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Method for additively manufacturing an article made of a difficult-to-weld material
The invention relates to a method for additively manufacturing an article made of a difficult-to-weld highly-precipitation-strengthened Ni-base super alloy that comprises Al and Ti in the sum of more than 5 wt.-% or a difficult-to weld carbide/solution-strengthened cobalt (Co)-base super alloy, whereby a metal particle mixture of at least a first...

Nanostructured high voltage cathode materials
Objects of the present invention include creating cathode materials that have high energy density and are cost-effective, environmentally benign, and are able to be charged and discharged at high rates for a large number of cycles over a period of years. One embodiment is a battery material comprised of a doped...

Method of making a combustion turbine component from metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies
A method of making a combustion turbine component includes assembling a plurality of metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies together to form a metallic greenbody assembly and sintering the metallic greenbody assembly to thereby form the combustion turbine component. Each of the plurality of metallic combustion turbine subcomponent greenbodies may be formed...

Method for producing a piezoelectric multilayer component, piezoelectric multilayer component containing an auxiliary material, and use of an auxiliary material for setting the breaking stress of a piezoelectric multilayer component
Provision is made of a method for producing a piezoelectric multilayer component (), in which piezoelectric green sheets, at least one ply () containing an auxiliary material having a first and a second component and layers () containing electrode material are arranged one above another alternately and sintered, wherein, during the...

Porous ceramic and method for producing same
A porous ceramic for which any decrease in water permeability can be suppressed over a long period of time. A porous ceramic is composed of a porous ceramic sintered body produced by molding and sintering a mixture containing a clay, wherein a surface portion of the porous ceramic sintered body has...

Injection nozzle with multi-piece tip portion
A hot runner nozzle assembly includes a nozzle heater, a hot runner nozzle, a nozzle tip, a nozzle tip seal surrounding the nozzle tip and a connecting element positioned to removably couple the tip seal to the nozzle tip and to create a first contact seal between the nozzle tip and...

Powder dam for powder bed laser sintering device
A powder bed laser sintering (PBLS) device includes a build chamber having a build area defined over a build plate. The build area is bounded by a plurality of walls comprising first and second end walls and first and second side walls extending between the first and second end walls. The...

Iron-based sintered powder metal for wear resistant applications
A powder metal material comprises pre-alloyed iron-based powder including carbon present in an amount of 0.25 to 1.50% by weight of the pre-alloyed iron-based powder. Graphite is admixed in an amount of 0.25 to 1.50% by weight of the powder metal material. The admixed graphite includes particles finer than 200 mesh...

Method of manufacture of products from geopolymer composite
A method of manufacture of products from geopolymer composite shaped in a mold which is filled by casting of geopolymer composite in form of a precursor and after its hardening the casting is taken out from the mold and the casting surface is provided with a metallic layer. Before metal-plating casting...

Dental articles using nanocrystalline materials and methods of manufacture
Method of forming dental articles by using relatively low sintering temperatures to achieve high density dental articles exhibiting strengths equal to and greater than about 700 MPa. Ceramic powders comprised of nanoparticulate crystallites are used to manufacture dental articles. The ceramic powders may include sintering agents, binders and other similar additives...

High-density metallic sputtering targets
The present invention is directed to a process for producing high density, refractory metal products via a press/sintering process. The invention is also directed to a process for producing a sputtering target and to the sputtering target so produced....

Sintering device
A sintering device () for sintering workpieces, in particular dental workpieces, in a shielding gas atmosphere, wherein the sintering device () has at least one sintering chamber () with at least one gas inlet () and at least one gas outlet () for a gas exchange in a sintering chamber cavity...

Piston made using additive manufacturing techniques
A monobloc piston body for an internal combustion engine is provided. The piston body includes a first piece which includes a pair of skirt portions and a pair of pin bosses and a second piece which includes a crown portion with an upper combustion surface and an at least partially enclosed...

Sintering apparatus
A sintering apparatus comprising a furnace core tube having an opening in a top end through which the soot deposition body is inserted, and having atmospheric gas introduced therein from below and expelled upward; a shaft from which the soot deposition body hangs; a lid that has the shaft inserted therethrough...

Systems and methods for capture and sequestration of gases and compositions derived therefrom
A composition is produced by a hydrothermal liquid phase sintering process, and the process includes providing a porous matrix, the porous matrix having a shape, and allowing a component of the porous matrix to undergo a reaction with an infiltrating medium to form a first product, the infiltrating medium including a...

Methods of flash sintering
This disclosure provides methods of flash sintering and compositions created by these methods. Methods for sintering multilayered bodies are provided in which a sintered body is produced in less than one minute. In one aspect, each layer is of a different composition, and may be constituted wholly from a ceramic or...

Magnetron sputtering target and process for producing the same
A process for producing a magnetron sputtering target includes: mixing and dispersing an oxide powder and a magnetic metal powder, the magnetic metal powder containing a ferromagnetic metal element, to obtain a magnetic powder mixture; mixing and dispersing an oxide powder and each of a plurality of non-magnetic metal powders, the...

Casting member and method for manufacturing same
Disclosed are an inexpensive casting member on which a film with high peel strength is formed, and a method for manufacturing the casting member. A surface-treated mold () includes a metal mold () having the molding surface including a plurality of protrusions () each having an inverse-slope shape, and a carbon...

Composition for forming copper pattern and method for forming copper pattern
(R1, R2: H or C1-C6 straight- or C3-C6 branched-hydrocarbon group, etc.); and based on 1 mol of this compound, Component B: an amine compound having a boiling point of not higher than 250° C. at 0.1 to 500 mol; and Component C-1: an organic acid having pKa of not more than...

Thermoelectric generator to engine exhaust manifold assembly
An assembly for coupling thermally a thermoelectric generator (TEG) to an exhaust manifold of an internal combustion engine. The exhaust manifold forms a first heat exchanger configured to couple thermally heat from exhaust gas to an outer surface of the first heat exchanger. The outer surface is preferably formed of stainless...

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