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Serial Port patents

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System and method for serving binary short message service content to different wireless networks

Date/App# patent app List of recent Serial Port-related patents
 Inline network switch having serial ports for out-of-band serial console access patent thumbnailnew patent Inline network switch having serial ports for out-of-band serial console access
Systems, methods and apparatus regarding network configuration and network switches including an in-line network console access (netcona) device having a netcona management module, a netcona wan-side port, a netcona lan-side port, and at least one netcona serial console access port. The netcona device may share a single ip address for “out-of-band” access to network appliances at a network edge point.
 System and method for serving binary short message service content to different wireless networks patent thumbnailSystem and method for serving binary short message service content to different wireless networks
Systems and methods are described for serving binary short message service (sms) content to multiple mobile devices that use different wireless networks to receive data. One implementation involves a method for serving binary sms content to the subscribers of a telematics service provider (tsp) on multiple mobile devices that are provisioned with multiple wireless networks.
 Host computer and method for testing sas expanders patent thumbnailHost computer and method for testing sas expanders
In a method for testing serial attached small computer system interface (sas) expanders using a host computer, the host computer connects to a master sas expander through a first serial port, and connects to slave sas expanders through a second serial port. The host computer sends a test command to the master sas expander to test the master sas expander, and stores the test result of the master sas expander into a flash memory of the master sas expander.
Universal remote display system
A tank monitoring interface connects to many known automatic tank gauging systems. The interface deciphers serial data from existing tank monitoring controllers through a serial port on that tank monitoring controller.
Electronic accessory system for a vehicle
An electronic accessory system for a vehicle includes an accessory module housing electronics, which includes a cmos camera and a vehicle bus node and a digital signal processor. When the accessory module is mounted at a vehicle windshield, the vehicle bus node is connected to a vehicle bus of the vehicle.
Control and monitoring unit for a circuit interrupter electronic trip unit and system including same
A circuit interrupter system includes a circuit interrupter including a processing unit, a serial port interface operatively coupled to the processing unit for enabling communication with the processing unit, and a usb processing unit configured to run a usb stack and operatively coupled to the serial port interface for enabling communication with the processing unit through the serial port interface, and a portable computing device selectively connectable to the usb processing unit of the circuit interrupter through a usb connection, the portable computing device being structured to function as a usb host and to implement a graphical user interface for enabling communication between the portable computing device and the processing unit of the circuit interrupter through the serial port interface and the usb processing unit when the portable computing device is connected to the usb processing unit of the circuit interrupter.. .
 Server and method for managing redundant array of independent disk cards patent thumbnailServer and method for managing redundant array of independent disk cards
In a method for managing redundant array of independent disk (raid) cards, physical layer (phy) chips of the raid card is detected by a serial port. Information of a malfunctioning phy chip and a standby phy chip is read and stored in a firmware of a flash erasable programmable read only memory (eprom) of the raid card.
 Method and apparatus to reduce serial bus transmission power patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus to reduce serial bus transmission power
In some embodiments, a serial bus interface circuit includes at least two serial ports, a memory to store a relationship between serial bus addresses and the at least two serial ports, and a controller to control access to the at least two serial ports. The controller may be configured to receive an access request for a serial bus address, determine a first port of the at least two serial ports corresponding to the serial bus address using the relationships stored in the memory, and disable a second port of the at least two serial ports.
 Hybrid storage device having disk controller with high-speed serial port to non-volatile memory bridge patent thumbnailHybrid storage device having disk controller with high-speed serial port to non-volatile memory bridge
A hybrid storage device comprises at least one storage disk, a disk controller configured to control writing of data to and reading of data from the storage disk, a non-volatile electronic memory, and a bridge device coupled between the disk controller and the non-volatile electronic memory. The disk controller comprises a plurality of high-speed serial interfaces.
 Serial port access system and method in a computing system patent thumbnailSerial port access system and method in a computing system
A multi-card system includes a card having a plurality of serial port devices, an inter-card serial bus connection configured for connection to an inter-card serial bus, and an intra-card and inter-card serial port access system. The serial port access system may include a switch configured to provide switchable serial connections between any of the devices on the card, and an inter-card signaling system to communicate switching instructions to other cards.
Server and method of manipulation in relation to server serial ports
A server in communication with a remote control device and a display device includes a super input/output (sio) microchip, a basic input/output system (bios), and a baseboard management controller (bmc). The sio microchip outputs debugging commands and ipmi commands.
Electronic device and test card thereof
A testing card includes a power interface, a plurality of serial ports connected to a plurality of test instruments. The microprocessor includes a processing unit having been burnt with a plurality of test programs, the processing unit is configured to execute one of the test programs according a user selection and generate a test command, and a serial ports management unit configured to convert the test command into a control signal, and send the control signal to a corresponding test instrument via the corresponding one of the serial port to control the test instrument to test a target device.
Secure pin entry device for mobile phones
A secure mobile phone-point of sale (pos) system includes a mobile phone integrated with a secure ped module. The secure ped module is integrated with the mobile phone via the phone's serial port or directly to the phone's printed circuit board assembly (pcba).
Distributed object storage system comprising low power storage nodes
A storage node for a distributed object storage system, comprising a control board configured to receive a parameter for setting predetermined allowable temperature ranges through a serial port, and sending a signal through said serial port for indicating one or more of said measurements of temperatures lies outside said predetermined allowable ranges. The control board is further configured to receive a parameter for controlling the switching on or off the storage elements through said serial port by sending a signal through said serial port to indicate which storage elements is switched on or off..
Method and system for improving serial port memory communication latency and reliability
A method, apparatus and system for reducing memory latency is disclosed. In one embodiment, data between a host computer system and a memory is communicated via a port or a group of ports at the memory over multiple time intervals, wherein the host computer is coupled to the memory.
Communicating to update a memory
Embedded devices typically have an operating system, one or more file-systems, as well as a bootloader and other data components resident in flash memory. During software development and testing, there is frequently a need to selectively update a combination of such images.
Medical monitoring hub
The present disclosure includes a medical monitoring hub as the center of monitoring for a monitored patient. The hub includes configurable medical ports and serial ports for communicating with other medical devices in the patient's proximity.
Ieee 1149.1 and p1500 test interfaces combined circuits and processes
In a first embodiment a test access port (tap) of ieee standard 1149.1 is allowed to commandeer control from a wrapper serial port (wsp) of ieee standard p1500 such that the p1500 architecture, normally controlled by the wsp, is rendered controllable by the tap. In a second embodiment (1) the tap and wsp based architectures are merged together such that the sharing of the previously described architectural elements are possible, and (2) the tap and wsp test interfaces are merged into a single optimized test interface that is operable to perform all operations of each separate test interface.
Networking method and device via network interface of data card equipment
The disclosure provides a networking method and device via network interface of data card equipment, wherein the method includes: loading a user application module, a control instruction library and a driver of the data card equipment in a computer configured with a mac operating system; creating a virtual network interface matched with equipment attributes according to the equipment attributes reported by the data card equipment; sending a control instruction to the control instruction library; the control instruction library preliminarily packing and outputting the control instruction; an upper driver analyzing the data packet that is input by the control instruction library and that contains the control instruction, and encapsulating the control instruction in a communication control protocol format and then forwarding the control instruction; and a lower driver sending the data packet containing the control instruction to the data card equipment via a communication pipe. According to the invention, the problem that the mac operating system is unable to network via the network interface of data card equipment can be effectively solved, and the rate bottleneck problem caused when the data card networks via a serial port at present also can be solved well..
Multi-serial port connection device and connection card thereof
A multi-serial port connection device has a connection card and a cable. The connection card has a serial signal transceiving control module and at least one mini displayport connector.
Single-wire bootloader for target device with self-programming capability
A single-wire bootloader software architecture is disclosed that interfaces with any host device that has a serial port to program memory of a target device using only a single general-purpose i/o pin. The single-wire bootloader does not require any chip hardware resource modules.
System and method for providing migrateable virtual serial port services
A virtualization environment provides a virtual console server that communicates with other virtual servers/machines utilizing virtual hardware connections such that the virtual remote console server can monitor and/or control the virtual servers/machines in the environment as if the virtual remote console server and the other virtual servers/machines were connected, even if the virtual console server and/or the other virtual servers are moved between processors in the virtualization environment.. .
Computing device and method for testing sol function of a motherboard of the computing device
A method for testing a serial over local area network (sol) function of a motherboard of a computing device. The method determines that the sol function is normal if forward data can be transmitted from the serial port of the motherboard to a network interface controller (nic) of the motherboard through a predefined path, and backward data can be transmitted from the nic to the serial port through a predefined reverse path.
Adjustment device and method for adjusting interface expander
An adjustment device for automatically adjusting an interface expander with a signal port and a firmware is provided. The adjustment device includes a mcu connected to the signal port, a serial port, and an analysis unit connected to the mcu via the serial port.
Method for outputting power-on self test information, virtual machine manager, and processor
The present disclosure provides a method for outputting power-on self test information, a virtual machine manager, and a processor. The method includes: receiving trigger information generated by a bios program when the bios program runs a predefined virtual mode trigger instruction, starting, by a virtual machine manager, the virtual machine manager and monitoring a processor, where the processor is a processor that enters a virtual mode after receiving the trigger information of the bios program; when detecting that the processor generates an exit instruction, obtaining power-on self test information after the bios program performs a power-on self test operation, and outputting the power-on self test information to a serial port.
Multi-port, gigabit serdes transceiver capable of automatic fail switchover
A multi-port serdes transceiver includes multiple parallel ports and serial ports, and includes the flexibility to connect any of the parallel ports to another parallel port or to a serial port, or both. The transceiver can connect any of the serial ports to another serial port or to a parallel port.
Systems and methods for programming of a cooling fan arrangement
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method that comprises, based upon receipt of a mode command, changing an operating mode of a fan motor controller of a fan to a serial port communication protocol, programming a memory of the fan motor controller with an operating parameter of the fan, and based upon receipt of a serial port command, changing the operating mode of the fan motor controller from the serial port communication protocol to another protocol.. .
Intelligent led lamp group control device using existing wall switch
An intelligent led lamp group control device using an existing wall switch for controlling a group of led lamps includes an ac power converter, an interface for intelligent control using an interface circuit for upgrading the existing wall switch for scene group control. The device further includes a night lamp control input port, an emergency operation switch, an external set control box connector, a wall switch input unit, a control configuration set interface, a power failure battery input port and a night lamp and rs-485 serial port.
Serial port connection circuit and server
A server includes a baseboard management controller (bmc), an input/output (i/o) chip, a serial port, and a serial port connection circuit. The serial port connection circuit is connected to the bmc, the i/o chip, and the serial port, and selectively connects either the bmc or the i/o chip to the serial port..
Stackable bi-directional multicell battery balancer
A battery balancing system includes at least one sub-stack, each sub-stack comprising a plurality of cells connected in series. The system also includes a balancing module for each sub-stack comprising an independent bidirectional balancer for each cell in the sub-stack.
Dynamic port power allocation apparatus and methods
Methods and apparatus for dynamically adjusting the amount of power (or current) distributed to one or more connected devices via electrical interfaces. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a first module adapted to detect current drawn by a first set of ports, and a second module adapted to adjust the current provided to a second set of ports based on the detected current.
Smart lighting control system
This invention is a novel smart lighting control system, which has a central control unit and at least one lighting module. The lighting module has its own controller, ambient light sensor, current sensor, emergency button and is connected to the central control unit and other modules via a serial port.
Vehicle multimedia head unit with two bluetooth antennas and two receivers
Examples of the present invention include a head unit for a vehicle entertainment system, including a housing, a radio, a first wireless transceiver, and a second wireless transceiver. The second wireless transceiver may be used to provide a dedicated communications link between the head unit and another electronic device, such as an auxiliary unit.
Enhanced smartphone in-vehicle accommodation
A system and method for configuring communications between a wireless device and a vehicle telematics unit over a short-range wireless communication link includes receiving a serial port profile (spp) software application at a wireless device from a central facility; storing the spp software application at the wireless device; identifying third-party software applications stored on the wireless device using the spp software application; sending the identity of the third-party software applications to the central facility; and communicating between the wireless device and a vehicle telematics unit via a short-range wireless communication link using the stored spp software application and data transmitted using one or more software templates that have been received by the vehicle telematics unit in response to the identity of the third-party software applications sent.. .
Control panel and serial port communication arbiter for touch screen with camera
A control panel and a serial port communication arbiter for a touch screen with a camera are provided. A serial port communication method for a touch screen with a camera includes: transmitting a channel request message to the serial port communication arbiter, the channel request message being used for requesting for occupying the channel between the control panel of the touch screen with camera and an upper computer; receiving a channel response message transmitted by the serial port communication arbiter, the channel response message containing a state of the channel; transmitting data to the upper computer over the channel if the state of the channel is idle.

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