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Rendering patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rendering-related patent applications.

 Systems and methods for supporting a bezel region of a display device patent thumbnailSystems and methods for supporting a bezel region of a display device
This disclosure provides systems, methods, and apparatus for supporting a bezel region of a display device. A display device can include a first substrate and a second substrate coupled by an edge seal.
Pixtronix, Inc.

 Device and  generating light of a predetermined spectrum with a plurality of differently colored light sources patent thumbnailDevice and generating light of a predetermined spectrum with a plurality of differently colored light sources
A lighting device that includes a lighting unit, index unit, drive unit, sensor, and control unit. The lighting unit includes a plurality of light sources, with each light source having different color spectra.
Airbus Defence And Space Gmbh

 Method and system for evaluating a user response to a presence based action patent thumbnailMethod and system for evaluating a user response to a presence based action
An approach and system for determining a level of effectiveness of a device action performed in response to the presence of a user is described. The system identifies a user associated with a presence signal transmitted by a transmitting object in use by the user during an event.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Method and  rendering sound signal, and computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailMethod and rendering sound signal, and computer-readable recording medium
A method of reproducing a multi-channel audio signal including an elevation sound signal in a horizontal layout environment is provided, thereby obtaining a rendering parameter according to a rendering type and configuring a down-mix matrix, and thus effective rendering performance may be obtained with respect to an audio signal that is not suitable for applying virtual rendering. A method of rendering an audio signal includes receiving a multi-channel signal includes a plurality of input channels to be converted into a plurality of output channels; determining a rendering type for elevation rendering based on a parameter determined from a characteristic of the multi-channel signal; and rendering at least one height input channel according to the determined rendering type, wherein the parameter is included in a bitstream of the multi-channel signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Dynamic screen replication and real-time display rendering based on media-application characteristics patent thumbnailDynamic screen replication and real-time display rendering based on media-application characteristics
A portable system including a processor and a storage device comprising computer-executable code that, when executed by the processor, causes the processor to perform various operations including receiving visual media content from a source, and determining an application characteristic selected from a group consisting of an application identity and an application category associated with a subject application stored at the portable system and/or at a host device in communication with the portable system. The operations further include determining, based on the application characteristic, which of multiple available codecs a host device should use to process the visual content, sending, to the host device, a communication indicating the codec for use in processing the visual content, and sending the visual content to the host device for display rendering using the codec determined..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Methods and  integrating external applications into an mpeg-4 scene patent thumbnailMethods and integrating external applications into an mpeg-4 scene
A method of decoding, composing and rendering a scene. First information is obtained, the first information including a part of a mpeg-4 bifs scene description stream and at least one coded mpeg-4 media stream.
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.

 Endoscope system and  operating endoscope system patent thumbnailEndoscope system and operating endoscope system
A light source including leds for emitting violet, blue, green and red light is controlled, to change over a first emission mode for emitting light of all the four colors for broadband illumination, and a second emission mode for emitting green light for correction. A color image sensor having blue, green and red pixels is controlled, and outputs b1, g1 and r1 image signals by imaging in the first emission mode, and b2, g2 and r2 image signals by imaging in the second emission mode.
Fujifilm Corporation

 Server-side caching for web user interfaces patent thumbnailServer-side caching for web user interfaces
The described technology relates to rendering a client-side user interface, such as, for example, display of a web page, using a server-side cache for providing the displayed data. In an example implementation, in response to a user interface (e.g., dashboard with multiple widgets in a web application) being launched on the client device, the server initiates a refresh of the cache for the plurality of widgets; and transmits a first set of data obtained from the cache for widgets in the user interface before the cache is updated in response to the initiated refresh.
Nasdaq, Inc.

 Making a secure connection over insecure lines more secure patent thumbnailMaking a secure connection over insecure lines more secure
A secure or insecure communications channel for a secure communications system that carries sensitive user datagrams inside a proprietary or other undisclosed protocol so as to be able to encrypt the entire user datagram, including all header information so that if a malevolent entity were covertly or otherwise receiving said transmission they would be unable to determine the destination addresses of the user datagrams. Further the proprietary or undisclosed protocol is broken up into packets whose packet-to-packet boundaries are hidden so that malevolent entities will not be able to glean any information from the changes in traffic that occur during stimuli designed to provoke an expected response, thereby rendering said malevolent entities unable to determine what actual responses are occurring during real world events..

 Dynamic reconfiguration of network topology for low-latency media transmissions patent thumbnailDynamic reconfiguration of network topology for low-latency media transmissions
A system and method for dynamic reconfiguration of network topology for low-latency media transmissions. Under conditions where latency is not a large issue, the system establishes a standard infrastructure type wireless configuration.
Blackfire Research Corporation

Automatic generation of video from structured content

Apparatus for generation of playable media from structured data, comprises a structured data reading unit for reading in of content of a first structure, a transformation unit for transforming said content into a second structure, said transformation comprising incorporating media play instructions, and a rendering unit for rendering content from the second structure using said media play instructions to generate playable media from the content.. .
Sundaysky Ltd.

Rendering of a local assitance request

A method comprising receiving map data that is associated with a location of an autonomous vehicle, determining an operational state of the autonomous vehicle, determining that the map data and the operational state satisfy a local assistance request criteria, and causing rendering of a local assistance request based, at least in part, on the determination that the map data and the operational state satisfy the local assistance request criteria is disclosed.. .
Here Global B.v.

Three-dimensional (3d) rendering method and apparatus

A three-dimensional (3d) rendering method and apparatus is disclosed. The 3d rendering apparatus determines a vertex for a first shading from among vertices of a 3d model based on characteristic information of the 3d model, performs the first shading on the determined vertex, determines a pixel area for a second shading based on reference information indicating whether the first shading is applied to at least one vertex comprising the pixel area, performs the second shading on the determined pixel area, and generates a rendered image based on the first shading and the second shading..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Decorrelation of low discrepancy sequences for progressive rendering

A method and renderer for a progressive computation of a light transport simulation are provided. The method includes the steps of employing a low discrepancy sequence of samples; and scrambling an index of the low discrepancy sequence independently per region using a hash value based on coordinates of a respective region, wherein for each set of a power-of-two number of the samples, the scrambling is a permutation..
Nvidia Corporation

System for compositing educational video with interactive, dynamically rendered visual aids

A framework includes a scene display section configured to display a scene that includes a background layer, a video layer, and a three dimensional graphics layer on top of the video layer; and a rendering module configured as a gatekeeper that adds and removes objects to be included for rendering in the three dimensional graphics layer. The framework includes a video module configured to track playback timing of the video; and a moment module, for creating a data model for a moment having a start time, end time, identifier, and a state, configured to update the state of the moment based on the video playback timing, identified by the identifier and in accordance with the start time and the end time.
Google Inc.

Noise reduction in tomograms

A method is provided for reducing noise in a tomogram and/or volume rendering of at least one object. The noise can occur when scattered radiation artefacts are corrected.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Machine vision system calibration

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for machine vision. A machine vision system includes a motion rendering device, a first image sensor, and a second image sensor.
Cognex Corporation

Rendering illustrations using a two-dimensional rendering engine

A rendering engine is described that implements rendering techniques to render 2d illustrations by assigning light values to objects that define an illustration ‘inside out’. Light values may be assigned to a first object and subsequently inherited by objects that are hierarchly related to the first object.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

System to automatically determine supplemental insurance information for a virtual home display

According to some embodiments, a first insured party may be automatically associated with first virtual home information including real world elements of a virtual home. The first virtual home information may also be automatically associated with first insurance policy information of the first insured party.
Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Techniques for search optimization

Techniques for optimizing a search are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method for optimizing search on a web site comprises: receiving from a client computing device a first search request including a first search term, retrieving and rendering to the client computing device first search results including one or more items corresponding to the first search term included in the first search request, receiving from the client computing device a second search request associated with an item of the one or more items rendered with the first search results, retrieving one or more second search terms behaviorally associated with the selected item, and retrieving and rendering to the client computing device second search results corresponding to the one or more second search terms., Inc.

System and performing verifiable query on semantic data

This disclosure relates generally to information retrieval, and more particularly to a system and method for verifiable query of semantic data. In one embodiment, a method is provided for performing verifiable query on semantic data.
Wipro Limited

Electronic template generation data extraction and response detection

A file receiver receives an electronic structure file that includes structure-file data associated with a spatial arrangement and detects a content object for processing that includes content-object data. A file transformation engine transforms the structure-file data from the structure file into an electronic record.
Pearson Education, Inc.

Mapping dynamic spaces and way finding related to the mapping

A client receives map objects that define respective physical objects of a floor plan of a building, including a floor plan outer boundary, one or more rooms, and connected pathways traversable by a person. The client renders, in scalable vector graphic form, the map objects into a map of the floor plan that depicts the respective physical objects, including the one or more rooms, the connected pathways, and the outer boundary.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

System and automatically inserting correct escaping functions for field references in a multi-tenant computing environment

Methods and systems are provided for automatically correcting escaping functions in a module of page rendering code. The method includes: providing an html escaping schema and a script escaping schema; identifying a first character sequence having a first escaping function; determining whether the first character sequence is coded in html or coded as a scripted element; correcting the first escaping function using the html escaping schema if the first character sequence is coded in html; and correcting the first escaping function using the script escaping schema if the first character sequence is coded as a scripted element.., Inc.

Contextual editing in a page rendering system

Exemplary embodiments allow contextual editing to proceed in real time while the editor views the actual web page (or other page) being edited. The editing may change the underlying content without changing the look and feel of the web page.
Wp Company Llc D/b/a The Washington Post

Electronic device and server related to rendering of web content and controlling method thereof

An electronic device associated with rendering of web content, a server, and a controlling method thereof are provided. The controlling method includes receiving a request for the web content from an electronic device by the server executing a program for a content renderer, generating a render structure associated with render commands by the server executing the program for the content renderer, and sending, by the server executing the program for the content renderer, the render structure to the electronic device to render the web content, and the render commands are issued to each layer of a rendering engine to render the web content of the electronic device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Automated dependency management based on page components

Techniques to provide for reducing the time for rendering a web page by efficiently and optimally aggregating various resources transmitted to the browser during the page load (e.g., loading of the web page). Some example implementations include, upon receipt of a request for a web page, identifying a plurality of page features for displaying the web page, where each of the page features being associated with a respective manifest of dependencies on resources.
Wp Company Llc D/b/a The Washington Post

Measuring compatibility of viewers by leveraging user-provided element definitions

Example embodiments relate to measuring compatibility of viewers. An example method may include accessing a document object model (dom) generated by an anchor document viewer in response to rendering document code.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp

Native integration of arbitrary data sources

A technique for more efficiently integrating external content for web page display is disclosed. The technique includes identifying a plurality of page features for displaying a web page, selecting a corresponding content resolver from a plurality of content resolvers stored in the memory for each of the identified page features.
Wp Company Llc D/b/a The Washington Post

Adaptive rendering based on runtime capability check

A runtime capability check determines functionality supported by a client application (e.g. A browser) on a computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Interactive enhancing adaptability of an interactive surface environment

The present disclosure relates to a method for enhancing adaptability of an interactive surface environment having a plurality of objects. The method comprises receiving at least one user gesture performed on a target object from the plurality of objects.
Wipro Limited

Scanning imaging for encoded psf identification and light field imaging

Scanned illumination allows for capturing 3-dimensional information about an object. A conventional reflection (or transmission) bright field (or fluorescence, darkfield, polarizing, phase contrast or interference) microscope is configured to use laterally scanned illumination (for example by moving an array in front of the light source) to scan an extended object.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Map rendering for navigation systems

When map data is to be processed for display in a mapping or navigation apparatus, the application processor of the apparatus first checks to see whether any existing data in a local cache memory represents a similar map part to the new data that is to be processed. This is done by means of a similarity analysis.
Tomtom International B.v.

Water repellent, soil resistant, fluorine-free compositions

The present invention pertains to fluorine-free compositions rendering textile articles, such as carpets and other textile floor coverings made from synthetic fibres or natural fibres which are water repellent, soil resistant and stain resistant. The invention pertains additionally to a method for treating textile articles and treated textile articles especially carpets are water repellent, soil resistant and stain resistant..
Invista North America

Vehicle with hyperlapse video and social networking

A vehicle is described that includes a video camera configured to record video, a processor configured to process the recorded video from the video camera into hyperlapse video, and an input/output device to link the hyperlapse video with a social network associated with at least one of a driver of the vehicle and the vehicle. The processor may be configured to receive video data from the video camera and to create the hyperlapse video by reconstructing a video stream from the video data, planning a smooth path through the video stream, and rendering the video data along the smooth path into the hyperlapse video that has a faster speed and less jitter than the video stream.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Method of material processing by laser filamentation

A method is provided for the internal processing of a transparent substrate in preparation for a cleaving step. The substrate is irradiated with a focused laser beam that is comprised of pulses having an energy and pulse duration selected to produce a filament within the substrate.
Rofin-sinar Technologies Inc.

Efficient treatment of atrial fibrillation using three-dimensional electrical potential model

A method for guiding electrophysiology (ep) intervention using a patient-specific electrophysiology model includes acquiring a medical image of a patient subject (s201). Sparse ep signals are acquired over an anatomy using the medical image for guidance (s202).
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

High dynamic range ultrasound flow imaging system

An ultrasound imaging system includes an ultrasound transducer that receives an echo signal generated in response to an ultrasound signal transmitted by the system interacting with a moving material. Receive circuitry processes the echo signal and produces an electrical signal indicative thereof.
B-k Medical Aps

Reflected sound rendering using downward firing drivers

Embodiments are directed to speakers and circuits that reflect sound off a wall surface (114) to a listening location at a distance from a speaker. The reflected sound (103) provides direct audio cues to reproduce audio objects that have direct audio components without the need for direct firing speakers.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Method and selection of content from a stream of data

A main stream contains successive content elements of video and/or audio information that encode video and/or audio information at a first data rate. A computation circuit (144) computes main fingerprints from the successive content elements.
Gracenote, Inc.

Device and remotely controlling the rendering of multimedia content

A method and device for controlling the rendering of digital content that is progressively downloaded on a content server in a wide-area communication network. The content can be accessed via at least one service gateway, and can be downloaded in order to be rendered on at least one rendering device that can communicate with the service gateway and that is equipped with a native remote control device.

Methods and selectively obscuring a rendering of a media stream

Various embodiments of systems, apparatus, and/or methods are described for selectively obscuring a rendering of a media stream. In one implementation, the method includes receiving a request to render the media stream.
Echostar Technologies, L.l.c.

Adaptive selection amongst alternative framebuffering algorithms in efficient event-based synchronization of media transfer for real-time display rendering

An apparatus for use in rendering media in real-time by way of a distributed arrangement comprising a portable system and a host device. The apparatus includes a processing hardware unit and a non-transitory storage device comprising code causing the processing hardware unit to select a multi-tier frame-buffering technique, of a plurality of optional multi-tier frame-buffering techniques, to use for processing media data at the portable system and transferring the media data, as processed, from the portable system to the host device.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

User interface for displaying video play relative to episodes in a series

A method of rendering an actively playing video image on a display of the device alongside still images of episodes related to the playing video includes receiving a request to arrange the still images of related episodes of the playing video image proximate to the playing video image that allows scrolling of the combination of playing video image and the related episode still images such that scrolling the playing video image on the display reduces the volume level of the audio component of the playing video image when the playing video image is scrolled partially out of viewing range on the display.. .
Thomson Licensing

Communications between a peripheral system and a host device in efficient event-based synchronization of media transfer for real-time display rendering

Distributed, duplexing, arrangements include a portable system and a host device. The portable system and the host device are configured in various embodiments to receive user input and, in response, affect a feature of itself or send a message to the other to alter a feature of the other.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Systems and methods for efficient event-based synchronization in media file transfer and real-time display rendering between a peripheral system and a host device

A portable system including a digital connection plug, a processing hardware unit, and a non-transitory storage device including code causing the processing hardware unit to perform operations including dividing a received source video file or virtualized source video into a plurality of equal- or non-equal-sized image components. A resulting data-content package is stored at the system such as at a framebuffer thereof.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Printing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

A processing mode set for a received print job is determined, and based on the result of the determination, the print job is processed in a first processing mode in which processing for rendering from print data to image data and print processing based on the image data resulting from the rendering processing are executed in parallel, or in a second processing mode in which the print processing based on the image data is executed after the entire rendering processing for rendering from print data to image data is complete.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Access and presentation of files based on semantic proximity to current interests

A method for managing and rendering one or more information nodes relative to a current focus. The method receives one or more principal topics from an analysis of the information nodes.
International Business Machines Corporation

Single-pass, heavy ion fusion, systems and fusion power production and other applications of a large-scale neutron source

A single-pass heavy-ion fusion system for power production from fusion reactions alone, power production that uses additional energy of fission reactions obtained by driving a sub-critical fission pile with the neutrons from fusion reactions, destroying high-level and/or long-lived radioactive waste by intense bombardment with fusion neutrons, or for the production of neutron beams for various applications includes a new arrangement of current multiplying processes that employs a multiplicity of isotopes to achieve the desired effect of distributing the task of amplifying the current among all the various processes, to relieve stress on any one process, and to increase the design margin for assured icf (inertial confinement fusion) ignition for applications including but not restricted to the above list. The energy content and power of the ignition-driver pulses are greatly increased, thus increasing intensity of target heating and rendering reliable ignition readily attainable..
Arcata Systems

Display system and driving method

A display system includes a sub-pixel rendering unit, a detection unit, a compensation unit, and a data re-arrangement unit. The sub-pixel rendering unit is configured to generate first pixel values for pixels according to a video signal.
Himax Technologies Limited

Signal for carrying washout request in haptic audiovisual content, related

A method, a device and a signal enabling automatic washouts in hav contents. Washout related information is added to a signal representing a hav content so that a hav rendering device may adapt the washout to its physical limitations defined by the device capabilities as well as the user preferences.
Thomson Licensing

System and remote rendering of content on an electronic gaming machine

A gaming system is described. The gaming system can include one or more host devices and egm clients that communicate with one another over a network.

Computer-implemented generating an image of a person wearing a selectable article of apparel

Described are computer implemented methods and systems for generating an image of a person wearing a selectable piece of apparel by accounting for the illumination condition data present in a photo of the person. The method comprises the steps of providing as inputs to a computing device a 3d person model of at least a part of the person, a photo of the person corresponding to the 3d person model, and illumination condition data relating to the photo.
Adidas Ag

Distributed frame buffer and api for scalable parallel rendering

Embodiments provide for a graphics processing apparatus comprising multiple compute nodes coupled to a communication layer, a rendering system executing on the multiple compute nodes, wherein the communication layer enables a distributed object executing on one of the multiple compute nodes to communicate with the rendering system, and a distributed framebuffer logic to subdivide a logical screen space for a frame into multiple regions and subdivide ownership of the regions among the multiple compute nodes.. .

Stencil-then-cover path rendering with shared edges

One embodiment of the present invention includes techniques for rasterizing primitives that include edges shared between paths. For each edge, a rasterizer unit selects and applies a sample rule from multiple sample rules.
Nvidia Corporation

Rendering windows having transparent properties from a remote desktop environment

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to a remote desktop system which allows an application that executes on a remote computing device to be presented to a remote terminal as if the application is executing on the remote terminal. This system determines which of the remote computing device's application windows are top-level windows, and creates a rendering target for each top-level window.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

3d click to buy

An e-commerce method, comprising: providing a plurality of interactive 3d models in a data storage device, at least one said 3d model for each of a plurality of products. The 3d models including parametric data for rendering a 3d image of a selected product; providing rendering engine software receiving parametric data from the 3d models and rendering a 3d image on a display on a client side workstation.

Electronic wallet

Disclosed is an electronic wallet that may comprise a biometric authentication module for authenticating an owner of the electronic wallet. The owner may be authenticated by verifying authentication credentials received from the owner.
Hcl Technologies Limited

Access and presentation of files based on semantic proximity to current interests

A computer program product for managing and rendering one or more information nodes relative to a current focus. The computer program product receives one or more principal topics from an analysis of the information nodes.
International Business Machines Corporation

Direct rendering of a web application from a database to a web browser

A method includes selecting a database on a system and selecting a style format on the system. The database contains data information for the web application, and the style format is applied to the web application.
Backoffice Associates, Llc

Techniques to provide processing enhancements for a text editor in a computing environment

Various embodiments include a system having interfaces, storage devices, memory, and processing circuitry. The system may include logic to render a portion of a first layer and a portion of a second layer for presentation, determine parameters of tokens for the second layer based a result of the rendering of the second layer, the parameters to include at least one of token width values, token offset values, line height values, and line top values.
Sas Institute Inc.

Composing web-based interactive 3d scenes using high order visual editor commands

A cloud-based environment is configured to interface with storage devices that store 3d object models and a 3d rendering code base that is accessible by two or more user devices over a network using browsers or web agents. A web application is delivered to the user device, whereupon the browser or agent receives the 3d object model and the 3d rendering code into a web application that has user controls for defining at least one 3d scene that is rendered using user-defined camera shots and events associated with the 3d object model.
Box, Inc.

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