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Remote Radio Head patents

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Remote radio header selection

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Radio Head-related patents
 Remote radio head unit system with wideband power amplifier and method patent thumbnailRemote radio head unit system with wideband power amplifier and method
A remote radio head unit (rru) system for multiple operating frequency bands, multi-channels, driven by a single or more wide band power amplifiers. More specifically, the present invention enables multiple-bands rru to use fewer power amplifers in order to reduce size and cost of the multi-band rru.
 Remote radio header selection patent thumbnailRemote radio header selection
Techniques for optimizing data transmission efficiency and accuracy in cellular network environments using remote radio headers are presented. In an aspect, a mobile device includes a collection component configured to collect fiber loss data from a plurality of remote radio devices in a cellular network.
 Wireless radio extension using up- and down-conversion patent thumbnailWireless radio extension using up- and down-conversion
A system may include a base station and a remote radio head (“rrh”). The base station may receive digital data streams destined for a user device, and generate a first set of modulated signals.
 Standard antenna interface patent thumbnailStandard antenna interface
A modular wireless communications station includes a standard antenna interface, a wireless communications antenna, and a remote radio head. The standard interface includes an antenna mount for the wireless communications antenna and at least one radio head mount.
 Method for terminal deciding uplink transmission power in macro cell environment comprising remote radio head (rrh), and terminal apparatus for same patent thumbnailMethod for terminal deciding uplink transmission power in macro cell environment comprising remote radio head (rrh), and terminal apparatus for same
Disclosed is a method for a terminal deciding an uplink transmission power in a macro cell environment, comprising at least one remote radio head (rrh). The method for the terminal deciding the uplink transmission power, comprises the steps of: receiving from the base station configuration information on the base station and on a state channel information-reference signal (csi-rs) of the at least one rrh and csi-rs transmission power information; measuring the strength of a received signal of the csi-rs which is received from the at least one rrh; and estimating downlink path loss that corresponds to a node that is set as a reception point or a reception rrh by using the configuration information on the csi-rs and the csi-rs transmission power information..
Method for receiving uplink radio frequency signals in a radio communication system, master unit and slave unit thereof
The invention relates to a method (met1) for receiving uplink radio frequency signals (rfs) in a radio communication system. The radio communication system comprises at least one antenna system for a reception of the uplink radio frequency signals (rfs), a slave unit (su) connected to the at least one antenna system, and a master unit (mu) controlling the slave unit (su).
 Apparatus and method for configuring cell in wireless communication system patent thumbnailApparatus and method for configuring cell in wireless communication system
A method for configuring a cell in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes generating a virtual field based on information of a remote radio header (rrh), generating grids in the virtual field at intervals, generating a virtual coverage map by regarding each of the grids as a virtual user equipment (ue) and determining a serving rrh for each of the virtual ues, determining grids which are located at a boundary region among rrhs among grids included in the virtual coverage map as boundary region grids, configuring a cell such that the cell includes less than or equal to a maximum sub-cell number of sub-cells, excluding boundary region grids included in a same cell among the boundary region grids from the boundary region grids, and selecting a sub-cell grouping combination which has a minimum number of boundary region grids among all sub-cell grouping combinations, and configuring the cell using the selected sub-cell grouping combination..
 Beamforming for increasing cell edge capacity in a heterogeneous network patent thumbnailBeamforming for increasing cell edge capacity in a heterogeneous network
Methods of communicating with a selected user equipment terminal (ue) in a first cell served by a base station and a remote radio head include forming a list of non-targeted ues including other ues in the first cell and cell edge ues in a neighboring cell that borders the first cell that are located near a border of the first cell and the neighboring cell, generating a list of candidate precoding matrices that can be used to communicate with the selected ue from the base station and/or from the remote radio head, generating a list of available precoding matrices by discarding from the list of candidate precoding matrices those precoding matrices that may cause interference to at least one non-targeted ue, selecting a precoding matrix from the list of available precoding matrices, and communicating with the selected ue using the selected precoding matrix.. .
 High efficiency, remotely reconfigurable remote radio head unit system and method for wireless communications patent thumbnailHigh efficiency, remotely reconfigurable remote radio head unit system and method for wireless communications
A remote radio head unit (rru) system is disclosed. The present invention is based on the method of adaptive digital predistortion to linearize a power amplifier inside the rru.
 Integrated surge protection for remote radio head power cable assemblies patent thumbnailIntegrated surge protection for remote radio head power cable assemblies
A surge protection apparatus for a power cable assembly is disclosed. The surge protection apparatus is located in-line with the power cable and may be integrated into or be a separate component from the power cable assembly and provide surge protection without the need to locate a surge protection device in a terminal.
User equipment, base station and method for selecting remote radio head
The present invention relates to a user equipment (ue), a base station and a method for selecting a remote radio head (rrh). A ue, including: a storage unit configured to store a code book including a plurality of precoding matrixes which contain a precoding matrix having an element zero corresponding to an antenna; a precoding matrix selection unit configured to select the precoding matrix to be used according to the code book stored in the storage unit; and a report unit configured to report an index of the precoding matrix selected by the precoding matrix selection unit.
Apparatuses and methods for csi-rs configuration in distributed rrh systems
Apparatuses and methods for channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) configuration in distributed remote radio head (rrh) systems are described. A transmission point selection module can receive a user equipment (ue) signal via a transmission point from a plurality of transmission points sharing a single cell identification.
Mobile proxy for cloud radio access network
Embodiments of computer-implemented methods, systems, computing devices, and computer-readable media are described herein for monitoring, by a mobile proxy associated with a control system of a cloud radio access network (“c-ran”), application layer data traffic between the control system and a wireless communication device. In various embodiments, the mobile proxy may, based on the monitoring, facilitate alteration of data plane or control plane processing by the wireless communication device or a remote radio head (“rrh”) associated with the c-ran..
Communication system
A communication system improving the communication quality in a case where a plurality of communication devices having different sizes of ranges coexist, in which communication with a terminal device is possible, to thereby improve an entire throughput. In a case where a remote radio head (rrh) is installed in a coverage of a macro cell, an uplink resource transmitted from a user equipment (ue) to the macro cell, that is, an uplink carrier frequency band ul1 of the macro cell is received not only by the macro cell but also by the rrh.
Cloud-based radio access network for small cells
A wireless communications system is disclosed. The system comprises a baseband processing unit (bbu) pool including one or more baseband processing units (bbus), and a plurality of remote radio heads (rrhs) connected to the bbu pool through a front-haul network, wherein the wireless communications system has a plurality of sectors, each of which includes one or more small cells, each of which is deployed by one of the plurality of rrhs, wherein a bbus is mapped to two or more rrhs in a sector in a one-to-many configuration, and a bbu is mapped to a single rrh in a sector in a one-to-one configuration, and wherein a combination of the one-to-one configuration and the one-to-many configuration is applied to each sector.
Method, apparatus and computer readable medium for timing alignment in overlaid heterogeneous wireless networks
The apparatus includes a base band unit including a processor. The processor is configured to receive a first message, the first message including information identifying a remote radio head and a first time delay, the first time delay indicating a propagation time delay between a user equipment and a base station, receive a second message, the second message indicating the user equipment is associated with the remote radio head, receive a reference signal, the reference signal including a time stamp, determine a second time delay based on the time reference, the second time delay indicating a propagation time delay between the user equipment and the base band unit, determine a time value based on the first time delay and the second time delay, and transmit a data packet to the user equipment via the remote radio head, the transmitting being advanced in time by the time value..
S1-mme and lte-uu interface correlation in long term evolution networks
Systems and methods for long term evolution (lte) interface correlation are described. In some embodiments, a method may include receiving a first message, the first message having been intercepted over an air (uu) interface of an lte network (e.g., probed via a common public radio interface (cpri) between an evolved-universal terrestrial radio access network (utran) node b (enb)'s remote radio head and baseband processing unit), the first message having a first identifier.
Matched filtered data samples processing
The invention relates to apparatuses, methods, a system, computer programs, computer program products and computer-readable media. Matched-filtered samples are conveyed instead of antenna samples, so that data rates in the interface between a remote radio head and the bts or base band hotel may be lower.
Method for initializing sequence of reference signal and base station using the same
A method and an apparatus are provided for scrambling sequence initialization for downlink demodulation reference signal (dl dmrs) applied to the multi-user (mu) multi-input multi-output (mu-mimo) in a coordinated multiple point (comp) scenario. The value of virtual slot index in the sequence initialization of the dl dmrs can be dynamically selected from two candidates and tied to the virtual cell id and/or the physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) scrambling id.
Switching between remote radio heads
An exemplary embodiment in accordance with this invention provides a method of managing a set of uplink reception paths and controlling the timing of uplink transmission of a ue. The method includes selecting a dominant path from a plurality of paths based at least in part on measurements of the plurality of paths.
Wireless communication sysytem with common cell id
Briefly, in accordance with one or more embodiments, a conventional physical downlink control channel (pdcch) is transmitted in a first region of a physical downlink control channel structure utilized by a remote radio head that has been assigned a cell identifier that is common to one or more other remote radio heads within the cell, and an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) is transmitted in a second region of the physical downlink control channel structure.. .
Signal designs for densely deployed network
Aspects of the present disclosure relate to techniques that may be utilized in networks with relatively dense deployments of nodes, such as remote radio heads (rrhs) and ue relays.. .
Cooperation and operation of macro node and remote radio head deployments in heterogeneous networks
A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for wireless communication are provided for separating control transmissions and data transmissions within the coverage area of a plurality of transmission/reception points or points that are geographically displaced, the plurality of points comprising a macro node and a plurality of remote radio heads (rrhs) coupled to the macro node. Separating control transmissions and data transmissions in the macro node/rrh configuration may allow ues to be associated with one set of transmission points for data transmissions and the same set or a different set of transmission points for common control signaling.
Coordinating video delivery with radio frequency conditions
System and methods for modifying streaming data based on radio frequency information is provided. As radio transceivers transition move to a shared resource or cloud model and the existing radio transceivers are split into a baseband unit and a remote radio head, radio frequency (rf) information including power levels, encoding, data rates, and bandwidth can be provided to video optimization server.
Method for channel estimation and pilot reception for remote radio head (rrh) deployments and multi-antenna downlink mimo
A method and apparatus for determining pilot information is disclosed. A wireless/transmit receive unit (wtru) receives a plurality of high speed shared control channel (hs-scch) resources including radio resource control (rrc) configuration information for high speed downlink packet access (hsdpa), wherein the rrc configuration information includes dedicated pilot information associated with each received hs-scch resource.
Distributed antenna system and wireless communication method used in said system
A distributed antenna system that forms a plurality of communication areas and allows a plurality of terminals to communicate simultaneously, while minimizing variability in the quality of communication among the terminals. Said distributed antenna system: provides one or more logical antenna ports to wireless front-end units provided with remote radio heads (rrhs); forms a plurality of communication areas; determines the terminals that will communicate in each communication area; controls connection between the logical antenna port(s) and the front-end units per communication area; and uses signal-processing devices associated with the logical antenna ports to perform signal processing for each terminal..
Methods and apparatus for an extensible and scalable control channel for wireless networks
Methods and apparatus to enable an extensible and scalable control channel for wireless networks. In one embodiment, an enhanced physical downlink control channel (epdcch) is disclosed that is implemented with a flexible number of physical resource blocks (prbs).
Split architecture remote radio
A wireless communication system, which includes at least one base station module configured to implement a media access controller and a physical layer, and includes at least one remote radio head module configured to prepare an analog signal or a digital data signal for transmission and receipt over a link in accordance with dedicated interface specifications, and also includes at least one outdoor signal conversion module configured to perform a high rate digital-to-analog conversion and a high rate analog-to-digital conversion in accordance with the dedicated interface specifications, and further includes at least two millimeter wave antenna assemblies, where each antenna assembly is configured to transmit and receive the analog signal over a wireless link in accordance with the dedicated interface specifications.. .
Uplink resource management under coordinated multipoint transmission
Management and distribution of pucch resources between first and second enbs in a comp system is disclosed, in which the control and data transmission for a given ue is decoupled. The decoupling of the control and data transmissions allows the first enb to transmit control information while the second enb or remote radio head (rrh) transmits data.
Positioning location for remote radio heads (rrh) with same physical cell identity (pci)
A method of wireless communication includes configuring a plurality of remote radio heads (rrhs) to prevent position location reference signal (prs) transmissions on the same subframes where the macro enodeb transmits prs. The configured rrhs each have a same physical cell identity (pci) as the macro enodeb.
Crs (common reference signal) and csi-rs (channel state information reference signal) transmission for remote radio heads (rrhs)
One aspect of the present disclosure provides various configurations of the macro cell and remote radio heads to allow legacy ues to function, including mapping crs ports to physical antenna, configuring csi-rs transmissions and assisting the new ue in identifying remote radio heads.. .
Systems and methods for configuring remote radio heads
In a method of wireless communication, a ue receives a configuration parameter for scrambling or descrambling a signal for which a larger number of scrambling sequences are defined for a particular cell id for ues of a newer release. The ue communicates in a network having a base station and remote radio head(s) based on the received configuration parameter..

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