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Signal Processing patents


This page is updated frequently with new Signal Processing-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Signal Processing-related patents
 Donor unit, remote unit, and mobile communication base station system having same patent thumbnailDonor unit, remote unit, and mobile communication base station system having same
The present invention relates to a mobile communication base station system comprising: a donor unit connected to a baseband unit; and a remote unit installed at the base station antenna side, wherein the donor unit has a baseband signal processing part including a digital signal processing part for processing interface with the baseband unit, a wireless communication part for processing a wireless communication signal between the baseband signal processing part and the remote unit, and a synchronization and communication control part for processing a synchronizing signal and a communication control signal from the baseband unit, and wherein the remote unit has a service signal processing part for processing mimo interface with a base station antenna, a wireless communication part for processing a wireless communication signal between the service signal processing part and the donor unit, and a synchronization and communication control part for processing a synchronizing signal and a communication control signal from the donor unit. The donor unit and the remote unit can be easily expanded in a daisy-chain fashion, thereby broadening coverage, and can also be utilized for multihop relay, and thus are suitable for small cell-based next generation communication systems for capacity expansion..
Sogang University Research Foundation

 Automated sound processor patent thumbnailAutomated sound processor
A method includes determining a first feature of a first audio signal at a first location in a signal processing path and determining, using the first feature, a first environmental classification of the first signal. Further, the method includes, based on the first environmental classification, enabling, modifying or disabling one or both of a first signal processing mode at the first location and a second signal processing mode at a second location in the signal processing path.

 Method and  processing video signal patent thumbnailMethod and processing video signal
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for processing a video signal, which can increase the accuracy of the motion vector prediction through motion vector scaling which takes a difference in the temporal distance between reference pictures into consideration. To this end, the present invention provides a video signal processing method and a video signal processing apparatus using the same, and the method comprises the steps of: scaling at least one neighboring partition motion vector for a motion vector prediction of the current partition; scaling the neighboring partition motion vector, which has been selected, when the reference picture of the neighboring partition motion vector is different from the reference picture of the current partition; acquiring a motion vector prediction value of the current partition using the scaled motion vector; and acquiring a motion vector of the current partition using the motion vector prediction value..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Signal processing device, imaging apparatus, parameter generating method, signal processing method, and program patent thumbnailSignal processing device, imaging apparatus, parameter generating method, signal processing method, and program
There are provided a signal processing device, an imaging apparatus, a parameter generating method, a signal processing method, and a program that enable desired frequency component adjustment without complicating the processing. An image processing unit 35 includes a signal processing section that adjusts a signal according to a frequency and a filter processing control section 37 (automatic strength adjustment section 52) that controls the signal processing section.
Fujifilm Corporation

 Input/output signal processing circuit and input/output signal processing method patent thumbnailInput/output signal processing circuit and input/output signal processing method
The present invention discloses an input/output (i/o) signal processing circuit and processing method. The i/o signal processing circuit includes a level adjustable i/o circuit and an adjustment circuit.
Richtek Technology Corporation

 Apparatus for controlling wide-band signal transmission gain in wireless communication systems and signal processing  the same patent thumbnailApparatus for controlling wide-band signal transmission gain in wireless communication systems and signal processing the same
Disclosed are an apparatus for controlling a wide-band signal transmission gain, which differently applies a transmission gain by the unit of an intermediate frequency (if) at a transmitting side of a wide-band multi-if wireless communication system which can convert multiple baseband digital signals into if signals and thereafter, multiplex and simultaneously transmit the converted if signals and a signal processing method of the same.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

 Protocols for wireless sound power transmission patent thumbnailProtocols for wireless sound power transmission
The present disclosure provides control protocols for wireless sound power transmission. An embodiment is presented where wireless sound power transmission may be carried out through pocket-forming where at least one transmitter, which may further include at least one micro-controller for digital signal processing, and one receiver may be utilized.
Energous Corporation

 Sensor device patent thumbnailSensor device
Provided is a sensor device that suppresses a malfunction caused by a negative surge or a voltage drop. A sensor device includes a sensor element having an electrical characteristic varying according to a physical amount, a signal processing circuit configured to process an output signal of the sensor element, a transistor element interposed between a power source terminal and the signal processing circuit, a resistive element configured to connect a drain and a gate of the transistor element, or a collector and a base of the transistor element, and an element having threshold voltage for connecting the gate or the base of the transistor element to a gnd.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.

 Antenna device and signal processing method patent thumbnailAntenna device and signal processing method
An antenna device includes a plurality of antenna elements respectively configured to receive incident waves coming from an object, a modulating unit respectively configured to modulates a first received signal of the incident waves output from the antenna elements into a second received signal, the second received signals having a plurality of different frequencies and phases corresponding to polarization directions of the received incident waves, a synthesizing unit configured to synthesize the plurality of second received signals and generates a synthetic signal, a signal processing unit, configured to perform predetermined signal processing on the synthetic signal, and an extracting unit configured to extract third received signals for each frequency and each phase from the synthetic signal on which has been performed the predetermined signal processing.. .
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

 System and  narrow bandwidth digital signal processing patent thumbnailSystem and narrow bandwidth digital signal processing
The present invention provides methods and systems for narrow bandwidth digital processing of an input audio signal. Particularly, the present invention includes a high pass filter configured to filter the input audio signal.


Audio signal processing device, audio signal processing method, and audio signal processing program

An audio signal processing device comprises a discontinuity detector configured to determine an occurrence of a discontinuity from a sudden increase of an amplitude of decoded audio obtained by decoding the first audio packet which is received correctly after an occurrence of a packet loss, and a discontinuity corrector for correcting the discontinuity of the decoded audio.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Image signal processing device performing image signal processing through plural channels

An image signal processing device includes a channel converter to divide an input signal stream, that includes image signals generated by a plurality of pixels, by processing units and generate a plurality of processing unit signals, an image signal processing core including a plurality of image processing channels each performing an image signal processing operation, and generating a plurality of output unit signals by receiving and processing the plurality of processing unit signals in parallel through one or more of the plurality of image processing channels, a channel combiner to combine the plurality of output unit signals and generate an output signal stream, and a configuration controller to control, according to an operation mode, at least one of the number of the plurality of processing unit signals, selection of a frequency of a processing clock signal, and combination of the plurality of output unit signals.. .
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.


System, apparatus, and improved efficiency of execution in signal processing algorithms

Embodiments of methods, apparatuses, and machine-readable mediums for performing a bit reversal instruction in a computer processor are described. In some embodiments, the execution of such instruction causes the bit ordering for a source operand to be reversed and stored..
Intel Corporation


Data flow graph

To provide dynamic data flow programming for digital signal processing, data flow graphs are constructed from graph libraries. The libraries provide redirection to relevant setup functions so that nodes of a graph table can be instantiated and associated memory can be allocated in dynamic working memory.
Raptor Oil Limited


Circular touch panel and manufacturing the same

A circular touch panel disposed on a circular display panel including a plurality of pixels, the circular touch panel including: a plurality of sensing electrodes; a plurality of connection wirings connecting the plurality of sensing electrodes to a signal processing circuit; and an insulator insulating the plurality of sensing electrodes from each other. The circular touch panel includes a circular boundary region patterned in an optical pattern..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Compton camera

A compton camera includes a scattering detection unit, an absorption detection unit, a signal processing unit, a first shield unit, and a second shield unit. The scattering detection unit detects compton scattering of incident radiation emitted from a radiation source.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.


Intelligent monitoring system and method

In an intelligent monitoring system, a wireless signal processing device transmits a wireless signal toward a first target object in a monitored area, receives a wireless status signal, and generates a monitoring signal corresponding to the first target object according to the wireless status signal. In addition, at least one signal-relaying device receives a back scattering signal, which is reflected from the first target object in response to the wireless signal, transfers the back scattering signal into the wireless status signal, and transmits the wireless status signal to the wireless signal processing device.
Alpha Networks Inc.


Signal processing system, signal processing method, and signal processing program

A signal processing system is provided and includes: a measurement apparatus that measures current and voltage which are supplied to a plurality of electric devices; and a processing apparatus that is connected to the measurement apparatus that estimates operation conditions of the respective electric devices. The measurement apparatus includes a detection unit that detects analog waveform data, a conversion unit that samples the analog waveform data and converts the sampled analog waveform data into digital waveform data, and a transmission unit that transmits the digital waveform data to the processing apparatus.
Informetis Corporation


Contactless sensor for determining rotor displacements

A contactless electromagnetic sensor device for determining displacements of a rotor (120) is disclosed. Two sensing coils (612, 614) interact with surfaces of the rotor.
Mecos Ag


Method for extracting temporal features from spike-like signals

A system and method for the evaluation of hearing implant signal processing is described. A cochlear implant signal processor converts a speech signal input into multi-channel stimulation pulse sequences for a cochlear implant electrode array.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh


Physiological signal processing circuit

A physiological signal processing circuit includes an amplifier, an analog-to-digital converter, and a physiological characteristic detector circuit. The amplifier is configured to amplify an analog physiological signal of a user for providing an amplified signal.
Mediatek Inc.


Method and device for audio signal processing

To this end, provided are a method for processing an audio signal including: receiving multi-audio signals including multi-channel or multi-object signals, each of the multi-audio signals including a plurality of subband signals, and the plurality of subband signals including a signal of a first subband group having low frequencies and a signal of a second subband group having high frequencies based on a predetermined frequency band; receiving at least one parameter corresponding to each subband signal of the second subband group, the at least one parameter being extracted from binaural room impulse response (brir) subband filter coefficients corresponding to each subband signal of the second subband group; and performing tap-delay line filtering of the subband signal of the second subband group by using the received parameter and an apparatus for processing an audio signal using the same.. .


Hearing system comprising a binaural speech intelligibility predictor

The application relates to a binaural hearing system comprising left and right hearing devices, e.g. Hearing aids, each comprising a) a multitude of input units, each providing a time-variant electric input signal xi(t) representing sound received at an ith input unit, t representing time, the electric input signal xi(t) comprising a target signal component si(t) and a noise signal component vi(t), the target signal component originating from a target signal source; b) a configurable signal processing unit for processing the electric input signals and providing a processed signal y(t); c) an output unit for creating output stimuli to the user, d) transceiver circuitry allowing information to be exchanged between the hearing devices, and e) a binaural speech intelligibility (si) prediction unit for providing a binaural si-measure of the predicted speech intelligibility of the user when exposed to said output stimuli, based on processed signals yl(t), yr(t) from the signal processing units of the respective left and right hearing devices.
Oticon A/s


Signal processing method, apparatus, and system

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a signal processing method, an apparatus, and a system. The signal processing method includes acquiring a phase of each of transmit antennas when the lth ofdm data symbol is sent, and acquiring a phase of each of receive antennas when the lth ofdm data symbol is received.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Reduced-delay subband signal processing system and method

A method for signal processing, receiving a time domain signal having a sample-rate fs and generating n time domain signal bands, each having a bandwidth equal to fs/n. Receiving the n signal bands and transforming a first time domain signal band to a frequency domain at a first resolution and a second time domain signal band to the frequency domain at a second resolution, where the first resolution may be different from the second resolution.
Conexant Systems, Inc.


Keyless access control with neuro and neuro-mechanical fingerprints

In accordance with one embodiment, an access control system is disclosed. The access control system comprises an access control panel including a touchable surface, a multi-dimensional touch sensor under the touchable surface, and a processor coupled to the multi-dimensional touch sensor.
Aerendir Mobile Inc.


Detection from two chrominance directions

The present disclosure relates generally to signal processing, including processing digital watermarking. One claim recites a detector apparatus comprising: memory for storing data representing color image data comprising red color data and green color data, in which the red color data comprises digital watermarking including a first polarity and the green color data comprises the digital watermarking including a second polarity that is inversely related to the first polarity; means for selectively weighting the red color data and the green color data so that the digital watermarking is emphasized while image content is de-emphasized when weighted red color data and weighted green color data are combined; means for detecting the digital watermarking from combined, weighted red color data and weighted green color data; and more or more processors configured for outputting data corresponding to detected digital watermarking.
Digimarc Corporation


Kerr phase-interrogator for sensing and signal processing applications

A kerr medium is introduced into ofdr configuration to enable phase to power variation conversion thereby enabling an all-optical beat signal acquisition, thus eliminating performance limits associated with bandwidth capabilities of electronic and optoelectronic components.. .
University Of Ottawa


Pressure measurement device with automatic position correction

The invention describes a pressure transducer having a pressure measuring cell, a position sensor, and an analysis device which has at least one signal processing device and a position correction device for the purpose of determining a position error, wherein the at least one position sensor is arranged in a stationary position relative to the pressure measuring cell, and the position sensor is electrically connected to the position correction device, wherein a first signal is provided by the signal processing device, said signal being determined from a signal provided by the pressure measuring cell, wherein a second signal is provided by the position sensor, and wherein an output signal is provided by the position correction device, determined from the first and the second signals.. .
Vega Grieshaber Kg


Analog sensor with digital compensation function

An analog sensor with digital compensation function includes a deformation part generating a deformation relating to a pressure sensed by the analog sensor; a strain gauge connected to the deformation part and generating a change in resistance relating to the deformation; a strain gauge bridge connected to the strain gauge and transferring the change in the resistance of the at least one strain gauge to output a first analog signal; and an analog-to-digital conversion module converting the first analog signal to a first digital signal, representative of weight. A signal processing and output circuit compensates the first digital signal and converts it into a second analog signal..
Mettler Toledo (changzhou) Scale & System Ltd.


Infrared detecting device

An infrared detecting device includes: an infrared sensor that has one or more infrared detection elements arranged in one or more columns; and an ic chip that performs signal processing on a signal output from the infrared sensor. The infrared sensor and the ic chip are generally juxtaposed in a direction along a scan rotation axis of the infrared sensor..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Photometric apparatus

Disclosed is a photometric apparatus improved in measurement precision by improving the state of light incident to a sensor. The photometric apparatus 1 includes a photometric sensor 30 into which light which is an object to be measured is incident, a signal processing element for processing a sensor output by the photometric sensor, and optical systems 50, 100, 92, 93 and 150 which introduces external light into the photometric sensor, wherein a columnar fiber rod 100 in which a center axis is provided along a direction perpendicular to a light receiving surface of the photometric sensor is provided at a part of the optical system..
Sekonic Corporation


Swept-source optical coherence tomography (ss-oct) system with silicon photonic signal processing element having matched path lengths

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to architectures, methods and systems and structures having application to an interferometric optical system such as a swept-source optical coherence tomography (ss-oct) system including an optical processing element having dual-polarization and dual-balanced in-phase and quadrature processing and photodetection paths on a single integrated photonic chip wherein lengths of the paths are less than or equal to the spatial resolution of a laser source.. .


Signal stabilization in a non-resistive contact sensor assembly

A non-resistive contact sensor assembly includes an electric field sensor device, a cover, and a biasing structure. The electric field sensor devices has a dry electrode component for receiving an electrical signal from an object of interest by capacitively coupling with the entity.
Rescon Ltd


Guided endotracheal intubation system

A guided tracheal intubation system using an autonomous modulated light source, outputting modulated illumination at a constant level, and externally applied to the subject's larynx region. An optical imaging system receives a video stream from within the subject's throat, including modulated illumination from the subject's trachea.
Hadasit Medical Research Services And Development Ltd.


Synchronization method, mobile station apparatus and base station apparatus

The present invention is designed to allow a communication system employing massive-mimo to optimize its performance. A mobile station apparatus transmits a synchronization signal by controlling the transmission direction of the transmitting beam for the synchronization signal by means of beamforming using a plurality of antenna elements, and has a synchronization signal processing section (62) that generates the synchronization signal including identification information of the mobile station apparatus, and changes the beamforming weight for the synchronization signal at predetermined time intervals, and a transmitting section (63) that transmits the synchronization signals generated in accordance with each beamforming weight on the uplink..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Apparatus and a processing audio signal to perform binaural rendering

The present invention provides an audio signal processing apparatus which performs binaural filtering on an input audio signal, including: a direction renderer which localizes a direction of a sound source of the input audio signal and a distance renderer which reflects an effect in accordance with a distance between the sound source of the input audio signal and a listener, in which the distance renderer obtains information on a distance (an ipsilateral distance) and an incident angle (an ipsilateral incident angle) of the sound source with respect to an ipsilateral ear of the listener and information on a distance (a contralateral distance) and an incident angle (a contralateral incident angle) of the sound source with respect to a contralateral ear of the listener, determines an ipsilateral distance filter based on at least one of the obtained information of the ipsilateral distance and the ipsilateral incident angle, determines a contralateral distance filter based on at least one of the obtained information of the contralateral distance and the contralateral incident angle, and filters the input audio signal with the determined ipsilateral distance filer and contralateral distance filter, respectively, to generate an ipsilateral output signal and a contralateral output signal.. .


Hearing aid device

A hearing aid device includes: a hearing aid housing surrounding an inner space; a frame structure arranged in the inner space, the frame structure configured for mounting at least a microphone and a signal processing unit; a sound emitter sized for being arranged in an ear canal; a conductor, wherein the sound emitter is arranged on a first end of the conductor; a connector socket arranged in the frame structure, wherein the hearing aid housing comprises a passage located in front of the connector socket; a connector plug arranged on a second end of the conductor, the connector plug configured for insertion through the passage for connection to the connector socket; a recess at an outer surface of the connector plug; and a locking plug having a first part configured to extend through a housing opening at the hearing aid housing, and engage with the recess.. .
Gn Resound A/s


Hearing instrument with t-coil

A hearing instrument is provided that has a t-coil antenna (14) for picking up an inductively transmitted base-band audio signal, an audio signal processing unit (16) for processing the picked-up t-coil audio signal, an output transducer (18) for stimulation of the user's hearing according to the processed audio signals, and a functional unit (22) that operates in a duty cycling mode and communicates with the audio signal processing unit the respective interference points at which the functional unit is switched from its inactive state to its active state and/or from its active state to its inactive state, wherein the audio signal processing unit applies a click removal treatment to the t-coil audio signal during the respective interference points at the time at which the functional unit is switched to and/or from its active state.. .
Sonova Ag


Image sensor data compression and dsp decompression

An image sensor compresses image data prior to transmitting the image data to a dsp. The image sensor captures light representing an image, for instance via a camera's aperture.
Gopro, Inc.


Method and correcting inter-channel power imbalance and receiver

A method and apparatus for correcting inter-channel power imbalance and a receiver, applicable to a receiver in a multicarrier optical communication system, where the method includes: receiving by the receiver reference information transmitted by a neighboring receiver; and performing power imbalance error correction by the receiver according to the reference information. With this application, based on performing signal processing in the receiver, estimation errors produced due to power imbalance in the central channel and the neighboring channel may be reduced..
Fujitsu Limited


Wireless receiving device and signal processing method thereof

A wireless receiving device includes: a time-domain channel estimation circuit, generating channel information in the time domain according to a part of a received signal; a fast fourier transform (fft) circuit, coupled to the time-domain channel estimation circuit, transforming another part of the received signal and the channel information to the frequency domain to generate a plurality of sets of received data; an equalizer, coupled to the fft circuit, adjusting the received data to generate a plurality of sets of complex equalized data; an adjusting unit, coupled to the equalizer, adjusting the sets of complex equalized data such that the sets of adjusted equalized data is closer to the origin of a complex plane; and a decision circuit, generating a plurality of sets of binary data according to the sets of adjusted equalized data.. .
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.


Method and use in signal processing

Disclosed herein are a method, circuitry and an integrated circuit chip for use in signal processing. The integrated circuit chip comprises an operational amplifier, a reference amplifier, and a control unit.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Universal signal processing system and method

One aspect of the present disclosure can include an electronic signal processing system and method used in a control system (e.g., for hour meter functionality, intelligent start/stop functionality, etc.). The system can include a rectifier component to receive a voltage input from an operation source during use.
Delta Systems, Inc.


Wave dielectric transmission device, manufacturing method thereof, and in-millimeter wave dielectric transmission method

A millimeter wave transmission device, the millimeter wave transmission device having (a) a first signal processing board for processing a millimeter wave signal; (b) a second signal processing board signal-coupled to the first signal processing board to receive the millimeter wave signal and perform signal processing with respect to the millimeter wave signal; and (c) a viscoelastic member provided between the first signal processing board and the second signal processing board and having a predetermined relative dielectric constant and a predetermined dielectric dissipation factor. The member constitutes a dielectric transmission path via which the millimeter wave signal is transmitted between the first signal processing board and the signal processing board..
Sony Corporation


Storage element, storage device, and signal processing circuit

A signal processing circuit whose power consumption can be suppressed is provided. In a period during which a power supply voltage is not supplied to a storage element, data stored in a first storage circuit corresponding to a nonvolatile memory can be held by a first capacitor provided in a second storage circuit.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Driver circuit, signal processing unit having the driver circuit, manufacturing the signal processing unit, and display device

Disclosed is a driver circuit including a latch circuit, a shift register circuit, and a switching circuit, where the latch circuit is provided over the shift register circuit and the switching circuit. The shift register circuit and the switching circuit may have a silicon-based semiconductor, while the latch circuit may have an oxide semiconductor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Non-linear echo path detection

A user terminal comprising; a loudspeaker; a microphone; and an audio signal processing module comprising: a reference signal generator configured, prior to establishment of a communication event over a network with at least one further terminal, to generate and output an audio reference signal to the loudspeaker for playout; an echo removal module configured to perform echo removal on audio signals received via the microphone during the communication event; and a detector configured, prior to establishment of the communication event, to: determine characteristics of the reference signal; receive an audio signal output from the microphone which includes echo resulting from the outputted reference signal; determine characteristics of the received audio signal; compare the determined characteristics of the reference signal with determined characteristics of the received audio signal to detect a nonlinear echo path of the echo, and configure a component of the audio signal processing module based on this detection.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Intelligent monitoring system and method

An ip camera includes a camera unit for picking up images of a target object; a wireless signal processing unit for transmitting an intelligent monitoring ng a wireless signal to the target object and receiving a scattering wireless signal reflected from the target object; and a signal processing unit electrically coupled to the camera unit and the wireless signal processing unit for receiving a data corresponding to the image of the target object from the camera unit and a data corresponding to the scattering wireless signal reflected from the wireless signal processing unit. The signal processing unit analyzes the data corresponding to the image of the target object to obtain a status ate information and generates a reference signal according to the status information, and the reference signal is processed together with the data corresponding to the scattering wireless signal by the signal processing unit to generate a change detection signal..
Alpha Networks Inc.


Decomposition of non-stationary signals into functional components

A method of signal processing and, in particular, a method of decomposing non-stationary signals representative of a physiological phenomenon into functional components, and to estimate parameters characterizing each of those functional components. The method utilises means for estimating dynamic and baseline trends in the time course of the signal, means for dividing the non-stationary signal into the segments over which the functional components are developed and means for compensating for overlap from qgk matched to preceding functional components to form an eck.
Kaoskey Pty Limited


Vector processor configured to operate on variable length vectors using digital signal processing instructions

A computer processor is disclosed. The computer processor comprises a vector unit comprising a vector register file comprising one or more registers to hold a varying number of elements.
Optimum Semiconductor Technologies, Inc.


Neural network-based radar system having independent multibeam antenna

A radar system includes an independent multibeam antenna which outputs at least one reception signal in response to at least one arriving wave, and a signal processing circuit in which a learned neural network has been established. The signal processing circuit receives the at least one reception signal, inputs the at least one reception signal or a secondary signal generated from the at least one reception signal to the neural network, performs computation by using the at least one reception signal or secondary signal and learned data of the neural network, and outputs a signal indicating the number of at least one arriving wave from the neural network..
National University Corporation Shizuoka University


Real-time label-free high-throughput cell screening in flow

A label-free imaging-based flow cytometer that measures size and cell protein concentration simultaneously is disclosed. Cell protein concentration adds a parameter to cell classification that improves the specificity and sensitivity of flow cytometers without the requirement of cell labeling.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Inductive link coil de-tuning compensation and control

An inductive wireless power transfer and communication system includes an electrostatic shield for one of the coils. The electrostatic shield is inductively coupled with the coil and is configured as an open circuit.
The Alfred E. Mann Foundation For Scientific Research


Heart monitoring system

A device that includes a sensor of angular motion configured to obtain an angular ballistograph signal indicative of rotational movement of a chest of a subject. signal processing means are configured to generate from this angular ballistocardiograph signal measured values of an output parameter, which is indicative of cardiac operation of the subject..
Turun Yliopisto


X-ray computed tomography apparatus and x-ray detector

According to one embodiment, the x-ray computed tomography apparatus includes an x-ray tube, a rotating frame, a plurality of detector elements, a plurality of das elements, switching circuitry, and switching control circuitry. The x-ray tube generates x-rays.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Radio base station apparatus and resource allocation method

Traffic history storage unit (130) stores, as traffic history, traffic results at base station cell radio units (200-1 to 200-n). Traffic database (140) stores traffic data learned on the basis of the traffic history.
Nec Corporation


Hybrid terminal capable of avoiding signals originated by own terminal

The present invention provides a hybrid terminal capable of resolving a problem arising from receiving and processing a transmission information originated by the own terminal, in a communication system that interconnects a ptt based network and a poc based network by carrying out protocol conversions at servers of both networks. A hybrid terminal to be used in such a communication system includes a processing module configured to detect whether an id information contained in a signal received by either the ptt communication function module or the poc communication function module is an id information of own terminal or not, and apply a special processing to a received signal that contained the id information of the own terminal, which is different from an ordinary signal processing applied to any other received signals that contained the id information other than the id information of the own terminal..
Jvc Kenwood Corporation


Adaptive beamforming for eigenbeamforming microphone arrays

An exemplary audio signal processing system includes a modal decomposer and an adaptive modal beamformer. The modal decomposer generates a plurality of zeroth-order eigenbeams from audio signals from an (e.g., spherical) array of audio sensors.
Mh Acoustics, Llc


Headset with pivotal parts

The invention concerns a communication device for placement at the ear of a user. A battery and transmission part is shaped to rest behind and above the ear lobe of a user and a speaker and microphone part is arranged to extend downwards in front of the ear canal.
Sennheiser Communication A/s


Image forming apparatus, image reading apparatus and image reading method

An image forming apparatus comprises an automatic document feeder (adf); a light source configured to irradiate the document conveyed by the adf with light; a glass member which can be switched to a first mode in which the light from the light source is transmitted and to a second mode in which the light from the light source is reflected; a signal processing circuit configured to include an image sensor for respectively receiving the reflected light of the document and the glass member, read an image of the document in the first mode and generate a signal of a white reference value based on the reflected light of the glass member in the second mode; and a shading correction circuit configured to correct, based on the signal of the white reference value, image data of the document read such that the brightness in the horizontal scanning direction is uniform.. .
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Signal processing

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a signal processing method and device. The method includes: receiving soft information corresponding to encoded signals sent by at least two base stations and crc check results of decoding results of first subflows in the encoded signals, where the soft information includes first soft information corresponding to the first subflows; obtaining a selective combining result of the first subflows by performing selective combining according to the at least two crc check results of the decoding results of the first subflows; and if the selective combining result of the first subflows is that crc check is incorrect, determining a soft combining result of the first subflows according to at least two pieces of the first soft information.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Signal cancellation of amplitude/angle modulation noise using feedforward and feedback topologies

A method for cancellation of amplitude modulation noise using feedforward or feedback topologies. The method is adaptable to cancel amplitude modulation noise (contamination) of an input signal, including: receiving an input signal including an amplitude modulation noise signal; demodulating the amplitude modulation noise signal to generate a baseband amplitude modulation noise signal; signal processing the baseband amplitude modulation noise signal to generate a amplitude re-modulation signal; and re-modulating the input signal based on the amplitude re-modulation signal to generate an output signal, the output signal having less amplitude modulation noise than the input signal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Signal processing apparatus and method

A signal processing apparatus and a method are disclosed, in which the signal processing apparatus may convert an analog signal to a digital signal and store the digital signal. The signal processing apparatus may convert analog signals, transmitted by multiple analog channels, to digital signals using analog-to-digital converters (adcs), hold the digital signals for a predetermined holding time, sequentially read the held digital signals for each digital channel, and store the sequentially read digital signals..
The Industry & Academic Cooperation In Chungnam National University (iac)


Voice signal processing apparatus and voice signal processing method

A voice signal processing apparatus and a voice signal processing method are provided. Each frequency-lowered signal window included in a frequency-lowered sampling voice signal is divided into a first sub signal window that is faded-in and a second sub signal window that is faded-out.
Acer Incorporated


Voice signal processing apparatus and voice signal processing method

A voice signal processing apparatus and a voice signal processing method are provided. Calculate a value of an interpolation parametric function corresponding to a sampling signal frame according to three consecutive sample values in the sampling signal frame, and calculate an interpolated value between two adjacent sampling points in a frequency-lowered signal frame according to the value of the interpolation parametric function..
Acer Incorporated


Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and signal processing program

A signal processing apparatus for effectively detecting an abrupt change in a signal, in particular, an abrupt change different from an ideal pulse includes a converter that converts an input signal into a phase component signal in a frequency domain, a first calculator that calculates a phase gradient for each of a plurality of frequencies of the phase component signal as a first phase gradient, a weighting unit that weights the first phase gradient with an amplitude or a power of the input signal, thereby calculating a weighted first phase gradient, a second calculator that calculates a second phase gradient based on the weighted first phase gradient, and a determiner that determines presence of an abrupt change in the input signal based on the first phase gradient and the second phase gradient.. .
Nec Corporation


Apparatus and high sensitivity magnetometry measurement and signal processing in a magnetic detection system

A system for magnetic detection may include a nitrogen vacancy (nv) diamond material, a radio frequency (rf) excitation source, an optical excitation source, an optical detector, a magnetic field generator, and a controller. The controller may control the excitation sources to apply a first pulse sequence.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Detection device

Disclosed is a current output-type detection device capable of reducing an amount of power consumption without sacrificing detection accuracy. The detection device includes: a sensor circuit; a sensor signal processing circuit that outputs a detection signal upon receiving a signal of a detection result of the sensor circuit; and a control circuit that outputs control signals to the sensor circuit and the sensor signal processing circuit and receives the detection signal from the sensor signal processing circuit, configured in that the sensor circuit and the sensor signal processing circuit operate intermittently by the control signals from the control circuit..
Sii Semiconductor Corporation


Defect inspection device and defect inspection method

To detect an infinitesimal defect, highly precisely measure the dimensions of the detect, a detect inspection device is configured to comprise: a irradiation unit which irradiate light in a linear region on a surface of a sample; a detection unit which detect light from the linear region; and a signal processing unit which processes a signal obtained by detecting light and detecting a defect. The detection unit includes: an optical assembly which diffuses the light from the sample in one direction and forms an image in a direction orthogonal to the one direction; and a detection assembly having an array sensor in which detection pixels are positioned two-dimensionally, which detects the light diffused in the one direction and imaged in the direction orthogonal to the one direction, adds output signals of each of the detection pixels aligned in the direction in which the light is diffused, and outputs same..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation


Magnetic disk inspection device and magnetic disk inspection method

To increase horizontal resolution while preventing the depth of focus, a magnetic disk inspection device is configured: a table part which has a spindle shaft and a stage; a lighting system which irradiates a magnetic disk; a specularly reflected light detection optical system; a scattered light detection optical system; and a signal processing unit which processes outputs from the specularly reflected light detection optical system and the scattered light detection optical system and detects a defect, in which the scattered light detection optical system is provided with a lens system and a photoelectric converter having a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements arranged in an array, and using the lens system, forms an image of the scattered light on the photoelectric converter, which is long in one direction and thinner than the width of the photoelectric conversion element in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the arrangement in an array.. .
Hitachi High-tech Fine Systems Corporation


Signal processing device for rotation sensor

An instantaneous revolution speed nm of an input shaft is calculated from an input period of a pulse signal from a revolution sensor, a revolution speed nf is calculated by filter processing the instantaneous revolution speed nm, a determination is made that a belt slip occurs when, during a stop of a vehicle, a state in which the revolution speed nf is equal to or higher than a slip determination speed nsl is continued for a time equal to or longer than slip determination time tsl, and an immediately prior revolution speed nf is held until a time of a pulse signal no input exceeds a road wheel lock corresponding time twl which is longer than a slip determination time tsl.. .
Jatco Ltd


Control device of internal combustion engine

A control device of an internal combustion engine in a simple configuration capable of finely detecting the combustion state of the internal combustion engine, for example, an occurrence of knocking from an ionic current signal is provided. A control device 20 of an internal combustion engine 100 having an ionic current value detection unit 42 that detects an ionic current value during combustion including an ionic current signal processing unit 20l that performs signal processing of the ionic current value and a detection unit 20m that detects a combustion state of the internal combustion engine 100 based on a processing result by the ionic current signal processing unit 20l, wherein the ionic current signal processing unit 20l includes a differentiating unit 20la that calculates a differential value of the ionic current value is provided..
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Method and transmitting a message in a wellbore

A message to be sent from a downhole tool in a wellbore is modulated into a data uplink signal of pressure variations in the drill string. The pressure variations are generated by varying the torque on the rotor of the generator by varying the electric load on the generator.
Nabors Lux Finance 2 Sarl


Analyte signal processing device and methods

Methods and devices for determining a measurement time period, receiving a plurality of signals associated with a monitored analyte level during the determined measurement time period from an analyte sensor, modulating the received plurality of signals to generate a data stream over the measurement time period, and accumulating the generated data stream to determine an analyte signal corresponding to the monitored analyte level associated with the measurement time period are provided. Systems and kits are also described..
Abbott Diabetes Care Inc.


Synchronization signal transmitting method and base station apparatus

In order to make full use of the performance of a massive-mimo-applied communication system, provided is a base station apparatus for controlling a transmission direction of a transmission beam for a synchronization signal used in cell search by beamforming using a plurality of antenna elements. The base station apparatus has a synchronization signal processing section (62) that generates the synchronization signal including information to identify the transmission beam for the synchronization signal and changes a beamforming weight for the synchronization signal at every given time interval; and a transmission section (64) that transmits the synchronization signal generated with the beamforming weight in downlink..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Audio signal processing apparatus

An audio signal processing apparatus includes an input unit configured to receive input of audio signals of a plurality of channels, an obtaining unit configured to obtain position information of a sound source, a sound field effect sound generating unit configured to generate a sound field effect sound by individually imparting a sound field effect to an audio signal of each of the channels, and a control unit configured to control the sound field effect to be imparted in the sound field effect sound generating unit, based on the position information.. .
Yamaha Corporation


Digital wireless audio transmission system with optimized dynamics

A digital audio transmission system, in particular a wireless microphone or wireless pocket transmitter system. The audio transmission system has at least one wireless transmitter and at least one wireless receiver.
Sennheiser Electronic Gmbh & Co. Kg


Signal processing apparatus and method including quantization or inverse-quantization process

A signal processing apparatus includes a memory and an expanding unit. The memory stores a plurality of initial coefficients.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.


Image signal processing device, transmitting device, image signal processing method, program and image signal processing system

An image signal processing device is provided which includes a receiving unit for receiving an image signal and setting information for each predetermined unit of the image signal including image type setting information to define whether the image signal represents a stereoscopic image and gamma correction setting information to define a gamma correction amount for the image signal, a gamma correcting unit for performing gamma correction for the image signal based on the gamma correction setting information included in the setting information received by the receiving unit, and a stereoscopic image processing unit for selectively performing a process to display the stereoscopic image for the image signal corrected by the gamma correcting unit based on the image type setting information included in the setting information received by the receiving unit.. .
Sony Corporation


Signal processing device and method, imaging device, and imaging apparatus

The present technology relates to a signal processing device and a method, an imaging device, and an imaging apparatus that are designed to reduce occurrences of a/d conversion errors. A signal processing device of the present technology includes: a comparing unit that compares an analog signal output from a unit pixel with a predetermined voltage; a switching unit that switches reference voltages to be supplied to the comparing unit as necessary, connects one of the reference voltages to the comparing unit, and connects another one of the reference voltages to a predetermined load capacitance, the reference voltages being of different gradation accuracies from each other; and a measuring unit that measures timing of a change in a result of the comparison performed by the comparing unit.
Sony Corporation


Spatial audio signal processing for objects with associated audio content

A user device for generating a scene, the user device comprising: an object determiner configured to determine an object for the scene, the object being associated with at least one audio signal; a relative position/orientation determiner configured to determine a relative position/orientation between the user device's user and the object; an audio position processor configured to spatially audio signal process the at least one audio signal to generate at least two channel audio signal based on the relative position/orientation.. .


Analog distributed antenna system for processing ethernet signal

A device included in an analog distributed antenna system includes a first analog signal processing unit for receiving an analog communication signal, a first modulation/demodulation unit for converting a digital ethernet signal received from an ethernet network into an analog ethernet signal, a multiplexing unit for multiplexing the analog communication signal signal-processed by the analog signal processing unit and the analog ethernet signal converted by the modulation/demodulation unit, and a transmission unit for transmitting, to other devices included in the analog distributed antenna system, the analog communication signal and the analog ethernet signal, which are multiplexed by the multiplexing unit.. .
Solid, Inc.


Optical communication system having enhanced spectral efficiency using electronic signal processing

An optical communication system combines strong electrical pre-filtering of data at the transmitter and digital feedback equalization (dfe) at the receiver to enhance spectral efficiency. The system can be applied to optical networking and digital communication systems, including binary modulated systems optical network systems..
Optical Tech Ip, Llc


System and low-power digital signal processing

A system and method for low-power digital signal processing, for example, comprising adjusting a digital representation of an input signal.. .
Maxlinear, Inc.


Semiconductor device

One embodiment provides a semiconductor device having a first chip for lowering an input voltage and a second chip for performing signal processing, mounted on a die pad. Lead terminals are divided into a first lead row and a second lead row.
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.


Weak signal detection system and electron microscope equipped with same

This weak signal detection system has: a statistical data acquisition unit which measures the average value or distribution of an input signal in which is noise superimposed on a desired signal, calculates parameters such as the amplitude or noise dispersion of the desired signal, and outputs the calculated data obtained thereby; a nonlinear characteristic unit which outputs a signal having a nonlinear response with respect to the magnitude of the voltage or the current of the input signal; a signal detection ratio evaluation unit which determines whether the output signal from the nonlinear characteristic unit is the desired signal, calculates the detection ratio in the event that the signal is the desired signal, and outputs detection ratio data; a parameter adjustment unit which, on the basis of detection ratio data obtained by the signal detection ratio evaluation unit and calculated data obtained by the statistical data acquisition unit, adjusts a control parameter pertaining to the responsiveness of the nonlinear characteristic unit; and a signal processing unit which performs signal processing of the output signal of the nonlinear characteristic unit, and conversion to digital data or image data. In so doing, it is possible to provide a weak signal detection system having improved signal detection accuracy, and an electron microscope equipped with the system..
Hitachi, Ltd.

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