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Remote Control patents


This page is updated frequently with new Remote Control-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Remote controller patent thumbnailRemote controller
Disclosed is a remote controller. The remote controller comprises a first panel and a second panel.
Shenzhen Tcl New Technology Co., Ltd.

 Projection display system, and remote controller for controlling projector patent thumbnailProjection display system, and remote controller for controlling projector
A projection display system includes a projector to project an image onto a projection surface, and a remote controller to control the projector. The remote controller includes a first sensor to measure a current value of horizontal distance to the projection surface, a second sensor to measure a current value of vertical distance to the projection surface, and a processor to obtain, from a memory, preset values of horizontal distance and vertical distance corresponding to a screen size selected by a user, and to control a display to display a screen including the obtained preset values of horizontal distance and vertical distance, the current value of horizontal distance measured by the first sensor, and the current value of vertical distance measured by the second sensor..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Systems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system patent thumbnailSystems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system
Systems and methods for saving and restoring scenes in a multimedia system with minimal configuration are provided. The techniques of the present invention can allow the states of the components in the multimedia system to be captured in a scene.
Apple Inc.

 Method, device and system for network-based remote control over contactless secure storages patent thumbnailMethod, device and system for network-based remote control over contactless secure storages
A typical system environment comprises a terminal device, a secure storage subsystem, and an interconnectivity component. The terminal device has a network connectivity subsystem enabled for data connectivity with a wireless communications network.
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Led lighting device, and smart home control system and method patent thumbnailLed lighting device, and smart home control system and method
An led lighting device, and a smart home control system and method are provided. A smart terminal is configured to send a control instruction to an led lighting device and to receive at least one sound pulse signal from the led lighting device to remotely control one or more household electrical appliances that have an infrared remote control function.
Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

 Method and  remote control patent thumbnailMethod and remote control
A method of an electronic device comprising: determining at least one object; associating at least one control signal with the object; and outputting the control signal corresponding to the object.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Interface display  application product platform and intelligent terminal equipment patent thumbnailInterface display application product platform and intelligent terminal equipment
The present invention discloses an interface display method of application product platform and intelligent terminal equipment. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring starting instructions of the application product platform, opening a display window comprising category labels and a view currently corresponding to the category labels, and placing a focus on one item in the view; acquiring item switching instructions of a first set of input mechanism from remote control equipment, and focus is moved from current item to next; acquiring category-switching instructions of a second set of input mechanism, switching the current view to next.
Shenzhen Skyworth-rgb Electronic Co., Ltd.

 Method and device for remote control of a function of a vehicle patent thumbnailMethod and device for remote control of a function of a vehicle
A method and a device for the remote control of a function of a vehicle is disclosed. A wireless communication connection is established between a portable operating device and the vehicle.
Daimler Ag

 Device for the remote control of a motorized underwater surface cleaning apparatus and apparatus thus controlled patent thumbnailDevice for the remote control of a motorized underwater surface cleaning apparatus and apparatus thus controlled
The invention concerns a device and a method of remotely controlling a motorized submerged surface cleaning apparatus (1) comprising a body and a drive device, said remote control device comprising a control terminal (15) having a housing, a device (16) for transmitting control signals for the drive device, characterized in that the housing comprises an orientation detector furnishing at least one orientation parameter of the housing, and in that said device comprises a unit for processing orientation parameters, producing a first command for the drive device for an orientation parameter that is within a first interval of values, and a second command for the drive device for an orientation parameter that is within a second predetermined interval of values.. .
Zodiac Pool Care Europe

 Target actuation system patent thumbnailTarget actuation system
A target actuation system is provided. The target actuation system includes a housing having a target actuation mechanism, remote control unit, actuation power source, and a mechanism guard plate.


Remote controlled motorized wand for controlling blinds

A motorized wand system is presented for connecting to conventional horizontal and vertical blinds. The motorized wand system includes a housing that houses a motor, a gear box and a motor controller.
Qmotion Incorporated


Autonomous ready vehicle

A system and method for interfacing an autonomous or remote control drive-by-wire controller with a vehicle's control modules. Vehicle functions including steering, braking, starting, etc.
Polaris Industries, Inc.


Efficient in-situ catalyst sulfiding methods and systems

A system and method is disclosed for efficiently sulfiding metal catalyst resident in a reactor vessel comprises a sulfiding module and a hydrogen sulfide detection module and a remote computer all arranged and configured to communicate wirelessly and to allow remote control and monitoring of the modules and sulfiding process.. .
Reactor Resources, Llc


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Remote control for remotely controlling an receiving television signals, connecting to the internet and functioning as a multimedia center, and related system thereof

A remote control for remotely controlling an apparatus capable of working in different operative modes—namely receiving broadcasted signals, connecting to the internet and functioning as a multimedia center. The remote control is able to cooperate with said television apparatus and comprises rotary means and actuating means.
Saronikos Trading And Services, Unipessoal Lda


Augmented reality remote control

An augmented reality (ar) device, places manual controls and virtual displays onto a surface of a controllable electronic device (ced) or next to the ced as viewed through the ar device allowing the user to manipulate the controls and view feedback via the virtual displays associated with the controllable device. The ar device overlays an image on a surface of the ced with virtual control objects and virtual feedback image(s) are displayed on a surface of the ced or adjacent to the ced.
Vizio Inc.


Remote controller utilized with charging dock for controlling mobile device

Provided is a console unit for controlling a mobile device. The console unit includes a remote control unit and a tower section.
Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.


Method for data routing in networks

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network having remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system delivers remote premise monitoring and control functionality to conventional monitored premise protection and complements existing premise protection equipment.


Configuration responsive to a device

Various features described herein may include updating settings on a device in response to a themed cover being placed on a device (e.g., a remote control) associated with the device. The settings may be updated to correspond to a theme of the themed cover.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Terminal device and remote control method

A terminal device and a remote control method having high usability are provided. In a terminal device having a function for remote control of electric equipments, the current position and the current height of the terminal device are detected.
Hitachi Maxell, Ltd.


Streaming and gaming universal remote controller

Disclosed is a universal remote controller for streaming multimedia content and gaming content to a multimedia device. The remote controller includes a display, a browser module to select the content or identification data associated with the content, a streaming module to arrange and stream the content, and a control module to control the streaming of the content and to control the multimedia device during the streaming.
Tekoia Ltd.


Remote controller for controlling mobile device

Provided is a remote control for controlling a mobile device. The remote control includes a communications transceiver configured to communicate with the mobile device and an actuator for receiving a user input while the remote control is communicatively coupled to the mobile device.
Analogix Semiconductor, Inc.


Swift multi-cycle ball-activated circulation sub

Aspects of the present invention generally relates to downhole drilling operations. Particularly, the present invention relates to methods and apparatus to provide remote control of flow communication between inner passage flow and annulus depending on the circumstances where it might be needed.


Remote control method and terminal

The present application discloses a remote control method and apparatus for controlling the state of a movable object and/or a load carried thereon. The remote control method comprising: receiving, via an apparatus, a state signal that corresponds to a user's position; remote-controlling the state of the a load being carried on a movable object based on the state signal; wherein the state of the load is the result of combining the movement of the load relative to the movable object and the movement of the object relative to its environment.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd


Access control system for a motor vehicle

An access control system for activating functionalities of a motor vehicle using a remote control includes: the remote control; an access control unit located in the motor vehicle, configured to communicate wife the remote control via radiofrequency signals; one or more components for locating a user via a location of the remote control by determining the position of the remote control in an environment, close to the motor vehicle or inside the motor vehicle, the environment being divided into a plurality of predetermined zones; and one or more components for associating the determined position of the remote control with a single zone of the plurality of predetermined zones. The remote control includes a detection unit, the detection unit being configured to detect different movements of the remote control for activation of at least one functionality of the motor vehicle..
Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics Sas


Victim retrieval system, method and appratus

A victim retrieval apparatus for use with a vehicle. In some embodiments, the rescue basket comprises one or more wheels.
Flaresun Fire Group, Inc.


Devices, methods, and systems for remote control of a motorized closure system

According to one aspect, a mechanism for wirelessly adjusting tension of an article includes a tension input component that is coupleable with a vehicle in an area that is easily accessible to a user. The tension input component is configured to receive input from the user corresponding to an adjustment of a motorized tensioning device that is attached to the article and that is configured to adjust a tension of a tension member.
Boa Technology Inc.


System for remotely controlling smart television and control method

A system for remotely controlling a smart television and a control method are disclosed. The system includes a channel management module for adjusting a resource of channel numbers and adjusting distribution and use of a corresponding resource according to the resource of the channel numbers after receiving a remote control request, an application management module for receiving a media file and a resource of an application and deploying the media file and the resource of the application in the smart television after receiving the remote control request, and a remote control module for transmitting the remote control request to the two above-mentioned modules after receiving an operation instruction.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.


Multimedia device and controlling the same

A disclosure is disclosed a multimedia device and a method thereof. According to an embodiment of the present invention, a multimedia device of providing a menu bar providing at least one of an available channel, an available application or an available content which is accessible thereof, the multimedia device comprises a display for displaying video data, and a controller for controlling the menu bar to display on the displayed video data in response to a first signal from a remote controller, wherein the menu bar includes a first icon and a second icon, wherein the first icon is related to at least one of a preferred channel, a channel viewed over a predetermined time, a channel viewed over a predetermined number, a recommended content, a recommended application or a recommended channel, wherein the second icon corresponds to a specific user, and wherein, when the second icon is selected, the controller further controls the display to display a graphic user interface (gui) related to a function among a plurality of functions of the multimedia device based on history data of the specific user using the multimedia device..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Remote control method and remote control system

A notification to prompt a user granted a remote control right to remote control a device is transmitted to the user. In such a case, if the user has not performed any operation on the device for a predetermined period of time, another user is temporarily granted the remote control right to the device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Server for automatically switching sharing-network

A server for automatically switching sharing-network is disclosed in the present invention. In the server, a plurality of general-network controllers are provided to send a first network-control signal and a network-status signal.
Inventec Corporation


Systems and methods using acoustic communication

A method and a system for remote controlling one or more service providing devices, including a mobile device operative to control a service providing device within a first range, where the mobile device is operative to interrogate the one or more service providing devices within a second range being smaller than the first range, where, responsive to the interrogation by the mobile device, the service providing device identifies itself to the mobile device, and where the mobile device is operative to present to a user a list including one or more of the service providing devices within the second range.. .
Wizedsp Ltd.


Systems, methods and providing an audio indicator via a remote control

Apparatus, systems and methods are described for outputting audible or visual indicators via a remote control for a controlled device. A remote control queries an associated controlled device for information.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Remote control via multiple wireless transmission schema

A system includes a remote control, a device and a wireless network. The device is coupled to the remote control by a set of wireless communication protocols.
Gainspan Corporation


Apparatuses, methods and computer programs for remote control

A method comprising: causing transfer of a displayable first item to a display of a remote apparatus by causing transfer of data to the remote apparatus, the data defining features of the displayable first item; and enabling remote user-control of interaction, in the display of the remote apparatus, between a second item displayed in the display of the remote apparatus and the transferred displayable first item.. .
Nokia Technologies Oy


Wearable propping display apparatus 2

The disclosed apparatus is a display panel (with electronic display) made wearable by suspending it from an operator's neck (or shoulder) by a strap and including a prop to push the display panel away from the operator's stomach/chest and into his comfortable view without using of his hands. The bottom end of the prop makes contact with the operator using an interface designed to provide lateral tipping stability and sliding stability in all directions.


Load control device

Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide local and/or remote control for an appliance. A load control device includes local controls and also includes communication components for remote operations.



An actuator for actuating a valve mechanism, such as a gate valve mechanism, a blow-out preventer or the like for maritime oil or gas production. The actuator includes at least one motor housing.
Cameron International Corporation


Touch user interface method and imaging apparatus

The present invention relates to a touch user interface of an imaging apparatus such as a smart tv. The present invention relates to a user interface method and to an imaging apparatus, in which various menus required for implementing functions provided by the imaging apparatus such as a remote controller command, content, application, web and a tv channel are structured to be fit to two or more menu search modes and correspond respectively to two or more independent touch regions, so that the whole process, from a menu and search mode selection to a final menu item selection, can be carried out by a single touch movement without viewing a remote controller, and the independent touch regions and dependent touch regions are divided to allow for efficient use of the input sensor of the remote controller, having a narrow touch surface..


Nuclear facility pool cleaning device

The invention relates to a nuclear facility pool cleaning device having a floating platform, capable of floating in water, having buoyancy bodies; a drive device for displacing the floating platform on the surface of a water-filled nuclear facility pool to be cleaned; a winching device connected to the floating platform; a pump which is winchable vertically by the winching device and has a vacuum hose, connected thereto at its first end, for cleaning the bottom of the nuclear facility pool; a remote control device for remotely operating at least the drive device and the winching device; an optional stationary external storage tank; and wherein the second end of the vacuum hose preferably leads at least indirectly into the stationary external storage tank.. .
Westinghouse Electric Germany Gmbh


Vehicle remote control system and vehicle-mounted apparatus incorporated in the same

A vehicle remote control system including an electronic key pre-registered as a device via which a vehicle can be remote-operated, and a mobile communication device pre-registered as a device that belongs to a user of the vehicle. In the system, a vehicle-mounted authentication unit is configured to determine whether or not authentication of the electronic key and the mobile communication device has succeeded, and a vehicle-mounted allowance determination unit is configured to, if it is determined by the vehicle-mounted authentication unit that the authentication of the electronic key and the mobile communication device has succeeded, allow operation of a predetermined vehicle-mounted activation unit..
Denso Corporation


Wearable propping display apparatus

The disclosed apparatus is a display panel (with electronic display) made wearable by suspending it from an operator's neck (or shoulder) by a strap and including a prop to push the display panel away from the operator's stomach/chest and into his comfortable view without using of his hands. The bottom end of the prop makes contact with the operator using an interface designed to provide lateral tipping stability and sliding stability in all directions.


Remote controlled target system

In certain embodiments, a system includes a frame with top, middle, and bottom sections. The system further includes a first roller section coupled to the frame and positioned at the top section of the frame.


Building management system with programmable ir codes

A discrete air conditioner controller for controlling a discrete air conditioner unit servicing a building may receive an ir code, in some cases in a raw waveform format, from a handheld remote control that is associated with the discrete air conditioner unit during a programming process. The discrete air conditioner controller may associate the ir code with the discrete air conditioner unit and store the ir code and its association in memory.
Honeywell International Inc.


Remote controller

A remote controller for controlling an air-conditioning apparatus including an outdoor unit and an indoor unit includes a storage unit that stores data of different types of digital objects, a touch panel display including a display unit that displays the digital objects and an operation input unit that detects an operation of the digital objects, and a control processor that controls the touch panel display. The control processor displays one of the digital objects associated with an operation expected from a surrounding environment of the indoor unit or an operation history of the operation input unit..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Arrangement and down-the-hole drilling equipment for angular setting of a drill string

An arrangement for the angular setting of a drill string includes a first tubular member, a second tubular member, a plurality of control and actuator devices that can be shortened and lengthened in a longitudinal direction through the influence of a driving device, and remote controllers by which the control and actuator devices can be set selectively and independently of each other in a radially extended or radially withdrawn condition.. .
Lkab Wassara Ab


Vehicle signal control system

A vehicle control system includes, among other things, one or more functional warning units positioned in various positions in a vehicle. A central controller is configured to generate a desired state of the functional warning units and encode the desired state into a packet.
Soundoff Signal, Inc.


Systems and methods for delivering neural therapy correlated with patient status

Therapy systems for treating a patient are disclosed. Representative therapy systems include an implantable pulse generator, a signal delivery device electrically coupled to the pulse generator, and a remote control in electrical communication with the implantable pulse generator.
Nevro Corporation


Bedside organizer

A bedside organizer securable to a bed and used to conveniently store various items therein. The beside organizer includes a flexible panel having a front portion and a rear portion, wherein the rear portion is configured to be compressed between a mattress and a box spring.


Remote control video modulator

A video modulator is presented. The modulator includes a video input interface, a video modulation circuit, a video output interface, a communication interface, and control circuitry.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


System and saving and recalling state data for media and home appliances

A set of media playback and device settings data from each home appliance of a first set of home appliances is stored on a central server and/or sent to a remote control device upon initiation of a suspend command by a user. The stored media and devices states may be used at a later time to control the first set of home appliances, or a user may, after relocating to a second set of home appliances, initiate a resume state command whereupon media playback and device settings data from the central server and/or remote control device controls each home appliance in the second set of home appliances to bring about the same or substantially similar media and device states as in the first set of home appliances..
Universal Electronics Inc.


Set-top box with enhanced content and use of same

A set-top box with enhanced content and system and method for use of the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a wireless transceiver is located within a housing, which also interconnectively includes a television input, television output, a processor, and memory.
Enseo, Inc.


Seamless setup and control for home entertainment devices and content

Embodiments described herein enable a switching device to automatically select av port(s) coupled to electronic device(s) that a user would like to use to watch and/or listen to content. The av port(s) may be automatically selected based on receiving a command, determining that a particular remote control device is being used, and/or determining that a particular piece of content has been selected.
Branch Media Labs, Inc.


Automatic identification and mapping of consumer electronic devices to ports on an hdmi switch

Methods, systems, and apparatuses are described for automatic identification and mapping of consumer electronic devices to ports on an hdmi switch. A device that is connected to an hdmi switch is identified based on data received over an hdmi connection, and ports on the hdmi switch are automatically mapped and configured.
Branch Media Labs, Inc.


Smart remote control system

A smart remote control system includes multiple terminals and a server. Each terminal is accessible by an electronic device through use of a registered account/password set.
Netvox Technology Co., Ltd.


Method for remote-controlling target apparatus using mobile communication terminal and remote control system thereof

Methods and apparatuses are provided for remote-controlling a target apparatus using a mobile communication terminal. A communication link is established with the target apparatus having a display screen adapted to visualize an object.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and control based on face or hand gesture detection

System and method for control using face detection or hand gesture detection algorithms in a captured image. Based on the existence of a detected human face or a hand gesture in an image captured by a digital camera (still or video), a control signal is generated, and provided to a device.
May Patents Ltd.


User programable touch and motion controller

A wearable device having a display and a touchscreen is disclosed. The device is capable of interfacing with and controlling remotely controllable devices.


Remote control device

A remote control device according to the present invention includes an operation unit for switching and setting an operation state of an apparatus performing at least one of a heating operation and a cooling operation, a display unit that displays a screen on which an operation at the operation unit is reflected, and a controller that controls a display operation of the display unit. The controller causes the display unit to display at least one of a type and a range of an operation state that is able to be switched and set by the operation unit..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Disclub golf & phonefly: xphone with sfdpcc & dual-phone-watch pair smart flying disc phone for cloud computation

“let the bullet fly for a while, let the phone fly, phonefly!” the carrier of the phonefly xphone is the disclub golf. The next generation phonefly xphone is the dual-phone-watch pair having the flying capabilities and remote monitoring/watching capability.


Sanitizing surfaces

Sanitizing surfaces in a location related to aircraft. There are multiple rows of seats.


Systems and methods for disinfecting a remote control using ultraviolet light

A remote control having an ultraviolet light emitting device for disinfecting the outer surfaces of the remote control is disclosed. In particular, the remote control may include an ultraviolet transmissive housing and internal ultraviolet emitting light emitting diodes.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Robotic surgical station

A robotic surgical station is described. The robotic surgical station has a base configured to be fixed to the ground, a ring-shaped structure to which a patient bed and a plurality of robot arms are restrained at respective first and second mounts and a remote control unit that may be used by a surgeon to carry out a surgical intervention on a patient..
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Handle remote control for use with bronchoscopy navigation system

A surgical system includes an extended working channel, a magnetic field generator, a sensor, a workstation, a computer readable recording medium, and a remote control handle. The extended working channel is sized for insertion into the working channel of a bronchoscope and to receive one or more instruments therethrough.
Covidien Lp


Methods and systems for irrigation control

A wireless system is provided for monitoring environmental, soil, or climate conditions and/or controlling irrigation or climate control systems at an agricultural or landscape site. In some embodiments, the wireless system includes at least one wireless nodes for monitoring environmental, soil, or climate conditions and/or for controlling one or more irrigation or climate control systems at the site.
Rain Bird Corporation


System and testing communication in a vehicle system

Communication methods and systems wirelessly communicate onboard messages between communication devices onboard the same vehicle. The communication devices can wirelessly communicate with other communication devices onboard other vehicles in a vehicle system for remote control of the vehicles.
General Electric Company


Multimedia playing system, multimedia file sharing method and control method thereof

A multimedia playing system, a multimedia file sharing method and a control method are provided. The multimedia playing system includes multimedia playing devices, a server device and a user device.
Ali Corporation


System and control based on face or hand gesture detection

System and method for control using face detection or hand gesture detection algorithms in a captured image based on the existence of a detected human face or a hand gesture in an image captured by a digital camera (still or video), a control signal is generated, and provided to a device. The control may provide power or disconnect power supply to the device (or part of the device circuits).
May Patents Ltd.


Servomechanism with proportional control of action force

The servomechanism transmitting restrained force to a load device for use with standard remote control systems. The magnitude of the transmitted force is proportional to the control signal and does not depend on the position of the actuator.
Uzdaroji Akcine Bendrove "my Research"


Remote controlled compaction machine

A compaction machine such as a vibration trench roller has a supplemental receiver such as an eye located generally centrally of the machine and within a common reception zone of another receiver on the machine. The eye can receive a signal that is blocked from impinging upon the machine's other receiver(s), preventing the machine from shutting down when it passes beneath an obstruction and negating the need for the operator to reposition himself or herself to reestablish communications with the machine.
Wacker Neuson Production Americas Llc


Drone systems for pre-trip inspection and assisted backing

Embodiments relate to using a uav for assisting drivers of large wheeled vehicles when backing up in reverse and for conducting pre-trip inspections of the wheeled vehicle prior to driving. The uav can be a multirotor copter using simultaneous localization and mapping technology to maneuver autonomously.
Paccar Inc


Docking system for a tele-presence robot

A remote controlled robot system that includes a mobile robot with a robot camera and a battery plug module, and a remote control station that transmits commands to control the mobile robot. The system also includes a battery charging module that mates with the mobile robot battery plug module, and an alignment system that aligns the battery plug module with the battery charging module.
Intouch Technologies, Inc.


System for controlling welding parameter of a welding system

Embodiments of a the present disclosure include a remote control system for a welding system having a control device and control circuitry configured to select a first operating parameter adjustment for a first operating parameter of the welding system based on a first actuation of the control device, wherein the first operating parameter adjustment comprises an adjustment to a rate of change of the first operating parameter.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Server for communication with an implantable medical device

A system and method for modifying the parameters of an implantable medical device includes an implantable medical device that communicates with a remote control device that, in turn, communicates through the browser of a computer or any other device capable of using mark-up language protocol. The computer optionally communicates with other computers and/or devices through a network..
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Terminal device, remote control system, and remote control target determination method therefor

To accurately determine the nearest electronic device in establishing a pairing with an electronic device to be a target for remote control. A terminal device includes a received signal strength acquiring unit, a device selection processing unit, and a connecting unit.
Aplix Ip Holdings Corporation


Sensor remote control system, remote control device, sensor device and remotely controlling sensor

A sensor remote control system is provided. The sensor remote control system includes a sensor device configured to transmit and receive a detection signal in a direction to detect information in the direction, and a remote control device configured to transmit, to the sensor device, a control signal to remotely control the sensor device.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.


Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, remote control system and controlling method thereof

A display apparatus which is controlled by a remote control apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes an output unit including a display and a speaker, a communicator configured to perform communication with the remote control apparatus while the display apparatus is turned off, and a processor configured to be turned on according to a predetermined signal received from the remote control apparatus while the display apparatus is turned off, and control an operation of the output unit based on at least one of channel selection information and volume control information included in the predetermined signal..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Direct connection with side channel control

A wireless computer that pairs with a remote audio-video presentation device, such as a television. As a result of the pairing, a communication channel is established for the computer to transmit audio-video content for presentation through that device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


System and providing massage related services

A method of providing massage related services comprises providing a massage apparatus, establishing a connection between a terminal device and a server computer, transferring a massage program executable on the massage apparatus from the server computer to the terminal device, establishing a connection between the terminal device and the massage apparatus, and transferring the massage program from the terminal device to the massage apparatus. Once the new massage program is downloaded in the massage apparatus, a graphical user interface displayed by a remote controller of the massage apparatus can be updated with a new icon associated with the new massage program.
Osim International Ltd


Method of pairing a remote control

Systems and methods are described for automatically pairing a remote control device with a target device (e.g., electronically controllable device). In one embodiment, ir communication data and auto-pairing discovery requests are transmitted from the remote control device to the target device.
Comcast Cable Communications, Llc


Method of controlling a remote controlled system

A method of controlling a remote controlled system includes the steps of: a. Establishing corresponding relationships between a detector and home appliances; b.
Grand Mate Co., Ltd.


Control map providing method and apparatus

A method of providing a control map for a control target facility is provided. The method includes generating a central node corresponding to an interest object, the interest object being selected by a user from among first objects managed by a remote control system; generating peripheral nodes respectively corresponding to second objects that are associated with the interest object, the second objects being selected from among the first objects; generating an edge which connects the central node to one of the peripheral nodes or connects the peripheral nodes to each other; and graphically rendering the central node, the peripheral nodes, and the edge to be displayed..
Samsung Sds Co., Ltd.


Display apparatus, system, and controlling method thereof

A display apparatus, a system, and controlling methods are provided. The display apparatus includes: a display configured to display a user interface (ui) screen; a receiver configured to receive a control signal from a remote control device; and a controller configured to move a cursor on the displayed ui screen based on the received control signal and, in response to the cursor being positioned in a preset area determined based on information about the ui screen, operate in a minute control mode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Positioning device for a remote control of a heavy duty vehicle or an agricultural vehicle

A positioning device for a remote control of a heavy duty vehicle or agricultural vehicle includes an elastic element. The elastic element has a fastening portion, configured to be secured to a body of the remote control, and a retaining portion, arranged to cooperate with an actuator of the remote control at a threshold position delimiting a first portion of a displacement trajectory of the actuator, and a second portion of the displacement trajectory, so as to oppose movement of the actuator according to its displacement trajectory along at least one displacement direction upon switching of said threshold position and allow switching at the threshold position in said displacement direction as a result of application of a threshold switching force exerted on the actuator.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Ground remote control an aircraft with an electric taxi system

A ground remote control system for an aircraft includes a security pairing device configured to establish a first secure communication link and protocol between a remote control device and a ground remote control system controller; and establish a second secure communication link and protocol, using the first communication link and protocol between the remote control device and the ground remote control system controller. The ground remote control system controller is configured to receive drive command signals, brake command signals, steering command signals, and power command signals, from the remote control device and generate the electronic drive commands, the electronic brake commands, the electronic steering commands, and the electronic power commands..
Honeywell International Inc.


Companion control interface for smart devices

A companion remote control system is usable with smart devices for controlling a plurality of controlled components. An overall control system includes: a companion remote configured for remote communication, and providing command options for a user desiring to interact with a controlled component; a software application configured for running on smart devices, which typically includes a graphical interface for the user to select desired controlled component from plurality of controlled components; and a control processor capable of communicating with companion remote, smart device and controlled components.
Remote Technologies Incorporated


Sand dispensing system and dispensing sand into a metal making furnace

A sand dispensing system with a compact movable sand reservoir, mounted for movement atop a metal making furnace, is refillable with a predetermined amount of sand, and tilts with the furnace. The reservoir dispenses a directed stream of the predetermined amount of sand through a nozzle in a sump panel door to fill a tap hole in the furnace.


Control system for ventilator

A ventilator for a stove includes a fan with a motor, and a microprocessor controller that regulates the speed of the fan motor. The controller has a first input from a wireless receiver with a remote control, and a second input from a rotatable local control knob with a rotary encoder.
Foremost Groups, Inc.


Remote control device, and remotely steering ship

A remote steering system is provided. The remote steering system includes a steering device configured to control a traveling direction of a ship by at least adjusting an angle of a rudder, and a remote control device configured to remotely control the steering device.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.


Jump all

A system for jumping rope comprising an electronic box with a rotatable circular groove to which a hook is anchored to hold one end of a jump rope, with the other end of the jump rope hooked on to one of a plurality of hooks anchored to a telescoping pole mounted on a tripod with rotatable wheels. The electronic box is mounted on a telescoping pole attached to a stand with rotatable wheels and a central pivot section to fold the structure for easy transport and storage.


Remote control of fire suppression systems

In one implementation, a computer-implemented method includes receiving, at a computer system, information that indicates that a fire has been detected in a building and that a fire suppression system within the building has begun dousing the fire; monitoring sensor information from one or more sensors located within the building; determining, by the computer system and based on the sensor information, whether the fire has been extinguished; activating, in response to determining that the fire has been extinguished, a feature to turn off a water supply to the building, the feature being presented on a computing device for a user who is associated with the building; receiving, after activating the feature and from the computing device, a command to turn off the water supply; and transmitting, by the computer system, a control signal that causes an electromechanical device to close a water valve within the building.. .
Wwtemplar Llc


Color temperature tuning

An advance control led lighting system is disclosed. The lightings system includes led light fixtures with sets of different white led arrays that emit different output spectra.
Finelite Inc.

Remote Control topics: Remote Control, Smart Grid, Local Control Panel, Control Panel, Troubleshooting, Ip Address, Appliances, Network Communication, Ultrasonic, Input Device, Synchronization, Bit String, Control Unit, Wind Turbine Assembly, Wind Turbine

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