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This page is updated frequently with new Reports-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reports-related patents
 Multi-carrier cqi feedback method and apparatus patent thumbnailMulti-carrier cqi feedback method and apparatus
A radio base station transmits data symbols to a mobile terminal on multiple frequency carriers, e.g., in accordance with the mc-wcdma or cdma2000 3x air interface protocols. The radio base station instructs the mobile terminal to report channel quality measurements obtained by the terminal for the multiple carriers over the same uplink channel during successive reporting intervals.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Methods of using call for service data in an analytic capacity patent thumbnailMethods of using call for service data in an analytic capacity
Computer-implemented methods and computer-readable media are disclosed for processing call-for-service data to facilitate queries and reports to enhance usefulness of call-for-service data. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method performable by a computer system includes receiving at a computer system data for a plurality of calls-for-service.
Research Triangle Institute

 Diagnostics of deployed devices based on network traffic patent thumbnailDiagnostics of deployed devices based on network traffic
This disclosure is directed to performing diagnostics on deployed devices that use network connectivity to transmit data in response to at least partially automated processes. In some embodiments, a diagnostic entity may monitor network traffic from deployed devices.
Cycle30, Inc.

 Method and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system patent thumbnailMethod and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and device for reporting channel state information (csi). The method by which a terminal in a wireless communication system reports csi, according to one embodiment of the present invention, can comprise the steps for: receiving a reference signal from a base station; and reporting, to the base station, the csi generated by using the reference signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 System and  timekeeping entry and work in progress reports patent thumbnailSystem and timekeeping entry and work in progress reports
The present invention consists of an improved time entry and recording system and method, which greatly enhances the features and abilities of such systems in the marketplace. Most notably, it allows the user thereof to create and generate and edit work in progress reports, which may greatly optimize the profitability of any professional firm, and in particular a law firm, by keeping close tabs on all billing entities.

 Process for crowd-sourced completion of investigative tasks patent thumbnailProcess for crowd-sourced completion of investigative tasks
A process for crowd-sourced completion of one or more investigative tasks may be utilized by intellectual property (ip) rights holders to identify trends in the infringement of intellectual property rights. As such, the inventive process may be utilized as a mobile trademark monitoring system.
Ypb Group Ltd

 Employee certification management system patent thumbnailEmployee certification management system
The employee certification management system allows an organization to monitor the certification records of employees. Employee records are unique and require certifications relative to the department they are working in.

 Analyzing data from a sensor-enabled device patent thumbnailAnalyzing data from a sensor-enabled device
An approach for analyzing data collected by a sensor-enabled device over a network is provided. Specifically, in a typical embodiment, a set of usage data will be received from a device over a network.
International Business Machines Corporation

 System and  radio and wireless measurements tracking and reporting patent thumbnailSystem and radio and wireless measurements tracking and reporting
A monitoring system that utilizes geo-mapping tools collaborating with a network and tracking devices to establish geo-fencing and predictive policing technology which can be used to do simple monitoring tasks, necessary interventions, or archive details as evidence for reports. The tracking devices are capable of communicating to the network via wireless signals provided by various carriers or independently.

 Method and  supporting communication via a relay node patent thumbnailMethod and supporting communication via a relay node
A method and apparatus for supporting communication buffer status reports (bsrs) are disclosed. A wireless device may transmit data to at least one group of wireless transmit/receive units (wtrus).
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Method and apparatus of communication mode switch and system

Disclosed herein are an apparatus and method, the method includes: determining a mode switch manner by an enb according to a predetermined policy; transmitting a first mode switch command by the enb to ue in d2d communication if the mode switch manner is no packet data convergence protocol (pdcp) parameter exchange, and resetting all pdcp transmitter parameters and pdcp receiver parameters by the enb to be 0; and transmitting a mode switch preparation command by the enb to ue in d2d communication if the mode switch manner is full pdcp parameter exchange, so that the ue reports pdcp transmitter parameters, pdcp receiver parameters and a pdcp status report or reports a first missing pdcp reception sn and a corresponding hfn, thereby completing pdcp parameter setting and mode switch.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Systems and methods for wireless signal measurement and reporting for device-to-device communication

Methods, systems, and devices for configuration and reporting of proximity detection measurements are disclosed herein. User equipment (ue) is configured to receive and store a pd-rs list from an evolved universal terrestrial radio access network (e-utran) node b (enb).
Intel Corporation


Systems and methods using a centralized node to collect ran user plane congestion information

A centralized node collects and stores radio access network (ran) user plane congestion information (rci) that is reported from the ran to a core network. The centralized node provides a congestion information collection function (cicf) and includes one or more interface to communicate with a mobility management entity (mme) and/or a serving general packet radio service (gprs) support node (sgsn).


Method for transmitting buffer status report of terminal in small cell environment and device therefor

The present disclosure relates a method of transmitting a buffer status report by a terminal. The method may include i) receiving an rrc reconfiguration message including identification information, ii) identifying logic channels associated with the first base station and logic channels associated with the second base station, iii) triggering the buffer status report by identifying buffer statuses of the identified logic channels associated with the first base station and the second base station, and transmitting the buffer status reports to the first base station and the second base station..
Kt Corporation


Device location history anonymization based on stop detection

Embodiments described herein may help to protect users' privacy when storing and/or utilizing location data that is provided by the users' mobile devices. An example method may involve: (a) determining a location history associated with a first client device, wherein the location history comprises a plurality of time-stamped location reports associated with the first client device, (b) before the location history is exported: (i) identifying at least one stop in the location history, wherein the at least one stop corresponds to a plurality of location reports that indicate a substantial lack of movement by the first client device, and (ii) scrubbing the location history in order to obscure at least one location report that corresponds to the at least one stop, and (c) exporting the scrubbed location history to long-term data storage..
Google Inc.


Method for reporting capability information and dual mode user equipment adapted thereto

A system and a method that reports capability information regarding a dual mode user equipment (ue) are provided. The ue supports frequency division duplex (fdd) and time division duplex (tdd).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for reporting capability information and dual mode user equipment adapted thereto

A system and a method that reports capability information regarding a dual mode user equipment (ue) are provided. The ue supports frequency division duplex (fdd) and time division duplex (tdd).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method for reporting capability information and dual mode user equipment adapted thereto

A system and a method that reports capability information regarding a dual mode user equipment (ue) are provided. The ue supports frequency division duplex (fdd) and time division duplex (tdd).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Hub and cloud based control and automation

Systems and methods for controlling physical objects are provided herein. A system comprises a plurality of beacons that each comprise a bluetooth low energy interface and an interface for communicatively coupling with an electronic device or mechanical device; a hub that communicates with and controls the plurality of beacons, the hub also comprising a bluetooth low energy interface and a network interface for coupling with a cloud, the hub collecting data from the plurality of beacons; the cloud being configured to: process and store the data collected from the plurality of beacons; and generate reports from the data; and the hub being controlled by an end user computing device when the end user computing device is within a broadcast area of the hub, the end user computing device controlling the hub through the cloud when the end user computing device is not within the broadcast area of the hub..
Oort Europe S.a.


Peer network membership management

Techniques are described that may be utilized to manage membership of peers in a peer-to-peer network. For example, membership may be based at least in part on a score that is calculated that describes a reputation for peers in the peer-to-peer network.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Wireless network service interfaces

A uniform wireless network service selection information exchange interface system is provided to facilitate a consistent user experience across multiple wireless networks that may have different service plan activation or service plan purchase processes. Network detection of service usage anomalies based on device-based data usage reports is provided to enable the network to determine whether an end-user device is likely operating in accordance with the established policy, or whether the end-user device may be operating fraudulently..
Headwater Partners I Llc


Diagnosis of network anomalies using customer probes

Methods, apparatuses and systems for diagnosing network anomalies and allocating repair resources in a computer network receive network anomaly reports (nars) from a group of customers. Each nar specifies a network anomaly observed by a customer at a network endpoint.


Evaluating condominium appraisals using project as location effect

Modeling appropriate comparable properties for the assessment of appraisals entails accessing a property dataset, wherein subsets of properties represented in the property data are determined to be members of respective condominium projects. Condominium project identification information is scrubbed, standardized and updated using various techniques.
Fannie Mae


Display of user selected advertising content in a digital environment

A system and method for placing an advertisement in a digital environment based upon a user's choice, subject to certain predetermined parameters, is disclosed. Through the method, a user is assigned a rating based upon, for example, his performance in a game.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Systems and methods for generating workflow reports

A method for producing a record of a workflow traversal at an electronic device. A first user is guided through a first path corresponding to a first portion of an interactive guide, which includes (i) displaying a first sequence of guidance steps, wherein each respective guidance step in the first sequence of guidance steps includes a respective question and one or more respective responses to the question, and (ii) for each respective guidance step, receiving a selection of one of the respective responses to the question.
Yonyx, Inc.


Tag clusters for silent tags

Tags may be grouped into a tag cluster to be represented by a master tag. Tag transmission reports may be received from one or more tag readers that receive wireless transmissions from a plurality of tags.
Sony Corporation


Integrated physical and logical security management via a portable device

Integrated physical and logical security management is extended to a mobile device, such as a portable wireless device or radio. The mobile-impact solution extends the reach of authorized users to handheld devices for monitoring, managing and/or controlling of it/network and physical security.
Vetrix, Llc


Detection of unauthorized memory modification and access using transactional memory

Technologies for detecting unauthorized memory accesses include a computing device having transactional memory support. The computing device executes a code segment identified as suspicious and detects a transactional abort during execution of the code segment.
Intel Corporation


System and analyzing completion fluids

Disclosed herein is a real time method and system for analyzing and optimizing a composition of a completion fluid used in oil well operations. The system employs a plurality of sensors and monitors various parameters of the completion fluid, while also monitoring parameters of the oil well.


Method for establishing a direct communication, and base stations, a gateway and a device therefor

The invention concerns a method for establishing a direct communication in a communication network between a first device (ue1) served by a first base station (bs1) and a second device (ue2) served by a second base station (bs2), wherein a base station of said first and second base station (bs1, bs2) is determined as master base station (bs1) for coordination of said direct communication, at least one device of said first and second device (ue1, ue2) performs signal measurements of signals sent by another device of said first and second device (ue1, ue2), said at least one device of said first and second device reports results of said measurements of signals to the master base station (bs1), the master base station (bs1) decides based on said results whether the direct communication shall be established, and base stations (bs1, bs2), a gateway (pdngw) and a device (ue2) therefor.. .
Alcatel Lucent


Synchronization of exposition data and generation of customized communications and reports

Features are disclosed for aggregating data from numerous data sources related to events (such as expositions, trade shows, conventions and meetings) and integrating such data into a comprehensive data store. The data can be analyzed, searched and filtered to provide targeted communications and customized reports regarding various aspects of an exposition or other event.


Identifying stealth packets in network communications through use of packet headers

A host computer system contains a software module that monitors and records network communications that flow through the legitimate network channels provided by the operating system and reports this information to a central processing server. A computer system acting as a central processing server compares network communications data received from the host computer system with the overall network traffic.


Predictive time allocation scheduling for tsch networks

In one embodiment, a device in a network receives one or more time slot usage reports regarding a use of time slots of a channel hopping schedule by nodes in the network. The device predicts a time slot demand change for a particular node based on the one or more time slot usage reports.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method for calculating statistic data of traffic flows in data network and probe thereof

The disclosure provides a probe and a method for calculating statistic data of traffic flows. The probe comprises at least one link processor (lp) and a correlation processor (cp).
Cellos Software Ltd


Synchronized routing updates for tsch networks

In one embodiment, a network node provides a time slotted channel hopping (tsch) schedule to one or more child nodes of the network node. The tsch schedule includes one or more mandatory routing protocol report time slots.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Systems and methods for communication with remote management systems

Various exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure describe systems and methods for communication between wireless power transmission systems and remote management systems. The described systems include one or more wireless power transmitters, one or more wireless power receivers and one or more electronic devices.
Energous Corporation


Account and investment market monitoring tools

Aspects of the present disclosure are directed to a method and system for customers with an account associated with a financial entity to access their accounts and stay on top of one or more financial markets. In accordance with one or more aspects of the present disclosure, customers can review balances, and review holdings.
Bank Of America Corporation


Migrating federated data to multi-source universe database environment

Embodiments relate to reporting data of project artifacts in a multi-source universe database environment. In embodiments, an analytics module is configured to receive as input, data in target tables of a data federator.


Method and system for the detection and diagnosis of faults in running electric machines

The present invention also discloses a system to carry out this method, consisting of: i) a unit that obtains the current and voltage signals associated with the winding of the electric machine; ii) a unit that emulates faults; iii) a unit that sensitizes the signals by separating the dc and/or ac levels and amplifies the resulting signal; iv) a memory unit that stores the dc and/or ac values; and v) a unit that processes, analyzes and reports on the status of the machine.. .


Methods and systems for genetic analysis

This disclosure provides systems and methods for sample processing and data analysis. Sample processing may include nucleic acid sample processing and subsequent sequencing.
Personalis, Inc.


Scalable full spectrum cyber determination process

A full spectrum cyber identification determination process for accurately and reliably determining and reporting any identification determination from a full spectrum of possible cyber identification determinations. Utilizing cyber resources and predetermined criteria for providing cyber identification determinations for at least one unidentified subject of an observation, the process: provides identification determinations for any possible subject of an observation; provides for the utilization of any selected attainable level of accuracy, up to, and including 100% accuracy; provides for single, intermittent, and constant identification determinations; utilizes any available cyber resources; interacts with utilized cyber resources to provide any possible function and/or observation; recognizes characteristics from observations and then utilizes recognized characteristics for comparing and/or determining; provides and utilizes a standard set of designations for representing all aspects of the process; utilizes useful information and/or outcomes from comparing for making identification determinations; and, reports on any aspect of the process at any time..


Method and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system

One embodiment of the present invention relates to a method by which a terminal reports channel state information (csi) in a wireless communication system, the channel state information reporting method comprising the steps of: deriving an interference measurement on the basis of a zero power csi-reference signal (rs) related to a csi-interference measurement (im) resource configuration: calculating a channel quality information (cqi) value on the basis of the interference measurement; and transmitting csi including the cqi value to a base station, wherein at least one re according to the csi-im resource configuration is included in different ecces included in a prb pair.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Antenna training and tracking protocol

A particular communications protocol is used for antenna training to accomplish directional communications in a wireless communications network. In some embodiments, pertinent information for various requests, responses, and status reports, is included in information elements..


Method and transmitting and receiving feedback information in a mobile communication system

A method and user equipment for transmitting channel state information (csi) are provided. The method includes identifying a plurality of csi configurations, each csi configuration including channel measurement information, interference measurement information, an index for the each csi configuration, and information for a period and an offset; and reporting a csi for a csi configuration among the plurality of csi configurations based on a csi report type and an index for the csi configuration, in case of collision between csi reports for the plurality of csi configurations..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Social engineering protection appliance

This disclosure describes a system, method, and apparatus for determining the likelihood of whether a digital document contains potentially malicious content by a scoring module configured to provide a page score for the digital document representing the likelihood that the document contains potentially malicious content, the scoring module using at least one of a word expression. The word expression is an equation having at least one variable representing a number of occurrences of potentially malicious content in the digital document.
Cyveillance, Inc.


Method for assigning a qualitative importance of relevant genetic phenotypes to the use of specific drugs for individual patients based on genetic test results

The present invention is a method for assigning a qualitative importance of relevant genetic phenotypes to the use of specific drugs for individual patients based on genetic test results. The invention provides a drug-centric integration of pharmacogenetic test information across multiple genes relevant to an individual drug.
Elevated Capital Group Llc


Embedding analytics within transaction search

A system and method facilitating data search, analysis, and/or related actions or data modifications in an enterprise computing environment. An example method includes providing a first user option to specify a transaction search; providing a second user option to specify an analytic; and employing an integrated analytics and search framework to present one or more search results via the analytic in response to user selection of the first user option.
Oracle International Corporation


Visual form based analytics

A tablet based application provides a reporting and analytic tool for increasing data liquidity for quick and complete access allows query and analytic reporting using a screen form modeled after the paper form or other templated data arrangement used to enter the data. Users need not learn a new interface or form structure, but specify query data from the same format upon which the data was entered, facilitating association by visual cues from the form layout and arrangement of fields.


Method and system architecture for a self organizing network

A method and system architecture for a self-organizing network (son) includes a first cell having a first user equipment classifier for determining one of cell edge and cell central. The son also includes a second cell having a second user equipment classifier for determining one of cell edge and cell central.
Airhop Communications, Inc.


Network elements, wireless communication system and methods therefor

Measurement reports from only those wireless communication units (109, 110) included in a preferred user list (107) are used to automatically configure cell parameters such as a pilot channel transmission power level in an open access cell served by an access point (103). The preferred user list (107) may be created by monitoring wireless communication unit behaviour and assigning to the list those units which remain attached to the access point (103) for long periods of time..
Ip.access Limited


Coverage adjustment in e-utra networks

Embodiments of systems and techniques for coverage adjustment in evolved universal terrain radio access networks (e-utrans) are described. In some embodiments, a network management (nm) apparatus may receive data representative of first and second radio link failure (rlf) reports including information related to respective disconnections of first and second user equipment (ues) from an e-utran.
Intel Corporation


Flow-based adaptive private network with multiple wan-paths

Systems and techniques are described which improve performance, reliability, and predictability of networks without having costly hardware upgrades or replacement of existing network equipment. An adaptive communication controller provides wan performance and utilization measurements to another network node over multiple parallel communication paths across disparate asymmetric networks which vary in behavior frequently over time.
Talari Networks Incorporated


Adaptive multicast network communications

This disclosure is directed to techniques for internet group management protocol tunneling. This may be done by electing, by each of a plurality of multicast gateways in a subnet, a designated router in the subnet.
Architecture Technology Corporation


Method for assessing activity of an autoinflammatory disease

The invention relates to a method for determining the activity of an autoinflammatory disease in a patient, where a patient reports the status of at least 5 dichotomous items corresponding to a physiological observation and the values of each status is combined in a mathematical function to obtain an end value.. .
Istituto Giannina Gaslini


Flexible attribute tracking and report generation for a workflow

System and methods for flexible attribute tracking and report generation for a workflow. One embodiment is a workflow server that receives a selection of attributes to track for print jobs as the print jobs are processed in a print system, and generates print reports based on the attributes being tracked.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Automated analysis of multiplexed probe-target interaction patterns: pattern matching and allele identification

Disclosed are methods and algorithms (and their implementation) supporting the automated analysis and interactive review and refinement (“redaction”) of the analysis within an integrated software environment, for automated allele assignments. The implementation, preferably with a software system and a program referred to as the automated allele assignment (“aaa”) program, provides a multiplicity of functionalities including: data management by way of an integrated interface to a portable database to permit visualizing, importing, exporting and creating customizable summary reports; system configuration (“set-up”) including user authorization, training set analysis and probe masking; pattern analysis including string matching and probe flipping; and interactive redaction combining real-time database computations and “cut-and-paste” editing, generating “warning” statements and supporting annotation.
Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.


User terminal, radio base station and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to provide a user terminal, a radio base station and a radio communication method of novel structures that can achieve a good communication environment. A radio base station non-orthogonal-multiplexes downlink signals for a plurality of user terminals over a given radio resource, a user terminal having received the downlink signals for the plurality of user terminals decodes downlink signal for another user terminal, judges whether or not the downlink signal for the other user terminal has been successfully received, based on the decoding result of the downlink signal, reports a judgement result as to whether or not the downlink signal for the other user terminal has been successfully received and a judgement result as to whether or not a downlink signal for the user terminal has been successfully received, to the radio base station, and then the radio base station executes retransmission control of downlink signals based on reports from the user terminal..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.


Classifying failure reports as either current or stale for mobility robustness optimization adjustments

The present disclosure relates to identifying stale failure reports in a cellular communications network. In one embodiment, a node in a cellular communications network receives a failure report associated with a connection failure for a user equipment and determines when the connection failure occurred with respect to a most recent mobility adjustment made by the node.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method for reporting the results of specific reference-cell-based quality measurement in a mobile communication system using carrier aggregation, and the method

The present invention relates to a method in which a terminal reports the results of quality measurement based on a specific reference cell from among a plurality of serving cells for the terminal in a mobile communication system using carrier aggregation. The present invention also relates to a terminal apparatus for the method.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method and device for reporting channel state information in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and device for reporting channel state information (csi). The method by which a terminal in a wireless communication system reports csi, according to one embodiment of the present invention, can comprise the steps of: receiving a reference signal from a base station; and reporting, to the base station, the csi generated by using the reference signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Data processor and decryption method

A modulo exponentiation operation is expressed as y=xdmodn. The modulo exponentiation operation is performed to yield c0=xd′modn, c1=xdmodn, and t=x2̂nmodn, where d′ denotes two's complement of d and n denotes the number of bits in d.


Device of handling periodic csi report

A communication device for handling periodic channel state information (csi) reports comprises a storage unit for storing instructions and a processing means coupled to the storage unit. The processing means is configured to execute the instructions stored in the storage unit.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Communication system

The invention provides a communication system and components thereof for controlling coordinated transmissions using a plurality of carriers operated by a plurality of transmission points. A transmission point configures a number of signal quality and interference measurements for a mobile telephone communicating over the plurality of carriers, each measurement being associated with multiple carriers and multiple measurement configurations.
Nec Corporation


Method and reporting channel state information in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and an apparatus for reporting channel state information (csi). According to one embodiment of the present invention, the method by which a terminal of the wireless communication system reports the csi comprises: a step of receiving a reference signal from a base station; and a step of reporting the csi generated through the reference signal to the base station.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Dynamic document display personalization implemented in a digital rights management system

A method for displaying a digital document to a user where the display sequence of the pages of the document is personalized based on the user's past interactions with the document, such as viewing, annotating, editing, sharing, etc. On each pages.
Konica Minolta Laboratory U.s.a., Inc.


Method of executing an application on a computer system, a resource manager and a high performance computer system

In an hpc system, a resource manager deliberately introduces heterogeneities to the execution speeds of some, but not all, of the nodes allocated to an application during the application's execution. These heterogeneities may cause changes to the amount of time spent waiting on coordination points: computation intensive applications will be most affected by these changes, io bound applications less so.
Fujitsu Limited


Remote monitoring for fluid applicator system

In one embodiment, a remote monitoring system for a fluid applicator system is disclosed. The fluid applicator system is disposed to heat and pump spray fluid, and to transmit reports including sensed temperatures, pressures, and other operational parameters of the fluid applicator system via a wireless network.
Graco Minnesota Inc.


Determining device, determining method, and program

A voltage/current verifier computes, for each phase, a phase difference between phase voltage and phase current from the phase of phase voltage and the phase of phase current computed for each phase by a phase acquirer, and determines conformity if all of the computed phase differences are within a preset range. A current/current verifier computes phase differences between phase currents from the phase of phase current computed for each phase by the phase acquirer, and determines conformity if all of the computed phase differences are less than 180°.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Data-acquiring and reporting animal collar

Methods, systems, and devices for acquiring data from and communicating with a wearable device (e.g., a collar) affixed to animal are described. A wearable device affixed to a dog, for example, may acquire data and transmit the data to mobile devices or servers using one or several wireless technologies.
Ridogulous Labs Inc.


Method of controlling battery usage

There is provided a method of controlling battery usage of a first mobile device in a monitoring system for monitoring a plurality of mobile devices which are monitored at a server, the system comprising the server and the plurality of mobile devices monitored at the server, the plurality of mobile devices including the first mobile device, the first mobile device including a battery, the method comprising the steps of: (i) each mobile device acquiring location data; (ii) each mobile device sending the acquired location data to the server via a telecommunications network; (iii) the first mobile device receiving an instruction from the server to adjust how often the first mobile device reports location data to the server, so as to control a battery usage of the first mobile device.. .
Georeach Limited


Interference measurements and management in directional mesh networks

Techniques may be used for interference measurement and management in directional mesh networks, including centralized and/or distributed approaches. A centralized node, such as an operations and maintenance (oam) center, may use feedback from nodes in the mesh network to partition the nodes in the mesh network into clusters based on interference levels.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Method for collecting and aggregating network quality data

A system and method are provided for collecting wireless network quality parameters. The wireless network quality parameters are collected from wireless networks by a client device in communication with the wireless network.
Google Inc.


Identification of candidate problem network entities

The detection of network communication problems in networks that have multiple end nodes, and multiple transit nodes in between. One or more of the end nodes monitors one or more flows, creates associated flow information including performance information for each flow, and then reports the flow information.
Microsoft Corporation


Device to device content upgrades

In embodiments of device to device content upgrades, a computing device includes a peer sharing manager that shares content and upgrades to content with peer devices. The computing device downloads content and upgrades from sources on the internet, and shares the content and upgrades with peer devices that lack an internet connection.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Method and device for communication processing

A method and a device for communication processing are provided in the present application. The method comprises: a user equipment (ue) reports capability indication information to a network side device in order to indicate whether the ue supports a dynamic time division duplex (tdd) uplink/downlink configuration; and if the dynamic tdd uplink/downlink configuration is supported, when a tdd uplink/downlink configuration indication is received, one is selected from the indicated tdd uplink/downlink configuration and the currently used tdd uplink/downlink configuration, and a transmission direction of each sub-frame is determined according to the selected tdd uplink/downlink configuration.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology


Method and reporting channel state information in wireless communication system

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system and, more specifically, to a method and apparatus for reporting channel state information (csi). According to one embodiment of the present invention, the method by which a terminal of the wireless communication system reports the csi comprises: a step of receiving a reference signal from a base station; and reporting the csi generated using the reference signal to the base station.
Lg Electronics Inc.


System and methods for identifying, evaluating and predicting land use and agricultural production

A system and methods for analyzing land use and productivity. The invention relates to land use analysis through detection, monitoring and evaluating changes in particular land regions of interest and the analysis of changes in such land use as well as the forecasting of in-season productivity of vegetation in the region of interest.
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Enhanced disposition monitoring with geocoding

An enhanced disposition monitoring module may be provided in a plurality of computing devices (e.g., a handheld computing device, a remote server, etc.) to receive, transmit, maintain, and/or analyze disposition and related information that may be associated with geocoded information (e.g., a street address). The enhanced disposition monitoring module may generate a report based on the analysis of the information, including for example, reports showing performance of salespeople and sales in particular neighborhoods.
Oberweis Dairy, Inc.


Solar tablet verbal

A solar tablet verbal with nano scale layers, a never change lithium battery for all units solar desktop, laptop, portable game player solar standard size television 32 inch, 42 inch, 50 inch, a solar mp3 player, e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines. Watch television on your digital tablet and solar verbal watch.


Tunneling in usb power delivery

An electronic system includes a computer and a power adapter. The computer includes an embedded controller (ec) coupled to a computer power delivery (pd) controller.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Method and device for reporting channel state information

Disclosed is a method for reporting channel state information (csi), first, an instruction instructing a ue to report the csi are acquired by the ue from a pdcch scheduling the pdsch; then, the ue measures the reference signal to give csi; finally, the ue reports csi on the pucch or the pusch transmitting the harq-ack feedback information of the pdsch. The present application also discloses a device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Inhibiting the transmission of measurement reports from a ue when a ue is in an inactive mode and applies drx

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, are provided for determining whether a user equipment is in an inactive connected mode, i.e. Applies discontinuous reception drx mode, during a period of inactive data reception; and disabling a timer for triggering a measurement report at the user equipment, when the user equipment applies drx mode, wherein the disabled timer inhibits the measurement report related to a target cell from being sent by the user equipment.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Network-side device and macro base station-to-micro base station switching method

A network-side device and a macro base station to micro base station switching method relate to a universal mobile telecommunications system. The method includes: multiplexing part of scrambling codes in reserved scrambling codes to micro base station cells, and configuring them to a user equipment; a network side creating a snf−sfn relation list between various base station cells according to existing determined neighbor cell relations and cell synchronization information in a measurement report reported by the user equipment; when the user equipment reports a switching measurement report of a target cell, the network side determining a target cell in actual switching and performing the switching according to the scrambling code information in the switching measurement report, tm and off information in the cell synchronization information and the sfn−sfn relation list.
Zet Corporation


Measurements in multiple connection systems

Systems and techniques for link condition reporting in multiple connection systems. A base station, such as a macro enodeb (enb) configures measurement objects and reporting objects for macro and local area links for a user device such as a user equipment (ue).
Broadcom Corporation


Method for managing heterogeneous cellular networks

A method is provided for managing heterogeneous cellular networks. The method comprises obtaining measurement reports from wireless entities relating to the intensity at which signals are received by each wireless entity; based on these measurement reports, and/or on geographical information of hetnet elements, identifying a macro cell located at the vicinity of the small cells; selecting one of the small cells to be a gateway cell, and other small cells to be inner cells.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Apparatus and periodic channel state reporting in a wireless network

Channel state information (csi) is reported by a subscriber station to a base station. The csi is reported periodically for at least two physical uplink control channels (pucch).
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and gathering, identifying and analyzing learning patterns

The present invention describes a community based computerized method and system which automatically gathers, acquires and collects students' usage data in a dynamic knowledge base as they perform their routine learning assignments from any educational source (e.g. Printed textbooks, e-textbook etc.), for the purpose of assessing their achievements, competencies, areas of interest, preferences and requirements, and then providing automatically generated students-related information and services which are based on this knowledge, such as custom study guides, preparation plans for exams and academic skills assessment reports.


Device for rapid operational visibility and analytics automation

A portable device for automating data analytics includes a configurator module, wherein the configurator module when plugged into a client device enables a user of the client device to configure a plurality of parameters. The portable device further includes a rapid operational visibility (rovi) engine for automating data analysis.
Flutura Business Solutions Private Limited


System and scalable semantic stream processing

A system for collaborative analysis from different processes on different data sources. The system uses a unique approach to lightweight temporary data structures in order to allow communication of interim results among processes, and construction of semantically appropriate reports.
Sirius-beta Corp.


Virtual computer system and data transfer control virtual computer system

A computer has an adapter which is coupled to storage devices; the adapter transmits data and receives data, and measures the transfer amount of data that has been transmitted and received, and the number of i/o accesses, for each virtual computer; a virtualization part, on the basis of the transfer amount of the data, and the number of i/o accesses, acquired from the adapter, computes an upper limit for the data transfer amount and an upper limit for the number of i/o accesses for each virtual computer and reports to the virtual computers; and the virtual computers retain the data to transfer to and to receive from the storage devices in a queue, and the virtual computers control data to output from the queue so as not to exceed the upper limit of the data transfer amount or the number of i/o accesses.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Removable motion sensor embedded in a sport instrument

A solution is provided to enhance motion detection and recognition of moving objects associated with various sports by intelligently embedding motion sensors into sport instruments such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, baseball bats and golf clubs, that are swung in a three-dimensional (3d) space. The motion sensors embedded inside the sport instruments are securely locked and are detachable for replacement.
Zepp Labs, Inc.


Methods and tracking and analyzing animal behaviors

Described herein are methods and systems for tracking and analyzing animal behaviors. Specifically, certain animal data, such as animal motions of interest (running, walking, resting, playing), are captured through a device attached to the animal.


Multi-user scheduling channel status reporting for wi-fi

Provided are systems and methods for polling, by a wireless network access point, a group of wireless network stations for an uplink transmission status, receiving (from one or more wireless network stations of the group of wireless network stations) an uplink transmission status report indicating that the wireless network station is ready for uplink data transmission, scheduling (in response to receiving the one or more uplink transmission status reports) one or more uplink data transmissions from the one or more wireless network stations, and receiving (from the one or more wireless network stations in accordance with the scheduling) one or more uplink data transmissions comprising uplink data.. .


Method and device for sending a buffer status report

A method and device of sending buffer status reports (bsrs) are provided herein. The method includes: determining the type priority sequence of bsr by a user terminal, and selecting and processing one bsr based on the type priority.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Mobile activity status tracker

A technique and apparatus to provide status tracking of presence and/or location of a mobile, wireless device to a requesting entity even outside of a particular wireless system. This allows wireless service providers the ability to monitor and log changes in the status of mobile stations within and/or outside their networks.
Telecommunication Systems, Inc.


Method and device for reporting power headroom under carrier aggregation

The present application relates to the field of wireless communications. Disclosed in an embodiment of the present application are a method and device for reporting power headroom (ph) under carrier aggregation, for solving the problem of how to report ph when a terminal supports the transmission of a physical uplink control channel (pucch) on different uplink carriers corresponding to different carrier groups.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology


Communication system

In a communication system, a henb measures interference in an energy saving mode. When judging to have detected the interference by a ue during communication with an enb, the henb cancels the energy saving mode and moves to a normal mode and starts issuing a pilot signal.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Buffer status reporting for dual connection

Apparatus, methods, and computer programs that selectively transmit one or more local area buffer status reports by a macro base station over a macro link or transmit a macro buffer status report by a local area access point over a local area link in a dual connection deployment scenario in response to a cross link buffer status report trigger. The apparatus, methods and computer programs may include several cross buffer status reporting triggers.


Optimization in workforce managment using work assignment engine data

Contact centers strive to match the demands and preferences of their customers with the skills and abilities of the agents who process work items associated with the customers (e.g., contacts). However, the preferred agent may be unavailable, non-existent, backlogged or otherwise ineligible to accept the work item.
Avaya, Inc.


Method and system of virtual desktop infrastructure deployment studio

Aspects of the present disclosure relates to a virtual desktop deployment system configured to deploy a virtual desktop infrastructure. In certain embodiments, the virtual desktop deployment system includes: (a) virtual desktop servers, for hosting the virtual desktop infrastructure, (b) a computer server for deploying virtual desktop infrastructure by a system administrator, and a deployment database for storing virtual desktop infrastructure configuration and system settings, and (c) a virtual desktop deployment entity configured to perform following operations: (a) receiving configuration and system settings of the virtual desktop infrastructure, (b) discovering and scanning the virtual desktop servers to obtain system information, (c) establishing deployment rules and deployment dependencies, (d) reading the virtual desktop infrastructure configuration and system settings, (e) deploying the virtual desktop infrastructure to the virtual desktop servers, and (f) generating and storing the status, the reports, and the logs of the virtual desktop infrastructure deployment..
American Megatrends, Inc.


Financial portfolio analysis systems and methods

Provided are systems and methods relating to financial portfolio analysis, including a computer processing structure configured to compare an investment to a metric that may be selected from a list or may be specially constructed as a hybrid, weighted metric from a plurality of indexes and other sub-metrics. The computer processing structure is specially adapted to apply spc-like statistical analysis to one or more investments in view of the selected metric, and to optionally provide alerts when statistically significant events occur.


Data abstraction layer for interfacing with reporting systems

A data transformation system receives data from one or more external source systems and stores and transforms the data for providing to reporting systems. The data transformation system maintains multiple versions of data received from an external source system.
Gooddata Corporation


Method and system for technology risk and control

A computer-implemented method and system provides a collaborative framework to assess and manage an enterprise's technology risk and controls for mitigating such risk. The framework is configured to collect risk assessments associated with technology assets from various lines of business within an enterprise, map such risks to appropriate controls and identify and manage control gaps were controls are not in place.
The Toronto-dominion Bank


Offline mode for tag transmission reports

Methods and systems for forwarding tag transmission reports are provided. A mobile device may receive a wireless transmission from a tag and store data received from the tag, a location of the mobile communication terminal and a timestamp of the wireless transmission.
Sony Corporation


Multiple computer server system for organizing healthcare information

A method of providing changes in healthcare policy information is provided, including: providing a first database, the first database containing a plurality of records, each record containing a copy of a website and tags associated with the website, the website pertaining to healthcare policy information; retrieving current versions of tags associated with the websites on the internet; for each website, determining if the tags associated with the website have changed by comparing the current version of the tags to the copy of the tags in the first database; if the tags have changed, updating the copy of the website associated with the tags in the first database; determining the changes in the website, and providing access to reports generated to reflect changes in the website.. .
Biopolicy Innovations Inc.

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