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Composition for extrusion-molded bodies
b) a methylhydroxyethyl cellulose having a DS(methyl) of from 0.8 to 2.5, an MS(hydroxyethyl) of from 0.20 to 1.20 and a sum of the DS(methyl) and the MS(hydroxyethyl) of at least 2.00 is useful for producing extrusion-molded bodies for use as a carrier for a catalyst, a catalyst, a heat exchanger,...

Multilevel parts from agglomerated spherical metal powder
A method for the manufacture of a multilevel metal part, the method including the steps of: a) compacting agglomerated spherical metal powder to a green multilevel preform such that an open porosity exists, wherein the green multilevel preform fulfils the relation zg=zHVC·a, b) debinding the green preform, c) sintering the green...

Aluminum alloy powder metal bulk chemistry formulation
A powder metal mixture is disclosed that provides improved mechanical properties for parts made from powder metal, such as cam caps. The powder metal mixture, upon sintering, forms an S phase intermetallic in the Al—Cu—Mg alloy system. The S phase is present in a concentration that results in an enhanced response...

Ultrafine continuous fibrous ceramic filter and method of manufacturing same
An ultrafine continuous fibrous ceramic filter, which comprises a filtering layer of a fibrous porous body, wherein the fibrous porous body comprises continuous ultrafine fibers of metal oxide which are randomly arranged and layered, and powdery nano-alumina incorporated into the ultrafine fibers or coated thereon, the ultrafine fibers being obtained by...

Permanent magnet and process for producing permanent magnet
The present invention relates to a permanent magnet manufactured by steps of: pulverizing a magnet raw material into fine particles having a grain size of 3 μm or less; mixing the pulverized magnet raw material with a rust preventive oil in which a high-melting metal element-containing organic compound or a precursor...

Process for preparing znal target material and znal target material made thereby
The present invention provides a process for preparing a ZnAl alloy target material by providing a mixture of zinc powder and aluminum powder and obtaining a ZnAl alloy by sintering the mixture of zinc powder and aluminum powder by using a spark plasma sintering process. The present invention also describes a...

Substrate having laser sintered underplate
A substrate includes a metal portion and an underplate that is laser sintered to the metal portion. The metal portion has a melting point that is lower than a sintering temperature of the underplate....

Metal-supported, segmented-in-series high temperature electrochemical device
A segmented-in-series high temperature solid-state electro-chemical device in which the cell segments are supported on a substrate comprising a porous metal layer for mechanical strength and a non-conducting porous layer for electrical insulation between cell segments is fabricated by co-sintering at least the metal substrate, insulating layer, an electrode and electrolyte....

Fine grained cemented carbide powder mixture with low sintering shrinkage and method of making the same
A fine grained cemented carbide powder mixture for cutting tool inserts for metal machining includes WC-powder with a Scott density of 2.75-3.75 g/cm3 and a compacting density after dry pressing at 100 MPa within 8.8-9.8 g/cm3. The sintering shrinkage of the fine grained cemented carbide powder mixture is 16.8 to 17.9%...

Silicon nitride substrate manufacturing method, silicon nitride substrate, silicon nitride circuit substrate, and semiconductor module
In this silicon nitride substrate manufacturing method, in which a slurry is produced by mixing a silicon nitride powder, a sintering additive powder, and a binder in an organic solvent which is a dispersion medium, and the slurry is formed into a sheet, followed by degreasing and sintering, the oxygen content...

Bump, method for forming the bump, and method for mounting substrate having the bump thereon
A two-layer structure bump including a first bump layer of a bulk body of a first conductive metal, which is any of gold, copper, and nickel, formed on a substrate and a second bump layer of a sintered body of a powder of a second conductive metal, which is any of...

Vapor chamber manufacturing method
A vapor chamber manufacturing method, comprises steps of material preparation, powder filling and sintering, pre-punching, supporting structure infilling, the first pressing, the first sealing, fluid injection, and vacuum processing; a sealing structure comprises a semi-finished vapor chamber with a vacuum cavity, a fluid injection port positioned on one side of the...

Method of making golf clubs
A method for making golf club heads includes using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), selective laser melting (SLM) and other computer controlled high energy sintering or melting techniques to form club heads with customized user parameters. The powdered metals can be selected by type and quantity to achieve a desired density...

Ceramic laminate and method of manufacturing ceramic sintered body
There are provided a method of manufacturing a ceramic sintered body. A method of manufacturing a ceramic sintered body according to one aspect of the invention may include: preparing at least one ceramic sheet having first ceramic particles and glass particles; preparing at least one constraining sheet having second ceramic particles...

Seamless edge-sealing method of fluorine resin coating
The seamless edge-sealing method of fluorine resin coating comprises following steps: (I) Putting the raw material of fluorine resin into a mold to obtain a cylinder () through one of the below ways: First, pressure maintaining and demolding, finally sintering the mold formed casting; Second, mechanical injecting; Third, mechanical vulcanizing; (II)...

Vapor chamber
A vapor chamber comprises a flat metal tube formed of a circular metal tube by pressing, a powder sintering portion disposed on the inner wall of the metal tube, a supporting structure disposed in and surrounded by the metal tube, a working fluid filled in the metal tube; wherein the top...

Method for producing electronic device substrate, method for manufacturing electronic device, electronic device substrate, and electronic device
A method for producing a substrate for an electronic device, that can improve light extraction efficiency, can easily produces and has high liability is provided. The method includes: a step of heat-melting a glass raw material or a glass to produce a molten glass; a forming step of continuously feeding the...

Stator core and spindle motor having the same
There is provided a stator core including a core back having an opening such that the core back is fixed to a stationary member by being pressed and fitted thereto; and a plurality of teeth portions being protruded from the core back in a radial direction, each teeth portion including a...

Wavelength conversion element and light emitting device
A wavelength conversion element, including: a substrate; and a ceramic layer formed on the substrate, the ceramic layer being obtained by sintering a ceramic precursor; wherein the ceramic precursor is a compound selected from the group composed of alkoxysilane and a compound having a plurality of siloxane structures; a phosphor and...

Method for generation of electrically conducting surface structures, apparatus therefor and use
The process is easy to implement, needs only low energy, is very fast and can be used to generate electrically conductive patterns at low cost. Disclosed is a method for generating conductive surface patterns on a substrate by coating the substrate with a predetermined pattern of electrically conductive particles or of particles...

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