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Shank patents

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Endoscope with image erecting device

Leno heddle

Rotary fertilizer applicator

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Gynecological scope and morcellation systems and devices patent thumbnailGynecological scope and morcellation systems and devices
An apparatus has an elongate element with a proximal end and a distal end. A connection element is disposed at the proximal end of the elongate element.
 Endoscope with image erecting device patent thumbnailEndoscope with image erecting device
An endoscope includes an image transmission device in a shank for transmitting an image from the distal end to the proximal end of the endoscope and an image erecting device for erecting an image registered by means of the endoscope. The image erecting device has a first face for angle-dependent reflection and a second face for angle-dependent reflection.
 Leno heddle patent thumbnailLeno heddle
A leno heddle includes a pair of elongated shanks, which are removably assembled together in overlying relationship. One of the shanks has configured ends to be removably received within corresponding openings in the other shank.
 Rotary fertilizer applicator patent thumbnailRotary fertilizer applicator
An applicator for applying dry fertilizer or livestock waste in the form of a slurry beneath the soil surface with minimum soil displacement includes a leading spring-cushioned, conical-shaped, wavy coulter angularly offset from the direction of travel which displaces soil laterally in forming a furrow adapted to receive fertilizer. The coulter is trailed by a single, or a pair of, rotary blade(s) which fill the furrow, covering the deposited fertilizer.
 Fitting for a sliding door patent thumbnailFitting for a sliding door
A fitting (1) for suspending a sliding door leaf (d) is provided. Said fitting (1) comprises a base plate (2) having means (8, 9) for attaching said base plate (2) to a door leaf (d), support means (3) attached to said base plate (2) for allowing said fitting (1) to be guided by a rail (r) along a sliding path (p), and a shank (5) having a part (5b, 5d) extending from a lateral end of said base plate (2) at an angle (α, β)relative a plane of the base plate.
 Knife with blade guard patent thumbnailKnife with blade guard
A knife with a guard assembly generally comprises a blade member, a handle assembly, and a blade guard assembly. The blade member includes a blade having a sharpened edge and an integral shank.
 Rongeur patent thumbnailRongeur
A rongeur is disclosed having a stationary shank and a crossbar slideable relative to the shank with a tongue in crossbar cooperating with a channel in the shank so as to interconnect the shank to the crossbar. At least one gap section is formed in both the shank and the crossbar to gain access to the interior of the rongeur to permit cleaning and lubrication without disassembling and reassembling the rongeur.
 Drill bit with a load sensor on the bit shank patent thumbnailDrill bit with a load sensor on the bit shank
A drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a bit body having a cutting section, a shank attached to the cutting section and a neck section and at least one sensor in contact with a surface of the shank and wherein the at least one sensor provides a signal in response to a bending moment.. .
 Device for fixing insulating layers and insulation assembly system patent thumbnailDevice for fixing insulating layers and insulation assembly system
A screw device for fixing insulating panels together is made in one piece from synthetic material and includes a head and a shank. The head has a flat surface for abutment on one of the insulating panels, a surface opposite the abutment surface having at least one drive wing, which extends to a distance greater than 10 mm from the opposite surface.
 Iliosacral polyaxial screw patent thumbnailIliosacral polyaxial screw
Provided is an iliosacral polyaxial screw system. A multiple part insert member is provided to secure the screw to the housing of the assembly to accommodate screws in which the shank diameter of the screw is greater than the bottom opening of the screw housing or greater than the opening of a ring member designed to capture the head of the screw in the housing..
Apparatus and systems for rotary osteotomy
Disclosed are apparatus and systems for rotary osteotomy that afford increased control of a trajectory angle and direction/re-direction of the tip of an osteotomy apparatus, controllability of the depth of the tip or fine rotation of the device, and tactile feedback. The apparatus includes a tip portion having a first diameter at a first end and a second diameter at a second end larger than the first diameter, wherein at least a part of the tip portion includes a plurality of pitched threads.
Drum rotor dovetail component and related drum rotor system
Systems and devices adapted to retain dovetail components (e.g., buckets) in a turbine drum rotor and reduce rotor component displacement are disclosed. In one embodiment, a turbine bucket includes: a bucket base portion shaped to complement a bucket shank slot in a rotor of a turbine, the bucket base portion including: a forward portion shaped to extend upstream of a first stage circumferential slot of the rotor in to a first rotor post of the rotor; a circumferential protrusion formed in an aft end of the bucket base portion and shaped to connect to the rotor, and a set of axial protrusions formed on tangential sides of the bucket base portion and shaped to connect to the rotor; and a bucket platform extending radially outboard from the bucket base portion, the bucket platform configured to complement a vane..
Adjustable packer wheel seeding system and method
In one embodiment, a seeding implement includes a frame configured to couple to a tool bar, a parallel linkage coupled to the frame, and a ground engaging tool extending from a shank, wherein the shank is coupled to the parallel linkage. The implement also includes a packer wheel configured to control a position of the ground engaging tool, wherein the packer wheel is positioned directly behind the ground engaging tool when the ground engaging tool is engaging a soil region.
Fish hook with clasp eye
Disclosed is a fish hook with a detachable clasp connection feature forming part of a fish hook eye thereby offering convenient attachment to fishing lures and the like in comparison to conventional split ring connections. At least a portion of the fish hook is of spring like material where the connection feature of the clasp eye includes portions which are resiliently associated in a closed position but can be forced open to attach or detach the fish hook from the fishing lure.
Fenestrated bone screws and methods of bone fastening and stabilization
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for bone fixation are presented. In one aspect, presented herein is a screw for bone fixation, an insertion tool, and a method for stabilization across a bone joint of the spine.
Iliosacral polyaxial screw
Provided is an iliosacral polyaxial screw system. A multiple part insert member is provided to secure the screw to the housing of the assembly to accommodate screws in which the shank diameter of the screw is greater than the bottom opening of the screw housing or greater than the opening of a ring member designed to capture the head of the screw in the housing..
Sagittal angle screw with integral shank and receiver
A spinal bone screw has a receiver with upstanding arms forming a channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member, such as a rod, the receiver being integral with a threaded shank. The receiver further includes inner surfaces in sliding engagement with an insert, the insert having a seating surface for the rod.
Systems and methods for facilitating onboarding of bucket cooling flows
Systems and methods embodiments for facilitating onboarding of a cooling fluid are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a system may include a rotor assembly, a wheel space cavity adjacent to the rotor assembly, and a bucket shank cavity in fluid communication with the wheel space cavity.
Shank-type pick
The invention relates to a shank bit for a road milling machine or the like, having a bit head and a bit shank, the bit shank comprising a first cylindrical segment that is indirectly or directly adjacent to the bit head, and the bit shank comprising a second cylindrical segment that, facing away from the bit head, is indirectly or directly adjacent to the first cylindrical segment, and the diameter of the second cylindrical segment differing from the diameter of the first cylindrical segment. In a shank bit of this kind, improved utilization properties result from the fact that the first cylindrical segment has a diameter in the range between 18 mm and 30 mm, and an extent in the direction of the longitudinal center axis of the bit shank less than 30 mm..
A chuck for a power tool has a central receptacle, arranged in the body of the chuck, having a locating opening for axially inserting a shank-type tool. A reducing sleeve is arranged at least partly in the central receptacle, and a clamping device is provided for at least locally reducing the cross section of the central receptacle.
Tool-less reusable hinged wall hanger
A reusable wall anchor device comprised of an upper and lower panel held together by a hinge connection for facilitating the suspending of articles from wallboards without requiring a hollow void behind the wallboard. A load bearing shank extends from the front face of the lower panel for supporting an object to be carried by the device.
Method of fabricating nanotips with controlled profile
A nanotip, is fabricated by modifying a precursor nanotip having an apex and a shank by applying an electric field in the presence of a reactive gas to perform field-assisted etching wherein atoms are preferentially removed from the shank by chemical interaction with the reactive gas, and controlling the reactive gas pressure and/or tip voltage to vary the electric field so as to promote field evaporation of apex atoms during fabrication of the nanotip and thereby control the overall profile of the resulting nano-tip. The method permits shaping of the overall tip profile..
Drill bit systems with temperature sensors and applications using temperature sensor measurements
A drill bit includes a plurality of blades. The blades provide a plurality of cutting elements or teeth arranged on a leading face of the blade.
Fishing lure resembling a shrimp
A fishing lure having an internal cavity for containing a hook and a weight attached to the hook such that the weight is coupled to the hook closer to a throat of the hook than to a line receiving portion of the hook. The combined hook and weight resist being pulled through a shank containing region of lure.
Self-aligning sleeved protruding head fasteners with electromagnetic effect protection features
A fastener system for composite structure provides electromagnetic energy protection by incorporating a self-aligning head (sah) fastener having a head with a spherical engaging surface and a shank extending from the head for insertion through a hole in a composite structure and a self-aligning self sealing (sass) washer having a throat receiving the shank and a spherical mating surface interfacing with the spherical engaging surface of the head.. .
Threaded fastener
A threaded fastener for attaching an article of hardware to another article comprising a material selected for example from the group consisting of wood, particle board, plastic and fiberglass. The article of hardware is provided with at least one through hole and the article of hardware is fixed to the article by the threaded fastener extending through the through hole in the article of hardware.
Hardware attachment system
A system for attaching an article of hardware to another article made of wood, particle board, plastic or fiberglass. The article of hardware is provided with at least one through hole and the article of hardware is fixed to the other article by a screw that extends through a through hole into the article of hardware.
Tool system for machining a workpiece
According to the invention a tool system for machining a workpiece is recommended, having a cylinder-shaped retaining shank (12) that has a cutting head holder (16) on an end surface (14) facing the workpiece, a drive mount (20) on an end surface facing the drive (18), a cutting head (22) having at least one cutting edge (24), a cutting head hub (26) corresponding to the cutting head holder (16) on the retaining shank (12), a tool coupling (28) with a tool interface (30), and a coupling hub corresponding to the drive mount (20), wherein the coupling hub (32) and/or the cutting head hub (26) have elevated areas (34, 50) with contact surfaces (36, 52), wherein the elevated areas (34, 50) are distributed in an arrangement in both the circumferential (38) and longitudinal directions of the coupling hub (32) and/or the cutting head hub (26), wherein the contact surfaces (36, 52) make contact on support surfaces (42, 56) on the drive mount (20) and/or on the cutting head holder (16) on the retaining shank (12), and wherein the drive mount (20) and/or the cutting head holder (16) is permanently connected to the coupling hub (32) and/or the cutting head hub (26) by means of a joining material (46) in intermediate spaces (44, 58) between the elevations (34, 50).. .
The object of the invention is a lifter for a material-handling truck, in particular, a fork (1) for an industrial truck, comprising at least one fork arm having a shank (2) and a blade attached to the shank, a folding shoe (6) being pivotal on the free outer end of the blade (3) opposite the shank (2) in such a way that pivoting of the fork shoe (6) proceeds reliably whenever forces occur that have a component toward the blade, thereby preventing the load from being damaged and eliminating the possibility of damage, including environmental damage and injury to personnel. To achieve this object, at least one longitudinal guide (8) extending along the blade (3) is provided in at the free outer end of the blade (3) for at least one slide (9) that at least in part projects from the free end of the blade (3), the folding shoe (6) being rotatably supported on the outer end of the slide (9), the blade (3) and the fork shoe (6) each having at least one pivot (13, 14) on at least slightly different planes, at least one push rod (7) being disposed between the pivot (13) of the blade (3) and the pivot (14) of the folding shoe (6)..
Bucket tooth locking pin
A system to attaching a tooth to a bucket shank comprises a ring seat in the shank having a cam. A locking ring having a corresponding cam is seated in the seat and has an interior channel bounded by shoulders.
Removable panel fastener
There is disclosed a panel fastener and method of attaching multiple panels. A panel fastener may include a pin and a receptacle, the pin having a head and a shank extending from the head and the receptacle having an aperture to receive the shank and a retainer configured to engage the shank to prevent the shank from being withdrawn from the aperture.
Button fastening
A method for fastening a button to a panel of fabric includes the steps of looping a thread having at least a thermo-fusible element between the button and the fabric panel to create at least two runs of thread between the panel and the button; gathering thread from the runs into mutual contact and applying heat to the shank to melt the thermo-fusible element of the runs of thread.. .
Implantable device
An implantable device is described, comprising an implant (12), wherein the implant comprises at least one opening (22), at least one anchoring element (14) for fixing the implant to at least one bone, wherein the respective anchoring element comprises a shank (20) and a head (18) and wherein at least a part of the shank can be guided through the respective opening while the head can be seated in the respective opening, and a locking mechanism with a fixation element (16) and a radially deformable annular element (26) that can be pressed against the head of the anchoring element by actuation of the fixation element, in order to fix the head in the opening of the implant. The opening of the implant has a recess (28) having a support surface (24) for the head of the anchoring element..
Conductive sleeved fastener assembly
The present disclosure describes a conductive fastener assembly, system, and method, wherein the fastener assembly comprises a fastener, a fastener sleeve, a nut, and a lubricant coating. The lubricant coating is deposited on a distal portion of a fastener shank and is omitted from the rest of the fastener.
Tool system
The invention relates to a tool system having a bit holder and a shank bit, the bit holder comprising a bit receptacle that comprises a first and a second diameter region that lead into one another via a transitional segment (taper), a bit shank of the shank bit comprising a first and a second cross-sectional region that lead into one another via a transitional segment. With a tool system of this kind, a wear-optimized design results from the fact that the transitional segments of the shank bit and of the bit holder are arranged spaced away from one another in the direction of the longitudinal center axis of the shank bit, in order to form a resetting space..
A gasket held between opposite flange joint surfaces with a bolt includes a combination of a complex material with a rubber material formed on one or both sides of a steel plate, the complex material having a convex or waveform bead, and a circular metal plate arranged at a bolt portion with a through-hole where a shank of the bolt penetrates and a bearing corresponding portion that corresponds to a bearing of the bolt around the through-hole. The gasket is configured to have the thickness (h3) of the bead provided to the complex material greater than the thickness (h2) of the circular metal plate that is equal to or greater than the thickness (h1) of the complex material.
Adjuster for track-mounting assembly
A mounting plate fixed to a longitudinally extending rail is secured by a plurality of bolts in a substrate. The mounting plate is formed at each bolt with an array of ridges.
Auger bit with replaceable cutting bit
An auger bit includes an elongated shaft, a cutting bit, a feed screw, and a locking fastener. The shaft includes a flute extending in a helical manner with respect to a longitudinal axis along at least a portion of the shaft.
Systems and methods for monitoring cutting forces in peripheral end milling
Systems and methods for monitoring cutting forces in a peripheral end milling process are disclosed. The systems and methods comprise a sensor module that integrates a thin-film polyvinylidene fluoride (pvdf) piezoelectric strain sensor and an in situ data logging platform for monitoring such cutting forces.
Motorized drain snake
A motorized drain snake includes a shank and a coiled member connected with the shank. The shank has a first end provided with a bushing which has an interior provided with a shaft hole for mounting the coiled member.
Polyaxial bone anchor with receiver with spheric edge for friction fit
Polyaxial bone screws include a receiver and a shank, the receiver having in inner concave surface defining a spherical void and the shank having an upper spherical portion, the shank upper portion and receiver concave surface being in moveable friction fit engagement prior to locking of the shank with respect to the receiver. The receiver includes a circular edge formed by a spheric section, the edge capturing the shank upper portion within the receiver.
Medical instrument
A medical instrument having a shank, at the proximal end of which a handle is arranged, wherein the shank is rotatable about its longitudinal axis and can be secured in various positions of rotation relative to the handle via a licking mechanism. In order for a medical instrument with a shank rotatable about its longitudinal axis to be designed in such a way that, while being easy to handle, it permits a large number of secure and positionally precise rotations of the shank with respect to the handle, the licking mechanism is designed as a latching mechanism which has a perforated disk with recesses and latching elements, wherein the latching elements and/or the perforated disk are spring-loaded relative to each other, and at least one of the latching elements engages in a corresponding recess of the perforated disk in order to fix the shank..
Spinner assembly with removable fan blade leading edge fairings
A gas turbine engine spinner assembly including a spinner defining at least in part an aerodynamically smooth surface, a shell defining at least in part the aerodynamically smooth surface, and circumferentially spaced apart removable aerodynamic fairings located around the shell. Fairing shanks disposed in circumferentially spaced apart axially extending slots in the shell may be attached to the aerodynamic fairings.
Side milling arbor with quad drive key assist
A side milling cutter arbor for mounting a selected milling cutter on a vertical milling machine that includes first, second and third interconnected members. The first member has a generally cylindrical body portion and a reduced diameter shank portion connected to the body portion.
Fast knockdown cutting tool assembly
A cutting tool assembly includes a mandrel member and a cutting tool. The mandrel member has a shaft rod and a slide sleeve fitted around the shaft rod.
Drill and method for forming hole
A drill capable of performing high-quality drilling machining on a material which is hard to be cut such as cfrp is provided. The drill includes a drill body 4 having a shank portion 2 at a rear side of the drill main body and a cutting portion 3 at a front side of the drill main body, a first land a to a fourth land d at the cutting portion 3, a first cutting portion groove 5a to a fourth cutting portion groove 5d provided between the lands of the first land a to the fourth land d, a pilot blade 6 formed at the tip of the cutting portion 3, a diameter-enlarging spiral thread portion 9 continuously following the pilot blade 6, a finished spiral thread portion 12 continuously following the diameter-enlarging spiral thread portion 9, a diameter-enlarging spiral blade portion 18, and a finishing spiral blade portion 19..
Cutting insert
A cutting insert has only cutting edge portion thereof made of sic whisker reinforced ceramics brazed to the shank with active solder. This provides improved cutting performance by increased toughness and high strength of the sic whisker reinforced ceramics without limitation in shape while reducing manufacturing costs.
Brick tie anchor
A masonry anchor for tying a masonry veneer wall to a stud back-up wall comprises a generally planar anchor plate of corrosion resistant steel having an outer coupling end for connection to a veneer tie wire and an inner anchoring end for securement to the stud back-up wall. The anchor plate is provided with a plurality of holes through the anchoring end for accepting a fastening means for fastening the anchor to the stud back-up wall.
Fishing lure construction and method
A fishing lure includes a head formed of mating mirror image head portions defining an interior cavity therein. A fish hook is captivated between the mating head portions such that the eyelet thereof extends forwardly and the bend extends downwardly with the point thereof extending forwardly.
Tool for installing wires in a wire harness conduit
A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire securing portion. The wire securing portion may be a relatively flat portion with one or more wire passageways used to secure one or more wires thereto.
Quick-connect anti-rotation peg/drill bit component
A quick-connect drill bit assembly comprising a drive shank and a drill bit releasably attached to the drive shank, the drill bit being configured to bore a first hole in a bone through a drill guide. A portion of the drill bit is configured to remain within the first hole after the drive shank is detached therefrom, the drill bit being configured to prevent the drill guide from rotating with respect to the bone as a second hole is bored into the bone..
Load transfer or connector device for expanded cell confinement structures and methods for doing the same
A device that includes an insertion member, a shank, and a body having a through-hole and a post. The device can be part of a cellular confinement system.
Gas turbine
A gas turbine includes a disk wheel forming a rotor; a rotor blade including a shank mounted on the outer circumference of the disk wheel and a rotor blade profile portion; a stator blade including a stator blade profile portion and an inner circumferential end wall provided on the inner circumferential side of the stator blade profile portion; and a seal fin provided on the shank of the rotor blade so as to face an inside-diameter surface of the inner circumferential end wall of the stator blade. An abradable coating is applied to such a portion of the inside-diameter surface of the inner circumferential end wall of the stator blade that faces the seal fin..
Multi-flute endmill
A multi-flute endmill including a cutting edge part having multiple cutting edges and flutes formed between adjacent cutting edges in a rotation direction around the tool axis o. A rake face of each cutting edge is formed from a rake face of an end cutting edge from the tool axis o side to the outer peripheral side of a shank, an adjacent rake face of a corner r edge that forms a surface different from the rake face of the end cutting edge, and an adjacent rake face of a peripheral cutting edge that forms a surface different from the rake face of the corner r edge.
Fence system with variable rail reinforcement
A fencing system that includes a plurality of fence rails extending between two fence posts. The fence rails may comprise a foamed material core that is enclosed by a weather resistant capping material.
Fence system with variable rail reinforcement
A fencing system that includes a plurality of fence rails extending between two fence posts. The fence rails may comprise a foamed material core that is enclosed by a weather resistant capping material.
Magnetically actuated model railroad coupler
A model railroad car coupler assembly comprises a coupler with an upper shank having a coupler knuckle at a distal portion and a flat proximal portion, a lower shank having a coupler thumb at a distal portion and a flat proximal portion, and a coil spring terminating in first and second end portions, with a first turn of the coupler spring interlocked with the upper shank and a second turn interlocked with the lower shank. A mounting box has a circular mounting post that accepts circular openings in the shanks permitting them to rotate relative to each other between a closed coupled position and an open uncoupling position.
Cutting drill and method for manufacturing printed wiring board
A cutting drill includes a shank having a hole and formed to be gripped in a tool holder, and a drill body having a rod shape and locked into the hole of the shank. The shank has an axis around which the drill body rotates.
Feed mechanism for swagable lockbolt collars
An air-driven feeder tool is provided for presenting swagable collars one at a time for placement on the shanks of lockbolts and thereby made ready for the application of a swaging tool. The swaging tool breaks off a pintail from the lockbolt and a vacuum system draws the broken-off pintails through a vacuum device and into a receptacle for safe disposal.
Channel nut tool
A method, system, and apparatus for installing channel nuts includes a shank, a handle formed on a first end of a shank, and an end piece with a threaded shaft configured to receive a channel nut formed on the second end of the shaft. The tool can be used to insert or remove a channel nut in a channel framing system and then removed from the channel nut..
Integrated optical neural probe
In certain embodiments, a neural probe comprises a substrate comprising elongated shanks for penetrating neural tissue, each comprising a proximal end and a distal end; at least one optical source integral to the neural probe for illuminating the neural tissue; and microelectrodes located proximate the distal end of the elongated shanks for monitoring neuronal activity. In certain embodiments, a method of monitoring neuronal activity comprises implanting the neural probe into a test subject such that the elongated shanks protrude into neural tissue of the test subject; illuminating the neural tissue with the at least one optical source; and measuring neuronal activity in response to illuminating the neural tissue.
Fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially automobile lights
A fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially the lights of an automobile, includes a thermoplastic outer lens (2), which is installed in a thermoplastic encircling housing (3) by means of a sealing adhesive (4) and secured by fastening elements. The fixing element is a brad pin (1) which is shot through a groove (31) of the encircling housing (3) and a lug (21) of the outer lens (2), with a profile in the shape of a circle flattened at least at two diametrically opposite places, having a longitudinally smooth brad pin shank (14) along its entire length, which is covered by an adhesive (112) to hold the brad pins (1) together..
Tool holder and tool arrangement
The present invention relates to a tool holder, in particular a steep-taper shank type tool holder, the tool holder comprising at least one mounting surface, in particular a mounting cone, for being received and driven by a drive spindle, and further comprising at least one integrated fluid path for an operating fluid, wherein at least one flow blocking member is associated with the at least one fluid path and is configured to block or release the at least one fluid path in a manner depending on flow direction. The at least one flow blocking member may be configured and arranged such that it permits flow for the operating fluid in the intended direction of supply and does not permit flow for the operating fluid in opposition to the intended direction of supply.
Gas turbine engine cooling systems and methods incorporating one or more cover plate assemblies having one or more apertures therein
Turbine cooling systems and methods are disclosed herein. The turbine cooling system may include a rotor disk having a bucket attached thereto.
Rotary cutting tool and tool unit
A rotary cutting tool, in particular a drill or milling cutter for heavy-duty cutting applications, is provided, said rotary cutting tool having at least one cutting edge and a shank having a free end. The shank has in its circumferential surface a groove for receiving a pull-out prevention element, wherein the groove extends axially and at the same time at least partially along the circumference of the shank and, starting at a distance from the free end of the shank, in the direction of the opposite free end.
Railroad spikes and methods of making the same
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to improved designs of railroad spikes and improved methods of manufacturing the same. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method for manufacturing a railroad spike may comprise the steps of: preparing a metal blank having a substantially circular cross-section; subjecting the metal blank to at least one cold heading process and at least one cold extrusion process to form a railroad spike having (a) a circular head with a fillet at its bottom side that is angled to engage a railroad tie plate or rail base and (b) a non-threaded shank with a substantially square cross-section and a chiseled tip; and coating the railroad spike with an anti-corrosion material..
Adjustable safety gate
An adjustable safety to has a first panel, a second panel and a fastening device. The first panel has a screw hole formed therein.
Automatic rail fastener orienter
A rail fastener orienter is provided for orienting rail fasteners to a desired orientation, the fasteners having a head, an opposite tip and a shank connecting the head to the tip, and being sequentially provided to the orienter in one of a head right, head left, head up and head down orientation. The orienter includes a frame having an upper end and an opposite lower end, and defining a track with an inlet adjacent the upper end, and an outlet adjacent the lower end, the track dimensioned for slidingly and rotatingly accommodating the shank.
Adjustable wrench
An adjustable wrench is provided with a handle including a head; a fixed jaw formed with the head; a slot through the head; a cavity in the head and communicating with the slot, a shaft channel through the cavity; a forward recess in the fixed jaw; a rearward well in the head; a head cover including an opening aligned with the cavity, a forward protrusion fitted in the recess, and a rearward protuberance fitted in the well; a joining assembly for joining the head and the head cover; a moveable jaw including an adjustable shank received in the slot, and serrated teeth along the adjustable shank; a thread screw adjustment driver in both the cavity and the opening; and a assembly shaft in the shaft channel and through the thread screw adjustment driver. The thread screw adjustment driver is threadedly secured to the serrated teeth..
Fastener tension monitoring system
The fastener tension monitoring system provides for automatic notification when a structural tensile fastener, such as a bolt, is loosened. The system incorporates piezoelectric material in the core of the fastener shank or deposited around the shank.
Humeral component of a shoulder prosthesis
A humeral component of a shoulder prosthesis encloses a stem module which has a shank and an upper shank portion with a stem support surface. A joint adapter is adapted to hold either a liner or a spherical cap.
Vascular access devices, methods, and kits
Methods, devices, and kits for creating bloodstream access in patients are provided which include or use a vessel wall traversing device which can be shaped like a blunt-ended nail with a hollow shank and a head of a larger diameter than the shank is inserted in the puncture hole blunt end first such that the shank traverses the puncture hole with the blunt end being positioned exterior to the outer surface of the vessel and the head of the device abutting the inner surface of the vessel at the puncture hole.. .

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