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Ranking verification results for root cause analysis

Webform monitoring

Adaptable framework for ontology-based information extraction

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reports-related patents
 System and method for enhanced security and management mechanisms for enterprise administrators in a cloud-based environment patent thumbnailSystem and method for enhanced security and management mechanisms for enterprise administrators in a cloud-based environment
A cloud-based platform (e.g., cloud-based collaboration and/or storage platform/service) is described that provides administrators with better visibility into content and activity across an enterprise account via advanced search tools and activity reports. Administrator tools are also provided that allow for actively managing content and passively monitoring content with real-time alerts sent to the administrator if usage of the cloud-based platform changes within the enterprise account.
 Ranking verification results for root cause analysis patent thumbnailRanking verification results for root cause analysis
Verification-result ranking techniques for root cause analysis are disclosed using violation report analysis and violation weighting. Violation reports are unwieldy and result from a variety of design and process checks.
 Webform monitoring patent thumbnailWebform monitoring
A system for monitoring the performance of the webform comprising: a detection module 120, an archive module 130, a database 140, an analysis module 150 and intervention module 160, one or more help modules 170, and a reporting module 180. The detection module 120 is operable to detect user interaction with the webform.
 Adaptable framework for ontology-based information extraction patent thumbnailAdaptable framework for ontology-based information extraction
A warranty database stores service repair verbatims. An ontology database that specifies relationships between service terms includes linking relationships between vehicle terminology and cluster categories.
 Business intelligence reports with navigable reference indicators patent thumbnailBusiness intelligence reports with navigable reference indicators
The present subject matter relates to generation of business intelligence reports with navigable reference indicators. The method comprises obtaining information from an information source for providing in a business intelligence report.
 System and method for the automated handling of legal documents patent thumbnailSystem and method for the automated handling of legal documents
Disclosed is a system and method for generating, distributing, and accessing private investigation related documents. The system is operated by a host and utilized by a number of different entities that are involved in preparing and distributing private investigated related documents.
 Credit repair user interface patent thumbnailCredit repair user interface
A user interface that may be used to assist in the generation of a plan to improve a credit score of an individual. The user interface includes multiple trade line matched set visualizations, each set resulting from matching similar trade lines from multiple credit reports from multiple credit bureaus.
 Systems and methods for microfinance credit data processing and reporting patent thumbnailSystems and methods for microfinance credit data processing and reporting
Systems and methods are provided for processing microfinance-related credit data and generating credit reports based on the processed microfinance credit data. Payment status may be determined for each entry in a payment grid, which may correspond to a payment interval such as, for example, daily, weekly or monthly.
 Method and system for administering the hedging of an employee deferred compensation plan using swaps patent thumbnailMethod and system for administering the hedging of an employee deferred compensation plan using swaps
A method and system for administering the hedging of an employee deferred compensation plan, e.g., which employs hedging of nqdc plan liabilities using total return swaps and/or put and call options and/or forwards, for tax purposes. A plan coordinator coordinates a transfer of information between an employer/plan sponsor, a plan administrator that communicates with the employees/plan participants, and a balance sheet provider.
 System and method for facilitating real estate transactions patent thumbnailSystem and method for facilitating real estate transactions
A system, method and software is described for the advertising of real estate. Information and images for a property are made available to prospective purchasers.
Transaction facilitating marketplace platform
A platform facilitates buyers, sellers, and third parties in obtaining information related to each other's transaction histories, such as a supplier's shipment history, the types of materials typically shipped, a supplier's customers, a supplier's expertise, what materials and how much a buyer purchases, buyer and shipper reliability, similarity between buyers, similarity between suppliers, and the like. The platform aggregates data from a variety of sources, including, without limitation, customs data associated with actual import/export transactions, non-public shipper records, and facilitates the generation of reports as to the quality of buyers and suppliers, the reports relating to a variety of parameters that are associated with buyer and supplier quality..
Analyzing measurement sensors based on self-generated calibration reports
Aspects analyze the performance of a plurality of measurement sensors as a function of sensor performance attributes. Different types of sensor performance attribute values are defined for different types of sensors deployed within a manufacturing process infrastructure.
Network traffic control via sms text messaging
A wireless device is communicatively coupled via sms text protocol to a network control device by a data modem. Authentication of the operator enables a limited number of fixed operations such as status reports, initializing a new network connection, and modifications to a routing table to be carried out..
Vehicular emergency report apparatus
A vehicular emergency report apparatus includes a collision detection section, an emergency report section, and a counting section. The collision detection section detects an occurrence of a vehicle-pedestrian collision in which a vehicle collides with one or more pedestrians.
Emergency power system environmental alert module
There is provided an apparatus and method to alert an operator of an emergency power system of an anomaly detected in an emergency power system prior to a severe environmental event based on receipt of an alert. The emergency power system environmental alert module is installed in the emergency power system and is coupled to an emergency power source and a main power source.
Pedestrian traffic monitoring and analysis
Numerous mobile devices report their respective locations to a server which collects the location reports to provide real-time pedestrian traffic information, e.g., as a map that shows locations of individual mobile devices. Distribution of mobile devices in a geographic area more closely represents overall population locations and densities.
Method for multiplexing of uplink control information
Communication systems, for example, wireless communication systems such as long term evolution (lte) release 11 (rel-11) may use methods for multiplexing of periodic channel state information reports. Such methods may support the support heavy reliance on channel state information signaling in uplink to provide improved downlink performance.
Method and apparatus for hierarchical codebook design in wireless communication
Methods and apparatuses for wireless communication are provided. In an aspect, the method includes receiving a plurality of channel quality reports based on a multiple description coding schedule and determining a transmission parameter based on the plurality of channel quality reports.
Dynamically balanced credit for virtual functions in single root input/output virtualization
A system to allow reallocation of credit among virtual machines associated with separate operating systems includes drivers in each virtual machine to independently track credit usage and a host board adapter configured to report a false maximum to each operating system and track credit usage. The host board adapter allocates credits and reports the allocated credits to virtual functions accessed by the virtual machines.
Message notifying device, control method, and storage medium storing control program
An operation instruction detecting section detects an operation instruction from a message and specifies, as an instruction provider, a member who has posted the message. A report message displaying section causes a message, which (i) reports a result of an operation executed in accordance with the operation instruction and (ii) is explicitly directed to the instruction provider, to be displayed on a family message board..
Self-service database reporting systems and methods
Users interactively create, customize, and execute reports on data stored in databases using only a web browser. The user can create, customize, and execute reports by selecting various report elements including, for example, data sources, fields, filters, labels, charts, dashboards, and the like.
Method and system for repurposing lease analysis, accounting, administration, and market data comparisons
Lease calculations may be used by commercial real estate brokers, corporate tenants, landlords, financial professionals, financial advisors, accountants and/or the like, to compare financial aspects of one or more leases and/or contracts, determine the impact of new accounting rules on current and/or future leases, comply with current and/or future lease accounting rules, generate financial reports, generate market data comparables, allow clients and users to track, manage and administer lease information and repurpose independent data points to perform one or more of these or other lease calculations or actions.. .
Benchmarking system using benchmarking scenario tag templates
In some implementations, a benchmarking system may be used to provide benchmarking data or reports. The benchmarking system may include benchmarking scenario tag templates that may include tags associated with defined data structures.
System and method for collecting and assessing wildfire hazard data*
A computer-implemented system for collecting and assessing wildfire hazard data comprising a mobile device with an application installed on the mobile device for on-site collection of wildfire hazard data and a wildfire risk assessment provider server. The data collected on the mobile device is merged with data at the wildfire risk assessment provider server to produce underwriting risk scores and reports for insurers, education-aimed recommendations and reports for policyholders, wildfire risk alerts for mobile device application users, strategies for client-to-policyholder wildfire awareness communication, and strategies for wildfire response teams used to drive pre-suppression and active fire actions.
Insurance company, pharmacy benefits managers, pharmacies, state agencies, federal agencies, and quality assurance reporting
Quality assurance reporting enables efficient and concise reports of errors, omissions or deficiencies relating to medical claims and procedures. The system maintains a public record, establishes a communication platform for interested parties, and establishes time metrics for corrective action.
Determining most relevant data measurement from among competing data points
Disclosed herein are techniques for determining a most relevant data measurement from among competing data points. Particular embodiments call for an evaluation engine to receive as input from an underlying database, a plurality of competing data points together with meta-data reflecting a provenance of those data points.
Testing system and method for video graphics array port
A vga port testing system includes an oscilloscope and a testing device. The oscilloscope is adapted to connect to a vga port of a motherboard to capture and detect signals output from the vga port.
Method and apparatus for transit mapping
A method, apparatus and computer program products are provided for collecting and analyzing route to determine the routes of a transit system. One example method includes receiving gps data from a plurality of buses or uses from along a transit roué, the discreet gps reports organized into a set, generating a plurality of clusters, each cluster is comprised of a first gps point from a first set and one or more subsequent gps points, each subsequent gps point from a different set, and wherein each subsequent gps point is located within a predetermined distance of the first gps point.
System and method for using cellular network components to derive traffic information
A traffic reporting system and method for geographic area of interest. The system includes standard wireless telecommunication components configured to establish search criteria, determine a sample size, collect traffic information, calculate additional traffic information, and generate reports..
Paging a mobile entity in mobile networks
The present invention relates to a method for paging, by a network mobility management unit, a mobile entity in a cellular network. The method includes receiving plural location reports, each respectively including an indicator indicating a position of the mobile entity, determining whether indicators included in at least two successive location reports indicate a position in a same second area, selectively setting paging control information for the mobile entity to a first area mode or to a second area mode based on said determining, paging the mobile entity in a first area of the cellular network when the paging control information is set to the first area mode, or paging the mobile entity in said second area when the paging control information is set to the second area mode.
Wireless device battery optimization by suppressing oscillation in cell scope during idle mode
A method detects misconfiguration of a wireless network which wastes battery power in mobile devices within a location area of the network. A data collection agent installed in a wireless device records and reports idle-mode handovers.
Cellular network interworking including radio access network extensions
A communication device and method for offloading one or more communications from a communication network to one or more other communication networks. The offloading can be controlled by one or more service providers that instruct the communication device to perform the handoff of communications.
Apparatus and method for measuring and using congestion in a wireless communication system
A method and apparatus are for receiving a set of individual congestion reports, wherein each individual congestion report comprises a set of congestion values and an associated location. Each individual congestion report has been generated by one of a plurality of user devices operating in a wireless communication system and is based on at least one of a downlink congestion value, an uplink congestion value, and a core congestion value.
Identifying exploitation of vulnerabilities using error reports
A tool and method examine error report information from a computer to determine not only whether a virus or other malware may be present on the computer but also may determine what vulnerability a particular exploit was attempting to use to subvert security mechanism to install the virus. A system monitor may collect both error reports and information about the error report, such as geographic location, hardware configuration, and software/operating system version information to build a profile of the spread of an attack and to be able to issue notifications related to increased data collection for errors, including crashes related to suspected services under attack..
System and method for providing automated computer security compromise as a service
A system for providing automated computer security compromise as a service, contains a web server having a web front end running on the web server. The web server has stored therein pentest definitions.
Method and system using a cyber id to provide secure transactions
A method and system for securing a user transaction involving a subscriber unit (“su”) (having a processor, memory, and a display configured to accept user input), a credential information manager (“cim”) (having a processor and memory), and a transaction service provider (“tsp”) (having a processor and memory). A cyber identifier (“cyberid”), a subscriber identifier (“subscriberid”), and subscriber information, each associated with the user, is stored in the cim.
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for early detection of potential flash failures using an adaptive system level algorithm based on flash program verify
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for early detection of potential flash failures using an adaptive system level algorithm based on nand program verify are disclosed. According to one aspect, a method for early detection of potential flash failures using an adaptive system level algorithm based on nand program verify includes performing a program verify operation after a write to a non-volatile memory, where the program verify mechanism reports a pass or fail based on an existing measurement threshold value, and dynamically adjusting the measurement threshold value used by subsequent program verify operations based on the results of previous program verify operations..
Caching in mobile networks
There is described a method for optimising the distribution of data objects between caches in a cache domain of a resource limited network. User requests for data objects are received at caches in the cache domain.
Automatically determining a current value for a home
A facility for valuing a distinguished home located in a distinguished geographic area is described. The facility receives home attributes for the distinguished home.
Systems and methods for telecommunication expense management
Systems and methods for telecommunication expense management are provided. A distributed platform including a user support site, multiple user databases and customized user applications is provided to enable organizations to better manage their telecommunication services and expenses.
Methods and apparatus for assessing risks associated with locate request tickets based on historical information
Locate and/or marking operations involve detecting and/or marking a presence or an absence of at least one underground facility within a dig area, wherein at least a portion of the dig area is planned to be excavated or disturbed during excavation activities. One or more attributes of a locate and/or marking operation requested in a locate request ticket are assessed to provide one or more ticket assessment outcomes.
Automated reporting of payments made to patients for their participation in a clinical study in a blinded manner to the sponsor of the clinical study
An automated method and computer program product are provided for reporting payments made to patients for their participation in a clinical study in a blinded manner to the sponsor of the clinical study. The clinical study has a plurality of investigative sites which perform activities in accordance with the protocol of the clinical study.
Crowd sourced traffic reporting
A traffic reporting service may allow for the generation of more reliable and accurate traffic reports, maps, and forecasts based on various data types and sources. Data sources include public sector sources, private entities, and end users providing crowd sourced data.
System and method for dynamically monitoring status in location services
A method and system for reporting a location of an asset. The method includes: receiving a location tracking request for the asset; dynamically determining a status of the asset; and allowing acquisition of the location of the asset based on the determined status.
Cell discovery method, device, and system
A cell discovery method, device, and system are disclosed, which relate to the radio communications field, so as to purposefully perform small-scale search and measurement, thereby improving the search efficiency and saving power. The method includes: after receiving first radio frequency information of a handover area and second radio frequency information reported by a user equipment served by a cell of a first base station, detecting, by the first base station, whether the second radio frequency information matches the first radio frequency information; if match, sending a measurement instruction message to the user equipment that reports the second radio frequency information, so as to instruct the user equipment to measure signal strength and/or signal quality of a cell at a frequency of a cell of a second base station or only of the cell of the second base station.
Performance evaluation of services and applications on devices in live wireless environments
Services and applications running on devices placed in live wireless environments are tested and reported to determine the relative performance of the device under test. Multiple logs collected from the device under test are combined and transmitted to a remote backend system.
Method to trigger in-device coexistence interference mitigation in mobile cellular systems
A method to trigger in-device coexistence (idc) interference mitigation is provided. A wireless device comprises a first radio module and a co-located second radio module.
Radio communication system and radio communication terminal
In a radio communication system, based on a report from a connected base station, a radio communication terminal performs a predetermined measurement on other neighboring base stations and reports the result of the predetermined measurement to the base station. When a terminal performs a handover, the base station selects a base station, from among the other base stations, to be the target of the handover by the terminal based on the result of the predetermined measurement, and in predetermined circumstances, selects a base station, from among other base stations neighboring the base station, for which the predetermined measurement was not performed, to be the target of the handover by the terminal..
Video analytics system
A video analytics system includes a first database for storing searchable time-stamped transactional data indicative of activity within a monitored system, a second database for storing time-stamped video metadata, wherein the time-stamped video metadata comprises searchable attributes associated with a raw video data stream; and a rule-based correlation server for comparing the time-stamped transactional data with the time-stamped video metadata to identify correlation events indicating potential activity of interest. An output subsystem reports the correlation events from the correlation engine.
Workspace lighting system
A modular lighting system for lighting a work area is disclosed. The system includes a power supply with power outlets for powering led fixtures.
Method for connecting a portable rfid reader to a handheld computing device via an audio connection
Methods and systems for efficiently communicating information to/from an rfid reader are provided. According to one embodiment, a command is received by a radio-frequency identification (rfid) reader from a handheld computer via an audio connection of the handheld computer.
Systems and methods for monitoring patients for risk of ventilator associated events
A system for monitoring a patient on ventilation includes a ventilator system configured to provide mechanical ventilation in accordance with a fio2 setting and a peep setting, a temperature sensor configured to sense body temperature, one or more input devices configured to receive patient information, e.g., wbc count information, an information processing system, and a display device. The information processing system is communicatively coupled to the ventilator system, temperature sensor, and input device, and is configured to receive, process, and output fio2 information, peep information, temperature information, and wbc count information.
High-volume distributed script error handling
Various embodiments include a method and system for high-volume distributed script error report handling. An error report group threshold may be obtained.
Creating logical disk drives for raid subsystems
A computer storage system includes multiple disk trays, each disk tray holding two or more physical disks. The disks on a single tray are virtualized into a single logical disk.
Auto-refinement of search results based on monitored search activities of users
A tracking system passively tracks and records searches conducted by actual search engine users. The recorded data for each search event preferably includes the search query submitted, the search engine used, the search result item (e.g., web page) selected, the position (e.g., page number) of this item, and the user's ip address.
Systems and methods for quantifying flood risk
In various embodiments, a flood risk score may be determined for a property point that provides a comprehensive assessment of the property point's risk of flooding. Determining the flood risk score may include determining a flood risk characteristic for the property point and assigning a flood risk score that corresponds to the flood risk characteristic.
Method and system for managing construction projects
Methods and systems for managing construction projects are provided. The methods and systems can be based on component-associated data where components can be assigned identifiers, drawings, cost codes, and man-hour values according to industry standards.
Radio communication system, radio terminal, radio station, network apparatus, and information collecting method
The present invention is a radio communication system that a radio terminal obtains measurement information indicated by a radio network in an idle state, and reports the obtained measurement information in an active state, the radio communication system comprising: a first radio station managing a first cell of a first radio access technology comprises in the first cell; notification means configured to notify the radio terminal of the first configuration information related to obtainment of the measurement information in the first cell; and instruction means configured to instruct the radio terminal to report information related to the measurement information obtained in the first cell after the radio terminal moves to a second cell of a second radio access technology different from the first radio access technology.. .
Identification of a manipulated or defect base station during handover
A method of and arrangement for detecting a manipulated or defect base station of a communication network is disclosed, wherein a target base station, having selected one or more algorithms on the basis of a prioritized algorithm list (pal) and a ube security capabilities (scap), reports ue scap related information to a core network node. The core network node having knowledge of the ue scap compares this information or parts of this information with the retrieved ue scap related information in order to be able to identify a manipulated or defect base station when a comparison fails to match..
Method and apparatus for reporting channel state information in a wireless communication system
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system, and more particularly, to a method and apparatus for reporting channel state information. A method in which a terminal reports control state information (csi) in a wireless communication system according to an embodiment of the present invention comprises: a step of determining rank indicator (ri) report timing for cases where a value of a precoding type indicator (pti) is 0; a step of determining wideband first precoding matrix indicator (pmi) report timing; a step of determining wideband second precoding matrix indicator report timing and wideband channel quality indicator (cqi) report timing; and a step of reporting said csi based on the result of the determination on the reporting timing.
Systems and methods for small cell uplink interference mitigation
Systems and methods for facilitating the mitigation of interference in the uplink of a small cell caused by macrocell user equipment in the case where the macrocell cannot identify the interfering macrocell user equipment because the user equipment cannot detect and report the small cell's downlink due to the small cell's uplink/downlink coverage imbalance. In an embodiment, the smell cell provides the macrocell with a notification of the interference, the configuration information about its physical random access channel (prach), and a plurality of unique preambles and transmission times for non-contention-based transmissions on the small cells prach.
Indication of user equipment transmit power capacity in carrier aggregation
A method of power headroom reporting (phr) is proposed. A ue is configured with a plurality of component carriers (ccs) and is served by one or more power amplifiers (pas) in a wireless system with carrier aggregation.
Mobile communication method and radio base station
In mdt, a radio base station enb reports, to an operation and maintenance server oam, location information of a mobile station ue and a qos measurement result in an exactly associated manner. A mobile communication method according to the present invention includes a step of reporting, by the mobile station ue, “mdt measurement” and “location information”, to the radio base station enb, and a step of recording, by the radio base station enb, the “location information” in addition to “dl throughput” at an “active time” and “mdt measurement” when the “location information” is received during the “active time”, and reporting the “dl throughput”, the “mdt measurement”, and the “location information” to the operation and maintenance server oam..
Position and/or distance measurement, parking and/or vehicle detection, apparatus, networks, operations and/or systems
The following are disclosed: vehicle parking detection, sensors and an on-board device (obd) to create a parking session. Radars, microwave antennas, rechargeable power supplies and their power management circuits.
Hand hygiene dispenser monitor
A monitor is located adjacent to a hand hygiene product dispenser and extends a sensor field adjacent to the hand hygiene product dispenser. The sensor senses activity adjacent to the hand hygiene product dispenser in the sensor field.
Method and system for implementing remote spectrum analysis
A system and method are provided that advantageously combine commercial-off-the shelf hardware and software components in a portable, ruggedized package for remotely monitoring radio-frequency (rf) spectrum activity with regard to a specific platform, structure or location for an extended duration. Provisions are made for remote access to, and analysis of, monitored spectrum activity data.
Security system and method with information display in flip window
A user-centric management application system and method for a security system that conceptualizes the security devices and the tasks to perform on the security devices as separate objects with common properties and behavior. Operators of the system create abstract containers, called dockviews, which the operator adds objects to in order to perform specific tasks.
Security system and method with help and login for customization
A user-centric management application system and method for a security system that conceptualizes the security devices and the tasks to perform on the security devices as separate objects with common properties and behavior. Operators of the system create abstract containers, called dockviews, which the operator adds objects to in order to perform specific tasks.
Automatic report generation in a networked computing environment
An approach for automatically generating reports in a networked computing environment is provided. In a typical embodiment, the system will receive a set of unique identifiers associated with a set of ip assets and a set of input parameters in a computer memory medium.
Write transaction interpretation for interrupt assertion
A method and circuit for a data processing system (12) provide a virtualized programmable interrupt control system (70) which processes interrupt event reports from interrupt sources (e.g., 14, 40) which generate write transactions to an address for an interrupt event register (80) which is authenticated and then interpreted based on the current state of the targeted interrupt to generate the next state using an interpretation table (306) and predetermined configuration/state bits (310-314).. .
System and method for database migration and validation
A system and method for database migration and validation is provided. In an embodiment, the database migration and validation system may include a migration framework which analyzes a relational database and its associated access coding and preprocessing/post-processing coding, and based on these analyses generates an in-memory database, access coding, and database coding in a computer system.
Fast learning to train learning machines using shadow joining
In one embodiment, a node receives a request to initiate a shadow joining operation to shadow join a field area router (far) of a computer network, and preserves its data structures and soft states. The shadow joining operation may then be initiated to shadow join the far, wherein shadow joining comprises preforming join operations without leaving a currently joined-far, and the node measures one or more joining metrics of the shadow joining operation, and reports them accordingly.
Customized credit reporting system
A novel system and method for facilitating the sharing of data between business entities is disclosed. The novel system and method comprises members sharing or submitting certain of their data to a program which identifies overlaps between entities, and presents each member with a list of these other identified members from which the member may choose to receive data.
Comparing financial transactions of a social networking system user to financial transactions of other users
A social networking system obtains financial transaction activity for its users and allows its users to obtain reports of their spending compared to various benchmarks. The benchmarks may be for various demographic groups, networks to which the user belongs, groups of users connected to a user, or any other suitable grouping of users.
Public works contractor payroll processing, certification, reporting & project management system and method
A computer implemented business method and system directed to enabling a public works contractor employer who contracts for work on one or more government agency public works projects or who contracts for work on concurrent private and public works projects, in a plurality of jurisdictions, to process payroll and to: generate certified payroll records in accordance with the currently applicable rules and standards for content and format required by a plurality of awarding body or enforcement jurisdictions; provide alerts and reports allowing said contractor to anticipate compliance vulnerability and choose real time manpower adjustments for such management issues as apprentice/journeyman ratio; provide evidence of meeting and exceeding government objectives in order to establish a record and reputation of compliance; generate reports for managing the assignment of personnel to enhance worker cooperation, spirit, and morale; and to control payroll processing cost through allocation of cost based on estimated worker hours on a given project.. .
Increased visibility during order management in a network-based supply chain environment
A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for a first business entity to provide a network-based supply chain framework for collaborative order management between at least a second and a third independent business entity, such as a service provider, vendor, reseller, manufacturer and the like. A request for an order is received over a network with an automated system, from at least a second business entity.
Dynamic payment optimization apparatuses, methods and systems
The dynamic payment optimization apparatuses, methods and systems (“dpo”) transform requests for on-demand and flexible monetization and related services via dpo components into currency transfers, purchase receipt notifications, social networking communications and transaction analytics reports. In some embodiments, the dpo obtains a user product purchase request for a user engaged in an online experience at a point of sale device.
Method and system for clinical trial management
A method of managing a clinical trial includes verifying compliance with pre-determined data collection protocols in real time of medical data collected by peripheral clinical trial centers participating in the clinical trial, sending compliance verifications, collecting review reports submitted by the reviewers on the medical data, such as medical imaging data, according to a predetermined question-and-answer format, evaluating the answers in the review reports, for concordance, and transmitting at least one electronic notification pertaining to a result obtained from the evaluating, wherein at least one of the verifying, sending, collecting, evaluating, and transmitting is performed using at least one processor. A system for implementing the method also is provided..
Web-based irrigation controller
A web-based irrigation controller with application server can avoid need for access points for irrigation controller communications to the application server, need for configurations on any number of any type of web-based appliances to communicate to the application server, and can provide easy access to giant databases of weather and plant growing information, automatic control and simplification for the plant and lawn growing effort, easy access to reports of actual water usage and power usage and maintenance problems, using sprinklers in an unusual manner to scare away birds from a freshly seeded lawn, reducing lawn water usage for unskilled users by backing off lawn timings until the user intervenes, slow seasonal adjustment to watering times without need for application server intervention, life-cycle based watering schedules based on types of garden plantings and easy for the user to follow the actions of a local amateur master gardener in growing similar plants.. .

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