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This page is updated frequently with new Shank-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Screw patent thumbnailScrew
The invention relates to a screw, in particular a wood screw (hs), comprising a cylindrical screw shank (1′), on one end of which there is formed a conical tip (10), a screw head (2), which is formed on the other end of the screw shank (1′), and at least one thread section (3, 3a) with a thread core (1), which thread section (3, 3a) extends along the longitudinal axis direction (11) from the conical tip (10) in the direction of the screw head (2), wherein, on the at least one thread section (3, 3a), multiple successive thread turns (30) are formed on a shell surface of the thread core (1). In the region of the at least one thread section (3, 3a), multiple elevations (4, 4′, 4a, 4b) are arranged on the outside on the shell surface of the thread core (1)..
Avvio Gmbh & Co Kg

 Knuckle deburring cutter and machining  knuckle patent thumbnailKnuckle deburring cutter and machining knuckle
A knuckle deburring cutter and a method of knuckle for removal of burrs at a lower ball head hole of a knuckle and burrs in the locations where the lower ball head hole, a pinch bolt hole and a pinch bolt slot intersect one another. The knuckle deburring cutter includes a cutter shank in a circular bar shape having a diameter less than that of the lower ball head hole.
Bwi (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

 Hole saw assembly patent thumbnailHole saw assembly
A hole saw assembly is revealed. The hole saw assembly is a hole saw with a quick change drill rod.
Rote Mate Industry Co., Ltd.

 System and  assembling vehicle components with reinforced moldable rivet patent thumbnailSystem and assembling vehicle components with reinforced moldable rivet
A system for assembling vehicle components includes a die assembly securing first and second vehicle components having first and second apertures, respectively. The die assembly positions the first and second vehicle components with the first and second apertures overlapping, and at least one of the first and second vehicle components including a polymeric material.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Multi-thread bone screw and method patent thumbnailMulti-thread bone screw and method
A bone screw comprises a threaded shank including a distal end portion and a proximal end portion, and defining a first threaded section extending from the distal end portion toward the proximal end portion and adapted for anchoring in cancellous bone. A second threaded section extends contiguously from the first threaded section toward the proximal end portion.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

 Attachment of channel elements patent thumbnailAttachment of channel elements
An attachment assembly includes an elongate channel element and a male fastening element including a shank to fasten the channel element to another structural element. The elongate channel element has a substantially flat bottom, sidewalls extending from the bottom substantially at right angles and an upper side opposite the bottom.

 Micro end mill and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailMicro end mill and manufacturing same
A micro end mill includes a shank made of a first material and a cutting tip made of a second, different material that is bonded to the shank. The first material can be, for example, carbide or high speed steel (hss), and the second material can be, for example, cubic boron nitride (cbn), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (pcbn), ceramic or polycrystalline diamond (pcd).

 Milling cutter patent thumbnailMilling cutter
A milling cutter is configured to process an edge of a workpiece to a required profile. The required profile includes a first portion and a second portion coupled to the first portion.

 Forming bar with liquid distribution passageway patent thumbnailForming bar with liquid distribution passageway
A device for attaching to a shank of a planting unit. The device may include liquid delivery tubing for delivery fertilizer to a planting furrow and a forming bar configured for securing to the shank.

 Thread plug gauge with maintenance line, thread ring gauge, and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailThread plug gauge with maintenance line, thread ring gauge, and manufacturing the same
A thread gauge, which allows to reliably know the time for replacement by visual checking and improves the predetermined dimensional accuracy of a thread product has a go-side thread measuring portion extending from one side of a shank portion coaxially with the shank portion or a not-go-side thread measuring portion extending from an other side of the shank portion coaxially with the shank portion, a wear checking gauge line having a predetermined length and a predetermined depth formed on male thread portions and female thread portions formed on the go-side thread measuring portion or the not-go-side thread measuring portion.. .


Cutting tool mounting assembly with elastomeric coated bushing

A cutting tool mounting assembly adapted for receiving a cutting tool includes a base having a bottom portion and a front portion that defines a receptacle having an inner wall and a bushing configured for receipt in the receptacle of the base. The bushing includes: a forward face defining an aperture for receiving the cutting tool; a shoulder generally opposite the forward face, the shoulder configured for cooperating with the front portion of the base; and a shank portion extending rearward from the shoulder, the shank portion having an outer surface configured for cooperating with the inner wall of the receptacle.


Modular saddle tree with a gullet plate

Instant invention relates to a modular saddle tree for a riding saddle with a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank, wherein a supporting element is attached to the shank of the gullet plate by means of a fastening device, particularly moveably supported, a saddle comprising the modular saddle tree according to the invention, a shank comprising a fastening device for a supporting element and a supporting element as well, and a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank according to the invention.. .


Fishing hook method and apparatus

A fish hook that is configured to have a secondary method of holding bait. The fish hook including an eye to accept fishing line.


High performance sleeved interference fasteners for composite applications

A fastener adapted to pass through aligned holes through workpieces is disclosed. The fastener includes a pin member having a transition portion wherein the diameter of the transition portion decreases radially as it extends from the smooth cylindrical shank portion to the threaded portion.
Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc.


Two-piece key assembly

A key assembly is disclosed. The key assembly may have a blade with a head portion, a shank, and a transition region connecting the head portion to the shank.
The Hillman Group Inc.


Pivot angle setting mechanism

A pivot angle setting mechanism of a steering bar of a push scooter is described and includes a mount secured to a front end of the push scooter, the mount including a central hole and two openings each between the central hole and either end, each opening having two parallel projections; two sliding members each including a cavity on one end, three parallel grooves on the other end wherein two of the grooves complimentarily engage the projections respectively, and a channel communicating the cavity with a central one of the grooves; two limit members each including a concave surface and a hollow peg in the opening; and two spring biased pins each disposed in the cavity and having a shank fastened in the hollow peg by passing through the channel.. .


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing, a utility structure. The step unit, includes a rod member and a step member.


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing a utility structure. The step unit includes a bolt member having a shape of substantially an elongated solid cylinder and a fall arrest member integrally attached to the bolt member.


Single procedure torque limiter

A torque limiting tool is described. The tool comprises a torque limiting mechanism that drives a shank about a rotational axis.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Washer assembly for spinal fixation screw

A washer for use with a bone screw having a shank and a head defining a maximum diameter, includes a body having a bottom face for engaging the surface of a bone and an opening therethrough sized to receive the shank of a bone screw extending therethrough. The washer includes a cavity in communication with the opening at the bottom face and configured to receive the head of the bone screw when the shank extends through the opening at said bottom face.
Nexxt Spine, Llc


Locking mechanism for a cervical fixation plate

A cervical plate includes a body defining one or more bone screw openings sized and configured to receive the shank of a bone screw therethrough with the head of the bone screw seated within the opening. A locking post extends from the body adjacent one or more of the bone screw openings with a locking element rotatably mounted thereon.
Nexxt Spine, Llc


Skewer and skewer handling device

An improved skewer (30 60) and skewer handling device (10) used for manipulating shish kebobs. The improved skewer is comprised of a mating shank (30a) having an array of mating surfaces, such as teeth or grooves, formed into the shank.


Flat weft-knitted upper for sports shoes

Described are uppers for a sports shoe with flat weft-knitted knitwear. The flat weft-knitted knitwear forms a top portion and a bottom portion of the upper.
Adidas Ag


Control device for anti-freeze faucet

An anti-freeze faucet includes a receptacle having a valve seat, a housing engaged onto the receptacle and having a mouth piece, a cap attached to the mouth piece and having a non-circular inner peripheral portion, a stem rotatably engaged in the cap and having a threaded shank, a non-circular follower engaged in the cap and slidably engaged with the non-circular inner peripheral portion of the cap for guiding and limiting the follower to move longitudinally relative to the cap only and for preventing the follower from being rotated relative to the cap, and the follower includes an inner thread for threading with the threaded shank of the stem, a rod and a valve piece are attached to the follower for engaging with the valve seat of the receptacle.. .


Apparatus and methods for reducing corrosion of joining composite workpieces

The present disclosure relates a rivet body, including a rivet head and a rivet shank, composed of a different material than a mandrel used for insertion into a workpiece(s), the mandrel including a mandrel shaft and a mandrel cap. The rivet body receives the mandrel shaft, including the mandrel cap, through the rivet shank.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc



A plug for use in sealing a hole and surrounding surfaces of a substrate while a coating is being applied to that substrate. The plug comprises a shank provided with a head and a blind bore extending through its centre.
Dubuis Et Cie


Structure of trigger-boosting pulling device

A trigger-boosting pulling device includes an elongate shank, which receives a backward ram to slidably fit thereon, a suction cup, which is fixed to a rear end of the elongate shank, a hand-operating pump structure, which is fixed to a front end of the elongate shank and includes a t-shaped pull grip that is connected by a connection bar to a piston assembly. The connection bar includes a spring fit thereon for position restoration of the pull grip.
Lih Yann Industrial Co., Ltd.


Orthopaedic surgical instrument assembly for reaming a patient's acetabulum

A surgical instrument assembly includes a metallic hemispherical component and a driver component removably coupled to the hemispherical component. The metallic hemispherical component has a convex outer surface configured to engage a patient's natural acetabulum, a concave inner surface positioned opposite the outer surface and defining a cavity in the hemispherical component, a plurality of cutting teeth extending outwardly from the outer surface, and a plurality of apertures defined in the inner surface.


Multi-piece two-hook hanger for a shower curtain

A hanger for a shower curtain comprises two opposing direction hooks and a captive roller for riding along the top of a curtain rod. A base part of the hanger has a hub with both a hook and a cradle at the lower end of a shank.
Kenney Manufacturing Company


Rivet module and joining structure and method using the same

A rivet module is disclosed. The rivet module is provided to join at least two sheets of base materials in a solid state, the rivet module including: i) a shank portion to be mounted on a reciprocal and rotatable joining tool; ii) a base material friction portion that is integrally connected to the shank portion and drills through the base material friction portion as the joining tool causes the base material friction portion to be rotated while applying pressure to the base materials; and iii) a base material fastening portion that is fixedly fitted to the shank portion, supports the base material friction portion, and is fastened to the base materials through a thread formed on the outer peripheral surface thereof..
Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.


Self piercing projection welding rivet, and joined structure and joining method using the rivet

A self piercing projection welding rivet is disclosed. According to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention, a self piercing projection welding rivet for joining a non-ferrous material and a steel material may include a head portion, a shank portion integrally connected to the head portion for piercing the non-ferrous material, and a projection portion formed at a piercing end of the shank portion for being brought into contact with the steel material..
Sungwoo Hitech Co., Ltd.


Device and method related to lubrication of components in a rock drilling machine and rock drilling machine

A device in respect of a hydraulic rock drilling machine (1) with a machine housing (2,3,11), which encloses a hydraulic percussion device, a rotation mechanism (4) for rotation driving a shank adapter (1) and a guiding device (6) for the shank adapter, wherein the rock drilling machine includes at least one supply channel for lubricant to said components intended for lubrication, and at least one outlet channel (5,7) for used lubricant. Said at least one outlet channel (5,7) is connected to a separation chamber (8) for separating particle-shaped impurities existing in used lubricant.
Atlas Copco Rock Drills Ab


Motor vehicle footpad assembly

A vehicle footrest assembly includes a bracket attached to a vehicle body structure and a foam footpad attached to the bracket. At least one fastener attaches a dead pedal to the footpad.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Flush grinder bit

A flush cut grinder tool bit made of an elongated cylindrical shape with an inwardly facing saw blade within the inner diameter of the elongated cylindrical shape that can be sleeved over a protruding object, such that the cutting saw blade portion of the tool bit is inside the cylindrical tool bit so that when it is sleeved over a protruding object, moving the tool bit back and forth over the protruding object will cut the protruding object off at the surface. The body of the drill bit terminates at its distal end with a flush flange having saw teeth therein, and may include a bit shank suspended in the middle of a drill bit body by spokes or a solid surface radially extending from said bit shank.


Fasteners with dual skin depth washers

A fastener including a pin member with an elongated shank having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a cylindrical shank portion having an outer surface, a head located at the first end of the elongated shank, the head including a bearing surface located on the underside of the head, and a threaded portion located at the second end of the elongated shank. The fastener includes a washer installed on the pin member against the bearing surface of the head of the pin member.
Alcoa Inc.


Fasteners with coated and textured pin members

A pin member for a fastener includes an elongated shank having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a cylindrical shank portion having an outer surface, a head located at the first end of the elongated shank, the head including a bearing surface located on the bearing surface of the head, and a threaded portion located at the second end of the elongated shank. Either or both of the bearing surface of the head or the outer surface of the cylindrical shank portion is coated with a coating and/or is textured.
Alcoa Inc.


Turbocharger shaft and wheel assembly

A unit for a turbocharger can include a turbine wheel portion that includes a turbine wheel material and a turbine wheel axis; a shaft portion that includes a shaft material and a shaft axis where the shaft material includes a molybdenum content less than 0.5 percent by weight; and a weld that includes a nail shape in cross-section where a head portion of the nail shape includes an axial dimension of approximately 1 mm or less and wherein a shank portion of the nail shape includes an axial dimension of approximately 0.4 mm or less.. .
Honeywell International Inc.


Conveyor element and conveyor device for conveying bulk material

The conveying element (201) for conveying bulk goods according to the invention comprises a disk element (203) having an upper side (203a), a lower side (203b) and a side surface (203c) along the circumference of the disk element, and a shank (204) which has at its upper end (204a) a shank head (205) and which is centrally connected at its lower end (204b) to the upper side of the disk element. The conveying element comprises a means (206) for receiving the shank head at the lower side of the disk element.
Buehler Gmbh


Osteotomy device, in particular for performing extreme scarf osteotomy in the treatment of severe hallux valgus

An extreme movement osteotomy device includes an attachment plate suitable for being locked to the cortical substance of the bone to be treated, having a first proximal portion suitable for being attached to the inner cortical substance of the metatarsal diaphysis of the bone, a distal portion suitable for being attached to the outer cortical substance, next to the epiphysis of the metatarsus, and a central portion connecting the proximal and distal portions, each one of the proximal and distal portions of the plate being provided with at least one hole and orthopaedic screws to pass therethrough; and a proximal intramedullary support system having a shank with a foam tip extending from the end of the proximal portion of the plate.. .
Biotech Ortho


Dynamic spinal stabilization assemblies, tool set and method

A hinged bone screw and tool set is used for implanting such bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws. The hinged bone screw includes a shank with an upper portion and a receiver with integral arms forming a u-shaped channel.


Shoe with a removable interchangeable heel and variable curvature

The shoe with removable heel comprises an insole (1) and a removable heel (2) arranged to be securely assembled and in separable manner with a rear part (11) of the insole. The heel is connected to a shank (4) extending along a longitudinal direction of the insole and engaging with guide means located in said central part (12) and secured to the insole, the shank having a predetermined longitudinal profile so as to adapt to the curvature of the insole in said central part according to the height of the heel and the guide and retaining means (51, 321) are concealed by a central part of the sole (9)..
Imp Shoes


Wearable electrical connectors

An wearable electronic connection assembly including a circuit board connected to a garment. The connector of the assembly has, from top to bottom, a tack pin having a head, a shank, and clinch attachment means with an undercut for receiving the cold flow of metal.
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.


Cord support bracket

A cord support assembly includes: a threaded rod; a pipe fitting over the threaded rod; an upper flange nut with a shank and a flange, the upper flange nut fits on the threaded rod, and the shank fits into the pipe and the flange rest on the pipe; a lower flange nut with a shank and a flange, the lower flange nut threads on the threaded rod, the shank fits into the pipe and the flange rests on the pipe; a support bar engages the threaded rod; and a nut, the support bar engages the threaded rod between the lower flange nut and the nut. The threaded rod, pipe, upper and lower flange nuts, when assembled, reducing any sway of the support bar..


Reduced windage fastener assembly for a gas turbine engine

A fastener assembly for a gas turbine engine, and method of assembly, includes a first body having a first surface and a recess communicating through the first surface. The recess may be defined by a bottom surface and a side face spanning between the first and bottom surfaces.
United Technologies Corporation


Elastic protective cap to be placed over a polygonal tool shank

Protective cap to be placed over a political tool shank that consists of an at least partly ring-shaped casing, on which, in the vicinity of a base part, a terminating ring with a ring-shaped insertion-guide profile is shaped, wherein the casing and the terminating ring together form a receptacle space for the tool shank, wherein in the direction in which the protective cap is pushed onto the tool shank, the base-side annular area transitions into a cover-side trochoidal area which is adapted to the polygonal shape of the tool shank.. .


Quick change system for rotary tools

A quick change system for rotary tools is disclosed, particularly hole saws. The system includes an elongate shank and a tool adapter for coupling a rotary tool to the shank.
Boorwerk B.v.


Adjustable tool holder

An adjustable tool holder provides multiple degrees of adjustment to permit improved alignment of a cutting tool with the rotational axis of a rotary power tool. A shank has a proximal end for attachment to a tool mount and a distal end including a mounting flange and a tool shaft receiver.


Relief orthosis

A relief orthosis includes a foot part which comprises a sole, a shank part extending away from the foot part in the proximal direction, and at least one fastening element for fastening the orthosis to a user, which fastening element is disposed on the foot part and/or on the shank part, and the foot part is embodied with an adaptable length.. .
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh


Fastener arrangement with compressible washer

A washer includes a domed central portion with a central opening establishing a longitudinal axis, a base wall extending in a direction radially outwardly from the axis, and an extension wall extending in a direction radially outwardly and axially away from the base wall. The washer also includes a curled radially outer periphery with a peripheral wall extending radially outwardly from the extension wall and in a direction axially away from the extension wall back toward the base wall.


Self-drilling, self-cleaning panel fastener

A self-drilling, self-cleaning fastener for a panel includes a head having a top side and an underside. The head has a diameter.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Gas turbine engine rotor arrangement

A gas turbine engine rotor arrangement comprising at least one blade and a disc is disclosed. The blade extends radially outwards from the disc and is secured thereto by cooperating shank of the blade and recess of the disc.
Rolls-royce Plc


Locator cam assembly

A locator cam assembly can adjust the position of one component with respect to another component. In an embodiment, the locator cam assembly includes a retainer having a retainer body.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Cam adjustable assembly

A cam adjustable assembly generally includes a cam bolt, a cam washer, and a driving tool. The cam bolt includes a head and a shank coupled to the head.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


System and reinforcing an adjustable trailer hitch

An adjustable height trailer hitch may include a shank portion configured and adapted to be installed into a hitch receiver. The hitch may further include a drop bar extending downwardly from the shank portion.
Progress Mfg. Inc.


Mixing blade

A mixing blade for a mixer for concrete, mortar, powders, dry or semi-dry granulates, mixtures with a cement base or similar or comparable mixtures or mixes comprises a shank which develops along a longitudinal axis and a mixing wall connected inclined to one end of said shank, transverse to the longitudinal axis. The mixing wall comprises, on one side of the longitudinal axis, a first front mixing plate, and on an opposite side, a second front mixing plate angled backward toward the longitudinal axis with respect to the first front mixing plate, by an angle of inclination of the plate..
Officine Meccaniche Galletti O.m.g. Srl


Friction stir welding device

According to one embodiment, a device includes a tool and a magnet. The tool softens and causes a welding object member to produce plastically flow, applying a pressure and rotating.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Thread forming tool

The invention relates to a thread forming tool having a thread part based on a helical effective surface (1), and an adjoining clamping shank (2), wherein the helical effective surface (1) is formed by pressing lobes (5) and the thread part extends from a chamfer or taper (6) in the direction of the clamping shank (2). Furthermore, at least one axially oriented, groove-like cooling channel (7) that runs between the pressing lobes (5) and extends from the chamfer or taper (6) to the clamping shank (2) is provided.
Bass Gmbh & Co. Kg Technik Für Gewinde


Thread forming taps

In one aspect, thread forming taps are described herein. In some embodiments a thread forming tap comprises a shank disposed at a first end adapted to engage a tool holder and an elongated working portion disposed at a second end.
Kennametal Inc.


Expanding hernia fixation tack

A fastener for securement to a target tissue site includes a head, a shank extending from the head, and a hinged wing secured to the head. The shank includes a thread that extends along an outer surface of the shank.
Covidien Lp


Textured sleeves for fasteners

A fastener adapted to be installed in a hole of a composite structure includes a sleeve, a pin member, and a locking member. The sleeve has an outer surface having an outer diameter.
Alcoa Inc.


Bits received inside of a handle of screwdriver

A screwdriver includes a shank with a handle connected to a collar rotatably and a base is located in a room of the handle. At least one resilient extending from the underside of the collar is inserted in at least one recess of the handle.


Asymmetric end mills and applications thereof

In one aspect, rotationally balanced asymmetric end mills are described herein. An end mill described herein comprises a shank portion extending along a longitudinal axis of the end mill, and a cutting portion extending from the shank portion.
Kennametal Lnc.


Twist drill with ceramic inserts

A twist drill includes a shank; a body adjacent the shank extending along a rotational, longitudinal axis of the twist drill, the body made of a carbide material; a plurality of helically extending chip flutes formed into the body with a web formed between the chip flutes, the chip flutes oriented at a helix angle relative to the longitudinal axis, each chip flute flanked by a major cutting edge with a corresponding flank or land and a minor cutting edge with a corresponding flank or land; and a ceramic insert attached to a notch formed in the body of the drill, wherein the ceramic insert forms only a portion of each of the major and minor cutting edges of the twist drill.. .
Kennametal Inc.


Clamping device

A clamping device for releasably holding a tool holder shank is formed with an engagement bore in a rear end. The clamping device includes a housing having a mounting bore for receiving the tool holder shank; a drawbar being mounted reciprocally movable inside the housing and which in a forward end is provided with an engagement segment which is arranged to engage with an engagement formation inside the engagement bore of the tool holder shank, wherein the drawbar is in a rear portion formed with a drawbar aperture extending through the drawbar, and a cam shaft extending through the drawbar aperture and comprising a cam formation.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Clamping device

A clamping device for releasably holding a tool holder shank formed with a bore includes a housing having a forwardly facing surface and a bore. A drawbar is mounted reciprocally movable inside the bore and which in a forward end has engagement device, which is arranged to engage with an engagement formation inside the bore of the tool holder shank.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Clamping device

A clamping device for releasably holding a tool holder shank is formed with an engagement bore in a rear end, and includes a housing having a bore in a forward end for receiving the tool holder shank, a drawbar reciprocally movable inside the housing and which in a forward end is provided with engagement means arranged to engage with an engagement formation inside the engagement bore of the tool holder shank, and which is formed with a drawbar aperture extending through the drawbar in a transverse direction of the same, and a cam shaft extending through the drawbar aperture. The cam shaft includes three cam formations and more precisely first and second spaced apart cam formations, which are journalled in seating apertures in the housing on opposite sides of the drawbar, and an intermediate third cam formation located between the first and second cam formations and positioned within the aperture of the drawbar.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Endodontic instrument for drilling the root canals of a tooth

A method of forming a dental tool or instrument having a memorized shape. The method comprises selecting a nitinol wire having an initial transition temperature below room temperature; grinding the nitinol wire to form the dental tool or instrument so as to have a shank, located adjacent a first end, and a working area, with at least one cutting edge, located adjacent an opposite second leading end; molding the working area into a molded shape having at least one protrusion formed therein; heating the dental tool or instrument to both: a) alter the initial transition temperature of the dental tool or instrument to a final transition temperature, and b) memorize the molded shape including the at least one protrusion so that the dental tool or instrument will automatically return to the molded shape having the at least one protrusion when at a temperature at or above the final transition temperature..
Fkg Dentaire S.a.


Polyaxial bone anchor with pop-on shank and friction fit retainer with low profile edge lock

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. A down-loadable compression insert, a down-loadable friction fit split retaining ring having inner and outer tangs and an up-loadable shank upper portion cooperate to provide for pop- or snap-on assembly of the shank with the receiver either prior to or after implantation of the shank into a vertebra.


Surgical needle having a detachable tip body and a thread running inside

The present invention relates to a surgical needle, which can be used in a medical application for suturing wounds. The present invention more specifically relates to a surgical needle that is connected to a thread and has a tip body, which carries the needle tip, and a needle body, wherein the needle body is helical and has an inner hollow space, and the needle body has a first end, which faces towards the tip body, and the needle body has a second end, which is opposite the first end, and the tip body has a thread receptacle and the thread is guided from the thread receptacle from the first end of the needle body through the hollow space to the second end of the needle body, characterised in that the tip body is formed as a separate component, which is detachably connected to the needle body, and has a tip body, shank piece and connection piece and is rotationally symmetrical about an axis through the needle tip..
Doci Innovations Gmbh


Suture anchor with improved drive head

A suture anchor is provided including an elongate shank defining a longitudinal axis and having at least one bone-engaging thread formed thereon, and a drive head having a proximal end and a distal end mated to the elongate shank. The drive head has a substantially oval shape and includes at least one suture attachment member formed in a portion of the drive head.
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Extractable fastener

The present invention is an extractable fastener and a method of use thereof used with a pocket or mounting block of a tool holder used to secure a cutting tooth to a cutting wheel of a stump cutting apparatus. The extractable fastener has a head portion, a shank portion having a threaded portion and an end face.
Green Manufacturing, Inc.


Assembly for blocking cooling water channel in mold

The present invention relates to an assembly for blocking a cooling water channel in a mold, which includes a bolt with a threaded-shank and a head, a base with a threaded-hole for thread-fastening the thread-shank, and an elastic ring, an elastic ring-fixing member, a pressing ring, an expansion ring, and a seat member which are disposed between the bolt and the base from the base to the bolt. The elastic ring-fixing member has an elastic ring seat holding the inner side of the elastic ring, the inner side of the elastic ring is fitted in the elastic ring seat, a body is made by insert-molding nylon to protect the base with the threaded-hole and composed of an upper cylindrical portion, a lower cylindrical portion larger in outer diameter than the upper cylindrical portion, and a step formed at the joint of the upper and lower cylindrical portions..


Method for joining workpieces

A method can be used for joining workpieces using a fastener. The fastener includes a first head and a shank extending from the first head along a fastener axis.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Underwater propulsion aid and underwater garment equipped with the same

Provided are an underwater propulsion aid and an underwater garment equipped with the same that enable a user to walk on land or get on or off a boat or the like while wearing them, that have high fashionability and safety, and that enable even a user with weak muscular strength and a user having no experience of using them to easily obtain a propulsive force in water. An underwater propulsion aid 1 includes a base portion 2 that is formed in accordance with a curved shape of a shank and that is fitted to a part from a knee to an ankle, and a pair of front fins 3 that are protruded to right and left outer sides from both right and left side surfaces of the base portion 2 while continuing to a curved surface of a shin..


Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device includes a bone anchoring element having a shank and a head, a head receiving part having a first end, an open second end, and a hollow interior portion in communication with the open second end for receiving the head therein, the head receiving part being flexible for clamping the head, a locking ring configured to be mounted around the head receiving part and having a rod receiving portion, a cap configured to be connected to the head receiving part, and a locking element configured to extend from the cap to engage an inserted rod, wherein the head is pivotable in and the cap and the locking ring are rotatable relative to the head receiving part, and wherein when the locking element is tightened, an inserted rod and an angular position of the bone anchoring element are locked relative to the head receiving part.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Synchronous-generator pole stack

A synchronous generator rotor pole pack having a plurality of pole pack laminations which are offset with respect to one another, a pole shank, a pole head with at least three pole head sections is provided. A front edge of each of the at least three pole head sections is arranged at an angle with respect to the pole shank..
Wobben Properties Gmbh


Fluted wing auger

An auger has a substantially conical core, which has an axis and a side centered thereabout. From a substantially flat, substantially circular base of the core at a trailing end of the core, the side tapers to form a diameter smaller than that of the base and on the axis at a leading end of the core.
Belltec Industries, Inc.


Cannulated ultra high torque device

A torque-limiting device may include a shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks and a spring to connect to a nut. The upper and lower shanks may be under a force from the spring and further configured to selectively engage within a predetermined torque limit and disengage at above the predetermined torque limit.
Eca Medical Instruments


Tool bit holder for power tool

A tool bit holder releasably retains a shank of a tool bit having three flat faces arranged generally in a triangle and an annular groove. A holder body has a shank-receiving bore bounded by an inner wall with three flat inner wall surfaces arranged generally in a triangle.
Black & Decker Inc.


Robust nose torque-limiting device

A torque-limiting driver has a handle, a body, a torque-limiting assembly and a work-piece engaging tip. The torque-limiting assembly includes an upper and lower shank that have a plurality of teeth circumferentially spaced.
Eca Medical Instruments


Ceramic end mills with coolant holes

In one aspect, end mills are described herein, at least a portion of which comprise or formed of ceramic material. An end mill described herein comprises a shank portion extending along a longitudinal axis of the end mill, a cutting portion extending from the shank portion, the cutting portion formed of a ceramic material and comprising a plurality of blades disposed at a helical angle from the longitudinal axis along an axial length of cut and extending onto a cutting end surface of the end mill, and at least one fluid transport hole extending along the longitudinal axis and terminating in the cutting end surface..
Kennametal Inc.


Surgical cutter operated with direct current

A surgical implant-cutting instrument of the bipolar type, operated with direct current, is disclosed, with an instrument head which is located at the distal end of an instrument shank and which is provided for minimally invasive insertion of the instrument into a patient's body, wherein at least two mutually opposing instrument branches, preferably of the linear type, are arranged on the instrument head and between them define a cutting gap for receiving an electrically conductive implant or implant section between them. According to the invention electrodes are formed on the mutually facing longitudinal sides of the branches or these are each equipped with at least one electrode, which electrodes are in turn shaped at their mutually facing longitudinal sides to form a cutting edge in order to effect a quasi linear or punctiform physical contact engagement with the electrically conductive implant or implant section for an electrical short circuit of the mutually opposing electrodes..
Ovesco Endoscopy Ag


Pedicle screw assembly

A pedicle screw assembly includes a threaded shank portion formed from a polymer material and a head assembly. The head assembly includes a tulip having extending arms, the tulip engaging a reaction bar such that loads applied to the pedicle screw assembly can be transferred to another pedicle screw assembly in order to immobilize a section of a spinal column..


Bone anchoring device

A bone anchoring device includes a shank to be anchored in a bone or vertebra, a head, and a receiving part receiving the head for connecting the shank to a rod. The shank and the head are separate parts.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Sole structure for an article of footwear including a shank

A sole structure includes an outsole having an outsole forefoot region, an outsole heel region, and an outsole midfoot region between the outsole heel region and the outsole forefoot region. The sole structure further includes a midsole secured to the outsole and a shank secured to the midsole and disposed between the midsole and the outsole.
Nike, Inc.


High heeled shoe with internal comfort and pronation control system

A high heeled shoe. The high heeled shoe includes a heel portion seated on a heel post, a toe box, a shank, and a midsole.


System, a hollow shank fishing hook

A hollow shank fishing hook that will avoid the use of knots entirely, simplifying the profile of the fishing hook, making it easier for the end user to attach the lead line to a hook, simplifying manufacturing, reducing the propensity of hook to catch debris in water and creating less auditory and visual distraction of the fish. Combined line entry and egress provide for a line retention within the hook by adhesive coating thereon..


Anti-torsion anchor bolt

An anchor bolt device for securing a structural member to a concrete foundation is described. The anchor bolt device includes a first anchor bolt, which has an enlarged portion, a shank portion, and a tail portion.
Sr Systems, Llc


Brush interproximal cleaning

An interproximal brush apparatus for dislodging and removing food particles and other debris is stuck between structures in a user's mouth comprises a curved handle defined by a rigid body having a hook shape, a bristle end defined by an elongated body having a plurality of bristles extending radially from its outer surface, and a docking member is defined by a rigid body connected to the shank of the curved handle on one end and the bristle on the other end. The curved handle enables the interproximal brush apparatus to be grasped and manipulated by a user with a single finger, while the bristle end is narrowly sized to enable it to slide between adjacent teeth of an individual, with the plurality of bristles contacting the teeth as the bristle end passes, making the bristle end operative to dislodge particles stuck in between teeth..


Bone screw

The invention relates to a bone screw for fixing a connection support to a bone. The bone screw comprises a screw head, which has a head thread for producing a threaded connection to the connection support.


Bone anchor device

A bone anchor device to connect two bone segments in a body has an elongated cylindrical member. The elongated cylindrical member has a shank, a first distal threaded end and a second proximal threaded end spaced by a middle portion of the shank.
Phalanx, Llc


Rocker cover assembly for engines

A rocker cover assembly for an engine is disclosed. The rocker cover assembly includes a base member, a cover plate, and at least one fastener unit that attach the cover plate to the base member.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Connection device for connecting bit to hand tool

A hand tool includes a handle with a shank and a fixing member is connected to the shank. An isolation layer is coated on the outside of the shank and an annular groove is defined between the isolation layer and the fixing member.


Polishing device for optical elements and method thereof

A polishing device for optical elements includes: a tool shank (1), and a polishing disc base; wherein the tool shank (1) is connected to the polishing disc base and is mounted on a tool shaft of a numerical-controlled processing device; wherein a polishing film (3) is stuck on the polishing disc base; the polishing disc base is a profiling polishing disc base (7), a cylinder polishing disc base (2), a profiling polishing disc base (12) or a spherical polishing disc base (8); wherein the tool shank (1) is independent and universal, thereby reducing the processing cost of the polishing device. A polishing method for optical elements is based on the shapes mentioned above of the polishing disc base..
Research Institute Of Xi'an Jiaotong University In Suzhou


Orthopedic fastener

An orthopedic fastener has a head and a shank. The shank has a leading end portion adjacent a distal tip and a trailing end portion adjacent a head.
Amendia, Inc.


Pancake fishing sinker

A sinker weight adapted to be placed on a fishing hook and a system that is a fishing hook having a sinker weight disposes thereon and means for retaining the sinker weight to the hook. The sinkers are of various shapes but are thin and substantially flat—somewhat like a “pancake”.


Concrete screw

A concrete screw is disclosed. The concrete screw includes a shank and a thread disposed on the shank with a thread helix and a thread root.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Hollow metal screw and making

A hollow screw and related process of making is provided, wherein the hollow screw is formed from a generally circular corrosion resistant stainless steel disk cut from flat roll stock. The hollow screw includes a head and an elongated and hollow shaft having a wall thickness between about 0.2 to about 0.7 millimeters extending therefrom and defining a shank portion and a threaded portion having a plurality of threads thereon with a rotational drive mechanism configured to facilitate tightening via the threads.
Physical Systems, Inc.


Nozzle and fastening element for fastening a material layer

The invention relates to a nozzle (10) for fastening a material layer to a substructure, comprising a plate (12) and a hollow shank (14), integrally formed thereon, for taking a fastening screw (24; 34), wherein a stepped bore (16) is provided in the hollow shank, wherein the stepped bore (16) comprises at least two steps (28; 38; 50) between at least three regions (18; 30; 36; 2), wherein the hollow shank (14) is formed so as to taper at least partially in a conical manner on an external surface, wherein the hollow shank (14) is provided with radially expandable elements, and wherein the expandable elements are formed as axial grooves (40) externally in that part of the hollow shank (14) that is formed in a conically tapering manner. The invention proposes that the grooves (10) are each provided at the groove base at least partially with a thin bottom (42) that is stretchable or breakable by the expansion.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag


Variable angle cutting bit retaining assembly

A cutting bit retaining assembly for mounting a cutting bit at a cutting machine. The assembly includes a holder body to receive a shank like adaptor with a cutting bit demountable at one end of the adaptor.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


High strength blind installation hose and cable clamp retainer

A retainer has a first ratcheting receiver that engages a strap in a one way ratcheting relationship that allows a free end of the strap to be passed through the first ratcheting receiver and a shank to be thereby pulled toward the first ratcheting receiver but not drawn away therefrom. The first ratcheting receiver backs an extension post protruding from the retainer such that the shank is sized to pass through an opening in a wall but is prevented from being withdrawn from the opening when the retainer is urged against the wall such that the extension post occupies at least a portion of the opening.
Rl Hudson & Company


Plug cutter and inlaying plugs

A plug cutter for machining plug from a workpiece of wood, solid surface materials, and the like. The bit includes a straight shank portion adapted to be gripped in chucks or collets of a router or cnc machine, and a 1° tapered fluted cutting portion.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Versatile nail magazine for nailing gun

The present invention relates to a versatile nail magazine for a nailing gun. In certain embodiments, the versatile nail magazine includes an elongated nail magazine body for loading nails.
Taizhou Dajiang Ind. Co., Ltd.

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