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Retraction patents

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Collapsible plug with extraction component

Volex Plc

Collapsible plug with extraction component

Method and device for lining a well using hydroforming

Saltel Industries

Method and device for lining a well using hydroforming

Method and device for lining a well using hydroforming

Baker Hughes

Continuous expandable backup ring for a seal with retraction capability

Date/App# patent app List of recent Retraction-related patents
 Apparatus into which electronic card may be inserted patent thumbnailApparatus into which electronic card may be inserted
An apparatus including a housing defining an interior cavity having a length, a width and a depth, at least one lateral constraint configured to constrain the width of the interior cavity when the apparatus is in a first configuration, and at least one longitudinal constraint configured to constrain the length of the interior cavity when the apparatus is in the first configuration, wherein, when the apparatus is in the first configuration, the cavity is configured for a first card, wherein, when the apparatus is in a second configuration, the interior cavity is configured for a second card, larger than the first card, and wherein insertion of the second card into the interior cavity causes depth-wise switching of the apparatus from the first configuration to the second configuration including retraction of at least one of the at least one lateral constraint and the at least one longitudinal constraint.. .

 Collapsible plug with extraction component patent thumbnailCollapsible plug with extraction component
An electrical plug having an extraction component that may be collapsed to decrease the profile of the plug and may be retracted to increase the profile of the plug. Increasing the profile of the plug increases the graspable area of the plug, making it easier to extract the plug from an outlet socket.
Volex Plc

 Method and device for lining a well using hydroforming patent thumbnailMethod and device for lining a well using hydroforming
The present invention relates in particular to a lining process for a line (c) using hydroforming of a liner (3), according to which: a) a tool (1) is inserted axially into said liner (3) whereon are mounted two radially expandable plugs (2); said tool (1) is positioned inside the liner (3) so that the plugs (2) are located facing its end portions (33); the plugs (2) are slightly expanded so as to bind the tool (1) to said liner (3); the assembly consisting of the tool (1) and the liner (3) is inserted axially into the well or the line (c); fluid under pressure is sent into the liner (3), between the two plugs (2) so as to cause radial expansion of only the central portion of the liner (3); eventually, said plugs (2) are again expanded with sufficient pressure for them to cause radial expansion of the two end portion (33) of the liner (3), applying them against the inner wall (cp) of the line (c); said plugs (2) are retracted and the tool (1) is withdrawn from the line (c), characterized by the fact that retraction of said plugs (2) is carried out by generating a vacuum inside them.. .
Saltel Industries

 Continuous expandable backup ring for a seal with retraction capability patent thumbnailContinuous expandable backup ring for a seal with retraction capability
The extrusion barrier for a sealing element for a packer or bridge plug is energized when set to store a retractive force that can be deployed when the packer or plug is released. The structure is a coiled spring that has gaps in the run in position and has a relaxed diameter smaller than the borehole or surrounding tubular dimension.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

 Endoscopic multi-clip dispensing apparatus patent thumbnailEndoscopic multi-clip dispensing apparatus
An endoscopic multi-clip dispensing apparatus has elongated inner and outer conduits sleeved together, wherein the inner conduit reciprocates between extension and retraction. A plunger rod pushes a line of clips through the core of the inner conduit at an indexed rate of one clip at a time.

 Retractor patent thumbnailRetractor
A retractor (101) for retracting the margins of a wound opening (103) comprises an inner anchoring o-ring (105) attached to a cylindrical sleeve (106) at a distal end and a reinforcing o-ring (109) attached to a proximal end of the sleeve (106). The sleeve (106) is led between an inner ring part (110) and a corresponding recess (116) in an outer ring part (111).
Atropos Limited

 Multifunctional cosmetic applicator patent thumbnailMultifunctional cosmetic applicator
A multifunctional cosmetic applicator is an apparatus that is used to apply multiple different types of makeup. The apparatus includes a tubular body which is used to house a lip makeup dispenser and a wide makeup applicator.

 Shotgun stick patent thumbnailShotgun stick
An apparatus and method is provided for a shotgun stick for manipulating, removing and installing clamps and other devices to electrical connectors on electric power distribution systems. The shotgun stick includes an elongated, electrical insulating, support rod having a working end and a holding end.
Dominion Resources, Inc.

 Coaxial cable connector with compressible inner sleeve patent thumbnailCoaxial cable connector with compressible inner sleeve
A coaxial cable connector for connecting to a coaxial cable, the connector including a body having a longitudinal axis, a front end, an opposed rear end, and an interior. The connector also includes an inner post extending through the body and a coupling nut carried on the inner post.
Pct International, Inc.

 Apparatuses and methods for fuel level sensing patent thumbnailApparatuses and methods for fuel level sensing
Apparatuses and methods for fuel level sensing are described herein. An example sensor may include a sealed housing and an electrically conductive coil.
Deringer-ney, Inc.


Dosing system, dosing method and production method

The invention describes a dosing system (3) for a shear-thinning or thixotropic liquid to viscous dosing material. It comprises a nozzle (1) with a closure channel (55), within which a closure element (21) is controlled during operation by means of an automatic control unit (63) in an ejection direction (e) and/or retraction direction (r).
Vermes Microdispensing Gmbh


Secure solenoid driven deadbolt lock

An electronic lock driven by a keep solenoid has a non-direct mechanical connection between the solenoid plunger and the slidable deadbolt of the lock. The connection includes a pivoted lever connected to the plunger and a link between the lever and the deadbolt, these components being arranged in such a way that when the deadbolt is fully extended the pivot point of the lever and pivot points on both ends of the link, with the lever and with the deadbolt, are in alignment.
Digilock Asia Ltd.


Boom driving system for hybrid excavator and control method therefor

The present disclosure relates to a boom driving system for a hybrid excavator and a control method therefor, and more particularly, to a boom driving system for a hybrid excavator, which drives a hydraulic pump motor so as to move a boom upward and downward, and collects regenerative power of the boom using an electric motor so as to improve fuel efficiency, and a control method for the boom driving system. Provided in exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure is a boom driving system for a hybrid excavator and a control method therefor, which may allow an electric motor generator to normally produce electricity by allowing retraction speed and force of the boom actuator to be controlled to a target speed when a boom is moved downward..
Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.


Handling apparatus

A handling apparatus, for transferring an object at a time between two loading/unloading stations, each station having a support shelf on which opposite ends of the objects rest. The handling device includes a support structure, a motorised mobile carriage vertically movable with respect to the support structure, support arms, elongate, straight, horizontal and parallel to one another, borne by the carriage to restingly support the opposite ends of the objects, a device for producing outward extraction of the support arms with respect to the carriage such as to produce penetration thereof internally of the loading/unloading stations, and retraction of the arms internally of the carriage, in a longitudinal direction parallel to the support shelves, the mobile carriage further bearing second support arms, elongate, straight, horizontal and having support edges able to restingly support the two opposite ends of the objects; the second arms being vertically mobile with respect to the first support arms in such a way as to transfer support of the objects from the first arms to the second arms and vice versa..
Fava S.n.c. Di Adele Turetta & C.


More dermal retraction with intersecting electromagnetic radiation pathways

A method and device for stimulating human dermal tissue retraction and collagen and elastin production is provided. One or more lasers or other electromagnetic radiation devices produce at least two output beams (split or independent beams) that can be directed to deliver electromagnetic energy to a desired subsurface depth of dermal tissue, thereby disrupting the same, without causing excessive damage to the adjacent epidermis, subcutaneous fatty tissue, or blood vessels of the skin..


Connection for syringe for iv bag injection

A connection between a guard tube and a needle holder for a syringe for injecting medication into an iv bag, the guard tube having a needle holder receiving end having an aperture for the needle holder to be inserted from the outside, the aperture terminating at an inner end face, the needle holder having an aperture-penetrating portion having a rim wider than the aperture, or than a step in the aperture, that can be pushed through the aperture to snap fit over the end face or over the step and resist retraction therefrom by a force f which is greater than forces normally experienced by the aperture penetrating portion after it has effected a snap fit.. .
Gamolin Limited


Transcutaneous conduit insertion mechanism with a living hinge for use with a fluid infusion patch pump device

A fluid infusion device and an insertion mechanism are disclosed. The insertion mechanism actuates an assembly having a fluid conduit and a needle.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.


Vial adapters

A vial adapter is provided for interconnecting a vial having a closure and a fluid delivery device such as a safety syringe. The vial adapter comprises an adapter housing having a base, a shroud extending or projecting from the base and a cannula extending or projecting from the base for penetrating a rubber seal on the vial closure to thereby establish fluid communication between the vial and the vial adapter.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Shape changing ablation balloon

A device, method, and system for thermally affecting tissue. The device may generally include an elongate body, an actuation element slidably disposed within the elongate body, a balloon defining an interior chamber, a proximal neck, and a distal neck, the first neck being coupled to the distal portion of the elongate body and the second neck being coupled to the distal portion of the actuation element, retraction of the actuation element within the elongate body causing the treatment element to transition from a first configuration to a second configuration.
Medtronic Cryocath Lp


Method and forming a suture connector in situ

A system for forming a suture connector in situ includes a suture connector placement device having a handle, an outer shaft, an intermediate shaft, and a push rod, and a suture connector having a sleeve and a plug. The intermediate shaft is slidingly disposed through a lumen of the outer shaft, and the push rod is slidingly disposed through a lumen of the intermediate shaft.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Multipurpose finger embracing implement

Herein disclosed is a new and novel multipurpose finger embracing implement of which can be made from any suitable material of engineering choice. The invention includes interchangeable optional features of user choice which allow for numerous uses, such as the implement is functional as a stylus, a pen or pencil, a scalpel or paint brush, etc.


Medical device for removing an implanted object

Methods and devices for separating an implanted object, such as a pacemaker lead, from tissue surrounding such object in a patient's vasculature system. Specifically, the surgical device includes a handle, an elongate sheath and a circular cutting blade that extends from the distal end of the sheath upon actuating the handle.
The Spectranetics Corporation


Medical device for removing an implanted object

Methods and devices for separating an implanted object, such as a pacemaker lead, from tissue surrounding such object in a patient's vasculature system. Specifically, the surgical device includes a handle, an elongate sheath and a circular cutting blade that extends from the distal end of the sheath upon actuating the handle.
The Spectranetics Corporation


Steerable medical devices and steering assemblies

A surgical apparatus includes an elongated handle assembly having opposed proximal and distal end portions and an interior cavity. An elongated sheath extends from the proximal end of the handle assembly, through the interior cavity of the handle assembly and out from the distal end portion of the handle assembly.
Oscor Inc.


Subcutaneous sensor implant insertion tool with bioresorbable tip

A system, method, and apparatus for implanting a sensor or other item into tissue of an animal includes the use of a tapered tip, which may be made from a bioresorbable material. The tapered tip may be removably attached to the distal end of a sleeve or cannula within which the item to be implanted is positioned.
Senseonics, Incorporated


Clot retrieval system for removing occlusive clot from a blood vessel

A clot retrieval device comprising an elongate shaft having a proximal end and a distal end and a clot retrieval element at the distal end of the elongate shaft. A proximal end of the elongate shaft of the clot retrieval device is adapted for retraction of a first catheter over the clot retrieval device elongate shaft.
Neuravi Limited


Tissue retractor apparatus and methods

A delicate tissue retraction system having a hollow tubular retractor, a hollow tubular introducer that is removably installed within the retractor, and a navigation module that is removably installed within the introducer. The navigation module has a shaft with a proximal shaft end and a distal shaft end, and a navigation unit mounted to the proximal shaft end.
Vycor Medical, Inc.


Mobile lift crane with variable position counterweight

A mobile lift crane includes a carbody; a rotating bed; a boom; a moveable counterweight unit; at least one linear actuation device; and at least one arm pivotally connected at a first end to the rotating bed and at a second end to the linear actuation device. The arm and linear actuation device are connected between the rotating bed and the counterweight unit such that extension and retraction of the linear actuation device changes the position of the counterweight unit compared to the rotating bed.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc


Wire collection device with varying collection diameter

A stent delivery system includes a wire collection device which is constructed with a thumbwheel coupled to a collection spindle that is rotatable to collect a retraction wire about a varying collection diameter of the collection spindle. A proximal end of an outer stent-constraining sheath is coupled to the collection spindle by the retraction wire and a distal end of the outer sheath retractably surrounds a distally-disposed self-expanding stent.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Rotating retractor arm

A rotatable arm is provided which provides an ability to rotate a working end of an instrument such as a surgical retractor. Rotation of a key hub transfers torque to a drive hub which causes an extension or retraction of a lead screw along a center axis of the rotating arm.
Boss Instruments, Ltd


Retractable storage system for handheld electronic device

A retractable storage system for handheld electronic device has a plug head actuation system to operably connect or disconnect the plug head and one or more storage chambers to house a retraction mechanism and/or a battery. At least one accessory station structured on the housing member of the device has an aperture for arresting, dispensing and/or charging at least one accessory item, such as a wireless earbud or e-cigarette.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.


Releasing a downhole tool

Techniques for releasing a well tool string from a wireline release tool includes initiating actuation of a linear actuator of the wireline release tool, the actuator coupled to an inner mandrel on which a retractable latch rides, the retractable latch including a profile formed on an outer surface of the latch that is coupled to the well tool string; actuating the actuator to move the inner mandrel of the wireline release tool to remove support of the profile by a ramp formed on the outer surface, the profile retracted toward the inner mandrel based on the movement of the inner mandrel; decoupling the profile from the well tool string based on retraction of the profile toward the inner mandrel; and moving the wireline release tool into a position to release the wireline release tool from the well tool string.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Variable transparency fabric, window shade including same and related method

A fabric for a window shade, a window shade including the fabric and a related method are disclosed. The fabric may include a relaxed condition in which the fabric is translucent or at least partially opaque; and at least one stretched condition caused by application of a tension in a single linear direction, wherein a degree of transparency of the fabric depends on an extent of the tension, the fabric exhibits substantially no dimension change other than in the single linear direction in response to tension.
Comfortex Window Fashions


Retractable screw intracardiac lead for cardiac stimulation and/or defibrillation

A retractable screw-type stimulation or defibrillation intracardiac lead is disclosed. According to one embodiment, the lead comprises a flexible hollow sheath (12) having at its distal end a lead head (10) and a connector (66) at its proximal end.
Sorin Crm Sas


Uniformity index performance evaluation in an scr aftertreatement system

An exemplary exhaust testing apparatus includes a housing defining an exhaust flow path extending from an inlet to an outlet. At least a portion of the housing is selectably rotatable relative to an exhaust aftertreatment system.
Cummins Emission Solutions Inc.


Appliance latch with door presence sensing

A door locking mechanism for an appliance provides a bolt that may be moved by an actuator between an extended and retracted position. A bolt stop mechanism blocks movement of the bolt in retraction at one of two positions, depending on how the bolt was extended before the retraction.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Sheet stacking device and printing apparatus

A sheet stacking device that can appropriately stack, at a fixed position, sheets that are discharged to a discharge tray, and a printing apparatus are provided. A presser member holds down, at a pressing position, the sheets stacked on the discharge tray.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Capture and docking apparatus, method, and applications

Apparatus and methods to operationally link (couple/decouple) a plurality of relatively massive, complimentary payload platforms (i.e., suspended machinery and rov) at relatively deep working depths in an unstable marine environment (water column) while the payload platforms are in-transit. An apparatus includes a suspended machinery, an rov, a capture collar, an extendable/retractable harpoon, and actuating machinery to controllably effect extension and retraction thereof.
Fairfield Industries Incorporated D/b/a Fairfieldnodal


Devices for targeted delivery of therapeutic implants

A barrel adapter mountable to a syringe barrel includes a barrel tip, a needle assembly, a stylet assembly slidably disposed within a needle lumen of the needle assembly, and a plug within the lumen of the needle. An implant delivery syringe includes a barrel, a plunger assembly, and the barrel adapter.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Magnetically guided catheter with concentric needle port

A catheter adapted for ablation, mapping, injection, and directional control by an external magnetic system has a catheter body, an intermediate section, and a tip section having a tip electrode configured with an omnidirectional distal end and a concentric needle port. The tip electrode houses a magnetic device and a position sensor arranged in an integrated configuration, wherein the configuration facilitates a path in the tip section for a component, including an injection needle, to extend through the tip section for extension and retraction with reduced stress and friction.
Biosense Webster, Inc.


Retractable leash

A two or more subject retractable leash, and methods of use thereof, is disclosed, which includes a roll-back feature on each retractable leash. The leashes may be locked in place by engaging a single lever.


Squeezing clamp hammer union torque tool

A uniquely designed torque wrench having a torque body, the torque body attached to a frictional squeezing clamp, and a lug socket which is rotationally connected to the frictional squeezing clamp. The frictional squeezing clamp entering a contracted stated during extension of a rod of a hydraulic cylinder, and entering an expanded state during the retraction of the rod of a hydraulic cylinder, the lug socket turning the wing nut of a hammer union..
Torq/lite, Llc


Measurement indicia syringe sleeve and syringe needle retraction mechanism

A syringe having a needle concealment mechanism including a barrel having an internal fluid reservoir, a plunger received in the barrel and axially movable relative thereto, a measurement sleeve positioned around the barrel, a needle positioned at one end of the barrel, and a syringe collar positioned at an end of the barrel opposite the needle, the syringe collar including a lever having an inwardly-directed hook at one end thereof configured to engage within a slot of the measurement sleeve to prevent axial movement between the measurement sleeve and the barrel.. .
Parenteral Technologies, Llc


Retraction device for laparoscopy

Disclosed herein is a retraction device for laparoscopy in which a trocar needle including latching grooves formed at the side of the lower end thereof is inserted into a trocar tube, both ends of which are opened, to form a laparoscopic platform, the laparoscopic platform pierces an abdominal wall and the trocar needle is pushed into an abdominal cavity so that the latching grooves are exposed to the outside of the trocar tube, sutures connected to tissue retractors retracting tissues are hung on the latching grooves, and then the trocar needle of the laparoscopic platform is drawn upwards so that the latching grooves are inserted back into the trocar tube to fix the tissue retractors to the laparoscopic platform. The retraction device for laparoscopy prevents the tissues from being unnecessarily damaged due to retraction and facilitates convenient retraction of the tissues without the help of assistant's two hands..
Dalim Corporation


Device for collecting and releasing debris

A device comprises a collection bin and a stationary front plate pivotably coupled with the bin via a hinge mechanism. The bin is rotatable relative to the front plate between a first position, wherein the bin's front end is closed by the front plate, and a second position, wherein the front end is spaced from the front plate for releasing debris out of the bin.
Schiller Grounds Care, Inc.


Positive retraction latch locking dog for a rotating control device

A latch and method for use is provided for latching an item of oilfield equipment. The latch has a housing containing a latch member, and the latch member is movable between a radially engaged position in which it is engaged with the item of oilfield equipment, and a radially retracted position in which it is disengaged from the item of oilfield equipment.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Stop device and auxiliary stop unit

This invention provides a stop device that abuts against a work during conveyance and stops the work. The stop device includes a stop lever stopping the work at a predetermined stop position, a movable unit supporting the stop lever so as to pivot the stop lever in a predetermined range, a biasing unit biasing the stop lever toward an upstream side, a driving unit displacing the movable unit between a working position and a retraction position, and an auxiliary stop unit arranged in the movable unit.
Hirata Corporation


Electrode with anti-spring back component

An implantable electrode arrangement for a cochlear implant system is described that prevents post-surgical retraction of the electrode. The arrangement includes at least one retraction limiter having an extracochlear portion located at a distal end of the extracochlear electrode lead and an intracochlear portion located at a proximal end of the intracochlear electrode array and made at least in part of a swellable material that expands in response to fluid contact.
Med-el Elektromedizinische Geraete Gmbh


Disposable device to urinate

A disposable device for facilitating the action of urinating. The disposable device includes a tubular body of conical configuration, and is made from a laminar piece (2) and which has a wide mouth (3) at one of its ends recipient of the urine, and an evacuation or drainage opening (4) at the opposite end, and having between both ends a distance of approximately 10 to 12 cm.


Method and forming a suture connector in situ

A system for forming a suture connector in situ includes a suture connector placement device having a handle, an outer shaft, an intermediate shaft, and a push rod, and a suture connector having a sleeve and a plug. The intermediate shaft is slidingly disposed through a lumen of the outer shaft, and the push rod is slidingly disposed through a lumen of the intermediate shaft.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Retractor and operating method

A retractor for endoscopic surgery, having a first shaft portion, in which an actuation device is movable, and a second shaft portion coupled pivotably thereon. A transmission arm is articulated on a distal end of the actuation device.


Retaining clip for at least one elongate element

A retaining clip for at least one elongate element for encompassing the at least one elongate element is disclosed. The retaining clip includes an outer component and an inner component.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Seat vehicle

A seat apparatus for a vehicle includes: an unlocking lever that is operated so as to unfix a seat from a vehicle floor; and a control switch that is operated in order for the seat to switch between a deployed state in which the seat is supported on the vehicle floor and a folded state in which the seat is retracted in a concave retraction portion of the vehicle floor, when a support member of the seat is driven via the driving of an actuator, wherein the unlocking lever is provided in a back surface of a seatback which is disposed at an opening end of the concave retraction portion when the seatback is folded forward and the seat is retracted, and the control switch is provided integrally with the unlocking lever.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Dual arm robot

A robot assembly for transporting a substrate is presented. The robot assembly having a first arm and a second arm supported by a column, the first arm further having a first limb, the first limb having a first set of revolute joint/line pairs configured to provide translation and rotation of the distal most link of the first limb in the horizontal plane.
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Adjustable socket-engaging tool set

The present invention provides a socket-engaging tool set having a plurality of elongated socket-engaging tools assembled together in a concentric arrangement. Each socket-engaging tool may generally have a constant outer cross-sectional size and shape along most or all of its length, and the outer cross-sectional shape may be hexagonal such that the socket-engaging tools are a plurality of concentric hex keys.


Substrate case cleaning apparatus

Movement from a carrying table to a support table can be prevented from becoming complicated and made simpler and positioning on the support table can be easily performed. Provision is made of cleaning tanks 40, 50 which hold and clean parts of a substrate case c inside a booth 10 in a separated stats, provision is made of a support table 20 which supports the substrate case c in the booth 10, provision is made of a conveyance mechanism which conveys the parts of the substrate case c between the support table 20 and the cleaning tanks 40, 50, provision is made of a carrying table 13 on which the substrate case c is carried at the outside of an opening 11 of the booth 10, provision is made of a movement mechanism 30 which moves the substrate case c between the carrying table 13 and the support table 20, and the movement mechanism 30 carries the support table 20 and can be moved to the two positions of an advance position r1 where it advances to the carrying table 13 side and receives and delivers a substrate case c with the carrying table 13 and a retraction position r2 where it retracts inside the booth 10 and delivers and receives a substrate case c with the conveyance mechanism..
Hugle Electronics Inc.


Multipurpose prevents epidemics band

A multipurpose prevents epidemics band contains a body, at least one elastic rope, and an adjusting member. The body includes a first outer layer, a second outer layer, and a movable replacing layer.


Vapour extractor device comprising a mobile vapour extractor hood

A vapor extractor device includes a vapor extractor hood, and a drive motor for retracting and extending the vapor extractor hood. The drive motor is hereby controlled to reduce a retraction speed of the vapor extractor hood from a first predetermined retraction position, when the vapor extractor hood is retracted..
Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgeräte Gmbh


Modular compaction boring machine system

A modular compaction boring device. The boring device comprises a compaction boring head which creates a borehole through a subsurface by operation of a thruster and a rear and forward anchor.
The Charles Machine Works, Inc.


Cable tie

A cable tie has a flexible, elongated strap with a head and tail at opposite ends. The strap has two opposed sides, with teeth on both sides.
Shining Golden Yida Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture Ltd.


System of retractable shelves

The retractable shelf system allows for the compartmentalization of storage container. The system is integrated into the interior space of the storage container and includes a plurality of shelving units distributed along the length of the storage container.


Assembly for connecting a mouth guard to a helmet or fastening a helmet

A mouth guard assembly with a retractable mouth guard connection, including: a retraction element including a first housing and a retraction device disposed within the first housing; a cord including a first end attached to the retraction device and a second end; a coupling element including a third end connected to the second end and a fourth end arranged to engage a mouth guard to secure the mouth guard to the coupling element; and a connection assembly arranged to attach the retraction element to a protective helmet or a fastening apparatus for a protective helmet. The cord is arranged to be pulled from the retraction assembly in a first direction.


Substance delivery device

A substance delivery device that includes a hypodermic needle with a tube for receiving and containing a volume of a substance. The substance delivery device includes a rod, a portion of which is of a size and shape to fit within the tube of the hypodermic needle.
Allergan Holdings France S.a.s.


Motorized vehicle

A motorized vehicle having a wheel retraction apparatus, comprising: a plurality of rear wheels and at least one front wheel; a lower chassis having a foot surface mounted thereon; and a wheel retraction apparatus mechanically connected to said lower chassis and set to extract and retract said plurality of rear wheels from and towards said lower chassis and to fixate said plurality of rear wheels in a plurality of different widths from one another; wherein a distance between an axis passing through the centers of said plurality of rear wheels and said at least one front wheel is reduced when said plurality of rear wheels are retracted towards said lower chassis.. .
Moving Life Ltd.


Retraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture

Rib refraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture are disclosed. A retraction device may include a first frame portion and a second frame portion.
Contour Surgical, Inc.


Luggage handle structure

A luggage handle structure is coupled to a retractable pull rod of a luggage to control extension and retraction of the retractable pull rod. The luggage handle structure includes a handle, a button, a transmission member, and a pull rope.


Vertical stacking bale accumulator

A towable vertical stacking bale accumulator features angle-adjustable roller beds on an obliquely oriented trailer frame whereby a rearwardly declining slope of the rollers gravitationally conveys individual bales from the baler to a stacking station at the rear of the trailer frame, where an automatically controlled gate provides a stop for retaining the bales until either a full stack is compiled or an error is detected. Spring loaded bale lifters feature concave undersides to encourage retraction of same as they are lowered down the sides of a newly arrived bale, and carry hanging bale guides that prevent the incoming bales from overshooting sides of the roller bed.
Phiber Manufacturing Inc.


Substrate transport apparatus

A transfer apparatus including a frame, multiple arms connected to the frame, each arm having an end effector and an independent drive axis for extension and retraction of the respective arm with respect to other ones of the multiple arms, a linear rail defining a degree of freedom for the independent drive axis for extension and retraction of at least one arm, and a common drive axis shared by each arm and configured to pivot the multiple arms about a common pivot axis, wherein at least one of the multiple arms having another drive axis defining an independent degree of freedom with respect to other ones of the multiple arms.. .
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Occupant protection device for case of vehicle side collision

A occupant protection device for a case of a vehicle side collision includes: a center console which is provided on a side of a vehicular seat and at a central portion of a vehicle compartment in the vehicle width direction and in which a console box opposing an abdomen of an occupant seated in the vehicular seat in the vehicle width direction is movable to a retraction position where the console box does not oppose the abdomen in the vehicle width direction; and a moving device which when a vehicle side collision is detected or predicted, moves the console box to the retraction position.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Component for a bit driving tool

A component of a bit driving tool is presented, having a mid-chamber, telescopically received in an outer chamber. A bit storage chamber is formed in the mid-chamber, surrounding and rotatable about a central.
Thunder Innovations Inc.


Devices for targeted delivery of therapeutic implants

A barrel adapter for a syringe having a barrel and plunger. The adapter comprises a barrel tip and a needle retraction mechanism having a needle subassembly with a needle and a lumen, actuator subassembly, and biasing member.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Labrum retracting burr

A rotary abrader allowing for improved visibility during surgery and improved aspiration of waste material. This is accomplished by providing a hood or sheath formed of a clear material and available in various shapes and sizes.
Arthrex, Inc.


Tissue suturing device using rotating needles

A medical device for installing sutures to close an incision in tissue or human skin is disclosed. The suturing device may provide first and second arcuate needles.
Surgimatix, Inc.


System and image-guided arthroscopy

Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Reprise Technologies, Llc


Handheld iron and stand

A flat iron and base stand are disclosed. The base stand includes temperature controls and indicators that allow a user to set a desired temperature for the flat iron and view the current temperature.
Tristar Products, Inc.


Externally loading semi-automatic firearm with integral or non-removable feeding device

Weapon and rifle systems and methods with integral or non-removable ammunition well or reservoir are described. A lower receiver for an m16 type weapon or rifle system is described with an aperture for loading one or more cartridges into an ammunition well or reservoir formed as part of the lower receiver, a pull channel, a follower pull coupled to the pull channel, a follower adapted for retraction by the follower pull, a bottom cover to the ammunition well or reservoir, wherein the pull channel and follower pull are capable of retracting the follower past the aperture for loading one or more cartridges into the ammunition well or reservoir.
Jv Precision Machine Company


Transport device

The distance between a pair of fall prevention members can be adjusted by causing the pair of fall prevention members to be linearly moved in mutually opposite directions along the spaced-apart direction along which the pair of fall prevention members are spaced apart from each other. A distance adjustment actuator portion is configured to be able to adjust the distance between the pair of fall prevention members to any of a distance for retraction greater than a width of a larger transported object in the spaced-apart direction; a distance for the larger transported object which is less than the distance for retraction and which corresponds to the width of the larger transported object in the spaced-apart direction; and a distance for the smaller transported object which is less than the distance for the larger transported object and which corresponds to a width of the smaller transported object in the spaced-apart direction..
Daifuku Co., Ltd.


Fast adjust trailer jack

A fast-adjust trailer jack has three telescoping tubular segments, an upper, an intermediate and a lower. A lead screw is used to operatively couple the upper to the intermediate and a tension spring is coupled between the intermediate and the lower to normally urge the retraction of the lower into the intermediate.


Variable length device and method

A method for treating a complex fracture with a variable length nail is provided. The nail is configured for at least 5 mm of axial length change in each direction.
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.


Retractor tools for minimally invasive hip surgery

A retractor system, kit and method of use includes a plurality of retractors for use in retracting a wound during a minimally-invasive hip replacement surgery to define an access space to a surgical site is discussed. Each of the retractors comprises a handle portion configured to be held by a user, a curved bend portion distal of the handle portion, and a wound contact portion attached to the curved bend portion.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Method and soft tissue retraction

A soft tissue retractor includes a retractor body and a proximal projection extends generally perpendicular to the proximal end of the retractor body. An illumination waveguide engages a slot in the retractor blade to provide illumination to a surgical site while maintaining total internal reflection in the waveguide.
Invuity, Inc.


Boat speed minimisation system

A trolling plate which, together with a supporting and deployment mechanism, is fixed to and strutted from an outboard motor without the need for engineering modifications or the use special tools; said trolling plate being pivotably deployable into the water in the zone immediately downstream of the propeller of the outboard motor to substantially block the efflux from said propeller and thereby reduce its propulsive effort; said deployment being effected in a universally variable way by means of a suitable actuator; control means of said actuator and/or said deployment mechanism incorporating means to permit the immediate retraction of said trolling plate should it impact an obstruction or should the power of said outboard motor suddenly be increased.. .


Insertion mechanisms having vented fluid pathways for drug delivery pumps

An insertion mechanism having a vented fluid pathway includes an insertion biasing member 210, a hub 212, a needle 214, a retraction biasing member 216, and a manifold 240 having a septum 230 and a cannula 234, wherein the annular space between the septum 230 and the cannula 234 defines a manifold header 242. The manifold and fluid conduit are ventable through the membrane prior to or just after needle 214 and cannula 234 are inserted into the user.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd.


Laparoscopic instrument and trocar systems and related surgical method

Laparoscopic instruments and trocars are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. A generally c-shaped trocar provides increased work space between the hands of the surgeon as well as s-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the trocar when laparoscopic instrument-trocar units are placed through the umbilicus.
Covidien Lp


Dishwasher appliance and a mounting a slide rail in a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance and a method for mounting a slide rail within a dishwasher appliance are provided. A rack assembly of the dishwasher appliance includes a bracket with a post.
General Electric Company


Sliding device for drawer

Disclosed herein is a sliding device for guiding a drawer such that the drawer is extended from or retracted into a storage body. The sliding device includes sliding rails each having a pair of flanges, and balls slidably connecting the sliding rails to each other.
Segos Co., Ltd.


Self-correcting drive and motor control for cargo canopy systems

In the coupling of bi-directional, non-freewheeling-type dc motors (24,25) to the pulling spool (23) of a canopy (1 1) deployment strap (21,22) and to a take-up roller (15), ratchet gears (26,27) assure automatic alignment and synchronization of the deployment and retraction mechanisms. The reverse direction rotation of the unwinding motor can be uninhibited through the slipping of its ratchet gear when the winding motor is slow to take up the pulling strap or the tarp (11) being wound thereon.


Unit retraction device and image forming apparatus including same

A unit retraction device has a hook member which engages with an engaged portion provided on a unit, and a retraction force generating mechanism which exerts a retraction force on the unit. The retraction force generating mechanism includes a first rotary member which is rotatably disposed on a first rotation pivot and to a rotating end part of which the hook member is coupled, a biasing member of which one end is hooked to the first rotary member and which biases the first rotary member in such a direction that the hook member retracts the unit into the apparatus body, and a second rotary member to which another end of the biasing member is hooked and which is rotatably disposed on a second rotation pivot.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Process for spot-joining stacked metal foils

Friction stir spot-welding is performed to join together a stack of a plurality of metal foils and a metal sheet by using a double-acting type rotary tool including a hollow member and a pin member which are movable independently of each other in their axial directions, and a clamp member which is fitted on an outer circumferential surface of the hollow member and which is movable in its axial direction. While an outer annular part of a portion to be friction-stirred is pressed with the clamp member, the pin member is inserted into the above-described portion and the hollow member is retracted, whereby a metal mass is accommodated within a space formed between the above-described portion and the hollow member.
Obara Corporation

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