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Rounding patents

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Semiconductor light-emitting device

Universal heeled shoe protector

Apparatus and method of treating a vein with thermal energy

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 System and method for monitoring entry of object into surrounding area of robot patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for monitoring entry of object into surrounding area of robot
A monitoring system monitors entry of an object into a surrounding area of a robot. The monitoring system includes visible light irradiation section, a sensor section and a monitoring control unit.
 Neural prosthetic with touch-like sensing patent thumbnailnew patent Neural prosthetic with touch-like sensing
An apparatus and method is related to providing sensing functions that are similar to “human touch” when located in a prosthetic device such as a bion microstimulator that is implanted in a patient. The apparatus includes a power circuit, a communication circuit and a sensor circuit.
 Cement-directing orthopedic implants patent thumbnailnew patent Cement-directing orthopedic implants
A cement-directing structure for use in cement-injection bone therapy includes a collapsible, self-restoring braided structure with regions of differential permeability to the bone cement. The regions of differential permeability may be provided by areas where the braided mesh density is greater or lesser than surrounding areas and/or by means of a baffle.
 Electrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods patent thumbnailnew patent Electrosurgical instruments, electrosurgical device, and associated methods
The present invention relates to an electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical device and related methods. According to the present invention, a water vapor which is formed during fusion is neutralized by a cooling fluid in order to prevent thermal damage of surrounding tissue..
 Apparatus and method of treating a vein with thermal energy patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method of treating a vein with thermal energy
A method of delivering therapy to a treatment volume of a vein of a patient includes inserting a vapor delivery shaft into the vein at an entry location. The vein is fluidly coupled with other veins in a venous vasculature of the patient.
 Use of local anesthesia and electrical stimulation in peripheral wound treatment patent thumbnailnew patent Use of local anesthesia and electrical stimulation in peripheral wound treatment
A wound therapy method that results in improved wound healing for conditions including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and arterial and venous ulcers is described. The wound therapy method uses local anesthetic injections in an area surrounding the wound combined with electrical stimulation causing local and deep muscle contraction in the same area.
 Method and apparatus for treatment of pathogens including viruses and bacteries patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for treatment of pathogens including viruses and bacteries
A method for disrupting or destroying selected pathogens located within the body of an organism the method including the non-invasive administration to pre-selected locations on or in the organism of an amount of low intensity ultrasonic energy, effective to disrupt or destroy the selected pathogens but not deleteriously affect the organism, the low intensity ultrasonic energy falling within predefined ranges of frequencies, wherein the predefined range of frequencies is one or more ranges of frequencies at which the low intensity ultrasonic energy has optimal effectiveness in disrupting or destroying a particular pathogen, and the intensity of the low intensity ultrasonic energy falling within predefined ranges of intensity, wherein the predefined range of intensity of low intensity ultrasonic energy is such as to allow for disruption or destruction of the selected pathogens but not deleteriously affect tissue of the organism surrounding the selected pathogens.. .
 Medical apparatus for fluid communication patent thumbnailnew patent Medical apparatus for fluid communication
This disclosure describes embodiments of a kit and its constituent components which together form an apparatus in which fluid communication between a medical device's lumen and the surrounding environment is provided by a conduit cooperatively defined by the medical device and a tubular member into which the device is inserted. The medical device and tubular member are configured to fit together such that an outer surface of the distal region of the medical device cooperates with an inner surface of the tubular member to define the conduit between the side-port of the medical device and a distal end of the tubular member.
 Pericardial space imaging for cardiac support device implantation patent thumbnailnew patent Pericardial space imaging for cardiac support device implantation
A method for implanting a cardiac support device (csd) on a patient's heart. An amount of contrast agent sufficient to cause structures on the heart to be visible upon fluoroscopic or other imaging is introduced into the pericardial space surrounding the heart.
 Electrical connector having terminal portions in specific arrangement and a grounding plate for excellent high-frequency characteristics patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical connector having terminal portions in specific arrangement and a grounding plate for excellent high-frequency characteristics
A receptacle electrical connector includes a metallic shell, an insulating bracket defining a receiving cavity, an upper member including a base portion and a mating portion and a lower insulating member distinct from and assembled with the base portion. The upper member is loaded with upper contacts with contacting portions arranged on an upper surface of the mating portion and a shielding plate is located between the upper and lower surface of the upper member.
new patent Electrical connector with improved terminals
An electrical connector includes an insulative housing defining a plurality of terminal slots. A plurality of conductive terminals are retained in the insulative housing and arranged in a row, each terminal includes a retaining portion received in the terminal slot, a contacting portion extending forwardly from a front portion of the retaining portion, a soldering portion extending outside of the insulative housing from the retaining portion and a resilient contacting arm extending forwardly from a rear portion of the retaining portion.
new patent Daughtercard and backplane connectors
An electrical connector system includes a backplane connector and a daughtercard connector coupled to the backplane connector. The backplane connector includes a housing holding a plurality of backplane contact assemblies that are movable relative to the housing and each have a center contact and an outer shell surrounding the center contact configured to be terminated to coaxial cables.
new patent Contact structure of semiconductor device
A method of fabricating a semiconductor device comprises epitaxially-growing a strained material in a cavity of a substrate comprising a major surface and the cavity, the cavity being below the major surface. A lattice constant of the strained material is different from a lattice constant of the substrate.
new patent Fabrication method of semiconductor package having electrical connecting structures
A semiconductor package having electrical connecting structures includes: a conductive layer having a die pad and traces surrounding the die pad; a chip; bonding wires; an encapsulant with a plurality of cavities having a depth greater than the thickness of the die pad and traces for embedding the die pad and the traces therein, and the cavities exposing the die pad and the traces; a solder mask layer formed in the cavities and having a plurality of openings for exposing the trace ends and a portion of the die pad; and solder balls formed in the openings and electrically connected to the trace ends. Engaging the solder mask layer with the encapsulant enhances adhesion strength of the solder mask layer so as to prolong the moisture permeation path and enhance package reliability..
new patent Rechargeable battery
A rechargeable battery includes an electrode assembly including first electrodes and second electrodes, a casing including a space in which the electrode assembly is embedded, a cap plate combined with the casing, and a first thin film insulating member fused with the casing and surrounding the casing.. .
new patent Rubber composite cord for a tread of a pneumatic tire
A composite cord includes a rubber core and a rubber sheath surrounding, at least in part, the rubber core. A formulation of the core is different from that of the sheath.
new patent Method of manufacturing a flexible flat cable
A flexible flat cable which includes wire cores, insulation coating layers surrounding the wire cores, shield coating layers surrounding the insulation coating layers, an upper insulation plate layer formed on the shield coating layers, a lower insulation plate layer formed under the shield coating layers and opposite to the upper insulation plate layer, and a shield plate layer formed under the lower insulation plate layer.. .
new patent Multi-region chewing gum composition including isomalt gum region
The present invention relates to chewing or bubble gum compositions that include a first region composition and a second, or gum, region adjacent to or surrounding the first region. The first region composition may be a center-fill composition, such as a liquid-fill composition.
new patent Vacuum vibration press for forming engineered composite stone slabs
A vacuum vibration press manufactures engineered stone slabs that are equal or superior in appearance and physical properties to slabs manufactured using a conventional breton press, while weighing less, costing less to manufacture, providing shorter press cycle times, requiring less resin, and consuming less energy. In addition to providing a vibration device above the slab, the press also includes a second vibration device below the slab, which replaces the massive inertial base of a breton press.
new patent Template, manufacturing method of the template, and position measuring method in the template
According to one embodiment, provided is a template in which a transfer region on which a first pattern to be transferred to a processing target is arranged and a non-transfer region surrounding the transfer region are formed on a principal surface of a template substrate. The template includes a second pattern used to measure deviation of a pattern formed on the template substrate from a design position in at least the transfer region.
new patent Tissue thickness compensator configured to redistribute compressive forces
A tissue thickness compensator may generally comprise a compressible core comprising a plurality of movable particles, and a wrap surrounding the compressible core. The plurality of movable particles may comprise at least one medicament.
new patent Sorbent media exhaustion indicator
A sorbent media exhaustion indicator produces color change when the sorbent media is saturated. The indicator's fluid inlet attach to the fluid outlet of a sorbent media device such as filter.
new patent Turbomachine having swirl-inhibiting seal
Various embodiments include a turbomachine including a swirl-inhibiting seal. In various particular embodiments, a turbomachine includes: a rotor section having sets of axially disposed blades; a diaphragm section at least partially surrounding the rotor section, the diaphragm section including a set of nozzles positioned between adjacent sets of axially disposed blades, wherein the set of nozzles includes at least one nozzle having: a base section coupled to the diaphragm section; a blade coupled to the base section; and a radial tip section coupled to a radial end of the blade, the radial tip section including an axially extending flange having a slot extending therethrough for controlling fluid flow within the turbomachine..
new patent Energy diffusing wear ring and methods thereof
An energy diffusion sealing ring [872] for use with a hydrocyclone or pump is provided. The energy diffusion sealing ring [872] comprises a sacrificial suspension matrix [872a] comprised of a polymer, elastomer, or combination thereof, and a number of packed inserts [872b] suspended in the matrix [872].
new patent Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
new patent Method for representing surroundings
A method for environmental representation, in which two images of an environment (u) are taken respectively and a disparity image is determined by means of stereo image processing. An unobstructed free space (f) is identified in the disparity image, in that each pixel of the disparity image is allocated either to the unobstructed ground surface (b) or to one of several segments (s11 to snu) depending on disparity values of the respective pixel.
new patent Optical device for semiconductor based lamp
An optical device for a semiconductor based lamp comprises a semiconductor based light-emitting device and a light-redirecting member. The light-redirecting member has a reflective surface that redirects at least some of the light emitted from the semiconductor-based light-emitting device ambiently, away from the lamp, and into the surrounding environment in divergent lateral and at least partially downward directions, without further reflection.
new patent Electromagnetic interference reduction assembly for a transmission of a vehicle
An electromagnetic interference reduction assembly for a transmission is disclosed. A transmission casing includes a base and walls extending outwardly away from the base to a distal edge.
new patent Apparatus for split wire routing in a bracket for a device
Techniques for efficient routing of wires and electrical components within a device are disclosed. A wire can be routed, for example, in the space between two battery cells (or other components/structures) with the use of a bracket inserted between the cells to provide structural support.
new patent Method for determining degradation of thermoplastics
A method of determining degradation of a thermoplastic when exposed to light and heat includes illuminating the thermoplastic with a desired wavelength of light at a desired irradiance while maintaining the ambient air surrounding the thermoplastic at a desired temperature. The method is useful to measure the discoloration rate of transparent, translucent and opaque thermoplastics such as polycarbonates, the discoloration rate being determined by transmission or reflectance spectra of transmitted or reflected white light through or from the thermoplastic..
new patent Illumination device, display device and television receiving device
A display device (10) according to the present invention includes: a liquid crystal panel (11) having a display area (s1) and a frame shaped non-display area (s2) surrounding the periphery of the display area (s1); a transmissive frame section (61) that is provided on the edge part on the side of the rear surface (11b) of the liquid crystal panel (11), and that is formed into frame shape through which light can pass; and light sources (17) that are disposed inside the transmissive frame section (61), and that radiate light onto the rear surface of the liquid crystal panel (11). As a result, even if the width of the non-display area (s2) is set to be narrow, display anomalies can be prevented from occurring in the periphery of the display area (s1)..
new patent Self-grounding transmitting portable camera controller for use with pipe inspection system
A portable camera controller for use with a pipe inspection system is disclosed. The controller may include an onboard display, usb ports, wireless capability, and a built-in transmitter for energizing a pipe-inspection cable for tracing purposes.
new patent Multi-pitching angle suspended 3d display device with 360-degree field of view
This invention discloses a multi-pitching angle suspended space 3d display device with 360° fov, comprising: a transmitted composite deflective diffusing screen, a high speed projector, an image generator, a detecting module and a rotating drive mechanism. The high speed projector projects the composite images of the 3d objects of different pitching angles and horizontal 360° views to the composite deflective diffusing screen that rotates at a high speed.
new patent Light emitting device and electronic equipment using the same
A light emitting device is provided which is capable of displaying in desired colors stably by controlling a change in luminance of oled when an organic light emitting layer is degraded or there is a change in temperature of the surroundings. A reference value for the amount of current flowing into a pixel portion is calculated from data of a video signal.
new patent Electrophoretic display and method for driving panel thereof
An electrophoretic display and method for driving panel using the same are provided. The electrophoretic display includes a display panel and a driving circuit.
new patent Antenna and electronic device
An antenna includes: a first conductor layer including a first split ring part surrounding a first opening part, the first split ring part having a first split part provided at a portion in a circumferential direction, the first split ring part being continuous in an approximate c-shape; a second conductor layer including a second split ring part opposing the first split ring part, the second split ring part surrounding a second opening part, the second split ring part having a second split part at a portion in a circumferential direction, the second split ring part being continuous in an approximate c-shape; a plurality of conductor vias provided with an interval in a circumferential direction of the first split part and the second split part, the conductor vias electrically connecting the first split ring part and the second split ring part; and a power feed line provided on a conductor layer different from the first conductor layer, the power feed line having a first end and second end, the firs end being electrically connected to at least one of the conductor vias, the second end spanning the first and the second opening parts and extending to a region opposing the first split ring part.. .
new patent Method for the computer-assisted processing of the vicinity of a vehicle
A method for computer-supported processing of the vicinity of a vehicle includes detecting the surroundings of a vehicle and providing surroundings data by a sensor system. The surroundings data may be processed to ascertain, for pre-specified sections of the surroundings of the vehicle, a specific distance to objects detected by the sensor system.
new patent Electronic testing method of in-cell touch screen
A method of electrically testing an in-cell touch screen is disclosed. The in-cell touch screen includes a display electrode, a driving line, and a detecting line.
new patent Light emitting device package
A light emitting device package includes a substrate, a light emitting device disposed on the substrate, a reflector surrounding the light emitting device, and an encapsulant encapsulating the light emitting device. The reflector includes a silicon-based polymer which is a main body portion, and a silicon oxide layer disposed at least on a portion of a surface of the silicon-based polymer..
new patent Display apparatus and the sealing method thereof
This disclosure provides a display apparatus and the sealing method thereof. The display apparatus includes: a substrate having a displaying region and a non-displaying region surrounding the displaying region; and a frit disposed on the non-displaying region to form a closed loop which surrounds the displaying region and has both a start portion and an end portion not overlapping each other; wherein a first light beam is applied to the frit to sinter it along the loop in a first direction, and a second light beam is applied to the frit to sinter it along the loop in a second direction, starting at the start portion and ending up at the end portion; wherein, the second direction is different from the first direction..
new patent Methods and apparatus of packaging of semiconductor devices
Methods and apparatuses for forming an under-bump metallization (ubm) pad above a dielectric layer are disclosed. The dielectric layer may be above a metal layer and comprises a first opening and a second opening surrounding the first opening, which divide the dielectric layer into a first area and a second area.
new patent Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
A semiconductor package and a method of manufacturing the same are provided. The semiconductor package includes: a substrate having a plurality of conductive lands and a plurality of bonding pads surrounding the conductive lands formed on a surface thereof; a plurality of passive devices mounted on the conductive lands; an insulation layer formed on the surface and having a portion of the passive devices embedded therein; a semiconductor chip mounted on a top surface of the insulation layer; a plurality of bonding wires electrically connecting the semiconductor chip and the bonding pads; an encapsulant formed on the surface of the substrate to encapsulate the insulation layer, the bonding wires and the semiconductor chip, wherein a region of the semiconductor chip projected onto the substrate covers a portion of an outermost one of the passive devices.
new patent Process and apparatus for transforming nitridation/oxidation at edges, and protecting edges of magnetoresistive tunnel junction (mtj) layers
Material surrounding a magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) device region of a multi-layer starting structure is etched, forming an mtj device pillar having an mtj layer with a chemically damaged peripheral edge region. De-nitridation or de-oxidation, or both, restore the chemically damaged peripheral region to form an edge-restored mtj layer.
new patent Semiconductor light-emitting device
A semiconductor light-emitting device can include a wavelength converting layer including a surrounding portion, which covers at least one semiconductor light-emitting chip in order to emit various colored lights including white light. The semiconductor light-emitting device can include a substrate, a frame located on the substrate, the chip mounted on the substrate, a transparent material layer located on the wavelength converting layer so as to reduce from the wavelength converting layer toward a light-emitting surface thereof, and a reflective material layer disposed at least between the frame and both side surfaces of the wavelength converting layer and the transparent material layer.
new patent Wire-last integration method and structure for iii-v nanowire devices
In one aspect, a method of fabricating a nanowire fet device includes the following steps. A layer of iii-v semiconductor material is formed on an soi layer of an soi wafer.
new patent Wire-last integration method and structure for iii-v nanowire devices
In one aspect, a method of fabricating a nanowire fet device includes the following steps. A layer of iii-v semiconductor material is formed on an soi layer of an soi wafer.
new patent One transistor and one resistive random access memory (rram) structure with spacer
The present disclosure provides a resistive random access memory (rram) cells and methods of making the same. The rram cell includes a transistor and an rram structure.
new patent Retrofit fence panels
A retrofit panel for attachment to a land barrier comprising a base, where the base includes a front face and a back face; a set of reinforced edges surrounding the base, where the set reinforced edges include a pair of side edges, a top edge and a bottom edge; a plurality of attachment means to fasten the set of reinforced edges to the land barrier; and a veneer on the front face of the base, where the veneer has the appearance of a land barrier. The retrofit panel provides the appearance of a fence or brick wall once aligned next to each other along the entire barrier..
new patent Metallized film-over-foam contacts
A metallized film-over-foam contact suitable for circuit grounding of surface mount technology devices generally includes a silicone foam resilient core member, a solderable electrically conductive layer, and an adhesive bonding the solderable electrically conductive layer to the resilient core member. The adhesive has no more than a maximum of 900 parts per million chlorine, no more than a maximum of 900 parts per million bromine, and no more than a maximum of 1,500 parts per million total halogens..
new patent Welding tool comprising a shoulder, welding method and workpiece
A welding tool for connecting at least two workpieces at a connection region by friction stir welding includes a shoulder that separates the connection region from the surroundings. The shoulder is designed as a molding tool to mold during the friction stir welding..
new patent Adhesive melter having pump mounted into heated housing
A melter includes a heater unit for melting adhesive, a reservoir for receiving melted adhesive from the heater unit, and a pump in fluid communication with the reservoir and located within a heated housing. The heated housing heats the pump during startup and regular operation of the adhesive melter, thereby reducing delays in operation caused by slow warming of adhesive within the pump.
new patent Gas circuit breaker
An outer peripheral wall surrounds a heating chamber that communicates with an arc chamber through an opening that separates fixed contacts from each other in a circumferential direction. The outer peripheral wall includes a heat-resistive cylindrical heat-flow receiving wall portion that is arranged at a position opposed to the opening in a radial direction, and a cylindrical wall portion that is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion in a direction of a center axis and also connected to a fixed-side energizing member at its one end on the opposite side to where the wall portion is connected to the heat-flow receiving wall portion, and is made of an insulating material.
new patent Combination packaging container and method of producing it
A combination packaging container includes a beaker-shaped inner container with a container jacket, a base and a flange projecting out from the container jacket in the region of its open end, as well as a sleeve-shaped outer part surrounding the inner container at its container jacket with end regions spaced apart from one another in the direction of a longitudinal axis. The inner container is laid against and molded onto an internal face of the sleeve-shaped outer part.
new patent Medical container
The medical container includes a container body having a proximal end opening, a proximal-end edge portion surrounding the proximal end opening, a plug body sealing a mouth section; a bag body including an edge portion fixed in a fluid-tight manner to the proximal-end edge portion, and a flexible reversing part surrounded by the edge portion. In a first state, the reversing part expands toward a distal end side and in a second state the reversing part expands toward a proximal end side.
new patent Apparatuses for transferring discrete articles
The present disclosure is directed to a transfer assembly for transferring discrete articles from or to a moving carrier member. The transfer assembly comprises a frame defining a rotation axis.
new patent Ground connection structure for shield wire
There are provided: a shield projecting portion (4a) being a part of a shield layer (4) of a shield wire (1) projected outside of an exterior covering (5) to be exposed; an annular member for grounding (10, 10a, 10b) disposed in a position surrounding an outer circumference of the shield wire (1) and including a housing chamber (12, 22) having an opening (13) along an annular shape of the annular member for grounding and being configured to house the shield projecting portion (4a) and a ground wire (7) inserted from the opening (13); and a push-in member (20, 20b) inserted from the opening (13) and housed in the housing chamber (12, 22) after insertion of the ground wire (7) and the shield projecting portion (4a) to bring the shield projecting portion (4a) and the ground wire (7) into close contact with each other.. .
new patent Decorative devices, and methods for making and using same
A disclosed decorative device includes an elongate, flexible foam body, an elongate, pliable core element, a pair of adapters, and a pair of end pieces. A method for making the decorative device is described, as is a method for retaining hair using the decorative device.
new patent Cushion for a respiratory mask assembly
A respiratory mask assembly including a frame and a cushion provided to the frame. The cushion including a non-face contacting portion removably attached to the frame and a face-contacting portion adapted to engage a patient's face.
new patent Spark ignition device for an internal combustion engine and central electrode assembly therefore
A spark ignition device includes a ceramic insulator with a metal shell surrounding at least a portion of the ceramic insulator. A ground electrode is attached to the shell.
new patent Shower head unit and chemical vapor deposition apparatus
A chemical vapor deposition apparatus comprises a chamber, a chamber lead having a gas in port configured to receive a reaction gas, the chamber lead connected to a top surface of the chamber to seal up the chamber, a shower head connected to the chamber lead, the shower head having a plurality of spray holes separated from each other for spraying the reaction gas onto the surface of a wafer in the chamber, and a protrusion surrounding the spray holes on the bottom surface of the shower head so that an induction groove is provided inside the protrusion, wherein the plurality of spray holes have a plurality of main holes and a plurality of supplementary holes, each of the main holes is uniformly arranged in each corner of a square-grid pattern across the shower head and each of the supplementary holes is disposed at each centerpoint of the square-grid pattern.. .
new patent Universal heeled shoe protector
A universal heeled shoe protector for mounting to a heeled shoe to protect the heeled shoe from moisture and other potentially damaging elements. The protector includes a relatively flexible covering for surrounding the heeled shoe.
new patent Techniques for split wire routing for a bracket in a device
Techniques for efficient split wire routing of wires and electrical components within a device are disclosed. A split wire routing is discussed with a common start and end point but allows divergent paths for individual and/or groups of wires.
new patent Central vacuum cleaner apparatus
A central vacuum cleaner having a housing, a suction chamber, a suction motor at an upper end of the suction chamber, a suction motor inlet, a dirt receptacle, a suction chamber inlet into the suction chamber, and a filter bag between the suction chamber inlet and the suction motor inlet cover. The suction motor has an impeller axis and a suction motor inlet located on and surrounding the impeller axis.
new patent Glueless pocketed spring unit construction
Methods and systems for no-glue pocketed spring unit construction. Rows of pocketed springs, preferably arranged into modules of more than two pocketed springs surrounding a central hole, are ultrasonically welded together when paired vibrating probes and anvils press layers of pocketed spring fabric from the rows of pocketed springs together and a welding pulse is transmitted to the vibrating probe..
new patent Bolster attachment system for an adjustable bed
A bed frame with a support structure has a rigid structural frame for carrying an articulating structure for an adjustable bed. The support structure extends substantially to the extents of the articulating structure in an unarticulated position and has a padded bolster.
Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same
An electronic apparatus and a method of controlling the same, receives a user's current use state information including at least one of current user information and surrounding environment information, determines a user's current state by comparing the received current use state information with intention pattern information in which a user's intention is patterned and previously stored in association with a plurality of functions or information providable by the electronic apparatus, and automatically proposes a function corresponding to the determined user's state among the plurality of functions or information providable by the electronic apparatus. Thus, a user's intention or needs is determined to actively propose a proper function so that a user can conveniently use the function..
Systems and methods for investigating a formation surrounding a borehole
A method, a system, and an apparatus are described for the data acquisition in the well-logging of a borehole wall during the investigation of formation properties. Data acquisition is conducted by either an adaptive phase compensation processing or a modulus mode processing, both of which use in-phase and out-of-phase current components to obtain current values.
Driver assistance system and method for operating a driver assistance system
A driver assistance system for a vehicle including: a detection device for detecting the vehicle surroundings, a position determination device for determining a vehicle position relative to the vehicle surroundings, a database having an ontological data structure in which traffic rules are implemented, a linker for linking the detected vehicle surroundings and the vehicle position to the ontological data structure to form a linked data structure, and an evaluator for evaluating the linked data structure. Also described is a method for operating a driver assistance system for a vehicle..
Device and method for triggering a vehicle occupant protection means, triggering system and vehicle
A device for triggering an occupant protection means of a vehicle has an environment sensor for monitoring a surrounding environment of the vehicle, the environment sensor being adapted so as to output an environment signal in response to an impending collision of the vehicle. The device further has a triggering device that is adapted to acquire, within a peripheral area of the vehicle, a physical quantity indicating a collision that has taken place, and to produce a collision signal based on the physical quantity, and that is adapted to make a triggering decision for the occupant protection means as a function of the environment signal and of the collision signal..
Bioelectric battery for implantable device applications
A bioelectric battery may be used to power implantable devices. The bioelectric battery may have an anode electrode and a cathode electrode separated by an insulating member comprising a tube having a first end and a second end, wherein said anode is inserted into said first end of said tube and said cathode surrounds said tube such that the tube provides a support for the cathode electrode.
Implantable transient nerve stimulation device
The invention generally relates to an implantable, tunable, and bioresorbable medical device for nerve stimulation within a body of a patient for pain management. The medical device includes a substrate, a circuit configured to provide stimulation to a target tissue, and a material surrounding the substrate and the circuit.
Method and apparatus for tissue ablation
Devices and methods for tissue ablation include injecting a conductive medium into a target tissue and then delivering an ablative agent to the conductive medium to ablate the target tissue. Optionally, the contents of the target tissue are removed using the ablation device prior to injection of the conductive medium.
Intervertebral disc treatment apparatus
A method of at least partially removing the nucleus pulposus of an intervertebral disc comprising the nucleus and an annulus surrounding the nucleus is described. The method comprises the steps of : insonating the nucleus with ultrasound thereby to cause at least partial fragmentation of the nucleus; and extracting at least part of the fragmented nucleus.
Optical detection of carotenoid-related compounds in human bone and surrounding tissues
The present invention is directed to measuring the levels of carotenoids and other similar chemical compounds that are present in varying degrees in human bone and surrounding tissues. The invention permits non-contact, quantitative measurements of carotenoid levels of tissues, exposed during surgery, from a safe distance.
Trans-urethral sling delivery device
Technologies are generally provided for a trans-urethral sling delivery device for deploying a sub-urethral sling to support a urethra to treat urinary incontinence. A trocar and a delivery tube may be advanced through the urethra, and the trocar may puncture a hole in the urethral wall.

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