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This page is updated frequently with new Sit-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sit-related patents
 Data center canopy including turning vanes patent thumbnailData center canopy including turning vanes
Examples provide data center canopies, data center housings, and data centers including turning vanes to facilitate air flow. In some examples, a data center canopy may include turning vanes to direct portions of an exhaust flow from an exhaust inlet toward floor sections to be output via exhaust outlets opposite the floor sections.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Thermal stabilization of temperature sensitive components patent thumbnailThermal stabilization of temperature sensitive components
An enclosure for thermally stabilizing a temperature sensitive component on a circuit board is provided. The enclosure comprises a first cover section configured to be mounted over a portion of a first side of the circuit board where at least one temperature sensitive component is mounted.
Honeywell International Inc.

 Component placement device as well as a  picking up a component and placing a component on a substrate patent thumbnailComponent placement device as well as a picking up a component and placing a component on a substrate
A component placement device for picking up a component and placing a component on a substrate device comprises a holder which is movable at least in a main direction, as well as a nozzle for picking up a component. The nozzle is movable at least in a direction opposite the main direction relative to the holder.
Assembléon B.v.

 Method and  generating high-power terahertz wave patent thumbnailMethod and generating high-power terahertz wave
A method and apparatus for generating terahertz waves using laser plasma are disclosed herein. The method of generating high-power terahertz waves includes generating plasma by focusing a laser beam on a gas within a vacuum chamber, radiating laser beams into the magnetized plasma from opposite directions so that the laser beams collide with each other at a preset location, and generating terahertz waves of a predetermined frequency through the oscillation of the plasma generated by the collision of the laser beams..
Unist Academy-industry Research Corporation

 User equipment and  resource allocation and device-to-device discovery hopping patent thumbnailUser equipment and resource allocation and device-to-device discovery hopping
Embodiments of a user equipment (ue) and method for resource allocation and device-to-device (d2d) discovery hopping are generally described herein. In some embodiments, the ue may receive signaling from an enhanced node b (enb) indicating discovery resources to transmit discovery signals on within an lte operation zone.
Intel Corporation

 Methods and systems for uplink transmit diversity patent thumbnailMethods and systems for uplink transmit diversity
Certain aspects of the present disclosure propose methods for supporting uplink transmit diversity in a wireless communication system. The proposed methods may eliminate ambiguity in decoding physical downlink control channel aggregation level and resources that are used by different antennas of a user equipment.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Method and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference patent thumbnailMethod and device for maintaining the performance quality of a communication system in the presence of narrow band interference
A system that incorporates teachings of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a process for measuring by a system having a processor, within a wide frequency band, signal power levels received in specified narrow frequency bands, determining an average composite wideband power level that excludes a portion of the power levels of the received signals, detecting interference according to an adaptive threshold based on the average composite wideband power level, and generating an interference report based on the detecting of the interference. Other embodiments are disclosed..
Isco International, Llc

 Electronic apparatus patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus
An electronic apparatus comprises a cover panel, a piezoelectric vibration element located on a rear surface being opposite to an exposed surface of the cover panel, and a drive module driving the piezoelectric vibration element based on a sound signal. The rear surface comprises a first region where the piezoelectric vibration element is disposed.
Kyocera Corporation

 Unidirectional condenser microphone unit patent thumbnailUnidirectional condenser microphone unit
A unidirectional condenser microphone includes a first and second condenser elements each having a diaphragm and a fixed electrode disposed opposite the diaphragm, an insulating base having an opening at the center thereof and supporting the respective fixed electrodes of the first and second condenser elements at opposite sides of the insulating base, acoustic resistance materials covering both ends of the opening, and air chambers formed respectively between each of the fixed electrodes and the insulating base, such that respective back sides of the diaphragms of the first and the second condenser elements are acoustically in communication with each other, wherein the diaphragm of the second condenser elements is formed to be an annular-shape having a central opening, and the second condenser element has a rear acoustic terminal hole communicating with the central opening.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Audio-technica

 Cylindrical member holding apparatus capable of stably holding cylindrical member patent thumbnailCylindrical member holding apparatus capable of stably holding cylindrical member
A cylindrical member holding apparatus which is flexible in an axial direction of a cylindrical member and resists being deformed in directions perpendicular to the axial direction of the cylindrical member. A plurality of elastically-deformable supporting portions are disposed on respective opposite sides of the cylindrical member held by a holder portion in a direction of an axis of the cylindrical member and connect a base portion and the holder portion together.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Spatial image projection apparatus

A spatial image projection apparatus including a receiver configured to receive an image signal; a display unit configured to display an image acquired by processing the image signal; a projection unit configured to project a spatial image to a prescribed space by reflecting light corresponding to the image displayed on the display unit. Further, the projection unit includes a plate having a first surface facing the display unit and a second surface opposite to the first surface; and a protrusion arranged on the first surface or the second surface of the plate.
Kwangwoon University Industry-academic Collaboration Foundation


Tracking user information during a website visit to enhance call tracking capabilities

When a user visits a website in response to selecting an advertisement, information about the user and/or about the user's visit to the website can be obtained. During the user's visit to the website, a tracking phone number can be displayed.


Transferring data between sites

The method including, receiving a transfer command at a transfer coordinator node of a first node cluster at a first site to initiate a transfer of data from the first node cluster to a second node cluster at a second site. The method further including causing a status of the second site to be switched from an inactive status to an active status at the nodes of the first node cluster.
Red Hat, Inc.


Site security monitor

Techniques for monitoring site security are disclosed herein. Sites are scanned for security metric values associated with one or more security metrics.
Whitehat Security, Inc.


Detection of mutated apps and usage thereof

System, method and product for detection of mutated apps and usage thereof. A method comprises obtaining features of an application under check (auc); comparing the features with sets of features of applications to determine a host application of the auc; determining that the auc is a mutated application of the host application, wherein said determined comprises comparing the auc with the host application; and in response to said determining, performing a predetermined action.
Skycure Ltd.


Centralized storage and management of malware manifests

Updating a central repository with information about malware resident upon a computer system. Upon detecting the malware executing in a virtual machine, a software module, without manual instruction, sends malware manifest data to a central repository over a network.
Bromium, Inc.


Social networking website system with automatic participation based on current location information

A social networking website system with automatic registration based on a current location information. Individuals are automatically enrolled into social network services based on a current location determined from their mobile devices.


Digital content consumption analysis

Content consumption session progress is predicted based on historical observations of how users have interacted with a repository of digital content. This is approached as a matrix completion problem.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Managing network bandwidth based on cognitive analysis of site content against organizational needs

An approach is provided in which a network bandwidth manager receives a first request to access site content from a source site over a computer network. The network bandwidth manager analyzes the site content against a domain corpora that corresponds to one or more organizational needs of an organization.
International Business Machines Corporation


Diversity receiver

A diversity receiver includes a local oscillation (lo) signal generator that generates lo signals, each having a phase different from one other; a first frequency converter that includes a first switching mixer controlled by at least one of the lo signals and converts a frequency of a first input signal to generate a first output signal by combining the first input signal with the lo signals; a second frequency converter that includes logic circuits, each of which delivers a corresponding lo signal, and a second switching mixer controlled by an output of the logic circuits, and converts a frequency of a second input signal to generate a second output signal by combining the second input signal with the lo signals, each output of the logic circuits being activated or deactivated in accordance with a corresponding phase control signal; and a combiner that combines the first output signal from the first frequency converter and an output signal and the second signal from the second frequency converter.. .
Panasonic Corporation


Uplink transmit diversity

The present disclosure discloses a method in a wireless access network node for controlling a ue. The ue comprises at least two transmit antennas, and is capable of uplink transmit diversity.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


System and delivery of information using nfc

A system with a portable device having an information tag such as a bar code, qr (quick response) code, an rfid (radio frequency identification) tag and/or an nfc (near field communication) tag attached thereto is provided. The system also includes a portable electronic device (ped), a communication network and a management platform.
Pouch Pac Innovations, Llc


Add-on channel compensation of frequency diversity communications and methods useful in conjunction therewith

A communication system, typically wireless and comprising at least one wireless (say) communication network node having a capacity for communicating with at least one additional wireless (say) communication network node at a given center frequency; and at least one external frequency converter, external to the node, operative to cause at least one wireless (say) communication network node, from outside said node, to communicate with at least one additional wireless (say) communication network node, at least on occasion, according to a given e.g. Wireless communication protocol, at at least one converted center frequency which differs from the given center frequency, wherein a channel compensation signal (ccs) is employed..
Elta Systems Ltd.


Acoustic wave device

An acoustic wave device includes: a substrate; a piezoelectric film located on the substrate; a lower electrode and an upper electrode facing each other across at least a part of the piezoelectric film; a silicon oxide film located at an opposite side of at least one of the lower electrode and the upper electrode from the piezoelectric film; a non-oxygen-containing insulating film located between the at least one of the lower electrode and the upper electrode and the silicon oxide film; and an additional film located at an opposite side of the silicon oxide film from the non-oxygen-containing insulating film and made of a material different from a material of the silicon oxide film.. .
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.


Electromagnetic platform motor (epm) (epm-1) (epm-2)

The presence invention is an electromagnetic platform motor on track wheels that convert reciprocating motion into rotation motion that produces torque force and speed that rotates the shaft of electric generator producing electricity. The invention uses an electromagnetic aluminum tube magnetic force field to repel and attract super strong permanent magnets attached on opposite side of a platform with wheels to move forward and backward, in and out of the electromagnetic aluminum tube with force.


Optical amplifier using optical fiber

The present disclosure provides an optical amplifier using an optical fiber. The optical fiber includes a single-mode optical fiber in which a plurality of rare earth elements is doped simultaneously; first and second optical fiber gratings disposed at opposite sides of the optical fiber, respectively, and totally reflecting light having a wavelength in a specific range; a pumping light source configured to generate a pumping light to excite rare earth ions in the optical fiber; and an optical coupler connected to the optical fiber and configured to transmit a light signal generated from a light source and the pumping light generated from the pumping light source to the optical fiber.
Gwangju Institute Of Science And Technology


Laser array sidelobe suppression

A laser apparatus comprising an aperture module array including two or more aperture modules, each aperture module of the array being optically couple-able to a source of coherent electromagnetic radiation and configured to emit a beam of radiation received from the source. The apparatus emits a composite beam comprising beams emitted by the respective aperture modules and modulates at least one of the beams in power and phase relative to at least one other of the beams such that a desired non-uniform composite beam profile is provided..
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Wire terminal connector

A wire terminal connector includes a terminal member having a base panel, two resilient clamp plates that project from the base panel for clamping a wire conductor therebetween, and a stop plate that projects from the base panel and extends transversely of the clamp plates for abutting against one end of the wire conductor, and an insulative housing having a receiving space, a first open end that permits the terminal member to enter and to be disposed in the receiving space, and a second open end that is opposite to the first open end and that is adapted for the wire conductor to enter the receiving space.. .
Excel Cell Electronic Co., Ltd.


Antenna and steering antenna beam direction for wifi applications

An antenna comprising an imd element and one or more parasitic and active tuning elements is disclosed. The imd element, when used in combination with the active tuning and parasitic elements, allows antenna operation at multiple resonant frequencies.
Ethertronics, Inc.


Battery pack having heat radiation structure

A battery pack, including a battery case; a plurality of batteries in the battery case, each of the plurality of batteries extending in a first direction; and a heat radiation member between adjacent batteries and receiving the adjacent batteries on opposite sides, the heat radiation member including a pair of holders to fix opposite ends of the adjacent batteries; a pair of coupling portions extending in the first direction from between the pair of holders and coupling the pair of holders; and a space portion between the pair of holders and the pair of coupling portions.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

An opening of a packaging member containing a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte solution is temporarily sealed to produce a temporarily sealed battery. The temporarily sealed battery is initially charged so that a negative electrode potential becomes higher than 0.8 v and 1.4 v or lower (versus li/li+), and is stored in an atmosphere of 50° c.
Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd.


Method for preparing metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite using supercritical fluid and metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite prepared by the same

Provided herein is a method for preparing a metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite using a supercritical fluid and the metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite prepared thereby, the method including preparing a dispersed solution by dispersing graphene oxide and a metal oxide precursor in an organic solvent and forming the metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite by reacting the dispersed solution under a supercritical condition, thereby uniformly dispersing the metal oxide nanoparticles on a graphene sheet.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Composite negative active material and preparing the same, negative electrode including composite negative active material, and lithium secondary battery including negative electrode

A composite negative active material including a piezoelectric material; and a negative active material. Also a negative electrode including the composite negative active material, and a lithium secondary battery including the negative electrode..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Composite separator with aligned particles

An ionically conductive composite separator for a rechargeable battery and methods for producing the same are provided. The separator may include a bulk material having an anode side and a cathode side and a thickness extending therebetween and a region of aligned particles extending across the bulk material thickness.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Terminal covering resin film for secondary cell, tab member for secondary cell, and secondary cell

A terminal covering resin film for secondary cell, which is attached so as to cover part of an outer surface of a terminal connected to a power generation element of a secondary cell, comprises an innermost layer contacting the terminal, and an outermost layer forming a surface opposite to the innermost layer wherein the innermost layer is a layer of not less than 20 μm in thickness containing an acid-modified polyolefin and a melt flow rate of the innermost layer is not less than 2.0 g/10 minutes.. .
Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.


Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery includes an electrode assembly comprising electrodes having coated and uncoated regions, being located on opposite sides of a separator and spirally wound together with the separator; a case accommodating the electrode assembly; an insulating plate on the electrode assembly and having a protruding portion and internal terminal holes; and a cap plate sealing the case and having terminal holes, wherein each of the electrode terminals passes through a respective one of the internal terminal holes to protrude from that terminal hole.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery includes an electrode assembly comprising electrodes having coated and uncoated regions and being located at opposite sides of a separator; a case accommodating the electrode assembly; a cap plate sealing the case and having terminal holes through which electrode terminals coupled to the uncoated regions extend; a gasket between each electrode terminal and the cap plate; and a first insulating plate between the cap plate and the electrode assembly and fastened to the gaskets.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes: an electrode assembly including electrodes at opposite sides of a separator, each of the electrodes having a coated region and an uncoated region, and the electrodes and the separator being spirally wound; an insulating case for accommodating the electrode assembly and allowing the uncoated regions to be drawn out through respective uncoated region holes; a case for accommodating the insulating case; and a cap plate coupled to an opening of the case and allowing electrode terminals respectively coupled to the uncoated regions to be drawn out through respective terminal holes.. .


Opal glasses for light extraction

Opal glass compositions and devices incorporating opal glass compositions are described herein. The compositions solve problems associated with the use of opal glasses as light-scattering layers in electroluminescent devices, such as organic light-emitting diodes.
Corning Incorporated


Flexible display apparatus and manufacturing the same

A flexible display apparatus including: a first film including a first surface and a second surface that are opposite each other, and a first groove formed in the first surface, the first film having a first rigidity; a third film on the second surface of the first film; a fourth film facing the third film; an emission display unit between and encapsulated by the third film and the fourth film; and a second film on the fourth film and facing the first film, the second film having a second rigidity that is less than the first rigidity.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Multilayered magnetic thin film stack and nonvolatile memory device having the same

A multilayered magnetic thin-film stack including a tunneling barrier layer; a magnetic finned layer formed on a first surface of the tunneling barrier layer; and a magnetic free layer formed on a second surface of the tunneling barrier layer, which is opposite to the first surface, wherein at least one of the magnetic finned layer and the magnetic free layer includes a fezr alloy layer and a first magnetic layer having a (001) bcc structure between the fezr alloy layer and the tunneling barrier layer.. .
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and mobile object

A resonator includes a resonator element including a substrate gradually increasing in thickness from an outer edge toward a center, excitation electrodes respectively disposed on both principal surfaces of the substrate, and a pair of electrode pads electrically connected to the excitation electrodes, disposed on at least one of the both principal surfaces, and disposed on one end side of the substrate, and a second substrate as a base, the pair of electrode pads are bonded to the second substrate via respective first bonding members, two places of the other end of the substrate on the opposite side to the one end are bonded to the second substrate via respective second bonding members, and a distance s1 between the two first bonding members, and a distance s2 between the two second bonding members fulfill s1<s2.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method for manufacturing a thermoelectric module based on a polymer film

A method of manufacturing a thermoelectric module including a substrate and at least one conductive or semiconductor polymer film deposited on a surface of the substrate, the method including a step of manufacturing the conductive polymer film independently from the surface of the substrate and transferring the conductive polymer film onto the surface of the substrate. The transfer comprises: immersing the conductive polymer film in a transfer bath to obtain a conductive polymer film which is solvated, self-supporting, and capable of matching the shape of the substrate surface; applying the conductive polymer film in its solvated state on the substrate to match the shape of the surface thereof; and drying the solvated conductive polymer film..
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Light-emitting dies incorporating wavelength-conversion materials and related methods

In accordance with certain embodiments, semiconductor dies are embedded within polymeric binder to form, e.g., freestanding white light-emitting dies and/or composite wafers containing multiple light-emitting dies embedded in a single volume of binder.. .


Method of fabricating light-emitting device package

A method of fabricating a light-emitting device package includes preparing a carrier including a first surface and a second surface disposed opposite the first surface, forming a phosphor layer on the first surface of the carrier, emitting first light from a test light-emitting device toward the second surface of the carrier, analyzing second light passing through the phosphor layer, and determining a thickness of the phosphor layer based on the analysis.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device includes a package body having first and second surfaces being opposed to each other, first and second external terminal blocks disposed in opposite end portions of the package body, respectively, and having portions exposed to surfaces of the package body, respectively. A wavelength converting material layer is disposed between the first and second external terminal blocks and has a first surface substantially coplanar with the first surface of the package body, and a second surface opposing the first surface of the wavelength converting material layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for manufacturing vertical type light emitting diode, vertical type light emitting diode, manufacturing ultraviolet ray light emitting diode, and ultraviolet ray light emitting diode

A vertical type light emitting diode includes a nitride semiconductor having a p-n conjunction structure with a transparent material layer formed on a p type clad layer, the transparent material layer having a refractive index different from that of the p type clad layer and having a pattern structure of mesh, punched plate, or one-dimensional grid form, etc. A reflective metal electrode layer is formed on the transparent material layer as a p-electrode.
Korea Polytechnic University Industry Academic Cooperation Foundation


Gate-controlled charge modulated device for cmos image sensors

A device for sensing light includes a first semiconductor region doped with a dopant of a first type and a second semiconductor region doped with a dopant of a second type. The second semiconductor region is positioned above the first semiconductor region.
Stratio Inc.


Tunneling field effect transistor and methods of making such a transistor

One illustrative method of forming a tfet device includes forming a first semiconductor material that extends for a full length of a drain region, a gate region and a source region of the device, masking the drain region while exposing at least a portion of the gate region and exposing the source region, forming a second semiconductor material above the gate region and above the source region, forming a third semiconductor material above the second semiconductor material and above the gate region and above the source region, the third semiconductor material being doped with an opposite type of dopant material than in the first semiconductor material, masking the drain region, and forming a gate structure above at least a portion of the exposed gate region.. .
Globalfoundries Inc.


High breakdown voltage ldmos device

A multi-region (81, 83) lateral-diffused-metal-oxide-semiconductor (ldmos) device (40) has a semiconductor-on-insulator (soi) support structure (21) on or over which are formed a substantially symmetrical, laterally internal, first ldmos region (81) and a substantially asymmetric, laterally edge-proximate, second ldmos region (83). A deep trench isolation (dti) wall (60) substantially laterally terminates the laterally edge-proximate second ldmos region (83).
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Bipolar transistor manufacturing method

A method for manufacturing a bipolar transistor, including the steps of: forming a first surface-doped region of a semiconductor substrate having a semiconductor layer extending thereon with an interposed first insulating layer; forming, at the surface of the device, a stack of a silicon layer and of a second insulating layer; defining a trench crossing the stack and the semiconductor layer opposite to the first doped region, and then an opening in the exposed region of the first insulating layer; forming a single-crystal silicon region in the opening; forming a silicon-germanium region at the surface of single-crystal silicon region, in contact with the remaining regions of the semiconductor layer and of the silicon layer; and forming a second doped region at least in the remaining space of the trench.. .
Stmicroelectronics Sa


Field effect transistor and fabrication

An improved field effect transistor and method of fabrication are disclosed. A barrier layer stack is formed in the base and sidewalls of a gate cavity.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Thin film transistor array panel

A thin film transistor array panel is capable of increasing an aperture ratio and decreasing parasitic capacitance between a gate electrode and a drain electrode by reducing an area of a thin film transistor. The thin film transistor array panel includes: a substrate; a gate line disposed on the substrate and including a gate electrode; a gate insulating layer on the gate line; a semiconductive island on the gate insulating layer; a circular drain electrode on the semiconductive island; and a source electrode disposed on the semiconductive island and shaped like a circular band bent in a direction from which the drain electrode is disposed.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor composite film with heterojunction and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention discloses a semiconductor composite film with a heterojunction and a manufacturing method thereof. The semiconductor composite film includes: a semiconductor substrate; and a semiconductor epitaxial layer, which is formed on the semiconductor substrate, and it has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other, wherein the heterojunction is formed between the first surface and the semiconductor substrate, and wherein the semiconductor epitaxial layer further includes at least one recess, which is formed by etching the semiconductor epitaxial layer from the second surface toward the first surface.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Monx as a top electrode for tiox based dram applications

A capacitor stack includes a base bottom electrode layer including a conductive metal nitride material. A second bottom electrode layer is formed above the first bottom electrode layer.
Intermolecular, Inc.


Magnetic memory and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a magnetic memory includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer, a non-magnetic intermediate layer provided between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer and an underlying layer provided on an opposite side of the first magnetic layer with respect to the intermediate layer, and the underlying layer contains aln of a hcp structure.. .


Cmos image sensor for reducing dead zone

An image sensor such as a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) image sensor and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The cmos image sensor includes: a semiconductor substrate including a first surface and a third surface formed by removing a part of the semiconductor substrate from a second surface opposite to the first surface; a plurality of active regions which are formed between the first surface and the third surface and each of which includes a photoelectric conversion element generating charges in response to light input through the third surface; and an isolation region vertically formed from either of the first and third surfaces to isolate the active regions from one another.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate

In a method of manufacturing a thin film transistor substrate, a first metal layer is formed on a first surface of a base substrate. The base substrate is cooled by contacting the first metal layer with a first cooling plate and by contacting a second surface of the base substrate with a second cooling plate.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Fingerprint recognition semiconductor device and semiconductor device

A fingerprint recognition semiconductor device includes an insulation layer, a wiring pattern formed on a lower surface of the insulation layer, and a sensor element flip-chip-connected to the wiring pattern. The sensor element includes an active surface, including a sensor portion that recognizes a fingerprint, and a rear surface, located at a side opposite to the active surface.
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor devices having through electrodes, semiconductor packages including the same, methods of manufacturing the same, electronic systems including the same, and memory cards including the same

A semiconductor device includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface that are opposite to each other, a plurality of through electrodes penetrating the substrate and extending from the first surface to the second surface, front-side bumps disposed on the first surface and connected to odd-numbered through electrodes among the plurality of through electrodes, and backside bumps disposed on the second surface and connected to even-numbered through electrodes among the plurality of through electrodes. Related semiconductor packages, fabrication methods, electronic systems and memory cards are also provided..
Sk Hynix Inc.


Circuit substrate interconnect

A packaged integrated circuit (ic) includes a substrate including a first substrate pad disposed on a first side of the substrate, an ic die disposed on the first side of the substrate, and a first insulating layer molded over the ic die and the substrate. The ic die includes a first die pad on a side of the die opposite from a side of the die adjacent to the first side of the substrate.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device according to the present invention includes an insulating substrate having a circuit pattern, semiconductor elements bonded on the circuit pattern with a brazing material, and a wiring terminal bonded with a brazing material on an electrode provided on each of the semiconductor elements on an opposite side of the circuit pattern, in which a part of the wiring terminal is in contact with the insulating substrate, and insulated from the circuit pattern.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Semiconductor package

A semiconductor package includes a package substrate with a cavity, a plurality of semiconductor chips vertically stacked in the cavity, a first insulating layer on a first surface of the package substrate, a first interconnection layer on the first insulating layer, a second insulating layer on a second surface of the package substrate opposite the first surface, and a second interconnection layer on the second insulating layer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Electronic module comprising a plurality of encapsulation layers and a producing it

An electronic module includes a first insulation layer, at least one carrier having a first main surface, a second main surface situated opposite the first main surface, and side surfaces connecting the first and second main surfaces to one another, at least one semiconductor chip arranged on the second main surface of the carrier, wherein the semiconductor chip has contact elements, and a second insulation layer, which is arranged on the carrier and the semiconductor chip.. .
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Semiconductor packaging structure

A semiconductor packaging structure including a circuit board, a chip, and a paste is provided. The circuit board includes a base layer, a first circuit layer, and a second circuit layer.
Powertech Technology Inc.


Single ring design for high yield, substrate extreme edge defect reduction in icp plasma processing chamber

Embodiments of the invention provide a single ring comprising a circular ring-shaped body with an inner surface, closest in proximity to a centerline of the body, and an outer surface opposite the inner surface. The body has a bottom surface with a slot formed therein and a top surface with an outer end, adjacent to the outer surface, and an inner end adjacent to a slope extending, towards the centerline, down to a step on the inner surface.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Material deposition for high aspect ratio structures

Ion species are supplied to a workpiece comprising a pattern layer over a substrate. A material layer is deposited on the pattern layer using an implantation process of the ion species.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Precursors suitable for high temperature atomic layer deposition of silicon-containing films

Provided are methods of depositing silicon-containing films utilizing certain precursors at temperatures of 400° c. Or higher.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Atomic layer deposition of high density silicon dioxide

Atomic layer deposition methods for the low temperature deposition of silicon dioxide films having low nitrogen content and low wet etch rates. Silicon dioxide films are deposited and treated with plasma and re-oxidized resulting in low nitrogen content films..
Applied Materials, Inc.


High temperature silicon oxide atomic layer deposition technology

Processes for depositing sio2 films on a wafer surface utilizing an aminosilane compound as a silicon precursor are described.. .
Applied Materials, Inc.


Maldi support with magnetically held spring steel plate

The invention relates to a low-cost spring steel plate as the sample support on a dimensionally stable and precisely shaped substructure, machined from an aluminum alloy, for example, and using a pattern of embedded magnets so that said plate is removable and that a body is created overall which is suitable for use in robots, for example by giving it the dimensions of a conventional microtitration plate. The planarity of the surface onto which the (organic) samples are applied is provided within the near region by the spring steel plate itself and in the far region over the whole spring steel plate by the substructure.
Bruker Daltonik Gmbh


Arc evaporation coating source having a permanent magnet

An arc evaporation coating source includes a target made of a coating material to be vapor-deposited, a ferromagnetic yoke for influencing the vapor deposition of the coating material to be vapor-deposited and at least one permanent-magnetic body for influencing the vapor deposition of the coating material to be vapor-deposited. The ferromagnetic yoke is disposed in contact with the target.
Plansee Se


Solid electrolyte capacitor

Provided is a solid electrolyte capacitor which includes: a bottomed cylindrical housing which includes a bottom surface portion and a side surface portion raised from the bottom surface portion, and has an opening portion formed on an edge portion of the side surface portion; a capacitor element which is accommodated in the inside of the housing, and is formed by winding an anode foil and a cathode foil in an overlapping state with a separator interposed therebetween and by filling a space formed between the anode foil and the cathode foil with a solid electrolyte; a sealing member which seals the opening portion of the housing in a state where the capacitor element is accommodated in the inside of the housing; and a composite sheet which is arranged between the bottom surface portion of the housing and the capacitor element, and has the structure where a resin made of a high-molecular weight compound is retained in a fiber sheet containing at least cellulose fibers.. .
Rubycon Corporation


Electromagnetic actuating apparatus

An electromagnetic actuating apparatus having an armature unit (14) which can move along an axial direction (10) in response to current being applied to a stationary coil unit and which is designed to interact with an actuating partner, wherein the coil unit has a winding (22) which is provided on a coil former (20) and with which a connection contact (26) can make contact, and said coil unit is accommodated in a housing (12) which surrounds the casing of the coil unit at least in sections, and which has associated electrical connecting means (30) for connecting the connection contact to a plug section (18, 20) which is provided on the housing, wherein the lug- and/or tongue-like connection contact (26), together with a flat end section (30), which is oriented parallel to said connection contact and is designed to be permanently connected to the connection contact or is permanently connected to the connection contact, of the metal connecting means, extends at least in sections in a direction parallel to the axial direction (10) on or in a housing end region (16) or is angled out of a position of extent of this kind after connection, wherein the housing end region is axially opposite a housing outlet for the armature unit (14).. .
Eto Magnetic Gmbh


Method of writing to a spin torque magnetic random access memory

A spin-torque magnetoresistive memory includes array read circuits and array write circuits coupled to an array of magnetic bits. The array read circuits sample magnetic bits in the array, apply a write current pulse to the magnetic bits to set them to a first logic state, resample the magnetic bits, and comparing the results of sampling and resampling to determine the bit state for each magnetic bit.
Everspin Technologies, Inc.


Techniques to boost word-line voltage using parasitic capacitances

A memory device with word-line voltage boosting includes a set of first switches that are operable to couple a word-line of the memory device to a supply voltage to pull the word-line up to a rail voltage. A dummy line including a conductive route can be disposed in a vicinity of the word-line to form a parasitic coupling capacitance with the word-line.
Broadcom Corporation


Magnetoresistive element, manufacturing magnetoresistive element, magnetic head, and magnetic recording and reading apparatus

A magnetoresistive element according to an embodiment includes: a multilayer element including a first magnetic layer, a magnetization direction of the first magnetic layer being pinned, a nonmagnetic layer disposed on the first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer disposed in a first region on the nonmagnetic layer, a magnetization direction of the second magnetic layer being pinned and antiparallel to the magnetization direction of the first magnetic layer, and a third magnetic layer disposed in a second region that is different from the first region on the nonmagnetic layer near one of two opposite end faces of the nonmagnetic layer, a magnetization direction of the third magnetic layer being changeable by an external magnetic field, a lower face of the nonmagnetic layer being in contact with an upper face of the first magnetic layer.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Information-sharing system

An information-sharing system has a server connected to a network, the server having a processor and a coupled data repository, with software executing on the processor from a non-transitory medium providing system intelligence, a plurality of computerized communication devices coupled to the network, each having a microphone, a speaker, and a display screen, each executing coded instructions providing local intelligence at least presenting interactive interfaces to a user. The user is enabled by the coded instructions executing at the computerized communication device to record an audio or audio-video input which the system, by use of natural language processing, determines to be either a voice command or a shout, as a situational report local to the user, and if the enunciation is determined to be a shout is transmitted to the server, where it is processed and transmitted to other users according to determinations made by the server intelligence..
Shout To Me, Llc


System and creation of musical memories

A music generating system comprising sensors configured to acquire data sets related to physiological and environmental condition of a user and a computing device comprising a processor and a memory. The computing device is configured to read, by a data acquisition module, the data sets received from the sensors, to perform, by a data analysis module, a value range analysis of the data sets received to normalize the data sets, to map, with the help of the data analysis module, each of the normalized data sets to families of sounds stored in a data store, to create, by the data analysis module, individual music pieces on the basis of a time series analysis and a frequency analysis of the normalized data sets mapped to the families of sounds and to merge, by a music generation module, the individual music pieces to create a final piece of music..


Optical sensor, optical sensor assembly and monitoring device

An optical sensor (100) comprises: a holding sleeve (11); a fixed ferrule (12) fixedly mounted in said holding sleeve (11); a movable ferrule (13) movably mounted in said holding sleeve (11), a predetermined distance existing between a first movable end of said movable ferrule (13) and a first fixed end of said fixed ferrule (12) in said holding sleeve (11); a reflection part (14) arranged at a second movable end of said movable ferrule (13) opposite to said first movable end, for reflecting light entering the movable ferrule (13); and an actuation part (15), said actuation part (15) being constructed to drive said movable ferrule (13) to move so that said first movable end moves towards said first fixed end. An optical sensor assembly and a monitoring device comprising the optical sensor (100), or another sensor (1012) can remotely detect a mechanical movement in a passive mode.


Notification device

A notification device includes an identification information acquisition section that acquires identification information output from an in-vehicle device in response to a change of a vehicle condition, a sound source data acquisition section capable of performing an acquisition operation of acquiring sound source data from an outside, a storage section capable of storing the sound source data for notification acquired by the sound source acquisition section and association data in which the identification information and the sound source data for notification are associated with each other, and a control section that outputs the sound source data for notification on the basis of the association data when the identification information acquisition section acquires the identification information. The sound source data acquisition section and the storage section are provided in a mobile terminal, and the mobile terminal is provided with an association data edit section capable of editing the association data..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Differential current measurements to determine ion current in the presence of leakage current

An ion chamber provides a current representative of its characteristics as affected by external conditions, e.g., clean air or smoke. A direct current (dc) voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a first polarity and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the first polarity, then the dc voltage is applied to the ion chamber at a second polarity opposite the first polarity, and the resulting current through the ion chamber and parasitic leakage current is measured at the second polarity.
Microchip Technology Incorporated


Biological information acquiring device

In a biological information acquiring device 10, a sensor module 50 captures a biological image of a subject 2. A touch panel 16 has a display region a11 formed with approximately the same size as a measurement region a13 that matches the range of image capturing of the subject 2 by the sensor module 50, and in the display region a11 a biological image is displayed at approximately the same magnification as the range of image capturing.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Three dimensional printing inspection apparatus and method

A three-dimensional printing apparatus and method for inspecting an article during fabrication of the article. The material depositing device deposits layers of material to form a three-dimensional article.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Performance attribution for portfolios with composite investments

In existing performance attribution, composite investments are resolved into simple assets, and the performance attribution provides results only for the resolved, net investment in the simple assets. As a result, the individual investment in the composite investment in isolation is lost, and it is impossible to determine if the investment in the composite investment in isolation helped or hurt performance.
Axioma, Inc.


Information processing system and information processing method

There are provided an information processing system and an information processing method capable of distributing an advertisement properly. The information processing system includes: a cookie setting unit 231 for setting, in a browser of a client terminal 400, a cookie on the domain of an advertising medium providing site containing a user identifier for identifying a user in response to a request from the client terminal 400 based on a program contained in page information on the advertising medium providing site; a cookie checking unit 232 for acquiring browsing information from the browser of the client terminal 400 using the cookie on the domain of the advertising medium providing site; an ssp unit 210 for receiving, from the client terminal 400 having accessed the advertising medium providing site, a notification that an advertising display slot of the advertising medium providing site is present; and a bidding determination unit 234 for determining a bidding condition for the advertising display slot of the advertising medium providing site using the browsing information..


Method and system for presenting content

A method of presenting content to a user is disclosed. The method includes identifying, with a processor, a first content based on the user visiting a first website, wherein the first website comprises the first content.


Targeting online ads based on political demographics

Systems and methods for facilitating and targeting of online ads to voters within a selected political demographic are presented. Audience targeting may be accomplished in several ways including: geo-targeting; contextual targeting; behavioral targeting; site placement; and targeted household television ads.
Audience Partners, Llc


Issue-manage-style internet public opinion information evaluation management system and method thereof

The present invention is related to an issue-manage-style internet public opinion information evaluation management system and method thereof. The system mainly comprises 5 modules of 1) issue establish/setup module for establishing new issue and the keywords thereof; 2) public opinion information collection module for retrieving and analyzing data retrieved by dredge technology, program, and community web-site open api; 3) public opinion information reputation analysis module for calculating each public opinion information evaluation score by text reputation analysis and community interactive fuzzy analysis; 4) issue trend analysis module for calculating issue trend score by disclosed method based on daily, weekly, or monthly public opinion information reputation evaluation score; 5) issue related public opinion information exchange module for presenting issue related public opinion information on each management interface or message alert of each system via internet exchange standards..
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.


Arrangements for administrating and managing a construction project

In some embodiments, a construction project administration system and method are disclosed that queries an administrator as to ownership, construction specifications, bidding parameters etc. For a proposed construction project using active first, second and third level questions and accepts and stores replies to the active questions.


Systems and methods for risk triggering values

Systems and methods for facilitating risk assessment for point of sale transactions utilizing at least one risk triggering value (rtv) is disclosed. An rtv is a condensed version of a set of complex risk data and strategies usually found in central processing sites.
Iii Holdings 1, Llc


Technological and financial partnerships to enable a package exchange service

A cloud based package transfer system is discussed that has a cloud based package-exchange-service hosted on a cloud based provider site. The cloud based package-exchange-service supplies servers and databases of retail websites with information regarding services for package exchange available to customers and their associated vehicles.
Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems, Llc


Method of website optimisation for a website hosted on a server system, and a server system

A method of website optimization including collecting data for constructing user profiles; constructing the user profiles; quantifying affinities between the user profiles; constructing a user network in which the affinities are represented as links between user nodes; constructing an adjacency matrix; calculating a first principal eigenvector of the adjacency matrix; defining a new network by removing a random link in the network and calculating a new adjacency matrix for the new network; calculating a second principal eigenvector of the new adjacency matrix; calculating a vector of relative shifts between the first principal eigenvector and the second principal eigenvector; for every node, assigning a value for a direction of its shift between the network and the new network; and repeating certain of the steps.. .
Maxymiser Ltd


Automated data analytics for work machines

Systems and methods for aggregating classifications of predictive operations of a machine may include one or more sensors in communication with a processor. Such systems and methods may be implemented to receive on-board machine time series data, process the data, segment the processed data, resolve the segmented data, and characterize the segmented data.
Caterpillar Inc.


Methods and systems for reducing the likelihood of false positive decodes

Systems and methods for reducing the likelihood of false positive decodes within a set of barcodes are disclosed. The method can be implemented in a computing device, which includes: providing a list of barcode configurations that meet damage tolerance criteria; reducing, if possible, each configuration list to barcode configurations that have a compatible configuration pair between sets; and comparing all possible combinations of barcode type configurations to find at least one set of configurations that are resistant to false positives decodes between barcode types during decoding processes..
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Working a multi-slot card reader based on the standard ccid protocol

A working method of a multi-slot card reader based on the standard ccid protocol comprises: powering up to perform initialization, and establishing a connection with a host through a usb interface; when a usb configuration instruction is received, returning configuration information of the usb interface to the host; waiting to receive an instruction delivered by the host, when a flag bit of a reset is detected, determining the type of the flag bit of the reset, for example, if the flag bit is a contact card flag bit, recording, according to the type of a change of a card placement pin level of a current contact card slot, a corresponding state of the contact card slot, or for example, if the flag bit is a periodic flag bit, sending a card search instruction corresponding to a current non-contact card slot, and recording a corresponding state of the non-contact card slot; and if the flag bit is a usb flag bit, performing a corresponding operation on a current card slot according to the received instruction. The card reader adopts a usb chip having multiple terminations and serves as a composite device of the standard ccid.
Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd.


Trusted user circles

A trusted user circle server for encryption key distribution and authentication support, as well as a client-side application which resides on user's devices are disclosed. In particular, the trusted user circle server manages a repository for static public keys (spuk) which are used for authentication and secure distribution of a dynamic private context key (dpck) used for the end-to-many encryption.
Narus, Inc.


Wearable user device authentication system

Systems and methods for authenticating a user include a wearable user device receiving a first request to access a secure system. A plurality of authentication elements are then displayed on a display device to a user eye in a first authentication orientation about a perimeter of an authentication element input area.
Paypal, Inc.


Digital media content creation and distribution methods

A system and methods for digital content creation and upload through a managed website for providing network-based access to authorized users who pay for predetermined rights that allow for use of the content by the authorized user on a multiplicity of devices, without having to repurchase access to the same content.. .


Tunable miniaturized physical subsurface model for simulation and inversion

Conventional computational simulation and inversion of subsurface flow is expensive, which is wasteful in terms of time and energy consumption. The present invention discloses a process for implementation of mathematical techniques such as forward simulation, sensitivity analysis, and inversion to physical microstructure models for subsurface fluid simulation.
International Business Machines Corporation


Returning related previously answered questions based on question affinity

Mechanisms are provided, in a question and answer (qa) system, for identifying a related previously processed question. A first question is processed by the qa system to generate an answer to the first question and a supporting evidence passage that supports the answer to the first question being a correct answer to the first question.
International Business Machines Corporation


Displaying visited document data

For displaying visited document data, code stores visited document data comprising a visited document address and a visited document description for each document visited. In addition, the code displays on the display one or more of a first visited document address and a first visited document description with a search result in response to a portion of the visited document address matching a portion of a search result address..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte, Ltd.


Methods, devices and computer software for facilitating searching and display of locations relevant to a digital map

A portable electronic device is disclosed comprising: data processing means; data repository containing data records representative of locations relevant to or within a digital map; and display means. The device further comprises means for monitoring a free text search string as it is input by a user of the device; querying the data repository for matching records and generating suggestions selectable by a user to adjust the search, based on the search string as it is input; displaying at least some of any matching records and suggestions on the display; and, in response to receipt of user input indicating a selection of a matching suggestion, adjusting the search accordingly..
Tomtom Navigation B.v.


Document ranking apparatus, method and computer program

A document ranking apparatus ranking electronic documents (di) on a file path of a file system taking into account relevance of the documents to a search term (t), the apparatus including: a semantic description generating module generating a semantic description (sdi) of a document using the document contents and to store the description in a semantic description repository; a similarity-based scoring module computing a similarity score based on similarity between the sdi of a document and the term (t); a quality indicator-based scoring module computing a quality score of a document based on completeness, correctness and freshness of the document; a combining module accepting user input for relative weighting of the similarity and quality scores combining the resultant relatively-weighted similarity score and quality score to give a final score for a document; and a ranking module ranking the documents on the file path based on the final score.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Mapping of content on a web site to product functionality

A method for generating a content map. The method may include, by a content processor, receiving a selection of a first url for a first content segment.
Conductor, Inc.


Comparing and provisioning configurations for a client having a windows-based embedded image

Examples of methods and apparatus are provided for comparing and provisioning configurations for a local client having a windows-based embedded image. The apparatus may include a retrieval module of the local client configured to facilitate locating a remote repository server containing a new configuration file, to facilitate obtaining the new configuration file from the remote repository server, and to facilitate obtaining a previous configuration file associated with a previous configuration change successfully applied to the embedded image.
Wyse Technology L.l.c.


Remote localization platform

A remote localization server enables application or website developers to revise and update presentation content for different target localities without having to reprogram an application for each locality. Such presentation content can include, for example, text, images, audio/video, and user interface (“ui”) elements.
Qordoba, Inc.


Optimal scheduling of multi-site enterprise print jobs

Methods and systems evaluate the most recent print job processed with different printing sites to calculate the current residual capacity for each of the different printing sites. The current residual capacity is determined and maintained by a computerized server.
Xerox Corporation


User-driven evolving user interfaces

The described technologies can be used for customizing and evolving user interfaces. In one embodiment, a method can comprise storing a default graphical user interface template.


Geometric assembly

A drawing system has a computerized appliance having a processor coupled to a data repository, software (sw) executing on the processor, the software providing tools to enable a user to join objects in a display, creating an assembled object, upon the user selecting to drag a first object in the display in a first direction, the sw monitors geometric features of the first object and of a second object in the display positioned in the first direction, determines compatible join features of the first and second objects, and upon the first and second objects being moved within a preprogrammed threshold distance (td) greater than zero in the display, provides a join operation, bringing the compatible join features of the first and the second object together, creating an assembled new object.. .


Capacitive measurement circuit for a touch sensor drive

In one embodiment, a method for determining the location of a touch on a touch sensor includes receiving input signals in response to a touch proximate to a location on the touch sensor. Each input signal may have a total capacitance that includes a first capacitance associated with the touch and a second capacitance that is parasitic capacitance.
Atmel Corporation


Input device and input/output device

An input device or an input/output device that is suitable for increasing in size is provided. An input device or an input/output device that can be driven at high frequencies is provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Flow rate control valve assembly

At least one of the sliding surface of the sliding shaft and the sliding cylindrical surface is provided with one or a plurality of tapered grooves having its specific area defining a fluid passage. The tapered groove is configured such that flow passage resistance increases or decreases gradually along a lengthwise direction, and a cavity formed at an end of the sliding shaft for making sure of a sliding area is formed at a site isolated or shut off from the fluid passage..


Semantic manufacturing

A dataset including boundary representations of shapes associated with an item being designed for manufacture is accessed by a semantic processing module. A semantic graph of each of the boundary representations of shapes is generated and a numerical processing module computes geometric attributes of each of the shapes.
General Electric Company


Fixing apparatus

A fixing apparatus for fixing a toner image to a recording material includes a cylindrical film, a heater configured to make contact with the film, the heater including a substrate and a heat generation resistor formed on the substrate, and a heat conduction member configured to make contact with a surface of the heater opposite to a surface thereof being in contact with the film, the heat conduction member having a higher thermal conductivity than that of the substrate, and being divided into parts in a generatrix direction of the film. The toner image formed on the recording material is fixed on the recording material by using heat of the film, and one of the parts of the heat conduction member is configured to make contact with the heater continuously from a center to an end of a heat generation region of the heater in the generatrix direction..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Belt device, fixing device, and image forming apparatus

A belt device includes an endless belt and a rotary driver contacting an outer circumferential surface of the belt to drive and rotate the belt. An opposed belt support is disposed opposite the rotary driver and in contact with an inner circumferential surface of the belt.

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