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System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales

System, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales

System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scanner-related patents
 Secure real-time health record exchange patent thumbnailSecure real-time health record exchange
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for accessing electronic medical records are provided in which a portable computing device uniquely associated with a user authenticates an identification of the user and automatically retrieves information corresponding to the user from electronic healthcare records systems using the identification. The retrieved information may be combined with other information and electronically delivered to a healthcare provider or patient.
 System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales patent thumbnailSystem, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
 System, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales patent thumbnailSystem, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
 System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales patent thumbnailSystem, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
 Integrating local products into global web services, patent thumbnailIntegrating local products into global web services,
Systems and methods are disclosed herein for integrating locally carried products into web services provided by a global server. A user computing device, such as a mobile phone, is used to scan optical codes for products.
 System, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales patent thumbnailSystem, method and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
A system and method for conducting commerce and sales operations is disclosed. A sales representative identifies a customer, chooses a product, and completes a sales transaction using a front-end pos software application.
 Point of sale offer redemptions patent thumbnailPoint of sale offer redemptions
Processing of point of sale (“pos”) redemptions via a “tap” of a contactless device comprises a pos data collector that facilitates a connection with a contactless device. A merchant scans items for purchase using a pos scanner, which captures product identification information.
 System and method for determining dosimetry in ophthalmic photomedicine patent thumbnailSystem and method for determining dosimetry in ophthalmic photomedicine
A system and method for treating ophthalmic target tissue, including a light source for generating a beam of light, a beam delivery system that includes a scanner for generating patterns, and a controller for controlling the light source and delivery system to create a dosimetry pattern of the light beam on the ophthalmic target tissue. One or more dosage parameters of the light beam vary within the dosimetry pattern, to create varying exposures on the target tissue.
 Pet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging patent thumbnailPet/mr scanners for simultaneous pet and mr imaging
In a combined system, a magnetic resonance (mr) scanner includes a magnet configured to generate a static magnetic field at least in a mr examination region from which mr data are acquired. Radiation detectors are configured to detect gamma rays generated by positron-electron annihilation events in a positron emission tomography (pet) examination region.
 Chemiluminescence compact imaging scanner patent thumbnailChemiluminescence compact imaging scanner
Systems, devices, and methods for accurately imaging chemiluminescence and other luminescence are disclosed. A compact, flat-bed scanner having a light-tight enclosure, one or more detector bars of linear charge-coupled device (ccd) or complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) imaging chips, and high working numerical aperture (na) optics scans closely over a sample in one direction and then the opposite direction.
Fast iterative image reconstruction method for 3d computed tomography
This invention relates to a high resolution and low dosage tomographic imaging in three dimensions, and more particularly, to a fully analytical fast iterative statistical algorithm for image reconstruction from projections obtained in a spiral cone-beam x-ray scanner is described. The presented method allows to improve the resolution of the reconstructed images and/or to decrease the x-ray intensity while maintaining the quality of the obtained ct images, because the signals obtained are adapted to the specific statistics for this imaging technique.
Scanner device and method executed in scanner device
A scanner device and a method executed in the scanner device are provided. The scanner device includes a generating unit that generates original image data representing a scanned original; a preparing unit that prepares one color-conversion profile among a plurality of color-conversion profiles having different data sizes, according to a feature of the original image data; and an outputting unit that outputs the original image data and the one color-conversion profile..
Locker system using barcoded wristbands
A locker system includes one or more banks of electronic lockers. Each locker has a door lock that releasably retains the door in the closed position.
Method of mobile optical recognition
A method of mobile optical recognition involves equipping authorized parties with a tag capable of generating a light spectrum signal. A step is taken of sending from a mobile device having a scanner a signal interrogating the tag.
Unauthorized product detection techniques
An unauthorized-product detection system may compare data representing various authentication markers of items presumed to have been produced or sourced by a particular entity with stored data representing valid authentication markers of items produced or sourced by the particular entity. The authentication markers may represent inherent physical characteristics of the items or their packaging, or may be generated and applied to the items or their packaging to facilitate counterfeit detection and/or for other purposes.
Vehicle damage processing and information system
A system that determines an estimate of damage to a surface area of a vehicle. The system may include a scanner that generates scanning data representative of a surface area of the vehicle.
Ophthalmological device for treating eye tissue
An ophthalmological device (10) for treating eye tissue (6) with laser pulses (l) comprises a projection optical unit (3) for focused projection of the laser pulses (l), a scanner system (1) for dynamically deflecting the laser pulses (l) and a zoom system (20), which is arranged between the projection optical unit (3) and the scanner system (1) and which is configured to adjust the focused projection of the laser pulses (l) in the projection direction (r) in different zoom settings (z). The ophthalmological device (10) moreover comprises a displacement device (4), which is configured to displace the scanner system (1) depending on the zoom setting (z) of the zoom system (20).
Otoscanner with fan and ring laser
An otoscanner including a conical laser-reflective optical element and a laser light source and the conical laser-reflecting optical element are configured so that the conical laser-reflecting optical element, when illuminated by the laser light source, projects a broken ring of laser light upon an interior surface of the ear when the ear probe is positioned in the ear and a diffractive laser optic lens and the laser light source and the diffractive laser optic lens are configured so that the diffractive laser optic lens, when illuminated by the laser light source, projects upon an interior surface of the ear a fan of laser light at a predetermined angle with respect to a front surface of the diffractive laser optic lens when the ear probe is positioned in the ear.. .
Personalized play with rewards for games of chance
A personal play system and process are used provide alternative prize structures to lottery players at random or based on player characteristics. An authorized player accesses their user account in the system and creates a personalized game document.
Device and method for contribution accounting
A system or apparatus employing a multi-functional scanner and software running upon a computing device for capturing payment or donation data from indicia positioned upon scanned documents tendered with donations or payments and optionally, subsequent total compilation and entry of thereof directly into accounting software.. .
Excised specimen imaging using a combined pet and micro ct scanner
Embodiments of the present invention provide methods and apparatus for imaging a tissue specimen excised during surgery with a combined positron emission tomography (pet) and micro computed tomography (micro ct) scanner. The specimen is scanned with a ct imaging system of the combined pet and micro ct scanner.
Enhanced scanning of transparent fibers
An apparatus and methods for scanning and measuring transparent fibers. One example method includes placing the transparent fibers on a platen of a flat-bed style scanner and compressing the transparent fibers to the platen with a cover including a non-reflective surface adjacent to the transparent fibers.
Walk-through security gate, in particular for use at airports
The invention relates to a walk-through security gate (1), in particular for the use at airports for demarcation between a secured zone and an unsecured zone, wherein the gate can be opened in accordance with the checking of access data such as a flight ticket and a blocking element (6) that blocks the gate is pivoted from a blocked position into a walk-through position in the context. Corresponding fully automatic solutions are part of the prior art in the context.
System and method for providing a distributed decisioning environment for processing of financial transactions
A system and method for providing one or more client systems for communicating with a host system over a network. The client systems use a scanner to convert a paper form of a check, coupon, or other paper document to a digital representation and then the client systems send the digital representation over a network to the host system for storage.
Cutting decision-making system and method for donated tissues
A system and method for cut decision-making to increase tissue yield includes a three-dimensional scanner configured to collect scan data of a tissue sample. A computer system includes a processor and memory and is configured to receive the scan data to generate a digital model of the tissue sample.
Infrared scanner and projector to indicate cancerous cells
Provided herein are methods and devices for detecting and/or indicating cancerous cells. In some embodiments, infrared light can be used to induce an infrared signature of one or more cells and visible light can be used to indicate the one or more cells having the infrared signature..
System and method for automated initialization and registration of navigation system
A system and method for image registration includes tracking (508) a scanner probe in a position along a skin surface of a patient. Image planes corresponding to the position are acquired (510).
X-ray scanner with partial energy discriminating detector array
The present specification describes a scanning/inspection system configured as a dual-view system using dual-energy sensitive stacked detectors that are partially populated with multi-energy discriminating detectors for overall enhanced energy resolution and therefore improved discrimination of materials through better estimation of material physical properties such as density and effective atomic number.. .
Modulating gantry rotation speed and image acquisition in respiratory correlated (4d) cone beam ct images
A method of optimizing 4d cone beam computed tomography (4dcbct) imaging is provided that includes using a scanner to generate projections of a target, where the projections are used to form a cone beam computed tomography (cbct) scan of the target, where the cbct includes a 3d image of the target, and using an appropriately programmed computer to control rotation speed of a gantry and projection acquisition of the cbct in real-time according to a measured patient respiratory signal, where the real-time acquisition of the cbct forms an optimized 4dcbct image set.. .
Laser scanning microscope having an illumination array
The invention relates to a laser scanning microscope (lsm), consisting of at least one light source, from which an illumination beam path in the direction of a sample originates, at least one detection beam path for passing sample light, preferably fluorescence light, onto a detector arrangement, it main colour separator for separating the illumination and detection beam paths, a microlens array for generating a light source grid composed of at least two light sources, a scanner for generating a relative movement between the illumination light and the sample in at least one direction, and a microscope objective, wherein the lens array is arranged in at common part of illumination and detection beam paths.. .
Image scanner and image scanning system
An image scanning system may include an image scanner and a terminal. In some arrangements, upon receiving a scan start command to start scanning the document, the image scanner may generate scan image data.
Method of decoding barcode with imaging scanner having multiple object sensors
A method of decoding using an imaging scanner having multiple object sensors each associated with an object field of view. The method includes determining a moving direction of the object using at least two of the multiple object sensors.
Bandscanner, multi-media management, streaming, and electronic commerce techniques implemented over a computer network
Various aspects disclosed herein are directed to different techniques for: analyzing webpage content, and identifying references to artist names. When a match is identified, the web page may be dynamically and automatically modified to causes display of a “play” button next to the matched artist name displayed on the webpage.
Method and system for enhanced scanner user interface
A method and system for presenting vehicle information. A functional part of a vehicle is selected to be examined and information related to the selected function part is received.
Method of digitally constructing a prosthesis
A prosthetic limb and process to digitally construct a prosthetic limb which includes first, digitally producing a modified mold of a residual limb via 3d scanners and software; constructing a test socket from the digitally modified mold and be equipped with an alignable system; accurately scanning the test socket, along with finalized alignment that has been recorded and adjusted by a certified practitioner to provide a 3-d image of the finalized prosthetic alignment; transferring the finalized digital alignment of the test socket to the finalized digitally modified mold; once the modified model has received the transferred alignment, fabricating the type of hookup in the socket; i.e., plug fit, four hole, support drop lock, or any other type of industry standard connection or accommodation via basic 3d software; and once the desired prosthetic attachment is finalized, sending finished file to a 3-d printer to produce the definitive prosthetic device.. .
Intravascular ultrasound imaging apparatus, interface, architecture, and method of manufacturing
Sold-state intravascular ultrasound (ivus) imaging devices, systems, and methods are provided. Some embodiments of the present disclosure are particularly directed to compact and efficient circuit architectures and electrical interfaces for an ultrasound transducer array used in a solid-state ivus system.
Rotation type optical tomography scanner
A rotation type optical tomography scanner is provided, including an illuminating unit disposed on a surface of an object-to-be-detected for emitting incident light to tissues under the surface of the object-to-be-detected; a detecting unit disposed on the object-to-be-detected and rotating around the illuminating unit to receive diffuse light diffused from the tissues under the surface of the object-to-be-detected and generate tissue sensing information; and a positioning unit for generating position information of the rotation type optical tomography scanner. The rotation type optical tomography scanner transmits the sensing information and the position information to a remodel module to rebuild the tissue images under the surface of the object-to-be-detected, thereby expanding the scanning range of the object-to-be-detected..
Infrared dental imaging
Dental imaging systems include an optical scanner that scans one or more interrogation beams across a portion of at least one tooth to produce a dentally modulated light flux associated with light scattering, absorption, or other interaction of the interrogation beam and a tooth interior. The dentally modulated light flux is detected and processed to produce picture information associated with the tooth.
Axially varying truncation completion for mr-based attenuation correction for pet/mr
An apparatus and method for a pet/mr system having a pet scanner and an mr scanner. A patient may be advanced through the system in sequential stations, with multiple transverse slices defined within at least one of the stations in which each slice is offset a distance Δz from the station centerline.
Ultra wide band achromatic risley prism scanner
A system and method for scanning a wide band beam is presented. An apparatus includes a pair of prism triplets.
Actuator, optical scanner, and image formation apparatus
An actuator includes: a movable portion that swingably moves around a first axis; a first shaft that extends from the movable portion and swingably supports the movable portion around the first axis; a frame portion that is connected to the first shaft and swingably moves around a second axis that intersects the first axis; a second shaft that extends from the frame portion and swingably supports the frame portion around the second axis; a support portion connected to the second shaft; a coil provided on the frame portion; and a magnet that produces a magnetic field that acts on the coil, wherein the frame portion is so formed that the frame portion surrounds the movable portion, the first shaft, the second shaft, and the support portion in a plan view viewed in a thickness direction of the movable portion.. .
Receipts scanner and financial organizer
A portable device is configured to obtain an image of a document, the document being of no predefined format and containing numerical data. The numerical data is extracted and automatically organized into a report in a predefined or customized format and stored into a database.
Scanner and process for detecting a scan lid open condition
A scanner and process for detecting a scan lid open condition. The scan lid open condition is detected by aligning two scan bars with one another, illumining one of the scan bars with a predetermined illumining pattern and during the illumining, scanning the illumined scan bar with the other scan bar.
Scanner-driven push operation realized by image forming apparatus having no auxiliary storage device
An image forming system includes an image forming apparatus and an information processing apparatus coupled to the network. The image forming apparatus stores, in a memory device, an information processing apparatus identifier that is assigned to a button of the image forming apparatus and transmits, to the information processing apparatus, press-down information of the button that includes the information processing apparatus identifier.
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, program, and ophthalmic apparatus
A distortion in an image, which occurs when the image is formed by scanning a retina with a resonance scanner, is reduced. An image forming apparatus for forming an image of an object to be inspected includes: a detecting unit for detecting signals relating to a resonance scanner which is set to scan the object to be inspected with measurement light at a first frequency; a determining unit for determining a second frequency which is estimated to be used for the scanning by the resonance scanner, based on a correlation between groups of the detected signals for each cycle of the first frequency; and an image forming unit for forming the image of the object to be inspected based on the determined second frequency..
Cabling system and method for monitoring and managing physically connected devices over a data network
The present disclosure relates to a method and system configured to monitor devices that are physically connected over a data network, said system comprising at least one scanner configured to monitor said data network and to determine devices that are physically connected over said data network, said at least one scanner being connected to at least one panel over said data network, wherein at least one terminal of each panel is connected to an electronic circuitry, which comprises one or more electronic components, for enabling said at least one scanner to determine changes in one of voltage or current level over at least one of said one or more electronic components, said changes occurring due to connecting or disconnecting devices over said data network, thereby enabling said at least one scanner to monitor devices that are physically connected over said data network.. .
Method of controlling illumination pulses to increase dynamic range in bioptic imager barcode scanner
A method for controlling a workstation includes the following: (1) energizing a first illuminator to illuminate a first subfield of view with a first illumination pulse and subsequently energizing the first illuminator to illuminate the first subfield of view with a second illumination pulse; (2) exposing the array of photosensitive elements in the imaging sensor for a first sensor-exposure time and subsequently exposing the array of photosensitive elements in the imaging sensor for a second sensor-exposure time; and (3) processing an image captured by the imaging sensor to decode a barcode in the image. The first illumination pulse overlaps with the first sensor-exposure time for a first overlapped-pulse-duration, and the second illumination pulse overlaps with the second sensor-exposure time for a second overlapped-pulse-duration.
Method of adjusting pointing directions of multiple cameras in barcode scanner
A workstation with a housing having a upright window and a horizontal window includes a printed circuit board having at least two imaging sensors thereon located in the housing, and a controller operative to read a barcode in a captured image. The workstation also includes a chassis firmly mounted on the printed circuit board, and two inserts each configured to hold steadily one of at least two lens assemblies.
System and method for wireless ultrasound probe pairing
A system for pairing a wireless ultrasound probe and an ultrasound scanner is provided. The ultrasound system comprises an ultrasound scanner comprising a near field communication reader capable of generating a near field communication activation field and a wireless ultrasound probe comprising a near field communication device, wherein the probe is adapted to transmit pairing information to the scanner via a near field communication protocol..
Ultrasound servicing system and method
An ultrasound servicing system is disclosed. The ultrasound servicing system comprises a near field communication enabled ultrasound scanner, and a near field communication enabled mobile device, wherein when the device is brought within a near field communication range of the scanner, a near field communication link is established for servicing the ultrasound scanner..
System, process, and computer program product for implementing a document scanner in a hand-held device
A system, process, and computer program product are provided for scanning a document with a hand-held device. An approach for scanning the document includes the steps of sampling one or more values from an array of sensors integrated into a hand-held device, determining whether the device has moved at least a threshold distance, and sampling one or more additional values from the array of sensors..
Method of final defect inspection
Disclosed is a method of final defect inspection, including preparing a final defect inspection apparatus which includes a host device, a microscope, a bar code scanner, a support tool and a signal transceiver, using the host device to calibrate an original point in an outline of the circuit board based on a plurality of original mark positions generated by an electromagnetic pen, using the electromagnetic pen to mark each defect position on the inspection region on the circuit board where any defect is found through the microscope, using the signal transceiver to receive and transmit each defect position to the host device, and using the host device to calculate the coordinate of a scrap region based on a relative position between the original point and each defect position so as to generate a shipment file.. .
Digital radiographic device having a linear scanner
An x-ray imaging apparatus comprises a platform connected to a frame, a sliding bar, a detector mounted on the sliding bar, an x-ray source, and a control system. The x-ray source includes a collimator to generate an x-ray exposure window.
Image display device and vehicle incorporating the same
An image display device includes a lens array, and a scanner to two-dimensionally scan the lens array with a light beam for image display, in which each of lenses of the lens array includes a convex surface with different curvatures in two directions orthogonal to the optical axis of the lens and to each other.. .
Actuator, light scanner, image display device, and head mounted display
An actuator includes: a movable section; a first shaft section adapted to swingably support the movable section around a first axis; and a reflecting section including a reflecting plate having a reflecting surface adapted to reflect light, and a support rod disposed on a surface of the reflecting plate on an opposite side to the reflecting surface, the support rod being fixed to the movable section, wherein a rib is provided to the surface of the reflecting plate on the opposite side to the reflecting surface.. .
Optical scanner and image forming device provided with the optical scanner
An optical scanner includes a housing, a polygon mirror accommodated within the housing and configured to reflect light of a light source, a lens accommodated within the housing and arranged on an optical path of the light reflected by the polygon mirror, and a cover member. The cover member is mounted to the housing and is provided with an opening formed so as to expose at least a portion of the lens.
Image scanning apparatus, method for image compensation and computer-readable recording medium
An image scanning apparatus and method are provided. The image scanning apparatus includes a scanner that scans a manuscript to generate a scan image, an image processor that calculates a manuscript boundary on the generated scan image as an equation and compensates a distortion of the scan image using the calculated equation, and a storage member that stores the scan image of which the distortion has been compensated..
Swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio demodulation devices and corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of low coherence interference displacement
This invention provides a swing-style and high signal-to-noise ratio low coherence interference demodulation devices and the corresponding demodulation method for the measurement of displacement. In the displacement sensing method, the optical path difference, which is built by the light reflections from the reference surface and the test object, varies with the displacement of the test object.
Projection exposure apparatus with optimized adjustment possibility
A projection exposure apparatus for microlithography includes: an illumination system configured to illuminate a mask in an object field with exposure light; and a projection objective comprising multiple optical elements configured to image the exposure light from the mask in the object field to a wafer in an image field. The projection exposure apparatus is a wafer scanner configured to move the wafer relative to the mask during an exposure of the wafer with the exposure light.
3d scene scanner and position and orientation system
A hand-held mobile 3d scanner (10) for scanning a scene. The scanner (10) comprises a range sensor (11) that is arranged to sense the location of surface points in the scene relative to the scanner (10) and generate representative location information, a texture sensor (12) that is arranged to sense the texture of each surface point in the scan of the scene and generate representative texture information, and a position and orientation sensor (13) that is arranged to sense the position and orientation of the scanner (10) during the scan of the scene and generate representative position and orientation information.
Light source driver, light source-driving method, image-forming apparatus, light source-driving circuit, and optical scanner
A light source driver includes a controller which outputs an undershoot current in synchronization with lighting complete timing in lighting information, wherein the controller is configured to output the undershoot current such that a voltage in a light source when the output of the undershoot current is complete is equal to a voltage in the light source before being turned on.. .
System and method for processing currency bills and tickets
A method of processing documents includes receiving a stack of documents including currency bills and substitute currency media. Each substitute currency medium has at least one barcode.
Bar code scanner with integrated surface authentication
In general, techniques are described for performing surface authentication with a scanning device to authenticate items. The scanning device or “scanner” that includes a bar code reader, a surface reader and a controller may implement the techniques.
Security method and apparatus
In accordance with an example embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a method comprising: maintaining a local database of trusted uniform resource locators (url) where an url is qualified to said database based on fulfilling predetermined criteria; detecting a request to access a uniform resource locator (url); obtaining reputation data for the url from a reputation server or from a local reputation scanner; comparing the obtained reputation data of the requested url with the reputation data of the requested url that is stored in the local database of trusted urls if any; if there is a conflict between the reputation data obtained and the reputation data stored in the local database of trusted urls, using the reputation data stored in the local database of trusted urls to determine whether access to the url is allowed.. .
Booting from a trusted network image
The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for booting from a trusted network image. The image can be executed from a trusted source on a wide area network (“wan”) to perform a maintenance operation, such as, for example, malware scanning, operating system repair, factory reset, etc.
Funds transfer using two dimensional barcodes
A system and method for initiating financial transactions utilize the display of a two-dimensional barcode on a mobile electronic device. A payor enters a sequence number pertaining to a prepaid transaction into a payor device and securely transmits these data to a payor bank.
System, method, and apparatus for managing and performing geographically distributed cell-based manufacturing and/or assembly
The present invention relates in general to a computer implemented system, method, and apparatus for a geographically distributed, advanced cell-based manufacturing system, method, and apparatus that utilizes modular work benches and moveable parts racks. Also included are integrated computer hardware/software components, such as, machine code scanners, touch screens, barcode printers, pcs, tablets, communications capabilities, network gear, etc., in order to provide maximum flexibility, throughput, and profitability for various types of product mixes.
Dual-resolution 3d scanner
Where the first and second configurations of the scanning device are such that the second data set represents data with a higher spatial resolution than the first data set.. .
Systems and methods for providing ultrasound probe location and image information
Systems and methods for providing ultrasound probe location and image information are provided. One system includes an ultrasound device coupled with an ultrasound probe and configured to acquire ultrasound images of a subject.
Method for 3d motion tracking in an mri scanner using inductively coupled microcoils
Wireless markers having predetermined relative positions with respect to each other are employed for motion tracking and/or correction in magnetic resonance (mr) imaging. The markers are inductively coupled to the mr receive coil(s).
Dynamic access point based positioning
A wireless device that includes an access point (ap) scanner, a transceiver, and a controller coupled to the ap scanner and transceiver. The ap scanner is configured to scan wireless network channels utilized by one or more aps to transmit data packets, probe responses, and beacons.

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