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Ferrite magnet with salt and manufacturing method of the same
A ferrite magnet with salt includes 40 to 99.9 weight % of ferrite and 0.1 to 60 weight % of salt, wherein the salt has a melting point lower than a synthetic temperature of the ferrite, and the salt is melted to form a matrix between the ferrite particles, and a...

Ultra-hard constructions with erosion resistance
Ultra-hard constructions comprise polycrystalline diamond-body having a first metallic substrate attached thereto, and having a second metallic substrate attached to the first metallic substrate. The first and second substrates each comprise a first hard particle phase, e.g., WC, and a second binder material phase, e.g., Co, wherein the hard particles in...

Method for producing cement with separation of co2
A plant for producing cement clinker from calcium carbonate-containing raw meal. A preheating stage preheats the raw meal, which preheating stage is heated by exhaust gases from a following sintering stage. A stage is provided for deacidification and sintering of the raw meal. A cooling stage for the sintered meal is...

All-solid lithium ion secondary battery
To provide an all-solid lithium ion secondary battery having a high voltage, a small internal resistance, and a discharge capacity close to a theoretical capacity and being able to be produced at low cost, and therefore, even in the case of collective sintering, generation of an inactive material due to interface...

Laminated structure, member for semiconductor manufacturing apparatus, and method for producing laminated structure
A laminated structure includes a first structure containing a main phase of magnesium-aluminum oxynitride, a second structure containing a main phase of aluminum nitride and grain boundary phases of a rare-earth aluminum composite oxide having a garnet-type crystal structure, and a reaction layer formed between the first...

Caf2 polycrystalline body, focus ring, plasma processing apparatus, and method for producing caf2 polycrystalline body
A CaF2 polycrystalline body which is a polycrystalline body constituted of CaF2 and of which an average grain size of crystalline grains is 200 μm or more, and a method for producing a CaF2 polycrystalline body, the method including a process of introducing a compact which is obtained by using a...

Method of manufacturing powder injection-molded body
A method of manufacturing a powder injection-molded body, the method including: mixing at least titanium hydrogen compound (TiHx) powder and a binder to prepare a molding mixture; powder-injecting the molding mixture to form a molded product; degreasing the molded product; and sintering the degreased molded product, wherein in the titanium hydrogen...

Process for manufacturing coloured ceramic parts by pim
A method of manufacturing a master batch for the molding of colored parts, including the steps of: preparing a mixture comprising an inorganic powder, advantageously ceramic, and a dye; submitting the mixture to a spray-drying step to obtain an atomized powder; submitting said atomized powder to a presintering step; mixing the...

Variable density desiccator housing and method of manufacturing
A desiccator housing is formed using a laser and selective laser sintering (SLS) process. The desiccator housing includes a first housing portion having a first wall thickness and a first permeability, and a second housing portion having a second wall thickness and a second permeability. A power of the laser is...

Thermoplastic elastomers moldable under low shear conditions
A thermoplastic elastomer compound of an acrylic-containing styrenic block copolymer and plasticizer oil have been found to be capable of sintering at a temperature ranging from about 180 C to about 200 C when the copolymer and the oil are in no more than a 2:1 weight ratio. The compound can...

Feni binder having universal usability
A method for producing a composite material includes providing a composition comprising at least one hardness carrier and a base binder alloy, and sintering the composition. The base binder alloy comprises from 66 to 93 wt.-% of nickel, from 7 to 34 wt.-% of iron, and from 0 to 9 wt.-%...

Multilayered power inductor and method for preparing the same
Disclosed herein are a multilayered power inductor including a magnetic layer, an inner electrode layer, and an outer electrode layer, wherein a pore ratio at a section of the inner electrode layer is 7% or less and a method for preparing the same. According to the exemplary embodiments of the present...

Method of manufacturing transparent sesquioxide sintered body, and transparent sesquioxide sintered body manufactured by the method
Provided is a method of manufacturing a transparent sesquioxide sintered body by which a transparent M2O3 type sesquioxide sintered body can be manufactured. A powder including particles of an oxide of at least one rare earth element selected from Y, Sc or lanthanide elements and Zr oxide particles is prepared as...

Precursors and transport methods for hydrothermal liquid phase sintering (hlps)
A method of producing a monolithic ceramic body from a porous matrix includes providing a porous matrix having interstitial spaces, providing an infiltrating medium comprising a solvent and at least one reactive species, and infiltrating at least a portion of the interstitial space of the porous matrix with the infiltrating medium....

Environmentally friendly system and method for manufacturing iron powder
High-purity iron powder products produced by a low-temperature process by feeding hematite and a reducing agent into a rotary reactor under pressure to form a mechanical fluid bed. The fluid bed is rotated at a particular speed within a rotary reactor. The fluid bed is simultaneously heated to a reaction temperature,...

Method and equipment for quantum vacuum energy extraction
Embodiments of the present invention comprise different methods and equipment for efficiently and relatively inexpensively producing Casimir cavities for use in quantum vacuum energy extraction. The methods include without limitation, sintering; submicron porous filter materials; web roll-to-roll produced mesh or foil layers; nanotube arrays; web roll-to-roll produced porous membranes such as...

Current detector
A current detector includes a magnetic core that is molded by sintering powder made from a magnetic material, and a current detection busbar. The current detection busbar is a conductor including a penetrating portion that penetrates a hole portion of the magnetic core in a first direction in which a current...

Method for producing a resistance heating element, and resistance heating element
and sintering the molded body, wherein the molded body is formed into the resistance heating element. pyrolyzing the material of the molded body, annealing the pressed molded body, forming a...

Countercurrent chromatography rotor
A method for constructing a spiral tube support apparatus used in countercurrent chromatography, improvements to countercurrent chromatography tube support design, and methods of using the improved countercurrent chromatography apparatus are described. The spiral tube support apparatus may be constructed by a shape forming process such as a three dimensional printing process...

Instrument for fabricating a heat pipe
The disclosure provides a method for fabricating a heat pipe, and an instrument of the method. The method for fabricating a heat pipe includes providing a hollow tube, wherein the hollow tube has an open end and a closed end; disposing a mandril into the hollow tube from the open end,...

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