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 Systems and  offloading communication sessions to local network resources patent thumbnailSystems and offloading communication sessions to local network resources
Techniques described herein may be used to identify communication sessions (e.g., voice calls, video calls, etc.) that can be routed using local network resources, such as a base station to which the user devices are attached, and cause routing responsibilities for the session to be offloaded to the local network resources. Doing so may conserve network resources by alleviating the core network from having to support communication sessions that do not need to be routed through the core network.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Sequential delivery of advertising content across media devices patent thumbnailSequential delivery of advertising content across media devices
The technology relates to sequential or tailored delivery of advertising content across a plurality of media conduits. The invention achieves sequential story telling for advertising campaigns in place of single-series advertising, by delivering over a period of several sessions on a variety of devices.
Videoamp, Inc.

 Application logging framework patent thumbnailApplication logging framework
The described technology relates to a logging framework wherein identifiers are associated with various elements within a web application, such as pages within the application and portions of pages within the application. Additional identifiers may be associated with sessions within the application, instances of page visits within the application, and other facets of the application and user interactions with the application.
Nasdaq, Inc.

 Management of multipath communication sessions patent thumbnailManagement of multipath communication sessions
The present invention relates to the field of multipath communications and more particularly to management of ongoing multipath communication sessions. Embodiments herein disclose management of an ongoing multipath session, wherein a server, which is a part of the ongoing multipath session, informing devices connected to the server for the multipath session about additional sub-flows, on additional sub-flows being available for the devices.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Multi-platform collaboration appliance patent thumbnailMulti-platform collaboration appliance
The invention contains a private self-aware network. The network will use multi-point bluetooth technology or wi-fi or a direct connection (though not limited to any of these technologies) to provide this capability.

 Contextual monitoring and tracking of ssh sessions patent thumbnailContextual monitoring and tracking of ssh sessions
An ssh module is executed as part of a host computing machine, where code for an secure shell (ssh) agent is integrated with code of the ssh module. Incoming and outgoing host computing machine transactions are collected using the ssh agent which transmits the collected host computing machine transactions to an ssh context agent external to the ssh module.
Sap Se

 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for peer aware load distribution patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and computer readable media for peer aware load distribution
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for peer aware load distribution are disclosed. According to one method, the method includes steps occurring at a dsr comprising a plurality of message processors.
Oracle International Corporation

 Method and device for processing communication path patent thumbnailMethod and device for processing communication path
Embodiments of the present invention relate to a method and a device for processing a communication path. The method includes: obtaining a path processing parameter from local configuration information or from a control layer device, obtaining path information and/or a restarting counter parameter from the control layer device; increasing a path with an opposite-end device when the path information is of increasing a path, identifying the state of the path and/or the state of the opposite-end device using the path processing parameter and/or the restarting counter parameter the opposite-end device; reporting the fault state of the path and/or the reset state of the opposite-end device to the control layer device when the path fails and/or the opposite-end device is reset, releasing sessions on the failed path and/or on a path connected with the reset opposite-end device..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Implementing out of order access to reversal operations in images patent thumbnailImplementing out of order access to reversal operations in images
A computing device is provided. The computing device includes a memory, at least one processor coupled to the memory and an action undo module executable by the processor.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Crypto-currency-based accrued value interoperability patent thumbnailCrypto-currency-based accrued value interoperability
A crypto-currency based value interoperability computing system for transferring closed-loop value within an accrued value system using crypto-currency is provided. The cyrpto currency based system may include an integration tier operable for managing mobile wallet sessions while maintaining integrity of the session.
Mozido, Inc.

Medical support apparatus and system, and operating medical support apparatus

A medical support apparatus includes a grouping unit for grouping plural lesions of a patient body treated by an anticancer chemotherapy into plural groups according to clinical onsets of the lesions. An information generator creates therapeutic effect information of therapeutic effect of the anticancer chemotherapy for respectively the plural groups.
Fujifilm Corporation

System and personalized search while maintaining searcher privacy

Personalization of internet search is effected through the use of resultrank and searcher selected profile attributes and searcher selected query context attributes. These attributes are also referred to as hats (worn by the searcher).

Data collection from living subjects and controlling an autonomous robot using the data

Using various embodiments, methods, systems, and apparatuses are disclosed for capturing the behavior of living subjects, where the data can be processed by a machine-learning algorithm to control an autonomous robot. In one embodiment, using the data captured by a user performing everyday operations, the autonomous robot can behave in a substantially similar manner as the living subject did in the environment where the behavior capture sessions of the living subject were carried out.

Method and non-voice emergency services

A method and apparatus for performing non-voice emergency services (noves) between a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) and a public safety answering point (psap) is disclosed. A noves session may be initiated by sending a noves initiation request message that includes information relating to the noves capabilities of the wtru, and information relating to an emergency situation.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Method and diverting callers to web sessions

A customer support system diverts a customer to an integrated support service to serve the customer better in situations where the use of a single mode of interaction is insufficient. Embodiments of the invention find use where an email or sms is sent to a customer's smart devices with a link to visual content which helps customer better understand the information..
24/7 Customer, Inc.

Methods circuits devices systems and functionally associated computer executable code for managing a data access network

Disclosed are methods, circuits, devices, systems and functionally associated computer executable code for managing a data access network. There may be provided a data access network including one or more client access nodes and an internet gateway including a tls proxy.
Saguna Networks Ltd.

Management of access sessions

Disclosed are examples of managing access sessions for a computing device. In some examples, a computing device obtains a key and timeout data from secured storage.
Airwatch Llc

Maintaining resource availability during maintenance operations

One or more aspects of this disclosure may relate to using a configurable server farm preference for an application, desktop or other hosted resource. Additional aspects may relate to moving server farm workloads based on the configurable server farm preference.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Virtual water cooler discussion sessions

A computing device including a processing device determines that a contact center agent (cca) is in a non-contact session mode. A particular open conference session of a plurality of open conference sessions is identified.
Avaya Inc.

Method and arranging communication sessions in a communication system

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for determining a usage pattern, and sending instructions to a plurality of waveguide systems to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves along a surface of each of a plurality of wires according to the usage pattern. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At & T Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Snapshot management architecture for process control operator training system lifecycle

A cloud-based operator training system includes a snapshot management architecture, which provides a hybrid system for generation of control system level scenarios and system-state snapshots, and which can improve the fidelity of a training simulation. By implementing the simulation system on a cloud platform, the system can generate a large and growing set of snapshot files representing various control states and corresponding process states.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Providing remote video assistant-specific availability details for previously contacted remote video assistants

The present invention relates to determining and presenting, in conjunction with video assistant selection, personalized, remote video assistant-specific availability information for remote video assistants that a user has transacted/interacted with in the past. Once a user logs in or otherwise presents identifying credentials, the system or methodology accesses the user's recent remote video assistant session data (i.e., which video assistants the user previously transacted with) and determines the availability of the previously contacted video assistants.
Bank Of America Corporation

System for improving management performance

A participating manager will receive an invitation to participate in a moderated session conducted via a virtual or face-to-face classroom environment utilizing a management application's dynamic dashboard data visualization tool. The managers are ranked and compared according to sales performance.
Service Guard Insurance Agency, L.p.

Maintaining resource availability during maintenance operations

One or more aspects of this disclosure may relate to using a configurable server farm preference for an application, desktop or other hosted resource. Additional aspects may relate to moving server farm workloads based on the configurable server farm preference.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Mobile communication system, communication apparatus and communication control method

A mobile communication system, a communication apparatus and a communication control method are provided that can maintain the continuity of a service mobile terminals are using while reducing the loads on a server and a network. A communication apparatus (a, b) including virtual machines (100) accommodating sessions of mobile terminals and a virtual machine control means (101) for controlling the virtual machines, and a terminal location synchronization detection function (104) of determining whether or not changes in location of at least two mobile terminals (102) are in sync are provided, wherein if there are at least two terminals whose changes in location are in sync, respective sessions of these at least two mobile terminals are accommodated by a single virtual machine in the communication apparatus..
Nec Corporation

Write-protected recording

A surveillance apparatus continuously records imaged data from a camera into a circular buffer in a local memory. When a record signal is received, the system records the video stream that was recorded before the record signal was received, and the video stream that is recorded after the record signal was received.
Stellar, Llc

Spdy-based web acceleration method and spdy proxy therefor

An spdy-based web acceleration method in a web service including a client, a local spdy proxy, a remote spdy proxy and a web server. The method includes receiving, by the local spdy proxy, a request for a web page from the client; determining, by the local spdy proxy, if the requested web page or at least some resources constituting the web page have been cached in the local spdy proxy; generating, by the local spdy proxy, spdy sessions with the remote spdy proxy if the requested web page or at least some resources constituting the web page have not been cached in the local spdy proxy; transmitting, by the local spdy proxy, a request for the web page to the remote spdy proxy through the generated spdy sessions; determining, by the remote spdy proxy, if the requested web page or at least some resources constituting the web page have been cached in the remote spdy proxy; providing, by the remote spdy proxy, the local spdy proxy with the cached web page if the requested web page or at least some resources constituting the web page have been cached in the remote spdy proxy; requesting, by the remote spdy proxy, the web server for the web page if the requested web page or at least some resources constituting the web page have not been cached in the remote spdy proxy; receiving, by the remote spdy proxy and from the web server, resources constituting the web page corresponding to the request; and providing, by the remote spdy proxy and the local spdy proxy, the received web page to the client..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Gateway streaming media to multiple clients in accordance with different streaming media protocols

A method is provided for delivering two or more concurrent streaming media sessions to client devices. In the method, a request is received from a client device to establish a new streaming media session while one or more ongoing streaming media sessions is in progress.
Arris Enterprises Llc

Optimized transport layer security

A method for establishing a secure communication session over communication paths between one or more client devices and one or more server computers according to a communication protocol includes initiating the session including passing communication through a proxy on a device on the communication paths, passing session initiation information between the client devices and the server computers via the proxy, passing encrypted content between the client devices and the server computers over secure communication sessions, each established for exclusive access from one client device and one server computer based on the exchanged session initiation information between said client device and said server computer whereby the proxy does not have access to the content, and modifying, using the proxy, at least some information passing between a client device and a server computer such that the communication to and from the server computer adheres to the communication protocol.. .

Service platform to support automated chat communications and methods for use therewith

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a service platform that receives a chat request from a client device associated with a user. A chat database of previous chat sessions associated with other users is searched based on the chat request to identify a previous chat session corresponding to the chat request.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Method and augmenting twamp

According to another embodiment of the invention, twamp path discovery is performed to determine a sequence of ip addresses of a forward direction twamp e2e path to be traversed by two different twamp test sessions between a sender and a reflector. Then, additional twamp test request packets are transmitted for the different twamp test sessions; and twamp test reply messages are received responsive to respective ones of the twamp test request packets.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Perfect power rowing ergometer handle

A replacement handle for rowing exercise machines. The rowing machine handle described herein is a simple tool which can be added to existing machines to give the user greater feedback and control over training and exercise sessions, on a variety of rowing exercise machines, than is currently available.

Pressure range adjustment for respiratory therapy device

An automatic positive airway pressure (autopap) therapy device can be configured such that the minimum and/or maximum pressures deliverable by the device can automatically change. The minimum and/or maximum pressures can change as a function of pressures delivered over the course of the current therapy session and/or over the course of prior therapy sessions.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

Device and detecting command and control channel

A device for detecting a command and control channel includes: a session log collector for collecting log information of sessions generated between at least one communication device of the first network and at least one communication device of the second network; an analyzer for generating test data for respective sessions based on the log information, and calculating a test data distribution based on test data of the sessions; and a determiner for extracting a test data value corresponding to an abnormal distribution from the test data distribution based on an abnormal distribution determination standard, and estimating sessions relating to the extracted test data value as a command and control channel.. .
Naru Security, Inc.

Dynamic muting of communication notifications

A system and methods are provided for dynamically muting or suppressing notifications of new communications. When a new communication is received for a user of a communication device (e.g., a mobile telephone, a computer) while notifications are muted, no notification may be issued to the user or, alternatively, a muted notification that differs from a normal notification may be issued.
Whatsapp Inc.

Method and system for goal-oriented learning platform with seamless integration of incentives

A method and system for providing a seamless goal based learning platform integrating incentives. The method includes enabling a tutor to customize a first learning goal to be performed in a program and a first incentive to be awarded upon finishing said first learning goal.

Joining games from a spectating system

A game spectating system that leverages game metadata to allow spectators to join or “step into” games being broadcast. Broadcast content may include user interface elements via which spectators can order, purchase, or otherwise obtain demo or full versions of games.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Infrastructure equipment and method

An infrastructure equipment for forming part of a mobile radio network includes a transmit and receive unit, to transmit and receive data to and from mobile communications devices via a wireless access interface, and a controller processing requests for communications resources from the mobile communications devices. Plural associated communications devices are arranged to form a group, and each of the associated communications devices of the group includes a same common identifier, with respect to which communications sessions can be established to communicate data via the mobile radio network, and the controller is arranged in combination with the transmit and receive unit to respond to a request from one of the communications devices of the group to establish a communications bearer using the common identifier..
Sca Ipla Holdings Inc.

Recording invocation of communication sessions

Systems and methods for recording a communication session between a customer and an agent of a customer center communication system are provided. In this regard, a representative method comprises: configuring a communication component of the customer center communication system to enable recording of a media stream associated with the communication session; transmitting the media stream over a network based on the configuration of the communication component; receiving the media stream over the network; and recording the received media stream..
Verint Systems Inc.

System and managing multi-modal communication sessions

A computing system for managing a multi-modal communication session in an enterprise is disclosed. The computing system includes a monitoring module for monitoring activities associated with the multi-modal communication session between a customer and an agent, wherein the customer and the agent communicate over a first communication modality.
Avaya Inc.

Relationship-centric portals for communication sessions

A method for providing relationship-centric resources includes establishing a communication session between a first device and a second device, determining, during the communication session between the first and second devices, an intersection of mutual topics of interest between users of the first and second devices by cross-referencing sets of interests for the users, retrieving content based on a determination that the content meets a content descriptor, and simultaneously displaying the retrieved content. The content descriptor describes a nature of the communication session.
International Business Machines Corporation

Proxy for mitigation of attacks exploiting misconfigured or compromised web servers

Methods and systems for preventing cyber-attacks on web sessions are disclosed. These methods and systems comprise elements of hardware and software for intercepting a hyper text transfer protocol (http) transaction; analyzing the http headers of the intercepted http transaction for web session vulnerabilities; and, based on the result of analyzing the http headers of the intercepted http transaction for web session vulnerabilities, inserting at least one http protocol element into the series of http headers of the http transaction..
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Technologies for virtualized access to security services provided by a converged manageability and security engine

Technologies for secure access to platform security services include a computing device having a processor and a security engine. The computing device establishes a platform services enclave in a virtual machine of the computing device using secure enclave support of the processor.
Intel Corporation

Session activity tracking for session adoption across multiple data centers

Techniques are disclosed for managing session activity of sso access across multiple data centers. Session activity of sso access is managed across multiple geographically disperse computing systems clustered together to form a multi-data center (mdc) system.
Oracle International Corporation

Private text chatting sessions

A system and method for private text chatting. A request to a remote device to establish a private text chat session is either sent or received.
Blackberry Limited

Application hierarchy specification with real-time functional selection

A preferred communication application hierarchy that specifies user priorities for application selection for communication sessions and functional communication capabilities of each prioritized application is configured for at least one user of a group of users. A real-time communication request, initiated by a user with a configured preferred communication application hierarchy, is detected that specifies a particular type of communication functionality and that includes an indication of another one of the group of users as a requested communication recipient.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mobile chat application integration with promotional systems

Techniques for programmatically interfacing with mobile chat sessions are discussed herein. Some embodiments may include one or more servers configured to: access the mobile chat session hosted by the mobile chat server; receive input chat data from the mobile chat server; determine promotions scores of candidate promotions based at least in part on the input chat data; and provide the output chat data to the mobile chat server including an electronic marketing communication of one or more promotions selected based on the promotion scores.
Groupon, Inc.

System and method to provide notifications to resources

A computing system to manage one or more communication sessions is disclosed. The computing system includes an input module to receive at least one subscription request from at least one resource, wherein the at least one subscription request comprises a subscription criteria.
Avaya Inc.

Entertainment prediction favorites

Systems and methods are described for generating recommendations for content items and ranking categories of content based on a user's consumption history. The content items may comprise various forms of media content, including, video, audio, internet webpages, etc.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc

System and arranging and presenting interactive multiplayer game sessions to an audience

A computer implemented method of presenting pre-show content to movie theater audiences includes receiving requests from an exhibitor, each request identifying a feature presentation, a feature presentation start time, and the length of a pre-show session preceding the feature presentation. At least one multiplayer game for each pre-show session is selected automatically based on at least one of an audience maturity rating of the feature presentation, a genre of the feature presentation, and the availability of other players attending at least one other feature presentation hosted by the same exhibitor at the same or a different location, and/or a different exhibitor at a different location.
Kino Llc

Mobile device which simulates player motion

A mobile device and system which simulates human motion. The device includes a base with a drive system for providing motion to the device.
Mobile Virtual Player Llc

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