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Rendering patents

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Shading cg representations of materials

Chaos Software

Shading cg representations of materials

Efficient lighting effects in design software

Dirtt Environmental Solutions

Efficient lighting effects in design software

Efficient lighting effects in design software

Advanced Micro Devices

Redundancy method and apparatus for shader column repair

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rendering-related patents
 Method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereoscopic display device patent thumbnailnew patent Method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereoscopic display device
The present invention relates to a method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereo-scopic display device a method of decoding a video data signal, a video data signal, an encoder of a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereoscopic display device, a decoder of a video data signal, a computer program product comprising instructions for encoding a video data signal and a computer program product comprising instructions for decoding a video data signal. The method of encoding relates to a method of encoding a video data signal for use with a multi-view stereoscopic display device, the method comprising: providing a first image of a scene as seen from an input viewpoint, providing a depth map associated with the first image, providing preference data indicative of the preferred position of the center view for use in view rendering based on the first image and the depth map, the preferred position of the center view relating the input viewpoint to a base-line between a reference left view and a reference right view and generating the video data signal comprising encoded data representing the first image, the depth map and the preference data..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Object clustering for rendering object-based audio content based on perceptual criteria patent thumbnailnew patent Object clustering for rendering object-based audio content based on perceptual criteria
Embodiments are directed a method of rendering object-based audio comprising determining an initial spatial position of objects having object audio data and associated metadata, determining a perceptual importance of the objects, and grouping the audio objects into a number of clusters based on the determined perceptual importance of the objects, such that a spatial error caused by moving an object from an initial spatial position to a second spatial position in a cluster is minimized for objects with a relatively high perceptual importance. The perceptual importance is based at least in part by a partial loudness of an object and content semantics of the object..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Unobtrusive audio messages patent thumbnailnew patent Unobtrusive audio messages
A method for providing audio messages includes receiving a first image set and a second image set. The first image set includes visually encoded audio data for rendering audio on an electronic computing device.
Elwha Llc

 Rendering a digital element patent thumbnailnew patent Rendering a digital element
rendering a digital element is disclosed. An indication that a device is within a region associated with the digital element is received.
Ripple Inc

 Augmented reality content rendering via albedo models, systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Augmented reality content rendering via albedo models, systems and methods
Methods for rendering augmented reality (ar) content are presented. An a priori defined 3d albedo model of an object is leveraged to adjust ar content so that is appears as a natural part of a scene.
Nant Vision, Inc.

 Method and device for processing 3d image data patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for processing 3d image data
In order to process 3d input image data for a display of images on at least one display unit, the 3d input image data are provided scene-by-scene in accordance with an associated 3d image scene. The 3d input image data are each fed to a scene processing unit for management and processing.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

 Shading cg representations of materials patent thumbnailnew patent Shading cg representations of materials
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for shading computer graphics (cg) representations of materials. One of the methods includes obtaining data describing a physical material; receiving a shading request to shade a particular point in a cg representation of the physical material from a rendering engine, wherein the request identifies a mapping position of the particular point, a view direction at the mapping position, and a light direction at the mapping position; calculating a direct lighting color at the mapping position using a plurality of palettized images; calculating an indirect lighting color at the mapping position using the data describing the physical material; generating a final color at the mapping position by combining the direct lighting color and the indirect lighting color; and providing the final color to the rendering engine for use in rendering the cg representation of the physical material..
Chaos Software Ltd.

 Efficient lighting effects in design software patent thumbnailnew patent Efficient lighting effects in design software
System, methods, and apparatus allow for maintaining a real-time rendering time for rendering the lighting effect during a time interval that is independent of the number of the one or more light sources within the design space. One or more implementations allow a user to provide inputs regarding the location of an object within a design space.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.

 Graphics processing method and graphics processing apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Graphics processing method and graphics processing apparatus
A graphics processing method and an associated graphics processing apparatus are provided, where the graphics processing method is applied to the graphics processing apparatus, the graphics processing apparatus may be positioned within an electronic device, and the graphics processing apparatus may comprise at least one portion of the electronic device. The graphics processing method includes the steps of: calculating vertex positions of a primitive in a binning phase; determining, according to specific information, whether to compute vertex varyings of the primitive in the binning phase or in a rendering phase so as to provide a determination result; computing the vertex varyings in the binning phase or in the rendering phase according to the determination result; and rendering the primitive according to the vertex positions and the vertex varyings in the rendering phase..
Mediatek Inc.

 Providing an image tour of a point of interest patent thumbnailnew patent Providing an image tour of a point of interest
Systems and methods for generating image tour are provided. Method includes receiving sequence of images.
Google Inc.

new patent

Encoding polygon data for fast retrieval and rendering

An indexed list of vertices is generated to represent a polygon. The indexed list is ordered so as to define one or more boundaries of a polygon, where each element in the indexed list of vertices specifies respective coordinates in an at least two-dimensional space.
Google Inc.

new patent

Methods of modelling and characterising heart fiber geometry

The identification and determination of aspects of the construction of a patient's heart is important for cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the diagnosis, analysis, treatment, and management of cardiac patients. For example minimally invasive heart surgery demands knowledge of heart geometry, heart fiber orientation, etc.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

new patent

Indexed uniform styles for stroke rendering

Style parameters, which specify respective visual parameters for rendering a map feature at multiple zoom levels, are stored as an indexed data structure in one or more uniform variables that are (i) accessible in multiple stages of a rendering pipeline, (ii) unchanged during execution of the multiple stages of the rendering pipeline. A selection of a zoom level at which the map feature is to be displayed is received via a user interface.
Google Inc.

new patent

Exploiting frame to frame coherency in a sort-middle architecture

Pixel values that were computed in a previous frame may be reused for the current frame, operating in a sort-middle architecture. A hash or some other compact representation of all the data used in a tile, including all triangles, uniforms, textures, shaders, etc.

new patent

Partial tile rendering

In accordance with some embodiments, partial rendering of non-changing or slowly changing frame tiles allows the graphics processing unit to spend less time processing non-changing or slowly changing portions of each frame, saving power and creating more room for performance in some embodiments.. .
Intel Corporation

new patent

Redundancy shader column repair

Methods, systems and non-transitory computer readable media are described. A system includes a shader pipe array, a redundant shader pipe array, a sequencer and a redundant shader switch.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

new patent

Advertisement selection and model augmentation based upon physical characteristics of a viewer

People associate with and respond positively to those they perceive to share similar physical appearances. Accordingly, an advertisement for a product or service is selected for rendering on a display based upon a human model having a resemblance to a human viewer.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

System and rendering virtual currency related services

Technique introduced here relates to virtual currency related services, and more specifically, to tools for providing crypto or other digital currency (e.g. Bitcoin) related services, including bitcoin dns service, sending bitcoins over social media communication networks, a bitcoin trading platform and secure storage services for bitcoin..
Ox Labs Inc.

new patent

Interactive well pad plan

A method can include rendering at least a portion of a plan to a display of a computing system where the plan includes at least one pad that includes associated wells; receiving input that generates an edited plan; and responsive to receiving the input, calculating a production metric for at least a portion of the edited plan and rendering at least a portion of the edited plan and a representation of the production metric to the display.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

new patent

Describing data transformations using markup language extensions

Markup language inputs are received for generating a markup language description of an item to be rendered. The markup language inputs include in-line metadata describing a transformation to be performed on a data item before it is rendered.
Microsoft Corporation

new patent

Information processing apparatus, rendering apparatus, method and program

An information processing apparatus obtains information of an operation input made on a first client device from that the first client device, and generates a first rendering command for a first screen to be provided to the first client device based on information of the operation input. The apparatus also obtains change information, for changing a display state of a rendering object, from a second client device, and generates a second rendering command for a second screen by changing the first rendering command based on the change information..
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

new patent

Pre-translation testing of bi-directional language display

A method for testing the display of bi-directional language script prior to translation in an application under test can include using unidirectional glyphs with shaping indicators to simulate right-to-left characters. The using step can include reversing an ordering of a first set of unidirectional text characters in an input string and mapping the unidirectional text characters to right-to-left code points in a bi-directional language code page to produce a pseudo-translated string.
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Playback according to playback responsibility in group

An example implementation may involve a first playback device rendering audio content. The example implementation may also involve the first playback device detecting that a second playback device has been connected to a playback system.
Sonos, Inc

new patent

Updating assets rendered in a virtual world environment based on detected user interactions in another world

A settings controller outputs a settings interface through which a user may select from among multiple selectable options to specify one or more data associations in databases accessed by an asset location controller to selectively assign a detected user interaction in another world to a displayable rendering in a virtual world based on a selection of the one or more data associations applicable to the detected user interaction and the virtual world. The settings controller, responsive to a user selecting, through the settings interface, one or more particular selectable options to enter one or more particular data associations for one or more particular databases, assigns the one or more particular data associations to the one or more particular databases for specifying the displayable rendering of the detected user interaction in the another world to the displayable rendering in the virtual world..
International Business Machines Corporation

new patent

Methods for input-output calibration and image rendering

One of the embodiments of the invention provides an input-output calibration method performed by a processing unit connected to an output device and an input device. The output device and the input device correspond to an output device coordinate system and an input device coordinate system, respectively.
Mediatek Inc.

new patent

Led lamp with high color rendering index

An led lamp with a high color rendering index (cri) is disclosed. Example embodiments of the invention provide an led lamp with a relatively high color rendering index (cri).
Cree, Inc.

new patent

Method and system for decontaminating materials

Methods, systems, and devices for decontaminating materials containing biological or biologically derived materials, such as microorganisms or dna products, are provided. The methods, systems, and devices may be used for decontaminating or sterilizing materials, such as surfaces, including, but not limited to reducing the number of viable microorganisms on surfaces.
Rasirc, Inc.

new patent

Novel mhc molecule constructs, and methods of employing these constructs for diagnosis and therapy, and uses of mhc molecules

Novel compounds carrying ligands capable of ligating to counter receptors on relevant target cells are disclosed. The compounds possess a number of advantageous features, rendering them very suitable for a wide range of applications, including use as detection systems, detection of relevant target cells as well as in various methods.
Dako A/s

new patent

Event scoring service

An event scoring service is provided. An aspect of the service includes creating an event template having data fields.
The Mohegan Tribe Of Indians Of Connecticut

new patent

Compositions and methods for treating or preventing conditions and diseases associated with mannheimia haemolytica

Particular aspects show that the signal peptide remains intact on the mature cd18 molecule on ruminant leukocytes rendering these cells susceptible to cytolysis by lkt. Comparative amino acid sequence analysis of the signal peptide of cd18 of eight ruminants and five non-ruminants revealed that the ruminant cd18 signal peptides contain ‘cleavage-inhibiting’ glutamine (q), compared to ‘cleavage-conducive’ glycine in non-ruminants, at position −5 relative to the cleavage site.
Washington State University


Account administration for hosted services

A graphical user interface for rendering hosted services is provided. The user interface includes a set of hosted service identifiers associated with a domain name.
Google Inc.


System and customized experiences in a shared online environment

There is provided a system and method for providing customized experiences to a plurality of client stations in a shared environment. There is provided an accounts database having data relating to a plurality of clients, an online server having a server processor and hosting the shared environment for access by the plurality of client stations, and an online client application for execution by a client processor of a client station.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Nanowires and methods of forming

An array of out-of-plane, nanowires may be formed spontaneously when a material is deposited over a freshly sputter-deposited porous film under high vacuum. The nanowires may be formed without an apparent catalyst.
Brookhaven Science Associates, Llc


Method, apparatus and system for rendering virtual content

A method of rendering virtual content is disclosed. A position to render each of a first and a second portion of virtual content on an augmented reality device is determined.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Pseudo 3-d rendering of mobile device based slot machine

The invention relates to a system and method for applying one or more visual effects such as three-dimensional effects and holographic effects to one or more two-dimensional images that represent all or a portion of a virtual slot machine that is depicted in a virtual slot machine game rendered by a computing device. The computing device may determine the visual effects to be applied based on sensor information that indicates an orientation of the computing device.
Tap Slots Inc.


Image processing method and apparatus

An image processing method includes determining a number of virtual point light (vpl) samplings for each area of a current frame, applying vpls sampled in a previous frame to the current frame, adjusting a result of the applying based on the determined number of vpl samplings, and rendering the current frame based on vpls sampled in the current frame.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method, apparatus and computer program product for image rendering

In accordance with an example embodiment a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method comprises receiving a request for inclusion of a first object in a scene comprising one or more second objects.
Nokia Corporation


Method and system for efficient modeling of specular reflection

Systems, methods, and apparatus allow for the real-time rendering of specular effects within a three-dimensional model. At least one implementation allows a user to create a map that comprises a representation of at least one light source within a three-dimensional model.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions Inc.


Three-dimensional image generation apparatus and three-dimensional image generation method

In a three-dimensional image generation apparatus, a cpu concatenates meshes of a plurality of objects which meet a predefined concatenation condition, and performs in advance vertex attribute transformation on the plurality of objects of which the meshes have been concatenated. The cpu regards as a single object, the plurality of objects on which the vertex attribute transformation has been performed, and transfers a rendering command, which instructs rendering of the plurality of objects regarded as the single object, to a gpu.
Denso Corporation


Systems and methods for rendering autostereoscopic three-dimensional online advertisements

Systems and methods for rendering three-dimensional (3d) online advertisements on electronic devices are described. An advertiser provides a two-dimensional (2d) version of an advertisement, and the 2d version is converted to a 3d format appropriate for rendering for display on a particular electronic device.
Turn Inc.


Interactive survey feedback tool

A method of optimizing one or more attributes of a product according to a product context. A product context and one or more attributes of the product are presented to a user via a software graphical user interface (gui).
The Iams Company


Pain surveying and visualization in a human bodily region

Techniques for pain surveying and visualization in a bodily region including a 3-dimensional rendering of a bodily region or an anatomical grid for presentation to a subject suffering from pain for collection of pain intensity and pain location information. A device is provided to the patients for display of the rendering of the bodily region or anatomical grid for collection of pain intensity and location information.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Identifying a browser for rendering an electronic document

Systems and methods for identifying a browser for rendering an electronic document. An example method may comprise: intercepting, by a software component being executed by a computer system within a context of a first browser, a procedure call to open a new browser window for rendering an electronic document; identifying, in view of an identifier of the electronic document, a second browser; and causing the second browser to render the electronic document..
Teachers Insurance And Annuity Association Of America


Universal and adaptive software development platform for data-driven applications

A software application platform that abstracts a computing platform, a database layer, and a rendering medium is disclosed. A platform-independent application programming interface is disclosed, as well as an abstract database layer.


Systems and methods for declarative applications

Embodiments of the disclosure are directed to systems and methods to process a declaratively-specified computer application by interpreting a structure and a behavior specification. Application data items are interpreted using a processing concrete model based on the structure specification.


Capacitive proximity sensor configuration including a speaker grille

An example embodiment includes a playback device that includes a capacitive proximity sensor; one or more speakers; a conductive speaker grille; and a control system that decouples a grounding plane of the capacitive proximity sensor from the conductive speaker grille while the one or more speakers are rendering audio and couples the grounding plane of the capacitive proximity sensor to the conductive speaker grille while the one or more speakers are not rendering audio.. .
Sonos, Inc


Systems and methods for creation and sharing of selectively animated digital photos

A method of generating distributable and/or shareable selectively animated images comprising the steps of: (a) opening a client computer program, implemented as client computer program loaded on a mobile device; (b) capturing or accessing a video content; (c) using a user interface of the client computer program, a user drawing a path or region on an image frame from the video content to be animated (“animated region”), wherein the client computer program generated based on the animated region a mask, wherein the mask represents the static portion of a selectively animated image, and the mask is operable to mask underlying animated regions; and (d) the client computer program initiating, at the mobile device or via a server linked to the mobile device, the composition of a series of images including user selected animated regions, by rendering an animated image based on mask and the underlying masked animated regions. A computer program is provided for implementing the steps of the method, which may consist of a mobile application.
Flixel Photos, Inc.


Removable cover system

A removable cover system may include a first cover member and a second cover member joined by an adjustable pivot system that is adjustable to accommodate different seat/headrest and windshield positions across a diverse spectrum of car designs and models. A removable connection may secure the cover system to an automobile windshield and a seat back or headrest member.
Cresting Wave Llc


Image capture method and apparatus

A method of stereoscopic panoramic image capture of a virtual environment is provided. The method includes pausing the state of a virtual environment being implemented by an application.
Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited


Cloud-based multi-player gameplay video rendering and encoding

Generating in real-time multiple gameplay videos in a cloud computing network of a mobile game played on multiple mobile devices is disclosed. A cloud-based video system of the cloud computing network receives gameplay state information of the mobile game played on the multiple mobile devices, where the gameplay state information associated with a mobile device describes the states of the mobile game while the game is played on the mobile device.
Google Inc.


Path creation using medical imaging for planning device insertion

Efficient path planning of a medical device for insertion into a patient using medical imaging is provided. An image rendered from different transfer functions is used.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Methods and systems for re-securing a compromised channel in a satellite signal distribution environment

A method implemented by a set top box that encrypts communications for a channel stacking switch (cs) using a public key of the css, the method comprising: obtaining a message from a head end; extracting electronic counter measure (ecm) data from the message; sending the ecm data to the css; receiving, in response to the sending, a new public key of the css; encrypting communications for the css using the new public key of the css. Also, a method for implementation by a css, comprising: maintaining a private key and a public key; obtaining ecm data sent by a set top box in communication with the css; obtaining an identifier of the css; formulating a new public key based on the private key, the identifier and the ecm; rendering the new public key available to the set top box..
Bce Inc.


System and methods providing sports event related media to internet-enabled devices synchronized with a live broadcast of the sports event

An electronic device can be synchronized with a broadcast of a live sporting event to obtain supplemental sports data over a data network from a server storing data associated with the live sporting event. Supplemental sports data is obtained from the server for display on the electronic device following a triggering activity associated with the broadcast of the live sporting event.
Verna Ip Holdings, Llc


System and multi-view reconstruction with user-selectable novel views

A system for multi-view reconstruction of a photo-realistic rendering of an event includes cameras for imaging the event with image frames; a controller having a cem module for modeling an environment from image data of the image frames, an fes module for segmenting a foreground from the environment from image data of the image frames and constructing a 3d data representation; and a configuration engine includes a path selection module, the configuration engine for configuring and rendering the photo-realistic rendering along a path selected by a user using the path selection module, the path having at least one novel view image. The photo-realistic rendering has less than a 10% discrepancy between output pixel raster values of the novel view image and the image frames imaged by the cameras..
Replay Technologies Inc.


Methods, systems and processor-readable media for preventing rendering jobs/sets from being split before stacker is full

Methods, systems and processor-readbale media for preventing a job/set splitting across a stacker. A splitting prevention module can be configured to include a prevent job splitting feature or a prevent set splitting feature.
Xerox Corporation


Method and a device for reacting to watermarks in digital content

A device for reacting to watermarks embedded in digital content, comprising a capture module configured to capture digital content; a watermark extraction module configured to extract watermarks embedded in captured digital content; an interpreter module configured to interpret extracted watermarks and to send commands corresponding to interpretations of extracted watermarks; a storage module configured to store digital content; a rendering module configured to render digital content stored in the storage module in response to a command from the interpreter module to render digital content; a recorder module configured to record digital content captured by the capture module upon reception of a command from the interpreter; and an encoder module configured to encode digital content recorded by the recorded module and to store encoded digital content in the storage module.. .
Thomson Licensing


Automated measurement of differential latency between displays

The present invention relates to methods or system for the measurement of differential latency between displays located at endpoints of network, displays being driven by one or more rendering machines and having means for refreshing the images on different displays at the same point in time as well as means adapted so that the content of each displayed image can only change after the completion of previous displayed frame. For example the displays can be frame locked and have double buffered swap locked memory operation.
Barco N.v.


Automated patron guidance

In one embodiment, a method comprises determining, by a first access network computing node at a venue, a position of a person based on an image of the person captured with at least one camera at the venue; controlling rendering, by the first access network computing node, of an icon moving toward a destination in response to a determined movement of the person; and handing-off, by the first access network computing node, the controlling rendering of the icon to a second access network computing node in response to the position of the person moving from a first domain zone associated with the first access network computing node to a second domain zone associated with the second access network computing node.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Image processing device and image processing method

In an image processing device, an information processing section performs information processing according to an instruction input by a user. An alpha buffer generating block of an image processing section generates an alpha buffer representing, in an image plane, the alpha value of each pixel when designated objects formed by a plurality of objects are collectively regarded as one object.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Rendering based on multiple projections

A workflow for 3d content authoring, delivery, and rendering is facilitated based on pre-authored image projections to obtain improvements in authoring efficiency. Additionally, a content delivery platform centered on such pre-authored image projections provides a mechanism for significantly improving streaming efficiency for 3d worlds.
Zynga Inc.


System for and social interaction using user-selectable novel views

A system for social interaction using a photo-realistic novel view of an event includes a multi-view reconstruction system for developing transmission data of the event a plurality of client-side rendering devices, each rendering device receiving the transmission data from the multi-view reconstruction system and rendering the transmission data as the photo-realistic novel view. A method of social interaction using a photo-realistic novel view of an event includes transmitting by a server side transmission data of the event; receiving by a first user on a first rendering device the data transmission; selecting by the first user a path for rendering on the first rendering device at least on novel view; rendering by the first rendering device the at least one novel view; and saving by the user on the first rendering device novel view date for the at least one novel view..
Replay Technologies Inc.


Rendering generating ray

A rendering system and a method for generating a ray are provided. The method for performing a rendering process of a rendering system includes generating a primary ray to render an image, determining whether the primary ray is capable of generating at least one secondary ray, storing information on the primary ray in a reference memory in response to determining that the primary ray is capable of generating the at least one secondary ray; and generating the at least one secondary ray based on the stored information on the primary ray..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


On demand geometry and acceleration structure creation

Systems and methods of geometry processing, for rasterization and ray tracing processes provide for pre-processing of source geometry, such as by tessellating or other procedural modification of source geometry, to produce final geometry on which a rendering will be based. An acceleration structure (or portion thereof) for use during ray tracing is defined based on the final geometry.
Imagination Technologies, Ltd.


Computer-aided identification of a tissue of interest

A method includes determining a change in a volume of a tissue of interest located in at least two data sets between the at least two data sets. The at least two image data sets include a first image data set acquired at a first time and a second image data set acquired at a second time, and the first and second times are different.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Deep image data compression

A method of compressing a deep image representation may include receiving a deep image, where the deep image may include multiple pixels, and where each pixel in the deep image may include multiple samples. The method may also include compressing the deep image by combining samples in each pixel that are associated with the same primitives.
Lucasfilm Entertainment Company, Ltd.


Requirement-specific configuration of user interface forms

Various embodiments of systems and methods for form design are described herein. A user interface to configure a procurement-related non-catalogue form is displayed.


Real-time depth of field effects within design software

Design software can be configured to allow a user in real-time to adjust a depth of field of a perspective of the user within a design space. In one implementation, for example, the design software can receive one or more inputs from a user regarding a layout of one or more objects in a design space.
Dirtt Environmental Solutions, Ltd.


Web page variation

A computer implemented method for defining, at a web browser, an element of a web page for variation, the method comprising the steps of: the browser providing an element selection facility for a user to select an element for variation as a variable element; in response to an element selection, the browser storing an identifier of the variable element; the browser rendering a variant of the web page by adding at least one additional element to the web page so as to render the web page with a variation of the variable element.. .
Thunderhead Limited


Information processing device and information processing method

When a user fast-forwards pages and there arises a necessity to display pages ahead of image data generating processing by a page image generating unit 114, a paging managing unit 112 of a viewing screen control section 110 culls pages whose image data is to be generated, and requests an image rendering unit 122 to display already generated preceding or succeeding pages as a dummy. A display region managing unit 116 requests the image rendering unit 122 to sequentially display specified display regions stored in a movement rule storage unit 118 according to advancing operation of the user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Water-immune ftir touch screen

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for a water-immune ftir touchscreen. An optically clear adhesive with an index of refraction between that of water and human skin in the infrared wavelength range is placed below a touchscreen interface substrate.
Elo Touch Solutions, Inc.


User interface rendering in augmented or virtual reality systems

An augmented reality display system comprises a passable world model data comprises a set of map points corresponding to one or more objects of the real world. The augmented reality system also comprises a processor to communicate with one or more individual augmented reality display systems to pass a portion of the passable world model data to the one or more individual augmented reality display systems, wherein the piece of the passable world model data is passed based at least in part on respective locations corresponding to the one or more individual augmented reality display systems..
Magic Leap, Inc.


Method and associating audio objects with content and geo-location

An approach is provided for efficiently capturing, processing, presenting, and/or associating audio objects with content items and geo-locations. A processing platform may determine a viewpoint of a viewer of at least one content item associated with a geo-location.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Efficient led-based illumination modules with high color rendering index

An illumination module includes a light mixing cavity with an interior surface area and window that are physically separated from an led. A portion of the window is coated with a first wavelength converting material and a portion of the interior surface area is coated with a second wavelength converting material.
Xicato, Inc.


Methods of making paper and paper with modified cellulose pulps

The present invention relates to an improved process for producing chemical cellulose pulp wherein biopolymers are added immediately before, during or after a bleaching step, depending on pulp characteristics and on process conditions used. The biopolymers according to the present invention are starches chemically modified by an etherification reaction.
Fibria Celulose S/a


Methods for producing heterologous polypeptides in mutants of trichoderma

The present invention relates to mutants of a parent trichoderma strain, comprising a polynucleotide encoding a polypeptide and one or more genes selected from the group consisting of a peptaibol synthetase gene, a paracelsin synthetase gene, a first terpene cyclase gene, a second terpene cyclase gene, and a third terpene cyclase gene, wherein one or more of the genes are modified rendering the mutant strain deficient in the production of one or more of the enzymes selected from the group consisting of a peptaibol synthetase, a paracelsin synthetase, a first terpene cyclase, a second terpene cyclase, and a third terpene cyclase compared to the parent trichoderma strain when cultivated under identical conditions. The present invention also relates to methods of producing a polypeptide in such mutants and methods for producing such mutants..
Novozymes, Inc.


Document destruction system and methods

The invention provides a system and method for processing at least one document thereby rendering the document illegible; and recording an information summary associated with the document and the processing of the document.. .
Organic Waste Management, Llc


Method for representing tissue stiffness

A method and system for analyzing stiffness in a volume of tissue, the method including: emitting acoustic waveforms toward the volume of tissue with an array of ultrasound transmitters; detecting, with an array of ultrasound receivers, a set of acoustic signals derived from acoustic waveforms transmitted through the volume of tissue; generating, from the set of acoustic signals, a sound speed map and an acoustic attenuation map of a region of the volume of tissue, generating a stiffness map derived from combination of a set of sound speed parameter values of the sound speed map and a corresponding set of acoustic attenuation parameter values of the acoustic attenuation map, the stiffness map representing the distribution of the stiffness parameter across the region; and at a display in communication with the computer processor, rendering a stiffness image of the volume of tissue, based upon the stiffness map.. .
Delphinus Medical Technologies, Inc.


User interface with video frame tiles

Methods, systems, and computer readable media can be operable to facilitate the provisioning of a user interface with video frame tiles. Specific content sources or pieces of content may be identified according to various parameters, and media renderings of the associated content may be generated.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.


Techniques for low power image compression and display

Various embodiments are generally directed to techniques for reducing the consumption of electric power in rendering an image onto a display associated with a computing device by generating and compressing difference frames for use in rendering the image. A device to compress video frames includes a processor component; and a frame buffer compressor for execution by the processor component to compress a current frame of a series of frames as a compressed difference frame, the compressed difference frame comprising a difference frame that indicates a difference in pixel color of at least one pixel between the current frame and a preceding adjacent frame of the series of frames.
Intel Corporation


Stereoscopic rendering to eye positions

Enacted in a stereoscopic display system, a method to display a virtual object at a specified distance in front of an observer. The method includes sensing positions of the right and left eyes of the observer, and based on these positions, shifting a right or left display image of the virtual object.


Generation and use of a 3d radon image

Certain aspects relate to systems and techniques for efficiently recording captured plenoptic image data and for rendering images from the captured plenoptic data. The plenoptic image data can be captured by a plenoptic or other light field camera.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and extendable field of view rendering

A method, apparatus and computer program product are provided for extendable field of view rendering. A method is provided for receiving media data including a plurality of video frames.
Nokia Corporation


Systems, methods, and computer readable media for providing applications style functionality to a user

Systems, methods, and computer readable media of providing applications style functionality to a user of a mobile radio terminal are disclosed. In certain embodiments, the systems, methods, and computer readable media include the steps of receiving a data stream transmission having a plurality of states, wherein each state is associated with output instructions and storage instructions, and wherein the plurality of states is configured such that moving through the states creates the appearance of executing an application on the mobile radio terminal; decoding the data stream transmission and caching each of the plurality of states with the associated output instructions according to the associated storage instructions; rendering a first state; responsive to an event on the mobile radio terminal, moving from the first state to a second state by applying the output instructions associated with the second state; and communicating a change of state to a server..
Binu Pty Ltd


System and providing individualized portable asset applications

In one aspect, a computer-implemented method for providing individualized portable asset applications may generally include providing access to a master geospatial asset and receiving a user input associated with generating a portable geospatial asset based on the master geospatial asset, wherein the portable geospatial asset corresponds to a data subset of the master geospatial asset. The method may also include generating the portable geospatial asset based on the user input and embedding the portable geospatial asset within an asset application, wherein the asset application includes computer-readable instructions for rendering the portable geospatial asset.
Google Inc.


System and real-time viewer feedback to broadcast media

A system and method for real-time viewer feedback during a live broadcast for a large number of users communicating through smart phones, tablets, laptop computers or desktop computers. In response to a solicitation by the broadcast, the users provide information through an internet connection to a data-collecting server.
Touched Llc


Security system output interface with overload detection and protection

An output interface circuit for a security panel. The output interface circuit includes an output switch for activating one or more output devices in response to a control signal from a port controller.
Tyco Safety Products Canada Ltd.


Augmented reality method applied to the integration of a pair of spectacles into an image of a face

Method for creating a final real-time photorealistic image of a virtual object, corresponding to a real object arranged on an original photo of a user, in a realistic orientation related to the user's position, includes: detecting the presence of an area for the object in the photo; determining the position of characteristic points of the area for the object in the photo; determining the 3d orientation of the face, the angles φ and ψ of the camera having taken the photo relative to the principal plane of the area; selecting the texture to be used for the virtual object, in accordance with the angle-of-view, and generating the view of the virtual object in 3d; creating a first layered rendering in the correct position consistent with the position of the placement area for the object in the original photo; obtaining the photorealistic rendering by adding overlays to obtain the final image.. .


Cross-platform data visualizations using common descriptions

The present invention extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for cross-platform data visualizations using common descriptions. Embodiments of the invention provide mechanisms for simplifying software development and enhanced code reliability.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Method and performing path rendering

A method of performing path rendering, includes acquiring information of vertexes in an object to be rendered in a frame, and calculating a winding number of a pixel in the frame, based on a relationship between a position of the pixel and a proceeding direction of a path connecting the vertexes. The method further includes determining whether to assign a color to the pixel, based on the winding number..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method, apparatus and system for rendering an object on a page

A method of rendering a graphical object (e.g., 801) on a page (800), is disclosed. A region of the page containing the graphical object (801) is marked as output incompatible based on the graphical object (801) being output incompatible.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Learning painting styles for painterly rendering

Embodiments relate to automatic rendering of images according to a painting style. A procedural painting system, controlled by one or more parameters is used.
Google Inc.


Creation and delivery of pre-rendered web pages for accelerated browsing

The process of rendering web pages can be significantly improved with a content delivery system that pre-renders web content for a client device. A web page “program” can be pre-executed and the result delivered to a requesting client device, rather than or before sending a traditional set of web page components, such as a markup language document, cascading style sheets, embedded objects.
Akamai Technologies, Inc.


Rendering a web element in a web page

rendering a web element in a web page in an integrated development environment is provided. A reference address is extracted from code of a web page.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective display of comprehension guides

Techniques are provided for selectively and dynamically determining one or more words of an electronic book to present with comprehension guides. For instance, an electronic device rendering an electronic book may determine whether to display some, all, or no words of the book with comprehension guides for words within the electronic book based on word difficulty, contextual importance or aspects of the user.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Content rendering device

A display device for presenting content that includes a housing having an opening defined in a front portion, a display disposed in the opening and that presents content and/or content items, a mounting device disposed on a rear surface of the housing, a system for presenting content disposed inside the housing, and an attachment assembly that attaches to the mounting device and to an object for the purpose of displaying the content.. .
Stwrap, Llc


Method and device for rendering multimedia content

Various aspects of a device and a method for rendering multimedia content are disclosed herein. The method determines a ratio between a first resolution of multimedia content and a second resolution of a display screen of a display device.
Sony Corporation


Methods and rendering applications and widgets on a mobile device interface in a three-dimensional space

A system represents each of the available applications, including widgets, with a respective image representation on a display associated with the communications device. The system associates each of the image representations with a respective subset of image representations, or panels that are organized to assist a user to locate and interact with the image representations.
Spb Software Inc.


Methods and rendering a collection of widgets on a mobile device display

A system renders a collection of widgets on a mobile device display by identifying a first appearance and a second appearance associated with a respective rendering of a first and second collection of widgets on the mobile device display. The system transitions from the rendering of the first collection to the second.
Spb Software Inc.


Dynamic traffic rendering

An initial geometry including one dimensional representation of a path is accessed. The initial geometry may be based traffic data.
Here Global B.v.


Oxynitride orange-red fluorescent substance and light-emitting film or sheet and light-emitting device comprising the same

An oxynitride orange-red fluorescent substance and a light-emitting film or sheet and a light-emitting device comprising the same are disclosed. The chemical formula of the oxynitride orange-red fluorescent substance is mmaasixnyoz:dr in which the element m is one or more of the elements ca, sr and ba, the element a is al or a mixture of al with one or more of the elements ga, la, sc and y, the element r is one or more of the elements ce, eu and mn, and chemical formula meets 0.8≦m≦1.2, 1<a<1.7, 1<x<1.7, 3<y<4.2, 0<z<0.7, and 0.001≦d≦0.2.
Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.


High cri solid state lighting devices with enhanced vividness

Solid state lighting devices including multiple solid state light emitters are arranged to produce a mixture of light having a color rendering index (cri ra) value of at least 80, having a gamut area index (gai) value in a range of from 80 to 100, and x, y coordinates within a predefined region of a 1931 cie chromaticity diagram, e.g. Including x, y coordinates defining point on or within a first polygon bounded by the following x, y coordinates: (0.38, 0.34), (0.38, 0.36), (0.40, 0.38), (0.42, 0.38), (0.44, 0.36), (0.46, 0.36), and (0.46, 0.34).
Cree, Inc.

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