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Respiratory patents


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 Method device and system for monitoring sub-clinical progression and regression of heart failure patent thumbnailMethod device and system for monitoring sub-clinical progression and regression of heart failure
A method including sensing local accelerations or changes in sensor position, including orientation and displacement, with a local acceleration sensor mounted on a chest or abdomen of a patient, and calculating energy of polyphasic motions, based on sensed information of the local acceleration sensor and classifying severity of cardiac decompensation by calculating an excessive energy index (eei) that compares excessive energy that appears in the polyphasic motions to energy required for inspiration at a basic respiratory rate.. .
Rambam Health Corporation

 Motion corrected simultaneously acquired multiple contrast coronary mri systems and methods patent thumbnailMotion corrected simultaneously acquired multiple contrast coronary mri systems and methods
In various embodiments, the present application discloses systems and methods for magnetic resonance imaging (mri) of coronary arteries. In various embodiments, the invention allows for motion corrected, simultaneously acquired multiple contrast weighted images with whole-heart coverage and isotropic high resolution.
Cedars-sinai Medical Center

 Methods and compositions for treating siglec-8 associated diseases patent thumbnailMethods and compositions for treating siglec-8 associated diseases
The invention provides methods and compositions for the prevention and treatment of siglec-8 associated diseases such as chronic rhino sinusitis with concomitant asthma and aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease. In particular, the invention provides methods for the prevention and treatment of siglec-8 associated diseases through administration of antibodies or agonists that bind to human siglec-8 or compositions comprising said antibodies or agonists.
Allakos Inc.

 Novel substituted spirocycles patent thumbnailNovel substituted spirocycles
Wherein a and cy have one of the meanings as indicated in the specification and their use as inhibitors of cathepsin c, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and methods of using the same as agents for treatment and/or prevention of diseases connected with dipeptidyl peptidase i activity, e.g. respiratory diseases..

 Suprametallogels and uses thereof patent thumbnailSuprametallogels and uses thereof
The disclosure provides nanostructures (e.g., nanospheres and nano-paddlewheels) formed through transition metal-ligand (e.g., pd(ii)-, ni(ii)-, or fe(ii)-ligand of formula (a)) coordination and junction self-assembly. The disclosure also provides supramolecular complexes that include the nanostructures connected by divalent linkers y.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Respiratory face mask and breathing circuit assembly patent thumbnailRespiratory face mask and breathing circuit assembly
A disposable breathing circuit is adapted to be connected between a disposable face mask and a vacuum source for delivering fresh gas to the face mask and for scavenging waste gas exhaled from the face mask. The breathing circuit includes a fresh gas supply limb and an exhalation limb and a scavenging limb coupled to the exhalation limb.

 Halotherapy devices and methods patent thumbnailHalotherapy devices and methods
Devices and methods for administering halotherapy are provided for treating respiratory or skin conditions. Variations include a portable devices as well as stationary devices suitable for administering therapy in permanent settings (e.g., in the home)..
Wake Forest University Health Sciences

 Liposomal ciprofloxacin formulations with activity against non-tuberculous mycobacteria patent thumbnailLiposomal ciprofloxacin formulations with activity against non-tuberculous mycobacteria
Methods of treatment of ntm lung infections using formulations of liposomal ciprofloxacin. Specific liposome formulations and delivery of such for treatment of respiratory tract infections and other medical conditions, and devices and formulations used in connection with such are described..
Oregon State University

 Pyridine and pyrazine derivative for the treatment of cf patent thumbnailPyridine and pyrazine derivative for the treatment of cf
The present invention provides pyridine and pyrazine derivatives which restore or enhance the function of mutant and/or wild type cftr to treat cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, respiratory tract infections, lung carcinoma, xerostomia and keratoconjunctivitis sire, or constipation (ibs, ibd, opioid induced). Pharmaceutical compositions comprising such derivatives are also encompassed..
Novartis Ag

 Compositions for respiratory delivery of active agents and associated methods and systems patent thumbnailCompositions for respiratory delivery of active agents and associated methods and systems
Compositions, methods and systems are provided for pulmonary or nasal delivery of active agents via a metered dose inhaler. In one embodiment, the compositions include a suspension medium, active agent particles, and suspending particles, in which the active agent particles and suspending particles form a co-suspension within the suspension medium..
Pearl Therapeutics, Inc.

Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and acquiring magnetic resonance image

A magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and a method of acquiring a magnetic resonance image are provided. The magnetic resonance imaging apparatus includes a data acquirer configured to acquire image data of a subject based on a protocol, the protocol including a learning protocol for learning a respiration of the subject and determining an initial protocol based on the learned respiration.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Respiratory disease monitoring wearable apparatus

A monitoring and alerting system can be used in any condition with a respiration component. respiratory symptoms as well as supporting physiological functions are tracked against the user's baseline and alerts the user when there is a worsening trend.
Health Care Originals, Inc.

System and reducing alarm fatigue

A method for reducing alarm fatigue, specifically, combining multiple physiological parameters, such as heart rate and respiratory rate, into one index number indicative of the patient's condition. The method includes detecting the severity of the patient's condition, generating, and displaying a scaled version of that index number relative to the severity of the patient's condition.
Covidien Lp

Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity

This invention relates to genes identified from human chromosome 12q23-qter, which are associated with various diseases, including asthma. The invention also relates to the nucleotide sequences of these genes, isolated nucleic acids comprising these nucleotide sequences, and isolated polypeptides or peptides encoded thereby.
Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Respiratory tee piece

A tee piece that functions as device to direct dual, alternating respiratory therapies to a patient. It has a centrally located low pressure actuated one way valve that connects the inhalation and exhalation paths to the specific therapy devices.
Medica Holdings Llc

Diffuser arrangements for a vent of a respiratory interface

A diffuser element for use over a vent opening of a breathing assistance apparatus. In some configurations, the diffuser element is formed by knitting or weaving one or more threads together into an interlocking pattern.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

Sealing force detection enabled, therapeutic fluid delivery device

A respiratory mask can include one or a plurality of force sensors configured to detect a force imparted to a user's skin. Output from the one or more sensors can be represented in a way useful to the patient or healthcare provider for adjusting the mask to achieve a desired fitment.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

Controlled inhaler for distributing inhalant according to inhalation velocity

An inhaler is provided that includes a controller, a driver, an atomizer and one or more sensors for detecting information about a velocity of inhalation of a user of the inhaler. The controller is configured to dispense an inhalant from the inhaler during an inhalation of the user based on information about the velocity of inhalation of the user.
Incube Labs, Llc

Ev576 for use in the treatment of viral infections of the respiratory tract

The present invention relates to methods of treating and preventing the inflammatory effects of viral infection of the upper and lower respiratory tracts, including infection by sars coronovirus (sars), pandemic influenza a h5n1 (avian influenza) and pandemic influenza a h1n1 (swine 'flu).. .
Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals Sa

Inhalation of nitric oxide for treating respiratory diseases

The present invention relates to a method of treating a human subject suffering from a disease or disorder that is manifested in the respiratory tract or a disease or disorder that can be treated via the respiratory tract, the disease or disorder being associated with a nosocomial infection, the method including subjecting the subject to intermittent inhalation of gno at a concentration of at least 160 ppm, thereby treating the disease or disorder.. .
Advanced Inhalation Therapies (ait) Ltd.

Antiviral axin stablizer

Methods and compositions for preventing and/or treating viral infections are provided. The methods involve administering an agent that stabilizes or enhances axin1 activity, e.g.
The Board Of Regents For Oklahoma State University

Compositions for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effects and improved respiratory function by specific histone deacetylase inhibition

Compositions comprising lsf compositions and treatment regiments comprising administration of lsf containing compositions are disclosed. Compositions and/or regiments may optionally include the administration of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Respiratory monitor

A respiratory monitor is disclosed that includes features for conducting multiple pulmonary function tests in a single device and for detecting the presence of nitric oxide in exhaled breath. The respiratory monitor includes one or more reactor and sensor assemblies.
Spirometrix, Inc.

Diagnosis and risk stratification of infections and chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs by means of provasopressin, particularly copeptin or neurophysin ii

The invention relates to a method for diagnosing and/or stratifying the risk of infections or chronic diseases of the respiratory tract and lungs, particularly lower respiratory tract infections and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In said method, provasopressin (proavp) or fragments or partial peptides thereof, especially copeptin or neurophysin ii, is/are determined.
Brahms Gmbh

Supersensitive linear pressure transducer

Apparatus and methods for a mems-fabricated variable capacitor. In one embodiment the capacitor is a comb drive comprising a plurality of plates interdigitated with a corresponding blades.
Purdue Research Foundation

Light inhibitors for asthma, lung and airway inflammation, respiratory, interstitial, pulmonary and fibrotic disease treatment

Methods of treating inflammatory conditions, disease and disorders are provided. Method include, for example, contacting or administering a sufficient amount of a light inhibitor to a subject to treat the inflammatory condition, disease or disorder..
La Jolla Institute For Allergy And Immunology

Certain (2s)-n-[(1s)-1-cyano-2-phenylethyl]-1,4-oxazepane-2-carboxamides as dipeptidyl peptidase 1 inhibitors

That inhibit dipeptidyl peptidase 1 (dpp1) activity, to their utility in treating and/or preventing clinical conditions including respiratory diseases, such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd), to their use in therapy, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them and to processes for preparing such compounds.. .

Systems and methods for cardio-respiratory pacing

Systems, devices, and methods for pacing a heart of a patient are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method for pacing a patient's heart may include determining a posture of the patient and determining if the determined posture corresponds to a predetermined sleep posture.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Monitoring device including compliant variable capacitor for respiration and cardiac sensing applications

A monitoring device for obtaining data from a patient during a respiratory and/or cardiac cycle of the patient. The monitoring device includes a compliant variable capacitor securely attached to the patient the capacitance of the compliant variable capacitor changes during movement of the patient caused by the respiratory cycle and/or a cardiac cycle.
General Electric Company

Touch panel sensing a biosignal and acquiring information about respiration of user using the same

A touch panel apparatus for sensing a biosignal and a method of acquiring information about respiration of a user by the touch panel apparatus are provided. The touch panel apparatus includes a touch panel configured to sense a biosignal of a user based on a touch input through the touch panel; a detector configured to detect a respiratory signal from the biosignal; and a processor configured to acquire information about respiration of the user based on characteristics of the detected respiratory signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Cough analysis

A computer-implemented method comprises: (a) receiving first acoustic data representing a first cough train of a first human subject, wherein the first cough train comprises at least one first cough of the first human subject; (b) identifying at least one first value of at one first acoustic property of the first acoustic data; and (c) determining, based on the at least one first value of the at least one first acoustic property, whether the first acoustic data indicates that the first human subject has a severe respiratory illness.. .
Speech Technology & Applied Research Corporation

Method and system for respiratory monitoring

A method and corresponding apparatus for monitoring breathing computes a calibration signal from a first sequence of images of a user's chest to produce a calibration model.. The calibration signal is representative of movement of the user's chest during a first time period during which the user is using an incentive spirometer a commercially-available (is).
University Of Connecticut

3d camera system for infant monitoring

Systems and methods employing a depth-sensing camera to detect abdomen rise and fall during an infant sleep period, or lack thereof due to respiratory arrest. Visual processing of image data collected by one or more 3d digital camera is performed to detect the infant and to measure a distance between an infant's abdominal cavity and a camera baseline over time.
Intel Corporation

Systems, apparatus, and methods related to modeling, monitoring, and/or managing metabolism

Systems, apparatus, and methods related to modeling, monitoring, and/or managing metabolism of a subject include measuring a respiratory quotient (rq) level in a subject and/or optimizing and executing a nonlinear feedback model to model energy substrate utilization in the subject based on at least one of a macronutrient composition and caloric value of food consumed by the subject, an intensity and duration of activity by the subject, a rate and maximum capacity of glycogen storage in the subject, a rate and maximum capacity of de novo lipogenesis in the subject, a quality and duration of sleep by the subject, and/or an rq level in the subject.. .
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

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