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Serpentine patents

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Artificial skin and elastic strain sensor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Serpentine-related patents
 Thermoformed load bearing pallet patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoformed load bearing pallet
The loadable and readily moveable thermo-plastically constructed pallets of the present invention utilize three directionally longitudinally extending beams extending integrally downwardly from a horizontal and topically loadable panel. Respective beams at the lower-side are provided with a plurality of transversely alignable cutaways, including two medial-cutaways and two flanking-cutaways, the latter being adapted to rest rack wise upon a range of spaced apart rails.
 Artificial skin and elastic strain sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Artificial skin and elastic strain sensor
An elastic strain sensor can be incorporated into an artificial skin that can sense flexing by the underlying support structure of the skin to detect and track motion of the support structure. The unidirectional elastic strain sensor can be formed by filling two or more channels in an elastic substrate material with a conductive liquid.
 Lightweight controlled descent system without optional friction tape patent thumbnailLightweight controlled descent system without optional friction tape
A lightweight safety harness comprises adjustable belt sections for the upper chest, waist and upper thighs. In one of two shoulder straps, there is stored a primary release pin and secondary brake strap.
 Increased recovery range controlled descent system without optional friction tape patent thumbnailIncreased recovery range controlled descent system without optional friction tape
A lightweight safety harness comprises adjustable belt sections for the upper chest, waist and upper thighs. In one of two shoulder straps, there is stored a primary release pin and secondary brake strap.
 Surgical incision and closure apparatus patent thumbnailSurgical incision and closure apparatus
An apparatus for closing a surgical incision comprises left and right base panels, a plurality of closure components, and a plurality of left and right axial supports coupled to the respective base panels. The closure components couple the left and right base panels to each other laterally and have left and right ends coupled to the respective base panels.
 Gas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage patent thumbnailGas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage
A gas turbine engine component includes a structure having a cooling passage providing upstream and downstream portions separated from one another by an inner wall and fluidly connected by a bend. The downstream portion includes an outer wall opposite the inner wall to provide a downstream region extending between the inner and outer walls.
 Continuous round baler patent thumbnailContinuous round baler
A crop harvesting system for continuous round baling is described that comprises a first and second bale chamber and a conveyor system in operable communication with the first and second bale chambers. The crop harvesting system can comprise at least three bale carriers, at least two serpentine systems to facilitate movement of the bale into and out of the first and second bale chambers.
 Gas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage with chevrons patent thumbnailGas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage with chevrons
A gas turbine engine component includes a structure having a cooling passage providing upstream and downstream portions separated from one another by an inner wall and fluidly connected by a bend. First and second trip strips are respectively arranged in the upstream and downstream portions.
 Neonatal fluid tubing heater patent thumbnailNeonatal fluid tubing heater
A heating system for heating neonate nutritional liquid, including a heater and a control module. The heater includes a heating portion having serpentine shaped grooves for receiving a tube.
 Marble maze patent thumbnailMarble maze
This is a great hand eye coordination toy for kids and enhances motor skills; the serpentine slot is a relaxing eye watching pleasure; gravity pulls the balls through the slotted path in the base of the toy; just turn the toy 180 degrees and it repeats the process; this toy is for entertainment use only; a slotted path is for multiple balls to follow.. .
Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof
An energy diffusion sealing ring [872] for use with a hydrocyclone or pump is provided. The energy diffusion sealing ring [872] comprises a sacrificial suspension matrix [872a] comprised of a polymer, elastomer, or combination thereof, and a number of packed inserts [872b] suspended in the matrix [872].
Overfeed roller assembly, textile machine, and method of adjusting tension in a running yarn
An overfeed roller assembly for use on a rotating drive shaft of a textile machine is adapted for adjusting downstream tension in a continuous moving length of yarn. The overfeed roller assembly comprises a base assembly designed for mounting on the drive shaft, and an annular yarn tension adjuster carried by the base assembly.
Apparatus for disperser plate and method to refine paper
An assembly of opposing discs or cones for a disperser where each disc or cone has mounted to it a plate or an array of plate segments with a front surface on each plate or array of plate segments and each surface has a series of bars, grooves and dams. The bars are in rows, with the rows separated by annular dams at substantially fixed radial locations, and the grooves are adjacent the bars in the rows so that the grooves form a serpentine passage extending radially between the opposing plates or array of plate segments on the opposing discs or cones.
Serpentine dispenser with cartridges
A serpentine dispenser for dispensing stacks of nested cans from a cartridge allows cans to be dispensed without slip sheets between individual cans, or internal dispenser walls separating can facings. Jam-free dispenser feeding is achieved by constructing a cartridge holding area wider than the dispenser down chute, such that the cartridge may be easily inserted and removed from the dispenser, but cans exiting the cartridge are maintained in a nested stack by the narrower width of the down chute.
Micromachined flow sensor integrated with flow inception detection and make of the same
This invention is related to a microfabricated microelectromechanical systems (a.k.a. Mems) silicon thermal mass flow sensor integrated with a micromachined thermopile temperature sensor as a flow inception detection sensor.
Elastomeric leaflet for prosthetic heart valves
A leaflet for a prosthetic valve formed of at least one layer that includes a composite material containing at least one expanded fluoropolymer membrane having serpentine fibrils and an elastomer is provided. The fluoropolymer may be polytetrafluoroethylene.
Unique pre-form design for two-step forming of stainless steel fuel cell bipolar plates
A bipolar plate used in a fuel cell and a method of making a bipolar plate. The sheet is made from a ferritic or austenitic stainless steel, and defines an undulated surface pattern such that the patterned sheet may be formed into the bipolar plate.
Serpentine fluid reactor components
Some embodiments of the present invention provide components for a serpentine fluid reactor which is optimized for one or more objective functions of interest such as pressure drop, erosion rate, fouling, coke deposition and operating costs. The components are designed by computer modeling the components individually and collectively in which the cross section of flow path is substantially circular under industrial conditions to validate the model design and its operation.
Methods of forming serpentine thermal interface material and structures formed thereby
Methods of forming a microelectronic packaging structure and associated structures formed thereby are described. Those methods may include forming a thermal interface material comprising a thermally conductive serpentine foil located between a first and a second interface material.
Heat exchanger and gas-fired furnace comprising the same
A heat exchanger and a gas-fired furnace including the same are provided. The heat exchanger includes at least two heat exchange shell enclosures; and at least three rows of heat exchange tubes arranged along a furnace air flow path.
Medical balloon devices and methods
A balloon or balloon cover comprising a composite material having a least one expanded fluoropolymer material and an elastomer is provided. The expanded fluoropolymer material can contain serpentine fibrils.
Turbine blade with integrated serpentine and axial tip cooling circuits
An air cooled turbine blade including leading and trailing edges, and pressure and suction side walls extending between the leading and trailing edges. Leading and trailing edge cooling circuits extend spanwise adjacent to the leading and trailing edges, respectively.
Internal heat exchanger for an air conditioning system
An internal heat exchanger for an air conditioning system, comprising an outer tube and a line structure arranged inside the outer tube defining a meandering serpentine first flow channel, with the second flow channel formed between the outer tube and the line structure. The first flow channel is formed by extruded components joined together to form a unitary structure inserted into the second flow channel which includes facing channel elements defining a serpentine path and two shells adhered to the channel elements defining the sides of the flow path and having fins extending perpendicular to the base disposed in the second flow channel..
Methods of treating a subterranean formation with friction reducing clays
Methods of treating a subterranean formation including providing a treatment fluid comprising an aqueous base fluid and a friction reducing clay; wherein the friction reducing synthetic clay is a phyllosilicate clay selected from the group consisting of a phyllosilicate smectite group clay; a phyllosilicate serpentine group clay; a phyllosilicate pyrophyllite-talc group clay; a phyllosilicate mica group clay; a phyllosilicate chlorite group clay; and any combinations thereof; and placing the treatment fluid into the subterranean formation.. .
Flexible thermal interface for electronics
A planar heat pipe for removing heat from an electronic device. The heat pipe includes a planar portion defining a cool end of the heat pipe and a plate portion mounted to the electronic device and defining a hot end of the heat pipe.
Fluid contactor-diffuser tray assembly
A separations tray assembly for use in a fluid-fluid exchange column. The separations tray assembly is of the type where a first fluid, in a continuous phase, is directed across successive trays in a serpentine flow path.
Broadband antenna and wireless communication device including the same
A broadband antenna includes first and second radiating conductors. The first radiating conductor includes a short-circuit portion in a serpentine shape, a first radiating arm resonating in a first frequency band, and a second radiating arm.
High travel suspension for small ground mobile robots
A lightweight mobile robot includes a chassis less than 500 pounds and two independent tracked drives including a drive wheel assembly, four or more independently suspended bogie assemblies, an idler wheel assembly, a compliant front shoe fixedly coupled to an independently suspended bogie assembly positioned adjacent the idler wheel assembly, and a compliant elastomer track entraining the drive wheel, road wheels, idler wheel assembly and compliant front shoe. The bogie assembly includes a serpentine suspension arm having a corresponding road wheel rotatably mounted at a distal end thereof, the bogie arm swingable through a range entirely beneath the chassis.
Ice cube evaporator plate assembly
An evaporator plate made of a metal plate having a plurality of shaped dimples thereon, the dimples each being defined by a pair of opposing pyramid shaped end faces and a pair of trapezoidal shaped left and right side faces adjoining the pair of pyramid shaped end faces. An evaporator assembly comprising first and second evaporator plates and tubing arranged in a serpentine path sandwiched therebetween, each plate including a plurality of parallel fins extending from a first surface, a pair of end flanges parallel to the fins, and a plurality of the shaped dimples.
A radially expandable stent comprising a plurality of spaced band-like elements and intersecting links is disclosed. The band-like elements have a generally serpentine configuration to provide continuous waves of generally sinusoidal character to each band-like element.
Elastic stent graft
A stent graft including (1) a stent having a wall having at least one opening, an outer surface, and an inner surface and (2) a covering of a composite material having a least one expanded fluoropolymer membrane and an elastomer is provided. The cover can be used to cover the outer and/or the inner surface of the stent.
Serpentine robotic crawler
A robotic crawler having a non-dedicated smart control system is disclosed. Such a crawler can include a first drive subsystem, a second drive subsystem, a multi-degree of freedom linkage subsystem coupling the first and second drive subsystems, and a non-dedicated, smart control device removably supported about one of the first drive subsystem, the second drive subsystem, and the linkage subsystem.
Steerable endoscope and improved method of insertion
A steerable endoscope has an elongated body with a selectively steerable distal portion and an automatically controlled proximal portion. The endoscope body is inserted into a patient and the selectively steerable distal portion is used to select a desired path within the patient's body.
Serpentine heat exchanger
A serpentine heat exchanger includes a tube formed by bonding two press-molded tube sheets and folded back in a serpentine shape, and a corrugated fin arranged in a space enclosed by the tube that is folded-back. An inside of a folded-back portion of the tube includes a plurality of protrusions at a distance from one another, the protrusions protruding from one tube sheet and contacting the other tube sheet..
Flexible intramedullary nail
A flexible intramedullary nail is disclosed that is manufactured from a biocompatible rigid material and having a substantially cylindrical hollow body, a leading segment with an entry hole at a distal end and at least one securing means and a trailing segment having a trailing edge and an attachment mechanism. The body has at least one flexible center section, each having at least one slot to provide flexibility.
Cooling arrangement for a gas turbine component
A cooling arrangement (82) for a gas turbine engine component, the cooling arrangement (82) having a plurality of rows (92, 94, 96) of airfoils (98), wherein adjacent airfoils (98) within a row (92, 94, 96) define segments (110, 130, 140) of cooling channels (90), and wherein outlets (114, 134) of the segments (110, 130) in one row (92, 94) align aerodynamically with inlets (132, 142) of segments (130, 140) in an adjacent row (94, 96) to define continuous cooling channels (90) with non continuous walls (116, 120), each cooling channel (90) comprising a serpentine shape.. .
Paving stones
Generally l-shaped, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, parallelogram and other-shaped paving stones with inter-fitting vertical spacers forming serpentine side contact surfaces that provide enhanced stone-to-stone interlocking in both water-permeable and water-impermeable paving installations.. .
Casting core for a cooling arrangement for a gas turbine component
A ceramic casting core, including: a plurality of rows (162, 166, 168) of gaps (164), each gap (164) comprising an airfoil shape; interstitial core material (172) that defines and separates adjacent gaps (164) in each row (162, 166, 168); and connecting core material (178) that connects adjacent rows (170, 174, 176) of interstitial core material (172). Ends of interstitial core material (172) in one row (170, 174, 176) align with ends of interstitial core material (172) in an adjacent row (170, 174, 176) to form a plurality of continuous and serpentine shaped structures each comprising interstitial core material (172) from at least two adjacent rows (170, 174, 176) and connecting core material (178)..
Apparatus utilizing buoyancy forces
An apparatus has a base and a flow path assembly movably supported by the base and defining a serpentine flow path having an entry opening and an exit opening. An actuator is coupled with the flow path assembly and the base and is configured to rotate the flow path assembly between a vertical and an angled position relative to the base.
Device for cooling a component of an electrical machine using cooling coils
A device for cooling a component includes first and second cooling cons for circulation of a coolant. The first and second cooling coils have serpentine sections and distance sections connecting neighboring ones of the serpentine sections to each other for cooling individual non-neighboring component areas.
Autostereoscopic display illumination apparatuses and autostereoscopic display devices incorporating the same
Embodiments are generally directed to autostereoscopic display device illumination apparatuses having one or more optical fibers (i.e., flexible light diffusing waveguides) as linear emitters for illuminating columns of pixels of a display panel within the autostereoscopic display device. In some embodiments, the linear emitters are defined by a single optical fiber that is arranged on a substrate in a serpentine manner to form an array of linear emitters.
Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation
A system for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to uv irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by a pump control system programmed to cause the pump to vary the flow of fluid.
Intravascular heat exchange catheter with rib cage-like coolant path
An intravascular heat exchange catheter has serpentine-like supply and return conduits circulating working fluid with a heat exchange system to warm or cool a patient in which the catheter is intubated.. .
Imitating serpentine motion in a mechanical figure
In one embodiment there is provided a mechanical device capable of mimicking a serpentine motion. The mechanical device includes a plurality of segmented portions interconnected consecutively at pivoted junctions.
Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation
A system and method for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to uv irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by causing the pump to vary the flow of fluid.
Clamping device
A clip is provided for a compressive restraining engagement of two sides with material such as money placed therebetween. The clip employs a serpentine configuration of a wire-like member to form a pair of diagonal crossing members communicating between two parallel sidewalls formed by distal ends of the member.
Method and apparatus for producing photoreaction product sheet
A photo-reactive composition layer is formed on a support with transparency while the support is moved in one direction. Then the support is reversed in a first irradiating chamber as to be moved in a direction opposite to the one direction to generate a serpentine transport path.
Systems and methods for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using variable fluid flow and ultraviolet light irradiation
A system and method for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a pump configured to propagate the fluid through a serpentine-shaped flow path while exposing the fluid to uv irradiation. Extensive mixing of flow is accomplished by causing the pump to vary the flow of fluid.
Internally cooled gas turbine engine airfoil
A gas turbine engine airfoil has a hollow airfoil section extending chordwise between a leading edge and a trailing edge. The airfoil has a leading edge cooling passage and a separate serpentine passage for cooling a remaining portion of the airfoil.
Imaging systems with circuit element in carrier wafer
An imaging system may include an image sensor package with an image sensor wafer mounted on a carrier wafer, which may be a silicon substrate. A capacitor may be formed in the carrier wafer.
Exposure chamber and a system for reduction of pathogens in a biological fluid using ultraviolet irradiation by light emitting diodes
An exposure chamber for reducing pathogens in a biological fluid such as whole blood or blood-derived products includes a serpentine-shaped uv-transparent flow path and closely positioned ultraviolet light emitting diodes configured for emanating uv irradiation towards the biological fluid at peak wavelength of 250 nm to 270 nm. The control system is provided to energize uv leds using various novel modes of modulating pulse width and current amplitude for leds so as to deliver higher uv intensity to the biological fluid but without overheating thereof or the leds..
Analytical cartridge with fluid flow control
Analytical cartridges, systems and methods of processing a sample for analysis using capillary flows. Vertical gradient sample filtration provides filtrate to an incubation chamber for a time controlled by a flow modulator at the outlet of the incubation chamber.
System and method for reducing golf club chatter
Disclosed herein are systems and methods for securing golf clubs stored in a golf bag so that their tendency to bounce and collide with one another, and thereby produce an undesirable chattering noise, is greatly reduced or eliminated while the golf bag is being carried. The system includes one or more lines or other extended items that make a serpentine path over the top of the golf bag, winding through the golf club shafts.
Serpentine cooling of nozzle endwall
A gas turbine nozzle section of a gas turbine may include an inner endwall with a leading edge. A serpentine passage may be configured substantially within the leading edge.
Microfluidic device and method of fabricating microfluidic devices
Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic devices having micro-channels able to withstand an internal channel pressure of more than 4,000 psi are described. The micro-channels have rounded cross-sections that prevent turbulent flow within a fluid conveyed within the channel.
Serpentine ir sensor
In one embodiment, a mems sensor includes a mirror and an absorber spaced apart from the mirror, the absorber including a plurality of spaced apart conductive legs defining a tortuous path across an area directly above the mirror.. .
Load balancing descending device
A load balancing descending device for controlling the descent of a user descending on a rope carrying a load is provided. The rope has a decreasing rope free end as the user descends.
Stablized lath and method of manufacture
A lath and method to produce a lath may include furring strand wires with furring bends, transverse wires joined to the furring strand wires to not overlap a furring bend, and a stabilization wire arranged along a serpentine path and joined to the transverse wires.. .
Multilayer nanofiber filter
A method of making a multilayer filter and the multilayer filter made by the method. The method includes generally two steps.
Modules for integrated bulk fluids management
Modules for controlling a flow of water and methods of assembly of modules to establish indirect flow of water through a modular system. Modular systems for controlling a flow of water having beams extending across the modules to direct the flow of water in an indirect manner or a serpentine or semi-serpentine manner.
Cooled blade for a gas turbine
The invention relates to a cooled blade for a gas turbine that includes a radially extending aerofoil with a leading edge, a trailing edge, a suction side and a pressure side, and wherein a lip overhang is provided on the suction side of the trailing edge the blade also includes a plurality of radial internal flow channels connected via flow bends to form a multi-pass serpentine for a coolant flow, whereby a trailing edge ejection region is provided for cooling said trailing edge, said trailing edge ejection region comprising a trailing edge passage of said multi-pass serpentine running essentially parallel to said trailing edge and being connected over its entire length with a pressure side bleed. An optimized cooling is achieved by mainly determining the cooling flow from the trailing edge passage to the pressure side bleed by means of a staggered field of pins, which is provided between said pressure side bleed and said trailing edge passage, with the lateral dimension of said pins increasing in coolant flow direction..
Fiber-optic biosensor and biosensing methods
A biosensor device that includes a module defining at least one microfluidic channel, an optical waveguide exposed along at least a portion of its length to fluid flow within the microfluidic channel, where a surface of the optical waveguide being prepared to bind a target biomarker, and an excitation source to couple an excitation wavelength of light into the optical waveguide. The device also includes a sensor for detecting emission light from the optical waveguide at an emission wavelength characteristic of binding of the target biomarker.
Oxidation furnace
An oxidation furnace for the oxidative treatment of fibers, in particular for producing carbon fibers, with a housing which is gas-tight, apart from passage areas for the carbon fibers, and a process chamber located in the interior of the housing. Hot air can be blown into the process chamber by at least one air inlet device.
Sectioned flow device
A flow module or plate reactor includes one or more sectioned or un-sectioned heat exchanger plates. Each sectioned heat exchanger plates has a plurality of sections, each of which has a heat exchanger inlet and a heat exchanger outlet configured to flow one or more fluids therein in a first direction.
Mutant smoothened and methods of using the same
The emergence of mutations in tyrosine kinases following treatment of cancer patients with molecular-targeted therapy represents a major mechanism of acquired drug resistance. Here, we describe a mutation in the serpentine receptor, smoothened (smo), which results in resistance to a hedgehog (hh) pathway inhibitor in medulloblastoma.
Hydraulic mount for vehicle
Disclosed herein is a hydraulic mount for a vehicle, wherein a serpentine wall that protrudes from a bottom surface of a membrane wherein the membrane operates as a bottom surface of the upper chamber, is bonded to an orifice lower plate and separates a central chamber and a serpentine inertia track. Furthermore, the serpentine inertia track is disposed along a circumference of the central chamber.
Humidifier with liquid ingress protection
A pressure support device includes a humidification system (10) to control the humidity of a pressurized flow of breathable gas generated by the pressure support device. The humidification system includes a liquid storage chamber (32) and a humidification chamber (34).
Open sensor for testing a composite medium
An open sensor is provided for testing a split sample of a composite medium. The open sensor generally includes a longitudinal section of a tube and a plurality of serpentine conductors which are successively layered on top of each other.
Serpentine insert for open web grid
A grid runner and method of its manufacture that saves material content with use of a serpentine sheet metal web configured to be essentially scrapless and that results in a parallel chord truss-like construction with open spaces between an upper reinforcing bulb and a lower flange.. .
Plated glass dildo
A dildo, including a solid high density heat-resistant glass substrate completely covered by a relatively inert metal plating such as gold, silver, nickel, chromium or titanium, the substrate having a shaft portion, a base portion at one end and a head portion at the opposite end. In one configuration the head and base portions are enlarged, the shaft portion having spaced protuberances.

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