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Shank patents


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 Broadhead arrow patent thumbnailnew patent Broadhead arrow
An expandable broadhead includes an elongated ferrule and a blade. The ferrule includes a forward ferrule tip and an aft shank operable to connect the broadhead to an arrow shaft.

 Percussive rock drill bit with flushing grooves patent thumbnailnew patent Percussive rock drill bit with flushing grooves
A percussive rock drill bit has a head and a shank in which a plurality of flushing grooves extend radially outward and axially rearward from a front face. The flushing grooves are configured to optimize the axially rearward flow of rock particles and fines entrained in the flushing fluid.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab

 Anchor patent thumbnailnew patent Anchor
An anchor (1) comprises a fluke (2) and a shank (3) pivotally connected to one another. The shank (3) is pivotable between an anchor deployment configuration and an anchor retrieval configuration, and a fastener 36 is provided to engage with the shank 3 to retain the shank (3) in the anchor retrieval configuration..
Fe Anchor Corporation

 Handlebar mount structure for saddled vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Handlebar mount structure for saddled vehicle
A handlebar is supported by an upper bracket of a motorcycle through a handlebar holder. The handlebar holder includes a lower end portion supported by the upper bracket and an upper end portion to support the handlebar.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

 Fabrication system for key making machine patent thumbnailnew patent Fabrication system for key making machine
A fabrication system is disclosed for use in a key making machine. The fabrication system may have a housing with a slot configured to receive a key blank, and a receiving unit configured to accept a shank of the key blank at the slot.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

 Drill and  drilling a hole patent thumbnailnew patent Drill and drilling a hole
A drill includes a shank and a body having an outer peripheral surface with a certain outer diameter and a distal end tapered surface of a certain distal end angle. The drill includes a pilot shaft portion projecting from the distal end tapered surface of the body and having a diameter smaller than the body and having an outer peripheral surface of a certain outer diameter.
Utsunomiya Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

 Drill chuck assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Drill chuck assembly
A drill chuck assembly. The drill chuck assembly includes a rapid change mechanism configured to retain a drill bit shank inserted therein.

 Massage device for tilting inversion exerciser patent thumbnailnew patent Massage device for tilting inversion exerciser
A tilting inversion exerciser includes a carrier attached to a supporting stand for mounting a supporting table, the supporting table includes a number of grooves, and a massage member is engaged with either of the grooves of the supporting table for attaching to the supporting table and for massaging the user. The massage member includes a block having a screw hole for engaging with the supporting table, and a threaded shank extended from a knob for engaging through either of the grooves of the supporting table and for engaging with the screw hole of the block and for detachably securing the massage member to the supporting table at selected positions..
Beto Engineering & Marketing Co., Ltd.

 Tool for a dismantlable medical instrument patent thumbnailnew patent Tool for a dismantlable medical instrument
A tool for a dismantlable medical instrument includes a first component, which surrounds a cavity for receiving a distal end of a shank, and a second component with a catch, which protrudes into the cavity surrounded by the first component to form a bayonet connection with a distal end of a shank protruding into the cavity, by engagement of the catch in a slit or a groove at the distal end of the shank. The first component has a recess into which the second component is fitted..
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Sounder for sizing bone implant patent thumbnailnew patent Sounder for sizing bone implant
Methods and systems for installing an implant in an intramedullary canal are discussed. In an example, an intramedullary sounder tool has a sounder head including a plurality of teeth extending proximally from a distal tip towards a shank extending from the sounder head, each tooth comprising a distal cutting edge, a middle scraping edge, and a proximal cutting edge.
Zimmer, Inc.

Bleed valve assembly

Methods and systems are provided for a bleed valve assembly for an engine. In one example, a method (or system) may include a fastener comprising a threaded shank received within a bore of the engine, a bleed bore within the fastener, and a bleed plug including a threaded portion received within the bleed bore of the fastener.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Composite airfoil metal patch

A composite airfoil comprises a leading edge and a trailing edge, a pressure side and a suction side extending between the leading edge and the trailing edge, a tip at a radial outer end of the airfoil, a shank at a radial inner end of the airfoil, a dovetail connected to the shank, and a metal patch disposed between the dovetail and the shank.. .
General Electric Company

Storm drain trap installation device

A device for installation, maintenance, and/or removal of a catch basin hood and/or a catch basin trap; the device comprising a shank connecting a handle on one end and jaw-like arms on an opposite end, wherein the handle end of the shank further comprises a lever capable of actuating a snap-action installation of a catch basin trap.. .

Coupler for a railway vehicle, cores and production

A coupler having a support provided through the body of the coupler and a plurality of openings in the coupler which are configured as open cavities. The coupler structure includes a shank that has a vertical support as well as lateral support.
Pennsy Corporation

Flail chain for use in debarking trees

A linkage element for a flail chain comprising more than two shank portions and more than two angled portions connecting the shank portions. The shank portions and angled portions define an interior space of the linkage element.
Function Chains Pty Ltd.

Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction

An ultrasonic surgical tool comprises a substantially planar blade body having a pair of opposed lateral surfaces and a cutting edge. A shank integral on a distal side with the blade body is provided at a proximal side with a connector for operatively linking the blade to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations.
Misonix, Incorporated

Cutting burr shank configuration

A cutting burr that includes a pair of axially spaced diamond-shaped portions designed to be keyed into a spindle of a locking mechanism of a high speed surgical drilling instrument and adapted to fit into a single pawl thereof to lock said cutting burr in place so as to prevent axial movement thereof and provide concentric rotation of said cutting burr without any wobbling. The orientation of both portions may be identical with respect to a center plan and diamond shape in the portion at the proximal end of the shank of the cutting tool may be larger than the intermediately located diamond shape of the other portion.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Flexible neural interfaces with integrated stiffening shank

A neural interface includes a first dielectric material having at least one first opening for a first electrical conducting material, a first electrical conducting material in the first opening, and at least one first interconnection trace electrical conducting material connected to the first electrical conducting material. A stiffening shank material is located adjacent the first dielectric material, the first electrical conducting material, and the first interconnection trace electrical conducting material..
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc

Clip assembly for use holding sinuous springs

A piece of furniture includes a rectangular frame for supporting a plurality of sinuous springs. A plurality of clip assemblies are secured to opposed side walls of frame.
L&p Property Management Company

Row unit with shank opener

A row unit for use with an agricultural implement is provided. The row unit includes a frame, a winged shank opener operatively connected to the frame, a depth-setting member operatively connected to the frame such that at least a portion of the winged shank extends below the depth-setting member to form a furrow and the depth-setting member at least partially controls the depth of said furrow, and a seed meter for planting seed in the depth formed by the winged shank opener.
Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.

Actuator of engraving machine

The proposed actuator of engraving machine relates to decorative machining of hard materials, and can be used in arrangement of facades and monuments. A permanent magnet and a core with a pivot are concentrically fixed in an upper part of a housing.

Tool holder device

A tool holder device includes a receptacle having two conduits perpendicular to each other, a spindle and a shaft are rotatably engaged in the conduits of the receptacle and have bevel gears meshed with each other for allowing the shaft to be rotated relative to the receptacle by the spindle, a housing is secured to the receptacle, a flexible shank is secured to the spindle, a stem is secured to the flexible shank, a flexible sheath is engaged onto the flexible shank and is secured to the receptacle, and a control ferrule is secured to the flexible sheath, and the stem is rotatably received and engaged in the control ferrule. The flexible shank and the flexible sheath allow the tool holder device to be easily operated by the user in a tiny working space..

Interactive exoskeleton robotic knee system

An interactive exoskeleton robotic knee system for assist walking and gait training. The system comprises of an exoskeleton framework to be attached to the thigh and shank of the user's leg; electric motor; mechanical lock; motion sensor assembled on the lower limb unit, and a control box.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Bottom loaded pedicle screw

A pedicle screw includes a tulip head, a rod seat, a screw shank, and a retainer collar. The tulip head has an upper opening disposed in a top end of the tulip head and a lower opening disposed in a bottom end of the tulip head opposite the upper opening.
Orthopediatrics Corp.

Screw, fastening arrangement and use of a screw

A screw (10) having a screw head (14) equipped with an engagement portion (12), having a shaft (16) which defines a screw axis and which bears a thread (18), and having a thread-free shaft portion (20) arranged between the thread (18) and the screw head (14). A head-side end (22) of the thread (18) is truncated.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag

Turbine component connection with thermally stress-free fastener

A turbine component assembly for a gas turbine engine includes: a first component having a first coefficient of thermal expansion and including an end face; a second component including a mating surface abutting the end face; and a fastener having a second coefficient of thermal expansion different from the first coefficient of thermal expansion, the fastener including a shank engaging the second component and an enlarged head engaging a mounting slot in the first component; wherein the mating surface and the end face shaped to permit relative pivoting movement between the first and second components.. .
General Electric Company

Turbine bucket cooling

Embodiments of the invention relate generally to rotary machines and, more particularly, to the cooling of at least portions of a turbine bucket. In one embodiment, the invention provides a method of cooling at least a portion of a turbine bucket, the method comprising: during operation of a turbine, altering a swirl velocity of purge air between a platform lip extending axially from the platform and an angel wing extending axially from a face of a shank portion of the turbine bucket, wherein altering the swirl velocity of the purge air includes interrupting a flow of the purge air with a plurality of turbulators disposed along at least one of a radially inner surface of the platform lip or the face of the shank portion..
General Electric Company

Turbine bucket cooling

Embodiments of the invention relate generally to rotary machines and, more particularly, to the cooling of at least portions of a turbine bucket. In one embodiment, the invention provides a method of cooling at least a portion of a turbine bucket, the method comprising: during operation of a turbine, altering a swirl velocity of purge air beneath a platform lip extending axially from the platform, wherein altering the swirl velocity of the purge air includes interrupting a flow of the purge air with a plurality of voids disposed along a length of an angel wing extending axially from a face of a shank portion of the turbine bucket..
General Electric Company

Locally anchored self-drilling hollow rock bolt

A locally-anchored, self-drilling, deformable, hollow rock bolt has one or more intermediate local anchors each of which is flanked by two relatively elongateable shank segments. After grout is supplied through the hollow interior of the rock bolt while the rock bolt is in the drilled borehole, each anchor fixes the bolt to the rock mass, whereas the adjacent smooth shank segments can deform and even yield to accommodate rock fracture.
Normet International, Ltd.

Safety-line anchor

An anchor for a safety line for use in roofing construction and maintenance activities. The anchor includes a hooked body having a shank and a point.

Portable kegerator cooler

A number of variations may include a container that may define a cavity and may include at least one first wall; bottom wall; and a lid; a plurality of liquid containers; a plurality of taps including a plurality of tap handles, a plurality of faucets, a plurality of shanks in communication with the plurality of faucets wherein the plurality of shanks are disposed within the first wall and define a plurality of passages therethrough in communication with the plurality of faucets; a plurality of tubes that each include a first end and a second end wherein the first end of each of the plurality of tubes may be in communication with each of the plurality of shanks; a plurality of couplers in communication with each of the second ends of the plurality of tubes and in communication with each of the plurality of liquid containers.. .
Deep Wood Brew Products, Llc

Orthopedic driver instrument and methods of production

An orthopedic driver instrument including a metal injection molded driver bit having an overall bit length, and a plastic injection molded handle having an overall handle length at least twice the overall bit length, the handle including a gripping portion and an elongate shaft portion over molded about a shank portion of the driver bit. A method of producing an orthopedic driver instrument is also provided including forming a metallic driver bit using a metal injection molding process, and forming a plastic handle using a plastic injection molding process, wherein the plastic handle has a gripping portion and an elongate shaft portion, and the plastic injection molding process comprises over molding the elongate shaft portion of the plastic handle about a shank portion of the metallic driver bit.
Smith & Nephew, Inc.

Polyaxial bone screw with spherical capture, compression insert and alignment and retention structures

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a receiver, a shank, an articulation structure for retaining the shank in the receiver and a compression insert for engagement with a longitudinal connecting member such as a rod. The articulation structure includes substantially spherical convex and concave surfaces that slidably engage both shank and receiver surfaces to provide compound articulation between the receiver and the shank.

Angle adjustable coulter wheel assembly

An angle adjustable coulter wheel assembly includes a rotatable shank having a longitudinal axis defined by an upper portion of the shank. The longitudinal axis is oriented neither vertically or horizontally with respect to the ground when the assembly is mounted on a tillage apparatus.
Salford Group Inc.

Power transfer unit (ptu) assembly with cylinder

A power takeoff unit for an automotive vehicle being a normally front-wheel drive vehicle that is convertible to all wheel drive. The takeoff unit includes an input shaft supported in a housing, the input shaft is torsionally connected with a transmission of said vehicle.
Borgwarner Inc.

Sealing mill liner bolt fastenings

A forged, mill liner bolt (100) has a head (114), a shank (112), tapered load-bearing surfaces (116) and lateral projections (120) defining an undercut surface (117), and a sealing member (118) abutting the undercut surface. A plurality of plastically deformable projections (122) extend from the tapered load-bearing surfaces (116) for spreading a load applied to the bolt.

Thermally insulating electrical contact probe

A thermally insulating electrical contact probe including a mounting plate having a tubular pin guide defining a pin pass-through, a cover coupled to the mounting plate and having a neck portion enclosing the pin guide, and an insulating pin having a shank portion disposed within the pin pass-through and defining a conductor pass-through, a flange portion extending radially outwardly from the shank portion above a top of the pin guide, and a pocket portion extending from the flange portion and defining a pocket. The electrical contact probe may further include a spring disposed intermediate the flange portion and the mounting plate, the spring biasing the flange portion away from the mounting plate, an electrical contact pad disposed within the pocket, and an electrical conductor coupled to the electrical contact pad and extending through the conductor pass-through..
Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

Screw elements having a tool engagement portion

Screw elements are provided which include a shank having a thread and a head connected to the shank, the head having a tool engagement portion which comprises six corner domes arranged evenly distributed in the peripheral direction of the head and comprising respective flanks, by which the head can be brought into positive cooperation with a hexagon socket of a tool for tightening of the screw element, wherein respective recesses are arranged peripherally between the corner domes, and wherein the flanks of the corner domes are respectively provided at least partially with a radius.. .
Fontana Fasteners R.d. S.r.l.

Pre-plated spline formed fastener and making same

A method for making a plated spline nail includes plating an elongated wire with a corrosion resistant material, passing the wire through a forming machine having rollers configured with protrusions formed thereon and extending outwardly therefrom to form grooves in the wire. Cutting the wire to a desired length and forming a head, and a point on the wire to form the nail.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Offset anchor device

An anchor device including an expansion section expandable when an expansion screw is screwed into the anchor device, and a tubular shank into which the expansion screw can be screwed. The anchor device has a joining device with an elongated offset element as well as a joining element.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and making same

A milling cutter includes a shank and a cutting head attached to the shank. The cutting head has a plurality of helical teeth, each tooth including a cutting tip, a leading face and a rear face.
Kennametal Inc.

Combined drill and chamfer tool

A combined drill and chamfer tool (13, 21) for producing boreholes (29) in a workpiece (28) and for subsequently producing a chamfer (30) on at least one bore edge of the borehole (29), comprising a drill bit (1), which is secured in a rotationally fixed manner in a base body (3), and at least one chamfering blade (4) arranged behind the drill bit (1) in the axial direction, said chamfering blade being mounted in a blade window (25) arranged in the drill shank (35) and spring-loaded so as to be displaceable transversely to the longitudinal axis of the combined tool (13, 21), wherein the drill body (13) comprising the drill bit (1) and the drill shank (35) is made of a solid hard metal material, and wherein a spring-loaded, displaceable control bolt (5) is located in a central longitudinal bore (36) of the solid hard metal drill, the front tip (15) of said bolt controlling the transverse displacement of the chamfering blade (4), which is transversely displaceable within the blade window (25).. .
Heule Werkzeug Ag

Tool coupling arrangement for drills and reamers

A tool coupling arrangement for drills and reamers includes tool and shank portions with respective tool and shank axial stoppers. An at least partially cylindrical tool coupling end of the tool portion is located within a longitudinal through forward bore portion in the shank portion, and being coupled therein via an elongated coupling member located further inwards in the shank portion and comprising axially opposite member coupling and pulling ends.
Iscar, Ltd.

Personal structure climbing apparatus

A personal climbing apparatus formed of a hanger having a blade extended from a shank and forming a gap therebetween; a foot-support platform that is oriented transversely to the shank of the hanger and coupled thereto and having a foot retainer; and a brace coupled between the foot-support platform and the shank of the hanger.. .

Indicator for installing a medical device

According to an embodiment, an inserter for installing a medical device via rotation in a recipient is disclosed. The inserter includes a longitudinal member adapted to rotate around a member axis, the longitudinal member comprising a first end and a second end.
Oticon Medical A/s

Multifunctional cosmetic applicator

A cosmetic applicator includes a hollow seat including a projecting axial sleeve, a threaded shank moveably disposed through the sleeve, a cup at an end of the threaded shank, and slits on the cup; a casing secured to the seat, the casing being configured to receive the threaded shank and including ribs on an inner surface, the ribs being inserted into the slits; a first activation assembly including an exterior case secured to the seat, an interior case, a sleeve member, a sleeve element, first external threads on an inner surface of the exterior case, a first flange at an end of the interior case, second external threads on an inner surface of the interior case, a hollow cylinder in the interior case, and a second flange at a first end of the hollow cylinder; and a hollow intermediate case secured onto the first and a second activation assemblies.. .
Chuen Churn Co., Ltd.

Rotary tiller device with interchangeable torqueing apparatus and rotary shank

A rotary tiller device provides at least one interchangeable torqueing apparatus to generate different torques and angular velocities for tilling soil and removing weeds with at least one interchangeable rotary shank. The type, size, and voltage of the torqueing apparatus is dictated by the type of soil and nature of the work being performed.

Bimaterial anti-shock system for timepieces

A shock absorber bearing for an arbor of a timepiece wheel. The arbor includes a pivot-shank, the bearing includes a support including a housing arranged to receive a suspended pivot mechanism, and the pivot mechanism is arranged to absorb, at least in part, any shocks experienced by the timepiece wheel..
The Swatch Group Research And Development Ltd

Two stage torque limiter

A torque limiting tool is described. The tool comprises a two stage torque limiting mechanism that resides within a housing.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Drill point fastener

A fastener may include an elongated shank, a head at a distal end of the shank, and a drill point at a terminal end of the shank, which is opposite to the distal end. The fastener may include a primary thread starting at the drill point and extending along the shank towards the head.
Hargis Industries, Lp, Dba Sealtite Building Fasteners

Self-clinching fastener

A self-clinching fastener suitable for connection to a member having a shank of a diameter less than a head portion, the head portion having at least eight lands extending outwardly along the underside of the head portion spaced about the shank, each land having a face surface extending beyond the shank to a diameter less than or equal to the radius of the head portion, the width of the lands reducing from adjacent the shank toward the radius of the head portion. The fastener further includes an axial annular engagement groove having a diameter larger than the shank, the annular engagement groove axially extending from the lands to a retaining collar adjacent the shank, the groove adapted to relieve material of a member on installation by receiving material as the lands in the underside of the head portion mechanically interlock with the member..
Infastech Intellectual Properties Pte. Ltd.

Plasma ignition device

An igniter includes a central electrode terminating in a firing portion including a plurality of prong tiers distributed axially on the firing portion. Each prong tier including at least one firing prong extending radially outward from the firing portion.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Turbomachine accessory gearbox equipped with a centrifugal pump

An accessory gearbox for a turbomachine, the gearbox being equipped with a pump and including intermeshing pinions, one of which is formed as a single piece with a coaxial shank for driving a rotary part of the pump, wherein said rotary part is directly mounted on the shank.. .

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