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Rf Communication patents

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Radio-frequency integrated circuit (rfic) chip(s) for providing distributed antenna system functionalities, and related…

Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd

Radio-frequency integrated circuit (rfic) chip(s) for providing distributed antenna system functionalities, and related…

Weakly coupled tunable rf receiver architecture

Rf Micro Devices

Weakly coupled tunable rf receiver architecture

Weakly coupled tunable rf receiver architecture

Cofdm using pseudo orthogonal qpsk coding

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rf Communication-related patents
 Physical-fitness test system using acceleration sensor patent thumbnailPhysical-fitness test system using acceleration sensor
The present invention relates to a fitness testing system using an acceleration sensor, of which a mobile device containing an acceleration sensor is attached to the body of the test subject and the test subject is induced to perform an exercise according to the fitness test instructions provided through the fitness testing process installed in a personal computer during which the acceleration signals are measured through rf communication for an output of the fitness test and assessment results. For this purpose, the present invention embodies a fitness measurement system consisting of an acceleration sensor device with a 3-axis acceleration sensor that is attached to the test subject to detect the 3-axis acceleration signals produced according to the test subject's movement and transmits the signals through rf communication; and an assessment and analysis unit that receives 3-axis acceleration signals from the acceleration sensor device through a host gateway and detects the maximum acceleration from the 3-axis acceleration signals received as the exercise intensity; wherein the execution processing unit of the assessment and analysis unit, in case the test items is “balance”, receives the x-axis acceleration signals, which are related to the left and right movement of the test subject, and z-axis acceleration signals, which are related to the forward and backward movement, via the host gateway and detects the trajectory according to the input x- and z-axis acceleration signals and the maximum acceleration value according to the forward, backward, left and right movements..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University
 Radio-frequency integrated circuit (rfic) chip(s) for providing distributed antenna system functionalities, and related components, systems, and methods patent thumbnailRadio-frequency integrated circuit (rfic) chip(s) for providing distributed antenna system functionalities, and related components, systems, and methods
Radio-frequency (rf) integrated circuit (rfic) chip(s) allow for the integration of multiple electronic circuits on a chip to provide distributed antenna system functionalities. Rfic chips are employed in central unit and remote unit components, reducing component cost and size, increasing performance and reliability, while reducing power consumption.
Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd
 Weakly coupled tunable rf receiver architecture patent thumbnailWeakly coupled tunable rf receiver architecture
Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first tunable rf filter and a first rf low noise amplifier (lna) is disclosed. The first tunable rf filter includes a pair of weakly coupled resonators, and receives and filters a first upstream rf signal to provide a first filtered rf signal.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.
 Cofdm using pseudo orthogonal qpsk coding patent thumbnailCofdm using pseudo orthogonal qpsk coding
A coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (cofdm) communication systems is implemented in which each subcarrier data stream is individually fec encoded instead of fec encoding the overall input data stream as implemented in conventional cofdm systems. Specifically, each subcarrier is independently encoded using pseudo orthogonal qpsk m-qam fec modulators, transmitted, and decoded using pseudo orthogonal qpsk m-qam fec demodulators.
 Remote units for distributed communication systems and related installation methods and apparatuses patent thumbnailRemote units for distributed communication systems and related installation methods and apparatuses
Remote units are mounted in a support structure so that cooling air flow is not impeded by the support structure. The remote units may have rf communications circuitry and other components that generate heat in the provision of wireless services..
Corning Optical Communications Wireless Ltd
 Interference rejection rf filters patent thumbnailInterference rejection rf filters
Rf communications circuitry includes an rf filter structure, which includes a group of resonators, a group of cross-coupling capacitive structures, and a group of egress/ingress capacitive structures, is disclosed. Each of the group of cross-coupling capacitive structures is coupled between two of the group of resonators.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.
 Cooperative tunable rf filters patent thumbnailCooperative tunable rf filters
Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first tunable rf filter and a second tunable rf filter, is disclosed. The first tunable rf filter is coupled to the second tunable rf filter.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.
 Multipath communication devices and methods patent thumbnailMultipath communication devices and methods
The residential communications gateway (rcg) is a broadband communications device that combines all voice, data and video communications to and from a typical residence or small business for transmission over a single, or a plurality of plain old telephone service (pots) lines separately or in conjunction with, a wireless broadband backbone. The rcg does this by employing packetized data with voice over internet protocol (voip) technologies combined with rf communications technologies.
 Method for power management of wireless automotive modules patent thumbnailMethod for power management of wireless automotive modules
A satellite sensor system for a vehicle includes an application motion sensor for sensing vehicle motion for the purpose of activating a vehicle safety system, a low power consumption motion sensor for monitoring vehicle motion when the vehicle is parked or otherwise not in a driving mode, and an rf communications interface to allow the satellite sensor system to communicate with the vehicle's electronics control unit. The system withholds power from the application sensor until the low power consumption motion sensor indicates that the vehicle is about to enter a driving mode..
Analog Devices, Inc.
 Trusted sensor data unaffected when an application processor operates in an unlocked state patent thumbnailTrusted sensor data unaffected when an application processor operates in an unlocked state
Arrangements described herein relate to controlling rf communications by a communication device. Raw sensor data from one or more sensors can be received by a sensor processor.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Multi-broadband doherty power amplifier

Radio frequency (rf) amplification devices are disclosed that include doherty amplification circuits and methods of operating the same. In one embodiment, a doherty amplification circuit includes a main carrier rf amplifier, a peaking rf amplifier, and a periodic quadrature coupler.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.

Device dynamic total rf power compensation

A system and method may dynamically control the total rf power emissions of a mobile device. The method may include determining the local rf operating situation of the mobile device; setting a maximum power limit according to the local rf operating situation; and/or adjusting an active transmitted power of the mobile device within the maximum power limit.
Research In Motion Limited

Method and incoming call detection in a dual sim single rf communication device

A method and apparatus to co-ordinate detection of incoming calls in a multimode dual-sim single rf chain wireless communications device. Incoming voice over lte calls cannot be detected by monitoring lte paging messages.

Multi-band interference optimization

Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first rf filter structure and control circuitry, is disclosed. The first rf filter structure includes a pair of weakly coupled resonators and a first tunable rf filter.

Tunable rf filter based rf communications system

Rf communications circuitry, which includes a first rf filter structure, is disclosed. The first rf filter structure includes a first tunable rf filter path and a second tunable rf filter path.

Methods of responding to an orientation or motion of a portable electronic device, and related devices

A method of responding to an orientation or motion of a portable electronic device may include receiving a plurality of commands at the portable electronic device from a proximately-located short-range radio frequency (rf) device through a direct point-to-point short-range rf communication link. The method may also include identifying the orientation or motion of the portable electronic device while the portable electronic device is proximately located to the short-range rf device.

Secure rf communication method, terminal and system

A method, terminal and secure rf communication system are provided. The method for radio frequency secure communication of the invention comprises: generating magnetic channel data, and transmitting the magnetic channel data via a magnetic channel; establishing a radio frequency link with a peer device which feeds back a response information of the magnetic channel data; generating first radio frequency data, encrypting the first radio frequency data using the magnetic channel data, and transmitting the encrypted first radio frequency data to the peer device via the radio frequency link; and/or receiving encrypted second radio frequency data transmitted by the peer device via the radio frequency link, and decrypting the encrypted second radio frequency data using the magnetic channel data.

Method and system for providing data communication in continuous glucose monitoring and management system

Method and system for providing data monitoring and management including rf communication link over which a transmitter and a receiver is configured to communicate, the transmitter configured to periodically transmit a data packet associated with a detected analyte level received from an analyte sensor, and the receiver configured to identify the transmitter as the correct transmitter for which it is configured to receive the data packets, and to continue to receive the data packets from the transmitter once the transmitter identification has been verified, is provided.. .

Distributing dynamically frequency-shifted intermediate frequency (if) radio frequency (rf) communications signals in distributed antenna systems (dass), and related components, systems, and methods

Distributed antenna systems (dass) distributing dynamically frequency-shifted intermediate frequency (if) radio frequency (rf) communications signals are disclosed. In embodiments disclosed herein, a dynamic bandwidth control unit (dbcu) is configured to provide a plurality of if rf communications signals for distribution over a communications medium to one or more remote units (rus) in a das.

Expandable in-wall antenna for a security system control unit

The present disclosure relates to an expandable antenna for a security system that is installed within a wall. The security system may include a control unit.

Wireless network communication nodes with opt out capability

Techniques are disclosed herein for providing wireless network communication nodes with opt-out capabilities. Such capabilities may, for example, allow particular customers to opt out of a typical full-scale communication mode such that their associated equipment operates at least temporarily in a limited communication mode.

Single-package phased array module with interleaved sub-arrays

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to a single-package communications device that includes an antenna module with a plurality of independently selectable arrays of antenna elements. The antenna elements of the different arrays may send and/or receive data signals over different ranges of signal angles.

Using a communication protocol to provide security services

A wireless communication protocol may be utilized to authenticate a protected device. If the device is not properly authenticated, the device may be rendered inoperable.

Multi-mode radio frequency winch controller

A wireless remote forms a two-way radiofrequency (rf) communication network with a winch control module that allows the wireless remote to control both the winch and additional vehicle accessories through the winch control module. Further accessory control modules allow the control of more accessories utilizing the wireless remote by way of rf communication.

Wireless tracking and security system

A wireless tracking and security system for a facility has particular application for an academic facility. A coordinator terminal has an integrated reader, a touchpad and a time display and a communication link for communicating with a host computer, as well an rf communication module.

Portable device having the touch lock status and operation system thereof

A mobile device with a touch panel and a touch-lock operating method thereof are provided. The mobile device preferably includes an rf communication unit for supporting communication services; a touch panel for sensing input touches; a display unit for displaying a screen, where the screen includes at least one of a preset image, text, and map; and a controller for setting a touch-lock in the touch panel according to a preset condition.

Durable card

Cards embodying the invention include a core subassembly whose elements define the functionality of the card and a hard coat subassembly attached to the top and/or bottom sides of the core subassembly to protect the core subassembly from wear and tear and being scratched. The core subassembly may be formed solely of plastic layers or of different combinations of plastic and metal layers and may include all the elements of a smart card enabling contactless rf communication and/or direct contact communication.

Spatial recognition of rfid tag placement using antenna multiplexing

A system to determine the placement of multiple rfid tags uses multiple antennae. The rf communication (or nfc) includes read and/or read/write communication with the rfid tags..

Systems and methods for implementing optical and rf communication between rotating and stationary components of a rotary sensor system

Systems and methods are disclosed for implementing a rotary sensor system including rotating system components in rf signal and optical signal communication with stationary system components through a rotary coupler. The rotary coupler may be provided with an optical transmission line that passes inside or through the center of an inner conductor of a coaxial rf transmission line that itself extends across the rotational interface/s of the rotary coupler such that optical and rf signal energy may be provided simultaneously or otherwise across the rotary coupler using separate communication paths.

Cellular phone line replacement adapter

An apparatus and system automatically process and route data messages or packets, via a cellular network, from analog or digital data devices, wherein the routing is accomplished without a need for voice call origination on the cellular network. The apparatus includes a fixed cellular communication device and may also include a fixed wireless rf communication device and/or a mobile wireless rf transceiver.

Signal blocking detection in offender monitoring systems

An electronic monitoring device for monitoring an individual and detecting signal blocking. The electronic monitoring device may be equipped with gps and/or rf communication technology that may be interrupted intentionally or unintentionally.

Radio frequency-communication device and operating the same

A radio frequency communication device has data transmission means and data receiving means. The data transmission means comprise load modulating means being adapted to receive a radio frequency carrier signal emitted by another rf communication device and to modulate the rf carrier signal by means of load modulation in accordance with data to be sent.

Provision of linearity enhancement for rf communication devices

A switch is provided, the switch including one or more banks of transistors fabricated on a substrate, wherein body terminals of the transistors in each bank are configured to be individually controlled to have respective body voltages. The values of the body voltages are determined to provide optimum linearity of power transfer by changing properties of the substrate with respect to the properties of the substrate when the body voltages are commonly biased at a value..

System and enhanced rfid instrument security

A system and method for using an rfid read/write device to secure an rfid operable instrument or an rf communication is provided. The invention includes security databases in communication with a processor for storing and communicating security protocols to the rfid read/write device.

Ultrananocrystalline diamond films with optimized dielectric properties for advanced rf mems capacitive switches

An efficient deposition process is provided for fabricating reliable rf mems capacitive switches with multilayer ultrananocrystalline (uncd) films for more rapid recovery, charging and discharging that is effective for more than a billion cycles of operation. Significantly, the deposition process is compatible for integration with cmos electronics and thereby can provide monolithically integrated rf mems capacitive switches for use with cmos electronic devices, such as for insertion into phase array antennas for radars and other rf communication systems..

Doherty power amplifier with tunable impedance load

Radio frequency (rf) amplification devices are disclosed that include doherty amplification circuits and control circuits along with methods of operating the same. In one embodiment, the doherty amplification circuit includes a quadrature coupler having an isolation port and a tunable impedance load coupled to the isolation port and configured to provide a tunable impedance.

In-flight refueling systems with a digital communication sub-system

The invention provides in-flight refueling systems with a communication sub-system available in radio silence operations including at least a first digital wireless data link comprising a first rf transceiver and a second rf transceiver coupled, respectively, to first and second antennas located in two points inside the boom or the hose of the refueling system or in rf communication with them and connected, respectively, to refueling control units in the tanker aircraft and in the free end of the refueling device by data buses allowing a digital communication between them.. .

Biometric device and means for electronic storage and retrieval of biometric data

There is disclosed a biometric device (10), comprising a solid support (14) suitable for receiving biological material (s) and for dry storing that material at room temperature the device further comprising a circuit (16) including means for two way radio frequency communication and including writable data storage. Also disclosed is a processing method for such biometric devices, the method including the steps of: a) identifying said device by means of rf communication; b) extracting at least a portion of the biological material from the solid support of the identified device; c) analysing the extracted biological material to obtain biometric data indicative of the biological material; and d) writing said biometric data to the data storage of the biometric device..

Remote antenna unit with external power control using a single control line

Apparatus and methods for efficient external control of the transmit power of a remote fixed gain antenna unit in rf communications. Apparatus embodiments include a separate feeding unit coupled to a remote fixed gain antenna unit through a single coaxial line.

System and location of mobile devices in confined environments

A distributed antenna system includes a master unit and a plurality of remote units in communication with the master unit. A plurality of sensors are associated with the respective remote units and the sensors include receiver circuitry configured for capturing rf signals from mobile devices and a controller.

Method for operating portable terminal to reduce power during support of communication service and portable terminal supporting the same

A method for operating a portable terminal so as to reduce power consumption during the support of a communication service and a portable terminal supporting the same is provided. The method includes activating a radio frequency (rf) communication unit, downloading a part of data of predetermined contents through the rf communication unit, buffering the downloaded part of the data in a buffer so as to output the buffered downloaded part of the data, and executing an idle time for terminating or reducing a power supply of the rf communication unit when the downloading of the part of the data of the predetermined contents is completed..

Shared lte-ism rf front-end and antenna

A front-end module and antenna can be shared between two radio transceivers operating in coexistent radio frequency (rf) communication bands. For example, a first of the two radio transceivers may operate in one of a long term evolution (lte) band or an industrial scientific medical (ism) band, while a second of the two radio transceivers may operate in an alternative one of the lte band and the ism band.

Wireless communication system for game play with multiple remote-control flying craft

A gaming system for enabling three-dimensional game play of remote-control craft controlled by a controller, each craft including a communication system with both radio frequency (rf) and infrared (ir) capabilities. The system can include a plurality of hovering remote-control flying craft each controlled by a handheld controller, and further may include at least one additional game accessory elements, such as a puck, a ground station or a gun.

Remote-control flying copter and method

A hovering remote-control flying craft having a molded frame assembly includes a plurality of arms extending from a center body with an electric motor and corresponding propeller on each arm. In various embodiments, the motor and propeller are mounted downward-facing at a distal portion of each arm with a motor cover over the motor.

Hybrid stylus for use in touch screen applications

A touch screen system is configured to sense a proximate or actual touch made to a touch screen panel. In response thereto, an rf transmitter is actuated to emit rf energy.

Signal comparison-based location determining method

At least one portable rf communications device in conjunction with at least two fixed-location service-area antenna stations respectively capable of rf communication with the at least one device performs the steps of: (i) using a portable device at a selected location to measure rf communications signals from the plurality of local fixed-location service-area antenna stations and electronically storing at least two of the respective reception signal strength measurements; and (ii) monitoring a portable device location by causing the device to measure reception signal strength associated with local fixed-location service-area antenna stations signals, and to electronically compare these measurements with the stored at least two measurements.. .

Rf communications

An envelope tracking amplifier for a transmitter has a voltage mapping linearly related to the square of the amplitude of the baseband signal.. .

De-multiplexing a radio frequency input signal using output transformer circuitry

The present disclosure relates to de-multiplexing at least one rf input signal feeding rf power amplifier circuitry to create multiple de-multiplexed rf output signals, which may be used to provide rf transmit signals in an rf communications system. Output transformer circuitry is coupled to outputs from the rf power amplifier circuitry to provide the de-multiplexed rf output signals, which may support multiple modes, multiple frequency bands, or both.

Electronically and remotely controlled pill and system for delivering at least one medicament

An electronically and remotely controlled pill (500) or medicament delivery system is provided. The pill (500) includes a housing (102); a medicament reservoir (104) for storing a medicament; an electronically controlled release valve or hatch (106) for dispensing one or more medicaments stored in the medicament reservoir (104) while traversing the gastrointestinal tract; control and timing circuitry (108) for opening and closing the valve (106); and a battery (109).

Method and system for determining a location for a rf communication device based on its proximity to a mobile device

A mobile device may be operable to determine, based on a known location of the mobile device, a location for a rf communication device that communicates with the mobile device, whenever the mobile device is within proximate range of the rf communication device. The determined location for the rf communication device may be stored in a location database in a location server and/or a memory in the rf communication device.

Method and system for processing multipath clusters

In an rf communication system, aspects for processing multipath clusters may comprise tracking a plurality of received clusters of signals and estimating a phase and amplitude of at least a portion of each of the plurality of received clusters of signals. Each of the plurality of received clusters of signals may be specified in time and an aggregate of received signal paths in a single cluster for a single base station may be processed.

Providing digital data services as electrical signals and radio-frequency (rf) communications over optical fiber in distributed communications systems, and related components and methods

Distributed antenna systems providing and supporting radio frequency (rf) communication services and digital data services, and related components and methods are disclosed. The rf communication services can be distributed over optical fiber to client devices, such as remote antenna units for example.

Wideband high gain antenna for multiband employment

An antenna element employable singularly or in an array and configured for concurrent rf transmission and receipt on a plurality of frequencies concurrently. The element is formed of conductive material on a substrate by a pair of substantially identical horns extending in opposite directions to distal tips.

Tdma/cdma apparatus

A wireless hybrid time division multiple access/code division multiple access (tdma/cdma) user equipment (ue) includes a signaling receiver and a data detection device in communication with the signaling receiver. The signaling receiver is configured to receive and recover signaled information of code and timeslot assignments of the ue to suport an rf communication.

Method and compressing and transmitting ultra high speed data

Voiceband compression techniques are employed in order to enable an rf telecommunications base station to accommodate data signals of high speed voiceband modems and fax machines. An ultra-high speed codec supports voiceband modem and fax transmissions up to 14.4 kb/s and operates using four 16-phase rf slots.

Shielded cavity backed slot decoupled rfid tags

A shielded decoupled rfid tag having a three dimensional cavity formed by conductive material walls and at least one slot in a conductive material wall that creates a main passage for rf communication signals at the operating frequency of the rfid tag to pass into and/or out of the three dimensional cavity.. .

System and tracking tire positions

A system and method for tracking tire positions on a vehicle. Tires are tracked by checking the position of tires synchronized at a predetermined angle when a vehicle speed is equal to or greater than a preset reference speed, on the basis of wheel phase information of a wheel sensor, which is provided at the predetermined angle at every first predetermined time interval through rf communication, and wheel speed information of a wheel speed sensor including tire phase information which is inputted at a second predetermined time interval through a can communication line..

Broadcasting signal receiving apparatus, remote controller and pairing method thereof

Disclosed are a broadcasting signal receiving apparatus, a remote controller and a pairing method thereof, the pairing method of the remote controller performing bidirectional communication with the broadcasting signal receiving apparatus and including: sensing a key input for a control instruction for controlling the broadcasting signal receiving apparatus, wherein the key input is selected from among a plurality of keys on the remote controller; transmitting a broadcasting signal to the broadcasting signal receiving apparatus, wherein the broadcasting signal corresponds to the key input and includes first identification information of the remote controller; and storing second identification information of the broadcasting signal receiving apparatus received from the broadcasting signal receiving apparatus. Thus, the identification information for performing the rf communication may be transmitted in response to a voluntary selection on the rf remote controller..

Extracting clock information from a serial communications bus for use in rf communications circuitry

The present disclosure relates to rf front-end (rffe) circuitry that includes multiple rffe circuits, each of which may be provided by a separate integrated circuit (ic), front-end module, or both. As such, the rffe circuits may be connected to one another using an rffe serial communications bus.

Bandpass filter of rf communication system

The present invention relates to the bandpass filter of an rf communication system. The bandpass filter embodies a dual band characteristic by combining an equilibrium zero-order resonator and a non-equilibrium zero-order resonator, provides transmission zero using a cross-coupling structure near a pass band, and also has a neighboring signal blocking characteristic..

Smart price tag system including remote display

An electronic price tag system for stock keeping units (skus) having three components: an id module, a remote display module (rdm), and a remote display control module (rdcm). The id module and/or the rdcm may contain display elements.

Transmitting system and receiving providing hybrid service, and service providing method thereof

A receiving apparatus includes a first receiving unit that receives a first signal comprising an information descriptor to describe service characteristics, reference data, and additional data reference information through a rf communication network; a second receiving unit that can be connected to an ip network; a demux unit that detects the information descriptor from the first signal; a first signal processing unit that processes the reference data; a control unit that, if it is determined as a hybrid service depending on the information descriptor, controls the second receiving unit to access a source apparatus corresponding to the additional data reference information; a second signal process unit that, if a second signal comprising additional data is received through the ip communication network, processes the additional data; and an output unit that synchronizes and outputs the reference data and the additional data.. .

Object cluster detection and estimation

A vehicle tracking system includes a wheel unit containing rf communication circuitry. The wheel units communicate with fixed nodes of a monitoring system.

Method and using low power rf circuits and edid data and control for display monitoring

A method and means for display control and monitoring include an extended display identification (edid) means and communicating with the display using radio frequency communication and extended display identification commands via the extended display identification means to monitor the display's status and to control the display's functionality controllable via the extended display identification commands. The means can include an edid circuit for interfacing with a display and communicating with at least the display using edid packets, an rf interface for providing rf communications, an antenna for receiving and transmitting rf packets and a processor for translating the received rf packets to edid packets and vice-versa..

Systems and methods for animal containment, training, and tracking

Systems for containing, training, and tracking animals (e.g., pets) utilize electronic animal tags or collars, including ir reception and two-way rf communication. An aimable ir directional zone defining unit includes selectable different modes of operation relative to an animal collar or tag.

Time-domain gated filter for rf communication systems

A time domain filter receives a double sideband (dsb) input in the frequency domain and compresses this input into a time domain signal filtered by a time gate for providing a time filtered signal that is then expanded back into the frequency domain as a single sideband (ssb) output with one sideband being filtered by the time gate for translating dsb signals into ssb signals well suited for communicating chirped modulated signals as ssb signals along an electrical line or optical fiber without dispersive nulling of the communicated signal.. .

Communication system and communication method

The present invention relates to a communication system and a communication method. The communication system includes a micro ic card, a radio frequency (rf) card sleeve and a multi-frequency card reader.

Methods of communicating identification information and a responsive command via short-range communications, and related devices

Methods of operating a short-range radio frequency (rf) device are provided. The methods may include transmitting identification information that identifies the short-range rf device and/or sensor information generated by a sensor associated with the short-range rf device, using a short-range rf communication protocol.

Tunable hybrid coupler

This disclosure includes embodiments of a tunable hybrid coupler. The tunable hybrid coupler includes a first inductive element having a first inductance, a second inductive element having a second inductance and mutually coupled to the first inductive element, a first variable capacitive element having a first variable capacitance, and a second variable capacitance having a second variable capacitance.

Optimal switching frequency for envelope tracking power supply

A radio frequency (rf) communications system, which includes an rf power amplifier (pa) and an envelope tracking power supply, is disclosed. The rf communications system processes rf signals associated with at least a first rf communications band, which has a first bandwidth.

Plug-and-play sensor peripheral component for process instrumentation

A plug-and-play sensor peripheral component includes an electrically conductive physical connector; an electrical connector; a transformer; and an rf communication and data storage circuit. The electrical connector is electrically connected to the physical connector by a first conductive path.

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