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Retraction patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Retraction-related patents
 Vapour extractor device comprising a mobile vapour extractor hood patent thumbnailnew patent Vapour extractor device comprising a mobile vapour extractor hood
A vapor extractor device includes a vapor extractor hood, and a drive motor for retracting and extending the vapor extractor hood. The drive motor is hereby controlled to reduce a retraction speed of the vapor extractor hood from a first predetermined retraction position, when the vapor extractor hood is retracted..
Bsh Bosch Und Siemens Hausgeräte Gmbh

 Modular compaction boring machine system patent thumbnailnew patent Modular compaction boring machine system
A modular compaction boring device. The boring device comprises a compaction boring head which creates a borehole through a subsurface by operation of a thruster and a rear and forward anchor.
The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

 Cable tie patent thumbnailnew patent Cable tie
A cable tie has a flexible, elongated strap with a head and tail at opposite ends. The strap has two opposed sides, with teeth on both sides.
Shining Golden Yida Welding & Cutting Machinery Manufacture Ltd.

 System of retractable shelves patent thumbnailnew patent System of retractable shelves
The retractable shelf system allows for the compartmentalization of storage container. The system is integrated into the interior space of the storage container and includes a plurality of shelving units distributed along the length of the storage container.

 Assembly for connecting a mouth guard to a helmet or fastening  a helmet patent thumbnailnew patent Assembly for connecting a mouth guard to a helmet or fastening a helmet
A mouth guard assembly with a retractable mouth guard connection, including: a retraction element including a first housing and a retraction device disposed within the first housing; a cord including a first end attached to the retraction device and a second end; a coupling element including a third end connected to the second end and a fourth end arranged to engage a mouth guard to secure the mouth guard to the coupling element; and a connection assembly arranged to attach the retraction element to a protective helmet or a fastening apparatus for a protective helmet. The cord is arranged to be pulled from the retraction assembly in a first direction.

 Substance delivery device patent thumbnailnew patent Substance delivery device
A substance delivery device that includes a hypodermic needle with a tube for receiving and containing a volume of a substance. The substance delivery device includes a rod, a portion of which is of a size and shape to fit within the tube of the hypodermic needle.
Allergan Holdings France S.a.s.

 Motorized vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Motorized vehicle
A motorized vehicle having a wheel retraction apparatus, comprising: a plurality of rear wheels and at least one front wheel; a lower chassis having a foot surface mounted thereon; and a wheel retraction apparatus mechanically connected to said lower chassis and set to extract and retract said plurality of rear wheels from and towards said lower chassis and to fixate said plurality of rear wheels in a plurality of different widths from one another; wherein a distance between an axis passing through the centers of said plurality of rear wheels and said at least one front wheel is reduced when said plurality of rear wheels are retracted towards said lower chassis.. .
Moving Life Ltd.

 Retraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture patent thumbnailnew patent Retraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture
Rib refraction devices and methods of its use and manufacture are disclosed. A retraction device may include a first frame portion and a second frame portion.
Contour Surgical, Inc.

 Luggage handle structure patent thumbnailnew patent Luggage handle structure
A luggage handle structure is coupled to a retractable pull rod of a luggage to control extension and retraction of the retractable pull rod. The luggage handle structure includes a handle, a button, a transmission member, and a pull rope.

 Vertical stacking bale accumulator patent thumbnailnew patent Vertical stacking bale accumulator
A towable vertical stacking bale accumulator features angle-adjustable roller beds on an obliquely oriented trailer frame whereby a rearwardly declining slope of the rollers gravitationally conveys individual bales from the baler to a stacking station at the rear of the trailer frame, where an automatically controlled gate provides a stop for retaining the bales until either a full stack is compiled or an error is detected. Spring loaded bale lifters feature concave undersides to encourage retraction of same as they are lowered down the sides of a newly arrived bale, and carry hanging bale guides that prevent the incoming bales from overshooting sides of the roller bed.
Phiber Manufacturing Inc.


Substrate transport apparatus

A transfer apparatus including a frame, multiple arms connected to the frame, each arm having an end effector and an independent drive axis for extension and retraction of the respective arm with respect to other ones of the multiple arms, a linear rail defining a degree of freedom for the independent drive axis for extension and retraction of at least one arm, and a common drive axis shared by each arm and configured to pivot the multiple arms about a common pivot axis, wherein at least one of the multiple arms having another drive axis defining an independent degree of freedom with respect to other ones of the multiple arms.. .
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Occupant protection device for case of vehicle side collision

A occupant protection device for a case of a vehicle side collision includes: a center console which is provided on a side of a vehicular seat and at a central portion of a vehicle compartment in the vehicle width direction and in which a console box opposing an abdomen of an occupant seated in the vehicular seat in the vehicle width direction is movable to a retraction position where the console box does not oppose the abdomen in the vehicle width direction; and a moving device which when a vehicle side collision is detected or predicted, moves the console box to the retraction position.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Component for a bit driving tool

A component of a bit driving tool is presented, having a mid-chamber, telescopically received in an outer chamber. A bit storage chamber is formed in the mid-chamber, surrounding and rotatable about a central.
Thunder Innovations Inc.


Devices for targeted delivery of therapeutic implants

A barrel adapter for a syringe having a barrel and plunger. The adapter comprises a barrel tip and a needle retraction mechanism having a needle subassembly with a needle and a lumen, actuator subassembly, and biasing member.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Labrum retracting burr

A rotary abrader allowing for improved visibility during surgery and improved aspiration of waste material. This is accomplished by providing a hood or sheath formed of a clear material and available in various shapes and sizes.
Arthrex, Inc.


Tissue suturing device using rotating needles

A medical device for installing sutures to close an incision in tissue or human skin is disclosed. The suturing device may provide first and second arcuate needles.
Surgimatix, Inc.


System and image-guided arthroscopy

Configurations are described for conducting minimally invasive medical diagnoses and interventions utilizing elongate instruments and assemblies comprising one or more imaging devices, and one or more remote retraction and distraction devices. Retraction and distraction devices, such as balloons, mechanical retraction members, and/or trocar screw geometries may be utilized to access, investigate, and intervene at the joint capsule, or inside of the joint capsule.
Reprise Technologies, Llc


Handheld iron and stand

A flat iron and base stand are disclosed. The base stand includes temperature controls and indicators that allow a user to set a desired temperature for the flat iron and view the current temperature.
Tristar Products, Inc.


Externally loading semi-automatic firearm with integral or non-removable feeding device

Weapon and rifle systems and methods with integral or non-removable ammunition well or reservoir are described. A lower receiver for an m16 type weapon or rifle system is described with an aperture for loading one or more cartridges into an ammunition well or reservoir formed as part of the lower receiver, a pull channel, a follower pull coupled to the pull channel, a follower adapted for retraction by the follower pull, a bottom cover to the ammunition well or reservoir, wherein the pull channel and follower pull are capable of retracting the follower past the aperture for loading one or more cartridges into the ammunition well or reservoir.
Jv Precision Machine Company


Transport device

The distance between a pair of fall prevention members can be adjusted by causing the pair of fall prevention members to be linearly moved in mutually opposite directions along the spaced-apart direction along which the pair of fall prevention members are spaced apart from each other. A distance adjustment actuator portion is configured to be able to adjust the distance between the pair of fall prevention members to any of a distance for retraction greater than a width of a larger transported object in the spaced-apart direction; a distance for the larger transported object which is less than the distance for retraction and which corresponds to the width of the larger transported object in the spaced-apart direction; and a distance for the smaller transported object which is less than the distance for the larger transported object and which corresponds to a width of the smaller transported object in the spaced-apart direction..
Daifuku Co., Ltd.


Fast adjust trailer jack

A fast-adjust trailer jack has three telescoping tubular segments, an upper, an intermediate and a lower. A lead screw is used to operatively couple the upper to the intermediate and a tension spring is coupled between the intermediate and the lower to normally urge the retraction of the lower into the intermediate.


Variable length device and method

A method for treating a complex fracture with a variable length nail is provided. The nail is configured for at least 5 mm of axial length change in each direction.
Ellipse Technologies, Inc.


Retractor tools for minimally invasive hip surgery

A retractor system, kit and method of use includes a plurality of retractors for use in retracting a wound during a minimally-invasive hip replacement surgery to define an access space to a surgical site is discussed. Each of the retractors comprises a handle portion configured to be held by a user, a curved bend portion distal of the handle portion, and a wound contact portion attached to the curved bend portion.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Method and soft tissue retraction

A soft tissue retractor includes a retractor body and a proximal projection extends generally perpendicular to the proximal end of the retractor body. An illumination waveguide engages a slot in the retractor blade to provide illumination to a surgical site while maintaining total internal reflection in the waveguide.
Invuity, Inc.


Boat speed minimisation system

A trolling plate which, together with a supporting and deployment mechanism, is fixed to and strutted from an outboard motor without the need for engineering modifications or the use special tools; said trolling plate being pivotably deployable into the water in the zone immediately downstream of the propeller of the outboard motor to substantially block the efflux from said propeller and thereby reduce its propulsive effort; said deployment being effected in a universally variable way by means of a suitable actuator; control means of said actuator and/or said deployment mechanism incorporating means to permit the immediate retraction of said trolling plate should it impact an obstruction or should the power of said outboard motor suddenly be increased.. .


Insertion mechanisms having vented fluid pathways for drug delivery pumps

An insertion mechanism having a vented fluid pathway includes an insertion biasing member 210, a hub 212, a needle 214, a retraction biasing member 216, and a manifold 240 having a septum 230 and a cannula 234, wherein the annular space between the septum 230 and the cannula 234 defines a manifold header 242. The manifold and fluid conduit are ventable through the membrane prior to or just after needle 214 and cannula 234 are inserted into the user.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd.


Laparoscopic instrument and trocar systems and related surgical method

Laparoscopic instruments and trocars are provided for performing laparoscopic procedures entirely through the umbilicus. A generally c-shaped trocar provides increased work space between the hands of the surgeon as well as s-shaped laparoscopic instruments placed through the trocar when laparoscopic instrument-trocar units are placed through the umbilicus.
Covidien Lp


Dishwasher appliance and a mounting a slide rail in a dishwasher appliance

A dishwasher appliance and a method for mounting a slide rail within a dishwasher appliance are provided. A rack assembly of the dishwasher appliance includes a bracket with a post.
General Electric Company


Sliding device for drawer

Disclosed herein is a sliding device for guiding a drawer such that the drawer is extended from or retracted into a storage body. The sliding device includes sliding rails each having a pair of flanges, and balls slidably connecting the sliding rails to each other.
Segos Co., Ltd.


Self-correcting drive and motor control for cargo canopy systems

In the coupling of bi-directional, non-freewheeling-type dc motors (24,25) to the pulling spool (23) of a canopy (1 1) deployment strap (21,22) and to a take-up roller (15), ratchet gears (26,27) assure automatic alignment and synchronization of the deployment and retraction mechanisms. The reverse direction rotation of the unwinding motor can be uninhibited through the slipping of its ratchet gear when the winding motor is slow to take up the pulling strap or the tarp (11) being wound thereon.


Unit retraction device and image forming apparatus including same

A unit retraction device has a hook member which engages with an engaged portion provided on a unit, and a retraction force generating mechanism which exerts a retraction force on the unit. The retraction force generating mechanism includes a first rotary member which is rotatably disposed on a first rotation pivot and to a rotating end part of which the hook member is coupled, a biasing member of which one end is hooked to the first rotary member and which biases the first rotary member in such a direction that the hook member retracts the unit into the apparatus body, and a second rotary member to which another end of the biasing member is hooked and which is rotatably disposed on a second rotation pivot.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Process for spot-joining stacked metal foils

Friction stir spot-welding is performed to join together a stack of a plurality of metal foils and a metal sheet by using a double-acting type rotary tool including a hollow member and a pin member which are movable independently of each other in their axial directions, and a clamp member which is fitted on an outer circumferential surface of the hollow member and which is movable in its axial direction. While an outer annular part of a portion to be friction-stirred is pressed with the clamp member, the pin member is inserted into the above-described portion and the hollow member is retracted, whereby a metal mass is accommodated within a space formed between the above-described portion and the hollow member.
Obara Corporation


Game with timer device and playing the game

A timer mechanism for a game is disclosed herein. The timer mechanism including: an end portion; an object secured to the end portion by a retractable member capable of being extracted from the object and retracted into the object by a winding mechanism; and an indicator mechanism located at the end portion for indicating when the object has come into proximity with the end portion and has contacted a portion of the indicator mechanism through retraction of the retractable member into the object by the winding mechanism..


Self-centering patient temperature control catheter

A catheter includes working fluid supply and return lumens through which working fluid circulates to exchange heat with a patient in whom the catheter is positioned. Plural wires arranged in a mesh are located longitudinally along the catheter and engaged therewith.
Zoll Circulation, Inc.


Harvesting header transport apparatus and method

A transport system for transport of a harvesting header comprises separate front and rear carriers in a configuration that permits a single person to prepare a harvesting header for transport. The wheeled front carrier engages a support member attached to one end of the harvesting header and includes a towing member and means of connecting the front carrier to a towing vehicle.
Honey Bee Manufacturing Ltd.


Process cartridge

The invention relates to a process cartridge, which comprises a process cartridge housing, a photosensitive member, a driving force receiving opening, a retractable mechanism and a control mechanism, wherein the photosensitive member is arranged inside the process cartridge housing; the driving force receiving opening is connected with the photosensitive member and provides a driving force for the photosensitive member; the retractable mechanism allows the driving force receiving opening to extend or retract in the axial direction of the photosensitive member; and the control mechanism controls the extension and retraction of the retractable mechanism.. .
Zhuhai Seine Technology Limited


Hydraulic axle

A hydraulic axle includes a reversible hydraulic pump. The hydraulic axle has a multi-surface cylinder with two retraction surfaces and two deployment surfaces.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Drill string inground isolator in an mwd system and associated method

An inground isolator and associated method can provide an electrically isolated break in a drill string using electrical insulating members/isolators that are supported by a housing. During drill string operations, the isolators are subject only compressive forces responsive to both extension (pushing) and retraction (pulling) by the drill string.
Merlin Technology, Inc.


Self-elevating platform employing actuators

An apparatus including a support; a first upper frame and a second upper frame each attached to the support; and removable actuators extending vertically from a base and located below the support and between the first and second upper frames, wherein the actuators are vertically extendable and retractable; wherein the actuators are adapted to engage the support and raise or lower the support upon the extension or retraction of each actuator; wherein the actuators are adapted to extend to a first height at which a first middle frame may be arranged below the first upper frame and a second middle frame may be arranged below the second upper frame; and wherein the actuators are adapted to retract to a second height at which the first middle frame may be attached to the first upper frame and the second middle frame may be attached to the second upper frame.. .
Nabors Drilling International Limited


Apparatus for stitching vehicle interior components

A method for stitching an interior component is provided. The method including the steps of: stitching an outer skin layer of the interior component with a single needle chain stitch machine having a rotary looper; descending a needle of the machine through the interior component; retracting the needle after is has descended through the interior component; engaging a thread loop formed during the retraction of the needle after it has descended through the interior component with a hook of the rotary looper, wherein a portion of interior component is located above and below the rotary looper as it rotates; and moving the interior component relative to the needle and rotary looper in order to establish a stitch length..


Tailgate assembly for a refuse vehicle

A body assembly for a vehicle includes a storage body, a tailgate rotatably coupled to the storage body, an actuator, and a prop. The actuator includes a cylinder tube having an outer tube end coupled to the tailgate and a rod having an outer rod end coupled to the body.
Oshkosh Corporation


Spring caging mechanism for a coil spring rail brake

A rail brake includes a rigid enclosure which mounts under a crane so as to dispose the base end of the enclosure over and adjacent a rail. A spring carriage is mounted for vertical translation within the enclosure.
Hillmar Industries Limited


System and cleaning and retracting at least one patient monitoring cable

A system and method is provided for cleaning patient monitoring cables including: retracting a cable using a retraction mechanism; receiving, by a housing unit, the cable; and directing, based on movement of the cable, the cable into the housing unit. The innovation may further include: providing cleaning means to the housing unit; protracting the cable; and providing drying means to the housing unit..


Retractable needle adapters and safety syringes

Barrel adapters for safety syringes include a barrel and a plunger assembly adapted to move within the barrel, a barrel tip adapted to be sealingly engaged with a distal end of the barrel and a needle retraction mechanism barrel having a needle subassembly and an actuator subassembly. The needle subassembly includes a needle, and a needle-over-mold (nom) through which the needle extends.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Drive control mechanisms and automatic injectors for injectable cartridges

An automatic injector includes a housing having a guide, a drive control mechanism, a transmission assembly, a motor, and an energy source. The housing may further include a cartridge cover.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Dissection and retraction device for vaginal sacral colpopexy

In one embodiment the apparatus includes a first retractor, a second retractor, and a shaft. The shaft defines a central channel extending from a first end portion of the shaft to a second end portion of the shaft.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Retractor tool for minimally invasive hip replacement surgery

A retractor system, kit and method of use includes a plurality of retractors for use in retracting a wound during a minimally-invasive hip replacement surgery to define an access space to a surgical site is discussed. Each of the retractors comprises a handle portion configured to be held by a user, a curved bend portion distal of the handle portion, and a wound contact portion attached to the curved bend portion.
Greatbatch Ltd.


Motor control device

If the control of a motor becomes impossible, the motor appropriately stops, and drive wheels are driven by an engine to enable retraction travel. A motor/generator 4 is used to drive drive wheels of a vehicle, and start an engine 3.
Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.


Expandable stud bracket

An expandable stud bracket for attachment to a 2×4, 2×6, or 4×4 board for construction of a temporary structure of support is disclosed. An embodiment of the bracket includes a receiving portion for securing the bracket to a stud, an adjustable portion opposite the receiving portion and having an extendable rod, an engagement plate attached to an end of the rod and an anchor attached to an end of the rod opposite the engagement plate and for limiting extension of the rod from the bracket, and a locking mechanism attached to the rod for preventing retraction.
Stud Jack It Company


Cable retractor

A mechanism for storing a length of cord that includes a first and second pair of pulleys mounted at opposite ends of a frame. An intermediate section of a cord is stored in the frame and has one end of the stored section fixed to the frame, with the other end extending from the frame.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.


Device for concomitant opening or closing of two flaps of a landing gear door

A device for concomitant opening or closing of two flaps of a door of an aircraft retractable landing gear. The device comprises a single actuating means for the opening or the closing of the two flaps under the effect of its extension or of its retraction.
Airbus Operations S.a.s.


Tissue retraction and vertebral displacement devices, systems, and methods for posterior spinal fusion

Devices for retracting tissue during a minimally-invasive, posterior spinal fusion procedure include a blade positionable along a passageway device connected to a connecting element implanted in a vertebra of the spine, such that the blade covers at least a portion of a longitudinal opening of the passageway device. The blade may be coupled to the passageway device by receiving the passageway device with a receiving portion.
Stryker European Holdings I, Llc


Method of suturing tissue

A medical device for installing sutures to close an incision in tissue or human skin is disclosed. The suturing device may provide first and second arcuate needles.
Surgimatix, Inc.


Sit-stand workstation with display support apparatus

In one respect, the invention of the present application is a sit-stand workstation comprising a worksurface and at least one support beam row adapted to support at least one electronic display therefrom, the worksurface and support beam row being clamped to an outer column that is axially aligned with and able to change height with respect to an inner column via an extension and retraction device that is attached between the inner and outer columns.. .
Innovative Office Products, Llc


Spring-style air brake hose support

A spring-style railway hose support has a retraction-biased extension unit of a longitudinally compressible spring and a pair of oppositely directed internal wireforms within the longitudinally compressible spring. The internal wireforms engage respective ends of the longitudinally compressible spring, and a closed end of each is configured to allow it to project beyond a respective end of the longitudinally compressible spring.
Ireco, Llc


Cosmetic changing the appearance of eyes

The current application is directed to cosmetic methods for changing the appearance of eyes by causing a retraction of the eyelids so that the eyes appear to be more open and have a wider appearance. Various methods involve application of one or more prostaglandins, synthetic prostaglandins, including synthetic prostaglandin f, and synthetic prostaglandin analogues, to eyelids, which results in contraction of eyelid muscles and a wider, more open appearance of the eyes..


Illuminated surgical retractor system and magnetically-controlled illumination device

An illuminated surgical retractor system includes a surgical retractor and at least one illumination device. The surgical retractor includes an outer ring, a light-transmissive hollow inner ring, and a tubular retraction membrane which extends between the output ring and the inner ring and which has a first open end connected to and spread open by the outer ring and a second open end connected to and spread open by the inner ring.
Chi Mei Medical Center


Minimally open interbody access retraction device and surgical method

Devices, systems and methods for minimally open orthopedic spine surgery are disclosed. A first flexible screw-based retractor is designed to be coupled to each pedicle screw inserted into adjacent vertebral bodies.
K2m, Inc.


Retractable electronics protection

Cases are disclosed herein for mobile electronic devices, such as smartphones, tables, e-readers, etc., that have an integrated retention system. The integrated retention system includes a retention device and a retraction device.


Reduced capacity carrier and use

A substrate transport apparatus is provided. The apparatus has a casing and a door.
Brooks Automation, Inc.


Expandable stud bracket

An expandable stud bracket for attachment to a board for construction of a temporary structure of support is disclosed. An embodiment of the bracket includes a receiving portion for securing the bracket to a stud, an adjustable portion opposite the receiving portion and having an extendable rod, an engagement plate attached to an end of the rod and an anchor attached to an end of the rod opposite the engagement plate and for limiting extension of the rod from the bracket, and a locking mechanism attached to the rod for preventing retraction.


Methods of valve delivery on a beating heart

A delivery system and method for delivering a prosthetic heart valve to the aortic valve. The system includes a delivery catheter having a steering mechanism thereon for delivering a balloon-expandable prosthetic heart valve to the aortic valve through an introducer passing into the left ventricle through its apex.
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation


Wound retractor

An incrementally adjustable wound retractor (500), having a first ring (504) with a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, a flexible second ring (502), having a lumen and a diameter greater than the desired diameter of the wound incision, and a flexible sleeve (506), disposed in a generally cylindrical form between the first and second rings (502, 504), where the second ring may be rolled over itself to provide a sleeve with a radical retraction force sufficient to stretch the incision to the desired diameter.. .
Applied Medical Resources Corporation


System and controlling adjustable spoiler

A system of controlling an adjustable spoiler includes an ignition detector configured to detect whether an engine is turned on or off. A vehicle speed detector is configured to detect a vehicle speed.
Hyundai Motor Company


Method to test equipment with variable geometries of an aircraft engine

The invention relates to a method for testing equipment with variable geometries of an aircraft engine, especially turbomachine. In a first phase, a computer tests the chain of controls of the fuel dosage function.


System and drug delivery with a safety syringe

One embodiment is directed to a system for injecting, comprising a syringe body defining an interior medicine chamber; a stopper member configured to be inserted into the interior medicine chamber to contain medicine within the medicine chamber; a plunger member configured to be manually manipulated to insert the stopper member relative to the syringe body; a needle having proximal and distal ends, the proximal end comprising an anchoring geometry configured to be at least partially penetrated into the stopper member such that upon retraction of the stopper member, the needle is pulled proximally along with the stopper to be at least partially contained within the interior medicine chamber; and an energy-storing member operatively coupled between the stopper member and the syringe body, the energy-storing member configured to facilitate retraction of the stopper member relative to the syringe body.. .
Credence Medsystems, Inc.


Prisoner safety seat and use

A prisoner seat security device includes a retractable strap which hooks or clasps onto a prisoner, preferably by a restraint device on the prisoner, such as hand-cuffs. As the prison seats in the seat, the strap retracts.


One-piece hinge body and hinge assembly for pivoting elements

The present invention provides for a robust one-piece hinge body which is suitable to withstand strain of rough handling. The novel one-piece hinge body includes a first profile portion which is configured to at least partially enclose a first profile.
K. Hartwall Oy Ab


Multi-component designs for heart valve retrieval device, sealing structures and stent assembly

This invention relates to the design and function of a device which allows for retrieval of a previously implanted valve prosthesis from a beating heart without extracorporeal circulation using a transcatheter retrieval system, including a guide component to facilitate the compression of the valve and retraction into a retrieval catheter, as well as an improved prosthetic transcatheter heart valve having one or more of: a series of radially extending tines having a loop terminus to improve sealing a deployed prosthetic mitral valve against hemodynamic leaking, a pre-compressible stent-in-stent design, or an articulating cuff attached to a covered stent-valve and a commissural sealing skirt structure attached to the underside of the articulating cuff.. .
Tendyne Holdings, Inc.


Retractable syringe with improved delivery efficiency and locking system

A plunger, a needle assembly and a retractable syringe comprising same are provided. The plunger comprises a plunger member and a plunger outer having a lock spring that prevents or impedes movement of the plunger member after needle retraction.
Unitract Syringe Pty Ltd


Methods and devices to decrease tissue trauma during surgery

Methods and devices are disclosed to reduce the tissue trauma that occurs when a physician retracts or otherwise deforms a patient's tissues for surgery or other medical procedures. In one part, methods and devices are disclosed for cooling the tissue around the incision.
Physcient, Inc.


Subcutaneous needle insertion mechanism

A subcutaneous access device has a skin attachment plate coated with an adhesive layer. The skin attachment plate is moveably linked by a retraction mechanism to a needle support with fixedly positioned needles.
Pharmasens Ag


Motor controller for protecting tool and object to be processed in emergency stop

A motor controller according to the present invention includes a stop cause detecting unit for detecting a stop cause by which an emergency stop of a motor is carried out, a stop command generating unit for generating a stop command that stops a tool along a command trajectory, and a retraction command generating unit for generating a retraction command that moves the tool and an object to be processed relatively with each other so that interference between the tool and the object to be processed is avoided. The motor controller is configured such that a machine tool is operated according to a superimposed command obtained by superimposing the retraction command onto the stop command when the stop cause detecting unit detects a stop cause..
Fanuc Corporation


Electric latch retraction push-bar device

An electric latch retraction device comprising a housing for receiving a plurality of internal components of the electric latch retraction device. An actuator mechanism is included in the housing, the actuator mechanism is adapted to impart linear movement on a latch, such that the latch is retracted towards the housing.
1 Adolfo, Llc


Nanogap device with capped nanowire structures

An anti-retraction capping material is formed on a surface of a nanowire that is located upon a dielectric membrane. A gap is then formed into the anti-retraction capping material and nanowire forming first and second capped nanowire structures of a nanodevice.
International Business Machines Corporation


Control valve structure of plastic faucet

A plastic control valve is connected to a plastic tube body to control water output. The tube body has a receiving space, inner portion of the receiving space has inner threads, and at least one stopping block is protrudingly formed at a bottom surface of the receiving space, wherein said control valve has a valve body, a valve cover, and at least a wedging block formed at an outer portion of the valve body, wherein the valve body is disposed into the receiving space of the valve shell, and the wedging block and stopping block are rotatably secured with each other, wherein the valve cover has outer threads formed at an outer surface thereof to engage with the inner threads of the valve shell to eliminate squeeze between the tube body and valve cover due to thermal expansion and retraction to further increase the stability of the control valve..


Lever remote locking for fifth wheel maneuver

The present invention is described as a remote lock for fifth wheel handle lever which, in accordance with its characteristics, provides the formation of a remote lock (1) in a proper and specific electromechanical structure with direct actuation in the handle lever (d) of fifth wheels (a) which precludes undue disengagement or uncoupling between the tractor (b) and the semi-trailer (c) of the wagons, so as to enable in an extremely practical, safe, and accurate fashion the complete optimization of the set of procedures intended for disengagement or uncoupling between the tractor (b) and the semi-trailer (c) through direct actuation of the handle lever (d) drive lock controlling the fifth wheel locking mechanism (a), resulting in precluded locking bar retraction (f), keeping the locking claw (g) in closed position and, therefore, still attached to the kingpin (h) of the semi-trailer (c).. .


Burner retraction system

A burner retraction system includes a mounting assembly having a mounting sleeve, an insertion assembly having a tubular sleeve including an insertion portion sized and shaped for insertion into the mounting sleeve and an opening therethrough, a pivot rod rigidly mounted to and extending rearwardly from the mounting plate, and a pivot assembly rigidly mounted to the insertion sleeve and including a pivot tube surrounding and coaxially rotatable about the pivot rod, one of the pivot rod and the pivot tube having a slot including a straight axially extending portion and an angled portion extending rearwardly from the straight portion at an angle θ, and a stop pin slidably inserted into the slot in the one of the pivot rod and the pivot tube, the stop pin being secured to the other of the pivot rod and the pivot tube.. .


Swing-down jack with locks

The present invention provides a swing down jack for mounting to a vehicle to elevate the vehicle. The jack includes a mounting bracket and a leg.


Dual level, trailerable mechanic's ramp

An extremely compact, trailerable vehicle ramp that utilizes a unique, economical manner of locking the lift and raising the vehicle that is adapted to provide both safety and convenience for the user. The lift can be locked into a horizontal position with the base frame raised so that it can be towed to the desired location, such as a racetrack.


Point take-off and landing of unmanned flying objects

Point take-off and landing systems for an unmanned flying object. In one embodiment, the flying object is guided along a flight trajectory and approaches a landing body such that a latching element, coupled with a suspension cable suspended from the flying body, latches with a receiving latch, coupled with an extendable retractable beam projecting horizontally from a landing body side surface.


Cam-actuated medical puncturing device and method

The medical puncturing device includes a housing, a shield, and a skin puncturing assembly disposed within the housing. The shield is axially movable in the housing.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Needle electrode safety device

A needle electrode is provided incorporating a protective flap and optionally a retraction chamber. By providing an impenetrable barrier covering the area of skin over the needle's tip, the protective flap protects against needle sticks that can occur when the tip of a needle electrode is pushed back out through the skin.
The Research Foundation Of State University Of New York


Imaging apparatus, client device, imaging system, control imaging apparatus, control client device, and control imaging system

An imaging apparatus includes a control unit to perform insertion/retraction of an infrared cut filter into and from an optical path of an imaging optical system; a reception unit to receive a third command to cause the control unit to automatically control insertion/retraction of the infrared cut filter; and a determining unit configured to determine whether or not the third command includes additional information based on the output of the reception unit; wherein, in the event that the determining unit has determined that the third command includes additional information, the control unit controls insertion/retraction of the infrared cut filter based on the additional information, and in the event that the determining unit has determined that the third command does not include additional information, the control unit controls insertion/retraction of the infrared cut filter based on control information which the control unit has beforehand.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Surgical access system and related methods

A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative corridor to a surgical target site. The tissue retraction assembly has a plurality of blades which may be introduced while in a closed configuration, after which point they may be opened to create an operation corridor to the surgical target site, including pivoting at least one blade to expand the operative corridor adjacent to the operative site..
Nuvasive, Inc.


Autoinjector comprising a time delay device having a planetary gear set for delaying the retraction of the needle

Said autoinjector comprising a retarding device (15, 16, 17) adapted to delay during a predetermined time the actuation of said tank movement device (2, 4, 9) by said trigger (19) after injection of the fluid product, to delay retraction of said needle by said predetermined time after the end of injection.. .


Grease gun coupler

A grease gun coupler for delivering grease from a tube of a grease gun to a grease fitting is provided. Insertion of a grease fitting in the coupler pushes in a piston, allows a bias or an operator to push an outer sleeve towards the grease fitting, which biases the ball bearings inwards, thus securing the grease fitting in the coupler.
Y&d Brothers Innovations Inc.


Fencing storage system

A cylindrical cartridge used for the storage and protection of all types of barrier fencing. The device is designed to extend the life of barrier fencing, reduce waste and reduce cost.


Vehicle bonnet safety assembly

A vehicle bonnet safety assembly, the vehicle comprising: a bonnet; a chassis, to which the bonnet is hingedly joined; the assembly further comprises: at least one restraining mechanism comprising: a retractable strap secured to a retraction mechanism further secured to the chassis at one end and secured to the bonnet at an opposite end; wherein the retraction mechanism comprises an inertia reel so as to facilitate the ability to extend and retract the retractable strap whereas the retractable strap is allowed to extend in case a force below a predetermined threshold is applied and retractable strap is prevented from extending when a force above the predefined threshold is applied.. .
Advanced Digital Broadcast S.a


Top drive operated casing running tool

Spring loaded dogs are attached to the housing to engage the casing internally or externally to facilitate extension or retraction of the slips that selectively grab the topmost of a string of casing. When the tool is suspended from the top drive, its components are rotationally locked to facilitate insertion into the casing stand on top of a string being run in the hole.
Drawworks Lp


Hydraulic closed circuit system

In a hydraulic closed circuit system with hydraulic pumps which maintains a well-balanced flow rate by automatically controlling the flow rate, a first hydraulic pump is connected to a hydraulic cylinder device such that the hydraulic closed circuit is made, a second hydraulic pump is connected at one of paired delivery ports to a bottom side of the hydraulic cylinder device and at the other of the ports to a tank, and a prime mover drives the first and second hydraulic pumps and recovers motive power from these pumps. A pump capacity control unit detects a moving direction of the hydraulic cylinder device, and a pressure in a lower-thrust side of the device, and controls a capacity of the second hydraulic pump so that the flow rate during the extension/retraction of the hydraulic cylinder device becomes balanced between the first and second hydraulic pumps and the hydraulic cylinder device..
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Surgical access system and related methods

A surgical access system and related methods which involve the ability to minimally invasively provide an operative corridor to a disk space while simultaneously providing the ability to distract the disk space. The access system comprises a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue retraction assembly.
Nuvasive, Inc.

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