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Shank patents


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 Coaxial barrel fittings and couplings with ground establishing traveling sleeves patent thumbnailCoaxial barrel fittings and couplings with ground establishing traveling sleeves
Barrel connectors, a right angled adaptor and a single ended fitting include at least one axially displaceable traveling sleeve for insuring electrical continuity with coaxial connector, nominally an f-connector. Each barrel connector described comprises a rigid, metallic hollow body housing an internal contact tube.
Perfectvision Manufacturing, Inc.

 Stand-off weld stud patent thumbnailStand-off weld stud
A weld stud including a shank that has a reduced diameter portion, and a larger diameter portion. A weld base is defined on the reduced diameter portion and a flange is positioned on the larger diameter portion.
Nelson Stud Welding, Inc.

 Two-steel screw with an extrusion connection and  producing said screw patent thumbnailTwo-steel screw with an extrusion connection and producing said screw
The invention relates to a two-steel screw comprising a top part and a cutting part, the top part consisting of a corrosion-resistant material and having a screw head and a shank portion, and the cutting part consisting of a hardenable material, the top part being permanently connected to the cutting part in the region of the shank portion by way of impact extrusion.. .
Ejot Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Connector for connecting profiled-section elements patent thumbnailConnector for connecting profiled-section elements
A connector, for connecting two profiled-section elements of the channel type having a bottom and an upper side formed by flanges defining between them a longitudinal slot, includes an elongate connector body designed to be inserted partially into each of the profiled-section elements to be connected from the respective longitudinal ends thereof, where the connector body is at least provided with two bores. The connector includes at least two screws, the screws having a shank having a tip on one end and a head on another end, where the shanks of the respective screws extend through the respective bores.
J. Van Walraven Holding B.v.

 Shank chisel and fixing assembly for a shank chisel patent thumbnailShank chisel and fixing assembly for a shank chisel
The present invention relates to a shank chisel with a chisel head and a chisel shank, wherein the chisel shank has a securing element receptacle in which a securing element is arranged. In order to be able to make simple installation of the shank chisel in a chisel holder possible in a safe and maintenance-optimized manner of operation, it is provided according to the invention that a clamping element is adjustable relative to the chisel shank in such a manner that at least one part of the outer contour of the securing element is changed.
Betek Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Percussion drill bit with at least one wear insert, related systems, and methods patent thumbnailPercussion drill bit with at least one wear insert, related systems, and methods
Various drill bits, drilling systems and related methods are provided. In one embodiment, a drill bit comprises a bit body having a face and a shank, at least one insert having a convex engagement surface coupled with the face and at least one wear insert coupled with the shank.
Dover Bmcs Acquisition Corp.

 Method of producing a medical cutting instrument patent thumbnailMethod of producing a medical cutting instrument
A method of producing a medical cutting instrument. Medical cutting instrument is provided which stably exhibits high joint strength obtained by brazing.
Mani, Inc.

 Hand held exercising device patent thumbnailHand held exercising device
An exercising device includes a housing member having one or more rollers, and having a spindle, a handle device includes a shank having a head attached to the spindle for allowing the shank of the handle device to be pivoted relative to the housing member, and a latch device slidably attached to the housing member and engageable with the handle device for positioning the shank of the handle device to the housing member at a selected angular position. The head of the shank of the handle device includes one or more notches, and the latch device includes a latch member slidably attached to the housing member and having one or more pawls for engaging with the notches of the head and for positioning the shank of the handle device to the housing member at the selected angular position..

 Video endoscope patent thumbnailVideo endoscope
A video endoscope including: a shank; an image-recording device arranged in a distal region of the shank; a flexible circuit board electrically connected to an image-recording device; and a cooling element; wherein the flexible circuit board rests on the cooling element and at least portions of an exterior of the cooling element fit an inner contour of the shank in a stress-free manner. .
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

 Compound adjustable fishing sinker patent thumbnailCompound adjustable fishing sinker
A compound, adjustable fishing sinker comprised of a plurality of weights. All of the weights have a hole through which a fishing line may be tied, allowing any of the weights to be the initial weight put on a line.

Circuit board pad layout and mechanical retainer

Printed circuit board pad layouts and mechanical retainers are disclosed herein. For example, a printed circuit board is disclosed having a row of electrically conductive pads, the row of pads including pairs of signal pads with exactly one reference pad interposed between each pair of the signal pads.
Ross Video Limited

Drill structure

A drill structure includes a shank part and a flute part. A chisel edge is formed on the front end of the flute part and two primary relief faces with tile directions toward the shank part are symmetrically formed on the two sides of the chisel edge.
Tct Global Limited

Fastener locking members

A locking member for a fastener, such as a nut or a collar, includes a shank portion and a flanged portion, a bore extending the shank portion and the flanged portion and including a first interior portion located within the shank portion and a containment cavity located within the flanged portion, and an inner wall defining the containment cavity. The containment cavity includes an inner diameter that is greater than an inner diameter of the first interior portion of the bore.
Alcoa Inc.

Drill bit for a drilling apparatus

A down-hole drilling apparatus includes a bearing housing defining a longitudinal axis and upper and lower portions. The upper portion of the bearing housing is configured for connection to a drill string, and at least one annular bearing package disposed within the bearing housing.
Scientific Drilling International, Inc.

Toolholder with viscous fluid inertial mass damper

A toolholder includes a cutting tool mounted to a head attached to a collar at a first end of the toolholder. A shank is located at a second, opposite end of the toolholder.
Kennametal Inc.

Gait analysis devices, methods, and systems

A quantitative gait training and/or analysis system includes a pair of footwear modules that may include a shank module and an independent processing module. Each footwear module may have a sole portion, a heel portion, a speaker, vibrotactile transducer and a wireless communication module.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Anchor for hollow walls

An anchor (910) for mounting to a hollow wall (w) made of friable material comprises a proximal flanged end (918) adapted to be engaged by a rotatable tool (b) to rotate the anchor (910) about a longitudinal axis (a) thereof and to cause is to gradually engage the wall (w). The anchor (910) also includes a distal end (912) adapted to cut through the wall (w) as the anchor (910) is rotated, and a shank (920) extending between the proximal and distal ends (918, 912).
Cobra Fixations Cie Ltee - Cobra Anchors Co. Ltd.

Handle weight mounting structure of straddle-type vehicle

A handle weight mounting structure of a straddle-type vehicle which achieves a simple structure and thereby enables a reduction of variation in the vibration isolating performance and a cost reduction. A fastening bolt includes a shank portion in which an external thread portion to be screwed and joined to the inner face of a handle pipe is formed; and a head portion which is formed on an end part of the shank portion for pressing the outer weight in the axial direction of the handle pipe, the shank portion includes a lock portion which is designed to couple the outer weight and the inner weight to each other.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Color safeguarded dental-implant surgical kit with drilling-depth limiter

An apparatus is an implant-dentist more readily identifiable visual segregation amongst their oral-surgery arbor-tools used conjunction with a conventional hand-held power/rotary-tool. The arbor-tools generally has at least a tri-echeloned set, wherein are included progressions of drill-bit lengths and companion thread-taps appearing in three different diameters.

Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device includes an anchoring element having a shank and a head having an outer surface portion shaped as a segment of a sphere, a receiving part having a seat portion for receiving the head, and a pressure element having a head contacting surface portion having at least two circumferentially distinct projections and defining a recess for holding the head, the recess having a first region configured to receive the head and a second region defined by at least part of one of the projections and having an undersize compared to the shape of the head, such that when the head is held in the recess, the projections extend over a portion of the head with the largest outer diameter, and the head contacting surface portion corresponding to the second region is expanded from a neutral position to clamp the head by friction.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg

Tailgate and door adjustors

A tailgate adjuster in a preferred example comprises an adjustably locking rotatable bracket comprising a plurality of rotatably linked shank components, with at least one shank component joined to a sprocket component having a plurality of sprocket teeth, and at least one other shank component joined to a rotatable trigger component having a sprocket-engaging trigger tooth. The trigger component is preferably spring biased to maintain the trigger tooth in an engaged position with the sprocket teeth, and can be adjusted to disengage the trigger component from the sprocket teeth.

Balance weight connection screw

The present invention relates to a screw providing a balance weight to be secured to a household appliance, for example a washing machine, in prestressed manner, having a head providing the screwing operation to be performed by being rotated, mounted with a spring washer on the lower side, and a shank extending under the head having a threaded portion thereon, a cylindrical shoulder disposed on the part of the screw where the shank joins with the head, with a diameter greater than that of the shank.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


A screw includes a shank and a thread extending spirally around an outer circumference of the shank. The thread includes a plurality of thread convolutions, and a plurality of ribs provided between two adjacent thread convolutions of the thread.

Method for producing an adhesive screw connection using a flow drill screw, and flow drill screw usable therefor

A method for producing an adhesive screw connection between at least one upper component and at least one lower component using a flow drill screw, and a corresponding flow drill screw are provided. In the method an adhesive is applied to at least one of the upper and lower components, the flow drill screw penetrates the upper component at the joining point through a pre-drilled hole, and the flow drill screw is screwed into the lower component to form a flow-drilled hole and to join the upper and lower components.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Dual alloy gas turbine engine rotors and methods for the manufacture thereof

Dual alloy gas turbine engine (gte) rotors and method for producing gte rotors are provided. In one embodiment, the method include includes arranging bladed pieces in an annular grouping or ring formation such that shank-to-shank junctions are formed between circumferentially-adjacent bladed pieces.
Honeywell International Inc.

Rotating tool, polishing tool, and processing method

A rotating tool (1) includes a tool body (5) including a polishing tool (2) and a shank (3), and a flange part (4) provided in the tool body (5). The polishing tool (2) includes a plurality of linear grinding members (6) and a grinding member holder (7) to hold the linear grinding members (6).
Taimei Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Polyaxial bone anchor with pop-on shank, friction fit retainer, winged insert and low profile edge lock

A polyaxial bone screw assembly includes a threaded shank body having an integral upper portion receivable in an integral receiver, the receiver having an upper channel for receiving a longitudinal connecting member and a lower cavity cooperating with a lower opening. A down-loadable compression insert, a down-loadable friction fit split retaining ring having inner and outer tangs and an up-loadable shank upper portion cooperate to provide for pop- or snap-on assembly of the shank with the receiver either prior to or after implantation of the shank into a vertebra.

Combination shoe that can be transformed into a shoe with different heel heights

A shoe assembly includes a front sole section, a rear sole section, a heel, and a hinge. The front sole section has a front sole section rear edge.

Support assembly and keyboard apparatus

A support assembly including a support rotatably disposed with respect to a frame, a repetition lever hinge mounted to the support, and a repetition lever supported by the repetition lever hinge and rotatably disposed with respect to the support, wherein the repetition lever has a contact surface and the contact surface contacts a hammer shank roller provided to a hammer shank for rotating a hammer, and the repetition lever hinge is mounted to the support in a mounting direction that crosses with a tangent-line direction of a line tangent to the hammer shank roller at the contact between the hammer shank roller and the contact surface.. .
Yamaha Corporation

Anti-icing impeller spinner

An impeller spinner for a fuel pump can include a head and a shank. The head can have a base at one end and a tip at an opposite end.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Inlet air passage screw assembly for an air maintenance tire

An air maintenance tire assembly having an elongate air pumping sidewall air passageway includes an inlet air passage screw assembly inserted through a tire sidewall profiled bore to conduct air from outside the tire into a regulator positioned within a tire cavity. The screw assembly includes a screw body having at an outer end a large-diameter filter housing, a smaller-diameter midsection shank portion, and an inner large-diameter valve housing connecting to the regulator within the tire cavity.
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Quick-connect chuck mechanism for screwdriver bits and the like

A bit holder has a shank at a proximal end thereof and a blind bit-accepting hole at a distal end thereof, shaped to receive a correspondingly-shaped tool bit. The bit holder has at least one locking mechanism which includes an angled path defined in the bit holder, opening into a side of the bit-accepting hole, extending away from the bit-accepting hole in a proximal direction at an acute angle a from a central axis.
Maxtech Consumer Products Limited

Fastening tools with floating magnet sleeves

A fastener driving tool includes a shaft with a working region disposed at a first end of the shaft and configured to drive a fastener, a shank portion disposed proximate a second end of the shaft and configured to couple the shaft to a power tool, and a reduced diameter torsion zone disposed between the shank portion and the working region, the torsion zone extending from a first shoulder closer to the working region to a second shoulder closer to the shank portion. A length (l) and a radius (c) of the torsion zone have been optimized so that approximately half of breakages occur in the working region and approximately half of breakages occur in the torsion zone..
Black & Decker Inc.

Tool holder, polishing tool, polishing tool unit, and adjusting protruding amount of grinding member

A polishing tool unit (1) includes a brush-shaped grinding stone (4) and a tool holder (2). The tool holder (2) includes a shank (2a), a sleeve (6), a gear screw (30), and a nut (36).
Taimei Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Adjustable golf club

Apparatus and methods are described herein to provide a golf club, such as, for example, a putter, with a select loft angle and/or a select lie angle. In some embodiments, an apparatus includes a golf club having a golf club head, a hosel, and a hosel shim.
Brainstorm Golf, Inc.

Cucumber core remover

A device for removing the core of a cucumber, comprising a handle, a coring blade support and a positioning element or shank being operably secured to the handle, and a coring blade. The coring blade support and positioning element may extend a length beyond the coring blade allowing for control of the penetration and depth of cut of the coring blade.

Row unit for an agricultural planting implement

A row unit for use with a planter includes a furrow creator and an apparatus for controlling the depth of furrow created. The furrow creator can be a blade and shank.
Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.

Preload loss prevention system for a clamping ball stud

A product that may include a first linked element that may have an opening that may have a coaxial counter bore. A collar may be included and may have a parti-spherical section and may have a countersunk section that may extend into the counter bore.
Borgwarner Inc.

Fastener with transition zone and use

An improved fastener for securing a first building component to a second building component is provided. The fastener includes a head, a shank, and a tip.
Sr Systems, Llc

Rotary cutting tool with blades having repeating, unequal indexing and helix angles

A rotary cutting tool with a longitudinal axis includes a shank portion and a cutting portion defining a length of cut. The cutting portion includes a plurality of blades separated by flutes extending along the length of cut.
Kennametal Inc.

Connection apparatus usable in vacuum interrupter

An improved connection apparatus that meets these and other needs includes, in one embodiment, an approximately j-shaped flexible conductor having at its end an opening that receives therethrough a portion of the shank for mechanical and electrical connection therebetween. The conductor further includes a hole formed therein at approximately its midpoint that receives therein, in a movable and non-contacting fashion, another portion of the elongated shank.
Eaton Corporation

Support assembly and keyboard apparatus

A support assembly of a keyboard apparatus activated in accordance with pressing of a key to rotate a hammer provided at one end of a hammer shank, the support assembly includes a support rotatably disposed with respect to a frame, a jack having one side rotatably connected to the support and another side including a contact surface which makes contact with a hammer shank roller provided to the hammer shank, and a rib provided to the other side of the jack and projecting to a hammer shank roller side of the contact surface.. .
Yamaha Corporation

Hybrid bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same

Hybrid bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same are provided. A method for manufacturing a hybrid bonded turbine rotor comprises the steps of providing turbine disk having a rim portion comprising a live rim of circumferentially continuous material and a plurality of live rim notches in an outer periphery of the turbine disk alternating with a plurality of raised blade attachment surfaces defining the outer periphery; providing a plurality of turbine blades, each of which comprising an airfoil portion and a shank portion, the shank portion having a base surface; metallurgically bonding a compliant alloy material layer to either or both of the raised blade attachments surfaces of the turbine disk and the base surfaces of the blade shanks; and linear friction welding the plurality of blades to the turbine disk so as to form a bond plane between the raised blade attachments surfaces of the turbine disk and the base surfaces of the blade shanks, the compliant alloy material layer being disposed at the bond plane..
Honeywell International Inc.

Spare wheel mounting system

A mounting system for a wheel having a center portion with a plurality of wheel apertures includes a cap for covering the center portion of the wheel and having a pocket. The system includes a first fastener having a shank that fits through at least one of the wheel apertures.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Dual axis hook assembly for a power tool

A power tool includes a housing and a hook assembly. The hook assembly includes a hook support and a hook member.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Foldable & extendable 1/4 & 3/8 drive ratchet wrench

A foldable and retractable ratchet wrench comprised of a ¼ inch driver end that manually folds down when not in use; a ⅜ inch fixed driver end; a ratchet arm that folds and locks to various angular positions; an exterior, knurled handle that pivotally folds outward and a cylindrical hollow tube embodiment that extends and retracts from the solid arm. The ¼ inch square driver end is housed within a horizontal square slot provided at an extending shank portion of the ratcheting gear.

Assembly for setting stones and solitaires

An assembly for setting stones and solitaires includes a setting head, made of a material of the type of a metal, even precious, and the like, within which at least one stone can be accommodated, the setting head being internally provided with a fastening component. The assembly also includes a base, constituted by a component chosen from among a shank for a ring, a coupling element for an earring, a chain for necklaces, bangles, bracelets, a brooch and the like, of shape and dimensions that are complementary to those of the setting head component and provided with a component that is complementary to the setting head component and which can be coupled thereto.
Bonoli S.r.l.

Adjustable ring

An adjustable finger ring may include a ring head having through holes on the bottom a first shank having shank collars as support at one end and a split portion at the other end, and a second shank having shank collars as support at one end and a split portion at the other end. The split portions may complement and overlap each other in an operative condition of the ring.
Uni-design Jewellery Pvt. Ltd.

Line connector apparatus and method

A knotless connector is formed at the end of a tool to enable a rope or line to be connected thereto without the use of a knot. The knotless connector has an arcuate portion (i.e., a first member), a shank portion (i.e., a second member), and a side retaining portion (i.e., a third member).

Fastener and fastener installation tool

A fastening system including a fastener and a fastener installation tool. The fastener includes a pin member having an elongated shank portion with a threaded portion, a stop shoulder located at an end of the threaded portion, and a pull portion extending from the stop shoulder.
Alcoa Inc.

Intelligent washer

An intelligent fastener unit for fastening together structural members. The fastener unit includes a fastener with an externally threaded shank, an internally threaded mating member for threaded engagement with the fastener, and an intelligent washer having an rfid tag and an antenna mounted on one surface of a centrally aperture body member, and a pressure sensor mounted on the opposite surface for generating electrical signals representative of the compressive force applied to structural members captured by the fastener, the mating member and the washer.


A screw includes a shank having an insertion tip and a head end which has an upper portion with a cutting portion and a lower portion from which a plurality of anti-screw-out teeth protrude. Each anti-screw-out tooth includes a guide face and a stop face intersecting a circumferential surface of the lower portion for development of a recessed channel.
Fushang Co., Ltd.

Wooden screw

A wooden screw may include a shank, a threaded segment, a screw head, a tapered portion and a stem portion. The shank diameter is smaller than the horizontal distance defined as a distance between two opposite ends of the tapered edges, while the width defined as a distance between two symmetric rear portions of blades is between the shank diameter and the horizontal distance, so a drill hole on the wooden material is not contacted with the shank during the screwing process, and the wooden screw also can reduce the friction and provide a complete mechanism for wood chips in accommodation and expulsion.
Masterpiece Hardware Industral Co., Ltd.

Snap in mounting shank for a faucet

A faucet mounting system includes an upper fixture including an outer wall defining a chamber, and at least one groove formed within an inner surface of the outer wall. A lower mounting shank extends below the upper fixture and includes a skirt, a post extending downwardly from the skirt, and at least one spring clip.
Delta Faucet Company

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