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Information processing device, information processing method and computer program

Image display control device, image display control method, and program

Scroll compressor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scroll-related patents
 User interface apparatus and method for controlling the same patent thumbnailUser interface apparatus and method for controlling the same
A user interface apparatus includes a first display unit that is configured to display a plurality of first items, a wheel input unit that is positioned proximate a first side of the first display unit, a button input unit that is positioned within a circumference of the wheel input unit, and a second display unit that is positioned within the circumference of the wheel input unit. The wheel input unit is rotatable and is configured to, based upon being rotated, output a scroll command to scroll the plurality of first items.
 Information processing device, information processing method and computer program patent thumbnailInformation processing device, information processing method and computer program
An information processing device may include a control unit to control display, on a first surface of a display unit, of a plurality of objects to be operated by a user, where the first surface is opposite a second surface including a detection area. The control unit, in response to a tap manipulation to a position of the second surface, may control scrolling of the objects..
 Image display control device, image display control method, and program patent thumbnailImage display control device, image display control method, and program
Provided is a technology that supports a user in easily selecting an image of interest from among a large quantity of continuous images while making the best use of characteristics of a scroll function. The technology prepares a first scroll area that receives an indication for sequentially scrolling images to be displayed on a display screen among the large quantity of continuous images by a predetermined first amount of a scroll; and a second scroll area that receives an indication for sequentially scrolling the images by the amount of a scroll smaller than the first amount of a scroll, in a case where the number of the continuous images is greater than the maximum number of designatable positions of the first scroll area..
 Scroll compressor patent thumbnailScroll compressor
A scroll compressor includes a compression mechanism, a crankshaft, upper and lower bearings, and a drive motor. The compression mechanism includes fixed and movable scrolls engaged with each other to form a compression chamber.
 Digital device and method for controlling the same patent thumbnailDigital device and method for controlling the same
A digital device and a method for controlling the same are disclosed, in which a scroll bar different from that provided when a user input for a front side is detected is provided to control the front side if a digital device, which enables double-sided touch recognition, detects a user input for a rear side.. .
 Display control device, display method, control program, and recording medium patent thumbnailDisplay control device, display method, control program, and recording medium
An electronic book reader (1) includes an enlargement processing section (20) which determines, with reference to article management information (30), a scroll direction of a component to be displayed in an enlarged manner, and causes the component to be displayed in an enlarged manner in an enlarged-display area in which scrolling in the scroll direction thus determined is possible.. .
 Friction field for fluid margin panning in a webpage patent thumbnailFriction field for fluid margin panning in a webpage
A cursor in a viewable portion of a webpage, or pan region, visually encounters a friction field when the cursor enters a margin of the viewable portion. As a user moves the cursor into the margin of the viewable portion, the movement of the displayed position of the cursor is limited as if the cursor is being restricted by a friction field in the margin.
 Construction of boolean search strings for semantic search patent thumbnailConstruction of boolean search strings for semantic search
A system for information retrieval accessing any number of search engines over a distributed network or local network is presented. The system includes one or more pre-built ontologies or lexicons, representing areas of knowledge.
 Branch communication valve for a twin scroll turbocharger patent thumbnailBranch communication valve for a twin scroll turbocharger
Methods and systems are provided for a branch communication valve in a twin turbocharger system. A branch communication valve may be positioned adjacent to a dividing wall separating a first scroll and a second scroll of the twin turbocharger.
 Capacity modulated scroll compressor patent thumbnailCapacity modulated scroll compressor
A capacity modulation assembly is provided and may include a control valve and a first line extending between the control valve and a suction pressure region disposed within a compressor shell, whereby the suction pressure region is in communication with a suction inlet gas fitting extending through a shell of a compressor. The capacity modulation assembly may additionally include a second line extending between the control valve and an intermediate pressure region disposed within the compressor shell, whereby the intermediate pressure region is in communication with compression pockets defined between an orbiting scroll and a non-orbiting scroll..
Expansion device for use in a working medium circuit and method for operating an expansion device
In an expansion device for use in a working medium circuit, for performing a process sequence corresponding to that of a clausius rankine cycle or an organic rankine cycle, a working unit comprising two interleaved scroll elements is provided of which one is stationary whereas the other is supported for orbiting relative to the stationary scroll element so as to form separate expansion regions between the scrolls moving, upon orbiting of the movable scroll, from the center of the interleaved scroll elements circularly outwardly with increasing volumes in which a working medium admitted at the center can expand for driving the movable scroll element.. .
Axial turbine with meridionally divided turbine housing
A statorless axial turbine for a turbocharger has a turbine housing assembly defining a meridionally divided scroll extending circumferentially and surrounding the turbine wheel, the meridionally divided scroll defining a first scroll extending substantially fully about the turbine wheel and a separate second scroll extending substantially fully about the turbine wheel. The turbine housing assembly defines a separate inlet for each of the first and second scrolls through which a separate exhaust gas stream is received, and separate first and second outlets for each of the first and second scrolls, respectively, through which the respective exhaust gas streams are fed into an inlet side of the turbine wheel generally in an axial direction of the turbine wheel..
Method for detecting and removing scrolling texts during video communication
A method for detecting and removing scrolling texts comprising a step of using an adaptive transient difference processing of video communication to conduct frame calculation, wherein the adaptive transient difference processing takes first n frames fjkt−n and a current frame fjkt, and subtracts them to obtain a frame difference; and if the frame difference is greater than a threshold value, it is determined that the current frame fjkt has scrolling texts; and interpolates the first n frames before the current position of the scrolling texts to replace the current frame fjkt to achieve the goal of hiding the scrolling texts during video communication to enhance the viewing effect.. .
Electronic device, method of operating the same, and computer-readable medium that stores a program
An electronic device includes a touch-screen unit having at least one pair of facing curved sides and a body unit to which the touch-screen unit is attached. A scroll speed is changed based on the touch-scroll operation performed at respective points of the touch-screen unit relative to the at least one pair of facing curved sides..
Display apparatus and method of displaying image using the same
A display apparatus includes a display configured to display an end portion of an image according to a tapping signal and a tap sensor configured to sense tapping at a peripheral portion around the display part and to output the tapping signal to the display part. Thus, a user may easily change the view to display the uppermost portion, the lowest portion, the leftmost portion and the rightmost portion of the image without scrolling when viewing another portion of the image..
Page search method and electronic device supporting the same
The present disclosure relates to a page search function, and provides a page search method and electronic device supporting the same. The page search method for an electronic device includes: identifying information elements contained in a page to be output on a display unit of the electronic device; assigning indexes to the information elements for distinction in consideration of types of the information elements; arranging the indexes on a scroll bar region corresponding to the page; and outputting a composite scroll bar containing the scroll bar region on which the indexes are arranged..
System and method for controlling a display of data
A system and method for displaying a scroll-bar or toggle-button-set to control a display of data of an individual column and/or row. A table of intersecting columns and rows is displayed, each intersection forming a cell, and a scroll-bar or toggle-button-set is displayed for an individual column and/or row if a cell of the column and/or row contains data, the display settings of the data requiring for a display of the data an area that is larger than an area allotted to the cell..
Scrolling method and electronic device thereof
A method and an electronic device for scrolling a display on a touchscreen are disclosed. The scrolling method for the electronic device includes setting a scroll direction based on a first touch input movement direction, and scrolling a display image in the scroll direction, based on a second touch input movement distance, irrespective of a second touch input movement direction..
Parallax scrolling user interface
A gui having a parallax scrolling visual effect is provided. The gui comprises multiple collections of elements.
System and method for pinnable chat message
A user interface for chat sessions. A user may designate, or pin, one or more messages sent or received during a chat session to be displayed for the duration of the chat session, while other messages may scroll off of the top of the chat window transcription area.
Search engine optimization utilizing scrolling fixation
Provided are techniques for utilizing scrolling fixation. An amount of time a user spends on a portion of a page based on scroll bar usage by the user is monitored.
Scrolling apparatus, scrolling method, and computer-readable medium
A scrolling apparatus includes: a display unit which displays a content on a screen; a contact detection unit which detects contact of a finger to the screen; a proximity detection unit which detects proximity of a finger to the screen; a scrolling control unit which scrolls the content displayed on the screen in response to a contact manipulation of the finger on the screen; and a display control unit which displays, on the screen, the scrolled content. The scrolling control unit decelerates a scroll speed to a given speed if proximity of the finger to the screen is detected at or after a start of the scrolling..
System and method for retrieving data based on scrolling velocity
Disclosed are methods, apparatus, systems, and computer readable storage media for retrieving data while scrolling through a list of items in a user interface. A display device can display initial data of at least a first presentation of a first one or more items in a list of items.
User interface for bookmarks in a social networking system
A bookmark displays one or more bookmark tiles each linked to an object in a social networking system, allowing faster and easier access to the linked objects. The bookmark tiles are arranged in a tile region displayed proximate to a page of content from the social networking system.
Radially compliant scroll compressor
A compressor may include a compression mechanism, a driveshaft, and a lever. The compression mechanism may include orbiting and non-orbiting scroll members meshingly engaging each other.
Vacuum motor scroll assembly and vacuums including such an assembly
A scroll assembly for use with a fluid machine, such as a wet/dry vacuum appliance, is described. Such scroll assembly may include a base portion, a cover portion configured to couple to the base portion, and a cavity between the base portion and the cover portion, wherein the cover portion and the base portion collectively form a labyrinth seal when coupled together, and wherein the labyrinth seal at least partially circumscribes the cavity.
Bed scroll
A bed scroll is a bedding mat that is able to coil inwards from its left side and its right side. The bed scroll has a first coiling portion and a second coiling portion, which are integrated into the bed scroll and are positioned opposite each other across the bed scroll.
Method and device for displaying scrolling information in electronic device
A method of displaying scrolling information in an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying content, when a size of the content is greater than a screen size, displaying a scroll bar in a specific area of a screen, detecting a gesture that adjusts a size of the scroll bar, and when the gesture is detected, scrolling the content in a direction corresponding to a direction of the gesture and in correspondence to a size of the adjusted scroll bar..
Visual shopping
Systems and methods are provided for customizing consumer products. A display device may present a rendering of a customizable product to a user.
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
The present invention includes a display unit configured to display a screen including a play region for at least one content, a wireless communication unit configured to establish wireless communication with at least one external device, the wireless communication unit configured to transmit video data displayed on the play region to the at least one external device in order to display the transmitted video data, a controller configured to control the wireless communication unit to transmit the video data to the at least one external device in real time if a portion of the play region disappears from the screen in response to a scroll of the screen.. .
Multi-event time and data tracking device
The battery operated baby care tracking device comprising an information screen on the face of the device, displaying the date and time in one mode and recent baby care information in corresponding modes; a first group of buttons on the same face of the device, labeled as integers 1-12, including clear and decimal point buttons; a second group of buttons labeled as baby feeding events, including nursing, pumping and bottle and baby food feeding, including buttons to indicate the left and right breast; a third group of buttons labeled as baby care information, including diapers, sleeping, crying , medicine, vomiting, temperature and a generic baby care event which are used for data entry and review; a fourth group of buttons having two scan buttons allowing the reviewer to scroll through data; an alarm switch, on a first or second side of the device, by which the caregiver can set an audible and/or vibration and/or backlight alarm for a particular time or time increments; a lock switch, on the first or second side of the device, which locks the device or allows input and review of information in different positions; a light switch on the side of the device, which can be switched off, on or to the nighttime position; a microprocessor for providing temporary memory storage for the device and mode selection for each of the buttons and a usb port on a side of the device as well as wifi capability for data transfer from temporary memory storage in the device to a permanent memory storage.. .
Security system and method with scrolling feeds watchlist
A user-centric management application system and method for a security system that conceptualizes the security devices and the tasks to perform on the security devices as separate objects with common properties and behavior. Operators of the system create abstract containers, called dockviews, which the operator adds objects to in order to perform specific tasks.
Computer readable medium for enhanced display of digital text
A software application that acquires digital text displayed on an electronic device with a digital display and enhances the digital text, thereby reducing eye strain and increasing readability and reading speed. The software may operate concurrently with digital text being displayed as an overlaid window of enhanced text that is magnified and scrolls continuously.
Mobile terminal and controlling method thereof
A mobile terminal including a memory configured to store data; a touchscreen display; and a controller configured to: display a first portion of a panoramic file selected from the memory, said panoramic file having a display size greater than that of the touchscreen display, and scroll automatically the panoramic file in at least one direction so as to display another portion of the panoramic file.. .
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
An image processing apparatus includes a display control unit configured to scroll a plurality of pieces of content data, a prediction unit configured to predict which content data among the plurality of pieces of content data moves from a hidden area to a display area according to a scroll display control condition controlled by the display control unit, and a decoding unit configured to decode the content data predicted by the prediction unit before the predicted content data moves to the display area.. .
Rapid movement through an electronic program guide
Methods and apparatus to scroll through an electronic program guide at a first and a second scroll speed are provided. While viewing an electronic program guide (epg) output by a receiving device, a user transmits a first command to the receiving device to start scrolling the time slots in the epg such that the epg displays program information for future time slots.
Terminal and method of controlling the same
A terminal and method of controlling the same are presented. The terminal includes a touchscreen for displaying a list of items and a controller for controlling a scroll of a first list of items in a first direction and a scroll of a second list of items in a second direction, wherein the second list of items is related to an item selected from the first list of items, wherein the second list of items is scrolled in the second direction while the first list of items is displayed..
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
An apparatus includes a control unit configured to control a display to display an image having a first edge and a second edge, the second edge on an opposite side of the image from the first edge, scroll through the image from the first edge to the second edge in response to a first user input, and continue scrolling past the second edge in response to a second user input such that the first edge of the image is displayed after the second edge of the image.. .
System and method for controlling zooming and/or scrolling
The present invention is aimed at a system and a method for instructing a computing device to perform zooming actions, for example on a picture (enlarging and reducing the size of a virtual object on a display) and scrolling actions (e.g. Sliding text, images, or video across a display, vertically or horizontally) in an intuitive way, by using a controller which can detect the distance between an object (e.g.
Information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, and recording medium in which information processing program is recorded
Provided are a device and a method which facilitate continued focusing of a user on specific content information even when said specific content information has been moved off the display screen by scrolling or page transitioning. Focus content information, which is identified from content information displayed on the display screen of the terminal device, is set in advance as content information for user focus.
Predictive web page rendering using a scroll vector
Systems, methods, and apparatus for improving a user experience during viewport scrolling is herein disclosed. Rendering and drawing of a viewport is performed for a destination viewport based on a viewport scroll vector calculated from a user scroll input at a display device.
Systems and methods for predictive caching of digital content
A system for predictively caching digital content in which the system is configured to: (1) receive, from a user of a client device, a request to access at least one particular digital file stored on a remote server; (2) select at least one other digital file to cache locally on the client device based on at least one file-accessing tendency of the user; (3) download the at least one other digital file from the remote server to the client device; and (4) save the downloaded digital file to memory associated with the client device for later access by the user. A file-accessing tendency of the user may include the manner in which the user typically scrolls or otherwise cycles through images or other files.
Touch control device and touch control processing method
A touch control device comprises a touchpad, a display unit and a processing unit. The touchpad detects a touch gesture and generates information corresponding to the touch gesture.
Wire handheld tool
A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire engaging end. The wire engaging end may be a helically shaped portion used to engage one or more wires thereto.
Electronic device and method for controlling location of tooltip displayed on display screen
In a method for controlling a location of a tooltip of a user interface, the user interface is displayed on a display screen of an electronic device, and the tooltip is displayed in a display location of the display screen when a target item is selected from the user interface. The method calculates a shortest distance between the tooltip and the target item displayed on the display screen when the target item is fully presented on the display screen, and scrolls a scrollbar of the user interface within the shortest distance for displaying the tooltip presented on the display screen.
Method and apparatus for displaying screen in electronic device
A method for displaying a screen of an electronic device is provided. The method includes detecting a first gesture, moving a content according to the first gesture so that part of the content corresponding to a first particular region of the screen is placed at a center of the screen, displaying an aspect ratio scroll in a second particular region of the screen, detecting a second gesture for controlling the aspect ratio scroll, and magnifying or demagnifying the content based on the center of the screen, according to the second gesture..
Scroll speed adjustment
An apparatus comprises: a display unit for displaying a target image; an operation input unit to which a scroll operation for scrolling the target image displayed on the display unit is input; a display control unit for scrolling the target image according to the scroll operation; and a speed setting unit for changing, according to an area acceleration associated with a set area provided in the target image, a scroll speed at which the target image is scrolled.. .
Application programming interfaces for scrolling operations
A method performed at an electronic device that has one or more processors, memory, and a touch-sensitive display includes transferring a set bounce call to provide a bounce operation. Transferring the set bounce call causes a bounce of a scrolled content region in an opposite direction of a scroll.
Fragmented scrolling of a page
A method is provided for displaying an electronic document having a first portion visible on a graphical user interface (gui) rendered on a touch panel of an electronic device, and a second hidden portion accessible through a scrolling input received on said touch panel. The method includes receiving a scrolling input on the touch panel from a user to access the second hidden portion, retrieving from the second hidden portion of the electronic document a subportion smaller than the touch panel in the scrolling direction, based on the received scrolling input, and scrolling the electronic document to display the subportion in response to the scrolling input..
User interface to enable users to scroll through a large list of items
Techniques pertaining to efficient scrolling are disclosed. One of the features of the efficient scrolling is the enablement of a search right at an appropriate item in a large list of items, thus avoiding going through the long list and wandering back and forth around a desired item.
Server and method for loading web pages
In a method for loading web pages, a time interval of how often data is retrieved from a database is set. When a user accesses a web page from a web server, one screen of data of the web page is retrieved from the database and displayed on a display device.

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