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     Image processing device and terminal device patent thumbnailImage processing device and terminal device
    An image processing device performs: acquiring a selection instruction to select one function of the plurality of functions; determining whether an operation mode is in a simulation mode, a terminal device that stores a virtual application program s and a virtual service program used for the virtual application program, executing, when it is determined that the operation mode is not the simulation mode, a first function executing process to execute the selected function by: activating the application program corresponding to the function selected by the acquired selection instruction; and executing, when it is determined that the operation mode is the simulation mode, a second function executing process to execute the specific function by: inhibiting the activating of the application program; publishing an application programming interface corresponding to the specific function; acquiring an execution instruction of the specific function, which is issued from the virtual application program.. .
    Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

     Piezoelectric pickup and cell for stringed instruments patent thumbnailPiezoelectric pickup and cell for stringed instruments
    In a first aspect hereof the present invention provides an improved piezoelectric pickup which, generally, comprises a folded planar plastic piezoelectric sandwich electrically connected to a coaxial cable which, in turn, is in electrical communication with a jack or the like for connection to a pre-amp, an amplifier or the like. In a further aspect of the present invention there is provided a “cell” which is particularly adapted for use with an electric violin.

     Surgical simulation system and associated methods patent thumbnailSurgical simulation system and associated methods
    A surgical simulation device may include a support structure, a tray carried by the support structure, and animal tissue carried by the tray. A simulated human skeleton portion may be carried by the support structure above the animal tissue, and simulated human skin covers the simulated human skeleton portion.
    Kindheart, Inc.

     Apparatus and  supporting choreography patent thumbnailApparatus and supporting choreography
    Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method for supporting choreography, which can easily and systematically search for existing dances through various interfaces and can check the simulation of the found dances. For this, the apparatus includes a dance motion db for storing pieces of motion capture data about respective multiple dance motions, a dance attribute db for storing pieces of biomechanical information about respective multiple dance motions, a search unit for receiving a search target dance from a user using a method corresponding to at least one of a sectional motion search and a dance attribute search, and searching the dance motion db and the dance attribute db for choreographic data based on similarity determination, and a display unit for displaying choreographic data of the dance motion db and the dance attribute db, found as a result of the search based on similarity determined by the search unit..
    Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

     Flight simulation device patent thumbnailFlight simulation device
    Disclosed is a flight simulation apparatus. According to the flight simulation apparatus of the present disclosure, first left and right rails and second left and right rails slide along a pair of first front and rear rails and a pair of second front and rear rails so that first and second seats can freely move forward and rearward, first and second auxiliary rails are formed to position the first and second seats at various locations in the front-rear direction, and the first and second seats can be stably supported by first and second sliders..
    Naviworks Co., Ltd.

     Organized intelligent merging patent thumbnailOrganized intelligent merging
    A method is provided for organized intelligent merge notifications. The method includes identifying a merge aperture using a processor.
    Here Global B.v.

     System for simulation and implementation of dynamic state-dependent resource reconfiguration patent thumbnailSystem for simulation and implementation of dynamic state-dependent resource reconfiguration
    Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods, and computer program products for implementing a dynamic state-dependent resource reconfiguration, such as the reconfiguration of resources and assets that may occur with a relationship between a first user and a second user is terminated. Example embodiments include incorporating into the resource reconfiguration aspects of prior user agreements and simulating the expected outcome of the dynamic state-dependent resource reconfiguration..
    Bank Of America Corporation

     System and method to simulate the impact of leadership activity patent thumbnailSystem and method to simulate the impact of leadership activity
    A system and method to simulate the impact of leadership activity for individuals in leader and/or manager roles to be able to model their organization as a system and to simulate a plurality of actions that might be taken and their impact on the non-linear dynamics of the organization, its functions, capabilities, processes and outcomes. The system includes an organization state component, a leadership activities component, an environment state component, and a simulation module component.

     Systems and methods of conducting numerical simulation of an underwater explosion patent thumbnailSystems and methods of conducting numerical simulation of an underwater explosion
    Characteristics of a blast source and a fea model representing a surrounding fluid domain are defined. One layer of new border nodes and elements are created outside of the fluid domain's original outer boundary formed by the original border elements.
    Livermore Software Technology Corporation

     Method and system of simulating a pulse generator on a clinician programmer patent thumbnailMethod and system of simulating a pulse generator on a clinician programmer
    An electronic device having a display is provided. Interactive user engagements with the electronic device are made through the display.
    Nuvectra Corporation

    Simulation intracellular responses

    Disclosed is an apparatus and method for various intracellular responses throughout the life cycle of cells. The simulation apparatus for intracellular responses, includes a database configured to include information regarding cells for cell model generation, a model generation module configured to receive the information regarding cells from the database and to generate a cell model, an expression module configured to receive the information regarding cells from the database and to construct a numerical model for protein quantification, and a simulation module configured to allocate intracellular responses in the generated cell model to at least one computer and to simulate the intracellular responses..
    Korea Institute Of Science And Technology Information

    Sensor-data generation in virtual driving environment

    A method for generating training data. The method may include executing a simulation process.
    Ford Global Technologies, Llc

    Configurable memory circuit system and method

    A memory circuit system and method are provided in the context of various embodiments. In one embodiment, an interface circuit remains in communication with a plurality of memory circuits and a system.
    Google Inc.

    Simulation desktop establishment method and related apparatus

    A simulation desktop establishment method includes: acquiring, by a terminal, system parameter of a current operating system; and establishing, by the terminal, a simulation desktop by using preset configuration data according to the system parameter, where content of simulation desktop parameters of the established simulation desktop is the same as content of the system parameter. It can be seen that, required system parameter are directly acquired from an operating system, and a simulation desktop corresponding to the operating system is established by using preset configuration data according to the system parameter, so that the established simulation desktop is basically the same as the operating system in appearance, interface, and the like, which can give a user a strong sense of identification..
    Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Analyzing fracture conductivity for reservoir simulation based on seismic data

    Some aspects of what is described here relate to seismic data analysis techniques. A seismic excitation is generated in a first directional wellbore section in a subterranean region.
    Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

    Crane, in particular crawler crane or mobile crane

    The present invention relates to a crane, in particular to a crawler crane or mobile crane having at least one monitoring and simulation means by means of which a state of the crane can be monitored and/or simulated, wherein the monitoring and simulation means has at least one input means and at least one output means and wherein the actual state and/or state development of the crane and/or of the boom of the crane can be displayed by means of the monitoring and simulation means and/or a possible state and/or possible state development of the crane can be simulated and/or displayed.. .
    Liebherr-werk Ehingen Gmbh

    Electric brake system

    An electric brake system is disclosed. The electric brake system comprises a master cylinder connected to a first reservoir storing oil therein, provided with first and second chambers and first and second pistons respectively provided at the first and second chambers, and configured to discharge oil according to a pedal effort of a brake pedal; a simulation device configured to provide a reaction force according to the pedal effort of the brake pedal, and provided with a simulation chamber that is connected to the master cylinder and a simulation flow path to accommodate oil therein; a hydraulic pressure supply device configured to generate hydraulic pressure using a rotational force of a motor that is activated in response to an electrical signal output corresponding to a displacement of the brake pedal; and a hydraulic control unit configured to deliver the hydraulic pressure delivered from the hydraulic pressure supply device to a wheel cylinder provided at each of wheels, and connected to the first and second chambers of the master cylinder through first and second backup flow paths and connected to the hydraulic pressure supply device through a hydraulic flow path, wherein hydraulic pressure provided from the master cylinder is selectively delivered to the simulation flow path and the first and second backup flow paths..
    Mando Corporation

    Electric brake system

    An electric brake system is disclosed. The electric brake system includes a master cylinder configured to discharge oil according to a pedal effort of a brake pedal, a simulation device provided with a simulator valve provided at a flow path connecting a simulation chamber, which is connected to the master cylinder to accommodate oil therein, to a first reservoir for storing oil therein so as to provide a reaction force according to the pedal effort of the brake pedal, and an inspection valve provided at a flow path connecting the first reservoir to the master cylinder or at a flow path connecting the master cylinder to the simulation device..
    Mando Corporation

    Techniques for dynamic network optimization using geolocation and network modeling

    Techniques for dynamic network optimization using geolocation and network modeling are disclosed. In one particular exemplary embodiment, the techniques may be realized as a system for network optimization.
    Viavi Solutions Uk Limited

    Birthing simulation devices, systems, and methods

    Devices, systems, and methods appropriate for use in medical training are disclosed. In some instances, a patient simulator system is provided that includes a maternal patient simulator and a fetal patient simulator.
    Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

    Transcatheter heart valve delivery deployment simulator

    An apparatus for simulation of an anatomical structure may include a left ventricle component having an inlet port configured to receive fluid flow therethrough, an aortic arch component having an outlet port configured to receive fluid flow therethrough, an aortic annulus component attached to and disposed between the left ventricle component and the aortic arch component, and an introducer configured to receive an elongated catheter assembly therethrough. The aortic annulus component may have an inner surface including simulated stenotic nodules.
    St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.

    Human tissue models, materials, and methods

    Devices, systems, and methods appropriate for use in medical training that include materials that better mimic natural human tissue are disclosed. In one aspect, multi-layer tissue simulations are provided.
    Gaumard Scientific Company, Inc.

    Display apparatus of flight simulator and method thereof

    A display device of a simulation flight vehicle and an operating method thereof. That is, when a vehicle type for training is selected for performing a flight training using a simulation flight vehicle, the measuring instrument information of the selected vehicle type is changed to be the same as that of an actual flight vehicle for display, such that convenience and effectiveness of the flight training can be greatly enhanced..
    Naviworks Co., Ltd.

    Wireless immersive simulation system

    Computer-based systems provide a wireless, high fidelity, real-time video and audio immersive environment for multiple users. A user may be equipped with a head mounted display device which wirelessly receives real-time video signals transmitted by a radio transceiver linked to a computer that generates the real-time video images.
    Cubic Corporation

    Warehouse profit simulation device

    The present invention is to forecast change management and impact with respect to contract conditions when making a distribution warehouse estimate, and improve precision in the estimation thereof. Provided is a warehouse profit simulation device, comprising: an information storage unit which stores data relating to income and outlay in each phase from estimation to operation of a distribution warehouse as historical data in a unitary manner; a profit description deviation analysis unit which reads out the historical data from the information storage unit, carries out a factor diagnosis of the deviation between the estimated amount and the outlays thereafter, and specifies a description of the deviation thereof; a contract condition change scenario registration unit which creates a contract condition change scenario, and registers same in the information storage unit; and a profit calculation simulation execution unit which executes a distribution warehouse profit calculation simulation..
    Hitachi, Ltd.

    System and real-time simulation of patient-specific cardiac electrophysiology including the effect of the electrical conduction system of the heart

    A method and system for simulating patient-specific cardiac electrophysiology including the effect of the electrical conduction system of the heart is disclosed. A patient-specific anatomical heart model is generated from cardiac image data of a patient.
    Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

    Simulation device, simulation program, and simulation method

    A simulation method for causing a computer to execute a process, the process includes: calculating, based on information associated with edge elements with which an acquired calculation target is modeled and information of gaussian numerical integration points in a cell element surrounded by the plurality of edge elements, using a finite element method, a magnetic flux density vector for each of the gaussian numerical integration points, and calculating a magnetization vector for each of the gaussian numerical integration points, based on the magnetic flux density vector and a plurality of microscopic magnetization vectors associated with the gaussian numerical integration points.. .
    Fujitsu Limited

    Simulation method, simulation apparatus, and simulation program

    A coupled simulation of a structural-elastic phenomenon and a heat conduction phenomenon of a simulation target including plural particles is performed. Here, numerical calculation of a motion equation capable of being transformed into an equation of the same form as that of a heat conduction equation is performed with respect to a term of a spatial temperature distribution and a term of a derivative of temperature with respect to time, to perform a simulation of the heat conduction phenomenon of the simulation target..
    Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd.

    Project management simulator

    A processor simulating a project management job receives through a gui a subject matter (sme) selector indicating whether or not an sme has been selected. The processor receiving through the gui a package selection for each of a plurality of package categories.
    Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

    Simulation device for semiconductor device, and short-circuit determination semiconductor device

    The design data and the simulation data includes a comparator, an identification code assigning unit, and a short-circuit determining unit. The comparator is configured to compare design data of a semiconductor device with simulation data of the semiconductor device to extract areas different therebetween.
    Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

    Transportation schedule evaluation

    The disclosure relates to an evaluation system that is able to simulate a large number of passengers, metro stations and trains. The evaluation system runs the simulated metro system inside a computer and shows the statistical status of each passenger, each metro station and each train.
    Sap Se

    Hybrid estimation of transition probability values in markov decision processes

    According to some embodiments of the present invention there is provided a method for determining a control action in a control system using a markov decision process. The method comprises an action of receiving measured transition probability values of a markov decision process (mdp) and receiving simulated transition probability values generated by performing a control system simulation.
    International Business Machines Corporation

    Inspection program editing environment providing user defined collision avoidance volumes

    A system is provided for programming workpiece feature inspection operations for a coordinate measuring machine. The system includes a computer aided design (cad) file processing portion, an inspection motion path generation portion and a user interface.
    Mitutoyo Europe Gmbh

    Efficient and robust compositional reservoir simulation using a fast phase envelope

    System and methods of simulating different phase states of fluids in a reservoir are presented. A phase envelope is approximated in response to a non-successful calculation of the saturation pressure.
    Landmark Graphic Corporation

    Simulation and experiment platform for high-speed train braking system and experiment method

    A simulation platform for a high-speed train braking system and an experiment method. The simulation platform for a high-speed train braking system includes a virtual part and a real part.
    Crrc Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

    Simulation of near-field communications

    A computing device may identify one or more wireless broadcast signals that are each associated with a name that conforms to a specified wireless naming scheme. Responsive to identifying a particular wireless broadcast signal that is associated with a respective name conforming to the specified wireless naming scheme, the computing device may determine a signal strength of the particular wireless broadcast signal.
    Google Inc.

    Methods and systems of dynamic management of resources in a virtualized environment

    The methods and systems described herein centralize simulation resources and effectively delivering training and simulation services to a broad set of distributed users at both the enterprise and operational levels. The cloud-based delivery of simulation applications described herein enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction.
    Leidos, Inc.

    Simulation cart

    A cart for transporting a simulation system configured to control a simulation manikin, a recording system configured to record information about a simulation session, and a playback display device configured to display a playback of the recorded information. The cart includes a cart body supported by a plurality of wheels, and a power supply coupled to the cart body.
    Seattle Children's Hospital

    Method, apparatus, and recording medium for evaluating reference points, and method, apparatus, and recording medium for positional alignment

    An initial position aligning unit performs initial positional alignment of a video and simulation data, and a position aligning unit performs positional alignment of the video and the simulation data. A first movement detecting unit detects movements of reference points which are set within a first image of the video, and a second movement detecting unit detects movement of a camera.
    Fujifilm Corporation

    Image alignment device, method, and program

    There is provided an image registration device, method, and program that enable easy and quick initial registration between a target part included in an intraoperative video and simulation information, such as a simulation image. A first registration unit performs initial registration between an intraoperative video and simulation information.
    Fujifilm Corporation

    Sharing simulated data storage system management plans

    An approach for sharing simulated data storage system management plans is provided. One or more effects of a resource management plan are simulated on a data storage system by generating a simulation based, at least in part, on the data storage system and the resource management plan.
    International Business Machines Corporation

    System and estimating a performance metric

    A performance estimation method includes determining, for a device response that is dependent on first factors and second factors, a plurality of response distributions including at least one of: a measured response distribution of a production set corresponding to a setting of the first factors, the production set including a plurality of manufactured units; a response distribution simulated in accordance with a simulation model and with a combined factor setting of the first factors and the second factors; and a response distribution estimated in accordance with the combined factor setting and in accordance with a response prediction model relating the device response to the first factors and to the second factors. The method also includes estimating, in accordance with the plurality of response distributions, a performance metric prediction model relating a performance metric to the first factors..
    Infineon Technologies Ag

    Evaluation system for the efficacy of antimicrobial peptides and the use thereof

    The present invention provides an evaluating system and the use thereof for the efficacy of antimicrobial peptide, which includes the following steps: (a) constructing a peptide by a first input unit, and load the peptide into an aqueous solution for a first time for equilibration; (b) constructing a lipid bilayer by a second input unit, and load the lipid bilayer into an aqueous solution for a second time for equilibration; (c) using a first processing unit, simulations are carried out for an aqueous system containing an equilibrated peptide from the first input unit and the equilibrated lipid bilayer from the second input unit; (d) calculating the partition free energy of the peptide by a second processing unit; (e) outputting the prediction by an output unit, wherein the output unit is connected with the first processing unit and the second processing unit.. .
    National Tsing Hua University

    Method for analyzing a logic circuit

    A method for a logic circuit including a plurality of components and channels which are each assigned functional properties in a circuit model to simulate how the logic circuit functions, where the circuit model, in a section of the method, is expanded by mechanisms for security analysis, and where in a further section of the method, the following method steps are implemented via a simulation unit, i.e., check whether the security property of the respective component and/or the respective channel corresponds to the security requirement of the security-relevant data and generate a security risk report if it does not correspond thereto, apply a modeled attack to a component and/or to a channel, and determine a vulnerability of the security property of the respective component and/or of the respective channel to the applied attack, and if there is vulnerability of the security property, generate an attack report.. .
    Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

    Method and system for control and co-simulation of physical systems

    A method for control and co-simulation in a system having multiple subsystems, each representing a physical system, includes, in a first subsystem simulating a first physical system, providing a first time continuous output signal representing a property of the first physical system, and filtering the output signal using a continuous moving average (cma) filter as an anti-aliasing filter to form a filtered time continuous signal. Filtering the output signal includes integrating the time continuous signal to form an integrated signal, sampling the integrated signal, for each sample, forming an average value from the current sample and a previous sample, and forming a filtered time continuous signal from the average values.
    Volvo Car Corporation

    In-design real-time electrical impact verification flow

    Techniques for analyzing a routed interconnection of a net of a circuit are discussed herein. Some embodiments may include a method comprising with a computer, analyzing the circuit to determine a performance parameter of the net, wherein the circuit is analyzed based at least in part on applying pre-layout simulation data of the net to layout data of the circuit.
    Synopsys, Inc.

    System level simulation in network on chip architecture

    Systems and methods for performing multi-message transaction based performance simulations of soc ip cores within a network on chip (noc) interconnect architecture by accurately imitating full soc behavior are described. The example implementations involve simulations to evaluate and detect noc behavior based on execution of multiple transactions at different rates/times/intervals, wherein each transaction can contain one or more messages, with each message being associated with a source agent and a destination agent.
    Netspeed Systems

    Nesting using rigid body simulation

    Embodiments of the invention provide systems and methods for nesting objects in 2d sheets and 3d volumes. In one embodiment, a nesting application simplifies the shapes of parts and performs a rigid body simulation of the parts dropping into a 2d sheet or 3d volume.
    Autodesk, Inc.

    Processor-implemented time domain decomposition transient simulation

    Systems and methods are provided for constructing a physical system. Characteristic data associated with a physical system is received.
    Sas Ip, Inc.

    Simulation device of semiconductor device and simulation semiconductor device

    A simulation device of a semiconductor device according to an embodiment is a simulation device for analyzing a structural defect of the semiconductor device, the semiconductor device having wiring lines disposed three-dimensionally therein, and the simulation device of the semiconductor device comprises: a correct structure acquiring unit that acquires a correct structure of the semiconductor device; a comparative structure acquiring unit that acquires a comparative structure, the comparative structure being a structure of the semiconductor device manufactured under a certain condition; a difference extracting unit that extracts a difference of the comparative structure with respect to the correct structure; and a defect determining unit that determines a defect of the comparative structure from the difference, the defect determining unit including an open/short attribute determining unit that determines whether the difference is an open attribute positioned inside the correct structure or a short attribute positioned outside the correct structure.. .
    Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

    Method and system for vision measure for digital human models

    The present disclosure is directed to a method and corresponding system that improves accuracy of a computer simulation of an original posture of a digital human model (dhm) relative to a target object. The method and system may obtain information associated with the original dhm posture.
    Dassault Systèmes Americas Corp.

    Meshfree numerically simulating brittle material based on damage mechanics

    Meshfree model containing a number of particles to represent a structure made of brittle material is defined. At each non-initial solution cycle of a numerical simulation using the meshfree model based on damage mechanics, the following operations are performed: (a) determining one or more damage zones in the structure from simulated structural responses obtained in immediate prior solution cycle; (b) dividing the particles into a first group representing the damage zones and a second group representing the remaining of the meshfree model; (c) applying a meshfree regularization scheme by modifying each particle's strain field of the first group with a morphing function that ensures a homogeneous jump condition along respective borders of the damage zones; and (e) obtaining simulated structural behaviors of the structure using a meshfree stabilization scheme that applies to all of the particle's strain field.
    Livermore Software Technology Corporation

    Playback profiles for simulating construction schedules with three-dimensional (3d) models

    A method, apparatus, system, and computer program product provide the ability to simulate a construction schedule. A first three-dimensional (3d) model and a schedule are acquired.
    Autodesk, Inc.

    Mesh generation system and method

    A system and method is provided that facilitates generating meshes for object models of structures for use with finite element analysis simulations carried out on the structure. The system may include at least one processor configured to classify a type of an input face of a three dimensional (3d) object model of a structure based at least in part on a number of loops included by the input face.
    Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

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