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Workload routing for managing energy in a data center

Pari-mutuel prediction markets and their uses

Computer product, analysis model generating method, and analysis model generating apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 Devices, systems and methods for security using magnetic field based identification patent thumbnailDevices, systems and methods for security using magnetic field based identification
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for determining an electromagnetic signature for authenticating a device, a user, and/or a location. In exemplary embodiments, a magnetometer captures an electromagnetic signature which is then compared with one or more authorized electromagnetic signatures.
 Workload routing for managing energy in a data center patent thumbnailWorkload routing for managing energy in a data center
Approaches that manage energy in a data center are provided. In one embodiment, there is an energy management tool, including an analysis component configured to determine a current energy profile of each of a plurality of systems within the data center, the current energy profile comprising an overall rating expressed as an integer value, the overall rating calculated based on a current workload usage and environmental conditions surrounding each of the plurality of systems; and a priority component configured to prioritize a routing of a workload to a set of systems from the plurality of systems within the data center having the least amount of energy present based on a comparison of the overall ratings for each of the plurality of systems within the data center..
 Pari-mutuel prediction markets and their uses patent thumbnailPari-mutuel prediction markets and their uses
Computer-implemented methods and apparatus for generating prediction markets are described to gauge business uncertainties surrounding a project with an uncertain timeline and/or an uncertain result. Such prediction markets can be used in any industry segment and across business functions, including research and development (r&d), marketing, executive functions and others.
 Computer product, analysis model generating method, and analysis model generating apparatus patent thumbnailComputer product, analysis model generating method, and analysis model generating apparatus
An analysis model generating apparatus includes a processor that is configured to generate based on three-dimensional design information of an object under analysis, first information that represents a rectangular parallelepiped surrounding the object; generate for each direction of three orthogonal sides of the rectangular parallelepiped indicated by the first information, second information that indicates cross sections of the rectangular parallelepiped orthogonal to the direction; calculate based on the design information and for each of the cross sections indicated by the second information, an index value corresponding to a proportion of the object in a cross section; detect among the cross sections, adjacent cross sections having a difference in the calculated index value greater than a predetermined value; and generate for each of the detected adjacent cross sections, a plate model representative of a plate that is disposed orthogonal to the direction at a position corresponding to the adjacent cross section.. .
 Method and system for regulating driving stability patent thumbnailMethod and system for regulating driving stability
A method in which the driving behavior of a vehicle is influenced as a function of data on the surroundings in order to assist an avoidance maneuver, as soon as a risk of a collision is detected on the basis of the data from one or more environment sensors, in particular radar sensors and/or cameras, and the data from one or more vehicle sensors, in particular a steering angle sensor and/or yaw rate sensor and/or wheel speed sensors, and the vehicle has an electronically controlled brake system which permits a driver-independent buildup and modulation of the braking forces at the individual wheels of the vehicle, wherein when a risk of a collision is detected, in a first phase a turning-in operation by the driver is assisted and/or in a second phase a steering operation by the driver is damped. Furthermore, an electronic control unit for a brake system is defined..
 Method and system for predictive vehicle systems performance selection for enhanced maneuverability patent thumbnailMethod and system for predictive vehicle systems performance selection for enhanced maneuverability
A predictive enhanced maneuverability system providing enhanced timely delivery of vehicle performance selection of chassis, and steering modes for potential predicted safety collisions is disclosed. The primary inputs of the disclosed invention include a determination of the proximity to a preceding vehicle, the density of the surrounding traffic, a forward collision warning alert, and the predictive enhanced maneuverability decision sub-system for vehicle mode selection.
 Graft device with adhered fiber matrix patent thumbnailGraft device with adhered fiber matrix
A graft device including a tubular member and a fiber matrix surrounding the tubular member for a mammalian patient is disclosed. At least a portion of the fiber matrix is adhered to the tubular member.
 Medical systems and related method patent thumbnailMedical systems and related method
Medical systems and related methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the medical systems include an inner tubular member defining an aperture and an outer tubular member at least partially surrounding the inner tubular member.
 Pediatric apparatus, system, and kit of components for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same patent thumbnailPediatric apparatus, system, and kit of components for vertebrae stabilization and curvature correction, and methods of making and using same
An apparatus, system, and kit of components useful as a stabilization or correction system for a spinal column, especially in the field of pediatrics. A smooth unthreaded rod or a threaded rod is used that can be straight, rigid, bent or flexible depending on the body condition to be addressed.
 Pressure regulating syringe and method therefor patent thumbnailPressure regulating syringe and method therefor
A pressure regulating syringe comprises a barrel assembly terminating with a tubular tip positionable in fluid communication with a fluid chamber, a plunger that is manually and axially displaceable within a barrel of the barrel assembly, a pressure sensor mounted onto the plunger adjacent to its distal end, for generating one or more electrical signals representative of a change in pressure within the fluid chamber, circuitry housed within the plunger for processing the generated signals, and a display mounted on the plunger for displaying an output indicative of the processed signals. The output is changeable upon axial displacement of the plunger when the tubular tip is positioned in fluid communication with the fluid chamber, which is for example a cuff surrounding a medical tube.
Capsule camera with variable illumination of the surrounding tissue
The invention relates to an ingestible capsule and method for in vivo imaging and/or treatment of one or more diseased areas of interest within the gastrointestinal tract of an animal or human being. The capsule comprises an image sensor; a lens system for focusing images onto the image sensor; at least one light source for illumination of the tissue area of interest, the at least one light source optionally being capable of providing optical therapeutic treatment to the diseased areas; a variable lens system located in front of the at least one light source, wherein the variable lens system comprises beam steering means and focusing means for directing and focusing the light beams from the at least one light source onto the diseased tissue areas; a control unit in communication with the image sensor, the at least one light source, and variable lens system, the control unit comprising image storing means, processing means and image transmission means; wherein the control unit correlates stored images received from the image sensor as the capsule travels through the gastrointestinal tract and controls the beam steering means and focusing means of the variable lens system to ensure that the light beams from the at least one light source are directed and focused onto the diseased tissue areas; a power source for powering the image sensor, the at least one light source and the control unit; and a non-digestible, transparent outer protective shell configured to pass through the gastrointestinal tract, housing within the image sensor, the lens system, the at least one light source, the variable lens system, the control unit and the power source..
Perfuming compositions and uses thereof
The present invention relates to the field of perfumery. More particularly, it provides a perfuming composition capable of prolonging the release of a perfuming component into the surrounding environment when applied on a body surface.
Dynamic environment and location based augmented reality (ar) systems
A multi dynamic environment and location based active augmented/mixed reality (ar) gaming system having means to utilize its surrounding environment and locations of other systems and devices in conjunction with computer based advanced calculation and graphics to dynamically change the gaming environment to any location and environment of a game play.. .
Apparatus and method for determining received signal level in ray-tracing wave propagation environment
An apparatus for determining a received signal level of a radio wave in a ray-tracing wave propagation environment includes a reception unit configured to receive the radio wave; and an analyzing unit configured to determine the received signal level of the radio wave in the ray-tracing wave propagation environment. Further, the analyzing unit is configured to analyze a correlation of the height and altitude of a surface roughness that recognizes the surface of a surrounding obstacle depending on the length of wavelength in the course of delivery of a received signal of the radio wave and analyze precisely the scattering of the received signal depending on the surface roughness to determine the received signal level of the radio wave when determining the received signal level..
Universal serial bus connector
A universal serial bus connector includes an insulating housing, a plurality of first terminals, a plurality of second terminals, an insulating cover, a terminal module and a shielding shell surrounding the insulating housing, the insulating cover and the terminal module. The insulating housing includes a first base body which defines a first holding groove and a second base body which defines a second holding groove.
Method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive-based device with via integration
A method is provided for forming a first via with an electrically conductive material, for example, copper, that is formed over and coupled to a conductive landing pad of an mram array. A sputter step is performed to lower the surface of the first via below that of a surrounding dielectric material.
Structure for mounting electric storage apparatus
A structure for mounting an electric storage apparatus includes the electric storage apparatus outputting an energy for use in running of a vehicle, a vehicle body including a recessed portion housing the electric storage apparatus, a fastening member fixing the electric storage apparatus to the recessed portion, and a reinforce. The reinforce is disposed at a position surrounding the electric storage apparatus together with the recessed portion and is fixed to the vehicle body.
Cvd reactor and substrate holder for a cvd reactor
The invention relates to a cvd reactor, with a process chamber (4) which is arranged therein and into which a process gas can be fed by means of a gas inlet member (2), with a substrate holder (3) which, on the upper side (3′) thereof facing the process chamber (4), has one or more pockets (5) which are designed in such a manner that one substrate (7) in each case rests only on selected, raised support regions (6), and with a heating system (9) which is arranged below the substrate holder (3) and is spaced apart from the lower side (3″) of the substrate holder (3), wherein the lower side (3″) of the substrate holder (3) is configured differently in a central region (b) with respect to the heat transmission from the heating system (9) to the substrate holder (3), which central region is located under a central zone of the pocket (5), than in a surrounding region (a) which surrounds the central region (a) and is located below a zone close to the edge of the pocket (5). The heating system (9) is intended to be designed as a substantially planar heat source.
Ring gear mounting arrangement with oil scavenge scheme
A turbine engine includes a fan section including a plurality of fan blades, a turbine section, and an epicyclic gear train coupled between the turbine section and the fan section for providing a speed reduction between turbine section and the fan section. The epicyclic gear train includes a plurality of intermediate gears.
Compressor shroud reverse bleed holes
A gas turbine engine compressor includes a rotor defining a central axis of rotation and a plurality of blades which project into an annular compressor gas flow passage, and a shroud circumferentially surrounding the rotor and having a radially inner surface adjacent to the blade tips. Bleed holes extend through the shroud adjacent the blade tips, each of the bleed holes having an inlet end disposed in the shroud radially inner surface and an outlet end disposed in a shroud radially outer surface.
Optical connector for jacketed cables
An optical connector for terminating a jacketed optical fiber cable comprises a housing configured to mate with a receptacle. The connector also includes a collar body disposed in the housing, the collar body securing, at a first end, a ferrule.
Closed-back headphone
A closed-back headphone includes a housing (111b) and an ear pad (111a). The housing (111b) includes a speaker unit.
Test system and method for determining thermal effects of tissue ablation on an ex vivo tissue
A test system and method for determining thermal effects of tissue ablation on an ex vivo tissue includes a power generator, a grounding patch, and a material block configured to emulate an electrical property of a patient. The power generator electrically connects to an electrode to generate an electrical current in the electrode.
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device according to an embodiment includes a memory string having a plurality of electrically rewritable memory transistors connected in series therein. The memory string includes a first semiconductor layer including a columnar portion extending in a perpendicular direction to a substrate; a tunnel insulating film formed surrounding a side surface of the columnar portion; a charge storage film formed surrounding the tunnel insulating film; a block insulating film formed surrounding the charge storage film; and a plurality of first conductive layers formed surrounding the block insulating film and disposed with a certain spacing along the perpendicular direction.
Rectifying module, electrical apparatus thereof, and rectifying method thereof
An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure illustrates a rectifying module, which is operable for rectifying an alternating current (ac) signal into a direct current (dc) signal. The rectifying module includes a transmission line, at least one rectifying unit, and at least one pattern.
Display and front-light module thereof
A display includes a reflective display module, a light guide plate, at least one light source and a cover lens. The light guide plate includes a first light guide surface opposite to the reflective display module.
Liquid immersion member, exposure apparatus, exposing method, method of manufacturing device, program, and recording medium
A liquid immersion member used in an immersion exposure apparatus, and capable of forming a liquid immersion space on a surface of an object opposite to an emitting surface of an optical member which emits exposure light. The liquid immersion member includes a first member that includes a first part disposed at surrounding of an optical path of the exposure light, and in which a first opening part, through which the exposure light is able to pass, and a first liquid supply part, is disposed at at least a portion of surrounding of the first opening part and capable of opposing the surface of the object, are provided at the first part, and a second member includes a first liquid recovery part which can be opposing the surface of the object and is movable with respect to the first member outside the first part with respect to the optical path..
Solid state imaging device, portable information terminal, and display device
A solid state imaging device according to an embodiment includes: a liquid crystal optical element including a first electrode having a first recess and a projecting portion surrounding the first recess on a first surface, a second electrode facing the first surface of the first electrode, a filling film located between the first recess of the first electrode and the second electrode, and a liquid crystal layer located between the filling film and the second electrode; an imaging lens facing the second electrode to form an image of a subject on an imaging plane; and an imaging element facing the first recess, the imaging element having a pixel block having a plurality of pixels.. .
Infrared imaging device and infrared imaging module
An infrared imaging module according to an embodiment includes: an infrared imaging element including a semiconductor substrate having a recessed portion, and a pixel portion formed on the recessed portion, the pixel portion converting infrared rays to electrical signals; and a lid including a lens portion facing the pixel portion, and a flat plate portion surrounding the lens portion, the flat plate portion being bonded to the semiconductor substrate.. .
3d tracked point visualization using color and perspective size
One exemplary embodiment involves receiving a plurality of three-dimensional (3d) track points for a plurality of frames of a video, wherein the 3d track points are extracted from a plurality of two-dimensional source points. The embodiment further involves rendering the 3d track points across a plurality of frames of the video on a two-dimensional (2d) display.
Video frame processing method
A video frame processing method, which comprises: (a) capturing at least two video frames via a multi-view camera system comprising a plurality of cameras; (b) recording timestamps for each the video frame; (c) determining a major camera and a first sub camera out of the multi-view camera system, based on the timestamps, wherein the major camera captures a major video sequence comprising at least one major video frame, the first sub camera captures a video sequence of first view comprising at least one video frame of first view; (d) generating a first reference video frame of first view according to one first reference major video frame of the major video frames, which is at a reference timestamp corresponding to the first reference video frame of first view, and according to at least one the video frame of first view surrounding the reference timestamp; and (e) generating a multi-view video sequence comprising a first multi-view video frame, wherein the first multi-view video frame is generated based on the first reference video frame of first view and the first reference major video frame.. .
Liquid ejection head and process for producing the same
Provided is a liquid ejection head including a substrate on a first surface of which an energy-generating element for generating energy for ejecting liquid is formed; and a flow path forming member formed on the substrate, the flow path forming member forming an ejection orifice for ejecting the liquid and a liquid flow path communicating with the ejection orifice. The flow path forming member includes, at a position surrounding the liquid flow path, a first depression that opens to an upper surface of the flow path forming member and a groove that opens to the first depression.
Control and display module for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a control and display module for a motor vehicle, comprising a screen (2), a capacitive touch panel (3) on top of the screen (2) and a frame (7) surrounding the capacitive touch panel (3) and having one edge (8) overlapping a peripheral edge of said panel (3), thereby forming a cavity between the capacitive touch panel (3) and the frame (7). The module is characterised in that it comprises a glass plate (9) glued to the capacitive touch panel (3), closing the cavity in order to reduce at least partially the difference between the levels of the capacitive touch panel (3) and the upper surface of the frame (7)..
Method and apparatus for enlarging a display area
An apparatus may include circuitry configured to determine, as a first determination result based on an output of a sensor, that an instruction object is within a predetermined distance of a surface of a display. The circuitry may acquire an image of an area surrounding the apparatus.
Dual-tapered microstrip-to-waveguide transition
An antenna apparatus comprises a substrate with a microstrip-to-waveguide transition comprising a microstrip feedline extending between a first terminal point and a second terminal point at a first metal layer and comprising a microstrip element and a probe element. The microstrip element includes a connection segment extending from the first terminal point to a second point, a taper segment extending from the second point to a third point, and a continuous-width segment extending from the third point to a fourth point.
Rf system-in-package with microstrip-to-waveguide transition
An apparatus includes an ic package comprising a substrate having a first metal layer, a second metal layer, and a dielectric layer disposed between the first and second metal layers. The ic package further comprises an ic die disposed at a surface of the substrate and comprising rf circuitry.
Antenna assembly and mobile terminal using same
An embodiment of the present invention provides an antenna assembly and a mobile terminal. The antenna assembly includes an antenna body provided with a grounding plate and a feeding portion.
Antenna structure and the manufacturing method therefor
An antenna structure is provided. The antenna structure includes a radiating portion having an approximately quadrangular body, wherein the quadrangular body has a first side, a second side opposite to the first side, a third side, and a fourth side opposite to the third side; and a ground portion surrounding an entire length of the first side, an entire length of the fourth side, and at most a half of a length of the second side..
Dielectric waveguide with rj45 connector
A communication cable includes a dielectric wave guide (dwg) that has a dielectric core member that has a first dielectric constant value and a cladding surrounding the dielectric core member that has a second dielectric constant value that is lower than the first dielectric constant. An rj45 compatible connector is attached to a mating end of the dwg.
Grounding pattern structure for high-frequency connection pad of circuit board
Disclosed is a grounding pattern structure for high-frequency connection pads of a circuit board. A substrate of the circuit board includes a component surface on which at least a pair of high-frequency connection pads.
Electrical insulating property tester, electrical insulating property testing method and electrically insulated wire producing method
An electrical insulating property tester includes a guaranteed voltage applying unit for applying a guaranteed voltage to a running line provided with an electrical insulating layer around an electrical conducting wire, a grounding unit arranged downstream of the guaranteed voltage applying unit, for grounding the running line to thereby remove electric charge electrostatically induced on the running line, and a test voltage applying unit arranged downstream of the grounding unit, for applying a test voltage lower than the guaranteed voltage to the running line, to thereby detect a leakage current value.. .
Restorable antennae apparatus and system for well logging
An apparatus includes a sub with recesses along an exterior wall to receive inserts, an antennae case including a coil surrounded by a sacrificial wear portion of a material through which signals between the coil and a formation of interest may pass. An eroded outer wall of the sacrificial wear portion is restorable by application of an uncured restorative material to the antennae case.
Rotational damper
An electric rotational damper includes a generator which including a stator and a rotor; a damper housing having a housing attachment, wherein the stator is connected with the damper housing, and wherein the housing attachment and the stator in fixed rotative relationship with the damper housing; a transmission connecting a coupling lever with the rotor of the transmission of the rotational damper; a housing part connected with and co-rotating with the transmission, wherein the housing part is in surrounding relationship with the rotor, and wherein the housing attachment is in surrounding relationship with the housing part; and a centrifugal brake arranged between the housing part and the housing attachment.. .

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