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Retraction patents

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Wound retractor

Wound retractor

Wound retractor

Windscreen wiper adapter with safety position

Date/App# patent app List of recent Retraction-related patents
 Deployment tool for sutureless vascular anastomosis connection patent thumbnailnew patent Deployment tool for sutureless vascular anastomosis connection
A tool is described for deploying a sutureless vascular anastomosis connection, including a body, a sheath configured to house a connector, the connector being configured to couple a graft vessel to a main vessel, the sheath being removably coupled to a distal end of the body, a dial disposed on a proximal end of the body, a spring disposed within the body and coupled to the dial, a shaft extending from the distal end of the body into the sheath, the shaft having a shaft cannula, a plunger having a plunger head configured to be coupled with the spring at one end, the plunger coupled to the shaft at an opposite end, and a retractable needle coupled to the dial using a retraction mechanism, the retractable needle configured to fit within the shaft cannula, the retractable needle having a sharp end.. .
 Sharps retraction device patent thumbnailnew patent Sharps retraction device
A medical device comprising an outer housing (400) having a first wall (401) defining a first passage (402) with proximal and distal ends. A retraction housing (412) is slidably received in the first passage (402), the retraction housing (412) having proximal and distal ends and a wall with an interior surface wall defining a helical path (421).
 Wound retractor patent thumbnailnew patent Wound retractor
A retraction device for retracting an incision in a body wall includes a sheath that traverses through the incision from outside the body to a body cavity inside the body. The retraction device may include a deployable, adjustable frame that supports the sheath and that, together with the sheath, retracts the incision.
 Lens barrel patent thumbnailnew patent Lens barrel
The lens barrel includes a support frame and a retracting lens frame. The retracting lens frame is configured to support a lens and move around a retraction shaft with respect to the support frame during a transition period between an imaging enabled state and a housed state.
 Lens barrel patent thumbnailnew patent Lens barrel
A lens barrel includes a frame body, a support frame, and a refracting lens frame. The support frame is configured to be supported by the frame body and move within a plane perpendicular to the optical axis with respect to the frame body.
 Lens barrel patent thumbnailnew patent Lens barrel
The lens barrel includes a first frame body, a second frame body, a support frame, and a retracting lens frame. The second frame body is supported by the first frame body.
 Cup holder patent thumbnailnew patent Cup holder
The present invention provides a cup holder that is capable of preventing a drawing portion from being pushed and retracted while maintaining a state in which a cup is held. A retraction preventing portion is formed on an interior face of a bottom face of the holder case, and a protrusion is formed so as to be oriented to the bottom face's side of the holder case at a rear end part of a turnable holding arm portion that is provided at a drawing portion.
 Printing apparatus and control method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Printing apparatus and control method thereof
A printing apparatus according to one aspect of this invention automatically discharges, of sheets remaining on a conveyance path when a sheet being conveyed jams, dischargeable sheets to one of a plurality of sheet retraction units. At this time, the printing apparatus detects the stacked state of sheets discharged to the sheet retraction unit.
 Stacking purge-bin patent thumbnailnew patent Stacking purge-bin
Apparatus and methods for a stacking purge-bin (“spb”) are provided. The spb may be configured to rotate.
 Coiled spreader spring patent thumbnailnew patent Coiled spreader spring
A spreader spring comprising: (a) a locking arm that connects the spreader spring to a brake component; (b) a retraction arm; and (c) a bias device located between the locking arm and the retraction arm; wherein the bias device includes six helical loops or more that store energy during a brake apply and once the brake apply is complete assist in retracting a brake pad.. .
new patent Pneumatically-operated rigid linear chain and sprocket actuator for deploying a vehicle snow chain traction system
A unit for rapid deployment and retraction of chain traction systems for vehicles includes a pneumatic cylinder having a cylindrical chamber enclosing a piston that is pneumatically-movable bidirectionally. A control rod coupled at one end to the piston passes through an end of the chamber and is coupled to a rack linearly movable within a sealed, grease-containing case.
new patent Shoe with automatic closure mechanism
Provided is an automated shoe closure including a sole and a plurality of motors disposed in the sole. The motors are configured to expand or contract one or more shoe panels.
new patent Windscreen wiper adapter with safety position
The invention relates to an adapter (9) for connecting a windscreen wiper blade (1) to a drive arm (3) of a wiper system, said adapter (9) being configured to be connected to a connector (8) with a degree of freedom in pivoting about an axis of articulation, said connector (8) being fixed to the blade (1), said adapter (9) comprising means for keeping in a nominal position of immobilization on the arm, said adapter (9) being configured to be immobilized, in a direction known as the direction of retraction, situated in a plane perpendicular to the axis of articulation, in a safety position, should said retaining means (20) fail. According to the invention, the adapter (9) is configured to be guided by the arm (3) in a translational movement, in said direction of retraction, from said nominal position to said safety position and/or to have a direction of deliberate disengagement from the arm starting from a position located between the two, nominal and safety positions.
Sensor system for detection of a partial retrieval of dispensed currency at an automated teller machine
Apparatus and methods for a sensor system are provided. The system may be configured to detect a dispensing of cash from an automated teller machine (“atm”).
Automated teller machine ("atm") currency stamper
Apparatus and methods for an automated teller machine (“atm”) currency stamper are provided. The currency stamper may be configured to mark currency retracted by the atm.
Dosing system
The invention concerns a dosing system for adjusting a dose volume of a fluid medium. The dosing system has a longitudinal center axis (1), a dosing sleeve (3) with at least one communication opening (7), a dosing plunger (4), which can move axially in the dosing sleeve (3) between a retracted and a depressed position to take up and dispense the medium through the communication opening (7), and a retraction limiting element (5) to delimit a maximum axial retraction path of the dosing plunger (4).
Retractable needle catheter insertion device
A retractable needle catheter insertion device is provided with a cannula and a needle positioned within the cannula to assist with insertion of the cannula. After insertion of the cannula into a patient, the needle can retract into a protective sleeve that contains the needle in order to reduce the chance that a medical practitioner will be inadvertently stuck by a used needle.
Sampling catheter devices, methods, and systems
A sampling catheter encloses a sampling brush which can be selectively extended and retracted from and into the catheter assembly to allow insertion and movement of the catheter while presenting a smooth surface to the body lumen. The selective extension and retraction of the brush allows it to be withdrawn while limiting contamination by contact with tissue outside of the sampled region.
Sheet conveying apparatus, method for controlling the same and program
There is provided a technique for reducing the user's labor of removing, from a printing apparatus, sheets which remain on a conveyance path when a jam occurs in the printing apparatus. To achieve this, a printing apparatus according to one aspect of the invention serves as a sheet conveying apparatus for conveying a sheet through a conveyance path, which identifies a sheet jam position on the conveyance path, conveys, to a first sheet retraction unit, a sheet on the upstream side in a conveyance direction with respect to the identified jam position, and conveys, to a second sheet retraction unit, a sheet on the downstream side in the conveyance direction with respect to the identified jam position..
Fishing line reel with rapid line payout
A reel for fishing line or the like provides for extremely rapid payout by releasing the line to unwind by sliding rapidly around a guide surrounding the line spool and by rotation of the line spool itself. A lever controls a line guide preventing sliding of the fishing line around the guide and providing controllable friction and locking of rotation of the line spool only when actuated by the user to permit retraction of the line or controlled tensioning of the line..
Retractable syringe needle
A retractable needle is provided for a syringe comprising a barrel and a plunger that comprises a portion capable of engaging the retractable needle for retraction. The retractable needle comprises a cannula, a needle body having a plunger-engaging member, at least one aperture and an which is in fluid communication with the at least one aperture, wherein the at least one aperture is located between the plunger-engaging member and the elongate portion.
Plunger-driven auto-injectors
Plunger sub-assemblies for automatic injectors include a plunger outer having one or more engagement prongs, a plunger inner having one or more engagement slots which correspond with the engagement prongs of the plunger outer, and a retraction biasing member. The retraction biasing member is retained in a first energized state between the plunger outer and plunger inner when the engagement prongs of the plunger outer are releasably engaged with the engagement slots of the plunger inner.
Methods and devices for tissue retraction
Methods and devices are provided for retracting tissue. In one exemplary embodiment, a retractor is provided that includes a base, a plurality of blades extending from the base, and an actuator coupled to the base and operatively connected to the blades.
Tubulin-interacting protein, caltubin, promotes axonal growth
A novel isolated protein, referred to herein as “caltubin”, is provided. Caltubin promotes axonal regeneration, and prevents or at least reduces axonal retraction in neurons..
Blood perfusion device delivery system
A delivery system deploys a prosthesis for open surgical repair of a body vessel. The system includes a sleeve to retain segments of a prosthesis in a compressed configuration and retraction members.
Medical device
A medical device that can perform plural actions by a single operation and is excellent in operability includes a catheter that is insertable into a living body, a sandwiching portion and a needle positioning portion that are disposed in the catheter so as to be able to advance and retract. A slide portion is operable such that the sandwiching portion and the needle positioning portion advance and retract simultaneously, and an action switching portion causes the sandwiching portion to advance and retract in tandem with or independently of the slide portion by the advance and retraction of the slide portion..
Adjustable height needle infusion device
An infusion set has a retraction dial that can be removably assembled with the infusion set and access a threaded needle hub contained therein such that the dial can be used to advance or retract a needle hub and an inserted needle to a more precisely controlled insertion depth to deliver insulin or other medicament intradermally (i.e. To the upper 3 mm of skin surface).
Auto-injector for retractable prefilled syringe
An actuation mechanism for an automatic injector includes a first actuation spring, a first actuation pill, a second actuation spring, and a second actuation pill. In an initial configuration the first actuation spring resides in a compressed, energized state substantially within an upper portion of first actuation pill and the second actuation spring resides in a compressed, energized state between the first actuation pill and the second actuation pill.
Safety syringe
Described is a syringe comprising a barrel, a stopper slidably arranged within the barrel, a needle arranged on a distal end of the barrel, a plunger coupling coupled to the stopper and adapted to releasably engage a plunger, and a needle retraction mechanism adapted to retract the needle into the barrel.. .
Described is an autoinjector comprising a case, a drive carriage disposed in the case, and a plunger coupled to the drive carriage. The plunger is adapted to releasably engage a needle retraction mechanism in a syringe.
Wound retractor
A retraction device for retracting an incision in a body wall includes a sheath that traverses through the incision from outside the body to a body cavity inside the body. The retraction device may include a first, distal retention ring, a second, proximal retention ring, a circumferential, tubular sheath that is coupled to the first and second retention rings, a plurality of tensioning straps, and a proximal lock ring, wherein each of the plurality of straps is coupled to the distal retention ring and extends proximally through the lumen of the sheath and the proximal retention ring.
Cavity blocker
Disclosed herein, amongst other things, is an apparatus for use with a mold that includes a blocker that is configured to selectively block an opening of a cavity defined in a cavity member of the mold after retraction of a core member from the cavity, whereupon with ejection of a molded article from the core member the molded article is directed by the blocker into a transfer device for transfer from the mold.. .
Power tool and method of operating an automated drilling operation
A power tool includes a pneumatic motor with an output shaft, a spindle that is drivingly connected to the output shaft via a drive gear to provide a rotational movement to the spindle and via a feed gear to provide a translational movement to the spindle. A cylinder that governs the gear transmission to the feed gear is arranged to be translated between a retraction gearing position and an advancement gearing position.
Retractable clothes dryer vent
A retractable clothes dryer vent includes a support, a duct coupling, a dryer vent hose, a dryer exhaust coupling, a first retraction guide assembly, and a second retraction guide assembly. The duct coupling is mounted in the support and has a first end, a second end opposite the first end, and an opening extending through the support.
Table and slide assemblies for patient transfer device
A table assembly for a patient transfer device has an upper table with side plates that are differentially extended at the ends, and valve control for pneumatic tubing integrated with retraction of the side plates. During patient delivery only the delivery side plate is raised, to avoid catching linens in the nip formed between upper and lower belts.
Method and device for real-time knowledge processing based on an ontology with temporal extensions
Embodiments are directed towards a method and a computer server for receiving assertions, wherein an assertion can have a functional property such that for a given subject and a given property the object has a single value at any time, maintaining a knowledge base that includes (1) a history table that stores previously received assertions, and (2) a snapshot table that stores currently valid assertions, maintaining a snapshot cache in memory that stores a subset of the assertions in the snapshot table, initiating a processing cycle, selecting an assertion for processing, generating an assertion tuple that corresponds to the selected assertion, determining that the property of the selected assertion is functional, writing a retraction tuple to the history table, writing the assertion tuple to the snapshot table; and writing the assertion tuple to the history table.. .
Cardiac valve with shields for tissue retraction
A tissue retraction system for a bioprosthetic cardiac valve base configured for attachment to a separate leaflet set includes a plurality of retraction shields releasably attached to the valve base. The retraction shields are configured to restrain tissue within a surgical site.
Systems and methods for tissue retraction
A system for interchangeable retractor blades includes a shell, a first retractor blade, and a second retractor blade. The shell includes a rigid proximal end configured to attach to a surgical retractor and an opening, a distal closed end, and a pliable portion including a pocket in communication with the opening and extending along a length of the shell to the distal closed end.
Removable and replaceable sound tunnel shell
Mobile devices may minimize the radiation exposure to users by controlling the distance between the user, specifically the head, and the mobile device to a minimum distance. The reduction in exposure is realized due to the operation of the inverse square rule on electromagnetic signal from the mobile device recognizing there is a steep fall off of signal strength resultant from increased distance between the head of the user and the source of the signal.
Retractable keyboard keys
A keyboard includes a bezel having a plurality of key openings and a plurality of key holding features configured adjacent to the plurality of key openings on a bottom side of the bezel. A plurality of keycaps are positioned within the plurality of key openings.
Tissue protection/retraction system
The protective tissue cover includes a sleeve configured to slide onto the working portion of a surgical retractor. At least the contact side of the protective tissue cover is constructed from smooth antimicrobial material that minimizes contact irritation with tissue.
Cam mechanism to raise steering wheel of patient transfer device
A table assembly for a patient transfer device has an upper table with side plates that are differentially extended at the ends, and valve control for pneumatic tubing integrated with retraction of the side plates. During patient delivery only the delivery side plate is raised, to avoid catching linens in the nip formed between upper and lower belts.
Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments
A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Pad retraction clip
A retraction clip comprising: (a) an attachment feature and (b) a retraction feature connected to the attachment feature; wherein the attachment feature attaches the retraction clip to a component of a brake system so that the retraction clip assists in retracting a brake pad after a brake apply.. .
Head cover
An expandable head cover is made in one-piece flat form of width 9-15″ and made of two latex-free nonwoven sheets of having a retraction force of greater than 0.5 lb/2″ and less than 3 lb/2″ from a 100% elongation and a hydrostatic pressure resistance of above 500 mm h2o/100 cm2. The head cover has at least one eye opening covered with a transparent film..
Cosmetic method for changing the appearance of eyes
The current application is directed to cosmetic methods for changing the appearance of eyes by causing a retraction of the eyelids so that the eyes appear to be more open and have a wider appearance. Various methods involve application of one or more prostaglandins, synthetic prostaglandins, including synthetic prostaglandin f, and synthetic prostaglandin analogues, to eyelids, which results in contraction of eyelid muscles and a wider, more open appearance of the eyes..
Rapid fixing device for rapid disconnection two-part connector
A removable fixing device includes a first elongated mating member, a second elongated mating member designed to be inserted in the first elongated mating member, and an elastic member adapted to lock the two elongated mating members axially relative to each other and retractable radially on insertion of the second elongated mating member into the first elongated mating member. One elongated mating member includes an actuator mobile axially relative to the elongated mating member between a first position in which the elastic member locks the two elongated mating members axially and a second position in which the actuator unlocks the elongated mating members by radial retraction of the elastic member..
Drive device for moveable furniture component
Drive device for a movable furniture component, particularly for a drawer, comprising an ejection device having an ejection force accumulator for ejecting the movable furniture component into an open position, and a retraction device having a retraction force accumulator for retracting the movable furniture component from an open position into a closed position, wherein the ejection force accumulator can be charged by the retraction force accumulator during refraction of the movable furniture component.. .
Pivotable bearing skate and pivotable bearing skate extendable cargo bed frame assembly
A bearing skate system for an extendable cargo bed frame assembly is provided to improve the performance of the cargo bed frame assembly. The bearing skate system has a plurality of pivotable bearing skates and each bearing skate has a pivotable skate plate having a plurality of rotating main bearings distributed along the skate plate between each side of a pivot axis of said skate plate to allow a plurality of said rotating main bearings of each skate plate to participate in supporting the cargo bed frame assembly and a cargo load on the cargo bed frame assembly when the assembly is in a closed position, in an open position, and in all intermediate positions between the closed position and the open position during extension or retraction of the cargo bed frame assembly..
Substrate transport apparatus with multiple movable arms utilizing a mechanical switch mechanism
A substrate transport apparatus including a frame, a drive section connected to the frame and including at least one independently controllable motor, at least two substrate transport arms connected to the frame and comprising arm links arranged for supporting and transporting substrates, and a mechanical motion switch coupled to the at least one independently controllable motor and the at least two substrate transport arms for effecting the extension and retraction of one of the at least two substrate transport arms while the other one of the at least two substrate transport arms remains in a substantially retracted configuration.. .
Cylinder retraction system, boom device and crawler crane
A cylinder retraction system causes a crawler side frame hoisting hydraulic cylinder, swingably suspended on a ventral surface side of a lower boom, to swing between a retracted attitude, in which the hydraulic cylinder is set along a ventral surface of the lower boom, and an operating attitude in which the hydraulic cylinder is oriented along a vertical direction. As the rod of the hydraulic cylinder, currently having the operating attitude, is contracted by a predetermined extent, the rod front end of the hydraulic cylinder is guided by the guiding portion until the hydraulic cylinder takes on the retracted attitude.
Sorter slat attachment
A method of disconnecting a slat from a wheel assembly that is used with a positive displacement sorter having a plurality of parallel laterally extending slats and a pair of wheel assemblies, each interconnecting common end portions of the slats thereby defining an endless web that travels in a longitudinal direction. An upper surface of the web defines an article-conveying surface.
Retractable tape rule assembly locking system
The present disclosure relates to a retractable tape rule assembly locking system. The system comprises an elongated tape rule blade, a reel, a biasing spring, a stop assembly, a stop surface, a stop assembly locking device, a housing assembly, and/or other components.
Self-cleansing retractable handle assembly for water craft
A concealably retractable handle is ensconced into the core or hull of a recreational or utilitarian floatation structure such as a canoe, kayak, surfboard, sailboard, paddle board or the like, where it lies below the outer surface without interfering with normal use of the structure. The handle can be conveniently extracted and secured in an operational position to facilitate handling and carrying the structure or securing it the a vehicle.
Medical treatment instrument
A medical treatment instrument operation unit includes a sliding portion capable of advancing and retracting to a body portion and rotating around a longitudinal axis of the body portion and connected to a proximal end portion of the operating member, and a regulating portion switchable to a movable state where regulating portion is capable of advancing, retracting, and rotating to the body portion and a limited state where the advance, retraction, and rotation of sliding portion to the body portion is limited. The regulating portion includes a rotatable dial portion, and a shaft-shaped member screwed to the dial portion to be relatively advanceable and retractable thereto in a direction in which the shaft-shaped member is brought close to and separated from the body portion.
Dual chamber passive retraction needle syringe
Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a single syringe barrel configuration and dual syringe barrel configuration. In one or more embodiments, the assemblies include a barrel having a dividing wall to divide the chamber to define a fluid chamber having a first cross-sectional width for retaining fluid and a needle chamber for housing a needle hub assembly.
Systems and methods for performing neurophysiologic assessments with pressure monitoring
Systems and methods for performing neurophysiologic assessments of neural tissue including nerve pathology monitoring which may be augmented by adding the ability to assess or monitor the pressure being exerted upon a nerve or nerve root before, during and/or after retraction.. .
Device for limiting swivel of a wheel
A device for limiting swivel of a wheel includes a fixed seat, a positioning groove, a driving member, and a limiting member. The fixed seat permits a fork to be connected pivotally thereto, and permits a frame to be connected fixedly thereto.
Brake apparatus
Upon a start of a release for releasing a braking state of a parking bake in a process of step 2, a control unit (13) performs hydraulic maintaining control by an esc (11) in a subsequent step, step 3. As a result, a hydraulic pressure in a cylinder portion (46) increases according to a retraction of a piston (49) of a disk brake (41).
Expandable packer
An expandable packer tool comprising a mandrel tool body; a sleeve-like packer element mounted on the tool body; and a setting mechanism that is operable to axially compress the packer element such that the diameter of the packer element in its compressed state is increased compared to it uncompressed state. An extrusion barrier can comprise a ring of seal elements disposed around the tool body on either side of the packer element, and arranged to engage the packer element so that expansion of the packer element causes the ring of seal elements to expand in a corresponding manner so as to form an extrusion barrier; wherein the ring of seal elements comprises wedge-shaped seal members comprising first seal members having a inner base wider than an outer surface, and second seal members having an inner base narrower than an outer surface, the ring comprising alternating first and second members, the inclined faces of each wedge-shaped member engaging the corresponding faces of adjacent members.
Systems and methods for sensor controlled reach carriage
Automated systems and methods control the velocity of the extension arm of a reach carriage. In particular, the extension arm is allowed to operate at full velocity when it is not approaching its extension or retraction limits.
Braided stent with expansion ring and method of delivery
A self-expanding braided stent includes at least a distal radial expansion ring added to a distal end of the stent body to increase a radial expansion force of the self-expanding braided stent in deployment of the stent, and to facilitate advancement of the stent through a delivery sheath by a core advancement wire. A proximal radial expansion ring is optionally added to a proximal end of the stent body to allow the stent to be recaptured following partial deployment by retraction of the core advancement wire, prior to full deployment of a proximal portion of the stent body..
Spiral vena cava filter removal device
A retrieval device for removing filter devices from body cavities is provided. The retrieval device comprises at least an outer sheath, a first inner sheath, and a retrieval coil configured to coil around the outer surface of a filter device to initiate retraction.

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