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Date/App# patent app List of recent Skeleton-related patents
 Bipedal exoskeleton and methods of use patent thumbnailBipedal exoskeleton and methods of use
A bipedal exoskeleton configured to be worn by a human user. The exoskeleton includes a soft “backpack”-style harness that interfaces primarily with the user's waist, back, and shoulders.
 Cell-adhering light-controllable substrate patent thumbnailCell-adhering light-controllable substrate
An object of the present invention is to enable simpler operation in real time and culture while removing unnecessary cells from cultured cells for purification in analyzing, fractionating, and culturing the cells alive and to analyze and fractionate desired cells from the cultured cells to increase the purity, recovery rate, and viability of the cells. The present invention employs a cell-adhesive photocontrollable base material, wherein light irradiation causes the bond dissociation of a photolabile group comprising a coumarinylmethyl skeleton to produce the separation of a cell-adhesive material to leave a non-cell-adhesive material.
 Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip patent thumbnailPhotosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip
It is intended to obtain a photosensitive resin composition that is capable of forming a highly fine pattern with a high aspect ratio while attaining the high adhesion of the pattern to a substrate, having low autofluorescence, and being exceedingly suitable for producing a biochip that causes exceedingly low damage on cultured cells. The photosensitive resin composition for forming a biochip of the present invention contains: an epoxy compound (a1) of a particular structure having an oxycyclohexane skeleton having an epoxy group; an epoxy compound (a2) of a particular structure which is a polyvalent carboxylic acid derivative having an epoxidized cyclohexenyl group; a cationic photoinitiator (b); and a solvent (c)..
 Biomass production and processing and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailBiomass production and processing and methods of use thereof
The present invention provides methods and systems for the production of macroalgae in a manner to provide a sustained, economical source of biomass that may be used in various end-use processes, including energy production. The invention provides specific combinations of macroalgae types, saltwater growth medium compositions, and open pond water containers that results in biomass production beyond what may occur naturally without the required manipulation.
 Curable composition and polymer patent thumbnailCurable composition and polymer
An object of the invention is to provide a curable composition having a hals skeleton and capable of producing polymers having excellent weather resistance and outer appearance. The present invention provides a curable composition including at least a monomer component that contains a monomer (a) represented by a certain formula and a monomer (b) polymerizable with the monomer (a).
 Resin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate patent thumbnailResin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate
There are provided a resin composition which exhibits high optical reflectance in an ultraviolet light region and a visible light region, undergoes less deterioration in optical reflectance when subjected to a heat treatment and a light irradiation treatment, has an excellent peel strength with a metal foil, and can be used suitably for an led-mounting printed wiring board; a prepreg using the resin composition; and a metal foil-clad laminate using the resin composition, or the like. A resin composition of the present invention comprises at least an epoxy resin (a) having a bisphenol a skeleton, an alicyclic epoxy resin (b), an acid anhydride (c) of a completely or partially hydrogenated product of an aromatic polycarboxylic acid, titanium dioxide (d), and a dispersing agent (e)..
 Cladding material for construction patent thumbnailCladding material for construction
A building exterior material is made of a curable composition which has excellent water vapor permeability. The building exterior material comprises a building exterior substrate coated with a curable composition comprising an organic polymer (a) containing a silicon-containing group capable of being cross-linked by forming a siloxane bond, wherein the organic polymer (a) is a polyoxyalkylene polymer (a1) containing an oxyethylene repeating unit in a backbone skeleton, a weight of the oxyethylene repeating unit in the component (a1) being 1 to 80% by weight of the total weight of the component (a1), and/or a (meth)acrylate polymer (a2) containing an oxyethylene repeating unit at a side chain, a weight of the oxyethylene repeating unit in the component (a2) being 1 to 50% by weight of the total weight of the component (a2), and the curable composition is cured into a cured product having a thickness of 0.1 to 3.0 mm..
 Wooden building skeleton patent thumbnailWooden building skeleton
The wooden building skeleton of the present invention has excellent quake resistance because the column of a rigid-frame structure joined to a cross member or the foundation so that a bending moment can be transferred therebetween and the load-bearing wall therein exhibit their load bearing ability. A foundation and a wooden column and the wooden column and a beam are respectively joined by two bolts so that a bending moment can be transferred therebetween.
 Modernization of legacy software systems based on modeled dependencies patent thumbnailModernization of legacy software systems based on modeled dependencies
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media are described herein for migrating a non-object-oriented application to an object-oriented platform. The non-object-oriented application may be received.
 Method and device for extracting skeleton topology structure of electric power grid patent thumbnailMethod and device for extracting skeleton topology structure of electric power grid
A system and method for extracting a skeleton topology structure for an electric power grid, the method comprising: receiving a description of a topology sub-structure corresponding with user's need and a description of skeleton topology sub-structure extracted from the topology sub-structure; generating a first incidence matrix based on the description of the topology sub-structure and a second incidence matrix based on the description of the skeleton topology sub-structure; generating a third incidence matrix based on a primary topology structure of electric power grid; searching from the third incidence matrix a sub-matrix that matches the first incidence matrix; obtaining a fourth incidence matrix by using the second incidence matrix to transform the matching sub-matrix; and generating a skeleton topology structure corresponding to the primary topology structure based on the fourth incidence matrix.. .
Imidazopyridine compounds
It was found that imidazopyridine compounds having a carbamoyl group at the 3-position and a substituent bonded at the 8-position via an oxygen atom in an imidazo[1,2-a]pyridine skeleton exhibits a cgmp production enhancing action by a potent soluble guanylate cyclase activating action, and is useful as a drug for treating or preventing various soluble guanylate cyclase-related cardiovascular diseases, thereby completing the present invention.. .
Pi-electron conjugated block copolymer and photoelectric conversion element
Provided is a conjugated block copolymer that is capable of morphology control and that can achieve superior conversion efficiency. A π-electron conjugated block copolymer contiguously or non-contiguously bonding polymer block (a) involving a monomer unit having in a portion of a chemical structure at least one heteroaryl skeleton selected from a thiophene, a fluorine, a carbazole, a dibenzosilole and a dibenzogermole; and a polymer block (b) involving a monomer unit similarly having at least one heteroaryl skeleton; wherein the polymer block (a) comprises a homopolymer block of a monomer unit having a substituent rna that is an alkoxy group or an alkyl group having 1-18 carbon atoms, and the polymer block (b) comprises a copolymer block of at least two different each other types of monomer units having substituent rnb selected from an alkoxy group or an alkyl group having 1-18 carbon atoms, which may be substituted with an alkoxy group, a halogen atom, a hydroxyl group, an amino group, a thiole group, a silyl group, an ester group, an aryl group, hetero aryl group..
Myocardial clusterification and orientation
A cardiac imaging method includes acquiring a projection image representation which includes a myocardium (s100). The myocardium is segmented and a mask is generated (s102).
Aryl amine substituted pyrimidine and quinazoline and their use as anticaner drugs
A series of mono- and di-substituted quinazoline and pyrimidine derivatives based on the skeleton of erlotinib (an egfr inhibitor) were synthesized and their bioactivities against hepatocellular carcinoma and human lung adenocarcinoma were evaluated.. .
Catalytic cracking catalyst having a rare earth-containing y zeolite and a preparation process thereof
The present invention relates to a catalytic cracking catalyst and a preparation process thereof, the catalytic cracking catalyst has a cracking active component, an optional mesoporous aluminosilicate material, a clay and a binder, wherein said cracking active component comprises, substantially consists of or consists of: a rare earth-containing y zeolite, an optional other y zeolite, and an optional mfi-structured zeolite, said rare earth-containing y zeolite has a rare earth content as rare earth oxide of 10-25 wt %, e.g. 11-23 wt %; a unit cell size of 2.440-2.472 nm, e.g.
Vehicle body skeleton structure
A skeleton body comprises a rocker rear, a rear pillar, and a rear wheel house which are joined together. An inner corner portion which forms a rocker reinforcement is formed on the inner side of a bent portion located near the joint portion.
Adaptable telecommunications equipment mounting frame
A prism-like frame for mounting telecom equipment made of a prism-like skeleton, which in turn is made of at least three vertical members coupled with at least six horizontal members, and at least one open panel connected to at least one lateral side of the skeleton, wherein the panel includes at least two horizontal members arranged apart from each other and away from the bottom and the top of the skeleton.. .
Device and method for deflecting emboli in an aorta
An intra-vascular device (100) may include a skeleton (102) to hold a blood filter (104), an upper member (110) to fit into a branch artery of an aorta, and a pair of lower members (106, 108) whose distal ends are not connected to each other, such lower members to press against a wall of an ascending artery and to provide lift to the device so that a middle portion of the device is above a lateral plane of the device. The device may be positioned in a middle area of an aortic arch near but not covering an opening of the branch arteries of the aorta, and may filter or deflect emboli or other large objects from entering into the branch arteries..
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for optical member and processed product thereof
A pressure-sensitive adhesive composition for an optical member is obtained by blending 100 parts by weight of an acrylic polymer, which contains 80 to 98.7 parts by weight of (a) a monomer constituted of an alkyl acrylate monomer having an alkyl group of 1 to 12 carbon atoms and/or an aromatic ring-containing acrylic monomer, 0.2 to 1.5 parts by weight of (b) an amide group-containing acrylic monomer and 1 to 5 parts by weight of (c) a hydroxyl group-containing acrylic monomer, with 0.12 to 1 part by weight of (d) an isocyanate-based curing agent having an isocyanurate skeleton as a curing agent, and is characterized by substantially containing no metal chelate-based curing agent. Accordingly, a pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, which has excellent heat resistance and wet heat resistance and whose aging time can be particularly shortened, is provided..
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
A thin film having high hf resistance and a low dielectric constant can be formed in a low temperature range with a high productivity. A thin film including a predetermined element and a borazine ring skeleton is formed on a substrate by performing a cycle a predetermined number of times.
Electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Wherein f represents a charge transporting skeleton; l′ represents an (n+1)-valent linking group; m′ represents an integer of 1 to 6; and n represents an integer of 2 to 3.. .
Charge transporting film, photoelectric conversion device, electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Wherein f represents a charge transporting skeleton, d represents a group represented by formula (iia), m represents an integer of from 1 to 8, e represents a group represented by formula (iib), l represents a (n+1)-valent linking group including two or more selected from the group consisting of an alkylene group, an alkenylene group, —c(═o)—, —n(r)—, —s—, —o—, and a trivalent or tetravalent group derived from alkane or alkene, r represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, or an aralkyl group, n represents an integer of from 1 to 3, r0 represents a halogen atom, an alkyl group, or an alkoxy group, and n0 represents an integer of from 0 to 3.. .
Light emitting device material and light emitting device
The present invention provides an organic thin-film light emitting device having both high luminance efficiency and durability due to the use of a light emitting device material containing a compound having a specific carbazole skeleton.. .
Method and apparatus for immobilizing subjects undergoing mechanical cpr
The apparatus for immobilizing and treating a subject includes a suitable apparatus for performing mechanical cpr secured to an immobilization casing. The airtight flexible casing is secured to the apparatus for performing cpr, the casing having variable rigidity which varies as a function of the amount of air within the casing.
Dielectric formation
Among other things, one or more techniques for forming a low k dielectric around a metal line during an integrated circuit (ic) fabrication process are provided. In an embodiment, a metal line is formed prior to forming a surrounding low k dielectric layer around the metal line.
Aromatic amine derivative and organic electroluminescence device
An aromatic amine derivative having a specific structure. An organic electroluminescence device which is composed of one or more organic thin film layers sandwiched between a cathode and an anode, wherein at least one of the organic thin film layers, especially a hole transporting layer, contains the aromatic amine derivative.
Organic el element and solution containing organic el material
An organic electroluminescence device (1) includes: an anode (3); a cathode (4); and an organic thin-film layer (10) interposed between the anode (3) and the cathode (4). The organic thin-film layer (10) includes a phosphorescent-emitting layer (5) containing a host and a phosphorescent dopant.
Magnetic advanced generation jet electric turbine
Supersonic magnetic advanced generation jet electric turbine (s-magjet) described herein, and a subsonic derivative, magjet, integrate a gas power turbine, superconducting electric power and propulsion generation, and magnetic power flux field systems along with an ion plasma annular injection combustor which utilizes alternative petroleum-based fuel and combustion cycles to create a hybrid turbine turbomachine for aerospace propulsion. The propulsion unit is able to achieve a dramatic increase in horsepower, combustion and propulsion efficiency, and weight reduction.
Wall structure of large-sized refrigerated storage and construction method thereof
A method for constructing a wall structure, which comprises an interior wall board, an exterior wall board and a skeleton positioned between the interior wall board and the exterior wall board. The method for construction the wall comprises the following steps: a.
Osteoblast-expressed lipocalin 2 regulates glucose metabolism
Diseases including diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obesity or obesity-related diseases are due to impairment in glucose metabolism. The skeleton has been shown to regulate energy metabolism and play a role in glucose metabolism.
Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic composite
A superhydrophobic and superoleophilic composite comprises a porous material and a surface layer. The porous material includes a framework and a plurality of interconnecting pores formed inside the framework and interconnecting with each other.
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device, substrate processing apparatus, and recording medium
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes forming a thin film containing a predetermined element, carbon, nitrogen and a borazine ring skeleton on a substrate by performing a cycle for a first predetermined number of times. The cycle includes forming a first layer containing the predetermined element, a halogen group, carbon and nitrogen by supplying a first precursor gas containing the predetermined element and the halogen group and a second precursor gas containing the predetermined element and an amino group to the substrate, for a second predetermined number of times; and forming a second layer containing the predetermined element, carbon, nitrogen and the borazine ring skeleton by supplying a reaction gas containing a borazine compound to the substrate and allowing the first layer to react with the borazine compound to modify the first layer under a condition where the borazine ring skeleton in the borazine compound is maintained..
Optical filter and solid-state imaging device
An optical filter including a near infrared absorbing layer on a glass substrate, in which adhesiveness between the glass substrate and the near infrared absorbing layer is firm, high reliability is enabled in uses under a high temperature and high humidity environment, and manufacturing yield is secured, and a high reliability solid-state imaging device having the optical filter are provided. An optical filter includes: a glass substrate; and a near infrared absorbing layer formed on one principal surface of the glass substrate, wherein the near infrared absorbing layer is obtained by reacting a composition for forming the near infrared absorbing layer on the glass substrate and the composition contains a transparent resin having a fluorene skeleton and a reactivity group; a near infrared absorbing dye; and a silane coupling agent and/or oligomer thereof having a hydrolyzable group and a functional group which have reactivity for the reactivity group..
Chromene compound
The present invention is a chromene compound having an indeno(2,1-f)naphtho(1,2-b)pyran structure as the basic skeleton in which a hetero ring having two hetero atoms including at least one sulfur atom is directly bonded to the 6-position and the 7-position of the indeno(2,1-f)naphtho(1,2-b)pyran structure via the hetero atom like the compound represented by the following formula (18).. .
Building roof structure
The present invention discloses a building roof structure formed by a skeleton, hollow assemblies, a waterproof layer and a heat insulation plate. The hollow assemblies are installed on the skeleton, the waterproof layer is paved on the hollow assemblies and the heat insulation plate is disposed above the waterproof layer.
Adaptable business objects
An adaptable business object can include a generic, content-free, and meaning-free skeleton business object, which can be used to create a new business object without requiring that a user be proficient in a development environment such as a software development kit (sdk). Definitions of a first field to be added to a header of the adaptable business object and a second field to be added to an item node of the adaptable business object can be received via a field extensibility tool, and a terminology tool can adapt the adaptable business object by storing metadata relating to the terminology of the business object in a metadata repository such that screen and section titles for at least one user interface screen supported by the new business object can be presented at runtime using the stored metadata..
Method for preparing precursor used for labeling hepatocyte receptor and containing trisaccharide and dtpa ligand
A method for preparing a precursor used to label hepatocyte receptors is revealed. The precursor contains a bifunctional structure including trisaccharide and dtpa ligand.
Fluorene compound
Particular compounds having a fluorene skeleton are superior in broad utility and stability, as a protecting reagent for liquid phase synthesis of amino acids and/or peptides.. .
Virtual joint orientation in virtual skeleton
A method of modeling a human subject includes receiving from a depth camera a depth map of a scene including the human subject. The human subject is modeled with a virtual skeleton including a plurality of virtual joints.
Animating objects using the human body
Methods of animating objects using the human body are described. In an embodiment, a deformation graph is generated from a mesh which describes the object.
Organic compound, charge-transporting material, composition containing the compound, organic electroluminescent element, display device, and lighting device
The invention provides an organic compound incorporating a specific structure into a pyridine skeleton or a 1,3,5-triazine skeleton and adapting the molecular weight to a specific range, a composition comprising the organic compound and a solvent, organic electroluminescent element comprising a layer that is formed by using the composition, and the uses thereof.. .
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, lighting device, and heterocyclic compound
A light-emitting element with high heat resistance and high emission efficiency is provided. A novel heterocyclic compound that can be used in such a light-emitting element is provided.
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
A light-emitting element having a long lifetime is provided. A light-emitting element exhibiting high emission efficiency in a high luminance region is provided.
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
A light-emitting element with low drive voltage, a light-emitting element with high current efficiency, and/or a light-emitting element with a long lifetime are/is provided. Specifically, a light-emitting element with low drive voltage, a light-emitting element with high current efficiency, and/or a light-emitting element with a long lifetime are/is provided by the use of an organic compound with a dibenzo[f,h]quinoxaline skeleton in a light-emitting layer.
Heterocyclic compound and light-emitting device, display device, lighting device, and electronic device using the same
Provided is a compound having an indolo[3,2,1-jk]carbazole skeleton and a heterocyclic skeleton which are bonded to each other through an arylene group. The heterocyclic skeleton contains an imidazole skeleton, a pyrazine skeleton, a pyrimidine skeleton, a triazole skeleton, or a condensed heteroaromatic ring including any of these heterocycles.
Cable tightening system for an article of footwear
A tightening system for an article of footwear includes a cable disposed between an upper and a sole plate. The upper includes a flexible main body and an exoskeleton covering a portion of the flexible main body in an instep region.
Fast 3d mask model based on implicit countors
Computer-readable medium and methods for photolithographic simulation of scattering. A design layout comprising a layout polygon is received.
Porous tantalum rod
A porous tantalum rod is provided, which is a medical implantation used for treating collapsed articular surface of the femoral head or necrosis of the femoral head in phase i or phase ii. The implantation includes a fastening structure formed on one end of the porous tantalum rod used for connecting with the osseous tissues and a through hole formed on the center of the porous tantalum rod.
Soil amendment compositions and methods for using the same
Soil amendment compositions and methods for using the same are provided. The subject compositions are aqueous compositions consisting essentially of a carbon-skeleton energy component, a predisposing agent and a vitamin-cofactor component.
Derivation and maturation of synthetic and contractile vascular smooth muscle cells from human pluripotent stem cells
Embryonic vascular smooth muscle cells (vsmcs) have a synthetic phenotype (syn-vsmc), but in adults, they commit to the mature contractile phenotype (con-vsmc). Con-vsmcs differ from syn-vsmc derivatives in condensed morphology, prominent filamentous cytoskeleton proteins, elastin production and assembly elastin, low proliferation, numerous active caveolae, enlarged endoplasmic reticulum, ample stress fibers and bundles, as well as high contractility.
Functional targeted brain endoskeletonization
Compositions and methods are provided for tempest (target-element modification by physical and enduring structural transmutation), a method for creating durable structures in vivo in a cell-type and/or circuit specific manner via the use of insoluble polymers. Tempest provides a way to functionally remove cells while preserving their “shadow” for easy post-experiment detection and classification.
Vehicle body structure
A vehicle body structure is obtained that can ensure ease of ingress/egress in a structure in which an energy absorbing member is disposed at a vehicle width direction outer side with respect to a skeleton member that forms a lower edge of an opening for ingress/egress. A vehicle body structure (10) has a rocker (20) that is long in a front-rear direction and at which a cross-section orthogonal to the longitudinal direction is a closed cross-sectional portion (20c); an outer panel (55) that covers the rocker (20) from a transverse direction outer side; and an ea member (54) for a side collision that is disposed between the rocker (20) and the outer panel (55).
Suspension and body attachment system and differential pressure suit for body weight support devices
The present invention provides a differential pressure body suit with external support against body suit migration. In its preferred embodiment, such body suit may comprise a close-fitting, multi-layered suit sealed against a mammal's skin to contain the differential pressure, or a looser-fitting suit that bends at the mammal's joints with minimal force.
Multinuclear metallocene catalyst complexes for olefin polymerisation and copolymerisation and method of preparing thereof
The invention relates to a multinuclear metallocene catalyst of general formula (1); wherein y and y′ are the same or different and independently selected from a c1-20 linear hydrocarbyl group; c1-20 branched hydrocarbyl group; c1-20 cyclic hydrocarbyl group; a c1-30 aryl group and a c1-30 substituted aryl group; l and l′ are the same or different and each is an electron-donating group independently selected from the elements of group 15 of the periodic table; q and q′ are the same or different and independently selected from hydrogen, a c1-30 alkyl group and a c1-30 aryl group; m″ is a metal selected from group 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 elements and from lanthanide series elements of the periodic table; z is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen; a halogen element; a c1-20 hydrocarbyl group; c1-20 alkoxy group and a c1-20 aryloxy group; b and b′ are the same or different and each is a half sandwich metallocene compound, with b being represented by formula 2 and b′ being represented by formula 3: w-m-xx (formula 2), w′-m′-x′x′, (formula 3) wherein: w and w′ are the same or different and independently a ligand compound having a cyclo pentadienyl skeleton selected from the group consisting of cyclopentadienyl, substituted cyclopentadienyl, indenyl, substituted indenyl, fluorenyl and substituted fluorenyl; m and m′ are the same and each is independently selected from the group consisting of scandium; yttrium; lanthanoid series elements; titanium; zirconium; hafnium; vanadium; niobium; and tantalum; x and x′ are the same or different and each is selected from the group consisting of hydrogen; a halogen element; a c 1-20 hydrocarbyl group, c1-20 alkoxy group; and c1-20 aryloxy group; x and x′ are independently integers from 0 to 3; z is an integer from 1 to 5; n, n′ are independently 0 or 1, with 1≦(n+n′)≦2. The invention further relates to a method to prepare said multinuclear metallocene catalyst compound.
Door made of polyurethane and method for manufacturing the same
A door made of polyurethane, including a door body, the door body including a plurality of integrated plates stacked on one another for supporting. A method for preparing the door includes providing a mold, and spraying a parting agent inside the mold; heating the mold to a temperature of 30-70° c., spraying the parting agent, and placing a plurality of plates or a metal skeleton in the mold; mixing raw materials to obtain a mixture; injecting the mixture into the mold to cover the stacked plates, and curing for 30-90 min; demolding, transferring a product from the mold to a thermostatic chamber for shaping at a constant temperature; trimming uneven edges and surfaces of the product; and spraying a paint on the product..
Toner, development agent, and image forming apparatus
Toner contains a binder resin and a colorant, wherein the binder resin contains a resin having a polyhydroxy carboxylic acid skeleton, wherein the toner has a half effusion temperature of from 80° c. To 120° c.
Organic electroluminescent device
An organic electroluminescent device comprises, between an anode and a cathode, a hole injection layer, a hole-transporting layer, a luminous layer and an electron-transporting layer, wherein the hole injection layer contains an arylamine compound (α) having three or more triphenylamine skeletons, the hole-transporting layer contains an arylamine compound (β) having two triphenylamine skeletons, and the electron-transporting layer contains an electron-transporting compound having an anthracene ring skeleton and a pyridoindole ring skeleton. The organic el device emits light highly efficiently, drives on a low voltage, and features excellent durability and long life..
Method for manufacturing benzenetetracarboxylic acid
By selectively hydrogenating a feedstock containing two or more hydrocarbons selected from the group consisting of tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbons having an anthracene skeleton and tricyclic aromatic hydrocarbons having a phenanthrene skeleton to 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro bodies using, as a hydrogenation catalyst, a catalyst containing two or more active metals selected from the group consisting of nickel, molybdenum, cobalt, and tungsten and then, by oxidizing the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro body using a metal oxide, a benzenetetracarboxylic acid can be efficiently manufactured.. .
Decorated sheet and decorated resin molded article using same
The decorative sheet includes a surface protection layer and a substrate at least, the surface protection layer being provided on the substrate, in which the surface protection layer consists of a cured material of an ionizing radiation curable resin composition at least containing a urethane(meth)acrylate with a polycarbonate skeleton (a) and a multi-functional (meth)acrylate (b) in a mass ratio ((a)/(b)) of (98/2)-(70/30).. .
Steroid alkaloids and uses thereof as antimicrobial agents against electron transport-deficient microbes and as potentiators for antimicrobial agents against pathogenic bacteria
The present invention includes novel compounds based on the tomatidine skeleton as well as composition comprising these compounds alone and in combination with known compounds, which exhibit antimicrobial activity against extracellular or intracellular electron transport-deficient microbes and/or increase the antimicrobial activity of aminoglycoside antibiotics against their targets, and which are useful as antibacterial agents for treatment or prophylaxis of monomicrobiotic or polymicrobic bacterial infections or for the reduction of antibiotic resistance development in animals or in humans, or for use as antiseptics or agents for sterilization or disinfection.. .
Skeleton nanoparticles and method for manufacturing the same
Skeleton nanoparticles 1 are nanoparticles that have an outer diameter r ranging from 30 nm to 300 nm and that comprise silica shells 1a. The silica shell 1a has a shape of a cubic frame.
Pharmaceutical composition containing block copolymer comprising boric acid compound
A pharmaceutical composition includes a block copolymer having a hydrophilic segment, a hydrophobic segment, and a boronic acid compound bound to a side chain of the hydrophobic segment via a linker moiety that includes a heterocyclic structure. The heterocyclic structure contains a cyclic skeleton that includes a boron atom of the boronic acid compound, one or two atom(s) x bound to the boron atom and selected from an oxygen atom and a nitrogen atom, and one or two carbon atom(s) (respectively) bound to the atom(s) x.
Spacer and gasket assembly for use on an aircraft
A spacer and gasket assembly is shown for receipt between a static structure having an outer and inner surface and fastener holes therethrough and a removable structure having a base with fastener holes and an upper surface and a lower surface. The static structure and removable structure are engaged through a multiplicity of fasteners having a shaft diameter.
Organic compound, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
A novel organic compound with which the emission characteristics, emission efficiency, and reliability of a light-emitting element can be improved is provided. The organic compound has an imidazo[1,2-f]phenanthridine skeleton and a dibenzothiophene skeleton or a dibenzofuran skeleton bonded through an arylene group.
Cell-adhesive photocontrollable base material
In analyzing, fractionating, and culturing cells alive, operations can be more simply made in real time and culture can be performed while removing unnecessary cells from cultured cells for purification. Desired cells are also analyzed and fractionated from the cultured cells to increase the purity, recovery rate, and viability of the cells.
Extraction of skeletons from 3d maps
A method for processing data includes receiving a temporal sequence of depth maps of a scene containing a humanoid form having a head. The depth maps include a matrix of pixels having respective pixel depth values.
Curable composition, cured product, and organic electroluminescent element using same
Provided are a curable composition for an organic electroluminescent element, which has high light emission efficiency and is applicable to a wet process, a cured product thereof, and an organic electroluminescent element containing the cured product in an organic layer. More specifically, provided are a curable composition containing a compound represented by an indolocarbazole skeleton compound, a cured product obtained by curing the curable composition, and an organic electroluminescent element containing the cured product in an organic layer..
Packaging carton for fragile, apparatus for making carton bottom, and method for making carton bottom
The present invention provides a packaging carton for fragile, apparatus for making cartoon bottom, and method for making the carton bottom. The packaging carton includes a bottom and peripheral wall which jointly define a receiving space for storing fragile glass substrate with the bottom.
Binary track safety traverse system reconfigurable to provide safe trajectories over a wide range of inclinations
The present invention is related to the field of mechanical engineering and describes an automatically adjustable system of traverse rails with multiple characteristics that extend the useful life of the sustain by a minimum factor of four while providing redundant security backup to the rails allowing human passengers to move from one place to another in and easy and safe manner with a minimum of noise and vibration while providing the owner of the system benefits of lower maintenance cost and less exposure to financial risk. Also the system can be installed in a multitude of natural places without the need to cut or damage the environment.
Generating a local copy of a virtualized application package from a local installation
Technologies are described herein for generating a local copy of a virtualized application package from a local installation. An empty copy of the virtualized application package is generated from a skeleton file.

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