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Alpha ii license management system

Agent based application reputation system for operating systems

Single sign-on between device application and browser

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sit-related patents
 Nuclease fusion protein and uses thereof patent thumbnailNuclease fusion protein and uses thereof
The present invention is concerned with nuclease fusion proteins and various uses thereof. Specifically, it relates to a polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide comprising (i) a first module comprising at least a first dna binding domain derived from a homing endonuclease, (ii) a linker, and (iii) a second module comprising at least a second dna binding domain and a cleavage domain derived from a restriction endonuclease, wherein said polypeptide functionally interacts only with dna comprising a dna recognition site for the first dna binding domain and a dna recognition site for the second dna binding domain, and wherein said cleavage domain cleaves dna within a specific dna cleavage site upon binding of the polypeptide.
 Alpha ii license management system patent thumbnailAlpha ii license management system
The alpha ii installation architecture requires extra management of per-seat installations to ensure the games are only installed with as many instances as were sold to the site. The license management method manages and enforces proper per-license activation since a mechanism is present on the gaming machines to copy the software which is sold on compact flashes and installed onto hard drives.
 Agent based application reputation system for operating systems patent thumbnailAgent based application reputation system for operating systems
A method for implementing a security agent on behalf of a device, the method comprising: obtaining a list of applications installed on the device from a remote repository; for each respective application on the list, comparing reputation attributes obtained from a reputation database against attributes of the application installed on the device; and for any of the respective applications for which it is determined from the comparing that the application installed on the device is malicious, taking action to limit malicious activity by the respective application installed on the device.. .
 Single sign-on between device application and browser patent thumbnailSingle sign-on between device application and browser
An aspect provides a method, including: receiving user credentials at a client application via an input device of an information handling device; creating a token using the user credentials; launching a web browser after receiving input at the client application; providing the token to a remote device; and loading, in response to the remote device authenticating the user based on the token, a secure web site in the web browser for presentation on a display device associated with the information handling device. Other aspects are described and claimed..
 System and method for enhanced control system security patent thumbnailSystem and method for enhanced control system security
A system including a controller having a data repository configured to store a first mapping associating a user to an application certificate and a second mapping associating the user to a user privilege. The system further includes an opc unified architecture (ua) server configured to provide server access based on receiving the application certificate from an opc ua client and enforcing the user privilege, in which the user privilege is retrievable based on the first and the second mappings..
 Method and system for embedding metadata in multiplexed analog videos broadcasted through digital broadcasting medium patent thumbnailMethod and system for embedding metadata in multiplexed analog videos broadcasted through digital broadcasting medium
A method and system for broadcast of additional content such as metadata required for client specific interactive application in an analog domain along with conventional audio, video and psi or si data is disclosed. The present invention enables transmission of encoded audio data or epg data, timestamp information required for audio video synchronization referred to as metadata by embedding such metadata in the pixels of video pixels and then encoding by the standard video encoder to generate an encoded stream.
 Flash video enabler for ios devices patent thumbnailFlash video enabler for ios devices
The invention relates to a system to enable playing flash video content in an ios environment, to a server used in this system and to a corresponding method. The system comprises an ios based user terminal comprising a browser to establish an internet connection to a first server providing access of the user terminal to user requested websites containing flash videos, the first server being adapted to recognize flash video objects if present on the user requested websites and to transmit a modified content of the requested website to the user terminal in case of recognized flash video content, where the flash video content of the requested website is replaced by a reference suitable to access a second server providing video content playable on the ios based user terminal, the browser of the user terminal being adapted to establish a connection to the second server via the transmitted reference in case of the user of the terminal uses a start button present within the transmitted content of the requested website displayed on the user terminal in order to play the video content, and the second server being adapted to transmit a video in a format playable on the ios based user terminal comprising the content of the original flash video to the user terminal in response to the use of the start button displayed on the user terminal..
 Methods and apparatus to maintain audience privacy while determining viewing of video-on-demand programs patent thumbnailMethods and apparatus to maintain audience privacy while determining viewing of video-on-demand programs
Methods and apparatus to maintain audience privacy while determining viewing of video-on-demand (vod) programs are disclosed. An example method disclosed herein comprises obtaining subscriber metering data from a site metering device monitoring presentation of vod content at a first subscriber site, obtaining server metering data from a vod server, the server metering data including identification information for a plurality of subscriber sites to identify particular vod content provided uniquely to each of the subscriber sites, the identification information manipulated to preserve anonymity of the plurality of subscriber sites, manipulating at least a portion of the subscriber metering data to determine a first manipulated identifier to identify the first subscriber site, and using the first manipulated identifier to cross-reference the manipulated identification information included in the server metering data to merge the subscriber metering data and the portion of the server metering data uniquely associated with the first subscriber site..
 Enabling delayed interactions with content items presented by a social networking system patent thumbnailEnabling delayed interactions with content items presented by a social networking system
When a user sees a content item presented by a social networking system, the user may select an option to save the content item. The saved content item may be reinserted in a newsfeed presented to the user, integrated into collections, archived, used for notifications to the user, or otherwise subsequently presented to the user.
 Synchronization of contextual templates in a customized web conference presentation patent thumbnailSynchronization of contextual templates in a customized web conference presentation
In a method for customization of contextual information during a web conference presentation, a computer system executes a presentation program during a conference presentation. The computer system receives a request to access presentation templates based on parameters of a presenter, wherein the presentation templates including parameters identifying one or more of template texture, template font, template name of the presenter or template photo of the presenter of the conference presentation.
System and method for creating and posting media lists for purposes of subsequent playback
A method and apparatus for creating and posting media is provided. For example, the invention allows a user to quickly create, signal process, encode, and transfer media files to a server for storage, posting, distribution, and retrieval.
System for conversion of website content
A system and method for converting website content is presented. Design elements in a graphical representation of a web page are identified.
Method and apparatus for intelligent capture of document object model events
A monitoring system intelligently captures document object model (dom) events. The dom events may provide state information that may not usually be captured during a web session.
Method for conversion of website content
A system and method for converting website content is presented. Design elements in a graphical representation of a web page are identified.
Virtual disk replication using log files
Techniques involving replication of virtual machines at a target site are described. One representative technique includes an apparatus including a virtual machine configured to provide storage access requests targeting a virtual disk.
System and method for determining website popularity by location
Internet websites that are popular for users in a specific location are determined and displayed to a user of an electronic device. The popularity information may be of benefit to users in the location or to users of inherently portable devices, such as a mobile telephone or a laptop computer, that travel to the location.
Methods and systems for online events
Provided are methods and systems for determining whether an online event has been completed by a user. A website or other interactive service maintains user activity data reflective of the activities of its users.
Determination of internet access
Internet access or connectivity is determined by sending a request to a third-party service to which connectivity is desired with an application on a client computing device and responsive to receiving a response, attempting to rule out a false positive response from an entity other than the third-party service.. .
Computerized media information streaming system
A system for streaming information from one computer to another computer is disclosed. A player computerized system connects through a web interface server into a station community through a social networking website on the web interface server, wherein the station community has media information for a plurality of songs from a website online stream.
Method to initiate server based collaboration on e-mail attachments
Server-based collaboration is initiated by an email. When the user creates the email message with attachments, a collaboration website is provisioned.
Configuring a cached website file removal using a pulled data list
An exemplary method generating a data list of at least one website and configuring a server computer to clear a cache for the at least one website may comprise the steps of the server computer requesting a data list generated from one or more job records, identifying one or more websites within the data list to remove one or more website files within a cache on another server, removing the website file(s) from the cache and transmitting instructions to write a job check in record to a database on the other server.. .
Data creating device and method
A data creating device includes a composite data creating portion that creates a copy of data that is stored in a data storing portion and creates composite data by applying changed data that has been inputted through a data inputting portion, a comparing portion that compares the composite data created by the composite data creating portion and the data that is stored in the data storing portion to extract, from the composite data, parts that are different from the data, and a display controlling portion that displays, on a displaying portion, the data that is stored in the data storing portion along with the composite data, in a form wherein it is possible to identify the parts in the composite data that are different, extracted by the comparing portion, and parts that are same.. .
Configuring an origin server content delivery using a pulled data list
An exemplary system and method for generating a data list of websites and configuring at least one server computer coupled to a communications network for an origin server website content delivery may comprise a network storage device communicatively coupled to a network and storing a routing table for a cdn, the routing table map one or more edge server ip addresses for one or more edge servers to each of one or more geographic regions. The network storage device may be configured to transmit the routing table to one or more dns servers communicatively coupled to the network..
Method and system for linking data sources for processing composite concepts
A computer-implemented method and system and computer-readable medium are disclosed for linking an ontology provided by a content service (i.e. Category ontology) with a word expansion ontology (i.e.
Information repository search system
Systems and methods for an information repository search system are disclosed. The system receives search criteria from users and associates the search criteria with source information.
Method and system that routes requests for electronic files
A system, method, or computer-readable medium provide a look-up table having information on roots in repositories managed by a repository manager, the roots information in the look-up table being only n-levels deep. A file request is received, including filename and filepath with root.
Query generation for searchable content
Query generation for searchable content is provided. In some embodiments, query generation for searchable content includes receiving searchable content (e.g., the searchable content can include a unique identifier for the searchable content, such as a uniform resource locator (url) for a web site, and the web site can include one or more web pages); and generating a set of queries, the set of queries including one or more queries (e.g., the set of queries can include ranked queries) that are relevant to the searchable content..
Systems, devices, components and methods for monitoring, certifying and/or recertifying the performance of a building or structure
Described and disclosed herein are various embodiments of method and systems for monitoring, certifying or recertifying performance of a building or structure. Such systems and methods may include or employ at least one building or structure data acquisition device, building or structure performance data corresponding to the building or structure, at least one dashboard device operably connected to the data acquisition device, and computer and/or internet means for transferring at least portions of the building or structure performance data to a server.
Wireless time attendance system and method
A system and method for tracking and communicating time and attendance data for workers at a remote worksite is disclosed. A portable time and attendance device is configured to receive and store worker time attendance data and transmit the data to a remote computer via a wireless network, such as a wireless cellular communications network.
Systems and method for analyzing and validating invoices
A system and method for management and processing a plurality of types of invoices at a user's site involving importing the plurality of types of invoices to provide comparable invoices and auditing the comparable invoices by performing an automated reasonability test on the comparable invoices. The system and method also provide a means for approving, processing and reporting on the comparable invoices..
Gift transaction system architecture
A system architecture of a gift transaction system is disclosed. The gift transaction system can include a buyer interface module, a recipient interface module, a merchant backend interface module, a store front interface module, a curation module, a reminder module, an analytics module, or a media plug-in interface module.
Intent prediction based recommendation system using data combined from multiple channels
User intent is identified while the user browses online and recommendations are provided to the user. The recommendations are based on the identified intent, interests, and preferences of the user who is performing the searches.
Systems and methods for a non-destructive testing ecosystem
A non-transitory computer readable medium may include executable instructions which, when executed by a processor, cause the processor to provide for a non-destructive testing (ndt) ecosystem. The ndt ecosystem includes a repository of digital content, and a store configured to sell the digital content to a customer, wherein the digital content is executable by a ndt device and wherein the digital content is created by a plurality of entities..
Displaying method for third-party information
A displaying method for third-party information allows a first server to transmit at least one piece of third-party information to a first device according to at least one preference model, at least one piece of page information, a piece of location information, or a piece of time information. The third-party information can be also randomly transmitted to the first device.
Adaptive and recursive system and method
A system and method of advertising based on the automatic determination of an advertising recipient's location and inferences of preferences derived from usage behaviors is disclosed. The advertising recipient's location that is considered in delivering a specific advertisement may be the current location or one or more historical locations.
System for creating customized web content based on user behavioral portraits
A method is provided for determining a website user behavioral portrait based on navigation on the website and dynamically reconfiguring web pages based on those portraits. In accordance with the method, data relating to the progress of a user through a website is recorded, and an ongoing behavioral portrait of the user is built based on the data.
Digital advertising cellular display system
A digital advertising cellular display system comprising a retail outlet having at least one location for displaying goods and services for purchase, at least one electronic display means located proximal the location for displaying goods and services with electronic display means displaying consumer information images, videos, and audios therefrom, a central processing unit located in each of said electronic display means, and at least one offsite control center in wireless communication with the electronic display means for transferring control information and product and services advertisement and product and services information between the offsite control center and the electronic display means.. .
Incentivized marketing system and method
A system and method for rule-based or algorithm-based automated response optimization in a marketing environment is provided. The system and method increases email or website open, click through, and fulfillment rates for advertisers, including newsletter advertisers, national retailers, manufacturers, non-profits and the like (“customers”).
Method for evaluating the effectiveness of commercial communication
A method of quantitatively assessing the effectiveness of an audiovisual, visual or audio advertisement including the steps of: presenting the advertisement to a plurality of subjects, the advertisement having a sequence of audiovisual, visual and/or audio features which occur as a function of time; obtaining, during presentation of the advertisement, eeg signals from the subjects from predetermined scalp sites thereof; calculating ssvep amplitudes and/or phase differences from eeg signals obtained from the predetermined scalp sites in order to obtain output signals which represent predetermined psychological states of each subject to the features as a function of time; combining the output signals from the subjects to obtain pooled output signals; and displaying the pooled output signals to thereby enable quantitative assessment of the subjects' responses to the features of the advertisement in order to assess the effectiveness of the features of the advertisement.. .
Digital punch card for mobile device
A method for verifying a location of a user of a mobile device is disclosed. The method involves: receiving an indicia of a location of the mobile device based on an at-location element proximate to the mobile device; receiving a global positioning system (gps) position associated with the mobile device; determining whether at least one security condition is satisfied based on the indicia of the location and the gps position; and causing a next action to occur when the at least one security condition is satisfied, or not causing the next action to occur when the at least one security condition is not satisfied..
System and method for price determination
The current method allows for the operator of an online site or an actual store to profit by means of determining a using a sale-price determining mechanism. This mechanism utilizes concepts of a base price, a market price, and a sale price.
Systems and methods for assessing organizations using user-defined criteria
The present inventive subject matter is drawn to apparatus, systems, configurations, and methods of automatically assessing an organization using user-defined criteria. In one aspect of this invention, an organization assessment system is automatically configured to interface with one or more enterprise entities or other third party entities, track and store performance data related to the one or more enterprise entities, and present a composite score to users based on their user-defined criteria..
Physician composite quality scoring and rating methodology
Methodology for user-friendly scoring and rating relative composite quality performance of physician inpatient care uses various statistical methods. Physicians are respectively assigned multiple z-values to identify relative statistical significance associated with a plurality of quality indicators for various clinical categories using available databases.
Hospital composite quality scoring and rating methodology
Methodology for user-friendly scoring and rating relative composite quality performance of hospital inpatient care uses various statistical methods. Hospitals are respectively assigned multiple z-values to identify relative statistical significance associated with a plurality of quality indicators for various clinical categories using available databases.
System and method of providing a spoken dialog interface to a website
Disclosed is a method for training a spoken dialog service component from website data. Spoken dialog service components typically include an automatic speech recognition module, a language understanding module, a dialog management module, a language generation module and a text-to-speech module.
Semantic clustering and user interfaces
Semantic clustering techniques are described. In various implementations, a conversational agent is configured to perform semantic clustering of a corpus of user utterances.
Fuel storage tank water detector with triggered density
The present disclosure provides an alternate technique of water detection for fuel storage tanks. Embodiments show various methods of altering the density of a sub-assembly floatation device while maintaining its efficient ability to detect water presence in conjunction with a magnetostrictive probe.
Systems and methods for characterizing topological network perturbations
Systems, computerized methods and products are disclosed herein for determining metrics for nodes in a network model of a biological system. Such systems and computerized methods can be used to quantify the response of a biological system to one or more perturbations based on measured activity data of a subset of entities in the biological system.
Methods and systems for controlling steering systems of vehicles
Methods and systems are provided for controlling a steering system of a vehicle is provided. A detection unit is configured to obtain one or more of the following values: a compass heading, a global positioning system (gps) heading, a yaw velocity, and a difference in tire angular velocities.
Measurement of coupling misalignment of a driveshaft
According to one embodiment, a system for measuring coupling misalignment of a rotorcraft drive shaft includes a reference device and a sensor. The sensor is configured to receive a signal from the reference device indicative of a distance between the reference device and the sensor.
Method and apparatus for data acquisition, data management, and report generation for tractor trailer subsystem testing and maintenance
Techniques for operating, testing, and generating a testing report for the electrical and air subsystems of a vehicular trailer, without the use of an associated truck tractor are disclosed. The system includes a portable testing unit with self-powered electrical and air subsystems which are interconnected to the corresponding subsystems of the vehicular trailer under test.
Method and system for customizing, on the fly, a vehicle offered for hire
The invention relates to a method (300) for configuring a vehicle on the fly and comprising the following steps: identifying (302, 304) a user using means of identification, loading (308), from a central site through a wireless communications network and/or from a means of identification, at least one value, known as the preferred value, of at least one parameter concerning the setup of at least one element of said vehicle, the value being associated with said identified user, and adjusting said element of the vehicle in accordance with said preferred value. The invention also relates to a system and to an installation for configuring a vehicle on the fly and to a vehicle comprising such a system..
Percutaneous sacroiliac joint implant and method for surgically inserting and securing the implant into the sacroiliac joint
An implantable device comprising a tapered body having a cavity therein, an open end, a first opening arranged diametrically opposite a second opening wherein the first and second openings are proximate the open end, and a plurality of apertures within the tapered body; and, a first ancillary member operatively arranged to project outwardly from the first opening and a second ancillary member arranged to project outwardly from the second opening. A method for surgically inserting and securing the implant into the sacroiliac joint, comprising the steps of: drilling a tapered body, tapping and placing a first ancillary member to either the sacrum or the iliac bone through an open end of the tapered body, and tapping and placing a second ancillary member to either the sacrum or the iliac bone through the open end of the body..
Lateral approach expandable spinal implant and method
An expandable interbody fusion device configured for placement into the intradiscal space between vertebral bodies in a lumbar spine from a lateral approach. The device is expanded by the insertion of a plurality of wafers into the device in situ.
Venous valve apparatus, system, and method
A venous valve with a tubular frame that includes an outer surface and an inner surface opposite the outer surface and defining a lumen, and a cover over at least the outer surface of the tubular frame, where the cover includes surfaces defining a reversibly sealable opening for unidirectional flow of a liquid through the lumen. A system with the venous valve and a catheter including a proximal end and a distal end, the venous valve located between the proximal end and distal end of the catheter.
Methods and apparatus for transcranial stimulation
The present invention provides systems, apparatus and methods for applying electric current to neurons in the brain to treat disorders and to improve motor and/or memory functions in a patient. In a method according to the invention, an electrode is positioned adjacent to and spaced from the skin surface of the patient's head and an electric current is applied through the electrode to a target region in the brain to modulate one or more neurons in the target region.
Treatment device using nanotechnology
The current invention discloses a treatment device having a heat source, a power source and a heat applicator. The power source includes at least one nanotech battery, ensuring superior properties such as prolonged electricity production and prompt recharging.
Heating device using exothermic chemical reaction
The current invention discloses a treatment device having a heat source, a power source, a heat applicator and a lighting mechanism. The power source includes at least one nanotech battery, ensuring superior properties such as prolonged electricity production and prompt recharging.
Extended pain relief via high frequency spinal cord modulation, and associated systems and methods
Extended pain relief via high frequency spinal cord modulation, and associated systems and methods. A method for treating a patient in accordance with a particular embodiment includes selecting a neural modulation site to include at least one of a dorsal root entry zone and dorsal horn of the patient's spinal cord, and selecting parameters of a neural modulation signal to reduce patient pain for a period of time after ceasing delivery of the signals, the period of time being at least one tenth of one second..
Surgical system and methods of use
A surgical system including an expandable device is provided, including an inflatable body and a compliant sleeve. The compliant sleeve includes a distal end, a proximal end, and a cavity extending from the proximal end to the oppositely disposed distal end configured to receive a portion of the inflatable body.
System and method for performing spinal stabilization
A system and method for performing percutaneous spinal stabilization, comprising inserting a k-wire into skin and tissue proximal to the spine; drilling the k-wire into and through the spinous process, creating a narrow aperture therethrough; inserting one or more cannulas over the k-wire, through the skin and tissue and towards said bone, a second cannula configured to fit over the first; removing all but the outermost cannula, thereby creating a working channel through the skin and tissue, providing unobstructed access to the bone; inserting into the channel a screwdriver comprising a preferably flexible shaft long enough to extend through the cannula to the bone, and having releasably attached to the end a screw with external screw threads; and drilling one or more screws into and through the bone for securement to a cap secured to a hollow, oval, flat stabilizing plate positioned on the opposite side of the bone.. .
Sealant delivery device for anastomotic stapler
The present invention relates to surgical instruments and a method for applying an adhesive or sealant to an anastomosis site immediately prior and/or during anastomotic surgical stapling. The present invention further relates to surgical instruments, devices, and methods for applying sealant to a target tissue of a surgical site being anastomotically joined so as to prevent leakage..
Systems and devices for cerebral aneurysm repair
An embolization device for treating ischemic stroke is disclosed, having a surface, wherein the body portion is configured to have a radiopaque and electropositive surface under physiological conditions when the device is emplaced, which ionically binds a blood component in an amount effective to promote stability of device in situ to bind to a tissue component in an amount effective to increase adhesion of the device as compared to a device without an electropositive surface. Embolic coils being so delivered are electrolytically detachable in under 10 seconds, according to the disclosed vascular implant systems..
Dynamic microvalve protection device with associated balloon element for therapeutic intravascular procedures
An apparatus includes a delivery catheter having a deployable dynamic valve that rapidly opens and closes in response to relative fluid pressure thereabout. The valve is maintained in a collapsed configuration during introduction to a treatment site.
Gripper pusher mechanism for tissue apposition systems
The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen, thorax, cardiovascular system, heart, intestinal tract, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, lung, and other organs, vessels, and tissues.
Surgical clip applier
A surgical clip applier is provided including a housing, at least one handle pivotably connected to the housing, a channel assembly extending distally from the housing, a clip carrier disposed within said channel assembly and defining a channel therein, a plurality of clips slidably disposed within the channel of said clip carrier, a jaw assembly including a pair of jaws extending from an end of the channel assembly, opposite the housing, adapted to accommodate a clip therein and being operable to effect formation of a clip in response to movement of said at least one handle, and a shuttle bar slidably supported in the channel assembly and configured to transport a clip from the clip carrier to the jaw assembly.. .
Leadless cardiac stimulation systems
Various configurations of systems that employ leadless electrodes to provide pacing therapy are provided. In one example, a system that provides multiple sites for pacing of myocardium of a heart includes wireless pacing electrode assemblies that are implantable at sites proximate the myocardium using a percutaneous, transluminal, catheter delivery system.
Cutting instrument
Provided is a cutting instrument including: an elongated member including a tubular portion 105 and a shaft-like portion 101 inserted in the tubular portion 105; a blade 201 including two edges, the blade 201 being provided at an end of the elongated member and being pivotable between a housed position and a projected position; and a motion mechanism that converts a relative movement of the tubular portion 105 and the shaft-like portion 101 resulting from an operation of an operation portion 102 to 104 into pivoting of the blade between the housed position and the projected position, wherein the cutting instrument moves toward the operation portion while rotating in its entirety with the two edges of the blade 201 projected on opposite sides of the tubular portion 105, thereby drilling a hole with a diameter larger than an outer diameter of the tubular portion 105.. .
A connector comprises a housing; a main flow path being configured such that fluid is flowable from a first tube through the main flow path into a second tube; and a connection terminal including a connection side space, the connection terminal being configured such that a third tube is connectable to the connection terminal and an auxiliary flow path of the third tube communicates with the main flow path via the connection side space. The main flow path includes a main flow path side space that is continuous with at least the connection side space and is defined by: a bottom part facing the connection side space and a pair of side parts extending from opposite sides of the bottom part toward the connection side space, and at least one wall surface configured to direct the fluid toward the connection side space and toward at least one of the side parts..
Implantable high flow dual lumen multi-window vascular access port catheter
This improved subcutaneous implantable vascular access port invention is designed to accommodate a larger catheter caliber attachment and six multi-window elongated dual lumen trough reservoir to allow 200-600 milliliters per minute of blood flow. This accommodating high flow fluid volume blood flow rate will be ideal to support functions to include but not limited to dialysis and electrophoresis.
Vascular access device for reproducible insertion of a cannula into a puncture site
A vascular access device for reproducible insertion of a cannula, comprising a carrier, a holder and a guide device, such that the guide device is designed as an inclined plane on one side and serves to support and guide a cannula, so that accurate guidance of the cannula is ensured, always in the same puncture angle and at the same depth of penetration in a puncture channel.. .
Methods for effectively and rapidly desensitizing allergic patients
Methods and compositions for delivering antigens to the lymphatic system in doses that desensitize patients to future exposure to antigens have been developed. Rapid desensitization is achieved by introducing small quantities of antigen into the lymphatic system.
Internal dry powder delivery system and method thereof
An internal dry powder delivery system through a working channel of an endoscopic cannula for directly applying the powder form medication to an internal tissue/organ site, includes an elongated tubular delivery channel and a powder supply device for producing pressurized gas mixing with the dry powder for feeding to form a mixture of dry powder and pressurized gas delivering to an internal tissue/organ site through the delivery channel via endoscopic cannula. It ensures a smooth powder release by preventing liquid from accumulation at the tip of the delivery channel and offers physicians a new powder form drug delivery method via endoscope.
Multilayer film including foam layer and ostomy products made therefrom
An ostomy appliance includes a multilayer composite film comprising at least one foam layer. An outer foam layer can function as a skin contact layer providing comfort and softness characteristics that are comparable to a nonwoven comfort layer.
Reduced pressure, compression systems and apparatuses for use on joints
A system for providing reduced-pressure treatment to a moveable tissue site, such as a joint, includes a flexible dressing bolster. The flexible dressing bolster has a first side and a second, inward-facing side, and a plurality of flexion joints formed on the flexible dressing bolster.
Systems for fluid reservoir retention
A fluid infusion device is provided. The fluid infusion device can include a fluid reservoir having a barrel portion and a housing defining a receiving portion for removably receiving the fluid reservoir within the housing.
Localized therapy delivery and local organ protection
A system for perfusing a localized site within a body includes a catheter assembly having a venous access line that is adapted to deliver perfusate to the localized site, a venous or arterial drainage line adapted to drain perfusate from the localized site, and an occlusion device adapted to prevent some or substantially all physiological blood flow between the localized site and the systemic circulation of the body during and in the course of perfusing and draining perfusate to and from the localized site. The system may include a blood circuit associated with the catheter assembly to facilitate blood conditioning for use as the perfusate, in the course of a controlled perfusion and/or drainage of untreated, treated, or inactivated treated blood to and from the localized site.
Use of local anesthesia and electrical stimulation in peripheral wound treatment
A wound therapy method that results in improved wound healing for conditions including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and arterial and venous ulcers is described. The wound therapy method uses local anesthetic injections in an area surrounding the wound combined with electrical stimulation causing local and deep muscle contraction in the same area.
Method and device for statistical tissue sampling using microdevices
The present invention utilizes tetherless microtools to biopsy tissue. The invention provides a device and method for deployment and retrieval of tetherless microtools.

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