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Signal Processing patents

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Method and apparatus to correct digital image blur due to motion of subject or imaging device

Method and apparatus to correct digital image blur due to motion of subject or imaging device

Integrated connection system

Rockwell Automation Technologies

Integrated connection system

Integrated connection system

Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology

Distributive source coding and signal processing

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signal Processing-related patents
 Fractional scaling digital filters and the generation of standardized noise and synthetic data series patent thumbnailnew patent Fractional scaling digital filters and the generation of standardized noise and synthetic data series
Generation of standardized noise signals that provide mathematically correct noise with no errors and no loss of data, and can generate the noise of specific environments based on the transfer function of that environment are discussed. Various embodiments can generate synthetic data sets based on natural data sets that have similar scaling behavior.
Wright State University
 System and  processing nmr signals patent thumbnailnew patent System and processing nmr signals
There is disclosed an nmr signal processing method for accurately estimating the intensities of p peaks of interest in an nmr spectrum by the use of a mathematical model that represents a time-domain, free induction decay (fid) signal obtained by an nmr measurement as a sum of q signal components. First, q parameters (each being a combination of a pole and a complex intensity) defining q signal components are estimated for each value of the estimation order q of the mathematical model while varying the value of the estimation order q (s34).
Jeol Ltd.
 Antenna, radar apparatus and signal processing method patent thumbnailnew patent Antenna, radar apparatus and signal processing method
There is provided an antenna. A third transmission antenna is provided at a position shifted in a short direction of a first transmission antenna.
Fujitsu Ten Limited
 Physiologically responsive vad patent thumbnailnew patent Physiologically responsive vad
A ventricular assist device incorporating a rotary pump, such as a rotary impeller pump is implantable in fluid communication with a ventricle and an artery to assist blood flow from the ventricle to the artery. The device includes a pump drive circuit supplying power to the pump, one or more sensors for sensing one or more electrophysiological signals such as electrogram signals in and a signal processing circuit connected to the sensors and the pump drive circuit.
Heartware, Inc.
 Wireless terminal with reduced sar peak value and  reducing sar peak value by using the wireless terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless terminal with reduced sar peak value and reducing sar peak value by using the wireless terminal
A wireless terminal with a reduced specific absorption rate (sar) peak value and a method for reducing an sar peak value by using the wireless terminal are disclosed. The wireless terminal with a reduced sar peak value includes a first antenna configured to receive or transmit a communication signal, and further includes: a second antenna configured to feed a coupling signal when the first antenna receives or transmits the communication signal, and a signal processing module configured to process the coupling signal to reduce an sar peak value of the communication signal for a human body.
Zte Corporation
 Methods for determining whether to perform cell measurement on a predetermined neighbor cell and for ping-pong avoidance during cell reselection and communication apparatus utilizing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for determining whether to perform cell measurement on a predetermined neighbor cell and for ping-pong avoidance during cell reselection and communication apparatus utilizing the same
A communications apparatus includes a radio frequency signal processing device, a baseband signal processing device, a memory device and a processor. The rf signal processing device processes rf signals to generate baseband signals.
Mediatek Inc.
 Remote controller and remote controlling system patent thumbnailnew patent Remote controller and remote controlling system
A remote controller is adjacent to an electric device with an infrared (ir) signal receiving unit. The remote controller has a case, a signal receiving unit, a signal processing unit, and a signal radiating unit.
 Distributive source coding and signal processing patent thumbnailnew patent Distributive source coding and signal processing
signal processing, data encoding and/or decoding techniques are applied in a dictionary system. A dictionary is generated as a function of time shift and phase shift distortion.
The Hong Kong University Of Science And Technology
 Optical disc device and  driving the same patent thumbnailnew patent Optical disc device and driving the same
Provided is an optical disc device including: an optical pickup which includes an objective lens and a receiver unit which receives light reflected off an optical disc; a signal processing unit which generates a main push-pull signal and sub push-pull signals from signals from the receiver unit, and obtains a signal obtained by subtracting the main push-pull signal from the sub push-pull signal multiplied k times, to generate a tracking-error signal; and a control unit which performs a midpoint servo process, an offset process of adding an offset value to a lens-error signal indicating displacement of the objective lens, a stabilization awaiting process of waiting for oscillation of the optical disc to stabilize, a measurement process of measuring the tracking-error signal, and a k value adjusting process of adjusting a value of k in response to a result of the measurement process.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
 Integrated connection system patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated connection system
A modular connector system allows a user to configure physical and functional aspects of a sensor or electrical connector assembly to suit the requirements of a particular installation or application. A header module houses an electrical component, such as a photo sensor, a proximity switch, a safety sensor, etc.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.
new patent

Method and apparatus to correct digital image blur due to motion of subject or imaging device

signal processing techniques are applied to digital image data to remove the distortion caused by motion of the camera, or the movement of the subject being photographed, or defective optics, or optical distortion from other sources. When the image is captured, the effect of relative motion between the camera and the subject is that it transforms the true image into a blurred image according to a 2-dimensional transfer function.
new patent

Display device and display characteristic correction method

A display device includes: a display panel that displays an image; an optical sensor which measures an irradiation amount of light emitted by a display panel as a measured optical value; a measured value revising unit which revises a revision target measured optical value using a function and outputs it as a revised measured optical value; and a signal processing unit which generates from the revised measured optical value, a control value and generates a post-processing video signal from the control value and an input video signal supplied from an external device. The function represents a change in the irradiation amount during a disabled period in which the signal processing unit disables a stabilizing function of keeping the irradiation amount of the light source of the display panel constant..
new patent

Radar signal processing device, radar apparatus, and processing radar signal

A radar signal processing device is provided, which performs a scan correlation in a polar coordinate system to secure accuracy of the scan correlation, and prevents a suppression of a target object moving at high speed due to the scan correlation. A polar coordinate correlator performs, in a polar coordinate system, a correlation between reception data and previous correlated data stored in a previous data storage.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.
new patent

Systems and methods for sensitive open-path gas leak and detection alarm

An apparatus for detecting leaks from a gas pipeline or storage system includes a light source configured to emit a beam with at least one spectral component capable of interacting with pipeline gas, a reflector configured to reflect a portion of the beam, an optical detector configured to detect the reflected beam, a signal processing module coupled to the output of the optical detector configured to analyze the detected beam and output a measured concentration value that characterizes the amount of target gas in the beam path, and a statistical processing module coupled to the signal processing module configured to store and analyze the measured concentration value. The statistical processing module is further configured to compute a value based on statistical information associated with the stored plurality of concentration values and compare the computed value to a first predetermined threshold, and transmit a first alarm signal if the computed value is greater than the first predetermined threshold..
Physical Sciences, Inc.
new patent

Dc offset correction with low frequency signal support circuits and methods

Dc offset correction is provided with low frequency support. A first input terminal for receiving an input signal is selectively coupled to a resistance and a capacitor that are series coupled between the first input terminal and a corresponding output terminal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated
new patent

Signal processing device, and driving method and program thereof

A power switch 307a is provided between a bias generation circuit 301 and a high potential power source, or a power switch 307b is provided between the bias generation circuit 301 and a low potential power source. A bias potential vb output from the bias generation circuit 301 is held by a potential holding circuit 300.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
new patent

Determining positional relationships between cars in a consist

A method is disclosed for determining the positional relationship between a locomotive in a consist and a tender car in the consist. The method may include transmitting a signal from a locomotive controller to the tender car.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.

Software defined atsc tv demodulator with wi-fi tuners

The present invention provides an implementation method for a software defined atsc tv demodulator with wi-fi tuners. The method includes the wireless interface between the atsc tv tuner and the computing platform, the wireless interface (wi-fi) transport stream protocol, and the vector-based digital signal processing algorithm for each individual functional block..
M&a Holdings

Data bus network interface module and method therefor

A data bus network interface module for enabling reception and transmission of application messages to/from at least one host processing module of an integrated digital signal processing device via a data bus network is described. The data bus network interface module being arranged to receive at least one data bus message from at least one remote network node via the data bus network, read an identifier field of the received at least one data bus message, and make data content of the received at least one data bus message available to at least one debug module if the identifier field comprises an identifier value defined for debug use..

Certificating vehicle public key with vehicle attributes

A method for providing secure connection between vehicles over channels of a wireless communication network, according to which, a first unique pair of digitally signed public key and private key is provided to each vehicle, along with additional vehicle-related data including a visually static collection of attributes of the vehicle. A unique certificate number is generated for each vehicle and monolithic data consisting of the public key, the certificate number and the attributes is signed by a trusted certificate generating authority.

Microprocessor integrated configuration controller for configurable math hardware accelerators

A microprocessor circuit may include a software programmable microprocessor core and a data memory accessible via a data memory bus. The data memory may include sets of configuration data structured according to respective predetermined data structure specifications for configurable math hardware accelerators, and sets of input data for configurable math hardware accelerators, each configured to apply a predetermined signal processing function to the set of input data according to received configuration data.
Analog Devices Technology

Inference of timestamp, location, and signature information using statistical signal processing of powerline data

Systems and methods for applying electric network frequency (enf) forensic techniques to determine characteristics associated with an audio and/or video recording such as when and where the recording was made. In one embodiment, a system that determines at least one of a time and a location associated with a recording includes an enf forensic database, an enf extraction processing module and a comparison processing module.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Signal analysis and recharging system

A measurement device may include one or more piezoelectric elements that output power signals. The device may split each power signal, analyzing a first portion of the signal while supplying a second portion to an energy storage assembly.
Golf Impact, Llc

Audio signal processing device

An audio signal processing device includes: an input section to which an audio signal is input; a bias processing section configured to add a bias signal to the audio signal; a calculation section configured to perform a power calculation on the audio signal to which the bias signal has been added by the bias processing section; and an adding unit configured to add the audio signal on which the power calculation is performed by the calculation section to the audio signal having been input to the input section.. .
Yamaha Corporation

Low delay real-to-complex conversion in overlapping filter banks for partially complex processing

An arrangement of overlapping filter banks comprises a synthesis stage and an analysis stage. The synthesis stage receives a first signal segmented into time blocks and outputs, based thereon, an intermediate signal to be received by the analysis stage forming the basis for the computation of a second signal segmented into time frames.
Dolby International Ab

Signal processing apparatus and method, program, and data recording medium

The present invention relates to a signal processing apparatus and method, a program, and a data recording medium configured such that the playback level of an audio signal can be easily and effectively enhanced without requiring prior analysis. An analyzer 21 generates mapping control information in the form of the root mean square of samples in a given segment of a supplied audio signal.
Sony Corporation

Line seizure in an alarm system having an alarm signal processing device

A system and method of seizing a landline is disclosed. In seizing the landline, a first device may identify that a switch has been toggled by a second device; receive an alarm signal from the second device via a landline based on identifying that the switch has been toggled; determine a particular processing instruction, of one or more processing instructions, based on information included in the alarm signal; and execute the particular processing instruction to provide the alarm signal to a third device..
Cellco Partnership D/b/a Verizon Wireless

Communication device and method

A communication device includes a signal processing device, a transceiver, and a controller. The signal processing device uses a first signal medium.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Multi-carrier base station receiver

Embodiments of the present invention may provide a receiver. The receiver may include an rf section and a quadrature mixture, coupled to the rf section, to downconvert a first group of wireless signals directly to baseband frequency quadrature signals and to downconvert a second group of wireless signals to intermediate frequency quadrature signals.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Ultrasonic signal processing device and ultrasonic signal processing method

An ultrasonic signal processing method includes: measuring a sound velocity in a subject according to transmission/reception data acquired in ultrasonic transmission of m times (m is an integer equal to or greater than 1 and less than n) along different transmission focus lines among ultrasonic transmission of n times (n is an integer equal to or greater than 2) along multiple transmission focus lines in a case where ultrasonic transmission is sequentially performed at least one time on each of multiple transmission focus lines to create an ultrasonic image for one frame.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Object information acquisition apparatus, object information acquisition method and program

An object information acquisition apparatus includes: a plurality of acoustic wave detecting elements configured to detect an photoacoustic wave generated when an object is irradiated with light and output time-series detection signals; a member disposed outside the object; and a signal processing unit configured to acquire optical property information inside the object by performing image reconstruction through iterative reconstruction method in accordance with the time-series detection signals and an operand for which a response of the photoacoustic wave deriving from the member has been considered.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Ultrasound testing

An apparatus for imaging structural features below the surface of an object, the apparatus comprising: a transmitter unit configured to transmit a sound pulse at the object; a receiver unit configured to receive reflections of sound pulses transmitted by the transmitter unit from the object; a signal processing unit configured to: analyse one or more signals received by the receiver unit from the object; recognise, in the one or more signals, a reflection that was caused by a first structural feature and a reflection that was caused by a second structural feature that is located, in the object, at least partly behind the first structural feature; and associate each recognised reflection with a relative depth in the object at which the reflection occurred; and an image generation unit configured to generate an image that includes a representation of the first and second structural features in dependence on the recognised reflections and their relative depths.. .
Dolphitech As

Device and processing echo signals, computer readable media storing echo signal processing program and wave radar apparatus

An echo signal processing device is provided. The device includes an image generating module configured to generate an echo image at a plurality of timings, the echo image generated based on echo signals received by an antenna installed in a movable body.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

In-vehicle radar apparatus and target detection method thereof

In an in-vehicle radar apparatus, a signal processing unit calculates a change curve shape of power values of the reception power of the radio waves received by a receiving unit in relation to the distance from the own vehicle when the speed of the own vehicle acquired by a speedometer is a predetermined value or lower and the distance from the own vehicle to the target measured by a measuring unit is a predetermined value or less, and determines a portion of the change curve shape as a target to be detected. The portion indicates a local maximum value or an inflection value of the power values of which a difference in power with a maximum value is within a certain range, among local maximum values or inflection values of the power values at distances closer to the own vehicle than the maximum value of the power values..
Denso Corporation

Apparatus for internetworked wireless integrated network sensors (wins)

The wireless integrated network sensor next generation (wins ng) nodes provide distributed network and internet access to sensors, controls, and processors that are deeply embedded in equipment, facilities, and the environment. The wins ng network is a new monitoring and control capability for applications in transportation, manufacturing, health care, environmental monitoring, and safety and security.
Borgia/cummins, Llc

Laser heterodyne interferometric signal processing method based on locking edge with high frequency digital signal

The present invention discloses a processing method for laser heterodyne interferometric signal based on locking edge with high frequency digital signal. A reference signal and a measurement signal of heterodyne interferometer, after being processed by photodetector, signal amplifier, filtering circuit, voltage comparator and high frequency digital edge locking module, are transferred to pulse counting synchronized latching processing module, to obtain entire cycle interference fringe numbers and filling pulse numbers in one interference fringe cycle, of the reference signal and the measurement signal; the numbers are transferred to a computer to obtain displacement and speed of a measured object; usage of a high frequency digital pulse signal to lock the rising edge of laser heterodyne interferometric signal can improve the gradient of the rising edge of interference signal and eliminate wrong pulse caused by noises, and improve the accuracy and stability of the processing for the following signals..
Zhejiang Sci-tech University

Orientation model for a sensor system

A sensor system for arrangement in a vehicle includes a plurality of sensor elements, a satellite navigation system, and a signal processing device. The signal processing device calculates and/or uses a first group of data of physical variables, whose values relate to a vehicle coordinate system, and calculates and/or uses a second group of data of physical variables, whose values relate to a world coordinate system, for describing the orientation and/or dynamic variables of the vehicle in the world..
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Audio signal processing apparatus and method, and monitoring system

The invention discloses an audio signal processing apparatus and method and a monitoring system. The audio signal processing apparatus includes: a window dividing unit for sequentially reading an inputted audio signal using a sliding window; an energy calculating unit for calculating energy of each frame of the audio signal in each window; a segmenting unit for segmenting, according to distribution of the energy of each frame of the audio signal in each window, the audio signal in the window into multiple segments, such that each segment includes successive frames with approximate energies; a classifying unit for classifying the audio signal in each segment using at least one sound model; and a recognizing unit for recognizing a sound class of the audio signal in each segment according to a result of the classifying by the classifying unit..
Sony Corporation

Systems and methods for processing ultrasound color flow mapping

In one aspect, the invention relates to an ultrasound imaging system that includes an ultrasound receiver configured to receive ultrasound signals scattered from a sample in real time; an acoustic beam former; and an ultrasound data demodulation system. In one embodiment, the ultrasound imaging system further includes a processing system configured to process demodulated scan data and perform ultrasound image generation and flow processing and a display configured to show ultrasound image data and blood flow velocity data relative to such image data.
Sonowise, Inc.

Wireless communication module and manufacturing method thereof

Disclosed herein are a wireless communication module and a manufacturing method thereof. The wireless communication module includes: a high frequency module transmitting and receiving a high frequency signal for wireless communication; a main ic mounted in the high frequency module, configuring a wireless communication related circuit and processing a signal; and a passive electronic component mounted in the high frequency module and performing an auxiliary function in connection with the signal processing.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Analysis of captured random data signals to measure linear and nonlinear distortions

A method to capture random data signals at an end point in a broadband network and process them via digital signal processing (dsp) techniques to determine both linear distortions and nonlinear distortions. In a distribution network, such as a tree and branch cable network, the location of the impairment addition can be identified by determining location of terminals have a distortion and locations of terminals that do not have a distortion.
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.

Video display control device

A video display control device includes a video signal processing section that corrects a video signal and outputs a video signal after correction to a display, and a backlight controlling section that controls a light emission amount of a backlight. A control data generating section allocates to a low gradation region of the video signal a high gradation region dynamic range of the video signal in which a video signal corresponding to a black band region is excluded.
Panasonic Corporation

Video signal processing method and camera device

A video signal processing method and a camera device. The method includes obtaining a video signal, and splitting several frames of images in the video signal into two or more sub-images; performing first processing on the two or more sub-images of the several frames of images using two or more image sensor processor (isp) processing units; and outputting the processed two or more sub-images of the several frames of images.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Video signal processing circuit, video display device, and video signal processing method

The video signal processing circuit which analyzes video signals inputted from outside, performs conversion processing for image quality adjustment on the video signals based on a result of analysis, transmits those towards a video display unit includes: a feature value/maximum value calculation module which calculates a feature value that is a numerical value showing a degree of brightness of the video signals; a gradation conversion threshold value calculation module which calculates a threshold value regarding conversion of the gradation based on a threshold value calculation expression that is formed based on the feature value and a conversion coefficient set in advance; and a gradation conversion module which performs gradation conversion based on a linear function that increases linearly by taking a region of the gradation equal to or higher than the threshold value among the video signals as a target.. .
Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

Adc with enhanced and/or adjustable accuracy

An analog-to-digital-converter includes an input signal connector, an output signal port, two or more sub-adcs, and a digital signal processing block. The result from each sub-adc is used by the digital signal processing block to output data with increased performance..
Hittite Microwave Corporation

Beam monitor system and particle beam irradiation system

A charge collection electrode is formed of a plurality of groups each of which is made up of a plurality of adjoining wire electrodes. Further, all the wire electrodes are connected to channels of a signal processing device by the same number of lines as the wire electrodes belonging to one group so that each detection signal outputted from one wire electrode selected from each group is inputted through the same line and so that no two adjoining channels are physically continuous in regard to a certain set of consecutive measurement channels.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Dynamic ignition and ignition delay multi-mode fuse system

A multi-mode fuse system for use in a warhead for combating a target. At least one target sensor is electrically connected to a signal processing block and an i/o-block.
Saab Ab

Liquid level sensing apparatus and method

Provided is a apparatus for sensing a liquid level reliably based solely on an analog process even if a liquid held in a container boils, causing the liquid level to fall. A liquid level sensing apparatus includes: a probe selection unit configured to select a probe whose heater is to be activated from among the plurality of probes; an input unit configured to receive an output of the temperature sensor of the probe selected by the probe selection unit, the output being received as a temperature signal directly in the form of an analog quantity; a signal processing unit configured to output a processing signal of the temperature signal in synchronization with activation of the heater; a calculation unit configured to arithmetically process the temperature signal and the processing signal and output a result; a gas/liquid discrimination unit configured to discriminate whether the detecting point exists in a gas phase or a liquid phase based on the output result of the arithmetic processing; and a display unit configured to indicate a discrimination result produced by the gas/liquid discrimination unit..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Pressure-measuring glow plug

A pressure-measuring glow plug has a heating pin for igniting a combustion mixture of an internal combustion engine and a pressure sensor for detecting a combustion chamber pressure of the internal combustion engine. The pressure-measuring glow plug has a contacting unit which includes a carrier for accommodating a signal processing unit and a plug connection having connecting contacts in a plug housing.

Transmitter apparatus and signal processing method thereof

A transmitter apparatus and a receiver apparatus are provided. The transmitter apparatus includes: an encoder configured to generate a low density parity check (ldpc) by performing ldpc encoding; an interleaver configured to interleave the ldpc codeword; and a modulator configured to map the interleaved ldpc codeword onto a modulation symbol.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Feature extraction and machine learning for evaluation of audio-type, media-rich coursework

Conventional techniques for automatically evaluating and grading assignments are generally ill-suited to evaluation of coursework submitted in media-rich form. For courses whose subject includes programming, signal processing or other functionally expressed designs that operate on, or are used to produce media content, conventional techniques are also ill-suited.
Kadenze, Inc.

Living body optical measurement apparatus, living body optical measurement method, and engagement member for mobile position sensor

A living body optical measurement apparatus of the present invention includes: a light irradiation/measurement unit for irradiating light to an object and measuring the light passed through the object, a signal processing unit for processing measurement data of the light irradiation/measurement unit and creating a living body optical measurement image, and a position measurement unit for measuring positions where light is irradiated to an object and where the passing light is extracted from the object, the light irradiation/measurement unit includes plural optical fibers. The light irradiation/measurement unit includes plural optical fibers, plural optical fiber plugs attached to the plural optical fibers respectively, and a holder fixed detachably at a measurement site of an object and holds the plural optical fiber plugs.
Hitachi Medical Corporation

Electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus and electrocardiographic signal measurement method

An electrocardiographic signal measurement apparatus includes an outer ear electrode that is made of a material having elasticity and conductivity and is brought into contact with and attached to an area of an outer ear including a boundary region between an auricle and an earlobe configuring the outer ear, an upper arm electrode that is brought into contact with and attached to an upper arm on the opposite side in the horizontal direction to the side where the outer ear electrode is attached to the outer ear, and a signal processing unit that is connected with the outer ear electrode and the upper arm electrode and measures an electrocardiographic signal detected by the outer ear electrode and the upper arm electrode.. .

Methods for processing emergency call and communications apparatuses utilizing the same

A communications apparatus includes a baseband signal processing device, an rf signal processing device, a memory device, and a processor. The processor transmits a normal call-establishment signal with a remote identifier to a network to originate a normal call in response to a first call-origination request with the remote identifier, receives an indication message indicating that the normal call is routed as an emergency call from the network, records the remote identifier in the memory device, and when receiving a second call-origination request with the remote identifier, transmits an emergency call-establishment signal with the remote identifier to the network to originate an emergency call in response to the second call-origination request..
Mediatek Inc.

Method and performing analog-to-digital conversion on multiple input signals

A method, computer-readable storage medium, and signal processing apparatus for processing a plurality of input signals. The method includes receiving or generating a first intermediate signal and a second intermediate signal.
Sony Corporation

Signal processing system for comparing a human-generated signal to a wildlife call signal

Systems and methods for training users to more proficiently make wildlife calls, whether for hunting or other purposes, are described herein. For instance, an embodiment of an interactive learning system can train an enthusiast to more consistently and proficiently make calls that are efficacious with attracting wildlife.

Signal processing system for comparing a human-generated signal to a wildlife call signal

Systems and methods for training users to more proficiently make wildlife calls, whether for hunting or other purposes, are described herein. For instance, an embodiment of an interactive learning system can train an enthusiast to more consistently and proficiently make calls that are efficacious with attracting wildlife.

Automatic hearing aid adaptation over time via mobile application

A hearing assistance system for delivering sounds to a listener provides for programming of a hearing assistance device, such as a hearing aid, using a communication link with a secondary device such as a smartphone. An example hearing assistance system may compensate for a patient's hearing deficit in a gradually progressing fashion over a configured period of absolute time, device operation time, or a combination of absolute and operation time.
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Semiconductor integrated circuit and test method thereof

A semiconductor integrated circuit, operable in a normal mode and a test mode, includes a demodulator, a demodulated signal processing section, a header analysis section, a payload processing section, and a control section. The demodulator demodulates a modulated wireless signal including a synchronization pattern, header, and payload, to generate a demodulated signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Base station apparatus and wireless communication system

Provided is a base station apparatus including an upper layer processor and a lower layer processor. The upper layer processor: holds allocation rights information representing that a cell has a right to allocate a part of a wireless resource owned by the cell to a terminal belonging to the cell, and does not have a right to allocate a remaining part of the wireless resource; allocates the part of the wireless resource which the cell has the right to allocate out of the wireless resource owned by the cell to the terminal; and instructs the lower layer processor to carry out wireless signal processing for the communication to/from the terminal.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Television control apparatus and associated method

A television control apparatus applied to a television system is provided. The television control apparatus includes a signal processing module and a combination module.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

Photoelectric conversion apparatus and image pickup system

Column signal processing units are provided in correspondence with respective columns of a pixel array. The column signal processing unit includes a sample-and-hold unit configured to hold an analog signal output from a pixel, a buffer unit configured to buffer the signal held in the sample-and-hold unit, and an ad conversion unit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Generic platform video image stabilization

Video image stabilization provides better performance on a generic platform for computing devices by evaluating available multimedia digital signal processing components, and selecting the available components to utilize according to a hierarchy structure for video stabilization performance for processing parts of the video stabilization. The video stabilization has improved motion vector estimation that employs refinement motion vector searching according to a pyramid block structure relationship starting from a downsampled resolution version of the video frames.
Microsoft Corporation

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