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Sclera patents

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Device for use in glaucoma surgery

Geuder Ag

Device for use in glaucoma surgery

Systems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions

Tear Film Innovations

Systems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions

Systems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions

Innovative Glaucoma Solutions

Method and apparatus for treating an ocular disorder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sclera-related patents
 Cycloduction measurement device, cycloduction measurement method, and cycloduction measurement program patent thumbnailnew patent Cycloduction measurement device, cycloduction measurement method, and cycloduction measurement program
This cycloduction measurement device is provided with a blood vessel position recognition unit and a first angle calculation unit. The blood vessel position recognition unit recognizes the position of a blood vessel in a sclera region in an eye image, and acquires information pertaining to the position of the blood vessel.
University Of Tsukuba
 Device for use in glaucoma surgery patent thumbnailDevice for use in glaucoma surgery
The invention relates to a device for use in glaucoma surgery intended for implantation in the eye. The device comprises a flat head region (8), a probe (6) which adjoins the head region (8), and a relief channel (7) which extends through the head region (8) and the probe (6) and is open at both sides.
Geuder Ag
 Systems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions patent thumbnailSystems and methods for the treatment of eye conditions
Systems, methods, and devices used to treat eyelids, meibomian glands, ducts, and surrounding tissue are described herein. In some embodiments, an eye treatment device is disclosed, which includes a scleral shield positionable proximate an inner surface of an eyelid, the scleral shield being made of, or coated with, an energy-absorbing material activated by a light energy, and an energy transducer positionable outside of the eyelid, the energy transducer configured to provide light energy at one or more wavelengths, including a first wavelength selected to heat the energy-absorbing material.
Tear Film Innovations Llc
 Method and  treating an ocular disorder patent thumbnailMethod and treating an ocular disorder
Embodiments of the claimed invention are directed to the treatment of glaucoma (or conditions of elevated intraocular pressure) using a novel ab interno trabeculotomy procedure that uses a flexible device. At least one advantage of the present method is that it does not require a conjunctival or scleral incision, which in turn improves patient recovery time and healing..
Innovative Glaucoma Solutions, Llc
 (bacterio)chlorophyll photosensitizers for treatment of eye diseases and disorders patent thumbnail(bacterio)chlorophyll photosensitizers for treatment of eye diseases and disorders
An ophthalmic composition is provided, comprising chlorophyll or bacteriochlorophyll compounds for photodynamic treatment (pdt) of diseases, disorders and conditions associated with corneal or scleral anomalies such as corneal thinning and scleral stretching.. .
Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.
 Glaucoma treatment device patent thumbnailGlaucoma treatment device
Methods and devices are adapted for implanting into the eye. An incision is formed in the cornea of the eye and a shunt is inserted through the incision into the anterior chamber of the eye.
Transcend Medical, Inc.
 Scleral fixation bag patent thumbnailScleral fixation bag
A method is described for introducing a scleral fixation bag into an eye. The scleral fixation bag includes haptics that extend therefrom.
 Accommodation stimulation and recording device patent thumbnailAccommodation stimulation and recording device
Embodiments described herein generally relate to devices and methods for stimulation or recording of accommodation of an eye. Accommodation of an eye naturally occurs through contraction of the ciliary muscle.
University Of Houston System
 Method and device for the treatment of glaucoma patent thumbnailMethod and device for the treatment of glaucoma
The invention relates to a method and a device for treatment of glaucoma, wherein by means of an elongated catheter provided with a distal portion and a proximal portion, a tube-shaped implant is inserted and released in a schlemm's canal with two opposite openings exposed by an incision and a folded up scleral flap. In a first phase, the distal portion inserted into the schlemm's canal through the first opening, while a fluid or gaseous medium is injected at the same time, and exited through the second opening, which is, in circumferential direction, oppositely located.
 Eye covering and refractive correction methods and apparatus having improved tear flow, comfort, and/or applicability patent thumbnailEye covering and refractive correction methods and apparatus having improved tear flow, comfort, and/or applicability
An eye covering such as a contact lens may comprise one or more structures to pump tear liquid under the covering such that the covering can remain in the eye and correct vision for an extended amount of time. In many embodiments, the covering comprises a material having fenestrations to draw tear liquid under the covering and an outer portion shaped to contact the conjunctiva over the sclera, such that when the eye closes pressure of one or more eyelids urges tear liquid through one or more fenestrations and under the outer portion shaped to contact the conjunctiva.

Single shot high resolution conjunctival small vessel perfusion evaluating microvasculature in systemic and ocular vascular diseases

A system and method for generating high-resolution, small vessel perfusion maps (ncpms) of the ocular conjunctival microvasculature. Unlike current systems and methods, the present invention allows for the generation of ncpms using only a single raw image obtained in a single image acquisition step.

Model newborn human eye and face manikin

A model newborn human eye which includes a hemispherical-shaped, integrally molded top assembly comprising a visually transparent cornea portion surrounding a visually opaque sclera portion in combination with a hemispherical-shaped bottom assembly comprising a bowl-shaped substrate disposed therein. The model newborn human eye further comprises a retinal layer comprising a two dimensional image of retinal vasculature disposed on said substrate, where the model newborn human eye is dimensioned for diagnosing retinopathy of prematurity (“rop”) in premature infants..

Scleral lens solution

A scleral lens solution comprising an aqueous mixture that includes sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium cations and a ph in a range from about 6.5 to about 8.7.. .

Retinal prosthesis

The present invention relates to retinal prostheses, and in particular to the transfer of electrical power and data from outside of the human body to such a prosthesis. The retinal prosthesis comprises: a retinal electrode array implanted in the eye to stimulate the retina.

Ophthalmic shunt and method

An ophthalmic shunt includes a seal or septum through which multiple injections of the therapeutic agent can be made as needed, thereby avoiding repeated injury to the sclera. The therapeutic agent is temporarily carried in a tube connected to the septum.

Device for treatment of glaucoma and prevention of sub-scleral fibrosis and blockage

A device for treatment of glaucoma and prevention of sub-scleral fibrosis and blockage. This invention relates to a device for treatment of glaucoma comprising of a circular patch (1) with a plurality of holes wherein the patch is made of biocompatible material.

Ophthalmic apparatus

An ophthalmic apparatus for guiding positioning an intraocular lens for astigmatism correction, includes: an obtaining unit for obtaining an anterior segment image of a patient's eye and an astigmatic axis of a patient's cornea; a feature point designating unit for defining a feature point of an iris or a sclera on the anterior segment image; and a display control unit for superimposing and displaying a gauge image that models a cornea gauge and an axis that represents the astigmatic axis of the cornea on the anterior segment image.. .

Secondary pigmentary glaucoma iris scraping treatment method and iris scraping tool

An iris scraping surgical method using an iris scraping tool treats secondary pigmentary glaucoma. The iris scraping tool is inserted through an incision in the sclera made with a separate surgical instrument.

Ophthalmic implant for delivering therapeutic substances

Described are implantable therapeutic devices, systems and methods to treat a patient. The device includes a hollow refillable housing for implantation within the posterior segment of an eye through a penetration in the sclera including a proximal retention structure protruding outward from a proximal end region of the housing, an access portion opening, and a penetrable barrier positioned at least in part within the access portion opening, the penetrable barrier configured to be repeatedly penetrated.

Inhibition of collagen synthesis

Therapies and compositions for reducing collagen synthesis in mammalian cells and tissues wherein the targets are scleraxis, scleraxis-binding sites, receptor-regulated smads, and/or binding sites for receptor-regulated smads whereby synergistic interactions between scleraxis proteins and receptor-regulated smads are reduced, inhibited, interfered with, stopped, and/or prevented thereby reducing, inhibiting and/or interfering with the activation of collagen 1α2 promoter thereby inhibiting collagen production in mammalian cells and tissues. Alternatively, the therapies and compositions may reduce, inhibit, interfere with, stop, and/or prevent binding of the collagen 1α2 promoter to dna thereby inhibiting expression of the collagen 1α2 gene in mammalian cells and tissues..

Treatments of extracellular matrices of the eye

System and methods for a corrective eye procedure include at least one application device configured to be positioned at a selected area of an eye (e.g., equatorial sclera, posterior sclera, cornea, etc.). The at least one device includes at least one channel and at least one illumination guide.

Device and ciliary muscle compression for increaseing the amplitude of accommodation

The present invention relates generally to a device and method for the treatment of, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, and increasing the amplitude of accommodation. In an illustrative embodiment, the device includes a self-expanding wire.

System and ophthalmic laser surgery employing eye tracking without eye docking

A system and method for performing ophthalmic surgery using an ultra-short pulsed laser is provided. The system includes a laser engine configured to provide an ultra-short pulsed laser beam, optics configured to direct the laser beam to an undocked eye of a patient, an eye tracker configured to measure five degrees of freedom of movement of the undocked eye, an optical coherence tomography module configured to measure depth of the undocked eye, and a controller configured to control laser beam position on the undocked eye toward a desired laser pattern based on depth and the five degrees of freedom of movement of the undocked eye.

Hybrid ophthalmic interface apparatus

Apparatus and methods are provided for interfacing an ophthalmic surgical laser with an eye using a patient interface (pi). The pi may include a closed, fluid-filled bladder having fiducials that contacts and deforms to the eye.

Trans-sclera portal for delivery of therapeutic agents

A portal through the sclera for delivery of an effective amount of therapeutic agent to the back of the eye.. .

Intraocular shunt implantation methods and devices

The present invention generally relates to devices and methods of implanting an intraocular shunt into an eye. In certain aspects, methods of the invention involve creating an opening in the sclera, and positioning a shunt in the anterior chamber of the eye such that the shunt terminates via the opening in the intra-scleral space, thereby facilitating fluid flow through both the opening and the intra-scleral space..

Apparatus for monitoring one or more surgical parameters of the eye

An apparatus for monitoring one or more surgical parameters of the eye over multiple sessions which are temporally spaced apart and between which the eye of the patient can have moved, said apparatus comprising: a camera for taking one or more images of the eye; a module for determining during a first session said at least one surgical parameter of the eye and its coordinates based on the image taken by said camera in a first coordinate system; a module for determining during a second session temporally spaced apart from said first session said at least one surgical parameter of the eye and its coordinates based on the image taken by said camera in a second coordinate system; a module for determining the eye motion in six degrees of freedom between said first and said second session and for determining a coordinate transformation based thereon; a module for transforming based on said determined eye motion said at least one surgical parameter of the eye and its coordinates from said first coordinate system into said second coordinate system; a module for quantifying and/or visualizing the change of said at least one surgical parameter of the eye and its coordinates between said first and said second session based on said surgical eye parameter and its coordinates measured during said second session and said transformed surgical eye parameter and its coordinates measured during said first session, wherein said surgical eye parameters are one or more of the following: implant-related parameters of the eye which are based on an implant which has been surgically placed in the eye of a patient; or the location and/or contour of corneal or limbal or scleral incisions.. .

Method for preventing the onset and progression of myopia

The present invention relates to ophthalmology, and is designated to prevent onset and progression of myopia. The treatment course, comprising eye exposure with magnetic field, transscleral low-energy laser radiation with wavelength of 1.3 microns, and additional optical—reflectory eye trainings, is conducted.

Glaucoma shunts with flow management and improved surgical performance

A method of treating glaucoma in an eye by managing fluid flow past an implanted shunt having an elastomeric plate and a non-valved elastomeric drainage tube. The plate is positioned over a sclera of the eye with an outflow end of the elastomeric drainage tube open to an outer face of the plate.

Manufacturing shape memory polymer intraocular devices

A shape memory polymer (smp) intraocular lens may have a refractive index above 1.45, a tg between 10° c. And 60° c., inclusive, de minimis or an absence of glistening, and substantially 100% transmissivity of light in the visible spectrum.

Method for treating glaucoma

A method of treating glaucoma or other eye disease in a patient is provided. The method includes injecting an eye of the patient with a cohesive monophasic gel containing cross-linked hyaluronic acid or its salt.

System and iris detection in digital images

A system and a method for iris detection in a face region of a digital image are disclosed. In one embodiment, iris is detected in the face region of the digital image using eye features, such as a shape of the iris and/or luminance values of a sclera region..

Animatronic eye with an electromagnetic drive and fluid suspension and with video capability

An animatronic eye with fluid suspension, electromagnetic drive, and video capability. The eye assembly includes a spherical, hollow outer shell that contains a suspension liquid.

Ophthalmic treatment device, system, and use

Ophthalmic treatment systems and methods of using the systems are disclosed. The ophthalmic treatment systems include (a) a light source device; (b) at least one optical treatment head operatively coupled to the light source device, comprising a light source array, and providing at least one treatment light; and (c) a light control device, which (i) provides patterned or discontinuous treatment light projection onto an eye (e.g., the cornea and/or sclera of an eye); or (ii) adjusts intensity of part or all of the light source array, providing adjusted intensity treatment light projection onto an eye (e.g., the cornea and/or sclera of an eye).

Retinal repair device and method

A device which may be formed of suitable elastomeric, biocompatible material is configured to be wedged into tenon's space between the orbital and scleral walls of the eye at the location of a retinal tear or break. When positioned, the device pushes the eye wall inward to close the tear, and fluid below the retinal wall resorbs..

Systems and methods for balancing infrared illumination in eye imaging

The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for eye imaging and, more particularly, for balancing illuminations in eye imaging. An asymmetric illumination method to compensate for the imbalance illumination caused by nose reflection is described.

Shape memory polymer intraocular lenses

A shape memory polymer (smp) intraocular lens may have a refractive index above 1.45, a tg between 10° c. And 60° c., inclusive, de minimis or an absence of glistening, and substantially 100% transmissivity of light in the visible spectrum.

System and procedure for enhancing ocular drainage

Various systems, apparatuses, and processes may be used for enhancing ocular drainage. In particular implementations, a system for ocular drainage may include an ocular interface that includes a base and a number of diathermy needles.

Method for preparing corneal donor tissue for refractive eye surgery utilizing the femtosecond laser

A method of accurately fabricating a non-human donor corneal tissue for implantation into a recipient human cornea, the method comprising the steps of: removing corneal tissue from a donor with a femtosecond laser; placing the corneal tissue in a fixative solution for a selected time interval to cross-link the collagen fibrils in the tissue and prevent swelling of the corneal tissue; and shaping the tissue to provide a conical inlay of a selected shape and thickness having one or more radial extensions. The method is such that the corneal inlay may be attached to the peripheral corneal and/or the sclera.

Sodium channel blocker delivery system with scleral lens

A scleral lens is provided with a sodium channel blocker or a sodium channel modulator disposed in the pre-corneal tear film between the scleral lens and the cornea. This system can be used to deliver sodium channel blockers or a sodium channel modulators not currently used because of poor bioavailability.

Scleral contact lens manufacturing

The different illustrative embodiments provide a method, computer program product, and apparatus for manufacturing a scleral contact lens. A number of dimensions for the scleral lens is generated based on a shape of an eye.

Implantable ophthalmic sensor cell

An implantable ophthalmic device connectable to an implantable accommodating lens includes a dual-chamber sensor cell having a first and second plate where the second plate is disposed opposite the first plate. A first chamber with a first flexible membrane is disposed on an inner side of the first plate.

Prostheses for ocular drug delivery and other treatments for glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other eye disorders or diseases

A scleral prosthesis includes an elongated body that is narrower in a middle and wider at opposing first and second ends. The body includes multiple first portions that form the first end of the body, where the first portions separated lengthwise along the body.

Methods and devices for drug delivery to ocular tissue using microneedle

Methods and devices are provided for targeted administration of a drug to a patient's eye. In one embodiment, the method includes inserting a hollow microneedle into the sclera of the eye at an insertion site and infusing a fluid drug formulation through the inserted microneedle and into the suprachoroidal space of the eye, wherein the infused fluid drug formulation flows within the suprachoroidal space away from the insertion site during the infusion.

Progressive multifocal rigid gas permeable contact lens

A contact lens is provided. It is a rigid gas permeable, corneal-scleral progressive, multifocal, vision lens that covers the cornea and a portion of the sclera of an eye.

Uveoscleral shunt and methods for implanting same

Devices and methods for treating intraocular pressure are disclosed. The devices include shunts for draining aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to the uveoscleral outflow pathway, including the supraciliary space and the suprachoroidal space.

Scleral epimacular implant

The scleral epimacular implant comprises an arm (6) with a curved configuration, having a first end (1), which can be affixed to a retina (8). The arm (6) comprises a second end (3) comprising a discoidal element (4), whose internal face facing the curvature of the arm (6) is constituted as an indentation platform (5), configured to be in contact with the retina (8) when the implant is placed in said retina (8)..

Eye shape modification systems

An eye shape modification (esm) system such as a scleral buckle featuring a band having a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and a first side; and a fixation zone disposed on the first side of the band. The fixation zone is adapted to accept sutures and can be sutured to a scleral surface.

Visual display with illuminators for gaze tracking

A visual display includes hidden reference illuminators adapted to emit invisible light for generating corneo-scleral reflections on an eye watching a screen surface of the display. The tracking of such reflections and the pupil center provides input to gaze tracking.

Eye position registering and tracking

Embodiments of the invention refer to a system for registering and tracking the position of a person's eye, in particular for refractive ophthalmic surgery. According to embodiments, the system is structured such that eye images containing at least the iris and the pupil of the eye are made at a first wavelength of light and that eye images containing scleral blood vessels are made at a different second wavelength of light.

Apparatus for stimulating and/or monitoring activity in tissue

A prosthesis is provided comprising a substrate having a distal end and a proximal end; and a plurality of electrodes located at or adjacent the distal end of the substrate. The distal end of the substrate is configured for insertion, via an incision, between first and second tissue layers, such as the sclera and choroid in the eye.

Laser instrument for eye therapy

A laser instrument for therapy on the human eye, designed for surgery of the cornea, the sclera, the vitreous body or the crystalline lens, especially suitable for use in immediate succession with other instruments for eye diagnosis or eye therapy, in such a way that during the alternating use of the various instruments, the eye or at least the patient preferably remains in a predetermined position and alignment within one and the same treatment area.. .

Patient simulating mannequin eye module

A patient simulating mannequin has a head, at least one electronic visual display mounted to the head, and an electronic controller connected to the at least one electronic visual display. The at least one electronic visual display displays at least one of a plurality of eye images in response to a signal from the electronic controller.

Shunt placement through the sclera

The present invention generally relates to intraocular shunts, and in particular, to intraocular shunts configured to form a drainage pathway between the anterior chamber and the intra-tenon's space.. .

Intracorneal drug delivery device and associated methods

Methods and devices for delivering an active agent into the eye of a subject are provided. In one aspect, an ocular device for delivering an active agent through a cornea of an eye of a subject can include a housing configured to couple to the eye of the subject and a corneal seal coupled to the housing and positioned in the housing to encircle the cornea during use to form a corneal region.

Use of cell-permeable peptide inhibitors of the jnk signal transduction pathway for the treatment of chronic or non-chronic inflammatory eye diseases

The present invention refers to the use of protein kinase inhibitors and more specifically to the use of inhibitors of the protein kinase c-jun amino terminal kinase, jnk inhibitor (poly-)peptides, chimeric peptides, or of nucleic acids encoding same as well as pharmaceutical compositions containing same, for the treatment of non-chronic or chronic inflammatory eye diseases, such as inflammatory diseases of the blephara, conjunctiva, cornea, sclera, the vitreous body, uvea, ciliary body, choroid, orbital bone, lacrimal gland, or iris, in particular wherein the inflammatory disease is selected from hordeolum, chalazion, conjunktivitis, keratitis, scleritis, episcleritis, endophthalmitis, panophtalmitis, irititis, uveitis, cyclitis, chorioiditis, orbital phlegmon, and myositis of the eye muscle etc.. .

Implant for the treatment of glaucoma

The invention refers to a tube configured as an implant for insertion at least at one location into the exposed schlemm's canal of an eye and which, for example, has been mechanically dilated. The elongated tube insertable into the schlemm's canal includes a plurality openings that are arranged at the tube in axial direction distanced from each other by ring parts and that are in communication with the trabecular tissue the interior space of the tube and the aqueous humor veins of the episcleral vein system and further includes openings oriented in axial direction at a circular arc shaped segment corresponding to the cross section profile of the tube.

Ocular drug delivery system

An ocular drug delivery system can include a composition in which a formulation including recombinant human growth hormone (rhgh) is contained in a polymer matrix. The composition is configured for placement in or on the eye of a subject, and provides controlled release of an amount of the rhgh to the eye effective to promote healing of a conjunctival, sclera and or corneal wound..

Method for treating filtration failure after trabeculectomy surgery

The current invention relates to the improvement of trabeculectomy surgery. The improvement more specifically resides in an extended lifetime of the sclera-corneal drainage channel created by trabeculectomy surgery.

Customized wavefront-guided methods, systems, and devices to correct higher-order aberrations

Methods and systems for manufacturing a wavefront-guided scleral lens prosthetic device customized for an eye of a patient include obtaining a first scleral lens prosthetic device with a central optic zone configured to vault over the eye's cornea and a peripheral haptic zone configured to align with the eye's sclera, collecting measurements of any offset and/or rotation of the first scleral lens prosthetic device relative to the eye's pupil and of any aberrations, particularly higher-order aberrations, generating a wavefront-guided profile from the measurements, and fabricating a second scleral lens prosthetic device with the profile on a surface of a central optic zone configured to vault over the eye's cornea and a peripheral haptic zone customized to align with the eye's sclera.. .

Method for laser treatment for glaucoma

Because vision loss in most forms of glaucoma is related to elevated iop, most glaucoma treatment protocols are concerned with lowering iop by increasing aqueous humor outflow. The invention utilizes electromagnetic radiation to create retraction in the iris tissue, thereby (a) reducing convexity and enlarging the drainage angle and thus the area of the anterior chamber, (b) reducing contact between the zonule fibers and the iris pigment epithelium, (c) applying greater tension to both the tm and uveoscleral outflow pathways, thereby enlarging those pathways and increasing outflow..

Methods and ocular surgery

Provided are devices and methods for controlling fluid egress from the eye during ocular surgery, including an ocular seal that is signed to fit in an incision in an eye tissue such as the cornea or sclera and includes one or more lumen for passage of instruments into the eye without permitting loss of fluids through the incision. Also provided is a system for cataract surgery including a globe stabilization device, a laser lens removal device, one or more corneal seals, an infusion line, and an anterior chamber pressure monitor..

Methods and devices for treating presbyopia

Architectures and techniques for treating conditions of the eye, such as presbyopia, utilize sources of treatment energy, such as electromagnetic energy emitting devices, to implement non-corneal manipulations. According to these devices and methods, the sources of treatment energy are activated to direct energy onto parts of the eye, such as the conjunctiva and sclera, to treat presbyopia.

Subconjuctival implant for posterior segment drug delivery

A therapeutic device can be configured to place the reservoir substantially between the conjunctiva and the scleral such that the size of the reservoir can be increased and the size of the scleral penetration decreased so as to decrease invasiveness. The device may comprise a substantially constant reservoir volume and drug release mechanism, in which the volume of the reservoir and mechanism are tuned to receive a quantity of therapeutic agent with a volume of injected formulation and release the therapeutic agent for an extended time with a release rate profile.

Aqueous humor micro-bypass shunts

A small shunt can be placed within the eye to aid in drainage of aqueous humor from the anterior chamber of the eye to a pocket between the conjunctiva and the sclera to be absorbed, or to secrete through the cornea or the sclera external to the eye for glaucoma or ocular hypertension treatment. This drainage can decrease the pressure of the eye and potentially modify the course of advancing glaucomatous optic neuropathy as it relates to eye pressure.

Methods and devices for minimally-invasive extraocular delivery of radiation to the posterior portion of the eye

Methods and devices for minimally-invasive delivery of radiation to the posterior portion of the eye including a cannula comprising a distal portion connected to a proximal portion and a means for advancing a radionuclide brachytherapy source (rbs) toward the tip of the distal portion; a method of introducing radiation to the human eye comprising inserting a cannula between the tenon's capsule and the sclera of the human eye and emitting the radiation from the cannula on an outer surface of said sclera.. .

Retinal prosthesis and manufacturing a retinal prosthesis

The present invention is an improved package and configuration for an implantable retinal prosthesis. The retinal prosthesis of the present invention includes an electrode array suitable to be mounted in close proximity to a retina, an electronics package and inductive receiving coil mounted next to each other on a strap surrounding the sclera so that the height above the sclera of the prosthesis is minimized..

Anterior ocular segment tomographic image analysis method and anterior ocular segment tomographic image analysis apparatus

To determine an opening degree of a chamber angle with higher accuracy compared to that of a conventional technology, provided is an anterior ocular segment tomographic image analysis method including: a first determination step of determining an approximated line that approximates a shape of an anterior surface of an iris along the anterior surface of the iris in an anterior ocular segment tomographic image; a second determination step of determining an approximated line extended part obtained by extending the approximated line until the approximated line crosses a baseline in contact with an inner surface of a cornea and an inner surface of a sclera of an anterior ocular segment in the anterior ocular segment tomographic image; and a calculation step of calculating an opening degree of an anterior chamber angle of the anterior ocular segment through use of the approximated line and the approximated line extended part.. .

Apparatus and formulations for suprachoridal drug delivery

Drug formulations, devices and methods are provided to deliver biologically active substances to the eye. The formulations are delivered into scleral tissues adjacent to or into the suprachoroidal space without damage to the underlying choroid.

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