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Rotor Shaft patents

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Systems for minimizing yaw torque needed to control power output in two-bladed, teetering hinge wind turbines that…

System for specifying an installation position of rotor blades, securing element, rotor blade, turbomachine, and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rotor Shaft-related patents
 Fuel cell system including diagnostic technique for unbalanced compressor patent thumbnailnew patent Fuel cell system including diagnostic technique for unbalanced compressor
A diagnostic system for determining whether a rotor shaft of a compressor is unbalanced. The compressor includes a displacement sensor that measures the displacement of the rotor shaft as it is rotating.
 System for specifying an installation position of rotor blades, securing element, rotor blade, turbomachine, and method patent thumbnailnew patent System for specifying an installation position of rotor blades, securing element, rotor blade, turbomachine, and method
A system for specifying an installation position of adjacent rotor blades of a blade row of a turbomachine is disclosed. The system has a plurality of axial securing elements, which have at least two sections with different profile areas for the arrangement in each case between a groove base of a rotor shaft and a blade root, which are joined together by a connecting web at a groove distance from one another, and which have counter-contours on the blade root side for forming in each case a positive-fit pair with the profile areas.
 Systems for minimizing yaw torque needed to control power output in two-bladed, teetering hinge wind turbines that control power output by yawing patent thumbnailnew patent Systems for minimizing yaw torque needed to control power output in two-bladed, teetering hinge wind turbines that control power output by yawing
Systems and methods for increasing operational efficiency of wind turbines, especially offshore wind turbines. The invention discloses systems and methods for reducing the torque needed to rotate a rotor shaft axis with respect to the wind direction.
 Rotor for kneading, kneading machine, and method for manufacturing rotor for kneading patent thumbnailRotor for kneading, kneading machine, and method for manufacturing rotor for kneading
This rotor for kneading includes a rotor shaft (27) having a tubular shape; a blade part (22) that is provided on an outer peripheral surface of the rotor shaft (27); and a filling body (36) that is provided in a recessed part (28) formed inside the blade part (22) and made from a material having a higher thermal conductivity than a material from which the rotor shaft (27) and the blade part (22) are made.. .
 Magnetic transmission patent thumbnailMagnetic transmission
An electromagnetic transmission assembly. The electromagnetic transmission assembly includes a stator having a central axis and a plurality of selectively-energized electromagnetic poles.
 In-wheel motor drive assembly patent thumbnailIn-wheel motor drive assembly
An in-wheel motor drive assembly includes a motor case defining a motor chamber and a reduction mechanism chamber provided on one side of and isolated from the motor chamber by a partition wall. An electric motor is mounted in the motor chamber.
 Apparatus and method for crystallization patent thumbnailApparatus and method for crystallization
Apparatuses and methods are provided for crystallization. An apparatus includes a vessel defining an interior, a draft tube positioned in the interior of the vessel and defining an annular space between the draft tube and a side wall of the vessel, a rotor shaft extending along a central axis of the vessel, and a helical screw attached to and configured to rotate with the rotor shaft.
 Solar-powered rotating ornamental device patent thumbnailSolar-powered rotating ornamental device
A device providing a spinning ornamental design is provided. The device includes a fixed post, a spinning unit, and an electric motor.
 Magnowind turbine patent thumbnailMagnowind turbine
A vertical wind turbine includes an upstanding 3 feet support structure, the top cover contains magnets carefully placed in a specific geometric pattern that generates a rotational force. The cover also has openings to allow for vertical air flow through the structure.
 Noise reducing features on cooling fan patent thumbnailNoise reducing features on cooling fan
A rotor arrangement for an electric machine includes a rotor shaft extending in an axial direction and a fan coupled to the rotor shaft. The fan includes a face with a plurality of arcuate walls extending from the face in the axial direction.
Drive train of a fluid flow power plant
A drive train of a fluid flow power plant, in particular of a wind power plant or of a tidal power plant, includes a rotor hub that bears at least one rotor blade and a transmission that has a plurality of planetary stages. The transmission is configured to transmit a rotational movement of a rotor shaft connected to the rotor hub to a drive of a downstream generator in a stepped-up fashion.
Power management system
Systems for increasing the power productivity of two bladed teetering hinge, yaw controlled wind turbines by varying rotor shaft restraining torque and yaw angle.. .
Magnetic bearing device and vacuum pump
A magnetic bearing device comprises a controller configured to obtain magnetic levitation information of the rotor shaft by ad sampling of current detection signals from the plurality of current sensors and a sum signal obtained by adding the pair of current detection signals relating to the pair of electromagnets, and perform pwm control of the excitation amplifiers based on the magnetic levitation information. The controller performs pwm control so that a length of one of an on-duty period and an off-duty period of the pwm carrier signal is always longer than a predetermined time period based on an attenuation characteristic of a spike noise produced in the electromagnetic current, and performs the ad sampling after the predetermined time period passes from starting timing of one of the on-duty period and the off-duty period..
Rotor windings for dc motor
A commutated dc motor (10) includes a stator (12) and a rotor (14) mounted in the stator (12). The stator (12) has 2p magnetic poles, wherein p is an integer greater than 1.
High dogleg steerable tool
A rotary steerable drilling system may include a substantially non-rotating tool body, a rotatable shaft including at least one pivotable feature, where the rotatable shaft is at least partially disposed within the tool body, and a bias unit that alters the position of the rotatable shaft within the tool body. The rotary steerable drilling system may also include at least one force application member that alters the position of the tool body in the borehole.
Rotor gear mounting assembly for a generator and method
A rotor gear mounting assembly for a generator includes a rotor shaft comprising a first end and a second end. Also included is a magnetic member arrangement operatively coupled to the rotor shaft proximate at least one of the first end and the second end.
Method of calculating unsteady force acting on rotor blade or stator blade, method of designing turbine and method of manufacturing turbine
A turbine design method that can easily construct a turbine stage structure in which an unsteady force acting on a rotor blade can be reduced and degradation in performance and increase in rotor shaft length can be prevented is provided. Unsteady forces and exciting forces by the potential field interaction acting on the rotor blade are respectively obtained, exciting forces by the wake interaction acting on the rotor blade are obtained, the exciting forces by the potential field interaction and the wake interaction are mathematically expressed, the unsteady force acting on the rotor blade when the distance between stator and rotor blades is an arbitrary value is calculated, and the distance between stator and rotor blades is determined based on a calculation result..
Dynamo-electric machine
A dynamo-electric machine is provided comprising a stator and a rotor assembly which is rotatably mounted relative to the stator and which has a rotor shaft. The rotor assembly also has a rotor winding through which current flows and which is connected to terminals associated with the stator in an electrically conductive manner without interruption via a slip ring arrangement.
Rotating wave energy machine
A rotating wave energy machine includes at least one rotor that revolves in a synchronous manner for utilizing an orbital flow of an undulating body of water that circulates over the rotor. An output power is tapped at a rotor shaft and the power (in the power flow) is converted by at least one lift device of the rotor.
Apparatus for regenerating vulcanized rubber
There are disclosed a regenerated rubber, a method and apparatus for obtaining regenerated rubbers from vulcanized crumb rubber, such as rubber from scrap. The apparatus is a thermokinetic mixer having the particularity to have an air tight stationary chamber with inner non-uniform surface.
The invention relates to a homogeniser having an inlet leading into a homogenisation chamber, an outlet leading out of the homogenisation chamber, a stator and a rotor head generating shear forces together with the stator, wherein the stator and the rotor head are arranged in the homogenisation chamber, a rotor shaft connected to the rotor head, and a motor driving the rotor shaft. The homogeniser is characterised by a sleeve having an internal thread and rotatably connected to the rotor head, which sleeve screws onto an external thread formed on the rotor shaft in order to adjust the dimension of the gap between the stator and the rotor head, and a fixing means arrangement for fixing the sleeve on the rotor shaft..
Wind turbine having a hts generator with a plurality of phases
The present invention relates to a wind turbine having a wind turbine tower with a nacelle provided on the top to which a rotor hub with one or more wind turbine blades is rotatably mounted by a rotor shaft. A generator is arranged in the nacelle, wherein the superconducting rotor coils induce a current in the stator coils when the rotor is rotated, and wherein the stator coils are arranged in at least four phases.
Method of wind turbine yaw angle control and wind turbine
The present invention relates to the wind power engineering and to the method of controlling a yaw angle of the wind turbine, equipped with a horizontal rotor shaft as well as to the wind turbine for implementing the method. According to the method of the present invention, the time difference between the time moments when the rotor blades are in the lower vertical position, the said time moments derived from the reference signal of the sensor connected to the rotor shaft, and the time moments when the blades are on one line with the wind direction and the tower, the said time moments_derived from the periodic signal of the spurious amplitude modulation generated by the ac generator and caused by aerodynamic interaction between the blades and the tower, is used as the indication of actual position of the wind turbine rotor relative to the wind direction.
Portable spreader for particulate matter
A gravity-feed spreader for particulate matter may include a rotor. The spreader may be operable for gravity-feed operation with the longitudinal axis of the rotor in a horizontal position.
Vacuum pump for use in the automotive sector
A vacuum pump for use in the automotive sector includes a rotor element fixed on a rotor shaft and arranged in a rotor housing, an electric drive arranged in a motor housing, a housing wall comprising at least one passage opening, and a bearing device. The rotor housing comprises at least one inlet and at least one outlet.
Horizontal-axis hydrokinetic water turbine system with water pump
A hydrokinetic water turbine system includes a frame structure, a horizontally-disposed rotor shaft supported by the frame structure, and a rotor secured to the rotor shaft. The rotor has a plurality of spaced-apart blades so that the flowing stream of water revolves the rotor.
Angular position encoder for a rotating shaft
An angular position encoder for a rotating shaft is disclosed, in particular for application on the rotor shaft in wind turbines. A materialized measure in the form of a roller chain is arranged around the circumference of the shaft.
Rotary electric machine
A rotary electric machine includes a stator in which windings are arranged around a plurality of main poles of a stator core, and a hybrid type rotor arranged with an air gap between the stator and the rotor has a step angle for the rotor of about 4.09° and uses metal bearings for supporting a rotor shaft of the rotor. Setting of the step angle for the rotor to be about 4.09° can make a rotation angle of the rotor caused by excitation of the windings by an input pulse signal larger as compared with a typical motor having a step angle of about 1.8°.
Cooling fan with rotor shaft end abutting polyoxymethylene tube bottom
An exemplary cooling fan includes a base, a central tube formed at the base, a stator, and a rotor being rotatable relative to the stator. The central tube is made of polyoxymethylene.
Rotor for electric motor
A rotor for an electric motor includes: an engagement portion formed in a groove shape in an outer periphery of a rotor shaft; and an annular ring member that is attached to the engagement portion such that an elastic force acting in a direction for clamping the rotor shaft is generated in order to restrict movement of the rotor core in a single direction along an axis of the rotor core. An outer diameter of the rotor shaft in the engagement portion increases steadily away from the rotor core.).
Rotor assembly and method of using same
A rotor assembly generally comprises a sleeve apparatus that includes a first sleeve portion and a second sleeve portion positioned a predefined distance from the first sleeve portion. The sleeve apparatus also includes at least one channel defined between the first sleeve portion and the second sleeve portion.
Rotor support structures including anisotropic foil bearings or anisotropic bearing housings and methods for controlling non-synchronous vibrations of rotating machinery using the same
Rotor support structures including anisotropic foil bearings or anisotropic bearing housings are provided for controlling non-synchronous vibrations of rotating machinery. The rotor support structure comprises a foil bearing adapted to be disposed around a journal of a rotating rotor shaft and a bearing housing disposed around the foil bearing, wherein one of the foil bearing or the bearing housing is configured to be anisotropic.
Load apparatus and method of using same
A load apparatus is provided. The load apparatus generally comprises a load that is configured to convert mechanical rotational energy to electrical energy for a power output.
Clutched turbine wheels
Solutions for clutching turbine wheels are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes: a turbine rotor shaft; a plurality of turbine wheels affixed to the turbine rotor shaft; an independent turbine wheel engagably attached to the turbine rotor shaft; and a clutch operably connected to the turbine rotor shaft, the clutch configured to couple and decouple the independent turbine wheel from the turbine rotor shaft..
Electrical motor and turbo compressor
An electrical motor includes a motor case, a rotor that is housed in the motor case and rotatable about a rotor shaft, a stator that is provided around the rotor in the motor case and configured by winding a stator coil around a stator core, and a first spray nozzle that is provided in the motor case for spraying liquid coolant toward an inner circumferential surface of the motor case. The stator coil has a first coil end protruded from the stator core along a direction of the rotor shaft.
Bearing device for turbocharger
It is intended, with respect to a first floating bush bearing disposed on a compressor housing side and a second floating bush bearing disposed on a turbine housing side, to improve oscillation stability when a turbine rotor revolves at a high speed, reduce the number of parts, and facilitate processing and assemblability. Provided are a bearing housing (13) for a turbocharger (1), a rotor shaft (16) passing through the bearing housing (13), a first floating bush bearing (17) interposed between the bearing housing (13) and the rotor shaft (16) and disposed on a compressor housing (12) side and comprising a first floating bush, and a second floating bush bearing (18) that has the same shape as the first floating bush bearing (17) and is disposed on a turbine housing (11) side and comprises a second floating bush (20).
The blower comprises: a stator being provided in a case; a radial bearing being provided in the case; a rotor shaft being provided in the case and supported by the stator and the radial bearing; a rotor being integrated with the rotor shaft; and an impeller being integrated with the rotor shaft, the impeller sucking a fluid into the case from an axial direction and sending the same in the circumferential direction of the impeller. The impeller is attached to the rotor shaft to make a blade forming surface of the impeller face the rotor in the axial direction.
Bearing device for turbocharger
A bearing for a turbocharger includes a bearing housing having a bearing portion of the turbocharger, a rotor shaft penetrating the interior of the bearing housing, a floating bush interposed between the bearing portion and the rotor shaft and configured to supply lubricating oil to an outer peripheral surface and an inner peripheral surface via an oil supply hole interconnecting the outer and inner peripheral surfaces, and a pressure receiving part for generating pressure by catching the flow of the lubricating oil, which is provided at a position on the inner peripheral surface of the floating bush not communicating with the oil supply hole.. .
Rotor and rotating electric machine having the same
A rotor has a rotor shaft, a rotor boss, a first magnetic pole, a second magnetic pole, an end cover, and a radially-outer cover. The first and the second magnetic poles are placed to a radially outer periphery of the rotor boss to be alternately arranged in a circumferential direction.
Magnetic bearing apparatus and method for varying shaft thrust load support in induction motors and other rotating machinery
A permanent magnet bearing supports part of thrust loads of a vertical shaft induction motor, or the thrust loads of other types of rotation machinery regardless of shaft rotational axis orientation, in parallel with a lubricated mechanical bearing. The permanent magnet has a stationary magnet portion coupled to a bearing bracket and a rotating portion adapted for coupling to a rotor shaft.
Radial magnetic vibration damping apparatus, bearing support assemblies, and operational methods
A bearing support assembly adapted to support and damp radial vibration of a rotor shaft of a vertical motor is disclosed. The bearing support assembly has a thrust bearing adapted to couple to a rotor shaft and carry axial thrust loads along an axial axis, and a radial magnetic damping apparatus having one or more magnetic field-producing members adapted to provide a radially-acting magnetic force to act upon the rotor shaft to reduce radial vibration thereof.
Hook rotor stripper
Rotor strippers are sized and shaped to securely fit between adjacent rotor fingers on a rotor shaft of a rotor for stripping crop material and for conveying the crop material to a bale chamber for forming a bale. Each rotor stripper is formed of a segment comprised of two opposing side walls with an interior section extending between the two opposing side walls.
Wind engine
A wind motor includes a post tower or other supporting structure, a bottom base (2) that supports at least one pair of shafts (4, 5), at least one rotor (6) on each of the shafts (4, 5), a mechanism for synchronizing the rotation of the rotors (6), a front shield (7) secured to the bottom base (2), an arrangement for the free rotation of the bottom base (2) with respect to the post (1), tower or supporting structure, at least one electric generator or another device for converting mechanical energy, driven by one of the rotor shafts (4, 5) or by the synchronizing mechanism, and an inertial body driven by the energy provided by the rotors.. .
Electrical motor
An electrical motor includes a motor case inside which an inner space is formed, a bearing disposed so as to pass through a wall of the motor case, a rotor shaft rotatably supported by the bearing, and an earth conductor fixed with the motor case and provided with a frame and an electrical conductor provided on the frame. The frame has an annular inner circumferential surface along an outer circumference of the rotor shaft and is fixed with the motor shaft.
Rotary electric machine and bearing changing method
A rotary electric machine includes a stator core; a rotor that includes a laminated core, core holders, and cooling fans; a frame that includes a tubular unit that encloses the stator core and the rotor, and a first bracket and a second bracket that extend in a direction of a rotor shaft and supports the rotor shaft; and cartridges that are detachably attached to the first bracket and the second bracket and rotatably supports the rotor shaft, wherein groove-like or hole-like holding portions, which hold end portions of bearing attaching and detaching jigs inserted through the first bracket and the second bracket, are provided in the cooling fans.. .
Switched reluctance motor
A switched reluctance motor (srm) with a rotor shaft defining a rotational axis, a rotor disc extending radially from the rotor shaft, the rotor disc has rotor poles spaced equally circumferentially. The srm also has a stator arrangement with member stators spaced equally circumferentially and aligned in a common plane perpendicular to the rotational axis and axially spaced from the rotor disc for forming an axial air gap.
Fixed spool fishing reel
A fixed spool fishing reel having a spool shaft with a coaxial hollow rotor shaft rotatable thereabout. The reel is further provided with a handle shaft which extends transversely of and is offset relative to the spool shaft.
Rotary damper device with one-way clutch
A rotary damper device with a one-way clutch includes a rotary damper having a damper housing having a viscous fluid sealed inside, and a rotor having a rotor blade received rotatably inside the damper housing and a rotor shaft; and the one-way clutch including an inner member having a recessed portion on an outer perimeter portion and coaxially joined to the rotor shaft, an outer member having an inner gear, and a gear housed in the recessed portion to engage with the inner gear. When the outer member rotates in a positive direction, the outer member rotates independently from the inner member.
Method for manufacturing double-axis parallel motor and cover assembly jig
In a rotor assembly process for assembling rotors to a case main body where stators are fixed, lower portions of the rotor shafts are fitted into two bearings fixed to the case main body with two lower shafts being fitted into inner circumferential surfaces of the rotor shafts. In a cover assembly process for assembling a rear cover to the case main body, two bearings fixed to the rear cover are fitted into upper portions of the rotor shafts with the lower shafts being fitted into the inner circumferential surfaces of the rotor shafts.
Transmission mechanism for remote-controlled model stimulated helicopter
A transmission mechanism for a remote-controlled model simulation helicopter includes a body frame which is orderly provided with a main rotor holder, a main rotor shaft, and a main reduction gear provided with a plurality of washout holes which are evenly distributed about an axis thereof. The body frame is provided with a swashplate module and a servo arrangement at a middle portion thereof.
Wind turbine rotor shaft support structure
Support structures of a wind turbine, including a bearing housing that supports bearings that allow a rotor shaft to rotate about a rotor axis. The bearing housing may be constructed to minimize forces in the bearings in response moments that act on the rotor shaft about axes other than the rotor axis.
Turbo-molecular pump
A turbo-molecular pump includes a case member, a rotor accommodated in the case member, the rotor having rotor blades arranged in multiple steps, a rotor shaft provided coaxially with the rotor, a plurality of stator blades provided on an inner surface of the case member and arranged between the rotor blades, and a plurality of spacers for supporting the stator blades. One of the plurality of spacers has a cooling thick portion for covering an outer peripheral side surface of at least one adjacent upper or lower spacer, and a cooling pipe through which a cooling medium is circulated is provided in the cooling thick portion..
Vacuum pump
A vacuum pump has a rotor mounted on a rotor shaft and provided with pump active components cooperating with opposite stationary pump active components, fastening element for securing the rotor on the rotor shaft, and a safety element provided in addition to the fastening element for preventing rotation of the rotor and the rotor shaft relative to each other.. .
Internal rotor motor
An internal rotor motor, in particular an electronically commutated internal rotor motor, has a multi-pole stator (28) and a rotor lamination stack (37; 52, 54, 56) mounted rotatably relative to said stator; furthermore a central bore is provided in the rotor lamination stack, the rotor lamination stack comprising individual laminations (41) whose respective central openings (47) comprise radially inwardly projecting first portions or tabs (50) into which a rotor shaft (18) is press-fitted, and said central openings (47) comprise, in angular sectors between the first portions (50), second portions (51) that, in the assembled state, are spaced away from the outside of the shaft (18), at least some (axially central) ones of the individual laminations (41) of the rotor lamination stack (52) being arranged with an angular offset from one another.. .
Drive device, especially for a vehicle
A drive device having an electric drive. A drive device (1) includes at least one housing (15), at least one electric drive, the electric drive having a rotor arrangement with a rotor shaft (7) which is designed for rotation about a rotational axis (17), and a bearing arrangement (14 a,b) for mounting the rotor arrangement.
Hydraulic tidal and wind turbines with hydraulic accumulator
Tidal and wind turbines utilize a hydraulic drive-train to transfer the kinetic energy in moving currents to a generator located ground level for producing electricity for the grid. A rotor shaft transfers the mechanical energy from the rotors to a hydraulic pump which converts the mechanical energy into fluid energy which is transferred to a high pressure manifold and then to hydraulic motor for converting the fluid energy into rotational mechanical energy which spins a generator coupled to the motor.
Gas turbine engine with shortened mid section
An industrial gas turbine engine (10) rated for at least 75 mw maximum output, including: a can annular combustion assembly (80); and a single rotor shaft (114); wherein a combustion section length (112) between a trailing edge (28) of a last row of compressor airfoils (20, 22) and a leading edge (54) of first row of turbine blades (56) is less than 20% of an engine length (154) between a leading edge (26) of a first row of compressor airfoils and a trailing edge (66) of a last row of turbine airfoils (60, 62).. .
Vacuum pump
A vacuum pump includes a rotating body having a rotation side exhaust function portion and a rotor shaft, a stationary side exhaust function portion, a lubricated ball bearing for supporting the rotor shaft, a motor for rotating and driving the rotating body, and a first labyrinth seal provided between a space in which a motor stator of the motor is arranged and a space in which the lubricated ball bearing is arranged.. .
System for using wind power
For a system for using wind power having at least one rotor, wherein the rotor has a rotor shaft having a vertically arranged rotational axis and rotor blades offset from each other by the same angle in the rotational direction of the rotor shaft are arranged on the rotor shaft, each rotor is accommodated in a frame of a wind power module, the rotor shaft is supported in receptacles of the frame in such a way that the rotor shaft can be rotated at both ends of the rotor shaft, and individual rotors of several wind power modules can be coupled to each other in a force-closed manner by means of the receptacles for the rotor shafts. Said system can be used flexibly and has a high efficiency..
Load control system and method for wind turbine
A load control system for a wind turbine and a method for controlling wind turbine loading are provided. The system includes a sensor assembly.
Electric motor and motor/gear unit and variable-length drive means having such an electric motor
The invention relates to an electric motor (10) having a casing (12) and a rotor (18) which has a rotor shaft (26) with an axis (a), wherein the rotor shaft (26) is guided outside the casing (12), by means of one of its ends, through an opening (28) which is provided in a wall (30) of the casing (12) that extends at a right angle to the axial direction (a) and with which a bearing element (38) is associated, wherein the bearing element (38) bears the rotor shaft (26) such that it can rotate. According to the invention, the bearing element (38) is received in a depression (32) that is made in the wall (30) that extends at a right angle to the axial direction (a), wherein a damping element (54) is provided between a peripheral wall of the depression (32) and the bearing element (38).
Rotating electrical machine
A rotating electrical machine includes: a rotor equipped with a first coolant flow channel therein; an end plate arranged at an end of the rotor in an axial direction of the rotating electrical machine, the end plate being equipped with a second coolant flow channel that communicates with the first coolant flow channel and a coolant discharge hole, the coolant discharge hole being provided on a radially inner side with respect to a position of communication with the first coolant flow channel, the coolant discharge hole being configured to discharge a certain amount or more of coolant to an outside of the rotor; and a rotor shaft equipped with a third coolant flow channel that communicates with the second coolant flow channel.. .
Internally exicted synchronous motor comprising a permanent magnet rotor with multiple corrosion protection
A module for a rotor of an electric machine, said rotor being excited by means of permanent magnets and rotating in a liquid medium, wherein the module contains a cylindrical, active part having a plurality of circular, magnetically soft laminations which form a laminated stack and have a central opening for receiving a rotor shaft; wherein at least two permanent magnets protected against the liquid medium are arranged in at least two corresponding cutouts in the laminated stack, the cutouts being formed under a cylindrical circumferential surface of the laminated stack.. .
Device for using wind power having at least one rotor
For a device for using wind power having at least one rotor, wherein the rotor has a rotor shaft having a vertically arranged rotational axis and at least three support frames each having at least one rotor blade are arranged on the rotor shaft and the rotor blades are offset from each other by the same angle in the rotational direction of the rotor, the rotor blades are arranged at a radial distance from the rotor shaft. At least one wind passage is formed between the rotor shaft and each of the rotor blades.
Thrust bearing structure and supercharger equipped with said thrust bearing structure
A thrust bearing structure is equipped with a thrust collar having a collar pad, and a thrust bearing having a bearing pad at a position corresponding to the collar pad on a surface facing the thrust collar. The bearing pad has a tapered section, and a land section continuously formed on the outer edge of the tapered section.
Liquid cooled electric motor
A liquid-cooled, radial air gap electric motor includes a stator, a rotor, a rotor shaft, two end bells, a housing, a coolant manifold system, and a coolant sump. The rotor includes a plurality of axially directed slots located near its periphery.
Wind turbine bedplate support frame
A bedplate assembly of a wind turbine is provided. The bedplate assembly includes a rotor shaft with a first end coupled to a rotatable hub of the wind turbine via a rotor flange and a second end coupled to a gearbox.
Cooled motor for a paper shredder
A paper shredder motor cooling assembly having a paper shredder motor coupled to a fan shaft, an enclosure surrounding the paper shredder motor and having selected input and selected output vents to control airflow to the paper shredder motor, a fan coupled to the fan shaft, communicating with the selected input vents or the selected output vents; when the paper shredder motor is operating, the rotor shaft turns the fan to generate a differential air pressure between the selected input vents and the selected output vents, removing heat from the motor. A duty cycle of greater than 15 minutes is obtained.
Support disc bearing for an open-end spinning device
A rotor bearing comprising at least one support disc pair, which is comprised of two support discs (40, 41, 42, 43), which are arranged in such a way that they form a wedge gap, and a spinning rotor (3) with a rotor shaft (4), which is mounted in the wedge gap. The invention is to provide a support disc bearing that is easy to produce.
Multi-pole electrodynamic machine with a constant air gap and an elliptical swash-plate rotor to reduce back torque
A back torque reducing electrodynamic generator machine is disclosed. Some embodiments include a multi-pole stator comprising field windings and power windings and a rotor having a flux path element.
Rotor and generator for reducing harmonics
A rotor for a generator comprises a stack of laminate plates and conductive end caps on either side thereof. The laminate plates and the end caps have holes near a periphery thereof, and conductive rods are positioned in the holes, and secured to the end caps.
Electric drive motor for a work apparatus
An electric drive motor for a work apparatus includes a stator having two stator poles which are at a distance from one another in the circumferential direction and have respective field windings. The motor has a rotor which rotates between the stator poles and the rotor shaft of the rotor drives a fan wheel.

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