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 Program rewriting system and program rewriting method patent thumbnailProgram rewriting system and program rewriting method
Each of a plurality of type 2 nodes stores one of divisional programs, which are created as parts of a rewriting program for rewriting a program for determining the operation of a type 1 node, by dividing the rewriting program in a manner that allows a partial overlap in data between a divisional program stored in the type 2 node and a divisional program stored in another type 2 node. When divisional programs to the type 1 node are transmittable, each type 2 node transmits the divisional program stored in its own node to the type 1 node via a first network.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

 Dynamic configuration of service communication patent thumbnailDynamic configuration of service communication
The described technology is generally directed towards a subscriber service using configurable data (e.g., a declarative configuration file) data to make service calls to publisher endpoints. Dynamic reconfiguration of the data changes the service call communication parameters without needing to bring down the subscriber server or its service, and/or without needing to modify/rewrite programs for the reconfiguration..
Home Box Office, Inc.

 Semiconductor storage device patent thumbnailSemiconductor storage device
It is possible to realize a highly reliable semiconductor storage device using the semiconductor storage device which includes a plurality of memory chains including a plurality of memory cells connected in series and in which the memory cell is a storage element that performs rewrite using a cell transistor and current, the memory chain has a structure in which the storage elements are connected in parallel, a power-supply voltage and a ground voltage are supplied from an outside, and a voltage to be used for the rewrite of the storage element is lower than the ground voltage, and further, it is possible to realize the semiconductor storage device that has a large capacity, is capable of high-speed read and write, and can be manufactured with low cost.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Image processing apparatus, method, and program recording medium patent thumbnailImage processing apparatus, method, and program recording medium
An image processing apparatus includes a first storage area for storing firmware including a processing program for communication processing with an external terminal, and a processor. A processor starts execution of the processing program when a request to start the communication processing is received from the external terminal during execution of the firmware in the first storage area, and stores a modification program supplied into a second storage area when the modification program is received during execution of the processing program.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 System and  network apparatus management patent thumbnailSystem and network apparatus management
A system and method for managing a network apparatus of a communication network. The system includes a network management center including a management-on-board manager mob-m and a management-on-board agent mob-a executed at the network apparatus.
Telecom Italia S.p.a.

 Query rewrite corrections patent thumbnailQuery rewrite corrections
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for natural language processing. One of the methods includes receiving a first voice query; generating a first recognition output; receiving a second voice query; determining from a recognition of the second voice query that the second voice query triggers a correction request; using the first recognition output and the second recognition to determine a plurality of candidate corrections; scoring each candidate correction; and generating a corrected recognition output for a particular candidate correction having a score that satisfies a threshold value..
Google Inc.

 Radio communication device, control method and radio communication system patent thumbnailRadio communication device, control method and radio communication system
When a state of a radio communication device corresponds to a predetermined state, a communication control unit operates in the first mode to communicate according to the ble standard, while when the radio communication device does not receive connect request packets, the communication control unit operates in the second mode to communicate. A rewrite switching unit switches to a rewritable state when the communication control unit operates in the first mode and to a rewriting prohibited state when the communication control unit operates in the second mode.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

 Display device and  controlling the same patent thumbnailDisplay device and controlling the same
According to one embodiment, a display device comprises a plurality of pixel circuits arrayed two-dimensionally. Each of the pixel circuits comprises a display element and a pixel memory configured to store a signal to drive the display element.
Japan Display Inc.

 Multiplexing apparatus, receiving apparatus, multiplexing method, and delay adjustment method patent thumbnailMultiplexing apparatus, receiving apparatus, multiplexing method, and delay adjustment method
A multiplexing apparatus includes processing circuitry. The processing circuitry multiplexes a plurality of mmt packets including at least one mmt packet to which first output time information representing a first output time and presentation time information representing a presentation time are added.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and erase method thereof patent thumbnailNon-volatile semiconductor memory device and erase method thereof
Provided is an erase method for a non-volatile semiconductor memory device to compensate for the change in property of a memory cell, in proportion to the number of data rewrites to the memory cell. The erase method has an erase step to erase charges of a charge accumulation layer by applying an erase voltage to a channel region of a selected memory cell, and a soft-programming step to perform soft-programming to the charges in the accumulation layer by virtue of applying a soft-programming voltage which is smaller than a programming voltage to program the memory cell.
Winbond Electronics Corp.

Key resource prefetching using front-end optimization (feo) configuration

Front-end optimization (feo) configuration information is leveraged to identify “key” resources required to load other pages on a site, and to automatically cause key resources to be prefetched to a server, and to the browser. In this approach, an feo analyzer uses knowledge of configured optimization templates to determine the key resources required to load pages for each template.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.

Method of rewriting printer firmware, and printer

A printer having multiple processor cores, and a firmware rewriting method for the printer, enable rewriting firmware in a short time. A first rewrite controller 74 controls rewriting the firmware of the first core by the boot program of the first core; a second rewrite controller 75 controls rewriting the firmware of a second core, which is one of the multiple cores other than the first core, by the boot program of the first core; and a reset unit 76 resets the printer after rewriting the firmware of the first core and the firmware of the second core by the boot program of the first core ends..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Storage device and maintenance/operation system therefor

A storage subsystem constituting a pool using storage media having rewrite life and providing a logical volume having a virtual capacity to a host, wherein the storage subsystem monitors whether shortage of a remaining rewrite life of the capacity pool will occur or not within an operation period of the storage subsystem, and when it is determined that shortage of the remaining rewrite life will occur, the subsystem converts the rewrite life required to cover the shortage into drive capacity and indicates the same, or indicates the same by reducing an existing pool capacity, and requests maintenance of the subsystem. A maintenance method is provided, wherein elongation of life is executed by adding a capacity to the pool at the time of indication, and as for addition of capacity other than the elongation of life described above, a maintenance fee is charged..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Device, program, recording medium, and extending service life of memory

The problem addressed by the present invention is to provide a means for suppressing a drop in overall performance that occurs when data rewriting is concentrated in a specific memory in a data-processing system comprising a plurality of memories, in which a number of possible rewrites is limited. A data-processing system as in one embodiment of the present invention comprises a management device and a plurality of data-processing devices.
Fixstars Corporation

Drawing apparatus, drawing method, and drawing program

A drawing apparatus includes a first control unit and a second control unit. The first control unit receives a plurality of image data including a subject from a plurality of cameras, and outputs data obtained from coordinate conversion performed by referring to lut data.
Socionext Inc.

Memristor memory

A memristor memory is disclosed. In an example, the memristor memory comprises a memristor component having a plurality of memristor cells.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Circuit information generating apparatus and circuit information generating system

A circuit information generating apparatus includes a switching section that switches wiring between a base module and an extension module, an address acquisition section acquiring identification information of the extension module, a wiring information acquisition section, a firmware acquisition section acquiring firmware that operates the extension module, a wiring information rewriting section identifying circuit configuration information of each extension module based on the identification information, and rewrites a part of the wiring information based on the circuit configuration information, a circuit information generating section generating circuit information based on the circuit configuration information of the extension module and the rewritten wiring information, and a firmware generating section rewrites definition information of the wiring included in the firmware, based on the rewritten wiring information, and generates information indicating a circuit configuration of an electronic circuit configured using the extension module connected with the base module and serving a specific function.. .

Memory apparatus, memory system and memory controlling method

A memory apparatus, includes: a memory including memory regions; a table storing a memory address and a number of reading times of data; a first buffer storing first data from another memory apparatus and a first memory address of the first data; a second buffer storing second data to the another memory apparatus and a second memory address of the second data; and a controller configured to store, when a first number of reading times being minimum in the table is smaller than a second number of reading times of the first data, the first data and the first memory address into the first buffer and outputs third data in a memory region of the first number and a third memory address of the third data to the another memory apparatus via the second buffer, and rewrites the third data and memory address with the first data and memory address.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Image forming apparatus

This image formation device (100) is provided with: a device main unit storage (212) for storing rewrite firmware (520) for an optional device (120), even when the optional device (120) is not attached; an i/f unit (213) for communicating with the optional device (120); and an update unit (210) for transmitting to the optional device (120) the rewrite firmware stored in the device main unit storage (120), and prompting the optional device (120) to execute a rewrite process of optional device firmware (420).. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Method of optimizing complex sql statements using a region divided preferential sql rewrite operation

A system, method, and computer-readable medium for optimizing complex sql statements using a region divided preferential sql rewrite operation. The region divided preferential sql rewrite operation makes it possible for a user to inference a machine sql statement rewrite operation to optimize the sql statement with more or less focus on different regions of the sql.
Dell Software, Inc.

Management system, overall management node, and management method

A virtual server for executing a communication process is implemented on virtualization resources without being inefficient even when different virtualization resource management schemes are included. A management system included in a mobile communication system is configured to include an nfvi which is virtualization resources including a physical server in which a vnf to execute a communication process is generated and includes a vnfm for managing the vnf, a vim for managing the virtualization resources of the nfvi, and an orchestrator for managing all the virtualization resources of the nfvi, wherein the orchestrator includes a virtual server generation request section configured to input detailed information for implementing the vnf retained by the vnfm, rewrite the input detailed information according to a virtualization resource management scheme by the vim, and request the vim to generate the vnf..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Electronic controlling electronic apparatus

An electronic apparatus 1 includes a touch panel 30, a panel unit 10 which includes at least a cover member 20, at least one pressure-sensitive sensor 50 which detects a pressing force applied through the panel unit 10, a touch panel controller 81 which generates a data group (x, y, φ) which includes touch coordinate values detected by the touch panel 30 and another value except the touch coordinate values, a sensor controller 91 which generates a pressure value pn from an output value opn of the pressure-sensitive sensor 50, and a computer 100 which includes at least a touch panel driver 103 and to which the touch panel controller 81 and the sensor controller 91 are electrically connected. The computer 100 further includes a touch panel filter driver 105 which rewrites the other value of the data group (x, y, φ) to the pressure value pn..
Fujikura Ltd.

Electronic apparatus

A processor 2 (a) downloads a update program used for update of a program 12; (b) copies a rewriting program 21 included in the program 12 into the non volatile memory 1 in accordance with the program 12; (c) after copying the rewriting program 21, changes a program started by a boot program 11 from the program 12 to the copied rewriting program, and reboots; (d) after the reboot, in accordance with the boot program 11, starts execution of the copied rewriting program; and (e) in accordance with the copied rewriting program, rewrites the program 12 in the non volatile memory 1 using the update program.. .
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

System and an extensible workflow management

A workflow management system provides a gui configurability tool that allows an end user to configure the system's workflow screens, workflow logic and data fields without the need to rewrite any programs. The system allows each workflow screen to represent and assist each individual task within a business process that may be defined and illustrated by a flowchart.
Clevest Solutions Inc.

Non-volatile memory for high rewrite cycles application

A non-volatile memory has an array of non-volatile memory cells. Each of the non-volatile memory cells includes a coupling device formed on a first well, a read device, a floating gate device formed on a second well and coupled to the coupling device, a program device formed on the second well, and an erase device formed on a third well and coupled to the first floating gate device.
Ememory Technology Inc.

Information processing apparatus, controlling the same, program and storage medium

An information processing apparatus, for recording data in a magnetic storage medium by a shingled magnetic recording, and a method of controlling this, when a rewrite of data stored in the magnetic storage medium is instructed, copy data of a zone in which rewrite target data is stored other than the rewrite target data into a vacant zone of the magnetic storage medium; store, to the vacant zone into which the data is copied, the rewrite target data, delete by overwriting an entirety of the zone in which the rewrite target data is stored with predetermined data, and register the overwritten zone as an unused area.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Mitigating loss in inter-operability scenarios for digital video

Ways to mitigate loss in inter-operability scenarios for digital video are presented. For example, a bitstream modification tool (such as a bitstream rewriter running on a network node of a videoconferencing system) receives an incoming bitstream of encoded video (e.g., from an encoder that uses a first loss recovery strategy).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Tape volume overwrite protection during error recovery

An apparatus-implemented method according to one embodiment includes detecting an error while writing data to a tape volume, and repositioning the tape in response to detecting the error. Further, the method includes determining, after the repositioning, a current position of the tape, and determining, based on the current position, whether a rewrite of data associated with the error to the tape volume is allowed.
International Business Machines Corporation

Adjusting camera module, lens position control device, control device of linear movement device, and controlling the same

An adjusting method of a camera module, a lens position control device, a control device of a linear movement device, and a controlling method of the same are provided in a state of the cameral module in which an imaging element and an actuator are combined. The camera module includes a position sensor (53) that detects a position of a lens (50) to output a detection position signal, a storage unit (541) that stores and rewrites a position code value corresponding to the position of the lens, a target position signal generation unit (542) that outputs a target position signal based on the position code value and the target position code value, and a control unit (543) that generates a control signal based on the target position signal and the detection position signal..
Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation

Semiconductor device and manufacturing same

An object is to provide a reliability-improved semiconductor device having a monos memory that rewrites data by injecting carriers into a charge storage portion. When a memory gate electrode having a small gate length is formed in order to overlap a carrier injection position in write operation with that in erase operation, each into an ono film including a charge storage portion, the ono film is formed in a recess of a main surface of a semiconductor substrate for securing a large channel length.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Efficient multichannel data format using variable-length headers

In one embodiment, a computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith. The computer readable storage medium is not a transitory signal per se.
International Business Machines Corporation

Efficient multichannel data format using variable-length headers

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes writing a data set to a first write section of a magnetic medium and rewriting at least some of the data set as rewritten cwi-4 sets to a rewrite section of the magnetic medium. The data set includes a plurality of sub data sets, each sub data set including a data array organized in rows and columns.
International Business Machines Corporation

Error protection of data stored using variable-length headers

In one embodiment, a system includes a controller and logic integrated with and/or executable by the controller. The logic is configured to read data stored as a plurality of first codeword sets on a first write section of a magnetic medium.
International Business Machines Corporation

Error protection of data stored using variable-length headers

In one embodiment, a system includes a controller and logic integrated with and/or executable by the controller. The logic is configured to cause data to be written to a first write section of a magnetic medium as a plurality of first codeword sets, and cause at least some of the data to be written to a rewrite section of the magnetic medium as one or more rewritten codeword sets.
International Business Machines Corporation

Motor-driving apparatus

A motor-driving apparatus, which drives a motor while controlling the motor based on an external command signal from an external device, includes an external command processor, a program storage, a motor controller, a program rewriting unit, a rewriting data input terminal. The external command processor outputs a motor control command from the external command signal based on an external command processing program.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Relay apparatus

A relay apparatus connected to communication lines to perform data relay between the communication lines is provided. The relay apparatus includes a receiver unit that receives rewrite information, which includes information for changing setting of the relay apparatus, from a source apparatus via any of the communication lines, a setting changer unit that changes the setting of the relay apparatus in accordance with the rewrite information, and a change information sending unit that sends the rewrite information to another relay apparatus existing in a local network..
Denso Corporation

Substrate connection system and inkjet recording device

After powered on, a check unit rewrites a lookup table in a memory of a programmable logic circuit unit to one of lookup tables in its own memory so as to switch a circuit state that a logic circuit implements. When the check unit outputs an inquiry signal in this state and an identification signal which responds to the inquiry signal is input into the check unit from a check circuit of a sub substrate via the logic circuit and a port, the sub substrate corresponding to the identification signal is specified as a connection destination of connectors.
Riso Kagaku Corporation

Video display apparatus

In a video display apparatus a, a controller 9, while displaying video processed by a video processor 4 on a video display 3, displays luts 45r, 45g, and 45b which are tables of correction data for correcting luminance levels of red, green, and blue respectively. The controller 9 re-calculates and rewrites the correction data based on one adjustment point or two or more adjustment points p1 and p2 adjusted by the user..
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.

System, device, and secure entry and handling of passwords

Devices, system, and methods of secure entry and handling of passwords and personal identification numbers (pins), as well as for secure local storage, secure user authentication, and secure payment via mobile devices and via payment terminals. A computing device includes: a secure storage unit to securely store a confidential data item; a non-secure execution environment to execute program code, the program code to transport to a remote server a message; a secure execution environment (see) to securely execute code, the see including: a rewriter module to securely obtain the confidential data item from the secure storage, and to securely write the confidential data item into one or more fields in said message prior to its encrypted transport to the remote server..
Arm Technologies Israel Ltd.

Rewrite detection system, rewrite detection device and information processing device

A rewrite detection system, a rewrite detection device and an information processing device can detect unauthorized rewrite to a program or data stored in a storage unit of the information processing device. A rewrite detection device generates a random seed and transmits it to an ecu and a server device.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Storage device with robust error correction scheme

A method of enhancing error correction in a data storage system, including receiving a data storage system having one or more rows each row having: a set of data bits including a word of data, a first set of error correction bits and a second set of error correction bits or a flag bit or both; each bit can be in a first state or a second state; wherein initially all the bits are in the first state; writing data in a word in the data storage system by changing bits from the first state to the second state; creating an error correction code for the word in the first set of error correction bits; receiving a request to update the word by changing one or more additional bits of the word from the first state to the second state; calculating a new error correction code for the updated word; optionally determining if the new error correction code only requires changing bits of the first set of error correction bits from the first state to the second state, if the determination result is positive then updating the first set of error correction bits; otherwise using the second set of error correction bits and/or the flag bit to reduce the need to rewrite the word because of the error correction code.. .
Winbond Electronics Corporation

High sum-rate write-once memory

Provided are modified one-hot (moh) constructions for wom codes with low encoding and decoding complexity, that achieve high sum-rates. Features include maximizing writing of data information values for successive rewrites, all-zero and all-one cell state vectors that represent a unique data information value that can be written for many generations, a very high number of writes, and does not sacrifice capacity.
Queen's University At Kingston

Greedy contextualized rewrites

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for generating rewrites are disclosed. In one embodiment, an original rewrite operation is identified with a source term and a target term, and queries containing the source term are identified.
Google Inc.

Data storing apparatus, and data storing method

A data storage apparatus includes a processor that executes a process. The process includes: storing data sequentially input by sequentially repeating overwriting in blocks not determined as protection targets among a plurality of blocks in a storage area of a storage unit, each block having an upper limit in number of data rewrites; registering, upon detection of a protection trigger for giving an instruction to protect data, protection information for giving an instruction to protect data and block information indicating a block that stores data obtained a predetermined time before the detection of the protection trigger, in stored data; and managing, as blocks to be protected, blocks from the block that stores the data obtained the predetermined time before the detection to a block that stores data upon detection of a termination trigger for giving an instruction to terminate protection..
Fujitsu Limited

Protocol independent programmable switch (pips) software defined data center networks

A software-defined network (sdn) system, device and method comprise one or more input ports, a programmable parser, a plurality of programmable lookup and decision engines (ldes), programmable lookup memories, programmable counters, a programmable rewrite block and one or more output ports. The programmability of the parser, ldes, lookup memories, counters and rewrite block enable a user to customize each microchip within the system to particular packet environments, data analysis needs, packet processing functions, and other functions as desired.
Cavium, Inc.

Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and controlling the same

A nonvolatile semiconductor memory device includes: a memory cell array; and a control circuit that controls a voltage applied to this memory cell array. The memory cell array includes: a first wiring line; a second wiring line intersecting the first wiring line; and a memory cell disposed at an intersection of these lines and including a variable resistance element.

Image forming apparatus

The environment determination portion determines whether the obtained environment information corresponds to the registered environment information. Based on the firmware table and on the identification information, the firmware selection portion selects firmware that corresponds to the identification information.

Html security gateway

A technique allows a client computing system with a web browser to receive a web page in response to transmitting a request for content. The web page may include active content, html data and cascading style sheets (css).

Systems and methods for data mining and automated generation of search query rewrites

Various embodiments include systems and methods for data mining of search engine and network operations to automatically identify query events. Data aggregated from such query events and stored as query history data may be processed to identify query ranking mismatches.

Nonvolatile memory apparatus and control nonvolatile memory apparatus

A nonvolatile memory apparatus is provided with a nonvolatile memory including a plurality of blocks each being a recording area of the data and a unit of erasing of the data, and a controller for controlling writing or reading of the data to/from the nonvolatile memory. Each of the blocks includes pages each being a unit of reading of the data.

Programmable processing engine for a virtual interface controller

A method is provided in one example embodiment and includes receiving at an interface controller associated with a host server and disposed between the host server and a network element a packet from a sender; processing the packet to identify a rewrite rule to be applied to the packet based on characteristics of the packet; applying the identified rewrite rule to the packet to generate a rewritten packet; and forwarding the rewritten packet toward a next hop. The processing may include classifying the packet, the classifying including identifying at least one of a type of traffic with which the packet is associated and an application with which the packet is associated.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

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  • Source Code
  • Memory Cell
  • Concurrent
  • Input Device
  • Storage Device
  • User Interface
  • Amplification
  • Semiconductor
  • Nonvolatile Memory
  • Calibration
  • Volatile Memory
  • Ip Address
  • Host Computer

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