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Rendering patents


This page is updated frequently with new Rendering-related patent applications.

 Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering patent thumbnailnew patent Subscriber data analysis and graphical rendering
Analysis and graphical rendering of subscriber data is provided. A data analysis component is provided that obtains a set of subscriber data, correlates various subsets of the subscriber data to determine a plurality of data relationships, and graphical renders the subscriber data as a heat map, a fractal map, a tree map, a three dimensional plot, a three dimensional map, a graph, a chart, etc.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Contextual content programming patent thumbnailnew patent Contextual content programming
In one embodiment, a method implemented on a computing device includes: analyzing textual source content from a currently presented webpage on the computing device, based on the analyzing, determining at least one content theme contextually related to the webpage, receiving details of at least one currently scheduled television program on the computing device, where the at least one currently scheduled television program is matched to the at least one content theme, and rendering the currently presented webpage to include at least an indication of the currently scheduled television program in accordance with the details.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Targeted advertising patent thumbnailnew patent Targeted advertising
A method and apparatus for serving targeted advertising to a user via a user device are described including receiving content provided by a content provider, rendering the provided content, viewing a commercial, wherein the commercial was spliced into the content based on a default commercial selection algorithm at a commercial break, determining if the user wants to rate the commercial, accepting the user's rating of the commercial if the user wants to rate the commercial and communicating the user's rating of the commercial to the content provider.. .
Thomson Licensing

 Voice processing  smart tvs patent thumbnailnew patent Voice processing smart tvs
Disclosed are systems and methods for improving interactions with and between computers in content communicating, rendering, generating, hosting and/or providing systems supported by or configured with personal computing devices, servers and/or platforms. The systems interact to identify and retrieve data within or across platforms, which can be used to improve the quality of data used in processing interactions between or among processors in such systems.
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

 A  fast 3d video coding for hevc patent thumbnailnew patent A fast 3d video coding for hevc
The present disclosure relates to the technical field of video coding. Implementations herein provide methods for fast 3d video coding for high efficiency video coding hevc.
Beijing University Of Technology

 Capture and render of panoramic virtual reality content patent thumbnailnew patent Capture and render of panoramic virtual reality content
Systems and methods are described for defining a set of images based on captured images, receiving a viewing direction associated with a user of a virtual reality (vr) head mounted display, receiving an indication of a change in the viewing direction. The methods further include configuring, a re-projection of a portion of the set of images, the re-projection based at least in part on the changed viewing direction and a field of view associated with the captured images, and converting the portion from a spherical perspective projection into a planar perspective projection, rendering by the computing device and for display in the vr head mounted display, an updated view based on the re-projection, the updated view configured to correct distortion and provide stereo parallax in the portion, and providing, to the head mounted display, the updated view including a stereo panoramic scene corresponding to the changed viewing direction..
Google Inc.

 Distributed hardware/software system for managing agent status in a communication center patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed hardware/software system for managing agent status in a communication center
An agent presence application for monitoring target agent resources and rendering agent states to subscribing applications is provided. The presence application has at least one first portion for collecting data regarding states of activity of the target agent resources, and at least one second portion for integrating the data and rendering the agent states to the to subscribing applications..
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc.

 Streaming with coordination of video orientation (cvo) patent thumbnailnew patent Streaming with coordination of video orientation (cvo)
Technology a client operable to receive streaming content from a server is disclosed. The client can signal a device capability exchange message for transmission to the server.
Intel Corporation

 E-mail containing live content patent thumbnailnew patent E-mail containing live content
A system for introducing live content into an electronic mail message comprising at least one dynamic live content area sent through an e-mail service provider system comprises memory and a click manager. The memory includes live content comprising image data and expiration data.
Exacttarget, Inc.

 Efficient video frame rendering in compliance with cross-origin resource restrictions patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient video frame rendering in compliance with cross-origin resource restrictions
A browser efficiently extracts media from a video presented through a web application having a different domain from a media server providing the web application while complying with cross-origin resource restrictions. A video portion is selected, and a header portion of the video is identified.
Gopro, Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and image rendering based on white point correction

Systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, of this disclosure allow for forming an image frame on a display device. In one aspect, a controller associated with a display device can be configured to correct for output white point shift due to variation, across separate color subfields of an image frame, in the respective number of subframes or the respective subframe weights.
Pixtronix, Inc.

new patent

Piecewise linear irregular rasterization

One embodiment of the present invention includes a method for rendering a geometry object in a computer-generated scene. A screen space associated with a display screen is divided into a set of regions.
Nvidia Corporation

new patent

Method for streaming-optimized medical raytracing

A method and apparatus for streaming-optimized volume rendering of a 3d medical volume is disclosed. View parameters for a 2d projection of the 3d medical volume are set based on a received user input.
Siemens Corporation

new patent

Method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects using one-line raster image data

A method and system for rendering rectangle drawing objects are provided. For at least a first rectangle drawing object and a second rectangle drawing object, a determination is made if the second rectangle drawing object satisfies a predetermined condition with respect to the first rectangle drawing object.
Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

new patent

System and image view binding optimization

An image rendering method includes: loading, at an electronic device, an image by an application executed on the electronic device; loading, at the electronic device, reference color arrangement information; and determining, at the electronic device, a pixel format for a texture creation of the loaded image based on a comparison between a color value of the loaded image and the loaded reference color arrangement information.. .
Line Corporation

new patent

Transactional electronic meeting scheduling utilizing dynamic availability rendering

Techniques for electronic calendar management. Electronic computing device(s) is/are used to generate an electronic message comprising at least one indication of a proposed electronic calendar entry., Inc.

new patent

Integrated circuit module for a dual-interface smart card

An integrated circuit (ic) module for a dual-interface smart card includes a planar, non-conductive module tape that is plated on its top surface to define a plurality of conductive contact pads. An ic chip is mounted on the bottom surface of the module tape and is electrically connected to each of the contact pads by a wire, the underside of each contact pad being exposed for bonding with the wire by punching a hole through the tape.
American Banknote Corporation

new patent

Global healthcare exchange

A system for rendering and controlling healthcare through a network, the system having a mechanism possessing a cloud intelligence for instructing a mechanism for rendering, managing, controlling and dispensing healthcare and fees payments based on healthcare dispensations and usages, for disseminating and sharing compilations of relational medical-business data and for rendering safekeeping and security for protecting the system in and among networked repositories.. .

new patent

Individualized on-demand image information acquisition

A user input is detected at a location within a content rendering user interface within which an image is rendered on a display screen. An object is identified, in real time using image recognition technology, within a portion of the rendered image at the location within the content rendering user interface.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Remote rendering from a source device to a sink device

A method, an apparatus, and a computer-readable medium for wireless communication are provided. An apparatus may be configured to generate canvas rendering instructions associated with at least one application on the apparatus.
Qualcomm Incorporated

new patent

Mixed-reality headset

A “mixed-reality headset” include an attachment mechanism for a smartphone or other portable computing device. A combination of the smartphone display with various internal headset optics present both augmented reality (ar) and virtual reality (vr).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

new patent

Method and system for decontaminating materials

Methods, systems, and devices for decontaminating materials containing biological or biologically derived materials, such as microorganisms or dna products, are provided. The methods, systems, and devices may be used for decontaminating or sterilizing materials, such as surfaces, including, but not limited to reducing the number of viable microorganisms on surfaces.
Rasirc, Inc.

new patent

Collapsible packaging sleeve for attaching to a base and container formed therefrom

The present invention provides a packaging sleeve that can be attached to a base, such as a pallet, to form a container. The container can be used for the shipping and/or storage of goods.
Fca, Llc

new patent

Compositions and methods to treat herpes simplex virus infections

Herpes simplex virus (hsv) including herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (hsv-1 and hsv-2) are a persistent cause of human disease with no known cure. Guided nuclease systems target specific regions of the hsv-1 and hsv-2 genomes, disrupting the virus' nucleic acid and rendering even latent viruses incapacitated..
Agenovir Corporation

new patent

Compositions and methods for cell targeted hpv treatment

The invention provides compositions and methods for treating human papillomavirus (hpv) infections using a targetable nuclease, which compositions and methods can be used to selectively target the hpv genome or selectively express the targetable nuclease within cells that infected by hpv. By selectively targeting cells infected by hpv, the hpv genome within infected cells, or both, the nuclease is able to cleave the hpv genome thereby inactivating it and rendering it inoperable, interfering with the virus's ability to propagate even where the virus is in a latent stage of infection.
Agenovir Corporation

new patent

Apparatus and system for rule based visualization of digital breast tomosynthesis and other volumetric images

The invention provides, in some aspects, a system for implementing a rule derived basis to display volumetric image sets. In various embodiments of the invention, the selection of the images to be displayed, the generation of the 3-d volumetric image from measured 2-d images including the rendering parameters and styles, the choice of viewing directions and 2-d projection images based on the viewing directions, the layout of the projection images, and the formation of a video can be determined using a rule derived basis.
Pme Ip Pty Ltd

Look-ahead convergence for optimizing display rendering of stereoscopic videos and images

The present invention is drawn to a device for use with first stereoscopic data, second stereoscopic data and a display device. The device includes an input portion, a convergence data detecting portion, a convergence plane portion, a comparing portion and a modification portion.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Versatile 3-d picture format

A 3-d picture signal is provided as follows. An image and depth components having a depth map for the image are provided, the depth map includes depth indication values.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Critical rendering path optimization

The present disclosure involves systems, software, and computer implemented methods for optimizing a critical resource path for a web application. One example process includes operations for identifying a visual completeness criteria for the web application.
Sap Portals Israel Ltd

Late stage reprojection

Methods for generating and displaying images associated with one or more virtual objects within an augmented reality environment at a frame rate that is greater than a rendering frame rate are described. The rendering frame rate may correspond with the minimum time to render images associated with a pose of a head-mounted display device (hmd).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Virtual object discrimination for fast global illumination rendering

There is provided a system including a hardware processor, a memory, and an illumination rendering unit including a virtual object discrimination module stored in the memory. The hardware processor is configured to execute the illumination rendering unit to perform a first, primitive render of an illumination of a scene including multiple virtual objects, and to determine a score for each of the virtual objects corresponding to its respective contribution to the illumination of the scene.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Coherent memory access in monte carlo volume rendering

A method for monte carlo volume rendering in accordance with the present teachings includes: (a) tracing a plurality of light rays into a scene containing volumetric data, the light rays configured for simulating global illumination; (b) randomizing the scattering location and direction of the plurality of light rays through the volume, wherein a common sequence of random numbers is used in order for the scattering direction of each of the plurality of randomized scattered light rays to be substantially parallel; (c) computing at least one trilinearly interpolated and shaded sample along each of the plurality of randomized scattered light rays based on stored volumetric data, wherein at least a portion of the stored volumetric data used in at least a portion of the computing is configured for coherent access; and (d) rendering the volume with global illumination based on a plurality of iterations of the tracing, the randomizing, and the computing. Systems for monte carlo volume rendering are described..

System and rendering video data

A method, video processing system, and information handling system (ihs) provides rendering of video data. The method includes triggering a management controller to generate a virtual monitor that is accessible by a host and enabling, via a processor of the host, at least one graphics processing unit (gpu).
Dell Products, L.p.

Hosted sensitive data form fields for compliance with security standards

Systems and methods providing, by a third party, input form fields for sensitive data on a web page provided by an organization. A user may request a web page from an organization, such as a merchant's checkout web page, that requires entry of sensitive data.
Paypal, Inc.

Rendering high resolution images using image tiling and hierarchical image tile storage structures

Systems for computer graphics rendering using a web browser to access a cloud-based storage system. Processing commences upon receipt by the cloud-based storage system, of an image file.
Box, Inc.

Document presentation qualified by conditions evaluated on rendering

A facility for rendering a document is described. The facility performs layout for the document.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Sensor data conveyance

According to an example aspect, there is provided an apparatus comprising at least one processing core, at least one memory including computer program code, the at least one memory and the computer program code being configured to, with the at least one processing core, cause the apparatus at least to obtain, using a first image recognition or depth sensing mechanism, first information defining an input space, obtain, using the first or a second image recognition or depth sensing mechanism, second information defining a virtual output area, and cause rendering of sensor information captured from the input space into the virtual output area. .
Nokia Technologies Oy

Led lamp capable of freely converting color temperature and converting color temperature using the same

The present invention relates to an led lamp capable of freely converting color temperature and a method for converting color temperature using the same. The led lamp may include a single-color or white led, a fixed filter, and a color temperature conversion filter.
Stcube, Inc.

Command sentinel

A video server is configured to provide streaming video to players of computer games over a computing network. The video server can provided video of different games to different players simultaneously.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Circadian-friendly led light source

Methods and apparatus for providing circadian-friendly led light sources are disclosed. A light source is formed to include a first led emission (e.g., one or more leds emitting a first spectrum) and a second led emission (e.g., one or more leds emitting a second spectrum) wherein the first and second led emissions are combined in a first ratio and in a second ratio such that while changing from the first ratio to the second ratio the relative circadian stimulation is varied while maintaining a color rendering index above 80..
Soraa, Inc.

Method of processing an error during the rendering of a digital content

A method is provided for processing an error during restitution of digital content during a multimedia session on a terminal. The session offers a plurality of representations of the digital content which are described in a medium carrying information describing the multimedia session and transmitted independently of the representation data.

Method and multiplexing layered coded contents

When layered coded content is transmitted over a fixed capacity network link, bitrate peaks may occur at similar time instances at the base layer and enhancement layer. To more efficiently use the bandwidth, the present principles propose different methods, such as adding a delay to a base layer bit stream or an enhancement layer bit stream, and shifting an “over-the-limit” portion of bits by a time window.
Thomson Licensing

Electroluminescence element

Disclosed herein is an electroluminescence element that is excellent in color rendering properties and has a long service life as a white light-emitting element, that is, high durability. The electroluminescence element (100) includes: a substrate (1); a first electrode (2); a functional layer (20) including at least one light-emitting layer (5); and a second electrode (8), wherein the at least one light-emitting layer (5) contains a quantum dot material (11), and wherein when a particle size at a cumulative frequency of 10% and a particle size at a cumulative frequency of 90% in a volume-based cumulative particle size distribution of the quantum dot material (11) are defined as d10 (nm) and d90 (nm), respectively, the quantum dot material (11) satisfies d90−d10≧3 nm..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Rendering high bit depth grayscale images using gpu color spaces and acceleration

Methods and systems for graphics rendering using a web browser. Embodiments commence upon receipt at a cloud-based collaboration server, a request to render a high bit depth image on a user device using a browser and a graphics processing unit.
Box, Inc.

Display diode relative age tracking

The description relates to display device image quality. One example can include a display, a processor, storage, and a pixel run time counter.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Reprojection oled display for augmented reality experiences

Methods for generating and displaying images associated with one or more virtual objects within an augmented reality environment at a frame rate that is greater than a rendering frame rate are described. The rendering frame rate may correspond with the minimum time to render images associated with a pose of a head-mounted display device (hmd).
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Method and visualization of geo-located media contents in 3d rendering applications

An approach is provided for accurate processing and registering of media content for rendering in 3d maps and other applications. The approach includes determining at least one first pixel of at least one image that geometrically corresponds to at least one second pixel of at least one rendered three-dimensional map.
Nokia Technologies Oy

Vsync aligned cpu frequency governor sampling

Systems, methods, and apparatus are herein described for reducing stuttering or skipped frames in media rendering by switching between two sampling windows of a cpu frequency governor. In particular, a sampling window for the governor can switch between a first mode and a second mode, where the first mode involves a default sampling window having a period greater than 1/f, is out of phase with or not aligned with vsync pulses, and is clocked to an internal clock of the cpu frequency governor.
Qualcomm Innovation Center, Inc.

Hybrid rendering systems and methods

Embodiments of a system and method for enhanced graphics rendering performance in a hybrid computer system are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a graphical element in a frame, application, or web page, which is to be presented to a user via a web browser, is rendered either by a first processor or a second processor based on indications of whether the first or the second processor is equipped or configured to provide faster rendering.
Intel Corporation

Methods and systems for personalized rendering of digital media content

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing devices capable of the reception and playback of one or more crafted media channels transmitted over an intermittent connection. The one or more channels may be customized by the end user to bias the programming towards individual tastes or moods.
Slacker, Inc.

Remote script execution for secure and private browsing

Invention provides a method and apparatus for remote script execution for secure internet browsing by filtering and partially re-writing a web page for the purpose of enabling the user to get the benefit from the complete code on the page without the risk associated with the potentially dangerous portions of code on that page. The invention executes the complete code set in a rendering computer processor that acts as an intermediary between the user's computer processor and the internet, and passing on, from the rendering computer to the user's computer, only those portions of code that can be safely rendered by the user's browser.
Government Of The United States As Represetned By The Secretary Of The Air Force

Techniques for configuring a generic program using controls

According to some aspects, a method of operating a data processing system is provided wherein at least one computer program is configured, the data processing system comprising least a first control, a second control and a third control, the first, second and third controls comprising at least user interface portions and operational portions, the method comprising rendering a first user interface based on the user interface portion of the first control, receiving first user input through the first user interface, the first user input providing configuration information for the at least one program, identifying the second control based at least in part on the operational portion of the first control, rendering a second user interface based on the user interface portion of the identified second control, and receiving second user input through the second user interface, the second user input providing configuration information for the at least one program.. .
Ab Initio Software Llc

Method, system and interface for controlling a subwoofer in a networked audio system

A method for controlling a plurality of media rendering devices in a data network with a controller device in communication with the network is disclosed. A network enabled subwoofer is added to the data network such that the subwoofer is visible on the network to a controller.
D&m Holdings, Lnc.

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