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Scroll patents

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Mag Security Consultants

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Scroll-related patents
 Scroll-type expander and fluid machine provided with same patent thumbnailnew patent Scroll-type expander and fluid machine provided with same
To provide a scroll-type expander having a relatively simple structure, small energy loss, and high durability and reliability. A pump-integrated expander 27 includes an expansion unit 50 configured as a scroll-type expander.
Sanden Corporation
 Information displaying apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Information displaying apparatus
Recorded information is grouped in recording units. The information of each recording unit is displayed by the order of older recording date based upon information recorded in memory.
Nikon Corporation
 Scope cap patent thumbnailnew patent Scope cap
A scope cap includes memory storage for recording and recalling bullet drop compensation data and a visual display. A protective lid pivotably attaches to the scope cap by a hinge to protect the scope cap.
Mag Security Consultants, Inc.
 Interactive media program guide user interface systems and methods patent thumbnailInteractive media program guide user interface systems and methods
An exemplary method includes an interactive media program guide system 1) displaying a user-scrollable view of a section of a paginated column of an interactive media program guide that includes a two-dimensional matrix grid of cells representing a plurality of media program listings, 2) detecting a user selection of a cell included in the matrix grid of cells and the user-scrollable view, the cell representing a media program listing included in the plurality of media program listings, and, 3) in response to the user selection of the cell, expanding the cell in-place within the paginated column of the interactive media program guide and populating the expanded cell with display content associated with a media program represented by the media program listing. Corresponding systems and methods are also described..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.
 Information terminal for displaying image and image displaying method patent thumbnailInformation terminal for displaying image and image displaying method
An information terminal including: a display configured to display an image; a captured image storage configured to store a captured image showing a state in which one or more objects are displayed; and an image control configured to cause the display to display the captured image in accordance with a scrolling operation by a user. The display displays one or more objects corresponding to a captured image at an end point of the scrolling performed by the user while superimposing the one or more objects on a background image, and, in a case at least one of a period during which or the number of times an image is displayed by the display without change of arrangement of an object displayed while being superimposed on the background image is equal to or greater than a threshold, the image storage stores a captured image corresponding to the image that is displayed..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.
 Device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling a multi-section document patent thumbnailDevice, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling a multi-section document
A method for scrolling a multi-section document is disclosed, including displaying on a display an electronic document that includes a plurality of document sections separated by respective logical structure boundaries; detecting a gesture on a touch-sensitive surface, the gesture having an initial velocity that exceeds a predefined speed threshold such that the gesture will scroll the electronic document more than one document section; initiating scrolling of the electronic document on the display at the initial velocity in accordance with an initial scrolling speed versus scrolling distance function; while scrolling the electronic document, adjusting the scrolling speed versus scrolling distance function so that when the scrolling speed becomes zero, a first logical structure boundary in the electronic document is displayed at a predefined location on the display; and, scrolling the electronic document in accordance with the adjusted scrolling speed versus scrolling distance function.. .
Apple Inc.
 Joystick controller swipe method patent thumbnailJoystick controller swipe method
The invention is directed toward a computer system and method for scrolling through a multiple number of display panels on the touch screen of an electronic device. The invention is directed toward a computer system and method to detect a tap on the touch screen interface within a predetermined area on the touch screen interface, detect a swipe gesture across the touch screen interface, perform a predetermined function changing the visual display output of the touch screen interface when the swipe gesture exceeds the boundaries of the predetermined area, and change the visual display output of the touch screen interface by moving a plurality of display panels across the touch screen interface in an opposite direction than the direction of the swipe gesture.
Keane And Able Limited
 Powder metal with solid lubricant and powder metal scroll compressor made therefrom patent thumbnailPowder metal with solid lubricant and powder metal scroll compressor made therefrom
A powder metal formulation includes a solid lubricant and is particularly useful for the production of powder metal scroll compressors.. .
Gkn Sinter Metals, Llc
 Sirocco fan and air conditioner having same patent thumbnailSirocco fan and air conditioner having same
A sirocco fan includes: an impeller in which a plurality of first blades are formed on one of left and right faces of a main plate and a plurality of second blades are formed on the other of the left and right faces of the main plate; and a scroll housing covering the impeller, wherein the scroll housing includes air suction holes formed on both of left and right plates and a rounded portion formed to be convex in the opposite direction of the impeller on a scroll unit connecting both of the left and right plates, and an interval from the main plate to the rounded portion in a direction perpendicular to a rotation central axis of the impeller is the largest. A rapid change in the direction of air flowing to the scroll unit from the impeller can be minimized, and collision of air with the scroll unit is lessened, reducing a flow loss and enhancing efficiency..
Lg Electronics Inc
 Method and system for adaptive viewport for a mobile device based on viewing angle patent thumbnailMethod and system for adaptive viewport for a mobile device based on viewing angle
A 2d and/or 3d video processing device comprising a camera and a display captures images of a viewer as the viewer observes displayed 2d and/or 3d video content in a viewport. Face and/or eye tracking of viewer images is utilized to generate a different viewport.
Broadcom Corporation

Wafer processing apparatus having scroll pump

A wafer processing apparatus is disclosed that includes a wafer support and a processing base. The wafer support is configured to support a wafer at a processing position with respect to a processing base.

Electroplating apparatus having scroll pump

An electroplating apparatus for plating a metal onto a surface of a wafer is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a wafer support configured to support a wafer and a processing base.

Two-mode access linear ui

A mobile telecommunication terminal has a screen and a controller which provides a graphical user interface on the screen. The user interface is capable of simultaneous provision of a plurality of selectable icons or buttons representing respective functions of the mobile telecommunication terminal.
Doro Ab

Display device for a mobile terminal and controlling the same

A mobile terminal having a circle type display and a method for controlling the same is disclosed herein. A scroll bar is provided at an edge of the circle type display in response to a user input.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Accessing multi-page data using a page index in a scrollbar

In one embodiment, a method of accessing multi-page data via a user interface can include: displaying a scrollbar on the user interface, where the scrollbar includes a page index and a scroll indicator; receiving a selection of a page of the data using the page index in the scrollbar on the user interface, where the data is arranged as a plurality of pages; indicating the selected page in the scrollbar with a predetermined indicator, such as a highlight indicator; receiving a selection of a portion of the selected page using the scroll indicator in the scrollbar on the user interface; and displaying the selected portion of the selected page in a main window on the user interface.. ., Inc.

Systems, methods and computer readable media for online shopping

Methods, systems and computer readable media for online shopping are described. The method can include receiving an indication of one or more selected stores and generating a typologies shopping list in response to one or more of received data, historical data and user input.

Crediting impressions to advertisements in scrollable advertisement units

An online system presents a scrollable advertisement unit including multiple advertisements to a user. The scrollable advertisement unit presents one or more advertisements in a display area, and allows a user to navigate through the advertisements in the scrollable advertisement unit to display different advertisements in the display area.
Facebook, Inc.

Scroll compressor

Disclosed herein is a scroll compressor in which refrigerant is compressed in a compression chamber while the volume of the compression chamber is gradually decreased due to relative rotation of a fixed scroll and an orbiting scroll. In accordance with the disclosure, the scroll compressor is provided in which a pressure in a back-pressure chamber is managed in connection with a discharge refrigerant pressure so that the orbiting scroll is supported by the pressure in the back-pressure chamber without a power loss or an inner leak in an overall pressure section of a scroll..
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.

Light source control device, projector, and light source control method

A light source control device and a light source control method each capable of preventing the scroll noise from occurring without being affected by the characteristics of a light modulation device, and a projector equipped with the light source control device are provided. The light source device includes a duty determination section adapted to determine a duty ratio, and a drive control section adapted to perform drive control of a plurality of solid-state light sources by generating a pwm signal having the duty ratio determined by the duty ratio determination section, and adapted to make a phase with which at least one of the solid-state light sources is driven different from a phase with which another of the solid-state light sources is driven..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Intelligent page turner and scroller

Provided is a method for changing an image on a display. The method, in one embodiment, includes providing a first image on a display.
Nvidia Corporation

Infinite scrolling a very large dataset

Scrolling of a large number of list items can be supported without degradation in performance. Instead of continually moving list items into an actively laid out representation of the list items, list items can be moved in and out of the actively laid out representation as scrolling progresses.
Jive Software, Inc.

Terminal device and screen switching method

A terminal device that includes a display controller that, when a normal slide operation is detected in a state in which a display section is displaying a scrollable screen, performs scroll display of the scrollable screen according to the normal slide operation; that, when a special slide operation has been detected, the special slide operation instructing a scroll amount to reach a non-displayed state screen for display by the display section, out of non-displayed state screens other than a displayed state screen of the scrollable screen that is being displayed by the display section, displays, amount identification information identifying the scroll amount instructed by the special slide operation; and that, when a screen switching condition is satisfied following on continuously from an instruction state of the special slide operation, displays, a non-displayed state screen identified by the scroll amount instructed by the special slide operation.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method of displaying page and electronic device implementing the same

An electronic device having a touch screen and displaying a page in response to a scroll by a user is provided. A method of displaying a page includes displaying a part of the page and interfaces indicating remaining parts of the page above and below the part on the screen, recognizing a scroll input for the part of the page through the touch panel, and displaying another part of the page in response to the scroll and changing one of the interfaces to be thicker and the other to be thinner based on a direction of the scroll input..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Selecting content based on performance of a content slot

In one aspect, a method includes receiving a request for content to be presented in a specified content slot of a specified content page; calculating an active view scroll distance of the specified content slot with respect to the specified content page, the active view scroll distance corresponding to a measurement of a distance that the specified content page would have to be scrolled to change visibility of content displayed in the specified content slot by a specified amount; performing an auction of content items utilizing in part the active view scroll distance; and providing one or more content items in response to the request and as a result of the auction.. .
Google Inc.

User interface with scrolling for multimodal communication framework

A graphical user interface (gui) for a device operable in a unified communication framework in which multiple users communicate using multiple modes. Conversations are kept consistent across users' devices.
Zeta Project Swiss Gmbh

Method and device for relocating input box to target position in mobile terminal browser, and storage medium

This disclosure discloses a method and a device for relocating an input box to a target position in a mobile terminal browser and a storage medium, and the method comprises: when a user clicks an input box in a browsed web page and an input method interface pops up, calculating a position of the input box relative to the input method interface and determining whether the input box is partially or completely covered by the input method interface; designating a target position of the input box according to a position of the input method interface, when the input box is partially or completely covered by the input method interface; and rendering the input box at the target position by scrolling the browsed web page and/or canvas. By the invention, when a user clicks an input box and an input method interface pops up, the input box can be relocated and displayed at a reasonable position and be completely visible to the user..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor includes a compression mechanism having fixed and orbiting scrolls engaged with each other to form a compression chamber. Each of the fixed and orbiting scrolls includes an end plate and a spiral wall-shaped wrap extending from the end plate.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Capacity-modulated scroll compressor

A compressor may include a shell defining an internal volume containing compressed working fluid and first and second scrolls disposed within the internal volume. The first scroll may include a first spiral wrap.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Multifunctional pencil input peripheral computer controller

The multifunctional pencil input peripheral computer controller can be applied to all commercially produced computers and laptops. To the narrow longitudinal operating processor with controllers the source of electricity is connected and the functionally bidirectionally separately connected output module, the accelerometric sensor, the optical sensor, the magnetometric sensor and the gyroscopic sensor, while to the output module is remotely functionally bidirectionally connected the usb module that consists of the functionally bidirectionally linked input module and the operating processor.
Dolphin, S.r.o.

Lifting type support stand

A lifting type support stand includes a foot stand, on which a drag mechanism and hanging tool moving mechanism are mounted, where two ropes configured on a sheave is used to couple the drag mechanism to hanging tool moving mechanism. The hanging tool moving mechanism can be driven to move vertically along the foot stand when the sheave is rotated.

Visual table of contents for touch sensitive devices

Techniques are disclosed for engaging and displaying a visual table of contents in electronic touch sensitive devices. The user can engage the visual table of contents by, for example, performing an activation gesture, such as an inward two-contact pinch gesture. Llc

Electronic display terminal, non-transitory computer readable storage medium stored with program for electronic display terminal, and display method

An electronic display terminal including a display unit which displays a file including a plurality of pages on a screen for each region of the file, and a scroll bar which includes a bar displayed on a screen and an indicator which indicates a page position of a page including the region displayed on the display unit by a relative position with respect to the length of the bar, wherein the scroll bar switches a region displayed on the display unit based on a position element of a first direction that is a longitudinal direction of the bar and a position element of a second direction which is different from the first direction at a position on a screen touched by a user, and moves the indicator to a position which indicates a page position of a page including the region displayed after the region is switched.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Electronic game device, electronic game processing method, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing electronic game program

Image data including a plurality of consecutively arranged images each indicating an option that is selectable as an instruction specifying a next action in an electronic game is stored. An image area indicating part of the image data is displayed in a command selection area on the touch panel.
Dena Co., Ltd.

Slot machine that increases the number of displayed symbols and control method thereof

A slot machine according to the present invention comprises: a symbol display capable of scroll-displaying a symbol array that includes a plurality of symbols; and a controller programmed to execute the processing of: (a) executing a normal game in which the symbol array is scroll-displayed in a single direction and then stop-displayed to the symbol display, and in which game media are paid out in an amount corresponding to the stop-displayed symbol or a combination of the stop-displayed symbols; and (b) displaying an extra symbol being added to the symbol array, while scrolling the symbol array in a direction opposite to the single direction, when a predetermined condition has been satisfied in the normal game executed in the processing (a).. .
Aruze Gaming America, Inc.

Content attribute control interface including incremental, direct entry, and scrollable controls

Embodiments provide content attribute adjustment controls that enable the use of a variety of input types when adjusting content attributes such as font sizes, but the embodiments are not so limited. In an embodiment, a computer-based method uses a font size control interface that is configured to accept a variety of input types to adjust font sizes.
Microsoft Corporation

Method and electronic scrolling frame content and recording medium using the same

A method and an electronic apparatus for scrolling frame content and a recording medium using the same, adapted to an electronic apparatus having a touch screen, are provided. In the method, a page including at least one content scrollable frame is displayed on the touch screen.
Htc Corporation

Fixed header control for grouped grid panel

In one embodiment, a graphical user interface 200 may keep an active header 304 present in the view frame 220 while scrolling through an active display item set 302, with smooth transitions between headers 214. The graphical user interface 200 for an operating system of the user device may display an active display item set 302 in a grid view.
Microsoft Corporation

Inset dynamic content preview pane

A preview of dynamic effects in a document is provided. As a user scrolls through pages of a document, for example, slides of a slide presentation, a static representation of each page may be displayed in a main viewing area, and a dynamic view of any dynamic effects may be displayed in an inset preview pane.
Microsoft Corporation

Non-fourier spectral analysis for editing and visual display of music

System and method for identifying tones present in a short segment of digitized music stream, and for reporting simultaneously and quantitatively their respective magnitude and phase in near real time. Also captured are pitch deviations from the nominal tones of a predetermined music scale.

Method for manufacturing anti-rotation ring of scroll type compressor and anti-rotation mechanism of the scroll type compressor

In a method for manufacturing an anti-rotation ring of a scroll type compressor, wherein the anti-rotation ring is provided in an anti-rotation mechanism for preventing a movable scroll from rotation on its own axis and made of a metal, the steps of the method include drawing a steel plate into a first intermediate body having a bottomed cylindrical shape, punching the bottom of the first intermediate body thereby to make a second intermediate body and ring forming the second intermediate body.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki

Driving liquid crystal device, liquid crystal device, and electronic device

A driving method for a liquid crystal device, which has a first electrode, a second electrode, and a third electrode for trapping ions, includes applying ac signals having the same frequency but whose phases in an amount of time corresponding to a single cycle are shifted relative to each other to the first electrode, the second electrode, and the third electrode, respectively, so that the distribution of an electrical field produced between the first electrode, the second electrode, and the third electrode is scrolled from the first electrode to the third electrode over time.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Exhaust gas recirculation and control with twin scroll turbines

Systems and methods for internal combustion engine operation with exhaust gas recirculation and turbocharging are disclosed. The systems include an exhaust gas recirculation loop for recirculating exhaust gas flow from a first portion of the cylinders of the engine into an intake system prior to combustion.
Cummins Inc.

Device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying application status information

An electronic device with a display concurrently displays a device status region, and an application user interface that includes a content region and an application input field. While concurrently displaying the device status region and the application user interface, the device receives first input in the application input field.

User-controlled disassociation and reassociation of audio and visual content in a multimedia presentation

Presentation systems and methods are provided for the presentation of visual and audible content on an electronic device with a display screen. An array of images is displayed, moving sequentially through the array absent user interaction.

Using scrollbars as live notification areas

A vertical or horizontal scrollbar or scrollbar-like navigation component may be used as both a navigation tool and as a live notification area in which a variety of valuable, interesting or other information may be presented. Marks or other icons and/or indicators may be provided in the scrollbars for conveying information and notifications to a user.

Automated scrolling of browser content and automated activation of browser links

An automatic scrolling mechanism converts an information repository into media that can actively present and “push” information to the users/viewers while retaining existing “pull” and interactivity functions. Automatic scrolling can be controlled by placing a cursor on control icons, such as boxes, lines, and arrow clusters.

View-based placement of advertisements in scrollable advertisement units

An online system selects advertisements for inclusion in a scrollable advertisement unit that includes a display area and multiple advertisements, each associated with a position in the scrollable advertisement unit. Positions in the scrollable advertisement unit are ranked based on a measure of predicted performance of an advertisement in each position.

View-based pricing of advertisements in scrollable advertisement units

An online system determines the pricing of an advertisement included in a scrollable advertisement unit including multiple advertisements and a display area presenting one or more advertisements. When an advertisement is included in a scrollable advertisement unit, a price for presentation of the advertisement is determined based on bid amounts of advertisements evaluated for inclusion in the scrollable advertisement unit and a scaling factor.

Equipment management device, equipment management method, program and equipment management system

An equipment management device managing facility equipment installed in a facility stores data in a data storage screen, the data including images (image data, scrolling image data) for displaying management screens on the basis of management screen for the facility equipments and a screen action table associating the content of an operation conducted on a management screen with the content of an action of a display terminal due to the operation. Then, the equipment management device wireless-transmits the screen data for the management screens and the screen action table stored in the data storage to the display device at given times..

Scroll compressor

A scroll compressor is provided which is configured such that an arcuate section may be formed from a suction end of a wrap to a first point to increase a suction volume, and a logarithmic spiral section in which a wrap thickness increases may be formed from a second point to a discharge end of the wrap. This may increase a volume ratio of the compressor so as to increase a capacity of the compressor and prevent damage to the wrap due to a high compression ratio operation, thereby enhancing reliability of the compressor..

Turbine housing and turbocharger

A turbine housing includes a scroll passage provided with a housing tongue. A groove portion (a notch) is formed in a wall surface on the scroll passage side of the housing tongue.

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