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This page is updated frequently with new Reports-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Reports-related patents
 Method for reporting a radio link control re-transmission failure and a device therefor patent thumbnailMethod for reporting a radio link control re-transmission failure and a device therefor
The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and a device for reporting an rlc (radio link control) re-transmission failure in the wireless communication system, the method comprising: receiving, from a base station (bs), an indicator indicating a radio bearer (rb) which the ue reports a rlc retransmission error to the bs; and reporting, to a bs, an radio link control (rlc) retransmission error if the rlc retransmission error occurs in the rb indicated by the indicator..
Lg Electronics Inc.

 System and  locating a mobile phone with moveable wireless beacons patent thumbnailSystem and locating a mobile phone with moveable wireless beacons
The invention addresses the problem of efficiently locating a target device such as a mobile phone, by directing the movement of moveable wireless beacons along a search pattern, using the target device as a moveable wireless beacon detection device. Preferably, the target device is equipped with a wifi and/or bluetooth radio and the moveable wireless beacons are wifi-equipped and/or bluetooth-equipped mobile phones in possession of first responders.
West Corporation

 Methods and  providing timing analysis for packet streams over packet carriers patent thumbnailMethods and providing timing analysis for packet streams over packet carriers
A network device such as a router or switch, in one embodiment, includes a timing analyzer which is capable of providing timing analysis over one or more network circuits. The timing analyzer, in one aspect, receives a data packet traveling across a circuit emulation service (“ces”) circuit such as t1 or e1 circuit.
Tellabs Operations Inc.

 Evolved node-b, user equipment, and methods for channel quality indicator (cqi) feedback patent thumbnailEvolved node-b, user equipment, and methods for channel quality indicator (cqi) feedback
Embodiments of user equipment (ue), an evolved node-b (enb), and methods for channel quality indicator (cqi) feedback are disclosed herein. An aperiodic cqi type parameter received at the ue may indicate a cqi type for use in a determination of an aperiodic cqi based on signals received from the enb.

 Graphical display of event data using pull-down menus patent thumbnailGraphical display of event data using pull-down menus
The disclosure relates to certain system and method embodiments for generating reports from unstructured data. In one embodiment, a method can include identifying events matching criteria of an initial search query (each of the events including a portion of raw machine data that is associated with a time), identifying a set of fields, each field defined for one or more of the identified events, causing display of an interactive graphical user interface (gui) that includes one or more interactive elements enabling a user to define a report for providing information relating to the matching events (each interactive element enabling processing or presentation of information in the matching events using one or more fields in the identified set of fields), receiving, via the gui, a report definition indicating how to report information relating to the matching events, and generating, based on the report definition, a report including information relating to the matching events..
Splunk Inc.

 Method and system for reconciling transportation records patent thumbnailMethod and system for reconciling transportation records
Aspects of the present invention are directed to a system for next day reconciliation of transportation records. The system having a transportation record storage provider (trsp) that receives and stores storage medium transportation requests; an outside service provider (osp) inventory manager that receives and maintains records of transported storage mediums scanned at the osp; and a reconciliation provider that receives a first list from the trsp and a second list from the osp inventory manger, for reconciliation.
Jpmorgan Chase Bank, N.a.

 Text matching device and method, and text classification device and method patent thumbnailText matching device and method, and text classification device and method
[solution] a text classifying device 30 analyzes dependency of collected texts by a morpheme analyzing unit 52 and a dependency analyzing unit 54. A problem report collecting unit 64 specifies a core consisting of noun+predicate in a text based on dependency relation of the text, and using a combination of noun classification (trouble/non-trouble) and predicate classification (excitatory/inhibitory), classifies the text to a problem report or the rest, by a method referred to as core-based matrix.

 Method and  interactive reports patent thumbnailMethod and interactive reports
Methods, apparatus and computer program products for interactive reports are disclosed herein. In some examples, a method for generating an output report that is an interactive report may include identifying one or more messages to be hyperlinked in an output report, wherein the one or more messages are data structures that are configured to linguistically describe at least a portion of raw input data; determining one or more interactive responses based on the one or more messages to be hyperlinked; determining one or more words in a phrase specification that are related to the one or more messages to be hyperlinked; and generating the output report, wherein the one or more words are hyperlinked in the output report such that when selected at least one of the one or more interactive responses is performed..
Arria Data2text Limited

 Application containers and application container generator patent thumbnailApplication containers and application container generator
Application containers, displayed on a display of a computing device, organize essential applications and other data that a user needs into a single view. An application container can include only the most important applications and data for a user's specific role.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Determining device locations using movement, signal strength patent thumbnailDetermining device locations using movement, signal strength
Techniques for precisely determining a location of a mobile computing device based on both wireless signal strengths measured at the mobile computing device and movement of the device. The wireless signal strengths may represent the strength of a connection between the device and wireless access points (waps), cellular towers, or the like.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


System and controlling food intake

A controlled food intake system includes an apparatus having an inlet tube configured to connect to a lower esophageal stoma, a flow controller, and at least one container configured to detachably attach to the inlet tube and to administer nutrition liquids to a patient at a flow rate based on a position of the flow controller. The apparatus also includes an outlet tube configured to connect to an upper esophageal stoma and a waste container that detachably attaches to the outlet tube.
Umm Al-qura University


Handling of device-to-device communications interest indication

This disclosure generally relates to handling of device-to-device communication interest indication. In one embodiment, a d2d ue may receive at its lower layer one or more first indicator for d2d communication interest indication from its higher layer during a time period of disconnection with its serving base station.
Microsoft Corporation


Method for canceling a sidelink buffer status report in a d2d communication system and device therefor

The present invention relates to a wireless communication system. More specifically, the present invention relates to a method and a device for canceling a sidelink buffer status report in a d2d communication system, the method comprising: triggering one or more sidelink buffer status reports (bsrs) for sidelink data available for transmission; configuring one or more sidelink grants in one or more subframes within a certain period; checking in a first subframe whether remaining sidelink grants can accommodate all pending data available for transmission; and cancelling all of the triggered sidelink bsrs if the remaining sidelink grants can accommodate all of the pending data available for transmission, wherein the remaining sidelink grants are sidelink grants configured in one or more subframes starting from the first subframe to end of the certain period..
Lg Electronics Inc.


System and processing buffer status reports in random access procedures

A method for requesting communications resources by a user equipment (ue) includes determining that a proximity-based service (prose) buffer status report (bsr) trigger condition has been met, determining that a cellular bsr trigger condition has been met, generating a media access control (mac) protocol data unit (pdu) message comprising only one of a prose bsr and a cellular bsr, and sending the mac pdu message to an evolved nodeb (enb).. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Mobile device monitoring and analysis

Numerous mobile devices report their respective locations to a server which collects the location reports to provide real-time pedestrian traffic information, e.g., as a map that shows locations of individual mobile devices. Distribution of mobile devices in a geographic area more closely represents overall population locations and densities.
Uniloc Luxembourg S.a.


System and scheduling vehicle maintenance and service

Described herein is a system and method for predicting when repair and maintenance needs to be performed on a vehicle. The estimates can be based on one or more of in-vehicle sensor measurements during vehicle usage, external observations such as weather and traffic and road conditions and manually or digitally input maintenance and service reports.
Scope Technologies Holdings Limited


Systems and methods for providing an automated trademark clearance and/or watch notice service

A facility for providing a registrability analysis for a user-provided potential trademark is described. The facility receives a proposed trademark and proposed goods and/or services from the user.
Tm Tko, Llc


Contextual indexing in a building automation system

Systems and methods for a context-based user interface in a building automation system are described. The method includes receiving, by the building automation system, a user request including context information.
Trane International Inc.


Native federation view suggestion

Methods, systems, and computer program products for monitoring activity of data sources relating to data queries and data query responses, detecting events in the monitored activity, generating activity reports relating to the detected events; and analyzing the activity reports to determine view suggestions that may be used to optimize a federation engine.. .
Red Hat, Inc.


Alternative people charting for organizational charts

Techniques are described for generating and presenting alternative organizational views for an organizational chart being presented inside a browser window. These different organizational views can organize the contents of the organizational chart based on different dimensions, thus allowing the user to group employees within the organizational chart across different dimensions.


Materials and methods for rapid and specific detection of cocaine

The invention pertains to a rapid and specific aptamer-based method for one-step cocaine detection with minimal reagent requirements based on an aptamer sensor that reports the presence of cocaine via the displacement and unquenching of a bound fluorophore molecule. In certain embodiments, the invention provides novel aptamers, which have reduced background fluorescence, bind a fluorophore molecule tightly, and show an increased signal gain in the presence of cocaine..
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees


Bicycle theft monitoring and recovery devices

Bicycle theft monitoring and recovery systems include a tracking device with geolocation capabilities that is mountable to or integrated into a bicycle or other asset. Communications between the tracking device and a networked server or a user device permit configuring the tracking device as well as receiving reports of asset disturbances.
Biketrak, Inc.


Method and reporting proxy information

Provided are a method and a wireless device for reporting proxy information in a wireless communication system. As the wireless device enters the proximity of a first target cell on a target frequency, the wireless device reports first proxy information indicating entering the proximity to a serving cell.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Communication scheme for channel quality information

A periodic report of channel quality information is transmitted to a receiving entity within a communication system. A ue transmits first channel quality information reports reporting an average of channel qualities for resource blocks at a first reporting frequency and a second channel quality information report for a preferred subset of resource blocks.
Optis Wireless Technology, Llc


User equipment and methods for csi measurements with reduced bandwidth support

An enhanced nodeb (enb), user equipment (ue) and method of channel state information (csi) measurement and reporting using reduced bandwidth are generally described herein. The ue is preconfigured with a resource configuration information or the configuration information is transmitted to the ue from the enb.


Information processing apparatus, image forming apparatus, and processing image selection method

Provided is an image forming apparatus with which, in selecting one of plural processing image areas in one image, even an inexpensive display unit will not lower the convenience. An information processing part of image forming apparatus includes a division number questioning part, answer receiving part, image dividing part, key highlighting part, processing image selection part, and reporting display part.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Offload of service charging from an online charging system

Apparatus and methods that offload charging from an online charging system (ocs). The ocs includes an offload controller that receives a online charging request from a policy enforcement element for a service, determines whether charging for the service is eligible to be offloaded from the ocs to an offline charging system (ofcs), and pushes a charging rule to the policy enforcement element to switch a charging mode for the service to offline charging.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


System and methods for scalably identifying and characterizing structural differences between document object models

A security auditing computer system efficiently evaluates and reports security exposures in a target web site hosted on a remote web server system. The auditing system includes a crawler subsystem that constructs a first list of web page identifiers representing the target web site.
Tinfoil Security, Inc.


Method for assured network state configuration and rollback in link-state packet networks

According to one example embodiment, a network node initiates a desired configuration of a switching network by sending a link state message containing a configuration descriptor specifying the desired configuration and a predetermined type value. The configuration descriptor may describe an explicit path for routing data traffic through the switching network.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Terminal device, base station, communication system, and communication method

The present invention provides a base station, a terminal device, a communication system, and a communication method configured to efficiently specify a physical uplink control channel resource in a case that the base station notifies the terminal device of control information through an enhanced physical downlink control channel or in a case that a cell radius is small. The terminal device in communication with the base station monitors a physical downlink control channel placed in a common search space and an enhanced physical downlink control channel placed in a terminal-specific search space.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Mobile application for reporting workplace injuries and/or for consulting for employee/personal healthcare issues

A mobile application for reporting and consulting regarding workplace injuries, illnesses or other health related issues. The application is configured to remotely connect a triage specialist with a first user and a second user.


System and generating search reports

The present disclosure provides system and method for searching and analyzing information from a database based on a plurality of subject features. The system generates a list of relevant search results in a particular order and provides relevant excerpts from each of the search results in relation to each of the subject features, along with the association that represents the overlap between searched excerpt and the corresponding subject feature.
Beacon Intellectual Property Services, Llc


Generation of instructions for repairing an electromechanical system

The invention provides for an electromechanical system comprising a machine. The machine comprises at least one mechanical component and at least one electrical sensor for acquiring measurement data.


Method and system that measures and reports computational-resource usage in a data center

The present disclosure describes methods and systems that monitor the utilization of computational resources. In one implementation, a system periodically measures the utilization of computational resources, determines an amount of computational-resource wastage, identifies the source of the wastage, and generates recommendations that reduce or eliminate the wastage.
Vmware, Inc


Scheduling downlink time slots in a high speed data network

In a method of wireless communication, a base station receives, from a network device, a periodic interference measurement report corresponding to each of a plurality of downlink time slots within a subframe. The base station also receives a serving cell signal quality reported from a user equipment (ue).
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method for determining mobility of user equipment having dual connectivity in communication system

The present invention provides a method of determining mobility of a user equipment having dual connectivity in a communication system. In one embodiment, the user equipment transmits measurement reports in a frequency occupied by the source small cell to the source small cell, such that the source small cell determines that a target small cell replaces itself to serve the user equipment.
Alcatel Lucent


Wireless communication method and wireless terminal

A wireless communications component that supports a first radio access technology (rat) and a second rat. After the wireless communications component establishes a connection with a second rat network, the wireless communications component receives a first message sent by the second rat network.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Systems, methods, and devices having databases and automated reports for electronic spectrum management

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing at least one report relating to a wireless communications spectrum. At least one device is operable for wideband scan; to detect and measure at least one signal transmitted from at least one signal emitting device autonomously, thereby creating signal data; to analyze the signal data in near real-time, thereby creating analyzed data; generate the at least one report in near real-time; and to communicate at least a portion of the at least one report over a network to at least one remote device..
Dgs Global Systems, Inc.


Programming user behavior reporting

Methods and systems for reporting user activity are provided. Sequentially numbering the reports allows for reports being sent at regular intervals to be associated with a timestamp, even if the system clock has not been set.
Flextronics Ap, Llc


System and automatic calculation of cyber-risk in business-critical applications

A system for calculating cyber-risk in a software application includes a cyber-risk calculator. The cyber-risk calculator receives a security assessment result sample having a list of security modules, each security module listing including a respective result of a security assessment of the application identifying a vulnerability and/or misconfiguration capable of being exploited and/or abused.
Onapsis, Inc.


System and web application security

A system for detection and mitigation of client-side initiated security attack(s) to a web application is disclosed. A server component (sc) of the system is configured to intercept at least partially a web application code and/or data exchanged between a web server and one or more web browsers running on client devices respectively.
Jscrambler S.a.


Aggregating foodstuff data

Systems and methods for providing aggregated foodstuff usage data to one or more foodstuff vendors are provided. A computer-executable tool (typically in the form of an app or application) is provided to a plurality of users/consumers.
Cookbrite Inc.


Terminal and communicating method thereof in device to device communicaton

A second terminal which performs direct communication with a first terminal receives a signal for measuring a radio channel from the first terminal and calculates radio channel quality. Further, the second terminal calculates a data error rate using replay information indicating whether data are received and compensates for the radio channel quality depending on a data error rate.


Channel state information procedure for enhanced component carriers

Techniques are provided for transmitting reference signals and csi reports within a wireless communications system using variable length downlink or uplink transmission time intervals (ttis). Csi reference signals and csi reports may be transmitted at times that accommodate the variable length ttis.


Mobile activity status tracker

A technique and apparatus to provide status tracking of presence and/or location of a mobile, wireless device to a requesting entity even outside of a particular wireless system. This allows wireless service providers the ability to monitor and log changes in the status of mobile stations within and/or outside their networks.


Methods and devices for reporting broadcast state of warning message

Provided are methods and devices for reporting a broadcast state of a warning message. In the method, an evolved node b (enb) receives a state request message from a mobile management entity (mme), wherein the state request message is used for requesting to report a broadcast state of a warning message; in response to the state request message, the enb reports the broadcast state of the warning message to the mme.


Providing a data set for tracking and diagnosing datacenter issues

Systems and methods are disclosed for aggregating data capable of diagnosing unique datacenter issues. Traffic statistic collection may be moved from intermediate, datacenter nodes to end hosts providing reports for aggregation and correlation with events at an analytic controller, uncovering implications for such events.


Method and determining and reporting channel quality indicator for temporally uncorrelated channels

Various aspects of the disclosure provide a method of operating a user equipment (ue) to determine and report a throughput enhancing channel quality indicator (cqi) value when a physical channel between the ue and a base station is temporally uncorrelated. Reporting such cqi value may maximize the throughput of the channel when it remains temporally uncorrelated.


Battery management system and method

A battery management system (bms) monitors and reports on an operational state of a battery. In some embodiments the bms can be part of a battery assembly.


Emergency response management system and method

An automated disaster management system and method for power generators is disclosed. The system/method includes emergency computing devices (ecds) communicating with an emergency web server (ews) over a network.


Systems and methods for social media data mining

Systems and methods are provided to collect, analyze and report social media aggregated from a plurality of social media websites. Social media is retrieved from social media websites, analyzed for sentiment, and categorized by topic and user demographics.


Cache memory with fault tolerance

The exemplary embodiments of the invention relates to fault tolerance of a cache memory which recovers an error occurred in the cache memory or reports an error. A cache memory may include a first layer cache configured to store data requested from a processor, together with a tag related to the data and parity check bits for detecting data error and tag error; a second layer cache configured to store data requested from the first layer cache, together with parity check bits and an error correction code(ecc) bit for detecting data error and tag error; and a fault tolerance unit configured to generate an error signal indicating whether the data error or tag error occurred in at least one of the first layer cache and the second layer cache is recoverable..


Automated diagnosis of software crashes

A method for diagnosing software crashes includes retrieving a stack-trace from at least one of a new problem report, updated problem report, and authorized analysis report from a repository. A vector is automatically created from the retrieved stack-trace using the function name and associating the resultant vector with the problem report and authorized analysis reports.


Customizable vehicle fleet reporting system

Customization features for providing users with the ability to customize various aspects of a vehicle management system are described. These customization features can include functionality for generating custom reports based on vehicle parameters, including diagnostic codes.


Emergency reporting system

An emergency reporting system includes a seat belt detection unit, a speed change detection unit, an injury determination unit, and an emergency reporting unit. The seat belt detection unit detects a fastening state of seat belt when the vehicle stops moving assisted by collision prevention process that prevents vehicle collision in advance.


Ciprofloxacin loaded diethylaminoethyl cellulose nanoparticles

This invention reports ciprofloxacin (cip)-encapsulated polymeric nanoparticles and its antibacterial potential with a variety of gram positive and gram negative pathogenic bacteria. Cip-encapsulated nanoparticles of diethylaminoethyl cellulose (dea-ec) are prepared by the multiple emulsion solvent evaporation method.


Systems and methods for medication adherence and acknowledgement

Systems and methods for improving mediation adherence are provided. Various embodiments of the present invention help patients maintain their medication and other healthcare schedules and avoid costly nursing, home health care, assisted living, or nursing home alternatives whenever possible.


Method, system and device for determining transmission link type

The present invention relates to the technical field of wireless communications. Disclosed are a method, system and device for determining a transmission link type, to solve the receiving/transmitting duplexing problem in the prior art of a d2d link receiving terminal on a d2d link and an n2d link.


Ue category handling

A method, an apparatus, and a computer-readable medium for wireless communication are provided. The apparatus may be a ue.


Measurement configuration method, measurement report method, base station and user equipment using the same

The disclosure relates to a measurement configuration method and a measurement report method. The measurement configuration method comprises generating and transmitting a measurement configuration message to a user equipment.


System, method and computer program product for sharing content via links

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for sharing content via links. These mechanisms and methods for sharing content via links can enable customizable features associated with the operations related to those links.


Identifying visual storm signatures from satellite images

Satellite images from vast historical archives are analyzed to predict severe storms. We extract and summarize important visual storm evidence from satellite image sequences in a way similar to how meteorologists interpret these images.


Test case execution

Systems, methods, computer readable media and apparatuses for executing one or more test cases associated with verifying a functionality of a computer system, software application, or the like are presented. The test cases may be received by a system and may be prioritized and integrated into an existing queue of test cases based on the determined priority.


Facilitating dynamic customization of reporting tools in an on-demand services environment

In accordance with embodiments, there are provided mechanisms and methods for facilitating dynamic customization of reporting tools in an on-demand services environment in a multi-tenant environment according to one embodiment. In one embodiment and by way of example, a method includes importing, by a database system, a first application from a computing system associated with a third-party entity, where the first application is associated with the third-party entity and first one or more reporting forms of a plurality of reporting forms.


Position accuracy testing system

Accuracy of a positioning device may be determined without requiring the device to be at any specific location, such as a test location. Instead of comparing the reported location and directional data to a known location and directional data, the present technology may use multiple discrete location and directional reports for comparison with the reported data at multiple locations.


Optimizing the production of antibodies

A general method is provided for the production of purified antibodies by separation of an antibody molecule from an antibody variant by chromatographic methods, e.g. To enhance therapeutic efficacy, by for example choosing a specific harvesting time point and/or a specific purification scheme.


Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method

Where first and second reference signals for a first and second communication system, respectively, are transmitted, resources that affect a reception apparatus compatible only with the first communication system can be minimized, and the throughput can be prevented from being deteriorated. As resources for a reference signal csi-rs for lte-a, last half symbols in a time direction of a resource unit rb/sub-frame defined in a frequency-time domain are used, and the csi-rs is allocated in a position up to the last two symbols or in the last symbol, or the like, of a particular rb/sub-frame and transmitted when a reference signal 4rs for lte is transmitted to a reception apparatus in addition to transmitting csi-rs for lte-a.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Location system

A location system includes a mobile wireless device and a wireless receiver. The wireless receiver is configured to receive wireless transmissions from the mobile wireless device and to transmit bursts of device reports concerning the wireless transmissions to a report processor.
Aeroscout Ltd.


Dynamic reconfigurable client side beaconing

Some embodiments provide a monitoring system for a distributed platform. The monitoring system dynamically controls the monitoring and reporting function of client applications running on user devices using a plurality of configurations.
Edgecast Networks, Inc.


Ue assisted interference learning

In an unlicensed band, different types of interference may be experienced by user equipments (ues), and a serving evolved node b (enb) may not be aware of the interference types affecting a ue. Therefore, aspects presented herein provide ue assisted interference learning, in which the ue detects an interfering signal and reports information such as the interference level and properties of the interfering signal to a serving enb.
Qualcomm Incorporated


System and data analytics and visualization

Systems and methods are described that provide a dynamic reporting functionality that can identify important information and dynamically present a report about the important information that highlights important findings to the user. The described systems and methods are generally described in the field of diabetes management, but are applicable to other medical reports as well.
Dexcom, Inc.


Performance attribution for portfolios with composite investments

In existing performance attribution, composite investments are resolved into simple assets, and the performance attribution provides results only for the resolved, net investment in the simple assets. As a result, the individual investment in the composite investment in isolation is lost, and it is impossible to determine if the investment in the composite investment in isolation helped or hurt performance.
Axioma, Inc.


System and enabling efficient digital marketing on portable wireless devices for parties with low capabilities

A system and method are provided for managing digital marketing to a multiplicity of consumers by way of portable wireless digital devices. The system comprises a simplified human-device interface stored on the portable wireless digital devices.
Grandpad, Inc.


Automated data analytics for work machines

Systems and methods for aggregating classifications of predictive operations of a machine may include one or more sensors in communication with a processor. Such systems and methods may be implemented to receive on-board machine time series data, process the data, segment the processed data, resolve the segmented data, and characterize the segmented data.
Caterpillar Inc.


Assessment and analysis of software security flaws

Security analysis and vulnerability testing results are “packaged” or “bound to” the actual software it describes. By linking the results to the software itself, downstream users of the software can access information about the software, make informed decisions about implementation of the software, and analyze the security risk across an entire system by accessing all (or most) of the reports associated with the executables running on the system and summarizing the risks identified in the reports..
Veracode, Inc.


System and data analytics and visualization

Systems and methods are described that provide a dynamic reporting functionality that can identify important information and dynamically present a report about the important information that highlights important findings to the user. The described systems and methods are generally described in the field of diabetes management, but are applicable to other medical reports as well.
Dexcom, Inc.


System and data analytics and visualization

Systems and methods are described that provide a dynamic reporting functionality that can identify important information and dynamically present a report about the important information that highlights important findings to the user. The described systems and methods are generally described in the field of diabetes management, but are applicable to other medical reports as well.
Dexcom, Inc.


System and intelligent information gathering and analysis

A system and method for intelligent information gathering and analysis. Information is gathered from plurality of open sources such as markets, investigations, government databases, internet intelligence, and public records.
Internet Crimes Group, Inc.


Radio communication system, load sharing method, and base station

When a frequency band which can be utilized by a radio communication system is divided into multiple partial frequency bands and one or more partial frequency bands are allocated to multiple base stations, each base station reports to a control station information for receiving a signal transmitted by a terminal and a number of connected terminals for every partial frequency band. The control station determines a load of each partial frequency band based on the information received from each base station.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Policy engine in mobile unit for enhanced femtocell handover

A mobile unit preselects candidate femtocells for handover. The mobile unit reports candidate femtocells and associated measurement data to the network.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Server-based browser system

A server-based browser system provides a server-based browser and a client system browser. The client browser reports the position of a user click on its display screen, hotspot id, or url to the server-side browser which retrieves a document object model (dom) model and view tree for the client and finds the location on the web page that the user clicked on using the coordinates or hotspot id received from the client.
Mercury Kingdom Assets Limited


Enhanced node b and precoding with reduced quantization error

Embodiments of an enhanced node b (enb) and method for precoding with reduced quantization error are generally described herein. In some embodiments, first and second precoding-matrix indicator (pmi) reports may be received on an uplink channel and a single subband precoder matrix may be interpolated from precoding matrices indicated by both the pmi reports.
Intel Corporation


Signalling in coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp)

In a wireless communications system including a first base station and a second base station, a wireless communications method implemented in the first base station supporting coordinated multi-point transmission and reception (comp) is disclosed. The wireless communications method comprises, for a given user equipment (ue) identification (id) and a given channel state information (csi) process, receiving from the second base station a plurality of csi reports each of which comprises a rank indication (ri) and a channel quality indicator (cqi), wherein the second base station receives from one or more user equipments (ues) ri and cqi information.
Nec Corporation


Portable storage device that can check memory free space

A portable storage device is provided with a memory part, a free space detecting part, a vibration detecting part, a reporting part, and a controller. The memory part stores data.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.


Computer-aided system for improving return on assets

Systems and methods are described for managing assets in a manufacturing environment. The use of a time-based approach for determining costs of using individual resources in such an environment allows for the generation of detailed reports on assets, liabilities, equity, income and expenses (cost), and cash flows of a business.
Profit Velocity Solutions, Llc


Electronic virtual certification by data processing method via a communication network

An on-line certification service accessible over a communication network. Data concerning members formed of service entities and individuals are stored in a member database.
123 Certification, Inc.


Register for counting and tracking items in a bag

A register for counting and tracking items in a bag comprises a manifest and an rfid reader. The rfid reader is used to query a plurality of rfid tags attached to items contained in the bag.
Dufl, Inc.


Register for counting and tracking items in a bag

A register for counting and tracking items in a bag comprises a manifest and an rfid reader. The rfid reader is used to query a plurality of rfid tags attached to items contained in the bag.
Dufl, Inc.


Method, apparatus, and computer program product for preparing a medical report

A user interacts with a medical imaging system and a medical reporting system to prepare a medical report. The medical reporting system includes report templates for medical reports.


Method and voluntary reporting

A voluntary reporting apparatus performs report generation and includes a check-in interface to receive patient identification information. The voluntary reporting apparatus determines whether a patient is taking a medication under study and receives side effects experienced by the patient related to the medication under study.
Umm Al-qura University


Method for recording medical information of a user and for sharing user experience with symptoms and medical intervention

The present invention relates to an integrated system of ‘electronic medical record for individuals’ (emri) and ‘patient information exchange (pie) to perform a method for creating and recording medical information of a user and for sharing user experience with symptoms and medical intervention details. In this method for creating and recording medical information of the individual user, comprehensive health information of the individual user in the user interface module is organized and prepared based on the personal details, the health details, the symptoms, the treatment details, the health reports and the medical insurance details of the individual user through a user interface module of the emri module.


Medical imaging study retrieval system

A programmed computer system receives an imaging study of the patient including metadata associated with the study. The metadata are analyzed to determine an anatomic region represented by the study.
Radia Inc., P.s.


Information integration and assessment

Aspects of information integration and assessment are described. In one embodiment, one or more individuals are identified for information research.
Airwatch Llc

Reports topics: Notification, Obstruction, Communication System, Base Station, Scheduling, Information Retrieval, Transmitter, Channel Status, Digital Display

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