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Facial hair shaver with built-in facial hair pattern guides

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signs-related patents
 System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters patent thumbnailnew patent System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters
Disclosed are systems and methods for enabling the acquisition of physiological parameters of a mammal or other specimen using thermo-mechanical responses (e.g., temperature, pressure and alternatively acceleration, pulse, position). In accordance with one example embodiment, a monitoring device for wired and/or wireless sensors is used to acquire a series of sensor signals that are attached to achieve the physiological measurements of a mammal vital signs is provided.
 Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture patent thumbnailnew patent Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture
Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company
 In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles patent thumbnailnew patent In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles
A method of making a molded article having a curved surface, such as plates or serving trays, and the resulting molded articles. The in-mold label (iml) is a laminated film that includes a backing layer, a printed surface incorporating one or more designs thereon, a protective film layer, and one or more notches each having adjacent edges separated by a gap of predetermined distance and configured to intersect to ensure conformance of the iml to the angled or curved peripheral portion of the article.
Modern Packaging
 Image decoding device, image encoding device, image decoding method, and image encoding method patent thumbnailnew patent Image decoding device, image encoding device, image decoding method, and image encoding method
A loop filter unit 11 carries out a class classification of a local decoded image generated by an adding unit 9 into one class for each coding block having a largest size determined by an encoding controlling unit 2 and also designs a filter that compensates for a distortion piggybacked for each local decoded image belonging to each class, and also carries out a filtering process on the above-mentioned local decoded image by using the filter. A variable length encoding unit 13 encodes, as filter parameters, the filter designed by the loop filter unit 11 and used for the local decoded image belonging to each class, and a class number of each largest coding block..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
 Facial hair shaver with built-in facial hair pattern guides patent thumbnailnew patent Facial hair shaver with built-in facial hair pattern guides
An apparatus for shaving facial hair comprising cutting mechanism(s) that may be guided by image capturing devices, lasers, or imaging sensors to provide a user with one of a number of pre-programmed facial bearded shapes. The apparatus may include a pre-programmed application built into the apparatus, allowing the user to select from a number of predetermined facial hair styles and designs such as of goatees, beards, and mustaches.
 Verification using generic protocol adapters patent thumbnailVerification using generic protocol adapters
Verification ips for the verification of semiconductor chip designs are designed to support specific interface protocols. Verification ip is expensive or unavailable to test devices with interfaces of uncommon protocols.
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
 Material for surface treatment patent thumbnailMaterial for surface treatment
The present invention relates to a material for surface treatment, including: a main body made of a flexible raw material with capability of adsorbing liquid, and a plurality of protrusions vertically disposed on and protruding from a surface of the main body, wherein the protrusions are presented as polygonal columns and internal angles of the polygonal columns are between 90 to 180 degrees, and a tunnel for discharging is formed among the polygonal columns. The main body is allowed to adsorb polishing agent to facilitate the protrusions treating a surface to be processed.
 Flame-applied resin powder coating for swimming pool and recreational surfaces patent thumbnailFlame-applied resin powder coating for swimming pool and recreational surfaces
Application of a resin to a pool surface to provide a colored finish that is ultraviolet resistant. The resin may be a powder that can be melted at a fairly low temperature and applied to the pool surface.
 Lipstick identifiers patent thumbnailLipstick identifiers
A band, sleeve, or tag that encircles and fits around the case or tube of lipstick, lip gloss, chap stick, or similar item. The band, sleeve or tag has different textures, patterns, designs, colors, shapes, width, and the like, so that the user can identify the different case or tubes by feel, or by visual inspection of the larger visual identifier, instead of having to look down or read the label.
 Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same patent thumbnailImaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same
An imaging lens includes a first lens element, an aperture stop, and second to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

Ground planes for reducing multipath reception by antennas

The antenna system can provide a positioning accuracy of +/−1 mm, an order of magnitude improvement over previous designs.. .

Iii-nitride device with solderable front metal

Some exemplary embodiments of a iii-nitride power device including a hemt with multiple interconnect metal layers and a solderable front metal structure using solder bars for external circuit connections have been disclosed. The solderable front metal structure may comprise a tri-metal such as tiniag, and may be configured to expose source and drain contacts of the hemt as alternating elongated digits or bars.
International Rectifier Corporation

Fragrance sticks

A device for displaying fragrance strips. The device includes a container with slots and one or more fragrance strips that fit into the slots.

Method for generating uniform and independent random numbers

An invention is presented with new and simple ways of spectral tests applicable to the multiplicative congruential generator (d,z) with any odd modulus d and any multiplier z coprime to d. The invention realizes powerful ways to select multipliers of excellence with greatly improved statistical performances in their generation of uniform and independent random numbers.

Air distribution units for telecommunication equipment

Novel tools and techniques are provided for providing in-lineup passive air distribution system designs, and for delivering more effective cooling for termination dense network equipment with high heat dissipation. In some embodiments, one or more air distribution units might be positioned in-line with one or more heat generating equipment.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc

Porous inserts for improved coolant distribution in bipolar plate assemblies for fuel cells

Certain fuel cell designs employ bipolar plate assemblies with internal coolant flow fields which comprise a coolant channel region and transition regions adjacent the coolant channel region. The temperature and/or pressure drop, and hence flow, of coolant over the coolant channel region can be non-uniform however, and this can have an adverse effect on cell performance.
Ford Motor Company

Ornamental person locator with imbedded tracker and personal identification

Disclosed is a locator device that identifies a location of a person wearing or carrying the device, while providing a user with imbedded electronic feature to store personally identifiable information. The locator device takes the form of an article of jewelry or a retractable keychain, which may be provided in various ornamental designs having a housing member.

Low temperature ceramic microelectromechanical structures

A method of providing microelectromechanical structures (mems) that are compatible with silicon cmos electronics is provided. The method providing for processes and manufacturing sequences limiting the maximum exposure of an integrated circuit upon which the mems is manufactured to below 350° c., and potentially to below 250° c., thereby allowing direct manufacturing of the mems devices onto electronics, such as si cmos circuits.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

Wireless energy transfer for implantable devices

Wireless energy transfer methods and designs for implantable electronics and devices include, in at least one aspect, a device resonator configured to be included in an implantable medical device and supply power for a load of the implantable medical device by receiving wirelessly transferred power from a source resonator coupled with a power source; temperature sensors positioned to measure temperatures of the device resonator at different locations; a tunable component coupled to the device resonator; and control circuitry configured and arranged to adjust the tunable component to detune the device resonator in response to a measurement from at least one of the temperature sensors.. .
Witricity Corporation

Mid-ir multiwavelength concatenated distributed-feedback laser with an active core made of cascaded stages

Concatenated distributed feedback lasers having multiple laser sections laid out in series are disclosed. The concatenated distributed feedback lasers utilize quantum cascade core designs to produce optical gain in the mid- infrared region and may generate several wavelengths simultaneously or sequentially.
Corning Incorporated

Interchangeable and changeable slider blade dispensing apparatus with adjustable saw tooth trough tray

This invention relates to the re-design of the original ideal dispensing apparatus, u.s. Pat.

Wearable absorbent article with robust feeling waistband structure

A disposable diaper having front and rear augmented waistband zones having a specified size and stiffness is disclosed. For relatively thinner, less bulky diapers of currently marketed designs, providing augmented waistband zones is believed to reduce mental and physical effort for the caregiver in application of the diaper.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Database and algorithm for evaluating efficacy of an electrophysiology procedure

The present invention provides an improved, internet-based system that seamlessly collects cardiovascular data from a patient before, during, and after a procedure for ep or an id. During an ep procedure, the system collects information describing the patient's response to pes and the ablation process, ecg waveforms and their various features, hr and other vital signs, hr variability, cardiac arrhythmias, patient demographics, and patient outcomes.
Perminova Inc.

Internet-based system for evaluating t waves within ecg waveforms to determine the presence of cardiac abnormalities

The present invention provides an improved, internet-based system that seamlessly collects cardiovascular data from a patient before, during, and after a procedure for ep or an id. During an ep procedure, the system collects information describing the patient's response to pes and the ablation process, ecg waveforms and their various features, hr and other vital signs, hr variability, cardiac arrhythmias, patient demographics, and patient outcomes.
Perminova Inc.

Golf club head with improved aerodynamic characteristics

Designs and methods of improving aerodynamic performance of golf club heads are disclosed herein. In particular, the designs and methods of the present invention address airflow behavior modification at or immediately adjacent to the counter or edge of the striking face to reduce club head drag while minimizing any adverse effect on the impact performance of the face.
Callaway Golf Company

Power supplies

Techniques for providing multiple power supplies in electronic devices are disclosed. According to one aspect of the present invention, an appropriate power supply is provided only to accommodate a volume setting.
Sonos, Inc.

Stable low power mode for multicarrier transceivers

A stable low power mode (lpm) for multicarrier transceivers is described that at least provides transmit power savings while enabling receiver designs that can easily operate without the detrimental effects of fluctuating crosstalk. In one exemplary embodiment, the lpm achieves power savings by reducing the number of used subcarriers without actually performing a power cutback on those subcarriers, thereby allowing a receiver to measure the snr or noise levels and determine the crosstalk noise on the line regardless of a crosstalking modem being in a lpm or not..
Tq Delta, Llc

Multi-function lighting system

A multi-function lighting system is provided. A design of multiplex configuration of a multi-diode lighting module and a design of optical time domain modulation of an electric controlling system are applied to a lighting system which senses environmental conditions to automatically or artificially change a color, a light intensity and a color-temperature of a light to influence people's feelings and moods.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Sheet products bearing designs that vary among successive sheets, and producing the same

A supply of consecutive associated sheets in which at least first and second sheets in immediately preceding and succeeding relationship respective bear first and second arrangements of one or more design features is disclosed. The first and second arrangements differ from one another in one or more respects such that the second arrangement is not a substantial replicate of the first arrangement.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Method for deployable rapid on-site manufacturing using 3d printing in combination with vacuum metallization

Deployable on-site manufacturing using 3d printing is a low cost approach to manufacturing any of thousands of designs at any location. Crowd-sourcing populates a large library of models that can be produced using a small set of standard parts and 3d printed components, as well as highly specialized products.

Design and manufacture of a tunnel diode memory

A design of a non-transistor memory core with corresponding shift register control logic may be all comprised of tunnel diodes and capacitors, and a method for fabricating such memories and control logic may use a stencil and non-lithographic self-aligning semiconductor processing steps to minimize cost. Designs and fabrication processes for i/o pads connected to the memory core and control logic are also presented..

Application of designs to portion of food container

The present disclosure describes a process for applying a design to a sheet metal for use in a portion of a container, for example a cap or an end of a food container. Embodiments provide for applying a multi-color design in a single printing step to a sheet of metal to create a printed metal sheet that can then be rolled into a printed coil or cut to length.
Golden Aluminum, Inc.

Sheet products bearing designs that vary among successive sheets, and producing the same

A system for manufacturing pluralities of consecutive sheets bearing successively varying arrangements of design features is disclosed. The system may include a pattern imparting roller having a substantially cylindrical acting surface reflecting features of a design pattern thereon, the design pattern having a machine direction repeat length; and a separating mechanism disposed downstream of the pattern imparting roller, configured to effect repeated and spaced cutting, perforating or scoring along separation lines, between portions of a material web, the separation lines being spaced apart on the web by sheet length measured along the machine direction.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Water aerobic cover for the hair

The waterproof water aerobic cover for the hair, unlike a swimming cap or hair wrap that confines the hair to the scalp causing the wearer to lose their coiffure and its volume, is uniquely design with the best waterproof fabrics and designs to solve a long time problem that has prevented many females for many years to stay away from any water activities, and that is retaining their coiffure. The present invention is especially designed to effectively prevent the hair from flattening and to replace the typical way of protecting the hair against water splashes and moisture when doing water aerobic or water sports.

Compilation of system designs

A method is provided for compiling an hll program. A command is input that indicates a set of hll source files to be compiled and a set of functions in the hll source files that are to be implemented on programmable circuitry of a programmable ic.
Xilinx, Inc.

Systems and methods to construct engineering environment supporting api enablement for software defined networking

The embodiments herein relate to software defined networking (sdn) and, more particularly, to a system and method to construct an engineering environment for api enablement in software defined networking. The system enables the device use sdn functionality by designing an api model specific to that device.
Hcl Technologies Limited

Integrated optical coherence tomography systems and methods

Disclosed herein are optical integration technologies, designs, systems and methods directed toward optical coherence tomography (oct) and other interferometric optical sensor, ranging, and imaging systems wherein such systems, methods and structures employ tunable optical sources, coherent detection and other structures on a single or multichip monolithic integration. In contrast to contemporary, prior-art oct systems and structures that employ simple, miniature optical bench technology using small optical components positioned on a substrate, systems and methods according to the present disclosure employ one or more photonic integrated circuits (pics), use swept-source techniques, and employ a widely tunable optical source(s)..
Acacia Communications Inc.

Variable brake light control system using user terminal, and controlling the same

The present invention relates to a variable brake light in which a lighting unit can be illuminated in a variety of shapes according to a vehicle operating state or the selection of a driver. The variable brake light comprises: a lighting unit consisting of led lamps in which a plurality of leds are arranged in a brake light according to a specific pattern so as to display designs having various shapes or patterns; a user terminal in which an application program is installed, comprising pattern input means for inputting a brake light pattern using the installed application program, and which transmits the input pattern information to the brake light through wireless communication means; and a brake light control device for receiving the pattern information from the user terminal through the wireless communication means, generating a control signal for controlling flashing of each led lamp of the lighting unit according to the received pattern information, and transmitting the control signal to the lighting unit..

Methods and congestion-aware buffering using voltage isolation pathways for integrated circuit designs with multi-power domains

A semiconductor apparatus is provided herein for buffering of nets routed through one or more areas associated with a first power domain that is different from a second power domain associated with the buffers and the buffered nets by limiting placement of these buffers in patterned areas associated with the second power domain. This provides for the routing of the buffered nets to be determined not only based on the shortest distance to travel from point a to point b, but also takes into account routing congestion on the semiconductor apparatus.
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and producing made-to-order designs on the surface of an extraterrestrial body

A method for producing designs involves receiving a request to create a design on the surface of an extraterrestrial body, transmitting a control signal to a device on a vehicle on the extraterrestrial body, the control signal causing the device to create the design, and receiving an image signal providing an image of the design created on the surface. A device for producing the designs includes a surface altering tool configured to rearrange material on the surface.
Lift-off Technologies Corporation

Data filter cache designs for enhancing energy efficiency and performance in computing systems

Certain embodiments herein relate to, among other things, designing data cache systems to enhance energy efficiency and performance of computing systems. A data filter cache herein may be designed to store a portion of data stored in a level one (l1) data cache.
Florida State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Apparatus for tracking and recording vital signs and task-related information of a vehicle to identify operating patterns

An apparatus is provided for diagnosing the state of health of a vehicle and for providing the operator of the vehicle with a substantially real-time indication of the efficiency of the vehicle in performing an assigned task with respect to the predetermined goal. A processor on-board the vehicle monitors sensors that provide information regarding state of health of the vehicle and the amount of work the vehicle has done.

Combination protective case having shocking personal defense system with cellular phone

A combination cellular phone and personal defense system for providing both a means of communication along with a means of self-defense in one unit. Provided is a detachably connectable protective case for a cellular phone, which when the cell phone is connected to the protective case, the combination cell phone and protective case is converted into a personal defense system with cell phone maintaining substantially all of its functionality.
Dekka Technologies Llc

Boat and coil designs

Disclosed are vessels used for melting material to be injection molded to form a part. One vessel has a body formed from a plurality of elongate segments configured to be electrically isolated from each other and with a melting portion for melting meltable material therein.
Apple Inc.

Method and system for automated interactive gateway system

Embodiments of the present teachings disclose method, system, and programs that utilize a gateway and an optional interactive voice response system to allow remote monitoring of a patient's vital signs.. .
Authentidate Holding Corp.

Constant seal gaps for removable vehicle panels

A vehicle roof water runoff management system is provided with an improved seal that has a constant seal gap between removable vehicle roof top panels and an adjoining fixed roof. The constant seal gap is maintained in the b-pillar interface area with the vehicle's roofing components.
Continental Structural Plastics, Inc.

Hds channel exit designs for improved separation efficiency

Hydrodynamic separation of suspended particles using curved channels offers advantages in many applications, since it is a fast continuous flow technology that can handle neutrally and near neutrally buoyant particles without the need of a physical barrier or the addition of chemical aids. Designs are provided for a flow splitter at the end of the separation channel, to maintain smooth, counter-vortex-free laminar flow and improve particle separation efficiency while reducing clogging and fouling propensities..
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Futuristic hybrid thermoelectric devices and designs and methods of using same

This patent incorporates several new hybrid thermoelectric element and thermoelectric device designs that utilize additional electronic materials to enhance the flow of charges in the thermoelectric elements without changing thermoelectric nature of the thermoelectric material used. The thermoelectric device efficiency is thereby increased and cost and size are lowered.

Systems, methods and embroidery thread color management

Systems, methods, and apparatus for embroidery thread color management are disclosed. An example method comprises determining a set of thread colors needed for a set of embroidery designs including a first embroidery design and a second embroidery design, annotating the second embroidery design, the annotating comprising appending a reference to the second embroidery design in a first queue of designs to be embroidered by a first embroidery machine, and rolling back the annotation of the second embroidery design.

Apparatus for enhancing the mold-in algorithm

Disclosed is an apparatus for measuring the indicators of a specific ingredient in a solution. According to one embodiment of the present invention, said apparatus comprises: a signal collector for collecting a plurality of signals from a target in a selected volume of the solution.

Heated entrained sulfur removal element

Aspects of this disclosure enhance elimination problems that freezing sulfur creates with gas-liquid parallel plate separators by integrally heating the parallel plate gas-liquid separator assembly. Through integral heating the duration of time that the separator apparatus remains above the freezing temperature of elemental sulfur is prolonged, thereby, allowing the opportunity for residual liquid sulfur to drain from the parallel plate assembly during upsets in unit operations and after a sulfur recovery unit shutdown event, thereby reducing or eliminating the operation and maintenance problems that may occur with existing separator designs..

Compact, tunable, submersible dry mate n-pin optical connector

A multi-pin connector with a small envelop and low insertion loss capable of operating while submerged is described within. This configuration avoids the tolerance stack up troubles that has plagued other similar designs thereby allowing it to achieve a low insertion loss without the typical cost drivers of tighter tolerances.

Enhancing jitter buffer performance through radio level feedback

A jitter buffer in a voice over lte receiver may be influenced by radio level feedback (rlf) from both local and remote endpoints to preemptively adjust the jitter buffer delay in anticipation of predicted future losses that have a high probability of occurring. The radio events of the rlf and the scenarios that trigger the preemptive adjustments may be identified, and their use may be expressed in terms of mathematical formulas.

Fixtures for large area directional and isotropic solid state lighting panels

Reflector designs for a large area panel light source create induced draft cooling means adjacent to the panel light source. The panel light source has a wavelength conversion element on a solid state light source for emitting light of a first and second wavelength to form a broader emission spectrum of light from the panel light source..

Antenna element & antenna device comprising such elements

An antenna element (100) comprises an active patch formed by a conductive layer (104) on a front surface of a substrate (102) and a parasitic ground patch (106) on a back surface of the substrate. The active patch has a spiral slot (112) in a central portion, and peripheral portions (110a-110d) which are substantially wider than the spiral slot.

Ornamental vehicle floor mat cover

Disclosed is an ornamental floor mat cover for vehicles that provides a decorative appearance while concealing the underlying floor mat of a vehicle. The device includes an upper layer and a lower layer, wherein the upper layer may having various patterns or designs thereon.


Example embodiments of the present invention include improved bucket designs that have one or more handles located toward a base portion of a bucket. For example, the bucket can include a body portion that defines an interior portion of the bucket.

Ultrasonically bonded multilayer form and methods of making same

The invention provides a water blocking tape for use in a variety of cable designs, such as power cable, data communications cable and telecommunications cable. A water blocking tape according to the invention includes layers of lightweight nonwoven fabric with one or more swellable water blocking compounds, such as water absorbent polymers, disposed between the layers.

Spiral concentrically wound bourdon tube

In one embodiment, the present invention provides a pressure sensor that provides improved reliability, reduced cost, and improved performance over currently available pressure sensor designs. The pressure sensor may include a spiral concentrically wound tube coil having a sealed end and an open end, wherein the stem or open end of the tube is oriented so as to be parallel with a plane of the coil windings.

Gas exchange system flow configuration with thermally insulated sample chamber

System flow path, designs that minimize the impact of gas diffusion sources and sinks. By reducing the magnitude of parasitic sources and sinks, lower rates of photosynthesis and transpiration can be more accurately measured, e.g., without the need for extensive empirical compensation.

System and efficient buffer management for banked shared memory designs

A system and method for system and method for efficient buffer management for banked shared memory designs. In one embodiment, a controller within the switch is configured to manage the buffering of the shared memory banks by allocating full address sets to write sources.

Neural prosthesis system and control

Multiple designs, systems, methods and processes for control using electrical signals recorded from clinically paralyzed muscles and nerves are presented. The discomplete neural prosthesis system and method for clinically paralyzed humans utilizes a controller.

Programmable segmented volumetric modulated arc therapy for respiratory coordination

The invention designs a segmented short-arc vmat plan, modified from the original vmat plan, to fit the breath-hold interval. The modified vmat of the invention has the advantages of its applicability to different planning systems for variously long arcs and its preprogrammed arc segmentation for summated dose consistency.

Method of separating and recombining the water molecule

An energy generating apparatus including water molecule separating device, water molecule recombining device, and water molecule recycling device, which generates various energy outputs by various means. The water separating device can be a type of machine of several designs which operates chemically and produces h2 and o2 from the water molecule.

Multiple port discharge manifold fluid end

A fluid end assembly comprising a fluid end housing with multiple discharge manifold ports. Embodiments of the disclosure provide a fluid end assembly that overcomes problems associated with prior art single port discharge manifold designs that result in non-symmetrical flow of discharged fluids through the fluid end discharge valves, resulting in premature failure of said valves.

Enclosed vertical axis fluid rotor

A enclosed vertical axis fluid rotor used as a wind turbine of two designs having multiple sails that are concave on the inside and convex on the outer side which allows omni-directional wind or other fluids to engage sails to create optimum fluid momentum. These are sectional segmentation of each rotor that can be stacked upon one another at locating lug points to be attached to each rotor to keep radial alignment precise during assembly.

Customizable preformed decorative wrapper

Disclosed is a customizable, preformed decorative wrapper. The device includes a wrapper with a central region and a plurality of sections extending radially outward therefrom.

Device and system for ultrasonic inspection

This disclosure describes embodiments of a probe assembly and an inspection system for ultrasonic inspection. Designs for the probe assembly package components to fit into a bore of a hollow target.

Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications

A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the lvot when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve.

Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications

A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the lvot when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve.

Collapsible and re-expandable prosthetic heart valve cuff designs and complementary technological applications

A prosthetic heart valve is provided with a cuff having features which promote sealing with the native tissues even where the native tissues are irregular. The cuff may include a portion adapted to bear on the lvot when the valve is implanted in a native aortic valve.

Ultra flexible surgical drain and catheter

A new flexible surgical drain/catheter system is provided. The flexible system encompasses a flexible section that can be incorporated in the design of surgical drains/catheters of any kind.

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