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Rigidity patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Rigidity-related patents
 Badminton racket patent thumbnailnew patent Badminton racket
The badminton racket (1) includes a frame (2), a handle (4) and a shaft (6) connecting the frame to the handle. It defines a first direction (d1) parallel to a longitudinal axis (x1) of the shaft, a second direction (d2) perpendicular to the first direction and parallel to a plane (p8) in which strings (8) extend mounted in the frame (2), and a third direction (d3) perpendicular to the first and second directions (d1, d2) and the plane (p8) of the strings.
 Power module and power conversion apparatus using same patent thumbnailnew patent Power module and power conversion apparatus using same
A power module includes a plurality of semiconductor devices constituting upper/lower arms of an inverter circuit, a plurality of conductive plates arranged to face electrode surfaces of the semiconductor devices and a module case configured to accommodate the semiconductor devices and conductive plates, wherein the module case includes a heat-radiation member made of plate-like metal and facing a surface of the conductive plate and a metallic frame body having an opening that is closed by the heat-radiation member, and wherein a heat-radiation fin unit having a plurality of heat-radiation fins vertically arranged thereon is provided at a center of the heat-radiation member, and a joint portion with the frame body is provided at an peripheral edge of the heat-radiation member, and the heat radiation member has a heat conductivity higher than that of the frame body, and the frame body has a higher rigidity than that of the heat-radiation member.. .
 Flexible furniture system patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible furniture system
An article of flexible furniture having a core formed from a plurality of laminar panels of a flaccid material and each panel having a pair of oppositely directed major faces, adjacent faces of said panels being inter-connected to provide a cellular structure upon movement of abutting faces away from each other, a pair of supports at opposite ends of said core and connected to respective ones of said faces, said supports being self-supporting to provide rigidity to said core whereby said supports may be moved apart to expand said cellular and extend the length of said partition.. .
 Vehicle patent thumbnailVehicle
A vehicle includes: a wire that is mounted on a vehicle body to which an external force is applied according to a running state during running of the vehicle, and applies a tension to the vehicle body; an actuator to adjust the tension of the wire to change a rigidity of the vehicle body; and a controller to output a control signal to the actuator. The controller determines the running state, outputs to the actuator a control signal designating a tension according to the determined running state, and controls distortion of the vehicle body..
 Photobioreactor patent thumbnailPhotobioreactor
An invention proposes a photobioreactor with a cultivation chamber in the form of a shallow closed trough that is irradiated by the sun light. The bottom section of the shallow closed trough comprises an elongated polymer flexible film, which is arranged with small inclination to the horizontal plane; the middle longitudinal section of the elongated polymer flexible film plays a role of the bottom cover of the shallow closed trough.
 Diaphragm patent thumbnailDiaphragm
A diaphragm includes a central portion and an edge portion surrounding the central portion and smoothly connecting with the central portion. The edge portion has a main curved portion which is convex forward in the vibrating direction and a first side curved portion continued to an inner periphery of the main curved portion and connected with the central portion.
 Display patent thumbnailDisplay
A display which thickness is allowed to be reduced is provided. A display includes: a display panel; and a back-face member having rigidity and provided on a back face of the display panel, the back-face member covering the back face, or the back face and other part of the display panel..
 Housing for electronic device and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailHousing for electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
A housing forms the appearance of an electronic device. A method of manufacturing the housing includes selecting at least one fiber substrate for securing rigidity and at least one fiber substrate for securing ductility, determining quantity and stacking sequence of the selected fiber substrates, and laminating and attaching the fiber substrates according to the determined quantity and stacking sequence..
 Charging connector accommodation apparatus for use in truck-type electric vehicle patent thumbnailCharging connector accommodation apparatus for use in truck-type electric vehicle
A charging connector accommodation apparatus for use in a truck-type or pickup-type electric vehicle includes a box body having an opening facing an outside of a vehicle body and an opening facing an inside of the vehicle body, and a lid member. The box body includes a frame body, and a center panel disposed inside the frame body.
 Wind turbine rotor blade components and methods of making same patent thumbnailWind turbine rotor blade components and methods of making same
Structural preform layers of multiple rigid unidirectional strength elements or rods are constructed and arranged for use in fabricating load-bearing support structures and reinforcements of wind turbine blades. Individual preform layers include multiple elongate unidirectional strength elements or rods arranged in a single layer along a longitudinal axis of the preform layer.
Sliding door structure for vehicle
A sliding door structure for a vehicle is provided, which includes a door panel member including a door inner panel and a door latch reinforcement, having a refractive part, and slidably provided in the sliding door; a pole installed at the refractive part of the door panel member; and a side panel corresponding to the door panel member, provided on the side of the vehicle, having an inserting hole into which the pole is inserted. It is possible to improve marketable quality and safety and ensure rigidity to increase performance of a vehicle body by preventing separation from a vehicle when a sliding door for the vehicle opens and closes..
High-capacity cylindrical lithium ion battery and production method thereof
The invention discloses a high-capacity cylindrical lithium ion battery. Tab-position end face is shaped; a high frequency oscillation and pressure are applied on to make the foil bodies softened in the scope of 0.1-6.5 mm.
Micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone and fabrication method thereof
Provided is a structure for improving performance of a micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone by preventing deformation from occurring due to a residual stress and a package stress of a membrane and by decreasing membrane rigidity. A mems microphone according to the present disclosure includes a backplate formed on a substrate, an insulating layer formed on the substrate to surround the backplate; a membrane formed to be separate from above the backplate by a predetermined interval; a membrane supporting portion configured to connect the membrane to the substrate; and a buffering portion formed in a double spring structure between the membrane and the membrane supporting portion..
Sludge protector canopy baffle system
A sludge protector canopy baffle system for use in a clarifier tank with a tank bottom, and peripheral vertical wall bounding the interior of the tank is formed by a plurality of individual perforated baffles interconnected and supported by other components of the tank forming a rigid ceiling of sloped and curved perforated baffles allowing the incoming water to pass on its surface minimizing sludge re-suspension and directing the flow on top of the blanket in the settling zone of the tank. Each baffle has a curved surface in the lateral direction to allow drainage of solids and openings to allow gas release and water flow.
Capsules for making infused drinks
Capsules for making an infused drink which include a tray-like body substantially cylindrical or a truncated cone shape made from a sheet of paper or paper material and open at one end, and a cover or sealing film applied to said open end of the tray-like body are provided. Such capsules may further include a peripheral annular rim suitable for abutting with a support surface which surrounds an infusion chamber of an infusion group when the capsule is inserted in said chamber.
Magnetic board and method for manufacturing the same
Disclosed herein is a magnetic board including a composite film including a rigidity film and a ductility film, and a magnetic sheet attached to one surface of the composite film and having fracture lines formed on portions joined with the ductility film.. .
Thermal transpiration device and method of making same
A thermal transpiration device and method of making the same. The device includes a pair of membranes having predetermined thicknesses in order to provide the device with strength and rigidity.
Wake towers and methods of use and manufacture thereof
A wake tower for a powerboat for use in wakeboarding or other water sports is described. The wake tower can include base members attached to the powerboat and a u-shaped bar extending generally upwardly from the base members.
Restraint apparatus
A restraint device is disclosed for immobilizing an object, such as a child during diapering. The restraint device includes a strap extending through a base at a midsection thereof to prevent the object from rolling in a lateral direction.
Implant, and system formed of a balloon catheter and implant
An implant with an open-worked, hollow cylindrical main structure composed of a multiplicity of crosspieces, wherein the implant adopts a compressed state and an expanded state. So as to achieve a greater level of radial rigidity and an increased collapse pressure in the expanded state compared to conventional implants, wherein the deliverability is not adversely affected at the same time, the density of the crosspieces in the expanded state is greater than the density of the crosspieces in the compressed state, at least in one portion of the implant.
Access device
An access device for placing a medical article within a body space includes a needle, a dilator, and a sheath. The needle can include an elongated needle body and a hub from which the needle body extends.
Insulating composition for multilayer printed circuit board, method for preparing the same, and multilayer printed circuit board comprising the same as insulating layer
The present invention relates to an insulating composition for a multilayer printed circuit board including: nanoclay 0.5 to 10 wt %, a soluble liquid crystal oligomer 5 to 50 wt %, an epoxy resin 5 to 50 wt %, a solvent 5 to 40 wt %, and an inorganic filler 50 to 80 wt %, a prepreg and an insulating film using the composition, and a multilayer printed circuit board including the prepreg and the insulating film as an interlayer insulating layer. Accordingly, the composition prepared by mixing nanoclay with the soluble liquid crystal oligomer (lco), the epoxy resin, and the inorganic filler having excellent thermal, electrical, and mechanical characteristics can be implemented as a substrate insulating material such as a prepreg or a film which can implement a low efficient of thermal expansion, high rigidity, and high thermal characteristics required for a package substrate with advanced specifications..
Resin composition for insulation, insulating film, prepreg, and printed circuit board.
Disclosed herein are a resin composition for insulation, and an insulating film, a prepreg, and a printed circuit board, manufactured using the same, the resin composition including: a cellulose nanoparticle or a cellulose nanofiber; a liquid crystalline oligomer or a soluble liquid crystalline thermohardenable oligomer; an epoxy resin; and an inorganic filler, so that the resin composition, the insulating film, and the prepreg can have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, a high glass transition temperature, and high rigidity.. .
Piezoelectric vibrating piece, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus and radio timepiece
A piezoelectric vibrating piece, a piezoelectric vibrator, an oscillator, an electronic apparatus and a radio timepiece capable of reducing the size while suppressing reduction of rigidity and having excellent vibration characteristics. The piezoelectric vibrating piece includes a pair of vibrating arm portions in parallel to each other, a base portion integrally fixing base end portions of the pair of vibrating arm portions in a length direction, groove portions on main surfaces of the pair of vibrating arm portions and extending along the length direction, where each of the groove portions includes a first groove portion near a tip portion end of the vibrating arm portions and a second groove portion near the base end portion side of the vibrating arm portions with respect to the first groove portion, and the second groove portion is offset in a −x axis direction with respect to the first groove portion..
Backrest mechanism for chair
A backrest mechanism for a chair includes a pair of left and right side rods, each having a folded portion in a laid-v shape in a side view at a portion for supporting a sitting person around his or her lumbar, and a back plate that connects opposing surfaces of the side rods. An upper portion of the back plate above the folded portions serves as a flexible portion that is elastically deformable in a backward direction and that has smaller rigidity than the left and right side rods, and a lower portion of the back plate below the flexible portion serves as an inflexible portion that has greater rigidity than the flexible portion..
Provided is a headrest that is capable of improving the rigidity of a headrest frame and preventing the leakage of a foaming agent upon integral foam formation of the headrest. The headrest, which is disposed on the upper part of a seatback and includes a headrest frame inside the headrest, includes a retaining portion of a headrest stay guide in the headrest frame.
Pressed paperboard servingware with improved rigidity and rim stiffness
Products and methods of increasing the rigidity and rim stiffness of disposable containers are provided. The containers have an outer flange portion extending outwardly with a brim portion sloping downwardly defining a declivity angle α with respect to a horizontal generally parallel to the bottom portion and generally include an outward turn at the periphery of the container.
Cylinder head of internal combustion engine
A cylinder head (1) includes a water jacket (4) formed around an ignition plug mounting hole (5). Upper surfaces (12 to 14) of portions of the water jacket (4) between intake ports (7) and the ignition plug mounting hole (5) and between exhaust ports (8) and the ignition plug mounting hole (5) are set to be lower than upper surfaces (15 to 17) of the remaining portions of the water jacket (4) around the ignition plug mounting hole (5) to increase the rigidity.
Absorbent article for pet
An absorbent article for pets includes a front surface layer, a back surface layer, and an absorbent body, and is formed in a rectangular shape having a first end portion, a second end portion, and a pair of side portions. The first end portion is arranged on the body of the pet, and the second end portion side is detachably attached to the outer surface of the first end portion when worn.
Epoxy resin composition for insulation, insulating film, prepreg, and printed circuit board
Disclosed herein are an epoxy resin composition for insulation, and an insulating film, a prepreg, and a printed circuit board, manufactured using the same, the epoxy resin composition including: a chitin nanoparticle or a chitin nanofiber; a liquid crystal oligomer or a soluble liquid crystal thermosetting oligomer; an epoxy resin; and an inorganic filler, so that the epoxy resin composition, the insulating film, and the prepreg can have a low coefficient of thermal expansion, a high glass transition temperature, and high rigidity.. .
Gantry apparatus
A gantry apparatus includes a structure to couple and support an optical system has enhanced rigidity, which minimizes deformation of the structure even if a plurality of optical systems is coupled to the structure. The gantry apparatus includes an optical system, a drive device to drive the optical system, and a structure to couple and support the drive device.
Exfoliating washcloth
The present invention is a bathing implement for use in cleansing and exfoliating the body. It is constructed of layers of flexible, water permeable, quick-drying materials, sewn together, which provide the bather with a convenient and enjoyable means of washing the body, exfoliating the skin, and reaching those areas of the back which other implements, such as a back brush, are not able to touch because of the rigidity of a long handle.
Thermochromic foam cleaning pad and process for making the same
The thermochromic foam cleaning pad of the invention is an artificial sponge made from a foam material that changes firmness or rigidity based on the temperature thereof. The foam also includes thermochromic additives therein that change the color of the foam based on the temperature.
High impact polypropylene compositions
Disclosed are fiber reinforced thermoplastic compositions exhibiting rigidity and improved impact resistance. The disclosed compositions comprise a polypropylene polymer component; a low melt flow elastomer component; and a fiber reinforcement component.
Textile including fibers deposited with material using atomic layer deposition for increased rigidity and strength
Embodiments relate to depositing on one or more layers of materials on a fiber or fiber containing material using atomic layer deposition (ald) to provide or enhance functionalities of the fibers or fiber containing material. Such functionalities include, for example, higher rigidity, higher strength, addition of resistance to bending, addition of resistance to impact or addition of resistance to tensile force of a fiber or fiber containing material.
Conductive connections allowing xyz translation
The embodiments relates generally to the use of conductive connections for electrically grounding a series of conductive substrates. More specifically the embodiments teach configurations of conductive connections that do not overly constrain relative motion between the connected conductive substrates.
Packaging material for lithium ion battery, lithium ion battery, and method for manufacturing lithium ion battery
A packaging material for a lithium ion battery includes: a base material layer that is formed from a film obtained by biaxially stretching a multi-layered coextruded film including a first thermoplastic resin layer having rigidity and chemical resistance and being disposed at an outer side thereof, a second thermoplastic resin layer having a capability of propagating stress and adhesiveness, and a third thermoplastic resin layer having toughness; a metal foil layer that is laminated on one surface of the base material layer; an anti-corrosion-treated layer that is laminated on the metal foil layer; an inner adhesive layer that is laminated on the anti-corrosion-treated layer; and a sealant layer that is laminated on the inner adhesive layer.. .
Reduction of intensity ringing in fluorescent displays
Embodiments of fluorescent display screens having an intermediate layer between a light-emitting fluorescent layer and an excitation filter layer are disclosed. The intermediate layer includes (1) a low-index layer disposed between the light-emitting fluorescent layer and the excitation filter layer and (2) an index bridging layer disposed between the low-index layer and the excitation filter layer.
Vehicle wheel disk
A spoke 15 has a spoke crest 15a, a spoke radially outer wall 15b and a pair of spoke circumferential side walls 15c. In a cross section of the spoke 15 along a radial direction of a disk, a crest outer curved portion 15a2 of the spoke crest 15a is curved at a larger curvature than curvatures of a crest inner curved portion 15a1 of the spoke crest 15, a crest main portion 15a4 of the crest and the spoke radially outer wall 15b.
One piece flexible skateboard
A flexible skateboard may include a pair of direction casters mounted for steering rotation on a flexible skateboard, twistable for propulsion. One or more vertical wall supports may be provided to resist bowing.
Dock connector with compliance mechanism
Docking stations having a connector with a compliance mechanism to provide improved durability and flexibility are provided herein. The compliance mechanism may be attached to a connector in a base of a docking station and may include any or all of a flexure, a torsion bar, damping members, a compressive foam member, and an engineered base plate.
Eye covering and refractive correction methods for lasik and other applications
A method for providing faster visual and functional recovery of patients following refractive surgery such as laser assisted in situ keratomileusis (lasik) is disclosed. The method comprises providing a covering to the eye of a patient comprising an inner portion having an inner rigidity and at least one inner radius of curvature; and an outer portion having an outer rigidity and at least one outer radius of curvature; wherein the inner rigidity is greater than the outer rigidity..
Conformable therapeutic shield for vision and pain
A conformable covering comprises an outer portion with rigidity to resist movement on the cornea and an inner portion to contact the cornea and provide an environment for epithelial regeneration. The inner portion of the covering can be configured in many ways so as to conform at least partially to an ablated stromal surface so as to correct vision.
Knock-down feeder
A knock-down game feeder that can be shipped in a relatively small container and assembled at or near the site of intended use. Integrated corner support members provide improved rigidity to the storage container and a means to elevate the mechanism above the substrate with tubular legs.
Flexible shoe sole
Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to a composite element adapted for use with an article of footwear. The composite element generally comprises a first portion with a first rigidity and a second portion with a second, different rigidity.
Actuating apparatus
An actuating apparatus includes an actuator including flexible transmitting assemblies disposed between a plurality of joints, and a plurality of motors for actuating the joints. Each of the motors includes a variable rigidity element, the rigidity of which is variable in directions of rotation of the joints, and a controller for controlling the actuator.
Ventricular cuff
In one general aspect, a cuff for attachment to a heart includes an attachment component configured to engage a blood pump to attach the cuff to the blood pump and a sewing ring for attachment to the heart. The sewing ring is coupled to the attachment component, and the attachment component and the sewing ring each define a central opening configured to admit an inflow cannula of a blood pump.
Method and apparatus for immobilizing subjects undergoing mechanical cpr
The apparatus for immobilizing and treating a subject includes a suitable apparatus for performing mechanical cpr secured to an immobilization casing. The airtight flexible casing is secured to the apparatus for performing cpr, the casing having variable rigidity which varies as a function of the amount of air within the casing.
Injection molded article, and method for producing injection molded article
Disclosed is an injection molded article made of a resin composition comprising 15 to 40% by mass of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fibers, and 60 to 85% by mass of a thermoplastic resin having a melt flow rate of 70 to 500 g/10 min. Measured at a temperature of 230° c.
Inkjet recording device
To provide an inkjet recording device that makes it possible to have a constant gap between a recording medium and the nozzle surface of an inkjet head in the direction of extension of a head support member even in a case where a print section supporting the inkjet head with bilateral anchoring via the head support member has low rigidity, the invention is provided with a print section including a left base plate and a right base plate for supporting, by bilateral anchoring via a carriage guide, an inkjet head for printing on a recording medium; and a leg movement section that is provided to the right base plate and moves the right base plate toward the left base plate to correct for a bending of the carriage guide.. .
Hybrid combination structure of roof frame
A hybrid combination structure of a roof frame is provided. In particular, the hybrid combination structure of a roof frame is configured to include a roof frame made of a plastic material, a front reinforce panel made of a steel material and mounted at a front of the roof frame, a center reinforce panel made of a steel material and mounted at a middle of the roof frame, and a rear reinforce panel made of a steel material and mounted at a rear of the roof frame to provide the integral roof frame in which steel and plastic are combined with each other, thereby improving sag and torsion problems to improve support rigidity and reducing weight and costs to improve a value of the product..
Semiconductor package
A semiconductor package including a substrate including an epoxy-based material, an image sensor chip mounted on the substrate, and an attaching part provided between the substrate and the image sensor chip may be provided. The attaching part may include a first attaching part, and a second attaching part provided around the first attaching part.
Connector and wire harness
A connector includes a terminal including a connecting portion that is connected to a plate portion formed at an end of another terminal by a fitting, and an elastic member having a lower rigidity than the plate portion and the connecting portion. The connecting portion includes a bottom portion to be in contact with the plate portion and first and second side portions provided upright from both end sides of the bottom portion in a width direction orthogonal to the fitting direction so as to interpose a contact portion with the plate portion therebetween.
Prepreg, copper clad laminate, and printed circuit board
Disclosed herein are prepreg, a copper clad laminate (ccl), and a printed circuit board. When a reinforcing member formed of organic fiber including a liquid crystal polymer resin or a super engineering resin and a base resin having the same component as the reinforcing member are used, a coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) and rigidity may be adjusted.
Non-halogen flame retardant and high rigidity polycarbonate resin composition
The polycarbonate resin composition has excellent fluidity, appearance surface quality and flexibility, together with high impact resistance and toughness, and also flame retardancy.. .
Cuff-based athletic training device
An athletic training device for enabling and teaching proper athletic movements while executing various athletic exercises. Particularly, the present disclosure relates to an athletic training device that enhances neuromuscular control in connection with keeping an athlete's hands close to each other, and also close to his/her torso by providing a restricted range of motion while being easily wearable and removable.
Mobile terminal and method of fabricating case thereof
A mobile terminal having a case defining an external appearance thereof, and a method of manufacturing such a case, are provided. The case may include a base formed of a resin material and having a recessed portion, a sheet disposed within the recessed portion and formed of a material that is different from that of the base, the material of the sheet having greater rigidity than that of the base, and a reinforcing member filled between the base and the sheet to integrally couple the base and the sheet.
Head suspension and method of manufacturing head suspension
A head suspension 31 has a piezoelectric element 13 that deforms in response to a voltage applied thereto, a base plate 33 having an attaching part to which the piezoelectric element 13 is attached, and a load beam 35 having a flexure 39. A front end of the load beam 35 moves in a sway direction according to the deformation of the piezoelectric element 13.
Image pickup apparatus with air cooling unit
An image pickup apparatus that is excellent in rigidity and in heat radiation efficiency. The image pickup apparatus has a heat sink-cum-duct disposed between a pair of cover members that constitute left and right exteriors of an apparatus main unit and that are fixed to the heat sink-cum-duct.
Front body structure
A structure (10) for a front section of a vehicle body in a vehicle body (1) comprising a front chamber (3) disposed on the forward side of a vehicle interior (2) is provided with the following: a pair of front side members (11), located within the front chamber, that extend in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle body; a pair of strut towers (16) disposed on either side in the width direction of the front chamber and within which front wheel suspensions are disposed; and reinforcement members (20) that link the top of each strut tower with the front side members that face the strut towers, and that extend between the strut towers and the front side members. This configuration allows a structure for a front section of a vehicle body to be provided that can efficiently improve the rigidity of the vehicle body of an automobile against torsion and against lateral bending, and that can efficiently reduce the weight of the vehicle body by means of thickness reduction using a high-strength steel plate..
Removable glass rack for pickup truck
A removable glass rack suitable for attachment to a variety of pickup trucks is disclosed. Rigidity in the un-attached state, combined with automatic alignment features and scratch prevention features make the rack particularly well suited for repeated rapid installation and removal, giving glass shop owners the option of quickly converting their glass trucks back to pickup trucks for non-business-hours use..
Plastic container with varying depth ribs
A bottle may have varying depth ribs to achieve a balance of strength and rigidity while maintaining hoop strength. The varying depth ribs may smoothly transition around the circumference of the bottle from a flattened and/or shallow depth rib portion to a deep rib portion.
Composite cantilevered balcony
A balcony assembly for attachment to a load-bearing structure of a building is provided. The assembly has a plate of low thermal mass composite material such as fiberglass.
Steerable multifunction catheter probe with high guidability and reversible rigidity
A steerable, multifunction radiofrequency (rf) catheter probe for providing improved steerability plus variable rigidity of rf catheter probes. The features of the invention include the ability to reversibly vary the rigidity of catheter probes and to configure the shape of the distal end of catheter probes as required by the application..
Guidewire with an improved flexural rigidity profile
Medical devices and methods for making and using the same are disclosed. An example medical device may include a guidewire.
Implementing low profile frictional slide mechanism
A method and structures are provided for implementing a low profile sliding drawer used in information technology equipment (ite). A low-profile slide mechanism having a substantially horizontal cross section telescopes outwardly a predefined length and includes a plurality of rail sections that are interconnected with shouldered t pins, with sliding of the rail sections occurring on the t pin shoulders spacing apart the rail sections from an associated base pan and drawer.
Biodegradable lawn waste collection system
A biodegradable lawn waste collection system is provided. The system generally includes a waste receiver, a shaping insert, and a handle.
Protective enclosure for an electronic device
A protective enclosure for an electronic device can include a structural layer having a plurality of openings. The structural layer can provide rigidity to the protective enclosure.
Front body structure
A front vehicle body structure for a vehicle body (1) having a vehicle interior compartment (2) and a front compartment (3) which is provided in front of the vehicle interior compartment (2). The front vehicle body structure is provided with: strut towers (16) to which the upper edges of struts for the front wheels are mounted; front pillars (20) extending, at positions at the front of the vehicle interior compartment and on both sides in the width direction, from the roof of the vehicle interior compartment toward the upper edge of the rear of the front compartment; and reinforcement members (25, 70) each having one end joined to the strut tower and the other end joined to the front pillar.
Substrate with built-in electronic component
Provided is a substrate with a built-in electronic component that can minimize an occurrence of a deformation such as warping or distortion of the substrate with a built-in electronic component, which is caused by a difference in rigidity between a region of low rigidity and a region of high rigidity that are formed in a core layer thereof. In the substrate with a built-in electronic component, electronic components 12 are respectively housed in a plurality of housing portions 11a1 that are formed in a core layer 11a, and in the core layer 11a, a plurality of openings 11a2 filled with an insulator 11k are formed..
Self-propelling device
A self-propelling device includes a drive unit and a toroid unit supported thereabout. The toroid unit includes a track structure of a toroid shape and a roller support sleeve inside the track structure.

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