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Shank patents

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Nosepiece for eyeglass frames

Visottica Industrie S.p.a.

Nosepiece for eyeglass frames

Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft

Ratier Figeac

Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft

Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft


Reaming head interface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Electric machine patent thumbnailElectric machine
The invention relates to an electric machine (10) comprising a stator (16) that has a stator core (17). Said core has a substantially cylindrical opening (60) having a central axis (63), an internal diameter (d17i) and an external diameter (d17a) and the opening (60) accommodates a rotor (20).
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Nosepiece for eyeglass frames patent thumbnailNosepiece for eyeglass frames
Nosepiece for eyeglass frames, which comprises a plate, an appendage projecting from the plate and comprising a convex portion, and a cup which is fixed to the frame of eyeglasses, is provided with two opposite lateral walls joined together by a connection wall, and houses the appendage. A screw is provided, engaged in first through holes of the cup, having the shank placed to traverse a second through hole of the appendage, the latter being susceptible of rotating with respect to the cup around a first longitudinal axis with the surface of its convex portion in contact and in sliding-with-friction relation with the internal surface of the connection wall of the cup, in order to maintain the plate in the angular position reached around the first longitudinal axis..
Visottica Industrie S.p.a.

 Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft patent thumbnailBlade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft
A blade includes an aerodynamic portion (21) and an assembly of the aerodynamic portion to a blade shank retaining the aerodynamic portion in a radial direction (23). The blade shank includes at least one passage restriction in at least one retention direction orthogonal to the radial direction, having a restricted width allowing the aerodynamic portion (21) to pass through.
Ratier Figeac

 Reaming head interface patent thumbnailReaming head interface
The invention relates to a tool head for a rotary tool. The tool head extends along, and rotates about, a rotational axis in a rotational direction during operation.
Kennametal, Inc.

 Polyaxial bone anchor having an open retainer with conical, cylindrical or curvate capture patent thumbnailPolyaxial bone anchor having an open retainer with conical, cylindrical or curvate capture
Polyaxial bone anchor assemblies include a shank having an upper portion and a retainer for holding the shank upper portion in a receiver. The shank upper portion retainer interface is one of conical, cylindrical or curvate and may further include a radial ridge or undercut.

 Foldable chair patent thumbnailFoldable chair
A foldable chair includes a stick shank, a collar sleeve movable between distal and proximate positions on the stick shank, a carrier sleeved on the stick shank, and a seat unit. The seat unit includes a middle portion pivotally connected to the collar sleeve, and left and right wing portions hinged to the middle portion.

 Schraubelement - screw element patent thumbnailSchraubelement - screw element
A screw element (1), having a threaded shank (2) and a screw tip (4), on one shank end, and a screw head (5) on the opposite end with force-application means (7), and a screw thread (12) on the threaded shank (2) and the screw tip (4). The screw tip (4), has a front first tip portion (4a), which tapers towards the end of the screw element, and a second adjacent tip portion (4b), having, a polygonal cross section, with an enveloping circle diameter (dh) larger than a core diameter (dk) of the first tip portion (4a).

 Biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders patent thumbnailBiomarkers for autism spectrum disorders
Methods of determining the risk of asd in an individual are provided which comprise identifying the presence of one or more genomic mutations in one or more of the genes, ptchd1, shank3, nfia, dpp6, dpp10, dypd, gpr98, pqbp1, znf41 and ftsj1.. .
The Hospital For Sick Children

 Coupler and  production of a coupler with selectable configuration options patent thumbnailCoupler and production of a coupler with selectable configuration options
A process for producing a coupler and an improved coupler are provided. The process produces a coupler by constructing a mold that is a replica of the coupler and is constructed from a plurality of mold components that are selected and assembled to form a mold having the shape of the coupler.
Pennsy Corporation

 Spoked wheel for a bicycle patent thumbnailSpoked wheel for a bicycle
A spoked wheel includes a rim, at least one spoke and at least one sealing sticker. The rim includes a spoke bed wall with at least one spoke hole therein, a pair of tire-holding flanges extending from opposite edges of the spoke bed wall, a base wall located radially inboard from the spoke bed wall and connected to the flanges.


In-line disposable torque limiting device suitable for power drive

A power driven in-line disposable torque-limiting device having a tool shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks, and a spring to connect to a nut and a drive shaft, the tool shaft extending from the distal end of the device and a drive shaft extending from the proximal end of the device which mates with a power supply to provide rotational force, is disclosed. The face-to-floor gears within the device provide superior heat management capabilities, thereby reducing ablation and melting as compared to traditional gear arrangements.
Eca Medical Instruments


High capacity aluminum spot weld electrode

A welding electrode assembly is provided including a mounting adapter, a shank and an electrode cap. The electrode assembly includes a shortened shank reinforced over a larger percentage of its length by the mounting adapter and electrode cap.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Tool holding structure

Provided is a tool holding structure capable of effectively preventing a cutting tool from coming off a chuck portion. An outer fitting portion a is formed in an outer face of a shank portion 2 of a cutting tool t and an inner fitting portion b is formed in an inner face of a chuck portion 12 of a tool holder.
Daishowa Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Coupling for a cooling system in a cutting tool and a blade

A coupling and a blade for a cooling system in a cutting tool includes a first member including a shank having a first end and a second end. The first end of the shank defines a first end of the first member, and a head of the first member disposed at the second end of the shank and a top of the head of the first member defines a second end of the first member.
Seco Tools Ab


Bone anchoring device

A bone anchoring device has an anchoring element, a receiving portion, and a pressure element. The anchoring element includes a shank to be anchored in a bone or a vertebra and a head, the head having an exterior surface with a spherical segment-shaped portion.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Dynamic spinal stabilization assemblies, tool set and method

A hinged bone screw and tool set is used for implanting such bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws. The hinged bone screw includes a shank with an upper portion and a receiver with integral arms forming a u-shaped channel.


Fastener system comprising an externally threaded bolt and an internally threaded nut for the avoidance of cross-threading of the mating threads during assembly

A threaded fastener system, incorporating a bolt and a nut assembly, wherein the bolt has a threaded lead entry point whose pitch and helix angle are of a higher magnitude than that of those on the body/shank of the bolt.. .
Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.



A self-drilling and self-tapping anchoring screw for attachment to a concrete substrate formed from hardened steel or the like suitable material, and having a threaded proximal portion including a radially enlarged head and a coaxial distal portion, forming a concrete drill bit having a fluted shank and a concrete drill bit tip, said threaded proximal portion including a double lead, spaced thread configuration including a first thread helix of a given height and a second thread helix of a smaller height than said first thread helix; said first and second thread helix defining a space therebetween which serves as a reservoir to receive dust that is produced during the tapping operation and wherein said fluted shank functions to eject any particulates created during a drilling operation thereby enabling the threaded proximal portion to form an effective threaded connection with the concrete substrate during said tapping operation.. .


Adaptor for a tool or handle

An adaptor can adjustably couple a tool to a mount and includes a clamping assembly, a coupling assembly, and a cam lock assembly. The clamping assembly includes a base and a clamp movably coupled to the base.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Dental device fixing unit secured resiliently into implants and/or dental device fixing unit secured into implants enabling optional angular position adjustment

Dental device fixing unit (3) which can be secured resiliently into a dental implant enabling optional angular position adjustment comprising a threaded shank (4) tiltable in all direction projecting from the implant (2) and a fixing element (5) for securing the threaded shank (4) to the implant (2). The fixing element (5) consists of an insertion piece (6) and an intermediate piece (7) provided with a bore-hole (14) in which the threaded shank (4) is led through in order to secure the insertion piece (6) to the implant (2).


Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device includes a bone anchoring element having a shank and a head, a head receiving part having a first end, an open second end, and a hollow interior portion for receiving the head therein, a locking ring configured to be mounted around the head receiving part and having a rod receiving portion, a cap configured to be connected to the head receiving part, the cap having a central axis and two opposite legs extending in a direction of the central axis, and a locking element configured to extend from the cap to lock relative positions of the bone anchoring element and an inserted rod relative to the head receiving part, wherein the cap is rotatable relative to the head receiving part between a first position in which the cap is movable and a second position in which the legs engage the head receiving part.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Assembly for clamping and grounding objects

In various representative aspects, an apparatus for clamping and grounding solar panel frames to a mounting rail is disclosed herein. The apparatus comprises a fastener with an enlarged end, and a shank, with the enlarged end having one or more sharp protrusions that resemble teeth, and a washer with one or more sharp protrusions, and an opening.
Ironridge, Inc.


Device for applying tension to a drum head

A drum tensioning device is provided. The drum tensioning device can include an insert having a flange and a shank.
Pearl Musical Instrument Co.


Swage lock fasteners

A fastener includes a pin member, a swage collar, and an insert. The pin member includes an elongated shank portion, a head, a threaded portion having an external thread and a plurality of lock grooves, and a pull portion.
Alcoa Inc.


Anti-freeze faucet

An anti-freeze faucet includes a housing engaged into a receptacle, a check valve device engaged into the housing, a cap mounted on the housing and having an opening communicating with the check valve device, a casing attached to the cap and having a space communicating with the opening of the cap and having one or more outlet orifices, a non-circular follower is slidably engaged in a non-circular chamber of the casing for guiding the follower to move up and down along the casing, a plug is attached to the follower for blocking and opening the cap, and a shank is engaged in the casing and has a threaded segment engaged with the follower for moving the follower along the casing and for moving the plug to engage with the cap.. .


Diamond plated grinding endmill for advanced hardend ceramics machining

A grinding tool for reducing damage to the tool during a milling operation is provided in an embodiment herein, including a generally cylindrical body having a first and second end, a grinding portion adjacent to the first end and a shank portion adjacent to the second end. An outer surface of the tool includes a diamond coating, two or more flutes formed in the grinding portion, and at least one grinding element formed in the grinding portion between the two or more flutes, wherein the flutes and grinding element are disposed along a longitudinal axis of the tool.
G.w. Schultz Tool, Inc.


Cutting tool assembly

A cutting tool assembly is provided, the assembly comprising a support body; a holder having a portion for holding a cutting insert, wherein the holder is mounted to the support body for movement of the cutting insert with respect to the support body; an adjustment assembly for moving the position of the holder relative to the support body, the adjustment assembly comprising: an adjustment screw rotatably mounted to the support body; and an adjustment member having an adjustment surface bearing against a surface of the holder, the adjustment member being threadably mounted on the adjustment screw by a first thread on the shank of the adjustment screw; whereby rotation of the adjustment screw moves the adjustment member longitudinally along the adjustment screw, movement of the adjustment member moving the position of the portion of the holder for holding a cutting insert relative to the support body.. .
Rigibore Limited


Windshield and fairing replacement insert installation tool

A windshield and fairing replacement insert installation tool includes a bolt fastening member, a spacer sleeve, and a knurled thumb nut. The spacer sleeve is rotatably encircled around a shank section of the bolt fastening member while the knurled thumb nut is threadly engaged with a threaded section of the bolt fastening member.


Projection welding device

A projection welding gun device includes an upper welding tip and a lower welding tip that are combined with a gun body through a shank, where the upper welding tip presses an upper panel corresponding to a protrusion portion that is formed on a lower panel to weld the upper and lower panels, and a rotation unit that is rotated by a driving portion is disposed between the gun body and the shank to rotate the shank.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


T-shaped cutter, rib-machining method and airplane part

On the perimeter of a head (14) that is bonded on one end of the shank (12) of a t-shaped cutter, multiple end cutting edge sections (16) with a cutting edge (16a) on the tip side of the t-shaped cutter (10) and multiple upper edge sections (18) with a cutting edge (18a) on the base end side are disposed alternating in the circumferential direction of the t-shaped cutter. The cutting edges (16a, 18a) of the end cutting edge sections (16) and the upper edge sections (18) form an integral structure with the shank (12) and the head (14)..
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.


Rotating tool, in particular drill, as well as a manufacturing a rotating tool of this type

The rotating tool, in particular a drill, includes a fluted cutting shank made of a resistant material, in particular carbide, extending in an axial direction along a rotational axis. Connecting to the cutting shank in the axial direction is an intermediate shank made of a material of greater elasticity in comparison the resistant material, in particular of tool steel.
Kennametal Inc.



A reamer includes a shank, a washer, a ring and a blade. The shank is a polygonal rod and includes an annular groove made in a periphery and a bore made in an end.
Meeng Gane Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Instrument holder

An instrument holder (50) is described for mounting a medical instrument (100) on a joint arm (10), comprising a body (52), a holder for holding the medical instrument (100) on the body (52), and a coupling element (64) for attaching the body (52) to the joint arm (10). The holder comprises a threaded shank (72) provided with an external thread (74), a receiving disc (56) and a locking element (58) provided with an internal thread (85).
Maquet Gmbh


Placement tool for bone screw assembly, and systems and methods of using same

A placement tool for positioning a multipart cannulated screw assembly to fixate first and second bone elements. The placement tool includes a stem and a head carried on the stem.
The Center For Orthopedic Research And Education, Inc.


Tool-less reusable hinged wall hanger

A reusable wall anchor device comprised of an upper and lower panel held together by a hinge connection for facilitating the suspending of articles from wallboards without requiring a hollow void behind the wallboard. A load bearing shank extends from the front face of the lower panel for supporting an object to be carried by the device.


Reinforcing shank arrangement for footwear sole structure

An article of footwear may include an upper configured to receive a foot and a sole component fixedly attached to a bottom portion of the upper. The sole component may include a baseplate having a bottom surface.
Nike, Inc.


Bolt tension gauging apparatus

A bolt tension gauging apparatus is provided with a bolt assembly including a bolt having a top cavity on a head and a recess on a surface of a threaded shank, and a covering element fitted onto the recess; an electrical resonant transformer on a bottom of the covering member; and a force transducer and transmitter assembly in the recess and electrically connected to the transformer. An electrical resonant transformation device causes the transformer to harvest power from radio frequency electromagnetic waves if a distance between the transformation device and the transformer is sufficiently short.


Metal to metal fastener

A fastener includes a shank having a diameter including a helical thread and a cutting tip. The fastener includes a head having an integral washer and nut.


Floating fastener mounting structure

A floating fastener mounting structure includes a mounting socket having an annular bottom stop flange and mounting portion extending around a bottom end of a center hole thereof, a locking member including a shank inserted through center hole, a mounting head located at the top end of shank and suspending above center hole and an expanded locking end tip located at the bottom end of shank and movable in and out of the bottom end of center hole, a spring member mounted around shank and stopped between mounting socket and locking member, a cap member fastened to mounting head and having an outer diameter not larger than outer diameter of annular bottom stop flange and defining an accommodation chamber for accommodating a part of the mounting socket and a part of the mounting head. The mounting portion is downwardly inserted into a mounting through hole, and then a stamping process is applied to deform the peripheral wall of mounting through hole into a riveting portion and to simultaneously force riveting portion into engagement with the mounting portion tightly..


Anchor system

An anchor assembly comprising an anchor having a shank with a running slot for a shackle connection to an anchor rode with which the anchor is to be supported, the running slot allowing a captive movement of the shackle between a location at the free end of the shank and a location adjacent the fluke of the anchor, and apparatus carried by the shank, configurable through or at the slot to maintain the shackle, at or in the vicinity of the location at the free end of the shank.. .


Cutting tool with enhanced chip evacuation capability and making same

A milling cutter includes a shank and a cutting head attached to the shank. The cutting head has a plurality of helical teeth, each tooth including a cutting tip, a leading face and a rear face.


Weld assembly for ultrasonic additive manufacturing applications

A system for use in ultrasonic additive manufacturing processes, comprising a milling machine or the like and a weld assembly. The milling machine further includes a spindle adapted to receive a milling tool, wherein the spindle is capable of moving in the z-axis direction; and a table positioned beneath the spindle, wherein the table is capable of moving in the x-axis direction and the y-axis direction.


Tree step including an integrated shank

Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a tree step including an integrated shank. In one embodiment, the tree step includes: a threaded tree attacher having a tapered, threaded free end; a bracing member extending transversely from the tree attacher; a step extending transversely from the bracing member; a support member extending transversely from the step; and a driver attachment member extending transversely from the support member and having a free end terminating in an integrated shank.


Electrical terminal assembly

An electrical terminal assembly includes at least one terminal, at least one terminal seal, and a terminal retainer. The terminal has a head and a shank, and the shank is configured to be received by a structure having an aperture.


Slip-on coupling

A coupling includes at least one segment, each segment including at least one inner surface, at least one outer surface, at least two ends, and a fastener pad protruding proximate to each end, each fastener pad defining a fastener hole, each fastener hole having an axial length and a transverse length, wherein the transverse length is longer than the axial length; an annular gasket contacting the inner surface of at least one segment, the annular gasket including at least one sealing surface directed radially inwardly and an outer surface directed radially outwardly; and at least one fastener disposed within at least one fastener hole, each fastener including a head portion and a shaft portion, each shaft portion including at least one of a threaded portion, a shank portion, and a collar portion, wherein at least one portion of the shaft portion is sized to engage at least one fastener hole.. .


Lightweight drive axle shaft

A lightweight drive axle includes an elongate, tubular body having a first longitudinal end configured for coupling to a side gear in a differential and a second longitudinal end configured to support a vehicle wheel. The shaft further includes a screw disposed at the first longitudinal end of the body.


Anti-loosening nut

The nut is usually fixed by the axial force generated with the bolt fastening. However, the loosening force, which is larger than the axial stress, acts on the nut by the repetitive vibration or shock, whereby the loosening phenomenon of the nut generates.


Device relating to a flushing head for a rock drilling machine and rock drilling machine

A device for a flushing head (3) of a rock drilling machine (1), which includes a machine housing (3) and, inside a cylinder (18), a to and fro moveable percussive piston (17) arranged to exert percussive action against a shank adapter (15), wherein the shank adapter has symmetry axis (19) and a flushing medium channel (22,23) for co-operation with a flushing medium chamber (24) in the flushing head (3) surrounding the shank adapter (15), said flushing head (3) being provided with a connection unit (7) for the connection to a flushing hose (10). The flushing head (3) and the machine housing (2) exhibit co-operating fastening means and fastening elements (6) in line with a force direction of tensile forces (f) being exerted by the flushing medium hose (10) on the connection unit (7) for movability of the flushing head (3) in respect of the machine housing (2) in directions perpendicular to said symmetry axis (19).


Rotary cutting tool with increased stiffness and assembling same

A rotary cutting tool includes a cutter body having a head, a shank, and a cavity extending along a central, longitudinal axis of the cutter body. The head includes at least one cutting insert mounted in a pocket adjacent to a chip groove.


Drill and tap and preoperative assessment of bone quality

A twist drill and bone tap each monitor torque while drilling or threading to assess jaw bone quality and a method for accessing bone quality prior to or while tapping into the bone during a dental implantation procedure. The twist drill for assessing bone quality includes a shank having a proximal section and a distal section.


Magnetic bearing, shaft and shaft mounting

A magnetic bearing for the mounting of a shaft (7), in particular for a spinning rotor of an open-end spinning device, features several pole shanks (2) of a stator (1) for the active radial magnetic mounting of the shaft (7) in two degrees of freedom, which in each case are surrounded by a coil (6) and are radially arranged to each other, whereas the pole shanks (2) are arranged at each other in such a manner that they release an opening (4) for the shaft (7). In the area of the opening (4), and on the side of the coils (6) turned away from the opening (4), the pole shanks (2) are connected to each other.
Rieter Cz S.r.o.


Hook device

An elastic cord terminating in a pair of hook devices, each hook device made from a continuous length of wire. The continuous length of wire at one end has a hook bend having a hook tip, and at the other end a cord attachment.


Gas turbine rotor

Gas turbine rotor in which flow from the turbine internal cavity is directed through slots (45) in the connecting flanges (52-53) of adjacent rotor rows to a cooling flow passage (43) of a heat shield (60) controlled by flow restrictors (82). A portion of such flow is directed to bucket grooves (34) beneath the blade attachments (25b), thereby cooling the disc rim (32), and controlled by flow restrictors (80).
Industria De Turbo Propulsores, S.a.


Railcar coupler system and method

A railcar coupler includes a coupler head portion extending from a shank portion. The coupler head portion is configured to couple to a first coupler knuckle for coupling the railcar coupler to a second railcar coupler of an adjacent railcar.
Mcconway & Torley, Llc


Vehicle clutch having power transmission interruption unit

A vehicle clutch having a power transmission interruption unit, including: a first rotor connected to a prime mover; a second rotor connected to the first rotor; elastic intermediate members for transmitting power from the first rotor to the second rotor or interrupting the power transmission, the intermediate members being mounted to one of the first and second rotors at first ends and being elastically coupled to a remaining one of the two rotors at second ends; and support members corresponding to the intermediate members, each support member including a head having protrusions and a shank extended from the head, wherein the second ends of the intermediate members are elastically coupled to the first or second rotor by the shanks such that the intermediate members can be released from the elastically coupled state, and the heads of the support members come into surface contact with the intermediate members by the protrusions.. .
Gn1 Co., Ltd.


Telescopic ratchet wrench

A ratchet wrench includes a telescopic handle that includes a shank, a tube and a positioning unit. The shank includes bores.


Fastener applying apparatus and fastener applying method

A fastener applying apparatus includes: an insertion mechanism for inserting a fastener into a fastener hole in an object to be fastened; a support mechanism for supporting the insertion mechanism; and a fastener conveying device for conveying the fastener to the insertion mechanism. The insertion mechanism includes a holding portion for holding a shank portion of the fastener.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Application tool

The invention relates to an application tool (1) for adhesives and/or sealants, having a holding area (10) with a handle (11) and having an application area (20) comprising a shank (21) from which a plurality of bristles (22) protrude in the direction of an application side (26). A row of adjacently situated bristles (22) is provided on the shank (21), and the shank (21) and the bristles (22) are formed in one piece and are made of a plastic material..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa


Pacifier storage device and using same

A combination pacifier and storage device and method of same are provided. The device includes a pacifier having a nipple, having a distal end having a sucking portion, and a proximal end having a shank portion, and a guard that extends laterally outward from the proximal end adjacent the shank portion.


Walking assist device

A walking assist device including a waist assembly and at least one leg assembly connected to the waist assembly is provided. The leg assembly includes a thigh stand, a shank stand, a sole, a hip joint, a knee joint and an ankle joint.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Polyaxial bone anchor with helical capture connection, insert and dual locking assembly

A medical implant assembly includes a polyaxial bone anchor having a shank, a receiver, a lower compression insert with surfaces for closely receiving an elongate connecting member and a dual closure structure that may include a single flange or helical flange. The dual closure structure independently engages the connecting member and the lower compression insert.


Jig head

One object is to provide a jig head including a sinker head and a hook readily replaceable with new one. A jig head includes: a sinker head including an eye to which a fishing line is to be attached; and a hook portion including a shank fixed on the sinker head at one end thereof, and a bend continuous to the other end of the shank and bent in a predetermined direction.
Globeride, Inc.


Pitch diameter shank bolt with shear sleeve

A fastener includes a fastening portion including a head, a threaded portion having a first diameter, and a shank having a second diameter that is less than the first diameter. The shank is located between the head and the threaded portion.
United Technologies Corporation


Diamond impregnated bit with aggressive face profile

A drill bit having a shank and a crown. The crown defines a central axis and has at least one fixed segment.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Vertical machining center

A vertical machining center includes a table, a tool spindle, an angle tool holder, a tool unclamping operation device, and a tool changer. The angle tool holder includes a shank, a spindle, a housing, a collet, a draw bar, and a spring mechanism.
Yamazaki Mazak Corporation



A reamer has a shank made of steel and a cutting body made of a harder material, wherein the cutting body forms the outer circumference of the reamer in the region of the workpiece side end and has all the cutting ribs.. .
Kennametal Inc.


Cutting head and cutting tool having a replaceable cutting head

A cutting head for a cutting tool includes a cutting portion and a shank portion. The cutting portion has a plurality of integrally formed cutting edges and the shank portion has a first end adjacent the cutting portion and a second end.
Seco Tools Ab


Endoscopic instrument for the connection to an operation robot

An endoscopic instrument for the connection to an operation robot. The endoscopic instrument includes an instrument housing, to which a shank with at least one instrument part arranged at the distal side of the shank connects distally.
Richard Wolf Gmbh


Endoscopic shank instrument

An endoscopic shank instrument has a tool carrier which is arranged at a distal shank end, is bendable relative to the shank and carries a tool. The tool includes at least one electrode which is conductively connectable to a voltage source via an electrical lead led through the shank.
Richard Wolf Gmbh


Tool and generating an undercut in a bone

A tool according to the invention for generating an undercut in a bone including a core with a shank and a stamp mounted on a distal end of the shank, wherein the stamp, in a transition area to the shank, has a run-on bevel ascending in the distal direction, and a cutting sleeve which is arranged to be longitudinally movable on the shank and of which the distal end is formed by at least one segment that can be spread open when pushed onto the run-on bevel, wherein the at least one segment has at least one laterally arranged cutting edge. The invention also relates to a method for generating an undercut in a bone..


Short matrix drill bits and methodologies for manufacturing short matrix drill bits

A short matrix drill bit is disclosed along with methods of manufacturing the same. The short drill matrix bit includes a combination shank/blank bonded to a matrix.
Varel International Ind., L.p.


Braiding disk handle

Disclosed is a braiding disk handle for holding a kumihimo braiding disk. The braiding disk handle includes a tubular grip having a proximal end, a distal end, and a chamber extending between and through the proximal and distal ends.


Wrench's bolt head locator structure

A wrench comprises a head part, in which an accommodation space is developed and a shank part; an actuator device comprising at least a locating piece situated at the wrench and extending into the accommodation space. As such, the wrench's bolt head locator structure which securely fix a bolt head in a wrench, prevents malposition between the wrench and the bolt head, and realizes smooth, convenient and safe operation of the wrench; the wrench's bolt head locator structure in which conjunction planes between a wrench and a bolt head are properly illuminated facilitates safe visual inspection in an operating area and promotional practicability and product competitiveness..


Welding auxiliary joining part and connecting components by way of said welding auxiliary joining part

A welding auxiliary joining part is disclosed in the shape of a stud having a head, a shank and a tip. The welding auxiliary joining part is driven in by means of a mechanical-thermal setting method into a component of non- or poorly weldable material.
Boellhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh


Instrument for holding and inserting a bone anchor

An instrument for holding and inserting a bone anchor into the bone is provided, wherein the bone anchor comprises a shank for anchoring in the bone and a head; the instrument comprising: a holding member for holding the head of the bone anchor and comprising at least two arms configured to at least partially encompass the head, wherein the at least two arms comprise an inner surface forming a seat for the head; a drive shaft for engaging the head of the bone anchor and defining a longitudinal axis of the instrument; and a displacement member configured to act onto the holding member such that the holding member can assume a first configuration in which it is configured to permit the head to enter the seat and a second configuration in which it is configured to hold the head in the seat.. .


Polyaxial bone anchor with retainer with notch for mono-axial motion

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. A down-loadable compression insert having a sub-structure, a down-loadable friction fit split retaining ring having inner and outer tangs and an up-loadable shank upper portion cooperate to provide for pop- or snap-on assembly of the shank with the receiver either prior to or after implantation of the shank into a vertebra.


Insole for mid- to high-heel shoes

An improved insole that is molded and provides additional support and comfort to a user. The insole includes a front portion, a middle shank portion and a rear heel portion.
Remac, Llp


Drive spike

A fastener is provided. The fastener includes an elongated shank having a longitudinal axis.
United Steel And Fasteners


Dental and medical instruments comprising titanium

Endodontic instruments for use in performing root canal therapy on a tooth are disclosed. In one form, the instruments include an elongate shank having a cutting edge extending from a distal end of the shank along an axial length of the shank.
Gold Standard Instruments, Llc


Dental abrading tools for stabilized uses

A method of removing tooth structure includes applying an abrading implement to a first tooth by applying a first hand piece to the abrading implement with a shank that affixes the abrading implement. The abrading implement is moved against a tooth under conditions to remove tooth material from the tooth while erratic behavior is modified by use of a second hand piece that is configured to be held by a second hand.
Wasatch Crest Technologies, Llc


Dental and medical instruments comprising titanium

Endodontic instruments for use in performing root canal therapy on a tooth are disclosed. In one form, the instruments include an elongate shank having a cutting edge extending from a distal end of the shank along an axial length of the shank.
Gold Standard Instruments, Llc


Dental and medical instruments comprising titanium

Endodontic instruments for use in performing root canal therapy on a tooth are disclosed. In one form, the instruments include an elongate shank having a cutting edge extending from a distal end of the shank along an axial length of the shank.
Gold Standard Instruments, Llc


Dual-threaded stepped setscrew

Devices and methods for a setscrew device. An elongated cylindrical rod has a first threaded portion with a first diameter and a continuous spiraling thread, an unthreaded shank portion with a second diameter, and a second threaded portion having the second diameter and a continuous spiraling thread.
Xerox Corporation


Drilling apparatus

Described herein is a turbine-drill bit assembly (600) in which the gap between the turbine and the drill bit is minimised and overall assembly is substantially shorter. The assembly (600) comprises a box connection turbine (610) connected to a pin connection drill bit (500).
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Interface structure

An interface structure for automatic locking systems for the mounting of blanks that are associable with a plate which can be associated with a base for supporting a t-shaped element which can move axially to an abutment which is integral with the base and the shank of which has balls that selectively protrude outside the abutment. The interface structure is constituted by a sleeve provided in a single body, which can be associated detachably and coaxially with the abutment.


Cutting tool mounted for rotary drive

A distributor screw (1) and a cutting tool are created, which form an annular space between a shank (30a, 30b) of the distributor screw (1) and a bore into which the distributor screw (1) is introduced. In the annular space, coolant/lubricant fed via axial grooves (10) from a central coolant/lubricant supply duct is distributed uniformly, in order to be diverted radially in all directions, i.e.
Gühring Kg


Cutting tool

A cutting tool comprising a holder (12) having a slot-shaped, arcuate receptacle (16), with respectively a lower and an upper bearing surface (36, 38) attached to rigid clamping jaws (18, 20) of the holder (12), for the reception (16) of a cutting insert, (14) and a cutting insert (14) having an arcuate shank (22) with lower and upper locating face (32, 34), which cutting insert is arranged exchangeably in the receptacle (16), and having a cutting head (24) with cutting edge (26), which cutting head is disposed on a workpiece-side end (44) of the shank (22), wherein the arcuate receptacle (16) and the arcuate shank (22), measured respectively on the lower bearing surface (36) of the receptacle (16) and the lower locating face (32) of the cutting insert (14), extend respectively over at least 90°, wherein the receptacle (16) extends over a larger angular range than the shank (22) of the cutting insert (14), and wherein the shank (22) is held in the receptacle (16) such that the holder-side end (28) of the shank (22) is distanced from the holder-side end (30) of the receptacle (16).. .
Hartmetall-werkzeugfabrik Paul Horn Gmbh


Customizable ring assembly

Apparatus and associated methods may relate to customizable jewelry having user-interchangeable modules. In an illustrative embodiment, the jewelry may be a ring.
Pluggd, Llc


Device for fixing an electrical connection terminal to a support

A fixing device for fixing an electrical connection terminal to a support having a first side, a second side opposite to the first side, and defining a through hole of a first diameter. The fixing device comprises: a ring including a receiving portion partially defining an axial recess and insertable in the through hole; a dowel including an insert portion axially insertable into the recess of the ring and a locking portion axially spaced from the insert portion, the dowel partially defining an axial bore including an internal thread, and in the locking portion the internal thread of the bore is a distorted locking thread; and a fixing screw including a threaded shank engagable with the dowel.
Dubuis Et Cie


Wearable article with self-defense alarm

A cocktail-ring with self-defense alarm that allows a person in distress to trigger a loud audio alarm from the cocktail-ring. The cocktail-ring comprises a trigger assembly, a ring head base, and a ring shank.
Smart Siren Technology, Inc.


Lock washer

A lock washer for releasably locking a fastener to an object is provided. The washer includes a body defining a bore configured for alignment with a bore disposed in the object.
Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake Llc


Fastener system with fastener extension and driving tool

A fastener includes a shank having a first attachment device for attachment to a first workpiece and a head having a second attachment device for attachment to a second workpiece. The fastener can be a screw and the first attachment device includes a thread formation on the shank.
Inter-join Pty/ltd.


Mushroom-compaction and asymmetric-thread impact-drivable screw

An asymmetric thread impact drivable screw and clip for use with a power impact device for penetrating wood fibers while minimizing cut fibers. The screw includes an impact head and a conical shaped tip having a ballistic insertion angle at the ends of a shank.


Blind rivet fastener

Blind rivet fastener and method of forming blind rivet fastener. The blind rivet fastener includes a blind rivet sleeve having a set head end with a set head and a shank end, and a stud structured and arranged so that a receiving section projects from the set head end and so that an attachment section projects from the shank end..
Gesipa Blindniettechnik Gmbh


Liner coupling pin

A coupling pin for use in a pump housing, the pump housing including an outer casing and an inner pump liner, the coupling pin being suitable for locating the liner and casing relative to one another, the coupling pin including a shank and a head at one end of the shank. The head includes a cammed surface thereon which is adapted to co-operate with a follower on the liner, and a locating section on a remote or terminal end of the head which is adapted to be positioned against a seat in the outer casing when fitted.
Weir Minerals Australia Ltd.


Bit holder shank and differential interference between the shank distal portion and the bit holder block bore

Improved bit holder/bit holder block structure provides increased access to the rear of the assembly allowing bit holder blocks to be mounted closer to each other for micro-milling operations. Shortened bit holder shanks are reconfigured from prior art to provide increased holding power between the bit holder shank and bit holder block bore..


Knitting needle set

The present disclosure is directed to a needle set that includes a plurality of knitting needles configured to knit tubular knitted items, each knitting needle including: a first needle point, a second needle point, and a shank extending between the first and second needle points, the first needle point being a different needle shape from the second needle point.. .
Gustav Selter Gmbh & Co Kg


Self-piercing riveting

A method for forming a joint in at least one high strength sheet steel having a uts in the range 200 to 1400 mpa using a self-piercing rivet includes the steps of: positioning the sheet material over a die and providing a rivet having a substantially cylindrical shank and a head, the shank having a central blind bore and an annular piercing end spaced from said head. The ratio of the difference between the outside and inside diameters of the shank in the region around the bore to the outside diameter of the shank is in the range 0.47 to 0.52.
Henrob Limited


Expansion anchor

An expansion anchor includes a screw and an anchor body configured to receive a shank of the screw, the anchor body including: a flange configured to be directed towards the screw head; a nut-forming portion configured to cooperate with the screw thread; and a deformable expansion portion between the flange and the nut-forming portion. The nut-forming portion is configured to advance in the direction of the flange, by deforming the expansion portion to a deployed state, by screwing the screw in the nut-forming portion.
Saint-gobain Placo


Self-reaming self-tapping fastener

A fastener comprises a driver head, an elongated shank having an unthreaded section coupled to the driver head and a threaded section terminating in a blunt end thereof, and at least two elongated flutes formed in the elongated shank extending over the threaded section and at least a portion of the unthreaded section. The elongated flutes are substantially triangular in cross-section with a vertex and two asymmetrical legs, one leg forming a cutting element adapted for reaming and cutting a thread in an opening having a diameter less than a major thread diameter of the threaded section..
Rom Acquisition Corporation


Wood decking screw

A screw for securing dense wood material has a head with a specially configured drive socket and an underside with an array of lobes. The lobes preferably have a left-handed orientation and have chamfered extremities.
Handy & Harman


System for sound isolation

A system for sound isolation. The system is configured to acoustically isolate a gypsum board support channel from a frame member.
G2 Group Llc


Tamping tool

A tamping tool for tamping ballast in place is disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, the tamping tool comprises a shank and a paddle.

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