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Search Engines patents


This page is updated frequently with new Search Engines-related patent applications.

 Data compression using accelerator with multiple search engines patent thumbnailData compression using accelerator with multiple search engines
In an embodiment, a processor includes hardware processing cores, a cache memory, and a compression accelerator comprising a hash table memory. The compression accelerator is to: determine a hash value for input data to be compressed; read a first plurality of n location values stored in a hash table entry indexed by the hash value; perform a first set of string searches in parallel from a history buffer using the first plurality of n location values stored in the hash table entry; read a second plurality of n location values stored in a first overflow table entry indexed by a first overflow pointer included in the hash table entry; and perform a second set of string searches in parallel from the history buffer using the second plurality of n location values stored in the first overflow table entry.
Intel Corporation

 Method and system for identifying keywords for use in placing keyword-targeted advertisements patent thumbnailMethod and system for identifying keywords for use in placing keyword-targeted advertisements
A method and system for identifying search terms for placing advertisements along with search results is provided. The advertisement system selects a description of an item that is to be advertised.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

 Apparatus and system for providing reminders and recommendations, storing personal information, memory assistance and facilitating related purchases through an interconnected social network patent thumbnailApparatus and system for providing reminders and recommendations, storing personal information, memory assistance and facilitating related purchases through an interconnected social network
An automated memory reminder system, memory assistance system, gift and/or social engagement recommendation system and personal social network system are all disclosed which may be subscribed to by a user or a user may invite friends and family to participate. The personal social network comprises a smart device application and an administration panel functional algorithm called not so forgetful (nsf).
Not So Forgetful, Llc

 Managing search engines using dynamic similarity patent thumbnailManaging search engines using dynamic similarity
This disclosure relates to systems and methods for managing a search engine using dynamic similarity. A method includes retrieving a query submitted to a production search engine, executing the query at a testing search engine to generate testing search results, comparing the production search results with the testing search results to generate a correlation coefficient, selecting a similarity threshold constraint using the correlation coefficient, and flagging the testing search engine as valid in response to the correlation coefficient satisfying the similarity threshold constraint..
Linkedln Corporation

 Method and system for informing content with data patent thumbnailMethod and system for informing content with data
A computer-implemented method and system useful for displaying and analyzing trends in search terms, social media, and other resources. The system may include a server that can communicate with a client device.

 Search apparatus and method patent thumbnailSearch apparatus and method
This application provides a search apparatus, including a global dispatcher, a global arbiter, and n search engines. The n search engines can access a first search table.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Search engine results system using entity density patent thumbnailSearch engine results system using entity density
Architecture that enables search engines to meet user expectations for search results (e.g., questions-answers) by improving on result consistency. This is attained by declining to answer queries when it is known by the system that the system is unable to answer more or equivalently prominent queries in the same query class in a vast majority of cases.
Microsoft Corporation

 Task-level search engine evaluation patent thumbnailTask-level search engine evaluation
Techniques for evaluating the quality of results obtained by a search engine. In an aspect, an evaluation platform utilizes task-level formulation to increase the accuracy of search result quality evaluation.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Suggestive search engine patent thumbnailSuggestive search engine
A search engine autocomplete user interface is disclosed, which provides auto-complete suggestions in both text and iconic form in order to save space and to provide a more intuitive layout. Autocomplete suggestions could be nested in a tree structure that could be navigated through using forward and back interfaces, and autocomplete suggestions could include both sub-searches within a specific domain or using other search engines, and could include functional cross tasks such as saving an event to a calendar..

 Methods and systems for searching for users patent thumbnailMethods and systems for searching for users
The disclosed embodiments illustrate methods and systems for searching for a first user. The one or more inputs pertaining to one or more first attributes of the first user are received.
Xerox Corporation

Entity page generation and entity related searching

Entity pages are created that are optimized for search engines to return entity information from the entity pages in response to search queries. An entity page may be created for an entity by identifying electronic content sources that include data about the entity.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

System and exposing internal search indices to internet search engines

A system and method for exposing internal search indices to internet search engines. The internal search indices are exposed to external search engines in such a way that the data may be segregated into at least two types including one layer of search data specifically for the search engines, and another for potential users of the application.
International Business Machines Corporation

Bid based search system

A method includes receiving a search query from a general purpose search system or a user device and assessing a search query value for the search query. Sending a request for search results to search engines and receiving candidate search results from at least some of the search engines.
Quixey, Inc.

Search results modulator

When a user conducts a search for content using one or more of the many search engines known in the art, embodiments of the present invention may receive results returned to the user's browser by the search engine, and may then proceed to filter, organize, modify, or enhance those results and/or their presentation by performing various editing and/or presentation operations on the search results, based on information relating to the user's prior interactions with the search results and the user's interests and preferences. Search results may also be modulated based on information about the way other users have responded to or interacted with each of the search results in the past..
Bublup, Inc.

Authenticating a persona in a social networking system

A social networking system provides access to personas comprising information, for example, web pages describing users or entities. The information may be suggested by the social networking system or requested by the user, for example, via search.
Facebook, Inc.

Geo-aware spellchecking and auto-suggest search engines

Systems and methods for generating geo-aware auto-suggestions for searching are provided. Characters corresponding to user input for a search query to a searching service may be processed prior to completion of the search query.
Yp Llc

Field programmable object array having image processing circuitry

A field programmable object array integrated circuit has video data compression capability. The integrated circuit comprises an array of programmable objects and a video compression co-processor communicatively coupled to the array of objects.
Nytell Software Llc

Method and device for performing reverse search using crucial link

A method and apparatus for using a key link to execute a reverse search, which relates to the technical field of internet search engines. The method comprises: according to a received search request, triggering a search engine to perform a search, acquiring a search result, and establishing a reverse search entrance corresponding to the search result; generating a reverse search request aiming at a key link; obtaining a pre-set associated user corresponding to the key link; performing a reverse search again and obtaining an associated link of the associated user; and the user selects a required associated link to access, or performs the reverse search again.

Avoiding masked web page content indexing errors for search engines

Multiple non-host client sites provide cached user copies of web pages and/or web content, or summaries thereof, to a server. Obtaining data from non-host sources for indexing purposes avoids masked web page content indexing errors for search engines.

Context-sensitive content recommendation using enterprise search and public search

Architecture that recommends (suggests) personalized and relevant documents from internal networks and/or public networks (search engines) to help the user complete/update a document currently being worked. The architecture extracts the query and uses the context to perform the search, and performs the search from within the editing application, using the entire text of the document to improve relevance.
Microsoft Corporation

Programmable search engines

Methods, systems, apparatus, and computer-readable storage medium for implementing programmable search engines. A front end server that receives a search query.
Google Inc.

Recommending video programs

A system and method for recommending video programs to a user comprising determining a first video program that is of interest to a user and then determining a second video program to recommend to the user, the second video program being determined from a recommendation database assembled by analyzing access logs from one or more search engines or online video content providers.. .
Google Inc.

Query disambiguation

A search query is resolved prior to being submitted to one or more search engines. The query is resolved such that the query unambiguously corresponds to a category included in a query ontology that relates search queries to query categories.
Facebook, Inc.

Systems and methods for managing reward payments for search results by search engines

Systems and methods are provided for managing reward payment for search engines to improve identification of consumer merchants (e.g., increase exposure, increase relevance, improve ranking, etc.) in search results from search engines in connection with search requests for the consumer merchants. One exemplary method generally includes receiving a request, from the consumer merchant, for a search benefit associated with the search engine; reducing, by the at least one server, a reward total for the consumer merchant by an amount associated with the search benefit; and transmitting an indicator of the purchased search benefit to the search engine..
Mastercard International Incorporated

Query formulation via task continuum

Architecture that comprises a mediation component which identifies engaged applications and, gathers and actively monitors information from the engaged applications (e.g., text displayed directly to the user, text embedded in photos, fingerprint of songs, etc.) to infer the working context of a user. The inferred context can then be handed over to one of the applications, such as a browser (in a form which does not cross the privacy barrier) to provide improved ranking for the suggested queries through the preferred search provider.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Crawling of m2m devices

In accordance with various example embodiments, an m2m crawler service may support capabilities to enable m2m devices to be efficiently and effectively crawled by web crawlers. As a result, m2m devices may be indexed and searched by web search engines, and thus by web users making use of web search engines.
Convida Wireless, Llc

User recommendation using a multi-view deep learning framework

This disclosure describes systems and method for implementing a multi-view deep learning framework to map users and items to a latent space and determine similarities between users and preferred items. The multi-view deep learning framework can extract features from a domain space based at least in part on having an adequate interaction history to learn relevant user behavior patterns.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Construction of boolean search strings for semantic search

A system for information retrieval accessing any number of search engines over a distributed network or local network is presented. The system includes one or more pre-built ontologies or lexicons, representing areas of knowledge.

Crowd funding fraud insurance

A safety product, system, processes and methods for crowdfunding campaigns. The disclosed embodiments allow one to transform information concerning the identity and vocational capabilities of those creating a crowdfunding solicitation from social media and search engines to determine the probability that the person or persons sponsoring the campaign are who they say they are and will be successful in completing the task(s) for which they are raising money.

Networked services via intermediaries

A networked intermediary provides source information together with enhancements to an end user to combine or enhance the user's networked experience. Embodiments relate to a networked intermediary for search engines and a networked electronic information provision system for products with statistical complexity.
Trader Eye Ltd.

Website traffic optimization

A system for generating web pages for improving organic search rankings, associated with a website, the system comprising: a keyword generating module adapted to: retrieve one or more candidate keyword sets associated with website content, analyse the candidate keyword sets, and generate one or more target keyword sets based on the analysis of the candidate keyword sets; a web page generating module adapted to: retrieve website content data associated with the website content, and generate web pages based on the generated target keyword sets and the retrieved website content data; wherein the web page generating module is further adapted to communicate with a publicly visible web page server to enable the publicly visible web page server to store and serve the generated web pages; and a link logic module adapted to: define one or more of i) a number of links and ii) a type of link relationship between the target keyword sets, keywords in the target keyword sets, the web pages generated and pages on the website, and communicate with a link module adapted to retrieve and display the links defined by the link logic module on the website to make the links visible to search engines.. .
Longtail Ux Pty Ltd

Message recommendation using word isolation and clustering

Network system provides a real-time adaptive recommendation set of documents with a high statistical measure of relevancy to the requestor device. The recommendation set is optimized based on analyzing text of documents of the interest set, categorizing these documents into clusters, extracting keywords representing the themes or concepts of documents in the clusters, and filtering a population of eligible documents accessible to the system utilizing site and or internet-wide search engines.
Dell Software Inc.

Rapid string matching method

A rapid string matching method, in a field of information processing, includes pre-treating a target string to obtain a simple hash table of each character of the target string; when a first character of the target string is matched, readily matching with a last character of the target string. The method effectively improves a performance of matching and avoids repeated matching.
G-cloud Technology Ltd.

Identifying similar documents using graphs

While a document, such as an e-book, is read by a user on a computing device such as an e-reader, concept phrases are extracted from the document. The extracted concept phrases may be words or phrases that match known concept phrases such as headings.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Storage and retrieval of structured content in unstructured user-editable content stores

Systems and techniques are disclosed for enabling structured data to be associated with visual content in a manner that preserves the ability to edit the visual content using a content application such as a notebook application. Techniques and systems enable semantic notation to be introduced into selected regions of the visual content that indicate the visual content's structured data, allowing the content to be searched and accessed more easily by common search technologies and search engines.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users

A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Gula Consulting Limited Liability Company

Personal wireless navigation system

A personal wireless navigation system operable on wireless phone devices provides a platform for empowering a merchant-paid search. Performance of a navigation functionality in a personal wireless navigation system is higher and more comparable and competitive with portable navigation devices and in-car navigation systems, and the search capability is comparable and competitive with the most popular web search engines.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.

Systems and methods for textual content creation from sources of audio that contain speech

A system and method of creating textual content from audio streams is present. The system can include a computing device configured to receive audio streams containing speech and identify the different speakers in the speech.

Runtime adaptable search processor

A runtime adaptable search processor is disclosed. The search processor provides high speed content search capability to meet the performance need of network line rates growing to 1 gbps, 10 gbps and higher.

Dependency manager for databases

The present disclosure relates to in-memory databases or search engines using a dependency manager or configuration manager for maintaining configuration in the database system. The system may include a supervisor that may request and receive data from dependency manager, where the supervisor may be linked to other components in the system.
Qbase, Llc

Presenting plurality types of interfaces and functions for conducting various activities

A methods, systems and apparatus for enabling user to access, use, register, communicate, connect, participate, share, transact and interact with internet enabled or associate heterogeneous types of web sites, web sites' heterogeneous features, applications, services, objects, data & user connections, web pages, portals, functions, widgets, objects, applications, providers, sources, destinations, services, servers, databases, networks, devices, social networks, search engines, e-commerce web sites, peer top peer networks, web services, apis, storage mediums, user data, profiles, payment information, social graph, user connections for conducting various user activities, actions, transactions, interactions & communications from one place or single or parent user interface or via interfaces & functions management interface. User can also communicate with other interfaces & functions management interfaces of other users of network(s)..

Computerized tracking the geographic relevance of website listings and providing graphics and data regarding the same

The present invention generally relates to a computerized system and method for tracking and displaying data identifying the geographic relevance of website listings on internet search engines, parked web pages, isp redirect web pages, and other similar web listing services without requiring extra input from internet users. Each time an internet user clicks on a website link provided on one of these web services, the software of the present invention tracks that person's decision in selecting the link, along with his or her geographic location.
Geodex, Llc

Method, system and terminal for performing search in a browser

A method for performing a search in a browser is provided. The method includes receiving one or more keywords entered in a current search engine and searching data from the current search engine based on the entered keywords.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Reformatting queries for search engines and data repositories

The specification relates to providing a reformatted search query to a specific back end search engine or data repository. The search query is reformatted by identifying a domain of a search query.
Google Inc.

Holistic federated ranking algorithm

Techniques are disclosed for generating a unified ranking of search results received from a plurality of distinct search resources. A computing system executing a federated search application receives a set of ranked search results from multiple search resources (e.g., web-based search engines, public databases and catalogs, etc.).
International Business Machines Corporation

Holistic federated ranking algorithm

Techniques are disclosed for generating a unified ranking of search results received from a plurality of distinct search resources. A computing system executing a federated search application receives a set of ranked search results from multiple search resources (e.g., web-based search engines, public databases and catalogs, etc.).
International Business Machines Corporation

Generating and implementing local search engines over large databases

Embodiments described herein are directed to providing local search engines over large databases. In one scenario, a computing system receives as inputs data records stored in a database.

Method and system of enhancing online contents value

A method and a system for enhancing online contents value using optimization of a search engine are disclosed. The present invention indexes contents, generates indexing data, extracts main keywords from the indexing data, summarizes phrases, generates a sitemap containing the indexing data and the keywords and provides the sitemap to search engines such that the present invention has an effect of being capable of more efficiently exposing a user's content through search engines to the public.
Adop Inc.

Method and system for distribution of content

Embodiments of methods and systems for incorporating user generated content into a web page are disclosed. In particular, embodiments of such systems and methods may incorporate user generated content into a web page such that the user generated content can be consumed by indexers associated with search engines in association with that web page.
Bazaarvoice, Inc.

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