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 Location of terminals in a communications network patent thumbnailnew patent Location of terminals in a communications network
A method (400, 500) of identifying nodes in a communications network is disclosed, the nodes being for use in locating wireless terminals within the network based upon reports from the wireless terminals of transmissions received from the nodes. The method (400, 500) comprises prioritising combinations of nodes in which at least three nodes are located around a reference node in a configuration satisfying similarity criteria to an idealised star configuration, wherein an idealised star configuration comprises three nodes evenly angularly distributed around, and at the same distance from, a reference node.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (pupl)

 Video image processing apparatus and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Video image processing apparatus and recording medium
A video image processing apparatus including, a generation unit configured to generate a video image frame from an image area to be used included in a video image captured by a camera, a spatial area in the video image being defined by the image area to be used, an encoding unit configured to encode the video image frame into any one of a first video image frame and a second video image frame, and a detection unit configured to detect a trigger for changing the image area to be used to report the detection of the trigger to the generation unit, wherein the encoding unit reports a encoded video image frame type to the generation unit in advance, and in response to receiving the detection of the trigger, the generation unit changes the image area to be used in a video image frame based on the reported type.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Method and system for enhanced lottery ticket accounting and sales at a retail establishment level patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for enhanced lottery ticket accounting and sales at a retail establishment level
A system and associated method are provided for dispensing lottery tickets at retail establishments, the lottery tickets authorized for sale in a given jurisdiction by a lottery authority. The lottery tickets are formatted for sale at the retail establishment with a ticket purchase code and a separate ticket data code.
Scientific Games International, Inc.

 Method and system for enabling dynamic capacity planning patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for enabling dynamic capacity planning
Method and system for enabling dynamic capacity planning are disclosed. In an embodiment, a plurality of operational inputs are configured to forecast a demand volume and generate a dynamic capacity planning schedule.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

 Managing data quality and compliance patent thumbnailnew patent Managing data quality and compliance
In an approach to managing data quality and compliance, a computer retrieves data within a business enterprise system. The computer applies a set of rules to the data, wherein the application of the set of rules to the data produces a plurality of mapped data, and the computer aggregates the plurality of mapped data into a plurality of results.
International Business Machines Corporation

 User interface for a unified data science platform including management of models, experiments, data sets, projects, actions, reports and features patent thumbnailnew patent User interface for a unified data science platform including management of models, experiments, data sets, projects, actions, reports and features
A system and method for providing various intuitive user interfaces for data science process end-to-end is disclosed. In one implementation, the various intuitive user interfaces include a series of user interfaces associated with a unified, project-based data science workspace that guide a user through the data science process as well as learn from the user in the data science process..
Skytree, Inc.

 Terminal, system, method, and program for presenting sentence candidate patent thumbnailnew patent Terminal, system, method, and program for presenting sentence candidate
The present invention is to provide a terminal for presenting a sentence candidate that presents a candidate to improve the work efficiency and to standardize a sentence, when a report is generated. The terminal for presenting a sentence candidate 100 is capable of presenting a more appropriate sentence candidate by including a report data base 131 that stores a report including a plurality of sentences, searching the report data base by an input character, generating a report group including a plurality of reports as a search result, extracting a sentence containing a character input from the report group to generate a sentence group, and preferentially outputting a predetermined sentence based on a priority..
Y's Reading Inc.

 Reporting apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Reporting apparatus
In a vehicle, positional information of the vehicle and status determination information are serially acquired. Each time a user speaks a speech, speech data is acquired.
Denso Corporation

 Method for a mobile dimensioning device to use a dynamic accuracy compatible with nist standard patent thumbnailnew patent Method for a mobile dimensioning device to use a dynamic accuracy compatible with nist standard
A mobile dimensioning device, i.e. A mobile dimensioner, is described that uses a dynamic accuracy while still being compatible with the nist standard.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

 Low latency physical uplink control channel with scheduling request and channel state information patent thumbnailLow latency physical uplink control channel with scheduling request and channel state information
Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A user equipment (ue) and a base station may use low latency communications to improve the throughput of a wireless link.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, communication system, notification method, and integrated circuit

A terminal apparatus according to one aspect of the present invention constitutes and reports an amount-of-transmission-buffer report to be notified to a base station apparatus, based on first transmission data to the base station apparatus, which is prepared in a transmission buffer of the terminal apparatus itself, second transmission data for device-to-device data communication, and a priority level of each piece of transmission data.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Systems, apparatus, and methods of checkpoint summary based monitoring for an event candidate related to an id node within a wireless node network

Systems, apparatus, and methods are described for checkpoint summary based monitoring for an event candidate within a wireless node network of id nodes, a master node, and a server. Such a method, for example, may have the master node receiving a first set of advertising signals broadcast by an id node and generating a first checkpoint summary representing the first set of received signals.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Terminal capability control method, terminal, enb and computer storage medium

Provided is a terminal capability control method. In the method, a user equipment (ue) reports buffer status reports (bsrs) to each evolved node b (enb) connected to the ue; and the ue receives uplink licence information sent by each enb, wherein the uplink licence information is configured by each enb according to the bsrs and a ue capability allocation rule negotiated in accordance with a ue capability range.
Zte Corporation

Systems, apparatus, and methods of enhanced monitoring for an event candidate associated with cycling power of an id node within a wireless node network

Systems, master node-based apparatus, and methods are described for enhanced monitoring for an event candidate within a wireless node network. Such a system may include a low-level id node and a mid-level master node.
Fedex Corporate Services, Inc.

Troubleshooting transactions in a network environment

In one embodiment, a system for troubleshooting transactions in a network environment includes an interface that may receive a transaction report from each of a number of network devices used to process a transaction. Each transaction report may include a status code field indicating a status of the transaction at each of the plurality of network devices.
Bank Of America Corporation

System architecture mapping

In one embodiment, a system for generating a network architecture map includes an interface that may receive a map request to generate a network architecture map for a transaction, wherein the map request comprises a transaction and a designation of a system entry point. The interface may communicate the transaction to the system entry point.
Bank Of America Corporation

Transaction identification in a network environment

In one embodiment, a system for analyzing and reporting electronic transactions in a network environment includes an interface that may receive a transaction request at a first network device. A processor communicatively coupled to the interface may execute a task associated with the transaction request generate a transaction report associated with the transaction request and the task.
Bank Of America Corporation

Interference measurement in wireless networks

Embodiments contemplate methods, systems, and apparatuses for interference measurement in a wireless communication network, including wireless communication networks the employ mimo in uplink and/or downlink communication. Embodiments contemplate identifying one or more interference measurement resource elements that may be received from one or more transmission points.
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.

Retrospective analysis of vehicle operations

Method and apparatus for generating and outputting dynamic variance reports for vehicle operations. The dynamic variance reports enable a vehicle operations scheduler to understand trends, patterns, or the like in variances between planned vehicle operations and actual vehicle operations.
The Boeing Company

Detecting personal activity by means of battery-powered motion detectors including wireless transmitters

A method of detecting personal activity within a dwelling using at least one battery-powered motion detector connected wirelessly to a control system for transmission of activity reports. Detection of activity starts a minimum reporting period timer and the time of subsequent detected activity is recorded and updated on each subsequent activity.
Arc Informatics Limited

Generating reports from short message type identifiers based on specific attributes

A system, method, and computer-readable medium are disclosed for providing a short message tool for identifying and correlating relationships between and among multiple short messages. The short message tool collates the short message data from all company related short messages and generates a report and create a map between the contents, customers and the revenue.
Dell Products L.p.

Method of computing an estimated queuing delay

A method of computing an estimated queuing delay is described that uses both historical queue delay data in the form of multiple calendar-based queue delay profiles and real-time data in the form of field-reports from service objects of actual queue delay. A decision selects either the source data from queue delay profiles or a real-time report.
Spotted, Inc

Selecting application wrapper logic components for wrapping a mobile application based on wrapper performance feedback from user electronic devices

For each of a plurality of wrapper logic components, a metric is determined from content of reports received from user electronic devices that characterizes performance of the wrapper logic component when executed by the user electronic devices to monitor a feature of an application during execution of the application by the user electronic devices. A set of the wrapper logic components is selected that excludes from the set any of the wrapper logic components having performance characterized by the metrics that does not satisfy a first defined rule.
Ca, Inc.

Report management system

A method and apparatus for generating reports. A computer system displays an application with fields in a graphical user interface on a display system.
Adp, Llc

Transit incident reporting

Some embodiments of the invention provide a method for displaying on a device incident reports regarding transit lines and stations. Through a map application executing on the device, the method of some embodiments receives an incident report regarding a transit line or station of interest.
Apple Inc.

Mimetic peptides and their use in medicine

The present invention concerns the field of ion channels, and in particular relates to peptides which are suitable for use in the treatment of conditions where the l-type calcium channel (ltcc) density and function is altered. Ltccs are located on the membrane of all excitable cells and control the small voltage gradient across the plasma membrane by allowing the flow of ca2+ ions down their electrochemical gradient.
Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche

Swimming goggles

Swimming goggles are developed to allow a swimmer to see the end of the pool without moving their head while swimming in backstroke. Using a light reflector, a swimmer can see through a backstroke viewing window, allowing them to see along the direction that they are moving when swimming backstroke.

Terminal device, integrated circuit, and wireless communication method

According to the present invention, there is provided a terminal device that transmits a signal to a base station apparatus through uplink, the terminal device including: a bsr generation unit that triggers a buffer status report bsr which is used for providing the base station apparatus with information on an amount of data that is available for transmission within a buffer for a first link which is used for communication between the terminal device and a different terminal device, and that cancels the triggered buffer status report; and a configuration unit that configures a first mode or a second mode, in which, in the first mode, a resource for transmitting data for the first link is scheduled by the base station apparatus, and in the second mode, the resource for transmitting the data for the first link is selected the terminal device from a resource pool, and in which, in a case where the second mode is configured, all of the triggered buffer status reports are cancelled.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Base station, small cell, and scheduling communications link resource

The present invention relates to a base station, a small cell, and a method for scheduling a communications link resources. A first small cell reports load information and channel state information of a channel between the first small cell and a neighboring second small cell to a base station.
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.

Techniques for reporting buffer status in wireless communications

Aspects described herein generally relate to communicating buffer status reports (bsr) in wireless communications. A bsr can be generated at a device indicating a size of each of a plurality of messages stored in a buffer of the device for communicating from the device to one or more other devices.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method

Where first and second reference signals for a first and second communication system, respectively, are transmitted, resources that affect a reception apparatus compatible only with the first communication system can be minimized, and the throughput can be prevented from being deteriorated. As resources for a reference signal csi-rs for lte-a, last half symbols in a time direction of a resource unit rb/sub-frame defined in a frequency-time domain are used, and the csi-rs is allocated in a position up to the last two symbols or in the last symbol, or the like, of a particular rb/sub-frame and transmitted when a reference signal 4rs for lte is transmitted to a reception apparatus in addition to transmitting csi-rs for lte-a.
Sun Patent Trust

Periodic channel state information reporting for enhanced carrier aggregation

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A user equipment (ue) may detect the size of a payload for reporting hybrid automatic repeat request (harq) feedback for transmissions on a set of component carriers (ccs) and may determine whether a scheduling request (sr) and/or a periodic channel state information (p-csi) report is present.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Detecting compromised certificate authority

A computer-implemented method is provided to detect a compromised certificate authority (ca). Over time reports are received containing data describing certificate authority certificates captured from messages exchanged between clients and servers.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Method and transmitting channel state information in multi-node system

A method and a base station (bs) for receiving channel state information are discussed. The method according to an embodiment includes transmitting a radio resource control (rrc) signal to a user equipment (ue), the rrc signal including a plurality of configurations for periodic channel state information (csi) reports; transmitting, to the ue, a plurality of csi reference signals (csi-rss); and receiving, from the ue, generated csi for the plurality of csi-rss based on the rrc signal.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Coordinated multipoint scheduling

The present disclosure presents a method and an apparatus for coordinated scheduling at a cell. For example, the example method may include receiving a plurality of channel state information (csi) reports from one or more user equipments (ues) served by the cell, generating a plurality of cell reports based at least on the plurality of csi reports received from the one or more ues, transmitting the plurality of cell reports to a central scheduling entity, receiving a selected global transmission configuration, receiving one or more additional csi reports from the one or more ues subsequent to transmitting the plurality of cell reports to the central scheduling entity, and identifying a ue of the one or more ues to serve based at least on the selected global transmission configuration and the one or more additional csi reports.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Online ad metrics and billing reporting

A machine may be configured to generate metrics or billing reports for online advertising. For example, the machine accesses, in real time, an event cost value associated with an event of consumption of an online ad displayed on behalf of an advertiser associated with an account identifier.
Linkedln Corporation

Infrastructure benchmarking based on dynamic cost modeling

Embodiments are directed towards infrastructure benchmarking based on dynamic cost modeling. Raw customer models that represent a customer's business system may be ingested into a benchmarking system and mapped to customer models based on one or more standard models.
Apptio, Inc.

Systems and methods for automatically creating tables using auto-generated templates

Systems and methods are provided for creating tables using auto-generated templates. reports including lines of text to be extracted into tables are received.
Datawatch Corporation

Control a printer, printer, and storage medium

A device control program can be updated even when the printing device is busy. A control method of a printer 2 having a storage unit 32 storing a device control program 36 and a boot program 37, and a communication interface 21 that communicates with a host device 1, includes: a receive change-mode request step of receiving a change-mode request from the host device 1 through the communication interface 21; a change mode step of changing from a normal control mode in which the device control program 36 runs to a boot control mode in which the boot program 37 runs based on the change-mode request; the communication interface 21 receiving a change-mode request in the receive change-mode request step even if the communication interface 21 reports being busy..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Advanced identification and classification of sensors and other points in a building automation system

A building automation space facility or building automation facility comprising systems and methods for classifying and standardizing sensors and sensor data using time-series data and/or meta data, such as data and meta information available in a control network or hardware is disclosed. The disclosed system and methods provide techniques to rapidly identify and classify sensors using analysis of time-series data (e.g., data collected from a sensor such as by polling the sensor every second, minute, hour, day, month, and so on) and/or meta data (e.g., label names, group names, associated equipment, and so on) from these sensors and associated control systems.
Buildpulse, Inc.

Method for automatic classification of radar objects

Classification of radar objects involves processing a received radar signal in an input channel within a number of successive coherent integration intervals (bursts), detecting an object using doppler filter amplitudes, and producing range reports. A number of range reports are combined using a cluster algorithm to form a plot, and adding doppler filter amplitudes of the two azimuthally adjacent bursts from the same range cell each range report.
Airbus Ds Electronics And Border Security Gmbh

Wireless network configuration using path loss determination between nodes

A method and corresponding apparatus are provided for network configuration selection in a wireless network comprising a plurality of nodes. A subset of the nodes are configured to simultaneously participate in a sounding process, in which a node of the subset omni-directionally transmits a predetermined signal and in which other nodes of the subset of nodes sample the predetermined signal as received by an omni-directional antenna array of that node.
Airspan Networks Inc.

Methods for aperiodic csi report triggering for flexible subframes in lte tdd eimta systems with dynamic ul-dl reconfiguration

A method to trigger aperiodic csi reports in lte tdd systems having dynamic uplink-downlink configurations is proposed. When uplink grants can be sent on any subframe, the method further defines how to indicate which measured subframe set is to be used in reporting the aperiodic csi.
Intel Ip Corporation

Method of locating a mobile device and a cloud computer system employing same

A method and system are disclosed for tracking mobile devices. The system comprises a computer cloud having one or more computer servers, and a plurality of mobile devices.
Nearable Technology Corp.

System and improved updating and annunciation of traffic enforcement camera information in a vehicle using a broadcast content delivery service

An enhanced broadcast data service with reports locations of traffic enforcement camera locations e.g., red light cameras and speed cameras) to users. Traffic enforcement camera information is aggregated, verified (e.g., particularly as to traffic enforcement camera type) and stored (e.g., at a server).
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

Protocol based detection of suspicious network traffic

Embodiments of the present invention relate to identification of suspicious network traffic indicative of a botnet and/or an advanced persistent threat (apt) based on network protocol of such traffic. According to one embodiment, a traffic file is received at a network security device that is protecting a private network.
Fortinet, Inc.

Monitoring of ip multicast streams within an internet gateway device

Apparatus and methods for reporting stream loss in internet gateway devices. One embodiment comprises an internet gateway device for installation at a customer premises.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Monitoring of ip multicast delivery over an optical network

Apparatus and method for monitoring ip multicast delivery. One embodiment comprises an optical line termination (olt) device that includes a network termination (nt) device that connects to a core network, and a plurality of line termination (lt) devices that connect to an optical distribution network.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Risk modeling system

The system provides early warning intelligence feeds which analyze risks of potential human caused threats and naturally caused hazards. It includes data mining functions that autonomously search and categorize threats/hazards from worldwide open source data on a continuing basis.

Network system, control a network system, and management server

A system including plural servers efficiently synchronizes data on different servers. When an instruction to update store management data is executed, a management server reports data was updated to the pos server.
Seiko Epson Corporation

System and method to provide notifications to resources

A computing system to manage one or more communication sessions is disclosed. The computing system includes an input module to receive at least one subscription request from at least one resource, wherein the at least one subscription request comprises a subscription criteria.
Avaya Inc.

System and proactive self-care for electronic devices

A method is provided for creating pattern-problem pairs for proactive diagnosis of device issues. A plurality of problem reports are received from problem devices, each having parameters associated with a device profile.
Crowdcare Corporation

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