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Shank patents


This page is updated frequently with new Shank-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Synchronous-generator pole stack patent thumbnailnew patent Synchronous-generator pole stack
A synchronous generator rotor pole pack having a plurality of pole pack laminations which are offset with respect to one another, a pole shank, a pole head with at least three pole head sections is provided. A front edge of each of the at least three pole head sections is arranged at an angle with respect to the pole shank..
Wobben Properties Gmbh

 Fluted wing auger patent thumbnailnew patent Fluted wing auger
An auger has a substantially conical core, which has an axis and a side centered thereabout. From a substantially flat, substantially circular base of the core at a trailing end of the core, the side tapers to form a diameter smaller than that of the base and on the axis at a leading end of the core.
Belltec Industries, Inc.

 Cannulated ultra high torque device patent thumbnailnew patent Cannulated ultra high torque device
A torque-limiting device may include a shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks and a spring to connect to a nut. The upper and lower shanks may be under a force from the spring and further configured to selectively engage within a predetermined torque limit and disengage at above the predetermined torque limit.
Eca Medical Instruments

 Tool bit holder for power tool patent thumbnailnew patent Tool bit holder for power tool
A tool bit holder releasably retains a shank of a tool bit having three flat faces arranged generally in a triangle and an annular groove. A holder body has a shank-receiving bore bounded by an inner wall with three flat inner wall surfaces arranged generally in a triangle.
Black & Decker Inc.

 Robust nose torque-limiting device patent thumbnailnew patent Robust nose torque-limiting device
A torque-limiting driver has a handle, a body, a torque-limiting assembly and a work-piece engaging tip. The torque-limiting assembly includes an upper and lower shank that have a plurality of teeth circumferentially spaced.
Eca Medical Instruments

 Ceramic end mills with coolant holes patent thumbnailCeramic end mills with coolant holes
In one aspect, end mills are described herein, at least a portion of which comprise or formed of ceramic material. An end mill described herein comprises a shank portion extending along a longitudinal axis of the end mill, a cutting portion extending from the shank portion, the cutting portion formed of a ceramic material and comprising a plurality of blades disposed at a helical angle from the longitudinal axis along an axial length of cut and extending onto a cutting end surface of the end mill, and at least one fluid transport hole extending along the longitudinal axis and terminating in the cutting end surface..
Kennametal Inc.

 Surgical cutter operated with direct current patent thumbnailSurgical cutter operated with direct current
A surgical implant-cutting instrument of the bipolar type, operated with direct current, is disclosed, with an instrument head which is located at the distal end of an instrument shank and which is provided for minimally invasive insertion of the instrument into a patient's body, wherein at least two mutually opposing instrument branches, preferably of the linear type, are arranged on the instrument head and between them define a cutting gap for receiving an electrically conductive implant or implant section between them. According to the invention electrodes are formed on the mutually facing longitudinal sides of the branches or these are each equipped with at least one electrode, which electrodes are in turn shaped at their mutually facing longitudinal sides to form a cutting edge in order to effect a quasi linear or punctiform physical contact engagement with the electrically conductive implant or implant section for an electrical short circuit of the mutually opposing electrodes..
Ovesco Endoscopy Ag

 Pedicle screw assembly patent thumbnailPedicle screw assembly
A pedicle screw assembly includes a threaded shank portion formed from a polymer material and a head assembly. The head assembly includes a tulip having extending arms, the tulip engaging a reaction bar such that loads applied to the pedicle screw assembly can be transferred to another pedicle screw assembly in order to immobilize a section of a spinal column..

 Bone anchoring device patent thumbnailBone anchoring device
A bone anchoring device includes a shank to be anchored in a bone or vertebra, a head, and a receiving part receiving the head for connecting the shank to a rod. The shank and the head are separate parts.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Sole structure for an article of footwear including a shank patent thumbnailSole structure for an article of footwear including a shank
A sole structure includes an outsole having an outsole forefoot region, an outsole heel region, and an outsole midfoot region between the outsole heel region and the outsole forefoot region. The sole structure further includes a midsole secured to the outsole and a shank secured to the midsole and disposed between the midsole and the outsole.
Nike, Inc.


High heeled shoe with internal comfort and pronation control system

A high heeled shoe. The high heeled shoe includes a heel portion seated on a heel post, a toe box, a shank, and a midsole.


System, a hollow shank fishing hook

A hollow shank fishing hook that will avoid the use of knots entirely, simplifying the profile of the fishing hook, making it easier for the end user to attach the lead line to a hook, simplifying manufacturing, reducing the propensity of hook to catch debris in water and creating less auditory and visual distraction of the fish. Combined line entry and egress provide for a line retention within the hook by adhesive coating thereon..


Anti-torsion anchor bolt

An anchor bolt device for securing a structural member to a concrete foundation is described. The anchor bolt device includes a first anchor bolt, which has an enlarged portion, a shank portion, and a tail portion.
Sr Systems, Llc


Brush interproximal cleaning

An interproximal brush apparatus for dislodging and removing food particles and other debris is stuck between structures in a user's mouth comprises a curved handle defined by a rigid body having a hook shape, a bristle end defined by an elongated body having a plurality of bristles extending radially from its outer surface, and a docking member is defined by a rigid body connected to the shank of the curved handle on one end and the bristle on the other end. The curved handle enables the interproximal brush apparatus to be grasped and manipulated by a user with a single finger, while the bristle end is narrowly sized to enable it to slide between adjacent teeth of an individual, with the plurality of bristles contacting the teeth as the bristle end passes, making the bristle end operative to dislodge particles stuck in between teeth..


Bone screw

The invention relates to a bone screw for fixing a connection support to a bone. The bone screw comprises a screw head, which has a head thread for producing a threaded connection to the connection support.


Bone anchor device

A bone anchor device to connect two bone segments in a body has an elongated cylindrical member. The elongated cylindrical member has a shank, a first distal threaded end and a second proximal threaded end spaced by a middle portion of the shank.
Phalanx, Llc


Rocker cover assembly for engines

A rocker cover assembly for an engine is disclosed. The rocker cover assembly includes a base member, a cover plate, and at least one fastener unit that attach the cover plate to the base member.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Connection device for connecting bit to hand tool

A hand tool includes a handle with a shank and a fixing member is connected to the shank. An isolation layer is coated on the outside of the shank and an annular groove is defined between the isolation layer and the fixing member.


Polishing device for optical elements and method thereof

A polishing device for optical elements includes: a tool shank (1), and a polishing disc base; wherein the tool shank (1) is connected to the polishing disc base and is mounted on a tool shaft of a numerical-controlled processing device; wherein a polishing film (3) is stuck on the polishing disc base; the polishing disc base is a profiling polishing disc base (7), a cylinder polishing disc base (2), a profiling polishing disc base (12) or a spherical polishing disc base (8); wherein the tool shank (1) is independent and universal, thereby reducing the processing cost of the polishing device. A polishing method for optical elements is based on the shapes mentioned above of the polishing disc base..
Research Institute Of Xi'an Jiaotong University In Suzhou


Orthopedic fastener

An orthopedic fastener has a head and a shank. The shank has a leading end portion adjacent a distal tip and a trailing end portion adjacent a head.
Amendia, Inc.


Pancake fishing sinker

A sinker weight adapted to be placed on a fishing hook and a system that is a fishing hook having a sinker weight disposes thereon and means for retaining the sinker weight to the hook. The sinkers are of various shapes but are thin and substantially flat—somewhat like a “pancake”.


Concrete screw

A concrete screw is disclosed. The concrete screw includes a shank and a thread disposed on the shank with a thread helix and a thread root.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Hollow metal screw and making

A hollow screw and related process of making is provided, wherein the hollow screw is formed from a generally circular corrosion resistant stainless steel disk cut from flat roll stock. The hollow screw includes a head and an elongated and hollow shaft having a wall thickness between about 0.2 to about 0.7 millimeters extending therefrom and defining a shank portion and a threaded portion having a plurality of threads thereon with a rotational drive mechanism configured to facilitate tightening via the threads.
Physical Systems, Inc.


Nozzle and fastening element for fastening a material layer

The invention relates to a nozzle (10) for fastening a material layer to a substructure, comprising a plate (12) and a hollow shank (14), integrally formed thereon, for taking a fastening screw (24; 34), wherein a stepped bore (16) is provided in the hollow shank, wherein the stepped bore (16) comprises at least two steps (28; 38; 50) between at least three regions (18; 30; 36; 2), wherein the hollow shank (14) is formed so as to taper at least partially in a conical manner on an external surface, wherein the hollow shank (14) is provided with radially expandable elements, and wherein the expandable elements are formed as axial grooves (40) externally in that part of the hollow shank (14) that is formed in a conically tapering manner. The invention proposes that the grooves (10) are each provided at the groove base at least partially with a thin bottom (42) that is stretchable or breakable by the expansion.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag


Variable angle cutting bit retaining assembly

A cutting bit retaining assembly for mounting a cutting bit at a cutting machine. The assembly includes a holder body to receive a shank like adaptor with a cutting bit demountable at one end of the adaptor.
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


High strength blind installation hose and cable clamp retainer

A retainer has a first ratcheting receiver that engages a strap in a one way ratcheting relationship that allows a free end of the strap to be passed through the first ratcheting receiver and a shank to be thereby pulled toward the first ratcheting receiver but not drawn away therefrom. The first ratcheting receiver backs an extension post protruding from the retainer such that the shank is sized to pass through an opening in a wall but is prevented from being withdrawn from the opening when the retainer is urged against the wall such that the extension post occupies at least a portion of the opening.
Rl Hudson & Company


Plug cutter and inlaying plugs

A plug cutter for machining plug from a workpiece of wood, solid surface materials, and the like. The bit includes a straight shank portion adapted to be gripped in chucks or collets of a router or cnc machine, and a 1° tapered fluted cutting portion.
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Versatile nail magazine for nailing gun

The present invention relates to a versatile nail magazine for a nailing gun. In certain embodiments, the versatile nail magazine includes an elongated nail magazine body for loading nails.
Taizhou Dajiang Ind. Co., Ltd.


Bone anchor locking device

A bone anchor locking device for receiving a bone anchor having a shank and an enlarged head, the device has a bone anchor, a dome and a conical split washer. The receiving portion has a base extending radially outward and inwardly to a wall.
Amendia, Inc.


Medical screw driver, shank for medical screw driver and introducing pedicle screws

A medical screw driver includes a shank having a coupling for a handling member for applying torque to the shank. A screw driver portion can be inserted in a pedicle screw head and transmit torque to the screw head.
Aesculap Ag


Polyaxial bone screw

The present invention generally provides a polyaxial fixation device having a shank with a spherical head formed on a proximal end thereof, and a receiver member having an axial passage formed therein that is adapted to polyaxially seat the spherical head of the shank. The polyaxial bone screw further includes an engagement member that is adapted to provide sufficient friction between the spherical head and the receiver member to enable the shank to be maintained in a desired angular orientation before locking the spherical head within the receiver member..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Securing device for gis

A fastener device for a gas-insulated substation (gis) type installation comprising a threaded shank and a ring including a duct configured to receive the threaded shank, the ring being housed in a supporting insulator of the invention.. .
Alstom Technology Ltd.


Railway car coupler and knuckle system and method

A railway car coupler system includes a railcar coupler comprising a coupler head portion extending from a shank portion. The coupler head portion is configured to couple to a first coupler knuckle for coupling the railcar coupler to a second railcar coupler of an adjacent railcar.
Mcconway & Torley, Llc


Tool holder

A tool holder for a power tool comprising: a body defining a passageway in which a shank of a cutting tool can be located; at least one axial locking element moveably mounted within the body and which is capable of being moved between and held in at least a first release position and a second locking position where it projects into the passageway where it is capable of engagingly a shank of a cutting tool when located within the passageway in order to axially restrict the movement of the shank in the passageway; and at least one axial guide moveably mounted within the body and which can be moved between and held in at least two positions, including one position where it projects into the passageway where it is capable of engagingly supporting a side of a shank of a cutting tool when located within the passageway.. .
Black & Decker Inc.


Milling tool

A milling tool has a tool shank and a cutting head fastened to the forward end of the tool shank by way of a clamping connection. The clamping connection has a protrusion with clamping faces, and a recess with centering faces that interact with the clamping faces.
Ceratizit Austria Gmbh


Modular pilot assembly with self-contained stripper and metal forming dies

A pilot assembly and method has a cylindrical pilot body with a tapered outer end, a grooved inner end, and a central portion with at least one inwardly curved side wall relief, as well as internally mounted reciprocating ejector pins with outer ends that protrude through holes in the outer body end to strip stock from the pilot. A spring has its outer end mounted in the groove in the outer body end, and an inner end attached to the inner body end in a pre-tensed condition.
Standard Lifters, Inc


Femoral prosthesis with an absorbable shank

The present subject matter relates to a femoral component of a hip prosthesis consisting of two parts; a superior (metaphyseal) portion made from biocompatible, non-bioabsorbable material, and an inferior (diaphyseal) portion which is bioabsorbable. The diaphyseal portion will be absorbed by the organism months after implantation thereof, which is the necessary time for definitive attachment of the metaphyseal portion in a suitable position by osseointegration.


Tool mounting assembly for agricultural implements

A tool mounting assembly comprising a shank holder having an elongated passage and an elongated tool shank for an earth working or agricultural tool which is received within the passage and which includes a series of longitudinally spaced teeth. A rotatable adjuster is mounted on the shank holder and can cooperate with the teeth for moving the shank longitudinally of the passage to vary the operating depth of the tool.


Bolt and nut combination having a positioning device

A bolt and nut combination includes a bolt including a shank formed with a bolt head and having a threaded portion; at least one groove formed longitudinally on the threaded portion, each groove being at a first angle with respect to an axis of the threaded portion and the first angle being not equal to 90-degree; a nut including a threaded hole configured to secure to the threaded portion; at least one trough formed longitudinally on the threaded hole, each trough being at a second angle with respect to an axis of the threaded portion and the second angle being not equal to 90-degree; and at least one elongated, resilient positioning device, each positioning device including a main portion and a positioning portion. In one embodiment, the main portion is disposes in the trough and the positioning portion is disposed in the groove..
Kabo Tool Company


Bit, in particular a round shaft bit

A bit assembly includes a bit having a bit head and a bit shank, a mounting sleeve being held in the region of the bit shank, and a support element that comprises a guidance region being associated with the bit. To allow the bit to be easily deinstalled from the bit receptacle and allow it, if applicable, to be easily installed again, provision is made that the support element comprises, in the region of its underside facing away from the bit head, a deflection segment..
Betek Gmbh & Co. Kg


Device and adjusting door hinge

Disclosed is a retro-fittable device and method for adjusting a hinged door. The device includes an elongated hollow base member having exterior and interior threads and an adjustment member having a threaded shank that adjustably engages the interior threads of the base member.


Solar light pole assembly kit

A kit for a solar light pole assembly includes a threaded anchor element including a shank with a threaded portion formed with auger bit threads for screwing into a ground surface, an upper portion of the shank being formed with a turning-tool-receiving member. A pole receiving member is attached to a flange of the threaded anchor element.


Ratcheting torque wrench

A disposable ratcheting device and method is disclosed, which may include a shaft extending axially through at least a shank. The shank also provides a cup or chamber wherein a series of drive bodies reside in a movable fashion.
Eca Medical Instruments


Fastener tool assemblies

A bit holder assembly for a rotary hand or powered tool, includes a body having a hex shank at its rearward end and a retraction collar slidably disposed on the body. The body has a coaxial hex socket formed therein to allow a tool bit to be inserted thereinto.
Black & Decker Inc.


Roller burnishing tool device

Provided is a roller burnishing tool device including a shank; a housing connected to the shank, a connected position of the housing relative to the shank being adjustable; a roller support member supported to be capable of rotating relative to the housing and attached to follow a movement of the housing in a case of adjusting the connected position; tapered rollers supported by the roller support member; a mandrel having a tapered portion matched with the tapered rollers and movable relative to the roller support member; and a tool diameter following mechanism connecting the shank and the mandrel, having a lead groove formed spirally in a front portion of the shank, a pin member capable of moving along the lead groove, a pin member insertion hole formed in the mandrel to insert the pin member therein, and a biasing unit biasing the mandrel forward.. .
Sugino Machine Limited


Rotary cutting tool

An end mill rotary cutting tool includes a shaft having an outer surface and a longitudinal axis and including a shank portion and a cutting portion. At least one helical cooling passage is formed in the shaft having a cooing hole in an axial distal end of the shaft.
Sgs Tool Company


Rotary cutting tool

An end mill rotary cutting tool includes a shaft having an outer surface and a longitudinal axis and including a shank portion and a cutting portion. At least one helical cooling passage is formed in the shaft having a cooing hole in an axial distal end of the shaft.
Sgs Tool Company


Tool head having a shrink-fit chuck

The invention relates to a tool head having a shrink-fit chuck (10) that has an axial receiving hole (22), and having a tool (12) that is insertable by way of its cylindrical tool shank (24) into the receiving hole (22), which is open at the front end of the shrink-fit chuck (10), and is fixable therein by thermal shrinking of the shrink-fit chuck (10). According to the invention, it is proposed that the shrink-fit chuck (10) has, in its front end portion, an annular recess (30) that radially widens the receiving hole (22) and is open at the end side, and that a function ring (14) is positioned on the tool shank (24), wherein, in the shrink-fitted state, the tool shank (24) is frictionally fixed in the receiving hole (22) and the function ring (14) sits at least partially in the annular recess (30)..
Bilz Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh & Co., Kg


Instrument, in particular medical-endoscopic instrument or technoscope

An instrument, particularly a medical endoscopic instrument or technoscope, includes a shank (2) and an instrument head (6) which is arranged at a distal shank end. The instrument head (6) is bendable relative to the shank and includes a tool with two jaw parts (12, 14) which can be pivoted relative to one another.
Richard Wolf Gmbh


Electric machine

The invention relates to an electric machine (10) comprising a stator (16) that has a stator core (17). Said core has a substantially cylindrical opening (60) having a central axis (63), and the opening (60) accommodates a rotor (20).
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Pole shoe cooling gap for axial motor

There is provided an axial flux motor comprising one or more rotating disks (10) and a stator (20) comprising a cavity (30) formed between walls (40a, 40b) and containing therein more than one electro-magnetic coil assembly (50). Each electro-magnetic coil assembly (50) comprises more than one pole piece (60), each having an axially extending shank portion (70a) and first and second radially extending end shoes (72a, 72b) and one or more associated coils (55), each of the one or more associated coils (55) being wound around a shank portion (70a), wherein said outer surface (75) of said end shoes are preferably joined to one or other of said walls (40a, 40b).
Yasa Motors Ltd


Coupling arrangement between a liquid reservoir and a main brake cylinder of a motor vehicle braking system

A coupling arrangement between a fluid reservoir and a main brake cylinder for a motor vehicle brake system includes two coupling arms with one coupling aperture each on one of the fluid reservoir or main brake cylinder. The other of the fluid reservoir or main brake cylinder has a mounting portion with a receiving aperture.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh


Machining system having a tool for finishing airfoils

An abrasive profiling tool that may be part of a robotic machining system for machining a trailing edge of an airfoil, includes a shank extending along a rotational axis, a bearing guide rotationally secured to a distal end of the shank for riding upon the airfoil; and an abrasive profiler projecting radially and rigidly outward from the shank for grinding at least the trailing edge as the shank rotates. The profiler may include a round-over portion for grinding the trailing edge and a chamfered blending portion for grinding adjacent surfaces of the airfoil to produce a smooth transition from the adjacent surfaces and to the trailing edge..
United Technologies Corporation


Rotary tool and manufacturing a rotary tool

The invention relates to a rotary tool (2), in particular a drill, having a cutting part (10) that extends in a longitudinal direction (8) from a clamping shank (6) arranged in a rearward region (22) to a tool front (12) arranged in a forward region (20), and in which helically running chip flutes (14) and continuously helically running coolant channels (36) are fashioned, such that an exit opening (42) of each coolant channel (36) is arranged in the respective chip flute (14), wherein the chip flutes (14) are each shaped with an angle of twist (α) varying in the longitudinal direction (8) such that, in the forward region (20) facing towards the tool front (12), the respective coolant channel (36) is intersected by the respective chip flute (14) so as to fashion the exit opening (42).. .
Kennametal Inc.


Compressive indentation fastener device

A compression indentation fastener device is described comprising a shank and a head. The head extends outwardly from an end of the shank in a transverse plane to define a head periphery.
Sr Systems, Llc


Plug assembly with retaining element

The present disclosure relates to plug assemblies within a gas turbine engine. In one embodiment, a plug assembly includes a boss which includes a shaft and a collar, a retaining element including at least two prongs, and a plug including a shank and at least one retaining feature.
United Technologies Corporation


Pointed working ends on a bit

In one aspect of the present invention, a drill string has a drill bit with a body intermediate a shank and a working face. The working face has a plurality of blades converging at a center of the working surface and diverging towards a gauge of the working face.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Masonry trowel

The masonry trowel (20) comprises a plate (22) extending in a plane (ρ) including an open surface (26) and a holding surface (24) having a pair of front perimeters (30) converging toward one another from a pair of shoulders (28) to define a v shape (30-30) and a point (32) in the plate (22). A handle (38) extends along a gripping axis (a) connected to the open surface (26) by a shank (44).


Fastener for fastening a panel to a support and assembly to fasten to said support, provided with a fastener and a panel

The invention concerns a fastener comprising a foot and a head comprising a plate to which said foot is linked, a wedge and a shank connecting said plate to said wedge, which comprises a back-plate, a rim and flexible arms connecting said rim to said back-plate, each arm comprises a first and a second curved section, and an elbow connecting them, said first section is connected to said back-plate by a first end of said arm and said second section is connected to said rim by a second end of said arm, said back-plate and each flexible arm are configured such that the distance between the center of said back-plate and said second section increases along said second section from said elbow to said rim.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Surgical screwdriver

Various embodiments include a device for driving a fastener into tissue, including a handle having a first and second end. A shank extends from the first end of the handle and terminates in a head.


Polyaxial bone anchor with insert guides

A polyaxial bone anchor with a receiver, a shank, a pressure insert, a retainer for holding the shank in the receiver, and a closure. The receiver having at least one vertically aligned guide on a surface of an interior shank and insert receiving chamber.


Polyaxial bone anchor with polymer sleeve

A bone anchor assembly comprising a shank, receiver, pressure insert, sleeve and closure. The sleeve having a body constructed of deformable material and including a transfer of non deformable material molded into the body of the sleeve to transfer force around the body.


Shoe midsole assembly equipped airbag system

Provided is an in-sole assembly for shoes. The in-sole assembly includes an in-sole, a shank board which is arranged on a lower part of the in-sole, an air bag cushion sole which is arranged on an upper part of the in-sole, wherein the air bag cushion sole includes a plurality of air bags in which air is filled and which are projected upwards, wherein the air bag includes a plurality of main air bags which are arranged from one side of an arched area of a foot to an area of a big toe so as to form a line, and a plurality of auxiliary air bags which are formed around the main air bags..


Puncture resistant workboot

A work boot has a midsole connected between an upper and a sob, the midsole having a plurality of layers of puncture resistant material lining an inner surface and side walls thereof. The side walls extend upwardly from a periphery of the inner surface of the midsole.


Tool holder

The invention relates to a bit holder for a road milling machine or the like, having a base part on which a bit shank and a projection are shaped, the projection comprising a bit receptacle, and the bit receptacle being constituted from a socket-shaped insert made of hard material. With a bit holder of this kind, good rotational behavior of the bit can be assisted and stable bracing thereof can be guaranteed, with little parts outlay, if provision is made that the bit receptacle is embodied as a stepped bore that comprises a first and a second diameter region, the first diameter region having a larger inside diameter than the second diameter region..
Wirtgen Gmbh


Drill bit for a down-the-hole drill hammer having nonconcentrically or spirally arranged cutting inserts

A drill bit for a down-the-hole drill hammer is provided that includes a head and a shank extending from the head. The head includes a plurality of non-concentrically or spirally arranged cutting members about its working face.
Center Rock Inc.


Modular cart

A modular cart includes a cart frame with a top and a bottom. A platform is secured to the top of the cart frame.
Unarco Industries Llc


Modular cart

A modular cart includes a cart frame with a top and a bottom. A platform is secured to the top of the can frame.
Unarco Industries Llc


Securing device for receiver hitches

A hitch pin assembly for securing a shank member to a hitch receiver tube to minimize relative motion between the shank member and receiver tube, comprising an elongated pin having a threaded portion, a threaded nut, an elastomer piece, and a shank member which are mated for tightened engagement compressing the elastomer piece so as to firmly engage the receiver tube. The shank member may include a slot for a corresponding threaded nut and elastomer piece so when the pin is tightened, the nut compresses the elastomer against the interior wall of the shank surface and upwardly, thereby restraining movement of the threaded nut and dampening movement of the shank inside the hitch receiver tube..


Torsion bar

A torsion bar for limiting torque, including a shank with a first end section and a second end section situated opposite from it in the lengthwise direction, also including a first coupler to non-rotatably join the shank to the driven spindle of an impact driver, whereby the first coupler is located on the first end section of the shank, and including a second coupler to non-rotatably join the shank to a threaded element, especially the nut of an expansion anchor, whereby the second coupler is arranged on the second end section of the shank, whereby the shank has at least one tapered torsion section in which the shank has a smaller cross section than in at least one of the end sections, characterized in that the shank has a plastic encapsulation, at least in the tapered torsion section.. .
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Modified shank fasteners for electromagnetic effect (eme) technology

A fastener system for composite structure providing electromagnetic energy protection has a shank with a threaded portion on a first end of the shank terminating in a lead-in portion. A head is present on a second end of the shank.
The Boeing Company


Brazing bond type diamond tool with excellent cuttability and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides a brazing bond type diamond tool having excellent cuttability. The diamond tool includes a shank having a body with a thickness of 2 mm or less and a tip portion formed along an edge of the body, the tip portion being thinner than the body; and a brazing bond layer formed on the tip portion of the shank to secure diamond particles having a particle size of 25 to 50 mesh with a brazing bond, wherein the brazing bond layer has a greater thickness than a difference between half the thickness of the shank body and half the thickness of the shank tip portion, such that some part of the shank body can penetrate into a surface of an object to be cut, and the tip portion of the shank has a curved surface at an end thereof..
Ehwa Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.


Welding electrodes and adapter therefor

An electrode cap and adapter assembly includes a cap having a useful life line inscribed thereon. The cap may be either a circumferentially configured internally finned cap or a self-dressing internally finned cap.


Milling burr

A milling burr for use in handheld machines has a shank and a cutting member of hard metal which is rigidly connected to said shank. The cutting member is provided with cutting teeth which extend in a first direction of twist.
August RÜggeberg Gmbh & Co. Kg


Metal pillar for dental implants

A one-piece, angled metal pillar for dental implants, includes a lower base with a threaded shank, a smooth cylindrical segment having one end connected with one end of the lower base, a bezel shaped as a frustoconical support base having one end connected to an opposite end of the smooth cylindrical segment, and an upper inclined segment connected to an opposite end of the support base, the upper inclined segment including an upper lateral opening in the form of a shaft for insertion of a wrench.. .


Electric machine

The invention relates to an electric machine (10) comprising a stator (16) that has a stator core (17). Said core has a substantially cylindrical opening (60) having a central axis (63), an internal diameter (d17i) and an external diameter (d17a) and the opening (60) accommodates a rotor (20).
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Nosepiece for eyeglass frames

Nosepiece for eyeglass frames, which comprises a plate, an appendage projecting from the plate and comprising a convex portion, and a cup which is fixed to the frame of eyeglasses, is provided with two opposite lateral walls joined together by a connection wall, and houses the appendage. A screw is provided, engaged in first through holes of the cup, having the shank placed to traverse a second through hole of the appendage, the latter being susceptible of rotating with respect to the cup around a first longitudinal axis with the surface of its convex portion in contact and in sliding-with-friction relation with the internal surface of the connection wall of the cup, in order to maintain the plate in the angular position reached around the first longitudinal axis..
Visottica Industrie S.p.a.


Blade anchored securely in radial translation, propeller, turbine engine and aircraft

A blade includes an aerodynamic portion (21) and an assembly of the aerodynamic portion to a blade shank retaining the aerodynamic portion in a radial direction (23). The blade shank includes at least one passage restriction in at least one retention direction orthogonal to the radial direction, having a restricted width allowing the aerodynamic portion (21) to pass through.
Ratier Figeac


Reaming head interface

The invention relates to a tool head for a rotary tool. The tool head extends along, and rotates about, a rotational axis in a rotational direction during operation.
Kennametal, Inc.


Polyaxial bone anchor having an open retainer with conical, cylindrical or curvate capture

Polyaxial bone anchor assemblies include a shank having an upper portion and a retainer for holding the shank upper portion in a receiver. The shank upper portion retainer interface is one of conical, cylindrical or curvate and may further include a radial ridge or undercut.


Foldable chair

A foldable chair includes a stick shank, a collar sleeve movable between distal and proximate positions on the stick shank, a carrier sleeved on the stick shank, and a seat unit. The seat unit includes a middle portion pivotally connected to the collar sleeve, and left and right wing portions hinged to the middle portion.


Schraubelement - screw element

A screw element (1), having a threaded shank (2) and a screw tip (4), on one shank end, and a screw head (5) on the opposite end with force-application means (7), and a screw thread (12) on the threaded shank (2) and the screw tip (4). The screw tip (4), has a front first tip portion (4a), which tapers towards the end of the screw element, and a second adjacent tip portion (4b), having, a polygonal cross section, with an enveloping circle diameter (dh) larger than a core diameter (dk) of the first tip portion (4a).


Biomarkers for autism spectrum disorders

Methods of determining the risk of asd in an individual are provided which comprise identifying the presence of one or more genomic mutations in one or more of the genes, ptchd1, shank3, nfia, dpp6, dpp10, dypd, gpr98, pqbp1, znf41 and ftsj1.. .
The Hospital For Sick Children


Coupler and production of a coupler with selectable configuration options

A process for producing a coupler and an improved coupler are provided. The process produces a coupler by constructing a mold that is a replica of the coupler and is constructed from a plurality of mold components that are selected and assembled to form a mold having the shape of the coupler.
Pennsy Corporation


Spoked wheel for a bicycle

A spoked wheel includes a rim, at least one spoke and at least one sealing sticker. The rim includes a spoke bed wall with at least one spoke hole therein, a pair of tire-holding flanges extending from opposite edges of the spoke bed wall, a base wall located radially inboard from the spoke bed wall and connected to the flanges.


In-line disposable torque limiting device suitable for power drive

A power driven in-line disposable torque-limiting device having a tool shaft extending axially through upper and lower shanks, and a spring to connect to a nut and a drive shaft, the tool shaft extending from the distal end of the device and a drive shaft extending from the proximal end of the device which mates with a power supply to provide rotational force, is disclosed. The face-to-floor gears within the device provide superior heat management capabilities, thereby reducing ablation and melting as compared to traditional gear arrangements.
Eca Medical Instruments


High capacity aluminum spot weld electrode

A welding electrode assembly is provided including a mounting adapter, a shank and an electrode cap. The electrode assembly includes a shortened shank reinforced over a larger percentage of its length by the mounting adapter and electrode cap.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Tool holding structure

Provided is a tool holding structure capable of effectively preventing a cutting tool from coming off a chuck portion. An outer fitting portion a is formed in an outer face of a shank portion 2 of a cutting tool t and an inner fitting portion b is formed in an inner face of a chuck portion 12 of a tool holder.
Daishowa Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Coupling for a cooling system in a cutting tool and a blade

A coupling and a blade for a cooling system in a cutting tool includes a first member including a shank having a first end and a second end. The first end of the shank defines a first end of the first member, and a head of the first member disposed at the second end of the shank and a top of the head of the first member defines a second end of the first member.
Seco Tools Ab


Bone anchoring device

A bone anchoring device has an anchoring element, a receiving portion, and a pressure element. The anchoring element includes a shank to be anchored in a bone or a vertebra and a head, the head having an exterior surface with a spherical segment-shaped portion.
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Dynamic spinal stabilization assemblies, tool set and method

A hinged bone screw and tool set is used for implanting such bone screws in a human spine, followed by the implantation of a longitudinal connecting member into the bone screws. The hinged bone screw includes a shank with an upper portion and a receiver with integral arms forming a u-shaped channel.


Fastener system comprising an externally threaded bolt and an internally threaded nut for the avoidance of cross-threading of the mating threads during assembly

A threaded fastener system, incorporating a bolt and a nut assembly, wherein the bolt has a threaded lead entry point whose pitch and helix angle are of a higher magnitude than that of those on the body/shank of the bolt.. .
Research Engineering & Manufacturing Inc.



A self-drilling and self-tapping anchoring screw for attachment to a concrete substrate formed from hardened steel or the like suitable material, and having a threaded proximal portion including a radially enlarged head and a coaxial distal portion, forming a concrete drill bit having a fluted shank and a concrete drill bit tip, said threaded proximal portion including a double lead, spaced thread configuration including a first thread helix of a given height and a second thread helix of a smaller height than said first thread helix; said first and second thread helix defining a space therebetween which serves as a reservoir to receive dust that is produced during the tapping operation and wherein said fluted shank functions to eject any particulates created during a drilling operation thereby enabling the threaded proximal portion to form an effective threaded connection with the concrete substrate during said tapping operation.. .


Adaptor for a tool or handle

An adaptor can adjustably couple a tool to a mount and includes a clamping assembly, a coupling assembly, and a cam lock assembly. The clamping assembly includes a base and a clamp movably coupled to the base.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Dental device fixing unit secured resiliently into implants and/or dental device fixing unit secured into implants enabling optional angular position adjustment

Dental device fixing unit (3) which can be secured resiliently into a dental implant enabling optional angular position adjustment comprising a threaded shank (4) tiltable in all direction projecting from the implant (2) and a fixing element (5) for securing the threaded shank (4) to the implant (2). The fixing element (5) consists of an insertion piece (6) and an intermediate piece (7) provided with a bore-hole (14) in which the threaded shank (4) is led through in order to secure the insertion piece (6) to the implant (2).


Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device includes a bone anchoring element having a shank and a head, a head receiving part having a first end, an open second end, and a hollow interior portion for receiving the head therein, a locking ring configured to be mounted around the head receiving part and having a rod receiving portion, a cap configured to be connected to the head receiving part, the cap having a central axis and two opposite legs extending in a direction of the central axis, and a locking element configured to extend from the cap to lock relative positions of the bone anchoring element and an inserted rod relative to the head receiving part, wherein the cap is rotatable relative to the head receiving part between a first position in which the cap is movable and a second position in which the legs engage the head receiving part.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Assembly for clamping and grounding objects

In various representative aspects, an apparatus for clamping and grounding solar panel frames to a mounting rail is disclosed herein. The apparatus comprises a fastener with an enlarged end, and a shank, with the enlarged end having one or more sharp protrusions that resemble teeth, and a washer with one or more sharp protrusions, and an opening.
Ironridge, Inc.


Device for applying tension to a drum head

A drum tensioning device is provided. The drum tensioning device can include an insert having a flange and a shank.
Pearl Musical Instrument Co.


Swage lock fasteners

A fastener includes a pin member, a swage collar, and an insert. The pin member includes an elongated shank portion, a head, a threaded portion having an external thread and a plurality of lock grooves, and a pull portion.
Alcoa Inc.


Anti-freeze faucet

An anti-freeze faucet includes a housing engaged into a receptacle, a check valve device engaged into the housing, a cap mounted on the housing and having an opening communicating with the check valve device, a casing attached to the cap and having a space communicating with the opening of the cap and having one or more outlet orifices, a non-circular follower is slidably engaged in a non-circular chamber of the casing for guiding the follower to move up and down along the casing, a plug is attached to the follower for blocking and opening the cap, and a shank is engaged in the casing and has a threaded segment engaged with the follower for moving the follower along the casing and for moving the plug to engage with the cap.. .


Diamond plated grinding endmill for advanced hardend ceramics machining

A grinding tool for reducing damage to the tool during a milling operation is provided in an embodiment herein, including a generally cylindrical body having a first and second end, a grinding portion adjacent to the first end and a shank portion adjacent to the second end. An outer surface of the tool includes a diamond coating, two or more flutes formed in the grinding portion, and at least one grinding element formed in the grinding portion between the two or more flutes, wherein the flutes and grinding element are disposed along a longitudinal axis of the tool.
G.w. Schultz Tool, Inc.


Cutting tool assembly

A cutting tool assembly is provided, the assembly comprising a support body; a holder having a portion for holding a cutting insert, wherein the holder is mounted to the support body for movement of the cutting insert with respect to the support body; an adjustment assembly for moving the position of the holder relative to the support body, the adjustment assembly comprising: an adjustment screw rotatably mounted to the support body; and an adjustment member having an adjustment surface bearing against a surface of the holder, the adjustment member being threadably mounted on the adjustment screw by a first thread on the shank of the adjustment screw; whereby rotation of the adjustment screw moves the adjustment member longitudinally along the adjustment screw, movement of the adjustment member moving the position of the portion of the holder for holding a cutting insert relative to the support body.. .
Rigibore Limited

Shank topics: Engageable, Longitudinal Axis, Surgical Instrument, Transverse

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