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new patent Provision of coverage for a wireless communication network by using moving base stations on robots or drones
A system, methods, apparatuses, and computer programs for providing coverage of a wireless communication network are described. The wireless communication network comprises radio base stations (150) mounted on mobile robots (100) and the mobile robots (100) are capable of communicating with a maintenance base (110).
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

new patent Cluster tool techniques with improved efficiency
Some embodiments relate to a cluster tool for semiconductor manufacturing. The cluster tool comprises a first transfer chamber having a first transfer robot.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufactring Co., Ltd.

new patent Under vessel automated work platform assembly
An automated high speed under vessel work platform with three automated axes comprising a 360° rotational horizontal axis, a linear horizontal axis via a traversing trolley, and a linear vertical axis via swappable task robots, which can also add fourth and fifth axes capabilities. The automated high speed under vessel work platform has the ability to drive to a specific location by typing the core location into the control software and can be operated manually via a hand wheel, locally via a handheld pendant or from the control room and has a camera for inspections and verification of the work..
Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

new patent Mechanical pre-fetching of cold storage media
Some embodiments include a cold storage system that processes an input/output (i/o) request. The cold storage system can have a buffer rack and one or more archival storage racks.
Facebook, Inc.

new patent Object detection apparatus, object detection method, and mobile robot
An object detection apparatus includes a camera pose calculation unit, a region setting unit, an image generating unit, and an object detection unit, in which the camera pose calculation unit acquires information related to a pose of a camera installed in a mobile object, the region setting unit makes a relation between a location in an image photographed through the camera and a photographed space based on the pose of the camera, and sets a plurality of detection regions on the image based on the relation. A processing method determining unit determines an image processing method including a setting of a resolution for each of the plurality of detection regions, the image generating unit converts an image in each of the detection regions to have the set resolution, and generates a region image, and the object detection unit detects an object using each of the region images..
Hitachi, Ltd.

new patent Distance determination between rfid tags
Technologies are generally described for distance determination between two or more rfid tags based on a minimum detectable signal. In some examples, a first rfid tag may establish communication with a second rfid tag, and modulate an irradiating electromagnetic field to generate backscatter signals for sequential transmission to the second rfid tag.
Empire Technology Development Llc

new patent Robotic plowing of snow from a predefined area
The enclosed application discloses an apparatus for removing snow from a predefined area of ground, said apparatus being configured to follow a pre-set pattern of fixed markers on or under the predefined area of ground. By dispensing with the need for gps guidance, for complex and expensive circuitry and software, for melting of large quantities of snow which can then ref reeze into ice, and for potentially dangerous spinning augers, the apparatus allows users to clear snow from a driveway, road or other useful surface without constant attention to steering or personal exposure to the elements..

new patent Position measurement system
A teaching system (position measurement system) includes a plurality of reflectors provided on a tip of a robot arm, and a measuring device. The measuring device measures a present position of the tip of the robot arm by using reflected light on the reflectors, the reflected light being obtained after irradiation light applied to the reflectors is reflected.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent Modular and configurable pick/put wall
A modular order fullment system uses a number of inexpensive mobile apparatuses such as containers with horizontally accessible bins that are brought to a stationary frame that supports a pick-to-light system to direct a human or robotic operator to pick from or put to receptacles in the mobile apparatus.. .
Intelligrated Headquarters, Llc

new patent Robot system and cable
A robot system includes a plurality of drive parts, a control unit that controls power for driving the drive parts by switching, and a cable that connects the drive parts and the control unit, wherein the cable has a plurality of power lines, a plurality of frame ground lines, and a shield, a first interposition object is provided between the plurality of power lines and the shield, and, in a section of the cable, respective centers of the plurality of frame ground lines are closer to the shield than respective centers of the plurality of power lines.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

new patent

Robot apparatus, and measuring rotation driving apparatus

The present invention enables to easily and accurately measure a joint of a robot apparatus, in particular, a lost motion of a driving system of the joint, and, to easily and accurately perform a diagnosis of a lifetime or a life expectancy of a joint mechanism of the robot apparatus based on a measured result.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

new patent

Control system for mobile robot

A telepresence robot uses three separately controlled omni-wheels and a computer processing arrangement to reposition the robot based on received positional signals. The telepresence robot captures and transmits visual information of a limited field of view and visual information of a broad field of view.
Crosswing Inc.

new patent

Automated robotic assembly system

An automated robotic assembly system is configured to assemble a device by fitting a first component made of a material liable to deformation by external force with a second component by means of a robot, and the first component is provided with a distortion detection unit for detecting distortion thereof. If the distortion detected by the distortion detection unit exceeds a predetermined value, a signal for notifying abnormality is output to stop an automated assembly operation by the robot..
Fanuc Corporation

new patent

Method for initializing and controlling robotized equipment

Using the collected location information to move the second robot (30) in or around the element.. .

new patent

Processing method, operation command generator, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing program, and processing system

A processing method is for performing a processing with respect to a processing object in at least one field among biochemistry, biology, and biotechnology. The processing method includes transferring, using at least one arm of a robot configured to perform the processing, a container to a mover with the processing object attached on an inner surface of the container.
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

new patent

Method of controlling robot with hand gripping two workpieces and robot control apparatus

A robot control apparatus for controlling a robot for gripping two workpieces includes an upper limit value changing unit for changing at least one of the upper speed limit value and the upper acceleration limit value of the robot depending on the type and number of workpieces gripped, and an operation controlling unit for controlling the operation of the robot such that at least one of the speed and the acceleration of the robot does not exceed the changed upper speed limit value and upper acceleration limit value.. .
Fanuc Corporation

new patent

Robotic surgery system, method, and apparatus

A surgical system which may be configured to be a minimally invasive and/or computer assisted surgical system. Operation of the system may be controlled by transmission of a force from a first section to a second section of the system.
Deka Products Limited Partnership

new patent

Controlling a compliant-controlled robot

In one aspect, a method for controlling a compliant-controlled robot includes performing a boundary monitoring of the robot and controlling movement of the robot with a return force that is predetermined by control technology. If the robot is already in a blocked area upon activation of the boundary monitoring, then a first return force operates to return the robot from a current position in the blocked area toward a boundary of the blocked area.
Kuka Roboter Gmbh

new patent

Teaching operation supporting robot motion, and teaching operation supporting method

A teaching operation supporting apparatus includes a teaching jig which makes, when a mold is stationary, tentative teaching points by touching up a groove more than once while moving along the groove and which is attached to a robot, a coordinate value calculating unit for calculating coordinate values of actual robot teaching points corresponding to the respective tentative teaching points, based on the distance between a grasping position and the bottom end of the string-like workpiece, and coordinate values of the tentative teaching points, and a speed calculating unit for calculating a lowering speed of the robot for each of portions between adjacent ones of the robot teaching points, based on distances between adjacent ones of the robot teaching points, horizontal distances between adjacent ones of the tentative teaching points corresponding to the respective robot teaching points, and the constant speed of the mold.. .
Fanuc Corporation

new patent

Teaching robot provided with guide part for determining position and posture of end effector

A teaching apparatus for robot includes a force sensor disposed between an arm of a robot and an end effector, and a guide part attached to the end effector. An object includes a recessed part.
Fanuc Corporation

new patent

Ceramic coating polishing method

A method of polishing an outer surface of a ceramic coated gas turbine engine component includes applying a rotating diamond brush to the outer surface. The brush is configured to achieve a uniform finish of 150 microinches ra or less over the surface.
United Technologies Corporation

new patent

Robot tool and robot for dispensing an anticorrosion wax, and method therefor

A robot tool for dispensing an anticorrosion wax including a nozzle unit for delivering non-atomized wax as a thin jet and wax atomized with compressed air as a spray cone. The nozzle unit is connected to a supply duct for compressed air and to a supply duct for wax, and has an internal nozzle for producing the jet and an external nozzle for producing the spray cone.

new patent

Standing/sitting motion assist system, standing/sitting motion assist method, standing/sitting motion assist robot, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium

A holding mechanism holds a care-receiver, a traction mechanism that is connected to the holding mechanism, and the traction mechanism pulls the holding mechanism so that the holding mechanism draws a predetermined path. On the basis of a position of the holding mechanism detected by a position sensor and a force detected by a force sensor, if the position of the holding mechanism is not on the predetermined path, a controller controls the traction mechanism so that the holding mechanism draws the predetermined path by changing the position of the holding mechanism to a position on the predetermined path at a time after the time at which the position is detected..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

new patent

Wrist and jaw assemblies for robotic surgical systems

An end effector for use and connection to a robot arm of a robotic surgical system, wherein the end effector is controlled and/or articulated by at least one cable extending from a respective motor of a control device of the robot surgical system, is provided. The end effector includes a jaw assembly defining a longitudinal axis and including a pair of jaws.
Covidien Lp

new patent

Steerable flexible needle with embedded shape sensing

A surgical system includes a flexible steerable needle and a shape sensor for measuring the shape of the needle. The surgical system can be manual (e.g., laparoscopic), robotic, or any combination of the two.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

new patent

Tool for multi-positioning and holding a device

A tool for multi-positioning and holding a device without requiring a user's hands. In one embodiment, a tool, such as a robotic arm, is secured to a user's forearm, such as with a pair of hook-and-loop fasteners attached to the robotic arm that wrap around the arm and then are fastened to each other.
Elephino, Llc

Piezoelectric drive device and robot

A piezoelectric drive device includes a plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions that drive a driven member. A difference between the maximum resonance frequency and the minimum resonance frequency in each resonance frequency of the plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions falls within a range of 0.001% to 5% of an average resonance frequency of the plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Inspection robot for live transmission line cables

This invention addresses an inspection robot for live transmission line cables that is comprised of a pair of guide rollers located on each side of the robot in order to guide the conductor into its position alongside the pulleys that support its weight and ensure its movement; a worm thread axis and springs that press the guide rollers against the conductor; where the gap between the guide rollers is adjusted previously through a disc that triggers a worm thread mechanism, in order to size its opening to the gauge of the conductor that will be inspected; and a mechanism coupled to the hoisting eyebolt whereby when this eyebolt is pulled, the sensor opens to receive the conductor and when the robot is supported by the conductor and the eyebolt is loosened, a spring forces the sensor into its closed position.. .
Fundação Cpqd - Centro De Pesquisa E Desenvolvimen Em Telecomunicações

System and selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry

The present invention relates to a system and method of selling goods or services, or collecting recycle refuse using mechanized mobile merchantry, comprising positioning, by self-propelling, at least one of a mechanized mobile merchantry within a geographical boundary, allowing interaction with consumers, and effectuating selling of goods or services, or collection of recycle refuse with consumers. Other exemplary embodiments can include signaling a mechanized mobile merchantry with a consumer's mobile device to direct the merchantry to self-propel to the consumer's location, and utilizing usage logs and algorithms to optimize functionality of a fleet of merchantry and reposition the merchantry, as necessary, within a geographical boundary, to increase sales and consumer convenience.
The Coca-cola Company

Method and system for automated food and beverage serving

Disclosed is a system and method for automated serving of one or more items. According to the system and method, a central controller may initially capture order details associated to an order placed by a user for serving an item.
Cafe X Technologies Limited

Systems and methods for determining a potential failure or other status of a robotic device

Methods and systems for proactively preventing hazardous or other situations in a robot-cloud interaction are provided. An example method includes receiving information associated with task logs for a plurality of robotic devices.
X Development Llc

Image analysis in support of robotic manipulation

Facial expressions are evaluated for control of robots. One or more images of a face are captured.
Affectiva, Inc.

Haptic interface with localized feedback

Improvement to haptic systems and methods whereby environmental information is provided to a user via audio output device. The audio output device may be provided on a user-manipulable portion of a haptic robotic interface, e.g.
8982406 Canada Inc.

Operating environment information generating device for mobile robot

An operating environment information generating device is provided which estimates, upon contact of a mobile robot (1) with a surface portion of an external object, a position and posture of the contact surface on the basis of a posture state of the robot (1), and, in the case where the degree of difference between the estimates and a position and posture of the surface portion of the external object indicated by environment information created based on measurement data by an external-object recognition sensor (46, 47) is large, corrects the environment information at the contact location in such a way as to make the position and posture of the contact surface match the estimates.. .
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Remotely controlled robotic sensor ball

A remotely controlled robotic sensor ball and method of operation thereof. The robotic sensor ball includes an outer shell forming a ball, control circuitry positioned within the outer shell, a camera operably connected to the control circuitry, a propulsion system inside the outer shell, and one or more connectors.

Map production method, mobile robot, and map production system

There is provided a map production method to be performed by a mobile robot which moves in a first region and includes a first sensor and a second sensor. The map production method includes acquiring first information from the first sensor, acquiring second information from the second sensor, acquiring third information from a third sensor provided in the first region, acquiring fourth information indicating a detection region of the second sensor calculated from the first information and the second information, acquiring fifth information indicating a detection region of the third sensor calculated from the third information, and updating map information of the first region for a third region, including a first object, if a the second region overlaps with the third region is judged to be present from the fourth information and the fifth information..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Device and measuring deformation of a gripper of a robot

Disclosed herein are devices and methods for measuring deformation of a gripper of a robot. Devices for measuring deformation of a gripper of a robot include: a frame mounted in the vicinity of the robot at which the gripper taking out components is formed; a sensor block provided on the frame that is configured to sense the deformation of the gripper; and a controlling part connected to the sensor block that is configured to analyze and manage a deformation state of the gripper.
Hyundai Motor Company

Torque limiting clutch for use with robot arm

Technology is provided for a torque limiting clutch for use with a robot arm. The torque limiting clutch includes a hub including a hub flange and a clamp plate slideably mounted on the hub.
Facebook, Inc.

Self-balancing robot

Technology is provided for a self-balancing robot that transitions from a three-wheeled mode to a two-wheeled self-balancing mode. The robot includes a body and a pair of drive wheels located at a first end portion of the body.
Facebook, Inc.

Battery charging system and electric vehicle

A battery charging system for an electric vehicle includes a movement control module configured to control a robot arm of a charging apparatus to move; a charging control module configured to control a feeding coupler of the battery charging apparatus to output electric current; a camera module configured to obtain an image of a location of a receiving coupler of the electric vehicle; and a comparing module configured to compare the image with a predefined image stored in a memory unit, the predefined image being of an open state of a receiving coupler of a same model as the electric vehicle. The movement control module controls the feeding coupler couple with the receiving coupler, when the image matches with the predefined image.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Battery charging electric vehicle

A battery charging apparatus includes a charging body, a robot arm, and a feeding coupler. The charging body defines a receiving portion.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Cover structure of robot

In a cover structure of a robot, the robot includes two or more movable portions, is stored in a cover, and is mounted with an end effector in any one of the two or more movable portions. The cover is fixed to any one of the movable portions other than the movable portion mounted with the end effector among the two or more movable portions, and has a cover opening portion where the end effector is capable of passing..
Fanuc Corporation

Air flow cooling system and self balancing robot incorporating the same

Technology is provided for an air flow cooling system and self-balancing robot incorporating the same. The robot includes a body, a robot controller disposed in the body, and a pair of axle housings extending from the body, each containing a drive assembly.
Facebook, Inc.

Industrial robot

An industrial robot may include a robot main body; and an elevating mechanism to raise and lower the robot main body. The robot main body may include a hand, an arm to which the hand is joined, a main body portion to which the arm is joined, and an arm-elevating mechanism.
Nidec Sankyo Corporation

Intelligent visual humanoid robot and computer vision system programmed to perform visual artificial intelligence processes

The disclosed visual rrc-humanoid robot is a computer-based system that has been programmed to reach human-like levels of visualization artificial intelligence (ai). Behavioral-programming techniques are used to reach human-like levels of identification ai, recognition ai, visualization ai, and comprehension ai.

Marking of the tool center and of the orientation of an acoustic probe in a reference frame, by ultrasound method

A process for marking the real position and real orientation of a tool in relation to the manipulator arm of a robot. The process utilizes the amplitude measurements of acoustic signals and the flight time measurement of the acoustic waves emitted by an acoustic probe of the tool and reflected by the fixed reference elements.
Airbus Group Sas

Stable grasp point selection for robotic grippers with machine vision and ultrasound beam forming

Technologies are generally described for grasp point selection for robotic grippers through machine vision and ultrasound beam based deformation. The grasp point selection may aim to increase a probability that the grasp points on an object behave in a substantially similar way when a robotic gripper executes a corresponding grasp on the object.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Robot controller for robot which sets two objects in combined state

A robot controller which uses a robot to more stably, more rapidly move a given object and a different object relative to each other to set the given object and the different object in a combined state in which portions of the two objects are in contact and combined with each other. The robot controller includes an unit which measures a force acting between two objects, an unit which sets a direction of translational force control, an unit which sets a translational force control target force, an unit which sets an axis of rotational force control, an unit which calculates a target amount of translational force control direction movement, an unit which calculates a target amount of rotational force control axis rotational movement, an unit which calculates a target amount of rotational movement, and an unit which generates an operation command for the robot..
Fanuc Corporation

Horizontal articulated robot

A robot includes an angular velocity sensor installed to a second horizontal arm and for obtaining the angular velocity of the first horizontal arm with respect to a base, and suppresses the vibration of the first horizontal arm by driving a first electric motor based on the angular velocity of the first horizontal arm. In the robot, an electric wire to be connected to a second electric motor incorporated in the second horizontal arm and electric wire to be connected to the angular velocity sensor are laid around through a wiring duct having end portions coupled respectively to the base and the second horizontal arm, disposed outside the first horizontal arm and outside the second horizontal arm, and having a passage leading to the inside of the base and the inside of the second horizontal arm..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Navigational control of robotic systems and other computer-implemented processes using developmental network with turing machine learning

The developmental network incorporates a turing machine that injects teaching instructions directly into the skull-closed network. The developmental network can also autonomously learn directly from the natural world without the need for a human to encode its input and output.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

Piezoelectric drive device, robot, and driving piezoelectric drive device

A piezoelectric drive device includes: a piezoelectric vibrating portion including a vibrating body, a piezoelectric element disposed on at least one surface of the vibrating body, and a support portion supporting the vibrating body; an elastic member pressing the vibrating body against a driven member; and a heat conducting member disposed so as to be capable of changing a mutual positional relationship with the elastic member while maintaining a surface-to-surface contact state therewith.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Biomimetic humanoid robotic model, control system, and simulation process

A biomimetics based robot and process for simulation is disclosed. The robot may include filament driven and fluid pumped elastomer based artificial muscles coordinated for slow twitch/fast twitch contraction and movement of the robot by one or more microcontrollers.

Industrial robot and base unit of the same

An industrial robot according to an embodiment of the present technology includes a robot main body, a first base, a second base, and a coupling frame. The first base includes a first upper end portion and a first bottom portion, the first upper end portion supporting the robot main body, the first bottom portion being provided on a floor surface.

Wearable chair robot

A wearable chair robot system is provided and includes a first link having a first end hinge-connected to a heel of a user and a second end rotating up and down about the first end distal to a foot of the user, and supported on the ground at a lower limit. The system further includes a second link having a first end hinge-connected to the user above the first end of the first link and a second end that extends distal to the user.
Hyundai Motor Company

Robotic bin management system and method

One embodiment is directed to a personal robotic system, comprising: an electromechanical mobile base defining a cross-sectional envelope when viewed in a plane substantially parallel to a plane of a floor upon which the mobile base is operated; a torso assembly movably coupled to the mobile base; a head assembly movably coupled to the torso; a releasable bin-capturing assembly movably coupled to the torso; and a controller operatively coupled to the mobile base, torso assembly, head assembly, and bin-capturing assembly, and configured to capture a bin with the bin-capturing assembly and move the torso assembly relative to the mobile base so that the captured bin fits as closely as possible within the cross-sectional envelope of the mobile base.. .
Willow Garage Inc.

Electronic appliance control method and electronic appliance control device

[solution to problem] a condition control of a robot cleaner is performed or service is provided with a user using the robot cleaner to improve the convenience of the user, wherein various data items obtained through a network connection are used in the condition control or service providing to estimate/determine a behavior, condition, or request of the user. Specifically, the operation of the robot cleaner is controlled based on operations of other associated devices disposed in the same room where the robot cleaner runs..

Machining apparatus and machining method

According to one implementation, a machining apparatus includes an electromotive saw and an attaching structure. The electromotive saw cuts off a workpiece to be machined.
Fuyo Jitsugyo Co. Ltd.

Robotic system and drilling end effector for robotic system

A drilling end effector may include a motor operative to drive a drilling member, a housing surrounding the motor, and a vacuum shroud coupled to the housing and surrounding the drilling member, wherein the vacuum shroud has a variable length.. .
The Boeing Company

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