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Renewable Energy patents


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 Tracking sensor patent thumbnailTracking sensor
Tracking tags for attachment to an object or animal. The tracking tags may include low-power long-range transmitters drawing power from a battery or a renewable energy source.
Garrity Power Services Llc

 Power metering system,  monitoring power consumed by load patent thumbnailPower metering system, monitoring power consumed by load
Disclosed embodiments relate to a power metering system, a method and a system for monitoring power consumed by loads by using the power metering system. In some embodiments, the system for monitoring power consumed by loads includes an external power supply source, a renewable energy sources, a distribution board, one or more power metering systems, and a monitoring server..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Power metering system, load power monitoring system using the same and operation method thereof patent thumbnailPower metering system, load power monitoring system using the same and operation method thereof
In some embodiments, a load power monitoring system includes a distribution board to distribute a electric power applied from a external electric power supply source or a first renewable energy source to an electric device, at least one power metering device to sense electric energy of at least one of the electric power supply source and the first renewable energy source, a second power metering device to sense electric energy distributed to the electric device, a third power metering device to sense electric energy generated from a second renewable energy source, and a monitoring server to collect electric energy data sensed at each of the power metering devices and monitor the load power based on the collected electric energy data.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Remote monitoring system for monitoring renewable energy generating apparatus patent thumbnailRemote monitoring system for monitoring renewable energy generating apparatus
Disclosed embodiments relate to a remote monitoring system for monitoring renewable energy generating apparatuses and, more particularly, to a remote monitoring system for monitoring renewable energy generating apparatuses. In some embodiments, a remote monitoring system includes a plurality of energy generating apparatuses for generating energy using a renewable energy source, and a monitoring server for receiving output amount information from each of the energy generating apparatuses and determine a condition of each of the energy generating apparatuses by comparing the received output amount information with output amount information about a previously used energy generating apparatus..
Lsis Co., Ltd.

 Renewable energy marine hydrokinetic or wind turbine patent thumbnailRenewable energy marine hydrokinetic or wind turbine
Three controls, three variable gear assemblies, a hatch, and a variable torque and power generator (vt&pg), may be used independently and together to provide constant frequency and voltage output power and to increase the amount of output power generated with the same input water flow or wind speed. A three variable spur/helical gear assembly of sun and planetary gear sets is a mechanical three variable control and referred to herein as a transgear™ gear assembly, simply transgear.
Differential Dynamics Corporation

 Mobile house utilising renewable energy patent thumbnailMobile house utilising renewable energy
The invention relates to a mobile house utilising renewable energy, characterised by comprising:—a shell structure (20) comprising a mountable and dismountable supporting structure (12) and panels (14) and roof (16) mounted thereon with releasable connections,—ground screws (22) affixing the shell structure (20) to the ground, and—electric energy supply system (30), potable water supply system (50) waste water treatment system (80), ventilation and heating system (90) utilising renewable energy and carried by the shell structure (20).. .
Noah House Kft.

 Portable hybrid street light patent thumbnailPortable hybrid street light
The present invention relates to a portable or stationary light; and in particular, to a portable street light powered by renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy.. .

 Syngenergy apparatus patent thumbnailSyngenergy apparatus
An apparatus and method for extracting energy from the synergistic effects of isolated, open and closed systems (syngenergya) is described and is a form of renewable energy. The apparatus comprises a body located in a buoyant and non-buoyant medium, a pressure apparatus, and an energy transformer, collector, or generator coupled to the body, such that relative movement of the body provides energy; in one configuration, the body is exposed to a frictional force differential, buoyancy force differential, gravitational force differential, pressure force differential, directional inherent angular momentum, and a centripetal, centrifugal, or centrifical force causing movement of the body, providing energy to be extracted, converted, collected, transformed or otherwise be made useful..

 Power generation device utilizing renewable natural energy patent thumbnailPower generation device utilizing renewable natural energy
A power generation device using renewable energy includes: a storage battery configured to temporarily store electric power generated through renewable energy; and a plurality of electric power generators along with a motor, the plurality of electric power generators configured to be caused, by the motor driven through electric power output from the storage battery, to rotate so as to further generate electric power, of which one portion is charged into the storage buttery and the other portion is output to an interconnection system as consumed electric power.. .

 Combined renewable energy and compressed gas energy storage and generator microgrid system using reciprocating piezoelectric generators patent thumbnailCombined renewable energy and compressed gas energy storage and generator microgrid system using reciprocating piezoelectric generators
A combined heat and power system, namely a portable combined heat and power microgrid system with the capacity to convert air to electricity, since the system imparts excess energy derived from multiple electrical energy sources, namely renewables or other sources of electrical supply like gas-induced electrical generation, to produce and store energy as compressed heat that is then redirected to generate reciprocating energy utilizing a barrel housing or setting to promote direct kinetic energy transfer method onto an array of rowed piezoelectric generators that use sequential direct kinetic energy transference to produce electricity and store it in a second electrical storage unit that can be interconnected to the operational electrical storage unit to not only promote redirect electrical flow during peak or off-peak to extend systemic operations but also to promote high volumes of energy from multiple energy sources for electric user purposes, enabling communication with high density energy when stored.. .

Hybrid energy system for general applications

The hybrid energy system for onshore and for offshore applications to include buildings infrastructure, and vessels respectively an assortment one or more arrays of integrated piezoelectric devices, wind turbine array and solar panels characterized in that they are to produce renewable energy for on demand use and for battery bank storage. Accordingly the onshore application includes a kinetic energy turbine farm, and also offshore methods for kinetic energy turbine farms, mega buoys and mega vessels to supply extra electric energy to other vessels and to shunt net power to utility grid companies, and mega-barges produce net power in onboard giant battery bank containers to rent by shipping to utility consignment locations coastally..

Mating sensor device for livestock

A device and method detects the orientation of a copulating livestock to indicate when the copulating livestock is mounted over a recipient livestock. A mounting base attaches the device over the dorsal spine and in the middle line of the back of the copulating livestock.

Livestock management apparatus and method

An apparatus and method directionally administers at least one medication directly onto livestock while also monitoring the effect of the medication and tracking the movement and orientation of the livestock. The apparatus periodically administers the medication at a predetermined dosage.

Renewable energy integrated storage and generation systems, apparatus, and methods with cloud distributed energy management services

A software platform in communication with networked distributed energy resource energy storage apparatus, configured to deliver various specific applications related to offset demand monitoring, methods of virtual power plant and orchestration, load shaping services, methods of reducing demand at aggregated level, prioritizing computer programs related to virtual energy pool, energy cloud controllers methods, charge discharge orchestration plans of electric vehicles, distributed energy resources, machine learning predictive algorithms, value optimizing algorithms, autonomous sensing event awareness, mode selection methods, capacity reservation monitoring, virtual power plant methods, advanced der-es apparatus features, energy management system for governing resources and methods, aggregated energy cloud methods, load shaping methods, marginal cost cycle-life degradation, load shaping api, forward event schedule, on demand request, and load service state request methods. Various rules, constraints of predictive algorithms for signal inputs to determine incremental storage cycles, cycle life degradation marginal cost, iterative and forward event schedule development, and load control..

Predictive control for energy storage on a renewable energy system

Systems and methods for controlling the state of charge of an energy storage system used in conjunction with a renewable energy source or other power generation system are provided. More particularly, a future output requirement of the energy storage system can be predicted based at least in part on data indicative of anticipated conditions, such as weather conditions, wake conditions, or other suitable conditions.
General Electric Company

Renewable electricity conversion of liquid fuels from hydrocarbon feedstocks

The present invention includes a method for converting renewable energy source electricity and a hydrocarbon feedstock into a liquid fuel by providing a source of renewable electrical energy in communication with a synthesis gas generation unit and an air separation unit. Oxygen from the air separation unit and a hydrocarbon feedstock is provided to the synthesis gas generation unit, thereby causing partial oxidation reactions in the synthesis gas generation unit in a process that converts the hydrocarbon feedstock into synthesis gas.
Inentec Inc

Electrolysis system for producing hydrogen, oxygen and electrical energy using renewable energy (solar and wind) and a mixture of desalinated sea water and different chemical components

The invention relates to a system for producing hydrogen, oxygen and electrical energy from renewable energy and a mixture of sea water which, once desalinated, is mixed with different chemical components. The invention relates to the field of electrochemistry.

Distributed function hybrid integrated array

Fabrication, integration and operation of an array of micro-scale singulated electronic and opto-electronic semiconductor devices in flexible, thin and highly reliable format. The array includes power and data management devices that are distributed within the array such that each one handles only a small amount of power compared to existing systems.
Mpower Technology, Inc.

Power system monitoring apparatus, power system control apparatus, and power system monitoring method

In administration based on the existing (n−1) reliability criteria, an appropriate administration plan may be not drafted in a power system in which renewable energy increases. Accordingly, according to the invention, a power system monitoring apparatus that monitors a power system includes: an input unit that inputs assumable system breakdown data including an occurrence frequency of each assumable breakdown of the power system and assumable output change data including an occurrence frequency of each assumable output change of each generator connected to the power system; and an output unit that generates conditions by which events of the assumable breakdowns and the assumable output changes are combined based on the occurrence frequencies of the assumable breakdown and the assumable output change and outputs a control plan for each of the conditions..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Orc turbine and generator, and making a turbine

A turbine-generator device for use in electricity generation using heat from industrial processes, renewable energy sources and other sources. The generator may be cooled by introducing into the gap between the rotor and stator liquid that is vaporized or atomized prior to introduction, which liquid is condensed from gases exhausted from the turbine.
Concepts Nrec, Llc

Systems and methods for integrating distributed energy resources

The present invention is an apparatus and method for using aggregated loads from a plurality of distributed energy resources to perform a function at a power distribution feeder. The invention includes a plurality of distributed energy resources, wherein at least one distributed energy resource includes a renewable energy resource, a communication network, a control device, a power distribution feeder coupled to the control device, and an energy storage system coupled to the power distribution feeder.
Stc. Unm

Energy controlling load balancing therein

A method controls load balancing within an energy system that includes a renewable energy source for sharing local renewable energy consumption between a predetermined number of users who operate time delay-tolerant loads and a back-up energy source for providing back-up energy. Use cases of appliances of the users are defined by power profiles that are in each case based on a duration and energy consumption of a task or an array of subtasks.
Nec Europe Ltd.

Zero export relay

This invention relates in general to a device for isolating, controlling, limiting and supporting the power exported from the renewable energy source to the utility grid. The device comprising: a means for monitoring the direction of flow of power within the renewable energy source; a means for isolating the flow of power from the renewable energy source to the mains power supply, and wherein when a reverse power flow above agreed feed in or at least zero feed in or limited feed in is sensed by the means for monitoring between the renewable energy source to the mains power supply, the monitoring means signals the isolating means to open circuit the system and/or control/limit output of the system..
Gng Electrical Pty Ltd

Renewable energy creating renewable energy

A renewable energy device includes a wheel rotatably mounted on a base to spin about an axis of rotation and having a plurality of hollow, barbell-shaped fluid subassemblies fixed symmetrically about the axis. The fluid subassemblies each have a longitudinal axis radiating away from the axis of rotation, a hollow outer end defining a circular, ring-shaped, outer travel path when rotated about the axis of rotation, a hollow inner end defining a circular, ring-shaped, travel path disposed within the outer travel path when rotated about the axis of rotation, a hollow conduit fluidically connecting the outer and inner ends to define an interior cavity, and a room-temperature-boiling-point fluid disposed in the interior cavity.

Method for reducing co2 emissions in the operation of a metallurgical plant

The invention relates to a method for reducing co2 emissions in the operation of a metallurgical plant which comprises at least one blast furnace for producing crude iron and a converter steel mill for producing crude steel. According to the invention, at least a partial amount of the blast-furnace top gas that occurs in the blast furnace in the production of crude iron and/or a partial amount of the converter gas that occurs in the production of crude steel is taken for producing syngas that is used for producing chemical products.
Thyssenkrupp Ag

Global digital energy currency

A system and method for generating a world currency using the kilowatt energy produced by renewable energy power plants (repp) where one kilowatt hour energy (kwh) is equivalent to one unit of the world currency called global digital energy currency (gdec). To generate the gdec, citizens and investors deposit their paper currency into system owned banks (sobs) which are processed by a central converting and accounting system (cca) connected to the sobs and the repp.

System and providing renewable energy

A system including a renewable energy portion comprising at least a plurality of solar panel implement, wherein said renewable energy portion is configured to convert a renewable energy source to electrical power; a conduit portion, said conduit portion is disposed below said renewable energy portion; a frame portion, wherein said square frame portion is configured to support said renewable energy portion above said conduit portion; and a rail section, wherein said rail section is configured to facilitates access to said solar panel implement.. .

Direct drive generator for renewable energy applications

A direct drive rotary generator formed of an elongate cylindrical series of stator annuli and a coaxial elongate cylindrical series of armature annuli and mounted for relative rotational movement around their common axis, the series of stator annuli interleaving the series of armature annuli, and either of the armature/stator annuli having a contiguous or substantially contiguous sequence of coils around its circumference, and the other of the armature/stator annuli having a corresponding sequence of permanent magnets of alternating polarity spaced around its circumference and at the same pitch as that of the coils, the arrangement being such that lines of magnetic flux passing across the air gap between one magnet carrying annulus to the next cut the turns of the coils of the corresponding interleaved coil carrying annulus, and thus induce in the coils electromagnetic forces as the armature is caused to rotate relative to the stator.. .
Greenspur Renewables Limited

Multiple renewables site electrical generation and reactive power control

A method of configuring a renewable energy curtailment and control system uses a master controller and a plurality of controllers configured to control a cluster of renewable energy resources to deliver predetermined amounts of actual power and reactive power to a point of interconnect with a grid in accordance with contractual requirements with users of electrical power while reducing reactive power flow between renewable resources in the cluster.. .
Inventus Holdings, Llc

Mobile electric leakage detection device and method

The present invention relates to a device and a method for, while moving, acknowledging the laying path of an electric line and simultaneously acknowledging the increasing point of ground potential, thereby being capable of updating information of the laying path of the electric line and simultaneously obtaining maintenance data. The present invention has developed a logic capable of classifying and determining a detection signal current when the detection signal current is distributed in several paths and flows according to association between multiple earthling of a neutral line and a new renewable energy source, and has specified a method for analyzing a signal generation and a signal reception for accurately distinguishing the magnetic field signal direction and logic..

System of biomimetic energy synthesis

An improved system of generating renewable energy is comprised of a specific configuration of mechanisms, materials, and processes that all function together as a single symbiotic system. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, the system cultivates aquatic biomass, then extracts triglycerides from said biomass.

Power measurement system and load power monitoring system using the same and operating method thereof

A load power monitoring system includes: an external power supply source; a renewable energy source configured to generate power or store a power applied from the external power supply source, and discharge the generated or stored power; a distribution board configured to distribute a power applied from the external power supply source or the renewable energy source to an electronic device; a power measurement device configured to detect power amount data of at least one of the external power supply source and the renewable energy source; a second power measurement device configured to detect power amount data distributed to the electronic device; and a monitoring server configured to collect power amount data detected by each of the power measurement devices and monitor a power of a load on the basis of the collected power amount data.. .
Lsis Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and renewable energy system

A renewable energy system comprising a solar panel that is adapted to be mounted on a structure and convert solar energy into electrical energy, a windmill that is adapted to be mounted on the structure and convert wind energy into electrical energy, a window turbine assembly that is adapted to convert wind energy into electrical energy, and a means for shutting down the renewable energy system that is adapted to automatically shut down the system in the event of an emergency. A method for a renewable energy system comprising providing a renewable energy system and converting renewable energy into electrical energy..

Truck mounted solar panel system

Solar power and other renewable energy systems are useful for generating electrical enemy with no environmental effects. Example embodiments of the present invention provide for mobile transport of power generation systems, such as a solar power energy collection system, that can be transported via a mobile system, such as a truck, trailer, or railway transport system, and positioned anywhere the mobile transport system can travel to provide temporary or permanent energy producing capacity..
French Development Enterprises, Llc

Mobile renewable energy light tower

The present invention is directed to a mobile light tower that utilizes multiple sources of energy to provide a highly energy efficient source of illumination. The components are mounted on a frame providing double wall containment.

Method for transformation of prokaryote or eukaryote using aminoclay

The present invention relates to a method for transformation of a prokaryote or an eukaryote using aminoclay wherein the method includes mixing aminoclay, foreign nucleic acids, and a prokaryote or an eukaryote, and a composition and a kit for transformation of a prokaryote or an eukaryote containing aminoclay, in which the method for transformation of a prokaryote or an eukaryote using aminoclay according to the present invention has a simple and efficient process not requiring expensive equipments, and thus the method for transformation of a prokaryote or an eukaryote according to the present invention can be usefully employed for development of useful microbial strains that can be used in an industry of renewable energy, a food industry, and also for producing high added-value biomaterials and cosmetic raw materials.. .
Industry Foundation Of Chonnam National University

Hand-launched, solar-powered aircraft

Embodiments of a hand-launched solar-powered aircraft are disclosed. In addition, embodiments of kits are disclosed for the construction of a hand-launched solar-powered aircraft.
Toy Labs, Inc.

Gas turbine corresponding to renewable energy and control method therefor

A power generation system having a high following property to follow a load change is provided. A multi-shaft gas turbine power generation system includes a compressor that compresses air to generate compressed air, a combustor that generates a combustion gas from the compressed air and fuel, a gas generator including a high pressure turbine driven by the combustion gas, a power turbine including a low pressure turbine driven by a gas exhausted from the gas generator and a main power generator that generates power by a rotational force of the low pressure turbine to supply power to the system, a sub-electric motor and power generator connected to the gas generator and the power turbine via a frequency converter, and a control apparatus.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Renewable energy monitoring system

We describe a solar photovoltaic monitoring system for monitoring and controlling a solar photovoltaic inverter, comprising: a wireless transceiver coupled to a solar photovoltaic inverter, the inverter comprising a device monitor for monitoring and controlling the inverter, wherein the monitoring comprises generating monitoring data defining a status of the system and transmitting the data using the transceiver coupled to the inverter; a wireless repeater for receiving data from the inverter and retransmitting the data; a transceiver coupled to a gateway capable of communicating the retransmitted data received to a monitoring station, the gateway transmitting control data received from the monitoring station; wherein the repeater receives control data from the gateway and retransmits data to the inverter; and wherein the controlling in the inverter comprises receiving the retransmitted control data from the transceiver coupled to the inverter and controlling the inverter dependent on the data.. .
Solarcity Corporation

Renewable energy power generation systems

We describe a modular adjustable power factor renewable energy inverter system. The system comprises a plurality of inverter modules having a switched capacitor across its ac power output, a power measurement system coupled to a communication interface, and a power factor controller to control switching of the capacitor.
Solarcity Corporation

Power generation system

The invention relates to a power generation system comprising:—at least one renewable energy source (5),—a reversible fuel cell module (9) exhibiting a electrolysis functioning mode where the fuel cell module (9) is powered by the renewable energy source (5) for generation of a combustible gas and a fuel cell functioning mode where the fuel cell module (9) generates electricity from a combustible gas,—a high temperature heat storage (19) coupled to said reversible fuel cell module (9) for maintaining the reversible fuel cell module (9) in a operation temperature range in the electrolysis functioning mode,—a combustible gas storage (17) coupled to the reversible fuel cell module (9) for storing the combustible gas generated by the reversible fuel cell module (9) in the electrolysis functioning mode and for supplying the combustible gas to the reversible fuel cell module (9) in the fuel cell function mode, where the reversible fuel cell module (9) is encapsulated by the high temperature heat storage (19).. .
Total Marketing Services

Managing computational workloads of computing apparatuses powered by renewable resources

A method described herein includes an act of receiving data that is indicative of predicted weather conditions for a particular geographic region, wherein the particular geographic region has an energy generation system therein, and wherein the energy generation system utilizes at least one renewable energy resource to generate electrical power. The method also includes the act of scheduling a computational workload for at least one computer in a data center based at least in part upon the data that is indicative of the predicted weather conditions for the particular geographic region..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Determining reactive power capability of a renewable energy system

Systems and methods for controlling a renewable energy system based on actual reactive power capability of the renewable energy system are provided. The reactive power output of the renewable energy system can be controlled based at least in part on an initial reactive power limit.
General Electric Company

Wheeled power plant with renewable energy

The invention relates to a novel type of wheeled power plant with renewable energy wherein a plurality of the wheels generating electrical energy more than the electrical energy required for rotation of at least one wheel that generate energy are assembled together within a system and control, and generate energy in the order of mw by moving the wheels at desired speed by triggering also the electric generators installed on the ground on which the wheels will travel, wherein generated electricity is provided with the required technical specifications and values and transferred to an interconnected system.. .

Mobile repair and manufacturing gas turbine engine maintenance

Refurbishment of hot gas path components of gas turbine engines can now be performed locally in lieu of the traditional use of a specialized fixed regional repair facility. A mobile manufacturing platform (10) is provided with the capability to inspect and to repair ceramic coated superalloy alloy components, including the ability to perform flux assisted laser processing (68) of powdered materials.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Smart renewable power generation system with grid and dc source flexibility

A method and apparatus is disclosed relating to smart renewable power generation systems with grid and dc source flexibility that can (1) intelligently and selectively pull power from one or multiple dc sources including solar panels, wind generators, and batteries based on certain criteria; (2) invert dc power to ac power; (3) supply the ac power to the electric grid or to an off-grid electric circuit to power ac loads; (4) supply dc power through one or multiple dc output ports to power dc loads; and (5) charge batteries. Various types of on-grid, off-grid, and on/off-grid dc flexible power inverters are described to demonstrate the innovation for delivering flexible, cost-effective, and user-friendly power generation systems to harvest any form of renewable energy available and convert it to usable electricity..
Cyboenergy, Inc.

Interface for renewable energy system

An improved micro-inverter apparatus is disclosed for intelligently controlling energy harvest from photovoltaic solar panels based on one or more adjustable, user-defined variables. The improved micro-inverter apparatus may include a microcontroller configured to monitor the operating temperature of its micro-inverter and control the power harvested from associated solar panels in order to ensure the operating temperature of the micro-inverter does not approach a level that would damage the micro-inverter's circuitry or other components.
Technology Research, Llc

Graphene enhanced piezoelectric article of manufacture, system and energy generator and storage cell

The present invention provides a graphene enhanced piezoelectric article of manufacture, system and method of energy generation electrical energy and an electrical charge obtained from environmental motion forces present in the environment that may be collected and stored. The graphene enhanced piezoelectric generator device is configured to utilize a supersatuatrated liquid solution enhanced with graphene to interact with piezoelectric material to generate the electrical charge to provide a self-powered system.

Indoor hydroponics systems

An improved hydroponic apparatus is described. This improved hydroponic system uses renewable energy in containers made from recycled goods.

Power management device and system

An intelligent user-side power management device (pmd) that is comprised of an optional energy storage unit and can interface with a utility grid or microgrid to eliminate power theft and efficiently provide clean energy to the users of the grid while helping the grid to do smart demand response management, particularly for renewable energy based grids that need to efficiently manage the slack due to the large variability in power generation through these energy sources.. .
Gram Power, Inc.

Methods and devices for the production of hydrocarbons from carbon and hydrogen sources

Devices and methods are described for converting a carbon source and a hydrogen source into hydrocarbons, such as alcohols, for alternative energy sources. The influents may comprise carbon dioxide gas and hydrogen gas or water, obtainable from the atmosphere for through methods described herein, such as plasma generation or electrolysis.
Principle Energy Solutions, Inc.

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