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Shank patents

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Connecting body for nails

Total Fastening

Connecting body for nails

Self-drilling screw and use thereof

Sfs Intec Holding Ag

Self-drilling screw and use thereof

Self-drilling screw and use thereof

Travel pillow

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Polyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle patent thumbnailPolyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle
A polyaxial bone anchoring device is provided including an anchoring element (1) having a shank (2) for anchoring in the bone and a head (3), the head comprising a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (3a); a receiving part (4) configured to be pivotably connected to said head (3), the receiving part having a first end (4a), a second end (4b), a central axis (c) extending through the first end (4a) and the second end (4b), a channel (42) for receiving a rod (100), an accommodation space (44) for accommodating the head (3), the accommodation space (44) having a lower opening (45) at the second end (4b), and a coaxial passage (41) extending from the first end (4a) into the accommodation space (44), a cap member (6, 6′) that is arranged at least partially in the accommodation space (44), the cap member (6, 6′) having a first portion (61) that is configured to be positioned at least partially around the head (3), wherein the first portion (61) is expandable in the accommodation space (44) to allow insertion of the head (3) and compressible to exert pressure onto the head (3); a sleeve-like insert piece (5) configured to be positioned at least partially around the first portion (61) of the cap member (6, 6), wherein the sleeve-like insert piece (5) comprises a spherically-shaped outer surface portion (51) and is configured to pivot in the receiving part (4).. .
 Connecting body for nails patent thumbnailConnecting body for nails
A connecting body for nails includes a large number of nails that are arrayed in parallel to each other at regular intervals, each including a shank portion welded to two wires respectively crossing the nails at two positions spaced apart from each other in a direction of an axial line of the shank portion so that the nails are connected to each other. A diameter of each of the two wires is set to be sufficiently smaller than a diameter of each of the nails.
Total Fastening Co., Ltd.
 Self-drilling screw and use thereof patent thumbnailSelf-drilling screw and use thereof
A self-drilling screw made of an austenitic or other stainless steel, is provided having a drilling tip. The shank is integrally formed of an austenitic or other stainless steel and has a galvanically applied thin coating at least in the tip region, with the coating being harder than a non-coated region.
Sfs Intec Holding Ag
 Travel pillow patent thumbnailTravel pillow
A travel pillow that assists in maintaining an upright and healthy posture while sleeping in public or private transportation. The pillow is an elongated plush, padded fabric tubular body filled with padding material.
 Animal excrement picker patent thumbnailAnimal excrement picker
An animal excrement picker includes a handle and shank with a picker at the lower end defined by an array of support bars fixed in a plane at right angles to the shank. Each bar carries a plurality of spikes extending downwardly therefrom; in an array of generally parallel spikes in generally parallel rows and columns for engaging into and holding thereon an excrement element.
 Closure latch patent thumbnailClosure latch
A latch comprising a base, a handle, a socket, a nut, a threaded shank, and a hollow shaft is provided. The base includes a central through hole and a side recess.
 Maximum security/maximum versatility ball mount assembly patent thumbnailMaximum security/maximum versatility ball mount assembly
A hitch accessory retaining device includes a pair of opposed engagement pins and a biasing device. When positioned within a shank body, the engagement pins are slidable within shank pinning apertures and are normally urged in outward, extended positions by the biasing device.
 Drill bits having flushing and systems for using same patent thumbnailDrill bits having flushing and systems for using same
A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and a full face crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid.
Longyear Tm, Inc.
 Drill bits having blind-hole flushing and systems for using same patent thumbnailDrill bits having blind-hole flushing and systems for using same
A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and a full face crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid.
Longyear Tm, Inc.
 Device and  decreasing energy consumption of a person by use of a lower extremity exoskeleton patent thumbnailDevice and decreasing energy consumption of a person by use of a lower extremity exoskeleton
A lower extremity exoskeleton, configurable to be coupled to a person, includes: leg supports configurable to be coupled to the person's lower limbs and designed to rest on the ground during stance phases, with each leg support having a thigh link and a shank link; two knee joints, each configured to allow flexion and extension between respective shank and thigh links; an exoskeleton trunk configurable to be coupled to the person's upper body, rotatably connectable to the thigh links of the leg supports, allowing for the flexion and extension between the leg supports and the exoskeleton trunk; two hip actuators configured to create torques between the exoskeleton trunk and the leg supports; and at least one power unit capable of providing power to the hip actuators. In use, power is supplied to the hip actuators in an amount to reduce the energy consumed by a user during a walking cycle..

Flexible cable assembly providing local lockout

A remote switching system for electrical switches in a cabinet provides an actuator frame and slider that may be assembled to the electrical switch to engage the switch actuator for remote control. The actuator frame includes an opening allowing insertion of a lock shank through the opening to block motion of the slider from an “off” state to an “on” state thereby allowing the actuator frame to also serve as a local lockout..

Dirt and rock cutting bit tool

A dirt and rock cutting tool includes a cutting bit mounted on a bit holder. The cutting tool is secured to a bit holder in a manner that allows infinite rotational positioning of the cutting bit but substantially prevents rotation of the cutting bit once secured to a bit holder.

Towing apparatus

A towing apparatus that is operable to receive and store a tow rope and is further configured to protect the tow rope when not deployed for use. The towing apparatus further includes a shank that is configured to couple with a receiver of a conventional frame hitch.

Hoe for facilitating working on at least two sides of a plant simultaneously

A hoe for facilitating working on at least two sides of a plant simultaneously which comprises a handle, a shank, a ferrule, and a blade. The blade has a first inner angled edge of a first outcrop, and a second inner angled edge of a second outcrop which form between them a substantially v-shaped opening.

Deflectable finger connection feature on surgical saw blade

A surgical cutting blade for cutting bone material when the blade is coupled to a hand-held surgical saw includes a distal portion comprising a plurality of cutting teeth, a shank portion adjacent the distal portion, and a proximal portion adjacent the shank portion. The proximal portion may include a longitudinally extending slot having a proximal opening.

System and a detachable button

A detachable button system has a fixed base component permanently attached to a garment and a detachable button component. The base and the detachable button components each have cooperating attachment elements that allow the components when assembled to function as a button.

Bone screw fastener

An improved bone screw for humans or mammals is a bone screw having exposed surfaces along a shank and threads extending from the shank with one or more selected portions of the exposed surfaces having a 3-dimensional pattern. The pattern provides enhanced resistance to thread loosening when affixed to bone.
Vivex Biomedical Inc.

Endoscopic instrument

An endoscopic instrument includes a shank (2) with an instrument head (9) arranged at the distal shank end (1) and includes a tool with two jaw parts (11, 12). The jaw parts (11, 12) are pivotable relative to one another and can be controlled from the proximal instrument end via a pull elements (5-8) led in the shank (2).
Richard Wolf Gmbh

Thrust screw for bearing against an axle

A thrust screw for bearing against an axle includes a screw body, a first race member and a row of rolling elements. The screw body has a head and a shank.

Light-guiding tool shank, high light-guide tool shank, and light-emitting fastening tool

A light-guiding tool shank, a handle unit, a light-emitting element and a power allocation unit are assembled together to form a light-emitting fastening tool. The light-guiding tool shank includes a shank body, a light-guiding portion and a fastener fixing head.

Pin adapter bushing for retaining a furrowing tip on a shank body

An adapter bushing is supported on a furrowing opener of an agricultural implement. The adapter bushing includes a bushing body received by interference fit within a transverse opening in a shank body of the furrowing opener.
Dutch Blacksmith Shop Ltd.

Fill valves for toilets

A fill valve assembly for a toilet tank is described. The fill valve assembly includes a two part design.

Plumbing fitting assemblies

Plumbing fitting assemblies are described. The plumbing fitting assemblies use a male and female fitting combination that enables a user or installer to make a sealed connection on an internal diameter of a female part or receiving end by way of an o-ringed shank on a male part or insert end.

Cervical bone anchor with collet retainer and outer locking sleeve

A cervical polyaxial bone anchor includes a shank having an integral spherical head and a receiver having an upper channel for receiving a rod and a lower seat near a lower opening for receiving a closed retainer that includes a compressible upper portion engaged with the receiver seat and an expandable lower portion capturing the shank head. An outer sleeve slidable with the receiver prohibits expansion of the retainer lower portion during operation.

Guard device for surgical cutting and evoked potential monitoring system

A guard for use with a surgical cutting system. The guard includes a housing and wiring.
Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

Dowel element

A dowel element is provided and includes a shank portion including first and second mating parts. One of the first and second mating parts includes a first exterior surface and is formed to define an anti-fretting relief including a second exterior surface recessed from the first exterior surface in a radial dimension..
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Micro-saw blade for bone-cutting surgical saws

A surgical cutting blade for cutting bone material when the blade is coupled to a hand-held surgical saw having protrusions extending therefrom that interface with the cutting blade. The cutting blade includes a distal end comprising a plurality of cutting teeth and a shank portion adjacent the distal end.
Medtronic Ps Medical, Inc.

Method and system for humanely dispatching wounded game

A method, system, and apparatus for humanely dispatching wounded game in the field comprises a shank with a connecting end, a curved region, and a pointed end connected to a grip formed at the connecting end of the shank. The grip includes a front surface, a rear surface and a lip formed along the forward edge of the grip.

Centrifugal deflection device for a surgical or dental handpiece for removing foreign matter

Centrifugal deflection device intended to be fitted to a surgical or dental handpiece to prevent the penetration of foreign matter that results from an operation, the centrifugal deflection device including a ring coupled in rotation either directly or via a tool shank to a drive shaft of the handpiece. This device is characterized in that the ring is covered by a sleeve secured to the front end of the body of the handpiece and which, with the ring, delimits an ejection chamber.
Bien-air Holding S.a.

Modular reamer system

A rotary cutting tool having a monolithic carbide cutting member defining a carbide cutting head and a carbide shaft extending outwardly from the cutting head. The shaft includes a conduit in fluid communication with a port for delivering coolant and/or lubricating fluid to an interface between the cutting tool and a work piece.
Kennametal, Inc.

Chair-convertible walking stick

A chair-convertible walking stick includes a stick shank, a collar sleeve movable between distal and proximate positions on the stick shank, a carrier slidable between upper and lower positions on the stick shank, and a seat unit. The seat unit includes a middle portion pivotally connected to the collar sleeve, and left and right wing portions hinged to the middle portion.

Waterproof screw, sealing material, structure installation, and structure for structure installation

A waterproof screw includes a screw member including a head portion and a shank portion and a sealing material covering the circumference of the shank portion. In the sealing material, the tackiness of a surface at the outer side in a radial direction of the shank portion is lower than that of a surface at the inner side in the radial direction thereof and the inner side in the radial direction of the sealing material has a shear storage elastic modulus g′ at 25° c.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Bone fixation device

A bone fixation element (100) for fixing a bone fixation plate (200) to a bone (5) is disclosed. The bone fixation element (100) includes a shank (140) receivable into the bone (5) and a head (120) securable to the bone fixation plate (200).
Austofix Group Limited

Tilt adjustment of ball mount head

A ball mount head has a pivotable connection to a shank portion of a weight distribution hitch. A tilt selector receives a bolt through a hole and is connected to one of the shank portion and the ball mount head with two pegs extending into two of at least three connection points on the ball mount head.
Curt Manufacturing, Llc

Method of seperating fastener shanks from heads or frames

A device and method for removal of fasteners by electro-discharge machining (edm) such that portions of the fastener, such as a flange, may be separated from other portions of the fastener, such as a shank.. .
Perfect Point Edm Corporation

Button for rocker arm assembly

The present disclosure provides a button for a rocker arm assembly. The button includes a head portion.
Caterpillar Inc.

Fastener for installation tool for roof truss framing and construction system

An installation tool fastener is particularly adapted for fastening a top plate to a roof support member and other structural connections and is particularly adapted for use with an installation tool. The installation tool fastener has a head with a maximum head diameter and a recess for coupling with a drive coupler.

Driving tool combination

A driving tool combination includes a driving tool shank having a non-circular engaging hole formed in one end and a notch formed in the other end, a driving adapter attached to the driving tool shank with a pivot shaft and having a non-circular driving stud, a driving member having a non-circular engaging hole for engaging with the driving stud, a spring-biased projection engaged in the driving tool shank for anchoring the driving adapter to the driving tool shank, and a driving tool device includes a driving stem having a non-circular driving head for engaging with the driving tool shank and for allowing the driving tool shank to be rotated and driven by the driving stem of the driving tool device.. .

Integrated flow drill screw with t-stud

A flow drill screw includes a shank that extends along a rotation axis. The shank includes a flow drill portion and a thread portion.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Jointed fishing hook

A jointed fishing hook is provided. The jointed fishing hook includes a top shank and a bottom shank.

Drilling apparatus and method

A drill bit has a shank adapted to be attached to a power tool and a cutting portion adapted to drill a hole in a material. A collar is spaced along the length of the drill bit to set a depth distance that the drill bit is allowed to be inserted into a material being drilled.
Irwin Industrial Tool Company

Power generation device and shoe equipment having power generation device

A power generation device includes a first pivot arm having a shank extendable in a predetermined direction, and a rack arranged along the predetermined direction, wherein the shank has a slot between the rack and an end portion of the shank; a second pivot arm having a first end portion coupled with the end portion of the shank at a first pivot; and a third pivot arm having a first end portion coupled with a second end portion of the second pivot arm at a second pivot, and a second end portion of the third pivot arm coupled with the slot of the shank at a third pivot.. .


A chisel includes an elongate shank portion composed of a first steel, and a working end portion composed of a second steel that is different than the first steel. The working end portion is joined to the shank and configured to chisel a workpiece.
Black & Decker Inc.

Fishing lure, hook appurtenance for fishing lure, and casting

A fishing lure and method of casting are disclosed. In one aspect, a lure assembly includes a fishing hook having an eyelet and a bend separated by a shank, the bend terminating at a point separated from the shank by a gape.

Method for preparing highly-deformable titanium and titanium-alloy one-piece fasteners

A method of forming a fastener may include inserting a blank precursor into a bore of a forming die having an enlarged bore portion. The method may further include applying a first axial compression force to the blank precursor, and forming a cold-worked head section and an enlarged shank portion on the blank precursor corresponding to the enlarged bore portion.
The Boeing Company

Clip element and component connection

A mushroom-shaped clip with a hollow, radially elastic sleeve section and a clamping edge protruding outwardly from the shank. The clip element being used in a component connection having a first component having a projecting male form-fitting element; a second component having a through-hole into which the male form-fitting element projects; and a clip element comprising a radially elastic sleeve section and a clamping edge projecting outward from the sleeve section, wherein the sleeve section is form-fittingly and/or frictionally clipped onto the male form-fitting element, and the clamping edge extends at least partially over the through-hole of the second component and rests against a side of the second component facing away from the first component or is fixedly connected with the second component..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Asymmetric fastener recess and key

A fastening system including a pin member and a key for engaging the pin member. The pin member includes a shank portion and a recess formed within an end face of the shank portion.
Alcoa Inc.

Bolt for gas turbine engine rotor

The bolt has, in sequence along a bolt axis: a threaded portion, a thread run-out portion, a shank, and a head, the threaded portion having a thread with a given root radius and a given depth, the thread run-out portion connected to the shank via a thread run-out fillet having a thread run-out fillet radius, the thread run-out fillet radius being between two and six times the thread root radius.. .
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Attachment structure for main spindle and tool holder of machine tool

There is provided an attachment structure for a main spindle and a tool holder of a machine tool. The tool holder is attached to the main spindle by a tapered shank portion of the tool holder being inserted into a tapered hole formed in the main spindle of the machine tool.
Fanuc Corporation

Unit for duplicating recesses of a cylindrical key

It is the object of this invention to provide a unit for duplicating recesses of a key with a cylindrical shank. A unit 1 for duplicating recesses of a key 2 with a cylindrical shank in a duplicating machine, where the key comprises a gripping part 3 and a cylindrical operational shank 4 on the surface of which encoding recesses 5 are made that cooperate with elements to unlock a lock mechanism, such as bolts, and on the outer surface of which, radially to the axis of the key, an abutment 6 is positioned that secures the position of the key 2 in the lock mechanism and transfers driving force from the key 2 to the lock mechanism, where the duplicating machine 7 is provided with two receptacles 8, where in the first receptacle 8 a master key 2 to be duplicated is inserted, and in the other receptacle 8 a blank key 2 is inserted, and the receptacles 8 have a flat key shape in cross-section.


A drill bit has a tool shank, a center axis, a first cutting region with at least one geometrically defined first cutting edge, the same having a cutting face arranged at a radial distance from the center axis of the drill bit. The first cutting edge forms a countersink angle with the center axis.
Mapal Fabrik Für Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress Kg

Rotary cutting tool

A rotary cutting tool (10) comprises a shank (12) formed of a first material of a first hardness. The shank (12) has a first end (12a), and a plurality of elements (14) are provided at the first end (12a) of the shank (12).
Exactaform Cutting Tools Limited

Retention and anti-roatation for bulkhead fittings

A bulkhead fitting has a partially assembled configuration and a fully assembled configuration on a bulkhead. The bulkhead includes an interior surface that define a hole.
Parker-hannifin Corporation

Tool holder

A tool holder includes a collet configured to be clamped to the shank of a tool and a pull-out protection element configured to secure the tool against being pulled out of the collet. The pull-out protection further includes a protection element such that pull-out forces acting on the tool are transmitted to the collet.
Eugen Fahrion Gmbh & Co Kg

Key for a lock

A key (1) for operating a lock such as a door lock or padlock, includes a grip portion (2) and a cylindrical shank (3). The shank includes an abutment (4) that extends radially to position the key in the lock and transfer driving force from the key to the lock mechanism.

Lock mechanism with a key removal interlock and an interlock of key removal from a lock mechanism

It is the object of this invention to provide a lock mechanism with a key removal interlock, and an interlock of key removal from a lock mechanism, for locks with a cylinder, enabling removal of the key from the lock in only one angular position. A lock mechanism with a key removal interlock, comprising a cylinder 1 with two concentric sleeves, an inner sleeve 2 and an outer sleeve 3, with locking components 5 radially arranged angularly in rows 4 along the axis of the cylinder 1 and positioned in channels 6 formed in the inner sleeve 2 and the outer sleeve 3, unlocked with a cylindrical key with an internal guiding bore and positioned on the key outer surface decoding elements, is characterized in that at least two radially arranged angularly rows 4 of locking components 5 are positioned in the inner sleeve 2 and the outer sleeve 3 with different angular spacing.

Dental and medical instruments comprising titanium

Endodontic instruments for use in performing root canal therapy on a tooth are disclosed. In one form, the instruments include an elongate shank having a cutting edge extending from a distal end of the shank along an axial length of the shank.
Gold Standard Instruments, Llc

Method of using spine stabilization system with dynamic screw

A method of using a spine stabilization system in one embodiment includes inserting a bone fastener shank through a receiver structure cavity and then through a distal opening of the receiver member, positioning a head of the fastener against a bearing surface of the receiver structure, positioning a bearing member on an upper portion of the head, positioning a first pivot bearing portion of a pivot member above the positioned bearing member, positioning a pivot portion of a connector assembly on the positioned first pivot bearing portion, positioning a second pivot bearing portion of the pivot member on an upper portion of the pivot portion, and threading a fixation screw into a threaded portion of the receiver structure, thereby (i) causing the pivot member to clamp the pivot portion, and (ii) clamping the head of the screw between the first bearing and the bearing surface.. .
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc

Barbless weighted releasable fish descending hook

An elongated barbless upside down hook, physically returns a fish back to the bottom, naturally recompressing the trapped air, oxygenating the fish on the way down and releasing it unharmed. The hook uses a weight attached at the end of the shank to descend the device and a retrieval line attached at the bend (bight) to withdraw the hook from the fish and bring the hook back to the surface.

Brush head attachment

The present invention relates to a brush head attachment, in particular for an electric sonic toothbrush, comprising a shank member carrying a bristle bundle, and a coupling member (1) provided on the fastening-side end of said shank member with at least one connection surface for a drive shaft of said handpiece which, when a brush head attachment is mounted on a handpiece, protrudes into said coupling member (1), a spring element that can be operatively connected with said drive shaft for securing said drive shaft to said brush head attachment and/or transferring a drive motion of said drive shaft to said brush head attachment, and a metal ring (4) disposed in a widened fastening foot (2) formed by said coupling member (1). In this inexpensively manufactured brush head attachment according to the present invention, said metal ring (4) is a die-cast member..
M+c Schiffer Gmbh

Adjustable golf club

Apparatus and methods are described herein to provide a golf club, such as, for example, a putter, with a select loft angle and/or a select lie angle. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a golf club having a golf club head, a hosel, and a hosel shim.

Threaded shank, connection assembly and gas turbine engine for improved fatigue life of threads

A threaded shank for engaging with a threaded further component is provided herein, the further component having a cylindrical first thread with a uniform first thread pitch and a uniform first thread angle, the threaded shank including a second thread with a uniform second thread pitch and a uniform second thread angle and including a third thread with a uniform third thread pitch and a uniform third thread angle along an axial expanse of the third thread. The first thread angle and the second thread angle and the third thread angle being substantially identical, the first thread pitch and the second thread pitch and the third thread pitch being substantially identical, wherein the second thread and the third thread are spaced apart axially by a thread-free region, a second thread helix and a third thread helix have an axial offset to one another..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Lock bolt collar with high standoff internal bead

A lock bolt collar comprises a shank having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, a through-bore extending from the first end to the second end, an inner wall having an internal bead located proximate to the first end of the shank and extending circumferentially and inwardly into the through-bore. The bead includes a first inner diameter and an extended portion extending from the bead and to a point proximate to the second end, the extended portion including a second inner diameter, where the second inner diameter is greater than the first inner diameter..
Alcoa Inc.

Electric spindle for numerical control machines

Electric spindle for numerical control machines structured to lock and rotationally drive a tool about a predetermined reference axis locally coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the tool; the electric spindle comprising: an outer structural casing that is structured to be rigidly attachable to a generic numerical control machine; an electric motor that is housed within the structural casing and is provided with a drive shaft, which projects/emerges with its front end outside the structural casing while remaining locally coaxial to the reference axis of the electric spindle; a rotating thrust-bearing bushing or sleeve, which is fitted in an axially rotatable manner on the front end of the drive shaft via interposition of a first set of annular rolling bearings, and is maintained coaxial to the reference axis of the electric spindle by a second set of annular rolling bearings, which are interposed between the rotating bushing or sleeve and the structural casing; and at least one disassemblable tool-holder head that is structured to be attachable, in a rigid and stable though easily releasable manner, to the front end of the drive shaft, is structured so as to accommodate and retain, in a rigid and stable though easily releasable manner, the shank of a generic tool for numerical control machines, and is provided with a peripheral crown that is dimensioned/structured to stably abut, selectively and alternatively, on the front end of the drive shaft or on the rotating thrust-bearing bushing or sleeve.. .
Fcs System S.r.l.

Fluid powered spindle

A fluid-powered high-speed spindle (100) having a longitudinal axis (a) defining an upper end defined by a shank and a lower end accepting a tool. The spindle includes a body (120), a rotatable shaft (530) supported by at least one bearing (508) within the body (120), a seal housing (150) connected to the body (120) at the lower end thereof, a cover (180) connected to the seal housing (150) at the lower end thereof, a fluid channel system for directing fluid from an entry port (102) to a nozzle (576) for turning a turbine (570) attached to the shaft (530); and a flinger (660) attached to the shaft (530) and positioned above the turbine (570).
Colibri Spindles, Ltd.

Stock puller

A low-cost, easily manufactured stock puller with unibody construction that positions stock on a cnc lathe is provided herein. The stock puller is constructed from a lightweight, yet highly durable material that does not mar the stock as it is being pulled.

Systems and methods for providing one or more cooling holes in a slash face of a turbine bucket

A turbine bucket is disclosed herein. The turbine bucket may include a platform and a shank portion extending radially inward from the platform.
General Electric Company

Dental implant cleaner

The present invention discloses a dental implant cleaner 40a comprising a main body 41a, a shank 41b provided at the upper surface of the main body 41a to be mounted on a hand-piece, a plurality of elastic supporting legs 43a provided at the lower surface of the main body 41a to encompass the surface of the dental implant, and a plurality of cleaning tips 44a provided inwardly at the end portion of the elastic supporting legs 43a respectively to be contacted on the surface of the dental implant.. .
Siwon Co., Ltd.

Rescue auger

A rescue auger has a transport tube that is approximately five feet long with a spout having an angled portion that is disposed on top of the transport tube to direct grain out from the transport tube. An auger is located within the transport tube to direct grain up and out towards the spout when rotated.

Guided keeper and metal forming dies

A locking collar assembly for metal forming dies includes a disc-shaped locking collar with a cylindrical outer surface closely received in a collar bore in one face of a first die member. A circular recess in the outer face of the locking collar has an internal retainer ring groove.
Standard Lifters, Inc.

Bone anchor and bone anchor assembly comprising the same

A locking structure (5, 105, 205) being provided adjacent the first end of the recess (3, 103, 203), said locking structure (5, 105, 205) being configured to engage and exert a biasing force on a proximal end portion (42, 142, 242) of the pin-shaped element (4, 104, 204) towards the stop (36) such as to stress and bend an intermediate portion (44) of the pin-shaped element (4, 104, 204) in a transverse direction (e) away from the shank (2).. .

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