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Scrolling patents


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 Portable electronic device for photo management patent thumbnailnew patent Portable electronic device for photo management
A portable electronic device with a touch screen display for photo management is disclosed. One aspect of the invention involves a computer-implemented method in which the portable electronic device displays an array of thumbnail images corresponding to a set of photographic images.
Apple Inc.

 Method, device and computer program product for scrolling a musical score patent thumbnailnew patent Method, device and computer program product for scrolling a musical score
A method for scrolling a musical score on a screen of a device, comprising: loading a file having a digital score in a piece of memory of said device, wherein said digital score is in a digital format for representing musical notation; displaying a plurality of notes or at least one measure from said score on the screen. The method further comprises: scrolling said score in a continuous way by moving the notes or measures displayed on the screen, in such a way that additional notes of music or additional measures start to appear on the screen while the already scrolled notes or measures start to disappear from the screen; adjusting the scrolling speed according to the displayed notes or measures and to a tempo.
Newmusicnow, S.l.

 Method for creating animated advertisements using parallax scrolling patent thumbnailMethod for creating animated advertisements using parallax scrolling
A method of creating animated content, which includes the steps of generating an element to be displayed on a mobile device, touch screen or desktop screen. The element includes details of at least one graphical resource together with the settings associated with the graphical resource.

 Map display device and map display method patent thumbnailMap display device and map display method
A map display device includes a map display unit that causes a touch panel to display a map, and a scrolling-screen display unit that causes the touch panel to display a scrolling screen that includes a direction designation region for a user to designate a direction to scroll the map. The center of the direction designation region corresponds to a reference point defined on the map being displayed on the touch panel.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Systems and methods for rendering visualizations in an interest-driven business intelligence system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for rendering visualizations in an interest-driven business intelligence system
Systems and methods for rendering displays in interest-driven business intelligence data visualization system of an inter-driven business intelligence system in accordance with some embodiments of the invention are illustrated. In one embodiment, an interest-driven data visualization system includes a processor, a memory configured to store an interest-driven business intelligence application, memory storing reporting data and metadata for the reporting data.
Platfora, Inc.

 Freeze pane with snap scrolling patent thumbnailFreeze pane with snap scrolling
A grid structure has a header section and a content section. A scroll user input is detected and columns in the content section are scrolled without scrolling the header section.
Microsoft Technology Licensing Llc

 System and  scrolling through media files on touchscreen devices patent thumbnailSystem and scrolling through media files on touchscreen devices
A system and method for scrolling through a media file is presented. Playback of a media file is initiated.
Vudu, Inc.

 Compression device patent thumbnailCompression device
A wearable massage and/or compression device for applying controllable scrolling or intermittent sequential forces, such as compression forces, to the body and limbs of a user comprises an elongated fabric body sized to encircle a limb of a user, one or more shape-memory wires carried by the fabric body and configured to apply a compression pressure to the limb through the fabric body upon changing shape in response to a stimulus, and a micro-processor based controller for selectively actuating the one or more shape-changing elements to reduce the effective diameter of the device encircling the limb, to thereby apply pressure to the limb.. .
Recovery Force, Llc

 Techniques to control computational resources for an electronic device patent thumbnailTechniques to control computational resources for an electronic device
Approaches provided herein are directed to intelligently boosting, in a power efficient manner, cpu frequency in response to a touch gesture event. In some approaches, for example, a governor of a processor receives an instruction hint (e.g., an interaction hint or a vertical synchronization (vsync) hint) from a power hardware abstraction layer (hal), the instruction hint provided in response to at least one of: a scrolling touch gesture to a user interface, and an application launch touch gesture.
Intel Corporation

 Method for grinding a surface of a rolling element for a roller bearing patent thumbnailMethod for grinding a surface of a rolling element for a roller bearing
A method for grinding a surface of a rolling element for a roller bearing, the method including scrolling the surface along a trajectory extending successively over at least one draft band and over at least one finishing band of a grinding wheel, each one of the bands being formed from a binder wherein an abrasive is dispersed, the method providing that the binder of the finishing band be of an epoxy resin base, the binder of the draft band being of an organic resin base of a different chemical nature and comprising an abrasive of which the size of the grains is greater than that of the abrasive of the finishing band.. .
Ntn-snr Roulements

Managing access to an electronic system

A method, system or computer usable program product for managing access to an electronic system through a touchscreen device including presenting a display of a first and a second scrolling stream of icons; responsive to user input, detecting contemporaneous selection of a first icon from the first scrolling stream and a second icon from the second scrolling stream; and responsive to the selection of the first and second icon matching an established unlock pattern, unlocking the electronic system.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamically transforming a tabular object based on actions within a graphical user interface

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a computer system comprising at least one processor may generate a tabular object containing data about an object. The layout of such tabular object comprises rows and columns, and may have a structure that includes plural sets of dual columns, each set representing pairs of related data (e.g.
International Business Machines Corporation

Storage medium, display control device, display control system, and display method

An input operation accepting unit (111) of an exemplary information-processing device (100) accepts a pointing operation input using a pointing device to indicate a coordinate of a display area of a display device. A setting unit (112) sets a first stop position for a scroll of a content, a part of the content appearing in the display area, based on a positional relationship between a start coordinate and an end coordinate of the pointing operation accepted by the input operation accepting unit (111).
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mobile client application for managing user interface components

A mobile client application for managing user interface components. Mobile device screen user interface components are defined using xml documents stored at a server.
Humana Innovations Enterprises, Inc.

Search controls using sliders and lightboxes

Code is injected into a web page loaded by an internet browsing application. A search control to accept internet search input is presented within an internet browsing application.
Funded Ventures Inc.

Document summary feed generation method, apparatus and system

Some embodiments of the invention provide a document reader that generates a display of several document summaries. In some embodiments, the reader receives definitions of several documents, and generates document summaries for these documents.
Apple Inc.

Intelligent scrolling of electronic document

A novel method for scrolling an electronic document (e.g., a webpage, article, etc.) that is displayed in a display area on a screen is provided. The method receives a swipe gesture on a touch-sensitive input surface, which can be a touch-sensitive surface of a cursor controller (e.g., trackpad, etc.) or can be a touch-sensitive surface of the screen.
Apple Inc.

Route stabilization scrolling mode

An approach for a route stabilization scrolling mode is provided. The approach displays a map window, wherein the map window includes a visible region of a map, the map including a plotted route originating at a source location and ending at a destination location.
International Business Machines Corporation

Zoom enhancements to facilitate the use of touch screen devices

An electronic device with a display showing a user interface (ui) automatically adjusts the zoom level of a magnification region. The electronic device receives a request to magnify at least a portion of the display showing the ui.
Apple Inc.

Touchscreen sharing multimedia content

Computer-touchscreen implemented digital media and multimedia systems and methods include software application tools and related methods that employ first and second types of contact-sensing or input-sensing protocols for registering both simple and pressure contacts at a touchscreen interface for effecting iterative computer functionality based on the degree of either forceful contact with particular applicability to mobile communications devices for the primary purpose of sharing multimedia content. Further, the methods and systems employ contact removal as an action trigger function and as preferably exemplified by a multimedia send/share function.
Remote Media, Llc

Method, apparatus, and computer program for scrolling a document on a touch panel

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes displaying a segment on a touch panel, the segment having a starting point and an end point corresponding to a first page and a last page, respectively, of a document, in response to a predetermined manipulation by a user. An indication is received that the user has performed at least one of touching a point on the segment and sliding a point on the segment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automated changing of content set displaying in the display screen of a browser and automated activation of links contained in the displaying content set

An automatic scrolling mechanism converts an information repository into media that can actively present and “push” information to the users/viewers while retaining existing “pull” and interactivity functions. Automatic scrolling can be controlled by placing a cursor on control icons, such as boxes, lines, and arrow clusters.

Method, apparatus, and system for displaying message in mobile terminal

According to a method for displaying a message in a mobile terminal, message content that needs to be displayed may be obtained, then a visible area on a screen of a mobile terminal is determined, and a display length and a quantity of display lines of the message content are calculated according to the visible area, and the message content is displayed in the visible area in a scrolling manner according to the calculated display length of the message content if the quantity of the display lines exceeds a display range of the visible area. In this way, only a small area of a screen is occupied, and message content can be displayed automatically and completely without the need for a user to perform a further operation.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and device for setting shooting parameter

The present disclosure relates to a method and a device for setting a shooting parameter. The method includes displaying a digital color temperature adjusting key and at least one scenario color temperature adjusting key in a menu bar on the touch screen, receiving a tapping signal on a digital color temperature adjusting key displayed on a touch screen, displaying a scrolling list according to the tapping signal.
Xiaomi Inc.

Information processing device, display control method, program and storage medium

In an information processing device performing display control for a web page having at least a first advertisement frame and a second advertisement frame placed below the first advertisement frame as advertisement frames in which advertisements are displayed, the device causes the first advertisement frame to follow scrolling in response to a display reference position in a web page display frame of a web browser reaching a first follow-start position for the first advertisement frame as the web page is scrolled in the web page display frame, and causes the second advertisement frame to follow the scrolling in response to the display reference position reaching a second follow-start position for the second advertisement frame after termination of the following of the first advertisement frame.. .
Rakuten, Inc.

Scrolling apparatus, scrolling method, and computer-readable medium

An electronic apparatus includes a display that displays a content, and a detector that detects contactless proximity of an object to the display and contact of the object to the display. While the content scrolls on the display at gradually decreasing speeds, when the contactless proximity of the object to the display is detected and the contact of the object to the display is not detected, a scrolling speed of the content changes from the gradually decreasing speeds to a constant speed, which is faster than being stopped.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Systems and methods for displaying information

Systems and methods for presenting contents using auto scroll. Contents are arranged to scroll on display automatically in multiple cycles.

Display management for native user experiences

In some remote application execution environments, a client device (e.g., to which application output is sent and where user interaction is performed) may include native control elements for touch input such as virtual keyboards, virtual pickers and the like. When the server device detects an editable/control field of a remoted application receiving focus, the server may instruct the client to activate a native control element for user interaction.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Systems and methods for facilitating communications amongst multiple users

A system can be provided that allows a user of a device to easily navigate through other users connected on a network. More particularly, the system can present or otherwise display indicators representing other users, and can allow a user of the device to manipulate (e.g., via scrolling, panning, gesturing, and the like) the display to traverse through the various indicators.
Shindig. Inc.

Graphical user interface, display control device, display method, and program

There is provided a graphical user interface that displays information on a plurality of different types of content on a single screen. The graphical user interface includes an overview display area and a detail display area.
Sony Corporation

Gaming machine with paylines selectable by bet operation

Provided is a gaming machine that achieves a uniform pay rate for the player with any number of activated paylines even though the gaming machine shows a symbol over a plurality of reel strips. The gaming machine selects a kind of element symbols from a plurality of kinds of element symbols based on the number of paylines activated with an input device, reconfigures symbol arrays to be displayed by replacing to-be replaced symbols included in the symbol arrays with the selected kind of element symbols, starts scrolling the to-be displayed symbol arrays while showing the selected kind of element symbols in the second display manner..
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.

Dynamic scrolling

A method, system, and computer program product provide the ability to structure an interactive and dynamic display of hierarchically organized media content. A library of the media content is acquired.
Autodesk, Inc.

Route stabilization scrolling mode

An approach for a route stabilization scrolling mode is provided. The approach displays a map window, wherein the map window includes a visible region of a map, the map including a plotted route originating at a source location and ending at a destination location.
International Business Machines Corporation

Route stabilization scrolling mode

An approach for a route stabilization scrolling mode is provided. The approach displays a map window, wherein the map window includes a visible region of a map, the map including a plotted route originating at a source location and ending at a destination location.
International Business Machines Corporation

Communication device for smartwatch

A smartwatch includes a display device connected to the thereof, and a communication device and a circuit board are respectively located in the body. The communication device has a speaking unit and a receiving unit.

Mobile communication terminal and information display

An information display method in a mobile communication terminal. The method includes displaying information on a display unit of the mobile terminal, generating a scrolling start signal, and scrolling the information with a positive acceleration based on the generated scrolling start signal..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and system for tilt-based actuation

An electronic device, system associated therewith, and method of operating an electronic device are disclosed. In one example embodiment, the method includes storing 310 a first base tilt position of the electronic device based upon at least one position signal received by a processing device at least indirectly from a position or movement sensing component.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Predictive pre-decoding of encoded media item

Displaying a plurality of encoded media items on a device includes: detecting that a first scrolling action has been completed; determining a predicted next encoded media item to be displayed; obtaining the predicted next encoded media item from a first memory; pre-decoding the predicted next encoded media item to generate a pre-decoded media item; storing the pre-decoded media item in a second memory, the second memory having lower latency than the first memory; receiving an indication that a second scrolling action has begun; and in response to the second scrolling action, displaying the pre-decoded media item via a display interface.. .
Facebook, Inc.

Cached and server views with automatic caching and smooth scrolling

On a client computer, customer relationship management software is integrated into a messaging application that includes a user interface. Customer relationship management (crm) information is received from a server computer.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Virtual-log-file method and system

The current document is directed to a virtual-log-file system that provides a browser-like display interface to users, enabling users to view the contents of log files. The virtual-log-file system assembles a virtual log file from the contents of one or more physical log files, applying filters and other processing to physical-log-file entries in order to generate the virtual-log-file entries logically contained within the virtual log file.
Vmware, Inc.

Scrolling list with floating adjacent index symbols

Movement of a user's point of contact with a touch-sensitive display is determined. In response to the movement, a list of information items on the touch-sensitive display is scrolled.
Apple Inc.

Display apparatus, display control program, and display control method

A display apparatus (1) includes a display section (14), a gesture acceptance section (102), and a display control section (101). In providing a second scrolling display of a list, the display control section (101) identifies, among a plurality of items enumerated in the list, an item likely to have been missed by a user in a previous scrolling display and allows the display section to provide the scrolling display of the identified item at a speed different from a speed specified by a scroll gesture accepted by the gesture acceptance section (102) or in a display manner different from that of the other items..
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Procedure flow administration system and method

A method and system for collaboration between users for editing and reviewing a live procedure flow comprising at least one decision step and at least one action step is disclosed. Each step is interconnected with at least one other step by at least one flow arrow indicating a direction of flow.
Gemba Software Solutions Inc.

Terminal screenshot

A terminal screenshot method and device are disclosed, and particularly relate to the terminal application field. The method includes: capturing a content currently displayed on a screen of a terminal to obtain a first picture; moving the content displayed on the screen, and capturing other pictures except the content currently displayed on the screen in turn; and performing connection processing on the first picture and other pictures in turn to obtain a complete screenshot comprising the first picture and other pictures which are connected with each other.
Zte Corporation

Parallax bounce

As a moving or sliding image reaches, or is about to reach, a target location where its motion slows or stops, a parallax shift is applied. The effect, referred to as a parallax bounce, can be applied in any context wherein an image is moved from one location to another on a display screen, such as for example a sliding or scrolling operation.
Lytro, Inc.

System and audio and tactile based browsing

A system and method for a user interface that includes a controller apparatus that comprises at least two buttons and a rotary scrolling input element; a data connection between the controller apparatus and a navigable hierarchy of content; the rotary scrolling input element configured to communicate a change in selection state in the at least one navigable hierarchy of content; a first button of the at least two buttons configured to communicate a primary action on a currently selected item in the at least one navigable hierarchy of content; a second button of the at least two buttons configured to communicate a secondary action to the current state of the navigable hierarchy of content; and an audio engine that presents an audio interface output in response to communicated actions and navigation state of the hierarch of content.. .
Fingertips Lab, Inc.

Scrolling system for a roll of printed media and a method therefor

A scrolling system for scrolling a printed roll of media includes a mechanical scrolling apparatus and a user interface device. The mechanical scrolling apparatus includes a first winder for placing the printed roll and from which first winder the printed roll is unwindable, and a second winder for winding up the printed roll unwound from the first winder.
OcÉ-technologies B.v.

Construction of boolean search strings for semantic search

A system for information retrieval accessing any number of search engines over a distributed network or local network is presented. The system includes one or more pre-built ontologies or lexicons, representing areas of knowledge.

Touch screen device, method, and graphical user interface for customizing display of content category icons

A computer-implemented method for use in conjunction with a computing device with a touch screen display comprises: detecting one or more finger contacts with the touch screen display, applying one or more heuristics to the one or more finger contacts to determine a command for the device, and processing the command. The one or more heuristics comprise: a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a one-dimensional vertical screen scrolling command, a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a two-dimensional screen translation command, and a heuristic for determining that the one or more finger contacts correspond to a command to transition from displaying a respective item in a set of items to displaying a next item in the set of items..
Apple Inc.

Cross slide gesture

Techniques relating to scrolling, object selection, and object moving are discussed. Strokes are inputted by a user, for instance using a touch sensitive surface.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Touch sensing with mobile sensors

Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3d manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device..
Apple Inc.

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