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Slave Communication
Communication System
Control Program
Control Unit
Application Layer
Advanced Metering Infrastructure
Protocol Stack
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Wireless Mesh Network

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Slave Communication patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Slave Communication-related patents
 System for wireless mesh network communication patent thumbnailSystem for wireless mesh network communication
A general wireless mesh network of communication devices with packet message transmission, especially for telemetry and automation, includes at least a single control communication device and a set of slave communication devices. The control communication device searches in the network and assigns a virtual routing number to each slave communication device.
 Communication system patent thumbnailCommunication system
A communication system includes: a master device; and slave devices communicating with the master device via a transmission line. The master device includes: an electric power supply unit for outputting an electric power supply signal having one specific frequency to the transmission line; a master communication unit for communicating with each slave device through a communication signal; and an electric power supply frequency setting unit for setting the one specific frequency.
 Numerical controller for communication with i/o units patent thumbnailNumerical controller for communication with i/o units
A numerical controller is chain-connected with a plurality of i/o units so that it transmits di/do signals to and receives di/do signals from the i/o units by master-slave communication. The numerical controller counts signals generated by a timer circuit up to a predetermined number and sets, from among the plurality of i/o units, an i/o unit with which transfer of the di/do signals is to be performed for each count value.
 Master/slave arrangement for lighting fixture modules patent thumbnailMaster/slave arrangement for lighting fixture modules
The present disclosure relates to a lighting fixture that includes a driver module and at least one other module that provides a lighting fixture function, such as a sensor function, lighting network communication function, gateway function, and the like. The driver module communicates with the other modules in a master/slave scheme over a communication bus.
 Motion controller patent thumbnailMotion controller
The master controller 1 uses a program analysis unit 1g to separate, from a control program designating a tolerable delay time for operating control target apparatuses, a slave use program to be executed by a slave controller in a manner not to exceed the tolerable delay time, and to create slave-to-slave communication setting information needed by the slave controller to execute the slave use program. Through slave-to-slave communication, the slave controller 2 acquires input/output information from another slave controller.
 Method for transmitting information of heavy equipment vehicle for construction patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting information of heavy equipment vehicle for construction
An aspect of the present disclosure provides a method of transmitting information of a heavy equipment vehicle for construction, in which a plurality of slave vehicles having slave communication equipment mounted thereon, master communication equipment capable of communicating with the slave communication equipment of each slave vehicle or a master vehicle having the master communication equipment mounted thereon, and a server capable of communicating with the master communication equipment are provided, and information of each slave vehicle is transmitted to the server through each piece of the slave communication equipment and the master communication equipment, and control information of the server is transmitted to each slave vehicle through the master communication equipment and each piece of slave communication equipment.. .
 Power storage system having modularized bms connection structure and method for controlling the system patent thumbnailPower storage system having modularized bms connection structure and method for controlling the system
A power storage system includes n number of slave bmss for transmitting data associated with an electric characteristic value of battery cells, included in battery modules managed by the slave bmss, through slave communication networks; m number of master bmss for primarily processing the data associated with an electric characteristic value of battery cells, transmitted through the slave communication networks, and transmitting the primarily processed data through a master communication network; and a super master bms for secondarily processing the data transmitted through the master communication network. Since the data transmitted from each slave bms are processed in a master bmss, the amount of data loaded on a communication line may decrease.
 Fast access short-range communication system and method patent thumbnailFast access short-range communication system and method
Systems, devices, and methods allow quick establishment of short-range, high-speed wireless communications between a host communication device and a slave communication device, where range control is realized through a low-speed connection using signals (such as magnetic signals or ultrasonic signals) different from the high-speed communications. The host communication device includes: a reference unit, a first wireless communication unit, and a first control unit.
 Packet-based timing measurement patent thumbnailPacket-based timing measurement
A slave communication device may transmit a packet to the master communication device, with the packet including a transmission time field and a correction field. The transmission time field may contain a value indicative of an approximate time of transmission of the packet by the slave communication device, and the correction field may contain a value indicative of a difference between the approximate time of transmission and an actual time of transmission of the packet by the slave communication device..
 System and method for secured host-slave communication patent thumbnailSystem and method for secured host-slave communication
A new system and method for communicating between a host device and one or more slave devices are presented. The system provides data error checking and correcting, data encryption, and robust slave address sequencing using a portion of a session key.
Advanced metering infrastructure system for guaranteeing reliable transmission of meter data and advanced metering method using the same
Disclosed herein is an advanced metering infrastructure system that includes electronic meters, each of which being configured to measure and store an amount of energy consumed by each customer and provided with a slave communication modem, a data concentrator for collecting meter data from the electronic meters via a master communication modem that performs wired/wireless communication with the slave communication modems of the electronic meters, and a meter reading server for receiving and managing the meter data collected by the data concentrator. The master communication modem and each of the slave communication modems implement mutual communication interfaces using a protocol stack.
Field communication system
A second communication line configured to connect the second slave communication port with the second master communication port.. .
Bluetooth low energy approach detections through vehicle paired capable devices
A method of enabling communications between a bluetooth low energy master communication device in a vehicle and a slave communication device. The slave communication device is successfully paired with a bluetooth high energy master communication device in the vehicle.
Communication system, communication apparatus, and communication method
A communication system includes a plurality of communication apparatuses that each uses cch and a plurality of sch to carry out communication. The plurality of communication apparatuses includes a master communication apparatus, a first slave communication apparatus, and a second slave communication apparatus.

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