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 Methods and  creating girih strapwork patterns patent thumbnailMethods and creating girih strapwork patterns
A kit that includes multiple rectilinear elongate polygonal elements having five unique shapes, four of which are concave polygonal elements. In some examples, when arranged with respect to one another, the elements of the kit form a girih strapwork pattern.

 Electronic device having a mode damped diaphragm patent thumbnailElectronic device having a mode damped diaphragm
The present disclosure generally provides an apparatus and method of forming an audio speaker that has an improved sound quality over conventional audio speaker designs and has a low manufacturing cost. In an effort to overcome the shortcomings of conventional sealed speaker designs that typically have diaphragms that generate undesirable levels of distortion, one or more of the embodiments of the disclosure provided herein include a speaker diaphragm that is formed from a mode damped diaphragm design.
Logitech Europe S.a

 Information processing apparatus, control  information processing apparatus, and storage medium patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, control information processing apparatus, and storage medium
In a multifunction peripheral (mfp), an information processing apparatus includes an execution unit configured to execute a series of processing operations of the mfp including a plurality of processes by combining a plurality of extension programs according to a definition file that defines the series of processing operations, and a determination unit configured to determine a design of a user interface that is used in common by the plurality of extension programs executing the respective processes of the series of processing operations, wherein the plurality of extension programs has respective designs of user interfaces.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Metamaterial substrate for circuit design patent thumbnailMetamaterial substrate for circuit design
This invention enables frequency selective surface (“fss”) and artificial magnetic conductor (“amc”) which exhibits electromagnetic band gap (“ebg”) in any of the substrate's layer from a small and thin systems and sub-systems in package to a large-format pcbs. The metamaterial substrate may be integrated with electronic circuit components or buried in pcbs for circuit designs capable of transmitting, receiving and reflecting electromagnetic energy, altering electromagnetic properties of natural circuit materials, enhancing electrical characteristics of electrical components (such as filters, antennas, baluns, power dividers, transmission lines, amplifiers, power regulators, and printed circuits elements) in systems and sub-systems circuit designs.
Transsip, Inc.

 Modifying a graphic design to match the style of an input design patent thumbnailModifying a graphic design to match the style of an input design
The present disclosure is directed toward systems and methods for retargeting a user's input digital design based on a selected template digital design. For example, in response to the user's selection of a template digital design, one or more embodiments described herein change various design features of the user's input digital design to match corresponding design features in the selected template digital design.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Positioning text in digital designs based on an underlying image patent thumbnailPositioning text in digital designs based on an underlying image
The present disclosure is directed toward systems and methods for determining the optimal placement, color, and size of an overlay in a digital design. For example, in response to determining that a change to an underlying image of a digital design has caused a loss of readability and/or aesthetic value in the digital design due to the placement of the overlay over the now changed underlying image, one or more embodiments described herein utilize a scoring system to identify optimal placement, color, and size for the overlay in relation to the underlying image in the digital design..
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Method and systems relating to electronic multi-domain publishing patent thumbnailMethod and systems relating to electronic multi-domain publishing
A computer system for the assisted creation of online interactive published content, the computer system including an input unit for obtaining content from a plurality of sources, a unit for obtaining zinet™ filters from a database and representing the designs to a user, allowing the user to select from the zine™ filter unit or automatically selecting the zine filter based on multiple parameters and applying the zine™ filter to the source content resulting in the content being published online by the user. The resulting online publication is in a format that can be displayed on a desktop or mobile device as a simple html pages or an interactive digital online magazine..
Zination Inc.

 Deep-learning based functional correlation of volumetric designs patent thumbnailDeep-learning based functional correlation of volumetric designs
A design application receives an exemplary design from an end-user having one or more functional attributes relevant to solving a design problem. The design application then generates a set of labels that describes the functional attributes of the exemplary design.
Autodesk, Inc.

 Method for verifying hardware/software co-designs patent thumbnailMethod for verifying hardware/software co-designs
A method for formally verifying a hardware/software co-design includes providing in a co-design, a first model, and a second model, the first model is one of a hardware model, and the second model is one of a software model, or vice versa, providing a safety property expected to be satisfied by the co-design, combining an abstraction of the first model and the safety property to obtain an abstracted first model, composing the abstracted first model and the second model to obtain a composed model, checking if the composed model satisfies the safety property, and signaling that the hardware/software co-design violates the safety property if the safety property is violated in the composed model.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

 Display device for vehicle and display  vehicle patent thumbnailDisplay device for vehicle and display vehicle
A display device for a vehicle includes: a design display part for generating multiple split designs into which a single continuous design is split; and multiple virtual image display parts for respectively displaying virtual images of corresponding split designs. Each virtual image display part displays, among the multiple split designs, a near side split design which is a split design on the near side in the sight line direction of the driver, in such a manner that it continues into a far side split design which is a split design on the far side in the sight line direction of the driver, from the near side..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Hermetically sealed hydrophones with very low acceleration sensitivity

An improved hydrophone is presented that has extremely low acceleration sensitivity, hermetic sealing, and is self-shielded. The hydrophone can also contain an integral amplifier and pressure/depth limiting switch.

Methods and detecting molecular interactions using fet arrays

Methods and apparatuses relating to large scale fet arrays for analyte detection and measurement are provided. Chemfet (e.g., isfet) arrays may be fabricated using conventional cmos processing techniques based on improved fet pixel and array designs that increase measurement sensitivity and accuracy, and at the same time facilitate significantly small pixel sizes and dense arrays.
Life Technologies Corporation

Attaching glass to stone

The present invention extends to methods for attaching a piece of glass to a piece of stone. In some aspects, specifically designed glass inlays are secured within a void in a piece of stone.

Heater sensor complex with high thermal capacity

The invention is directed to designs for heater-sensor sub-assemblies for soldering cartridges and de-soldering cartridges for soldering systems. The designs provide a high thermal capacity and accurate tip temperature sensing and control features.
Hakko Corporation

Device, noninvasively monitoring physiological parameters

A system for monitoring vital signs, configured to be used in conjunction with a computerized mobile device, the system including: a cover sensor assembly adapted to be operably engaged with the computerized mobile device, the cover sensor assembly having integrated therein at least one physiological sensor; a physiological data acquisition module configured to generate a physiological parameter measurement descriptive of a physical stimulus received by the at least one physiological sensor; and a validation module configured to control a validity status of the physiological parameter measurement.. .
G Medical Innovation Holdings Ltd.

Vital signs information measuring apparatus and vital signs information measuring method

A vital signs information measuring apparatus includes a calculating section which calculates a baroreflex index, a sympathetic nerve index, a heart rate, an estimated cardiac output, and an alternative index of blood pressure by using at least one of an electrocardiographic signal of a living body, and a pulse wave of the living body and a displaying section that displays changes of the baroreflex index, sympathetic nerve index, heart rate, estimated cardiac output, and alternative index of blood pressure that are calculated by the calculating section.. .
Nihon Kohden Corporation

Toilet tab

A toilet seat lifting tab is disclosed. This tab is attached to the toilet seat to lift and place back the toilet seat easily and conveniently, without touching the toilet seat.

Waterproof headphones

A variety of different implementations of waterproof headphone designs are disclosed as well as techniques for producing the same. The disclosed headphones may include one or more features which increase the buoyancy of the headphones..
Underwater Audio Llc

Proximity wireless power system using a bidirectional power converter

A bidirectional power converter circuit is controlled via a hysteresis loop such that the bidirectional power converter circuit can compensate in near real time for variations and even changes in transmit and receive coil locations without damaging components of the system. Because the bidirectional power converter is capable of both transmitting and receiving power (at different times), one circuit and board may be used as the main component in multiple wireless power converter designs.
Enovate Medical, Llc

Multi-layer substrate with an embedded die

The present disclosure relates to a multi-layer substrate structure with an embedded die to miniaturize designs and improve performance. The multi-layer substrate structure includes a core layer having a cavity and a die mounted within the cavity.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Design and manufacture of a tunnel diode memory

A design of a non-transistor memory core with corresponding shift register control logic may be all comprised of tunnel diodes and capacitors, and a method for fabricating such memories and control logic may use a stencil and non-lithographic self-aligning semiconductor processing steps to minimize cost. Designs and fabrication processes for i/o pads connected to the memory core and control logic are also presented..

Adjustable grid tracking transmitters and receivers

Optical telecommunication receivers and transmitters are described comprising dispersive elements and adjustable beam steering elements that are combined to provide optical grid tracking to adjust with very low power consumption to variations in the optical grid due to various changes, such as temperature fluctuations, age or other environmental or design changes. Thus, high bandwidth transmitters or receivers can be provides with low power consumption and/or low cost designs..
Neophotonics Corporation

On-the-fly test and debug logic for atpg failures of designs using on-chip clocking

A system disclosed herein includes an on-chip clock controller (occ) circuit receiving a test pattern and responsively generating output clock pulses in response to the test pattern. An occ test circuit is coupled to the occ circuit and configured to detect data corresponding to output clock pulses generated by the occ controller circuit and generate corresponding occ test outputs.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

Metrology target design for tilted device designs

Metrology methods, modules and targets are provided, for measuring tilted device designs. The methods analyze and optimize target design with respect to the relation of the zernike sensitivity of pattern placement errors (ppes) between target candidates and device designs.
Kla-tencor Corporation

System and improving efficiency of turbine airfoils

Double blade airfoils and related systems are disclosed. The double blade design may efficiently use a minimal amount of material yet achieve exceptional aerodynamic efficiencies well above the previously understood theoretical maximum.
Winnova Energy Llc

Serpentine fluid reactor components

Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.

Window with selectively writable image(s) and making same

Certain embodiments of this invention relates to a writable window (e.g., ig window unit), where images (e.g., advertisements, logos, designs, pictures and/or words) can be selectively written into the window and are designed to be viewed by humans and/or animals. A substrate (e.g., glass substrate) supports a solar coating such as a low emissivity (low-e) coating which may include at least one infrared (ir) reflecting layer of or including silver that is located on and directly contacting a contact/seed layer of or including a material such as zinc oxide and/or zinc stannate.
Guardian Industries Corp.

Lighter-than-air fractal tensegrity structures

The purpose of this invention, which is referred to as a vacuustat, is to generate buoyancy in the atmosphere by means of an evacuated or partially evacuated container, rather than by using a lighter-than-air lifting gas such as hydrogen or helium. This particular vacuustat design comprises a flexible airtight membrane supported by a fractal tensegrity internal structure consisting of a relatively small mass of compressive members forced into higher-order buckling modes through use of tension members.

Booster belt

Vehicle seatbelts are designed to increase the likelihood of passenger survival in the case of a crash or collision. The optimal positioning of a vehicle seatbelt is over a passenger's shoulder, across their chest and upper thighs.

Process for the continual inline filtration of a process stream

The present invention provides a new type of filtration system. Traditional designs required that personnel open the system to clean/change strainers while a process was in operation.
Covestro Polymers (china) Co. Ltd.

Methods and devices to hydraulic consumer devices

Many devices with “limbs” or “arms” are susceptible to damage when a user bends or twists a joint of the limb or arm beyond its design point or in a direction other than intended. This is common with children's toys.
Obotics Inc.

Rock climbing walls, fall safety pads, and accessories

The inventions disclosed herein relate to designs of climbing surfaces, fall safety pads and/or accessories related thereto. According to some embodiments, different impact zones of a fall safety pad can have different cushioning attributes.
Platypus Ip Llc

Systems and processes for fabricating dental restorations

A collaborative approach, incorporating a server for data transmission, security verification, and authentication verification, is implemented between a dental office and a dental laboratory to fabricate a designed dental restoration. A scanner is used in a dental office to take a scan of a patient's mouth.
Jensen Industries Inc.

Automatic measurement point correction method, automatic measurement point correction apparatus and computer readable medium storing automatic measurement point correction program

An automatic measurement point correction method includes acquiring vital signs information waveform data indicating a vital signs information waveform having a plurality of waveforms which periodically appear on a time axis, determining a plurality of measurement points for measuring a predetermined measurement item of each waveform included in the vital signs information waveform, causing the vital signs informal n waveform and measurement point displayers to be displayed on a displaying section, correcting a first measurement point for measuring the predetermined measurement item of a first waveform of the plurality of waveforms, as a first correction, recording the corrected first measurement point as a reference measurement point, extracting a waveform which is analogous to the first waveform, from the plurality of waveforms, and automatically correcting a measurement point for measuring the predetermined measurement item of the extracted waveform, as a second correction.. .
Nihon Kohden Corporation

Monolithic ceramic transducers with embedded electrodes

Transducers and processes of forming the transducers are described. The transducers are produced as a monolithic body of a ceramic material and electrodes embedded in and encased by the ceramic material, with the ceramic material and the electrodes being co-fired to produce the monolithic body.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Graphene fet devices, systems, and methods of using the same for sequencing nucleic acids

Provided herein are devices, systems, and methods of employing the same for the performance of bioinformatics analysis. The apparatuses and methods of the disclosure are directed in part to large scale graphene fet sensors, arrays, and integrated circuits employing the same for analyte measurements.
Edico Genome, Corp.

Fast neutron reactor and neutron reflector block of a fast neutron reactor

The invention relates to the field of nuclear engineering, and more particularly to designs for removable neutron reflector blocks for heavy liquid metal-cooled fast neutron reactors. The present fast neutron reactor contains a core consisting of heavy liquid metal-cooled fuel rods, and neutron reflector blocks, disposed around the core, which comprise a steel casing with at least one inlet opening in the side walls thereof above the core boundary, said inlet opening being intended for diverting part of the coolant flow from the space between the blocks into the casing, and at least one vertical pipe mounted in the casing, through which the diverted coolant flow, which has passed through the upper and lower boundaries of the core, enters the bottom part of the casing; also, on the outer side of the casing, above the inlet opening, there is mounted a throttling device for creating hydraulic resistance to the coolant flow in the space between the blocks.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"

Patient watch-dog and intervention/event timeline

A medical system includes a plurality of portable vital sign monitors (12), a patient assessment unit (24), a patient watch-dog unit (42), and at least one display device (44). Each monitor continuously monitors vital signs of a subject (12) from a point of initial contact with a healthcare professional and wirelessly transmits the monitored vital signs, and the vital signs include blood pressure (bp), blood oxygen (spo2), heart rate (hr), and respiratory rate (rr).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Power-and-ground (pg) network characterization and distributed pg network creation for hierarchical circuit designs

A chip layout can include a top-level portion and a set of blocks. The power-and-ground (pg) network for the chip layout can be specified by a set of chip-level pg constraints that is defined using a pg constraint definition language.
Synopsys, Inc.

Kayak paddle and accessory mounting system

A kayak paddle and accessory mounting system is a system for securely holding a kayak paddle and various accessories on a kayak. The system is mounted and elevated over the kayak cockpit in order to allow for the use of a spray skirt in conjunction with the present invention.

Device, determining vital signs of a subject

The present invention relates to a device, system and method for determining vital signs of a subject. To balance accuracy and reliability with unobtrusiveness, the device comprises an interface (30) for receiving input signals from a detection unit (18) that is configured for contactless detection of radiation reflected from a subject (14) in response to illumination by an illumination source (22), a processing unit (32) for deriving photoplethysmography, ppg, signals from the received input signals, an analysis unit (34) for deriving a desired vital sign from the ppg signals, and a control unit (36) for controlling one or more parameters of the illumination source (22), the detection unit (18) and/or the analysis unit (34) in dependence on the physical state of the subject, the quality of the input signals or the derived vital sign and/or the value of the vital sign..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Monitoring device and compensating non-linearity effects in vital signs monitoring

The present invention relates to a monitoring device (10) comprising a light source (14) for emitting light into a body part (12) of a living being; a light sensor (18) for receiving light (16) including an ambient light component (30) and a measurement light component (32) resulting from interactions of said emitted light with said body part (12) and for generating an output signal (34), wherein a transfer function describes the relation between the output signal (34) and the received light; an ambient light cancellation unit (20) for separating the output signal (34) into a first signal portion (36) corresponding to the ambient light component (30) and a second signal portion (38) corresponding to the measurement light component (32); and an ambient light modulation removal unit (22) for compensating a variation of the ambient light component (30) by demodulating the second signal portion (38) based on the transfer function (f) and the first signal portion (36) to generate a measurement signal (40).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Cloud storage for image data, image product designs, and image projects

A method for proactively creating a photobook includes identifying a group of images by a computer system and automatically creating a design for a photobook by the computer system without receiving a user's request for designing a photobook if the number of images in the group is determined to be within a predetermined range. Pages of the photobook incorporate a plurality of images in the group.
Shutterfly, Inc.

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system & associated cloud server

Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system and associated cloud server comprising a wearable electronic gemstone capable of sensing the emotional state and bodily vital signs of the user and being wirelessly charged and a mobile device capable of communicating with the electronic gemstone such that a cloud server manages communications between members of a social network wearing the electronically smart gemstone. The disclosed jewelry system provides a custom gemstone with symbol-carved light effects, wireless charging of the stone electronics through universal audio jack of any mobile device, and electrical stimulation of the user along with visual triggers as a specific mode of social interaction..
Waveworks, Inc.

Predictive diagnosis of sla violations in cloud services by seasonal trending and forecasting with thread intensity analytics

Data can be categorized into facts, information, hypothesis, and directives. Activities that generate certain categories of data based on other categories of data through the application of knowledge which can be categorized into classifications, assessments, resolutions, and enactments.
Oracle International Corporation

Component carrier (de)activation in communication systems using carrier aggregation

This invention relates to the proposal of component carrier (de)activation message that is allowing a activation or deactivation of one or more component carriers in the uplink or downlink. Furthermore, the invention relates to the use of the new component carrier (de)activation message in methods for (de)activation of downlink component carrier(s) configured for a mobile terminal, a base station and a mobile terminal.
Sun Patent Trust

Apparatus and methods for linear actuator with piston assembly having an integrated controller and encoder

Disclosed herein are apparatus and methods for linear actuators that can deliver strokes and forces at different values. The linear actuators include both multi-coil and single-coil actuator designs.
Systems, Machines, Automation Components Corporation

Physically-aware circuit design partitioning

This application discloses a computing system implementing a synthesis tool to synthesize a circuit design of an electronic system into a gate-level netlist having a logical hierarchy, utilize the gate-level netlist to generate a physical representation of the circuit design, and partition the circuit design into sub-designs based on the physical representation of the circuit design. The computing system can generate physical modules having self-contained physical definitions from the sub-designs, and reassemble the physical modules into a gate-level netlist having a physical hierarchy corresponding to the partitions of the circuit design.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Heat exchanger

Newly-developed manufacturing techniques have opened up new possibilities in fabricating designs of components that were previously infeasible. One such component is a heat exchanger.
Thermolift, Inc.

Split boot with zipper closure

A novel split boot design for applications that contain cv joints and/or other bearing assemblies where protective boots or similar covers are required to protect the cv joint or bearing assembly from the outside environment while helping to retain necessary lubrication for the cv joint or bearing assembly. The new split boot design includes zippers along one or more axial seams which represents a significant departure from currently available split boot designs, and is more producible than prior protective boot designs with zipper closures.

Retaining wall system using interlocking concrete masonry units

The present disclosure is directed to a new and improved family of cement block designs that have notches included therein to allow interconnectivity. In particular embodiments, the notched interconnectivity strengthens the combined block structure as compared to a structure of combined conventional blocks.

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