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Heat sink device


Heat sink device

Housing for an electrical or electronic apparatus

El.co S.r.l.

Housing for an electrical or electronic apparatus

Housing for an electrical or electronic apparatus

Delta Electronics (shanghai)

Power module and point-of-load (pol) power module

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sit-related patents
 Communication module assembly with heat sink and methods of manufacture patent thumbnailCommunication module assembly with heat sink and methods of manufacture
A communication assembly can include: a module device; a cage having a body defining a first open end that is configured to receive the module device therethrough and the body defining one or more first receiver members between the first end and a second end opposite of the first end, the one or more first receiver members having a first part of fastening system (e.g., two-part fastening system); and a heat sink adapted to be received into the cage so as to be thermally coupled with the module device, the heat sink having a body defining one or more second receiver members configured to receive the one or more first receiver members, the one or more second receiver members having a second part of the fastening system that couples with the first part of the fastening system.. .
Finisar Corporation

 Heat sink device patent thumbnailHeat sink device
A heat sink device includes a thermally conducting base plate configured to be thermally coupled to a heat source. A cover is located substantially opposite the base plate.
Compulab Ltd.

 Housing for an electrical or electronic apparatus patent thumbnailHousing for an electrical or electronic apparatus
The invention refers to a housing of electronic apparatus mountable on a wall of an electric panel or cabinet. To ease the assembly operation on a bored wall panel, the housing comprises two parts, (i) a front portion and (ii) a hollow main body, which are separated and configured to be able to connect to one another being, when connected, on opposite sides of the panel or cabinet..
El.co S.r.l.

 Power module and point-of-load (pol) power module patent thumbnailPower module and point-of-load (pol) power module
The present invention relates to a power module and a pol power module. The power module comprises an inductor and a main board; the inductor is disposed on the main board and includes an upper magnetic core, a pcb winding board, pins and a lower magnetic core; the pcb winding board is disposed between the upper magnetic core and the lower magnetic core; first ends of the pins are connected to the pcb winding board; and a second end, opposite to the first end, of at least one pin is extended and exceeds the bottom surface of the lower magnetic core, and is connected to the main board, so that a receiving space is formed between the bottom surface of the lower magnetic core and an upper surface of the main board.
Delta Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Electronic apparatus patent thumbnailElectronic apparatus
An electronic apparatus includes a housing having a contact surface to be in contact with an installation surface, a first circuit board disposed in the housing and extending parallel to the contact surface, a second circuit board disposed in the housing and extending perpendicular to the first circuit board, and a panel unit disposed at the housing. The panel unit includes a casing having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end in a first direction, at least one of a display unit and an input unit, and a support portion supported by the housing and protruding from the second end of the casing.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Light guide member and electronic device using same patent thumbnailLight guide member and electronic device using same
A device using both an indicator and a light signal receiver includes a cover, a display panel fixed on the cover, and a light guide member to fix and receive a light receiver. A first through hole is defined in the cover.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Panel for display screens patent thumbnailPanel for display screens
A panel for display screens is provided. The panel for display screens includes a first l-shaped element and a second l-shaped element and a first angular element and a second angular element, the first and second angular elements being adapted to be coupled internally to the first and second l-shaped elements, so as to define telescopically extensible opposite sides of a quadrangular frame adapted to be arranged around a display screen..

 Composite chassis with cosmetic finish patent thumbnailComposite chassis with cosmetic finish
Processes for forming a composite chassis having a cosmetic finish are described. A composite chassis having cosmetic finish may be formed from a preform formed from layers of a continuous fiber tape impregnated with thermoplastic resin and a reaction molding process where a cosmetic portion having a cosmetic finish is molded onto the preform.

 Rotation mechanism and electronic device patent thumbnailRotation mechanism and electronic device
A rotation mechanism includes a first rotary member defining an axis, a second rotary member, a track disc, a first rod and a second rod. The first rotary member, the second rotary member and the track disc are assembled coaxially, and the first rotary member and the second rotary member rotate relative to the track disc.
Wistron Corporation

 Multi viewing angle portable electronic device support patent thumbnailMulti viewing angle portable electronic device support
Certain embodiments of the invention include a double hinge for an electronic device case, with hinge stoppers integrally formed to prevent rotation beyond 180 degrees. Certain embodiments include a hinge comprising a first hinge plate, a second hinge plate, and a third hinge plate, where the first hinge plate is adapted to be pivotally engaged with the second hinge plate through the third hinge plate.
Logitech Europe S.a.


Display device

Included are: a display that is configured to allow an image to be displayed on a display screen; a back chassis disposed on an opposite surface side to the display screen of the display; and a support body disposed on a peripheral side of the display and the back chassis. The support body includes a plate section, a first link section, and a second link section, the plate section being directed in a direction perpendicular to the display, the first link section being provided on one surface in a direction of thickness of the plate section, and the second link section being provided on the one surface in the direction of thickness of the plate section.
Sony Corporation


Electronic component, electronic apparatus, and moving object

An electronic component includes a pedestal plate that has a first surface made of a metal and a second surface being an opposite surface to the first surface, a heating element arranged on the first surface of the pedestal plate, and a resonator element arranged on the heating element. The pedestal plate overlaps the resonator element in a plan view..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Systems and methods for providing surface connectivity of oriented conductive channels

An electrically conductive composite is disclosed that includes a dielectric material having a first side and a second side, conductive particles within the dielectric material layer, and a discontinuous layer of a conductive material on a first side of the dielectric layer. The conductive particles are aligned to form a plurality of conductive paths from the first side to the second side of the dielectric material, and each of the conductive paths is formed of at least a plurality of conductive particles.
Flexcon Company, Inc.


Wiring board

A wiring board includes first insulating layers; first wiring layers; first via wirings; second insulating layers; second wiring layers; second via wirings; and a solder resist layer, wherein the first insulating layers are composed of non-photosensitive resin, wherein the second insulating layers, and the solder resist layer are composed of photosensitive resin, respectively, wherein the first surface of the uppermost first insulating layer and the first end surface of the first via wiring embedded in the uppermost first insulating layer are polished surfaces, wherein the first end surface of the first via wiring embedded in the uppermost first insulating layer is flush with the first surface of the uppermost first insulating layer, and wherein the wiring density of the second wiring layers is higher than the wiring density of the first wiring layers.. .
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.


Multilayer wiring board with built-in electronic component and manufacturing the same

A multilayer wiring board with a built-in electronic component includes a substrate, a conductor layer formed on surface of the substrate, one or more electronic components positioned in a cavity formed through the substrate, an insulating layer formed on the substrate such that the insulating layer is formed on the component in the cavity, and a wiring layer formed on the insulating layer. The conductor layer has an opening formed such that the cavity is formed in the opening of the conductor layer and that the conductor layer has a first side in the opening and a second side in the opening on the opposite side across the cavity, and the cavity is formed in the opening of the conductor layer such that width between the cavity and the first side of the conductor layer is greater than width between the cavity and the second side of the conductor layer..
Ibiden Co., Ltd.


Printed circuit board and manufacturing same

A printed circuit board has a core made of an aluminum material; a bonding member positioned on opposite surfaces of the core; a base layer bonded to the opposite surface of the core through the bonding member; a receiving hole extending through the core, the bonding member, and the base layer; a zinc substitution layer positioned on a surface of the base layer and a portion of the base layer exposed on an inner surface of the receiving hole; and a plating layer positioned on the zinc substitution layer, and having a circuit pattern.. .
Tyco Electronics Amp Korea Ltd


Waveguide-based exciting and sustaining a plasma

An apparatus includes an electromagnetic which supports propagation of an electromagnetic wave in a first direction between a first end thereof and a second end thereof, and an electromagnetic-field shaping structure within the electromagnetic waveguide. The electromagnetic-field shaping structure defines a channel extending from a first aperture in a first wall of the apparatus to a second aperture in a second, opposite, wall.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Subscriber-aware paging

This disclosure relates to systems and methods for paging devices in a communication network. A network device providing mobility management through control messaging can be assigned a number of cell sites in multiple tracking areas.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Methods and arrangements to offload scans of a large scan list

Embodiments describe arrangements related to offload scanning of large scan lists. Embodiments may comprise logic such as hardware and/or code to facilitate offloading of the scans of large scan lists, e.g., lists on the order of thousands of networks or access points for networks, to network adapters such as wireless network interface cards.
Intel Corporation


Opportunistic mobile receive diversity (omrd) in a dual-sim dual-active (dsda) device

Methods and devices are disclosed for implementing opportunistic mobile receive diversity (“omrd”) on a multi-sim wireless device. The wireless device may receive a request from a protocol stack associated with the first sim to utilize the second rf resource for receive diversity, and determine whether a protocol stack associated with the second sim currently has a lower priority than the protocol stack associated with the first sim.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Adaptation of handover parameters

Handover parameter settings are automatically adapted in access points in a system to improve handover performance. Reactive detection techniques are employed for identifying different types of handover-related failures and adapting handover parameters based on this detection.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Measurement configuration and reporting with diverse traffic

These teachings present a new minimization of drive test mdt mode which is valid when the user equipment ue is in an idle state and in a connected state and across the state transitions. The extended logged mdt configuration according to this mode may be configured for the ue by the network, or autonomously by the ue itself.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy


Mobile community driven help for software applications

Providing help information includes receiving a message, wherein contents of the message comprise a request for help information related to a user application executing on a separate computer; and forwarding a query to a help repository, the query based on the contents of the message. In response, receipt from the repository of an identification of a resource within the repository occurs that is relevant to the query.
Ca, Inc.


Augmenting light-based communication receiver positioning

Techniques are disclosed for augmenting light-based communication (lcom) receiver positioning using, for example, an inertial navigation system (ins). An lcom receiver ins may utilize one or more on-board accelerometers and gyroscopic sensors to calculate, via dead reckoning, the position, orientation, and velocity of the receiver.
Osram Sylvania Inc.


Systems and methods providing transmit diversity to combat multipath effects in position estimation

Described are systems and methods for estimating a position of receiver using sets of two or more transmitters that share one or more common characteristics with each other. Features may relate to estimating the position of the receiver using signals that were each concurrently transmitted from a different transmitter in a set of co-located transmitters..
Nextnav, Llc


Method and system for providing enhanced location based information for wireless handsets using dead reckoning

Methods, devices and systems for generating enhanced location information on or about a mobile device may include improved dead reckoning solutions in which the mobile device performs location determination calculations with the aid of network components or global positioning systems (gps). The network aided location information may be provided to the processor and utilized in measuring the accuracy of sensor based location calculations.
Rivada Research, Llc.


Variable thickness acoustic transducers

An embodiment of an acoustic transducer assembly includes: a piezoelectric active element configured to emit acoustic signals, the active element having an emitting surface and a back surface located opposite the emitting surface, at least a portion of the back surface having a shape that forms a curve, the shape configured to cause the active element to have a variable thickness between the emitting surface and the back surface; and a backing material disposed in contact with the backing surface and configured to absorb the acoustic signals, the backing material shaped to conform to the back surface.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Voice coil

A voice coil adapted for an electricity-powered loudspeaker includes a plurality of coils formed by winding an enameled wire. The coils are stacked up and down to show a hollow multilayer structure with an accommodating space being formed therein.
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.



An ear unit for stably fitting in an ear includes a first surface facing inwardly toward the ear, a second, opposite surface facing outwardly from the ear and an outer circumferential surface formed between the first and second surfaces. The outer circumferential surface is shaped as a decremental curve.
Freebit As


Microphone system with driven electrodes

Systems and methods for controlling parameters of a mems microphone. The microphone system includes a mems microphone and a controller.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Sensor unit, host device and data communication method therebetween

To provide a compact, high density, highly reliable and low cost three-terminal ic sensor unit, a host device to be connected to the sensor unit, a sensor system comprising such sensor unit and host device and a communication method between sensor unit and host device. The power supply voltage to be supplied to the sensor unit 100 from the host device (external device) 200 through the power supply terminal 101 is turned on/off by power supply on/off means 220 in response to command and/or data to be transmitted and such on/off pulsation of the power supply voltage is detected by the data detection section 140 for transmission from the host device 200 to the sensor unit 100.
Digian Technology Inc.


Stereo adapter and stereo imaging apparatus

A stereo adapter includes first and second reflecting surfaces disposed in a front of an imaging unit along a direction perpendicular to a parallax direction, a third reflecting surface disposed further away from the imaging unit than the first reflecting surface along the parallax direction, and a fourth reflecting surface disposed further away from the imaging unit than the second reflecting surface along the parallax direction and on an opposite side of the third reflecting surface. Each reflecting surface is rotated by a predetermined angle from an entrance pupil plane or an object plane around a first axis orthogonal to the parallax direction and the optical axis and is tilted such that a ray in parallel to the optical axis when entry forms an angle of a quarter of a vertical angle of view of the imaging unit to the optical axis when leaving from the stereo adapter..
Fujitsu Limited


Method and uploading data

A method and apparatus for uploading dme is provided herein. During operation vehicles in the field will upload their digital multimedia evidence (dme) to a mobile/intermediary upload point(s).
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Transmission system, relay apparatus, transmission terminal, and transmission terminal control program

A transmission system includes a transmission terminal locally reproducing video and voice data and transmitting and receiving the video and voice data via a network; a relay apparatus transmitting the video data and voice data to another transmission terminal or the transmission terminal; and a transmission management apparatus managing a session for a single transmission terminal. Further, the transmission terminal sends a request for establishing a session for a single site to the relay apparatus via the transmission management apparatus, and the relay apparatus establishes the session for the single site related to the transmission terminal so that a connection check process is performed on the transmission terminal within the single site only..


Systems and methods for enhancing teleconferencing collaboration

An advanced video teleconferencing system facilitates an engaging and realistic video conferencing experience. Key design elements and video, audio, and control capabilities are provided for a video conferencing experience that cannot be attained with conventional methods, which elements and capabilities include careful design of the table and room at each site, supplementary displays showing imagery in a mirrored manner, networked environmental control, an autodirector with keyword and gesture recognition, and audio reflection from a display or beam splitter..
Applied Minds, Llc


Adaptive low-light identification

This document describes techniques and apparatuses for implementing adaptive low-light identification. These techniques and apparatuses enable a computing device to capture infrared (ir) imagery of a person and determine, based on previously-captured ir imagery of multiple people, an identity of the person.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Image processing system and image processing method

An image detection unit extracts image feature values from images of each camera. An image conversion unit computes a blend rate according to the image feature values and composites an image of a superposition area wherein a plurality of camera images overlap.
Clarion Co., Ltd.


Adaptive low-light view modes

This document describes techniques and apparatuses for implementing adaptive low-light view modes. These techniques and apparatuse enable a computing device to capture infrared (ir) imagery at a particular location and retrieve, based on the particular location, previously-captured imagery that corresponds with the ir imagery.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Distributed automatic image and video processing

A method and system for cooperative image acquisition and processing. A system comprising a group of network-connected cooperating cameras, where upon determining an imaging event a camera requests imaging from cooperating cameras.


Image processing apparatus capable of generating composite video image, control method therefor, and storage medium storing control program therefor

An image processing apparatus capable of obtaining a sufficient hdr effect while keeping smoothness of an appearance of a video image in an hdr composition process. A first computation unit finds a first composition ratio of frames of images that are continuously taken at mutually different exposures based on luminance of at least one of the frames of images.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Image generation generating plurality of images with different resolution and/or brightness from single image

Provided is an image generation system and method, more particularly, an image generation system and method which can generate a high dynamic range image from a plurality of images acquired in a single short exposure. The image generation system to includes an image generation system having an image acquisition unit to acquire an image, an image generation unit to generate, from the acquired image, a plurality of images with different resolution and brightness, and an image synthesis unit to synthesize the generated images..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

Provided is an image processing apparatus including an area determination unit, an area processing unit and an area adjustment unit. Upon acquiring multiple image data, the area determination unit is configured to determine whether a text area or an image area of one image data matches an initial text area or an initial image area that has initially appeared in another image data.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Image reading apparatus

An image reading apparatus includes a conveyor configured to convey a sheet in a conveying direction along a conveyance path; a first reading unit configured to read an image of a first surface of the sheet conveyed by the conveyor through a first reading surface; a second reading unit configured to read an image of a second surface opposite to the first surface of the sheet conveyed by the conveyor through a second reading surface; a first pressing member, which is made of a resin, is configured to face the first reading surface and is configured to urge the sheet passing through the conveyance path towards the first reading surface; and a second pressing member, which is made of metal, is configured to face the second reading surface and configured to urge the sheet passing through the conveyance path towards the second reading surface.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program, terminal device and method

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium stores instructions including first generating processing, first determination processing, second determination processing, second generating processing, and third determination processing for a terminal device with a camera. The first generating processing generates extracted image data from captured image data acquired by the camera.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Cloud-based global alarm annunciation system for industrial systems

A cloud-based global alarm annunciation broker assist in locating and contacting suitable technical support personnel in response to detected alarm events at a plant facility. The system comprises a cloud-based framework that dynamically matches on-site alarm events to domain experts capable of addressing the alarm events.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Systems, method, and computer program product for cross-channel customer relationship management support with dynamically inserted voice call numbers

Disclosed embodiments relate generally to customer relationship management (crm), and more particularly to a system, methods, and computer program products providing or supporting a cross-channel crm support system for serving contact phone numbers for display at a web site and using such numbers to track, analyze and utilize prospective customer behavior on the internet prior to the prospective customer calling the served contact phone number.. .
Ifbyphone, Inc.


Mobile terminal device

A mobile terminal device (1) according to the present invention includes a housing (10) that includes a frame (30), a housing (20) that includes a frame (40), and hinges (51 and 52) that couple the frame (30) and the frame (40) around a pivotal axis (50). The housings (10, 20) include touch panels (12, 22).
Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.


Mobile terminal device and manufacturing the same

A mobile terminal device in which a speaker sound hole is arranged sufficiently apart from a receiver sound hole is provided. A mobile terminal device according to one exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a housing; a first display means that is arranged on a side of a first principal surface in the housing; a second display means that is arranged on a side of a second principal surface opposite to the first principal surface in the housing; a receiver sound hole that is formed on the first principal surface of the housing; a receiver that is fixed in the housing; and a speaker sound hole that is formed on a side surface of the housing opposite to the receiver sound hole with the first display means interposed therebetween; and a speaker that is fixed in the housing..
Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.


Unified data ingestion adapter for migration of industrial data to a cloud platform

A cloud gateway device facilitates collection of industrial data from one or more data sources on the plant floor and migration of the collected data to a cloud platform for storage and processing. The cloud gateway device collects historical, live, and/or alarm data directly from industrial devices networked to the gateway device, formats and encapsulates the data with customer-specific header information, and sends the resulting data packets to a cloud platform for processing by cloud-level analytics services.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


System and using a website containing video playlists as input to a download manager

Systems and methods for enabling the download of a set of media files with a specific order and specific contents and, more particularly, to enabling a download manager to automatically receive the information it requires to retrieve those elements required to replicate a streaming edit through local playback after the downloads complete.. .
Synergy Sports Technology, Llc


Information processing apparatus

A streaming data acquisition section 302 acquires streaming data distributed from a server and including an application image, and a streaming data reproduction section 322 reproduces the streaming data. A command input acceptance section 342 accepts a command input to an application inputted by a user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


System and maintenance of transitive closure of a graph and user authentication

A user authorization system may include a database server maintaining, in a database, a cached user rights list specifying associations between users and related entities from which the users inherit rights and an access control list specifying permissions of entities to access objects. A server may receive a request from a user to access an object and pass access information to the database server.
Open Text S.a.


System and maintenance of transitive closure of a graph and user authentication

Disclosed can improve rights list management as well as performance of systems utilizing an access control list. A database server having a transitive closure management module may receive an identification of an entity defined in a database storing a cached transitive closure.
Open Text S.a.


Method and determining phishing website

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for determining a phishing website. The method comprises: a server determining whether a target website accessed by a client is a gray website, the gray website being a website neither in a preset blacklist nor in a whitelist; the client acquiring the browsing information of the gray website in the local client, and determining whether the browsing information meets a preset condition; if yes, determining that the gray website is a non-phishing website; if not, the client acquiring the domain name feature information of the gray website, and when the domain name feature information conforms to a pre-configured rule, determining that the gray website is a phishing website.
Qizhi Software (beijing) Company Limited


Granting permission in association with an application

A system and method are provided for granting permission in association with an application, the method comprising accessing a website on an application running on an electronic device, the website comprising metadata, obtaining, from the metadata, a unique identifier of a native application, determining, based on the obtained unique identifier, that the native application is installed on the electronic device and that a permission is set in the native application, verifying, in response to the determination, that the native application corresponds to the website, and setting, in response to the verification, the permission for the website, wherein both the application and the native application allow for setting of the permission.. .
Google Inc.


System and two factor user authentication using a smartphone and nfc token and for the automatic generation as well as storing and inputting of logins for websites and web applications

The present matter relates generally to the matter of authenticating users for login to websites and web applications to use a computer service. More specifically the matter of using a communication device such as a smartphone and nfc-based token as a two factor authentication solution for authenticating to use computer services such as logging into websites and web applications.
Symple Id Inc.


System of composite passwords incorporating hints

A system which generates composite passwords which can act to trigger a designated event; said system comprising a database having stored thereon at least first and second hints associated with at least respective first and second passwords, all of which are associated with a designated user; the system storing hints and passwords for multiple designated users and wherein each hint and password pair is generated by an association procedure whereby the password is uniquely derivable from the hint by the designated user with which that hint and password pair is associated; a composite password generated by the system presenting in a designated order of at least first and second hints to a designated user in response to which the designated user inputs respective first and second passwords to a local device thereby to assemble a composite password from the first and second passwords; the composite password then being stored on the local device.. .


System and posting content to network sites

A system and method for posting content to network sites are disclosed. A particular embodiment includes providing, by use of a data processor, a user interface at a location-specific kiosk, the user interface enabling a user to capture an image at the location-specific kiosk; applying an overlay to the captured image to produce posting content; receiving a community site selection and community site credentials at the location-specific kiosk; using the community site credentials to authenticate with the selected community site via a data network; and posting the posting content at the authenticated community site via the data network..


Methods and data access control

Systems and techniques for controlling access to data are described. Data is delivered to a repository in such a way that access to the data can be controlled, for example, by encrypting the data before delivery.


Web-based security and filtering system for inbound/outbound communications with proxy chaining

A customizable system for filtering web-based http requests for outbound and inbound access to web sites. An administrative module in a user computer configures a range of access levels for inbound and outbound communications and has list maintenance functions.


Active application response delay time

Provided are methods and systems for load balancing client requests between sites associated with a domain name. A method comprises determining a first active response delay time between a local domain name system (dns) server and a first site.


Cloud topology visualizations

Example implementations relate to cloud topology visualizations. In example implementations, node models may be received from a plurality of model repositories.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Low-complexity estimating impulse-radio uwb wireless channels

A low-complexity minimum mean square error (mmse) method for estimation of impulse response or channel response of impulse-radio ultra-wideband (ir-uwb) wireless channels which exploits the sparsity of the received signal profile and the structure of the sensing matrix. The method comprises of first sub-sampling a received signal profile; second finding a minimum mean square error estimate of the impulse-radio ultra-wideband communication channel by bayesian estimation according to priori channel statistics; and third identifying one or more substantially orthogonal clusters in the received signal profile.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Systems and methods for near band interference cancellation

A method for self-interference canceller tuning for a near band radio includes receiving, in a first frequency band, an rf transmit signal of the near band radio; receiving, in a second frequency band, an rf receive signal of the near band radio; generating a self-interference cancellation signal from the rf transmit signal based on a set of configuration parameters; combining the self-interference cancellation signal with the rf receive signal to create a composite receive signal; and adapting the set of configuration parameters based on the composite receive signal.. .
Kumu Networks, Inc.


Provision of broadband access to airborne platforms

An air to ground (atg) broadband access system is described. The system includes: a plurality of cell sites that together form a service coverage area, each cell site adapted to generate a local coverage area, each sell site including: multiple antenna fixtures situated at a lower corner of the local coverage area, where the local coverage area includes multiple sectors and each antenna fixture is associated with a different sector than each other antenna fixture; and a radio sub-system connected to each antenna fixture, the radio sub-system including a transmitter capable of modulating and transmitting signals through the antenna fixture and a receiver capable of demodulating and decoding signals received through the antenna fixture; and at least one aerial platform including: at least one antenna fixture capable of forming beams toward the cell site; and a radio sub-system capable of modulating and transmitting signals and demodulating and decoding signals..


Low-complexity communication terminal with enhanced receive diversity

A method includes, in a receiver, receiving a signal carrying data using multiple antennas, so as to produce multiple respective input signals. The input signals are divided into two or more subsets.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.


Adaptive waiting time in multiple receive diversity control for td-scdma

In an aspect of the disclosure, a method, a computer program product, and an apparatus are provided. The apparatus switches from a multiple receive diversity (rxd) on state to a rxd off state upon detecting a condition is in a certain state.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Differential interconnect with stub traces

This disclosure relates generally to an electronic assembly and method having a first electrical connection point and a second electrical connection point and a differential interconnect coupling the first electrical connection point to the second electrical connection point, the differential interconnect including first and second transmission traces including a interior edges and a exterior edges opposite the interior edges, the second interior edge facing the first interior edge, and stub traces, each stub trace coupled to one of the first and second transmission traces and projecting from one of the first interior edge, the first exterior edge, the second interior edge, and the second exterior edge. A substantially equal number of stub traces project from the first exterior edge and the second exterior edge.


Electronic device and transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof

An electronic device includes a flip cover connected thereto. The electronic device includes a first display.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Protective cover for a tablet

A protective cover for a tablet includes a foldable board, a base board, a wireless communication module, and a first input device. A foldable board comprising a first segment, and a second segment connected to the one side of the first segment and foldable with respect to the first segment, and the foldable board defining limiting members on edges of the interior surface of the foldable board; a base board connected to an opposite side of the first segment and foldable with respect to the first segment; a first input device mounted on the base board to be connected to the tablet by means of the wireless communication module; wherein the first segment and the second segment are foldable with respective to each other to form a triangular support structure supported by the holder lobe..
Dean Shoes Company Ltd.


Multicarrier dynamic predistortion for digital transmission

An approach for predistorting signals to be transmitted via a multicarrier satellite transponder to account for inter-symbol interference. Multiple source signals are received.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc


Acoustic resonator comprising acoustic redistribution layers and lateral features

An acoustic resonator device including a piezoelectric layer, a first electrode disposed adjacent to a first surface of the piezoelectric layer, and a second electrode disposed adjacent to a second surface of the piezoelectric layer. At least one of the first electrode and the second electrode includes a first conductive layer disposed adjacent to the piezoelectric layer and having a first acoustic impedance, and a second conductive layer disposed on a side of the first conductive layer opposite the piezoelectric layer and having a second acoustic impedance greater than the first acoustic impedance.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte.ltd.


Signal-transmission-line structure and electronic device using the same

A signal-transmission-line structure includes a substrate, a through-silicon via (tsv) trench, a conductive substance, at least a conductor wire, and a dielectric layer. The substrate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other.
Realtek Semiconductor Corp.


Polyphase filter for mm-wave frequencies featuring symmetric layout

A two-stage, passive, rc polyphase filter for mm-wave quadrature lo generation is presented. The filter features an innovative, symmetrical layout structure, which is more robust to parasitics than the conventional layout.
St-ericsson Sa


Acoustic resonator with planarization layer and fabricating the same

A method is provided for fabricating a bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonator device. The method includes forming an etch stop layer over a bottom electrode and a substrate; forming a dielectric layer on the etch stop layer; forming a photomask over the dielectric layer defining an opening over the bottom electrode; etching a portion the dielectric layer through the opening of the photomask to the etch stop layer to create a corresponding opening in the dielectric layer; removing the photomask, leaving un-etched protruding portions of the dielectric layer around the opening in the dielectric layer; and removing the protruding portions of the dielectric layer, a portion of the etch stop layer located over the bottom electrode, and a minimal portion of the bottom electrode to provide a planarized surface including a top surface of the bottom electrode and an adjacent top surface of the dielectric layer deposited over the substrate..
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Stepping motor driving apparatus, image carrier rotation driving apparatus and image forming apparatus

The stepping motor driving apparatus includes a stepping motor, a motor driver which drives the stepping motor, and an encoder which detects a rotation angle of a rotor of the stepping motor. A cpu of the stepping motor driving apparatus outputs a signal which controls the motor driver and calculates a magnetic pole position based on the rotation angle detected by the encoder.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Bidirectional bipolar junction transistor operation, circuits, and systems with two base junctions clamped by default

Methods, systems, circuits, and devices for power-packet-switching power converters using bidirectional bipolar transistors (btrans) for switching. Four-terminal three-layer btrans provide substantially identical operation in either direction with forward voltages of less than a diode drop.
Ideal Power Inc.


Electric motor having a thermal fuse

An electric motor for driving a motor vehicle component, particularly a fan wheel for cooling coolant water, contains a rotor that is rotatably mounted opposite a stator, and an electronic system. The electronic system contains a punched grid provided with a plastic over-mold and a current path which conducts the motor current and has two current path ends spaced apart from one another forming an interruption point that is bridged by a thermal fuse.
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kommanditgesellschaft, Wuerzburg


Fiber optic sensing detecting stator slot temperatures and stator including such apparatus

A sensing apparatus (20) based on fiber optics including fiber gratings for monitoring stator slot temperatures in an electromotive machine (10) is provided the apparatus may include a dielectric strip (22) to be received in a gap between a first stator bar (16) and a second stator bar (18) in a stator slot (14) one or more optical fibers (24, 25) may be disposed in the dielectric strip and extend along a longitudinal axis of the dielectric strip a plurality of sites 28 in the optical fiber include a respective fiber bragg grating arranged to have a respective optical response in a wavelength spectrum indicative of a value of temperature at the grating site. .
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Electric machine with heat transfer enhancer

An electric machine includes a core defining a first axial end, a second axial end opposite the first axial end, and a plurality of slots extending between the first axial end and the second axial end. Windings are wound on the core.
Remy Technologies, L.l.c.


Electric machine having rotor cooling assembly

A cooling assembly is disclosed for use with an electric machine having bearings, a shaft rotatably supported by the bearings, a rotor connected to the shaft, and a stator annularly surrounding the rotor. The cooling assembly may have an end cap configured to engage an end of the rotor and the shaft to thereby axially locate the rotor relative to the shaft.
Caterpillar Inc.


Electric machine and cooling an electric machine

An electric machine includes an inner fan in an inner cooling circuit and an outer fan for producing an outer coolant flow that is separate from the inner cooling circuit. The inner and outer fans are connected to a common shaft of the electric machine and have opposite delivery directions along an axial direction of the electric machine.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Grooved wedge for rotor

A grooved wedge for a rotor is provided. In one aspect, slot wedges are mounted in radially-arranged slots to cap field coils disposed therein.
General Electric Company


Stator of rotary electric machine

A stator of a rotary electric machine includes a stator core and a coil. The stator core includes slots extending in an axial direction of the stator core and a first axial end surface in the axial direction.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Wireless power system

The present disclosure relates wireless power transfer. In some embodiments, dc power is received through one or more inductors and switched to provide alternating current through a tx coil with a pair of power fets coupled between opposite sides of the tx coil and ground such that current flows through one of the pair of fets at a time.
Integrated Device Technology, Inc.


Techniques for provisioning energy generation and storage systems

Techniques for provisioning energy generation and/or storage systems. In one embodiment, a method is provided that can comprise automatically determining, by a site gateway, information pertaining to one or more components of an energy storage system, where the site gateway and the one or more components are located at a customer site.
Solarcity Corporation


Wiring apparatus

Electrical wiring apparatus having a base with an outer opening. The base has cable entries at opposite ends thereof that have the stripped wire ends of cables mounted therein.


Low cost optical package

An optical package having a patterned submount, an optoelectronic device mounted to the patterned submount, a spacer affixed on one side to the patterned submount, the spacer having a bore hole therethrough wherein the optoelectronic device is positioned, and an optical element affixed to the spacer on a side opposite the patterned submount and covering the spacer bore hole. The patterned submount may be a circuit board.
Vixar Inc.


Assembly for conducting electrical power to or from electrically active ceiling grid

An assembly distributes electrical power between an electrically active grid element of a grid framework and an electrical device. The assembly includes a grid connector for making electrical contact with a pair of electrical conductors on the grid element, and an adapter mounted on the grid connector.
Nextek Power Systems, Inc.


Electronic device

An electronic device is provided which includes an insertion terminal, a body part, and a support plate part. The insertion terminal has an insertion hole into which an insertion jack is inserted.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Connector for biological information measurement, and biological information measurement device using same

In the present invention, a metal upper cover that covers an upper face opening of a frame is mounted on this upper face opening, and a bent piece that is inserted into a bent piece insertion hole provided to the frame is provided to a portion of the upper face cover on the side of a sensor insertion hole. Furthermore, ground connection pieces formed by extending the outside of the left and right sides of the frame from the upper face toward the lower face are provided in portions opposite the left and right edges linked to the edge of the top cover on which the sensor insertion opening of the frame is provided..
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.


Contact element and its manufacture

A contact element having contact points for the electrically conductive connection of contact regions of mutually spaced elements, which is formed completely of one or more deposited materials of which at least one is electrically conductive. The contact element is produced in particular using a lithography, electroplating and molding (liga) method..
Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Electrical contact

The present invention intends to suppress a contact probe from interfering with a guide plate to produce shavings. The present invention has stacked structure that sandwiches an intermediate metallic layer 12 between outer metallic layers 11 and 13, and includes: a contact part 2 that is brought into abutting with a test object; an elastic deformation part 4 that is elastically deformed so as to be curved in a predetermine curve direction n by compression force in the longer direction; and a fore end part 3 that is formed between the contact part 2 and the elastic deformation part 4 and supported by a through-hole 121 of a guide plate 120 so as to make the contact part 2 movable in the longer direction, in which side surfaces of the fore end part 3 formed in the curve direction n and a direction n′ opposite to the n of the elastic deformation part 4 are configured to include the three metallic layers 11 to 13, and on the side surfaces, the intermediate metallic layer 12 is configured to protrude relative to the outer metallic layers 11 and 13..
Japan Electronic Materials Corporation


Connector terminal and material for connector terminal

It is aimed to provide a connector terminal including a tin layer on an outermost surface and a material therefor which achieves a low insertion force without depending on the detail of the microstructure of the outermost surface and excessively increasing a contact resistance. A composite coating layer including areas where tin is exposed and areas where a copper-tin alloy is exposed on an outermost surface is formed on a surface of a base material in an area including a contact portion to be brought into contact with another electrically conductive member and the glossiness of the surface of the composite coating layer is in a range of 50 to 1000%..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Male terminal fitting

A male terminal fitting includes a tubular main body (10) and a plate-like tab (40) projecting forward from the main body (10). A first support (51) and a second support (52) are provided respectively on a surface side facing in a direction of action of the external force (p1, p2) and a surface side opposite to the former surface side at a front end part of the main body (10) connected to the tab (40).
Sumitomo Wiring Systems, Ltd.


Antenna assemblies

According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of antenna assemblies. In an exemplary embodiment, an antenna assembly generally includes a feed network and a ground plane.
Laird Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for a surface-mountable stamped antenna

Systems and methods are provided for an antenna structure (100) configured for attachment to a circuit board (102). The antenna structure includes a main body (103) having a first end (105), a second end (107) opposite from the first end, and a side (109) extending between the first end and the second end.
Motorola Mobility Llc


Fuel cell stack

A fuel cell stack includes fuel cells, first and second rectangular end plates, and side panels. The fuel cells are stacked in a stacking direction to form a stacked fuel cells having a first end and a second end opposite to the first end in the stacking direction.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Graphene quantum dot-carbon material composites and their use as electrocatalysts

In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of making a composite by associating graphene quantum dots with a carbon material, where the associating results in assembly of the graphene quantum dots on a surface of the carbon material. The methods of the present disclosure may also include a step of doping at least one of the graphene quantum dots and the carbon material with one or more dopants.
William Marsh Rice University


Hollow silicon structures for use as anode active materials in lithium-ion batteries

The present disclosure relates generally to the field of lithium-ion batteries and battery modules. More specifically, the present disclosure relates to si-based anode materials for use as anode active materials for lithium-ion batteries.
Uwm Research Foundation, Inc.


Method for manufacturing electrode for battery, manufacturing electrode for battery and electrode composite

An electrode composite having such a structure that a first active material layer and a second active material layer are formed on two principal surfaces of a sheet body functioning as a current collector is formed. Each of the first and the second active material layer includes a plurality of strip-shaped parts which extend in a longitudinal direction of the sheet body and are arranged at a distance from each other.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Negative electrode material for sodium secondary battery and producing same, negative electrode for sodium secondarty batter, and sodium secondary battery

Problem. Provided is a negative electrode material for a sodium secondary battery and its manufacturing method, and a negative electrode for a sodium secondary battery, and a sodium secondary battery, wherein the negative electrode material can have excellent cycle characteristics while maintaining high discharge capacity.


Active electrode materials and methods for making the same

In an example of a method for making a silicon-based active electrode material, a silicon active material precursor is introduced into a carrier gas. Another active material precursor is introduced into the carrier gas prior to, simultaneously with or subsequent to the silicon active material precursor.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Nickel-hydrogen storage battery and battery pack

There is provided a nickel-metal hydride storage battery with suppression of rise in internal pressure, allowing suppression of alkaline electrolyte leakage even when two or more of the batteries are used. The battery includes: positive and negative electrodes; a separator interposed therebetween; and an alkaline electrolyte.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Nonaqueous electrolyte battery and manufacturing the same

A nonaqueous electrolyte battery includes a positive electrode active material layer containing a positive electrode active material. The positive electrode active material contains a lithium manganese composite oxide containing sulfate and/or sulfate ions, and a lithium nickel composite oxide containing lithium hydroxide and a second alkaline compound that is not lithium hydroxide, and, per unit mass of the positive electrode active material, the molar equivalent of the sulfate and/or the sulfate ions in the lithium manganese composite oxide is more than the molar equivalent of the lithium hydroxide in the lithium nickel composite oxide and less than the molar equivalent of the second alkaline compound in the lithium nickel composite oxide..
Automotive Energy Supply Corporation


Li-ni composite oxide particles and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

The present invention relates to li—ni composite oxide particles having a composition of lix(niyco2(1-y)/5mn3(1-y)/5)1-zmzo2 wherein x, y and z represent 1.00≦x≦1.10; 0.65<y<0.82; and 0≦z<0.05, respectively; and m is at least one element selected from the group consisting of al, zr and mg. The li—ni composite oxide particles of the present invention exhibit a high initial discharge capacity and are excellent in first-cycle charge/discharge efficiency when used as a positive electrode active substance for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries..
Toda Kogyo Corp.


Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

The present invention provides a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery that comprises a positive electrode sheet comprising a positive electrode active material layer, and a negative electrode sheet comprising a negative electrode active material layer. The positive electrode sheet and the negative electrode sheet are arranged such that the positive electrode active material layer and the negative electrode active material layer face each other.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method of preparing graphene-graphene fused material and preparing graphene-substrate composite using the same

The present invention relates to a method of preparing a graphene-substrate composite using a graphene-graphene fused material. The method of preparing a graphene-substrate composite includes (a) forming a nano graphene-metal fused material comprised of nano-graphene and nano metal, (b) thermally treating the plurality of nano graphene-metal fused materials at a temperature higher than a melting point of the nano metal to connect the plurality of nano graphene-metal fused materials to each other by a melting bonding of the nano metal to form a graphene-graphene fused material, (c) pulverizing the graphene-graphene fused material to form a graphene-graphene fused material powder, and (d) dispersing the graphene-graphene fused material powder in a substrate to form a graphene-substrate composite..
Nano Cast Tech Co., Ltd.


Method for connecting several galvanic cells and cell connector therefore

A cell connector to connect a plurality of galvanic cells, system comprising a plurality of galvanic cells, and a method to connect a plurality of galvanic cells. The cell connector including a longitudinal, planar base section having opposite-lying first and second longitudinal edges.
Magna Steyr Battery Systems Gmbh & Co Og


Composite porous separator and electrochemical device

The present disclosure provides a composite porous separator and an electrochemical device. The composite porous separator comprises: a composite porous substrate; and a composite porous coating coated on at least one surface of the composite porous substrate.
Dongguan Amperex Technology Limited


Traction battery assembly

A traction battery assembly includes a base plate and a plurality of prismatic cells stacked in an array on the base plate. A spacer assembly surrounds and is in contact with at least a portion of each of the cells.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Light emitting device and manufacturing light emitting device

A dielectric layer (170) faces a surface of alight transmissive electrode (120) opposite to a surface facing an organic functional layer (110). Then, a light transmissive substrate (140) faces a surface of the dielectric layer (170) opposite to a surface facing the light transmissive electrode (120).
Pioneer Corporation


Light-emitting element, manufacturing light-emitting element, light-emitting device and electronic apparatus

A light-emitting element includes an anode, a cathode, a hole transporting layer provided between the anode and cathode, a light-emitting layer provided in contact with the hole transporting layer between the anode and cathode, where the surface of the light-emitting layer side of the hole transporting layer is formed in a shape having a part in which the distance with the reference surface along the anode changes in a continuous or step-wise manner, and the surface of the opposite side to the hole transporting layer of the light-emitting layer is formed so as to have the same shape as the surface of the light-emitting layer of the hole transporting layer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Phoniton systems, devices, and methods

An artificial composite object combines a quantum of sound with a matter excitation. A phonon in a confinement structure containing the matter excites it from an initial state to an excited state corresponding to a frequency of the phonon.


Method to etch non-volatile metal materials

A method for etching a stack with at least one metal layer in one or more cycles is provided. An initiation step is preformed, transforming part of the at least one metal layer into metal oxide, metal halide, or lattice damaged metallic sites.
Lam Research Corporation


Sensing device

A sensing device is provided. The sensing device includes a semiconductor layer, a first electrode and a second electrode, a first detection electrode and a second detection electrode, and at least one conductive pattern.
Au Optronics Corporation


Composite substrate, production method thereof, and acoustic wave device

A composite substrate production method of the invention includes (a) a step of mirror polishing a substrate stack having a diameter of 4 inch or more, the substrate stack including a piezoelectric substrate and a support substrate bonded to each other, the mirror polishing being performed on the piezoelectric substrate side until the thickness of the piezoelectric substrate reaches 3 μm or less; (b) a step of creating data of the distribution of the thickness of the mirror-polished piezoelectric substrate; and (c) a step of performing machining with an ion beam machine based on the data of the thickness distribution so as to produce a composite substrate have some special technical features.. .
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.


Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and sensor

A piezoelectric element includes a first electrode; a seed layer comprised of a composite oxide having a perovskite structure and preferentially oriented to a (100) plane, the seed layer including bismuth in an a site and including iron and titanium in a b site, the seed layer having a thickness of less than 20 nm; a piezoelectric layer provided on the seed layer, the piezoelectric layer consisting of a piezoelectric material having a perovskite structure and preferentially oriented to a (100) plane; and a second electrode provided on the piezoelectric layer.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Electronic component, electronic apparatus, and moving object

An electronic component includes a functional element, a mounting plate which has a first surface, on which the functional element is arranged, a second surface opposite to the first surface, and an outer peripheral surface connecting the first surface and the second surface, and a circuit board which is connected to the second surface through connection members. The circuit board and the mounting plate are different in thermal expansion coefficient, and the mounting plate is provided with slits from the outer peripheral surface toward the inside..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Acoustic resonator comprising acoustic redistribution layers

An acoustic resonator structure comprises a piezoelectric layer having a first surface and a second surface, a first electrode disposed adjacent to the first surface, and a second electrode disposed adjacent to the second surface. The first electrode comprises a first conductive layer disposed adjacent to the piezoelectric layer and having a first acoustic impedance, and a second conductive layer disposed on a side of the first conductive layer opposite the piezoelectric layer and having a second acoustic impedance greater than the first acoustic impedance.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Phonon scattering material, nanocomposite thermoelectric material, and producing the same

(in the above formula, g1 represents a functional group capable of binding to the thermoelectric conversion material matrix; g2 independently represents g1 or ch3; 0≦m≦5; 0≦m′≦5; 6≦n≦1000; and 1/1000<(the number of g1/n)≦1). .


Light source module

A light source module is provided. The light source module includes a flexible printed circuit board, plural light-emitting diodes and plural first light-absorbing portions.
Radiant Opto-electronics Corporation


Light emitting element and manufacturing the same

A light emitting element includes a crystal growth substrate formed in a flat shape and that has a translucency, a semiconductor layer that constitutes a light emitting element structure and is formed at a side of a first surface of the crystal growth substrate, irregularities formed on a second surface of the crystal growth substrate, the second surface being an opposite surface of the first surface, and a protective layer that has a translucency and a predetermined hardness and brittleness, and covers the irregularities formed on the second surface of the crystal growth substrate.. .
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.


Nanowire-based optoelectronic device for light-emission

A light-emitting diode is provided, including an active semiconductor area for the radiative recombination of electron-hole pairs having a plurality of nanowires, each made of an unintentionally doped semiconductor material, a first semiconductor area for radially injecting holes into each nanowire, the first semiconductor area being made of a doped semiconductor material having a first conductivity type and having a bandgap that is greater than the bandgap of the semiconductor material of the nanowires, and a second semiconductor area for axially injecting electrons into each nanowire, the second semiconductor area being made of a doped semiconductor material having a second conductivity type that is opposite to that of the first conductivity type.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Method for making light emitting diode

The disclosure relates to a method of making light emitting diode. The method includes following steps: providing a free-standing carbon nanotube film, wherein the carbon nanotube film includes a number of carbon nanotubes aligned and connected with each other via van der waals force; suspending the carbon nanotube film and inducing defects on the surface of the carbon nanotubes; growing a nano-material layer on the surface of the carbon nanotubes via atomic layer deposition; removing the carbon nanotube film by annealing to form a number of nanotubes; wherein the number of nanotubes are successively aligned and connected with each other to form a free-standing nanotube film; setting the nanotube film on a substrate; growing a first semiconductor layer, an active layer and a second semiconductor layer on the substrate; and applying a first electrode on the second semiconductor layer and a second electrode on the first semiconductor layer..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Solar cell with trench-free emitter regions

Methods of fabricating solar cells having trench-free emitter regions, and the resulting solar cells, are described. In an example, a solar cell includes a substrate having a light-receiving surface and a back surface.


Heat exchanger for photovoltaic panels

The heat exchanger for photovoltaic (pv) panels is a heat exchanger that maintains a uniform temperature for cooling pv modules. The heat exchanger is a box-shaped enclosure attached to the rear face of the pv panel.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Method of production of back-contact back-sheet for photovoltaic modules

The present invention provides a method for producing a back-contact back-sheet for a photovoltaic module comprising back-contact cells. The method comprising providing a substrate (210) having an outer surface (210os) facing the air-side of the photovoltaic module and an inner surface (210is) opposite the outer surface (210os) and facing the inside of the photovoltaic module.
Ebfoil S.r.l.


Uniformly distributed self-assembled cone-shaped pillars for high efficiency solar cells

A method for fabricating a photovoltaic device includes applying a diblock copolymer layer on a substrate and removing a first polymer material from the diblock copolymer layer to form a plurality of distributed pores. A pattern forming layer is deposited on a remaining surface of the diblock copolymer layer and in the pores in contact with the substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Diode with insulated anode regions

A diode is integrated on a semiconductor chip having anode and cathode surfaces opposite to each other. The diode comprises a cathode region extending inwardly from the cathode surface, a drift region extending between the anode surface and the cathode region, and a plurality of anode regions extending from the anode surface in the drift region.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Transistor and semiconductor device

A transistor with small parasitic capacitance can be provided. A transistor with high frequency characteristics can be provided.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Printed transistor and fabrication method

A method for fabricating a thin film transistor includes printing source, drain and channel regions on a passivated transparent substrate, forming a gate dielectric over the channel region and forming a gate conductor over the gate dielectric. A permanent antireflective coating is deposited over the source region, drain region and gate electrode, and an interlevel dielectric layer is formed over the permanent antireflective coating.
International Business Machines Corporation


Semiconductor device, electronic component, and electronic device

A semiconductor device excellent in writing operation is provided. In a structure where a data voltage supplied to a source line is supplied to a node of a memory cell via a bit line, a switch is provided between memory cells connected to the bit line.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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