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Shank patents


This page is updated frequently with new Shank-related patent applications.

 Fastener and fastener installation tool patent thumbnailnew patent Fastener and fastener installation tool
A fastening system including a fastener and a fastener installation tool. The fastener includes a pin member having an elongated shank portion with a threaded portion, a stop shoulder located at an end of the threaded portion, and a pull portion extending from the stop shoulder.
Alcoa Inc.

 Intelligent washer patent thumbnailnew patent Intelligent washer
An intelligent fastener unit for fastening together structural members. The fastener unit includes a fastener with an externally threaded shank, an internally threaded mating member for threaded engagement with the fastener, and an intelligent washer having an rfid tag and an antenna mounted on one surface of a centrally aperture body member, and a pressure sensor mounted on the opposite surface for generating electrical signals representative of the compressive force applied to structural members captured by the fastener, the mating member and the washer.

 Screw patent thumbnailnew patent Screw
A screw includes a shank having an insertion tip and a head end which has an upper portion with a cutting portion and a lower portion from which a plurality of anti-screw-out teeth protrude. Each anti-screw-out tooth includes a guide face and a stop face intersecting a circumferential surface of the lower portion for development of a recessed channel.
Fushang Co., Ltd.

 Wooden screw patent thumbnailnew patent Wooden screw
A wooden screw may include a shank, a threaded segment, a screw head, a tapered portion and a stem portion. The shank diameter is smaller than the horizontal distance defined as a distance between two opposite ends of the tapered edges, while the width defined as a distance between two symmetric rear portions of blades is between the shank diameter and the horizontal distance, so a drill hole on the wooden material is not contacted with the shank during the screwing process, and the wooden screw also can reduce the friction and provide a complete mechanism for wood chips in accommodation and expulsion.
Masterpiece Hardware Industral Co., Ltd.

 Snap in mounting shank for a faucet patent thumbnailnew patent Snap in mounting shank for a faucet
A faucet mounting system includes an upper fixture including an outer wall defining a chamber, and at least one groove formed within an inner surface of the outer wall. A lower mounting shank extends below the upper fixture and includes a skirt, a post extending downwardly from the skirt, and at least one spring clip.
Delta Faucet Company

 Lifting device and  lifting brittle elements patent thumbnailnew patent Lifting device and lifting brittle elements
A lifting device for brittle elements such as bridge beam and deck elements, panels and the like up to and beyond 1,000 tonnes is described. The lifting device may be suitable for face and edge lifting of brittle elements that have a suitable cavity formed within or through them.
Obelix Holdings Pty Limited

 Assembly-type cutter patent thumbnailnew patent Assembly-type cutter
An assembly-type cutter includes a shank and a cutter head. The shank has a hole at one end.

 Sealed plug connector patent thumbnailSealed plug connector
The invention concerns a plug connector for a high current device, intended to be placed in particular in the engine compartment of a motor vehicle. A device such as a printed circuit board housed in the plug connector is connected to a cable via at least one rigid conductive metal bar (bus bar).
Delphi International Operations Luxembourt S.a.r.l.

 Bolted connection patent thumbnailBolted connection
The subject of the invention is an assembly and clamping bolt to be employed under tension, having a shank and a head, wherein the head, situated at a first end of the shank, is provided with a clamping tensioning means with a hydraulic cylinder mounted permanently on the bolt, clamping taking place between a rear shoulder device and the hydraulic cylinder, the rear shoulder device being disposed at a second end of the shank.. .
Airbus Safran Launchers Sas

 Self-piercing rivet patent thumbnailSelf-piercing rivet
A self-piercing rivet for producing a joining connection between at least two components, which comprises the following features: a rivet head and a rivet shank having a central shank bore, wherein the rivet shank comprises a cylindrical shank outer surface and a shank inner surface limiting the central shank bore, wherein the shank outer surface and the shank inner surface are connected at the axial end of the rivet shank facing away from the rivet head by means of a flat shank end face and a shank end radius, wherein the shank end radius transitions tangentially into the shank inner surface and the flat shank end face is connected to the shank outer surface by means of a cutting edge.. .
BÖllhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh

Clamping clinch fastener

A clinch fastener with a single-element, unitary construction that does not require the preassembly of parts. The fastener provides a clamp load after installation and is fully formed by stamping the part from sheet metal.
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Ultrasonic medical probe with failsafe for sterility and associated method

An ultrasonic medical probe has a horn or shaft, a shank at a proximal end of the shaft, a probe head at a distal end of the horn or shaft, opposite the shank, and at least one polymeric component fixed to at least one of the horn or shaft, the shank, and the probe head. The shank is provided at a proximal end opposite the horn or shaft with an externally threaded connector for attaching the probe to a source of ultrasonic vibratory energy.
Misonix, Incorporated

Spinal construct with flexible member

A system for securing a flexible member to a vertebra includes a flexible member, a fixation member, and an inserter. The flexible member includes two ends.
K2m, Inc.

Captive floating flare nut

A non-rotational, flare nut attached to a panel with tolerance float formed and applied using special flaring tool, which simultaneously creates a square profile on the shank as the nut is attached. During flaring, the shank is broken into radially extending segments that provide retention to the panel with the ability to “float” on the panel by an amount equal to the clearance between the hole and the shank of the nut.
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.

Rotor blade with wheel space swirlers and forming a rotor blade with wheel space swirlers

The present disclosure is directed to a rotor blade and method for forming the rotor blade. The rotor blade includes a platform having a bottom side radially spaced from a top side and a leading edge portion axially spaced from a trailing edge portion.
General Electric Company

Dust-proof ratchet wrench and making the same

A dust-proof ratchet wrench includes a shank having a through hole defined in one end thereof and two annular grooves respectively defined in two opposite side of shank, wherein the two annular grooves co-axially correspond to the through hole and each annular has a dust-proof ring received therein. A drive device is partially received in the through hole in the shank and abuts a corresponding one of the two dust-proof rings.

Drill bit with a replaceable cutting portion

A drill bit rotatable about a rotation axis is disclosed. The drill bit has a first drill bit portion configured as a cutting portion and has an annular portion connected at one end to one or more cutting elements and, at another end, a first connection device.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Reamer handle coupling

A coupling mechanism designed to removably attach a reamer to the distal end of a spindle or shaft is disclosed. The coupling comprises a collar having an annular sidewall that defines a collar throughbore, the collar annular sidewall comprising a plurality of spaced part first slots that at least partially extend through the sidewall and a shank disposed within the collar throughbore.
Greatbatch Ltd.

Hybrid fastener

A hybrid fastener is provided in combination with a structural insert. The insert is disposed about a shank of the fastener at an unthreaded section.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

Method for cooling a turboengine rotor, and turboengine rotor

A method and device for cooling a turboengine rotor. A blade member includes a platform having a hot gas side and a coolant side.
Ansaldo Energia Ip Uk Limited

Adaptable hitch system

A vehicle accessory hitch assembly for attaching an accessory to a vehicle. The vehicle may include a frame and a bed mounted to the frame.
Hurricane, Inc.

Drill bit

A drill bit has a shank, an intermediate shaft, and a cutting head and defines a longitudinal axis. The cutting head has a body having a front end, a rear end, and a peripheral sidewall, a primary cutting insert and a pair of auxiliary cutting inserts.
Black & Decker Inc.

Twist-pro wire wrapper

A hand tool for wrapping and securing a wire ceiling hanger in drop ceiling installation. This new tool is comprised of an elongate solid shank with an aperture therethrough to accommodate the wire and at the opposite end an integrated handle..

Polyaxial bone screw

The present invention generally provides a polyaxial fixation device having a shank with a spherical head formed on a proximal end thereof, and a receiver member having an axial passage formed therein that is adapted to polyaxially seat the spherical head of the shank. The polyaxial bone screw further includes an engagement member that is adapted to provide sufficient friction between the spherical head and the receiver member to enable the shank to be maintained in a desired angular orientation before locking the spherical head within the receiver member..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Anvil stabilization features for surgical stapler

A surgical instrument for stapling tissue includes a body, a shaft assembly, and an anvil. The shaft assembly includes a stapling head assembly and an actuator.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

Brass instrument mouthpiece warmer

A musical brass instrument mouthpiece warmer includes a mouthpiece in combination with a heater for warming. The warmer is positioned around the mouthpiece with an electrical power source for activation.

Devices and methods for lure assembly having replaceable skirt

A fishing lure assembly includes: a skirt mount from which a shank extends, the skirt mount having a non-circular profile with a maximum width; a skirt including a plurality of strands and a collar with a non-circular opening having a maximum dimension that is greater than the maximum width of the skirt mount. The skirt can be installed upon the skirt mount by passing the skirt mount through the opening when the maximum width of the skirt mount is aligned with the maximum dimension of the opening.
Arrowhead Industries, Inc.

Field cultivator blade installation device

A device to facilitate the installation of a cultivator blade on a shank. The device comprises a frame having a configuration complementary to the peripheral configuration of the blade and defining a channel that fits over the cultivator blade to seat at least a portion of the edges or wings of the blade as well as to protect the tip of the blade.

Hollow ball stud

A ball stud is disclosed that includes a shank, a head, a hollow center, a first cluster of radial holes, and a second cluster of radial holes. The head is formed integrally with the shank or as a single-piece construction with the shank.
Rockford Products Llc

Fastener with loop or hook

A threaded hook or eye loop has a tool receptacle at the end of the threaded shank with the hook or loop configured for rotary insertion with a power tool or hand tool that directly rotates the threaded shaft.. .

Method for producing a riveted connection between a ball joint pin and a component in the form of a metal sheet and associated prefabricated subassembly

The invention relates to a method for producing a riveted connection between a ball joint pin, having a pin longitudinal axis (bla), and a component in the form of a metal sheet with an abutting portion surrounding a preliminary hole, in which the ball joint pin has at least one ball head portion an adjoining shank portion, a planar plate portion, having an upper side and an underside, and a rivet flange portion, in which the ball joint pin is connected to the component by deforming the rivet flange portion. Advantageously, in a first step, the ball joint pin is inserted into the preliminary hole by means of an inserting tool in such a way that the plate portion is supported at least in certain portions by its underside on the abutting portion of the component in the form of a metal sheet, preferably with surface-area contact.

Ergonomic paint roller frame

An ergonomic paint roller frame includes: (a) a cage configured to receive a roller; (b) a shank, to which the cage is attached and configured to rotate relative thereto about an axis of rotation; (c) a handle to which the shank is attached in fixed position relative thereto, the handle comprising therealong in sequence from a first, proximal end thereof to a second, distal end thereof, (i) a first, generally elongate handle portion, (ii) a first, curved elbow handle portion, (iii) a second, generally elongate handle portion, (iv) a second, curved elbow handle portion, and (v) a third, generally elongate handle portion; and (d) wherein the handle portions of the handle generally extend relative to each other so as to be bisected by a handle plane, relative to which handle plane the axis of rotation is generally orthogonally oriented.. .
Zibra, Llc

Ultra high torque device

A torque-limiting device may include a shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks and a spring to connect to a nut. The upper and lower shanks may be under a force from the spring and further configured to selectively engage within a predetermined torque limit and disengage at above the predetermined torque limit.
Eca Medical Instruments

Cup-shaped shank for heeled shoes

The present invention relates to a shank adapted for being integrated into a shoe sole and for mounting a heel element, wherein said shank at its heel portion is adapted to be connected to the heel element and wherein said shank comprises an upper surface pointing towards the inner shoe. At least a part of the upper surface at the heel portion is cup-shaped and adapted for receiving sole material inside the cup when integrating said shank in said sole during moulding of said shoe sole.
Ecco Sko A/s

Shanks and methods for forming such shanks

A shank (110) comprises a captive portion (116) comprising a longitudinal central axis (112), a captive end (118), a first set (117) of first structures (120a), and a second set (119) of second structure (120b). The second set (119) of the second structures (120b) is closer to the captive end (118) than the first set (117) of the first structures (120a).
The Boeing Company

Ratcheting torque wrench

A disposable ratcheting device and method is disclosed, which may include a shaft extending axially through at least a shank. The shank also provides a cup or chamber wherein a series of drive bodies reside in a movable fashion.
Eca Medical Instruments

Fortified high torque device

A torque-limiting device which may include a shaft extending axially through a clutch assembly and a spring to connect to a nut. The upper and lower shanks may be under a force from the spring and further configured to selectively engage within a predetermined torque limit and disengage at above the predetermined torque limit.
Eca Medical Instruments

Cannulated disposable torque limiting device with plastic shaft

A torque-limiting device may include a shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks, a spring, and a nut to an end opening of a handle. The upper and lower shanks may be under a force from the spring and further configured to selectively engage within a predetermined torque limit and disengage at above the predetermined torque limit.
Eca Medical Instruments

Modular clutch assembly

A clutch within a torque-limiting device which may include a shaft extending axially through a clutch assembly and a spring to connect to a nut. The clutch having swappable gear rings.
Eca Medical Instruments

Polyaxial bone anchor with non-pivotable retainer and pop-on shank, some with friction fit

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in a receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. The upper portion expands a retaining member in the receiver cavity to capture the shank upper portion in the receiver.

Broadhead arrow

An expandable broadhead includes an elongated ferrule and a blade. The ferrule includes a forward ferrule tip and an aft shank operable to connect the broadhead to an arrow shaft.

Percussive rock drill bit with flushing grooves

A percussive rock drill bit has a head and a shank in which a plurality of flushing grooves extend radially outward and axially rearward from a front face. The flushing grooves are configured to optimize the axially rearward flow of rock particles and fines entrained in the flushing fluid.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


An anchor (1) comprises a fluke (2) and a shank (3) pivotally connected to one another. The shank (3) is pivotable between an anchor deployment configuration and an anchor retrieval configuration, and a fastener 36 is provided to engage with the shank 3 to retain the shank (3) in the anchor retrieval configuration..
Fe Anchor Corporation

Handlebar mount structure for saddled vehicle

A handlebar is supported by an upper bracket of a motorcycle through a handlebar holder. The handlebar holder includes a lower end portion supported by the upper bracket and an upper end portion to support the handlebar.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Fabrication system for key making machine

A fabrication system is disclosed for use in a key making machine. The fabrication system may have a housing with a slot configured to receive a key blank, and a receiving unit configured to accept a shank of the key blank at the slot.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Drill and drilling a hole

A drill includes a shank and a body having an outer peripheral surface with a certain outer diameter and a distal end tapered surface of a certain distal end angle. The drill includes a pilot shaft portion projecting from the distal end tapered surface of the body and having a diameter smaller than the body and having an outer peripheral surface of a certain outer diameter.
Utsunomiya Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

Drill chuck assembly

A drill chuck assembly. The drill chuck assembly includes a rapid change mechanism configured to retain a drill bit shank inserted therein.

Massage device for tilting inversion exerciser

A tilting inversion exerciser includes a carrier attached to a supporting stand for mounting a supporting table, the supporting table includes a number of grooves, and a massage member is engaged with either of the grooves of the supporting table for attaching to the supporting table and for massaging the user. The massage member includes a block having a screw hole for engaging with the supporting table, and a threaded shank extended from a knob for engaging through either of the grooves of the supporting table and for engaging with the screw hole of the block and for detachably securing the massage member to the supporting table at selected positions..
Beto Engineering & Marketing Co., Ltd.

Tool for a dismantlable medical instrument

A tool for a dismantlable medical instrument includes a first component, which surrounds a cavity for receiving a distal end of a shank, and a second component with a catch, which protrudes into the cavity surrounded by the first component to form a bayonet connection with a distal end of a shank protruding into the cavity, by engagement of the catch in a slit or a groove at the distal end of the shank. The first component has a recess into which the second component is fitted..
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Sounder for sizing bone implant

Methods and systems for installing an implant in an intramedullary canal are discussed. In an example, an intramedullary sounder tool has a sounder head including a plurality of teeth extending proximally from a distal tip towards a shank extending from the sounder head, each tooth comprising a distal cutting edge, a middle scraping edge, and a proximal cutting edge.
Zimmer, Inc.

Bleed valve assembly

Methods and systems are provided for a bleed valve assembly for an engine. In one example, a method (or system) may include a fastener comprising a threaded shank received within a bore of the engine, a bleed bore within the fastener, and a bleed plug including a threaded portion received within the bleed bore of the fastener.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Composite airfoil metal patch

A composite airfoil comprises a leading edge and a trailing edge, a pressure side and a suction side extending between the leading edge and the trailing edge, a tip at a radial outer end of the airfoil, a shank at a radial inner end of the airfoil, a dovetail connected to the shank, and a metal patch disposed between the dovetail and the shank.. .
General Electric Company

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