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This page is updated frequently with new Shank-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Shank-related patents
 Accessory mount patent thumbnailAccessory mount
An accessory mount includes a clamp with a threaded shank attached to a clamp knob for securing together upper and lower clamp bodies and a means for removably mounting one or more accessories such as a detachable and angularly adjustable hand grip on one of the bodies. Mating rosettes may pivotably mount the hand grip to one of the bodies.

 Hollow metal screw and  making patent thumbnailHollow metal screw and making
A hollow screw and related process of making is provided, wherein the hollow screw is formed from a generally circular corrosion resistant stainless steel disk cut from flat roll stock. The hollow screw includes a head and an elongated and hollow shaft having a wall thickness between about 0.2 to about 0.7 millimeters extending therefrom and defining a shank portion and a threaded portion having a plurality of threads thereon with a rotational drive mechanism configured to facilitate tightening via the threads.
Physical Systems, Inc.

 Casing structure interposed between the engine and the nacelle having a mounting plate with bolts patent thumbnailCasing structure interposed between the engine and the nacelle having a mounting plate with bolts
An aircraft casing structure including a shroud surrounding the engine and made up of a plurality of sectors; a plurality of radial arms, each mounted between two adjacent shroud sectors and each having a base; and a plurality of fasteners for fastening the shroud sectors on the bases of the radial arms; the fasteners including a plurality of plates each mounted flush in a respective groove of corresponding shape in a shroud sector, and a set of headed bolts held captive in the plate by a difference of diameter between their shanks and their threads, a set of captive nuts being fastened to the bases to provide a secure connection between the shroud sectors and the radial arms by each nut receiving the thread of a respective captive bolt of the set of headed bolts.. .

 Metal leading edge on composite blade airfoil and shank patent thumbnailMetal leading edge on composite blade airfoil and shank
A composite blade includes a composite airfoil section having airfoil pressure and suction sides extending chordwise between airfoil leading and trailing edges, a dovetail root attached to airfoil section and a blade shank therebetween, and a metallic leading edge shield covering an axially extending portion of airfoil section including at least a portion of airfoil leading edge and a radially and chordwise extending portion of a leading edge portion of the blade shank. Leading edge portion may be cut back from airfoil leading edge and a shank leading edge aft or downstream of airfoil leading edge.
General Electric Company

 Heat shield and method to produce same patent thumbnailHeat shield and method to produce same
A heat shield for shielding of hot areas of a combustion engine. The heat shield has at least one metal sheet layer with a first and a second surface.

 Hole-drilling device for drilling hole with expanded diameter hole portion patent thumbnailHole-drilling device for drilling hole with expanded diameter hole portion
A device for drilling a hole with an expanded diameter includes: a body, a shank; a sleeve; a compression spring; a drill bit body; an expanded diameter hole portion forming member attached to a side surface of the drill bit body and configured such that a cutting bit protrudes laterally from the drill bit body when the expanded diameter hole portion forming member moves forward on the side surface; a compression spring, which urges the expanded diameter hole portion forming member rearward relative to the drill bit body; and a cam. The expanded diameter hole portion forming member is configured to move forward on the side surface of the drill bit body owing to rotation of the cam when the body moves forward relative to the sleeve..
Kabushiki Kaisha Miyanaga

 Locking pliers with improved adjustment member patent thumbnailLocking pliers with improved adjustment member
A hand tool includes a first jaw, a first handle fixed to the first jaw, a second jaw, and a second handle pivotally coupled to the second jaw, a link member, and an adjustment member. The adjustment member is operable to axially move a first end of the link member to vary a distance between the first and second jaws.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

 Bladed jig head patent thumbnailBladed jig head
A bladed jig head includes a hook, a weighted jig mold, a plurality of lure skirts, a shape-memory blade arm, and a spinner blade. A shank of the hook and the shape-memory blade arm are perpendicularly connected to each other by the weighted jig mold as the weighted jig mold is positioned adjacent to an eye of the hook.

 Fastener for in situ fluid injection patent thumbnailFastener for in situ fluid injection
A fastener having a head, a shank, and a longitudinal through hole extending through the head and the shank. When the fastener is used to fasten materials or objects together, epoxy or other fluids can be injected into the through hole and through the fastener in situ.

 Hollow metal screw and  making patent thumbnailHollow metal screw and making
A hollow screw and related process of making is provided, wherein the hollow screw is formed from a generally circular corrosion resistant stainless steel disk cut from flat roll stock. The hollow screw includes a head and an elongated and hollow shaft having a wall thickness between about 0.2 to about 0.7 millimeters extending therefrom and defining a shank portion and a threaded portion having a plurality of threads thereon with a rotational drive mechanism configured to facilitate tightening via the threads.
Physical Systems, Inc.


Off bottom flow diverter sub

An off bottom flow diverter subassembly. A fronthead and shank each includes a central bore.
Atlas Copco Secoroc Llc


Drilling tools having matrices with carbide-forming alloys, and methods of making and using same

Drilling tools, such as drill bits, having a shank, a crown, and a plurality of abrasive cutting elements. In the case of impregnated drilling tools, the abrasive cutting elements are dispersed throughout at least a portion of the crown.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Folding hitch

A folding hitch assembly, system, and method includes two opposed sides plates and a vehicle shank secured partially between the two opposed sides plates and extends outward therefrom. A support ledge is secured between the two opposed side plates and a support bar is secured between the two opposed side plates in a position intermediate the pivot holes and the vehicle shank.
Discount Ramps.com, Llc


Spindle and tool holder refinisher

An apparatus and method for refinishing a tapered surface of a machine tool component. The apparatus includes a head defining at least three tapered segments which are configured to conform precisely to the taper of the machine tool component being refinished.


Tool for friction stir welding

A tool for friction stir welding includes a tool part, a shank part and a cap part. The tool part and the shank part have a hexagonal frustum-shaped concave section and a hexagonal frustum-shaped convex section to enable movement of the tool part with respect to the shank part in a direction parallel to an axis of rotation while movement of the tool part with respect to the shank part in a direction around the axis of rotation is restricted, by the hexagonal frustum-shaped concave section and the hexagonal frustum-shaped convex section of the tool part and the shank part are fitted to each other.
Furuya Metal Co., Ltd.


Dental drill system

The invention concerns a dental drill system (1), comprising a drill (2) having a drilling part (3) with a first end (4) configured for drilling a hole in a jaw bone and a shank part (5) with a second end (6) configured for connection to a drill-rotating device and a guiding sleeve (7) for guiding the drill (2) during drilling, wherein the guiding sleeve (7) has a first side (8) intended to face the drill-rotating device and a second side (9) intended to face the jaw bone during a drilling operation, and wherein a guiding through-hole (10) extends from the first side (8) to the second side (9). The invention is characterized in that a rim (11) extends at least partly around the circumference of the drill (2), and in that the system (1) comprises a drill stop sleeve (12, 121) that is capable of being brought onto the drill wherein the drill stop sleeve (12) is provided with a recess (13) extending circumferentially around an inner side of the drill stop sleeve (12, 121), wherein the relative dimensions of the rim (11) and the recess (13) are adapted to allow the drill stop sleeve (12, 121) to be snap-locked onto the drill (2), and wherein the guiding sleeve (7) comprises a flange (14) that defines an end position for the drill stop sleeve (12, 121)..
Elos Medtech Timmersdala Ab


Quick-connect anti-rotation peg/drill bit component

A quick-connect drill bit assembly comprising a drive shank and a drill bit releasably attached to the drive shank, the drill bit being configured to bore a first hole in a bone through a drill guide. A portion of the drill bit is configured to remain within the first hole after the drive shank is detached therefrom, the drill bit being configured to prevent the drill guide from rotating with respect to the bone as a second hole is bored into the bone..
Biomet Manufacturing, Llc


Broadhead arrow

An expandable broadhead includes an elongated ferrule and a blade. The ferrule includes a forward ferrule tip and an aft shank operable to connect the broadhead to an arrow shaft.


Various bit holders and unitary bit/holders for use with shortened depth bit holder blocks

Bit holders and combination bit/bit holders with shortened quick change shanks that are selectably retainable in complementary base block bores that are likewise shortened for providing added spacing at the rear of base blocks. When a plurality of such base blocks are mounted in close proximity on a drum or endless chain, the added spacing provides ease of holder replacement and easy access at the rear of the bit holder base block bore..


Double ball end fastener driver

A fastener driver comprising a substantially l-shaped shank having ball ends disposed at both opposite ends of a shank, the ball ends capable of angular insertion into a socket head of a fastener for the purpose of applying torque. The driver may also include an obtuse interior angle about the l-shaped shank, a stubby short arm, and a thick neck about the short arm and adjacent to the ball end thereof..
Eklind Tool Company


Reciprocating saw blade with plunge nose

A reciprocating saw blade includes a body formed from a piece of coil stock. The body has a shank end configured to secure the blade with a reciprocating saw, a plunging end configured to enter a workpiece, and a cutting edge and opposite back edge extending between the shank end and the plunging end.
Black & Decker Inc.


Turning tool and sphericity processing method

Sphericity processing is performed by a circular tip in which a cutting edge has a circular shape and a radius of the circular shape is 2 to 5 mm and desirably 2 to 3 mm. As a holder, a shoulder formed between a front end of a shank and the tip is provided only at one side surface of the shank, the other holder side surface is formed in a straight shape, and a clamping portion of the front end of the shank is not provided with a protrusion portion provided in a cutting-off bite holder of the related art..


Locking device for locking tools in a press brake

A locking device for locking tools in a press brake includes a first jaw (2) and a second jaw (3), movable towards and away from each other, and at least one safety hook (4) interposed there between provided with a retaining tooth (41) adapted to be inserted into a groove (52) defined in the shank (51) of a tool (5), wherein on an inner side (35) of the second jaw (3) facing the first jaw (2) there is provided at least one thrust surface (36) adapted to cooperate with, while resting slidingly against, at least one corresponding rest surface (43) on an outer side (42) of the safety hook, the thrust surface (36) and the rest surface (43) lying substantially parallel along a thrust plane (p) sloping in the opposite direction to the first jaw (2) by an angle (α) of between 30° and 60° with respect to a vertical plane.. .
Rolleri S.p.a.


Polyaxial bone anchoring device with enlarged pivot angle

A polyaxial bone anchoring device includes an anchoring element having a shank and a head, a receiving part having a first end and a second end, a central axis, and an accommodation space for accommodating the head, the accommodation space having an opening at the second end, a sleeve-like insert piece configured to be arranged around a portion of the head and to be arranged in and to pivot in the accommodation space, and a pressure member including a portion configured to exert pressure onto the head, wherein the anchoring element and insert piece are pivotable with respect to the receiving part such that respective angles formed by a central axis of the insert piece with the central axis of the receiving part and a central axis of the anchoring element are adjustable, and can be locked by exerting pressure with the pressure member onto the head.. .
Biedermann Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Reposable clip applier

A surgical clip applier includes an actuation mechanism, a body portion, a jaw blade, and a clip cartridge, the jaw blade and clip cartridge removeably disposed within the body portion. The jaw blade including first and second opposed jaws operably connected to the actuation mechanism to effectuate closure of a surgical clip, the first and second opposed jaws connected to each other at a proximal end by a shank section.
Covidien Lp


Threaded screw with shank slot

The present invention is an improved screw fastener design that exhibits greater holding power and a reduction in installation time over previously known designs.. .


Trim board screw

A trim board fastener for composite or plastic material comprises a head having a recessed underside with a rim. A shank extends from the head and has an upper region, an unthreaded intermediate land and a lower region.


Compression indentation fastener device

An enlarged head fastener device and method for manufacturing the same is described. The enlarged head fastener device includes a shank and a head.


Valve jet printer with inert plunger tip

A valve jet printer includes a solenoid coil and a plunger rod having a magnetically susceptible shank. A first end of the shank and at least a portion of the shank are received within a bore of the solenoid coil.


Internal fixation device for bone fractures

An internal fixation device is adapted for fixing a first bone fracture to a second bone fracture. The internal fixation device includes: a shank adapted to extend into the first and second bone fractures and including a connecting segment that is made of a shape-memory alloy, and a first threaded segment that is connected to a first end of the connecting segment and that is adapted to be fixed in the first bone fracture; and a fixing unit adapted to fasten the second bone fracture to the first bone fracture.


Cannulated polyaxial screw

A polyaxial bone screw having a bone implantable shank, a head and a retaining ring. The retaining ring includes an outer partial hemispherical surface and an inner bore with radially extending channels and partial capture recesses.


Plural tapered fastener with material receiving inward region

A plural tapered fastener with a material receiving inward region. Fastener embodiments have particular utility in penetrating and securing work pieces of high density material, such as medium density fiberboard and high density fiberboard, without blemishing of the workpiece.


Arrangement of a rotor and at least a blade

It is disclosed an arrangement of a rotor and at least a blade. The blade includes a root, a platform and an airfoil.


Vibration damper

A gas turbine engine including a rotor and a cooling fluid delivery system is presented. The rotor includes a disc and a plurality of blades extending radially therefrom.


Driver bits adapted for both wrenches and bit screwdrivers

A driver bit for applying torque to a fastener with both wrenches and bit screwdrivers comprising: a) a drive portion comprising: i) a hexagonal shank portion, and ii) a holder portion comprising a collar or a groove that is capable of accommodating a c-clip; and b) a working head portion.. .


Multi-flute ball end mill

A multi-flute ball end mill comprising a shank portion, a cutting edge portion having a ball-shaped tip portion, and 3 or more cutting edges formed in the cutting edge portion; each cutting edge being constituted by a peripheral cutting edge having a twist angle η of 35-45°, and a ball-end cutting edge having a twist angle μ at the outermost peripheral point, the twist angle η and the twist angle μ meeting the relation of η−μ≦7°, such that the ball-end cutting edge is smoothly connected to the peripheral cutting edge; the ball-end cutting edge having a radial rake angle of −37° to −11°; the peripheral cutting edge having a radial rake angle of 2-8°; and a center-lowered, inclined cutting edge integrally extending from a tip end of each ball-end cutting edge to a rotation center point, in a tip end portion of the ball portion near the rotation center point.. .


Disposable drilling and milling cutter

A disposable drilling and milling cutter for use with an nc or cnc machine tool and configured to be fed in a spiral manner includes a shank, a chip removing groove at one of a plurality of offset positions at one end of the shank, a blade seat at a distal end of the chip removing groove, and a disposable blade locked to the blade seat. The disposable blade has a cutting edge at each of its upper and lower ends, and each cutting edge has an irregular height and a notch.


Spirally-fed drilling and milling cutter

A spirally-fed drilling and milling cutter to be driven spirally in order to drill and mill includes a shank, a groove at one of a plurality of offset positions at one end of the shank, a blade at a bottom side of the groove, and a spiral flute on the periphery of the main body of the shank, wherein the spiral flute has a flute end connected with the groove. When the cutter is rotated at high speed and in high torsion, drilling/milling chips are pushed upward, along with a cutting liquid, through the spiral flute out of a hole being made.


Connecting rod

A connecting rod (1) has a small end (2) that is connectable rotatably to a piston, a connecting rod big end (3) that is connectable rotatably to a crankshaft, and a shank (4) between the ends (2, 3). The connecting rod big end (3) has a big end (5) and a connecting rod bearing cover (6) that can be screwed to the big end (5).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Fastener with loop or hook

A threaded hook or eye loop has a tool receptacle at the end of the threaded shank with the hook or loop configured for rotary insertion with a power tool or hand tool that directly rotates the threaded shaft.. .


Cage stud assembly and related assembly methods

In accordance with a first aspect of the present disclosure, a method of assembling a first automobile component relative to a second automobile component is provided. The method includes providing a cage fastener assembly that includes a cage and a first fastener.
Newfrey Llc


Threaded fastener

A threaded fastener is provided in which a head bearing surface can be in full intimate contact with a counterpart. The threaded fastener is provided with a head (10), and a screw shank (20) extending from the head (10).
Topura Co., Ltd.


Metal attachment

The invention concerns a metal attachment for providing an electrically conductive surface through the entire thickness of structural elements to be assembled. The attachment thereby comprises a head (12)and a smooth shank (14) extending along an axis of revolution, characterized in that the shank comprising at least one conductive portion (24) and one lubricating portion (22) disposed along the axis of revolution of the attachment along at least one length of the shank.
Lisi Aerospace


Combination collar feeder and swaging tool

A combination collar feeder and swaging tool for installing lockbolt fasteners. The collar feeder is mounted on the tool to present collars one-by-one from a cartridge.
Gage Bilt, Inc.


Connection apparatus usable in vacuum interrupter

An improved connection apparatus that meets these and other needs includes, in one embodiment, an approximately j-shaped flexible conductor having at its end an opening that receives therethrough a portion of the shank for mechanical and electrical connection therebetween. The conductor further includes a hole formed therein at approximately its midpoint that receives therein, in a movable and non-contacting fashion, another portion of the elongated shank.
Eaton Corporation


Pulley device

A pulley device comprising a rolling bearing including an inner ring defining a central bore, and outer ring and rolling elements mounted between the inner ring and the outer ring, a pulley secured in rotation with the outer ring and provided with a feature for engaging with a transmission member. The pulley additionally includes a screw comprising a head and a shank housed in the central bore of the inner ring, the screw being configured to fix the pulley device to a motor support.
Aktiebolaget Skf


Anti-loosening bolt assembly

An anti-loosening bolt assembly includes a bolt having a bolt head and a bolt shank; a fixed nut having second threads on an inner circumferential surface thereof; and a washer, wherein the bolt head includes a plurality of locking protrusions, each of the locking protrusions having an inclined locking surface and a vertical locking surface, the washer includes a plurality of stop protrusions, each of the stop protrusions having an inclined stop surface and a vertical stop surface, and a magnetic member is provided in the washer such that the magnetic member maintains a combined state of the washer with an objective member using a magnetic force, so that when a rotational force is applied to the bolt in the loosening direction, the inclined locking surface is stopped by the inclined stop surface, thereby preventing the bolt from loosening and rotating.. .
Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials


Drill bits including sensing packages, and related drilling systems and methods of forming a borehole in a subterranean formation

A drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a bit body having a cutting section, a shank attached to the cutting section and a neck section and at least one sensor in contact with a surface of the shank and wherein the at least one sensor provides a signal in response to a bending moment.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Key and rotary cylinder lock with key

A key (1) for a rotary cylinder lock (2) comprises a key grip (3) and a key shank (4), which adjoins the key grip (3) and extends along a longitudinal axis (l), wherein the key shank (4) has, on its outside (5), control recesses (10), in particular control bores, for properly positioning tumblers on the rotary cylinder lock (2) and also has at least one control element (6) arranged in a movable manner in the key shank (4), which control element (6) has a control surface (8), which interacts with a tumbler (7) of the rotary cylinder lock (2). Furthermore, the key is characterized in that the key shank (4), in the region of the control element (6), has a tapered cross section (9), which is tapered in relation to the cross section (11) with the control recesses (10)..
Assa Abloy (schweiz) Ag


Vehicle wheel axle assembly

A hub assembly, including: an axle with an axial opening; a hub shell; a frame, including first and second frame members with respective first and second retaining surfaces; and a control shaft within the axial opening. The control shaft includes: an engagement end; a clamping end with an enlarged head portion with an inwardly facing grip face; a shank extending between the engagement and clamping ends; first and second engagement surfaces proximal the engagement and clamping ends respectively.


Adapter for a dental milling block holder and a workpiece holder

The invention provides an adapter for a dental milling block holder with a dental milling block (52 and 54) or dental grinding block, which is attached to a dental milling block holder, in particular glued on, wherein the dental milling block holder is provided with a round shank which is mounted in the adapter (40). It is characterised in that the adapter (40) is provided with at least one internal thread (92) for the mounting of a fastening screw (31) which acts on the shank, to which fastening screw (31) inside the shank mount of the adapter (40) of the fastening screw (31) positioned opposite of it, at least one in particular elevated, in particular at least two elevated clamping surfaces (74 and 76) are formed against which the shank abuts..
Ivoclar Vivadent Ag


Iron-cutting drill

An iron-cutting drill includes a shank and two threaded section. The first threaded section extends from an end of the shank and includes a helical groove made of a helix angle smaller than 45°.
Shajeng Hardware Co., Ltd.


Method of making a spanner

A method of making a spanner comprises the steps of preparing a flat metal blank, forging and pressing a part of the metal blank to form a head and a shank whose width is smaller than a width of the head, pressing the head to form a first arch-shaped part, pressing a shank end of the shank to expand the shank end and thence form a second arch-shaped part, and pressing the head and the shank end again to remove redundant scrap projecting from the first arch-shaped part and the second arch-shaped part and also punch finished holes in the head and the shank end respectively, thereby completing the finished spanner. Accordingly, the method reduces the waste of the material and the processing cost, decreases the use frequency of high-cost machines and promotes the processing efficiency by using the flat metal blank..


Butterfly needle with a protective device

A butterfly needle with a protective device: includes a central body having a proximal end and an opposite distal end; a pair of wings bilaterally extending from the central body; a safety device designed to be automatically actuated by traction; and a needle with a shank having an engaging element near its tip for engagement with the safety device and supported by a needle hub at an opposite proximal end, the needle being slidingly longitudinally received in the central body, which includes an inner housing chamber between the proximal end and the distal end, wherein the safety device is irreversibly slidingly housed between a rest position and an actuated position.. .
Delta Med S.p.a. Unipersonale


Device for fixing two parts together

The invention relates to a device for fixing two parts together, a first part having a fixing flange comprising at least one through-orifice for a threaded shank, carried by or integral with a second part, and means for making the nut captive with respect to the flange before it is screwed onto the threaded shank, wherein these means are of the type having a thread, the nut having an externally threaded portion intended to be screwed into an internally tapped portion of the orifice in the flange or of an element attached to the flange and to pass completely through this internally tapped portion until it is housed in a cavity for axially retaining the nut, this allowing the nut to rotate freely before it is screwed onto the threaded shank. The invention also relates to a turbomachine that utilizes this device and to an associated fixing method..


Tool head cover

A tool head cover is provided for a rotary tool, which secures over a portion of the tool head and a portion of the rotating member extending therefrom to protect the tool during operation and to protect the user. The device comprises a shank cover member that extends over the rotating member of the tool, whereby the shank cover member has an outer sidewall and a hollow interior portion.


Twist drill for metal machining

A long twist drill includes a shank and a drill body having a drill tip (16). The twist drill has a length l and an outer diameter d, and has a cemented carbide or high speed steel substrate and a coating of at least one layer.
Seco Tools Ab


Die, joining tool and die production method

A die for a joining tool for carrying out a joining method by clinching or punch riveting. The die including a die shank and a die head.
Newfrey Llc


Hybrid bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same

Hybrid bonded turbine rotors and methods for manufacturing the same are provided. A hybrid bonded turbine rotor comprises a turbine disk and a plurality of turbine blades each metallurgically bonded to a corresponding raised blade attachment surface of a plurality of raised blade attachment surfaces of the turbine disk to define a bond plane located at a selected radial position.
Honeywell International Inc.


Rotor rim impingement cooling

A system and method of cooling a radially outer surface of a rotor wheel post of a turbine wheel and a rotor wheel space between a turbine bucket and a rotor wheel post, including a turbine bucket having at least one cooling passage that extends between an inner cooling channel of the turbine bucket and an outer surface of a shank portion of the turbine bucket that directly faces a radially upper surface of the rotor wheel post, and using the cooling passage to direct cooling flow towards the radially upper surface of the rotor wheel post.. .
General Electric Company


Drill bits having flushing and systems for using same

A drill bit for forming a hole in a formation. The drill bit has a shank and a full face crown that cooperate to define an interior space that receives water or other drilling fluid.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Control system for gas pressure controllers in explosion risk areas

A control system for pressure controllers in explosion risk areas has a pressure controller with adjusting screw to control the pressure inside a conduit used to transport explosive gas. An adapter with a hole is adapted to receive the head of the adjusting screw.
Automa - S.r.l.



A fastener comprises a shank defining a shank root, a head, a drilling portion and main threads. Each of the main threads is inclined with respect to a shank axis by 60-82 degrees.
Essence Method Refine Co., Ltd.


Turbomachine accessory gearbox equipped with an air/oil separator

The invention relates to an accessory gearbox (10) for a turbomachine, said gearbox being equipped with an air/oil separator (12) and comprising a casing (24) in which intermeshing pinions are mounted, one (18) of which is solidly connected to a coaxial shank (22) for driving at least one membrane filter (35) of the separator, characterised in that the membrane filter is mounted directly on a web of the pinion (18) inside the casing.. .


Railcar energy absorption/coupling system

A railcar energy absorption/coupling system including a cushioning assembly arranged in operable combination with a coupler and a yoke. The cushioning assembly is positioned in a draft pocket defined by a draft sill on a railcar between the front and rear stops.
Miner Enterprises, Inc.


Multi-function hitch accessory retaining device and method

A hitch accessory retaining device includes a hitch pin having a first end and a second end. The second end is configured to be inserted completely through a hitch receiver and an accessory shank.


Multi-locking utility cutter

A multi-locking utility cutter has a shank, a blade and a slider. The shank has a guiding groove having multiple first locking units.
Sdi Corporation


Projection bolt welding method

Provided is a projection bolt welding method, which involves welding a projection bolt to a steel sheet component by electric resistance welding. The projection bolt includes a shank, a circular enlarged diameter portion, and a welding projection including an initial fusion portion with a tapered portion and a main fusion portion.


Cutting insert

The invention relates to an interchangeable cutting insert (10) having a shank (12), which transitions into a cutting head (14), which has a chipping surface (32), which, when viewed from above, is a segment of a circle with a height greater than the radius of the chipping surface (32), wherein the chord of the segment of a circle constitutes the transition to the shank (12), wherein a cutting edge (30) is formed on the outer edge of the chipping surface and multiple chip-breaking structures (36, 38) are provided on the chipping surface (32), the chip-breaking structures having depressions (36) in the chipping surface (32), between which projections (38) are arranged, which protrude beyond the chipping surface (32).. .
Kennametal Inc.


Tool holder for a cutting insert

The invention relates to a tool holder (10) for a cutting insert (18), having a shank (12), a counter bearing (14) on which a pocket (16) for a cutting insert (18) is provided, disposed on the front end of the shank, and a clamping segment (20) integrally joined to the shank (12) via a bending segment (22); wherein the clamping segment (20) has a clamping finger (28) and a clamping element (26) such that the clamping finger (28) is capable of acting against the counter bearing segment (14) by means of the clamping element (26), thereby enabling a cutting insert (18) to be clamped between the clamping finger (28) and the counter bearing segment (14); wherein the clamping segment (20) protrudes beyond the top side of the shank (12); and wherein a coolant supply passage (40, 42, 44, 46) extends through the shank (12) and the bending segment (22) into the clamping segment (20); wherein the coolant supply passage (40, 42, 44, 46) has a shank passage (46), a clamping finger passage (40), and a connecting passage (44) that starts from the shank passage (46) and extends through the bending segment (22); characterized in that the connecting passage (44) is disposed in a longitudinal center region of the tool holder (10) and, on its rear side (30) facing toward the shank (12), the clamping segment (20) extends less far in a direction toward the rear end of the shank (12) on both sides of the longitudinal center segment than it does in the longitudinal center segment.. .
Kennametal Inc.


High stiffness and high access forming tool for incremental sheet forming

An tool for the incremental forming of material sheeting is disclosed. The tool comprises a forming tip, a shank, and an interface adapter positioned between the forming tip and the shank.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Bone compression system and associated methods

Systems and associated methods for repairing first and second bone fragments include a bone compression device characterized by an elongated fastener and an anchor. The fastener includes an externally-threaded shank, an enlarged head, and a bore extending through both.


Adjustable rongeur

An adjustable rongeur includes a first handle portion pivotally connected to a second handle portion. A shank is connected to the first handle portion at a proximal end of the shank, wherein the shank has a footplate at a distal end thereof.
Specialty Surgical Instrumentation, Inc.


Cooking device with handle, shaft, fork, and food removal component/implement

The apparatus is used in cooking foodstuff over an open flame by heat while keeping user a safe distance from fire with main elements being hand grip, shank, fork, and food transfer system. A hand grip and shank are made of materials including wood, injection mold plastics, and metal while a fork and food transfer system is constructed of food grade metal materials.


Pipe clip with locking feature

A pipe clip for fastening a pipe to a support structure includes an annular pipe clip body for surrounding the pipe to be fastened. The pipe clip body has a first and a second flange which in use are pulled towards each other by a male fastening element having a head and a shank.
J. Van Walraven Holding B.v.


High angle screw fastener

A threaded fastener for securing a first material to a support comprising a tapping point at a first end and a threaded shank with multiple separate leads. An end diameter of a fastener tip is in the range of 0.210 to 0.190 inches, the tapping point starts away from an end of the tip by a range of 0.320 to 0.40 inches, and the threads are arranged on the shank to provide a range of about 16½ to 17½ threads per inch for a 5/16 inch diameter fastener and about 18½ to 19½ threads per inch for a ¼ inch diameter fastener.
Engineered Components Company


Screw drive

The invention relates to a screw with a screw head having a drive, and a corresponding drive tool, and a drive system having the screw and the drive tool. The screw embodies a screw head having a drive; the drive includes cams formed by recesses introduced in the screw head around the cams.
Ejot Gmbh & Co. Kg



A drill with a drill flute (12) includes symmetrical fluted lands (20) helically extend around a core, wherein grooves (18) remain between the fluted lands, said grooves having a width (72) that exceeds the spine thickness or width (24) of the fluted lands (20), and wherein the grooves (18) comprise a convex core reinforcement (22) at the groove bottom thereof. The width (24) of the fluted lands (20) at the drill head side end (16) is smaller than at the shank side end (14) of the drill helix (12), and at least increases in certain areas.
Drebo Werkzeugfabrik Gmbh


Methods and system for fluidic sealing in gas turbine engines

A sealing system for a rotatable element defining an axis of rotation includes a rotor blade including a shank and an angel wing extending axially from the shank. The sealing system also includes a stator vane positioned axially adjacent the rotor blade.
General Electric Company


Methods and system for fluidic sealing in gas turbine engines

A sealing system for a rotatable element defining an axis of rotation includes a rotor blade including a shank and an angel wing extending axially from the shank. The sealing system also includes a stator vane positioned axially adjacent the rotor blade.
General Electric Company


Nut driving cleaning system

The present invention is a nut-driving apparatus and method that comprises a shank with an embedded magnet mounted at the end and a spring-loaded socket mounted above the magnet, which when pulled, separates the socket from the magnet, releasing any attracted metal shavings to allow for easy cleaning.. .



The invention relates to a screw, in particular a wood screw (hs), comprising a cylindrical screw shank (1′), on one end of which there is formed a conical tip (10), a screw head (2), which is formed on the other end of the screw shank (1′), and at least one thread section (3, 3a) with a thread core (1), which thread section (3, 3a) extends along the longitudinal axis direction (11) from the conical tip (10) in the direction of the screw head (2), wherein, on the at least one thread section (3, 3a), multiple successive thread turns (30) are formed on a shell surface of the thread core (1). In the region of the at least one thread section (3, 3a), multiple elevations (4, 4′, 4a, 4b) are arranged on the outside on the shell surface of the thread core (1)..
Avvio Gmbh & Co Kg


Knuckle deburring cutter and machining knuckle

A knuckle deburring cutter and a method of knuckle for removal of burrs at a lower ball head hole of a knuckle and burrs in the locations where the lower ball head hole, a pinch bolt hole and a pinch bolt slot intersect one another. The knuckle deburring cutter includes a cutter shank in a circular bar shape having a diameter less than that of the lower ball head hole.
Bwi (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Hole saw assembly

A hole saw assembly is revealed. The hole saw assembly is a hole saw with a quick change drill rod.
Rote Mate Industry Co., Ltd.


System and assembling vehicle components with reinforced moldable rivet

A system for assembling vehicle components includes a die assembly securing first and second vehicle components having first and second apertures, respectively. The die assembly positions the first and second vehicle components with the first and second apertures overlapping, and at least one of the first and second vehicle components including a polymeric material.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Multi-thread bone screw and method

A bone screw comprises a threaded shank including a distal end portion and a proximal end portion, and defining a first threaded section extending from the distal end portion toward the proximal end portion and adapted for anchoring in cancellous bone. A second threaded section extends contiguously from the first threaded section toward the proximal end portion.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Attachment of channel elements

An attachment assembly includes an elongate channel element and a male fastening element including a shank to fasten the channel element to another structural element. The elongate channel element has a substantially flat bottom, sidewalls extending from the bottom substantially at right angles and an upper side opposite the bottom.


Micro end mill and manufacturing same

A micro end mill includes a shank made of a first material and a cutting tip made of a second, different material that is bonded to the shank. The first material can be, for example, carbide or high speed steel (hss), and the second material can be, for example, cubic boron nitride (cbn), polycrystalline cubic boron nitride (pcbn), ceramic or polycrystalline diamond (pcd).


Milling cutter

A milling cutter is configured to process an edge of a workpiece to a required profile. The required profile includes a first portion and a second portion coupled to the first portion.


Forming bar with liquid distribution passageway

A device for attaching to a shank of a planting unit. The device may include liquid delivery tubing for delivery fertilizer to a planting furrow and a forming bar configured for securing to the shank.


Thread plug gauge with maintenance line, thread ring gauge, and manufacturing the same

A thread gauge, which allows to reliably know the time for replacement by visual checking and improves the predetermined dimensional accuracy of a thread product has a go-side thread measuring portion extending from one side of a shank portion coaxially with the shank portion or a not-go-side thread measuring portion extending from an other side of the shank portion coaxially with the shank portion, a wear checking gauge line having a predetermined length and a predetermined depth formed on male thread portions and female thread portions formed on the go-side thread measuring portion or the not-go-side thread measuring portion.. .


Cutting tool mounting assembly with elastomeric coated bushing

A cutting tool mounting assembly adapted for receiving a cutting tool includes a base having a bottom portion and a front portion that defines a receptacle having an inner wall and a bushing configured for receipt in the receptacle of the base. The bushing includes: a forward face defining an aperture for receiving the cutting tool; a shoulder generally opposite the forward face, the shoulder configured for cooperating with the front portion of the base; and a shank portion extending rearward from the shoulder, the shank portion having an outer surface configured for cooperating with the inner wall of the receptacle.


Modular saddle tree with a gullet plate

Instant invention relates to a modular saddle tree for a riding saddle with a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank, wherein a supporting element is attached to the shank of the gullet plate by means of a fastening device, particularly moveably supported, a saddle comprising the modular saddle tree according to the invention, a shank comprising a fastening device for a supporting element and a supporting element as well, and a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank according to the invention.. .


Fishing hook method and apparatus

A fish hook that is configured to have a secondary method of holding bait. The fish hook including an eye to accept fishing line.


High performance sleeved interference fasteners for composite applications

A fastener adapted to pass through aligned holes through workpieces is disclosed. The fastener includes a pin member having a transition portion wherein the diameter of the transition portion decreases radially as it extends from the smooth cylindrical shank portion to the threaded portion.
Alcoa Global Fasteners, Inc.


Two-piece key assembly

A key assembly is disclosed. The key assembly may have a blade with a head portion, a shank, and a transition region connecting the head portion to the shank.
The Hillman Group Inc.


Pivot angle setting mechanism

A pivot angle setting mechanism of a steering bar of a push scooter is described and includes a mount secured to a front end of the push scooter, the mount including a central hole and two openings each between the central hole and either end, each opening having two parallel projections; two sliding members each including a cavity on one end, three parallel grooves on the other end wherein two of the grooves complimentarily engage the projections respectively, and a channel communicating the cavity with a central one of the grooves; two limit members each including a concave surface and a hollow peg in the opening; and two spring biased pins each disposed in the cavity and having a shank fastened in the hollow peg by passing through the channel.. .


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing, a utility structure. The step unit, includes a rod member and a step member.


Step unit with fall arrest capability

A step unit with fall arrest capability is provided for use in climbing a utility structure. The step unit includes a bolt member having a shape of substantially an elongated solid cylinder and a fall arrest member integrally attached to the bolt member.

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