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 Combined processing and display device package for light field displays patent thumbnailCombined processing and display device package for light field displays
The disclosure describes packaging structures for light field displays and/or light field projectors. An example device package includes a rendering engine configured to receive scene data and generate light field data for a light field, at least one light field projection unit configured to receive the light field data from the rendering engine and output at least a portion of the light field, and at least one internal communication channel operatively coupling the at least one light field projection unit to the rendering engine.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Accessing and displaying network content patent thumbnailAccessing and displaying network content
A method for accessing and displaying network content employs an informational component which includes a definition for rendering a graphical user interface within which content may be presented outside of and without utilization of another application. The informational component also includes one or more definitions of content locations from which content elements may be transmitted over a network and presented within the graphical user interface.
Mainstream Scientific, Llc

 Device and  reducing quantization noise in a time-domain decoder patent thumbnailDevice and reducing quantization noise in a time-domain decoder
The present disclosure relates to a device and method for reducing quantization noise in a sound signal contained in a time-domain excitation decoded by a time-domain decoder. A future frame time-domain excitation is evaluated based on the decoded time-domain excitation.
Voiceage Corporation

 Rendering of audio content patent thumbnailRendering of audio content
Example embodiments disclosed herein relate to audio content rendering. A method of rendering audio content is disclosed, which includes determining a priority level for an audio object in the audio content, selecting a rendering mode from a plurality of rendering modes for the audio object based on the determined priority level and rendering the audio object in accordance with the selected rendering mode, the rendering mode indicating an accuracy of the rendered audio object.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Avatar video apparatus and method patent thumbnailAvatar video apparatus and method
Apparatuses, methods and storage medium associated with creating an avatar video are disclosed herein. In embodiments, the apparatus may one or more facial expression engines, an animation-rendering engine, and a video generator.
Intel Corporation

 Method and  embedding advertisement into file, system and terminal patent thumbnailMethod and embedding advertisement into file, system and terminal
A method for embedding an advertisement into a file where the method includes recording, when a file is processed, an advertisement slot mark for embedding an advertisement, sending the advertisement slot mark to an advertising platform, and storing the advertisement slot mark into the file that is released such that when the released file is presented, a real-time rendering system acquires, from the advertising platform, an advertisement material that matches the advertisement slot mark, and renders the advertisement material to a position that corresponds to the advertisement slot mark in the released file, to generate an advertisement. In the embodiments of the present disclosure, an advertisement slot mark for embedding an advertisement is recorded in a presented file, and an advertisement material that matches the advertisement slot mark is dynamically acquired, thereby implementing dynamic adjustment on a presented advertisement and maximizing advertisement value..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Method of design for identifying fixed and removable medical prosthetics using a dynamic anatomic database patent thumbnailMethod of design for identifying fixed and removable medical prosthetics using a dynamic anatomic database
This disclosure pertains to hard and soft-tissue matching techniques, and in particular, a manner of retrieving recommendations to aid in bone replacement, reconstruction, and modification. A system consistent with the present disclosure includes a computer database having a plurality of bone data sets, a three-dimensional rendering device which generates the three-dimensional image of the contralateral structure of each bone, and a computing device coupled to the computer database to retrieve at least one of the plurality of bone data sets based on a set of criteria..

 Generic object detection on fixed surveillance video patent thumbnailGeneric object detection on fixed surveillance video
Systems and methods are disclosed for computer vision and object detection by extracting tracks of moving objects on a set of video sequences; selecting a subset of tracks for training; rendering a composite of each selected track into a single image; labeling tracks using the rendered images; training a track classifier by supervised machine learning using the labeled tracks; applying the trained track classifier to the remainder of the tracks; and selecting tracks classified with a low confidence by the classifier.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

 Method for processing and loading web pages supporting multiple languages and system thereof patent thumbnailMethod for processing and loading web pages supporting multiple languages and system thereof
The present invention relates to the application field of computer networks, and disclosed are a method for processing and loading a web page supporting multiple languages and a system thereof, so as to reduce time and cost of labor investment when some language is added or modified, save storage capacity of a web page server, increase the speed of page loading and translation rendering, and reduce the redundancy of a translation file set. The present invention is based on a tree-shaped translation file set, where each hypertext markup language (html) has a corresponding translation file.
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

 Rendering patent thumbnailRendering
This document describes methods, systems and computer program products related to cloud-based rendering. The subject matter of this document is embodied in a method that includes receiving, at a server, information associated with a job of rendering one or more frames at the server, and using, at the server, an application to perform at least a portion of the rendering.
Google Inc.

Text input method

A text input method executable by an electronic device comprises input of phonemes and rendering each phoneme gesture operable. A list of word candidates is derived from the phonemes.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Control of personal space content presented via head mounted display

Methods and systems for filtering content include identifying content for presenting in a rendering space defined by one or more mechanisms of a head mounted display (hmd), wherein the content is interactive, streaming content. A rating score for the content is identified.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Drone immersion-piloting system

The system comprises a drone and a ground station with a console adapted to be directed towards the drone, and virtual reality glasses rendering images taken by a camera of the drone. The system further comprises means for modifying the framing of the images taken by the camera as a function of framing instructions received from the ground station.
Parrot Drones

Rendering system, control method, and storage medium

A command server outputs information related to a screen rendering command and transmission destination information to a rendering server, in which at least some of rendering resources required when performing rendering of a screen in accordance with the information related to the rendering command are loaded, among a plurality of rendering servers associated with the command server. Then, the rendering server reads the rendering resources from the required rendering resources that are still not loaded to load them into the loading region to hold them, performs the rendering of the screen based on the information related to the rendering command, and transmits it to a target client terminal..
Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Stowable lower body fitness apparatus providing enhanced muscle engagement, body stability and range of motion

A collapsible lower body fitness apparatus is disclosed, providing enhanced gluteal muscle engagement, body stability, and range of motion. The apparatus includes a base, a frame, a line-swiveling assembly, and a gripping device that is horizontally displaced from the line-swiveling assembly's swivel axis, allowing a user to stabilize themselves in tripod posture during exercise.

Therapeutic cancer vaccine based on stress proteins rendered immunogenic

The invention describes a method for preparing a composition comprising tumour cell stress proteins, said method comprising the following steps: providing tumour cells in a culture medium; subjecting the tumour cells under i) to a stress with the result that these cells produce stress proteins in response to the stress; obtaining or recovering stressed tumour cells and/or stress proteins; treating the stressed tumour cells and/or the stress proteins obtained with a molecule or a process capable of rendering the stress proteins immunogenic, preferably a hapten or haptenization. The invention also describes a pharmaceutical composition comprising tumour cell stress proteins and/or tumour cells comprising stress proteins, these stress proteins being rendered immunogenic, and are in particular haptenized, and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient..

Method for rendering a shared content, corresponding sharing, computer program products and devices

A method is disclosed for the rendering, by a second terminal, of a content shared by a first terminal with the second terminal, the first terminal being engaged in playing back the content. The method includes a playback, by the second terminal, of the content from an effective temporal position within the content.

Displaying content based on device orientation

Discloses are various embodiments for rendering or hiding data based at least in part on the current orientation of a client device. The client device determines its current orientation based at least in part on data provided by a sensor of the client device.
Airwatch Llc

Network-diagram rendering system, network-diagram rendering method, and network-diagram rendering computer readable medium

A network-diagram rendering system for rendering a network diagram including nodes and links as elements of a network configuration is provided with: an index calculation unit (81) which calculates, for each node, an index indicating a degree that the node is a primary node in the network configuration, using network configuration information as information to be obtained from the network configuration; and a primary node coefficient setting unit (82) which sets a primary node coefficient for the node to be higher as the index increases, the primary node coefficient being a value indicating a degree of not changing a rendering position of a network diagram associated with a change in the network configuration.. .
Nec Corporation

Organic light emitting device

An organic light emitting device (oled) is provided, including a first organic electroluminescent cell, a second organic electroluminescent cell, a charge generation layer, disposed between the first and second organic electroluminescent cells, a first electrode and a second electrode formed at the first and second organic electroluminescent cells. The first organic electroluminescent cell comprises a fluorescent light emitting layer emitting a first light with wavelength substantially ranged from 430 nm-490 nm and a phosphorescent light emitting layer emitting a second light with wavelength substantially ranged from 602 nm-615 nm.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Content processing and distribution system and method

A system and method for instructing rendering of a video sequence, the method being carried out on a first device and comprising: receiving video content from a camera; determining a video sequence, the video sequence comprising a selection of the received video content and one or more video assets, wherein each video asset is associated with an identifier; determining instructions for generating the video sequence, the instructions comprising the identifiers of the one or more video assets; and sending the instructions and the selection of the received video content to a second device, wherein the second device is arranged to render the video sequence.. .
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

Rendering system, control method and storage medium

In a rendering system comprising a central server which causes one of rendering servers to execute rendering processing for a screen, and a repository device which stores resource data for the rendering processing and which the rendering servers are able to access, the central server transmits resource data to the repository device based on a request sent from a client device, and generates rendering commands including identification information identifying the resource data stored in the repository device and transmits the commands to one of the rendering servers. The repository device stores the resource data in association with the identification information, and the rendering server receives rendering commands, receives the resource data identified by the identification information included in the received rendering commands from the repository device and loads the data into a memory, and renders a screen using the loaded resource data..
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Simulator for generating and optimizing simulation data adapted for interacting with a portable computing device

A simulator for generating and optimizing simulation data adapted for rendering on a portable computing device. The simulator comprises a processing unit.
Cae Inc.

Simulator for generating and exchanging simulation data for interacting with a portable computing device

A simulator for generating and exchanging simulation data for interacting with a portable computing device. The simulator comprises a processing unit and a web server.
Cae Inc.

Simulator for generating and transmitting a flow of simulation images adapted for display on a portable computing device

A simulator for generating and transmitting a flow of simulation images adapted for display on a portable computing device. The simulator comprises a processing unit.
Cae Inc.

System and augmented reality and virtual reality applications

A multi dynamic environment and location based active augmented reality (ar) system is described. The system uses dynamic scanning, inertial measurement, imaging, mapping and rendering to generate an ar for a physical environment.
Sulon Technologies Inc.

System and displaying volumetric images

A visualization system for displaying volumetric renderings includes a display, a user input actuator that is movable over a first range, a second range, and a third range, and a processor. The second range is located between the first range and the third range.
Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation

Untransformed display lists in a tile based rendering system

3-d rendering systems include a rasterization section that can fetch untransformed geometry, transform geometry and cache data for transformed geometry in a memory. As an example, the rasterization section can transform the geometry into screen space.
Imagination Technologies Limited

Medical imaging device rendering predictive prostate cancer visualizations using quantitative multiparametric mri models

A user-independent, quantitative, multiparametric mri model is developed and validated on co-registered correlative histopathology, yielding improved performance for cancer detection over single parameter estimators. A computing device may be configured to receive a first parametric map that maps imaged tissue of a patient using values of a first parameter, and a second parametric map that maps the imaged tissue using values of a second parameter, wherein the parametric maps are generated from medical imaging data for the imaged tissue.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Hybrid 2d/3d graphics rendering

A graphics processing unit (gpu) may perform three-dimensional (3d) graphics processing in accordance with a 3d graphics pipeline using a first plurality of graphics processing hardware units of the gpu. The gpu may further perform a two-dimensional (2d) graphics operation using a second plurality of graphics processing hardware units of the gpu not used in performing the 3d graphics processing and one or more graphics processing hardware units of the first plurality of graphics processing hardware units of the gpu..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Local management for intermediary graphics rendition

Technologies related to intermediary graphics rendition are generally described. In some examples, one or more devices in a local network may be equipped to serve as real-time graphics rendering intermediary computing devices for clients in the local network.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Rendering and outputting non-standard colorant

A system for rendering and outputting a non-standard colorant comprises a print driver for accepting identification of a document for output via a print operation, accepting identification of overlay data for use in the print operation, converting the overlay data into grayscale data, and generating a page description language document including data from the document divided into standard colorspace channels and an overlay colorspace channel, the overlay channels made up of the grayscale data and identified by a colorspace keyword; and a multifunction peripheral device for rendering the standard channels in standard buffers as directed by the page description language document, identifying the overlay channels using the color name keyword within the page description language document, rendering the overlay channel in an overlay buffer, and completing the print operation by outputting the contents of the standard buffers using standard colorants and the overlay buffer using an overlay colorant.. .
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Obtaining search results

A search client executable in a computing device transmits a search term to a search engine. The search client obtains a search result from the search engine.
Airwatch Llc

System, generating hand gesture animation determined on dialogue length and emotion

System, method and apparatuses directed to a paradigm of manuscript generation and manipulation combined with contemporaneous or simultaneous visualization of the text or other media being entered by the creator with emotion and mood of the characters being conveyed graphically through rendering. Through real time calculations, respective characters are graphically depicted speaking and interacting physically with other characters, pursuant to directive found in a manuscript text..
Plotagon Ab

Mask based toner reduction

Systems and methods for reducing toner usage. A print job is received into a print engine.
Xerox Corporation

Haptic authoring tool for animated haptic media production

Systems, methods, and computer program products to perform an operation comprising receiving input specifying one or more positional and dimensional properties of a first haptic animation object in an animation tool displaying a representation of a vibrotactile array comprising a plurality of actuators configured to output haptic feedback, computing, based on a rendering algorithm applied to the first haptic animation object, a vector profile for each of the actuators, and computing an intensity value for each of the actuators based on the vector profile of the respective actuator.. .
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Attention-based rendering and fidelity

Methods and systems for attention-based rendering on an entertainment system are provided. A tracking device captures data associated with a user, which is used to determine that a user has reacted (e.g., visually or emotionally) to a particular part of the screen.
Sony Interactive Entertainment America Llc

Method for preparing bilayer scaffold through single process and regenerating tissue using bilayer scaffold obtained by preparing method

Disclosed is a method for preparing a bilayer scaffold through single process comprising: preparing a first polymer aqueous solution; adding a second polymer into the first polymer aqueous solution and stirring a reactant; adding a surfactant into the stirred reactant and stirring the reactant at high temperature and high speed; freeze-drying the stirred reactant thereby obtaining a sponge; dipping the sponge in a cross-linking agent thereby rendering be cross-linked; and freeze-drying the cross-linked reactant.. .
Research Cooperation Foundation Of Yeungnam University

Screen-relative rendering of audio and encoding and decoding of audio for such rendering

In some embodiments, methods for generating an object based audio program including screen-related metadata indicative of at least one warping degree parameter for at least one audio object, or generating a speaker channel-based program including by warping audio content of an object based audio program to a degree determined at least in part by at least one warping degree parameter, or methods for decoding or rendering any such audio program. Other aspects are systems configured to perform such audio signal generation, decoding, or rendering, and audio processing units (e.g., decoders or encoders) including a buffer memory which stores at least one segment of any such audio program..
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Apparatus and converting image

An apparatus for transforming image includes: a depth map generating unit generating a depth map of a 2d image; a rendering unit rendering a left-eye image and a right-eye image depending on the depth map; a hole removing unit removing holes of the left-eye image and the right-eye image; and a synthesizing unit synthesizing the left-eye image and the right-eye image to render a 3d image.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Image display control device, image display system, and image display control method

An image display control device for displaying an image that is easy to view for a person is provided. The image display control device includes: an entry detector that detects, based on an image captured by an imaging device, an entry position through which a person entered a range of imaging; an entry direction identifying unit that identifies, based on the detected entry position and a center position of a region including a range of projection by a projecting device, an entry direction in which the person entered the range of imaging; a renderer that performs on an image data item a rotational rendering process in which an image to be projected by the projecting device is rotated according to the identified entry direction; and an output unit that outputs to the projecting device the image data item on which the rotational rendering process has been performed..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for local dimming in multi-modulation displays

Dual and multi-modulator projector display systems and techniques are disclosed. In one embodiment, a projector display system comprises a light source; a controller, a first modulator, receiving light from the light source and rendering a halftone image of said the input image; a blurring optical system that blurs said halftone image with a point spread function (psf); and a second modulator receiving the blurred halftone image and rendering a pulse width modulated image which may be projected to form the desired screen image.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Image processing system, image processing apparatus, image processing method, and non-transitory computer readable medium

An image processing system includes image processors. Each image processor outputs image data of one of color components that the image processor is in charge of to an image forming unit.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Method of optically transmitting digital information from a smart phone to a control device

A load control device for controlling the power delivered from an ac power source to an electrical load is able to receive radio-frequency (rf) signals from a wi-fi-enabled device, such as a smart phone, via a wireless local area network. The load control device comprises a controllably conductive device adapted to be coupled in series between the source and the load, a controller for rendering the controllably conductive device conductive and non-conductive, and a wi-fi module operable to receive the rf signals directly from the wireless network.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Solid state light emitter package, a light emission device, a flexible led strip and a luminaire

A solid state light emitter package (200), a light emitting device, a flexible led strip and a luminaire are provided. The solid state light emitter package comprising: i) at least three solid state light emitter dies (132, 142, 152) which emit violet/blue light, red light and further light, respectively, ii) a luminescent converter (120) with luminescent material, iii) an optical element (102, 105) for mixing at least portion of the light of the different colors of light and iv) a light exit window (114).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Test patterns for motion-induced chromatic shift

Display of a test pattern on a liquid crystal display (“lcd”) device or other display device can expose a problem with control logic that causes perceptible shifting in color values away from correct color values. For example, a test pattern evaluation tool determines a test pattern that is based at least in part on a base pattern of pixels.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Ultrasound training system based on ct image simulation and positioning

The invention relates to an ultrasound training system based on ct (computed tomography) image simulation and positioning, the real-time performance of which is improved through gpu (graphics processing unit) acceleration-based realization of ultrasound image simulation and ct volume data rendering. In the system, a curved surface matching module is used for performing surface matching between read human body ct volume data and physical model data with a physical model serving as the standard, and for realizing elastic transformation of a curved surface by means of an interpolation method based on a thin plate spline; an ultrasound simulation probe pose tracking module is used for computing the pose of an ultrasound simulation probe with respect to the physical model in real time by means of a mark point tracking method, and for acquiring ct image slices at any angle according to a pose matrix; an image enhancement and ultrasound image simulation generating module is used for improving the vessel contrast of a ct image by means of a multiscale enhancement method, and for simulating the ultrasound image based on the ct volume data; and a fusion display module is used for rendering and displaying the ct volume data based on the acceleration of cuda (compute unified device architecture), and for fusing and displaying an ultrasound simulation image and a three-dimensional ct image according to the acquired pose matrix..
Beijinginstitute Of Technology

Augmentation modification based on user interaction with augmented reality scene

Apparatuses, methods, and storage media for modifying augmented reality in response to user interaction are described. In one instance, the apparatus for modifying augmented reality may include a processor, a scene capture camera coupled with the processor to capture a physical scene, and an augmentation management module to be operated by the processor.
Intel Corporation

Facilitating true three-dimensional virtual representation of real objects using dynamic three-dimensional shapes

A mechanism is described for facilitating true three-dimensional (3d) virtual imaging on computing devices. A method of embodiments, as described herein, includes computing a virtual 3d model corresponding to an object.

Unified rasterization and ray tracing rendering environments

A graphics processor architecture provides for scan conversion and ray tracing approaches to visible surface determination as concurrent and separate processes. Surfaces can be identified for shading by scan conversion and ray tracing.
Imagination Technologies Limited

Rendering of data sets comprising multiple-resolution samples

A data set may be represented by samples of multiple resolutions, such as an image represented by pixels of various resolutions. When such multiple-resolution samples are potentially overlapping, it may be inefficient to render both a lower-resolution sample and also the plurality of higher-resolution samples that overlap the lower-resolution sample.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Search of web page metadata using a find function

In a method for identifying and highlighting terms on a web page, loading, by one or more processors, a web page. Receiving, by one or more processors, a search term.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method and device for accessing a plurality of contents, corresponding terminal and computer program

A method for accessing a plurality of contents by using at least one piece of information representing at least one content selected by the user, called a reference content. The method includes the following acts implemented by a processor: rendering a plurality of pieces of metadata of said reference content, receiving a query for a selection, in said plurality, of at least one piece of metadata, called a sought piece of metadata, determining at least one resultant content, having an intensity level of said at least one sought piece of metadata, and rendering at least one piece of information representing said at least one resultant content..

Assigning content objects to delivery networks

A system, method, and apparatus are provided for assigning or allocating multiple content objects, within a content page (e.g., web page) or other content collection (e.g., a set of pages), to different content delivery networks for delivery in response to a content request. The objects are ranked by importance (e.g., importance in rendering or presenting the page), and the networks are ranked by performance (e.g., throughput).
Linkedin Corporation

Techniques for displaying third party content

Systems and methods for managing third party content are described. In one embodiment, the method includes storing information for a plurality of third party content elements that were selected by a user for display with a page of content, in response to a user request corresponding to a page associated with one of the plurality of third party content elements specified by the stored information, rendering for display on the page a third party content module associated with the third party content element, and, in response to a user modification of the third party content module, storing information corresponding to the user modification., Inc.

Visual representation of an email chain

Provided are techniques for presenting a visual representation of an email thread, comprising organizing a plurality of emails in an email system with respect to a plurality of parties; organizing the plurality of emails with respect to an email thread to produce thread information; correlating the plurality of parties with thread information to produce a condensed tree structure to represent plurality of parties and the plurality of emails, wherein each node of a plurality of nodes of the condensed tree structure represents one corresponding party of the plurality of parties; and rendering the condensed tree structure on a computer display.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Electronic device stack assembly

An electronic device includes a stack assembly. The stack assembly is provided with a stack of sub-assemblies such as a display for rendering content, front lighting layered on top of the display for illuminating the display, a capacitive touch sensor layered on top of the front lighting for detecting touch inputs, and a cover glass layered on top of the capacitive touch sensor.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Manufactured composite having synthetic vegetation and impermeable geomembrane, and capping system using same

Disclosed herein are various aspects of synthetic turf composite structures and uses thereof. One such synthetic turf composite structure has a synthetic turf and a base structure.
Liteearth Llc

Integrated electromagnetic implant guidance systems and methods of use for sacroiliac joint fusion

A system for fixating a dysfunctional sacroiliac joint for si joint fusion, the system including a sacroiliac joint implant, a sacroiliac joint screw or rod and a delivery tool configured for approaching a sacroiliac joint. The system may include an implant having a porous 3d matrix structure and may be manufactured by laser or electron beam additive manufacturing.
Jcbd, Llc

Integrated electromagnetic implant guidance systems and methods of use for sacroiliac joint fusion

A system for fixating a dysfunctional sacroiliac joint for si joint fusion, the system including a sacroiliac joint implant, a sacroiliac joint screw or rod and a delivery tool configured for approaching a sacroiliac joint. The system may include an implant having a porous 3d matrix structure and may be manufactured by laser or electron beam additive manufacturing.
Jcbd, Llc

Multiple purpose surgical instruments

A multiple-purpose surgical instrument having a reflecting, rendering, and sizing tool to increase visibility and provide three-dimensional depth perception of a surgical site so that realization of a condition of the surgical site and safety are enhanced during an arthroscopic or laparoscopic procedure.. .

System and preventing retransmission of dropped data packets from a mobile station

A system for circumventing retransmission of dropped data packets from a source mobile station is envisaged. The source mobile station is coupled to a destination mobile station.
Tejas Networks Limited

Image processing system and method

An image processing apparatus and a method thereof are provided. The image processing apparatus includes at least one processor configured to implement: a decoder which decodes input image data; and a rendering module which renders the decoded image data according to a rendering cycle which corresponds to a refresh rate of a display to display a plurality of image frames of the image data, wherein the decoder decodes the input image data only when the processor is not being in use for rendering by the rendering module..
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd.

Image processing apparatus, controlling image processing apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium

An image processing apparatus includes a control circuit and an image processing circuit. The control circuit divides a target image stored in a memory into predetermined units to generate a plurality of block image, generates rendering determination information for each of the plurality of block images, and stores the rendering determination information in the memory.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

System and rendering music

A system and method for rendering music is provided. The method includes: receiving a request for electronic content; parsing the electronic content to determine a music notation element; translating the music notation; creating a music notation object based on the translation; and rendering the music notation object via a browser application.
D2l Corporation

Dynamically managing memory footprint for tile based rendering

The introduction of an “out-of-memory” marker in the sorted tile geometry sequence for a tile may aid in handling out-of-memory frames. This marker allows hardware to continue rendering using the original data stream instead of the sorted data stream.
Intel Corporation

High speed display interface

Methods and devices employing circuitry for dynamically adjusting bandwidth control of a display interface are provided. The display interface or image content is dynamically adjusted to support both high-speed image data (e.g., 120 hz image data) and lower-speed content (e.g., 60 hz content).
Apple Inc.

Combining sampling arrangements and distributions for stochastic integration in rendering

Systems, methods and articles of manufacture for sampling visual characteristics of a three-dimensional scene. Embodiments include collecting a plurality of samples within the three-dimensional scene.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Storage medium, information processing apparatus and control method

An information processing apparatus determines whether a background object is included in a predetermined volume defined between a viewpoint position for rendering a scene and a reference object that is a reference for rendering; and if it determines that the background object is included in the predetermined volume, changes the viewpoint position to a viewpoint candidate position defined based on the background object. Also, the apparatus determines whether a character object exists in a predetermined range from a viewpoint position for rendering the scene, and sets, for a target character object determined to exist in the predetermined range from the viewpoint position a transparency of the target character object overall,.
Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Method and tile-based rendering

A method and apparatus of performing tile-based rendering is provided. The method of performing tile-based rendering includes calculating parameters related to a bezier curve included in an object, by using geometric information of the object, classifying tiles included in a frame based on the parameters, and performing the tile-based rendering based on the classifying of the tiles..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method, apparatus and system for rendering regions of an image

A method of rendering an image is disclosed. A plurality of non-overlapping regions of the image is received, each region being associated with a fill compositing stack comprising a plurality of levels to be composited to determine colour data of said region, each level being defined by a compositing operation and a colour operand.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Medical image processing apparatus and method

A medical image processing apparatus comprises smoothing circuitry that receives a volumetric medical image data set corresponding to a 3d region of a subject and smooths the volumetric medical image data set to generate a smoothed medical image data set, wherein at least one part of the surface of a structure is represented in the volumetric medical image data set, rendering circuitry that produces a 2d rendered data set from the smoothed medical image data set, curvature calculation circuitry that calculates a respective curvature at each of a plurality of positions on the at least one part of the surface of the structure and smooths the calculated curvatures to obtain smoothed calculated curvatures, and shading addition circuitry that adds shading to the 2d rendered data set in dependence on the smoothed calculated curvatures.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Vectorized two stage tile-based scaling

Image scaling disclosed herein comprises receiving an image from an image capturing device and partitioning an image into at least one image tile using a partitioning module. A determination is made if the image tile requires slow scan scaling and/or fast scan scaling.
Xerox Corporation

Iterative construction of clinical history sections

A system for generating a patient clinical history for a current exam includes a clinical information database containing one or more clinical documents. Each clinical document including a list of patient specific information items.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and information processing program

Even when it takes time to perform rendering of a web page, it is made possible to execute a process intended by a user who performs an operation of pointing at an element in the web page. When an operation of pointing at a position of an element in a web page is received before drawing of the web page is completed, an information processing apparatus acquires coordinates indicating the position and a screen shot of the web page.
Rakuten, Inc.

Producing multi-author animation and multimedia using metadata

The present invention relates to the creation of digital multimedia, in particular the creation of digital animation and or audio tracks by multiple participants. Specifically, the invention relates to a novel method to facilitate, through automation, custom tools and custom methods, the creation and maintenance of a collaboration of two or more individuals who generate incremental media elements, and a resultant accretive animation and or audio thereof.

Conditionally controlled styling

In one example, a document rendering device may create a document from a document tree by determining whether a style property of a source node of the document tree may be applied to a target node of that document tree. The document rendering device may store a document tree having multiple nodes describing a document having component arranged hierarchically in a parent-child relationship.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Declarative cascade reordering for styles

In one example, a document rendering device may reorder a cascade level for a style property of a style sheet to maintain cohesion across multiple document components of a document. The document rendering device may store a style sheet describing rendering of a structured document having a nominal cascade level indicating a sheet hierarchy for the style sheet to resolve conflicts with style properties in other style sheets.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable storage medium

An information processing system includes an operating unit that receives an input in response to a user operation and that runs under a first operating system; and a main body that runs under a second operating system and operates in response to the input received by the operating unit. The main body includes a generation unit that generates a command to direct rendering of a screen corresponding to an application being executed, and a command transmission control unit that provides control to transmit the command to the operating unit.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Household cooking appliance

A household cooking appliance, in particular an oven, comprises a cooking chamber defined by a muffle having a flue with a fume outlet at an upper wall of the muffle, and a front door, for opening and closing the cooking chamber. The appliance further comprises a delivery channel, defined by a duct body that extends above the upper wall of the muffle, the duct body having an outlet of the delivery channel that is substantially at a front region of the appliance, above an upper portion of the door, and having a fume inlet in a lower wall of the duct body, which is in fluid communication with the fume outlet of the muffle and with the delivery channel.
Whirlpool Corporation

Circadian-friendly led light sources

Methods and apparatus for providing circadian-friendly led light sources are disclosed. A light source is formed to include a first led emission (e.g., one or more leds emitting a first spectrum) and a second led emission (e.g., one or more leds emitting a second spectrum) wherein the first and second led emissions are combined in a first ratio and in a second ratio such that while changing from the first ratio to the second ratio the relative circadian stimulation is varied while maintaining a color rendering index above 80..
Soraa, Inc.

Automated application of cut thermal adhesive films

Method of manufacturing a substrate with a cut thermal film comprises obtaining an input digital image of a design to be transferred to the substrate; storing the input image in memory; rendering design elements of the design as a single output image; based upon a bleed size value, a maximum number of negative areas, a maximum number of positive areas, and attribute values: resizing the image to include a border for bleed; filling transparent areas of the image with the substrate attribute values; creating a cutting path; creating a mask image; inverting the mask image; modifying the mask image to adjust fill areas around details, to limit negative areas to be less than the maximum number of negative areas, and to limit positive areas to be less than the maximum number of positive areas; creating cutting path data in memory as a vector path outlining the mask image.. .
Zazzle Inc.

Method and system of creating and encoding video game screen images for transmission over a network

A method of creating and encoding images, which comprises identifying a set of objects in a scene to be rendered; rendering the objects into at least two groups of images. Each of the groups of images comprises at least one image respective to that group.
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for image guided ablation

The subject matter described herein includes methods, systems, and computer readable media for image guided ablation. One system for image guided ablation includes an ultrasound transducer for producing a real-time ultrasound image of a target volume and of surrounding tissue.
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Stereophonic sound reproduction method and apparatus

A three-dimensional sound reproducing method includes: acquiring a multichannel audio signal; rendering signals to a channel to be reproduced according to channel information and a frequency of the multichannel audio signal; and mixing the rendered signals.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Repeating device, interlocking system, distribution device, processing repeating device, and a program

A repeating device is made up of a viewing state determining unit that determines a viewing state of a program in a receiving device, an acquiring unit that acquires command information and additional data for rendering operation related to the program of a rendering device, and an interlocking controller that determines whether or not the command information and the additional data are to be transmitted to the rendering device, based on a determination result of the viewing state determining unit.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Drawing operation replay in memory

Embodiments are directed to drawing operation replay in memory for video format conversion. A method includes intercepting an operating system graphics call by rendering a video stream.
Utc Fire And Security Americas Corporation, Inc.

Method and system for volume rendering based on 3d image filtering and real-time cinematic rendering

A method and apparatus for volume rendering based 3d image filtering and real-time cinematic volume rendering is disclosed. A set of 2d projection images of the 3d volume is generated using cinematic volume rendering.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Method and processing 3-dimensional broadcasting signal

Provided is a three-dimensional (3d) broadcasting receiver including a tuner for receiving a broadcasting signal including a program map table (pmt) and 3d video data for 3d broadcast content, a decoder for parsing the fpa sei message, parsing 3d video format information for identification of format of the 3d video, contained in the fpa sei message, parsing default display window (ddw) information, active format description (afd) information, and bar data, contained in the 3d video data, and decoding the 3d video data, a two-dimensional (2d) extractor for extracting a 2d image for 2d display in a video frame of the decoded 3d video data according to the 3d video format information and the ddw information, an aspect ratio converter for rendering the extracted 2d image according to an aspect ratio of the receiver using the afd information and the bar data, and a display processor for displaying the rendered 2d image.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Method and transmission and reception of media data

A method of transmitting media data and display composition data for rendering the media data on a display region is described. In the method, the display composition data defines the spatial and/or temporal relationship between one or more media entities of the media data, the display region being composed of one or more display sub-regions.
Thomson Licensing

Display diode relative age

The description relates to display device image quality. One example can include a display, a processor, storage, a pixel run time counter, and a pixel effective age compensation component.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Image rendering method and apparatus

An image rendering method and apparatus where the method includes recognizing a target area from a to-be-rendered image, setting a virtual light source for the target area, and performing rendering on the target area using the virtual light source. When rendering is performed on the to-be-rendered image, the rendering performed on the to-be-rendered image is implemented using the virtual light source.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Graphics processing system

When rendering a scene that includes a complex object made up of many individual primitives, rather than processing each primitive making up the object in turn, a bounding volume which surrounds the complex object is generated and the scene is then processed using the bounding volume in place of the actual primitives making up the complex object. If it is determined that the bounding volume representation of the object will be completely occluded in the scene (e.g.
Arm Limited

Head mounted system and method to compute and render a stream of digital images using a head mounted display

The invention relates to a head mounted system (10) comprising a binocular eye tracking system (14a, 14b) comprising at least a first camera (14a) arranged for acquiring a user's left eye (16a) and at least a second camera (14b) arranged for acquiring a user's right eye (16b), a head mounted display (10) comprising a first displaying means (18a) for presenting an image to a user's left eye (16a), a second displaying means (18b) for presenting an image to a user's right eye (16b), a processing unit (24, 24a, 24b) designed to process images from the eye tracking system (14a, 14b) and calculate at least a 3d position of the left (16a) and the right eye (16b) and an orientation vector of the left (16a) and the right eye (16b) and to compute and render a stream of digital images to be projected onto the user's left and right eye (16a, 16b) by means of the head mounted display, wherein the processing unit (24, 24a, 24b) is further designed to consider the 3d position of the left and the right eye (16a, 16b) and the orientation of the left and the right eye (16a, 16b) when computing and rendering the stream of digital images. The invention further relates to a method to compute and render a stream of digital images using a head mounted display..
Sensomotoric Instruments Gesellschaft Fur Innovative Sensorik Mbh

Method and system for volume rendering based 3d image filtering and real-time cinematic rendering

A method and apparatus for volume rendering based 3d image filtering and real-time cinematic volume rendering is disclosed. A set of 2d projection images of the 3d volume is generated using cinematic volume rendering.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Apparatus and rendering frame by adjusting processing sequence of draw commands

Provided are methods and apparatuses for adjusting the processing sequence of draw commands for rendering images. The rendering method including determining, at a processing sequence determiner, previous draw commands that are identical to current draw commands; determining a processing sequence of the current draw commands based on depth information of the determined previous draw commands; and performing a z-test on the current draw commands based on the processing sequence, and performing shading based on a result of the z-test..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for customized order processing

Various embodiments herein each include at least one of systems, methods, software, and data flows for customized order processing. One example embodiment includes receiving data representative of an ordered item and retrieving data representative of components of the ordered item based on the received data representative of the ordered item.

Procedure flow administration system and method

A method and system for collaboration between users for editing and reviewing a live procedure flow comprising at least one decision step and at least one action step is disclosed. Each step is interconnected with at least one other step by at least one flow arrow indicating a direction of flow.
Gemba Software Solutions Inc.

Web malware blocking through parallel resource rendering

Apparatus and method for transforming web resources into safe versions such that malicious code on the resources cannot attack the client viewing the resources. The invention separates the processing of insecure code from the processing of benign code.
Government Of The United States As Represetned By The Secretary Of The Air Force

Web content capturing, packaging, distribution

Computer tools, processes, and systems for capturing web content are provided. A webpage is rendered on a user device.
Savnor Technologies Llc

Techniques for rendering media as layers

Techniques are provided for rendering media as layers. Logical units of media form a media stream.
Renderx, Inc.

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