p device stands by in a sleep mode..
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
An image reading apparatus includes a carriage, a carriage detector, and a control unit. The carriage detector outputs a detection signal of the carriage when the carriage is at the home position, and outputs a non-detection signal of the carriage when the carriage is located closer to a document size reading position than a predetermined position between the home position and the document size reading position.
System and method of detecting sleep disorders
An apparatus for detecting sleep disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, includes a housing insertable into an ear canal of a subject. A sensor disposed within the housing measures a position of the subject's head relative to an axis of gravity.
Body weight management device
A body weight management device includes a body weight obtainment configured to obtain body weight data that includes a measurement subject's body weight measurement value at a predetermined intra-day timing between waking up and sleeping and a measurement date/time of the body weight measurement value, a body weight storage unit configured to store the body weight data obtained by the body weight obtainment unit in a memory, a representative body weight calculation unit configured to calculate a representative body weight value based on the body weight measurement values in the body weight data in a predetermined period, which are stored in the memory, and a target calculation unit configured to calculate a target value to be a target when a body weight value is measured at the predetermined timing, based on the calculated representative body weight value, an intra-day target weight-loss value, and a measurement value to be a weight variation factor.. .
Method and system for controlling actuation of flush apparatus
A method of controlling actuation of a flush apparatus includes the steps of configuring a control module to actuate the flush apparatus for completing a flushing cycle periodically; and after a given unused time period of the flush apparatus, enabling the control module to enter into a sleep mode to stop an actuation of the flush apparatus. Therefore, during the rush hours, the control module is configured to actuate the flush apparatus frequently and during the off rush hours, the control module is configured to actuate the flush apparatus seldom..
System and method for power reduction by sequestering at least one device or partition in a platform from operating system access
In some embodiments, the invention involves a system and method relating to managing power utilization in systems having multiple processing elements. In at least one embodiment, the present invention is intended to control the sleeping/wakefulness of processing elements, as necessary, to maintain a preferred level of power utilization in the platform.
Interactive system for sleep improvement
A computer-based sleep improvement system applying system intelligence to up-to-date user-reported data and/or recorded sleep data from a connected tracking device for assisting a user in the proactive improvement of sleep and treatment of insomnia includes a central server maintaining a library of information related to treatment of insomnia. The central server includes a video database of session video material, an audio database of session material, a case file database of information regarding the user and sleep habits of the user, and a plurality of tools assisting the user in treating insomnia.
Methods, apparatus and systems for operating a medical device including an accelerometer
Disclosed is a medical device, including: a therapeutic component adapted to provide therapeutic functionality during whilst in therapeutic mode and further adapted to enter a device sleep mode (dsm), an accelerometer configured to identify a movement characterization of the therapeutic component and a movement analysis module (mam) configured to receive the movement characterization from the accelerometer and determine a malfunction parameter wherein the mam is operable while the therapeutic component is in the dsm.. .
Wearable apparatus to detect and monitor sleep and other activities
Various methods and apparatuses for measuring a state parameter of an individual using signals based on one or more sensors are disclosed. In one embodiment, a first set of signals is used in a first function to determine how a second set of signals is used in one or more second functions to predict the state parameter.
Determination of sleep quality for neurological disorders
A device determines values for one or more metrics that indicate the quality of a patient's sleep based on sensed physiological parameter values. Sleep efficiency, sleep latency, and time spent in deeper sleep states are example sleep quality metrics for which values may be determined.
Wearable apparatus to detect sleep stage information of an individual
A monitor device and associated methodology are disclosed which provide a self contained, relatively small and continuously wearable package for the monitoring of heart related parameters, including ecg. The detection of heart related parameters is predicated on the location of inequipotential signals located within regions of the human body conventionally defined as equivalent for the purpose of detection of heart related electrical activity, such as on single limbs.
Complexity based methods and systems for detecting depression
Major depression can affect multiple physiologic systems. Analysis of signals that reflect integrated function may be useful in probing dynamical changes in this syndrome.
Dream enhancement apparatus and method
Dream stage enhancement uses a headband with eeg-eog sensors, onboard processors, memory, coarse and fine time rem waveform detection modules, leds and an audio playback unit. After normalization to the user's eeg waveforms, the user's eeg-eog signals are processed, rem and nrem stages detected and light, sound or av stimuli are presented to the user based upon user-supplied light-sound-av stimuli commands.
Deuterium-enriched alkyl sulfonamides and uses thereof
The present invention is concerned with deuterium-enriched sulfonamides of formula 1, their pharmaceutically acceptable salts and methods of use thereof for the treatment of anxiety disorders including, general anxiety disorder (gad), panic disorder (pd), post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd), social phobia (sp), health anxiety (hypochondriasis), depression, major depressive disorders, unipolar depression, bipolar i depression disorder, bipolar ii depression disorder, treatment-resistant depression, single episodic and recurrent major depressive disorders, depression in the medically ill, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd), attention deficit disorder (add), obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd), obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (ocpd), autism spectrum disorder (asd), schizophrenia, psychosis, epilepsy, seizures, hot flashes due to menopause, age-related macular degeneration (amd), premature ejaculation, male erectile dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, obesity, eating disorders, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, angina, migraine, pain, nociception, sleep disorders, insomnia, fibromyalgia, alcohol withdrawal, autism, rett's syndrome, cyclothymic disorder, neural injury, neurodegenerative diseases, parkinson's disease, parkinson's disease psychosis, huntington disease, alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal dementia, cognitive impairment associated with age-related dementia, alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, psychosis, depression, pain or discomfort associated with surgery and pain or discomfort associated with medical illness.. .
Heteroaryl substituted urea modulators of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Certain heteroaryl-substituted piperidinyl and piperazinyl urea compounds are described, which are useful as faah inhibitors. Such compounds may be used in pharmaceutical compositions and methods for the treatment of disease states, disorders, and conditions mediated by fatty acid amide hydrolase (faah) activity, such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, eating disorders, insulin resistance, diabetes, osteoporosis, and movement disorders (e.g., multiple sclerosis)..
Amylin peptides and derivatives and uses thereof
There are provided polypeptide conjugates having enhanced duration of biological activity, and methods of use thereof. The polypeptide conjugates include duration enhancing moieties, including water soluble polymers, bound to the polypeptide components of defined sequence.
Lte+cdma 1x hybrid
An apparatus for communicating over a circuit switched network and a packetized data network. The apparatus includes a packetized data modem, a circuit switched modem, and a hybrid processor.
Reducing power consumption in connected mode discontinuous reception
A method for reducing power consumption in connected mode discontinuous reception is disclosed. The method can include a wireless communication device sending a transmission for a pending harq retransmission process and receiving an ack for the transmission.
Base station in cellular network system and sleep control method for base station
It is provided a base station included in a cellular network system together with other neighboring base stations, which provides information service to a user terminal. The base station comprising: a determination unit for comparing states of traffic currently provided by said base station and other neighboring base stations and determining whether said base station has the lowest traffic; an information transmission unit for sending a sleep request and a handover request for handing over the user terminal associated with said base station to one of the neighboring base stations in case where the determination unit determines that the traffic currently provided by the base station is lowest; a receiving unit for receiving feedback information sent from the one of the neighboring base stations after admission control; and an executing unit for executing sleep decision after receiving handover request permitting information from the neighboring base station..
Reducing power consumption when bridging independent chipsets
A wireless communication device architecture is provided. The wireless communication device can include a wlan chipset, a cellular chipset, and an application processor.
Intermittent tracking for gnss
A gnss system operates intermittently and has adaptive activity and sleep time in order to reduce power consumption. The gnss system provides an enhanced estimate of its position in the absence of gnss signals of sufficient strength.
Tunable led lamp for producing biologically-adjusted light
A tunable light-emitting diode (led) lamp for producing an adjustable light output is provided. In one embodiment, the led lamp includes a drive circuit for driving led dies in one of a plurality of light output configurations (e.g., a pre-sleep configuration, a phase-shift configuration, and a general lighting configuration).
Mandibular appliance with oxygen
A dental oral appliance to open the airway for a sleeping individual who suffers with snoring or sleep apnea comprising, a mandibular structure configured to removably affix the appliance to the upper and lower teeth, structure attached to said mandibular structure to advance the lower teeth forward, and one or more tubes extending from the anterior of the appliance to the posterior of the appliance, the tubes being connected to a supply of 21% to 100% oxygen.. .
Multi-layered anatomical quilted system
The invention relates to a multi-layer anatomical padding system which is developed based on the need of the human being for feeling comfort when performing the action of sitting, sleeping or support; the multi-layer anatomical padding system is composed of polymeric gel, visco-elastic polyurethane foam, flexible polyurethane foam in 2 different densities, wherein the polymeric gel is located in the lower part of the system followed by a visco-elastic polyurethane foam, followed by a flexible polyurethane foam, and finally another flexible polyurethane foam insert so, where the latter foam goes exclusively on the seats and will only help to reduce the pressure in the groin area through this insert having a conical elongated shape with rounded ends, which is located in the central part of the flexible polyurethane foam which has in turn the same basin form, that said insert fits into it, in which the layer of flexible polyurethane foam and the insert equal half the padding, and the polyurethane foam with visco-elastic polymer gel occupy approximately the other half.. .
Child sleeping apparatus with folding frame
A bassinet for infants and children includes a child receiving receptacle and a collapsible frame assembly attached to and supporting the child receiving receptacle. A lock is selectively operable for locking the collapsible frame assembly in its extended configuration and for unlocking the same to allow the collapsible frame assembly to be collapsed.
Child sleeping apparatus with adjustable sleep angle
A sleeping apparatus for infants and children, such as a bassinet, includes a child-receiving sleep receptacle and a frame assembly attached to and supporting the child-receiving sleep receptacle. The child-receiving sleep receptacle includes sidewalls extending between a head end of the child-receiving sleep receptacle and a foot end of the child-receiving sleep receptacle.
Passenger vehicle and adjustable seat therefor
An improved passenger vehicle with an adjustable seat is described. The seat is provided with a frame which includes a back subframe having a backrest cushion, a seat subframe with a seat cushion and a fastening subframe.
Stimulation paradigm to improve blood pressure dipping in an implantable electroacupuncture device
A coin-sized implantable electroacupuncture (ea) device defines a stimulation paradigm, or stimulation regimen, that controls when ea stimulation pulses are applied to a selected acupoint, or other specified tissue location, to treat hypertension or nondipping. The stimulation regimen is applied when the patient is sleeping in order to minimize or mitigate the occurrence of nondipping or reverse dipping of the patient's blood pressure.
Urostomy drainage appliance
A urostomy drainage appliance is an apparatus that improves upon existing urostomy bag systems. The urostomy drainage appliance accomplishes this through the user of a convex drainage appliance that directs the flow of excreted urine through a set of a drainage stems.
Systems and methods to monitor and quantify physiological stages
Systems and methods detect respiration of a subject, process respiration data, and based on the processed respiration data, perform extended monitoring. A monitoring system is configured with sensors that can be worn by the subject to provide the respiration data.
Methods for detection of respiratory effort and sleep apnea monitoring devices
A sleep apnea diagnostic system includes a housing that is configured to be attached to near the nose of a patient's face to sense physiological information of a patient. The housing includes sensors to sense the physiological information.
Apparatus and method for managing memory of mobile terminal
This disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for managing the memory of a mobile terminal. The mobile terminal includes a main system that operates with normal power, and a subsystem that operates with low power.
Nutritional composition comprising probiotics and improving sleep patterns
This invention relates to the use of a probiotic bacterial strain in the manufacture of a medicament or therapeutic nutritional composition for improving the maturation of sleep patterns in infants, young children or young animals and/or for reducing sleep disturbances and/or improving sleep patterns in humans or animals at any age.. .
Method and system for detecting sleeping cell
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method for detecting a sleeping cell and a system including: a network management device and a base station, where the network management device is configured to send a detection command being used to indicate performing a loopback test for the base station, where the loopback test is a test for a cell controlled by the base station; the base station is configured to receive the detection command from the network management device, perform the loopback test for the cell by simulating the user equipment, generate a detection result of a sleeping cell according to a result of the loopback test, and send the detection result of the sleeping cell to the network management device; and the network management device is further configured to determine whether the cell is a sleeping cell according to the detection result of the sleeping cell.. .

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