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Scrolling patents

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Method and apparatus for controlling scrolling on terminal, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

Method and apparatus for controlling scrolling on terminal, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

Indoor holiday lights

Page returning

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scrolling-related patents
 Parallax scrolling of multiple information panels in a graphical user interface patent thumbnailParallax scrolling of multiple information panels in a graphical user interface
A method and a device are disclosed including a parallax graphical user interface (gui) software component configured to allow automatic, parallax-type, smooth movement of multiple information panels out of user's view when focus is placed on one of the multiple information panels and the focus information panel is scrolled. When the user scrolls in the opposite direction, the non-focus panels reappear smoothly and automatically and the original user view before scrolling is restored.
 Method and apparatus for controlling scrolling on terminal, and computer-readable recording medium thereof patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for controlling scrolling on terminal, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
A method and apparatus for controlling a jump/scroll event on a terminal includes receiving a touch signal. The touch signal indicates at least one performed gesture; determining that a jump/scroll event has occurred when the performed gesture is substantially similar to at least one candidate gesture; and orienting a document to at least one jump/scroll position based on the determining..
 Indoor holiday lights patent thumbnailIndoor holiday lights
Indoor holiday lights comprising a strand of lights and ornaments wherein the ornaments comprise a specially designed picture frame inside of which the user can insert a favorite photograph or other printed image, wherein the picture frame is positioned on the surface of an ornament. Also provided is a strand of holiday lights further comprising an electronic scrolling banner that displays any number of holiday messages and offerings of good tidings and cheer options positioned below the frame..
 Page returning patent thumbnailPage returning
The present disclosure discloses an example method and device for page returning. A page scrolling processing is conducted in response to a pull-down operation of a user.
 Shared content item commenting patent thumbnailShared content item commenting
Various embodiments provide a commenting system for multiple users to provide and share comments to shared documents. For example, users can share a web link to a collection of content items, such as documents, spreadsheets, photos, and any other media, with other users stored in an online content management system.
 Method, apparatus, and system for reading, processing, presenting, and/or storing electronic medical record information patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and system for reading, processing, presenting, and/or storing electronic medical record information
A method for accessing, processing, presenting, and/or storing electronic medical record (emr) information on a touch-sensitive display includes reading emr information, displaying at least a portion of the emr information on a touch-sensitive sliding timeline, detecting finger swipe or similar gestures, and scrolling the sliding timeline so that a different portion of the emr information is displayed chronologically on the touch-sensitive sliding timeline. The resolution of the timeline can be expanded or collapsed in response to pinch gestures.
 Media system with off screen pointer control patent thumbnailMedia system with off screen pointer control
A media system providing off screen pointer control is disclosed. A remote control device is adapted to be held and pointed by a user and controls a menu based on both on screen and off screen pointing.
 Device and method for displaying execution result of application patent thumbnailDevice and method for displaying execution result of application
Provided are a device and method for displaying an execution result of an application. A method of displaying an execution result of an application includes: in response to a user input, displaying execution results of a plurality of applications, which are being executed in the device, in a plurality of windows that are displayed in at least two display modes; arranging the plurality of windows, which show execution results of the plurality of windows, to be adjacent to each other and displaying the plurality of windows on a display; receiving a user input when the plurality of windows are displayed on the display; and scrolling the plurality of windows in response to the user input..
 Start and application navigation patent thumbnailStart and application navigation
Described herein are techniques to facilitate efficient application navigation by a user. In one embodiment, two or more scrollable surfaces contain application icons.
 Systems and methods for performing actions for users from a locked device patent thumbnailSystems and methods for performing actions for users from a locked device
Systems and methods for providing actions for users of a computer device from a lock screen interface are provided. A computing device may comprise a touch-sensitive display screen that may allow a user to scroll through a set of user int rfaces that may comprise a set of lock screen interfaces—one of which may be associated with the user, if authorized for using the computing device.
Scrolling techniques for user interfaces
Systems and methods for improving the scrolling of user interfaces of electronic devices are provided.. .
Methods and systems for adjusting webpage layout
A method and system for adjusting webpage layout are disclosed. The method includes calculating a width for displaying an image on a webpage; determining whether the image is inserted in a segment of text of the webpage; and adjusting the size of the image display based on a mobile terminal's screen width and the width for displaying the image, if the image is inserted in the segment of text of the webpage.
System and method for collecting and organizing information related to utility assets
A method and system for collecting information related to utility assets include determining a position of an underground utility asset by a location determining device; in substantially real time and by one or more processors, integrating location data from a gps receiver with the determined position of the underground utility asset to provide information about depth, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of the position of the underground utility asset; adding, by one or more processors, characteristics of the underground utility asset including a size of the underground utility asset, to the integrated data to generate one or more data records for the underground utility asset including the information about depth, longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of the position of the underground utility asset; in substantially real time, integrating landbase data with the one or more data records for the underground utility asset; and in substantially real time, displaying a scrolling map including the one or more data records and a portion of the landbase data on a display device.. .
Display method and apparatus for diversely displaying an object according to scroll speed
A display method of a display apparatus is provided. The method includes displaying at least one object in a screen, receiving a user input for receiving a scroll direction for the at least one object, and changing a size of the area of the screen in which the at least one object is displayed on the screen according to scroll speed which corresponds to the received user input, and scrolling the at least one object according to the scroll direction..
Eager block fetching for web-based data grids
Techniques for improving scrolling performance in a web-based data grid. In one set of embodiments, when a user scrolls through a data grid rendered in a viewport of the user's web browser, client-side code executing in the web browser can detect whether a scroll event has occurred that requires a portion of the viewport to be filled/refreshed with data from a server.
Graph display apparatus, graph display method and storage medium having stored thereon graph display program
A graph display apparatus includes a display device, a graph display control unit, a scroll direction setting unit and a scroll control unit. The graph display control unit sets a coordinate system to a display area of the display device and displays a graph in the coordinate system.
Screen display device, method for controlling same, program and computer-readable recording medium
A mobile phone (1) which displays a scrollable screen includes a degraded operation setting section (104). In a case where a scrollable screen is being displayed when an operation input for instructing a scrolling is accepted, the degraded operation setting section (104) inhibits degraded operation for a predetermined time period and, in a case where a scrollable screen is not displayed, the degraded operation setting section (104) causes the process to be carried out in the degraded state..
Display control device, display control method, and computer-readable storage medium
A display control device for displaying content, the representation form of which is changeable by a user's operation on a display screen, on a display screen is provided. The display control device includes an operation acquisition unit configured to acquire a change instruction to change the representation form of the content and an image changing unit configured to distort the representation form of the content, in response to a change instruction which instructs to change the representation form of the content beyond a threshold value, to be different from the representation form as instructed.
Non-linear navigation of data representation
A method for scrolling through a representation of data that is too large to be presented legibly in its entirety within confines of a display is disclosed. The method includes presenting a section of the representation on the display.
Electronic apparatus, display control method and storage medium
According to one embodiment, an electronic apparatus includes a display processor and a controller. The display processor is configured to display a first area corresponding to at least part of a display object on a screen in accordance with a display magnification.
Detection of a scrolling gesture
Methods, systems, computer-readable media, and apparatuses for implementation of a scrolling gesture are disclosed. In some embodiments, a control object is detected by a detection device, and movement of content on a display is matched to movement of the control object.
Natural user interface scrolling and targeting
A user interface is output to a display device. If an element of a human subject is in a first conformation, the user interface scrolls responsive to movement of the element.
Defer heavy operations while scrolling
In one embodiment, a computing device detects an event corresponding to a change in a graphical user interface displayed by the computing device; the computing device identifies at least one operation based on the detected event; the computing device determines a state of the identified operation; the computing device also defers the identified operation based at least in part on the determined state.. .
Automatic scrolling based on gaze detection
Disclosed are various embodiments for automatic scrolling of content displayed on a display device in response to gaze detection. Content may be displayed in a window rendered on a display screen.
System and method for pulse width modulating a scrolling color display
A method of organizing and ordering pulse width modulation image data is disclosed, so that it may be displayed on the pixels of a scrolling color display. The method includes a method of formatting received image data into a different form suitable for driving a pulse width modulated display and a method of distributing image data across a series of different image modulation segments to minimize flicker and gray scale errors.
Tilting to scroll
In one embodiment, a method includes sending information to display an image on a screen. A scroll range for the image may be determined based on dimensions of the image.
Curtain structure without drawstring
A curtain structure without drawstring may include a curtain unit, a string scrolling base and an upper cover. The string scrolling base has a shell disposed in the base of the curtain unit, center portion of the shell having a shaft, both sides of which having a positioning shaft, and a line slot formed on both side walls of the positioning shaft, wherein upper periphery of rotating base has driving teeth having at least one groove, restricting guiding groove and arc rail groove on top surface thereof, and a driving unit is disposed on the positioning shafts, the driving unit having a rod to secure the string collecting bodies, and conjugating teeth are linked with the driving teeth of the rotating base; and an upper cover having a restricting groove corresponding to the rotating base, and a ball restricted in the groove of the restricting groove and the rotating base..
Tag ticker display on a mobile device
A method of providing a link to mobile content on a mobile device includes receiving a plurality of tags at the mobile device, each tag having at least one piece of mobile content associated therewith. The mobile content is in a format suitable for transmission over a wireless communication network.
Electronic apparatus displaying representative information and control method thereof
A method of controlling an electronic apparatus that displays representative information is provided. The method includes displaying the content on a display unit, detecting a gesture for scrolling the content, scrolling the content upon the gesture being detected, extracting representative information of the content, displaying the representative information of the content, and stopping the scrolling of the content..
Graphical user interface control for scrolling content
A solution for managing a graphical user interface including a panel area is provided. Content included in the graphical user interface can be generated for presentation to a user.
Variable speed autoscroll system and method
A variable speed autoscroll system is disclosed. The variable speed scrolling system includes a control device, such as a scrolling wheel or other suitable control member.
Automatic text scrolling on a display device
A see-through head-mounted display (hmd) device, e.g., in the form of glasses, provides view an augmented reality image including text, such as in an electronic book or magazine, word processing document, email, karaoke, teleprompter or other public speaking assistance application. The presentation of text and/or graphics can be adjusted based on sensor inputs indicating a gaze direction, focal distance and/or biological metric of the user.
Fluid meters
Meters are described. In one example, a meter includes a totalizer including an electronic circuit and a metering screen, a cap at least partially covering the totalizer, the cap including a window to facilitate viewing of data of the metering screen, and a screen cover mounted on the cap and movable between an open position and a closed position in order to cover the metering screen.
Method for managing a list and electronic device thereof
A method of managing a list in an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying the list, determining whether scrolling on the list occurs, determining whether there is at least one item that satisfies a reference condition for displaying a shortcut on the upper end of the list, if the scrolling on the list occurs, and displaying, on the upper end of the list, the shortcut for the at least one item that satisfies the reference condition, if there is at least one item that satisfies the reference condition..
Intelligent scrolling in digital publications
Processing an electronic publication containing content having two different scrolling directions so that the content can be presented to the user through an intelligent unidirectional scrolling function that prevents fragments of sentences from being displayed. Processing can include paginating or generating a scrollable table for portions of the electronic publication that do not match a first text direction..
Portable electronic device and method of controlling same
A method of controlling a portable electronic device that has a touch-sensitive display includes displaying information on the touch-sensitive display, detecting a gesture on the touch-sensitive display, scrolling through the information in a first scrolling mode when the gesture is associated with a first area of the touch-sensitive display, and scrolling through the information in a second scrolling mode when the gesture is associated with a second area of the touch-sensitive display.. .
Predictive pre-decoding of encoded media item
Displaying a plurality of encoded media items on a device includes: detecting that a first scrolling action has been completed; determining a predicted next encoded media item to be displayed; obtaining the predicted next encoded media item from a first memory; pre-decoding the predicted next encoded media item to generate a pre-decoded media item; storing the pre-decoded media item in a second memory, the second memory having lower latency than the first memory; receiving an indication that a second scrolling action has begun; and in response to the second scrolling action, displaying the pre-decoded media item via a display interface.. .
Selective data downloading and presentation based on user interaction
Some embodiments of the invention are directed to, among other things, systems, computer readable media, methods and any other means for using a handheld device to present information to a user. The handheld device and server(s) can be configured to differentiate among inexpensive and expensive information.
Information processing device and information processing method
In order to provide a technology with which an area that meets the intention of a user is scrolled when the user gives a scroll instruction while specifying a part of an image, provided is an information processing device which performs control for scrolling an image that is displayed on a display unit and that includes a scrollable first area and a second area which is a part of the first area and which is scrollable independently, the information processing device including: a unit configured to receive information that specifies a point on the display unit and that instructs to scroll an image corresponding to the specified point; a unit configured to determine, when the specified point corresponds to the second area, whether the first area is to be scrolled or the second area is to be scrolled independently.. .
Information processing device, information processing method and computer program
An information processing device may include a control unit to control display, on a first surface of a display unit, of a plurality of objects to be operated by a user, where the first surface is opposite a second surface including a detection area. The control unit, in response to a tap manipulation to a position of the second surface, may control scrolling of the objects..
Image display control device, image display control method, and program
Provided is a technology that supports a user in easily selecting an image of interest from among a large quantity of continuous images while making the best use of characteristics of a scroll function. The technology prepares a first scroll area that receives an indication for sequentially scrolling images to be displayed on a display screen among the large quantity of continuous images by a predetermined first amount of a scroll; and a second scroll area that receives an indication for sequentially scrolling the images by the amount of a scroll smaller than the first amount of a scroll, in a case where the number of the continuous images is greater than the maximum number of designatable positions of the first scroll area..
Display control device, display method, control program, and recording medium
An electronic book reader (1) includes an enlargement processing section (20) which determines, with reference to article management information (30), a scroll direction of a component to be displayed in an enlarged manner, and causes the component to be displayed in an enlarged manner in an enlarged-display area in which scrolling in the scroll direction thus determined is possible.. .
Friction field for fluid margin panning in a webpage
A cursor in a viewable portion of a webpage, or pan region, visually encounters a friction field when the cursor enters a margin of the viewable portion. As a user moves the cursor into the margin of the viewable portion, the movement of the displayed position of the cursor is limited as if the cursor is being restricted by a friction field in the margin.
Construction of boolean search strings for semantic search
A system for information retrieval accessing any number of search engines over a distributed network or local network is presented. The system includes one or more pre-built ontologies or lexicons, representing areas of knowledge.
Method for detecting and removing scrolling texts during video communication
A method for detecting and removing scrolling texts comprising a step of using an adaptive transient difference processing of video communication to conduct frame calculation, wherein the adaptive transient difference processing takes first n frames fjkt−n and a current frame fjkt, and subtracts them to obtain a frame difference; and if the frame difference is greater than a threshold value, it is determined that the current frame fjkt has scrolling texts; and interpolates the first n frames before the current position of the scrolling texts to replace the current frame fjkt to achieve the goal of hiding the scrolling texts during video communication to enhance the viewing effect.. .
Display apparatus and method of displaying image using the same
A display apparatus includes a display configured to display an end portion of an image according to a tapping signal and a tap sensor configured to sense tapping at a peripheral portion around the display part and to output the tapping signal to the display part. Thus, a user may easily change the view to display the uppermost portion, the lowest portion, the leftmost portion and the rightmost portion of the image without scrolling when viewing another portion of the image..
Scrolling method and electronic device thereof
A method and an electronic device for scrolling a display on a touchscreen are disclosed. The scrolling method for the electronic device includes setting a scroll direction based on a first touch input movement direction, and scrolling a display image in the scroll direction, based on a second touch input movement distance, irrespective of a second touch input movement direction..
Parallax scrolling user interface
A gui having a parallax scrolling visual effect is provided. The gui comprises multiple collections of elements.
Search engine optimization utilizing scrolling fixation
Provided are techniques for utilizing scrolling fixation. An amount of time a user spends on a portion of a page based on scroll bar usage by the user is monitored.
Scrolling apparatus, scrolling method, and computer-readable medium
A scrolling apparatus includes: a display unit which displays a content on a screen; a contact detection unit which detects contact of a finger to the screen; a proximity detection unit which detects proximity of a finger to the screen; a scrolling control unit which scrolls the content displayed on the screen in response to a contact manipulation of the finger on the screen; and a display control unit which displays, on the screen, the scrolled content. The scrolling control unit decelerates a scroll speed to a given speed if proximity of the finger to the screen is detected at or after a start of the scrolling..
System and method for retrieving data based on scrolling velocity
Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable storage media for retrieving data while scrolling through a list of items in a user interface. A display device can display initial data of at least a first presentation of a first one or more items in a list of items.
User interface for bookmarks in a social networking system
A bookmark displays one or more bookmark tiles each linked to an object in a social networking system, allowing faster and easier access to the linked objects. The bookmark tiles are arranged in a tile region displayed proximate to a page of content from the social networking system.
Method and device for displaying scrolling information in electronic device
A method of displaying scrolling information in an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying content, when a size of the content is greater than a screen size, displaying a scroll bar in a specific area of a screen, detecting a gesture that adjusts a size of the scroll bar, and when the gesture is detected, scrolling the content in a direction corresponding to a direction of the gesture and in correspondence to a size of the adjusted scroll bar..
Security system and method with scrolling feeds watchlist
A user-centric management application system and method for a security system that conceptualizes the security devices and the tasks to perform on the security devices as separate objects with common properties and behavior. Operators of the system create abstract containers, called dockviews, which the operator adds objects to in order to perform specific tasks.
Computer readable medium for enhanced display of digital text
A software application that acquires digital text displayed on an electronic device with a digital display and enhances the digital text, thereby reducing eye strain and increasing readability and reading speed. The software may operate concurrently with digital text being displayed as an overlaid window of enhanced text that is magnified and scrolls continuously.
Rapid movement through an electronic program guide
Methods and apparatus to scroll through an electronic program guide at a first and a second scroll speed are provided. While viewing an electronic program guide (epg) output by a receiving device, a user transmits a first command to the receiving device to start scrolling the time slots in the epg such that the epg displays program information for future time slots.
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
An apparatus includes a control unit configured to control a display to display an image having a first edge and a second edge, the second edge on an opposite side of the image from the first edge, scroll through the image from the first edge to the second edge in response to a first user input, and continue scrolling past the second edge in response to a second user input such that the first edge of the image is displayed after the second edge of the image.. .
System and method for controlling zooming and/or scrolling
The present invention is aimed at a system and a method for instructing a computing device to perform zooming actions, for example on a picture (enlarging and reducing the size of a virtual object on a display) and scrolling actions (e.g. Sliding text, images, or video across a display, vertically or horizontally) in an intuitive way, by using a controller which can detect the distance between an object (e.g.
Information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, and recording medium in which information processing program is recorded
Provided are a device and a method which facilitate continued focusing of a user on specific content information even when said specific content information has been moved off the display screen by scrolling or page transitioning. Focus content information, which is identified from content information displayed on the display screen of the terminal device, is set in advance as content information for user focus.
Predictive web page rendering using a scroll vector
Systems, methods, and apparatus for improving a user experience during viewport scrolling is herein disclosed. Rendering and drawing of a viewport is performed for a destination viewport based on a viewport scroll vector calculated from a user scroll input at a display device.
Touch control device and touch control processing method
A touch control device comprises a touchpad, a display unit and a processing unit. The touchpad detects a touch gesture and generates information corresponding to the touch gesture.
Scroll speed adjustment
An apparatus comprises: a display unit for displaying a target image; an operation input unit to which a scroll operation for scrolling the target image displayed on the display unit is input; a display control unit for scrolling the target image according to the scroll operation; and a speed setting unit for changing, according to an area acceleration associated with a set area provided in the target image, a scroll speed at which the target image is scrolled.. .
Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations
A method performed at an electronic device that has one or more processors, memory, and a touch-sensitive display includes transferring a set bounce call to provide a bounce operation. Transferring the set bounce call causes a bounce of a scrolled content region in an opposite direction of a scroll.
Fragmented scrolling of a page
A method is provided for displaying an electronic document having a first portion visible on a graphical user interface (gui) rendered on a touch panel of an electronic device, and a second hidden portion accessible through a scrolling input received on said touch panel. The method includes receiving a scrolling input on the touch panel from a user to access the second hidden portion, retrieving from the second hidden portion of the electronic document a subportion smaller than the touch panel in the scrolling direction, based on the received scrolling input, and scrolling the electronic document to display the subportion in response to the scrolling input..
User interface to enable users to scroll through a large list of items
Techniques pertaining to efficient scrolling are disclosed. One of the features of the efficient scrolling is the enablement of a search right at an appropriate item in a large list of items, thus avoiding going through the long list and wandering back and forth around a desired item.
Touch sensor contact information
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3d manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device..
Touch panel device and method of controlling a touch panel device
An apparatus including: a panel; actuators; a movement input determining unit which calculates movement directions and distances of touch positions, based on time-series information of the touch positions; a display unit; a direction determining unit which determines a direction of an object included in the content item with respect to the display unit; a vibration position determining unit which determines a first touch position closer/closest to the object and one or more second touch positions detected simultaneously; a vibration determining unit which determines a tactile feedback signal presenting a vibration for the first touch position, based on the object direction; a multi-point simultaneous vibration control unit which performs control for presenting the vibration at the first touch position and not presenting the vibration at the second touch positions; and a content control unit which enables display of the content item by scrolling it based on the movement directions and distances.. .

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