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Shotgun patents

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Firearms for firing shotshell type ammunition

Firearms for firing shotshell type ammunition

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shotgun-related patents
 Shotgun with sighting device patent thumbnailShotgun with sighting device
A sighting device replicates the spread pattern of pellets exiting the barrel of a shotgun. The sighting device includes a light source (preferably a laser) and a power source connectable to the light source.
 Firearms for firing shotshell type ammunition patent thumbnailFirearms for firing shotshell type ammunition
Shotshell type ammunition includes a hull, a sabot disposed within the hull, and at least one projectile disposed within the sabot. The hull has a rimless first end that includes a primer for firing the ammunition.
 Carrying case for outdoor sporting equipment patent thumbnailCarrying case for outdoor sporting equipment
A carrying case for carrying a collapsible folding chair and a plurality of tubular elements, such as fishing rods, sand spikes, beach umbrellas, shotguns, and the like. The carrying case includes a tubular shaped body having an outer surface, an open end, and a closed end.
 Shotgun shell tracer and tracer manufacturing device patent thumbnailShotgun shell tracer and tracer manufacturing device
A shotgun shell tracer includes a base wall, an obturator, and an edge wall extending from the base wall opposite to the obturator. A chamber support may be engaged to the base wall extending from the base wall within the internal space of the tracer.
 Shotgun ammunition conversion system patent thumbnailShotgun ammunition conversion system
A shotgun ammunition conversion system has a detachable magazine well having a sleeve defining a rectangular passage adapted to removably receive an ammunition magazine, a boss extending forward of the sleeve and at a level above at least a portion of the sleeve, the boss being adapted to be received in the rear aperture of the magazine tube, and a tang extending rearward of the sleeve and defining a tang aperture operable to receive a fastener associated with a shotgun frame to secure the magazine well to the shotgun with the sleeve proximate and aligned with the loading port when the boss is received in the rear aperture of the magazine tube. The boss may have a lower cylindrical surface portion operable to contact a lower portion of the magazine tube adjacent to the rear aperture.
 Integrated shotgun rail deflector patent thumbnailIntegrated shotgun rail deflector
A shotgun rail, or deflector, is provided as part of a front end structure of a vehicle. The shotgun rail includes a triangular shaped bulkhead having a front surface disposed at an oblique angle relative to the front of a vehicle and a rear surface that is disposed at an oblique angle relative to the rear of the vehicle.
 Gun dog training tool and method patent thumbnailGun dog training tool and method
A gundog training tool prevents gun shyness by gradually allowing a pup to adapt to the sound of a gunshot. A pop gun shoots treats upon creating a simulated gunshot so that the dog grows used to the sound of a gunshot and creates positive reinforcement rewarded by the treat.
 Haplotying of hla loci with ultra-deep shotgun sequencing patent thumbnailHaplotying of hla loci with ultra-deep shotgun sequencing
Methods are provided to determine the entire genomic region of a particular hla locus including both intron and exons. The resultant consensus sequences provides linkage information between different exons, and produces the unique sequence from each of the two genes from the individual sample being typed.
 Modular firearm forend patent thumbnailModular firearm forend
In one embodiment, a forend for a firearm includes an adapter module configured to mount below a barrel and in front of a receiver of a specific model of a firearm, such as a shotgun, and a universal firearm accessory module coupled to one or more surfaces of the adapter module. The adapter module can include an upper surface that substantially conforms to a lower surface of the barrel, a longitudinal bore configured to receive a tubular magazine of the firearm concentrically therein, and lower and external side surfaces defining a plug.
 Projectile assembly with stabilization/obturation enhancement patent thumbnailProjectile assembly with stabilization/obturation enhancement
A projectile assembly comprises a base portion for receiving projectiles such as slugs and has an associated pusher plate at a rear end thereof for minimizing or controlling deformation of the rear end of the base portion during firing. The pusher plate has a disc with one or more axially extending projections that extend axially into the rearward end of the base portion thereby reinforcing the base portion and upon firing providing uniform axial deformation and/or obturation of the base portion with respect to a firearm barrel.
Firearm with shell holder
Shell holders for firearms have a body including a plurality of bores, a plurality of elastomeric elements, each associated with a different selected one of the bores, each elastomeric element having a protruding portion that protrudes a selected distance into the bore, a plurality of movable adjustment elements, each connected to the body and each operably engaged to a different selected one of the elastomeric elements, wherein the selected distance the protruding portion of the elastomeric element protrudes into the bore is adjustable based on an adjustment position of each adjustment element, and the selected distance is independently adjustable for each elastomeric element. The shell holder may be for a shotgun.
Shotgun magazine receiver assembly
The assembly further includes a plurality of connectors to secure the assembly to the stock barrel, grip, trigger assembly, and magazine tube of the conventional shotgun.. .
Shotgun shell dispenser
A shotgun shell dispenser is disclosed including a main body having at least a front, a back, and a bottom, the bottom having an opening. An interior blocking portion which, with the interior of the main body, at least partially defines an opening is provided.
Sighting device replicating shotgun pattern spread
A sighting device replicates the spread pattern of pellets exiting the barrel of a shotgun. The sighting device includes a light source (preferably a laser) and a power source connectable to the light source.
Projectile launcher structured in shotgun configuration
An embodiment of presently claimed invention discloses a projectile launcher structured in a shotgun-like configuration. The projectile launching device or launcher includes a receiver, a forestock, a trigger mechanism, and a trigger extension cable.
Reflective decoy
A reflective decoy device for hunting wild turkey employs a glass mirror and strutted gobbler feathers. The turkey decoy device is attached to a hunting weapon, such as a shotgun or compound bow, with its mirror element substantially vertical to the line of fire.
Duckbill style spreader attachment for a shotgun
A muzzle attachment for a shotgun is disclosed including a first portion that has a first end, a second end, a central axis extending from the first end to the second end, and a through bore extending from the first end to the second end, concentric about the axis. The muzzle attachment also includes a second portion having a pair of opposing extensions defining a gap therebetween.
Bolt assembly for firearms
A bolt assembly for a firearm such as an auto-loading or pump action shotgun includes a bolt body, bolt carrier and a bolt head. The bolt head is received within the bolt body and is rotatable within the bolt body to lock the bolt assembly into battery prior to firing the weapon, but does not extend from the bolt body during such rotation.
Fire control for auto-loading shotgun
An auto-loading firearm includes a bolt assembly that is both automatically operable and manually operable between a forward position closing the chamber of the firearm and a rearward position opening the chamber, and a fire control mechanism. The fire control mechanism comprises a trigger plate assembly operably located between the chamber and a magazine that is capable of housing one or more additional rounds of ammunition.
Noninvasive diagnosis of fetal aneuploidy by sequencing
Disclosed is a method to achieve digital quantification of dna (i.e., counting differences between identical sequences) using direct shotgun sequencing followed by mapping to the chromosome of origin and enumeration of fragments per chromosome. The preferred method uses massively parallel sequencing, which can produce tens of millions of short sequence tags in a single run and enabling a sampling that can be statistically evaluated.
Holder for shotgun speedloaders
A holder for speedloader tubes includes a plate that can be secured to a portion of a user's body; a plurality of upwardly opening pockets on the plate; and a plurality of clips on the plate. Each one of the clips is located above and is associated with a respective one of the pockets.
Hierarchical genome assembly method using single long insert library
The present invention is generally directed to a hierarchical genome assembly process for producing high-quality de novo genome assemblies. The method utilizes a single, long-insert, shotgun dna library in conjunction with single molecule, real-time (smrt®) dna sequencing, and obviates the need for additional sample preparation and sequencing data sets required for previously described hybrid assembly strategies.
Shotgun pellet that is elongated, achieves stable flight after disordered launching, and is easy of manufacture
A shotgun pellet that flies faster and farther for a given pellet weight than spherical pellets or other shapes by means of streamlined aerodynamic design, having no features that fail to transit the barrel without damage, orienting itself nose-into-the-wind despite disordered launching, spins about its axis, minimizes or eliminates nutation, and is manufactureable in a coaxial two-element die and punch cold-forming machine.. .
Multi-shell dispenser for shotgun
A dispenser holds a number of shotgun shells, which a shooter can retrieve quickly one or two at a time, to reload the shotgun. The shells that remain in the dispenser do not rattle around loosely but rather are held in position in the dispenser, from which position they can easily be extracted..
Multi-use urgent response resource kit
In another embodiment of the present invention, an organizer assembly includes an article holding body and a mounting structure. The article holding body has a first body segment, a second body segment and a hinge segment connected between the first body segment and the second body segment.
Miniture electronic shotgun microphone
A miniature electronic shotgun microphone, which is used to receive a sound source from a specified direction, comprises a pick-up member, an a/d (analog/digital) conversion unit, and a digital signal processor. The pick-up member includes a first pick-up unit, a second pick-up unit separated from the first pick-up unit by a first distance, and a third pick-up unit separated from the second pick-up unit by a second distance; the first distance is greater than the second distance.
Shotgun shell jewelry and method therefor
The present invention includes a method of manufacturing a shotgun cartridge for use with jewelry, wherein the method includes cutting off a portion of the brass head of a shotgun cartridge with a lathe. The portion of the brass head of the cartridge has a primer extending from a back side of that portion of the brass head of the cartridge.
Pneumatically driven projectile weapon
The pneumatically driven projectile weapon combines the tensioned line of a conventional crossbow or archery bow with mechanical and pneumatic compression, thus increasing the power and accuracy of the weapon. A spring-biased cylinder is mounted within a hollow weapon stock, similar to a conventional rifle or shotgun stock, and is interconnected via an internal pulley system to the tensioned line.
Methods, computer-accessible medium, and systems for score-driven whole-genome shotgun sequence assembly
Exemplary systems, methods and computer-accessible mediums for assembling at least one haplotype or genotype sequence of at least one genome can be provided, which can include, obtaining a plurality of randomly located sequence reads, incrementally generating overlap relations between the randomly located sequence reads using a plurality of overlapper procedures, and generating a layout of some of the randomly located short sequence reads based on a function in combination with constraints based on information associated with the one genome while substantially satisfying the constraints. The score-function can be derived from overlap relations between the randomly located short sequence reads.
Hunting thigh weapon holder
The weapon holder for a hunter's lap does not only provide a convenient holder for supporting a rifle, shotgun, or bow but can also support a crossbow. The weapon holder is comprised of a pair of identical mounds (bosoms) each of which is adapted to be secured to an individual's thigh.
Ammunition rounds for observance of religious beliefs and a method of hunting
An ammunition round and method of hunting is provided that allows a hunter of the muslim faith to hunt with a firearm and ensure the flesh of the hunted animal is halal. The ammunition rounds include a shotgun pellet, shotgun slug, handgun round, and rifle round having sharpened edges designed into their body structure to induce a cutting or slicing operation upon impact with a game animal.
Fnh slp sling mount adapter
The fnh slp sling mount adapter is a single-piece metallic adapter that provides the means to attach an ar-15 style sling mount to the grip-plate area of the buttstock of the shotgun and is secured to the buttstock of the shotgun with a mounting screw.. .
Shotgun shell with weighted wad
A shotgun cartridge having a weighted wad for controlling the separation point between the wad and the shot load. The wad having a tail portion and a nose portion with the nose portion shifting the center of gravity of the wad axially forward away from the center of pressure compared to where the center of gravity would be if the nose portion was not weighted thereby controlling the shot load separation and enhancing the shot pattern..
Rapidly attaching, elevation adjustable, universal weapon rest
A firearm rest is provided that quickly, quietly, and easily permits mounting to all known firearms, including all long guns, such as rifles, primitive muzzle loading weapons, and shotguns as well as pistols and crossbows. The weapon is positioned upon, but not fastened to, the lower surface, or cradle, of a u-shaped weapon rest.
Auxiliary sight device for shotguns
An auxiliary sight device for shotguns, for anchorage on the barrel or double barrel of the shotgun, includes at least one swivelling item (7) with an articulation axis (9) in respect of the auxiliary sight (6), in which the swivelling item (7) is fitted with a pin (8), at the end opposite to its articulation, so that the direction of the line that visually links the shooter's eye with the end of the pin (8) has a divergence in respect of the axis of the barrel of the shotgun (3), adjustable in different predetermined positions.. .
Magazine cutoff
A magazine cutoff device for a firearm with a tube-type magazine, such as, e.g., semi-automatic shotgun. The cutoff device may be moveably mounted to accommodate at least two positions, on and off.
Forcible entry device
A forcible entry device or door breaching device for attachment to the muzzle of a rifle or shotgun. The device includes a ram which is driven into the door by the explosive gases discharged from a blank cartridge or shell..
Shotgun water bottle
A water bottle and method of hydration is disclosed. The water bottle has a first and second port for dispensing a liquid.
Detachable rifle-mounted ammunition carrier and methods of use
What is disclosed is the present inventive concept is generally directed to a magnetic, detachable, side-mounted, ammunition carrier for a gun, specifically for a rifle or shotgun. Generally speaking, the carrier is detachably located by a user on one of the sides of ammunition-chamber loading region of a rifle or shotgun.
Efficient shotgun sequencing methods
Methods are provided for efficient shotgun sequencing to allow efficient selection and sequencing of nucleic acids of interest contained in a library. The nucleic acids of interest can be defined any time before or after preparation of the library.
Shotshell type ammunition, firearms for firing such shotshell type ammunition, and methods of manufacturing such shotshell type ammunition
Shotshell type ammunition includes a hull, a sabot disposed within the hull, and at least one projectile disposed within the sabot. The hull has a rimless first end that includes a primer for firing the ammunition.
Shotgun tracer
A shotgun shell tracer which includes a base wall, an obturator extending from the base wall, an edge wall extending from the base wall opposite to the obturator, where the edge wall defines an internal space, and where a ballast chamber support is engaged to the base wall extending from the base wall within the internal space. The tracer also includes a tracer insert encircling a least a portion of the ballast chamber support within said internal space to form a plurality of sections.
Rifle chassis having interchangable stocks
A rifle chassis is able to convert the m1a rifle to have a modular stock system. The chassis may be designed to permit attachment of a shotgun stock to the m1a chassis.

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