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Resonance Frequency patents

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Gas spring compensation marine acoustic vibrator

Gas spring compensation marine acoustic vibrator

Gas spring compensation marine acoustic vibrator

Wireless power transmission system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Resonance Frequency-related patents
 Loudspeaker enclosure system with signal processor for enhanced perception of low frequency output patent thumbnailnew patent Loudspeaker enclosure system with signal processor for enhanced perception of low frequency output
A loudspeaker system with a transducer and an enclosure with at least one resonant chamber, including a resonant-chamber resonance frequency, at which a displacement characteristic of a vibratile diaphragm of the transducer has a minimum. The loudspeaker system further includes a multi-mode signal processor with a set of signal processes wherein in one example, a variable gain, frequency selective dynamic filter reduces the gain in a high displacement frequency range upon an output in the frequency range exceeding an overload amplitude threshold.
 Gas spring compensation marine acoustic vibrator patent thumbnailnew patent Gas spring compensation marine acoustic vibrator
Embodiments related to restriction of gas flow in a marine acoustic vibrator to compensate for gas spring effects. An embodiment provides a marine acoustic vibrator, comprising: an outer shell; and a variable gas flow restrictor disposed within the outer shell; wherein the marine acoustic vibrator has a resonance frequency selectable based at least in part on the variable gas flow restrictor..
 Signal transmission device, filter, and inter-substrate communication device patent thumbnailnew patent Signal transmission device, filter, and inter-substrate communication device
A signal transmission device includes substrates and resonance sections resonating at the predetermined resonance frequency. At least one of the substrates is formed with two or more resonators in the second direction, and the remaining one or two or more of the substrates are each formed with one or more resonators in the second direction, and at least one of the resonance sections is configured by a plurality of resonators opposing one another in the first direction between the substrates, the opposing resonators form a coupled resonator resonating as a whole at the predetermined resonance frequency through electromagnetic coupling in a hybrid resonance mode, and in a state that the substrates are separated away from one another to fail to establish electromagnetic coupling thereamong, the resonators forming the coupled resonator resonate at any other resonance frequency different from the predetermined resonance frequency on the substrate basis..
 System and method for controlling the stroke and operation at resonance frequency of a resonant linear motor patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for controlling the stroke and operation at resonance frequency of a resonant linear motor
Linear compressor comprising a resonant linear motor (4) having a stator (9) and a linear displacer (3), the linear motor (4) cooperating with a resonant spring (2) that is driven by the linear displacer (3) at one of the ends of the resonant spring (2) with the opposite end of the resonant spring (2) cooperating with a mechanical actuation element (1). A variation sensor of magnetic flux (5) cooperates with the resonant spring (2).
 Wireless power transmission system patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless power transmission system
A power transmitting antenna includes a first resonant circuit including a power transmitting coil. A power receiving antenna includes a second resonant circuit including a power receiving coil.
 Variable mass load marine vibrator patent thumbnailVariable mass load marine vibrator
Embodiments related to addition of a variable mass load to the shell of a marine vibrator to compensate for air spring effects. An embodiment provides a marine vibrator, comprising: an outer shell; a driver disposed at least partially within the outer shell and coupled thereto; and a mass load coupled to an exterior surface of the outer shell; wherein the marine vibrator has a resonance frequency selectable based at least in part on the mass load..
 Multiple channel nuclear magnetic resonance coil patent thumbnailMultiple channel nuclear magnetic resonance coil
A multi-channel nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) coil operating at a resonance frequency includes a plurality of unit loops disposed upon a cylindrical surface of a coil body and surrounding the coil body as a closed nmr coil; and a plurality of inter-loop capacitors configured to connect adjacent unit loops respectively, wherein each unit loop comprises a signal channel and further comprises a pair of vertical conducting parts parallel to a cylindrical axis of the coil body, each vertical conducting part comprising an inductor and a first capacitor connected in serial; and a pair of horizontal conducting parts perpendicular to the cylindrical axis of the coil body, at least one horizontal conducting part comprising a second capacitor; and the inter-loop capacitor connects two respective horizontal conducting parts of adjacent unit loops disposed on a same side to eliminate coupling between signal channels of adjacent unit loops.. .
 Magnetic resonance apparatus and method for rf excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the cest effect patent thumbnailMagnetic resonance apparatus and method for rf excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the cest effect
In a magnetic resonance apparatus and method for rf excitation with two resonance frequencies to detect the cest effect, the rf excitation is achieved with the use of a first rf antenna and a second rf antenna of the magnetic resonance apparatus with a first portion of the rf excitation at a first resonance frequency of the two resonance frequencies being implemented with the first rf antenna, and a second portion of the rf excitation at a second resonance frequency of the two resonance frequencies is implemented with the second rf antenna.. .
 Non-contact electric power transmission system patent thumbnailNon-contact electric power transmission system
Disclosed is a non-contact electric power transmission system including a power feeding unit provided with a power feeding side coil to which electric power is supplied, a power receiving unit provided with a power receiving side coil electromagnetically coupled with the power feeding side coil, and a capacitor connected in parallel with at least one of the power feeding side coil and the power receiving side coil, a capacity of which is varied such that a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit when the power feeding side coil and the power receiving side coil are critically coupled in a predetermined coil-to-coil distance between the power feeding side coil and the power receiving side coil, and a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit when the power feeding side coil and the power receiving side coil are over-coupled in a distance shorter than the coil-to-coil distance are conformed.. .
 Ultrasonic measuring system having a reduced minimum range and method for detecting an obstacle patent thumbnailUltrasonic measuring system having a reduced minimum range and method for detecting an obstacle
An ultrasonic measuring system is described for detecting an obstacle using a resonant transducer element for transmitting an ultrasonic pulse and for generating a received signal which includes the ultrasonic echo pulse reflected from the obstacle, the transducer element generating a decay signal having its resonance frequency after transmitting an ultrasonic pulse. The ultrasonic measuring system includes an evaluation unit having a control unit which is designed to activate the transducer element for transmitting the ultrasonic pulse with the aid of a frequency-modulated transmitted signal generated by the control unit, the frequency modulation taking place with the aid of a modulation signal in such a way that the to signature of the ultrasonic pulse differs from that of the decay signal.
Method for measuring a fluid density or a fluid viscosity
A method and device for estimating a density value ρm indicative of a true density ρ or for estimating a viscosity value ηm indicative of a true viscosity η of a fluid is disclosed. For this, a first resonance frequency fr of a first mechanical oscillator in a reference volume and a second resonance frequency ff of a second mechanical oscillator in contact with the fluid are measured.
Method for determining and/or monitoring viscosity and corresponding apparatus
A method for determining and/or monitoring the viscosity of a medium, wherein a mechanically oscillatable unit is excited to execute oscillations based on an exciter signal, and wherein oscillations are received from the mechanically oscillatable unit and transduced into a received signal. The eigenfrequency and/or resonance frequency of the mechanically oscillatable unit and/or phase relationship between the exciter signal and the received signal are/is ascertained and/or monitored, and from changes in the eigenfrequency and/or resonance frequency and/or phase relationship, a change in viscosity is deduced and/or, based on dependencies of the oscillations on the viscosity of the medium, from the eigenfrequency and/or resonance frequency and/or phase relationship, viscosity is ascertained.
Power converter
A power converter includes a rectifier section, an inverter section, a capacitance element connected between inverter section input ends, an inductance element forming part of an lc filter with the capacitance element, a voltage detector detecting an inductance element voltage, and a controller controlling the inverter section based on the detected voltage. The lc filter has a resonance frequency set such that ripple current components contained in dc current outputted from the rectifier section passes through, and current components of a frequency equal to a carrier frequency of the inverter section are dampened.
Antenna structure and wireless communication device employing same
An antenna structure includes an antenna and a metal member located between the antenna and an electronic member. The antenna is configured for receiving and sending wireless signals.
Portable terminal apparatus and method for adjusting rfid antenna resonance frequency
Provided is a portable terminal apparatus equipped with an rfid function, which includes a storage unit storing in advance correspondence between an apparatus configuration in which the portable terminal apparatus has a predetermined preset extension function allowed to be added thereto, and a correction value of a resonance frequency of an rfid antenna, a detection unit detecting which extension function is installed on the portable terminal apparatus, and a control unit obtaining a correction value of the resonance frequency of the rfid antenna, corresponding to an apparatus configuration including the extension function, from the storage unit and correcting the resonance frequency of the rfid antenna, based on the correction value.. .
Piezoelectric resonator
A piezoelectric resonator including a base part, a first support part fixed to the base part, a beam part fixed to the first support part, a weight part fixed to the beam part, a drive unit provided on the beam part, and an adjusting magnet movable on a main surface of the base part. Furthermore, the weight part is formed of a magnet or a magnetic body, and the beam part extends in a direction along the main surface of the base part.
Optical sensor arrangement and method for measuring an observable
An optical sensor arrangement for measuring an observable including at least one light source for generating a first light component of a first frequency including a first mode and a second light component of a second frequency including a second mode orthogonal to the first mode, an optical resonator having differing optical lengths for the first and second modes, at least one of the optical lengths being variable depending on the observable and a dependence of the respective optical length being different for the first and second modes, and a detector unit coupled to the optical resonator for coupling out the two light components and being configured for detecting a frequency difference between a resonance frequency of the optical resonator for the first mode and a resonance frequency of the optical resonator for the second mode.. .
System and method to determine sterilization of a device
A system and method for verifying the occurrence of an environmental condition is disclosed. Rather than store information concerning the occurrence and/or success of the sterilization process, the present invention modifies the wireless transmission characteristics of the device.
System for interrogating a remotely interrogatable passive sensor integrated into a metal cavity with reduced system loss and interrogation method
A system comprises a cavity being reflecting for rf waves and comprises at least one acoustic wave sensor exhibiting a resonance frequency band, coupled to a sensor antenna; and an interrogation/reception device for the sensor. The interrogation/reception device comprises: means for transmitting/receiving an rf signal transmitting within an interrogation frequency band comprising the resonance frequency band of the sensor; at least a first transmission/reception antenna and a second transmission antenna/reception, positioned within the cavity; means for dividing the signal into at least a first rf signal and a second rf signal, the first signal being transmitted to the first transmission/reception antenna and the second signal being transmitted to the second transmission/reception antenna; means for creating a phase-shift between the first rf signal and the second rf signal; means for analysing the power level of the received signal.
Pressure measuring device, pressure measuring method and leakage inspecting device
A pressure measuring device includes: a tube fixable to a sample body along its surface; a pressure sensor and a closing plug both fixed inside the tube with a predetermined gap therebetween; a pipe for supplying reference pressure; a space defined between the sensor and the plug; and a pressure detecting hole penetrating the tube and communicating with the space. Since a volume of the space between the sensor and the plug is small, unsteady pressure fluctuations to be measured are prevented from being made unclear, thereby improving measurement accuracy.
Automatic passive control of liquid positioning in microfluidic chips
A device for controlling liquid motion includes a substrate (10) of material having piezoelectric properties, and a system for controlling the motion of a quantity of liquid placed in contact with the substrate. The control system includes at least one interdigitated transducer (t1, t3, t5, t7), applied to the substrate (10) and designed for selectively generating a surface acoustic wave adapted to propagate on the substrate (10) and interact with the quantity of liquid.
Resonant fiber based aerosol particle sensor and method
The present invention relates to methods and devices for determining the weight of small particles, typically being nano-sized particles by use of resonating fibers in the form of elongate members being driven into resonance by an actuator or e.g. Thermal noise/fluctuation.
Handling resonances in a power transmission system
A method, resonance handling device and computer program product are disclosed for handling resonances in a power transmission system. The resonance handling device can include a resonance frequency determining unit configured to obtain measurements (y1, y2, yr) from measurement devices in the power transmission system, apply the measurements in at least one state space model (m1, m2) and determine modal resonance frequencies (ωj) in the system based on the application of the system measurements in the state space model, and an activity determining unit configured to determine the modal activity of at least one of the resonance frequencies..
Vehicle approach warning apparatus
A vehicle approach warning apparatus for abnormality detection in various abnormal modes is provided. In the vehicle approach warning apparatus, a sound generator output from the microcomputer passes an amp and hpf, and an output voltage corresponding to the sound generator output is applied to a speaker to emit vehicle approach sound.
Radio-frequency coil arrays and methods of arranging the same
In accordance with various embodiments, a radio frequency (rf) coil array for use in a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) system includes at least first and second rf coils. Each of the rf coils have a main body loop configured to at least one of transmit or receive rf energy at an operating imaging frequency in connection with acquiring mri image data for an mri system.
Method and magnetic resonance system to determine a resonance frequency deviation
In a first method and magnetic resonance apparatus to determine a resonance frequency deviation given an excitation of a slice of a volume segment within an examination subject, by a slice selection gradient is activated along one direction, an rf excitation pulse is irradiated in order to excite nuclear spins in the slice, a readout gradient is activated along the direction of the slice selection gradient, and mr data are read out while the readout gradient is activated. Image points within an mr image reconstructed using the mr data are identified, that exhibit a signal intensity that is greater than a predetermined threshold, in order to determine one of the image points that has a maximum separation in the direction between this image point and the slice.
Wireless power supply apparatus, wireless power supply system, and wireless power supply method
A wireless power supply apparatus includes a power supplying unit that supplies electric power to a power transmission coil at a resonance frequency at which magnetic field resonance is generated between the power transmission coil and a power reception coil, the power transmission coil sending out electric power as magnetic field energy, using the magnetic field resonance; a detecting unit that detects a phase difference of current flowing in the power transmission coil for voltage applied to the power transmission coil; and a control unit that switches an amount of the electric power supplied by the power supplying unit, based on the phase difference.. .
Surface deformation sensor
A surface deformation sensor that includes a resonance circuit is described herein. The resonance circuit includes a sensing capacitor and inductive coil.
Packaged capacitor component with multiple self-resonance frequencies
A packaged capacitor component such as a surface mount technology capacitor component may be formed with multiple self-resonant frequencies. The capacitor component may include multiple capacitor portions separated by dielectric layers.
Resonator element, resonator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, and moving object
A resonator element includes a base portion and a pair of vibrating arms that are provided integrally with the base portion and extend in a y-axis direction from a distal end of the base portion. When the lengths of the vibrating arms are set to l and the lengths of hammerheads are set to h, a relation of 0.183≦h/l≦0.597 is satisfied.
Atomic oscillator and manufacturing method of the atomic oscillator
An atomic oscillator includes an atomic cell in which an atom is enclosed, a magnetic field generation part to apply a magnetic field to the atomic cell, a reference oscillator which is controlled based on an atomic resonance signal outputted from the atomic cell and generates a reference signal, and a fractional n-pll which receives the reference signal to generate a signal including a resonance frequency of the atom, in which when a maximum digit of the resonance frequency adjustable by the magnetic field generation part is a boundary digit, the fractional n-pll can adjust at least a digit one digit higher than the boundary digit.. .
Millimeter-wave band spectrum analysis device and analysis method
An input signal sx in a first millimeter-wave frequency band higher than 100 ghz is input to a millimeter-wave band filter 20 in which a pair of radio wave half mirrors 30a and 30b so as to opposite to each other and which performs a resonance operation. A signal component sa corresponding to the resonance frequency of the filter is extracted, is mixed with a first local signal l1 with a fixed frequency, and is converted into a signal in a second frequency band.
Device for wireless inductive energy transfer to a receiver
A device for wireless inductive energy transfer to a receiver, in particular an energy storage device of an electrically powered vehicle, includes at least one transformer coil and a compensation capacitor array. During the operation of the device at a resonance frequency, the compensation capacitor array compensates for an inductive voltage drop across the transformer coil.
Power transmitting apparatus, power receiving apparatus, power transmitting method, power receiving method, and program
A power transmitting apparatus for transmitting the power to a power receiving apparatus includes a power transmitting unit configured to wirelessly transmit the power, a receiving unit configured to receive from other power transmitting apparatuses currently transmitting the power the information about the resonance frequencies used for the current power transmission, and a resonance frequency determination unit configured to, based on the resonance frequency information, determine a resonance frequency to be used for power transmission by the power transmitting unit.. .
Negative dielectric constant material based on ion conducting materials
Metamaterials or artificial negative index materials (nims) have generated great attention due to their unique and exotic electromagnetic properties. One exemplary negative dielectric constant material, which is an essential key for creating the nims, was developed by doping ions into a polymer, a protonated poly (benzimidazole) (fbi).
Electronic oscillation circuit
An electronic oscillator circuit has a first oscillator, for supplying a first oscillation signal, a second oscillator, for supplying a second oscillation signal, a first controller for delivering the first control signal as a function of a phase difference between a first controller input and a second controller input of the first controller; a second controller for delivering the second control signal as a function of a phase difference between a first controller input of the second controller and a second controller input of the second controller; a resonator; at least a second resonance frequency, with a first phase shift dependent on the difference between the frequency of a second exciting signal and the second resonance frequency and processing means, for receiving the first oscillator signal and the second oscillator signal, determining their mutual proportion, looking up a frequency compensation factor in a prestored table and outputting a compensated oscillation signal.. .
Composite micro-electro-mechanical-system apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
A mems apparatus comprising composite vibrating unit and the manufacturing method thereof are disclosed. The vibrating unit includes a stiffness element on which a first material is disposed.
Suspension system for in-wheel motor vehicle
Included are an elastic support mechanism (10) and a shock absorber (11) in a suspension (3) interposed between an in-wheel motor device (1) and a vehicle body structure (2). The elastic support mechanism (10) can change a modulus of elasticity and the shock absorber (11) can change a damping force.
Torque measuring system and a method thereof
A torque measuring system is provided in a vehicle transmission including a clutch assembly having a two part, rotatable torque transmitting member, the two pans of the member being angularly movable relative to one another against the compression of at least one damper spring pack, and an actuator with a non rotatable cylinder for controlling the clutch. A device for radiating and receiving wave energy is arranged to irradiate the damper spring pack in order to receive a reflected modulation signal proportional to the current resonance frequency of the damper spring pack, and where the modulation signal is arranged to be converted to a torque value by a signal processing device, which torque value corresponds to the actual torque over the clutch..
Receiving circuit, receiving device, and receiving method
A receiving circuit includes: a mixing section configured to mix a local oscillation signal with a positioning signal that is received by an antenna within a constant receiving frequency band that includes a resonance frequency of the antenna, and output a mixed signal of the local oscillation signal and the positioning signal; and a control section configured to sequentially select any of a plurality of carrier frequency bands used in the positioning signal, and configured to switch the resonance frequency of the antenna to a specific frequency within the selected carrier frequency band, and switch a frequency of the local oscillation signal, based on the specific frequency and a frequency of the mixed signal.. .
Enhanced inductive power and data transmission using hyper resonance
A method of wirelessly transmitting power or data is disclosed. The method may include the step of providing a transmitter including a driver coil and a first transmitter resonator coil.
Multi-frequency ultra wide bandwidth transducer
Piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pmut) arrays and techniques for frequency shaping in pmut arrays are described, for example to achieve both high frequency and low frequency operation in a same device. The ability to operate at both high and low frequencies may be tuned during use of the device to adaptively adjust for optimal resolution at a particular penetration depth of interest.
Magnetic memory element and nonvolatile memory device
A magnetic memory element includes a first stacked unit and a second stacked unit. The first stacked unit includes a first ferromagnetic layer, a second ferromagnetic layer, and a first nonmagnetic layer.
An illustrative embodiment of a damper for use with rotary machinery may include a damper mass connected to an electronics housing via one or more piezo elements. The illustrative embodiment of the damper may include one or more electrical components wherein the electrical components, piezo elements, and/or damper mass may be tuned such that the damper is configured with an electrical resonance frequency corresponding to a mechanical resonance frequency present in a component of the rotary machinery.
Lever mechanisms for anti-phase mode isolation in mems tuning-fork structures
A mems resonator includes two resonating masses having an anti-phase and in-phase resonance mode, each mode having a resonance frequency, and an anti-phase resonance levering system coupled to the two resonating masses to stiffen and/or dampen the in-phase resonance mode while leaving the anti-phase resonance mode compliant. This effectively raises the in-phase resonance frequency above the anti-phase resonance frequency, and potentially creates a large frequency separation between the two resonance modes.
Methods of controlling resonance frequencies in near field communication devices, near field communication devices and electronic systems having the same
A method of controlling a resonance frequency of a near field communication (nfc) device that includes a resonance unit to transceive data through an electromagnetic wave and an nfc chip may comprise: detecting whether an nfc card or reader exists around the nfc device; when the nfc card is detected, setting a resonance frequency of the resonance unit as a first optimal frequency based on a magnitude of a voltage generated from the resonance unit while a carrier wave is radiated to the nfc card through the resonance unit; and/or when the nfc reader is detected, setting the resonance frequency of the resonance unit as a second optimal frequency based on the magnitude of the voltage generated from the resonance unit in response to the wave received from the nfc reader and/or a magnitude of an inner current generated from the nfc chip in response to the wave.. .
Optical receiver and transceiver using the same
An optical receiver is disclosed having a dielectric non-conductive substrate. A ground plane is positioned on the dielectric non-conductive substrate.
Resonator element, resonator, and oscillator
A resonator element includes: at least one resonating arm extending, wherein the resonating arm has a mechanical resonance frequency which is higher than a thermal relaxation frequency thereof, the resonating arm has a groove portion, the groove portion includes a bottom portion, a first side surface that extends along the longitudinal direction of the resonating arm and comes into contact with the opened principal surface and the bottom portion, and a second side surface that faces the first side surface with the bottom portion disposed therebetween and comes into contact with the opened principal surface and the bottom portion, and the groove portion has a non-electrode region which extends from a part of the first side surface close to the bottom portion to a part of the second side surface close to the bottom portion and in which no electrode is provided.. .
Over-load protection of radio receivers
A radio-powered apparatus (100) is protected from overloading in strong electromagnetic fields. The apparatus uses a resonant circuitry (120) to receive antenna signals at resonance frequency of the resonant circuitry and to obtain power from the received antenna signals.
Wireless power transmitter, wireless power repeater and wireless power transmission method
Disclosed is a wireless power transmitter which wirelessly transmits power through a wireless power repeater to a wireless power receiver using resonance. The wireless power transmitter includes a power supply unit for outputting ac power having a predetermined frequency, a transmission coil for receiving the ac power to generate a time-variable magnetic field, and a transmission resonant coil unit for transmitting power received from the transmission coil coupled with the transmission resonant coil, wherein the wireless power transmitter determines a resonance frequency for a power transmission while controlling a frequency of the ac power output from the power supply unit and a resonance frequency of the transmission resonant coil unit..
Rf receiver with sideband symmetry circuit
One aspect of the present invention includes an rf including a first mixer receiving an rf signal. A second mixer also receivers the rf signal.
Vibration member driving circuit
A vibration member driving circuit causes vibrations in a vibration member at least including an electro-mechanical energy conversion element and an elastic body by applying alternating voltage to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element fixed to the elastic body. The vibration member driving circuit includes an inductor and capacitor serially connected to the electro-mechanical energy conversion element.
A capacitive contactless powering system
A capacitive contactless powering system (100) comprises a pair of receiver electrodes (141, 142) connected to a load (150) through a first inductor (160), wherein the first inductor is coupled to the load to resonate the system; a pair of transmitter electrodes (121, 122) connected to a driver (110); an insulating layer (130) having a first side and a second side opposite each other, wherein the pair of transmitter electrodes are coupled to the first side of the insulating layer and the pair of receiver electrodes are decoupled from the second side of the insulating layer, such that a capacitive impedance is formed between the pair of transmitter electrodes and the pair of receiver electrodes, wherein a power signal generated by the driver is wirelessly transferred from the pair of transmitter electrodes to the pair of receiver electrodes to power the load when a frequency of the power signal matches a series-resonance frequency of the first inductor and the capacitive impedance.. .
Marine seismic vibrators and methods of use
Embodiments relate to marine seismic vibrators for use in seismic surveying and associated methods of use. An embodiment provides a marine seismic vibrator comprising: a shell having a spring constant selected to provide a first resonance frequency within an operational frequency range of about 1 hz and about 300 hz; a driver disposed within the shell and having a first end and a second end; and a spring element coupled to the shell between the first end and the second end of the driver, wherein the spring element has a second mode of oscillation that provides a second resonance frequency within the operational frequency range..
Antennas with unique electronic signature
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for manufacturing antennas with a unique signature and for identifying an antenna using its unique signature. An exemplary antenna comprises a radiating element and a ground element, between which a resistor-inductor-capacitor (rlc) circuit is connected.
Multi-band antenna and terminal device
An antenna that includes a first element extending from a connection point, and has a curvature such that a first tip end of the first element extends in a direction toward the connection point. A second element is connected to the connection point, and has a second tip end that extends in a direction away from the connection point, the second tip being disposed within an outer periphery of the first element.
Wireless resonance coupled energy transmission
In a further aspect of the present invention, a wireless power transmission link is suggested, which while substantially maintaining resonant coupling condition (resonance frequency of the source resonant circuit is substantially equal to the resonance frequency of the load resonance circuit) controlling the operating state of the wireless power transmission link such, that the coupling condition of wireless power transmission link is substantially limited to the critical coupling condition.. .
Rfid tag
Provided is an rfid tag, wherein a communication distance of several centimeter or more can be secured and the cost of which can be reduced in comparison to conventional on-chip antennas, even when being compact in size (square shaped with a side of 1.9 to 13 mm). The rfid tag (80) comprises an antenna (20), an ic chip (30) connected to the antenna (20), and a sealing material (10) that seals the ic chip (30) and the antenna (20).
Apparatus and methods for locking resonating frequency of a miniature system
A resonance locking system for a pico-projector, the system comprising a resonance frequency sensor operative for sensing change in resonance frequency of a miniature mechanical device (10) including a moving mirror assembly having a driving frequency, by comparing a current resonance frequency to a reference; and a feedback loop changing at least one aspect of use of the miniature moving mirror assembly responsive to a current value of the resonance frequency measured by the sensor.. .
Touch pen, electronic device for recognizing the touch pen, and method of operating the electronic device
An electronic device includes an electromagnetic inductive type touch pen and a pen touch panel for recognizing the touch pen. The touch pen includes a hollow housing having a certain length, a coil body installed in the housing and including a coil wound a plurality of times and having a certain length, a magnetic body installed to be separated from the coil body with a certain interval and inducing the coil body to generate a certain resonance frequency, and a button unit installed to expose a part thereof to the outside of the housing and to be flowable and inducing a variance in the resonance frequency of the coil body by controlling an electric length of the coil wound around the coil body according to an operation of a user..
Ladder-type elastic wave filter and antenna duplexer using same
In a ladder-type elastic wave filter, a resonance frequency of a second parallel resonator is higher than that of a series resonator and lower than an antiresonance frequency of a series resonator. With this configuration, an attenuation pole is formed by the second parallel resonator at a frequency region lower than an attenuation pole formed by the series resonator in a frequency region higher than the passband of the ladder-type elastic wave filter..
Amplifier and amplifying method
An amplifier includes: an amplifying device configured to amplify an input signal; and a matching circuit coupled to the amplifying device, and including an impedance transformer and a parallel resonance circuit coupled to a wiring which spans from the impedance transformer to the amplifying device, wherein a circuit length of the impedance transformer is longer than one-fourth of wavelength of an electronic wave having a frequency which is substantially equal to a resonance frequency of the parallel resonance circuit.. .
Piezo actuated fluid dispenser fluid characterization
A technique, including a system and a method, for measuring a fluid property using a piezo-actuated fluid dispenser, is disclosed. The technique includes generating a pressure wave in a channel in the piezo-actuated fluid dispenser using a piezo element, detecting, using the piezo element, a residual pressure oscillation in the channel caused by the generating, obtaining a resonance frequency of the pressure oscillation, and determining, using the resonance frequency, the fluid property..
Rfog with optical heterodyning for optical signal discrimination
In one embodiment a system including a resonator fiber-optic gyroscope configured to measure rotation rate is provided. The resonator fiber-optic gyroscope includes a sensing resonator have a first resonance frequency for a first laser beam propagation direction and a second resonance frequency for a second laser beam propagation direction, an optical mixer coupled to an output of the sensing resonator and configured to mix an output of the sensing resonator with a reference laser, wherein the optical mixer outputs a beat signal, and a resonance tracking electronics coupled to the optical mixer.
Method and apparatus providing wave division multiplexing optical communication system with active carrier hopping
A wave division multiplexing (wdm) system is disclosed which accommodates shifts in the resonant frequency of optical modulators by using at least two carriers per optical communications channel and at least two resonant modulator circuits respectively associated with the carriers within each optical modulator. A first resonant modulator circuit resonates with a first carrier and a second resonates with a second carrier when there is a shift in resonance frequency of the at least two resonant optical modulator circuits.
Transformer sub-circuit
A transformer sub-circuit for use in an electrically operated vehicle includes a bridge circuit which has at least four mosfets and capacitors connected in parallel with the mosfets, and an inductor connected to the bridge circuit for use as a primary side of a transformer. A control device or controller for the inverter is configured to cause switching of the mosfets in such a way that operation is performed at a frequency that is higher than the resonance frequency..

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