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Remote System patents

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Activating voice command functionality from a stylus
Techniques are disclosed for activating voice command functionality from a stylus. The voice commands may include initiating searches for user content or sending messages, for example. In some instances, the voice command stylus may include at least one control feature that can be used to activate voice command functionality and a...

Detecting hardware and software problems in remote systems
A method for detecting hardware and/or software anomalies in remote systems. The method may include aggregating, in a centralized electronic database, by an electronic database server, data received via a network from each of the remote systems, the data relating to operating statistics of one or more subcomponents of the remote...

Method and apparatus for an attachable unit for a portable wireless system
Separable units comprising plenoptic cameras and eye ports can be attached to either the smart phone or to the eyeglasses by a mating surface. These separable units can be wireless coupled to a remote device, to a remote display, to other separable plenoptic cameras, or to other eyeglasses. The separable units...

Methods and systems for processing and displaying content
Methods and systems are described for processing and displaying or playing content. Web page data for a first web page is received from a remote system, wherein the web page is to be displayed on a terminal associated with a user. An automatic identification is performed of a available content space...

Vehicle range projection estimation
Vehicle range projection estimation is implemented by a computer processor of a vehicle having logic executable thereon. The logic receives vehicle range projection data from a remote system over a network as a network service. The vehicle range projection data represents a bounded geographic area in which the vehicle is capable...

Manager-controllable integrated user content and services system
The present disclosure presents user content and service systems that are controllable by one or more remote system managers, which may include one or more primary system managers, and utilized by one or more users, and methods and apparatuses related thereto. For example, the present disclosure presents an example method for...

Passive ignition interlock identification apparatus and method of use thereof
The invention comprises a personal identification device used in function of a peripheral device and/or for communication with an external network. In one embodiment, a non-removable personal identification device communicates presence of a specific individual to a peripheral device, such as an ignition interlock device, a tracking system, and/or a communication...

System and method for remote asset management
A remote asset management system comprising a network of programmable wireless modules, each having an antenna and an identification module and configured to communicate via a radio communication protocol. The system further includes a plurality of assets each linked to one of the wireless modules and configured to be managed by...

System and method for communication with a tracking device
A system and method for providing communication with a tracking device are disclosed. An example tracking device includes a location detector, a communication device, memory, a processor, and a configuration routine. The location detector is operative to determine locations of the tracking device. The communication device is operative to communicate with...

Winding arrangements in wireless power transfer systems
Systems, methods and apparatus for wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote systems such as electric vehicles are disclosed. In one aspect an induction coil is provided comprising a plurality of substantially co-planar coils formed from one or more lengths of conducting material, each length of conducting material...

Interconnected multimedia systems with synchronized playback of media streams
Synchronous playback of time-based media received from one or more locations remote from a primary editing/mixing studio is achieved by time-stamping media samples with a local presentation time before streaming them to the primary studio. At the primary studio, samples having the same presentation timestamp are played back at the same...

Adaptive wireless energy transfer system
Exemplary embodiments are directed to wireless power transfer using magnetic resonance in a coupling mode region between a charging base (CB) and a remote system such as a battery electric vehicle (BEV). The wireless power transfer can occur from the CB to the remote system and from the remote system to...

Mutable direct box and integrated phantom-powered music instrument tuner
Apparatuses, systems, and methods are presented which provide for a musical instrument direct box combined with a musical instrument tuner which may be phantom powered by an external audio system, according to some embodiments In some embodiments, an apparatus is presented. The apparatus may include a direct box (DI) module, and...

Single sign on for applications
Systems and method for providing single sign on access to an application executing at a client device. An API request is intercepted at the client device for signing on a user of the client device for accessing the application. The API request is sent to a remote system where user credentials...

In-card access control and monotonic counters for offline payment processing system
Preventing fraud during an offline transaction by encoding a randomly-generated card verification code onto a smart card. The verification code is transmitted to a contactless device during each transaction, wherein it is cross-referenced with the account number to ensure presence of the card. Also, every transaction record is signed by an...

Remote control and payment transactioning system using natural language, vehicle information, and spatio-temporal cues
A system enables a mobile platform to issue commands using natural language dialog in order to control and/or monitor the functionality of remote systems according to a desired set of criteria and/or meta-criteria....

Mobile communication device
A mobile communications device comprising a location sensing system, producing a location output; a memory, storing a set of locations and associated events; a telecommunications device, communicating event and location information between a remote system and said memory; and a processor, processing said location output in conjunction with said stored locations...

Wiring harness and wireless power transfer system
This disclosure provides methods and apparatus for use in wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote system such as electric vehicles. In one aspect a wireless power transfer system comprises a wireless power transfer device comprising a first connector portion; an electrical device comprising a second connector portion;...

Monitoring systems and method
A system for monitoring a plurality of persons in an assisted living facility includes a local system in the assisted living facility. The local system includes a plurality of sensor systems. Each of the plurality of sensor systems is adapted to monitor changes in state of at least one monitored system...

Device alignment in inductive power transfer systems
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote systems such as electric vehicles. In one aspect, a wireless power receiver includes a first inductive element configured to receive wireless charging power from a transmitter. The wireless power receiver further includes a...

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