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Rounding patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rounding-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 Heated underbody warming systems with electrosurgical grounding patent thumbnailHeated underbody warming systems with electrosurgical grounding
Embodiments include a heated underbody support with electrosurgical grounding, such as a heated mattress, heated mattress overlay, or heated pad for supporting a person. The heated underbody support may include a flexible heating element formed of a sheet of conductive or semi-conductive material, a first bus bar along a first edge of the heating element adapted to receive a supply of electrical power, a second bus bar extending along the second edge of the heating element, and a temperature sensor.
Augustine Temperature Management Llc

 Binaural cochlear implant processing patent thumbnailBinaural cochlear implant processing
A sound processing arrangement is described for a patient with a bilateral cochlear implant system having implanted electrode arrays in each ear. There is a left-side sensing microphone and a right-side sensing microphone, each configured for sensing the sound environment surrounding the patient and generating corresponding microphone signals.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

 Dual cartridge directional microphone patent thumbnailDual cartridge directional microphone
A microphone comprises a housing, a first and a second diaphragm, a first chamber, and a second chamber. A first and a second diaphragm, each having a first and second side, are provided in the housing.
Sonion Nederland Bv

 Camera system for vehicle and operation method thereof patent thumbnailCamera system for vehicle and operation method thereof
The present invention relates to a camera system for a vehicle and an operating method thereof and an exemplary embodiment of the present invention provides a camera system for a vehicle, including: a reception module which receives a country code number corresponding to a position of a vehicle, from a code supplying device; a sensor module which, when an optical signal corresponding to a surrounding environment of the vehicle is input, outputs an image signal corresponding to the optical signal; and a control module which, when the country code number is received, varies an exposure time (integration time) of the sensor module in accordance with a natural frequency which is set to correspond to the country code number and controls the sensor module to receive the optical signal during the exposure time.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

 Transmission apparatus, line card and control  transmission apparatus patent thumbnailTransmission apparatus, line card and control transmission apparatus
A transmission apparatus includes: a module configured to receive and transmit data externally, the data received and to be transmitted being transferred via an interface internally; a framer configured to process transmission and reception of the data processed by the module; a transmission channel on which predetermined data is transmitted and received to and from the framer; and a controller configured to determine a combination of setting values for transmission and reception in accordance with a surrounding environment of the transmission channel, based on an error rate when the predetermined data is transmitted and received for each combination of setting values for transmission and reception on the transmission channel, and to perform setting for transmission and reception via the interface, based on the determined combination of setting values for transmission and reception.. .
Fujitsu Limited

 Variable capacitance device and antenna apparatus patent thumbnailVariable capacitance device and antenna apparatus
A variable capacitance device includes: a first and second terminal for signals; a plural, even number of variable capacitance elements connected in-series between the first and second terminal; a third and fourth terminal for receiving a same voltage; a fifth and sixth terminal for grounding; a plurality of first resistors connected to either the third or fourth terminal on one end; and a plurality of second resistors connected to either the fifth or sixth terminal on one end. With respect to a series of successive nodes beginning with the first terminal and ending with the second terminal, respective other ends of a pair of the first resistors are connected to every other node, and respective other ends of a pair of the second resistors are connected to the remaining every other node, such that the pairs of first and second resistors are alternately connected to the series of successive nodes..
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.

 Roof attachment assembly for solar panels and installation method patent thumbnailRoof attachment assembly for solar panels and installation method
Disclosed herein is a roof attachment assembly for mounting a solar panel on a roof without the use of rails. The assembly includes a flashing member, a pivot bracket member, a clamp member, an array skirt and a splice member.
Ironridge, Inc.

 Rotor member, rotor, electric motor, machine tool, and manufacturing  rotor patent thumbnailRotor member, rotor, electric motor, machine tool, and manufacturing rotor
A rotor member includes a cylindrical sleeve part having a circular outer peripheral surface, a plurality of magnets arranged along the outer peripheral surface and including an inner peripheral surface having a curvature radius larger than a curvature radius of the outer peripheral surface, and a cylindrical holding member surrounding the plurality of magnets. Between the outer peripheral surface of the sleeve part and the inner peripheral surface of the magnets, a gap of a radial direction increased toward a circumferential edge portion of the magnets is formed..
Fanuc Corporation

 Ball grip compression fitting patent thumbnailBall grip compression fitting
A connector is used for terminating an electrical cable, such as a metal clad cable, cord grip, and tray cable, and provides a compression fitting to secure and ground the cable. The connector includes a connector body, a compression nut, and a compression grommet retained therebetween.

 To-type optical element package for high-speed communication patent thumbnailTo-type optical element package for high-speed communication
A to-type optical element package for high-speed communication which is used for an optical module for high-speed communication of at least 10 gigabits per sec (gbps) and enables thermoelectric elements to be embedded in an upper part of a stem. The to-type optical element package for high-speed communication can transmit high-quality signals in a high-speed operation of the optical element by inserting and fixing an electrode pin (120) in a through-hole formed on a stem base (100), surrounding a lateral surface of the electrode pin (120) protruding to an upper part of the stem base (100), with a metallic instrument (400) having a through-hole so as to enable the impedance of an electrode pin (120) part, surrounded with the stem base (100), to correspond to the impedance of an electrode pin (120) part protruding to the upper part of the stem base (100)..


Very high speed, high density electrical interconnection system with impedance control in mating region

A modular electrical connector with separately shielded signal conductor pairs. The connector may be assembled from modules, each containing a pair of signal conductors with surrounding partially or fully conductive material.
Amphenol Corporation


Electrical plug connector

An electrical plug connector includes a metallic shell, an insulated housing, and a grounding sheet. The insulated housing is received in a receiving cavity of the metallic shell and includes a mating room and side assembling cavities.
Advanced-connectek Inc.


Grounding link for electrical connector mechanism

A grounding link for use with an elbow-type power cable electrical connector. The grounding link includes a bushing interface portion, a cap receiving portion, and a tap portion, wherein the grounding link further includes a grounding element extending between the bushing interface portion and a cap receiving portion, and wherein the bushing interface portion of the grounding link is configured for insertion into a bore in elbow-type power cable electrical connector.
Thomas & Betts International, Llc


Electrical connection arrangement

An electrical connection arrangement between at least one flat conductor or conductor portion and a cable, the flat conductor or conductor portion leading to a pane, or laminated pane, with electric or electronic components, the cable being an integral part of an external connection. The flat conductor or conductor portion is further formed on a carrier film, or polyimide film, and includes an encapsulation as a plastic injection overmolding at least in an area of the electric contacting point of cable and flat conductor or conductor portion.
Few Fahrzeugelektrikwerk Gmbh & Co. Kg


Plug assembly

A plug assembly having at least one plug element comprising a plug base body having numerous plug pins, wherein the side of the plug base body facing away from the plug pins is oriented toward a sealing space. The plug pins face a surrounding space.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag


Gas liquid separator and fuel cell system

The gas liquid separator comprises a gas liquid separator-forming portion formed in an end plate of a fuel cell to have an opening at an end face of the end plate and that constitutes part of the gas liquid separator; and a cover member located to cover the opening and is combined with the gas liquid separator-forming portion to constitute the gas liquid separator. The gas liquid separator-forming portion includes a first inner wall portion provided to serve as a flow path of the off-gas and form part of a reservoir and that is configured to include an off-gas outlet, to be connected with the opening and to be formed concave in a thickness direction of the end plate; and a surrounding portion protruded from the first inner wall portion along a first direction from the gas liquid separator-forming portion toward the cover member to surround the off-gas outlet..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Pressure compensation system having a safety function for an electrolytic tank

The invention relates to a pressure compensation system having a safety function for an electrolytic tank of flow batteries, in particular, vanadium redox flow batteries, and a head portion (5) of the electrolytic tank (3, 4) is connected to the surrounding area (2) of the flow battery via a pipeline (6), in which a primary bi-directional pressure compensation valve (7) is situated, and a bypass line (9, 20), in which a secondary bi-directional pressure compensation valve (10) having a second response pressure greater than the first response pressure is situated, branches off from the pipeline (6) having the primary pressure compensation valve (7) having a first response pressure, and the outlet (11) of said bypass line is situated within a housing (13) surrounding the electrolytic tanks (3, 4).. .
Gildemeister Energy Storage Gmbh


Negative active material for secondary battery, negative electrode and lithium battery each including negative active material, and preparing negative active material

Provided is a negative active material for a secondary battery which provides high capacity, high efficiency charging-discharging characteristics. The negative active material includes: a silicon single phase; and a silicon-metal alloy phase interfaced with the silicon single phase and surrounding the silicon single phase, wherein an x-ray diffraction spectrum of the negative active material has first and second peaks that are originated from the silicon-metal alloy phase, and the first peak is located at 49.1+/−0.5 degrees (°) and the second peak is located at 38.0+/−0.5 degrees (°), and a diffraction intensity of the first peak is 2 or less times that of to the second peak..
Snu R&db Foundation, Seoul National University


Electronic device with battery terminal sealing member

There is provided an electronic device includes a detachable battery pack from a casing; and a battery pack loading section in which the battery pack is loaded. The battery pack loading section includes a battery receiving surface that receives a battery and a peripheral wall that is formed at the peripheral edge of the battery receiving surface and faces the side surface of the battery.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Flexible display and fabricating the same

The invention provides a flexible display and method for fabricating the same. The flexible display includes: a first flexible substrate and an oppositely disposed second flexible substrate; a tft layer and an emitting unit, sequentially formed on the first flexible substrate; a color filter layer and an overcoat formed on the second flexible substrate; a fill formed between the first flexible substrate and the second flexible substrate; and a dam formed between the first flexible substrate and the second flexible substrate and surrounding the fill..
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Resistive memory device having field enhanced features

A resistive memory device includes a bottom electrode and a top electrode sandwiching a switching layer. The device also includes a field enhancement (fe) feature that extends from the bottom electrode either into the switching layer or is covered by switching layer and that is to enhance an electric field generated by the two electrodes to thereby confine a switching area of the device at the fe feature.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Composite having semiconductor structures embedded in a matrix

Semiconductor structures having a nanocrystalline core and corresponding nanocrystalline shell and insulator coating, wherein the semiconductor structure includes an anisotropic nanocrystalline core composed of a first semiconductor material, and an anisotropic nanocrystalline shell composed of a second, different, semiconductor material surrounding the anisotropic nanocrystalline core. The anisotropic nanocrystalline core and the anisotropic nanocrystalline shell form a quantum dot.


Radiation hardened mos devices and methods of fabrication

Radiation hardened nmos devices suitable for application in nmos, cmos, or bicmos integrated circuits, and methods for fabricating them. A device includes a p-type silicon substrate, a field oxide surrounding a moat region on the substrate tapering through a bird's beak region to a gate oxide within the moat region, a heavily-doped p-type guard region underlying at least a portion of the bird's beak region and terminating at the inner edge of the bird's beak region, a gate included in the moat region, and n-type source and drain regions spaced by a gap from the inner edge of the bird's beak and guard regions.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

Provided is a semiconductor device comprising: a first conductivity type base layer having a mos gate structure formed on its front surface side; a second conductivity type first collector layer formed on a rear surface side of the base layer; a second conductivity type second collector layer formed on a rear surface side of the first collector layer with a material the same with that of the base layer, the second collector layer formed to be thinner than the first collector layer and having a higher impurity concentration than that of the first collector layer; a collector electrode formed on a rear surface side of the second collector layer; and a second conductivity type separation layer surrounding the mos gate structure on a front surface side of the base layer and formed from a front surface of the base layer to a front surface of the first collector layer.. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Light-emitting element and display device using same

A display device includes a plurality of light-emitting elements aligned on a tft substrate in a formation of a matrix. The plurality of light-emitting elements each have a flat surface portion and including a light-emitting layer, an anode, and a cathode, an insulating layer formed on the tft substrate and under the light emitting element, and a tilted metal surface provided on a peripheral area surrounding the flat surface portion of the light-emitting element and having a tilt angle with respect to the flat surface portion of the light-emitting element.
Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.


Light absorption apparatus

A light absorption apparatus includes a substrate, a light absorption layer above the substrate on a first selected area, a silicon layer above the light absorption layer, a spacer surrounding at least part of the sidewall of the light absorption layer, an isolation layer surrounding at least part of the spacer, wherein the light absorption apparatus can achieve high bandwidth and low dark current.. .
Artilux Inc.


Vertical and 3d memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same

A memory device is described, which includes a block of memory cells comprising a plurality of stacks of horizontal active lines such as nand string channel lines, with a plurality of vertical slices penetrated by, and surrounding, the horizontal active lines to provide a gate-all-around structure. A memory film is disposed between the horizontal active lines in the plurality of stacks and the vertical slices in the plurality of vertical slices.
Macronix International Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes forming an opening in a first substrate and filling the opening with a metal to form a first connection electrode. The first substrate is then polished by chemical mechanical polishing under conditions such that a polishing rate of the metal is less that of the region surrounding the metal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Semiconductor device and lead frame having vertical connection bars

A semiconductor device includes a lead frame having a die support area and a plurality of inner and outer row leads surrounding the die support area, and a semiconductor die mounted on the die support area and electrically connected to the leads with bond wires. A molding material encapsulates the semiconductor die, the bond wires, and the leads, and defines a package body.


Measurement system and measurement method

A measurement system for measuring a consumption amount of a focus ring in a plasma etching apparatus including a processing chamber, a lower electrode and the focus ring surrounding a periphery of the lower electrode, comprises a sensor substrate having a distance sensor and a measurement unit configured to measure a consumption amount of the focus ring. The measurement unit includes a transfer instruction unit, an acquisition unit and a measurement unit.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Magnetically controlled polymer nanocomposite material and methods for applying and curing same, and nanomagnetic composite for rf applications

A method includes applying a filler material to at least one component, the filler material including a heat curable matrix and nanoparticles; and applying an electromagnetic field to at least part of the filler material. The nanoparticles have a core capable of being heated by the electromagnetic field to a temperature sufficient to at least partially cure surrounding matrix.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Hybrid cable, its manufacture and use of such a hybrid cable

An electric lead contains at least three conductors. Each of conductors has a line which is surrounded by a conductor sheath.
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Display device

A display device including a display area and a non-display area surrounding the display area. The non-display area includes a test data line (tdl) which receives a test data signal from an external source, a plurality of connection line units (clus) which connect the data lines and the tdl, and a dummy line unit which is formed in the non-display area.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Vehicle position estimation device, method and computer readable recording medium

Sensor information acquisition section acquires surrounding information including three dimensional information of respective surrounding positions of subject vehicle, and positional information of subject vehicle. Road surface information extraction section generates road surface image in which acquired surrounding information is projected onto road surface on which subject vehicle is travelling.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho


System and obtaining revenue through the display of hyper-relevant advertising on moving objects

A system for obtaining revenue through the display of advertising on fixed or moving objects id disclosed. Such objects receive, store, poll and extract data to present content based on the time of day, locations, and relative movements in a specific environment, where data and information stored in moving or mobile objects within that environment can be transmitted between those objects or to stationary objects, where it is then used to enable and control such displays for which the owners of those objects are then compensated.


Systems and methods for encrypting information displayed on a user interface of a device

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a device having a display component that displays encrypted information. In an embodiment, a system includes a user interface of a device comprising a display module, wherein the user interface receives information entered by a user of the device.
Ebay Inc.


Modeling photoresist shrinkage effects in lithography

Aspects of the disclosed techniques relate to techniques for resist simulation in lithography. Local light power values are determined for a plurality of sample points in boundary regions of an aerial image of a feature to be printed on a resist coating, wherein each of the local light power values represents a light power value for an area surrounding one of the plurality of sample points.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Performing rounding operations responsive to an instruction

In one embodiment, the present invention includes a method for receiving a rounding instruction and an immediate value in a processor, determining if a rounding mode override indicator of the immediate value is active, and if so executing a rounding operation on a source operand in a floating point unit of the processor responsive to the rounding instruction and according to a rounding mode set forth in the immediate operand. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
Intel Corporation


Autonomous driving vehicle system

An autonomous driving vehicle system includes: a surrounding information detection unit that is configured to detect surrounding information on a vehicle; and at least one electronic control unit including: a travel plan generation unit configured to generate a travel plan along a pre-set target route based on the surrounding information and map information; a traveling control unit configured to autonomously control a traveling of the vehicle based on the travel plan; and a warning light control unit configured to turn on a warning light earlier than a start time of a braking of the vehicle in the travel plan, the warning light informing a following vehicle about the braking.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method

A lithographic apparatus may include an optical element, such as an immersion fluid reservoir, which supported at least in part by a bearing, such as a gas bearing. To enable illumination by the lithographic apparatus of an edge of the substrate, a surrounding structure is provided that surrounds the substrate, a level parameter of the substrate, such as a thickness of the substrate, is measured by a sensor, such as a thickness sensor.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Bending insensitive single-mode optical fiber

In one aspect of the invention, the bend insensitive single-mode optical fiber includes a core layer and cladding layers having an inner cladding layer, a trench cladding layer and an outer cladding layer sequentially formed surrounding the core layer from inside to outside. For the core layer, the diameter is 7-7.9 μm, and the relative refractive index difference Δ1 is between 4.6×10−3 and 6.0×10−3.
Yangtze Optical Fibre And Cable Joint Stock Limited Company


Wire grid polarizing plate, display device including the same, and fabricating said display device

Provided is a wire grid polarizing plate. The wire grid polarizing plate comprises a light-transmitting substrate and wire grid patterns which are disposed on the light-transmitting substrate, and which are arranged to transmit first polarized light and to reflect second polarized light polarized in a direction perpendicular to that of the first polarized light, the wire grid patterns comprising target patterns comprising conductive structures shaped as closed curves, at least one of the conductive structures surrounding another one of the conductive structures with a gap therebetween..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Wireless devices and systems for tracking patients and methods for using the like

Disclosed are apparatuses, systems, and methods for tracking patients that suffer from dementia. The disclosed apparatus is a wearable device capable of micro-tracking through bluetooth low energy technology and capable of macro-tracking through gps technology.


Method and device for the localization of a vehicle from a fixed reference map

A method and a device for locating a vehicle from a fixed reference map in which objects are assigned one or more positions in the reference map. At successive points of a vehicle trajectory, in each case a radar impulse is emitted and subsequently, angle-resolved and time-resolved measurements of the radar impulse response are performed.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft


Surroundings-sensing device having a modular ultrasonic transducer, and motor vehicle having such a surroundings-sensing device

A surroundings-sensing device for emitting and/or receiving ultrasonic signals including an ultrasonic transducer, which includes at least one transducer element and at least one resonance body including a front body and a rear body, and including a diaphragm for sound transmission, which is coupled to an end face of the front body, the front body, the transducer element, and the rear body being separably connected to one another, and the front body being fastened on the diaphragm. Further described is a motor vehicle including a bumper, a side mirror, or a door section and at least one such surroundings-sensing device, the diaphragm of the surroundings-sensing device being formed by an outer skin of the bumper, the side mirror, or the door section and the ultrasonic transducer being situated concealed behind the outer skin..
Robert Bosch Gmbh


System and 3d tracking for ad-hoc cross-device interaction

Disclosed is a three-dimensional ad-hoc tracking system and method between two or more devices at a location. The disclosed systems and methods can be implemented on commodity mobile devices with no added components and require no cross-device calibration, in order to track surrounding devices.
Yahoo! Inc.


Grounding resistance measurement apparatus and operating the same

A grounding resistance measurement apparatus measures a grounding resistance at an ac power terminal, and is electrically connected to an equipment input terminal which provides an ac power source. The grounding resistance measurement apparatus includes a dc power generation circuit and a dc voltage detection circuit.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Barrel with cam followers

A barrel for a semiautomatic firearm operating under the short recoil system has one or more cam followers projecting outwardly to engage one or more cams positioned on an inner surface of a slide surrounding the barrel. Interaction between the cams and the cam followers controls the angle between the longitudinal axis of the barrel and the axis of motion of the slide to prevent the breech end of the barrel from moving too far as the barrel tilts as it unlocks from the slide, ensuring that the extractor will engage the rim of a spent casing and extract it from the chamber during recoil..
Smith & Wesson Corp.



A modular radiator panel includes a coolant tube, a saddle surrounding a first portion of the coolant tube and a radiative sheet mounted to the saddle. The radiative sheet surrounds a second portion of the coolant tube, such that the coolant tube is sandwiched between the radiative sheet and the saddle.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Microfluidic-based vaporization of liquids

Methods and apparatus for vaporizing liquid into the surrounding environment, including directing liquid from a liquid source to a vaporization port where the vaporization port has lateral dimensions varying from 10 um to 300 um, applying heat to the liquid in the vaporization port with an at least one heating element located in thermal communication to the vaporization port, and releasing vaporized liquid from the vaporization port into the surrounding environment so that fluid is transported through the depth of the structure.. .
Numerical Design, Inc.


Wearable safety light array

A wearable safety light array for personal safety. The invention is configured to be worn by an individual when there is a need for enhanced visibility by other persons and/or sensors and when the person needs enhanced visibility of their surroundings due to low-light or no-light situations.


Above-ground low-temperature tank

An above-ground low-temperature tank includes a metal inner tank which stores low-temperature liquefied gas, and an outer tank which includes a concrete outer wall surrounding the inner tank. A hole portion which has a preset depth from a bottom surface of the inner tank is formed on a bottom portion of the inner tank, and a metal pit main body having a cylindrical bottomed accommodating portion is provided in a state where the accommodating portion is accommodated in the hole portion.
Ihi Corporation


Valve stroke amplification mechanism assembly

A motion enhancing mechanism assembly suited for use with fluid control devices such as a piezoelectric modulating actuator of a proportional control valve. Range-limited axial motion of the actuator is transmitted through an amplifier disc to cause tilting of a control plate initially in sealing registration with an orifice ridge surrounding a fluid conduit aperture.
Vistadeltek, Llc


Gasket and manufacturing gasket

A gasket includes at least one metal plate to be clamped between two members fastened by fastening devices, an opening portion corresponding to a sealing hole provided in the at least one metal member, a seal bead protruding outwardly from a flat surface of the at least one metal plate, and annularly surrounding the opening portion, and insertion holes through which the fastening devices pass. At least one metal plate is formed by a martensitic stainless steel plate, and a high hardness portion having a hardness higher than that of the stainless steel plate is formed in at least one portion of the seal bead formed in the stainless steel plate..
Ishikawa Gasket Co., Ltd.


Direct drive assembly for pump assembly

There is disclosed a motor mount apparatus for coupling a pump body of a fluid pump assembly to a rotational power source (e.g. Motor).
T & E Pumps Ltd.


Fuel injection valve for a combustion engine

A fuel injection valve for a combustion engine comprises a valve body with a valve cavity and a nozzle body. The nozzle body may limit a free volume of the valve cavity and comprises at least one nozzle aperture.
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Engine piston

A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that receives a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod, and the crown portion forms a bowl surrounded by a flat crown surface having an annular shape and disposed along a plane.
Caterpillar Inc.


Engine piston

A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that is arranged to receive a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod.
Caterpillar Inc.


Engine piston

A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion, the skirt portion including a bore that is arranged to receive a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod, the crown portion forming a bowl surrounded by a flat crown surface having an annular shape and disposed along a plane, the bowl and the flat crown surface meeting along a circular edge surrounding a rim of the bowl, and an airfoil surface formed in the flat crown surface, the airfoil surface having a convex shape and extending annularly around the rim of the bowl.. .
Caterpillar Inc.


Engine piston

A piston for an internal combustion engine includes a piston body forming a crown portion and a skirt portion. The skirt portion includes a bore that is arranged to receive a pin for connecting the piston to a connecting rod.
Caterpillar Inc.


Heatable motor vehicle operating liquid tank and producing the heating device for it

A motor vehicle operating liquid tank, in particular for storing aqueous urea solution, with a tank shell surrounding a tank volume and with a tank opening extending through the tank shell, wherein a planar heating device in the tank volume is provided with an electrical resistance heating track arranged sandwiched between two plastic films that oppose one another in a planar manner and encase the resistance heating track, the plastic films opposing one another in a planar manner and each have a layer of compatible, thermoplastic plastics at least on their surfaces facing one another which are connected to one another locally at least along a seam track surrounding the electrical resistance heating track, wherein slot areas are provided inside this seam track in which plastic film sections lie opposite one another in an unconnected manner without the intermediate arrangement of a section of a resistance heating track between them.. .
Röchling Automotive Se & Co. Kg


Subsurface pipe dimension and position indicating device

A sensing system provides real time information as to the location of a stand in a tubular string at a predetermined elevation such as where the rams are located. This allows a determination of whether the upsets are aligned with the ramps or whether the stand is aligned with the rams in a manner that the rams will close on the tubular between the end upsets.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Compact modular housing unit

The present disclosure relates to a compact modular housing unit (1) for housing a user (8). The modular housing unit (1) comprises a box-shaped structure (2), which encloses an inner chamber (20), and a bed or the like (3), which is positioned in the inner chamber (20).
Worm S.a.s. Di Ferrari Loris & C.


Flush toilet

A flush toilet having a bowl portion including a bowl-shaped waste receiving surface and a rim portion wherein the rim portion includes a rim top inside corner portion, and a rim top outside corner portion, and in at least part of the entire perimeter of the rim portion, the rounding of the rim top inside corner portion is formed to be larger than the rounding of the rim top outside corner portion. This rim profile enables the rim portion top surface, the rim top inside corner portion, and the inside wall can be efficiently cleaned..
Toto Ltd.


Compositions and methods for glucose transport inhibition

Glucose deprivation is an attractive strategy in cancer research and treatment. Cancer cells upregulate glucose uptake and metabolism for maintaining accelerated growth and proliferation rates.
Ohio University


Overpressure valve of a spear tube valve

The present invention relates to an extractor tube assembly for a beverage container, comprising a gas valve and a beverage valve adapted to cooperate with each other, the gas valve and beverage valve comprising a ring-shaped gasket, the gasket being made of an elastomeric material and comprising an insert made of a rigid material, and the gasket having a top part with an upper face visible from outside the extractor tube assembly, the top part being arranged above the insert. The elastomeric material encloses the insert and a portion of the top part of the gasket is adapted to be released from the insert when a pressure inside the beverage container exceeds a predetermined level so that fluid communication between an interior of the beverage container and the surroundings is provided, whereby the pressure is released from the beverage container, the gasket comprising an identification detectable from the upper face of the gasket, so that it is easily detectable if a pressure release function of the gasket has been partly or fully initiated..
Micro Matic A/s


Packages for and methods of packaging food products

A package for food products including a first portion, a second portion, and at least one indicator. The first portion has a first closed end, at least one first side wall surrounding the first closed end, and a first open end opposite the first closed end.


Floating construction

A floating construction comprising a water space within the floating construction, which water space has transparent walls and/or walls containing transparent sections, and at least one open opening allowing water surrounding the floating construction to enter into the water space, and the floating construction comprising space next to the water space for spectators observing the activities taking place inside the water space, wherein the floating construction comprises a draft control system for changing water surface level inside the water space.”. .
Waterbox Oy


Double-shell tank and liquefied gas carrier ship

A horizontal type cylindrical double-shell tank includes an inner shell and an outer shell. The inner shell includes an inner shell main part storing a liquefied gas and an inner shell dome protruding from the inner shell main part.
Kawasaki Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Floating construction

A floating construction comprising a container filled fully or partially with water, the lower portion of the container being located within a surrounding body of water and the water surface level of the surrounding body of water being substantially lower that the water surface level inside the container, the container comprising transparent walls or walls with transparent sections and at least one open opening for entering the container, which at least one open opening is located below the surface level of the surrounding body of water, and which floating construction comprises space for spectators observing activities taking place inside the container, wherein the floating construction comprises at least one ballast tank, which ballast tank is connected to the container with a controllable pressure connection, and which ballast tank has controllable water connection to the surrounding body of water.. .
Waterbox Oy


Method and efficiently providing occupancy information on the surroundings of a vehicle

A method is provided for efficiently providing occupancy information on the surroundings of a vehicle, which vehicle has sensors for ascertaining the occupancy of the surroundings. The method includes the following steps: receiving sensor measurements of the surroundings of the vehicle; determining the occupancy of the surroundings by obstacles using the sensor measurements; providing a division of the surroundings into regions; for each region of the surroundings, determining the most certainly identified occupancy in the respective region if multiple occupancies of the surroundings have been detected in the respective region; and determining the next occupancy, namely the respective region occupancy for which the shortest distance has been determined according to a distance determination specified for the respective region; and providing the most certainly identified occupancy and the next occupancy..
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft



A cap includes a main body attached to an end part of a charging port of fuel gas, an elastic deformable portion provided to the main body and for locking the main body to the end part when the main body is attached to the end part, and a cover covering at least part of the elastic deformable portion and surrounding the main body. The elastic deformable portion at least partially elastically deforms when the main body is attached to the end part and when the main body is detached from the end part.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Tire comprising high-contrast marking

A tire made of rubber material including a sidewall and a marking protruding from this sidewall. The tire having a texture, which has a plurality of strands protruding from the sidewall, these strands being distributed at a density at least equal to five strands per square millimeter (mm2), each strand having a mean cross section between 0.0007 mm2 and 0.06 mm2 and/or the texture having a plurality of substantially mutually parallel lamellae protruding from the sidewall, the spacing of the lamellae being less than or equal to 0.5 mm, each lamella having a mean width between 0.03 mm and 0.3 mm.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique, S.a.


Interactive robot initialization

Initial interaction between a mobile robot and at least one user is described herein. The mobile robot captures several images of its surroundings, and identifies existence of a user in at least one of the several images.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Compact direct drive spindle

A substrate transport apparatus including a frame, at least one arm link rotatably connected to the frame and a shaftless drive section. The shaftless drive section including stacked drive motors for rotating the at least one arm link relative to the frame through a shaftless interface, each of the stacked drive motors including a stator having stator coils disposed on a fixed post fixed relative to the frame and a rotor substantially peripherally surrounding the stator such that the rotor is connected to a respective one of the at least one arm link for rotating the one of the at least one arm link relative to the frame causing an extension or retraction of the one of the at least one arm link, where the stacked drive motors are disposed in the at least one arm link so that part of each stator is within a common arm link..
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Contaminant separator for a nitrogen generation system and removing contaminants from an airstream

A contaminant separator for a nitrogen generation system includes a swirl vane chamber defined by a chamber wall, the swirl vane chamber configured to receive an air bleed flow. Also included is a vane located within the swirl vane chamber, the vane configured to direct contaminants heavier than air radially outwardly toward the chamber wall.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Hydrostatic tank floor relief valve

A hydrostatic tank floor relief valve of a construction described herein provides for equalization of hydrostatic pressure of fluid in a storage tank with hydrostatic pressure of ground water surrounding the storage tank. A high efficiency grate located in a flow channel of the hydrostatic tank floor relief valve blocks debris from entering the storage tank during pressure equalization, yet does not reduce effective flow rates through a flow channel of a given diameter.
Kennedy Valve Company


Animal and plant cell electric stimulator with randomized spatial distribution of electrodes for both electric field shaping and for current injection

An electric stimulator for heart, brain, organs and general cells with a random shape and position of electrodes which enhances its performance for breaking the symmetry. Two types of electrodes are introduced: type-1, or active electrodes are similar to prior art, while type-2, or passive electrodes have not been used in this context.


Breathing the use thereof

A breathing assistance apparatus includes an inner volumetric member pressurizable from a first pressure to a second pressure and an outer volumetric member surrounding at least a portion of the inner expandable volumetric member. The inner volumetric member pressurizes the outer volumetric member as the inner volumetric member is pressurized from the first pressure to the second pressure.
Trudell Medical International


Intra-aortic balloon apparatus, assist devices and methods for improving flow, counterpulsation and haemodynamics

A circulatory assist apparatus comprising: an inflatable pumping balloon having a proximal end joined to an elongated balloon catheter, the balloon catheter having a distal end joined to the pumping balloon and a proximal end, separated from the distal end by a length sufficient to extend from within a circulatory lumen to the outside of a patient's body, for receiving positive and negative pressure pulses from a pump to inflate and deflate the pumping balloon; and a radially expandable frame, mounted on one of a segment extending distally from the pumping balloon, the balloon catheter, and a sleeve tube surrounding the balloon catheter. The expandable frame is manipulate to expand within the circulatory lumen, and functions to space apart the inflatable balloon from the circulatory lumen, having a first diameter in a collapsed configuration for intraluminal delivery and a second, larger diameter in an expanded configuration achieved by said manipulation..


Progenitor endothelial cell capturing with a drug eluting implantable medical device

A medical device for implantation into vessels or luminal structures within the body is provided, which stimulates positive blood vessel remodeling. The medical device, such as a stent and a synthetic graft, is coated with a pharmaceutical composition consisting of a controlled-release matrix and one or more pharmaceutical substances for direct delivery of drugs to surrounding tissues.
Orbusneich Medical, Inc.


Photoactivatable lipid-based nanoparticles as vehicles for dual agent delivery

Embodiments of photoactivatable, lipid-based nanoparticles are disclosed, as well as methods of making and using the nanoparticles. Pharmaceutical compositions including the nanoparticles also are disclosed.
Baylor College Of Medicine


Leg therapy apparatus

A leg therapy apparatus is provided which enables the user to easily and comfortable engage the various muscles of the leg, providing the leg muscles with a therapeutic message which helps to loosen and relieve sore or damages muscles. The apparatus may also be used to assist in the removal of cellulite from areas of the leg.


Partial joint resurfacing implant, instrumentation, and method

A partial resurfacing implant for use in repairing an articular cartilage defect site that includes a top articulating portion having a top surface that is configured with at least one radius of curvature to approximate the surface contour of the articular cartilage surrounding the defect site. The implant also includes a supporting plate that has a top surface and a bottom surface.


System and potential equalization monitoring for medical devices

A method of potential equalization monitoring includes connecting a plurality of electrical devices to a patient, electrically connecting each of the plurality of electrical devices to a common equipotential grounding hub, the equipotential grounding hub defining a ground, monitoring a flow of current to the ground from at least one of the plurality of electrical devices, detecting a change in the balance of electrical charge between the plurality of devices, and identifying a source of the change in the balance of electrical charge.. .
General Electric Company


Device and suturing intracardiac defects

In accordance with the present invention there is provided a suturing device. The suturing device includes a length of suture that will be delivered to the site of the pfo and placed through the tissue adjacent the opening to close the pfo.
Abbott Laboratories


Soft robotic retractors

Exemplary embodiments describe soft robotic actuators for medical use, such as during surgeries and other medical procedures. According to one embodiment, a soft robotic incision retractor is provided.


Skin-mountable medical device

The invention concerns a skin-mountable medical device comprising a patch portion with a contact surface facing the skin of a patient during use, a process unit attached to the patch portion, and a plaster kit for securing the patch portion to the skin, wherein the plaster kit has a primary pad adapted to releasably adhere to at least a section of a peripheral skin surface surrounding the contact surface. According to the invention, the plaster kit further comprises at least one auxiliary pad which is connectable or connected to the patch portion and adapted to functionally replace the primary pad after a wearing time..
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Method for managing health condition, health condition management apparatus, and health condition management system

A method for causing a computer to execute a process for managing health condition, the process includes: detecting a grounding timing of a leg of a quadruped and a timing of weight-shift to a rear side of the quadruped; and determining whether or not the leg of the quadruped has a disease or injury, based on the detected grounding timing of the leg of the quadruped and the detected timing of a weight-shift to the rear side of the quadruped.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Systems and methods for merchandizing electronic displays

Systems and methods for a merchandizing display related to a continuous display formed by electronic displays embedded along product shelves and on the packages stored on the product shelves. An electronic label device may detect the presence of a consumer and send a trigger to the packages on its product shelf.
Rtc Industries, Inc.


Mobile communication device and manufacturing method thereof

A mobile communication device includes a metallic housing, a main board mounted within the metallic housing, and an antenna portion and a grounding portion, the antenna portion including at least a first antenna and a second antenna, wherein these antennas share a common radiation part formed by a metallic cover piece, a metallic surrounding piece, an insulating piece, and a connection piece; the cover piece is grounded, the grounding portion including a first grounding point and a second grounding point both provided on the main board, respectively located laterally to the connection piece and abutting against the metallic surrounding piece. A corresponding manufacturing method of the mobile communication device is also related..
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Rotating electric machine with shaft-seal devices mounted thereon

In a rotating electric machine with shaft-seal devices mounted thereon, an object to provide them is to uniformize a temperature distribution of a sealing ring with a simple structure. The rotating electric machine with the shaft-seal devices mounted thereon includes a rotor having a shaft; a stator disposed in a circumferential surrounding of the rotor; a sealing ring having a plurality of through holes formed therein, being disposed in a circumferential surrounding of the shaft; a gland seal having an oil supply opening therein, for enclosing a circumferential surrounding of the sealing ring; a partition plate disposed between the sealing ring and the gland seal; and a housing on which the gland seal is fixed, for accommodating the rotor and the stator..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear assembly

In order to develop a gas-insulated medium-voltage switchgear assembly, which has an encapsulated container for accommodating components of the medium-voltage switchgear assembly, a grounding contact and a grounding busbar terminal provided on the outer side of the container, such that it has a simple and economical design, it is proposed that the grounding contact is secured by integral bonding in a container opening and has the grounding busbar connection terminal.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Device for diverting earth currents, more particularly in wind turbines

The invention relates to a device for discharging ground currents, more particularly in wind turbines, from electrical machines, comprising a grounding ring mounted on a rotor of the electrical machine and a sliding contact which is connected to ground and is in contact with the grounding ring. The sliding contact element has a carbon brush with a bulk density between 1.1 and 1.4 g/cm3, and the carbon brush contains a metal inclusions composed of silver, the silver proportion being between 1 and 8%..
Pantrac Gmbh


Timber access mat with grounding

A timber access mat having an electrical grounding feature includes an electrically conductive cover layer that is removably carried over the top of the body of the timber access mat. The electrically conductive cover layer can be formed from one or more sheets of expanded metal such as expanded steel.


Multi-band antenna

A multi-band antenna includes a radiating antenna member, a first parasitic antenna member, and a second parasitic antenna member. The radiating antenna member includes a feeding unit, a high frequency (hf) radiating unit and a low frequency (lf) radiating unit, the hf radiating unit and the lf radiating unit extend from the feeding unit.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Multiband antenna and wireless communication device

A multiband antenna includes main antenna, a switch circuit, and a parasitic antenna. The main antenna includes a radiating portion, a feeding portion, a grounding portion, and an extending portion coupled to the feeding portion and the grounding portion.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Mobile communication device and manufacturing same

A mobile communication device includes a metallic rear cover, a circuit board arranged within the rear cover and an antenna, the antenna including a radiation source connecting to the metallic rear cover and a circuitry portion on the circuit board, the circuitry portion including a feed portion connecting to the radiation source, a grounding portion, and a controlling circuitry for controlling the grounding portion to connect or disconnect to the radiation source. A corresponding method for manufacturing the mobile communication device is also presented..
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

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