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Resin patents


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 Entry sheet for drilling patent thumbnailEntry sheet for drilling
The present invention provides an entry sheet for drilling which provides higher hole position accuracy than that of a conventional entry sheet for drilling. The present invention provides an entry sheet for drilling, including a metal foil, and a layer including a resin composition and formed on at least one surface of the metal foil, wherein the resin composition includes a resin and tungsten disulfide as a solid lubricant, and the content of the tungsten disulfide included in the resin composition is 10 parts by mass to 200 parts by mass based on 100 parts by mass of the resin included in the resin composition..
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

 Rotating electrical machine connection component and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailRotating electrical machine connection component and manufacturing the same
A rotating electrical machine connection component includes a plurality of linear conductors, and a first molded resin portion that covers portions of the plurality of linear conductors and connects the plurality of linear conductors to each other. Each of the plurality of linear conductors includes a first straight portion extending out of the first molded resin portion in a direction parallel to a rotational axis of the rotor and connected to the terminal block, a second straight portion extending out of the first molded resin portion in a different direction from the first straight portion and a bent portion bent between the first and second straight portions.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Printed circuit board insulation structure for electronic device patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board insulation structure for electronic device
A printed circuit board is fixed to a resin insulation plate by using a first metal screw, and a metal casing is fixed to the resin insulation plate by using a second metal screw. The cuboid insulation plate is arranged to match the shapes of the long sides of the printed circuit board and the metal casing necessary for screw fixation.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

 Terminal block connection structure for rotary electric machine patent thumbnailTerminal block connection structure for rotary electric machine
A terminal block connection structure for a rotary electric machine includes: a plurality of power lines configured such that respective first end portions are joined to stator coils of a plurality of phases of the rotary electric machine; terminal metal fittings provided in respective second end portions of the plurality of power lines; a terminal block to which the terminal metal fittings are fixed by respective fastening members; and a resin member integrated with an end part of at least one of the terminal metal fittings relative on an opposite side to the power lines across its corresponding fastening member. The terminal block is configured such that a plurality of power-source lines is connected to the terminal block and the terminal metal fittings are fixed to the terminal block by the respective fastening members so that the plurality of power lines is connected to the plurality of power-source lines, respectively..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Chip antenna patent thumbnailChip antenna
Provided is a chip antenna (1), including: an antenna pattern (3) formed through bending a conductive plate into a three-dimensional shape, the antenna pattern including an antenna part (31) and a terminal part (32) electrically connected to a circuit substrate (10); and a base body (2) formed through injection molding a resin with the antenna pattern (3) serving as an insert component, in which the base body (2) includes: a rectangular plate-like top wall (21) holding the antenna part (31) on a surface thereof; and a rectangular plate-like vertical wall (22) provided upright along a long-side direction of the top wall (21) with one end (upper end) thereof in a short-side direction being connected to the top wall (21) and with another end (lower end) thereof in the short-side direction holding the terminal part (32).. .
Ntn Corporation

 Peristaltic pump for traction battery thermal management system patent thumbnailPeristaltic pump for traction battery thermal management system
A battery assembly may include an array of battery cells, a conduit system, and an emitter. The conduit system delivers coolant for thermally communicating with the array and defines a channel with a flexible wall having dielectric particles.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Bus bar module and  producing bus bar module patent thumbnailBus bar module and producing bus bar module
A bus bar module includes: a plurality of linear conductors disposed in parallel at predetermined intervals; a belt-form flat conductor disposed adjacent to the linear conductors and extending in an axial direction of the linear conductors; and an insulating resin portion that integrally covers outer peripheral portions of the plurality of linear conductors and one side edge portion of the flat conductor, the one side edge portion being adjacent to the linear conductors. A tensile strength of the flat conductor and the insulating resin portion is not less than 50 n/mm2..
Yazaki Corporation

 Display panel and production method therefor patent thumbnailDisplay panel and production method therefor
A display panel including an el panel unit, a cf panel unit, and a sealing resin layer. In the el panel, a surface of a sealing layer has a non-flat surface as a whole in a z-axis direction, with recess portions at light-emitting areas corresponding to regions between banks and protrusion portions at non-light-emitting areas corresponding to tops of the banks.
Joled Inc.

 Organic electroluminescent element and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent element and manufacturing same
An organic electroluminescent element contains, on a base, at least a pair of electrodes that are arranged so as to face each other and a group of organic function layers including a light emitting layer, the group of organic function layers being held between the pair of electrodes. The base is a resin base having a thickness within the range of 3-50 μm, and the resin base-side electrode is a transparent positive electrode that is mainly composed of silver and has a thickness within the range of 2-20 nm..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

 Multiple-surface imposition vapor deposition mask patent thumbnailMultiple-surface imposition vapor deposition mask
A method for producing a multiple-surface imposition vapor deposition mask that enhances definition and reduces weight even when a size is increased. Each of multiple masks in an open space in a frame is configured by a metal mask having a slit, and a resin mask that is positioned on a front surface of the metal mask and has openings corresponding to a pattern to be produced by vapor deposition arranged by lengthwise and crosswise in a plurality of rows.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Method of manufacturing light-emitting device

A method of manufacturing a light-emitting device includes providing a resin sheet that includes a lattice-patterned reflective material-containing portion and film-shaped phosphor-containing portions covering lattice openings of the reflective material-containing portion, placing the resin sheet on a substrate mounting a plurality of light-emitting elements such that each of the plurality of light-emitting elements is surrounded by the reflective material-containing portion and is covered on the top with the phosphor-containing portion, after placing the resin sheet on the substrate, softening the resin sheet by heating such that the phosphor-containing portions are adhered to the respective upper surfaces of the plurality of light-emitting elements and the reflective material-containing portion or the phosphor-containing portions is/are adhered to the side surfaces of the plurality of light-emitting elements, and curing the resin sheet and then cutting the substrate and the resin sheet to singulate individual light-emitting devices.. .
Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus, including an encapsulating step of collectively encapsulating a device mounting surface of a substrate having semiconductor devices mounted thereon with a base-attached encapsulant having a base and a thermosetting resin layer formed on one surface of the base, the semiconductor devices being mounted by flip chip bonding, the encapsulating step including a unifying stage of unifying the substrate having the semiconductor devices mounted thereon and the base-attached encapsulant under a reduced pressure condition with a vacuum of 10 kpa or less, and a pressing stage of pressing the unified substrate with a pressure of 0.2 mpa or more.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Lead frame and semiconductor device

A semiconductor device includes a lead frame; a semiconductor chip mounted on the lead frame; and an encapsulation resin, wherein a convexo-concave portion including a plurality of concave portions is provided at a covered portion of the lead frame that is covered by the encapsulation resin, wherein the planer shape of each of the concave portions is a circle, the diameter of which is greater than or equal to 0.020 mm and less than or equal to 0.060 mm, or a polygon, the diameter of whose circumcircle is greater than or equal to 0.020 mm and less than or equal to 0.060 mm, and wherein a ratio s/s0 is greater than or equal to 1.7 where “s” is a surface area of the convexo-concave portion that is formed at a flat surface whose surface area is “s0”.. .
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor device manufacturing method

A pressing unit including a pressing pin is attached to a mold, a semiconductor chip, first and second heat sinks, and solders are disposed in a cavity of the mold, a mold closing state is made, and a reflow is carried out in a state where the first and second heat sinks are pressed against first and second wall surfaces by the pressing pin to form a laminated body. After the laminated body is formed, the pressing pin is pulled out from the cavity, and a resin molded body is formed by injecting a resin..
Denso Corporation

Electronic component

An electronic component of the present invention includes a resin case, and a terminal that is partially exposed from the resin case. Also, a first side surface along a protruding direction of the terminal includes a first plated surface and a first non-plated surface, and the first non-plated surface extends from a part of an upper end of the first side surface to a part of a lower end of the first side surface.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Soft magnetic resin composition and soft magnetic film

The soft magnetic resin composition contains soft magnetic particles, epoxy resin, phenol resin, and acrylic resin. The soft magnetic particle content relative to the soft magnetic resin composition is 60 vol % or more.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Solenoid valve for hydraulic control

The present disclosure provides a solenoid valve for hydraulic control. The solenoid valve includes a spool valve and a linear solenoid.
Denso Corporation

Reinforcing tape for flat cable and flat cable

Provided are reinforcing tape for a flat cable, which can maintain sufficient adhesive force for a long time in a high-temperature, high-humidity environment, and a flat cable that uses this reinforcing tape for a flat cable. The present invention provides a reinforcing tape for a flat cable, the reinforcing tape including a base layer containing a resin as a main component, and an adhesive layer stacked on one side of the base layer, in which the adhesive layer contains a thermoplastic resin and a polycarbodiimide compound, and the polycarbodiimide compound contains an isocyanate group.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Liquid electrophotographic varnish composition

Herein is disclosed a liquid electrophotographic varnish composition comprising: a polymer resin; an epoxy-based cross-linking agent; a metal catalyst and/or a photo-initiator for catalysing the cross-linking; and a carrier liquid.. .
Hewlett-packard Indigo B.v.

Toner, toner housing unit, image forming apparatus, and image forming method

A toner includes a binder resin. Particles of a metal complex or a salt of an aromatic carboxylic acid derivative having a number-average particle diameter of from 0.2 μm to 1.0 μm are present on the surface of the toner.

Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive resin film using the same and color filter

A photosensitive resin composition, a photosensitive resin film, and a color filter, the composition including a binder resin; a dye consisting of a cation and an anion; a photopolymerizable compound; a photopolymerization initiator, and a solvent, wherein the dye is included in an amount of about 15 wt % to about 40 wt % based on a total weight of a photosensitive resin composition, and wherein the cation is represented by chemical formula 1:. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Mass spectrometry organic acid, analytical column and analytical device

A mass spectrometry method by a liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer that can detect an organic acid with high sensitivity by retaining, separating and eluting the organic acid without adding any nonvolatile substance to a mobile phase and without receiving any restriction of a ratio of a water-soluble organic solvent, and an analytical column are provided. The mass spectrometry method is a mass spectrometry method for an organic acid by a liquid chromatograph-mass spectrometer, wherein a column packed with a hydrophilic polymer having an anion-exchange group is used, and as a mobile phase, a water-soluble organic solvent-water mixed solution is used.
Showa Denko K.k.

Fluidic device

There is provided a flow rate adjustment apparatus including a main body inside which a fluid flow passage that guides a fluid has been formed, in which the main body is formed of a conductive fluorine resin material containing a fluorine resin material, and a carbon nanotube dispersed in the fluorine resin material, and in which a volume resistivity of the conductive fluorine resin material is more than 1.0×103 Ω·cm and less than 1.0×104 Ω·cm.. .
Surpass Industry Co., Ltd.

Carbon nanotube based thermal gasket for space vehicles

A carbon nanotube-based thermal gasket for space vehicle applications, and process for making the same, is disclosed. A thermal gasket is created that includes one or more free-standing carbon nanotube (cnt) sheets formed of a cnt composition comprising randomly-oriented cnts and a thermally-conductive resin material.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Toothed belt

The present invention relates to a toothed belt containing a back side, tooth parts, and a tension member embedded in the back side, the back side and the tooth part contain a urethane resin composition, the tension member is a twisted cord constituted by glass fiber filaments or a twisted cord constituted by polyarylate fiber filaments, in the case where the tension member is the twisted cord constituted by glass fiber filaments, the tooth parts have a pitch of 0.45 to 0.60 mm, the glass fiber filament has a diameter of 6 to 9 micrometers, and the cord has a cord diameter of 0.14 to 0.20 mm, and in the case where the tension member is the twisted cord constituted by polyarylate fiber filaments, the tooth parts have a pitch of 0.45 to 0.71 mm, and the cord has a cord diameter of 0.14 to 0.28 mm.. .
Mitsuboshi Belting Ltd.

Rolling bearing unit with rotational speed detecting device

There is provided a structure capable of sufficiently securing sealing performance by a cap (19a). In a state where a fitting insert (44) formed of a nonmagnetic material having a bottomed cylindrical shape is fixed to an inner diameter side of a cap cylindrical part (22a) constituting a cap body (20a) formed of a synthetic resin having a bottomed cylindrical shape, an axially outboard end opening of a through-hole (25a) formed in a cap bottom part (23a) of the cap body (20a) is closed by an axially inboard surface of an insert bottom part (48) of the fitting insert (44).
Nsk Ltd.

Fan attachment structure

A fan includes a cylindrical anti-slip member that is rotatable integrally with a fan body. The anti-slip member is a molded product of a resin material with higher mechanical strength than the resin material of the fan body.
Japan Climate Systems Corporation

Corrosion-resistant coating composition

The present invention provides a chromate-free coating composition having excellent corrosion resistance. The coating composition includes a binder system comprising a resin and a pigment system including a metal alloy pigment component and optionally, a carbonaceous component.
Valspar Sourcing. Inc.

Adhesive compositions

An adhesive composition comprising an aromatic epoxy resin, an epoxy resin rubber adduct, an amine curing agent; and optionally one or more of an oil absorbent, a corrosion inhibitor and a urone accelerator, wherein the adhesive composition is curable at 150° c. In no more than 210 seconds..
Hexcel Composites Limited

Delayed curing high tg crash durable adhesive

The invention relates to structural epoxy adhesives comprising an epoxy resin, a trifunctional epoxy resin; and a polyphenolic blocked polyurethane. The cured adhesives exhibit high tg and good mechanical properties.
Dow Europe Gmbh

Metallic coating compostion

The invention provides: a metallic coating composition and a method for forming the coating film. The metallic coating composition includes: a binder component containing a phosphate group-containing acrylic resin (a), a polyisocyanate compound (b), and a cellulose resin (c); and a vapor-deposition aluminum pigment (d), wherein the vapor-deposition aluminum pigment (d) is present in an amount of 10 to 95 parts by mass per 100 parts by mass of the total solids content of the binder component, and wherein the phosphate group-containing acrylic resin (a) is a copolymer resin of a monomer mixture consisting of 3 to 48 mass % of a phosphate group-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer (a1), 6 to 45 mass % of a hydroxy-containing polymerizable unsaturated monomer (a2), and 10 to 91 mass % of other polymerizable unsaturated monomer (a3), based on the total amount of all of the monomers..
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof

A thermoplastic resin composition includes 10 to 95 parts by weight of a polycarbonate resin (a); 5 to 90 parts by weight of a graft copolymer (b); and 0 to 50 parts by weight of a copolymer (c). The graft copolymer (b) is produced by the graft polymerization of 10 to 80 parts by weight of a rubbery polymer with 20 to 90 parts by weight of a monomer component including an aromatic vinyl monomer and/or a cyanide vinyl monomer, wherein the rubbery polymer has a weight average particle size of 150 to 450 nm and also has a 10 wt % particle size of 50 to 250 nm and a 90 wt % particle size of 450 to 650 nm in a particle size cumulative weight fraction.
Umg Abs, Ltd.

Optical resin composition and film

An optical resin composition from which a film with improved adhesion to a polyvinyl alcohol-based film and improved flex resistance can be obtained while keeping high film transparency. The optical resin composition includes: 99 to 50% by weight of an acrylic resin having a glass transition temperature of not lower than 110° c.; and 1 to 50% by weight of a particulate (meth)acrylic multilayer structure graft copolymer containing: an innermost layer made of a polymer containing a methacrylic acid ester as a first monomer; a middle layer made of a polymer containing, as a second monomer, an acrylic acid alkyl ester having an alkyl group with 4 to 12 carbon atoms; and an outermost layer made of a polymer containing a methacrylic acid ester as a third monomer.
Kaneka Corporation

Process for producing high density polyethylene composition having high environmental stress crack resistance from post consumer plastic and articles made of said composition

A process may include providing a polyethylene post consumer resin, providing a virgin polyethylene resin, and blending the polyethylene post consumer resin with the virgin polyethylene resin to produce a composition. The polyethylene post consumer resin may have an escr of at most 10 hours, a density ranging from 0.950 to 0.967 g/cm3, and an hlmi of 40 to 70 g/10 min.
Total Research & Technology Feluy

Catecholamine-flaky graphite based polymer complex for preparation of composite

The present invention relates to a flaky graphite-based polymer nanocomplex for preparation of a polymer complex, and more specifically, to a complex to which a polymer is stably bonded by surface-modifying, with a catecholamine, flaky graphite having a structure with nanoparticles crystallized at a high density on the surface. If the complex is dispersed in a target polymeric resin, preferably, in a homogeneous polymeric resin which is bonded to the complex, the complex is dispersed in the polymeric resin homogeneously and evenly, thereby being capable of obtaining a composite having excellent function in conductivity, thermal conductivity, etc..
Cheorwon Plasma Research Institute

Sealing composition and producing the same

Provided are low-density sealing compositions having high tensile strength and a method of producing the same. The sealing compositions may contain a polyvinyl chloride resin, surface-treated hollow glass microspheres and a plasticizer, and contains 30 to 60 vol % hollow glass microsphere..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Colorant for plastic, coloring composition for plastic using same, and plastic molded article

A colorant for plastic containing a halogenated phthalocyanine pigment (a) that satisfies conditions (1) to (4) below: (1) the average number of halogen substitutions is at least 2.0 but not more than 7.0, (2) the halogen distribution width is at least 5, (3) the amount of aluminum phthalocyanine and halogenated aluminum phthalocyanine is not more than 1.0% by mass, and (4) the central element is at least one element selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, manganese, iron, cobalt, zinc, nickel and copper. As a result, a colorant for plastic can be shown that can color a resin without changing the mechanical or chemical properties of the resin, and in particular can produce a plastic molded article having essentially no migration, extremely low discoloration due to heat, and no deformation such as warping and distortion..
Toyocolor Co., Ltd.

Polymer composition, an article thereof and a process for preparing the same

Present application discloses a thermoplastic composition comprising a) 42.5 wt. % to 94 wt.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Process for producing high molecular weight polyethylene

Processes for producing an (ultra) high molecular weight polyethylene (hmwpe) article include incorporating into the hmwpe resin a hindered amine light stabilizer (hals) and cross-linking the (u)hmwpe during or after molding the (u)hmwpe resin.. .
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Thermoplastic resin composition and molded products formed thereof

A thermoplastic resin composition includes: a resin composite consisting of thermoplastic resins of (a) and (b) and nanoparticles having an average particle size larger than or equal to 1 nm and smaller than or equal to 1 μm and being locally unevenly distributed in the pattern of a curve or a straight line connecting consecutive points at a fracture surface of the resin composite at the observation for scanning electron microscope, wherein the thermoplastic resin (b) is a block copolymer including a block (b1) having compatibility with (a) and a block (b2) having no compatibility with (a).. .
Sanc Salaam Corporation

Renewable replacements for carbon black in composites and methods of making and using thereof

Biocarbon is presented as an alternative to synthetic carbon black. Master batches having biocarbon for usage in raw plastics and/or the production of composites.
University Of Guelph

Manufacture graphene based resin pellet and manufacture conductive seal

The present invention provides a manufacture method of a graphene based resin pellet and a manufacture method of conductive seal. The present invention provides a manufacture method of a graphene based resin pellet, which employs green environmental protection flashing light for deoxidizing graphene oxide with an exposure method.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. , Ltd.

Silicone-modified epoxy resin, composition containing the epoxy resin, and cured product of same

Wherein r1 represents a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms; x represents an organic group having a norbornane epoxy structure, or a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms; n represents an integer from 1 to 3; plural r1s and plural xs present in the formula may be respectively identical or different; and two or more of plural xs represent an organic group having a norbornane epoxy structure.. .

Method of manufacturing water-absorbent resin, water-absorbent resin, water-absorbing agent and absorbent article

With respect to water-absorbent resins, there are provided a method of manufacturing a water-absorbent resin having an appropriate bet specific surface and a water-absorption rate and a water-absorbing agent and an absorbent article that are formed by using the water-absorbent resin. In a first aspect of the present invention, when reverse phase suspension polymerization of two steps or more is performed on a water-soluble ethylenically unsaturated monomer in a hydrocarbon dispersion medium in the presence of at least an azo compound, a peroxide and an internal-crosslinking agent, the used amount of the internal-crosslinking agent at the time of the polymerization of a first step is adjusted to fall within a range of 0.015 to 0.150 mmol per mole of the water-soluble ethylenically unsaturated monomer used at the time of the polymerization of the first step and he polymerization is performed such that, the bet specific surface area of secondary particles formed by agglomeration of primary particles obtained is controlled..
Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Water-absorbent resin and absorbent article

(b) gel strength is 1800 pa or less.. .

Novel compound, photosensitive resin composition comprising the same, and color filter

A compound represented by chemical formula 1 wherein each substituent is the same as defined in the specification, a photosensitive resin composition including the same, and a color filter manufactured using the photosensitive resin composition are provided.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Method of producing an optical fiber and apparatus of producing the optical fiber

(c) a light irradiation step of irradiating the ultraviolet curable resin with ultraviolet light emitted from a semiconductor light emitting element, in a state in which the ultraviolet curable resin is heated, to cure the ultraviolet curable resin into a coating resin.. .

Recycling treatment system for tannery wastewater

A recycling treatment system for tannery wastewater is fixed between a sequencing batch reactor (sbr) and filter press equipment, and the recycling treatment system contains: a first ultrafiltration unit, a second ultrafiltration unit, a cation exchange unit, an osmosis processing unit, a recycling tank, a ro concentration tank, and an evaporation unit. The first ultrafiltration unit includes a filtering tank, a plurality of ultrafiltration sets with plural first ultrafiltration bags and a fluid tube.
New Century Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.

Cargo pallet

A cargo pallet made of synthetic resin includes: a top plate and a bottom plate, each plate constituted by bonded stacked synthetic-resin boards cut into a specified shape and size; and spacers bonded between the top plate and the bottom plate which are arranged in parallel and separated by the spacers. Each board is constituted by two sheets with an inner cavity layer interposed between the two sheets.
Smart Style Japan Co., Ltd.

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