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This page is updated frequently with new Reports-related patent applications.

 Periodic channel state information (csi) reporting using a physical uplink control channel (pucch) patent thumbnailnew patent Periodic channel state information (csi) reporting using a physical uplink control channel (pucch)
Technology for a user equipment (ue) to report periodic channel state information (csi) is disclosed. The ue can generate a plurality of csi reports for serving cells for transmission in a subframe.
Intel Corporation

 User terminal, radio base station and radio communication method patent thumbnailnew patent User terminal, radio base station and radio communication method
The present invention is designed to adequately execute transmission power control in dual connectivity (dc). A user terminal communicates with a plurality of cell groups, each cell group being comprised of one or more cells that use different frequencies, and has a power control section that controls the maximum transmission power value for each cell group, which is given by splitting the allowable maximum transmission power of the subject user terminal semi-statically, and controls the maximum transmission power value of a specific cell group to be changed when a predetermined condition is met, and a transmission section that reports the maximum transmission power value after the change to a radio base station forming the cell group..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

 Method, device, and system for collecting and reporting minimally necessary real-time personal context patent thumbnailnew patent Method, device, and system for collecting and reporting minimally necessary real-time personal context
A wireless computing device collects and reports minimally necessary real-time personal context of a user. During a first period of time, collecting and storing one or more first personal context information elements associated with the user but not reporting them via wireless transmission.
Motorola Solutions, Inc

 Image processing system and information synchronizing method patent thumbnailnew patent Image processing system and information synchronizing method
An image processing system includes a main unit of an image processing apparatus and an operational unit. The operational unit includes a request receiver that receives a request to modify operational unit administrative information, an administrative information modifying unit that modifies the operational unit administrative information in response to the received request to modify, and an administrative information reporting unit that reports modified content of the operational unit administrative information to the main unit of the image processing apparatus.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 A  reporting data from a wireless device to a network node of a communication network patent thumbnailnew patent A reporting data from a wireless device to a network node of a communication network
A method executable in a wireless device, comprising a mbms client and a non-mbms client, for reporting qoe from the wireless device to a second network node of a wireless network, is suggested. The method comprise: receiving, from a first network node, a message indicating that qoe reporting from the mbms client shall be coordinated with qoe reporting from the non-mbms client; determining, by the mbms client, whether or not the mbms client is to establish coordinated qoe reports to the second network node; coordinating, between the mbms client and the non-mbms client, a coordinated qoe reporting configuration, at least partly on the basis of the result of said determining; determining, by the non-mbms client, on the basis of content of said configuration, whether or not the non-mbms client is to establish coordinated qoe reports to the second network node, and transmitting any established, coordinated qoe report to the second network node..
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 System for providing a city planning tool patent thumbnailnew patent System for providing a city planning tool
A system and method for generating traffic reports is described. The system receives a set of inputs specifying at least a geographical region, a first period of time, and a second period of time.
Uber Technologies, Inc.

 Standard working hours management system patent thumbnailnew patent Standard working hours management system
A standard working hours management system includes at least one microprocessor in an electronic device. The at least one microprocessor processes production line information and standard working hours information and generates a plurality of product reports according to production line information and standard working hours information..
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Improved  management of professionals patent thumbnailnew patent Improved management of professionals
The present invention consists of an improved system and method for managing and operating a company on a global basis wherein company data, income, costs and expenditures may be assigned down to the level of practice group, sub practice group, a timekeeper or local profit center. In lieu of managing a company by the top down from a main parent global corporation, an international company is managed horizontally by grouping workers into categories, and then managing those workers across local worker groups, then regional and then national.

 Systems and methods for freight tracking and monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for freight tracking and monitoring
System, methods, and computer program products are provided for enhanced freight tracking and monitoring. The system may track the location of a freight shipment within a carrier's transportation network from the time it is picked up by a carrier from a consignor until it is delivered to a consignee, provide for weight determinations and shipping re-classifications of the freight shipment during transport, and provide real-time status information and reports to the carrier, consignor, and/or consignee..
United Parcel Service Of America, Inc.

 Evaluating adoption of computing deployment solutions patent thumbnailnew patent Evaluating adoption of computing deployment solutions
A method includes generating one or more computing deployment solutions, each of the one or more computing deployment solutions specifying one or more parameters for deployment of a corresponding computing solution. The method also includes evaluating adoption of the one or more computing deployment solutions by respective ones of a plurality of computing systems utilizing one or more component evaluators connected via a network to the plurality of computing systems.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Pluggable small form-factor uhf rfid reader

Systems and methods for reading radio frequency identified (rfid) tags. In an embodiment, an enclosure having, within it, an antenna and processor is provided.
Quake Global, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for detecting and identifying patients who did not obtain the relevant recommended diagnostic test or therapeutic intervention, based on processing information that is present within radiology reports or other electronic health records

Occasionally relevant findings and important recommendations made within medical or radiology reports fail to elicit the appropriate follow-up due to multiple factors. The clinician may miss the recommendation or lose track of it while addressing a more acute illness, the recommendation may have not been conveyed to the patient, or the patient may fail to schedule or show-up for the subsequent exam.

new patent

Method of data capture, storage and retrieval through user created form templates and data item templates by executing computer-executable instructions stored on a non-transitory computer-readable medium

In a method of operating a software engine for storing, organizing and reporting data in an organizational environment through user created templates and data items, users can build highly customizable templates for data and web forms for data entry, with many different specifiable attributes. Related data is linked and can be queried for retrieval.

new patent

Jurisdiction based localizations as a service

Various embodiments of systems and methods are described herein for executing software programs deployed in a distributed network. The enterprise application specific to a geographical jurisdiction may request for the software programs deployed in the distributed network to execute a specific business process.
Sap Se

Including in the uplink grant an indication of specific amount of cqi to be reported

The present invention relates to a method, user equipment and a base station adapted to handle channel state feed-back reports in a more flexible way. More specifically, a channel state feedback procedure is provided which utilizes the resources available for transmission of channel state feedback more efficiently.
Idtp Holdings, Inc.

Method and system for using combined voice and customized instructions to trigger vehicle reports

A method and system for an onboard reporting system capable of detecting keywords in voice data and considering the keywords in combination with respective predefined instructions is provided. The provided system uses, for each keyword, predefined instructions to validate the keyword prior to sending a report..
Honeywell International Inc.

Educational institution tutoring method

A tutoring management system for an educational institution, e.g., a high school, college or university, etc., requires all instructors and students defined as being “at risk” of dropping out of school to participate in the tutoring program. The students are evaluated based on five classroom criteria comprising classroom participation, required reading, homework/assignments, questions answered, and quizzes.
Asa College, Inc.

Communicating circuit breaker architecture with automatic load center position identification

A communicating circuit breaker architecture with automatic load center position identification links circuit breakers having electronics for reporting a self-status signal including operating data and a position identifier. Each breaker has light pipes with optical ports at its sides for communicating with its neighbors and preferably a mechanically operated optical shunt providing an optical path through the breaker in the event of a trip.
Schneider Electric Usa, Inc.

System and distributed, policy-based confidentiality management

A system and method for distributed policy-based confidentiality management provides comprehensive management of information security and ethical walls. It streamlines processes for securing confidential information without creating productivity barriers, provides interfaces to support processes of each major audience in a professional service enterprise across multiple systems and allows creation of enterprise policy types for different scenarios and systems affected by the policies.

Management website and system to optimize development of the most beneficial of a group of diverse technologies

A method of maximizing the benefits from a group of diverse healthcare technologies, by establishing a management entity which in turn establishes a website which sets forth its activities, were the activities involve in-licensing a diverse group of healthcare technologies; obtaining a funding pool to be allocated for development; forming a group of business units which is each responsible for developing at least one of the group of technologies, and where distribution to each business unit from the funding pool is determined by the management entity and each business unit reports its technology development progress, available and projected funding for development, and expenditures to the management entity; pooling the management entity and business unit personnel to manage development of the group of technologies; determining the likelihood of a business unit obtaining outside funding to develop technology; and distributing funding to a unit from the funding pool based on said likelihood.. .
Fannin Innovation Studio, Inc.

Generating root cause candidates for yield analysis

Aspects of the invention relate to yield analysis techniques for generating root cause candidates for yield analysis. With various implementations of the invention, points of interest are first identified in a layout design.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Endoscope light source device and endoscope system

A light source device includes a detector that detects a remaining capacity, and a prediction calculation circuit that calculates a capacity consumption predictive value indicating a ratio of consuming a capacity of a supply source within a predetermined period of time in each illumination mode. The light source device further includes a capability calculation circuit that calculates a driving capability of the supply source corresponding to each of the illumination modes, based on the remaining capacity and the capacity consumption predictive value; and a reporting unit that reports the driving capability..
Olympus Corporation

Method and transmitting csi on the pusch in an lte system

The present invention relates to allowing configuring csi reporting (step s-224, 310) on radio resources that are allocated over a plurality of sub frames on physical uplink shared channel (pusch). Allocation of said radio resources (steps s-202, 404) can be performed by semi-persistent allocation or by using transmission time interval (tti) bundling.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Tracking building locations of fixed wireless devices

A system for generating a database containing the internal locations (e.g., floor, compass direction, room number, nearest fixed landmark, etc.) of fixed wireless devices within a building. To collect data for the database, a report-provider traverses a building with a mobile reporting device.
T-mobile Usa, Inc.

Monitoring quality of service

A system comprises a first computing device including a processor programmed to define a plurality of download slots during a download session, each of the download slots being a predetermined period of time. The processor further selects download slots from the plurality of download slots during which a first amount of data in the download buffer remained greater than or equal to a first predetermined threshold.
Hughes Network Systems, Llc

Driving assistance information generation system, driving assistance information provision apparatus, driving assistance information generation method, and computer readable medium

A danger information notification system (10) is a system to generate danger information (70) to be provided to a driver of a vehicle. A storage unit (23) of a server apparatus (20) stores danger reports (50) each indicating a geographical position and an event that has occurred at that position in the past.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Genome-based drug management systems

A drug management system based upon membership genomic data is coupled to cooperating external computing systems via an object server which prepares drug use reports for automated delivery in response to results that data output from the member database. Based on rules stored in a rules library a query engine runs tests on the stored member genetic information to identify and meet specified criteria..
Pathway Genomics Corporation

Processor and data storage enabling efficient data reporting

Even with modern high-speed processors and bandwidth, many systems implement intensive data reporting components that tax resources. Even very small improvements in reporting efficiencies can result in significant cost and resource savings, as well as improvements in the performance of such resources.
Avaya Inc.

Input output value prediction with physical or virtual addressing for virtual environment

Method and system embodying the method for input/output value determination at a processor core, comprising generating an i/o instruction comprising at least a physical or a virtual address; comparing the address with a relevant database of i/o devices addresses. When the comparing is successful determining the i/o device or a state on the i/o device to receive the i/o instruction in accordance with the address; setting a value of a first register to a value identifying the determined i/o device or the state on the i/o device; predicting a value to be set in a second register in accordance with the address; and setting a value of a third register.
Cavium, Inc.

Channel state computation for enhanced carrier aggregation

Methods, systems, and devices for wireless communication are described. A user equipment (ue) utilizing enhanced carrier aggregation (eca) may identify a limit to the number of channel state feedback (csf) processes it is capable of supporting.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Detection of security incidents with low confidence security events

Techniques are disclosed for detecting security incidents based on low confidence security events. A security management server aggregates a collection of security events received from logs from one or more devices.
Symantec Corporation

Method and arrangement in a telecommunication system

A method and an arrangement in a user equipment for reporting channel state information, csi, and a method and an arrangement in a base station for obtaining csi are provided. The user equipment is in connection with the base station in a cellular communication network.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

Reporting road event data and sharing with other vehicles

Example systems and methods allow for reporting and sharing of information reports relating to driving conditions within a fleet of autonomous vehicles. One example method includes receiving information reports relating to driving conditions from a plurality of autonomous vehicles within a fleet of autonomous vehicles.
Google Inc.

Specification-based generating views in 3d reports

A system and method for augmenting an existing u3d file to include additional 3d functions/illustrations accessible by anyone who later accesses the file is based upon adding a “composer” to the system used to generate 3d pdf reports. The composer utilizes a high-level specification based on a new “additional data inclusion” (adi) file format that defines additional types of 3d information that can be added to the existing u3d file.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system

An information processing apparatus includes processing circuits that have respective identification information and that perform processing corresponding to a request from another information processing apparatus, and a reporting circuit that stores the respective identification information of the processing circuits and, instead of the processing circuits, that reports the identification information to the another information processing apparatus in response to a request for reporting the identification information, the request being issued from the another information processing apparatus.. .
Sony Corporation

Information management by a media agent in the absence of communications with a storage manager

A media agent is configured to perform substantially autonomously to initiate, continue, and manage information management operations such as a backup job of a certain client's primary data, manage the operations, and generate and store resultant system-level metadata from the operations, etc. The media agent is configured to do this even when out of communication with the storage manager that manages the information management system.
Commvault Systems, Inc.

Non-invasive live repairs and deployments

A system that includes a resource monitor and a resource consumer. The resource monitor keeps a state of resources that are available for consumption.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Firmware and software installation in a decentralized environment

Example systems and methods are disclosed for retrieving and installing a software package on a set of printing devices. An example method may include determining to begin retrieval and installation of a software package for a set of printing devices that includes a caching printing device and corresponding target printing devices.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Methods and systems for network-based detection of component wear

A monitoring system for monitoring a plurality of components is provided. The monitoring system includes a plurality of client systems.
General Electric Company

Device and system for generating a weather forecast for a selected zone

A method and system configured to provide a weather forecast for a selected zone is provided. The method and system is configured to receive meteorological reports and locally sensed measurements.
U.s. Army Research Laboratory Attn: Rdrl-loc-i

Building energy analysis and management system

This application relates to a building energy analysis and management system for measurement and verification of building performance. The system can analyze, optimize, manage, maintain, trouble shoot, and/or modify building systems, such as hvac systems, in connection with the building energy usage.
Flowenergy, L.l.c.

Network communications service quality monitor

A quality of service monitor adapted to measure a separate value for a quality of service for each of a plurality of monitoring intervals, where each monitoring interval is shorter than the total time duration of a network communications session and longer than the time duration of one data packet in the plurality of packets included in the session. A processor searches for the one monitoring interval with the poorest quality of service value and reports the quality of service for the session as the poorest quality of service for the one monitoring interval..

User terminal, base station apparatus, and communication method

A user terminal includes a measurement unit that performs measurement for calculating channel state information, a configuration unit that configures two subframe sets including a first subframe set and a second subframe set based on first information and second information, a transmission unit that transmits channel state information reports corresponding to the first subframe set and channel state information reports corresponding to the second subframe set. In a case where the second information is configured, the first information is not configured, and in a case where a plurality of channel state information reports of the same serving cell collides for a user terminal for which the two subframe sets are configured based on the second information, and in a case where the plurality of channel state information reports has physical uplink control channel reporting types having the same priority, the channel state information reports corresponding to the second subframe set are dropped..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Vehicle warning device

The present invention suppresses movement of the line of sight of a user, reports the degree of potential risk, and contributes to the safe operation of a vehicle. A vicinity-monitoring unit detects a specific object in the vicinity of the vehicle.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

Employee performance measurement, analysis and feedback system and method

A method, apparatus and system is described that tracks and displays employee performance in real time, or near real time. Employee performance may be measured by the amount of sales associated with each employee over time.
Herofi, Inc.

Curating operational historian data for distribution via a communication network

Targeted distributing of reports containing historical process control information to particular user devices via a communications network. A curating service permits assigning a score to each report based on an interest level value of the historical process control information to a user associated with each user device and/or an urgency value of the historical process control information.
Invensys Systems, Inc.

Quantification of inter-ocular suppression in binocular vision impairment

Systems, apparatus, and methods are provided for quantifying inter-ocular suppression in binocular vision impairment. The systems, apparatus, and methods may include a stimulus presentation device and a controller which present different stimuli to each eye of a patient.
The Schepens Eye Research Institute, Inc.

Terminal device and base station device

A terminal device capable of communicating with a base station device includes a reception unit which performs first measurement based on a first rs and performs second measurement based on a second rs, and a higher layer processing unit which reports a result of the first measurement and a result of the second measurement to the base station device. The result of the first measurement is reported to the base station device in a first state.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Evaluation node for reporting status via a secure link

An evaluator node may obtain an ip address within a network to be tested, the network having multiple testable addresses other than the ip address. The evaluator node establishes a secure session to the server, where the evaluator node authenticates itself to the server using a predetermined key.
Vidoc Razor, Llc

Pro-active mechanism to detect lisp movable silent host

A network device may receive a request seeking a location identifier for an endpoint identifier from a first router. The network device may determine that the endpoint identifier belongs to a dynamic endpoint identifier range associated with a plurality of routers.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Network prioritization based on node-level attributes

A first method includes a plurality of nodes communicating with a network switch, each node transmitting a packet with a packet header that includes a value of a node-level attribute selected from a node utilization level, a node role, and a dependency involving the node, and the network switch receiving the packet and prioritizing transmission of the packet based on the value of the node-level attribute identified in the packet header. In a related second method, each node reports the value of the node-level attribute to a management entity, the management entity determines a priority for each node based on the value of the node-level attribute received from each node, and the management entity provides the priority for each node to the network switch, such that the network switch prioritizes, for each packet, transmission of the packet based on the priority for the node involved in communication of the packet..
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Radio communication system and method

A radio communication system includes a network and a user terminal, wherein the network includes a plurality of radio stations and a controller which controls the plurality of radio stations, wherein at least two of the plurality of radio stations communicate with the user terminal, wherein the controller notifies the user terminal of information about resource for interference measurement, wherein the user terminal calculates and reports channel quality information based on the information.. .
Nec Corporation

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  • Communication System
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