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Mullite-containing investment casting core
An investment casting core includes a mullite-containing core body. The body can be made by providing a mullite-containing powder, forming the powder into a green body, and sintering the green body to form the mullite-containing core body....

Debinder trap
A debinder trap for treating binder gas thermal-cracked in sintering process of metal injection molding includes a hollow barrel body having a barrel cover, a barrel wall and a barrel bottom, and a plurality of baffles disposed in the barrel body to define a guide channel. An inlet and an outlet...

Porous waste glass membrane
The present invention disclosed in this application relates to a method for producing glass membranes for filtration purposes. The disclosed method for producing cost effective glass membranes utilizes recycled waste glass, has shorter sintering periods and has lower sintering temperatures....

Serialization of fuel cell components
Systems and methods for fuel cell stack part serialization and tracking. In an embodiment, a barcode may be applied to a fuel cell stack part which may identify the fuel cell stack part. In an embodiment, the barcode may be applied as ink on a green fuel cell stack part prior...

Thermoset ceramic compositions and a method of preparation therefor
Thermoset ceramic compositions and a method of preparation of such compositions. The compositions are advanced organic/inorganic hybrid composite polymer ceramic alloys. The material combine strength, hardness and high temperature performance of technical ceramics with the strength, ductility, thermal shock resistance, density, and easy processing of the polymer. Consisting of a branched...

Coated article, process of coating an article, and method of using a coated article
A coated article, a process of coating an article, and a process of using an article are disclosed. The coated article includes a substrate, a porous coating material, and a thermal barrier coating material. The porous coating material includes a porosity between about 1 percent and about 20 percent, by volume....

Method for the densification of ceramic layers, especially ceramic layers within solid oxide cell (soc) technology, and products obtained by the method
A ceramic layer, especially for use in solid oxide cell (SOC) technology, is densified in a method comprising (a) providing a multilayer system by depositing the porous ceramic layer, which is to be densified, onto the selected system of ceramic layers on a support, (b) pre-sintering the resulting multilayer system at...

Thermal to eletric converting cell
Disclosed are a metal support thermal to electric converting cell, a thermal to electric power generator using the same, and a method for manufacturing the thermal to electric converting cell. Unlike a conventional method for manufacturing the thermal to electric converting cell by sintering a solid electrolyte, a method provided by...

Sinter bonded porous metallic coatings
A composite structure includes a substrate with pores of a first mean pore size and a coating on at least one surface of that substrate. This coating has pores of a second mean pore size where the first mean pore size is equal to or greater than said second mean pore...

Bioactive glass composition, its applications and respective preparation methods
The present invention relates to development of bioactive glass/glass-ceramic composition that are able to promote a fast deposition layer of carbonated hydroxyapatite upon immersion in simulated body fluid (SBF) for time periods as short as one hour. Such composition might include fluorides, and a variety of oxides (or their precursor compounds),...

Method of producing a shaped part
A shaped part that is particularly suited as an interconnector or an end plate for a fuel cell stack, is produced by pressing and sintering a pulverulent starting material. The shaped part has a basic body with a multiplicity of knob-like and/or ridge-like elevations with a height h. Each elevation has...

Coil element and method for manufacturing the same
The NiZnMn ferrite in accordance with the present invention can greatly increase a sintering process window and implement characteristics of a material through a single sintering process by suppressing conductivity due to generation of deposits inside the NiZn ferrite material in a thin oxygen atmosphere through addition of Mn to the...

Method for producing rare earth magnets, and rare earth magnets
A method for producing a nanocrystalline rare earth magnet having a grain and a grain boundary phase includes: quenching a melt of a rare earth magnet composition to form a quenched thin ribbon having a nanocrystalline structure; sintering the quenched thin ribbon to obtain a sintered body; heat treating the sintered...

Preparation method of tungsten carbide sintered body for friction stir welding tool
The present invention relates to a preparation method of a tungsten carbide sintered body for a friction stir welding tool used in a friction stir welding tool of a high melting point material such as steel, titanium and the like or a dissimilar material such as aluminum, magnesium-steel, titanium and the...

Debinder trap
A debinder trap for treating binder gas thermal-cracked in sintering process of metal injection molding includes a barrel body defining an inflow hole, a drain hole, an inlet and an outlet, baffles disposed in the barrel body to define a guide channel of which entrance and exit are communicated with the...

Charging load for making tft glass and method of making same
A charging load and a method of making the same wherein the charging load includes at least three diverse mineral raw materials in pre-selected percentages, the charging load being transformable into an aluminosilicate glass product by heating to a temperature of at least 1,200° C. and being a mass of structurally...

Polymer additive layer manufacturing
An additive layer manufacturing method for producing a shaped article, comprising providing a powdered thermoplastic polymer material () having a re-solidification temperature at most 10% below its melting temperature on the Celsius scale, depositing successive layers of the powdered polymer material () and selectively sintering each layer prior to...

Magnetic field for sintering conductive material with nanoparticles
Conductive particle sintering systems including a conveyor for conveying a low-temperature substrate with a conductive ink having metallic nanomaterial on the substrate, the conveyor for conveying the substrate along a first direction; and at least one source of alternating magnetic field configured to provide sufficient energy to the conductive ink to...

Method for producing a receptacle for a sensor element
A method for producing a receptacle for a sensor element, such as a combustion chamber pressure sensor, includes introducing a first amount of a pre-ceramic substance into an injection mold, forming a base layer of the receptacle by molding the pre-ceramic substance in the mold, and applying at least one conductor...

Glass substrate with sealing material layer, organic el device using same, and manufacturing method for electronic device
Provided is a glass substrate with a sealing material layer, including a sealing material layer formed by sintering a sealing material, in which: the sealing material includes at least inorganic powder; the inorganic powder includes glass powder and a refractory filler; the content of refractory filler in the inorganic powder is...

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