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Scraping patents


This page is updated frequently with new Scraping-related patent applications.

 Client side human user indicator patent thumbnailClient side human user indicator
A system and method for preventing web scraping which includes receiving a request between a web client and a web server for the web client to receive web content. A client side language script is injected into a response to be sent to the requesting web client, wherein the client side language script contains an event listener to detect a keystroke and/or a mouse movement at the web client.
F5 Networks, Inc.

 Cosmetic product applicator and associated applicator assembly patent thumbnailCosmetic product applicator and associated applicator assembly
An applicator (10) for a cosmetic product has a core (12) and protrusions (20) projecting from the core (12). Each protrusion (20) has a reservoir (21) for the cosmetic product, and a articulation (22) of the reservoir (21) on the core (12).
Albea Services

 Ice detecting apparatus patent thumbnailIce detecting apparatus
An ice detecting apparatus comprising: a body including at least one ice detector mounted thereon and having an ice detecting surface and a scraping member so mounted relative to said body as to allow their movement one relative to the other and configured for scraping ice from said detecting surface during said movement.. .
Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd.

 Device for scraping debris from metal wire patent thumbnailDevice for scraping debris from metal wire
A device and related method for removing debris from a metal wire formed by a process utilizing a lubricant is provided. The device includes at least two segments forming a passage through which the wire passes, each having a leading edge for stripping debris from the wire, and a resilient member positioned around the at least two segments and applying a force to the segments sufficient to cause contact between the leading edges and the wire passing through the passage.
Ford Motor Company

 Grill cleaning device patent thumbnailGrill cleaning device
An improved grill cleaning device/tool is presented for removing the baked and charred food, grease and sauce particles which build up over during to create an unsanitary, unappetizing and uneven grill surface on the grates. The tool design allows the cleaning of both the top and bottom of a set of two grates (grill rods) without removing the grilling surface.

 Lucky sweeper patent thumbnailLucky sweeper
Disclosed herein is a battery operated vacuum scratch device that is small, powerful, handheld and cylindrical shaped primarily for use when scratching off and cleaning up the scrapings left behind from a “scratch-off” lottery cards. Activated by a power switch and battery, the vacuum scratch device comprises of a blade for scratching, along with a holding arrangement for holding a coin providing an alternate option for scratching, a catch-mouth suction of the debris, a light source, a grip on its body, battery compartment, a motor, a fan, an external vented port, a removable scratch card debris catch tray.

 Electric motor, scraping member, and rotor patent thumbnailElectric motor, scraping member, and rotor
A scraping member for scraping up an oil coolant while the scraping member is being rotated in conjunction with rotation of a rotor, the scraping member being provided on a side-portion side of the rotor in an axial direction of a rotating shaft, is provided. The scraping member has a recessed portion that forms an opening serving as an inlet port of the oil coolant on an inner circumferential surface in a radial direction of the rotating shaft or on a side surface in the axial direction of the rotating shaft and has an oil introduction hole passed from an inner side to an outer side in the radial direction of the rotating shaft in the recessed portion..
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Pet waste collector patent thumbnailPet waste collector
A pet waste collector includes a bag body and a waste collecting apparatus. The bag body, which is made of flexible material, has a top opening and a waste collecting cavity.

 Tongue cleaner patent thumbnailTongue cleaner
The present invention wants to provide an improved tongue cleanser showing an improved cleaning effect. For this, a tongue cleanser is suggested having an essentially disc-shaped body, which is provided on its use-side front surface with a profiling suitable for superficially scraping impurity adherent to the human tongue and which forms a hose connection, which communicates with the profiling..
Tspro Gmbh

 Carbon scraper patent thumbnailCarbon scraper
A carbon scraper, a method of manufacturing a system with a carbon scraper, and method of scraping carbon from a piston of an internal combustion engine are provided. The carbon escaper includes an outer annular metallic shell portion having an annular recess therein.
Cummins, Inc.

Multifunctional physiotherapy device and physiotherapy method

A multifunctional physiotherapy device includes an elastic support assembly, a physiotherapy assembly, a housing assembly, a sleeve casing and an imaging assembly. The housing assembly is disposed on the outside of the elastic support assembly, the physiotherapy assembly is removably secured on the elastic support assembly.

Waste material discharging device in a sanitary appliance

A waste material discharging device in a sanitary appliance comprising a seat (1) and a vessel, to which the seat is pivotally connected, having an opening for conveying and collecting the waste material. The device comprises a roller (4) rotatable in only one direction about its axis, integral to the seat (1) and placed therebelow at said opening, scraping means (5) stationarily arranged parallel to the roller (4) and substantially in contact to the surface of said roller, driving means (11), operable by a user, for driving unidirectional and intermittent, axial angular displacements to the roller, and means for dispensing (15, 18) a cleansing and sanitizing liquid, directed toward the surface of the roller (4) and driven by the same roller rotation driving means (11)..

Electrical contact having cleaning system

Embodiments disclose an electrical contact including a metal housing and a fixed contact part, which is attached to the metal housing and has a contact surface that, during the attachment, is located within the metal housing, and a contact tab located outside the metal housing. The electrical contact includes a movable contact part, which can be inserted into the metal housing to form an electrical contact together with the contact surface of the fixed contact part.
Lisa Draexlmaier Gmbh

Scraping fantasy sports data

Techniques for “scraping” and/or obtaining fantasy sports data include accessing a fantasy sports server. The access may include accessing publicly available data, accessing data for which a user's username and/or password are required, and/or accessing data by operation of an applications programming interface provided by the server(s) or by a file transfer protocol (ftp) provided by the server(s), etc.

Floor scuff remover scraper

A floor scuff removal device consisting of an elongated hollow tube having an angle cut end for applying friction to the scuff for removal. Angle cut end is partially and permanently filled with flat area for applying self-adhesive removable cloth pad.

Ice cream maker

An apparatus for making a frozen dessert. The apparatus including a reservoir located within a chassis for receiving a liquid dessert mixture and a rotatable paddle located within the reservoir.
Breville Property Limited

Tool unit, extrusion machine, and changing a friction wheel

The invention relates to a tool unit (12) for an extrusion machine (1) with a scraping element (51), a tool element (49) with an expanding channel (50) receiving the scraped extrusion material (3) and a die (53). The tool unit (12) includes a receiving cage (42) with first and second receiving cage parts (43, 44).
Asmag-holding Gmbh

Adjustable drywall corner finishing tool

A drywall installation tool. The present drywall installation tool is specifically adapted for evenly applying drywall mud and drywall tape in corners between adjoining sections of drywall.

Sounder for sizing bone implant

Methods and systems for installing an implant in an intramedullary canal are discussed. In an example, an intramedullary sounder tool has a sounder head including a plurality of teeth extending proximally from a distal tip towards a shank extending from the sounder head, each tooth comprising a distal cutting edge, a middle scraping edge, and a proximal cutting edge.
Zimmer, Inc.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus has a developing portion; a toner storing container; and a supply path capable of supplying toner to the developing portion from the toner storing container, where the toner storing container is attachably and detachably provided to the supply path, and the toner storing container has a screw-like conveying member configured to convey the toner; a discharge portion configured to discharge the toner toward the supply path; and a first cleaning member arranged at an end portion of the conveying member and configured to clean the discharge portion by scraping the toner on the discharge portion based on a rotation of the conveying member.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Abrasion controlled caster wheel

An abrasion controlled caster wheel is described. When a sideways force is applied to a rear of a grocery shopping or material cart either during normal operation or when gathered in the parking lot, the caster wheel, at the rear position of the cart, will redirect its direction of travel or change its mount rigidity rather than scraping sideways across the wheel circumference..

Apparatus to scrape coconut

The present disclosure provides an apparatus to scrape to extract coconut meat from a half coconut with minimal human intervention and convenient to use. The apparatus to scrape coconut generally includes 1.
Pumatik Small Kitchen Appliances Private Limited

Vehicle dumping bed cleaning device

A vehicle dumping bed cleaning device for scraping the interior surface of a dumping bed of a vehicle to facilitate removal of dirt and debris from the dumping bed includes a vehicle having a dumping bed defining an interior space between parallel spaced walls and a bottom surface extending between the walls. Each of a pair of elongated lateral arms is pivotally coupled to an associated one of the walls of the dumping bed.

Toilet cleaning device

The present invention relates to a toilet cleaning device (10) for cleaning a toilet bowl (20), the toilet cleaning device (10) comprising a handle (12); a head (14) at a distal end (28) of the handle (12); and a plurality of radially outwardly projecting helical blades (16) which extend from a handle end (44) of the head (14) to a free distal end (46). As the head (14) is rotated about an axial extent of the handle (12), the helical blades (16) provide a circumferential and axial scraping action to the toilet bowl (20).

Chemical vapor deposition apparatus and its cleaning method

A chemical vapor deposition apparatus includes: a reaction chamber, a reaction area in the upper portion of the reaction chamber, an exhaust area in the bottom portion of the reaction chamber and a pumping apparatus connected to the outside of the reaction chamber. The exhaust area includes an isolating device dividing the exhaust area into an exhaust chamber and a storage chamber.
Advanced Micro-fabrication Equipment Inc. Shanghai

Scraping assembly

A scraping assembly includes a handle has a first end, a second end and a bottom side extending between the first end and the second end. The handle is elongated between the first end and the second end.

Strainer device

A strainer device that collects a filtered object even when the strainer device is used with an object to be strained that is low in water content and highly adhesive, via softening by heating in superheated steam. The strainer device has an inner surface that is circular in cross section, surrounds a strainer vessel, and is supported so as to be rotatable about a central axis thereof; a scraping member that is disposed at a predetermined position along the inner surface of the cover body and scrapes the filtered object adhering to the inner surface when the cover body is rotating; the strainer vessel and the cover body rotate.
Nepuree Corporation

Sealing assembly and the operation thereof

The invention relates to a sealing assembly (1) for sealing a piston rod (2) of a piston compressor, which piston rod extends in an axial direction (a) and can be moved back and forth in the axial direction (a). Said sealing assembly (1) comprises at least one packing chamber (4), wherein the packing chamber (4) is bounded in the axial direction (a) by a first and a second side wall (5, 6), wherein at least one sealing ring (7) or one scraping ring (8) and a spring device (9) are arranged in the packing chamber (4), and wherein a spring device (9) and at least one sealing ring (7) or one scraping ring (8) are arranged one after the other in the axial direction (a) proceeding from the first side wall (5), wherein the sealing ring (7) or the scraping ring (8) lies against the second side wall (6), and wherein the spring device (9) is designed as a magnetic spring and consists of two assemblies (9a, 9b) spaced apart in the axial direction (a), a first assembly (9a) and a second assembly (9b), wherein each assembly (9a, 9b) comprises at least one magnet (10a, 10b), and wherein the magnets (10a, 10b) are arranged in the two assemblies (9a, 9b) in a mutually matched manner in such a way that the two assemblies (9a, 9b) repel each other..
Burckhardt Compressin Ag

Apparatus for cleaning a paint roller cover by scraping or by submersion

An improved apparatus for cleaning a paint roller by scraping or by submersion during rotation, comprising an attachment member connection to a base, said base further connected to a cylinder with an outer diameter approximately equal to the inner diameter of a paint, roller frame, wherein said cylinder comprises a substantially solid surface interrupted by one or more longitudinal voids.. .

Filter device

The invention relates to a filter device for polymer melts, having a filter screen (1), through which the polymer melt to be purified is guided, wherein the filter device comprises at least one scraping element (2), which glides across the upstream surface (4) of the filter screen (1) with its scraping edge (3), or rests on the surface (4) with its end area nearest the scraping edge (3), and lifts off and/or scrapes off the contaminations (6) adhering to the surface (4) and those present in front of the screen orifices (5) in the course of its movement across the surface (4). According to the invention it is provided that the scraping element (2) is embodied in the shape of a disk, in particular comprising parallel, preferably plane large surfaces, i.e.
Erema Engineering Recycling Maschinen Und Anlagen Gesellschaft M.b.h

Apparatus and manufacturing prepreg

In the manufacture of prepreg using various types of resin varnish having different properties, prepreg having good appearance and desired properties is manufactured without decreasing productivity. A prepreg manufacturing apparatus is able to perform, in a base material feeding path, immersing a base material in resin varnish in a tray, scraping off the excess resin varnish on the base material with scraping rollers which are provided above the tray, and thereafter drying the base material with a drying device.
Mgc Electrotechno Co., Ltd

Cylinder liner for an opposed-piston engine

A cylinder liner for an opposed-piston engine, and corresponding methods of extending engine durability and thermal management therewith, has opposite ends and a bore with a longitudinal axis for supporting reciprocating movement of a pair of opposed pistons. An intermediate portion of the liner extends between the opposite ends and includes an annular liner portion within which the pistons reach respective tc locations.
Achates Power, Inc.

Adaptable interim repair jacket to supplant a failed windshield wiper structure of a motor vehicle

An adaptable short term repair jacket 2 for temporary continued operation of a damaged or failed windshield wiper frame assembly and/or wiper blade of a powered windshield wiper system of a motor vehicle. Disclosed here an elongated generally tubular plastic casing 4 including an upper centrally open guide gap 12.

Ink supply method and ink supply device

Correction values (Δθ1-Δθn) according to image area ratios in ranges of a printing plate of a preceding print job corresponding to ink fountain keys (4-1-4-n) are obtained. Opening amounts (θ1b-θnb) of the ink fountain keys (4-1-4-n) corresponding to the image of the printing plate (7′) of a next print job are corrected by correction values (Δθ1-Δθn) to obtain corrected opening amounts (θ1b′-θnb′).
Komori Corporation

Filter device

The invention relates to a filter device for polymer melts, having a filter screen (1), through which the polymer melt to be purified is guided, wherein the filter device comprises at least one scraping element (2), which glides across the upstream surface (4) of the filter screen (1) with its scraping edge (3), or rests on the surface (4) with its end area nearest the scraping edge (3), and lifts off and/or scrapes off the contaminations (6) adhering to the surface (4) and those present in front of the screen orifices (5) in the course of its movement across the surface (4). According to the invention it is provided that the scraping edge (3) has a curvature (7) at least in the end area of the same, leading in the direction of movement (16), the radius (r) of which is less than 90%, preferably less than 50%, in particular less than 20% of the maximum diameter, or of the maximum orifice width of the screen orifices (5)..
Erema Engineering Recycling Maschines Und Anlagen Gesellschaft M.b.h.

Triple sealing seat with gas flushing for a conduit gate valve

A triple sealing seat 10 is proposed which is provided in a conduit gate valve having at least one shut-off plate which is displaceable between an open and closed position with respect to the conduit, wherein the triple sealing seat 10 forms a substantially annular sealing surface 11. In order to increase the tightness, the annular sealing surface 11 comprises a radial interior sealing and scraping edge 12 which can be contacted with the shut-off plate during operation, as well as a first circumferential groove 13a located radially further outside which is in communication with a first gas channel 14a and to which a sealing gas pressure can be applied, as well as a second circumferential groove 13b located radially further outside which is in communication with a second gas channel 14b and to which a sealing gas pressure can be applied.
Z&j Technologies Gmbh

Self-cleaning suction device

A self-cleaning suction device has a user's suction end that self-sanitizes externally and internally before and after use, as well as self-sanitizes internally during use. A cover opens to reveal the user's suction end within a containment unit.

Stool collection container

A stool container is provided with a lid body (2) having a lid part (2a) for sealing a container and a stool collection rod (2b) for collecting stool, a cylindrical container body (3) that has a liquid reservoir (3b) formed at the distal end thereof via a filter holding part (3a) and has an open proximal end, and an inner plug 4 that is inserted from the proximal end of the container body (3) in to the container body (3). The distal end of the inner plug (4) has a bottom surface (4a) that is orthogonal to the longitudinal direction and, in the center of the bottom surface (4a), a scraping part (4b) through which the stool collection rod (2b) can be inserted.
Toyo Seikan Co., Ltd.

Cosmetic product dispensing head comprising a scraping member, and associated packaging device

The finger (62) bears a peripheral scraping member (70) protruding radially from a peripheral face (72) of the finger (62), the scraping member (70) having at least one perimeter line (74) suitable for being in contact with the duct (34) when the stopper (60) is in the closing off position.. .

Magnetic-matter removing apparatus and magnetic-matter removing method

A magnetic-matter removing apparatus includes: endless chains arranged to run in circles between inside liquid containing a magnetic matter and above the liquid; magnetic-matter attracting means supported on the endless chains for attracting the magnetic matter in the liquid with a magnetic force; a drum arranged above the liquid, having a magnetic force stronger than the magnetic force of the magnetic-matter attracting means, and configured to detach the magnetic matter attracted to the magnetic-matter attracting means from the magnetic-matter attracting means and attract the magnetic matter; and discharging means for scraping the magnetic matter attracted to the drum and discharging the magnetic matter to outside the apparatus.. .
Primetals Technologies Japan, Ltd.

Kneading device

The present invention describes a kneading device (1) comprising an inner cone (2) and an outer cone (3), wherein the inner cone (2) and the outer cone (3) defines a space (4) in between the inner cone and the outer cone; from a horizontal plane the inner cone (2) inclines and forms an angle ic; from the same horizontal plane the outer cone (3) inclines and forms an angle oc; where the inner cone (2) has an opening in a bottom of the inner cone (2); where both the inner cone (2) and the outer cone (3) continue vertically in an inner extension and an outer extension (6), respectively, wherein a space in between the inner extension (5) and the outer extension (6) is a gap e; where the inner cone (2) and the outer cone (3) are connected by scraping wings (7) extending from a centre portion (8) of the kneading device (1) and through the inner cone (2) and the outer cone (3) and towards, but not fixated to, an inner wall (9) of the outer (1) cone (3); and where the outer cone (3) inclines more than the inner cone (2), when viewed from the horizontal plane, so that angle oc>angle ic.. .
Sanso FÖrvaltning Ab

Scraping device

A scraping device includes a first grip with a first scraping member connected thereto. A connection member is connected to the first scraping member.

Fly exterminating device

A fly exterminating device for eliminating a conglomerate of flies, eggs, and larvae utilizes a blade assembly and a static-air vacuum-blower assembly. The blade assembly traverses along a stanchion line, scraping the concrete curb clean of eggs and larvae.

Three-dof hybrid damping pantograph

The invention discloses a three-dof hybrid damping pantograph, comprising an electric driving transmission system fixed on a base, and collector heads, transverse dampers, parallel support frames as well as longitudinal dampers. Square auxiliary holes are arranged on the base, supporting insulators are arranged on four angles below the base; four transverse dampers are symmetrically fixed on the base, and arranged on the outside of the parallel support frames and connected with the parallel support frames through hinges; four longitudinal dampers are symmetrically fixed on the top of the parallel support frames; the collector heads are connected with the parallel support frames by the longitudinal dampers and separators are arranged on the collector heads.
Anhui University Of Science And Technology

Complex type dryer for high viscous materials

A complex type dryer includes a rotational cylinder, a drying material, a hot air provider, a hot air chamber and a scraping unit. The drying material provider is disposed over the rotational cylinder and coats a drying material on a surface of the rotational cylinder.
Korea Institute Of Energy Research

Cleaning device, image forming apparatus including cleaning device, and end-sealing member for cleaning device

A cleaning device that removes a residual substance from an image carrier includes a cleaning container having an opening that faces the image carrier, the cleaning container extending in an axial direction of the image carrier and receiving the residual substance; a scraping member that extends in a longitudinal direction of the opening and scrapes off the residual substance by coming into contact with the image carrier; and an end-sealing member that is fixed to the cleaning container at least at one end of the opening, that is in contact with a surface of the image carrier, and that seals a gap between the cleaning container and the image carrier at an end of the scraping member. A surface of the end-sealing member that is in contact with the image carrier has a void in a region isolated from a surrounding region..
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Device and removing scratch-off coatings

A device and method can remove a scratch-off coating that initially conceals information the device has a rubbing member including a melamine open cell foam. The device's structure includes a body with a fluid chamber that communicates with a distal opening.

Automated intelligent data scraping and verification

A server computer system for parsing non-uniformly presented data from a variety of unique non-uniform third-party web portals can comprise a scripting processor configured to automatically execute a web-portal specific script for each of the one or more third-party web portals accessed by a network communication device. Each of the web-portal specific scripts can be configured to imitate inputs from a user input device and to automatically adapt interactions with each of the one or more third-party web portals to access and parse data elements from one or more non-uniformly available data fields.
Best Collect, S.aa. De C.v.

Snow removal device comprising a pushing element with convex end portions and a scraping flange

A snow removal device features a pushing element and handle. The pushing element has a main portion with opposing front and rear surfaces and a bottom edge along the front surface.

Scraping device and scraping method using robot

A scraping device and a scraping method, by which a scraping process using a robot can be automated, and workload of an operator can be significantly reduced. The scraping device includes a robot which grips or holds a scraping tool, and a robot controller which controls the robot.
Fanuc Corporation

Composite defoaming high-viscosity pure chitosan spinning solution

A combined degassing method for a high-viscosity pure-chitosan spinning solution, including: step 1, thoroughly dissolving the spinning solution in a dissolution vessel for subsequent use, the viscosity reaching 450,000-500,000 mpa·s; step 2, delivering the spinning solution in step 1 to the feed port of a degassing vessel from the dissolution vessel after filtration; step 3, in the degassing vessel, under the conditions of vacuumizing and maintaining the inner pressure of the degassing vessel to be 500-3,000 pa, performing continuous treatment by a combined degassing process integrating separation, film-scraping, lifting and shear; and step 4, sampling at a sampling port for the detection of degassing degree, finishing the degassing operation if the detection result is eligible, otherwise repeating step (3) until the detection result is eligible. This method has high degassing efficiency and good degassing effect, and is applicable to spinning solutions of a wide range of viscosity..
Hismer Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

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