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Retraction patents

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Automated medical liquid filling system and method

Baxter Englewood

Automated medical liquid filling system and method

Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool

Response Engineering

Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool

Date/App# patent app List of recent Retraction-related patents
 Surgical access system and related methods patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical access system and related methods
A surgical access system and related methods which involve the ability to minimally invasively provide an operative corridor to a disk space while simultaneously providing the ability to distract the disk space. The access system comprises a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly.
Nuvasive, Inc.
 Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool patent thumbnailnew patent Retractable cord reel with electrical contacts mounted on an axial movable spool
A novel retractable cord reel with electrical contacts that engage when the spool is locked from retraction. The spool moves axially to engage stationary electrical contacts mounted to the cord reel housing.
Response Engineering, Inc.
 Automated medical liquid filling system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Automated medical liquid filling system and method
A medical liquid filling system and associated methods are provided, the system comprising a disposable and a drive system. The disposable includes a tubular member and a piston slidably disposed within the tubular member for retraction and advancement within at least a first portion of the tubular member.
Baxter Corporation Englewood
 Sheath support devices, systems and methods patent thumbnailSheath support devices, systems and methods
Devices, systems and methods are provided for accessing a target location in the body of a patient, particularly within the epidural space. A system includes a sheath and a sheath support supporting the sheath to reduce or avoid kinking.
Spinal Modulation, Inc.
 Lockable attachment device for a mobile phone or other hand held device patent thumbnailLockable attachment device for a mobile phone or other hand held device
An attachment device secures attaching a handheld device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. The device has a first connecting element connecting it to the handheld device and a second connecting element for securing it, e.g.
 System and  performing percutaneous spinal interbody fusion patent thumbnailSystem and performing percutaneous spinal interbody fusion
A method of performing percutaneous interbody spinal fusion on adjacent vertebrae in a patient including the steps of: creating a percutaneous access opening on the patient, using indirect visualization to establish a surgical path through the access opening via neural monitoring, creating a cavity in a disc space between the adjacent vertebra, without retraction, evaluating the created cavity, inserting a container sized and configured to fit through the access opening into the cavity and filling the container with fill material.. .
Spineology, Inc.
 Wire collection device with increasing collection diameter patent thumbnailWire collection device with increasing collection diameter
A stent deployment system includes a wire collection device with a profiled retraction wire and an actuator coupled to a collection spindle. A distal end of the profiled retraction wire is coupled to a sledge that is coupled to an outer sheath.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc
 Thoracic lumbar sacral posture garment device patent thumbnailThoracic lumbar sacral posture garment device
High friction scapular retraction straps for application directly to the tops of the respective shoulders of a patient and connected with tension straps to draw the gripper straps and, consequently, the shoulders rearwardly, and including fasteners to fasten to a garment worn by the patient to hold the shoulders rearward.. .
Alignmed Inc.
 System and  determining a hydration level of a tissue region patent thumbnailSystem and determining a hydration level of a tissue region
In accordance with one aspect of the present technique, a method is disclosed. The method includes applying a mechanical perturbation to a tissue region using a displacement device.
General Electric Company
 Use of stem cells to prevent neuronal dieback patent thumbnailUse of stem cells to prevent neuronal dieback
The invention is generally directed to treatment of neuronal injury. In particular, the invention is directed to reducing axonal retraction (“dieback”) that occurs as a result of the interaction of activated macrophages with dystrophic axons that are produced during nervous system acute or chronic injury.
Case Western Reserve University

Control valve for vacuum systems

A valve assembly including a housing having first and second ports; a cylinder assembly mounted on such housing having a piston rod displaceable along an axis of such first port, provided with a valve plug including a first component having a passageway therethrough intercommunicable with the interior of such housing and such first port, and a second component supported on and displaceable axially relative to such first component, wherein upon extension of such plug into closing engagement with such first port, such passageway will be obstructed and upon retraction of such plug out of closing engagement with such first port, such passageway will be unobstructed.. .
Thermwood Corporation

Device for connecting a fixed portion of a turbine engine and a distributor foot of a turbine engine turbine

Characterized in that at least one bracket (12, 13) is interrupted by forming an expansion or retraction slot (121, 131), the slot (121, 131) allowing an expansion of the bracket (12, 13) tending to close the slot (121, 131) or retraction of the bracket (12, 13) tending to further open the slot (121, 131), under the effect of a difference in internal temperatures of the device.. .

Systems and methods for performing neurophysiologic monitoring during spine surgery

A neuromonitoring system utilizing transcutaneous, trans-abdominal nerve root stimulation to monitor the health and status of the motor neural pathways of the lower extremities during the portions of a surgical procedure in which a tissue retraction assembly is used to maintain an operative corridor.. .
Nuvasive, Inc.

Retractable composite rotor blade assembly

A retractable rotor blade assembly includes a rotor hub assembly having a rotor hub wall, a pitch disc mounted to the rotor hub wall for undergoing rotation about a longitudinal axis, and retractable rotor blades configured to be extended and retracted relative to the rotor hub assembly. Each of the rotor blades has an interlink assembly, a blade base, and a damper for dampening movement of the interlink assembly during extension and retraction of the rotor blade.

Fracture sand silo system and methods of deployment and retraction of same

The present invention is directed to novel transportable silo systems for storage of materials. The invention relates to self-erecting silo storage systems for use in the oil and natural gas mining and drilling industries.
Solaris Oilfield Site Services Operating Llc

Case with headset retraction device

A headset retraction device for a portable media player generally includes a base and an arbor, wherein the arbor is configured to rotate within a cavity defined by the base, and the arbor and base are cooperatively configured to wind a cord of the headset in a single plane.. .
Turtlecell Llc

Automatically engaging and disengaging header lock assembly

A header lift assembly for an agricultural harvester includes a lift cylinder and a lock assembly. The lift cylinder includes a sleeve and a piston, and the piston is configured to move in an axial direction relative to the sleeve.
Cnh Industrial America Llc

Automated storage and retrieval system

An autonomous transport vehicle including a frame forming a payload area, telescoping arms movably mounted to the frame, each telescoping arm being configured for extension and retraction relative to the frame along an extension axis to effect transfer of at least one pickface to and from the payload area, and traversal, relative to the frame, in at least one direction that is angled to the extension axis, and at least one tab extending from each telescoping arm where the at least one tab extends in a direction transverse to the direction of extension and retraction, and the at least one tab on one of the telescoping arms opposes the at least one tab on another of the telescoping arms.. .
Symbotic, Llc

Microinfuser with automatic needle retraction

A device (10) for delivering a fluid includes a housing (12) defining an interior space (22) and having a bottom surface (18) configured for contacting a patient. The bottom surface (18) defines a needle opening (56).
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Docking station with ruggedized case

A docking station for an electronic device that is contained within a case, in which the case includes a retractable connector access panel at least partially overlying a portion of a connector port of the electronic device, includes a base to support the electronic device. An electrical connector is coupled to the base and configured positioned to receive the connector port of the electronic device.
L&p Property Management Company

Inversely foldable camera tripod being rapidly assembled

An inversely foldable camera tripod being rapidly assembled, comprising legs assemblies being rapidly assembled and being retracted by one-switch, a main body assembly capable of controlling the legs assemblies to rotate 180° around a shaft by one-switch, a central shaft assembly supporting a tripod head or a camera, and a tripod head assembly assembled with the tripod; the tripod is provided with legs being rapidly assembled; and the assembly and retraction of the legs are controlled by a simple-to-operate switch. The tripod can be inversely folded by 180° under the control of the switch, thus reducing the length of the tripod.

Adapter direct drive with manual retraction, lockout, and connection mechanisms for improper use prevention

A surgical device adapter for coupling an end effector to a handle assembly is provided. The surgical device adapter includes a housing and a drive mechanism disposed within the housing and couplable to the handle assembly and the end effector.
Covidien Lp


A seamless and integrated textile innerduct comprising: a warp comprised of polyester monofilament yarns and a weft comprised of polyester multifilament yarns, wherein the warp has 70-85 ends per inch, the weft has 14-25 ends per inch, the warp and weft are integrated seamlessly to form an elongated enclosure having breaking strength of at least 1000 pounds, a vertical retraction rate of less than 3% at 150° c. For a duration of one hour, a longitudinal shrinkage rate of less than 3% at −80° c.; a pulling strip is placed inside the enclosure; the pulling strip is made of polyester multifilament yarns; and the inner duct is flexible and stretchable longitudinally..
Changzhou Nanbo Composite Materia Co., Ltd.

Retractable leash

A two or more subject retractable leash, and methods of use thereof, is disclosed, which includes a roll-back feature on each retractable leash. The leashes may be locked in place by engaging a single lever.

Lancet device

The lancet device includes a housing and a lancet having a puncturing element. The lancet is disposed within the housing and is adapted for axial movement between an initial or pre-actuated position wherein the puncturing element is retained within the housing, and a puncturing position wherein the puncturing element extends through a forward opening in the housing.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Cam-actuated medical puncturing device and method

The medical puncturing device includes a housing, a shield, and a skin puncturing assembly disposed within the housing. The shield is axially movable in the housing.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Microwave ablation catheter, handle, and system

A handle for longitudinal movement of a first tubular member over a second tubular member includes a handle body, a nose cone, a locking mechanism, and a retraction control. The nose cone has a sleeve and an outer wall that define a control channel therebetween.
Covidien Lp

Measurement indicia syringe sleeve and syringe needle retraction mechanism

A measurement sleeve adapted for use with a medication syringe including an optically transparent body defining an axial passageway therethrough for receiving a barrel of the medication syringe therein, at least one lateral face through which the barrel is visible when the barrel is within the axial passageway, measurement indicia marked on the at least one lateral face along a portion of the length of the axial passageway, and a barrel lock at one end of the body configured to lock the barrel to the body to prevent relative axial movement therebetween.. .
Parenteral Technologies, Llc

Passive safety i.v. blood collection catheter

Apparatus and methods for a single, handheld device that provides for both insertion of a catheter and collection of a fluid. Some embodiments further include a needle that assists in the insertion of the catheter into a blood vessel, and which includes a retraction feature that protects the user from an accidental needle stick when the device is ready for disposal.
Millaghi Medical, Inc.

Retractable needle for blood gas sampling

A medical device having a frontal attachment and a connector housing having at least a body part of an associated medical apparatus, the frontal attachment slidably engaging the connector housing and having a forwardly projecting, rearwardly biased needle and a needle retraction assembly, and the connector housing having a needle retraction cavity laterally offset from the needle in a first position, the needle retraction cavity being selectively movable relative to the frontal attachment following use to reposition the needle retraction cavity into alignment with the needle to permit retraction. The subject device is desirably specially modified for use in blood gas sampling by the addition of a filter plug..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Method and magnetic brush retraction in electrophotographic system

A method and apparatus for retracting a magnetic brush in an imaging device. The apparatus includes a housing containing carrier beads and toner particles; a magnetic structure at least partly disposed within the housing and generating at least one magnetic field; and an endless sleeve disposed around and rotatable about the magnetic structure, at least a portion of the sleeve extending from the housing.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Conic retraction

A conic retractor for retraction of tissue of a mammal may comprise an at least partially hollow first truncated cone (20); a second truncated cone (30), having a similar apex angle and whose opening is wider than the first truncated cone, may be configured to at least partially enter the first truncated cone and to dilate at least a distal end of the first truncated cone as it is pushed to the distal end of the cone. A third truncated cone (40) can be inserted into the second truncated cone, etc.
Nlt Spine Ltd.

Device for automatic anchor undeployment and retraction

A tissue closure device and a treatment method for closing an opening in a tissue wall are described. The tissue closure device comprises a heating element and a removable anchor having an anchor shaft and an occluding element at or near a distal end of the anchor shaft.
Calore Medical Ltd.

Syringe for the injection of a medicament with automatic needle extension and retraction

A syringe for injecting medicament having automatic needle extension and retraction the syringe includes a first body with a cylindrical cross-section, which includes a front end and a rear end. The front end is provided with a means of transport smaller in diameter than the first body, which is fastened to same with a first fastening protrusion.

Needle extension and retraction mechanism for a syringe for drawing blood samples and provided with a vacuum tube

A needle-extension and retraction device for a syringe for collecting blood samples provided with a vacuum tube includes a needle having a front and rear part. The syringe includes a front portion of a reduced diameter, and a rear portion of a greater diameter, in which the said vacuum tube is housed.

Elastic tongue-dorsum retraction device, clamping pliers, installation pliers, line guide and implantation method

The present invention relates to an elastic tongue-dorsum refraction device for treating obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome (osahs), clamping pliers, installation pliers, a line guide, and an implantation method. The elastic tongue-dorsum refraction device of the present invention includes a tongue dorsum connection mechanism, an elastic retractor and a tooth-side fastener.

Xpanda bag expandable luggage

A combination “carry on” and “check in” bag in the shape of a conventional carry-on luggage or backpack and or a larger duffel bag or large luggage made of flexible material and includes handles, storage pockets, a slide handle with storage pocket, backpack straps stored in a rear compartment for use while in the backpack configuration, and various zippers and pleats to achieve the expansion and retraction of the invention. While using it as a carry on bag the zip of the zipper closes and tucks in the extra/additional bag material in its inverted position and when needed for using as a duffel bag, the zip of the zipper opens and expands the material outward to create extra space for luggage..

Wire collection device for stent delivery system

A wire collection device for a stent delivery system includes a plurality of nested wire collection drums with a first drum concentric in a second drum. A thumbwheel coupled to the first drum can rotate to actuate rotation of the first drum to collect the retraction wire around the diameter of the first drum.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Piston-based chest compression device with belt drive

A hybrid chest compression device includes a backboard with a motor and a drive spool housed within the backboard. There is also a piston support frame secured to the backboard forming a patient channel between the piston support frame and the backboard.
Zoll Circulation, Inc.

Spinal surgery distraction with an integrated retractor

A spinal surgery retractor and method of use. The retractor includes a slotted keyway for integrating a keyed spinal distractor.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Reclining and ottoman-extending chair mechanism

A seating-unit mechanism includes various components that control a position of the seat and backrest and that control an extension and retraction of an ottoman and footrest. For example, the mechanism includes a linear actuator that controls a seat pitch (e.g., height and level of recline).
L & P Property Management Company

Reclining and ottoman-extending chair mechanism

A seating-unit mechanism includes various components that control a position of the seat and backrest and that control an extension and retraction of an ottoman and footrest. For example, the mechanism includes a linear actuator that controls a seat pitch (e.g., height and level of recline).
L&p Property Management Company

Hydraulic leveling system improvements

A hydraulic leveling system for a vehicle has at least one set of hydraulic jacks that are extended by applying hydraulic pump pressure to an extend side of the jacks and are retracted by relieving hydraulic pressure from the extend side and applying hydraulic pressure to a retract side of the jacks. A pressure sensor has a pressure set point that when it is exceeded the system generates a signal indicating retraction of the jacks.
Actuant Corporation

Firing member retraction devices for powered surgical instruments

A surgical instrument that includes a motor-powered drive unit that drives a portion of a firing member assembly in an axial direction to actuate a surgical end effector coupled to the instrument. The instrument may further include a retraction system configured to interact with the firing member assembly to permit a clinician to manually retract the portion of the firing member assembly should it become jammed or inadvertently stopped during a firing process.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.

Radially expandable stabilizer

A downhole tool includes a radial expansion assembly deployed about, and configured to rotate substantially freely with respect to, a tool mandrel. The expansion assembly includes at least one stabilizer block configured to extend radially outward from the mandrel into contact with a wellbore casing string.
Smith International, Inc.

Wire collection device with geared advantage

A stent delivery system includes a wire collection device which is constructed with a thumbwheel coupled to a collection spindle that is rotatable to collect a retraction wire about the collection spindle. A proximal end of an outer stent-constraining sheath is coupled to the collection spindle by the retraction wire and a distal end of the outer sheath retractably surrounds a distally-disposed self-expanding stent.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Nested cannula tips

A nested cannula includes two or more nested tubes (204, 206). A tip portion (202) at a distal end of the nested cannula includes a shape compositely formed from ends of the tubes of the nested cannula to improve one of distal advancement or proximal retraction during deployment..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Apparatus for implanting a preloaded localization wire

An apparatus for percutaneously implanting a localization wire into a tissue mass includes a handle having a grip portion and a base. The grip portion is slidably mounted to the base.
Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc.

Swing amusement ride system

Disclosed is an amusement ride system that includes a support component extending in a generally horizontal direction. The support component includes a first anchored segment, a medial segment, and a second anchored segment.

Shallow-draft watercraft propulsion and steering apparatus

A watercraft includes a stern flotation compartment. The hull is carved out underneath the gunwales to admit a vertical cylindrical sleeve extending through the flotation compartment from top to bottom, and sealed top and bottom.

Composite engineered floor board having an oriented strand board (osb) stabilizing base

An engineered floor board or wood panel for the fabrication thereof is comprised of a thin top wood layer fabricated from a quality wood material. The top wood layer is glued to a core layer wood product having a grain orientation disposed transverse to the longitudinal axis of the top wood layer.

Toggle latch for sequentially extended mechanical mast

An automatic locking system is provided that is driven by the normal extension and retraction of the mast, reduces the inherent rotation and deflection of the mast due to clearances, and operates more smoothly and quietly than conventional locking systems. The locking system also fits reasonably within the existing footprint of a typical mechanical mast..
The Will-burt Company

Blade attachment and adjustment mechanism for tissue retraction

A blade assembly for a tissue retractor includes a blade, a mount, and a positioner member. The blade includes a length extending from a proximal portion with a coupling to a distal portion for retracting soft tissue.
Alphatec Spine, Inc.

Suspension/retraction device for surgical manipulation

A device that can be delivered into a body cavity to manipulate tissue intracorporeally while being controlled extracorporeally and a method of using the device to perform a single-port laparoscopic or natural orifice surgery are provided. The device is capable of being passed through an interior diameter of a single port into the body cavity.
Yale University

Compressor unit, and compressor

Compressor unit (12) of a compressor (10) for compressing refrigerant, comprising a drive device, particularly a drive shaft (24), for driving one or more pistons (14) that are arranged in a radial direction and that can be moved back and forth in extension and retraction movements in corresponding cylinder bores (16), wherein the drive device is in operative engagement with an eccentric (28) that controls the extension movement of the pistons (14), said eccentric (28) also controlling the retraction movement of the piston (14), the invention further relating to a corresponding compressor (10).. .
Gea Bock Gmbh

Safety gate and extension, retraction, and lock mechanism

Provided is a retractable safety gate and locking mechanism for a retractable safety gate that employs a spline lock and spline geometry for extending and locking the gate in an immovable position, and an air check valve and compression spring as a time delay for retracting the gate.. .

Adjustable-width snow plow

A snow plow apparatus comprises a snow plow main blade, end blade sections telescopingly mounted to ends of the main blade for sliding extension and retraction, and mechanical fasteners fixing a selected telescoped position of the end blade sections on the main blade. The main blade has a vertical cross section with linear portions connected by a formed channel-shaped center portion that gives the blade greater bending strength, and includes flanged upper and lower edges.
Ebling & Son, Inc.

Tape measure with finger drag brake

A tape measure is described that has a finger recess in a housing, with at least a portion of the underside of a tape blade exposed in the finger recess. Pressing a finger against the underside of the tape allows the user to create a drag brake that acts against the retraction spring to slow and/or stop the retraction of the tape blade.
Apex Brands, Inc.

Auto-disable syringe assembly

A syringe structured to permit multiple filling and emptying cycles with a single syringe, but then to automatically disable that syringe to resist syringe reuse subsequent to a final dose-ejecting cycle. The syringe includes a plunger with a distal tip carrying capture structure that protrudes from the dispensing aperture of the syringe at a fluid fully-expelled position.
Wolfe Tory Medical, Inc.

Delivering and/or receiving fluids

The present invention generally relates to receiving bodily fluid through a device opening. In one aspect, the device includes a flow activator arranged to cause fluid to be released from a subject.
Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.

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