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Retraction patents


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 Tape measure patent thumbnailnew patent Tape measure
A tape measure including a housing arranged to enclose an internal cavity, where the housing defines a front wall. A port is formed in the housing and spaced a non-zero distance from the front wall.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

 Advanced drill string inground isolator housing in an mwd system and associated method patent thumbnailnew patent Advanced drill string inground isolator housing in an mwd system and associated method
A housing defines a through passage along its length and is configured to support a group of electrical isolators surrounding the through passage to form an electrically isolating break in a drill string such that each isolator of the group of isolators is subject to no more than a compressive force responsive to extension and retraction of the drill string. The housing defines a housing cavity to receive an electronics package having a signal port and is configured for electrical connection of the signal port across the electrically isolating break.
Merlin Technology, Inc.

 Automatic position locking mechanism for loader assembly parking stands patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic position locking mechanism for loader assembly parking stands
A parking stand for a detachable front loader assembly including a support leg pivoted to a boom, which is able to pivot between an extended and a retracted position. A set of parallel struts engage a locking plate, which is attached to the support leg.
Deere & Company

 Temporarily-installed aircraft observer door plug, chair, sonotube ejection and control system patent thumbnailnew patent Temporarily-installed aircraft observer door plug, chair, sonotube ejection and control system
In one embodiment, a non-dedicated, temporarily-installed, aircraft observer bubble door, chair, sonotube ejection system, mission electronics lru rack and workstation assembly are affixed to a host aircraft, thereby precluding the requirement for dedicated airframe modifications. One embodiment of the present invention also utilizes a multi-axis, articulated, foldable chair temporarily-installed in conjunction with a segmented or one piece pressurized observer bubble door plug and door retraction system.
1281329 Alberta Ltd.

 Chain saw with tool-free chain tension adjustment mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Chain saw with tool-free chain tension adjustment mechanism
A chain saw includes a wheel and a chain plate exposed to a saw casing, a chain trained over the wheel and the plate, and a driving device for driving the wheel. The plate is formed with an elongated slot.
Jenn Feng New Energy Co., Ltd.

 Self-locking binding for telemark ski, touring ski or cross-country ski patent thumbnailnew patent Self-locking binding for telemark ski, touring ski or cross-country ski
A binding for a touring ski, a telemark ski or a cross-country ski having “step in” automatic locking. The binding includes a front retaining element to cooperate with the front sole of a boot, a rear retaining element to cooperate with the rear part of the front sole and/or the rear sole of the boot, a tensioning element to tension the boot on the binding and to enable the heel to be freely lifted, a tensioning link placed under and connected to a rear retaining stirrup, and a fixed or retraction stop to cooperate with the tensioning link so as to enable the rear retaining stirrup to move back, tensioning the tensioning element, when the heel of the boot exerts a downwardly directed pressure on the rear retaining boot situated in an idle position..

 Margin ring and  making dental crown using the margin ring patent thumbnailnew patent Margin ring and making dental crown using the margin ring
The present invention provides a margin ring that can conforms to a dental abutment, and a method of using the margin ring to make a crown. The invention exhibits technical advantages such as a clearer impression; simplified operation such as elimination the step of packing a retraction cord; improved control over the fabrication of a crown; cost-effectiveness in terms of doctor chair time and lab cost; less usage of accessories; and fewer patient visits, among others..
Zuga Medical, Inc.

 Multi-fire push rod stapling device patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-fire push rod stapling device
A surgical stapling device includes a housing and a plurality of cartridges that are coupled together to form a barrel that is rotatably supported within the housing. Each of the cartridges defines a plurality of staple pockets, each supporting a staple.
Covidien Lp

 Retraction mechanism with clutch-less drive for use with a surgical apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Retraction mechanism with clutch-less drive for use with a surgical apparatus
A retraction mechanism allows the full distal retraction of the firing drive from various positions. The retraction mechanism has been developed for use with a hand held surgical apparatus.
Covidien Lp

 Minimally invasive devices,  treating the spine patent thumbnailnew patent Minimally invasive devices, treating the spine
Devices and methods are provided for surgical retraction with a minimally invasive, maximum access surgical system. The surgical system can include anchor extensions that can be attached to bone screws.
Spinal Usa, Inc.

new patent

Device for influencing the movement of a furniture part, guide unit for guiding the movement of a furniture part, and item of furniture

A device for influencing the movement of a furniture part movably accommodated on a basic furniture structure via a guide unit, the device including a basic component which is assigned to the guide unit and on which a pushing-out device and a retraction device are present so that, in a mounted state of the device, the furniture part can be pushed out from a closure position on the basic furniture structure in a first direction of movement under an action of the pushing-out device, and the furniture part can be retracted from an open position on the basic furniture structure in a second direction of movement under an action of the retraction device, and a charging mechanism for charging the force accumulator, the pushing-out force accumulator is charged by a movement of the housing component of the pushing-out device relative to the basic component.. .
Grass Gmbh

Cryogenic fuelling system

A fuelling system having a fuel supply hose for connecting a launcher and a launch tower, wherein the fuel supply hose is configured for conveying a cryogenic medium between the launcher and the launch tower and wherein a first end of the fuel supply hose is releasably connectable to the launcher so as to release at lift-off of the launcher thereby allowing separation of the fuel supply hose from the launcher; characterized in that a retraction system is provided for automatically retracting the fuel supply hose upon lift-off of the launcher.. .
Ruag Schweiz Ag, Ruag Space

Airfoil flap assembly with split flap track fairing system

Flap track fairing systems are split into a forward immovably fixed portion and an aft movable portion. The fixed forward portion is immovably attached to the main wing structure of an aircraft while the movable aft portion is attached either to the movable components of the flap deployment mechanism or to the lower surface of the flap.
Embraer S.a.

Seat belt retractor

A seatbelt retractor that includes a locking mechanism to prevent rotation of a spool in an extracting direction, a ratchet gear 7 and a locking gear 30 that integrally rotate with the spool, a clutch 50 that moves a pawl 9 from a rest position to an engaging position with respect to the ratchet gear 7, a clutch biasing member that biases the clutch 50 in a retracting direction and in a extracting direction, and a connecting mechanism to connect the clutch 50 to the locking gear 30. When extraction of the webbing is locked, a direction of biasing to rotate of the clutch 50 is maintained in the extracting direction so that the amount of retraction of the webbing required to release the lock is reduced to achieve quick release of the lock..
Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.

Automatic vehicle cover

The present invention generally relates to automatically deployed and retracted car cover systems. Specifically an interconnected framework of arms and springs has a retraction wire wrapped around a spool with a motor attached.

Bit driving tool and device for use therewith

A component for a bit driving tool is taught having a mid-chamber telescopically received in an outer chamber, a bit storage chamber formed in the mid-chamber and surrounding and rotatable about a central bore, a central rod axially movable through the central bore when the mid-chamber is telescopically retracted into the outer chamber and a flexible arm comprising a magnetic end, movable into and out of axial alignment with the central bore. Telescopic extension of the mid-chamber out of the outer chamber positions the magnetic end of the flexible arm to magnetically connect with a rear end of a bit stored in the bit storage chamber and telescopic retraction of the component moves the flexible arm and the magnetically connected bit radially into the central bore and wherein further telescope retraction of the component pushes the bit axially through and out of the component.
Thunder Innovations Inc.

Intramedullary anchor for interphalangeal arthrodesis

An intramedullary implant has opposite ends inserted into bores in abutting phalanges for correcting hammer toe and for similar arthrodesis procedures. A rear end of the implant may be threaded and is received in a bore in the proximal phalanx.
Wright Medical Technology, Inc.

Tarpaulin retraction and extension device

A device for covering at least part of a container using a tarpaulin, comprising: a rod for rolling the tarpaulin thereonto and unrolling of the tarpaulin therefrom; a support arm mountable to the container for rotatably supporting the rod, the support arm being pivotally movable relative to the container; a rod actuator for selectively rotating the rod; and an arm biasing element for biasing the support arm towards a predetermined position. Rotating the rod using the rod actuator to roll the tarpaulin therearound moves the support arm towards a support arm first position to move the tarpaulin to a tarpaulin retracted configuration and rotating the rod using the rod actuator to unroll the tarpaulin therefrom moves the support arm towards a support arm second position to move the tarpaulin to a tarpaulin extended configuration..

Fluid flow control device with retractable cannula

A device having a housing; a cannula projecting forwardly from the housing; a connector useful for attaching the device to a fluid source or receptacle; a fluid flow path establishing fluid communication between the cannula and the connector; a retraction mechanism biasing the cannula away from its projecting position; and an actuator supported by the housing and configured to modify the fluid flow path so as to terminate fluid flow through the device, seal off the fluid flow path, and release the retraction mechanism to retract the cannula into the housing. The subject device is particularly preferred for use in the medical field, for example, as part of an infusion set or as a collection device for blood, or other fluids or flowable matter..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Single-use pneumatic safety syringe providing gas-driven needle retraction

A pneumatic retractable syringe has a plunger having an interior retraction lumen. The plunger and syringe barrel have cooperating locking elements so that the plunger is locked after use within the syringe barrel.
L.o.m. Laboratories Inc.

Folding furniture

A folding chair comprising a framework, a deployment mechanism for fully retracting or expanding the frame, a seat and a back attached to the framework. The framework includes a back, a pair of opposing sides, each of which include a rear section and a front section that are hingedly connected to one another, a front section that extends between the front ends of the sides' front sections, and a seat that includes a front seat frame hingedly attached at its front edge to the interior surface of the front section, and a rear seat frame that is hingedly attached at its rear edge to the back.
Rockpaperrobot Inc.

Substrate transport apparatus

A transport apparatus including a frame, a drive section connected to the frame, the drive section having at least one drive axis, at least one arm having an end effector configured for holding a substrate, the at least one arm being connected to the drive section by a transmission link and having at least one degree of freedom axis effecting extension and retraction of the end effector with respect to the at least one arm, and a bearing connected to the frame and the end effector, the bearing defining a guideway that defines the at least one degree of freedom axis.. .
Brooks Automation, Inc.

Lathe with automatic cross feeding and retraction functions

A lathe includes a frame having a bed mounted on a top face of a base. A carriage includes a saddle movable relative to the frame along a rotational axis.

Irrigation sprinkler with debris flushing perforated riser

A sprinkler includes an outer case having an upper end and a tubular riser telescopically mounted in the outer case for extension and retraction from the upper end of the case. The riser has an upper portion with a plurality of circumferentially spaced apertures sized to allow debris to be carried through the apertures with flowing water.
Hunter Industries, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for sealing a vascular puncture

Apparatus and methods for sealing a puncture through tissue includes an introducer sheath sized for introduction into a puncture, cartridge sized for insertion into the introducer carrying a sealant, and a locking element for coupling the introducer sheath to the cartridge. When the cartridge is advanced into the introducer sheath, the locking element couples the introducer sheath to the cartridge such that subsequent retraction of the cartridge causes the introducer sheath to retract, thereby deploying the sealant from the cartridge within the puncture beyond the introducer sheath..
Access Closure, Inc.

Stroke reducer for log splitting apparatus

A stroke reducing device for a log splitting apparatus that allows a user to dynamically (e.g., on the fly) adjust the stroke of a splitting assembly of the apparatus based on the length or other dimension of wood being split by the apparatus. Upon the splitting assembly retracting by an amount substantially equal to a desired reduced stroke length, the splitting assembly triggers one or more mechanical links of the stroke reducing device that are engaged with or otherwise interconnected with a trigger (e.g., switch, handle, etc.) of a drive assembly (e.g., hydraulic cylinder, etc.) that is retracting the splitting assembly to manipulate the trigger to deactivate the drive assembly and limit further retraction of the splitting assembly..
Frictionless World Llc

Frontal attachment device for syringe with rotationally activated retractable needle

A medical device attachable to the front of a conventional syringe and having a hub assembly selectively attachable to the syringe, a nose projecting forwardly from the hub assembly, a rearwardly biased needle retraction mechanism seated inside the nose, a retractable needle projecting forwardly of the nose, and a fluid flow path from the fluid chamber through the hub assembly, nose, needle retraction assembly and needle, wherein the needle is retracted into the nose and a retraction tube external to the syringe by rotating the syringe relative to the nose.. .
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Sleeve retraction system

The present disclosure describes systems for endoluminal devices utilizing a sleeve for constraining an expandable device toward a constrained configuration suitable for endoluminal delivery to a treatment site along vasculature; and a mechanism for retracting at least a portion of the sleeve.. .
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Retraction system

The invention relates to a retraction system for exposing accesses in human medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine, wherein said retraction system is arranged on the respective body region and has at least one hook-shaped retractor element and retaining means for fixing the latter. The retraction system is characterized in that it is made of a radioparent material and in that it has a self-retaining action and/or is flexible at least in some areas such that, during retraction, a flexible element or a flexible section nestles against a tissue that is to be retracted..
Ip Medical Improved Performance Gmbh

Powder recoater

A powder is spread in two directions, that is, the advancement and retraction directions of a powder recoater. The powder recoater according to this invention includes a hopper that stores a powder, and a cylindrical powder supplier that has a side surface close to or in contact with the bottom surface of the hopper and includes a supply path for the powder.
Technology Research Association For Future Additive Manufacturing

Needle retraction apparatus

A needle retraction apparatus comprising a body having a forwardly projecting needle, a needle retraction mechanism seated inside the body and biasing the needle rearwardly relative to the body, a slide member attachable to the body and having an opening communicating with a needle retraction cavity projecting away from the body, and an actuator rotatable relative to the slide member to reposition the slide member from a first position preventing needle retraction to a second position permitting needle retraction. An iv catheter introducer comprising the subject needle retraction apparatus is also disclosed..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Frontal attachment device for syringe with pinch-activated retraction

A retractable needle device attachable to the front of a fluid collection or infusion device such as a syringe, the retractable needle device comprising a housing having an engagement member, a slide support surface, a retraction cavity and a first pinch surface; a needle; a needle alignment member comprising a needle tube and a second pinch surface; and a needle retraction mechanism positioned within the needle tube and configured to bias the needle rearwardly; wherein the first and second pinch surfaces are configured so that a pinching force applied to them will cause relative lateral movement between the housing and needle alignment member. This translational movement from an injection position, wherein the needle is aligned with the syringe connector, to a retraction position, wherein the needle is aligned with the retraction cavity, allows the needle retraction mechanism to force the needle into the retraction cavity..
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Adapter and tip for an air and water dental syringe device

A dental syringe device that provides air and water to a dental patient. The device includes an adapter that connects a dental tip to a dental syringe body.
Pac-dent International, Inc.

Deployment tool for sutureless vascular anastomosis connection

A tool is described for deploying a sutureless vascular anastomosis connection, including a body, a sheath configured to house a connector, the connector being configured to couple a graft vessel to a main vessel, the sheath being removably coupled to a distal end of the body, a dial disposed on a proximal end of the body, a spring disposed within the body and coupled to the dial, a shaft extending from the distal end of the body into the sheath, the shaft having a shaft cannula, a plunger having a plunger head configured to be coupled with the spring at one end, the plunger coupled to the shaft at an opposite end, and a retractable needle coupled to the dial using a retraction mechanism, the retractable needle configured to fit within the shaft cannula, the retractable needle having a sharp end.. .
Asfora Ip, Llc

Blood collection tube holder with slide-activated needle retraction

A blood collection tube holder embodying two coaxially alignable needles, the first needle being a forwardly facing venipuncture needle and the second needle being a rearwardly facing fluid discharge needle. The first and second needles are satisfactorily supported by a frontal attachment and body, respectively, that are disposed in relative sliding engagement along an interface that is transverse to the first and second needle and that extends at least from the second needle to an opening into a needle retraction chamber that projects rearwardly from the body.
Retractable Technologies, Inc.

Retractable wiring system for a photovoltaic module

Systems and methods for assembling and wiring photovoltaic arrays are provided. The wiring systems can include retractable wires included in photovoltaic modules that may be extended during installation of photovoltaic modules in the array to connect to wires of adjacent photovoltaic modules, which can retract into a tightened position under the array as the installation is completed.
Solarcity Corporation

Compact metal and plastic oldham coupler with an integral gear on an input plate and a retraction spline on an output plate

An oldham coupler assembly for transferring rotary power between two shafts in an imaging device. The oldham coupler includes an input plate and an output plate made of plastic and a star plate made of metal mechanically coupled and positioned in between the input plate and the output plate.
Lexmark International, Inc.

Enhanced deploying boat fenders safely and conveniently

An enhanced system and various methods for safe and convenient deployment and retraction of boat fenders, comprising a system for stowing a boat fender in a fender receptacle, the receptacle having an opening for threading through a line, the line being attached to the fender, the line operable to pull up the fender into the receptacle through a second opening at the bottom of the receptacle, the receptacle being located within the rail, hull, or attached thereto, and being attached to a hinge, operated either mechanically or manually, to enable unobstructed deployment of the fenders.. .

Web management system

A web management system includes a base that is configured to be secured to the seat of a vehicle. A retraction member has a first end and a second end.
Indiana Mills & Manufacturing Inc

Device for turning an object

A device for turning an object includes a handle defining a cavity and an opening into the cavity, a strap positioned within the cavity and extending through the opening such that an exposed portion of the strap defines a hoop adapted to be place around the object, and a retraction mechanism coupled to the handle and the strap. The retraction mechanism permits more of the strap to be pulled out of the cavity when a force is applied to the exposed portion of the strap.

Cutting edge with microscopically sized channels to enhance cutting performance

Apparatus and method for sharpening a cutting tool so as to have enhanced cutting performance. In some embodiments, a tool sharpener is provided having a rigid body with a slot extending therein.
Darex, Llc

Device for percutaneous transpedicular fusion

A device for percutaneous transpedicular fusion includes at least two straight pedicular cannulas arranged respectively on the upper or lower vertebra, or on the two vertebrae of the spinal segment, at least one guide pin with a curved profile, which is implanted in the endplate of the corresponding vertebra through the corresponding pedicular cannula, of a flexible cannulated drill bit guided around the corresponding guide pin and driven in back and forth movements by a cannulated drive system to nibble out gradually slots in the lower and upper endplate of each vertebra and reduce to flaps the nucleic tissues of an intervertebral disk for the production of the intersomatic space, of an injection device connected to one of the straight pedicular cannulas for the injection of the graft into the intersomatic space, and closing devices that are screwed into the holes left free after retraction of the straight pedicular cannulas.. .

Lightweight telescoping camera crane

A lightweight camera crane has an outer arm pivotally attached to a base. A trim weight tray is rigidly attached to a back end of the outer arm.
Chapman/leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.

Improvements in or relating to extendible legs for tripods

An extendable leg (11) for a tripod (10) (for supporting an optical apparatus such as a video camera), the leg being v-shaped and having telescopic side members (15,16) to enable the length of the leg to be varied with hinge means to connect the side members to each other at an apex of the v, means to connect the side members to a head (12) of the tripod which allow the angle of the v to vary with extension and retraction of the leg, and clamping means (50) to clamp the side members at a required length; wherein the leg has a mechanism for controlling the extension and retraction of the side members when the locking means is released whereby the apex of the leg is constrained to move generally linearly in the lengthwise direction of the leg.. .
Vitec Group Plc

Catheter having slotted cannula and needle retraction mechanism

An innovative intravenous catheter is described. The inventive catheter comprises an introduction needle, a cannula portion having one or more slots, through which the introduction needle extends when deployed, an in-dwelling check valve, a needle retraction mechanism, and a safety enclosure to contain the introduction needle when retracted.

Cable retraction system

A retractable storage system for a handheld electronic device includes at least one cable with a plug head and an end piece, and at least one retractable mechanism to retract and store the cable. The retractable mechanism has a groove track system to control a rotational movement of the retractable mechanism.
Hybrid Skillz Inc.

Retractable supressor

A variety of apparatuses and associated methods are provided for providing a retractable suppressor system for gas generator systems such as a firearm. One embodiment includes a suppressor system that includes a retractable structure and housing, a fixed baffle, floating baffles, and springs to displace the floating baffles within the suppressor as the suppressor is extended from the housing along a gas generator system, e.g.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Linear hydraulic damping device

A hydraulic circuit comprising an actuator having an extension chamber and a retraction chamber, a bypass passage provided in the hydraulic circuit between defined between the extension chamber and the retraction chamber, and a damping device.. .
Goodrich Actuation Systems Sas

Road-bridge module and bridge construction method

A bridge module is described which, when in its retracted configuration, is shaped and dimensioned as a standard iso container, and which, when in its deployed configuration, can be secured end-to-end with other similar modules to form a simple-beam bridge span having a substantially trapezoidal cross-section. The module comprises a road deck which forms the upper chord of the simple beam structure and a lower chord.

Cylinder retention device

A system and method for retaining a linear actuator on a crane component such as a mast is disclosed. In the system a retaining mechanism is mounted on either a body of the linear actuator or the crane component and a catch is mounted to the other of the body or the crane component.
Manitowoc Crane Companies, Llc

Devices, kits and methods relating to treatment of facet joints

A facet joint surgical tool for treating a facet joint synovial cyst includes rotatable members disposed side-by-side through a minimally invasive sheath and rotatable to reconfigure distal end portions between a facet joint penetration configuration with a tissue piercing tip and a facet joint retraction configuration. Facet joint synovial cysts located to an anterior side of the facet joint are treated by a posterior approach with access to the cyst through the facet joint retracted by the surgical tool.
Thixos Llc

Surgical stapling apparatus with powered retraction

A surgical stapling apparatus comprises a handle assembly, an actuation shaft having a connector, and a retraction mechanism positioned within the handle assembly. The retraction mechanism includes a motor coupled to a transmission shaft, a first gear rotatably mounted on the transmission shaft, the first gear configured to engage a second gear, a clutch operatively attached to the second gear, a main shaft rotatably connected to the clutch, and a pulley coupled to the main shaft, the pulley being operatively attached to the connector.
Covidien Lp

Oral retraction devices and methods

An oral retraction device comprises a tongue depressor blade, an articulation assembly constructed and arranged to articulate the tongue depressor blade with at least three degrees of freedom, and a support element constructed and arranged to provide a stabilizing force to the articulation assembly during articulation of the tongue depressor blade.. .
Medrobotics Corporation

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