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Shank patents

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Turbomachine blade assembly

Turbomachine blade assembly

Turbomachine blade assembly

Cutting tool and method of manufacturing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Anti-splay apparatus patent thumbnailAnti-splay apparatus
An anti-splay apparatus having a bridge and frangible connection points for use with mechanical fasteners having a shank portion and a receiving member with opposing arms is provided. The bridge may take a number of forms including a ring, a notched ring, a tube, or a notched tube and the connection points join the opposing arms of the receiving member with the bridge.
 Cutting burr shank configuration patent thumbnailCutting burr shank configuration
A cutting burr that includes a pair of axially spaced diamond-shaped portions designed to be keyed into a spindle of a locking mechanism of a high speed surgical drilling instrument and adapted to fit into a single pawl thereof to lock said cutting burr in place so as to prevent axial movement thereof and provide concentric rotation of said cutting burr without any wobbling. The orientation of both portions may be identical with respect to a center plan and diamond shape in the portion at the proximal end of the shank of the cutting tool may be larger than the intermediately located diamond shape of the other portion.
 Turbomachine blade assembly patent thumbnailTurbomachine blade assembly
Embodiments of the present disclosure include a system comprising a turbomachine blade assembly having a blade portion, a shank portion, and a mounting portion, wherein the blade portion, the shank portion, and the mounting portion comprise a first plurality of plies extending from a tip of the airfoil to a base of the dovetail.. .
 Cutting tool and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailCutting tool and method of manufacturing the same
A cutting tool according to an embodiment of the invention includes: a column-like shaped body having a cutting edge located at a front end part thereof and a flute which is located at an outer peripheral part thereof and is continuous with the cutting edge; a front taper connected to a rear end part of the body and having a larger diameter as separating from the body; a column-like shaped step connected to a rear end part of the front taper and having a larger diameter than the body; a rear taper connected to a rear end part of the step and having a larger diameter as separating from the step; a column-like shaped shank connected to a rear end part of the rear taper and having a larger diameter than the step; and a front connection member located in a region including the front taper and the step.. .
 Heat exchanger and production method patent thumbnailHeat exchanger and production method
A stub connection for a heat exchanger that is arranged in a housing. The stub connection includes a first part which is fastened to the heat exchanger and a second part which has a stub shank extending through an opening in the housing and is seated in a hole of the first part.
 Thread plug gauge with maintenance line, thread ring gauge, and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailThread plug gauge with maintenance line, thread ring gauge, and method of manufacturing the same
A thread gauge, which allows to reliably know the time for replacement by visual checking and improves the predetermined dimensional accuracy of a thread product has a go-side thread measuring portion extending from one side of a shank portion coaxially with the shank portion or a not-go-side thread measuring portion extending from an other side of the shank portion coaxially with the shank portion, a wear checking gauge line having a predetermined length and a predetermined depth formed on male thread portions and female thread portions formed on the go-side thread measuring portion or the not-go-side thread measuring portion.. .
 Plug gauge with maintenance line and round point and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailPlug gauge with maintenance line and round point and method of manufacturing the same
Due to repeated use of a gauge portion, used to perform positioning and accuracy comparison measurement at the time of manufacture of various type of molds for metalworking, a gauge line on an outer circumferential surface portion of the gauge portion can disappear due to friction. A plug gauge body, which helps a user recognize the time for maintenance and replacement of the plug gauge, has a constricted portion formed on one side of a shank portion and a cylindrical gauge portion having a uniform diameter and extending from one side of the constricted portion, with the shank portion, the constricted portion, and the gauge portion, being formed axially, a wear checking gauge line having a predetermined depth and width formed so as to extend from one end portion of an outer circumferential surface portion of the gauge portion in the direction of the constricted portion..
 Transformable shoe having a sole that allows different height heels to be detached and attached easily patent thumbnailTransformable shoe having a sole that allows different height heels to be detached and attached easily
A shoe assembly includes a front sole section, a rear sole section, a heel, and a hinge. The front sole section has a front sole section rear edge.
 Orthopedic anchor assembly patent thumbnailOrthopedic anchor assembly
An orthopedic assembly is described that comprises an orthopedic device, an anchor, and a locking mechanism. The orthopedic device can be a plate member having an aperture that is configured to receive the anchor.
 Bone anchoring device patent thumbnailBone anchoring device
A bone anchoring device includes an anchoring element with a shank to be anchored in a bone or a vertebra and a head. The anchoring device also includes a receiving portion with a first end and a second end opposite to the first end, a longitudinal axis passing through the two ends, a bore coaxial with the longitudinal axis, and a first region adjacent to the second end for receiving a section of said head.
Peristaltic pump and pumphead therefor
A peristaltic pumphead comprising a pumphead housing accommodating a pumping tube, an end of the tube being provided with an end fitting having a through passage and an abutment shoulder and a threaded shank extending from the abutment shoulder into the tube the tube end abutting the abutment shoulder and being accommodated in an opening, in the pumphead housing, the abutment shoulder abutting the housing at the opening, and the end fitting being engaged by a retaining element to retain the abutment shoulder against the housing.. .
Hybrid turbine blade including multiple insert sections
A hybrid turbine blade and method of fabrication, comprising a shank portion and an airfoil portion. The airfoil portion comprising a composite outer structure having a recess formed therein and an alternating stack of at least one composite section and at least two insert sections disposed in the recess.
Variable thread knurl fastener
A fastener includes a shank having a point at a first end and a second, head end. A first portion of a thread is formed with a first thread angle and a second portion of the thread is formed with a second thread angle.
Tool head and method for machining a metallic workpiece
A tool head includes an ovoid basic element disposed about a center axis, at least two chip grooves formed in the basic element, and a number of major cutting edges. Each major cutting edge is disposed in a convex course along a respective chip groove of the at least two chip grooves.
Low friction bearing assembly and link apparatus
A link apparatus includes a tubular member that retains 90% of ultimate tensile strength at a temperature of up to 625°. Two conical adapters are mechanically joined to respective ends of the tubular member.
Spot welding electrode removal apparatus
A spot welding electrode removal apparatus that is compact and durable is provided. Specifically, the apparatus includes a j-shaped operating lever, and in a position adjacent to the end of the operating lever and facing the contact member, a pressing member is provided.
Methodologies for manufacturing short matrix bits
A downhole tool and method for manufacturing such downhole tool. The downhole tool includes a bit body having a blank and a matrix bonded to and surrounding the blank, a shank having a threaded connection at one end, and a butt joint formed within a gap formed between the blank and the shank and coupling the blank to the shank.
Method and system for manufacturing railcar couplers
A casting mold with rigging for casting a railcar coupler, which includes a shank portion and a head portion, includes cope and drag portions that define an external shape for each of at least two couplers. The couplers are nested together and oriented in opposite directions to one another along respective longitudinal axes.
Hand tool with a handle
A hand tool includes a handle, a press member, a shank body and multiple latch assemblies. The handle is formed with a receiving cavity and a locating hole in communication with the receiving cavity.
Device for a body's spherical motion control
A device for a body's spherical motion control connected with a frame by means of a spherical joint arranged on a shank connecting the body with the frame and through actuating arms with drives, where the shank is sectional and the spherical joint is arranged between the first part of the shank which is firmly fixed to the frame and the second part of the shank which is firmly fixed to the body, whereas the number of parallel arms with drives is redundant. In order to increase the accuracy of both the self-calibration itself and a follow-up positioning of the body in the work area and to achieve a large range of the body's rotating, the number of parallel arms with drives is five at minimum and the length of the first part of the shank connected to the frame is longer than the distance of the body edge from the point of connection of the shank to the body..
Rattling fish hook
A fish hook design for providing sound, the audible sound device integrated to the shank portion. A user can sleeve bait over the shank portion, including the sound device.
Fastener with prolate cross-section
A fastener includes a shank having a point at a first end and a second, head end. One or more prolate cross-section regions is formed in the shank.
Rivet stud
A rivet stud has a rivet body with an elongated shank, a flange, and an axial bore in which is located a tension mandrel, which has a mandrel shank with a drawing end projecting out of a head end of the rivet body that is separable from the mandrel shank at a predetermined breaking point and which has a mandrel head that is supported on a foot end of the rivet body. The mandrel shank is provided with locking means that secure it in the rivet body after setting of the rivet stud, and the predetermined breaking point is located such that the breaking point lies inside the bore of the rivet body after setting of the rivet stud.
Methods of attaching a shank to a body of an earth-boring tool including a load-bearing joint and tools formed by such methods
Earth-boring rotary drill bits may include a bit body attached to a shank assembly at a joint. The joint may be configured to carry at least a portion of any tensile longitudinal and rotational load applied to the drill bit by mechanical interference at the joint.
Flexible neural interfaces with integrated stiffening shank
A neural interface includes a first dielectric material having at least one first opening for a first electrical conducting material, a first electrical conducting material in the first opening, and at least one first interconnection trace electrical conducting material connected to the first electrical conducting material. A stiffening shank material is located adjacent the first dielectric material, the first electrical conducting material, and the first interconnection trace electrical conducting material..
Device for tensioning a flexible strip and assembly comprising such a device with flexible strip
This is a system and an assembly for tensioning a flexible strip (3) to hold a bony element on an implant, comprising a shank (15) and means (42) for adjustably immobilizing a component (29) that is capable of translational movement with respect in a portion (25) of the devise. The shank (15) comprises a handle (23) for gripping at its second end (24), the portion (25) of the device (14) making an angle with the shank (15), the flexible strip (3) having two free ends.
Bone anchor assemblies with multiple component bottom loading bone anchors
Bone anchor assemblies and methods are provided having a multi-component bone anchor that is configured to allow the shank of the bone anchor to be bottom loaded into a receiver member. In one embodiment, a bone anchor assembly is provided having a shank with a distal threaded portion and a proximal head portion, a receiver member having an aperture formed in a distal end thereof through which the head portion of the shank can be received, the receiver member defining a polyaxial seat, a non-expandable outer ring configured to be polyaxially disposed within the polyaxial seat of the receiver member and defining a central opening through which the head portion of the shank can be received, and an expandable inner ring having an inner surface configured to mate with the head portion of the shank and an outer surface configured to mate with an inner surface of the outer ring to thereby lock the outer ring in a fixed position relative to the shank..
Fixation implant and method of insertion
An implant includes an implantable portion and a housing. The implantable portion has a head and a shank extending from the head.
Bottom-loading bone anchor assemblies and methods
Bone anchor assemblies and methods are provided having a multi-component bone anchor that is configured to allow the shank of the bone anchor to be bottom loaded into a receiver member. In one embodiment, a bone anchor assembly is provided having a shank with a distal threaded portion and a proximal head portion, a ball having a spherical exterior surface and a central lumen sized to receive the head portion of the shank, and a clip configured to be engaged between the head portion and the ball such that the clip is effective to lock the ball in engagement with the shank..
Instrument for vessel fusion and separation
In the case of an instrument (10) for coagulation and fusion as well as for severing vessels, provision is made for two shanks (19, 20), between which a vessel is to be gripped and fused. A blade (21) for severing the coagulated and fused vessel is provided with an isolator (40), which isolates the blade (21) against at least one of the electrodes or shanks (19, 20), respectively.
Electrosurgical systems and methods
An electrosurgical device can have a housing and an electrode defining an energizable surface at least partially positioned externally of the housing. The electrode can move longitudinally relative to the housing.
Sand flap work piece finishing tool
Disclosed is a tool for finishing a work piece where the tool includes multiple pieces of abrasive material (sandpaper) mounted to a cylindrical housing and carrying a shank for mounting the tool to a portable electric drill or drill press or bench motor. The drill is powered to rotate the shank and housing in a first direction and the sheets of abrasive material are mounted at spaced locations around the periphery of the housing and wrapped in an opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the shank and housing, the sheet of abrasive material is cut from the end opposite to the attached end to form a plurality of finger-like projections which are not secured but tend to move outward when the housing is rotated.
Toolless cotton candy machine
A cotton candy machine includes a floss head comprised of a floss head cap, a heated filament spinning screen, a floss head base and a rotatable retaining cap, all removable from said head without tools by manually rotating said retaining cap. A floater includes a vane, a shank and a shank end.
Clubhead vane pump with balanced vanes
The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a fluid pump that includes a housing with a cam block. The pump also includes a collection of vanes, each having a shank having a leading edge and a trailing edge, and a head having a curved outer side.
Positive penetration wood handling apparatus
An apparatus for positive retention of wood connects to and retains wood for transport and handling, the apparatus comprising a drive handle connected to a support member, the support member connected a main shank, and the main shank adapted to positively penetrate wood through one or more of impact and rotation, wherein the main shank forms a connection to the wood after such positive penetration is achieved.. .
Die bonder and bonding head device of the same, and also collet position adjusting method
For providing a die bonder, a bonding head device and a collet position adjusting method for enabling an automatic correction (adjustment) of errors, including height and inclination thereof, when exchanging a collet, with a simple structure thereof, in the bonding head device, having a holder 41h for guiding a vacuum for suction in an inside thereof, a shank 41s and a collet 41c, detachably attached at a tip of the holder, for adjusting the position of the collet after exchange of the collet, a reverse-side surface of that collet is photographed, before exchanging it, by a reverse-side surface photographing camera 42, which is disposed below the bonding head device, and after the exchange of the collet, the reverse-side surface of that collet exchanged, and then correction is made on positions of the collets, so that pictures photographed before/after the exchange thereof come to be coincident with.. .
Super high speed bolt delivery system
A method of dispensing bolts includes a step of forming a column of bolts on top of one another. The column includes an upper end and a lower end.
Boring bit and method of manufacture
A boring bit has a shank, a head and teeth distributed around the head. The teeth have a root embedded within the head's core body, a tip extending out of the head, and a narrowing region between the root and the tip.
Interchangeable shank trip mechanism
A tillage apparatus includes a trip linkage selectively configured as a spring biased trip linkage, a spring toggle trip linkage, or a shear bolt trip linkage and mounted between a toolbar bracket and a shank member wherein the trip linkage is selected to allow shaft member to pivot upwardly responsive to variable excessive draft force.. .
Tillage disc assemblies
A tillage disc assembly for use with a fully-integrated tillage implement including two modes of transportation: a working implement mode and a transportation mode, wherein the disc assembly includes an air spring and a thrust bearing for superior conformity to the field surface and protection of the disc itself. The shank can be adjusted to numerous angles for desired earth working performance.
Offshore marine anchor
A marine anchor is described which has a fluke with a shank pivotably attached thereto wherein the shank is remotely lockable pivotably and subsequently remotely unlockable pivotably with respect to the fluke.. .
Anti-theft ring assembly and method of use
An anti-theft ring assembly includes a product engagement member having a display member that supports the ring during use and a securing member (for example a tear resistant tie or strap) that secures the ring to the display member; the anti-theft ring assembly also including an anchoring device having a support member and a tether for securing the product engagement member to the support member while allowing removal of the product engagement member from a display. In one embodiment, the support member may include a base having protrusions for connecting the tether thereto and the display member may be a seat for supporting a shank of the ring and a portion of the tether..
Fishing hook guard and guard-equipped fishing hook having the guard attached thereto
A fishing hook guard is provided which not only is able to prevent a guard member from being broken but also allows the direction of the guard member to be easily adjusted, and further allows the guard member to be easily replaced. It is possible to attain the above object when a fishing hook guard 10 includes a guard member 14 having flexibility and a base 16 formed from an elastic material and including: a shank insertion hole 18 through which a shank 12b of a fishing hook 12 is inserted and which has a smaller diameter than that of the shank 12b; and a guard member holding portion 20 which holds one end portion 14a of the guard member 14 such that another end portion 14b of the guard member 14 is directed toward a leading end portion 12a of the fishing hook 12..
Firearm magazine having nose-dive-control spring
A cartridge magazine for housing a plurality of stacked cartridges and successively dispensing and guiding the uppermost one of the stacked cartridges from the magazine forward toward an inclined ramp leading to a chamber of a barrel of a firearm, the magazine comprising a housing portion and a nose-dive control spring. The nose-dive control spring comprises a resilient shank portion and a bullet-engageable end portion.
Gynecological scope and morcellation systems and devices
An apparatus has an elongate element with a proximal end and a distal end. A connection element is disposed at the proximal end of the elongate element.
Endoscope with image erecting device
An endoscope includes an image transmission device in a shank for transmitting an image from the distal end to the proximal end of the endoscope and an image erecting device for erecting an image registered by means of the endoscope. The image erecting device has a first face for angle-dependent reflection and a second face for angle-dependent reflection.
Leno heddle
A leno heddle includes a pair of elongated shanks, which are removably assembled together in overlying relationship. One of the shanks has configured ends to be removably received within corresponding openings in the other shank.
Rotary fertilizer applicator
An applicator for applying dry fertilizer or livestock waste in the form of a slurry beneath the soil surface with minimum soil displacement includes a leading spring-cushioned, conical-shaped, wavy coulter angularly offset from the direction of travel which displaces soil laterally in forming a furrow adapted to receive fertilizer. The coulter is trailed by a single, or a pair of, rotary blade(s) which fill the furrow, covering the deposited fertilizer.
Fitting for a sliding door
A fitting (1) for suspending a sliding door leaf (d) is provided. Said fitting (1) comprises a base plate (2) having means (8, 9) for attaching said base plate (2) to a door leaf (d), support means (3) attached to said base plate (2) for allowing said fitting (1) to be guided by a rail (r) along a sliding path (p), and a shank (5) having a part (5b, 5d) extending from a lateral end of said base plate (2) at an angle (α, β)relative a plane of the base plate.
Knife with blade guard
A knife with a guard assembly generally comprises a blade member, a handle assembly, and a blade guard assembly. The blade member includes a blade having a sharpened edge and an integral shank.
A rongeur is disclosed having a stationary shank and a crossbar slideable relative to the shank with a tongue in crossbar cooperating with a channel in the shank so as to interconnect the shank to the crossbar. At least one gap section is formed in both the shank and the crossbar to gain access to the interior of the rongeur to permit cleaning and lubrication without disassembling and reassembling the rongeur.
Drill bit with a load sensor on the bit shank
A drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a bit body having a cutting section, a shank attached to the cutting section and a neck section and at least one sensor in contact with a surface of the shank and wherein the at least one sensor provides a signal in response to a bending moment.. .
Device for fixing insulating layers and insulation assembly system
A screw device for fixing insulating panels together is made in one piece from synthetic material and includes a head and a shank. The head has a flat surface for abutment on one of the insulating panels, a surface opposite the abutment surface having at least one drive wing, which extends to a distance greater than 10 mm from the opposite surface.
Iliosacral polyaxial screw
Provided is an iliosacral polyaxial screw system. A multiple part insert member is provided to secure the screw to the housing of the assembly to accommodate screws in which the shank diameter of the screw is greater than the bottom opening of the screw housing or greater than the opening of a ring member designed to capture the head of the screw in the housing..
Apparatus and systems for rotary osteotomy
Disclosed are apparatus and systems for rotary osteotomy that afford increased control of a trajectory angle and direction/re-direction of the tip of an osteotomy apparatus, controllability of the depth of the tip or fine rotation of the device, and tactile feedback. The apparatus includes a tip portion having a first diameter at a first end and a second diameter at a second end larger than the first diameter, wherein at least a part of the tip portion includes a plurality of pitched threads.
Drum rotor dovetail component and related drum rotor system
Systems and devices adapted to retain dovetail components (e.g., buckets) in a turbine drum rotor and reduce rotor component displacement are disclosed. In one embodiment, a turbine bucket includes: a bucket base portion shaped to complement a bucket shank slot in a rotor of a turbine, the bucket base portion including: a forward portion shaped to extend upstream of a first stage circumferential slot of the rotor in to a first rotor post of the rotor; a circumferential protrusion formed in an aft end of the bucket base portion and shaped to connect to the rotor, and a set of axial protrusions formed on tangential sides of the bucket base portion and shaped to connect to the rotor; and a bucket platform extending radially outboard from the bucket base portion, the bucket platform configured to complement a vane..
Adjustable packer wheel seeding system and method
In one embodiment, a seeding implement includes a frame configured to couple to a tool bar, a parallel linkage coupled to the frame, and a ground engaging tool extending from a shank, wherein the shank is coupled to the parallel linkage. The implement also includes a packer wheel configured to control a position of the ground engaging tool, wherein the packer wheel is positioned directly behind the ground engaging tool when the ground engaging tool is engaging a soil region.
Fish hook with clasp eye
Disclosed is a fish hook with a detachable clasp connection feature forming part of a fish hook eye thereby offering convenient attachment to fishing lures and the like in comparison to conventional split ring connections. At least a portion of the fish hook is of spring like material where the connection feature of the clasp eye includes portions which are resiliently associated in a closed position but can be forced open to attach or detach the fish hook from the fishing lure.
Fenestrated bone screws and methods of bone fastening and stabilization
Systems, methods, and apparatuses for bone fixation are presented. In one aspect, presented herein is a screw for bone fixation, an insertion tool, and a method for stabilization across a bone joint of the spine.
Iliosacral polyaxial screw
Provided is an iliosacral polyaxial screw system. A multiple part insert member is provided to secure the screw to the housing of the assembly to accommodate screws in which the shank diameter of the screw is greater than the bottom opening of the screw housing or greater than the opening of a ring member designed to capture the head of the screw in the housing..
Sagittal angle screw with integral shank and receiver
A spinal bone screw has a receiver with upstanding arms forming a channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member, such as a rod, the receiver being integral with a threaded shank. The receiver further includes inner surfaces in sliding engagement with an insert, the insert having a seating surface for the rod.
Systems and methods for facilitating onboarding of bucket cooling flows
Systems and methods embodiments for facilitating onboarding of a cooling fluid are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a system may include a rotor assembly, a wheel space cavity adjacent to the rotor assembly, and a bucket shank cavity in fluid communication with the wheel space cavity.
Shank-type pick
The invention relates to a shank bit for a road milling machine or the like, having a bit head and a bit shank, the bit shank comprising a first cylindrical segment that is indirectly or directly adjacent to the bit head, and the bit shank comprising a second cylindrical segment that, facing away from the bit head, is indirectly or directly adjacent to the first cylindrical segment, and the diameter of the second cylindrical segment differing from the diameter of the first cylindrical segment. In a shank bit of this kind, improved utilization properties result from the fact that the first cylindrical segment has a diameter in the range between 18 mm and 30 mm, and an extent in the direction of the longitudinal center axis of the bit shank less than 30 mm..
A chuck for a power tool has a central receptacle, arranged in the body of the chuck, having a locating opening for axially inserting a shank-type tool. A reducing sleeve is arranged at least partly in the central receptacle, and a clamping device is provided for at least locally reducing the cross section of the central receptacle.
Tool-less reusable hinged wall hanger
A reusable wall anchor device comprised of an upper and lower panel held together by a hinge connection for facilitating the suspending of articles from wallboards without requiring a hollow void behind the wallboard. A load bearing shank extends from the front face of the lower panel for supporting an object to be carried by the device.
Method of fabricating nanotips with controlled profile
A nanotip, is fabricated by modifying a precursor nanotip having an apex and a shank by applying an electric field in the presence of a reactive gas to perform field-assisted etching wherein atoms are preferentially removed from the shank by chemical interaction with the reactive gas, and controlling the reactive gas pressure and/or tip voltage to vary the electric field so as to promote field evaporation of apex atoms during fabrication of the nanotip and thereby control the overall profile of the resulting nano-tip. The method permits shaping of the overall tip profile..
Drill bit systems with temperature sensors and applications using temperature sensor measurements
A drill bit includes a plurality of blades. The blades provide a plurality of cutting elements or teeth arranged on a leading face of the blade.
Fishing lure resembling a shrimp
A fishing lure having an internal cavity for containing a hook and a weight attached to the hook such that the weight is coupled to the hook closer to a throat of the hook than to a line receiving portion of the hook. The combined hook and weight resist being pulled through a shank containing region of lure.
Self-aligning sleeved protruding head fasteners with electromagnetic effect protection features
A fastener system for composite structure provides electromagnetic energy protection by incorporating a self-aligning head (sah) fastener having a head with a spherical engaging surface and a shank extending from the head for insertion through a hole in a composite structure and a self-aligning self sealing (sass) washer having a throat receiving the shank and a spherical mating surface interfacing with the spherical engaging surface of the head.. .

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