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Date/App# patent app List of recent Resin-related patents
 Polymeric marker with high radiopacity for use in medical devices patent thumbnailPolymeric marker with high radiopacity for use in medical devices
High radiopacity is achieved in a polymeric marker by combining a polymeric resin, a powdered radiopaque agent having uniformly shaped particles of a specific particle size distribution and a wetting agent. The method to produce the marker calls for the blending and pelletization of these materials followed by extrusion onto support beading.
 Metal containing condensation reaction catalysts, methods for preparing the catalysts, and compositions containing the catalysts patent thumbnailMetal containing condensation reaction catalysts, methods for preparing the catalysts, and compositions containing the catalysts
A composition is capable of curing via condensation reaction. The composition uses a new condensation reaction catalyst.
 Fractional melt index polyethylene composition and films made therefrom patent thumbnailFractional melt index polyethylene composition and films made therefrom
A reactor blend polyethylene composition comprising: from 35 to 70 percent by weight of a first polyethylene component; and a second polyethylene component; wherein the polyethylene resin has a melt index i2 of less than 1 dg/min and greater than or equal to 0.25 dg/min and exhibits a v0.1/v100 of greater than or equal to 9; and wherein the first and second polyethylene components are produced in continuous dual solution polymerization reactors, wherein the second polyethylene component is produced in the presence of the first polyethylene component and wherein a ziegler-natta catalyst is present in each of the first and second polymerization reactors is provided. Also provided are methods for producing the polyethylene resin and films made therefrom..
 Plant fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composition patent thumbnailPlant fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composition
The present invention is directed to plant fiber-reinforced thermoplastic compositions and a method for reinforcing thermoplastic resins. The present invention provides a use for the cellulose portion of a plant material, which is the portion left over after processing the selected plant materials to separate the hemi-cellulose and lignin from the cellulose..
 Method for producing inorganic substance powder highly-oriented thin film sheet patent thumbnailMethod for producing inorganic substance powder highly-oriented thin film sheet
The problem addressed by the invention lies in providing a method for producing an inorganic substance powder highly-oriented thin film sheet with which it is possible to produce a sheet of uniform thickness while preventing the generation of impurities, improving sheet surface properties, adjusting apparent specific gravity, and the like. The method for producing a thin film sheet comprises a step for preparing a predetermined inorganic substance powder, thermoplastic resin, and auxiliary agent, a step for exposing the starting materials mixed at a predetermined mixture ratio to high shear stress while kneading, a step for feeding the kneaded starting materials to a t die-type extrusion molding device and molding a sheet, and a step for adjusting the apparent gravity as desired by stretching under predetermined conditions..
 Methacrylic resin composition and molded article patent thumbnailMethacrylic resin composition and molded article
The invention is a methacrylic resin composition which includes a methacrylic resin (a) and a saponified polymer (b) that is an alkaline-saponified product of an ethylene-unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer, and the methacrylic resin composition has a concentration of alkali ions of from 0.03 mol/kg to 2.8 mol/kg.. .
 Epoxy resin composition, prepreg and fiber-reinforced composite material patent thumbnailEpoxy resin composition, prepreg and fiber-reinforced composite material
An epoxy resin composition comprising an epoxy resin [a], an amine-based curing agent [b] and a block copolymer [c] as components, wherein the epoxy resin [a] contains [aa] an epoxy resin having at least one structure selected from a condensed polycyclic structure, biphenyl structure and oxazolidone ring structure; [ab] an epoxy resin selected from a polyfunctional amine type epoxy resin [ab1] and a liquid bisphenol type epoxy resin [ab2], and the block copolymer [c] is at least one block copolymer selected from the group consisting of s-b-m, b-m and m-b-m. The present invention provides an epoxy resin composition that can be cured to form a cured product excellent in heat resistance, elastic modulus and toughness..
 Method for preparing phenol-formaldehyde resins, resin materials and method for preparing resin molding materials patent thumbnailMethod for preparing phenol-formaldehyde resins, resin materials and method for preparing resin molding materials
A method for preparing a phenol-formaldehyde resin is provided. The method includes extracting a biomass pyrolysis oil to obtain a first phenolic mixture, mixing the first phenolic mixture, furfural and an alkaline catalyst to proceed to a first polymerization reaction to form a phenol-formaldehyde resin precursor solution, and adding the alkaline catalyst to the phenol-formaldehyde resin precursor solution to proceed to a second polymerization reaction to form a phenol-formaldehyde resin solution.
 Polyphenylene sulfide resin composition and molding comprising same (as amended) patent thumbnailPolyphenylene sulfide resin composition and molding comprising same (as amended)
The invention provides a polyphenylene sulfide resin composition including: 1 to 100 parts by weight of an olefin elastomer (b); and 0.01 to 10 parts by weight of a carboxylic acid amide wax mixture (c), relative to 100 parts by weight of a polyphenylene sulfide resin (a), wherein the carboxylic acid amide wax mixture (c) is obtained by adding 0.01 to 5 parts by weight of an antioxidant to 100 parts by weight of a carboxylic acid amide wax produced by reaction of a higher aliphatic monocarboxylic acid, a polybasic acid and a diamine.. .
 Black photosensitive resin composition and light-blocking layer using the same patent thumbnailBlack photosensitive resin composition and light-blocking layer using the same
The present invention provides a novel black photosensitive resin composition, which includes: a polysiloxane, a black pigment, an alkali-soluble resin, a photopolymerizable compound, a photopolymerization initiator and a solvent. Accordingly, the black photosensitive resin composition of the present invention can meet the requirements for optical density and resistance under high temperature and is advantageous to the application in a touch panel.
Urethane resin composition and a conductive roller using same
Provided is a urethane resin composition by which an electrically conductive roller which has a higher elasticity than ever and in which an air bubble in an elastic layer is fine can be obtained when the urethane resin composition is used for the elastic layer of the electrically conductive roller, and an electrically conductive roller using the same. The urethane resin composition comprises: a urethane resin having a carboxyl group on a side chain; a cross-linking agent having an epoxy group; and an ester composed of a sugar and an unbranched saturated fatty acid having 16 to 24 carbon atoms as a foaming agent.
Composition for forming resist underlayer film for euv lithography
A method for producing a semiconductor device includes the steps of: applying a composition for forming a resist underlayer film for euv lithography including a novolac resin containing a halogen atom onto a substrate having a film to be fabricated for forming a transferring pattern and baking the composition so as to form a resist underlayer film for euv lithography; and applying a resist for euv lithography onto the resist underlayer film for euv lithography, irradiating, with euv through a mask, the resist underlayer film for euv lithography and a film of the resist for euv lithography on the resist underlayer film, developing the film of the resist for euv lithography, and transferring an image formed in the mask onto the substrate by dry etching so as to form an integrated circuit device.. .
Increase in storage lifetime of a thrombin sensor
A blood coagulation time measuring sensor comprising a surface, a resin layer applied thereto, including at least one substance with a detection function, characterized in that the resin layer comprises a lacquer system, wherein said lacquer system i) is suitable for immobilization of the at least one substance with a detection function on the surface; and ii) provides a negatively charged surface layer; iii) and allows the replacement of biological blood coagulation promoters by non-biological chemically inert and stable compounds.. .
Negative photosensitive resin composition and cured product of same
A negative photosensitive resin composition which contains (a) an epoxy resin that has two or more epoxy groups in each molecule, (b) an alkali-soluble resin and (c) a cationic photopolymerization initiator. The epoxy resin (a) is an epoxy resin that is obtained by a reaction between a phenol derivative represented by formula (1) and an epihalohydrin..
Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, toner cartridge, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
An electrostatic charge image developing toner includes toner particles having a core that includes a block copolymer of a crystalline polyester block and an amorphous polyester block, and a shell that covers the core and includes an amorphous polyester resin having an ethylenically unsaturated double bond, and of which a surface layer part includes a crosslinked product of the amorphous polyester resin having an ethylenically unsaturated double bond.. .
Toner for developing electrostatic charge image, toner cartridge, developing device, image forming apparatus, and method for producing toner
A toner for developing an electrostatic charge image includes toner particles obtained by dissolving or dispersing a binder resin and an additive in an organic solvent to prepare an oil phase component, and dispersing and granulating the oil phase component in an aqueous medium containing an inorganic dispersant dispersed therein. The binder resin is a polyester resin obtained from a material containing from 6.5 to 7.5 mol % of a long-chain alkyl group represented by a formula (1), the polyester resin having an acid value of from 4.9 to 7.0 mgkoh/g:.
Bio-based toner compositions
Use of a resin blend of a petroleum based resin and a bio-derived polyester resins having low glass transition (tg) values in a toner composition is disclosed. The resulting novel bio-based toner exhibits desirable characteristics such as good blocking performance and excellent fusing latitude..
Actinic-ray- or radiation sensitive resin composition, actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive film therefrom and method of forming pattern
According to one embodiment, an actinic-ray- or radiation-sensitive resin composition includes a compound (p) containing at least one phenolic hydroxyl group and at least one group with a phenolic hydroxyl group whose hydrogen atom is replaced by any of groups of general formula (1) below.. .
Conductive film, current collector using same, battery and bipolar battery
A conductive film includes a layer 1 formed by a conductive material 1 that includes a polymer material 1 containing any of (1) an amine and an epoxy resin (where the epoxy resin and the amine are mixed in a ratio of 1.0 or more in terms of the ratio of the number of active hydrogen atoms in the amine with respect to the number of functional groups in the epoxy resin), (2) a phenoxy resin and an epoxy resin, (3) a saturated hydrocarbon polymer having a hydroxyl group, and (4) a curable resin and an elastomer and conductive particles 1. The conductive film has excellent stability in an equilibrium potential environment in a negative electrode and low electric resistance per unit area in the thickness direction.
Multilayer porous film, separator for batteries, and battery
The present invention is capable of providing a multilayer porous film which has high adhesion between a base layer and a coating layer and excellent heat resistance and exhibits excellent characteristics when used as a separator for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery. A multilayer porous film which is obtained by laminating a coating layer that contains a filler and a resin binder on at least one surface of a polyolefin resin porous film that serves as a base layer.
Water-based amine curing agents for curable resin systems
The present disclosure relates to a water-based amine curing agent which is a reaction product obtained from the reaction of an aqueous epoxy resin dispersion and a polyamine component. The water-based amine curing agent may be used as part of a two component coating system in the curing of modified or unmodified liquid or pre-dispersed curable resin..
Heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, a package made thereof, and use of a resin in extrusion coating
The invention concerns a heat-sealable biodegradable packaging material, which comprises a fibrous substrate and one or more polymer coating layers extruded onto said substrate. According to the invention the packaging material includes at least one polymer coating layer containing polylactide and at least about 1 weight-% of terpene phenolic resin blended therewith.
Composite materials and articles comprising the same
The present invention disclosed a composite material comprising a core (10) sandwiched between two skins (15). Each of the skin (15) is a multiple layers skin comprising at least one layer of random discontinuous natural fiber sandwiched between layers of resin (25, 25″), glass fiber layers (30, 30″)..
Processing method for fiber material used to form biocomposite component
The present invention is directed to plant fiber-reinforced biocomposite thermoplastic and/or resin compositions and a method for reinforcing thermoplastic resins. The present invention provides a use for the cellulose portion of a plant material, which is the portion left over after processing the selected plant materials to separate the cellulose in a mechanical process that does not damage the internal molecular structure of the cellulose fraction, enabling the cellulose fraction to chemically bond with the thermoplastic resin to enhance the reinforcement of the resin or thermoplastic biocomposite composition..
Liquid crystalline composition with a metallic appearance
A polymer composition that contains a liquid crystalline polymer and a metallic pigment formed from metal particles and a carrier resin is provided. The polymer composition also contains an organophosphorous antioxidant that can help reduce the production of odorous compounds at high temperatures.
Peelable laminated film, peelable laminated film roll, manufacturing method thereof, film, optical film, polarizing plate, manufacturing method of polarizing plate and liquid crystal display device
Provided is a method for manufacturing a peelable laminated film including a layer a including cellulose ester and a layer b including a resin capable of a solution film-formation different from the cellulose ester, the layer a and the layer b having an adhesion of 5 n/cm or less, the method including: simultaneously or sequentially casting and laminating a dope a for forming the layer a, which includes cellulose ester and a solvent, and a dope b for forming the layer b, which includes a resin capable of a solution film-formation different from the cellulose ester and a solvent, on a casting support, peeling off a laminate of the dope a and the dope b from the casting support, and drying the laminate.. .
Apparatus for continuously extruding polymer resin
The present invention relates to an apparatus for continuously extruding polymer resin, and more particularly, to an apparatus for continuously extruding polymer resin melts in a direction parallel with a flow direction thereof, in which a lubricant injected through an oil injection port formed on an extrusion die flows along an inner circumferential surface of an extrusion path so as to move along with the polymer resin melts.. .
Dental compositions comprising a fatty mono(meth)acrylate
Presently described are dental compositions comprising one or more fatty mono(meth)acrylates, methods of use, dental articles, and methods of making dental compositions. It has been found that a relatively low concentration of a fatty mono(meth)acrylate can improve the handling characteristics of a dental composition by reducing the tendency of the composition to stick to a dental instrument and/or by reducing the tendency of a dental composition to string when being manipulated by a dental instrument.
Photosensitive resin composition for forming biochip, and biochip
It is intended to obtain a photosensitive resin composition that is capable of forming a highly fine pattern with a high aspect ratio while attaining the high adhesion of the pattern to a substrate, having low autofluorescence, and being exceedingly suitable for producing a biochip that causes exceedingly low damage on cultured cells. The photosensitive resin composition for forming a biochip of the present invention contains: an epoxy compound (a1) of a particular structure having an oxycyclohexane skeleton having an epoxy group; an epoxy compound (a2) of a particular structure which is a polyvalent carboxylic acid derivative having an epoxidized cyclohexenyl group; a cationic photoinitiator (b); and a solvent (c)..
Sliding member and bearing
The sliding member 1 constitutes a bearing having a cylindrical shape, an inner circumferential surface of which is a sliding layer 5 with an axis. In the sliding member 1, a porous layer 3 made of alloy material is formed on a surface of a metal base 2 and this porous layer 3 is covered by resin material 4 so that the sliding layer 5 is formed.
Light emitting device, lighting device
The light-emitting device includes a substrate and a plurality of light-emitting sections. A first light-emitting section is made up of led chips and a first fluorescent-substance-containing resin layer, and a second light-emitting section is made up of led chips and a second fluorescent-substance-containing resin layer.
Cover lay film and flexible printed wiring board
A cover lay film includes an electromagnetic wave shielding layer formed of a conductive material, a resistor layer having a greater surface resistance than the electromagnetic wave shielding layer, and an insulating resin layer provided between the electromagnetic wave shielding layer and the resistor layer, wherein a plurality of openings penetrating in a thickness direction of the electromagnetic wave shielding layer are provided in the electromagnetic wave shielding layer.. .
Liquid crystal display device, polarizing plate, and polarizer protection film
The invention provides a liquid crystal display device, as well as a polarizer and a protective film suitable for the liquid crystal display device. The liquid crystal display device comprises a backlight light source, two polarizers, and a liquid crystal cell disposed between the two polarizers; the backlight light source being a white light-emitting diode light source; each of the two polarizers comprising a polarizing film and protective films laminated on both sides of the polarizing film; at least one of the protective films being a polyester film having an adhesion-facilitating layer; the polyester film having a retardation of 3,000 to 30,000 nm; and the adhesion-facilitating layer comprising a polyester resin (a) and a polyvinyl alcohol resin (b)..
An electronic device including a core, at least a wire and a magnetic material is provided. The core includes a pillar, a top board and a bottom board.
Wire-wound inductor
A small wire-wound inductor has a drum-shaped core member constituted by an assembly of soft magnetic alloy grains, a coil conductive wire wound around the core member, a pair of terminal electrodes connected to the terminals of the coil conductive wire, and an outer sheath member covering the wound coil conductive wire and constituted by a magnetic powder-containing resin having a specified magnetic permeation ratio, wherein the soft magnetic alloy grains are fixedly bonded together via oxidized layers, and the core member contains 2 to 15 percent by weight of chromium (cr).. .
Thermoplastic resin composition for reflector, reflector plate, and light-emitting diode element
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector plate with which it is possible to obtain a molded article having excellent moldability, high mechanical strength, excellent heat resistance and a high reflectance that is stable over time, and it is possible to obtain a reflector plate with which there is little reduction in reflectance due to heating. The thermoplastic resin composition for a reflector of the invention comprises 30 to 80 weight % of a thermoplastic resin (a) having structural units containing carbonyl groups and a melting point or glass transition temperature of 250° c.
Seal ring
The objective of the present invention is to provide a seal ring having excellent dimensional stability and fitting properties with an opposing member, is able to effectively prevent leakage of oil even at very low hydraulic pressure, and also having excellent sliding properties. The seal ring is produced from a resin composition comprising (a) a poly(phthalamide) and (b) at least one component selected from among elastomers, crosslinked rubbers and dynamically crosslinked resins.
Phosphor sheet-forming resin composition
A phosphor sheet-forming resin composition uses a low-cost resin material having high light fastness and low visible light absorption and is capable of providing a phosphor sheet at low cost with deterioration of a phosphor due to moisture being suppressed. The phosphor sheet-forming resin composition contains a film-forming resin composition and a powdery phosphor that emits fluorescence when irradiated with excitation light.
Liquid coating compositions of polymer matrix resins with photochromic dyes and films made therefrom
In a third aspect, an ophthalmic lens includes a film, and the film includes a photochromic dye in a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix includes at least one allophanate or biuret group, and the at least one allophanate or biuret group includes a silane moiety..
Molded article of polyolefin-based resin expanded beads
An electrostatic dissipating molded article having a surface resistivity of 1×105 to 1×1010Ω and obtained by in-mold molding of multi-layered polyolefin-based resin expanded beads each having an polyolefin-based resin expanded core layer and a polyolefin-based resin cover layer which covers the polyolefin-based resin expanded core layer and which is formed from a polyolefin-based resin (a), a polymeric antistatic agent (b) of a block copolymer of a polyether block and a polyolefin block, and an electrically conductive carbon black (c), the components (a) to (c) being present in a specific proportion.. .
Easy-open container, manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing device thereof
In manufacturing an easy-open container (1), a flange (25) of a container body (2) and a lid (3) are heat-sealed, where a circular sealing board (7) having a curved surface on an inner circumferential edge and an inclined surface on an outer circumferential edge side is pressed onto an upper side of the flange (25) to form a swelling gathered resin part (6) formed of respective resin components of a surface layer (21) of the container body (2), a subsurface layer (22) adjacent to the surface layer (21) and a seal layer (31) of the lid (3), while heat-sealing the surface layer (21) of the container body (2) and the seal layer (31) of the lid (3). With the arrangement, the easy-open container (1) having both a high sealing performance and an easy-open performance can be provided with low cost..
Emi shielding material having improved delamination behavior
Disclosed herein are thermoplastic compositions that provide electromagnetic/radio frequency interference (emi/rfi) shielding characteristics to a molded article. The compositions offer improved delamination behavior.
Glass wiring board
A glass wiring board is provided that includes a glass substrate and a primer layer. The prime layer is disposed on the glass substrate and includes an intermediate layer and a copper plating layer disposed on the intermediate layer.
Method of developing subsurface barriers
A method and apparatus for construction of a subsurface barrier for the recovery of petroleum fluids from the subsurface by steam and/or solvent injection. Multiple propped vertical inclusions at various azimuths and depths are constructed from multiple wells so that the inclusions intersect and coalesce.
Multilayer structure, inner liner for pneumatic tire, and pneumatic tire
To provide a multilayer structure that may adhere to rubber material without the necessity of providing an adhesive layer, an inner liner and a pneumatic tire using the multilayer structure. According to the present invention, a multilayer structure 1 is formed by alternately laminating elastomer layers 3 containing thermoplastic elastomer and barrier layers 2 containing a gas barrier resin, wherein an outermost layer 4 laminated uppermost among layers constituting the multilayer structure 1 contains an elastomer component that may heat-adhere to diene rubber..
Multilayered polyolefin-based films having integrated backsheet and encapsulation performance comprising a layer comprising crystalline block copolymer composite or block copolymer composite
A multilayer film structure comprising a top encapsulation layer a, a tie layer b between top layer a and bottom layer c and a bottom layer c, the multilayer film structure characterized in that tie layer b comprises a crystalline block composite resin or a block composite resin and bottom layer c comprises a polyolefin having at least one melting point greater than 125° c.. .
Composite air cargo pallet
An air cargo pallet with a central panel created from a plurality of sandwiched layers, including a foam core disposed between an upper skin layer having a resin and fiber combination and a lower skin layer having a resin and fiber combination. The central panel is reinforced with additional fibers extending through the lower skin layer, the foam core and the upper skin layer.
Plasticizer, plasticizer composition, heat-resistant resin composition and method for preparing the same
Disclosed are a plasticizer that, when used for a heat-resistant resin composition, improves elongation retention, enhances aging resistance and heat resistance, and exhibits superior tensile strength, tensile strength retention, heating loss or the like before and after heating, thus contributing to enhancement in physical properties of the heat-resistant resin, a plasticizer composition, a heat-resistant resin composition and a method for preparing the same.. .
Gas generator and assembling method thereof
A metallic cup of constant inner diameter covering the igniter to define a charging chamber. The igniter assembly includes a main body, including an ignition portion and a electro-conductive pin integrated with a metallic collar by a resin.
Finger jewelry article
A finger jewelry article has a crown that covers the top or back of the finger. A cap or tip portion may have a hollow protuberance or nail portion.
Magnetic-lock panel mounting apparatus, systems and methods
Magnetic-lock panel mounting assemblies allow mounting, dismounting, and reconfiguration of decorative architectural resin panels relative to a support structure in a quick and efficient manner. The magnetic-lock panel mounting assemblies can include a housing, a locking pin, a locking sleeve, and one or more locking elements.
Method for producing liquid-ejection head
A method for producing a liquid-ejection head includes the steps of: forming molds on or above a substrate, the molds being used as molding members for forming liquid chambers; forming a flow-passage-forming member by depositing an inorganic material on or above the substrate and the molds by chemical vapor deposition, the flow-passage-forming member having depressed portions each formed in an area between an adjacent pair of liquid-chamber side walls in which the molds are not formed; forming a photosensitive resin layer by depositing a photosensitive resin on the flow-passage-forming member and in the depressed portions; forming filling members in the depressed portions by grinding the photosensitive resin layer until the upper surface of an orifice plate is exposed; after grinding the photosensitive resin layer, forming ejection ports in the flow-passage-forming member; and, after forming the ejection ports, removing the molds.. .
Electronic component mounting method, electronic component placement machine, and electronic component mounting system
An electronic component mounting method including the steps of: providing a first electronic component having a principal surface provided with a plurality of bumps; providing a substrate having a placement area provided with a plurality of first electrodes corresponding to the plurality of bumps; applying flux to the plurality of bumps; applying flux to at least one of the first electrodes adjacent to at least one reinforcement position set on a peripheral portion of the placement area; dispensing a thermosetting resin onto the reinforcement position, and at least partially coating the first electrode adjacent to the reinforcement position, with the thermosetting resin; placing the first electronic component on the substrate such that the bumps land on the corresponding first electrodes, and thus bringing the thermosetting resin into contact with a peripheral edge portion of the first electronic component; and heating the substrate with the first electronic component placed thereon.. .
Non-destructive test inspection method for evaluating thermal degradation of bismaleimide resin
A non-destructive method for determining an amount of temperature exposure to a bismaleimide resin (bmi) matrix substrate, the method includes determining component data of a bismaleimide resin (bmi) matrix component via fourier transform infrared (ftir) spectroscopy; correlating the component data to model data to determine a structural debit from temperature exposure; and bounding a structurally damaged area in response to the correlating.. .

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