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Rounding patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rounding-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 Active hearing aid implant having adjustable fixation of the actuator end piece in the middle ear patent thumbnailActive hearing aid implant having adjustable fixation of the actuator end piece in the middle ear
An active hearing aid implant is formed in an arrangement for the adjustment and fixation of the relative position between an axially extended actuator end piece of the hearing aid implant and the surrounding middle-ear bone. Arrangement coupling elements anchor the actuator end piece on the surrounding bone and a sliding ring designed to slide over the cylindrical actuator end piece holds this actuator end piece in a radial direction while the sliding ring remains linearly displaceable in the axial direction of the actuator end piece.
Heinz Kurz Gmbh Medizintechnik

 Air-cooled electric machine having cooling ribs formed from stator sheet patent thumbnailAir-cooled electric machine having cooling ribs formed from stator sheet
An electric machine has rotor rotatably supported in bearings for rotation about an axis of rotation, a stator surrounding the rotor with respect to the axis of rotation and having stator sheets, which are stacked in the direction of the axis of rotation. The stator sheets have a number of recesses which form grooves extending parallel to the axis of rotation.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Connector patent thumbnailConnector
A connector includes a housing that holds a terminal having a first portion and a second portion. The second portion of the terminal includes a grounding terminal assembling part to which a grounding terminal provided at a distal end of a grounding line is assembled, and an assembling angle at which the grounding terminal is assembled to the grounding terminal assembling part is set so that the grounding line extends to be gradually away from a side surface of the housing..
Yazaki Corporation

 Interposer, printed board unit, and information processing apparatus patent thumbnailInterposer, printed board unit, and information processing apparatus
An interposer includes a first contact terminal pressed against a first fixed terminal for signal transmission; a pair of second contact terminals pressed against second fixed terminals for any one of power supply and grounding, the pair of second contact terminals being disposed with a gap in a pressing direction in which the pair of second contact terminals are pressed against the second fixed terminals, each of the pair of second contact terminals having a larger sectional area than the first contact terminal in a crossing direction that crosses the pressing direction; and a plurality of spring members arranged between the pair of second contact terminals, the plurality of spring members being electro-conductive, having a lower elasticity than the first contact terminal, and pressing the pair of second contact terminals against the second fixed terminals.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Positive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and positive active material layer and rechargeable lithium battery including same patent thumbnailPositive active material for rechargeable lithium battery, and positive active material layer and rechargeable lithium battery including same
A positive active material for a rechargeable lithium battery includes a lithium nickel-based oxide particle and a coating layer surrounding the lithium nickel-based oxide particle, the coating layer including diamond-like carbon. The lithium nickel-based oxide particle includes lithium and a nickel-containing metal.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

 Top cap assembly for secondary battery patent thumbnailTop cap assembly for secondary battery
Provided is a top cap assembly for a cylindrical type secondary battery, including a cid short-circuiting member, which interrupts an electric current when a high voltage is generated in the cylindrical type secondary battery, a safety vent connected to an upper part of the cid short-circuiting member and including a plurality of notches, which are broken when a voltage equal to or greater than an allowable voltage of the cid short-circuiting member is generated, to discharge gas from the cylindrical type secondary battery, a top cap connected to the safety vent and disposed on the uppermost end of an upper opening part of the cylindrical type secondary battery, a gasket surrounding and sealing an outer circumferential surface of the cid short-circuiting member, and a heat resistant member preventing heat transfer between the gasket and the safety vent.. .
Lg Chem, Ltd.

 Semiconductor device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device
A semiconductor device used for a semiconductor relay includes: a first diode; a second diode; an electric field shield film for covering the second semiconductor island region, where the second diode is formed; and a wiring for electrically connecting the first diode to the second diode. The wiring is arranged so as to cross above a silicon oxide film surrounding the second semiconductor island region.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Semiconductor structure and a  processing a carrier patent thumbnailSemiconductor structure and a processing a carrier
According to various embodiments, a semiconductor structure may include: a first source/drain region and a second source/drain region; a body region disposed between the first source/drain region and the second source/drain region, the body region including a core region and at least one edge region at least partially surrounding the core region; a dielectric region next to the body region and configured to limit a current flow through the body region in a width direction of the body region, wherein the at least one edge region is arranged between the core region and the dielectric region; and a gate structure configured to control the body region; wherein the gate structure is configured to provide a first threshold voltage for the core region of the body region and a second threshold voltage for the at least one edge region of the body region, wherein the first threshold voltage is less than or equal to the second threshold voltage.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Termination design by metal strapping guard ring trenches shorted to a body region to shrink termination area patent thumbnailTermination design by metal strapping guard ring trenches shorted to a body region to shrink termination area
This invention discloses a semiconductor power device formed in a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type comprises an active cell area and a termination area surrounding the active cell area and disposed near edges of the semiconductor substrate. The termination area includes a plurality of trenches filled with a conductivity material forming a shield electrode and insulated by a dielectric layer along trench sidewalls and trench bottom surface wherein the trenches extending vertically through a body region of a second conductivity type near a top surface of the semiconductor substrate and further extending through a surface shield region of the first conductivity type.
Alpha And Omega Semiconductor Incorporated

 Organic light emitting display device patent thumbnailOrganic light emitting display device
An organic light emitting display device includes a substrate comprising a major surface; a display region and a peripheral region surrounding the display region when viewed in a viewing direction perpendicular to the major surface; an array of a plurality of pixels disposed in the display region; and a first power line extending from the peripheral region into the display region, the first power line being electrically connected to the array of pixels at a contact point in the display region. When viewed in the viewing direction, the first power line includes: a first extension extending from the peripheral region to the display region; and a second extension connected to the first extension; and a third extension connected to the second extension and extending from a location in the display region toward the peripheral region..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Integrated electrostatic discharge (esd) clamping

A method of fabricating a laterally diffused metal-oxide-semiconductor (ldmos) transistor device having a bipolar transistor for electrostatic discharge (esd) protection includes doping a substrate to form a body region of the ldmos transistor device in the substrate, the body region having a first conductivity type, forming a doped isolating region of the ldmos transistor device in the substrate, the doped isolating region having a second conductivity type and surrounding a device area of the ldmos transistor device in which the body region is disposed, forming a base contact region of the bipolar transistor, the base contact region being disposed within the body region and having the first conductivity type, and doping the substrate to form an isolation contact region for the doped isolating region that defines a collector region of the bipolar transistor, to form source and drain regions of the ldmos transistor device in the substrate, and to form an emitter region of the bipolar transistor within the body region.. .
Freescale Seminconductor, Inc.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate having a main plane; a semiconductor element provided on the main plane of the semiconductor substrate; an electrode pad provided on the main plane of the semiconductor substrate and connected to the semiconductor element; a guard ring surrounding the semiconductor element and the electrode pad, and provided on the main plane of the semiconductor substrate; and an insulating film covering all region of a semiconductor of the main plane of the semiconductor substrate exposed inside the guard ring, wherein the insulating film is made of a water impermeable material.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Semiconductor packages and modules with integrated ferrite material

A semiconductor package includes a lead frame having a die paddle and a plurality of leads including a gate lead spaced apart from the die paddle. The semiconductor package further includes a semiconductor die attached to the die paddle and having a plurality of pads including a gate pad, a plurality of electrical conductors connecting the pads to the leads, an encapsulant encasing the semiconductor die and a portion of the leads such that part of the leads are not covered by the encapsulant, and a ferrite material embedded in the encapsulant and surrounding a portion of the electrical conductor that connects the gate pad to the gate lead.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Resonant transformer

Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to resonant transformers (or reactors) and coil arrangements associated with resonant transformers. The coil arrangements can include a grounding coil configured to generate a net-zero induced voltage between a first end of the grounding coil and a second end of the grounding coil layer, and one or more step-up coil layers formed by one or more layers of pressure tape, insulating materials, and wire wrapped to form coils about a portions of a split magnetic core.
Instrument Manufacturing Company


Electronic component

An electronic component has a laminated body, a circuit element disposed in the laminated body, an electrostatic discharge element disposed in the laminated body, a circuit-element external electrode electrically connecting the electrostatic discharge element and the circuit element, and a grounding external electrode connected to the electrostatic discharge element for electrically connecting the electrostatic discharge element to the ground. The electrostatic discharge element is disposed closer to a first end surface of the laminated body as compared to the circuit element.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Releasable magnetic device

A magnetic device is described for releasably connecting a pair of assemblies; the device may serve as a mechanical connection or as an electrical connection, or both. The device comprises an inner core of high permeability material, a permanent magnet surrounding the inner core, and an outer excitation coil surrounding the permanent magnet.
I-blades, Inc.


Transcoder enabled cloud of remotely controlled devices

Various embodiments are directed to one or more transcoder devices in communication with an input device such as a remote control device and multiple destination devices in which the transcoder device(s) facilitate communication between the remote control and the various destination devices in the vicinity. The transcoder device(s) can also provide the user with an environmental awareness of conditions and events surrounding the user.
Intel Corporation


Decimal and binary floating point arithmetic calculations

Logic is provided for performing decimal and binary floating point arithmetic calculations on first and second operands. The method includes: receiving the first and second operands in packed format; unpacking the first and second operands; swapping the first operand to a fourth operand and the second operand to a third operand, if an exponent of the first operand is less than an exponent of the second operand, otherwise storing the first operand to the third operand and the second operand to the fourth operand; aligning the third operand and the fourth operands based on the exponent difference of the third and fourth operand and a number of leading zeroes of the third operand; performing an add/subtract operation on the aligned third and fourth operands with normalizing and rounding between the operands; and packing the result obtained from the add/subtract..
International Business Machines Corporation


Decimal and binary floating point rounding

Arithmetic logic circuitry is provided for performing a floating point arithmetic add/subtract operation on first and second floating point numbers. The method includes: generating a guard digit for the first or second number by transforming the first and second numbers by a compressing function; determining a result depending on the arithmetic operation, a sum of the transformed floating point numbers, and first and second differences of the transformed floating point numbers, and determining a corresponding result plus one by additionally adding a value of one to the result; generating injection values for rounding the final result; generating injection carry values based on the transformed first and second numbers and the injection values; and selecting the final result from the result, the result plus one, and a least significant digit, based on the injection carry values and the end around carry signals..
International Business Machines Corporation


External filter for computers/electronics

An external filter for the removal of: unwanted contaminants, impurities, dust and particulates from entering the intake region of an underlying device. The filter is comprised of a filter media appropriate for separating the impurities, dust, particulates and contaminants with a surrounding collar providing structural support to the filter media.


Installation of optical fiber bundles in a multi-dwelling unit for providing network access to multiple user premises

A method of installing a bundle of optical fibers associated with a fiber network through hallways or corridors in a multi-dwelling unit (mdu) to service a number of premises in the mdu. The bundle is adhered along a wall or other supporting surface in a hall or corridor leading to the premises, by dispensing or activating an adhesive material or component over one or both of the bundle and a desired installation path along the supporting surface, and applying the bundle to the supporting surface over the installation path.
Ofs Fitel, Llc


Floodable optical apparatus, methods and systems

According to one example, a floodable sensor station is coupled to an optical cable. The optical cable may be floodable.
Pgs Geophysical As


Portable sound source searching sensor and manufacturing the same

A portable sound source searching sensor comprising: a front body (10) in which acoustic sensors of mems microphones (20) are arranged to face forward; mems microphones (20) of which acoustic sensors are exposed to the front body (10) in a fixed state to the substrate (30); a substrate (30) on which the microphones (20) are mounted; an image photographing unit (40) of which a photographing lens (41) is exposed through a lens hole of the front body (10); and a rear body (50) for surrounding a rear side of the substrate (30) and a rear side of the image photographing unit in a state that the substrate (30) is positioned at a rear side of the front body (10).. .
Sm Instrument Co., Ltd.


Led lamp

An led lamp a includes a plurality of led modules 2 each including an led chip 21, and a support member 1 including a support surface 1a on which the led modules 2 are mounted. The led modules 2 include a plurality of kinds of led modules, or a first through a third led modules 2a, 2b and 2c different from each other in directivity characteristics that represent light intensity distribution with respect to light emission directions.
Rohm Co., Ltd.


Hoist system

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to providing a hoist system that raises and lowers a cable car on a hoist cable next to a mast. A monitoring device such as a microphone may be positioned on the cable car, and the hoist system raises the monitoring device on the cable car to an elevated position above a ground surface to better monitor the surrounding environment.
Kb Energy, Llc


Compressor and turbocharger

A compressor comprising a housing having an axial intake and an annular outlet volute, an impeller mounted for rotation about a shaft axis, the impeller having a plurality of blades, an annular diffuser passage surrounding the impeller extending from a diffuser inlet to a diffuser outlet, the impeller hub being mounted in an annular impeller recess in a first wall member of the diffuser, wherein an annular diffuser recess is provided in the first wall member extending radially outwardly from a first end to a second end, the first end being located at a radially outer end of the impeller recess, the second end being located axially inboard of the first end of the diffuser recess and wherein the depth of the diffuser recess at the first end of the diffuser recess is at least 30% of the maximum depth of the impeller recess.. .
Cummins Ltd.


System and blade tip clearance control

A system includes a turbomachine rotor having a shaft and turbomachine blades coupled to the shaft. The system also includes a turbomachine stator having a shroud surrounding the turbomachine blades of the turbomachine rotor.
General Electric Comapny


Packer or plug element backup ring with folding feature

A backup ring design for a packer sealing element features a folding shape where opposed legs are pushed together for extension in a radial direction toward the surrounding tubular to span the extrusion gap. The design can use a v-shape where the vertex is toward the mandrel and the legs are oriented toward the surrounding tubular.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Door frames with energy absorbing door stops

Described are trimless door frames and energy absorbing door stops. The energy absorbing door stop allows for relative movement between the door stop and the surrounding door frame.
Fry Reglet Corporation


Rail gauge-plate insulator

A gauge-plate insulator for positioning between and mounting to two rail-spacing members that in turn extend transversely between and mount to two parallel rails to mechanically interconnect but electrical insulate the rail-spacing members and thus the parallel rails. The insulator includes a plate, front and rear mounting holes extending vertically through the plate, and a tongue extending downward from the plate along its lateral midsection from front to back.


Inductively coupled plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition

A deposition system may have at least a substrate mounted within a sealed chamber. A radio frequency energy can be supplied to an inductive source affixed to the sealed chamber with the inductive source having an inductive coil surrounding a tube.
Seagate Technology Llc


Coatings for wellbore tools, components having such coatings, and related methods

A component of a wellbore tool comprises a plurality of compartments disposed over a body of the component and a coating disposed over at least a portion of a surface of the body. Each compartment comprises a healing agent formulated to form or catalyze the formation of a barrier upon release from the compartment.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


System for automatically containing leakage of liquid

A system for automatically containing leakage of liquid from a reservoir includes a surrounding wall, a driving unit, a sensor and a controller unit. The driving unit is configured to drive the surrounding wall to move between containing and non-containing positions.


Vehicle access system

A method for an access system for a vehicle includes the steps of recording a first optical information in a specific area surrounding the vehicle and detecting an object approaching the vehicle as a function of the recorded first optical information. As a function of detecting the approaching object, a second optical information in the surrounding area is recorded, and gesture information of the object is identified as a function of the second optical information.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Integrated fastener for plastic components

An integrated fastener comprises a component portion including a component housing surrounding a component, a linking platform molded extending from the component portion. A securing means is capable of being received within a receptacle defined by the linking platform and is designed to be received within an aperture defined by an automotive component.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Injection nozzle with multi-piece tip portion

A hot runner nozzle assembly includes a nozzle heater, a hot runner nozzle, a nozzle tip, a nozzle tip seal surrounding the nozzle tip and a connecting element positioned to removably couple the tip seal to the nozzle tip and to create a first contact seal between the nozzle tip and the tip seal and a second annular contact seal between the tip seal and a mold component. The nozzle tip is made or shaped via a sintering process from a metal matrix composite (mmc) material having a first coefficient of thermal expansion.
Otto Manner Innovation Gmbh


Pad-separable suction cup

Disclosed herein is a suction cup used in a vacuum system. The suction cup includes a hollow body, a skirt-shaped pad disposed under the body, and a ring-shaped clamp removably provided in the suction cup to couple the body with the pad.
Vtec Co., Ltd.


Hybrid fastener and making the same

A hybrid fastener comprises a composite body having a tip, and a metal sleeve surrounding and locked to the tip.. .
The Boeing Company


Liquid container, especially a urea solution container, for a motor vehicle

A liquid container for a motor vehicle, especially an urea solution container, comprising, as a container component, a tank surrounding an uptake volume, and, as a further container component, a filling line, which, in flow-mechanics terms, connects an admission location placed outside the tank at a distance from it, with the uptake volume, wherein at least a main section of the tank and at least a main section of the filling line are configured to be rigid so that they in essence remain free of deformity when the liquid container is used as directed, wherein on the tank and/or on the filling line at least one auxiliary tank or auxiliary filling line body surrounded by the filling line that expands the intake volume or the filling line volume, is formed, or is able to be formed by increasing the pressure in the interior of the liquid container.. .
Röchling Automotive Se & Co. Kg


Methods and devices for urethral treatment

A dilation device for an intrabody lumen, for example, a urethra partially occluded by an enlarged prostate in the form of a curved element configured to be implanted around the lumen and add resilience to the lumen, and a method for dilating such a lumen by implanting a dilation device around the outside of the lumen with at least part of the dilation device embedded in surrounding, thereby preventing clinically significant compression of the lumen. Also, an implantation device for such a dilation device in the form of a mounting device configured to carry the dilation device; and a releasably attached movable holder, with the mounting device and holder configured to deliver the dilation device though a working channel to a desired position in a lumen, and to implant the dilation device through a wall of the lumen to a position surrounding the lume..
Proarc Medical Ltd.


Anti-extravasation surgical portal plug

The devices and methods shown provide for the minimization of extravasation during arthroscopic surgery. The anti-extravasation surgical portal plug allows a surgeon to drain excess fluids from the soft tissue surrounding the surgical field during arthroscopic surgical procedures..
Cannuflow, Inc.


Bone targeted therapeutics and methods of making and using the same

The present invention provides novel bisphosphonate conjugates, pharmaceutical compositions comprising bisphosphonate conjugates and methods of using such analogs in the treatment of bone cancer, bone-related diseases, bone infection, bone inflammation, and diseases of the soft tissues surrounding bones.. .
Mbc Pharma, Inc.


Post-operative assistive device

A post-operative assistive sitting device configured to prevent pressure being applied to a post-operative patient's recovery area thereby allowing a patient to sit and conduct normal daily activities after a medical procedure. The post-operative assistive sitting device includes a chair that defines an opening and a series of cushions and paddings surrounding the opening to alleviate the pressure and discomfort from the recovery area without disturbing the buttocks as the patient sits or lies in a natural position..


Apparatus for handling soiled articles

A tampon disposal device includes a tubular stiffener, and a membrane conforming to the stiffener with an opening on one end and an enclosure opposite the opening. The membrane is folded inside the stiffener into a first layer attached to the stiffener; and second and third layers that form a lip surrounding the stiffener near a stiffener rim.


Resilient interpositional hip arthroplasty device

This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into joints to pad cartilage defects, cushion joints, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.


Systems and methods for affixing a prosthetic to tissue

Systems and methods recited herein provide for affixation of a prosthetic valve to surrounding tissue, by at least one anchor and an anchor deployment device. The prosthetic valve device may be compliant with native tissue and may receive the at least one anchor in at least one anchor receptacle to affix the prosthetic valve to native tissue.
Micro Interventional Devices, Inc.


Adjustable orthodontic bracket and method

A metal base member and a thin layer of an orthodontic adhesive is used to rigidly secure said base member directly to a tooth; a layer of lead-free heat softenable material for joining two metal surfaces rigidly together and an orthodontic bracket having a face to fit within a surface area of the base member and an engagement receiver for an archwire by which forces are developed in a patient's mouth. In addition, the base member overlaps the base of the bracket by up to about 1.0 mm surrounding the base so that the bracket can be adjusted by an amount of up to about 1.0 mm in all directions around the base member without overlapping the periphery of the base member..


Adjustable orthodontic bracket and method

A metal base member and a thin layer of an orthodontic adhesive is used to rigidly secure said base member directly to a tooth; a layer of lead-free heat softenable material for joining two metal surfaces rigidly together and an orthodontic bracket having a face to fit within a surface area of the base member and an engagement receiver for an archwire by which forces are developed in a patient's mouth. In addition, the base member overlaps the base of the bracket by up to about 1.0 mm surrounding the base so that the bracket can be adjusted by an amount of up to about 1.0 mm in all directions around the base member without overlapping the periphery of the base member..


Cement-directing orthopedic implants

A cement-directing structure for use in cement-injection bone therapy includes a collapsible, self-restoring braided structure with regions of differential permeability to the bone cement. The regions of differential permeability may be provided by areas where the braided mesh density is greater or lesser than surrounding areas and/or by means of a baffle.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Endoscopic needle with rotary jaw for lateral acquisition

A device for collecting a tissue sample includes a needle extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal end to a distal end and including a lumen extending therethrough; an opening in a lateral surface of the needle; and a jaw rotatably coupled to the needle for rotation between a closed configuration in which the jaw covers the opening and an open configuration in which the jaw is received within the lumen to expose the opening. The jaw includes a tissue cutting edge which, as the jaw is rotated from the open configuration to the closed configuration, passes out of the opening along a cutting arc to sever any tissue received in the opening from surrounding tissue..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Hinge pin for lavatory seat and/or lid

A hinge pin for pivotally mounting at least one of a toilet seat and a lid to a toilet or surrounding structure comprises a first hinge pin component, a second hinge pin component a linking member and fasteners. The first hinge pin component and the second hinge pin component each has a cylindrical outer end, a semicylindrical inner end with a flat joining surface and a shoulder between the outer end and the inner end.
Alaska Airlines, Inc.


Article of footwear with one or more auxetic bladders

An article of footwear with a midsole has an auxetic bladder member formed from inflated components surrounding star-shaped apertures. The inflated components form one or more auxetic bladders, and may have a triangular geometry.
Nike, Inc.


Composite wiring board and mounting structure of the same

A composite wiring board includes a first wiring board having an opening for housing an electronic component, and including a plurality of first connection pads on an upper surface and a plurality of second connection pads on a lower surface, and a second wiring board having the electronic component mounted on a lower surface, including a third connection pad provided on the lower surface on an outer peripheral side and bonded to the first connection pad through a solder, and disposed on the first wiring board so as to cover the opening, in which a grounding inner wall conductor layer is deposited on an inner wall of the opening around the electronic component, and a grounding conductor layer is deposited on the lower surface of the second wiring board and connected to the inner wall conductor layer through a solder.. .
Kyocera Circuit Solutions, Inc.


All-round view monitoring system for a motor vehicle

A view monitoring system for a vehicle, comprising four pairs of cameras, a processing unit, a visual display unit, an obstacle detection unit and a signaling unit. The four pairs of cameras may be positioned on a front, rear, and sides of the vehicle and detect images of the same number of areas near the vehicle.
Vislab S.r.l.


Wireless communication device

A wireless communication device includes a circuit board, a metal frame, and a slot antenna. The circuit board includes a multiple bandpass filter, a plurality of matching circuits, and a plurality of radio frequency (rf) modules.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Fail-safe device corresponding apparatus and vehicle

A fail-safe device may be coupled to a main device for actuating a switch responsive to a failure. The fail-safe device may include a fail-safe circuit, and an isolation trench surrounding the fail-safe circuit and isolating the fail-safe circuit from the main device.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Field device using a seal board assembly

A seal board includes a circuit board with vias, conductor pins, and solder joints. The solder joints connect and seal each conductor pin to a single via, such that each conductor pin extends through the via and extends from a first side of the circuit board and a second side of the circuit board.
Rosemount Inc.


Radar apparatus

A radar apparatus of the present invention includes an antenna member capable of emitting or receiving microwaves; a feed unit including a plurality of waveguides each having one end connected to a base portion of the antenna member; a radio frequency circuit in contact with the feed unit; an information-processing circuit; a signal line connecting the radio frequency circuit and the information-processing circuit; and a common board equipped with the radio frequency circuit and the information-processing circuit. Since planar positions of the information-processing circuit and the radio frequency circuit on the common board do not overlap with each other, it is possible to downsize the radar apparatus.
Nidec Elesys Corporation


Energy storage device and manufacturing the same

There is provided an energy storage device including: an electrode body; a lid portion; and a case main body having a body portion in a shape of a container which is open on one end side and for housing the electrode body inside itself and a sealing portion for surrounding and retaining the lid portion from an outer periphery on the opening side of the body portion, wherein an outside diameter of the sealing portion is smaller than an outside diameter of the body portion.. .
Gs Yuasa International Ltd.


Organic light-emitting display device

An organic light-emitting display device is provided. The device can include a display area having an organic light-emitting element on a lower substrate; a bezel area surrounding the display area; a transparent encapsulation unit having first and second encapsulation layers, and a first particle cover; and a first buffer layer.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Light-emitting diode with passivation layer

An optoelectronic semiconductor chip includes a carrier substrate; a semiconductor body having a circumferential lateral surface, including a first and a second semiconductor region and, arranged there between, an active zone that generates radiation; and a connection structure including a first and a second conductive connection layer, separated from one another, wherein the first connection layer electrically connects to the first semiconductor region and the second connection layer via at least one plated-through hole electrically connects to the second semiconductor region, wherein the semiconductor body is surrounded by a passivation layer arranged on the lateral surface, and at least one further layer is arranged in a region surrounding the passivation layer.. .
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Mram integration with low-k inter-metal dielectric for reduced parasitic capacitance

Systems and methods of integration of resistive memory elements with logic elements in advanced nodes with improved mechanical stability and reduced parasitic capacitance include a resistive memory element and a logic element formed in a common integration layer extending between a bottom cap layer and a top cap layer. At least a first intermetal dielectric (imd) layer of high-k value is formed in the common integration layer and surrounding at least the resistive memory element, to provide high rigidity and mechanical stability.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Image-sensor structures

An image-sensor structure is provided. The image-sensor structure includes a substrate, a plurality of photoelectric conversion units formed in the substrate, a plurality of separated color filters formed above the substrate and the photoelectric conversion units, a first light shielding layer surrounding the separated color filters, and a first conductive polymer element blended with a low-refractive-index component filled between the individual separated color filters and between the all separated color filters and the first light shielding layer, wherein the first conductive polymer element is electrically connected to a grounding pad..
Visera Technologies Company Limited


Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same

A three dimensional semiconductor memory device includes a vertical channel structure extending in a vertical direction on a substrate; interlayer insulating layers surrounding the vertical channel structure and being stacked in the vertical direction on the substrate, gate electrodes surrounding the vertical channel structure and being disposed between the interlayer insulating layers, corners of the gate electrodes adjacent to the vertical channel structure being rounded, and auxiliary gate insulating patterns disposed between the gate electrodes and the vertical channel structure, wherein a side surface of the auxiliary gate insulating pattern is substantially coplanar with a side surface of the interlayer insulating layer in the vertical direction on the substrate.. .


Package and making the same

A package structure includes a substrate having a first bond pad layer. A silicon bridge layer having one or more redistribution layers therein.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Package-on-package structure and method

A device comprises a top package mounted on a bottom package through a joint structure, wherein the joint structure comprises a solder ball of the top package coupled to a metal structure embedded in the bottom package and an epoxy protection layer having a first edge in direct contact with a top surface of the bottom package and a second edge surrounding a lower portion of the solder ball.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Packaged device with additive substrate surface modification

A method of lead frame surface modification includes providing at least one pre-fabricated metal lead frame or package substrate (substrate) unit including a base metal having a die pad and a plurality of contact regions surrounding the die pad. An ink including a material that is a solid or a precursor for a solid that forms a solid upon a curing step or a sintering step that removes a liquid carrier is additively deposited including onto at least one of (i) a region of the die pad and (ii) at one region of at least a first of the contact regions (first contact region).
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Apparatus and manufacturing fin-fet devices

A method of manufacturing a fin-fet device includes forming a plurality of fins in a substrate, which the substrate includes a center region and a periphery region surrounding the center region. A gate material layer is deposited over the fins, and the gate material layer is etched with an etching gas to form gates, which the etching gas is supplied at a ratio of a flow rate at the center region to a flow rate at the periphery region in a range from 0.33 to 3..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Arrayed embedded magnetic components and methods

Disclosed are apparatus and methods for arrayed embedded magnetic components that include magnetic devices that have a core that is embedded between two or more substrates and a winding pattern surrounding the core that is implemented on and through the two or more substrates. The winding pattern is operable to induce a magnetic flux within the core when energized by a time varying voltage potential.
Radial Electronics, Inc.


Isotope energy conversion and spent nuclear fuel storage systems

The invention provides methods, devices and systems for excimer fluorescence energy conversion from isotopes. Unprocessed spent nuclear fuel can be used as an isotope, and processed spent nuclear fuel can be used as an isotope.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Digital pore alteration methods and systems

A method includes receiving images of a rock sample. The method also includes modifying a set of voxels related to one or more of the received images by applying a digital pore growing operation that changes non-pore voxels surrounding a pore space to pore voxels, wherein the digital pore growing operation is based at least in part on a predetermined dead oil estimate.
Ingrain, Inc.


Spacers of different sizes within seal to limit moisture ingress

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for packaging a display device, such as an electromechanical systems (ems) device, with a seal. In one aspect, the display device includes a seal or sealant surrounding a display region of the display device in contact with and between two substrates.
Pixtronix, Inc.


Information integration and assessment

Aspects of information integration and assessment are described. In one embodiment, one or more individuals are identified for information research.
Airwatch Llc


Rounding floating point numbers

Embodiments disclosed pertain to apparatuses, systems, and methods for floating point operations. Disclosed embodiments pertain to a circuit that is capable of processing both a normal and denormal inputs and outputting normal and denormal results, and where a rounding module is used advantageously to reduce operational latency of the circuit..
Imagination Technologies, Limited


Touch panel having relatively narrow trace area and manufacturing method thereof

Configurations of a touch panel having a relatively narrow trace area and a manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. In the proposed touch panel, the trace area includes a grounding layer, a first insulating layer configured on the grounding layer, and a first sensor trace configured on the first insulating layer..
Henghao Technology Co., Ltd.


Method of trajectory planning for yielding maneuvers

The present disclosure relates to a method of trajectory planning for yielding maneuvers for an ego vehicle (e). The method may include determining a longitudinal safety corridor for the ego vehicle (e) that allows the ego vehicle (e) to longitudinally position itself between two or more surrounding objects, determining a longitudinal trajectory for the ego vehicle (e) respecting bounds given by the longitudinal safety corridor, determining a lateral safety corridor for the ego vehicle (e) using the longitudinal trajectory to determine upper and lower bounds on a lateral position of the ego vehicle (e), and determining a lateral trajectory for the ego vehicle (e) respecting bounds given by the lateral safety corridor.
Volvo Car Corporation


Method and system for an accurate and energy efficient vehicle lane detection

Knowledge of the vehicle's lane position is required for several location-based services such as advanced driver assistance systems, driverless cars, and predicting driver's intent, among many other emerging applications. We present lanequest: a system and method that leverages the ubiquitous and low-energy inertial sensors available in commodity smart-phones to provide an accurate estimate of the vehicle's current lane.
Umm-al-qura University


Device for cancellation of large magnetic susceptibility artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging of patients with pacemakers and implantable cardiac defibrillators

The present invention is directed to a system and method for reducing large magnetic artifact susceptibility in magnetic resonance imaging. The present invention is used to maximize cancellation of the magnetic field distortion cremated when objects with high variations in magnetic susceptibility are placed in a uniform magnetic field.
The Johns Hopkins University


Printed board with wiring pattern for detecting deterioration, and manufacturing the same

A printed board with a wiring pattern for detecting deterioration includes an insulating substrate, a wiring pattern group that is formed on the insulating substrate and includes a wiring pattern for detecting deterioration; and a solder resist covering the wiring pattern group, in which the board has a thin film section, and a thick film section in which a thickness of the solder resist is larger than the thin film section, and the wiring pattern for detecting deterioration is formed in the thin film section whose entire surrounding area or partial surrounding area is surrounded by the thick film section.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Gas sensor element, gas sensor, and manufacturing gas sensor element

A gas sensor element (10) includes a first composite ceramic layer (111) having a plate-shaped first surrounding portion (112) formed of an insulating ceramic and including a through hole inner-perimetric-surface (115) which defines a through hole (112h), and a plate-shaped first electrolyte portion (121) formed of a solid electrolyte ceramic, disposed in the through hole (112h), and including an electrolyte outer-perimetric-surface (125) in contact with the through hole inner-perimetric-surface (115). The electrolyte outer-perimetric-surface (125) of the first electrolyte portion (121) is sloped toward an exterior of the first electrolyte portion (121) as it approaches one side dt1.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.


Sensor module for measuring a pressure of a fluid with at least one electronic circuit, particularly an integrated circuit, arranged on a circuit carrier, and at least one pressure measuring chip

In a sensor module for measuring a pressure of a fluid, having at least one supporting element, at least one electronic circuit, particularly an integrated circuit, arranged on at least one circuit carrier, and with at least one pressure measuring chip that has at least one pressure measuring membrane, wherein at least sections of the circuit carrier are surrounded by a protective material to protect it from surrounding fluids, it is provided as essential to the invention that the pressure measuring chip and the circuit carrier are arranged vertically one underneath the other, and that the pressure measuring chip is at least partially mechanically decoupled from the supporting element.. .
Hella Kgaa Hueck & Co.


Flow cell modules and liquid sample analyzers and methods including same

A flow cell for a fluorescence spectrometer includes a flow channel to receive a flow of a liquid sample, an excitation light entrance window to receive excitation light from a light source, and an emission light exit window to transmit fluorescent emission light from the liquid sample in the flow channel from the flow cell. The excitation light entrance window and/or emission light exit window includes a waveguide including: a waveguide core formed of a core material; and a cladding medium surrounding a portion of the waveguide core, wherein the cladding medium has a refractive index less than the refractive index of the core material.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.


Domestic gas-fired water heater condensing flue system

A domestic gas-fired water heater condensing flue system wherein in one embodiment a blower is secured at the outlet end of the flue pipe to direct the hot flue gases through an external heat exchange flue conduit. The external heat exchange flue conduit has a sealed water channel surrounding a narrow flue gas internal passage.
Miclau-s.r.i. Inc.


Fuel nozzle

A fuel nozzle includes a center body and a shroud circumferentially surrounding at least a portion of the center body to define an annular passage between the center body and the shroud. A plurality of vanes extend radially between the center body and the shroud in the annular passage.
General Electric Company


Illumination optical system with tunable beam angle

An illumination optical system with a tunable beam angle (iostba) is presented to achieve different beam angles without changing parts. The iostba includes a light source and a post having a proximal end and a distal end, the proximal end in optical communication with the light source, an internal area of the post having a reflective surface.
Osram Sylvania Inc.



A plug for use in sealing a hole and surrounding surfaces of a substrate while a coating is being applied to that substrate. The plug comprises a shank provided with a head and a blind bore extending through its centre.
Dubuis Et Cie


Internal combustion engine cylinder flow deflector

An internal combustion engine includes a cylinder case forming a cylinder bore having a centerline and an inner bore surface. A piston disposed within the cylinder bore forms a crown surface.
Caterpillar Inc.


Apparatus & methods for mechanically coupling a sealing system around the opening to an underground borehole

Apparatus useful for providing a liquid-tight seal around an opening formed in the earth's surface includes a reusable load-supporting surface having at least two sealingly interconnected mats surrounding and spaced-away from the borehole opening. At least one flexible, planar spanner is configured to extend between the borehole wall and mats.
Newpark Mats & Integrated Services Llc


Transportable packaging unit and producing said type of packaging unit

The invention relates to a transportable packaging unit (10), having a packaging content (11), a covering (12) surrounding the packaging content (11) and connecting means (15a-d) connecting the packaging content (11) and the covering (12). The covering (12) has an outer shape which can roll.
Wrh Walter Reist Holding Ag


System and palletless shipment of gas cylinder arrays

A system and method are provided for palletless shipment of gas cylinder arrays. A three-dimensional array of gas cylinders is formed from a plurality of vertically-stacked two-dimensional subarrays.


Saddle type vehicle

A saddle type vehicle includes a parking operator for allowing the lever to be lengthened without affecting the surrounding members. A parking lever is arranged more forward than the tip of a first finger of an operator when the first finger is fully extended forward.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Robot cleaner and control method thereof

A control method for a robot cleaner includes acquiring a plurality of images of surroundings during travel of the robot cleaner in a cleaning area, estimating a plurality of room-specific feature distributions according to a rule defined for each of a plurality of rooms, based on the images acquired while acquiring the plurality of images, acquiring an image of surroundings at a current position of the robot cleaner, obtaining a comparison reference group including a plurality of room feature distributions by applying the rule for each of the plurality of rooms to the image acquired while acquiring the image at the current position, comparing the obtained comparison reference group with the estimated room-specific feature distributions, and determining a room from the plurality of rooms having the robot cleaner currently located therein.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Systems and methods for treatment of cabin surfaces and air

Embodiments relate generally to systems and methods for treating passenger transportation vehicle cabin surfaces and surrounding air. The methods may use organic leds to produce ultraviolet light.
Mag Aerospace Industries, Llc


Actives for stimulating differentiation of keratinocytes to lighten hyperpigmented skin

A method is provided for identifying a material having an efficacy for reducing color contrast between a hyperpigmented skin lesion and skin surrounding the hyperpigmented skin lesion without directly affecting melanocytes or melanogenesis. The method includes the steps of applying a composition containing a material to be tested to the hyperpigmented skin lesion; and after an interval of time, observing whether the composition has effected at least one of inhibiting proliferation of keratinocytes, stimulating differentiation of keratinocytes, and improving compressive deformation of dermal papillae, in a basal layer of epidermis in the hyperpigmented lesion of skin..
Elc Management Llc


Non-cylindrical dental implant system

A dental implant includes an upper connector portion and lower implantation portion, the connector portion receiving a dental crown or similar prosthesis, the implantation portion having rectangular cross section and linear vertical profile with machine taper. An outer surface of the implantation portion provides frictional fit with a correspondingly shaped surrounding bone surface.
Fraunhofer Usa, Inc.


Thoracic biopsy instrument with bipolar sealing and blade technology

A biopsy instrument for removing nodes such as lymph nodes may include one or more of a blade for mechanical cutting of the ducts that connect the node to surrounding tissue and/or an energy emitter for emitting energy to seal the ducts and/or contribute to the gentle removal of the node from its connecting ducts. The biopsy instrument may include a ring clamp assembly made up of two opposing ring structures that may be clamped together such that the desired tissue sample (e.g., a lymph node) is captured within the inside opening of the clamped rings.
Covidien Lp


Energy-based lymph node dissection device

A biopsy instrument for removing nodes such as lymph nodes may include one or more of a blade for mechanical cutting of the ducts that connect the node to surrounding tissue and/or an energy emitter for emitting energy to seal the ducts and/or contribute to the gentle removal of the node from its connecting ducts. The biopsy instrument may include a ring clamp assembly made up of two opposing ring structures that may be clamped together such that the desired tissue sample (e.g., a lymph node) is captured within the inside opening of the clamped rings.
Covidien Lp


Vacuum pressure regulators for use during blood collection

A regulator for in-line modulation of the flow rate of fluid during blood collection includes a fluid transfer device for transferring fluid from a patient to a collection device. The fluid transfer device comprises a fluid passageway defined by a tubular sidewall and a flexible member associated with a portion of the tubular sidewall.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Body for cultivation of a plant

Body for cultivation of a plant, comprising a growing medium. The body has a longitudinal axis and an external surface defined by: an upper surface part; a lower surface part opposite to the upper surface part; an outer surface part; and an inner surface part opposite to the outer surface part.
Edc Horti-services B.v.


Grounding pattern structure for high-frequency connection pad of circuit board

Disclosed is a grounding pattern structure for high-frequency connection pads of a circuit board. A substrate of the circuit board includes a component surface on which at least a pair of high-frequency connection pads.
Advanced Flexible Circuits Co., Ltd.


Information processing device, communication apparatus, terminal, communication processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

According to one embodiment, an information processing device includes a first circuitry and a second circuitry. The first circuitry specifies information potential to be requested by an application and acquires the information over a network before the information is requested by the application.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Information output apparatus and computer readable medium

An information output apparatus for displaying information such as advertisements increases viewers' attention. A plurality of advertisement videos (id=1, 2, .
Casio Computer Co., Ltd.


Estimating quality of a video signal

Method, device and computer program product for estimating quality of a video signal, wherein frames of the video signal are received at receiving means of the device, each frame comprising a plurality of blocks of pixels. A section of a first frame of the video signal, which is correctly received, is used to provide a concealed block for use in place of a block of a second frame of the video signal.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Depth sensors

An example of a computing system is described herein. The computing system can include a processor to process data and a sensor to collect data about an environment surrounding the computing system.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Customizable compact disposable smartphone vehicle mount for enhancing accessibility, viewing, communications, and safety

A customizable, compact, and disposable smartphone tab is disclosed that can detachably attach to the backside of a mobile phone device or its protective case, allowing a mobile phone device to mate with a phone tab mount, while not obstructing the mobile phone's camera lens, flash, speakers, and microphone which require unobstructed exposure to its surrounding environment. In one embodiment, the phone tab has a plurality of removable adhesive sections allowing for a customized unobstructed fit on the backside of a smartphone device.

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