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Sighting Device patents

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Dot-sighting device

Dot-sighting device

Multiple rail sighting device


Multiple rail sighting device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sighting Device-related patents
 Dual focal plane reticles for optical sighting devices patent thumbnailDual focal plane reticles for optical sighting devices
A dual focal plane optical sighting device, such as a riflescope, having two reticles, one of which is an electronic reticle. The optical system has an objective lens system, an eyepiece lens, and an erector system, with two focal planes, a first reticle at the first focal plane, and a second reticle at the second focal plane, and at least one of the reticles is an electronic reticle..
Sheltered Wings, Inc.

 Dot-sighting device patent thumbnailDot-sighting device
A dot-sighting device includes a light source, a beam splitter and a reflective element. The light source emits light.

 Multiple rail sighting device patent thumbnailMultiple rail sighting device
A sighting device for a firearm accessory includes a first coupling member, a second coupling member, and a rail arrangement. The first coupling member is supported on an upper half portion of the firearm accessory.
Ncstar, Inc.

 Dual focal plane reticles for optical sighting devices patent thumbnailDual focal plane reticles for optical sighting devices
A dual focal plane optical sighting device, such as a riflescope, having two focal planes, with a first reticle at the first focal plane, and a second reticle at the second focal plane. The reticle at the first focal plane is a glass etched reticle; the reticle at the second focal plane is a wire reticle.
Sheltered Wings, Inc.

 Laser sight for rocket launcher patent thumbnailLaser sight for rocket launcher
Embodiments herein relate to the field of firearm accessories, and, more specifically, to reusable laser sighting devices for rocket launchers and other large weapons, particularly reusable laser sighting devices that allow retrofitting of existing weapons inventory. Some embodiments include a base plate that is configured to be permanently coupled to a rocket launcher, such as the m72 law, and a laser module configured to removably couple to the base plate.

 Infrared thermometer and  measuring temperature of energy zone patent thumbnailInfrared thermometer and measuring temperature of energy zone
An infrared thermometer measures a temperature of an energy zone. The infrared thermometer comprises a beam splitter for splitting an incident light beam from an energy zone into an infrared light beam and a visible light beam; an infrared detector for detecting the infrared light beam and generating a signal indicative of a temperature of the energy zone according to the detected infrared light beam; and a sighting device having an optical module for generating a reflective reticle image and transmitting the visible light beam to generate a target image at a sight window, wherein the sighting device is configured to superimpose the reflective reticle image over the target image at the sight window to align the infrared detector with the energy zone.
Danaher (shanghai) Industrial Instrumentation Technologies R&d Co., Ltd.

 Sight adapter for handheld mortar system patent thumbnailSight adapter for handheld mortar system
A sight adapter for a handheld mortar that is secured directly to the mortar tube and provides a standardized mounting system for a weapon sight. The sight adaptor is for battlefield mortars not having a bipod.

 Portable optical instrument and image pickup apparatus patent thumbnailPortable optical instrument and image pickup apparatus
The invention provides a portable optical instrument including: a body portion to which a lens barrel which holds a lens is fixed; a pop-up light emitting unit which projects illumination light forward; and a sighting device which includes an optical element which includes a concave-surface-shaped reflection surface and a sighting device light source opposed to the reflection surface, the sighting device forming a reflection light of the sighting device light source, wherein the optical element is disposed between the light emitting unit and the body portion.. .
Olympus Imaging Corp.

 Sighting device patent thumbnailSighting device
The present invention relates to a sighting device (1) providing an automatically updated reticule. The control unit (4) acquires the output level of the encoder (22) and calculates the expected distance between the dots of the reticule accordingly.
Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi

 Dot sighting device patent thumbnailDot sighting device
A dot sighting device includes a housing, a light source, a beam splitter and a reflective element. The housing has a first opening and a second opening.


Photoluminescent illuminators for passive illumination of sights and other devices

A photoluminescent capsule illuminator for a sighting device. The photoluminescent illuminator includes an elongated phosphor housing having sidewalls and a base.
Defense Holdings, Inc.


Firearm sighting assembly

The present invention is an attachment for a firearm that allows an observer to assist a shooter in acquiring a target. Specifically, the firearm includes a scope or an iron sight.


Digital camera lens guard and use extender

A digital camera lens guard and use extender to: extend the picture-taking capacities of the digital camera by using different camera filters; enable the digital camera to take pictures of the images formed at the eyepiece of a sighting device; protect the camera lens from dust, moisture, and contaminations; make the digital camera usable as an industrial tool; allow the digital camera to be used in photographing activities such as surveillance, sports, past times, research, astronomy; and maintain the original functions of the digital camera.. .


Sighting device and method

A sighting device includes an optical element, a light source, and a main body. The light source is disposed on an object side of the optical element to generate light which passes through the optical element and arrives at an image side of the optical element.
Asia Optical International Ltd.


Electronic level

An electronic level which receives a reflection light from a pattern marked on a staff and determines a height of sighting position and a distance to the staff, comprising an electronic level main unit, a sighting optical system accommodated in the electronic level main unit for sighting the staff and a sighting device provided on an upper surface of the electronic level main unit, wherein the sighting device can be sighted at least in two directions, and an angle formed by two directions is equal to or approximately equal to a field angle of the sighting optical system.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


Helmet mounting systems

Pivoting helmet mounts for an optical device are provided. In one aspect, a breakaway connector which is selectively configurable between breakaway and nonbreakaway configurations is provided.
Wilcox Industries Corp.


Optical screening system

The present invention relates to rendering electro-optical systems (thermal camera, camera, binoculars, sighting device, etc.) unusable (optical darkening). The inventive optical screening system, which prevents reuse of the electro-optical devices by destructing optical components thereof, essentially comprises at least one optical group consisting of the optical components of the electro-optical system, at least one destructive unit which destructs the optical group, at least one triggering unit which activates the destructive unit, at least one management center which issues a command to the triggering unit to start optical screening..


Shotgun with sighting device

A sighting device replicates the spread pattern of pellets exiting the barrel of a shotgun. The sighting device includes a light source (preferably a laser) and a power source connectable to the light source.


Dual field optical aiming system for projectile weapons

A system for aiming a projectile weapon includes a telescopic sight for use with a second sighting device, such as a reflex sight or other non-magnifying sight. The telescopic sight has an eye point spaced apart rearwardly from its eyepiece and positioned at a vertical plane containing a line of initial trajectory of the weapon to which the aiming system is mounted so that a line parallel to the line of initial trajectory does not intersect the eyepiece.


Imaging device mount for interconnection with sighting devices

A device for use in connection with various viewing and imaging devices is disclosed. More specifically, a mount is provided that is both capable of being attached to preexisting viewing devices, such as spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and other magnification devices, and further accommodating preexisting image recording and/or displaying devices, such as cameras and cameras phones.


Gun with side mounting plate

An accessory is mountable to the side plate of a gun. The accessory may be a sighting device including a light source (preferably a laser), and a power source connectable to the light source.


Bow stabilizer with integrated adjustable accessory mounting rails

A bow stabilizer incorporating one or more attachment rails for mounting a variety of accessories to the stabilizer for use in conjunction with the bow or other target sighting device. The stabilizer is rotationally adjustable about a center axis attachment post connecting the stabilizer to the bow.



A crossbow is provided which has a frame, a firing assembly, and a sighting device. The frame has a forward end and a rear end.



The invention relates to a sighting device having an optical reversing system (12) and a target mark as well as a ballistics computer for computing data that is relevant in terms of ballistics, the reversing system (12) being adjustable mechanically and the target mark being adjustable electronically and at least one adjusting device (13) being provided for adjusting the reversing system (12) and the target mark.. .


Golf training aid kit

A kit for use by a golfer which provides an improved training aid. The kit includes a plurality of multi-layered sighting devices and a backing sheet.


Sighting device replicating shotgun pattern spread

A sighting device replicates the spread pattern of pellets exiting the barrel of a shotgun. The sighting device includes a light source (preferably a laser) and a power source connectable to the light source.


Accessory adapter for simplified target acquisition

An accessory adapter is for simplified target acquisition and can be used on or with an imaging optical device, in particular a magnifying imaging optical device. The accessory adapter enables the optical device to be equipped with other high-precision sighting devices for simplified target acquisition..


Method for determining the dominant eye

A method is provided for determining the dominant eye of a person using equipment designed to acquire at least one image of the face of the person, then process the image, and finally return information enabling the person to know which eye is the dominant eye thereof. The method uses a sighting device that is identifiable and locatable in relation to the equipment, with the viewing being carried out through a window with both eyes open.


Dot-sighting device

A dot-sighting device includes a light source, a beam splitter and a reflective element. The light source emits light.


Optical sighting device

An optical sighting device and a method of providing magnification in the optical sighting device are disclosed. In one example, the optical sighting device comprises a first telescope including a first focal plane, a second telescope, comprising a first variable power lens group, a second variable power lens group, and a second focal plane positioned between the first and second variable power lens groups, and a rotary optical tumbler comprised of a galilean telescope configured to rotate into and out of a optical path that extends through the first telescope, the galilean telescope and the second telescope, the rotation being about an axis disposed relative to the optical path..


Jackrabbit quick attach ii - day/night rifle scope night vision adapter

An accessory that is fitted to a monocular night vision device (mnvd) rendering the user with the ability to attach said mnvd to a standard telescopic firearm sighting device. The particular invention is completely universal in that it allows users to attach the mnvd to any telescopic sighting device with a rear objective no smaller than 1.5 inches nor larger than 2.0 inches in diameter.


Radiation generating apparatus and radiation image taking system

Provided is a radiation generating apparatus, including a radiation generating unit for emitting radiation through a transmission window, and a light projecting/sighting device including a light source for emitting visible light and a reflection mirror. At least one of the transmission window and the reflection mirror has variations in thickness for reducing shading of radiation which irradiates a radiation irradiation field..


Device for fast reticle adjustment of a sighting device

A device for fast reticle adjustment of a sighting device is described, which is provided with a rotatable safeguard against unintended adjustment and has tactile and visual indicating means for the locked and unlocked position of the safeguard.. .


Quick draw gun holster with interactive accessory device

In accordance with the present disclosure, novel quick draw hand gun holsters are described, together with methods for using them, that are capable, at a user's option, of activating a light accessory, such a light and/or laser sighting device, when the gun is drawn from the holster, and of deactivating it when the gun is inserted in the holster. Additional embodiments are also described..


Geodesic measuring device comprising a thermographic camera

Method for determining, with geodesic precision, the position of a target point on a target object by using a geodesic measuring device, said method comprising a sighting device which comprises at least one objective unit that defines an optical line of sight, an electronic distance measuring unit, and a thermal imaging camera for recording a thermal image in the direction of the optical line of sight. An angle measuring function is provided for recording the line of sight alignment, and a control unit is provided for controlling the angle measuring function, the thermal imaging camera.


Sighting device with selectable pin lighting

A selective light assembly for a sighting device associated with an archer bow or the like has a plurality of light collectors, such as optical fibers, that serve as sight points. An artificial light source is adapted for projecting radiant energy in a direction toward the light collectors and a base member is operatively associated with the light source.



A crossbow is provided which has one or more of the following improvements: a bolt retainer which downwardly biases a bolt in position forward of a forward rest position of a bowstring; a mounting rail associated with a lower surface of a frame rearward of a finger-pull mechanism, where the mounting rail is configured to allow one or more accessories to be mounted thereto; a finger-pull mechanism positioned at, or forward of, a midway point of the frame; a string latch positioned more than six inches rearward of the finger-pull mechanism; a sighting device having an eyepiece, where the eyepiece is positioned in alignment with, or forward of, the string latch; a ratio of length of pull distance of the crossbow to bull-pup distance of the crossbow being two-to-one or less; and a foot stirrup configured to stabilize the crossbow during cocking, and to provide a bipod during aiming/shooting.. .


Geographically north-referenced azimuth determination

A north-referenceable goniometer for azimuthal orientation determination of a sighting device has a base, a rotary part, a rotation angle encoder for determining a rotational position of the rotary part about an upright axis, a gyroscope fixed on the rotary part and having a measuring device oriented orthogonally to the upright axis for determining a component of the earth rotation vector, and an evaluation unit for determining the azimuthal angle of the geographical north pole. The goniometer also includes an acceleration sensor, and the evaluation unit is formed such that, using the evaluation unit, the determined component of the earth rotation vector is corrected by a sink rate of the goniometer, determined with the aid of the acceleration sensor, and a systematic measurement error of the gyroscope is corrected by determining measurement values of the component of the earth rotation vector in at least three different rotational positions..


Sighting device

A sighting device (1), which is provided for aligning an apparatus connected to the sighting device (1) by aligning an axis of the sighting device (1) with a sight axis, having a self-luminous light source (2), an optical waveguide element (3) for collecting ambient light and a reticle (4) illuminated by the collected ambient light and/or the self-luminous light source (2), characterized in that provision is made for at least one optical beam deflection means (5) which is superposed on and/or coupled to the optical waveguide element (3) and the artificial light source (2), wherein the at least one beam deflection means (5) is designed to deflect the light from the artificial light source (2) and the collected ambient light and decouple it in a common emergence direction and/or to project it in the direction of the reticle (4), wherein the reticle is illuminated or formed by the decoupled light.. .


Pin array adjustment system for multi-axis bow sight

A sighting device for a bow that includes a support assembly adapted to attach to the bow. A bezel assembly is attached to the support assembly.


Optical rangefinder and reticle system for variable optical power sighting devices

A reticle system for a variable optical power sighting device includes front and rear reticles proximate respective front and rear focal planes of the device. Range-compensating features are provided, such as a scale and a pair of bracketing marks formed in the rear reticle which cooperate with an indicator mark formed in the front reticle.


Firearm sight mount

A sight base is configured to receive and secure a sighting device and is coupled to a base by a pin running in each of the grooves and rotatable about the pins between an aligned position with the base extending between the parallel walls and the optical device aligned with the sighting axis, and a deployed position rotated away from the aligned position. A detent releasably retains the sight base in the aligned position.


Sighting device and security sensor system utilizing such sighting device

To provide a sighting device for use in a security sensor system, in which device enables an operator, assigned to conduct a sighting work, to look into the sighting device from a proper direction. The sighting device includes an eyepiece lens provided with a microlens, an objective lens provided with a first marker encompassed within the field of view of the eyepiece lens, and a reflecting mirror disposed on an optical path between the eyepiece lens and the objective lens.


Sighting device

The invention relates to a sighting device containing at least one self-luminous light source and at least one element made of a light-guiding and/or light-collecting material. Preferably, the self-luminous light source is embodied as a tube or ring and this light source is arranged in at least a portion of the length of the tube or ring, or along its entirety, and most preferably uses a tritium gas-containing element..


Mount for co-witnessing sighting devices for firearms having sheet metal receiver covers

A sight mount for firearms having short sight mount blocks and having sheet metal receiver covers. A mount base is pivotally connected with the sight mount block and has a sight support platform that is positioned above the receiver cover and provides support for an optical sighting device.


Gun with side mounting plate

An accessory is mountable to the side plate of a gun. The accessory may be a sighting device including a light source (preferably a laser), and a power source connectable to the light source.


Pivot mount for firearm sighting devices and accessories

A pivot mount base is assembled to or removed from the sight mounting rail of a firearm by a lever actuated cam energized rail clamping mechanism. A pivot shaft is fixed within an axially oriented pivot passage of the mount base and defines spaced external bearing surfaces.


Variable reticle for optical sighting devices responsive to optical magnification adjustment

An optical sighting device includes an electronic controller that is responsive to changes in an optical magnification of the sighting device to resize at least a portion of a reticle produced by an electronic display or other means proximate a focal plane of the sighting device. In some embodiments, the reticle is located proximate a rear focal plane of the sighting device and may be scaled by the electronic controller in concert with changes in optical magnification to simulate a front focal plane reticle.


Bow and arrow long-range sighting device and system

This disclosure relates to a long-range sighting device for an archer's bow. The long-range sighting device including a strip of material having a length, a width, a perimeter and .a plurality of holes disposed therein, wherein the strip of material is supportable by a string of a bow..

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