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Pdc made with low melting point catalyst
PDC is made using a solvent catalyst that has a melting point below that of the cobalt which is used to cement the tungsten carbide supporting substrate. The lower melting temperature allows control of the amount of catalyst that remains in the interstices after HPHT sintering since the process can be...

Exhaust gas purifying catalyst
An exhaust gas purifying catalyst includes a catalyst powder that includes a ceria-zirconia composite oxide on which platinum (Pt) is supported, and a Ce/alumina powder that includes alumina which contains cerium (Ce) in the structure thereof. The Ce/alumina undergoes only a slight decrease in specific surface area even in a lean...

Process for producing metallic components
A process for producing a metallic component with an opening or a hollow space by selective laser sintering or laser melting includes melting a metallic powder in layers at appropriate cross-sectional regions by using laser radiation. After the laser sintering or laser melting process, the component is subjected to a fracture...

Lead free frangible bullets
A lead-free, frangible bullet is provided. The lead-free, frangible bullet is manufactured without sintering or external heating of the bullet. The bullet is prepared by blending a lead-free copper powder mixture and cold compacting the powder in a die to form a bullet. The copper powder can be atomized copper powder,...

Process for producing components by powder injection molding
and also a shaped metallic body which can be obtained in this way. c) the shaped part is treated thermally at from 140 to 200° C. in an oxygen-comprising atmosphere, as a result of which the binder component B1) is removed from the shaped...

Semiconductor element mounting member, method of producing the same, and semiconductor device
A semiconductor element mounting member is arranged to infiltrate a matrix metal into a porous body that is formed by sintering diamond particles being in direct contact with each other and that has an infiltration auxiliary layer selectively formed only on the exposed surface of each diamond particle. A production method...

Terbium doped phosphate-based green luminescent material and preparation method thereof
Terbium doped phosphate-based green luminescent material and preparation method thereof are provided. The chemical formula of the material is M3RE1-xTbx(PO4)3, wherein, M is alkaline-earth metals, RE is rare-earth elements, x is in a range of 0.001 to 1. The preparation method of the material includes the following steps; providing the compound...

Manufacturing method of silicon carbide semiconductor device
A silicon oxide film is formed on an epitaxial layer by dry thermal oxidation, an ohmic electrode is formed on a back surface of a SiC substrate, an ohmic junction is formed between the ohmic electrode and the back surface of the SiC substrate by annealing the SiC substrate, the silicon...

Zirconium oxide dental implant with internal thread and polygonal tapering section, and the mold for molding the same
A zirconium oxide dental implant is manufactured by injecting a zirconium oxide paste in a mold for obtaining a green body and sintering the green body to be the zirconium oxide dental implant. The green body is formed integrally with a first external thread section, a first none-thread section, a second...

Corrosion resistant catalysts for decomposition of liquid monopropellants
Ceramic catalyst carriers that are mechanically, thermally and chemically stable in a ionic salt monopropellant decomposition environment and high temperature catalysts for decomposition of liquid high-energy-density monopropellants are disclosed. The ceramic catalyst carrier has excellent thermal shock resistance, good compatibility with the active metal coating and metal coating deposition processes, melting...

Method for manufacturing three-dimensional shaped object and three-dimensional shaped object
A method for manufacturing a three-dimensional shaped object wherein the warping of the base plate is suitably addressed. The method of the present invention comprises: (i) forming a solidified layer by irradiating a predetermined portion of a powder layer on a base plate with a light beam, thereby allowing sintering of...

Manufacturing method of cnt emitter with density controlled carbon nanotube
Provided is a manufacturing method of a CNT emitter with density controlled CNT, comprising: (i) fabricating a CNT paste by dispersing a carbon nanotube (CNT) powder, two kinds or more of inorganic fillers which have a lower melting temperature than the CNT and different oxidation degrees of the CNT, and an...

Spindle motor
Disclosed herein is a spindle motor including a rotating part including a rotating shaft, a hub, and a magnet and a fixing part including a sleeve supporting the rotating shaft and an armature opposite to the magnet, wherein a working fluid is injected between the rotating shaft and the sleeve so...

Methods for forming feedthroughs for hermetically sealed housings using powder injection molding
Methods of forming feedthroughs for hermetically sealed housings using powder injection molding, including positioning a plurality of separate electrically conductive elements in a mold, injecting non-electrically conductive powder injection molding (PIM) feedstock into the mold to form a plurality of insulative bodies around the conductive elements, sintering the insulative bodies to...

Method and apparatus for manufacturing components used for the manufacture of articles
Methods of manufacturing wearable articles include: (a) performing a scan of a body part of a user on which the wearable article will be worn; (b) creating a virtual design of a mold insert configured to mold the wearable article, based on the scan; (c) saving the virtual design in a...

Honeycomb body reactor plugging process improvements
A method is disclosed for plugging selected cells of a honeycomb monolith so as to form a fluidic reactor, the method comprising contacting selected cells of a honeycomb monolith with a melted or softened plug material, the material comprising at least one sinterable particulate and a binder, the binder comprising at...

manufacturing method for licoo2, sintered body and sputtering target
Provided is a method for stably manufacturing high-density sintered LiCoO2. Said method uses a CIP-and-sintering method, which has a forming step using cold hydrostatic pressing and a sintering step. The pressing force is at least 1000 kg/cm2, the sintering temperature is between 1050° C. and 1120° C., and the sintering time...

Cellulosic pulp mould comprising an impermeable outer surface
A pulp mould, comprising a porous sintered body () having an outer surface () and an inner surface (), wherein a portion (B) of said mould comprises an area () at its outer periphery provided with means (A; ) integrated during sintering to achieve impermeability of said outer area ()....

Method for manufacturing ceramic product
A method for manufacturing a ceramic product without a sintering process, which requires no removal of binder to ensure favorable brittle fracture resistance of the ceramic product. The method includes mixing a ceramic powder with an additive and a binder to prepare a ceramic powder mixture, and treating the ceramic powder...

Flip chip assembly and process with sintering material on metal bumps
A microelectronic package includes a substrate overlying the front face of a microelectronic element. A plurality of metal bumps can project from conductive elements of the substrate towards the microelectronic element, the metal bumps having first ends extending from the conductive elements, second ends remote from the conductive elements, and lateral...

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