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Shunt patents

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Left atrial appendage shunt

Fuser for preventing excessive increased temperature in paper non-passing region

Method, system, and apparatus for balanced frequency up-conversion of a baseband signal

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shunt-related patents
 Multi-lumen ventricular drainage catheter patent thumbnailMulti-lumen ventricular drainage catheter
A shunt includes a housing having an inlet, an outlet and a flow control mechanism disposed within the housing. A ventricular catheter is connected to the inlet of the housing.
 Left atrial appendage shunt patent thumbnailLeft atrial appendage shunt
A left atrial appendage shunt for reducing blood clot formation in a left atrial appendage includes a first artificially created opening through a wall of the left atrial appendage and a second artificially created opening through a wall of a target cardiovascular structure. A circulation conduit fluidly connects an interior of the left atrial appendage and an interior of the target cardiovascular structure, and has a first end opening at the first artificially created opening and a second end opening at the second artificially created opening..
 Fuser for preventing excessive increased temperature in paper non-passing region patent thumbnailFuser for preventing excessive increased temperature in paper non-passing region
A fuser includes an endless heat generating part including a conductive layer, an induced current generating part to heat the conductive layer by electromagnetic induction, and a magnetic shunt metal member that is located at a side opposite to the induced current generating part across the heat generating part, forms a first gap between the magnetic shunt metal member and the heat generating part in a first paper passing region of the heat generating part, and forms a second gap, which is different from the first gap in size, between the magnetic shunt metal member and the heat generating part in a second paper passing region different from the first paper passing region.. .
 Method, system, and apparatus for balanced frequency up-conversion of a baseband signal patent thumbnailMethod, system, and apparatus for balanced frequency up-conversion of a baseband signal
A balanced transmitter up-converts a baseband signal directly from baseband-to-rf. The up-conversion process is sufficiently linear that no if processing is required, even in communications applications that have stringent requirements on spectral growth.
 Multiple output diode driver with independent current control and output current modulation patent thumbnailMultiple output diode driver with independent current control and output current modulation
The present technology provides a multiple output diode driver that includes a high side current source and at least two loads electrically coupled in series to the current source, each respective load including at least one laser diode. The multiple output diode driver can further include a shunt device electrically coupled in parallel with at least one of the at least two loads to reduce the dc pump current to its respective load.
 Non-invasive pre-bond tsv test using ring oscillators and multiple voltage levels patent thumbnailNon-invasive pre-bond tsv test using ring oscillators and multiple voltage levels
A design for test (dft) architecture is provided that enables pre-bond parametric testing of through-silicon vias (tsvs). A grouping of n number of input/output (i/o) segments are configured to receive a test signal in a feedback loop, where each i/o segment includes one or more buffers (or inverters) and a tsv connected at one end to the one or more buffers.
 Apparatus with active software clamping of supply voltage patent thumbnailApparatus with active software clamping of supply voltage
A power tool that includes a motor configured to drive a working element, a power supply that is coupled to the motor to provide power to the motor, a shunt circuit that is coupled to the power supply and the motor, and a controller. The shunt circuit includes a shunt switch and a shunt element and is configured to hold a voltage of the power supply below a high voltage threshold.
 Hvac system with improved control switching patent thumbnailHvac system with improved control switching
An hvac switching circuit may comprise a current source circuit charging a capacitor used to power an hvac dc power relay coil. The power relay coil terminal is connected to an activation control circuit which comprises at least one of (1) each of (a) a threshold circuit which activates a first transistor to energize the power relay coil when the voltage across the threshold circuit reaches a first threshold value and (b) a regenerative feedback circuit configured to lower the first threshold value to a second threshold voltage, and (2) a voltage divider connected between a first terminal on the power relay coil and the negative dc supply, and a programmable shunt regulator, configured as a level triggered switch, programmed by the voltage divider and connected between the second power relay coil terminal and the negative dc supply..
 Esd protection with integrated ldmos triggering junction patent thumbnailEsd protection with integrated ldmos triggering junction
An electrostatic discharge (esd) protection device includes a semiconductor substrate, a base region in the semiconductor substrate and having a first conductivity type, an emitter region in the base region and having a second conductivity type, a collector region in the semiconductor substrate, spaced from the base region, and having the second conductivity type, a breakdown trigger region having the second conductivity type, disposed laterally between the base region and the collector region to define a junction across which breakdown occurs to trigger the esd protection device to shunt esd discharge current, and a gate structure supported by the semiconductor substrate over the breakdown trigger region and electrically tied to the base region and the emitter region. The lateral width of the breakdown trigger region is configured to establish a voltage level at which the breakdown occurs..
 Gastric bypass devices and procedures patent thumbnailGastric bypass devices and procedures
Methods and devices for treating obesity are provided, and more particularly, methods and devices for performing gastric bypasses are disclosed. In one exemplary embodiment a gastric bypass procedure is provided that includes forming a gastro-entero anastomosis between a stomach and an intestine and forming an entero-entero anastomosis between a portion of the intestine distal to the gastro-entero anastomosis and a portion of the intestine proximal to the gastro-entero anastomosis.
Dedicated shunt switch with improved ground
Antenna tuning switch circuitry includes an input port, a shunt switch, control circuitry, and an integrated ground. The shunt switch is coupled between the input port and the integrated ground.
High freuency semiconductor switch and wireless device
A high frequency semiconductor switch has a first terminal, second terminals, a first through fet group, second through fet groups and a shunt fet group. The first through fet group has first field effect transistors connected serially with each other.
Electrostatic discharge circuit
An integrated circuit is provided. The integrated circuit may include, but is not limited to, a first node, a second node configured to be coupled to ground, an output driver, and a electrostatic discharge circuit electrically coupled to the first node, the second node, and the output driver.
Switching device and related switchgear
An exemplary mechanically operated switching device includes at least one movable contact and an operating mechanism for coupling/separating the movable contact to/from a corresponding fixed contact. The operating mechanism includes first elastic mechanism for, upon release, providing the energy to separate the movable and fixed contacts.
Thin film photovoltaic panels and repair methods
Conductive layer(s) in a thin film photovoltaic (tfpv) panel are divided by first scribe curves into photovoltaic cells connected in series. At least one of the layers is scribed to isolate a shunt defect in a cell from parts of that cell away from the defect.
Segmenting a model within a plasma system
Systems and methods for segmenting an impedance matching model are described. One of the methods includes receiving the impedance matching model.
Device and method for regulating pressure in a heart chamber
A device for regulating blood pressure in a heart chamber is provided. The device includes a shunt positionable within a septum of the heart.
Field installable connector backshell shield for motor drive
A field installable backshell connector for a shielded cable provides an emi shield around control signal conductors and a plastic connector of the cable and also provides a mechanical terminal of the cable. The backshell connector provides a low impedance ground path from the cable shield to a connector socket.
System and method for fluid level sensing and control
A system and method for sensing level of a fluid associated with a submersible pump having an impeller driven by an associated motor include a fluid level sensor having a probe with a plurality of discrete resistive elements each having an associated contact pair substantially evenly spaced along a length of the probe and an associated switch powered by an induced voltage or current generated by power provided to the submersible pump motor and activated by the fluid conducting across the contact pair to shunt the associated discrete resistive element.. .
Amplifiers with improved isolation
Amplifiers with improved isolation are disclosed. In an exemplary design, an apparatus (e.g., a wireless device, an integrated circuit, etc.) includes an amplifier having a gain transistor, first and second cascode transistors, and a shunt transistor.
Compact shunt for current measurement
Conductive strips are stacked, insulated, folded, and formed into geometric shapes to provide a low resistance, low inductance, shunt, wherein the geometric shape readily enables cooling to reduce changes in resistance due to self-heating effects. One such geometric shape is attained by winding the conductive strips into a spiral.
Method and apparatus for implementing slew rate control using bypass capacitor
An example circuit includes a capacitance circuit, a regulator circuit, and a slew rate control circuit. The capacitance circuit is coupled between a first node and a second node.
Systems and methods for shunting fluid
Systems and methods are provided herein that generally involve shunting fluid, e.g., shunting cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Self-cleaning catheters are provided which include split tips configured such that pulsatile flow of fluid in a cavity in which the catheter is inserted can cause the tips to strike one another and thereby clear obstructions.
Systems and methods for shunting fluid
Systems and methods are provided herein that generally involve shunting fluid, e.g., shunting cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Self-cleaning catheters are provided which include split tips configured such that pulsatile flow of fluid in a cavity in which the catheter is inserted can cause the tips to strike one another and thereby clear obstructions.
Thermal shunt
A thermal shunt is to transfer heat from a sidewall of a device to a silicon substrate. The device is associated with a silicon-on-insulator (soi) including a buried oxide layer.
Method, system and device for phase change memory with shunt
Embodiments disclosed herein may relate to forming a storage component comprising a phase change material and a shunt relative to amorphous portions of the phase change material.. .
Multifunctional nanoscopy for imaging cells
Disclosed herein is an apparatus comprising a metal shunt and a semiconductor material in electrical contact with the metal shunt, thereby defining a semiconductor/metal interface for passing a flow of current between the semiconductor material and the metal shunt in response to an application of an electrical bias to the apparatus, wherein the semiconductor material and the metal shunt lie in different planes that are substantially parallel planes, the semiconductor/metal interface thereby being parallel to planes in which the semiconductor material and the metal shunt lie, and wherein, when under the electrical bias, the semiconductor/metal interface is configured to exhibit a change in resistance thereof in response to a perturbation. Such an apparatus can be used as a sensor and deployed as an array of sensors..
Trimming circuit for an integrated circuit and related integrated device
A trimming circuit is configured to carry out a trimming operation on a device portion of an integrated circuit device. The trimming circuit includes: shunt fuses wherein each shunt fuse is coupled in parallel to a trimming resistance, further resistances wherein each further resistance is coupled in parallel to a respective shunt fuse.
Mg discontinuous insertion layer for improving mtj shunt
A mtj is disclosed with a discontinuous mg or mg alloy layer having a thickness from 1 to 3 angstroms between a free layer and a capping layer in a bottom spin valve configuration. It is believed the discontinuous mg layer serves to block conductive material in the capping layer from diffusing through the free layer and into the tunnel barrier layer thereby preventing the formation of conductive channels that function as electrical shunts within the insulation matrix of the tunnel barrier.
Manual service disconnects for battery systems
A manual service disconnect for a battery system includes a disconnect header having a housing defining a receptacle, a high current terminal connector within the receptacle, a high voltage interlock (hvil) connector within the receptacle and a control device terminal connector within the receptacle. A disconnect plug is removably coupled to the disconnect header.
System and method for affecting flux of multi-pole magnetic structures
A shunt plate is provided that is associated with a first side of a multi-pole magnetic structure. The shunt plate provides a magnetic short between opposite polarity magnetic sources on the first side of said magnetic structure, the magnetic short causing a magnetic flux of said opposite polarity magnetic sources to be routed from said first side of the magnetic structure through said magnetic structure to the second side of said magnetic structure.
Fluidic product dispenser
A dispenser includes a housing holding an assembly, including a liquid reservoir, a pump for dispensing the fluid product, and an outlet nozzle. The pump includes a liquid chamber for containing a dose of the liquid product and a pressurizing device which allows liquid product to be drawn into or expelled from the liquid chamber.
Energy delivery apparatus and method
There is provided an energy delivery device comprising a storage device, a discharge circuit and a disarm circuit. The discharge circuit comprises a switch electrically connected to the storage device, and is selectively operable to deliver energy from the storage device to a load, e.g., a patient needing defibrillation, preferably in a multiphasic waveform.
Apparatus for detecting surge voltage and method thereof
An apparatus for detecting surge voltage and a method thereof are proposed, by which a surge voltage can be detected to prevent damage to output parts by using a shunt regulator, when a surge voltage exceeding a maximum voltage limitable by a zener diode is applied, and trouble shooting and system maintenance/repair of a system can be more effectively performed, the apparatus including a voltage distributor configured to output a driving voltage, when an applied surge voltage exceeds a reference surge voltage, a signal output unit configured to generate an output signal by being driven by a driving voltage outputted by the voltage distributor, and a surge voltage detection signal output unit configured to output a surge voltage detection signal indicating that a surge voltage exceeding the reference surge voltage in response to a signal outputted by the signal output unit.. .
Shut-off circuits for latched active esd fet
An integrated circuit may include an over-capability detection circuit coupled to an i/o pad which provides a shut-off signal to a latch controlling an esd protection shunting component. The esd protection shunting component is coupled between the i/o pad and a reference node of the integrated circuit.
Method and system for calibrating a shunt resistor
A shunt resistor includes: two measuring terminals for applying a measuring current flowing through the shunt resistor along a main flow direction; slot structures dividing the shunt resistor along the main flow direction to include two side flow areas of respective first widths and a main flow area of a second width; and two calibration terminals connected to the side flow areas. A circuit connected to the measuring terminals is designed to detect, and generate a signal based on, a measuring current flowing through the shunt resistor.
Light emitting diode light structures
A light emitting diode (led) light includes a bridge rectifier configured to be powered by an alternating current power source and to produce a rectified output. Control circuitry couples to the bridge rectifier and is configured to produce a shunt signal when the rectified output is less than a threshold voltage.
Intraocular shunt placement
Methods are provided for using an intraocular shunt deployment device to deploy an intraocular shunt from the device and into an eye.. .
Switch circuit and method of switching radio frequency signals
An rf switch circuit and method for switching rf signals that may be fabricated using common integrated circuit materials such as silicon, particularly using insulating substrate technologies. The rf switch includes switching and shunting transistor groupings to alternatively couple rf input signals to a common rf node, each controlled by a switching control voltage (sw) or its inverse (sw_), which are approximately symmetrical about ground.
Magnetic read sensor with dual layer insulation
A magnetic read sensor having reduced hard bias free layer spacing and improved insulation robustness between the hard bias layers and the shield and sensor. The read sensor has a novel bi-layer insulation layer that can be made very thin while also providing good electrical insulation to prevent sense current shunting.
Distribution transformer interface apparatus and methods
An apparatus includes at least one external source terminal configured to be connected to at least one secondary terminal of a distribution transformer and at least one external load terminal configured to be connected to a load. The apparatus further includes a converter circuit coupled to the at least one external source terminal and to the at least one external load terminal and configured to provide shunt current regulation and series voltage regulation..
System, method, and apparatus for remotely monitoring surge arrester conditions
A system and method for real-time remotely (i.e., at least several miles away) monitoring mov surge arresters conditions is provided along with a method and circuitry for sensing the total leakage current of a surge arrester in a power grid. Leakage current circuitry may include a mov arrester leakage current sensing block having shunt circuitry formed using a biasing resistor, one or more opto-couplers that isolate the radio module system from the mov arrester stem line and monitors the total leakage current and other states of the primary stage, and a mini zov that acts as a surge protection device.
Radio frequency switch circuit
There is provided a radio frequency switch circuit including a first switch circuit unit connected between a first node connected to a first signal port and a common node connected to a common port, and operated according to a first control signal, a second switch circuit unit connected between a second node connected to a second signal port and the common node and operated according to a second control signal having a phase opposite to that of the first control signal, a first shunt circuit unit connected between the second node and a common source node and operated according to the first control signal, a second shunt circuit unit connected between the first node and the common source node, and a source voltage generating unit generating a source voltage, wherein the source voltage is lower than a high level of the first control signal and higher than a ground potential.. .
Voltage control circuit with temperature compensation function
There is provided a voltage control circuit that is applicable to a led device, a power supply or the like. The voltage control circuit includes: a voltage dividing unit dividing a supply voltage into a first voltage and a second voltage different from each other; a shunt regulator adjusting the first voltage according to the second voltage; and an output circuit unit outputting the voltage regulated by the shunt regulator..
Dimming control method and apparatus and dimming system
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a dimming control method and apparatus and a dimming system. The method according to an embodiment of the invention includes: detecting a conduction angle of a dimming apparatus according to an output signal; and controlling a first shunt load according to the conduction angle to disconnect the first shunt load upon detecting a valid conduction angle of the dimming apparatus and to keep the first shunt load conducted upon detecting no valid conduction angle of the dimming apparatus, thereby lowering power consumption..
Integrated circuit package and method of manufacture
An integrated circuit package has a leadframe having an open space extending therethrough. An integrated circuit device is attached to a portion of the upper surface of the leadframe.
Method, apparatus and system for the performance of valsalva maneuvers
Methods, apparatus and systems for precisely controlling a valsalva maneuver and the timing thereof in conjunction with testing a patient for a cardiac shunt, and for ensuring that a patient performing a valsalva maneuver creates a required pressure using their diaphragm. Embodiments of a valsalva maneuver mouthpiece assembly are also disclosed for use with the invention methods, apparatus and systems.
Stable and compatible polymer blends
The present invention pertains to products and processes relating to compatible polymer blends comprising at least one sulfonated polymer and at least one non-sulfonated polymer. The sulfonated polymers may be produced using a number of sulfonating agents including a coordination complex of sulfur trioxide.
Magnetic write head having a residual shield seed layer for reducing overwriting
A magnetic write head having a write pole and a trailing, wrap-around magnetic shield formed over the write pole and separated from the write pole by a non-magnetic trailing gap layer and non-magnetic side gap layers. The write head includes a remnant magnetic seed layer, that while being used to facilitate electroplating of the magnetic shield, is left intentionally extending beyond the back edge of the magnetic shield.
Dc/dc converter with shunt circuitry
The present disclosure provides, in one embodiment, a method of shunting a power supply to reduce output ripple. The method includes determining at least one performance parameter of a dc/dc converter circuit; generating a first reference signal, wherein the first reference signal is based on the performance parameter; comparing the first reference signal to the performance parameter; and generating a shunt current from an input power source to an output node of the dc/dc converter circuit based on, at least in part, the comparison of the performance parameter and the first reference signal..
Shunt circuit, charging system and integrated circuit
A shunt circuit includes: a shunt resistor; a transistor connected in parallel to a storage element via the shunt resistor; a first op amplifier configured to compare a battery voltage supplied to the storage element with a detection voltage; and a second op amplifier configured to shunt a shunt current from a charging current supplied from a charging unit when the battery voltage reaches the detection voltage. The detection voltage is increased step by step, and the shunt current is increased whenever the battery voltage reaches the detection voltage..
Variable resistance memory device and method of manufacturing the same
A variable resistance memory device includes a semiconductor substrate having a vertical transistor with a shunt gate that increases an area of a gate of the vertical transistor.. .
Device and method for controlling in-vivo pressure
A differential pressure regulating device is provided for controlling in-vivo pressure in a body, and in particularly in a heart. The device may include a shunt being positioned between two or more lumens in a body, to enable fluids to flow between the lumens, and an adjustable flow regulation mechanism being configured to selectively cover an opening of the shunt, to regulate the flow of fluid through the shunt in relation to a pressure difference between the body lumens.
Gain control method for a broadband inductorless low noise amplifier
A mobile device comprising an antenna, a receiver coupled to the antenna, and a transmitter coupled to the antenna, wherein the receiver, the transmitter, or both comprise a low noise amplifier comprising an adjustable gain and a variable impedance controller, and wherein the low noise amplifier is configured to sink current and to adjust a shunt resistance substantially simultaneously. Included is a method comprising receiving an electrical signal, substantially simultaneously adjusting an input impedance and a gain factor, amplifying the electrical signal, thereby producing an amplified signal, and outputting the amplified signal..
Ultra-wideband 180 degree hybrid for dual-band cellular basestation antenna
Ultra-wideband 180° hybrids for feeding a radiator of one band of a dual-band dual-polarization cellular basestation antenna are disclosed. The hybrid comprises: metal plates configured in parallel as groundplanes, and a dielectric substrate disposed between plates.
High bandwidth high sensitivity cmos trans-impedance amplifier
A cmos trans-impedance amplifier (tia) in accordance with the present disclosure can achieve improved bandwidth and sensitivity by utilizing novel shunt-shunt feedback and inductor peaking. The proposed design simultaneously improves 10-gbps tia performance in terms of bandwidth and sensitivity, while the tia may be fabricated through a standard 0.13 μm cmos process.
Current sense
The other of the current sense terminals (gg_srn) is provided on a second current path connected at one end between the shunt resistor (r10) and the load/charge terminal, and connected at the other end to ground.. .
Settling time and effective band width for op-amps using miller capacitance compensation
An ldo/hdo circuit adds a supplementary current source to supply the output node. The current boosting section includes a digital comparator with a first input connected to the ldo's feedback loop and a second input connected to a reference level.
Ldo/hdo architecture using supplementary current source to improve effective system bandwidth
An ldo/hdo circuit adds a supplementary current source to supply the output node. The current boosting section includes a digital comparator with a first input connected to the ldo's feedback loop and a second input connected to a reference level.
Cable compensation circuit
One cable compensation circuit is connected to a shunt regulator to generate a feedback voltage corresponding to an output voltage of a power supply device. The cable compensation circuit controls cathode impedance of the shunt regulator according to the output current of the power supply device to compensate a voltage drop generated in a cable..
Motor driving apparatus
There is provided a motor driving apparatus in which a current is detected from a connection point between a pmos transistor and an nmos transistor of a motor driving circuit, thus reducing a voltage headroom loss due to a shunt resistor. The motor driving apparatus including: a driving unit including a first transistor unit and a second transistor unit connected in parallel between a driving power source terminal and a ground; and a motor driven according to switching of the first and second transistor units; and a detection unit detecting a current from a connection point between a pmos transistor and an nmos transistor of at least one of the first and second transistor units..
Adjustable shunt assembly for a sputtering magnetron and a method for adjusting such a shunt
An adjustable shunt assembly for use with a sputtering magnetron having at least two magnets spaced from one another and disposed with respect to a sputtering target having a sputtering surface. The magnets define a longitudinal axis and the adjustable shunt assembly moves a shunt between the two magnets for altering the magnetic field therebetween.
System for delivering unified conferences in light of prohibition of toll bypass
In one embodiment, a method includes obtaining geographic information from a first party when the first party attempts to join a collaborative session, and identifying a first geographic region, using the geographic information, within which the first party is located. A first multipoint control unit (mcu) located within the first geographic region is identified for use in a dial out to establish a first audio connection for use by at least the first party during the collaborative session.
Motor control apparatus and electric power steering apparatus provided with the same
A motor control apparatus that is capable of making the whole control system robust not only with respect to motor parameter variations such as the temperature variation and the manufacturing unevenness but also with respect to disturbances while using a cheap and compact one-shunt type current detecting circuit and simultaneously diagnosing an estimation error and an electric power steering apparatus provide with the motor control apparatus.. .
Implantable medical device having electromagnetic interference filter device to reduce pocket tissue heating
An active implantable medical device (aimd) for use with a medical lead carrying at least one lead electrode. The aimd comprises interior electronic circuitry configured for performing a medical function via the medical lead, an electrically conductive case containing the interior electronic circuitry, at least one electrical terminal configured for electrically coupling the electronic circuitry respectively to the lead electrode(s), and an inductive element coupled in series between the electrical terminal(s) and the case.
Quadrature hybrid coupler, amplifier, and wireless communication device
A transformer (101) includes four terminals (n1 to n4), and parasitic resistances (109 and 110) are present in the transformer (101). A coupling capacitor (102) is provided between the terminals (n1 and n3), and a coupling capacitor (103) is provided between the terminals (n2 and n4).

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