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Date/App# patent app List of recent Scraping-related patents
 Tongue scraper patent thumbnailnew patent Tongue scraper
The tongue cleaner includes an elongated generally straight scraping member terminated at each end by grip structures. The scraping member is constructed of a flexible and resilient material allowing the scraping member to be bendable from its generally straight configuration into at least a curved shape, ‘c’ shape, ‘v’ shape or ‘u’ shape configuration.
 Shredder and sheet-like-object processing apparatus using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Shredder and sheet-like-object processing apparatus using the same
Provided is a shredder that prevents particles from jamming in a shredding mechanism, and shreds the sheet-like objects into such an extremely small size that the sheet-like objects cannot be reproduced. A shredding mechanism (3) includes blade drums (4, 5) in a pair, and a plurality of scraping members (6) for scraping off particles (1a) formed by shredding from an inside of recessed portions located between the cutter portions (4b, 5b) of each of the blade drums (4, 5).
Sakae Co., Ltd.
 Carbon scraping ring with abradable coating patent thumbnailnew patent Carbon scraping ring with abradable coating
A device and method for preventing and removing carbon deposit build-up on a piston/cylinder assembly of an engine, including a diesel engine, is disclosed. The device includes a cylinder having an inner sleeve for receiving a piston, a carbon scraping ring positioned on the cylinder sleeve, the carbon scraping ring including an inner surface, and an abradable coating applied to the inner surface of the carbon scraping ring providing a wearable surface between the piston and the cylinder sleeve.
International Engine Intellectual Property Company , Llc
 Apparatus for processing the skin side of a fur patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for processing the skin side of a fur
An apparatus for processing the skin side of a tubular fur where one or more scraping means are configured for being arranged in a first position away from a mandrel of the apparatus with a first distance in relation to the center axis of the mandrel, and in a third position where the scraping means are configured for being in contact with the skin side so as to process the skin side of the fur, where the one or more scraping means are furthermore configured for being arranged in a second predefined position being arranged between the first position and the third second position with a second predefined distance in relation to the centre axis of the mandrel, and the apparatus is configured for automatically releasing the scraping means from the second position towards the third position when predetermined criteria is complied with.. .
Jasopels A/s
 Adjustable blade root spring for turbine blade fixation in turbomachinery patent thumbnailAdjustable blade root spring for turbine blade fixation in turbomachinery
An adjustable blade root spring device for turbine blade fixation in turbomachinery. The device is designed to be placed in a space in a rotor disk cavity adjacent to a tip of a blade root fir tree, where the device applies a radial outward force on the turbine blade to fix the blade position in the rotor disk.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
 Stripping device for a soil compaction roller and soil compaction roller, in particular trench roller patent thumbnailStripping device for a soil compaction roller and soil compaction roller, in particular trench roller
The present invention relates to a stripping device for a drum of a soil compaction roller, in particular, a stripping device for a drum of a trench roller, wherein the stripping device comprises a first scraping element disposed on a drum surface. The drum surface is provided with protrusions disposed on the periphery of the drum surface, wherein a drum extender is adapted to be attached to the drum.
Bomag Gmbh
 Scraper with wings for disc furrow opener patent thumbnailScraper with wings for disc furrow opener
A scraper body adapted to be attached to a furrow opener assembly with a disc rotatably mounted on an arm and oriented at a horizontal angle to create a disc furrow. The scraper body has an attachment body portion adapted to be attached to the furrow opener assembly such that a forward scraping edge of the scraper body scrapes soil from the disc face.
 Snow plow blade detection and compensation system patent thumbnailSnow plow blade detection and compensation system
A snow plow blade detection and compensation system and method operable to detect when a plow blade is attached to the vehicle and then, when the driver is in plowing mode, take appropriate compensating actions. The systems and methods may include: (1) computer vision based recognition of plow blade position, wherein object recognition from a forward looking camera and computer vision system may be installed on the vehicle to recognize that the plow blade is in the down position; (2) proximity sensing system indicating that the plow blade is down, wherein multiple sensors may be used to indicate that the plow blade position is down; (3) direct input of plowing status, wherein vehicle interfaces indicate that a plow mode is active; (4) drive pattern recognition; and/or (5) audio recognition, wherein microphones detect sound characteristics of “scraping” sounds, inferring that the plow blade is on the ground and pushing snow..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc
 Foot cleaning device patent thumbnailFoot cleaning device
A version of the invention discloses a foot cleaning device. A preferred embodiment of a version of the invention is based on a circular foot cleaning device that uses thin or textured edges to exfoliate and clean the foot and heel.
 Method for forming a functional pattern on a substrate patent thumbnailMethod for forming a functional pattern on a substrate
A method for forming a functional pattern such as an electrode or the like on a substrate is provided. The method includes a) coating a polymer layer on an upper surface of the substrate, b) forming a pattern having an opening in the polymer layer, c) coating a functional fluid on the upper surface of the substrate through the opening of the pattern, d) removing the functional fluid coated on the polymer layer using a scraping process, e) curing the functional fluid through a heat treatment, and f) dissolving and removing the polymer layer using a solvent.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Paint can halo

The device further includes an inner lip shielding the interior side of the paint can rim, and a flat section along the device interior used for scraping off paint.. .

Intraoral cleaner

Provided is an intraoral cleaner capable of widely cleaning the interior of the oral cavity due to the fact that a head portion thereof does not include an element corresponding to a ring portion found in conventional tongue cleaners. The intraoral cleaner includes a rod-shaped grip and a flat and thin head portion provided on the front end of the rod-shaped grip.
Shikien Co., Ltd.

Grill rod scraping tool and related methods

A grill rod scraping tool for cleaning the top, sides and bottom side of grill rods. The tool comprises of a neck with concave contours and a u-shaped end that enable the prongs and scraper of the tool to scrape the top, sides, and bottom side of the grid iron rods.

Methods and devices for endometrial cell and tissue sampling

The present invention comprises methods and devices comprising a scraping element used to contact circumferentially and longitudinally the surface walls of the uterine cavity to provide for broad contact of the intended surface with the device, resulting in attainment of a sufficient volume and comprehensive tissue sample for analysis as an endometrial biopsy or screening uterine cancer. The device may provide for a reservoir for the obtained sample to be contained when removing from the uterine cavity, cervical canal, and vagina.
Femasys Inc.

Systems and methods for documenting a blood donation collection process

Methods and apparatus collecting blood from patients and managing blood donations are provided, which may include any number of features. One feature is a blood collection device configured to collect blood and collection information from a patient.

One-sided nasal cannula device and attachments

A nasal cannula device for delivering therapeutic gas to a patient while reducing rubbing, scraping or other damage or discomfort is disclosed. In an aspect, a nasal cannula device is configured to removably attach to a patient via a single ear and comprises gas tubing and an anchor.

Method, apparatus, and recording medium for scrapping content

A content scraping method includes recognizing a touch trace made on a screen according to a touch location moving to correspond to a touch input and selecting and storing at least one content located on the touch trace.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Decontamination device and removing contaminants from electrical apparatus

A device for removing contaminants from a bus stab of an electrical enclosure is provided. The electrical enclosure includes an electrical bus member disposed in a first plane.
Eaton Corporation

Tamper evident documents and inks

A tamper evident document, a process of preparing the tamper evident document, and a tamper evident ink. The tamper evident document includes a paper substrate having a face for providing information, and a tamper evident ink applied on the face of the paper substrate.
P.h. Glatfelter Company

Tillage implement with scraper/deflector

An agricultural tillage implement including a carriage frame assembly and pull hitch towed by a tractor and secondary frames supported by the carriage frame assembly. The secondary frames mount gangs of disk blades for tilling the soil in a travel direction.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Cover arrangement for an processing fur

An apparatus for processing the skin side of a tubular fur, including a mandrel on which the tubular fur can be drawn from a first part of the mandrel towards a second part of the mandrel so that the skin side of the fur faces outwards and the fur side of the fur faces inwards towards the mandrel, one or more scraper units, each scraping unit having at least one scraper means configured for scraping the skin side when the fur is arranged on the mandrel, and a cover including a compartment and an outlet, where the cover is configured for enclosing at least a part of the mandrel and at least one of the scraper means in the compartment during operation, where the outlet is arranged in a bottom part of the cover, the bottom part being arranged below the at least one scraper means, and where the cover has walls with inner surfaces configured for leading material removed from the skin side by means of one or more of the one or more scraper means towards the bottom part.. .
Jasopels A/s

Floor check

The floor check is a scraping tool with special features that allow it to be quickly attached to the ends of broom handles, so it doubles the effectiveness of brooms as cleaning tools. Brooms are some of the most common cleaning tools in the world.

Tyre-retreading system constituted by a robotized arm with angular interpolation movements

Tyre-retreading system constituted by a robotized arm with angular interpolation movements with the aim of providing a modular machine capable of allowing greater amplitude of movements on the part of the scraping tool (5) and/or rubber-applying tool (11), which is installed at the end of a robotized arm (1) controlled via a control panel and provided with at least three articulations (2, 3, 4); the tools (5, 11) act on a tyre (7) supported by a mandrel system (6, 10).. .

System and bottom coating food products

A product conveying and coating system includes at least first and second, sequentially arranged conveyor belts, with at least the second conveyor belt being a solid belt. Interposed in a gap between the first and second belts is a dispenser head of a coating manifold.
General Mills, Inc.

Liquid ejection apparatus

A liquid ejection apparatus includes a liquid ejection unit including a nozzle formation surface in which an opening of a nozzle for ejecting liquid is formed; a wiper disposed so that the wiper can come in contact with the nozzle formation surface; and a liquid collection portion, which is capable of collecting liquid adhered to the wiper, disposed on an end side of the nozzle formation surface of the liquid ejection unit so as to be spaced apart from the nozzle formation surface in a wiping direction. The liquid collection portion includes a scraper having a scraping surface that scrapes off the liquid adhered to the wiper by coming in contact with the wiper, and a liquid absorbing material disposed at a position that does not come in contact with the wiper and at a position that comes in contact with an end portion of the scraping surface..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Tamper evident documents and inks

A tamper evident document, a process of preparing the tamper evident document, and a tamper evident ink. The tamper evident document includes a paper substrate having a face for providing information, and a tamper evident ink applied on the face of the paper substrate.
P.h. Glatfelter Company

Toothbrush bristle element having serrated outer structure

A toothbrush includes a handle having a bristle head on one end, and a number of bristle elements each having a lower end portion attached to the bristle head, and each having an upper end portion located distal to the bristle head, and the bristle elements each include a number of scraping protrusions extended radially and outwardly from an outer peripheral portion, and the scraping protrusions each include a triangular shape having a sharp outer end for allowing the scraping protrusions of the bristle element to form a star-shape configuration and for frictionally engaging with the teeth of the user and for increasing or facilitating the tooth brushing effect.. .

One trip drill and casing scrape method and apparatus

A drilling assembly is tripped in a cased hole to make more open hole. The assembly features retracted scrapers and a closed circulation sub so that the drilling can commence with string pressure delivered to bit nozzles due to the circulation sub being in a closed position.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Apparatus for treating a gas stream

In an apparatus for treating a gas stream, a plasma generator comprises an electrode for energising a source gas to generate a plasma flare by application of a high voltage. An inlet allows the gas stream into the apparatus and directs it into the generated plasma.
Edwards Limited

Paint scraper

A paint scraper with blade which on its utmost part adjacent to the scraping edge has one or both sides coated with grains and/or powder of a material that is harder than the blade itself. The blade can be made of steel and the grain/powder material can be diamond, boron nitride, silicon carbide or similar..
Inco Innovation

Chip disposal device of machine tool

To provide a chip disposal device of a machine tool which surely separates and collects a cutting fluid adhering to a chip lump, thereby capable of reducing an amount of the cutting fluid discharged to the outside of the machine. The chip disposal device includes a liquid separating part 65 which separates and collects a cutting fluid adhering to chips, the liquid separating part 65 has a mounting part 66 which is provided continuously from an inclined discharge surface 20a and is inclined so as to get lower as it goes more apart outward from the inclined discharge surface 20a, and to which a first chip lump a1 conveyed by a first scraping plate 36a is transferred.
Dmg Mori Seiki Co., Ltd.

Step-shaped endometrial curette

A step-shaped endometrial curette is provided. The step-shaped endometrial curette includes a handle, a curetting bar, and a collection cup.

Pretreatment formulation and facilitating removal of gel nail polish and gel nail strips

A method for the application and removal of gel nail polish with an aqueous solution comprising the steps of applying a pre-application coating of an aqueous composition with a ceramide component to the nail to form an intermediate interposing layer on the nail. Thereafter, 1) a gel nail polish layer is applied on the intermediate layer and the gel nail polish layer or layers is light cured; 2) non-uv cured gel nail polish is applied to the intermediate layer; or 3) a gel nail strip is applied to the intermediate layer.

Object capture device

A medical device for collecting objects from a body lumen comprises a catheter, a basket having a closed first end and an open second end, and an actuator connected to the closed first end of the basket, the catheter and basket moveable relative to one another between a first configuration and a second configuration to draw objects from a body lumen into the basket. In the first configuration the closed first end of the basket is inside the catheter and the open second end is everted over at least a part of the closed first end.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Disposable cup insert for pad printing and decorating

A liquid supply assembly for use with a printing system of a type in which a liquid is deposited from the liquid supply assembly in a receiving region on a plate and any excess of the liquid in the receiving region is scraped from the plate by the liquid supply assembly. To this end, the liquid supply assembly employs a reusable cup, a disposable cup insert and a scraping element.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Managing past activities based on relationship changes in a social network

Various embodiments provide for dynamically and automatically managing activities of two parties (e.g., friends, business associates, family members) based on a change in relationship (e.g., no longer friends, break-up, divorce, no longer working together) between the two parties in a network (e.g., a social network implemented using a social networking website). In one specific example, mechanisms are provided for dynamically and automatically adjusting privacy control (e.g.
International Business Machines Corporation

Wiping pad, and nozzle maintenance apparatus and coating treatment apparatus using wiping pad

A wiping pad includes: a scraping edge provided to cross a long side direction of a discharge port and come into contact with the discharge port and nozzle side surfaces, and a lead-out passage provided ahead of the scraping edge in a moving direction along a nozzle long side direction to drain a treatment solution scraped away with the scraping edge, wherein the lead-out passage is a v-shaped groove formed along the moving direction on a pad upper surface side, and the v-shaped groove has the scraping edge formed at a rear end edge portion thereof and is formed to gradually increase in groove width and depth toward a front thereof from the scraping edge.. .
Tokyo Electron Limited

Apparatus for substrate double-surface hole-filling

The present invention provides a substrate double-surface hole-filling apparatus for carrying out a hole-filling operation on a substrate which has a first surface and a second surface, comprises a first feeding device, a first scraping device, a first drying device, a second feeding device, a second scraping device, a second drying device and a turnover device. The substrate double-surface hole-filling apparatus has a turnover device turning over the substrate which needs to be carried out with hole-filling operation.
Suzhou O-film Tech Co., Ltd.

Scraper with segmented wiper lips

Cosmetic scraper 1 for scraping a cosmetic applicator with a tubular scraping body 2 which forms a passage 5 for the cosmetic applicator for attaching the scraper 1 to the cosmetic storage container. The scraping body 2 has a wiper lip 3 which extends radially inward and completely or partially obstructs the passage.
Geka Gmbh

Glass wiper

The present invention provides a windows wiper, which comprises a base body with a transverse portion and a vertical portion, a wiping board, a bottom board fixed with a scraping bar; the middle portion of the wiping board is rotatably connected with a front end of the transverse portion through a shaft; the bottom board is disposed under the wiping board. The windows wiper of the present invention has the two functions of scraping and wiping.
Ningbo Beari Plastic Products & Electric Applicanc Co., Ltd

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus including a belt cleaner including a scraping blade and roller pairs each including an elastic roller and a metal roller, the roller pairs including a first roller pair including a first elastic roller as a cleaning roller contacting a belt while rotating in a rotational tangential direction opposite to a belt traveling direction at a contact portion with the belt, and one or more second roller pairs each including a second elastic roller contacting an adjacent metal roller of a roller pair adjacent to the second roller pair while rotating at a circumferential velocity lower than that of the adjacent metal roller in a rotational tangential direction opposite to that of the adjacent metal roller at a contact portion with the adjacent metal roller, the scraping blade contacting an outer circumferential surface of a specific metal roller of the one or more second roller pairs.. .

Screen scraping method and scraping management server

According to method for scrapbooking web pages by the present invention, firstly scrapbooking service apparatus 500 of user computer 50 captures region on the web page outputted to the user computer, makes it into an image file and receives memo, then transfers them with url of the web page to scrapbooking service server 100. The scrapbooking service sever 100 publishes the transferred capture image of the web page, the memo and the link to the url of the web page on the electronic bulletin board as a post..

Method of forming creped thin film-like structures from frothed chemistry

A method is presented for forming a collapsed foam film-like structure, the method including positioning a composition applicator adjacent to a hot non-permeable dryer surface, producing a first frothed dispersion or frothed solution from a first dispersion or solution, applying the first frothed dispersion or frothed solution to the dryer surface, allowing the first frothed dispersion or frothed solution to convert to a collapsed foam film-like structure, and scraping the collapsed foam film-like structure from the dryer surface. The method can further include producing a second dispersion or solution, blending the first dispersion or solution and the second dispersion or solution, frothing the blended dispersion or solution, applying the blended frothed dispersion or frothed solution to the dryer surface, and allowing the frothed dispersion or frothed solution to convert to a collapsed foam film-like structure..

System and synchronized web scraping

A method includes obtaining information associated with a product, service, or event. The method also includes scraping data based on the obtained information substantially concurrently from two or more web pages associated with websites that list a same product, service, or event to produce scraped data for the same product, service, or event from each corresponding web page at substantially a same time..

Expandable medical device with an end structure having a transitional surface

An expandable intraluminal medical device is provided. The medical device is provided with end structures that have transitional surfaces defined by two angled planes.

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes a roller pair, a paper dust collecting member, a scraping member, and a paper dust receiver. The paper dust collecting member can be drawn out from the apparatus main body and is disposed along an axis direction of the roller pair so as to collect paper dust adhered to one roller of the roller pair.

Utility knife

The invention relates to a cutting tool (10) having a handle (11) and at least one first blade (15) that comprises at least one cutting edge (13a, 13b). The special feature is that the cutting tool (10) additionally comprises at least one scraping edge (14) by means of which a scraping operation can be carried out..

Marine geophysical equipment cleaner

Techniques are disclosed relating to an apparatus with scraping members for cleaning a geophysical equipment (e.g., a streamer) being towed behind a survey vessel. The apparatus may, in one embodiment, include a housing and a plurality of scraping members that are disposed at least partially outside of the housing.

Earth moving conveyor system

A system for the removal of material from a roadbed includes a movable vehicle equipped with a cutting plate having a cutting edge for scraping material from the roadbed to thereby form debris material. A first conveyor system for conveying the debris material away from the cutting edge is placed above the cutting plate and delivers the debris material to a second conveyor system which deposits the debris material laterally from a distal end of the second conveyor to a location remote from the movable vehicle..

Method and improving heat transfer and reaction efficiency of gas hydrate reactor using scraper

The present invention relates to an apparatus comprising a reactor body to which gas and water are supplied to create a gas hydrate; an upper cover which is engaged to an upper portion of the reactor body, a scraper mounted rotationally within the reactor body, and a motor for providing a driving force to the scraper. It is possible to remove gas hydrate particles attached to at least one of an inner surface of the reactor body and an inner surface of the upper cover, by a rotary driving of the scraper.

Apparatus for removing snow/ice from an object

The present invention provides an apparatus for removing snow/ice from an object. The apparatus includes a housing, a nozzle, a handle, a battery and a tool.

Snow plow for adjusting to surface contours and obstacles

A snow plow includes a plurality of surface-engaging sections movably carried by the moldboard and depending from the moldboard in side-by-side relationship with one another. The surface-engaging sections are each independently linearly movable relative to the moldboard between an extended position and a retracted position to adjust to the contour of the surface being plowed.

Scraping device for a rotary tablet press, as well as a rotor and rotary tablet press

The invention relates to a scraping device for a rotary tablet press comprising a scraper that is designed to scrape off material for pressing that is located on the top side of a die plate of the rotary tablet press, the die plate rotating relative to the scraper, and comprising a force-generating apparatus that is designed to press the scraper with a predetermined compression against the top side of the die plate, characterized in that the force-generating apparatus comprises a fluid pillow filled with a fluid that is in contact with the scraper directly or via at least one transmission element in order to press the scraper by the predetermined compression against the top side of the die plate. The invention also relates to a rotor for a rotary tablet press, as well as a rotary tablet press..

Composite membranes

A process for making a composite membrane comprising the steps: (i) providing a moving poriferous support (1) impregnated with a curable composition, wherein the composition is present in the pores of the support and on a surface of the support; (ii) scraping or squeezing the poriferous support and thereby removing at least some of the curable composition (2) from the surface of the support; and (iii) after performing step (ii), irradiating the support, thereby curing the composition present therein. Composite membranes are also claimed having a surface layer thickness of below 0.5 microns..

Ticket scraping device

A device for removing a covering film layer off of a ticket comprises a cylindrical housing which includes a battery compartment, a motor powered by the batteries within the battery compartment, a crankshaft connected to the motor and a scrapper element in contact with the crankshaft which moves in response to the motion generated by the motor. The scrapper element includes a tip that, when in contact with the film later on the ticket, removes the film from the ticket.

Bbq grill scraper

A barbeque grill scraper and related methods of use that utilize a scraping end formed of a heat-responsive material to remove char and other debris from the grilling surface. The grill scraper includes a conformable scraping edge formed of the heat-responsive material.

Secondary pigmentary glaucoma iris scraping treatment method and iris scraping tool

An iris scraping surgical method using an iris scraping tool treats secondary pigmentary glaucoma. The iris scraping tool is inserted through an incision in the sclera made with a separate surgical instrument.

Port reservoir cleaning system and method

Devices and methods for cleaning a port reservoir are disclosed. The system includes a trocar, cannula and cleaning member.

Rotating cell collection device

A medical device for collecting cells includes a rotatable drive wire having a proximal portion, a distal portion, an offset portion of the distal portion, and a head member attached to the offset portion. The drive wire is coupled to an axially translatable rack member via a rotation mechanism that converts axial translation of the rack member into rotation of the drive wire.

Scraper assembly for an off-road vehicle

A scraper assembly includes a first scraping member configured to be positioned below a horizontal centerline of a rotating assembly and rearward of a vertical centerline of the rotating assembly. The first scraping member is configured to remove debris from the rotating assembly at least while the rotating assembly is rotating in a first direction.

Scraping device for a transporting belt and corresponding manufacturing method

A device including a supporting structure, at least one scraping member upwardly and downwardly delimited by upstream and downstream sides, and an elastic material that is overmolded on the scraping member and connecting the scraping member to the supporting structure, the upstream side of the scraping member being covered with the overmolded elastic material.. .

Apparatus, system, and self-cleaning handheld dust removal

An apparatus, system, and method are disclosed for self-cleaning dust removal. The apparatus may be provided with a brush housing 202 having an opening 204, one or more axles 206 disposed around the opening 204, and a plurality of brush fibers 208 emanating from the one or more axles 206 that rotate inward into the opening 204.

Systems and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone at or near a sacroiliac joint

At least one bone fixation device comprising a stem having a maximum outer diameter is inserted into the sacroiliac joint through a minimally invasive incision path sized approximately at or about the maximum outer diameter of the stem in soft tissue, into the iliac bone, across the sacroiliac joint and into the sacrum. The stem is inserted through the incision path to a position within the sacroiliac joint between the iliac bone and the sacrum, to fuse the sacroiliac joint, without invasive joint preparation, removal of cartilage, or scraping at or near the sacroiliac joint.

Guidewire with centering mechanism

The invention provides a guidewire with a centering mechanism. The mechanism lifts the guidewire from a vessel wall and biases it towards the center of the vessel.

Discontinuous centrifuge with a scraper for scraping a product

A discontinuous centrifuge consists of a rotatable centrifuge drum incorporating a drive spindle, a casing and a base. A hub of the centrifuge drum comprises a plurality of arms for the indirect or direct connection of the casing of the centrifuge drum to the drive spindle of the centrifuge drum.

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