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Retraction patents


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 Retractable capacitance pen patent thumbnailRetractable capacitance pen
The invention relates to a retractable capacitance pen. The retractable capacitance pen comprises a pen case, an electrical signal transmitting module, an extension-and-retraction unit, and a switching unit.
Waltop International Corporation

 Surgical knife safety handle having user operable lock patent thumbnailSurgical knife safety handle having user operable lock
A surgical knife safety device having a handle, a blade connected to the handle, and a guard carried by the handle for sliding movement between a retracted position in which the blade is exposed for use, and an extended position for covering the sharp cutting edge of the blade. In the retracted position, an enlarged guard radius is provided at the distal end of the handle to allow improved handle control and blade orientation.
Beaver-visitec International (us), Inc.

 Tissue retraction devices and related methods of use patent thumbnailTissue retraction devices and related methods of use
The present disclosure is directed to a medical instrument. The medical instrument may include a delivery device and a retraction mechanism including a target tissue anchor and a first stabilizing anchor, wherein the target tissue anchor attaches to target tissue and connects to the delivery device..
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

 Electric actuator patent thumbnailElectric actuator
An electric actuator to be primarily used on an all-terrain vehicle (atv) having implements such as snow plow is disclosed. The main purpose of the actuator is to allow the driver to rotate the blade when it is not touching the ground without having to get out of the vehicle.
Soucy International Inc

 Cautery protective accessory sleeve with stabilization system patent thumbnailCautery protective accessory sleeve with stabilization system
A cautery pen tip accessory cover comprises a cylindrical member that can receive a cautery pen in a first end and the tip of the cautery pen can extend from a second opposite end when the cover is in a retracted configuration. The cylindrical member has an opened lateral exposure that allows the feel of the cautery pen therethrough.

 Systems and methods for manipulating bone patent thumbnailSystems and methods for manipulating bone
Systems and methods are disclosed in which a distraction sleeve can be attached to a bone anchor assembly to lock or limit the polyaxial degree of freedom of the bone anchor assembly and facilitate true parallel distraction. In some embodiments, the distraction sleeve can lock polyaxial movement of the bone anchor assembly without directly engaging the shank of the bone anchor assembly, without directly engaging the exterior of the receiver member of the bone anchor assembly, and/or without requiring that a rod or closure mechanism be installed in the bone anchor assembly.
Medos International Sarl

 Process cartridge patent thumbnailProcess cartridge
The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .
Zhuhai Seine Technology Co., Ltd.

 Retractable shade system and related  manufacturing patent thumbnailRetractable shade system and related manufacturing
In one aspect, the present invention relates to a retractable shade system. In one example implementation, the system includes a shade comprised of a body of rollable material.

 Pull-out faucet hose retraction system and method patent thumbnailPull-out faucet hose retraction system and method
A hose retraction system for a pull-out or pull-down faucet includes a support bracket configured to couple to a shank, a cylindrical housing mountable to the support bracket, and at least one constant force coil spring disposable in the cylindrical housing and configured to at least partially couple to a hose disposed in a faucet spout. The coil spring provides a recoil force sufficient to retract the hose when the hose is extended from the spout..
As Ip Holdco, Llc

 Inflatable panel for an aerodynamic fairing assembly patent thumbnailInflatable panel for an aerodynamic fairing assembly
An inflatable panel for use as an inflatable airfoil in aerodynamic fairing assemblies that uses a blower that provides a continuous airflow to the inflated panel to maintain it in the deployed position. The inflatable panel is constructed from sheets of pvc vinyl that are cut, assembled and sewn together.
Wall Global Llc

Retractable holder for writing, pointing instruments

A utility retractor having a utility adaptor, and having a retractable tether comprised of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) material. The uhmwpe exhibits many important qualities suitable in a utility retractor, including abrasion resistance, the ability to be knotted without tangling, and it is very slippery to achieve a significant useful life.

Dual chamber syringe with retractable needle

Embodiments of a retractable syringe assembly are provided that include a dual syringe barrel configuration. One or more embodiments include reuse prevention features and features that prevent premature activation of the retraction mechanism.
Becton, Dickinson And Company

Wound retractor

An incrementally adjustable wound retractor (500), having a first ring (504) with a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, a flexible second ring (502), having a lumen and a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, and a flexible sleeve (506), disposed in a generally cylindrical form between the first and second rings (502, 504), where the second ring may be rolled over itself to provide a sleeve with a radical retraction force sufficient to stretch the incision to the desired diameter.. .
Applied Medical Resources Corporation

Apparatus and enlarging an incision

A retraction system and method are provided for retracting tissues surrounding a surgical site. In one aspect, a method including engaging slide connections between a guide dilator and a plurality of tissue engaging members and sequentially enlarging an incision using the guide dilator and the plurality of tissue engaging members.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.

Low normal force retracting device comprising a microtextured surface

retraction of one or more three-dimensional or planar amorphous objects is provided to gain access for a procedure where the retracted elements are easily damaged by application of normal forces. For example, a surgical instrument to provide access to an organ or tissue plane.
Bvw Holding Ag

Surgical retractor

A surgical retractor and method for retracting tissue in a patient is anatomically designed for particular muscles and includes a light source the light beam of which is positionable relative to the surgical retractor. The surgical retractor has a pair of retraction blades carried on separate retraction portions held open by ratchet assemblies.

Adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system and method

The adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system, the system includes an adjustable necklace extension assembly, two clasp attachers, at least one retractable cord, a housing and a retraction assembly. The adjustable necklace extension with interchangeable adornments system is useful for providing a decorative necklace accessory that helps users to more easily secure a necklace.

Selective clamping of chassis

Methods of and apparatus for controlling relative telescoping extension or retraction of multiple telescoping assemblies is provided. The telescoping assemblies connect the main frame of a slipform paver to a side member of the slipform paver.
Wirtgen Gmbh

Method and extending and retracting the writing element of a self-retaining writing instrument

The method and apparatus described herein allows for the automatic retraction and extension of the writing element of a bistable self-retaining writing instrument. The method and apparatus consists of a writing element that is joined to the end of a flexible tube or material.

Injection device having automatic needle retraction

The present invention relates to an injection device for delivering set doses of a liquid drug to a user. The injection device has a scale drum for displaying the set dose, which scale drum is helically guided in a housing.
Novo Nordisk A/s

Brake caliper with brake pad timing and retraction controller

A brake caliper is provided with a timing and retraction controller that that adjusts brake timing, eliminates parasitic brake losses and dampens out-of-plane vibration between the brake pad and rotor. The brake caliper includes a housing disposed over a brake rotor; first and second opposing brake pads extendably and retractably mounted on opposite sides of the caliper housing, brake pistons that extend and retract the brake pads into and out of frictional engagement with the rotor, and brake pad timing and retraction controllers disposed on opposite sides of the caliper housing.
Performance Friction Corporation

Retractable barrier assembly

Embodiments for barrier assemblies and setup configuration of these barrier assemblies are disclosed. The barriers are used to block the entry of children or animal into areas in which their safety may be jeopardized.
Smart Retract Inc.

Systems and methods of delivering products with unmanned delivery aircrafts

In some embodiments, systems, apparatuses and methods are provided to enhance delivery of packages. Some embodiments provide an unmanned delivery system comprising: a rotational drive shaft; a crane motor cooperated with the drive shaft that is rotated by the crane motor; a first crane system with a first cord fixed with the first crane system, wherein the first crane system is configured to cooperate with the drive shaft to control the first crane system in controlling the spooling and retraction of the first cord; a control circuit coupled with the crane motor; and a stop switch electrically coupled with the control circuit and positioned to be contacted by a package release hanger secured with the first cord when the first cord is retracted to a first threshold; wherein the control circuit is configured to stop the crane motor in response to receiving a signal from the stop switch..
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Device and delivering a medicament

A device for delivery of medicament is presented that has an elongated housing, a container mounted within the housing and adapted to contain liquid medicament, a stopper slidably arranged within said container, and a delivery mechanism comprising a resilient member, a plunger assembly having one end connected to the stopper and a second end being operably connected to the resilient member, a rotatable latch for releasably retaining the plunger assembly in a first position where the resilient member has an accumulated energy, where rotation of the latch releases the plunger assembly such that the accumulated energy is transferred to the plunger assembly for driving the stopper within the container whereby the medicament within said container is delivered to an injection site. After delivery of the medicament a rotator having a hard stop feature aligns with a rib on the protective shield to prevent retraction of the protective shield..
Carebay Europe Ltd.

Actuation mechanisms for dual chamber mixing syringes

An automatic mixing device, an actuating device having integrated plunger and configured to be removably mounted to the automatic mixing device, and a retractable syringe having the automatic mixing device are provided. The actuating device has an initially compressed spring and a trigger member that is rotatable to initiate spring decompression to drive depression of a mixing plunger seal of the automatic mixing device.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Insertion mechanism for a drug delivery pump

An insertion mechanism for a drug pump includes an insertion mechanism housing; a manifold guide; an insertion biasing members initially held in an energized state; a retraction biasing member and a hub connected to a proximal end of a needle, wherein the retraction biasing member is held initially in an energized state between the hub and the manifold guide; and a manifold having a septum and a cannula, wherein the annular space between the septum and the cannula defines a manifold header. The needle and cannula are inserted into the body of a user by the insertion biasing member(s), after which only the needle is retracted.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd

Transapical delivery device and use

A delivery device for a stented heart valve comprises a handle, an inner catheter shaft extending from the handle and having an enlarged bumper element at a distal end, an outer catheter shaft extending from the handle and slidably coupled around the inner catheter shaft, and a retraction mechanism for controlling longitudinal movement of the outer catheter shaft relative to the inner catheter shaft. The outer catheter shaft includes a generally cylindrical housing at a distal end that is structured to receive the bumper element therein..
Medtronic 3f Therapeutics, Inc.

Retraction and aspiration device for treating embolism and associated systems and methods

retraction and aspiration devices, systems, and methods are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward an apparatus for use with a catheter system configured to enable intravascular delivery of an interventional device to a treatment site in a blood vessel.
Inceptus Medical, Llc

Detachable tip microcatheter

A microcatheter for delivering embolic agent to a vascular site is provided. The microcatheter has a biocompatible or biocompatible and biodegradable tip which can be detachable engaged to the microcatheter body by a thermoplastic sleeve.
Covidien Lp

Method and system for steerable medical device path definition and following during insertion and retraction

Waypoints for a steerable medical device are stored as the steerable medical device is moved within a patient. The stored waypoints are an ordered sequence of locations.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.

Retractable leash system

An animal restraint system which involves variable adjustability of maximum extension. A braking device with a pivoting tip which can move from a neutral position to a locked engaged position, a disengaged position, and a semi-engaged position.

Multilayer electronic component

A multilayer electronic component includes an element body having internal electrode layers and dielectric layers. These are substantially parallel to a plane including a first axis and a second axis and are alternately laminated along a third axis direction.
Tdk Corporation

Micro deflectors on touch sensor

In various embodiments, a touch surface may comprise multiple individual sensors, each of which is capable of mechanical deflection in a direction parallel to the surface, with the device using the touch surface being able to detect such deflection in each sensor. With this capability, the device may be able to detect intended movement of a touch over the touch surface even if no additional sensors are activated by that movement.
Intel Corporation

Timepiece movement comprising a date correction mechanism

A timepiece movement including a first lever bearing a first drive wheel, a second lever bearing a second wheel for time setting, and a third lever bearing a date correction mechanism. The third lever is mounted to pivot on the second lever and arranged to move between a meshing position, in which the date correction mechanism cooperates with the date display mechanism, and a retraction position, in which the date correction mechanism is disconnected from the date display mechanism.
Eta Sa Manufacture Horlogere Suisse

Hydraulic multi-displacement hoisting cylinder system

An assembly for hoisting and lowering a drill string of a drilling rig includes a multiple displacement hydraulic cylinder having a blind end, a rod end, and a single piston rod configured for slidable extension and retraction movement within the interior space of the cylinder. The interior space is defined by three chambers, each chamber having a port allowing switchable flow of hydraulic fluid into and out from the cylinder.
Ensign Drilling Partnership

Cylinder retraction system, boom device and crawler crane

A cylinder retraction system causes a crawler side frame hoisting hydraulic cylinder, swingably suspended on a ventral surface side of a lower boom, to swing between a retracted attitude, in which the hydraulic cylinder is set along a ventral surface of the lower boom, and an operating attitude, in which the hydraulic cylinder is oriented along a vertical direction. As the rod of the hydraulic cylinder, currently having the operating attitude, is contracted by a predetermined extent, the rod front end of the hydraulic cylinder is guided by the guiding portion until the hydraulic cylinder takes on the retracted attitude.
Hitachi Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Crane Co., Ltd.

Electric elevator pad extraction and retraction system

The present invention relates to an extendable and retractable elevator pad system comprising at least one motor, wherein the motor is attached to an elevator; a plurality of mounts, wherein at least one of the mounts is connected to the motor; a first plurality of shafts, wherein the shafts have a predetermined section with grooves and at least one of the first plurality of shafts connects to the mount which is connected to the motor; a plurality of gears, wherein the gears are sized to mate with the grooved section of the first plurality of shafts; a second plurality of shafts, wherein the second plurality of shafts are mated with the plurality of gears; and a series of pads, wherein the pads are connected to at least the second plurality of shafts.. .

Retractable inflatable product

The present invention relates to a retractable inflatable product, including an inflatable body as well as a gas charging device communicated with the inflatable body and used to charge the inflatable body with gas, further including: a wire positioning component, at least one wire, and a pay-off and take-up device which is connected to at least one end of the wire and pays off or takes up the wire through the wire positioning component. The wire positioning component is formed by a plurality of hollow annular elements disposed on the inner wall of the inflatable body.
Talent Key Holdings Limited

Weighted surgical retractor systems

This document provides surgical retractor devices and systems. For example, this document provides a weighted surgical retractor system.
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research

Tongue retractors for frenotomies

This disclosure provides tongue retractors for oral medical procedures such as frenotomies. The retractors include first and second planar members extending from a vertex, wherein the first and second members extend from the vertex at a predetermined angle so as to provide upward retraction of the tongue of a subject when the retractor is placed in the subject's mouth; and an opening within at least one of the members.
The General Hospital Corporation

Retractable leash system

An animal restraint system which involves variable adjustability of maximum extension. A braking device with a pivoting tip which can move from a neutral position to a locked engaged position, a disengaged position, and a semi-engaged position.

Electric retracting hose&cord reel

The present invention relates to an electric retracting hose & cord reel. A reel body is connected with a driving motor through a driven gear and a driving gear.
Intradin (shanghai) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Retractable wheel assembly for an amphibian

A retractable land propulsion assembly for an amphibian including a retraction linkage movable between a protracted position and a retracted position, an actuator for moving the retraction linkage between the protracted position and retracted position, and at least one wheel and/or track drive. When the retraction linkage is protracted then the retraction linkage supports and/or holds the at least one wheel and/or track drive in a ground engaging position for use on land.
Gibbs Technologies Limited

Surgical retractor with asymmetric blade

A surgical retraction system may include one or more surgical retractor blades connected to a surgical support shaft or frame. Each retractor blade may extend at an angle from said shaft axis and have a transverse bend that forms an acute angle with the shaft axis.
Thompson Surgical Instruments, Inc.

Guide device for guiding a furniture pull-out that is moveable relative to a furniture body

A guide device for guiding a furniture pull-out moveable relative to a furniture body comprises: at least one guide unit having a body rail that can be fastened to the furniture body and at least one running rail that is displaceably mounted relative to the body rail; and a functional device comprising at least a first functional element that can be fastened to the moveable furniture pull-out, at least one body-sided second functional element, both functional elements being guided on one another during the retraction movement and/or the extension movement of the furniture pull-out, and a catch device having a bearing mechanism by which the first or second functional element can be moveably hung and having a control surface formed on the first and/or second functional element by which the moveable first functional element can be captured to subsequently guide on the second functional element.. .
Grass Gmbh

Positive displacement pump

A positive displacement pump comprising a cam for driving a piston assembly. The cam having an odd number of lobes, a first face, a second opposing face, and a peripheral surface extending between the first face and the second face.
Psc Engineering, Llc

Variable pitch fan pitch range limiter

A variable pitch fan for gas turbine engine is provided. The variable pitch fan includes a plurality of fan blades rotatably coupled to a disk and an actuation assembly for changing a pitch of each of the plurality of fan blades.
General Electric Company

Aircraft landing gear assembly

An aircraft landing gear assembly having a main strut configured to move between a deployed condition and a stowed condition, a damping device to oppose movement of the main strut as it approaches the deployed condition, a retraction actuator and a mechanical retraction linkage coupled between the aircraft and the main strut, and a locking device. The locking device is operable to change the retraction linkage between a locking condition in which the retraction actuator can apply a stowing force to the main strut through the retraction linkage to move the main strut from the deployed condition to the stowed condition, and an extensible condition in which the retraction linkage permits the main strut to be deployed by way of gravity..
Messier-dowty Limited

Adjustable and collapsible loading and unloading pickup truck cargo beds

A loading apparatus for a tailgate-equipped cargo bed of a pickup truck features a cargo bed platform assembly, and a tailgate platform assembly pivotally connected to the rear end of the cargo bed platform assembly. The tailgate platform assembly is pivotable relative to the cargo bed platform assembly between a stowed position overlying the cargo bed platform assembly and a deployed position forming a rearward extension of the cargo bed platform.

Workpiece handling

An apparatus and associated method contemplating handling a workpiece on a surface. A mounting block is selectively movable in a first direction toward the surface.
Seagate Technology Llc

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