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Rendering patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rendering-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rendering-related patents
 Method and  rendering an audio source having a modified virtual position patent thumbnailMethod and rendering an audio source having a modified virtual position
A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to cause an audio source to be modified in a manner consistent with the corresponding video images once the user and/or a display upon which the images are rendered has been tilted. In regards to a method, an initial virtual position of an audio source is determined.
Nokia Corporation

 System and  providing live augmented reality content patent thumbnailSystem and providing live augmented reality content
A rendering platform for providing live augmented reality content to a user device is disclosed. The rendering platform receives augmented reality content associated with an event via a multicast data channel.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Visualization of volumetric ultrasound images patent thumbnailVisualization of volumetric ultrasound images
Various embodiments include systems and methods for adaptive visualization enhancement in volumetric ultrasound images. One or more structures may be determined or identified to be visually enhanced in the volumetric ultrasound images, and one or more visualization changes may be determined, for each of the one or more structures to be visually enhanced.
General Electric Company

 Systems and methods for photogrammetric rendering patent thumbnailSystems and methods for photogrammetric rendering
Systems and methods are provided for producing a rendered drawing or rendering from a detailed image of an object (e.g. Photograph) resulting in a rendering that is photogrammetric and that preserves detail in the said image of said object.

 System for robust denoising of images patent thumbnailSystem for robust denoising of images
The invention produces a higher quality image from a rendering system based on a relationship between the output of a rendering system and the parameters used to compute them. We propose a method that robustly combines color and feature buffers to denoise monte carlo renderings.

 Presentation of multivariate data on a graphical user interface of a computing system patent thumbnailPresentation of multivariate data on a graphical user interface of a computing system
Various systems, methods, and media allow for graphical display of multivariate data in parallel coordinate plots and similar plots for visualizing data for a plurality of variables simultaneously. These systems, methods, and media can aggregate individual data points into curves between axes, significantly improving functioning of computer systems by decreasing the rendering time for such plots.
Palantir Technologies, Inc.

 Athletic performance user interface patent thumbnailAthletic performance user interface
Athletic data may be recorded and displayed using a computing device such as a mobile communication device during performance of physical activity. In some examples, the device may provide options for defining and recording athletic activity performed by the user.
Nike, Inc.

 System and  transmitting and receiving media messages patent thumbnailSystem and transmitting and receiving media messages
Systems and methods for a communication platform that includes receiving a media message request; obtaining a set of web content resources associated with the media message request; rendering the set of web content resources; converting the rendered set of web content resources into a media resource; and transmitting the media resource to a destination according to the media message request.. .
Twilio, Inc.

 Group coordinator selection patent thumbnailGroup coordinator selection
Embodiments described herein involve selecting a coordinator device for multichannel playback by a first playback device and a second playback device are joined into a zone group of playback devices that are configured to render audio content from an audio source in synchrony. An example implementation may involve determining that a wireless interface performance metric of the first playback device exceeds a wireless interface performance metric of the second playback device.
Sonos, Inc.

 Rendering advertisements in client device for uninterrupted media content patent thumbnailRendering advertisements in client device for uninterrupted media content
Disclosed are various embodiments rendering advertisements in a client device in exchange for obtaining uninterrupted media content. A transmission of a first stream of media content for rendering via a media device is initiated, wherein the first stream of media content comprises media with at least one advertisement.
Airwatch Llc


User interaction analysis module

An interaction analysis module may collect data about user interactions with video content in a real-time video exploration (rve) system, analyze the collected data to determine correlations between users or groups of users and particular video content, and provide the analysis data to one or more systems, for example to the rve system or to an online merchant. The rve system may dynamically render and stream new video content targeted at particular users or groups based at least in part on the analysis data.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Distributed stereoscopic rendering for stereoscopic projecton and display

A method of generating stereoscopic images includes receiving a call from an application programming interface (api) via at least one communication channel of a network, intercepting the call, via the network, transmitting the call to at least one remote computing device, modulating the call to match a user's head position and direction, generating left and right perspective views, rendering outputs of the left and right perspective views, and forwarding the outputs, via the network, to a graphics processing unit. The left and right perspective views are displayed on display hardware, such as power walls and/or 3d caves and/or wearable stereoscopic display devices..
3doo, Inc.


Receiver-side marking of content for unique identification

The secure selection of at least one uniquely visually rendered media content stream(s) by a receiver of streams may allow enhanced fingerprinting of broadcast media content. The stream(s) may be visually rendered, and fingerprint marks inserted, using the preprocessing techniques of explicit insertion, implicit insertion, and object modification.
Nagravision S.a.


System and rendering electronic content

A method and system for rendering electronic content is provided. The method includes: receiving a request for electronic content; retrieving browser data associated with a browser configured to render the electronic content; determining a nature of the electronic content; reviewing the browser data in relation to the nature of the electronic content to determine whether the browser supports the electronic content; and if the browser supports the electronic content, transmitting the electronic content supported by the browser.
D2l Corporation


Systems and methods to package web site resources

According to some embodiments, a set of web site resources associated with a web site may be determined. A sub-set of the web site resources may be identified as being associated with an initial rendering of the web site, and a first package may be created containing the sub-set of web site resources.


Method and sharing viewable content with conference participants through automated identification of content to be shared

A computer implemented method and apparatus for sharing the contents of a presentation in a web conference through automated identification of documents for selective sharing with web conferences comprises launching a web conference in which an application or an entire desktop view of a conference presenter is caused to be rendered as content viewable on the displays of all conference participants. The method detects that one or more documents are being accessed by application(s) executed concurrently with the desktop sharing application and identifies documents having a supported format as including viewable content available for rendering to the display of the presenter.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Session history horizon control

Session history horizon control techniques are described in which participants in a communication session are able to selectively control how much history of the communication session is shown to individuals added into the session. A representation of a session record (e.g., a message thread) may be exposed for rendering by communication modules used by participants for the communication session.
Microsoft Corporation


Systems and methods for multi-style speech synthesis

Techniques for performing multi-style speech synthesis. The techniques include using at least one computer hardware processor to perform: obtaining input comprising text and an identification of a first speaking style to use in rendering the text as speech; identifying a plurality of speech segments for use in rendering the text as speech, the identified plurality of speech segments comprising a first speech segment having the first speaking style and a second speech segment having a second speaking style different from the first speaking style; and rendering the text as speech having the first speaking style, at least in part, by using the identified plurality of speech segments..
Nuance Communications, Inc.


Rendering damaged-enhanced images in an interactive computer simulation

Method and computer system for rendering damaged-enhanced images in an interactive computer simulation comprising an interactive computer generated environment. During the simulation, an input is received from a user of the simulation for triggering a virtual impact having an effective radius and coordinates of the virtual impact are determined on at least one 3d polygon mesh of the interactive computer generated environment.
Cae Inc.


Deep image identifiers

A method may include receiving a plurality of objects from a 3-d virtual scene. The plurality of objects may be arranged in a hierarchy.
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, Ltd.


Rendering plausible images of 3d polygon meshes

Methods and computer systems for rendering plausible images of 3d polygon mesh(es) in a computer simulation comprising a computer generated environment. On a 3d polygon mesh defined using a plurality of vertices providing a plurality of rendering faces, determining an anchor point from at least three of the plurality of vertices, for each one of the rendering faces of the 3d polygon mesh, determining whether a path exists towards the anchor point and/or whether the one rendering face is on an unstable part of the 3d polygon mesh.
Cae Inc.


Synchronizing multiple head-mounted displays to a unified space and correlating movement of objects in the unified space

A method for sharing content with other hmds includes rendering content of a virtual environment scene on a display screen of a head-mounted display associated with a first user. The display screen rendering the virtual environment scene represents a virtual reality space of the first user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Display of text information on a head-mounted display

A method for presenting text information on a head-mounted display is provided, comprising: rendering a view of a virtual environment to the head-mounted display; tracking an orientation of the head-mounted display; tracking a gaze of a user of the head-mounted display; processing the gaze of the user and the orientation of the head-mounted display, to identify a gaze target in the virtual environment towards which the gaze of the user is directed; receiving text information for rendering on the head-mounted display; presenting the text information in the virtual environment in a vicinity of the gaze target.. .
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Rendering damaged-enhanced images in a computer simulation

Method and computer system for rendering damaged-enhanced images in a computer simulation comprising a computer generated environment. During the computer simulation, determining coordinates of a virtual impact having an effective radius on 3d polygon mesh(es) of the computer generated environment, identifying rendering faces of the 3d polygon mesh(es) affected by the virtual impact, clipping at runtime the affected rendering faces to a mathematically-defined subtraction shape computed considering the effective radius, computing newly formed 3d polygon mesh(es) and rendering at least one damaged-enhanced image for display comprising a subset of rendering faces of the newly formed 3d polygon mesh(es) using a visual texture, the subset being determined from a field of view of the computer simulation..
Cae Inc.


Orientation invariant object identification using model-based image processing

A system for performing object identification combines pose determination, eo/ir sensor data, and novel computer graphics rendering techniques. A first module extracts the orientation and distance of a target in a truth chip given that the target type is known.
Cybernet Systems Corporation


Real-time rendering of volumetric models with occlusive and emissive particles

Methods, devices, and computer-readable media that allow real-time rendering while navigating virtually about or through a digital 3-d volumetric model. Examples provide techniques to facilitate real-time rendering while navigating through and around the 3-d volumetric model that can have many thousands of particles, where the particles can have emissive, occlusive, and translucent properties.
Microsoft Corporation


Techniques for multiple pass rendering

Techniques for multiple pass rendering include receiving vertex data for one or more objects to be enhanced. Parameters in a display list may be determined using the vertex data.
Intel Corporation


Low latency ink rendering pipeline

Systems and methods are provided for improving the latency for display of ink during user creation of ink content with a stylus, mouse, finger (or other touch input), or other drawing device for tracing a desired location for ink content in a display area. In order to reduce or minimize the time for display of ink content created by a user using a stylus/mouse/touch input/other device, a separate ink rendering process thread can be used that operates within the operating system and in parallel to other application threads.
Microsoft Corporation


Image rendering device and image rendering program

An image rendering device that renders an image by combining multiple image objects that are represented by superimposing multiple image elements having a preset rendering order, wherein rendering is performed using the same rendering process by compiling image elements that satisfy a combination of rendering conditions, which allow for rendering using the same rendering process as the above-mentioned multiple image objects.. .
Dena Co., Ltd.


Virtual world generation engine

A virtual world generation engine and methods for generating virtual worlds from images collected from various sources, including crowdsourced images. A virtual world generation engine may obtain images (e.g., digital photographs, digital video frames, etc.) related to a particular real-world scene, combine the images using image processing techniques such as image stitching techniques to generate composite images representing a view of the scene, and generate models from the composite images.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


System and the registration, compensation, management and analysis of product or content customized purchase or selling

The present invention refers to the customization of generic product and/or content purchase and/or offering, either comprising or not a social responsibility parameter by means of a system comprising the incorporation of a key, designated token, which solely identifies each item of said products. By means of an adequate incentive such as rendering a specific offer, the purchaser and/or recipient of the offer, will use this key to personally identify himself before the system, namely by means of a proper site on the internet, through telephone line, sms, mms, wap, among others.


Providing separate views for items

Disclosed are various embodiments for providing separate views for items. A network page providing a summary view of at least a portion of a pool of items is encoded in a computing resource for rendering by a client computing device.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Graphical modeling of database query statements

Example embodiments involve a system, computer-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and computer-implemented method for graphical modeling and editing of database query statements. The method may include accessing a database query statement, and generating an abstract syntax tree (ast) representing a syntactic structure of the database query statement.


Medical imaging viewer caching techniques

Techniques for client-side caching of a medical image and server-side coordination of the client-side caching techniques are disclosed herein. User interaction in a client medical image display interface is coordinated with server conversion and processing operations.
Vital Images, Inc.


Information processing apparatus, display method, and storage medium

Information processing apparatus includes a font data holding unit configured to hold font data of individual languages, a font priority list control unit configured to set a font priority list which represents a priority order of font data to be used for rendering a character string and which has the most preferential font data corresponding to a display language which is associated with user identification information input by an input unit and which is held by a user language holding unit and the second most preferential font data corresponding to a display language held by a device language holding unit, and a font rendering processing unit configured to render the character string in accordance with the font priority list set by the font priority list control unit and the font data held by the font data holding unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Inferring layout intent

Technologies are described herein for inferring the layout intent associated with explicitly formatted document elements in a document. The layout type of a document having explicitly formatted document elements is determined.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Touch interface for precise rotation of an object

Systems, methods, and computer program products to rotate virtual objects within a virtual environment being displayed on a touch screen display, by, upon receiving a selection of a first virtual object using the touch screen display, rendering one or more frames depicting a rotation tool in a predefined location relative to the first virtual object and having a first orientation to the first virtual object, responsive to receiving input from the touch screen display, moving the rotation tool from a first location to a second location on the touch screen display as specified by the received input, and responsive to the movement of the rotation tool, rotating the first virtual object within the virtual environment based on the movement of the rotation tool, wherein the first virtual object substantially maintains the first orientation to the rotation tool throughout the movement.. .
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Computer-implemented methods, computer readable media, and systems for distributed processing

A server system receives requests for content from a computing device, retrieves the content, and renders the content in a virtual client, e.g. Virtual browser, and transmits the rendering to the computing device.
Osix Corporation


Active element display reorientation

A method of repositioning of screen elements from a first orientation to a second orientation with rendering one or more active screen elements on the display area in the first orientation. In one embodiment, upon detection to a second orientation, the active screen elements are re-rendered on the display area to be displayed in the new orientation while the direction of movement of animation remains in the same direction relative to the display area.
Partygaming Ia Limited


Electric power supply device and image forming apparatus

An electric power supply device for supplying electric power to a load, the electric power supply device includes a first relay connected with a live line of an ac voltage source; a second relay connected with a neutral line of the ac voltage source; a controller for executing a starting sequence for rendering on the first relay and the second relay from off state; and a storing portion for storing information relating to the starting sequence executed by the controller; wherein when the electric power supply device is actuated, the controller switches the starting sequence on the basis of the information stored in the storing portion.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Color sets for low resolution dithering in reflective color displays

The present invention provides for a method of rendering an image on a reflective display wherein each pixel is capable of rendering a limited number of colors, each of which is rendered by predetermined set of waveforms stored in a waveform lookup table. Furthermore, the present invention provides for a method for rendering an image using such colors, having been chosen for optimal color rendition.
E Ink Corporation


Realtime lens aberration correction from eye tracking

Systems and methods include receiving an image for presenting on a display screen of a head mounted display (hmd). The image is provided by an application.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Light-emitting module

A light-emitting module has better white light color rendering index to provide white rendering effect in accordance with the requirements of various application sites. The light-emitting module includes a (circuit) substrate board and at least one ultraviolet ray emitter and at least one blue light emitter disposed on the substrate board.
Edison Opto Corporation


Controlling a display of a computer device

A computer-implemented method of controlling a display of a computer device by: rendering on the display a game board having a plurality of selectable game objects, each at a respective tile location in an array. User input is detected to select a game object causing the game object to move in a direction.
King.com Limited


Controlling a display of a computer device

A computer implemented method of controlling a display of a computer device comprising: rendering on the display a game board having selectable game objects and detecting a user input to select a game object to cause the game object to move in a direction. When a selected game object is moved to an adjacent new tile location, the game object at that tile location is swapped with the selected game object.
King.com Limited


Renderable content partitioning and portability

A mobile device controls content partitioning at a separate renderable content storage device of an item of renderable content into multiple partitioned content segments that are each less in size than the entire item of renderable content and that each fit within available memory of the mobile device. The mobile device renders on a display device of the mobile device multiple received content partition identifiers that each identify one partitioned content segment.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems and methods for enhanced video service

The field of the invention relates to systems and methods for operation of a video enhancement service, and more particularly to systems and methods that provide a web-based video enhancement platform. In an embodiment, the system includes a video enhancement operating system and a webserver coupled to a public network and accessible to one or more users.
Enstigo, Inc.


Method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view rendering device

The present invention relates to a method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view rendering device,a method of decoding the video data signal, the video data signal, an encoder of the video data signal, a decoder of the video data signal, a computer program product comprising instructions for encoding the video data signal and a computer program product comprising instructions for decoding a video data signal. The method of encoding provides (401) a first image (10) of a scene associated with a first viewpoint, a depth map (20) associated with the first image, metadata (30) for use in depth map processing or rendering one or more views for further viewpoints by the multi-view rendering device, and generates (404) the video data signal.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Gesture navigation for secondary user interface

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for gesture navigation for a secondary user interface. For example, a primary device (e.g., a smart phone) may establish a communication connection with a secondary device having a secondary display (e.g., a television).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Led luminous structure for backlight source

Disclosed is an led luminous structure for backlight source with good light emitting efficiency and color light rendering and capable of preventing oxidation or affects overall light quality. The led luminous structure includes a base, a blue led chip, a green led chip, a red phosphor and an encapsulation.
Unity Opto Technology Co., Ltd.


Phosphor, producing the same, and light-emitting device using the same

A present embodiment is to provide a phosphor that has favorable temperature characteristics, that can emit yellow light having excellent color rendering properties, and that has high quantum efficiency. The phosphor emits yellow light when excited with light having a luminescence peak in a wavelength range of 250 to 500 nm and has a crystal structure that is substantially identical to the crystal structure of sr2al3si7on13.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Content projection

One or more techniques and/or systems are provided for content projection. For example, a communication connection may be established between a primary device (e.g., a smart phone) of a user and a secondary device (e.g., a television).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Rendering apparatus and method

Provided are a rendering method and a rendering apparatus performing the rendering method. The rendering method includes receiving a request to output a hierarchical depth value stored in a hierarchical depth buffer, outputting the hierarchical depth value from the hierarchical depth buffer, storing the hierarchical depth value, in response to the request, and performing rendering using the stored hierarchical depth value..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Position-only shading pipeline

In position-only shading, two geometry pipes exist, a trimmed down version called the cull pipe and a full version called the replay pipe. Thus, the cull pipe executes the position shaders in parallel with the main application, but typically generates the critical results much faster as it fetches and shades only the position attribute of the vertices and avoids the rasterization as well as the rendering of pixels for the frame buffer.


Display device for a vehicle, in particular a commercial vehicle

A display system and method for displaying an image to the driver of a vehicle, in particular a commercial vehicle. The display system has a capturing device mountable to the vehicle and adapted to capture at least part of the vehicle's immediate environment, and to generate signals corresponding to the captured part of the vehicle's immediate environment, a calculation unit adapted to receive the signals generated by the capturing device, determine obstacles within the captured immediate environment of the vehicle, and generate a display image illustrating the vehicle in stylized or symbolic representation, and the obstacle identified in the vehicle's immediate environment as well as its relative position with regard to the vehicle, and a rendering unit adapted to display the display image generated by the calculation unit within the vehicle and visible for the driver..


Multi-scene rich media content rendering system

The present invention provides a system and method for enabling a media-board presentation to facilitate smooth transition of media content from one scene to another without any glitches or interruptions. The system provides a multi-scene rich media content rendering algorithm, wherein the said system performs transition of asset(s) from one scene to another scene by identifying common asset(s) across the scenes and asset(s) common across the scenes are modified according to meta-data relating to the position, size, depth (or layer depth), alpha, volume, aspect and effect with respect to the another scenes, therefore facilitating smooth transition of media content..
Smoothweb Technologies Ltd.


Method, system and web application for monitoring a manufacturing process

A method and system allow monitoring a manufacturing process. The process is executed at a plant.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Multi-browser testing for web applications

In one aspect, there is an apparatus. The apparatus may include at least one processor, and at least one memory including computer program code.


Phosphor, producing the same, and light-emitting device using the same

A present embodiment is to provide a phosphor that has favorable temperature characteristics, that can emit yellow light having excellent color rendering properties, and that has high quantum efficiency. The phosphor exhibits a luminescence peak in a wavelength range of 500 to 600 nm when excited with light having a luminescence peak within a wavelength range of 250 to 500 nm.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Thermally insulating aerogel based rendering materials

In order to produce a high performance thermally insulating rendering, a dry blend is provided that consists essentially of: —60 to 90 vol.-% of a hydrophobized granular silica aerogel; —0.5 to 30 vol.-% of a purely mineral binder; —0.2 to 20 vol.-% of an open-porous water-insoluble or slowly water soluble additive having an accessible pore volume from 10 to 90 vol.-%—up to 5 vol.-% reinforcing fibers; and—up to 5 vol.-% of processing additives. After mixing the dry blend with water, the slurry thus formed can be applied to a surface or shaped to a self-supporting body using an overpressure without adversely affecting the thermal insulation properties..
Empa Eidgenossische Materialprufungs- Und Forschungsanstalt


Location-based regulation of access

Generally, access to content may be regulated by receiving a content request initiated at a jukebox for access to a content selection, identifying a jukebox location corresponding to a location of the jukebox, determining a permissible location for rendering the content selection, relating the jukebox location to the permissible location, and enabling the content request when the permissible location supports access to the content selection from the jukebox location.. .
Google Inc.


An audio processing apparatus and method therefor

An audio processing apparatus comprises a receiver (705) which receives audio data including audio components and render configuration data including audio transducer position data for a set of audio transducers (703). A renderer (707) generating audio transducer signals for the set of audio transducers from the audio data.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatus for adapting a presentation of media content to a requesting device

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to record stereoscopic media content supplied by a multimedia system, receive from a communication device a request for the recorded stereoscopic media content, determine rendering capabilities of the communication device, generate transcoded content by transcoding the recorded stereoscopic media content according to the rendering capabilities of the communication device, and transmit to the communication device the transcoded content. Other embodiments are disclosed and contemplated..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


System and low bandwidth display information transport

A digital video transmission system that operates with three different video rendering paths. A first rendering path operates by receiving display requests and rendering bit-mapped graphics in a local screen buffer.
Ncomputing, Inc.


Medical-image processing apparatus

A medical-image processing apparatus according to an embodiment includes a reconstructing circuitry and a display control circuitry. The reconstructing circuitry performs a volume rendering operation on volume data while moving the viewpoint position by a predetermined parallactic angle, and generates a parallax image group that includes a plurality of parallax images with different viewpoint positions.
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation


Methods circuits devices systems and associated computer executable code for rendering a hybrid image frame

The present application discloses methods, circuits, devices, systems and associated computer executable code for rendering one or more hybrid images including both two dimensional and three dimensional image information from an object or person. According to some embodiments, data from 2d image frame may be combined with a corresponding 3d image dataset to generate a hybrid image frame.
Mantisvision Ltd.


Qualified video delivery methods

A video server is configured to provide streaming video to players of computer games over a computing network. The video server can provided video of different games to different players simultaneously.
Sony Computer Entertainment America Llc


Render-time linking of shaders

In one example, a graphics rendering subsystem may selectively link a set of graphic effect modules, such as shaders, to increase processing efficiency. The graphics rendering subsystem may execute a comparison of a performance attribute of a first pre-compiled graphic effect module with a linking criteria.
Microsoft Corporation


Velocity volume rendering with sign-based terrmination in ultrasound

Velocities are volume rendered in ultrasound. Early ray termination is used to avoid compositing velocities of different signs together.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.


Method and processing rendering data

A method and apparatus of processing rendering data are disclosed. The method of processing rendering data includes comparing texture information of a first tile with texture information of a second tile that is rendered after the first tile, selecting at least one piece of texture data from pieces of texture data of the first tile according to a frequency of use of the at least one piece of texture data for rendering the second tile, and changing the selected at least one piece of texture data into another piece of texture data.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Apparatus and decompressing rendering data and recording medium thereof

Provided is a decompression apparatus and method thereof for decompressing rendering data. The decompression apparatus includes a data parsing unit configured to acquire a control component and a texture component from compressed input data including rendering information of an object, a decompression controller configured to allocate the control component to a control unit, wherein the control unit extracts a control command from the control component, and a logic calculation unit configured to, based on the control command, restore texture data of the object from the texture component..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Techniques and workflows for computer graphics animation system

The disclosed implementations describe techniques and workflows for a computer graphics (cg) animation system. In some implementations, systems and methods are disclosed for representing scene composition and performing underlying computations within a unified generalized expression graph with cycles.
Digitalfish, Inc.


Simulating variances in human writing with digital typography

Methods and systems for rendering text to simulate human penmanship are described. A text rendering engine converts a text string into an image that can be displayed using one or more seed numbers to influence the rendering and appearance of the text.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Mobile stamp creation and management for digital communications

A computer implemented method and a mobile stamp creation and communication system (msccs) dynamically creates, renders, and transforms a digital stamp for a stamped communication and media interactions. The msccs creates digital stamps by integrating media content, data elements, and dynamic functional elements received from multiple sources.
Lett.rs Llc.


Apparatus and processing data

A method of rendering an image in a display apparatus includes acquiring information about a repeated shape that represents at least a part of one or more geometric shapes included in the image and repeatedly occurs in the one or more geometric shapes; acquiring rendering information representing a method of rendering the one or more geometric shapes based on the information about the repeated shape; and rendering the one or more geometric shapes based on the information about the repeated shape and the rendering information.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Smoothing and gpu-enabled rendering of digital ink

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for efficient real-time ink stroke smoothing, trajectory prediction, and gpu-leveraged rendering of ink stroke input. First and second ink points are received and an active bézier approximation is computed based thereupon.
Microsoft Corporation


Method and rendering

A rendering method includes generating mipmap images of some levels with respect to texture and storing the generated mipmap images in a storage, receiving a request for the texture, calculating a level of a mipmap requested for the texture, determining whether the stored mipmap images include the mipmap image of the calculated level, and performing rendering by using at least one of the stored mipmap images, based on a result of the determining.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Adaptive table rendering

A system and method is disclosed for adaptive rendering of displayable elements such as rows in a table displayed on a web page. A web page is provided that includes instructions for displaying a large number of displayable elements that cannot be displayed at the same in a single viewport.
Google Inc.


System independent font rendering

In various aspects, systems and methods according to certain embodiments do not require that fonts be available on each user's system. An on-demand font service provides any required font data to the client.
Oracle International Corporation


Rendering interface objects defined by a separate application

An application system provides a specification to render and update interface objects to a first application on one or more computing devices. The first application receives a request to provide instructions for presenting an object from a second application operating on the one or more computing devices.
Google Inc.


Terminal and reducing display lag

An apparatus includes an overlay buffer configured to store overlay data; a touch path logic to: receive first touch events from the first touch sensor panel and generate a first output based on the first touch events, and receive second touch events from the second touch sensor panel and generate a second output based on the second touch events; and a rendering logic to, when the first touch events occur: receive a first video image; receive the first output; and combine the first video image with the overlay data corresponding to the first video image to output at least one combined display image, and, when the second touch events occur: receive a second video image; receive the second output; and combine the second video image with the overlay data corresponding to the second video image to output the at least one combined display image.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Host device for transmitting print data to printer and rendering print data via host device

A host device for transmitting print data to a printer is configured to generate bitmap image data by using the print data, to extract object attribute information from objects forming the print data, to convert the generated bitmap image data and the extracted object attribute information into a format of a printer command which is capable of being processed by the printer, and to transmit the converted bitmap image data and the converted object attribute information to the printer.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Visual editing tool buffer region

A website construction tool allows website construction via an interactive graphical user interface (gui) using containers and modules defining predetermined website constructs from a robust assortment of common and popular rendering formats and content source definition for individual webpages, and arranges the individual pages for navigation. A user selects from the predefined constructs by selecting modules for generating code, corresponding to the desired content, source and rendering format.
Cimpress Schweiz Gmbh



A luminaire includes a light source unit. The light source unit is configured to irradiate light having a correlated color temperature between 2600 k and 4500 k, a chromaticity deviation duv between −1.6 and −12, and a general color rendering index ra of 80 or more..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


An audio apparatus and method therefor

An audio apparatus comprises a receiver (605) for receiving audio data and audio transducer position data for a plurality of audio transducers (603). A renderer (607) renders the audio data by generating audio transducer drive signals for the audio transducers (603) from the audio data.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Reception apparatus, reception method, program and information processing system

A reception apparatus includes: a reception section adapted to receive an av content; a trigger extraction section adapted to extract trigger information transmitted together with the av content for rendering an application program, which is to be executed in a linked relationship with the av content, operative; a command acquisition section adapted to acquire a command for controlling the operation of the application program in response to the extracted trigger information; and a control section adapted to control the operation of the application program in response to the acquired command.. .
Sony Corporation


System and auto-adjust rate of zoom feature for digital video

An electronic device includes a camera assembly configured to capture a digital video, a display for rendering the digital video, and a controller. The controller is configured to track a target subject matter as the target subject matter moves within the digital video, receive a zoom factor corresponding to a display proportion of the target subject matter in the display relative to an entire display space, and control a zoom function to render the digital video in the display such that the target subject matter is consistently displayed in accordance with the zoom factor.
Sony Corporation


Methods and systems for remote interactive viewing

Browser sharing technology, i.e., sharing a window of a web browser or a portion thereof. This browser sharing is lightweight, in that it does not require the installation of a thick or thin client.
Riv Tech, Inc.


Text-to-speech processing based on network quality

A method is disclosed that provides text-to-speech (tts) functionality to a telematics unit of a telematics-equipped vehicle. The method includes: receiving text content to be played back by an audio system of the telematics-equipped vehicle; determining, by a processor, a tts rendering process to be used for the text content from a plurality of tts rendering processes, wherein the plurality of tts rendering processes include local tts rendering using a local tts engine at the telematics-equipped vehicle and remote tts rendering using a remote tts engine at a communications center; and causing, by the processor, the text content to be rendered as an audio signal for playback by the telematics-equipped vehicle using the determined tts rendering process..
General Motors Llc


Continuous score-coded pitch correction

Vocal musical performances may be captured and continuously pitch-corrected at a mobile device for mixing and rendering with backing tracks in ways that create compelling user experiences. In some cases, the vocal performances of individual users are captured in the context of a karaoke-style presentation of lyrics in correspondence with audible renderings of a backing track.
Smule, Inc.


Aligning content items with map features

This specification describes technologies relating to aligning content items with map features. In general, one aspect of the subject matter described in this specification can be embodied in methods that include receiving a request for an online map and selecting a shape in the online map to accommodate overlay of a content item.
Google Inc.


Immersive projection lighting environment

In one embodiment, a method comprises transmitting, by an access network light fixture, scene information to a light fixture control server, the scene information being associated with a scene detected by one or more cameras associated with the access network light fixture, the scene being within a vicinity of the access network light fixture; receiving, by the access network light fixture, rendering information based on the scene information from the light fixture control server; and controlling, by the access network light fixture, projection of an image overlying the scene and projected by one or more image projectors associated with the access network light fixture based on the rendering information received from the light fixture control server.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Wearable device and system capable of automatically notifying personal emergency, and method thereof

A method for safeguarding the health of a user by automatically notifying a personal emergency is applied in a wearable device worn around a user's body or part. The method includes ultrasonic signals being periodically transmitted through the user's body and received by a receiver.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image communication system

In an image processing apparatus, an image pickup unit takes images of an object including the face of a person wearing the glasses by which to observe a stereoscopic image that contains a first parallax image and a second parallax image obtained when the object in a three-dimensional (3d) space is viewed from different viewpoints. A glasses identifying unit identifies the glasses included in the image of the object taken by the image pickup unit.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Hud object design and method

The invention features a rectangular 3-d modeling grid called a display environment that may be mapped to one or more sensor(s) to provide a heads up display device the ability to generate and view an augmented reality first; person view of custom 3-d objects. Location sensors create the positioning and perimeter of the display environment.


Convex polygon clipping during rendering

In one example, a graphic computing device may apply a clipping technique to accurately and efficiently render a graphic data set. A central processing unit may generate a convex polygonal clip from a two-dimensional polygon.
Microsoft Corporation


Method of rendering 3d image and image outputting device thereof

A method for rendering a three-dimensional (3d) image and an image outputting device that is configured to perform the method are provided. The method includes: loading a 3d screen; calculating a ray density of each region of the loaded 3d screen in order to generate a rendering map; rendering the 3d screen by using the rendering map; and outputting the rendered 3d screen..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Distribution caching for direct lights

There is provided a system and method of distribution caching for direct lights in a scene. The system including a memory and a processor configured to execute a rendering software application to shoot a plurality of rays through a scene that includes a plurality of lights, generate a plurality of cache points at different locations throughout the scene based on the shooting of the plurality of rays, compute a list of lights for each cache point from the plurality of cache points, the list of lights including lights from the plurality of lights that provide illumination at a location of the cache point, and store the plurality of cache points in a memory.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Method and controlling rendering quality

A rendering method, an apparatus for rendering an image and a rendering device are provided. The rendering method involves obtaining information about a sightline of a user, determining rendering quality based on the obtained information, and rendering a graphic image according to the determined rendering quality..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Styleable transitions

The described technology is directed towards determining the rendering of user interface (ui) elements, referred to as views, based upon styleable transitions between possible states of a view. Transitions may include animation, such as to smoothly enter a view into or exit a view out of a scene over a number of rendering frames.
Home Box Office, Inc.


Method and system for automatically pausing advertisements based on user attention

A computer-implemented method for automatically pausing advertisements based on user attention includes rendering a digital video to a user, in response to the user initiating the digital video through a web multimedia player. The computer-implemented method also includes streaming an advertisement to the user once the user begins to watch the digital video and monitoring the user attention as the user watches the advertisement.
Yahoo! Inc.

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