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Scaffolding patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Scaffolding-related patents
 Fibrin sealant compositions with chemical crosslinking patent thumbnailnew patent Fibrin sealant compositions with chemical crosslinking
The invention relates to tissue adhesives or sealants, more specifically to fibrinogen based sealants reinforced with particulate material and chemically cross-linked. More particularly, the present invention is directed to tissue sealant, adhesive, hemostat, or scaffolding material containing thrombin, fibrinogen, a biocompatible particulate material having amine functionality, and a biocompatible polymer containing aldehyde groups.
  patent thumbnailnew patent
A pipe-support system including a pipe-support frame structure having plural, substantially horizontal, pipe-support levels supported by columns including a distribution of side columns uniformly spaced along at least one side of the frame structure, and featuring selectively graduated, support-level-indifferent, lateral-connectivity access for quickly available, removeable, outrigger gravity attachment to the frame's side columns, through gravity catch and hook structures, of modular, outrigger, lateral, worker-platform scaffolding either as individual scaffolding units, or as assemblies of plural, individual units, all such units deriving vertical support through outrigger connections made to the frame structure.. .
 Biodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects patent thumbnailBiodegradable apparatus and method for closure of trocar defects
A biodegradable device for providing scaffolding for a trocar defect to promote healing. The device consists of an upper and lower scaffold, offset by a connector.
 Tissue repair system patent thumbnailTissue repair system
An implant for promoting accelerated wound healing. The implant comprises a non-flocculating fiber material, admixed with a settable fluid.
 Methods and compositions for the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for the treatment, prevention, and alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss
The present invention provides pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of preparation and use for the treatment, prevention or alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss. The present invention discloses a method and a pharmaceutical composition comprising mesenchymal stem cells, platelets, activating factors and scaffolding materials for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of bone diseases, bone injuries or hair loss, and a method and a pharmaceutical composition further comprising dexamethasone for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of cartilage diseases or injuries..
 Dynamic bioactive nanofiber scaffolding patent thumbnailDynamic bioactive nanofiber scaffolding
A resorbable bone graft scaffold material, including a plurality of overlapping and interlocking fibers defining a scaffold structure, plurality of pores distributed throughout the scaffold, and a plurality of glass microspheres distributed throughout the pores. The fibers are characterized by fiber diameters ranging from about 5 nanometers to about 100 micrometers, and the fibers are a bioactive, resorbable material.
 Biocompatible extremely fine tantalum fiber scaffolding for bone and soft tissue prosthesis patent thumbnailBiocompatible extremely fine tantalum fiber scaffolding for bone and soft tissue prosthesis
A tissue implant member for implanting in living tissue is provided. The implant is formed of a fibrous structure of tantalum filament having a diameter less than 5 microns..
 Intervertebral scaffolding system patent thumbnailIntervertebral scaffolding system
An intervertebral scaffolding system is provided having a central beam having a proximal portion having an end, a grafting portion having a top and a bottom, a distal portion having a end, a central beam axis, a graft distribution channel having an entry port at the end of the proximal portion, a top exit port at the top of the grafting portion, and a bottom exit port at the bottom of the grafting portion. These systems can also include a laterovertically-expanding frame operable for a reversible collapse from an expanded state into a collapsed state.
 Self-contained, portable and self-supporting scaffolding kit patent thumbnailSelf-contained, portable and self-supporting scaffolding kit
A self-contained portable self-supporting scaffolding kit for mounting adjacent an elevated structure and allowing a user to reach the elevated structure to work thereon. The kit includes a movable base assembly that supports a tower assembly along which a platform assembly moves, in a use configuration.
 Formulations and methods for recovery from dental surgery patent thumbnailFormulations and methods for recovery from dental surgery
Methods and formulations for the improvement of recovery following bone-impacting injury or surgery. The formulations disclosed herein preferably include a blood component with a pharmaceutical agent.
Wing bifurcation reconstruction device
An intraluminal device may be used at a bifurcation to anchor in an afferent vessel, allow perfusion to efferent vessels, and act as scaffolding to inhibit herniation of objects out of a neck of a bifurcation aneurysm. An intraluminal device may include a first side; a second side opposite the first side across a longitudinal axis of the intraluminal device; a proximal section configured to anchor in an afferent vessel; a distal section comprising a first wing and a second wing wherein, in an expanded state, the first wing extends from the first side to the second side and the second wing extends from the second side, through an opening of the first wing, and to the first side..
Tire-condition-ascertaining cartridge
A tire-condition-ascertaining cartridge (100) comprising a scaffoyer structure which performs both scaffolding and fluid-foyer-forming functions. The scaffoyer (600) includes planks and/or derricks which properly posture a first fitting (200), a second fitting (300), an electronics assembly (400), and a power source (500) during cartridge construction.
Scaffolding system for roofs
The present invention consists of a scaffolding system (1) which is intended for use when working on the roof (2) of a building (3). The scaffolding system (1) is comprised of at least one roof scaffold (4) intended to be positioned relative to the roof with at least one supporting structure (5) comprised of at least one first set of supporting members (11), at least one second set of supporting members (12) and at least one third set of supporting members (13).
Self-expanding stent
The stent of this invention is a self-expanding stent created by a scaffolding lattice. The stent may be made from a nickel-titanium alloy.
Adaptive scaffolding of levels of connectivity during a conference
Systems, methods, and computer program products for adaptively scaffolding of levels of connectivity between one or more customer devices during customer service conference are provided. The system includes various applications and features executable on a computing and/or mobile computing device.
Scaffolding clip and applicator
A scaffolding clip and a scaffolding clip applicator tool are provided for fastening a web, such as a retaining mesh, to a scaffolding pole. During use a preferred method includes holding the fastening clip with the applicator, locating the web between the pole and the fastening clip, piercing the web with opposed ends of the clip and disengaging the applicator from the clip.
Scaffolding matrix with internal nanoparticles
A battery electrode composition is provided comprising composite particles, with each composite particle comprising active material and a scaffolding matrix. The active material is provided to store and release ions during battery operation.
Inflatable fall arrest and fall protection safety apparatus and method of use
An inflatable fall arrest and fall protection safety system generally having one or more inflatable apparatus attached to a belt or other suitable wearable support structure that can be worn by a user. When the user falls, one or more directional inertia activated inflation devices trigger one or more inflators to inflate the one or more inflatable apparatus such that they protect the falling user in the given situation.
Methods to increase fracture resistance of a drug-eluting medical device
Methods for increasing the fracture resistance of a polymer stent's drug-polymer coating and scaffolding including applying a coating and crimping using techniques that increase the resistance to fracture in the coating layer and scaffolding and scaffolding.. .
A minimally-invasive, laterovertically expanding, intervertebral disc scaffolding
A laterovertically expandable scaffolding is provided for supporting an intervertebral disc space using a minimally invasive procedure. The scaffolding can be configured to provide a low-profile entry in a collapsed configuration through the single point of entry through the annulus.
Repair/cleaning scaffolding tower for wind turbines
The invention relates to a repair/cleaning scaffolding tower for wind turbines, having an open and closed metal structure that is semi-automatic, including a robotic arm that supports a variable shape basket, with between three and an infinite number of sides depending on requirements. The basket includes a safety device allowing the same to be removed immediately from the path of the blades.
Arrangement of a scaffolding component and of a vertical scaffolding element
The invention relates to an arrangement (230) of a scaffolding component (45) having a connection head (61) and of a vertical scaffolding element (41) extending in the direction of a longitudinal axis (47). On this scaffolding element is fastened a projection (44) which extends transversely to the longitudinal axis (47) of the scaffolding element (41) away from the latter and onto which the connection head (61) is plugged.
Laparoscopic surgical scaffold
A collapsible scaffolding can collapse for deployment to a laparoscopic surgical site through a trocar or the like, and can expand to provide a surface for organ retraction within a body cavity. In the expanded state, the scaffolding may assist a surgical procedure in a variety of ways, such as by providing a rigid structure upon which to secure retracted organs or surgical tools such as lights, cameras, and so forth..
Stents including poly(l-lactide) formulations that minimize molecular weight drop during processing
A stent scaffolding including a polymer formulation comprising plla and polymandelide is disclosed. The polymandelide reduces the molecular weight drop during processing, particularly during sterilization.
Methods of treatment with biodegradation of a stent scaffolding
Disclosed is a stent comprising a bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolding; and a plurality of depots in at least a portion of the scaffolding, wherein the plurality of depots comprise a bioabsorbable material, wherein the degradation rate of all or substantially all of the bioabsorbable polymer of the scaffolding is faster than the degradation rate of all or substantially all of the bioabsorbable material of the depots.. .
Bioabsorbable blend for temporary scaffolding of the blood vessel wall
A bioabsorbable blend comprising poly(l-lactide) (plla) and a phosphorylcholine group-containing copolymer (ppcp) capable of enduring the mechanical strength of blood vessel walls and applicable for fabricating cardiovascular devices was developed. The blend acts as a scaffold to support blood vessel walls during vascular healing and undergoes biodegradation in vivo after vascular healing is complete.
Suspended scaffolding system
A suspended scaffolding system (100) including a connector system (32,33) adapted to engage a track (31) which in use is in contact with the surface of a structure (30), an arm (34, 39) connects the suspended scaffolding system to the connector system, so in use the suspended scaffolding system is suspended below the structure. In a first embodiment, the connector system has connectors that permit relative movement with respect to the track in two orthogonal planes.
M13 bacteriophage as a chemoaddressable nanoparticle for biological and medical applications
Reactive and modified m13 bacteriophages, and methods of making and using the same, are generally provided. The reactive m13 bacteriophage can include a alkyne functional group covalently attached to the m13 bacteriophage.
Scaffolding post
The invention relates to a scaffolding post (25) made of metal, including a tube (26) and a tubular tube connector (27) integrally molded therewith. In a transition region between the tube connector (27) and the tube (26) a stop (46) is formed, the stop being in the form of an annular post-supporting end face (50) running perpendicularly to the longitudinal axis of the scaffolding post (25) and circumferentially around the longitudinal axis.
Method and system for the administration of a pulmonary surfactant by atomization
A method and system according to preferred embodiments of the present invention allows optimizing the dispensing of aerosol medicaments. In particular the system according to a preferred embodiment of the present invention allows the administration of an exogenous pulmonary surfactant to very young patients (e.g.
Scaffolding component with at least one connection head and method for fastening a scaffolding component having at least one connection head to a vertical scaffolding element
The invention relates to a scaffolding component (45) with at least one connection head (61) for forming a releaseable connection with a vertical scaffolding element (41) extending in the direction of a longitudinal axis (47). On this scaffolding element is fastened a projection (44) which extends transversely to its longitudinal axis (47) and which has an aperture (55) for the insertion of a wedge (62).
Esophageal stent
Stent embodiments formed of a scaffolding structure are disclosed. Some embodiments may include a valve.
Edge overlay for layered insulative blanket
A heavy duty layered blanket having application in construction applications is disclosed. It includes an overlay around one or more edges of the blanket which resists tearing and wear.
The invention relates to a bridge that is for use with a scaffolding standard. The standard may comprise of an elongate pipe to which there is secured at least one rosette of a kind that presents a plurality of apertures about the pipe at which a connection to said standard can be established by other scaffolding components.
Adjustable length scaffolding and method therefor
A scaffolding system for an attic area has a plurality of board members. An attachment device is provided for securing a first board member to an adjoining board member..
Scaffolding attachment arrangement
For attaching a scaffold stand (101) to the deck (130) of a bridge, which scaffold stand is arranged to be supported from at least two support points above the deck of the bridge, of which support points above the deck at least one support point (120) is arranged to receive compressive force and at least one support point is arranged to receive pulling force. The attachment member is characterized in that it (102) is fitted to be detachably attached to the deck (130) of the bridge with at least two attachment means (103), and comprises at least one attachment means (104) for attaching the attachment member (102) to the support point of the scaffold stand receiving pulling force.
Vertical bone augmentation using endothelial progenitor cells
A method of facilitating augmentation of osseous tissue on a surface of a bone is disclosed. The method includes combining a scaffolding, an enclosure substantially enclosing the scaffolding relatively to the surface of the bone and a cell culture seeded onto the scaffolding..
Prosthetic heart valves, scaffolding structures, and systems and methods for implanting of same
Prosthetic valves and their component parts are described, as are prosthetic valve delivery devices and methods for their use. The prosthetic valves are particularly adapted for use in percutaneous aortic valve replacement procedures.
Method of growing mycological biomaterials
A growth medium formed as an inoculum including a preselected fungus and a nutrient material capable of being digested by the fungus is placed in or on a tool formed of a material capable of being at least partially consumed by the fungus. The tool may define a cavity of predetermined shape for the growth medium or the tool may form a scaffolding on which the growth medium grows into the final product taking on the shape of the tool..
Implantable cell device with supportive and radial diffusive scaffolding
According to an embodiment of the invention, an implantable cell device is disclosed. The device includes a membrane defining and enclosing a chamber; a distance means, within the chamber, for reducing diffusion distance for a biologically active factor to across the membrane; and a support means, within the chamber, for increasing cell support surface area per unit volume of the chamber for distributing cells..
Implant and method for repair of the anterior cruciate ligament
Described herein are methods and devices for use in repair of a patient's anterior cruciate ligament (acl). These methods (and devices for performing them) allow the repair, rather than merely replacement, of the acl.
Overlap arrangement of at least two decking planks
An overlap arrangement of at least two decking planks, for example for construction scaffolding, includes first and second decking planks composed of metal. Each decking plank has a decking surface composed of sheet metal, which is provided with essentially round passage holes, which are delimited, in each instance, by a beaded and circumferential hole edge.
Flame retardant fibers, yarns, and fabrics made therefrom
Disclosed are technical fibers and yarns made with partially aromatic polyamides and non-halogenated flame retardant additives. Fabrics made from such fibers and yarns demonstrate superior flame retardancy over traditional flame retardant nylon 6,6 fabrics.
Solubilization of antigen components for removal from tissues
The present invention relates to methods for removing antigens from tissues by sequentially destabilizing and/or depolymerizing cytoskeletal components and removing and/or reducing water-soluble antigens and lipid-soluble antigens. The invention further relates to tissue scaffolding and decellularized extracellular matrix produced by such methods..
Instruction system with eyetracking-based adaptive scaffolding
A digital instructional environment leverages an infrared eye-tracker to monitor a learner's reading and viewing of text and simulations for subject matter. The system detects out-of-order reading/viewing patterns that could lead to poor comprehension.
Method and device for locking a support ring to a scaffolding column
A method and device for locking of a support ring (8) to a scaffolding column (1), wherein the support ring (8) is formed with a through opening (10), and wherein the support ring (8) fits in a complementary and displaceable manner onto the scaffolding column (1), and wherein the method comprises:—providing an external mantel surface of the scaffolding column (1) with a longitudinal column track (4);—providing an inner mantel (12) of the support ring (8) with a ring track (14);—displacing a support ring (8) along and around the scaffolding column (1);—positioning the column track (4) and the ring track (14) next to each other; and—displacing a thread body (22) into the column track (4) and the ring track (14) during rotation of the thread body (22) about a longitudinal axis (28) thereof, a column track depth (6) and a ring track depth (16) having a collective depth being smaller than an external thread diameter (30) of the thread body (22).. .
Scaffold with scaffolding elements and methods for erection thereof
A scaffold is described comprising at least two horizontally adjacent scaffold sections, the scaffold sections being defined substantially by lengthwise ledgers, transverse ledgers and uprights, characterized in that the scaffold comprises a guide means adapted to be able to displace in substantially horizontal direction therealong a displaceable platform corresponding thereto and guided thereby; a method for erecting the scaffold, and a mobile platform.. .
Toy storage, vertical scaffold and interactive play stations
A toy device and system includes a hollow core, segmented, vertical scaffolding or super structure adapted for manual or powered interactive manipulation of one or more multiple play stations supported on the surface of the vertical scaffolding. An integrated storage system for storing play station elements and other building and control items is mounted at the base of the vertical scaffolding.
Continuous flow bioreactor for magnetically stabilized three-dimensional tissue culture
The invention provides methods for rapid, continuous generation of cells and cell products using magnetically stabilized three-dimensional tissue culture. The invention also pertains to a continuous flow self-regulating closed system bioreactor system for magnetically stabilized three-dimensional tissue culture.
Suspension connector system configured for use with suspended scaffolding, and related methods
A suspension connector system configured for use with suspended scaffold systems and related methods of installation, assembly and use are disclosed herein. In accordance with at least one exemplary embodiment, methods of using a suspension connector system, for example, in relation to a structure, is disclosed.
Scaffolding system
A scaffolding system comprises two sets of boards 30o to 30s and 30u to 30z laid side by side on transoms 32, 34 etc with their ends aligned. The ends of the boards 30o etc are interconnected by a connector 40 tied to ledgers 36, 38 of the scaffolding by means of cable ties 42 passed through perforations 40e in a dependent flange 40d of the connector 40.
Element of a modular scaffolding system and method for its manufacture
Covering the external weld surface with a protective layer, such that the external weld surface is screened off from the outside environment (60).. .
Hemostatic bioabsorbable device with polyethylene glycol binder
A hemostatic pad comprising a bioabsorbable scaffolding material; a lyophilized thrombin powder, a lyophilized fibrinogen powder, and a meltable binder powder, with all powders disposed on the bioabsorbable scaffolding material. A meltable binder such as peg bonds the lyophilized thrombin powder and the lyophilized fibrinogen powder to the bioabsorbable scaffolding material for improved friability, wettability and performance in a use, such as for hemostatic treatment or sealing at a wound site..
Articles containing woven or non-woven ultra-high surface area macro polymeric fibers
This disclosure relates to articles that comprise polymeric winged fibers. The winged fibers have a high surface area because of their structure, which includes a core surrounded by a plurality of lobes.
Stent cover member and stent apparatus
Present invention is a stent apparatus wherein a stent covering member holds a stent, which scaffolds a blood vessel from the inside when implanted in the blood vessel, in contracted state. The stent is formed of a biodegradable polylactic acid (pla) as a tubular shape, shape memorized to a size capable of, when implanted in a vessel, scaffolding the blood vessel from the inside.
Platelet-derived growth factor compositions and methods for the treatment of osteochondral defects
The present invention provides compositions and methods for treating an osteochondral defect. In one embodiment, provided is a composition for treating an osteochondral defect comprising a biphasic biocompatible matrix and platelet derived growth factor (pdgf), wherein the biphasic biocompatible matrix comprises a scaffolding material and wherein the scaffolding material forms a porous structure comprising an osseous phase and a cartilage phase.
Work platform for an overhead crane
A work platform for use in performing maintenance while supported on an overhead crane. The work platform is particularly useful for performing maintenance on an overhead cranes located in areas where normal lifting equipment and/or scaffolding cannot easily access the overhead crane.
Esophageal stent with valve
A stent comprised of a valve and a scaffolding structure having components configured to allow at least a portion of the stent to decrease in diameter in response to an axial force applied to the stent. Further, the components and elements of the stent may be configured to balance transverse forces applied to the stent, thus reducing the incidence of infolding..
Biocompatible extremely fine tantalum fiber scaffolding for bone and soft tissue prosthesis
A tissue implant member for implanting in living tissue is provided. The implant is formed of a fibrous mat of tantalum filament having a diameter less than about 10 microns..
Devices and methods for stenting an airway
An implantable device and method are disclosed for stenting an occlusion of an airway. The implantable device includes a cylindrical tube shaped proximal region, a flared distal region, and a non-bifurcated single lumen extending through the device.
Freestanding elevator platform system
A system useful for dressing out or performing maintenance or other work on a structure in a vertical position includes an elevator system emplaced around the perimeter of the structure, the elevator system including at least three elevators, each having an elevator mast and an elevator cab, the elevator masts interconnected such that the elevator system is freestanding; a control station for controlling and maintaining the elevation of the elevator cabs; a scaffolding/platform system attached to the elevator cabs and providing a work surface that may travel to an elevation proximate an upper portion of the structure, the elevation of work surface controllable using the control station and determined by the elevation of the elevator cabs; the elevator cabs being positionable at various elevations to allow for work to be performed on the structure. The systems may be used for construction, modification, and repair of various vertical structures..
Unitary safety scaffolding and method for one individual to install the same
A scaffold assembly permits a single individual to install the assembly on an open stud wall. The assembly includes a horizontally oriented walkway supporting member, a vertically oriented rail support member, and a support unit extending from the walkway supporting member to the ground.
A scaffolding module comprising: a frame that, when in an erected configuration, defines an interior space; and a plurality of mounting regions that allow the module to be mounted with other said scaffolding modules, wherein when so mounted, the module frames are able to be interconnected to form a support structure for one or more scaffolding platforms.. .
System and methods of resource usage using an interoperable management framework
Generic rights expression language allowing interoperability across different computing environments including resource usage of different applications. A formal framework for usage management provides scaffolding upon which interoperable usage management systems can be built.
Three dimensional microfluidic multiplexed diagnostic system
A biosensor includes a microfluidics layer, a transduction layer and a transceiver layer. The transduction layer further includes a functionalized layer that reacts with a biomarker, and a plurality of carbon nanotubes adjacent the functionalized layer.
Plaster ceiling support device
A device for supporting a plaster ceiling during conservation work. A plurality of the devices may be installed on a superstructure of pipes or other rigid members installed on scaffolding to provide for a network or pattern of supporting devices in some installations.
Toeboard system having telescoping, articulating and interlocking members
A toeboard system for scaffolding has telescoping, articulating, and interlocking members. The telescoping member has inner and outer sleeves configured in telescope arrangement for linear extension of the inner sleeve.
Wound closure material
The invention relates to a wound closure material with a core of biodegradable material, wherein at least one side, preferably two sides of the core of biodegradable material are provided with at least one, preferably a multitude of discrete spots of an adhesive. As with more common wound closure techniques like sutures, clips and tapes applied over the wound, new tissue has to close a gap between the wound edges.

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