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Date/App# patent app List of recent Resin-related patents
 Triphenyl monomers suitable for microstructured optical films patent thumbnailTriphenyl monomers suitable for microstructured optical films
Optical films are described having a polymerized microstructured surface that comprises the reaction product of a polymerizable resin composition comprising at least one polymerizable ethylenically unsaturated triphenyl monomer. Also described are certain triphenyl (meth)acrylate monomers and polymerizable resin compositions..
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Method for producing polyester resin patent thumbnailMethod for producing polyester resin
The present invention provides a method for producing a polyester resin comprising dicarboxylic acid units and diol units, wherein at least a portion of the diol units is a diol unit having a cyclic acetal skeleton, the method comprising specific steps (1) to (4-2).. .
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
 Preparation  polyester resin patent thumbnailPreparation polyester resin
The present invention provides a polyester resin including: moieties of dicarboxylic acid components including terephthalic acid; and moieties of diol components including isosorbide, a cyclohexanedimethanol, and the balance of other diol compounds. The polyester resin contains a zinc-based catalyst and a phosphorus-based stabilizer.
Sk Chemicals Co., Ltd.
 Benzoxazine resin composition, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material patent thumbnailBenzoxazine resin composition, prepreg, and fiber-reinforced composite material
The embodiments herein relate to a benzoxazine resin composition, a prepreg, and a carbon fiber-reinforced composite material. More specifically, the embodiments herein relate to a benzoxazine resin composition that provides a carbon fiber-reinforced composite material that is suitable for use as a manufacture material due to its superior mechanical strength in extreme use environments, such as high temperature and high moisture, as well as a prepreg, and a carbon fiber-reinforced composite material.
Toray Composites (america), Inc.
 Fluoropolymer resin treatment employing oxidizing agent to reduce discoloration patent thumbnailFluoropolymer resin treatment employing oxidizing agent to reduce discoloration
Exposing the fluoropolymer resin in wet or dry form to oxidizing agent.. .
 Enhanced escr bimodal rotomolding resin patent thumbnailEnhanced escr bimodal rotomolding resin
The present disclosure provides a resin suitable for use in rotational molding having an environmental stress crack resistance of greater than 1000 hours. The resin has a density from 0.937 to 0.942 g/cm3, a melt index i2 determined according to astm d 1238 (2.16 kg/190° c.−i2) from 4.0 to 7.0 g/10 min, an i21 determined according to astm d 1238 (21.6 kg/190° c.−i21) from 160 to 200 g/10 min, an i21/i2 from 30 to 40 and a terminal vinyl unsaturation greater than 0.06, per 1000 carbon atoms; and a primary structure parameter (psp2) of from 4 to 7, and an overall mw/mn from 2.7 to 3.5 comprising from 2 to 5 weight % of one or more c4-8 alpha olefin comonomers..
Nova Chemicals (international) S.a.
 Polycarbonate resin and transparent film comprising the same patent thumbnailPolycarbonate resin and transparent film comprising the same
The present invention relates to a transparent film obtained by molding a polycarbonate resin composition comprising a specific weight of (a) a polycarbonate resin containing (a) a specific structural unit and (b) a specific structural unit, and a specific weight of (b) a resin having a composition different from that of the polycarbonate resin (a), with a specific absolute value of the difference in the glass transition temperature between the resin (b) and the polycarbonate resin (a) and a specific absolute value of the difference in the refractive index, wherein in the transparent film, the ratio of the retardation measured at a wavelength of 450 nm to the retardation measured at a wavelength of 550 nm satisfies a specific formula.. .
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
 Process for producing coalesced rubber microparticles and their blends with epoxy resins patent thumbnailProcess for producing coalesced rubber microparticles and their blends with epoxy resins
An epoxy resin is blended with the particles and residual methanol removed, to obtain a blend containing coalesced rubber particles having an average particle size of 5-50 microns in the blended state.. .
 Method for preparing vinyl chloride-based resin by using suspension polymerization patent thumbnailMethod for preparing vinyl chloride-based resin by using suspension polymerization
Disclosed is a method of preparing a vinyl based polymer and copolymer comprising a vinyl chloride based polymer and copolymer using suspension polymerization to prevent forming by elevating slowly reaction temperature such that pressure is maintained when pressure drops in the late stages of reaction. According to the method, the vinyl chloride based resin is prepared using suspension polymerizing vinyl chloride based monomers so as to reduce foaming and improve a protrusion, thermal stability and the like..
Lg Chem, Ltd.
 Matte clear coating composition patent thumbnailMatte clear coating composition
The present invention provides a matte clear coating composition comprising: a paint resin having a refractive index of about 1.48-1.50 and a specific gravity of about 1.1-1.2; and an organic resin having a refractive index that differs from the paint resin's refractive index by about 0-0.02 and from the specific gravity by about 0-0.2. The matte clear coating composition has good storage stability, minimized hiding of the base color by the matting agent, and improved physical properties, including adhesion and water resistance properties..
Hyundai Motor Company

Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition

The present disclosure provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition, which comprises the following components based on weight percentage: 0.1-15% of a fluorosiloxane, 1-30% of a polyacrylic resin, 0.1-15% of a silane coupler, 33-98% of an organic solvent, and 0.05-15% of an acid. By combining the polyacrylic resin and the fluorosiloxane which exhibits hydrophobic property, the present composition not only provides good hydrophobic property but also ensures durable hydrophobic property of the coating with the help of good adhesion of polyacrylic resin.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Polyester resin for antifouling coating material, producing same, antifouling coating material composition, antifouling coating film, and antifouling base

The polyester resin for an antifouling coating material is obtained by reacting a (a) trihydric or greater alcohol, a (b) dibasic acid or its anhydride and a (c) divalent alcohol, and then further reacting with an (d) alicyclic dibasic acid or its anhydride.. .

Method for producing thermoplastic resin composition

Provided is a thermoplastic resin composition having high flame resistance and high fluidity during injection molding, and improved impact resistance in a molded article. A method for producing a thermoplastic resin composition, the method including the step (1) of obtaining a polyester resin mixture by melt-kneading 50 to 80 parts by weight of crystalline polyester resin and 20 to 50 parts by weight of amorphous polyester resin with an extruder, and the step (2) of mixing the polyester resin mixture, a polycarbonate resin, a flame retardant, a dripping inhibitor and a toughening agent, wherein the cylinder temperature of the extruder is 250 to 280° c..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Polyester-based fiber for artificial hair and hair ornament product including the same

A polyester-based fiber for artificial hair of the present invention is a polyester-based fiber for artificial hair formed of a polyester resin composition. The polyester resin composition contains 5 to 40 parts by weight of a brominated epoxy flame retardant and 0.05 to 5 parts by weight of an acidic compound with respect to 100 parts by weight of a polyester resin.
Kaneka Corporation

Polyarylene sulfide resin composition and a preparation method thereof

The present invention relates to a polyarylene sulfide resin composition having excellent impact resistance in which a polyarylene sulfide resin having a specific end group, an epoxy-containing olefin-based elastomer, and/or an organic or inorganic filler are included, and a preparation method thereof.. .
Sk Chemicals Co.,ltd.

Low viscosity epoxy resins and low voc curable formulations therefrom

The present invention provides methods of making a low viscosity c15 alkenyl group containing diglycidyl ether composition comprising at least partially distilling a mixture of one or more c15 alkenyl group containing monoglycidyl ether and one or more c15 alkenyl group containing diglycidyl ether in the presence of a free radical inhibitor to remove at least some of the c15 alkenyl group containing monoglycidyl ether. The methods enable high solids, low viscosity epoxy resins from a renewable source.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Composition to preserve insulations and sealants and method

The present invention is generally directed toward the preservation of insulations and sealants and more particularly to the protection of insulation and sealant products against insect attack through the use of inorganic borates. The present invention includes a polymer-based formulation derived from the reaction of an isocyanate component and a resin component.

Synthesis of sequestration resins for water treatment in light water reactors

A sequestration resin for nuclear reactor coolant cleanup and for aqueous liquid radioactive waste cleanup that can irreversibly remove cobalt ion during reactor operation or during radioactive waste processing so as to deplete the coolant or liquid of a significant fraction of dose-causing radiocobalt is disclosed. The sequestration resin is configured to remove cobalt derived radioactivity in aqueous solutions and includes a sulfonic acid based polymer resin covalently coupled to an amine based ligand by a sulfonamide linkage.
Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.

Stretchable coated fabric and process for producing same

A stretchable coated fabric is treated for water repellency with a fluorinated water repellent that comprises a copolymer containing a perfluoroalkyl group with six or less carbon atoms (c6 fluorinated water repellent). The use of no c8 fluorinated water repellents that contain perfluorooctanoic acid, perfluorooctane sulfonate, and the like makes the fabric exerts no influence on the environment.
Seiren Co., Ltd.

Resin composition for printed circuit board

A resin composition comprises a polyimide resin, a thermosetting resin, and a filler, the polyimide resin containing a first repeat unit represented by formula (i) and a second repeat unit represented by formula (iii), wherein the ratio of the second repeat unit to the polyimide resin is between 5 and 80 mol %.. .
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Wafer processing method

A wafer processing method for dividing a wafer into individual devices along a plurality of crossing division lines, including a frame preparing step of preparing a frame having a plurality of crossing partitions corresponding to the division lines of the wafer, a resin covering step of spreading a resin powder on the wafer and positioning the partitions of the frame in alignment with the division lines, thereby covering with the resin powder the regions of the wafer other than the regions corresponding to the division lines, a masking step of melting and curing the resin powder supplied to the wafer processed by the resin covering step and next removing the frame, thereby masking the regions other than the regions corresponding to the division lines, and an etching step of plasma-etching the wafer processed by the masking step to thereby divide the wafer into the individual devices along the division lines.. .
Disco Corporation

Method of patterning a base layer

A method of making a structure having a patterned a base layer and useful in the fabrication of optical and electronic devices including bioelectronic devices includes, in one embodiment, the steps of: a) providing a layer of a radiation-sensitive resin; b) exposing the layer of radiation-sensitive resin to patterned radiation to form a base layer precursor having a first pattern of exposed radiation-sensitive resin and a second pattern of unexposed radiation-sensitive resin; c) providing a layer of fluoropolymer in a third pattern over the base layer precursor to form a first intermediate structure; d) treating the first intermediate structure to form a second intermediate structure; and e) selectively removing either the first or second pattern of resin by contacting the second intermediate structure with a resin developing agent, thereby forming the patterned base layer. The method is capable of providing multilayer articles having almost any shape at high resolution without the need for expensive or damaging mechanical or laser cutting..
Bioflex Devices

Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device

The method for manufacturing the semiconductor light emitting device includes steps of forming a plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions on a substrate, forming a recess portion between the plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions on a surface of the substrate, disposing a light reflective sealing resin on the substrate to cover the plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions with the sealing resin and to fill the recess portion with a part of the sealing resin that covers the plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions, removing the substrate, disposing a light transmissive resin on surfaces of the plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions where the substrate has been removed, and dividing the plurality of semiconductor light emitting element regions into individual pieces, wherein the recess portion includes a first recess portion and one or more second recess portions shallower than the first recess portion.. .
Nichia Corporation

Immobilized cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase and preparation method and uses thereof

Disclosed in the present invention are an immobilized cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase and a preparation method and use thereof. The cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase is immobilized on a carrier; the cycloaliphatic peptide acyltransferase is derived from natural or artificial mutants or variants thereof, or can be obtained by introducing a foreign cyclic acyltransferase gene and transforming thereafter; the material of the carrier is selected from an inorganic carrier or a polypropylene resin carrier.
Shanghai Techwell Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Flexible optical film material and simulating one of a multiplicity of opthalmic conditions representative of a disease state

A flexible, yet self-supporting, optical film processed to include at least one curable resin cured on selected areas thereof. The processed film is useful in a method for simulating one of a multiplicity of opthalmic conditions representative of a disease state or vision disorder.

Electrostatic charge image developing toner and producing electrostatic charge image developing toner

An electrostatic charge image developing toner contains a plurality of toner particles. Each of the toner particles includes a toner core containing a binder resin and a shell layer coating the toner core.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Yellow toner

The present invention provides a yellow toner having excellent light resistance. The yellow toner includes toner particles, each of which contains a binder resin, a wax, and a colorant.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, using the same, pattern forming method, manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device

There is provided an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition comprising: (a) a resin containing a repeating unit represented by the first specific formula and a repeating unit represented by the second specific formula, wherein the content of the repeating unit represented by the first specific formula is 35 mol % or more based on all repeating units in the resin (a), a resist film formed using the actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Pattern forming method, and, electronic device producing method and electronic device, each using the same

A pattern forming method includes: (a) forming a first film on a substrate using an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition (i) containing a resin of which solubility in a developer containing an organic solvent decreases due to polarity increased by an action of an acid; (b) exposing the first film; (c) developing the exposed first film using a developer containing an organic solvent to form a first negative pattern; (e) forming a second film on the substrate using an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition (ii) containing a resin of which solubility in a developer containing an organic solvent decreases due to polarity increased by an action of an acid; (f) exposing the second film; and (g) developing the exposed second film using a developer containing an organic solvent to form a second negative pattern in this order.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Battery sealing member

A battery sealing member: has a power generating element, a case body member, a case lid member, and an electrode terminal member having an insert-through part inserted in a through-hole provided in the case lid member. The electrode terminal member is electrically connected to the power generating element.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Electricity storage module

An electricity storage module includes a plurality of electricity storage cells, a plurality of holders, first and second end plates, and a fastening frame. The plurality of holders are stacked in a stacking direction together with the plurality of electricity storage cells to provide a stack.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Multilayer film, exterior material for secondary battery, secondary battery, and electronic device

A novel multilayer film, a multilayer film suitable for an exterior material for a secondary battery, or a multilayer film that can be favorably used for a secondary battery suitable for a portable information terminal is provided. At least a metal layer and a resin layer are stacked as the multilayer film.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Adhesive for packaging materials, and packaging material

Disclosed is an adhesive for packaging materials being in a form of an aqueous dispersion including an acid-modified polyolefin resin containing a (meth)acrylic acid ester component, polyvinyl alcohol and an aqueous medium, wherein the content of polyvinyl alcohol is 0.1 to 10 parts by mass in relation to 100 parts by mass of the acid-modified polyolefin resin. Also disclosed is a packaging material using the adhesive wherein a barrier layer, an adhesive layer formed of a coating film obtained from the adhesive, and a sealant layer are laminated in this order..
Unitika Ltd.

Refinish coating system and repairing automotive resin glazing

A refinish coating system comprising (i) an intermediate coating composition and (ii) a topcoat coating composition is useful for repairing a damage area of a silicone hard coat layer on an automotive resin glazing substrate. The intermediate coating composition (i) comprises (a) a reactive siloxane compound and (b) silica.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Adhesive, and transparent substrate using same

A content of the thermosetting monomer (c) is from 5 parts by weight to 50 parts by weight with respect to 100 parts by weight of the thermoplastic resin (b).. .

Method for producing an adjustment spacer

A method for producing an adjustment shim includes preparing a liquid solution of a non-polymerized resin and a solvent; coating sheets of metal with the liquid solution so as to form a film of resin on at least one face of each of the sheets of metal; stacking the metal sheets so that two adjacent sheets of metal are separated by the film of resin; and curing the resin films in the stack of metal sheets, for a predefined time period, at a temperature higher than a degradation or burning temperature of the resin.. .

Adhesive tape for use with paints having low or no volatile organic compounds

An adhesive tape comprising a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, and an adhesive applied to the top or the bottom surface of the substrate. The adhesive comprises a tackifying resin.
Shurtape Technologies, Llc

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is a sandwich type steel sheet having low specific gravity and high stiffness which may be applied to an exterior plate of a vehicle and the like, which require excellent strength, dent resistance and the like. Further, a method of manufacturing the sandwich type steel sheet having a low specific gravity and high stiffness is also disclosed.
Hyundai Motor Company

Organic-inorganic composite resin, coating composition containing the same and application thereof

The present invention provides an organic-inorganic composite resin, which is derived from: (a) an inorganic portion comprising (a1) one or more siloxane monomers of formula (r1)nsi(or2)4-n, wherein r1, r2 and n are as defined in the specification; (a2) an acidic catalyst, (a3) silica, and (a4) a siloxane oligomer; and (b) an organic portion comprising (b1) one ore more acrylic monomers; wherein the weight ratio of the inorganic portion to the organic portion ranges from 2:8 to 8:2. The present invention also provides a coating composition comprising the aforementioned organic-inorganic composite resin and a hardener.
Eternal Materials Co., Ltd.

Anti-powdering and anti-static polymer film for digital printing

A coated polymer film, such as a coated polyester film, is disclosed. In one embodiment, the coated film may be used as a substrate for digital printing.
Mitsubishi Polyester Film, Inc.

Resin foam and foam material

A resin foam having excellent dustproofness not only at ordinary temperatures but also particularly at high temperatures as well as having excellent flexibility. The resin foam has a thickness recovery ratio at high temperatures as defined below of not less than 25%, an average cell diameter of 10 to 200 μm, and a maximum cell diameter of not more than 300 μm, wherein the thickness recovery ratio at high temperatures is defined as follows: a resin foam in a sheet form is compressed, in an atmosphere of 80° c., for 22 hours in a thickness direction so as to have a thickness of 20% of the initial thickness; then, the compression state is released in an atmosphere of 23° c.; and a ratio of a thickness 24 hours after the release of the compression state to the initial thickness is defined as the thickness recovery ratio at high temperatures..
Nitto Denko Corporation

Nanoparticle finish for mineral and carbon fibers

A method and product for creating a customizable fabric for specific end-use composites is provided. This method includes creating a three-dimensional matrix on woven fabrics, such as glass or carbon fiber fabrics via the addition of nanoparticles and a coupling agent; and, attaching a functional group compatible to specific resins dependent upon end use.

Heat-resistant resin composite, producing same, and non-woven fabric for heat-resistant resin composite

Provided is a heat-resistant resin composite excellent in heat resistance and bending properties. This heat-resistant resin composite is constituted of a matrix resin and reinforcing fibers dispersed in the matrix resin.
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Resin composition, metal foil provided with resin layer, metal clad laminate, and printed wiring board

To achieve the object, the resin composition used for constituting a resin layer on a metal layer surface of a laminate includes a polyphenylene ether compound and 10 parts by mass to 100 parts by mass of a styrene-butadiene block copolymer and 0.1 parts by mass to 100 parts by mass of a component promoting solubility with desmear solution against 100 parts by mass of the polyphenylene ether compound.. .

Metal-base printed circuit board

A highly thermally conductive printed circuit board prevents electrochemical migration by inhibiting elution of copper ions. The printed circuit board is a metal-base printed circuit board including a metal base plate having an insulating resin layer and a copper foil layer stacked thereon in this order.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Method of treating surface of metal base metallic material treated by the surface treatment method and coating the metallic material

A metal surface treatment method for a metal base material in order to improve the uniformity of a cathodic electrodeposition coating film, the method including: a surface treatment step for forming a chemical conversion film on a metal base material by contacting the metal base material with a metal surface treatment composition including zirconium and/or titanium ions and an adhesive imparting agent characterized in being at least one selected from the group consisting of (a) silicon-containing compound, (b) adhesive imparting metal ion, and (c) adhesive imparting resin; and a heating/drying step to heat and dry the metal base material, on which the chemical conversion film is formed, at 60° c. To 190° c.
Nippon Paint Co., Ltd.

Decorative coverings

A decorative fabricated covering includes a first piece of vinyl. A first ink layer is printed on the first piece of vinyl and a textured layer is printed on top of the first ink layer.
Artscape, Inc.

Radio-wave transparent cover and manufacturing radio-wave transparent cover

A radio-wave transparent cover is adapted to be arranged on a radio wave path of a radar device. The radio-wave transparent cover includes a transparent member, a decorative layer, a base, and a suppression member.
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Variable interlayer laminate panels and methods of forming the same

A variable interlayer laminate panel can include resin material derived from other resin panels, enabling use of waste trimmings from the manufacture of the other resin panels. Implementations therefore enable manufacturers to produce high-fashion but waste conscious resin panels that have a high degree of recycled content.
3form, Inc.

Polycarbonate resin composition and molded article including the same

Wherein r1 is a c6 to c30 hydrocarbon group; m is an alkali or alkali earth metal; and n is 1 or 2.. .

High-pressure gas hose or storage vessel

Disclosed is a high-pressure gas hose or storage vessel comprising at least one layer of a resin composition comprising (a) 1,2-diol in a side chain-containing vinyl alcohol-based resin, and (b) fluororesin having polar functional group capable of reacting with or forming hydrogen bond(s) with hydroxyl group. The gas-barrier layer comprising the resin composition has a favorable wettability of the interface between the component (a) and the component (b), and therefore the gas-barrier layer exhibits high level gas-barrier property without causing blister under the condition of high pressure of not only oxygen or air but also small molecule gas such as hydrogen.
The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Heat-insulating wall, and heat-insulating housing and producing the same

A heat-insulating housing (21) includes: a wall body; and an open-cell resin body (4) of thermosetting resin with which a heat-insulating space formed by the wall body is filled by integral foaming, the open-cell resin body including: a plurality of cells (47); a cell film portion (42); a cell skeleton portion (43); a first through-hole (44) formed so as to extend through the cell film portion; and a second through-hole (45) formed so as to extend through the cell skeleton portion, wherein the plurality of cells communicate with one another through the first through-hole and the second through-hole.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Resin production method and resin production apparatus

Provided is a resin production method in which a mold release force applied between a mold and a curable resin is reduced in a resin production method using a nano-imprint method. The resin production method includes an arrangement step of arranging a curable composition (1) on a substrate (2); a contacting step of bringing a mold (3) into contact with the curable composition (1); a curable composition curing step of curing the curable composition (1) by irradiating the curable composition (1) with a radiation or heating the curable composition (1) while keeping the curable composition (1) in contact with the mold (3); a tensile stress generation step of generating a tensile stress (6) in a direction of spacing the substrate (2) and the mold (3) away from each other to such a degree that the mold (3) and the curable composition (1) are not spaced away from each other when the curable composition (1) is cured; and a mold release step of releasing the curable composition (1) and the mold (3) from each other..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Waterproof coating application

A coating comprises a resin solution including a solution of neoprene latex and liquid asphalt emulsion and an accelerator solution including an aqueous solution of zinc sulfate powder and water. A spray system for applying the coating includes a spray gun having first and second nozzles, a first pump fluidly connected between the first nozzle and a resin solution reservoir for delivering the resin solution to the first nozzle at a first fluid pressure, and a second pump fluidly connected between the second nozzle and an accelerator solution reservoir for delivering the accelerator solution to the second nozzle at a second fluid pressure different from the first pressure.
Harco Americas, Inc.

Fuel cell separator and manufacturing same

A separator is provided that has a metal substrate and a conductive resin layer on the surface of the metal substrate. The conductive resin layer contains a resin and a conductive substance dispersed in the resin.
Toyota Shatai Kabushiki Kaisha

Three-dimensional modeling head and three-dimensional modeling device

According to an embodiment, a three-dimensional modeling head includes a heat insulating member, a light emitter, a cylindrical member, and a light absorbing member. The heat insulating member has a sealed space therein with a curved wall surface that reflects light.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Fast curing cosmetic compositions for tack free surface photocuring of radically polymerizable resins with uv-led

Disclosed herein are cosmetic compositions comprising (a) at least one ethylenically unsaturated polymerizable compound and (b) at least one photoinitiator system comprising at least one photoinitiator having at least one absorption wavelength greater than about 350 nm. Also disclosed herein are methods of making up and/or enhancing the appearance of a keratinous substrate comprising (1) forming at least one film on the keratinous substrate by applying said cosmetic composition to the keratinous substrate and (2) exposing the film to uv-led radiation..

Turbine engine stator wall covered in an abradable coating

An annular turbine engine stator portion including a structural support provided in succession with a bonding underlayer and with an abradable coating formed by a resin filled with microbeads, the bonding underlayer for fastening the abradable coating to the structural support being formed by fiber reinforcement made of long fibers having a peripheral portion of the reinforcement that is secured to the structural support and having a central portion thereof that is impregnated with the resin filled with microbeads while the abradable coating is being fastened to the structural support.. .

Belt,transfer belt, transfer belt unit, and image formation apparatus

A belt formed of a single resin layer and having cavities within the resin layer. The belt may be a transfer belt that is arranged opposed to an image carrier which carries a developer image on a surface, and in which the developer image is transferred thereon from the image carrier..
Oki Data Corporation

Image forming apparatus

An image forming apparatus, including: a plurality of image forming units arranged to align along a direction orthogonal to rotation axes of photosensitive drums; a first frame made of resin and arranged on one side of the photosensitive drums along the direction of rotation axes to support the plurality of image forming units; a first beam made of metal, formed in an elongated shape longitudinally along a direction to intersect with the aligning direction, and arranged along and fixed to a planar face of the first frame; and a second beam formed in an elongated shape extending along the aligning direction, arranged along the planar face of the first frame to intersect with the first beam, and fixed to the planar face of the first frame, is provided. Rigidity of the first beam is higher than rigidity of the second beam..
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device

A purpose is to obtain a frequency characteristic of a good sound pressure. To achieve the purpose, an acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a piezoelectric element (exciter), a flat vibrating body, and a resin layer.
Kyocera Corporation

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