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Shank patents

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Blind rivet fastener

Gesipa Blindniettechnik

Blind rivet fastener

Lock washer

Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake

Lock washer

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Device for fixing an electrical connection terminal to a support patent thumbnailnew patent Device for fixing an electrical connection terminal to a support
A fixing device for fixing an electrical connection terminal to a support having a first side, a second side opposite to the first side, and defining a through hole of a first diameter. The fixing device comprises: a ring including a receiving portion partially defining an axial recess and insertable in the through hole; a dowel including an insert portion axially insertable into the recess of the ring and a locking portion axially spaced from the insert portion, the dowel partially defining an axial bore including an internal thread, and in the locking portion the internal thread of the bore is a distorted locking thread; and a fixing screw including a threaded shank engagable with the dowel.
Dubuis Et Cie

 Wearable article with self-defense alarm patent thumbnailnew patent Wearable article with self-defense alarm
A cocktail-ring with self-defense alarm that allows a person in distress to trigger a loud audio alarm from the cocktail-ring. The cocktail-ring comprises a trigger assembly, a ring head base, and a ring shank.
Smart Siren Technology, Inc.

 Lock washer patent thumbnailnew patent Lock washer
A lock washer for releasably locking a fastener to an object is provided. The washer includes a body defining a bore configured for alignment with a bore disposed in the object.
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Llc

 Fastener system with fastener extension and driving tool patent thumbnailnew patent Fastener system with fastener extension and driving tool
A fastener includes a shank having a first attachment device for attachment to a first workpiece and a head having a second attachment device for attachment to a second workpiece. The fastener can be a screw and the first attachment device includes a thread formation on the shank.
Inter-join Pty/ltd.

 Mushroom-compaction and asymmetric-thread impact-drivable screw patent thumbnailnew patent Mushroom-compaction and asymmetric-thread impact-drivable screw
An asymmetric thread impact drivable screw and clip for use with a power impact device for penetrating wood fibers while minimizing cut fibers. The screw includes an impact head and a conical shaped tip having a ballistic insertion angle at the ends of a shank.

 Blind rivet fastener patent thumbnailnew patent Blind rivet fastener
Blind rivet fastener and method of forming blind rivet fastener. The blind rivet fastener includes a blind rivet sleeve having a set head end with a set head and a shank end, and a stud structured and arranged so that a receiving section projects from the set head end and so that an attachment section projects from the shank end..
Gesipa Blindniettechnik Gmbh

 Liner coupling pin patent thumbnailnew patent Liner coupling pin
A coupling pin for use in a pump housing, the pump housing including an outer casing and an inner pump liner, the coupling pin being suitable for locating the liner and casing relative to one another, the coupling pin including a shank and a head at one end of the shank. The head includes a cammed surface thereon which is adapted to co-operate with a follower on the liner, and a locating section on a remote or terminal end of the head which is adapted to be positioned against a seat in the outer casing when fitted.
Weir Minerals Australia Ltd.

 Bit holder shank and differential interference between the shank distal portion and the bit holder block bore patent thumbnailnew patent Bit holder shank and differential interference between the shank distal portion and the bit holder block bore
Improved bit holder/bit holder block structure provides increased access to the rear of the assembly allowing bit holder blocks to be mounted closer to each other for micro-milling operations. Shortened bit holder shanks are reconfigured from prior art to provide increased holding power between the bit holder shank and bit holder block bore..

 Knitting needle set patent thumbnailnew patent Knitting needle set
The present disclosure is directed to a needle set that includes a plurality of knitting needles configured to knit tubular knitted items, each knitting needle including: a first needle point, a second needle point, and a shank extending between the first and second needle points, the first needle point being a different needle shape from the second needle point.. .
Gustav Selter Gmbh & Co Kg

 Self-piercing riveting patent thumbnailnew patent Self-piercing riveting
A method for forming a joint in at least one high strength sheet steel having a uts in the range 200 to 1400 mpa using a self-piercing rivet includes the steps of: positioning the sheet material over a die and providing a rivet having a substantially cylindrical shank and a head, the shank having a central blind bore and an annular piercing end spaced from said head. The ratio of the difference between the outside and inside diameters of the shank in the region around the bore to the outside diameter of the shank is in the range 0.47 to 0.52.
Henrob Limited


Expansion anchor

An expansion anchor includes a screw and an anchor body configured to receive a shank of the screw, the anchor body including: a flange configured to be directed towards the screw head; a nut-forming portion configured to cooperate with the screw thread; and a deformable expansion portion between the flange and the nut-forming portion. The nut-forming portion is configured to advance in the direction of the flange, by deforming the expansion portion to a deployed state, by screwing the screw in the nut-forming portion.
Saint-gobain Placo


Self-reaming self-tapping fastener

A fastener comprises a driver head, an elongated shank having an unthreaded section coupled to the driver head and a threaded section terminating in a blunt end thereof, and at least two elongated flutes formed in the elongated shank extending over the threaded section and at least a portion of the unthreaded section. The elongated flutes are substantially triangular in cross-section with a vertex and two asymmetrical legs, one leg forming a cutting element adapted for reaming and cutting a thread in an opening having a diameter less than a major thread diameter of the threaded section..
Rom Acquisition Corporation


Wood decking screw

A screw for securing dense wood material has a head with a specially configured drive socket and an underside with an array of lobes. The lobes preferably have a left-handed orientation and have chamfered extremities.
Handy & Harman


System for sound isolation

A system for sound isolation. The system is configured to acoustically isolate a gypsum board support channel from a frame member.
G2 Group Llc


Tamping tool

A tamping tool for tamping ballast in place is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the tamping tool comprises a shank and a paddle.


Endodontic file for assessing root canal depth

An endodontic file having an extended measurement range of 14 mm is provided. The endodontic file comprises a shank, a washer and a handle, the shank having a proximal end, a distal end, a proximal region and a fluted region, the washer slidably located about the proximal region of the shank, wherein the improvement comprises an exposed shank in an annular groove in the handle, the exposed shank and the annular groove being about 1 to about 2 mm wide, such that in use, the exposed shank provides a user an extended depth measuring capability.


Post for modelling dental implants by means of a radiologic test

This post (1) comprises: a body (11) of biocompatible and radiologically visible material, a threaded shank (12) for being attached to a dental implant (2), and an open or closed cavity (13), of a predetermined geometrical shape, arranged at a pre-set position on the post (1), defined in the same material from which the post is made and containing a substance (14) of a different density from that of the material from which the post (1) is made; said substance (14) presenting suitable properties for the cavity (13) containing the same and/or the substance (14) itself in order to be visible through magnetic resonance, ionizing radiation of the cat (computerized tomography) or cbct (cone beam computerized tomography) type, or any other similar radiologic test.. .


Medical instrument

A medical instrument with a handle arranged at the proximal end, with a shankarranged on the handle, and with a tool arranged at the distal end of the shank. The medical instrument can provide several functionalities, for example the rotation about the longitudinal axis of the medical instrument, the pivoting of the tool relative to the longitudinal axis of the medical instrument and/or the actuation of the tool, for example the opening or closing of scissors.



A bolt having a head and a shank fixed to the head. The shank having an end side remote from the head.
Halfen Gmbh


Actuation device, in particular electronic actuator

An actuation device (1), in particular electronic actuator, having a housing (2); and having an actuation shank which has a first shank portion guided in the housing (2), and which has a second shank portion (3) projecting out of the housing (2), wherein a shielding cap (4) is provided which is fastened to the housing (2) and which surrounds the second shank portion (3) with the exception of a fastening region (5).. .
Borgwarner Inc.


Wrench with maximum operational torque

A wrench includes a body and a rod pivotably received in a first end of the body. A pressing device is mounted in the rod and presses against the body.


Collapsible tissue anchor device and method

Collapsible tissue anchor device and method for inserting into a tissue structure in a first non-collapsed configuration and collapsing into a second collapsed configuration. A sleeve is provided having a bolt or shank extending through an interior.
Ams Research Corporation


Installation device for storm drain trap

Provided herein is a device for installation, maintenance, or removal of a catch basin trap; the device comprising a shank connecting a handle on one end and jaw-like arms on an opposite end, wherein the handle end of the shank further comprises a lever capable of actuating the jaw-like arms for snap-action installation of a catch basin trap. Also, provided herein are methods and kits comprising the trap installation device..


Impact driver accessory with internal torsion zone and methods of manufacturing same

An impact driver accessory, having a work portion and a shank, the shank has an axial hole at a distal end and the work portion has an engagement portion, the engagement portion is inserted in the axial hole and is secured in the axial hole, wherein there is a non-filled tubular section in the shank; a method of manufacturing an impact driver accessory, includes following steps, forming an axial hole at a distal end of the shank of a suitable length and inserting the engagement of the work portion in the axial hole and securing the engagement in the hole by one or more of a variety of mechanical mean, wherein there is a non-filled tubular section since the depth of the axial hole is longer than the length of the engagement of the work portion. The non-filled tubular section is serving as an torsion zone to withstand the large torsion..


Bolt security seal with reusable electronics module and bolt

An electronic circuit senses and transmits a tamper condition of a bolt seal locked with a locking device external the module on a side of the module opposite the bolt head. The module is reusable intact when the bolt/locking device, which is conventional, is opened.


Fastener and fastener installation tool

A fastening system including a fastener and a fastener installation tool. The fastener includes a pin member having an elongated shank portion with a threaded portion, a stop shoulder located at an end of the threaded portion, and a pull portion extending from the stop shoulder.
Alcoa Inc.


Multiple cutters on a degradation pick

A degradation pick for degrading a surface comprises a substantially conical body with a pointed end. A shank is attached to the substantially conical body opposite the pointed end.


Hammer element on a degradation pick

A body of a degradation pick may comprise a substantially conical frustum. A hammer element may be integrally formed with the substantially conical frustum and extend there from in one radial direction.


Plastic dowel for fastening of a rail and combination of such a plastic dowel and a rail screw

The present invention relates to a plastic dowel for the fastening of a rail on a solid substrate. The plastic dowel includes an opening, and interior, a shank section, and a holding section, which provides at least one circumferential projection around its circumference.
Vossloh-werke Gmbh


Socket wrench apparatus

A wrench apparatus includes an elongate handle, a first working head and a second working head selectively attached to the elongate handle. Specifically, the elongate handle has a handle portion and a female end extending from the handle portion.


Fire extinguisher apparatus

A fire extinguisher apparatus includes a cylinder, an extinguisher head, a lid member and a lighting device. The cylinder has a chamber therein.


Cutting tool and corresponding assembly

A one-piece cutting tool has a shank portion with a mounting end and a cutting end. The cutting end has a body portion and a substantially hemispherical portion.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.


Umbrella having telescopic frp shank

An umbrella shank is provided with an frp inner tube (10); an frp outer tube (20) for receipt of the inner tube (10); a spring biased moving mechanism (30) including an upper member (31) having a longitudinal groove (311), and a lower member (32) having a longitudinal groove (321) aligned with the groove (311) wherein the lower member (32) is inserted into the inner tube (10), the upper member (31) is on the top of the inner tube (10), and the upper member (31) is in the outer tube (20); a fixing mechanism (40) in an upper portion of the outer tube (20); and a linking mechanism (60) in the outer tube (20) and including a rod (62) having a top secured to the fixing mechanism (40) and a bottom secured to a bottom of the lower member (32), and partially disposed in the grooves (311, 321).. .


Rotary drill bits comprising maraging steel and methods of forming such drill bits

A method of forming an earth-boring tool includes introducing metal into a die, rotating the die to generate centrifugal forces on the metal, and cooling the metal in the rotating die. A rotary drill bit may include a unitary, centrifugally cast bit body including an integral shank, at least one blade, and at least one cutting element on the blade.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Ratchet wrench actuator structure

A ratchet wrench actuator structure has a head part and a shank part, said head part has a first accommodation section, a second accommodation section, and a third accommodation section; a ratchet member is positioned in said first accommodation section; a clamping piece is disposed in said second accommodation section; a change-over switch has at least one driven part disposed in said third accommodation section; and a resisting spring has a front resisting part, a middle resilience part, and a rear resisting part.. .


Systems and methods for forming an opening in a stack

One aspect of the disclosure relates to a cutting tool for forming a final opening in a stack that includes at least two layers and a pilot opening having a pilot-opening dimension and extending through at least one of the at least two layers. The cutting tool includes a shank.
The Boeing Company


Screw-in tool and tool holder for such a screw-in tool

A screw-in tool and a tool holder for such a screw-in tool. The screw-in tool contains a tool head and a tool shank having an outer thread and a supporting region arranged between the tool head and the outer thread.
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg


Conductive sleeved fastener assembly

A conductive sleeved fastener assembly includes an electrically-conductive fastener having a fastener head and a fastener shank extending from the fastener head and an electrically-conductive fastener sleeve receiving the fastener shank of the fastener and a fastener sleeve flange provided on the fastener sleeve and disposed in direct contact with the fastener head of the fastener. A method of preparing a conductive sleeved fastener for use is also disclosed..
The Boeing Company


Optical measurement of fastener preload

A fastener comprises a head, and a shank having an outer surface and an axially-extending channel in the outer surface. Optically transmissive, strain-sensitive fills the channel..
The Boeing Company


Ladder leveling apparatus

A leveling apparatus for a ladder includes a boot that has opposed pairs of long and short walls surrounding a rectilinear volume that is open at upper and lower ends of the boot; a sleeve formed integrally at one of the longer walls of the boot and extending generally parallel to the walls of the boot; a clamping fastener threadedly mounted in another wall of the boot; a shank slidingly housed in the sleeve; and a connector engaging the shank and the sleeve to hold the shank in a position selected from a plurality of pre-determined positions along the sleeve.. .
W. Taylor Enterprises, Inc.


Tool retention system

A retention system is provided for use with a ground engaging tool. The tool retention system may have a spool with an elongated channel, and a collar dividing the elongated channel into a first portion and a second portion.
Caterpillar Inc.



A screwdriver includes a main body and a switch. The main body is coupled to a handle and includes a pair of parallel, spaced apart slots, and a pawl positioned in each slot.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Tool bit

A tool bit includes a hexagonal drive portion, a working end made of a first material having a first hardness, and a shank interconnecting the drive portion and the working end. The shank is made of a second material having a second hardness, and the first hardness is higher than the second hardness..
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation


Orthopedic fastener

An orthopedic fastener has a head and a shank. The shank has a leading end portion adjacent a distal tip and a trailing end portion adjacent a head.
Amendia, Inc.


Orthopedic fastener

An orthopedic fastener (10) has a head (50) and a shank (20). The shank (20) extends from the head (50) to a distal tip (11).
Amendia, Inc.


Pipeline fastener

A pipeline fastener defines at least one hole formed on a hollow shank with a channel formed therein and has a chip-removing section at least formed between the hole and the channel of the shank. A diameter of the chip-removing section is bigger than a bore diameter of the hole.


Anchor for fixing in a wall

A self-drilling anchor including a screw and an anchor body configured to receive a shank of the screw, the anchor body including: a flange at an end oriented toward a head of the screw, a threaded portion, a deformable expansion portion between the flange and the threaded portion, and a rotation locking mechanism preventing rotation of the anchor body relative to the wall. The threaded portion is configured to engage with the screw thread and advance in a direction of the flange, by deforming the expansion portion, when the screw is screwed into the threaded portion.
Saint-gobain Placo


Turbine blade sealing structure

A turbine blade sealing structure for a ceramic matrix composite component is provided. The turbine sealing structure includes at least one top ply abutting a top portion of a shank.
General Electric Company


Storage compartment sleeve structure in a tool shank

A storage compartment sleeve structure in a tool shank comprising: an operation unit with a pin; a tool shank linking the operation unit and developing at least a tool compartment; a tool shank sleeve enveloping the tool shank and developing a positioning through hole securely penetrated by the pin. As such, the storage compartment sleeve structure in a tool shank is easily and fast opened or closed for removal or accommodation of spare parts and provides a tool shank with flexible lengths based on operation states for adjustable and selectable torque..


Bi-radial pop-on cervical bone anchor

A cervical polyaxial bone anchor includes a longitudinal connecting member receiver structure and a cooperating shank. The shank has a body and an integral head with first and second spherical surfaces of different radii and a plurality of spaced curvate apertures for receiving portions of the longitudinal connecting member to result in a greater angle of inclination of the shank with respect to the receiver.


Method for manufacturing disposable rotary cutting tools and disposable rotary tool for dental or medical applications

The shank (12) of a disposable rotary cutting tool (10) comprises a pipe section (16) cut from a drawn metal pipe. The tool head (14) is formed from a cut-out (18a, 18b) of a drawn metal sheet or a section of a metal tube by non-cutting machining.
Straumann Holding Ag


Mechanical seal

A mechanical seal having a seal cover that has a high versatility and is less prone to deformation even when secured to a housing by two bolts is provided. A mechanical seal 100 includes a rotating ring 40, a stationary ring 20, and a seal cover 10 to attach the stationary ring 20 to a housing 300.
Eagleburgmann Japan Co., Ltd.


Feed devices for swagable lockbolt collars

An air-driven feeder tool is provided for presenting swagable collars one at a time for placement on the shanks of lockbolts and thereby made ready for the application of a swaging tool. The swaging tool breaks off a pintail from the lockbolt and a vacuum system draws the broken-off pintails through a vacuum device and into a receptacle for safe disposal.
Gage Bilt, Inc.



A bolt capable of fastening without use of a special tool and which is extremely hard to be loosened (detached) after fastening is provided. A bolt of the present invention is configured by a fastened bolt, a fastening bolt, and a lock portion.
Lock'n Bolt Corporation


No-waterway or single waterway drill bits and using same

A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and an annular crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Device for attaching/firmly holding an exterior covering against a layer of foam fixed to a wall of the structure of a seat backrest

A device for fixing/firmly holding an exterior covering against a seat backrest includes a backrest structure having a peripheral surround and a connector; padding covering the structure of the backrest; a covering attached to the peripheral surround of the structure of the backrest and covering the padding; an intermediate member of fastening stake type provided with an external head pressing against the covering and with a shank secured to said head and extending through the padding. A free end of the shank includes an end fitting which fixes into the connector in such a way that the member under-goes some excursion in the connector when pressure is applied to the covering and to the padding..
Steelcase S.a.


Retention knob for tool holder

A retention knob for use with a tool holder that is less prone to distorting a tapered tool holder surface, especially if it is over-tightened. The retention knob includes a knob head, a flange engageable with an end of a tool holder shank, a pilot segment receivable by the counter bore defined by said tool holder shank and a threaded segment spaced from said flange by an undercut segment.


Method for forming a joint using a self-piercing rivet

A joint is formed in a stack of at least two sheets of light metal alloy, using a self-piercing rivet that is fully hollow. The rivet is coated at least along a portion of its bore by a lubricant and pierces the upper surface thereof and such that the shank deforms outwardly to interlock with the material but without penetration to the die side of the material.
Henrob Limited


Guided drill, kit of guided drills and methods of osteotomy for inserting a dental implant using the kit

A guided drill for osteotomy for a dental implant is provided. The guided drill comprises a shank configured to be releasably mechanically associated with a contra angle hand piece, a guide body having an outer surface geometrically confined to a cylinder having a radius r1 so that the outer surface coincides with the cylinder at least along an areal section thereof, a stopper arranged between the shank and the guide body and a blade portion configured for drilling at a diameter smaller than 2*r1.
Mis Implants Technologies Ltd.


Screw for osteosynthesis and arthrodesis

The invention relates to a self-tapping and self-boring osteosynthesis screw for compressive orthopaedic surgery, characterised in that, in the bone engagement regions, at both the distal portion (a1a) and at the proximal portion (a2a), the sum of the angles defining the outer taper of the shank (f) and the taper of the crest line of the screw thread pitch (p) is higher than 45°, and in that the leading portion (i.e. The most distal one) of each thread includes a plurality of cutting edges (ar) obtained by stock removal..
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Polyaxial bone anchors with pop-on shank, fully constrained friction fit retainer and lock and release insert

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. The receiver can have crimp tabs, but is devoid of spring tabs and collet-like flexible structures.


Handheld tool for removing matter from crevices

Some embodiments of the present disclosure include a handheld tool for removing debris from a crevice. The tool may include a handle shank having a proximal end and a distal end, the handle shank having a fulcrum aperture configured to permit the passage of a fulcrum apparatus therethrough for creating a fulcrum point when the tool is in use and a generally anchor-shaped dislodging body extending from the distal end of the handle shank.


Implantable medical electrical leads and connector assemblies thereof

A connector assembly of an implantable medical electrical lead includes insulation and conductor segments, which may be formed together in a molded subassembly. The insulation segment includes at least one sealing surface, and the conductor segment includes at least one contact surface and a shank electrically common therewith.
Medtronic, Inc.


Fastener and fastener assembly having improved vibrational and tightening characteristics

A fastener assembly is provided. The fastener assembly includes a nut having an internally threaded portion and an annulus extending from the nut and configured for receiving the shank of an elongate fastener.
Duraforce Holdings, Llc


Method for captive application of a support washer on the shaft of a screw

A method produces a fastener unit which has a fastener with a shank and with a head projecting radially beyond the shank and has a disk through which a central passage opening extends. On the shank, there is provided a radially projecting engage-behind element.
Richard Bergner Verbindungstechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Flow drill screw

A flow drill screw can retain a structure and includes a shank extending along a longitudinal axis. The shank includes a first shank end and a second shank end opposite the first shank end.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Self-drilling and tapping screw for directly screwing together components without pilot holes and a component assembly made in this way

A self-drilling and tapping screw for directly screwing together components includes a head and a shank integrally formed with the head. The shank has a self-tapping thread section and, in front thereof, a punch-forming section for flow punch forming.
Arnold Umformtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Blade with redundant anchoring in a hub, propeller, turboprop engine and aircraft

A propeller blade includes an aerodynamic portion and a blade shank, a hub assembly (28, 32) which provides anchoring in a hub, a blade shank assembly of the aerodynamic portion, a safety device including a safety element (24) which extends from a distal assembly in the aerodynamic portion to a proximal assembly (26, 27) in the blade shank and which is adapted to be able to anchor the aerodynamic portion in the blade shank, wherein the blade shank assembly is anchored radially outside the hub assembly, the proximal assembly is anchored to the blade shank radially inside the hub assembly, and the distal assembly and/or the proximal assembly has a strictly positive radial clearance (30).. .
Ratier Figeac


Symmetrical bit for directional drilling tool

A percussion drill bit for directional drilling tools. The drill bit comprises a head portion formed with an axially extending shank.
Mincon International Limited


Method and device for directly screwing together at least two components without a pilot hole using a holding down clamp

A method and device are provided for directly screwing together at least two components using a self-drilling and tapping screw which has a head and a shank formed onto the head with a self-tapping thread section and a hole-drilling section for flow drilling. The components are held pressed against one another by a holding down clamp while the screw is screwed in.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft


Toolholder assembly

A toolholder assembly includes a toolholder having a toolholder shank with a non-circular cross-section, a base member having a bore with a non-circular cross-section that receives the toolholder shank, a canister positioned in the base member, a lock rod positioned in the canister, a locking ball for cooperating with the lock rod, the canister and/or the toolholder shank and an actuating element configured for cooperation with the lock rod for moving the lock rod between a locked position and an unlocked position.. .
Kennametal Inc.



A rotatable chuck for clamping a shank portion of a rotatably operating machining tool includes a rotatable chuck body provided with a cylindrical bore concentric with a rotation axis of the chuck body. The circumferential surfaces of a clamping portion of the bore are arranged to apply a clamping force around the circumference of the shank portion of the tool when it is mounted in the chuck to fixate the tool in the chuck.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Controllable passive artificial knee

An exoskeleton (100) adapted to be coupled to a lower extremity of a person includes a thigh link (102), a shank link (104) and a knee joint (106) allowing flexion and extension between the thigh and shank links (102, 104). A torque generator (156) connected to the knee joint (106) includes a wrap spring (110) having a first end (112) coupled to the thigh link (102), and a second end (118) coupled to an electric actuator (116) capable of selectively positioning the second end (118) of the wrap spring (110).
The Regents Of The University Of California


Torque limiting apparatus and method

A torque limiting apparatus is provided having an input shaft, an output shaft, a housing, a spring, and a length adjustable shank and collar assembly. The input shaft communicates with a rotating end segment having a cam surface.


Self-drilling fixing and assembly component

The self-drilling component includes a body with a cylindrical side wall, a self-drilling head at a first end of the body and a shank opening out at a second end. The self-drilling component includes a deformable area between the self-drilling head and the second end designed to form a flange when crimping is performed.
Bollhoff Otalu S.a.


Device for compensating offset in automatic locking systems

A device for compensating the offset in automatic locking systems for the mounting of blanks comprising a box-like body composed of a t-shaped hollow body and a u-shaped base, which form an inner seat for a frustum-shaped jacket, which is arranged coaxially to the shank of the hollow body and above a piston, which can move transversely to the shank, a traction element being slideably arrangeable in the shank of the hollow body, the traction element cooperating selectively with balls which can be accommodated within openings provided in the shank and within second seats provided on the jacket, elastically compressible elements being arranged between the head of the hollow body and the jacket, means being provided to allow a temporary axial movement of the piston.. .


Installation initiated bolt capturing compression limiter

A one-piece compression limiter that is simple to manufacture and install with a bolt or having a head, a smooth shank portion, and an enlarged lead portion including threads. The limiter and bolt can be supplied separately.
Spirol International Corporation


Methods and sealing a gas turbine engine rotor assembly

A rotor assembly for use in a gas turbine engine having an axis of rotation includes a plurality of rotor blades. Each rotor blade includes a platform extending between opposing side faces, a shank extending radially inward from the platform, and a slot at least partially defined in each of the opposing side faces.
General Electric Company


Earth-boring tools and components thereof including methods of attaching a nozzle to a body of an earth-boring tool and tools and components formed by such methods

Earth-boring drill bits include a bit body, an element having an attachment feature bonded to the bit body, and a shank assembly. Methods for assembling an earth-boring rotary drill bit include bonding a threaded element to the bit body of a drill bit and engaging the shank assembly to the threaded element.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Ripper tip for a ripper shank assembly

A ripper tip includes a front end, a rear end, and a mounting cavity extending into the rear end. The ripper tip further includes an upper surface extending between the front end and the rear end, wherein a portion of the upper surface at the rear end of the ripper tip includes an upwardly projecting ridge having ridge sides and a ridge top that extend rearwardly on the ripper tip..
Caterpillar Inc.


Diameter expansion drill bit

A diameter expansion drill bit used for inserting in a prepared hole perforated in a framework to expand a diameter of a portion of the prepared hole by grinding has a plurality of blade sections that grind the portion of the prepared hole, a blade holding section that holds the plurality of blade sections movably in a radial direction respectively, and a shank section that supports the blade holding section, and the plurality of blade sections move to spread outwardly in the radial direction with respect to the blade holding section by centrifugal force due to rotation.. .
Fs Technical Corporation


Thread rolling head

A thread rolling head comprises a bearing housing, in which at least two profile rollers, preferably at least three, are each rotatably mounted on an eccentric shaft. A shank is coupled to the housing, and adjacent profile rollers delimit an insertion section into which a workpiece can be longitudinally inserted.
Lmt Fette Werkzeugtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Thread rolling head

A thread rolling head comprises a bearing unit, in which at least two profile rollers, preferably at least three profile rollers, are rotatably mounted, and a shank section coupled to the bearing unit. Adjacent profile rollers delimit an insertion section into which a workpiece to be machined can be inserted.
Lmt Fette Werkzeugtechnik Gmbh & Co. Kg


Implantable medical electrical lead connector assemblies and methods of manufacture

An implantable lead connector assembly includes contact rings, and a bulk of insulation, which includes sealing surfaces and a shank defining a distal end of the bulk. One or more conductor pins extend within the bulk and have distal ends protruding distally therefrom to be exposed alongside the shank; and an inner surface of each contact ring may have a proximal end of a corresponding conductor pin coupled thereto.
Medtronic, Inc.


Medical insertion aid comprising drawn insertion duct

A medical insertion aid for surgical instruments and/or optical systems includes a shank forming an insertion duct, at the inner wall of which at least one groove extending in the longitudinal duct direction or being longitudinally orientated is formed. In addition or as an alternative, a medical insertion aid includes a distal end portion (axial central portion preferably in the distal end area) and a radially outwardly extending, preferably closed peripheral fluid flow inhibiting edge in the distal end portion.
Aesculap Ag


Pulse controlled linear actuator

Pulse controlled linear actuator comprising a working cylinder (9) for receiving a medium introduced through a valve system by a compressor/pump, a piston, the shank (13) of which represents the output of the actuator. It also comprises a central solenoid (1) and alternately moved iron cores (3).

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Shank topics: Engageable, Longitudinal Axis, Surgical Instrument, Transverse

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