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Rounding patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rounding-related patent applications.

 Electronic housing and manufacturing method patent thumbnailElectronic housing and manufacturing method
An electronics housing for the accommodation of at least one electronic component in an interior space defined by the electronics housing and at least partly enclosed by an exterior wall of the electronics housing is provided. The electronics housing exhibiting at least one pressure-equalizing element which enables an equalization of pressure between the interior space and an exterior space surrounding the electronics housing.
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Bamberg

 Method and network node for obtaining required latency based on context detectable by sensor modules patent thumbnailMethod and network node for obtaining required latency based on context detectable by sensor modules
A method and a network node (130) for obtaining a required latency for transmissions between a wireless device (110) and a controller node (120) are disclosed. The network node (130) receives (202) at least one parameter relating to a context of at least one of the wireless device (110) and the controller node (120).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Ite hearing aid and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailIte hearing aid and manufacturing the same
An ite hearing aid having a shell worn at least partially in a user's ear canal, a faceplate closing the shell at a side oriented towards the exterior of the user's ear, and at least one microphone housed in the shell and acoustically connected to ambience via a sound port formed in the faceplate. The faceplate has a cover element covering a cavity of the sound port in a direction normal to a main plane of the faceplate and a lateral sound opening in a wall extending normal to the main plane.
Sonova Ag

 Data encoding apparatus and data encoding method patent thumbnailData encoding apparatus and data encoding method
A data encoding apparatus includes a memory storing computer-readable instructions; and one or more processors configured to execute the computer-readable instruction such that the one or more processors are configured to, receive first video data in a macroblock unit, determine a first rounding offset value using the first video data, create second video data by applying the first rounding offset value to the first video data, determine a second rounding offset value, which is different from the first rounding offset value, using the second video data, and create a quantized coefficient by applying the second rounding offset value to the first video data.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Portrait image synthesis from multiple images captured on a handheld device patent thumbnailPortrait image synthesis from multiple images captured on a handheld device
A hand-held digital image capture device (digital camera) has a user-selectable mode in which upon engaging the mode the device detects a face in the field of view of the device and generates a face delimiter on a camera display screen, the delimiter surrounding the initial position of the image of a the face on the screen. The device is arranged to indicate thereafter to the user if the device departs from movement along a predetermined concave path p with the optical axis of the device pointing towards the face, such indication being made by movement of the image of the face relative to the delimiter.
Fotonation Limited

 Camera assembly with filter providing different effective entrance pupil sizes based on light type patent thumbnailCamera assembly with filter providing different effective entrance pupil sizes based on light type
A camera assembly includes a lens barrel assembly comprising at least one optical element arranged about an optical axis. The camera assembly further includes a filter substantially coaxial with the optical axis.
Google Inc.

 Imaging apparatus patent thumbnailImaging apparatus
An imaging apparatus includes: a camera portion; a lens cover that includes a light receiving hole and covers the camera portion; a ring gear that is attached to the lens cover while surrounding the light receiving hole and is rotatable using the center of concentric circles formed by the ring gear; and a pair of light shielding plates that are attached to a cover outer surface, each of the pair of light shielding plates including an inclined rack, and opening and closing the light receiving hole with the inclined racks meshing with opposite ends in a radial direction of the ring gear.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Optimized routing of interactions to contact center agents based on machine learning patent thumbnailOptimized routing of interactions to contact center agents based on machine learning
A system that is adapted to route interactions to contact center agents. More specifically, the system is adapted to identify an interaction to be routed, and identify a group of agents based on one or more constraints for generating one or more candidate agents.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

 Coupling assembly and radiofrequency amplification system having the same patent thumbnailCoupling assembly and radiofrequency amplification system having the same
Rf amplification system includes a power cavity and a coupling loop operably positioned within the power cavity between an inner conductor and an outer conductor. The coupling loop includes a secured segment that is coupled to the grounding deck and a movable segment that is coupled to the secured segment.
General Electric Company

 Linear actuator patent thumbnailLinear actuator
A linear actuator may include a stator; a movable element; a spring member connected to the movable element and the stator and structured to support the movable element in such a way as to be movable with respect to the stator in a direction of an axis line; a magnetic drive mechanism structured to drive the movable element in the direction of the axis line; and a gel damper member placed at a position on a center line of the movable element or one of a group of positions surrounding the center line, between the stator and the movable element.. .
Nidec Sankyo Corporation

Ground connection structure for shield wire

A ground connection structure includes: a shield projecting portion being a part of a shield layer of a shield wire projected outside of an exterior covering to be exposed; an annular member for grounding disposed in a position surrounding an outer circumference of the shield wire and including a housing chamber having an opening along an annular shape of the annular member for grounding and being configured to house the shield projecting portion and a ground wire inserted from the opening; and a push-in member inserted from the opening and housed in the housing chamber after insertion of the ground wire and the shield projecting portion to bring the shield projecting portion and the ground wire into close contact with each other. The annular member for grounding includes locking claws configured to project into the housing chamber and lock the push-in member inserted into the housing chamber..
Yazaki Corporation

Linear motor or voice coil for fast tuning of a laser cavity

A tunable laser including: a reflecting mirror; a partially transmitting mirror; a gain medium energized by a pump source; a pair of mirrors surrounding the gain medium, a first prism and a second prism located between the gain medium and the reflecting mirror; the first prism receives radiation from the gain medium and disperses the radiation to the second prism; the second prism receives and directs the radiation towards an optical element which filters the spatially dispersed radiation based on the position to the second prism, the radiation resonates between the reflecting mirror and the partially transmitting mirror; the second prism is placed on a stage moved by a linear motor such that a desired center wavelength is obtained by moving the second prism to a position so as to allow radiation having the desired center wavelength to resonate between the reflecting mirror and the partially transmitting mirror.. .
Thorlabs, Inc.

Apparatus and transporting electrochemical cells

Apparatus for transporting used, damaged or defective electrochemical cells while preventing and controlling safety-critical states of the electrochemical cells, such as lithium ion-based cells and/or lithium ion polymer cells, having an outer surrounding wall, a base and a cover which can be closed, which surrounding wall, base and cover define a chamber between them. An intermediate chamber is filled with a fire-retardant material which is composed of only inert, non-conductive and non-combustible and absorbent hollow glass granules as bulk material, and a basket which is permeable to the fire-retardant material is arranged in the chamber for receiving an electrochemical cell..
Genius Patentverwertung Gmbh & Co. Kg

Lighting device having sealing member covering inside of wall member surrounding light emitting elements

A lighting device includes a body section; a substrate provided in the body section; a wiring pattern provided on a surface of the substrate and including wiring pads; and light emitting elements provided on the wiring pattern and including electrodes in the vicinity of a circumferential edge of a surface opposite to a side on which the wiring pattern is provided. The lighting device also includes wirings that respectively connect the wiring pads and a plurality of electrodes; a surrounding wall member provided to surround the light emitting elements and having an annular shape; and a sealing section provided to cover the inside of the surrounding wall member.
Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corporation

Semiconductor device

Provided is a device with improved reverse-recovery immunity of a diode element. The device includes: a first conductivity-type drift layer; a second conductivity-type anode region provided in an upper portion of the drift layer; a second conductivity-type extraction region in contact with and surrounding the anode region; and a second conductivity-type field limiting ring region surrounding and separated from the extraction region at the upper portion of the drift layer, wherein the extraction region has a greater depth than the anode region and the field limiting ring region..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Gate-all-around field effect transistors with horizontal nanosheet conductive channel structures for mol/inter-channel spacing and related cell architectures

A gate-all-around (gaa) field effect transistor (fet) can include a horizontal nanosheet conductive channel structure having a width in a horizontal direction in the gaa fet, a height that is perpendicular to the horizontal direction, and a length that extends in the horizontal direction, where the width of the horizontal nanosheet conductive channel structure defines a physical channel width of the gaa fet. First and second source/drain regions can be located at opposing ends of the horizontal nanosheet conductive channel structure and a unitary gate material completely surrounding the horizontal nanosheet conductive channel structure..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor structure with enhanced contact and manufacture the same

A method of forming a semiconductor structure includes the following operations: (i) forming a fin structure on a substrate; (ii) epitaxially growing an epitaxy structure from the fin structure; (iii) forming a sacrificial structure surrounding the epitaxy structure; (iv) forming a dielectric layer covering the sacrificial structure; (v) forming an opening passing through the dielectric layer to partially expose the sacrificial structure; (vi) removing a portion of the sacrificial structure to expose a portion of the epitaxy structure; and (vii) forming a contact structure in contact with the exposed portion of the epitaxy structure. A semiconductor structure is disclosed herein as well..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device

To provide a semiconductor device in which an edge termination structure can be made smaller easily. A semiconductor device is provided, the semiconductor device including an active region and an edge termination structure formed on a front surface side of a semiconductor substrate, wherein an edge termination structure has a guard ring provided surrounding an active region on a front surface side of a semiconductor substrate, a first field plate provided on a front surface side of a guard ring, an electrode unit provided on a front surface side of a first field plate, a second field plate provided between a first field plate and a electrode unit, and a conductive connecting unit which mutually electrically connects a first field plate, an electrode unit, a second field plate, and a guard ring..
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Integrated circuit device and manufacturing the same

An integrated circuit device includes a fin type active area protruding from a substrate and having an upper surface at a first level; a nanosheet extending in parallel to the upper surface of the fin type active area and comprising a channel area, the nanosheet being located at a second level spaced apart from the upper surface of the fin type active area; a gate disposed on the fin type active area and surrounding at least a part of the nanosheet, the gate extending in a direction crossing the fin type active area; a gate dielectric layer disposed between the nanosheet and the gate; a source and drain region formed on the fin type active area and connected to one end of the nanosheet; a first insulating spacer on the nanosheet, the first insulating spacer covering sidewalls of the gate; and a second insulating spacer disposed between the gate and the source and drain region in a space between the upper surface of the fin type active area and the nanosheet, the second insulating spacer having a multilayer structure.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for making iii-v nanowire quantum well transistor

The present invention provides a filed effect transistor and the method for preparing such a filed effect transistor. The filed effect transistor comprises a semiconductor, germanium nanowires, a first iii-v compound layer surrounding the germanium nanowires, a semiconductor barrier layer, a gate dielectric layer and a gate electrode sequentially formed surrounding the first iii-v compound layer, and source/drain electrodes are respectively located at each side of the gate electrode and on the first iii-v compound layer.
Zing Semiconductor Corporation

Vertical power transistor with thin bottom emitter layer and dopants implanted in trenches in shield area and termination rings

Various improvements in vertical transistors, such as igbts, are disclosed. The improvements include forming periodic highly-doped p-type emitter dots in the top surface region of a growth substrate, followed by growing the various transistor layers, followed by grounding down the bottom surface of the substrate, followed by a wet etch of the bottom surface to expose the heavily doped p+ layer.
Maxpower Semiconductor, Inc.

Magnetoresistive sensor module and manufacturing the same

In the method of manufacturing a magnetoresistive sensor module, at first a composite arrangement out of a semiconductor substrate and a metal-insulator arrangement is provided, wherein a semiconductor circuit arrangement is integrated adjacent to a main surface of the semiconductor substrate into the same, wherein the metal-insulator arrangement is arranged on the main surface of the semiconductor substrate and comprises a structured metal sheet and insulation material at least partially surrounding the structured metal sheet, wherein the structured metal sheet is electrically connected to the semiconductor circuit arrangement. Then, a magnetoresistive sensor structure is applied onto a surface of the insulation material of the composite arrangement, and finally an electrical connection between the magnetoresistive sensor structure and the structured metal sheet is established, so that the magnetoresistive sensor structure is connected to the integrated circuit arrangement..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a first stack including a plurality of alternating layers of first interlayer insulating layers and first conductive patterns; a second stack including a plurality of alternating layers of second conductive patterns and second interlayer insulating layers, the second stack being positioned above the first stack; a plurality of pillar-structures each pillar structure passing through the first and second stacks; and a ring pattern layer disposed between the first and second stacks, the ring pattern layer comprising a plurality of ring patterns, each ring pattern surrounding each pillar-structure.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

A semiconductor device includes a plurality of semiconductor dies stacked vertically to have a vertical height and a dielectric surrounding the stacked semiconductor dies. The semiconductor device further has a conductive post external to the stacked semiconductor dies and extending through the dielectric.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Wafer level shielding in multi-stacked fan out packages and methods of forming same

An embodiment device package includes a device die, a molding compound surrounding the device die, a conductive through inter-via (tiv) extending through the molding compound, and an electromagnetic interference (emi) shield disposed over and extending along sidewalls of the molding compound. The emi shield contacts the conductive tiv, and the conductive tiv electrically connects the emi shield to an external connector.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor and method thereof

This invention application provides a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor and method thereof. The transistor comprises a semiconductor substrate, a n-type field-effect transistor positioned in the semiconductor substrate, and a p-type field-effect transistor positioned in the semiconductor substrate and spaced apart the n-type field-effect transistor.
Zing Semiconductor Corporation

Decapsulation system

A decapsulation apparatus has an etch plate, an off-center etch head having an opening, a cover sealing to the etch plate forming an etching chamber, a gasket surrounding the opening, a ram sealed through the cover, a pressure-controlled source of nitrogen or inert gas continuously purging the etching chamber at a low gas pressure, a f toggle mechanism mounted to a metal plate t, an etchant supply subsystem comprising sources of etchant solutions, an etchant solution pump, supply passages and controls to select etchants and etchant ratios, and a heat exchanger heating or cooling the etchant solution, etchant waste passages f conducting used etchant away. Etchants are mixed in the passages to the reaction region, and turbulence in the reaction region is promoted by impinging etchant solution on the encapsulated device..

Winding-type solid electrolytic capacitor and winding-type capacitor element thereof

Disclosed is a winding-type solid electrolytic capacitor which includes an enclosing casing and a winding-type capacitor element enclosed by the enclosing casing. The winding-type capacitor element includes a winding body, a positive conductive lead pin extended from a first lateral side of the winding body, and a negative conductive lead pin extended from a second lateral side of the winding body, characterized in that at least one of the positive conductive lead pin and the negative conductive lead pin is a multi-layered structure which includes an iron core and a copper or copper alloy cladding layer surrounding the iron core.
Apaq Technology Co., Ltd.

Cable having improved wires arrangement

A usb type-c cable includes: a number of first wires and second wires, the first wires including a power wire for transmitting a power signal and plural coaxial wires for transmitting high speed signal, the second wires including at least one detective wire for transmitting detective signal, at least one power return wire for grounding, at least one twisted pair of wires for transmitting usb 2.0 signal, and at least one subsidiary wire for transmitting subsidiary signal; a jacket made of insulative material and receiving the first wires and the second wires; and a metal shield layer coating around the twisted pair of wires; wherein the first wires are arranged along an inner wall of the jacket in a circle and forms a cavity without a metal shield layer to receive the second wires, and the detective wire and the subsidiary wire are separated by the power return wire.. .
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Shielded cable assembly

A wire cable assembly capable of transmitting signals at speeds of 5 gigabits per second over a single pair or conductors. The cable has a characteristic impedance of 95 ohms and can support transmission data according to either usb 3.0 or hdmi 1.3 performance specifications.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.

Device and measuring pitch and roll torques

Embodiments of the invention provide a device for measuring pitch and roll torques. The device comprises a sensor plate having a horizontal cross member, a vertical cross member and a surrounding member connecting ends of the horizontal and vertical cross members, wherein the horizontal cross member and the vertical cross member intersect each other at a centre region of the sensor plate; a vcm coil attached to the sensor plate and configured to generate a pitch and a roll torque when an electrical current is applied to the vcm coil; a first strain gauge attached to a surface of the horizontal cross member and configured to detect a horizontal strain caused by the pitch and roll torques; and a second strain gauge attached to a surface of the vertical cross member and configured to detect a vertical strain caused by the pitch and roll torques..
Mmi Holdings Limited

Method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle

A method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle having a navigation system and a sensor system, the navigation system ascertaining a vehicle position and the sensor system acquiring movement data of the vehicle and determining a movement behavior of the vehicle in the form of movement trajectories of the vehicle, the vehicle position and the movement trajectories of the vehicle allowing a conclusion about the presence and/or the type of at least one feature in the surrounding area, a sensor of the sensor system detecting the feature and storing at least one item of additional information about the feature.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Mobile supported disarming

In some embodiments, security and/or automation systems, hereinafter referred to as automation systems, may enable a user to deactivate a security portion of an automation system using a mobile device. An automation system may detect the presence of an authorized mobile device which may modify a status of at least one component of the automation system.
Vivint, Inc.

Bend stiffener with bend indication

A bend stiffener including a body tapering from a base to a top. The body has a central through-opening, extending from the base to the top, which is arranged to receive a subsea cable or umbilical, and a first bend indicator arranged on the body.
Abb Schweiz Ag

Measuring device for measuring the magnetic properties of the surroundings of the measuring device

A measuring device for measuring magnetic properties of the surroundings of the device includes at least one magnetoresistive element extending in a line direction, and a support field device generating a magnetic support field in an area over the line direction. A pre-magnetization device of one or more magnets is arranged at a distance from the sensor line in a direction vertical to the line direction and extending parallel to the line direction.
Meas Deutschland Gmbh

Wearable display system that displays a workout guide

There is provided a display control device including an action information acquisition unit that acquires, at an action position of one actor, action information regarding a past action of another actor, an object generation unit that generates a virtual object for virtually indicating a position of the other actor during an action of the one actor based on the acquired action information, and a display control unit that causes a display unit displaying a surrounding scene to superimpose and display the generated virtual object during the action of the one actor.. .
Sony Corporation

Efficient back-projection operation using precomputed table

A method and system are provided. The method includes pre-computing, by a computing device having a processor, a plurality of coefficients for a given two-dimensional point on which a voxel of a three-dimensional object is projected, based on integer parts of coordinates of surrounding two-dimensional points with respect to the given two-dimensional point.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and predicting sunset vibrancy

A sunset prediction system performs the steps of determining a location of interest, and collecting weather forecast data at or around the time of either sunrise or sunset, at the location and a surrounding area adjacent the location. The collected weather forecast data includes cloud density and cloud altitude.

On-vehicle video system, video transfer system, video transfer method, and video transfer program

An on-vehicle video system includes a camera configured to capture images of surroundings of a vehicle, an information processing unit configured to identify a person and a communication terminal in a captured image, and a communication unit configured to send the captured image to the communication terminal.. .
Jvc Kenwood Corporation

System and rounding reciprocal square root results of input floating point numbers

Methods and systems for determining whether an infinitely precise result of a reciprocal square root operation performed on an input floating point number is greater than a particular number in a first floating point precision. The method includes calculating the square of the particular number in a second lower floating point precision; calculating an error in the calculated square due to the second floating point precision; calculating a first delta value in the first floating point precision by calculating the square multiplied by the input floating point number less one; calculating a second delta value by calculating the error multiplied by the input floating point number plus the first delta value; and outputting an indication of whether the infinitely precise result of the reciprocal square root operation is greater than the particular number based on the second delta term..
Imagination Technologies Limited

Electromagnetic induction panel, electromagnetic induction device including the same, and display device including the same

An electromagnetic induction panel includes a substrate including a first region, a second region, and a third region, a first induction coil arranged along an edge of the first region of the substrate and wound in a first winding direction, a second induction coil arranged along an edge of the second region and wound in a second winding direction opposite to the first winding direction, the second region surrounding the first region, and a third induction coil arranged along an edge of the third region and wound in the second winding direction, the third region surrounding the second region.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Driving assistance apparatus, vehicle, and garage cooperation control system

An in-vehicle driving assistance apparatus includes an automatic garage leaving control unit that performs automatic garage leaving cooperation control in which the automatic garage leaving control unit cooperates with a shutter control apparatus to cause a vehicle to automatically leave the garage. The automatic garage leaving control unit acquires vehicle surrounding information on presence or absence of abnormality around the vehicle when the automatic garage leaving control unit accepts an automatic garage leaving request signal, transmits an open request signal requesting to open a shutter to the shutter control apparatus when the automatic garage leaving control unit determines based on the vehicle surrounding information that a space around the vehicle is safe, and suspends the automatic garage leaving cooperation control when the automatic garage leaving control unit determines that abnormality is present around the vehicle..
Fujitsu Ten Limited

Mirror arrangement for microlithographic projection exposure apparatus and related method

A mirror arrangement, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus, includes at least one mirror element bearing a mirror surface provided for reflecting electromagnetic radiation, at least one carrier element including a head section, which is provided for receiving at least one mirror element, and also a seat section. The arrangement further includes a mount arrangement, for receiving the at least one carrier element.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Reflective photomask and reflection-type mask blank

A reflective photomask includes a substrate with a substrate layer of a low thermal expansion material. The substrate layer includes a main portion of a first structural configuration and an auxiliary portion of a second structural configuration of the low thermal expansion material.
Advanced Mask Technology Center Gmbh & Co. Kg

Display module and liquid crystal display device including the same

A display module, and a liquid crystal display (lcd) device including the same, includes a guide panel surrounding a side surface of a liquid crystal panel. The guide panel and a cover bottom are fastened to each other by hooks..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Method for forming alignment film and liquid crystal display

The invention provides a method for forming an alignment film and a liquid crystal display. The method for forming an alignment film includes: providing a substrate, the substrate including a display region and a non-display region, the display region with a plurality of sides, a corner formed by two adjacent sides, the non-display region disposed to surround the display region; disposing a first alignment liquid on the display region of the substrate; disposing a second alignment liquid on the non-display region of the substrate and surrounding corners of the display region; toasting the first alignment liquid and the second alignment liquid to form an alignment film..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd.

Light guide plate and assembly thereof

A light guide plate and assembly thereof are disclosed. The light guide plate includes a base plate, an optical pattern on the bottom surface of the base plate, a first circuit and a second circuit on the top surface of the base plate.
Global Lighting Technologies Inc.

Lens driving device, camera device, and electronic apparatus

Provided are a lens driving device, a camera device, and an electronic apparatus that are capable of smoothly guiding a lens support. A lens driving device (10) includes a lens support (22) configured to support a lens, a frame member (30) surrounding a periphery of the lens support (22), and a plurality of guiding mechanisms (52a to 52a) configured to guide the lens support (22) relative to the frame member (30) in a freely movable manner.
New Shicoh Technology Co., Ltd.

Cored wire, for the production of the same

A consumable cored wire for measuring a temperature of a molten steel bath includes an optical fiber and a cover laterally surrounding the optical fiber in a plurality of layers. One layer is a metal pipe, also called metal jacket or metal tube.
Heraeus Electro-nite International N.v.

Light-source device and liquid crystal display apparatus

A backlight 200 is provided with a frame body 9 that is in contact with a side surface of a light guide plate 5, and a non-light emitting region surrounding a light emitting region of a light emitting surface of an led 60. The side surface of the light guide plate 5 and the led 60 can be brought close to each other, while preventing a contact therebetween by means of the frame body 9.
Sakai Display Products Corporation

Wind direction meter, wind direction/flow meter, and movement direction meter

A wind direction meter has the following plurality of sensors and a control unit. Each sensor has a first surface and has first and second interlayer connection members made of different metals or semiconductors.
Denso Corporation

Progressive compression driven flow cartridge for analyte detecting strip and method

A cartridge and method for conducting a labeled molecular affinity binding test such as antibody/antigen, ligand/receptor, and colorometric reactions, and other chemical reactions for which one or more analytes is present in a liquid sample formate. A progressive compression structure progressively forces a liquid flow out of a conjugate pad toward a reaction region to more thoroughly and rapidly mix the liquid, encouraging specific first affinity binding to the analytes in question.

Inspection system and inspection method

An inspection system of an embodiment includes: a planar illumination unit that temporally and spatially varies intensities of light in a periodic manner; a time-correlation image generator that generates a time-correlation image with a time-correlation camera or an image capturing system that performs an operation equivalent to that of the time-correlation camera; and a calculation processor that calculates a characteristic from the time-correlation image, the characteristic corresponding to a distribution of normal vectors to an inspection target surface and serving to detect an abnormality based on at least either a difference from a surrounding area or a difference from a reference surface.. .
Kochi Prefectural Public University Corporation

Projectiles with insert-molded polymer tips

Aspects of the disclosure are directed to manufacturing an insert-molded expanding projectile. Aspects of the disclosure include locating a portion of a projectile body within a converging tip mold, the projectile body including a metal jacket extending from a tail portion to a nose portion and surrounding an interior solid core.
Vista Outdoor Operations Llc

Lateral surrounding heat pipe and heat dissipating structure thereof

A lateral surrounding heat pipe is for contacting a heating element while the heating element has a working surface and a sidewall formed around the working surface. The heat pipe includes a heated section and a cooling section.
Chaun-choung Technology Corp.

Microfluidic-based vaporization of liquids

Methods and apparatus for vaporizing liquid into the surrounding environment, including directing liquid from a liquid source through an inverse-opal wicking structure to a vaporization port where the vaporization port is formed by a through-hole in a structure connecting a first side of the structure to a second side, with all dimensions ranging from 10 um to 300 um, that is in fluid communication with the liquid source and the surrounding environment so that fluid is transported through the vaporization port between the first and the second side. The methods and apparatus includes plurality of heating elements that may be individually and/or selectively addressable by at least three electrode leads..
Numerical Design, Inc.

Geared gas turbine engine

A gas turbine engine includes gearbox including sun gear, annulus gear, plurality of planet gears and carrier. Each planet gear is rotatably mounted in carrier by bearing.
Rolls-royce Plc

Bearing seal with integrated grounding brush

A rolling bearing assembly with electrical discharge damage protection is provided. The assembly includes a seal extending radially between a radially outer bearing ring and a radially inner bearing ring.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Bearing assemblies and apparatuses including superhard bearing elements

A bearing assembly includes a support ring circumferentially surrounding a central bearing axis and a plurality of superhard bearing elements coupled to the support ring. Each of the plurality of superhard bearing elements has a base, a superhard bearing surface, and a lateral periphery extending between the base and the superhard bearing surface.
Us Synthetic Corporation

Centrifugal pump assembly

A water supply system (1) includes an electric motor (8) and a centrifugal pump (7) which is driven by the electric motor (8) and with at least one impeller (10) which produces a main delivery flow (29) through an annular space (12) as well as a cooling fluid delivery flow (30) through a space (28) surrounding the motor (8). The annular space (12) is divided by two guide vanes into part-annular-spaces (23, 24) which have a different pressure level on operation.
Grundfos Holding A/s

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