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Respiratory patents

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Synthetic peptide-based marker vaccine and diagnostic system for effective control of porcine reproductive and…

Device for obtaining a vital sign of a subject

Date/App# patent app List of recent Respiratory-related patents
 Arformoterol and tiotropium compositions and methods for use patent thumbnailArformoterol and tiotropium compositions and methods for use
Compositions and methods for the prevention and/or treatment of airway and/or respiratory disorders are provided. The compositions comprise arformoterol (the (r,r)-formoterol isomer) and tiotropium..
 Methods for treating and diagnosing respiratory tract infections patent thumbnailMethods for treating and diagnosing respiratory tract infections
Described are methods of preventing, treating and diagnosing of a subject having a condition, such as, an inflammation or infection of the respiratory tract. Methods of treatment and prevention include administration of effective amounts of calcium salt formulations to a subject.
 Synthetic peptide-based marker vaccine and diagnostic system for effective control of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) patent thumbnailSynthetic peptide-based marker vaccine and diagnostic system for effective control of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs)
A peptide-based marker vaccine against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs) and a set of immunodiagnostic tests for the prevention, monitoring and control of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) are disclosed. Vaccine formulations according to various embodiments of the invention contain a mixture of peptides derived from prrsv gp2, gp3, gp4, or gp5 proteins; each peptide individually contains a b cell prrsv neutralizing/receptor binding epitope which is individually linked to an artificial t helper epitope for enhancement of the respective peptide's immunogenicity; and which can be supplemented with a mixture of peptides representing the t helper epitopes derived from the prrsv gp4, gp5, m and nucleocapsid proteins to provide cell mediated immunity.
 Device for obtaining a vital sign of a subject patent thumbnailDevice for obtaining a vital sign of a subject
A device for obtaining a vital sign of a subject despite motion of the subject, in particular for discriminating a vital sign such as a respiratory information signal from noise in a projection based vital signs registration, comprises an interface that receives a set of image frames of a subject. An analysis unit determines the amount of direction changes and/or the time distances between direction changes within a region of interest in a subset of image frames comprising a number of image frames of said set.
 Nasal adapter system for cpap respiration patent thumbnailNasal adapter system for cpap respiration
A nose adapter (2) and system, for use in noninvasive respiratory support, has a proximal end, for coupling to the nose, and a distal end for coupling to a ventilation device. An inspiratory channel (6) and an expiratory channel (7) extend between the proximal and distal end.
 Endotracheal tube elbow connector patent thumbnailEndotracheal tube elbow connector
A connector (100) for a respiratory mask (10) including a first end portion (110) removably connected to the respiratory mask, a second end portion (120)removably connectable to a non-invasive ventilation (niv) tube (40), and an elbow portion (130) disposed between the first and second end portions. The elbow portion includes a port (140) for removably receiving an endotracheal tube (50), the port including a removable seal (450) that maintains non-invasive ventilation during insertion of the endotracheal tube into the respiratory mask through the port.
 Determination of leak and respiratory airflow patent thumbnailDetermination of leak and respiratory airflow
Methods and apparatus for determining leak and respiratory airflow are disclosed. A pressure sensor (34) and a differential pressure sensor (32) have connection with a pneumotach (24) to derive instantaneous mask pressure and airflow respectively.
 Apparatus and method for adapting a piezoelectric respiratory sensing belt to a respiratory inductance plethysmography polysomnograph patent thumbnailApparatus and method for adapting a piezoelectric respiratory sensing belt to a respiratory inductance plethysmography polysomnograph
Circuits for rendering piezo-based respiratory belts compatible with polysomnograph (psg) machines designed for use with respiratory induction belts (rips) comprise an instrumentation amplifier adapted to be connected to a piezoelectric transducer and providing an ac output signal to a low-pass filter. In a first embodiment, the low-pass filter output is applied to an input of a microcontroller's a to d converter and the resulting digitized samples are used to vary the resistance of a digital potentiometer whose wiper terminal is coupled in series with an inductor so as to emulate the presence of a rip belt to the psg machine.
 Method and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a pressure support device patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for monitoring and controlling a pressure support device
A system and method are configured to monitor respiratory stability and/or effectiveness. A ventilation index is determined that provides an indication of respiratory stability and/or effectiveness.
 Breathing mask for ventilating a patient and gas analyzer for respiratory gas measurement patent thumbnailBreathing mask for ventilating a patient and gas analyzer for respiratory gas measurement
A breathing mask for ventilating a patient, the breathing mask includes a housing covering a respiratory passage of the patient, a first cavity surrounded at least partly by the housing conveying both an inspiratory and expiratory gas, a respiratory port delivering the inspiratory gas from the first cavity and the expiratory gas to the first cavity, and a sampling cell in flow communication with the first cavity, which sampling cell is adapted to convey both the inspiratory gas towards the respiratory port and the expiratory gas from the respiratory port, wherein the sampling cell includes at least one component for enabling a signal acquisition of at least one of the inspiratory and expiratory gas compound.. .
System and methods for estimating respiratory airflow
A system and methods for screening patients suspected of obstructive sleep apnea. The system includes a sound detection device configured for detecting tracheal respiratory sound signals of a patient and a sao2 detection device for detecting sao2 signals of the patient.
Aerosol fluoroquinolone formulations for improved pharmacokinetics
The present invention relates to the field of antimicrobial agents. In particular, the present invention relates to the use of aerosolized fluoroquinolones formulated with divalent or trivalent cations and having improved pulmonary availability for the treatment and management of bacterial infections of the lung and upper respiratory tract..
Combined therapeutic agent
The invention relates to a combined therapeutic agent, preferably for use at the prophylactic and/or therapeutic treatment of (a) in particular inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract, in particular bronchopulmonary diseases, or of (b) in particular inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular of the intestine. The combined therapeutic agent comprises at least one vitamin d receptor agonist (vda) and at least one further active substance, provided that the combined therapeutic agent does not contain any constituent and/or active substance from the group consisting of terpenes, monoterpenes, vasoconstrictors, alpha sympathomimetics and/or the physiologically harmless salts or derivatives thereof..
Customizable user interface device for use with respiratory ventilation systems
The present inention provides a cost effective customization of user interface devices for use with respiratory ventilation systems, such as face masks that may be used for cpap therapy. By integrating a user specific customize element (15) into a pre-fabricated user interface device (10), increased confort for a user during use of the interface device (10) is provided.
Warming vapor pad
A warming vapor pad to treat respiratory syncytial virus infections in babies, children and adults includes a fabric impregnated with a topical ointment providing medicated vapors to enhance nasal inhalation, with the fabric being superimposed on an elastic thermal wrap for application as a single integrated unit placed on a sitting or reclining user's chest.. .
Devices and methods for delivering active agents to the osteomeatal complex
Described here are devices, methods, and kits for treating sinusitis and related respiratory conditions by locally delivering active agents to the osteomeatal complex over a sustained period of time. The devices may be passively fixed within the osteomeatal complex and/or include one or more features that actively fix it within the osteomeatal complex.
Vibrating device for treating nasal congestion and sinusitis symptoms and method thereof
A device for treating nasal congestion and/or relieving sinusitis symptoms in a patient comprises: means for generating vibrations, attaching means configured attach said generating means to a location adjacent to the patient's nasal cavity, nasal passageway or sinuses and means for generating a fluid stream and delivering the fluid stream to the respiratory tract of said patient. The vibration generating means further comprises a motor, an eccentric member rotatable by said motor and an impact member mechanically linked to the eccentric member such that the impact member is vibratable by the eccentric member..
Oropharyngeal airway
An oropharyngeal device positionable within an airway of a patient may include a hollow body having a proximal end positionable adjacent the patient's mouth and an opposite distal end positionable adjacent and spaced from the patient's epiglottis. The body includes a center channel extending from the proximal end to the distal end of the body.
System and method for generating an adjusted fluid responsiveness metric
The present invention relates to physiological signal processing, and in particular to methods and systems for processing physiological signals to predict a fluid responsiveness of a patient. A medical monitor for monitoring a patient includes an input receiving a photoplethysmograph (ppg) signal representing light absorption by a patient's tissue.
Systems for patient support, monitoring and treatment
A patient support system, such as a bed, stretcher, wheelchair or the like, has an electronic control system and a user interface. The electronic control system and the user interface control bed functions, such as articulation of the head, seat, and leg sections of the bed deck, and control and/or monitor the operation of medical equipment, such as heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, thermometers, sequential compression therapy devices, chest wall oscillation devices, respiratory therapy devices, blood oxygen monitors, and the like.
5-oxo-ete receptor antagonist compounds
The present invention relates to novel pharmaceutically-useful compounds which are antagonists of the 5-oxo-ete receptors, such as the oxe receptor. These compounds have use as therapeutic and/or prophylactic agents for diseases characterized by tissue eosinophilia, such as inflammatory conditions including respiratory diseases.
Kinase inhibitors
Wherein r2, w, a, y and r1 are as defined in the specification, are p38 mapk inhibitors, and are useful as anti-inflammatory agents in the treatment of, inter alia, diseases of the respiratory tract.. .
Methods for administering corticosteroid formulations
Described here are methods for the treatment of respiratory conditions using nebulized corticosteroids. The methods administer a dose of corticosteroid twice a day or more with nebulization times of 5 minutes or less.
Peptides which inhibit activated receptors and their use in cosmetic or pharmaceutical compositions
The present invention refers to a peptide of general formula (i) r1-wn-xm-aa1-aa2-aa3-aa4-aa5-aa6-yp-zq-r2, cosmetic compositions which comprises said peptide, method of preparation of said peptides and its use in the treatment and/or prevention of itching, inflammation, pain, diseases and/or disorders of the respiratory airways.. .
Acth for treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome
Provided herein are methods of treatment of acute respiratory distress syndrome comprising administration of adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth), or fragment, analog, complex or aggregate thereof, or any combination thereof, to an individual in need thereof. .
Respiratory mask with condensed liquid outlet
A patient interface device (8) includes a patient sealing assembly (12) structured to engage a face of the patient when the patient interface device is donned by a patient. The patient sealing assembly has a bottom region (36), a top region (38) opposite the bottom region, and a side region (40, 42) extending from the bottom region to the top region, wherein one or more orifices (48a, 48b) are provided in the side region, the one or more orifices each extending from an interior of the patient sealing assembly to an exterior of the patient sealing assembly and being structured to allow a liquid that condenses within the patient sealing assembly to drain from the patient sealing assembly..
Device for removal of gas from a respiratory circuit
A respiratory circuit gas removal device (1) has a inhalation branch subsection (2), a exhalation branch subsection (3) and a tube connection subsection (4), with a tube connection opening (5) for a tube adapter (17). The inhalation subsection connects to the tube subsection via a first opening (6), and the exhalation subsection opens into the tube subsection via a second opening (7).
Nasal cannula
A gas delivery conduit adapted for fluidly connecting to a respiratory gases delivery system in a high flow therapy system. In one embodiment, a nasal cannula includes a base portion defining a first therapeutic gas passageway, a nozzle disposed adjacent said base portion and defining a second therapeutic gas passageway, the first therapeutic gas passageway being in gaseous communication with the second therapeutic gas passageway and a conduit configured to facilitate sensing that has an inlet side that is independent of and axially spaced apart from an outlet side of the nozzle.
System and method for determining respiratory parameters from blood flow signals
A system for determining one or more respiratory parameters of an individual may include a blood flow detection device configured to detect a blood flow signal of the individual, a blood flow determination module configured to form a blood flow waveform based on the blood flow signal, and a respiratory parameter analysis module configured to analyze the blood flow waveform and determine the respiratory parameter(s) from an analysis of the blood flow waveform.. .
System and method for scaling a fluid responsiveness metric
The present invention relates to physiological signal processing, and in particular to methods and systems for processing physiological signals to predict a fluid responsiveness of a patient. A medical monitor for monitoring a patient may include an input receiving a photoplethysmograph (ppg) signal representing light absorption by a patient's tissue, and a fluid responsiveness predictor (frp) calculator programmed to calculate an frp metric.
Proteomics based diagnostic detection method for chronic sinusitis
The invention provides for a proteomic approach for identification of specific bacterial protein profiles that may be used in the development of methods for the diagnosis of bacterial chronic sinusitis. The invention provides for methods for determining the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the upper respiratory tract of a subject using protein profiles of the pathogenic bacteria.
Infectious cdna clone of european prrs virus and uses thereof
The present invention belongs to the field of animal health and relates to a nucleic acid sequence which comprises the genome of an infectious genotype i (eu) prrs virus clone useful for studying porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (prrs), a viral disease affecting swine, and in the development of vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics for the prophylaxis, treatment and diagnosis of prrs.. .
Mask with integral cushion and forehead piece
A respiratory mask has an adjustable forehead support member that is simple and inexpensive to manufacture. The forehead support member may be adjusted by rotating a forehead pad about an off-center bore or by bending an angular adjustment beam.
Headgear for a respiratory mask and a method for donning a respiratory mask
Headgear for a respiratory mask includes a strap arrangement comprising front strap portions adapted to be disposed over a patient's cheeks and each having a connector adapted for attachment to an airway interfacing portion, and a cover provided to each front strap portion and structured to at least partially encapsulate the front strap portion. The cover includes side portions adapted to be wrapped around the front strap portion and releasably fastened to one another..
Electrically stimulated mask and/or associated components
A respiratory assistance component is disclosed that changes shape when an electrical charge is provided. The amount of electrical charge that is applied may be based on values, characteristics, or user controlled parameters of the respiratory assistance system.
Airway impedance measurement integrated with respiratory treatment devices
Airway impedance of a subject using a respiratory treatment device can be measured, in accordance with one or more embodiments. A conduit is configured to communicate a flow of inhaled gas and a flow of exhaled gas to and from an airway of the subject using the respiratory treatment device.
Biosignal measurement apparatus and biosignal measurement method
A biosignal measurement apparatus includes: a potential difference measurement unit that measures a potential difference between a plurality of electrodes of an electrode unit placed on a user's chest; an ecg analysis unit that obtains an electrocardiogram (ecg) indicating a temporal variation of a cardiac potential of the user, from the potential difference measured by the potential difference measurement unit; an impedance measurement switching unit that determines a start timing of a first period which is a period not including an r wave, using the ecg obtained by the ecg analysis unit; an impedance measurement unit that measures an impedance between the plurality of electrodes in the first period; and a respiratory calculation unit that calculates respiratory information related to respiration of the user, based on a temporal variation of the impedance measured by the impedance measurement unit.. .
Implantable cardiac device adapted to extract a patient's respiratory waveforms from an intrathoracic or intracardiac impedance, pressure and/or accelerometry input stream
An implantable cardiac device is provided. The implantable cardiac device includes a sensing unit adapted to measure an intrathoracic or intracardiac impedance, pressure, and/or accelerometry input stream, which includes a patient's respiratory waveforms.
Apparatus and method for detecting phrenic nerve stimulation
An apparatus and method for detecting phrenic nerve stimulation (pns) including computing a power spectral density (psd) of spatial data of a sensor; determining two spectral magnitudes from the psd; computing a ratio of the two spectral magnitudes; and comparing the ratio to a threshold to detect pns. In one example, detecting pns includes computing a psd of spatial data of an externally placed sensor; determining a diaphragmatic spectral magnitude and a respiratory motion spectral magnitude from the psd; and computing a ratio of the diaphragmatic spectral magnitude to the respiratory motion spectral magnitude to detect pns.
Compositions and methods of detecting respiratory pathogens using nucleic acid probes and subsets of beads
The present disclosure is instructional for a multiplex nucleic acid amplification assay to detect and identify multiple respiratory pathogens.. .
Pharmaceutical composition
The present invention relates to pharmaceutical compositions for inhalation comprising glycopyrrolate, a beta2-agonist, and optionally an inhaled corticosteroid; to a process for preparing such compositions and to the use of such compositions for the prevention and/or treatment of respiratory, inflammatory or obstructive airway disease.. .
Pump unit and respiratory assistance device
A pump unit includes a micro pump and an assist mechanism. The micro pump includes: a housing having an inflow port and an outflow port; and a pump device built in the housing, the pump device transporting a fluid from the inflow port to the outflow port.
Method and system for patient-synchronized ventilatory assist with endotracheal through-flow
A ventilatory assist system and method are disclosed. The system comprises a tube for connection to a patient's airway, inspiratory and expiratory tube lumens connected to the tube, an inspiratory air source connected to the inspiration tube lumen, and a controller of air pressure in the expiratory tube lumen.
Exchanger assembly for respiratory treatment
An exchanger conduit permits temperature and/or humidity conditioning of a gas for a patient respiratory interface. In an example embodiment, a conduit has a first channel and a second channel where the first channel is configured to conduct an inspiratory gas and the second channel configured to conduct an expiratory gas.
Breathable retrieving device
A retrieving device includes a body with at least one respiratory passageway formed in it through which a dog can breathe when holding the device in its mouth during retrieval. In some embodiments, the body includes two radially-large end sections that are harder for dogs to grasp with their mouths, two radially-midsize lateral sections positioned therebeween each defining lateral respiratory passageways for side-breathing by the dog, and a radially-narrow middle section positioned therebeween defining a forward/transverse respiratory passageway for front-breathing by the dog.
System and method for identity confirmation using physiologic biometrics to determine a physiologic fingerprint
The invention provides a method for verifying a person's identity, which includes obtaining a password and/or random key from a person, and comparing the obtained password and/or random key to a plurality of known passwords and/or random keys to determine a likely identity of the person. The method further includes measuring a specific biometric of the person, the specific biometric comprising a respiratory, cardiac, or other physiologic biometric, and comparing the measured specific biometric to the known specific biometric of the person that is associated with the obtained password and/or random key to verify the likely identity of the person..
Acoustic respiratory monitoring sensor having multiple sensing elements
According to certain described aspects, multiple acoustic sensing elements are employed in a variety of beneficial ways to provide improved physiological monitoring, among other advantages. In various embodiments, sensing elements can be advantageously employed in a single sensor package, in multiple sensor packages, and at a variety of other strategic locations in the monitoring environment.
Apparatus and system for predictive health monitoring
An apparatus and system are provided for monitoring an individual, a group or a community of individuals for respiratory infections. Predictive health data, such as waking peak expiratory flow rate (“wpf”) and basal metabolic temperature (“bmt”) are measured and charted to provide an indication of early stage respiratory infection.
Novel compounds and pharmaceutical compositions thereof for the treatment of inflammatory disorders
Wherein r1a, r1b, r2, r4, r5, r6a, r6b, r7, r8, w, x, cy, and the subscript a are as defined herein. The present invention relates to compounds inhibiting autotaxin (npp2 or enpp2), methods for their production, pharmaceutical compositions comprising the same, and methods of treatment using the same, for the prophylaxis and/or treatment of diseases involving fibrotic diseases, proliferative diseases, inflammatory diseases, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, dermatological disorders, and/or abnormal angiogenesis associated diseases by administering the compound of the invention..
New cyclohexylamine derivatives having beta 2 adrenergic agonist and m3 muscarinic antagonist activities
The present invention relates to novel compounds having β2 adrenergic agonist and m3 muscarinic antagonist dual activity, to pharmaceutical compositions containing them, to the process for their preparation and to their use in respiratory therapies.. .
Novel peptidomimetics and their application
Novel peptidomimetics exhibiting affinity for opioid receptors, possessing general formula show on fig. 1, for gastrointestinal or peripheral administration in the form of a pill, infusion, injection or implant in the treatment of peripheral opioids side effects, particularly constipation or/and respiratory depression..
Identification of protective antigenic determinants of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and uses thereof
The invention relates to a polypeptide of a protective antigenic determinant (pad polypeptide) of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (prrsv) and nucleic acids encoding a pad polypeptide. The pad polypeptide and nucleic acids encoding a pad polypeptide are useful in the development of antibodies directed to pad, vaccines effective in providing protection against prrsv infection, and diagnostic assays detecting the presence of pad antibodies generated by a pad-specific vaccine.
Stethoscopy training system and simulated stethoscope
Provided is a stethoscopy training system which is inexpensive and has a simple configuration, without using a device which measures a respiratory operation of a simulated patient. The stethoscopy training system for this objective is formed from: a simulated stethoscope (1) having a sound acquisition unit further comprising a location display means (1d), a tube, and ear pipes; a location sensing means (2) for sensing the location of the sound acquisition unit; biological sound database (3); a biological sound reproducing means (4); and a timing display means (5) for displaying a timing of a repetition of a reproduced respiratory sound.

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