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Signal Processing patents

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Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording…

Konica Minolta

Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording…

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device


Controllable signal processing in a biometric device

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device


Channel-sensitive power control

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signal Processing-related patents
 General purpose processing unit with low power digital signal processing (dsp) mode patent thumbnailnew patent General purpose processing unit with low power digital signal processing (dsp) mode
A method and circuit arrangement utilize a general purpose processing unit having a low power dsp mode for reconfiguring the general purpose processing unit to efficiently execute dsp workloads with reduced power consumption. When in a dsp mode, one or more of a data cache, an execution unit, and simultaneous multithreading may be disabled to reduce power consumption and improve performance for dsp workloads.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Signal processing device and  initializing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Signal processing device and initializing the same
Provided is a signal processing device including: a digital signal detector outputting an inputted serial digital signal; a clock signal generator generating a clock signal on the basis of the serial digital signal; a chip selection signal generator generating a chip selection signal for selecting a chip by using at least one signal of the clock signal and the serial digital signal; and an initializer detecting an initializing signal included in the serial digital signal and generates a reset signal for initializing an operation of the clock signal generator and the chip selection signal generator on the basis of the initializing signal.. .
Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science
 Sensor with interface for functional safety patent thumbnailnew patent Sensor with interface for functional safety
A sensor interface operates to communicate a sensed quantity along one or more processing pathways and in different data representations. The signal representations can be swapped along one or more locations of the signal processing branches.
Infineon Technologies Ag
 Ultrasonic imaging device patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasonic imaging device
According to a method of adaptive signal processing, compensation for deterioration of image quality caused by wavefront distortion is provided in an ultrasound imaging apparatus, with a low computing amount and with a precision. The elements 106 receive ultrasound signals from a test subject, and the delay circuit 204 delays each of the signals received by the plural elements in association with a predetermined position of a receive focus.
Hitachi, Ltd
 Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound signal processing device, ultrasound signal processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Preceding decoders each convolve a corresponding one of a plurality of transducer elements constituting a transducer element array of an ultrasound probe with an impulse response waveform, while varying a filter coefficient corresponding to time side lobes for each transmission event. A succeeding decoder stores, in a memory, a reception beam signal that is output from a reception beam former.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
 Accessories for remote monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Accessories for remote monitoring
An accessory for remote monitoring, including: a body capable of being placed on a human body; a measurement unit installed in the body and measuring a change in surroundings; a signal processing unit for processing a signal acquired from the measurement unit; and a wireless communication unit including a monopole antenna transmitting the signal processed by the signal processing unit and a ground installed along the body, corresponding to the monopole antenna. The signal processing unit and the monopole antenna are manufactured in a small size to be formed in the accessories body or periphery of the accessories body, and a space for wiring the ground may be obtained by using a band or the accessories body in an extended shape..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Controllable signal processing in a biometric device patent thumbnailnew patent Controllable signal processing in a biometric device
A processing channel is operatively connected to a biometric device. The processing channel includes an analog-to-digital converter (adc) connected to at least one of an amplifier and an offset circuit.
Apple Inc.
 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof
A transmitting apparatus includes: a baseband packet generator configured to generate a baseband packet including a header and payload data corresponding to an input stream; a frame generator configured to generate a frame including the baseband packet; a signal processor configured to process the generated frame; and a transmitter configured to transmit the processed frame, wherein the header includes information about whether a number of null packets deleted when generating the baseband packet is more than a predetermined number, information about a number of packets within the baseband packet, and information about a number of the deleted null packets.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Channel-sensitive power control patent thumbnailnew patent Channel-sensitive power control
A communication receiver which applies signal processing for quantitatively estimating receive signal factors such as communication channel quality, signal characteristics, and overall system received bit error rate (ber) or packet error rate (per) and which applies a general algorithm for mapping these estimated factors to control receiver performance and minimize power consumption.. .
Maxlinear, Inc.
 Systems and methods for high precision and/or low loss regulation of output currents of power conversion systems patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for high precision and/or low loss regulation of output currents of power conversion systems
Systems and methods are provided for signal processing. An example error amplifier for processing a reference signal and an input signal associated with a current of a power conversion system includes a first operational amplifier, a second operational amplifier, a first transistor, a second transistor, a current mirror component, a switch, a first resistor and a second resistor.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.
new patent

Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof

Provided are a transmitting apparatus, a receiving apparatus and methods of transmitting and receiving a data frame. The transmitting apparatus includes: a frame generator configured to cluster a predetermined number of frames to generate a frame cluster, at least one of the frames being generated by mapping data contained in an input stream to at least one signal processing path; an information inserter configured to insert signaling information into a signaling area of the at least one frame; and a transmitter configured to transmit the frame with the signaling information inserted therein, wherein the signaling information comprises profile information and duration information about the frame included in the frame cluster..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Solid-state imaging device, signal processing device and signal processing solid-state imaging device, and imaging apparatus

A solid-state imaging device includes a pixel array unit in which unit pixels are arranged in a matrix shape and a signal processing circuit that obtains a first video signal and performs processing for combining the first and second video signals. The signal processing circuit includes judging means that judges whether a pixel of interest in the pixel array unit is a pixel to be saturated during an exposure period, calculating means that sets the pixel of interest as a correction pixel and calculates a correction amount on the basis of a luminance value of the second video signal of a peripheral pixel of the correction pixel, and correcting means that applies the correction amount to a luminance value of the first video signal of the correction pixel to thereby correct a noise signal amount due to photo-charges leaking from the peripheral pixel into the correction pixel..
Sony Corporation
new patent

Method and system for multi-service reception

A multi-service antenna may comprise: a support structure, a reflector mounted to the support structure, a signal processing assembly mounted with the support structure, a first wire strung between the reflector and the support structure and/or the signal processing assembly, and circuitry for processing a first signal received as a result of electromagnetic radiation (e.g., terrestrial television and/or cellular signals) incident on the first wire. The circuitry for processing the first signal may be housed in the signal processing assembly.
Maxlinear, Inc.
new patent

Low power asynchronous gps baseband processor

Asynchronous global positioning system (gps) baseband processor architectures with a focus on minimizing power consumption. All subsystems run at their natural frequency without clocking and all signal processing is done on-the-fly..
Cornell University
new patent

Method and control of switched-mode power supplies

The present invention relates to nonlinear and time-variant signal processing, and, in particular, to methods, systems, and apparatus for adaptive filtering and control applicable to switching power supplies.. .
Avatekh, Inc.
new patent

Eye imaging apparatus and systems

Various embodiments of an eye imaging apparatus are disclosed. In some embodiments, the eye imaging apparatus may comprise a light source, an image sensor, a hand-held computing device, and an adaptation module.
Visunex Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
new patent

Luminous keyboard

A luminous keyboard includes a light-emitting element, a proximity sensor, a membrane wiring board, and plural keys. The plural keys are aligned with the plural membrane switches for triggering the plural membrane switches.
Primax Electronics Ltd.
new patent

Apparatus for driving gyro sensor and control method thereof

Disclosed herein is an apparatus for driving a gym sensor including a driving displacement signal processing unit, a sensing signal processing unit and an automatic quadrature signal controller configured to control the variable resistor through digital correction when a quadrature signal exists, and minimize an amplitude of the quadrature signal.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Signal processing apparatus

A signal processing apparatus includes a storage unit, a signal conditioner, and a controller. The controller connected writes a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol into the storage unit.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Signal processing apparatus

A signal processing apparatus includes a switch, a signal conditioner, and multiple storage units. Each of the storage units stores a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Signal processing apparatus

A signal processing apparatus includes a switch, a signal conditioner, multiple storage units, and a controller. Each of the storage units stores a set of signal transmission parameters in compliance with a communication protocol.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Bioinformation processing apparatus and signal processing method

Disclosed is a biological information processing apparatus and a signal processing method, wherein a biological signal comprising a first signal component having periodicity is generated, and a given frequency distribution is generated based on a second-order difference signal obtained by subjecting the biological signal to a second-order differencing operation, whereafter, with respect to the generated frequency distribution, an effective greatest frequency zone which is a zone having a greatest frequency of an interval-time is determined based on a given criterion, and a period of the first signal component is calculated based on an average time interval in the effective greatest frequency zone.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Acoustic monitoring of block caving

Apparatus is provided featuring a signal processing module configured to receive signaling containing information about detected acoustic emissions related to ore being mined from a block cave in a block caving process, including falling ore that creates unique acoustic signatures; and determine information about the ore being mined from the block cave in the block caving process, based at least partly on the signaling received. The signal processing module may receive the signaling from an array of acoustic sensors placed around the block cave, including where the array of acoustic sensors surrounds the block cave in both vertical and horizontal directions.
Cidra Corporate Services Inc.

Method and system for optical blood pressure monitoring

An apparatus, methods and a system for cuffless blood pressure monitoring are provided. The system includes an optical bcg sensor, a ppg sensor, a transceiver and a signal processing device.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Transceiving module, antenna, base station and signal receiving method

Embodiments of the present invention relate to the field of wireless communication technologies, and provide a transceiving module, an antenna, a base station and a signal receiving method, which are capable of implementing receiving of four dual-band signals and improving uplink network performance of a base station. The transceiving module includes a combining-splitting network, a set of transceiving unit arrays and a signal processing unit that are connected to each other in sequence, and further includes a combining network setting with a connection point connected to another transceiving module, a co-element filter unit separately connected to the combining-splitting network and the combining network, and a pair of receiving units connected to the signal processing unit, where the pair of receiving units in the transceiving module is disposed with a connection point connected to the another transceiving module.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Directional microphone device, acoustic signal processing method, and program

A directional microphone includes: a microphone which generates a first acoustic signal that has sensitivity in a target direction; a microphone which generates a second acoustic signal that has a blind spot in sensitivity in the target direction; a correction unit which multiplies, in a frequency domain, the second acoustic signal by the first acoustic signal n times, where n is greater than zero, to generate a third acoustic signal which includes the second acoustic signal that has a narrowed angular range of the blind spot in sensitivity in the target direction; and a suppression unit which performs noise suppression using the first acoustic signal as a main signal and the third acoustic signal generated as a reference signal, to generate an output acoustic signal which is the first acoustic signal that has narrowed directivity in the target direction.. .
Panasonic Corporation

Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, program, and signal transmission system

A signal processing apparatus includes a mapping unit configured to multiplex first to fourth pixel data with respect to areas of first to fourth signals of a data stream prescribed in a predetermined sdi (serial digital interface) format, respectively. The first to fourth pixel data respectively correspond to first to fourth colors of video data in which pixels are arranged on a block basis with 2×2 pixels as the block, and the 2×2 pixels respectively correspond to the first to fourth colors..
Sony Corporation

Clock and data recovery architecture with adaptive digital phase skew

In described embodiments, a method for producing sample decisions with a digital signal processing-based serdes device includes converting an analog signal to a digital signal, equalizing the digital signal, selecting inputs for a phase detector in a main cdr loop, computing a phase difference signal, producing a phase skew to signals for a last equalization stage by a first interpolation filter bank, generating a control signal to control the phase provided by the first interpolation filter bank by a phase skew adaptation loop, and updating the phase skew values to generate a resulting decision. A device includes a first interpolation filter bank inserted between the equalization stages is configured to generate phase skew signals to a last equalization stage and a phase skew loop responsive to the last equalization stage is configured to adjust the phase skew provided by the first interpolation filter bank..
Lsi Corporation

Methods for estimation and interference suppression for signal processing

A receiver in a cdma system comprises a front end processor that generates a combined signal per source. A symbol estimator processes the combined signal to produce symbol estimates.
Iii Holdings 1, Llc

Signal processing apparatus, object detecting apparatus, apparatus provided with object detecting function, and object detecting method

Provided is a technology which is able to detect an object with high accuracy. A signal processing apparatus 1 includes a generating unit 2 and a detecting unit 3.
Nec Corporation

Image signal processing device, transmitting device, image signal processing method, program and image signal processing system

An image signal processing device is provided which includes a receiving unit for receiving an image signal and setting information for each predetermined unit of the image signal including image type setting information to define whether the image signal represents a stereoscopic image and gamma correction setting information to define a gamma correction amount for the image signal, a gamma correcting unit for performing gamma correction for the image signal based on the gamma correction setting information included in the setting information received by the receiving unit, and a stereoscopic image processing unit for selectively performing a process to display the stereoscopic image for the image signal corrected by the gamma correcting unit based on the image type setting information included in the setting information received by the receiving unit.. .
Sony Corporation

Signal processing method, signal processor, and display device including signal processor

A method of signal-processing input image data of a display device including a plurality of pixels, each pixel including a green subpixel and one of a red subpixel and a blue subpixel, the method includes: performing a gamma-conversion on input image data corresponding to the one of the red subpixel and the blue subpixel in each pixel; distributing the gamma-converted input image data corresponding to a center pixel to image data of a pixel in a vertical direction based on the center pixel by a first ratio; and distributing the gamma-converted input image data corresponding to the center pixel to image data of a pixel in a horizontal direction based on the center pixel by a second ratio, where the green subpixel and the one of the red subpixel and the blue subpixel are diagonally disposed in each pixel.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Touch stylus and operating method thereof

A touch stylus and operating method thereof are disclosed. The touch stylus includes a power supply, a pressure sensing unit, a signal processing unit, and an output unit.
Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

Signal processing device and signal processing method

To provide a signal processing device which enable the user to rapidly repeat an operation of changing to a different resolution with a fingertip touch in the line of sight to a displayed graph. A display unit 31 that displays a graph, a touch panel 32 that is provided so as to correspond to a display screen 31a and includes a touch sensor for outputting positional information associated with a touch operation, and a parameter data table 44 that stores a plurality of processing parameters corresponding to each positional information item.
Anritsu Corporation

Controller and controlling a signal processor

A controller for controlling a signal processor includes a transformation unit and a control unit. The transformation unit is configured to generate at least one amplitude-modulation-to-phase-modulation-distortion within a signal, output by using the signal processor according to a signal processing, based on generated at least one amplitude-modulation-to-amplitude-modulation-distortion of the signal.

Multi-functional online testing system for semiconductor light-emitting devices or modules and method thereof

The disclosure provides a system and method for multi-functional online testing of semiconductor light-emitting devices or modules. The system comprises an electrical characteristic generating and testing equipment, one or more optical characteristic detecting and controlling equipments, an optical signal processing and analyzing equipment, one or more thermal characteristic detecting equipments, a central monitoring and processing computer, a multi-channel integrated drive controlling equipment, one or more multi-stress accelerated degradation controlling equipments, and one or more load boards.
Institute Of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy Science

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance imaging method

According to one embodiment, an mri apparatus includes a data acquisition unit and an image generation unit. The data acquisition unit acquires an analog mr signal from an object and converts the analog mr signal into a digital mr signal.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Automated image analysis for magnetic resonance imaging

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system, comprising: a magnetic resonance imaging scanner configured to generate a plurality of signals for forming at least one magnetic resonance image of a soft tissue region from a subject under observation, wherein the at least one magnetic resonance image provides at least one integrating feature to facilitate automatic segmentation; a signal processing system in communication with the magnetic resonance imaging scanner to receive the plurality of signals; and a data storage unit in communication with the signal processing system, wherein the data storage unit contains at least one template corresponding to the soft tissue region, wherein the signal processing system is adapted to process the plurality of signals received from the magnetic resonance imaging scanner to automatically perform segmentation for the soft tissue region of the subject under observation by utilizing the at least one template and the at least one integrating feature.. .

Multi-rotation encoder

A battery-less multi-rotation encoder including detection coils with the barkhausen effect includes a rotation detection mechanism and a signal processing circuit. The detection coils generate voltage pulses with different positive and negative signs, and transmit them to the signal processing circuit, and the signal processing circuit includes a controller and an adder.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Measurement system utilizing a frequency-dithered local oscillator

An improved receiver system may include an input to receive an input signal, and a signal generating circuit to generate a desired oscillator signal that is a single sideband radio frequency signal of time varying frequency. The receiver may also include a downconversion stage to generate an intermediate frequency (if) signal based on the input signal and the desired oscillator signal.
National Instruments Corporation

Signal processing device and method

The present invention relates to a signal processing device and method. The device receives, from a sensor which measures a physical quantity applied thereto and outputs an accumulated or integrated value of the physical quantity as an m-bit digital value, the digital value, and, when a difference between the physical quantities at two successive data acquisition times lies within a predetermined range and an absolute value of a digital counter increment is greater than 2m-1, calculate the digital counter increment as the physical quantity measured by the sensor..
Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Minute signal detection method and system

In an environment in which signal-to-noise is poor, a method and a system configuration for power-saving, low-cost, and general minute signal detection are provided. The system includes a circuit that converts and amplifies an input signal, a nonlinear analog front-end circuit that determines the existence of a minute signal from the input signal and that outputs information on the existence of the same as an event signal, an analog-to-digital-conversion circuit that drives operation-mode control based on the event signal and performs analog-to-digital conversion on the converted-and-amplified input signal, a data-transfer circuit that drives the operation-mode control by the event signal and transfers the analog-to-digital converted signal, a digital-signal-processing circuit that drives the operation-mode control by the event signal and performs digital-signal processing on the signal transmitted from the data-transfer circuit and detects the signal, and a parameter-control circuit that controls a characteristic parameter of the nonlinear analog front-end circuit..
Hitachi Ltd.

Planar motor rotor displacement measuring device and its measuring method

A planar motor rotor displacement measuring device and its measuring method are provided. The motor is a moving-coil type planar motor.
Tsinghua University

Sample analysis apparatus, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium and sample analysis method

In accordance with an embodiment, a sample analysis apparatus includes an electron beam source, first and second detection units, first and second signal processing units, an x-ray path calculation unit, an x-ray detection intensity calculation unit, and a data correction unit. The electron beam source generates and applies the electron beam to a sample composed of kinds of elements.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (101) for transporting persons or loads, including a plurality of preferably equivalent and redundant electric motors (3) and propellers (2), substantially arranged in one surface, wherein each propeller is assigned an individual electric motor to drive the propeller, the aircraft being characterized in that at least one attitude sensor is provided for attitude control of the aircraft (101) in an active signal connection to at least one signal processing unit which is designed or set up to automatically perform the attitude control based on measurement data from the attitude sensor by regulating the speed of at least some of the electric motors (3), preferably with signal actions of the speed controller assigned to each electric motor such that the aircraft (101) is positioned in space with the surface defined by the propeller (2) substantially horizontal at all times, without control input by a pilot or a remote control.. .
E-volo Gmbh

High-frequency signal processing apparatus and wireless communication apparatus

A high-frequency signal processing apparatus and a wireless communication apparatus can achieve a decrease in power consumption. For example, when an indicated power level to a high-frequency power amplifier is equal to or greater than a second reference value, envelope tracking is performed by causing a source voltage control circuit to control a high-speed dcdc converter using a detection result of an envelope detecting circuit and causing a bias control circuit to indicate a fixed bias value.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hearing device and identifying hearing situations having different signal sources

A hearing aid has an acoustoelectric transducer, a pickup device for picking up an electrical or electromagnetic signal and converting it into an electrical signal. The hearing aid further has a signal processing device, an electromechanical transducer for outputting an acoustic signal, and a signal estimation device.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

Multi-rate filter system

A multi-rate filter system is disclosed. More particularly, a computationally efficient multi-rate filter system for processing an audio stream on a consumer electronics device is disclosed.
Actiwave Ab

System and estimating an amplifier operating point using measurements at a receiver

An apparatus includes a receiver component, a first signal processing component and a second signal processing component. The receiver component can receive a transmission signal, wherein the received transmission signal reflects an encoded and modulated initial source signal, amplified via a source transmitter, and transmitted over one or more channels of a wireless communications network.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof

A transmitting apparatus includes a frame generator configured to map data included in an input stream to at least one signal processing path to generate a frame, an information inserter configured to insert signaling information to a signaling region of the frame, and a transmitter configured to transmit the frame with the signaling information inserted therein. The signaling information including input stream synchronizer (issy) mode information, receiver buffer size information required according to the issy mode information, and time information representing a time between a p1 symbol of a preset frame for transmitting a user packet and an output of a preset bit of a first user packet of the user packet..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for ip and voip device location determination

A method and system for precise position determination of general internet protocol (ip) network-connected devices. A method enables use of remote intelligence located at strategic network points to distribute relevant assistance data to ip devices with embedded receivers.
Iposi, Inc.

Transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and transparent substrate method

Provided are a transparent substrate monitoring apparatus and a transparent substrate monitoring method. The transparent substrate monitoring apparatus includes a light emitting unit emitting light; a double slit disposed on a plane defined in a first direction and a second direction intersecting a propagation direction of incident light and includes a first slit and a second slit spaced apart from each other in the first direction to allow the light to pass therethrough; an optical detection unit measuring an intensity profile or position of an interference pattern formed on a screen plane; and a signal processing unit receiving a signal from the optical detection unit to calculate an optical phase difference or an optical path difference..
Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science

Video display device and television receiving device

The present invention makes possible video expressions with increased feeling of brightness and increased contrast feeling and to be able to prevent the feeling of brightness and the contrast feeling from becoming unnatural during execution of the multi display. This video display device comprises: a control portion (a signal processing portion (1); an area-active-control/luminance-stretch-portion (4)) that controls a displaying portion (8) and a backlight portion (6); and a display instruction detection portion (13a) that detects display instructions of first and second input video signals.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Photoelectric conversion apparatus and photoelectric conversion system

In a photoelectric conversion apparatus, a signal generation circuit includes an amplification unit which generates a reference signal and which is configured the same as amplification units included in pixel output circuits, and a signal based on a reference signal is supplied to input nodes of a plurality of signal processing circuits or input nodes of a plurality of signal output circuits.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Two-dimensional touch panel

A capacitive touch panel is provided capable of detecting multiple simultaneous touches. The touch panel delivers sets of capacitance signal values to a processor which computes the coordinates of single or multiple touch locations on the touch panel.

Filtering antenna systems, devices, and methods

The present subject matter relates to filtering antenna devices, systems, and methods in which a tunable antenna having one or more first variable impedance element is configured to selectively vary an impedance at a signal path output and a tunable filter is in communication between the signal path output of the tunable antenna and a signal processing chain. The tunable filter can have one or more second variable impedance element configured to provide a frequency-selective filtering response between the signal path output and the signal processing chain.

Electronics for a thin bed array induction logging system

A logging tool electronics system is disclosed with noise minimization features and pulse compression signal processing techniques to improve the signal-to-noise ratio of array induction logging tools. The borehole is radiated with a magnetic field produced by a configurable multi-frequency and/or multi-amplitude sine wave signal stimulus section driving a fully differential single transmitter coil.
Pico Technologies Llc

Speech/audio signal processing method and apparatus

The present invention discloses a speech/audio signal processing method and apparatus. In an embodiment, the speech/audio signal processing method includes: when a speech/audio signal switches bandwidth, obtaining an initial high frequency signal corresponding to a current frame of speech/audio signal; obtaining a time-domain global gain parameter of the initial high frequency signal; performing weighting processing on an energy ratio and the time-domain global gain parameter, and using an obtained weighted value as a predicted global gain parameter, where the energy ratio is a ratio between energy of a historical frame of high frequency time-domain signal and energy of a current frame of initial high frequency signal; correcting the initial high frequency signal by using the predicted global gain parameter, to obtain a corrected high frequency time-domain signal; and synthesizing a current frame of narrow frequency time-domain signal and the corrected high frequency time-domain signal and outputting the synthesized signal..
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.

Optical sensor

Three light emitting elements and one light receiving element are provided on a surface of a substrate. An arithmetic processing portion of a signal processing circuit separates three reflected light signals from a light detection signal from the light receiving element.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Programmable control apparatus, method, and program

Provided is a programmable control apparatus for performing a self-diagnosis process using a short-period single loop. The programmable control apparatus includes: a signal processing unit configured to sequentially process inputted external signals based on a program in a memory; a data acquisition unit configured to acquire data from a specified nth block of a plurality of blocks obtained by dividing an area of the memory; a diagnostic unit configured to diagnose health of the nth block based on the acquired data and then prompt a next external signal to be processed; and a block specification unit configured to cause health of an (n+1)th block to be diagnosed after the next external signal is processed..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Measurement device and measurement method

A measurement device includes: a light source that generates a pump beam and a stokes beam; a pulse stretch section that stretches the pulse of the pump beam so that the pulse width of the stokes beam is shorter than the pulse width of the pump beam; an optical splitter that splits the stokes beam into two beams; an optical scan section that scans a subject with the pulse-stretched pump beam and one of the two beams split by the optical splitter; a first optical detector that detects an anti-stokes beam from the subject; a second optical detector that detects an interference beam of the other of the two beams and the stokes beam reflected by the subject; and a signal processing section that performs an image generation process based on a detection signal from the first optical detector and a detection signal from the second optical detector.. .
Saitama Medical University

Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and ultrasonic imaging

An ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus according to an embodiment includes a setting unit, a transmitter, a signal processing unit, and an image generating unit. The setting unit sets a plurality of rois within a scanning region.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Object information obtaining system, signal processing method, and non-transitory storage medium

An object information obtaining system disclosed herein includes a holding member that holds an object; a probe that detects acoustic waves at a plurality of positions and obtains a plurality of time-series detection signals, the acoustic waves having occurred inside the object and having propagated through the holding member; and a signal processor that obtains a first frequency signal on the basis of the plurality of time-series detection signals, that obtains a second frequency signal, in which phase modulation is corrected, by performing, on the first frequency signal, correction of phase modulation of the acoustic waves due to the holding member, and that obtains object information inside the object on the basis of the second frequency signal, in which the phase modulation is corrected.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Fan system

A fan system includes a stator assembly and a monitoring and sensing module. The stator assembly is electrically connected to the monitoring and sensing module, and the latter includes at least one sensor unit, at least one monitoring unit and a signal processing unit.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

Signal processing producing interpolated signal values in an image signal

The signal processing method of the present invention produces interpolated signal values in an image signal by an inverse discrete cosine transformation with a set of frequency coefficients by decreasing an interval for reproduction of pixel signal values, wherein a set of frequency coefficients is provided by a discrete cosine transformation and is compensated for the frequency response caused by dividing pixels. According to the invention, an image signal similar to that obtained with a solid-state imaging device constructed by divided pixels is provided.

Image communication apparatus and signal processing unit

This image communication apparatus receives a digital signal having a voice bandwidth from an external apparatus capable of communicating through a network, and processes the received digital signal by means of a signal processing unit. If it is determined that the digital signal includes a cng signal, the image communication apparatus determines that the digital signal is a facsimile signal received as deemed voice, and executes facsimile reception according to the t.30 standard.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Asymmetric complexity phys to reduce power dissipation in point-to-point communication links

An asymmetric phy pair for communicating over a point-to-point link is disclosed. The phy pair is asymmetric in that the signal processing power used by one of the phys to communicate a unit of data over the link is made to be less than that of the other phy.
Broadcom Corporation

Baseband cancellation of direct sequence spread spectrum platform radio interference

Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a platform may comprise a receiver to receive a signal that includes an error in the received signal due to a noise signal generated in the platform, and a processor configured to calculate a noise vector from a source of the noise signal. The noise vector may be de-spread.

Maximum combining in broadcast ofdm systems based on multiple receive antennas

Systems and methods are provided for enhancing signal quality at receivers in a wireless network. In one embodiment, an antenna is selected from a subset of antennas based on a signal quality parameter such as received signal power or signal-to-noise ratio (snr).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Signal processing apparatus and information reproduction apparatus

According to an embodiment, a signal processing apparatus includes a first signal processor, a second signal processor and a third signal processor. The first signal processor suppresses an offset component remaining in a reproduction signal read from an optical recording medium to obtain a first signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Methods and determining stimulated volume of oil and gas reservoirs

The invention relates to methods and apparatuses for a new signal processing method for substantial noise reduction with the goal of making small microquakes detectable and localizable, giving more data points and detail regarding fracking geometry. According to some aspects, the invention provides a fully integrated system including a novel self-focusing adaptive beamformer..

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Signal Processing for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Signal Processing with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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