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 Method and device for initial synchronization between d2d terminals patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for initial synchronization between d2d terminals
A method and a device for initial synchronization between d2d terminals are used to implement initial synchronization between the d2d terminals. A d2d master terminal measures a time-frequency resource set used to transmit a synchronization signal, and reports a measurement result to a network device; the d2d master terminal receives a synchronization resource that is allocated by the network device to the d2d master terminal according to the measurement result reported by the d2d master terminal; and the d2d master terminal sends the synchronization signal according to the synchronization resource allocated to the d2d master terminal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for monitoring latency and/or time-based data locations of multicast communications patent thumbnailnew patent Methods, systems, and computer readable media for monitoring latency and/or time-based data locations of multicast communications
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for monitoring latency and/or time-based data locations of multicast communications are disclosed. One exemplary method includes monitoring sequence numbers of multicast messages at a plurality of physical network locations, reporting when a sequence number value for the multicast messages reaches a predetermined value, and receiving the reports and using the reports to generate an indication of relative latencies and/or time-based data locations across the physical network locations..

 Centralized receipt repository patent thumbnailnew patent Centralized receipt repository
The system tracks transaction information as it goes to the acquiring network; where it is associated with the card type, matched to the issuer, and sent via the is08583 authorization stream for approval. Elements are extracted from the is08583 message to represent the payment receipt then sent to and stored in a centralized payment receipt repository (crr).

 Digital business checkbook patent thumbnailnew patent Digital business checkbook
A device and software/application that you can install on your computer and/or mobile devices designed by business owners for business owners. You may use it to write & print checks remotely for vendors, service providers, clients and employees paychecks.

 Social network reports patent thumbnailnew patent Social network reports
Technology is disclosed for generating social networking reports. In various embodiments, the technology receives an identity of a user wherein the identity is associated with a first online social network and does not include a password; collects first information about the user from the first online social network; generates a first report based on the collected first information; and transmits the generated first report..
Empire Technology Development Llc

 Patient care system reporting adherence to treatment regimen patent thumbnailnew patent Patient care system reporting adherence to treatment regimen
Patient care system comprising a medical device (1) for administering a medical treatment to a patient (15a) and a server system (6) configured to receive and transmit data via a communications network (16) to, respectively from users including patients (15a) and health care professionals (15b), the server system further configured to process and store data related to patient care. The server system comprises a database (6c) configured to encrypt and store encrypted data related to patient care, an application server (6b) including patient care software components for disease management (36) and patient information management (32), a communication server (6a) including a web server software application for data transfer through the internet, the patient care software components operable to receive medical device usage data comprising data on the usage of said medical device transferred through the communications network, and further operable to process said medical device usage data in conjunction with patient data (32c) to generate a report (32f) or a plurality of reports related to the treatment of the patient, the reports being accessible remotely via the communications network by registered users of the patient care system as a function of respective roles and privileges of the registered user stored in the server system..
Ares Trading S.a.

 Computerized information system for creating patent data summaries and method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Computerized information system for creating patent data summaries and method therefor
A computerized system and method for generating patent data summary reports for a target entity identified by the user. The information system contains a database containing patent document records.

 System and  processor-based security patent thumbnailnew patent System and processor-based security
A system and method for processor-based security is provided, for on-chip security and trusted computing services for software applications. A processor is provided having a processor core, a cache memory, a plurality of registers for storing at least one hash value and at least one encryption key, a memory interface, and at least one on-chip instruction for creating a secure memory area in a memory external to the processor, and a hypervisor program executed by the processor.
Teleputers, Llc

 Graphically selectable aggregate functions for field data in a set of machine data patent thumbnailnew patent Graphically selectable aggregate functions for field data in a set of machine data
The disclosure relates to certain system and method embodiments for generating reports from unstructured data. In one embodiment, a method can include identifying events matching criteria of an initial search query (each of the events including a portion of raw machine data that is associated with a time), identifying a set of fields, each field defined for one or more of the identified events, causing display of an interactive graphical user interface (gui) that includes one or more interactive elements enabling a user to define a report for providing information relating to the matching events (each interactive element enabling processing or presentation of information in the matching events using one or more fields in the identified set of fields), receiving, via the gui, a report definition indicating how to report information relating to the matching events, and generating, based on the report definition, a report including information relating to the matching events..
Splunk Inc.

 Smart ac controller with engery measurement capability patent thumbnailnew patent Smart ac controller with engery measurement capability
Systems and methods for remotely controlling infrared (“ir”) enabled appliances via a networked device are described. The technology enables one or multiple users to control, monitor, and manage their appliances (e.g., air conditioners, television sets, multimedia systems, window curtains, etc.) both locally and remotely, irrespective of the users' location or their line of sight.
Cielo Wigle Inc.

new patent

Fuel anti-freeze system

The embodiments herein provide a fuel anti-freeze system comprising a temperature sensor, an engine control unit (ecu), a combustion rail pump and two electrical valves. The temperature sensor reports an atmospheric temperature of a fuel rail to the ecu.

Reporting channel state information in a multiple component carrier network

A user equipment (ue) may determine channel state information (csi) reports with each csi report being related to a component carrier. The ue may send a subframe with csi report(s) on a physical uplink control channel (pucch).
Wireless Future Technologies Inc.

Sensor interface with mobile terminal satellite modem and global location system

A system and method for implementing a low-power local-area network for use with a mobile terminal satellite modem. This low-power local-area network enables sensors on an asset to transmit sensor data to a mobile terminal affixed on the asset.
Skybitz, Inc.

Transmit power management design and implementation

In some aspects, the disclosure is directed to methods and systems for intelligent transmit power management. Output power levels may be dynamically determined responsive to rem measurements, user equipment (ue) signal reports, information received from other cells (e.g.
Broadcom Corporation

Enhancing network operation with ue context awareness

Enhanced network operation is described in which ue context awareness reports requested in network management. A set of conditions is provided to the ue by a serving base station that triggers the ue to transmit a status report to the serving base station.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Configuration of mobility management measurement method

A method of a network node of a cellular communication network connectable to one or more wireless communication devices is disclosed. The method comprises (for each of one or more cells of the cellular communication network) transmitting a respective measurement configuration message to at least one of the wireless communication devices, wherein each measurement configuration message comprises an instruction that the wireless communication device should use a particular signal quality measurement method, the particular signal quality measurement method being selected from a group of available signal quality measurement methods comprising a first signal quality measurement method wherein measurements are made based on a first number of symbols and a second signal quality measurement method wherein measurements are made based on a second number of symbols.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

A method in a first radio base station for handling re-establishment of a connection due to radio link failure

Embodiments herein relates to a method in a first radio base station (12) for handling communication in a radio communications network (1), which first radio base station (12) is comprised in the radio communications network (1). The first radio base station (12) receives a report of a radio link failure, rlf, of a wireless device (10), from the wireless device (10), which report comprises an identity of a first cell (11) for re-establishing connection in.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

A method and a processing device for distributed network monitoring

The invention relates to a method for distributed network monitoring. The network comprises a central processing device and a multitude of n measuring devices.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Multiple aperiodic channel state information transmission on pusch

A method of transmitting a plurality of channel state information reports on a physical uplink shared channel includes separately coding each of the plurality of channel state information reports on the physical uplink shared channel. Each of the channel state information reports may be coded using tail-biting convolutional coding..
Zte (usa) Inc.

Alternative inexpensive cloud-based mass market alarm system with alarm monitoring and reporting

A security system including a wireless alarm sensor that detects a threat within a secured geographic area, a cloud application that monitors the alarm sensor and reports threats detected by the alarm sensor within the secured area to a human user of the secured area and a wireless publically accessible communication system defined by a plurality of relatively low power communication devices and a local base station, the alarm sensor detects a nearby one of the plurality of low power communication devices and wirelessly connects to the cloud application through the nearby one low power communication device and local base station.. .
Honeywell International Inc.

Monitoring ecommerce transactions using transaction metrics statistics for different combinations of transaction attributes and values

A method performed by an ecommerce risk assessment system includes receiving ecommerce transaction reports, each containing transaction metrics and transaction attributes having values. A statistic is separately generated for each different type of the transaction metrics based on the values of the transaction attributes.
Ca, Inc.

Incident reconstructions using temporal and geographic analysis

An incident handler receives a plurality of incident reports, each incident report characterizing an incident occurring within a geographical area. An incident model generator generates an incident model, based on, for each incident, an occurrence time window and an occurrence area within the geographical area.

Governing information

A method and system for governing information is provided. The method includes receiving, by a processor, data defining a scope and context of an information governance project and information requirements data associated with the data.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and performing serving high speed downlink shared channel cell change

A method and an apparatus for serving high speed downlink shared channel (hs-dsch) cell change are disclosed. A wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) receives pre-configured serving cell information for a target cell.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Method for performing wireless charging control of an electronic device with aid of simple response indicating acknowledgement, and associated apparatus

A method for performing wireless charging control of an electronic device with aid of simple response of a wireless charging device and an associated apparatus are provided, where the wireless charging device may be arranged to wirelessly charge the electronic device, and the method may include: receiving a plurality of packets from the electronic device, wherein each packet of the plurality of packets is utilized for carrying information of wireless charging reports of the electronic device, and comprises unacknowledged header information; and controlling the wireless charging device to generate at least one simple response corresponding to at least one packet of the plurality of packets, to acknowledge the at least one packet of the plurality of packets.. .
Mediatek Inc.

Pedestrian security dye pack system

The pedestrian security dye pack system serves as a key component of law enforcement efforts across countries and communities as an investigative tool in emergency response situations, as an eyewitness in investigations and prosecutions, and as a citizen-driven virtual guard and security system. Via included multiple airwave communications, identification and notification capabilities such as wifi, bluetooth®, gps, rfid, and dye projector, the pedestrian security dye pack system isolates, reports and aids authorities in offender detection and apprehension by offering the advantages of a wearable parental unit and a plurality of accompanying dye packs with a radio-controlled incendiary propelled dye projector in each..

Generating state predictive metrics based on markov chain model from application operational state sequences

An application analysis computer obtains reports from user terminals identifying operational states of instances of an application being processed by the user terminals. Sequences of the operational states that the instances of the application have transitioned through while being processed by the user terminals are identified.
Ca, Inc.

System memory integrity monitoring

Disclosed herein is a system and method for monitoring structures of interest in a host system that is isolated and independent of the cpu and of the operating system. The system does not modify a monitored host's software and operates properly even when the host system has been compromised.
University Of Maryland College Park

Global cache for automation variables

A global cache of automation variables may be established for a computing environment. Message event reports may be received and parsed at an application manager.
Unisys Corporation

Gas turbine combustion profile monitoring

Systems and methods for gas turbine combustion profile monitoring are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for detecting an anomaly in a combustion section of a gas turbine is disclosed.
General Electric Company

Efficient communication for devices of a home network

Systems and methods are provided for efficient communication through a fabric network of devices in a home environment or similar environment. For example, an electronic device may efficiently control communication to balance power and reliability concerns, may efficiently communicate messages to certain preferred networks by analyzing internet protocol version 6 (ipv6) packet headers that use an extended unique local address (eula), may efficiently communicate software updates and status reports throughout a fabric network, and/or may easily and efficiently join a fabric network..
Google Inc.

Propagation delay difference reporting for multiple component carriers

The invention relates to methods for reporting on downlink timings by a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system. In order to allow for an aggregation access point to obtain information on propagation delay differences of downlink transmissions on aggregated serving cells, the invention suggests the mobile terminal to report timing information based on reception time difference information for a the target/reference cell.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Method by which terminal reports channel status information in wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor

Disclosed is a method by which a terminal reports channel status information (csi) to a base station in a wireless communication system. Particularly, the method comprises a step for setting a plurality of csi processes through an upper layer, a step for pairing the plurality of csi processes in two csi process units; a step for calculating the csi corresponding to each of the plurality of csi processes by using a signal measurement resource and an interference measurement resource indicated by each of the plurality of csi processes; and a step for reporting, to the base station, the csi corresponding to each of the plurality of csi processes, wherein the paired two csi processes indicate a common signal measurement resource and interference measurement resources, which are different from each other..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method for reporting channel quality

One embodiment of the present specification provides a method by which a user equipment (ue) reports channel quality. According to the method, the ue can receive a channel state information-interference measurement (csi-im) configuration of first and second transmission points (tps).
Lg Electronics Inc.

Space and time efficient threat detection

A security monitoring system operated by a downstream client continually collects event information indicating events that have occurred within the computing environment of the downstream client. The monitoring system, using software provided by a threat analytics system, aggregates the event information into a secure and space efficient data structure.
Threat Stream, Inc.

Determination of radiation beam pattern

There is provided a method for determining a radiation beam pattern. The method is performed by a network node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

System administration

A technique for improving system administration involves implementing system administration agent programs on a plurality of devices in an administered network. A deployment agent deploys the system administration agent program or a portion thereof to suitable devices when they are detected.
Panorama9, Inc.

System and link adaptation for low cost user equipments

Methods and apparatus are provided to perform link adaptation for transmissions from a base station to a user equipment (ue) capable of receiving only in a part of a system bandwidth. Mechanisms are provided for determining and mapping a range of channel quality information (cqi) values and for measuring, deriving, and providing channel state information (csi) reports..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Method apparatus and network node for applying conditional cqi reporting

A method for limiting channel quality indicator (cqi) reporting from a user equipment to a network node is provided where a user equipment can transmit cqi reports to a network node, such as e.g. A base station, when the user equipment is operating in low transmission and/or low reception activity mode.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Camera in vehicle reports identity of driver

A device in an automobile includes a camera that takes images of drivers while they are driving. It detects and reports identity of the driver with automated image processing.

Medical data system generating automated surgical reports

A medical data system is provided that collects data concurrent with the performance of a medical procedure. The surgical support system includes a graphical display in the operating room to capture, in near real time, what happens in the operating room.
Idata Md, Llc

Monitoring a communication and retrieving information relevant to the communication

A system, method, and computer readable medium for monitoring a communication, and providing users with information retrieved from one or more data sources that may be relevant to the communication. An information module monitors a communication associated with at least one remote client by receiving either all (or a portion of) the communication as input.
International Business Machines Corporation

Data summary view with filtering

In some embodiments, a method may include display of a data summary view of a set of events that correspond to query results of a query. Each event of the set of events may include data items of a plurality of event attributes.
Splunk Inc.

Automated data conversion and presentation utility

Automated generation of business reports and, more specifically, automatic generation of slide show presentation reports in which data presented in the reports is automatically retrieved from spreadsheet application files and inserted into appropriate locations within designated slides of the slide sheet presentation. Moreover, automatic formatting (aligning, positioning and the like) of the data inserted in the slide show presentation occurs, such that, once formatted the presentation is ready to be disseminated without further manual intervention.
Bank Of America Corporation

Automated production system for mobile phone

An automated production system for mobile phones includes a plurality of mobile phone production apparatus, a plurality of mobile phone automatic test apparatus, a plurality of surface mount apparatus, a plurality of optical inspection apparatus, and at least one management module. The management module connects the mobile phone production apparatus, mobile phone automatic test apparatus, surface mount apparatus, and optical inspection apparatus by a plurality of signal cables.
Arima Communications Corp.

Otdoa in unlicensed band for enhancements of horizontal and vertical positioning

A user equipment measures a time difference of arrival of a plurality of signals received at the user equipment, wherein at least one of the plurality of signals is received at the user equipment on at least one unlicensed band. The user equipment then reports the time difference of arrival measurements for the plurality of signals to a location computation center along with a time stamp for each of the measurements.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Irrigation flow sensor

The disclosure extends to apparatuses, methods, systems, and computer program products for optimizing water usage in irrigation. The disclosure also extends to apparatuses, methods, systems, and computer program implemented products for sensing the flow of water in an irrigation system.
Skydrop Holdings, Llc

Downlink transmission method and user terminal equipment

The present application discloses a downlink transmission method including: ue receiving configuration information sent form base station and accordingly adjusting cqi table and mcs table; ue measuring and reporting downlink channel quality indicator information to the base station; here, the ue reports the cqi information according to a backward compatible cqi table or a cqi table which supports 256qam modulation; the ue receiving downlink scheduling information sent from the base station, receiving accordingly downlink data sent from the base station, here, the ue processes the mcs information according to a backward compatible mcs table or a mcs table which supports 256qam modulation.. .
Samsung Electronicas Co., Ltd.

Transmission of measurement reports in a wireless communication system

A wireless telecommunications system including a base station and terminal device, supporting a virtual carrier mode with downlink communications made by the base station using a radio interface spanning a system frequency bandwidth while the terminal device can receive at least some communications from the base station within a restricted subset of transmission resources selected from within the system frequency bandwidth providing a restricted bandwidth downlink. The terminal device can measure channel conditions across the system frequency bandwidth and transmit corresponding measurement reports to the base station.
Sony Corporation

Packet capture for anomalous traffic flows

In one embodiment, a first device in a network identifies an anomalous traffic flow in the network. The first device reports the anomalous traffic flow to a supervisory device in the network.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Displaying pie charts of event data using pull-down menus

The disclosure relates to certain system and method embodiments for generating reports from unstructured data. In one embodiment, a method can include identifying events matching criteria of an initial search query (each of the events including a portion of raw machine data that is associated with a time), identifying a set of fields, each field defined for one or more of the identified events, causing display of an interactive graphical user interface (gui) that includes one or more interactive elements enabling a user to define a report for providing information relating to the matching events (each interactive element enabling processing or presentation of information in the matching events using one or more fields in the identified set of fields), receiving, via the gui, a report definition indicating how to report information relating to the matching events, and generating, based on the report definition, a report including information relating to the matching events..
Splunk Inc.

Systems and methods for managing mobile workers

The present disclosure provides an improved network for tracking and managing mobile workers, which includes storing, tracking, and managing information associated with mobile workers and projects. The mobile workers may use a mobile communications system, such as a mobile device, to log their project with associated data, after which the data can be uploaded in real-time or stored locally until connectivity is available to the platform.
Syncrew, Inc.

Image processing system and image processing method

To provide an image processing system, an image processing method, and a program, capable of detecting a group with high irregularity. An image processing system is provided with: a group detector that detects a group based on an input image captured with an image capturing at a first time; a repeating group analyzer that determines that a detected group has been previously detected; and an alert module that reports when the detected group has been determined by the repeating group analyzer to have been previously detected..
Nec Corporation

Systems, methods, and apparatuses for creating, linking and discovering business navigation maps for analyzing data

The present invention includes a method, apparatus, and a system for creating business navigation maps comprising a host module linked to at least one computer, and at least one data base and/or data storage device, the host module being adapted to receive data point markers about at least one data point of interest to a user and including a data input link for receiving information about at least one data point of interest, a first logic processing module programmed to associate at least one data point of interest with at least one business report, wherein the logic processing module uses predefined criteria to tag the at least one data point of interest as relevant to the at least one business report; and a database module, the database module being. Adapted to store and obtain the at least one data point of interest, data point markers, and the at least one business report.
Fusionops Inc.

Emergency lighting monitoring and reporting system

An emergency lighting system with central batteries power remote led fixtures and exit signs, with all components integrated throughout a single or multiple buildings. Status reports are available on demand and the system will generate written records required by the life safety code.
Signtex, Inc.

Managing power consumption of transmission circuitry in a wireless communication device

Methods, apparatuses and computer readable media are described that manage transmit power levels for a wireless device connected to a network access system of a wireless network. Processing circuitry in the wireless device obtains a target average transmit power level.
Apple Inc.

Uplink control information transmission using pusch in enhanced carrier aggregation

Enhanced carrier aggregation may require development of mechanisms to enable carrier aggregation for an increased number of component carriers. In an aspect of the disclosure, a method, a computer-readable medium, and an apparatus for wireless communication are provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and reporting traffic and counting network traffic

Provided are a method and an apparatus for reporting traffic and a method and an apparatus for counting network traffic. The method for reporting the traffic includes: an application acquires network traffic of the application (s102); and the application reports the network traffic (s104).
Zte Corporation

Channel state information for enhanced carrier aggregation

Methods, systems, and devices are described for wireless communication in a system that supports enhanced carrier aggregation (eca). An eca configuration with a large number of component carriers (ccs) may include ccs grouped into channel state information (csi) reporting groups.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system and apparatus therefor

Disclosed are a method for reporting channel state information in a wireless communication system and an apparatus therefor. A method by which user equipment reports channel state information (csi) in a wireless communication system, according to one embodiment of the present invention, comprises the steps of: receiving, from a base station, an rrc message including at least one csi-reference signal (csi-rs) configuration for a first direction domain; respectively receiving through different sub-frames, a first csi-rs from a first subset and a second csi-rs from a second subset among a plurality of physical antenna elements in the base station on the basis of the csi-rs configuration; and performing a csi report by using the first and second csi-rss, wherein when the csi-rs configuration for the first direction domain is one, the first csi-rs and the second csi-rs are respectively received from the first subset and the second subset by virtualization-varying antenna ports related to one csi-rs configuration in a predetermined period..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Vehicle-based abnormal travel event detecting and reporting

A travel reporter system is used to report abnormal travel events. In use, a sensor mounted on a vehicle obtains real-time data about an object near the vehicle.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and budgeting and cash flow forecasting

The present invention consists of an improved system and method for improved budgeting and forecasting where data can be collected for prior years by account and by month, then a factor for the year may be applied to the data and reports are generated to create a budget for the upcoming year based upon inflation and cost o living, as well as other factors.. .

Method and providing selective access to information

A reporting system provides users selective access to information, such as standard reports, custom reports, and ad hoc reports. Reports are represented as report objects that store characteristics that must be fulfilled prior to a user being granted access to a report.
Altisource Solutions S.à.r.i.

Csi reporting for lte-tdd eimta

Methods, systems, and devices are described for providing periodic csi reports and/or aperiodic csi reports to provide csi for both anchor and non-anchor tdd subframes in eimta. Periodic csi reports may be provided based on a reference configuration, and aperiodic csi reports may be provided based on a time of reception of a csi request and a reference configuration.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Link quality estimation and apparatus in a telecommunication system

Method and apparatus for enabling accurate link quality estimation of a wireless link between a sending node and a receiving node. When the sending node receives link state reports from the receiving node, it estimates the current state of the wireless link.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Method for retransmitting packet, data server using the same, and packet retransmitting system

A method for retransmitting packet, a data server using the same and a packet retransmitting system are provided. The packet retransmitting system includes a control server, a network switch, a plurality of upper nodes, and the data server.
National Chiao Tung University

Anti-money laundering compliance alert life cycle management process and system

A process and system for managing anti-money laundering compliance alerts using customizable sets of standards are disclosed. The anti-money laundering compliance alert life cycle management process and system comprises a plurality of modules, including the aml engine, the alerts dashboard module, the investigation case management module, the regulator reports management module and the risk management module.
Optima Compass Group, Llc

Maintenance toolkit for the implementation of computer programs

A maintenance toolkit for the implementation of computer programs is envisaged. The toolkit receives computer programs containing a plurality of modules.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Treatment of high sulphur solids

A process of treating a solid material containing lead and elemental sulphur, by feeding the solid material to a furnace containing a bath of molten slag under conditions such that elemental sulphur burns in the furnace to form sulphur dioxide and lead in the solid material is oxidised and reports to the slag, then removing a gas stream containing sulphur dioxide from the furnace, and finally removing a lead-containing slag from the furnace.. .
Glencore Technology Pty Limited

Base station, user terminal and radio communication control method

The present invention is designed to adequately control small cells (small base stations) on/off in a structure where small cells and macro cells are arranged to overlap each other. A base station forms a macro cell, which is arranged to overlap a small cell, controls on/off of a small base station forming the small cell, and has a reporting section that reports, to the small base station, information related to a ul signal transmitted from a user terminal, and a control section that controls transmission of a dl signal from the small base station based on information that is reported from the small base station having detected the ul signal..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Technique for maintaining network service identification rules

Techniques for maintaining rules for identifying network services are presented. The network services exchange data packets with mobile terminals wirelessly connected to a network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Operating enb for cgi information reporting in wireless communication system

Cgi information reporting in a wireless communication system, a serving enb receives a cgi information report and perform an anr operation to maintain service quality through effective handover of ue at the edge of the service area of the serving enb. When there is uplink/downlink data, the serving enb stops data allocation to the ue and requests measurement reports (mrs) of neighbor enbs, and the ue can be switched to a discontinuous reception (drx) state during a drx-inactivity time.

Workflow to automatically generate reports for different component-level metadata after interacting with multiple web services

A system, method, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for automatically generating reports from component-level metadata collected from multiple web sources. A predetermined set of web sources are respectively monitored to detect user interactions with one or more predetermined components.
Dell Products L.p.

Threat intelligence on a data exchange layer

In an example, a threat intelligence controller is configured to operate on a data exchange layer (dxl). The threat intelligence controller acts as a dxl consumer of reputation data for a network object, which may be reported in various different types and from various different sources.
Mcafee Inc.

Scalable full spectrum cyber determining machine

A scalable universal full spectrum cyber determining machine for accurately and reliably determining and reporting any cyber determination from a full spectrum of possible cyber determinations. Utilizing cyber resources and predetermined criteria for providing cyber determinations regarding at least one subject of at least one observation, the cyber determining machine: provides cyber determinations for any possible subject of an observation; provides for the utilization of any selected attainable level of accuracy, up to and including 100% accuracy; provides for single, intermittently performed, and constantly performed cyber determinations; utilizes available cyber resources; interacts with itself and utilized cyber resources to perform possible functions; recognizes characteristics from observations and then utilizes recognized characteristics for comparing or determining; provides and utilizes standard designations for representing aspects of itself and its operations; utilizes useful information or outcomes from comparing for making determinations; and, reports on any aspect of its operations at any time..

Distributed and adaptive computer network analytics

A network analytics controller in a computer network receives specification of a network analysis task. The controller creates maplets.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and radio node for handling csi reporting

Separate aperiodic channel state information (csi) reports are handled for static subframe(s), in which the direction of signal transmission is fixed, and flexible subframe(s), in which the direction of signal transmission is variable. A method by a ue includes receiving a trigger for an aperiodic csi report as part of an uplink (ul) grant from a radio node in a static downlink (dl) subframe, where the trigger indicates a csi subframe set, out of at least two alternative csi subframe sets.
Telefonaktiebolget L M Ericsson (publ)

Jury research system

A system and method for obtaining information on individuals including jurors and providing a variety of reports via the internet in a rapid manner. The reports can be compiled and reviewed simultaneously by multiple users and notes can be included on the report format.
Trialsmith Inc.

Generation of a data input user interface in a processing device configured to generate property inspection reports

A processing device receives type data and location data for a property. The processing device determines a default status for a feature of the property based on the type data and location data.
Taos Jam Solutions Llc

Data excavator

The present invention is directed to a system that updates files with updated financial data. The system of the present invention is configured to receive from a user one or more selections of files (e.g., datastores of financial data utilized and/or referenced by financial reporting application for purposes of generating up-to-date financial reports) to be updated with updated financial data.
Bank Of America Corporation

Data analysis mechanism for generating statistics, reports and measurements for healthcare decisions

Disclosed are systems and techniques for providing a master health entity index and a data analysis mechanism designed for entity cohort discovery and entity profiling. The entity can be a healthcare facility that diagnoses or treats health conditions and diseases (e.g., hospital, clinic), individuals (e.g., providers, patients, caregivers), healthcare data (e.g., medical conditions, treatments, diagnostic studies, health outcomes), etc.
Amino, Inc.

Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users

A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Gula Consulting Limited Liability Company

Prioritizing video surveillance media

People sensing reports are applied to support video surveillance allowing for assigning priority rating in the processing of video and image produced by a video surveillance system based on crowdsensing reports. The present invention addresses a challenge faced by organizations, such as public agencies and/or private companies that employ surveillance systems in order to capture surveillance media..
International Business Machines Corporation

Aggregation and tracked changes of information from multiple databases using unique identification method

A system and method for combining data from multiple reports into a single spreadsheet. The system and method include downloading at least two reports to a computing device and opening the at least two reports using the computing device.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Method and system to dynamically alter application functionality at runtime in a constrained and secure manner

The present disclosure provides a method and system for dynamically updating an application functionality in a secure and constrained manner comprising a cloud service for generating dynamic code fragments and receiving reports, an agent manager in communication with the cloud service receiving code fragments from the cloud service and passing reports thereto, and an in-application agent in communication with the agent manager for receiving dynamic code fragments therefrom and passing reports thereto for dynamically updating the application functionality in which the in-application agent is embedded.. . Inc.

Pi reporting method and system, ue, network device and computer storage medium

Disclosed are a method and a system for reporting a proximity indication (pi), user equipment (ue) and network equipment. The method includes that: ue receives a pi information request from a network side; and the ue reports pi information according to the pi information request.

Method and connection context aware radio communication management

An information handling system comprising a wireless adapter for communicating via a wireless link and a storage device for storing a spatial-temporal user profile comprising wireless service usage trend data for a location where the information handling system is operating. The storage device further stores radiofrequency wireless traffic reports indicating signal quality for a plurality of wireless links available at the location and an application processor executes code of a context aware radiofrequency resource management system in determining link ratings for the plurality of wireless links available at the location based on the wireless service usage trend data for the information handling system and signal quality for the available wireless protocols for anticipated wireless service usage..

Dynamic session monitoring in secure media-based conferencing

Methods and apparatuses, including computer program products, are described for monitoring conference session resources in a media-based conferencing system. A server computing device establishes a connection to media engines hosting in-process conference sessions.

System and identification of automated browser agents

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for evaluating web browser behavior to report on human versus non-human activity, based on varying analyses of detectable properties. By passively detecting the code of a webpage engaged by a browsing user, the present invention evaluates the browsing user's activity in order to predict the type of user with a degree of confidence.

Identify a radio frequency emitting device by mac address

A computer system reports “logical usage pattern data” and location information in a device report; in addition, another computer system reports mac addresses associated with mobile device in network device reports; the device reports and networks reports are correlated based on various factors; if a set of device reports and network reports correlate, then a device identifier is created and sent to the corresponding mobile device; the device identifier may then be used to identify the mobile device, such as when the mac address is inaccessible. The device identifier may be associated with other devices used by the user of the mobile device..

Systems and methods for site data collection

A system and method for collecting, storing, maintaining and presenting data to optimize and make more efficient the installation of a communication system. A mobile device running a field application, a remote server running a server side application and data storage are employed in the system.

Method and customizing lesson plans

The present invention relates to a computer system that customizes lesson plans of students and reports the outcome of the same. In one example embodiment, a collection and aggregation module, coupled to a computer memory, collects current student record data of a plurality of students and aggregates the collected student record data over time and over various pluralities of students to generate a superset aggregate data.

Analyzing semantic places and related data from a plurality of location data reports

Computer-implemented methods and systems of determining semantic place data include receiving a plurality of location data reports from a plurality of mobile devices, partitioning them into localized segments, and estimating a geographic region bucket for each segment. For clustering canopies of localized segments identified as satisfying a potential geographic overlap characterization, an overlap score is calculated that correlates the overlap among actual geographic regions covered by movement of the mobile devices generating the localized segments in that given clustering canopy.

Software nomenclature system for security vulnerability management

Systems and methods for securing a computer system are described herein. The systems and methods, which are computer-implemented, involve receiving, by a computing device, a name of a software vulnerability.

System for providing electrocardiogram (ecg) analytics for electronic medical records (emr)

The system of the present application includes computerized diagnostic ecg that is tailored for the emr. The system and method of the present application provides several new approaches to the computerized ecg based on information available from the emr through an emr portal.

Computing resource inventory system

Systems and methods of managing computing resources of a computing system are described. A computing resource list and computing resource information may be stored at a data store.

Water bath shell egg pasteurization method

A batch processing control system for a shell egg pasteurizer controls the time and temperature in which batches of shell eggs are held in a pasteurization bath in accordance with a predetermined pasteurization protocol for designated egg size and start temperature. The predetermined pasteurization protocol is preferably statistically verified to optimize batches of eggs having the designated size and start temperature.

Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit

In a wireless communication system, a terminal apparatus is capable of reporting, to a base station apparatus, information indicating a mobility state of the terminal apparatus. In a case where the terminal apparatus reports information (history information) to the base station apparatus as mobility state indicating information, the terminal apparatus notifies the base station apparatus of a radio resource control connection setup complete message containing information indicating the presence of the history information that is notified as the mobility state indicating information.

Dynamic workload balancing for real-time stream data analytics

Router threads read real-time stream data as that data is received at processing nodes along a processing path for the data. The data is initially parsed into workloads.

Method of protecting a network computer system from the malicious acts of hackers and its own system administrators

A method that protects a network computer system from the malicious acts of hackers and its own system administrators includes a behavior analysis of system administrators within the confines of their particular job tasks. A suite of abnormal behavior detection models analyze each display terminal input entered by recognized system administrators.

Integrated metering of service usage for hybrid clouds

A hybrid cloud environment is provided where a user of cloud computing services is disposed to consume cloud provided services delivered by each of a plurality of cloud computing service providers. Specified event data is received at an mcs component.

Performance analysis and bottleneck detection in service-oriented applications

Techniques are disclosed for assembling statistics for diagnosing performance and scalability issues in soa systems. Key statistics related to key points in a soa system, for key activities during processing of transactions in the soa system, are collected and aggregated.

Techniques for determining queue backlogs, active counts, and external system interactions in asynchronous systems

Techniques are disclosed for determining inbound and outbound external queue backlogs, internal queue backlogs, active counts, and external system interaction data values in systems employing asynchronous communication techniques, which may be used for comparative performance analysis and bottleneck detection in service-oriented applications. Key statistics related to key points in a soa system, for key activities during processing of transactions in the soa system, are collected and aggregated.

Channel quality indicator adjustment to account for network-assisted interference cancellation

Techniques for adjusting channel quality reports to reflect interference cancellation at a mobile terminal are disclosed. An example embodiment is a method, in a node of a wireless network, for adjusting channel quality reports received from a mobile terminal to account for interference cancellation performed by the mobile terminal.

Reports topics:
  • Notification
  • Obstruction
  • Communication System
  • Base Station
  • Scheduling
  • Information Retrieval
  • Transmitter
  • Channel Status
  • Digital Display

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