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Rounding patents


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 Electrical grounding component and corresponding electronic board and electronic device patent thumbnailElectrical grounding component and corresponding electronic board and electronic device
The disclosure relates to a grounding component for electrically grounding an electronic component comprising an electrically conductive part. In some embodiments, the grounding component comprises: a first positioning element adapted to be positioned on an external face of the electronic component, the external face intended to be at least partially accessible from an outside of a device once the electronic component is installed in the device; a second positioning element adapted to be positioned on a face adjacent to the external face of the electronic component; a first contact element, which is electrically conductive and adapted to come into contact with the electrically conductive part of the electronic component; a second contact element, which is electrically conductive and adapted to come into contact with at least one electrically conductive part of another component of the device, when the electronic component is installed in the device; the first contact element and the second contact element being adapted to be in electrical contact, the grounding component being adapted to leave completely free access to the other faces of the electronic component which are adjacent to the external face..
Thomson Licensing

 Electronic device including multiband antenna patent thumbnailElectronic device including multiband antenna
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes an outer housing that comprises a first surface facing a first direction, a second surface facing a second direction opposite to the first direction, and a side surface surrounding a space between the first surface and the second surface, a display adapted to expose at least a portion of the display through the first surface of the outer housing, a pcb arranged between the second surface and the display in an interior of the outer housing, a communication circuit arranged on or over the pcb, a first conductive structure formed of at least one of the first surface or at least a portion of the side surface is electrically connected to the communication circuit, and a second conductive structure formed of the portion of the display electrically connected to the first conductive structure..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Electronic vaporiser system patent thumbnailElectronic vaporiser system
A heating or atomising unit for an electronic cigarette vaporiser, in which the unit includes a protective elastomer wall or barrier configured to enable (i) the unit to fit inside a body in the vaporizer and to prevent leakage around the outside of the unit whilst e-liquid is being supplied under pressure to a reservoir surrounding the unit and (ii) e-liquid to pass from the e-liquid reservoir outside of the unit and into the unit. The unit can be a cylindrical ceramic cell and the elastomer wall can be a pair of silicone end-caps placed on each end of the cylinder, separated by a gap through which e-liquid can reach the outer surface of the ceramic cell and pass through the ceramic and into the atomizing chamber in the cell..
Beyond Twenty Ltd.

 Method and system for searching for electronic cigarette of same type patent thumbnailMethod and system for searching for electronic cigarette of same type
A method and system for searching for an electronic cigarette of a same type, the method comprises at least two electronic cigarettes performing a communication connection. The method comprises the following steps: s1, at least one electronic cigarette sends broadcast information carrying a type of the electronic cigarette to another electronic cigarette within a preset range; s2, the another electronic cigarette receiving the broadcast information determines whether the type carried by the broadcast information is the same as the another electronic cigarette's type, and performs a vibration alert if the type same.
Kimree Hi-tech Inc.

 Automatically controlled directional speaker, and lamp thereof patent thumbnailAutomatically controlled directional speaker, and lamp thereof
An automatically controlled directional speaker includes a sound amplifying device, an image capture device, a computing device, an azimuth control motor and an amplitude control unit. The image capture device is provided for detecting the status of surrounding environment to generate image information, and the computing device is communicatively coupled to the image capture device for determining whether there is at least one face information in the image information, and the azimuth control motor is coupled to the sound amplifying device for controlling the azimuth of an output sound of the sound amplifying device according to the face information, and the amplitude control unit is communicatively coupled to the sound amplifying device for controlling the volume of the output sound of the sound amplifying device according to the face information.
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.

 Immersive cognitive reality system with real time surrounding media patent thumbnailImmersive cognitive reality system with real time surrounding media
A method (and structure) includes forming a wireless ad hoc network with a plurality of sensors at a first location, the ad hoc network being a localized, decentralized network wherein each participating sensor has an equal status on the network for performing network functions and is free to associate with any other ad hoc network device in a link range of a vicinity of the first location. Data is transmitted from the plurality of sensors via the ad hoc network, for consumption by an at-home user located at a second location different from said first location.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Efficient rounding for deblocking patent thumbnailEfficient rounding for deblocking
The present disclosure relates to deblocking filtering which is applicable to smoothing the block boundaries in an image or video coding and decoding. In particular, the deblocking filtering is either strong or weak, wherein the clipping is performed differently in the strong filtering and the weak filtering..
Sun Patent Trust

 Optic for enabling instantaneously 360° degree panoramic video of the surroundings patent thumbnailOptic for enabling instantaneously 360° degree panoramic video of the surroundings
A panoramic optical element that integrates a mirrored sphere surface positioned at a specific length perpendicular to the focus point of the video camera. The sphere reflects the 360° environment into the lens of the video camera installed below the rear view mirror of a vehicle.

 Transformer, flyback converter and switching power supply with the same patent thumbnailTransformer, flyback converter and switching power supply with the same
A flyback converter can include: a power switch controlled to be turned on/off to control a current through a primary side; a first primary winding coupled between an input terminal and a first terminal of the power switch, where a dotted terminal of the first primary winding is coupled to a first terminal of the power switch; a second primary winding coupled between a second terminal of the power switch and a primary grounding terminal, where a dotted terminal of the second primary winding is coupled to the primary grounding terminal; a secondary winding configured between the first and second primary windings in a radial direction of a magnetic core, where the first primary winding, the second primary winding, and the secondary winding are wound around the magnetic core; and a secondary rectifier and filter circuit coupled with the secondary winding, and configured to generate a stable current/voltage.. .
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd

 Systems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults patent thumbnailSystems and methods for grounding power line sections to clear faults
A system for clearing power transmission line faults includes a sensor network configured to communicate with a transmission line and configured to detect one or more faults on the transmission line, a crowbar configured to coordinately switch first and second ends of a section of the transmission line to respective termination points, wherein the crowbar includes first and second grounding switches disposed respectively at about the first and second ends of the section of the transmission line, and a controller configured to receive information from the sensor network and configured to control the switching of the crowbar in response to the information.. .
Deep Science, Llc

Ground fault protection circuit and ground fault circuit interrupter

The present invention relates to a ground fault protection circuit and a ground fault circuit interrupter. A ground fault protection circuit may include a power supply circuit, a ground fault detection circuit, a signal amplifying and shaping circuit, a microcontroller control circuit, a power supply detection and indicator circuit, a tripping mechanism control circuit, and a reverse grounding detection and execution circuit.

Joint sleeve for high temperature insulated bus pipes

A joint sleeve is proposed for connecting busbar sections, each having connectable contacts. In an embodiment, the sleeve includes—a non-magnetic case defining butt ends occluded with non-magnetic flanges each having a hole securing the respective busbar section therein,—a fire-resistant coating covering the case,—an electrically insulated supporting tube disposed within the case and defining a chamber therein, enclosing the connectable contacts,—a grounding screen mounted on the supporting tube, and—a fire-resistant layer disposed between the case and the screen capable of thermal expansion upon heating thereof, thereby improving fire-resistance.

Spark plug

A spark plug haying a center conductor, an insulator surrounding the center conductor, at least two electrodes forming a spark gap, and a spark plug body surrounding the insulator and haying an external thread arranged at the front end of the spark plug for screwing in to an internal combustion engine. A component that is attached to the front end of the spark plug and comes into contact with fuel during operation is formed as a sintered powder injection molded part, referred to as a mim component..
Federal-mogul Ignition Gmbh

High speed, high density electrical connector with shielded signal paths

A modular electrical connector with separately shielded signal conductor pairs. The connector may be assembled from modules, each containing a pair of signal conductors with surrounding partially or fully conductive material.
Amphenol Corporation

Electrical connector having improved terminals

An electrical connector includes an insulative housing, a number of terminals, and a metal shell attached to the housing. The terminals have a number of grounding contacts, power contacts, and signal contacts.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Electrical connector having improved terminals

An electrical connector, defining an insertion port, a mating direction, a transverse direction perpendicular to the mating direction, and a vertical direction perpendicular to the mating direction and the transverse direction, includes an insulative housing, a number of terminals retained in the insulative housing, and a metal shell attached to the insulative housing. Each terminal has a soldering portion.
Foxconn Interconnect Technology Limited

Anti-interference high-definition multimedia interface

The present application relates to high-definition multimedia interface, particularly to a new anti-interference high-definition multimedia interface. The interface comprises a male connector and a female connector.
Amphenol East Asia Electronic Technology (shen Zhen) Co., Ltd.

Patch antenna with peripheral parasitic monopole circular arrays

A patch antenna with wider bandwidth, better axial ratio over the angle and controlled radiation patterns is provided. A central fixed patch antenna is surrounded with reactively or resistively loaded peripheral monopoles as surface-wave excited parasitic radiators.
Novatel, Inc.

Display device

A display device includes a first substrate that is provided with a display element in a display region, a second substrate that faces the first substrate, and a sealant that bonds the first substrate and the second substrate to each other in a region surrounding the periphery of the display region in a plan view, in which each of the first substrate and the second substrate has a rectangular shape, in which at least one of the first substrate and the second substrate has a corner portion and a recess formed at a position which is close to the corner portion and overlaps at least a part of the region in which the sealant is disposed, and in which the sealant is provided to be in contact with at least a surface far from the display region among inner surfaces of the recess.. .
Japan Display Inc.

Method of manufacturing flexible display

A method of manufacturing a flexible display is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes preparing a carrier comprising a first region and a second region surrounding the first region, forming a first substrate forming layer over at least the first region of the carrier, removing a top surface of the carrier from the second region of the carrier and forming an adhesive layer over the first substrate forming layer throughout the first and second regions of the carrier.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Sensing chip package and a manufacturing method thereof

This present invention provides a novel sensing chip package and a manufacturing method thereof, and in particular provides a proximity sensing chip package and a manufacturing thereof, which is characterized by forming a light blocking layer surrounding the light emitting device of the sensor to block the lateral light emitted by the light emitting device to reduce the interference of the lateral light and enhance the sensitivity of the light sensing device.. .
Xintec Inc.

Asymmetric semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a first type region including a first conductivity type and a second type region including a second conductivity type. The semiconductor device includes a channel region extending between the first type region and the second type region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

Insulated gate power devices with reduced carrier injection in termination area

A high power vertical insulated-gate switch is described that includes an active region, containing a cell array, and a surrounding termination region. The termination region is for at least the purpose of controlling a breakdown voltage and does not contain any switching cells.
Pakal Technologies, Llc

Organic light emitting diode display and manufacturing method thereof

An organic light emitting diode display comprises a substrate including a display area in which a pixel is disposed and a peripheral area surrounding the display area, a driving semiconductor layer disposed in the display area on the substrate, a driving gate electrode disposed in the display area on the driving semiconductor layer, a common voltage line disposed in the peripheral area on the substrate and disposed on a same layer as the driving gate electrode, a gate electrode anti-oxidation layer disposed on the driving gate electrode, a common voltage line anti-oxidation layer disposed on the common voltage line, an interlayer insulating layer disposed on the driving semiconductor layer, the driving gate electrode, the common voltage line, the gate electrode anti-oxidation layer, and the common voltage line anti-oxidation layer. A driving source electrode and a driving drain electrode are disposed in the display area on the interlayer insulating layer, and a common voltage applying electrode is disposed in the peripheral area on the interlayer insulating layer and on the same layer as the driving source electrode and the driving drain electrode..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Structure of pixel arrangement and display device

The present invention discloses a structure of pixel arrangement and a display device. The structure of pixel arrangement includes a first sub-pixel, and second sub-pixels and third sub-pixels that are provided surrounding the first sub-pixel, the first sub-pixel, portions of the second sub-pixels and portions of the third sub-pixels constituting a virtual rhombus, wherein a center of the first sub-pixel coincides with a center of the virtual rhombus; a center of the second sub-pixel coincides with a first vertex of the virtual rhombus; and a center of the third sub-pixel coincides with a second vertex of the virtual rhombus.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Cmos image sensor with peninsular ground contracts and manufacturing the same

A complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) image sensor with peninsular ground contacts includes (a) a substrate having a plurality of pixel units arranged in rows of pixel units and (b) a plurality of ground contacts for grounding the pixel units, wherein the ground contacts are formed in respective peninsular regions of the substrate within respective ones of the pixel units, and wherein each of the peninsular regions is only partly enclosed by a shallow trench isolation and the peninsular regions have alternating orientation along each of the rows of pixel units.. .
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

Semiconductor devices

A semiconductor device includes a lower insulation layer, a plurality of base layer patterns separated from each other on the lower insulation layer, a separation layer pattern between the base layer patterns, a plurality of channels extending in a vertical direction with respect to top surfaces of the base layer patterns, and a plurality of gate lines surrounding outer sidewalls of the channels, being stacked in the vertical direction and spaced apart from each other.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Three-dimensional memory devices containing memory block bridges

A monolithic three-dimensional memory device includes a first memory block containing a plurality of memory sub-blocks located on a substrate. Each memory sub-block includes a set of memory stack structures and a portion of alternating layers laterally surrounding the set of memory stack structures.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Semiconductor device with surrounding gate transistors in a nand circuit

A semiconductor device employs surrounding gate transistors (sgts) which are vertical transistors to constitute a cmos nand circuit. The nand circuit is formed by using a plurality of mos transistors arranged in m rows and n columns.
Unisantis Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Semiconductor packages having emi shielding parts and methods of fabricating the same

A semiconductor package may include a semiconductor device mounted on a package substrate, a conductive roof located over the semiconductor device, a plurality of conductive walls disposed on the package substrate and arrayed in a closed loop line surrounding the semiconductor device. Conductive pillars may be disposed in regions between the conductive walls on the package substrate and bonded to the conductive roof.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Support plate and forming support plate

A support plate to which a front surface of a wafer having a device region in which plural devices are formed and a peripheral surplus region surrounding the device region on the front surface is stuck. The support plate includes a base plate in which a recess is formed in a front surface region corresponding to the device region of the wafer to be stuck to the support plate and an annular groove is formed in a region corresponding to the peripheral surplus region of the wafer, and a soft member packed in the recess of the base plate.
Disco Corporation

Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing system

A substrate processing apparatus includes a placing table configured to hold a substrate having a processing target film, which is decomposed by irradiating an ultraviolet ray thereto under an oxygen-containing atmosphere; a processing chamber, configured to accommodate therein the substrate placed on the placing table, having therein the oxygen-containing atmosphere; and an ultraviolet ray irradiation device configured to irradiate the ultraviolet ray to the substrate within the processing chamber. Further, the placing table is provided with a surrounding member configured to surround the substrate placed on the placing table and restrict a gas introduction amount from an outside of the substrate toward above the substrate..
Tokyo Electron Limited

Structures and methods for forming fin structures

Structures and methods are provided for forming fin structures. A first fin structure is formed on a substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

High temperature insulated bus pipe

The proposed high temperature insulated bus pipe (busbar section) is equipped with a conductive pipe having end contacts and disposed within electrical insulation, a grounding shield covering the insulation, and a case having a fire-resistant coating. A fire-resistant layer made of a cured composite material is located between the case and the shield.

Metal sheathed cable designed on the basis of torque balance and design method thereof

A metal sheathed cable includes an optical unit and a control unit helically twisted together, a grounding wire unit distributed in the gaps between the optical unit and the control unit to form an inner layer cable core, a filler watertightly filled into gaps among the optical unit, the control unit and the grounding wire unit, and a taped covering arranged outside the inner layer cable core; a power unit and a filling core helically twisted around the inner layer cable core, the grounding wire unit distributed in the gap between the power unit and the filling core, the filler watertightly filled into gaps among the power unit, the grounding wire unit and the filling core, and the taped covering arranged outside the outer layer cable core; an inner protective layer wrapped outside the outer layer core, and a sheathing layer twisted outside the inner protective layer.. .
Zhongtian Technology Submarine Cable Co., Ltd.

Self healing materials and cables

The present invention concerns a cable comprising an elongated conducting element and a self-healing material surrounding said elongated conducting element, characterized in that the self-healing material is a cross-linked material obtained from a polymeric composition comprising: a. A polymer matrix comprising at least one olefin polymer with hydrophilic moiety, and b.

Thermally-assisted magnetic recording head including a main pole and a plasmon generator

A main pole has a front end face including a first end face portion and a second end face portion. A plasmon generator has a near-field light generating surface.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

Dangerous vehicle warning method and dangerous vehicle warning system

A dangerous vehicle warning method is disclosed. The dangerous vehicle warning method is utilized in a dangerous vehicle warning system including a vehicle electronic system and a cloud server.
Inventec Corporation

Systems and methods for location identification and tracking using a camera

Systems and methods for location identification and tracking of a person, object and/or vehicle. The methods involve: obtaining, by a computing system, a video of a surrounding environment which was captured by a portable camera coupled to the person, object or vehicle; comparing, by the computing system, first images of the video to pre-stored second images to identify geographic locations where the first images were captured by the portable camera; analyzing, by the computing system, the identified geographic locations to verify that the person, object or vehicle is (1) traveling along a correct path, (2) traveling towards a facility for which the person, object or vehicle has authorization to enter, or (3) traveling towards a zone or secured area internal or external to the facility for which the person, object or vehicle has authorization to enter; and transmitting a notification from the computing system indicating the results of the analyzing..
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh

Methods for driving electro-optic displays

A touch screen electro-optic display is arranged such that upon a touch being detected on the display surface, the display surface surrounding the touch “blinks” by being driven to a different optical state, then back to its original state. A second method uses a display having a pen or stylus which can draw lines upon the display.
E Ink Corporation

Seamless button

A seamless button including a guiding element, a movable actuating element and a switch located on a mounting plate. The movable actuating element is made of elastic material with a massive middle shaft spaced from the inner walls of the chamber by an air gap.
Ableton Ag

Sheet conveyance apparatus that ensures grounding of discharging member and conveyance roller with simple configuration, and image forming apparatus including the same

A sheet conveyance apparatus includes a housing, a rotationally driven conductive shaft, a conveyance roller, a drive transmission unit, a conductive bearing member, a conductive discharging member, a cover member, and a conductive grounding member. The bearing member rotatably supports one end side of a shaft in a sheet width direction.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Method for detecting a blocked state of an ultrasonic sensor of a motor vehicle, ultrasonic sensor apparatus and motor vehicle

The invention relates to a method for detecting a blocked state of an ultrasonic sensor (3) of a motor vehicle (1), in which at least one oscillation parameter of the ultrasonic sensor (3) is recorded and an evaluation device (4) of the motor vehicle (1) carries out a detection algorithm which is used to evaluate the at least one oscillation parameter for the purpose of detecting the blocked state. An object (9) in an area surrounding the motor vehicle (1) is detected by the evaluation device (4) on the basis of sensor data from at least one sensor (3, 8) of the motor vehicle (1), in which case, when a distance (d) between the object (9) and the ultrasonic sensor (3) falls below a predefined threshold value (g), the detection algorithm is not carried out by the evaluation device (4) or a blocked state of the ultrasonic sensor (3), as detected using the detection algorithm, is ignored by the evaluation device (4)..
Valeo Schalter Und Sensoren Gmbh

Method and system for acquiring natural frequency of diaphragm

A method and a system for acquiring the natural frequency of a diaphragm, wherein, the method comprises: selecting test frequency points in a closed space, converting an electric signal into an acoustic signal, directing sound into the closed space, and acquiring the acoustic pressure of each test frequency point; adjusting the electric signal until the acoustic pressure of each test frequency point is the same; converting the adjusted electric signal into an acoustic signal; acquiring the displacement generated by the vibration of the diaphragm; and taking the frequency corresponding to the maximum displacement of the diaphragm as the natural frequency of the diaphragm. By adopting the method and system, the natural frequency of the diaphragm is determined by acquiring the maximum displacement of the diaphragm.
Goertek Inc.

Electrochemical cell

An electrochemical cell for detecting a gas from the surrounding environment. The cell comprises an electrolyte and a sensing electrode which is in fluid communication with the electrolyte and the gas to be detected, when present.
Sprue Safety Products Ltd.

Pressure sensor

A pressure sensor includes a sensor chip that detects a pressure of a pressure medium; and a case that accommodates the sensor chip and has an inlet port connected with the outside, the case having a pressure inlet portion surrounding the inlet port. The pressure inlet portion is configured from: a front wall placed forward of the case with a clearance; a top wall and a pair of side walls, each which is connected to the front wall; and an opening introducing the pressure medium into the inlet port from a lower position with respect to the inlet port.
Denso Corporation

Touch-based exploration of maps for screen reader users

An electronic device can provide an interactive map with non-visual output, thereby making the map accessible to visually impaired users. The map can be based on a starting location defined based on a current location of the electronic device or on a location entered by the user.
Apple Inc.

Subsea cooler

A subsea cooler has at least one pipe (1) and a housing (4). The pipe has an inlet (2) and an outlet (3) for a fluid to be cooled and comprises straight sections (5) connected by bend sections (6).
Fmc Kongsberg Subsea As

Cables made of phase change material

Disclosed is a cable comprising a core and a pcm layer surrounding the core wherein the pcm layer consists of a pcm composition wherein the pcm composition comprises a pcm and an ethylene copolymer; and the core consists of a yarn, strand, or wire each made of a natural or synthetic polymeric material or a metal. The invention is useful for thermal management in a variety of applications in such as, for example, automotive, building, packaging, garments, and footwear..
E. I. Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Combustor shape cooling system

A gas turbine engine includes a combustor which has at least one annular wall defining a combustion chamber therein. The annular wall is formed by a circumferential array of panels overlapping one with another to define a plurality of radial gaps between respective adjacent two panels.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Method for the production of a glow plug

Methods for producing a glow plug having a housing, a ceramic glow pin and a protective tube from which a section of the glow pin projects which is thinner than a thicker section arranged in the protective tube. The thinner section leads to a glow tip.
Borgwarner Ludwigsburg Gmbh

Twin wick torch

An apparatus having a flame bowl, a shroud surrounding the flame bowl, and a fitting connected to an underside of the flame bowl is disclosed. At least two wick holders are disposed in the flame bowl.
Lamplight Farms Incorporated

Multi-purpose container and organizer with light source

A multi-purpose container and organizer for storing fishing tackle and other fishing gear or for any other suitable use. A light source is placed at the core of the container.

Lens and lens system and uses thereof

The present invention discloses a lens and a lens system and uses thereof, the lens comprises a front surface, a rear surface, a side surface extending between the front surface and the rear surface; the rear surface defines a rear-facing chamber; the front surface comprises a central surface and an edge surface connected in a surrounding manner with the central surface, and the edge surface extends between the central surface and the side surface; the lens is an axisymmetric body and defines a central axis; the lens cooperates with the led light source or similar light source which are located at the central axis and can move within the chamber, to form a lens system, so as to achieve a high capacity factor of the emergent light emitted from the light source, and functions of collimating and focusing for the incident light. This lens system can be applied to a flashlight with the function of variable focus..
Hangzhou Great Star Tools Co., Ltd. And Hangzhou Great Star Industrial Co., Ltd.

Gearboxes and related assemblies

A gearbox housing assembly includes a base plate, a metal inner gearbox housing coupled to the base plate and a polymer outer gearbox housing on the base plate and surrounding the inner housing.. .
Technicon Llc

Two-stage hypocycloidal gear train

A gear train including a rotatable drive shaft and a clutch roller in rotatable contact with the drive shaft or mounted on the drive shaft. A first wobble gear and a second wobble gear are suspended around the drive shaft, wherein the first wobble gear is affixed to and concentric with the second wobble gear and the clutch roller is preloaded against the first and second wobble gears.
Southwest Research Institute

Electric apparatus, actuator and clutch thereof

An actuator and its clutch are provided. The clutch includes a driving shaft; a mounting base fixed to the driving shaft for rotation with the driving shaft; a connecting base for connecting with a load, the connecting base including fingers surrounding an outer circumference of the driving shaft; resilient member including a resilient member, the resilient member having two ends respectively fixed to the mounting base and the connecting base, the resilient member surrounding an outer circumference of the connecting tabs.
Johnson Electric S.a.

Wind turbine rotor blade having a spark gap

A wind turbine rotor blade is provided. The wind turbine rotor blade has a lightning receptor, a first electrical line and a potential equalization arrangement which has a first electrode, which is connected to the lightning receptor, and a second electrode, which is connected to the first electrical line, a spark gap being formed between the two electrodes.
Nordex Energy Gmbh

Device and system for wind power generation

A device (10) for wind power generation, comprising: a blade assembly (20) having a plurality of radially extending blades (22) surrounding a hollow space (24); a frame structure (30) inside which the blade assembly (20) is rotatably mounted; and a power generating unit (40) connected with the blade assembly (20); wherein the blade assembly (20) is rotatable by at least one air flow directed into the blade assembly (20), so that rotation of the blade assembly (20) is adapted to drive the power generating unit (40) to thereby generate electrical energy. And a system (100) comprises a plurality of the devices (10) arranged in at least one of a horizontal and a vertical arrangement relative to one another..
Occasion Renewable Resources Company Limited

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