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Long term implant access line retention device and method of use

Sec Medical Development

Long term implant access line retention device and method of use

Systems and methods for monitoring vital signs based on sensed changes in a target

Life Detection Systems

Systems and methods for monitoring vital signs based on sensed changes in a target

Systems and methods for monitoring vital signs based on sensed changes in a target

Golf ball

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signs-related patents
 Apparatus, system, and  cloning web page designs or avatar designs patent thumbnailApparatus, system, and cloning web page designs or avatar designs
An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for facilitating the copying or cloning and optional modification of web page and avatar designs.. .
 Long term implant access line retention device and  use patent thumbnailLong term implant access line retention device and use
Disclosed herein is an insertion site protection device that attaches to an access device. Specifically, the invention is a retention device for access lines and needles used for long-term access of drug delivery portals and pumps used to treat patients for a variety of diseases.
Sec Medical Development, Inc.
 Systems and methods for monitoring vital signs based on sensed changes in a target patent thumbnailSystems and methods for monitoring vital signs based on sensed changes in a target
Methods and systems for monitoring the well-being of a target are disclosed. In a method embodiment, data representing a signal is received by a computer system.
Life Detection Systems, Llc
 Golf ball patent thumbnailGolf ball
[problem to be solved] to provide a golf ball with improved flight distance due to improvement in aerodynamic properties by means of contriving dimple designs. The golf ball is in the shape of a sphere and is composed of dimples and lands excluding dimples, wherein said dimples are formed by elliptical dimples together with circular dimples, wherein one said elliptical dimple overlaps said circular dimples at both end parts in its major axis direction, said circular dimples and said elliptical dimples are connected with each other, and one said land is formed between three said elliptical dimples..
 Post-accident network probe and  using the same patent thumbnailPost-accident network probe and using the same
A post-accident network probe and a method of using such a probe are disclosed. The probe is configured to be deployed in a confined environment (e.g.
Newtrax Holdings Inc.
 Pilot design for wireless system patent thumbnailPilot design for wireless system
The description herein relates to pilot designs for an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm) based communication system. In at least one embodiment, the communication system is one operating according to the ieee 802.16m, or wimax, standard.
Microsoft Corporation
 Double swage airbag inflator vessel and methods for manufacture thereof patent thumbnailDouble swage airbag inflator vessel and methods for manufacture thereof
A high strength dual-swaged airbag inflator vessel comprising a high strength metal material, such as low carbon steel, has a swaged terminal end defining two distinct swaged portions. A reduction of diameter within one of the swaged portions is restricted to be less than or equal to about 30% and in certain variations, less than or equal to about 16% to minimize cold work strain hardening and to reduce loss of ductility.
Autoliv Asp, Inc.
 Internally illuminated footwear component patent thumbnailInternally illuminated footwear component
The sole section of a shoe includes a midsole and an outsole, with the midsole being made from a translucent material. An illumination system is located inside the translucent midsole, causing the translucent midsole to be internally illuminated when the illumination system is active.
 Method and system for presenting and selecting garments for purchase on a mobile device patent thumbnailMethod and system for presenting and selecting garments for purchase on a mobile device
This invention discloses a novel system for displaying fashion designs presented at runway shows in order that retail customers may purchase the designs directly and as soon as they become available after the runway show. The system includes a device application intended to be operated on a user's portable computing device for displaying images, receiving selection input from the user and conducting purchase transactions and fulfillment through the system.
Moda Operandi, Inc.
 Rotational atherectomy device with electric motor patent thumbnailRotational atherectomy device with electric motor
An atherectomy device is disclosed, which is rotationally driven by an electric motor. In some designs, the device includes features unavailable on gas turbine-driven systems, such as the storing in memory of low/medium/high preset rotation speeds for particular models of handle, calculations of the amount of saline left in the iv and associated warnings when it gets sufficiently low, and automatic adjustment of the iv pump rate to a predetermined or calculated level when the rotational speed of the motor is changed.
Cardiovascular Systems, Inc.

Designs for wound support apparatus

A connector for holding wound closure straps in tension to close a wound. The connector may be a quick-release connector.
Insightra Medical Inc.

Fibronectin binding domains with reduced immunogenicity

Fibronectin type iii (10fn3) binding domains having novel designs that are associated with reduced immunogenicity are provided. The application describes alternative 10fn3 binding domains in which certain immunogenic regions are not modified when producing a binder in order to maintain recognition as a self antigen by the host organism.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Football with aerodynamic lace

Lace designs for footballs are provided. The laces have geometries that improve the aerodynamic characteristics of the football during flight.
Nike, Inc.

Lithium ion batteries with high capacity anode active material and good cycling for consumer electronics

Battery designs are provided that exhibit commercially suitable cycling properties for consumer electronics with silicon based active materials in the electrodes. The batteries can have stacked or wound electrodes and suitable electrode designs..
Envia Systems, Inc.

Aerial optical fiber cables

Described are cable designs adapted for aerial installations wherein the cable comprises a bundle of multifiber tight buffer encasement units, with a conformal thin skin containment layer surrounding the bundle. The multifiber tight buffer encasement units have an acrylate compliant inner layer that protects the fiber and minimizes stress transfer to the fiber; and a hard, tough acrylate outer layer that provides crush resistance.
Ors Fitel, Llc


An amplifier, such as a vacuum tube guitar amplifier, including a configurable preamplifier, power amplifier and/or power supply. Configuration of sections of the amplifier can be controlled by software, which can be updated directly on the amplifier though an editing interface, by downloading new configuration data from an external device or network, or by updating hardware-based cards or daughter-boards.
Mi Audio Pty Limited

Signaling and channel designs for d2d communications

Described are methods and devices for enabling d2d communications with signal structures that require minimal changes to the current lte architecture. In the embodiments described, the enb grants resources to ues for d2d communication and either initiates or permits a pair of ues to establish a d2d link.

Adjustable optical device

The present apparatus includes an optical device with an interlocking mechanism that provides the capability of the user to alternate the arms of the device. This ability allows the user to modify the color or design pattern in order to vary the look based on the environment or the liking of the user.

Antenna unit

An antenna unit applied to an electronic device is provided. The antenna unit includes an input/output (i/o) element, a conductive wire and a magnetic material.
Asustek Computer Inc.

Tiles on shapes puzzle game

A tile-on-shape puzzle game is disclosed using a plurality of unique shape designs having one or more tile projections disposed on one or both faces of the shape. The tile projections are adapted to fit in a recess on a play tile.

Method for creating designs and raised patterns on the folds, recessed portions, and edge surfaces of objects consisting of sheets

The present invention relates to the bulk manufacture of objects, materials, or products from sheets or fabrics, which are either folded or to be folded, with designs, images, text, and raised patterns that are reconstituted strip by strip at the edge of the folds thereof, in the recessed portions, and in the edge surfaces. The novelty of the present invention is that a process for repeating designs and shapes, which are shifted relative to one another, on at least one sheet and from one sheet to the other, by reproducing, cutting, or stamping, is merged with folding operations necessitated by the design or suitable for the technical process of the machines in a predetermined manufacturing procedure.

Ratcheting mechanism for a revolver

A firearm utilizing a ratcheting system to rotate a cylinder containing ammunition is disclosed. The ratchet system is designed to accommodate the cylinder being in an initial safe (without a chamber centered over the barrel and hammer) and subsequent active positions.
Ironmonger Arms Llc

Shoe having carbon fiber composite spring soles and upper support

A shoe incorporating carbon fiber composite components to provide performance improvements in lighter weight, better shock absorption, traction by use of spikes, better support, substantial bounciness by being resistant to deformation and provides active ventilation. The shoe of this invention utilizes carbon fiber composite's to easily fabricate the designs..

Stent designs and methods of manufacture

Embodiments disclosed include a woven stent and a method of manufacturing a woven stent that includes a plurality of first members and a plurality of second members forming a braided configuration; wherein each of the first members includes a first body portion, a first end unjoined portion, and a first end bent portion; wherein each of the second members includes a first end overlap portion extending alongside the first end unjoined portion. The woven stent may further includes a coating that encapsulates the first end unjoined portions and the first end overlap portions and/or the first end unjoined portions may be laser joined or ultrasonic joined to the first end overlap portions..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

System for measuring and recording a user's vital signs

A system for measuring and recording data pertaining to a user's vital signs in response to a single action by the user is provided. The system includes a base unit with a computer system, metallic layers affixed to a first side face and a bottom face of the base unit, an aperture, and a flexible shaft extending from the bottom face of the base, and an extension member pivotably mounted to a second side face of the base unit.

Device and storage of a golf club

A device and method for restraining the motion of a stored golf club. The golf club may be inserted shaft-first into a tube with a restraining element at the upper portion of the tube.

Battery cell with discretion to drive loads within battery stack

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to improved battery packaging designs. The battery pack design may include a battery cell, a plurality of transistors, and a controller.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Decorative back applique for folding chairs

A system for a decorative back appliqué includes a folding chair, a top decorative appliqué, a bottom decorative appliqué, and at least one attachment mechanism. The appliqués allow hosts to decorate both rounded and rectangular backed folding chairs used at any occasion or event so that the chairs will provide aesthetic appeal for the celebration.

Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

A method of treating a human subject which is effected by intermittent inhalation of gaseous nitric oxide at a concentration of at least 160 ppm is disclosed. The method can be utilized for treating a human subject suffering from, or prone to suffer from, a disease or disorder that is manifested in the respiratory tract, or from a disease or disorder that can be treated via the respiratory tract.
Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait) Ltd.

High thermal stability reference structure with out-of-plane anisotropy for magnetic device applications

Enhanced hc and hk in addition to higher thermal stability up to at least 400° c. Are achieved in magnetic devices by adding dusting layers on top and bottom surfaces of a spacer in a synthetic antiferromagnetic (saf) structure to give a rl1/dl1/spacer/dl2/rl2 reference layer configuration where rl1 and rl2 layers exhibit perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (pma), the spacer induces antiferromagnetic coupling between rl1 and rl2, and dl1 and dl2 are dusting layers that enhance pma.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

Pressurized gas lifting and gas rejuvenation

Devices, processes, systems, and articles of manufacture adapted to treat contaminated fluid, such as organic wastewater, are described. These are described to include lifting contaminated fluids, treating contaminated fluids, or both, through gas application.

Low r, l, and c cable

The present disclosure describes a cable designed to minimize values for resistance, inductance, and capacitance, without the trade-offs of typical designs. The cable includes a plurality of conductors for each signal or leg, which may be configured as a braid of three subsets of braids of bonded pairs of insulated conductors.
Belden Inc.

Low profile air delivery apparatus with interchangeable nozzle inserts

An air delivery apparatus which has a low profile by virtue of an angled/offset air outlet. The apparatus provides superior air delivery performance which is customizable to any application by selection of orifice patterns in an interchangeable nozzle insert, and the flexibility of easily changing the nozzle inserts to suit the application, while maintaining a constant amount of pressurized air energy input.
Maxum Llc

Tunable check valve

Tunable check valves reduce valve-generated vibration to increase the reliability of tunable fluid ends. Selected improved designs described herein reflect disparate applications of identical technical principles (relating to, e.g., the vibration spectrum of an impulse).

Port cover

The port cover is a soft, thin plastic covering that is used to cover the cream applied to the skin covering an implantable port, prior to treatment. The cream numbs the skin to minimize the pain from the needle insertion into the port when caregivers draw blood, administer treatments and therapies.

Face mask seal for use with respirator devices and surgical facemasks, having an anatomically defined geometry conforming to critical fit zones of human facial anatomy, and capable of being actively custom fitted to the user's face

The present disclosure is a face seal (fs) device for filtering face piece respirators (ffr) of all types, that corrects inner face seal leakage (fsil) of particulate material that occurs due to well documented failures in fs designs of the prior art. The present disclosure differs from those of the prior art in having compensatory accentuations at locations along the entire 360 deg.

Color-based designs

In one example, a method performed on a computing system includes receiving a first query for a product, receiving an input that comprises a collection of colors, determining, based at least in part on the input, one or more candidate color palettes, presenting the one or more candidate color palettes on a web site, receiving a selection that specifies one of the candidate color palettes as a selected color palette, providing, on the web site, a list of products based at least in part on the first query and the selected color palette and adjusting the list of products in real-time as a user moves a camera on a mobile device and provides new color input.. .
Designln, Inc.

Feature extraction and machine learning for evaluation of audio-type, media-rich coursework

Conventional techniques for automatically evaluating and grading assignments are generally ill-suited to evaluation of coursework submitted in media-rich form. For courses whose subject includes programming, signal processing or other functionally expressed designs that operate on, or are used to produce media content, conventional techniques are also ill-suited.
Kadenze, Inc.

Method and system for implementation of engineered key performance indicators

A method and system engineers key performance indicators (kpis). This method and system helps kpi engineers: 1) design effective kpis based on target kpi behavior and performance leverage points; 2) validate kpi designs against sample sensor data while taking into account goal, resource, and policy changes; 3) verify that kpis are usable and flexible based on user & owner feedback; and 4) calibrate kpis for environmental and operational changes, plus anomalies..
International Business Machines Corporation

Cellular tendons for tlp

Tendon systems described herein may include a cellular tendon main body system having at least two essentially parallel pipe strings and may be used to moor a floating structure to a seabed. Hybrid tendon systems may include one or more tendon modules, where at least one tendon module includes a cellular tendon main body system.
Worleyparsons Group, Inc.

Structured mimo codebook

Provided is a method of wireless communication which includes selecting a codebook from a plurality of codebooks in accordance with an antenna characteristic, and transmitting an indication of the selected codebook. Each of the plurality of codebooks is associated with one of a plurality of antenna characteristics.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Lighting system having a multi-light source collimator and operating such

A lens is provided which is elongated along an axis so to accommodate a linear array of leds, the elongation of the lens resulting in a corresponding elongation of the beam output pattern; in practice, the axis of elongation may be oriented so to suit a target area or some portion thereof. A methodology is provided for use with said lens so to evaluate various factors such as droop, heat management, and light output for a given combination of light sources and luminaire design.
Musco Corporation

Imaging lens, and electronic apparatus including the same

An imaging lens includes first to fifth lens elements arranged from an object side to an image side in the given order. Through designs of surfaces of the lens elements and relevant optical parameters, a short system length of the imaging lens may be achieved while maintaining good optical performance..
Genius Electronic Optical Co., Ltd.

Outdoor multi-use hand tool

A powered hand tool is adapted to use a variety of interchangeable rotary tools to assist in outdoor activities. Either of two basic tool designs can be utilized for activities including garden tilling, brushing and cleaning, auguring or post hole digging, and auto finishing and polishing.
Djs Enterprises

Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

A method of treating a human subject which is effected by intermittent inhalation of gaseous nitric oxide at a concentration of at least 160 ppm is disclosed. The method can be utilized for treating a human subject suffering from, or prone to suffer from, a disease or disorder that is manifested in the respiratory tract, or from a disease or disorder that can be treated via the respiratory tract.
Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait) Ltd.

Radiant to convection transition for fired equipment

Modern steam generators typically include a radiant section and a convection section. Due to differing performance requirements of the radiant and convection sections, the radiant section often has a round cross-section, while the convection section often has a rectangular cross-section.
Pcl Industrial Services, Inc.

Automatic baby carrier rocking device

The present invention describes a baby carrier rocking device. In one embodiment, the device includes a housing with an imbedded motor, mp3 player, and related components.

Sleeve accessory

A sleeve accessory includes a sleeve and a fastening system for attaching the sleeve to a shoulder strap of another clothing item. The sleeve accessory is preferably removable and replaceable, and enables a user to adapt to changing environments or social situations by attaching or detaching the sleeve accessories as desired.

Garments with three-dimensional designs

Certain aspects and features of the present disclosure relate to garments, such as socks, that incorporate one or more three-dimensional designs, such as three-dimensional anaglyphs. A design is incorporated into the garment through knitting, sewing, printing, or other suitable methods.
Renfro Corporation

Patient-adapted and improved orthopedic implants, designs and related tools

Methods and devices are disclosed relating improved articular models, implant components, and related guide tools and procedures. In addition, methods and devices are disclosed relating articular models, implant components, and/or related guide tools and procedures that include one or more features derived from patient-data, for example, images of the patient's joint.
Conformis, Inc.

Patient-adapted posterior stabilized knee implants, designs and related methods and tools

Articular repair implants, implant components, systems, methods, and tools are disclosed. Various embodiments provide improved features for knee joint articular repair systems designed for posterior stabilization, including deep-dish configurations, and box, cam, and/or post features.
Conformis, Inc.

Alkaline battery operational methodology

Methods of using specific operational charge and discharge parameters to extend the life of alkaline batteries are disclosed. The methods can be used with any commercial primary or secondary alkaline battery, as well as with newer alkaline battery designs, including batteries with flowing electrolyte.
Research Foundation Of The City University Of New York

Implant design analysis suite

A method for anatomical analysis and joint implant design. Embodiments provide users with the ability to anatomically analyze a single bone or a series of bones that exist in a database, evaluate surgical landmarks and axes, identify differences among specific characteristics of a given population, and modify existing implants or create new implant designs based on anatomical analyses..
Zimmer, Inc.

Broadband short pulse fiber lasers capable of generating output spectra broader than gain bandwidth

Implementations and examples of fiber lasers based on fiber laser cavity designs that produce self-similar pulses (“similaritons”) to achieve a pulse spectral bandwidth greater than a gain spectral bandwidth based on a spectral broadening fiber segment and a spectral filter to ensure the proper similariton conditions.. .
Cornell University

Adjustable grid tracking transmitters and receivers

Optical telecommunication receivers and transmitters are described comprising dispersive elements and adjustable beam steering elements that are combined to provide optical grid tracking to adjust with very low power consumption to variations in the optical grid due to various changes, such as temperature fluctuations, age or other environmental or design changes. Thus, high bandwidth transmitters or receivers can be provides with low power consumption and/or low cost designs..
Neophotonics Corporation

Skew angle determination

The skew angle of a document image is determined or estimated. The skew angle is determined or estimated by examining patterns found within a fast fourier transform of a subset of the document image.
Authentix, Inc.

Reconfigurable power switch chains for efficient dynamic power saving

Traditionally, designs have been very conservative on power grid design using higher margins than those needed for safe operation. This is especially true for process driver designs which may not have enough data on process characteristics.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Sound abatement for a dishwasher appliance

A dishwashing appliance is provided having one or more sound abatement features for blocking sound transmission emanating from the appliance during operation. Spaces or gaps present between the dishwashing appliance and the cabinetry in which it is installed can be blocked by features having one or more chambers that attenuate the transmission of sound therefrom.
General Electric Company

Four-terminal circuit element with photonic core

A four-terminal circuit element is described that includes a photonic core inside of the circuit element that uses a wide bandgap semiconductor material that exhibits photoconductivity and allows current flow through the material in response to the light that is incident on the wide bandgap material. The four-terminal circuit element can be configured based on various hardware structures using a single piece or multiple pieces or layers of a wide bandgap semiconductor material to achieve various designed electrical properties such as high switching voltages by using the photoconductive feature beyond the breakdown voltages of semiconductor devices or circuits operated based on electrical bias or control designs.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Bicycle wheel rim decoration

An appliqué for adoring a bicycle wheel rim comprises a series of arced members bearing adhesive on one side, each adapted to partially cover a portion of the wheel rim. The arced members may be reflective, phosphorescent, or may have customized and customizable designs incorporated thereon.

Borehole cutter retention and fastening/locking system

A borehole reaming cutter retention and fastening/locking system enable field replacement of borehole reaming cutter assemblies utilized in infrastructure emplacement horizontal drilling (hdd) applications. The borehole reaming cutter assembly retention/fastening system can withstand borehole drilling forces without the necessity of permanent welding, thereby allowing cutter interchangeability/replacement in the field.

Decorative guitar tailpiece cover

Presented is a decorative cover that replaces the bar of a standard tailpiece of a stringed musical instrument such as a guitar. The decorative cover is attractive and hides the retaining screws used to attach the bar.

Plant shape template

Disclosed herein are devices and related methods for using those devices in the planting and/or placing of plants, flowers, and/or other vegetation in specific and defined shapes. The devices and methods for using those devices are related to carpet bedding, gardens, home gardening, gardening kits, floating plant shapes and designs, and others..

System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters

Disclosed are systems and methods for enabling the acquisition of physiological parameters of a mammal or other specimen using thermo-mechanical responses (e.g., temperature, pressure and alternatively acceleration, pulse, position). In accordance with one example embodiment, a monitoring device for wired and/or wireless sensors is used to acquire a series of sensor signals that are attached to achieve the physiological measurements of a mammal vital signs is provided.

Protected active metal electrode and battery cell structures with non-aqueous interlayer architecture

Active metal and active metal intercalation electrode structures and battery cells having ionically conductive protective architecture including an active metal (e.g., lithium) conductive impervious layer separated from the electrode (anode) by a porous separator impregnated with a non-aqueous electrolyte (anolyte). This protective architecture prevents the active metal from deleterious reaction with the environment on the other (cathode) side of the impervious layer, which may include aqueous or non-aqueous liquid electrolytes (catholytes) and/or a variety of electrochemically active materials, including liquid, solid and gaseous oxidizers.
Polyplus Battery Company

In-mold label forming surfaces for molded articles

A method of making a molded article having a curved surface, such as plates or serving trays, and the resulting molded articles. The in-mold label (iml) is a laminated film that includes a backing layer, a printed surface incorporating one or more designs thereon, a protective film layer, and one or more notches each having adjacent edges separated by a gap of predetermined distance and configured to intersect to ensure conformance of the iml to the angled or curved peripheral portion of the article.
Modern Packaging

Image decoding device, image encoding device, image decoding method, and image encoding method

A loop filter unit 11 carries out a class classification of a local decoded image generated by an adding unit 9 into one class for each coding block having a largest size determined by an encoding controlling unit 2 and also designs a filter that compensates for a distortion piggybacked for each local decoded image belonging to each class, and also carries out a filtering process on the above-mentioned local decoded image by using the filter. A variable length encoding unit 13 encodes, as filter parameters, the filter designed by the loop filter unit 11 and used for the local decoded image belonging to each class, and a class number of each largest coding block..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Facial hair shaver with built-in facial hair pattern guides

An apparatus for shaving facial hair comprising cutting mechanism(s) that may be guided by image capturing devices, lasers, or imaging sensors to provide a user with one of a number of pre-programmed facial bearded shapes. The apparatus may include a pre-programmed application built into the apparatus, allowing the user to select from a number of predetermined facial hair styles and designs such as of goatees, beards, and mustaches.

Verification using generic protocol adapters

Verification ips for the verification of semiconductor chip designs are designed to support specific interface protocols. Verification ip is expensive or unavailable to test devices with interfaces of uncommon protocols.
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Material for surface treatment

The present invention relates to a material for surface treatment, including: a main body made of a flexible raw material with capability of adsorbing liquid, and a plurality of protrusions vertically disposed on and protruding from a surface of the main body, wherein the protrusions are presented as polygonal columns and internal angles of the polygonal columns are between 90 to 180 degrees, and a tunnel for discharging is formed among the polygonal columns. The main body is allowed to adsorb polishing agent to facilitate the protrusions treating a surface to be processed.

Flame-applied resin powder coating for swimming pool and recreational surfaces

Application of a resin to a pool surface to provide a colored finish that is ultraviolet resistant. The resin may be a powder that can be melted at a fairly low temperature and applied to the pool surface.

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