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Shank patents

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Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment

Medicrea International

Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment

Arrow tip nail

Arrow tip nail

Arrow tip nail

Speedtap Industries

Tapping device and method of use

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Polyaxial bone anchoring device patent thumbnailPolyaxial bone anchoring device
A polyaxial bone anchoring device including an anchoring element including a shank and a head; a receiving part to pivotably receive the head, the receiving part having a first end, a second end, a central axis extending between the first and second ends, a coaxial bore, and first and second recesses on each side of the coaxial bore for receiving a rod, a longitudinal axis of the recess being substantially perpendicular to the central axis; a first clamping part having a rod supporting surface extending along the longitudinal axis and in the first recess when in the receiving part, a center of the first clamping part along a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis including a groove at the rod supporting surface; a second clamping part to exert pressure on the rod and in the first recess when in the receiving part; and a locking device to secure the rod.. .
 Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment patent thumbnailVertebral osteosynthesis equipment
This equipment comprises at least one connecting bar and at least one sacrum anchor assembly (1-3, 5). According to the invention, each sacrum anchor assembly comprises two sacral anchor screws (1,2), a link assembly (3) including: a sacral connecting part (10) assembled to a sacral anchor plate (11) with polyaxiality, i.e.
Medicrea International
 Arrow tip nail patent thumbnailArrow tip nail
An “arrow tip nail” is an impact driven building nail for all sizes, lengths and types of constructing or other building-nail applications, distinctly designed with a triangular arrow shaped tip at the end structure, with lateral protusions on each side where the shank meets the beginning of the design, including a sharp penetrating point at the tip, all for the function of improved piercing and/or structural penetrating ability, as well as increased retention ability, so as to make it easier to go into a structure and harder to withdraw from it by human or natural forces over short or longer periods of time.. .
 Tapping device and  use patent thumbnailTapping device and use
A tapping device for use with a variety of standard drivers. The tapping device has an elongate body having a first end and a second end.
Speedtap Industries Inc.
 Fastener, light source module, and  assembling a light source module patent thumbnailFastener, light source module, and assembling a light source module
A fastener includes a head portion and a shank portion that extends from the head portion. The shank portion has a distal end that is distal from the head portion and that is formed with at least two bendable anchor segments.
Radiant Opto-electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.
 Soil opener patent thumbnailSoil opener
A soil opener has a frog mount adapted to be coupled to a shank or other mounting member of a farm implement. A spreader is removably coupled to the frog mount and includes forward and rearward product delivery channels that are intended to be flow-coupled to product delivery tubes or hoses of the farm implement.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.
 Furrowing device patent thumbnailFurrowing device
A soil opener has a frog mount adapted to be coupled to a shank or other mounting member of a farm implement. A spreader is removably coupled to the frog mount and includes forward and rearward product delivery channels that are intended to be flow-coupled to product delivery tubes or hoses of the farm implement.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.
 Tool bit having improved removability patent thumbnailTool bit having improved removability
A tool bit having a shank having a hexagonal cross-section adapted to be removably positioned within a tool for rotating the shank, a first circular section extending from a first end of the shank, an exposed circumferential groove positioned adjacent the first circular section, a second circular section having an outer surface extending from the circumferential groove, a first bit end extending from the second circular section, wherein a right angle is formed at the transition of the circumferential groove to the outer surface of the second circular section forming a first transverse gripping wall that is perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the shank.. .
Klein Tools, Inc.
 Fishing lure device patent thumbnailFishing lure device
A fishing lure including a generally v-shaped frame with an eye at the vertex of the v, a hook fixed at each end of the v, a heavier weighted member encircling the junction of one of the hooks with one end of the v and a lighter weighted member encircling the junction of the other hook with the other end of the v. The hooks are rigidly connected to the ends of and are coplanar with the v.
 Dental implant with high combining stability patent thumbnailDental implant with high combining stability
A dental implant comprises a shank and a threaded section spirally disposed on the shank. The shank includes a first section extending from a first end toward a second end of the shank and a second section connecting the first section and extending to the second end.
Taiwan Shan Yin Int'l Co., Ltd.

Drill bit forming holes in materials

A drill bit system and associated methodology enables a user to quickly and easily interchange drill bits upon a primary shank during drilling operations. The drill bit system optionally comprises a primary, flexi-shank, a series of drill bits, a set screw, an extension adapter, and quick change or secondary shank.

Screwdriving tool and tool holder for such a screwdriving tool

The invention relates to a screwdriving tool (1) and to a tool holder (2) for such a screwdriving tool. The screwdriving tool (1) contains a tool head (3) and a tool shank (4) having an outer thread (5) and a supporting region arranged between the tool head (3) and the outer thread (5).
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg

Cutting tool mounting assembly

A cutting tool mounting assembly adapted for attachment to a surface of a rotatable driving member of a cutting tool machine, includes: a tool holder having a key shank; a base attached to the surface of the rotatable driving member, the base having a mounting groove for receiving the key shank of the tool holder; a resilient retention structure configured to interact with the base and the tool holder to facilitate a friction fit between the tool holder and the base; and wherein tool holder includes a retention post configured for cooperating with the base for connecting the tool holder to the base. Also included is a dampening element configured between the tool holder and the base for reducing vibration therebetween..
Kennametal Inc.

Bit assembly

A bit assembly includes a bit for driving a screw, a shank for holding and driving the bit to rotate about a pivot axis wherein the bit is capable of moving relative to the shank in a predetermined range, and a limiting structure formed between the bit and the shank for preventing the bit to move beyond the predetermined range. The bit and the shank are made of different materials and form a sliding connection so that they have a certain buffer space in the axial direction and in the circumferential direction thereby reducing the effect of impacts on the service life of the bit assembly..
Chervon Intellectual Property Limited

Method for producing a propeller blade from a composite material

A propeller blade, which can belong to a fan without covering by an external casing, includes two portions fitted into one another and of different materials, generally composite, to resist various stresses, heating coming from a rotor or impacts of solid bodies. An internal portion includes a blade core, a blade shank and possibly a foam lining, and a preform of an outside portion is assembled to it by surrounding it closely before being completely formed by receiving its resin, which is placed into polymerisation.

Variable thread fastener

A fastener includes a shank having a first end and a second end. A first portion of a thread is formed with a first, symmetric thread angle and a second portion of the thread is formed with a second, asymmetric thread angle.
Simpson Strong-tie Company, Inc.

Fastener and installing same

A fastener comprises a body having an enlarged head at a first end, a tapered ramp at a second end, a cylindrical shank disposed between the enlarged head and the tapered ramp, and a passage extending between the first and second ends and including threads. The fastener further includes a generally cylindrical corebolt disposed within the passage of the body and having an enlarged head, a breaking groove, and a stop shoulder that is configured to cause an abrupt increase in resistance to threading the corebolt into the body when the breaking groove is substantially flush with an outer surface of the enlarged head.

Drive center with guard

A drive center constituting a machine tool accessory being used on a lathe for holding workpieces that are mounted between the headstock and the tailstock (between centers). The drive center comprises a head having an adjustable spring-loaded center point and a number of removable, adjustable spurs that are capable of penetrating a workpiece sufficiently to provide torque for the turning process.
Big Tree Tools, Llc

Toe wedge for a ballet pointe shoe

A ballet pointe shoe having a sole, an upper, a toebox, a platform, a shank, and a heel is disclosed. The ballet pointe shoe comprises a more rigid portion and a less rigid portion.
Drew Layne, Llc

Foot support structure and shoe assembly

A foot support structure for a shoe includes a toe box, a connection member facilitating adjustable connection of the toe box to a cooperable connection member on a separate shank portion of a shoe, an opening defined by a peripheral edge of the toe box portion, and a toe box liner lining the inner surface of the toe box portion. The toe box and toe box liner are each moulded from a thermoplastic polymer material and the toe box liner extends beyond the peripheral edge of the toe box at its opposing lateral sides to form foot-supporting side wings; and wherein the thermoplastic polymer material of the toe box has a greater stiffness than that of the toe box liner..
Inspire Future Of Dance Limited

Element with a shank and a holding element connected to it for connecting to a rod

An element with a shank (1) and a holding element (2) connected to it for connecting to a rod (100) is provided, wherein the holding element (2) has a recess (3) having a u-shaped cross-section for receiving the rod (100) with two legs (4, 5) open at one end (6) and an inner thread (7) on the open legs (4, 5) and a locking element (9) with an outer thread (8) which cooperates with the inner thread of the legs, wherein the inner thread (7) of the legs and the outer thread (8) of the locking element are constructed with a flat thread in which the two flanks (7a, 7b; 8a, 8b)) enclose an angle of 90° in each case with the screw axis (s, m). This prevents splaying of the open legs when the locking element is screwed in.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Cervical plate fixation system

A bone fixation assembly comprises a plate having a top surface and a bottom surface and defining at least one bone screw bore, the bore including a circumferential rib situated between the top and bottom surfaces of the plate and at least one scallop interrupting the circumferential rib. A bone engaging fastener is provided for each bore, the fastener having a shank defining bone engaging threads and an enlarged head.
Nexxt Spine, Llc

Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction

An ultrasonic surgical blade has a blade body at a distal end and a shank at a proximal end, the shank being connectable at a proximal end to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations. A sheath surround at least a portion of the shank.
Misonix Incorporated

Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction

An ultrasonic surgical tool has probe body with an operative surface or edge contactable with organic tissues for performing a surgical operation on the tissues. A shank of the probe body is provided with a connector for operatively attaching the tool to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrational energy.
Misonix Incorporated

Ultrasonic cutting blade with cooling liquid conduction

An ultrasonic surgical tool comprises a substantially planar blade body having a pair of opposed lateral surfaces and a cutting edge. A shank integral on a distal side with the blade body is provided at a proximal side with a connector for operatively linking the blade to a source of ultrasonic mechanical vibrations.
Misonix Incorporated

Electrosurgical instrument and method

The invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument and a method for puncturing a wall of a body lumen. The electrosurgical instrument includes an elongate applicator shank which is guided, in a mobile manner, in a guide catheter, a distal applicator electrode and a catheter electrode, arranged on the guide catheter and electrically insulated with respect to the applicator electrode.
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

Elastomeric cap for seamlessly concealing fastener used to secure object to substrate

An elastomeric cap for concealing a fastener used to secure an object (e.g., an elastomeric object such as foam padding or the like) to a substrate (e.g., frame, wall, etc.). A head of a fastener may be inserted through an aperture in one wall of the cap and into an internal cavity of the cap.
Walt Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Fastening system including removable stud and retaining plate

A fastening system includes a removable stud and a retaining plate. The removable stud includes a threaded portion configured to be removably threaded into a threaded bore of a housing, a shank portion arranged coaxially with the threaded portion and configured to be inserted through a bore of a housing of a line replaceable component, and an anti-rotation portion disposed between the threaded portion and the shank portion.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Piano action

Obtained is a structure of a piano action by which excellent playing reproducibility is secured even in a case of playing by repeatedly striking a key at an extremely high speed. In a piano action including a plurality of hammers 31 for striking keys, hammer shanks 32 that support the hammers turnably, hammer rails 1 that restrict the hammer shanks 32 from turning after the hammers strike strings, and hammer cushions (shock absorbing materials) 100 that are placed on the hammer rails and absorb motion energy generated by collision with the hammer shanks 32, the hammer cushions (shock absorbing materials) 100 are disposed at an angle so as not to become parallel to contact surfaces of the hammer shanks 32..
Kabushiki Kaisha Kawai Gakki Seisakusho

Drive tool device having connectable arms

A drive tool device includes a drive handle member having three barrels attached to the end portions and the middle portion, the two end barrels each include a non-circular engaging opening communicating with the bore of the handle member, and the drive handle member include one or more non-circular engaging orifices formed in either of the barrels, and a driving shank element includes a non-circular cross section for engaging with the non-circular engaging orifices of the drive handle member and for allowing the drive handle member to be driven by the driving shank element selectively and for allowing the driving shank element to be driven by the drive handle member selectively.. .

Pinless attachment systems and methods of using the same

A multi-purpose pinless attachment system includes a first structure having oppositely facing recesses separated by a web region. Pairs of recesses form pivot bar bearing surfaces, and a transverse pivot axis passes through the web region at a midpoint between these pairs of bearing surfaces.

Dynamic spinal stabilization assemblies, tool set and method

A hinged bone screw and tool set is used for implanting such bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws. The hinged bone screw includes a shank with an upper portion and a receiver with integral arms forming a u-shaped channel.

Tool head and glass or glass ceramic article producible using the tool head

A tool head capable of introducing deep recesses into hard and brittle material such as glass and glass ceramics is provided. The tool head includes a hollow cylindrical abrasive body merging into a hollow shank.
Schott Ag

Holder and cutting tool

A holder and a cutting tool with the holder including an insertion hole at a front end part thereof, and a cutting insert that includes a cutting edge part and a shank part. The shank part has substantially a rod shape.
Kyocera Corporation

Seed bed preparation and tillage apparatus

A tillage apparatus for selective primary tillage and seed bed preparation makes use of a selectively moveable primary tillage shank to provide seasonal, in-field and/or on-the-fly flexibility of tillage operation. The tillage apparatus has a cultivator frame, at least one secondary tillage tool mounted on the frame and a primary tillage shank mounted on the frame, the primary tillage shank selectively moveable between a lowered soil engaging position and a raised disengaged position.
Salford Farm Machinery Ltd.

Keyhole saw blade or sabre saw blade for a power tool

A keyhole saw blade or sabre saw blade for a power tool comprises a base blade having a cutting edge and a securing shank designed as one piece with the base blade. At least one impression is formed into the base blade or the securing shank..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Closing actuator for sheet material clamp

A closing actuator for a sheet material clamp has a first threaded orifice in a lower clamping jaw with a threaded interior wall, a second non-threaded orifice formed in an upper clamping jaw which has a retention groove formed around the non-threaded interior wall; and an actuating screw with a retention shoulder formed between the head and the threaded shank, such that the threaded shank mates with the threaded first orifice in the lower clamping jaw and the retention shoulder snaps into the retention groove, thereby capturing the actuating screw in the upper clamping jaw when threaded into the lower clamping jaw. The second orifice may be a slotted or oval shape to allow the actuating screw to pass through the upper jaw at an angle other than perpendicularly to the upper jaw as the jaws assume various angles of relationship to each other during clamp closing and opening..

Convection enhanced delivery apparatus, method, and application

An embodiment of the invention is directed to a microfabricated, silicon-based, convection enhanced delivery (ced) device. The device comprises a silicon shank portion, at least one individual parylene channel disposed along at least a part of an entire length of the shank, wherein the channel has one or more dimensioned fluid exit ports disposed at one or more respective locations of the channel and a fluid (drug) input opening.
Cornell University

Assembly providing a connection that is self tightening with temperature

The invention relates to an assembly comprising first and second parts made of composite material and held against each other by at least one fastener system comprising a rivet having a flat head from which there extends a shank having an enlarged end, and a washer co-operating with the enlarged end of the shank of the rivet, the head of the rivet bearing against a countersink formed in the first part, the washer bearing against the second part. On its face remote from its face bearing against the second part, the washer presents a portion of conical shape.

Quick-change attachment configuration for a hole saw

The present invention relates to a quick-change attachment means for a hole saw, which is directed to a tool for use with a hole saw for boring holes on a wooden plank, particularly a quick-change attachment means for quickly replacing a longitudinal body, which is a drill bit shank having a driving end, a tool end, and a limiting portion. The present invention is characterized by: it is a quick-change attachment means for assembling a longitudinal body and a hole saw, it has an axial hole for allowing a longitudinal body to move on a quick-change attachment means, a locking component for locking and releasing the longitudinal body on and from the quick-change attachment means.
Rote Mate Industry Co., Ltd.

Attack tool with an interruption

In one aspect of the present invention, a tool has a wear-resistant steel base comprising a shank suitable for attachment to a driving mechanism. A planar end of a cemented metal carbide segment brazed to an interfacial surface of the base axially opposed to the shank.

Hernia patch anchor

An anchor for adhering a mesh patch to a defect in an abdominal wall in the course of a hernia repair procedure comprises a tubular metal shank having a radial flange at one end and a pair of deployable wing members hinged to the shank at its opposite end, the wings when undeployed cooperating with one another to form a pointed tip end to facilitate passage through the mesh patch, a layer of fascia and into muscle tissue. The anchor further includes a manual actuator for spreading the pair of wings apart to extend parallel to the radial flange..

Non-integral segmented angel-wing seal

A cover plate adapted to axially overlie root or shank portions of one or more buckets or blades secured to a turbomachine wheel, includes an arcuate cover plate body adapted to be secured to the turbomachine wheel so as to cover a root portion of at least one of the turbine buckets or blades; and at least one arcuate angel-wing seal segment detachably secured to one side of the arcuate cover plate body.. .

Waterproof, dustproof, breathing bolt

A waterproof, dustproof, breathing bolt includes a bolt body having a hollow shank with a breathing chamber and a cap member fixedly located at the top side of the hollow shank and defining therein an air passage in communication with the breathing chamber and one or a number of openings in communication between the air passage and the surroundings, and a waterproof breathing member made out of a metal material by powder metallurgy and set in between the breathing chamber and the air passage and having micro pores therein of size larger than air molecules but smaller than water molecules. Thus, the waterproof breathing member allows discharge of hot air out of the apparatus in which the waterproof, dustproof, breathing bolt is installed, but prohibits external water from entering the apparatus..

Beveling / chamfering tool - router head for metal

The present invention provides a beveling tool including: a body with a shaft hole formed through the center; a plurality of cutter blades arranged at predetermined distances on the circumferential surface of the body, each having a radial primary blade with a radial primary relief angle ranging from about 10 to about 20 degrees and a radial secondary blade with a radial secondary relief angle ranging from about 25 to about 35 degrees (or about 35 to about 45 degrees); discharge grooves formed longitudinally between the cutter blades to discharge chips produced in beveling; and a shank inserted in the shaft hole of the body, in which the body and the shank are connected by brazing. With the beveling tool of the present invention, it is possible to smoothly discharge chips produced in beveling and to prevent damage to the cutter blades..

Step drill bit

A drill bit includes a shank, a transition portion, and a body portion defining a plurality of axially stacked, progressively sized steps. The steps include a first step and a terminal step coupled to the transition portion.

Access alarm

An alarm system comprises a tripwire having at least one end attached to a detection assembly comprising an elongate shank, a housing supporting the elongate shank, a coil spring mounted on the shank which provides a restoring force to movement of the shank outwardly from the housing, a micro switch operatively associated with the shank and an alarm electrically connected to the micro switch such that tripping of the wire activates the alarm.. .

Method for the manufacture of a spoke for spoked wheels, spoke forming machine and spoke obtained with said method

The method for the manufacture of a spoke for spoked wheels including a step of forming a head of the spoke at a longitudinal end of the shank thereof by equipment for the plastic deformation of the end of the shank, wherein the plastic deformation is obtained by maintaining the shank in relative rotation to the equipment.. .

Sealing plug

A sealing plug for sealing an opening in a component has a substantially annular or cylindrical shank, the shank is closed by a sealing surface, and a sealing lip is provided on the shank and having a cone-shaped configuration. The sealing lip locks in place on the rear side of the component and closes the opening.

Railway vehicle coupler

A railcar coupler having a head portion extending from a shank portion, the coupler head portion is configured to couple to a first coupler knuckle for coupling the railcar coupler to a second railcar coupler of an adjacent railcar. The coupler has weight reduction features that also are configured to provide strength to the coupler when handling forceloads.

Rock drilling machine, rotating sleeve and lubrication

The disclosure relates to a rock drilling machine, a rotating sleeve and a method of lubricating a shank of the rock drilling machine. The rock drilling machine includes a rotatable shank for connecting a drilling tool.

Fastening system for connecting non-load bearing wall to truss

A fastener assembly for connecting a non-load bearing wall to a truss comprises a fastener with a sleeve retained on the fastener and axially displaceable along the fastener. The fastener has unthreaded shank portion and the sleeve is disposed about the unthreaded shank portion.

Fishing lure

A fishing lure has at least one hook having a shank with opposite ends. A bend is at one end of the shank and a barb is at the end of the bend opposite the shank.

Article of footwear, elements thereof, and related methods of manufacturing

A shank for an article of footwear including a substantially planar base portion extending within a first plane in the longitudinal and lateral directions and a substantially planar ramp portion designed to absorb footwear loads in a vertical direction, the ramp portion extending, in an uncompressed state, within a second plane that is oblique to the first plane. The base portion and the ramp portion are arranged such that they do not overlap in the vertical direction.


A shears that includes a first cutting blade including a first aperture and a second cutting blade including a second aperture, the second cutting blade pivotally coupled to the first cutting blade at a pivot joint. The shears further includes a first handle operable to pivot the first cutting blade about the pivot joint and a second handle operable to pivot the second cutting blade about the pivot joint.

Fastener with hardened threads

A method of creating a threaded fastener which includes a shank having a first, threaded portion and a hardened thread portion. The shank includes a thread extending outwardly from a shank body over a first length of the shank.

Positive drive chuck and bur arrangement for a dental handpiece

A chuck assembly for a dental handpiece includes a hollow cylindrical tube portion having a first internal bore, and a chuck portion having a second bore. The chuck portion is supported within the first bore co-rotational with the tube portion about a common axis.

Weld rivet joint

A weld rivet joint between one or more components and a base component is provided. The one or more components have a hole through which a weld rivet having a head projects with its shank.

Assembly providing a connection that is self tightening with temperature

An assembly comprising first and second parts made of composite material held one against the other by at least one fastener system comprising a bolt having a flat head from which there extends a threaded portion, and a nut having a flat head from which there extends a shank including tapping suitable for co-operating with the threaded portion of the bolt. The head of the bolt bears against a countersink formed in the first part.

Drill bit

An elongated drill bit has a shank at one end and working end at the other. A flute portion is between the working end and the shank.

Rotary cutting tool having a chip-splitting arrangement with two diverging grooves

A rotary cutting tool, having a longitudinal axis, includes a forward cutting portion and a rearward shank portion. The cutting portion includes a peripheral surface that has a plurality of flutes recessed therein.

End mill with high ramp angle capability

A rotary cutting tool with a longitudinal axis includes a shank portion, a cutting portion, and a cutting tip. The cutting portion includes a plurality of blades and a plurality of flutes.

Valve jet printer with inert plunger tip

A valve jet printer includes a solenoid coil and a plunger rod having a magnetically susceptible shank. A first end of the shank and at least a portion of the shank are received within a bore of the solenoid coil.

Support apparatus usable with electrical enclosure

A support apparatus is usable with an electrical enclosure to provide support to retain a cover portion of the electrical enclosure in proximity to a cabinet portion of the electrical enclosure. The support apparatus includes a shank having a hook-shaped retention element situated at an end thereof that is configured to provide vertical support to the cover portion.

Latching sequentially latching and unlatching object

A latching apparatus for sequentially latching and unlatching two objects is provided. The latching apparatus includes a cylinder attached to the first object and including a first opening, and a second opening laterally disposed to the first opening, a spring loaded piston including a circumferential wall disposed in the first opening, a shank axially extending from the piston and defining a transverse latch pin at an end thereof, and a spring loaded plunger disposed within the second opening.

Collapsible torque wrench

A collapsible torque wrench includes: a shank having a drive head at a front end and two pivoted ends at a rear end; a connection rod, a front end of which being pivotally connected with the first pivoted end; a housing having a tubular body and a casing fixedly disposed on one side of the tubular body, the connection rod being relatively slidably fitted in the tubular body; a torque adjustment mechanism being mounted in the tubular body and including a fixing block, the fixing block being mounted in the tubular body by at least two pins; and a stop member received in the casing. A front end of the stop member is pivotally connected with the second pivoted end.

Planetary type dual-shaft hinge

A planetary type dual-shaft hinge includes a female shaft member, a male shaft set rotatably inserted through the female shaft member, and a transmission mechanism including a first transmission member and a second transmission member respectively affixed to the first shaft and the second shaft, and a link coupled between the first transmission member and the second transmission member. The two pivoting points between the link and the first and second transmission members are respectively deviated from the two connection points between the first and second transmission member and the first and second shaft, so that when the hinge is used in a flip-up electronic apparatus and the cover member of the electronic apparatus is opened from the base member thereof, the first shank can be turned about the second shaft, smoothening the relative movement between the cover member and the base member..

Multi-function health professional tool

A multifunction health professional tool, having a pair of scissors with a pair of blades and a pair of handles connected by a pair of shanks. The tool also includes a babinski reflex hammer detachably connected to one of the handles, a taylor reflex hammer having a first portion connected to one of the handles and a second portion connected to the opposing handle, a slide ruler attached to one of the shanks, and a pupil dilator light attached to one of the shanks..

Wireless sensor based quantitative falls risk assessment

Methods and systems may provide for a plurality of kinematic sensors to be coupled to a corresponding plurality of shanks of an individual, a processor, and a memory to store a set of instructions. If executed by the processor, the instructions can cause the system to calculate a timed up and go (tug) time segment based on angular velocity data from the plurality of kinematic sensors.

Drilling tool for composite material

A cutting tool is suitable for cutting a composite material. A drilling tool according to one embodiment includes a drill body and a shank.

Segmented orbital drill

A segmented orbital drill includes a segmented portion with a semi-finishing cutting portion and a plurality of finishing cutting portions. The semi-finishing cutting portion and finishing cutting portions are separated by grooves formed by a front wall and a rear wall.

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