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This page is updated frequently with new Signs-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signs-related patents
 Stable low power mode for multicarrier transceivers patent thumbnailStable low power mode for multicarrier transceivers
A stable low power mode (lpm) for multicarrier transceivers is described that at least provides transmit power savings while enabling receiver designs that can easily operate without the detrimental effects of fluctuating crosstalk. In one exemplary embodiment, the lpm achieves power savings by reducing the number of used subcarriers without actually performing a power cutback on those subcarriers, thereby allowing a receiver to measure the snr or noise levels and determine the crosstalk noise on the line regardless of a crosstalking modem being in a lpm or not..
Tq Delta, Llc

 Selection of resource providers for multi-tenancy provision of building blocks patent thumbnailSelection of resource providers for multi-tenancy provision of building blocks
Process requests for services from users of a plurality of tenants, determine parameters to input into service designs based on each of the requests and each of the corresponding tenants, input the determined parameters into the service designs, select a specific resource provider of the building blocks at run time based on the parameters and the service designs, and instantiate the building blocks.. .
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

 Systems and methods for enhanced high frequency power bias tee designs patent thumbnailSystems and methods for enhanced high frequency power bias tee designs
Systems and methods for enhanced high frequency power bias tee designs are provided. In one embodiment, a bias tee network comprises: a first port configured to couple across a data line comprising a first electrically conducting line and a second electrically conducting line; a second port configured to couple to a power port of an electrical device; and a distributed impedance interface coupled between the power supply unit and the differential data line, wherein the distributed impedance interface includes a ferrite impedance gradation network having a plurality of ferrite impedance elements series coupled in an order of progressing impedance, wherein a low impedance end of the first ferrite impedance gradation network is coupled to the first port..
Commscope Connectivity Uk Limtied

 Fat-fiber adapter for pump use patent thumbnailFat-fiber adapter for pump use
As kilowatt class fiber laser and amplifier systems become more in demand, there are ongoing efforts to improve optical fiber laser and amplifier designs to maximize efficiency and further increase the capacity of these high-energy optical fiber lasers and amplifiers. The present disclosure provides a fiber laser or amplifier system configured to efficiently and conveniently generate and couple high numerical aperture and high-energy pump light into a fiber laser or amplifier system..
Ofs Fitel, Llc

 Pump and signal combiner for high numerical aperture use patent thumbnailPump and signal combiner for high numerical aperture use
As kilowatt class fiber laser and amplifier systems become more in demand, there are ongoing efforts to improve optical fiber laser and amplifier designs to maximize efficiency and further increase the capacity of these high-energy optical fiber lasers and amplifiers. The present disclosure provides a fiber laser or amplifier system configured to efficiently and conveniently generate and couple high numerical aperture and high-energy pump light into a fiber laser or amplifier system..
Ofs Fitel, Llc

 Deflection compensating press tools patent thumbnailDeflection compensating press tools
Press tools and particularly crimp tools having a c-frame tool head are described which are configured such that upon a typical use load, the c-frame head deflects to a position in which mating components or surfaces are aligned. Also described are c-frame heads that utilize a particular deflection compensating engagement connection between a piston and a ram die holder.
Ridge Tool Company

 Positive electrode active materials with composite coatings for high energy density secondary batteries and corresponding processes patent thumbnailPositive electrode active materials with composite coatings for high energy density secondary batteries and corresponding processes
A composite coated form of lithium cobalt oxide is described that can achieve improved cycling at higher voltages. Liquid phase and combined liquid and solid phase coating processes are described to effectively form the composite coated powders.
Envia Systems, Inc.

 Iii-nitride transistor with solderable front metal patent thumbnailIii-nitride transistor with solderable front metal
Some exemplary embodiments of a iii-nitride power device including a hemt with multiple interconnect metal layers and a solderable front metal structure using solder bars for external circuit connections have been disclosed. The solderable front metal structure may comprise a tri-metal such as tiniag, and may be configured to expose source and drain contacts of the hemt as alternating elongated digits or bars.
Infineon Technologies Americas Corp.

 Method of analyzing, displaying, organizing and responding to vital signals patent thumbnailMethod of analyzing, displaying, organizing and responding to vital signals
A system for monitoring vital signs includes: an imaging device for acquiring video image files of a living individual; a data analysis system including a processor and memory; a computer program running in the data analysis system to automatically analyze the video images, autonomously identify an area in the images where periodic movements associated with a selected vital sign may be detected and quantified; and, an interface that outputs an electrical signal corresponding to the waveform of the selected vital sign. The system may include a graphical user interface, which may display a visual graph of the waveform and a single video frame or a video stream of the individual..

 Ruggedized fiber optic connectors and connection systems patent thumbnailRuggedized fiber optic connectors and connection systems
Example fiber optic connector systems have rugged, robust designs that are environmentally sealed and that are relatively easy to install and uninstall in the field. Some connector systems can be configured in the field to be compatible with different styles of fiber optic adapters.
Tyco Electronicss Raychem Bvba


Eye cover device

Many people like to spend time in the sun, in particularly sunbathing. The risks of exposure to the sun are well documented, such as aging of the skin caused by ultraviolet light rays and development of skin pigmentation.
Occles Ltd


Transparent radio frequency identification transponder

A radio frequency identification (rfid) transponder that includes an rfid chip, a loop that is electrically connected to the rfid chip, and a substantially transparent antenna coupled to the loop. In various embodiments, the rfid transponder can be affixed over a light source (e.g., vehicle headlights) while preserving the luminance from the light source.
Neology, Inc.


Subthreshold standard cell library

A subthreshold standard cell library addresses the energy efficiency of electronic systems, thereby significantly reducing power consumption. Recent energy performance requirements are causing the next-generation system manufacturers to explore approaches to lower power consumption.
United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Method and analysis for holistic casing design for planning and real-time

The disclosed embodiments include a method, apparatus, and computer program product for determining a suitable casing design for a well. For example, one disclosed embodiment includes a system that includes at least one processor and at least one memory coupled to the at least one processor and storing instructions that when executed by the at least one processor performs operations for receiving historical data associated with previously drilled wells; in response to a determination that the historical data associated with previously drilled well is relevant to the well, generating a first set of casing designs using a probabilistic approach and generating a second set of casing designs using a combination approach that combines the probabilistic approach with a deterministic approach; and selecting a suitable casing design from a resulting set of casing designs..
Landmark Graphics Corporation


Silicon electro-optical modulator

Disclosed are designs and methods of fabrication of silicon carrier-depletion based electro-optical modulators having doping configurations that produce modulators exhibiting desirable modulation efficiency, optical absorption loss and bandwidth characteristics. The disclosed method of fabrication of a modulator having such doping configurations utilizes counter doping to create narrow regions of relatively high doping levels near a waveguide center..
Acacia Communications Inc.


High reliability robotic cross-connect systems

Mechanisms and designs of large scale, modular, robotic software-defined patch-panels incorporate numerous features that ensure reliable operation. A telescopic arm assembly (104) with actuated gripper mechanism (103) is used to transport internally latching connectors (101) within a stacked array of translatable rows (102).
Telescent Inc.


Modified triaxial antenna array

Various triaxial antenna designs having are provided. Some embodiments include a split-z coil that can include two axial coils with saddle coils in the x- and y-directions located therebetween.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


System and automated affixing of decorative objects to a surface

Disclosed is an invention in the field of automated assembly. The present invention particularly relates to a system and method to attach items such as decorative materials to desired objects.
Design & Assembly Concepts, Inc.


Vital signs measurement system, detecting the vital signs measurement system, and vital signs measurement earphone

A vital signs measurement system includes a plurality of light sources emitting into a subject's skin. A plurality of photo sensors receives lights reflected from the subject's skin and converts the lights to a plurality of signals.
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Pet animal collar for health & vital signs monitoring, alert and diagnosis

A collar for pet animals may have sensor elements remotely actuatable to measure vital signs of the animal (such as respiration, pulse, temperature and movement) and a processor that can interpret the results of multiple vital sign readings. A two way communication device alerts the pet owner, veterinarian or authorities.
Patpace Ltd.


Metrology target indentification, design and verification

A metrology design and verification framework is provided, which includes methods and systems for metrology structure identification in an integrated circuit design data block, design rule checking, hierarchal design of metrology target structures to minimize random errors, and metrology design rule verification of metrology target design files. In-die metrology targets are identified using various filtering methods and/or designed as hierarchical structure within dies or outside the dies.


Insertion of faults into computer systems

Methods and apparatus are provided for causing the incorrect operation (‘faults’) of digital devices such as embedded computer systems or integrated circuits. The apparatus uses a switching element to cause perturbations on the power supplies of the digital device.


Ablation catheter designs and methods with enhanced diagnostic capabilities

Electrode assemblies include segmented electrodes disposed on a catheter. The segmented electrodes can be constructed at the tip of the catheter or more proximally located.
St. Jude Medical, Cardiology Division, Inc.


Stethoscope chest piece finger guard

In one example, we describe a method and system which consist of a small rubber attachment which can be slipped onto the chest piece of any stethoscope. We show designs, configurations, and descriptions of different finger guard designs.


System and making ice cream

A system for making ice cream is provided herein. The system includes a pod, a whisking component, and a freezing component.
Tangent Foods International Limited


Mitigating traffic steering inefficiencies in distributed uncore fabric

In an example, selected portions of an uncore fabric of a system-on-a-chip (soc) or other embedded system is divided into two independent pipelines. Each pipeline operates independently of the other pipeline, and each accesses only one-half of the system memory, such as even or odd addresses in an interleaved memory.


Analog switch for transmitting high voltage signals without utilizing high voltage power supplies

Described herein are multiple designs for an improved analog switch for use in transmitting high voltage signals without using high voltage power supplies for the switch. The analog switches are able to pass and block input signals in the approximate range of −100v to +100v.


Low noise charge pump method and apparatus

A charge pump method and apparatus is described having various aspects. Noise injection from a charge pump to other circuits may be reduced by limiting both positive and negative clock transition rates, as well as by limiting drive currents within clock generator driver circuits, and also by increasing a control node ac impedance of certain transfer capacitor coupling switches.


Self-tuning resonant power transfer systems

Systems and designs for tuning a wireless power transfer system are provided, which may include any number of features. In one embodiment, a wireless power transfer system can be configured such that resonant frequencies of the system move towards an operating frequency of the system as a coupling coefficient between the transmit and receive resonators becomes smaller.


Vertical gate all-around transistor

Vertical gaa fet structures are disclosed in which a current-carrying nanowire is oriented substantially perpendicular to the surface of a silicon substrate. The vertical gaa fet is intended to meet design and performance criteria for the 7 nm technology generation.


Molten nuclear fuel salts and related systems and methods

This disclosure describes nuclear fuel salts usable in certain molten salt reactor designs and related systems and methods. Binary, ternary and quaternary chloride fuel salts of uranium, as well as other fissionable elements, are described.


Phase algebra for virtual clock and mode extraction in hierarchical designs

A design tool can implement phase algebra based design evaluation to evaluate a circuit design with a compact representation of waveforms without simulating the individual waveforms. The tool can determine that a first sequence of signal transition representations of a first signal of the first module comprises a null sequence.


Phase algebra for specifying clocks and modes in hierarchical designs

A design tool can implement phase algebra based design evaluation to evaluate a circuit design with a compact representation of waveforms without simulating the individual waveforms. The tool can determine a first sequence of signal transition representations of a first signal of a first module of a register level circuit design.


Threaded screw with shank slot

The present invention is an improved screw fastener design that exhibits greater holding power and a reduction in installation time over previously known designs.. .


Electromagnetic actuator system

A novel electromagnetic actuator designed to operate at system resonance, used in the construction of a unique vehicle system, is presented herein. An exemplary embodiment of the vehicle system is based on an electromagnetic actuator coupled to a plurality of actuating members of a micro aerial vehicle.


Wheel structure and making the same

A wheel structure and a method for making the same are disclosed. The wheel structure comprises at least two components connected together.


Headband with integral compartment and hair accessory

A headband assembly includes a lower band element and an upper band element. The lower band element has upstanding flanges that define a cavity to provide for storage of personal items such as eyeglasses, lipstick, lip balm, etc., and the flanges include a plurality of reliefs or notches therein for making the lower band flexible.


Devices for utilizing symfets for low-power information processing

A boolean gate includes at least one symmetric tunneling field-effect transistor (symfet) for low-power information processing. Symfets are ideal for applications that demand low power and have moderate speed requirements, and demonstrate better dynamic energy efficiency than cmos circuits.


System and image collage editing

A system and method for a system and method for implementing an image collage editing software tool implemented in a networked computing environment. Collage is a feature area within an online image editing service that allows users to create a composite image from multiple images.


Smart responsive behavior for pixel-perfect designs

A computer-implemented method for rendering a document on any size device includes, during runtime, rendering a document for display on a device, where the document includes multiple elements arranged in one or more rows and one or more columns. The method includes if a size of the device is greater than a threshold size, scaling the document as a whole to fit the size of the device.


Adaptation layer for antireflective designs on lenses of various refractive indexes

The present invention relates to an antireflective stack designed to provide similar reflected light characteristics on lenses of various refractive indexes. This antireflective stack may be coated on an ophthalmic lens, especially a spectacle lens..


Universal strip port connector

The test meter includes a strip port connector configured and sized to receive a test strip and including a plurality of spaced electrical contacts disposed in an array upon a printed circuit board (pcb). Upon insertion of a test strip in the strip port connector, at least some of the plurality of spaced electrical contacts of the strip port connector are caused to engage each of the electrical contacts of the inserted test strip and in which a plurality of disparate test strip designs can be used in connection with the test meter and in which the array of electrical contacts of the strip port connector are disposed in parallel relation to the substantially planar surface of the inserted test strip and are brought into contact therewith for identifying the test strip and subsequent testing..


Polarization measurements of metrology targets and corresponding target designs

Targets, target elements and target design method are provided, which comprise designing a target structure to have a high contrast above a specific contrast threshold to its background in polarized light while having a low contrast below the specific contrast threshold to its background in non-polarized light. The targets may have details at device feature scale and be compatible with device design rules yet maintain optical contrast when measured with polarized illumination and thus be used effectively as metrology targets.


Compact wheeled carrier device with movable, stowable rear wheels and frame

A wheeled cart includes a number of unique methods to synchronously stow all of the rear wheels of a fold flat, compact wheeled cart device without removing any of the wheels themselves and the innovations are applicable to cargo carriers, golf bag carts, trolleys, baby strollers, and other devices for moving cargo. In alternative designs, the folding motion of either the forward wheel frame, or the swiveling motion of the rear wheel frame, or both, synchronously setup or stow the cart's at least two rear wheels to achieve an ultra-thin stowed profile, orienting all the cart's wheels in a co-planar stowed relationship, closely parallel with all other parts..


Spin-welding of polymeric components having large surface area or non-complementary weld interfaces

Friction-weld assemblies and methods of spin-welding are provided, where the components being joined are polymeric components. Designs provided for the polymeric components enable the use of relatively low speeds and pressures to achieve superior friction weld joints between the components.


Amusement devices

Amusement devices, aerial confetti devices, wand means, and confetti include various features, and methods of using and manufacturing confetti include various steps. An amusement device includes an elongated tube having a first end and a second end.


Liquid adhesive for nail polish

A liquid adhesive for nail polish is a topical composition that is used to facilitate the application and removal of nail polish as well as the creation of intricate nail polish designs. The composition includes rubber latex and water.


Configurable vital signs system

A method of determining a value indicative of a hemodynamic parameter of a patient includes performing a plurality of value determinations. Performing the plurality of value determinations includes determining a first value indicative of the hemodynamic parameter, determining, with a controller, a difference between the first value and a baseline associated with the first value, and replacing the baseline with the first value, in a memory of the controller, if the difference is outside of a predetermined range.


Wall mountable table and nested hanging apparatus

A wall mountable table and nesting apparatus for providing wall art which may be additionally deployed as a freestanding table. The wall mounted table and nesting apparatus includes a wall mount defining a first french cleat style mount, a nesting member which is adapted to hang on the wall mount and provide a first display surface as well as a second french cleat style mount, and a table member which includes a plurality of selectably deployable legs and is adapted to hang on the nesting member and provide a second display surface or, in the alternative, to stand on a floor as a freestanding table.


Coated graphite heater configuration

A coated graphite heater. The heater has a configuration comprising a plurality of heating rungs having a major portion disposed substantially parallel to an upper surface of the heater so that the major portion is disposed horizontally.
Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


Methods and automated design of semiconductor photonic devices

A photonic design automation (pda) tool to facilitate design of semiconductor photonic devices is described. In one example, the pda tool includes a process design library including one or more photonics parameterized cells (pcells), a plurality of processor-executable photonics design functions including a design rule check (drc) violation removal function, and a semiconductor technology-dependent parameter file including a plurality of design rules that define allowed semiconductor design patterns to be converted to a plurality of semiconductor fabrication mask designs in a first semiconductor technology.


Method for liquid-suction heat exchange thermal energy storage

Disclosed is a method and device for a thermal energy storage liquid-suction heat exchanger (tes-lshx) for air conditioning and refrigeration (ac/r) applications. The disclosed embodiments allow energy to be stored and aggregated over one period of time, and dispatched at a later period of time, to improve ac/r system efficiency during desired conditions.
Greener-ice Spv, L.l.c.


Vented dryer with modular heat pump subassembly

A vented tumble laundry dryer is provided with a heat pump subassembly configured to join with a heater inlet and a blower outlet in an open air flow circuit. The heat pump subassembly forms a closed refrigerant loop.
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag


Gravity filter designs configured for increased residence time

Embodiments of water filters comprise a filter housing configured to be disposed in a pour tray of a water filter pitcher, wherein a filter media cartridge is disposed inside the filter housing. The filter housing includes a housing floor, housing sidewalls extending upwardly, away from the housing floor, and at least one filter housing outlet disposed in one or more of the housing floor or the housing sidewalls.
Helen Of Troy Limited


Membrane and balloon systems and designs for conduits

An electronic device includes a balloon configured to contact a surface of a human conduit and one or more a biometric sensors operatively coupled to or on or in or within the balloon for detecting a biometric signal. The electronic device in some examples is a biometric sensor or measuring device.


Novel design considerations in the development of a photoplethysmography ring

An apparatus for measuring vital signs and various states of health using the underlying concept of photoplethysmography (ppg). This apparatus comprises one or more light source(s) and one or more detector(s) configured to measure transmitted and/or reflected light within the digits such as a finger or toe, but can also be applied to other soft tissue elements.


Clothing personalization technologies

A personalization attachment mechanism is disclosed herein. The personalization attachment mechanism, in some examples, includes an outer layer and an inner layer.
Switchswap, Llc


Suit designs and doffing methodologies for personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of infectious agents to healthcare workers

The present invention relates to bodysuits for use as personal protective equipment comprising a torso portion comprising a front side; a back side including a sealable port through which a wearer can enter and exit the bodysuit when donning or doffing the bodysuit, respectively; a waist region; a neck opening; a pair of upper limb openings; and a pair of lower limb openings; two arm portions each extending from one of the upper limb opening; and two leg portions each extending from one of the lower limb opening and methods for the removal of such body suits.. .
The Johns Hopkins University


Animal caloric output tracking methods

A system and method for monitoring the health of an animal using multiple sensors is described. The wearable device may include one or more sensors whose resultant signal levels may be analyzed in the wearable device or uploaded to a data management server for additional analysis.
I4c Innovations Inc.


Techniques for emergency detection and emergency alert messaging

A method, apparatus, and/or system for monitoring a user and transmitting an emergency notification is disclosed. The apparatus can monitor a user's overall wellness and adherence to a therapy regimen.


Systems and methods for guarding against side effects

The present invention provides computer-implemented methods and systems for monitoring and informing a user about known side effects of drugs (e.g., prescription, over-the-counter) using a wearable device, the method including: polling for sensor data from a wearable device; the sensor data indicating one or more vital signs measurement parameters of a user, wherein the sensor data is used for evaluating whether one or more known side effects has been detected; transmitting a request for information to various networks, the information request including identification of at least one drug the user is using; receiving the requested information from the various networks for monitoring and detecting one or more known side effects of the identified drug; storing the received information from the various networks into memory of the wearable device; evaluating, for each identified drug, the obtained sensor data with the stored information received from the various networks pertaining to that identified drug; determining whether one or more known side effects have been detected, wherein the determination is based on the evaluation of the sensor data with the stored information about the identified drug; executing one or more actions to notify the user and other third parties based on the detected one or more known side effects; and executing an algorithm to adjust the drug delivery regime responsive to the determination that one or more known side effects have been detected.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


High-speed shape-based router

A high-speed shape-based router is applicable to standard-cell digital designs, chip-level-block assembly designs, and other styles of design. In a flow of the invention, the technique establishes an initial structure for each net to be routed.
Pulsic Limited


Polymer-based microfabricated thermal ground plane

Embodiments described herein relate to the concept and designs of a polymer-based thermal ground plane. In accordance with one embodiment, a polymer is utilized as the material to fabricate the thermal ground plane.
Kelvin Thermal Technologies, Inc.


Collapsible air cells in a cooler to produce temperature gradient chambers to increase insulating ability

The invention pertains to coolers. Prior cooler designs had an unsegregated implicit void of unused air volume.
Olaftech Llc


Washing-free template-ready pcr detection rna

Provided in the present invention is a washing-free template-ready pcr detection method for rna. On the basis of retaining the advantages of the original template-ready pcr method, i.e., there being no need to purify and extract the rna, no need for a reverse transcription reaction, etc., the method of the present invention designs a probe for the restriction enzymes to thereby integrate the enzyme digestion reaction, so as to eliminate the interference of various pollution sources of double-stranded dna with no need for a washing step..
Zhejiang Jfk Biological Technology Co. Ltd.


Elastomeric hand grips

Disclosed is a tubular elastomeric grip with raised or embossed geometric designs arrayed around its circumference with an axial cut along its length adapted to be removably attached to a cylindrical bar such as those used while participating in fitness activities associated with the gripping of a bar or handle.. .


Intelligent electronic device response time performance optimization apparatuses

The intelligent electronic device response time performance optimization apparatuses (“iedp”) transform intelligent electronic device (ied) substation designs and arrangements comprising one or more ied profiles, a plurality of input factors or configurations values, and a set of stimuli triggers using iedp components into estimated and predicted performance metrics' values. In some implementations, the disclosure provides a processor-implemented method for determining one or more expected performance values of a substation automation system in non-emulated scenarios.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas


Direct carbon fuel cell and stack designs

Disclosed are novel configurations of direct carbon fuel cells (dcfcs), which optionally comprise a liquid anode. The liquid anode comprises a molten salt/metal, preferably sb, and a fuel, which has significant elemental carbon content (coal, bio-mass, etc.).
The Trustees Of The University Of Philadelphia


Electrochemical current collector screen designs utilizing ultrasonic welding

An electrochemical cell comprising an electrode assembly having a plurality of cathodes in which the plurality of cathodes is electrically connected together at a connection tab junction is disclosed. The junction preferably comprises a plurality of cathode connection tabs that are folded over each other to construct a junction that is mechanically and electrically robust.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Decoupling mim capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof

Decoupling metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor designs for interposers and methods of manufacture thereof are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of forming a decoupling capacitor includes providing a packaging device, and forming a decoupling mim capacitor in at least two metallization layers of the packaging device..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Smart electrical switch with audio capability

In one embodiment the present disclosure relates to providing wireless speaker functionality in an electrical switch assembly, such as a light switch located in the wall of a building. The switch assembly includes a faceplate with a touch-sensitive speaker grille covering a sizeable portion of the faceplate.


Template matching for resilience and security characteristics of sub-component chip designs

A mechanism is provided for validating overall resilience and security characteristics of a sub-component chip design. For each instance of a resiliency template identified as appearing in a design netlist of the sub-component chip design thereby forming one or more identified resiliency sections, a determination is made as to whether an output of the design netlist where an error signal is output interconnects to the one or more identified resiliency sections of the design netlist.
International Business Machines Corporation


Resource mapping in a hardware emulation environment

A system and method is disclosed in an emulation environment that dynamically remaps user designs. In one embodiment, a request is received to load an integrated circuit design to be emulated in a desired partition within the emulator.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


System and simulation and design of discrete droplet microfluidic systems

A computerized method for designing a discrete droplet microfluidic system: (a) provides an initial set of droplet based networks; (b) codes each droplet based network into a data structure such that all the data structures form a current set of data structures; (c) creates new data structures by performing one or more genetic operators on the current set of data structures; (d) adds new data structures to the current set of data structures; (e) creates a new set of data structures that satisfies one or more design parameters; (f) replaces the current set of data structures with the new set of data structures; (g) repeats steps (c), (d), (e) and (f) until the new set of data structures has been created a third number of times; and (h) displays/outputs the current set of data structures as possible designs for the discrete droplet microfluidic system to one or more output devices.. .
Texas Tech University System


Optical-band visibility for touch-sensor mesh designs

In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a touch sensor that includes a mesh of conductive material configured to extend across a display. The mesh includes first lines of conductive material that are substantially parallel to each other and second lines of conductive material that are substantially parallel to each other.


Extended active disturbance rejection controller

Multiple designs, systems, methods and processes for controlling a system or plant using an extended active disturbance rejection control (adrc) based controller are presented. The extended adrc controller accepts sensor information from the plant.
Cleveland State University


Fiber optic drop cables and preconnectorized assemblies having toning portions

A preconnectorized outdoor cable streamlines the deployment of optical waveguides into the last mile of an optical network. The preconnectorized outdoor cable includes a cable and at least one plug connector.
Corning Optical Communications Llc


Magnetic sensor packaging for transmissions

Designs to package a magneto-elastic torque sensor in an automotive transmission for volume production applications are provided. A transfer case assembly includes a transfer case shaft having a magnetized region and a magnetic torque sensor, for detecting torque of the transfer case shaft, mounted on at least one bushing supporting the transfer case shaft.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Pavement marking pattern and method

The invention pertains to pavement marking patterns and the application thereof to roads, streets, walkways and the like. Various pattern marking designs replicate bricks, cobblestones, horizontal signage, logos and other components.
Flint Trading, Inc.


System and dynamically adjusting patient therapy

A system and method of managing therapy provided to patients in an institution. The system monitors all aspects of the medication delivery to a patient, as well as other information related to the patient, such as values of vital signs, laboratory results and patient factors such as history, diagnosis, allergies and the like.
Carefusion 303, Inc.


Computerized learning landscaping apparatus and methods

A method and an apparatus for shaping of lawns and hedges into desired 3d patterns or shapes. The apparatus consists of a bstem and/or other computational device comprising storage, a motorized platform, and trimmer end effectors.
Brain Corporation


Image sensor pixels having built-in variable gain feedback amplifier circuitry

An image sensor may include an array of image sensor pixels. Each pixel may have a photodiode, a floating diffusion node, and charge transfer gate.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc


Imaging lens and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant lens parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.


Cable with polymer composite core

Conductive cores for use in cables, where the conductive core comprises a filled-polymeric-composite material concentrically surrounded by a conductive layer. The filled-polymeric-composite material comprises a polymeric continuous phase having dispersed therein a filler material.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Display designs and auxiliary promotional mechanisms for electronic labels

In one embodiment of the present invention, a real-time delivery of point of purchase (pop) messaging at various locations around a retail store is included within aisles, end-of-aisles, shelf edge, departments, check-out stands, on shopping carts and mobile personal devices carried by individual customers.. .
Altierre Corporation


Method of resolving color conflicts for cell-based designs with multi-pattern lithography

According to one general aspect, a method may include receiving a data file that includes placement data regarding a plurality of circuit cells. The circuit cells may include respective layout portions.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Technique for generating a spectrum of feasible design solutions

A design application generates feasible engineering designs that satisfy criteria associated with a particular engineering problem. The design application receives input that outlines a specific engineering problem to be solved, and then synthesizes a problem specification based on this input.
Autodesk, Inc.


Tracking the evolution of a design space

A design application includes a design engine and a tracking engine. The design engine allows end-users to create and modify a design space.
Autodesk, Inc.


Techniques for generating materials to satisfy design criteria

A design application is configured to determine design problem geometry and design criteria associated with a design problem to be solved. Based on this information, the design application identifies one or more design approaches to creating a custom material having specific material attributes needed to solve the design problem.
Autodesk, Inc.


Machine for air-cooled absorption

The invention relates to the design of an air cooled absorption machine. Said machine has a hollow design via which air can circulate inside same by forced convention having a parallelepiped form.
Universitat PolitÈcnica De Catalunya


Patient-adapted and improved articular implants, designs and related guide tools

Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's joint.
Conformis, Inc.


Patient alarm data application

A patient alarm application provides a way for allowing clinical personnel to monitor and control patient-specific alarm settings. A user interface allows clinical personnel to compare graphical representations of unit population vital signs data with patient-specific vital signs data as well timelines of alarms for the patient.
Medical Informatics Corporation


System for calibrating a blood pressure measurement based on vascular transit of a pulse wave

The invention provides a system and method for measuring vital signs (e.g. Sys, dia, spo2, heart rate, and respiratory rate) and motion (e.g.
Sotera Wireless, Inc.


Pilot design for wireless system

The description herein relates to pilot designs for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) based communication system. In at least one embodiment, the communication system is one operating according to the ieee 802.16m, or wimax, standard.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Capacitor drop power supply

A capacitor drop power supply is provided where excess charge is damped into a low impedance switch, avoiding the dissipation of extra energy seen in current designs. Also, because the excess charge is not dissipated, it then becomes available for when a load is applied thus increasing the efficiency of the power supply.
Dialog Semiconductor Inc.


Transistor design for use in advanced nanometer flash memory devices

Improved pmos and nmos transistor designs for sensing circuitry use in advanced nanometer flash memory devices are disclosed.. .
Silicon Storage Technology, Inc.


Touch screen display unit and manufacturing same

A touch screen display unit according to the present invention comprises: an adhesive layer having adhesive properties on both surfaces thereof; a decoration layer displaying, on one surface of the adhesive layer, one or more among letters, designs, patterns and a metallic texture; and a window attached on the other surface of the adhesive layer so as to allow the decoration layer to be seen therethrough and to form an outer appearance of the display unit.. .
Duksan Sg Co., Ltd


Method and circuit for reducing current surge

Systems and methods are provided for reducing surge current in power gated designs. In one aspect, a storage capacitor supplies a portion of the current used to power up a circuit.
Broadcom Corporation


Screen vibration for reducing speckle

The present disclosure provides discussion of screen vibration to reduce speckle in display applications and/or projection screens. Electrical transducers or reactors may be used with a screen to reduce or remove speckle in projection screens and/or display applications.
Reald Inc.


Fuel tank baffle

A fuel tank assembly comprises a fuel reservoir and a fuel flow control baffle positioned within the fuel reservoir to reduce the fluid energy/momentum of moving fuel. The fuel flow control baffle further comprises a sheet assembly including a first sheet layer and a second sheet layer, perforations defining attenuation channels, extending through said first and second sheet layers through which moving fuel flows into the fuel flow control baffle and a web positioned between the sheet layers to maintain the layers in a separated, three-dimensional relationship, wherein the web operates to absorb the fluid energy/momentum of the moving fuel and to reverse the fuel flow back through the flow attenuation channels.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Device and removing earwax

The present invention describes an earwax removal device having varying structures to provide different earwax removal capabilities. In all designs, the overall contour of the earwax-extracting member resembles the dimensions of the external auditory canal and is flexible enough to conform to it during insertion.


High-strength microwave antenna assemblies

Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Covidien Lp


Illuminated garment and accessories

An illuminated garment is provided including at least three panels including a flexible fabric back panel, a flexible fabric front panel, and a planar light panel. The flexible fabric back panel forms the interior of the garment to be positioned adjacent to a person's body.
Lumativ Inc.

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