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This page is updated frequently with new Scraping-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scraping-related patents
 Apparatus and  cultivating a downhole surface patent thumbnailApparatus and cultivating a downhole surface
Methods and apparatus for cultivating a surface of a wall of a subterranean well bore, conduit or cable by scraping and furrowing the surface using a string hoistable shaft carrying a flexible arrangement of a laterally extendable and retractable arcuate engagement linkage dragging a cutter and scraper member, wherein said engagement linkage arcuately engages and aligns the cutter and scraper member during one or more scraping engagements: along said surface and longitudinal to a well axis to form and use said furrow, across said surface and transverse to said well axis using a filament linkage to form and use said furrow, or along and across said surface and longitudinal and transverse to said well axis to form and use a lattice of said furrows, separating a plane of the surface into a plurality of planes that comprise separate surface regions, usable by an ancillary apparatus or a spreadable substance.. .

 Slat cleaning tool patent thumbnailSlat cleaning tool
A cleaning tool scraps away undesirable slag which has accumulated on opposite sides of the slat of a worktable. The cleaning tool has a pair of cleaning assemblies each comprising a scraping tool.
Fedtech, Inc.

 Ice scraper patent thumbnailIce scraper
An ice scraper for removing ice from a surface includes a longitudinal handle with a longitudinal axis, and a blade with a first scraping edge extending transversely relative to the handle. A blade holder extends between the handle and the blade, with the blade holder extending in an angle relative to the longitudinal axis of the handle.
Fiskars Garden Oy Ab

 Building board and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailBuilding board and manufacturing the same
A building board includes an undercoat coating, an overcoat coating having lower pigment content than the undercoat coating and having different hue from the undercoat coating and having variations in position and thickness, an inkjet coating having different hue from the overcoat coating and is applying partially, and a clear coating successively formed on surface of inorganic base material having a plurality of wood board patterns. There also is provided a method for manufacturing a building board including the steps of applying an undercoat paint to surface of inorganic base material having a plurality of wood board patterns, applying an overcoat paint having lower pigment weight concentration than the undercoat paint and having different hue from the undercoat paint, scraping off a part of the applied overcoat paint before the overcoat paint cures, partially applying inkjet painting having different hue from the overcoat paint, and applying a clear paint..
Nichiha Corporation

 Media-agitation type pulverizer patent thumbnailMedia-agitation type pulverizer
[problem] to resolve segregation of grinding media to thereby enable a large-flow-rate circulation operation while reducing wear of an agitating member and a grinding media separating member. [solution] in a media-agitation type pulverizer, the agitating means comprises; a circular plate-shaped hub member (26) fixed to an end of a rotary drive shaft located inside a grinding chamber, wherein the rotary drive shaft extends front the side of one end of the grinding chamber into the grinding chamber, an annular end plate (28) disposed in spaced-apart relation to the hub member in an axial direction of the rotary drive shaft; a plurality of agitating members (30) fixed between the hub member and the end plate at circumferential intervals, in a posture where each of them protrudes radially outwardly from respective outer peripheries of the hub member and the end plate; and a plurality of grinding media scraping-out members (31) each extending radially inwardly with respect to the outer peripheries of the hub member and the end plate, wherein an open region as a part of an outer periphery of the agitating means other than thicknesses of the agitating members and the grinding media scraping-out members is formed as a grinding media circulation opening (22a) for circulating the grinding media from an inside to an outside of the agitating means, and wherein an area ratio of the grinding media circulation opening to a circumferential plane between opposing surfaces of the hub member and the end plate of the agitating means is set to 50 to 90%..
Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.

 Ice scraping device patent thumbnailIce scraping device
An ice scraping device provides an ice scraper having an extendable blade to facilitate storage and transport of the device in a pocket when not in use. The device includes a housing having an opening extending into a bottom side of the housing and a slit extending through the housing.

 Detecting and breaking captcha automation scripts and preventing image scraping patent thumbnailDetecting and breaking captcha automation scripts and preventing image scraping
A security device may receive a request from a client device and intended for a server device. The security device may identify the request as being associated with a malicious activity.

 Sanitation device and system patent thumbnailSanitation device and system
Systems and methods for sanitizing utensils are disclosed. A system for sanitizing a utensil includes a shelf removably attached to a counter; an attachment member adjustably secured to the shelf, the attachment member having an aperture formed therein; a container received into the aperture in the attachment member, the container being configured to hold a sanitizing solution; and a removable insert located along an upper periphery of the container.

 Method and  transaction management patent thumbnailMethod and transaction management
The system provides a method and apparatus for initiating and completing a financial transaction from within an app, application, interface, email, ad, or the like, including social media apps, with very few steps. The system is agnostic as to merchant or advertiser, and allows a user to establish a single account that can be used for quick purchases across multiple platforms and promotional streams.

 Barbecue grill grate scraper with garden hose adapter patent thumbnailBarbecue grill grate scraper with garden hose adapter
The tool is utilized by contacting the tip of the tool at roughly a 45° angle to the grill-bar. From this orientation, the tool is pushed forward to remove char/food residue from grill bar.



To provide an applicator with an application body that is nonabsorbent and can uniformly spread and apply an application liquid over the surface to be applied on without scraping the applied liquid during application. The application body includes a membranous part that is easily deformable in applying liquid, and a cavity part enclosed by the membranous part, and constructed such that when the applying surface of the membranous part comes into contact with the surface to be applied on, the contact surface of the membranous part fits closely following the surface to be applied on by the pressure of the membranous part acting onto the contact surface of the surface to be applied on..
Mitsubishi Pencil Company, Limited


Muzzleloader systems

A bullet assembly comprising a bullet and a cup assembly, the cup assembly may have a ring portion for scraping the barrel of a muzzleloader. The cup assembly may be slidable on the bullet with an extended position and a contracted position, the contracted position having a greater diameter than the extended position.
Vista Autdoor Operations Llc


Broom apparatus with removable auxiliary tool

This invention relates to a broom including an elongate handle attached at one end to a head, a plurality of bristles attached to the head on a different side from the handle, and an auxiliary tool portion configured for use in any one or more of the group selected from scraping, cutting and scooping. The auxiliary tool portion is removably attached to the head and/or handle by means of a quick-release mechanism.
Browns Brushware Limited


Screen printing machine and printing method thereof

A screen printing machine is disclosed, which includes a mesh frame, a mesh, and a scraping blade. The mesh frame includes four sides.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Bit for removing damaged screws

A bit for removing damaged screws includes: a shaft portion and a head portion connected to the shaft portion. The head portion includes a tip section, a threaded conical section, and scraping portions extending continuously from the tip section to the threaded conical section.
Jei Mou Industrial Co., Ltd.


Tapered geometry in a compressible cell collection device

Methods, apparatuses and systems for collecting cells from a body lumen are described. A system may include a cell collection device comprising an abrasive material configured to collect cells from the body lumen by scraping a surface of the body lumen.
Covidien Lp


Use of expansion-force elements in a compressible cell collection device

Methods, apparatuses and systems for collecting cells from a body lumen are described. The system may include a swallowable cell collection device comprising an abrasive and substantially non-absorbent material in a compressed configuration and configured to collect cells from the body lumen by scraping a surface of the body lumen.
Covidien Lp


Scored retaining features in a compressible cell collection device

Methods, apparatuses and systems for collecting cells from a body lumen are described. The system may include a swallowable cell collection device comprising an abrasive and substantially non-absorbent material configured to collect cells from the body lumen by scraping a surface of the body lumen and a swallowable and dissolvable capsule comprising a plurality of scoring features and configured to releasably retain the cell collection device.
Covidien Lp


Ridge formation

A ridge formation method includes the steps of: providing a sieve instrument immediately after a tilling unit configured to scrape soil to throw the soil backward while rotate a rotor having a plurality of soil scraping pieces to cause the tilling unit to travel, the sieve instrument configured to receive the thrown soil to perform a sieve operation; and moving the sieve instrument in a reciprocating manner in a traveling direction to generate an impact on the received soil so that the soil is finely grained, and to separate the finely-grained soil from other impurities, whereby the finely-grained and separated soil is allowed to pass through a sieve mesh and fall onto a ground so that the falling soil is accumulated on the ground so as to form the ridge substantially the same in width as the sieve instrument on the ground.. .


Droplet removal optical film

A droplet removal apparatus comprises a first liquid-scraping unit and a second liquid-scraping unit which are displaced from each other in an up-down direction along a movement direction of the optical film and arranged, respectively, on right and left sides across the optical film. Each of the first and second liquid-scraping units comprises a liquid-scraping member for scraping off the droplets, and a liquid-scraping member holding mechanism comprising a pressing-side holding member, a support-side holding member having a pair of angle adjustment shafts provided, respectively, at longitudinally opposite ends thereof to protrude outwardly.
Nitto Denko Corporation


Dual-bladed scraper with a rotatable blade-retaining head

A dual-bladed scraper includes a handle extending between a proximal end including a grip portion and a distal end extending forwardly of the proximal end. A blade-retaining head is rotatably mounted to the distal end for pivotal movement about a head-rotation axis.
Hyde Tools, Inc.


Footwear storage device

An enhanced boot tray that combines the functions of a boot tray, shoe scraper, foot rest or stool. This boot tray has a plurality of upward extending projections connected to a flat base, the base is surrounded by a wall that may rise up to the height of the projections to serve as an additional scraping surface for footwear.


Animal habitat cage with waste disposal flooring

An improved animal habitat cage with waste disposal flooring. A cage body is formed from a top wall and four side walls removably suspended by legs attached to each sidewall.


Apparatus and the dry removal of labels from containers made of plastics

An apparatus and method for removing labels from containers made of plastics, such as pet bottles includes: a tubular stator and a rotor defining an annular chamber that extends along a path; on the rotor members are mounted for rotationally dragging and pushing the containers inside the annular chamber; on the tubular stator there are first scraping tools provided with first tip ends; the dragging and thrusting members include second scraping tools provided with second tip ends that are distributed along one or more helical paths; the first tip ends and the second tip ends define respectively in the annular chamber a first punctiform scraping surface and a second punctiform scraping surface for the containers, in which the distance between the first punctiform scraping surface and the second punctiform scraping surface is maintained substantially constant in a longitudinal and circumferal direction with respect to the rotor.. .
Previero N. S.r.l.


Combination seatbelt threader/automobile safety device

A multipurpose automobile device comprising a shaft, where attached to that shaft is a hammer means for use in breaking out the window of an automobile in an emergency, a seatbelt cutting means for cutting the seatbelt of an automobile when the seatbelt buckle cannot be released or reached, and a seatbelt threading means for threading the seatbelt of an automobile through a child safety seat. The multipurpose automobile device may also comprise an ice scraping means, a brush means, or both additional tools..


Continuously variable transmission

A continuously variable transmission includes: a transmission shaft; first to fourth power transmission elements that have a first rotation center axis coaxial with the transmission shaft; a plurality of rolling members that has a second rotation center axis; a transmission device configured to change a gear ratio between an input side and an output side by tilting each of the rolling members; a rotary shaft that is coupled with one of the first and second power transmission elements, and is provided with a cylindrical section; an annular member that is coupled with the rotary shaft, and configured to form an annular oil reservoir formed of lubricating oil; and a scraping up section configured to scrape up the lubricating oil by rotating in the circumferential direction.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


High intensity ultrasonic tongue cleaner

An ultrasonic tongue cleaner applying high intensity non-attenuated ultrasound pressure waves to the tongue concurrently with the mechanical scraping action is disclosed. The ultrasound component is operative to damage and deactivate odor causing bacterial chains on the surface and in the folds of the tongue.


End seal member for electrophotographic image-forming device

A high-quality end seal member which is easy to manufacture, and which exhibits excellent sealing properties with respect to inhibiting the leakage of toner in a toner-handling device of an image-forming device. End seal member for inhibiting, at a desired acceleration, leakage of toner from end of rotating body using anti-leakage gap obtained by causing recessed region to be deformed toward rotating body is provided with sealing member having striped pattern comprising plurality of steps of linear configuration which come in contact with toner carrier, i.e.
Sanwa Techno Co., Ltd.


Ice scraper with pivoting scraper head

In ice scraper includes a scraper head that is pivotally mounted onto a handle has at least one, but preferably, four different scraping edges. When the scraper edge encounters accumulated ice, the scraper head pivots forward, transmitting more of the force applied to a downward force vector, causing the scraper head to pivot into a position that increase the angle of the scraper head and edge to the ice, thereby more readily removing ice..


Plastic bottle cap scrubber

A scrubbing apparatus for scrubbing debris off a surface comprises a handle having a grip area on a first end, a support extension extending from the handle from a second end and a receiver for a bottle cap at a distal end of the support extension. The apparatus uses recycled bottle caps as a scraping or scrubbing surface.


Ripping and scraping cutter tool assemblies, systems, and methods for a tunnel boring machine

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to tunnel boring machine cutter assemblies, such as ripping and scraping cutter or tool assemblies, (collectively “cutter assemblies”), and related methods of use and manufacturing. The various embodiments of the cutter assemblies described herein may be used in tunnel boring machines (“tbms”), earth pressure balance machines (“epbs”), raise drilling systems, large diameter blind drilling systems, and other types of mechanical drilling and excavation systems..
Us Synthetic Corporation


Cart buddy

The dump cart liner of the present invention includes a shaped liner and a handle-strap. The liner is designed to fit into lawn, barn and utility dump carts and designed to remove dump material from the carts when the carts are in the dump position.


System and installation of molding

A system for installing pre-painted moldings. The system includes pre-painted moldings each configured to be fastened to a wall by fasteners.
Wellington Investment Corporation


Elongated scraper profile

The invention relates to an elongated scraper profile (1), preferably for a dewatering device (2) that serves the purpose of dewatering sludge (3), whereas the scraper profile (1) features a lip section (4) extending in the direction of the longitudinal extension (l) of the scraper profile (1), which, for example in a state installed in the dewatering device (2), serves the purpose of scraping sludge components from a screen surface (5), and whereas the scraper profile (1) features a fastening section (6) extending in the direction of the specified longitudinal extension (l), which serves the purpose of fixing the scraper profile (1) with the assistance of a retainer assembly (7). In accordance with the invention, it is proposed that the scraper profile (1) also features an intermediate section (8) connecting the lip section (4) and the fastening section (6), whereas the intermediate section (8) is flexibly formed in a direction running perpendicular to the longitudinal extension (l), such that the lip section (4) is moveable in the direction of the fastening section (6).
Huber Se


Scrape-off type heat exchanger

Provided is an inexpensive scrape-off type heat exchanger that is simple in construction, eliminating the need for using a pump for forcibly feeding the process fluid. With the scrape-off type heat exchanger (1), when a suction delivery element (30) which is rotated, while making a reciprocating motion, being closely contacted with an inner wall (200) of the heat transfer tube (20), is traveled from the process fluid inlet part (21) side toward a process fluid outlet part (22), the process fluid is sucked from a process fluid inlet part (21) into the inside of the heat transfer tube (20), and at the same time, the process fluid, which has already been sucked in, passed through the suction delivery element (30), and discharged to the process fluid outlet part (22) side, through the check valves 310, 320, is forced out to the process fluid outlet part (22).


Maintenance item and a cleaning device including such a maintenance item

The present disclosure provides a maintenance item for cleaning a floor surface, the item comprising a front portion and a rear portion in line with each other and having respective top and bottom faces, said bottom faces defining a “cleaning” surface, the front portion includes, projecting from its bottom face, microfibers and scraping fibers of linear density greater than 1 dtex, and the rear portion includes, projecting from its bottom face, microfibers, and possibly also scraping fibers of linear density greater than 1 dtex, the mean linear density t1 (dtex) of the microfibers and of the scraping fibers on said bottom face of the front portion being greater than or equal to 0.5 dtex, and the mean linear density t2 (dtex) of the microfibers, and optionally of the scraping fibers, on said bottom face of the rear portion being less than or equal to 2 dtex, and in that the mean linear density t1 (dtex) is different from the mean linear density t2 (dtex).. .


Toner conveyance roller and manufacturing toner conveyance roller

A toner conveyance roller for an image forming apparatus including a toner image forming mechanism including a developing roller and the toner conveyance roller which is arranged opposite to the developing roller and used for supplying and scraping toner, wherein the toner conveyance roller has a roller part and a shaft part, the roller part includes a substantially cylindrical elastic layer composed of an elastic foaming body on a surface of the roller part, and a density of the elastic layer is higher in a longitudinal center part of the roller part than in both longitudinal end parts thereof, and a method for manufacturing the toner conveyance roller including a step of heat-pressing the crown-shaped elastic foaming body, and thereby, forming the elastic layer.. .
Bridgestone Corporation


Suction device designed to suck air and liquid from a planar surface, and scraper blade for such a device

A suction device sucks air and liquid from a planar surface, and the scraper blade active portion moves on a surface. The active portion is in the form of a single blade, made from a flexible or semi-rigid material, intended to be moved in one direction against the planar surface.


Brush seal

A brush seal for a gas turbine, in particular an aircraft engine, is disclosed. The brush seal includes a support ring which has a support plate and a support structure, where the support structure is arranged downstream with respect to the support plate.
Mtu Aero Engines Ag


Detecting memory-scraping malware

Honey tokens are generated by one or more applications in memory of a device. The honey tokens resemble data that may be of interest to memory-scraping malware.


Treatment device for flowable material

A treatment device (1) for flowable material comprises a container body (2) suitable for receiving a predefined quantity of said flowable material and delimited by a wall (3), at least one radiating device (20, 30) which radiates infrared radiation to heat said flowable material in said container body (2), a cleaning device (10, 11, 12) fixed at one end thereof (11a) to a base (110, 6) of said container body (2) and rotatable around an axis (x) of said container body (2), and a cleaning device (10, 11, 12) provided with a scraping device (12) provided at an end portion (1 ib) of said cleaning device (10, 11, 12) opposite said first end (11a) and arranged to run in the rotation of said cleaning device (10, 11, 12) over at least one segment (t) of a free stretch (3′) of the said wall (3) defined between a free surface (s) of said material and a mouth (2′) of said container (2) in order to scrape off any residues of said flowable material from said at least one segment (t) of said free stretch of wall (3′).. .


Composite drill bit provided with disc-type cutting structure on cutter blade

The present invention is related to drilling equipment technologies in petroleum and natural gas, mining engineering, infrastructure construction, geological and hydrological projects. More particularly, it discloses a composite drill bit with scraping-wheel cutting unit being disposed on fixed-blade.


Method of detaching adherent cells for flow cytometry

In one aspect, a method for detaching adherent cells can include adding a cell lifting solution to the media including a sample of adherent cells and incubating the sample of adherent cells with the cell lifting solution. No scraping or pipetting is needed to facilitate cell detachment.
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


Variable force wiper for maintenance station of imaging device

A wiper for a maintenance station of an imaging device, including a foundational body that attaches to the maintenance station and a blade on top of the foundational body for scraping fluid and debris from a printhead of the imaging device, the blade being formed of a flexible material having two terminal sections and a central section defining a longitudinal extent of the blade, wherein each of the two terminal sections connects to the foundational body with a thicker expanse of the flexible material compared to the central section that connects to the body with a thinner expanse of the flexible material.. .
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an image-bearing member bearing a toner image, a transfer unit transferring the toner image on the image-bearing member to a printing medium, a cleaning member rubbing against the image-bearing member and scraping away transfer residual toner from the image-bearing member, and a lubricant applying unit applying a lubricant to the image-bearing member. The apparatus further includes a driving unit driving the lubricant applying unit and a controller controlling the driving unit such that when a period required for an area corresponding to an interval between printing media to pass through a transfer position is longer than or equal to a predetermined set period during image formation, the amount of lubricant applied by the lubricant applying unit is at least lower than that in a case where the period required is shorter than the predetermined set period..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Glue application device and glue application cardboard sheets and cardboard sheet manufacturing device

A device includes a tank for storing a glue solution; a roll having a surface for transferring the glue solution onto an area of a corrugating medium of a single-faced corrugated fiberboard sheet in the width direction; scraping members for regulating adhesion of the glue solution outside the area on the surface of the roll; a movement mechanism for moving the scraping members in the width direction; and a control device for setting, on the basis of the cutting width dimension with which the double-faced cardboard sheet is to be cut after passing the roll, the area to be a region in which margins in the width direction have been added outside positions of the side edges of the cutting width dimension, and for controlling the movement mechanism to dispose the scraping members at positions corresponding to the positions of the side edges of the glue application region.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Printing & Packaging Machinery, Ltd.


System and three dimensional model printing

A scanning 3-d printing system comprises a printing platform movable in a printing direction and in an indexing direction, the printing platform comprising a printing head configured for dispensing building material while the printing platform is moving in a printing direction one pass at a time, and layer by layer, a roller configured for leveling the dispensed building material one pass at a time, wherein the roller is rotatably mounted on a roller axle, and wherein the roller axle extends over all passes of the printing system and is stationary in the indexing direction, a scraper configured for scraping excess building material off the roller, and a trough configured for collecting the building material scraped off the roller.. .
Stratasys Ltd.


Cell culture scraping device

A device for scraping cells and tissues and methods of fabricating the same are disclosed herein.. .
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Cleaning tool

To provide a cleaning tool exhibiting excellent cleaning effectiveness. The present invention relates to a cleaning tool comprising a cleaning sheet, and a holding tool for holding said cleaning sheet.
Unicharm Corporation


Floor washing-drying machine with a scraping device

A washing-drying machine including a scraping device including a reversible fastening system of scraping blades. The reversible fastening system makes it possible to apply the scraping blades to the scraping device in a simple and safe way and as simply to remove them to clean them or replace them when worn out through a flexible fastening mechanism including holes for engaging with support elements provided on the scraping device, and including at least an elastic end portion with a slot for engaging with the undercut of a corresponding locking element, formed in the proximity of end portions of the support..
Nilfisk-advance A/s


Container for a beverage-preparation device having a flexible conveying element

A container for a beverage-preparation device includes a storage chamber for pulverulent material, a discharge opening in a chamber wall, a conveying element which extends in a direction of transport, adjoins the opening, is rotatable about a longitudinal axis and is situated in the chamber, and a dispensing duct which adjoins the opening, is situated at least partly outside the chamber, has a predetermined diameter and a longitudinal direction which runs at an angle with respect to the transport direction, the conveying element extending at least substantially as far as the dispensing duct. A flexible elongate scraping member is rotatably connected to the conveying element by its first end and extends in the longitudinal direction from the conveying element into the dispensing duct.
Bravilor Holding B.v.


Rifle cleaning tool

A breech chamber cleaning tool is provided. The breech chamber cleaning tool has a bar angled so as to form at one end a handle for gripping the tool by hand and at the other end a head for scraping the breech chamber..
Nhmd Limited


Cleaning apparatus and image forming apparatus

A good cleaning performance can be achieved by inhibiting a contact pressure of a scraping member from partially lowering in a cleaning apparatus of an image forming apparatus. The cleaning apparatus includes a scraper and a support member.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


A scraping wheel, a scraping roller and use of a scraping wheel

Disclosed is a scraping wheel (1) for scraping the skin side (2) of an animal pelt (3). The scraping wheel (1) comprises a scraping roller (4) including a plurality of scraping teeth (5) arranged on the outer cylindrical roller surface (6) and the scraping roller (4) further comprises a centrally arranged axial roller hole (7).
Jasopels A/s


Very low crystalline silica foamed glass and methods of using the same

A method of treating a surface to remove unwanted material therefrom, including providing a foamed glass article formed from a starting mixture including glass, a carbonate foaming agent, and a devitrification agent selected from the group potassium phosphate, potassium phosphate tribasic, sodium phosphate and combinations thereof, and contacting the surface with the foamed glass article while providing relative movement between the surface and the article. The crystal silica content of the foamed glass body is less than 1 weight percent.
Earthstone International Llc


Multi-valet tool

A multi-purpose tool can perform a first task, such as washing a car with a car wash brush, scraping ice from a car with an ice scraper, or removing snow from a car with a snow remover, and a second task of delivering a fluid, such as car wash or de-icer, to a location adjacent to the tool performing the first task. For example, the multi-purpose tool can include interchangeable heads, one head having a car wash brush, and one head having an ice scraper.


Methods, systems, and devices for radio-frequency assisted removal of sealant

Cured sealant may be removed from a substrate if the cured sealant includes a susceptor within its volume. Removal proceeds by exposing the sealant with the susceptor to radio-frequency radiation sufficient to cause dielectric heating in the susceptor and the consequent heating in the cured sealant reduces the bond strength of the cured sealant.
The Boeing Company


Derrick-type long-stroke hydraulic pumping unit

Disclosed is a derrick-type long-stroke hydraulic pumping unit, comprising: a rack, a counterweight basket, a sucker rod side oil cylinder, a counterweight basket side oil cylinder, a hydraulic station, and an oxbow component, characterized in that, the sucker rod side oil cylinder and the counterweight basket side oil cylinder each include a cylinder barrier, a cylinder shell is disposed outside the cylinder barrel and is a double layered cylinder shell, a piston and a piston rod are disposed inside the cylinder barrel, multiple annual oil grooves are formed on the piston rod, a cylinder cap component includes a cylinder cap body, a pressing sleeve mechanism is disposed on an upper part of the cylinder cap body, an oil scraping mechanism is disposed between the cylinder cap body and the pressing sleeve mechanism, the pressing sleeve mechanism includes a pressing sleeve, a dust sleeve is embedded inside the pressing sleeve, a dust sleeve gland is disposed on an upper part of the dust sleeve, and the oil scraping mechanism includes a felt groove, a felt pad, and a pressure plate disposed on an upper part of the felt groove. The present invention has the advantages of a reasonable structure, a long service life, high work efficiency, and resource saving..
Nantong Xin Zhong International Trade Co., Ltd.


Tissue cleaner and oral care implement

An oral care implement is provided, in one embodiment, with a plurality of spaced-apart tissue cleaning pads (400) radially arranged around a central axis (450) to form a grouping, each pad having an inner region (420, 430) close to the central axis and an outer region spaced away from the central axis, the inner region (420, 430) being raised relative to the outer region and having scraping surfaces along certain edge regions for improved cleaning of the soft tissue in an oral cavity each pad further preferably includes one or more protrusions (920, 930) along an upper surface thereof.. .
Colgate-palmolive Company


Automatic cell detachment device and cell detachment system

An automatic cell detachment device includes: a placing board, to which a culture vessel is to be fixed; a scraper for scraping away cells adhering to an inner bottom surface of the culture vessel; and a chuck including a pair of claws configured to pinch an upper part of the scraper. The chuck is lifted and lowered by a lifting/lowering mechanism, and is moved by a moving mechanism between the placing board and a holding stand.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Tube scraper with biased blades

A tube scraping apparatus comprises a body having a passageway for receiving a piping component; and a first blade and a second blade. The first blade and second blade each: are mounted to the body and shiftable between a first condition and a second condition; and having an engagement portion positioned to engage an outer diameter (od) surface of the received piping component in at least one condition, the first blade engagement portion comprising a cutting edge for removing material from the od surface.
Georg Fischer Central Plastics Llc


A software, system and methodology for protecting against malware point-of-sale attacks that utilize, for example, memory scraping techniques. The application protects point-of-sale hardware and its software against memory scraping malware attacks, and the loss of critical user credit card and confidential information often swiped at a terminal or stored in point of sale application databases.
Trusted Knight Corporation


All in one dustbin dustpan shovel

A workshop garbage bin or dustbin in an elongated half-moon-shape allowing to sweep directly inside. The dustbin comprises a generally flat side posed on the ground and has three support points in contact with the ground.


Method of making a light guide plate

A method of making a light guide plate includes: preparing a transparent substrate with a first planar surface and a perforated plate with a second planar surface and perforations; covering the transparent substrate with the perforated plate, such that the perforations expose dot-forming regions of the first planer surface and that the first and second planar surfaces are in intimate contact with each other; applying an ink onto the perforated plate; scraping across the perforated plate to form ink dots on the dot-forming regions, respectively; and removing the perforated plate from the transparent substrate.. .


Web adhesive application device and adhesive application method as well as cardboard sheet manufacturing device

A web adhesive application device, adhesive application method, and the cardboard sheet manufacturing device are provided with: an adhesive liquid tank for storing an adhesive liquid; an adhesive application roll is configured for transferring the adhesive liquid to an adhesive application region adjusted according to a paper width of a bottom liner board to be glued together with a single face cardboard sheet; a doctor roller for adjusting the adhesive liquid to a set film thickness; scraping members in pressured contact with the surface of the adhesive application roll on the upstream side of the nip section with the doctor roller; and damming members in contact with the surface of the adhesive application roll on the upstream side of the nip section with the doctor roller in the rotation direction and on the downstream side of the scraping member contact positions in the rotation direction.. .


Systems and methods for recommendation scraping

Various embodiments of systems and methods for recommendation scraping include a method comprising receiving a content feed, wherein the content feed is associated with a holder and identifying at least one post within the content feed comprising a mention of a respective item. In many embodiments, the method can further comprise generating an item recommendation corresponding to the respective item, associating the item recommendation with a profile associated with the holder, and sending instructions to present the item recommendation to one or more users.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Scraper blade for conveyor belts

In one aspect, a scraper blade for a conveyor belt is disclosed that provides improved strength and durability of a connection between a resilient blade body and an insert molded in situ with the blade body. The blade body has an upper portion with a scraping tip and a lower portion with a pair of laterally spaced depending leg portions.
Flexible Steel Lacing Company


Removal device and image forming apparatus

A removal device includes a scraping member extending in a crossing direction that crosses a movement direction in which a cleaning object moves, the scraping member scraping waste off a surface of the cleaning object at a contact portion of the scraping member that is in contact with the surface; and a pair of sealing members disposed on both outer sides of the scraping member in the crossing direction and sealing the both outer sides by contacting the surface. Each of the sealing members includes a protruding portion that protrudes beyond the contact portion upstream in the movement direction of the cleaning object.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Encrypted optical markers for security applications

Encrypted markers that are not readily detectable can be revealed by treatment with a specific reagent used as a developer to reveal a readily detectable physical property of the marker, such as a characteristic fluorescence emission after excitation with a particular excitation wavelength, or to reveal a visible color. The encrypted marker can be developed in situ, or a sample can be removed by brushing, scraping, swabbing or scratching the marked object or item and developing the encrypted marker or a sample thereof with the appropriate developer to reveal an overt marker or optical signal.
Apdn (b.v.i.) Inc.


Blender jar scraping utensil

A blending appliance includes a blender jar defining a receptacle portion, an open end, and a closed end. A blender lid is configured to mate with the open end of the bender jar.
Whirlpool Corporation


Bucket scoop and cleaner/scraper

The present disclosure provides a drywall tool including a scraping portion having an outwardly curved front portion extending between parallel side edge portions and a support member joined to the scraping portion by at least one fillet. The scraping portion may also be flexible to conform to the inner wall and resilient enough to prevent bending of the scraping portion around hardened putty or other materials attached to the inner wall of the bucket.
Buddy Tools, Llc


Dispersion machine for removing impurities from fiber

A dispersion machine for removing impurities from a fiver comprises a housing, a feed port and a discharge port arranged on the housing, and several processing components arranged in the housing. The processing component comprises a connection portion and a scraping portion.


Manufacturing apparatus

The present invention relates to a manufacturing apparatus comprising a polymer blade for scraping soap adhered to a roll mill used to make bar soaps. The manufacturing apparatus can be used to manufacture bar soaps, particularly zinc pyrithione (zpt) containing bar soaps, that is characterized by enhanced discoloration resistance and/or improve anti-microbial effect..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Scraping device, seed meter and single grain sowing machine

Sowing heart for a single-grain sowing machine comprising: a sowing disk rotatable in a rotational direction r, the sowing disk having at least two sowing hole series, arranged concentrically to the sowing disk, with sowing holes, a receiving area for receiving seed at the sowing holes and a dispensing area for dispensing seed, in front of the dispensing area, a wiping device is provided for singulating seed at the sowing holes during the operation of the sowing heart, which has a first wiping element for the first sowing hole series and a second wiping elementfor the second sowing hole series, whereby the wiping elements are coupled and are designed to be adjustable with respect to one another. In addition, the invention relates to a single-grain sowing machine with a considerable number of sowing aggregates, in each case with an above-mentioned sowing heart and a corresponding wiping device..
Kverneland As


Device and partial decoating and/or machining of material from a workpiece

The present invention relates to a device for partial decoating and/or machining removal of a steel sheet coated with a metal coating and/or provided with a parasitic layer, wherein the device has a machining tool in the form of a scraping roller and wherein the scraping roller comprises a cutting edge for scraping the metal coating and/or parasitic layer off the steel-sheet surface, and wherein furthermore the scraping roller is rotatable about a rotation axis perpendicular to a main plane of extent of the steel sheet, the scraping roller has a circumferential face which is concentric with the rotation axis and in which at least one circumferential groove is formed, the groove has two lateral groove boundary faces that originate from the groove bottom face, wherein at least one of the two groove boundary faces has the cutting edge and the device is configured such that during decoating and/or machining removal, the at least one cutting edge scrapes over the steel-sheet edge in a manner parallel to the main plane of extent of the steel sheet.. .
Thyssenkrupp Steel Europe Ag


Multiple cosmetics press-to-dispense cosmeticizing device

A cosmeticizing device that allows for loading of various cosmetic liquids for enabling non-interrupted supply of the cosmetic liquids through hand pressing. A cosmetic container body has an end forming a tubular opening receiving a valve seat for fixing a cosmeticizing component and an inner tubular bottom to which a valve disk is movably mounted for closing the bottom of the container.


Developer container, image forming unit and image forming apparatus

A developer container includes a developer containing part that has an cylindrical hollow shape inside and contains developer therein; and an agitation member that is elastic and rotatably provided inside the developer containing part, rotating around a rotation axis that is a center of the cylindrical hollow shape, having at least a side edge extending in the rotation axis. The developer containing part has a side wall part on one end thereof in a direction of the rotation axis of the agitation member, the side wall extending to correspond to the side edge of the agitation member and scraping a surface of the side wall while the agitation member rotates, the side wall part has a projection part that projects toward inside of the developer containing part so that the side edge of the agitation member is elastically deformed by the projection part when passing over the projection part..
Oki Data Corporation


Furniture leg sock with caster holder

A furniture leg protective sock to prevent a furniture leg from scraping or marring a floor includes a stretchable/expandable double-layered non-friction material to form an outer layer, an inner layer, and a gap therebetween; and a caster cup. The caster cup may be located in the gap between the outer layer of the stretchable/expandable double-layered non-friction material and the inner layer of the stretchable/expandable double-layered non-friction material; attached to the outer layer of the stretchable/expandable double-layered non-friction material; or attached to the inner layer of the stretchable/expandable double-layered non-friction material..


Displacement of scraping rollers

An apparatus is disclosed for processing the skin side (5) of a tubular pelt (3), the apparatus comprising an elongated tapering mandrel (1) for supporting the pelt with its skin side turned outwards, a scraping device comprising a first set of primary scraping roller (6, 7) arranged on opposing sides of the mandrel and a second set of primary scraping rollers (8, 9) arranged on other opposing sides of the mandrel, the scraping device further comprising primary rotation means (6, 7, 8, 9) for rotating said primary scraping rollers during processing of a pelt so as to engage a skin side of the pelt, moving means for conducting a relative movement between the scraping device and the mandrel in the longitudinal direction of the mandrel, and displacement means for displacing at least one scraping roller in the direction of the axis of rotation of said scraping roller.. .
Jasopels A/s


Collagen permeated medical implants

The invention herein relates to the field of attaching and securing manmade material onto or into bone in correcting bone defects by implanting stress-bearing bone replacements. In particular, the invention relates to applying a coating of collagen securely onto the implant to ensure the collagen material will not be removed from the implant during installation, such as screwing the anchor into the bone.
Mccoy Enterprises, Llc


Component mounter

A component mounter which picks components which are stored in tape and supplied from a component supply device by a component picking device and mounts components on a board which is conveyed by a board conveyance device including a waste box which stores the cut tape after the components are picked, a scraping out device which can scrape the tape out of the waste box, and a control device which controls scraping out the stored tape by the scraping out device when the tape is stored in the waste box to a predetermined amount.. .
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd


Image processing apparatus

An image processing apparatus comprises a heat roller configured to have a roller surface for contacting a medium on which the unfixed toner image is transferred; a press roller configured opposite to the heat roller; a guide configured along a conveyance space from an inlet arranged at the downstream side in the conveyance direction of the medium, which is conveyed and nipped by the heat roller and the press roller, to an outlet of the medium; a lever configured to be provided with a swing shaft with respect to the guide, a peeling claw arranged at the inlet side for scraping the toner off the roller surface, and a lever end positioned at the outlet side; and a swing section configured to swing and energize the lever to make the lever end protrude into the conveyance space, wherein the lever that is swung and energized by the swing section repeats the following operations: separating the peeling claw in a contacted state with the roller surface from the roller surface, and restoring the peeling claw to the contacted state.. .
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Threaded bone filling material plunger

Described herein are devices, systems and method for assuring that connection regions (e.g., threaded regions) of stabilization devices are clear of bone filling materials such as bone cements. A stabilization device may be referred to as a bone stabilization device or an anchor, and may be a self-expanding device configured for insertion into bone.
Spinealign Medical, Inc.


Detecting and breaking captcha automation scripts and preventing image scraping

A security device may receive a request from a client device and intended for a server device. The security device may identify the request as being associated with a malicious activity.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Enhanced momentum cleaning device for rotating belt screens and filters

The present technology is directed to fluid filtration systems having enhanced momentum cleaning devices for filter belts and associated systems and methods. In some embodiments, for example, a filtering system includes a fluid channel having a continuous-loop filter belt positioned therein.
Blue Water Technologies, Inc.


Ultrasonic tongue scraper

Apparatuses and methods clean and/or scrape bacterial build-up and other undesirable material from the surface of the tongue via an ultrasonic tongue scraper. The ultrasonic tongue scraper can provide manual scraping as well as mechanical vibration and ultrasound to assist the manual scraping..
Goldspire Group Limited


Oral hygiene tool

An oral hygiene tool has a tongue scraper with an elongate scraper body having an elongate upper edge forming a scraping surface for the tongue, and an elongate connector body connected to the elongate scraper body. There oral hygiene tool also has a toothbrush with an elongate toothbrush body and a plurality of brushes.


Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes: an image bearing member for bearing a toner image; a movable intermediary transfer member onto which the toner image is to be transferred from the image bearing member; and a cleaning member, contacting a surface of the intermediary transfer member, for scraping off a toner from the surface of the intermediary transfer member which moves. At the surface of the intermediary transfer member, a plurality of grooves are formed along a surface movement direction of the intermediary transfer member.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Electrophotographic image-forming device provided with end seal member

An electrophotographic image-forming device which permits reduction in the size of the device to be made possible, and which permits prevention of toner leakage through use of a sealing member having projections and recesses, said sealing member serving as an end seal member. The image-forming device has a sealing member which serves as an end seal member for a toner carrier.
Sanwa Techno Co., Ltd.


Device for sucking up beverages

Device for sucking up beverages, which comprises a tubular body (1) with open ends (2, 3), the lower end (2) of which is inserted into a beverage contained in a vessel, while the user's mouth is placed over the upper end (3) so as to suck up the beverage; it is characterized in that the outer surface of a section of the lower end of the tubular body (1) comprises at least one longitudinal lateral extension (4, 4′, 4″) that can be used to stir, break up, separate, scrape out, scrape up, mix, churn and as a spoon. The lateral extension may be hollow or solid and have, on the upper and lower surface thereof, a groove (7, 7a, 7b) for retaining components with a lower density than the beverage, to facilitate drinking.


Method and harvesting thigh meat and oyster meat from a poultry thigh

A method and apparatus are provided for harvesting thigh meat and oyster meat from a poultry thigh that includes a thigh bone with a hip knuckle and a knee knuckle. The poultry thigh is held at a knuckle, after which meat present on the thighbone below the knuckle is scraped from the thighbone away from the knuckle.
Meyn Food Processing Technology B.v.


Spiral irrigation filter cleaning apparatus

A spiral irrigation filter cleaning apparatus includes a filter framework having a tubular wall defining a plurality of apertures, the filter framework having a platform extending outwardly from the lower end. A filter media is constructed of a flexible and permeable material configured to wrap around the filter framework.


Dna medicated collection kits

Provided are kits for collecting samples from a person for dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing. The kits can optionally also allow for collection of a urine sample.
Asclemed Usa, Inc. Dba Enovachem Manufacturing


Flexible reusable smoker's tool

One embodiment of an improved smoker's tool which is flexible, resilient yet minimally rigid for providing a tool for many types of complex smoking and vaporizing devices, which better removes spent organic matter, which can be cleaned and reused, shaped and reshaped, as well as providing a handle (17), and possible embodiments of a reamer (20), tamper (30) and scraping blade (18) as well as other useful implements. The flexible reusable smoker's tool generally includes single or multiple flat strips (11) twisted with strands (10) for part of their length.


Novel pipe cleaner

A novel pipe cleaner is provided. The novel pipe cleaner may include a housing component providing an elongated tube that detachably secures a brush component on one end and a pick component on an opposing end.


Coating device and coating method

The disclosure provides a coating device and a coating method. The coating device is used for coating viscous ink on a substrate to form a film.
Microcosm Technology Co., Ltd.

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