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Method and apparatus for distributing content to multiple devices


Method and apparatus for distributing content to multiple devices

Version selective content delivery

Cable Television Laboratories

Version selective content delivery

Version selective content delivery

Samsung Electronics

Apparatus and method for controlling remote user interface servers using a multicast message in a home network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Rendering-related patents
 Distance-based rendering of media files patent thumbnailDistance-based rendering of media files
A rendering device dynamically varies how audio and visual information is rendered by a rendering device responsive to changes in distance between the rendering device and a mobile device carried by a user. As the user moves about, the distance between the rendering device and the mobile device carried by the user will vary.
Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications Ab
 Method and  distributing content to multiple devices patent thumbnailMethod and distributing content to multiple devices
An approach is provided distributing content to multiple devices. Specifically, a distribution module causes, at least in part, a rendering of at least one user interface for distributing content among at least one device and one or more other devices with connectivity to the at least one device.
Nokia Corporation
 Version selective content delivery patent thumbnailVersion selective content delivery
A method and system of id based content delivery where the selection and transmission of content is facilitated with use of version ids associated with each available version of each particular piece of content. A relationship may be generated between the available versions in the version ids to facilitate determining the version id associated with a version desired for rendering at a particular type of terminal..
Cable Television Laboratories, Inc.
 Apparatus and  controlling remote user interface servers using a multicast message in a home network patent thumbnailApparatus and controlling remote user interface servers using a multicast message in a home network
An apparatus and method for controlling a remote user interface server (ruis) in a remote user interface client (ruic), wherein the method includes rendering an rui page for controlling ruiss, receiving an input of a control command for controlling the ruiss from a user through the rui page, generating a multicast control message for transmitting the input control command in a form of multicast, and transmitting the multicast control message to the ruiss.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 In-market classification for online content item placement campaigns patent thumbnailIn-market classification for online content item placement campaigns
At least one aspect is directed to identifying in-market activity for content placement as part of an online content item placement campaign. A data processing system can determine renderings of online documents by an end user computing device within a time period, and can classify the online documents into a top level subject matter category.
Google Inc.
 Processes for recycling carpet and products of such processes patent thumbnailProcesses for recycling carpet and products of such processes
Methods for the recycling of carpet are disclosed that produce clean face fiber suitable for industrial use. The methods allow the recovery of face fiber material, for example a polyester or a polyamide, from carpets that includes a face fiber material and a backing material, and include the steps of heating the carpet to a temperature lower than the melting point of the face fiber material, but higher than the initial thermal decomposition temperature of the backing material, for a time and at a temperature sufficient to thermally decompose, pyrolyze, or oxidize at least a portion of the backing material, rendering the backing material friable, that is more friable than the untreated backing; and applying mechanical force to the carpet so as to liberate the friable backing material from the face fiber material..
Shaw Industries Group, Inc.
 Image shader using two-tiered lookup table for implementing style attribute references patent thumbnailImage shader using two-tiered lookup table for implementing style attribute references
A graphics or image rendering system, such as a map image rendering system, receives image data from an image database, such as a map database, in the form of vector data having image features defined as sets of vertex data. The vertex data includes location data as well as an attribute reference pointer variable value that references a first lookup table, in the form of a texture map, which is sent to or generated in the image rendering system.
Google Inc.
 Image shader using style attribute references patent thumbnailImage shader using style attribute references
A graphics or image rendering system, such as a map image rendering system, receives image data from an image database, such as a map database, in the form of vector data having image features defined as sets of vertex data. The vertex data includes location data as well as an attribute reference that references a lookup table, in the form of a texture map, which is sent to or generated in the image rendering system.
Google Inc.
 Applying different transport mechanisms for user interface and image portions of a remotely rendered image patent thumbnailApplying different transport mechanisms for user interface and image portions of a remotely rendered image
A system and method for remote rendering of computer graphics wherein user transactions are reliable and the transmission of rendered graphics is relatively fast. The invention is implemented in a client server context, where a computer graphics application and rendering resources are located at a server.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.
 Methods and systems for efficient graphics rendering patent thumbnailMethods and systems for efficient graphics rendering
Methods and systems are disclosed for generating a polygon mesh that may have concavities and/or holes. One example of such a method includes generating a polygon grid, adjusting the grid to fit input image dimensions, adjusting the polygons within the grid to fit detected pixels of interest, simplifying the resulting polygon collection to reduce the total number of polygons, and generating a polygon mesh based on the simplified collection of polygons..
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

User interface framework for viewing large scale graphs on the web

Various embodiments provide a computer-implemented system and method providing a user interface framework for viewing large scale graphs. An example embodiment includes obtaining graph data including information related to a plurality of nodes, the plurality of nodes corresponding to search queries performed on a particular host site; constructing a plurality of sub-graphs, the sub-graphs being clusters of search results that are formed based on an amount of overlap among the search results produced from the search queries; rendering the graph by displaying each of the plurality of nodes at a respective absolute position within the graph and generating a plurality of tiles representing images of the plurality of sub-graphs; and displaying a sub-graph image corresponding to a selected position and zoom level..
Ebay Inc.

Genetically modified rat models for pharmacokinetics

The present invention provides a desired rat or a rat cell which contains a predefined, specific and desired alteration rendering the rat or rat cell predisposed to drug transport sensitivity or resistance drug transport resistance or sensitivity. Specifically, the invention pertains to a genetically altered rat, or a rat cell in culture, that is defective in at least one of two alleles of a drug transporter gene such as the slc7a11 (nc_005101.2) gene, the abcb1 (nc_005103.2) gene, etc.
Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Caching media in a media fling system

Aspects of the disclosure relate to a content (e.g., media) transfer or fling platform system and method. In a media fling platform system, media items may be cached at a rendering device prior to any selection of media items to fling.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc.

Encoding pre-roll advertisements in progressively-loading images

Some embodiments of the invention provide techniques for an advertisement mask and a target media content being jointly encoded, transformed, and progressively rendered for presentation to a user. Specifically, a request for the target media content by a user is received.
Yahoo! Inc.

Creation and exposure of embedded secondary content data relevant to a primary content page of an electronic book

Disclosed are several methods, apparatus, and a system to create, expose, and hide embedded secondary content data relevant to a primary content page of an electronic book generated by a content generating device. The method, system, and apparatus is enabled through a y-axis slide apart gesture that is applied to a notification region of the primary content page such that the secondary content data is made visible when the y-axis slide apart gesture is applied to the notification region. Llc

Dynamic social networking service system and respective methods in collecting and disseminating specialized and interdisciplinary knowledge

The present invention relates generally to a dynamic social network system (sns network), specializing in the consolidation of all specialized fields of expertise into a single database network and rendering the maximized ability to collect and disseminate specialized and interdisciplinary fields of knowledge from academic events. The present invention acts as a platform in which public and private institutions could utilize in advertising their academic events to the people interested in or concerned with the topic/content but unaware of certain academic events..

Media fling system

Aspects of the disclosure relate to a content (e.g., media) transfer or fling platform or system and method in which content may be sent, transferred, or flung from an electronic device to an output device via a rendering device. The content may be transformed (e.g., processed) to meet a content quality based on network conditions and output device capabilities.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc.

Advertisements in view

A technique is provided to determine whether a region within a web page is viewable to a user through a browser window. Often, browsers will only show part of a web page at given time, creating a difficulty in establishing whether a region of the web page, which may be an advertisement for example, is in view.
Google Inc.

Surgery assistance device and surgery assistance program

A personal computer (1) of a surgery assistance system (100) performs navigation during surgery while combining and displaying an image of the distal end (surgical instrument image (33a)) of a surgical instrument (33) and a distance from the surgical instrument distal end to the resection site, in a three-dimensional image produced by a volume rendering computer (13).. .
Panasonic Medical Solutions Co., Ltd.

Drive mechanism for a drug injection device comprising adhesive to block drive at end of device life to prevent reuse

A drive mechanism of a drug delivery device is presented having, a piston rod to operably engage with a piston of a cartridge containing a medicament, a first functional component and a second functional component whose position or orientation relative to each other is unambiguously correlated to a predefined axial position of the piston rod, wherein the first and/or the second functional component comprise at least one engaging portion to inseparably and to adhesively engage the first and the second functional component with each other for rendering the drive mechanism inoperable when the predefined axial position of the piston rod has been reached.. .
Sanofi-avents Deutschland Gmbh

Systems and methods for improved rendering

Systems and methods for improved rendering of animal products may utilize a multi-step process including at least a heating step through use of a steam-jacketed tube system and a pressing step to squeeze out the oils. Grinding and pre-breaking may first be used to break the fat/whole animal into pieces.

Automatic playback of one or more excerpt(s) of a video sequence on a data processing device

A method includes initiating, through an interface of a data processing device, generation of one or more excerpt(s) of a video sequence associated with a video file stored in a memory of the data processing device. The method also includes automatically reading, through a processor of the data processing device communicatively coupled to the memory, video frames of the video file corresponding to the one or more excerpt(s) and reference video frames thereof in accordance with the initiation through the interface.
Nvidia Corporation

White light emitting module

A light emitting module (10), adapted to produce white output light having an emission peak in the wavelength range from 400 to 440 nm, comprises:•—at least one first light emitting element (110) adapted to emit light having an emission peak in a first wavelength range from 440 to 460 nm;•—at least one wavelength converting material (85) arranged to receive light emitted by said first light emitting element, and being capable of emitting light having an emission peak in the green to red wavelength range; and•—at least one second light emitting element (120) adapted to emit light having an emission peak in a second wavelength range from 400 to 440 nm. The module according to the invention provides white light of acceptable color rendering with a “crisp white” effect..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Cloud printing system and method using near field communication

Provided is a cloud printing method using near field communication (nfc), the method comprising: selecting content for printing in a mobile terminal; requesting a print by the mobile terminal being nfc tagged to an image forming apparatus; transmitting the selected content to the cloud server via the mobile terminal; parallel rendering the content in the mobile terminal and the cloud server; generating print data by merging sets of content respectively rendered in the mobile terminal and the cloud server; and printing the print data in the image forming apparatus.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Image forming apparatus performing trapping process when print data includes a plurality of pieces of image data and to superpose the adjacent pieces of image data and a determination unit that determines whether or not trapping attribute information, which indicates that the trapping process is to be performed, is attached to the pieces of image data on a piece by piece basis of performed color correction

An image forming apparatus performs a trapping process. The image forming apparatus includes an image processing unit that includes a determination unit, a color correction unit, a processing unit, an adding unit, and a generating unit.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Rendering using multiple render target sample masks

One embodiment sets forth a method for transforming 3-d images into 2-d rendered images using render target sample masks. A software application creates multiple render targets associated with a surface.
Nvidia Corporation

Method and system of signal representation for ndt/ndi devices

Disclosed is a method and system to provide an improved signal representation of non-destructive test/inspection instruments by proper color display, in order to emulate as closely as possible, the visual rendering effect of those seen in the traditional non-electronic testing, including penetrant testing and magnetic particle testing. The foregoing object of the invention is preferably realized by providing an eddy current or phased array instrument with a color palette module that allows the deployment of an array of color representation system typically used in traditional non-electronic testing methods..
Olympus Ndt Inc.

Graphics processing unit, graphics processing system including the same, and operating the same

A method of operating a graphics processing unit is provided. The method includes generating a first display list including a position information index, an attribute information index, and a texture patch descriptor index for each of a plurality of new primitives; generating a second display list by sorting the first display list according to texture patch descriptor indexes; and rendering the plurality of new primitives based on the second display list..

Rendering to multi-resolution hierarchies

One embodiment of the present invention includes techniques for processing a multi-resolution hierarchy, where an application configures a rop unit to render all the levels included in the multi-resolution hierarchy to a single composite render target. The rop unit renders memory pages to the composite render target in pitch order.
Nvidia Corporation

Method and the progressive loading of medical multidimensional images into a medical application

A method includes a) loading a first number n of image sets with an image size ky, the ky images of which are distributed in a regular manner over a volume, which is to be loaded in its entirety as a result; b) loading a number nx of image sets starting with a factor x=1, with the images loaded in total being distributed in a regular manner over the volume; c) determining a camera distance and voxel size based on the number of images loaded, a camera distance and voxel size being suitable as parameters for a volume rendering; and d) repeating the two preceding steps b) and c) while increasing the number of image sets with a factor x=x+1, until all the images of the volume have been loaded in their entirety and/or until the step sequence ends.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

3d space content visualization system

Methods and systems are provided for visualizing and rendering three-dimensional spaces using two-dimensional content. To create three-dimensional visualizations, the visualization system retrieves two-dimensional content data from a content source, defines at least one layer within the content data, defines at least one anchor within each layer, and defines at least one element within each layer, wherein each element represents an object at a three-dimensional boundary as viewed from at least one of the anchors.
Genius Matcher Ltd.

Method and rendering items in a user interface

An approach is provided for rendering items in a user interface. The approach may, for instance, include: a pre-fetching and a caching of item information associated with one or more items for one or more determined categories based on location information associated with the device; a processing of a detected attitude change associated with the device and of an attitude change threshold to determine an intended orientation mode for the device; a modification of one or more representations, of one or more items, that are within a region, of a user interface, associated with a user interface object; a grouping, a de-overlapping, or a combination thereof of the one or more representations based on an overlapping of one or more rendering locations, of the one or more representations, in a three-dimensional model space..
Nokia Corporation

Decontamination appartus and method

Provided is an apparatus for disinfecting an object by at least partially removing a biologically-active contaminant there from. A housing encloses a disinfection chamber in which a portion of the object is to be received to be disinfected, and includes an inlet aperture through which the object is introduced to the apparatus.
Daylight Medical, Inc.

Visual rendering of diameter network topology

Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method of displaying a diameter network having a local node, a peer connected to the local node, and a realm contactable by the local node via the peer. The method includes drawing the local node as a vertex of a graph; drawing a peer that has been configured for communication with the local node as a second vertex of the graph; drawing a first connection status between the local node and the peer as an edge of the graph; determining, for a diameter route to a realm, that the local node does not have a peer for the realm; drawing the realm as a third vertex of the graph; determining that messages to the realm should be routed to the peer; and drawing a second connection status for the diameter route as an edge between the realm and the peer..
Alcatel Lucent Canada, Inc.

Methods, apparatus and systems for data visualisation and related applications

A method of arranging a data set for graphical analysis in a graphical analysis computing system, is described, the method comprising the steps of a data retrieval engine retrieving data elements from a data store that forms part of or which is in communication with the graphical analysis computing system; a processing module carrying out a preliminary analysis of the retrieved data, forming an initial appropriate output style as a visual document framework, carrying out analysis of the retrieved data for periodic or repeating patterns and adjusting the visual document framework to emphasise desired visual attributes, and mapping the data on to the visual document framework; and a rendering engine creating a visual document output display.. .
New Bis Safe Luxco S.à R.l

System and rendering an assessment item

Systems and methods are provided for rendering an assessment item. A document encoded in a markup language is received.
Educational Testing Service

Presenting external information related to preselected terms in ebook

Systems and methods for rendering an annotation graphic user interface (gui) that encompasses external information related to a book term in a structured frame. An ebook includes pre-selected terms embedded with hyperlinks directing to an article contained by an external information source.
Kobo Incorporated

Internet-enabled apparatus, physically and virtually rendering three-dimensional objects

Three-dimensional object bridge between virtual and physical worlds. A method, system, apparatus and/or computer-usable medium includes steps of selecting a three-dimensional item in a first state for subsequent rendering into a second state and rendering the three-dimensional item in the second state via the three-dimensional rendering apparatus.
Tripetals, Llc

Device playback failure recovery and redistribution

Systems and methods are provided for audio device playback failure recovery and redistribution. The systems and methods may be configured to cause a plurality of playback devices to render audio content in a synchronized manner, detect a failure of a first playback device of the plurality of playback devices, determine a playback responsibility of the first playback device, and cause an adjustment of the rendering of the audio content by at least a second playback device of the plurality of playback devices.
Sonos, Inc.

Moving image distribution server, moving image reproduction apparatus, control method, and recording medium

rendering processing is performed such that a distribution screen is rendered in rendering processing of a subsequent stage by referring to a depth map generated by rendering processing of a preceding stage. A moving image distribution server selects the depth map for coding determination during execution of rendering processing of the subsequent stage for a first screen, and determines for each set block whether to perform inter-frame coding by referring to a depth map generated for a second screen rendered before the first screen.
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Serviceable battery pack

A fail safe battery pack is disclosed and claimed wherein first and second housings are affixed together. A plurality of battery cells reside within and fixedly engage the first and the second housings.

Lightpainting live view

Methods and apparatus, including computer program products, for a light painting live view. A method includes, in a device comprising at least a processor, a memory, a display and a camera device having an on-screen viewfinder, accessing the camera, capturing individual frames of footage, each of the captured frames being displayed through the on-screen viewfinder in cumulative succession, rendering the captured frames on a graphical processing unit (gpu), sending the captured frames through a shader program, generating at least two images, a first image saved to the memory and a second image displayed on the display, and rendering the first image into the second image to generate a final image..

Generating and rendering synthesized views with multiple video streams in telepresence video conference sessions

Techniques are provided for establishing a videoconference session between participants at different endpoints, where each endpoint includes at least one computing device and one or more displays. A plurality of video streams is received at an endpoint, and each video stream is classified as at least one of a people view and a data view.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Systems and methods for video/multimedia rendering, composition, and user-interactivity

An interactive video/multimedia application (ivm application) may specify one or more media assets for playback. The ivm application may define the rendering, composition, and interactivity of one or more the assets, such as video.
Intel Corporation

Point and click lighting for image based lighting surfaces

A computer implemented method of interacting with a three dimensional image based lighting surface to adjust its lighting properties, comprising defining an image plane and a user viewpoint for the lighting surface; rendering and displaying a scene containing an object in situ within the lighting surface; by way of a user interaction with the displayed scene, receiving an identification of a point on the image plane; tracing a ray from the user viewpoint through the identified point on the image plane and either, determining a surface intersection point of the ray with the surface or determining an object intersection point of the ray with the object and tracing a further ray, and determining a surface intersection point of the further ray with the surface, and adjusting the lighting properties of the surface at or in the region of the surface intersection point.. .
Lightmap Limited

Normal offset smoothing

During tracing of a primary ray in a 3-d space (e.g., a 3-d scene in graphics rendering), a ray is found to intersect a primitive (e.g., a triangle) located in the 3-d space. Secondary ray(s) may be generated for a variety of purposes.
Caustic Graphics, Inc.

Graphics processing apparatus and graphics processing method

A graphics processing apparatus and a graphics processing method are provided. The graphics processing method processes applications using a plurality of gpus includes rendering a plurality of video data constituting at least one application using the plurality of gpus, blending the plurality of video data that are rendered by the plurality of gpus, and outputting blended images, wherein the blending performs blending through at least one of the gpus that does not perform a rendering job and a video processing constituent element which is different from the plurality of gpus..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method for representing a participating media in a scene and corresponding device

A method and device for rendering a participating media delimited by a bounding box and rendered from a viewpoint, the media being at a determined distance from the viewpoint according to a viewing direction. In order to represent the limits of the participating media, the method comprises for at least one point of the volume formed by the bounding box, estimating a set of directions having for origin the at least one point; for each direction, estimating a first intersection point, corresponding to the intersection between the direction and the participating media, for which the associated density value is greater than a first threshold value; and estimating third intersection points, corresponding to the intersections between the viewing direction and the participating media, from an item of information representative of distances separating the first intersection point from a second intersection point corresponding to the intersection between the direction and the bounding box for each direction of the at least one part of the set of estimated directions..
Thomson Licensing

Dynamic gpu feature adjustment based on user-observed screen area

An aspect of the present invention proposes a solution to allow a dynamic adjustment of a performance level of a gpu based on the user observed screen area. According to one embodiment, a user's focus in one or more display panels is determined.
Nvidia Corporation

Dual screen visibility with virtual transparency

Generally, this disclosure provides devices, systems and methods to provide dual screen visibility with virtual transparency. A device may include a dual-sided display element to display a first image on a first side of the display element and to display a second image on a second side of the display element; an activation detection module to detect a user request to initiate the dual screen visibility mode; an image processing module to generate a horizontally transposed version of the second image; and an image rendering module.

Lens element for distributing light with a uniform intensity distribution and lighting device comprised thereof

Embodiments of a lens element have a body that incorporates geometry that defines features for surfaces that receive and transmit light, e.g., from a light emitting diode (led) device. These features include, for example, curves, bends, arcs, and like curvilinear objects and/or shapes.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Llc

Mechanism for setting ascent and baseline for html elements

A method for rendering a document on a web browser includes receiving a portion of text within the document to be rendered on a web browser and determining a maximum height of the portion of text. A spacer element is inserted into the portion of text, where the spacer element has a height greater than the maximum height of the portion of text.
Google Inc.

System and citation processing, presentation and transport and for validating references

The present invention comprises a system and method for automatically processing one or more citations contained within a document while the document is presented by a document rendering application. The method of the present invention comprises scanning the document to identify an unformatted citation and parsing the unformatted citation to determine one or more citation terms.

System and distributing digital rights management digital content in a controlled network ensuring digital rights

A system and method for managing digital rights. The method includes receiving a universal resource identifier (uri).

Method of predicting outcome in cancer patients

A method of prognosis for a mammal with cancer is provided. The method includes the steps of determining in a biological sample obtained from the mammal the expression level of each biomarker of the group dstn, tdrd3, rgs4, myo1e, rpl3, hypothetical flj13769, anp32c, mc2r, dkfzp434l092, gpr27, hps and lcp1; comparing the expression level of each biomarker with the expression level of a housekeeping gene; and rendering a prognosis for the mammal of a greater than 50% survival for an extended period of time when the expression level of dstn, tdrd3, rgs4, myo1e, rpl3(1), rpl3(2), rpl3(3), hypothetical flj13769 and anp32c is decreased in comparison to the expression of the housekeeping gene, and the expression level of mc2r, dkfzp434l092, gpr27, hps5 and lcp1 is increased in comparison to the expression of the housekeeping gene..
Mcmaster University

Information processing apparatus, control method, program, storage medium, and rendering system

An information processing apparatus receives operation input corresponding to a plurality of devices and renders a first screen for a particular viewpoint in a virtual space in which it is possible to move an avatar based on the operation input, wherein avatars corresponding to each of the plurality of devices are simultaneously positioned in the virtual space. Meanwhile, the apparatus also performs processing on particular content that is not an avatar based on the operation input and renders a second screen for the content.
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Nursing bra

A nursing bra is provided. The present nursing bra has a pair of individually openable bra cups and a layer of anti-slip material disposed on the interior surface of the shoulder straps.

Packaging a semiconductor device having wires with polymerized insulator skin

A chip is attached to a substrate with wires spanning from the chip to the substrate is loaded in a heated cavity of a mold. The wire surfaces are coated with an adsorbed layer of molecules of a heterocyclic compound.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Video processing mode switching

Methods and apparatus for switching between different video processing modes in an apparatus. In a first mode, minimal processing of the video frames may be performed by the apparatus prior to feeding the frames to a display controller.
Apple Inc.

Fixed memory rendering

A method of forming print instructions in a host for rendering within a fixed amount of memory on a printer receives intermediate data comprising regions which are associated with drawing instructions. A first amount of memory available to render the intermediate data is calculated based on a second amount of memory needed by the printer to store the intermediate data.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of processing graphics with limited memory

A method for combining layers of an image represented using an intermediate format receives at least two layers from the plurality of layers to be combined and estimates resources required to combine the received layers using a first combining operation. The first combining operation comprises at least rasterising data of the received layers.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Multiple stage modulation projector display systems having efficient light utilization

Dual or multi-modulation display systems comprising a first modulator and a second modulator are disclosed. The first modulator may comprise a plurality of analog mirrors (e.g.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Subpixel arrangements of displays and rendering the same

An apparatus including a display and control logic is provided. In one example, the display includes an array of subpixels having a plurality of zigzag subpixel groups.
Shenzhen Yunyinggu Technology Co., Ltd.

System and integrating multiple virtual rendering systems to provide an augmented reality

There is provided a system and method for integrating multiple virtual rendering systems to provide an augmented reality. There is provided a method for integrating multiple virtual rendering systems for outputting a composite render to a display, comprising obtaining a first environment data from a first virtual rendering system using a first camera view, obtaining a second environment data from a second virtual rendering system using a second camera view, rendering the composite render by processing the first environment and the second environment, and outputting the composite render to the display.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Graphical rendering with implicit surfaces

Techniques are described for rendering objects formed by implicit surfaces using ray-tracing, where each implicit surface is defined by a surface equation. The techniques utilize presence of real-roots to determine which implicit surfaces are intersected by a ray.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Partial tile rendering

In accordance with some embodiments, partial rendering of non-changing or slowly changing frame tiles allows the graphics processing unit to spend less time processing non-changing or slowly changing portions of each frame, saving power and creating more room for performance in some embodiments.. .

Method for improving the visual quality of an image covered by a semi-transparent functional surface

This invention describes a method for improving the visual rendering of an image when said image is placed behind a semi-transparent functional surface. The method consists of modifying certain features of the original image, in particular the brightness, contrast, gamma and colour saturation thereof, in such a way that the visual rendering of the image modified in this way and placed behind the semi-transparent functional surface is closer to the rendering of the original image when said image is seen alone, without the semi-transparent functional surface..
Sunpartner Technologies

Dedicated voice/audio processing through a graphics processing unit (gpu) of a data processing device

A method includes providing an input port and/or an output port directly interfaced with a graphics processing unit (gpu) of a data processing device further including a central processing unit (cpu) to enable a corresponding reception of input data and/or rendering of output data therethrough. The method also includes implementing a voice/audio processing engine in the data processing device.
Nvidia Corporation

Method for real-time and realistic rendering of complex scenes on internet

A method for realistic and real-time rendering of complex scene in internet environment, comprising: generating sequences of scene-object-multi-resolution models, a scene configuration file, textures and material files, and a scene data list file; compressing the sequences of scene-object-multi-resolution models, the scene configuration file, the textures and material files, and the scene data list file and uploading the compressed files to a server; downloading, at a client terminal, he scene-object-multi-resolution models, the scene configuration file, the texture and material file, and the scene data list file in ascending order of resolution and rendering the scene simultaneously; dividing, in rendering the scene, a frustum in parallel into a plurality of partitions, generating a shadow map for each frustum, filtering the shadow maps to obtain an anti-aliasing shadowing effect; and the shadow map closest to a viewpoint is updated on a frame-by-frame basis and updating frequency decreases for the shadow maps distant from the viewpoint, wherein the shadow map closest to the viewpoint has the largest size, and the size of the shadow map decreases for the shadow maps distant from the viewpoint.. .

Stereoscopic online web content creation and rendering

Improved techniques are presented for generating stereoscopic image of 2d web pages. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, a stereo-enhancing annotation tool is provided and used to generate intermediate html source code.
Equldp Limited

Smart device notifications for surface computing

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for smart device notifications in surface computing. In an embodiment of the invention, a method for smart device notifications in surface computing includes registering in memory of a surface computing system, a placement of multiple different smart devices upon a surface of the surface computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation

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