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Scaffold patents

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Techniques for optimizing wireless power transmission

Techniques for optimizing wireless power transmission

Techniques for optimizing wireless power transmission

Northwestern University

Poly(ethylene glycol) cross-linking of soft materials to tailor viscoelastic properties for bioprinting

Date/App# patent app List of recent Scaffold-related patents
 Sheaths used with polymer scaffolds patent thumbnailnew patent Sheaths used with polymer scaffolds
A medical device includes a polymer scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. A sheath pair is placed over the crimped scaffold after crimping to reduce recoil of the crimped polymer scaffold and maintain scaffold-balloon engagement relied on to hold the scaffold to the balloon when the scaffold is being delivered to a target in a body.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
 Clip sheath for a polymer scaffold patent thumbnailnew patent Clip sheath for a polymer scaffold
A sheath is placed over a crimped scaffold to reduce recoil of the crimped polymer scaffold and maintain scaffold-balloon engagement relied on to hold the scaffold to the balloon when the scaffold is being delivered to a target in a body. The sheath has an opening spanning the length of the sheath.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.
 System and  electrospun biodegradable scaffold for bone repair patent thumbnailnew patent System and electrospun biodegradable scaffold for bone repair
This invention relates a structure and system for growth factor incorporation which can improve the osteogenic differentiation of hmscs, for potential bone regeneration and bone growth applications or used alone for bone repair or growth applications. The system comprises a biodegradable polyester, a hydrophilic polymer, a growth factor and optionally a bioceramic..
 Microfluidic three-dimensional osteocyte network reconstructed with microbeads as scaffold patent thumbnailnew patent Microfluidic three-dimensional osteocyte network reconstructed with microbeads as scaffold
A bed of microbeads is used as a foundation for reconstructing a three-dimensional osteocyte network by culturing osteocytes within the bed. The osteocytes are cultured such that they form a network among the microbeads that is capable of simulating the osteocyte network of natural bone.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology
 Fiber scaffolds for use creating implantable structures patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber scaffolds for use creating implantable structures
A synthetic construct suitable for implantation into a biological organism that includes at least one polymer scaffold; wherein the at least one polymer scaffold includes at least one layer of polymer fibers that have been deposited by electrospinning; wherein the orientation of the fibers in the at least one polymer scaffold relative to one another is generally parallel, random, or both; and wherein the at least one polymer scaffold has been adapted to function as at least one of a substantially two-dimensional implantable structure and a substantially three-dimensional implantable tubular structure.. .
 Methods for coating bone allografts with periosteum-mimetic tissue engineering scaffolds patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for coating bone allografts with periosteum-mimetic tissue engineering scaffolds
Methods of coating bone surfaces and coated bones comprising a coating comprising (a) a porous polysaccharide scaffold and/or a plurality of polysaccharide nanofibers; and (b) a polyelectrolyte multilayer composition, are disclosed. The methods of coating bone surfaces and the coated bones disclosed provide a biomimetic periosteum to compensate for periosteum lost in preparing bone grafts, and the coated bone grafts, including allografts, restore lost osteogenic and osteoinductive qualities and improve clinical outcomes..
Colorado State University Research Foundation
 Techniques for optimizing wireless power transmission patent thumbnailnew patent Techniques for optimizing wireless power transmission
New wireless power transmission techniques are disclosed. In some aspects of the invention, an ambient wave or field is used as a scaffold for building new, superposed waveforms, using an additional, intermediate transmitter or resonator.
 Poly(ethylene glycol) cross-linking of soft materials to tailor viscoelastic properties for bioprinting patent thumbnailnew patent Poly(ethylene glycol) cross-linking of soft materials to tailor viscoelastic properties for bioprinting
Extrudable hydrogel compositions for printing 3d objects, such as cell growth scaffolds, are provided. Also provided are methods for making the crosslinked hydrogel compositions and the printed objects and methods for culturing cells using the cell growth scaffolds.
Northwestern University
 Devices and methods for stenting an airway patent thumbnailDevices and methods for stenting an airway
An implantable device and method are disclosed for stenting an occlusion of an airway. The implantable device includes a cylindrical tube shaped proximal region, a flared distal region, and a non-bifurcated single lumen extending through the device.
Merit Medical Systems, Inc.
 Scaffold-free self-organizing 3d synthetic tissue and artificial bone complex for bone/cartilage regeneration patent thumbnailScaffold-free self-organizing 3d synthetic tissue and artificial bone complex for bone/cartilage regeneration
An improved method of treating an osteochondral defect is provided, which is a composite tissue for treating or preventing a disease, disorder, or condition associated with an osteochondral defect, comprising a three-dimensional synthetic tissue and an artificial bone, wherein the three-dimensional synthetic tissue is substantially made of a cell and an extracellular matrix derived from the cell, the extracellular matrix contains fibronectin, collagen i, collagen iii, and vitronectin, and the extracellular matrix is diffusedly distributed in the tissue.. .

Mesh enclosed tissue constructs

A scaffold to form tissue membranes, comprising: at least one layer of mesh having a first side and a second side, the layer of mesh being either a woven wire metal mesh or a flat metal sheet that is acid-etched such that the layer of mesh includes a network of holes passing directly through the mesh from the first side to the second side; and at least one layer of cells at each side of the mesh enclosing the layer of mesh, such that the at least one layer of cells on the first side interacts with the at least one layer of cells on the second side through the network of holes to provide for structure integration.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California

Braided scaffolds

A braided polymeric scaffold, made at least in part from a bioresorbable material is deployed on a catheter that uses a push-pull mechanism to deploy the scaffold. A drug coating is disposed on the scaffold.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Wound treatment apparatus and method

An apparatus and method for aspirating, irrigating and/or cleansing wounds is provided. The apparatus and method include one or more of the following: simultaneous aspiration and irrigation of the wound, supplying of thermal energy to fluid circulated through the wound; supplying physiologically active agents to the wound; a biodegradable scaffold in contact with the wound bed; and application of stress or flow stress to the wound bed..
Smith & Nephew Plc

Polymeric nanofibrous composite membranes for energy efficient ethanol dehydration

Membranes are provided for energy efficient purification of alcohol by pervaporation. Such membranes include a nanofibrous scaffold in combination with a barrier layer.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York

Three-dimensional scaffolds for tissue engineering made by processing complex extracts of natural extracellular matrices

Methods of making a biologically active three-dimensional scaffold capable of supporting growth and differentiation of a cell are described. Biologically active three-dimensional scaffold made by the methods of the invention and an engineered tissue made from the scaffolds are described.
Drexel University

Electrochromic window insert assembly and methods of manufacture

An electrochromic insert adapted to be fitted into an existing window frame allowing an existing window to be retrofit to have the benefits of electrochromics. The insert may have a scaffold that fits into a window frame.
Itn Energy System, Inc.

Supporting element for scaffolds

A supporting element for scaffolds includes a lower supporting plane or plate suited to be rested on the ground; ribs distributed on top of the lower plane or plate, integral with the lower plane or plate and all having their upper edge lying on the same plane, suited to constitute bearing elements for the bearing base of the scaffold and stiffening elements for the supporting element; a quadrilateral projection or wall, placed on top and generically at the center of the lower plane or plate, whose sides are higher than the ribs, suited to delimit the position where the bearing base of the scaffold rests on the ribs and to prevent the bearing base from slipping on the upper edges of the ribs; and a perimeter wall above the lower plane or plate, parallel to the upper ribs and delimiting the upper ribs.. .

Magnetic scaffold tie

A magnetic scaffold tie for coupling a scaffold to a tank, wall or beam. The mount has a base platform having an upper planar face and a lower open face and at least one sidewall, at least one magnet coupled between the upper planar portion and lower open face, and proximate an end of the sidewall, a release bar coupled to a release mechanism, the release bar having a plurality of positions.

Carbon macrotubes and methods for making the same

A method of manufacturing a carbon macrotube includes providing at least one layer of graphene and wrapping the at least one layer of graphene around a scaffold material to form a carbon macrotube is disclosed. In other words the carbon macrotube includes at least one layer of graphene having opposed lateral edges that are spirally wrapped around itself so as to form the macrotube..
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Tubular porous foam scaffolds with gradient pores for tissue engineering

Novel bioabsorbable polymeric porous tubes for tissue engineering nerve growth are disclosed. The tubes are made from a bioabsorbable polymeric foam material and have a gradient of pore sizes across the wall thickness of the tubes such that cell growth occurs into the wall of the tubes from the inner surface, while cell growth or entry is not permitted through the outer wall into the tubular wall.
Ethicon, Inc.

Biomimetic tissue graft for ligament replacement

Implantable biomimetic ligaments suitable for use in ligament replacement, including, but not limited to, that of the anterior cruciate ligament (acl) are provided. The replacement implants consist of a biocompatible degradable polymeric scaffold seeded with mesenchymal stem cells (or a combination of different phenotypes).
The Uab Research Foundation

Assessment of a drug eluting bioresorbable vascular scafford

A method of treating vascular disease in a patient is disclosed that comprises deploying a bioabsorbable polymer scaffold composed of a plurality of struts at a stenotic segment of an artery of a patient, wherein after the scaffold supports the segment at an increased diameter for a period of time the polymer degrades and is progressively replaced by de novo formation of malleable provisional matrix comprising proteoglycan, wherein as the scaffold becomes more malleable and becomes disconnected as it degrades, wherein following coverage of the struts by a neointima layer and loss of mechanical support provided by the scaffold, the scaffold is pulled outward by positive remodeling of the vessel wall of the scaffolded segment.. .
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Treatment of coronary artery lesions with a scaffold having vessel scaffold interactions that reduce or prevent angina

Methods of treating coronary artery disease (cad) with bioresorbable stents resulting in reduced angina or non-ischemic chest pain are described. Methods of treatment and devices for treatment of angina and post-procedural chest pain that include anti-angina agents incorporated into the device are disclosed..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Fibronectin based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin

The present invention relates to fibronectin-based scaffold domain proteins that bind to myostatin. The invention also relates to the use of these proteins in therapeutic applications to treat muscular dystrophy, cachexia, sarcopenia, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, copd, chronic kidney disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and fibrosis.
Bristol-myers Squibb Company

Method for manufacturing a three-dimensional biomimetic scaffold and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a method for manufacturing a three-dimensional (3d) biomimetic scaffold that exploits the use of electrical fields and electrical insulating materials to pattern previously polymerized hydro gels with different molecules and/or macromolecular entities. The invention also relates to the 3d-biomimetic scaffolds obtained and to the uses and applications thereof..
Queen Mary University Of London

Cholesteryl succinyl silane bound proteins and methods for producing and using the same

The present invention provides a various three-dimensional polymeric scaffold and methods for producing and using the same. In one embodiment, the three-dimensional polymeric scaffold is used to promote cell migration.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

Stable peptide mimetics of the hiv-1 gp41 pre-hairpin intermediate

The present invention relates to a gp41 trivalent peptide mimetic having three gp41 n-peptides on a chemical scaffold which conformationally constrains the n-peptides into a trimeric coiled-coil to mimic gp41 presentation. The present invention also relates to n-peptides having the entire hiv gp41 nh2-terminal heptad repeat region and which are capable of forming gp41 peptide mimetics.

Vertical support member for a suspended scaffold assembly, kit for mounting a suspended scaffold assembly, suspended scaffold assembly and mounting the same

A suspended scaffold assembly for mounting a scaffold. The suspended scaffold assembly comprises a plurality of horizontally-spaced-apart vertical support members comprising a suspension cable with at least one coupling ring secured thereto and at least one horizontal member.
9020-4983 Quebec, Inc.

Three-dimensional air-adsorbing structure

A three-dimensional air-adsorbing structure. The structure has a three-dimensional, unitary, skeletal, porous scaffold, air-adsorbing material particles, and one or more hydrophobic binders that couple air-adsorbing material particles to each other to form agglomerates and couples particles and agglomerates to the scaffold.
Bose Corporation

Scaffold and methods for installing or removing such a scaffold

A scaffold and method(s) for installing or removing such a scaffold that is constructed of at least two vertical frames and of at least two connecting elements that extend essentially horizontally, in each instance, includes at least one connecting element serving as a hip and/or back railing element, vertical supports having respective effective lengths essentially corresponding for example to the vertical distance of the attachment position for the hip and/or back railing element, and horizontal arms set onto one another to form transverse rungs, in each instance, of a ladder for allowing a person to climb up.. .
Wilhelm Layher Verwaltungs-gmbh

Vitamin d-ghrelin conjugates

The invention provides carriers that enhance the absorption, half-life or bioavailability of ghrelin peptides. The carriers comprise targeting groups that bind the vitamin d binding protein (dbp), conjugation groups for coupling the targeting groups to the therapeutic compounds, and optionally scaffolding moieties..
Extend Biosciences, Inc.

Elastic scaffolds for tissue growth

According to some aspects, tissue scaffolds are provided that comprise one or more types of nanofibers. In some embodiments, one or more design features are incorporated into a tissue scaffold (e.g., an electrospun tissue scaffold) to control the elasticity of the scaffold in at least one direction, making the scaffold suitable for withstanding mechanical forces when implanted in the body of a subject.
Harvard Apparatus Regenerative Technology

Protein-polymer-drug conjugates

Auristatin compounds and conjugates thereof are provided herein. The conjugate comprises a protein based recognition-molecule (pbrm) and a polymeric carrier substituted with one or more -ld-d, the protein based recognition-molecule being connected to the polymeric carrier by lp.
Mersana Therapeutics, Inc.

Scaffold with an automatic installation characteristic

An automatic scaffold provides one to reach high building in rocesses such as construction, repair, dyeing, coating and maintenance the scaffold includes a scaffold module having multiple superimpose layers, moving columns providing it to be opened by means of a drive unit so as to generate a working distance between the said module layers, vertical and horizontal profiles located between each module layers within the working distance, and guide elements located on the carrier plates and providing the vertical carrier profiles to be fixed.. .

Methods for increasing a retention force between a polymeric scaffold and a delivery balloon

A medical device-includes a scaffold crimped to a catheter having an expansion balloon. The scaffold is crimped to the balloon by a process that includes inflating the delivery balloon during a diameter reduction to improve scaffold retention and maintaining an inflated balloon during the diameter reduction and prior and subsequent dwell periods..
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Methods of treatment with drug delivery after biodegradation of the stent scaffolding

Disclosed is a stent comprising a bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolding; and a plurality of depots in at least a portion of the scaffolding, wherein the plurality of depots comprise a bioabsorbable material, wherein the degradation rate of all or substantially all of the bioabsorbable polymer of the scaffolding is faster than the degradation rate of all or substantially all of the bioabsorbable material of the depots.. .
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Porogen compositions, methods of making and uses

Provided are porogen compositions and methods of using such porogen compositions in the manufacture of porous materials, for example, porous silicone elastomers. The porogens generally include comprising a core material and shell material different from the core material.
Allergan, Inc.

Reversible pegylated drugs

Reversible pegylated drugs are provided by derivatization of free functional groups of the drug selected from amino, hydroxyl, mercapto, phosphate and/or carboxyl with groups sensitive to mild basic conditions such as 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (fmoc) or 2-sulfo-9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl (fms), to which group a peg moiety is attached. In these pegylated drugs, the peg moiety and the drug residue are not linked directly to each other, but rather both residues are linked to different positions of the scaffold fmoc or fms structure that is highly sensitive to bases and is removable under physiological conditions.
Yeda Research And Development Co., Ltd.

Phage display using cotranslational translocation of fusion polypeptides

The present invention relates to a filamentous phage display method wherein the polypeptides of interest displayed on the phage particle are cotranslationally translocated across the cytoplasmic membrane of gram-negative bacteria based on the signal recognition particle pathway. This method is particularly suitable for polypeptides, which are known to be difficult to display on phages, and for proteins of cdna libraries and other combinatorial libraries, in particular when derived from very fast folding, stable protein scaffolds.
University Of Zurich

Fiber scaffolds for enhancing cell proliferation in cell culture

A substrate for culturing cells that includes at least one fiber scaffold adapted to be contained within a disposable or non-disposable bioreactor, wherein the fiber scaffold further includes polymer fibers that have been created by electrospinning, and wherein the orientation of the fibers in the scaffold relative to one another is generally parallel, random, or both.. .

Compositions and methods for sterilizing bioscaffolds

The present invention includes a composition for sterilizing a bioscaffold, comprising slightly acidic electrolyzed water (saew) as an active ingredient, and a method for sterilizing a bioscaffold using the same. The slightly acidic electrolyzed water according to the present invention has excellent effects on the sterilization of bioscaffolds and the removal of immunogenic antigens and a little effect on extracellular matrix, such as glycosaminoglycans or collagen.
Knu University-industry Cooperation Foundation

Solid forms for tissue repair

This invention provides coral-based scaffolds for cartilage repair, and instruments for insertion and utilization of same within a site of cartilage repair.. .
Cartiheal (2009) Ltd.

Caspase-triggered nano-aggregation probes and methods of use

Provided is an activatable probe that undergoes intramolecular cyclization and subsequent aggregation in apoptotic tumor cells upon peptidase-initiated, and most advantageously caspase-3, activation. These caspase-sensitive nano-aggregation probes (c-snafs) are generally biocompatible, possess nir spectral properties or may serve as pet or mri imaging agents, and have a mechanism of target-mediated nanostructure self-assembly amenable to in vivo use.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Method to minimize molecular weight drop of poly(l-lactide) stent during processing

A method to reduce or minimize the reduction in molecular weight of a stent during processing is disclosed. The stent has a scaffolding including a polymer formulation comprising plla and polymandelide.
Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc.

Bioresorbable scaffold for treatment of bifurcation lesion

Bioresorbable scaffolds for treatment of bifurcation lesion are described herein. Generally, an expandable scaffold may be fabricated from a high molecular weight isotropic plla material, wherein the scaffold incorporates one or more strain relief features which are configured to allow side branch treatment..
Amaranth Medical Pte.

Surgical sutures incorporated with stem cells or other bioactive materials

Materials and methods for immobilizing bioactive molecules, stem and other precursor cells, and other agents of therapeutic value in surgical sutures and other tissue scaffold devices are described herein. Broadly drawn to the integration and incorporation of bioactive materials into suture constructs, tissue scaffolds and medical devices, the present invention has particular utility in the development of novel systems that enable medical personnel performing surgical and other medical procedures to utilize and subsequently reintroduce bioactive materials extracted from a patient (or their allogenic equivalents) to a wound or target surgical site..
Bioactive Surgical, Inc.

Boronic acid bearing liphagane compounds as inhibitors of p13k- a and/or b

Compounds with unique liphagane meroterpenoid scaffold having boronic acid functionality in the skeleton are described (formula 1) together with pharmacological potential of these compounds as anticancer agents. A method of preparation and inhibiting the activity of phosphoinositide-3-kinase (pi3k-alpha and beta) has been presented.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research

Hybrid tissue scaffold for tissue engineering

A hybrid tissue scaffold is provided which comprises a porous primary scaffold having a plurality of pores and a porous secondary scaffold having a plurality of pores, wherein the secondary scaffold resides in the pores of the primary scaffold to provide a hybrid scaffold. The pores of the porous primary scaffold may have a pore size in a range of 0.50 mm to 5.0 mm, and the pores of the porous secondary scaffold may have a pore size in a range of 50 μm to 600 μm.
Southwest Research Institute

Decellularisation of tissue matrices for bladder implantation

The invention provides an improved method of producing a natural, acellular matrix scaffold for subsequent use in tissue-engineered replacement of tissues such as the bladder. Decellularisation is carried out on an expanded or distended bladder and the product retains the strength and compliance of natural material.
Tissue Regenix Limited

Implantable liposome embedded matrix composition, uses thereof, and polycaprolactone particles as scaffolds for tissue regeneration

In various embodiments, the present invention describes materials and methods for the local reprogramming of cells in a location where the treatment is applied. The invention can be used to replace lost cells or to restore function to tissue damaged due to disease, injury or genetic defect.

Epitope-scaffold immunogens against respiratory syncytial virus (rsv)

The present invention provides polypeptides and compositions thereof for treating or limiting respiratory syncytial virus infection, and computational methods for designing such polypeptides.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Silicone reflux valve for polymeric stents

An anti-reflux valve having a mesh scaffolding and a valve extending from the mesh scaffolding, the valve supported by a loop. The loop can be formed by a filament extending from the mesh scaffolding or by a loop filament separate from the filament(s) forming the mesh scaffolding..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Activation of bone and cartilage formation

Provided is a method of activating osteogenic or chondrogenic activity at a site in a subject in need thereof. Also provided is a method of treating a bone or cartilage defect in a subject.
Kci Licensing, Inc.

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