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Transmission vee-belt comprising an elastically deformable peripheral cushion

Fuel nozzle for reducing modal coupling of combustion dynamics

Rich burn, quick mix, lean burn combustor

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounds-related patents
 Method for detecting protein that interacts with target substance patent thumbnailnew patent Method for detecting protein that interacts with target substance
The present invention provides a method for detecting an interaction, which method can solve not only the problem of false negatives but also the problem of false positives. This method is a method for detecting a protein(s) that interact(s) with a target substance(s), the method comprising repeating a (1) transcription step, (2) assignment step, (3) selection step, and (4) amplification step, wherein: (a) in each of a plurality of times of preparation of a cdna library among the initial preparation of a cdna library and the round(s) of preparation of a cdna library in the later amplification step(s), the cdna library is prepared using a primer(s) having a sequence(s) specific to the time of preparation; (b) the cdna libraries prepared using the primers having sequences specific to the times of preparation are mixed, and sequences in the cdna library mixture are determined; (c) the determined sequences are subjected to measurement of the number(s) of molecules encoding the same candidate protein(s) for each time of preparation based on the sequence(s) specific to the time of preparation; and (d) a candidate protein(s) encoded by a molecule(s) that significantly increase(s) as the preparation rounds proceed is/are detected as the protein(s) that interact(s) with the target substance(s)..
 Trampoline or the like with enclosure patent thumbnailnew patent Trampoline or the like with enclosure
A fence surrounds a trampoline and extends above the rebounding surface, reducing the risk of injury. Shock absorption is aided in the preferred embodiment by a support system of independent poles, linked at their tops by a flexible strap or line.
 Transmission vee-belt comprising an elastically deformable peripheral cushion patent thumbnailnew patent Transmission vee-belt comprising an elastically deformable peripheral cushion
A vee-shaped transmission belt (1) has a main core (10) in the shape of a trapezium made of natural and/or synthetic rubber, containing at least one substantially inextensible cord (20) extending over the entire length of the belt (1). At least one layer (14) of fiber-reinforced elastomer is placed in contact with the core (10) near the long base (2) of the trapezium.
 Batting tee patent thumbnailnew patent Batting tee
A batting tee comprises a base for supporting the batting tee during use, a ball support column extending up from the base, and an extra ball holder for holding one or more extra balls before use. In some embodiments, the ball support column comprises one or more rigid sections and one or more flexible sections.
 Reactor and method for production of silicon by chemical vapor deposition patent thumbnailnew patent Reactor and method for production of silicon by chemical vapor deposition
The invention provides a reactor for the manufacture of silicon by chemical vapour deposition (cvd), the reactor comprises a reactor body that can rotate around an axis with the help of a rotation device operatively arranged to the reactor, at least one sidewall that surrounds the reactor body, at least one inlet for reaction gas, at least one outlet for residual gas and at least one heat appliance operatively arranged to the reactor. The reactor is characterised in that during operation for the manufacture of silicon by cvd, the reactor comprises a layer of particles on the inside of at least, one sidewall..
 Structure of battery unit suitable for installation of water damage sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Structure of battery unit suitable for installation of water damage sensor
A battery unit is provided which includes a control board, a storage case, a water detector, and an electrical conductor. The storage case is made of an assembly of a first and a second casing member.
 Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and method for preparing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb and method for preparing the same
Disclosed herein is a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material honeycomb, including: a plurality of inner tubes, each of which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material; and an outer shell which is made of a fiber-reinforced ceramic composite material and which surrounds the plurality of inner tubes.. .
 Robust planar composite with an intermediate layer of increased vicat softening temperature patent thumbnailnew patent Robust planar composite with an intermediate layer of increased vicat softening temperature
The present invention generally relates to a sheetlike composite (3) comprising a layer configuration with the following layers: 0. Optionally a layer of thermoplastic ksu (13); 1.
 Systems and methods for coffee preparation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for coffee preparation
Example embodiments of systems and methods for brewing coffee can include providing an integrated beverage system that can include a grinding system, a roasting system, and a brewing system. The integrated beverage system can be used with a container that can contain unroasted coffee beans or coffee grounds, where the integrated beverage system can be configured to accept the container and can roast, grind, and brew coffee..
 Swellable coated tablet patent thumbnailnew patent Swellable coated tablet
The present invention provides perorally administrable drug release systems and processes for producing perorally administrable systems having a drug-containing core and a sheath which surrounds the core and comprises a swellable shell and an elastic coating which surrounds at least the shell, the sheath having at least one orifice.. .
new patent Oil-pumping machine
Disclosed is an oil-pumping machine, which is characterized in that it is composed of a secondary sheave (5) of a wheel-cylinder type driven by an electric motor. The secondary sheave has a first hole (5a) for extending a balance weight traction rope (10) therefrom and a second hole (5b) for extending an oil pumping rod suspension rope (2) therefrom which are respectively arranged in a left half and a right half of the secondary sheave, and the secondary sheave is also provided with multiple rounds of spiral grooves (29) in opposite rotating directions on the left and right parts; wherein the first hole (5a) and the second hole (5b) are spaced within the corresponding spiral grooves in such a matter that at least one part of the spiral groove is shared by both the oil pumping rod suspension rope (2) and the balance weight traction rope (10) during operation, and the oil pumping rod suspension rope (2) and the balance weight traction rope (10) wind in opposite directions and they wind around and unwind from the at least one part of the spiral groove without interfering with each other..
new patent Blade leading edge tip rib
A rotor blade for a gas turbine engine includes a leading edge tip rib projecting outwardly from an airfoil of the blade at a tip region thereof. The tip rib continuously surrounds a leading edge of the airfoil and extends rearwardly from the leading edge along respective pressure and suction side surfaces to thereby alter the blade tip leakage vortex structure and strength, resulting in a stage efficiency benefit..
new patent Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines
A turbine exhaust section comprises a turbine exhaust case having radially outer and inner ducts defining therebetween an annular exhaust portion for the hot exhaust gases, and an exhaust mixer projecting axially rearwardly from the turbine exhaust case for mixing the hot exhaust gases with a cooler bypass duct flow. The upstream end of the exhaust mixer surrounds a downstream end of the outer duct and defines therewith an axially extending overlap joint with a radial play between the outer duct and the exhaust mixer.
new patent Optical communication apparatus
An optical communication apparatus includes a substrate having a through hole; an optical element which includes a light terminal for receiving or sending light and is mounted on a surface of the substrate so that the light terminal faces an opening of the through hole; a light guide member which includes a first lens facing the light terminal of the optical element, a surrounding portion which surrounds a periphery of the first lens on a side of the opening of the through hole, and a guide portion which is provided inside the through hole and guides the light between the opening and another opening of the through hole; and a light waveguide which is arranged on a side of another surface of the substrate and includes a light guide optically connected to the light guide member on a side of the another opening of the through hole.. .
new patent Low attenuation optical fibers with an f-graded index core
An optical fiber is provided that includes a fiber configured to transmit optical data in a plurality of modes or in a single mode; a core region in the fiber that comprises fluorine-doped silica; and a cladding in the fiber that surrounds the core region and that comprises fluorine-doped silica. The core region has a graded refractive index profile with an alpha of about 0.5 to 5.
new patent Method and apparatus for particle size determination
A computer-implemented method of determining particle size and a computer-readable medium storing instructions to execute such a method are presented. The method entails obtaining an image of at least one particle and a calibration mark, wherein the particle and the calibration mark were captured using the same lens, correcting the image for distortion effects to generate a corrected image, wherein the same correction factor is applied to both the particle and the calibration mark, and determining a size of the particle using the corrected image.
new patent Inner ring magnet type microspeaker
An inner magnet type microspeaker including a suspension is provided which can maximize the size of a magnet. The inner magnet type microspeaker includes: a frame; a yoke installed inside of the frame and including a bottom surface and sidewalls bent upward from the bottom surface; a magnet bonded to an inside of the yoke; a voice coil located in a gap portion between the sidewalls of the yoke and the magnet; a diaphragm that vibrates by the voice coil; and a suspension where the voice coil is attached, and which guides vibrations of the diaphragm and the voice coil and includes a ring-shaped inner peripheral portion and an outer peripheral portion that surrounds the inner peripheral portion, spaced a predetermined distance apart from the inner peripheral portion, with one end and the other end being connected to the inner peripheral portion..
new patent Led lighting device
The present invention relates to an led lighting device comprising: a power case main body wherein one side is opened to form a receiving space inside, and a lamp terminal is provided to be electrically connected to a lamp socket on an end of the other side; a main body heat sink which surrounds a part or most of an outer circumference of the power case main body, and is combined to one side of the open power case main body; a plurality of lamp heat sinks which are protruded and combined to contact one side of the main body heat sink to conduct heat with the main body heat sink and forms a radiation structure around a central shaft formed according to a protruded direction; and a main led module which contacts and is combined to an outer side end in a radiation direction of the lamp heat sink to conduct the heat with the lamp heat sink.. .
new patent Power conversion device
A power conversion device includes an inverter that drives a motor; a fin that cools down the inverter; a first core including a through hole that allows passage of a positive side conductor that connects a power supply system and the inverter and a negative side conductor that grounds the inverter; a ground conductor that grounds the fin; a ground conductor that grounds a motor yoke via a capacitor; and a ground conductor including one end that is connected to the negative side conductor or the ground conductor and the other end that is grounded.. .
new patent Display device
Disclosed is a display device. The display device includes a liquid crystal panel, a backlight unit configured to include a light source that supplies light to the liquid crystal panel, and a polarizing part adhered to the liquid crystal panel.
new patent Monitor and working vehicle provided with the monitor
A monitor includes a display in a form of a liquid crystal display, a rubber frame having a surrounding face that surrounds an outer circumferential surface of the liquid crystal display, and a front case having a housing that houses the liquid crystal display attached with the rubber frame. The rubber frame includes a projection that projects from a surface of the surrounding face and that is elastically deformed by contacting with an inner circumferential surface of the housing..
new patent Display device and television receiver device
A liquid crystal display device (10) includes: leds (17); a liquid crystal panel (11); a light guide plate (16); an exterior member that constitutes the exterior of the liquid crystal display device (10), the exterior member including a frame (13) and a chassis (14) that hold the liquid crystal panel (11) and the light guide plate (16) by sandwiching these from the display surface (11c) side and the opposite side thereto, while housing the leds (17) between the frame (13) and the chassis (14); a screw member (sm) that affixes the frame (13) and the chassis (14) to each other by being disposed in an outer edge portion that surrounds the liquid crystal panel (11); wiring members (28) that are connected to the leds (17); and wiring passages (30) through which the wiring members (28) pass, the wiring passages being formed in the inner surfaces of the side walls (13b), which is the outer edge portions of the frame (13), the wiring passages being positioned adjacent to the screw member (sm) in the direction in which the light guide plate (16) and the liquid crystal panel (11) are stacked.. .
new patent Control method for pointer through touchpad
An electronic device includes a touchpad and a display. The touchpad is divided into a central area and a lateral area.
new patent Electronic device with diverse antenna array having soldered connections
A wireless electronic device may be provided with antenna structures. The antenna structures may be formed from an antenna ground and an array of antenna resonating elements.
new patent Durable ballistics target
A target apparatus comprises a plurality of cables and a rigid frame wherein each cable is attached to the rigid frame at least one end of the cable. The plurality of cables is attached to the frame in staggered orientation to one another, and each of the plurality of cables is interchangeable with any other cable of congruent dimension.
new patent Semiconductor package having a waveguide antenna and manufacturing method thereof
A semiconductor package comprises a substrate, a grounding layer, a encapsulant, a shielding layer, and a conductive element. The substrate includes a chip.
new patent Guard structure for semiconductor structure and method of forming guard layout pattern for semiconductor layout pattern
A guard structure for a semiconductor structure is provided. The guard structure includes a first guard ring, a second guard ring and a third guard ring.
new patent Semiconductor device
According to one embodiment, the semiconductor device with element isolation by dti has a layer of the first electroconductive type formed on a substrate. The semiconductor layer of the second electroconductive type is formed on the embedding layer.
new patent Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
A technique for improving characteristics of a semiconductor device (dmosfet) is provided. A semiconductor device is configured so as to include: an n-type source layer (102) disposed on an upper portion of a first surface side of an sic substrate (106); a p body layer (103) which surrounds the source layer and has a channel region; an n−-type drift layer (107) which is in contact with the p body layer (103); a gate electrode (116) which is disposed on an upper portion of the channel region via a gate insulating film; and a first p+ layer (109) which is disposed in the p body layer (103), extends to a portion below the n+ source layer (102), and serves as a buried semiconductor region having an impurity concentration higher than that of the p body layer (103).
new patent Light emitting apparatus and production method thereof
A light emitting apparatus comprises an electrically insulating base member; a pair of electrically conductive pattern portions formed on an upper surface of the base member; at least one light emitting device that is electrically connected to the pair of electrically conductive pattern portions; and a resin portion that surrounds at least a side surface of the at least one light emitting device and partially covers the pair of electrically conductive pattern portions. Each of the pair of electrically conductive pattern portions extends toward a periphery of the base member from resin-covered parts of the electrically conductive pattern portions.
new patent Tfet with nanowire source
A tunnel field effect transistor (tfet) includes a source region, the source region comprising a first portion of a nanowire; a channel region, the channel region comprising a second portion of the nanowire; a drain region, the drain region comprising a portion of a silicon pad, the silicon pad being located adjacent to the channel region; and a gate configured such that the gate surrounds the channel region and at least a portion of the source region.. .
new patent Portable electronic device case
Various embodiments of the present disclosure provide a flexible boot for at least partially encompassing an electronic device. In one embodiment, the boot includes a rear panel and a sidewall extending from the real panel.
new patent Funnel component and packaging container using funnel component
A funnel component, and a packaging container using the funnel component are provided. A funnel component includes: a funnel portion having a diameter that is increased from a narrow opening side toward a wide opening side; a discharge portion that connects with an end portion on the narrow opening side; and a side wall portion that surrounds an opening portion, on the wide opening side, of the funnel portion, connects with the funnel portion, and is fitted into the container body.
new patent Paint roller skin cleaner
An apparatus for cleaning paint roller skins is provided. A rotatable roller skin holder is provided.
new patent Painting device
The invention relates to a painting system which comprises a painting device (121) in the painting chamber (103), said painting device comprising a casing (113) that surrounds the workpiece support (107) such that paint droplets that are not deposited onto the workpieces are dripped onto the casing to a large extent and can thus be reused.. .
new patent Fuel nozzle for reducing modal coupling of combustion dynamics
A fuel nozzle includes a center body that extends axially along an axial centerline for a length. A shroud circumferentially surrounds the center body for at least a portion of the length of the center body.
new patent Rich burn, quick mix, lean burn combustor
A combustor for a gas turbine includes a fuel nozzle having a central swirler that circumferentially surrounds a downstream end of the fuel nozzle. A primary combustion zone is defined within the central swirler.
Solid state diode applicator disc
Provided is a device and method for adhering a solid state diode onto a patient and allowing for monitoring during radiation treatment. More particularly, a diode is placed onto a patient.
Acrylonitrile-acrylate-styrene graft copolymer and thermoplastic resin composition comprising thereof
Disclosed are an acrylonitrile-acrylate-styrene graft copolymer having a structure including a seed which comprises at least one of an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyanide compound and an alkyl(meth)acrylate compound, a core which surrounds the seed and comprises alkyl acrylate, and a shell which surrounds the core and comprises at least one of an aromatic vinyl compound, a vinyl cyanide compound and an alkyl(meth)acrylate compound, and having suitably controlled thicknesses and refractive indexes of the respective layers, and a thermoplastic resin composition comprising the acrylonitrile-acrylate-styrene graft copolymer.. .
Apparatus for processing plastic material
Disclosed is an apparatus for the processing of plastics, with a container with a rotatable mixing implement, wherein the imaginary continuation of the longitudinal axis of a conveyor in a direction opposite to the direction of conveying passes the axis of rotation, where, on the outflow side, there is an offset distance between the longitudinal axis and the radial parallel to the longitudinal axis, wherein in the wall section that is part of the housing and that immediately follows the intake aperture in the direction of conveying and that completely surrounds the screw, a pocket extends in the direction of conveying, starting at the downstream edge of the intake aperture over a length (l), where 0.8 d≦l≦9 d, where d is the external diameter or the diameter of the envelope curve of the screw in the wall section.. .
Cryptographic processing apparatus and cryptographic processing method, and computer program
There is provided a highly secure cryptographic processing apparatus and method where an analysis difficulty is increased. In a feistel type common key block encrypting process in which an spn type f function having a nonlinear conversion section and a linear conversion section is repeatedly executed a plurality of rounds.
Internal dry containment vessel for a nuclear reactor
A power module assembly includes a reactor core immersed in a coolant and a reactor vessel housing the coolant and the reactor core. An internal dry containment vessel submerged in liquid substantially surrounds the reactor vessel in a gaseous environment.
Lighting fixture
According to one embodiment, there is provided a lighting fixture including a light source module and a support unit. The light source module includes a case which has the shape of a tube extending in a first direction, includes an opening, a substrate on which plural light sources are provided, and which is held in the case so that the plural light sources face the side opposite to the opening, and a mounting plate which is held by the case while being inserted between the opening and the substrate and is thermally connected to the substrate.
Light emitting diode device
A light emitting diode device including a base, at least one light emitting diode, a bulb, and a patterned reflective layer is provided. The light emitting diode and the bulb are both disposed on the base.
Linear vibration actuator and mobile communication device or gaming device including the same
A linear vibration actuator for which the positional accuracy of coils in the casing can be easily increased. A linear vibration actuator (1) in which a magnet (13) and a weight (15) are fixed.
Melding card game and method of play
A melding card game and method of play includes 114 numbered, face, ace, mulligan, joker, and wild cards. A round is played in which nine layout cards are dealt face-down to players and arranged in a grid.
Semiconductor device with a charge carrier compensation structure and method for the production of a semiconductor device
A semiconductor device has a cell field with drift zones of a first type of conductivity and charge carrier compensation zones of a second type of conductivity complementary to the first type. An edge region which surrounds the cell field has a higher blocking strength than the cell field, the edge region having a near-surface area which is undoped to more weakly doped than the drift zones, and beneath the near-surface area at least one buried, vertically extending complementarily doped zone is positioned..
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate and a first electrode. An element region, and a non-element region that surrounds this element region, are formed on the semiconductor substrate.
Organic light emitting diode display device and manufacturing method thereof
An organic light emitting diode display device and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The organic light emitting diode display device includes a first flexible substrate, a second flexible substrate, a first barrier layer, a second barrier layer, an organic light emitting diode element, and a metal enclosing wall.
Piston-cylinder unit
A piston-cylinder unit includes: a cylindrical pressure tube having a first end side defining an end side opening; a piston, axially displaceable in the pressure tube, the piston having a piston rod, the piston rod being guided out of the pressure tube at the first end side through the end side opening; a piston rod guide and a piston rod seal, arranged inside the pressure tube, which cooperate together to sealingly guide the piston rod at the end side opening; and a cup-like protective cap surrounding an end region of the cylindrical pressure tube from the first end side, the protective cap having a base at its end, the base having a coaxial through-orifice having an inner wall through which the piston rod extends in a displaceable manner. The inner wall of the through-orifice tightly surrounds the piston rod..
Systems for stabilizing oilfield equipment
An apparatus for stabilizing a conduit, such as a riser, against motion. The apparatus comprises an outer wall portion, an inner tubular member having a longitudinal channel extending therethrough, a first tubular member at least partially located between the outer wall portion and the inner tubular member, and a second tubular member at least partially located between the outer wall portion and the inner tubular member.
Method for manufacturing display panel and system for performing the same
A multi-layered structure includes a first carrier, a second carrier, a first substrate and a second substrate. The first and second substrates are disposed between the first and second carriers.
Purging of porogen from uv cure chamber
A purge ring for providing a gas to a wafer processing chamber includes an inlet ring wall defining a ring hole space. An outer perimeter of the inlet ring wall is elliptical.
Dog garment
A dog garment for retaining body heat comprises a tubular neck portion for slipping over a dog's head, a torso portion and an anchoring portion, each including heat-retentive material. The torso portion depends downwardly from the neck portion and extends posteriorly on the dog to an anchoring portion that surrounds the sides of a rib cage of the dog in the posterior section of the dog's rib cage.
Apparatus for fabricating ingot, method for providing material, and method for fabricating ingot
An apparatus for fabricating an ingot according to the embodiment comprises a crucible for receiving a raw material, wherein the raw material comprises first powder and second powders having grain sizes different from each other. A method for providing a raw material according to the embodiment comprises preparing a crucible including a central area and an edge area which surrounds the central area; filling a first powder in the central area; and filling a second powder in the edge area, the second powder having a grain size different from a grain size of the first powder..
Drywall screwdriver
A drywall screwdriver includes a housing, an element delimiting the depth of engagement, a drive unit, an outlet spindle, and a planetary gear that comprises at least one hollow wheel. The drywall screwdriver further comprises at least one support element that is different from a housing element and that at least partially surrounds the ring gear of the planetary gear..
Device and method for measuring the level of a liquid within a container
A device for measuring the level of a liquid within a container, in particular the level of liquid gas, comprises a housing and a piezoelectric element adapted for generating vibrations when energized. A coupling pad is provided which is bonded to the piezoelectric element for transmitting the vibrations to a surface of the container.
Flow meter comprising a measuring insert which is insertable into a casing
The flow meter for one of a liquid and a gaseous medium comprises a casing and a measuring insert which is insertable into said casing. The measuring insert as a structural unit includes at least one first sound transducer for emitting a first sound signal into a measuring path through which the medium flows during operation and a second sound transducer for receiving the first sound signal after passing through the measuring path, and the measuring path through which the medium flows during operation when the measuring insert is inserted.
Rolling stand for tubes or rounds
A rolling stand for tubes or rounds comprising two or more rolls (10, 20, 30) defining a rolling section of the rolling stand that is coaxial to a rolling axis y of the same stand, each roll having a respective rolling surface (s1) defining a respective straight line of symmetry (b) passing through the rolling axis and through the center of symmetry of the respective surface, thus determining a first half and a second half of the respective surface, two gap zones having a radial distance of value h2 from the rolling axis and a groove bottom zone (1) having a radial distance of value h1 from the rolling axis at the intersecting point of the respective surface with the respective straight line of symmetry, characterized in that it provides, for each roll on said respective rolling surface, at least one first pushing zone (2) and at least one second pushing zone (3).. .
Cryopump and cryopump mounting structure
A cryopump for evacuating a vacuum chamber is provided with a radiation shield provided with a shield opening end surrounding a shield opening for receiving a gas and a lid member having a connection opening narrower than a shield opening for connecting the shield opening to the vacuum chamber. The lid member is provided with a first mounting flange for mounting the cryopump on a mating flange provided with the vacuum chamber.
Article of clothing
The invention relates to an article of clothing (1), comprising a textile carrier material (2), which surrounds a body section of a wearer of the article of clothing (1), wherein an adhesion layer (3) is arranged on the carrier material (2) at that side of the carrier material (2) which faces the body section, which adhesion layer (3) contacts a part of the body section during the intended use of the article of clothing (1), wherein the textile carrier material (2) without adhesion layer (3) expands itself by a first elastic amount of expansion (Δs1) during application of a defined expansion force (f0). To apply a stimulation effect to the skin of the wearer of the article of clothing the invention proposes that the textile carrier material (2) with adhesion layer (3) expands itself by a second elastic amount of expansion (Δs2) during application of the expansion force (f0) which is at least 65%, preferably at least 75%, of the first elastic amount of expansion (Δs1)..
Neural element comprising nanowires and support layer
Provided is a neural device including a nanowire and a support layer. Further, provided is a neural device including: a substrate, at least one nanowire which is fixed on the substrate at a lengthwise end thereof to extend vertically and inserted into nerves to obtain electrical signals from nerve fibers or apply electrical signals to the nerve fibers; and a support layer which is formed on the substrate and which surrounds and supports at least one portion of the nanowire..
Systems and methods for superconducting integrated circuits
A superconducting integrated circuit may include a magnetic flux transformer having an inner inductive coupling element and an outer inductive coupling element that surrounds the inner inductive coupling element along at least a portion of a length thereof. The magnetic flux transformer may have a coaxial-like geometry such that a mutual inductance between the first inductive coupling element and the second inductive coupling element is sub-linearly proportional to a distance that separates the first inner inductive coupling element from the first outer inductive coupling element.
Device for stabilizing dilute combustion in a cold-wall combustion chamber
A device for stabilizing dilute combustion for use in a cold-walls type combustion chamber comprises a burner. The burner comprises at least one oxidant inlet and at least one fuel inlet.
Device and method for coating of a carrier wafer
A device and corresponding method for coating of an inner circular surface of a coating surface of a carrier wafer with a coating material. The device includes an application means for applying a coating material intended for coating of the inner circular surface to the inner circular surface, a rotating means for accommodating and rotating the carrier wafer around an axis of rotation and for distribution of the coating material on the coating surface, and a second application means for applying a coating inhibitor to an outer circular ring surface which surrounds the inner circular surface, said coating inhibitor at least inhibits the coating of the outer circular ring surface during the distribution of the coating material..
Plastics material container
A one piece plastics material container has mouth, a wall portion adjoining the mouth in a longitudinal direction (l) and a base portion in the form of a standing face. The base portion has an injection point—situated on the inside in a radial direction (r) with respect to the longitudinal direction (l)—on the outer wall of the plastics material container, a central area which surrounds the injection point, and a transition portion which extends from the central area to the wall portion.
Water-pump motor using a waterproof stator, and water pump
Provided are a water pump motor that employs a stator core of an outer winding method that can use a low-cost ferrite magnet by minimizing an air gap between a magnet of a rotor and a stator core, and that heightens a fill factor, to thereby maximize efficiency of the motor, and a water pump using the water pump motor. The water pump motor includes a stator and an inner type rotor, in which the stator includes: a stator core whose inner circumferential portion is annularly interconnected, in which a number of protrusions are radially extended and formed; insulating bobbins that surround the stator core; a coil wound around the outer circumference of each bobbin; and an annular back yoke that surrounds in contact with the outer end of the stator core.
Light emitting device
A light emitting device includes first and second electrodes, a semiconductor laser element, a bonding wire, a transparent frame section, and a lid section. The first electrode includes a convex section, a bottom surface surrounding the convex section, and a first surface.
Extruded light pipe carrier
A lighting apparatus for a vehicle includes a light source and a light pipe. The light pipe has a first end coupled with the light source, a second end, and a side surface extending between the first and second ends for radially emitting light.
Diffusion globe led lighting device
Disclosed is a lighting fixture that provides approximately even illumination across a planar surface. Also enclosed is an led light for producing the same.
Micro-optical element, micro-optical array, and optical sensor system
A micro-optical element includes a resonator substrate, at least one microresonator includes a rotationally symmetrical body mounted on the resonator substrate, and a light-reflecting element including a ring-shaped mirror that surrounds the rotationally symmetrical body.. .

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