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Building energy analysis and management system


Building energy analysis and management system

Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an…

Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reports-related patents
 Online video tracking and identifying method and system patent thumbnailnew patent Online video tracking and identifying method and system
A method and system of identifying and tracking online videos comprises the steps of searching and discovering targeted video on the internet, filtering out manageable amount of online videos from large amount of search results of the targeted video, acquiring online video contents through websites, identifying acquired videos by their contents, and generating different tracking reports according to video identification results and other historical records.. .
 Systems and methods for efficiently and effectively detecting mobile app bugs patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for efficiently and effectively detecting mobile app bugs
The disclosed subject matter provides techniques for detecting and diagnosing mobile app bugs. An approximate execution mode screens for potential bugs, which can expose bugs but can generate false positives.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York
 Information processing device,  reporting remaining battery capacity, and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Information processing device, reporting remaining battery capacity, and recording medium
An information processing device that is powered by a battery is provided. The information processing device includes a processor.
Fujitsu Limited
 Dynamic filters for posted event messages initiated automatically by equipment patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic filters for posted event messages initiated automatically by equipment
A system and method is disclosed for improving the efficiency of a service department when maintaining equipment. The equipment performs self-diagnosis and periodically reports a problem or other event by automatically generating an event code indicating that an event has occurred that requires maintenance of the equipment.
Frontrange Solutions Usa Inc.
 Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data patent thumbnailnew patent Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data
A reporting system is described herein that allows a report author to declare data reporting structures that specify to a reporting application how to dynamically categorize data with changing or potentially unknown characteristics. The reporting system may extend rdl and the data grouping provided by microsoft sql server reporting services by adding new elements to the xml-based rdl schema.
Microsoft Corporation
 Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an event-sharing platform patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an event-sharing platform
Embodiments herein provide for an interactive event-scheduling platform (esp), wherein locating activities via location data, notifying and alerting of them via real-time feeds and encouraging interaction through a full-service social media suite (sms), enhanced with live streaming and “always-on” connectivity, could provide a fresh experience for users and hosts. A real-time data procuring system and method may solve problems with stale or incomplete activity data within a geographic area, bridge gaps between users and hosts by shortening time periods—from activity announcement, to discovery, to launch, to response—create buzz, maximize venue attendance, boost sales and ensure promotional success.
 Determining reliability of data reports patent thumbnailnew patent Determining reliability of data reports
A computer implemented system for automatically determining a reliability score of a data report. The system includes a data structure indicative of data lineage that includes data assets flowing into a data report.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Building energy analysis and management system patent thumbnailnew patent Building energy analysis and management system
This application relates to a building energy analysis and management system for measurement and verification of building performance. The system can analyze, optimize, manage, maintain, trouble shoot, and/or modify building systems, such as hvac systems, in connection with the building energy usage.
Flowenergy, L.l.c.
 Systems, methods, and devices having databases and automated reports for electronic spectrum management patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and devices having databases and automated reports for electronic spectrum management
Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated identification of signals and devices in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and automatically identifying signals and devices, comparing and storing data from a multiplicity of units and automatically generating reports for a wireless communications spectrum in near real time.. .
Dgs Global Systems, Inc.
 Handover mechanism that exploits uplink channel quality of a target cell patent thumbnailnew patent Handover mechanism that exploits uplink channel quality of a target cell
System(s) and method(s) are provided for handover of a mobile terminal in a wireless communication system. Handoff resolution relies on both a downlink channel quality indication between a serving base station and the mobile terminal, and uplink channel quality indications amongst the terminal and a measurement set of target base stations.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Including in the uplink grant an indication of specific amount of cqi to be reported

The present invention relates to a method, user equipment and a base station adapted to handle channel state feed-back reports in a more flexible way. More specifically, a channel state feedback procedure is provided which utilizes the resources available for transmission of channel state feedback more efficiently.
Idtp Holdings, Inc.
new patent

Csi and ack reporting enhancements in lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum

Channel state information (csi) and acknowledgement (ack) reporting enhancements in long term evolution (lte)/lte-advanced (lte-a) enabling communications over an unlicensed spectrum are disclosed. For example, ack/nak may include unlicensed spectrum interference information, such as wifi interference.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Method and base station for controlling wireless communication of data

A method and a base station (900) for controlling wireless communication of data on a first radio link between the base station and a user equipment, ue (902), when a first communication mode is employed implying that corresponding status reports should be transmitted on an opposite second radio link to indicate whether said data has been received or not. A communication unit (900a) communicates data and status reports with the ue according to the first communication mode and according to a second communication mode.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)
new patent

Teleproctor reports use of a vehicle and restricts functions of drivers phone

A device in an automobile includes a camera that takes images of drivers while they are driving. It detects and reports when eyes are not on the road for longer than a glance with automated image processing.

Method and system for protecting web applications against web attacks

The present disclosure provided a method and system for protecting web applications against web attacks comprising a cloud service for generating rules and receiving reports, an agent manager in communication with the cloud service receiving rules from the cloud service and passing reports thereto, and an in-application agent in communication with the agent manager for receiving rules therefrom and passing reports thereto for protecting an application in which the in-application agent is embedded.. . Inc.

Intelligent customer service/call center services enhanced using real-time and historical mobile application and traffic-related statistics collected by a distributed caching system in a mobile network

Systems and methods of enhanced customer service for mobile carriers using real-time and historical mobile application and traffic or optimization data associated with mobile devices in a mobile network are disclosed. The data can be tracked by a client-side and/or a server-side reporting engine and usage analytics engine.
Seven Networks, Inc.

Displaying historical data associated with data values within business intelligence reports

The current subject matter describes displaying historical data associated with one or more data values within a business intelligence report. A graphical user interface executed by a computing device can receive, from a user, a request for display of historical data associated with a specified/selected data value in a business intelligence report.
Business Objects Software Ltd

Method and system for allocating charitable contribution based upon credit and debit card discount fees

The computerized method/system allocates charitable contributions based upon credit/debit card discount fees selected by a vendor. An intermediary payment processor (ipp) permits the vendor to select fees/rates and charity.

Systems and methods for transaction-based profiling of customer behavior

A system and method is provided for updating customer profiles based on current information on merchant transactions performed by the customers. The customer profiles, which include data fields for customer attributes, are stored in a profile data base.
Mastercard International Incorporated

Determining an identification of a cell

An apparatus receives a plurality of reports from at least one mobile terminal, which is connected to a particular cell of a cellular communication network. Each report includes an identification of a first type of a plurality of cells of the cellular communication network currently observed by the at least one mobile terminal and, associated with each identification of the first type, a result of at least one measurement on signals.

Carrier aggregation with power headroom report

Methods, apparatuses, and software can be used for providing power headroom reporting in a telecommunication system. A method can include configuring a user equipment to send a power headroom report control element in uplink, wherein the power headroom report control element includes a bitmap indicating which power headroom reports are being reported.
Cellular Communications Equipment Llc

Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system

A method and an arrangement (800) in a user equipment (420) for reporting channel state information, csi, and a method and an arrangement (1000) in a base station (410) for obtaining csi are provided. The user equipment (420) is in connection with the base station (410) in a cellular communication network (400).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Coexistence interference reporting mechanism

The invention relates methods for interference reporting by a mobile terminal in a mobile communication system. The invention is also providing apparatus for performing these methods, and computer readable media the instructions of which cause the apparatus to perform the methods described herein.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Method for operating a network and a network

For allowing a very efficient service marking a method for operating a network, especially a mobile network, is claimed, wherein an adc, which is co-located in a pcef or separate in a tdf, detects data flows for reporting data flow-specific information to a control-plane node according to service-specific information received from said control-plane node. The method is characterized in that said service-specific information is provided to the adc on a service context basis, and the adc reports the data flow-specific information in the form of a service detection result to the control-plane node according to the service-specific information on a service context basis after having detected a new data flow and checked or identified to what service the new data flow belongs.
Nec Europe Ltd.

Radio communication system and method

A radio communication system includes a network and a user terminal, wherein the network includes a plurality of radio stations and a controller which controls the plurality of radio stations, wherein at least two of the plurality of radio stations communicate with the user terminal, wherein the controller notifies the user terminal of information about resource for interference measurement, wherein the user terminal calculates and reports channel quality information based on the information.. .

System and targeting relevant research activity in response to diagnostic marker analyses

A system and method for targeting relevant research activity for clinical application in response to diagnostic markers analyses is described. Diagnostic analysis is performed to detect the level of each of at least three diagnostic markers.

Method and system for batch generation of reports

A method and system for batch generation of one or more monolingual reports or bilingual reports is disclosed. One or more report types and a pre-stored data file are selected by a user.
Lingua Next Technologies Pvt. Ltd

System and enhanced interactive reporting of medical test results

An application for providing interactive reports of medical test results that may be integrated with other medical information and services on a mobile device.. .
Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Apparatus, a cloud based universal fleet monitoring system

An enhanced system and method for monitoring operation of a plurality of data sensors allows monitoring of data from industrial batteries and/or battery data sensors (bdss), vehicles, charging systems and related equipment. One or more data collection modules communicate wirelessly and receive data from each device sensor, store data in the data collector memory and asynchronously transmit the data through the cloud and/or internet to the cloud server, which stores and process all received raw data and stores configuration information for each uniquely identified monitored device.

Method and handling primary scrambling codes

The present disclosure presents a method and apparatus for handling primary scrambling codes (psc) in a wireless network. For example, the disclosure presents a method for detecting, by a user equipment (ue) of a plurality of ues, a psc in search windows with different timing offsets, wherein the different timing offsets correspond to a plurality of small cells sharing the psc in a coverage area of a macro cell, and transmitting, by the ue, a plurality of measurement reports corresponding to the different timing offsets.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Universal smdr buffer

The present invention provides a highly flexible system that can receive smdr messages in many different formats and process these messages to produce useful reports and control information. The system can collect data via a lan/wan connection from pbx systems with internal data storage, pbx systems without internal data storage and legacy pbx systems that are connected to a buffer for storage of smdr records..
At Comm Corporation

Method and lte radio access network sharing

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided in which user equipment performs a circuit-switched fallback procedure to connect to a cdma2000 network. The cdma2000 network may be selected by the ue or by the network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Wireless device and transmitting uplink data and buffer status reports in a wireless communications system

The method provides buffer status reporting for the transmission of uplink data from a wireless device to a base station. Uncompressed data is stored in a first buffer of the wireless device.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and transmitting and receiving feedback on channel state information

A method for performing a channel state information (csi) report in a wireless communication system, can include receiving, at a user equipment, a configuration message on each of a plurality of downlink component carriers (dl ccs), the configuration message including cell indexes indicating serving cells and information used for configuring the csi report of the serving cells, and transmitting, at the user equipment, a csi report of only a single serving cell in a corresponding subframe, wherein the transmitting of the csi report of only the single serving cell including when csi reports of two or more serving cells of the plurality of serving cells collide with each other in the corresponding subframe, dropping one or more csi reports having lower priorities, and when csi reports of different serving cells having a same priority collide with each other in the corresponding subframe, dropping csi reports of one or more serving cells other than one serving cell having the lowest cell index.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Radio base station apparatus, user terminal, radio communication system and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to provide demodulation reference signals that are suitable for an extended downlink control channel. The radio base station apparatus of the present invention has a multiplication section that multiplies downlink control information allocated to an extended downlink control channel resource region in a resource block, by a user terminal-specific weight, and a reporting section that reports one group, among a plurality of groups that are configured by selecting varying antenna ports from a plurality of antenna ports corresponding to the number of transmission layers of a demodulation reference signal, to the user terminal, and in each group, the extended downlink control channel resource regions in the resource block and the antenna ports to constitute the group are associated with each other, and the multiplication section multiplies a demodulation reference signal corresponding to an antenna port in the one group that is associated with the extended downlink control channel resource regions where the downlink control information is allocated, by the weight..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Devices for reporting uplink information

A user equipment (ue) for reporting information is described. The ue includes a processor and instructions stored in memory that is in electronic communication with the processor.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Methods and broadcasting loading information corresponding to neighboring base stations

Methods and apparatus are described where loading information regarding loading conditions at a neighboring base station is received at a first base station and then communicated, e.g., broadcast, by the first base station to mobiles within the cell in which the first base station is located. Since the neighbor base station's loading information is being communicated to a mobile currently connected to the first base station via a reliable communications channel of the first base station, the mobile can be expected to be able to reliably recover loading factor information corresponding to not only the first base station but to the neighboring base station.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Radio communication method, radio base station, user terminal, and radio communication system

The present invention is designed to enable adequate channel quality measurement in a user terminal even when csi-rs transmission parameters are reported from a plurality of transmission points to the user terminal. In a radio communication method for a plurality of radio base stations and a user terminal having ability to receive a reference signal for channel state measurement from the plurality of radio base stations, the radio base station generates report information, which is formed with information that represents a transmission parameter of the reference signal, and system information that includes at least a system bandwidth of a radio base station that transmits the reference signal, and reports the generated report information to the user terminal by means of higher layer signaling, and the user terminal measures channel quality based on the received report information..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Protective product reporting system

A reporting system includes a mobile computing device that wirelessly communicates with one or more sensors to track the use of a protective product. reports are provided on the mobile computing device to remind and motivate a user of the protective product to use it at times most beneficial for receiving the intended protection from it..

Impact sensing, evaluation & tracking system

An impact sensing and tracking system helps detect concussion risks using a computerized evaluation combined with traditional methods. The system includes impact sensors, a application and a centralized database with a webpage browser interface.
Headcase Llc

Dynamic splitting of evolved multicast broadcast multimedia service (embms)

A reporting server receives reports on unicast and/or broadcast multimedia content items being accessed by respective user equipment (ue) devices through a network. The reporting server determines, for each multimedia content item, a number of ue devices that are accessing the multimedia content item and whether it is being unicast or broadcast.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Detecting traffic anomalies based on application-aware rolling baseline aggregates

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method of detecting anomalies in network traffic. The method includes: receiving a plurality of accounting reports from an application assurance device, the accounting reports indicating a metric of network performance; aggregating the metric from a plurality of accounting reports to determine a plurality of aggregated metrics corresponding to a plurality of intervals; storing the aggregated metrics in a database in association with the corresponding plurality of intervals; determining a rolling baseline for a current time period based on metrics of intervals corresponding to a primary partition and a sub-partition; comparing a metric for a current time period to the rolling baseline; and determining that an anomaly is occurring if the metric for the current time period differs from the rolling baseline by more than a pre-defined threshold..
Alcatel-lucent Canada Inc.

Enhanced reporting system

A computer system includes a first database system that includes a plurality of tables, and a second database system that includes a subset of the tables in the first database system. The system identifies a plurality of reports that are currently generated using the second database system.
Sap Ag

Systems determining computer apparatus usage via processed visual indicia

A computer-implemented apparatus, system and method to determine usage of a processing device, such as a cell phone, tablet, laptop, personal computer, etc. And/or to determine media exposure on a processing device.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Hierarchical temporal event management

Hierarchical temporal event management enables reduction or elimination of synchronization of multiple potentially huge indexes for real-time log indexing. Logs are time series data of events having associated times.
Loggly, Inc.

Interactive product improvement through the use of variants and data gathering reports in a system that can be updated on the fly

Techniques for interactive product improvement through the use of variants and data gathering reports in a system that can be updated on the fly are disclosed. In some embodiments, interactive product improvement through the use of variants and data gathering reports in a system that can be updated on the fly includes processing a manifest to determine that a plug-in that includes a plurality of variants is available; randomly selecting a variant for the plug-in to automatically install on a device; and automatically installing the plug-in, in which the randomly selected variant is executed at run-time..
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System and the automated handling of documents related to private investigations

Disclosed is a system and method for generating, distributing, and accessing private investigation related documents. The system is operated by a host and utilized by a number of different entities that are involved in preparing and distributing private investigated related documents.
Santarlas Global, Llc

Wireless maintenance management mobile device application platform and related system

A mobile device application platform for maintenance management implemented by a personal digital assistant is provided by providing the user with access to a wireless connection, comprising: a repository of forms associated with a commercial cleaning system; a central server; a wireless communication system between the platform and the central server used to transmit data from the completed forms to the central server; and a central processer on the central server to analyze collected data to generate reports on any deficiencies and/or problems with the maintenance management; a related wireless maintenance management system is also provided.. .
Ubm Llc

System and liquidation management of a company

The present disclosure relates to a tool for identifying the probability of liquidation of a company. The system may be configured to collect indicators of liquidation data from a plurality of companies.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

System and estimation of vehicle accident damage and repair

Described herein is a system and method for predicting the extent and cost of repair resulting from a vehicle accident. The estimates can be based on one or more of in-vehicle sensor measurements during the accident, external observations such as weather and traffic and road conditions and manually or digitally input accident reports.
Scope Technologies Holdings Limited

System and liquidation management of a company

The present disclosure relates to a tool for identifying the probability of liquidation of a company. The system may be configured to collect indicators of liquidation data from a plurality of companies.
American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.

Emergency response system

Methods and systems are provided for receiving requests for one or more types of emergency response services. A request for emergency services is initiated using a mobile application, and the request is transmitted to a dispatch service that notifies the emergency response organization of the request.

Method to overcome dna chemical modifications sensitivity of engineered tale dna binding domains

The present invention relates to polypeptides and more particularly to transcription activator-like effector derived proteins that allow to efficiently target and/or process nucleic acids. Particularly, the present invention reports the characterization of tale derived proteins that can efficiently target methylated dna.
Cellectis, S.a.

System and movie karaoke

While watching a movie, a user speaks lines of dialogue. The system records the speech, compares with the dialogue in the movie, and reports a score to the user.
Crackle, Inc.

Method for providing feedback of channel state information in wireless communication system and same

Disclosed is a wireless communication system. A method for transmitting channel state information (csi) in a wireless communication system includes receiving information about reference csi configuration and following csi configuration configured to have the same rank indicator (ri) as ri of the reference csi configuration, determining a wideband precoding matrix index (pmi) according to the following csi configuration to be the same as a wideband pmi according to the reference csi configuration when reports of the wideband pmi and the ri according to the reference csi configuration and reports of the wideband pmi and the ri according to the following csi configuration collide in one subframe, and transmitting the ri and the wideband pmi according to any one selected from the reference csi configuration and the following csi configuration..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Verification of authorized shared access operation

A method of wireless communication includes receiving measurement reports from multiple first wireless devices operating in a specific area and operating on a spectrum that is different from an asa spectrum. The method also includes adjusting a configuration for one or more second wireless devices operating on the asa spectrum based on the measurement reports and/or configuration adjustment information..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Grouped multicast/broadcast single frequency network (mbsfn) splitting

A reporting server receives reports on content items being accessed by a plurality of ue devices through a first multicast/broadcast single frequency network (mbsfn). The reporting server determines, for each content item being accessed, which of the ue devices is accessing the content item.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Media processing device, media processing system, and control a media processing device

After processing a medium b with a processing unit based on control data received from a host computer 92 and stopping conveyance of the medium b, the media processing device control unit 100 of a printer 1 prohibits processing the medium b by the processing unit, waits until displacement of the medium b is detected by a media orientation detection means 65, and reports starting to wait to the host computer 92. When displacement of the medium b is detected by the media orientation detection means 65 while waiting, the media processing device control unit 100 cuts the medium b with the automatic paper cutter 60, and then cancels prohibition of processing medium b by the processing unit..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Cloud-based access management and activity monitoring of mobile devices

A control application executed on a target mobile device monitors applications used on the target mobile device and reports the monitored usage to a monitoring device. The control application receives access restrictions from the monitoring device, where each access restriction specifies a condition defined by a first user for causing the target mobile device to take an action restricting use of the target mobile device by a second user.
Zerodesktop, Inc.

Formulaic conjoined project effort instance display method and search system process thereof

A dynamic live system for collecting, inputting, storing, and reporting element effort event data, whose processes upon query enable the reporting of well formatted formulaic conjoined project effort instance (cpei) reports per the system's who did what in phasetime effort instance formulas in primary, secondary, tertiary, auto displays, and inferences, not stored as displayed in systems base tables. The formulas 5th element permits effort instances to be reported as past, present and future cpei displays, regardless if said element effort event data was inputted by an element directly or generated automatically by the system's use of ai type techniques.

Visualization and comparison of business intelligence reports

A scale for a first business intelligence (bi) report is determined and filters over data properties of received bi data are applied. A first bi report is generated.

Method and computing system for providing an interface between an imaging system and a reporting system

A method, apparatus and computer program product are disclosed to provide an interface between an imaging system for presenting medical images acquired by various modalities and a reporting system for generating and presenting reports, such as reports relating to the medical images. In the context of a method, the method may include participating in a transfer of information relating to a context of one or more images presented by the imaging system so as to cause a reporting template to be restructured based upon the context of one or more images presented by the imaging system.
Mckesson Financial Holdings

System level simulation in network on chip architecture

Systems and methods for performing multi-message transaction based performance simulations of soc ip cores within a network on chip (noc) interconnect architecture by accurately imitating full soc behavior are described. The example implementations involve simulations to evaluate and detect noc behavior based on execution of multiple transactions at different rates/times/intervals, wherein each transaction can contain one or more messages, with each message being associated with a source agent and a destination agent.
Netspeed Systems

Systems and methods for generating a fitness report

Systems and methods are provided for processing workout or other fitness data associated with a user and generating scores, reports and/or other analysis based on the processed data. For example, a fitness analysis system may electronically receive workout data indicating performance of a user with respect to each of a number of different workouts completed by the user, where a given workout may include multiple movements.
Badpopcorn, Inc.

Cell search and measurement in heterogeneous networks

An extended cell search procedure enables more inclusive measurement reports by mobile terminals operating in a heterogeneous network. The mobile terminal may be configured to conduct an extended cell search to enable better detection of signals transmitted from weaker cells.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatus, method and computer program for discovery signalling

A first device receives a device-to-device d2d discovery signal which indicates that a second device which sent it does not have a cellular connection and/or is requesting relay to a network broader than a d2d network. In response, the first device engages in a search to find a cellular access node and reports its search results via d2d signalling.
Broadcom Corporation

System and gps-based report generation

A system for the global generation, maintenance and distribution of reports of certain conditions in identified locations. The system generates and/or receives reports through an observer's mobile computing device (e.g., cell phone, smart phone, tablet computing device, or wearable computing device) equipped with a gps receiver and system to ascertain the device's location, and with a camera or video camera to take an image or video of the condition that is being reported.

Apparatus and methods for service acquisition when moving in and out of fourth generation (4g) networks with different circuit-switched fallback (csfb) support

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication at a fourth generation (4g) capable user equipment (ue) include determining, when the 4g capable ue does not report a 4g capability but reports one or more other radio access technology (rat) capabilities, a 4g service change possibility for the 4g capable ue, performing a 4g network search and measurement procedure in response to the determination of the 4g service change possibility, and performing a combined evolved packet system/circuit switched (eps/cs) attach attempt procedure when the 4g network search and measurement procedure indicates a 4g network availability.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method, device and system for processing radio link failure report and for statistically processing abnormal event

A device and a system for processing a radio link failure report and for statistically processing an abnormal event include: a user equipment generates a radio link failure report, wherein the radio link failure report carries an a2 event indication recorded by the user equipment; and reports the radio link failure report.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Wireless monitoring of power draw from individual breakers within a circuit breaker panel

Disclosed herein is hardware that can be fitted to a pre-existing circuit breaker panel to allow for the monitoring of power draws in the various circuit breaker branches, which hardware includes current transducers coupled to a wireless hub. The current transducers are coupled to the wires proceeding from each of the circuit breaker branches.
Bractlet, Llc

Zone temperature control system

A programmable central server wirelessly communicates with a plurality of temperature sensors. The temperature sensors are positioned within spaced apart zones within a building.
Smart Stuff, Inc.

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