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Lighting device and vehicle headlamp
A headlamp includes: a semiconductor laser , which emits laser light; and a light-emitting section , which includes at least either a fluorescent material sintered body obtained by sintering an oxynitride fluorescent material or a fluorescent material sintered body obtained by sintering an oxynitride fluorescent material and a nitride fluorescent...

Method of and apparatus for making a three-dimensional object
An apparatus for making a three-dimensional object includes a table, a powdery layer-former that forms a powdery layer on the table, and an optical beam-irradiator that irradiates an optical beam on a predetermined region of the powdery layer to sinter the predetermined region of the powdery layer. A chamber for accommodating...

Veneered dental restoration with a controlled shade
Method for the manufacturing of a dental restoration including a dental restoration core and a veneer layer , the veneer layer being located at predetermined locations on the dental restoration core and having predetermined thickness at the predetermined locations; the method including: manufacturing the dental restoration core; filling...

Sintering process for thermoelectric materials
A process for densifying a composite material is provided. In some instances, the process can reduce stress in a sintered component such that improved densification and/or properties of the component is provided. The process includes providing a mixture of a first material particles and second material particles, pre-sintering the mixture at...

Nano glass powder for sintering additive and method for fabricating the same
There are provided a nano glass powder for a sintering additive and a method for fabricating the same. The method for fabricating the nano glass powder for the sintering additive includes fabricating a mixed solution by dissolving a raw material of boron (B), a raw material of silicon (Si), and a...

Sintered cordierite glass-ceramic bodies
Disclosed is the preparation of sintered cordierite-based glass-ceramic bodies via a procedure which uses three all natural starting materials which are white sand, kaolin clay and magnesite. These three raw materials are combined in relative amounts which form, upon subsequent mixing and heating, a specific mixture of oxides of silicon, aluminum...

Process for joining bronze part and silicon carbide ceramic part and composite articles made by same
A process for joining a bronze part and a silicon carbide ceramic part comprising: providing a bronze part, a SiC ceramic part, a Al foil and a Ni foil; placing the SiC ceramic part, the Al foil, the Ni foil, and the bronze part into a mold, the Al foil and...

Process for joining brass part and silicon carbide ceramic part and composite articles made by same
A process for joining a brass part and a silicon carbide ceramic part comprising: providing a brass part, a SiC ceramic part, a Ti foil and a Ni foil; placing the SiC ceramic part, the Ti foil, the Ni foil, and the brass part into a mold, the Ti foil and...

Aluminosilicate glass and color adapting composition for ceramics
The present invention relates to a color adapting composition used for coloring and color adapting porcelain for ceramic crown such as dental restorations and prosthetics, and aluminosilicate glass appropriate for using in a color adapting composition. More specifically, a color adapting composition for dental porcelains are prepared by blending two or...

Multi-layer ceramic heater and/or igniter and method for making the same
A multi-layer rod shaped ceramic igniter includes an elongated tapered electrode having a central core of resistant material and two annular segments. One of the segments in on one side of the core and the other on an opposite side and connected to two slightly converging facets extending along the core....

Layered sintered microfluidic devices with controlled compression during sintering and associated methods
Embodiments are directed a method for reducing and/or controlling compression of stacked layers in a micro fluidic device, wherein the method comprises stacking at least two layers wherein at least one of the stacked layers comprises a microstructure. The microstructure comprises a fluid passage, a plurality of walls configured to define...

Extending lifetime of yttrium oxide as a plasma chamber material
A method of installing a component of a plasma processing chamber by replacing a used component with a component made by forming a dual-layer green body and co-sintering the dual-layer green body so as to form a three-layer component. The three layer component comprises an outer layer of yttria, an intermediate...

Conductor pattern printing ink
There is provided an ink for printing a conductor pattern on a substrate, including platinum particles, wherein 70% or more of the platinum particles have a particle size of 0.05 to 0.5 μm. Even when the viscosity of the printing ink is controlled to a relatively low level for use in...

Zno-based varistor composition
Disclosed herein is a ZnO-based varistor composition including zinc oxide (ZnO) as a main component and a calcium (Ca)-containing compound as an accessory component. The varistor composition provides excellent electrostatic discharge (ESD) characteristics because it has excellent physical properties, such as a nonlinear coefficient, a clamping voltage ratio, a surge absorbance...

High transverse thermal conductivity fiber reinforced polymeric composites
High thermal conductivity sintered metallic networks are provided for enhancing the transverse thermal conductivity of fiber reinforced polymeric materials. The approach establishes sintered metallic networks in both the intratow and interlaminar regions of a FRP part after appropriate thermal processing Dispersing metallic nanoparticles into a fluxing polymeric resin, and optionally mixing...

Metal paste with co-precursors
A sintering method allows components to be joined to each other in a stable way at a processing temperature of less than C., producing stable contact points having low porosity and high electrical and thermal conductivity. The method includes (a) providing a sandwich arrangement having at least a first component,...

Metal paste with oxidizing agents
A sintering method is provided which allows components to be joined to each other in a stable way, wherein the processing temperature is less than 200° C. and stable contact points are produced, which have low porosity and also high electrical and thermal conductivity. The method for joining components includes (a)...

Ceramic membranes
Processes for fabricating ceramic membranes include providing a porous substrate having at least one inner channel extending therethrough and having surfaces defined by porous walls, depositing a coating slurry on surfaces of the inner channel(s), and sintering. Sintering temperatures for the processes range from about 400° C. to 800° C. Coating...

Sputtering target, method for manufacturing the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
A deposition technique for forming an oxynitride film is provided. A highly reliable semiconductor element is manufactured with the use of the oxynitride film. The oxynitride film is formed with the use of a sputtering target including an oxynitride containing indium, gallium, and zinc, which is obtained by sintering a mixture...

Toughness of polycrystalline diamond by incorporation of bulk metal foils
A cutting element include a substrate and a diamond compact including at least two polycrystalline diamond portions separated by at least one metal carbide foil portion. The cutting element is made by placing diamond powder in a reaction container, placing a thin metal layer in the reaction container above or around...

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