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Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait)

Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

Digital jukebox device with improved user interfaces, and associated methods

Touchtunes Music

Digital jukebox device with improved user interfaces, and associated methods

Digital jukebox device with improved user interfaces, and associated methods

Deep Wood Brew Products

Mini-keg growler cap, components, accessories and designs for the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signs-related patents
 Wireless energy transfer for photovoltaic panels patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless energy transfer for photovoltaic panels
Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer involving photovoltaic panels. Described are methods and designs that use electric energy from a photovoltaic module to energize at least one wireless energy source to produce an oscillating magnetic field for wireless energy transfer.
Witricity Corporation

 Compact inductor employing redistrubuted magnetic flux patent thumbnailnew patent Compact inductor employing redistrubuted magnetic flux
The present invention is directed to a compact inductor having the required (predetermined) inductance and current rating, further designed to avoid substantial heat generation by avoiding saturation, winding(s) possessing a low dc resistance and copper loss, and minimizing the required volume or profile in order to conserve circuit board real-estate. The compact inductor design of the present invention includes both enclosed core as well as enclosed winding type of inductor designs..
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

 Assisting a user in selecting a lighting device design patent thumbnailnew patent Assisting a user in selecting a lighting device design
The present invention relates to assisting a user in selecting a lighting device (204) design by providing a lighting device (204) design based on a model or image of a lighting device (204) design (e.g. The user uploading an image of an existing lighting device in his/her home (200)).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Error correcting (ecc) memory compatibility patent thumbnailnew patent Error correcting (ecc) memory compatibility
Host device platforms developed based on older ecc (error correcting code) designs may not be equipped to handle the enhanced error correction capabilities in the newer nand memories. Error correcting memory employing an error threshold representative of the additional capability of the ecc memory allows determining when a fetch has exceeded a safe level of errors to correct.

 Digital jukebox device with improved user interfaces, and associated methods patent thumbnailnew patent Digital jukebox device with improved user interfaces, and associated methods
Certain exemplary embodiments relate to entertainment systems and, more particularly, to systems that incorporate digital downloading jukebox features and improved user interfaces. For instance, a smart search may be provided, e.g., where search results vary based on the popularity of songs within the venue, in dependence on songs being promoted, etc.
Touchtunes Music Corporation

 Optical sensor optimization and system implementation with simplified layer structure patent thumbnailnew patent Optical sensor optimization and system implementation with simplified layer structure
This disclosure includes methods for designing a simplified integrated computational element (ice) and for optimizing a selection of a combination of ice designs. A method for fabricating a simplified ice having one or more film layers includes predicting an optimal thickness of each of the one or more film layers of the simplified ice using a neural network.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

 358 le rifle bullet patent thumbnailnew patent 358 le rifle bullet
The 358 l. E.

 Double ladder elevator patent thumbnailnew patent Double ladder elevator
An elevator climbs and lifts loads along the length of a double ladder. The double ladder comprises a first ladder and a second ladder that join together to form an overlap portion.

 Biodegradable hydrophobic composite materials and process for the preparation thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Biodegradable hydrophobic composite materials and process for the preparation thereof
The present invention relates to biodegradable hydrophobic composite materials and a process for the preparation of said hydrophobic biodegradable materials from the seaweed polysaccharides through grafting reaction with vinylated monomers e.g. Vinyl acetate.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

 Mini-keg growler cap, components, accessories and designs for the same patent thumbnailnew patent Mini-keg growler cap, components, accessories and designs for the same
A number of variations may include a mini-keg growler cap mini-keg growler cap including a head having an upper disc shaped surface and an opposite lower surface connected to a cylindrical side surface having a plurality of parallel striations defined thereon and defining three threaded ports formed therein, a tapered surface extending between the cylindrical side surface and the disc shaped top surface, and threaded nipple extending from the lower surface.. .
Deep Wood Brew Products, Llc

new patent

Lightweight, hinged self-closing container covers and elastomer springs for use with such covers

Lightweight, hinged self-closing container covers using elastomer springs to self-close the cover are provided. Several cover designs having gates that may be circular or non-circular and may occupy up to almost 100% of the surface of the cover are implemented using elastomeric springs placed either on a lower surface of the cover (i.e., inside the container) or on an external surface of the cover.

new patent

Wrench, drain retainer nut

A multi-purpose, extensible, open ended wrench having hexagonal, and/or notched sides used for engaging, loosening or tightening a plurality of various sink and shower drain lock nut designs. Said wrench further has a square hole opposite the open end for insertion of a socket drive handle, and/or extension, to apply torque to a retainer nut and allow access to remote sites.

new patent

Device and deep transcranial magnetic stimulation

Devices and methods for directing a magnetic field into a body party of a subject are provided. The devices include at least one electromagnetic coil, a magnetic core or yoke, and a pair of flux concentrators.
Northeastern University

new patent

Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

A method of treating a human subject which is effected by intermittent inhalation of gaseous nitric oxide at a concentration of at least 160 ppm is disclosed. The method can be utilized for treating a human subject suffering from, or prone to suffer from, a disease or disorder that is manifested in the respiratory tract, or from a disease or disorder that can be treated via the respiratory tract.
Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait) Ltd.


Led (light-emitting diode) string derived controller power supply

An led lighting device includes an auxiliary power supply that supplies power to a control circuit of the led lighting device that receives an input from a terminal of a light-emitting diode (led) string of the lighting device that has a substantially lower voltage than the line voltage to which the lighting device is connected. The terminal may be within the led string, or may be an end of the string.
Cirrus Logic, Inc.


Measuring device, measuring method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a measuring device includes a projector, an image capturing unit, a first calculator, a setting unit, and a second calculator. The projector projects, onto an object, a first pattern in which predetermined designs are distributed randomly and a second pattern in which a luminance value changes according to a sinusoidal wave function having a frequency.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Handler for testing semiconductor device

Disclosed is a handler for testing a semiconductor device, which is used when testing the fabricated semiconductor device. The handler for testing a semiconductor device includes a stacker to supply and accommodate a customer tray and a position selecting device to move the stacker and select a position of the stacker.
Techwing Co., Ltd.


Custom printed removable bass drum head cover

A removable bass drum head cover with a printed display is provided. The drum head cover may be releasably attachable to a bass drum head.


Techniques for emergency detection and emergency alert messaging

A method, apparatus, and/or system for monitoring a user and transmitting an emergency notification is disclosed. The apparatus can monitor a user's overall wellness and adherence to a therapy regimen.


Medical monitoring systems

A medical recording, reporting and transmission system includes a headset or other user interface for contemporaneously recording doctor orders, patient vital signs, medications administered and other events that occur in a code blue event. A monitor system may record and report medical events, provide instant playback for clarification of doctor orders and may interface with a drug interaction database and patient database to warn of possible medication conflicts.


Target inhibition map system for combination therapy design and methods of using same

Disclosed is a system and method for targeted therapy designs which model a cancer pathway for predicting the effectiveness of targeted anti-cancer drugs. The disclosed system and method includes utilization of a computer processor allowing for the selection of a set of drugs from available drugs using approximation algorithms utilizing cell viability data associated with a testable culture of a patient's tumor for generating a probabilistic target inhibition map (ptim) from viability data for considering the selection of a set of drugs from available drugs, and further supports a wide variety of scenarios for personalized cancer therapy, related products and services..
Texas Tech University System


Phase algebra for analysis of hierarchical designs

A design tool can implement phase algebra based design evaluation to evaluate a circuit design with a compact representation of waveforms without simulating the individual waveforms. The tool can determine whether module instances of a register level circuit design share a common usage, each instance being associated with a mapping.
International Business Machines Corporation


Comment system for interactive graphical designs

Various methods and systems for collaborating on the specification of an interactive graphical design are provided. An exemplary system comprises a graphical design environment.
Axure Software Solutions, Inc.


Electric field sensor arrays for interactive gaming, computer interfaces, machine vision, medical, imaging, and geological exploration cip

A 3d motional command system (mcs) is disclosed for interactive gaming, computer interfaces, communications, imaging, and geological exploration. The system can perform standoff gesture recognition and also function as touch-screens.


Sensor packaging at output side of front wheel drive (fwd) transmissions

Various packaging designs for placement of a magnetic torque sensor at the output shaft of a front wheel drive transmission are provided. One design provides for mounting a sensor on a chain drive sprocket or integrating a sensor into a modified sprocket bearing mount.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Rotating lamp with exchangeable panels

A lamp with a head freely rotatable above a base is provided. Preferably both the head and base are made of several panels interconnected with hinges.


Cangaroo sharpener with disposable pouch

When the pouch is full of shavings the pouch is removed and disposed of. A new pouch is then attached to the pencil sharpener.


Universal router system

This presented invention describes and relates to a o system including a plurality of parts and features comprising the inventive new system allowing the user to creatively and accurately operate a router to be able to cut several different cuts and create new designs on a piece of wood. This inventive new system includes a clampable on board adjustable miter gauge including an elongated slotted plate device suitably attached to a protractor device on the miter gauge, which guide means may be swung to allow angular adjustments to the right or left through an arcuate slot through which a threaded attachable detachable attachment passes through and into a suitable opening in said slotted plate of miter gauge thus allowing the setting of angles and tightening and loosening for adjustment.


Alignment devices and methods

Embodiments of the invention include devices and methods for implanting arthroplasty devices. Some embodiments include designs that allow for use of x-ray images as the only images used to fully and accurately preoperatively and intraoperatively size and align arthroplasty device components and prepare all necessary tissue..
Smith & Nephew, Inc.


Abraham twist necktie

A pre tied necktie comprising a braided knot. The pre tied necktie is available in a vast array of colors and styles, from conservative solids to more flashy designs that contains dots, stripes or even cartoon characters..


Myflashwrap - usb flash drive case

A case for organizing and storing one or more portable storage devices more specifically usb flash drives. The case itself is compact in size and is a one piece blow molded pvc rectangular box with no bulky excess material and with a “living” hinged top flap which fastens together with the bottom half using a predetermined closure mechanism such as a snap.


Sensing case for a mobile communication device

A protective case for enveloping a smartphone incorporates at least one sensor for detecting stimuli arriving from outside of the smartphone. The case and the phone form an integral unit that possess extra features than the phone alone wouldn't have.


Systems and methods for voltage level shifting in a device

Level shifters are disclosed for high performance sub-micron ic designs. One embodiment is a level shifting device that comprises a first input circuit that toggles a first internal signal between a logical zero of a first voltage range and a logical one of a second voltage range based on an input data signal and an output data signal, and a second input circuit that toggles a second internal signal between a logical zero of the second voltage range and a logical one of the first voltage range based on the input data signal and the output data signal.
Lsi Corporation


Alternating bias hot carrier solar cells

Designs of extremely high efficiency solar cells are described. A novel alternating bias scheme enhances the photovoltaic power extraction capability above the cell band-gap by enabling the extraction of hot carriers.
Ostendo Technologies, Inc.


Multi supply cell arrays for low power designs

A mos device includes a number of standard cells configured to reduce routing congestions while providing area savings on the mos device. The standard cells may be single height standard cells that share an n-type well isolated from other nearby n-type wells.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and apparatus of tracking and predicting usage trend of in-vehicle apps

A method and system for tracking and predicting usage trends for in-vehicle infotainment system applications are disclosed. Application usage data are collected in the infotainment systems of many road vehicles.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Gain-producing fibers with increased cladding absorption while maintaining single-mode operation

The cladding absorption of a single-mode, gain-producing fibers is increased in fiber designs that includes a trench region disposed between the core and inner cladding regions. Increased cladding absorption is achieved while maintaining single-mode operation..
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Methods and systems for survey designs

Methods and systems for survey designs are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of towing an array of marine streamers is disclosed, wherein: the array includes a plurality of receivers, the array includes a plurality of steering devices, and the array is towed along a first portion of a coil sail path; steering the array of marine streamers along two or more depths; and steering the array of marine streamers to a slant angle while maintaining the array of marine streamers at their respective two or more depths..
Westerngeco L.l.c.


Serpentine fluid reactor components

Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.


Aircraft turbofan engine with multiple high-pressure core modules not concentric with the engine centerline

An aircraft turbofan engine configuration is described that has two or more high-pressure core modules operating in parallel flowpaths, each comprised of a compressor, a combustor, and a turbine, the axes of which are adjacent to but removed from the engine axis, in lieu of a single high-pressure core serving the same purpose that is coaxial with the engine axis in prior-art designs. An intercooler is included between the low-pressure compressor and the high-pressure compressor that differs from prior-art designs by being made an integral part of the fan stator rather than inserted as a separate entity.


Prefilter system for biological systems

The present invention is to a prefilter for affinity chromatography columns. The prefilter, positioned upstream of the column inlet, reduces the presence of non-specific binding (nsb) species that enter the system, thereby extending the yield, capacity and lifetime of the column.
Emd Millipore Corporation


Acis allograft designs

Structural allograft fusion devices containing a single integral piece of cortical bone in combination with one or more pieces of cancellous bone, wherein the cortical and cancellous pieces are pinned together.. .


Portable rapid vital sign apparatus and method

A portable, cuffless instrument and system for providing rapid measurements of vital signs of a patient undergoing trauma from illness or injury comprising a portable instrument connectable via contact sensors to the patient to produce a vital sign data set including blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature. The instrument preferably includes wireless communication capability in a network and system including a remote server, database, and processing capability to provide access to electronic medical records, to analyze the vital signs data, report preliminary diagnoses to a care giver, including listing chronologically vital sign data for trends..


Transforming shoe with rotating, sliding; and pivoting panels

A transforming shoe that can be taken apart and reassembled to function as a multi-functional design of choice possibilities to include the arrangements of a high-top shoe; low-top shoe; panel off the back of the shoe; option of back shoe scrap to secure shoe on back; and projecting heel of shoe pivot drawers. These transforming designs are achieved by the included: (a) two rotating high top side panels that snaps to the outside of the shoe on both sides; (b) a sliding back tongue of shoe that slides along an open rectangular opening in heel of shoe with and end piece stopper attachment; for which, also have the included attachment means to attach to complimentary snap member components on the rotating posterior panels; (c) two rotating posterior panels (d) attachment means such as velcro, snaps, and rods with circular, snap, and square end-pieces.


Protective horticultural bag

A protective horticultural bag is an apparatus that is placed over a plant growing container in order to provide a physical barrier between the root ball of the plant within the container and the exterior environment. The protective horticultural bag features a tubular membrane that is stretchable in order to accommodate various designs of plant growing containers.


Methods and mitigating interference in agressive form factor designs

Methods and apparatus for mitigation of radio interference between two or more wireless concurrently operating interfaces in a wireless device having an aggressive form factor. In one embodiment, the interfaces are used for different tasks (e.g., wlan for data and pan for human interface devices), and the device includes logic configured to evaluate the priority of the tasks and adjust the operation of one or more of the interfaces accordingly..
Apple Inc.


Processes for making reliable vcsel devices and vcsel arrays

A set of vcsel fabrication methods has been invented which enhance the performance and long time reliability of vcsel devices and arrays of devices. Wafer bow caused by growing a large number of epitaxial layers required to fabricate vcsel device generates strain and results in bowing/warping of the device wafer.
Princeton Optronics Inc.


Caregiver centric and acuity adapting multi-patient system

A workflow system includes a workflow unit (8), a location unit (10), and a display device (12). The workflow unit identifies (8) identifies and tracks patient assessment and patient vital signs for a plurality of patients each assigned to at least one caregiver according to a schedule for each patient.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to sixth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant lens parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.


Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.


Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant lens parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.


Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an linage side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant lens parameters, a shore system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co. Ltd.


Broadband multi-mode optical fibers with flat-zone in dopant concentration profile

Described is a design approach to fabricating broadband graded-index multimode fibers where the concentration profile of at least one dopant in the core region includes at least one flat-zone. Designs for use in cwdm applications are also disclosed..
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Polymer and block copolymer, ceramic composite armor system

Modern military operations, technology-driven war tactics and techniques, and availability of newly developed, current and surplus military ammunition necessitate the development of advanced ballistic protection for body armor, vehicle, vessel and aircraft systems that are damage-resistant, flexible, lightweight, capable of defeating multiple threats, while providing substantial energy absorbing capacity. A number of studies related to new technology concepts and designs of body armor materials (including those derived from or inspired by nature) have been conducted in the last decade to forge an attempt at meeting such demands.
Phoenix Armor, Llc


Method and applying designs on the surface of a beverage

The invention provides a method for creating designs on the surface of foamed milk with a coffee solution comprising dispensing a coffee solution using an applicator, onto the surface of the foamed milk in a pattern according to the intended design. The dispensing is controlled by automated means.
Steam Cc Ltd


High-strength microwave antenna assemblies

Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Covidien Lp


Montoring device with an accelerometer, method and system

A monitoring device for monitoring the vital signs of a user is disclosed herein. The monitoring device is preferably comprises an article, an optical sensor, an accelerometer and processor.
Impact Sports Technologies, Inc.


Device for making artificial nails

The present invention relates to a device for making artificial nails of different lengths and designs, characterized in that they are made from a sheet that has a first smaller side that is straight, two larger sides, each with symmetrical cutaways, the first being a square cutaway, close to the straight side, the second cutaway being the shape of an arch, which is made up of a straight section with two curves at the extremities thereof and the second smaller side, in the central part thereof has a cutaway with an undulating shape creating two “curved valleys” and one “curved crest”, followed by a straight side in each of the extremities thereof; a dotted line of symmetry, diagonal dotted lines creating a pair of symmetrical surfaces acting as internal flaps; dotted lines perpendicular to each straight side; a central surface, formed in the device when the internal and external flaps are removed; a removable cover, with the ergonomic design of a human nail; a template, engraved on the central surface on which the artificial nail is formed. Finally, the present invention discloses a means for manufacturing a thumbnail..


Jewelry item with cosmetic container and indicia

A jewelry item, such as a ring, combines promotional indicia or artistic designs with a concealed cosmetic container. In some embodiments, the invention may be an item of casual or costume jewelry, for example a ring featuring a flexible plastic or rubber band, rather than a metallic one that features a decoratively shaped compartment on top to conceal the container.


Multi-use garment

A strapless multi-use garment comprises an upper garment portion designed to cover an area above waist of a user having a front portion and a rear portion, a gathered skirt having a front portion and a rear portion attached with the upper garment portion, a waist band attached at a top portion of the gathered skirt, a plurality of front panels attached at the front portion of the gathered skirt, a plurality of rear panels is attached at the rear portion of the gathered skirt and at least one fastening means. The plurality of front panels and the plurality of rear panels, extending downwardly from the waist band, are adaptable for multiple configurations that allow the multi-use garment to be worn in a wide range of stylish designs in different occasions..


Fold up pet bowl or fountain pedestal

A collapsible pedestal is disclosed for use with a pet dish or fountain. The pedestal is made of several releasably attached legs.
Pioneer Pet Products, Llc


Grounding circuit for alternate audio plug designs

Circuits, methods, and apparatus for grounding contacts in an audio jack. One example may provide a driver, such as a charge pump, driving a first transistor or switch coupled between a first contact in an audio jack and ground, and a second transistor or switch coupled between a second contact in the audio jack and ground.
Apple Inc.


Scan cell selection for partial scan designs

Various aspects of the disclosed technology relate to techniques of selecting scan cells from state elements for partial scan designs. Signal probability values for logic gates in a circuit design are first determined.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Panels and tiles having geometric features

Implementations of the present invention include panels and/or sub-component tiles used to create the panels that employ a number of different shapes and designs. In one implementation, panels can be prepared from various full and half-sized tiles that have been cut to create the desired shape or design.
3form, Llc


Filter cartridges for jug container

Filter cartridge designs for use in conjunction with valves of the faucet or spigot type for withdrawing liquids at relatively low pressures from containers such as gravity feed jugs, ice chests, coolers, collapsible travel bags, and the like, wherein the filter cartridge housings have various shapes and attachment schemes to the spigot subassembly.. .
Kx Technologies Llc


Cell rolling separation

The present invention provides systems for cell separation based on cell rolling on surfaces along edges of regions coated with cell adhesion molecules. A variety of designs of coated regions and edges are disclosed..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Teething bracelet

A bracelet to be worn by an adult caretaker of an infant or baby is disclosed. A washable terry cloth bracelet fastens around the wearer's wrist with hook and loop fabric or other suitable fastener.


Customizable ring assembly

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to customizable jewelry having user-interchangeable modules. In an illustrative embodiment, the jewelry may be a ring.
Pluggd, Llc


Solar antenna array and its fabrication and uses

A solar antenna array may comprise an array of randomly placed carbon nanotube antennas that may capture and convert sunlight into electrical power. Methods for constructing the solar antenna array may use a mold and self aligning processing steps to minimize cost.


Efficient extraction for colorless multi patterning

A method for parasitic capacitance extraction for integrated circuit (ic) designs fabricated involving multiple patterning that includes identifying, at a computing system, metal features in a metal layer of an ic design and generating, at the computing system, a graph based on spacing relationships between the metal features. The method further includes predicting, at the computing system, which metal features are to be formed by the same mask in the multiple patterning lithography process from the graph.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method and direct self assembly in target design and production

Target designs methods and targets are provided, in which at least some of the differentiation between target elements and their background is carried out by segmenting either of them. Directed self-assembly (dsa) processes are used to generate fine segmentation, and various characteristics of the polymer lines and their guiding lines are used to differentiate target elements from their background.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Application of designs to portion of food container

The present disclosure describes a process for applying a design to a sheet metal for use in a portion of a container, for example a cap or an end of a food container. Embodiments provide for applying a multi-color design in a single printing step to a sheet of metal to create a printed metal sheet that can then be rolled into a printed coil or cut to length.
Golden Aluminum, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing couplable ornaments

A couplable ornament may be a five-pointed star, a rectangle or other form, and be configured for coupling to other ornaments using a ball-and-socket construction, magnets, tabs and slots or other coupling means. The ornament may have words or designs with significance to an individual or organization, and a plurality of ornaments may be awarded over time with different markings or words where the plurality of ornaments couple with one another.


Disposable diaper

A disposable diaper (10) in this invention is comprising designs (300a, 300b) that are visually recognizable from a non-skin contact surface side s of the disposable diaper (10) is provided in a region spanning a crotch region (25) and extending to a front waistline region (20) and a rear waistline region (30). A method of arranging the design (300b) provided in a region closer to a side of the front waistline region (20) than the crotch stretching unit (200a) is configured to be different from a method of arranging the design (300a) provided in a region closer to a side of the rear waistline region (30) than the crotch stretching unit (200a)..
Unicharm Corporation


Buckle assembly with interchangeable face member

A buckle assembly having a plurality of removable and interchangeable ornamental face plates. The buckle assembly includes a primary buckle component, a secondary buckle component and the face member components.
Barbaras Development, Inc.


Control system management apparatus

A control system management apparatus, includes: a system configuration editor unit including a display unit on which a user designs a network configuration of a control system including networks, at least one relay station, and at least one device to be controlled; an information collection unit collecting, from the relay station, network setting information and routing information; and a network configuration analysis unit analyzing a network configuration of the control system based on the network setting information and the routing information acquired through the information collection unit from a connection station that is any relay station and serves as a starting point, wherein on the basis of the result of the analysis, whether the connection station can communicate with the relay station and the device to be controlled at that point in time is displayed in a network configuration diagram on the display unit.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Metal sulfide composite materials for batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are provided that variously comprise anode and cathode electrodes, an electrolyte, a separator, and, in some designs, a protective layer. In some designs, at least one of the electrodes may comprise a composite of (i) li2s and (ii) conductive carbon that is embedded in the core of the composite.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Processing halide scavenging

Systems, chambers, and processes are provided for controlling process defects caused by moisture contamination. The systems may provide configurations for chambers to perform multiple operations in a vacuum or controlled environment.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Wireless energy transfer resonator thermal management

Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. Described are methods and designs to reduce and manage heating and heat dissipation in resonator structures.
Witricity Corporation


Educational kits for surfboard construction

Educational and instructive kits for surfboard construction are provided. In accordance with various embodiments of the present teachings, kits for making wooden and fiberglass scale-model surfboards can include blanks, templates, instructions, and/or other materials.


System, method and graphical user interface for managing contacts and calendars within an online card system

A system, a method, and a user interface are described for personalizing and sending stationery/cards. A reminder list on the user interface includes a list of reminder entries each identifying an upcoming event including events generated based on a specified relationship between the user and one or more contacts of the user.
Shutterfly, Inc.


Dual interface card with metallized layer

Card body (cb) for a dual interface smart card (sc) comprising a metal foil (mf) or metallized layer (ml). An opening in the metal layer may be sized so that a coupler coil (cc) of a booster antenna (ba) is exposed.


Seasonal trending, forecasting, anomaly detection, and endpoint prediction of java heap usage

Data can be categorized into facts, information, hypothesis, and directives. Activities that generate certain categories of data based on other categories of data through the application of knowledge which can be categorized into classifications, assessments, resolutions, and enactments.
Oracle International Corporation


Subsea cable having floodable optical fiber conduit

In at least some embodiments, a disclosed subsea cable includes one or more floodable optical fiber conduits each having at least one tight buffered optical fiber for transporting optical signals. Each tight buffered optical fiber may have a relatively limited length.
Pgs Geophysical As


Refrigerant recovery cooling blanket

The present invention provides a cooling blanket configured to be wrapped around a recovery tank during refrigerant recovery to prevent overheating of the recovery tank and a method for the same. The cooling blanket includes a rectangular body portion having a first side and second side constructed of an absorbent and heavy duty cloth designed to be frequently saturated with cold water after being wrapped around the recovery tank.


Single barrel carburetor

A single body passage (single venturi) carburetor main body design that offers improved control of the fuel delivery on both the opposing and opposite sides of the carburetors single venturi, this to offer true quadrant tuning of all aspects of fuel delivery in the designs single passage opening. The carburetor main body design may incorporate, a throttle plate(s), a main body assembly, boosters that are associated with a main fuel delivery circuit, idle fuel delivery passages, transfer circuit delivery passages, air venting passages, bowl venting passages and accelerator pump passages.


Well placement and fracture design optimization system, method and computer program product

A well design system that utilizes geological characteristics and fracture growth behavior along of a vertical stratigraphic column of the formation in order to optimize well placement and fracture stimulation designs for the entire formation.. .
Landmark Graphics Corporation


Modular intraocular lens designs, tools and methods

Modular iol removal systems and methods that cut an optic portion of an intraocular in a single motion such to facilitate removal of the optic portion from an eye through an incision, for example a corneal incision, without increasing the size of the corneal incision. Various cutting tools having one or more blades may be utilized.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate


Foot habiliment with easily interchangeable outer

A foot habiliment 1 that allows for easily interchanging an outer 5 with varying designs and features 4. The foot habiliment 1 takes no steps to conceal the fact that an interchangeable outer is being worn and does not take away from the functionality of the body 3 of the foot habiliment..


Rotor with magnet pattern

Planar rotor designs for axial air-gap electric machines are presented. Some embodiments comprise rotors each of whose magnetic poles comprise a pair of permanent magnets each magnetized in an orientation of about 45° to the direction of the rotor axis.
Albus Technologies Ltd.


Planar stator with efficient use of space

Designs and method of construction for planar stators useable inter alia for axial air-gap electric machines are provided. In some embodiments these designs make highly efficient use of the space occupied by the stator, substantially filling most of its volume with active conductors.
Albust Technologies Ltd.


High quality factor capacitors and methods for fabricating high quality factor capacitors

Provided are space-efficient capacitors that have a higher quality factor than conventional designs and improve coupling of electrical energy from a through-glass via (tgv) to a dielectric. For example, provided is a tgv having a non-rectangular cross-section, where one end of the tgv is coupled to a first metal plate.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Automated microfluidic sample analyzer platforms for point of care

An automated assay platform for determining the presence and/or amount of analytes of interest in a sample at point of care integrates microfluidic enhanced assay sites, disposable cartridge designs, a sensitive low-volume detection module, together with selected pumping and valving modules, customized control board and user friendly graphical user interface (gui). Comparing to traditional assay platform like 96-well elisa, the platform is capable of reducing reagent consumption, increasing assay speed, and enhancing assay performance with a sample-in-answer-out automated process.
Sfc Fluidics, Inc.


Methods and devices for fluid enhanced microwave ablation therapy

Devices and methods for fluid enhanced ablation therapy using microwave antennas are described herein that provide improved heat transfer into a target volume of tissue and improved antenna cooling compared to prior art designs. In one embodiment, fluid can be introduced into a target volume of tissue along with the delivery of therapeutic energy from a microwave antenna positioned within the target volume of tissue.
Thermedical, Inc.


Device, determining vital signs of a subject based on reflected and transmitted light

A device, system and method for determining vital signs of a subject is presented that improves accuracy and reliability, the device comprising a detection unit for contactless detection of light in at least two different wavelength ranges from a region of interest of a subject, wherein said detection unit is configured to detect a first light portion in a first wavelength range from light reflected from said region of interest in response to illumination by a first light source and to detect a second light portion in a second wavelength range from light transmitted through said region interest in response to illumination by a second light source, wherein said detection unit is configured to detect said first light portion and said second light portion simultaneously in response to illuminations that are at least temporarily simultaneous and wherein said first wavelength range and said second wavelength range are different. A processing unit is provided for deriving plethysmography, ppg, signals from the detected light for said at least two different wavelength ranges.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Integration of surface heating to control pests

Disclosed are designs and methods for integrating heating film onto surfaces and enclosures that are useful for preventing the infestation of pests. Specifically, designs to increase the effective heating area and location of said heating film within enclosures such as suitcases.


Footprint for prototyping high frequency printed circuit boards

A pcb footprint consisting of a plurality of pads, positioned such that many different electronic components can be mounted which would otherwise require a custom circuit board. One or more of the leads can be connected via a low-impedance path to a ground plane, making a suitable platform for prototyping high-frequency designs..


System and alerting a user on an external device of notifications or alerts originating from a network-connected device

Users are experiencing an increasing number of alerts and notifications on their mobile devices. When it is inconvenient or not possible to view the network-connected device, an accessory can be used to save time and avoid missing notifications.
Pebble Technology Corp.


System and alerting a user on an external device of notifications or alerts originating from a network-connected device

Users are experiencing an increasing number of alerts and notifications on their mobile devices. When it is inconvenient or not possible to view the network-connected device, an accessory can be used to save time and avoid missing notifications.
Pebble Technology Corp.

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