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Shank patents

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Drill bit

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Drill bit

Fastener with head cutting structure

Simpson Strong-tie

Fastener with head cutting structure

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Bone anchor and bone anchor assembly comprising the same patent thumbnailnew patent Bone anchor and bone anchor assembly comprising the same
A locking structure (5, 105, 205) being provided adjacent the first end of the recess (3, 103, 203), said locking structure (5, 105, 205) being configured to engage and exert a biasing force on a proximal end portion (42, 142, 242) of the pin-shaped element (4, 104, 204) towards the stop (36) such as to stress and bend an intermediate portion (44) of the pin-shaped element (4, 104, 204) in a transverse direction (e) away from the shank (2).. .
 Diamond cutting tool for plastic ornamentation and method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Diamond cutting tool for plastic ornamentation and method thereof
A method of using a diamond cutting tool for ornamentation purpose is provided. The method includes positioning a work piece in proximity to a cutting tool.
 Blade of a rotary flow machine with a radial strip seal patent thumbnailnew patent Blade of a rotary flow machine with a radial strip seal
The invention refers to a blade of a rotary flow machine including an airfoil having a suction surface and a pressure surface joining each other along a trailing and a leading edge. A radially outward directed airfoil tip and a radially inward directed end joining an inner platform connect the airfoil to a shank at a radial end of the airfoil and providing, at least one shank pocket radially encircled by an axially extending portion of the platform.
Alstom Technology Ltd
 Turbomachine bucket having angel wing for differently sized discouragers and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Turbomachine bucket having angel wing for differently sized discouragers and related methods
A turbomachine bucket may include an airfoil, a shank coupled to the airfoil, and an angel wing coupled to the shank, the angel wing having an axially extending tip sized to seal with a plurality of discouragers, each discourager having a different axial extent. Various methods for modifying an angel wing to accommodate different sized discouragers are also disclosed..
General Electric Company
 Fastener with head cutting structure patent thumbnailnew patent Fastener with head cutting structure
A fastener includes a shank having a point at a first end and a second, head end. A head structure at the head end includes a top portion and having a cutting structure, the cutting structure comprising four planar walls, each wall engaging the shank at an angle, each wall adjoining an adjacent wall by a rounded edge..
Simpson Strong-tie Company, Inc.
 Electronic screw and screw torque sensing device patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic screw and screw torque sensing device
An electronic screw with an electronic torque display is disclosed. The screw includes a body and a torque sensing element.
Kabo Tool Company
 Drill bit patent thumbnailnew patent Drill bit
A drill bit configured for use with a rotary power tool including a chuck. The drill bit includes a shank including a first end and a second end, and a paddle that extends from the second end of the shank.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation
 Fastening device patent thumbnailnew patent Fastening device
A fastening device includes a locating seat for engaging with a first workpiece; a fastening member including sequentially connected stop unit, shank unit and fastening unit, and the fastening unit being configured for fastening to a second workpiece; a reciprocation actuator movably disposed on the locating seat with the shank unit extended through and movably located in the reciprocation actuator and the locating seat, the stop unit abutted on a top of the reciprocation actuator, and the fastening unit movable in a reciprocating motion between an inner side and an outer side the locating seat or outside the locating seat; and an elastic element having an end pressed against the locating seat and another end pressed against the fastening member. With the reciprocation actuator, the fastening member does not shake easily and the fastening unit can be conveniently moved in a reciprocating motion inside and outside the locating seat..
Dtech Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
 Spray gun patent thumbnailnew patent Spray gun
A spray gun includes a handle and a spray head mounted to each other for forming a hollow main body. A switching assembly is mounted in the main body between the handle and the spray head for controlling the operating type of the spray gun.
Aqualean Manufacturing Associates Co., Ltd.
 Bridal set jewelry system with interchangeable heads, shanks and bands patent thumbnailnew patent Bridal set jewelry system with interchangeable heads, shanks and bands
A ring assembly including a shank having a band defining a head mounting area with a through hole defined through the band in the head mounting area. The through hole defines internal threads; and a head including a mount with a post extending therethrough, the post including an area of external threads configured to engage the internal threads to releasably secure the head to the shank.
Kf Licensing, Inc.

Method and system for cooling rotor blade angelwings

A system for cooling an angelwing coupled to a rotor blade in a gas turbine engine is provided. An angelwing coupled to a shank of a rotor blade includes at least one cooling passage extending from at least one inlet opening coupled in flow communication with a gas turbine engine inner wheelspace to at least one outlet opening coupled in flow communication with a gas turbine engine outer rotor/stator cavity.
General Electric Company

Self-piercing rivet with a pre-perforated flat element, production method and joining method therefor

The present invention discloses a self-piercing rivet (10), particularly a semi-hollow self-piercing rivet, with a head (12) and a shank (14) as well as a pre-perforated flat element (30) that is arranged on the shank (14) and at least part of which extends radially relative to the head (12) beyond a head radius. A production method and a joining method for said self-piercing rivet with pre-perforated flat element are also described..
BÖllhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh

Shank structure of end mill and tool holder

In a shank portion of an end mill which is chucked by a tool holder, flat surfaces are formed at a plurality of circumferential positions in the outer periphery of the shank portion so that the flat surfaces abut on side lock bolts attached to a body of the tool holder.. .
Nikken Kosakusho Works, Ltd.

Vacuum insulation cup lid

Disclosed is a shank of a four-piece forging of golf club head. A top piece of the four-piece forging of club head forms, at a portion thereof adjacent to the shank, a two-staged structure of an outward flaring sector-shaped connection portion that is combined with the shank, whereby an abutting condition exhibiting a smooth surface is formed at a jointing site between the shank and the club head in the course of performing welding operation between the shank and the club head for reducing the amount of filling material used in carrying out the welding operation and making the welding operation, as well as the subsequent grinding operation, easier and smoother.

Tillage implement with enhanced blade gang adjustability

A tillage implement has a main frame provided with ground-engaging wheels that support the main frame at a selected height above the ground. Tillage shanks may be provided on the main frame and, if so, have their depth of penetration into the ground determined by the selected height of the main frame.
Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc.

Pellet boiler with removable grate

The present invention relates to burners and boiler structures of heating systems which work with solid fuel or which work especially with wood pellets, olive stones and other similar propellants. The burner has a “c”-shaped grate structure comprising a grate mount (4.2) for opening and closing an ash discharging mouth, and the top grate made up by the following components: grate arms (4.1.2) that can move at a horizontal angle over connecting grate shafts (4.1.3) independent from each other; grate shims (4.1.4) located on the grate shafts (4.1.3) and between the grate arms (4.1.2); a shank (4.1.5) connecting the grate arms (4.1.2) to a grate frame (4.1.1), and the top grate to the grate mount (4.2), thus enabling the top grate to move in an upwards or downwards motion limited by supports (4.1.7, 4.1.8).

Interchangeable mouthpieces for brass instruments

Musicians skilled in the specialization of brasswind instruments often desire to work out the facial muscles in preparation for a wide range of tonal registries. Most mouthpieces for particular brasswind instruments come in a very small variation of diameters and cup depths.

Cradle heels

A high-heel cradle stability device with a tube-post, truss/beams/chords, insole, midsole, outsole, toe platform, bridge, pillar, arch, x-bracing, shank seating and a heel cup, having a pole for fitting the support pillars and sphere balls in a first seated raised area in a region underlying the forward edge of a heel bone, and a second shanked raised area underlying the metatarsal of the comforted arched between. A cradle structure to form part of a shoe, comprising a molded sole member of semi flexible material providing a plurality of fitting holes, said chassis holes fitted for a sole spherical ball.

Anti-loose screw and a die device for forming same

An anti-loose screw (20) includes a shank (24) having an external thread (28) with a thread angle of 63° to 68° between two flanks (34, 36) extending between a crest (30) and a root (32). A first angle (a) between one of the flanks (34, 36) and an axis (y) extending perpendicularly to a longitudinal axis (x) of the shank (24) and passing through the crest (30) is in a range between 34° and 40°.

Anti-split wood screw

An anti-split wood screw includes a screw head and a shank. The shank has a tip portion connected to a distal end thereof, a first thread extended helically from the front end of the tip portion toward the distal end of the shank, a second thread extended helically from the distal end of the first thread toward the shank, and a third thread extended helically from the distal end of the second thread toward the middle of the shank.
Bi-mirth Corp.

Fabrication system for key making machine

A fabrication system is disclosed for use in a key making machine. The fabrication system may have a housing with a slot configured to receive a key blank, and a receiving unit configured to accept a shank of the key blank at the slot.
The Hillman Group Inc.

Identification module for key making machine

An identification module is disclosed for use in a key making machine. The identification module may have a key receiving assembly configured to receive only a shank of an existing key, and an imaging assembly configured to generate an image of the shank while the existing key is being manually held in the key receiving assembly.
The Hillman Group Inc.

Assemblies for towing

An assembly for towing vehicles has a tow hook with an angularly adjustable hook member connected to a shank, the hook member used to secure a towing strap and the shank connected to a vehicular tow hitch. The shank includes two opposing side walls with co-axial openings and a connector wall connecting the opposing side walls and forming a channel therebetween for receiving a tow mount flange which has an opening co-axial with the side wall openings when received.

Drilling systems and multi-faced drill bit assemblies

A drill bit assembly that includes a shank including a shank axis, first and second ends, a drill bit seat at the second end and a central flow bore extending axially from the first end. Additionally, the assembly includes a sleeve disposed about and translatable axially relative to the shank and a drill bit rotatably coupled to the sleeve.
National Oilwell Dht, L.p.

Two-piece key assembly

A key assembly is disclosed. The key assembly may have a blade with a head portion, a shank, and a transition region connecting the head portion to the shank.
The Hillman Group Inc.

Root canal probe tool and removing a broken instrument fragment from a root canal

In endodontic therapy, a probe tool is disclosed which enables the removal of a broken file or instrument fragment wedged in a root canal of a tooth. A shank portion of the probe tool is made at least in part from flexible planar sheet material such as stainless spring steel.

Plug insert

A plug insert comprising a shank configured to be removably received in a fastener hole in a panel in a position where an outer end of the plug insert is disposed adjacent an outer surface of the panel. A longitudinal cavity is disposed within the shank and a barrier is disposed on the plug insert to protect against damage and/or contamination..
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Wire mesh rivet

A wire mesh rivet (13) is provided which is used to produce a wire mesh isolator (11) in a bore (9) of a substrate such as a heat shield (7) for a vehicle exhaust system. The rivet (13) comprises a unitary wire mesh structure (19) which has a collar (15) and a shank (17).
Acs Industries, Inc.

Fastening system with eccentric

Fastening system for a linear machine element (2, 102) for fastening in a machine foundation (4), having a clamping element which has a shank (35) and a head (37), wherein the diameter of the head (37) is greater than the diameter of the shank (35), and having an eccentric (60) which comprises a sleeve (68) with an eccentric bore (66) and a torque-transmitting element (70), wherein the outer diameter of the head (37) is smaller than the inner diameter of the bore (66) or at least substantially corresponds to the inner diameter of the bore (66).. .
Wittenstein Ag

Shrink-fit chuck with tool cooling

A shrink-fit chuck having a receiving body, a receiving opening for a tool shank, arranged in the receiving body, an accumulation and collection chamber arranged in the front region of the receiving opening and at least one coolant supply channel leading to the accumulation and collection chamber. The accumulation and collection chamber is delimited to the front by a ring bar arranged at the front end of the receiving opening.
Haimer Gmbh

Composite electro-spark electrode and methods of its use

Composite electro-spark electrodes, along with methods of their use in an electro-spark deposition process, are provided. The composite electro-spark electrode can include an electrode tip that is mechanically and electrically attached to a shank.
General Electric Company

Bending machine having a bending head that is movable about a stationary bending shank

The machine for cambering, shaping, bending or curving a bar along a bending axis includes an arm, a bending shank supported by the arm, a bending head including a bending lug that is rotatable relative to the bending axis, and a feeding station for moving the bar along an axis of travel and across the bending shank. The bending head also includes: a first connecting rod supporting the bending lug and having a head, a second connecting rod having a head, the heads being coupled so as to rotate relative to a hinge axis perpendicular to the axis of travel, a first driver for translating a leg of the first connecting rod along an axis parallel to the axis of travel, and a second driver for translating a leg the second connecting rod along an axis parallel to the axis of travel..

Fishing lure imitating a bird

A fishing lure imitating a bird has a body having a central long axis with equal longitudinal buoyancy, a set of two simulated eyes, groups of buoyant flexible strands each joined at one end to the body simulating extended bird wings, and a hook element disposed longitudinally through the cylindrical body with a shank extending rearward in the body along the long axis, the shank exiting the body in an upward-facing lengthwise recess, then bending forward to present a hook point.. .

Dual axis hook assembly for a power tool

A power tool includes a housing and a hook assembly. The hook assembly includes a hook support and a hook member.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Drain apparatus

A drain apparatus includes a drain body, a stem, a stopper and at least one torsion spring. The drain body has a drain passage therethrough and a frame radially extending across the drain passage.
Home More Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Orthopedic screw fastener system including locking and non-locking screws

An orthopedic screw fastener system which includes at least two screws and at least one bone plate. At least one screw is a locking screw comprising a screw head and a screw shank, the screw head being provided with a thread.


An improved fastener comprising: a screw element (1) and a cover member (11). The screw element (1) comprising a shank member (2) having comprising a piercing tip (6) at a first end of the shank member and a head (7) at a second end of the shank member.
James Hardie Technology Limited

Fastening element having a spring shank, and composite structure

A fastening element for fastening a base plate on a substructure having a web-shaped edge region includes a rotary drive and a screw spring element formed from a spring wire. A rotational axis of the rotary drive and a spring axis of the screw spring element are coaxial.
F. Zwei Gmbh

Pick tool with a removable shank

Pick tool assemblies for use with formation degradation machines, such as road milling, mining, trenching or drilling machines, may be disposed on rotatable drums, wheels, continuous chains, drill bits or the like and brought into engagement with such formations as rock, asphalt, coal or concrete to break up or otherwise degrade the formations. Such pick tool assemblies may comprise a shank comprising a forward end and a rearward end wherein the rearward end may be formed for retention in a bore of a block attached to a driving mechanism and the forward end may comprise a body detachably and nonrotatably fastened thereto.

Railroad spike for attaching a metal rail to a wooden tie

A railway spike for connecting an associated metal member with an associated wood member includes a head including an annular flange and a standoff extending axially from the flange. An intermediate section extends axially from the standoff.
Hexagon Industries, Inc.


A dispenser for dispensing a fluid. The dispenser includes a shank for penetrating a countertop opening and having a filling end.
Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

Percussion device

A percussion device including a shank adaptor, a machine housing that contains a percussion piston that is arranged to carry out a reciprocating movement caused by the pressure from a hydraulic fluid and to strike the shank adaptor when the percussion device is in use. An elastic element is arranged radially outwards from the percussion piston to dampen the recoil from the shank adaptor.
Construction Tools Pc Ab

Drive bit

A drive bit used with a drill for installing a small diameter shanked cup hook or eyebolt into a stationary surface. The drive bit includes a tubular member integrally joined to the shaft.

Pressing tool and locking bolt

A pressing tool in which, according to work content, an exchange tool is held so as to be capable of being exchanged by attachment/detachment by a locking bolt penetrating through a mounting portion provided to the tool main body, and the exchange tool is actuated by a pressing member. The outer periphery of the shank of the locking bolt is provided with: an annular groove for locking, arranged on the bolt-head side so as to be partially discontinuous; a release groove extending from the discontinuous part of the annular groove toward the tip of the bolt along the shank at an incline so as to gradually get shallower; and a retaining annular groove formed on the shank further toward the tip of the bolt than the release groove, the bolt-head side inner wall of the retaining annular groove being formed as a tapered incline.
Izumi Products Company

Swim bait

An artificial fishing bait comprising a body having an anterior end, a posterior end, a dorsum, and a ventrum, with the body being defined by an anteroposterior axis within a mid-sagittal plane. The body comprises at least one surface defining a dorsal channel in the dorsum.

Coaxial barrel fittings and couplings with ground establishing traveling sleeves

Barrel connectors, a right angled adaptor and a single ended fitting include at least one axially displaceable traveling sleeve for insuring electrical continuity with coaxial connector, nominally an f-connector. Each barrel connector described comprises a rigid, metallic hollow body housing an internal contact tube.
Perfectvision Manufacturing, Inc.

Tool shank

The tool shank contains a taper member, a flange member, a holder member, a clamped member, and a number of slits. The taper member has a conic shape extended along an axial direction with a top section and a bottom section.

Holder and cutting tool

A holder for grooving work includes a shank portion, and a head portion located on an end portion thereof. The head portion includes an insert attaching space, an upper and lower respectively located above and below the insert attaching space, a slit extending backward from the insert attaching space, an upper and a lower jaw connecting portions divided by the slit, an upper clamp surface on the upper jaw and a lower clamp surface on the lower jaw opposed to the insert attaching space.
Kyocera Corporation

Coupling mechanism for cutting tool

A rotary cutting tool including a cutter member having an axial forward end and an axial rearward end. A cutting region is at the axial forward end of the cutter member, and a male threaded portion is adjacent the axial rearward end of the cutter member.
Kennametal Inc.

Coupling mechanism for cutting tool

A rotary cutting tool includes a cutter of generally cylindrical shape disposed about a central longitudinal axis. The cutter has a first end having an active fluted portion and an opposite second end, the second end having a male threaded portion disposed thereabout.
Kennametal Inc.

Track mount base with momentary release

A locking rail base, formed of a case having a shell formed with a hollow cavity with an opening thereinto, a stabilizer, and a passage through an end of the shell; a t-bolt anchor having a shank with flukes adjacent one end; and a t-bolt cylinder received into the cavity in the shell, the t-bolt cylinder forming a channel having the shank of the t-bolt anchor received slidingly therein. An anti-rotation interface is provided between the shank of the t-bolt anchor and the channel of the t-bolt cylinder.

High-capacity radial fit coupling bolts

A high capacity radial-fit coupling bolt (or “expanding sleeve bolt”) has a pair of tapered sleeves about a shank of a bolt to which can be applied a tensioning load. An extrudable ring, or a compression ring, is interposed between a head nut or head flange at one end of the shank, and one end of an inner sleeve.
Technofast Industries Pty Ltd

Bit holder

An improved bit holder includes a larger bit shank bore and an enlarged upper shank segment or band with a taper of up to 7 degrees per side that provides an interference fit between the top of the shank and top of the bit block bore when the bottom of the bit holder body seats on the top of the bit block bore. An annular tapered void adjacent the bit holder tire portion provides for ease of bit holder extraction..

Cutter tool

A cutter tool that includes a shank by which the tool is releasably retainable within a tool holder, an enlarged shoulder or heel provided at one end of the shank and adapted, in use, to abut a seating surface of a tool holder and limit the penetration of the tool holder into a receiving aperture of the tool holder, and an integral blade provided beyond the enlarged shoulder or heel and terminating in a carbide or other tip. The tool is provided with a zone of weakness such that if subjected to fracture forces, a fracture will be encouraged to propagate from the zone of weakness in a particular desired manner..
Esco Hydra (uk) Limited

Apparatus for pushing a fastener from a host material

An apparatus for pushing a fastener from a host material with, for example, an air hammer includes a punch shank, a compression spring, a hollow sleeve, a fastener and a punch. The hollow sleeve includes an opening fowled therein for interfitment over a central portion of the punch shank, and a set screw placed therein for engagement with a retention flat portion of a central portion of the punch shank the punch includes a top that operably engages with the air hammer, and a bottom end having a recess formed therein, where the recess is configured and arranged for retention of a top of the punch shank.
Mayhew Steel Products, Inc.

Quickly releasable liner bolt

A nut (23) and a re-usable liner bolt (17) for a grinding mill is disclosed. The nut is shaped to be received in the recess (5) of a mill liner plate (3), this being the recess which normally receives the head of a conventional liner bolt.
Donhad Pty Ltd

Polyaxial bone anchoring device

A polyaxial bone anchoring device including an anchoring element including a shank and a head; a receiving part to pivotably receive the head, the receiving part having a first end, a second end, a central axis extending between the first and second ends, a coaxial bore, and first and second recesses on each side of the coaxial bore for receiving a rod, a longitudinal axis of the recess being substantially perpendicular to the central axis; a first clamping part having a rod supporting surface extending along the longitudinal axis and in the first recess when in the receiving part, a center of the first clamping part along a direction transverse to the longitudinal axis including a groove at the rod supporting surface; a second clamping part to exert pressure on the rod and in the first recess when in the receiving part; and a locking device to secure the rod.. .

Vertebral osteosynthesis equipment

This equipment comprises at least one connecting bar and at least one sacrum anchor assembly (1-3, 5). According to the invention, each sacrum anchor assembly comprises two sacral anchor screws (1,2), a link assembly (3) including: a sacral connecting part (10) assembled to a sacral anchor plate (11) with polyaxiality, i.e.
Medicrea International

Arrow tip nail

An “arrow tip nail” is an impact driven building nail for all sizes, lengths and types of constructing or other building-nail applications, distinctly designed with a triangular arrow shaped tip at the end structure, with lateral protusions on each side where the shank meets the beginning of the design, including a sharp penetrating point at the tip, all for the function of improved piercing and/or structural penetrating ability, as well as increased retention ability, so as to make it easier to go into a structure and harder to withdraw from it by human or natural forces over short or longer periods of time.. .

Tapping device and use

A tapping device for use with a variety of standard drivers. The tapping device has an elongate body having a first end and a second end.
Speedtap Industries Inc.

Fastener, light source module, and assembling a light source module

A fastener includes a head portion and a shank portion that extends from the head portion. The shank portion has a distal end that is distal from the head portion and that is formed with at least two bendable anchor segments.
Radiant Opto-electronics (suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Soil opener

A soil opener has a frog mount adapted to be coupled to a shank or other mounting member of a farm implement. A spreader is removably coupled to the frog mount and includes forward and rearward product delivery channels that are intended to be flow-coupled to product delivery tubes or hoses of the farm implement.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

Furrowing device

A soil opener has a frog mount adapted to be coupled to a shank or other mounting member of a farm implement. A spreader is removably coupled to the frog mount and includes forward and rearward product delivery channels that are intended to be flow-coupled to product delivery tubes or hoses of the farm implement.
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

Tool bit having improved removability

A tool bit having a shank having a hexagonal cross-section adapted to be removably positioned within a tool for rotating the shank, a first circular section extending from a first end of the shank, an exposed circumferential groove positioned adjacent the first circular section, a second circular section having an outer surface extending from the circumferential groove, a first bit end extending from the second circular section, wherein a right angle is formed at the transition of the circumferential groove to the outer surface of the second circular section forming a first transverse gripping wall that is perpendicular to a longitudinal axis of the shank.. .
Klein Tools, Inc.

Fishing lure device

A fishing lure including a generally v-shaped frame with an eye at the vertex of the v, a hook fixed at each end of the v, a heavier weighted member encircling the junction of one of the hooks with one end of the v and a lighter weighted member encircling the junction of the other hook with the other end of the v. The hooks are rigidly connected to the ends of and are coplanar with the v.

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