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Resonance Frequency patents


This page is updated frequently with new Resonance Frequency-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Resonance Frequency-related patents
 Method for damping resonant component of common-mode current of multi-phase power converter patent thumbnailMethod for damping resonant component of common-mode current of multi-phase power converter
The present disclosure describes a method and arrangement for damping a resonant component of a common-mode current of a multi-phase power converter comprising an output filter with a virtual ground connection to the power converter. In the method and arrangement, the common-mode current is determined, a feedback signal is formed on the basis of the common-mode current, and the feedback signal is injected into a common mode current reference in order to dampen the resonance frequency component.

 Inductive rotary joint with multimode inverter patent thumbnailInductive rotary joint with multimode inverter
An inductive power transfer circuit or inductive rotary joint has an inductive rotating coupler with a primary side and a primary winding rotatably arranged against a secondary side and a secondary winding. The secondary side is connected via a rectifier to a load.

 Acoustic measurement of wellbore conditions patent thumbnailAcoustic measurement of wellbore conditions
A method of measuring fluid flow conditions in a wellbore includes generating an acoustic probe signal during fluid flow along the wellbore, measuring the performance attribute of the acoustic probe signal within a target frequency range, and of the fluid medium in at least a part of the wellbore based on the measured performance parameters. The target frequency range of the acoustic probe signal encompasses a bubble resonance frequency range for vapor bubbles in the wellbore, for example having frequencies in excess of 20 khz.

 Determining resonance frequency and quality factor patent thumbnailDetermining resonance frequency and quality factor
Methods and apparatus for obtaining data from a density-viscosity (dv) sensor of a downhole tool, wherein the dv sensor comprises a resonating element disposed in a fluid flowing in a flowline of the downhole tool, and determining a resonance frequency and quality factor of the resonating element utilizing a nonlinear regression and/or a plurality of resonance modes exhibited by the obtained data.. .

 Acoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and method thereof patent thumbnailAcoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and method thereof
The present invention provides an acoustic wave intraocular pressure detecting device and a method thereof, which uses a driver to generate a vibration wave on the skin or bones. The energy of the vibration wave is transmitted to the orbital bones via the skin and the skeletons.

 Noise cancellation resonator patent thumbnailNoise cancellation resonator
In order to provide a noise cancellation resonator that is highly effective in reducing noise, a noise cancellation resonator of the present invention is characterized by including: a noise cancellation resonator coil with an inductance component of ln; and a noise cancellation resonator capacitor with a capacitance component of cn, wherein the noise cancellation resonator has a resonance frequency that is calculated by adding a shift frequency that is determined based on a degree of coupling between a main resonator coil and the noise cancellation resonator coil, to a predetermined frequency of an electromagnetic field generated by a main resonator that is a source of noise and includes the main resonator coil.. .
Equos Research Co., Ltd.

 Electronic device patent thumbnailElectronic device
An electronic device that has a circuit network therein and conducts at least one of power reception and communication with an external device through a wire harness includes a detection circuit and a resonance frequency shift circuit. The detection circuit detects a voltage variation caused by a noise that has a frequency component near a resonance frequency and superimposes on at least one of the wire harness and the circuit network.
Denso Corporation

 Servo control device having automatic filter adjustment function based on experimental modal analysis patent thumbnailServo control device having automatic filter adjustment function based on experimental modal analysis
A servo control device includes: a speed control loop including a speed command generating unit, a torque command generating unit, and a speed detecting unit; a sine wave disturbance input unit; a frequency response calculating unit estimating a gain and phase of speed control loop input/output signals; a resonance frequency detecting unit; a resonance mode characteristic estimating unit estimating resonance characteristics from the frequency response at a resonance frequency and frequencies therearound; a rigid-body mode characteristic estimating unit estimating rigid-body characteristics from the frequency response in a low-frequency band; a filter attenuating a component in a particular frequency band in a torque command; and a filter adjusting unit making setting so that the filter has specified characteristics. The filter adjusting unit further includes a filter adjusting part attenuating a component in a frequency band corresponding to a resonance mode estimated by the resonance mode characteristic estimating unit..
Fanuc Corporation

 Geophone with tunable resonance frequency patent thumbnailGeophone with tunable resonance frequency
An illustrative geophone with tunable resonance frequency includes a first inductive assembly including an inductive coil having a first magnet arranged therein, wherein the first magnet and the first inductive coil move relative to each other, and a second inductive assembly including a second inductive coil having a second magnet arranged therein, wherein the second magnet and the second inductive coil move relative to each other. A coupling element couples a movable element of the first inductive assembly with a moveable element of the second inductive assembly.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Laminate design-based radio frequency coil unit for mri patent thumbnailLaminate design-based radio frequency coil unit for mri
A radio frequency coil unit (10) for use in a magnetic resonance imaging system, the radio frequency coil unit (10) comprising: at least one electrically insulating substrate (18); at least one radio frequency coil member (12) disposed at a first side (22) of the electrically insulating substrate (18); a first capacitor member (26) disposed at the first side (22) of the electrically insulating substrate (18) and galvanically connected to the at least one radio frequency coil member (12); a second capacitor member (28) disposed at a second side (24) of the electrically insulating substrate (18) which is opposite of the first side (22); wherein the first capacitor member (26) and the second capacitor member (28) at least partially overlap in a direction (20) perpendicular to a sur face of the electrically insulating substrate (18); and wherein the at least one radio frequency coil member (12), the first capacitor member (26) and the second capacitor member (28) are part of a radio frequency resonance circuit having a resonance frequency that coincides with the larmor frequency, which is determined by a magnetic field strength of the magnetic resonance imaging system and the species of nuclei under investigation. The capacitor structure at the second side of the substrate has an integrated resonant loop structure of which the resoance properties are indicative of the capacitor values formed by the overlapping capacitor members..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Phase-locked loop with an adjustable output divider

An apparatus relates generally to providing a divided signal output. In such an apparatus, a controller is coupled to receive a reference frequency count and a feedback frequency count to determine a difference therebetween to provide a control setting.
Xilinx, Inc.


Bulk acoustic wave resonator and filter

A bulk acoustic wave resonator and a filter in which partial thicknesses of protection layers or reflection layers thereof are differently formed are provided. The bulk acoustic wave resonator includes a bulk acoustic wave resonating part comprising a piezoelectric layer, and a reflection layer configured to reflect waves of a resonance frequency generated by the piezoelectric layer based on a signal applied to the bulk acoustic wave resonating part.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Wireless power supply system

A wireless power supply system has a power sending resonance coil, a power receiving resonance coil, and a relay resonance coil. The power sending resonance coil has a predetermined resonance frequency characteristic, and transmits power wirelessly.
Fujitsu Limited


Resonant cavity mode enabled wireless power transfer

An embodiment provides a method of wireless power transmission, including: powering a transmitter that produces electromagnetic waves in a three dimensional structure; selecting a transmission frequency that is a resonance frequency for the three dimensional structure; and transmitting, using the transmitter, electromagnetic waves within the three dimensional structure on the transmission frequency selected. Other systems, methods, apparatuses and products are described and claimed..
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Position pointer of the electromagnetic induction type and electronic ink cartridge

A position pointer is disclosed, in which an electronic ink cartridge of an electromagnetic induction type is accommodated. The electronic ink cartridge includes a resonance circuit having a coil and a capacitor circuit, and is configured to detect pressure applied to a core member accommodated in the position pointer based on a variation of a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit.
Wacom Co., Ltd.


Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus

An optical scanning device includes a light source configured to emit a light beam; a rotary deflector configured to perform optical scanning by reflecting and deflecting the light beam emitted from the light source while rotating; an optical system forming member configured to form a path of the light beam; and a resonator having a resonance frequency corresponding to a sound generated by rotational drive of the rotary deflector. The rotary deflector is installed in a closed space.
Ricoh Company, Limited


Noncontact resonameter, process for making and use of same

A noncontact resonameter includes: a resonator to: produce an excitation signal including a field; subject a sample to the excitation signal; produce a first resonator signal in a presence of the sample and the excitation signal, the first resonator signal including: a first quality factor of the resonator; a first resonance frequency of the resonator; or a combination thereof, the first resonator signal occurring in an absence of contact between the sample and the resonator; and produce a second resonator signal in a presence of the excitation signal and an absence of the sample, the second resonator signal including: a second quality factor of the resonator; a second resonance frequency of the resonator; or a combination thereof; a circuit in electrical communication with the resonator to receive the first resonator signal and the second resonator signal; and a continuous feeder to: provide the sample proximate to the resonator; dispose the sample intermediately in the field of the excitation signal during production of the first resonator signal; remove the sample from the resonator; and manipulate a position of the sample relative to the resonator in a continuous motion and in an absence of contact between the sample and the resonator.. .
National Institute Of Standards And Technology


High precision reciprocating bob viscometer

A high precision, reciprocating bob viscometer is shown that has two coils (a and b) encircling a reciprocating bob. Coil a is energized with a combined sinusoidal and dc signal, while coil b senses the position of the reciprocating bob, then the functions of coils a and b are reversed.
Cambridge Viscosity, Inc.


Half-tube array vibration energy harvesting method using piezoelectric materials

A piezoelectric transducer for harvesting ambient vibration energy is made up of a curved substructure beam, two half-tube piezoelectric elements and a mass block. One end of the beam is fixed on a vibration base and the other end is attached with the mass block.


Micromechanical resonant switches and charge pumps

A circuit of n micromechanical resonant switches (resoswitches) is presented, which mimics a dickson charge pump to amplify an input voltage to an output voltage of n plus 1 times the input voltage, while avoiding the diode voltage drop and breakdown voltage limitations of cmos-based conventional charge pumps. Important aspects of successful charge pumping are: 1) the long cycle lifetime of resonant micromechanical switches, which has been shown to operate 173.9×1012 cycles, is orders of magnitude higher than non-resonant switches; 2) the use of gated-sinusoid drive excitation to allow a charging period independent of resoswitch resonance frequency; and 3) the use of resonance operation to lower required drive and dc-bias voltages to below the supply voltage.
The Regents Of The University Of California


System and externally calibrated parallel imaging in the presence of an inhomogeneous magnetic field

A system and method for accelerated magnetic resonance imaging (mri) includes controlling an rf system of an mri system to acquire coil calibration data from a subject including a material causing inhomogeneities in a static magnetic field of the mri system when arranged in the bore of the mri system. After acquiring the coil calibration data, the rf system is controlled to acquire imaging data from the subject at multiple different resonance frequency offsets.
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


Dual use of a ring structure as gyroscope and accelerometer

Methods and apparatus for sensing linear acceleration with a mems resonator mass, alone, or concurrently with sensing rate of rotation. A resonator mass, which may be a disk or a ring structure, is driven at a resonance frequency of one of the vibration modes of the resonator mass.
Analog Devices, Inc.


Mechanically actuated panel acoustic system

An electronic device whose enclosure or housing panel is used as part of an acoustic system is described. The panel is divided into several sub-panels.
Apple Inc.


Pen with inductor

A processing system includes a sensor module and a determination module. The sensor module is coupled to sensor electrodes and is the sensor module configured to drive the sensor electrodes with sensing signals at a first resonance frequency of the pen.
Synaptics Incorporated


Smart resonating pen

A resonating pen having multiple resonance frequencies includes a first circuit segment including an inductor for the resonance frequencies, a second circuit segment including transistors, where each of the transistors includes a transistor state, and a third circuit segment includes a controller. The controller is configured to alter the transistor state of the transistors to change the resonating pen to a resonance frequency.
Synaptics Incorporated


Pressure sensor using piezoelectric bending resonators

A pressure sensor including an enclosure and a bending resonator housed in the enclosure. The bending resonator includes a diaphragm connected to the enclosure, a piezoelectric layer on the diaphragm, and an electrode on the piezoelectric layer.
California Institute Of Technology


Power feed device, power reception device and power feed method

Power feed device (100) supplies power to storage battery (152) mounted on vehicle (150), through power receiving unit (154) of vehicle (150). Power supply unit (104) performs preliminary supply to power receiving unit (154) while sequentially changing a frequency, and performs main supply with power larger than in the preliminary supply.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, wireless power transmission method and wireless power reception method

A wireless power reception method of a wireless power receiver for receiving power from a wireless power transmitter is disclosed. The wireless power receives a connection signal for identifying the wireless power receiver from the wireless power transmitter; transmitting a response signal in response to the connection signal to the wireless power transmitter; negotiating a power transmission condition with the wireless power transmitter; and receiving the power using resonance frequency band according to the negotiated power transmission condition.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Resonance tuning

Another tuning heuristic includes monitoring a circuit parameter while sweeping the power source frequency; identifying two frequencies related to two local maximum for the values of the circuit parameter; determining a desired resonance frequency for the wireless power transfer device based on stored information; and adjusting the tuning component to a value that causes the wireless power transfer device when uncoupled to operate at or near the desired resonance frequency.. .


Tuning circuit, tuning method and resonance-type contactless power supply

The present disclosure relates to a tuning circuit, a tuning method and a resonance-type contactless power supply. The resonance-type contactless power supply has the characteristic that an inductor current has a maximum value when it operates at a resonance frequency.
Silergy Semiconductor Technology (hangzhou) Ltd.


Power transmission device, wireless power feeding system, and control method

The present power transmission device performs a power transmission process for transmitting power in a wireless manner through electromagnetic field resonance coupling using a resonance circuit. In a case where a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit set to be the same as a frequency of a power transmission signal which is output as transmission power is deviated during transmission of the power, the present power transmission device detects a direction in which the resonance frequency is deviated and controls the power transmission process on the basis of a detection result thereof.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method and balun for trapping rf current on a transmission line after installation

Apparatus and method for a radially attachable rf trap attached from a side to a shielded rf cable. In some embodiments, the rf trap creates a high impedance on the outer shield of the rf cable at a frequency of rf signals carried on at least one inner conductor of the cable.
Life Services, Llc


Compensating electrical harmonics on the electrical grid

The invention relates to a control system for compensating undesired electrical harmonics on an electrical grid. Part of the control system referred to as a harmonic compensator is operatively connected with a power inverter of a power producing unit supplying power to the grid.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Tire pressure decrease detection apparatus, method, and program

A tire pressure decrease detection apparatus comprising a rotation speed information detection unit for detecting rotation speed information of wheels of a vehicle, a resonance frequency estimate unit for time-series estimating a torsional resonance frequency of the rotation speed information from the rotation speed information obtained by the rotation speed information detection unit, and a judgment unit for judging a decrease in pressure of tires installed in the wheels based on the estimated torsional resonance frequency. The resonance frequency estimate unit includes a noise removal unit for removing a noise superimposed on a wheel speed signal serving as the rotation speed information for each of the wheels with using an active noise control technology..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.


Exhaust purifying device for internal combustion engine

The device includes an exhaust passage having an upstream end connected to an exhaust port of the engine and a downstream end provided with a catalytic converter, a secondary air passage having a downstream end connected to an intermediate point of the exhaust passage and an upstream end communicating with the atmosphere, and a reed valve provided in an upstream end of the secondary air passage to permit air flow from the atmosphere to the exhaust passage but not in the opposite direction. The reed valve has a resonance frequency which is z times the prescribed exhaust frequency of the engine, where z is an integer.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Polyamide resin composition having high melt point and being excellent in anti-vibration property upon water absorption

The present invention provides a polyamide resin composition having high melt point which can produce a molded product having high anti-vibration property or, in other words, having very high resonance frequency and, in particular, being capable of retaining high resonance frequency even upon water absorption. A polyamide resin composition, comprising a polyamide resin (a) having melt point (tm) of 290° c.
Toyobo Co., Ltd.


Method to optimize electrode placement for cranial electrical stmulation

A method for optimum preparation and placement of transcranial electrodes is described. The method consists of application of liquid silver paint to standard monitoring electrodes and placement of bilateral electrodes over the pterions, the thinnest areas of the skull.


Duplexer and communication module

A branching 1 filter has an antenna terminal 3 which receives signal waves and disturbance waves, a transmission filter 11 which is connected to the antenna terminal 3, a reception filter 13 which is connected to the antenna terminal 3 and receives a portion of the signal waves and has, as a passband, a frequency range higher than a passband of the transmission filter 11, and a disturbance wave resonator which is connected to the antenna terminal 3 and to the ground and positioned closer to the antenna terminal 3 side than the transmission filter 11 and the reception filter 13. The disturbance wave resonator 15 is connected to antenna terminal 3 at a position closer to the antenna terminal 3 side than the transmission filter 11 and the reception filter 13.
Kyocera Corporation


Multiple-tuned filter design hvdc system

A method of designing a multiple-tuned filter (mtf) of a high voltage direct current (hvdc) system is provided. The method includes selecting an input parameter for the mtf, setting a resonance frequency of the mtf, calculating values of inductance (l) and capacitance (c) which are filter parameters of the mtf on the basis of the input parameter and the resonance frequency, combining a value of resistance (r) with the filter parameters and calculating a price according to the combination, and storing the combined values of r, l, and c when the calculated price falls within a predetermined price range..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Organic light-emitting diode, array substrate and preparation method thereof, and display device

The present invention relates to an organic light-emitting diode, an array substrate and a preparation method thereof, and a display device. The organic light-emitting diode comprises an anode, a cathode, a light-emitting layer disposed between the anode and the cathode, and a hole injection layer disposed between the anode and the light-emitting layer, wherein the hole injection layer is provided therein with metal nanoparticles, and the frequency of a localized surface plasmon resonance of the metal nanoparticles is matched with the emission wavelength of the light-emitting layer.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Plasma processing apparatus

A resonance frequency is adjusted or optimized by shifting the resonance frequency without reducing an impedance function or a withstand voltage characteristic against a high frequency noise, when blocking, by using a multiple parallel resonance characteristic of a distributed constant line, the high frequency noise introduced into a line such as a power feed line or a signal line from an electrical member other than a high frequency electrode within a processing vessel. Regarding winding pitches, each of the solenoid coils 104(1) and 104(2) is divided to multiple sections k1, k2, .
Tokyo Electron Limited


Method and magnetic resonance imaging with a music-based gradient curve

In a method and apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging with a music-based gradient curve, a magnetic resonance sequence and a piece of music are provided to a controller of a magnetic resonance apparatus. The piece of music is modified in the controller by taking into account at least one acoustic resonance parameter that characterizes at least one acoustic resonance frequency of the magnetic resonance apparatus, so a modified piece of music is generated.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Vibration element, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object

An vibration element includes a drive vibration section and a detection vibration section, and the detection vibration section has a detection mode 1 and a detection mode 2 as an vibration mode for detection in which the detection vibration section resonates with coriolis force produced in the drive vibration section and vibrates. A resonance frequency (vibration frequency) of the drive vibration section is higher than a resonance frequency (vibration frequency) in the detection mode 1 and a resonance frequency (vibration frequency) in the detection mode 2, or the vibration frequency of the drive vibration section is lower than the resonance frequency (vibration frequency) in the detection mode 1 and the resonance frequency (vibration frequency) in the detection mode 2..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Portable radio device adapted to function as a wireless charger

A portable radio device is adapted to function as a wireless charger. The device includes a power supply source, a power control circuit, a controller, a power amplifier connected to the power control circuit to draw a first supply voltage from the power control circuit, and a source coil.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Wireless power transfer system and method thereof

A wireless power transfer system and method is provided. The system includes a source coil that is coupled to a power supplying device and a receiver coil that is coupled to a power receiving device.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Systems and methods for laser frequency stabilization using an arbitrarily birefringent resonator

Systems and methods to stabilize a laser frequency include a birefringent resonator that introduces an arbitrary phase difference between two polarization components of the laser beam, a polarizing beam splitter to separate the two polarization components after the birefringent resonator, and a differential detector to monitor the separated two polarizations, based on which an error signal can be produced to control a servo to adjust the laser frequency or resonator resonance frequency accordingly. The birefringent resonator can comprise a fiber ring, a whispering gallery mode (wgm) resonator, or any other birefringent ring resonator.


Device for electrically disintegrating cell clusters

According to the invention, the electronic control unit has means for determining the resonance frequency of the high-voltage source (56).. .


Tunable multiple-resonance antenna systems, devices, and methods for handsets operating in low lte bands with wide duplex spacing

The present subject matter relates to antenna systems, devices, and methods that provide efficient coverage of low frequency bands (e.g., 700 mhz-bands and 600 mhz-bands) for the new generations of mobile communication. For example, a dual-resonant radiating system can include a ground plane, a radiating coupler spaced apart from but in communication with the ground plane, and a ground plane extension in communication with the ground plane.


Compliance chambers for marine vibrators

A marine vibrator may include a containment housing, a sound radiating surface, and a compliance chamber. The compliance chamber may include a compliance chamber housing, a non-linear linkage assembly, and a low pressure chamber.


Using a cavity to polarize a spin ensemble

In some aspects, polarization of a spin ensemble can be increased using cavity-based techniques. A resonator applies drive field to a spin ensemble in a static magnetic field.


Crystal oscillator start-up circuit

A crystal oscillator start-up circuit capable of reducing a start-up time of a crystal oscillator is disclosed. The crystal oscillator start-up circuit is provided with a crystal oscillation unit including a crystal oscillator, a converter and an external oscillator.


Power supply apparatus

A power supply apparatus for supplying power in a wireless manner or a wired-wireless manner is provided. The power supply apparatus includes a power conversion unit converting input power into first power, and a wireless power supply unit varying a switching frequency switching the first power to wirelessly transmit the switched first power in one of a first wireless transmission manner or a second wireless transmission manner or wirelessly transmit the switched first power at a frequency within a resonance frequency band of one wireless transmission manner of wireless transmission manners having different resonance frequency bands..


Rotating body provided with blades

A rotating body includes a rotating body core, and a plurality of blades provided at an outer or inner circumference of the rotating body core at equal intervals in a circumferential direction, and connected circumferentially via an annular connection portion provided separately from the rotating body core. A resonance frequency under a two nodal diameter number mode of the rotating body is lower than or equal to a rotational secondary harmonic frequency with respect to a rated rotation speed.


Resonance frequency adjustment module

A resonance frequency adjustment module is disclosed forming a mems sensor for detecting an angular velocity. The resonance frequency adjustment module includes a movable electrode; a fixed electrode facing the movable electrode to form a capacitor; and an elastic body supporting the movable electrode so as to be displaceable in one direction.


System and driving a low frequency speaker

A control circuit configured to control a speaker is disclosed. The control circuit is configured to drive the speaker at a predetermined frequency that may correspond to a resonance frequency.
Gentex Corporation


Wireless power transmission system, and controlling transmission and reception of resonance power

A resonance power transmission system, and a method of controlling transmission and reception of a resonance power are provided. According to one embodiment, a method of controlling resonance power transmission in a resonance power transmitter may include: transmitting resonance power to a resonance power receiver, the resonance power having resonance frequencies which vary with respect to a plurality of time intervals; and receiving, from the resonance power receiver, information regarding the resonance frequency having the highest power transmission efficiency among the resonance frequencies used in the time intervals..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dielectric filter, transceiver, and base station

Embodiments relate to the field of technologies of components of communications devices, and provide a dielectric filter, which resolves a problem that a solid dielectric filter has a difficulty in implementing capacitive coupling. The dielectric filter includes at least two dielectric resonators, where each of the dielectric resonators includes a body made of a solid-state dielectric material, and an adjusting hole located on a surface of the body.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Resonant circuit with variable frequency and impedance

A resonant circuit comprises an input terminal and an output terminal and at least: a group of n resonators, where n≧1, the resonators having the same resonance frequency and the same antiresonance frequency; a first and a second impedance matching element having a non-zero reactance, the first element being in series with the group of resonators, and the second element being in parallel with the group of resonators, the resonant circuit comprising: first means for controlling the group of resonators, enabling the static capacitance of the group to be fixed at a first value; second control means, enabling the impedance of the first impedance matching element and that of the second element to be fixed at second values; the first and second values being such that the triplet of values composed of the static capacitance of the group, the impedance of the first element, and the impedance of the second element can be used to determine the following triplet of parameters: the characteristic impedance zc of the assembly formed by the group, the first impedance matching element and the second matching element; the resonance frequency ωr of the assembly; the antiresonance frequency ωa of the assembly, in order to stabilize the impedance of the circuit at a chosen characteristic impedance.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Optical closed loop microresonator and thyristor memory device

A semiconductor device that includes an optical resonator spaced from a waveguide structure to provide for evanescent-wave optical coupling therebetween. The optical resonator includes a closed loop waveguide defined by an epitaxial layer structure that includes at least one quantum well.
Opel Solar, Inc.


Power transfer system, power transmitting device, power receiving device, and power transfer method

A power transfer system includes a power transmitting device and a power receiving device that are opposed to each other with sandwiching a medium therebetween. The power transmitting device transmits electric power at a resonance frequency that is determined by an impedance of an electric power transmission path including the power transmitting device, the power receiving device, and the medium..
Nec Corporation


Acoustic resonator comprising vertically extended acoustic cavity

An acoustic resonator device includes a substrate, a bottom electrode, a piezoelectric layer, and a top electrode. The top electrode includes a first top comb electrode having a first top bus bar and first top fingers extending in a first direction from the first top bus bar, and a second top comb electrode having a second top bus bar and second top fingers extending in a second direction from the second top bus bar, substantially opposite to the first direction, such that the first and second top fingers form a top interleaving pattern.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


System for monitoring temperature of electrical conductor

A system for monitoring temperature of an electrical conductor (31) enclosed in at least a (semi)conductive layer (13) comprising: a passive inductive unit (20), and a transceiver unit (40) and a control unit (50). The passive inductive unit (20) includes at least one temperature sensitive component and is configured to have a resonance frequency and/or q value that vary with temperature of the electrical conductor (31).
3m Innovative Properties Company


Resonant co2 sensing with mitigation of cross-sensitivities

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a device to measure carbon dioxide (co2) levels, including a first oscillator group comprising a first sensor to measure air pressure, where the first sensor comprises a first sealed membrane, and where the first sealed membrane overlays a sealed first cavity; a second oscillator group including a second sensor to measure the resonance frequency of a second unsealed oscillating membrane, and where the second unsealed membrane overlays a second cavity in contact with the air outside of the second sensor; and a mixer accepting as input a first frequency measurement output from the first oscillator group and a second frequency measurement output from the second oscillator group, outputting the difference of the first frequency measurement and the second frequency measurement, and computing a carbon dioxide measurement based on the difference.. .
Ams International Ag


Antenna apparatus and electronic device including the antenna apparatus

According to one embodiment, an antenna includes a second element that has an end connected to a first point of a first element, and first and second ends kept open, and includes a first portion extending from a feed terminal to the first end, and a second portion extending from the feed terminal and bifurcated at a second point between the first point and the first end. The lengths of the first and second portions are set to substantially ¼ of a resonance frequency, and substantially ¾ of a resonance frequency, severally.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Fatigue testing of a test specimen

The invention pertains to a combination of a test rig and test specimen for performing a fatigue test, wherein the test specimen is non-axisymmetric and comprises:—a central element,—a first branch element, which has a longitudinal axis that extends at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the central element,—a joint connecting the first branch element to the central element, which has an in plane bending resonance frequency with an associated in plane bending mode shape, and an out of plane bending resonance frequency with an associated out of plane bending mode shape, wherein the in plane bending resonance frequency and the out of plane bending frequency are substantially the same, wherein the first node of the in plane bending mode shape and the first node of the out of plane bending mode shape are substantially at the same position at the first branch element and wherein the test rig comprises:—a support for supporting the test specimen,—an excitator for subjecting the test specimen to forced vibration at an excitation frequency.. .
Onderzoekscentrum Voor Aanwending Van Staal N.v.


Method for charging a vehicle battery by induction

The invention relates to a method for charging a vehicle battery by induction from a charging device including a charge transmitter including a primary coil l1 and an inverter capable of supplying the primary coil l1 with an ac supply voltage e. Said device also includes a charge receiver including a secondary coil l2 arranged in a vehicle.
Schneider Electric Industries Sas


Ladder-type surface acoustic wave filter including series and parallel resonators

A ladder-type surface acoustic wave filter assembly includes a plurality of series resonators formed on a substrate and connected between an input terminal and an output terminal. A first series resonator has a lowest resonance frequency among the plurality of series resonator.
Skyworks Panasonic Filter Solutions Japan Co., Ltd.


Wireless power transfer device, supplied-power control wireless power transfer device, and wireless-power-transfer-device manufacturing method

A wireless power transmission apparatus, a supply power control method, and a manufacturing method of the wireless power transmission apparatus, with which supply power is controlled by adjusting the resonance frequency of a coil of a power-supplying device and/or the resonance frequency of a coil of a power-receiving device while power transmission efficiency is maintained, are provided. As a supply power control method for a wireless power transmission apparatus 1 which supplies power from a power-supplying module including a power-supplying resonator to a power-receiving module including a power-receiving resonator by changing a magnetic field, power supplied to a power-supplied electronic device is controlled by setting an input impedance zin of the wireless power transmission apparatus by adjusting the resonance frequency of at least one of a power-supplying resonator and a power-receiving resonator..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Apparatus for analyzing active material of secondary battery and analyzing active material using the same

An apparatus for analyzing an active material of a secondary battery may include: a first electrode; a piezoelectric layer on the first electrode; a second electrode on the piezoelectric layer, configured to provide a voltage having a polarity opposite to a polarity of the first electrode; and/or an insulating layer on the second electrode and including a through hole exposing a portion of the second electrode. A method of analyzing an active material of a secondary battery may include: disposing an active material in a through hole of a bulk acoustic resonator, in which a first electrode, a piezoelectric layer, a second electrode, and an insulating layer are stacked; measuring a resonance frequency of the resonator by applying an electric signal to the first and second electrodes of the resonator; and/or measuring a weight of the active material in the through hole, based on the measured resonance frequency..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Polyamide resin composition reinforced with glass fiber

The present invention provides a polyamide resin composition reinforced with glass fiber which can produce a molded product having high anti-vibration property or, in other words, having very high resonance frequency and having, upon necessity, excellent weather-resisting color fastness. A polyamide resin composition reinforced with glass fiber, comprising a polyamide resin (a) constituted from aliphatic polyamide (a1) and aromatic component-containing polyamide (a2), and glass fibers (b) having a cross-sectional area of 1.5 to 5.0×10−6 cm2, wherein ratio by weight of the polyamide resin (a) to the glass fibers (b) [(a):(b)] is from 20:80 to 35:65 and ratio by weight of the aliphatic polyamide (a1) to the aromatic component-containing polyamide (a2) [(a1):(a2)] is from 5:95 to 95:5.
Toyobo Co., Ltd.


Scanner for two-dimensional optical scanning, manufacturing method thereof, and medical imaging apparatus using the same

Provided are a scanner for two-dimensional optical scanning capable of implementing two-dimensional driving by one input signal without an additional structure for modulating a resonance frequency using modulation of the resonance frequency through asymmetry of the scanner itself, and a manufacturing method thereof. In addition, there is provided a manufacturing method of a scanner for two-dimensional optical scanning capable of implementing compact packaging through a micro electro mechanical systems (mems) process to miniaturize the scanner, such that it may be used in a micro-miniature system such as an endoscope and capable of increasing precision of the scanner and manufacturing the scanner in various shapes and at a low cost.
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Rf transmitter for electrically short antenna

An rf transmitter comprises a capacitive energy storage, an output stage and a switching circuit with an open state and a closed state. The capacitive energy storage forms with the antenna when connected thereto a resonance circuit with a resonance frequency and a quality factor.
Oticon A/s


Receiving device for receiving a magnetic field and for producing electric energy by magnetic induction

A receiving device for receiving a magnetic field and producing electric energy by magnetic induction. The receiving device includes at least one coil of an electric line.
Bombardier Transportation Gmbh


Electric near-field probe, control system for same, and piezoelectric crystal detector

Provided is a compact and lightweight electric field probe which has a transmitting/receiving function whereby piezoelectric crystals can be excited through the application of an alternating current electric field thereto, and piezoelectric effect signals can be detected with sufficient sensitivity. Also provided are a control system for the same, and a piezoelectric crystal detector.
Osaka University


Implantable device with electrical filter

An implantable device including a proximal end, a distal end, an elongate electrically conductive component arranged between the proximal end and the distal end, and a contact pole electrically connected to the elongate electrically conductive component. The contact pole is arranged in a region of the distal end to electrically contact bodily tissue adjacent to the contact pole during operation of the implantable device.
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg


Implant telemetry with dynamic tuning

Systems and methods for maximizing the resonance frequency match between a reader and a controlled device interacting over a narrowband inductive link involve, in various embodiments, features of the controlled device, the reader, or both.. .


Snap-on coaxial cable balun and trapping rf current on outside shield of coax after installation

Apparatus and method for a radially attachable rf trap attached from a side to a shielded rf cable. In some embodiments, the rf trap creates a high impedance on the outer shield of the rf cable at a frequency of rf signals carried on at least one inner conductor of the cable.
Life Services, Llc


Dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, and fabrication method

The present application provides a dielectric resonator, a dielectric filter, a base station and a method for fabricating the dielectric resonator or the dielectric filter. The dielectric resonator includes: a solid dielectric resonator body, a blind hole located on one side of the solid dielectric resonator body, a metalized layer covering both a surface of the solid dielectric resonator body and a surface of the blind hole, and a demetallized notch located at the metalized layer on the surface of the blind hole.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Servo motor controller having self-measuring function and self-monitoring function of mechanical stiffness

A servo motor controller includes a speed command generating unit for generating a speed command value of the servo motor, a speed detecting unit that detects a speed of the servo motor, a torque command generating unit for generating a torque command value, a sine wave generating unit for generating a sinusoidal disturbance value, a frequency response calculating unit for calculating a frequency response when the sinusoidal disturbance value has been input to a speed control loop, a resonance frequency detecting unit for detecting a resonance frequency at which a gain is maximized, a resonance frequency storing unit for storing the resonance frequency, at least one filter for attenuating a specific frequency band component included in the torque command value, and a resonance frequency comparing unit for measuring stiffness of a machine tool based on the resonance frequency and adjusts the filter with respect to the resonance frequency.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Enhancement of magnetic resonance image resolution by using bio-compatible, passive resonator hardware

Embodiments of the present invention address the problems with previously known mri enhancement resonators. The embodiments provide capacitances that are sufficiently large to result in resonance frequencies that are sufficiently low for medical mri applications in devices that are sufficiently small for implantation into the body.


Fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter

The invention is a method of fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter. The method comprises: embedding a magnetic-dipolar-mode (mdm) ferrite disk in the microwave cavity, loading a sample of the high absorption matter in the microwave cavity, using a bias magnetic field to tune the mdm resonance frequency of the ferrite disk to the resonance frequency of the cavity; and observing the symmetric lorentz-like lineshape of the resonance peaks that are obtained..
B.g. Negev Technologies And Applications Ltd., At Ben-gurion University


Plasmonic structure with enhanced bandwidth

Embodiments are directed to a plasmonic structure having an enhanced resonance frequency bandwidth. In one aspect, a plasmon-enhanced coupler is provided having a first plasmon region and a second plasmon region.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus and tuning a resonance frequency

There are disclosed various apparatuses and methods for tuning a resonance frequency. In some embodiments there is provided an apparatus (200) comprising at least one input electrode (202, 204) for receiving radio frequency signals; a graphene foil (210) for converting at least part of the radio frequency signals into mechanical energy; at least one dielectric support element (212) to support the graphene foil (210) and to space apart the at least one input electrode (202, 204) and the graphene foil (210).
Nokia Technologies Oy


Fixing apparatus

A fixing apparatus includes a tubular rotation member including a conductive layer, a helical coil, a resonance circuit, including a resonance capacitor, formed with the rotation member and the coil, a resonance inverter configured to control the resonance circuit, and a control unit configured to control electric power supplied to the resonance inverter, wherein the conductive layer generates heat with electromagnetic induction caused by magnetic flux generated through the coil, wherein the control unit sets a driving frequency of the resonance inverter according to at least one of a size of the recording medium and a temperature of a non-sheet-passing portion of the rotation member, and wherein the control unit changes a resonance frequency of the resonance circuit according to the set driving frequency.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System including guidewire for detecting fluid pressure

A system for detection of blood pressure in a blood vessel includes a guide wire and a lc resonance circuit provided at a distal end of the guide wire. The resonance circuit may be a non-lc resonance circuit responsive to changes in pressure of fluid external to the guide wire such that the resonance circuit has a resonance frequency that varies in accordance with changes in pressure of the external fluid..
Guided Interventions, Inc.


Vibrating body for acoustic transducer and speaker device

A vibrating body for an acoustic transducer is provided, in which the high resonance frequency associated with inverse resonance can be outside the audible range and which can improve the acoustic characteristic of a speaker device. The vibrating body 1 for an acoustic transducer includes: a diaphragm 2 including a first vibrating part 2a and a second vibrating part 2b formed in proximity of the outer circumferential edge of the first vibrating part 2a; and an edge portion 3 formed in proximity of the outer circumferential edge of the diaphragm 2.
Tohoku Pioneer Corporation


Vibration wave motor

A vibration wave motor includes a vibration plate having a flat plate portion and protruding portions, a piezoelectric element that performs high-frequency vibration, a friction member contacting the protruding portions, and a first natural vibration mode and a second natural vibration mode, which are excited in the vibration plate by the high-frequency vibration, the vibration plate and the friction member moving relatively to each other, maximum amplitude generated on tip ends of the protruding portions by the first natural vibration mode is larger than maximum amplitude generated on tip ends of the protruding portions by the second natural vibration mode, a resonance frequency of the first natural vibration mode is lower than a resonance frequency of the second natural vibration mode, and amplitudes of the first natural vibration mode and the second natural vibration mode in a frequency range at a time of drive substantially coincide with each other.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Antenna device

An antenna device includes a ground; a monopole antenna including a first section running from a feeding point along the ground, a second section running in a direction away from the ground, and a third section running along the ground, the monopole antenna having a length corresponding to ¼ of a wavelength at a first resonance frequency; a parasitic element including a first section whose end is connected to the ground in the vicinity of the end of the first section of the monopole antenna and that runs in a direction away from the ground, and a second section, the parasitic element having a length corresponding to ¼ of a wavelength at a second resonance frequency; and a dipole antenna provided along the third section of the monopole antenna and the parasitic element, the dipole antenna having a length corresponding to ½ of a wavelength at a third resonance frequency.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Vibration damping system and vehicle

A vibration damping system comprises a vibration applying device mounted on a frame and a control device that controls the vibration applying device, the control device comprising a voltage command producing part that produces a driving voltage command to drive the vibration applying device and a vibration failure diagnosis part that diagnoses whether there is failure based on a vibration detection signal output by a vibration detecting device, wherein the voltage command producing part produces the driving voltage command corresponding to a diagnosis frequency that is previously set at a frequency identical to a resonance frequency of the frame or the vibration applying device or at a predetermined frequency close to the resonance frequency and makes the vibration applying device generate the vibration applying force according to the driving voltage command, and the vibration failure diagnosis part diagnoses whether there is failure based on the vibration detection signal.. .
Sinfonia Technology Co., Ltd.


Micro-disc modulator, silicon photonic device and optoelectronic communication apparatus using the same

Various embodiments of a micro-disc modulator as well as a silicon photonic device and an optoelectronic communication apparatus using the micro-disc modulator are described. In one aspect, a device includes a soi substrate and a silicon photonic structure formed on a primary surface of the soi substrate.
Photonic International Pte. Ltd.


Multi-cell transducer

The present invention relates to a transducer device having a planar array of electroacoustic cells, each including a piezoelectric bilayer unit. The transducer device achieves high transmission sensitivity across a broad bandwidth.
Microtech Medical Technologies Ltd.


Mems gyro motor loop filter

A motor drive loop circuit for a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) gyroscope is provided. The motor drive loop circuit includes a motor configured to drive a proof mass in the mems gyroscope and a minus-90-degree phase-shift twin-tee notch filter.
Honeywell International Inc.


Torsional resonance frequency adjustor

Engaging inclined surfaces of an inner ring and an outer ring create wedge action inducing an inward radial force as the rings are forced together longitudinally, holding the adjustor on a rotating body. An inner total arcuate length of each ring is smaller than an outer total arcuate length of a respective target body (inner ring for outer ring, rotating body for inner ring).
General Electric Company


Biological resonance chip

The present invention is a biological resonance chip utilizing a human biological micro-wave and coupling resonance technique by consisting of a printed circuit sticker at which at least a biological micro-wave receiver, a high frequency oscillating chip and at least a biological micro-wave transmitter are provided and electrically connected. By the aforesaid configuration, a product made by the printed circuit sticker can be placed at an arbitrary area of a human body from which a human biological micro-wave is emitted, picked by the biological micro-wave receiver, received by the high frequency oscillating chip for amplifying a power level and transmitted by the biological micro-wave transmitter to the human body for improving a health condition thereof.


Frequency tuning of an electronic tag

An electronic tag including: a first planar conductive winding forming an antenna coupled, with or without contact, with an electronic circuit; and a correction element, placed on the first winding and having its shape and position relative to the first winding selected according to a resonance frequency correction desired for the assembly.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

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