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Rounding patents

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High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly

High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly

Producing a multichannel sound from stereo audio signals

Hamburg Innovation

Producing a multichannel sound from stereo audio signals

Producing a multichannel sound from stereo audio signals


Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and method for processing image

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rounding-related patents
 Transmission device patent thumbnailTransmission device
Transmission device including at least one electric conductor for the transmission of an ac signal and a dielectric material at least partly surrounding the at least one conductor. The dielectric material includes dipoles.
Alcatel Lucent

 High temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly patent thumbnailHigh temperature vacuum furnace heater element support assembly
An electrical insulating and heating element support assembly for a high temperature vacuum furnace having a threaded support rod for connecting a heating element to the insulated hot-zone support ring in an electrically non-connected position includes insulator sleeves and washers surrounding the rod in contact with a series of refractory metal washers which may include graphite and/or molybdenum as shielding liners used to protect electrical insulators from having electrical short path means due to deposition of conductive materials onto the non-conducting insulators, and the use of threaded nuts and bushings to anchor the rod and shielding arrangement within the furnace hot zone. The non-conducting insulators and washers are made from materials with high thermal and electrical resistance, such as preferably alumina or mullite, and radially surround the support rod and the heating element.

 Producing a multichannel sound from stereo audio signals patent thumbnailProducing a multichannel sound from stereo audio signals
The invention relates to a method for generating a multichannel audio signal (600, 700) from a stereo audio signal (100, 200), having the following steps: ascertaining a first panning coefficient (310) and a second panning coefficient (320) of the stereo audio signal; ascertaining a direct signal (515) as well as a first surroundings signal (510) and a second surroundings signal (520) from the first audio signal and the second audio signal and from the first panning coefficient and the second panning coefficient; ascertaining a plurality of repanning coefficients (410, 415, 420) from the panning coefficients, each repanning coefficient of the plurality of repanning coefficients being assigned to an audio channel (580, 585, 590) of a plurality of audio channels of the multichannel audio signal; calculating each direct signal using each of the repanning coefficients of the plurality of repanning coefficients; and converting each audio channel into a playback signal (600, 700) of the multichannel audio signal, each playback signal being provided for a respective playback device.. .
Hamburg Innovation Gmbh

 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and  processing image patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and processing image
An image processing apparatus includes a memory unit configured to store original image data, a read unit configured to read, from the memory unit, image data of a rectangular area that is part of the original image data, to set pixel values to a flanking area that is added to the rectangular area in a surrounding space thereof, and to output extended image data inclusive of the image data of the rectangular area and image data of the flanking area to which the pixel values are set, and a first filtering process unit configured to apply a filtering process to the extended image data.. .
Socionext Inc.

 System and  generating a surround view patent thumbnailSystem and generating a surround view
A method and system for generating a surround view are provided. The method may include: establishing a surround surface; obtaining a plurality of images of surroundings; and projecting the images onto the surround surface based on a projection relationship between points on the surround surface and pixels on the images to generate a surround view, where the projection relationship may change with heights of the points on the surround surface.

 Wireless video camera patent thumbnailWireless video camera
A wireless video camera permits bookmarking of objects in the surrounding environment of the camera. When a remote user selects to see (via streaming video) a previously bookmarked object, the camera determines the appropriate camera viewing parameter to replicate the bookmarked view of the object.
Koss Corporation

 Conference system and process for voice activation in the conference system patent thumbnailConference system and process for voice activation in the conference system
Conference systems are used for example in discussions and usually comprise a plurality of delegate units with microphones, whereby in a discussion each discussion participant uses his own delegate unit. Usually the delegate units have a switch or the like, that allows the participant in front of the delegate unit to request, that his microphone is activated, so that the speech of the participant is input in the conference system and amplified by the conference system.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Electrical connectors having leadframes patent thumbnailElectrical connectors having leadframes
An electrical connector includes a contact module having a leadframe and a dielectric frame surrounding the leadframe. The leadframe has signal conductors having transition contacts encased in the dielectric frame.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

 Connector having installation-responsive compression patent thumbnailConnector having installation-responsive compression
A connector includes an conductor engager, coupler-driver and a compressor-body. A coupler is disposed over and engages a grounding end of the conductor engager while a torque drive member rotationally drives the coupler to threadably engage an interface port.
Pc Broadband, Inc.

 Nfc antenna patent thumbnailNfc antenna
The disclosure illustrates a nfc antenna. The nfc antenna includes a first radiating portion and a second radiating portion.
Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co., Ltd.


Multi-band antenna

A multi-band antenna comprises a single-pole radiating portion and a coupling radiating portion coupled to a grounding terminal. The single-pole radiating portion has a first radiating unit and a fourth radiating unit coupled to a feeding terminal.
Auden Techno Corp.


Tunable long term evolution antenna

A tunable long term evolution antenna comprises a feeding portion, a grounding portion, a first radiation portion, a second radiation portion and a coupling radiation portion. The shape of the first radiation portion is a strip.
Auden Techno Corp.


Multi-band antenna

A multi-band antenna includes a feeder cable including an inner wire and an outer braider, and an antenna body. The antenna includes a longitudinal grounding portion along a first direction, a first connecting portion and a second connecting portion extending from opposite first and second ends of the grounding portion, a first arm extending from the first connecting portion and a second arm extending from the second connecting portion along the first direction.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited


Device and surface positioning of antennas

Systems and methods for providing antennas for transmission and reception of radio frequency communications. More particularly, implementations of the present invention relate to a device and method for positioning antennas on surfaces encasing or surrounding an electronic device such as the rear of a flat panel display television or a laptop computer, smartphone, or pad computer, or on plates and components which removably engage with such devices..


Organic electroluminescent device

In an organic electroluminescent device, deterioration of an organic material layer of an oled due to moisture and the like from a surrounding material is effectively prevented. An oled is provided with an organic material layer including a light emitting layer and is provided on a lower substrate.
Japan Display Inc.


Display devices and methods of manufacturing display devices

A display device includes a display panel having a first substrate having a display region and a peripheral region surrounding the display region, a light emitting structure in the display region, a sealant in the peripheral region, the sealant including a first portion having a first width, and a second portion adjacent to the first portion and having a second width smaller than the first width, and a second substrate on the light emitting structure and the sealant, a body including an upper frame and a lower frame, the body receiving the display panel, and at least one function button at a first portion of the display device, at least a portion of the function button protruding out of the body, and the first portion of the sealant being disposed adjacent to the at least one the function button at the first portion of the display device.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Organic electroluminescent device, illumination apparatus, and illumination system

An organic electroluminescent device includes first and second substrates, first and second electrodes, an organic light emitting layer, and first and second terminal parts. The first substrate has an upper face including a device region and a periphery region surrounding the device region.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a channel layer including a sidewall having protrusions and depressions alternating with each other in a direction in which the channel layer extends, a tunnel insulating layer surrounding the channel layer, first charge storage patterns surrounding the tunnel insulating layer formed in the depressions, blocking insulation patterns surrounding the first charge patterns formed in the depressions, wherein the blocking insulating patterns include connecting portions coupled to the tunnel insulating layer, and second charge storage patterns surrounding the tunnel insulating layer formed in the protrusions.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Method of forming semiconductor device including protrusion type isolation layer

A semiconductor device may include a semiconductor layer having a convex portion and a concave portion surrounding the convex portion. The semiconductor device may further include a protrusion type isolation layer filling the concave portion and extending upward so that an uppermost surface of the isolation layer is a at level higher that an uppermost surface of the convex portion..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Memory device and fabricating the same

A device comprises a nanowire over a substrate, wherein the nanowire comprises a first drain/source region over the substrate, a channel region over the first drain/source region and a second drain/source region over the channel region, a high-k dielectric layer and a control gate layer surrounding a lower portion of the channel region and a tunneling layer and a ring-shaped floating gate layer surrounding an upper portion of the channel region.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


High breakdown voltage microelectronic device isolation structure with improved reliability

A microelectronic device contains a high voltage component having a high voltage node and a low voltage node. The high voltage node is isolated from the low voltage node by a main dielectric between the high voltage node and low voltage elements at a surface of the substrate of the microelectronic device.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Electronic device including components in component receiving cavity and related methods

An electronic device may include a surface mount integrated circuit (ic) package to be attached to a printed circuit board (pcb). The surface mount ic package may include at least one ic and an encapsulating material surrounding the at least one ic and having a component receiving cavity defined therein on a bottom surface thereof to be positioned adjacent the pcb.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd


Carrier with thermally resistant film frame for supporting wafer during singulation

Methods of and carriers for dicing semiconductor wafers, each wafer having a plurality of integrated circuits, are described. In an example, a carrier for supporting a wafer or substrate in an etch process includes a frame having a perimeter surrounding an inner opening.


Method of fabricating a semiconductor device with reduced leak paths

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device with reduced leak paths is disclosed. The method comprises etching a void in non-conductive material in the semiconductor device to provide a conduction path between isolated material, forming a non-conductive surface layer on an unintended conductive item adjacent to the void, and filling the void with a conductive material.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Support plate and forming support plate

A support plate to which a front surface of a wafer having a device region in which plural devices are formed and a peripheral surplus region surrounding the device region on the front surface is stuck. The support plate includes a base plate in which a recess is formed in a front surface region corresponding to the device region of the wafer to be stuck to the support plate and an annular groove is formed in a region corresponding to the peripheral surplus region of the wafer, and a soft member packed in the recess of the base plate.
Disco Corporation


Method for etching etching target layer

Disclosed is an etching method for etching an etching target layer. The etching method includes: a first step of depositing a plasma reaction product on a mask layer made of an organic film formed on the etching target layer; and after the first step, a second step of etching the etching target layer.
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method of processing wafer

A wafer has a device region on a front surface where a plurality of devices are disposed and an outer circumferential excess region surrounding the device region. The wafer has a chamfered portion of arcuate cross section on an outer circumferential edge thereof, the chamfered portion extending from the front surface to a reverse side of the wafer.
Disco Corporation


Automatic theme and color matching of images on an ambient screen to the surrounding environment

Systems, methods, and computer readable storage mediums are provided for automatically matching the theme of an image on an ambient screen to its surroundings. In some implementations, one or more real time environmental conditions of a room in which a primary display screen is located are evaluated.
Google Inc.


Human head detection in depth images

Systems, devices and methods are described including receiving a depth image and applying a template to pixels of the depth image to determine a location of a human head in the depth image. The template includes a circular shaped region and a first annular shaped region surrounding the circular shaped region.
Intel Corporation


Processing apparatus, computer program product, and processing method

A processing apparatus includes a navigator, an environment detector, and a controller. The navigator displays a route between desired geographical locations on a display unit.


Lane boundary line recognition apparatus and program for recognizing lane boundary line on roadway

A boundary line recognition apparatus receives detection results transmitted from camera devices and a laser radar device performing different optical detection methods. These detection results indicate information regarding a lane boundary line of a vehicle lane on a roadway on which an own vehicle drives.
Denso Corporation


Moving object location/attitude angle estimation device and moving object location/attitude angle estimation method

A moving object location/attitude angle estimation device acquires a fish-eye lens image capturing a surrounding environment of a moving object with a fish-eye lens, and acquires a less distorted pinhole image for a predetermined region of the fish-eye lens image. Then, a bend degree of a driving road in a travelling direction of the moving object is detected.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Rounding charge capture module-managing patient care

Computer implemented methods and apparatuses of managing patient care in a hospital. Machine readable instructions, when executed, provide a first rounding list to a first hospitalist, provide a second rounding list to a second hospitalist, communicate a status of a first set of multiple patients from the first hospitalist to the second hospitalist, communicate a status of a second set of multiple patients from the second hospitalist to the first hospitalist, capture work efforts of each hospitalist, capture billing information of the hospitalists, and provide the rounding lists to at least one hospital administrator.
Envision Healthcare Corporation


Insulation distance check device

The insulation distance check device comprising: a unit which designates a high potential component, a conductive component and an insulation component to 3d cad data; a unit which designates a distance condition; a unit which superimposes a layer surrounding the high potential component and creates a layer map associating the layer with a first distance; a unit which determines a second distance associated with the layer contacting with a portion of the conductive component, the second distance being a distance between the high potential component and the portion of the conductive component; a unit which compares the second distance and the distance condition; and a unit which displays at least one of a region occupied by the portion of the conductive component, on which the second distance having been determined to dissatisfy the distance condition is based; and a path connecting the high potential component and the conductive component.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Cable assembly having electrical power conductors and fiber optic data lines

A cable assembly with electrical conductors and fiber optic lines includes a hybrid cable, electrical tethers, a fiber optic tether, and a joining location thereof that includes a shielding unit establishing an electrical contact between shielding of the hybrid cable and shielding of the respective electrical tether cables. The shielding unit includes a central body of an conductive material surrounding the hybrid and tether cables at the joining location, where the central body is in electrical contact with the shielding of the hybrid cable and with the shielding of each electrical tether..
Ccs Technology, Inc.


Optical fiber and optical fiber silica glass base material

An optical fiber silica glass base material comprising a core formed of silica glass doped with a positive dopant that increases a refractive index; an intermediate layer adjacent to the core and surrounding the core on a radial outside thereof; a trench layer adjacent to the intermediate layer, surrounding the intermediate layer on a radial outside thereof, and formed of silica glass doped with a negative dopant that decreases a refractive index; and a cladding layer adjacent to the trench layer, surrounding the trench layer on a radial outside thereof, and formed of silica glass. Thickness of the intermediate layer in a radial direction is greater than thickness of the trench layer, and a region of the intermediate layer nearer the core is more heavily doped with the positive dopant and/or a region of the intermediate layer nearer the trench layer is more heavily doped with the negative dopant..
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Decomposing full-waveform sonic data into propagating waves for characterizing a wellbore and its immediate surroundings

A method for estimating parameters of a propagating wave field, such as the direction of propagation in 3d space of an acoustic wave from borehole-acoustic data. The estimation technique uses phase delays between recordings made by the individual receivers related to a plane wave travelling across the receiver array.
Read As


Measurement device

A measurement device includes a stage for carrying an object to be measured, an insulating board having a through hole, a probe fixed on the undersurface of the insulating board, a side wall section in a shape surrounding the probe, a pressurizing section provided on the top surface of the insulating board, the pressuring section supplying a gas below the insulating board via the through hole, and a measurement section electrically connected to the probe to control the pressurizing section, wherein the measurement section measures an electric property of the object to be measured via the probe in a state where the pressurizing section is controlled to supply a gas to a measurement space located below the insulating board to increase a pressure in the measurement space, the measurement space surrounded by the stage, the side wall section, and the insulating board.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Covert surveillance using multi-modality sensing

The present specification discloses a covert mobile inspection vehicle with a backscatter x-ray scanning system that has an x-ray source and detectors for obtaining a radiographic image of an object outside the vehicle. The system is configured to also simultaneously detect passive radiation.
Rapiscan Systems, Inc.


System and the automated testing and/or measuring of a plurality of substantially identical components by x-radiation

A system for the automated serial testing and/or measuring of a plurality of substantially identical components by x-radiation, the system comprising a testing device with a support, a rotor mounted so as to be continuously rotatable on the support, and an x-ray device disposed on the rotor, a protective enclosure surrounding the testing device, a handling device for handling a component during x-ray testing, and a control/evaluation unit configured for automatically controlling the system as well as evaluating the x-ray signals by computer tomography. The handling device is configured for periodically reciprocating between a loading region and a testing region and comprises an end face element on which the component can be disposed on the side of the end face..
Ge Sensing & Inspection Technologies Gmbh


Pressure detection device and producing same

Provided are a pressure detection device having a fail-safe structure for minimizing leaking out of a fluid targeted for pressure detection, and a method for producing the same. A pressure detection device is provided with: a fluid inflow member having a flow path; a pressure sensor for detecting the pressure of the fluid that has flowed into the flow path; a base plate unit having a first resin section surrounding the pressure sensor; a lid section which is bonded to the first resin section so as to cover the pressure sensor from above, and forms a sealed space in the interior of which the pressure sensor is located; a terminal unit; and a resin cover section for bonding the fluid inflow member, the base plate unit, the lid section, and the terminal unit.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.


Dry product dosage dispenser with multiple storage compartments and producing same

A container with an internal partition within its cavity has multiple compartments for dispensing multiple dry products. The partition comprises a first elongated portion, which forms a product-dispensing chute in the cavity, and an inclined portion slanting away from the chute.
The Quaker Oats Company


Weapons system modification for improved piston system

This invention is directed to a rifle barrel sleeve system for a piston operated weapon system comprising: a rear sleeve surrounding a rear portion of the rifle barrel; a front sleeve surrounding a front portion of the rifle barrel; a gas elbow support surrounding the rifle barrel disposed between the rear sleeve and the front sleeve having a gas chamber allowing gas to escape from a barrel gas port into the gas elbow; and, a void defined between the rear sleeve, front sleeve, gas elbow, barrel having filler material, a cylinder attached to a chamber bushing, sizing member and piston and rod.. .
Teludyne Tech Industries, Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes a compressor for compressing and discharging refrigerant; an outdoor heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the refrigerant and a heat medium that enters the outdoor heat exchanger; an indoor heat exchanger for exchanging heat between the refrigerant and a surrounding medium of use; a bypass pipe for bypassing the refrigerant that is to enter the outdoor heat exchanger; and a bypass flow control valve arranged on the bypass pipe, for adjusting a flow of the refrigerant that is to enter the outdoor heat exchanger, in which the outdoor heat exchanger includes a first passage through which the refrigerant flows, and a second passage through which the heat medium flows, and in which the first passage allows the refrigerant to flow upward.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Illumination device having broad lighting distribution

An illumination device includes at least one semiconductor light emitting element, a supporting base, and a lamp housing. The semiconductor light emitting element is disposed on the supporting base.
Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation


High pressure containment vessel

A vessel that has been reinforced to withstand high internal pressures for example in an hvacr system. The vessel can have a tubular body having a middle portion and at least one of a first tapered portion extending from a first end of the middle portion and a second tapered portion extending from a second end of the middle portion.
Parker-hannifin Corporation


Contamination resistant cartridge valve

In one aspect, a pressure regulating valve assembly is provided. The valve assembly includes a housing having a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, a sleeve positioned within the housing, and a spool at least partially positioned within the sleeve.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation



A gasket has a general ring-like shape with an outer diameter and inner diameter and side faces extending therebetween. The gasket has an inner portion extending radially outward from the inner diameter on at least one side face that is grooved.
Kraj Sp. Z O. O.


Multi chip module housing mounting in mwd, lwd and wireline downhole tool assemblies

An apparatus for protecting an electronics module used in a borehole includes a borehole string section having an outer circumferential surface on which at least one pocket is formed, a mount associated with the at least one pocket, and a sleeve surrounding the section of the borehole string. The mount includes a housing, a lid, and a biasing member.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Deep formation evaluation systems and methods

Apparatuses, systems and methods for deep formation evaluations, at least some of which include lwd tool modules positioned along a drillstring with a first lwd tool module that includes a transmit antenna, a second lwd tool module that includes a receive antenna and at least one position measurement device that at least partially determines spatial locations of the transmit and receive antennas relative to each other. A formation model is then matched to a surrounding formation based at least in part on said relative spatial locations..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Flow control system

A system and methodology facilitate flow control through actuation of valves individually along a plurality of zones. The system and methodology may be used in a variety of applications, including fracturing operations in which the valves are selectively actuated to control flow of fracturing fluid to specific zones of a formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Travel stop for expansion tool to limit stress on a surrounding tubular

An expandable anchor/seal is pushed up a ramp until making contact with the surrounding tubular as or after the anchor/seal contacts the same tubular. The setting sleeve is made from high yield steel that has a weakened leading end to reduce the force required to push the leading end and the anchor/seal and an outer surface treatment at a leading end that engages or penetrates the wall of the surrounding tubular.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Self-locking expandable seal activator

An expandable anchor/seal is pushed up a ramp until making contact with the surrounding tubular as or after the anchor/seal contacts the same tubular. The setting sleeve is made from high yield steel that has a weakened leading end to reduce the force required to push the leading end and the anchor/seal and an outer surface treatment at a leading end that engages or penetrates the wall of the surrounding tubular.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Expandable seal with adjacent radial travel stop

An expandable anchor/seal is pushed up a ramp until making contact with the surrounding tubular as or after the anchor/seal contacts the same tubular. The setting sleeve is made from high yield steel that has a weakened leading end to reduce the force required to push the leading end and the anchor/seal and an outer surface treatment at a leading end that engages or penetrates the wall of the surrounding tubular.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Expansion limiter for expandable seal

An expandable seal has at least one travel stop designed to engage the surrounding tubular to limit expansion of the ring shape of the seal and in so doing limit the stress of circumferential ribs that extend from the ring base shape as they engage the surrounding tubular. The travel stop can be a solid ring or segments and can have a rounded outer surface designed to engage the surrounding tubular in a flush relationship.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


A guiding assembly for a piping system

A guiding assembly for a riser piping system (2) in an opening in the bottom (8) of a floating structure, said assembly permitting limited axial and angular displacement of the riser piping system (2) in said opening. The assembly comprises a prismatic anchor (1) surrounding a portion of the riser piping system (2) and being connected thereto, an outer prismatic guide tube (4) receiving the prismatic anchor (1), the outer prismatic guide tube (4) having inner surfaces that are parallel to and equally spaced from outer surfaces on the prismatic anchor (1), and rollers (3) arranged in at least two different levels and confined in spaces (2) formed between said inner and outer surfaces, the rollers (3) permitting relative axial movement between the prismatic anchor (1) and the outer prismatic tube (4)..
Aker Engineering & Technology As


Carbon fiber composite material, and producing carbon fiber composite material

A carbon fiber composite material of the present invention includes: cell structures with an elastomer surrounded by a first carbon nanofiber and an interface phase thereof; cell structure assemblies as assemblies of more than one of the cell structures; and tie structures that join the cell structure assemblies to each other. The tie structures are formed by one or more first carbon nanofibers, one or more second carbon nanofibers, and the elastomer interface phase surrounding the one or more first carbon nanofibers and the one or more second carbon nanofibers..
Shinshu University


Method of manufacturing preforms for optical fibres having low water peak

A method of manufacturing at least one optical fibre preform comprising: providing a plurality of partially porous intermediate preforms, each partially porous intermediate preform having a longitudinal axis and comprising a respective soot intermediate clad layer formed around a respective glass core rod comprising a central core region of radius a and an inner clad region of radius b to define a first core-to-clad ratio a/b; consolidating the formed soot intermediate clad layers to form a respective plurality of intermediate glass preforms, each of the plurality of intermediate glass preforms comprising an intermediate clad region having an external radius c to define a second core-to-clad ratio a/c of from 0.20 to 0.30, and overcladding at least one intermediate glass preform by forming an overclad region surrounding the intermediate clad region to form an optical fibre glass preform, wherein consolidating comprises exposing the plurality of intermediate preforms to a consolidation hot zone of a single furnace body while rotating each of the intermediate preforms about its respective longitudinal axis.. .
Prysmian S.p.a.


Modular liquid waste treatment system and method

A modular liquid waste treatment system is disclosed. In accordance with some embodiments, the system includes a central distribution unit and one or more treatment fins in flow communication therewith.
Presby Patent Trust


Tamper resistant blister pack

Disclosed is a tamper resistant blister pack having a paperboard assembly attached to, and surrounding, at least a part of a flange on the blister (window element). An upper ply of the assembly is attached to an upper side of the flange.
Hub Folding Box Company, Inc.


Lid for beverage container and beverage container including same

A beverage container having a slidably openable lid assembly is disclosed. The lid assembly basically comprises a base member and a cover member.
Tervis Tumbler Company


Measurement system for measuring the velocity of an aircraft

The disclosure herein relates to a measurement system to measure characteristics of the velocity vector of an aircraft in relation to a surrounding air mass, the measurement system comprising—a frontal surface of the aircraft, two primary sensors, each being fixed to the frontal surface of the aircraft and able to deliver an output value relating to the deformation experienced by the sensor, and a processing unit able to receive the output values and able to calculate the angle of attack and/or the velocity of the aircraft on the basis of these output values.. .
Airbus Operations (s.a.s.)


Rail vehicle with pressure surge-safe graywater line

A rail vehicle includes a graywater line which is in communication with the surroundings of the rail vehicle directly or by way of a collecting container. The graywater line is equipped with a pressure protection valve, which protects a graywater line section upstream of the pressure protection valve from pressure surges occurring in the surroundings of the rail vehicle.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Systems and methods for self-cleaning camera

Methods and systems are provided for a self-cleaning camera. The system includes a camera including a lens and a housing surrounding the lens.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Object detection device, driving assistance device, object detection method, and object detection program

An object detection device includes: an imaging unit configured to image the surroundings of a vehicle; a horizontal edge extraction unit configured to extract horizontal edges that are characteristic lines of approximately horizontal direction components in a search region of an image captured by the imaging unit; and a detection object recognition unit configured to recognize a detection object within a recognition region set on the basis of, among the horizontal edges extracted by the horizontal edge extraction unit, a specific horizontal edge satisfying a predetermined condition.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Face to hub connection for a composite wheel

A connection between a face portion (12) and a hub portion (14) of a composite wheel (10). The hub portion (14) comprises a generally disc shaped hub plate (16), and the face portion (12) comprises a plurality of spokes (18).
Carbon Revolution Pty Ltd


Method and device for sealing gas in a gas compartment-equipped bag

A method and device for sealing gas in a gas compartment-equipped bag, in which pressurized gas discharge outlets (47, 52) are provided in the distal ends of a horn (31) and an anvil (32) of an ultrasonic sealing device, and such horn and anvil used for ultrasonic sealing are also used as gas-discharging nozzles. The distal ends of the horn and the anvil are placed against a cutout (19) of a gas compartment (16) of a bag, a gas is discharged into the gas compartment from the discharge outlets, the films surrounding the cutout are being clamped by the horn and the anvil while gas discharging is in progress, and then the gas compartment is ultrasonically sealed by the horn and the anvil to trap the gas inside..
Toyo Jidoki Co., Ltd.


Micro blood vessels and tissue ducts

A fiber includes one or more layers of polymer surrounding a central lumen, and living animal cells disposed within the lumen and/or within at least one of the one or more layers, wherein the fiber has an outer diameter of between 5 and 8000 microns and wherein each individual layer of polymer has a thickness of between 0.1 and 250 microns. Also disclosed are model tissues including such fibers, and method of making such fibers.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Device for the treatment of bone conditions

A composition comprising at least one substance coated with an agent wherein the agent forms a liquid impermeable but gas permeable layer surrounding the said substance and preventing the passage of the said substance through said coating, wherein in-use the said substance is not released into solution in the body, and wherein said substance is selected from one or more of the group consisting of calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate for use in the treatment of osteoporosis and other bone conditions.. .
Activesignal Holding Limited


Ablation systems, probes, and methods for reducing radiation from an ablation probe into the environment

The ablation systems, ablation probes, and corresponding methods according to the present disclosure reduce or eliminate energy radiating from an ablation probe into the environment. Some ablation probes include a retractable sheath that shields at least the radiating portion of the ablation probe.
Covidien Lp


Systems, devices, and methods for modulating renal nerve tissue

Methods for treating a patient using therapeutic renal neuromodulation and associated devices, system, and methods are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology is directed to neuromodulating nerve tissue in selected anatomical regions.
Medtronic Ardian Luxembourg S.a.r.l.


Catheter electrode assemblies and methods of construction thereof

A family of catheter electrode assemblies includes a flexible circuit having a plurality of electrical traces and a substrate; a ring electrode surrounding the flexible circuit and electrically coupled with at least one of the plurality of electrical traces; and an outer covering extending over at least a portion of the electrode. A non-contact electrode mapping catheter includes an outer tubing having a longitudinal axis, a deployment member, and a plurality of splines, at least one of the plurality of splines comprising a flexible circuit including a plurality of electrical traces and a substrate, a ring electrode surrounding the flexible circuit and electrically coupled with at least one of the plurality of electrical traces; and an outer covering extending over at least a portion of the ring electrode.
St. Jude Medical, Atrial Fibrillation Division, Inc.


Surgical, torque-transferring instrument including an associated tool

A surgical instrument includes a handpiece to which a handpiece shaft can be flanged, and a tool mounting for receiving a tool which can be rotatably supported in the handpiece shaft for axially securing the tool in the tool mounting and for transferring a torque to the tool. The tool mounting includes a sleeve-shaped entrainment shaft with a plug-in zone for a torsion rod and torque transmission and axial locking zones for the tool.
Aesculap Ag


Radiopaque suture

A polyamide suture includes an elongate core formed of multiple twisted and heat set filaments formed of a first polyamide material and a sheath formed of a second polyamide material surrounding the core along its length, the second polyamide material having dispersed therein non-absorbable radiopaque nanoparticles comprising 15-25% by weight of the second polyamide material. The melting point of the first polyamide material is at least 30° c.
S. Jackson, Inc.


Self-closing devices and methods for making and using them

A self-closing device for implantation within a patient's body includes base material including an inner surface area for securing the base material to a tissue structure, and a plurality of support elements surrounding or embedded in the base material. The support elements are separable laterally within a plane of the base material to accommodate creating an opening through the base material for receiving one or more instruments through the base material, and biased to return laterally towards a relaxed state for self-closing the opening after removing the one or more instruments.
Solinas Medical Inc.


Equivalent phantom and evaluating quality of x-ray talbot imaging apparatus with the same

An equivalent phantom is used for an x-ray talbot imaging apparatus which includes an x-ray source, a plurality of gratings and an x-ray detector. The apparatus captures at least a moire image from which a differential phase image of an object is generated.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Superpixel-based image segmentation using shading and albedo decomposition

Embodiments segment received image data. The received image data may include pixels that have multiple channels of intensity values.
Ricoh Co., Ltd.


Cutlery rack

The present invention relates to a cutlery rack (21; 41) for a dishwasher (10). The cutlery rack comprises: a support frame (23; 43) surrounding a storage area for the cutleries; a rack bottom (25; 45) with a first and a second side; a first support arrangement (29; 48) for cutleries arranged on said first side of the rack bottom; and a second support (49) arrangement for cutleries arranged on said second side of the rack bottom, wherein the cutlery rack is arranged with either the first or second side of the rack bottom facing upwards.


Illuminated bag

An illuminated bag, such as a tote bag is provided. The illuminated bag includes a sidewall forming the bag, and including an upper rim forming an entrance into the bag.


Hydroponic cultivation kit

A hydroponic cultivation kit enables taking a plant seedling, intact in its planting soil, out of a growth pot and replanting it. Within a growth pot prepared in advance, a plant seedling or the like planted in soil is taken out of the growth pot together with the soil and cultivated in a culture solution.
Green Space Zouen Co., Ltd.


Display panel device with multiple electrostatic discharge rings

A display panel device with multiple electrostatic discharge rings includes a substrate, a display circuit, a first electrostatic discharge ring, and a second electrostatic discharge ring. The display circuit is arranged on the substrate and includes a semiconductor layer and a metal layer.
Innolux Corporation


Method of manufacturing a multichip package structure

A method of manufacturing a multichip package structure includes: providing a substrate body; placing a plurality of light-emitting chips on the substrate body, where the light-emitting chips are electrically connected to the substrate body; surroundingly forming surrounding liquid colloid on the substrate body to surround the light-emitting chips; naturally drying an outer layer of the surrounding liquid colloid at a predetermined room temperature to form a semidrying surrounding light-reflecting frame, where the semidrying surrounding light-reflecting frame has a non-drying surrounding colloid body disposed on the substrate body and a dried colloid outer layer totally covering the non-drying surrounding colloid body; and then forming a package colloid body on the substrate body to cover the light-emitting chips, where the semidrying surrounding light-reflecting frame contacts and surrounds the package colloid body.. .
Paragon Semiconductor Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.


System and controlling a multiple-color lighting device

A light-emitting structure, comprising: a ground path; a first current path receiving a control current; a first light-emitting element receiving the control current from the first current path and generating light within a first wavelength range based on the control current; a first conductive substrate portion formed over the first light-emitting element, and receiving the control current from the first light-emitting element; a first connection element receiving the first control current from the first conductive substrate; a second current path receiving the control current from the first connection element; a second light-emitting element receiving the first control current from the second current path, and generating light within the first wavelength range based on the control current; a second conductive substrate portion receiving the first control current; and a grounding element receiving the control current from the second substrate portion, and passing the control current to the ground path.. .
Grote Industries, Llc


Efficient rounding for deblocking

The present disclosure relates to deblocking filtering which is applicable to smoothing the block boundaries in an image or video coding and decoding. In particular, the deblocking filtering is either strong or weak, wherein the clipping is performed differently in the strong filtering and the weak filtering..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Surroundings monitoring system, work vehicle, and surroundings monitoring method

A surroundings monitoring system includes: a detection device that is disposed in a work vehicle and configured to be able to detect an object around the work vehicle; an acquisition unit that acquires a command signal indicating an operation checking mode for inspecting the detection device; a determining unit that determines a quality of an operating state of the detection device based on a detection result of the detection device after the command signal is acquired; and a display device that displays identification information of the detection device of which the operating state is determined to be not good by the determining unit.. .
Komatsu Ltd.


Real time monitoring of users within a predetermined range and selective receipt of virtual cards

Methods of selectively distributing virtual cards between mobile devices, comprising providing a plurality of mobile devices assigned to a plurality of users, wherein a software program manages a user account comprising a collection virtual cards, wherein the virtual cards include different profiles of a same user, wherein the account further comprises a user appearance generated from at least one virtual card for transmission to surrounding mobile devices; selectively displaying the user appearance on a surrounding device only if the original sending device and surrounding device are within a predetermined range; and sending a virtual card to a user associated with a user appearance.. .


Systems and methods for discerning eye signals and continuous biometric identification

Apparatus, systems, and methods are provided for substantially continuous biometric identification (cbid) of an individual using eye signals in real time. The apparatus is included within a wearable computing device with identification of the device wearer based on iris recognition within one or more cameras directed at one or both eyes, and/or other physiological, anatomical and/or behavioral measures.
Eyefluence, Inc.


Alternating-current permanent magnet drainage pump

The present invention discloses an alternating-current permanent magnet drainage pump, including a pump cover, a pump body, a magnetic core, a rotating shaft, a stator core and coils. The coils are wound around a coil former, and the stator core is assembled to the coils.
Jangmen Idear Hanyu Electrical Joint-stock Co., Ltd.


Battery sensor clamp assembly

A clamp assembly for securing a battery sensor to a vehicle battery comprises a surround portion defining an aperture for at least partially surrounding a battery post for the vehicle battery and a pair of clamping arms extending from opposing ends of the surround portion. A tab extends from one of the clamp arms toward the other of the clamp arms, wherein the tab defines a first through hole.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Fuel cell system equipped with a hydrogen leakage detector

A fuel cell system includes a stack of electrochemical cells, a sensor, and a microcontroller. Each cell of the stack includes an electrode plate having a face in electrical contact with an electrolyte.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.


Mems component and encapsulating mems components

A mems component includes, on a substrate, component structures, contact areas connected to the component structures, metallic column structures seated on the contact areas, and metallic frame structures surrounding the component structures. A cured resist layer is seated on frame structure and column structures such that a cavity is enclosed between substrate, frame structure and resist layer.
Epcos Ag


Themoelectric device

A thermoelectric device such as that for a motor vehicle may include a housing having a first housing part and a second housing part at least partially delimiting a housing interior. The first housing part and the second housing part may each include a housing wall, which are arranged opposite one another.
Mahle Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg


Finfet and manufacturing the same

A finfet and a method for manufacturing the same are provided. The method includes: patterning a semiconductor substrate to form a ridge; performing ion implantation such that a doped punch-through-stopper layer is formed in the ridge and a semiconductor fin is formed by a portion of the semiconductor substrate disposed above the doped punch-through-stopper layer; forming a gate stack intersecting the semiconductor fin, the gate stack comprising a gate conductor and a gate dielectric isolating the gate conductor from the semiconductor fin; forming a gate spacer surrounding the gate conductor; and forming source and drain regions in portions of the semiconductor fin at opposite sides of the gate stack..
Institute Of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Ldmos with improved breakdown voltage

An ldmos is formed with a second gate stack over n− drift region, having a common gate electrode with the gate stack, and having a higher work function than the gate stack. Embodiments include a device including a substrate; a first well and a second well in the substrate, the first well being doped with a first conductivity type dopant, the second well being doped with a second conductivity type dopant, and the second well surrounding the first well; a source in the first well and a drain in the second well; a doped region of the first conductivity type dopant in the first well, the doped region functioning as a body contact to the first well; a first gate stack on a portion of the first well; a second gate stack on a portion of the second well, the first and second gate stacks having a common gate electrode..
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Manufacturing n-type mosfet

A method for manufacturing an nmosfet may comprise: defining an active region for the nmosfet on a semiconductor substrate; forming an interfacial oxide layer on a surface of the semiconductor substrate; forming a high-k gate dielectric layer on the interfacial oxide layer; forming a metal gate layer on the high-k gate dielectric layer; implanting dopant ions into the metal gate layer; forming a poly-si layer on the metal gate layer; patterning the poly-si layer, the metal gate layer, the high-k gate dielectric layer and the interfacial oxide layer to form a gate stack; forming a gate spacer surrounding the gate stack; and forming source and drain regions. During annealing for the s/d activation to form the s/d regions, the dopant ions implanted in the metal gate layer may accumulate at both interfaces of the upper interface and the bottom interface of high k dielectric, and electric dipoles with appropriate polarities are generated by interface reaction at the bottom interface, so that the metal gate of the nmosfet may have its effective work function adjusted..
Institute Of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Super junction semiconductor device having strip structures in a cell area

A super junction semiconductor device includes a semiconductor portion having strip structures in a cell area. Each strip structure has a compensation structure with first and second sections inversely provided on opposite sides of a fill structure.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Semiconductor device and operating method thereof

A semiconductor device and an operating method of the same are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a substrate, a source region, a drain region, a gate structure, a first lightly-doped region, and a first isolation region.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Display panel structure

A display panel structure includes a substrate, plural gate lines and data lines arranged on the substrate, plural pixel units, and plural dummy pixel units. The substrate has a display region and a peripheral region surrounding the display region.
Innolux Corporation


Semiconductor devices

A semiconductor device includes a lower insulation layer, a plurality of base layer patterns separated from each other on the lower insulation layer, a separation layer pattern between the base layer patterns, a plurality of channels extending in a vertical direction with respect to top surfaces of the base layer patterns, and a plurality of gate lines surrounding outer sidewalls of the channels, being stacked in the vertical direction and spaced apart from each other.. .


Dram with nanofin transistors

One aspect of the present subject matter relates to a memory. A memory embodiment includes a nanofin transistor having a first source/drain region, a second source/drain region above the first source/drain region, and a vertically-oriented channel region between the first and second source/drain regions.
Micron Technolgy, Inc.


Metal bump joint structure and methods of forming

A structure comprises a first semiconductor chip with a first metal bump and a second semiconductor chip with a second metal bump. The structure further comprises a solder joint structure electrically connecting the first semiconductor chip and the second semiconductor chip, wherein the solder joint structure comprises an intermetallic compound region between the first metal bump and the second metal bump, wherein the intermetallic compound region is with a first height dimension and a surrounding portion formed along exterior walls of the first metal bump and the second metal bump, wherein the surrounding portion is with a second height dimension, and wherein the second height dimension is greater than the first height dimension..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Semiconductor integrated device including finfet device and protecting structure

A semiconductor integrated device includes a substrate having an active region defined thereon, a plurality of active fins positioned in the active region, and a plurality of first protecting fins surrounding the active region. Each of the plurality of active fins extends along a first direction and includes a first length along the first direction.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Through crack stop via

A semiconductor device includes an active inner region and a crack stop region. The active inner region includes a semiconductor substrate, an integrated circuit (ic) device layer formed upon the semiconductor substrate, and a wiring layer formed upon the ic device layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Self-aligned barrier and capping layers for interconnects

An interconnect structure for integrated circuits for copper wires in integrated circuits and methods for making the same are provided. Mn, cr, or v containing layer forms a barrier against copper diffusing out of the wires, thereby protecting the insulator from premature breakdown, and protecting transistors from degradation by copper.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Unitized confinement ring arrangements and methods thereof

An arrangement for performing pressure control in a plasma processing chamber comprising an upper electrode, a lower electrode, a unitized confinement ring arrangement wherein the upper electrode, the lower electrode and the unitized confinement ring arrangement are configured at least for surrounding a confined chamber region to facilitate plasma generation and confinement therein. The arrangement further includes at least one plunger configured for moving the unitized confinement ring arrangement in a vertical direction to adjust at least one of a first gas conductance path and a second gas conductance path to perform the pressure control, wherein the first gas conductance path is formed between the upper electrode and the unitized confinement ring arrangement and the second gas conductance path is formed between the lower electrode and the single unitized ring arrangement..
Lam Research Corporation


Method and system for inspecting an euv mask

A structure for grounding an extreme ultraviolet mask (euv mask) is provided to discharge the euv mask during the inspection by an electron beam inspection tool. The structure for grounding an euv mask includes at least one grounding pin to contact conductive areas on the euv mask, wherein the euv mask may have further conductive layer on sidewalls or/and back side.
Hermes Microvision Inc.


Apparatus and preventing accidental ground-faults in residential electical wiring systems

A residential wiring system includes a non-metallic sheathed cable having insulated current carrying wires and an insulated grounding conductor. The ground wire may be insulated for the entire length of the sheath, or for only the end portions of the conductor.


Insulated composite power cable and making and using same

An insulated composite power cable having a wire core defining a common longitudinal axis, a multiplicity of composite wires around the wire core, and an insulative sheath surrounding the composite wires. In some embodiments, a first multiplicity of composite wires is helically stranded around the wire core in a first lay direction at a first lay angle defined relative to a center longitudinal axis over a first lay length, and a second multiplicity of composite wires is helically stranded around the first multiplicity of composite wires in the first lay direction at a second lay angle over a second lay length, the relative difference between the first lay angle and the second lay angle being no greater than about 4°.
3m Innovative Properties Company


High strength conductive cable

The structure (34, 134) of the cable (20, 120) retains conductivity upon stretching of the jacket layer (52) surrounding the structure (34, 134) that lengthens the cable (20, 120). For one embodiment of the method a conductor (20) wrapped around a rod (24) and enclosed within a sheath layer (32) forms the structure (34, 134).


Context-aware assistant

Methods, systems, and computer program products that inform the user as to how best to speak or otherwise interact with others in a particular social context. Sensors may be used to capture information about a user's surroundings in near real time.


Depth cursor and depth management in images

One or more systems, devices, and/or methods for illustrating depth are disclosed. For example, a method includes receiving a depthmap generated from an optical distancing system.
Here Global B.v.

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