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Image pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control…

Image pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control…

Remote control method of multi-mode remote controller, remote controller, user terminal and system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Power management circuit, server, and power management method thereof patent thumbnailPower management circuit, server, and power management method thereof
A server is provided in the present disclosure, and the server includes a power module, a motherboard circuit, and a power management circuit. The power management circuit is coupled to the motherboard circuit and the power module.
 Image pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of   controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control apparatus patent thumbnailImage pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control apparatus
An image pickup apparatus includes an image pickup device which generates an image signal by performing photoelectric conversion on an optical image via an optical system, an object detector which detects a plurality of object images based on the image signal obtained from the image pickup device, an identification information generator which allocates identification information to each of the object images, a communicator which sends the image signal and the identification information allocated to each of the object images to an outside of the image pickup apparatus, wherein the communicator is capable of receiving identification information of an object image relating to the sent identification information of the object image, and a controller configured to specify a main object image among the object images detected by the object detector based on the received identification information.. .
 Image pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control apparatus patent thumbnailImage pickup apparatus, remote control apparatus, and methods of controlling image pickup apparatus and remote control apparatus
An image pickup apparatus, adapted to be used with a remote control apparatus external to the image pickup apparatus, includes an image pickup unit for performing photoelectric conversion on a captured image to generate a first image signal representing the captured image, a communicator operable to send the generated first image signal to the remote control apparatus, and further operable to receive from the remote control apparatus a second image signal relating to the sent first image signal, and a controller operable to use the received second image signal to detect a target object in a further captured image represented by a third image signal generated by the image pickup unit subsequently to the first image signal.. .
 Remote control method of multi-mode remote controller, remote controller, user terminal and system patent thumbnailRemote control method of multi-mode remote controller, remote controller, user terminal and system
Described is a remote control method of a multi-mode remote controller, comprising the following steps of: determining a current control mode, the remote controller comprising various control modes; obtaining a touch control signal of a user on a touch screen; and analyzing the touch control signal, generating a remote control instruction corresponding to the touch control signal under the current control mode, and sending the instruction to a user terminal, so that the user terminal operates currently displayed content. It is further provided a multi-mode remote controller, a user terminal and a system.
 Handheld electronic device having universal remote control mechanism and operation method of the same patent thumbnailHandheld electronic device having universal remote control mechanism and operation method of the same
A handheld electronic device having a universal remote control mechanism is provided. The electronic device comprises a touch display unit, a storage unit, a wireless transmission unit and a processing unit.
 System and method for a remote control tester patent thumbnailSystem and method for a remote control tester
A system and method for testing remote controls. A number of remote controls are identified.
 Remote-controlled electric golf bag cart patent thumbnailRemote-controlled electric golf bag cart
A remote-controlled electric golf bag cart has a remote control, a support frame, an antenna set and a control module. The remote control transmits a distance measurement signal.
 Verification method for verifying validity of program,  and verification system patent thumbnailVerification method for verifying validity of program, and verification system
A verification method pertaining to the present invention is executed by a terminal device and is used for determining the validity of a control program used for remotely controlling an appliance via a server. Verification data generated from: a unique identifier which is assigned to a user of the terminal device; a parameter which is generated by the server device and is assigned to the control program; and partial data which is at least a portion of the control program, is compared with comparison data generated from: the id of the user stored in the server device; the parameter; and a portion of a program corresponding to the partial data of the control program.
 Hand-held pointing device and operation method thereof patent thumbnailHand-held pointing device and operation method thereof
A hand-held pointing device includes a main body, a processing circuit, a light emitting device and two image sensing devices. The main body has a first surface and a second surface for lying on an operating surface.
 Universal multiplexer for content channels via injecting patent thumbnailUniversal multiplexer for content channels via injecting
An interface for a single network point that provides channels of content and services to a subscribing user while maintaining the functionality of the channels of content as separate entities. Channels of content and services include, but are not limited to audio and video via cable and broadcast over the air, satellite broadcasts, cell phone service, gps, internet, and voice over internet protocol (voip).
Contactless remote control system and method for medical devices
The present invention provides a contactless remote control system enabling an operator to operate one or more medical devices in a contactless way, said remote control system comprising a display device for displaying a graphic user interface gui regarding the one or more medical devices; a tracking device for tracking the motion information of the operator; a control device for (1) interpreting the motion information of the operator into operation information relating to the movement trajectory of a cursor in the gui or the confirmation of the selection of an item in the gui where the cursor locates, and for (2) operating the gui in accordance with the operation information so as to generate control commands for the one or more medical devices; and an output device for outputting the control commands to the one or more medical devices. This system of the present invention enables the operator to operate and control the medical device in a more convenient way, and causes the degree of user satisfaction to be improved..
Display apparatus and method of controlling a display apparatus
A display apparatus and a control method thereof are provided. The method of controlling a display apparatus includes displaying a list including at least one item, in response to a long press command which presses a predetermined area of a remote controller to control the display apparatus for more than a predetermined period of time being input, entering into an editing mode in order to edit the list, and in response to a predetermined user command being input during the editing mode, editing the list according to the predetermined user command..
Method and apparatus for remote control distance-measuring to generate an engineering blueprint
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for remote control distance-measuring to generate an engineering blueprint. The method includes the steps of: building a wireless communication connection between a laser distance-measuring device and a touch sensitive control device; the touch sensitive control device automatically starting an engineering distance-measuring application program; the laser distance-measuring device selecting a required measured element of a measured object; the touch sensitive control device sending a distance-measuring instruction to the laser distance-measuring device, the laser distance-measuring device finishing a distance measurement and synchronously transmitting the measured data to the touch sensitive control device; under a blueprint labeling interface of the touch sensitive control device, finishing blueprint labeling.
Voice remote control
A device may include a display and logic. The logic may be configured to receive a selection of a first control action associated with an application stored in the device, provide a number of choices associated with the first control action, and receive a word or a phrase to use as a voice command corresponding to the first control action, wherein the word or phrase is selected from the choices.
Remote control apparatus and method for controlling power
A remote controller and a power control method are disclosed. The remote controller includes a voice recognizer a voice recognizer configured to recognize a voice utterance, a user interface configured to receive a user command; and a controller configured to, when a user command is input through the user interface to enter a voice recognition mode, convert a stand-by mode into an active mode, and convert the active mode into the stand-by mode depending on whether the utterance is recognized within a preset critical time.
Network power control module
A network power control module includes a switch and a processor installed in at least one electronic device within an area. The switch is electrically coupled to a first external power supply and the electronic device, and the processor includes a communication module in electrical communication with a control device at a remote end via a router of the area for receiving a control signal and then switching the switch to output or stop outputting voltage of the first external power supply to the electronic device, so that users can control the electronic devices at a remote control freely without requiring complicated network configurations to facilitate the schedule management for household affairs and improve the users' comfortability and home security effectively..
Automatic sensing lamp capable of network transmission and long-distance surveillance/remote-control audio-video operations
An automatic sensing lamp capable of network transmission and long-distance surveillance/remote-control audio-video operations is provided for use with a computer or mobile phone. A network connector or wireless transceiver unit of an image-processing ic of the sensing lamp is connected via the internet to a connection port of a long-distance surveillance/remote-control computer or to a mobile phone.
Power-saving remote control apparatus and power-saving manual control apparatus
A power-saving remote control apparatus (40) includes a remote control receiving unit (1022) and a main control unit (104). The main control unit (104) is configured to control the power-saving remote control apparatus (40) to enter a working mode when a controlled apparatus (30) needs to be turned on.
Power control system
A power control system includes an electronic device including a relay connected to a mains supply, a control circuit connected to the relay, and a receptive circuit connected to the control circuit, and a remote control device including a transmission circuit for transmitting a triggering signal to the receptive circuit. Upon receipt of the triggering signal from the receptive circuit, the control circuit generates, based on the triggering signal, a driving voltage sufficient for switching the relay from an off state to an on state to permit supply of electricity from the mains supply to the electronic device for driving operation thereof..
Hands-free lighting system
A hands-free lighting system comprising: a master control unit, a light unit, and a remote control unit. The master control unit is configured for controlling the operation of a remote light unit based on a signal received from a remote control unit.
Remote controller casing
A remote controller casing includes a front shell; a rear shell, which has an assembly means with the front shell, wherein the assembly means is coupled and fixed for the rear shell and the frond shell to develop an accommodating space to hold a printed circuit board, and the rear shell further comprises a battery bay whose one interior edge is designed to have a convex part, at least one concave part at one side, and a groove corresponding to the concave part and located at an opposite side; and a back cover, which includes at least one clasper at one ide which is opposite to the concave part, and at least one clamping part at an opposite side.. .
Surveying appliance and method having a targeting functionality which is based on the orientation of a remote control unit and is scalable
A surveying appliance for surveying targets has a targeting unit and a remote control unit for prompting changes in the orientation of the targeting unit, equipped with measurement functionality for determining a three-dimensional orientation of the remote control unit or for determining movements by the remote control unit. The surveying appliance also has an evaluation and control unit.
Method and arrangment for remote controlling a power consumption state of a network device
The instant invention improves the control of a low-power consumption state of network devices linked to a network switch by a suitable network such as an optical network. It allows for the sleep mode also to shut down the power supplies of the components of the network device necessary for the normal data link layer network communication according to the osi model and the higher layers of the communication protocols.
User interface for a remote control application
A hand-held electronic device having a remote control application user interface that functions to displays operational mode information to a user. The graphical user interface may be used, for example, to setup the remote control application to control appliances for one or more users in one or more rooms, to perform activities, and to access favorites.
Systems and methods for remote control of a non-destructive testing system
A system may include a non-destructive testing (ndt) device. The ndt device may further include a wireless system configured to communicate control data from an external system, wherein the ndt device is configured to use the control data to control a component included in the ndt device..
Wireless control of an adjustable bed
Aspects of this invention relate to an adjustable bed that may include one or more articulating portions, and may include one or more components, including an air inflatable mattress associated with the adjustable bed frame, a programmable logic controller, a remote memory storage facility, a remote storage location of user preferences, a cell phone remote control, a modular control device, an air purification facility, a power outlet controller, a bluetooth remote control, an ultra wide band remote control, a wireless usb remote control, and the like.. .
Server for communication with an implantable medical device
A system and method for modifying the parameters of an implantable medical device includes an implantable medical device that communicates with a remote control device that, in turn, communicates through the browser of a computer or any other device capable of using mark-up language protocol. The computer optionally communicates with other computers and/or devices through a network..
Remote control devices, systems, and methods to output content while fastforwarding through content on a separate display device
A remote control device used by a viewer to control content being displayed on a separate display device outputs content in response to instructing the device providing content to the separate display device to begin fast forwarding. The viewer of the separate display device may then be exposed to the content being output by the remote control device while the content to the separate display device is fast forwarding.
Determining remote control state and user via accelerometer
Methods, and system, and entertainment device are provided for identifying a user. A method includes detecting acceleration of a user manipulated component, comparing the detected acceleration with user acceleration that is associated with a user of the electronic device, identifying the user of the electronic device based on the comparison of the detected acceleration and the user acceleration, and operating the electronic device based on the identified user of the electronic device..
Methods and systems for remote controller communication network
Described herein are systems, devices, and methods for a remote controller communication network. The system may comprise one or more remote controllers communicatively coupled with a plurality of input and/or output devices, including but not limited to one or more display devices, peripheral devices, and/or switches.
Bluetooth remote-control photographing device
A bluetooth remote-control photographing device composed of a photographing device body and a bluetooth remote controller controlling the photographing device body; a bluetooth module is electrically connected on the circuit board of the said photographing device body; with the said bluetooth, the said photographing device body wirelessly connected with the said bluetooth remote controller. The bluetooth remote-control photographing device realizes control of photographing device by the bluetooth remote controller..
Remote manipulation device and method using a virtual touch of a three-dimensionally modeled electronic device
Disclosed is a remote control apparatus and method using a virtual touch of a three-dimensionally modeled electronic device. The remote control apparatus includes a 3d coordinate calculation unit, an electronic device detecting unit, a user detecting unit, an electronic device driving control unit, and an electronic device information database.
Remote control system and mobile device
A remote control system includes a mobile device and a receiver connected to a control target. The mobile device includes an input unit accepting user's input operation; an operation signal transmission unit wirelessly transmitting an operation signal corresponding to the input operation during the input operation; a frequency switching determination unit determining whether to switch the transmission frequency band from a first frequency band to a second frequency band based on at least any one of a manner of the input operation and a state of wireless communication; and a transmission frequency switching unit switching the transmission frequency band when the frequency switching determination unit determines to switch the transmission frequency band.
Pairing remote controller to display device
A remote control device is authorized to command the presentation of information from an information presenting device by communicating with the information presenting device by a first mode of communications while the remote control device and the information presenting device are proximate. In response to the authorizing, the information presenting device is unlocked to permit the presentation of information in response to commands from the remote control device.
Mobile vehicle or equipment electrical circuit disabler
This system allows a new vehicle or equipment to have a remote controller of the ignition circuit installed, without cutting or damaging the wire harness. This system will not void the manufacture warranty of engine module or computer system.
Television system to extract television product placement advertisement data and to store data in a remote control device
A television advertisement system whereby a viewer retrieves product placement contact information for a product, that has been promoted on the viewer's television by using a wireless remote control device. The invention provides the means for a viewer to easily obtain in-hand product contact and detailed information which can then be used at-will.
Remote control system and method
A control device obtains language configuration and language tags of a webpage in a browser. The control device generates first control information when a user touches on the control device.
Media device payments remote control personalization and protection
A server is operable to receive a media device identifying number (id) and to create an established association between the media device with a payment account and to support at least one of payment authorization and payment clearing based at least in part on the media device id and the payment account. The server is further operable to produce the payment account information to a smart card personalization service server to facilitate creation of a smart card with the payment account information that is associated with the media device.
Cleaning robot
A cleaning robot (1) is provided with: a main body housing (2) that moves along a floor in a self-propelled manner with a suction port (6) and an exhaust port (7) open; a motor fan (22) positioned inside the main body housing (2); a dust collection part (30) driven by the motor fan (22) so as to collect airflow dust that has been suctioned from the suction port (6); an infrared remote controller (60) that specifies an arbitrarily-defined location in space for setting up the main body housing (2) by emitting infrared rays; and an infrared sensor (18) that detects the specified location specified by the infrared remote controller (60). The cleaning robot moves to the specified location detected by the infrared sensor (18) and then carries out a cleaning operation, or carries out a cleaning operation while moving to the specified location..
Bagging with robotic arm
Systems and methods are disclosed for automatically or semi-automatically depositing retail items into a bag using a robotic arm. Embodiments of the present disclosure comprise a camera, an image processor, and a robotic arm control module to analyze and attempt to identify an item.
Smart adapter and remote control system using the same
A remote control system includes a remote control device in the hands of a user, a smart gateway, and a smart adapters and a number of home devices. The smart gateway is connected to each home device via the smart adapter and power lines.
Remote controlled telemedical ultrasonic diagnostic device
An apparatus and method for remote medical diagnosis includes using at least one wearable ultrasonic imaging device, more specifically an ultrasonic glove-like apparatus or ultrasonic array containment, for forming three dimensional scanned diagnostic images, transmitting the images to a remote location, and locally or remotely controlling the operation of the ultrasonic imaging.. .
Remote control of a first user's gameplay by a second user
A method for providing remote control of a user's gameplay is provided. A live video feed of a first user's gameplay is presented to a remote second user.
Powered portable handle remote for smartphone
The powered portable handle remote is a device that wirelessly controls a smartphone's application by means of wireless technology. It serves not only as a remote for the smartphone, but also as a handle to help stabilize and hold the smartphone while using the smartphone application.
Interactive talking dolls
A set of interactive toys that perform a sequence of actions in response to one another without external activation other than an initial actuation to begin the sequence of actions. Preferably, each toy has an activation switch and/or a receiver for a wireless signal such as an infrared signal which activates the toy.
A control system is described for controlling an appliance, such as a fan. The control system includes a user-operable remote control for transmitting light signals, a control circuit for controlling at least one component of the appliance, such as a motor, and a user interface circuit for supplying control signals to the control circuit.
Notebook computer and method for automatically opening cover of notebook computer
In a method for automatically opening a cover of a notebook computer, the cover includes a display screen and a gravity sensor. The notebook computer further includes a base member, a signal receiver, and a driver device.
Multimedia signal control device and control method thereof
A multimedia signal control device including a signal-connecting unit and a remote control unit is disclosed. The signal-connecting unit is used for connecting to a portable data-processing device and to a multimedia playback device.
Ring-type remote control device, scaling control method and tap control method thereof
A ring-type remote control device, a scaling control method and a tap control method are provided. The ring-type remote control device includes a processing unit, a wireless communication module, a motion sensor module and a proximity sensor.
Deliberate collision triggering in multi-channel remote control communication environments
Methods, devices, and system for controlling communication between set top boxes and remote controls are presented. A set top box communication module may be configured to receive remote control data transmissions from a plurality of set top boxes.
Apparatus, systems, and methods for notification of remote control device modes
Apparatus, systems, and methods are disclosed for the current mode of one or more remote control devices to be displayed or played as an audio message either continuously or at various opportune times on other devices such as a presentation device (e.g., a television set). In this way, a user is able to quickly see the current mode of their remote control while watching programming on the display to determine if the remote control mode needs to be changed to control a particular device on the premises.
Image display device and method of starting thereof
Disclosed is an image display device capable of starting in accordance with a preference of a user, and starting method thereof. According to an embodiment, an image display device includes a control section and a storage section.
Telephony services for programmable multimedia controller
In one embodiment, a programmable multimedia controller controls electronic devices, including display devices. A remote control communicates with the programmable multimedia controller.
Integrated camera window
Apparatus, systems and methods for camera integration with cover glass and for processing cover glass to provide a camera window for an electronic device are disclosed. A camera window can be integrated into the cover glass.
Remote control system and method
A control device generates first control information when a user moves the control device. The control device sends the first control information to a display device to generate the dividing line on a screen of the display device according to the first control information.
Apparatus, systems, and methods for configuring devices to accept and process remote control commands
A particular device may configure one or more of other devices to accept and execute remote control commands from the particular device's remote control unit. This may be performed via one or more various communication links between the devices on that enables the devices to communicate with each other.
Gesture-initiated remote control programming
A method and system for configuring a universal remote control (urc) to control a remote-controlled device includes establishing a communication link between the urc and the remote-controlled device in response to detecting a gesture motion of the urc. Device information may be received from the remote-controlled device and used by the urc to program the urc to control the remote-controlled device.
Remote control system using a handheld electronic device for remotely controlling electrical appliances
A remote control system using a handheld electronic device to remotely control electrical appliances includes a handheld electronic device and a command conversion device. The handheld electronic device uses a command input device to generate operation information.
Remote control system having a communication frequency lower than wireless fidelity signals
A remote control system includes a control interface, a wifi router, a bridge, and a low frequency control module. The wifi router is linked to the control interface for communicating with the control interface via wifi signals.
Air-conditioning remote controller
A printed board arranged within an upper case and having a hole, a partition portion arranged within the upper case so as to be substantially orthogonal to the printed board and provided with a cut, and a temperature sensor arranged within the upper case and having a covered wire, a soldered portion provided at an end of the covered wire, and a temperature detection portion provided at another end of the covered wire, are provided. The temperature sensor is fixed such that the soldered portion is soldered to a surface of the printed board, the covered wire is inserted through the hole and engaged with the cut to be fixed, and the temperature detection portion is located near an inner surface of the upper case..
Remotely controlled heat treatment system, remote control system for heat treating, and method for remotely controlling a heat treatment system
A heat treatment system includes a heat treatment apparatus as a component. An example of the heat treatment apparatus may be a metal heat treatment apparatus which thermally treats metal material in a chamber.
Air conditioning apparatus
An object is to enable the dealer or user of an air conditioning apparatus to recognize that the heat dissipation amount of a heat exchange device is less than the heat dissipation amount expected of the air conditioning apparatus. A control device detects a hot water outflow temperature being a temperature of a fluid heated by a heat pump device, and a return temperature being a temperature of the fluid before being heated by the heat pump device, and checks whether or not a temperature difference between the detected hot water outflow temperature and the detected return temperature is smaller than a predetermined first value.
Rotation laser
A rotation laser, in particular for surveying tasks, includes a remote control unit. The rotation laser has at least one operating mode necessary for measurement operation that is configured to be controlled exclusively by the remote control unit..
Internet video aggregation system with remote control
Methods and systems for presentation of content through an interface to provide personalized video feeds to a user. A selective feed is generated by combining a first service feed and a second service feed.
In one aspect of the invention, a tv includes a tv service module, a user service module, a media service module, a system service module, and a user interface (ui) view service module. The tv service module is adapted for providing a standard interface.
Method for activating a service mode in an electronic device and associated device
The invention relates to a method for updating data and/or software embedded in an electronic device comprising a communication interface and being suitable to be controlled remotely by a remote control device, the electronic device comprises a mechanical casing cabinet and being configurable into at least one standby mode, said method being characterised in that it comprises the steps of detecting the presence of the remote control device in the receptacle for a determined period, of configuring the standby mode following the detection of the remote control device and of updating embedded data via the intermediary of the communication interface, the update being carried out according to the presence of the remote control device in the receptacle. The invention also relates to the device implementing the method..
Method and system for controlling a vehicle with a smartphone
A remote control system for controlling a vehicle with a smart phone. The system includes the smart phone programmed with an application that can be installed in the phone via a computer or downloaded from the internet.
Remote control system for a machine
A controller implemented method of remotely operating a machine includes determining, for each of a plurality of operating conditions of the machine, a predetermined configuration of a machine instrument array and removably mounting a portable computing device on a remote control console. The method further includes defining a configuration of a console instrument array of the remote control console in which, for each of the plurality of operating conditions, the configuration of the console instrument array is generally identically to the predetermined configuration of the machine instrument array.
Game apparatus having general-purpose remote control function
A game apparatus is capable of controlling infrared radiation emitters for radiating infrared light. The game apparatus executes game processing using imaging information on the infrared light obtained from an input device.
Trench shoring apparatuses
Trench shoring apparatuses configured to be moved by construction equipment and including major vertical arms, struts attached to the lower ends of the major vertical arms, connectors rigidly connected to the major vertical arms proximate the upper ends of the major vertical arms, the connectors being configured to detachably couple with the construction equipment. In some examples, struts include strut arms movably supported by the major vertical arm and strut actuators configured to selectively extend and retract the strut arm laterally across trenches, the strut arms being configured to pair with shoring plates proximate outer ends.
Lateral reinstatement cutter and single access point method of use
A pivot drive, a pivot, a cutter drive, a cutting head, and a camera are mounted to a base, and a remote control system operates the pivot drive to pivot the cutter drive from a stored to a use position, operates the cutter drive to rotationally drive the cutting head, and operates the camera to provide images of the cutting head used to cut out blockages at lateral connections of relined pipes. The camera and the cutting head are positioned in a spaced apart relationship facing each other, with the base extending beyond the cutting head sufficiently to provide this spacing.

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