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Fibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin

Han Biomedical

Method for forming dual-layer composite material, dual-layer composite material thereby, bio-medical equipment…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scaffold-related patents
 Apparatus for rapidly erecting a stable structure by combining the framing, wall paneling and finish steps into one simultaneous construction action patent thumbnailApparatus for rapidly erecting a stable structure by combining the framing, wall paneling and finish steps into one simultaneous construction action
The presented inventive subject matter discloses a rapid and tool-free construction method and apparatus for combining the main construction steps of framing, wall-paneling and finish steps into one simultaneous action without the need for tools, materials handling equipment, extensive training or experience by the construction crew. The presented inventive subject matter, described herein, also discloses a new rapid system and method of constructing many types of useful structures of “permanent quality and stability” without the need for tools, scaffolding, cranes or other materials handling equipment to construct.

 Poly(thioketal-urethane) scaffolds and methods of use patent thumbnailPoly(thioketal-urethane) scaffolds and methods of use
The presently-disclosed subject matter includes biodegradable scaffolds. Exemplary biodegradable scaffolds comprise a plurality of polythioketal polymers, and a plurality of polyisocyanates, where at least one polyisocyanate is linked to at least one polymer to form the scaffold.
Vanderbilt University

 Fibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin patent thumbnailFibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin
The present invention relates to fibronectin-based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin. The invention also relates to the use of these proteins in therapeutic applications to treat muscular dystrophy, cachexia, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, copd, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and fibrosis.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

 Method for forming dual-layer composite material, dual-layer composite material thereby, bio-medical equipment containing the dual-layer composite material patent thumbnailMethod for forming dual-layer composite material, dual-layer composite material thereby, bio-medical equipment containing the dual-layer composite material
The present disclosure provides a method for forming a dual-layer composite material, including: coating a barrier-film layer-forming material onto the surface of a porous scaffold layer to form a dual-layer intermediate product; and drying the dual-layer intermediate product to form a dual-layer composite material which includes the porous scaffold layer and a barrier film layer, wherein the porous scaffold layer and the barrier film layer are inseparable from each other.. .
Han Biomedical Inc.

 Method of manufacturing hybrid scaffold and hybrid scaffold manufactured by the same patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing hybrid scaffold and hybrid scaffold manufactured by the same
In an apparatus for manufacturing a hybrid scaffold, a first strand having bin compatible polymer and a second strand having a mixture of bio compatible material and cells alternate with each other. Thus, mechanical strength of the hybrid scaffold is improved, and the cells uniformly grow among entire region of the scaffold.
Korea Institute Of Machinery & Materials

 Dendrimer scaffolds for pharmaceutical use patent thumbnailDendrimer scaffolds for pharmaceutical use
This invention relates to certain dendrimer compounds. In particular, this invention relates to novel dendrimer compounds that can be elaborated to give increasingly large and complex compounds.
Victoria Link Limited

 Bioactive glass scaffolds, and  making patent thumbnailBioactive glass scaffolds, and making
A glass, glass-ceramic, or ceramic bead is described, with an internal porous scaffold microstructure that is surrounded by an amorphous shield. The shield serves to protect the internal porous microstructure of the shield while increasing the overall strength of the porous microstructure and improve the flowability of the beads either by themselves or in devices such as biologically degradable putty that would be used in bone or soft tissue augmentation or regeneration.
Mo Sci, Corp.

 Method of increasing stent retention of bioabsorbable scaffolding with a sheath patent thumbnailMethod of increasing stent retention of bioabsorbable scaffolding with a sheath
A medical device includes a polymer stent crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The stent is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes heating the stent to a temperature below the polymer's glass transition temperature to improve stent retention without adversely affecting the mechanical characteristics of the stent when later deployed to support a body lumen.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

 Hard scaffold patent thumbnailHard scaffold
The present document is directed to medical implants in the form of titanium dioxide scaffolds. Disclosed is a method for producing titanium dioxide scaffolds having an increased mechanical strength by recoating the titanium dioxide scaffold with a low viscosity titanium dioxide slurry in a vacuum infiltration process followed by sintering of the scaffold.
Corticalis As

 Cascading ice luge, apparatus, and methods patent thumbnailCascading ice luge, apparatus, and methods
Embodiments of cascading ice luges and embodiments of apparatuses and methods for making cascading ice luges are disclosed. One apparatus embodying the principles of the invention features shelves and attached brackets in stepwise configuration.


Electroactive scaffold

A method of manufacturing and/or using a scaffold assembly for stem cell culture and tissue engineering applications is disclosed. The scaffold at least partially mimics a native biological environment by providing biochemical, topographical, mechanical and electrical cues by using an electroactive material.
U.s.a. As Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Apparatus for forming an image on a flexographic media

An apparatus for forming an image on a flexographic plate includes a laser for exposing a back of the flexographic plate to form a floor; a computer for providing a screened image; wherein the computer locates isolated dots on the screened image; wherein the laser exposes a front of the flexographic plate to form the image, isolated dots and scaffold dots adjacent to the isolated dots; and wherein the scaffold dots do not extend to the floor.. .


Multi-layered micro-channel electrode array with regenerative selectivity

A scaffold defines a plurality of channels, into which axons of a severed nerve may regenerate, such as after limb amputation. Each channel includes a corresponding electrode.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.


Drug delivery scaffold or stent with a novolimus and lactide based coating such that novolimus has a minimum amount of bonding to the coating

Disclosed herein are drug delivery medical devices. A polymer coating for a medical device is provided which comprises a minimum amount of a drug bonded to the polymer in the coating..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Methods of manufacturing hydrogel microparticles having living cells, and compositions for manufacturing a scaffold for tissue engineering

Method of manufacturing hydrogel microparticles comprising one or more species of living cells attached thereon and/or encapsulated therein is provided. The method includes dissolving a hydrogel-forming agent in an aqueous medium to form a solution; suspending one or more species of living cells in the solution to form a cell suspension; dispersing the cell suspension into an organic oil to form a microemulsion; and subjecting the microemulsion to conditions that allow the hydrogel-forming agent to form hydrogel microparticles comprising one or more species of living cells attached thereon and/or encapsulated therein.
Nanyang Technological University


Nerve regeneration employing keratin biomaterials

A keratin hydrogel matrix serves as an effective acellular scaffold for axonal regeneration and facilitates functional nerve recovery.. .
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Biochemical scaffolds for modulating cell function

A biochemical scaffold for regulating mammalian cell function, including a bioenergetic platform and a vibrational platform, the bioenergetic platform comprising a krebs cycle modulator, glutathione modulator, neurotransmitter modulator and a dna modulator, the vibrational platform comprising a plurality of herbs that are subjected to harmonic oscillation in the range of approximately 102 ghz-250 ghz for a period of time in the range of approximately 3-5 hrs.. .


Expandable amnion membrane for treating non-healing wounds

The present disclosure generally pertains to methods of treating non-healing wounds. Specifically, the method includes injecting amnion fluid derived cells along the periphery of the wound.
Nutech Medical, Inc.


Polypeptide hydrogels and uses related thereto

This disclosure relates to self-assembling peptides that form hydrogels comprising peptide sequences for the activation of signaling pathways. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to compositions comprising a recombinant polypeptide comprising a cell signaling sequence, e.g., jag-1 sequence, fused to a hydrogel polypeptide sequence.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Chitosan materials from carbonic acid solution

The present invention comprises chitosan materials and methods of using carbonic acid for aqueous solubilization of neutralized or pre-treated chitosan gels and provides, among other things, substantially acid salt free composition native final forms without requiring subsequent acid salt elution. The invention includes chitosan-based solid and semi-solid material forms, optionally reinforced with chitosan fibers, such as powders, fibers, films, matrices, sponges, implants, scaffolds, fillers, and hydrogels.
Hemcon Medical Technologies, Inc.


Composite bone implants

The invention provides natural multi-composite bone implants such as bone-connective tissue-bone and osteochondral implants for the replacement and/or repair of, for example and in particular a damaged or defective bone-meniscus-bone joint or a bone-patella tendon-bone joint or osteochondral lesions, methods of preparing the composites and uses thereof. The invention also provides natural or native composite bone-connective tissue-bone and osteochondral matrices or scaffolds that are substantially decellularised for subsequent transplantation/implantation..
University Of Leeds


Apparatus and methods for recannalization, valve repair and replacement

A scaffold is mounted on a balloon of a balloon catheter. The scaffold has closed cells which deform upon balloon expansion and generate forces that cause struts or other components of the scaffold to deflect outwardly to a diameter that is greater than the inflated diameter balloon.


Method and tissue harvesting

Exemplary methods and devices can be provided for harvesting a plurality of small tissue pieces, e.g., having widths less than about 1 mm or 0.5 mm, using one or more hollow needles. A fluid can be flowed through a conduit past the proximal ends of the needles to facilitate removal of the tissue pieces from the needle lumens, and can maintain the tissue pieces in a controlled and protective liquid environment.
The General Hospital Corporation


Stent graft delivery system

A system for treating an aneurysm comprises an elongate flexible shaft and an expandable member. An expandable scaffold is disposed over the expandable member and may be expanded from a collapsed configuration to an expanded configuration.
Nellix, Inc.


Scaffold-free tissue engineering using field induced forces

A system and method for providing tissue regeneration without the use of scaffolds. The system includes a vessel that contains a fluid suitable for enhancing the tissue regeneration process.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation


Multivalent and monovalent multispecific complexes and their uses

Compositions containing multivalent and monovalent multispecific complexes having scaffolds such as antibodies that support such binding functionalities are described. The use of and methods of compositions containing multivalent and monovalent multispecific complexes having scaffolds, such as antibodies, that support such binding functionalities are also described..
Zyngenia, Inc.


Compositions and methods for phagocyte delivery of anti-staphylococcal agents

The present application generally relates to multi-specific molecules that bind to multiple bacterial virulence factors, methods for producing these binding molecules, and the use of these binding molecules to treat bacterial infections. In particular, the binding molecules comprise at least two binding domains, preferably an antibody or antibody fragment and an alternative scaffold.
Janssen Biotech, Inc.


Porous metallic structures

In one aspect, there are provided methods for producing porous metallic structures, wherein the methods involve the use of collagen fibrils on the nanometer scale as a “sacrificial” scaffold upon which metal particles are deposited. Also disclosed are structures comprising a porous metallic matrix having favorable strength, porosity, and density characteristics.
Widener University


Bone connection material

The present invention provides a bone connection material that includes an internal layer. The internal layer is formed by braiding a plurality of filaments.


Methods and devices for cellular transplantation

Devices and methods for transplanting cells in a host body are described. The cell comprises a porous scaffold that allows ingrowth of vascular and connective tissues, a plug or plug system configured for placement within the porous scaffold, and a seal configured to enclose a proximal opening in the porous scaffold.
Sernova Corporation


Method for producing an alginate coated titanium dioxide scaffold

The present document is directed to medical prosthetic devices used for implantation to replace and/or restore lost functions in a body. The document discloses a method for producing an alginate coated titanium dioxide scaffold wherein the alginate coating optionally comprises a biologically active substance..
Corticalis As


Methods of modifying myocardial infarction expansion

A bioscaffolding can be formed within a post-myocardial infarct region sufficient to cause attenuation of a rate of myocardial infarct expansion. A bioscaffolding may further be formed in the post-myocardial infarct region to cause an increase in posterior left ventricular wall thickness.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.


Metal oxide scaffolds

The present invention relates to a metal oxide scaffold comprising titanium oxide. The scaffolds of the invention are useful for implantation into a subject for tissue regeneration and for providing a framework for cell growth and stabilization to the regenerating tissue.
Corticalis As


Drug-eluting medical devices

A medical device includes a plurality of drug-eluting nanofibers directly or indirectly located over an outer surface of the medical device, or utilized independently as a tissue engineering scaffold. The plurality of drug-eluting nanofibers include one or more therapeutic agents.
The Johns Hopkins University


Dynamic reference arrays and methods of use

Dynamic reference arrays use markers and trackers to register a patient's anatomy to computer system. Wherein the dynamic reference array may be screwed into a patient's spinous process, clamped on to a spinous process, or attached to the spinous process using posts.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Bone connection material

The present invention provides a bone connection material that includes an internal layer. The internal layer is formed by braiding a plurality of filaments.


Transcription activator-like effector (tale) fusion protein

The present invention relates to transcription activator-like effector (tale) derived proteins that allow to efficiently target and/or process double stranded nucleic acid sequences. The proteins of the invention are typically chimeric protein monomers composed of a core scaffold comprising repeat variable dipeptide regions (rvds) having binding specificity to a dna target sequence, to which is fused a catalytic domain to its n-terminal.


Alpha/beta-peptide mimics of z-domain peptides

Described are α/β-peptide mimics of z-domain scaffold peptides, methods of making them, and methods of using them. The α/β-peptide mimics include β-amino acid residues and, optionally, disulfide bonds to stabilize the conformation of the mimics.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Medical device and delivery method onto offset surface of mammal tissue

A novel medical device and method for delivery of a scaffold for treatment of secondary lymphedema and ischemia is provided. In some embodiments a catheter medical device and magnetic guidance method are provided for delivering cell-seeded implants for guided lymphatic regeneration..
Fibralign Corporation


Matrix scaffold with antimicrobial activity

The invention provides a scaffold of extracellular matrix polymers with recombinant chimeric peptides tethered thereto. The invention also provides recombinant chimeric peptides of antimicrobial peptides and extracellular matrix binding domains.


Omentum based scaffold and delivery system

Compositions of matter comprising decellularized omentum are disclosed. The compositions may be scaffolds, hydrogels or hydrogel precursor compositions.
Ramot At Tel-aviv University Ltd.


Compositions for regenerating defective or absent myocardium

Compositions of the invention for regenerating defective or absent myocardium comprise an emulsified or injectable extracellular matrix composition. The composition may also include an extracellular matrix scaffold component of any formulation, and further include added cells, proteins, or other components to optimize the regenerative process and restore cardiac function..
Cormatrix Cardiovascular, Inc.


Folding worktable

The present invention provides a folding worktable, which includes a frame and a board. It is upheld by four legs of retractable folding braces.


Organo metal halide perovskite heterojunction solar cell and fabrication thereof

The present invention provides a solid state heterojunction solar cell comprising a transparent conducting support layer (2,3), on which a nanostructured, surface-increasing scaffold structure is provided, wherein an organic-inorganic perovskite layer (4) is provided on said scaffold structure, and wherein a counter electrode and/or metal layer (5) is provided in electric contact with said perovskite layer (4). According to an embodiment, the solar cell lacks an electrolyte or any hole conducting material.
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Formwork support element

This invention relates to a formwork support member, and a scaffold structure formed from at least a pair of adjacent formwork support members. The formwork support member comprises at least two spaced vertical members, at least one connecting member bridging said vertical members to form thereby a rigid formwork support member, each vertical member including a plurality of attachment means at spaced intervals there-along for releasable attachment thereto of at least one brace member extending between adjacent formwork support members to form the scaffold structure..
Form 700 Pty Ltd


Bioreactor and rack for mounting bioreactors

A bioreactor for preferably three-dimensional cell culturing comprises a scaffold chamber, a first tube, a second tube and a first valve with a scaffold adapter, a tube adapter and a medium adapter. The first valve has a housing with a longitudinal female portion ending in an opening and a longitudinal actuator being arranged through the opening of the female portion of the housing such that the actuator is arranged partially inside the housing and partially outside the housing, wherein the actuator of the first valve is axially moveable relative to the housing of the first valve between a first position in which the first valve is in the operation position and a second position in which the first valve is in the medium change position.
University Hospital Of Basel


Ecm constructs for treating damaged biological tissue

Extracellular matrix (ecm) constructs having a biodegradable support scaffold and an anchoring mechanism, which includes a plurality of biodegradable microneedles that are capable of piercing tissue and anchoring therein. In a preferred embodiment, the support scaffold and anchoring mechanism comprise an ecm material.


Endosseous dental implant assembly

An endosseous dental implant assembly comprises a dental implant comprising an abutment portion for connecting to a tooth crown and a hollow base portion defining a cavity therein, and a bio-supportive or biodegradable scaffold carried by the hollow base portion of the dental implant in the biomimetic approach. The abutment portion is formed integrally with the hollow base portion.


Engineering t cell receptors

The use of model t cell receptors (tcrs) as scaffolds for in vitro engineering of novel specificities is provided. Tcrs with de novo binding to a specific peptide-major histocompatibility complex (mhc) product can be isolated by: 1) mutagenizing a t cell receptor protein coding sequence to generate a variegated population of mutants (a library), 2) selection of the library of tcr mutants with the specific peptide-mhc, using a process of directed evolution and a “display” methodology (e.g., yeast, phage, mammalian cell) and the peptide-mhc ligand.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinoi


Functionalized media and methods of making and using therefor

Methods, compositions, devices and kits are provided herein for separating, scavenging, capturing or identifying a metal from a target using a medium or scaffold with a selenium-containing functional group. The medium or the scaffold including the selenium-containing functional group has affinity and specificity to metal ions or compounds having one or more metals, and efficiently separates, recovers, and scavenges of the metals from a target such as a sample, solution, suspension, or mixture..
Brown University


Implant and producing an implant

The invention relates to an implant derived from intestinal tissue and to an improved method for producing an implant from intestinal tissue. According to the invention, intestinal tissue comprising a tubular segment of intestine with at least part of its associated vasculature intact is processed by: perfusing the vasculature through a vessel thereof with at least one decellularising medium; and separately perfusing the tubular segment of intestine through its lumen with at least one decellularising medium.
Videregen Limited


Compounds with (1e, 6e)-1,7-bis-(3,4-dimethoxyphenyl)-4,4-disubstituted-hepta-1,6-diene-3,5-dione structural scaffold, their biological activity, and uses thereof

The present invention includes compounds, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics having at least one (substituted phenyl)-propenal moiety. The compounds and compositions of the present invention are useful in the treatment or prevention of medical conditions including androgen associated conditions, androgen associated inflammation, a wound (the compounds assist with wound healing), acne, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, rosacea, and alopecia; kennedy's disease (spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy, or sbma), polyglutamine-mediated motor neuron degeneration; cancers such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, hepatocellular (liver) cancer, and pancreatic cancer; and other medical conditions described herein.


Ligament and tendon replacement constructs and methods for production and use thereof

Degradable/polymeric fiber-based, three-dimensional braided scaffolds for use as graft materials in ligament and tendon repair, reconstruction and replacement are provided. Also provided are methods for preparing these scaffolds..
Drexel University


Esophageal stent with valve

A stent comprised of a valve and a scaffolding structure having components configured to allow at least a portion of the stent to decrease in diameter in response to an axial force applied to the stent. Further, the components and elements of the stent may be configured to balance transverse forces applied to the stent, thus reducing the incidence of infolding..
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.


Scaffold system

A scaffold system adapted for securing to a structure and for vertical movement relative to the structure. The scaffold system includes first and second wall mounts, each of the wall mounts having a bar and at least one spring biasing the bar in a first direction, a slide post having a slide hook, a slide arm and a hanging pad secured to the slide arm, the slide post arranged for vertical axial movement within at least one of the first and second wall mounts, a main post having at least one post hook, a first deck fixedly secured to the main post, and a ball screw jack having a mounting plate and a lifting screw, the mounting plate secured to the first deck and the lifting screw secured to the hanging pad.
International Chimney Corporation


Access flooring for a scaffolding

An access flooring for a scaffolding has an access door which closes an access opening in the access flooring and which is supported in an opening manner on the access flooring in a state connected to the access flooring. In a region of the access flooring in which the access door is connected to the access flooring, there is arranged at least one resiliently deformable element which becomes deformed when the access door is opened and there is produced by the deformation in the resiliently deformable element a force which is directed counter to the opening movement of the access door and which increases abruptly from a defined opening angle α near a perpendicular position of the access door..
Peri Gmbh


High molecular weight silk fibroin and uses thereof

Provided herein relates to high molecular weight silk-based materials, compositions comprising the same, and processes of preparing the same. The silk-based materials produced from high molecular weight silk can be used in various applications ranging from biomedical applications such as tissue engineering scaffolds to construction applications.
Trustees Of Tufts College


Self-assembling peptides incorporating modifications and methods of use thereof

The invention provides a self-assembling peptide comprising (a) a first amino acid domain that mediates self-assembly, wherein the domain comprises alternating hydrophobic and hydrophilic amino acids that are complementary and structurally compatible and self-assemble into a macroscopic structure when present in unmodified form; and (b) a second amino acid domain that does not self-assemble in isolated form. In certain embodiments of the invention the second amino acid domain comprises a biologically active peptide motif, e.g., a peptide motif found in a naturally occurring protein, or a target site for an interaction with a biomolecule.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Bicyclic aza-amides for treatment of psychiatric disorders

The present invention relates to compounds of formula (i) having a bicyclic aza-amides scaffold, pharmaceutically acceptable salts of these compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing at least one of these compounds together with pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, excipient and/or diluents. Said bicyclic aza-amides compounds can be used for prophylaxis and/or treatment of psychiatric disorders and neurodegenerative diseases, disorders and conditions..
Max-planck-gesselschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Method of producing activated carbon from bamboo scaffolding waste, waste wooden pallet and the like and the apparatus therefor

This invention discloses an apparatus and a method for producing activated carbon with high quality from feedstock of bamboo scaffolding waste, waste wooden pallets and the like. The apparatus is an indirect heated rotary kiln comprises a rotary shell; at least one heating tube adapted to be fixedly positioned inside said rotary shell; and at least one activation agent injection pipe adapted to be fixedly positioned within the stationary heating tube.
Scion Energy (hong Kong) Limited


Fabricating device of three-dimensional scaffold and fabricating method thereof

A fabricating device of a three-dimensional (3-d) scaffold comprises a bubble generator, a bubble mixing channel, a coagulating solution channel and a bubble collector. The bubble generator includes a gas channel and a gel solution channel crossing the gas channel.
Academia Sinica


Electrospun ptfe encapsulated stent & manufacture

A stent or other prosthesis may be formed by encapsulating a scaffold or frame with a polymer coating. The polymer coating may consist of layers of electrospun polytetrafluoroethylne (ptfe).
Zeus Industrial Products, Inc.


Inkjet printing of tissues and cells

Provided herein is an apparatus for printing cells which includes an electrospinning device and an inkjet printing device operatively associated therewith. Methods of making a biodegradable scaffold having cells seeded therein are also provided.
Wake Forest University Health Sciences


Enclosure system for scaffolding

An enclosure system is provided for weatherproofing the work area on a standard scaffold structure adjacent a vertical wall surface and attachment thereto, comprising a framework consisting of a plurality of spaced apart base bars joined to an equal plurality of extension bars, and an overlying weatherproofing layer.. .
Srs Scaffolding Solutions Inc.


Polypeptide, scaffold composition, composition for cartilage tissue restoration, composition for cartilage cell culture, and composition for promoting glycosaminoglycan production

A polypeptide having an amino acid sequence in which the number of rgd sequences contained per molecular weight of 10 kda is not less than 0.30; the number of gfpger sequences contained per molecular weight of 10 kda is not less than 0.15; and the number of gvmgfp sequences contained per molecular weight of 10 kda is less than 0.30; is provided. A scaffold composition, a composition for repairing a cartilage tissue, a composition for culturing cartilage cells, and a composition for promoting glycosaminoglycan production, which compositions contain the above polypeptide, are also provided..
Fujifilm Corporation


System and method to facilitate the growth of stem cells

A method and system to maintain adult or embryonic stem cells employing 3-d culture conditions is disclosed. Hydrogel scaffolds, composed of hydrophilic polymer networks are provided to emulate a fully hydrated native extracellular matrix and natural soft tissue.
Oakland University


Wound cleansing apparatus

An apparatus for cleansing and promoting tissue growth in wounds, in which irrigant fluid optionally containing cell nutrients and/or other physiologically active material from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a device for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing, a biodegradable scaffold in contact with the wound bed and a means for fluid cleansing and back to the dressing. The apparatus has means for supplying thermal energy to the fluid in the wound.
Smith & Nephew Plc


Collagen scaffolds, medical implants with same and methods of use

The subject invention concerns non-degradable three dimensional porous collagen scaffolds and coatings. These scaffolds can be prepared around sensors for implantation into a body.
University Of South Florida


Apparatuses, methods, and compositions for the treatment and prophylaxis of chronic wounds

According to an illustrative embodiment a method to promote healing of a wound is provided comprising contacting the wound with a biologically active composition comprising a lipoic acid derivative and gelatin. In another embodiment a wound dressing is provided comprising a scaffold coated with a biologically active composition comprising a lipoic acid derivative.
Kci Licensing, Inc.


Compositions and methods for the treatment and alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss

The present invention provides pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of preparation and use for the treatment, prevention or alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss. The present invention discloses a method and a pharmaceutical composition comprising mesenchymal stem cells, platelets, activating factors and scaffolding materials for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of bone diseases, bone injuries or hair loss, and a method and a pharmaceutical composition further comprising dexamethasone for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of cartilage diseases or injuries..


Compositions and methods for the treatment and alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss

The present invention provides pharmaceutical compositions, and methods of preparation and use for the treatment, prevention or alleviation of bone and cartilage diseases or injuries and hair loss. The present invention discloses a method and a pharmaceutical composition comprising mesenchymal stem cells, platelets, activating factors and scaffolding materials for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of bone diseases, bone injuries or hair loss, and a method and a pharmaceutical composition further comprising dexamethasone for the treatment, prevention, or alleviation of cartilage diseases or injuries..

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