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Respiratory patents


This page is updated frequently with new Respiratory-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Respiratory-related patents
 Portable device for collecting particles and microorganisms patent thumbnailPortable device for collecting particles and microorganisms
A portable device for collecting particles and microorganisms is provided. The device includes a cyclone enclosure for centrifuging air, external air inlet for admitting air into the enclosure, and air outlet connected by a coupling to an air inlet filter of an individual motorized respiratory protection appliance..
Bertin Technologies

 Securing device for a valve patent thumbnailSecuring device for a valve
A securing device for a valve of a pressurized gas tank of a respiratory protection device, characterized by a securing element, which can be moved from a closed position to a flow position, especially an open position, by applying a torque, wherein at least one part of a housing serves as an abutment for the securing element when the torque is applied, wherein the valve is closed in the closed position of the securing element and can be brought spontaneously into a flow position after applying a particular torque to the securing element.. .
Msa Europe Gmbh

 Azabenzimidazoles as respiratory syncytial virus antiviral agents patent thumbnailAzabenzimidazoles as respiratory syncytial virus antiviral agents
Compositions contain these compounds as active ingredient and processes for preparing these compounds and compositions.. .

 Indoles as respiratory syncytial virus antiviral agents patent thumbnailIndoles as respiratory syncytial virus antiviral agents
The prodrugs, n-oxides, addition salts, quaternary amines, metal complexes and stereochemically isomeric forms thereof; compositions containing these compounds as active ingredient and processes for preparing these compounds and compositions.. .

 Histamine-3 receptor antagonists patent thumbnailHistamine-3 receptor antagonists
The invention is directed to a compound of formula i, as defined herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof; a pharmaceutical composition containing a compound of formula i; and a method of treatment of a disorder or condition selected from the list consisting of acute myocardial infarction; memory processes disorders; dementia; cognition disorders such as alzheimer's disease; attention deficit disorder (add); attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd); cancers such as cutaneous carcinoma, medullary thyroid carcinoma and melanoma; meniere's disease; gastrointestinal disorders; inflammation; migraine; motion sickness; obesity; pain; septic shock; respiratory disorders (including allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and allergic congestion) in a mammal, including a human, that may be effected by administering to said mammal a pharmacologically effective amount of a compound of formula i, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.. .
Medisynergics, Llc

 Respiratory mask assembly patent thumbnailRespiratory mask assembly
A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame to support one of at least first and second compliant patient interfaces and a forehead support adjustably mounted to the frame. The forehead support is structured and configured to be moved between a first position for use with the first patient interface and a second position relative to the frame for use with a second patient interface, whereby the forehead support maintains a horizontal offset distance with the first and second patient interfaces which is substantially constant..
Resmed Limited

 Therapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for middle east respiratory syndrome virus (mers cov) patent thumbnailTherapies, vaccines, and predictive methods for middle east respiratory syndrome virus (mers cov)
The present invention provides an isolated or synthesized protein fragment or peptide comprising at least one peptide sequence that is at least 50% homologous with at least one replikin peptide sequence identified in a mers cov. The at least one peptide sequence may be at least 80% homologous with at least one replikin peptide sequence identified in a mers cov.

 Anti-inflammatory proteins and methods of use patent thumbnailAnti-inflammatory proteins and methods of use
A method and composition for reducing or alleviating inflammation in a subject is provided, including administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount; of one or more isolated proteins respectively comprising an amino acid sequence set forth in seq id nos:1-31, or a biologically active fragment or variant thereof or combinations of these to thereby reduce or alleviate inflammation. Inflammation may be associated with a disease is a disease of the digestive tract such as chronic gastritis or an inflammatory bowel disease such as crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, or a disease of the respiratory system, such as asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease..
James Cook University

 Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines as antiviral agents patent thumbnailPyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidines as antiviral agents
The invention provides compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts and esters and compositions thereof, for treating viral infections. The compounds and compositions are useful for treating pneumovirinae virus infection including human respiratory syncytial virus infections..
Gilead Sciences, Inc.

 Invasive intermittent negative pressure ventilation patent thumbnailInvasive intermittent negative pressure ventilation
The present invention introduces novel invasive intermittent negative pressure ventilation for treatment of adults ventilator dependent respiratory failure (vdrf) in various advanced neuromuscular disorders (nmds). It's a combination of invasive intermittent negative pressure ventilator (iinpv) and continues positive airway pressure (cpap) into transportable ventilator.


Compensation for heart movement using coronary sinus catheter images

Cardiac catheterization is carried out by introducing a catheter into the coronary sinus, acquiring a first set of 2-dimensional images of the catheter, thereafter acquiring a second set of 2-dimensional images of the catheter, and creating respective 2-dimensional models of the catheter in synchronized frames of the first set and the second set. The 2-dimensional models include respective tracked 2-dimensional paths of the catheter.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Motion monitor

A system for monitoring the respiratory activity of a subject, which comprises one or more signal generating elements being kinematic or light emitting elements, applied to the thorax of a subject, for generating signals that are indicative of movement of the thorax of the subject; a receiver for receiving the generated signals during breathing motion of the subject; and one or more computing devices in data communication with the receiver, for analyzing the breathing motion. The more computing device is operable to calculate, in response to the received generated signals, the magnitude of a maximum displacement in 3d space of the one or more signal generating elements during a cycle of the breathing motion; and to calculate the magnitude of a current displacement in 3d space of the one or more signal generating elements during the breathing motion with respect to a reference tidal volume associated with the maximum displacement in 3d space..
Breathevision Ltd.


Personalized nutritional and wellness assistant

The invention pertains to the establishment, implementation and management of a personalized information system pertinent to a user's general health, wellness and/or sport performance. A novel set of portable devices with calorimetric, metabolic sensing, computing and communication capabilities are used for non-stop real-time measurement and display as well as long-term logging of highly accurate information about a user's metabolic state.
Lifeq Global Limited


Quantitative pupillometry as a bedside predictor of postoperative respiratory depression

A non-invasive bedside tool for monitoring central nervous system effects of opioids. The tool illustratively comprises a quantitative pupillometry system for predicting a probability of at least one opioid-related central effect based on detected pupillary effects..
Children's Hospital Medical Center


Modified anti-inflammatory proteins and use

A modified ac-tmp-2 protein lacks one or a plurality of acidic c-terminal amino acids normally present in a full-length or wild-type ac-tmp-2 protein and may also lack one or a plurality of n-terminal amino acids while retaining the amino acid sequence c—s—c at or near the n-terminus. The modified ac-tmp-2 protein may be useful in method and composition for reducing or alleviating inflammation in a subject.
James Cook University


Novel aza-oxo-indoles for the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus infection

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, w and x are as described herein, compositions including the compounds and methods of using the compounds.. .


Kinase inhibitors

Wherein r2, w, a, y and r1 are as defined in the specification, are p38 mapk inhibitors, and are useful as anti-inflammatory agents in the treatment of, inter alia, diseases of the respiratory tract.. .


Epicardial lead design

The present invention provides advancements in the art of cardiac pacemakers. The invention provides a pacemaker system that comprises at least one pacemaker and that is, to a large extent, self-controlled, allows for long-term implantation in a patient, and minimizes current inconveniences and problems associated with battery life.
University Of Southern California


Nasal cannula with flow restrictor

Nasal cannulas for providing respiratory therapy to patients can have a body, two prongs extending from the body, and a gases inlet on one side of the body. There can be a throttle or internal localized reduction in the cross-sectional area of a cavity defined by the internal walls of the cannula body in between the prongs.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Intracorporeal artificial lung

The present invention describes a new artificial lung inserted within the human chest. The principles governing functionality of this device are gravity dependent rotation and separation of the oxygen from circulatory system by gravity, different diameters of pores on the oxygen tube with angled channels in the vertical mesh septum and incorporation of one-way valves.


Recombinant respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) and vaccines

Described herein is a recombinant respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) having an attenuated phenotype. In one embodiment, recombinant rsv includes an m2-2 protein with a mutation that renders the m2-2 protein inactive or prevents expression of the m2-2 protein.
Medimmune, Llc


Methods, compounds, and compositions for treatment and prophylaxis in the respiratory tract

The present invention provides a method of reducing the quantity of mucus in the respiratory tract of a subject with elevated levels of mucus in said respiratory tract. The method includes administering to the subject a compound or composition containing a therapeutically effective amount of a fusion protein comprising a sialidase or an active portion thereof and an anchoring domain.
Ansun Biopharma, Inc.


Devices, creation of peripherally located fistula

Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the formation of an arteriovenous fistula in the limb of the patient. Embodiments include a device for the creation, modification and maintenance of a fistula that includes an integral fistula creation assembly near its distal end that passes through the skin of the patient, through a first vessel such as an artery, and into a second vessel such as a vein.
Rox Medical, Inc.


Weaning from ventilation using capnography

Devices and systems for monitoring weaning of a subject from a respiratory ventilator including a processing logic configured to characterize distinct patterns in a series of co2 waveforms, the distinct patterns indicative of the effectiveness of a weaning process; and to provide an indication relating to the effectiveness of the weaning process.. .
Oridion Medical 1987 Ltd.


Patient worn sensor assembly

A patient worn sensor assembly for detecting, recording, and communicating patient vital signs includes several structural features that can provide increased signal quality, reduction in signal noise, increased patient comfort, increased reliability, and increased adhesion to a patient's skin. The patient worn sensor can track vital sign information such as blood pressure, body temperature, respiratory rate, blood oxygenation, heart rhythm (via ecg), heart rate, blood glucose level, and hydration (bio-impedance) levels.
Vios Medical Singapore Pte Ltd


Weaning readiness indicator, sleeping status recording device, and air providing system applying nonlinear time-frequency analysis

A weaning readiness indicator is disclosed. The weaning readiness indicator includes a monitor, a memory, a processor, and a display.
Phyzq Research Inc.,


Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity

This invention relates to genes identified from human chromosome 12q23-qter, which are associated with various diseases, including asthma. The invention also relates to the nucleotide sequences of these genes, isolated nucleic acids comprising these nucleotide sequences, and isolated polypeptides or peptides encoded thereby.
Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation


Quinazolin-4 (3h)- one derivatives used as p13 kinase inhibitors

And to compositions comprising the same and to the use of the compound and to compositions of the compound in treatment, for example in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, in particular respiratory inflammatory disease. The invention also extends to methods of making the said compound..


Compact respiratory protective device

A compact respiratory protective device fitted with a mouthpiece or mouthpiece assembly that retracts, pivots or rotates into the depth of the device to reduce size when packed. This reduction in size also permits the depth of the downstream air channel to be increased while still producing a compact device.


Opening and closing device and respiratory assistance device

An opening and closing device includes a mask having an inner surface in which an expiratory hole is opened, and an opening and closing mechanism or valve for opening and closing the expiratory hole. The expiratory valve is movable along the inner surface between a first position and a second position each having a different aperture area of the flow hole.
Metran Co., Ltd.


Nasal cannula with turbulation elements

Nasal cannulas for providing respiratory therapy to patients can have a curved prong section that has turbulation elements on the inside curve of the prong. A flow of breathing gas moving through the prong may incur less resistance and create less noise when flowing through such a prong due to the promotion of favorable flow dynamics..
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Mouthpiece for a device for measuring a parameter of respiratory air, and respiratory air meter

A mouthpiece a device for measuring a parameter of respiratory air. The mouthpiece including an end edge of a wall of the mouthpiece, and the end edge is configured to delimit an opening for blowing respiratory air into the mouthpiece.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Determining respiratory gas exchange in a subject

The present disclosure provides examples of a method, including: providing a representative inhale-exhale cycle breathing volume over time profile; and when the subject performs at least one inhale-exhale cycle that meets a correspondence criterion related to the representative profile, using data relating to oxygen consumption or carbon dioxide production during the inhale-exhale cycle that met the correspondence criterion to determine a metabolic property in the subject.. .
Meta Flow Ltd.


Respiratory system simulator

An apparatus that simulates a respiratory system for characterizing particle delivery within lungs by an inhaler within lungs is shown and described. The respiratory system simulator comprises a simulated oral cavity to receive an aerosol, a simulated oropharynx cavity, a simulated lung airway system and a breath simulator.
Innovosciences, Llc


Compositions and methods for treating lung disease and injury

Disclosed herein are therapeutic methods for treating lung diseases, disorders and injury in a mammal, including treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards), acute lung injury, pulmonary fibrosis (idiopathic), bleomycin induced pulmonary fibrosis, mechanical ventilator induced lung injury, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), chronic bronchitis, emphysema, bronchiolitis obliterans after lung transplantation and lung transplantation-induced acute graft dysfunction, including treatment, prevention or prevention of progression of primary graft failure, ischemia-reperfusion injury, reperfusion injury, reperfusion edema, allograft dysfunction, pulmonary reimplantation response, bronchiolitis obliterans after lung transplantation and/or primary graft dysfunction (pgd) after organ transplantation, in particular in lung transplantation, comprising down-regulating the tlr2 gene or both the tlr2 gene and tlr4 gene. Provided herein are compositions, methods and kits for treating lung diseases, disorders and injury..
Washington University


Novel compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of inflammatory disorders

Wherein r1a, r1b, r2, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, w, x, y, z, cy, and the subscript a are as defined herein. The present invention relates to compounds inhibiting autotaxin (npp2 or enpp2), methods for their production, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same, and methods of treatment using the same, for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of diseases involving fibrotic diseases, proliferative diseases, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dermatological disorders, and/or abnormal angiogenesis associated diseases by administering the compound of the invention..


Respiratory filtering fabric and garment made therefrom

An enhanced filtration multilayer laminated fabric (10) includes an air permeable, moisture-vapor-transmissive, polytetra-fluoroethylene (eptfe) membrane central layer (12). This central layer (12) is sandwiched between a first pair of nonwoven textile layers (14, 16) and a second pair of woven textile layers (18, 20).
Cocoon, Inc.


Protective garment

A rapidly deploying respiratory protective garment to protect from particles, gases, odors, and also weather elements; having an inner panel constructed of protective devices and a fashionable garment outer panel concealing the devices within. Assembled at the inner panel made of stretch fabric are an outer filter and inner filter made of non-stretch fabric that are combined to form a pocket.
Skotti Llc


Breathing assistance apparatus

Headgear for use with a respiratory mask is described. The headgear comprises a continuous and substantially curved elongate member extending in use below a user's nose and at least two headgear straps capable of attachment to the ends of the elongate member.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Equipment for treating an obstructive respiratory disorder

A device (1) designed for facilitating expulsion of mucus, and including at least one receiver (11) associated with the transponder and which only allows initiation of the device after detection of the unique identifier, which device includes at least one microcontroller (12) for the management of the transponder, which is designed both for reading information of this transponder and for modifying the information so as to prevent the use of the respiratory nozzle when the latter has already been used once by a patient or to prevent the initiation of the device if the number of uses of respiratory nozzle is greater than a predetermined threshold.. .


Breathing assistance apparatus

A breathing assistance apparatus is disclosed, for use with delivery of respiratory gases to a patient. The breathing assistance apparatus includes a patient interface, having a body section adapted to cover the nose, or nose and mouth of a patient and a sealing interface.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Respiratory therapy apparatus and methods

respiratory therapy apparatus includes an expiratory therapy device (100) that produces an oscillating resistance to breathing. The device has a vibration sensor (20) mounted on its housing (2) that transmits signals to a receiver (200) indicative of operation of the device.
Smiths Medical International Limited


Mucosal vaccine composition

The present invention aims at providing a vaccine composition capable of being administered to an intraoral mucous membrane, ocular mucous membrane, ear mucous membrane, genital mucous membrane, pharyngeal mucous membrane, respiratory tract mucous membrane, bronchial mucous membrane, pulmonary mucous membrane, gastric mucous membrane, enteric mucous membrane, or rectal mucous membrane, that is safe, useful as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent for infectious diseases or cancers, and capable of effectively inducing the systemic immune response and mucosal immune response. The present invention provides a mucosal vaccine composition to be administered to at least one mucous membrane selected from the group consisting of a human or animal intraoral mucous membrane, ocular mucous membrane, ear mucous membrane, genital mucous membrane, pharyngeal mucous membrane, respiratory tract mucous membrane, bronchial mucous membrane, pulmonary mucous membrane, gastric mucous membrane, enteric mucous membrane, and rectal mucous membrane, the mucosal vaccine composition containing: at least one antigen; and as an adjuvant, a lipopolysaccharide derived from at least one gram-negative bacterium selected from the group consisting of serratia, leclercia, rahnella, acidicaldus, acidiphilium, acidisphaera, acidocella, acidomonas, asaia, belnapia, craurococcus, gluconacetobacter, gluconobacter, kozakia, leahibacter, muricoccus, neoasaia, oleomonas, paracraurococcus, rhodopila, roseococcus, rubritepida, saccharibacter, stella, swaminathania, teichococcus, zavarzinia, pseudomonas, achromobacter, bacillus, methanoculleus, methanosarcina, clostridium, micrococcus, flavobacterium, pantoea, acetobacter, zymomonas, xanthomonas, and enterobacter, or a salt thereof, wherein a mass ratio between the adjuvant and the antigen (total mass of the adjuvant/total mass of the antigen) is 0.002 to 500..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Phenyl derivative

Wherein all the symbols have the same meanings as described in the specification, has two cyclic groups, particularly phenoxy groups at specific substitution positions and thus has high human s1p2 antagonistic activity. The compound may therefore be used as a therapeutic agent for s1p2-mediated diseases such as diseases resulting from vascular constriction, fibrosis, and respiratory diseases..


Dry powder inhalers comprising a carrier other than lactose and a ternary component

This invention relates to novel pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation comprising separately, sequentially or together, drugs having amine in the form of a dry powder in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier, other than lactose, and its use in the treatment of respiratory condition selected from asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) and other obstructive airways diseases. More particulary, the invention relates to pharmaceutical composition for inhalation further comprising a ternary component.
Arven Ilac Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi


Breath volume monitoring system and method

A system and method for monitoring the tidal volume of an individual to diagnose a condition is disclosed. The system includes an electrically-conductive, elastomeric band; and a microprocessor having memory.
Myair, Llc


Method for the industrial production of flour from lipid-rich microalga biomass with no "off-notes" by controlling the oxygen availability

The invention relates to a method for fermentative production, on an industrial scale, of lipid-rich biomass of microalgae of the chlorella genus having acceptable sensory properties, characterised in that the dissolved oxygen availability in the fermenter is controlled by tracking the respiratory quotient of said microalgae.. .
Roquette Freres


Neurostimulation method and system to treat apnea

Methods and systems are provided to deliver a neural stimulation therapy to treat apnea episodes. The methods and systems detect a respiratory pattern of a patient and identify a type associated with the respiratory pattern.
Pacesetter, Inc.


Respiratory masks with gusseted cushions

A respiratory mask assembly for treatment of sleep disordered breathing includes a frame, a cushion which at least in part defines a cavity adapted to receive at least a patient's nose, and an air delivery connection supported by the frame and adapted to connect an air delivery conduit to supply air to the cavity. The cushion includes a face contacting portion, a non-face contacting portion, and a gusset portion between the face contacting portion and the non-face contacting portion, wherein the gusset portion includes a hanging portion that, when seen in cross-section, hangs over an adjacent exterior surface of the cushion, wherein the gusset portion includes a first point adjacent to the face contacting portion and a second point adjacent to the non-face contacting portion, and wherein the first point is offset radially outwardly from the second point..
Resmed Limited


Respiratory knowledge portal

A monitoring system for multiple medical ventilators is provided. In one aspect, the monitoring system includes a memory that includes instructions, and a processor.
Carefusion 303, Inc.


System and aiding breathing

A system for aiding breathing is provided. The system includes a breathing detection device, a sound-receiving device, an airflow providing device and a processing device.
Htc Corporation


Immunogenic middle east respiratory syndrome coronavirus (mers-cov) compositions and methods

Disclosed herein are nanoparticles containing mers virus proteins in polymer structures, and compositions containing the nanoparticles formulated for administration as immunogenic compositions. Also provided herein are vector constructs encoding the proteins, and host cells containing the vector constructs.
Novavax, Inc.


Compounds and methods for inhibiting cif virulence factor

The present invention provides a screening assay for identifying inhibitors of pseudomonas aeruginosa cftr inhibitory factor as well as compositions and methods for ameliorating or treating a respiratory disease such as cystic fibrosis or secondary infection thereof.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


A user interface and operating same

A breathing apparatus with a user interface comprising a display for displaying at least one menu item, a first button operable to sequentially cycle through and display a plurality of menu items, a second and optionally third button operable to configure a parameter of the selected menu item, and a fourth button operable to confirm the change of a parameter of the selected menu item, wherein the parameter is a respiratory parameter and/or other breathing apparatus parameter.. .
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Novel indazoles for the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus infection

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r7, a1, a2 and a3 are as described herein, compositions including the compounds and methods of using the compounds.. .


New cyclohexylamine derivatives having ß2 adrenergic agonist and m3 muscarinic antagonist activities

The present invention relates to novel compounds having β2 adrenergic agonist and m3 muscarinic antagonist dual activity, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to the process for their preparation and to their use in respiratory therapies.. .
Almirall, S.a.


Personal respiratory protection device

The present invention relates to a personal respiratory protection device, in particular, such a device comprising a respirator body having a periphery, a filter media, forming at least part of the respirator body, and a gasket, the gasket being located at the periphery and extending along at least a portion of its length.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Personal respiratory protection device

The present invention relates to a personal respiratory protection device, in particular, such a device comprising a respirator body having a periphery, a filter media, forming at least part of the respirator body, and a gasket, the gasket being located at the periphery and extending along at least a portion of its length.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Compressible respiratory therapy hose and collecting rod for storage

A compressible respiratory gas hose system interconnects a breathing gas source 101 and a patient interface device. The hose system has an open position when a breathing gas flow from the gas source is conducted to the patient interface device and a closed position when the gas flow is blocked.
Innotech Ltd


Outlet connection assembly and making the same

A connection assembly for a respiratory therapy system, comprising: an outlet assembly, said outlet assembly including an outlet housing and a swivelling disc located on said outlet housing, said outlet housing and said swivelling disc defining, at least in part, a recess; an outlet connector located at an end of a tube portion, said outlet connector including an electrical connector; and a cable having a first end to connect to the electrical connector and a second end to connect to at least one electrical component of the respiratory therapy system, said cable having a slack portion, wherein said outlet connector and said swivelling disc are rotatable in unison between a first position and a second position, and wherein the slack portion of the cable extends from the recess and wraps around the swivelling disc as the swivelling disc is rotated from the first position to the second position.. .
Resmed Limited


Nasal interface

A nasal cannula for use in a system for providing a flow of respiratory gases to a user is described. The nasal cannula comprises a body made from a pliable material.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Respiratory interface

A patient respiratory interface for use in an aerosol delivery system is disclosed. The interface may provide a mechanism for introducing an aerosolized medicament to infants without the need for invasive intubation when treating issues in infants such as infant respiratory distress syndrome.
Trudell Medical International


Respiratory therapy apparatus

A blower comprises a housing, an inlet to receive air, an outlet to deliver a flow of air and a deformable member configured to pump a chamber. The deformable member may be configurable to a first configuration and a second configuration, for example by electrical energy that may be applied as current or voltage.
Resmed Limited


Gas therapy system

A flow generator for use in respiratory therapy can be constructed with a housing. A support fixation arrangement can be fixed to the housing.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Inhalation therapy device for use in premature babies and infants

For use in premature babies and infants, in particular for administering surfactant to the lungs, the inhalation therapy device described herein comprises an aerosol generating device 1, a respiratory air flow generating means 3 and a nebulising chamber 5 into which the generated liquid droplets 2 and the respiratory air flow 4 are supplied. The nebulising chamber 5 comprises a tapering area 52 which ends in a tubular intubation means 6.
Pari Pharma Gmbh


Attenuated mannheimia haemolytica vaccines and methods of making and use

The present invention provides attenuated m. Haemolitica strains that elicit an immune response in animal against m.
Merial Inc.


Mscs in the treatment of inflammatory pulmonary diseases

The present invention relates to, inter alia, methods for culturing mesenchymal stem cells (mscs) (without the use of non-human serum components), mscs and extracellular vesicles obtained from such culturing methods, having advantageous polypeptide profiles which are key for immuno-modulatory efficacy. Further, the present invention pertains to pharmaceutical compositions comprising such mscs and/or extracellular vesicles, and medical treatment and prophylactic methods and medical uses of mscs and/or extracellular vesicles in a variety of diseases, notably acute respiratory distress syndrome (ards), infant respiratory distress syndrome (irds), pulmonary hypertension (ph), and related diseases and ailments, such as organ failure..
Isletone Ab


Automated ventilator with assisted compressions

A system for performing simultaneous ventilation and resuscitation of a patient includes an oxygen source, at least one inspiration control valve, a breathing apparatus, at least one expiration control valve, at least one indicator, and at least one timer. The breathing apparatus is configured to form an air seal with at least a portion of the patient's respiratory tract such that a gas including oxygen can flow from the oxygen source to the lungs.

Respiratory topics: Respiratory, Ventilation, Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Executable, Computer Readable, Expiration, Respiration, Sleep Apnea, Medical Device, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, Ventilator, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Antagonist, Cardiovascular Health, Cardiovascular

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