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Abstract representation and provisioning of network services

Cisco Technology

Abstract representation and provisioning of network services

System and method for processing electronic trade confirmation reports

System and method for processing electronic trade confirmation reports

System and method for processing electronic trade confirmation reports

Fleetmatics Irl Limited

Vehicle independent employee/driver tracking and reporting

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reports-related patents
 Test case execution patent thumbnailTest case execution
Systems, methods, computer readable media and apparatuses for executing one or more test cases associated with verifying a functionality of a computer system, software application, or the like are presented. The test cases may be received by a system and may be prioritized and integrated into an existing queue of test cases based on the determined priority.
Bank Of America Corporation
 Abstract representation and provisioning of network services patent thumbnailAbstract representation and provisioning of network services
A network management device connects to a device on the network, receives a trigger for an operation command, supplies to the device a command line interface command for the operation command, wherein a randomly generated string is included at the end of the command line interface command. The network management device receives the output of the operation command from the device, detects the end of the operation command output and parses the output using an xml-based parser.
Cisco Technology, Inc.
 System and  processing electronic trade confirmation reports patent thumbnailSystem and processing electronic trade confirmation reports
A computer-implemented method of processing electronic trade confirmation data upon execution of a trade is provided. The method includes, using a computing system, determining an execution price from the electronic trade confirmation data; using the computing system, determining at least one fee/rebate for a side of the trade; using the computing system, determining a modified execution price for the side of the trade based at least on the execution price and the at least one fee/rebate; and using the computing system, associating the modified execution price with the trade..
 Vehicle independent employee/driver tracking and reporting patent thumbnailVehicle independent employee/driver tracking and reporting
A computer system and method for storing and processing gps data for a plurality of drivers and vehicles to provide activity reports for fleets of driver and vehicles.. .
Fleetmatics Irl Limited
 Dynamic multi-dimensional business reports patent thumbnailDynamic multi-dimensional business reports
Technologies are generally described for providing dynamic report views of multi-dimensional business data. An enterprise resource planning (erp) system may facilitate data collection of user requested data for a dimension, such as a time interval, and presentation of the data in a data report.
Microsoft Corporation
 Claim-based data collection for generating insurance reports patent thumbnailClaim-based data collection for generating insurance reports
A computer-implemented method includes transmitting information indicative of an outcome questionnaire; receiving, from the first client device, answers to the series of questions; generating, based on the answers, an outcome score that is indicative of the severity of the functional limitation; determining a modifier that is indicative of a range of impairment, limitation or restriction of the portion of the user's anatomy; receiving a request to generate an insurance report, with the request comprising a selected type of functional limitation and a visit type; identifying a code that is indicative of the functional limitation that is being treated by the service provider and that is indicative of a point in time in a course of treatment of the user; generating, based on the identified code and the modifier, the insurance report; and submitting the insurance report to an insurance provider.. .
 System and  crowd-sourced environmental system control and maintenance patent thumbnailSystem and crowd-sourced environmental system control and maintenance
A system and method for crowd-sourced environmental system control and building maintenance includes a server for providing selective access to building occupants and managers. Users are permitted to generate building reports in the form of (i) thermal reports using a thermal report module, and/or (ii) maintenance reports using a maintenance report module.
Crowdcomfort, Inc.
 System and  dynamically retrieving and monitoring geo-fence activity patent thumbnailSystem and dynamically retrieving and monitoring geo-fence activity
Systems, device and techniques are disclosed for dynamically retrieving and monitoring geo-fence activity. A meta geo-fence may be identified based on a user device geolocation.
Exacttarget, Inc.
 Device location history anonymization based on stop detection patent thumbnailDevice location history anonymization based on stop detection
Embodiments described herein may help to protect users' privacy when storing and/or utilizing location data that is provided by the users' mobile devices. An example method may involve: (a) determining a location history associated with a first client device, wherein the location history comprises a plurality of time-stamped location reports associated with the first client device, (b) before the location history is exported: (i) identifying at least one stop in the location history, wherein the at least one stop corresponds to a plurality of location reports that indicate a substantial lack of movement by the first client device, and (ii) scrubbing the location history in order to obscure at least one location report that corresponds to the at least one stop, and (c) exporting the scrubbed location history to long-term data storage..
Google Inc.
 Neurological performance quotient patent thumbnailNeurological performance quotient
This invention is a psychometric instrument that generates scores for highly specific neurological skills. Underlying research: brain-mapping data is generated by eeg testing on multiple human subjects while performing tasks related to specific brain regions.

Method and system for dna mixture analysis

The present invention pertains to a process for automatically analyzing mixed dna samples. Specifically, the process comprises the steps of obtaining a mixed dna sample; amplifying the dna sample to produce a product; detecting the product to produce a signal; and analyzing the signal to determine information about the composition of the mixed dna sample.
Cybergenetics, Inc.

Radio communication system, mobile terminal apparatus, radio base station apparatus and radio communication method

The present invention is designed to realize signaling of dm-rs sequence parameters for improving the flexibility of allocation of dm-rs resources in a system having complex cell structures. According to the radio communication method of the present invention, in a radio communication system supporting a system band formed with a plurality of component carriers by carrier aggregation, a radio base station apparatus allocates uplink dm-rs sequences per mobile terminal apparatus and per component carrier, and reports dm-rs sequence allocation information, and a mobile terminal apparatus generates dm-rs sequences using the allocation information reported from the radio base station apparatus..
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method

Where first and second reference signals for a first and second communication system, respectively, are transmitted, resources that affect a reception apparatus compatible only with the first communication system can be minimized, and the throughput can be prevented from being deteriorated. As resources for a reference signal csi-rs for lte-a, last half symbols in a time direction of a resource unit rb/sub-frame defined in a frequency-time domain are used, and the csi-rs is allocated in a position up to the last two symbols or in the last symbol, or the like, of a particular rb/sub-frame and transmitted when a reference signal 4rs for lte is transmitted to a reception apparatus in addition to transmitting csi-rs for lte-a.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Credit card terminal

An upgrade card system capable of replacing a prior art credit card terminal system is disclosed. The upgrade card system provides for expanded functionality compared to the prior art credit card terminal system for accepting fleet card payments and providing for additional reports, alerts and different delivery mechanisms..
Pos Tech Solutions Llc

Metadata-driven audit reporting system that applies data security to audit data

A system is provided that reports audit data. The system defines metadata that defines security conditions for a business object.
Oracle International Corporation

System and method to determine the presence status of a registered user on a network

The invention relates to a presence status determination system and a computer implemented method to determine the presence status of a first user registered in a network and to communicate this presence status to a second user, who would like to make contact with the first user. An input device for a presence status determination device records a predetermined first presence status component determined by the first user and forwards the first presence status component to the presence status determination device (20).
Unify Gmbh & Co. Kg

Reporting the state of an apparatus to a remote computer

The state of an apparatus is reported to a remote computer using an embedded device in the apparatus. The embedded device detects the state, generates a message that reports the state using a self-describing computer language, and sends the message to the remote computer.
Axeda Corporation

Traffic statistic generation for datacenters

Systems and methods are disclosed for generating traffic statistics for a datacenter. Distributed, parallel processing may be used to generate traffic statistics from data sets about traffic in a datacenter.
Robin Systems, Inc.

Semantic discovery and mapping between data sources

An apparatus and method are described for the discovery of semantics, relationships and mappings between data in different software applications, databases, files, reports, messages, or systems. In one aspect, semantics and relationships and mappings are identified between a first and a second data source.
International Business Machines Corporation

Metadata-driven audit reporting system with dynamically created display names

A system is provided that reports audit data. The system retrieves audit data that is stored in database tables, where the audit data includes a history of modifications to data, and where the audit data includes data values.
Oracle International Corporation

Metadata-driven audit reporting system

A system is provided that reports audit data. The system defines metadata that defines a business object of an application module and an attribute of the business object as being auditable.
Oracle International Corporation

System and automated training, certification and recordation for climber/tower safety and regulatory compliance at communications sites

A computer based system for monitoring compliance of climber/tower safety procedures and personnel at communication towers. The system includes an updatable database of the wireless transmission towers and their unique safety information.
Rf Check, Inc.

Research report recommendation engine ("r+hu 3 +le")

Dp=a freshness of reports.. .

Transaction facilitating marketplace platform

A platform facilitates buyers, sellers, and third parties in obtaining information related to each other's transaction histories, such as a supplier's shipment history, the types of materials typically shipped, a supplier's customers, a supplier's expertise, what materials and how much a buyer purchases, buyer and shipper reliability, similarity between buyers, similarity between suppliers, and the like. The platform aggregates data from a variety of sources, including, without limitation, customs data associated with actual import/export transactions, non-public shipper records, and facilitates the generation of reports as to the quality of buyers and suppliers, the reports relating to a variety of parameters that are associated with buyer and supplier quality..
Panjiva, Inc.

Metadata-driven audit reporting system with hierarchical relationships

A system is provided that reports audit data. The system defines audit metadata that defines a business object of an application module and an attribute of the business object as being auditable.
Oracle International Corporation

Managing patient consent in a master patient index

A system and method for managing patient consent. A data access manager includes a controller, a lookup module, a clinical authorization engine, a logging/auditing unit, a user profile engine, a report module and a user interface engine.
Medicity, Inc

Pathological diagnosis results assessment system, pathological diagnosis results assessment method, and pathological diagnosis results assessment device

The pathological diagnosis results assessment system includes: a diagnosis unit to carry out pathological diagnosis of tissue specimen images, and generates diagnosis record in information; a report storage unit to store reports in which pathological diagnosis results for the tissue specimen images are described; a report analysis unit to analyze the diagnosis results described in the reports stored in the report storage unit; and a report, verification unit to compare the diagnosis result analyzed by the report analysis unit to the diagnosis record information, and determine a degree of matching on the diagnosis degree of the comparison result.. .
Nec Corporation

Son automatic transport capacity control

The present disclosure relates to embodiments of a method and a network element for real-time adjustment of the energy consumption of a data communications network. The network comprises a number of network elements connected by transport links.

Methods for managing upgrading a telecommunication network and devices thereof

A method, non-transitory computer readable medium and upgrade management computing device for managing upgrade in a telecommunication network comprising identifying one or more telecommunication network elements which are currently active. A type, a subnet and one or more network topologies is identified for each of the identified active one or more telecommunication network elements.
Wipro Limited

System for generating a plurality of graphical reports from a data set

A system and method is provided for batch generation of graphic reports from one or more data sets for multiple recipients including, among other features, creation of a report template for graphically presenting information regarding a plurality of subsets of the data set with the ability to specify different graphical presentations of identical data types for different report recipients, and the ability to generate for each report recipient from a library of graphic templates, a report that graphically displays the same type of data differently for different report recipients based on specifying different graphical presentation of identical data types for different report recipients. The system and method also provides for a user to specify the data set(s) and to automatically and periodically send a generated report to each report recipient..

Systems and methods for attributing publishers for review-writing users

Methods and systems for tracking end users who submit reviews are provided. In some embodiments, reviews are submitted by end users via a reviewing application that reports review submission to a tracking system.
Tune, Inc.

System and method to search and generate reports from semi-structured data including dynamic metadata

Embodiments of the invention provide a system and method for searching and reporting on semistructured data that can include dynamic metadata. One embodiment can comprise providing a user interface to a user based on an object type definition for an object type that allows the user to specify search criteria associated with a set of metadata, mapping the user search criteria to a query that comprises at least one structured query constraint and at least one unstructured query constraint, processing the query to search a set of data objects containing semistructured data associated with the object type according to the query and returning a set of results to the user.
Open Text S.a.

Platform for image feed and charitable donation

Disclosed is a network user action-driven support computation method and system that receives, from a first user, a user image that may then be supplied as a feed on a social network, receives a designation associating a charitable fund with the user image, obtains automatically, as a first value, a number of network user actions entered in response to the user image, for example, by users selecting “like” or sharing the user image, and computes and reports a donation amount to the charitable fund based on the first value. The user images may be electronic photo albums, image albums, or videos of the first user, and may be displayed to users connected on the social network to the first user as an electronic feed that includes an identification of the charitable fund adjacent to or juxtaposed with the user image..
Pixhug Media Inc.

Public works contractor payroll processing, certification, reporting & project management system and method

A computer implemented business method and system directed to enabling a public works contractor employer who contracts for work on one or more government agency public works projects or who contracts for work on concurrent private and public works projects, in a plurality of jurisdictions, to process payroll and to: generate certified payroll records in accordance with the currently applicable rules and standards for content and format required by a plurality of awarding body or enforcement jurisdictions; provide alerts and reports allowing said contractor to anticipate compliance vulnerability and choose real time manpower adjustments for such management issues as apprentice/journeyman ratio; provide evidence of meeting and exceeding government objectives in order to establish a record and reputation of compliance; generate reports for managing the assignment of personnel to enhance worker cooperation, spirit, and morale; and to control payroll processing cost through allocation of cost based on estimated worker hours on a given project.. .

Content site visitor processing system

A visitor processing system can include features for providing a fully configurable visitor model. The visitor processing system may also provide the ability to see the results of this visitor model in a real time or near real time.
Tealium Inc.

Method, apparatus, and system for performing unsolicited location-based download

The present invention relates to a method, apparatus, and system for performing an unsolicited location-based download. The method for performing an unsolicited location-based download can set a location report interval for updating location information on a cd, updates location information on the cd on the basis of the location report interval, reports the updated location information to a server, receives a source uri for downloading a predicted location, a predicted period, and content on the cd from a server, and downloads content from the server on the basis of the predicted location, the predicted period, and the source uri.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Mobile terminal, report control method, and report system

The mobile terminal adequately reports when the mobile terminal receives an impact due to an accident of a vehicle. When it is determined in step s1 that the mobile terminal is set on a charge pad and it is determined in step s2 that the mobile terminal is set to a normal mode, the mobile terminal is set to an automatic report mode in step s3.
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and apparatus in a wireless communications system

A method in a user equipment for requesting that a base station schedule the user equipment for an uplink data transmission to the base station is provided. The user equipment comprises a buffer.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Passive positioning utilizing beacon neighbor reports

Techniques for providing neighbor reports for use in passive positioning of a client station are disclosed. An example method for broadcasting network neighbor reports according to the disclosure includes generating a beacon transmission, determining a neighbor report count value, if the neighbor report count value is greater than zero, then broadcasting the beacon transmission including at least a beacon frame and the neighbor report count value, and decrementing the neighbor report count value; if the neighbor report count value is equal to zero, then broadcasting the beacon transmission including at least a beacon frame and a neighbor report, and resetting the neighbor count value..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and transmitting positioning reference signal in wireless communication system

Provided are a method and an apparatus for transmitting a positioning reference signal (prs) in a wireless communication system. A terminal obtains positioning subframe configuration information to determine at least one positioning subframe among a plurality of downlink subframes in a wireless frame, obtains downlink subframe configuration information to determine the type of each downlink subframe in the wireless frame, receives prss in at least one positioning subframe from a plurality of cells, and reports measured time differences between the prss received from the plurality of the cells.
Lg Electronics Inc.

High throughput label free nanoparticle detection and size assay

The present invention reports a novel microfluidic analyzer for the high-throughput, label-free measurement of particles suspended in a fluid. The present invention employs the resistive pulse technique (rpt) which affords very high electrical bandwidth for the device, which surpasses that of currently available systems and devices.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Online video tracking and identifying method and system

A method and system of identifying and tracking online videos comprises the steps of searching and discovering targeted video on the internet, filtering out manageable amount of online videos from large amount of search results of the targeted video, acquiring online video contents through websites, identifying acquired videos by their contents, and generating different tracking reports according to video identification results and other historical records.. .

Systems and methods for efficiently and effectively detecting mobile app bugs

The disclosed subject matter provides techniques for detecting and diagnosing mobile app bugs. An approximate execution mode screens for potential bugs, which can expose bugs but can generate false positives.
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York

Information processing device, reporting remaining battery capacity, and recording medium

An information processing device that is powered by a battery is provided. The information processing device includes a processor.
Fujitsu Limited

Dynamic filters for posted event messages initiated automatically by equipment

A system and method is disclosed for improving the efficiency of a service department when maintaining equipment. The equipment performs self-diagnosis and periodically reports a problem or other event by automatically generating an event code indicating that an event has occurred that requires maintenance of the equipment.
Frontrange Solutions Usa Inc.

Reporting including filling data gaps and handling uncategorized data

A reporting system is described herein that allows a report author to declare data reporting structures that specify to a reporting application how to dynamically categorize data with changing or potentially unknown characteristics. The reporting system may extend rdl and the data grouping provided by microsoft sql server reporting services by adding new elements to the xml-based rdl schema.
Microsoft Corporation

Systems and methods of enabling integrated activity scheduling, sharing and real-time social connectivity through an event-sharing platform

Embodiments herein provide for an interactive event-scheduling platform (esp), wherein locating activities via location data, notifying and alerting of them via real-time feeds and encouraging interaction through a full-service social media suite (sms), enhanced with live streaming and “always-on” connectivity, could provide a fresh experience for users and hosts. A real-time data procuring system and method may solve problems with stale or incomplete activity data within a geographic area, bridge gaps between users and hosts by shortening time periods—from activity announcement, to discovery, to launch, to response—create buzz, maximize venue attendance, boost sales and ensure promotional success.

Determining reliability of data reports

A computer implemented system for automatically determining a reliability score of a data report. The system includes a data structure indicative of data lineage that includes data assets flowing into a data report.
International Business Machines Corporation

Building energy analysis and management system

This application relates to a building energy analysis and management system for measurement and verification of building performance. The system can analyze, optimize, manage, maintain, trouble shoot, and/or modify building systems, such as hvac systems, in connection with the building energy usage.
Flowenergy, L.l.c.

Systems, methods, and devices having databases and automated reports for electronic spectrum management

Systems, methods, and apparatus are provided for automated identification of signals and devices in a wireless communications spectrum, by identifying sources of signal emission in the spectrum by automatically detecting signals, analyzing signals, comparing signal data to historical and reference data, creating corresponding signal profiles, and automatically identifying signals and devices, comparing and storing data from a multiplicity of units and automatically generating reports for a wireless communications spectrum in near real time.. .
Dgs Global Systems, Inc.

Handover mechanism that exploits uplink channel quality of a target cell

System(s) and method(s) are provided for handover of a mobile terminal in a wireless communication system. Handoff resolution relies on both a downlink channel quality indication between a serving base station and the mobile terminal, and uplink channel quality indications amongst the terminal and a measurement set of target base stations.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Including in the uplink grant an indication of specific amount of cqi to be reported

The present invention relates to a method, user equipment and a base station adapted to handle channel state feed-back reports in a more flexible way. More specifically, a channel state feedback procedure is provided which utilizes the resources available for transmission of channel state feedback more efficiently.
Idtp Holdings, Inc.

Csi and ack reporting enhancements in lte/lte-a with unlicensed spectrum

Channel state information (csi) and acknowledgement (ack) reporting enhancements in long term evolution (lte)/lte-advanced (lte-a) enabling communications over an unlicensed spectrum are disclosed. For example, ack/nak may include unlicensed spectrum interference information, such as wifi interference.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and base station for controlling wireless communication of data

A method and a base station (900) for controlling wireless communication of data on a first radio link between the base station and a user equipment, ue (902), when a first communication mode is employed implying that corresponding status reports should be transmitted on an opposite second radio link to indicate whether said data has been received or not. A communication unit (900a) communicates data and status reports with the ue according to the first communication mode and according to a second communication mode.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Teleproctor reports use of a vehicle and restricts functions of drivers phone

A device in an automobile includes a camera that takes images of drivers while they are driving. It detects and reports when eyes are not on the road for longer than a glance with automated image processing.

Method and system for protecting web applications against web attacks

The present disclosure provided a method and system for protecting web applications against web attacks comprising a cloud service for generating rules and receiving reports, an agent manager in communication with the cloud service receiving rules from the cloud service and passing reports thereto, and an in-application agent in communication with the agent manager for receiving rules therefrom and passing reports thereto for protecting an application in which the in-application agent is embedded.. . Inc.

Intelligent customer service/call center services enhanced using real-time and historical mobile application and traffic-related statistics collected by a distributed caching system in a mobile network

Systems and methods of enhanced customer service for mobile carriers using real-time and historical mobile application and traffic or optimization data associated with mobile devices in a mobile network are disclosed. The data can be tracked by a client-side and/or a server-side reporting engine and usage analytics engine.
Seven Networks, Inc.

Displaying historical data associated with data values within business intelligence reports

The current subject matter describes displaying historical data associated with one or more data values within a business intelligence report. A graphical user interface executed by a computing device can receive, from a user, a request for display of historical data associated with a specified/selected data value in a business intelligence report.
Business Objects Software Ltd

Method and system for allocating charitable contribution based upon credit and debit card discount fees

The computerized method/system allocates charitable contributions based upon credit/debit card discount fees selected by a vendor. An intermediary payment processor (ipp) permits the vendor to select fees/rates and charity.

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