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Rigidity patents

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Telescopic shaft

Container, toolbox, and cart

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rigidity-related patents
 Biomaterials with microsphere gradients and core and shell microspheres patent thumbnailnew patent Biomaterials with microsphere gradients and core and shell microspheres
Methods can prepare tissue engineering scaffolds that include a plurality of biocompatible core/shell microspheres linked together to form a three-dimensional matrix. The matrix can include a plurality of pores for growing cells.
 Rigid and flexible laparoscopic tool shafts and methods using same patent thumbnailnew patent Rigid and flexible laparoscopic tool shafts and methods using same
Laparoscopic tool shafts and devices and methods for enhancing their rigidity in general or in specific directions are provided. Laparoscopic tool shafts having rigid external shafts and relatively rigid rods and laparoscopic tool shafts having flexible external shafts and relatively rigid rods are also provided..
 Telescopic shaft patent thumbnailnew patent Telescopic shaft
A telescopic shaft includes a male shaft having an outer circumference formed with a plurality of protruding teeth, and a female shaft having an inner circumference formed with a plurality of tooth grooves and fitted onto the male shaft. The protruding teeth and the tooth grooves are engaged such that the male shaft and the female shaft are relatively axially slidable and a rotational torque is transmittable between the male shaft and the female shaft.
 Charged particle device patent thumbnailnew patent Charged particle device
A charged particle device includes a cylindrical column (102), a charged particle beam optical system disposed in the column; a sample stage (103) disposed on the column, and a support device (211, 212) supporting the column. The support device includes a simply supported structure that simply supports the column at a plurality of support points set along an axial line direction of the column.
 Container, toolbox, and cart patent thumbnailnew patent Container, toolbox, and cart
A box, container, receptacle, cart, and toolbox include a bottom-side panel and four side-panels. A first side-panel includes a first reinforcement tunnel or reinforcement core, hollow or filled, located at or near the top edge or the top rim of the first side-panel.
 Folding unit for producing folded packages of pourable food products from relative sealed packs patent thumbnailnew patent Folding unit for producing folded packages of pourable food products from relative sealed packs
There is described a folding unit for producing folded packages of pourable food products from relative sealed packs. The folding unit comprises conveying means fed with a plurality of packs at an input station and advancing the packs along a forming path to an output station, and folding means cooperating, in use, with each pack to perform at least one folding operation on the pack; the conveying means comprise an endless transport element formed by a plurality of mutually hinged rigid modules and looped about at least one driving sprocket and at least one idler element; the idler element comprises cam means cooperating with respective cam followers of the modules and so shaped to compensate the periodical variation of the radius of the modules on the driving sprocket due to their rigidity..
 Cell for fuel-cell battery using a proton exchange membrane, with gas diffusion layers of different rigidity at the anode and at the cathode patent thumbnailCell for fuel-cell battery using a proton exchange membrane, with gas diffusion layers of different rigidity at the anode and at the cathode
A cell structure for a fuel-cell battery, which allows the compromise necessary between the reduction in the non-uniformities of mechanical stress to be optimized, with the aim of obtaining a more uniform operation, and the independent accommodation with respect to the defects in planarity/thickness/alignment, while at the same time meeting the compactness constraint, comprises: a membrane/electrode assembly comprising a first electrode and a second electrode separated by a membrane; a gas diffusion layer stacked on each face of the assembly, between an electrode of the assembly and a current collector plate; and the gas diffusion layers stacked on either side of the assembly do not have the same rigidity, one of the gas diffusion layers having a young's modulus relative to an applied stress in the direction of the thickness, greater than the young's modulus of the other layer, in a ratio of the order of at least 100.. .
 Molded ribs for an agricultural implement tank patent thumbnailMolded ribs for an agricultural implement tank
A seed tank assembly for an agricultural implement including an exhaust opening configured to exhaust seeds from the seed tank assembly. The seed tank assembly further including at least one angled rib molded into the seed tank assembly, in which the at least one angled rib is configured to provide structural rigidity to the seed tank assembly and to direct the seeds toward the exhaust..
 Reinforced high strength microwave antenna patent thumbnailReinforced high strength microwave antenna
High-strength microwave antenna assemblies and methods of use are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
 Guide wire patent thumbnailGuide wire
A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by welding.
Guide wire
A guide wire includes a first wire disposed on the distal side, and a second wire disposed on the proximal side and made from a material having an elastic modulus larger than that of the first wire. The first wire and the second wire are joined to each other by welding.
Organic compound, optical film and method of production thereof
An organic compound has the general structural formula i. In the formula i, core is a conjugated organic unit capable of forming a rod-like macromolecule, n is a number of the conjugated organic units in the rod-like macromolecule, gk is a set of ionogenic side-groups, and k is a number of the side-groups in the set gk.
"filtering container"
A collapsible bag or compressible bottle container for accepting, holding, and filtering fluid. Fluid is filtered upon entry to the container or filtered upon egress.
Scanning mirror device
A scanning mirror device includes a mirror, a first supporting body that supports the mirror, a plurality of securing materials that has higher rigidity than the first supporting body and supports the first supporting body, a reinforcing material that has higher rigidity than the first supporting body and is attached to the plurality of securing materials on a surface different from a surface on which the mirror is disposed, and a first driving portion that deforms the first supporting body so as to cause the mirror to be displaced around a first axis.. .
Ultrasonic vibration apparatus
Substantially uniform rigidity is ensured in all radial directions while achieving a size reduction. An ultrasonic surgical apparatus is provided, including a polygonal columnar elastic body that is formed of an elastic body and that has a substantially regular polygonal cross-section; plate-like piezoelectric elements that are secured to mutually opposing side surfaces of the polygonal columnar elastic body and that are polarized in a plate-thickness direction; a rod-like contactor that is secured to an end of the polygonal columnar elastic body and that has a smaller diameter than the polygonal-columnar elastic body; and a drive-pulse generating circuit that causes the rod-like contactor to ultrasonically vibrate by generating a vertical vibration which expands/contracts the polygonal columnar elastic body in the longitudinal direction by applying an ac voltage to the piezoelectric elements in the plate-thickness direction..
Headrest of vehicle seat and vehicle seat provided with headrest
A headrest design described herein improves rigidity and reduces weight of an entire headrest of a vehicle seat. The headrest of the vehicle seat includes a base member attached to an upper part of a seat back, and a reinforcing member attached to the base member.
Locking structure for skin terminals of vehicle seat and vehicle seat provided with locking structure
A structure is provided to improve rigidity of a locking structure for skin terminals of a vehicle seat. The locking structure for the skin terminals of the vehicle seat includes a seat frame having a tucking groove on an outer surface, a skin terminal of a skin for covering the seat frame, a holding member fixed to the skin terminal, a carpet terminal surrounded by the holding member, and a cut and bent portion for regulating detachment of the holding member.
Swingarm supporting structure for motorcycle
To provide a swingarm supporting structure which can prevent rigidity of a case from becoming excessive and which can improve a degree of freedom of design. The swingarm supporting structure comprises: a case (3) in which a power unit is stored; and a bracket (4) for freely pivotally supporting a swingarm (5) up and down through a pivot shaft (10), the swingarm (5) supporting an axle, wherein the bracket (4) is detachably fixed to the case (3) from a fixed direction (df) intersecting the pivot shaft (10)..
Sub frame structure of automotive vehicle
A sub frame attached to a vehicle-body rear portion from below comprises a pair of right-and-left side members and a front cross member which interconnects substantially respective central portions, in a vehicle longitudinal direction, of the side members. As attachment portions for attaching lower links, there are provided a central attachment portion which is provided at an interconnection portion between the side member and the front cross member, a front attachment portion which is provided at the side member at a position located in front of the interconnection portion, and a rear attachment portion which is provided at the side member at a position located in back of the interconnection portion.
Packaged puzzle
Puzzles that are packaged in assembled form and in a generally flat configuration are described herein. The puzzle package includes one or more flattened box components that provide support backing to the assembled puzzle.
System for absorbing and distributing side impact energy utilizing an integrated battery pack
An energy absorbing and distributing side impact system for use with a vehicle is provided, the system utilizing a battery pack enclosure that includes a plurality of cross-members that transverse the battery pack enclosure and absorb and distribute at least a portion of the load received when either the first or second side of the vehicle receives a side impact. The battery pack enclosure is positioned between the front and rear vehicle suspension assemblies and mounted between, and mechanically coupled to, vehicle structural members (e.g., rocker panels) located on either side of the vehicle.
Implantable flow connector
An implantable flow connector for fluidically coupling a source tissue-enclosed body space with a destination element, comprising: a conduit having a lumen terminating at an orifice at a first end of the conduit implantable in the source body space through an opening formed in a tissue wall of the source body space, and a second end of the conduit implantable in the destination element through an opening in a surface of the destination element; and a circumferential flange, radially extending from the conduit proximate the conduit first end, configured to be implanted in the source body space adjacent an opening in the tissue wall of the source body space such that the conduit extends through the opening, the flange comprising one or more circumferentially adjacent sections at least one of which has a rigidity that decreases in a radially-increasing direction.. .
Chain guide
The invention provides a chain guide capable of reducing a space the guide occupies in an engine room while maintaining necessary strength, rigidity, and durability with a simple configuration, reducing manufacturing man-hour and a waste of a material, preventing an increase in vibration and noise during use without necessity of forming a structure for allowing an error, and reducing a maintenance work load. A chain guide includes a guide shoe and a base member configured to support the guide shoe.
Thermal conductive stress relaxation structure
A thermal conductive stress relaxation structure is interposed between a high-temperature substance and a low-temperature substance to conduct heat in a heat-transfer direction from the high-temperature substance to the low-temperature substance. The structure includes an assembly configured such that a thermal conductive material gathers in a non-bonded state having stress relaxation effect.
Pet enclosure with dual axes swivel connector
A dual axes swivel connector for connecting various panels to assemble a pet enclosure is disclosed. The dual axes swivel connector allows panels of the enclosure to be reliably pivoted with respect to each other.
Transitional region having cuts and a skive for an imaging catheter
An imaging device for imaging a portion of a patient's vasculature with an imaging element may include a proximal portion having a relatively higher stiffness that provides rigidity for pushing the imaging device through a patient's vasculature, and may include a distal portion having a relatively lower stiffness that enables threading through a curved vasculature of the patient. The imaging device also may include a transition region disposed between the proximal portion and the distal portion..
Golf clubs and golf club heads
A golf club head enables the initial velocity of a ball to be increased and enables the carry to be lengthened. In some example structures, the golf club includes a face plate formed from metal and club head body (e.g., a crown and sole) formed from fiber reinforced plastic.
Electrical junction box
There is provided an electrical junction box which can improve rigidity of a case body. An electrical junction box includes a block, a case body and an inner cover which regulates a wiring path of an electric wire attached to the block.
Fluid injection device
A fluid injection device includes: a pulse generation section that includes a fluid chamber whose volume is changeable, and an inlet flow passage and an outlet flow passage that are connected to the fluid chamber; a first connection flow passage connected to the outlet flow passage, having an end portion; a second connection flow passage connected to the inlet flow passage; a fluid injection opening formed at the end portion of the first connection flow passage, having a diameter smaller than the diameter of the outlet flow passage; a connection flow passage tube including the first connection flow passage and having rigidity adequate to transmit pulses of fluid flowing from the fluid chamber to the fluid injection opening; and a pressure generation section that supplies fluid to the inlet flow passage.. .
Mobile terminal and inner frame provided therein
There is disclosed a mobile terminal that is able to prevent failure in proper combination of elements that might be deformed when an external shock is applied to a corner of a mobile terminal, and an inner frame provided in a case of the mobile terminal and an inner frame provided in a case of the mobile terminal. A corner of the inner frame is exposed outside such that an external shock is applied to the corner of the mobile terminal can be delivered to the inner frame having a large rigidity to prevent deformation of the corner of the case.
Spindle motor having enhanced bearing rigidity and increased storage space for lubricating fluid and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a spindle motor including: a shaft including a body portion and an extending portion extending from an upper portion of the body portion in an outer radial direction; a sleeve rotatably supporting the shaft; a rotor rotating in conjunction with the shaft and having a stopper portion facing an outer circumferential surface of the sleeve; and a cover plate coupled to the sleeve, while maintaining a gap with lower portions of the shaft and the sleeve, wherein the cover plate includes an airtight portion disposed below the shaft and the sleeve, an inner wall portion extending from the airtight portion in an axial direction and coupled to an outer circumferential surface of the sleeve, an outer wall portion coupled to a base member, and an upper wall portion connecting an upper end of the inner wall portion and an upper end of the outer wall portion.. .
Vehicle seat
In regard to a vehicle seat 1 in which s springs 6 are stretched in a seat cushion frame that supports a seat cushion on which the passenger sits, a restriction member 13 that is detachably attached to each of the s springs 6 and partially restricts an extensional deformation of the s springs 6 is provided. The restriction member 13 includes a pair of wire hook portions 15 and 16 that is hooked on a horizontal portion 8 and a back-end horizontal portion 12 of the s spring 6, and a long wire portion 14 that connects the pair of wire hook portions 15 and 16.
Composite vehicle body and manufacturing method thereof and vehicle body structure using the same
A composite vehicle body panel includes a fiber reinforced plastic panel and a steel flange disposed in the fiber reinforced plastic panel and having an edge protruding outward from the fiber reinforced plastic panel beyond an outer edge of the fiber reinforced plastic panel. The composite vehicle body panel can be used in vehicle structures manufactured on standard vehicle productions lines, thereby easing vehicle manufacturing, improving productivity, and providing increased rigidity to the vehicle bodies.
Hydrostatic fluid guide device
In a hydrostatic fluid guide device, a damping mechanism is provided. A fluid is supplied to the damping mechanism by a hydrostatic pressure caused by natural fall, instead of being pressurized and supplied.
Support bracket, manufacturing method thereof, and electric power-steering apparatus
A support bracket structure is realized, in which the support bracket is made using a metal plate and sufficient strength and rigidity thereof can be maintained, and the production costs thereof can be kept sufficiently low by improving the yield of material. A support bracket 14a for supporting the front end section of a steering column 6a by way of a housing 9a of an electric power-steering apparatus is manufactured by using a press to punch out and bend a metal plate.
Ultrasonic sensor device
An ultrasonic sensor device includes a substrate, a piezoelectric vibrator, and a q-factor adjuster. The piezoelectric vibrator includes a pair of detection electrodes that face each other in a thickness direction of the substrate and a piezoelectric body interposed between the electrodes.
Deployment rods for use with implantable hernia prostheses
An implantable prosthesis device and system for insertion, deployment, and fixation of a hernia prosthesis. The system includes two or more deployment rods removably affixed to the prosthesis.
High-strength microwave antenna assemblies
Various high-strength microwave antenna assemblies are described herein. The microwave antenna has a radiating portion connected by a feedline to a power generating source, e.g., a generator.
Eye coverings for corneal healing and methods of use
Methods for providing faster visual and functional recovery of patients following ocular therapy such as ocular therapy involving manipulation of the ocular tissue and/or associated with a lesion external to the optical region and ocular therapy involving incising the ocular tissue and implanting a device within the optical region are disclosed. Methods of healing a trauma wound to a cornea and methods of protecting an eye of a patient from potential injury are also disclosed.
Spark plug connector
A spark plug connector (1) including a connector body (21) formed as an insulator having a spark plug high voltage contact (35) for producing a connection to and with a spark plug (6). The connector body (21) has a connection point (23) for receiving, mounting and/or connection of a spark plug connector (1) extending structural element (22).
Gasket material
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a gasket material that is capable of preventing corrosion caused by sulfur element, can be used as a seal part for a product that is easily damaged by corrosion, such as an electronic part, and is capable of forming a tight seal under low surface pressure with a material having low rigidity and inadequate reliability such as to have a blowhole, and that can prevent reduction in bolt axial load without producing plastic flow (setting) under pressure. The purpose is achieved by a gasket material in which a foamed rubber layer having a closed cell structure is formed, via an adhesive layer, on at least one side of a metal plate, wherein the foamed rubber layer comprises a carboxyl group-modified nitrile rubber, the expansion ratio of the foamed rubber layer is 2.0 to 3.0, and the foamed rubber layer is crosslinked with an epoxy compound..
Securing of a blow-mould component
For fastening to a carrier component, a blow-molded component has at least one integrally molded tab with an oblong recess. A detent hook on the carrier component is able to reach behind the tab when passed through the recess.
Fiber optic cable for very-short-distance networks
A fiber optic cable includes a polymeric jacket defining an outer periphery and a cavity interior thereto, an optical fiber positioned within the cavity, and first and second longitudinal strength elements fully embedded in the jacket on opposite sides of the cavity from one another, where the strength elements define a bend axis of the cable passing there through that is orthogonal to the length of the cable, and the bend axis and the length of the cavity define a preferential plane for bending. The cable resists bending about a third axis that is orthogonal to the length of the cable and the bend axis, where the third axis and the length of the cable define a non-preferential plane for bending.
Torsional housing rigidity
In accordance with aspects of the disclosure, a device may include a base member formed as a receptacle with a recess defining an interior region configured for receiving internal circuitry. The base member may include first and second sides intersecting orthogonally to define a corner.
Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
A base member of a motor includes a base through-hole extending through a bottom portion thereof. Two or more lead wires extending from coils pass through the base through-hole.
Actuator-link assembly manufacturing method, actuator-link assembly designing method, and actuator-link assembly
In a material determining step, the material constituting an actuator and the material constituting a link are determined such that at least one of the materials contains fiber reinforced plastic. In a computing step, a computation model that defines the relationship between a control surface, the actuator, and the link is used to compute the change in gain margin with the change in a rigidity ratio, which is the ratio of the rigidity of the link to the rigidity of the actuator.
Seatbelt buckle structure
A seatbelt buckle structure having: a buckle portion which a tongue plate, through which a seatbelt is inserted, is reattachable; a hollow boot portion; at whose distal end portion the buckle portion is installed; and that supports the buckle portion in an erect state by rigidity of the boot portion; a webbing portion provided at an interior of the boot portion; that connects a vehicle body and the buckle portion; that makes movement, in a vehicle vertical direction, of the boot portion possible; and that, when external force from above is inputted to the buckle portion, moves the boot portion and the buckle portion downward in the vehicle vertical direction; and an elastic member that is provided at the interior of the boot portion; that connects the boot and webbing portions; and at which elastic energy accumulates when external force from above is inputted to the buckle and boot portions.. .
Refill head for an oral care implement handle
A refill head, and oral care implement incorporating the same, wherein the refill head comprises a tubular sleeve having a cavity for slidably receiving a stem of a handle of the oral care implement. An aperture in the tubular sleeve defines a latch having a locking lug that operably mates with a locking lug of the stem to axially retain the refill head to the handle.
Correlated hyperbolic paraboloid structural members
Utilizing the three different hyperbolic paraboloids which each divide a set of correlating tetrahedrons in half, new, unique interconnectable structural members and toys have been created. They include the n-fold hyperbolic paraboloids, the n-fold hyperbolic paraboloid lattice assemblies and many other cellular, lattice and labyrinthal structures.
Chain guide
There is provided a chain guide capable of improving rigidity and durability without enlarging its structure to the side opposite to a chain travel surface with a simple configuration, and reducing the size of a guide shoe without increasing the number of components to thereby lower manufacturing cost. The chain guide includes the guide shoe and a guide body that supports the guide shoe, and the guide body has support wall portions that are provided near at least one side of both sides of the guide shoe in a width direction thereof so as to extend to the side of a chain at least at one position..
Terminal arrangement device
A terminal arrangement device electrically connects an electric device, which is received in a housing, to an external device, and includes a first connecting terminal fixed to the housing. The first connecting terminal has a first supporting portion and a second supporting portion which are elastically deformable such that an output terminal of the electric device is supported between the first supporting portion and the second supporting portion.
Improving the longevity and ergonomics of hybrid solar modules
At best, photovoltaic solar modules only convert 20% of solar energy into electrical energy, the rest of this energy being dissipated. This heat stored in the photovoltaic module reduces efficiency, which decreases in an inversely proportional manner to the temperature of the photovoltaic module.
Refill head for an oral care implement handle
A toothbrush handle, and toothbrush incorporating the same, wherein the handle comprises a stem to be slidably inserted into a refill head. An aperture in the stem defines a latch having a locking lug that operably mates with a locking lug of the refill head to axially retain the refill head to the handle.
Integrated-type spoke structure, manufacturing method thereof, wheel assembly for bicycle having the same and manufacturing method thereof
An integrated type spoke structure, a wheel assembly for a bicycle having the same, and a manufacturing method thereof, the integrated type spoke structure for a spoke coupled to a rim, the spoke including a reinforcing member provided at an end portion of the spoke formed of plastic, and a hub provided at a center of the spoke, wherein the reinforcing member and the hub are formed of material having rigidity larger than a rigidity of the spoke, and are integrally formed with each other through an injection molding.. .
Liquid crystal dye mixture
A guest-host liquid crystal dye mixture comprising a calamatic, thermotropic liquid crystal as host and a dichroic fluorescent dye as guest, characterized in that the dichroic fluorescent dye is a multichromophoric dye containing at least a group with the general formula ry-x1—c1, wherein ry is a chromophore from the rylene family, c1 is a second chromophore and x1 is a spacer that interrupts the conjugation between ry and c1, the spacer x1 is selected such that it introduces rigidity against bending or folding over an axis perpendicular to the length of the molecule.. .
Flexurally mounted kinematic coupling with improved repeatability
A kinematic coupling apparatus where mating between two objects occurs at six contacting elements, each located and oriented in compliance with the laws of kinematic design, and where each mating surface is constrained in its normal direction while having relatively high compliance in the other five degrees of freedom. The contact surfaces are preferably planar.
Vehicle seat
In a seat device, a stay including grommets is set with bending rigidity towards the vehicle front lower than the bending rigidity towards the vehicle rear. Moreover, there is a large displacement of the headrest towards the vehicle front since the stay including the grommets has a lower bending rigidity towards the vehicle front than the bending rigidity towards the vehicle rear.
Attachment structure of door mirror
At least two reinforcing members are provided apart from each other in a vertical direction, a connecting member formed integrally with or separately from a door mirror reinforcement is provided, and the connecting member interconnects the two reinforcing members vertically at a position which is located in back of front ends of the two reinforcing members. Accordingly, the better visibility can be provided, the attachment rigidity can be increased, and the door strength can be properly improved..
Semiconductor device
A semiconductor device includes a semiconductor element, a capacitor, a first resin, lead frames and a second resin. The first resin forms a resin molding which covers the semiconductor element and the capacitor.
Tire tread having groove with internal voids
A tire having a tread with a novel groove structure for enhanced wet and snow traction is provided. The groove includes an upper portion and a lower portion that can provide enhanced wet and snow traction over various stages of tread wear without unnecessary compromise to the tread rigidity.
Implantable prosthetic valve assembly and method for making the same
An implantable prosthetic valve assembly having a frame comprising a first frame portion and a second frame portion connected end-to-end exhibits enhanced rigidity. Each frame portion includes a plurality of circumferential struts formed with multiple bends, with the bends of the first frame portion having angles that are less than the bends of the second frame portion.
Polyimide tube, method for producing same, and fixing belt
Provided are a polyimide tube that can be produced at a low cost and has good durability and a good offset property, a method for producing the polyimide tube, and a fixing belt which includes the polyimide tube as a base and which has good durability and a good offset property. Provided are a polyimide tube including a base resin containing a polyimide resin having good rigidity and a soft polyimide resin having good flexibility in a mass ratio of 30:70 to 70:30, 20% to 50% by volume of graphite, 3% by volume or more of a highly conductive carbon black particle, and 0.5% by volume or more of a carbon nanotube relative to the volume of the base resin, a method for producing the polyimide tube, and a fixing belt including the polyimide tube as a base..
Concentrated winding stator construction for high efficiency machine
A permanent magnet motor, generator or the like that is constructed with a concentrated winding using a separate tooth. This tooth is preloaded in such a way to achieve high structural rigidity and good magnetic performance..
Interrupt structure of power latch
An interrupt structure of a power latch includes a cinching lever enabling automatic latching, a detecting lever having one end rotatably mounted at the cinching lever and the other end including an outer wall having gear teeth formed on an inner peripheral surface thereof, a gear part engaged with the gear teeth formed on the outer wall of the detecting lever, and a detecting auxiliary lever rotatably mounted at the other end of the detecting lever and having one end engaged with the gear part and the other end protruded outwardly. Therefore, the detecting lever is operated in an opposite direction to an operation direction according to the related art to prevent generation of interference with the cinching lever, thereby making it possible to decrease noise.
Substrate build up layer to achieve both finer design rule and better package coplanarity
Embodiments of the invention generally relate to package substrates for integrated circuits. The package substrates each include a core having electrically conductive vias therethrough.
Roof or window panel to metal roofing or siding interface securement system
A securement system for a roof or window panel includes a first side structure which can secure and seal a first side of the roof or window panel and can include a first side structure panel having an outer side flange for integrating or interfacing with roofing or siding which can include insertion thereunder. A raised cricket can extend laterally inwardly from the outer side flange for directing water away from the first side of the roof or window panel.
Strap-band type connecting device
In a strap-band type connecting device (1), a strap band (3) has an array of teeth (8), each of which forms a bridged brace (10) between the neighboring slits (8a) to make a helical thread (9a) engage with the bridged brace (10) when a rod screw (9) is brought at the helical thread (9a) into engagement with the slits (8a) within a housing (4). The bridged brace (10) is curvedly deformed to provide a width-reduced groove (10a) in its lengthwise direction (p) so as to form a cross piece segment (11, 13), a geometrical moment of inertia of which increases along a circumferential direction (r) of the strap band (3) with a sufficient rigidity provided to resist against a bending force from the helical thread (9a) upon rotationally operating the rod screw (9)..
Strap-band type connecting device
In a strap-band type connecting device (1), provided is a housing (4) work-hardened and has a bottomed frame (4c) having a frame portion (4b) and a bottom base (4a) in one piece. The housing (4) has a strength and rigidity higher enough to resist a torsional force (k) when a rod screw (9) is rotationally operated.
Methods for preparation of propylene polymers
Disclosed herein is a polymerization method of propylene, which can prepare a propylene homopolymer with both high fluidity and high rigidity as well as a propylene/α-define copolymer having both high fluidity and a good rigidity-toughness balance by, for example, control of polymerization steps and elevation of polymerization temperature, while the catalyst still maintains a relatively high polymerization activity.. .
Implantable devices with corrodible materials and method of making same
The present disclosure describes implantable medical devices comprising at least one channel comprising a plurality of particles capable of undergoing a chemical reaction resulting in an increase in the rigidity of the channel. The medical device can be a stent, stent graft, occlusion bag, or other device configured..
Seat back, seating apparatus and method
A flexible resilient seat back, a chair including the seat back and methods of using the chair. The seat back includes an integral sheet material having rigidity sufficient to maintain its shape absent a deforming force; the sheet material having relatively upper and lower portions considered in a direction from top toward bottom, an area of the sheet material approximately at the juncture of the upper and lower portions protruding more forwardly than the major extent of the upper and lower portions, and the sheet material resiliently flexible permitting limited (controlled) deformation during use generally in a prescribed manner in response to force to bend the upper portion of the sheet material relative to the lower portion in a direction front to back and/or in a sidewise direction while supporting the back of the user.
Structure for front portion of vehicle
A structure for a front portion of a vehicle is provided with a windshield lower member. The windshield lower member includes a windshield lower member main body, and an extended portion formed so as to extend frontward from a front end portion of the windshield lower member main body.
Structural rigidity to eliminate load-bearing perimeter support structures
A mobile structure includes first and second rigid frames and first and second horizontal roof supports supported by the rigid frame. Each of the rigid frames includes a first vertical support, a second vertical support substantially parallel to the first vertical support, and a lateral rigid frame support extending perpendicularly at least from the first vertical support to the second vertical support.
Front body structure of vehicle
A front body structure of a vehicle in which rigidity of a back beam may be significantly improved through being coupled with an energy absorber, an airbag cushion is extended to protrude forward while tearing only a front bumper, and the energy absorber is made of steel in order to improve rigidity.. .
Semiconductor unit
A semiconductor unit includes an insulating substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface, a first conductive layer bonded to the first surface of the insulating substrate, a second conductive layer bonded to the first surface of the insulating substrate at a position different from that for the first conductive layer, a stress relief layer bonded to the second surface of the insulating substrate, a radiator bonded to the stress relief layer on the side thereof opposite to the insulating substrate, and semiconductor devices electrically bonded to the respective first and second conductive layers. The insulating substrate has a low-rigidity portion provided between the first and second conductive layers and having a lower rigidity than the rest of the insulating substrate, and at least the low-rigidity portion is sealed and covered by a mold resin..
Flexible truss frame and method of making the same
A composite frame includes a plurality of truss elements covered by a cap. The truss elements are flexibly coupled with each other and with the cap.

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