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One-time programmable integrated circuit security

Device and method for performing timing analysis

System and method for asynchronous event reporting

Date/App# patent app List of recent Sampling-related patents
 Systems and methods for improving server and client performance in fingerprint acr systems patent thumbnailSystems and methods for improving server and client performance in fingerprint acr systems
A system and method are disclosed that improve the efficiency and performance of an automatic content recognition (acr) system. Several approaches are described that may be used alone or in combination to reduce total system computational costs related to the manner in which such an acr means takes samples, called “fingerprints,” of digital content being played by a television display device and transmits said fingerprints to a remote server to be compared to a database of fingerprints from known programming.
 One-time programmable integrated circuit security patent thumbnailOne-time programmable integrated circuit security
One-time programmable integrated circuit security is described. An example of a method of protecting memory assets in an integrated circuit includes sampling values of multiple otp memory arrays and comparing the sampled value of each otp memory array with the sampled value of each other otp memory array and with an unprogrammed otp memory array value.
 Device and method for performing timing analysis patent thumbnailDevice and method for performing timing analysis
A device for performing timing analysis used in a programmable logic array system is provided. The device comprises first and second basic i/o terminals, a channel multiplexer, high-speed i/o terminals, a sampling module and a timing analysis module.
 System and method for asynchronous event reporting patent thumbnailSystem and method for asynchronous event reporting
Systems and methods for event reporting are provided. In a method for event reporting in a system that includes an event source and a plurality of event consumers, notifications from the event source are received at an event reporter.
 Mesh delivery system patent thumbnailMesh delivery system
A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a destination controller.
 Systems and methods for inverted beamforming patent thumbnailSystems and methods for inverted beamforming
Systems and methods for time-delay inverted beamforming are provided. One method includes sampling, substantially uniformly in time, a set of continuous-time element signals to form a set of sampled element signals and mapping, for each sampled element signal, one or more samples substantially equally spaced in time to one or more samples non-equally spaced in time corresponding to the respective contribution of each element signal to a continuous-time beamsum signal.
 Systems and methods for gathering information about discrete wireless terminals patent thumbnailSystems and methods for gathering information about discrete wireless terminals
The present invention is broadly directed to systems and methods for gathering information about wireless transceiver devices in a defined boundary region. To this end, the disclosure is more particularly directed to gathering movement information (e.g., via detection and location) about two-way end-user wireless terminals within three-dimensional boundaries of defined local space (“dls”) to allow for selective control of the terminals and other subsystems, as desired.
 Mobile phone to appliance communication via audio sampling patent thumbnailMobile phone to appliance communication via audio sampling
The present subject matter relates to systems and methodologies for communicating between an appliance and a mobile device using audio signaling. An appliance is provided with an audio generating device controlled by a processor to cause the audio device to produce encoded sounds.
 Procedure and automatic apparatus for in vitro blood coagulation diagnostic tests patent thumbnailProcedure and automatic apparatus for in vitro blood coagulation diagnostic tests
Apparatus and processes for automated diagnostic testing may include cuvette dispensing, test sample dispensing, reagent dispensing, incubation, photo-optical measuring, and a control in operative communication with the cuvette dispensing unit, the test sample dispenser, the reagent dispenser, the incubation unit, and the measuring unit. A cuvette removal location, a reagent removal location, a measuring location, and a collection receptacle may be situated along a first common circular arc having first geometric center.
 Method and apparatus for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing
Disclosed is a method for wideband spectrum sensing using compressive sensing, the method including: acquiring a sampling signal by applying a modulated wideband converter (mwc) to a received signal; and acquiring a restoration signal corresponding to the received signal by using a compressive sensing restoration algorithm from the sampling signal, and a mixing signal multiplied by the received signal at the time of applying the mwc, as a signal transformed from a first mixing signal having a periodic waveform, includes a second mixing signal to remove a partial frequency area from the received signal through the application of the mwc.. .
Dynamically determining packet sampling rates
For dynamically determining packet sampling rates, a method including setting a packet sampling rate for one or more switch ports, collecting for an interval of time a plurality of statistics for the one or more switch ports, and adjusting the packet sampling rate in response to one or more of the plurality of statistics.. .
Magnetic disk device and method of controlling magnetic heads
According to one embodiment, a magnetic disk device includes: magnetic heads; a magnetic disk in which servo patterns having different write frequencies from one another are divided and recorded into a plurality of zones; and a head controller configured such that, when performing seek control of the magnetic heads based on a model position and a model velocity obtained from a model which simulates the magnetic heads, the head controller corrects the model position and the model velocity, at the time of switching of the zones, so as to reflect variation of sampling time resulting from gaps between the zones.. .
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
A digital image acquisition system having no photographic film, such as a digital camera, has a flash unit for providing illumination during image capture and a red-eye filter for detecting a region within a captured image indicative of a red-eye phenomenon, the detection being based upon a comparison of the captured image and a reference image of nominally the same scene taken without flash. In the embodiment the reference image is a preview image of lower pixel resolution than the captured image, the filter matching the pixel resolutions of the captured and reference images by up-sampling the preview image and/or sub-sampling the captured image.
System and method for estimating the position and orientation of an object using optical beacons
A system and method for determining the position and orientation of an object within an environment using optical beacons placed at known locations within the environment. The optical beacons are received by an imaging device mounted on the object to be positioned, the system derives the position and orientation of the object from data associated with the pixel locations of the beacons within images, the identity of the beacons within images, and the positions of the beacons within the environment.
Multi-dimensional multi-finger search using oversampling hill climbing and descent with range
A method for detecting and tracking multiple fingers in a two dimensional set of results using oversampling hill climbing and descent with range.. .
Device and method for touch detection on a display panel
Discussed herein is an information processing apparatus that detects a touch input at a touch panel disposed on or formed integrally with a display panel, performs sampling of the detected touch position and utilizes a predictive filter to estimate the coordinates of the touch position. The apparatus comprises a controller that actuates the predictive filter based on the application being executed and updates the display panel with the estimated coordinates when a predetermined condition is satisfied..
Systems and methods for providing a pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Systems comprising: a first mdac stage comprising: a sub-adc that outputs a value based on an input signal; at least two reference capacitors that are charged to a vref; at least two sampling capacitors that are charged to a vin; and a plurality of switches that couple the at least two reference capacitors so that they are charged during a sampling phase, that couple the at least two sampling capacitors so that they are charged during the sampling phase, that couple at least one of the reference capacitors so that it is parallel to one of the at least two sampling capacitors during a hold phase, and that couple the other of the at least two sampling capacitors so that it couples the at least one of the reference capacitors and the one of the at least two sampling capacitors to a reference capacitor of a second mdac stage.. .
High throughput pulse height analyzer
A method and system for acquiring spectral information from an energy sensitive nuclear detector is disclosed. The method includes detecting nuclear radiation at a detection device and generating an electronic input pulse indicative of energy deposited in the detection device.
Precious metal authentication system and method
Structures, systems, and methods verify the authenticity of a precious metal unit. A “ping bar” is designed to have a distinctive sound only if authentic and unadulterated.
Cascade impactor
The invention relates to low flow rate cascade impactors for sampling aerosols, notably but not limited to pharmaceutical aerosols. The impactor stages serve as both orifice plate and collecting cup, simplifying collection and analysis.
Content-based control system
Generally this disclosure describes a method for controlling the operation of a system based on a determination of content that is airing on a channel. A method may include transmitting at least one message including instructions to sample content from a channel, receiving a message indicating that certain content on the channel is complete, and activating a notification indicating that the certain content on the channel is complete.
Buffer pool extension for database server
Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to a buffer pool for a database system. In aspects, secondary memory such as solid state storage is used to extend the buffer pool of a database system.
Data sampling alignment method for memory inferface
The present disclosure relates to an interface comprising a memory controller and a memory unit coupled to the memory controller and configured to communicate with the memory controller through a first signal and a second signal. The interface further comprises a determination unit comprising judgment logic configured to send a control signal configured to align the first signal with the second signal.
Efficient activity classification from motion inputs
A device worn by a human performing a method using accelerometer data to classify human activities is disclosed. The method uses memory and computation efficiently.
Sampling transactions from multi-level log file records
A log file contains operation records, each operation record is of a certain type, and each operation record is associated with a transaction. A plurality of operation records is read from the log file into a record store.
Method and system for transmitting audio signal
A method and a system for transmitting an audio signal are provided. The system includes a transmission device and a receiving device communicating with the transmission device via a network.
Smart data sampling and data reconstruction
A computer-based method for characterizing data dependent on at least one variable is described. The method comprises sampling the data in a smart manner by sampling the data in a finite sequence of sampling points, the finite sequence of sampling points being controlled by a magnifying factor for controlling a spacing between elements of the finite sequence of sampling points and being determined such that function values of functions of a family of functions in said finite sequence of sampling points satisfy a recurrence relation.
Synchronizing data from irregularly sampled sensors
A system and method include receiving a set of sampled measurements for each of multiple sensors, wherein the sampled measurements are at irregular intervals or different rates, re-sampling the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors at a higher rate than one of the sensor's set of sampled measurements, and synchronizing the sampled measurements of each of the multiple sensors.. .
Chip performance monitoring system and method
Disclosed are a chip performance monitoring system, method and a computer program product, wherein a performance monitor output signal is propagated through an adjacent scan chain to avoid signal degradation incident to across-chip transmission of high frequency signals. Since the clock signal frequency used to control signal propagation through the scan chain will typically be less than twice the performance monitor output signal frequency, frequency sub-sampling with aliasing occurs.
Novel digital signal processing method for measurement of ac voltage with power converters at light load operation
An observation is made that the peak voltage value for a rectified ac voltage signal is substantially the same from cycle to cycle. Using this observation, a method of measuring an ac voltage is used to determine a more accurate rms voltage value under light load conditions.
Syringe enabled for aspirating blood into a sampling site in a closed manner and method
An in-line sampling syringe for selectively introducing and aspirating a fluid from a downstream fluid conduit connected to a catheterized patient. The syringe includes a housing with a distal component defining a distal chamber having a proximal opening and a distal outlet port to be coupled to a downstream fluid conduit; and a pair of proximal wall components assembled together in an airtight manner defining a proximal chamber having a proximal opening for coupling to an external source of fluid and a distal opening that is coupled to the proximal opening of the distal component.
Active chemically-sensitive sensors with correlated double sampling
Methods and apparatus relating to fet arrays for monitoring chemical and/or biological reactions such as nucleic acid sequencing-by-synthesis reactions. Some methods provided herein relate to improving signal (and also signal to noise ratio) from released hydrogen ions during nucleic acid sequencing reactions..
Superheterodyne receiver
The invention relates to a superheterodyne receiver, comprising: a sampling mixer being configured to sample an analog radio frequency signal using a certain sampling rate (fs) to obtain a discrete-time sampled signal, and to shift the discrete-time sampled signal towards a first intermediate frequency (. .
Method and apparatus for localization of an acoustic source and acoustic beamforming
Embodiments include a method and an apparatus for the localization of at least one source of an acoustic signal including: temporally sampling the acoustic signal with a plurality of microphones to obtain a (d+1)-dimensional space-time matrix representation of the acoustic signal, wherein d is the number of spatial dimensions, applying a (d+1)-dimensional fourier transform to the matrix representation, determining a first peak in a spectrum obtained based on the application of the fourier transform, and calculating the direction of arrival of the acoustic signal at at least one of the plurality of microphones based on the determined first peak.. .
Method and apparatus for improved sampling resolution in x-ray imaging systems
The present invention pertains to an apparatus and method for x-ray imaging wherein a radiation source comprising rows of discrete emissive locations can be positioned such that these rows are angularly offset relative to rows of sensing elements on a radiation sensor. A processor can process and allocate responses of the sensing elements in appropriate memory locations given the angular offset between source and sensor.
Receiver with dual clock recovery circuits
A receiver derives the desired data sampling clock phase by averaging the phase information of transitions before and after a data eye. The average of the phase information reduces data clock phase error due to variations in the phases of transitions in received data signals depending on the polarity and positions of the transitions..
Demodulator for frequency-shift keyed signals by using the goertzel algorithm
With the sampling frequency fs and the specified frequency fg. To reduce the mathematical complexity in feed-power-limited devices, it is proposed that the sampling frequency fs is an integral multiple of the frequency fg of a specified discrete spectral component..
Method and apparatus for reporting downlink channel state
A method of reporting a channel state to a base station supporting downlink multiple input multiple output in a wireless communication system includes measuring a downlink channel based on a downlink signal received from the base station, and reporting a codebook index for precoding of the downlink signal according to the measurement of the downlink channel. The codebook for precoding includes an improved codebook (hereinafter, referred to as an improved 4tx codebook) having a dual structure composed of a codebook for wideband and a codebook for subband, for 4 transmit (4tx) antenna ports, and the improved 4tx codebook includes sub-codebooks obtained by sub-sampling the codebook for subband according to priority..
Method and apparatus for encoding an image into a video bitstream and decoding corresponding video bitstream using enhanced inter layer residual prediction
A method for encoding an image of pixels and for decoding a corresponding bit stream is described. More particularly, it concerns residual prediction according to a spatial scalable encoding scheme.
Method and apparatus for eliminating the effects of frequency offsets in a digital communication system
The present invention aims at eliminating the effects of frequency offsets between two transceivers by adjusting frequencies used during transmission. In this invention, methods for correcting the carrier frequency and the sampling frequency during transmission are provided, including both digital and analog implementations of such methods.
Control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers
A control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers is disclosed for providing start-up and shut-down protection. The control circuit for switching power converters with synchronous rectifiers includes a means for blocking the driving signals to the synchronous rectifiers, a voltage sampling circuit, a reference voltage, and a comparator.
Three-dimensional image sensing device and method of sensing three-dimensional images
A three-dimensional image sensing device includes a light source, a sensing module, and a signal processing module. The sensing module includes a pixel array, a control unit, and a light source driver.
Semiconductor device compensating for internal skew and operating method thereof
Provided is a semiconductor device for compensating for an internal skew without training with an external device. The semiconductor device includes a signal generating unit configured to generate and output a reference signal, a first receiving unit configured to receive the reference signal and output a first output signal, a second receiving unit configured to receive the reference signal and output a second output signal, a delay unit configured to delay the first output signal by a certain time and output a delayed signal, a sampling unit configured to sample the second output signal based on the delayed signal and output sampling data, and a skew controlling unit configured to control the delaying unit based on the sampling data..
Handheld medical device simultaneous charging and in vivo analyte sampling systems and methods
A handheld medical device that simultaneously charges its re-chargeable battery and measures one or more characteristics of a bodily fluid is taught. The handheld medical device includes a re-chargeable battery, a wireless power receiver, a battery charging module, and a measurement module.
Reduced pressure liquid sampling
Processing a liquid sample (204) having an analyte (206) by reducing a pressure in a container (200) including the liquid sample to less than atmospheric pressure and maintaining a reduced pressure in the container. Reducing the pressure in the container (200) and optionally agitating the liquid sample increases an amount of vapor-phase analyte (206) above the liquid sample.
Domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand and sampling valve for such a system
The present invention relates to a domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for a washstand (8) with wall-mountable angle valves (16, 18) for cold and hot water and a washstand fitting (10) which is coupled in flow communication with the associated angle valves (16, 18) via pipe or tubing sections (12, 14). The present invention wants to indicate a domestic-water supply and withdrawal system for improving the possibility of taking samples.
Memory leak detection
In accordance with aspects of the disclosure, systems and methods are provided for monitoring one or more classes for detecting suspected memory leaks in a production environment. The systems and methods may include identifying which of the one or more classes hold at least one static or non-static field of collection or array type, accessing the one or more classes that hold the at least one static or non-static fields of collection or array type, and tracking a size for each field of each class by periodically sampling the size of each field over an interval, processing the size data for each field of each class, and detecting suspected memory leaks of each class by identifying which of the one or more fields of each class exhibits suspect behavior in the size over the interval..
Data bus synchronizer
A data bus synchronizer includes a plurality of registers arranged in a cascade, configured to generate a synchronized output in response to sampling an asynchronous bus without an enable signal, where the plurality of registers receive a value on the asynchronous bus. A last register of the plurality of registers is configured to generate the synchronized output in response to a load enable signal.
Single wire serial interface master module and method thereof for sampling data information
The present invention discloses a single wire serial interface (ssi) master module, including: a sample delay controlling unit, configured to send a delay instruction; the state machine unit, configured to wait, according to the delay instruction, for a delay period starting from a moment when an ssi master module completes sending the last bit of address information in a read operation frame, and then send a sample control signal to a selector unit; the selector unit, configured to enable a transmission channel with a sampling unit after receiving the sample control signal; and the sampling unit, configured to sample data information from an ssi slave module. In the present invention, the state machine unit delays sending the sample control signal, and the sampling unit is controlled to delay sampling the data information, which avoids a data reception error caused by slow discharging of an io pad..
Sampling transactions from multi-level log file records
A log file contains operation records, each operation record is of a certain type, and each operation record is associated with a transaction. A plurality of operation records is read from the log file into a record store.
Power meter
There is provided a power meter including a detection unit detecting current consumed in a load terminal and voltage supplied from a power supply terminal to output analog data; and a metering integrated circuit (ic) including an analog-to-digital converter (adc) converting the analog data into digital data, a processor unit sampling the digital data for a predetermined sampling period, a memory unit storing the sampled digital data output from the processor unit, and a communications module transmitting the sampled digital data stored in the memory unit to an external device.. .
Thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection
The disclosure provides a thermotherapy needling instrument with tissue injection, including: a casing, an outer needle, an inner needle and a working needle. The casing has an inlet, an outlet and an inner channel.
Testing of transmitters for communication links by software simulation of reference channel and/or reference receiver
A transmitter for a communications link is tested by using a (software) simulation of a reference channel and/or a reference receiver to test the transmitter. In one embodiment for optical fiber communications links, a data test pattern is applied to the transmitter under test and the resulting optical output is captured, for example by a sampling oscilloscope.
Volume control method and system
In a volume control method applied to an audio processing system, firstly, a digital audio stream including a plurality of digital audio packets is received from a transmitter. It is determined whether an excitation signal is detected.
Digital fractional frequency divider
A digital fractional frequency divider for fractionally dividing a digital frequency signal can include a plurality of clock division counter modules, a plurality of sampling modules, and a summing module. The plurality of clock division counter modules can each receive an input clock signal that is phase-shifted from a remaining plurality of input clock signals.
Single-bit direct modulation transmitter
Single-bit transmitter modulator having a digital pulse shaping filter configured to shape data pulses of an inphase signal and quadrature signal; an upsampling filter configured to increase the sample rate of the inphase signal and quadrature signal; a sigma-delta modulator providing a one-bit inphase output signal and a one-bit quadrature output signal; an inphase low-order analog low pass filter coupling the one-bit inphase output signal to an inphase channel input of a quadrature modulator, and a quadrature low-order analog low pass filter coupling the one-bit quadrature output signal to a quadrature channel input of a quadrature modulator; and, wherein the quadrature modulator is connected to a carrier signal generator and is configured to generate an inphase and quadrature modulated carrier.. .
Device and method for scalable and multiview/3d coding of video information
An apparatus configured to code (e.g., encode or decode) video information includes a memory unit and a processor in communication with the memory unit. The memory unit is configured to store video information associated with a base layer and an enhancement layer.
Serdes data sampling gear shifter
A serdes data sampling controller that includes a gear shifting data sampling clock that zeroes the data sampling skew at the center of the unit interval during the cdr phase lock stage, and then skews the data sample timing away from the center of the unit interval as the dfe coefficients adapt during the data transfer stage. This allows the controller to implement the best (unskewed) data sample timing during the cdr phase locking stage, and then skew the data sample timing after the dfe coefficients have adapted to provide the best (skewed) data sample timing for data bit sampling during the data transfer stage.
Automatic low noise sampling of image and timing signals and signal delay compensation
A system is provided that measures the delay time of a first timing signal transmitted from a control unit to an imager and back to a phase detector. The phase detector also receives a second timing signal that is used as a reference to measure against the received/delayed first timing signal.
Generating random sampling distributions using stochastic rasterization
Stochastic rasterization may be used as a flexible volumetric sampling mechanism. By bounding and tessellating the sampling domain, uniform sampling distributions over an arbitrary domain can be efficiently generated in up to five dimensions.
Display device and method of driving the same
A method of driving a display device includes: sub-sampling an original image signal; generating a sub-image signal; generating a sub-interpolated image signal from the sub-image signal; generating an interpolated frame by realigning the sub-interpolated image signal; and displaying an image having the interpolated frame.. .
Digitizer, stylus and method of synchronization therewith
A method for operating a digitizer with an autonomous asynchronous stylus includes sampling outputs from a digitizer, detecting from the outputs at least one pulsed signal transmitted from an autonomous asynchronous stylus at a defined rate, determining a location of the stylus interaction with respect to the digitizer, and tracking stylus interaction with the digitizer over subsequent pulsed signals transmitted from the stylus.. .
Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter with multiple capacitive sampling circuits and method
A circuit includes a comparator including a first input, a second input, and an output. The circuit further includes a plurality of capacitive sampling circuits configured to be selectively coupled to the first and second inputs.
Integration of signal sampling within transistor amplifier stage
Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to integration of signal sampling within a transistor amplifier stage. An embodiment of an apparatus includes a amplifier stage including a transistor to receive a source signal and produce an output signal, wherein the transistor includes multiple fingers for at least a first electrode of the transistor.
Energy-efficient time-stampless adaptive nonuniform sampling
Described herein is a sampling system and related sampling scheme. The system and sampling scheme is based upon a framework for adaptive non-uniform sampling schemes.
Method of signal identification by using ring oscillator based clock and related apparatus thereof
A method of signal identification, including: receiving a signal; utilizing a clock generated by a ring oscillator to sample the signal continuously to generate a plurality of sampled signals; counting each sampled signal length corresponding to successive sampled signals each having an identical value; and identifying a content of the signal according to a plurality of sampled signal lengths. A signal identification apparatus, including: a receiving circuit, arranged for receiving a signal; a ring oscillator, arranged for generating a clock; a sampling circuit, arranged for sampling the signal continuously to generate a plurality of sampled signal; a counter, arranged for counting each sampled signal length corresponding to successive sampled signals each having an identical value; and a determining unit, arranged for identifying a content of the signal according to a plurality of sampled signal lengths..
Magnetic field sensor linearization architecture and method
A method of processing an output signal and a readout circuit for a magnetic field sensor are disclosed. The purpose of the readout circuit is to generate a digital representation of the magnetic field vector strength.

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