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Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content


Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content


System and method for presenting a responsive multi-layered ordered set of elements

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scroll-related patents
 Control system for governing and/or monitoring how an image data-stack is viewed patent thumbnailnew patent Control system for governing and/or monitoring how an image data-stack is viewed
Image analysis systems components, devices, and methods are provided for viewing the image data stack in less time with less effort and less repetitive motions. The navigation device, for example, can include: (i) an indexing state selector for independently selecting a desired subset within the independently viewable subsets, the desired subset indexed for an efficient image selection with a single click of the indexing state selector; and, (ii) a scrolling state selector for scrolling through the desired subsest as a data series of the discrete images.
Maestro Devices, Llc
 Input detection for a head mounted device patent thumbnailnew patent Input detection for a head mounted device
Methods and devices for providing a user-interface are disclosed. In one aspect, a head-mounted-device system includes a processor data storage comprising user-interface logic executable by the at least one processor to receive data corresponding to first position of a head-mounted display (hmd) and responsively cause the hmd to display a user-interface comprising a view region, at least one content region located above the view region, and a history region located below the view region.
Google Inc.
 System and  presenting a responsive multi-layered ordered set of elements patent thumbnailnew patent System and presenting a responsive multi-layered ordered set of elements
A system and method for presenting a scrollable-list interface comprising defining an ordered set of elements which includes elements classified into at least two layers; rendering a set of first layer elements of the ordered set in a navigable interface, the set of first layer elements ordered according to the ordered set; rendering a condensed indicator element associated with at least one element classified in a second layer in the navigable interface, the condensed indicator element ordered within the set of first layer elements according to the ordered set; receiving a user input to the navigable interface; and augmenting a layered representation of the ordered set in the navigable interface, wherein the layered representation is augmented in accordance with the user input.. .
Upto, Inc.
 Information processing device, display control method, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing device, display control method, and program
An apparatus includes a display control circuit configured to control a display to display content; and a user input circuit configured to receive a command from the user. The display control circuit is configured to modify scrolling of the content being automatically scrolled in a first direction based on the command from the user..
Sony Corporation
 Method and  diagonal scrolling in a user interface patent thumbnailnew patent Method and diagonal scrolling in a user interface
A method and apparatus includes a user interface of a computing device for diagonal scrolling in a two-step selection process. The method includes presenting a main list and a sub-list substantially orthogonal to the main list, wherein the sub-list comprises elements associated with each element in the main list; receiving user input from a user to progress through the main list and/or the sub-list; and scrolling through the main list and/or the sub-list simultaneously responsive to the user input, wherein the main list and the sub-list are simultaneously scrolled responsive to a diagonal scrolling gesture as the user input..
Motorola Solutions, Inc
 Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content patent thumbnailnew patent Device, method, and graphical user interface for determining whether to scroll or select content
An electronic device with a display, a touch-sensitive surface and one or more intensity sensors displays content. While a focus selector is over the content, the device detects a gesture on the touch-sensitive surface, the gesture including a first contact on the touch-sensitive surface and movement of the first contact across the touch-sensitive surface that corresponds to movement of the focus selector on the display.
Apple Inc.
 Scroll compressor with oil management system patent thumbnailnew patent Scroll compressor with oil management system
A compressor (10) is provided and may include a shell (12), a main bearing housing (18) disposed within the shell (12), a driveshaft (16), a non-orbiting scroll member (24), and an orbiting scroll member (22). The driveshaft (16) may be supported by the main bearing housing (18).
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.
 Motor-driven compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Motor-driven compressor
A motor-driven compressor includes a compression unit that includes movable and fixed scrolls and a compression chamber, an electric motor that includes a rotor and drives the compression unit, a motor drive circuit that drives the electric motor, an injection port that draws intermediate pressure refrigerant into the compression chamber, a controller that performs rotation control on the rotor, and a voltage detector that detects a terminal voltage of the electric motor. The compression unit compresses low pressure refrigerant drawn into the compression chamber to discharge high pressure refrigerant.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki
 Component determination and gaze provoked interaction patent thumbnailnew patent Component determination and gaze provoked interaction
According to the invention, a method for changing a display based at least in part on a gaze point of a user on the display is disclosed. The method may include receiving information identifying a location of the gaze point of the user on the display.
Tobii Technology Ab
 Electronic  simulating or interfacing a backward compatible human input device by means or control of a gesture recognition system patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic simulating or interfacing a backward compatible human input device by means or control of a gesture recognition system
Method and apparatus where human gestures are interpreted by means of software running on a host computer, into screen coordinates and low level commands—keyboard presses, clicks, double-clicks, drag-and-drop, wheel scroll etc.—which are sent to a hardware peripheral, instead of a software based application programming interface, which hardware corrects and polishes the said screen coordinates and low level commands and translates said data by means of emulating, simulating or manipulating the protocol of an actual human input device (hid)—such as a standard keyboard, mouse, joystick, touchpad, etc.—which actual hid-compliant device or simuloid is embedded into the invention, proper, and is in turn connected back into the host computer where it's recognized by native drivers as a standard hid device so that it may interact with common end-user programs in the usual manner—but thus be controlled by means of human gestures.. .
new patent

Internal combustion engine

When a blow-by gas collides with an outer circumferential wall of a tubular member, part of oil mist in the collision gas is liquefied (an oil droplet). The oil droplet takes in the oil mist in the blow-by gas which flows into an intake pipe in succession, and moves on the outer circumferential wall of the tubular member in accordance with a flow of an intake gas and the gravity while keeping a liquefied state.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Scroll compressor and air conditioner including a scroll compressor

A scroll compressor and an air conditioner including a scroll compressor are provided. The scroll compressor may include a casing, a fixed scroll, an orbiting scroll, and an injection passage.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Adjustable smooth scrolling

An embodiment provides a method, including: scrolling content rendered in a display device at a first positive speed; receiving, at an optical sensor, image information of a user of an information handling device; determining, using a processor, a focal point of user gaze with respect to the content rendered in the display device, the focal point being derived from the image information; associating the focal point with a target of the display device; adjusting the first positive speed for scrolling of the rendered content to a non-negative second speed based on the associating. Other aspects are described and claimed..

Touch panel input device, and image formation device

In a touch panel input device, in cases when display and input functions fail in one area, touch keys can be displayed without modifying the normal touch-key-image layout, while retaining the normal touch-key-image layout relationship. When a touch panel input device fails, a designation for an alternative display area (51) for displaying a touch-key image while avoiding a failure area (41) is received from a user.

Dynamic insertion of content items into resources

Methods, systems, and apparatus include computer programs encoded on a computer-readable storage medium, including a method for providing content. Publisher input is received regarding acceptable content item types and sizes for inclusion with other content in a publication.

Navigation system and navigation electronic device

An electronic device (3) includes: a facility genre setting part (302) that displays first route information from a departure position to a destination, and sends a genre of facilities at which a user wants to stop to a navigation server (1); a facility setting part (303) that scrollably displays facility information of all facilities belonging to the genre that are located in the vicinity on the first route and an expected arrival time received from the navigation server (1), for every time span of the expected arrival time, and sends a facility selected by the user from among the plurality of facilities to the navigation server (1); and a route guidance part (304) that displays second route information received from the navigation server (1) in which the facility selected by the user is registered as a relay point.. .

Compressor for supercharger of internal combustion engine

In a compressor for a supercharger of an internal combustion engine comprising a shroud, an impeller, a vaneless diffuser, and a scroll, a hub-side wall of the vaneless diffuser is formed to be inclined to the opposite side to a shroud-side wall with respect to a direction perpendicular to a rotational axis of the impeller in the longitudinal cross section including the rotational axis of the impeller. With such a configuration, the amount of deposit formed on the hub-side wall of the vaneless diffuser is reduced..

Content and posted-information time-series link method, and information processing terminal

An information processing terminal includes an operation part to receive a user's operation, an output part to play back an arbitrarily input content while outputting posted information which is posted on the web in connection with the content, and a controller to output a content at a playback time, correlated to a posted time of posted information selected via the user's operation, to the output part with reference to a time table which stores the playback position of the content in connection with the posted time of the posted information relating to the content. The controller aligns a plurality of posted information, correlated to a desired content, in an order of posted times on the screen.
Nec Casio Mobile Communications, Ltd.

Systems and methods for easily disabling interactivity of interactive identifiers by user input of a geometric shape

Methods and systems are provided herein for enabling users to seamlessly restrict access to media assets. These methods and systems are provided by way of generating for display a plurality of interactive identifiers on a scrollable page.
United Video Properties, Inc.

Method and displaying page in terminal

A method of displaying a page is provided, which includes sensing an input for moving a page; determining an available scroll distance according to the sensed input; and displaying a graphic user interface (gui) based on the available scroll distance and a currently displayed position of the page.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Gaze-based automatic scrolling

Embodiments of the invention may include a method of scrolling content on an electronic display upon detection that a gaze of a user is pointed to a pre-defined area of the display, such as for example an edge of the display. A scroll may be triggered by the gaze point of the user being directed to the pre-defined area of the screen or on a plane of the screen.
Umoove Services Ltd.

Improved status notification for a mobile communications terminal

A mobile communications terminal (200) comprising a memory (240), a display (120, 220) and a controller (210). The controller (210) is configured to display at least one smaller icon (510) for indicating a status and to receive a selection of a status menu option.
Doro Ab

Image information processing apparatus, image information processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image information processing apparatus includes a memory, a list screen display, a detector, and a screen controller. The memory stores plural pieces of image information and plural pieces of related information related to the plural pieces of image information.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd

Image processing device and image processing method

An input information obtaining portion of a control section obtains requests input from an input device by a user, which requests include a display region moving request to enlarge/reduce or scroll an image displayed on a display device and a request to generate/erase a viewport, change the size of a viewport, or move a viewport. A viewport control portion successively determines the number, arrangement, and size of viewports accordingly.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

Coolant passage structure for internal combustion engine

A coolant passage structure for an internal combustion engine includes a coolant communication member. The coolant communication member includes a centrifugal water pump, a housing portion, a scroll portion, a second coolant passage portion, a first coolant passage portion, a direction of a center line of the second coolant passage portion, and a rib.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Scroll rotor mold, molding device, and manufacturing mold

A mold for forging a scroll rotor capable of controlling material flow speed by adjusting a land section, a molding device applying same, and a method for manufacturing the mold. In the mold, a die includes an extrusion unit having a molding space therein and a spiral-shaped extrusion passage provided in the lower portion thereof so as to correspond to a wrap portion disposed in the scroll rotor.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

Method and delivering search results

The method involves aggregating post text, information about the type of content that has been posted, the post's creation time (time stamp), geographical origin (geo tag) and the username and storing it in a database. In order to search content that has been stored a web-server prompts clients for their search terms which it then parses.
Twofold Ip Pty Ltd

Components for compressors having electroless coatings on wear surfaces

Carbon dioxide compressors having one or more coatings with wear surfaces having electroless surface coatings are provided. Alternatively, propane compressors are contemplated having wear surface coatings.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Compressor with unloader counterweight assembly

A compressor is provided and may include a shell, an orbiting scroll, a driveshaft and an unloader counterweight. The orbiting scroll may be disposed within the shell and include a boss portion.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Image editing apparatus allowing easy editing of preview images

An image editing apparatus allowing easy edition of page arrangement order on the preview display of page images includes a display device having a display screen and a preview display device configured to display image data in a scrollable manner. If any page is selected from the images of preview display, the selected page is displayed as a reduced image at a position different from the preview images.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Apparatus for controlling grid output in a mobile device and controlling grid output using the same

The method includes generating a grid having a plurality of rows and displaying the grid on a display of a mobile device by a grid generator, sensing movement of a row of the grid, measuring a scrolling speed with respect to a speed of the row of the grid, and generating speed information based on the measured scrolling speed by a grid movement sensor, generating a grid create signal for a grid create command at every predetermined period by a grid create signal generator, and upon receipt of the grid create signal after the grid is generated, generating a new grid to be displayed on the display using the speed information by the grid generator.. .
Tobesoft Co.,ltd

Mobile terminal and screen scroll method therein

A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, by which a scroll speed of information displayed on a display unit can be adjusted. The present invention includes a touchscreen configured to display information, and a controller configured to control the information to be scrolled on the touchscreen at a first speed in response to a user input for scrolling the information, if a scroll of the information starts, control the first speed to be decelerated at a predetermined rate, and if a user interested information in the information is displayed as the information is scrolled, control the information to start to be scrolled at a second speed..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Axial turbine wheel with curved leading edge

A turbocharger including a turbine wheel having a hub-to-tip ratio of no more than 60% and blades with a high turning angle and a curved leading edge, a turbine housing forming an inwardly spiraling primary-scroll passageway that significantly converges to produce highly accelerated airflow into the turbine at high circumferential angles, and a two-sided parallel compressor. The compressor and turbine each produce substantially no axial force, allowing the use of minimal axial thrust bearings..
Honeywell International Inc.

User interaction system for displaying digital objects

A user interaction system includes a control for controlling digital objects characterized by a first content level. Each said digital object includes at least one digital object characterized by a second content level.
Oce-technologies B.v.

Accelerated scrolling for a multifunction device

A computer-implemented method is performed at a multifunction device with a display and a touch-sensitive surface. The method includes detecting multiple input gestures by a user, beginning with an initial input gesture.
Apple Inc.

System for inline expansion of social network content and method therefor

A device, system, and method may variously include a network interface device communicatively coupled to a user interface and a processor, coupled to the network interface device, configured to cause the user interface to display a newsfeed including social network content items, the newsfeed being configured to scroll to display ones of the social network content items on the user interface. At least one of the content items includes a title and content.

Providing enhanced message management user interfaces

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for providing enhanced message management user interfaces are presented. In some embodiments, a computing device may present a user interface comprising a scrollable content display region that includes at least two message cards and at least two target zones.
Citrix Systems, Inc.


Disclosed compressor embodiments can prevent or substantially reduce the inefficient upwardly spiraling heat buildup found in typical compressors by significantly increasing the surface area of mating piston and chamber walls, using the meshing and undulating geometry of the piston/chamber walls to create increased air turbulence in the chamber and generate more air flow against the cooling walls, promoting turbulence even more by varying the axial path of the piston head so that it is not simply linear, using fluid to cool the non-working side of the piston, and/or providing additional cooling features (such as fins) on the non-working side of the piston to provide still further cooling means for the piston head. Analogous principles can also be included in wobble-plate compressors, scroll compressors, blowers, and other compressor types..

Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof

A mobile terminal and controlling method thereof are disclosed, which facilitates a terminal to be used in further consideration of user's convenience. The mobile terminal according to the present invention comprises a wireless communication unit configured to send or receive a message, a memory configured to store the message, a display unit configured to display a message list, the displayed message list including at least one counterpart and at least one corresponding message, and a controller, wherein in response to receiving a first scroll input while a specific counterpart is selected from the message list, the controller to change the message of the selected counterpart based on the first scroll input..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Scroll-type compressor

The orbiting base plate 61 has a compression side surface and a back pressure chamber side surface. The gas passage 64 has an opening 641 in the compression side surface of the orbiting base plate 61 between portions of the orbiting spiral wall 62 that face each other, and the gas passage 64 has an opening 642 in the back pressure side surface at a position that faces an area on a radially inner side than the outer circumference of the bearing 5, so as to feed the refrigerant gas in the compression chamber 15 to the back pressure chamber 16..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


A turbocharger for an engine includes a compressor impeller, a turbine wheel, a turbine housing, a cover, and a flow passage switching valve. The impeller is for compression of intake air.
Denso Corporation

Systems and methods for real-time efficient navigation of video streams

Described are systems and methods that allow a video conference participant to efficiently review semantically meaningful events within the video streams shared by their peers. Because participants are engaged in real-time communication, it is important to provide tools that let them quickly jump back to past events that were shown previously, not requiring them to manipulate a standard video timeline.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Multimedia systems, methods and applications

Systems and methods according to exemplary embodiments of the present invention provide a user interface including an electronic program guide and scrollable visual directories.. .
Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

Methods and systems for scrolling and pointing in user interfaces

Systems and methods according to the present invention address these needs and others by providing a structure for navigating in a gui with a handheld device, e.g., a 3d pointing device, which incorporates buttons and a scroll wheel.. .
Hillcrest Laboratories, Inc.

Autoscroll regions

Technologies are described herein for autoscroll regions. A device establishes a trigger line near an edge of a selectable region of content that is adjacent to a non-selectable region of content.
Microsoft Corporation

Display control device and storage medium

There is provided a display control device including a detection unit configured to detect that an information input or output screen is scrolled together with scrolling of a plurality of content regions, the information input or output screen being related to a content region provided adjacent to a single content region among the plurality of content regions arranged and displayed in line on a display screen, and configured to detect that the information input or output screen has reached a prescribed position on the display screen, and a display control unit configured to, when the detection unit has detected that the information input or output screen has reached the prescribed position, perform display control in a manner that the information input or output screen is maintained at the prescribed position, and configured to perform display control in a manner that scrolling of the plurality of content regions continues.. .
Sony Corporation

Scroll compressor

Provided are a scroll compressor and an air conditioner including the same. The scroll compressor includes a motor, a driving shaft, a main frame, a fixed scroll, an orbiting scroll, a suction, a first inflow part disposed on one side of the fixed scroll to inject the refrigerant into the compression chamber, and a second inflow part disposed on the other side of the fixed scroll to inject a refrigerant, which has a pressure different from that of the refrigerant introduced into the first inflow part, into the compression chamber.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Fluid machinery

A fluid machinery including: an expander that generates power by expansion of refrigerant; and a piston pump that pumps the refrigerant, and capable of reducing a decrease in lubrication performance of a mechanical sliding section in a crank chamber of the piston pump. A fluid machinery 29a includes an expander unit (scroll expander) 60a that generates power by expansion of refrigerant, and a pump unit (piston pump) 50a that pumps the refrigerant.
Sanden Corporation

Wireless handheld controller

A wireless handheld controller includes a housing and a plurality of scroll wheel assemblies mounted in the housing. Each of the scroll wheel assemblies including a rotatable member and a key adjacently associated with respective rotatable members.

Pan and selection gesture detection

A user interface that has a canvas that is extendable in an extendable dimension and on which multiple selectable elements may be placed. In this context, when a selecting control is associated with a particular selectable element, and further user gestures are provided, a pan detection mechanism is configured to distinguish between an intent to pan the canvas and an intent to select the particular selectable element.
Microsoft Corporation

Method of recognizing multi-gaze and apparatus therefor

A multi-gaze recognition device according to one embodiment of the present specification includes a display module configured to display a display area containing a visual content capable of being scrolled, an input module configured to receive an input of a touch gesture signal to scroll the visual content, an image acquisition module configured to acquire an image in front of a device, and an analysis module configured to scroll the visual content using a first gaze and a second gaze detected from the image acquired in front of the device. The first gaze determines a maximum amount of a scroll area to scroll the visual content, the second gaze determines whether an event initiating the scroll occurs..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Interconnecting enhanced and diversified communications with commercial applications

A system for interconnecting enhanced and diversified communications with commercial applications using efficient and user-friendly features and methods by which users can create, share, and proliferate symbols, use translations, message contractions, message expansions, hidden messages, scrolling or bill-boarding messages, timed messages, morse messages, and inter-language translations, all using various forms of formatting and presentation configurations. Such system and communications are used and made amongst various social groupings, providing benefits and incentives for usage of the system, and personalized consumer insight that links to commercial applications.
Ilyngo, Llc

Method and system for populating requirements

A non-transitory machine readable storage medium storing instructions that, when executed, cause a processor to perform a method of receiving input defining one or more requirements for a product. The method may generate one or more cross-reference matrices from the one or more requirements based on a hazard analysis risk assessment.
Omnex Systems, Llc

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