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Method and apparatus for creating and sharing multiple perspective images

Hyperspectral image dimension reduction system and method

Lossless hyperspectral imaging

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rspec-related patents
 Business and professional network system and method for identifying prospective clients that are unlikely to pay for professional services patent thumbnailBusiness and professional network system and method for identifying prospective clients that are unlikely to pay for professional services
A business network system identifies prospective clients having delinquent accounts open with subscribers, including businesses or professionals, of the network system. The business network system associated with software provides entry of subscriber information within a subscriber database storing subscriber registration and client information and networking subscriber information.
 Method and apparatus for creating and sharing multiple perspective images patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for creating and sharing multiple perspective images
The present disclosure provides for a recording device for creating an enhanced personalized image product. The recording device can include a display unit having a graphical user interface.
 Hyperspectral image dimension reduction system and method patent thumbnailHyperspectral image dimension reduction system and method
Provided is a method of hyperspectral image dimension reduction. The method includes receiving a hyperspectral image having a plurality of pixels.
 Lossless hyperspectral imaging patent thumbnailLossless hyperspectral imaging
Techniques for hyperspectral imaging using a spatial light modulator having a plurality of pixels, including encoding electromagnetic radiation incident a first pixel at a first location and a second pixel at a second location into a first modulated signal having a first modulation frequency and a second modulated signal having a second modulation frequency, the first modulation frequency being different than the second modulation frequency. A sum of intensities of at least the first modulated signal and the second modulated signal is measured at a plurality of optical frequencies and a transform is applied to the sum to obtain an intensity of electromagnetic radiation incident each of the first location and the second location for each of the plurality of optical frequencies..
 Adjusting perspective distortion of an image patent thumbnailAdjusting perspective distortion of an image
The present disclosure concerns a method and system to accurately remove a three-dimensional distortion in an image of a document and convert the image into an accurate two dimensional image. A method for accurately deducing an image of a document to a precise document boundary is also disclosed.
 Apparatus and method for four dimensional soft tissue navigation in endoscopic applications patent thumbnailApparatus and method for four dimensional soft tissue navigation in endoscopic applications
A surgical instrument navigation system is provided that visually simulates a virtual volumetric scene of a body cavity of a patient from a point of view of a surgical instrument residing in the cavity of the patient. The surgical instrument navigation system includes: a surgical instrument; an imaging device which is operable to capture scan data representative of an internal region of interest within a given patient; a tracking subsystem that employs electro-magnetic sensing to capture in real-time position data indicative of the position of the surgical instrument; a data processor which is operable to render a volumetric, perspective image of the internal region of interest from a point of view of the surgical instrument; and a display which is operable to display the volumetric perspective image of the patient..
 Concealed dangerous articles detection method and device patent thumbnailConcealed dangerous articles detection method and device
A method and an apparatus for detecting hidden hazardous substance including the steps of: performing terahertz imaging for a detected object; judging whether there is a suspicious area containing the hidden hazardous substance in a terahertz image of the detected object obtained by the terahertz imaging; performing a multi-wavelength spectroscopy measurement to the suspicious area, determining whether the hazardous substance is contained in the suspicious area according to results of multi-wavelength spectroscopy measurement; and outputting the image of the detected object and hazardous substance detecting result. Also disclosed is an apparatus for implementing the method for detecting the hidden hazardous substance according to the present invention.
 System and method for detecting target materials using a vis-nir detector patent thumbnailSystem and method for detecting target materials using a vis-nir detector
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for determining the presence of a target material in a sample. In general terms, the system and method disclosed herein provide collecting interacted photons from a sample having a target material.
 User interface (ui) creation support system, ui creation support method, and program patent thumbnailUser interface (ui) creation support system, ui creation support method, and program
Considering a different perspective from an operability, in order to provide a technology which performs support of creating a user interface (ui) screen suitable for each hypothetical user, a ui creation support system that performs support of creating the ui screen for respective users, a ui creation support system (1) is provided which includes an acquisition unit (10) which acquires an effect degree information indicating the degree of effect when processing through the ui screen is erroneously performed, and a ui configuration determination unit (20) which determines a configuration of the ui screen for the respective users based on the degree of the influence specified by the effect degree information.. .
 Distributing relevant information to users of an enterprise network patent thumbnailDistributing relevant information to users of an enterprise network
Various implementations are directed to systems, apparatus, computer-implemented methods and storage media for identifying a target set of users of an enterprise network to which to distribute a communication of enterprise-related information. For example, when a communication system receives a request to distribute a communication, the communication system analyzes the communication to identify a set of enterprise users that are predicted to find the information in the communication relevant, and especially, relevant from the enterprise's perspective.
Determining the progress of adoption and alignment of information technology capabilities and on-demand capabilities by an organization
A method and system for determining the progress of adoption of an on-demand capabilities model by an organization. A graph displays parameters pertaining to a current state, a modelled state, and a target state for the organization.
Camera aided motion direction and speed estimation
Methods and devices for camera aided motion direction and speed estimation are disclosed. The method of determining position characteristics of a mobile device comprises capturing a plurality of images that represent views from the mobile device, adjusting perspectives of the plurality of images based at least in part on an orientation of the mobile device, determining a misalignment angle with respect to a direction of motion of the mobile device using the plurality of images, and storing the misalignment angle and the direction of motion in a storage device..
Methods and systems for full-color three-dimensional image display
Methods and systems for displaying full-color three-dimensional imagery are provided. A first color set, having a first color spectrum, is defined to include a first set of leds.
3d-rendering method and device for logical window
A 3d-rendering method for a logical window is provided, including: drawing a 2d image of a target logical window; projecting the 2d image into a preset 3d coordinate space with aspect ratio of the 2d image being maintained, to obtain a 3d model of the target logical window; performing, in the preset 3d coordinate space, a 3d transformation on the 3d model of the target logical window; acquiring a correcting coordinate value and a correcting ratio value of the 3d model; and perspectively projecting the 3d model after the 3d transformation in the preset 3d coordinate space into a target projection plane. A 3d-rendering device is further provided..
Facilitating electronic commercial transactions in an augmented reality environment
Techniques are disclosed for facilitating electronic commerce in an augmented reality environment. In some embodiments, a method comprises detecting, by a mobile device, presence of the physical product or the real life service; and presenting, on the mobile device, information to conduct the transaction of a physical product or a real life service via the augmented reality environment.
Interaction management
A company/organization is enabled to optimize sessions from an agent's perspective across multiple channels. Actions may be performed, such as monitoring the journey of a user across a self service application, raising alerts to the agent based on the journey, selecting an appropriate agent to whom a session may be routed, raising alerts for a supervisor, enabling the supervisor to track sessions and intervene if required, enable the agent to run commands from an interaction window, push links to launch applications to supplement the primary interaction through appropriate mechanisms, show appropriate responses to the agent on analyzing the session, and providing shortcut keys for the agent to allow the agent to insert appropriate responses into a chat session.
Method and apparatus for stereoscopic imaging
A device is disclosed that utilizes color or polarization to generate two separate images of the same object taken from the two perspectives that correspond to the left and right eyes of an observer. The two separate images are captured through a single camera objective (e.g., a single shutter camera), resulting in a single image with 3d information encoded in the color or polarization.
Zebra lights
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for rendering zebra stripes on a three dimensional (3d) object. In one aspect, a method includes rendering an image of an object from the perspective of a camera for each pixel of a plurality of pixels of the image, a point on the surface of the object corresponding to the pixel is determined.
Image processing device, image processing method, and program
Provided is an image processing device including a left perspective image input unit configured to input a left perspective image that is an image signal for a left eye to be applied to three-dimensional image display, a right perspective image input unit configured to input a right perspective image that is an image signal for a right eye to be applied to three-dimensional image display, a parallax estimation unit configured to generate parallax information from the left and right perspective images, a reliability computation unit configured to compute a reliability of the parallax information generated by the parallax estimation unit, and a virtual perspective image generation unit configured to generate a virtual perspective image including an image of a perspective other than perspectives of the input left and right perspective images by receiving inputs of the left perspective image, the right perspective image, the parallax information, and the reliability.. .
Method of and system for displaying a list of items on an electronic device
A method of displaying a list of items on an electronic device is provided, the method comprising the steps of retrieving a plurality of items to be displayed to a user, displaying the plurality of items as a list on a display screen of the electronic device, wherein the list is displayed in a perspective view with items closer to a first edge of the display screen being shown in the foreground and being comparatively larger than items closer to a second, opposite edge of the display screen which are shown in a background, and tilting at least one of the items in the list which is displayed closer to the second edge, towards a vertical orientation by a first angle relative to the perspective view of the list. In this embodiment, a portion of the list being displayed on the display screen may define the first edge corresponding to the edge of the display screen closest to the user, with the second edge corresponding to the edge of the display screen furthest from the user..
Unified messaging proxy, a system and a method thereof
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a unified messaging proxy and a method thereof. The unified messaging proxy advantageously enables a user to be communicatively coupled with the same account on a messaging platform using multiple end user devices at the same time, allowing the user to read messages on a first end user device and send messages from a second end user device.
Social networking-based profiling
In one example, a computer-readable medium stores computer-executable instructions that cause one or more processors to aggregate at least a subset of a listing of current employees into at least one of plural categories, scan online activity for one or more of the current employees to an online service to detect instances of predetermined indicia, and collect the detected instances of the predetermined indicia into a profile for a perspective employee.. .
Image classification for adjustment
Image classification techniques are described for adjustment of an image. In one or more implementations, an image is classified by one or more computing device based on suitability of the image for adjustment to correct perspective distortion of the image.
Stereo panoramic images
In one embodiment, range data is combined with an image in order to create a stereo image from the single collected image. An apparatus receives image data associated with a geographic location and range data associated with the geographic location.
Methods for assessing potentially compromising situations of a utility company
Methods are provided for assessing potentially compromising situations of a utility company. One or more source displays of a site are accessed.
Real-time display of electronic device design changes between schematic and/or physical representation and simplified physical representation of design
A logical design component permits an electronic device design to be modified from a logical perspective on a schematic of the device showing device components in logical form, and displays a logical window of the schematic. A physical design component permits the design to be modified from a circuit board perspective on a circuit board representation of the device the showing the components in physical form, and displays a physical window of the circuit board representation.
System and method for enabling users to interact in a virtual space
The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system. In a preferred embodiment a plurality of users interact in the three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space where each user executes a client process to view a virtual world from the perspective of that user.
Radio controlled aircraft, remote controller and methods for use therewith
A radio controlled (rc) vehicle includes a receiver that is coupled to receive an rf signal from a remote control device, the rf signal containing command data in accordance with a first coordinate system, wherein the first coordinate system is from a perspective of the remote control device. A motion sensing module generates motion data based on the motion of the rc vehicle.
Augmented reality for oilfield
A method for augmenting an immediate user task includes obtaining role information identifying a role of a user within an oilfield company. The user is performing oilfield operations in a field.
Dynamically selecting and ordering facets and facet values in a user interface based on user preference
A method, system and computer program product for dynamically selecting and ordering facets and/or facet values in a user interface. A user's “preference” concerning the selection and ordering of facets and/or facet values that the user desires to be displayed in the user interface is determined.
Dynamically selecting and ordering facets and facet values in a user interface based on user preference
A method, system and computer program product for dynamically selecting and ordering facets and/or facet values in a user interface. A user's “preference” concerning the selection and ordering of facets and/or facet values that the user desires to be displayed in the user interface is determined.
Information management device, information management program, and information management method
By determining whether or not sensing data provided from an information provision device is appropriate with respect to the specifications previously determined for the sensing data and thus preventing the breach of a contract concerning a provision of the sensing data and the breach of a contract concerning use of the sensing data, reliability of the sensing data from the perspective of a user who uses the sensing data can be improved. An information management device (1) stores, in a provider contract db (13), specifications of information (sensing data) provided from the information provision device (2) connected in a communicable manner through a network (5).
Interspecies language with enabling technology and training protocols
The interspecies language (isl) is a method for communicating that includes a visual language, a tonal language, a training protocol that integrates them, and an enabling apparatus. The isl visual language communicates through a display that creates a “picture” of a sentence on a touchscreen.
Efficient external charger for charging a plurality of implantable medical devices
An external charger for a battery in an implantable medical device (implant), and technique for charging batteries in multiple implants using such improved external charger, is disclosed. During charging, values for a parameter measured in the implants are reported from the implants to the external charger.
Systems and methods for differentiating between dominant and weak eyes in 3d display technology
A method of displaying visual information to different viewer-eyes includes receiving eye strength data indicative of a deficiency of a weak viewer-eye with respect to a dominant viewer-eye. The method further includes causing a 3d-display system to display a first perspective of an image to the weak viewer-eye and causing the 3d-display system to display a second perspective of the image to the dominant viewer-eye.
Controller for interfacing with a computing program using position, orientation, or motion
A method for determining the position of a controller device, comprises: receiving dimensions of the display input by a user of the computer-based system; capturing successive images of the display at the controller device; determining a position of the controller device relative to the display based on the dimensions of the display and a perspective distortion of the display in the captured successive images of the display; providing the determined position of the controller to the computer-based system to interface with the interactive program to cause an action by the interactive program.. .
Methods and systems relating to privacy in location based mobile applications
Many consumer electronic devices today provide highly accurate geo-location information on the user of the electronic device. In many instances users are enticed by the benefits of the geo-location aspects of the service(s) or application(s) being offered to them without considering the drawbacks in terms of privacy etc.
Using a 3d display to train a weak eye
A method for treating a weak viewer-eye includes the steps of receiving eye-strength data indicative of an eye-strength of the weak viewer-eye and causing a 3d display system to vary, in accordance with the eye-strength of the weak viewer-eye, display characteristics of a perspective that the 3d display system displays.. .
Representation and coding of multi-view images using tapestry encoding
Representation and coding of multi-view images using tapestry encoding are described. A tapestry comprises information on a tapestry image and a world coordinates map associated with the tapestry image, each of which may contain information from one or more perspectives of a scene.
Method and apparatus for representing 3d thumbnails
A method and related system are disclosed for generating a rotatable thumbnail representation of a 3d model of an object stored in a cad file. Method steps include translating content of the cad file into a neutral graphics format, converting the translated file content into a succession of views of the object, each successive view presenting a different perspective of the object as it rotates about a common axis, converting the successive views to a sequence of thumbnail-sized images, associating the sequence with a single thumbnail representation of the cad file, and configuring the thumbnail representation to enable a user to preview the cad file on a graphical user interface by displaying the thumbnail-sized images according to the sequence to simulate rotation of the object about the common axis.
Method and apparatus for communication with emergency dispatch services
Emergency reporting is described in which user input is received in an emergency call that is used to classify the call. Based on the classification process, emergency calls are processed to give priority to certain calls.
Optimized orthonormal system and method for reducing dimensionality of hyperspectral images
A method for reducing dimensionality of hyperspectral images includes receiving a hyperspectral image having a plurality of pixels. The method may further include establishing an orthonormal basis vector set comprising a plurality of mutually orthogonal normalized members.
Projector and image display apparatus
A projector (1) which projects a guide image (pg). A first region above the center of the guide image (pg) shows a perspective view (d) representing the projector (1) and a supporting device (2) supporting the projector (1).
Method for acquiring images from arbitrary perspectives with uavs equipped with fixed imagers
A method for acquiring images of a photographic target from arbitrary perspectives with an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) equipped with at least one image acquisition device having a fixed acquisition direction with respect to the vehicle, said uav having automatic navigation means allowing to reach an arbitrary location and automatic attitude control means allowing to transiently reach an arbitrary orientation in space, said photographic target being outside the current field of view of the acquisition device while the uav flies along a predefined flying path, this method comprising: computing a target uav position and an orientation in space required to acquire a desired image from a set of parameters, navigating to said target uav position, modifying an attitude of the uav in order to modify the acquisition direction to point toward the photographic target, acquiring images, and starting a recovery phase by controlling the uav back to cruise attitude and navigate back along the predefined flying path.. .
Multi-person stereo display system
The multi-person stereo display system permits several independent viewers to see different stereo images on a single projection surface. This is accomplished through the innovative use of video multiplexing, software, control electronics, and special viewing glasses.
Method and apparatus for generating media content
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a storage medium including computer instructions to receive sensory information at a media device from a first mobile communication device where the first mobile communication device obtains at least a portion of the sensory information from at least one second mobile communication device in response to a broadcast by the first mobile communication device of a wireless signal representing a notice to obtain the sensory information, where the sensory information is associated with an environment of the first mobile communication device, and where the sensory information comprises images of the environment. The computer instructions can enable generating a plurality of personal content utilizing at least a portion of the sensory information, where each of the plurality of personal content includes some of the images captured at different perspectives.
Globally unique identifiers in an online content management system
Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for implementing globally unique identifiers (guids) in a multi-user network-based content management environment, from the perspective of a server creating a guid for a content item, and serving requests based on the guid. A content management system can identify a content item at a location within the data storage.
Fuel saving-aimed motor vehicle driving style evaluation
A driving style evaluation system (1) for a motor vehicle (2), configured to compute a driving style evaluation index (dsei) based on the following summary index: fuel economy index (fed, which is indicative of the driving style of the motor vehicle driver from the fuel saving perspective, and is computed based on pre-summary indices computed based on respective partial indices in turn computed based on a combination of physical quantities and wherein the pre-summary and partial indices are weighted by means of respective dynamic weighting coefficients.. .
Information processing apparatus and recording medium
There is provided an information processing apparatus including a perspective switching control unit configured to switch a perspective when playing back content acquired by a content acquisition unit to at least one of a first-person perspective and a third-person perspective, an editing unit configured to edit a part of the content, and a playback control unit configured to play back the content edited by the editing unit in the at least one of the first-person perspective and the third-person perspective to which the perspective has been switched by the perspective switching control unit.. .
Implant identification system and method
Objects implanted in a being are identified by acquiring a first internal medical image of the object from a first perspective; acquiring a second internal medical image of the object from a second perspective different than the first perspective; and receiving descriptive information about the object that is in addition to the first and second internal medical images. The object is identified based on the first internal medical image, the second internal medical image, and the descriptive information; one or more operational characteristics of the object are then determined and transmitted to a remote requestor that provided the first and second internal medical images..
Probabilistic identification of solid materials in hyperspectral imagery
Systems, methods and computer program products, for identification of materials based on hyperspectral imagery, are disclosed. An example system comprises one or more processors, a memory, a library of spectral signatures, a receiver, a model generator, and a material identifier.
Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
An image capturing apparatus includes an image capturing unit, a focal length detection unit, a shake detection unit, a translation correction amount calculation unit configured to calculate a correction amount of image blurring in a translation direction, a rotation correction amount calculation unit configured to calculate a correction amount of image blurring of the captured image in a rotation direction, a perspective correction amount calculation unit configured to calculate a correction amount for correcting a perspective component out of image deformations, an image stabilization unit configured to correct image blurring of the captured image, and a control unit configured to control to restrict correction of the image blurring in the rotational and perspective directions based on focal length information, and correct much more the image blurring in the translation direction.. .
Image processing method of transparent display apparatus and apparatus thereof
There are provided an image processing method. Perspective is calculated from an image, the image is divided into a plurality of objects in consideration of the perspective, and processing levels of the plurality of objects are assigned.
User generated virtual room-based user interface
In one embodiment, a technique is utilized to generate a virtual-room of a virtual room-based user interface that controls one or more devices within a physical room of a structure. A user is prompted to select one or more services provided by the one or more devices within the physical room.
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for generating a video stream of a mapped route
A method, apparatus and computer program product for generating a video stream of a mapped route, where the video stream provides a perspective of traveling from one location to another at a dynamic perceived speed and from a dynamic perceived viewing angle. Metadata associated with images may provide context to waypoints along a mapped route, such as identification of landmarks or points of interest.
Determining position of medical device in branched anatomical structure
Information extracted from sequential images captured from the perspective of a distal end of a medical device moving through an anatomical structure are compared with corresponding information extracted from a computer model of the anatomical structure. A most likely match between the information extracted from the sequential images and the corresponding information extracted from the computer model is then determined using probabilities associated with a set of potential matches so as to register the computer model of the anatomical structure to the medical device and thereby determine the lumen of the anatomical structure which the medical device is currently in.
Method for automatically classifying moving vehicles
The invention is directed to a method for classifying a moving vehicle. The object of the invention is to find a novel possibility for classifying vehicles moving in traffic which allows a reliable automatic classification based on two-dimensional image data.
Method for image correction and an electronic device embodying the same
One aspect provides a method for image correction. The method, in one embodiment, includes obtaining two or more simultaneously captured images of an object, wherein the two or more simultaneously captured images are of different perspectives of the object taken from an electronic device.
Time-shifting image service
Methods and systems may provide for obtaining a query image of a scene, wherein the query image includes embedded information and represents the scene at a time of capture. The embedded information may include location data and perspective data.
Coupling devices using multiple discovery zones
A system in which a discovering wireless device formulates a first discovery zone. In response to discovering a discoverable wireless device within the zone, the discovering wireless device establish a wireless communication channel with the discoverable wireless device using a powered wireless protocol, and communicates security data with the discoverable wireless device using the wireless communication channel.
System and method for customizing figurines with a subject's face
A system and method of making an at least partially customized figure emulating a subject is disclosed which involves obtaining at least two two-dimensional images of the face of the subject from different perspectives; and processing the images of the face with a computer processor to create a three dimensional model of the subject's face; scaling the three dimensional model and applying the three dimensional model to a predetermined template adapted to interfit with the head of a figure preform that comprises at least a head. The template is printed and installed on the head portion of the figure preform..
Scrolling 3d presentation of images
Particular embodiments receive a request to display images in a scrolling 3d presentation. Images are retrieved according to selection criteria.
Method to control perspective for a camera-controlled computer
Systems, methods and computer readable media are disclosed for controlling perspective of a camera-controlled computer. A capture device captures user gestures and sends corresponding data to a recognizer engine.
Modifying positions of on-canvas objects
Approaches are disclosed for maintaining spatial relationships (i.e., a layout) between a table object and other objects placed on a virtual canvas of an application work space. In certain implementations, offsets between the other objects and the table object are initially determined and are used to maintain the spatial relationships when the table object is resized.
Foot and footwear analysis configuration
One embodiment is directed to system for analyzing the feet of a subject, wherein the subject may position and orient his feet in a capture configuration relative to a 3-dimensional camera, and the 3-dimensional camera may be utilized to capture a plurality of images about the subject's feet from a plurality of perspectives. A point cloud may be created based upon the captured images, and extraction procedures may be conducted to create individual, or discrete, point clouds for each of the feet from the overall superset point cloud created using the 3-dimensional imaging device.
Computer-implemented system and method for analyzing machined part manufacturability and performing process planning
A web-based system and method uses a model of the manufacturing setup and knowledge of a designed part with arbitrary geometry to produce process plans in two successive stages. First, the part geometry is analyzed.
Long term evolution mobility network timer and retry management
Management of a network may be accomplished by adjusting timer settings and/or retry criteria. For example, communications and management from an end-to-end perspective of entities in a network may be conducted; timers and/or retry criteria may be adjusted dynamically based on network traffic load; timers and/or retry criteria may be adjusted dynamically based on overload conditions; feedback mechanisms may be implemented to allow downstream network elements to inform upstream network elements about the health status and/or load condition of the network; and/or differentiated timer and retry criteria/mechanisms may be implemented..
Method of perspective correction for devanagari text
An electronic device and method identify regions that are likely to be text in a natural image or video frame, followed by processing as follows: lines that are nearly vertical are automatically identified in a selected text region, oriented relative to the vertical axis within a predetermined range −max_theta to +max_theta, followed by determination of an angle θ of the identified lines, followed by use of the angle θ to perform perspective correction by warping the selected text region. After perspective correction in this manner, each text region is processed further, to recognize text therein, by performing ocr on each block among a sequence of blocks obtained by slicing the potential text region.
Maintaining distortion-free projection from a mobile device
A mobile device, such as a smart phone, is provided with a camera and a projector. A user may select a still image or a video sequence and project it onto a viewing surface using the mobile device.
Hyperspectral imager
A hyperspectral imager includes a sensor array and a filter array. The sensor array is an array of individually addressable sensor elements, each element responsive to radiant energy received thereon.
Sending three-dimensional images over a network
A benefit is obtained for sending digital information over a network. The digital information is representative of three-dimensional images which include photographic images.

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