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Signal Processing patents


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 Data processing  for led television, and led television patent thumbnailData processing for led television, and led television
The disclosure discloses a data processing method and device for a light emitting diode (led) television (tv), and an led tv, wherein the data processing device includes: a signal processing chip configured to perform mode conversion on a received tv signal so as to obtain a first video signal of a preset mode; and a video processing chip connected to the signal processing chip and configured to perform clock synchronization processing on the first video signal so as to obtain a second video signal and output the second video signal to an led display. By means of the disclosure, the problem in the prior art that an led tv can only display a tv signal of a single mode is solved, thereby achieving the effect that the led tv can display videos of various modes and various formats..
Leyard Optoelectronic

 Narrowband operation with reduced sampling rate patent thumbnailNarrowband operation with reduced sampling rate
Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A wireless device may use a sampling rate that is less than a default sampling rate associated with a wireless carrier.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Photonic vector signal generation without precoding patent thumbnailPhotonic vector signal generation without precoding
A novel and simple photonic vector signal generation scheme at radio frequency (rf) bands enabled by a single-drive mach-zehnder modulator (mzm)-based optical carrier suppression (ocs) without precoding techniques and optical filter, which can reduce the complexity of transmitter digital signal processing (dsp), is described. The generation and reception of 16/20/22-gbaud quadrature-phase-shift-keying (qpsk) vector signals at 16/20/22 ghz are experimentally demonstrated, respectively.
Zte Corporation

 Signal processing system and method, base station and user equipment patent thumbnailSignal processing system and method, base station and user equipment
The present disclosure provides a signal processing system and method for a non-orthogonal multiple access communication system, a base station and a user equipment. The signal processing system is configured to perform interleaving processing on information to be transmitted subjected to modulation processing.
Sony Corporation

 Signal processing apparatus, method, and system patent thumbnailSignal processing apparatus, method, and system
The present application discloses a signal processing apparatus and method, the method includes: receive an analog signal; adjust a frequency band of the analog signal to a lowest frequency band when a frequency band of the analog signal received by the receiving unit falls outside the lowest frequency band in multiple preconfigured frequency bands; process, by using a signal processing channel in the lowest frequency band, the analog signal whose frequency band has been adjusted to the lowest frequency band. The method provided in the embodiments of the present application processes signals of different frequency bands by using a processing channel in a lowest frequency band.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 High frequency delay lock loop systems patent thumbnailHigh frequency delay lock loop systems
The present invention is directed to signal processing system and electrical circuits. According to various embodiments, a dll system includes a delay line provides multiple output signals associated with different clock phases.
Inphi Corporation

 System and  digital signal processing patent thumbnailSystem and digital signal processing
The present invention provides for methods and systems for digitally processing an audio signal to reproduce high quality sounds on various materials. In various embodiments, a method comprises filtering the signal with a low shelf filter and/or high shelf filter, passing the signal through a first compressor that, filtering the signal again with a low shelf filter and/or high shelf filter, processing the signal with a graphic equalizer based on a selected material profile, passing the signal through a second compressor, and outputting the signal to a transducer..

 Switched-mode power supply controller patent thumbnailSwitched-mode power supply controller
The present invention relates to nonlinear and time-variant signal processing, and, in particular, to methods, systems, and apparatus for adaptive filtering and control applicable to switching power supplies.. .
Avatekh, Inc.

 Memory element and signal processing circuit patent thumbnailMemory element and signal processing circuit
A memory element having a novel structure and a signal processing circuit including the memory element are provided. A first circuit, including a first transistor and a second transistor, and a second circuit, including a third transistor and a fourth transistor, are included.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Method and system for suppressing noise in speech signals in hearing aids and speech communication devices patent thumbnailMethod and system for suppressing noise in speech signals in hearing aids and speech communication devices
A method for speech enhancement in speech communication devices and more specifically in hearing aids for suppressing stationary and non-stationary background noise in the input speech signal signals is disclosed. The method uses spectral subtraction wherein the noise spectrum is updated using quantile-based estimation without voice activity detection and the quantile values are approximated by dynamic quantile tracking without involving large storage and sorting of past spectral samples.
Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay

Semiconductor device and module adapted to both mipi c-phy and mipi d-phy

A semiconductor device includes first to sixth external connection terminals, a first receiver connected to the first and second external connection terminals, a second receiver connected to the third and fourth external connection terminals, a third receiver connected to the fifth and sixth external connection terminals, a c-phy block, a d-phy block and a main processing section. The c-phy block is configured to generate first reception data by performing signal processing on signals received from the first, second and third receivers in accordance with the mipi c-phy specification.
Synaptics Japan Gk

Digital signal processing for image filtering field

A processor-implemented method and system of this disclosure are configured to correct or resolve artifacts in a received digital image, using a selection of one or more encompassment measures, each encompassing the largest artifact and an optional second smaller artifact. The processor herein is configured to calculate difference in gaussians using blurred versions of the input digital image and optionally, the input digital image itself; to composite the resulting difference in gaussians and the input digital image; and to determine pixels with properties of invariant values, also referred to as invariant pixels.

Buffer, semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor system using the same

A buffer may include a first sensing unit configured to sense data, and a second sensing unit configured to generate equalization control signals according to outputs of the first sensing unit. The buffer may include an equalization delay compensation unit configured to compensate the equalization control signals for signal processing delay times of the equalization control signals, and generate delay-compensated equalization control signals.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Light flicker canceling glasses

Most electric light sources flicker, that is, the intensity of the light that is produced varies substantially in a periodically repeating pattern. In sensitive individuals, light flicker can cause headaches and other undesirable symptoms.

Scanning imaging for encoded psf identification and light field imaging

Scanned illumination allows for capturing 3-dimensional information about an object. A conventional reflection (or transmission) bright field (or fluorescence, darkfield, polarizing, phase contrast or interference) microscope is configured to use laterally scanned illumination (for example by moving an array in front of the light source) to scan an extended object.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Tramp metal detection

A system for detecting and discriminating a metal object in a bulk non-metallic material includes at least one triple-axis magnetometer adapted to detect a change of a magnetic field and output a signal including a detection signal representative of a metal object and a signal processing system adapted to detect the detection signal. The bulk non-metallic may be continuously moving through a detection volume, or may be placed in and removed from the detection volume as a batch..
Syncrude Canada Ltd. In Trust For The Owners Of The Syncrude Project As Such Owners Exist Now And

Wireless piezoelectric accelerometer and system

Wireless piezoelectric accelerometers and systems are provided. A wireless piezoelectric accelerometer may comprise a piezoelectric sensing element configured to sense mechanical acceleration and produce an electrical charge signal in response of the sensed mechanical acceleration, a signal processing module (spm) configured to convert the electrical charge signal into a voltage signal, and process and digitize the voltage signal, and a wireless module configured to modulate and transmit the digitized voltage signal as wireless signals.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Apparatus, distributed chemical or biological to digital conversion to digital information using radio frequencies

An apparatus, method and system for sensing chemical and biological information and converting said information into the electronic digital domain for relay in a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag embedded in a dielectric medium. The apparatus consists of two parts; 1) a single coordinator apparatus providing power, control, signal processing and communications functions wirelessly to 2) a large number of chemical and temperature sensor tags embedded in a lossy dielectric medium that do not contain batteries and cannot function without the coordinator apparatus.

Paired zf sampling for pulse running time filling level sensor

A pulse running time filling level sensor includes a sampling device for sampling an if signal at discrete instants and for converting the sampling values into digital sampling values, and a digital signal processing device for subsequent processing of the digital sampling values by calculating at least one new value characterizing the if curve from respectively exactly two digital sampling values.. .
Vega Grieshaber Kg

Device and determining a mass flow of a fluid, and producing such a device

A device for determining a fluid mass flow includes a sensor element for acquiring the fluid, the sensor element being configured within a flow path of the fluid to provide a sensor signal, an integrated circuit having an operating unit for providing an operating signal for operating the sensor element and a conversion unit for converting the sensor signal into a converted signal, the integrated circuit including a first discrete circuit element having a first terminal for receiving the sensor signal, a second terminal for providing the operating signal, and a third terminal for providing the converted signal, and a signal processing unit to determine, using the converted signal, the mass flow of the fluid, the signal processing unit including a second discrete circuit element having a first terminal for receiving the converted signal and a second terminal for providing a mass flow signal representing the mass flow.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Reducing resonance peaks and drive tones from a micro-electro-mechanical system gyroscope response

Reducing noise from drive tone and sense resonance peaks of a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) gyroscope output using a notch filter is presented herein. The mems gyroscope can include a drive oscillation component configured to vibrate a sensor mass at a drive resonance frequency; a sense circuit configured to detect a deflection of the sensor mass, and generate, based on the deflection and the drive resonance frequency, a demodulated output; and a signal processing component configured to receive a set of frequencies comprising a first value representing the drive resonance frequency and a second value corresponding to a sense resonance frequency associated with the sense circuit, and apply, based on the first value and the second value, a notch filter to the demodulated output to obtain a filtered output..
Invensense, Inc.

Biosignal processing apparatus and method

A biosignal processing apparatus includes a communication interface configured to receive a biosignal, and a processor configured to set a target interval of the biosignal, calculate a quality metric corresponding to the target interval based on a target component that is a frequency component of the target interval corresponding to a set value and a non-target component that is a frequency component of the target interval not corresponding to the set value, and estimate a quality of the biosignal based on the quality metric.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Multi-rate analyte sensor data collection with sample rate configurable signal processing

Systems, methods and apparatus are provided for determining an estimate of an analyte level over time. The invention includes sampling sensor data using an analyte sensor positioned at least partially subcutaneously; storing a plurality of datasets of sensor data, each at a different rate; determining an estimated analyte level based on the datasets; and outputting the estimated analyte level to a display.
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.

Digital baseband transport in telecommunications distribution systems

A telecommunications system is provided that includes a unit for communicating channelized digital baseband signals with remotely located units. The channelized digital baseband signals include call information for wireless communication.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Wireless repeater with arbitrary programmable selectivity

The invention relates to wireless repeater systems and methods. In embodiments, such systems and methods involve receiving a wireless transmission signal; and processing the wireless transmission signal using a digital signal processing facility (dsp); wherein the dsp is adapted to filter at least one sub-band of the wireless transmission signal using a digital bandpass filter..

Audio signal processing

Embodiments of the present invention relate to audio signal processing. Specifically, a method for processing audio signal is provided, the method comprising: determining, for a current frame of the audio signal, frequency band energies for a plurality of predefined frequency bands at least partially based on frequency parameters of the current frame; generating frequency band gains for the plurality of predefined frequency bands by processing the frequency band energies; and generating frequency bin gains for the current frame based on the frequency band gains using predefined frequency band filter banks, the frequency band filter banks being specific to the plurality of predefined frequency bands.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Image sensor and signal processing method thereof

An image sensor device and a signal processing method thereof are provided. The image sensor includes a plurality of pixels, and at least one pixel of the plurality of pixels includes a micro lens, a filter which includes a first area for filtering a first color signal from a light signal transmitted through the micro lens, and a second area for filtering a second color signal from the transmitted signal, and a first photodiode for converting the first color signal into an electric signal, and a second photodiode for converting the second color signal into an electric signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Signal processing method

A signal method of processing in a receiver a signal that has been encoded and interleaved in a transmitter comprising: receiving a signal, process the signal to obtain a stream of soft metrics representing bit probability of symbols in a predetermined constellation; applying to said soft metric a compression operation that preserves the total length of each group of soft metrics relative to a same constellation symbol; rearranging the stream of compressed soft metrics so as to inverse the interleaving done in the transmitter.. .
Ali Europe Sarl

Interference-excising diversity receiver adaptation using frame syn- chronous signal features and attributes

An apparatus and digital signal processing means are disclosed for excision of co-channel interference from signals received in crowded or hostile environments using spatial/polarization diverse arrays, which reliably and rapidly identifies signals with transmitted features that are almost-periodic over known framing intervals, and exploits those features to develop diversity combining weights that substantively extract those signals from that environment, based on differing diversity signature, timing offset, and carrier offset of those signals. In one embodiment, the signal identification and extraction is performed in an appliqué that can be implemented without coordination with an actual radio transceiver..

Base station signal matching device

A base station signal matching device is a base station signal matching device mounted in a distributed antenna system for amplifying a received base station signal and transmitting the amplified base station signal to a user terminal. The base station signal matching device includes a first unit for generating first and second branch base station signals by using a power division function based on the base station signal, and transmitting the second branch base station signal to a third unit, and a second unit for matching the first branch base station signal to be suitable for signal processing of the distributed antenna system..
Solid, Inc.

System and combining mimo and mode-division multiplexing

A communications system includes first signal processing circuitry for receiving a plurality of input data streams and applying a different orthogonal function to each of the plurality of input data streams. Second signal processing circuitry processes each of the plurality of input data streams having the different orthogonal function applied thereto to locate a first group of the plurality of input data streams having a first orthogonal function applied thereto onto a carrier signal and locates a second group of the plurality of input data streams having a second orthogonal function applied thereto onto the carrier signal.
Nxgen Partners Ip, Llc

Systems and methods for selecting digital content channels using low noise block converters including digital channelizer switches

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention include converting satellite signals to an intermediate frequency signal for content decoding, and selecting modulated digital data within the satellite signals for content decoding using digital signal processing. One embodiment includes a system configured to select at least one content channel from an input signal including a plurality of content channels modulated onto a carrier, the system including: a digital channelizer switch including: a high speed analog to digital converter configured to digitize an intermediate frequency signal; a digital channelizer configured to digitally tune a content channel from the digitized intermediate frequency signal; and a high speed digital to analog converter configured to generate an analog output signal using the content channel digitally tuned from the digitized intermediate frequency signal by the digital channelizer..
Entropic Communications, Llc

Computationally efficient arc detector with coherent sampling

Switching interference is a primary artifact which affects the accuracy of arc detectors. To address switching interference, conventional arc detectors employ computationally intensive techniques which are often designed specifically for a target application.
Analog Devices Global

Method and monitoring and controlling electrical energy consumption

A method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling electrical energy consumption in an electrical circuit is provided. The monitoring device includes a sensor coupled to the electrical circuit for producing an electrical fault signal when a fault is detected in the circuit, a signal processing unit coupled to the fault sensor for improving the signal to noise ratio of the fault signal, a fault trigger condition register for storing at least one response action to be taken by the monitoring device when the fault condition is detected and a central processing unit (cpu) coupled to the signal processing unit and to the fault trigger condition register.

Sparse modulation for robust signaling and synchronization

The present disclosure relates to advanced image processing and encoded signal processing. One claim currently recites an image processing method comprising the acts: receiving a digital representation of artwork, the artwork having an area of uniform color; generating a two-dimensional data signal that redundantly encodes a plural-bit message, the data signal comprising plural elements, each of which has a single bit value; receiving a two-dimensional synchronization signal comprising plural elements, each of which has a plural-bit value, each element of said data signal having an element of the synchronization signal corresponding thereto; processing the two-dimensional data signal with the two-dimensional synchronization signal and with a gradient function to yield a two-dimensional gradient marking signal; and printing an ink counterpart of the gradient marking signal on a medium with the artwork, said printing comprising printing plural dithered two-dimensional blocks of at least four contiguous elements each, in which one or more elements of each block are printed to be dark.
Digimarc Corporation

Face detection device, imaging apparatus, and face detection method

A face detection device for detecting the face of a person in an input image includes the following elements: a face detection circuit including a hardware circuit configured to detect a face in an input image; a signal processing circuit configured to perform signal processing based on an input image signal in accordance with a rewritable program including a face detection program for detecting a face in an input image; and a controller configured to allow the face detection circuit and the signal processing circuit to perform face detection on an image of a frame or on respective images of adjacent frames among consecutive frames, and to control face detection by the signal processing circuit on the basis of a face detection result obtained by the face detection circuit.. .
Sony Corporation

Signal processing systems

This invention relates to methods, apparatus, and computer programme code for processing acoustic signal data to determine where an object has been tapped with a stylus, finger nail or the like. The method involved storing a set of labelled training data comprising digitised waveforms from a sensor for taps at a plurality of different locations.
Inputdynamics Limited

Impedance sensor and electronic apparatus using the same

An impedance sensor and an electronic apparatus using the same are provided. The impedance sensor includes an impedance-bridge circuit, a compensation circuit, and a signal processing circuit.
Unisense Technology Co., Ltd

Physiology measuring system and method thereof

A method processed by a signal processing device of a physiology measuring system includes calculating a pulse time difference of a first pulse peak and a second pulse peak; calculating a pulse wave velocity; and calculating a systolic blood pressure of an artery, and a diastolic blood pressure of the artery; wherein the first pulse peak and the second pulse peak is generated by a sensing device; wherein the sensing device emits a plurality of first radiated pulse signals to a first measure point of the artery and, in turn, receiving a plurality of first scattered pulse signals reflected from the first measure point of the artery; and wherein the sensing device emits a plurality of second radiated pulse signals to a second measure point of the artery and, in turn, receiving a plurality of second scattered pulse signals from the second measure point of the artery.. .
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Image pickup system

An image pickup system includes a first led whose first light emission quantity decreases as a first cumulative lighting time period increases, a second led whose second light emission quantity decreases as a second cumulative lighting time period increases, an image pickup device configured to pick up an image of an object irradiated with light from the first and second leds of which colors are different from each other and generate first and second video signals, and a light-emitting element degradation level correction section in a video signal processing section configured to acquire the first and second light emission quantities based on the first and second cumulative lighting time periods, perform gain adjustment based on a light emission quantity ratio on the first and second video signals and thereby correct a difference in a degradation level between the first and second leds.. .
Olympus Corporation

Fluorescence observation endoscope system

A fluorescence observation endoscope system includes a light source apparatus configured to include one light emitting body configured to be able to emit light in a first wavelength band which is radiated onto medicine administered to a living body to thereby emit fluorescence, light in a second wavelength band and light in a third wavelength band, a light guide, an image pickup section configured to include an image pickup device to simultaneously receive the fluorescence and reflected light of the light in the second and third wavelength bands, and a signal processing apparatus configured to generate color display images from an image pickup signal of the fluorescence and second and third image pickup signals acquired from the reflected light of the light in the second and third wavelength bands.. .
Olympus Corporation

Audio signal processing method and audio signal processing apparatus

An audio signal processing method and an audio signal processing apparatus for synchronizing audio based on synchronization error between audio signals.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Audio signal processing method and apparatus

To this end, provided are a method for processing an audio signal, which includes: receiving an input audio signal including a multi-channel signal; receiving truncated subband filter coefficients for filtering the input audio signal, the truncated subband filter coefficients being at least some of subband filter coefficients obtained from binaural room impulse response (brir) filter coefficients for binaural filtering of the input audio signal and the length of the truncated subband filter coefficients being determined based on filter order information obtained by at least partially using reverberation time information extracted from the corresponding subband filter coefficients; obtaining vector information indicating the brir filter coefficients corresponding to each channel of the input audio signal; and filtering each subband signal of the multi-channel signal by using the truncated subband filter coefficients corresponding to the relevant channel and subband based on the vector information and an apparatus for processing an audio signal by using the same.. .

Method and processing video signal

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing a video signal, which can increase the accuracy of the motion vector prediction through motion vector scaling which takes a difference in the temporal distance between reference pictures into consideration. To this end, the present invention provides a video signal processing method and a video signal processing apparatus using the same, and the method comprises the steps of: scaling at least one neighboring partition motion vector for a motion vector prediction of the current partition; scaling the neighboring partition motion vector, which has been selected, when the reference picture of the neighboring partition motion vector is different from the reference picture of the current partition; acquiring a motion vector prediction value of the current partition using the scaled motion vector; and acquiring a motion vector of the current partition using the motion vector prediction value..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Image capturing apparatus and image capturing method

In a high speed image capturing state, a camera signal processing circuit is not needed to perform a signal process at a high screen rate, but at a regular screen rate. In the high speed image capturing mode, raw data of 240 fps received from an image sensor 101 are recorded on a recording device 111 through a conversion processing section 201 and a recording device controlling circuit 210.
Sony Corporation

Radio signal processing apparatus and method, and terminal

The present invention belongs to the communications field, and discloses a radio signal processing apparatus and method, and a terminal. This not only can avoid wasting resources, but also can fully use a received radio signal, thereby improving usage of using a received radio signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Multi-mixer system and associated receiver and signal processing method

A multi-mixer system comprising a plurality of mixers and a filter module is provided. Each of the mixers is selectively enabled to mix an input signal with a corresponding oscillation signal to generate an output signal at an output node; and the filter module provides different frequency responses for the output signals from at least two of the output nodes of the mixers, wherein the at least two of the output nodes of the mixers are connected to different internal nodes of the filter module..
Mediatek Inc.

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