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This page is updated frequently with new Scripts-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scripts-related patents
 Animated audiovisual experiences driven by scripts patent thumbnailAnimated audiovisual experiences driven by scripts
In an embodiment, a computerized method comprises receiving a meta-language file comprising a conversion of a script file in a natural language format, the script file including a plurality of natural language statements; interpreting, by a first computing device, the meta-language file to execute at least a first portion of the meta-language file; dynamically generating and displaying, on the first computing device, one or more visually animated graphical elements in accordance with the execution of at least the first portion of the meta-language file.. .
Pocketgems, Inc.

 Method and system for profiling virtual application resource utilization patterns patent thumbnailMethod and system for profiling virtual application resource utilization patterns
A method and system for profiling execution of an application implemented by an application file comprising a plurality of data blocks. The application is executed in response to an execute command from a management process.
Code Systems Corporation

 Manufacturing methods for production of rna transcripts patent thumbnailManufacturing methods for production of rna transcripts
Described are methods for production of rna transcripts using a non-amplified, linearized dna template in an in vitro transcription reaction. Enzymatic 5′ capping and oligo dt purification can also be included in the methods..
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

 Long-lived polynucleotide molecules patent thumbnailLong-lived polynucleotide molecules
The invention relates to compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of long-lived polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

 Pausing activities in background browser tabs to save power patent thumbnailPausing activities in background browser tabs to save power
Provided is a method for pausing activities in an internet browser in which a plurality of webpages are open, at least one of the webpages being a background webpage relative to at least one other of the webpages. The method may comprise executing, while the plurality of webpages are open, software scripts on the background webpage.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

 Automatic generation and execution of server update processes patent thumbnailAutomatic generation and execution of server update processes
A method of updating a plurality of servers may include receiving a plurality of patch requests, receiving a selection of a computing environment from a plurality of computing environments, and selecting patch requests from the plurality of patch requests that are associated with the selected computing environment. The method may also include accessing a configuration for the selected computing environment, and generating patch command scripts for each of the selected patch requests.
Oracle International Corporation

 Methods and systems for assessing infertility and related pathologies patent thumbnailMethods and systems for assessing infertility and related pathologies
Methods for assessing infertility and related pathologies and informing treatment type and timing thereof are provided. According to certain embodiments, methods of the invention include determining levels of one or more transcripts present in a sample obtained from a subject suspected of having endometriosis, identifying transcript levels that correspond to a regulation pattern specific to a time-point in a uterine cycle, and characterizing endometriosis of the subject based upon the identified transcript levels.
Celmatix Inc.

 Analysis of mrna heterogeneity and stability patent thumbnailAnalysis of mrna heterogeneity and stability
Reversed phase-high performance (high pressure) liquid chromatography (rp-hplc) and size exclusion chromatography (sec) methods have been developed for monitoring structural and size heterogeneity as well as stability of large rna transcripts, including lengths of up to at least 10,000 nucleotides. The methods are designed for significantly larger mrnas that could be monitored in the past, including lengths of up to at least 10,000 nucleotides, and including chemically modified rna transcripts.
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.

 Rapid transcription by dispersing segments of source material to a plurality of transcribing stations patent thumbnailRapid transcription by dispersing segments of source material to a plurality of transcribing stations
A method and system for producing and working with transcripts according to the invention eliminates time inefficiencies. By dispersing a source recording to a transcription team in small segments, so that team members transcribe segments in parallel, a rapid transcription process delivers a fully edited transcript within minutes.

 Method and system for automatic generation and validation of html5 compliant scripts patent thumbnailMethod and system for automatic generation and validation of html5 compliant scripts
In accordance with an aspect of the present invention, a system and method for automated processing of electronic documents is provided. The system comprising, an analyzer module, wherein the analyzer module that receives the non-html5 input scripts, preliminarily examines the input scripts and extracts critical markup information contained therein; and a compliance module, logically connectible with the analyzer module, configured to transform the non-html5 input scripts into one or more equivalent html5 output scripts, and post-validate the equivalent html5 output scripts by (a) checking that the html5 tags present in the equivalent html5 output scripts are w3c compliant, and (b) sanctioning cross browser backward compatibility by injecting poly fills into the equivalent html5 output scripts; wherein the analyzer module and the compliance module work in conjunction with a dynamic rule book comprising one or more markup rules in accordance with which one or more actions are performed by the analyzer module and/or the compliance module..
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.


Replication protein

This invention relates to a screening method for the identification of agents which modulate the activity of a dna replication protein as a target for intervention in cancer therapy and includes agents which modulate said activity. The invention also relates to the use of the dna replication protein, and its rna transcripts in the prognosis and diagnosis of proliferative disease e.g., cancer..
Cizzle Biotechnology Limited


Remote malware remediation

An opportunity to assist with remediation of a file at a remote particular host device is identified. One or more remediation techniques are identified that can be applied to assist with remediation of the file at the particular host device.
Mcafee, Inc.


Content-based audio playback emphasis

Techniques are disclosed for facilitating the process of proofreading draft transcripts of spoken audio streams. In general, proofreading of a draft transcript is facilitated by playing back the corresponding spoken audio stream with an emphasis on those regions in the audio stream that are highly relevant or likely to have been transcribed incorrectly.
Mmodal Ip Llc


Script caching method and information processing device utilizing the same

In the event that function names contained when one of the scripts describing objects processed within each predetermined processing unit in the web application is defined as a script of interest and the script of interest is converted to internal code are not common with function names contained when the scripts describing the remaining objects are converted to internal code, the internal code of said script of interest is cached.. .
Dena Co., Ltd.


Automated processing of transcripts, transcript designations, and/or video clip load files

In an aspect, a computerized method for generating processed files of deposition testimony transcript designations may include accessing a file containing designations of contents of a textual transcript, quarantining errors in the designations, and generating a processed file containing processed designations of contents of the textual transcript having quarantined errors removed therefrom. In another aspect, a computerized method of generating designations for a deposition testimony transcript may include accessing designation information regarding designations made with respect to text of the deposition testimony transcript, accessing rules for generating designations based on the designation information, and generating the designations based on the rules.
Tfptc Llc


Parallel test execution framework for multiple web browser testing

Computer implemented methods are provided for executing one or more test scripts in parallel across a plurality of web browsers. Such methods include receiving, by a server, a plurality of testing selections, the plurality of testing selections indicating one or more test scripts from a test script repository and identifying a plurality of web browsers to execute the one or more test scripts on one or more client machines; transmitting, by the server, to each of the one or more client machines instructions to launch the plurality of web browsers; distributing, by the server, one or more test scripts to each respective web browser on each of the one or more client machines, the plurality of web browsers executing the one or more test scripts transmitted by the server from the test script repository; and receiving, by the server, from the one or more client machines one or more results of executing the one or more test scripts by each of the plurality of web browsers of the respective client machine..
Unisys Corporation


System and analyzing risks present in a software program code

The various embodiments herein provide a system and method for analyzing and assessing multiple risk factors to enhance the quality of source code during software development. The method comprises the steps of: identifying and analyzing multiple risk factors such as but not limited to identifying impact of removed or optimized cases on a source code; evaluating multiple risks and defining one or more test cases; and categorizing risk profiles for a series of test case.
Opshub, Inc.


Method of executing test scripts based on runtime test selection

A method for selection of test scripts for testing a computer application. The method comprises selecting for each of one or more object types corresponding to the computer application, one or more first test scripts that cover all objects in the application corresponding to the one or more object types, executing the one or more first test scripts to test functionality of the objects corresponding to the one or more object types, assigning a test script a failed status in response to a test script error.
Unisys Corporation


Method and system for building a streaming model

A method of constructing a plurality of downloadable files from an application file and a plurality of transcripts. The application file stores data blocks and implements an application.
Code Systems Corporation


Alkoxy-functional organopolysiloxane resin and polymer and related methods for forming same

An alkoxy-functional organopolysiloxane resin and polymer is disclosed that comprises the reaction product of a reaction of (i) an alkenyl-functional siloxane resin comprising r3sio1/2 units and sio4/2 units; (ii) an alkoxysilane-functional organosiloxane compound having at least one silicon-bonded hydrogen atom at a molecular terminal; (iii) an endcapper according to the formula to the formula r23si—(r22sio)s—sir22h or r23si—(r22sio)t—(hr2sio)—sir23, or combinations thereof; and (iv) a polyorganosiloxane having an average, per molecule, of at least 2 aliphatically unsaturated organic groups in the presence of a (v) hydrosilylation catalyst. In this alkoxy-functional organopolysiloxane resin and polymer, each r2 is independently a hydrocarbon radical and the subscripts s and t independently have values ranging from 0 to 10..
Dow Corning Corporation


System and methods to create and determine when to use a minimal user specific language model

The technology of the present application provides apparatuses and methods that may be used to generate the smallest language model for a continuous speech recognition engine that covers a given speaker's speech patterns. The apparatuses and methods start with a generic language model that is an approximation to the given speaker's speech patterns.
Nvoq Incorporated


Database management system based on a spreadsheet concept deployed in an object grid

A method for interacting with a database stored in an object grid is described. The database is given attributes of a spreadsheet.
International Business Machines Corporation


Platform-independent selenium to application lifecycle management ("alm") server connectivity

A method for providing a platform-independent wrapper for an application lifecycle management representational state of transfer server application programming interface (“alm rest api”), the method may include using a receiver to receive defects from a test automation tool and using a processor to marshal the defects into xml objects. The method may further include using a transmitter to transmit the xml objects to the alm rest api and using the receiver to receive xml test scripts from the alm rest api.
Bank Of America Corporation


Systems and methods for instrumenting applications for performance monitoring

Provided herein are systems and methods for instrumenting scripts of webpages. An agent may intercept a webpage served by an origin server to a client responsive to receiving a request for the webpage from the client.
Smartbear Software, Inc.


Automated code parser for reviewing automation scripts

Automation scripts may be examined and compared to a set of new or changed operating system messages to identify potential issues with the automation script that occur with updates to the operating system. When the issue is identified, the reference in the automation script may be updated to refer to the changed operating system message.
Unisys Corporation


In vivo production of proteins

The invention relates to compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


Triggering event processing

Systems, methods, and programs for processing extra data when a triggering event occurs. In one embodiment, an application, triggering event data, and extra data is stored on a wireless device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Remotely executing operations of an application using a schema that provides for executable scripts in a nodal hierarchy

A schema is provided that logically represents a nodal hierarchy relating to execution of an application. The hierarchy includes multiple nodes, including one or more category nodes and one or more content nodes.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Pen input device used with mobile device

A pen input device used with mobile device includes a digital pen, which includes an ink cartridge and is provided therein with an electromagnetic wave emitting circuit; a digital tablet, which includes therein a signal selector, a signal amplifier, an analog-to-digital converter, a microcontroller, and a transmission interface and has a surface on which a scan line grid composed of parallel conductive lines is formed with the scan line grid being inductively coupled to the electromagnetic wave emitting circuit of the digital pen through electromagnetic wave signals and the transmission interface being set in communicating connection with a transmission interface of an external mobile device; and at least one paper sheet, which is positioned on the surface of the digital tablet, and the digital pen which containing an ink cartridge may writes or draws on a paper sheet arranged on a digital tablet to have the writing scripts or drawing data generated by handwriting synchronously transmitted to a mobile device thereby providing an effect of synchronously display the writing scripts or drawing data that a user made on the paper sheet on a screen of the mobile device so as to achieve the purpose of having the writing scripts and drawings data stored in the mobile device or transmitted to a cloud host for storage.. .
Ace Cad Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Modified polynucleotides for the production of secreted proteins

The invention relates to compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


System and dynamically constructing theatrical experiences from digital content

A system and method can automatically and dynamically construct scripts for live theatrical experiences from online content by automatically forming and managing queries and filters to retrieve and select appropriate content from a variety of online sources, and assembling the content so identified in order to produce interesting theatrical experiences. The resulting scripts can be relayed dynamically to actors for presentation in live theatrical performances..
Northwestern University


Method for identifying rna segments bound by rna-binding proteins or ribonucleoprotein complexes

The present invention relates to a method for identifying a binding site on an rna transcript, wherein the binding site binds to one or more binding moieties. The method includes, among other things, introducing a photoreactive nucleoside into living cells wherein the living cells incorporate the photoreactive nucleoside into rna transcripts during transcription thereby producing modified rna transcripts; reverse transcribing the rna of isolated cross-linked segments thereby generating cdna transcripts with one mutation wherein the photoreactive nucleoside is transcribed to a mismatched deoxynucleoside; amplifying the cdna transcripts thereby generating amplicons; and analyzing the sequences of the amplicons aligned against the reference sequence so as to identify the binding site, wherein the sequences of each amplicon having a mutation resulting from the introduction of the photoreactive nucleoside is considered to be a valid amplicon comprising at least a portion of a binding site on the rna transcript..
Rockefeller University


Load balancing and sharing of contextual information in a multi-vendor and/or multiple contact center environment

A method and system for load balancing and sharing of context information in a multi-vendor and/or multi-contact center environment. The arrangements utilize a generic client-side api in conjunction with a set of back end-frameworks to facilitate support of disparate contact center solutions.
Cafex Communications, Ltd.


Programming a data network device using user defined scripts

Exemplary embodiments for programming a network device using user-defined scripts are disclosed. The systems and methods provide for a servicing node to receive a request for a network session between a client device and a server, receive a user defined class and a user defined object configuration from a node controller, and use the information to instruct an object virtual machine to generate at least one user defined object.
A10 Networks, Inc.


System and optimizing speech recognition and natural language parameters with user feedback

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for assigning saliency weights to words of an asr model. The saliency values assigned to words within an asr model are based on human perception judgments of previous transcripts.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Javascript logging for html elements

Determining interactions between scripts and elements of a markup language document includes loading a markup language document into a browser. The markup language document includes a plurality of markup language elements.
International Business Machines Corporation


Script logging for markup language elements

Determining interactions between scripts and elements of a markup language document includes loading a markup language document into a browser. The markup language document includes a plurality of markup language elements.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus and providing user interface for client devices of cloud game services

The present disclosure provides a game user interface (ui) script server, including: a game ui script generator, which in response to a request of a registrant terminal, is configured to provide a web interface for generating a user interface (ui), and to support generation of game ui scripts; a game ui script storage configured to store the generated game ui scripts through the web interface; and a game ui script provider, which in response to a request of a client terminal, is configured to provide one or more game ui scripts stored in the game ui script storage.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Document reconstruction from events stored in a unified context-aware content archive

A unified context-aware content archive system allows enterprises to manage, enforce, monitor, moderate, and review business records associated with a variety of communication modalities. The system may store an information infoset derived or inferred from one or more documents representing communications according to the variety of communication modalities as interaction transcripts.
Actiance, Inc.


Database migration

A migration framework includes a migration status data store that stores the migration status of a variety of different databases that are being migrated. A migration manager monitors the migration status of the different databases and invokes migration scripts to perform migration steps on the various databases, based upon their migration status.
Microsoft Corporation


System and controlling test script execution by smartphone

A computer implemented method, and system, for selecting an appropriate test script to test software in a testing environment using a smartphone. The system fetches test scripts from a script repository as selected by a developer using a smartphone.
Unisys Corporation


Framework to accommodate test plan changes without affecting or interrupting test execution

In an exemplary computer implemented method for executing test scripts, a computer receives a test file having a set of one or more unique test script identifiers associated with a test script stored in a test script repository. The computer fetches a test script from the test script repository according to the test file, and stores the test script as a queued test script in a buffer memory.
Unisys Corporation


Tag based selection of test scripts for failure analysis

A service system can include numerous test scripts that are candidates for execution against a failure message to determine a solution for a failure in a distributed storage system. To efficiently ascertain a solution for a failure with the test scripts, a service system can analyze the failure message to determine tags and use the tags to guide selection of test scripts.
Netapp, Inc.


Compositions and methods for classifying thyroid nodule disease

A system for classifying thyroid nodule tissue as malignant or benign is provided that is based on the identification of sets of gene transcripts, which are characterized in that changes in expression of each gene transcript within a set of gene transcripts can be correlated to with either malignant or benign thyroid nodule disease. The thyroid classification system provides for sets of “thyroid classifying” target sequences and further provides for combinations of polynucleotide probes and primers derived there from.
Genomedx Biosciences Inc.


Automated execution of functional test scripts on a remote system within a unit testing framework

Responsive to starting a unit testing test case specified in a unit testing framework on an originating system for running on at least one target, the originating system directs a software testing automation framework execute request within the unit testing test case to a remote system to execute a functional test script designated in the unit testing test case on the target on the remote system, the functional test script designating a functional test case to be run on the target to test the operating of one or more functions of the target. The originating system receives unit testing framework case results for the unit testing test case converted by a software testing automation copy request within the unit testing test case from results of the function test script running on the target..
International Business Machines Corporation


System and creating universal test script for testing variants of software application

The present subject matter relates to a method, device, and computer readable medium for creating universal test scripts for testing variants of software applications. The method comprises receiving, by a test automation computing device, one or more test cases from a test management system.
Wipro Limited


Uv associated mtdna fusion transcripts and methods and uses thereof

The present invention provides novel mitochondrial fusion transcripts and related deletion molecules that are associated with uv exposure. Methods for in vivo and in vitro detection of mtdna molecules and associated fusion transcripts is also provided, as is their use in the screening and testing of skin care products..
Mitomics Inc.


Methods and systems for providing customer relations information

Methods and systems for providing information to a mortgage recipient or other customer of a financial institution. A system identifies potential customer inquiries and provides a list of scripts responsive to the potential customer inquiries.
Altisource Solutions S.à R.l.


Novel transcripts and uses thereof for improvement of agronomic characteristics in crop plants

Computational analysis of hundreds of rna-seq libraries enabled the identification of novel transcripts in maize. The novel transcripts are provided herein, as are recombinant dna constructs comprising such, transgenic plants or cell thereof comprising the recombinant dna constructs, and methods for generating transgenic seed and plants with improved agronomic characteristics..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company


Modified polynucleotides for altering cell phenotype

The present invention relates to compositions, methods and kits using cell phenotype altering polynucleotides, cell phenotype altering primary transcripts and cell phenotype altering mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


Breast endothelial cell expression patterns

To gain a better understanding of breast tumor angiogenesis, breast endothelial cells (ecs) were isolated and evaluated for gene expression patterns. When transcripts from breast ecs derived from normal and malignant breast tissues were compared, genes that were specifically elevated in tumor-associated breast endothelium were revealed.
Genzyme Corporation


Systems and methods for using paired-end data in directed acyclic structure

Methods of analyzing a transcriptome that involves obtaining at least one pair of paired-end reads from a transcriptome from an organism, finding an alignment with an optimal score between a first read of the pair and a node in a directed acyclic data structure (the data structure has nodes representing rna sequences such as exons or transcripts and edges connecting pairs of nodes), identifying candidate paths that include the node connected to a downstream node by a path having a length substantially similar to an insert length of the pair of paired-end reads, and aligning the paired-end rends to the candidate paths to determine an optimal-scoring alignment.. .
Seven Bridges Genomics Inc.


Apparatus and methods employing liquid-impregnated surfaces

In certain embodiments, the invention is directed to apparatus comprising a liquid-impregnated surface, said surface comprising an impregnating liquid and a matrix of solid features spaced sufficiently close to stably contain the impregnating liquid therebetween or therewithin, and methods thereof. In some embodiments, one or both of the following holds: (i) 0<φ≦0.25, where φ is a representative fraction of the projected surface area of the liquid-impregnated surface corresponding to non-submerged solid at equilibrium; and (ii) sow(a)<0, where sow(a) is spreading coefficient, defined as γwa−γwo−γoa, where γ is the interfacial tension between the two phases designated by subscripts w, a, and o, where w is water, a is air, and o is the impregnating liquid..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Global exchange platform for the film industry professionals

In one aspect, disclosed is a global online portal which provides an end-to-end solution for film industry professionals worldwide and in all languages. From writers to directors to technicians, every vertical related to a film is listed in a separate category and validated/authenticated by the portal.


Generating proxy automatic configuration scripts

Methods and systems for generating a proxy automatic configuration (pac) script based on the location of a device. One example method includes receiving a request for a proxy automatic configuration (pac) script from a source address associated with a device; determining, based at least in part on the source address, a location of the device; generating a pac script based at least in part on the determined location of the device; and sending a response to the request for the pac script including the generated pac script..
Iboss, Inc.


Apparatus and validating application deployment topology in cloud computing environment

The present invention relates to an apparatus and a method for validating application deployment topology in a cloud environment. There is provided an apparatus for validating application deployment topology in a cloud environment comprising: a topology skeleton generator configured to generate, based on multiple vms and script packages running on the vms created by a user and required to deploy an application as well as running order of script packages and data dependency between script packages set by the user, a topology skeleton that comprises at least scripts of script packages of respective vms and running order of the script packages; and a simulator configured to simulate a runtime environment in the cloud environment at the apparatus, thereby validating the running order and data dependency with respect to the topology skeleton, wherein the simulator is installed in the apparatus by using a simulator installation package retrieved from the cloud environment..
International Business Machines Corporation


System and sequential testing across multiple devices

Systems and methods for sequential testing across multiple devices are described. In one implementation, the method comprises analyzing test device requirements, received from a plurality of user devices, to generate automation scripts for test automation.
Wipro Limited


Universal mechanical tester for measuring friction and wear characteristics of materials

A universal tester includes modular sample stages, each dedicated to a test configuration. The modules are manually coupled to the base of the tester and automatically recognized for activation of the correct software relevant to its configuration and test scripts.


Malicious mobile code runtime monitoring system and methods

Protection systems and methods provide for protecting one or more personal computers (“pcs”) and/or other intermittently or persistently network accessible devices or processes from undesirable or otherwise malicious operations of java tn applets, activex™ controls, javascript™ scripts, visual basic scripts, add-ins, downloaded/uploaded programs or other “downloadables” or “mobile code” in whole or part. A protection engine embodiment provides for monitoring information received, determining whether received information does or is likely to include executable code, and if so, causes mobile protection code (mpc) to be transferred to and rendered operable within a destination device of the received information.


Dynamic filling of shapes for graphical display of data

This disclosure describes systems, methods, and apparatus for visualizing data. In particular, the present disclosure creates infographics for any complex shape.


System and business intelligence data testing

Apparatuses, methods, and non-transitory computer readable medium for testing business intelligence data over a communication network include receiving a data mapping file, applicable to a source data repository and a target data repository, and generating data mapping file based on the same. Test cases are generated, based on the data mapping file, and sql scripts, for execution of the test cases, and executing the sql scripts on the source data repository and the target data.
Wipro Limited


Processing automation scripts of software

Processing automation scripts used for testing pages includes running the automation scripts using a processor, searching for an element on the page according to locating information in an instruction of the automation scripts, collecting element-related information of the element in response to finding of the element on the page according to the locating information, and associating the collected element-related information of the element with the instruction of the automation scripts. The element-related information associated with the instruction is saved..
International Business Machines Corporation


Smart tester application for testing other applications

A device may be configured to receive, from a first device, first test scripts for testing an application. The first test scripts may include information for reproducing interactions with the application on the first device.
Accenture Global Services Limited


Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for conducting automated tests

Apparatuses, methods, and computer program products are provided that conduct an automated test by creating automated testing scripts that are readable by automated testing software without requiring the automated testing scripts to be created by a programmer with knowledge of the particular scripting language used by the automated testing software. Rather, a test case template is generated by receiving input from the user in the form of keywords and selections that are not specified in a particular scripting language.
Mckesson Financial Holdings


Computer readable medium for translating protocols

The disclosed subject matter presents a method for translating between protocols using an extended scripting language. In one embodiment ecma-262 scripting language is extended to enable one with ordinary skill in the art to create scripts which may be used to perform diverse data manipulation including, but not limited to: file input/output, database manipulation, data identification, data translation, xml functionality, smb functionality, email, etc.
Avfinity, Llc


Component factory for human-machine interface migration to a cloud platform

A cloud human-machine interface (hmi) generation system converts an original hmi project to a web-compatible version of the hmi capable of storage and execution on a cloud platform or web server. The cloud hmi generation system parses hmi project files exported from the original hmi to identify graphical objects and their attributes, animations, data tags linked to the hmi, and other characteristics of the hmi.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


System and automatically generating a dataset for a system that recognizes questions posed in natural language and answers with predefined answers

A non-transitory computer readable medium that stores instructions that once executed by a computerized system causes the computerized system to execute the steps of: analyzing transcripts of natural language interactions between a user and an information provider to recognize and define golden answers; locating occurrences of golden answers within the plurality of transcripts; collecting, from the plurality of transcripts, a plurality of questions leading to a golden answer; and converting a plurality of questions leading to a golden answer, to keywords, concepts and weights.. .
Support Machines Ltd.


System and determining indian language compatibility of a user interface program

A system for determining the indian language compatibility of a user interface program selects a string and splits the string into its constituent characters. The width of each of the constituent characters of the string is determined, and summed up.
Reverie Language Technologies Private Limited


Multiplex labeling of molecules by sequential hybridization barcoding

The present invention, among other things, provides technologies for detecting and/or quantifying nucleic acids in cells, tissues, organs or organisms. In some embodiments, through sequential barcoding, the present invention provides methods for high-throughput profiling of a large number of targets, such as transcripts and/or dna loci..
California Institute Of Technology


Gateway management using virtual gateways and wildcards

Systems, methods, and media for managing gateways. In an embodiment, a virtual gateway is generated which comprises a representation of each of one or more active scripts and/or device information (e.g., device drivers, and/or definitions and/or configurations for devices, device types, and/or device groups) stored on at least one remote physical gateway.
Systech Corporation


Real-time transport protocol (rtp) media conference server routing engine

The rtp media conference server routing engine (“mcsre”) integrates into a standards based rtp media server to improve server data throughput of rtp conference routing by factors of tens to hundreds while simultaneously decreasing real-time media delivery delays and significantly decreasing server resource requirements. The rtp mcsre maintains a conference routing database used to manage a large number of conferences with a list of associated rtp sessions and conference participants.
Infinesse Corporation


Compliance a cyber-physical system

The present invention provides for analysis of cyber-physical systems with relation to compliance requirements such as regulatory compliance, maintenance compliance and safety compliance. Generally, the invention provides for a set of paths from an initial state to an end state, and analyzing the paths to determine which ones contain a violation state.
The University Of Tulsa


System and data validation

Systems and methods for validating data in a communication network environment include receiving a data transformation specification from a user. The data transformation specification is analyzed to determine data transformation rules which are indicative of a relationship between corresponding fields of the source repository and the target repository.
Wipro Limited


Run time incremental compilation of script code

scripts are incrementally compiled at runtime to generate executable code. The incremental compilation generates executable code corresponding to a basic block of the script.
Facebook, Inc.


Fast wetting agent for dry-mix applications

A particulate wetting and hydrophobing additive comprising components a) and b), where: component a) is a disiloxane having structure (i) where r2 is selected from a branched or linear hydrocarbon group of 2 to 10 carbons, a substituted branched or substituted linear hydrocarbon group of 2 to 10 carbons, an aryl group, a substituted aryl group and an optionally substituted alkyl hydrocarbon group of 4 to 9 carbons containing aryl substituents of 6 to 20 carbons; r1, r3, r4 and r5 are each independently selected from the monovalent hydrocarbon groups of 1 to 4 carbons, substituted monovalent hydrocarbon groups of 1 to 4 carbon atoms, aryl, and a hydrocarbon group of 6 to 20 carbons containing an aryl group; z is a linear or branched divalent hydrocarbon radical of 1 to 10 carbon atoms and r8 is selected from oh, h, monovalent hydrocarbon groups of 1 to 6 carbons and acetyl, each of the sub scripts a, b and c are zero or positive provided that a+b+c≧1; and component b) is a carrier.. .
Dow Corning Corporation


System and document processing

A method and system are provided for the delivery, processing, and distribution of digital content with a computational interface for one or more users. A user sends a message and attached document to a computer-based system with natural language instructions in the message subject or body, or as scripts.


Systems and methods for tracking parcel data acquisition

In some embodiments, scripts may be used to perform parcel data acquisition, conversion, and clean-up/repair in an automated manner and/or through graphical user interfaces. The scripts may be used, for example, to repair geometries of new parcel data, convert multi-part parcel geometries to single part parcel geometries (explode), eliminate duplicate parcel geometries, append columns, create feature classes, and append feature classes.
Corelogic Solutions, Llc


Methods, systems, and devices to dynamically customize electronic bill presentment and payment workflows

Embodiments of systems, methods and devices for electronic bill presentment and payment are disclosed. Such embodiments include receiving one or more instructions from a biller at a remote computer server.
Aliaswire, Inc.


Performing data analytics utilizing a user configurable group of reusable modules

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a computer-implemented method of performing analytics on a large quantity of data accommodated by an external mass storage device is provided. The analytics may be divided into a set of modules, wherein each module is selectively executed and comprises a script for a parallel processing engine to perform a corresponding atomic operation on the analytics.
International Business Machines Corporation


Performing data analytics utilizing a user configurable group of reusable modules

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a computer-implemented method of performing analytics on a large quantity of data accommodated by an external mass storage device is provided. The analytics may be divided into a set of modules, wherein each module is selectively executed and comprises a script for a parallel processing engine to perform a corresponding atomic operation on the analytics.
International Business Machines Corporation


Alkynyl-derivatized cap analogs, preparation and uses thereof

Alkynyl-derivatized cap analogs, alkynyl-modified capped rna, 1,4-disubstituted triazole-derivatized capped rna, methods of preparation, methods of isolation, and uses thereof are provided. The “click” modification facilitates detection and isolation of capped rnas and the 1,4-disubstituted triazole derivatives formed by the “click” reaction are useful for producing rna transcripts and encoded protein..
Life Technologies Corporation


Requesting instant messaging history by validated parties

Chat transcripts are requested by a requesting device by performing the following steps (not necessarily in the following order): (i) recording, by a first user's device, multiple chat transcripts respectively memorializing a plurality of online chats in which the first user's device participated; (ii) storing the chat transcript in a data storage device; (iii) receiving, by the data storage device through a communication network from a requesting device, a machine readable request for a copy of a set of chat transcript(s) from among the multiple chat transcripts; and (iv) responsive to receipt of the machine readable request for a copy, sending, by the data storage device, through the communication network to the requesting device, a copy of the chat transcript(s) corresponding to the requested set of chat transcript(s). The sending of the copy is performed automatically by machine logic and without substantial human intervention..
International Business Machines Corporation


Modified polynucleotides for the production of nuclear proteins

The invention relates to compositions and methods for the preparation, manufacture and therapeutic use of polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


System and creating change-resilient scripts

A method for creating agnostic test automation script commands associated with a specified action and a user interface (ui) is provided. The method may include receiving a target element associated with the specified action.
International Business Machines Corporation


Using linker scripts for loading system configuration tables

Systems and methods for using linker scripts for loading system configuration tables. An example method may comprise: packaging, by a host computer system, a first system configuration table and a second system configuration table into one or more memory image files; providing a script comprising a first instruction to load the memory image files into a memory of a virtual machine being executed by the host computer system, the script further comprising a second instruction to resolve, in view of a base address, a reference by the first system configuration table to the second system configuration table; and providing the memory image files and the script to the virtual machine..
Red Hat Israel, Ltd.


Declarative configuration and execution of card content management operations for trusted service manager

A method for configuring and executing card content management (ccm) operations in a declarative manner includes composing a ccm operation declaration, wherein each ccm operation includes one or more ccm scripts and storing the ccm operation declaration in memory. When provisioning is needed, applicable scripts for the ccm operation declaration are fetched from the memory.
International Business Machines Corporation


Promotional router

A smart router executes software that receives script for web pages requested by appliances on a wifi provided by the router, strips advertisements from the scripts, and replaces the advertisements with promotional material from data storage in the router. The router executes a variety of programs implemented to enhance financial performance of an enterprise that hosts the router..


System and testing software applications

Systems and methods of testing, of software applications, based on business process models are described herein. In one example, the method comprises receiving, by a processor, the at least one business process model, wherein the at least one business process model is indicative of a business process associated with the software application and analyzing, by the processor, the at least one business process model to identify at least one test scenario.
Wipro Limited


Training scripts

A training script device is described that conveniently allows a user to create a training script defining one or more steps of a workout routine, where each step may include an activity, a duration for performing that activity, and an intensity at which the activity is to be performed. Further, one or more steps of the training script can be self-starting in response to performance data detected by sensors of training script device executing the training script.
Nike, Inc.


Performance tests in a continuous deployment pipeline

A method to perform performance tests on an application in a continuous deployment pipeline is provided herein. The method identifies code changes are two distinct builds in a performance test environment.


Method, system, service, and computer program product for verification and delivery of income tax return information

A technique of income verification for making a lending decision is disclosed that does not require requesting tax transcripts from the internal revenue service and performing a manual comparison of the tax transcripts to tax returns provided by the borrower. The borrower provides authentication information (e.g., login credentials), which a verification service utilizes to obtain the borrower's tax information from an e-file tax preparation provider.
Pointserv, Inc.


Web service sandbox system

A web service sandbox system. The web service sandbox system provides a secure mechanism with little to no risk to an origination domain hosting a user agent for the user agent to retrieve content from a potentially insecure web service hosted in another domain and using jsonp to bypass same-origin policy restrictions.
Microsoft Corporation


Enzymes and polymerases for the synthesis of rna

The invention relates to compositions and methods for the design, evolution, preparation, and/or manufacture of enzymes for use with polynucleotides, primary transcripts and mmrna molecules.. .
Moderna Therapeutics, Inc.


Crowd sourcing audio transcription via re-speaking

Speech audio that is intended for transcription into textual form is received. The received speech audio is divided into first speech segments.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Systems, methods and computer program products for developing and sharing an ecological vision for a geographical location

An ecosystem vision-making application includes a web server that delivers data from a database for a geographic model together with javascript scripts that implement the model, both being delivered to a javascript-enabled web browser on a client. Using tools defined by the vision-making application, vision parameters are defined for a vision applicable to a geographic location.
Wildlife Conservation Society


Method for creating software factory for developing j2ee applications

Methods for creating a factory, such as a software factory, a user experience factory, and a persistence factory, for developing one or more java 2 platform, enterprise edition (j2ee) applications. One or more artifacts related to the j2ee applications, such as code components, workflow scripts, and build scripts, are identified.
Infosys Limited


Detecting and breaking captcha automation scripts and preventing image scraping

A security device may receive a request from a client device and intended for a server device. The security device may identify the request as being associated with a malicious activity.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Gene expression profile associated with prostate cancer

Using an rt-pcr platform, detection of gene transcripts highly expressed in prostate tissue and expressed in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (pbmc) from patients with mcrpc can provide a more reliable and robust prediction of poor overall survival than that of ctc enumeration in mcrpc. Disclosed is the identification of five genes, klk3, klk2, hoxb13, ghrl2 and foxa1, the detection of two (2) or more transcripts of which predicts overall poor survival.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center


Fgfr2 fusion gene

In order to identify genes that can serve as indicators for predicting the effectiveness of drug treatments in cancers and provide novel methods for predicting the effectiveness of treatments with drugs targeting said genes, transcriptome sequencing was performed of biliary tract cancer. As a result, in-frame fusion transcripts between the fgfr2 gene and other gene (bicc1 or ahcyl1 gene) were identified.
National Cancer Center


Kits and methods for generating 5' capped rna

The present invention relates to kits and methods for efficiently generating 5′ capped rna having a modified cap nucleotide and for use of such modified-nucleotide-capped rna molecules. In particular, the present invention provides kits and methods for capping rna using a modified cap nucleotide and a capping enzyme system, such as poxvirus capping enzyme.
Cellscript, Llc

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