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Retraction patents


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 Display apparatus patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus
A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a housing having an opening, a first roll and a second roll rotatably provided within the housing, a display configured to be wound on the first roll, and to be retracted and withdrawn through the opening according to a rotation direction of the first roll, a protection member configured to be wound on the first roll together with the display or to be wound in the second roll as the display is withdrawn from the housing, and a moveable component mounting part which is disposed between the first roll and the second roll and on which various components are mounted within the housing.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Retractable steering column with dual actuators patent thumbnailRetractable steering column with dual actuators
According to one exemplary embodiment of the present invention a steering column assembly is provided. The steering column assembly includes a steering column shaft.
Steering Solutions Ip Holding Corporation

 Surgical instrument comprising a system for bypassing an operational step of the surgical instrument patent thumbnailSurgical instrument comprising a system for bypassing an operational step of the surgical instrument
A surgical instrument is disclosed which comprises a staple firing system and a tissue cutting system. In various instances, the surgical instrument further comprises a lockout configured to prevent the retraction of the staple firing system until the tissue cutting system has been completely actuated.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Llc

 Fishing line reel with rapid line payout patent thumbnailFishing line reel with rapid line payout
A reel for fishing line or the like provides for extremely rapid payout by releasing the line to unwind by sliding rapidly around a guide surrounding the line spool and by rotation of the line spool itself. A lever controls a line guide preventing sliding of the fishing line around the guide and providing controllable friction and locking of rotation of the line spool only when actuated by the user to permit retraction of the line or controlled tensioning of the line..
Ams, Llc

 Support basement for photovoltaic panels patent thumbnailSupport basement for photovoltaic panels
A support basement adapted to support fixedly mounted or extensible and collapsible photovoltaic panels that comprises a plurality of triangular arrays (53) interconnected by tubular members (21) and constructed with links (54, 55) and radially extending tubular members (1). Profile members (24, 30, 84) extending longitudinally along each photovoltaic panel connect the profile frames (37, 39, 69) of the photovoltaic panels to underlying triangular arrays (53) by means of connector assemblies comprising bolts (10) and nuts (12).

 Service line transport and deployment system patent thumbnailService line transport and deployment system
The present invention relates to a positioning system for service lines. Generally, the invention relates to a mechanism for the deployment, retraction, and transportation of fixed-length service lines such as electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and communication resources necessary to the operation of a drilling rig used for subterranean exploration.
T&t Engineering Services, Inc.

 Excavator shearing implement patent thumbnailExcavator shearing implement
A shearing implement for use with an excavator is disclosed. The shearing implement comprises a thumb having a grasping side and a cutting side and being pivotably attachable to the boom.

 Advanced lock design for ball-lock devices patent thumbnailAdvanced lock design for ball-lock devices
A ball-lock type fastening device for connecting a work piece to a structure is disclosed. The fastening device includes a number of features designed to improve the reliability, repeatability and strength of the locking mechanism compared to traditional ball-lock fasteners.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

 Self-adjusting chamfering tool patent thumbnailSelf-adjusting chamfering tool
A self-adjusting tool for chamfering an end of a cylinder includes a plurality of legs. A distal segment of each of the legs extends in a forward direction of the tool and is placeable about the end of the cylinder.
Noga Engineering & Technology (2008) Ltd.

 Catheter insertion mechanism for a patch pump patent thumbnailCatheter insertion mechanism for a patch pump
Manual insertion device has retraction spring (202) and hollow septum configuration (224) implemented using barrel-shaped guides (108, 110) and a guiding boss (210) in insertion device housing (106), and provides a fluid path through alignment of septum openings, side-port openings and catheter openings upon complete catheter insertion. Button (200) causes manual insertion of introducer needle (204) and catheter (220) of a first barrel (108) into a skin surface, and loading of retraction spring (202) disposed in an adjacent second barrel (110).
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Systems, devices, and methods for automated endotracheal suctioning

The present disclosure provides systems, devices and methods for automated endotracheal suctioning the device comprises an adaptor, which in some embodiments retrofits into existing suctioning equipment. The system includes the adaptor as well as suctioning tube, componentry for automatically deploying and retracting the suctioning tube, suctioning device, and processor to manage automation of deployment/retraction of the tube and suctioning of fluid.
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund

Cannula insertion and retraction device for infusion device

An insulin infusion device (1a) is disclosed. The device includes a body (3a), cannula (70) housed in the body (1a), a cannula insertion device (10, 20, 23) and a cannula retraction device (20, 23, 30).
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Smooth movement safety knife system and method

A medical scalpel system includes a safety handle and an internal mechanism that permits a blade to be extended and retracted relative to the safety handle. At least a portion of the system is manufactured pursuant to a process wherein a material, such as silicon or teflon, is used in the manufacturing of the components to provide a smooth movement between components of an extension and retraction mechanism.
Surgistar, Inc.

Surgical access sytem and related methods

A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative corridor to a surgical target site.. .
Nuvasive, Inc.

Easily removable contacts for micro connectors

A plug including a base having a top surface, a plurality of openings in the top surface, a retraction unit having a first portion in the base and a second portion extending from the base to a position in front of a corresponding opening, and a conductive unit having a notch where the conductive unit extends through one opening such that the retraction unit engages the notch to prevent the conductive unit from passing back through the opening.. .

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus includes an output gear that is driven by a drive source, a transmitting member that meshes with the output gear in such a manner as to be capable of advancing toward and retracting from a driving object and transmits a rotational driving force to the driving object, a guiding portion provided coaxially with the output gear and that guides the transmitting member in a direction of advancement or retraction of the transmitting member, and a locking member provided between the output gear and the transmitting member and that limits a movement of the transmitting member from a side of the output gear toward the driving object.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Brake pad retraction

A disk brake arrangement includes a retraction mechanism for positively retracting brake pads after application to the brake rotor. Preferably the retraction mechanism is energized by movement of a hydraulically actuated piston for applying one or more brake pads.

Prelock prevention device for use with a web retractor and associated systems and methods

A prelock prevention device for use with a web retractor in a vehicle restraint system is described herein. The web retractor can include a sidewall adjacent a rotatable spool with a web wound thereon.
Shield Restraint Systems, Inc.

Retractable putting green

A golf putting device includes a flexible, elongate putting substrate. A distal target portion has a ramped portion attached to a distal end of the flexible, elongate putting substrate and contains a raised deck containing a golf hole.

Electrode lead that avoids electrode array migration from the cochlea

A cochlear implant electrode arrangement is described that prevents post-surgical retraction of the electrode array from the cochlea. The arrangement includes an electrode lead that carries cochlear stimulation signals from an implanted signal processor, through an oval shaped posterior tympanotomy opening in the facial recess of a patient, to an electrode array implanted in a cochlea of the patient.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh

Infusion device with automatic insertion and introducer needle retraction

An infusion device (10) includes one or more of automatic insertion and retraction of an introducer needle (40) and catheter (28), introducer needle safety and extension set. The device (10) can further comprise a top-push button (16) activation feature, a side-push button (402) activation feature or a rotary-button (412) activation feature, and one or more of a manual interlock of an outer barrel and base, and a manual interlock for an extension set top and base.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Method and coupling soft tissue to a bone

A method and apparatus for coupling a soft tissue implant into a locking cavity formed within a bone is disclosed. The apparatus includes a member to pull the soft tissue implant into a femoral tunnel.
Biomet Sports Medicine, Llc

Passive safety i.v. blood collection catheter

Apparatus and methods for a single, handheld device that provides for both insertion of a catheter and collection of a fluid. Some embodiments further include a needle that assists in the insertion of the catheter into a blood vessel, and which includes a retraction feature that protects the user from an accidental needle stick when the device is ready for disposal.
Millaghi Medical, Inc.

Pressure releaving means

A packer and method and apparatus for releasing pressure within a pressurized annulus around the packer. The apparatus comprises a central tubular member having a central bore therethrough extending between first and second ends, an outer plug slidably locatable within a first end of the tubular member and having a central bore therethrough and an inner plug slidably locatable within the central bore of the outer plug.
Schlumberger Canada Limited

Method for shot peening a pipe inner wall of a curved workpiece having a workpiece bore, and blasting nozzle unit and blasting chamber system therefor

For the shot peening of a pipe inner wall of a curved workpiece (200) having a workpiece bore (201), use is made of a flexible blasting abrasive feed hose (10) having blasting nozzle head (20). The latter is guided through a supporting element (30) which is applied to one workpiece end (203).
Wheelabrator Group Gmbh

Closed male luer device for use with needleless access devices

A medical connector can include a body having a fluid path with an inlet port, an outlet port, a luer portion, and a post extending through a fluid path. An arm having a latch member is coupled to the body to engage a ridge or thread on an exterior surface of a reciprocal connector.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

System and performing percutaneous spinal interbody fusion

A method of performing percutaneous interbody spinal fusion on adjacent vertebrae in a patient including the steps of: creating a percutaneous access opening on the patient, using indirect visualization to establish a surgical path through the access opening via neural monitoring, creating a cavity in a disc space between the adjacent vertebra, without retraction, evaluating the created cavity, inserting a container sized and configured to fit through the access opening into the cavity and filling the container with fill material.. .
Spineology, Inc.

Electric brake device and electric brake device system

The electric brake device includes an electric motor, a friction pad, a linear motion mechanism, a braking force command section, a braking force estimation section, and a controller. The controller is provided with a pad wear amount estimation section to estimate a wear amount of the friction pad and a motor rotation angle detector to detect a motor rotation angle.
Ntn Corporation

Hydraulic hammering device

Provided is a hydraulic hammering device having improved hammering efficiency and of low cost. A piston has a valve switching groove between large-diameter sections thereof.
Furukawa Rock Drill Co., Ltd.

Oral devices

Oral devices such as a pacifier, bottle cap, teething tools and toys, and methods for using the same are provided. An oral device includes a bulb portion configured to be disposed inside a mouth of a user and a wider neck portion coupled distally to the bulb portion and configured to be held by user's lips.

Highly-compactable camera crane

A highly-compactable camera crane enables a load platform to be kept level as the boom is raised and lowered. A main boom is comprised of a number of crossed links which pivot at their crossings to allow extension and retraction of the boom and an auxiliary boom of similar crossed link construction couples the load platform to a reference pivot point of the main boom, enabling the load platform to be kept level as the booms are moved up and down relative to the pivot point..

Method and system for moving a plurality of articulated instruments in tandem back towards an entry guide

A medical robotic system includes articulated instruments extending out of a distal end of an entry guide. Prior to pivoting the entry guide to re-orient it and the instruments, the instruments are moved in tandem back towards the entry guide after a delay.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Retraction force sensing basket

A stone retrieval device includes a sheath and a stone retrieval basket that includes a distal region with a plurality of basket wires and a proximal region with one or more core wires. The stone retrieval basket is contained within the sheath and is movable out a distal opening of the sheath to cause the plurality of basket wires to open into a basket shape.
Gyrus Acmi, Inc., D.b.a. Olympus Surgical Technologies America

Adjustable height suspended shower apparatus with multiple shower sprayers

A shower apparatus includes a ceiling mounting assembly and a plurality of tensioning lines; and a framework and arrangement of sprayers suspended thereby. The ceiling mounting assembly includes a spool in engagement with the tension lines such that winding of the spool in a first rotational direction results retraction of the tensioning lines into the ceiling mounting assembly and raising of the suspended assembly, and unwinding of the spool in a second, opposite rotational direction results in extension of the tensioning lines out of the ceiling mounting assembly and lowering of the suspended assembly.
Focused Reality Llc

Sunshade cap with multiple retractable sunshield members

A retractable sunshade cap includes a crown having a forwardly extending visor, three sunshield members, and fastening members. The bottom end of the sunshield members are permanently attached to the base of the crown using permanent fastening members or sewing stitches or other permanent attachment methods.

Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .
Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd

Locking fluid connector

Disclosed is a fluid-connection device for connecting a first wall defining a first fluid space, for example a flexible pipe, to a second wall defining a second fluid space, in the form of a flexible pipe or enclosure, including a first male connector, the first connector including a seal and a snap-fitting collar, the seal extending radially prior to coupling from the axis until a first radial distance r1, a second female connector capable of receiving the first connector, the second connector including at least one flexible tab with one end against which the locking collar abuts in coupling position, in order to prevent retraction from the coupling position, the flexible tab being defined relative to the axis between a second radial distance r2 and a third radial distance r3, which is greater than the second radial distance r2, wherein r2>r1.. .
Sartorius Stedim Fmt Sas

Seal pressure relaxation device prior to release of retrievable packer

A retrievable packer has its sealing system unloaded before the slip system is relaxed by separation of slip cones from slips that flank the seal assembly. The mandrel is cut so that the portion above the cut can be raised to take a cone up and away from collet heads which previously were trapped by the cone.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Bolt action locking sliding door

A bolt action locking apparatus for use with a conventional sliding bolt lock assembly that enables a laterally sliding door to be locked and unlocked through the extension and retraction of the assembly's locking bolt comprises a modified face plate configured for attachment to the bolt casing of the assembly for use in place of the conventional face plate and a strike plate adapted to be positioned on a doorjamb in place of a conventional strike plate for a sliding bolt lock. The modified face plate includes a bolt aperture for allowing a locking bolt exiting from the bolt casing to pass through and a locking body configured to hinge between a first position and second position based on the position of the locking bolt.

Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle

Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. One or more embodiments include reuse prevention features and features that prevent premature activation of the retraction mechanism.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Catheter system

A manipulable portion of a catheter system advances out of a lumen of a catheter sheath at a distal end of a shaft, which is also within the lumen of the catheter sheath. The catheter system causes different advancement and retraction trajectories of a manipulable portion out of and into the lumen based at least upon different relative movements between the catheter sheath and the shaft.
Kardium Inc.

Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device

A clot extraction catheter comprises a tubular mesh, a rim attached to the tubular mesh proximal end, control wires, an inner sheath, a clot macerator advancable from the inner sheath, and an outer sheath advancable over the guidewire channel and inner sheath. To extract a clot, the catheter is advanced through the clot.

Reversible headrest tilt, lumbar mechanism

A reversible adjustable lumbar support and headrest tilt mechanism is provided for installation on a chair. A side bracket is coupled to each side of the back frame, and a back bracket is pivotably coupled to each side bracket.
L&p Property Management Company

Reclining and ottoman-extending chair mechanism

A seating-unit mechanism includes various components that control a position of the seat and backrest and that control an extension and retraction of an ottoman and footrest. For example, the mechanism includes a linear actuator that controls a seat pitch (e.g., height and level of recline).
L & P Property Management Company

Drawer device

A cup holder device of the present invention includes an advancing and retracting mechanism configured to move a drawer member between an advance position to which the drawer member is advanced from an opening, and a retraction position to which the drawer member is retracted into the opening. The advancing and retracting mechanism includes: a movable portion provided in a storage case and configured to be movable in an advancing and retracting direction; a drawing linkage portion configured to move the drawer member in the advancing and retracting direction according to movement of the movable portion in the advancing and retracting direction, and to displace the drawer member so as to orient the drawer member almost perpendicular to the advancing and retracting direction, by causing the drawer member and the movable portion to cooperate with each other; and an orientation changing portion configured to regulate the drawer member so as to be in a first orientation in which the drawer member can be stored in the storage case when the drawer member is at the retraction position, and to displace the drawer member from the first orientation to a second orientation when the drawer member is drawn to the advance position according advancing of the movable portion..
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Device and delivering a medicament

A device for delivery of medicament is presented that has an elongated housing, a container mounted within the housing and adapted to contain liquid medicament, a stopper slidably arranged within said container, and a delivery mechanism comprising a resilient member, a plunger assembly having one end connected to the stopper and a second end being operably connected to the resilient member, a rotatable latch for releasably retaining the plunger assembly in a first position where the resilient member has an accumulated energy, where rotation of the latch releases the plunger assembly such that the accumulated energy is transferred to the plunger assembly for driving the stopper within the container whereby the medicament within said container is delivered to an injection site. After delivery of the medicament a rotator having a hard stop feature aligns with a rib on the protective shield to prevent retraction of the protective shield..
Carebay Europe Ltd.

Medical device for removing an implanted object using laser cut hypotubes

Methods and devices for separating an implanted object, such as a pacemaker lead, from tissue surrounding such object in a patient's vasculature system. Specifically, the surgical device includes a handle, an elongate inner sheath and a circular cutting blade that extends from the distal end of the sheath upon actuating the handle.
The Spectranetics Corporation

X-ray diagnostic apparatus

According to one embodiment, an x-ray diagnostic apparatus includes a first apparatus, a second apparatus, movement instruction input circuitry and control circuitry. In accordance with a movement instruction, the control circuitry is configured to control the first and second apparatuses so that the first apparatus can be moved to the target position.
Toshiba Medical Sytems Corporation

Slide track assembly

A slide track assembly includes an outer track having a first unlocking face, a first stop face, and a second stop face. A middle track is slideably received in the outer track and includes a sliding groove.

Cover shield system for a telescopic conveyor

A cover shield system for a telescoping conveyor system and an associated telescoping conveyor are provided. The cover is extendable for covering a length of a telescoping portion of the conveyor system.
Ty-crop Manufacturing Ltd.

Spoiler wing extension and retraction system

A spoiler wing extension and retraction system, includes a vehicle mounting assembly, including a circular insert, a spider clamp flange, a clamp bolt and nut, and fasteners, seal and spacer plates; a linear-motion device, including a main body and an extendable shaft; an intermediate attachment assembly; such that the extendable shaft connects to a spoiler wing of a vehicle, such that the linear-motion device lifts and lowers the spoiler wing. A spoiler wing control system includes a spoiler wing extension and retraction system connected to a spoiler wing control unit, including a processor, a non-transitory memory, an input/output component, a linear-motion controller, and a data bus, such that the linear-motion controller is configured to control the linear-motion device of the spoiler wing extension and retraction system..
Rennkit Llc

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