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Saturated Solution patents

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Devices and methods for aerosol therapy using hyperbaric tonometry
Methods and devices for creating a supersaturated liquid solution having dissolved gas with hyperbaric partial pressures and aerosolizing the supersaturated solution via a nebulizer. High partial pressures of the dissolved gas may be maintained before, during, and after the aerosolization process. Thus, the hyperbaric partial pressures may be retained in the...

Particles and particle gas saturated solution processes for making same
Particles containing at least two incompatible materials, such as a hydrophilic agent and a lipophilic agent, and particles from gas saturated solution (PGSS) processes for making such particles are provided....

Method of manufacturing a track membrane
Method of manufacturing track membranes by penetration of working substances into and through the membrane matrix of polymer material is disclosed. The matrix is placed into holder that is inserted into one end of a tubular shell, the other end of which contains a cartridge with an explosive material and a...

Process for inkjet paper and paper produced thereby
A method for improving the print quality of paper, a process for preparing such paper and the paper produced thereby are disclosed. The method involves applying to the paper an aqueous solution comprising 0.15 to 6 weight percent calcium in the form of its hydroxide. The supersaturated solution of calcium hydroxide...

Amorphous besifloxacin solid
Amorphous solid-state form of (R)-(+)-7-(3-amino-2,3,4,5,6,7-hexahydro-1H-azepin-1-yl)-1-cyclopropyl-8-chloro-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid is characterized by at least one of: (a) an X-ray powder diffraction (“XRPD”) spectrum that comprises peaks at 2θ angles of 6.9-7.1, 9.4, 10.6-10.7, and 13.4-13.7°±0.2°, and a diffuse halo pattern at 11-30°; and (b) a DSC (differential scanning calorimetry) melting peak at about 267-272°...

Process and equipment for sugar crystallization by controlled cooling
A process is proposed for crystallizing, by progressively cooling, in multiple stages arranged in series in a crystallization vessel (), a descending continuous flow of a saturated sucrose solution at a temperature from about 78° to about 120° C., each stage maintaining the sucrose solution being crystallized at a predetermined temperature,...

Method for separating and purifying ginkgolide c from root bark of ginkgo
Disclosed is a method for separating and purifying Ginkgolide C from root bark of ginkgo. The method comprises: () extracting the root bark of ginkgo with ethanol; () concentrating the resulting extract under vacuum to remove ethanol; () separating the concentrate by macroporous resin column chromatography; () after the concentrate being...

Place-mat/mat keeping food and beverages warm
A place-mat/mat having an integrated heating area is used to keep food and beverages warm, making food and beverages more enjoyable to eat or drink, and may also function/be used simultaneously as furniture, such as a place-mat. The integrated heating area employs a phase-change material (PCM). The PCM such as preferably...

High purity 2-[4-(3- or 2-fluorobenzyloxy)benzylamino] propanamides and methods of use thereof
A process for obtaining therapeutically active 2-[4-(3- and 2-(fluorobenzyloxy)benzylamino]propanamides, and their salts with pharmaceutically acceptable acids with high purity degree, in particular, with a content of dibenzyl derivatives impurities lower than 0.03%, preferably lower than 0.01% by weight. The process is carried out by submitting the Schiff bases intermediates 2-[4-(3- and...

Process for obtaining a charge of hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane crystals having a rounded morphology; charge and corresponding energetic material
concentrating the seeded, saturated solution by at least partial evaporation of the solvent, said evaporation of the solvent being performed at a temperature of between 35° C. and 15° C. and at a pressure adjusted, to plus or minus 12 mbar, to the boiling pressure of the solvent in said solution,...

Process for the preparation of kish graphitic lithium-insertion anode materials for lithium-ion batteries
The present invention provides a process for the production of high-capacity kish graphitic lithium-insertion anode materials and negative electrodes prepared therefrom for lithium-ion batteries. The graphitic materials are produced by precipitating excess carbon present in supersaturated solutions of carbon in iron/steel uninoculated or inoculated with metals/metalloid singly or in combination. The...

Concentrated felbamate formulations for parenteral administration
Formulations of a neuroprotective agent for parenteral administration are described herein. The formulation is in the form of a concentrated (supersaturated) solution or a concentrated suspension of microparticles. The suspension medium or the solution solvent carrier may also contain dissolved neuroprotective agent. For the supersaturated solutions, the agent is dissolved at...

4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide racemate crystal form i and preparation method therefor
Disclosed is a 4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide racemate crystal form I which is prepared by the following steps: dissolving crude 4-hydroxy-2-oxo-1-pyrrolidineacetamide racemate in a solvent such as a micromolecular alcohol to form a saturated solution; heating and stirring the solution overnight at 38˜42° C. to obtain a suspended precipitate; filtering and drying the solution...

Hot-pressed member and method for producing the same
A hot-pressed member includes a steel sheet, a Ni-diffusion region present in a surface layer of the steel sheet, and an intermetallic compound layer and a ZnO layer which are provided in order on the Ni-diffusion region, the intermetallic compound layer corresponding to a γ phase present in a phase equilibrium...

Hot-pressed member and method for producing the same
A hot-pressed member includes a steel sheet, a Ni-diffusion region present in a surface layer of the steel sheet, and an intermetallic compound layer and a ZnO layer which are provided in order on the Ni-diffusion region, the intermetallic compound layer corresponding to a γ phase present in a phase equilibrium...

Directed nucleation and crystal growth from solution using surface energy modified amorphous materials
A means of directing nucleation and crystal growth has been developed in which these stages of crystallization are influenced by surface energy modifications to amorphous substrates. The surface energy of a substrate can affect the contact angle, line tension, wettability and energetics of the interaction with a supersaturated solution, and these...

Polymorph of 2-[4-[(methylamino)carbonyl]-1h-pyrazol-1-yl]adenosine
Cooling of the suspension, isolation and drying of polymorph E. Heating of the separated gel-like precipitate in the protic solvent to the boil with formation of a suspension of polymorph E; Addition of the turbid solution of...

Gas transporting rheological medium, end uses and related apparatus-method
A two-phase mixture is provided having a dissolved gas and a suspension of bubbles in a liquid. Methods for making, maintaining, and using the two-phase mixture are also provided. The gas molecules may be introduced into the liquid at a high velocity under elevated pressure to form a supersaturated solution that...

Selective extraction of potassium chloride employing tartaric acid as safe, benign and recyclable extractant
Although U.S. Pat. No. 8,182,784 teaches the recovery of potassium chloride from schoenite end liquor (SEL) using dipicrylamine as extractant, and consequently simplifies the recovery of sulphate of potash (SOP) from kainite mixed salt employing the scheme disclosed in U.S. Pat. No. 7,041,268, the hazards associated with this extractant have thwarted...

Solvent methods for preparing crystalline macrolide particulates, compositions, and articles containing particulates
The invention provides therapeutic particulates including a macrolide, such as rapamycin, in solid state crystalline form, having a size of 20 μm or less, or 10 μm or less. The particulates are formed in one method by preparing a composition with a macrolide and first (e.g., xylene) and second (e.g., an...

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