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Rewrite-related patent applications - as published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

NEW Semiconductor memory apparatus
Sk Hynix Inc.
March 22, 2018 - N°20180082723

A semiconductor memory apparatus includes a write control circuit suitable for generating a write cancel signal and a rewrite signal in response to a voltage level of a write voltage in a write operation, and a driving circuit suitable for transferring data to a data storage region in response to the write cancel signal and the rewrite signal in the ...
Contextual search on multimedia content
Google Llc
March 15, 2018 - N°20180075111

Techniques for contextual search on multimedia content are provided. An example method includes extracting entities associated with multimedia content, wherein the entities include values characterizing one or more objects represented in the multimedia content, generating one or more query rewrite candidates based on the extracted entities and one or more terms in a query related to the multimedia content, providing ...
Error mitigation for 3d nand flash memory
Western Digital Technologies, Inc.
March 08, 2018 - N°20180068726

Nand cell error remediation technologies are disclosed. The remediation technologies are applicable to 3d nand. In one example, a storage device may include a processor and a memory device comprising nand flash memory. The processor is configured to detect an error condition associated with a first page of the nand flash memory, and determine whether the error condition is associated ...
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Fine-grained access control for data manipulation language (dml) operations on relational data
Oracle International Corporation
March 01, 2018 - N°20180060603

Embodiments allow, within database security policies, the grant of data change operation-specific privileges to particular users to be applied within particular data realms in a given table. Furthermore, according to one or more embodiments, user privilege column-level privileges are explicitly associated with one or more data access operations such that the grant of such a column-level privilege allows the user ...
Entity based query filtering
Linkedln Corporation
March 01, 2018 - N°20180060387

In an example embodiment, one or more query terms are obtained. For each of the one or more query terms, a standardized entity taxonomy is searched to locate a standardized entity that most closely matches the query term. A confidence score is calculated for the query term-standardized entity pair for the standardized entity that most closely matches the query term. ...
Communication indicator
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
February 22, 2018 - N°20180054398

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, method that includes receiving a communication from equipment of a first user directed towards a second user, analyzing a first communication style of the communication from the equipment of the first user, determining a second communication style of the second user, determining whether the first communication style matches the second communication ...
Rewrite Patent Pack
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Rewrite Patent Applications
Download + Rewrite-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • + full patent PDF documents of Rewrite-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Control apparatus, information processing system, computer-readable non-transitory recording medium having program stored therein, and information ...
Fujitsu Limited
February 15, 2018 - N°20180046504

A control apparatus is communicably connected to a plurality of processing apparatuses, including a processor configured to determine whether the sum of an execution time of a first process, an execution time of a second process, and a time taken for a first processing apparatus among the plurality of processing apparatuses to rewrite a logic for executing the first process ...
Protocol independent programmable switch (pips) for software defined data center networks
Cavium, Inc.
February 08, 2018 - N°20180041450

A software-defined network (sdn) system, device and method comprise one or more input ports, a programmable parser, a plurality of programmable lookup and decision engines (ldes), programmable lookup memories, programmable counters, a programmable rewrite block and one or more output ports. The programmability of the parser, ldes, lookup memories, counters and rewrite block enable a user to customize each microchip ...
Mitigation of transmission control protocol throughput degradation in communication devices due to predictable radio impairment ...
Qualcomm Incorporated
February 08, 2018 - N°20180041415

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A communication device may rewrite a tcp timestamp, delay sending of a tcp acknowledgement packet, or both, to reduce the likelihood that a tcp connection times out during a radio impairment event. The may establish a transmission control protocol (tcp) connection with a remote host via a first radio access technology (...
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
February 01, 2018 - N°20180033359

Provided is a semiconductor device in which power consumption and rewrite time needed for changing the parameter for color adjustment, dimming, or the like are reduced. One embodiment of a semiconductor device of the present invention includes an image processing portion including a plurality of functional circuits configured to correct image data, a plurality of scan chains corresponding to the ...
Hybrid blockchain
Gsc Secrypt, Llc
February 01, 2018 - N°20180032273

A system includes circuitry for performing hybrid blockchain rewrites by trusted parties. The hybrid blockchain may include blocks with multiple parts. In some cases, the blocks may include a core part and a tertiary part. The system may include conditions for validity preserving and/or non-tamper-evident rewrites to the parts of the block. The conditions to support rewrites to the ...
Electronic device and recording medium suitable for writing information to wireless tag
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.
January 25, 2018 - N°20180024796

Provided is an electronic device capable of effectively using a wireless tag. A system-control unit of a mfp, via a communication-control unit, checks whether or not setup information is stored on a wireless tag, and when setup information is stored, reads the setup information, executes setup based on the setup information and rewrites status information to correspond to the setup ...
Printing system and print data rewriting method
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha
January 25, 2018 - N°20180024785

In accordance with one embodiment, a printing system comprises a memory, a processor and an interface. The processor rewrites the first information contained in the print data stored in the memory and designating a sheet stacking section at an end of a conveyance path of an image forming apparatus. The interface sends the rewritten print data to the image forming ...
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Rewrite Patent Applications
Download + Rewrite-related PDFs
For professional research & prior art discovery
  • + full patent PDF documents of Rewrite-related inventions.
  • Exact USPTO filing data with full-text, images, drawings & claims.
  • Index pages: Table View and Image-Grid View layouts. All images in each PDF.
Program, information processing device, and information processing method
Mitsui Bussan Secure Directions, Inc.
January 18, 2018 - N°20180020013

The present invention provides a program, an information processing apparatus, and an information processing method which can effectively prevent malware attacks. A predetermined process is judged as a ransomware, when a first condition that a file read function for reading a file included in a same file path as a file path written by a file write function called from ...
Library control device and library control method
Nec Platforms, Ltd.
January 18, 2018 - N°20180018996

A library control device moves a desired record medium from a magazine, which is configured to load a plurality of record media into a plurality of slots, to a drive so as to read or write data. The library control device stores identifications of record media in correlation with slots loading recording media. Upon detecting a malfunction in reading or ...
Methods and systems for rewriting scripts to direct requests
Facebook, Inc.
January 11, 2018 - N°20180013848

Methods and systems for rewriting scripts by a server system to direct requests generated from the scripts to pass through the server system. The proxy server receives a first request from the user device for a web page provided by a first web server. The proxy server then receives the web page from the first web server in response to ...
System for processing messages of data stream
Sarokal Test Systems Oy
January 11, 2018 - N°20180013608

A system for processing messages of a high rate data stream and an apparatus including: a message processor including a plurality of processor sub-modules and configured to read an input data stream, process the input data stream, and to output an output data stream; at least one payload memory storing data related to the input data stream and accessible to ...
Distributed key secret for rewritable blockchain
Gsc Secrypt
December 28, 2017 - N°20170374049

A system includes circuitry for rewriting blockchains in a non-tamper-evident or tamper-evident operation using a key secret held in portions by multiple individually untrusted parties. The blockchains may include a series of blocks secured by integrity codes that may prevent non-tamper-evident rewrites by non-trusted parties that are not in possession of the key secret or individually-untrusted parties in possession of ...
Computer-readable recording medium, information processing apparatus, and vm switching method
Fujitsu Limited
December 28, 2017 - N°20170373928

A server detects an abnormality of a vm being a transfer destination of a packet; rewrites, when the vm is switched, a first relationship between a transfer destination mac address and a port number of the vm before switching to a first relationship between the mac address and a port number of the switched vm; decides, from the port number ...
Communication system, communication device, and management method for communication system
Yamaha Corporation
December 21, 2017 - N°20170366365

A communication system includes communication devices configured to be connected to one another through a network. A root device which is one of the communication devices stores system information including address information and information on availability of communication of the communication devices. The root device is configured to transmit the system information periodically. Each of the communication devices is configured ...
Method and system for enforcing user policy on database records
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
December 21, 2017 - N°20170364555

A system and method are provided for enforcing user policies on database. In one aspect a user policy and/or enterprise policy is predefined and mapped to the column of the database. Further, the query is run through a query parsing module, the result is sent to a query analyzing module to analyze the sensitivity of each query. A query ...