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This page is updated frequently with new Scaffold-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scaffold-related patents
 Subwavelength coatings and methods for making and using same patent thumbnailnew patent Subwavelength coatings and methods for making and using same
Methods are disclosed for forming subwavelength coatings for use in the uv, visible, or infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum. A first material and a second material are deposited onto a substrate.
Battelle Memorial Institute

 Guard for scaffolding patent thumbnailnew patent Guard for scaffolding
Scaffolding comprising, a scaffold structure, assembled next to yet spaced from an adjacent face of a building structure with a gap therebetween, comprising a plurality of standards extending vertically adjacent the structure, horizontal ledgers extending between standards and tying the standards in a fixed interrelationship, and a platform supported from the standards and/or the ledgers thereby to be conferred a vertical support in a substantially horizontal disposition; and a guard, as a lateral extension to the platform, configured to hinge or otherwise articulate downwardly from the scaffold structure to bear onto the face of the building structure to at least partially span across the gap.. .
Wls Intellectual Property Limited

 Scaffold proteins derived from plant cystatins patent thumbnailnew patent Scaffold proteins derived from plant cystatins
The present invention relates to scaffold proteins derived from plant cystatins and to nucleic acids encoding them. The scaffolds are highly stable and have the ability to display peptides.
University Of Leeds

 Deterministic manufacturing process for creating 3d living tissues based on 2d directed assembly and origami techniques patent thumbnailnew patent Deterministic manufacturing process for creating 3d living tissues based on 2d directed assembly and origami techniques
A method of forming 3d engineered tissues by providing a 2d scaffold material comprising a plurality of fold locations and a plurality of cell assembly sites, assembling cells into the cell assembly sites and folding the 2d scaffold material along the fold locations to form a 3d scaffold structure. Tissues formed by the method..
Northeastern University

 Polymer cellulose nanocrystal composite aerogels patent thumbnailnew patent Polymer cellulose nanocrystal composite aerogels
Composite materials including cellulose nanocrystals incorporated into a polymer aerogel scaffold, wherein the cellulose nanocrystals serve as a reinforcement agent to result in the formation of less dense aerogels, improve the tensile mechanical properties of aerogel films, and reduce aerogel shrinkage upon thermal exposure. After gelation, the gel is dried via a suitable method such as supercritical co2 extraction, freeze drying or other method, to produce the cnc/polymer composite aerogel.
United States Government, As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Spac

 Modification of polypeptides patent thumbnailnew patent Modification of polypeptides
The invention provides a method for conjugating a peptide displayed on a genetic display system to a molecular scaffold performed on an ion exchange resin.. .
Bicycle Therapeutics Limited

 Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for solid phase processing of tubes and medical devices made from the processed tubes
A polymer tube is processed using a solid phase process for improving mechanical characteristics of the tube, including radial strength and stiffness. The tube is made into a scaffold possessing improved mechanical and use characteristics, such as a reduced crimped profile and improved deliverability..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

 Titanium oxide aerogel composites patent thumbnailnew patent Titanium oxide aerogel composites
The invention relates to titanium oxide aerogels, in particular to titanium oxide binary or ternary (e.g. Titanium oxide-carbon) aerogel monoliths possessing ordered meso- and macroporosity.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)

 Method for decellularization of tissue grafts patent thumbnailnew patent Method for decellularization of tissue grafts
The subject invention pertains to materials and methods for processing tissue to produce a natural, acellular replacement tissue that is immunocompatible with a recipient. According to the subject invention, harvested tissue is subjected to wash solutions wherein only amphoteric detergent(s) are used (e.g., anionic detergents are excluded).
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

 Peptide-albumin hydrogel properties and its applications patent thumbnailnew patent Peptide-albumin hydrogel properties and its applications
Peptide-albumin hydrogels having a self-assembling, 3-dimensional nanofiber matrix are described. The nanofiber matrix comprises an amphiphilic peptide and albumin.
Kansas State University Research Foundation

new patent

Crush recoverable polymer scaffolds

A method of manufacturing a stent is disclosed. The stent includes a minimum crimped diameter such that in the minimum crimped diameter, a pair of stent rings, between which marker support structures reside, do not make contact with the marker support structures.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

new patent

Methods for crimping a polymeric scaffold to a delivery balloon and achieving stable mechanical properties in the scaffold after crimping

A medical device-includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes inflating the delivery balloon during a diameter reduction to improve scaffold retention.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

new patent

Methods for uniform crimping and deployment of a polymer scaffold

A medical device-includes a scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes one or more balloon pressurization steps.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

new patent

Rubber toughened bioresorbable polymer peripheral scaffolds

Bioabsorbable scaffolds are disclosed with a rigid polymer component and a rubbery polymer component. The rubbery polymer component is miscible, partially miscible, or immiscible with the rigid polymer component..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Instruction system with eyetracking-based adaptive scaffolding

A digital instructional environment leverages an infrared eye-tracker to monitor a learner's reading and viewing of text and simulations for subject matter. The system detects out-of-order reading/viewing patterns that could lead to poor comprehension.
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Locking mortise and tenon joint

This invention concerns a mortise and tenon joint of two (or more) structural members connected by a mechanical clamp (henceforth referred to as a “lock”) rather than by traditional glue, nails, screws, lag bolts, through bolts, pins, dowels and/or wedges. The design's main characteristic will apply particularly (but not exclusively) to furniture, both indoor and outdoor as well as picnic tables, work benches, scaffolding, temporary shelters or anything else which could benefit from quick and secure joinery, connection or attachment.


Methods and combination comprising eukaryotic cells and recombinant spider silk protein

A method and a combination for the cultivation of eukaryotic cells are provided, as well as a method for preparation of eukaryotic cells. The methods comprise providing a sample of eukaryotic cells to be cultured, applying said sample to a cell scaffold material; and maintaining said cell scaffold material having cells applied thereto under conditions suitable for cell culture.
Spiber Technologies Ab


Biomatrix scaffolds for industrial scale dispersal

The present invention provides biomatrix scaffolds for industrial scale dispersal.. .
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Rotational dual chamber bioreactor: methods and uses thereof

A rotational dual chamber bioreactor for cell culture in bi- and multilayered scaffolds, in the context of tissue engineering (te) and regenerative medicine strategies is disclosed which comprises at least two dual culture chambers, a multiposition magnetic stirrer plate, and at least two flow pumps which can be coupled to a monitor device to register biochemical parameters such as ph, po2, glucose and urea sensors and physical parameters like pressure. The dual culture chambers have a central barrier with a hole to insert the bilayer scaffold, such chamber is used to culture cells with different conditions in each compartment of the chamber, avoiding medium exchange.
Association For The Advancement Of Tissue Engineering And Cell Based Technologies And Therap


Monoclonal antibodies against antithrombin b

This patent document relates to antibodies, antigen-binding antibody fragments (fabs), and other protein scaffolds, directed against human antithrombin β complexed with heparin and/or heparin-like structure (atβh). These atβh binding proteins can block the anti-coagulant activity of atβ to induce coagulation.
Timothy Myles


Modified stefin a scaffold proteins

The invention provides novel scaffold proteins for the display of peptides such as peptide aptamers. The novel scaffold proteins are modifications of stefin a or stm (a variant of stefin a) and are useful as scaffold proteins and as display systems..
Avacta Life Sciences Limited


Aligned fiber and use thereof

A scaffold comprising an aligned fiber. The invention further relates to a scaffold comprising one or more electrospun fibers wherein a fast fourier transform (fft) analysis result of the fibers have adjacent major peaks with about 180? apart from each other.
Lifenet Health


Compositions having absorbable materials, methods, and applicators for sealing injuries

Disclosed are solid and frozen haemostatic materials utilizing an absorbable scaffolding material and consisting essentially of a fibrinogen component and a fibrinogen activator. Also disclosed are methods of treating internal wounded tissue in a mammal by applying one or more of these haemostatic materials and dressings, particularly for the treatment of injured tissue via endoscopic or minimally-invasive surgical techniques..
Stb, Ltd.


Tubulysin compounds and conjugates thereof

A tubulysin compound conjugate is provided herein. The conjugate comprises a protein based recognition-molecule (pbrm) and a polymeric carrier substituted with one or more -ld-d, the protein based recognition-molecule being connected to the polymeric carrier by lp.
Mersana Therapeutics, Inc.


Surface immobilization of various functional biomolecules using mussel adhesive protein

The present invention relates to technology of immobilizing or coating various functional bioactive substances on various surfaces without physical chemical treatment using mussel adhesive protein. More specifically, the present invention relates to a functional scaffold for tissue engineering comprising artificial extracellular matrix, manufactured by coating various functional bioactive substances on the surface of nanofiber and metal scaffold using mussel adhesive protein, and a method of manufacturing the same..
Postech Academy-industry Foundation


Self assembling beta-barrel proteins position nanotubes

The present invention relates to the extraordinary properties of recently discovered nanotubes. This disclosure teaches a method for using barrel proteins acting as scaffolds to guide assembly of nanotubes, and using nano-molecular molding jigs to format the nanotubes into stable arrays with the precise geometric architecture desired.
Prolume, Ltd.


Absorbent medium for isolation of biological molecules and synthesizing same

An absorbent medium for biological molecules separation is provided. The absorbent medium includes a scaffold made of polymeric nanofiber.
Fanavaran Nano-meghyas


Micro-tissue particles and methods for their use in cell therapy

In some embodiments, a micro-tissue particle comprising a scaffold-free population of aggregated cells is provided. The micro-tissue particle may have a diameter less than approximately 1 mm.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization


Use of photosynthetic scaffolds in tissue engineering

The present invention is concerned with a photosynthetic scaffold that delivers oxygen and its uses for tissue engineering and the treatment of ischemia.. .
Symbiox, Inc.


Methods and compact series linear actuators

Serial linear actuators that are compact in size and can operate at high speeds with reduced failure rates. The disclosed linear actuators may be used in sub micron positioning applications such as, for example, in semiconductor or biotechnology scanning applications.
Systems, Machines, Automation Components Corporation


Freestanding elevator platform system

A system useful for dressing out or performing maintenance or other work on a structure in a vertical position includes an elevator system emplaced around the perimeter of the structure, the elevator system including at least three elevators, each having an elevator mast and an elevator cab, the elevator masts interconnected such that the elevator system is freestanding; a control station for controlling and maintaining the elevation of the elevator cabs; a scaffolding/platform system attached to the elevator cabs and providing a work surface that may travel to an elevation proximate an upper portion of the structure, the elevation of work surface controllable using the control station and determined by the elevation of the elevator cabs; the elevator cabs being positionable at various elevations to allow for work to be performed on the structure. The systems may be used for construction, modification, and repair of various vertical structures..
Chicago Bridge & Iron Company


Cellular libraries of peptide sequences (clips) and methods of using the same

The present invention provides compositions including peptide display scaffolds that present at least one candidate peptide and at least one detectable moiety in at least one of the n-terminal and c-terminal candidate peptide presenting domains that when expressed in a cell are accessible at a surface of the cell outermembrane. In addition, the present invention also provides kits and methods for screening a library of cells presenting the candidate peptides in peptide display scaffolds to identify a ligand for an enzyme..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ob-fold used as scaffold for engineering new specific binders

The present invention pertains to the field of protein engineering, and provides means for obtaining stable molecules that specifically bind to a target selected amongst a large variety of ligands families. In particular, the present invention provides methods for obtaining a molecule specifically binding to a target of interest, through a combinatorial mutation/selection approach with an ob-fold protein as a starting molecule.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Neutralizing antibodies to hiv-1 and their use

Monoclonal neutralizing antibodies are disclosed that specifically bind to the cd4 binding site of hiv-1 gp120. Monoclonal neutralizing antibodies also are disclosed that specifically bind to hiv-1 gp41.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human Serv


2-imidazolyl-pyrimidine scaffolds as potent and selective inhibitors of neuronal nitric oxide synthase

Imidazolyl-pyrimidine and related compounds, as can utilize heme-iron coordination in the selective inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase.. .


Tetracycline derivatives with reduced antibiotic activity and neuroprotective benefits

The present disclosure is directed to compositions and methods which utilize the tetracycline scaffold, preferably the scaffold of tetracycline or minocycline, and which significantly lack antibiotic activity. The compounds have neuroprotective attributes without interfering with the drugs capacity to pass through the blood brain barrier.


Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid (plga) composites with magnesium wires enhanced networking of primary neurons

A bioresorbable material incorporating magnesium (mg) wires into ngcs is disclosed. The bioresorbable material includes magnesium, and a biodegradable polymer, for example, poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid (plga).
The Regents Of The University Of California


Compositions and methods for delivery of immune cells to treat un-resectable or non-resected tumor cells and tumor relapse

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for the delivery of immune cells to treat un-resectable or non-resected tumor cells and tumor relapse. The compositions comprise (i) a structure comprising an injectable polymer or scaffold comprising pores; (ii) lymphocytes disposed within the structure, (iii) at least one lymphocyte-adhesion moiety associated with the structure; and (iv) at least one lymphocyte-activating moiety associated with the structure, and optionally an immune stimulant..
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Skin model

A three dimensional (3-d) model comprising a scaffold and autologous skin cells, the invention also provides methods of predicting immunogenicity and hypersensitivity or allergic or adverse immune reactions to potential therapeutic compounds, biologies, cosmetics and chemical sensitizers using the 3-d model of skin cells. The methods provide an in vitro assay employing autologous blood derived cells in the 3-d skin equivalent model and is of particular utility in the identification and prediction of skin sensitizers and in particular agents that may cause allergic contact dermatitis.
Alcyomics Ltd


Screening and engineering super-stable immunoglobulin variable domains and their uses

There are provided a method named tat-associated protein engineering (tape), of screening a target protein having higher solubility and excellent thermostability, in particular, an immunoglobulin variable domain (vh or vl) derived from human germ cells, by preparing a gene construct where the target protein and an antibiotic-resistant protein are linked to a tat signal sequence, and then expressing this within e. Coli, and human or engineered vh and vl domain antibodies and human or engineered vh and vl domain antibody scaffolds having solubility and excellent thermostability, which are screened by the tape method.
Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute


Engineered antibody scaffolds

The invention described herein features methods and compositions for generating an antibody specific to post-translational modifications (ptms). The methods and compositions provide a renewable synthetic antibody strategy that installs a novel motif-specific hot spot into an antibody scaffold that functions independently of the surrounding scaffold.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Cantilevered supplementary support platform for modular scaffold

A supplementary support assembly for a modular scaffold system formed from a matrix of interconnecting scaffold bays. The assembly including a pair of spaced apart transoms (88) adapted to be cantilevered outwardly from the scaffold bays and one or more decking boards (90) extending between the pair of transoms, thereby providing a supplementary support platform (85)..
4 Ken Pty Ltd


Universal drill stand

A universal drill stand for supporting a hand-held drill in an elevated and inverted position for drilling holes or inserting fasteners into a concrete ceiling or other overhead surface. The universal drill stand is extendable for use with varying ceiling heights.
Accelerated Fastening Llc


Reporter scaffolds

The invention provides for the development of reporter scaffolds comprising sustained release reporter molecules and methods of using these scaffolds to administer therapeutic agent and/or monitor the effect of the transplant on the surrounding tissue or monitoring the status or condition of transplanted cells over time after the scaffold is in place.. .
Case Western Reserve University


Plga/hydroxyapatite composite bone grafts and making

The present invention involves tissue engineering constructs made from a new composite bone graft material made from biocompatible poly(d,l-lactic-co-glycolic acid) (plga) and bioceramic particles exposed on its surface using a gas foaming particle leaching (gf/pl) method and infused with collagen. Methods and apparatus for of forming scaffolds are also disclosed..


Reversible pegylated drugs

Reversible pegylated drugs are provided by derivatization of free functional groups of the drug selected from amino, hydroxyl, mercapto, phosphate and/or carboxyl with groups sensitive to mild basic conditions such as 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (fmoc) or 2-sulfo-9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (fms), to which group a peg moiety is attached. In these pegylated drugs, the peg moiety and the drug residue are not linked directly to each other, but rather both residues are linked to different positions of the scaffold fmoc or fms structure that is highly sensitive to bases and is removable under physiological conditions.
Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.


Stent system with abutable c-shaped body sections for use in a bifurcated body vessel

A bifurcation stent system includes a pair of self-expanding stents. Each stent has a c-shaped body section having a generally semicircular cross-section along its length and an o-shaped body section having a circular cross-section along its length.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Methods for treating diseases of the colon

Methods for treating diseases of the rectum or colon are provided. The methods can comprise accessing the rectal mucosa through a trans-anal approach; performing a mucosectomy to remove mucosal tissue from at least a portion of the rectal or colonic wall; and securing a flexible scaffold material to a region of the rectal or colonic wall from which mucosa has been removed, wherein the scaffold material is selected to facilitate cellular ingrowth and formation of new mucosal tissue..


Scaffolded peptidic libraries and methods of making and screening the same

Scaffolded peptidic libraries and methods of screening the same for specific binding to a target protein are provided. Each library includes distinct peptidic compounds that include a scaffold domain and a distinct variable domain.
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto


Tissue engineered constructs

A method of forming an implantable tissue engineered construct, a bioreactor for forming a tissue engineered construct, and a tissue engineered construct itself are disclosed the method includes seeding a scaffold with cells to form a tissue construct; locating the tissue construct in a space defined by a tissue construct support element; locating the tissue construct support element within a bioreactor; and operating a load applicator of the bioreactor to apply a cyclical compressive mechanical load to the tissue construct, to stimulate the deposition of tissue matrix in the tissue construct, in which the tissue construct, the tissue construct support element and the load applicator are arranged so that the load applicator can at least initially contact both the tissue construct and the tissue construct support element, so that at least part of a total load generated by the load applicator is borne by the tissue construct support element.. .
Xiros Limited


Photoactive silk protein and fabrication of silk protein structures using photolithography

A natural protein, specifically silk fibroin or sericin, is chemically modified such that it can be rendered photoactive, but which otherwise has similar structure and attributes as silk fibroin or sericin. This chemically modified silk conjugate can be patterned using radiant energy to produce patterned silk materials which may be used for a wide variety of applications such as making micro and nanoparticles of different shapes and functionalities for drug delivery, creating new forms of intricate 3d scaffolds for tissue engineering, and forming substrates for flexible bio-electronics..
Virginia Commonwealth University


Angiogenic devices for wound care

Devices, such as dressing and implants, for treatment of chronic wounds comprising controlled delivery systems for butyric acid or salts, polymers, or derivatives thereof are provided. These devices are particularly useful when it is desirable to promote angiogenesis in a chronic wound.
Akeso Biomedical, Inc.


Self-expanding stent

The stent of this invention is a self-expanding stent created by a scaffolding lattice. The stent may be made from a nickel-titanium alloy.
Orbusneich Medical, Inc.


Modular roof mounted staging bracket with safety rails

An apparatus for supporting workers and materials above-grade on both the eave and gable ends of a structure is disclosed. The apparatus can be combined with one or more additional staging apparatuses to create a staging system for the support of persons or materials while work is being done on a structure, e.g., roofing, siding, etc.


Oleophilic and hydrophobic nanocellulose materials

An oleophilic and hydrophobic nanocellulose material is disclosed herein, for nanocellulose sponges and other applications. The oleophilic and hydrophobic nanocellulose material comprises lignin-coated cellulose nanofibrils and/or lignin-coated cellulose nanocrystals.
Api Intellectual Property Holdings, Llc


Fabrication of nanowires and hierarchically porous materials through supercritical co2 assisted nebulization

A processing technique for creating nanowires and hierarchically porous micro/nano structures of ceramic materials is provided. The process includes evaporation of micron-sized water droplets containing dissolved organic salts on heated substrates followed by thermal decomposition of the deposited material.
New York University


Elastic macro porous scaffold and a process for the preparation thereof

The present invention discloses elastic macro porous scaffold and a process for the preparation thereof. The present invention also provides a process for the preparation of macroporous, elastic nano particulate scaffolds comprising of coated or grafted cross linkable nanoparticles, and a crosslinker prepared by crosslinking during ice templating, wherein the modulus increases linearly with temperature..
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Methods and compositions for inhibiting fibrosis, scarring and/or fibrotic contractures

Biomedical implants, regenerative scaffolds, and compositions comprise a substrate with a coating, a scaffold, and/or a carrier composition which include anisotropic nanoparticles in or on the coating, scaffold or carrier, to inhibit fibrosis, scarring, and/or fibrotic contracture, or the formation of adhesions, in a tissue contacting or administered the same. In some embodiments the nanoparticles may be electrically conductive nanoparticles such as multi wall carbon nanotubes..
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Collagen scaffolds

Methods for preparing and using collagen extracts and collagen scaffolds are provided. Additionally methods and related kits for the repair of articular tissue using the collagen material are provided..
Children's Medical Center Corporation


Protein-polymer-drug conjugates and methods of using same

A polymeric scaffold useful for conjugating with a protein based recognition-molecule (pbrm) to form a pbrm-polymer-drug conjugate is described herein. The scaffold includes one or more terminal maleimido groups.
Mersana Therapeutics, Inc.


Scaffolds for cell transplantation

A device that includes a scaffold composition and a bioactive composition with the bioactive composition being incorporated into or coated onto the scaffold composition such that the scaffold composition and/or a bioactive composition controls egress of a resident cell or progeny thereof. The devices mediate active recruitment, modification, and release of host cells from the material..
Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Biologic scaffold for prevention of pulmonary fibrosis

Provided herein are methods of preventing, lessening or treating pulmonary fibrosis in a subject. The methods comprise delivering an amount of a powdered extracellular matrix (ecm)-derived material to the respiratory system of the subject effective to prevent, lessen or treat pulmonary fibrosis in a subject.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Biomimetic vascular network and devices using the same

The invention provides method of fabricating a scaffold comprising a fluidic network, including the steps of: (a) generating an initial vascular layer for enclosing the chamber and providing fluid to the cells, the initial vascular layer having a network of channels for fluid; (b) translating the initial vascular layer into a model for fluid dynamics analysis; (c) analyzing the initial vascular layer based on desired parameters selected from the group consisting of a characteristic of a specific fluid, an input pressure, an output pressure, an overall flow rate and combinations thereof to determine sheer stress and velocity within the network of channels; (d) measuring the sheer stress and the velocity and comparing the obtained values to predetermined values; (e) determining if either of the shear stress or the velocity are greater than or less than the predetermined values, and (f) optionally modifying the initial vascular layer and repeating steps (b)-(e). The invention also provides compositions comprising a vascular layer for use in tissue lamina as well as a medical devices having a vascular layer and kits..
The General Hospital Corporation


Blood filter with scaffolds configured for extended implanted duration before retrieval

Various embodiments for a blood filter are described. In particular, the filter is provided with scaffolds in the main body that are spaced at a predetermined distance away from tissues in which the filter is implanted to allow for retrievability beyond the known or recommended duration.
Cordis Corporation


Novel low molecular weight cyclic amine containing cationic lipids for oligonucleotide delivery

The instant invention provides for novel cationic lipids that can be used in combination with other lipid components such as cholesterol and peg-lipids to form lipid nanoparticles with oligonucleotides. It is an object of the instant invention to provide a cationic lipid scaffold that demonstrates enhanced efficacy along with lower liver toxicity as a result of lower lipid levels in the liver.
Sirna Therapeutics, Inc.


Growth matrices for stem cell propagation in vitro and in tissue regeneration

The present invention provides a multifunctional 2-d and 3-d matrix for propagation of stem cells. In particular, a chitosan-based biomaterial scaffold is engineered to promote cns regeneration from primitive neural precursors by stabilizing a recombinant protein, fibroblast growth factor to preserve the cardinal properties of stem cells.
Rutgers, The State University Of New Jersey


Fibronectin based scaffold proteins

Fibronectin type iii (10fn3) binding domains having novel designs are provided. Also provided are 10fn3 domains having combinations of modified regions that can bind to a desired target..
Bristol-myers Squibb Company


Polymer scaffold sheaths

A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. A sheath pair is placed over the crimped scaffold after crimping to reduce recoil of the crimped polymer scaffold and maintain scaffold-balloon engagement relied on to hold the scaffold to the balloon when the scaffold is being delivered to a target in a body.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Plasticizers for a biodegradable scaffolding and methods of forming same

Methods of making polymeric devices, such as stents, with one or more modifications such as addition of plasticizers, to improve processing, and the devices made by these methods.. .
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Method for processing cancellous bone material and related products, methods and uses

Cancellous bone material may be processed in a portable container apparatus to prepare a stromal vascular fraction concentrate. Cancellous bone material may be washed to remove non-bone material, digested and digested material centrifuged, with all operations being performed on cancellous bone material while disposed in the portable container apparatus.
The Gid Group, Inc.


Extracellular matrix constructs for treating damaged biological tissue

Extracellular matrix (ecm) constructs having a biodegradable support scaffold and an anchoring mechanism, which includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein. In a preferred embodiment, the support scaffold and anchoring mechanism comprise an ecm material.
Cormartix Cardiovascular, Inc.


Extracellular matrix constructs for treating damaged biological tissue

Extracellular matrix (ecm) constructs having a biodegradable support scaffold and an anchoring mechanism, which includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein. In a preferred embodiment, the support scaffold and anchoring mechanism comprise an ecm material.
Cormartix Cardiovascular, Inc.


Calcium-mediated effects of coral and methods of use thereof

This invention is directed to coral scaffolds seeded with precursor cells in culture in the presence of a chelator and uses thereof in inducing or enhancing bone and/or cartilage formation in a subject, and kits related thereto. This invention is also directed to use of cadherin-upregulating coral for treating cancer or inhibiting cancer progression.
Ben Gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority.


Procoagulant peptides and their derivatives and uses therefor

The present invention is directed to a hemostatic or tissue sealing material having (a) a peptide having a sequence seq id no: 1 or an amino acid analog sequence thereof, and (b) a scaffold for said peptide or amino acid analogue sequence. The scaffold is preferably hemostatic, such as a natural or genetically engineered absorbable polymer, a synthetic absorbable polymer, or combinations thereof.
Ethicon, Inc.


High molecular weight polylactide and polycaprolactone copolymer and blends for bioresorbable vascular scaffolds

Bioresorbable polymer vascular scaffolds made of combinations of polylactide and polycaprolactone having a high molecular weight polymer, thin struts in a selected range and sufficient radial strength to support a vessel upon deployment. The scaffolds have degradation behavior of molecular weight, radial strength, and mass that are conducive to healing of a vessel including providing patency to a vessel, reduction of radial strength, breaking up, and resorbing to allow return of the vessel to a natural state..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Solvent forming a polymer scaffolding

Methods of making polymeric devices, such as stents, using solvent based processes. More particularly, methods of making bioabsorbable stents..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Method for use of a double-structured tissue implant for treatment of tissue defects

A method for use of a double-structured tissue implant or a secondary scaffold stand alone implant for treatment of tissue defects. The double-structured tissue implant comprising a primary scaffold and a secondary scaffold consisting of a soluble collagen solution in combination with a non-ionic surfactant generated and positioned within the primary scaffold.
Histogenics Corporation


Extracellular matrix constructs for treating damaged biological tissue

Extracellular matrix (ecm) constructs having a biodegradable support scaffold and an anchoring mechanism, which includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein. In a preferred embodiment, the support scaffold and anchoring mechanism comprise an ecm material.
Cormartix- Cardiovascular, Inc.


Synthetic scaffolds

Aspects of the invention relate to a combination of techniques and/or materials that can be used to form a synthetic scaffold for solid and/or hollow organs or tissue. In some embodiments, methods are provided that involve assembling a synthetic scaffold using a first material for a first structural component and a second material for a second structural component, in which the first or second structural component is a perfusion pathway.
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology, Inc.


Fluorescent cell cycle probe having m-phase specificity

The present invention is directed to a novel family of fluorophores based on the bodipy scaffold, and methods for their synthesis. The bodipy-based fluorophores disclosed herein are used for the selective visualization of cells that exist in the m-phase of the cell cycle.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Methods of manufacturing a shroud abradable coating

Methods of manufacturing turbine shrouds with an abradable coating that balance the apparently contradictory requirements of high flowpath solidity, low blade tip wear, and good durability in service. The methods include obtaining a shroud substrate.
General Electric Company


Wall hung safety bracket

A bracketed scaffold system configured for attachment to a wall prior to the wall construction which uses a hook adapter to hang the scaffold bracket over the top of the wall and a securing plate that is secured to the stud inside the wall to secure the scaffold to the wall. The hook adapter is attachably connected to the upper end of a vertical wall bar and the securing plate is longitudinally parallel with and attachably connected to the lower end of the vertical wall bar.


Fusion proteins comprising immunoglobulin constant domain-derived scaffolds

This disclosure features fusion proteins comprising a base protein linked to or incorporated in a ch2 scaffold of igg. The ch2 scaffold can derive from the macaque ch2 domain of igg.
Research Corporation Technologies, Inc.


Multilayer bioabsorbable scaffolds and methods of fabricating

A bioabsorbable scaffold composed of a multilayer structure of alternating layers of different polymers is disclosed. The multilayer structure can have 20 to 1000 layers and the individual thickness of the layers can be 0.2 to 5 microns.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Biodegradable supporting device

A biodegradable in vivo supporting device is disclosed. The in vivo supporting device comprises a biodegradable metal scaffold and a biodegradable polymer coating covering at least a portion of the biodegradable metal scaffold, wherein the biodegradable polymer coating has a degradation rate that is faster than the degradation rate of the biodegradable metal scaffold..
Q3 Medical Devices Limited


Production of moldable bone substitute

Composites and methods of producing a mouldable bone substitute are described. A scaffold for bone growth comprises nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite (ha), a bioresorbable plasticizer, and a biodegradable polymer.
Promimic Ab


Decellularized biomaterial from non-mammalian tissue

The growth factor profile, connective tissue matrix constituents, and immunoprivileged status of urodele extracellular matrix (ecm) and accompanying cutaneous tissue, plus the presence of antimicrobial peptides there, render urodele-derived tissue an ideal source for biological scaffolds for xenotransplantation. In particular, a biological scaffold biomaterial can be obtained by a process that entails (a) obtaining a tissue sample from a urodele, where the tissue comprises ecm, inclusive of the basement membrane, and (b) subjecting the tissue sample to a decellularization process that maintains the structural and functional integrity of the extracellular matrix, by virtue of retaining its fibrous and non-fibrous proteins, glycoaminoglycans (gags) and proteoglycans, while removing sufficient cellular components of the sample to reduce or eliminate antigenicity and immunogenicity for xenograft purposes.
Ise Professional Testing & Consulting Services, Inc.


Resorbable ceramics with controlled strength loss rates

Particular aspects of the present disclosure provide bio-resorbable and biocompatible compositions for bioengineering, restoring, or regenerating tissue or bone. In one embodiment, a biocompatible composition includes a three-dimensional porous or non-porous scaffold material comprising a calcium phosphate-based ceramic having at least one dopant therein selected from metal ion dopants or metal oxide dopants.
Washington State University


Compositions and methods for regeneration of hard tissues

Bone graft compositions including bioactive glass scaffold and characterized in that the bioactive glass scaffold has a high compressive strength, is osteoconductive and osteostimulative and resorbs at a rate consistent with the formation of new bone are described. Also, methods of using the bone grafts for regeneration of hard tissues and, especially, for treating or correcting developmental dysplasia of the hip are provided..


Apparatus for facilitating cell growth in an implantable sensor

Apparatus is provided that contains cells for implantation into a human subject. The apparatus includes a substantially non-degradable three-dimensional scaffold having surfaces to which the cells are attached, and a hydrogel, which is attached to the cells.
Glusense, Ltd.

Scaffold topics: Nucleotide, Recombinant, Polynucleotide, Amino Acid, Biodegradable, Encapsulation, Surfactant, Enhancement, Monoclonal Antibody, Polypeptide, Immunogenic, Amino Acid Sequence, Monoclonal, Interleukin 2, Immune Disease

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