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Sampling patents


This page is updated frequently with new Sampling-related patent applications.

 Light field display control methods and apparatus, and light field display devices patent thumbnailLight field display control methods and apparatus, and light field display devices
Embodiments of the present application disclose various light field display control method and apparatus and a light field display device. The optical field display control method comprises: adjusting display pixel density distribution of a display of a light field display device; performing sampling processing on a light field image according to location information of display pixels of the display after the adjustment; and displaying, by the optical field display device after the adjustment, the optical field image undergone the sampling processing.
Beijing Zhigu Tech Co., Ltd.

 Method for transient change detection with adaptive sampling, and detector implementing the method patent thumbnailMethod for transient change detection with adaptive sampling, and detector implementing the method
A method of detecting transient changes in the distribution of a discrete time series includes: operating in a sparse mode wherein, at sniff periods successively repeated at a first rate, at most k test phases are performed, k being an integer superior or equal to two, each test phase consisting of analyzing, by a sampling stopping time determination unit, samples of the time series captured by a sampler at sampling times according to a second rate which is higher than the first rate to provide a positive or negative result of the test phase. If the results of k successive test phases of a sniff period are each positive, the method switches to operate in a dense mode wherein the sampler is operated to continuously capture samples of the time series at sampling times according to the second sampling rate..
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Wide bandwidth digital predistortion system with reduced sampling rate patent thumbnailWide bandwidth digital predistortion system with reduced sampling rate
A digital predistortion linearization method is provided for increasing the instantaneous or operational bandwidth for rf power amplifiers employed in wideband communication systems. Embodiments of the present invention provide a method of increasing dpd linearization bandwidth using a feedback filter integrated into existing digital platforms for multi-channel wideband wireless transmitters.
Dali Systems Co. Ltd.

 Subsampling motion detector for detecting motion of object under measurement patent thumbnailSubsampling motion detector for detecting motion of object under measurement
A subsampling motion detector configured to detect motion information of an object under measurement receives a first wireless radio frequency (rf) signal and transmits a second wireless rf signal, the first wireless rf signal being generated by reflecting the second wireless rf signal from the object. The subsampling motion detector includes a controllable oscillator outputting an oscillation signal, wherein the first wireless rf signal is injected to the controllable oscillator for controlling the controllable oscillator through injecting locking.
Richwave Technology Corp.

 Amplifier circuit and multipath nested miller amplifier circuit patent thumbnailAmplifier circuit and multipath nested miller amplifier circuit
Provided are an amplifier circuit capable of reducing dc offset voltage without an increase in chip area and degradation in frequency characteristics, and a multipath nested miller amplifier circuit. The amplifier circuit includes a chopper switching circuit, a sampling circuit configured to sample an output signal from the chopper switching circuit, and a holding circuit configured to hold a signal output from the sampling circuit..
Sii Semiconductor Corporation

 Motor control device patent thumbnailMotor control device
A motor control device includes an energization controller that generates energization control signals of a bridge driver, an adc that samples and converts analog feedback voltages corresponding to output voltages of the bridge driver into digital feedback signals, and a zero-crossing detector that receives the feedback signals so as to perform zero-crossing detection for determining commutation timing and pwm duty of the energization control signal. sampling timings of the adc are switched to one of pwm on period and pwm off period according to the pwm duty.
Rohm Co., Ltd.

 Methods and  encoding and decoding multi-channel hoa audio signals patent thumbnailMethods and encoding and decoding multi-channel hoa audio signals
A method for encoding multi-channel hoa audio signals for noise reduction comprises steps of decorrelating the channels using an inverse adaptive dsht, the inverse adaptive dsht comprising a rotation operation and an inverse dsht, with the rotation operation rotating the spatial sampling grid of the idsht, perceptually encoding each of the decorrelated channels, encoding rotation information, the rotation information comprising parameters defining said rotation operation, and transmitting or storing the perceptually encoded audio channels and the encoded rotation information.. .
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Sampling method and sampling  anti-counterfeiting information about cash note patent thumbnailSampling method and sampling anti-counterfeiting information about cash note
Disclosed are a sampling method for anti-counterfeiting information about a cash note, and a sampling apparatus for anti-counterfeiting information about a cash note, which executes the method. The sampling method for anti-counterfeiting information about a cash note comprises: through differences collected between sensors, utilizing a law of the differences to restore spatially coupled power-frequency of low-frequency electromagnetic interference signals acquired by an effective signal sensor (21); and then performing common-mode signal elimination on voltage waveform data corresponding to the anti-counterfeiting information, thereby thoroughly elimination the spatially coupled power-frequency or low-frequency electromagnetic interferences that magnetic signal sensors suffer from during the collection of magnetic anti-counterfeiting signals..
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.

 Reservoir computing device using external-feedback laser system patent thumbnailReservoir computing device using external-feedback laser system
Various reservoir computing systems and a method performed by a reservoir computing system are provided. A reservoir computing system includes a laser for emitting light.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Reducing display noise in an electronic device patent thumbnailReducing display noise in an electronic device
A sensing device can be included in a display of an electronic device. Various techniques can be used to reduce display noise in the signals output from the sensing device.
Apple Inc.

Technologies for synchronized sampling of counters based on a global clock

Technologies for synchronized sampling of counters include a computing device to determine a global clock to which the computing device and a plurality of other computing devices are to be synchronized. The computing device receives a request to sample a counter of the computing device from an administration server and records a state of the counter based on the global clock in response to receiving the request..
Intel Corporation

Reticle transmittance measurement method, projection exposure method using the same, and projection exposure device

When a reticle is first used, the reticle is loaded in a projection exposure device and measured by either oblique measurement or random measurement, thereby avoiding the fear of uneven sampling and determining the reticle transmittance of the entire reticle as the parent population, without increasing the sampling count. The same effect can be obtained by making the measurement spot size, which is fixed in general, variable and by changing the angle of incidence in relation to the measurement spot size..
Sii Semiconductor Corporation

Paper transit tickets as a medium for environmental sampling

A method for conducting environmental sampling includes determining to environmentally sample a particular paper transit ticket for a specific residue. Using an automated ticket device, at least one chemical reagent is applied to the particular paper transit ticket.
Cubic Corporation

Fluid analysis system

A fluid analysis system receives a fluid sample having a first liquid component and a second liquid component. The fluid sample is taken from a pipeline through a sampling apparatus to obtain a representative sample of the fluid flowing through the pipe.
Dwt Solutions, L.p., A California Limited Partnership

Method of converting photo image into realistic and customized embroidery

Software converts a photographic image into realistic and customized embroidery. Software reads photographic image, down-sampling or up-sampling so that a single pixel has a density, one grayscale image is created to calculate derivatives for each pixel using sobel operator to calculate angle and magnitude and stores in a sobel table.
Drawstitch International Ltd.

Remote access plant pathogen management

Remote access methods and systems for plant pathogen (e.g., fungi or fungus-like organisms) assessment and management, and uses thereof, in particular for real-time agricultural applications, are described herein. In embodiments, the method and systems combine the capture of pathogenic spores (e.g., by impaction on an adhesive surface), laboratory analysis to identify the spores (e.g., by microscopy and/or pgr), collecting weather data, determining the level of risk for each pathogen, and providing an output to a user, who may for example access such risk data remotely as a risk report.
9087-4405 QuÉbec Inc.

Vessel overfill protection system

The present invention relates broadly and separately to a flow control valve and a float control valve assembly for use in the refilling of storage vessels, particularly fuel tanks. The invention also relates generally to a vessel overfill protection system.
Walnab Pty Ltd

System, method, and purchasing, dispensing, or sampling of products

A product dispenser is configured to dispense products subject to a warning and products not subject to a warning, the product dispenser further configured to transmit a product warning notice only in response to a request to dispense a product subject to the warning. In another embodiment, a product dispenser is configured to dispense a food or beverage product and provide information indicative of an attribute of the food or beverage product, such as nutrition facts, as it is being dispensed.

Fabricating three-dimensional objects with overhang

The claimed subject matter includes a system and method to design 3d objects for fabrication. In embodiments, the method includes sampling coordinates of a two-dimensional object.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Analysis method, discoid sample holder and use of a sample holder

The invention relates to a discoid sample holder (1), on which a device (2) for carrying out at least one processing step is formed. According to the invention, a slot (3), into which a sampling instrument (4) can be introduced, and means (5) for releasing a sample from the sampling instrument (4) arranged in the receptacle (3), are formed in the sample holder..
Testo Se & Co. Kgaa

A sampling of milk in a milking machine and a milking machine

A method for sampling milk in a milking machine includes the steps of attaching teat cups to teats of an animal and starting to milk said teats; receiving a first amount of milk in a milk receiver while keeping an outlet valve device open; closing the outlet valve device; continuing the receiving of milk in the milk receiver; agitating the milk in the milk receiver using an agitation device of a milk sampling arrangement; taking a regular milk sample from the milk in an outlet portion of the milk receiver using a milk sample device of the milk sampling arrangement; and opening the outlet valve device so that the milk can be transferred to a milk tank.. .
Delaval Holding Ab

Communicaton unit, circuit for quadrature sampling error estimation and compensation and method therefor

A communication unit comprises a modem configured to generate a first and second test digital quadrature signal. The modem is configured to: estimate a first sampling error performance associated with a first quadrature path from the first received test digital quadrature signal; estimate a second sampling error performance associated with a second quadrature path from the second received test digital quadrature signal; and generate at least one sampling error compensation signal based on the first estimated sampling error performance and second estimated sampling error performance to be applied to at least one of the receiver and transmitter..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Communication devices, detecting an edge in a received signal and receiving data

A communication device includes a sampler configured to sample an input signal, wherein the sampler is configured to generate a sampled value for each sampling time of a sequence of sampling times, a sequence value generator configured to generate an output value for each sampling time of the sequence of sampling times based on the sampled values, wherein the sequence value generator is configured to set the output value for a sampling time based on the sampled value for the sampling time and based on a limitation of the difference between the output value for the sampling time and the output value for the preceding sampling time in the sequence of sampling times, and an edge detector configured to detect an edge in the input signal based on the output values.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Communications apparatus and uplink reference signal communication method

A communications apparatus and an uplink reference signal communication method. User equipment (ue) transmits an uplink reference signal of the ue according to reference signal bandwidth configuration information for the ue, reference signal frequency hopping interval information for the ue, and a frequency domain position parameter.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Multiple timebase sampling scope

A test and measurement instrument includes a first input port and a second input port that receive a first input signal modulated according to a first clock signal and a second input signal modulated according to a second clock signal, respectively. The first clock signal and the second clock signal may be asynchronous.
Tektronix, Inc.

Removing rf interference through scan rate locking

This relates to methods and apparatus for mitigating effects of the presence of rf communication signals. In some examples, non-linearity and rectification of the rf communication signals can become rectified in sensor circuitry such that spectral components of a frame or sub-frame timing of the rf communication signals can be aliased into the sensor circuitry output within a bandwidth of interest.
Apple Inc.

Analogue to digital converter

A sar adc is disclosed. The sar adc includes a plurality of sar-capacitors.
Nxp Usa, Inc.

Oversampling noise-shaping successive approximation adc

A successive approximation analogue to digital converter (adc), comprising: a sample and hold device arranged to sample and hold an input signal at the beginning of a conversion cycle; a successive approximation register that sequentially builds up a digital output from its most significant bit to its least significant bit; a digital to analogue converter that outputs a signal based on the output of the successive approximation register; a comparator that compares the output of the digital to analogue converter with an output of the sample and hold device and supplies its output to the successive approximation register; and a residual signal storage device arranged to store the residual signal at the end of a conversion cycle; and wherein the successive approximation adc is arranged to add the stored residual signal from the residual signal storage device to the input signal stored on the sample and hold device at the start of each conversion cycle. After each adc full conversion by the sar, the analogue conversion of the digital output is as close to the original input signal as the resolution will allow.
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

Amplifier circuit including first input branch circuit, second input branch circuit, feedback capacitor, and operational amplifier and pulse-wave measuring device

An amplifier circuit includes a first input branch circuit including a first sampling capacitor, a second input branch circuit including a second sampling capacitor, an averaging capacitor, and a subtraction capacitor, a feedback capacitor, and an operational amplifier. The first sampling capacitor samples an input voltage in a first time period and outputs a first voltage.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for real-time signal sampling in power conversion systems

System and method for regulating a power conversion system. An example system controller includes a signal processing component and a driving component.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Electrical noise elimination structure

An electrical noise elimination structure contains: a casing in which a plurality of terminals, multiple wave filtration modules, a control unit, an ac-dc power processing circuit, a microprocessor, an adc sampling circuit, and a potential generation circuit are arranged. The plurality of terminals connect the multiple wave filtration modules to the control unit, and the control unit couples with the ac-dc power processing circuit, the ac-dc power processing circuit joins the microprocessor to the control unit, the potential generation circuit connects the adc sampling circuit to the microprocessor, thus avoiding distortion of signal transmission and eliminating the electrical noises among the plurality of terminals, the multiple wave filtration modules, the control unit, the ac-dc power processing circuit, the microprocessor, the adc sampling circuit, and the potential generation circuit..

Three-layer stacked image sensor

An image sensor may include a lower device that includes logic transistors, an intermediate device that is formed over the lower device and includes a correlated double sampling (cds) circuit and a capacitor, and an upper device that is formed over the intermediate device and includes a photodiode, a floating diffusion region, and a transfer gate electrode.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Systems and methods for adaptive scanning

A system for collection information from a sample includes a scan generator having a first communication channel and a second communication channel. The first communication channel provides data communication between the scan generator and one or more sampling location movement devices.
Edax, Incorporated

Audio processing apparatus and audio processing method

An upper limit of a frequency range of audio indicated by input audio data is detected. A representative point extraction unit downsamples the input audio data to a sampling rate set to be less than or equal to twice the detected upper limit to obtain representative-point audio data.
Alpine Electronics, Inc.

Light field display control methods and apparatus, and light field display devices

Embodiments of the present application disclose various light field display control methods and apparatus, and various light field display devices. One of the methods comprises: determining a first display region of a display of a light field display device according to target vision adjustment range information; adjusting display pixel density distribution of the display, to cause that display pixel density distribution of the first display region in the display after the adjustment is different from that of another display region of the display; performing sampling processing on a first light field image according to location information of display pixels of the display after the adjustment, the first light field image being corresponding to vision information in the target vision adjustment range and related to a source image; and displaying, by the light field display device after the adjustment, the first light field image undergone the sampling processing.
Beijing Zhigu Tech Co., Ltd.

Fire alarm systems

The present disclosure generally relates to the field of fire alarms. The teachings thereof may be embodied in a strobe notification appliance having: a boost circuit connected to an input voltage; an energy storage circuit charged by the boost circuit; a drive circuit generating a drive current; an led circuit with at least one led element; a first sampling circuit collecting an overall voltage drop of all the led elements; and a control circuit configured to adjust the drive circuit to supply a working current during an alarming stage and supply a detection current during a detection stage.
Siemens Schweiz Ag

Time-warping adjustment based on depth information in a virtual/augmented reality system

A technique includes determining a depth value for each of a plurality of pixels of a frame, down-sampling the depth values of a tile of the frame to obtain a plurality of down-sampled depth values, the frame including one or more tiles, determining a change in a head pose, determining, from the plurality of down-sampled depth values, a down-sampled depth value for a vertex, determining an adjusted position for the vertex based on the change in head pose and the down-sampled depth value for the vertex, performing, based on at least the adjusted position for the vertex, a depth-adjusted time-warping of the frame to obtain a depth-adjusted time-warped frame, and triggering display of the depth-adjusted time-warped frame.. .
Google Inc.

Method and system of positioning a plurality of targets

A method and system of positioning a plurality of targets, wherein all targets to be positioned move within a spatial area, the method comprises: providing an infrared light source on each of the targets to be positioned; according to a preset sampling frequency, controlling the infrared light source on each of the targets to be positioned to be turned on and off by turns; according to the preset sampling frequency, gathering infrared gray scale images of the space where the targets to be positioned are located; and positioning one target to be positioned individually in each of the gathered infrared gray scale images. By the infrared light source positioning, ambient interference is highly avoided, and the accuracy of the positioning is improved.
Beijing Pico Technology Co., Ltd.

Method, an apparatus and a computer program product for video object segmentation

The invention relates to a method and an apparatus implementing the method. The method comprises extracting region proposals from a media content; selecting a set of region proposals corresponding to an object in the media content; identifying objects of interest; determining an object-specific representation by an iterative tracking method; sampling positive examples from the set of tracked region proposal groups obtained from the iterative tracking method; and performing object segmentation..
Nokia Technologies Oy

Image processing system and method

An image processing system able to distinguish between foreground and background objects in an image includes an object obtaining module, a foreground object, a sampling module, a fitting module, and a background object. The object obtaining module obtains objects of an image according to pixel values of pixels of the image, these values being all greater than a preset pixel value.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Lossy depth compression of multi-sample pixels

Described herein are technologies related to facilitating lossy compression for multi-sampled depth data of computer graphics that maximizes the apparent quality of pixels while avoiding a corresponding burden on memory and processor bandwidth. The technologies described herein provide high-quality multi-sampling for pixels or groups of pixels that are covered by a small number of triangles, and provides a guaranteed minimum quality for pixels that are covered by a large number of triangles..
Intel Corporation

Dark current correction in scintillator detectors for downhole nuclear applications

A radiation logging tool is provided that includes a scintillator detector for use on a wellbore tool string to characterize earth formations. The scintillator detector has a shutter to allow for the collection of data differentiating between incident radiation, such as backscatter signal, and system noise, such as dark current, vibration noise, electronics thermal noise, and electrostatic noise.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Ship-towed hydrophone volumetric array system apparatus

This invention provides a system apparatus and method for ship-towed deployment of a non-linear volumetric array of hydrophones, allowing line-intersect or line-transect sampling of marine mammal populations through passive acoustic monitoring, enabling unambiguous real-time three-dimensional localization of single sounds received through a low-cost, modular, robust, stable, small, light, neutrally to slightly negatively buoyant volumetric array having low self-noise and low flow noise, that avoids putting high tension on the tow cable and that is compatible with standard hydrophones, instrumentation, cabling, and analytical software.. .

System and methodology utilizing a radiation detector

A technique facilitates use of radiation sampling techniques in subterranean formation environments or other environments. A radiation detector may be constructed utilize a scintillator package having a scintillating crystal.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Method and processing mri images

The present disclosure in some embodiments provides a method and an apparatus for processing mri images wherein a plurality of slices of an object is applied with a spatial encoding gradient and a corrected gradient for applying a radial sampling, and radially sampled magnetic resonance signals of the slices are received, and mri images are generated with the radial sampling applied over multi-bands.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology

Extended kalman filter based autonomous magnetometer calibration

Systems and methods may provide for obtaining first sensor data associated with a gyroscope and obtaining second sensor data associated with a magnetometer. Additionally, the first sensor data, the second sensor data and an extended kalman filter may be used to calibrate the magnetometer.
Intel Corporation

Rotary machine state observation device, rotary machine, and rotary machine state observation method

A state observation device (30) uses an adc (37) to digitize a detection signal from a gap sensor (21) at a low-speed sampling period and uses a separation unit (38) to separate the digitized detection signal into vane detection signals considered to be for the detection of a vane of a compressor impeller and non-vane detection signals considered not to be for the detection of a vane. Further, the determination unit (39) extracts a vane peak detection signal considered to be for a vane peak by comparing a vane detection signal with vane detection signals corresponding to other vanes and non-vane detection signals, and a shaft vibration and tip clearance are determined as states of the compressor impeller on the basis of the extracted vane peak detection signal.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Synchronizing data from irregularly sampled sensors

A system and method include receiving a set of sampled measurements for each of multiple sensors, wherein the sampled measurements are at irregular intervals or different rates, re-sampling the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors at a higher rate than one of the sensor's set of sampled measurements, and synchronizing the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Hydrocarbon well production analysis system

An oil well production analyzing system receives production fluid samples from the oil well according to an automated sampling schedule. The fluid samples are taken from a pipeline through a sampling apparatus to obtain a representative sample.
Dwt Solutions, L.p., A California Limited Partnership

Devices, systems and methods to detect viable infectious agents in a fluid sample and susceptibility of infectious agents to anti-infectives

Various devices, systems and methods for detecting infectious agents or determining a susceptibility of an infectious agent to an anti-infective are described herein. One example method comprises introducing a fluid sample to a surface; exposing the surface to a solution; sampling the solution after exposing the solution to the surface; and detecting a change in an electrical characteristic of a sensing device exposed to the solution sampled corresponding to a presence of the infectious agent in the fluid sample..
Avails Medical, Inc.

Polycrystalline silicon rod, processing polycrystalline silicon rod, evaluating polycrystalline silicon rod, and producing fz single crystal silicon

For evaluating a polycrystalline silicon rod to be used as a raw material for production of fz si single crystals, novel evaluation values (values of characteristics×amount of crystals) including the amount of crystals grown in the growth direction (radial direction) are defined and the homogeneity in crystal characteristics in the growth direction (radial direction) is evaluated. Specifically, the homogeneity of the polycrystalline rod is evaluated by sampling a plurality of specimen plates each having, as a principal plane thereof, a cross-section perpendicular to a radial direction of the polycrystalline rod grown by a siemens method at equal intervals in the radial direction, determining values of characteristics of the crystals of the specimen plates by measurements, and by using evaluation values obtained by multiplying amounts of the crystals (relative amounts of the crystals) at sites where the specimen plates have been sampled by the values of the crystal characteristics..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

System and methoad for using a capsule device

A capsule device configured to navigate through a patient's gi track is disclosed. System and method to turn on the capsule device based on acceleration is described.
Ankon Medical Technologies (shanghai),ltd.

Analysis of connection patterns in a communication network

The present disclosure relates to a method performed by a network node (54) in a communication network (50) comprising a plurality of communication devices (51), for finding temporally connected connection patterns of the communication devices in the network. The method comprises identifying signalling identifying signalling between the communication devices during a predefined time duration to form a main communication graph in which the plurality of communication devices are nodes.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Distributed channel sampling across a mesh network

In embodiments of distributed channel sampling across a mesh network, a commissioning device propagates a scanning request, which includes a number of scanning parameters, to nodes in a mesh network, causing the nodes to perform energy detection (ed) scans using the scanning parameters. The commissioning device receives energy measurements in scanning reports from the nodes and analyzes the measurements to determine an operating channel for the mesh network.
Google Inc.

Scalable video signal encoding/decoding method and apparatus

A scalable video signal decoding method according to the present invention decodes a corresponding picture of a reference layer corresponding to a current picture of a current layer, generates an inter-layer reference picture by up-sampling the decoded corresponding picture, generates a reference picture list including a temporal reference picture and an inter-layer reference picture, and inter-predicting the current picture on the basis of the generated reference picture list.. .
Kt Corporation

Mode-dependent coefficient scanning and directional transforms for different colour sampling formats

A method of coding 4:2:2 or 4:4:4 video data comprises predicting luminance and/or chrominance samples of an image from other respective reference samples derived from the same image according to a prediction mode associated with a sample to be predicted, the prediction mode being selected for each of a plurality of blocks of samples, from a set of two or more candidate prediction modes; detecting differences between the samples and the respective predicted samples; selecting a frequency-separation transform from two or more candidate frequency separation transforms according to the prediction mode associated with a current block of samples using a mapping between transform and prediction mode, the mapping between different, as between chrominance and luminance samples, for at least the 4:4:4: format; and encoding the detected differences by frequency-separating the differences, using the selected frequency-separation transform.. .
Sony Corporation

Method for generating a secret key for encrypted wireless communications

The method for generating a secret key for encrypted wireless communications is a physical layer technique that exploits channel randomness between two nodes, the channel being characterized by reciprocity between the two nodes. Reference signals exchanged by the two nodes are used to faun a channel estimate, including gain location and phase location.
Qatar University

Optical signal receiving device and receiving an optical signal

An optical signal receiving device includes a receiver configured to receive an optical signal on which modulation has been performed by an optical signal transmission device, a convertor configured to convert the optical signal received by the receiver to a digital signal by sampling an intensity of the optical signal, and a processor coupled to the converter and configured to determine, based on a frequency distribution of the intensity of the optical signal indicated by the digital signal converted by the converter, a modulation scheme of the modulation performed by the optical signal transmission device.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Control circuit, control method and flyback converter

In one embodiment, a control circuit can include: a voltage feedback circuit configured to obtain a voltage feedback signal that represents an output voltage of the power stage circuit; a set signal generator configured to output a set signal when a secondary current crosses zero or a voltage sampling signal reaches a valley value; a reset signal generator configured to output a reset signal in a constant on time mode when the voltage feedback signal is greater than a first voltage threshold value, and to output the reset signal in a peak current mode when the voltage feedback signal is less than the first voltage threshold value; and a logic circuit configured to activate a switching control signal according to the set signal, and to deactivate the switching control signal according to the reset signal.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

Charging system and charging method, and power adapter

The present disclosure discloses a charging system and a charging method and a power adapter. The system includes a battery, a first rectifier, a switch unit, a transformer, a second rectifier, a sampling unit and a control unit.
Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications Corp., Ltd.

Generating and displaying an actual sized interactive object

Methods and systems generate and project an actual sized image of an object. An object or a representation of an object may be pre-processed.
Ebay Inc.

Warning obstacles and device of obstacles

An obstacle warning method includes the steps of: acquiring scenario images at a current sampling time and a previous sampling time, and a map about first relative distances between respective viewing points in a viewing field and a vehicle; acquiring a profile and marking information of an obstacle and a map about a second relative distance between the obstacle and the vehicle in accordance with the map about the first relative distances; calculating a map about a third relative distance between the obstacle and the vehicle at a previous sampling time in accordance with the map about the first relative distances at the previous sampling time, the profile and the marking information of the obstacle at the current sampling time and a motion vector of the obstacle from the current sampling time to the previous sampling time.. .
Beijing Smarter Eye Technology Co. Ltd.

Pivoting from a graph of semantic similarity of documents to a derivative graph of relationships between entities mentioned in the documents

Provided is a process including: sampling of nodes of a first graph; and forming a second graph comprising nodes, each of which corresponds to at least one entity mentioned in unstructured text documents. Forming the second graph comprises, for each pair of the nodes of the second graph, setting a relationship between the pair, the pair comprising (i) a first node corresponding to a first entity and (ii) a second node corresponding to a second entity, by: identifying, in the first graph, a node corresponding to an unstructured text document in which the first entity is mentioned; and setting the relationship between the pair based on a determination of whether or which of the sampled nodes comprises a node satisfying a set of criteria, the criteria comprising (i) having a relationship with the identified node and (ii) corresponding to an unstructured text document in which the second entity is mentioned..
Quid, Inc.

Instruction sampling within transactions

A data processing apparatus (4) includes processing circuitry (6) for executing program instructions that form part of a transaction which executes to generate speculative updates and to commit the speculative updates if the transaction completes without a conflict. Instruction sampling circuitry (44) captures instruction diagnostic data (idd) relating to execution of a sampled instruction.
Arm Limited

Methods and apparatuses of compensating for delays caused by an extension line of a storage device

Methods and apparatuses of compensating for delays of a storage device are disclosed. The method includes: performing a communication operation a preset number of times with the storage device through the extension line, each time if a correct response is received from the storage device, recording a status value of the current communication operation as a first value, otherwise recording as a second value, to obtain a resultant data string; searching, in the resultant data string, for a longest data segment comprised of the continuous first values; taking a delay value of the communication operation corresponding to the status value at the middle position of the longest data segment as an optimal delay value; and setting the optimal delay value as a phase difference between a source clock and a sampling clock of the storage device to compensate for the delays caused by the extension line of the storage device..
Autochips Inc.

Touch display apparatus and touch detection circuit thereof

A touch display apparatus comprises a touch panel and a control circuit. The control circuit comprises a touch detection circuit, a buffer, a first switch, a second switch, a plurality of vertical controllers and a plurality of horizontal controllers.
Integrated Solutions Technology Inc.

Managing power consumption of force sensors

A force-responsive sensor incorporating a force-sensitive element is in communication with a power controller. The power controller changes one or more performance characteristics associated with the force-responsive sensor.
Apple Inc.

Production system

A sensor monitors a treatment status of a predetermined manufacturing device, and an abnormality detection device detects an abnormality of a sensor signal that is a monitoring result of the sensor. The sensor signal is a digital data group obtained by sampling an analog waveform at a predetermined sampling period.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Seismic signal processing method, apparatus and system

The present invention provides a seismic signal processing method, device and system. The method comprises: obtaining an offset of a reflected seismic signal at a sampling point and the corresponding reflected wave arrival time; constructing a non-hyperbolic dynamic correction formula based on pade approximation according to the offset of the reflected seismic signal at the sampling point and the corresponding reflected wave arrival time; extracting a vertical propagation velocity and anisotropy parameters of the reflected seismic signal according to the non-hyperbolic dynamic correction formula constructed based on pade approximation..
Institute Of Geology And Geophysics, Chinese Academy Sciences

Vehicular radar sensing system utilizing high rate true random number generator

A radar sensing system for a vehicle includes transmit and receive pipelines. The transmit pipeline includes transmitters able to transmit radio signals.
Uhnder, Inc.

Switched high-voltage sampling circuit for electric vehicles

A sampling circuit monitors a high voltage level in an electric vehicle drive. A resistor ladder receives a drive voltage to be sampled and provides sufficient isolation to allow use of low cost switching devices.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method for detecting signals in a frequency-ambiguous digital receiver, and digital receiver implementing such a method

A digital receiver comprising at least two reception pathways, the method carries out a digital inter-correlation of the signals obtained as output from at least two filters of different central frequencies and different ranks, the rank and the central frequency of the filters being chosen as a function of a determined frequency-wise search domain. For a determined search domain, the various sampling frequencies of the reception pathways are chosen so that the ambiguous frequencies resulting from the spectral aliasings vary as a monotonic function of the true frequency of the signals..

Distributable chemical sampling and sensing system

A distributable sampling and sensing instrument for chemical analysis of consumable foods and other agricultural products. The distributable sampling system is used to separate and concentrate the chemicals of interest obtained from samples at remote locations via thermal desorption onto a detachable target substrate that can be analyzed on-site or off-site.
Chemisensor, Llp

Sampling probe collecting a sample of a gas stream containing particulate matter and using the same

An apparatus includes a sampling probe having a first portion and a second portion. The first portion is configured to penetrate inside a wall of a duct having an inner chamber that is configured to carry a gas stream containing particulate matter therethrough.
Dust Company, Inc.

Needle-free, safety biological sample collection system

A collection container for biological samples is described. In one embodiment, the collection container includes a receptacle and a lid with a sampling port.
Infinite Medical Technology Corp.

Mycotoxin sample-collecting kit and method

A mycotoxin sampling system including a kit and method using dry wipes that have been pre-tested on a lot basis to be clean from mycotoxins. Surfaces in an environment to be tested are wiped with a dry wipe over a particular area.

Device for taking multiple samples while avoiding cross-contamination

A device for collecting multiple samples for use by a single user while avoiding cross-contamination under adverse conditions is disclosed. A multiple sampling device comprising a single handle actuator with a trigger, connected to a shaft assembly further connected to a claw assembly for actuating a self-sealing sampling sphere in the process of collecting a desired sample, is disclosed.

Hamr thermal sensor with fast response time

Embodiments disclosed herein generally relate to a method for monitoring optical power in a hamr device. In one embodiment, the method includes enhancing a thermal sensor bandwidth through advanced electrical detection techniques.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

Linear reciprocating actuator

A linear reciprocating actuator for mixing, agitating, separation, continuous sampling and/or harvesting or filtration, gas mixing, and various other applications. The actuator may have a housing closed on one end, and attached to a vessel in a hermetically-sealed manner such that it is part of the fluidic envelope of the vessel.
Genesis Technologies, Llc

Needle dislodgement and blood leakage detection device

A needle dislodgement and blood leakage detection device includes a sensor assembly having a flexible sensor and a flexible substrate. The flexible sensor is provided, on an underside thereof at a location close to the flexible substrate, with a photoelectric sensor including near infrared transmitters that are of an array arrangement.
Southern Taiwan University Of Science And Technology

A for magnetic resonance imaging data acquisition guided by physiologic feedback

An adaptive real-time radial k-space sampling trajectory (arks) can respond to a physiologic feedback signal to reduce motion effects and ensure sampling uniformity. In this adaptive k-space sampling strategy, the most recent signals from an ecg waveform can be continuously matched to the previous signal history, new radial k-space locations c were determined, and these mr signals combined using multi-shot or single-shot radial acquisition schemes.
The Trustees Of The University Of Pennsylvania

Sensing foley catheter

Foley type catheter embodiments for sensing physiologic data from a urinary tract of a patient are disclosed. The system includes the catheter and a data processing apparatus and methods for sensing physiologic data from the urinary tract.

Magnetic resonance imaging concepts

A method for producing multiple temporal frames of a time-resolved contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiogram from a subject using an mr contrast agent by repeatedly applying rf pulses and sampling data in the corresponding image k-space along spiral trajectories that start at the k-space center and spiral outward toward the k-space edge.. .

Deep brain source imaging with m/eeg and anatomical mri

A method for non-invasively resolving electrophysiological activity in sub-cortical structures located deep in the brain by comparing amplitude-insensitive m/eeg field patterns arising from activity in subcortical and cortical sources under physiologically relevant sparse constraints is disclosed. The method includes a sparse inverse solution for m/eeg subcortical source modeling.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Data reception device

A data reception device includes: an equalizer circuit that shapes a waveform of an input signal according to a set gain value; a cdr circuit which recovers a plurality of clock signals having different phases in one cycle from the input signal after being subjected to the waveform shaping performed by the equalizer circuit; an oversampler which performs sampling of the waveform-shaped input signal in synchronization with the plurality of clock signals and recovers a plurality of input data from the waveform-shaped input signal; and a calibration control unit which determines whether the oversampler correctly recovers the input data based on a result of the sampling performed by the oversampler, and generates a control signal to set the gain value of the equalizer circuit based on a determination result when it is determined that the input data is not correctly recovered.. .
Cerebrex, Inc.

Methods and processing digital composite signals

Embodiments include methods and devices for processing a digital composite signal generated at a first sampling rate. The signal includes at least first and second carrier-bands arranged to define a first inner gap between the carrier-bands.
Nxp Usa, Inc.

Switching power supply device

A control ic includes a vs voltage detection circuit that indirectly detects input voltage, by utilizing a fact that a voltage of a vs terminal of a reference potential of a high side drive circuit changes to a voltage equivalent to the input voltage when a high side drive signal is output from a control circuit to cause the high side drive circuit to turn on a high side switching element. The vs voltage detection circuit determines the level of the input voltage by sampling the vs terminal voltage at a time point that is delayed by a predetermined time from a rising edge of the high side drive signal, and supplies the determined level to the control circuit..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Multifunctional wall socket

A multifunctional wall socket related to electrical conduction connecting device is provided. In one embodiment, the socket comprises a socket cover with a conventional power connector, and a usb port arranged on the socket cover.
Winon Holding Company Limited

Device and transmitting and receiving voice data in wireless communication system

Provided are a device and a method for transmitting and receiving voice data in a wireless communication system. A method for operating a transmission terminal for transmitting a voice signal comprises the steps of: generating sampling and bitrate request information including sampling information for determining a sampling rate of the voice signal and bitrate information for determining a bitrate of the voice signal, and transmitting the generated sampling and bitrate request information to a reception terminal; receiving, from the reception terminal, combined determination information obtained by at least one combination of the sampling rate determined on the basis of the sampling information and the bitrate determined on the basis of the bitrate information; and compressing the voice signal according to the received combined determination information, and transmitting the compressed voice signal to the reception terminal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Remote vehicle data collection system

A center prescribes, to a subject vehicle through wireless communication, at least one of a type of vehicle data to be collected, a conditional expression used when collecting the vehicle data, a sampling cycle when collecting the vehicle data, and a checking cycle of the conditional expression. A center-side checking section checks, based on its own check criterion, appropriateness of at least one of the type of the vehicle data, the conditional expression, the sampling cycle, and the checking cycle.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Quality monitoring in a packaging line

Information is obtained from a package filling machine, regarding sampling occasions in the form of sampling records. Each sampling record comprises a first time stamp for the sampling occasion, information describing a trigger for the sampling occasion, a number of package samples taken at the sampling occasion, and a second time stamp that specifies when the package samples were taken.
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

Amplitude monitoring system, focusing and leveling device, and defocusing amount detection method

Disclosed are an amplitude monitoring system, a focusing and leveling apparatus and a defocus detection method. The defocus detection method comprises the steps of: adjusting amplitude of a scanning mirror (201) to a theoretical amplitude value and recording corresponding theoretical output voltage values of a photodetector (309) (s1); adjusting the amplitude of the scanning mirror (201) and sampling real-time amplitude values θi of the scanning mirror (201) and real-time output voltage values of the photodetector (309) to calculate compensated real-time demodulation results si, and recording real-time defocus amounts hi of a wafer table (305) (s2); subsequent to stepwise displacement of the wafer table (305), establishing a database based on the compensated real-time demodulation results si and the real-time defocus amounts hi of the wafer table (305) (s3); and in an actual measurement, sampling in real time an actual amplitude value θk of the scanning mirror (201) and actual output voltage values of the photodetector (309) to calculate a compensated real-time demodulation result sk, and finding an actual defocus amount hk of the wafer table (305) by searching the database using a linear interpolation method (s4).
Shanghai Micro Electronics Equipment (group) Co., Ltd.

Haptic rain sensor

A system for detecting precipitation is disclosed. In an embodiment, the system includes a capacitive sensor configured to detect a presence of precipitation, a piezo sensor configured to be powered on in response to detection of the presence of the precipitation by the capacitive sensor, and a processor configured to detect a characteristic of the precipitation based at least in part on an output of the piezo sensor.
Weatherflow, Inc.

Full-automatic biochemical analyzer, and sampling device and sampling method thereof

The present invention provides an auto biochemical analyzer and a sampling device and a sampling method thereof. The auto biochemical analyzer comprises a frame (100), a horizontal motion system, a vertical motion system, a sampling component and a transfer guide track (101), wherein the horizontal motion system comprises a first stepping motor (116); the vertical motion system comprises a second stepping motor (103); the first stepping motor (116) and the second stepping motor (103) are fixedly installed on the frame (100) respectively; the sampling component comprises a sampling needle holder block (114) and a sampling needle (111); and the stepping motors (116, 103) are both fixed to the frame.
Leadway (hk) Limited

Automatic air-sampling and pneumatic transport system with ball-filter hopper and integrated sampling manifold

Embodiments of the invention can sample particulates, aerosols, vapors, and/or biological components of ambient air utilizing spherical air-sampling filters. Components of the embodiments may include a storage magazine for holding a plurality of spherical air-sampling filters, an air-sampling manifold configured to deliver an air-sampling filter from the storage magazine to a sampling location, and an air compressor to perform an air sampling operation and to transport a used air-sampling filter away from the sampling location.

Apparatus connecting a water sample bottle to an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) in order to collect water samples from below the surface of a water body

An apparatus to connect a multi-parameter probe or water sampling vessel to an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), or aerial drone, facilitates the safe collection of samples from various depths in any water body or storage tank. Aspects of the present invention reduce risks to humans, who would, under normal circumstances, be required to be present on the water body surface to carry out sampling.
Hatch Ltd.

Method for detection of pipeline vibrations and measuring instrument

A method for detection of pipeline vibrations with a measuring instrument connected to a pipeline system through which a medium to be measured flows, the measuring instrument having at least one transducer for detection of an input variable and for output of an output variable and at least one evaluation unit. The method involves detecting the input variable, relaying of an output variable based on the input variable to the evaluation unit, determinating the measured value of the measured variable from the output variable.
Krohne Messtechnik Gmbh

Welding helmet configuration providing real-time fume exposure warning capability

Welding helmets, systems, and kits providing real-time fume exposure monitoring and warning capability during an arc welding process. A welding helmet configured to protect the head of a user during a welding process is configured with an intelligent warning apparatus and an air-sampling pick-up and output port.
Lincoln Global, Inc.

Epithelial treatment

Products are described for treating epithelial tissues of the human or animal body including liquid compositions containing whole blood, or parts of blood including blood plasma, blood serum, blood platelets and growth factors derivable from blood. Other compositions disclosed include solid reservoirs of collagen or amniotic membrane into which whole blood or parts of blood have been absorbed.

Method for improved dynamic contrast enhanced imaging using tracer-kinetic models as constraints

Tracer kinetic models are utilized as temporal constraints for highly under-sampled reconstruction of dce-mri data. The method is flexible in handling any tk model, does not rely on tuning of regularization parameters, and in comparison to existing compressed sensing approaches, provides robust mapping of tk parameters at high under-sampling rates.
University Of Southern California

Method and system for power management in a frequency division multiplexed network

A network device may receive a signal from a headend, wherein a bandwidth of the received signal spans from a low frequency to a high frequency and encompasses a plurality of sub-bands. The network device may determine, based on communication with the headend, whether one of more of the sub-bands residing above a threshold frequency are available for carrying downstream data from the headend to the circuitry.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Conditional-reset, multi-bit read-out image sensor

An image sensor architecture with multi-bit sampling is implemented within an image sensor system. A pixel signal produced in response to light incident upon a photosensitive element is converted to a multiple-bit digital value representative of the pixel signal.
Rambus Inc.

Network sampling based path decomposition and anomaly detection

According to examples, network sampling based path decomposition and anomaly detection may include evaluating computer-generated log file data to generate a master network graph that specifies known events and transitions between the known events, and decomposing the master network graph to generate a representative network graph that includes a reduced number of paths of the master network graph. A source may be monitored to determine a cyber security threat by receiving incoming log file data related to the source, comparing the incoming log file data related to the source to the representative network graph, and determining, based on the comparison of the incoming log file data related to the source to the representative network graph, an anomaly in the representative network graph.
Accenture Global Solutions Limited

Phase measuring device and apparatuses using the phase measuring device

The inventive phase measuring device includes a first a/d converter 2 that digitizes a first periodical input signal x at each predetermined sampling timing and outputs the resultant signal as a digital signal xd, a first zero-crossing identification means operable to detect a sign of xd, a counting processing unit 4 that counts a difference in the number of times of zero-crossing detection by the first zero-crossing identification means and calculates the difference at each sampling timing, and a fraction processing unit 5 that computes a fraction of the number of times of zero-crossing detection on the basis of xd at sampling timings immediately before and immediately after determination of zero-crossing by the first zero-crossing identification means. An averaging processing unit 6 performs averaging by adding up and totalizing the outputs from the counting processing unit 4 and the fraction processing unit 5, thereby computing a phase.
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology

Method and receiving digital radio frequency (rf) signal

Disclosed is a digital radio frequency (rf) signal receiving apparatus including an rf filter configured to convert multichannel wireless signals received through an antenna into signals available for digital sampling, an analog-to-digital converter configured to perform digital sampling on the multichannel wireless signals converted by the rf filter, a digital processor configured to perform filtering on each of the digital-sampled multichannel wireless signals into a plurality of bandwidth signals within a maximum bandwidth range simultaneously, and down-convert the filtered multichannel wireless signals to be signals in a baseband, a data formatter configured to format the down-converted signals based on an input/output data form of transmission interfaces, and a data transmitter configured to simultaneously transmit each of formatted signals to a corresponding processing platform.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Digital down converter

A digital down converter includes a low resolution mixer, a decimation filter, and a high resolution mixer. The low resolution mixer is configured to receive a digitized radio frequency signal, and apply a first down conversion to the radio frequency signal to produce an intermediate frequency signal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Apparatus and methods for phase synchronization of phase-locked loops

Apparatus and methods for phase synchronization of phase-locked loops (plls) are provided. In certain configurations, an rf communication system includes a pll that generates one or more output clock signals and a phase synchronization circuit that synchronizes a phase of the pll.
Analog Devices, Inc.

Sub-sampling phase-locked loop

A sub-sampling phase-locked loop is described, which comprises a digital-to-time converter, a sampler module, an interpolator, and a voltage controlled oscillator. The digital-to-time converter is configured to provide a first delay signal (sdly1) at a first point (t1) in time and a second delay signal (sdly2) at a second point in time (t2).
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Electronic device and associated signal processing method

An electronic device includes a transmission interface, a driving circuit, a receiving circuit, a sampling circuit, a detecting circuit, a timing control circuit and a processing circuit. The transmission interface is for connecting to another electronic device via a connecting cable.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

Mixing module and capacitive touch panel

A mixing module (40) comprises a switching mixer (400), controlled by a switch signal and configured to receive an inputting signal and generate an outputting signal; a modulating unit (402), coupled to the switching mixer (400) and configured to generate the switch signal; wherein a switching frequency of the switch signal is higher than an and is a specific multiple of inputting frequency of the inputting signal. The mixing module (40) controls the switching mixer (400) by using the switch signal which is much higher than the inputting frequency of the inputting signal; oversampling is performed on the inputting signal, so that the spectrum energy of the outputting signal is more concentrated, which can avoid the additional noise due to the introduction of sidelobes or harmonics..
Shenzhen Goodix Technology Co., Ltd.

Charge injection noise reduction in sample-and-hold circuit

A sample-and-hold circuit includes a first transistor; a second transistor disposed between a gate electrode and a drain electrode of the first transistor; a sampling capacitor, an electrode of the sampling capacitor being connected to the gate electrode of the first transistor; and a first current source connected to the drain electrode of the first transistor, where a gate electrode of the second transistor receives a gate control signal. A minimum voltage of the gate control signal is vth2+vsat2+vth1+vsat1, where vth1 is a threshold voltage of the first transistor, vsat1 is a saturation voltage of the first transistor, vth2 is a threshold voltage of the second transistor, and vsat2 is a saturation voltage of the second transistor..
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

System, method, and computer program product for rendering at variable sampling rates using projective geometric distortion

A system, method, and computer program product are provided for rendering at variable sampling rates. Vertex coordinates for 3d primitive are received from a shader execution unit, and an arithmetic operation is performed on the vertex coordinates by fixed operation circuitry to produce modified vertex coordinates in homogeneous coordinate space.
Nvidia Corporation

Fast training of support vector data description using sampling

A computing device determines an svdd to identify an outlier in a dataset. First and second sets of observation vectors of a predefined sample size are randomly selected from a training dataset.
Sas Institute Inc.

Method and system for improving a policy for a stochastic control problem

A method and system are disclosed for improving a policy for a stochastic control problem, the stochastic control problem being characterized by a set of actions, a set of states, a reward structure as a function of states and actions, and a plurality of decision epochs, the method comprising using a sampling device obtaining data representative of sample configurations of a boltzmann machine, obtaining initialization data and an initial policy for the stochastic control problem; assigning data representative of an initial weight and a bias of respectively each coupler and each node and the transverse field strength of the boltzmann machine to the sampling device; until a stopping criterion is met generating a present-epoch state-action pair, amending data representative of none or at least one coupler and at least one bias, performing a sampling corresponding to the present-epoch state-action pair to obtain first sampling empirical means, obtaining an approximation of a value of a q-function at the present-epoch state-action, obtaining a future-epoch state-action pair, wherein the state is obtained through a stochastic state process, and further wherein the obtaining of the action comprises performing a stochastic optimization test on the plurality of all state-action pairs comprising the future-epoch state and any possible action to thereby provide the action at the future-epoch and update the policy for the future-epoch state; amending data representative of none or at least one coupler and at least one bias, performing a sampling corresponding to the future-epoch state-action pair, obtaining an approximation of a value of the q-function at the future-epoch state-action, updating each weight and each bias and providing the policy when the stopping criterion is met.. .
1qb Information Technologies Inc.

Particle etching or depositing evolutionary simulation and computer readable medium

The present invention provides particle etching or depositing evolutionary simulation method and device. The method comprises: step 1.
Tsinghua University

Integration and combination of random sampling and document batching

Methods and systems of integrated batching and random sampling of documents for enhanced functionality and quality control, such as validation, within a document review process are provided herein. According to various embodiments, a batching request may be received and may include a population size that corresponds to a total amount of documents available for sampling.
Recommind, Inc.

Techniques for visualizing historical pathogen sampling in a facility

A method for visualizing historical pathogen sampling in a facility includes the following steps: (1) populating a plurality of sampling locations as a plurality of icons on a map of the facility; (2) receiving sampling data specifying a plurality of pathogen levels at the plurality of sampling locations; (3) assigning one of a plurality of colors to each of the plurality of sampling locations according to the plurality of pathogen levels; (4) coloring the pathogen sampling locations on the map with the assigned colors to form a frame; (5) repeating steps (2), (3), and (4) on at least three different occasions to form a sequence of frames; and (6) sequentially displaying the sequence of frames and an identification of the respective occasion at a constant rate.. .
Emap Holding Llc

Method for scheduling an audio treatment of a motor vehicle, and associated operating system

A scheduling method for an audio treatment of a motor vehicle includes elementary functions having inputs and outputs and a sampling frequency generated by a master clock. Inputs and outputs have a frame rate and a sampling frequency generated by the master clock.

Autonomous mower navigation system and method

A method for autonomous mower navigation includes receiving a return-to-zero encoded signal including a pseudo-random sequence, transforming the received signal to a non-return-to-zero representation, digitally sampling the non-return-to-zero signal representation in a time domain, filtering the sampled signal utilizing a reference data array based on the return-to-zero encoded signal to produce a filter output, and determining a location of the autonomous mower relative to a defined work area based on an evaluation of the filter output.. .
Mtd Products Inc

Method and system for measuring and calibrating imaging magnetic field in magnetic resonance apparatus

A method and a system for measuring and calibrating an imaging magnetic field in a magnetic resonance apparatus are provided. The method includes: providing the imaging magnetic field, where the imaging magnetic field is adapted for scanning an object; sampling a signal corresponding to the imaging magnetic field; processing the signal to obtain an actual magnetic field intensity; and calibrating based on a difference between the actual magnetic field intensity and a target magnetic field intensity.
Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd

Multi-echo pseudo-golden angle stack of stars thermometry with high spatial and temporal resolution using k-space weighted image contrast

A method for producing an image of a subject using a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes acquiring a series of echo signals by sampling k-space along radial lines that each pass through the center of k-space. Each projection of the radial lines is divided into multiple echoes and successive projections are spaced by a predetermined angular distance.
University Of Utah Research Foundation

Voltage detecting device and battery pack monitoring system

A voltage detecting device detects a differential voltage between two input nodes having a non-zero common mode voltage. A differential voltage detecting circuit 5 detects the differential voltage by sampling each voltage of the input nodes and outputs a detection voltage indicating a detection result.
Denso Corporation

Servo-electric controlled auto sampler system

A servo-electric actuated sampler can draw samples of fuel liquid from an operating main line. The sampler can run in a fast-loop process whereby liquid is drawn into the sampling system and past an actuated sampler and then out of the system back into main.
Oil & Gas Process Solutions

Sampling and analysis use in exploration drilling

A sampling and analysis system, and related method, for use in exploration drilling, particularly diamond drilling. The system includes a number of sub-systems, including a capturing sub-system, a sample recovery and splitting sub-system, a sample preparation/drying sub-system, a sample handling and sensor sub-system, a data collection and management sub-system, an automated data analysis and interpretation sub-system, and a control sub-system for data collection and process control.
Deep Exploration Technologies Crc Limited

Recycle diluent for wellbore fluid sampling system

A wellbore fluid sampling system and method of operation are provided. A wellbore fluid sampling system may comprise a mixing system coupled to a wellbore sample supply and a recycled diluent supply, a fluid analysis system coupled to the mixing system, and a diluent recycle system coupled to the fluid analysis system and the mixing system, wherein the diluent recycle system comprises an evaporator and a condenser.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Urine collection bag assembly

An improved urine collection bag assembly is presented. The improved urine collection bag assembly of the present invention features a one-way flow control valve to prevent the backflow of urine into a urinary catheter and subsequently, into a patient's bladder.

Method of obtaining biological material via biological sampling device

A method of using a biological sampling device to obtain a biological sample. The device comprises a sheath, an applicator, a collector, and a handle.

Automated blood sampling device

Devices are provided to automatically access blood from beneath or within skin. These devices include an injector configured to drive a needle into the skin and subsequently to retract the needle from the skin.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

Comparator with correlated double sampling scheme, cmos image sensor including the same, and operating method thereof

A comparison device includes; a comparison block suitable for comparing a pixel signal with a reference voltage including a ramp-up signal and a ramp-down signal; a correlated double sampling (cds) block suitable for performing a correlated double sampling operation on the pixel signal; a first switch suitable for selectively inputting the ramp-up signal as the reference voltage based on a first switch control signal; a second switch suitable for selectively inputting the ramp-down signal as the reference voltage based on a second switch control signal; and a feedback control unit suitable for generating the first and second switch control signals based on a result of the comparison during an initialization operation.. .

Offset tunable edge slicer for sampling phase amplitude modulation signals

In one example, an apparatus includes an offset tunable edge slicer having an input to receive a pulse amplitude modulation signal. The offset tunable edge slicer also has a plurality of possible offset settings corresponding to a plurality of different reference voltages of the offset tunable edge slicer.

Clock data recovery with decision feedback equalization

Methods and systems are described for generating two comparator outputs by comparing a received signal to a first threshold and a second threshold according to a sampling clock, the first and second thresholds determined by an estimated amount of inter-symbol interference on a multi-wire bus, selecting one of the two comparator outputs as a data decision, the selection based on at least one prior data decision, and selecting one of the two comparator outputs as a phase-error indication, the phase error indication selected in response to identification of a predetermined data decision pattern.. .

Ffe-aided cdr to calibrate phase offset and enhance gain in baud rate sampling phase detector

A system and method for feed forward equalizer (ffe)-aided clock data recovery (cdr) to calibrate phase offset and enhance gain in baud rate sampling phase detector is provided. In an embodiment, a clock data recovery (cdr) apparatus includes an incremental feed forward equalizer (inc-ffe) in a cdr path and a calibration component in an equalization path, the calibration component connected to the inc-ffe, the calibration component configured to adjust ffe coefficients for the inc-ffe according to a phase code (pc) index in a pc index table and one of a signal-to-noise-ratio (snr) and a bit error rate (ber) of a sampled signal, wherein the pc index table comprises adjustment values for the ffe coefficients, and wherein the pc index is linearly related to a sampling phase..

Efficient adaptive seismic data flow lossless compression and decompression method

An efficient adaptive seismic data flow lossless compression and decompression method, which aims at solving the problem that data occupies the storage space and affects the transmission efficiency and is used for efficiently compressing geophysical instrument data, particularly seismic data after 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion. In the method, a data flow is compressed in a lossless mode in real time, and sampling data is adaptively compressed into 1 byte or 2 bytes or 3 bytes from original 24 bits and 3 bytes in a coding manner.

Signal modulation for radiofrequency communications

A signal modulation device comprising: an input for receiving a complex input signal (106) comprising an in-phase component signal and a quadrature-phase component signal, a sigma-delta modulator (110) for modulating the complex input signal at an oversampling clock rate (f1) into an intermediary signal (112), a numerical oscillator (60) for generating a phase signal (61) oscillating at a selected carrier frequency (fc), wherein the phase signal takes a finite number of quantized states, and a symbol mapping table (114) comprising a predefined quantized symbol for each quantized complex state of the intermediary signal and each quantized state of the phase signal, and operates at each oversampling clock period (f1) to select a quantized symbol (116) as a function of a current quantized complex state of the intermediary signal (112) and a current quantized state of the phase signal (61).. .

Techniques for power efficient oversampling successive approximation register

Systems and methods are disclosed for a noise-shaping successive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital-converter (adc) using sampled analog technology (sat) filter techniques for filter construction. A sar adc includes an sar for receiving an analog input signal and outputting a digital decision, a digital-to-analog converter and logic circuitry for converting the digital decision of the sar to a present analog residue for a present conversion cycle, a filter for processing a previous analog residue from a previous conversion cycle, and for feeding a processed previous analog residue back to the sar, a summer for summing the processed previous analog residue from the filter and the present analog residue, and generating a summer output, and a comparator for comparing the summer output and a first reference signal and generating a comparator output.

Sampling interface for mass spectrometry systems and methods

Methods and systems for delivering a liquid sample to an ion source for the generation of ions and subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry are provided herein. In accordance with various aspects of the present teachings, ms-based systems and methods are provided in which a desorption solvent utilized in a sampling interface to desorb one or more analyte species from an spme device is fluidly coupled to an ion source for ionizing the one or more analyte species desorbed into the desorption solvent for subsequent mass spectrometric analysis (e.g., without a liquid chromatography (lc) column between the sampling interface and the ion source).

Image display

Herein disclosed an image display including: row scan lines configured to supply a control signal; column signal lines configured to supply a video signal; and pixel circuits configured to be disposed at intersections between the scan lines and the signal lines, wherein each of the pixel circuits has at least a drive transistor, a sampling transistor connected to a gate of the drive transistor, a capacitive part connected between the gate and a source of the drive transistor, and a light-emitting element connected to the source of the drive transistor.. .

Guided image upsampling using bitmap tracing

A method of increasing resolution of an image includes generating vector contours associated with a first image and scaling the vector contours to a second resolution. The first image has a first resolution, and the second resolution is greater than the first resolution.

Ship-towed hydrophone volumetric array system method

This invention provides a system apparatus and method for ship-towed deployment of a non-linear volumetric array of hydrophones, allowing line-intersect or line-transect sampling of marine mammal populations through passive acoustic monitoring, enabling unambiguous real-time three-dimensional localization of single sounds received through a low-cost, modular, robust, stable, small, light, neutrally to slightly negatively buoyant volumetric array having low self-noise and low flow noise, that avoids putting high tension on the tow cable and that is compatible with standard hydrophones, instrumentation, cabling, and analytical software.. .

Detecting rain intensity with traffic radar

A radar camera of a signalized traffic control system determines rain intensity, compares it to a threshold, then adjusts traffic signal operation. Rain intensity of a level relative to the threshold causes the traffic control system to operate in a rain intensity mode.

Target recovery in multiple input multiple output (mimo) radar system

A multiple input multiple output (mimo) radar system and method of using it for target recovery are disclosed. The mimo radar system comprises an array of distributed radiating elements configured to transmit signals towards a target scene, an array of distributed receiving elements configured to receive signals backscattered from the target scene, a sampling module configured to sample the signals received, and a hardware processor configured to recover from the samples position parameters of one or more targets.

Magnetic resonance fingerprinting using a spin-echo pulse sequence with an additional 180 degree pulse

The invention provides for a magnetic resonance system (100) for acquiring a magnetic resonance data from a subject (118) within a measurement zone (108) according to a magnetic resonance fingerprinting technique. The pulse sequence comprises a train of pulse sequence repetitions (302, 304).

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and method

A magnetic resonance imaging (mri) apparatus includes a radio frequency (rf) receiver which acquires a magnetic resonance (mr) signal received by at least one channel coil, and an image processor which acquires a data set of a k-space for the at least one channel coil by oversampling the mr signal in a readout direction of the k-space, divides the data set into a plurality of sub-data sets, and acquires an mr image based on the plurality of sub-data sets.. .

System and in-line monitoring of airborne contamination and process health

The disclosure describes embodiments of an airborne molecular contamination (amc) monitoring apparatus. The amc apparatus includes a manifold having a plurality of inlets and one or more outlets.

A the isokinetic sampling of a multiphase stream

The present invention refers to a method for the isokinetic sampling of liquids and gases present in streams having many fluid phases, and to an apparatus suitable for achieving it. The method and apparatus have application in particular in the field of oil extraction, wherein, after the extraction of liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons possibly accompanied by water and suspended solids, it is necessary to know the composition of the mixture extracted and also the flow rate of the single phases..

System for the analysis of the daily heart rhythm autonomic nervous system balance

An analysis system for analysis of the balance of circadian heart rhythm autonomic nervous system, the analysis system having tools which are designed to perform the following steps after artifact and arrhythmias removal from rr interval series: identification of the chaotic part of the rr interval series and analysis of the chaotic part; separation of the chaotic part from rr interval series and acquisition of the clean circadian rr series; acquisition of the normalized rr interval series using—interpolation, resampling and normalization; analysis of the heart rate bimodal distribution and modes of the normalized rr interval series; identification of the heart rate circadian period in the normalized rr data series; analysis of the heart rhythm variable part sns and pns regulation indicators in the normalized rr data series; generation of the report on obtained results in graph and tabular form.. .

Timing offset estimation in an ofdm-based system by sinr measurement

A method for timing synchronization of an ofdm signal is useful for a sniffing base station (bs) to establish bs synchronization with another bs in a mobile communication system. The method comprises estimating a timing offset of the signal from a reference sampling instant.
Hong Kong Applied Science And Technology Research Institute Company Limited

System and determining and overlaying emotion animation on calls

A method for overlaying or presenting emotion animation in an audio or video call allows a user to select an emotion from a series of presented states of emotion. Alternatively, the system can visually identify the emotional state of the user by sampling various facial points of the user, and using an algorithm to determine facial characteristics to identify the emotional state of the user, or the system can sample the audio and using an algorithm identify the emotional state of the user.
Raketu Communications, Inc.

Time delay and integration (tdi) imaging sensor and method

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a tdi sensor comprising a plurality of light sensing elements arranged in a row, each configured to accumulate charge proportional to an intensity of light incident on it from a field of view, and means for improving the sampling resolution of the tdi sensor by electronically introducing phase shift between a first set of image data generated by the plurality of light sensing elements at a first phase and a second set of image data generated by the plurality of light sensing elements at a second phase, for reading out the first set of image data and the second set of image data from a light sensing element at an end of the row of light sensing elements, and for generating an image of the field of view based on the two sets of phase shifted image data.. .
Raytheon Company

Sampler with low input kickback

Methods and systems are described for receiving a signal to be sampled and responsively generating, at a pair of common nodes, a differential current representative of the received signal, receiving a plurality of sampling interval signals, each sampling interval signal received at a corresponding sampling phase of a plurality of sampling phases, for each sampling phase, pre-charging a corresponding pair of output nodes using a pre-charging fet pair receiving the sampling interval signal, forming a differential output voltage by discharging the corresponding pair of output nodes via a discharging fet pair connected to the pair of common nodes, the fet pair receiving the sampling interval signal and selectively enabling the differential current to discharge the corresponding pair of output nodes, and latching the differential output voltage.. .
Kandou Labs, S.a.

Method and vswr estimation using cross-correlation and real sampling without the need for time alignment

Methods, apparatus, and computer program products using spectrum analysis or cross correlation techniques to discriminate against interference. These approaches are straight forward if both the forward and reflected signals contain complex or quadrature (i and q) samples.
Nokia Solutions And Networks Oy

Analog-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion method

Present invention discloses an adc and an analog-to-digital conversion method. The adc includes: a clock generator, including m transmission gates, where the m transmission gates are configured to receive a first clock signal that is periodically sent and separately perform gating control on the first clock signal, so as to generate m second clock signals, m is an integer that is greater than or equal to 2; m adc channels that are configured in a time interleaving manner, configured to receive one analog signal and separately perform, under the control of the m second clock signals, sampling and analog-to-digital conversion on the analog signal, so as to obtain m digital signals, where each adc channel is corresponding to one clock signal of the m second clock signals; and an adder, configured to add the m digital signals together in a digital field, so as to obtain a digital output signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Phase detection method based on a receiving sequence of sampled values

The invention relates to a phase detection method (200) comprising the following steps: receiving (201) a receiving sequence (yj) of values (y0, y1, . .
Sonovum Ag

Signal generation circuit and signal generation method

A signal generation circuit comprises a vco configured to generate a signal with a frequency corresponding to a control voltage; a divider configured to generate a divided signal by dividing the frequency of the signal generated by the vco; a phase comparator configured to compare a reference clock signal generated by a reference oscillator and the divided signal generated by the divider; a charge pump configured to output a current corresponding to a comparison result of the phase comparator; a loop filter configured to generate a voltage corresponding to the current output by the charge pump; a switched capacitor filter configured to generate, by sampling the voltage generated by the loop filter, a control voltage of the vco in a steady state; and an initial-value provision circuit configured to provide an initial value of the control voltage of the vco.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Device and recovering clock and data

A clock and data recovery device includes a data sampling module, a phase detection circuit, a frequency estimator, a clock generation module, and a data recovery module. The data sampling module samples input data according to first clock signals to generate data values, in which phases of the first clock signals are different from one another.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Led smart control circuit and led lighting device containing the same

A light-emitting diode (led) smart control circuit and the related led lighting device are provided. The led smart control circuit includes a microprocessor, a bridge rectifier, a transformer circuit, a power grid detection unit, a voltage detection unit, a battery charging controller, a first sampling circuit, a second sampling circuit, a constant current controller, and an external rechargeable battery.
Zhejiang Shenghui Lighting Co., Ltd

State machine controlled mos linear resistor

A sample-and-hold circuit includes a sampling capacitor, a first transistor, a first switch between a gate electrode and a source electrode of the first transistor, a current source connected to the source electrode of the first transistor, and a resistive element and a second switch connected in parallel between a drain electrode of the first transistor and a predetermined voltage. The resistive element may include a second transistor biased to operate in a linear region according to a gate control signal at a gate electrode of the second transistor, or may include multiple transistor banks connected in parallel, each including a second transistor biased to operate in a linear region according to a gate control signal at a gate electrode of the second transistor.
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Calibration sampler with adjustable high frequency gain

Methods and systems are described for receiving a sampling signal, pre-charging a pair of output nodes prior to a sampling interval, initiating the sampling interval by enabling a current source according to a first transition of the received sampling signal, generating a differential output voltage at the pair of output nodes by discharging the pair of output nodes according to a differential input signal, the pair of output nodes discharged according to current drawn by the current source during the sampling interval, terminating the sampling interval by disabling the current source in response to a second transition of the received sampling signal, and inhibiting a recharge of the pair of output nodes for a hold time after termination of the sampling interval and prior to initiation of a subsequent sampling interval.. .
Kandou Labs, S.a.

System, method and computer-accessible medium for learning an optimized variational network for medical image reconstruction

An exemplary system, method and computer accessible medium for generating an image(s) of a portion(s) of a patient can be provided, which can include, for example, receiving first imaging information related to the portion(s), receiving second information related to modelling information of a further portion(s) of a further patient(s), where the modelling information includes (i) an undersampling procedure, and/or (ii) a learning-based procedure, and generating the image(s) using the first information and the second information. The modelling information can include artifacts present in a further image of the further portion(s).
Graz University Of Technology

Synthesis of transformed image views

Techniques are provided for synthesis of transformed image views, based on a reference image, using depth information. The transformed image views may simulate a change in position or focal length of a camera that produced the reference image.
Intel Corporation

Fingerprint sensor apparatus and a controlling the fingerprint sensor apparatus

A fingerprint sensor apparatus including a sampling unit, an analysing unit and a processor unit is provided. The sampling unit is configured to sense a fingerprint image.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.

Random number generator

An apparatus comprises a light emitting diode (led) and a phototransistor configured to receive light from the led and generate an electrical signal comprising shot noise. An amplifier is coupled to the phototransistor and configured to amplify the electrical signal.

Space partitioning for motion planning

An aspect includes space partitioning for vehicle motion planning. A plurality of obstacle data is analyzed to determine a plurality of obstacle locations in a configuration space of a vehicle.
Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation

Systems and methods for free-breathing cine dense mri using self-navigation

Some aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for free-breathing cine dense mri using self-navigation. In one embodiment, a method includes acquiring magnetic resonance data for an area of interest of a subject, wherein the acquiring comprises performing sampling with phase-cycled, cine displacement encoding with stimulated echoes (dense) during free-breathing of the subject; identifying, from the acquired magnetic resonance data, a plurality of phase-cycling data pairs corresponding to matched respiratory phases of the free-breathing of the subject; reconstructing, from the plurality of phase-cycling data pairs, a plurality of intermediate self-navigation images; performing motion correction by estimating, from the plurality of intermediate self-navigation images, the respiratory position associated with the plurality of phase-cycling data pairs; and reconstructing a plurality of motion-corrected cine dense images of the area of interest of the subject..
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

Electrical signal processing device

When frequencies used in the two-frequency measurement of a saw sensor are represented by f1 and f2 (f2>f1), an electrical signal processing device is provided without use of oversampling at a frequency higher than twice the frequency f2 or a two-system low-frequency conversion circuit, in which temperature compensation with the same accuracy as the case where these are used can be realized. Narrow band frequency filtering is applied to a waveform after roundtrips in a delay line type saw sensor capable of transmitting and receiving multiple frequencies, the two frequencies f1 and f2 (f2>f1) are extracted, and a delay time is determined utilizing an aliasing obtained by applying undersampling at a frequency lower than twice the frequency f1..
Tohoku University

Sampling determining the amount and uniformity of a delivered dose of drug and related methods

In an embodiment, the present invention is an apparatus, configured to collect emitted sample dose from a drug delivery device, wherein the sample dose is an aerosol, wherein the apparatus comprises a collection assembly and a removable plunger.. .
Proveris Scientific Corporation

Syringe assembly and using the same

The disclosure relates to a syringe assembly and a syringing method of using the same. The syringe assembly comprises an ultrasonic element, a guide tube and a syringe.
Taigen Bioscience Corporation

Edge propagating optical time domain reflectometer and using the same

An otdr system utilizes a laser source that is turned “on” and kept powered until its light reaches the end of the fiber span being measured (i.e., until the fiber span is fully illuminated). At any point in time after the fiber is fully illuminated, the laser source can be turned “off”.
Ii-vi Incorporated

Apparatus for counting single photons and method thereof

Disclosed is an apparatus for counting single photons including an edge combiner configured to detect an edge of each of applied clocks using a plurality of phase-locked loops (pll) to generate a combined signal; a sampling unit configured to sample all events occurring in each spad of a single photon detection diode (spad) array using an or tree and an xor tree; and a calculation unit configured to count the sampled events based on the combined signal to count single photons.. .
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University

Swept-source optical coherence tomography (ss-oct) phase stabilization with reference signal calibration

A reference signal having a known induced optical delay is used for phase stabilization of optical coherence tomography (oct) interferograms, and for correcting sampling differences within oct interferograms, in single mode and multimodal oct systems. The reference signal can then be used to the measure time shift or sample clock period shifts induced in the interferogram signal by the oct system.
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon

Direct diode laser processing apparatus and output monitoring method therfof

A direct diode laser processing apparatus includes a laser oscillator including a plurality of laser diodes and emitting a multiple-wavelength laser beam, a transmission fiber transmitting the multiple-wavelength laser beam emitted from the laser oscillator, a laser processing machine collecting the multiple-wavelength laser beam transmitted through the transmission fiber and processes a workpiece, a detecting mechanism sampling part of the multiple-wavelength laser beam and detecting wavelength-by-wavelength light intensities of the sampled laser beam, a monitoring unit monitoring an output decrease in the multiple-wavelength laser beam according to a change in the wavelength-by-wavelength light intensities, and a control module controlling outputs of the plurality of laser diodes according to a monitored result from the monitoring unit. The apparatus properly monitors an output decrease in the multiple-wavelength laser beam..
Lumentum Operations Llc

Systems, methods and devices for item processing

Methods, systems and devices for item processing. The systems can include a pass module that can include features that receive inputs relating to an item for processing and provide those inputs to other components and/or modules of a pass system and/or of another system.
United States Postal Service

Sampling pipette having an ergonomic control button

An assembly (3) for an ergonomic sampling pipette including a control rod (10) at the end of which is arranged a control button (12) for controlling the movement of the control rod (10) along a longitudinal axis (18) thereof, the button (12) having a pressure surface (11) for receiving the thumb of an operator. The pressure surface (11) of the control button (12) is movable such as to be able, during operation, to assume multiple angles relative to the longitudinal axis (28) of the control rod (10)..
Gilson Sas

Tissue sampling system

A system includes acquisition of a three-dimensional image of the patient volume based on the at least two two-dimensional images, identification of a tumor based on the three-dimensional image, identification of sub-volumes of the tumor, determination of a first two or more tissue sampling locations based on the sub-volumes, determination of a first tissue sampling device entry point and a first one or more device trajectories associated with the first tissue sampling device entry point based on the first two or more tissue sampling locations, movement of a tissue sampling device into the patient volume through patient skin at the first tissue sampling device entry point, and movement of the tissue sampling device along the first one or more device trajectories to acquire tissue samples from the first two or more tissue sampling locations, wherein the tissue samples are acquired from the first two or more tissue sampling locations between entry of the tissue sampling device at the first tissue sampling device entry point and removal of the tissue sampling device from the first tissue sampling device entry point.. .
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Over-sampling digital processing path that emulates nyquist rate (non-oversampling) audio conversion

The behavior of a nos dac and an analog filter may be emulated by electronic components of an integrated circuit (ic) by upsampling data and applying a digital filter to the upsampled data. For example, the ic may include a zero-order-hold circuit that upsamples data from a first input sample rate to a second, higher input rate.

Comparator with correlated double sampling scheme and operating method thereof

A comparator includes: a comparison block suitable for comparing a pixel signal and a plurality of ramp signals; a correlated double sampling (cds) block operatively coupled among a first input terminal receiving a first ramp signal used for first and third steps, a third input terminal receiving the pixel signal, and a negative input terminal of the comparison block, and suitable for performing cds; a switch coupled between a second input terminal receiving a second ramp signal used for a second step and a positive input terminal of the comparison block; a capacitor coupled between a ground terminal and the positive input terminal of the comparison block; an amplification block suitable for buffering a comparison signal outputted from the comparison block; and a feedback control unit suitable for generating a control signal for controlling the switch based on the buffered comparison signal.. .

Synchronous sampling methods for infrared cameras

The present approach relates to the synchronization of frame acquisition by a camera with an external event or trigger despite the camera lacking external control or synchronization capabilities. For example, inexpensive and/or consumer grade camera typically lack a control interface to explicitly synchronize with an external trigger event or external device.

Timing recovery for optical coherent receivers in the presence of polarization mode dispersion

A timing recovery system generates a sampling clock to synchronize sampling of a receiver to a symbol rate of an incoming signal. The input signal is received over an optical communication channel.

Reconstructing light-based communication signals captured with a rolling shutter image capture device

Methods and systems are described for sampling an lcom message and accurately reconstructing the entire lcom message using a light receiver (e.g., digital camera) of a typical mobile computing device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile computing device. These including receiving segments of an lcom signal from at least two repetitions of the lcom signal.

Mimo transceiver suitable for a massive-mimo system

An embodiment of the disclosed mimo transceiver uses a single master clock to generate (i) the sampling-clock signals for the analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters and (ii) the multiple electrical local-oscillator signals that are used in various channels of the transceiver's analog down- and up-converters to translate signals between the corresponding intermediate-frequency and rf bands. The mimo transceiver may employ a plurality of interconnected frequency dividers configured to variously divide the master-clock frequency to generate the sampling-clock signals and the multiple local-oscillator signals in a manner that causes these signals to have different respective frequencies.

Phase detection method based on a plurality of consecutive values of a receiving signal

The invention relates to a phase detection method (200), comprising the following steps: receiving a plurality of consecutive values of a receiving signal (y) with a known sampling frequency fs as a reaction to a transmitting signal having a known transmitting frequency fw; determining two differential values (Δy1, Δy2), each coming from two consecutive values out of three consecutive values (y1, y2, y3) of the receiving signal (y); and determining a phase real part (u) and a phase imaginary part (v) of the receiving signal (y) based on a linear relation between the phase real part (u), the phase imaginary part (v) and the two differential values (Δy1, Δy2).. .

Radar target detection system for autonomous vehicles with ultra-low phase noise frequency synthesizer

An object detection system for autonomous vehicle, comprising a radar unit and at least one ultra-low phase noise frequency synthesizer, is provided. The radar unit configured for detecting the presence and characteristics of one or more objects in various directions.

Linearized dynamic amplifier

A differential amplifier includes a positive leg, a negative leg, and biasing circuitry. The positive leg includes at least one positive leg transistor, a first positive leg degeneration capacitor, and positive leg degeneration capacitor biasing circuitry configured to bias the first degeneration capacitor during a reset period.

Compensation of errors in current limiters

The present disclosure applies to peak current limitation and also to ensuring that a minimum current condition is not exceeded, that is, that the current through a component remains at or above a desired minimum level. A current limitation circuit compensates for time-induced errors by sampling and holding a current or voltage value at the time when a power switch changes state, deriving a rate of change of the electrical parameter and extrapolating the value over time.

Digitally controlled power supply apparatus and production management system

A digitally controlled power supply apparatus includes: a switching device converting an input voltage to output a converted voltage based on gate signals that it has received; a smoothing circuit smoothing the converted voltage to output a power supply voltage; an ad converter ad converting the power supply voltage from the smoothing circuit to output a power supply voltage digital data; a pid controller performing pid control operation to an error between a setpoint and the power supply voltage digital data; a switching drive circuit generating gate signals, based on an operation outcome of the pid controller; a control parameter adjuster dynamically performing automatic adjustment of control parameters of the pid controller, based on a history of fluctuations indicated in samplings of the power supply voltage digital data; and a control parameter output unit outputting the control parameters of the pid controller.. .

Magntiude compensation technique for processing single-bit wide data

Droop caused by a filter may be compensated by applying a pre-filter to the audio signal that cancels out, at least in part, the droop caused by the filter. The pre-filter may implement magnitude compensation that causes an approximately flat passband response when the pre-filtered signal is passed through the filter.

Image rendering of laser scan data

A method of rendering an image of three-dimensional laser scan data (6) is described. The method includes providing a range cube map (25) and a corresponding image cube map (26; 27), generating a tessellation pattern using the range cube map and rendering an image based on the tessellation pattern by sampling the image cube map..

Information/marketing/revenue system and method

Ar (comprising augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and the use of visual recognition are new technologies that have yet to gain widespread acceptance let alone any type of consumer commercialization. The invention addresses many of the issues hindering its growth including boring content, static content, lack of sampling technology, no way to appropriately give as a gift or to collect and lack of information regarding the availability of various apps, cost, length of time for use, unattractive method of obtaining the ar functionality, non-functional method of selling ar to consumers as well as other factors.

Smart history for computer-vision based security system

A method for analyzing a video captured by a security system. The method includes obtaining a video of a monitored environment and detecting an occurrence of an event in the video of the monitored environment.

Data packet extraction method and apparatus

A data packet extraction method and apparatus is disclosed. Two hash values calculated based on quintuple information of different data packets of a same session are the same, that is, two calculated remainders are also the same at a same sampling ratio.

Ozip compression and decompression

A method, apparatus, and system for ozip, a data compression and decompression codec, is provided. Ozip utilizes a fixed size static dictionary, which may be generated from a random sampling of input data to be compressed.

System and detecting and characterizing force inputs on a surface

One variation of a method for detecting and characterizing force inputs on a surface includes: during a resistance scan cycle of a sampling period, driving a shield electrode arranged over a resistive touch sensor to a reference potential and reading resistance values across sense electrode and drive electrode pairs in the resistive touch sensor; during a processing cycle of the sampling period, transforming the resistance values into a position and a magnitude of a force applied to a tactile surface over the shield electrode, releasing the shield electrode from the reference potential, reading a capacitance value of the shield electrode, and detecting proximity of an object to the tactile surface based on the capacitance value; and generating a touch image representing the position and the magnitude of the force on the tactile surface based on the proximity of the object to the tactile surface.. .

Sliding window energy detection for spectrum sensing under low snr conditions

Methods and devices for spectrum sensing using sliding window energy detection are provided. A sliding window energy detection test having a number of continuously-performed tests can be analyzed according to a desired cumulative false alarm rate to provide a corresponding, testing threshold.

Bell cap aerosol adaptor

A method of testing an air sample and/or testing equipment may comprise introducing aerosolized sample particles into an air flow to create sample air upstream from an air quality sampling device. The method may include introducing the sample air to an offset sample inlet of a bell cap inlet adaptor coupled to a sample tube.

Control rotating device

A control apparatus for rotating device includes a plurality information sensors and a controller. The information sensors are coupled to the rotating device for sensing temperature information, acoustic information and vibration information.

30 nm in-line lpc testing and cleaning of semiconductor processing equipment

The implementations described herein generally relate to 30 nm in-line liquid particle count testing equipment which analyses and cleans semiconductor processing equipment. More specifically, the implementations described relate to a system for diluting, analyzing, and modifying fluids to enable the observation of the contents of the fluids.

Automatic re-loading air-sampling and pneumatic transport system

Embodiments of the invention collect solid, vapor, and/or biological components of the air in air-sampling cartridges that are then transported to an off-site location by pneumatic pressure. Operation proceeds by first collecting a sample of air in an air-sampling cartridge in a sampling position, then advancing a cartridge assembly to move the now-used sampling cartridge into a transport position while simultaneously moving an unused sampling cartridge into the sampling position, and finally using pneumatic pressure to push the used sampling cartridge in the transport position to an off-site location via a transport tube.

Automatic fluid sampling system with confirmation feedback

An automatic fluid sampling system, comprising: a sample flow-through conduit in fluid communication with a fast loop or slip stream off of a fluid process line or pipe, a solenoid or other valve disposed for regulating fluid flow from the fast loop line into the sample flow-through conduit; a flow meter in fluid communication with sample flow-through conduit for measuring a volume of a sample allowed to flow through the sample flow-through conduit by the solenoid or other valve; and a sample fluid outlet from which the sample measured by the flow meter exits the sample flow-through conduit.. .

Biodegradable sterile sampling bag

A biodegradable sampling bag for containing samples or the like, comprises a flexible enclosure defining a chamber adapted to contain therein the sample, the flexible enclosure being made of a plastic material, which contains an additive that renders the flexible enclosure biodegradable when exposed for a sufficient period of time to microbial action. The additive is adapted to enable microorganisms to metabolize the molecular structure of said flexible enclosure.

Water-based coatings for color sampling

A color sampling display product is provided that includes a radiation-curable water-based coating composition applied to a substrate, and shows mechanical integrity and aesthetic appeal.. .

Sampling devices and methods for concentrating microorganisms

The present disclosure describes methods for concentrating microorganisms with concentration agents in a sampling device and the sampling device described herein. More specifically, methods for concentrating microorganisms from large volume samples with concentration agents in a sampling device can provide for rapid, low cost, simple (involving no complex equipment or procedures), and/or effective processes under a variety of conditions..

Frictional trans-epithelial tissue disruption collection apparatus and inducing an immune response

The invention relates to trans-epithelial frictionally abrasive tissue sampling devices for performing biopsies and methods of inducing an immune response against a pathogen, wherein epithelial cells containing the pathogen are disrupted with the frictionally abrasive tissue sampling device to introduce the pathogen into the bloodstream of a patient.. .

System and mixed modality acoustic sampling

Systems and methods for relaying electrical signals representing acoustic response of a volume of tissue to light and ultrasound stimulation. In an embodiment, a plurality of ultrasound transducers receive acoustic energy from the volume and generate electrical energy, which is transmitted via an electrical path to a relay system.

Method, apparatus and systems for monitoring co2

There is provided herein methods, apparatus and systems for evaluating carbon dioxide (co2) concentration in a subject's breath, for example in subjects ventilated with high frequency ventilation (hfv), the method includes inserting to a trachea of a subject an endotrachial tube (ett), sampling breath from an area in the trachea located in proximity to a distal end of the endotrachial tube (ett) and evaluating one or more co2 related parameters of the sampled breath.. .

Fluid measurement device and methods of making and using the same

A fluid measurement device and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The fluid measurement device includes a conduit configured to transport a fluid, a conductivity sensor in the conduit, and a voltage sensor in the conduit and having first and second rings, probes, or plates.

Agbot for onboard testing and decision making

An agricultural system can include an agricultural machine having an in-situ sampling of samples for analysis and determination of preferred courses of action based on characteristics of the samples. Options regarding the preferred courses of action can be communicated to a user for selection..

Multi-channel dual-mode digital control led driving circuit and led lamp

A multi-channel dual-mode digital control led driving circuit and an led lamp. The driving circuit comprises a current sampling module (10), a comparison and detection module (30), a digital control module (40) and a constant current control module (20).
Shenzhen Skyworth Semiconductor Design Center Co. Ltd

Luma-based chroma intra-prediction for video coding

A method for luma-based chroma intra-prediction in a video encoder or a video decoder is provided that includes down sampling a first reconstructed luma block of a largest coding unit (lcu), computing parameters α and β of a linear model using immediate top neighboring reconstructed luma samples and left neighboring reconstructed luma samples of the first reconstructed luma block and reconstructed neighboring chroma samples of a chroma block corresponding to the first reconstructed luma block, wherein the linear model is predc[x,y]=α·recl′[x,y]+β, wherein x and y are sample coordinates, predc is predicted chroma samples, and recl′ is samples of the down sampled first reconstructed luma block, and wherein the immediate top neighboring reconstructed luma samples are the only top neighboring reconstructed luma samples used, and computing samples of a first predicted chroma block from corresponding samples of the down sampled first reconstructed luma block using the linear model and the parameters.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Backside illuminated global shutter pixel with active reset

An image sensor may include an array of pixels arranged in rows and columns. The array of pixels may operate in a global shutter mode.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Systems and methods for managing data proxies

Systems and methods are provided for managing data proxies. The systems and methods enable a proxy management system to store and manage data proxies that digitally represent real-world objects equipped with sensors.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Anti-aliasing channel estimation apparatus and method and receiver

An anti-aliasing channel estimation apparatus and method and a receiver where the anti-aliasing channel estimation method includes: performing clock recovery and data synchronization on a received multicarrier signal with channel aliasing, to obtain a synchronized time-domain signal and a sampling phase; calculating an estimation signal after passing through a channel and being aliased based on a training sequence and the sampling phase, and obtaining a channel response and an aliasing signal response of each subcarrier of the multicarrrier signal based on the estimation signal and the frequency-domain signal. Therefore, channel estimation may be performed on the multicarrier signal with channel aliasing, influence of the channel aliasing on the bit error rate may be lowered, and transmission quality of the system may be improved..
Fujitsu Limited

Electronic switching and protection circuit

An embodiment electronic circuit includes an electronic switch comprising a load path, a first protection circuit configured to generate a first protection signal based on a current-time-characteristic of a load current through the load path of the electronic switch, and a drive circuit configured to drive the electronic switch based on the first protection signal. The first protection circuit includes an analog-to-digital converter (adc) configured to receive an adc input signal representing the load current, to sample the adc input signal once in each of a plurality of successive sampling periods, and to output an adc output signal that includes a sequence of values such that each of the values represents a respective sample of the adc input signal.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Systems and methods for electronic sound enhancement tuning

Example systems and methods for electronic sound enhancement tuning are disclosed. An example disclosed method includes sampling, with a microphone, an audio profile of engine noises in a cabin of a vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Current sensing type sensing unit and organic light-emitting display comprising the same

A current sensing unit can include a current sink circuit connected to a sensing line, which reduces a pixel current fed via the sensing line by an amount equal to a sink current; a current integrator connected to the sensing line, which accumulates an adjusted current from the sensing line and outputs an integrated value based on the pixel current minus the sink current; a sampling part that samples and holds the integrated value; and an analog-to-digital converter that converts the integrated value from an analog value to a digital sensed value.. .
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Utilizing deep learning for rating aesthetics of digital images

Systems and methods are disclosed for estimating aesthetic quality of digital images using deep learning. In particular, the disclosed systems and methods describe training a neural network to generate an aesthetic quality score digital images.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Information processing device, information processing method, and recording medium

An information processing device according to the present invention includes: a feature point sampling unit that generates, based on an initial value of a feature point used for registration of an object included in a target image to be processed, a feature point hypothesis that is a group of a plurality of the feature points in the target image; an image degradation unit that generates a degraded image that is a degraded image with degrading a reference image used for processing the target image, based on the feature point hypothesis and a degradation parameter for degrading an image; and a reliability calculation unit that calculates a reliability of the feature point hypothesis, based on the target image, the degraded image, and the feature point hypothesis.. .
Nec Corporation

Interactive mobile technology for guidance and monitoring of physical therapy exercises

A physiotherapist consultant performs a core set of exercises in the human performance lab while around 70 reflective markers are attached to his body joints. A set of eight motion analysis cameras concurrently capture a regular sampling of his joint parameters over time.

Up sampling reference station data

A method of determining a position of a gnss device includes receiving gnss signals at the gnss device from a plurality of gnss satellites. The gnss device generates gnss raw data based on the gnss signals.
Javad Gnss, Inc.

Sensor and distance measurement

A first and second sampling memory (34a) having a plurality of memory cells each for storing a section of the reception signal and having partially overlapping recording regions, each being configured to record a reception signal for a longer duration than a time interval between two successive transmission light pulses (16).. .

Methods for determining saturation parameters of a formation

Methods are provided for determining saturation parameters of a formation while sampling the formation. Flow rate and pressure data may be used in order to provide mobility information close to the probe.
Schlumberger Technolgoy Corporation

Wax tracers

The present invention provides a method for monitoring precipitation of at least one wax component from a hydrocarbon-containing fluid stream during the flow of said fluid stream through a fluid transport system having at least one in-flow point and at least one out-flow point. The method comprises: i) introducing at least one labelled wax into said hydrocarbon-containing fluid stream at at least one in-flow point; and ii) measuring the relative or absolute concentration of said labelled wax in at least one sample taken at at least one out-flow point.
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Systems and methods for sampling of amplification products

The invention provides systems and methods for processing samples. In a method, a reaction card is provided that has a channel network, a valve, and a micropump, all disposed within the card.
Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.

Wafer producing method and processing feed direction detecting method

A wafer is produced from an ingot by confirming whether or not an inclined c-axis of the ingot and a second orientation flat of the ingot are perpendicular to each other, and detecting a processing feed direction perpendicular to the direction in which the c-axis is inclined. The method includes performing sampling irradiation of the ingot with a laser beam, along a direction parallel to the second orientation flat and a plurality of directions inclined clockwise and counterclockwise by respective predetermined angles from the second orientation flat, thereby forming a plurality of sampled reduced strength areas in the ingot; measuring the number of nodes which exist per unit length on each of the sampled reduced strength areas, and determining a direction in which the sampled reduced strength area where the measured number of nodes is zero extends as a processing feed direction..
Disco Corporation

Motion measurement apparatus, motion measurement method, and motion measurement program

A motion measurement apparatus includes an inertial sensor and a host terminal. The inertial sensor measures a motion.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Capacitive sensor for respiratory monitoring

A system is provided for monitoring a patient on an air support system. The system comprises a capacitive sensor system having a capacitive sensor positioned at the underside of an air filled mattress, and a respiration signal processing module that receives the output of the capacitive sensor system and is configured to monitor patient respiration.
Hill-rom Services, Inc.

Transmission apparatus, transmission method, reception apparatus, and reception method

To enable multichannel audio data to be transmitted favorably. Multichannel audio data of a predetermined number of channels is acquired.
Sony Corporation

Method of audio debugging for television and electronic device

The present disclosure relates to a method of audio debugging for television and an electronic device. In the method, when it is required to receive the audio in an external media source, the audio is sampled in an audio sampling rate of the audio and a sampling result obtained is stored; when it is required to play the audio, the sampling result is obtained again from the storage area and played.
Le Shi Zhi Xin Electronic Technology (tianjin) Limited

Correlated double sampling (cds) circuit for decreasing settling time and image sensor including the same

A correlated double sampling (cds) circuit includes a comparator and a first circuit. The comparator including, a first input terminal, a second input terminal, at least one output terminal, and a plurality of first transistors operably coupled between the at least one output terminal and the first and second input terminals.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Sensing pixel having sampling circuitry to sample photodiode signal multiple times before reset of photodiode

An electronic device disclosed herein includes a photodiode, and a plurality of storage components each configured to independently sample and hold charges from the photodiode during each of a plurality of integration periods without discharging the held charge between successive integration periods of the plurality thereof. Each storage component accumulates the charges from the photodiode for a given time window during each integration period, with the given time window for each storage component being different than the given time window for each other storage component.
Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas

Automatic white balance using histograms from subsampled image

A method includes receiving statistical image data for a set of image data. The statistical image data includes composite intensity metrics for each of a plurality of color channels for each of a plurality of cells of a subsampling grid.
Motorola Mobility Llc

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