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Multi-dimensional component build system and process
An example multi-dimensional component building system includes a first chamber having at least one base disposed therein, a second chamber adjacent to and in fluid communication with the first chamber through a first door, and a third chamber adjacent to and in fluid communication with the second chamber through a second...

Powder particle layerwise three-dimensional printing process
Three-dimensional printing processes are disclosed which utilize printable fluids comprising a carrier fluid, a polymeric binder, and nanoparticles. The three-dimensional printing processes are useful for making articles from a build material powder, e.g., a ceramic, metal, metal alloy, or intermetallic powder. The nanoparticles enable low temperature interparticle bonding of the build...

Embedded silver nanomaterials into die backside to enhance package performance and reliability
A method and apparatus for enhancing the electrical and thermal performance of semiconductor packages effectively, especially for laminated packages, where sinterable materials cannot be used. The concept of this invention is to embed silver or silver-coated nanomaterials, which can be nanoparticles, nanoflakes, nanowires etc., into die backside to improve the interface...

Method for producing semiconductor ceramic composition
Provided is a method for producing a lead-free, perovskite semiconductor ceramic composition which is capable of suppressing the temperature coefficient of resistance α from becoming small, and obtaining stable characteristics. The method for producing a lead-free semiconductor ceramic composition in which a portion of Ba in a BaTiO3-based oxide is substituted...

Thermally stable polycrystalline diamond and methods of making the same
A method of making a cutting element includes subjecting a mixture of diamond particles and a carbonate material to high-pressure high-temperature sintering conditions to form a sintered carbonate-polycrystalline diamond body having a diamond matrix of diamond grains bonded together and carbonates residing in the interstitial regions between the diamond grains, the...

Process for making molybdenum or molybdenum-containing strip
A method of making a molybdenum or molybdenum alloy metal strip is disclosed. The method includes roll compacting a molybdenum-based powder into a green strip. The method also includes sintering the green strip followed by a combination of warm rolling, annealing, and cold rolling steps to form the final metal strip...

Process for producing porous sintered aluminum, and porous sintered aluminum
This method for producing porous sintered aluminum Includes: mixing aluminum powder with a sintering aid powder containing titanium to obtain a raw aluminum mixed powder; mixing the raw aluminum mixed powder with a water-soluble resin binder, water, and a plasticizer containing at least one selected from polyhydric alcohols, ethers, and esters...

Sic matrix fuel cladding tube with spark plasma sintered end plugs
A method of providing an end-capped tubular ceramic composite for containing nuclear fuel () in a nuclear reactor involves the steps of providing a tubular ceramic composite (), providing at least one end plug (), applying () the at least one end plug material to the ends of the...

Rotor for magnetic rotating electrical machine, production method for same, and device
A method of manufacturing a rotor for a magnet type rotating electrical machine includes the steps of: cutting and laminating pieces of the core of the rotor, to thereby form a core (); mounting the core () on a rotating jig (); forming a magnet piece (p) into a predetermined shape...

Methods of making low cost electrode active materials for secondary batteries from ilmenite
A method of producing electrode active materials includes generating a source material of titanium (Ti) and a source material of iron (Fe) from an ilmenite, and performing a operation to the source material of Fe and the source material of Ti. The operation includes determining a content of Fe or Ti...

Method for packaging display panel and packaging structure of display panel
A method for packaging display panel is provided. The method comprises following steps: providing a first substrate; pasting a frit on the first substrate; pre-sintering the frit in a specific temperature; forming a color filter unit on the first substrate; providing a second substrate oppositely disposed on the first substrate; and...

Emissive compacts and method of making the same
Some phosphor powders can be difficult to form into ceramic compacts because they are difficult to sinter. As described herein, phosphor powders that can degrade under conventional sintering temperatures can be sintered by heating the powder at a lower temperature, such as less than 800° C., while the powder is under...

Polycrystalline diamond cutting element
A polycrystalline-diamond cutting element for a drill bit of a downhole tool. The cutting element includes a substrate and a diamond table bonded to the substrate. The diamond table includes a diamond filler with at least one leached polycrystalline diamond segment packed therein along at least one working surface thereof. The...

Ceramic pressure sensor and method for production thereof
A method for production of a pressure sensor including a flat flexible membrane made of a ceramic material and a flat rigid support thereof made of a ceramic material is provided. Steps include: —establishing an electric circuit on the membrane; —establishing an electric contact with the outside on the support; —depositing...

Wavelength converter and light-emitting device having same
An alumina-based ceramic wavelength converter is described having a surface layer containing a second phase of alumina, preferably as alumina crystallites. The surface layer is formed as a result of the sintering process used to form the bulk ceramic which is itself substantially transparent. The ceramic wavelength converter is combined with...

Rare-earth permanent magnet, method for manufacturing rare-earth permanent magnet and system for manufacturing rare-earth permanent magnet
There are provided a rare-earth permanent magnet, and a method for manufacturing a rare-earth permanent magnet and a system for manufacturing a rare-earth permanent magnet, capable of achieving improved shape uniformity. Magnet material is milled into magnet powder, and the milled magnet powder is formed into a formed body . The...

Method for producing means with thermal resist for applying at a surface of a heat exposed component
cooling the ceramic body and causing micro-cracking during heating and or/sintering and/or cooling to obtain the means with thermal resist. The forming is performed such that a first mixture forming a first layer onto which a second mixture is applied forming a second layer differs in porosity from that first layer...

Composite perovskite powder, preparation method thereof, and paste composition for internal electrode having the same
There are provided a composite perovskite powder, a preparation method thereof, and a paste composition for an internal electrode having the same, the composite perovskite powder capable of preventing ions from being eluted from an aqueous system at the time of synthesis while being ultra-atomized, such that when the composite perovskite...

Method of preparing counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cell
The following description relates to a method of low temperature sintering a catalyst layer that formed on one side of a counter electrode using a laser. It is possible to prepare a counter electrode for a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC) based on a flexible substrate easily because the method can be...

Process for producing refractory metal alloy powders
A process for producing refractory metal alloy powders includes the steps of blending at least one powder with at least one solvent and at least one binder to form a slurry; forming a plurality of agglomerates from the slurry; screening the plurality of agglomerates; sintering the plurality of agglomerates; and melting...

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