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Retraction patents

This page is updated frequently with new Retraction-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Retraction-related patents
 Imaging apparatus, client apparatus, imaging system,  controlling imaging apparatus,  controlling client apparatus, and  controlling imaging system patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging apparatus, client apparatus, imaging system, controlling imaging apparatus, controlling client apparatus, and controlling imaging system
An imaging apparatus connectable to a client apparatus via a network includes an imaging optical system, an image sensor, an infrared cut filter (ircf) driving circuit that inserts and retracts an ircf into and from an optical path of the imaging optical system, and a communication circuit that receives, from the client apparatus, an automatic insertion and retraction control command for causing the imaging apparatus to automatically control insertion and retraction of the ircf and additional information about insertion and retraction of the ircf. The communication circuit transmits, to the client apparatus, operation information indicating which of cases the imaging apparatus uses the additional information received by the communication circuit.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Telemetry operated expandable liner system patent thumbnailnew patent Telemetry operated expandable liner system
A deployment assembly for expanding a liner string in a wellbore includes: a tubular mandrel having a bore therethrough; an expander linked to the mandrel and operable between an extended position and a retracted position; an extension tool disposed along the mandrel and operable to extend the expander; and a retraction tool disposed along the mandrel. The retraction tool has: an upper piston in fluid communication with the mandrel bore and operable to retract the expander; a lower piston in fluid communication with the mandrel bore and operable to balance the upper piston; a valve disposed between the pistons for isolating the lower piston from the upper piston in a closed position; and an electronics package linked to the valve for opening and closing the valve in response to receiving a command signal..
Weatherford/lamb, Inc.

 Recording medium changer and control method patent thumbnailRecording medium changer and control method
A conveying block 20 for conveying recording mediums between slots 15 and a drive block 16 is provided with a recording medium delivery block 50 for delivering the recording mediums to and from the slots 15 or the drive block 16, an extendable and retractable rail portion for moving the recording medium delivery block to a desired slot, and a control block 17 for controlling extension and retraction operation of the rail portion 31. The control block 17 determines whether the slots 15 are provided in an expansion area provided in an extending direction of the rail portion 31, and when the slots 15 are provided in the expansion area, the rail portion 31 is extended so that the recording medium delivery block 50 is moved to the desired slot in the expansion area.
Sony Corporation

 Asymmetrical button for ram-type blowout preventers patent thumbnailAsymmetrical button for ram-type blowout preventers
An asymmetrical ram button is provided. In one embodiment, a system includes a blowout preventer including such a button.
Cameron International Corporation

 Loudspeaker system patent thumbnailLoudspeaker system
A seat integrating a loudspeaker system includes a seat having a seat body having a horizontally oriented seat bottom and a seat back secured thereto. The loudspeaker system includes a sound assembly mounted within the seat back for selective movement between a storage orientation and a use orientation.

 Catheter with retractable cover and pressurized fluid patent thumbnailCatheter with retractable cover and pressurized fluid
Apparatus and method for delivering and deploying an intravascular device into the vessel including an outer and inner tube that are axially linked by a housing structure at the proximal end of the catheter, and a retractable sleeve structure having a middle tube and sleeve tip. The sleeve tip is sealed to the inner tube at the distal end, and continuously extends into the middle tube.
Medinol Ltd.

 Cheek retractor device and method patent thumbnailCheek retractor device and method
Cheek retraction devices including an upper frame element configured to bear against and retract soft oral tissue from one or more teeth of an upper dental arch, a lower frame element configured to bear against and retract soft oral tissue from one or more teeth of a lower dental arch. The upper and lower frame elements may each include left and right frame portions wherein the upper and lower left frame portions are joined to one another to form a v-shaped hinge on one side of the frame, while upper and lower right frame portions are joined to one another to form a v-shaped hinge on another side of the frame.
Ultradent Products, Inc.

 Small diameter laparoscopic tool having releasable tip patent thumbnailSmall diameter laparoscopic tool having releasable tip
A laparoscopy tool includes a sheath and a control wire slideably disposed within a lumen of the sheath. The sheath has a diameter of less than 1.6 mm and is introduced through an abdominal incision.
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

 A clot removal device patent thumbnailA clot removal device
A clot retrieval system comprises a clot retrieval device, a catheter 51, and a tubular shield element 61. The clot retrieval device comprises an elongate member 53 having a proximal end and a distal end, and a clot engaging element 54 at the distal end of the elongate member 53 the clot engaging element 54 having a collapsed delivery configuration and an expanded deployed configuration.
Neuravi Limited

 Wound retractor device patent thumbnailWound retractor device
A wound protector and retractor device 1 comprises a sleeve 2, a distal member provided by a distal ring 3 of resilient material and a proximal member provided by a proximal ring 4. The sleeve 2 is led around the ring 3 and is free to move axially relative to the distal ring 3 somewhat in the manner of a pulley.
Atropos Limited


Robot cleaner and controlling the same

Disclosed are a robot cleaner and a method for controlling the same, capable of controlling a travelling or cleaning pattern of a robot cleaner in accordance with extension and retraction operations of an auxiliary cleaning tool to perform an efficient cleaning operation. The robot cleaner includes a plurality of auxiliary cleaning units mounted to a bottom of the robot cleaner such that the auxiliary cleaning units are extendable and retractable, and a control unit to extend the auxiliary cleaning units while travelling in a wall tracing manner along the periphery of the cleaning region and/or when an obstacle is sensed, and to retract the auxiliary cleaning units while the robot cleaner travels in an inner portion of the cleaning region when traveling of the periphery of the cleaning region is finished..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Device for making collinear equidistant marks

The present invention is directed to a marking device that includes a main backplate. At the center of the marking device there may be a central hole, and attached to the backplate, are two extendable arms, each designed with a pin attachment to make marks and/or small holes in the wall material.


Intravenous catheter insertion device and use

A catheter insertion device includes a housing, a needle, a catheter, a guidewire, and an actuator mechanism including a biasing member. The needle is attached to a needle carrier having a proximal end disposed in the housing, the needle having an insertion position and a retraction position with respect to the housing.
Vascular Pathways, Inc.


Robotically-controlled shaft based rotary drive systems for surgical instruments

A surgical instrument including an end effector that has a selectively reciprocatable implement movably supported therein. The implement is selectively advanceable in a distal direction upon application of a rotary actuation motion thereto and retractable in a proximal direction upon application of a rotary retraction motion thereto.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Mechanical retraction via tethering for lung volume reduction

A device and method for reducing the volume of a tissue region, the device including a first fixation element, a second fixation element, and a tethering device, where the first and second fixation elements are slidably secured onto said tether, and the first and second fixation elements are radially self-expanding fixation elements.. .
Ethicon, Inc.


Guidance system mounts for surgical introducers

A delicate tissue retraction system having a retractor, an introducer and a clamp mechanism. The retractor has a hollow retractor passage extending along a longitudinal axis from a proximal retractor end to a distal retractor end.
Vycor Medical, Inc.


Actuating member and medical apparatus

An actuating member, which makes a flexible elongated member for medical use perform a predetermined action, includes a push/pull member and an operating member. The push/pull member includes a first moving portion and a second moving portion which are disposed on a proximal side and are movable relative to each other, a first extending portion that extends from the first moving portion, and a second extending portion that extends from the second moving portion.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Actuating member and medical device

An actuating member for making a flexible elongate member for medical use perform a predetermined action includes a push/pull member, an operating member, and an advancing member. The push/pull member includes a first moving portion and a second moving portion, which are movable relative to each other.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Actuating member and medical device

An actuating member for making a flexible elongate member for medical use perform a predetermined action. The actuating member includes a push/pull member, an operating member, and a cam member.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha


Harmonic drive assembly with selective disconnect and method

A harmonic drive assembly with selective disconnect includes a motor with a motor drive shaft, a harmonic drive operatively coupled to the motor drive shaft, and a wave generator operatively coupled to the motor drive shaft and a flex gear of the harmonic drive. Also included is a ring gear of the harmonic drive operatively coupled to the flex gear with a plurality of ring gear teeth configured to mesh with a plurality of flex gear teeth.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Device for modulating a gas ejection section

A modulator device for modulating a gas ejection section, includes a shutter member for partially shutting a nozzle throat, a control guide of the shutter member, a main piston, and a primer piston. The control guide is movable between a retraction position for retracting the partial shutter element relative to the nozzle throat and a shutting position in which the partial shutter element is in contact with the nozzle throat.


Stable low aspect ratio flying wing

A low aspect ratio flying wing provides aerodynamic stability throughout the flight envelope with improved aerodynamic efficiency. Insufficient stability and reduced aerodynamic efficiency typical of low aspect ratio flying wings is improved through wing design and proper application and placement of horizontal stabilizers and boundary layer control.


Self-orienting aircraft landing gear

An aircraft landing gear self-orients so to align itself within a plane parallel to the plane defined by the aircraft's roll and yaw axis. A nose gear of a tricycle landing gear configuration includes the ability to not only caster 360 degrees but also self-orient itself to be aligned parallel with the plane defined by the aircraft's roll and yaw axis once removed from any interaction with the ground.
Icon Aircraft, Inc.


Pin clamp with multi-thickness clamping feature

A pin clamp for clamping a workpiece includes a housing having a longitudinal axis and a locating pin extending through the housing. The locating pin is sized to be positioned within an opening of the workpiece.
Phd, Inc.


Endoscopic instrument

Endoscopic instrument having a shaft extending between a proximal end and a distal end along a longitudinal direction, wherein a working section on the distal end and an actuating element on the proximal end are operatively connected by a thrust element extending along the longitudinal direction, wherein the working section has a jaw piece with first and second jaw parts, which jaw piece is arranged pivotably on a jaw part holder, which is arranged in the shaft so as to be displaceable along the longitudinal direction and rotatable about the longitudinal direction and the thrust element is coupled to the jaw piece, wherein the jaw piece, in the closed state, can be retracted into the shaft, and a blocking device is provided in the instrument which is configured to block a retraction of the jaw piece into the shaft in a predefined angle range about the longitudinal direction.. .
Karl Storz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Mobile apparatus, particularly an autonomously mobile floor cleaning device

A mobile apparatus, particularly an autonomously mobile floor cleaning device, has a chassis and wheels, wherein at least one wheel is driven, and the driven wheel is connected to the chassis via a suspension element that supports the wheel and is movable relative to the chassis. In order to create an alternative mobile apparatus for negotiating an obstacle, the wheel for support on a subsurface over which the mobile apparatus can travel is influenced by a spring exerting a spring force and can be retracted and extended relative to the chassis with the aid of the suspension element, wherein the spring force is adjustable independently of an increase or decrease in the spring force caused by such extension or retraction, and in particular may be increased as the wheel is extended farther..
Vorwerk & Co. Interholding Gmbh


Metering valve and metering method

The invention discloses a metering valve for metering a metering material, having a valve chamber comprising an outlet aperture, a closure element arranged in or on to the valve chamber, a valve chamber casing and an actuator assembly realized to move at least the outlet aperture, preferably the valve chamber, relative to the valve chamber casing in an ejection direction and/or a retraction direction during operation such that, in at least one movement mode, metering material is expelled by the closure element through the outlet aperture by a movement of the outlet aperture in the ejection direction. The invention further discloses a metering method which can be performed by means of such a metering valve..
Vermes Microdispensing Gmbh


Gun mounting and display system and methods of performing the same

A weapon mounting unit including a rigid structure having a front surface, rear surface and an opening extending from the front surface to the rear surface, a grommet in the opening in the rigid structure, a retraction unit secured to the rear surface of the rigid structure, a tethering unit retractably secured to the retraction unit on a first end and to a weapon on a second end, and a weapon mounting unit secured to the front surface of the rigid structure that is configured to mount the weapon on the front surface of the rigid structure.. .
Marengo Gun Shop


Collapsible gazebo frame with single activation feature

A collapsible canopy frame includes a plurality of side and central supports and a plurality of telescopic legs. A single activation feature provides for the extension and retraction, and the locking and unlocking of the canopy frame.
Withu E-commerce (shanghai) Ltd. Co.


Side window visor, a installation, and a motor vehicle having a side window visor

A side window visor designed to attach to a vehicle window channel. The side window visor can be arranged and configured to extend over a portion of a window area for preventing inclement weather from entering the, passenger cabin with the window slightly opened.
Lund Inc.


Suspended flying rig system

A suspended flying rig system includes a plurality of cables attached to a load support releasably securing a load. In response to retraction and/or deployment of at least one of the plurality of cables, motion is provided generally within a three-dimensional working space to the load support.
Tait Towers Manufacturing, Llc


Suspended flying rig system

A suspended flying rig system includes a plurality of cables attached to a load support releasably securing a load. In response to retraction and/or deployment of at least one of the plurality of cables, motion is provided generally within a three-dimensional working space to the load support.
Tait Towers Manufacturing, Llc


Surgical retractor

The invention relates to a surgical retractor, in particular, for spreading a severed sternum, comprising a first retaining device and a second retaining device, which each have a spreader arm with at least one retaining element held thereon, a holding device for holding the retaining devices on each other, and a drive device with which the distance of the spreader arms from each other along a retraction direction is alterable for transfer to a spread position. In order to provide a retractor of this kind which, having a compact design, is easy to handle, it is proposed in accordance with the invention that the retaining devices each have a holding arm connected to the respective spreader arm, and both holding arms couple with the drive device and be displaceable via the drive device relative to each other and relative to the holding device along a displacement direction..
Aesculap Ag


Intelligent pressure relief device for a double isolation valve

A pressure relief device for a double isolation valve comprises a body with a valve cavity. The valve body has a pocket formed therein.
Petrolvalves S.r.l


Compensator nut

Compensation nut, of the type used to perform fixing together of two parts which may be joined together at a slightly variable distance while maintaining said distance separating them, used for example in motor vehicles in order to fix the supports of dashboards to the vehicle structure, said nut being formed by a combination of a top part, one or more intermediate nuts and a base clip or nut, which are provided with threads which allow mutual mating thereof and mutual retraction or extension thereof by means of a single screwing operation, said threads each being provided with stops which limit relative displacement thereof.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Hydraulically operated overhead tilt-up door

There present invention relates to a single panel, hydraulically driven door system. The door and hydraulic cylinder are mounted to the door frame so the door and door frame can be easily installed to a building rough opening.


Belt retractor with an electromotive winding aid and activating an electromotive winding aid for a belt retractor

The invention relates to a belt retractor with an electromotive winding aid (4) comprising a belt shaft (1) which is pretensioned in the winding-up direction by a spring and is mounted rotatably in a frame (3) of the belt retractor on which a belt strap (2) can be wound up. The electromotive winding aid (4) can be activated as a function of the belt-strap-retraction speed (brs)..
Autoliv Development Ab


Apparatus for rapid installation of threaded fasteners

An apparatus for rapid installation of threaded fasteners is provided. The apparatus includes a drive portion configured for being received by a rotary tool, a bit holder extending from the drive portion and configured for receiving a tool bit, the bit holder defining an elongate portion, and a sleeve configured for translatable movement along the elongate portion.
Rda Werks, Llc


Squeezing head torque tool

A uniquely designed torque wrench having a torque body, the torque body attached to a drive head, the drive head entering a contracted stated during extension of a rod of a hydraulic cylinder, and entering an expanded state during the retraction of the rod of a hydraulic cylinder.. .
Francis Torq/lite, Inc.


Pin clamp with multi-thickness clamping feature

A pin clamp for clamping a workpiece includes a housing and a locating pin extending through the housing and having a longitudinal axis. The locating pin is sized to be positioned within an opening of the workpiece.
Phd, Inc.


Table saws

Table saws are disclosed. The table saws can include a blade, an arbor, an arbor block, an elevation carriage, and a latch that connects the arbor block and the elevation carriage.
Sd3, Llc


Expandable mesh with locking feature

The present embodiments provide an expandable mesh comprising a first coupling element, a second coupling element, and an intermediate portion disposed between the first coupling element and the second coupling element. Proximal retraction of the first coupling element relative to the second coupling element causes the intermediate portion to flare out to an enlarged width.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Flexible spinal driver or drill with a malleable core, and/or fixed core radius

The improvement is a spinal instrument (preferably, a bone screw driver) having a flexible shaft comprising a plurality of interlocking segments carried on a malleable core rod. The flexible shaft allows a screwdriver handle to be perfectly in-line with the cage inserter if desired, while still taking advantage of the tactile feel and torque transmission of the flex segment in its bent position.
Depuy Synthes Products, Llc


Suture apparatus, system and method

A suture apparatus having a housing, actuator and capture rod, the actuator being engaged to the capture rod to form an actuator-capture rod assembly, an elongated cannula shaft having a lumen that extends through the shaft, and capture rod retraction means, the housing including an internal region that is configured to receive and support the capture rod retraction means, actuator proximal end and actuator rod distal end therein, wherein said capture rod retraction means is in communication with said actuator. The actuator-capture rod assembly and capture rod retraction means being positioned and configured to transition from a retracted position to an extended position when an actuation force is applied to the actuator and return the retracted position by the retraction means when the actuation force is released..
Suture Ease, Inc.


Position lock for roller supported architectural coverings

A covering for architectural openings including a roller, a shade wrapped around the roller, the shade extendable from the roller when the roller rotates in a first direction, and retractable onto the roller when the roller rotates in a second direction. The covering also includes a retraction mechanism operably associated with the roller for biasing the roller in a direction to retract the shade and a positioning device operably engaging the roller for selectively holding the shade at a selected extension location and selectively releasing the shade for additional extension or retraction.
Hunter Douglas Inc.


Fastener tool assemblies

A bit holder assembly for a rotary hand or powered tool, includes a body having a hex shank at its rearward end and a retraction collar slidably disposed on the body. The body has a coaxial hex socket formed therein to allow a tool bit to be inserted thereinto.
Black & Decker Inc.


Cable retraction system

A retractable storage system for a handheld electronic device includes a protective housing member, at least one cable with a plug head and an end piece, and at least one retractable mechanism to retract and store the cable. The retractable mechanism has a groove track system to control a rotational movement of the retractable mechanism.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.


Multi-frequency quarter-wave resonator for an internal combustion engine vehicle

A variable noise attenuation element is disclosed that comprises a tube, at least one valve seat, at least one valve body and a wire connected to the valve body. The tube has an overall length that defines a first effective length for noise attenuation.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Retraction and aspiration device for treating embolism and associated systems and methods

retraction and aspiration devices, systems, and methods are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward an apparatus for use with a catheter system configured to enable intravascular delivery of an interventional device to a treatment site in a blood vessel.
Inceptus Medical, Llc


Minimally open retraction device

A retractor having a pair of blades is disclosed. A ring having an opening is attached to one end of the blades.
K2m, Inc.


Push-to-charge mechanism for lancing device

A lancing device has a charging mechanism that operates to convert an external push action by a user to an internal pull action that retracts and charges a lancet for use in a lancing stroke. In some embodiments, the charging mechanism includes a user-actuated charging push-button, a reverse charging member coupled to a lancet carrier, and a reverse-motion conversion member coupled therebetween.
Facet Technologies, Llc


Motor control system and motor control method which protect tool and workpiece at time of power outage

A motor control system which makes a tool motor and a workpiece motor rotate in synchronization in a machine tool equipped with a tool motor, a workpiece motor, and a tool shaft movement motor which drives a linear shaft to change an intershaft distance between the tool shaft and the workpiece shaft, wherein when the power outage detector detects a power outage of the power supply during synchronous rotation of the tool motor and the workpiece motor, the operation of the forced deceleration circuit for causing forced deceleration of either one of the tool motor and workpiece motor is made to be delayed by a predetermined time and during that time the tool shaft movement motor is used to drive the linear shaft and separate the tool and workpiece as a retraction operation to thereby prevent damage to the tool and the workpiece at the time of a power outage.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Valve device

To provide a valve device which can maintain the engagement relation between a rod mechanism and a valve mechanism even when the range of advance/retraction of the rod mechanism increases, as well as can achieve downsizing of the entire valve device. In a valve device 1, a pressing rod 215 has a first driving surface 217 which remains in contact with a tip portion 312 from a position away from a rotation axis axb to at least a position closest to the rotation axis axb, and a second driving surface 218 which, after the contact relation between the tip portion 312 and the first driving surface 217 is dissolved, remains in contact with the tip portion 312 to a position past the rotation axis axb..
Futaba Industrial Co., Ltd.


Selective clamping of chassis

Methods of and apparatus for controlling relative telescoping extension or retraction of multiple telescoping assemblies is provided. The telescoping assemblies connect the main frame of a slipform paver to a side member of the slipform paver.
Wirtgen Gmbh


Guide rail for a window lift and door system for a vehicle door

A guide rail for a window lifter for raising and lowering a window pane or door system for a vehicle door having a carrier and at least two guide rails disposed on the carrier. The guide rails comprise a guide profile that can be twisted or bent for guiding an adjusting part of the window lifter coupled to the window pane along an adjusting direction predetermined by the guide rails and the guide profile comprises a base and two legs protruding at obtuse draft angles from the ends of the base, such that the size of the draft angles is proportional to the bending or twisting of the guide rails prescribed by the kinematics of the retraction of the window pane over the adjusting travel of the window pane..
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Hallstadt


Handheld power tool and impact block return device thereof

The present invention provides a handheld power tool having an impact block and an impact block return device. The impact block has a plurality of continuous teeth arranged along a lengthwise direction of the impact block.
Basso Industry Corp.


Moveable jaw mounting assembly

A movable jaw mounting assembly to provide adjustment of the close side setting (css) of a movable jaw and to act as a retraction assembly or assist with retraction. The assembly comprises a pair of linear actuators that are coupled between the back frame end and a region of the toggle unit so as to move the toggle unit towards and away from the back frame end to allow insertion and removal of spacers and/or shims..
Sandvik Intellectual Property Ab


Retraction and aspiration device for treating embolism and associated systems and methods

retraction and aspiration devices, systems, and methods are disclosed herein. One aspect of the present technology, for example, is directed toward an apparatus for use with a catheter system configured to enable intravascular delivery of an interventional device to a treatment site in a blood vessel.
Inceptus Medical, Llc


Methods and devices for a surgical hip replacement procedure

Devices and methods for use in a hip replacement surgical procedure. One aspect includes methods and devices for reaming selective regions of the femoral canal.


Apparatus and enlarging an incision

A retraction system and method are provided for retracting tissues surrounding a surgical site. In one aspect, a method including engaging slide connections between a guide dilator and a plurality of tissue engaging members and sequentially enlarging an incision using the guide dilator and the plurality of tissue engaging members.
Pioneer Surgical Technology, Inc.


Methods and devices to decrease tissue trauma during surgery

Methods and devices are disclosed to reduce tissue trauma when a physician retracts a patient's tissues for surgery. In one part, methods and devices are disclosed for controlling retraction force and pace.
Physcient, Inc.


Wheel suspension and retraction apparatus

A wheel suspension and retraction apparatus (2) for an amphibious vehicle comprises a suspension unit having transverse upper and lower suspension links (4, 8); spring and damper unit (12), and suspension upright (6) supporting wheel (10), and pivotally connected to outboard ends of links (4 and 8). The wheel retraction mechanism has a retraction linkage (14, 16, 18), pivotably connectable to the vehicle, and an actuator (38) for moving the wheel suspension between a protracted position for land use and a retracted position for use on water.
Gibbs Technologies Limited


Direct acting extensible and retractable arm mechanism, and robot arm provided with direct acting extensible and retractable arm mechanism

A multi-joint arm mechanism includes an arm supporting member a first, second and third joints. The third joint has a linear extension and retraction axis.
Life Robotics R.e.d Inc.


Trackless dark ride vehicle, system, and method

A motion assembly that produces pitch and roll motions includes lower and upper plates. A pivotable coupling having upper and lower shafts extending from its center is coupled between the upper and lower plates.
Oceaneering International, Inc.


Reformer exercise apparatus arm cord retraction assembly

A reformer exercise apparatus is disclosed that has a generally rectangular frame. The rail portions of the frame each have an upright outer wall and a hidden outwardly open slot therein.
Balanced Body, Inc.


Fluid delivery catheter with pressure-actuating needle deployment and retraction

A fluid delivery catheter that uses micro-needles for fluid delivery though a vessel wall. The catheter may provide fluid delivery therapy for various procedures, such as, for example, delivery of tumescent fluid or renal denervation.
Covidien Lp


Inflatable laparoscopic retractor for atraumatic retraction in abdominal surgery

A laparoscopic retractor (11) comprises a shaft (8) having a proximal and distal end, the distal end of the shaft being configured for adjustment from a substantially straight orientation to a curved orientation having a substantially u-shaped hook suitable for laparoscopic retraction. The proximal end of the shaft comprises a handle (1) operably connected to the distal end of the shaft for adjustment of the distal end from the substantially straight orientation to the curved orientation.
University College Cork, National University Of Ireland, Cork


Positioning assembly

Retractable beds exist and work on a myriad of mechanisms for enabling bed and mattresses to be retracted and deployed. However, structural deficiencies together with the weight of the mattress have contributed to deficiencies and damage to these retractable beds.
Hwb Concept Pte Ltd


Ring tool holder

The present invention relates, in general, to a tool holing device consisting of a retraction mechanism capable of temporarily attaching to a tool to hold it conveniently accessible when needed, and out-of-the-way when not needed. This device is also capable of docking such that the user can control where he or she would like a tool to be held..


Hydraulic valve with electropneumatic actuator

A hydraulic valve with electropneumatic activation includes an air inlet that receives pressurized air from an air compressor and directs it into a line of the cylinder. The line is connected to an extension line attached to a solenoid extension valve that allows or blocks the passage of pressurized air from the extension line to a rear line.


Built-in retractable hanger for mobile devices

A built-in retractable hanger for mobile devices is provided. In an implementation, a cord is extendible and retractable within a hinge of a mobile device.


Integrated portable stand, power supply, and control panel

A portable stand includes a supporting frame, wherein the supporting frame has a base assembly operatively connected to at least one extendible leg for movement about a pivotal axis. The base assembly includes a base plate adapted for attachment to an interior of a case.
Air Systems, Inc. Dba Air Systems International, Inc.


Retractable entry system

A retractable entry system is provided which is powered to extend and retract along a plurality of spaced-apart rotatable axes, in sequential, reciprocating arcs of motion. With the first axis and in the first of the sequences of motion when retracting, a portion of the step assembly folds onto another portion of the step assembly, the steps being aligned tread to tread.


Log splitter assembly and use thereof

The present disclosure generally relates to devices and methods for splitting logs. In an embodiment, a log splitter assembly is configured such that the height of a the log splitter assembly may be adjusted.


Digital comparator

Provided is a comparator including: a substantially u-shaped frame; an anvil supported at one end of the frame in an advanceable and retractable manner; a spindle supported at another end of the frame coaxially with the anvil in an advanceable and retractable manner; a measurement unit that measures the advancement and retraction of the anvil; and a display unit that displays a measurement result of the measurement unit. The measurement unit includes: an anvil contact portion that rotates around a support shaft in accordance with the advancement and retraction of the anvil; an interlocking portion that is formed to have a length greater than the length of the anvil contact portion, is supported so as to be rotatable around the support shaft, and is coupled to the anvil contact portion; and a detection unit that detects a displacement of rotation of the interlocking portion..
Mitutoyo Corporation


Device for catheter sheath retraction

A device for moving an elongate member relative to an elongate body through which it extends, the device including a housing, a mover, and a pre-mover. The housing is connectable to the elongate body.
C. R. Bard, Inc.


Sampling catheter devices, methods, and systems

A sampling catheter encloses a sampling brush which can be selectively extended and retracted from and into the catheter assembly to allow insertion and movement of the catheter while presenting a smooth surface to the body lumen. The selective extension and retraction of the brush allows it to be withdrawn while limiting contamination by contact with tissue outside of the sampled region.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Mattress arrangement, such as a bed, having zones with adjustable height/firmness

A mattress arrangement, such as a bed arrangement, is disclosed, comprising an upper mattress and optionally an lower mattress. The mattresses are preferably pocket spring mattresses.
StjernfjÄdrar Ab


Method for arranging rolling-friction stretching and retraction based rolling stroke sections of a rocker arm in parallel, and an excavator or loader comprising a rocker arm having rolling stroke sections arranged in parallel

An excavator or loader comprises a rocker arm, a machine body, and a work head, wherein the rocker arm comprises a front roller, a rear roller, a front roller raceway, a rear roller raceway, a telescopic arm, a telescopic support arm; the front roller raceway and the rear roller raceway are arranged in parallel; the front roller rolls within the front roller raceway; the rear roller rolls within the rear roller raceway; the front roller coordinates with the rear roller to support the telescopic arm to perform the rolling-friction stretching and retraction on the telescopic support arm by means of rolling friction; the work head is connected with the telescopic arm which drives the work head to stretch or retract; the telescopic support arm is connected with the machine body, according to a method for arranging rolling-friction stretch and retraction based rolling stroke sections of a rocker arm in parallel.. .


Landing gear with realigning lock link assembly

The invention relates to aircraft landing gear comprising: a leg (12) for hinging to a structure of the aircraft so as to be movable between a deployed position and a retracted position, a main brace (15), a secondary brace (20), and an unlocking actuator (30) having a first end coupled to the secondary brace and controllable for causing its links to move out of alignment against the action of the resilient member during retraction or deployment of the landing gear. According to the invention, the unlocking actuator is of the double-acting type and the landing gear includes coupling means (31, 33) for coupling to a second end of the unlocking actuator, which means ensure movement of said second end relative to the leg so that, for a given action, the unlocking actuator tends to break the alignment of the links when the landing gear is in one of its positions and tends to confirm said alignment when the landing gear is in its other position..



An applicator includes a piston plate, a non-linear coil spring, a casing, a lock means and a release means. The casing includes a tubular main body part that houses therein the piston plate and the non-linear coil spring, and a cover part that is arranged on one end side of the main body part.
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.


Surgical retractors

The present disclosure relates to methods and devices for surgically manipulating tissue. In general, the methods and devices can include an elongate retractor shaft having a distal retractor tip that is configured to manipulate tissue, for example the tip can be configured to separate muscle and nerve fibers surrounding a vertebra.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Apparatus and methods for cutting an object

The present embodiments are directed to apparatus and methods for cutting an object. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a cutting device and an actuation device operatively coupled to the cutting device.
Barko Hydraulics, Llc


Security case for a portable electronic device

A security case (20) for a portable electronic device such as a mobile phone (22) to prevent theft and loss. The security case has a case body comprising a panel (24) and side walls (26) configured to hold the phone.


Single actuator variable area fan nozzle system and method

A single actuator variable area fan nozzle (“vafn”) system is provided. In contrast to typical system, the single actuator vafn may comprise a single actuator, a linkage and a vafn panel.
Rohr, Inc.


Electric latch retraction device for vertical rod door latches

An electric latch retraction device for vertical rod door latches includes an automatic adjustment feature including a limit switch and a linear sensor, such as a hall effect sensor, which detects vertical position. A microcontroller monitors the vertical position of a pivoting retraction lever driven at the pivot by a linear driver.
Sargent Manufacturing Company


Multi-use emergency descent device

A multi-use emergency descent device for descent of a payload from an aircraft has a tape assembly in operative communication with a braking assembly and return assembly. The tape assembly has a tape wound about an axis.
Capewell Systems Llc


Buckle retraction device

Car seat harness buckle retract system which by encircling the harness buckle that includes a cord lock with a length of elastic cord, where both ends pass through the cord lock to present a loop to encircle the harness buckle at the base wherein the loop is adjusted to secure the harness buckle. The other end is attached to the material or the like near the harness adjust opening of the car seat.


Tarpaulin retraction and extension device

A device for manipulating a tarpaulin so as to selectively cover and uncover a top aperture of a container, comprising: a guide mountable to the container along an aperture first side edge; a stopper positioned along the guide; a caddie mounted to the guide and movable therealong, the stopper being configured and sized for preventing movements of the caddie beyond the stopper; a tarpaulin rod support defining a pivot section and a tarpaulin rod supporting section spaced apart therefrom, the tarpaulin rod support being pivotally mounted to the caddie in the pivot section; a tarpaulin rod for rolling the tarpaulin therearound and unrolling the tarpaulin therefrom, the tarpaulin rod being rotatably mounted to the tarpaulin rod supporting section so as to be rotatable about a rod longitudinal axis thereof; and an actuator operatively coupled to the tarpaulin rod for selectively rotating the tarpaulin rod about the rod longitudinal axis.. .


Wound retractor with split hoops

An incrementally adjustable wound retractor, which provides access to a body cavity, includes a flexible retraction sheath, an inner ring having a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision attached to the distal end of the retraction sheath, and at least two rows of a plurality of loops disposed around the proximal end of the retraction sheath, each row of loops sized and configured to receive a noncompliant split hoop. The two split hoops may be rolled over each other and around the annular axis to retract the sheath with sufficient force to stretch the incision to the desired diameter..
Applied Medical Resources Corporation


Square bale ejector system

A bale ejecting mechanism includes a shuttle shiftable toward and away from the open end in repetitive ejection and retraction strokes. The shuttle has a series of projections yieldably biased to an extended position projecting into the bale case for engaging and moving a bale during an ejection stroke of the shuttle.
Agco Corporation


Retraction based three-dimensional tracking of object movements

The technology disclosed relates to tracking movement of a real world object in three-dimensional (3d) space. In particular, it relates to mapping, to image planes of a camera, projections of observation points on a curved volumetric model of the real world object.
Leap Motion, Inc.


Docking station with ruggedized case

A docking station for an electronic device that is contained within a case, in which the case includes a retractable connector access panel at least partially overlying a portion of a connector port of the electronic device, includes a base at least partially configured to support the electronic device. An electrical connector is coupled to the base and configured to receive the connector port of the electronic device.
L&p Property Management Company


Assembly to adjust the height of an axle of a vehicle

An assembly for adjusting the distance between a wheel axle of a vehicle and a surface of a road. The assembly comprises: an axle casing connected substantially parallel to at least one wheel axle and rotatably connected proximal to an underside of the vehicle.
Advanced Suspension Systems Pty Ltd.


Bicycle repair stand

A bicycle repair stand includes an upright column. A first repair station includes a repair rack extending from the upright column in a first direction.
Bike Fixtation, Llc


Compressible barbell adapter

A compressible barbell adapter is disclosed, which consists of a compression-retraction member fastened to a hollow shaft for use on a bar. The compression and retraction movement of the compression-retraction member is generally achieved by means of a pinion and a rack system, and can be utilized in conjunction with dampening means.


Adjustable reformer

An adjustable reformer for exercising is provided. The reformer includes a frame, a carriage slidably mounted to the horizontal frame, and at least one resistance element connected to the carriage.
Merrithew Corporation


Controller assisted reconfiguration of an articulated instrument during movement into and out of an entry guide

To perform a tool exchange in a medical robotic system, tool is retracted back into an entry guide from a deployed position and pose so that an assistant in the operating room may replace it with a different tool. While the tool is being retracted back towards the entry guide by user action, its configuration is changed to an entry pose while avoiding collisions with other objects so that it may fit in the entry guide.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Thrombus removal and intravascular distal embolic protection device

A clot extraction catheter comprises a tubular mesh, a tapered tip fixed to the tubular mesh distal end, a rim attached to the tubular mesh proximal end, control wires, a guidewire channel, an inner sheath, and an outer sheath advancable over the guidewire channel and inner sheath. To extract a clot, the catheter is advanced through the clot over a guidewire.


Manual retraction tool for use with an electromechanical surgical device

A manual retraction tool for use with an electromechanical surgical assembly includes a handle and a shaft. The handle includes an elongated handle body having a first end and a second end, and a channel recessed within at least a portion of the handle body.
Covidien Lp

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