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This page is updated frequently with new Sit-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sit-related patents
 Methods and devices for miniaturization of high density wafer based electronic 3d multi-chip modules patent thumbnailMethods and devices for miniaturization of high density wafer based electronic 3d multi-chip modules
Techniques for constructing a multi-chip module semiconductor device are provided herein. The techniques include placing electronic modules on a first surface and a second surface, with electrical connections for the electronic modules being proximate to respectively mounted surfaces, disposing a mold material on one of the mounting surfaces to substantially surround corresponding electronic modules, orienting the mounting surface without the mold material disposed thereon, relative to the mounting surface with the mold material disposed thereon to cause the mold material to substantially surround each electronic module while maintaining a minimum distance between the electronic modules mounted on each mounting surface.

 Substrate comprising an embedded capacitor patent thumbnailSubstrate comprising an embedded capacitor
A substrate that includes a first dielectric layer and a capacitor embedded in the first dielectric layer. The capacitor includes a base portion, a first terminal and a second terminal.

 Dielectric filmless electronic module and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailDielectric filmless electronic module and manufacturing same
The invention relates to an electronic module comprising a first metal layer including at least one contact pad or a conductive pad for connection or interconnection, an insulating layer that is electrically connected to the metal layer via a first surface, a second metal layer connected to the insulating layer on the opposite surface thereof, a chip location or an electronic chip electrically connected to the at least one contact pad through openings in the insulating layer, characterized in that the insulating layer is an adhesive.. .

 High density ac coupling/dc blocking pin-field array patent thumbnailHigh density ac coupling/dc blocking pin-field array
Implementations of the present disclosure involve an apparatus and/or method for a large array of ac coupling/dc blocking capacitors on a printed circuit board (pcb) of a microelectronic circuit. The method provides for the placement of the blocking capacitors (and associated vias) to be placed on/through the pcb in a small area while yielding low crosstalk or interference between the vias.

 Zero-misalignment via-pad structures patent thumbnailZero-misalignment via-pad structures
A photoresist is deposited on a seed layer on a substrate. A first region of the photoresist is removed to expose a first portion of the seed layer to form a via-pad structure.

 Flexible electrical conductor device patent thumbnailFlexible electrical conductor device
A flexible conductor device (1) includes an electrically insulating flexible carrier substrate (2) and a printed electrical conductor (12) situated on the flexible carrier substrate. The electrical conductor is defined by at least one elongate circuit (3) which extends between opposite ends (6).

 Printed circuit board and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board and manufacturing same
A printed circuit board includes a first printed circuit substrate and a second printed circuit substrate. The first printed circuit substrate includes a substrate layer and a first conductive circuit layer.

 Device for heating a composite material with temperature-dependent processing characteristics, and associated methods patent thumbnailDevice for heating a composite material with temperature-dependent processing characteristics, and associated methods
A light emitting unit comprises at least one lighting means for emitting light (l) for heating a composite material, e.g. Resin of a carbon fiber reinforced plastic, wherein the composite material can be fused and/or softened and/or cured, and/or be hold in a liquid state by the heating and wherein the emission of light (l) of the lighting means can be controlled differently in several areas.

 Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit patent thumbnailWireless communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit
In a wireless communication system, a terminal apparatus is capable of reporting, to a base station apparatus, information indicating a mobility state of the terminal apparatus. In a case where the terminal apparatus reports information (history information) to the base station apparatus as mobility state indicating information, the terminal apparatus notifies the base station apparatus of a radio resource control connection setup complete message containing information indicating the presence of the history information that is notified as the mobility state indicating information.

 Lsa based inter cell interference mitigation patent thumbnailLsa based inter cell interference mitigation
Embodiments relate to a shared access interference mitigation entity apparatus for managing interference in a wireless network, the apparatus comprising processing circuitry arranged to receive interference information from wireless network equipment operative within the wireless network, receive shared access repository information on available shared access spectrum resources, and allocate shared access spectrum resources for use in inter cell interference mitigation to the wireless network equipment dependent upon the received interference information. Embodiments also relates to corresponding methods, and other wireless network apparatus such as ues and enbs..


Uplink control in a wireless communication network

A method and system are provided having an uplink control structure and a pilot signal having minimal signal overhead for providing channel estimation and data demodulation in a wireless communication network. The uplink control structures enable mobile terminals to communicate with corresponding base stations to perform various functions including obtaining initial system access, submitting a bandwidth request, triggering a continuation of negotiated service, or providing a proposed allocation re-configuration header.


Remote activation of mobile applications

According to one configuration, a user is able to activate an application on a mobile phone device without the user having to directly pressing an appropriate sequence of keys on the mobile phone device. For example, a user logs onto a web site to provide a phone number of the mobile phone device.


Transducer devices and methods for hearing

A device to transmit an audio signal to a user may comprise a mass, a piezoelectric transducer, and a support to support the mass and the piezoelectric transducer with the eardrum. The piezoelectric transducer can be configured to drive the support and the eardrum with a first force and the mass with a second force opposite the first force.


Acoustic galvanic isolation device

An acoustic galvanic isolation device includes a substrate capable of transmitting an acoustic wave. A first network of vibrating membrane electroacoustic transducers is arranged on a first surface of the substrate.


Trim-piece speaker system

A trim-piece speaker system is disclosed. The trim-piece speaker system includes a ceiling rose having a primary outer surface on a first side.


Method and low cost 3d video making

Video capture devices may be held in a frame having at least two openings and a plurality of slots on a first side and a plurality of tabs on a second side opposite the first side, the slots and tabs positioned such that when the frame is folded by folding the first side toward the second side, the tabs may be folded toward the first side, inserted into the slots and then folded parallel to the first side to secure the frame in a closed position. An application on a first device in the frame may establish a connection with a second device in the frame, synchronize a clock in the first device with a clock in the second device, initiating simultaneous video capture, record data indicating changes in orientation of the devices, and transmit the captured videos and the data indicating changes in orientation to a video processing tool..


Vehicle circumference monitoring apparatus

A vehicle circumference monitoring apparatus includes: an image acquisition section that acquires captured image data output from an imaging section that is provided in a vehicle and images a circumference of the vehicle; a state acquisition section that acquires vehicle state data output from a vehicle state detection section that is provided in the vehicle and detects at least a roll state of the vehicle; a setting section that sets a center of rotation to rotate a display image depending on the roll state if the display image is displayed on a display device based on the captured image data; an image adjustment section that rotates a display state of the display image about the center of rotation that is set depending on the roll state; and an output section that outputs the display image to the display device.. .


Method and remote voice-over or music production and management

A desktop application and supporting web site for capturing audio and video recordings is introduced, wherein multiple participants in a collaborative session may be in separate remote locations. The application includes providing a high quality data format for transferring recordings, audiovisual data and the like to a remote network location or computer and a real-time data format for intercommunicating comments and instructions that are not recorded.


Body camera

Described herein is a body camera, a method of operating a body camera, a system for a body camera, and methods and systems for configuring a body camera. The body camera may include a digital camera configured to capture video.


Imaging apparatus and imaging method

An imaging apparatus comprising: a dark image data imaging section that obtains dark image data in a state in which light beams entering an imaging surface of an image sensor are shielded before first image data is obtained or after second image data obtained lastly; and a correcting section that corrects a fixed pattern noise in cumulative relatively bright composite image data by using the dark image data, wherein the correcting section corrects the fixed pattern noise in the cumulative relatively bright composite image data by using the dark image data obtained at a time closest to the time in a temperature of the image sensor when the first image data or the second image data is obtained is assumed to be the highest, of the dark image data obtained before the first image data is obtained or the dark image data obtained after the second image data obtained lastly.. .


Automatic image capture

An improved automatic image capture system for an intelligent mobile device having a camera guides a user to position the camera so only a single image needs to be automatically captured. Syntactic features, using a view finder on a display of the intelligent mobile device, are used to guide a user to maximize the occupancy of the view finder with the document so that the document is maximized within the view finder based upon detected corners of the document.


Multiple photosites pixel architecture

An image sensor pixel may include an array of four photosites, a transverse isolator wall separating the array in two rows of two photosites, and a longitudinal isolator wall separating the array in two columns of two photosites. Both ends of the longitudinal wall may be set back relative to the edges of the array.


Method and device for acquiring stream of the precisely time-stamped images

Method and device for acquiring stream of the precisely time-stamped images, including the modulated light source, controlled by the absolute global real-time-base (e.g. Provided by global navigation satellite system (gnss) controller) and the image acquisition and processing unit, decoding the light modulation waveform and determining the time-stamp for every image frame.


Image reading apparatus

An image reading apparatus includes a conveyor configured to convey a sheet in a conveying direction along a conveyance path; a first reading unit configured to read an image of a first surface of the sheet conveyed by the conveyor through a first reading surface; a second reading unit configured to read an image of a second surface opposite to the first surface of the sheet conveyed by the conveyor through a second reading surface; a first pressing member, which is made of a resin, is configured to face the first reading surface and is configured to urge the sheet passing through the conveyance path towards the first reading surface; and a second pressing member, which is made of metal, is configured to face the second reading surface and configured to urge the sheet passing through the conveyance path towards the second reading surface.. .


User data management

An xml document management server for use within an ip multimedia subsystem, ims, network and being configured to enable ims subscribers and a network operator to manage supplementary service data stored in a subscription data repository. The server comprises a first interface or interfaces for receiving supplementary service data requests, and a request parser configured, for each request, to parse the request to determine if it contains both an x-3gpp-asserted-private-identity header and an x-3gpp-asserted-identity header.


Dynamic cache injector

A method, medium, and system to retrieve a web resource of a web site from a host server of the web site, the web resource having a validity indicator; store the web resource in a local memory of a web browser; determine whether the validity indicator is valid; and update, prior to an expiration of the validity indicator, the validity indicator of the web resource stored in the local memory of the web browser, the validity indicator including at least one of an expiration date and a build version of the web site.. .


Method and system for collecting and presenting historical communication data

Among other disclosures, a method may include collecting historical communication data and personal data relating to a portion of a plurality of communications, a sender of one or more of the communications or one or more recipients of the communications. The method may include depositing the collected data into a repository of historical communication data and personal data.


Enhanced privacy and agent control in a co-browsing session

Embodiments described herein provide systems and method for implementing privacy control in a co-browsing environment. In a particular embodiment, a method provides receiving an instruction in a co-browsing server to initiate a co-browsing session for a website with a first client and a second client.


Data repository for a distributed processing environment

A status data repository operable with a distributed processing environment including a plurality of processing regions. The status data repository includes a data storage unit adapted to store status data representative of the availability of the plurality of processing regions.


Conforming distributed posts to reflect social networking web site environments and audiences

A method, system, and computer program product for conforming text posted on a social networking web site for posting on another social networking web site. The method includes receiving text input by a user for posting on a first social networking web site.


Method and system for porting gateway functionality associated with a user from a first gateway to one or more other gateways

A broadband gateway, which enables communication with a plurality of devices, handles at least one physical layer connection to at least one corresponding network access service provider. The broadband gateway may operate as a home gateway to negotiate with one or more visited gateways, a common authorized service area or domain (asd) for providing services to the visited gateways.


Denial of service and other resource exhaustion defense and mitigation using transition tracking

Described is a method and system for determining a suspect in a resource exhaustion attack, for example ddos (distributed denial of service attack), against a target processor using transitions between data processing requests. For example, a first website request followed by a second website request received from a remote sender at a server is determined to be statistically unusual transition and thus may raise suspicion about the remote sender.


Methods and application isolation

Processor(s) for detecting malicious software. A hardware virtual machine monitor (hvmm) operates under a host os.


Method, apparatus and system for client accessing authenticated web address

The invention discloses a method, an apparatus and a system for a client accessing an authenticated web address. The method comprises: automatically querying a server or a database whether there is an authenticated website matching entry corresponding to all keywords that the client already has, when it is detected that a user enters one or more characters to the client each time; obtaining a web address link corresponding to the authenticated website matching entry from the server or the database, and displaying an interface element corresponding to the web address link at a predetermined position of the client, if the corresponding authenticated website matching entry is found out; and when detected that the user triggers the interface element, accessing the authenticated website corresponding to the web address link.


System, method and computer program product to extract information from email communications

A method includes storing as communications data at least a portion of received electronic communications, such as emails, that are of interest to user; processing the stored communications data to identify at least one action item that pertains to the user; storing results of the processing including text descriptive of the at least one identified action item in a results repository; and outputting stored results in the results repository to a user device for review by the user. Also disclosed is a computer program product and a system that are configured to implement the method..


Dns redirecting for data roaming offering

A device may receive a request for domain name system (dns) information to be provided to a user device communicating via a visited network. The device may identify roaming policy information associated with the user device and, based on the roaming policy information, may determine that the user device is restricted from sending or receiving data via the visited network.


Active waterfall charts for continuous, real-time visualization of website performance data

A processor-implemented method includes providing an analytic dashboard with a graphical user interface (gui) that outputs aggregated results streaming in real-time of a load test performed on a target website. The load test consists of a plurality of virtual users simulated by one or more load servers that execute a test composition on one or more webpages of the website.


System and device pairing transaction

A provisioning mechanism that may be used when a device is distributed to a third party over an untrusted distribution channel. The provisioning mechanism allows a server to recognize and trust the remote device.


Tunneling with routing for transport network

Methods and computing systems for tunneling in a carrier transport network are described. An internet protocol (ip) packet having a destination ip address of a destination cellular site of a cellular cluster is received.


Data communication with acoustic signal communication

A composite signal having frequencies within a sonic first frequency bandwidth may be received from a communication media on a receiver. The composite signal may include an audio base signal and at least one code signal.


Signal strength distribution establishing method and wireless positioning system

A signal strength distribution establishing method includes establishing a plurality of distribution functions corresponding to a plurality of base stations; measuring a plurality of signal strengths from the plurality of base stations on at least a measuring location in an area to obtain a plurality of signal strengths measured values; adjusting the plurality of distribution functions according to the plurality of signal strengths on the at least a measuring location; computing a plurality of signal strength estimated values corresponding to a plurality of locations within the area according to the plurality of adjusted distribution functions; and establishing a signal strength distribution map corresponding to the area according to the plurality of signal strength measured values and the plurality of signal strength estimated values.. .


Resonant radio frequency switch

An spdt switch in a rf communication transceiver provides for choosing the transmit/receive path for the rf signal. It consists of the series and shunt branches each consisting of stack of fets.


Single ended charge to voltage front-end circuit

Charge to voltage conversion integrator circuitry for data acquisition front-end and other applications to provide a single-ended up a voltage using an input bias capacitance and a switching circuit to selectively place an input transistor in a negative feedback configuration in a first mode to charge the input bias capacitance to a calibration voltage for compensating integrator amplifier bias circuitry, with the switching circuit connecting an input node and the input bias capacitance in a second mode to integrate the input current signal across a feedback capacitance to provide a single-ended output voltage with the input bias capacitance maintaining a zero voltage at the input node.. .


Acoustic resonator having integrated lateral feature and temperature compensation feature

A bulk acoustic wave (baw) resonator device includes a bottom electrode on a substrate over one of a cavity and an acoustic mirror, a piezoelectric layer on the bottom electrode, a top electrode on the piezoelectric layer, and a temperature compensation feature having positive temperature coefficient for offsetting at least a portion of a negative temperature coefficient of the piezoelectric layer. At least one of the bottom electrode and the top electrode includes an integrated lateral feature configured to create at least one of a cut-off frequency mismatch and an acoustic impedance mismatch..


Electric motor thermal protection using stator current measurements

Monitoring thermal conditions of an electric motor using current signals from power supplied to the motor is disclosed herein. The current signals may be used to calculate composite current values which may be used to calculate slip.


Drive system

A drive system has: a three-phase motor, having: a shaft, a first three-phase winding set, having: a threephase stator winding for connection to a three-phase alternating voltage network and a three-phase rotor winding, which is coupled to the shaft in a mechanical, rotationally fixed manner, a second three-phase winding set, having: a threephase stator winding for connection to the three-phase alternating voltage network in such a manner that a rotary field is produced that runs in the opposite direction to a rotary field that is produced by the stator winding of the first winding set, and a three-phase rotor winding, which is coupled to the shaft in a mechanical, rotationally fixed manner, a first inverter, which is coupled to the shaft in a mechanical, rotationally fixed manner and which is coupled electrically to the threephase rotor winding of the first winding set, and a second inverter, which is coupled to the shaft in a mechanical, rotationally fixed manner and which is coupled electrically to the three-phase rotor winding of the second winding set, wherein the first inverter and the second inverter are electrically coupled in such a manner that electrical power can be transmitted between the inverters.. .


System and zero voltage switching in continuous conductance mode (ccm) flyback converters

It is possible to achieve zero-voltage switching in continuous conductance mode (ccm) flyback converters by reducing the voltage differential across the primary winding immediately prior to transitioning the primary circuit from the off-state to the on-state. In one example, the voltage differential is reduced to the extent that polarity across the primary winding is reversed.


Packaging of a control module for a brushless motor

A power tool is provided, including a housing; an electric brushless dc motor disposed within the housing; and a control unit disposed within the housing and electrically coupled to the motor. The control unit includes a circuit board, a first set of power switches mounted on a first surface of the circuit board, a second set of power switches mounted on a second surface of the circuit board substantially opposite the first set of power switches and electrically coupled to the first set of power switches forming an inverter bridge circuit, power terminals arranged on a side edge of the circuit board and coupled to the output of the inverter bridge, and a heat sink mounted on the first surface of the circuit board covering the first set of power switches..


Brushless motor assembly for a fastening tool

An electric brushless dc motor is provided including an outer rotor assembly having a metallic rotor body, rotor magnets mounted within an inner surface of the rotor body, and a molded structure formed within the rotor body. The molded structure includes a main body formed on inner surface of the rotor body to securely cover and retain the rotor magnets on the inner surface of the rotor body, an axial fan formed at an end of the rotor body opposite the rotor magnets, and a sense magnet mount formed at approximately a radial center portion of the axial fan.


Motor brake device

A motor brake device includes an armature base, an armature plate, a fixing plate and at least one brake lining. The armature plate is disposed on the armature base.


Motor with integrated junction box

Methods and devices are provided that allow for easy replacement of a motor assembly in a fuel dispensing unit. In one embodiment, a protective end cap for use with a motor assembly is provided and includes a junction box housing having a sealed end that can couple to a motor, and an opposite open end that can couple to an end plate.


Drive device

A drive device includes a control unit with a substrate. The control unit is disposed on an opposite side of a motor relative to an output shaft of the motor.


Power generation input device

A power generation input device includes a rotational magnet body that has a magnet, an n-pole member placed near the n pole of the magnet, and an s-pole member placed near the s-pole of the magnet, the rotational magnet body being supported so as to be rotatable around a rotational center line; a magnetic member; coils; and a manipulation body. The n-pole member has an n-pole end, which extends in a direction more away from the rotational center line than the end of the magnet.


Multiband radio frequency (rf) energy harvesting with scalable antenna

A radio frequency (rf) energy harvesting device including a scalable metamaterial resonator antenna and a rectifying circuit formed on a flexible plastic substrate. The metamaterial resonator antenna includes a metal (e.g., silver) structure that is conformally fixedly disposed (i.e., either printed or deposited/etched) on the flexible substrate and configured to resonate at rf frequencies using primary and secondary antenna segments connected by linking segments such that captured rf signals are generated at two antenna end points that are 180° out-of-phase with each other.


Generator protection element

The present disclosure is applicable to generators with low motoring power. In one embodiment, a generator protection element may include a generator monitoring subsystem configured to measure a real power output and an imaginary power output of a generator.


Stripping tool for round cables with thin insulation

A stripping tool for the removal of the insulation of single-wire or multi-wire cables joins two jaws with one another via a common hinge pin as a hinged hollow body for the accommodation of the cable to be stripped and on one end face of which cutters are provided for a circumferential cut of the insulation close to the end of the cable. At the end of the hollow body opposite the cutters, behind an opening in the jaws, a cushion is respectively incorporated between which the end of the cable can be clamped with the outer insulation severed by the circumferential cut and thus the portion of the outer insulation can be stripped from the cable..


Ignition plug and plasma generation device

To provide an ignition plug having low power loss even though iron is a main component of a center electrode thereof, to which a high frequency power such as a microwave is electrically supplied. A low impedance layer 6 composed of a material having magnetic permeability lower than iron is provided between an outer peripheral surface of a center electrode 2 and an inner peripheral surface of an axial hole 30 of an insulator 3.


Semiconductor light device and manufacturing the same

Provided is a semiconductor light device comprising a semiconductor substrate having a first conduction type; a first cladding layer having the first conduction type deposited above the semiconductor substrate; an active layer; a second cladding layer having a second conduction type; and a contact layer. The active layer includes a window portion that is disordered via diffusion of vacancies and a non-window portion having less disordering than the window portion, and the contact layer includes a first region and a second region that is below the first region and has greater affinity for hydrogen than the first region..


High density cabled midplanes and backplanes

A cabled midplane includes a first support plate along a plane between a first connector set and a second connector set that connect to line cards on either side of the cabled midplane. The first connector set and the second connector set include connector slices.


Multi-array bottom-side connector using spring bias

A connector for a multi-array bottom side array is described that uses a spring bias. In one example, a connector includes a connector housing, the connector housing having a bottom surface, and a plurality of resilient connectors opposite the bottom surface to electrically connect to a corresponding plurality of pads of an integrated circuit package, a cable connector to electrically connect the resilient connectors to a cable, a base plate having a bottom surface to press against a circuit board, and a top surface opposite the bottom surface, and plurality of spring members coupled between the base plate and the connector bottom surface to press the base plate bottom surface against the system board and to press the connector housing connectors against the package..



A connector includes terminals. The terminals can have a contact that has a loop configuration.


Low-profile loop antenna

A low-profile loop antenna includes a driven element disposed very close, in some cases within about 0.005 wavelengths (λ) or closer, to a ground plane, while maintaining sizable gain and usable feed point impedance. Width of the driven element varies along its circumference, such that two diametrically opposed portions of the driven element are wider, and therefore have lower impedance, than other diametrically opposed portions of the driven element.


Resonant compensating loop for shielding of metal for magnetically coupled nfc and/or rfid devices, and methods of making and using the same

A near field communication device, and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The near field communication device includes a receiver configured to convert a received near field signal to an electric signal, a transmitter configured to generate a transmittable near field signal, a dielectric substrate within a housing, an antenna on the dielectric substrate, and a compensating loop within the housing and coupled to the antenna.


Antenna structure and wireless communication device using same

An antenna structure includes an antenna holder, a feed unit, a grounding unit, a first radiating unit, a second radiating unit, a third radiating unit, a parasitic unit, and a coupling unit. The feed unit and the grounding unit are positioned on the antenna holder and are spaced apart from each other.


Antenna device

An antenna device includes: a ground electrode; a first dielectric layer which is provided on one surface of the ground electrode; a feed plate which is provided on a surface of the first dielectric layer opposite from the ground electrode, and which is shorted to the ground electrode; a feed line which feeds to the feed plate; a second dielectric layer which is provided in such a manner as to sandwich the feed plate in combination with the first dielectric layer; and a radiation electrode which is provided on a surface of the second dielectric layer opposite from the feed plate, and which is fed by being electrically connected to the feed plate at a feed point and thereby radiates or receives a radiowave with a first frequency.. .


Multi-junction waveguide circulators with shared discontinuous transformers

A multi-junction circulator assembly comprises a waveguide housing including first and second sets of waveguide arms, and a junction section therebetween. A first circulator component located in the waveguide housing comprises a ferrite element including a plurality of leg segments, with one of the leg segments extending toward the junction section.


Conductive and liquid-retaining structure

A lithium-sulfur battery with improved cell performance may include a carbon layer. A high loading anode is needed to increase energy density, but it is difficult to express capacity when testing a cell of the high loading anode.


Composite electrolyte and lithium battery including the electrolyte

A composite electrolyte including a polymeric ionic liquid; and an oligomeric electrolyte, wherein the oligomeric electrolyte includes an oligomer.. .


Secondary battery

A secondary battery includes a battery electrode assembly in which positive electrode 1 and negative electrode 6 are stacked alternately with separator 20 interposed therebetween. Positive electrode 1 and negative electrode 6 each have current collector 3, 8 and active material 2, 7.


Composite electrolyte for a solid oxide fuel cell, exhaust gas probe or high-temperature gas sensor

This relates to a sinterable composite electrolyte compound, a sintered composite electrolyte, a method for manufacturing a sintered composite electrolyte and the use of the sintered composite electrolyte in a fuel cell, preferably a solid oxide fuel cell, an exhaust gas probe or a high-temperature gas sensor, and a fuel cell, preferably a solid oxide fuel cell, exhaust gas probe or high-temperature gas sensor containing the sintered composite electrolyte.. .


Sofc interconnect barriers and methods of making same

A novel method to produce thin films spatially disposed on desired areas of workpieces is disclosed. Examples of include the formation of a yttria stabilized zirconia (ysz) film formed on a desired portion of a stainless steel interconnect for solid oxide fuel cells by atomic layer deposition (ald).


Secondary battery

A secondary battery includes a wound electrode assembly in which a positive electrode sheet, a negative electrode sheet and a separator are stacked and wound. The positive electrode sheet is provided with a long positive electrode current collector and a positive electrode active material layer.


Carbonous anode material, producing the same, and lithium-ion battery containing the anode material

The present invention provides an anode material for a lithium-ion battery, the anode material being excellent in the low resistance and the rate characteristics, and meeting the fast charge/discharge characteristics and the relaxation of the characteristics deterioration due to the volume expansion simultaneously in high levels. In the present invention, there is produced a carbonous anode material comprising a composite (7) of a low-crystalline carbon (6), a fibrous carbon (2) having a smaller diameter than the particle diameter of the low-crystalline carbon (6), and a carbon nanohorn (3), by dispersing a low-crystalline carbon precursor (1), the fibrous carbon (2), and the carbon nanohorn (3) in a disperse medium (4) to form a carrier (5) having the carbon nanohorn (3) supported on the precursor (1) and the fibrous carbon (2), separating the carrier (5) from the disperse medium (4), and thereafter subjecting the resultant to a heat treatment to convert the precursor (1) to the low-crystalline carbon (6)..


Composite cathode active material, preparing the same, and cathode and lithium battery including the composite cathode active material

A composite cathode active material, including a nickel-based lithium transition metal oxide secondary particle, the nickel-based lithium transition metal oxide secondary particle including a coating layer containing lithium and cobalt on a surface of a primary particle of the secondary particle.. .


Layered oxide materials for batteries

The formula includes compounds that are oxygen deficient. Further the oxidation states may or may not be integers i.e.


Layered oxide materials for batteries

The values of x, y, zi and d are such as to maintain charge neutrality; and the values of y, zi and d are such that y+Σzi>½(2−d). The formula includes compounds that are oxygen deficient.


Lithium ion secondary battery

A lithium ion secondary battery includes: a negative electrode having a carbon-based negative electrode material containing graphite particles and amorphous carbon particles; and a positive electrode including a lithium composite oxide. The lithium composite oxide is represented by a general formula: lixniymnzco(1−y−z)o2, where x is a numeral of 1 or more and 1.2 or less, and y and z are positive numerals satisfying the relation of y+z<1.


Method for producing composite, and negative electrode material for lithium ion battery

A production method for a composite of fine particles (a) and carbon particles (b), including the steps of: mixing fine particles (a) formed of a substance comprising at least one kind of si, sn, al, ge and in; and molten pitch, to obtain a mixture (1); pulverizing the mixture (1) to obtain a pulverized product (2a); dry-mixing the pulverized product (2a) and carbon particles (b) to obtain a mixture (3a); and firing the mixture (3a), followed by pulverization; or including the steps of: adding carbon particles (b) to the mixture (1), followed by dry mixing and pulverizing, to obtain a pulverized product (2b); and firing the pulverized product (2b), followed by pulverization.. .


Composite particles, manufacturing same, electrode, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell

An object of the present invention is to provide a negative electrode active material that can bring about improved charge/discharge cycle characteristics of nonaqueous electrolyte secondary cells that use silicon-containing particles as the negative electrode active material, and to provide a method for manufacturing the negative electrode active material. The method for manufacturing composite particles according to the present invention includes a mixing step and an annealing step.


Robust mos2/graphene composite electrodes for na+ battery applications

The synthesis of layered free-standing papers, films, tapes, and painted coatings. Composed of acid-functionalized, few-layer molybdenum disulfide (mos2) and reduced graphene oxide (rgo) flakes for use as a binder-free conducting electrode in nib applications are described.


Composite membrane, preparation method thereof, anode structure including the composite membrane, and lithium secondary battery including the anode structure

A composite membrane includes: an organic layer having a plurality of through holes; and ion conductive inorganic particles disposed in the through holes, wherein a hydrophobic coating layer is disposed on a surface of the ion conductive inorganic particles.. .


Flexible display apparatus and manufacturing the same

A flexible display apparatus including: a first film including a first surface and a second surface that are opposite each other, and a first groove formed in the first surface, the first film having a first rigidity; a third film on the second surface of the first film; a fourth film facing the third film; an emission display unit between and encapsulated by the third film and the fourth film; and a second film on the fourth film and facing the first film, the second film having a second rigidity that is less than the first rigidity.. .


Organic light-emitting diode display with glass encapsulation and peripheral welded plastic seal

A display may have thin-film transistor circuitry that includes organic light-emitting diodes. The thin-film transistor circuitry may be formed on a substrate.


Production of organic phosphorescent layers with addition of heavy main group metal complexes

A method is provided for producing organic electrical layers having organic emitters that are phosphorescent at room temperature. Organic fluorescent emitters, together with organic complex ligands containing metal complexes, and at least one heavy main group metal, selected from the group comprising in, tl, sn, pb, sb and bi, are deposited jointly inside a layer, and the heavy main group metal changes its coordination sphere by receiving the organic fluorescent emitter..


Semiconductor structures and devices and methods of forming semiconductor structures and magnetic memory cells

A magnetic cell includes a magnetic region formed from a precursor magnetic material comprising a diffusive species and at least one other species. An amorphous region is proximate to the magnetic region and is formed from a precursor trap material comprising at least one attracter species having at least one trap site and a chemical affinity for the diffusive species.


Piezoelectric nanoparticle-polymer composite structure

Methods, systems, and devices are disclosed for implementing a stretchable nanoparticle-polymer composite foams that exhibit piezoelectric properties. In one aspect, a nanoparticle-polymer composite structure includes a curable liquid polymer; piezoelectric nanoparticles; and graphitic carbons..


Differential temperature sensor

This sensor (1) includes an assembly of thermoelectric layers, a support member (2) including at least one first and one second metallic connector pins (30, 31), first and second metal connectors arranged to electrically connect the support member (2) respectively to a first connection pad and a second connection pad, an external package (8) including a first surface (8a) and a second opposite surface (8b) intended to be respectively connected to a hot source and to a cold source, a first via (80) connecting the first surface (8a) to each first connector pin (30), a second via (81) connecting the second surface (8b) to each second connector pin (31), and the support member (2) includes thermal conductors between the connector pins (30, 31) and the metal connectors.. .


Semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device including a plurality of light emitting elements can be miniaturized while enabling to emit light with high luminance. The semiconductor light emitting device can include a mounting substrate, and a plurality of semiconductor light emitting elements mounted on the mounting substrate side by side, each of the semiconductor light emitting elements having a semiconductor structure layer that can include a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type, an active layer, and a second semiconductor layer of a second conductivity type opposite to the first conductivity type, which are layered in that order.


Composite substrate for light emitting diodes

A low-cost device for packaging led dies provides superior reflectivity and thermal conductivity without covering entire surfaces of an led luminaire with an expensive reflective aluminum substrate. The led packaging device includes a highly reflective substrate disposed in a hole in a printed circuit board.


Variable composition transparent conductive oxide layer and methods of forming thereof

Provided are light emitting diodes (leds) and methods of fabricating such leds. An led may include a transparent conductive oxide (tco) layer having a varying refractive index.


Solar cell module and manufacturing the same

A solar cell module and a method for manufacturing the same are discussed. The solar cell module includes a front transparent substrate and a back substrate positioned opposite each other, a plurality of solar cells positioned between the front transparent substrate and the back substrate, each solar cell including a semiconductor substrate and first and second electrodes, the first and second electrodes being separated from each other on a back surface of the semiconductor substrate and each extending in a first direction, a first conductive line connected to the first electrode included in the each solar cell through a conductive adhesive, a second conductive line connected to the second electrode included in the each solar cell through the conductive adhesive, a first encapsulant positioned between the solar cells and the front transparent substrate, and a second encapsulant positioned between the solar cells and the back substrate..


Solar cell and manufacturing the same

A solar cell according to an embodiment of the invention includes a substrate of a first conductive type, an emitter region of a second conductive type opposite the first conductive type, which is positioned at the substrate, an anti-reflection layer including a first opening exposing the emitter region and a plurality of second openings which expose the emitter region and are separated from one another, a first electrode which is positioned on a first portion of the emitter region exposed through the first opening and is connected to the first portion, a first bus bar which is positioned on a second portion of the emitter region exposed through the plurality of second openings and is connected to the second portion and the first electrode, and a second electrode which is positioned on the substrate and is connected to the substrate.. .


Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

A semiconductor device includes: a first conductive type semiconductor device; a first conductive type drift region formed by epitaxial growth on the semiconductor substrate; a plurality of first conductive type vertical implantation regions formed by multistage ion implantation in the drift region, the vertical implantation regions having a prescribed vertical implantation width and a prescribed drift region width; an anode electrode disposed on the front surface of the drift region opposite to the semiconductor substrate, the anode electrode being in schottky contact with the drift region and in ohmic contact with the first conductive type vertical implantation regions; and a cathode electrode disposed on the rear surface of the semiconductor substrate opposite to the drift region, the cathode electrode being in ohmic contact with the semiconductor substrate.. .


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes an isolation feature in a substrate. The semiconductor device further includes a first source/drain feature in the substrate, wherein a first side of the first source/drain feature contacts the isolation feature, and the first source/drain feature exposes a portion of the isolation feature below a top surface of the substrate.


Methods of forming low band gap source and drain structures in microelectronic devices

Methods of forming a strained channel device utilizing dislocations disposed in source/drain structures are described. Those methods/structures may include forming a source/drain region in a substrate of a device, and forming an alloy in the source/drain region, wherein the alloy comprises a material that decreases a band gap between source/drain contacts and the source/drain regions to substantially zero.


Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same

Provided are a semiconductor device configured to block a physical diffusion path by forming an oxide layer between barrier layers to prevent impurities from being diffused through the physical diffusion path between the barrier layers, and a method for fabricating the semiconductor device. The semiconductor device includes a gate insulation layer formed on a substrate, a first barrier layer formed on the gate insulation layer, an oxide layer formed on the first barrier layer, the oxide layer including an oxide formed by oxidizing a material included in the first barrier layer, a second barrier layer formed on the oxide layer, a gate electrode formed on the second barrier layer, and source/drains disposed at opposite sides of the gate electrode in the substrate..


Finfets and methods for forming the same

A finfet includes a semiconductor fin including an inner region, and a germanium-doped layer on a top surface and sidewall surfaces of the inner region. The germanium-doped layer has a higher germanium concentration than the inner region.


Ldmos device and its manufacturing method

The present invention discloses an ldmos device, whose drift region is composed of a first drift region and a second drift region, the first drift region being composed of an ion implantation region formed in a selected region of the silicon substrate; the second drift region, composed of the doped polysilicon formed on the surface of the silicon substrate, is superimposed on the first drift region, with the drain region formed in the second drift region. With the second drift region of the present invention, the thickness of the entire drift region can be increased, and thus the parasitic resistance of the entire drift region can be reduced, the linear current of the device can be effectively increased, and the on-resistance of the device can be effectively reduced; the device of the present invention can also maintain a high breakdown voltage and lower process cost.


Composite dummy gate with conformal polysilicon layer for finfet device

A method includes providing a fin structure containing a semiconductor material. The method includes forming a gate dielectric layer over the fin structure, the gate dielectric layer being at least partially wrapped around the fin structure.


Iii-v mosfets with halo-doped bottom barrier layer

Techniques for controlling short channel effects in iii-v mosfets through the use of a halo-doped bottom (iii-v) barrier layer are provided. In one aspect, a method of forming a mosfet device is provided.


Partial spacer for increasing self aligned contact process margins

A semiconductor structure is provided. The semiconductor includes a gate stack on a substrate.


Diode structures with controlled injection efficiency for fast switching

This invention discloses a semiconductor device disposed in a semiconductor substrate. The semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor layer of a first conductivity type on a first major surface.


Semiconductor devices having low contact resistance and low current leakage

The present disclosure is directed to a device and method for reducing the resistance of the middle of the line in a transistor. The transistor has electrical contacts formed above, and electrically connected to, the gate, drain and source.


Method for fabricating a transistor with a raised source-drain structure

A method for forming a transistor includes defining agate structure on a top surface of a first semiconductor layer of a silicon-on-insulator (soi) substrate. The gate structure includes an insulating cover.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

The semiconductor device includes: a substrate, an n-type drift region formed on a main surface of the substrate; a p-type well region, an n-type drain region and an n-type source region each formed in the drift region to extend from a second main surface of the drift region opposite to the first main surface of the drift region in contact with the substrate in a direction perpendicular to the second main surface; a gate groove extending from the second main surface in the perpendicular direction and penetrating the source region and the well region in a direction parallel to the first main surface of the substrate; and a gate electrode formed on a surface of the gate groove with a gate insulating film interposed therebetween, wherein the drift region has a higher impurity concentration than the substrate, and the well region extends to the inside of the substrate.. .


Dual-channel field effect transistor device having increased amplifier linearity

A dual-channel field effect transistor (fet) device having increased amplifier linearity and a method of manufacturing same are disclosed. In an embodiment, the device includes a channel layer having a top surface and provided within a channel between a source electrode and a drain electrode.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first conductivity type semiconductor layer that includes a wide bandgap semiconductor and a surface. A trench, including a side wall and a bottom wall, is formed in the semiconductor layer surface, and a schottky electrode is connected to the surface.


Optical assembly including plenoptic microlens array

An optical assembly includes a solid spacing layer between a plenoptic microlens array (mla) and a pixel-level mla, avoiding the need for an air gap. Such an assembly, and systems and methods for manufacturing same, can yield improved reliability and efficiency of production, and can avoid many of the problems associated with prior art approaches.


Integrated scintillator grid with photodiodes

Various embodiments of a structure implemented in an x-ray imaging system are described. In one aspect, a structure implemented in an x-ray imaging system includes a silicon wafer including a first side and a second side opposite the first side.


Semiconductor photomultiplier

The present disclosure relates to a semiconductor photomultiplier comprising a substrate; an array of photosensitive cells formed on the substrate that are operably coupled between an anode and a cathode. A set of primary bus lines are provided each being associated with a corresponding set of photosensitive cells.


Deformable electronic device and methods of providing and using deformable electronic device

Some embodiments include a method of providing an electronic device. The method includes: (i) providing a carrier substrate, (ii) providing a device substrate comprising a first side and a second side opposite the first side, the device substrate having a flexible substrate, (iii) coupling the first side of the device substrate to the carrier substrate; and (iv) after coupling the first side of the device substrate to the carrier substrate, providing two or more active sections over the second side of the device substrate, each active section of the two or more active sections being spatially separate from each other and having at least one semiconductor device.


Uniform junction formation in finfets

The present invention relates generally to semiconductor devices and more particularly, to a structure and method of forming an abrupt junction in the channel regions of high density technologies, such as tight pitch finfet devices, using recessed source-drain (s-d) regions and annealing techniques. In an embodiment, a faceted buffer layer, deposited before the s-d region is formed, may be used to control the profile and dopant concentration of the junction under the channel.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed are a semiconductor device and a manufacturing method thereof. According to the semiconductor device and the manufacturing method thereof according to exemplary embodiments of the present invention, after the dopant source layer is uniformly deposited on a channel layer of the device with the 3-demensional vertical structure by the plasma-enhanced atomic layer deposition (peald) method, the deposited dopant source layer is heat-treated so that the dopants are diffused into the channel layer to function as charge carriers, thereby preventing the charges in the channel layer from being reduced.


Methods of fabricating memory device with spaced-apart semiconductor charge storage regions

Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices, such as monolithic three-dimensional nand memory string devices, include selectively forming semiconductor material charge storage regions over first material layers exposed on a sidewall of a front side opening extending through a stack comprising an alternating plurality of first and second material layers using a difference in incubation time for the semiconductor material on the first material relative to an incubation time for the semiconductor material on the second material of the stack. In other embodiments, a silicon layer is selectively deposited on silicon nitride on a surface having at least one first portion including silicon oxide and at least one second portion including silicon nitride using a difference in an incubation time for the silicon on silicon nitride relative to an incubation time for the silicon on silicon oxide..


Memory architecture of array with single gate memory devices

A vertical gate nonvolatile nand array includes a plurality of vertically stacked nand strings of nonvolatile memory cells, a plurality of word lines arranged orthogonally over the plurality of vertically stacked nand strings, and a plurality of vertical columns of conductive gate material electrically coupled to the plurality of word lines. The plurality of vertically stacked nand strings are with vertically stacked semiconductor strips having opposite sides including a first side and a second side.


Method for forming a split-gate flash memory cell device with a low power logic device

An embedded flash memory device is provided. A gate stack includes a control gate arranged over a floating gate.


Semiconductor structures with deep trench capacitor and methods of manufacture

An integrated finfet and deep trench capacitor structure and methods of manufacture are provided. The method includes forming deep trench capacitor structures in a silicon on insulator (soi) wafer.


Cmos transistors including gate spacers of the same thickness

A dielectric material layer is deposited on gate structures of first and second semiconductor material portions. The dielectric material layer is anisotropically etched to form a first gate spacer on a first semiconductor material portion, while being protected above the second semiconductor material portion.


Short channel effect suppression

A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having a first region and a second region. The first region includes a first set of fin structures, the first set of fin structures comprising a first set of epitaxial anti-punch-through features of a first conductivity type.


Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors arranged in a pattern to reduce inductance, and related methods

Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitors arranged in a pattern to reduce inductance, and related methods, are disclosed. In one aspect, circuits are provided that employ mim capacitors coupled in series.


Solution for reducing poor contact in info packages

A package includes a first package including a device die, a molding compound molding the device die therein, a through-via penetrating through the molding compound, and a first plurality of redistribution lines (rdls) and a second plurality of rdls on opposite sides of the molding compound. The through-via electrically couples one of the first plurality of rdls to one of the second plurality of rdls.


Non-contacting inductive interconnects

A non-contacting inductive interconnect of a three-dimensional integrated circuit includes a first silicon substrate having a first inductive loop. A first layer of high permeability material is deposited on the first silicon substrate that has the first inductive loop forming a first high permeability structure.


Reducing solder pad topology differences by planarization

A technique is disclosed for causing the top surfaces of solder bumps on a chip to be in the same plane to ensure a more reliable bond between the chip and a substrate. The chip is provided with solder pads that may have different heights.


Chip package and forming the same

A chip package is provided. The chip package includes a substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite thereto.


Die package with superposer substrate for passive components

A die package is described that includes a substrate to carry passive components. In one example, the package has a semiconductor die having active circuitry near a front side of the die and having a back side opposite the front side, and a component substrate near the back side of the die.


Method of making an electromagnetic interference shield for semiconductor chip packages

An electromagnetic interference shield is described for semiconductor chip packages. In some embodiments, a mold compound is formed over a semiconductor die, the die being over a front side redistribution layer on a side opposite the mold compound, the redistribution layer extending past the die and the mold compound extending around the die to contact the redistribution layer.


High-temperature cycling bga packaging

An example method for attaching a ball grid array chip to a circuit board includes providing an adapter for attaching a chip with a plurality of solder balls to a circuit board, the adapter having an adapter substrate made from a material having substantially the same coefficient of thermal expansion as the substrate used in the chip and having at least one electrical contact site on a mounting surface of the adapter substrate for engaging a solder ball on the ball grid array chip and a plurality of lead wires extending from each side of the adapter substrate. At least one of the lead wires is electrically connected to at least one electrical contact site on the adapter substrate..


Package structure and manufacturing same

A method for manufacturing a package structure carries out in following way. A flexible circuit board is provided.


Packaged semiconductor device having attached chips overhanging the assembly pad

A semiconductor device (200) comprising a semiconductor chip (201) has an electrically active side (201a) and an opposite electrically inactive side (201b); the active side bordered by an edge having a first length (202a), and the inactive side bordered by a parallel edge having a second length (202b) smaller than the first length; a substrate has an assembly pad (210) bordered by a linear edge having a third length (210a) equal to or smaller than the first length; the inactive chip side attached to the pad so that the edge of the first length is parallel to the edge of the third length; the active side of the attached chip forms an overhang over the pad, when the third length is smaller than the first length.. .


Integrated circuit cooling apparatus

A chip fabricated from a semiconductor material is disclosed, which may include active devices located below a first depth from the chip back side, and a structure to remove heat from the active devices to the chip back side. The structure may include thermally conductive partial vias (tcpvs), which may include a recess with a depth, from the chip back side towards the active devices less than the first depth.


Method of transforming an electronic device

There is provided a method for transforming an electronic device from an initial state, wherein the device includes a first substrate and a second substrate, the first and second substrates being joined by means of a bonding interfaced using their respective first faces, wherein the first substrate includes at least one cavity, produced using the first face of the first substrate, the cavity including a bottom bordered by at least one peripheral region and being at least partially filled with a buffer layer, in the bottom of the cavity, and wherein the first face of the second substrate is at least partly opposite the cavity of the first substrate. The method also includes a step of removing the bottom of the cavity of the first substrate from a first face, opposite to the first face of the first substrate..


Method of manufacturing a semiconductor component and semiconductor component

Various embodiments provide method of manufacturing a semiconductor component, wherein the method comprises providing a layer stack comprising a carrier and a thinned wafer comprising a metallization layer on one side, wherein the thinned wafer is placed on a first side of the carrier; forming an encapsulation encapsulating the layer stack at least partially; and subsequently thinning the carrier from a second side of the carrier, wherein the second side is opposite to the first side of the carrier.. .


3d packages and methods for forming the same

Embodiments of the present disclosure include a semiconductor device and methods of forming a semiconductor device. An embodiment is a semiconductor device comprising an interconnecting structure consisting of a plurality of thin film layers and a plurality of metal layers disposed therein, each of the plurality of metal layers having substantially a same top surface area, and a die comprising an active surface and a backside surface opposite the active surface, the active surface being directly coupled to a first side of the interconnecting structure.


Lithographic technique for feature cut by line-end shrink

A technique for patterning a workpiece such as an integrated circuit workpiece is provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the method includes receiving a dataset specifying a plurality features to be formed on the workpiece.


Phase change memory with diodes embedded in substrate

An integrated circuit structure includes a semiconductor substrate; a diode; and a phase change element over and electrically connected to the diode. The diode includes a first doped semiconductor region of a first conductivity type, wherein the first doped semiconductor region is embedded in the semiconductor substrate; and a second doped semiconductor region over and adjoining the first doped semiconductor region, wherein the second doped semiconductor region is of a second conductivity type opposite the first conductivity type..


Patterning a substrate using grafting polymer material

Patterning methods for creating sub-resolution trenches, contact openings, lines, and other structures at smaller dimensions as compared to using conventional self-aligned multiple patterning and sequential litho-etch deposition patterning approaches. Techniques herein include patterning using a grafting polymer material that has been modified to provide little or no etch resistance (fast etching).


Focused radiation beam induced thin film deposition

A method of depositing a material on a surface is disclosed. The method includes focusing a radiation beam on the surface and introducing a precursor gas near the surface wherein the precursor gas forms the material on the surface upon radiation by the radiation beam.


Nitride spacer for protecting a fin-shaped field effect transistor (finfet) device

Approaches for protecting a semiconductor device (e.g., a fin field effect transistor device (finfet)) using a nitride spacer are provided. Specifically, a nitride spacer is formed over an oxide and a set of fins of the finfet device to mitigate damage during subsequent processing.


Methods for forming ferroelectric phases in materials and devices utilizing the same

Embodiments provided herein describe systems and methods for forming ferroelectric materials. A trench body may be provided.


Integration of iii-v devices on si wafers

An insulating layer is conformally deposited on a plurality of mesa structures in a trench on a substrate. The insulating layer fills a space outside the mesa structures.


Two-dimensional separation and imaging technique for the rapid analysis of biological samples

A method of ion mapping is disclosed comprising depositing a sample onto a target surface and separating the sample on the target surface according to a first physico-chemical property in a first dimension and according to a second physico-chemical property in a second dimension. The method further comprises ionising and mass analysing multiple separate regions of the sample so as to generate an ion map of at least a portion of the sample deposited upon the target surface.


Device for ion implantation

In an ion implantation device and a method for the ion implantation of a substrate, plasma having an ion density of at least 1010 cm−3, is generated by a plasma source in a discharge space. The discharge space is delimited in the direction of the substrate to be implanted by a plasma-delimiting wall.


Break away door, trip unit and circuit breaker assembly including same

A hinge assembly includes a first portion having first and second receptacles and a second portion having first and second cylindrical members extending in opposite directions along a hinge axis and a thickened portion having a contoured outer surface disposed adjacent the cylindrical members. The second portion is moveable from: a first state wherein the first and second cylindrical members are disposed in the first and second receptacles such that the second portion is coupled to the first portion and generally free to rotate about the hinge axis through at least a predetermined degree range, and a second state in which the second portion is decoupled from the first portion responsive to the second portion being rotated beyond the predetermined degree range and the contoured outer surface interacting with a portion of the first portion..


Composite rocker button with capacitive sense technology

A rocker panel button arrangement having a bezel with an opening. A rocker button is rotatably mounted to the bezel and is located within the aperture.


Multilayer film capacitor

A multilayer film capacitor having a composite stack disposed between two electrodes where the composite stack includes at least one thermoplastic conductive layer and at least one thermoplastic insulating layer. The total thickness of the conductive layers is at least 3 times the total thickness of the insulating layers.


Composite electronic component

A composite electronic component includes a composite body including a capacitor and an inductor bonded to each other; an input terminal disposed on a first end surface of the composite body and connected to the coil part of the inductor; an output terminal including a first output terminal disposed on a second end surface of the composite body and connected to the coil part of the inductor and a second output terminal disposed on the second end surface of the composite body and connected to the first internal electrodes of the capacitor; and a ground terminal disposed on the first end surface of the composite body and connected to the second internal electrodes of the capacitor. A bonded surface between the inductor and the capacitor is provided with insulating layers..


Composite electronic component

A composite electronic component includes a composite body including a capacitor and an inductor bonded to each other, the capacitor including a ceramic body in which a plurality of dielectric layers and first and second internal electrodes disposed to face each other with respective dielectric layers interposed therebetween are stacked and the inductor including a magnetic body including a coil part. The inductor and the capacitor are bonded to each other by an adhesive including a thermosetting resin containing silicon dioxide (sio2)..


Embedded coil assembly and production method

An embodiment of coil assembly includes a laterally disposed ferrite ring having a central opening. A laterally disposed annular conductive member is positioned above the ferrite ring and has a plurality of spaced-apart circumferential segments.


Power inductor and maufacturing the same

A power inductor includes: a substrate on which an internal electrode coil pattern is formed; and composite layers formed by alternately stacking first sheets formed of a mixture of coarse metal powder and fine metal powder and second sheets formed of fine metal powder on the internal electrode coil pattern of the substrate, thereby obtaining high inductance.. .


Optimized electromagnetic inductor component design and methods including improved conductivity composite conductor material

Electromagnetic inductor components include a magnetic core and a conductor assembled with the core and defining a winding completing a number of turns. The conductor is fabricated from a composite material including carbon nanotubes having an improved conductivity.

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