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Sinus patents

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Minimally-advancing luminal catheter

Vibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses

Method for operating a uwb device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sinus-related patents
 Apparatus and method for the detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation patent thumbnailApparatus and method for the detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation
Embodiments of the invention provide methods for the detection and treatment of atrial fibrillation (af) and related conditions. One embodiment provides a method comprising measuring electrical activity of the heart using electrodes arranged on the heart surface to define an area for detecting aberrant electrical activity (aea) and then using the measured electrical activity (mea) to detect foci of aea causing af.
 Minimally-advancing luminal catheter patent thumbnailMinimally-advancing luminal catheter
The present invention relates to an implantable catheter (100) provided for insertion through a wall (50) of a dural venous sinus (70) in a subject, having a proximal (20) and distal end (30), comprising: —a tubular shaft (10) for insertion through the wall (50) of the venous sinus (70) into the sinus (52), provided with a shaft lumen (12) in fluid connection with a proximal port (14) at the proximal end and a distal port (16) at the distal end of the shaft (10), and —a stop element (40) disposed on an outer surface of the tubular shaft (10), configured to limit the depth of insertion of the tubular shaft (10) into the sinus.. .
 Vibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses patent thumbnailVibration apparatus for stimulating paranasal sinuses
A vibration device includes a vibrating element positioned to stimulate the paranasal sinuses of a user when the user is wearing the device. The device includes a control assembly for powering the vibrating element, the control assembly including at least one battery, a control switch for varying the voltage supplied to the vibrating element, electrical wiring extending from the at least one battery to the control switch, and a printed circuit board including timing circuitry for controlling the vibration of the vibrating element and charging circuitry for charging a rechargeable battery, wherein the at least one battery, the electrical wiring, and the printed circuit board are mounted within a strap attached to the vibration device.
 Method for operating a uwb device patent thumbnailMethod for operating a uwb device
The method for operating a uwb device having at least one transmitting antenna and/or at least one receiving antenna comprises the following steps: controlling the transmitting antenna (12) or the receiving antenna (12′) with a control pulse signal (13,13′) having a sequence of substantially sinusoidal pulses of alternating polarity and differing amplitudes and particularly having the waveform of a fifth-order gaussian pulse signal, wherein the transmitting antenna (12) can be alternately supplied with current pulses of differing polarity and differing magnitude by switching on and off first electronic switch units (16) that are coupled to the transmitting antenna (12) and have resistances associated with the amplitudes of the pulses to be generated, wherein each first switch unit (16) has a specifiable, particularly equal, number of first switching transistors (18,19), each having substantially identical on-state resistance values (r), wherein the resistance of a first switch unit is adjusted either by using only one of the first switching transistors (18,19) or by using a plurality of first switching transistors (18,19) connected in parallel, and wherein the first switch units (16) are controlled sequentially according to a specifiable temporal schema and each for a control time interval of a predetermined length.. .
 Fiber stabilization of optical path differences (opd) over a wide bandwidth frequency range for extended periods of time patent thumbnailFiber stabilization of optical path differences (opd) over a wide bandwidth frequency range for extended periods of time
The disclosed method for fiber stabilization of optical path differences involves splitting a laser produced optical beam into a first and second optical beam. Further, the method involves circulating the first optical beam to an adjustable optical telescope, and circulating the second optical beam to a reference optical telescope.
 Power circuit of a vacuum fluorescent display having neither transformer nor electromagnetic interference patent thumbnailPower circuit of a vacuum fluorescent display having neither transformer nor electromagnetic interference
A power circuit of a vacuum fluorescent display having neither transformer nor electromagnetic interference comprises a dc power supplier that provides a high-voltage power supply and a low-voltage power supply. The high-voltage power supply is connected to an amplifying and doubling circuit that is further connected to a positive pole and a grid of the vacuum florescent display.
 Mechanical face seal with a reverse trapezoidal face pattern patent thumbnailMechanical face seal with a reverse trapezoidal face pattern
An improved mechanical face seal is provided which includes a pair of relatively rotatable seal rings having opposing seal faces. At least one of the seal faces includes a reverse trapezoidal face pattern having a sine wave depth profile wherein individual face features are circumferentially spaced over the seal face.
 Method and apparatus for percutaneous aortic valve replacement patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for percutaneous aortic valve replacement
A catheter adapted for placement in the ascending aorta comprises a central catheter mechanism and a balloon structure or other occluding structure at its distal end. The catheter may be placed over the aortic arch such that the occluding structure is placed in the ascending aorta just above the sinus of valsalva and coronary ostia.
 Devices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat patent thumbnailDevices, systems and methods for treating disorders of the ear, nose and throat
Sinusitis, mucocysts, tumors, infections, hearing disorders, choanal atresia, fractures and other disorders of the paranasal sinuses, eustachian tubes, lachrymal ducts and other ear, nose, throat and mouth structures are diagnosed and/or treated using minimally invasive approaches and, in many cases, flexible catheters as opposed to instruments having rigid shafts. Various diagnostic procedures and devices are used to perform imaging studies, mucus flow studies, air/gas flow studies, anatomic dimension studies and endoscopic studies.
 Modulation of bio-electrical rhythms via a novel engineering approach patent thumbnailModulation of bio-electrical rhythms via a novel engineering approach
The present invention relates to novel compositions and methods to induce, and/of modulate bio-electrical rhythms (e.g. In cardiac, neuronal and pancreatic cells) by fine-tuning the activity of hcn-encoded pacemaker channels via a novel protein- and genetic-engineering approach to augment or attenuate the associated physiological responses (e.g.
Honey nasal rinse
Novel nasal rinse compositions are disclosed. The nasal rinse comprises a dried particulate composed of honey and a carrier.
Downhole sinusoidal vibrational apparatus
A device in place as, or suitable for use as, a vibrational tool of or in a downhole assembly, the device having a first magnetic assembly which is to be, or can be, rotated relative to a second magnetic assembly and which, when so rotated, causes the second magnetic assembly to oscillate and/or reciprocate at least substantially in an axial manner; wherein the oscillating and/or reciprocating magnetic assembly, at least substantially, at either one end, or both ends, is attached to and constrained in its oscillations and/or reciprocation by a compliant member thereby allowing the output force to be distributed to the outer body of the vibrational tool and/or any attached uphole and/or downhole tooling, from the compression and extension of the compliant member in a substantially sinusoidal manner.. .
Sperical subtalar implant
One embodiment of the invention includes a sinus tarsi implant with a proximal portion that includes a spherical portion. The spherical portion may include apertures for tissue in-growth.
Reinforced commissural support structure
A device and method for controlling commissural tip deflection of a prosthetic valve, thereby both preventing failure due to repeated movement and/or uneven loading of the commissural points and also improving coaptation of the valve leaflets, including connecting reinforcing material between the commissural points so a spring-like span is created across the points. The spanning material may be in the form of a ring that is lashed, sewn or otherwise connected to the commissural points.
Devices and methods for coronary sinus pressure relief
A method and devices for relieving pressure in the left atrium of a patient's heart is disclosed. The method includes using an ablative catheter in a minimally invasive procedure to prepare an opening from the coronary sinus into a left atrium of the patient's heart.
Method and apparatus for intrachamber resynchronization
Methods, apparatus, and systems are provided to control contraction of the heart. At least one sensing element receives signals indicating electrical activity of sinus rhythm of the heart.
Inverter for a distributed power generator
Provided is a maximum power point (mpp) tracker for a pv cell inverter, and a pv cell inverter. The mpp tracker decouples output power oscillations from the input power generation and extracts maximum available power from the pv cell.
Valved aortic root prosthesis
Disclosed herein a valved aortic root prosthesis comprising a vascular prosthesis with a cuff fastened to the proximal end thereof and a valve mounted in the cuff, wherein the cuff is provided with three marks at an angle of 120 degrees from each other, which divide the cuff into three zones corresponding to the right coronary sinus, the left coronary sinus and the non-coronary sinus, while the vascular prosthesis is provided with two apertures situated above the zones corresponding to the right and left coronary sinuses, wherein the aperture in the left coronary sinus zone is provided at a level of 5-25 mm from the cuff, and the aperture in the right coronary sinus zone is provided at a level of 25-55 mm from the cuff, and each aperture has a vascular prosthesis sewn thereto for connection to the adjacent coronary artery.. .
Collection catheter and kit
A catheter for collecting fluid such as blood from a vessel such as a coronary sinus of a patient has an elongated, flexible tubular portion and an annular sealing member spaced from a distal end of the tubular member. A proximal end of the tubular member is adapted to be connected to a source of suction for applying suction to a collection lumen of the tubular member.
Method for measuring concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas
A method in which the wavelength of the light of a tunable light source is varied periodically over an absorption line of interest for the gas component to measure the concentration of a gas component in a measurement gas based on one of two measurement methods of direct absorption spectroscopy and wavelength modulation spectroscopy and, where in the case of wavelength modulation spectroscopy, the wavelength of the light is additionally sinusoidally modulated at a high frequency and with a small amplitude, where the intensity of the light is detected after transradiation of the measurement gas and processed to yield a measurement result, and where in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the measurement, the two measurement methods are applied simultaneously during each period, or alternately in consecutive periods, and their results are combined by averaging to form the measurement result.. .
Systems and methods for continuous adjustment of reference signal to control chip
The present disclosure is directed to a solution that provides for continuous adjustment of a reference signal to a control chip to facilitate controlling the average output power. In some aspects, a system may facilitate continuous adjustment of power provided to a device by providing a reference signal with a slope to a control pin (e.g., current control pin) of a control chip (e.g., power regulator or led driver).
System for developing high pressure shale or tight rock formations using a profusion of open hole sinusoidal laterals
A wellbore system to produce natural gas and/or oil from high pressure shale or tight rock formations using a profusion of open hole sinusoidal laterals to achieve comparable contact surface areas with multi-stage hydraulically fractured wellbores. The laterals are drilled in an orientation designed to intersect the dominant natural fracture system and are also drilled in a sinusoidal pattern to interconnect the individual rock facies within the targeted subterranean zone.
Heat-exchange apparatus
A heat exchanging device has a single extruded part made as a tubular body with external and internal radial branches. The tubular body has longitudinal round holes in a circumferential direction.
Single-pass left-sided ddd pacing lead
A single-pass pacing lead capable of sensing and pacing both the atria and the ventricles is described. In some examples, the single-pass pacing lead is connected to a ddd pacemaker.
Sinus dilation system and method
A sinus dilation instrument useful with a navigation system and including a handle, a rigid probe, a balloon, and an identifier device. The probe extends from the handle, forms a curved segment, and carries the balloon.
Electrostimulation in treating cerebrovascular conditions
A system for treating a medical condition in a living body, comprising two subsystems, an implant subsystem and an electrical stimulation unit subsystem. The implant subsystem comprises at least one electrostimulation module, contains at least one electrically conductive electrode and, preferably, an anchoring member.
Means for securing a catheter into a vessel
An electrophysiology catheter, e.g., a coronary sinus catheter, for insertion into a cardiac vessel, such as the coronary sinus, includes a handle and a catheter shaft coupled at one end to the handle. The catheter shaft has a distal end and an anchor is associated with the catheter shaft and is movable between a deployed position and a collapsed position.
Current generator
A current generator is disclosed. An example current generator includes a plurality of current cells connected in parallel, each current cell being connected to a switch.
Curved plate for exhaust reversion prevention
An exhaust reversion prevention plate is installed within the exhaust pipe of an internal combustion engine in order to prevent a phenomenon known as reversion, which causes a reduction of power available to the engine. A curved plate is affixed within the exhaust pipe with a threaded stud welded to the plate.
Techniques for increasing the acoustic impedance of the cochlea's round window membrane
A method for increasing the acoustic impedance of the round window membrane of the cochlea in a human patient includes surgically opening access to the round window membrane and placing a packing layer over the round window membrane. Optionally a layer of collagen graft may be obtained from the patient and placed between the round window membrane and the packing layer.
Epicardial clip
An epicardial clip for reshaping the annulus of the mitral valve of a heart. The epicardial clip includes a curved member having an anterior segment configured to be positioned in the transverse sinus of the heart, a posterior segment configured to be positioned on the posterior side of the heart, such as on or inferior to the atrioventricular groove, and a lateral segment extending between the anterior segment and the posterior segment.
Cranial base implant device
A device for closing a hole in a sphenoid bone that acts as a barrier between a sella turcica and a sphenoid sinus is disclosed. The device includes a cap and a stem.
Cutting inserts and cutting tool systems having sinusoidal and helical cutting edges
A cutting tool system is designed to have a combined sinusoidal-shaped and helical-shaped cutting edge formed by an assembly of aligned common cutting inserts each having a sinusoidal and helical cutting edge.. .
Distributed voltage source inverters
Systems and methods are disclosed with multiple direct current (dc) voltage source inverters to supply power to an alternating current (ac) power system. The system includes a plurality of full bridge inverter stages, each having a primary node and a secondary node, each of said full bridge inverter stages having positive and negative node, each of said full bridge inverter stages having a voltage supporting device electrically connected in a parallel relationship between said positive node and said negative node and a direct current (dc) source connected between the positive and negative nodes; at least one stacked inverter phase, each stacked inverter phase having a plurality of said full bridge inverter stages, each of said full bridge inverter stages in each stacked inverter phase interconnected in a series relationship with said secondary node of one of said full bridge inverter stages connected to said primary node of another full bridge inverter, said series interconnection defining a first full bridge inverter stage and a last full bridge inverter stage, each phase having an input node at said primary node of said first full bridge inverter stage and an output node at said secondary node of said last full bridge inverter stage; a local controller coupled to each full bridge inverter stage providing the control signals to each full bridge inverter stage to output an approximate nearly sinusoidal voltage waveform; and a system controller which communicating with each local controller; the system controller generating system control signals for configuration, synchronization, activation, deactivation and operating mode selection of said local controller..
Iphone frequency sensor/magnifier application
Devices, using emitted acoustic signals and received vibrations, determine resonant frequencies of a surface or other object, and determine useful information about that surface, including size, thickness, and material. Received vibrations include impulse vibrations from striking that surface with a finger or stylus, or from a frequency or from a swept-sinusoid emitted by the device.
Modulation method and control device having the same
A modulation method is provided. The modulation method includes steps of: receiving multiple sinusoidal signals; obtaining a maximum value, a median value and a minimum value of the sinusoidal signals within a period to generate a first difference between the maximum value and the minimum value; generating a second difference according to an upper limit and a lower limit of a predetermined comparison value; and comparing the first difference with the second difference to generate an optimized modulation signal..
Lateral electric field type liquid crystal display device having non-uniform spacings between two electrodes
A lateral electric field type liquid crystal display (lcd) device comprises a first substrate formed with a plurality of first electrodes and at least one second electrode, a second substrate and a liquid crystal layer disposed between the two substrates. Each first electrode comprises an array of electrode segments and every adjacent first and second electrodes have a minimum spacing smaller than a maximum spacing in between.
Air vehicle flight mechanism and control method for non-sinusoidal wing flapping
A flapping wing driving apparatus includes at least one crank gear capstan rotatably coupled to a crank gear, the at least one crank gear capstan disposed radially offset from a center of rotation of the crank gear; a first wing capstan coupled to a first wing, the first wing capstan having a first variable-radius drive pulley portion; and a first drive linking member configured to drive the first wing capstan, the first drive linking member windably coupled between the first variable-radius drive pulley portion and one of the at least one crank gear capstan; wherein the first wing capstan is configured to non-constantly, angularly rotate responsive to a constant angular rotation of the crank gear.. .
Formed friction plate for wet friction clutch
A friction clutch pack exhibiting improved high speed stability includes a first plurality of friction plates or discs preferably having friction material on both faces interleaved with a second plurality of thicker reaction plates or discs. The friction plates comprise a formed core plate having multiple obliquely oriented or angularly offset sinusoidal waves.
Rotation angle detection device and electric power steering system including the same
Sinusoidal signals (s1, s2) having a phase difference of 120° are output from two magnetic sensors in accordance with rotation of an input shaft. A first rotation angle computation unit computes a rotation angle θ(n) on the basis of output signals s1(n), s1(n−1), s2(n), s2(n−1) from the magnetic sensors, which are sampled at two sampling timings.
Method of characterizing an adhesive bond
The invention relates to a method of characterizing an adhesive bond, the method comprising a step of recording an ultrasound wave reflected by an adhesive bond interface between two fragments, a step of resolving said wave into its sinusoidal components in order to characterize a mode of breaking to be expected in the event of the adhesive bonding interface breaking in shear.. .
Method and measuring device for volume measurement and evaluation
The invention relates to a method for measuring the volumetric flow (q) of a fluid in a preferred direction by means of a volume measurement device having an electronic circuit and an incremental encoder, a sensor for detecting a rotational change of angle, preferably designed as two giant magnetoresistance (gmr) sensors in a double measuring bridge, wherein a first sinusoidal signal of the incremental encoder, namely a raw sine signal (s1), and a second sinusoidal signal of the incremental encoder with identical angular frequency ω which is phase-shifted by 90° relative to the first signal (s1), namely a raw cosine signal (s1), are generated, wherein said signals (s1) are preferably initially conditioned (s1+), interpolated/digitized (s2), and said digital signals (s2) are processed and evaluated in an evaluation unit, preferably in a process computer unit having a quadrature encoder counter. The invention further relates to a method for measuring a volumetric flow by means of a quadrature signal, comprising a first signal from a first sensor and a second signal from a second sensor having identical angular frequency ω which are phase-shifted by 90° relative to one another, wherein the quadrature signal serves to determine the flow (q) of a fluid in a preferred direction by a volume measurement device having an electronic circuit.
Evaluation of resolver sensor signals
Circuit (2) for evaluating resolver sensor signals (28) in a vehicle, having a resolver sensor (4), set up to pick up a rotary movement of a rotor (6) in an electrical machine (16), and a processor element (12), wherein the resolver sensor (4) is set up to output at least one sinusoidal or cosinusoidal amplitude-modulated analogue signal that is characteristic of the rotary movement of the rotor (6), characterized in that the processor element (12) has a data processing unit (12a), a resolver sensor actuation unit (12b) and a resolver sensor evaluation unit (12c), wherein the analogue signal from the resolver sensor (4) is connected directly to the resolver sensor evaluation unit (12c).. .
Shaft of a gas-turbine engine, in particular a radial shaft or a shaft arranged at an angle to the machine axis
A radial shaft of a gas-turbine engine which is made up of +/−45° layers, zero layers and +/−30° layers of carbon fiber composite and connected to load-input end pieces via sinusoidal connecting areas.. .
Sound processing device, sound processing method, and program
There is provided a sound processing device including an input signal processing unit configured to calculate a first acoustic feature quantity indicating a likelihood being of a sinusoidal wave of a signal in each time frequency domain and a second acoustic feature quantity different from the first acoustic feature quantity based on an input signal of content to be identified, a reference signal processing unit configured to calculate the first acoustic feature quantity and the second acoustic feature quantity based on a reference signal of content prepared in advance, and a matching processing unit configured to calculate a similarity between the input signal and the reference signal based on the first and second acoustic feature quantities of the input signal and the first and second acoustic feature quantities of the reference signal.. .
Infrasound generating device based on a displacement-feedback type vibration exciter
The infrasound generating device based on a displacement-feedback type vibration exciter comprises a displacement-feedback type vibration exciter system, an infrasound generating chamber (3) and a laser vibrometer (1); the displacement feedback mechanism is adopted in the vibration exciter (2). The piston (31) is driven by the vibration exciter to move in a sinusoidal manner in the cavity (35) of the airtight infrasound generating chamber (3) and the standard infrasonic pressure signal with low harmonic distortion can be achieved.
Method and device for controlling a reluctance electric machine
In a method of controlling a reluctance polyphase electric machine, or an automobile motor, currents injected into each coil of a stator of the machine are deduced by a transformation of a pair of excitation currents and of armature current defined in a reference frame rotating with the rotor of the machine, such that: the excitation current is composed of a fundamental sinusoidal signal, to which are added successively other odd harmonics of increasing order when a torque setpoint of the machine increases, and the armature current is a signal proportional to the estimated or measured electromotive force of the machine.. .
Single phase bridgeless boost converter for led lighting applications
A circuit serving as a power source for light-emitting diode (led) lighting applications, the circuit comprising a boost converter comprising a pair of boost field-effect transistors (fets) and a boost inductor coupled to the pair of boost fets, wherein an input voltage feeding the boost converter has a sinusoidal waveform, and wherein a half cycle of the input voltage is represented by a plurality of time slices, and a controller coupled to the boost converter and configured to determine a current time slice in the plurality of time slices, generate one or more output signals based at least in part on the current time slice and without a need to compute any multiplier function involving the input voltage, and control states of the boost fets using the one or more output signals.. .
Thyristor dimming circuit with lossless discharging circuit and method thereof
Thyristor dimming circuits and methods are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, a thyristor dimming circuit can include: (i) a thyristor and a rectifier bridge configured to receive a sinusoidal ac voltage, and to generate a phase-loss input voltage; (ii) a power stage circuit configured to have the phase-loss input voltage applied thereto, the power stage circuit having a main switch and being configured to drive a lamp load through electrical conversion; and (iii) a discharging circuit configured, during a first predetermined time interval, to control the main switch to operate with a fixed duty cycle at a fixed frequency, where the first predetermined time interval begins prior to an absolute value of the sinusoidal ac voltage being reduced to zero, the first predetermined time interval ending when the phase-loss input voltage is again applied to the power stage circuit..
Loop rope assembly
A loop rope assembly includes loop rope assembly includes a main rope segment having a plurality of rope strands and first and second ends, the plurality of rope strands of the same material and coextensive with the main rope segment; a first end loop provided on the first end of the main rope segment; a second end loop provided on the second end of the main rope segment, the first end loop and the second end loop connecting and establishing continuity between the plurality of rope strands at the first and second ends, respectively, of the main rope segment; the plurality of rope strands disposed in closely adjacent proximity to each other at each of a plurality of spaced-apart intervals along each of the plurality of rope strands; at least one of the plurality of rope strands axially movable with respect to another of the plurality of rope strands at each of the plurality of spaced-apart intervals; and at least one sinusoidal intermediate loop defined by the at least one of the plurality of rope strands between the plurality of spaced-apart intervals, the at least one sinusoidal intermediate loop selectively size adjustable by axially moving the at least one of the plurality of rope strands with respect to the another of the plurality of rope strands at the plurality of spaced-apart intervals.. .
Method for anchoring a mitral valve
An artificial mitral valve is anchored in the left atrium by placing the valve between the annulus of the natural mitral valve and an artificial annulus. The artificial annulus is formed by inserting a tool into the coronary sinus, and adjusting the tool to force the wall of the left atrium to form an annulus above the artificial valve, this locking it in place and forming a hemostatic seal..
A radially expandable stent comprising a plurality of spaced band-like elements and intersecting links is disclosed. The band-like elements have a generally serpentine configuration to provide continuous waves of generally sinusoidal character to each band-like element.

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