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 Monolithic ceramic transducers with embedded electrodes patent thumbnailnew patent Monolithic ceramic transducers with embedded electrodes
Transducers and processes of forming the transducers are described. The transducers are produced as a monolithic body of a ceramic material and electrodes embedded in and encased by the ceramic material, with the ceramic material and the electrodes being co-fired to produce the monolithic body.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Graphene fet devices, systems, and methods of using the same for sequencing nucleic acids patent thumbnailnew patent Graphene fet devices, systems, and methods of using the same for sequencing nucleic acids
Provided herein are devices, systems, and methods of employing the same for the performance of bioinformatics analysis. The apparatuses and methods of the disclosure are directed in part to large scale graphene fet sensors, arrays, and integrated circuits employing the same for analyte measurements.
Edico Genome, Corp.

 Fast neutron reactor and neutron reflector block of a fast neutron reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Fast neutron reactor and neutron reflector block of a fast neutron reactor
The invention relates to the field of nuclear engineering, and more particularly to designs for removable neutron reflector blocks for heavy liquid metal-cooled fast neutron reactors. The present fast neutron reactor contains a core consisting of heavy liquid metal-cooled fuel rods, and neutron reflector blocks, disposed around the core, which comprise a steel casing with at least one inlet opening in the side walls thereof above the core boundary, said inlet opening being intended for diverting part of the coolant flow from the space between the blocks into the casing, and at least one vertical pipe mounted in the casing, through which the diverted coolant flow, which has passed through the upper and lower boundaries of the core, enters the bottom part of the casing; also, on the outer side of the casing, above the inlet opening, there is mounted a throttling device for creating hydraulic resistance to the coolant flow in the space between the blocks.
Joint Stock Company "akme-engineering"

 Patient watch-dog and intervention/event timeline patent thumbnailnew patent Patient watch-dog and intervention/event timeline
A medical system includes a plurality of portable vital sign monitors (12), a patient assessment unit (24), a patient watch-dog unit (42), and at least one display device (44). Each monitor continuously monitors vital signs of a subject (12) from a point of initial contact with a healthcare professional and wirelessly transmits the monitored vital signs, and the vital signs include blood pressure (bp), blood oxygen (spo2), heart rate (hr), and respiratory rate (rr).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Power-and-ground (pg) network characterization and distributed pg network creation for hierarchical circuit designs patent thumbnailnew patent Power-and-ground (pg) network characterization and distributed pg network creation for hierarchical circuit designs
A chip layout can include a top-level portion and a set of blocks. The power-and-ground (pg) network for the chip layout can be specified by a set of chip-level pg constraints that is defined using a pg constraint definition language.
Synopsys, Inc.

 Kayak paddle and accessory mounting system patent thumbnailnew patent Kayak paddle and accessory mounting system
A kayak paddle and accessory mounting system is a system for securely holding a kayak paddle and various accessories on a kayak. The system is mounted and elevated over the kayak cockpit in order to allow for the use of a spray skirt in conjunction with the present invention.

 Device,  determining vital signs of a subject patent thumbnailnew patent Device, determining vital signs of a subject
The present invention relates to a device, system and method for determining vital signs of a subject. To balance accuracy and reliability with unobtrusiveness, the device comprises an interface (30) for receiving input signals from a detection unit (18) that is configured for contactless detection of radiation reflected from a subject (14) in response to illumination by an illumination source (22), a processing unit (32) for deriving photoplethysmography, ppg, signals from the received input signals, an analysis unit (34) for deriving a desired vital sign from the ppg signals, and a control unit (36) for controlling one or more parameters of the illumination source (22), the detection unit (18) and/or the analysis unit (34) in dependence on the physical state of the subject, the quality of the input signals or the derived vital sign and/or the value of the vital sign..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Monitoring device and  compensating non-linearity effects in vital signs monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Monitoring device and compensating non-linearity effects in vital signs monitoring
The present invention relates to a monitoring device (10) comprising a light source (14) for emitting light into a body part (12) of a living being; a light sensor (18) for receiving light (16) including an ambient light component (30) and a measurement light component (32) resulting from interactions of said emitted light with said body part (12) and for generating an output signal (34), wherein a transfer function describes the relation between the output signal (34) and the received light; an ambient light cancellation unit (20) for separating the output signal (34) into a first signal portion (36) corresponding to the ambient light component (30) and a second signal portion (38) corresponding to the measurement light component (32); and an ambient light modulation removal unit (22) for compensating a variation of the ambient light component (30) by demodulating the second signal portion (38) based on the transfer function (f) and the first signal portion (36) to generate a measurement signal (40).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Cloud storage for image data, image product designs, and image projects patent thumbnailCloud storage for image data, image product designs, and image projects
A method for proactively creating a photobook includes identifying a group of images by a computer system and automatically creating a design for a photobook by the computer system without receiving a user's request for designing a photobook if the number of images in the group is determined to be within a predetermined range. Pages of the photobook incorporate a plurality of images in the group.
Shutterfly, Inc.

 Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system & associated cloud server patent thumbnailWireless charging smart-gem jewelry system & associated cloud server
Wireless charging smart-gem jewelry system and associated cloud server comprising a wearable electronic gemstone capable of sensing the emotional state and bodily vital signs of the user and being wirelessly charged and a mobile device capable of communicating with the electronic gemstone such that a cloud server manages communications between members of a social network wearing the electronically smart gemstone. The disclosed jewelry system provides a custom gemstone with symbol-carved light effects, wireless charging of the stone electronics through universal audio jack of any mobile device, and electrical stimulation of the user along with visual triggers as a specific mode of social interaction..
Waveworks, Inc.

Predictive diagnosis of sla violations in cloud services by seasonal trending and forecasting with thread intensity analytics

Data can be categorized into facts, information, hypothesis, and directives. Activities that generate certain categories of data based on other categories of data through the application of knowledge which can be categorized into classifications, assessments, resolutions, and enactments.
Oracle International Corporation

Component carrier (de)activation in communication systems using carrier aggregation

This invention relates to the proposal of component carrier (de)activation message that is allowing a activation or deactivation of one or more component carriers in the uplink or downlink. Furthermore, the invention relates to the use of the new component carrier (de)activation message in methods for (de)activation of downlink component carrier(s) configured for a mobile terminal, a base station and a mobile terminal.
Sun Patent Trust

Apparatus and methods for linear actuator with piston assembly having an integrated controller and encoder

Disclosed herein are apparatus and methods for linear actuators that can deliver strokes and forces at different values. The linear actuators include both multi-coil and single-coil actuator designs.
Systems, Machines, Automation Components Corporation

Physically-aware circuit design partitioning

This application discloses a computing system implementing a synthesis tool to synthesize a circuit design of an electronic system into a gate-level netlist having a logical hierarchy, utilize the gate-level netlist to generate a physical representation of the circuit design, and partition the circuit design into sub-designs based on the physical representation of the circuit design. The computing system can generate physical modules having self-contained physical definitions from the sub-designs, and reassemble the physical modules into a gate-level netlist having a physical hierarchy corresponding to the partitions of the circuit design.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Heat exchanger

Newly-developed manufacturing techniques have opened up new possibilities in fabricating designs of components that were previously infeasible. One such component is a heat exchanger.
Thermolift, Inc.

Split boot with zipper closure

A novel split boot design for applications that contain cv joints and/or other bearing assemblies where protective boots or similar covers are required to protect the cv joint or bearing assembly from the outside environment while helping to retain necessary lubrication for the cv joint or bearing assembly. The new split boot design includes zippers along one or more axial seams which represents a significant departure from currently available split boot designs, and is more producible than prior protective boot designs with zipper closures.

Retaining wall system using interlocking concrete masonry units

The present disclosure is directed to a new and improved family of cement block designs that have notches included therein to allow interconnectivity. In particular embodiments, the notched interconnectivity strengthens the combined block structure as compared to a structure of combined conventional blocks.

Underbody manufacturing method and vehicle underbody

The present disclosure provides an underbody manufacturing method and a vehicle underbody. The method includes determining dimensions for the vehicle underbody and underbody panels, selecting the underbody panels, putting the underbody panels in a stamping die for stamping to form concave and convex parts on the underbody panels, welding the stamped underbody panels to splice the underbody in the length direction and/or the width direction, so as to make the underbody reach the determined length and width.
Thunder Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Minimally invasive splaying microfiber electrode array and methods of fabricating and implanting the same

An electrode array having a splayable bundle of fibers having heat-sharpened tips. A method of manufacturing an electrode array including heat-sharpening a tip of each of a plurality of fibers; and bundling the plurality of fibers.
Trustees Of Boston University

Turbinate compressors and methods of use

Surgical forceps suited for use in the compression of turbinates in the human nasal system. The forceps are designs to prevent excessive tissue trauma as the turbinates are compressed.
Entellus Medical, Inc.

Reconfigurable shoes and apparel and docking assembly therefor

Provided herein are methods for the modulation of appearance or material properties within items of apparel or equipment. Also provided herein are design articles having alterable designs.
Code Fluidics Llc

Reconfigurable garment

The present disclosure is directed to a reconfigurable garment with detachable accessories, which allow quick and easy changes from one costume or clothing design to another. The disclosed garment allows for combination and exchange of a substantial number of accessories, requires less storage space, facilitates transport, and provides a new alternative for the creation of countless designs..

Electricity meter forms module

An improved meter base assembly supports the various meter forms used in modern electrical energy distribution systems. The disclosed assembly combines a customized design for each meter form with a universal base used in a plurality of meter forms to create a meter base assembly that is optimized for best performance while maintaining a reduced part cost.
Honeywell International Inc.

Transmission and reception of proximity detection signal for peer discovery

Techniques for performing peer discovery to enable peer-to-peer (p2p) communication are disclosed. In an aspect, a proximity detection signal used for peer discovery may be generated based on one or more physical channels and/or signals used in a wireless network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Systems and methods to create highly scalable network services

Various embodiments of the invention provide for an unparalleled scalable and reliable load distribution design for use in a large class of network applications, including cloud computing in modern data center networks and similar services, which can benefit from the invention by taking advantage of commonly available network components and systems. In particular, various embodiments of the invention extend a logical load distributor model to include distributed clusters of loosely coupled components.
Dell Products L.p.

Systems and methods for high-speed, low-profile memory packages and pinout designs

Systems and methods are provided for stacked semiconductor memory packages. Each package can include an integrated circuit (“ic”) package substrate capable of transmitting data to memory dies stacked within the package over two channels.
Apple Inc.

Medical intervention data display for patient monitoring systems

A system (10) and a method (100) integrate the display of vital signs data and relevant medical intervention data. Measurements of a vital sign of a patient are received (102) and a graph (30) of the measurements over time illustrating a trend of the vital sign is displayed (106).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Integrated circuit layout design methodology with process variation bands

A system for analyzing ic layouts and designs by calculating variations of a number of objects to be created on a semiconductor wafer as a result of different process conditions. The variations are analyzed to determine individual feature failures or to rank layout designs by their susceptibility to process variations.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Online logo tool

An online tool allows a user, such as an online merchant, to access a page of a service provider, select a format, customize funding sources and designs, and copy and paste the code to the merchant page to quickly and easily create a customized funding source graphic.. .
Paypal, Inc.

Hybrid waste tube assembly

The present technology is directed to a conductive hybrid waste tube system that comprises tube bodies, tube end fittings, o-rings, coupling sleeves, end fitting adapters and couplings. The tube bodies and tube end fittings are attached and constitute a tube section.
Exotic Metals Forming Company Llc

Composite stencils, methods of making, and methods of decorating with composite stencils

A composite stencil for applying designs to walls and other surfaces is disclosed. The stencil includes a porous textile support layer to which a flexible stencil mask is bonded by an adhesion layer.
Procraft Development B.v.

Mobile dental intelligence center

The mobile dental intelligence center (mobidic) will roll up alongside the patient's bedside or chairside where oral hygiene can be performed by the patient's caregiver, with no need to have a sink or basin in the area. Using the mobidic the caregiver will be able to brush the patient's teeth, rinse and suction the patient's mouth at the bedside or chairside; also the caregiver will monitor the patients vital signs.

Vital sign monitoring and control

Systems and methods for non-invasive monitoring of vital signs of a subject use multiple coupling sensors and vital sign sensors in order to determine multiple vital sign states of the subject. The sensors may be carried by support structure such as a wrap, blanket, mattress, cradle, nest and similar structures.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Footwear with refractive internal illumination

Twice-refracted light, produced by emitting light for refraction from a translucent body, reflection between said translucent body and an opaque section of an upper, and refraction again by the upper, is applied to footwear to create an enhanced internal illumination effect. To create this, at least one light source is connected to a power source and installed into a footwear.

Edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner for cake decoration

An edible adhesive sprinkle sideliner made with cake sprinkles encased between two thin layers of gelatin to be used to decorate the side surfaces of a buttercream frosting covered cake. The cake sprinkles can be arranged in the form of a single complete sheet or in the form of specific characters or designs.

Suction cup and strap mount for action video recording with an electronic device

An injection molded mounting plate with removably attached suction cups, lower connector, and retention strap which securely hold an electronic device within a mounting system for action video recording. The mounting plate is preferably an injection-molded part with multiple suction cup slots to allow suction cups to be inserted therein for securing the electronic device in a horizontal position with an elastic retention strap securing mechanism to wrap around the mounting plate and the electronic device.

Remote flashing during infusion

A medical device controller operating in conjunction with a medical device determines one or more current versions of executable code associated with one or more processors in a medical device. Medical devices may include infusion pumps, other patient treatment devices as well as vital signs monitors.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Feedforward filter using translational filter

Described in embodiments herein are techniques for realizing filters having a variety of frequency responses, such as multiple pass-bands, high out-of-band rejection, without complicated designs. In accordance with an embodiment, a feedforward filter includes a first path, at least one second path and a signal combiner.
Mediatek Inc.

Highly accurate over current fault protection for battery packs

This disclosure relates generally to the field of providing highly accurate over current fault protection in charging systems and, more particularly, to systems in which the charge over current protection (cocp) and discharge over current protection (docp) circuitry in electronic devices are particularly resilient to variations in field-effect transistor (fet) resistance with temperature, gate drive, and/or process shift; variations in printed circuit board (pcb) resistance; and variations in integrated circuit (ic) trip voltages. Through the use of novel circuit designs disclosed herein that effectively “bypass” the traditional “power fets” that control the current flow to the battery pack(s) of the electronic device using a novel “sense fet” concept, the major sources of error in current sensing may be eliminated without compromising any safety features of the electronic device, thus allowing for more accurate over current fault protection systems for battery packs across a wide range of operating conditions and temperatures..
Apple Inc.

Active area designs for silicon carbide super-junction power devices

The subject matter disclosed herein relates to silicon carbide (sic) power devices and, more specifically, to active area designs for sic super-junction (sj) power devices. A sic-sj device includes an active area having one or more charge balance (cb) layers.
General Electric Company

Method for predicting adverse events for home healthcare of remotely monitored patients

There is described a method for dynamically computing a patient dynamic risk score indicative of an adverse event occurring on a given day. The method comprises obtaining clinical documentation data, socio-demographic data, answers to remote patient monitoring questionnaires, and vital signs data.

Methods of design rule checking of circuit designs

Methods for performing design rule checking of a circuit design are provided. The methods include, for instance: providing a circuit design for an integrated circuit layer, in which the circuit design includes a plurality of design lines oriented in a particular direction; and automatically performing a design rule check of the circuit design, which may include forming a verification pattern for the circuit design, the verification pattern comprising a plurality of verification lines and a plurality of verification regions, wherein one or more verification regions are associated with and connected to one verification line of the plurality of verification lines, and checking the verification pattern for any verification line overlapping a verification region.
Globalfoundries Inc.

Apparatus of display having detachable layer and manufacturing the display

Provided is a display device having a detachable layer and a method for manufacturing the same that are capable of easily exchanging a damaged window or touch screen with new one, simply separating a window or touch screen therefrom, and providing a simple manufacturing process, a low manufacturing cost, and various designs. The display device includes: a window structure having a detachable layer formed on the entire surface of one side of a window, the detachable layer having the adhesion strength in the range of 0.1 to 500 gf/25 mm; and an attachment target device from which the detachable layer of the window structure is entirely detachable, wherein the attachment target device is any one selected from a touch screen, a touch screen cover layer, and a display..

Determining multi-patterning step overlay error

Methods and systems for determining overlay error between different patterned features of a design printed on a wafer in a multi-patterning step process are provided. For multi-patterning step designs, the design for a first patterning step is used as a reference and designs for each of the remaining patterning steps are synthetically shifted until the synthetically shifted designs have the best global alignment with the entire image based on global image-to-design alignment.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Collapsible pistol

A collapsible pistol features enhanced safety, ease of use, and improved performance as compared to prior designs. The pistol is easily reconfigured from an open, ready-to-fire position to a closed or collapsed position that makes the pistol quite compact, safe, and readily concealable.

Mixed media orbital valve

Embodiments of the invention described herein thus provide improved flush valves that are designed with improved venting features and improved inlet designs. The described venting features and inlet designs, either alone or in combination, can help prevent ingestion of waste into the interior of the valve..
Mag Aerospace Industries, Llc

Tube yoke for a driveshaft assembly

Tube yoke designs with each having a tube seat, lugs and stiffening ribs are disclosed. The tube seats each have a base, a wall and the stiffening ribs.
Dana Automotive System Group, Llc

Gimbal bearing system and method

Embodiments relate generally to gimbal bearings for installation of a riser string. Gimbal bearing embodiments comprise a top ring and a bottom ring, with a plurality of high capacity laminate bearings located therebetween, the high capacity laminate bearings comprising at least one of natural rubber and a marker layer.
Lord Corporation

Apparatus and making a nonwoven ceiling tile and wall panel

A nonwoven ceiling tile or wall panel with noise absorption properties utilizes unique acoustical absorbing fibers. During manufacturing, binder fibers melt between interstitial spaces to fill spaces and create impedance to air flow and sound flow through the fibers.
Nonwoven Network Llc

Patient-specific humeral guide designs

A humeral cut guide system for a humeral head comprises: a bone-engagement member including a first patient-specific bone-engagement surface that is complementary and made to substantially mate and nest in only one position on a specific patient's humeral head; a registration member connected to the bone-engagement member including a second patient-specific bone engagement surface that is sized and made to substantially mate and nest in only one position with the specific patient's bicipital groove; a first protrusion extending from the registration member and having a first surgeon-engaging surface for manipulation by a surgeon; and a cut guide plate connected to and extending away from the registration member such that, upon the bone-engagement member mating and nesting with the specific patient's humeral head, the cut guide plate is spaced apart from the humeral head, wherein the cut guide plate defines an elongate slot.. .

Patient-specific humeral guide designs

A humeral cut guide member for resectioning or resurfacing a humeral head, including a bone-engagement member including a first patient-specific bone-engagement surface that is complementary and made to substantially mate and nest in only one position on a specific patient's humeral head; a registration member connected to the bone-engagement member including a second patient-specific bone engagement surface that is sized and made to substantially mate and nest in only one position with the specific patient's bicipital groove; and a cut guide plate connected to the bone-engagement member and defining an elongated slot.. .
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc

Vital signs information measuring apparatus

A vital signs information measuring apparatus includes: an internal clock; a first correcting section which is configured to execute first time correction on the internal clock by using time information, and which is configured to store a time correction amount in a storage section, the time correction amount indicating a degree of deviation of a time of the internal clock at a timing when the first time correction is performed by the first correcting section; and a second correcting section which, in a case where it is detected that the first correcting section fails to normally correct the time of the internal clock at a prescribed timing, is configured to perform second time correction on the internal clock by using a history of the time correction amount stored in the storage section.. .
Nihon Kohden Corporation

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