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Detecting fraudulent activity by analysis of information requests

Methods and systems for protecting website forms from automated access

Contactless authentication of optical disk drives

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sit-related patents
 Protein expression systems patent thumbnailProtein expression systems
The invention is based on an expression enhancer sequence derived from the rna-2 genome segment of a bipartite rna virus, in which a target initiation site in the rna-2 genome segment has been mutated. Deletion of appropriate start codons upstream of the main rna2 translation initiation can greatly increase in foreign protein accumulation without the need for viral replication.
 Detecting fraudulent activity by analysis of information requests patent thumbnailDetecting fraudulent activity by analysis of information requests
Techniques are described for use in inhibiting attempts to fraudulently obtain access to confidential information about users. In some situations, the techniques involve automatically analyzing at least some requests for information that are received by a web site or other electronic information service, such as to determine whether they likely reflect fraudulent activities by the request senders or other parties that initiate the requests.
 Methods and systems for protecting website forms from automated access patent thumbnailMethods and systems for protecting website forms from automated access
Systems and methods to tell apart computers and humans using image recognition task having a dynamic graphical arrangement of randomly selected images. The images can be arranged as a grid or matrix for presentation on a device display for authentication of a user as human.
 Contactless authentication of optical disk drives patent thumbnailContactless authentication of optical disk drives
An optical disc drive (odd) includes a radio-frequency identification (rfid) reader. The reader includes a circuit and a coil antenna which has a rotational symmetry with respect to a rotation axis of a motor, shaft and turntable of the odd.
 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data patent thumbnailDigital broadcasting system and method of processing data
A digital broadcasting system and a method of processing data are disclosed. Herein, additional encoding is performed on mobile service data, which are then transmitted, thereby providing robustness in the processed mobile service data, so that the mobile service data can respond more strongly against fast and frequent channel changes.
 System and method of interactive consumer marketing patent thumbnailSystem and method of interactive consumer marketing
A method of interactive consumer marketing includes an initial step of: defining a competition enterable by a plurality of persons wherein the competition includes a plurality of rules. A first rule is each person of the plurality entered must perform a specified activity related to goods or services of a sponsor.
 Managing applications on a client device patent thumbnailManaging applications on a client device
A system and methods for managing applications on a mobile device. One method includes: receiving context data related to the mobile device; assigning a situational utility score to one or more applications available in an application repository by analyzing the context data and tags associated with the one or more applications to determine which applications have situational usefulness; and when a first application has a situational utility score greater than a first threshold value, displaying a prompt on the mobile device to install the first application..
 Method of configuring icons in a web browser interface, and associated device and computer program product patent thumbnailMethod of configuring icons in a web browser interface, and associated device and computer program product
There is provided a method of configuring icons in a web browser interface provided by a web browser program running on a computer, the method comprising the steps of: (i) providing screen output from the computer to a screen; (ii) providing the web browser interface in the screen output; (iii) providing in the web browser interface a docking area for icons, wherein the docking area is operable to receive website icons, each website icon being selectable to navigate to a respective website in the web browser interface.. .
 Methods and systems for website editing patent thumbnailMethods and systems for website editing
A system and method for maintaining a web site is disclosed that includes browsing to a web page to be edited, automatically downloading a source file for the web page including related files associated with display of the web page, editing the source file, and automatically publishing the edited source file to a file transfer server associated with the web site including the related files associated with the display of the web page.. .
 Detection of logical corruption in persistent storage and automatic recovery therefrom patent thumbnailDetection of logical corruption in persistent storage and automatic recovery therefrom
A method, system, and computer program product for restoring blocks of data stored at a corrupted data site using two or more mirror sites. The method commences by receiving a trigger event from a component within an application server environment where the trigger event indicates detection of a corrupted data site.
Electronic devices having semiconductor magnetic memory units
A semiconductor device includes a resistance variable element including a free magnetic layer, a tunnel barrier layer and a pinned magnetic layer; and a magnetic correction layer disposed over the resistance variable element to be separated from the resistance variable element, and having a magnetization direction which is opposite to a magnetization direction of the pinned magnetic layer.. .
Data acquisition pertaining to connectivity of client applications of a service provider network
Providing for external control of data network client resources for application-based client network access is described herein. By way of example, the external control can be implemented by a third party service provider in conjunction with delivery of content to the client devices.
Method and system for securing user identities and creating virtual users to enhance privacy on a communication network
A method of enabling a real entity to access a service on a communication network using a virtual entity, the method including the steps of establishing a user account including at least first data corresponding to the identity of the real entity and second data corresponding to the virtual entity and not identifying the real entity, storing the first and second data in a first database, linking between the first and second data in the first database, storing the second data at a second database, associating the second database with a communication network site, connecting the communication network site to the communication network, receiving the second data from an unidentified user on the communication network site, identifying the unidentified user as the virtual entity based on receiving the second data, and allowing the virtual entity to access the service.. .
Adverse event data capture and alert systems and methods
Electronic capture of adverse event information includes selective input of adverse event information into a machine in response to prompt provided to the user based on a site visit. Such adverse event information is forwardable to a location over a communication link.
Method and system for directly targeting and blasting messages to automatically identified entities on social media
Some embodiments provide a communication tool that directly sends messages to accounts of different entities across different social media sites by automatically identifying and associating the accounts of the entities when the entities are referenced in the contents of the messages. Such identification and association is performed without the message originator manually specifying the accounts as intended recipients for the messages.
Systems and methods for webpage creation and updating
A computer network system for posting content at a web site includes computer servers configured to host a web site for a group of users, and a data storage configured to store an email address in association with a destination at the website. The computer servers can receive an electronic message at the email address by the computer servers from a user.
System and method for displaying data feeds from multiple online social networks
Multiple different social networks are aggregated and placed together on a timeline. The timeline is arranged such that at any given time the user can see what information from each of the social networks was provided.
Recommending content based on proxy-based preference indications
In one aspect, a method includes receiving an indication of a user request to view content at a social networking site, identifying one or more genres associated with the user, where each genre acts as proxy for a grouping of content that is of interest to the user, determining one or more entities mapped to the one or more genres, identifying a plurality of posts associated with the one or more entities and providing one or more of the plurality of posts for display to the user in response to receiving the indication. Other aspects can be embodied in corresponding systems and apparatus, including computer program products..
Auxiliary content suggestions relating to user generated content
In one aspect, a method includes providing a post generated by a first user for display to one or more other users of the site, receiving an indication of a request from a second user of one or more other users to suggest auxiliary content relating to at least one of one or more items represented in the post, providing a suggestion mechanism to the second user on the page displaying the post to allow the second user to provide auxiliary content relating to the at least one of the one or more items, receiving a suggestion from the second user including the auxiliary content, providing the auxiliary content for display to the first user and providing the first user with a mechanism for viewing the auxiliary content.. .
Method and apparatus for providing contextual context to a user device
A method for providing contextual content to a device includes determining context of a device, applying metadata to a request for a website, the metadata corresponding to the context of the device, sending the metadata to the website, and receiving from the website content based on the context.. .
Interactive multi-modal image search
A facility for visual search on a mobile device takes advantage of multi-modal and multi-touch input on the mobile device. By extracting lexical entities from a spoken search query and matching the lexical entities to image tags, the facility provides candidate images for each entity.
Smart content feeds for document collaboration
Example embodiments relate to smart content feeds for document collaboration. In example embodiments, a user may use a system to perform a search of a document repository in order to identify related content for adding to a target document.
System of centrally managing core reference data associated with an enterprise
A system is provided for centrally managing core enterprise reference data associated with an enterprise. A centralized master repository contains the core enterprise reference data.
Systems and methods for prioritizing textual metadata
A priority for one or more source components can be determined for use in providing metadata for a composite media presentation. For example, an audio component containing or associated with a text transcript may be prioritized based on a gain value, gain differential, and/or frequency range associated with the audio component, with data indicating the priority stored in a computer-readable medium.
Method and system for creating a predictive model for targeting web-page to a surfer
Systems and methods for determining predictive model types are provided. A method may include generating a predictive model for a web page of a website, wherein the web page includes a configuration defining one or more objects presented with the web page, and wherein each object is associated with a predictive model.
Multiple merchant payment processor platform apparatuses, methods and systems
The multiple merchant payment processor platform apparatuses, methods and systems (“mid-platform”) enable merchants to customize the way payments made to them are processed. For example, a computer-implemented mid-platform receives a payment request associated with a site (e.g., a website) and identifies a site profile associated with the site.
System and method for recipe, grocery, and food services
A system includes one or more software programs which are utilized to automate a process of converting an object in media, such as a recipe on a website, into a component list, such as a recipe list. The component list may be converted to a shopping items list, such as a grocery list.
System and method for gathering ecommerce data
The techniques introduced here provide a method of gathering ecommerce data. The techniques described here allow a system to return information about a product from several non-related ecommerce sites in response to a single search query.
Providing notice and purchasing a gift in an online or electronic environment
Various embodiments are directed to systems and methods for funding the purchase of one or more gifts. In one embodiment, a method for purchasing gifts may include providing a computing device configured to access one or more retailer websites.
Store system
In accordance with first embodiment, a store system comprises an image capturing apparatus configured to optically capture an image through an image capturing window; a display for customer configured to be selectively arranged in a horizontal or vertical manner at a side opposite to a side where the image capturing window is arranged to display the display data; a determination unit configured to determine whether the display for customer is placed vertically or horizontally; a sales registration unit configured to execute a sales registration processing in response to an image captured by the image capturing apparatus; and a display content changing unit configured to change, in response to a determination result based on the determination unit, the display data of the sales registration processing carried out by the sales registration unit displayed on the display for customer.. .
Systems and methods for forwarding users to merchant websites
An advertising system is disclosed for connecting consumers with merchant websites and interfaces that are associated with products displayed in an image. For each product in an image, a selectable region may be defined using a set of coordinates that identify the displayed product.
System and method for providing a customer survey
Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for providing a follow-up survey for purchases made at a merchant entity. A customer can make a purchase at a merchant entity, such as a restaurant, and a system can coordinate and store data about the customer using a purchasing account.
Affiliate system, affiliate method, and server
An affiliate system according to the embodiment acquires an introduction request including information on a product or service that a user of a first terminal decides to introduce to a user of a second terminal among products or services purchased or used by the user of the first terminal, selects from among users of respective second terminals, the user of the second terminal who is associated with the user of the first terminal and who visits a purchase site or use site of the product or service specified in the introduction request, and notifies introduction information corresponding to the introduction request to the second terminal of the selected user. If the user of the second terminal purchases or uses the product or service on the basis of the introduction information, a reward is provided to the user of the first terminal..
Method and system for managing vehicles offered for rental
The invention relates to a method (100) for managing vehicles offered for rental in a site, termed the rental site, comprising a plurality of vehicles, said method comprising the following steps: —identification (102) of a user with the aid of at least one identification datum, and —selection (120) of a vehicle from among said plurality of vehicles as a function of at least one predetermined criterion, termed the attribution criterion, and of data (d) relating to each of the vehicles of said plurality. The invention also relates to a method of reserving a vehicle implementing the method of management according to the invention.
Computerized composite risk and benefits apparatus and method
A computerized composite risk and benefit product provides a plan participant with a “bank” of coverage through a self-funded trust, which the bank amount set based on the actuarially determined contribution amount paid by the participant. All claims paid are charged against the bank, such that when the bank is exhausted the plan is terminated.
Methods and apparatus for data-driven monitoring
Methods and apparatus for facilitating monitoring in a clinical trial. The method includes acts of receiving data from at least one information technology system configured to process clinical trial data, and assigning a site prioritization to each of a plurality of sites for at least one clinical trial associated with the at least one information technology system.
Method and system for sensitivity analysis in modeling blood flow characteristics
Embodiments include systems and methods for determining cardiovascular information for a patient. A method includes receiving patient-specific data regarding a geometry of the patient's vasculature; creating an anatomic model representing at least a portion of the patient's vasculature based on the patient-specific data; and creating a computational model of a blood flow characteristic based on the anatomic model.
Modular surgical kit for cartilage repair
A modular surgical kit for repair of diseased cartilage at an articulating surface of a joint and a design method for a modular surgical kit are disclosed. The modular surgical kit is adapted for removal of damage cartilage and bone and also adapted for insertion of a medical implant a grafted plug or an artificial plug having an implant body with a predetermined cross-sectional profile and adapted for guiding insert tools during repair of diseased cartilage at an articulating surface of a joint.
Method and apparatus for determining and presenting differences between 3d models
The disclosed embodiments enable automatic and digital comparison of complex 2d and 3d models to identify changes between the models, including additions, deletions and moves. The disclosed embodiments also enable a method for displaying composite image(s) with changes highlighted in one or more color or shade for easy detection and analysis of the changes..
Navigational and location determination system
A navigation and location system including an inertial navigation unit, a global positioning system, a control system, and a machine readable recording medium storing a plurality of non-transitory machine readable instructions adapted to determine a desired orientation of a sensor at a desired point with respect to the earth based on determination of orientation of a reference axis of a sensor with respect to locations of multiple points and relationships between the multiple points with a significant degree of accuracy using non-magnetic directional sensing, orientation sensing comprising position determinations via the gps, orientation data acquired from said inertial navigation unit, and a sequence of measurements along a displaced path including said position determinations and said orientation data. An additional embodiment can include a remote sensing system for remote sensing of an object of interest..
Active vibration isolating support apparatus
An active vibration isolating support apparatus reduces vibration transmitted from a reciprocating engine. The apparatus supports the engine via vibration isolating support units each of which includes an actuator.
G.p.s. management system
A management system using global positioning system receivers for tracking remote units from a central office and quickly and conveniently determining if those remote units have varied from a set of predetermined parameters of operation. The system also includes provisions that allows information to be sent from the remote units to the central office and vice versa.
Control and optimization system and method for chemical looping processes
A control system for optimizing a chemical loop system includes one or more sensors for measuring one or more parameters in a chemical loop. The sensors are disposed on or in a conduit positioned in the chemical loop.
Prosthetic limb attachment system
In one embodiment, a system for attaching a prosthetic limb to a user's lower torso includes a socket shaped to receive therein a leg amputation site of the user. The system also includes a flexible garment assembly configured to be worn around the user's waist.
Ultra-low fractional area coverage flow diverter for treating aneurysms and vascular diseases
A flow diverter is described and fabricated using ultra-thin porous thin-film nitinol, and is configured for implantation to a treatment site within a vessel for significant reduction in an intra-aneurismal flow velocity and vorticity. Using small size pores in a coverage area of only 10%, a 90% reduction in flow velocity into a pseudo-aneurysm can be achieved, with an almost immediate cessation of flow into an anatomical feature such as aneurysm sac in vivo.
Site specific drug delivery wraps, systems and methods of use thereof
This invention is directed to systems for the treatment of vasculature stenosis having an interior (adventitial) and exterior side (interstitial), wherein the interior and exterior sides are biodegradable and the interior side has an adhesive flexible, biodegradable matrix material and an antiproliferative agent, wherein the anti-proliferative agent is released from the matrix substantially following a unidirectional flow pattern towards the perivascular region, exerting biological activity on the vascular smooth muscle cells of the vascular wall and the size of the system can be customized for adhering to a vascular site of interest.. .
Refrigerant cartridges for cryotherapeutic systems and associated methods of making and using
Refrigerant cartridges for cryotherapeutic neuromodulation and associated systems and methods are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, for example, a cryotherapeutic system includes a shaft having a proximal portion, a distal portion and a supply lumen along at least a portion of the shaft.
Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture
A sealant for sealing a puncture through tissue includes a first section, e.g., formed from freeze-dried hydrogel, and a second section extending from the distal end. The second section may be formed from peg-precursors including peg-ester and peg-amine, e.g., in an equivalent ratio of active group sites of peg-ester/peg-amine greater than one-to-one, e.g., such that excess esters may provide faster activation upon contact with physiological fluids and enhance adhesion of the sealant within a puncture.
Apparatus and procedure for trapping embolic debris
A collapsible and deployable filter for blocking debris and passing blood in a blood vessel in a patient's body, the filter including; a framework of a flexible material, constructed to have a radially compressed state, in which the framework is radially compressed by radial deforming forces, and a radially expanded state to obdurate an artery; and a flexible filter material secured to said framework and having pores dimensioned to prevent the passage of debris therethrough while allowing the passage of blood. The filter has, in the radially expanded state of the framework, a generally conical or frustoconical form with a large diameter end, a small diameter end opposite to the large diameter end, and a side surface extending between the ends.
Catheter with occluding cuff
A device, method, and system of deploying an embolic protection device at a location distal to a treatment site in a vessel of a patient. A delivery catheter is encircled by a sealing member which is expandable from a delivery configuration to a deployed configuration.
Handheld, personal skin care systems with detachable skin care elements
A skin care element holder is designed for use with a handheld body having a receptacle. The skin care element holder includes a substantially circular plate having a diameter between about 20 and about 60 mm.
Delivery system assemblies and associated methods for implantable medical devices
A delivery system assembly includes an elongate outer tube, an elongate inner member extending within a lumen of the outer tube, and an articulation sheath surrounding the outer tube between a handle of the assembly and a distal-most portion of the outer tube. The outer tube is longitudinally moveable within the sheath; and an inner diameter of the sheath is preferably smaller than that of the handle and the distal-most portion of the outer tube.
Tissue retrieval system
The tissue retrieval system deploys a tissue bag at the surgical site. The bag is supported by the system as tissue is placed within the bag and is closed to isolate the collected tissue and allow the bag and collected tissue to be removed from the body.
Procedure for repairing foot injury
A lisfranc injury between a second metatarsal and medial cuneiform is repaired by gaining access to the injury site and placing two arm members of a novel drill guide around the two neighboring bones at the injury site, drilling a guide wire through the two bones guided by the drill guide to a desired depth, and measuring the depth of the guide wire for determining proper length for a bone screw for securing the two bones.. .
Moisture transport system for contact electrocoagulation
An apparatus and method for use in performing ablation or coagulation of organs and other tissue includes a metallized fabric electrode array which is substantially absorbent and/or permeable to moisture and gases such as steam and conformable to the body cavity. Following placement of the ablation device into contact with the tissue to be ablated, an rf generator is used to deliver rf energy to the conductive regions and to thereby induce current flow from the electrodes to tissue to be ablated.
Stretchable composite conductors for flexible electronics, stretchable plasmonic devices, optical filters, and implantable devices and methods for manufacture thereof
New stretchable electrically conductive composite materials comprising at least one polymer and a plurality of nanoparticles are provided, which exhibit high conductivity even at high strain levels. The composite may comprise polyurethane as the polymer and spherical gold nanoparticles.
Hydrophilicity alteration system and method
A system/method allowing hydrophilicity alteration of a polymeric material (pm) is disclosed. The pm hydrophilicity alteration changes the pm characteristics by decreasing the pm refractive index, increasing the pm electrical conductivity, and increasing the pm weight.
Self-actuating chemomechanical devices for delivery and extended release of therapeutic agents in the gastrointestinal tract
The presently disclosed delivery systems utilize microtools, also referred to as theragrippers, to deliver a drug or other therapeutic agent to targeted tissue. More particularly, the drug delivery system and methods provide a delivery system that is capable of anchoring to a tissue site and then delivering a drug or therapeutic agent to the tissue directly to or in the vicinity of the site over an extended period of time.
Piston rod foot
The invention relates to a medical drug delivery apparatus which comprises a cartridge (1) being closed at one end by a membrane (12) and at the opposite end by a movable piston (15). A piston rod foot (1) is provided for transferring the pressure from the piston rod (20) of the drug delivery apparatus and onto the piston (15).
Anti-reflux or anti-obesity prosthesis
A prosthesis (14) that is useful as an anti-reflux device or an anti-obesity device within a gastro-intestinal tract of a living organism, such as a human, comprises an elastic portion including a helical elastic spring (15) embedded in a biocompatible material.. .
Catheter with multiple ultrasound radiating members
A method of delivery ultrasonic energy and a therapeutic compound to a treatment site and an ultrasonic catheter system are disclosed. The ultrasonic catheter system comprises a tubular body having a proximal end, a distal end and a treatment zone located between the distal end and the proximal end, a fluid delivery lumen, at least one ultrasound radiating element positioned in the treatment zone, wiring electrically coupled to the at least one ultrasound radiating element and extending through the tubular body and terminating at a connector, and a control system comprising external circuitry and an isolation pod that is configured to be electrically connected to the connector, the isolation pod being positioned between the tubular body and the external system and comprising an isolation barrier and circuitry for driving the ultrasound radiating element..
Systems and methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments
The present invention involves systems and related methods for performing surgical procedures and assessments, including the use of neurophysiology-based monitoring to: (a) determine nerve proximity and nerve direction to surgical instruments employed in accessing a surgical target site; (b) assess the pathology (health or status) of a nerve or nerve root before, during, or after a surgical procedure; and/or (c) assess pedicle integrity before, during or after pedicle screw placement, all in an automated, easy to use, and easy to interpret fashion so as to provide a surgeon-driven system.. .
R-wave detection method
A method for detecting an r-wave from an ecg signal derived from a living body, the ecg signal including a plurality of ecg channel signals, the method comprising the steps of providing a plurality of channel r-wave detectors each processing a distinct signal of the plurality of channel ecg signals to generate a distinct channel trigger signal of a plurality of channel trigger signals, and inputting each channel trigger signal into a composite r-wave detector to generate a composite r-wave trigger, whereby the composite r-wave detector more accurately detects r-waves than each of the plurality of channel r-wave detectors.. .
Life sign detection and health state assessment system
A wearable platform embodied in a belt or patch provides physiological monitoring of soldiers during field operations or trauma victims at accident sites and makes health state assessments. The platform includes sensors for heart rate, body motion, respiration rate and intensity, and temperature and further contains a microprocessor and short range transmitter.
Method for locating a catheter tip using audio detection
A method for locating a catheter tip within a human body is disclosed. An audio sensor is positioned at a site on the human body.
Method for determining, in real time, the probability that target biological tissue is opposite an ultrasonic transducer
A method for determining, in real time, the probability that target biological tissue is opposite an ultrasonic transducer, the method including: transmitting, via an ultrasonic transducer, an ultrasonic signal into biological tissue; the ultrasonic transducer receiving the transmitted ultrasonic signal which has been backscattered by the biological tissue; calculating at least two instantaneous parameters of the backscattered ultrasonic signal; calculating a predictive value of the presence of an acoustic signature of target biological tissue, the predictive value being calculated via a statistical law using the at least two calculated instantaneous parameters; estimating the probability that the target biological tissue is opposite the ultrasonic transducer, the estimation depending on the calculated predictive value and/or on at least one strength condition based on at least one of the two calculated instantaneous parameters.. .
Self-assembled, micropatterned, and radio frequency (rf) shielded biocontainers and their uses for remote spatially controlled chemical delivery
The present invention relates to a nanoscale or microscale particle for encapsulation and delivery of materials or substances, including, but not limited to, cells, drugs, tissue, gels and polymers contained within the particle, with subsequent release of the therapeutic materials in situ, methods of fabricating the particle by folding a 2d precursor into the 3d particle, and the use of the particle in in-vivo or in-vitro applications. The particle can be in any polyhedral shape and its surfaces can have either no perforations or nano/microscale perforations.
Radioactive emission detector equipped with a position tracking system
A radioactive emission probe in communication with a position tracking system and the use thereof in a variety of systems and methods of medical imaging and procedures, are provided. Specifically, wide-aperture collimation-deconvolution algorithms are provided, for obtaining a high-efficiency, high resolution image of a radioactivity emitting source, by scanning the radioactivity emitting source with a probe of a wide-aperture collimator, and at the same time, monitoring the position of the radioactive emission probe, at very fine time intervals, to obtain the equivalence of fine-aperture collimation.
Diagnostic system for detection of fluid changes
A diagnostic system for monitoring changes in a medium is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter configured to generate and transmit a time-varying magnetic field into a medium responsive to a first signal.
Determining pulse transit time non-invasively using handheld devices
A system and method to determine pulse transit time using a handheld device. The method includes generating an electrocardiogram (ekg) for a user of the handheld device.
Apparatus, system and methods for measuring a blood pressure gradient
An apparatus (100), control system (150) and methods are provided for directly measuring a pressure gradient, i.e. By real-time pressure measurements, with particular application for in situ measurement of transvalvular blood pressure gradients for the aortic valve and other heart valves, using minimally-invasive techniques.
Surgical access system including surgical portal apparatus and adhesive patch
The present disclosure relates to surgical access systems and methods of using the same to access a surgical site during a surgical procedure. The surgical access system includes a portal member and a patch.
Systems, devices and methods for creating an operative site within a patient
A device for creating an operative space within a body lumen for the performance of a medical procedure, including a pressurizable, expandable balloon element insertable into the body lumen. The balloon element includes an interior space for receiving an inflation fluid.
Intelligent nanomagnetic cardiac assist device for a failing heart
The present invention is directed to a contractible and expandable jacket configured to encase at least a portion of a patient's heart. The jacket has a plurality of individual contractile cells with each of the cells having a first electrically conductive coil and a second electrically conductive coil spaced from the first coil.
Method of synthesizing siloxane monomers and use thereof
A method for preparation and polymerization of siloxane monomers of formula i is presented. The synthesis includes the selective reaction between silanol containing unit and alkoxy containing units in the presence of basic catalyst.
Hybrid polypeptides with selectable properties
The present invention relates generally to novel, selectable hybrid polypeptides useful as agents for the treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases and disorders which can be alleviated by control plasma glucose levels, insulin levels, and/or insulin secretion, such as diabetes and diabetes-related conditions. Such conditions and disorders include, but are not limited to, hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, insulin-resistance, obesity, and diabetes mellitus of any kind, including type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes..
Nanocomposite material containing alumina nanofibers and method for making same
A method for producing a nanocomposite material reinforced by alumina al2o3 nanofibers involving synthesizing the alumina al2o3 nanofibers directly from a melt comprising molten metallic aluminum, the method comprising a controlled liquid phase oxidation of the melt, wherein the synthesized alumina al2o3 nanofibers have a diameter between 3 and 45 nm and length of more than 100 nm and combining the synthesized alumina al2o3 nanofibers with a polymer matrix to produce the nanocomposite material reinforced by the alumina al2o3 nanofibers. The alumina al2o3 nanofibers may be monocrystalline alumina al2o3 nanofibers.
Methods of administering compositions comprising docosapentaenoic acid
The present invention relates to compositions comprising docosapentaenoic acid and methods of reducing lipid parameters, such as triglycerides, total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein (ldl) cholesterol, non-hdl cholesterol, free fatty acids, and other lipids, comprising administration of omega-3 docosapentaenoic acid.. .
Tri-salt form of metformin
Provided herein are tri-salt compounds comprising a compound having two acidic functional groups and one basic functional groups (e.g., aspartate or glutamate), metformin, and polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as eicosapentaenoate or docosahexaenoate. The salts can be used in the treatment of diabetes, diabetes with concomitant dyslipidemia (e.g., high triglycerides) and diabetes exacerbated cardiovascular complications, such as cardiac arrhythmia, cardiac ischemia, myocardial infarction, cardiomyopathy, and stroke.
Anti-obesity potential of calebin a
The present invention discloses the potential of calebin a in inhibiting adipogenesis and applications thereof in obesity management. The present invention elucidates the potential of calebin a to favorably modulate biochemical markers associated with obesity.
Oligonucleotides for modulation of target rna activity
The present invention relates to oligonucleotides for modulation of target rna activity. Thus, the invention provides oligonucleotides that bind to microrna binding sites of target rna.
N-benzylbenzimidazole modulators of pparg
The invention provides molecular entities that bind with high affinity to pparg (pparγ), inhibit cdk5-mediated phosphorylation of pparg, but do not exert an agonistic effect on pparg. Compounds of the invention can be used for treatment of conditions in patients wherein pparg plays a role, such as diabetes or obesity.
Aryl-and heteroarylcarbonyl derivatives of hexahydroindenopyridine and octahydrobenzoquinoline
Wherein the variables r1, r2, r3, r4, and m are defined as in claim 1, possessing valuable pharmacological activity. Particularly, the compounds are inhibitors of 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (hsd) 1 and thus are suitable for treatment and prevention of diseases which can be influenced by inhibition of this enzyme, such as metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes type 2, obesity, and dyslipidemia..
Substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycles and analogues as sirtuin modulators
Provided herein are novel substituted bicyclic aza-heterocycle sirtuin-modulating compounds and methods of use thereof. The sirtuin-modulating compounds may be used for increasing the lifespan of a cell, and treating and/or preventing a wide variety of diseases and disorders including, for example, diseases or disorders related to aging or stress, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular disease, blood clotting disorders, inflammation, cancer, and/or flushing as well as diseases or disorders that would benefit from increased mitochondrial activity.
Serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Compounds of formula i or a stereoisomer, tautomer, prodrug or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof are provided, which are useful for the treatment of hyperproliferative, pain and inflammatory diseases. Methods of using compounds of formula i or a stereoisomer, tautomer, prodrug or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for in vitro, in situ, and in vivo diagnosis, prevention or treatment of such disorders in mammalian cells, or associated pathological conditions are disclosed..
High enhancer-loading polyacrylate formulation for transdermal applications
A polyacrylate formulation suitable for delivery of drug to through a body surface of an individual. By loading the drug and permeation enhancers at a high concentration into a polyacrylate proadhesive that has inadequate adhesive properties for typical adhesive application on the skin, a formulation with desirable adhesive characteristics and effective therapeutic properties can be made.
Extended release biodegradable ocular implants
Biodegradable implants sized and suitable for implantation in an ocular region or site and methods for treating ocular conditions. The implants provide an extended release of an active agent at a therapeutically effective amount for a period of time between 50 days and one year, or longer..
Amylin-calcitonin chimeric peptides conjugated to duration enhancing moieties
Provided herein are amylin-calcitonin peptide conjugates having enhanced duration of biological activity, and methods of use thereof. The amylin-calcitonin peptide conjugates include duration enhancing moieties, such as water soluble polymers and long chain aliphatic groups, bound to the amylin-calcitonin peptide.
Concentrated alkyl ether sulfate amine salt compositions
Phase stable, concentrated liquid detergent compositions containing from 21% to 74% by weight of at least one alkyl ether sulfate amine salt anionic surfactant are disclosed. The concentrated liquid detergent compositions also include from 2% to 50% by weight nonionic surfactants and contain less than 50% by weight water.
Lubricating compositions and methods of use thereof
Described are various formulations of lubricant additive composition comprising an additive base oil, a chlorinated paraffin, and a first antioxidant that can be used as a stand-alone lubricant or can be used in an additive package that can be added to another lubricant composition (e.g., an engine oil, a transmission fluid, a turbine oil, a gear oil, a grease, etc.). Also described are various engine oil composition comprising the lubricant additive composition..
Lubricant composition
A lubricating oil composition comprising a lubricating base oil, and a mixture and/or a reaction product of (a) 0.01-0.5% by mass of at least one compound selected from among acid phosphates represented by formula (1) or formula (2), and (b) 0.01-2% by mass of an alkylamine represented by formula (3), based on the total weight of the composition, wherein the acid value due to component (a) is 0.1-1.0 mgkoh/g. [r1 and r2 represent hydrogen or straight-chain alkyl or straight-chain alkenyl groups, with at least one of r1 and r2 being a c6-12 straight-chain alkyl or straight-chain alkenyl group; r3 and r4 represent hydrogen straight-chain alkyl or straight-chain alkenyl groups, with at least one of r3 and r4 being a c13-18 straight-chain alkyl or straight-chain alkenyl group; and r5 and r6 represent hydrogen or c4-30 branched-chain alkyl groups, with at least one of r5 and r6 being a branched-chain alkyl group.].
Fluid processing device for oligonucleotide synthesis and analysis
The present teachings provide a fluid processing device adapted to produce different oligomers in a plurality of respective reaction sites. The fluid processing device can comprise a first manifold for delivering reactants to the plurality of reaction sites, and a second manifold for removing waste from, and optionally delivering wash fluid to, the plurality of reaction sites.
Genetic marker for the diagnosis of dementia with lewy bodies
Specific polymorphisms in bche gene have been found which allow determining whether a patient suffers from dementia with lewy bodies (dlb), and allow distinguishing it from alzheimer's disease. The invention provides an in vitro method for the diagnosis of dlb comprising determining in a biological sample from a subject, the genotype of the following polymorphisms in butyrylcholinesterase (bche) gene: the polymorphic site at position 3687 in ncbi accession number ng_009031 (i.e.
Cell-based methods for coupling protein interactions and binding molecule selection and diversification
The invention relates to cell-based methods for diversifying, expressing and selecting binding molecules, e.g., antibodies, and target molecules to which they bind, all of which are expressed in the same cell. The target molecule can be a member of a ligand binding pair comprising a cell-surface expressed ligand binding receptor molecule and its cognate ligand, which interact within the cell.
Ultra sensitive method for in situ detection of nucleic acids
Disclosed is a method for in situ detection of one or more target nucleic acids based on a combination of rnascope® method and a general ish signal amplification method. This new method produces high signal intensity and while keeps low background noise of signal amplification.
Glass substrate for flat panel display and manufacturing method thereof
A glass substrate for p-si tft flat panel displays that is composed of a glass comprising 52-78 mass % of sio2, 3-25 mass % of al2o3, 3-15 mass % of b2o3, 3-25 mass % of ro, wherein ro is total amount of mgo, cao, sro, and bao, 0.01-1 mass % of fe2o3, and 0-0.3 mass % of sb2o3, and substantially not comprising as2o3, the glass having a mass ratio (sio2+al2o3)/b2o3 in a range of 7-30 and a mass ratio (sio2+al2o3)/ro equal to or greater than 6. A method for manufacturing a glass substrate involves: a melting step of obtaining a molten glass by melting, by employing at least direct electrical heating, glass raw materials blended so as to provide the aforementioned glass composition; a forming step of forming the molten glass into a flat-plate glass; and an annealing step of annealing the flat-plate glass..
Bismuth-based glass composition
A bismuth-based glass composition according to the present invention contains bi2o3, b2o3 and zno, wherein the bismuth-based glass composition has a bi2o3 content of 55 to 80 mass % and further contains 0.1 to 5 mass % of at least one of sro and bao as an ro component. Preferably, the bismuth-based glass composition according to the present invention has a linear expansion coefficient of (65 to 95)×10−7/° c.
Dark neutral gray glass composition with low transmittance, and glass formed therefrom
The present invention relates to a dark neutral gray glass composition with a low transmittance, and a glass formed therefrom, and more specifically, to a dark neutral gray glass composition with a low transmittance and a low color purity, wherein an appropriate amount of fe2o3, coo and se are used as a colorant component, and the feo content in fe2o3 and the coo and se relative content are delimited by a predetermined range, so as to lower the transmittance of visible rays, solar energy and ultraviolet rays and color purity, thereby protecting privacy in a vehicle, a building and the like, enabling harmony among the various colors thereof, and protecting an interior material and people from ultraviolet rays, and to a glass formed therefrom.. .
Exercise assemblies having crank members with limited rotation
An exercise assembly has a frame, a pair of elongated foot pedal members, a pair of elongated coupler arms, a pair of crank members, a pair of elongated rocker arms, and a front cross-shaft. The pair of foot pedal members are each movable along user-defined paths of different dimensions.

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