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 Display device, image forming apparatus, and  controlling display device patent thumbnailDisplay device, image forming apparatus, and controlling display device
A display device includes a processing unit including a control circuit, a display panel that displays contents of a page and a horizontal scroll bar including a button image and a groove image indicating a slide range of the button image, and a touch panel that receives an operation to a displayed image. The processing unit moves a display area of the display panel in a horizontal direction based on a movement direction and a movement amount of the button image.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Motion-based view scrolling with augmented tilt control patent thumbnailMotion-based view scrolling with augmented tilt control
Systems and methods for motion-based scrolling of contents view on a display with a screen view that is smaller than the contents view are described. During an augmented tilt control mode, scrolling follows changes in a primary tilt direction aligned with the scrolling direction, while a secondary tilt along a direction perpendicular to the scrolling direction is used to modify at least one scrolling control parameter.
Innoventions, Inc.

 Zoom effect in gaze tracking interface patent thumbnailZoom effect in gaze tracking interface
A zoom operation in an eye tracking based graphical user interface, where the zoom operation, as initiated by a scroll wheel etc. Takes place with respect to the focus of the user's attention as determined on the basis of eye tracking data.
Ecole Nationale De L'aviation Civile

 Radially expandable ratchet locking borehole barrier assembly patent thumbnailRadially expandable ratchet locking borehole barrier assembly
A borehole barrier comprises a scroll where the overlapping parts have a ratchet for radial expansion against a surrounding tubular with the ratchet controlling springing back. The outer surface can have carbide or other hard particles to penetrate the surrounding tubular for fixation.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Displaying items on handheld devices patent thumbnailDisplaying items on handheld devices
A method of displaying data items on handheld devices. The device displays data items in a scrollable viewport of vertically arranged fields.
Blackberry Limited

 Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations patent thumbnailApplication programming interfaces for scrolling operations
At least certain embodiments of the present disclosure include an environment with user interface software interacting with a software application. A method for operating through an application programming interface (api) in this environment includes transferring a set bounce call.
Apple Inc.

 Mobile terminal and control  controlling the same patent thumbnailMobile terminal and control controlling the same
The present invention relates to a mobile terminal capable of implementing a user interface for effectively providing information, and a method for controlling the same. The mobile terminal includes a display unit capable of outputting partial information of a plurality of information, and a controller capable of scrolling the partial information, in response to a user's control command.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Mobile website authoring tool utilizing unique tile layout convention for ease of navigation patent thumbnailMobile website authoring tool utilizing unique tile layout convention for ease of navigation
The present disclosure relates to an electronic system including a web page authoring environment configured to generate web pages comprised of scrollable tiles. In one scenario, the web pages are accessible by mobile devices by registered customers who have obtained access to a qr code which links the mobile device to the web page.
Sskm Corporation

 Programming and virtual reality representation of stimulation parameter groups patent thumbnailProgramming and virtual reality representation of stimulation parameter groups
The present disclosure involves a medical system that includes one or more implantable medical devices configured to deliver a medical therapy to a patient. The medical system also includes a portable electronic device on which a touch-sensitive user interface is implemented.
Nuvectra Corporation

 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program patent thumbnailInformation processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program
An apparatus according to this invention is an information processing apparatus for implementing more user-friendly screen control. The information processing apparatus has as its feature to acquire a stroke of a user operation on a touch panel, and lock a scroll operation by the stroke, if the operation by the stroke is estimated to draw a contour of a closed region.
Nec Corporation

Method and movable assembly position sensing and virtual keyboard display

A method and computer program product are provided for operating a device having a housing section carrying a touch-sensitive display and a physical keyboard section movable in a sliding direction relative to the housing. A position detector determines a position of the physical keyboard section in relation to the housing section.
Blackberry Limited

Scroll compressor lower bearing

A compressor includes a shell, a motor assembly, a driveshaft, and a bearing assembly. The bearing assembly is disposed within the shell and supports the driveshaft for rotation.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Text data associated with separate multimedia content transmission

Text data associated with multimedia content is transmitted to a mobile device while the multimedia content is shown on a separate network and remote apparatus. The mobile device requests the text data associated with the multimedia content and can optionally send hints to help determine which multimedia content text should be transmitted.
Thomson Licensing

Portable device, method, and graphical user interface for scrolling to display the top of an electronic document

Techniques for use in conjunction with a computing device with a touch screen display comprise displaying a text entry area while concurrently displaying a uniform resource locator (url) entry area for inputting urls of web pages. A gesture is detected at a location on the touch screen display.
Apple Inc.

Scroll bar control

A user interface control for scrolling a display of computer program data during retrieval of computer program data includes a scrollbar that includes a data retrieval progress indicator that indicates a ratio of available scrollable received computer program data to a total amount of the computer program data being retrieved. The data retrieval progress indicator includes a track with a length that indicates the total amount of the computer program data being retrieved, and an extendable scrollbar overlying the track with a variable length that extends within the track as the computer program data is received and indicates the ratio.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method of and system for interacting with a content element of a content stream

A computer-implemented method of and a system for interacting with a content element of a content stream. The method comprises displaying, on a screen of an electronic device comprising touch hardware, a first displayable page of the content element; receiving a gesture input via the touch hardware, the gesture input being along a first direction perpendicular to a scrolling direction of the content stream; and causing, by a processing unit, the display, on the screen of the electronic device, of a visual transition from the first displayable page of the content element to a second displayable page of the content element, the second displayable page defining a back side of the content element, the visual transition comprising a rotation from the first displayable page to the second displayable page, the rotation being about an axis extending in a second direction aligned with the scrolling direction of the content stream..
Yandex Europe Ag

Self-cooling device for beverages

The miniaturised scroll compressor pumps the refrigerant through itself and then through a heat sink (the second heat exchange) and then through an expansion valve through the network of capillaries running inside the walls of the container, whereby a first heat exchange takes place. The refrigerant then returns to the reservoir..

Scroll compressor and manufacturing the same

A scroll compressor includes a fixed scroll including a spiral unit, an orbiting scroll including a spiral unit and combined with the spiral unit of the fixed scroll to form a compression chamber for compressing refrigerant, a main shaft for transmitting drive power to the orbiting scroll, an electric motor unit configured to rotate the main shaft, and a first balancer for compensating unbalance of the orbiting scroll with respect to a rotation center of the main shaft. The first balancer has an outline in a cylinder shape, and includes a high-density part made of a high-density material, and a low-density part made of a low-density material having a density lower than a density of the high-density material..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Inertia audio scrolling

Embodiments discussed herein include: accessing by a user terminal a recording of a communication session in the form of a media file wherein the media file comprises at least an audio component; accessing by the user terminal, metadata associated with the media file, wherein the metadata comprises an indication of a respective one or more visual representations of each of a plurality of events determined to have occurred during the communication session, wherein at least some of the visual representations comprise text converted from at least one communication stream of the recorded communication session, and wherein the metadata further comprises timing information linking the respective visual representations to the events; playing the media file using a media playing application running on the user terminal; and controlling play back of the media file so that a play back rate of the audio component is synchronised with a rate of a user scrolling through the visual representations.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Expandable drawing surface

An expandable drawing surface is described. In various embodiments, a drawing surface manager is configured to cause a size of a drawing surface to expand dynamically to provide a user with a truly infinite drawing surface such that the user is not limited for space in any direction.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Scroll compressor

A posture control unit (contact portion 6f) that controls a posture of a balance weight-equipped slider 5 so that a slider portion 5a of the balance weight-equipped slider 5 maintains the posture parallel to an orbiting bearing 2d is provided at a position corresponding to a central portion in an axial direction of the orbiting bearing 2d between an eccentric direction-side side surface of an eccentric shaft portion 6a of a rotary shaft 6 and an inner wall surface of a slide hole 5aa facing the side surface.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Tabletop earring storage organizer display device

A tabletop earring storage organizer display device comprising a singular sheet of ridged bamboo woven wood material, a plurality of perforated tabs for retaining post earrings, and a fabric lining to cover the wire backs of hook earrings. The singular sheet of bamboo woven wood can be manipulated and shaped into form a hollow cylindrical form that is able to stand unassisted on a flat surface to retain and display post and hanging hook earrings.

Functional scrollbar and system

An improvement to a graphical user interface disposed within a display includes a functional scrollbar, a magnifier disposed on the functional scrollbar to enhance the view of the functional scrollbar, and a filter for selecting attributes of data within a data file. The functional scrollbar includes two parts, one that has a plurality of portions indicative of content of the data file shown on the display and one that has a plurality of portions indicative of content of the data file not shown on the display.
Medidata Solutions, Inc.

Aircraft enhanced waypoint list display

An aircraft system includes a flight management system configured to generate a flight plan with a plurality of waypoints. The aircraft system includes a processing unit configured to receive the flight plan and to generate display commands representing the flight plan as a list of the waypoints.
Honeywell International Inc.

Mobile terminal and control the mobile terminal

The present disclosure relates to a mobile terminal capable of moving screen information displayed on a touch screen based on a touch input and a control method thereof. A mobile terminal according to the present disclosure may include a touch screen configured to display screen information, and a controller configured to perform a different function for screen information displayed on the touch screen according to whether or not a touch applied in one direction on the touch screen satisfies a predetermined condition, and the controller may perform at least one add function associated with screen information displayed on the touch screen when the touch satisfies the predetermined condition, and scroll screen information displayed on the touch screen when the touch does not satisfies the predetermined condition..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method of presenting content to the user

A method of presenting content to the user including the following steps: definition of a set of content elements, as well as of a set of content element groups, display on the screen of the electronic device of at least one content element of, at least one content element group, scrolling the set of content elements located in a certain content element group in one direction, where the content elements from the next or previous content element group are displayed immediately after receiving scrolling command in the other direction orthogonal to scrolling direction of the set of content elements from the current group.. .

Scrolling digital content with auto-aligning

A solution is provided for presenting content items of a digital magazine to a user of a digital magazine server, where a slide operation is performed with auto-aligning feature that allows an edge of a content item to be aligned with a predetermined snap location. In one aspect, the auto-aligning feature is performed by determining friction that allows the slide operation to conclude with an edge of a content item aligned with the predetermined snap location, based on a prediction of a slide operation with default friction applied, and applying the determined friction to execute the slide operation.
Flipboard, Inc.


A blower, including a scroll casing, a fan impeller, a motor, and a pressure measuring connector. The scroll casing includes a chamber, an air inlet, and an air outlet.
Zhongshan Broad-ocean Motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

A scroll compressor

The scroll compressor (1) includes an orbiting scroll arrangement (7), and a drive shaft (18) configured to drive the orbiting scroll arrangement (7) in an orbital movement, the drive shaft (18) including a lubrication channel (32) and a first lubrication hole (35) fluidly connected to the lubrication channel (32) and emerging in an outer wall of the drive shaft (18). The scroll compressor (1) further includes a first and a second bearings (38, 39) axially offset along a rotation axis of the drive shaft (18) and each configured to engage the drive shaft (18).
Danfoss Commercial Compressors

Scroll fluid machine

A scroll fluid machine includes fixed and orbiting scrolls which form a compression chamber; a land which divides the compression chamber into first-stage and second-stage compression chambers; a wrap groove formed in a spiral shape along a tip of a fixed wrap of the fixed scroll; an intermediate groove formed in the land; a seal member; and an intermediate seal member. The land includes a first-stage outlet communicating with the first-stage compression chamber and a second-stage inlet communicating with the second-stage compression chamber.
Anest Iwata Corporation

User interface for receiving user input

The present disclosure relates to user interfaces for receiving user input. In some examples, a device determines which user input technique a user has accessed most recently, and displays the corresponding user interface.
Apple Inc.

Method of adjusting window and electronic apparatus thereof

A method of adjusting windows and an electronic apparatus are provided. The method includes the following steps.
Acer Incorporated

Browsing multiple images using perspective distortion and scrolling

An image browser alternates between displaying an image grid with less perspective distortion and displaying it with more perspective distortion. The distortion amount is determined by the grid's angle of rotation.
Yahoo! Inc.

Scrolling and zooming of a portable device display with device motion

A portable computing device (10) with a display screen (26) that may be scrolled and/or zoomed in response to changes in the spatial orientation of the computing device. Changes in the spatial orientation of the computing device are sensed by accelerometers (20) contained in the device.

Scroll topics:
  • User Interface
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Computing Device
  • Radial Direction
  • Electronic Device
  • Data Entry
  • Computer Program
  • Multimedia
  • Rotor Blade
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Modulation
  • Scroll Compressor
  • Interactive
  • Scalability
  • Touchscreen

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