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Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounds-related patents
 Method for generating multiple windows frames, electronic device thereof, and computer program product using the method patent thumbnailMethod for generating multiple windows frames, electronic device thereof, and computer program product using the method
A method for generating multiple windows frames, an electronic device thereof, and a computer program product using the method are provided. In the present method, first, a touch trajectory generated by continuously touching a touch panel of the electronic device is detected, wherein the center of the touch panel is a display area, and a non-display area surrounds the display area.
 Method and apparatus for document conversion patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for document conversion
Method and apparatus for converting a document from a fixed-layout format (e.g., microsoft office, adobe pdf) into a non-fixed layout format (e.g., html) portable to different platforms (e.g., desktop computers, tablet computer, smart phones) operating different operating systems (e.g., microsoft windows, apple os x) and different web browsers (e.g., microsoft internet explorer, apple safari, mozilla firefox). In one stream, fonts are identified, extracted, and processed to enhance compatibility with the portable format.
 Retaining cage to permit resheathing of a tavi aortic-first transapical system patent thumbnailRetaining cage to permit resheathing of a tavi aortic-first transapical system
A delivery device for an implantable medical device includes an inner shaft extending in a longitudinal direction and an outer shaft surrounding at least a longitudinal portion of the inner shaft. The outer shaft is slidable relative to the inner shaft in the longitudinal direction.
 Lancing device patent thumbnailLancing device
A lancing mechanism is adapted to move between a resting, cocking and a puncture position. The lancing mechanism comprises a lancet holder adapted to receive a lancet, a shaft attached to the lancet holder, at least one drive spring and at least one damping spring.
 Intraocular irrigator-aspirator tip component patent thumbnailIntraocular irrigator-aspirator tip component
An ophthalmic irrigator-aspirator has a handpiece with aspiration and irrigation openings through its distal end; and a narrow aspiration tip projecting distally. A flexible sleeve has an annular hub for watertight connection to the handpiece.
 Asa graft copolymer composition patent thumbnailAsa graft copolymer composition
Disclosed are an asa graft copolymer having a structure including a seed which comprises at least one compound of an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and an alkyl (meth)acrylate compound, a core which surrounds the seed and comprises alkyl acrylate, and a shell which surrounds the core, comprises an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyan compound and a crosslinking agent, and having suitably controlled thicknesses and refractive indexes of the respective layers, and an asa graft copolymer composition comprising the asa graft copolymer.. .
 Adjustable roof vent patent thumbnailAdjustable roof vent
A passive vent for venting a building enclosure having an opening in a roof portion, the vent being adjustable for mounting on roof portions of different slopes. The vent has a base pivotally attached to a vent structure with a pair of pivot joints.
 Connector with side power bay patent thumbnailConnector with side power bay
A receptacle connector, a plug connector and an electrical connector assembly, the receptacle connector comprises a housing, a cage, a separation unit, a plurality of receptacle terminals, and a plurality of receptacle power terminals. The housing comprises a first tongue plate and a second tongue plate which are arranged transversely at an interval.
 Distributed lighting assembly patent thumbnailDistributed lighting assembly
The lighting assembly (20) includes a light guide (22) formed of a resin material propagating light through internal reflection. A housing (28) surrounds the light guide (22) and maintains the light guide (22) in a predetermined position.
 Beverage brewer with flavor base removal patent thumbnailBeverage brewer with flavor base removal
Aspects of the present disclosure relate to the brewing of beverages from a liquid, such as water, and a flavor base, such as tea, cocoa, or coffee. Specifically, aspects of the present disclosure enable the brewing of beverages at a rapid rate by enabling removal of spent flavor base (e.g., coffee grounds) from a brewing chamber.
Supply system for an aircraft, use of a shielded supply line in an aircraft and an aircraft with a supply system
A supply system for supplying energy in an aircraft includes at least one electrical line including at least one core connectable to a pole of a current source, an electrically conductive shield, and a detection unit having at least two electrical inputs. The shield surrounds the at least one core under a distance and creates an intermediate space between the at least one core and the shield.
Broadband monopole antenna using anisotropic metamaterial coating
An antenna system is provided that includes an antenna having an elongated conducting segment, such as a metal rod. An anisotropic metamaterial surrounds the elongated conducting segment of the antenna.
Window assembly having a transparent layer and an outer region for an antenna element
A window assembly for a vehicle has a transparent layer including a metal compound such that the transparent layer as is electrically conductive. The transparent layer defines an area covering the window assembly.
Method and apparatus for controlling oil well drill site systems
A control system for a well site, the well site includes connectable elements configured for inserting down a well. An explosion hazard zone surrounds the well site.
Electrically conductive kelvin contacts for microcircuit tester
Terminals of a device under test are connected to corresponding contact pads or leads by a series of electrically conductive contacts. Each terminal testing connects with both a “force” contact and a “sense” contact.
High-pressure discharge lamp
A high-pressure discharge lamp may include a bulb, which surrounds a discharge volume, wherein a fill which contains mercury and a noble gas from the group consisting of neon, argon, krypton, xenon on its own or in a mixture is accommodated in the discharge volume, wherein the fill contains gd in halide form in order to produce a color temperature of at least 7500 k.. .
Bearing for a motor vehicle
A bearing for a motor vehicle has an inner part and an outer part which surrounds the inner part. An elastomer body connects the inner part and the outer part to one another by at least one spring leg which is provided substantially below the inner part in the direction of the weight force (g).
Light-emitting diode structure
A light-emitting diode structure is provided. The light-emitting diode structure comprises a substrate, a light-emitting diode device, a ring-shaped dam and an optical lens.
Solid-state light emitting devices with photoluminescence wavelength conversion
A solid-state light emitting device comprises a light transmissive thermally conductive circuit board; an array of solid-state light emitters (leds) mounted on, and electrically connected to, at least one face of the circuit board; and a photoluminescence wavelength conversion component. The wavelength conversion component comprises a mixture of particles of at least one photoluminescence material (phosphor) and particles of a light reflective material.
Lifesaver backpack
The lifesaver backpack includes an inflatable life raft folded into a pack. A plurality of straps is attached to the pack for securing the pack onto a user's back.
Sealant bottle for tyre repair of vehicle
The present invention relates to a tyre repair tool and further discloses a sealant bottle for tyre repair of vehicle. The sealant bottle comprises a bottle body for holding sealant and a sealant hose arranged within the bottle body.
Communications cables having electrically insulative but thermally conductive cable jackets
A communications cable includes a plurality of insulated conductors that are arranged as at least four twisted pairs of insulated conductors and a cable jacket that surrounds the at least four twisted pairs of insulated conductors, the cable jacket including an outer surface that defines the exterior surface of the communications cable. The cable jacket may be a thermally conductive cable jacket..
Gas blocking cable and method of manufacturing
A gas blocking cable includes cabled wires, where each wire includes cabled conductors having interstitial areas there between. An insulation material circumferentially surrounds the cabled conductors and a conductor filling material is positioned within the interstitial areas between conductors.
Casing brake assembly
The present invention relates to a casing brake assembly for applying a frictional force to a tubular or bag-shaped packaging casing being arranged on a filling tube of an apparatus for filling and closing said tubular or bag-shaped packaging casing, like a clipping machine, for limiting the movement of said tubular or bag-shaped packaging casing at least while being filled, the filling tube has a longitudinal axis. The casing brake assembly comprises at least one braking body which is reversibly movable between a release position, in which the braking body is at least partially moved away from the filling tube and a brake position in which the braking body at least approximately completely surrounds the filling tube, and which comprises at least two free ends.
Pto drivelines
A vehicle pto driveline (10) in which a pto input shaft (11) drives a pto wet clutch (12) which when engaged drives a pto output shaft (13). The driveline has an eccentric formation (34) on the input shaft (11) which oscillates a pumping piston (31) when the input shaft rotates, which piston pumps cooling/lubricating fluid from a reservoir (25c) to the wet clutch (12).
Pressure sensor with robustness against mounting stress
A pressure sensor includes a metal port member having a first closed end and a second opposing opened end. A metal shell surrounds a portion of the periphery of the port.
Combustor bulkhead cooling array
A bulkhead panel is disclosed. The bulkhead panel may comprise a body having a body having a front surface and an opposite back surface, a fuel nozzle opening in the body and communicating through the front and back surfaces, and a plurality of effusion holes disposed in at least one row that surrounds and is generally concentric to the fuel nozzle opening.
Architecture and instruction set for implementing advanced encryption standard (aes)
A flexible aes instruction for a general purpose processor is provided that performs aes encryption or decryption using n rounds, where n includes the standard aes set of rounds {10, 12, 14}. A parameter is provided to allow the type of aes round to be selected, that is, whether it is a “last round”.
Microvessels, microparticles, and methods of manufacturing and using the same
A plurality of isolated microvessels including a plurality of encoded microvessels each having a microbody and a reservoir core. The microbody is configured to separate a biological or chemical substance in the reservoir core from an ambient environment surrounding the microbody.
Arena baseball game system
An arena baseball game system and method for playing an electronic interactive spectator participation game incorporating many aspects of rounders, knickerbocker rules and negro league baseball innovation “night baseball.” the method of play is disclosed, involving some of the same rules as american baseball with virtual interplay. Time is regulated by a game clock and balls may be deflected back as playable by a rebounding assembly that surrounds the arena field.
Individual coffee packets with filter
A method of brewing with a brewing device includes providing a plurality of individual filter units. The brewing device has a reservoir for flowing water through a composition in the filter units, such as coffee grounds to brew coffee.
Rotor blade and method for cooling the rotor blade
A rotor blade includes an airfoil having a tip plate that extends across an outer radial end. A rim extends radially outward from the tip plate and surrounds at least a portion of the airfoil and includes a concave portion opposed to a convex portion.
Sealing assembly
An apparatus includes a first panel having a first side and a second side and defining a first hole. The apparatus also includes a second panel having a third side and a fourth side and defining a second hole.
Image display apparatus and image display method
An image display apparatus is provided that can obtain a stable and easy to view detection frame and cut-out image in a captured image in which there is a possibility that a congested region and a non-congested region are mixed, such as an omnidirectional image. Congested region detecting section detects a congested region in a captured image by detecting a movement region of the captured image.
Efficient cooling duct
A cooling system comprises an electronics module and a duct. The electronics module produces more heat at a first location than at a second location, and is rated to a safe operating temperature.
Communication device and tunable antenna element therein
A communication device includes a ground element and an antenna element. The antenna element includes a first radiation element, a second radiation element, and a control circuit.
Current transformer
A current measuring transducer for measuring the current flowing through an electrical cable, with a ring probe, a sensor and an evaluation device for recording the current value obtained by the ring probe and the sensor, wherein the ring probe has an annular core, wherein the ring probe is divided into a basic ring section and at least one movable ring section, wherein the movable ring section defines an open and a closed state, wherein in the open state, a radial cable insert opening is opened, and wherein a circularly closed arrangement is created in the closed state of the movable ring section in which the annular core surrounds the cable, wherein the radial insertion of a cable extending axially relative to the current measuring transducer into the inside area of the ring probe transfers the ring section from one to the other state, and measurement of the current in the cable inserted into the inside area is made possible in the closed state.. .
Dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and method of fabricating the same
Provided are a dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure and a fabricating method thereof. The dual-phase intermetallic interconnection structure includes a first intermetallic compound, a second intermetallic compound, a first solder layer, and a second solder layer.
Silicon controlled rectifier (scr) device for bulk finfet technology
Some aspects relate to a semiconductor device disposed on a semiconductor substrate. The device includes an sti region that laterally surrounds a base portion of a semiconductor fin.
Mixing chamber for two fluid constituents
A mixing chamber for two fluid constituents is disclosed which provides improved mixing before the mixture is pushed through a mesh insert for the production of foam. Foam production using air and liquid is the basis of the exemplary embodiment though the disclosed mixing chamber could be used for any two fluid constituents.
Heat treatment furnace and method of replacing heater of same
A heat treatment furnace (10) used to perform heat treatment on a treatment target (1) includes a hollow heating chamber (20) in which the treatment target is housed and which is formed of a heat insulating member, a resistance heater (22) that is mounted in the heat insulating member, a hollow furnace body (12) that is spaced apart from the heating chamber by a gap and surrounds the heating chamber, a nozzle (16) that is provided to the furnace body so as to communicate with an interior of the furnace body, an electrode bar (30) that is removably mounted on an outer end of the nozzle and is electrically insulated from the nozzle, and a flexible conducting wire (32) that electrically connects a lead wire (23) of the heater and the electrode bar. The conducting wire (32) can be attached to and detached from the electrode bar (30) outside the nozzle (16) while the electrode bar (30) is separated from the nozzle (16), and has such a length that it does not come into contact with the inner surface of the nozzle while the electrode bar is mounted thereon..
Optical system and laser processing apparatus
Provided are an optical system and a laser processing apparatus with which spattering can be suppressed by reducing an evaporation reactive force at a workpiece by forming two focal points on the optical axis, using a simple configuration. An optical system is provided with a convex lens that focuses laser light; and a concave lens that is disposed on the same optical axis as the laser light that passes through the convex lens, wherein the concave lens has a first region that has a through-hole, that is positioned on the optical axis, and that does not have lens properties, as well as a second region that surrounds the first region and that diverges the laser light..
Child-proof and tamper-evident medication dispensers
Medication dispensers are provided that are both child-proof and tamper evident. In one embodiment, a child-proof and tamper-evident dispenser includes a tray member comprising a plurality of receptacles for receiving a pharmaceutical compound, a stop tab connected to a first peripheral edge by a neck member, and a tab member at a second peripheral edge that is opposite from the first peripheral edge.
Earphone device
An earphone device comprises an inner casing enclosing one or more miniature drive units, and a movable cap or outer casing that moves relative to the inner casing. The inner casing has an extension member, such as a hollow post, terminating in an acoustic output port.
Tire mold, manufacturing method of pneumatic tire, and pneumatic tire
A tire mold is provided with a groove-like saw cut in an area of a tire molding surface which comes into contact with a side surface of a tire. The saw cut comprises a pair of circumferential saw cuts arranged to be spaced in a tire diametrical direction, a grid-like saw cut which is expanded between the pair of circumferential saw cuts, and a plurality of frame-like saw cuts which are dotted between the pair of circumferential saw cuts.
Engine lubrication method
An engine lubrication method is provided. The four-cycle engine has an engine block having a cylindrical bore and an enclosed oil reservoir.
System for operating a combustor of a gas turbine
An end cover for a gas turbine combustor includes a main body configured to connect to a casing that at least partially surrounds a portion of the gas turbine. A fuel circuit extends within the main body of the end cover.
Transfer chamber for air-sensitive sample processing
A transfer chamber is disclosed having a first plate with a first surface configured to receive a sample and a second surface containing a groove. The second surface of the first plate surrounds the first surface of the first plate.
Instruction set for sha1 round processing on 128-bit data paths
According to one embodiment, a processor includes an instruction decoder to receive a first instruction to process a sha1 hash algorithm, the first instruction having a first operand, a second operand, and a third operand, the first operand specifying a first storage location storing four sha states, the second operand specifying a second storage location storing a plurality of sha1 message inputs in combination with a fifth sha1 state. The processor further includes an execution unit coupled to the instruction decoder, in response to the first instruction, to perform at least four rounds of the sha1 round operations on the sha1 states and the message inputs obtained from the first and second operands, using a combinational logic function specified in the third operand..
Method of gaming, a game controller and a gaming system
A method of gaming comprising: awarding a plurality of game rounds in response to occurrence of a trigger event; and conducting at least two of the plurality of game rounds concurrently in separate display areas.. .
System and method of conducting games of chance with enhanced payouts and bonus rounds
A system and a method of conducting games of chance with enhanced payouts based on a cash in or initial investment amount are described. In response to a player's initial investment or cash in amount, a payout schedule is selected.
Flow device for an exhaust system
A flow device for an exhaust system includes a body that defines an interior cavity. An exhaust inlet passage is disposed in the interior cavity.
Instruction set for skein256 sha3 algorithm on a 128-bit processor
According to one embodiment, a processor includes an instruction decoder to receive a first instruction to perform first skein256 mix-permute operations, the first instruction having a first operand associated with a first storage location to store a plurality of odd words, a second operand associated with a second storage location to store a plurality of even words, and a third operand. The processor further includes a first execution unit coupled to the instruction decoder, in response to the first instruction, to perform multiple rounds of the first skein256 mix-permute operations based on the odd words and even words using a first rotate value obtained from a third storage location indicated by the third operand, and to store new odd words in the first storage location indicated by the first operand..
Illumination device
An illumination device including a light guiding element, a light emitting element, and a reflective element is provided. The light guiding element has a light incident surface, a light emitting surface, a first surface and a second surface.
Integrated blower diffuser and heat exchanger for electronics enclosure
An electronics enclosure has a blower and diffuser received within an enclosure. Electronic components are also received within the enclosure.
Radiant drum drier for print media in a printing system
Methods and systems disclosed herein provide for drying of wet colorants applied to a print media utilizing a substantially optically transparent drum that includes a radiant energy source. In one embodiment, a printer includes a hollow drum and a radiating energy source inside of the hollow drum.
Arrangement and method for contactless energy transmission with a coupling-minimized matrix of planar transmission coils
The invention relates to an arrangement and a method for contactless energy transmission by means of induction. There are a plurality of coils arranged in a matrix, the coils having at least one conductor that surrounds a central axis of the coil at least once in one turn.
Encapsulated wafer-level chip scale (wlscp) pedestal packaging
Consistent with an example embodiment, there is semiconductor device assembled to resist mechanical damage. The semiconductor device comprises an active circuit defined on a top surface, contact areas providing electrical connection to the active circuit.
Optical designs for high-efficacy white-light emitting diodes
A method for increasing the luminous efficacy of a white light emitting diode (wled), comprising introducing optically functional interfaces between an led die and a phosphor, and between the phosphor and an outer medium, wherein at least one of the interfaces between the phosphor and the led die provides a reflectance for light emitted by the phosphor away from the outer medium and a transmittance for light emitted by the led die. Thus, a wled may comprise a first material which surrounds an led die, a phosphor layer, and at least one additional layer or material which is transparent for direct led emission and reflective for the phosphor emission, placed between the phosphor layer and the first material which surrounds the led die..
Illumination component package
An illumination component package includes a substrate, at least one illumination component, a dam and an encapsulating glue. The illumination component is mounted on the substrate.
Non-planar semiconductor device having germanium-based active region with release etch-passivation surface
Non-planar semiconductor devices having germanium-based active regions with release etch-passivation surfaces are described. For example, a semiconductor device includes a vertical arrangement of a plurality of germanium-rich nanowires disposed above a substrate.
Liquid-cooled heat dissipating device and method of making the same
A liquid-cooled heat dissipating device includes a chamber-confining body confining a liquid chamber adapted to receive a liquid coolant, and having a surrounding wall that surrounds the liquid chamber, a cover plate covering the liquid chamber and sinter-bonded to the surrounding wall, a liquid inlet spatially communicating with the liquid chamber, and a liquid outlet spatially communicating with the liquid chamber. A method of making the liquid-cooled heat dissipating device is also disclosed..
Flat filter element of a filter, filter and support device of a filter
A flat filter element (34), a filter (10), and a support/positioning body (72, 74, 76) are disclosed. The flat filter element (34) includes a filter medium (64) with an inflow-side raw side (62) and an outflow-side clean side (58).
Layout method of semiconductor circuit structure
A layout method of a semiconductor circuit is provided. The layout method is firstly putting a plurality of circuit patterns on a substrate, wherein a first distance is the largest distance between any one of the circuit patterns and one of other circuit patterns adjacent thereto.
Method, system and apparatus for evaluation of input/output buffer circuitry
Techniques and mechanisms for evaluating i/o buffer circuits. In an embodiment, test rounds are performed for a device including the i/o buffer circuits, each of the test rounds comprising a respective loop-back test for each of the i/o buffer circuits.
Gaming machine and gaming method
A controller of a gaming machine executes a normal round of a game to spin reels of a first display, and triggers a chance round of the game when a result of the normal round satisfies a predetermined condition. The controller displays a wheel and a plurality of touch areas on a second display, and the wheel includes a plurality of areas, each of the plurality of areas corresponding to a number of free rounds.
Gaming system and method providing a selection game associated with a plurality of different sets of pickable selections
Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a gaming system and method providing a selection game associated with a plurality of different sets of pickable selections. For a play of the game, the gaming system displays a first set of selections and a second set of selections, and initiates a selection round.
Method and system for an on-line card game
A method and system comprise accessing a server unit configured for conducting an on-line card game comprising a plurality of players engaging in wagering on an outcome. A plurality of other players is joined in play of an on-line card game.
Windscreen air distribution system
Vehicle cab windscreen air distribution system for a windscreen (1) provided with an external windscreen wiper (5) and a windscreen wiper motor (2a) mounted on the inside of the windscreen. The distribution system comprises an air distribution housing (3) which at least partially surrounds the wiper motor (2, 2a), the housing defining a passage (3a) for the supply of air onto the windscreen (1a) in the vicinity of the motor.
Grinding method of honeycomb structure
There is disclosed a grinding method of a honeycomb structure, wherein a grind processing member having an outer peripheral surface, a first grinding wheel tapered surface and a second grinding wheel tapered surface and rotating around a central axis grinds a joined honeycomb segment assembly rotating around a central axis, and the above respective surfaces of the grind processing member form a first ground region, a second ground region, a center ground surface, a first tapered surface and a second tapered surface, to prepare the honeycomb structure including a cylindrical honeycomb base material, and a ring-like bulge portion “which surrounds an outer periphery of the honeycomb base material, protrudes from the outer periphery of the honeycomb base material toward the outside in a flange manner, and has the first tapered surface, the second tapered surface and the center ground surface.”. .
Power connector
A power and data connector includes an extension that protrudes from a lip surface. The extension is configured to mate with an electronic device.

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