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 Cathode subassembly with integrated separator patent thumbnailnew patent Cathode subassembly with integrated separator
Device designs are presented that include a cathode subassembly for protecting the device from unwanted discharge, and aiding in alignment of the cathodes and anodes within a device. A device includes a conductive anode, a dielectric material disposed on a surface of the conductive anode, a conductive cathode, and an electrolyte disposed between the anode and the cathode.
Pacesetter, Inc.

 Guitar conversion system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Guitar conversion system and method
A guitar conversion system for the assembly of a guitar in an easy quick manner, from conventional guitar designs to hybrid guitars. The guitar conversion system includes at least one main body portion and at least one side body portion.

 Customizable extreme low power consumption apparels patent thumbnailnew patent Customizable extreme low power consumption apparels
The present invention provides a customizable apparel apparatus with its color, pattern, and theme modifiable easily and frequently. Using flexible display material for apparel cover in one of the embodiments enables customer to design their apparel pattern and change the pattern whenever they want to by transmitting their own design to the apparel cover via wired connections or wireless connections.

 Task enabled switch system patent thumbnailnew patent Task enabled switch system
A task enabled switch system comprising: a data server with a task manager module and a switch device management module; a control device with a task player; a switch device with a task enabled switch; a user uses the control device to download the tasks linked with the switch device. Once the tasks are completed successfully, the control device will turn on the task enabled switch in the switch device.

 Method for designing a high sensitivity integrated computational element patent thumbnailnew patent Method for designing a high sensitivity integrated computational element
A system and method to design highly-sensitive integrated computational elements for optical computing devices. A harmonic line shape is defined and used to simulate an optical response function which has a plurality of parameters that are varied until an ideal optical response function is determined.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Barrel nut assembly and method to attach a barrel to a firearm using such assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Barrel nut assembly and method to attach a barrel to a firearm using such assembly
A fixture for use with ar15/m16 type firearms is provided herein. The fixture is made up of several parts that when used in conjunction with one another mitigate the transfer of torque from the barrel nut to the firearms receiver during barrel installation.
Lwrc International Llc

 Cylinder liner patent thumbnailnew patent Cylinder liner
Cylinder liners, methods of forming the same, and outer surface designs of a cylinder liner having as-cast projections with certain functional shapes are provided. The as-cast projections increase the clamping performance of the cylinder liner and do not result in any air gaps between a cast aluminum block and the cylinder liner..
Zynp International Corp.

 Loose floss  inter-dental plaque removal patent thumbnailnew patent Loose floss inter-dental plaque removal
A comfortable way to daily remove inter-dental plaque would encourage dental hygiene and could improve health worldwide. The flossing by hand’ method is the most effect but its adoption is limited by the dexterity of the user especially among young and old people.

 Stents for placement of orthodontic attachments, and methods of producing and using such stents patent thumbnailnew patent Stents for placement of orthodontic attachments, and methods of producing and using such stents
An orthodontic direct bonding stent facilitates ideal positioning of physical attachments on a patient's teeth. Novel designs of direct bonding stents include uniquely configured windows for guiding placement of the attachments.

 High-strength microwave antenna assemblies patent thumbnailnew patent High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Covidien Lp

Stringed instrument or stringed instrument pick design and manufacture

Exemplary embodiments described herein are directed at instruments and instrument accessories and their associated designs and methods of manufacture based on contoured surfaces and their acoustic properties. Exemplary embodiments may be used to broaden the basic design of stringed instruments or stringed instrument picks or the associated accessories to include forms in three dimensions or using and optimizing the acoustic and/or strength properties inherent in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes..

Flight deck displays to enable visual separation standard

Systems and methods that display information to enable a flight crew on a trailing aircraft to maintain separation behind a leading aircraft during an approach. Graphical designs are displayed on a navigation display or other display in the flight deck of the trailing aircraft to help the flight crew visually acquire the leading aircraft out the window and maintain at least a specified separation distance or spacing between the two aircraft even if visual contact is lost after the initial visual contact.
The Boeing Company

Subset encoding method: increasing pattern density for finite automata

The subset encoding method and related automata designs for improving the space efficiency for many applications on the automata processor (ap) are presented. The method is a general method that can take advantage of the character-or ability of stes (state transition elements) on the ap, and can relieve the problems of limited hardware capacity and inefficient routing.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

Display device for punching or pressing machines

A display device for punching and/or pressing machines. The display device can be constructed to be modular and of compact size so as to be positioned as desired on new and existing machine designs.
Wilson Tool International Inc.

Electro-mechanical designs for mems scanning mirrors

Electro-mechanical designs for mems scanning mirrors are described. In various embodiments, a driving coil may be situated on a reflective portion of a mems mirror.

Hybrid fmcw-intererometry radar for positioning and monitoring and methods of using same

Disclosed is a system and method for a hybrid radar system that integrates frequency-modulated continuous wave (fmcw) mode and interferometry mode. The radar works as a time division system that continuously switches between the fmcw mode and interferometry mode.
Texas Tech University System


Pump designs are detailed. A pump may include a fan having one or more pass-through holes allowing ambient air to be drawn through a fan near a motor shaft bearing for cooling purposes.
Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc.

Fitness training guidance system and method thereof

A real-time personal fitness training guidance system is described. A camera unit including one or more cameras is provided to take images of a user ready to use or using an exercise equipment.
Scenesage, Inc.

Neural prosthesis system and control

Multiple designs, systems, methods and processes for control using electrical signals recorded from clinically paralyzed muscles and nerves are presented. The discomplete neural prosthesis system and method for clinically paralyzed humans utilizes a controller.
Case Western Reserve University

High performance material for electro-surgical vaporization electrodes

Surgical resection electrodes use a tungsten heavy metal alloy for construction of the active head, providing long operating time as compared to conventional designs. A bore-through design adds to the stability of the electrode head and provides full electrode ignition very efficiently.
Mysore Wifiltronics Pvt Ltd

Methods and systems for creating networks

The automata processor workbench (ap workbench) is an application for creating and editing designs of ap networks (e.g., one or more portions of the state machine engine, one or more portions of the fsm lattice, or the like) based on, for example, an automata network markup language (anml). For instance, the application may include a tangible, non-transitory computer-readable medium configured to store instructions executable by a processor of an electronic device, wherein the instructions include instructions to represent an automata network as a graph..
Micron Technology, Inc.

Method and system for computer-aided design of radiation-hardened integrated circuits

A method, system, and computer program product include electronic design automation (eda) tools used with standard cmos processes to design and produce radiation-hardened (rad-hard) integrated circuits (ics) having a predictable level of radiation hardness while maintaining a desired level of performance and tracking circuit area. The tools include rad-hard design rule checking (drc) decks, rad-hard spice models, and rad-hard cell libraries.
Tallannquest Llc

Area aware schematic design by analysing area of each component using scripting languages

An area aware schematic design system that analyses an area of one or more components in a schematic circuit using scripting tools to generate an optimised component placement layout design for designing the schematic circuit is provided. The area aware schematic design system includes one or more modules as follows.
Signalchip Innovations Private Limited

Tophead rotary valve (for internal combustion engines)

Tophead rotary valve is used in internal combustion engines. Each valve would replace the two or more reciprocating popet valves currently use in each cylinder, thereby saving energy now wasted by reciprocating parts and the compression of the heavy springs used with popet valves.

Retrofit seat belt system

Systems and methods for installing retrofit seat belt systems with structural support for the lap and shoulder belts, while at the same time providing a low cost solution. In particular, some, or all of the loads, as required, are shared by an added support structure connected rigidly to a structural base, e.g., of a bus or other vehicle, via a base plate.
University Of Massachusetts

Detachable polymer bond

This disclosure concerns polymer catheter designs incorporating joints that break under tension. The joints are generally formed from two tubular elements comprising two different polymers with dissimilar thermal and/or mechanical characteristics, which are overlapped and exposed to heat and pressure.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Zero-voltage-switching scheme for phase shift converters

This disclosure relates to improved designs for phase-shift power converters, and, in particular, full bridge converters. Phase-shift power converters may lose zero-voltage-switching (zvs) under some load conditions, e.g., light load conditions—which can result in large switching losses.
Apple Inc.

Entrance detection from street-level imagery

Architecture that detects entrances on building facades. In a first stage, scene geometry is exploited and the multi-dimensional problem is reduced down to a one-dimensional (1d) problem.
Uber Technologies, Inc.

Subtractive design for heat sink improvement

Aspects of the disclosed technology relate to techniques of improving heat sink designs based on systematic mass removal. A thermal simulation is performed to determine thermal property values for a heat sink design.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Association rule mining with the micron automata processor

The present invention discloses a heterogeneous computation framework, of association. Rule mining (arm) using micron's autotmata processor (ap).
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

Bulk metallic glass sheets and parts made therefrom

Bulk metallic glass sheets and parts fabricated from individual bulk metallic glass fibers and tows are provided. Bulk metallic glass fibers and tows are used to prepare complex weave designs having desired thickness and fiber orientation for a particular use of a bmg feedstock.
Crucible Intellectual Property, Llc

New chromophoric structures for lanthanide chelates

The present application discloses novel lanthanide chelate designs (formula (i) and formula (iii)) having fluorenyl-, fluorenylethynyl, 9h-carbazolyl-, 9h-carbozolylethynyl-, dibenzothiophenyl-, dibenzothiophenylethynyl-, dibenzofuranyl or dibenzofuranylethynyl pyridine chromophores around an emitting lanthanide ion, e.g. An europium(iii) ion.
Radiometer Turku Oy

Lamination parameter-based optimal design and manufacturing options

A design process that uses lamination parameter inversion to generate a set of baseline layups having desired stiffness properties. Then the underdetermined newton's method can be applied to explore solution manifolds describing alternative designs having similar if not identical stiffness properties.
The Boeing Company

Beam delivery system for proton therapy for laser-accelerated protons

Laser accelerated proton beams provides compact sources for proton beams. This invention describes several examples of optic designs which provide a compact beam delivery system capable of supporting pencil beam scanning and delivering the required clinical dosage in a tight beam spot..
Hil Applied Medical Ltd.

Multiple-cam, posterior-stabilized knee prosthesis

A distal femoral knee-replacement component provides additional points of cam action by either distinct bars or interconnected structural elements such as cam extensions to prevent early translation of the knee or dislocation of the femoral component over the tibial post which can occur in cruciate-substituting designs.. .

Methods and stenting comprising enhanced embolic protection coupled with improved protections against restenosis and thrombus formation

Apparatus and methods for stenting are provided comprising a stent attached to a porous biocompatible material that is permeable to endothelial cell ingrowth, but impermeable to release of emboli of predetermined size. Preferred stent designs are provided, as well as preferred manufacturing techniques.
Abbott Laboratories Vascular Enterprises Limited

Biased angle screws

Several different embodiment pedicle screws are disclosed. The designs allow for increased angulation between the screw portions and coupling elements, which may be particuarly useful for cervical vertebrae fusion procedures.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc

Clot retrieval system

A platform of devices for removing obstructions and other objects within a blood vessel or other interior lumen of an animal is provided. The system may be deployed in the lumen from a catheter(s) and the system includes a proximal hub, and a distal basket comprised of a plurality of cells.
Legacy Ventures Llc

Vital signs sensor and measuring vital signs of a user

Ppg sensor emits light at at least three wavelengths (y1-y3) and detects the reflected light. The ppg sensor comprises a motion correction unit for correcting motion artefacts from the detected light signals by subtracting the output signal of the detected light at the second wavelength (y2) from an average of an output signal of the detected light at the first and third wavelength (y1, y3).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Pressure measurement designs

The present invention generally relates to the measuring and monitoring of blood pressure. More specifically, embodiments may apply the theory of applanation tonometry for the measurement of blood pressure.
Apple Inc.

Magnetic coaster

A coaster configured to engage another object, specifically a coaster or coaster-like device with means to attach to another object including an object with which is it meant to interact. In a preferred embodiment, the coaster contains a magnetic material capable of engaging with another magnetic component—a soft or hard magnet, an electromagnet or other magnetic material—located on or within another object.
New Potato Technoloigies, Inc.

Poly encased utility knuckle flashlight gloves

A waterproof glove that glows in the dark and incorporates an integrated system of illumination devices is disclosed. The glove, to be worn on a user's hand is covered with covered with glow-in-the-dark painted polyurethane and incorporates integrated light-emitting-diodes (leds).

Designs and methods for conductive bumps

Methods, techniques, and structures relating to die packaging. In one exemplary implementation, a die package interconnect structure includes a semiconductor substrate and a first conducting layer in contact with the semiconductor substrate.
Intel Corporation

Emergency service provider monitoring and rehabilitation methods and devices

Systems and methods for simultaneously tracking physical conditions of multiple people during an event are disclosed. The system comprises at least one vital sign data collection device, a central processing unit compiling the collected vital sign data, and software executing on the central processing unit.
Athena Gtx, Inc.

Scheduling simultaneous optimization of multiple very-large-scale-integration designs

A computer-implemented method obtains data describing a plurality of synthesis scenarios associated with a very-large-scale integration design (vlsi), wherein each synthesis scenario describes a different combination of tunable design parameters for a macro of the vlsi design, and wherein the vlsi design includes a plurality of macros being tuned. The plurality of macros is ranked based on the data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Scheduling simultaneous optimization of multiple very-large-scale-integration designs

A computer-implemented method obtains data describing a plurality of synthesis scenarios associated with a very-large-scale integration design (vlsi), wherein each synthesis scenario describes a different combination of tunable design parameters for a macro of the vlsi design, and wherein the vlsi design includes a plurality of macros being tuned. The plurality of macros is ranked based on the data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Diffractive optical element and the design of a diffractive optical element

A diffractive optical element (doe) is designed to implement both a collimation function with respect to an input divergent beam and a beam shaping function with respect to an output divergent beam. The phase designs of the collimation function and the beam shaping function are independently produced in the phase domain.
Stmicroelectronics (research & Development) Limite

Low cost, flexible space gps receiver technology development platform

A field programmable gate array (fpga) evaluation board may include a firmware/software architecture that facilitates easier prototyping of new gps receiver designs. A single reprogrammable fpga with an integrated soft processor and spare logic resources may be targeted to expand the gps receiver design.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration

Turbine airfoil cooling system with platform cooling channels

A cooling system (10) positioned within a turbine airfoil (12) useable in a turbine engine and having cooling channels (16) positioned within a platform (18) of the turbine airfoil (12) with exhaust outlets (20) at the pressure and suction side edges (22, 24) to prevent hot gas ingestion under the platform (18) is disclosed. The cooling channels (16) may be formed from main channels (26) extending from cooling fluid supply channels (64) aligned with the airfoil (12) and branch channels (30) extending between the main channels (26) and the pressure or suction side edges (22, 24).
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Methods and drill bit designs for preventing the substrate of a cutting element from contacting a formation

In accordance with some embodiments of the present disclosure, a method of designing a drill bit comprises determining placements on a drill bit for a plurality of cutting elements at a plurality of radial coordinates of the drill bit. The method further comprises determining a substrate-based critical depth of cut for a substrate of each cutting element and generating a substrate-based critical depth of cut control curve based on the substrate-based critical depth of cut at each radial coordinate.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Systems and methods for vital signs monitoring with ear piece

A vital signs monitoring system, the system including: (a) an ear device including: a curved body adapted to a shape of an ear, an upper end, a lower end, two opposite facing sides, a first side adapted to be proximal a skull and a second side adapted to be proximal an earlobe, the ear device including: (i) a temperature sensor adapted to sense a body temperature from a depression between a lower jawbone and skull; and (b) a control system, including a processor and a memory, configured and operable to control operation of the ear device, to collect signals received from at least one sensor including the temperature sensor, to process the signals to provide medically significant results.. .

Dual-sided biomorphic bioflex polymer-based microelectrode array and fabrication thereof

A dual-sided biomorphic polymer-based microelectrode array and method of fabricating the same. A measurement probe fabricated from a polymer consisting of two sides each with an array of paired recording sites for the measurement of molecules in an aqueous biological or chemical environment.

Vertical grow lights with frame mounts

An improved ceramic discharge vertical lamp tower is designed for growing plants. A plurality of daisy chained ballast boxes are mounted between a pair of vertical frame members.
Boulder Lamp, Inc.

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