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Scroll patents


This page is updated frequently with new Scroll-related patent applications.

new patent Mobile client application for managing user interface components
A mobile client application for managing user interface components. Mobile device screen user interface components are defined using xml documents stored at a server.
Humana Innovations Enterprises, Inc.

new patent Interactive video player
A method of using an interactive video system has the steps of a user opening a promotional page comprising at least one video pane containing video content, and an ad pane containing web content, the user watching at least one video while interacting with the web content of the ad pane, wherein the user scrolls through the web content and selects a link that interests the user, wherein the video content continues playing uninterrupted and the web content is retrieved from a server. A system for providing interactive video has at least one video pane containing video content that is playing, at least one ad pane comprising web content, a background on which the video pane and ad pane are positioned, wherein a user interacts with the web content, wherein when links are clicked the web content changes while the video continues playing..

new patent Search controls using sliders and lightboxes
Code is injected into a web page loaded by an internet browsing application. A search control to accept internet search input is presented within an internet browsing application.
Funded Ventures Inc.

new patent Document summary feed generation method, apparatus and system
Some embodiments of the invention provide a document reader that generates a display of several document summaries. In some embodiments, the reader receives definitions of several documents, and generates document summaries for these documents.
Apple Inc.

new patent Path-linked viewpoints from point of interest
Various embodiments relating to displaying viewpoints from a point of interest are disclosed. One embodiment includes displaying an entry point that includes a link to a view of a three dimensional scene from a point of interest, receiving a selection of the entry point from the user, retrieving a predetermined path of a plurality of predetermined viewpoints located around the point of interest, displaying the view of the three dimensional scene, the view being a rendering of the three dimensional scene from a first predetermined viewpoint in the plurality of predetermined viewpoints, displaying an interaction interface including a control to scroll along the predetermined path to a next location on the predetermined path, receiving a selection of the control, and displaying a second view of the three dimensional scene, the second view being a rendering of the three dimensional scene from the next location..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent Intelligent scrolling of electronic document
A novel method for scrolling an electronic document (e.g., a webpage, article, etc.) that is displayed in a display area on a screen is provided. The method receives a swipe gesture on a touch-sensitive input surface, which can be a touch-sensitive surface of a cursor controller (e.g., trackpad, etc.) or can be a touch-sensitive surface of the screen.
Apple Inc.

new patent Selecting content items in a user interface display
An electronic device displays an arrangement that includes a plurality of content items and has a first axis and a second axis. While displaying the plurality of content items, the electronic device receives an input.
Apple Inc.

new patent Devices and methods for displaying content in a note-taking application
An electronic device with a display and a note-taking application: displays, on the display, a first user interface of the note-taking application, wherein: the note-taking application includes a plurality of notes prepared by a user; the plurality of notes includes electronic text content input by the user, and content created and/or selected by the user that is distinct from the electronic text content; the content created and/or selected includes content from a plurality of distinct content categories; and the first user interface displays a categorized-content-view affordance; detects activation of the categorized-content-view affordance; and, in response to detecting activation of the categorized-content-view affordance, displays, in a categorized-content view, a scrollable list of at least some of the content created and/or selected by the user that is distinct from the electronic text content input by the user, wherein the content in the scrollable list is organized and displayed by the content categories.. .
Apple Inc.

new patent Route stabilization scrolling mode
An approach for a route stabilization scrolling mode is provided. The approach displays a map window, wherein the map window includes a visible region of a map, the map including a plotted route originating at a source location and ending at a destination location.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent Press-fit bearing housing with non-cylindrical diameter
A scroll compressor that includes a housing and scroll compressor bodies disposed in the housing. A motor is disposed within the housing and operably connected to a drive shaft for driving one of the scroll compressor bodies.
Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

new patent

Scroll composite having amphiphilic substance inside and preparation of the same

Provided are a scroll preparing method using a two-dimensional material and a scroll prepared thereby. The scroll preparing method comprises preparing a two-dimensional material.
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

Zoom enhancements to facilitate the use of touch screen devices

An electronic device with a display showing a user interface (ui) automatically adjusts the zoom level of a magnification region. The electronic device receives a request to magnify at least a portion of the display showing the ui.
Apple Inc.

Touchscreen sharing multimedia content

Computer-touchscreen implemented digital media and multimedia systems and methods include software application tools and related methods that employ first and second types of contact-sensing or input-sensing protocols for registering both simple and pressure contacts at a touchscreen interface for effecting iterative computer functionality based on the degree of either forceful contact with particular applicability to mobile communications devices for the primary purpose of sharing multimedia content. Further, the methods and systems employ contact removal as an action trigger function and as preferably exemplified by a multimedia send/share function.
Remote Media, Llc

Rotary dial

Example embodiments described herein disclose a device configured to generate and cause display of a rotary input interface within a display of the device. The rotary input interface may be displayed as one or more dial types, including at least a continuous rotary dial, a horseshoe dial, or a continuous scroll wheel, configured to include an arrangement of values at positions along the rotary input interface.
Ebay Inc.

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor includes a body container that is a hermetically sealed container; a fixed scroll that is fixed to an upper portion of an inside of the body container; an orbiting scroll that is disposed below the fixed scroll; a rotary drive shaft including an oil passing hole that connects an upper side and a lower side in the shaft; a frame that is fixed to an inner peripheral surface of the body container to slidably support the orbiting scroll; a thrust plate that is disposed between a lower surface of the orbiting scroll and a thrust support surface of the frame; an oldham ring that is accommodated in the frame; and an orbiting-side oldham groove that guides the oldham ring, wherein a circumferential groove that communicates with the orbiting-side oldham groove is formed in the lower surface of the orbiting scroll.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Vacuum pump system including scroll pump and secondary pumping mechanism

A vacuum pump system includes a secondary pumping mechanism incorporated into a stationary portion of a scroll pump. The stationary portion includes the stationary plate scroll of the scroll pump and defines a gas passageway in which the secondary pumping mechanism is disposed.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Scroll compressor

An object of the present invention is to improve reliability in a scroll compressor in which a frame is fixed by welding. A scroll compressor provided with: a sealed container inside which a working fluid is sealed; a frame fixed inside the sealed container; a fixed scroll provided with a fixed-side spiral body formed in a spiral shape on a fixed-side base plate fixed inside the sealed container; and a revolving scroll in which a revolving-side spiral body meshing with the fixed-side spiral body is provided on a revolving-side base plate, the revolving scroll moving in a revolving manner, wherein the frame includes a first welded point at which the frame is fixed by welding to the sealed container, a revolving-scroll-receiving surface supporting a bottom surface of the revolving-side base plate opposite to a surface thereof on which the revolving-side spiral body is provided, and a frame outer peripheral groove provided in an outer periphery of the frame facing an inner periphery of the sealed container and between the revolving-scroll-receiving surface and the first welded point..
Hitachi Appliance, Inc.

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor includes partition plate (20) that partitions an inside of sealed container (10) into high-pressure space (11) and low-pressure space (12), and fixed scroll (30) adjacent to partition plate (20). The scroll compressor includes orbiting scroll (40) that meshes with fixed scroll (30) to form compression chamber (50), rotation restrictor (90) that prevents rotation of orbiting scroll (40), and main bearing (60) that supports orbiting scroll (40).
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Information sharing system, information sharing method, and information sharing program

To share short-term future schedules of the user and others used in mobile terminal devices by using social networking services. The information sharing system includes an information sharing server, an information sharing server database connected to the information sharing server and saves schedule data, and a mobile terminal device including a control unit, a display device, an input device, a storage device, and a communication device, wherein: the control unit acquires into the storage device the schedule data for a plurality of days and people from the information sharing server database connected to the information sharing server via the communication device and the communication network, and displays the acquired schedule data on a display screen of the display device with a tile screen; and the tile screen displayed on the display screen is scrolled in lateral and vertical directions by operating the input device for display..
Sevendays, Inc.

Method, apparatus, and computer program for scrolling a document on a touch panel

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes displaying a segment on a touch panel, the segment having a starting point and an end point corresponding to a first page and a last page, respectively, of a document, in response to a predetermined manipulation by a user. An indication is received that the user has performed at least one of touching a point on the segment and sliding a point on the segment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automated changing of content set displaying in the display screen of a browser and automated activation of links contained in the displaying content set

An automatic scrolling mechanism converts an information repository into media that can actively present and “push” information to the users/viewers while retaining existing “pull” and interactivity functions. Automatic scrolling can be controlled by placing a cursor on control icons, such as boxes, lines, and arrow clusters.

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor is provided that can cool a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll effectively via cooling fins. A scroll compressor includes: a fixed scroll, an orbiting scroll that performs orbiting motion with respect to the fixed scroll and is combined with the fixed scroll so as to form, with the fixed scroll, a compression space to compress fluid; cooling fins that are provided on the back of the fixed scroll; and cooling fins that are provided on the back of the orbiting scroll.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Sheet-metal turbine housing

An object is to provide a sheet-metal turbine housing free from a risk of damage to a turbine housing even if the turbine housing connected to an exhaust-gas inlet duct part is heated, and from a risk of leakage of exhaust gas through a gap between the exhaust-gas inlet duct part and the turbine housing. A sheet-metal turbine housing includes: a scroll part formed from sheet metal and forming an exhaust gas passage of a spiral shape; an exhaust-gas inlet duct part engaged with an inlet end portion of the scroll part formed into a tubular shape, for introducing exhaust gas into the exhaust gas passage of the scroll part; and a seal unit disposed on an engagement section at which the inlet end portion of the scroll part and the exhaust-gas inlet duct part engage with each other, to close an annular gap formed at the engagement section..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Method, apparatus, and system for displaying message in mobile terminal

According to a method for displaying a message in a mobile terminal, message content that needs to be displayed may be obtained, then a visible area on a screen of a mobile terminal is determined, and a display length and a quantity of display lines of the message content are calculated according to the visible area, and the message content is displayed in the visible area in a scrolling manner according to the calculated display length of the message content if the quantity of the display lines exceeds a display range of the visible area. In this way, only a small area of a screen is occupied, and message content can be displayed automatically and completely without the need for a user to perform a further operation.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Generate and display contextual hints in a message

In providing contextual hints in an electronic message, a mail client receives a command to create a reply message to an original electronic message with original text. Topic(s) that summarize context(s) in the original text are determined and displayed in a body of the reply message as temporary text.
International Business Machines Corporation

Signage system

A signage system (10) including one or more visual display devices (11), each mounted for display behind the windshield (15) of one or more parked and ignition-off vehicles (16). Each sign (11) has a visual display surface (12) that is capable of forming an illuminated graphic display (13) on the visual display surface (12).

Content navigation

Users may interface with user interfaces populated with large sets of data items (e.g., contacts, files, photos, etc.), but may be unable to quickly and/or efficiently find a desired data item. Accordingly, as provided herein, a graphical user interface, populated with a set of data items, may be presented to a user of a client device.
Yahoo!, Inc.

Twin scroll turbocharger in a variable displacement engine

Methods and systems are provided for operating an engine with variable displacement engine (vde) operation coupled to a twin scroll turbocharger. One method comprises directing exhaust from a first outer cylinder and a first inner cylinder of four cylinders to a first scroll of the twin scroll turbocharger, directing exhaust from a second outer cylinder and a second inner cylinder of the four cylinders to a second scroll of the twin scroll turbocharger, and during a first condition, firing all four cylinders with uneven firing..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Program guide graphics and video in window for 3dtv

Video data is received in 2d or 3d format from different channels as a user scrolls through an electronic guide. The video data may be displayed in a portion of the on screen display along with graphic and text associated with the epg data.
Google Technology Holdings Llc

Method and device for setting shooting parameter

The present disclosure relates to a method and a device for setting a shooting parameter. The method includes displaying a digital color temperature adjusting key and at least one scenario color temperature adjusting key in a menu bar on the touch screen, receiving a tapping signal on a digital color temperature adjusting key displayed on a touch screen, displaying a scrolling list according to the tapping signal.
Xiaomi Inc.

Systems and techniques for ranking items

A method for ranking items may include determining a purchaseability score for each item of a specified type based on a number of impressions of the respective item provided to users during a time period, a quantity of the respective item purchased by the users, and a quantity of the respective item added to shopping carts of the users. The method may further include ranking the items based on the purchaseability scores, generating item feed data indicating an ordering of the items based on the rankings, and providing the item feed data to a user device.
Contextlogic Inc.

Information processing device, display control method, program and storage medium

In an information processing device performing display control for a web page having at least a first advertisement frame and a second advertisement frame placed below the first advertisement frame as advertisement frames in which advertisements are displayed, the device causes the first advertisement frame to follow scrolling in response to a display reference position in a web page display frame of a web browser reaching a first follow-start position for the first advertisement frame as the web page is scrolled in the web page display frame, and causes the second advertisement frame to follow the scrolling in response to the display reference position reaching a second follow-start position for the second advertisement frame after termination of the following of the first advertisement frame.. .
Rakuten, Inc.

System, method, and software application for enabling a user to view and interact with a visual map in an external application

The present invention provides a system, method, and software program for enabling a user to view and interact with a visual map in an external application. According to one embodiment of the invention, a visual mapping application creates a file with (i) visual map data and (ii) software code capable of being executed by an external application to display the visual map and provide select visual mapping application in the external application.
Mindjet Llc

Scrolling apparatus, scrolling method, and computer-readable medium

An electronic apparatus includes a display that displays a content, and a detector that detects contactless proximity of an object to the display and contact of the object to the display. While the content scrolls on the display at gradually decreasing speeds, when the contactless proximity of the object to the display is detected and the contact of the object to the display is not detected, a scrolling speed of the content changes from the gradually decreasing speeds to a constant speed, which is faster than being stopped.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Systems and methods for displaying information

Systems and methods for presenting contents using auto scroll. Contents are arranged to scroll on display automatically in multiple cycles.

Display management for native user experiences

In some remote application execution environments, a client device (e.g., to which application output is sent and where user interaction is performed) may include native control elements for touch input such as virtual keyboards, virtual pickers and the like. When the server device detects an editable/control field of a remoted application receiving focus, the server may instruct the client to activate a native control element for user interaction.
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Terminal and controlling the same

A terminal and method of controlling the same are presented. The terminal includes a touchscreen for displaying a list of items and a controller for controlling a scroll of a first list of items in a first direction and a scroll of a second list of items in a second direction, wherein the second list of items is related to an item selected from the first list of items, wherein the second list of items is scrolled in the second direction while the first list of items is displayed..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Multi-dimensional data visualization, navigation, and menu systems

Described herein are systems, media, and methods for providing an application that receives information for a plurality of items and utilizes the information to generate a navigable multi-dimensional list of items, wherein the list of items is navigable by at least three navigation modes comprising touch scroll and rotation, joystick scroll and rotation, gyroscopic scroll and rotation. As such, the application allows a user to efficiently and effectively visualize, navigate, create, and share large amounts of data..
Gravitynav, Inc.

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  • Exhaust Gas
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