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Respiratory patents


This page is updated frequently with new Respiratory-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Respiratory-related patents
Apparatus for humidifying a respiratory gas
An apparatus for delivering pressurized, humidified breathable gas to a patient having a sleep-related disorder includes a cpap unit with a blower configured to generate a flow of pressurized breathable gas. The apparatus also includes a liquid storage container configured to hold a body of liquid.
Resmed R&d Germany Gmbh

Methods of using krill oil to treat risk factors for cardiovascular, metabolic, and inflammatory disorders
This invention discloses methods of using krill oil and compositions comprising krill oil to treat risk factors for metabolic, cardiovascular, and inflammatory disorders. The present invention also relates to methods of using compositions comprising krill oil to modulate biological processes selected from the group consisting of glucose metabolism, lipid biosynthesis, fatty acid metabolism, cholesterol biosynthesis, and the mitochondria respiratory chain.
Aker Biomarine Antarctic As

Wearable devices configured for facilitating diagnosis and/or assessment of pulmonary diseases, and corresponding methods
Exemplary implementations may provide objective, continuous, and clinically useful assessment of asthma control in subjects including young children using a device that is compact, non-intrusive, and simple. The device may include a water-resistant, flexible patch that can be comfortably worn for two weeks or more.
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Instittute At Harbor-ucla Medical Center

Phosphoinositide 3-kinase inhibitors
And to compositions comprising the same and to the use of the compounds and to compositions of the compounds in treatment, for example in the treatment of inflammatory diseases, in particular respiratory inflammatory disease. The invention also extends to methods of making the said compounds..

Obstructive sleep apnea treatment devices, systems and methods
A method of treating a patient, comprising: sensing a biological parameter indicative of respiration; analyzing the biological parameter to identify a respiratory cycle; identifying an inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle; and delivering stimulation to a hypoglossal nerve of the patient, wherein stimulation is delivered if a duration of the inspiratory phase of the respiratory cycle is greater than a predetermined portion of a duration of the entire respiratory cycle.. .
Cyberonics, Inc.

Device for controlling water level
A device for maintaining a water level in a respiratory humidification system, said device comprising: at least one sensor positioned external to a humidification component, the at least one sensor configured for sensing water related information in the humidification component and providing the water related information to a water control module, the water related information comprising data configured for being used to control an operation of the water control module.. .
Carefusion 207, Inc.

Respiratory treatment devices for airway obstruction therapy and the like
Unique cervical collars and patient interfaces for sleep apnea therapy. One cervical collar features a chin-supporting member whose topside is movable relative to a chest-abutting member.

Systems and methods for digital predictive disease exacerbation and pre-emptive treatment
The system described herein collects patient data passively and non-passively via onboard and external sensors, and combines the data with past clinical history to generate digital biomarkers. The collected data can also be further combined with other data generating systems to more accurately predict disease exacerbations.
Aedio, Inc.

Method and device for measuring biometric data using uwb radar
A method and device for measuring biometric data using a uwb radar are disclosed. The disclosed method includes: (a) determining a respiratory rate by using reflection signals reflected off a target patient; (b) extracting respiration signals from the reflection signals, removing the extracted respiration signals from the reflection signals and converting into signals of a frequency domain; and (c) determining a heartbeat rate by detecting peak values from the frequency-domain signals converted in said step (b)..
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

Composition and methods based on neutralizing antibodies delivered intranasally for enhanced therapeutic efficacy
The present invention provides methods for treatment or prophylaxis of viruses, particularly influenza virus, by administration of agents, particularly neutralizing antibodies or active fragments thereof, directly to the respiratory tract, including by intranasal or inhalation administration. The invention provides compositions suitable for intranasal or inhalation treatment and administration.
Contrafect Corporation


Particle beam treatment system, particle beam treatment method, and computer program product

According to an embodiment, a particle beam treatment system includes a storage, an estimator, a target value generator, and a particle beam treatment device. The storage stores therein a respiratory movement model obtained by synchronizing amount of displacement of an affected area of a subject with a signal related to respiration of the subject and performing modeling.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Fluid mixing structure

A respiratory therapy system can have a flow generator adapted to provide gases to a patient. A gas passageway can be located in-line with the flow generator.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Automatically adjusting headgear for patient interface

A headgear for securing a mask to a user's face is described. The headgear requires a first load force to elongate the headgear and, when fitted to a user, applies a balanced fit force that substantially equals a load force applied to the headgear during respiratory therapy.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Endotracheal tube with dedicated evacuation port

Various embodiments of a tracheal tube capable of suctioning accumulated mucus secretions from the airway of intubated patients are provided. Disclosed embodiments include a variety of endotracheal tubes with integral suction lumens terminating in ports optimally located at the distal end of the endotracheal tubes between a murphy's eye and a cuff.
Covidien Lp


Selective opioid compounds

Which relates to morphinan compounds useful as μ, δ and/or κ receptor opioid compounds and pharmaceuticals containing same that may be useful for mediating analgesia, combating drug addiction, alcohol addiction, drug overdose, mental illness, bladder dysfunctions, neurogenic bladder, interstitial cystitis, urinary incontinence, premature ejaculation, inflammatory pain, peripherally mediated and neuropathic pain, cough, lung edema, diarrhea, cardiac disorders, cardioprotection, depression, and cognitive, respiratory, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and gastro-intestinal disorders, immunomodulation, and anti-tumor agents.. .


Methods for treating pulmonary emphysema using substituted 2-aza-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-3-carboxylic acid (benzyl-cyano-methyl)-amides inhibitors of cathepsin c

And their use as inhibitors of cathepsin c, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same, and methods of using the same as agents for treatment and/or prevention of diseases connected with dipeptidyl peptidase i activity, e.g. respiratory diseases..


Pharmaceutical compositions

This invention provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a eutectic composition of two pharmacologically active ingredients for delivery to the lung by inhalation. This invention also provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising a eutectic composition of two pharmacologically active ingredients for the treatment of respiratory disease..
Prosonix Limited


Anti-snore nasal modulator

Disclosed is a nasal modulator that reduces or eliminates snoring. The disclosed nasal modulator is placed in the nasal passages and modulates air in an approximate frequency range of snoring.
Purrzone, Inc.


Respiratory waveform recognition method and system

A respiratory waveform recognition method comprises: (a) detecting a respiratory airflow in a respiratory cycle; (b) measuring an amplitude of the respiratory airflow and a duration of the respiratory cycle; (c) using a plurality of sampling points to determine an inspiration waveform and an expiration waveform according to the amplitude and the duration; (d) normalizing the amplitude and the duration of one of the inspiration waveform and the expiration waveform, so as to establish a normalized waveform; and (e) accumulating the differences between the normalized waveform and a reference waveform to calculate a flow index useful for the identification of a normal respiration state and an abnormal respiration state. A curve, such as a weighted curve or a standard waveform, is used for fitting of the inspiration waveform or the expiration waveform to calculate the differences, and the differences are accumulated to identify the normal respiration state and the abnormal respiration state.
Apex Medical Corp.


System and laryngeal reflex examination

A system for elucidating physiological characteristics of laryngeal adductor reflex (lar) responses in a human or animal subject's larynx's vocal folds (vfs) includes a pressure pulsing component to provide a stable and adjustable pulse of pressure to the larynx, a control system component in functional communication with the pressure pulsing component to control or regulate one or more aspects of the timing, magnitude and number of pulses of pressure delivered by the pressure pulsing component during respiratory cycles, and a respiratory sensor component to detect and/or determine physiological characteristics of the subject's lar response. The method includes evoking a lar response in the subject and determining one or more physiological measurements including duration, velocity, and angles of motion of the subject's vfs during the lar response.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Method for correcting respiratory influences on magnetic resonance recordings of an examination object

In a method for correcting respiratory influences on recordings of an examination object by operation of a magnetic resonance apparatus, an external respiratory signal is determined, an internal respiratory signal is determined, a correlation signal is determined, at least one reliability range of the correlation signal is determined, a fit function in at least one reliability range of the correlation signal is determined, and the recordings subject to respiratory influences of the examination object are corrected based on the determined fit function.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Pump panel accountability device and use

A system and method of use for an accountability system within a pump panel for signaling an alarm condition to first responders. The method and system include a display embedded within a pump panel, and a radio frequency (rf) sub-system.
Scott Technologies, Inc.


Novel korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus

The present invention relates to a korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) and a vaccine composition using the same, and a method for preventing porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome. Korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus with accession number kctc 12096bp according to the present invention is korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus distinguished from european strains and north american strains, and a vaccine composition specific to korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus is produced, thereby preventing a korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus or specifically diagnosing the infection with korean-type porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus..
Optipharm Co., Ltd


Novel substituted spirocycles

Wherein a and cy have one of the meanings as indicated in the specification and their use as inhibitors of cathepsin c, pharmaceutical compositions containing the same and methods of using the same as agents for treatment and/or prevention of diseases connected with dipeptidyl peptidase i activity, e.g. respiratory diseases..


Respirator mask for cbrn or other protection

A respirator mask wearable by a wearer for protecting the wearer against inhalation of noxious agents (e.g., chemical agents, biological agents, radiological agents, and/or other poisonous or otherwise harmful agents that can cause disease, injury or death), such as a cbrn mask, may be configured to enhance protection of the wearer (e.g., by providing ballistic protection in addition to protecting against noxious agent inhalation) while reducing a burden on the wearer, such as by reducing respiratory resistance, improving visibility, and/or facilitating use of the mask (e.g., connection or disconnection of a filter, conduit, or other air-providing device to or from a breathing interface of the mask).. .
Airboss Engineered Products Inc.


Combined respiration and cardiac gating for radiotherapy using electrical impedance technology

A gating system uses measurements of electrical impedance of a subject to provide simultaneous gating for respiratory and cardiac motion. The gating is based on the change in bio impedance that occurs across trans-thoracic electrodes during breathing and cardiac motion.
British Columbia Cancer Agency Branch


Respiratory mask assembly

An elbow assembly includes an elbow with a first portion adapted to be secured to a mask and a second portion adapted to receive pressurized gas. The first and the second portions have a connection structure allowing selective connection and disconnection between the first and second portions.
Resmed Limited


Vent arrangement for respiratory device

A vent arrangement for a respiratory pressure therapy device may include one or a plurality of vents configured with a variable aperture for communicating a flow of breathable gas. The vent arrangement may be configured with a cross section profile exposed to the flow of breathable gas communicating through the vent that does not change as the aperture size changes.
Resmed Limited


Distinguishing between central and obstructive sleep apnea

Apparatuses and methods for detecting sleep apnea and classifying the events as obstructive sleep apnea (osa) and/or central sleep apnea (csa) are disclosed herein. The apparatuses can include respiratory treatment devices that have an auto adjusting algorithm that is able to classify a sleep apnea as csa or osa so that an appropriate pressure can be applied to the patient depending on the type of sleep apnea detected.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Gas exhaust control method and respiratory assistance apparatus applied with the same

A gas exhaust control method applied to a respiratory assistance apparatus includes the following steps of: applying gas to a face mask of the respiratory assistance apparatus; detecting a pressure in the face mask; when the pressure in the face mask is lower than a preset pressure range, shrinking a perforation size of an exhaust structure of the face mask by a driving unit of the respiratory assistance apparatus; and when the pressure in the face mask is higher than the preset pressure range, expanding the perforation size of the exhaust structure of the face mask by the driving unit. A respiratory assistance apparatus applied with the gas exhaust control method is also disclosed..
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Device and artificial respiration in emergencies

A device and a method for artificial respiration in emergencies are proposed. The device comprises respiratory mask (40) which can be placed onto the nose and mouth section of a person to be provided with artificial respiration, a mouth section mouthpiece (41), through which respiratory air from an aider can be supplied, a flow tube (2) disposed between the respiratory mask (40) and the mouthpiece (41), which flow tube forms a continuous flow channel for the supplied respiratory air from the mouthpiece (41) to the respiratory mask (40), at least one sensor (10) disposed in the flow channel of the flow tube (2), which sensor measures parameters of the gases flowing through the flow channel, a processor disposed on the flow tube (2) and an output device (124).
Karl Kuefner Gmbh & Co. Kg


Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus compositions and uses thereof

Provided herein are embodiments relating to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) virus, compositions comprising the virus, and methods of using the virus. The virus may be used to immunize a mammal, including swine.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Systems and methods using flexible capacitive electrodes for measuring biosignals

A system and method are provided for measuring biometric signals. The system includes a first electrode, a second electrode and a circuit.
Nox Medical


Systems and methods for detecting infectious diseases

Systems, methods, and devices for detecting infections in a clinical sample are provided. Small-volume clinical samples obtained at a point-of-service (pos) location and may be tested at the pos location for multiple markers for multiple diseases, including upper and lower respiratory diseases.
Theranos, Inc.


Method and acquiring magnetic resonance data from a target region while the target region moves due to respiration

In a method for recording magnetic resonance data in a target region of a patient while the target region moves due to respiration a single-shot turbo spin echo sequence is used as a magnetic resonance sequence in a magnetic resonance apparatus. Spair fat saturation is used by emitting an inversion pulse at an inversion time before the data recording with the magnetic resonance apparatus.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Novel aza-oxo-indoles for the treatment and prophylaxis of respiratory syncytial virus infection

Wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, w1, w2, w3, a and x are as described herein, compositions including the compounds and methods of using the compounds.. .


The treatment of inflammatory disorders

The present invention provides nalidixic acid and analogues of nalidixic acid, and methods for treating inflammatory disorders. The nalidixic acid and analogues of nalidixic acid may be formulated for topical delivery or systemic delivery.
Cresset Biomolecular Discovery Ltd.


Methods of treating medical conditions by transvascular neuromodulation of the autonomic nervous system

The present invention is directed to a method of treating a respiratory or pulmonary condition in a patient by transvascular neuromodulation of an adrenal gland or neural structures that innervate the adrenal gland or components thereof. Methods also include implanting a controller in the patient to control delivery of a therapy signal to the patient's adrenal gland.
Autonomic Technologies, Inc.


Breathing device and controlling a respiratory gas source

A breathing device comprises a respiratory gas source for generating a gas pressure for a patient, delivered by a respiratory mask, a measuring unit for measuring a measurement quantity characteristic of inhalation or exhalation, and a control unit which determines the patient's tidal volume from the measurement quantity and compares this with a setpoint value of the tidal volume. The control unit regulates the respiratory gas source such that the generated gas pressure is made available until the setpoint value of the tidal volume is reached.
Weinmann Geraete Fuer Medizin Gmbh + Co. Kg


Method and non-invasive monitoring of respiratory parameters in sleep disordered breathing

An air delivery system includes a controllable flow generator operable to generate a supply of pressurized breathable gas to be provided to a patient for treatment and a pulse oximeter configured to determine a measure of patient effort during a treatment period and provide a patient effort signal for input to control operation of the flow generator.. .
Resmed Limited


Equipment for rehabilitative respiratory physiotherapy

An equipment for rehabilitative respiratory physiotherapy is described, comprising a mask or mouthpiece, supplying means to supply air to the mask or mouthpiece, a pressure gauge arranged in fluidic connection with the mask or mouthpiece and means for producing pneumatic vibrations in the air supplied to the mask or mouthpiece. The supplying means supply an air flow rate lower than 250 cm3/s, or lower than 15 liters/minute, at a pressure substantially equal to the atmospheric pressure.
Flaem Nuova S.p.a.


Respiratory device having function of detecting airflow pressure difference

A respiratory device includes a host, a pressure sensor and a connecting module. The host includes a first airflow channel and a first shell.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Cancer protection device

A natural base himalayan salt ionizer, which neutralizes and inhibits hazardous electromagnetic field radiations emf from our surrounding atmosphere. Emf is one of the biggest sources of cancer cell growth and melatonin loss.


Brush-poly (glycoamidoamine)-lipids and uses thereof

Which may assist the pgal and/or a complex of the pgal and an agent to pass through cell membranes or be taken up by cells. Also provided are compositions including a described pgal and an agent (e.g., polynucleotide, small molecule, peptide, or protein).


Combination physiologic sensor

A multi sensor module especially designed for use in sleep-study applications includes a pvdf film piezoelectric transducer enclosed between an upper layer of a single-sided adhesive tape strip and a lower layer of a double-sided adhesive tape strip. Also adhesively affixed to the upper single-sided adhesive tape strip, but not overlaid by the lower double-sided adhesive tape strip are first and second conductive electrodes.
Dymedix Corporation


Compositions and methods for binding cysteinyl leukotrienes (cyslts) for treatment of disease

Methods are provided for using antibodies and antibody fragments that bind one or more cysteinyl leukotrienes (cyslts) for treatment of diseases, including inflammatory, respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases and conditions associated with aberrant levels of one or more cyslts. Anti-cyslt antibodies and antigen-binding antibody fragments, and compositions containing such antibodies and antibody fragments, are also provided..
Lpath, Inc.


Respirator filter interface

A respiratory inlet having a mask end and a fitting end is provided. The respiratory inlet also includes a cavity and an exterior mating surface.
Scott Health & Safety Limited


Respiratory gas humidifier

A gas humidifier can have a gas channel comprising an inlet and an outlet. A portion of the gas channel can have a region having a reduction in cross-sectional area relative to the portions of the gas channel outside of the region.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Respiratory support system and patient transfer device therefor

A patient transfer device is configured for use with at least one host device which is capable of providing respiratory support to a patient. The patient transfer device includes an inspiratory port and an expiratory port which are configured to pneumatically connect to the host.
General Electric Company


Patient interface and headgear for a respiratory apparatus

Patient interface, such as a nasal cannula, with a headgear. The interface has a soft face mount part with nasal prongs and a base portion, and a harder-material gases flow manifold part with an inlet and an outlet.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Methods for treating viral infections using hydrogen sulfide donors

Certain embodiments are directed to methods of treating respiratory infection by administering an h2s donor.. .
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Pulmonary delivery for levodopa

In one aspect, the invention is related to a method of treating a patient with parkinson's disease, the method including administering to the respiratory tract of the patient particles that include more than about 90 weight percent (wt %) of levodopa. The particles are delivered to the patient's pulmonary system, preferably to the alveoli or the deep lung..
Civitas Therapeutics, Inc.


Personal spirometer

A portable hand-held spirometer is disclosed for use in taking respiratory tests and storing and displaying test results. The configuration of the spirometer includes handgrips that are positioned to ensure that the user is properly positioned to provide maximum breathing required for valid test results to be obtained.
Pmd Healthcare


Method for determining a type of a reconstruction of image data from a magnetic resonance measurement of an examination object by means of a magnetic resonance device

A method is disclosed for determining a type of reconstruction of image data from a magnetic resonance measurement of an examination object by way of a magnetic resonance device. In an embodiment, the method includes determining at least one first parameter which includes information about a breathing process of the examination object; comparing the at least one first parameter with at least one second parameter from a maintained database; and determining a type of reconstruction of image data of the magnetic resonance measurement according to the comparison that has been made.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Methods for detecting human metapneumovirus

The present invention discloses specific human metapneumovirus monoclonal antibodies. The antibody is at least two-fold less reactive with non-human metapneumoviruses including, but not limited to, respiratory viruses or avian metapneumoviruses.
Diagnostic Hybrids, Inc.


2'-chloro aminopyrimidinone and pyrimidine dione nucleosides

Provided herein are formulations, methods and substituted 2′-chloro aminopyrimidinone and pyrimidine dione compounds of formula (i) for treating pneumovirinae virus infections, including respiratory syncytial virus infections, as well as methods and intermediates for synthesis of substituted 2′-chloro aminopyrimidinone and pyrimidine dione compounds.. .
Gilead Sciences, Inc.


Respiratory valve apparatus

The invention relates to a pressure responsive respiratory valve apparatus for enabling positive pressure from a source of pressure to be applied to a user's airway, and allowing ingress of a breathable gas from an inlet port into a user's airway during inhalation and egress of expired tidal volume of air from the user's respiratory system to an exhalation port during exhalation. The invention minimises rebreathing of expired gas and optimizes delivery of pressurised breathable gas by venting gas only during exhalation, as well as addressing important user considerations including minimizing noise, pressure swing, and size..
Ventific Holdings Pty Ltd


Fluted heater wire

A heater wire for removing condensation from a respiratory gas conduit. The heater wire includes at least one groove disposed thereon.
Carefusion 207, Inc.


System and monitoring usage of a respiratory medication delivery device

The present disclosure pertains to a system and method for monitoring usage of a respiratory medicament delivery device. Regular use of a respiratory medicament delivery device at intervals prescribed by a doctor may be critical to a subject's health.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Nebulizer device and mask of inhalation solution

The traditions, studies and international practice, prove that the inhalation of hot steams with or without the impurity of a medicine, helps the prevention and treatment of respiratory system diseases in hospitalization or home treatment. The device of application of the therapy is simple, easy to use, safe and affordable cost.


Use of an ang-(1-7) receptor agonist in acute lung injury

The present invention refers to a peptidic or non-peptidic angiotensin(1-7) (ang-(1-7)) receptor agonist, preferably a mas receptor agonist, for the prevention and/or treatment of acute lung injury, preferably acute respiratory distress syndrome.. .
Charite-universitatsmedizin Berlin


Nitric oxide treatment of bovine respiratory disease complex and other respiratory conditions

Methods, devices, and systems for treating a respiratory condition using gno delivered from a nitric oxide releasing solution (nors) are disclosed and described. In one embodiment, the respiratory condition may be bovine respiratory disease complex (brdc)..
Bovicor Pharmatech, Inc.


System for determining confidence in respiratory rate measurements

This disclosure describes, among other features, systems and methods for using multiple physiological parameter inputs to determine multiparameter confidence in respiratory rate measurements. For example, a patient monitoring system can programmatically determine multiparameter confidence in respiratory rate measurements obtained from an acoustic sensor based at least partly on inputs obtained from other non-acoustic sensors or monitors.
Masimo Corporation


Notch2 binding molecules for treating respiratory diseases

The balance and distribution of epithelial cell types is required to maintain tissue homeostasis. In the lung, perturbations of this balance are hallmarks of human respiratory diseases, including goblet cell metaplasia and enhanced mucus secretion in asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Novartis Ag


Prefusion rsv f proteins and their use

Disclosed are respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) antigens including a recombinant rsv f protein stabilized in a prefusion conformation. Also disclosed are nucleic acids encoding the antigens and methods of producing the antigens.
The Usa, As Represented By The Secretary, Departm- Ent Of Health And Human Service


Compounds for treating respiratory syncytial virus infections

Its salts, isomers or prodrugs thereof useful in the treatment of viral infections, in particular respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) infections. The present invention also relates to processes for preparing the compounds and intermediates used in their preparation..


Novel breathing control modulating compounds, and methods of using same

The present invention includes pyrimido[5,4-d]pyrimidines that are useful in the prevention and/or treatment of breathing control diseases or disorders in a subject in need thereof. The present invention also includes a method of preventing and/or treating a respiratory disease or disorder in a subject in need thereof, comprising administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of at least one compound of the invention.
Galleon Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Glutarimide derivatives, use thereof, pharmaceutical composition based thereon and methods for producing glutarimide derivatives

The present invention relates to novel biologically active glutarimide derivatives of general formula i or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, their use as an agent for the treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the glutarimide derivatives of general formula i, methods for preparing the glutarimide derivatives of general formula i by heating a dicarboxylic acid monoamide of general formula ii with a dehydrating agent.. .
Obschestvo S Ogranichennoi Otvetstvennostiyu "pharmenterprises"


Preparation and use in the treatment of respiratory diseases

Solid preparations, uses and methods for the treatment or prevention of respiratory diseases comprising said compound as well as process of preparation thereof.. .

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