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Rendering patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rendering-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rendering-related patents
 Improved rendering of audio objects using discontinuous rendering-matrix updates patent thumbnailnew patent Improved rendering of audio objects using discontinuous rendering-matrix updates
An audio playback system generates output signals for multiple channels of acoustic transducers by applying a rendering matrix to data representing the aural content and spatial characteristics of audio objects, so that the resulting sound field creates accurate listener impressions of the spatial characteristics. Matrix coefficients are updated to render moving objects.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Devices and methods for the visualization and localization of sound patent thumbnailnew patent Devices and methods for the visualization and localization of sound
Methods and devices are provided for processing sound signals, localizing sound signals corresponding to one or more sound sources, and rendering, on a wearable display device, an acoustic visualization corresponding to localized sound sources. A wearable visualization device may include two or more microphones for detecting sounds from one or more sound sources, and display devices for displaying the acoustic visualizations, optionally in a stereographic manner.

 Robust layered light-field rendering patent thumbnailnew patent Robust layered light-field rendering
According to various embodiments, the system and method disclosed herein process light-field image data so as to prevent, mitigate, and/or remove artifacts and/or other image degradation effects. A light-field image may be captured with a light-field image capture device with a microlens array.
Lytro, Inc.

 Image forming system that prevents increasing of data amount of print data and reducing of printing result quality, image forming apparatus, and recording medium patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming system that prevents increasing of data amount of print data and reducing of printing result quality, image forming apparatus, and recording medium
An image forming system includes a computer and an image forming apparatus. The computer includes a print data generating circuit to generate print data of an image.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

 Computerized  creating a resource url for rendering the resource in a resource specific application patent thumbnailnew patent Computerized creating a resource url for rendering the resource in a resource specific application
Conversion tracking systems and methods are described herein.. .
Yahoo! Inc.

 Method of identifying and counteracting internet attacks patent thumbnailnew patent Method of identifying and counteracting internet attacks
The present disclosure relates to a method of identifying and counteracting internet attacks, of man-in-the-browser and/or man-in-the-middle and/or bot attack types, comprising the steps of: generating a request by a web browser, concerning a web application residing in a web server; sending the request by the web browser to a box server, which is in signal communication with the web server; receiving a server dom code by the box server, which code has been automatically generated by the web server according to the request; sending a service page code by the box server to the web browser, in response to the request, the service page code comprising an obfuscated and polymorphic javascript code and/or html code; receiving and processing the javascript code and/or html code, by the web browser, to automatically generate an asynchronous request, such that environment data of the web server may be transmitted to the box server; processing the environment data by the box server, to identify internet attacks; performing an encryption function on the server dom code by the box server to generate an obfuscated dom code, and sending the obfuscated dom code to the web browser in response to the asynchronous request; performing a decryption function on the obfuscated dom code by the service page code, to obtain the server dom code; rendering the server dom code by the web browser.. .
Cleafy S.r.l.

 Protecting documents from cross-site scripting attacks patent thumbnailnew patent Protecting documents from cross-site scripting attacks
In various implementations, an embedded document receives untrusted content from a containing document, where the embedded document is in the containing document. In some cases, the untrusted content is received by the containing document from a server and is forwarded to the embedded document without rendering the untrusted content in the containing document.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

 Light-emitting device patent thumbnailnew patent Light-emitting device
In order to provide a light-emitting device having improved color rendering properties, a light-emitting device which uses a sic fluorescent material comprises a first sic fluorescent portion in which a donor impurity and an acceptor impurity are added and which is formed of a sic crystal; a second sic fluorescent portion which is formed of a sic crystal in which the same donor impurity as the first sic fluorescent portion and the same acceptor impurity as the first sic fluorescent portion are added, and in which a concentration of the acceptor impurity is higher than the concentration of the acceptor impurity in the first sic fluorescent portion and an emission wavelength is longer than that of the first sic fluorescent portion; and a light-emitting portion that emits excitation light that excites the first sic fluorescent portion and the second sic fluorescent portion. The color rendering property of the sic fluorescent material is improved and it becomes easy to adjust the color temperature and the color rendering index of the light-emitting device which uses the sic fluorescent material..
El-seed Corporation

 Nanowire sized opto-electronic structure and  modifying selected portions of same patent thumbnailnew patent Nanowire sized opto-electronic structure and modifying selected portions of same
A method for treating a led structure with a substance, the led structure includes an array of nanowires on a planar support. The method includes producing the substance at a source and causing it to move to the array along a line.
Glo Ab

 Power management in an electronic system through reducing energy usage of a battery and/or controlling an output power of an amplifier thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Power management in an electronic system through reducing energy usage of a battery and/or controlling an output power of an amplifier thereof
A method includes automatically charging a capacitor coupled to a battery configured to power a memory through a charge switch that is closed whenever a voltage of the battery exceeds a recovery trip voltage or exceeds a shutdown trip voltage but is less than the recovery trip voltage and opened whenever the voltage of the battery drops below the shutdown trip voltage such that a minimum voltage of the shutdown trip voltage is maintained on the battery, thereby enabling the memory to retain information therein. The method also includes rendering a stored energy of the capacitor available to all circuitry coupled to the battery following the charging thereof through coupling the capacitor in parallel with the battery based on closure of a discharge switch following the charging of the capacitor..

new patent

Apparatus and decoding an encoded audio signal to obtain modified output signals

An apparatus for decoding an encoded audio signal to obtain modified output signals includes an input interface for receiving a transmitted downmix signal and parametric data relating to audio objects included in the transmitted downmix signal, the downmix signal being different from an encoder downmix signal, to which the parametric data is related; a downmix modifier for modifying the transmitted downmix signal using a downmix modification function, wherein the downmix modification is performed in such a way that a modified downmix signal is identical to the encoder downmix signal or is more similar to the encoder downmix signal compared to the transmitted downmix signal; an object renderer for rendering the audio objects using the modified downmix signal and the parametric data to obtain output signals; and an output signal modifier for modifying the output signals using an output signal modification function.. .
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

new patent

Method and system for volume rendering of medical images

Methods and systems for generating images including one or more anatomical objects imaged in a volume data set are provided. Volume data from a 3d or 4d ultrasound imaging system is obtained, wherein the volume data represents structures inside a body of a subject.
Contextvision Ab

new patent

System and visualizing an object in a simulated environment

A computer-implemented method for visualizing an object includes the steps of providing a simulated environment; rendering, with at least one processor, at least one virtual object based at least partially on the simulated environment, a viewable angle of the at least one virtual object, and object characteristics associated with the at least one virtual object, the object characteristics comprising at least one of the following: reflectance, transmittance, attenuation, or any combination thereof; and changing a viewable angle of the at least one virtual object in response to user input. A system and a computer program product for implementing the aforementioned method includes appropriately communicatively connected hardware components..
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

new patent

Bandwidth reduction using vertex shader

In graphics rendering, a texture tile is divided into a plurality of partitions, each partition having a plurality of vertices. A map indicates, for each partition, whether each partition comprises a constant color.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

new patent

Supersampling for spatially distributed and disjoined large-scale data

A method, computer readable medium, and system are disclosed for supersampling a large-scale and disjoined data set. The data set may include point cloud, voxel, or polygonal mesh data.
Nvidia Corporation

new patent

Deal-surfacing button

Auto-detecting an action on a merchant service and rendering an offer button to display an offer redeemable based on the action. A user accesses a merchant service and an indication of the action is communicated to an offer system that maintains an account for the user.
Google Inc.

new patent

Dynamic rendering of a document object model

The present application relates to a computer having a processor configured to execute a set of instructions to render a customised version of a restricted document object model. A restricted element in a document object model is identified and at least one rule associated with the restricted element is accessed.
Intermedia.net, Inc.

new patent

Method for providing therapy to an individual

A method and system for providing therapy to an individual, the method comprising: transmitting a log of use dataset associated with communication behavior of the individual during a time period; receiving a supplementary dataset characterizing mobility of the individual in association with the time period; generating a survey dataset upon retrieving responses provided by the individual to at least one of a set of surveys, associated with a set of time points of the time period; generating a predictive model from a passive dataset derived from the log of use dataset and the supplementary dataset and the survey dataset; generating a report summarizing a mental health state of the individual, associated with at least a portion of the time period, from the passive dataset, the survey dataset, and an output of the predictive model; and rendering information from the report to a coach associated with the individual.. .
Ginger.io, Inc.

new patent

Dynamic adjustment of elements of a document

Technologies are described herein for providing dynamic adjustment of elements of a document. A document having code defining an element is received and rendered at a first rendering scale.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc.

new patent

Interleaving the xforms processing model with java server faces request processing

A method, system and apparatus for interleaving xforms with jsf request processing can be provided. The system can include an xforms definition generated for a form configured for rendering in a web application.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

System and content repagination providing a page continuity indicium while e-reading

A method and system for content repagination providing a page continuity indicium for e-reading. The method is executed in a processor of a computing device, the computing device further including a memory storing instructions and a display screen rendering e-book content including text formatted according to a series of digitally constructed pages, the method comprises receiving a repagination-inducing action at a current page being displayed, the current page having a beginning text portion and an ending text portion; reconstructing the current page by maintaining the beginning text portion while reflowing the ending text portion into a next page, the next page having a next page beginning text portion that includes at least a part of the reflowed ending text portion; and duplicating the next page beginning text portion onto an indicium location at the reconstructed current page, whereby the indicium location shows the next page beginning text portion..
Kobo Incorporated

new patent

Website image carousel generation

A website construction tool allows website construction via an interactive graphical user interface (gui) using containers and modules defining predetermined website constructs from a robust assortment of common and popular rendering formats and content source definition for individual webpages, and arranges the individual pages for navigation. A user selects from the predefined constructs by selecting modules for generating code, corresponding to the desired content, source and rendering format.
Cimpress Schweiz Gmbh

new patent

Method and apparatus to reduce display lag using scaling

A system according to an exemplary embodiment includes: a first scaler configured to receive a plurality of touch events and down-scale the touch events to generate down-scaled touch events; a touch path logic unit configured to generate an output based on the down-scaled touch events; and a rendering logic unit configured to receive a video image, receive an output of the touch path logic unit, generate a display image by combining the video image with an overlay data according to the output of the touch path logic unit, and output the display image.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

new patent

Electronic device for facilitating user interactions

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a display screen and a computing hardware which is operable to execute a software product, wherein executing the software product results in generating and rendering a graphical user interface on the display screen.
Supercell Oy

new patent

Collaborative cursors in a hosted word processor

A computer-implemented collaborative editing method includes receiving input from a user of a browser-based document editing application on a document displayed by the application; identifying a current location in the document for a cursor of a first user executing the application; receiving from a central server system data that reflects changes made to the document by one or more users other than the first user and current positions in the document of cursors for the one or more other user; updating a document model stored on a computing device that is executing the browser-based application and rendering at least a portion of the model to the browser; and rendering the current positions of the cursors for the one or more other users to the browser.. .
Google Inc.

new patent

Method and system for mouse control over multiple screens

The present invention discloses a method for coordinating computer interface presentation controlled by user interface between a source screen and at least one sink display, where the computer interface is associated with the sink screen. The comprising the steps of: tracking mouse cursor motion on the sink screen, in case mouse cursor moving beyond external monitor desktop area: sending location data to source device , coordinate of mouse cursor to source wireless mobile device by rendering mouse cursor at the source device for displaying on the device screen, in case of identifying mouse cursor moving to the external monitor desktop area from the source and stop rendering mouse cursor at the source and start rendering at the dongle for displaying mouse on the external screen.
Screenovate Technologies Ltd.

new patent

System and display element for displaying waypoint markers with integrated altitude constraint information

A flight deck display system for an aircraft includes a processor architecture configured to receive aircraft instrument data, waypoint restriction information, and position data for the aircraft and, based upon the received data, generate image rendering display commands. The system also includes a display element configured to receive the image rendering display commands and, in response thereto, to render a display that includes a perspective view of terrain and at least one waypoint marker corresponding to an approaching waypoint.
Honeywell International Inc.

new patent

Antimicrobial finish on fabrics

A formulation is provided which comprises at least one phenolic compound in an amount of about 0.5 to about 1.2% of the mass of the formulation; at least one fragrance in an amount of about 0.3 to about 1.0% of the mass of the formulation; and at least one alcohol in an amount of about 90 to about 99% of the mass of the formulation. Said formulation is surfactant free and being capable of rendering anti-microbial finish to fabrics.
Reliance Industries Ltd.

new patent

Lightweight assemblable appliance and respective production of biogas and liquid fertilizer

A system and method of recycling organic waste into biogas, implementing an anaerobic digestion processes, is disclosed. The system includes structural scaffolding and a pliable collapsible anaerobic digester.
Ecogas Israel Ltd

new patent

Grayscale rendering in 3d printing

An additive three-dimensional fabrication process uses multiple build materials with different optical properties (e.g., color, opacity) at different surface depths to achieve grayscale-rendered images on exterior surfaces thereof.. .
Makerbot Industries, Llc


Virtual sound systems and methods

Provided are methods and systems for updating a sound field in response to user movement. The methods and systems are less computationally expensive than existing approaches for updating a sound field, and are also suitable for use with arbitrary loudspeaker configurations.
Google Inc.


System and collecting data

The passive data collection method is sometime more reliable because the direct query method might not be available or possible through a 3rd party channel application. Accordingly, an improved data collection method is provided.
Roku, Inc.


Provider equipment generation of customer user interface

Systems, methods, apparatus and other mechanisms of providing a user interface (ui) at a service provider node in the television distribution system by encoding ui imagery to provide an encoded video stream bearing the ui imagery and configured for rendering as a ui screen via a client device video decoder, the ui screen including programming information associated with each of a subset of broadcast channels during a plurality of time intervals, and scaled live video imagery associated with each of the subset of broadcast channels; and at the service provider node, scaling video streams associated with at least the subset of broadcast channels to provide respective scaled live video imagery for the ui screen.. .
Charter Communications Operating, Llc


Server gpu assistance for mobile gpu applications

Various technologies described herein pertain to performing collaborative rendering. A gpu of a mobile device can generate a mobile-rendered video stream based on a first instance of an application executed on the mobile device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Encoding, decoding, and representing high dynamic range images

Techniques are provided to encode and decode image data comprising a tone mapped (tm) image with hdr reconstruction data in the form of luminance ratios and color residual values. In an example embodiment, luminance ratio values and residual values in color channels of a color space are generated on an individual pixel basis based on a high dynamic range (hdr) image and a derivative tone-mapped (tm) image that comprises one or more color alterations that would not be recoverable from the tm image with a luminance ratio image.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


System and providing media content

There is presented a system for providing a content stored on a medium, the system comprising a media presentation module including a processor. The processor is configured to retrieve a content payload including a digital content from a data structure residing on the medium, and to retrieve a content-describing metadata stored separately from the digital content, from the data structure.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Forward-based resource delivery network management techniques

A resource delivery network and method for distributing content in the network is disclosed herein. The network comprises a plurality of servers arranged in tiers and partitioned.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Display driver integrated circuit with display data generation function and apparatus therewith

In the disclosure, a display driver integrated circuit (ddic) configured to drive a display panel and an electronic apparatus having the ddic would generate display data to constantly update information displayed on the display panel even when a processor is in a power save mode. The ddic includes a first input terminal, a memory device, an information rendering unit, an information overlay unit, and a source driver.
Novatek Microelectronics Corp.


Portable camera aided simulator (portcas) for minimally invasive surgical training

The present disclosure is directed to a system and method for surgical training with low cost, reusable materials and a highly customizable virtual environment for skill-building. According to various embodiments, a surgical training tool is usable in conjunction with a support structure configured to at least partially constrain the tool movement.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Nebraska


Generative modeling framework for deferred geometry generation

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including medium-encoded computer program products, for a generative modeling framework for deferred geometry generation include, in one aspect, a method including: obtaining input to define a boundary of a 3d envelope for a 3d model of an object, wherein the 3d model uses one or more boundary representations to define the object in the 3d model; identifying a geometry type for the 3d envelope, wherein the geometry type has an associated 3d geometry used to create geometry details for the 3d envelope within the 3d model; manipulating the 3d model in response to input that changes at least one aspect of the 3d envelope; and rendering the 3d model on a display screen, including rendering a simplified representation of the 3d geometry within the changed 3d envelope. In addition, the method can include later generation of surface elements defining the geometry details..
Autodesk, Inc.


Image processing apparatus

An image processing apparatus includes an acquisition unit configured to acquire a bitmap image in which each of contained pixels has an alpha value indicating opacity of this pixel, and a rendering unit configured to render the bitmap image. The rendering unit is configured to, when rendering the bitmap image, refrain from performing alpha blending on a pixel contained in the bitmap image that has a specific alpha value and perform the alpha blending on a pixel contained in the bitmap image that has a different alpha value from the specific alpha value..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Fire urgency estimator in geosynchronous orbit (fuego)

A fire detector is disclosed that successively images a particular area from geosynchronous earth orbit satellite to attain very good signal-to-noise ratios against poisson fluctuations within one second. Differences between such images allow for the automatic detection of small fires greater than 12 square meters.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Systems and methods for facilitating transactions between healthcare consumers and healthcare providers

Systems and methods for facilitating healthcare transactions are described. The techniques describe herein may enable a user to select a rendering provider for a procedure..
Eluminate Health, Llc


System and fast starting an application

A system and method for fast starting a channel application is disclosed herein. The method includes: starting one or more applications in suspend mode during a boot up sequence of the operating system; adding the one or more applications to a suspended list; monitoring a plurality of application programming interface (api) calls made from the application layer to one or more graphic rendering modules; and processing the plurality of api calls to the one or more graphic rendering modules based on whether each api call belongs to an application on the suspended list.
Roku, Inc.


Light-emitting device and stage lamp system

A light emitting device includes first, second and third led arrays and a wavelength-based light combination device. The first led array includes blue leds; the second led array includes yellow fluorescent leds or green fluorescent leds and green leds; the third led array includes red leds and amber leds.
Appotronics China Corporation


Fire retardant laminates

Where n=0 or 1, r1 and r2 are c1-c4 alkyl, r3 is h or c1-c4 alkyl, and r4 is a linear or branched alkyl. At least a portion of the phosphonate ester in the fire retardant laminate resides in the coating layer.


Head mounted display

A system and method for operating a head mounted display (hmd) is provided. The hmd has a head attachment portion and a viewing module coupled to the head attachment portion.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Conditionally visible bite lines for footwear

A conditionally visible bite line may be demarcated on a shoe upper using at least one of a fluorescent or an infrared (ir)-responsive material. Such a conditionally visible bite line may be observable only under particular conditions, such as when illuminated by an ultraviolet light source or an ir light source, as appropriate.
Nike, Inc.


Component feeding device, and component mounting device

A component feeding device transports a tape (a component feeding tape) in which electronic components are stored with some transportation device, and exposes the components. Transportation of the component feeding tape may be performed by fitting a sprocket with a feed hole of the component feeding tape.
Yamaha Hatsudoki Kabushiki Kaisha


Solid state lighting fixture with incandescent dimming characteristics

A dimmable led lighting system includes first, second and third types of led light sources, and an led driver to control the supply of current on first, second and third channels, respectively to the first, second and third types of led light sources. The first, second and third types of led light sources are selected according to their spectral power distribution (spd) curves.
Juno Manufacturing, Llc


Triggering of notifications in a communications network

A method of triggering a notification in a communications network method comprises specifying at least one computer device as a recipient device for the notification. The method further comprises triggering a rendering of the notification on the specified recipient device, wherein the notification has associated therewith a notification duration that is based on a current operational context of the notification.
Calay Venture S.à R.l.


Method for encoding audio signals, encoding audio signals, decoding audio signals and decoding audio signals

The invention introduces a new concept for hierarchical coding of hoa content. A method for encoding a hierarchical audio bitstream comprises rendering a hoa input signal to surround sound, encoding the surround sound for a base layer output signal, decoding the encoded surround sound to obtain a reconstructed surround sound signal, performing dimensionality reduction on the received hoa input signal, calculating a residual between the dimensionality-reduced hoa signal and the reconstructed surround sound signal, encoding the residual signal, and multiplexing structural information about the hoa input signal, the encoded residuals and the encoded surround sound into a bitstream to obtain a hierarchical audio bitstream..
Thomson Licensing


Rendering method, rendering apparatus, and electronic apparatus

A rendering method includes receiving an input including pixel pattern information of a device configured to display a rendered image, generating a pixel pattern of the rendered image using the received input indicating pixel pattern information, and outputting a pixel value of the rendered image into a frame buffer using the generated pixel pattern.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Display apparatus having improved sub-pixel rendering capability

A display apparatus includes a display panel including a first pixel configured to include first and second sub-pixels and a second pixel configured to include third and fourth sub-pixels. A timing controller generates pixel data including first and second pixel data respectively corresponding to the first and second pixels and representable in a second matrix space, from pixel signals including first and second pixel signals representable in a first matrix space to respectively correspond to the first and second pixels.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Multiple display rendering of digital content

Techniques are provided for segmenting digital content into a plurality of tiles which can be displayed across multiple application windows. For example, in one specific implementation, the methods disclosed herein can be used to segment a webpage into a plurality of tiles, wherein each of the tiles can be displayed in a separate web browser that displays a portion of the original webpage.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Augmented reality extrapolation techniques

Augmented reality extrapolation techniques are described. In one or more implementations, a frame of an augmented-reality display is rendered based at least in part on an optical basis that describes a current orientation or position of at least a part of a computing device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Rendering apparatus and rendering method

Provided are a rendering method and a rendering apparatus, which perform tile-based rendering. The rendering method includes determining a visible fragment based on a depth test with respect to fragments included in a tile, storing an identifier of a primitive corresponding to the visible fragment, and performing selective rendering on a primitives included in the tile based on the identifier of the primitive.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Medical imaging apparatus and displaying medical image

Provided is a medical imaging apparatus. The medical imaging apparatus includes: a user interface configured to receive an input for setting a region of interest (roi) in a first medical image and an input for setting first volume rendering properties for the roi and second volume rendering properties for a remaining region of the first medical image other than the roi; an image generator configured to generate a second medical image by performing volume rendering on the roi and the remaining region other than the roi based on the first and second volume rendering properties, respectively; and a display configured to display the second medical image..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.


Method and displaying medical image

Provided are a method and apparatus for displaying a medical image. The method of displaying a medical image includes: acquiring volume data of an object; setting a cross-section of interest in the volume data; determining first and second sub-volume data within the volume data based on the cross-section of interest; generating medical images by respectively rendering the first and second sub-volume data in different directions; and displaying the medical images..
Samsung Medison Co., Ltd.


Systems and methods for providing a visualization of satellite sightline obstructions

Systems and methods for providing a visualization of satellite sightline obstructions are provided. An example method includes identifying an approximate position of a receiver antenna.
Google Inc.


Camera system and image registration method thereof

Provided are a camera system and an image registration method for registering images taken by multiple cameras moving in the same manner. The image registration method includes: acquiring multiple sets of images of a reference subject, wherein each of the multiple sets of images comprises images taken by the multiple cameras facing a same direction and images of different sets are taken with the multiple cameras facing different directions; performing image registration using the multiple sets of images; and rendering a result image showing a result of the image registration..
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd.


System and fast and nuanced sentiment evaluation

A system and method for fast and nuance evaluation of the nature and/or intensity of the sentiment of a respondent in regard of a predefined sentiment indicator, with this person reacting to that indicator by sliding one or several fingers on a touch sensitive surface, which sliding is analyzed according to predefined patterns with matching sliding being translated into a value representative of that sliding, value that is available for instant or deferred processing, sharing or rendering on a screen.. .


System and providing objectified image renderings using recognition information from images

An embodiment provides for enabling retrieval of a collection of captured images that form at least a portion of a library of images. For each image in the collection, a captured image may be analyzed to recognize information from image data contained in the captured image, and an index may be generated, where the index data is based on the recognized information.
Google Inc.


Systems and methods for identifying anomalous test item renderings

Systems and methods are provided for determining a test item rendering anomaly. A test item is provided to a first test item rendering system that is configured to generate a first graphical representation of the test item.
Educational Testing Service


Data access sharing

Data access sharing may be provided. Requests may be received to display an data item associated with a list of data items.
Airwatch Llc


Image decoding browser

Apparatuses, methods and storage medium associated with rendering a web page are disclosed herein. In embodiments, a method may include rendering, by a main thread of a browser, one or more non-image objects of the web page; decoding in parallel, by an image decoder of the browser, an image of the web page, while the main thread renders the one or more non-image objects of the web page.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Component model for wrap packages of cards

A component model suitable for use in defining, delivering and rendering wrapped packages of cards in a manner particularly well suited, but not limited to, display on mobile devices is described. Using the described component model, each card may selectively include media content, a palette of application functionality and/or supporting e-commerce related services..
Wrap Media, Llc


Downsampled rendering of web page loads to save power

Methods and apparatus for rendering web content are disclosed. The method includes counting a number of times, i, a particular percentage of on screen pixels are overwritten before a final complete version of the webpage is displayed, and storing the number of times, i, the on screen pixels are overwritten in connection with an identifier of the webpage.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.


East asian character assist

A method can include identifying at least one radical of a plurality of east asian characters based at least in part on stroke information received via a touch-sensitive display; ranking individual east asian characters of the plurality of east asian characters according to their individual frequencies in a corpus; and rendering at least a portion of the ranked individual east asian characters to the touch-sensitive display.. .
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Control map providing method and apparatus

A method of providing a control map for a control target facility is provided. The method includes generating a central node corresponding to an interest object, the interest object being selected by a user from among first objects managed by a remote control system; generating peripheral nodes respectively corresponding to second objects that are associated with the interest object, the second objects being selected from among the first objects; generating an edge which connects the central node to one of the peripheral nodes or connects the peripheral nodes to each other; and graphically rendering the central node, the peripheral nodes, and the edge to be displayed..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.


Communicating configurable instruction sets to robots for controlling robot behavior

Methods, devices, systems, and non-transitory process-readable storage media for guiding behaviors of robots within a deployment site by communicating updated instruction sets through beacon devices or other proximity mechanisms. In an embodiment, a processor of a beacon device may perform operations including presenting (e.g., broadcasting, rendering, etc.) an instruction set to a first robot, receiving an instruction set update from the first robot, modifying the stored instruction set with the update, and presenting the modified instruction set to a second robot.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Systems and methods for providing visual feedback of touch panel input during magnetic resonance imaging

Systems and methods of are disclosed for providing visual feedback to a subject during magnetic resonance imaging, where the visual feedback is associated with input provided by the subject to a magnetic resonance compatible touch panel. A video camera is employed to record video images of the interaction between the subject and the touch panel, and the video images are processed to generate a real-time video signal including a rendering of the input provided to the touch panel and the interaction between the subject's hands and the touch panel.
Baycrest Health Sciences


Real-time coloring of electrophysiological map

Catheterization of the heart is carried out with a probe having a plurality of electrodes and sensors by displaying an electroanatomical map of the heart on a monitor. During a time interval that does not exceed a duration of a cardiac cycle of the heart the following steps are performed: reading data from at least one of the electrodes and sensors, and invoking a processor to perform an algorithm on the data.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


White light emitting device

A white light emitting device includes an led chip capable of emitting light with a peak wavelength of 390 to 430 nm, and a wavelength conversion layer including first, second and third fluorescent materials. The first fluorescent material is capable of being excited to emit light with a peak wavelength of 450 to 470 nm.
Lite-on Technology Corp.


Efficient frame rendering

A user may interact with an interactive remote display (e.g., touch input) and the interaction may be sent to an application on a mobile device. The mobile device (application and/or encoder) may render frames for the display when there is a change.
Google Inc.


Adaptive bitrate streaming latency reduction

A method of transmitting media content is provided that provides for a significantly reduced chunk size. The method includes receiving one or more adaptive transport streams into a memory buffer at a http streamer from a media preparation unit.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Reporting page composition data

Distributed applications are monitored and page composition metrics are reported in terms of a plurality of phases of a page loading lifecycle. The phases may include first byte received, page rendering time, onload time, post page load time, and other phases.
Appdynamics, Inc.


Cache memory system and operating the same

A cache memory apparatus including a cache memory including a bank, a partition configuration unit configured to divide the cache memory into partitions by allocating the bank to a texture among textures for rendering, and a controller configured to receive a partition id, of texture data requested by a device that performs the rendering, determine whether the requested texture data is stored in a partition corresponding to the partition id among the plurality of partitions, and output the requested texture data to the device based on a result of the determination.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Modifying a person's eating and activity habits

A system for managing the food intake of a person comprises means for collecting information about food consumed by the subject, and means for providing feedback to the subject regarding the food consumed. It further comprises a sensor 57 for obtaining a signal related to the person and monitoring means for generating the information by performing a pattern recognition of the obtained signal for detecting whether the person is consuming food.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


System and immersive and interactive multimedia generation

An apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus comprises an optical sensing system that comprises at least one camera, the at least one camera being configured to acquire an image of a physical environment.
Usens, Inc.


Rendering apparatus and method

A rendering apparatus includes a tile binning unit configured to determine a plurality of tiles including at least one primitive, and configured to generate tile data associated with the plurality of tiles. The rendering apparatus includes a visibility test unit configured to perform a visibility test on the at least one primitive included in the plurality of tiles, based on the tile data.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and displaying statictical graphs on a terminal display

A method of displaying statistical graphs on a terminal display includes the steps of: obtaining a count of subgraphs to be displayed in a statistical graph, the count having a value of n; selecting n number of sample points from a line in a color coordinate space; obtaining n number of colors corresponding to the n number of sample points for displaying the statistical graph, wherein colors of neighboring subgraphs correspond to neighboring sample points of the line, the n number of colors form a one to one relationship with the n sample points respectively; and displaying the statistical graph. The number of statistical data types can be used to select a same number of different colors to obtain a statistical graph with color gradients formed by its subgraphs for displaying.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Image editing using level set trees

A method comprising: mapping an image onto multiple level sets connected by multiple branches, wherein each of said level sets corresponds to a predefined range of values for an attribute of said image; associating multiple pixels of said image to said multiple level sets in accordance with the value of each pixel; identifying a source level set associated with a source pixel of said multiple pixels; for each of said multiple pixels, determining that a distance between said source pixel and one of said multiple pixels is within a predefined threshold, wherein said distance is calculated as a function of a first distance between said source level set and said level set associated with said one of said multiple pixels; in one embodiment, the determined distance is applied to an image processing application to produce a processed image, and the processed image is rendered on a rendering medium.. .
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


Method and rendering an image for an entire web page on physical devices

In at least one embodiment, a system and method described herein provides a concrete and tangible solution to solve a problem of remotely and programmatically activating and manipulating a device to capture screen shots of a complete web page and, in at least one embodiment, prevent and, if necessary, recover from device crashes.. .
Springbox Labs, Inc.


Purchasing contact information from an electronically displayed map

A method and system for adding contact information to a user account in a database. A registered user of the database presents a query having search criteria.
Salesforce.com, Inc.


Systems and methods for medical image viewer compatibility determination

Certain examples provide systems and methods to determine client compatibility. An example method includes receiving a request at an image viewer from a client browser for display of medical image data.
General Electric Company


Modifying native document comments in a preview

A document preview system provides previews of a native document to client devices. The previews include comments associated with native objects in the native document.
Dropbox, Inc.


Method and rendering websites on physical devices

In at least one embodiment, the system and method described herein provides a concrete and tangible technical solution to the problem of activating and testing multiple web pages on multiple devices to determine any anomalies or other errors in rendering the web pages due to, for example, the unpredictable nature of rendering web pages on multiple devices having, for example, a multitude of different configuration characteristics. Furthermore, the system and method, in at least one embodiment, provide an automated process that is capable of testing web pages and devices remotely and in parallel at a high bandwidth.
Springbox Labs, Inc.

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