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Lithium rechargeable battery

Multi-region chewing gum composition including isomalt gum region

Purge and cooling air for an exhaust section of a gas turbine assembly

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounds-related patents
 Coaxial cable end connector patent thumbnailCoaxial cable end connector
A connector connected with an end of a coaxial cable having a small diameter is provided. The connector includes an insulating housing, a signal terminal, and a shielding housing.
 Lithium rechargeable battery patent thumbnailLithium rechargeable battery
The lithium rechargeable battery of the present invention is provided with a current collector and an active material layer containing active material particles 10 supported on this current collector. The active material particles 10 are secondary particles 14 in which a plurality of primary particles 12 of a lithium transition metal oxide are aggregated, and have a hollow structure that contains a hollow section 16 formed inside the secondary particle 14 and a shell section 15 that surrounds the hollow section 16.
 Multi-region chewing gum composition including isomalt gum region patent thumbnailMulti-region chewing gum composition including isomalt gum region
The present invention relates to chewing or bubble gum compositions that include a first region composition and a second, or gum, region adjacent to or surrounding the first region. The first region composition may be a center-fill composition, such as a liquid-fill composition.
 Purge and cooling air for an exhaust section of a gas turbine assembly patent thumbnailPurge and cooling air for an exhaust section of a gas turbine assembly
A turbine exhaust casing having an outer casing, an inner casing, an annular exhaust gas path defined between outer and inner flow path walls, and a turbine exhaust casing cavity located radially outward and radially inward from the gas path. A plurality of structural struts support the inner casing to the outer casing, and a fairing surrounds each of the struts in an area extending between the outer and inner flow path walls.
 Tape cassette patent thumbnailTape cassette
A tape cassette that includes a housing having a top surface, a bottom surface, a front wall, a tape feed exit located on the front wall, and an arm portion formed by the front wall and an arm rear surface behind the front wall. The arm portion partially surrounds an opening extending from the top surface to the bottom surface behind the front wall, and a tape feed path passes through the arm portion from an upstream portion of the arm portion to a downstream end of the arm portion.
 Tape cassette patent thumbnailTape cassette
A tape cassette that includes a housing having a top surface, a bottom surface, a front wall, a tape feed exit on the front wall, and an arm portion formed by the front wall and an arm rear surface behind the front wall. The arm portion partially surrounds an opening, and a tape feed path passes through the arm portion.
 Display apparatus and the sealing method thereof patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus and the sealing method thereof
This disclosure provides a display apparatus and the sealing method thereof. The display apparatus includes: a substrate having a displaying region and a non-displaying region surrounding the displaying region; and a frit disposed on the non-displaying region to form a closed loop which surrounds the displaying region and has both a start portion and an end portion not overlapping each other; wherein a first light beam is applied to the frit to sinter it along the loop in a first direction, and a second light beam is applied to the frit to sinter it along the loop in a second direction, starting at the start portion and ending up at the end portion; wherein, the second direction is different from the first direction..
 Game of inheritance patent thumbnailGame of inheritance
A card game involves players competing for respective shares of an inheritance from a decedent. Trick-taking rounds are played in which players estimate the number of tricks they expect to take based on their dealt hands.
 Electronic device package and packaging substrate for the same patent thumbnailElectronic device package and packaging substrate for the same
The present application provides an electronic device package. The package includes a packaging substrate having first and second surfaces opposing one another.
 Production method of semiconductor device, semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor device patent thumbnailProduction method of semiconductor device, semiconductor wafer, and semiconductor device
A semiconductor wafer, includes: a plurality of element regions; a surface electrode that is disposed in each of the plurality of element regions; an insulating layer that is disposed in each of the plurality of element regions and of which height from a front side surface of the semiconductor wafer is higher than that of the surface electrode in a periphery of the surface electrode; and a dicing line groove that is formed in a front side surface of the semiconductor wafer, that surrounds the surface electrode with the insulating layer therebetween, of which height from the front side surface of the semiconductor wafer is lower than that of the insulating layer, and that extends to a perimeter of the semiconductor wafer; in which the insulating layer is formed with a communication passage that extends from a side of the surface electrode to the dicing line groove.. .
Deep gate-all-around semiconductor device having germanium or group iii-v active layer
Deep gate-all-around semiconductor devices having germanium or group iii-v active layers are described. For example, a non-planar semiconductor device includes a hetero-structure disposed above a substrate.
Light emitting device and its method of manufacture
The light emitting device is provided with a substrate, semiconductor light emitting elements mounted on the substrate, a mold frame that surrounds the periphery of the light emitting elements on the substrate, and resin layers that fill the inside of the mold frame. The mold frame includes a first mold frame, and a second mold frame formed on top of the first mold frame.
Electrical test structure for devices employing high-k dielectrics or metal gates
A test structure includes an active region formed in a semiconducting substrate, a first line formed above and extending over an upper surface of the active region, and a first isolation region formed in the semiconducting substrate, wherein the active region surrounds the first isolation region. The test structure further includes a first extension formed above the active region and on and in contact with an upper surface of the first isolation region, wherein the first extension extends laterally over the upper surface of the active region from a first side of the first line.
Barrier for preventing tampering with fuel storage tanks
The invention relates to a mechanical barrier which prevents tampering with a filler pipe on an underground storage tank for gasoline, fuel, chemicals, or other valuable liquids. The barrier fits within a cylindrical metal liner that surrounds the filler pipe.
Gas circuit breaker
An outer peripheral wall surrounds a heating chamber that communicates with an arc chamber through an opening that separates fixed contacts from each other in a circumferential direction. The outer peripheral wall includes a heat-resistive cylindrical heat-flow receiving wall portion that is arranged at a position opposed to the opening in a radial direction, and a cylindrical wall portion that is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion in a direction of a center axis and also connected to a fixed-side energizing member at its one end on the opposite side to where the wall portion is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion, and is made of an insulating material.
Composite filter apparatus
A composite filter apparatus includes a container with a receiving space, and top and bottom openings communicated with the receiving space. A filter member includes a filter core in the receiving space, a blocking member on a top end of the filter core, and a retainer plate on a bottom end of the filter core.
Liquid filter
A liquid filter has a housing with an outlet line for liquid and a vent line, one being arranged in a drain housing socket on the housing. A closure element closes off outlet line and vent line.
Piping joint and semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
The piping joint according to the present embodiment includes a joint part that joins a plurality of pipes for transporting a medium to one another. At least one conductive line is provided between the pipes so as to extend over cross-sections of the pipes.
Radial transmission line based plasma source
Radial transmission line based plasma sources for etch chambers are described. In an example, a radial transmission line based plasma source includes a gas delivery channel having a first end coupled to a gas inlet and having a second end coupled to a plasma showerhead.
Method for attenuating noise produced by pipes and pipe arrangement
The present invention relates to a method for attenuating noise produced by steam flowing through a pipe, comprising the steps of providing a pipe arrangement (10), which comprises an inner pipe (12) that defines in its inside an inner flow channel (14) which progresses in pipe direction (16) of the inner pipe (12), and an outer pipe (18) that surrounds the inner pipe (12) and progresses substantially parallel thereto, thereby defining an outer flow channel (20) between the two pipes (12, 18) which is substantially parallel to the inner flow channel (14), establishing a steam flow (22) in and along the inner flow channel (14), and establishing a water flow (28) in and along the outer flow channel (20), said water flow (28) being adapted to attenuate a noise produced by said steam flow (22) flowing through the inner flow channel (14).. .
Device for driving in rotation a toothed wheel, in particular a turntable
A driving device for driving in rotation a toothed wheel, in particular a turntable, has a worm intended to mesh with the toothed wheel, a motor to drive the worm in rotation, a flexible sleeve that partially surrounds the worm in such a way as to form an assembly described as a worm/sleeve assembly, and a pre-stressing unit. The motor is arranged in a structure that is fitted pivotably relative to the worm/sleeve assembly, and the driving device also has a force transfer unit connecting the motor to the sleeve at a second extremity of the worm..
Cleaning article holders
A cleaning article holder defines an upper wall that includes a first finger placement area that may include one or more slip-resisting elements. One or more cleaning article surrounds, sidewalls or bands depend from the upper wall.
Social media helping users to contribute, value and identify their culture and race while creating greater inter- and intra-cultural relationships on common grounds of interest
A social media helps users to contribute, to value and to identify their race. The social media also helps users to develop and create a more racial friendship based on common interest points.
Bioelectric battery for implantable device applications
A bioelectric battery may be used to power implantable devices. The bioelectric battery may have an anode electrode and a cathode electrode separated by an insulating member comprising a tube having a first end and a second end, wherein said anode is inserted into said first end of said tube and said cathode surrounds said tube such that the tube provides a support for the cathode electrode.
Apparatus and process for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases
The present invention relates to an apparatus of the loop venturi reactor type for the continuous reaction of liquids with gases, in particular for hydrogenations, oxidations or acetylations, e.g. For the preparation of toluenediamine by hydrogenation of dinitrotoluene, and a process for the continuous reaction of liquid reactants with gaseous reactants in the apparatus.
Honing machine with oil-tight operating tank
A honing machine includes a machine housing enclosing a workpiece spindle and a tool spindle. The workpiece spindle includes a spindle collar with a spindle head configured to hold a workpiece.
Swim devices
A swim device comprising elongated foot pockets which surround each of the feet of the swimmer, continued distally with tapers ending in neckings connected in a functional manner to blades for each foot. The neckings of the tapers of both feet may be connected to one blade (monofin).
Termination arrangement for a cable bundle
A termination arrangement for a cable bundle includes a body with a cable cavity extending therethrough with the plurality of cables extending into the cable cavity. The body includes a cable attachment end through which the cable bundle enters the cable cavity.
Gas pump with pressure relief for reducing the starting torque
A gas pump including a delivery chamber with an inlet and an outlet for a gas; a first housing part with a first sealing surface which at least partially surrounds the delivery chamber; a second housing part with a second sealing surface which at least partially surrounds the delivery chamber, wherein the second housing part together with the first housing part at least partially encloses the delivery chamber; a delivery device which can be moved within the delivery chamber, for delivering the gas; and a pressing device which presses one of the housing parts against the other with a pressing force, such that the sealing surfaces abut each other and together form a sealing join which at least partially surrounds the delivery chamber, in order to seal off the delivery chamber, wherein the second housing part can be moved relative to the first housing part, against the pressing force, in order to be able to widen the sealing join to form a relieving gap through which liquid situated in the delivery chamber can escape.. .
Plug-in coupling and method for the production thereof
The plug-in coupling comprises a negative coupling part and a positive coupling part consisting of a pin having a ball head. The negative coupling part comprises a coupling construction made of a first material for accommodating and detachably fastening the positive coupling part, and a retaining construction made of a second material, which surrounds the coupling construction, for fastening the negative coupling part to the second component, wherein the second material has a higher elasticity than the first material, such that component vibrations can be absorbed by the retaining construction..
Fiber optic connector
A fiber optic connector includes a ferrule. The ferrule includes an inner piece including silica and an outer piece including ceramic.
A back air room of a microphone unit can be enlarged and a model with a sound signal output switch can easily be diverted to a switchless model. A reed switch 16 is used as the sound signal output switch which turns on or off the sound signal from a microphone unit 1.
Block cipher modes of non-malleable operation
A method and system for producing at least one ciphertext block from at least one plaintext block using a block cipher is described, the block cipher including an encryption function enc, the method and system including receiving n plaintext blocks, wherein n is an integer greater than 0, for each plaintext block of the n plaintext blocks inputting two inputs into a keyed invertible transformation function, e, the two inputs including a masking value, denoted mi, where 0<i<=n, and one of a plaintext block, denoted pi, pi being an i-th plaintext block of the n plaintext blocks, and a function of the plaintext block pi, where 0<i<=n, wherein one of the two inputs mi and pi includes a key for round key generation by the function e and the second of the two inputs mi and pi includes a data item operated on during rounds of function e, outputting a result of the function e, the output being at least partially encrypted in a case where the masking value includes an output of the encryption function enc, the output of the function e includes a ciphertext block, thereby producing n ciphertext blocks, in a case where the masking value includes one of one of pi−, and an initialization vector when i=1, and one of a function of pi-1, and an initialization vector when i=1, the output of the function e includes an input into the encryption function enc, and the output of the function enc includes a ciphertext block, thereby producing n ciphertext blocks, and in a case where the masking value includes one of an output of the function e(mi-1, pi-1), and an initialization vector when i=1, the input into the function enc includes a result of xor-ing the masking value mi with pi, and the output of the function enc includes a ciphertext block, thereby producing n ciphertext blocks. Related methods and systems are also described..
Magnetic recording head, magnetic head assembly, magnetic recording apparatus, and magnetic recording method
An example magnetic recording apparatus includes a magnetic recording medium and a magnetic recording head. The magnetic recording head includes a first magnetic pole to apply a recording magnetic field to a magnetic recording medium, a spin torque oscillator provided parallel to the first magnetic pole, a first coil which surrounds the first magnetic pole, to magnetize the first magnetic pole, and a second coil to pass a current independently of the first coil and magnetize the first magnetic pole.
Liquid crystal display device
There is provided a substrate having an active matrix display circuit and peripheral driving circuits, a counter substrate having a counter electrode provided on the substrate in a face-to-face relationship therewith, a sealant provided between the substrate and the counter substrate such that it surrounds the active matrix display circuit and peripheral driving circuits, a liquid crystal material provided inside the sealant, a plurality of external connection lines provided on the substrate under the sealant with a resin inter-layer film interposed therebetween for electrically connecting the active matrix display circuit and peripheral driving circuits to circuits present outside the sealant and an adjustment layer provided in the same layer as the plurality of external connection lines.. .
Apparatus and method for controlling an augmented reality device
An apparatus, a method, and a computer program product are provided. The apparatus detects an eye gaze on a first region in a real world scene, sets a boundary that surrounds the first region, the boundary excluding at least a second region in the real world scene, performs an object recognition procedure on the first region within the boundary, and refrains from performing an object recognition procedure on the at least the second region..
Touch display apparatus
A touch display apparatus including a display panel, a touch panel, a transparent conductive layer, and a conductive adhesive layer is provided. The touch panel is disposed on the display panel, and includes a cover lens, a touch device, and a shielding conductive ring.
Marketing information display assembly
An assembly includes an electronic price label having an outer casing, a cover attached to the electronic price label and a marketing sign that highlights the electronic price label. The outer casing of the electronic price label module houses a display screen and circuitry for sending and receiving data signals over a network.
Antenna and antenna arrangement for magnetic resonance applications
An antenna (100), which is designed for exciting and/or detecting a magnetic resonance in an object (1) under investigation, comprises a conductor loop (10) with an inner conductor (11) and a primary shield conductor (12), which form at least one waveguide, wherein the primary shield conductor (12) is interrupted by a gap (13), and wherein a secondary shield conductor (14) is provided which surrounds the primary shield conductor (12), wherein a dielectric (15) is arranged between the primary shield conductor (12) and the secondary shield conductor (14) and at least the gap is covered by the secondary shield conductor (14). An antenna arrangement which comprises a plurality of such antennas, a magnetic resonance device, and a method for magnetic resonance imaging or magnetic resonance spectroscopy are also described..
A rotor includes an axle, a back iron unit, a magnet unit and an adhesive layer. The back iron unit includes annular inner and outer components, and a plurality of plastic components.
Waterproof structure for electronic device
A waterproof structure for an electronic device (60) includes: a case (130) which is disposed in a location in a vehicle (10) distant from a receiving antenna (61), which houses a processing unit (69) that processes location information, and which has a wiring hole (171) through which a wire (62) passes; a cylindrical part (172) which extends in the axial direction of the wire from the case in such a manner as to surround the wiring hole; a seal member (167) which is housed in a compressed state in the cylindrical part, and surrounds the wire; and a cap (160) which is attached to the case in an attachable/detachable manner, has a hole (168) through which the wire passes, and prevents the seal member from moving.. .
Light emitting device and lighting apparatus having the same
A light emitting device include a first lead frame including a first bonding region and a second lead frame including a second bonding region. A gap is provided between the first and second lead frames.
Cmos nanowire structure
Complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor nanowire structures are described. For example, a semiconductor structure includes a first semiconductor device.
Method for producing molded products using coffee grounds
A method for producing molded products using coffee grounds in which coffee grounds are collected from coffee shop and then dried, fractioned, and ground, after which the thus-processed coffee grounds are mixed with purified water and binding agent, and the resultant mixture is poured into a mold to be compression molded into various shapes, e.g. Cubes.
Methods of manufacturing cigarettes and filter subassemblies with squeezable flavor capsule
A cigarette filter subassembly is manufactured from a filter member having absorbent material encased within an outer cover. A plunger is passed axially through the absorbent material such that a pointed leading end of the plunger displaces the absorbent material radially outwardly against the cover to form a liner of compressed absorbent material along the cover's inside surface.
Wire guide and flyer bow comprising said wire guide
A wire, strand, or cable guide element (eg) for a flyer bow for assembling/twisting/braiding the wire, strand, or cable has an inner surface (si) which defines the travel path of the wire, strand, or cable (pf) and which consists of alternating adjacent micro-bumps (mb) and micro-recesses (mc). The flyer bow at least partially or entirely surrounds the wire, strand, or cable by means of a member (c) and has a longitudinal orifice or inner tube (o) in the mass of said member (c), said orifice or inner tube (o) extending along the entire length of the bow.
Apparatus and method for installing stator winding conductors
An apparatus for installing an elongate conductor into stator core slots, including a magazine having a radially outer cylindrical surface with recesses that extend inwardly of the cylindrical surface, and a circular rack having a radially outer periphery provided with rack slots. The magazine has an installation mode in which a stator core coaxially surrounds the magazine, there is concurrent radial alignment between pairs of magazine recesses and stator core slots, and a conductor axial branch is receivable by a stator slot from a respectively paired magazine recess; and a load mode in which the circular rack and the magazine have synchronized rotative movements, corresponding pairs of magazine recesses and rack slots are sequentially aligned, and a conductor axial branch is receivable by a magazine recess from its aligned rack slot.
Tampon with nonpermeable cap
A tampon (1) having a nonpermeable cap (5) is placed over a distal end (4) of the tampon. The nonpermeable cap has a tubular wall (6) that surrounds the distal end of the tampon and rests inside the vagina (15).
Optical zoom probe
Exemplary embodiments disclose an optical zoom probe including an aperture adjuster configured to adjust an aperture in which light transmitted by a light transmitter passes, a focus adjuster configured to focus the light passed through the aperture and adjust a focal length to an ultra-close location and a close location, and a filter which includes a center region in which incident light passes without change, and a filter region which surrounds the center region and increases a depth of focus (dof) of light that is focused on the ultra-close location.. .
A female connector housing is provided with a plurality of terminal accommodating chambers. Each of the terminal accommodating chambers is provided, on its front face, with a terminal insertion opening through which a male terminal is to be inserted.
Electronic device package and fabrication method thereof
An electronic device package is disclosed. The package includes at least one semiconductor chip having a first surface and a second surface opposite thereto, in which at least one redistribution layer is disposed on the first surface of the semiconductor chip and is electrically connected to at least one conductive pad structure.
Precompressed sealing tape
The precompressed sealing tape for sealing a joint has an elastically reexpandable foam strip, a wrapping, which at least partially surrounds the foam strip, and a strip-shaped element, which is made of stiff foam. The strip-shaped element is arranged in an area of the first transverse surface of the foam strip.
Collapsible light
A collapsible lighting device has a main body surrounded by a collar whose position is adjustable along the longitudinal axis of the main body. Pivotally connected or hinged legs are attached to the collar and to the main body with struts.
Led apparatus and method for accurate lens alignment
An led apparatus of the type including (a) a mounting board having an led-supporting surface with an led device thereon and (b) a lens member over the led device establishing a light path therebetween. The inventive led apparatus includes a lens-aligning member having front and back surfaces.
Spectral decomposition of composite solid state spin environments through quantum control of spin impurities
Methods and systems are described for spectral decomposition of composite solid-state spin environments through quantum control of electronic spin impurities. Δ sequence of spin-control modulation pulses are applied to the electronic spin impurities in the solid-state spin systems.
Methods for producing an electrically conductive material, electrically conductive material and emitter containing electrically conductive material
A method for manufacturing an electrically conductive material includes steps of: (a) providing a carbon fiber; (b) providing a plastic fiber that differs from the carbon fiber; (c) producing a mixture in the form of a two-dimensional mat from the carbon fiber and the plastic fiber; (d) drying the mixture, optionally; (e) consolidating the mixture; (f) cutting the mixture to size, optionally; (g) carbonizing the mixture, wherein the carbonized plastic fibers form a carbon-based matrix possessing electrical conductivity that at least partially surrounds the carbon fibers. Electrically conductive materials obtained by the method have an increased electrical resistance.
Cabinet of automatic vending machine
A cabinet includes a cabinet body, a front door, and a drive assembly. The front door is secured to the cabinet body and includes a door body, a supporting rod, and a sliding member.
Acoustic wave device and electronic component
An acoustic wave device and an electronic component are disclosed. The acoustic wave device includes a substrate, excitation electrodes on the substrate and a cover.
Geared motor
A geared motor has a rotor, a stator which surrounds the rotor, and a gear mechanism with gear wheels. According to the described system, the gear wheels of the gear mechanism are arranged at least partially within the rotor.
Self-aligned dielectric isolation for finfet devices
Embodiments of the present invention provide a method of forming semiconductor structure. The method includes forming a set of device features on top of a substrate; forming a first dielectric layer directly on top of the set of device features and on top of the substrate, thereby creating a height profile of the first dielectric layer measured from a top surface of the substrate, the height profile being associated with a pattern of an insulating structure that fully surrounds the set of device features; and forming a second dielectric layer in areas that are defined by the pattern to create the insulating structure.
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate that has an element region and a peripheral region that surrounds the element region; and a gate pad that is disposed in an area that is on a surface side of the semiconductor substrate. The element region is formed with an insulated gate semiconductor element that has a gate electrode.
Roller for heating a paper web or fabric
A heated roller for heating a paper web or fabric web with a cylindrical roller shell, a front side and a rear side permits a homogenous temperature on its surface if the cylindrical roller shell surrounds an inner roller shell thereby forming a ring like or at least one ring segment like hollow space between the cylindrical roller shell and the inner roller shell and if at least one heat source is inserted in the hollow space.. .
Wafer processing deposition shielding components
Embodiments described herein generally relate to components for a semiconductor processing chamber, a process kit for a semiconductor processing chamber, and a semiconductor processing chamber having a process kit. In one embodiment a lower shield for encircling a sputtering target and a substrate support is provided.
Pole assembly with transition ring
A sealing arrangement for a pole assembly having a tubular base, a tubular upper mast of smaller diameter, and a cladding. An end of the upper mast is inserted within an end of the base and a portion of the base overlaps the upper mast and is fastened thereto, with the cladding surrounding the base.
Slip bracket connector for rigid members
A one-piece rigid connector allows a nominal construction wood member to slip axially while fixed at its distal end, to accommodate the naturally occurring shrinkage of lumber. The connector surrounds the wood member and attaches to a second wood member to secure the members together.
Window cleaning device
The present invention relates to a window cleaning device including a first cleaner and a second cleaner which are respectively attached on both sides of a window by magnetism. The device includes a first magnetic module included in the first cleaner; a second magnetic module included in the second cleaner; and a wheel part which is provided to at least one among the first and the second cleaner and moves the window cleaning device, wherein the wheel part includes a wheel having a plurality of holes at an external diameter part; a wheel cover made of an elastic material which surrounds the external diameter part of the wheel and generates frictional force by coming in contact with the window; and a wheel bearing which is connected to the wheel and delivers turning force, and a part of the wheel cover is inserted into the holes formed at the external diameter part of the wheel..
This invention relates to headgear for protecting the wearer against facial injury, especially eye injury, and in particular eye injury caused by flying particulate matter, such as may be ejected or expelled from a work-piece, the headgear comprising a first, transparent and substantially non-porous eye-protecting membrane and a fabric wall which substantially surrounds the first membrane. The wall is preferably flexible and porous and is attached to the first membrane at its periphery so as to support the first membrane in a vision-facilitating position adjacent the eyes of a wearer in use, wherein the first membrane provides eye protection against particulate projectiles while allowing the wearer to see through it, and the wall provides protection to the wearer against ingress of particulate projectiles from around the transparent first membrane..
Metal or reinforced lighted nocks
The crossbow bolt or arrow nock in certain embodiments of the current invention includes a structural support piece that substantially surrounds and structurally supports the distal end of the nock, which may be made of a clear polymeric material to allow the transmission of light.. .
System and method of conducting games of chance with enhanced payouts and bonus rounds
A system and a method of conducting games of chance with enhanced payouts based on a cash in or initial investment amount are described. In response to a player's initial investment or cash in amount, a payout schedule is selected.
High-voltage resistance of a connector interface
An electrical connector has dielectric posts surrounding the contacts and extending outwardly from the root along the contact axis a finite amount. The mating connector (or plug) has a housing that surrounds the posts.
Grounding system for terminal block
A grounding system for a terminal block for wiring to electrical equipment housed within an enclosure is disclosed. The enclosure has a chassis and the terminal block has a grounding socket with an opening for receiving a fastener.

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