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Resonance Frequency patents


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 Implant telemetry with dynamic tuning patent thumbnailImplant telemetry with dynamic tuning
Systems and methods for maximizing the resonance frequency match between a reader and a controlled device interacting over a narrowband inductive link involve, in various embodiments, features of the controlled device, the reader, or both.. .

 One-port surface elastic wave resonator on high permittivity substrate patent thumbnailOne-port surface elastic wave resonator on high permittivity substrate
A surface elastic wave resonator comprises a piezoelectric material to propagate the surface elastic waves and a transducer inserted between a pair of reflectors comprising combs of interdigitated electrodes and having a number nc of electrodes connected to a hot spot and an acoustic aperture w wherein the relative permittivity of the piezoelectric material is greater than about 15, a product of nc·w/fa for the transducer being greater than 100 μm·mhz−1, where fa is the antiresonance frequency of the resonator. A circuit comprises a load impedance and a resonator according to the invention and having an electrical response manifesting as a peak in the coefficient of reflection s11 at a frequency of a minimum value of the parameter s11 that is lower than −10 db, the antiresonance peak of the resonator being matched to the impedance of the load..

 Method for designing multiple tuned filter in high voltage direct current system patent thumbnailMethod for designing multiple tuned filter in high voltage direct current system
A method for designing a multiple tuned filter (mtf) in a high voltage direct current (hvdc) system includes setting an input parameter constituting the mtf; setting a resonance frequency of the mtf; extracting at least one lc combination case constituting the mtf on the basis of the input parameter and the resonance frequency; performing optimization for harmonic reduction on the lc combination case; and extracting an lc combination case determined based on a result obtained by performing the optimization.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Sensor for measuring an external magnetic field patent thumbnailSensor for measuring an external magnetic field
In general, techniques of this disclosure are directed to a sensor for measuring an external magnetic field. The sensor an optical cavity, a laser medium which together with the optical cavity has a laser threshold, a laser pump, and a radio-frequency (rf) drive applied to the laser medium, such that the laser threshold varies with a change in the external magnetic field.
Rmit University

 Oil content measurement device patent thumbnailOil content measurement device
An oil content measurement device includes a fluid device which mixes water to be treated containing oil content with a solvent and extracts the oil content into the solvent, a sensor unit which has a casing storing a quartz crystal oscillator therein with a ring-like spacer in between, a dispensing nozzle which is disposed above the oscillator at a predetermined gap there between and feeds a predetermined amount of the solvent after the oil content has been extracted on the oscillator, a sensor circuit which measures a resonance frequency of the oscillator, and controller which controls at least the fluid device and the sensor circuit. Provided is a arithmetic logical unit, based on a change amount of the received resonance frequency of the oscillator in the sensor unit to which the solvent after the oil content has been extracted has been fed, measures the oil content remaining on the oscillator..
Hitachi, Ltd.

 Reducing resonance peaks and drive tones from a micro-electro-mechanical system gyroscope response patent thumbnailReducing resonance peaks and drive tones from a micro-electro-mechanical system gyroscope response
Reducing noise from drive tone and sense resonance peaks of a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) gyroscope output using a notch filter is presented herein. The mems gyroscope can include a drive oscillation component configured to vibrate a sensor mass at a drive resonance frequency; a sense circuit configured to detect a deflection of the sensor mass, and generate, based on the deflection and the drive resonance frequency, a demodulated output; and a signal processing component configured to receive a set of frequencies comprising a first value representing the drive resonance frequency and a second value corresponding to a sense resonance frequency associated with the sense circuit, and apply, based on the first value and the second value, a notch filter to the demodulated output to obtain a filtered output..
Invensense, Inc.

 Method for detection of blood pressure using pressure sensing guide wire patent thumbnailMethod for detection of blood pressure using pressure sensing guide wire
A guide wire has a distal end incorporating a coil and a capacitive element that form a resonance circuit with a resonance frequency that is responsive to the pressure of blood external to the guide wire. The resonance frequency can be detected wirelessly, or through two contacts at the proximal wire end, or through one brush contact located inside an insertion sheath and a ground electrode.
Guided Interventions, Incorporated

 Power reception apparatus and wireless power transmission method patent thumbnailPower reception apparatus and wireless power transmission method
A power reception apparatus includes a power reception coil, a relative distance detection section, a power transmission efficiency detection section, a database, a power transmission frequency setting section, and a power transmission request section. The power transmission frequency setting section is configured to read from the database a resonance frequency corresponding to a combination of a relative distance and an initial transmission efficiency and to set the read resonance frequency as a power transmitting frequency.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Microchannel resonator and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailMicrochannel resonator and manufacturing same
Provided is a method for manufacturing a microchannel resonator capable of measuring a mass and characteristics of an object using a principle in which a resonance frequency is changed according to a mass of a moving material, the method including: providing a silicon substrate; forming a cavity channel inside the silicon substrate; forming a hollow silicon oxide structure on the inner wall surface of the cavity channel by oxidizing the inner wall surface of the cavity channel; and partially removing the periphery of the hollow silicon oxide structure such that the hollow silicon oxide structure can resonate with respect to the silicon substrate.. .
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Sogang University

 Moldable heater with miniature resonant frequency vibration generator for ophthalmic eyelid therapy patent thumbnailMoldable heater with miniature resonant frequency vibration generator for ophthalmic eyelid therapy
A combined eyelid warming device, resonance frequency generator, coupling device, and tissue response sensor are disclosed in the field of use in dry eye treatment. These combined devices are used to ensure that the entire eyelid surface and periorbital structures receive defined therapeutic warmth and appropriately tuned harmonic resonance frequency for a required period of time to stimulate flow from the meibomian glands.
Eyedetec Medical, Inc.

Piezoelectric drive device and robot

A piezoelectric drive device includes a plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions that drive a driven member. A difference between the maximum resonance frequency and the minimum resonance frequency in each resonance frequency of the plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions falls within a range of 0.001% to 5% of an average resonance frequency of the plurality of piezoelectric vibrating portions..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Power amplification circuit and transmitter

Embodiments for a power amplifier that can increase a low-frequency resonance frequency are provided. The power amplifier includes a power amplifying transistor die, a first metal oxide semiconductor capacitor, a direct current decoupling capacitor, and an output matching network, where: a drain of the power amplifying transistor die is connected to a first end of the first metal oxide semiconductor capacitor by using a bonding wire, and a second end of the first metal oxide semiconductor capacitor is grounded; the drain of the power amplifying transistor die is directly connected to the output matching network by using a bonding wire; a source of the power amplifying transistor die is grounded; the first end of the first metal oxide semiconductor capacitor is connected to one end of the direct current decoupling capacitor by using a bonding wire; and the other end of the direct current decoupling capacitor is grounded..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Dc-ac power converting circuit

A direct current (dc)-alternating current (ac) power convertor is disclosed. The dc-ac power converting circuit may include an inverter configured to convert the dc power into first output power, a piezoelectric transforming unit including piezoelectric transformers connected in parallel to an output terminal of the inverter, and each piezoelectric transformer of the piezoelectric transformers configured to transform the first output power to second output power, and an output configured to add the second output power output from the each of the piezoelectric transformer and to output ac power, wherein each piezoelectric transformer has a resonance frequency..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Servo control apparatus having function of displaying adjustment state in online automatic adjustment to control system

A servo control apparatus according to the present invention includes a speed command generator; a torque command generator; a speed detector; a speed control loop; a speed control loop gain setting unit; at least one filter for filtering a specific band of a torque command value; a sinusoidal disturbance input unit for performing a sinusoidal sweep on the speed control loop; a frequency characteristics calculator for estimating the gain and phase of speed control loop input and output signals; a resonance frequency detector; a filter adjuster for adjusting the filter in accordance with a resonance frequency; a gain adjuster; a sequence controller for online and automatically performing the detection of the resonance frequency, the adjustment of the speed control loop gain, and the adjustment of the filter; and an adjustment state display unit. The adjustment state display unit displays a stage and progress in the adjustment by the sequence controller..
Fanuc Corporation

Optically detected magnetic resonance imaging with an electromagnetic field resonator

Measuring a sample includes providing a magnetic field at the sample using an electromagnetic field resonator. The electromagnetic field resonator includes two or more resonant structures at least partially contained within dielectric material of a substrate, at least a first resonant structure configured to provide the magnetic field at the sample positioned in proximity to the first resonant structure.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Method and a system for protecting a resonant linear compressor

A method for protecting a resonant linear compressor (14) including structural resonance frequencies (we) and a motor that is fed by feed voltage (va) that has amplitude (a) and a drive frequency (wa), both controlled according to the equation a.sin(wt). The protection method is configured so as to include the step of preventing feed to the motor at drive frequencies (wa) that have at least one harmonic coinciding tithe the structural resonance frequency (we) of the resonant linear compressor (14).
Whirlpool S.a.

Bioresonance frequency emitting device, system, and method

A phototherapy or brt process and apparatus is provided, which, using a pre-recorded bioresonance frequency or compilation of frequencies, causes an emr emitter to emit within a biological window of a target organism to positively or negatively affect the organism. The emr may be generated in one or more leds by a device connected to a controller of the emr emitter which device provides the pre-recorded bioresonance frequency or compilation of frequencies to control the leds' emitted light in terms of its intensity and/or a frequency or flicker-rate..
Wave Force Electronics Inc.

Resonant type transmission power supply device and resonant type transmission power supply system

A resonant type transmission power supply device includes a pulse input circuit that inputs a pulse voltage to a transmission antenna at set intervals, a variable resonance frequency circuit that causes the resonance frequency of the transmission antenna to be variable and performs sweep detection of the resonance frequency when a pulse voltage is inputted, a frequency characteristic detecting circuit that detects a frequency characteristic of the transmission antenna when the sweep detection is performed, a foreign object detecting circuit that detects the presence or absence of a foreign object in an electromagnetic field generated from the transmission antenna on the basis of a detection result acquired by the frequency characteristic detecting circuit, and a power control circuit that reduces or stops the supply of electric power to the transmission antenna when a foreign object is detected.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Engineering Company, Limited

Electric power steering control device

Filters output a vibration-suppression gain for suppressing resonance of a sub frame or shimmy by performing a filter processing on a rotational angle of a motor. The filters have respective frequency characteristics that a gain becomes a maximum magnitude and a phase advances by 90° at a cut-off angle frequency.
Mazda Motor Corporation

Induction hob and operating an induction hob

The invention relates to an induction hob comprising at least two induction heaters (2, 3), each induction heater (2, 3) associated with at least one induction coil (4, 5), wherein a first induction heater (2) is associated with a first type of electronic driving means (6) comprising a first induction coil (4) and being adapted for driving an ac current through said first induction coil (4) of the first induction heater (2), wherein the second induction heater (3) is associated with a second type of electronic driving means (7) comprising a second induction coil (5) and being adapted for driving an ac current through said second induction coil (5) of the second induction heater (3) and wherein the electronic driving means (6, 7) are adapted to control the output power of the induction heaters (2, 3) by varying the frequency of the ac current through the respective induction coil (4, 5). Each electronic driving means (6, 7) is adapted to cause a constant electric power flow through the induction coil (4, 5) and the electronic driving means of the first and second type have different resonance frequencies such that the resonance frequency of the first type of electronic driving means (6) is at least 1.4 times higher than the resonance frequency of the second type of electronic driving means (7)..
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Magnetic memory element and memory device

According to one embodiment, a magnetic memory element includes a stacked structure. The stacked structure includes a first and a second stacked member.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Single stylus for use with multiple inking technologies

Particular embodiments described herein provide for a stylus that includes a body, a plurality of conductive traces, a resonance circuit, and a tip, wherein the tip can be used to interact with both an electromagnetic resonance touchscreen and a capacitive touchscreen. The conductive traces can be spaced such that the conductive traces do not substantially block a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit..
Intel Corporation

System for positioning an object in lithography

A lithographic apparatus includes: an object that is moveable in at least one direction; a control system to move the object in the at least one direction, wherein the control system is arranged to control movement of the object in the at least one direction in a frequency range of interest; and a conduit provided with a fluid, wherein the conduit is arranged on or in the object in a pattern, and wherein the pattern is such that an acceleration of the object in the at least one direction causes an acceleration pressure profile in the fluid along the conduit, the acceleration pressure profile not matching with a resonance pressure profile that corresponds to a standing wave mode in the fluid with a resonance frequency in the frequency range of interest.. .
Asml Netherlands B.v.


A piezoelectric blower (100) includes a housing (17), a vibrating plate (41), and a piezoelectric element (42). The vibrating plate (41) forms a column-shaped blower chamber (31) together with the housing (17).
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Controlled large signal capacitor and inductor

An electrical resonance network comprising a first capacitor and a first inductor whose resonance frequency can be tuned by means of a second capacitor and/or a second inductor. The resulting effective capacitor- or inductor value of a network period is controlled by a variable coupling respectively decoupling interval by means of at least one coupling switch.

Injection molded noise abatement assembly and deployment system

Acoustic resonators are formed by injection molding or other process that allows the shape, size, orientation, and arrangement of each resonator to be customized. Customizing the features of the resonators allows their resonance frequency to be adjusted based on their intended deployment.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Vehicle door handle driving device and vehicle communication apparatus

A vehicle door handle driving device connected to an antenna and a dc driving detection member capable of detecting approach or touch of a person, which are connected in parallel, through first and second connection wires, wherein the first connection wire is constantly connected to a first positive dc power supply, and the second connection wire is connected to a ground for a period during which the antenna is not driven, the vehicle door handle driving device includes: a booster capacitor whose one terminal is connected to the first dc power supply; and an inverter connected to the other terminal of the booster capacitor, connected to a second positive dc power supply and the ground, generating an ac voltage having a resonance frequency of the antenna, and outputting the generated ac voltage to the first and second connection wires.. .
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha

Memory device

According to one embodiment, a memory device includes a stacked structure and a controller. The stacked structure includes a first magnetic layer, a second magnetic layer stacked with the first magnetic layer, and a first nonmagnetic layer provided between the first magnetic layer and the second magnetic layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Ir photodetector using metamaterial-based on an antireflection coating to match the impedance between air and sp resonator

Provided are an infrared photodetector and a method for manufacturing the same. The infrared photodetector includes a bottom contact layer, a light absorption layer stacked on the bottom contact layer, a top contact layer stacked on the light absorption layer, a metal layer stacked on the top contact layer to induce surface plasmon resonance and having a plurality of holes, and a dielectric layer stacked on the metal layer to satisfy an antireflection condition with respect to externally impinging light at a surface plasmon resonance frequency.
Korea Research Institute Of Standards And Science

Forging method and forging apparatus

A forging method is set in a shaping hole of a die body, and the forging material is pressed with a punch to perform plastic shaping of the forging material. Ultrasonic vibration having a vibration frequency is applied to the die body with a vibration applying apparatus during the plastic shaping of the forging material.
Showa Denko K.k.

Wireless strain sensing device

A wireless strain sensing device uses a plurality of wireless sensors to obtain individual local strain data on the spot (area) where the wireless sensor is disposed on a stress member using a specific frequency response that is scanned externally. The resonance frequency shifts accordance with the locally applied strain on the specific point of the stress member.
Innovative In Vivo Sensing, Llc

Method and controlling mismatch in a voltage controlled oscillator array

A method and system are provided for reducing mismatch between oscillators in an lc vco array. In an implementation, a method comprises measuring the mismatch between the driver strengths, by measuring the corresponding oscillation amplitudes, and a mismatch between the resonance frequency of each lc vco in the array of vcos, and adjusting each lc vco to reduce the measured amplitude and frequency mismatches.
Microsemi Storage Solutions (u.s.), Inc.

Tunable antenna

A tunable antenna includes an antenna element having a feed point at one end thereof, a feed line being connected to the feed point, and a switcher that switches the resonance frequency of the antenna element. The switcher is connected to the antenna element at a position that is at a distance other than (λm/4)×n from the one end towards another end of the antenna element, where λm represents the wavelength corresponding to any resonance frequency of the antenna element, and n is a positive, odd number..
Kyocera Corporation


A piezoelectric blower includes a valve, a housing, a vibrating plate, and a piezoelectric element. The vibrating plate forms, together with the housing, a column-shaped blower chamber such that the blower chamber is interposed therebetween in a thickness direction of the vibrating plate.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Device for detecting low-pressure state of tire

Provided is a device for detecting a low-pressure state of a predetermined tire, comprising an index value calculation unit, a resonance frequency calculation unit and a low-pressure detection unit. The index value calculation unit calculates a low-pressure index value from wheel speed information of front and rear tires, the low-pressure index value being obtained by comparing rotation speeds of the front and rear tires.
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

System and powering on-road electric vehicles via wireless power transfer

A system for wireless power transfer of on-road vehicles is provided herein. The system includes a plurality of base stations; a power transmission line located beneath a surface of a road having a plurality of segments, each segment having at least one pair of coils and at least one capacitor electrically connected via a switch to the coils in the segment; and at least one vehicle having at least one power receiving segment having at least two coils, connected to at least one capacitor, wherein the at least one vehicle further includes a communication transmitter configured to transmit a power requesting signal, wherein the coils of the power transmitting segment are configured to receive the power requesting signal; and wherein each of the base stations is further configured to feed a plurality of the power transmitting segments with current at a resonance frequency, responsive to the power requesting signal..
Electric Road Ltd.

Antenna and mobile terminal

An antenna-includes a first radiator and a first capacitor structure. A first end of the first radiator is electrically connected to a signal feed end of a printed circuit board by means of the first capacitor structure, and a second end of the first radiator is electrically connected to a ground end of the printed circuit board.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.

Tunable microwave resonator for static dynamic nuclear polarization (dnp)

A tunable millimeter-wave (mmw) dnp probe head is disclosed that is compatible with efficient h/x/y/e− dnp in samples that may have volume large compared to λ03, where λ0 is the free-space wavelength at the frequency fe of the electron paramagnetic resonance (epr) when placed in an external polarizing field b0, where b0 is typically in the range of 6.5 t to 35 t, corresponding to fe in the range of 180-1000 ghz, and corresponding to proton resonance frequency fh in the range of 280 mhz to 1500 mhz. The probe head comprises a tune cavity of adjustable volume, a sample cavity that is large compared to the sample wavelength, a tapered conical feed transition filled with a high dielectric material at the small end, and a selectively reflective wall that is substantially reflective of electromagnetic radiation at fe but substantially transparent to electromagnetic radiation at fh..
Doty Scientific, Inc.

Microwave measurement of water fraction

Apparatus and methods are provided for finding indications of at least one of a water fraction, a hydrocarbon fraction, water conductivity, and water salinity of a fluid. The fluid is within a flow line that extends through a resonator.
Schlumberger Technology Corporaton

Hemispherical resonator gyro

A hemispherical resonator gyro includes: a vibration mode shape extractor to extract, based on sine and cosine wave signals corresponding to an actuator drive frequency and radial displacement of a hemispherical resonator, a vibration mode shape excited in the hemispherical resonator; a drive frequency corrector to cause, based on a resonance phase characteristic of the hemispherical resonator, the actuator drive frequency to match resonance frequency of the hemispherical resonator; a nodal quadrature vibration controller to generate, based on a vibration amplitude of a nodal quadrature vibration and azimuth orientation of wave antinode of a resonance mode, an actuator dc drive signal to suppress the nodal quadrature vibration; and a resonance controller to generate an actuator ac drive signal to control the vibration amplitude to be a constant value, and detect a rotational angle in an angle measurement axis direction from the azimuth orientation of wave antinode of the resonance mode.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Piezoelectric actuators optimized for synthetic jet actuators

A synthetic jet actuator and a method for optimizing a synthetic jet actuator to meet operating requirements and physical constraints may include estimating dimension and a resonance frequency of an air cavity of the synthetic jet actuator, and using the estimated resonance frequency to the estimate dimensions of a piezoelectric actuator of the synthetic jet actuator. Individual simulations of the air cavity and piezoelectric actuator, and a coupled simulation may be performed using the estimated dimensions, and the dimensions may be revised and simulations re-executed to match the resonance frequencies of the air chamber and the piezoelectric actuator.
The Boeing Company

Mobile member of a turbomachine which comprises means for changing the resonance frequency of same

A rotor of an aircraft turbomachine having a main axis a, which includes modifying the critical speed of the rotor, depending on whether the rotational speed of the rotor is lower or higher than a predefined rotational speed, including a component that is capable of occupying a first state or a second state depending on whether the rotational speed of the rotor is lower or higher than the predefined rotational speed, each state of the component corresponding to a critical speed of the rotor, and driving the component to one or the other of the two states thereof, depending on the rotational speed of the rotor, wherein modifying the critical speed of the rotor further includes a component that engages with the drive means and is capable of being deformed elastically between one or the other of two stable forms, each of which corresponds to a state of the component.. .

Power supply converter

A power supply converter includes a power input circuit, which generates and outputs a first alternating current voltage; a transformer, which converts the first alternating current voltage into a second alternating current voltage; a power output circuit, which converts the second alternating current voltage into an output voltage, and outputs the output voltage; a resonant circuit and a correction circuit, which senses the first alternating current voltage to obtain a detection signal, and detects a value of a ringing signal in the detection signal, and sends a control signal to the power input circuit according to the value of the ringing signal, to adjust the frequency of the first alternating current voltage to be equal to the resonance frequency of the resonant circuit or be around the resonance frequency, so as to adjust the value of the ringing signal to reach a minimum value.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Non-contact communication device and antenna resonance frequency control method

An antenna drive unit has: an oscillator capable of controlling an oscillating frequency; an output part for supplying high frequency signal obtained by the oscillator to an antenna resonance circuit; a controller for controlling the oscillating frequency of the oscillator and the antenna resonance frequency of the antenna resonance circuit; and a phase detector for detecting a phase of output current or output impedance of the output part, wherein the oscillating frequency of the oscillator is controlled by the controller according to an operation mode, and also, the resonance frequency of the antenna resonance circuit is controlled by the controller based on the phase of output current or output impedance of the output part detected by the phase detector.. .
Dexerials Corporation

Piezoelectric device and circuitry

The present disclosure provides a device having a circuit. The circuit includes at least one boost converter receiving power from an energy source, a square wave driver in series with the boost converter, an inductor in series with the square wave driver for converting a square wave to a sinusoidal wave, and a piezoelectric transducer in series with the inductor, the piezoelectric transducer connectable to a load.
Inter-med, Inc.

Actuator and electric beauty appliance

An actuator includes a movable body including a cylindrical magnet portion, an immovable body including pole tooth faces and a coil, and a torsion coil spring supporting a movable body to the immovable body. The coil receives an alternating current of a frequency substantially equal to a resonance frequency of the movable body and excites the pole tooth faces to have alternately different polarities in the circumferential direction.
Mitsumi Electric Co., Ltd.

Method for determining the cell aggressiveness grade of cancer cells or of cancer stem cells

Method for determining, in vitro, the cell aggressiveness grade of cancer cells or for detecting cancer stem cells in a cell sample originating from a solid tissue suspected of being cancerous, includes: a) dissociating the cell cluster constituting the sample into a suspension of whole and viable isolated cells, b) macroscopically sorting the cells to obtain homogeneous subpopulations, c) calibrating at least one microwave electromagnetic sensor resonating at its own resonance frequency, d) presenting the dissociated and sorted cells to the calibrated sensor, e) interrogating the sensor and determining its new resonance frequency having received the cells, f) calculating the variation in overall dielectric permittivity of the cells according to the variation in working frequency, which constitutes the electromagnetic signature of the cells. The macroscopic sorting is without prior labelling and is based on the intrinsic properties of the cells.

Turbomachine blade

A turbomachine airfoil element has an airfoil. The airfoil has an inboard end, an outboard end, a leading edge, a trailing edge, a pressure side, and a suction side.
United Technologies Corporation

A transmitter for transmitting a high-rate data transmission through direct excitation

One aspect is a circuit for tuning a resonance frequency of an electrically small antenna and directly exciting the electrically small antenna. The circuit includes a first source configured for providing a constant voltage.
Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties, Inc.

Variable thickness diaphragm for a wideband robust piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pmut)

A diaphragm for a piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducer (pmut) is presented having resonance frequency and bandwidth characteristics which are decoupled from one another into independent variables. Portions of at least the piezoelectric material layer and backside electrode layer are removed in a selected pattern to form structures, such as ribs, in the diaphragm which retains stiffness while reducing overall mass.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Speaker impedance monitoring

A speaker impedance may be determined by monitoring a voltage and/or current of the speaker. The calculated impedance may be used to determine whether the mobile device containing the speaker is on- or off-ear.
Cirrus Logic, Inc.

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