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Method for preparing a sol-gel resin
Sol-gel resins can be prepared using one or two-step processes to produce small granules or pellets of resin that are easy to handle. The methods include agitating phenolic compounds and aldehydes in the presence of a catalyst and a solvent. The reactants are brought together over a period of time to...

Coating method and device of the packaging material
The present invention relates to a coating method and a coating device of the packaging material, applicable in the packaging process of a substrate. By adopting the melt spraying process for coating the molten packaging material, the steps of drying and sintering in the related art can be omitted. Therefore, the...

Hard metal composition
A process for producing a component includes providing a composition comprising hard material particles and a binder metal, and sintering the composition at a sintering temperature of from 1250° C. to 1400° C. for a period of from 3 to 15 minutes. The hard material particles comprise an inner core comprising...

Cu-diamond based solid phase sintered body having excellent heat resistance, heat sink using the same, electronic device using the heat sink, and method for producing cu-diamond based solid phase sintered body having excellent heat resistance
An inexpensive Cu-diamond based composite material having excellent heat conductivity and heat resistance. Conventionally, an infiltration method does not provide a Cu-diamond based composite material having high heat conductivity; an ultrahigh pressure method is expensive; and electric current pressure sintering provides relatively high heat conductivity, a low cost, but insufficient heat...

Method of repairing probe board and probe board using the same
There is provided a method of repairing a probe board, the method including: preparing a plurality of first via electrodes filled with a first filling material in a board body formed as a ceramic sintered body; forming a via hole for an open via electrode among the plurality of first via...

Methods of forming earth-boring tools including sinterbonded components
Partially formed earth-boring rotary drill bits comprise a first less than fully sintered particle-matrix component having at least one recess, and at least a second less than fully sintered particle-matrix component disposed at least partially within the at least one recess. Each less than fully sintered particle-matrix component comprises a green...

High temperature catalysts for decomposition of liquid monopropellants and methods for producing the same
Ceramic catalyst carriers that are mechanically, thermally and chemically stable in a ionic salt monopropellant decomposition environment, high temperature catalysts for decomposition of liquid high-energy-density monopropellants and ceramic processing techniques for producing spherical catalyst carrier granules are disclosed. The ceramic processing technique is used to produce spherical catalyst carrier granules with...

Dispersion comprising metallic, metal oxide or metal precursor nanoparticles, a polymeric dispersant and a sintering additive
A dispersion includes metallic, metal oxide, or metal precursor nanoparticles; a thermally cleavable polymeric dispersant; an optional dispersion medium; and a thermally cleavable agent. Pastes, coated layers, and patterns may contain the dispersion. A method for producing the specific thermally cleavable dispersant and for producing the metallic nanoparticle dispersions. The dispersions...

Double-alloy ndfeb rare earth permanent magnetic material and manufacturing method thereof
A double-alloy NdFeB rare earth permanent magnetic material and manufacturing method thereof are provided. The method comprises respectively melting an A1 alloy comprising heavy rare earth such as Dy, Tb, Ho and Gd as well as an A2 alloy comprising light rare earth such as La, Ce, Pr and Nd; mixing...

Tunnel kiln and method for producing fired body using same
The tunnel kiln according to the present invention includes a tunnel kiln main body having an inner wall constituted by a furnace material, and having a debinding zone and a sintering zone wherein respectively debinding and sintering of a body to be fired containing an organic component are performed; a conveying...

Solar cell by-pass diode with improved metal contacts
The present disclosure provides a system, method, and apparatus for a solar cell by-pass diode with improved metal contacts. The method involves depositing a dielectric layer (e.g., SiO2 layer) on the metal contacts, and etching off a portion of the dielectric layer after sintering the metal contacts. The dielectric layer prevents...

Method and apparatus for the formation of conductive films on a substrate
Provided herein are a method and apparatus for the formation of conductive films on a substrate using precise sintering of a conductive film and thermal management of the substrate during sintering. In particular, a method may include depositing a conductive metal-based ink on a translucent or transparent substrate, positioning a mask...

Display device and manufacturing method thereof
The present invention can prevent the display auxiliary members of the cover from being damaged in the packaging process of the display device. For a display device and manufacturing method for the display device, the method comprises steps of: disposing a plurality of recesses on the cover body; coating glass frit in...

Emissive ceramic materials having a dopant concentration gradient and methods of making and using the same
Disclosed herein are emissive ceramic materials having a dopant concentration gradient along a thickness of a yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) region. The dopant concentration gradient may include a maximum dopant concentration, a half-maximum dopant concentration, and a slope at or near the half-maximum dopant concentration. The emissive ceramics may, in some...

Diamond cutting elements for drill bits seeded with hcp crystalline material
A polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC), which is attached or bonded to a substrate to form a cutter for a drill bit, is comprised of sintered polycrystalline diamond interspersed with a seed material which has a hexagonal close packed (HCP) crystalline structure. A region of the sintered polycrystalline diamond structure, near one...

Copper alloy for sliding materials
A copper alloy having excellent sliding performance is produced without relying on lead or molybdenum. The copper alloy contains a sintered Cu5FeS4 material produced by sintering a raw material powder that comprises Cu, Fe and S and is produced by a gas atomizing method....

Method of manufacturing anode core-shell complex for solid oxide fuel cell using hydrazine reducing agent and surfactant
Provided is a method of manufacturing an anode core-shell complex for a solid oxide fuel cell, including (A) manufacturing a stabilized zirconia (YSZ) sol by using zirconium hydroxide (Zr(OH)4) and yttrium nitrate (Y(NO3)3.6H2O) as a starting material and distilled water as a solvent by a hydrothermal method, (B) agitating nickel chloride,...

Method for hardfacing the z-notch of tial blades
A method for arranging a coating, in particular a hardfacing, on a component, in particular a TiAl drive unit component, is disclosed. The coating comprises a metallic coating material. A green body is formed with the coating material, which is arranged in the presence of a solder on the component and...

Alkaline earth metal co-precipitated nickel-based catalyst for steam carbon dioxide reforming of natural gas
Disclosed is a catalyst used for steam carbon dioxide reforming of natural gas, wherein an alkaline earth metal alone or an alkaline earth metal and a group 8B metal are supported on a hydrotalcite-like catalyst containing nickel, magnesium and aluminum. The disclosed catalyst is useful as a steam carbon dioxide reforming...

Method for manufacturing a piezoelectric ceramic body
The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a piezoelectric ceramic body and devices therefrom. The method comprises mixing a piezoelectric ceramic powder with a polymer binder and surfactant to form a slip mixture, casting the slip mixture into a mold and setting to the slip mixture in the mold...

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