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Rounding patents

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Method and device for controlling a headlamp of a vehicle

Terrain classification system for a vehicle

Method and device for controlling and monitoring the surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 Method and system for downloading in ubiquitous network by means of multicast patent thumbnailMethod and system for downloading in ubiquitous network by means of multicast
A method and system for downloading in a ubiquitous network by means of multicast are disclosed. The method includes: after requesting to download a media service, a terminal acquires, from a tracing server, an address of a cache server corresponding to the media service, and requests the cache server to transmit the media service; after receiving the request, the cache server triggers a context server to determine, according to a preset multicast terminal threshold value, whether a condition for triggering multicast is met; when the condition for triggering multicast is met, the cache server cooperates with the context server and a joint radio resource management server to determine a plurality of terminals participating in multicast and a multicast channel; and the cache server sending data of the media service to each terminal on the multicast channel via a resource control node.
 Method and device for controlling a headlamp of a vehicle patent thumbnailMethod and device for controlling a headlamp of a vehicle
A method for controlling a headlamp of a vehicle includes performing an image evaluation to detect a reflection zone of an object located in the surroundings of the vehicle in at least one image of the surroundings of the vehicle. The method further includes providing a control signal for controlling the headlamp.
 Terrain classification system for a vehicle patent thumbnailTerrain classification system for a vehicle
A terrain classification system for a vehicle includes a sensor positioned to scan a surrounding terrain, the sensor providing a sensor signal representative of returns from scanning the surrounding terrain. The terrain classification system also includes a processing circuit configured to receive the sensor signal, classify the surrounding terrain using the sensor signal, evaluate a library of acoustic data to determine an expected acoustic signature that corresponds to the classified surrounding terrain, and create an acoustic cost map with the expected acoustic signature..
 Method and device for controlling and monitoring the surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) patent thumbnailMethod and device for controlling and monitoring the surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)
The embodiments herein disclose a method and a remote control for controlling and monitoring surrounding areas of an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) by an operator with a remote control comprising a flight display. The embodiments disclose a surprising advantageously effect for the purposes of controlling and monitoring the surroundings of a uav by combining the image captured by a uav camera with a transparently overlaid positional and navigation map providing a perception enabling the operator to have a complete overall view of the situation, utilizing a common screen section of a flight display and thereby not having to shift eye view.
 Resilient knee implant and methods patent thumbnailResilient knee implant and methods
This disclosure is directed to a resilient interpositional arthroplasty implant for application into a knee joint to pad cartilage defects, cushion a joint, and replace or restore the articular surface, which may preserve joint integrity, reduce pain and improve function. The implant may endure variable joint compressive and shear forces and cyclic loads.
 Electrode having erectable lead patent thumbnailElectrode having erectable lead
Disclosed is an electrode, such as an scs paddle electrode, having a lead attached thereto along an interior portion of the electrode. The lead and electrode are configured such that the lead may be positioned generally coplanar with a top surface of the electrode, and may likewise be erected from such coplanar orientation up and away from the top surface of the electrode.
 Micro-fabricated embolic devices patent thumbnailMicro-fabricated embolic devices
An embodiment is directed to an embolic device comprised of a coil made of a first material and disposed on the inside of a tube structure made of a second material. The tube structure has micro-fabricated fenestrations formed in the tube to provide fluid communication between the lumen of the tube and the surrounding environment, thereby exposing the inner coil.
 Systems and methods for track coagulation patent thumbnailSystems and methods for track coagulation
Devices, and methods of use thereof, are disclosed for preventing tumor seeding when withdrawing the device along an entry-exit path. Some embodiments of the present invention comprise a method of withdrawing a probe through a tissue via a path that traverses at least some bone tissue, the method including withdrawing the probe through the path, and at least partially concurrently delivering energy in a bipolar manner from the probe to heat a layer of tissue surrounding the probe to a temperature sufficient for thermal coagulation necrosis of cells.
 Hepatic artery nerve modulation methods patent thumbnailHepatic artery nerve modulation methods
According to some embodiments, a method of treating a subject having diabetes or symptoms associated with diabetes is provided. The method includes delivering a neuromodulation catheter within a vessel (e.g., hepatic artery) having surrounding nerves that innervate the liver (e.g., sympathetic nerves of the hepatic plexus).
 Urine collection apparatus patent thumbnailUrine collection apparatus
A urine collection apparatus is disclosed to include an expandable bag connected to a urinary catheter, the bag being adapted to receive urine expelled from the person using the apparatus. The apparatus also has a check valve associated with the bag, which opens to admit gas to the interior of the bag to equilibrate the pressure within the bag with the pressure of the surrounding atmosphere whenever a partial vacuum occurs in the bag..
Wound cleansing apparatus with stress
An apparatus for cleansing wounds with means for stressing the wound bed and optionally tissue surrounding the wound, in which irrigant fluid from a reservoir connected to a conformable wound dressing and wound exudate from the dressing are recirculated by a devise for moving fluid through a flow path which passes through the dressing and a means for fluid cleansing and back to the dressing. The cleansing means (which may be a single-phase, e.g.
Method to stabilize base metal catalysts by overcoating via atomic layer deposition and resulting product
A method for stabilizing a metal or metal-containing particle supported on a surface is described, along with the resulting composition of matter. The method includes the steps of depositing upon the surface a protective thin film of a material of sufficient thickness to overcoat the metal or metal-containing particle and the surface, thereby yielding an armored surface; and then calcining the armored surface for a time and at a temperature sufficient to form channels in the protective thin film, wherein the channels so formed expose a portion of the metal- or metal-containing particle to the surrounding environment.
Agricultural and horticultural insecticide composition and method for using the same
Provided are an agricultural and horticultural insecticide composition comprising flubendiamide and dichlorvos and/or profenofos as active ingredients; and a method for using an agricultural and horticultural insecticide composition, comprising treating insect pests directly, treating crops potentially infested with the insect pests, or treating surrounding soil or cultivation medium of the crops with an effective amount of an agricultural and horticultural insecticide composition comprising flubendiamide and dichlorvos and/or profenofos as active ingredients.. .
Lubrication oil system for a reduction gearbox
A reduction gear box is part of a gas turbine engine and includes a casing and reduction epicyclic gear stages within the casing. The reduction gear stages comprising at least an epicyclic array of gears meshing together with at least one planetary gear mounted for rotation on a gear carrier and a bearing associated therewith.
Golf club head
A wood-type golf club head comprises a body having one or more ribs extending across the internal surface of the sole. The plurality of ribs can include two or more ribs, such as three or four ribs, that converge at a convergence location, such as above a recessed pocket in the sole configured to receive an adjustable sole piece.
Universal serial bus connector
A universal serial bus connector includes an insulating housing, a plurality of first terminals, second terminals and third terminals disposed to the insulating housing, an insulating cover disposed to a rear end of the insulating housing, a shielding shell surrounding the insulating housing and the insulating cover. Each of the first terminals has a first soldering portion.
Usb connector and electronic device
A universal serial bus (usb) connector and an electronic device including the usb connector are disclosed. The usb connector includes a usb head, a printed circuit board (pcb), and a shell element, where the usb head includes an insulation plastic core and a metal housing; a conductive layer is arranged on the surface of the pcb, the pcb is assembled inside the usb head and the pcb and the usb head are mutually positioned; and the usb head and the pcb are fastened at the shell element by using a fastening member, and the metal housing is pressure-welded on the conductive layer on the surface of the pcb.
Interconnect structures and methods of forming same
Embodiments of the present disclosure include interconnect structures and methods of forming interconnect structures. An embodiment is a method of forming an interconnect structure, the method including forming a first post-passivation interconnect (ppi) over a first substrate, forming a second ppi over the first substrate, and forming a first conductive connector on the first ppi.
Secondary battery
A secondary battery includes an electrode assembly, a case having an opening at an upper portion to accommodate the electrode assembly, a cap plate for covering the opening of the case, and a retainer surrounding a corner portion of the electrode assembly, the retainer being disposed between the electrode assembly and a bottom of the case.. .
Secondary battery
A secondary battery includes an electrode assembly; a cap plate and a case accommodating the electrode assembly; an electrode terminal protruding above the cap plate; a current collecting member that electrically connects the electrode assembly to the electrode terminal; and a fuse unit on the current collecting member and configured to block a current beyond a preset blocking point, wherein the fuse unit includes a fracture unit surrounding a through hole in the current collecting member; and a blocking point control unit formed as a notch on the fracture unit.. .
Energy cable having a thermoplastic electrically insulating layer
A cable includes at least one electrical conductor and at least one electrically insulating layer surrounding the electrical conductor, wherein the at least one electrically insulating layer includes: (a) a thermoplastic polymer material selected from: at least one copolymer (i) of propylene with at least one olefin comonomer selected from ethylene and an ∝-olefin other than propylene, the copolymer having a melting point greater than or equal to 130° c. And a melting enthalpy of from 20 j/g to 90 j/g; a blend of at least one copolymer (i) with at least one copolymer (ii) of ethylene with at least one α-olefin, the copolymer (ii) having a melting enthalpy of from 0 j/g to 120 j/g; a blend of at least one propylene homopolymer with at least one copolymer (i) or copolymer (ii); at least one of copolymer (i) and copolymer (ii) being a heterophasic copolymer; (b) at least one dielectric fluid intimately admixed with the thermoplastic polymer material; and (c) at least one nucleating agent..
Thermal insulation system for non-vacuum applications including a multilayer composite
The thermal insulation system of the present invention is for non-vacuum applications and is specifically tailored to the ambient pressure environment with any level of humidity or moisture. The thermal insulation system includes a multilayered composite including i) at least one thermal insulation layer and at least one compressible barrier layer provided as alternating, successive layers, and ii) at least one reflective film provided on at least one surface of the thermal insulation layer and/or said compressible barrier layer.
Methods of treating and preventing social communication disorder in patients by intranasal administration of insulin
Methods for delivering an effective amount of insulin to the central nervous system to treat social communication disorder while minimizing systemic exposure to the administered insulin. The present invention provides these advantages by administering at least an effective amount of insulin and/or pharmaceutical composition(s) thereof, to the upper third of the nasal cavity, thereby bypassing the blood-brain barrier and delivering an effective amount of insulin and/or pharmaceutical compound(s) thereof directly to the cns.
Miniature pump device
An air pump includes a driving unit and an airflow control unit. A piston base has a first intake through hole.
Low profile vane retention
A gas turbine having an annular casing with a series of circumferentially spaced openings defined therethrough; a plurality of vanes extending radially inwardly though respective casing openings, an outer end of the vanes projecting radially outwardly from the casing through the respective openings and located within the respective openings by grommets, and an inner end of the vanes being mounted to an inner portion of the casing; a flexible, segmented strap extending around the annular casing, surrounding the projecting outer ends of the vanes; and a spring radially loading the flexible strap configured to apply a tension force to the flexible strap.. .
Cmc turbine engine component
A component of a gas turbine engine is formed from a continuous fibre reinforced ceramic matrix composite (cmc). The component has a sealing portion which, in use, makes sealing contact with an adjacent component of the engine.
Optical connector and method for assembling same
An optical connector includes a substrate, an optical emitter, an optical receiver, a support member, and a lens member. The optical emitter and the optical receiver are electrically connected to the substrate.
Roller bearing
The present invention relates to a roller bearing (10) for supporting a rotatable component such as a shaft. We describe a double row roller bearing (10) for supporting a rotatable circular section component, said roller bearing (10) comprising an inner ring (11) including a pair of inner races (12, 13), an outer ring (17) including a pair of outer races (18, 19), two rows of rollers (22, 23) mounted between the inner and outer races, each row of which rollingly engages respective races in the inner and outer rings, clamping ring means (26) which surrounds and clamps said inner ring (11), at least said inner ring (11) and said clamping ring means (26) each comprising two substantially semicircular parts, the relevant semicircular parts being mounted together to provide a circular component for surrounding the rotatable component, and said clamping ring means (26) surrounds and clamps with said inner ring (11) at a position substantially midway between the axially opposite sides of the inner ring (11)..
Method and device for detecting interfering objects in the ambient air of a vehicle
A method for detecting interfering objects in the ambient air of a vehicle, include determining line structures in at least one image section of an image of surroundings of the vehicle, determining a position of a first converging area of first line structures and a position of a second converging area of second line structures, and ascertaining interfering objects depicted in the image which represent objects present in the ambient air of the vehicle, based on the position of the first converging area and the position of the second converging area.. .
Electro-acoustic transducer
An electro-acoustic transducer includes a frame having sidewalls, a magnetic circuit system received in the frame and a vibration system fixed to the frame. The vibration system includes a vibrating diaphragm and a driving voice coil for driving the vibrating diaphragm to move.
Electronic earplug windscreen
Certain embodiments provide an in-the-ear device. The in-the-ear device includes a housing including a microphone inlet.
Medical feedback system based on sound analysis in a medical environment
The present invention relates to a medical feedback system (100) based on sound analysis in a medical environment. With a sound scene analyzer (ssa, 10) being capable of analyzing and classifying an audio signal so as to obtain a list of one or more sound sources in the medical environment surrounding the patient, and a sound-level analyzer (sla, 20) being capable of providing an indicator for perceived levels of corresponding sound from the list of sound sources, advanced sound analysis is possible.
Spacers for nuclear fuel assemblies
Fuel spacers include a perimeter piece and alignment strips extending within the perimeter piece. Alignment strips may have directional variation while still extending in an overall straight line between two contact points on the perimeter piece.
Encoding device and encoding method, and decoding device and decoding method
The present technique relates to an encoding device and an encoding method, and a decoding device and a decoding method that can improve encoding efficiency when a motion compensation operation with fractional precision is performed upon inter prediction. When the precision of a motion vector is ¼-pixel precision and the precision of a predicted vector is ⅛-pixel precision according to detected-precision information contained in compressed image information, a predicted-vector transform unit performs a rounding operation on the predicted vector to generate a predicted vector with ¼-pixel precision.
Electronic device with low-power roaming
A low-power roaming mechanism is described. This low-power roaming mechanism is used by a portable electronic device when the portable electronic device enters a stand-by mode (sleep mode).
A lamp comprises a light guide, a light source and a subject member; wherein an exit surface of the light guide is arranged at a position exposed to a front side of the subject member or located on a rear side of the subject member while being visible from the front side; wherein a surface of a light-guiding part about the exit surface located on the rear side is covered with paint or an opaque member so that the exit surface seen from the front side appears to have the same color as with surroundings thereof; wherein the subject member is molded by an opaque material or the rear side about the exit surface is covered with the paint or the opaque member; and wherein the light guide and the subject member are molded integrally with each other.. .
Lighting devices
A lighting device includes a cover portion configured to have a hinged connection for mounting on a housing. The cover portion includes a light emitting diode (led) and a mixing chamber having a reflective internal surface for receiving light from the led.
Portable computer housing and assembly methods
A portable computer includes a first housing having a first wall defining a first opening and a surface surrounding the opening and having an inside periphery. A first component is removably received within the opening and defines a body with an outer periphery that is inset with respect to the inner periphery of the opening.
Electrostatic discharge shoe assembly and electrostatic discharge shoe grounding accessory thereof
An electrostatic discharge shoe grounding accessory comprises an attachment mechanism (2) and a fastening mechanism, wherein, the attachment mechanism (2) is a u-shape holder attached to the back wall of an opening rim of the shoe, and the fastening mechanism includes at least one smaller loop through (5) which a front portion of the shoe is hitched. An electrostatic discharge shoe assembly comprises a shoe and the electrostatic discharge shoe grounding accessory..
Color filter substrate and method of manufacturing the same
A color filter substrate includes a plurality of color filters and a first dummy pattern. The color filters are formed in a display area.
Photonic balls containing a microstructure of core-shell particles exhibiting angularly-independent structural color
A photonic assembly for observing a preselected color includes an assembly of colloidal particles in a continuous liquid phase, the colloidal particles comprising a core scattering center and a shell layer surrounding the core, wherein the core scattering center is selected to scatter light having a predetermined wavelength, and wherein the shell has a thickness selected to provide an overall colloidal particle size that is about the same dimension as the wavelength of preselected color to be observed.. .
Apparatus and method for evaluation of optical elements
An apparatus for measuring the optical performance characteristics and dimensions of an optical element comprising a low coherence interferometer and a shack-hartmann wavefront sensor comprising a light source, a plurality of lenslets, and a sensor array is disclosed. The low coherence interferometer is configured to direct a measurement beam along a central axis of the optical element, and to measure the thickness of the center of the optical element.
Exposure apparatus, exposing method, device manufacturing method, program, and recording medium
An exposure apparatus exposes a substrate by exposure light via liquid between an emitting surface of an optical member and the substrate. The exposure apparatus includes: a liquid immersion member configured to form an immersion liquid space on an object and including a first and second member, the first being disposed at at least a portion of surrounding of the optical member, the second being disposed at at least a portion of surrounding of an optical path of the exposure light below the first member, being movable with respect to the first member and including a second upper and lower surface, the second upper surface being opposite a first lower surface of the first member via a gap, the second lower surface being capable of being opposite to the object, which is movable below the optical member; and a vibration isolator configured to suppress a vibration of the first member..
Image sensor with reduced blooming
An image sensor for an electronic device. The image sensor includes a first light sensitive element for collecting charge and having a first saturation value and a well surrounding at least a portion of the first light sensitive element and having a first doping concentration.
Cooled aerial camera
An aerial camera, includes at least one objective, a number of optoelectronic and/or electronic components, and a housing that includes the at least one objective and the optoelectronic and/or or electronic components. The optoelectronic and/or electronic components are arranged next to one another and/or one above the other in the housing in at least two different planes, in particular planes arranged at least approximately parallel to one another.
Measuring instrument
A measuring instrument comprises an spherical camera (8) for acquiring image data over total circumference, a laser scanner (6, 7) installed integrally with the spherical camera and for acquiring point cloud data of the surroundings, a synchronous control unit (9) for controlling acquisition of data of the spherical camera and the laser scanner, a storage unit (12) for recording the image data and the point cloud data, an absolute scale acquiring means for acquiring an absolute scale for obtaining an absolute position of when images are photographed by the spherical camera, and a control arithmetic unit (10), wherein the control arithmetic unit calculates a 3d model based on the image data, the point cloud data, and the absolute position.. .
Tunable antenna
A tunable antenna includes a ground plane, a first radiation unit and a second radiation unit. The first radiation unit includes a feeding portion and a coupling portion.
Common-mode choke coil
A common mode choke coil includes a quadrilateral core 4; first and second core covers 2, 3 disposed opposite to each other on the upper and lower surfaces of the core 4 so as to cover the outer periphery of the core 4; and rectangular copper wires 8 wound on the opposite side portions of the core 4 of the first and second core covers 2, 3. The second core cover 3 is disposed on a component-mounting face.
Feedthrough assembly for well-logging tool
A well-logging tool for a geological formation has a housing to be positioned within a borehole and has first and second openings. A feedthrough assembly includes an elongate electrical conductor having opposing first and second ends and a medial portion extending therebetween.
Means and methods for reducing the electromagnetic energy propagation from an mrd's magnet-bore to the outer environment surrounding said magnet, and vice versa
An electrically earthed protecting sleeve that reduces the electromagnetic energy propagation from a magnetic bore to the outer environment surrounding a magnet. The sleeve has a distal portion located within an open bore of an magnetic resonance device (mrd) and a proximal portion attachable to an aperture of the mrd.
Electrical current sensor with grounded magnetic core
An electrical current transducer comprising a housing, at least one magnetic core comprising an air gap and defining a central passage configured to receive a primary conductor carrying a primary current to be measured through the central passage, a magnetic field detector positioned at least partially in the air gap, and a grounding element. A lateral surface of the magnetic core is positioned against the grounding element without direct fixed attachment between the magnetic core and the grounding element, and the grounding element overlaps the magnetic core to an extent configured to ensure that a capacitive coupling (c3) between the magnetic core and the grounding element is greater than a capacitive coupling (c2) between the magnetic core and the magnetic field detector..
High efficiency spark plug
A high efficiency spark plug operative to produce negligible waste materials discharge from the combustion engine with high power output and low fuel consumption. The spark plug has an upper chamber formed by an annular partition ring mounted at an upper position of the cylindrical cavity located in the lower portion of the shell of the spark plug.
Light fixture
An led light fixture including a heat-sink body having a circuit-board mounting surface and an aperture member supported over the circuit-board mounting surface and forming an optical aperture. An led circuit board is affixed in thermal-contact relationship to the circuit-board mounting surface in position between the mounting surface and the aperture member, the circuit board having an led-populated area and a surrounding non-led-populated area which extends beyond the optical aperture.
Piezoelectric device
A piezoelectric device includes a piezoelectric vibrating piece, a lid portion, and a base portion. The piezoelectric vibrating piece includes a vibrating portion, a framing portion surrounding the vibrating portion, an excitation electrode on the vibrating portion, and an extraction electrode on the framing portion.
Vibration generation device
A vibration generation device is provided. The device includes a casing configured to have a receiving space in the casing, a coil received in a receiving space of the casing and configured to have an externally supplied current flow through the coil, a vibrator received in the receiving space of the casing, configured to comprise a magnet and a yoke surrounding the magnet, and disposed over the coil so that the vibrator is vibrated under an influence of a magnetic field through an interaction with the coil, and an elastic member received in the receiving space of the casing, disposed under the vibrator, and configured to elastically support the vibrator.
Seating device
A seating device having a top portion, a bottom portion, a front portion, a rear portion, a first side portion, and a second side portion. The seating device including a foam core; a water repellant cover surrounding the foam core; a handle attached to the water repellant cover on the front portion; a pocket integral with the water repellant cover, the pocket located on the top portion, the pocket having an opening located toward the front portion; and a first strap and a second strap, each having a first end and a second end.
Apparatus and method for a protective cover and grip for smart phones and tablet computer devices
A protective cover for a handheld electronic device such as a smart phone and a tablet computer, with a display screen side, a backside, and surrounding edges has a set of u-shape clips attachable to the surrounding edges and are positioned on at least four corner edges of the device. A plurality of stretch fabric straps anchored to the set of clips and positioned across the backside of the device, wherein the clips and the straps function as a protective cover and handgrip for the device..
Warpage reduction and adhesion improvement of semiconductor die package
Various embodiments of mechanisms for forming a die package and a package on package (pop) structure using one or more compressive dielectric layers to reduce warpage are provided. The compressive dielectric layer(s) is part of a redistribution structure of the die package and its compressive stress reduces or eliminates bowing of the die package.
Semiconductor package and method of fabricating the same
Provided are a semiconductor package and a method of fabricating the same. The method of fabricating the semiconductor package includes arranging each of a plurality of second semiconductor chips and each of a plurality of first semiconductor chips to be electrically connected to each other on a first wafer which includes the plurality of first semiconductor chips, with a first width of each of the first semiconductor chips is greater than a second width of each of the second semiconductor chips, forming a first molding layer surrounding the second semiconductor chips on the first wafer, forming a chip package including the first and second semiconductor chips by sawing the first wafer in units of the first semiconductor chips, arranging the chip package on a package substrate to electrically connect the second semiconductor chips to the package substrate, and forming a second molding layer surrounding the chip package on the package substrate..
Interconnect structures and methods of forming same
Embodiments of the present disclosure include interconnect structures and methods of forming interconnect structures. An embodiment is an interconnect structure including a post-passivation interconnect (ppi) over a first substrate and a conductive connector on the ppi.
Lead frame and semiconductor device
A lead frame of high quality which can endure direct bonding to a semiconductor element, and a semiconductor device of high reliability which utilizing the lead frame. A lead frame includes a plurality of connected units, each unit including a pair of lead portions arranged spaced apart and opposite from each other, for mounting a semiconductor element and electrically connecting to a pair of electrodes of the semiconductor element respectively.
Lead frame and substrate semiconductor package
A semiconductor chip package includes a lead frame having a die paddle, leads surrounding the paddle and a central window through the paddle. A substrate has a base side and a superior side.
Lead frame for semiconductor package
A lead frame having a die support area for supporting a semiconductor die, a plurality of leads surrounding the die support area, and a dam bar connecting adjacent leads. The dam bar has a dummy tab between adjacent ones of the leads that transversely extends towards the die support area.
Structure and method for 3d ic package
Provided is a chip package structure and a method for forming the chip package. The method includes bonding a plurality of first dies on a carrier, encapsulating in a first molding compound the first dies on the carrier, coupling a plurality of second dies on the first dies using conductive elements, adding an underfill between the second dies and the first dies surrounding the conductive elements, and encapsulating in a second molding compound the second dies and the underfill.
Lead-frame circuit package
In this manner, the design benefits from the power capabilities and improved grounding of a lead-frame conductor, whilst also achieving the routeing capabilities and small scale advantages provided by a multi-layer printed circuit substrate.. .
High-frequency semiconductor package and high-frequency semiconductor device
Certain embodiments provide a high-frequency semiconductor package including: a base which is made of metal and is a grounding portion; a multi-layer wiring resin substrate; a first internal conductor film; and a lid. The multi-layer wiring resin substrate is provided on a top surface of the base, and has a frame shape in which a first cavity from which the top surface of the base is exposed is formed.
Semiconductor device with trench structure and methods of manufacturing
A vertical semiconductor device includes a semiconductor body having semiconductor portions of semiconductor elements of the vertical semiconductor device, a front side contact on a front surface of the semiconductor body and a back side contact on an opposite back surface of the semiconductor body, and a trench structure extending from the front surface into the semiconductor body. The trench structure includes an etch stop layer lining an inner surface of the trench structure and surrounding a void within the trench structure..
Array of mutually isolated, geiger-mode, avalanche photodiodes and manufacturing method thereof
An embodiment of array of geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes, wherein each photodiode is formed by a body of semiconductor material, having a first conductivity type and housing an anode region, of a second conductivity type, facing a top surface of the body, a cathode-contact region, having the first conductivity type and a higher doping level than the body, facing a bottom surface of the body, an insulation region extending through the body and insulating an active area from the rest of the body, the active area housing the anode region and the cathode-contact region. The insulation region is formed by a first mirror region of polycrystalline silicon, a second mirror region of metal material, and a channel-stopper region of dielectric material, surrounding the first and second mirror regions..
Semiconductor device having vertical channel transistor and method for fabricating the same
A semiconductor device having a substrate; a plurality of pillar structures, wherein each pillar structure includes an active pillar disposed over the substrate; a gate electrode surrounding an outer wall of the active pillar; an interlayer dielectric (ild) layer insulating adjacent pillar structures; a gate contact penetrating the ild layer and configured to connect to a sidewall of the gate electrode; and a word line connected to the gate contact.. .
Passivated iii-v or ge fin-shaped field effect transistor
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor substrate having a top surface, and at least one coated fin protruding perpendicularly from the surface and having a height h and side walls. The at least one coated fin further includes a core of one or more layers selected from the group consisting of (a) iii-v compound layers and (b) a ge layer, and a coating overlaying the core.
Thin film apparatus
A thin film apparatus having a plurality of thin film cells is disclosed. Each thin film cell includes a crystalline layer and a surrounding layer.
One transistor and one resistive (1t1r) random access memory (rram) structure with dual spacers
The present disclosure provides a resistive random access memory (rram) cells and methods of making the same. The rram cell includes a transistor and an rram structure.
Can end
There is disclosed herein a can end (10) for a can for pressurized contents, the can end being configured to be joined by a peripheral annular joining portion (24,26) to one axial end of a can body of the can and having an outer side arranged to face outwardly from the can and an inner side arranged to face inwardly into the can, the can end comprising: a central panel (18); a panel wall (20) annularly surrounding the central panel and extending axially inwardly and radially outwardly from the central panel; an annular chuck wall structure (12, 14, 50) extending radially- and axially-inwardly from the joining portion; and an annular bead (16) which is connected between a radially outer edge (38) of the panel wall and a radially inner edge (50e) of the chuck wall structure and which is concave with respect to the outer side of the can end and extends at least partially radially outwardly with respect to the radially inner edge of the chuck wall structure, wherein wall portions adjacent inner and outer ends of the concave annular bead (16) form a bead mouth (m) that is open towards the outer side of the can end.. .

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