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Packaging system for storing, capturing and transporting dental implants

Method and apparatus for collecting flat articles

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ripper-related patents
 Medical device loading and carrier tool patent thumbnailnew patent Medical device loading and carrier tool
A medical device loading and carrier assembly for a medical device includes a tubular holder of transparent material so as to be see-through. The holder includes a flared proximal end for compressing a gripper element of a device carrier.
 Gripper pusher mechanism for tissue apposition systems patent thumbnailnew patent Gripper pusher mechanism for tissue apposition systems
The invention provides devices, systems and methods for tissue approximation and repair at treatment sites. The devices, systems and methods of the invention will find use in a variety of therapeutic procedures, including endovascular, minimally-invasive, and open surgical procedures, and can be used in various anatomical regions, including the abdomen, thorax, cardiovascular system, heart, intestinal tract, stomach, urinary tract, bladder, lung, and other organs, vessels, and tissues.
 Method and apparatus for collecting flat articles patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for collecting flat articles
A method for collecting addressed letters in grippers and for conveying the collected letters further in the grippers, wherein the grippers each have a first and second gripper limb, and these limbs form an accommodating space. The method includes supplying a sheet that is partially folded along a folding line to form two sheet portions that are delimited from one another by the folding line, introducing the folded sheet into the accommodating space between the gripper limbs, wherein the folded sheet is subjected to a restraining force in the direction of a planar position of the sheet by the non-folded sections along the folding line, and pushing the portions of the sheet onto the adjacent gripper limbs by the restoring force, with an accommodating pocket being formed in the accommodating space in the process, and retaining the folded sheet in the accommodating space by the contact-pressure force..
 Automated truck unloader for unloading/unpacking product from trailers and containers patent thumbnailnew patent Automated truck unloader for unloading/unpacking product from trailers and containers
An automatic truck unloader for unloading/unpacking product, such as boxes or cases, from trailers and containers is disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile base structure provides a support framework for a drive subassembly, conveyance subassembly, an industrial robot, a distance measurement subassembly, and a control subassembly.
 Nuclear fuel assembly handling apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Nuclear fuel assembly handling apparatus
A fuel assembly handling tool that can be lowered onto the top nozzle of a fuel assembly, positively latch the top nozzle, unlatch from the top nozzle, and be raised off the top nozzle of the fuel assembly. The tool head, that interfaces with the top nozzle has load bearing grippers that latch onto the fuel assembly, that are located in a storage position up within the tool while the tool is lowered onto the fuel assembly.
 Grasp/portable technology device handler patent thumbnailnew patent Grasp/portable technology device handler
The grasp/portable technology device handler is a tool designed to enable easier handling/usage of portable technology devices such as tablets, e-readers, etc., through the utilization of the four-finger gripper, while additionally offering shock absorption for the devices should they be accidentally be dropped, banged, etc. This manual technology is unique due to a fusion design that not only maximizes operation-ability but simultaneously provides much needed device protection..
 Packaging system for storing, capturing and transporting dental implants patent thumbnailnew patent Packaging system for storing, capturing and transporting dental implants
Packaging system for dental implants allowing the conditioning of different types of implants due to its height regulation capacity that, additionally, eases the handling and the removal of the packaging implant by a gripper-shape mechanism, reducing damages or contamination risks of the implant before the usage.. .
 Needle bending apparatus and methods patent thumbnailNeedle bending apparatus and methods
An apparatus for bending a hypodermic needle includes a bending die, a needle gripper configured to grasp the hypodermic needle, a servo-actuated slide operatively coupled to the needle gripper, and a servo- or pneumatically-actuated bending pin. The servo-actuated slide is configured to translate the needle gripper along a linear path adjacent to the bending die for positioning the hypodermic needle at a predetermined bending position with respect to the bending die.
 Stripper overhead heat integration system for reduction of energy consumption patent thumbnailStripper overhead heat integration system for reduction of energy consumption
A stripper heat integration system includes a first heat exchanger; a second heat exchanger; and a refrigerant loop comprising a refrigerant and configured for flow of the refrigerant therein. The refrigerant loop is in communication with the first heat exchanger and the second heat exchanger.
 Footwear with interchangeable electronic faces patent thumbnailFootwear with interchangeable electronic faces
A footwear covering system includes a piece of footwear having a sole with a perimeter boundary material and a footwear cover attached to the piece of footwear. The footwear cover includes an attachment device, a sheath attached to the resilient clamp and forming an elongate arcuate cover and indicia on the sheath portraying the face of a character.
Fish filet gripper tool
A gripper tool is employed for clamping the fish filet to facilitate the removal of skin from the filet. The gripper tool has a handle which is adapted to be gripped by the user and a gripping surface defined by a matrix of protrusions which clamp against the fish filet..
Active gripper for haptic devices
An active gripper for a haptic device including a parallel kinematics structure providing at least three degrees of freedom including three translational degrees of freedom, wherein the gripper comprises a first contact surface being adapted for contact by a first portion of a hand of a user, a second contact surface being adapted for contact by a second portion of the user's hand, which hand's second portion being moveable in relation to the hand's first portion, and a moveable member arranged between the first contact surface and the second contact surface and being adapted to actively move the first contact surface and the second contact surface in relation to each other.. .
Collection system for purification flowstreams
A collection system for collecting samples from a flowstream (5) exiting a supercritical fluid chromatography system is provided. The collection system comprises: (i) a first back pressure regulator (10) on the flowstream as it exits the chromatography system, (ii) a gas-liquid separator (30) having a tapered and angled dripper (65), which introduces the flow into the separator at an angle tangential to the separator wall; and (iii) one or more fraction collectors (15), wherein the fraction collector is at a reduced pressure collection point, between 100 bar and atmospheric pressure.
Robot and method for milking a cow by this robot
A milking robot comprising a movable arm and a plurality of grippers. The movable arm has a length in a longitudinal direction.
Device and method for unpacking and feeding flat-folded and upright packaging sleeves
A device for transferring flat-folded and upright packaging sleeves to a further processing unit, in particular a filling machine for liquid or pasty products, wherein in each case a certain number of packaging sleeves are provided in an outer package and wherein the outer packages of the packaging sleeves are opened and removed. At least one gripper element may be disposed on a robot arm for transporting an outer package to a cutting and unpacking station, elements for cutting open and unpacking the packaging sleeves, at least one suction device for vacuuming away the cutting dust resulting from the cutting open and a gripping device for gripping the packaging sleeves released from the outer package and delivering these to the further processing unit are provided..
Gripper of robot and method for controlling the same
A robot gripper is provided comprising two robot arms, upper contact parts, and lower contact parts disposed at the ends of each of the two robot arms. The upper and lower contact parts are in contact with a top and a bottom of an article when gripping the article, the upper and lower contact parts are semispherical shaped and have predetermined radii.
Chuck body, machine center, and method for gripping a work object to be processed
A chuck body includes a base, a fixed gripper finger, a cylinder mount, a slide, and a movable gripper finger. The base includes a planar member.
Uses for an acetal based composition and method of thinning/cleaning/stripping
An acetal-based composition is described which includes an acetal of formula r—o—ch2—o—r′. R and r′ are mutually independent alkyl or alkoxyalkyl substituents with at least three carbon atoms.
Gas charging method and gas charging apparatus for a bag equipped with gas compartment
In a method and apparatus for filling a gas in a gas compartment portion of a bag, a bag-conveying gripper (41) including a pair of gripping elements (45 and 46), and the inner surface (gripping surface) of the gripping element (45) being formed with a shallow groove (47). The bag-conveying gripper (41) grips the sealed portion (12) of the bag, and a neck section (16a) of the gas compartment portion (16) in the sealed portion is held at a groove formed in the gripping elements of the bag-conveying gripper.
Gripper apparatus and method for controlling the same
A gripper apparatus and its control method are provided. The gripper apparatus includes at least one gripper unit, and each gripper unit is configured with a first connecting rod and a second connecting rod.
Process for isomerizing a feed stream including one or more c4-c6 hydrocarbons
One exemplary embodiment can be a process for isomerizing a feed stream including one or more c4-c6 hydrocarbons. The process may include contacting the feed stream in an isomerization reaction zone with an isomerization catalyst at isomerization conditions to produce an isomerization zone effluent; passing at least a portion of the isomerization zone effluent to a stabilizer zone and recovering a stabilizer overhead stream, a bottom stream, and a stripper feed stream; passing the stripper feed stream to a stripping zone and separating the stripper feed stream into a stripper overhead stream and a stripper bottom stream; and recycling at least a portion of the stripper bottom stream to a deisopentanizer zone and passing a stream from the deisopentanizer zone to the isomerization reaction zone.
Stripper sleeve
There is provided a molding stack (102). The molding stack (102) comprises a stripper sleeve (122) that is movable to contact a molded article (114) after the molding thereof; the stripper sleeve (122) having a first surface (204) and a second surface (206) for simultaneously contacting a side and an underside surface, respectively, of the molded article (114) during the stripping of the molded article (114)..
Device for handling a load
A device for handling a load provided with a thread includes a screw assembly equipped with a gripper and capable of connecting to the load, a first screwing indicator secured to the screw assembly, a second screwing indicator movable in translation relative to the first screwing indicator, and a spring. In particular, the spring is inserted between the first screwing indicator and the second screwing indicator and has an effect of returning the second screwing indicator such that the second screwing indicator abuts against the load, so that a coincidence between the first and second screwing indicator indicates a sufficient screwing of the device onto the load..
Gripping device
A gripper formed as a single component includes a hoop portion connecting facing arms. Each arm may have a tang end, a jaw end and a pivot intermediate the tang and jaw ends and be attached to the hoop portion at the pivot to be pivotable to change the size of a jaw opening defined by the jaw ends.
Container for accommodating an ophthalmic lens during a lens treatment process
A container (1) for accommodating an ophthalmic lens during a lens treatment process has a longitudinal axis (12) and comprises a containment portion (2), a mounting portion (3), and a retaining element (4). The containment portion (2) comprises a tubular section (21) and a bottom (22) protruding convexly towards the outside at one end of the tubular section (21) and has a number of apertures (23, 24).
Stripping gas recycle system
A stripping gas recycle process for a stripper is fed a water containing glycol and a stripping gas. The stripping gas removes a water content from the water containing glycol to produce a dried glycol and a wet stripping gas.
Power tong and backup tong apparatus
A power tong assembly and backup tong assembly are disclosed. The power tong assembly includes a drive motor driving a drive gear engaged with a rotatable portion of a bearing assembly.
System and method for laser-based auto-alignment
In a laser-based alignment system, a laser sensor tool, comprising a laser emitter and detector element can be gripped by a gripper unit of a robotic arm and used to automatically align the robotic arm with a work surface. A landmark on the work surface can be identified by scanning the work surface with the laser sensor in an x-y plane.
Device and method for transferring reaction vessels
A method and an automated system for testing liquid samples comprising a reaction vessel transferring device are presented. A first analytical unit for running a first diagnostic test comprises a rotatable first vessel holder detachably holding reaction vessels.
Tool for a microtechnical clip
The present invention relates to a tool for a microtechnical gripper. The tool of the invention comprises a tip having a support and first and second fingers disposed opposite one another in a chosen position.
Sorting installation and sorting method using a gripping tool
A sorting installation and a sorting method use a gripping tool for gripping sorted articles, particularly sorted flat mail items. During sorting, the articles are transported in holding apparatuses having two lateral faces each.
Apparatus and method of egg transfer within an egg handling machine
An egg carrier including a gripper mechanism wherein the egg carrier operative to grip and release and egg at a predetermined orientation. Accordingly, the egg carrier includes a mechanism whereby the gripper mechanism can be rotated whereby an egg can be released at an angle greater or less than 90°.
Gripper assembly for downhole tools
A gripper assembly for anchoring a tool within a downhole passage and for possibly assisting movement of the tool within the passage. The gripper assembly includes an elongated mandrel and flexible toes that can be radially displaced to grip onto the surface of the passage.
Ripper assembly with direct load path
A work vehicle, such as a motor grader, comprises a frame, a ripper, a tie bar attached to the frame, and a four-bar linkage attached to and disposed between the ripper and the tie bar for transferring a load between the ripper and the frame via the four-bar linkage and the tie bar. The four-bar linkage and the tie bar are co-planar with respect to a plane within which the four-bar linkage is movable relative to the frame.
Tilling apparatus
A tilling apparatus and a method of tilling soils which includes the use of a rotational shaft having a number of cutter assemblies located at spaced apart locations on the shaft in which each cutter assembly has a multitude of blades which rotate as the rotary shaft rotates to form a plurality of spaced apart trenches having the same spacing as the spacing of the cutters, and a width caused by the width of the blades. As the blades dig the trench, the soil contacted by the blades is granulated and is tossed about by the spinning blades so that some soil falls back into the trench and some falls along the periphery of the trench to form rows of aerated granules which promote enhanced growth of plants or seeds in the trench and along the edge of the trench to improve the yield of pasture having the trenches.
Single-gripper weaving loom
A weft feeder (12) to transfer the weft threads (2, 3) from the selector (8) to the receiving gripper (5), movable along a second sliding guide (7), between an intercepting position (p1) of the weft threads (2, 3), outside the weaving shed, and the gripping position (p2) wherein the receiving gripper (5) receives the weft threads (2, 3) from the weft feeder (12).. .
Gripping element and gripper input module for a haptic input system
A gripping element for arrangement on an adapter element in order to form a gripper input module for a haptic input system for controlling an object, including a receptacle for holding at least two fingers of a user therein, wherein, at least in one portion, the receptacle has a functional connection to at least one sensor means, and at least one connection element for arranging the gripping element on the adapter element, wherein the receptacle is configured such that movement information of a movement of at least one finger of the user in the receptacle can be detected by the sensor means and hence the movement information can be transmitted for controlling the at least one object. There is also disclosed a corresponding adapter element, a gripper input module consisting of a gripping element and adapter element, and also to a haptic input system and medical instrument system..
Automatic system for mounting door hinge to vehicle
An automatic system for automatically mounting door hinges to upper and lower seats on pillars of a vehicle body conveyed by a conveying unit may include i) a first aligning unit automatically aligning a plurality of door hinges, ii) a first gripper disposed on one side of a mounting frame fixed to an arm of a first handling robot, and taking out the door hinges from the hinge box, iii) a second aligning unit loading the door hinges, and arranging the door hinges into position at a predetermined mounting angle, iv) a second gripper disposed on the other side of the mounting frame, and unloading the door hinges aligned by the second aligning unit, v) a mounting jig clamping and setting the door hinges into seats on the vehicle body, and vi) a bolt runner bolting the door hinges set in the seats on the vehicle body.. .
Apparatus and method to store information
A data storage facility comprising a plurality of data storage media, an automated data storage library comprising a first plurality of storage cells, one or more data storage devices in communication with the controller, and a controller in communication with one or more host computers, a vault comprising a second plurality of storage cells, wherein the vault does not comprise any data storage devices, and a robotic accessor in communication with the controller, wherein the accessor comprises a gripper mechanism, and wherein the robotic accessor can bidirectionally transport each of the plurality of portable data storage media between the first plurality of storage cells and the one or more data storage devices.. .
Integrated gripper for workpiece transfer
An integrated grip arm for transfer reticles and carrier boxes is disclosed for improving throughput, yield and reliability of transport equipment. The integrated grip arm comprises a plurality of grippers to accommodate a plurality of reticles and carrier boxes without the need of separate arm or gripper changes.
Conductive surfacing material for composite structures
An electrically conductive surfacing material capable of providing sufficient conductivity for lightning strike protection (lsp) and/or electromagnetic interference (emi) shielding is disclosed. The conductive surfacing material is a multi-layered structure having a very thin conductive layer (e.g.
Apparatus for the automated handling of workpieces
An apparatus for the automated handling of workpieces comprising at least one gripper for picking the workpiece; a control for controlling the at least one gripper and an intermediate station for placing the workpiece, with the apparatus being configured such that the workpiece is placed in a defined position and/or defined orientation on the intermediate station and is picked up again with a changed orientation and/or with greater accuracy.. .
Gripping and locking/unlocking system, and application to the handling of nuclear materials specimen holders
A system for gripping an inner tube and locking/unlocking it into and from an outer tube concentric with the inner tube. The system according to the invention is provided with one or more catching devices which allow both sealed locking/unlocking of the inner tube to the gripper member and of the inner tube in the outer tube, achieving this with only a translational movement of the gripper member over a travel a or a travel b.
Gas supply warning and communication system
A gas supply warning and communication system to generate and communicate alarm signals indicating gas pressure and gas flow malfunctions in a pressurized gas system, and to open a reserve gas reservoir in the event of certain types of malfunction. The system stores, transmits, and makes available for download, gas pressure, gas flow, and oxygen concentration data, and information regarding the status of the system.
Christmas tree stand and kit therefor
A christmas tree stand comprises a container having a base and a sidewall extending therefrom, the sidewall having a plurality of outer longitudinal slots; a plurality of removable legs, each removable leg configured to be accommodated within a respective longitudinal slot; and a plurality of grippers threadably connected to the sidewall. Each gripper has a flexible padding layer disposed thereon for securely gripping a trunk of a christmas tree.
Aid grabbing tool with force activated gripping function
This invention relates to aid devices for assisting people inhibited in their movement of especially the hands and/or wrists, such as people who are physically impaired due to arthritis, injury, or other physiological problems giving reduced strength. This is solved by introducing an aid tool comprising at least two grippers and means to attach each gripper to a finger of a person, where the grippers are adapted to follow the individual finger in a movement in the direction of closing and loosen of a grip, and where an activation of the aid tool includes locking the grippers unidirectionally in the present position.
Aid grabbing tool with hand operated gripper that can be pushed aside
This invention relates to aid devices for assisting people inhibited in their movement of especially the hands and/or wrists, such as people who are physically impaired due to arthritis, injury, or other physiological problems giving reduced strength. This is solved by introducing an aid tool comprising at least two grippers and means to attach each gripper to a finger of a person, where the grippers are adapted to follow the individual finger in a movement in the direction of closing and loosen of a grip, and where an activation of the aid tool includes locking the grippers unidirectionally in the present position.
Vacuum gripper
The invention relates to a gripper for use in a cutting machine, in particular a high-speed cutting machine. The gripper can be brought into engagement with an end of a food loaf in a reversible manner by applying a negative pressure..
Shoulder pilot assembly with self-contained stripper and method for metal forming dies
A pilot assembly with a self-contained stripper and method for metal forming dies has a cylindrical pilot with internally mounted reciprocating ejector pins with outer ends that protrude through holes in the body of the pilot to strip stock from the pilot. The pilot assembly is secured to the die by a window mount such that one or more surfaces of the pilot abut surfaces on the window mount and die to secure the pilot to the die and window mount when the window mount is secured, via a fastener, to the die.
Collapsible cleaning device
The collapsible cleaning device includes a broom and a pan. The broom has a brush provided with bristles on the bottom surface thereof and secured by the top surface thereof to the end of a handle.
Robotic wireless test system
A test system may include a wireless test chamber with metal walls lined with pyramidal absorbers. A trapdoor may be provided in a wall opening to accommodate a robotic arm.
Manufacturing method for switch and array substrate
The present invention discloses a manufacturing method for a switch and an array substrate. The method comprises: firstly, forming sequentially a first metal layer, an insulating layer, a semiconductor layer, an ohmic contact layer, a second metal layer, a third metal layer and a photoresist layer on a base substrate; after patterning the photoresist layer, etching the third metal layer and the second metal layer to form the input electrode and the output electrode of the switch; using a stripper comprising at least 30% by weight of amine in order to remove the photoresist layer and the residual second metal layer; and finally, etching the ohmic contact layer.
Apparatus for opening and transporting a product with a non-symmetrical fold
An inserting machine and method for transporting newspapers is provided. The inserting machine includes a pocket conveyor having a plurality of interconnected pockets, each pocket having a fixed pocket wall, a movable pocket wall, a first side gripper, a second side gripper, a center gripper located between the first and second side grippers, at least one first suction opening on the fixed pocket wall and at least one second suction opening on the movable pocket wall.
Array substrates and optoelectronic devices
Disclosed is a method of forming array substrates having a peripheral wiring area and a display area. The method is processed by only three lithography processes with two multi-tone photomasks and one general photomask.
Helium recovery from natural gas streams
A system and methods for recovering helium from a natural gas stream are disclosed. The system may include a cold box configured to chill a feed stream and a cryogenic stripper column configured to separate the feed stream into a gaseous top stream and a liquid bottom stream.
Process for recovering oligomerate
A process and apparatus that uses a debutanizer with a side stripper can recover a light stream, an intermediate stream and a liquid stream. One of the intermediate stream and the liquid stream can be recycled to oligomerization or to fluid catalytic cracking..
System for the treatment and purification of biogas with elimination of airflow from a scrubber system
Systems and methods are presented for the purification of a biogas. The systems comprise: a gas processor for reducing co2, volatile organic compounds, and h2s in the biogas, the gas processor comprising a scrubber tank and a scrubber liquid; and a scrubber liquid processor in fluid connection with the gas processor for reducing the amount of absorbed gas in the scrubber liquid.
Apparatus for recovering oligomerate
A process and apparatus that uses a debutanizer with a side stripper can recover a light stream, an intermediate stream and a liquid stream. One of the intermediate stream and the liquid stream can be recycled to oligomerization or to fluid catalytic cracking..
Gripper of robot for assembling vehicle
A gripper of a robot for assembling a vehicle is provided, including: a gripper body that extends vertically; a lower grip that bends forward from a lower end of the gripper body and supports a lower end of an assembly object; an upper grip that is hinged at a rear end to an upper end of the gripper body and grips an upper end of the assembly object when rotating forward by extending forward at a front end of the upper grip; a seat that extends and bends rearward from the upper end of the gripper body; a link assembly that is composed of a first link and a second link that connect an upper end of the seat and the upper grip via the link assembly; and a driving unit that rotates the upper grip forward or rearward by transmitting a driving force to the link assembly.. .
Device and method for producing fiber preforms
A device for producing fiber preforms including a plurality of unwind stations, a plurality of grippers and at least one first molding tool. Further, a method includes the successive steps of tensioning threads or rovings for a first layer with grippers, draping the first layer over a first molding tool, severing of the threads or rovings of the first layer, tensioning threads or rovings for a second layer with grippers, draping an additional layer over the first forming tool, and severing the threads or rovings of the second layer..
Dispensing apparatus having an overcap and scoop
Dispensing apparatuses (10) for administering particulate materials are presented. In an embodiment, the present disclosure provides a dispensing apparatus (10) including an overcap (30) having a lid (32) having an attachment mechanism (50) connected to a portion of a surface of the lid and rim (34) hingedly attached to the lid and comprising a gripper (60) constructed and arranged to hold a scoop (20).
Integrated casing drive
An integrated casing drive system combines a top drive having a rotary drive portion, a pipe handler having a casing gripper wherein the pipe handler is rotationally mounted to the top drive, and a selectively actuable casing drive lock for locking the rotary drive portion to the pipe handler.. .
Adjustable pouch forming, filling and sealing apparatus and methods
An adjustable pouch machine comprises a vertical sealer module forms transverse seals between two plies of a pouch web to partially define a plurality of pouches. Rollers selectively tension and relax the web on the vertically oriented wheel, allowing them to drop away from heated lands on emergency and cycle stops.
Process for the preparation of alkylene glycol
The invention provides a process for the preparation of an alkylene glycol from an alkene. A gas composition from an alkylene oxide reactor is supplied to an alkylene oxide absorber comprising a column of vertically stacked trays or comprising a packed column.
Ratcheting gripper for a storage library
Embodiments of the invention include systems and methods for selective gripping and/or releasing of media cartridges using a robotic ratcheting gripper mechanism. Embodiments operate in context of a data storage library having a number of media cartridges physically located within slots of one or more magazines.
Selective olefin extraction
A process and system for separating butenes and butanes by extractive distillation using a polar solvent is disclosed. The process may include: contacting a hydrocarbon mixture including butanes and butenes with a lean solvent mixture in an extractive distillation column to form an enriched solvent fraction comprising butenes; recovering an overheads fraction comprising butanes and a bottoms fraction from the extractive distillation column; feeding the bottoms fraction to a stripper including a stripping section and a wash section; recovering the lean solvent mixture as a bottoms fraction and a stripper overheads fraction comprising butenes and water from the stripper; condensing the overheads fraction to form a water fraction and a product butenes fraction; feeding water as reflux to a top of the stripper wash section; feeding at least a portion of the condensed water fraction intermediate the top and bottom of the stripper wash section as a second reflux..
Log splitting apparatus having log splitter frame with stripper plates
A log splitting apparatus having stripper plates for stripping logs from a blade member as a piston is retracted into a cylinder. In one arrangement, the stripper plates are removably securable to opposing sides of a log splitter frame of the apparatus to allow for replacement of the stripper plates with other stripper plates or other components (e.g., stroke reducing devices), use of multi-way (e.g., 4-way) wedge systems, and/or the like..
Heat integration for cryogenic co2 separation
The present invention relates to a flue gas treatment system for removing co2 from a flue gas stream wherein the system includes a flue gas compressor, at least one flue gas adsorption drier, a refrigeration system and a stripper column allowing distillation. Also a method for condensation of carbon dioxide (co2) in a flue gas stream including a step of separation by distillation of the condensed co2 is provided by the invention..
Ligation thread fastening tool and ligation device
A sufficient gripping force is exerted on a suture thread through an easy process. Provided is a ligation thread fastening tool including: a gripper that has a pair of crimp pieces opposed to each other with a space therebetween and whose inner faces opposed to each other are to be crimped together and that has, between the inner faces, a groove into which a suture thread can be inserted from a first side of the crimp pieces toward a second side thereof; and an accommodation portion that is provided in the gripper from the inner face outward of the groove so as to communicate with the groove and that accommodate an end portion of the suture thread inserted thereinto from the first side through the groove..
Suturing and ligating method
A suturing and ligating method includes a needle piercing step of inserting a needle of a suture-needle assembly through a tissue in a body cavity, a needle gripping step of gripping the needle with a first gripper, a winding step of winding a suture strand of the suture-needle assembly in at least one turn around a first distal-end working unit by rolling the first distal-end working unit in at least one revolution, a transferring step of transferring the suture-needle assembly from the first gripper to a second gripper, a suture strand gripping step of gripping a portion of the suture strand that has not passed through the tissue, with the first gripper, a pulling step of pulling the first distal-end working unit out of a loop of the suture strand, and a tightening step of forming a knot of the suture strand.. .
Method of mechanically removing skin from animal parts
Method of mechanically removing skin from animal parts that have a bone part extending therein, including: obtaining at least one bone holder (16) depending from an overhead conveyor for movement through a given path; obtaining an animal part; holding the animal part from the at least one bone holder (16) by engagement of its bone part; moving the animal part through the given path; engaging an outer surface of the animal part, when moving through the given path, with a perimeter surface (44) of a rotating gripper (38); maintaining a downward force on the animal part on the rotating gripper; entrapping a portion of skin of the animal part between the perimeter surface (44) of the rotating gripper (38) and a fixed knife blade (40); and pulling the skin away from underlying meat of the animal part.. .

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