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Remote Control patents

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Electrical gas meter and apparatus and method for remotely transmitting gas usage


Electrical gas meter and apparatus and method for remotely transmitting gas usage

Robotic game system for educational competitions


Robotic game system for educational competitions

Robotic game system for educational competitions

Pneumatic surface painting frame

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Electronic device and login method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device and login method thereof
An electronic device and a login method thereof are provided. The method includes the following steps.
Qnap Systems, Inc.
 Electronic program list operation system applied to portable electronic device and operation method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic program list operation system applied to portable electronic device and operation method thereof
An electronic program list operation system applied to portable electronic device and an operation method thereof. The electronic program list operation system includes a controlled device, at least one portable electronic device and a wireless transmission module.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.
 Remote control audio link patent thumbnailnew patent Remote control audio link
One embodiment may take the form of a voice control system. The system may include a first apparatus with a processing unit configured to execute a voice recognition module and one or more executable commands, and a receiver coupled to the processing unit and configured to receive a first audio file from a remote control device.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.
 Remote control for displaying application data on dissimilar screens patent thumbnailnew patent Remote control for displaying application data on dissimilar screens
A remote control service on a mobile device interrogates a program on another computing device to obtain metadata describing the structure of information being displayed on the computing device. The remote control service then calculates a different data structure that is used to display a subset of the data on the display screen of the mobile device..
Microsoft Corporation
 Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, and  providing user interface using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, and providing user interface using the same
A display apparatus which is controllable by a remote control apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes: a communicator which communicates with the remote control apparatus, a storage which stores user interface (ui) screen information which is mapped to each application executable in the display apparatus, and a controller which, if a first application is executed based on a user command, controls a transmission of ui screen information corresponding to the first application from among the ui screen information stored in the storage to the remote control apparatus..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Remote control method and terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Remote control method and terminal
The present application discloses a remote control method and apparatus for controlling the state of a movable object and/or a load carried thereon. The remote control method comprising: receiving, via an apparatus, a state signal that corresponds to a user's position; remote-controlling the state of the a load being carried on a movable object based on the state signal; wherein the state of the load is the result of combining the movement of the load relative to the movable object and the movement of the object relative to its environment.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd
 Demand controller, charger, and remote charging control system control method using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Demand controller, charger, and remote charging control system control method using the same
Provided are a demand controller, a charger, and a remote charging control system and control method. The remote charging control method includes transferring current power usage from a demand controller to a total operation center (toc); transferring usable electric energy from the toc to a remote controller according to current power usage transferred to the toc; determining whether the remote controller controls the current power usage according to the usable electric energy transferred to the demand controller; as the determination result, when the control of the current power usage is required, transferring a control signal controlling a state-of-charge from the demand controller to a charger or an electric vehicle; and stopping the charging of the electric vehicle according to the control signal transferred to the charger or the electric vehicle..
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.
 Electronic device and remote control method patent thumbnailnew patent Electronic device and remote control method
According to one embodiment, an electronic device includes a first detector, a memory and circuitry. The first detector detects either attachment of the electronic device to a human body or removal of the electronic device from a human body.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Use of geofences for location-based activation and control of services patent thumbnailnew patent Use of geofences for location-based activation and control of services
Disclosed herein is a geofence service that enables various remote control and automatic operations based a user's current geographic position as determined by the user's mobile device's current geographic location. The geofence service enables the user to define one or more geofences based on specific geographic locations.
 Robotic game system for educational competitions patent thumbnailnew patent Robotic game system for educational competitions
Robotic game system for education of the electrical, mechanical, design and strategic arts containing elements for robotic remote control and autonomous action in inter-team competitions with illustrative examples of said education materials and components.. .
Visualedge, Inc.
new patent

System and optical layer management in optical modules and remote control of optical modules

A system and method for managing the optical layer network data communications of an optical fiber data network by an optical transceiver module is disclosed. The management of the optical layer network data communications comprising data link layer functions or layer 2 functions in an osi model.
new patent

Scheme of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart transceiver

A scheme is described of remote control of the slicing level of a receiver in a smart sfp (or sfp+, or xfp) duplex (or bidi, or swbidi) transceiver in a communication system using an operating system with oam and pp functions, an oam, pp & payload processor, a transceiver, a bert, and an optical link in the field.. .
Oe Solutions Co., Ltd.
new patent

Integrated automotive system, pop up nozzle assembly and remote control cleaning a wide angle image sensors exterior surface

A pop-up external lens washing system has an extendable aiming fixture configured to aim a lens cleaning spray at an external lens which is exposed to the elements and apt to become soiled with debris. The extendable nozzle assembly is configured to be aimed toward the external lens by the extended aiming fixture during the washing operation only and has at least one laterally offset washing nozzle projecting from the aiming fixture to a spray washing fluid toward the external lens surface, spraying at a shallow, glancing spray aiming angle to impinge upon and wash the lens external surface..
new patent

Device and inputting information

Embodiments relate to classifying character information to be input by category and inputting the information classified by category by using the motion information of a motion remote control working as an input unit. Character information input according to embodiments is as follows.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.
new patent

Electrical gas meter and remotely transmitting gas usage

Disclosed are an apparatus and method for remotely transmitting gas usage in a gas meter. The apparatus includes: a main body having a gas inlet and a gas outlet; a diaphragm assembly for pumping gas; a rotary slider controlling the amount of gas introduced to the diaphragm assembly; a counter calculating cumulatively the amount of gas introduced into or discharged from a valve; a remote interface unit digitizing the value cumulatively calculated by the counter to transmit the digitized value to a remote control unit; and a controller controlling the remote interface unit to counter the number of revolutions of the counter so that the cumulatively calculated value of the gas is digitized to display the digitized value on a display unit.
One-tl Co., Ltd.
new patent

Receiving unit for a surveillance arrangement

Receiving unit for a surveillance arrangement, comprising a container which contains a radiofrequency receiver, a processor, a non-volatile memory, a relay, a removable sd memory, a network module and an audio module. Ability to manage an unlimited quantity of identifiable remote controls..
new patent

Display apparatus and setting a universal remote controller

A display apparatus and a universal remote controller setting method are provided. According to the display apparatus, a display is provided which is configured to display contents received from a broadcast channel, a communicator configured to communicate with a server which stores a control code set according to a plurality of broadcaster, and a controller configured to extract feature information related to contents and transmits feature information and broadcast channel number information to the server through a communicator, is included.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Wireless remote control

A system and method a wireless remote control solution is implemented in an integrated circuit (ic) and that ic is specified to the controller manufacturer. The controller manufacturer provides an ic-compatible electromechanical interface in communication with a central processing unit (cpu) of the controller.
Lumenradio Ab
new patent

One-handed remote unit that can control multiple devices

A universal console using infra-red (ir) technology allows users to consolidate their remote control devices to a single universal device that can control a pc, dvd, games, tv, and other ir coupled devices. It further has the benefit of being highly power efficient and thus allowing the use of batteries without needed to be recharged or replaced for many months.
new patent

Circuit breaker assembly including a plurality of controllable circuit breakers for local and/or remote control

A circuit breaker assembly includes a plurality of controllable circuit breakers. Each of the controllable circuit breakers includes separable contacts, an operating mechanism structured to open and close the separable contacts, a trip mechanism cooperating with the operating mechanism to trip open the separable contacts, a first line terminal, a second load terminal, and at least a third terminal.
Labinal, Llc
new patent

Remote controlled self propelled deployment system for horizontal wells

A self-propelled, remotely-controlled equipment deployment vehicle is configured to deliver equipment to a desired location within the horizontal portion of a deviated wellbore. The deployment vehicle includes a cargo frame, an electric motor and an active mobility assembly.
Ge Oil & Gas Esp, Inc.
new patent

Air-conditioning system

A remote controller and an air-conditioning apparatus are provided. The remote controller includes an operation unit, a human detection sensor, a transmission/reception unit, and a processor.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
new patent

Pneumatic surface painting frame

A pneumatically controlled painting frame is provided for painting large, open surfaces with a uniform coating of paint, primer, or other surface coating that is spray-applied. The device comprises a rectangular frame having a slidable paint spray rail within the frame.

Systems and methods for graphical control of symbol-based features in a television receiver

Systems and methods provide for graphically controlling numeric, alphanumeric or other symbol-based features on a set top box (stb) or other television receiver. A keypad image is presented on the display that includes key images corresponding to the symbol-based features.

Media playback control through remote device control

Methods and systems are provided for establishing a connection with a first processor-based device at a second processor-based device, receiving through the connection a control command from the first processor-based device implemented according to a first protocol, wherein the command corresponds to a remote control command received through a remote control device at the first processor-based device, translating the control command from the first protocol to a second protocol executable at the second processor-based device, and executing an event in response to the control command having been translated into the second protocol.. .

Docking stations for remote control and multimedia devices

A representative base unit for charging a remote controller and a multimedia device includes at least two docking stations for a remote controller and a multimedia device, wherein the at least two docking stations having charging slots that transfer power to the remote controller and the multimedia device for recharging; and a processing device that is electrically coupled to the docking stations for communicating with the remote controller and the multimedia device, wherein the processing device facilitates communication between the remote controller and the multimedia device.. .

Computer system and remote control method thereof

A computer system and a remote control method thereof are provided. The method is adapted for the computer system having a network and a processor.

Remote control adapter for cameras

A super-affordable wireless follow focus system designed for independent filmmakers, comprises a handheld remote transmitter unit (rtx-1) and the motor/receiver unit (db-1) which attaches to the user's dslr or video camera. The db-1 lens motor is targeted towards dslr and video cameras employing lenses with manual operation rings, but can be utilized with certain, heavier cinema lenses too.

Smart water heater with improved temperature control

A system is disclosed that allows a user to set a temperature of a water heater by remote control where the water heater controls temperature based on waster use as measured by a water flow meter. The temperature can be an override temperature that is applied temporarily.

Method and recovering error in rdm protocol

Disclosed herein is a method and apparatus that are capable of retransmitting lost rdm packets in rdm protocol to control various devices connected to dmx512 network. The method recovers an error in a remote controller for remotely controlling devices connected to dmx512 network via rdm protocol based on the dmx512 network.

Flexible cable assembly providing local lockout

A remote switching system for electrical switches in a cabinet provides an actuator frame and slider that may be assembled to the electrical switch to engage the switch actuator for remote control. The actuator frame includes an opening allowing insertion of a lock shank through the opening to block motion of the slider from an “off” state to an “on” state thereby allowing the actuator frame to also serve as a local lockout..

Method and system for configuring a remote control device

Methods and systems are presented for configuring a remote control device to operate multiple devices. Functionality is provided to detect whether the remote control device has been configured to control one of the devices.

Display apparatus and controlling a display apparatus

A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a communicator configured to perform communication with the remote controller with a touch panel, a display configured to include a plurality of divided screens, and a controller configured to control a screen which corresponds to a divided area where the user command is input from among the plurality of divided screens according to the received signal in response to a signal which corresponds to a user command being input through the touch panel including a plurality of divided areas to correspond to each of the plurality of divided screens being received from the remote controller.

State-based auxiliary display operation

Described is a technology by which routing of data may be automatically modified based on detected state data of a computing system. For example, user input may be routed from an actuator set to a host computer system when the host computer system is in an online state, or to an auxiliary computing device when the host computer system is offline.

System and simplified setup of a universal remote control

A system and method for enabling set up of a controlling device capable of controlling a plurality of appliances, via an interactive instruction set and associated programming. The programming is accessible by a stb or other controllable appliance and is configured to appropriately display interactive instructions and prompts to a user during a user initiated set up procedure for configuration of another controllable device (e.g., dvd, vcr, dvr, etc) available to the user.

Systems and methods for remote control adaptive configuration

The present disclosure is directed to systems and methods in which a controllable device transfers to the remote device, such as to a remote control application (“app”) located on a smartphone, a data structure identifying various functions that can be controlled by a remote device, together with the identity of the signal type that will achieve the desired operation. The remote device, upon accepting input directly from the remote device, can then allow the remote device user to select how controls of the various functions are to be configured and presented to, or otherwise selectively arranged for a user on a user interface of the remote device.

Adjustable bed position control

The present invention provides an adjustable bed handheld remote control that may include a handheld housing, a touch sensor on a front face of the handheld housing, a transmitter and the like. The touch sensor may be presented in a slider form and may be adapted to facilitate a user in adjusting a frame position of an adjustable bed.

Apparatus real time control and navigation system using networked illuminated signs improving safety and reducing response time of first responders

Apparatus networked system of intelligent devices including illuminated street signs. Street signs include: address, name, direction and message signs.

Lawn mower with remote control

The invention proposes an autonomous robot, such as an autonomous lawn mower, comprises at least one camera for obtaining at least one input image, a communication interface for transmitting the input image and receiving a remote control instruction, a control unit for controlling an operation of the autonomous robot, and wherein the control unit is adapted to control the operation at the autonomous robot in response to the received remote control instruction.. .

Systems and methods for recommending content

Systems and methods for recommending content to a user are described. A user equipment device may be equipped with a built-in or separately connected image capturing device which may be used to pinpoint the location of the remote control when it is activated, thereby defining the specific location of the remote and the user.
United Video Properties, Inc.

Remote control of a desktop application via a mobile device

One embodiment of the present invention provides a system for using a mobile device to remotely control a desktop application that was configured for use with a pointing device. During operation, the system receives at a mobile device, from a user, a connection request to connect to a desktop application executing on a remote device.
Intuit Inc.

Bird repellent system

The bird repellent system is particularly adapted to repel various species of birds on and around airports, but may be readily adapted for use in other environments where birds have become a nuisance or hazard. The system includes both a ground vehicle and an airborne vehicle to optimize the effect against both sitting birds and birds in flight.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Remote control of an hvac system that uses a common temperature setpoint for both heat and cool modes

An hvac system includes an hvac unit having a cooling mode and a heating mode for conditioning the air in an inside space, and a programmable thermostat located remotely from the hvac unit. The hvac unit may have an onboard controller configured to control when the hvac unit is in the cooling mode or heating mode, and whether the hvac unit is activated or not.
Honeywell International Inc.

Telepresence robot with a camera boom

A remote controlled robot with a head that supports a monitor and is coupled to a mobile platform. The mobile robot also includes an auxiliary camera coupled to the mobile platform by a boom.
Intouch Technologies, Inc.

Remote start an enabled vehicle

Systems and methods for remote controlling of vehicles are described. Systems and methods may include a plug and play device.
Q3smart Ltd.

Method and system for remote controlling mobile phones

A mobile device comprising a processor which is configured to run at least one of a plurality of threads, said plurality of threads comprising a mobile control thread, a priority adjusting thread and at least one other thread; a scheduler for scheduling threads to be run on said processor dependent on a priority of an thread relative to other threads, a display for displaying data to a user, an input system for a user to input commands, and a communication link for connecting said mobile device to a remote terminal, wherein, when said mobile control thread is running the processor is configured to capture data currently displayed on said display; send said captured data over said communication link; and issue an update sent notification to activate said priority adjusting thread; wherein, when said priority adjusting thread is running, the processor is configured to determine, on receipt of an update sent notification, whether a previous update sent notification issued less than a threshold time earlier, determine whether said mobile control thread has used more than a threshold amount of said processor, and if both determining steps are met reduce said priority of said mobile control thread below a priority of said at least one other thread and set a timer whereby when said timer expires, said priority of said mobile control thread is increased above said priority of said at least one other thread.. .
Realvnc Ltd

Stereoscopic display

The virtual 3d stereoscopic object images, being virtually fixed in space may be interacted with by the user or users in much the same way 2d objects are manipulated by applying a touch screen. This allows for input systems such as virtual keyboards and remote controllers.

Cloud-integrated headphones with smart mobile telephone base system and surveillance camera

The invention discloses technological improvements to acoustic devices, particularly the headphone, previously functioning as an audio device but now being configured as a smart, acoustic multimedia device comprising, but not restricted to, a headband and two earpieces, which may be worn on, over, around the head/ear, or handheld. Either of the earpieces or headband houses a smart mobile telephone base system (consisting of an internal circuit board fitted with internal/flash/micro-usb/sd card and/or cloud-integrated memory, a full duplex transceiver/transmitter-receiver unit which is functional at different frequencies and capable of modulation/demodulation) thus possessing the ability for use as a ue (user equipment/smart mobile device); a smart alert response/surveillance/security camera; and micro-speakers which provide loudspeaker functions when remotely connected to an external audio source.

User interface allowing a participant to rejoin a previously left videoconference

System and method involving user interfaces and remote control devices. These user interfaces may be particularly useful for providing an intuitive and user friendly interaction between a user and a device or application using a display, e.g., at a “10 foot” interaction level.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Remote controller for motion recognition

The present invention relates to a method for enabling motion recognition without recognizing a hand and a remote controller for motion recognition which can suggest an efficient motion and can be implemented at a low cost in a more stable manner. The remote controller for motion recognition, according to the present invention, comprises: an image acquisition unit for acquiring consecutive images of a hand; a difference image configuration unit for obtaining difference images of the acquired consecutive images; a hand trajectory analysis unit for analyzing a moving trajectory of the hand from the difference images; a motion recognition unit for recognizing a hand motion by analyzing the hand trajectory; and a remote signal transmitter for transmitting a remote signal corresponding to the recognized hand motion such that a device to be controlled can be controlled..
Macron Co., Ltd.

Catalytic converter theft protection arrangement

A catalytic converter theft protection arrangement includes a metal cage rigidly attached to an underside of a vehicle such that the cage surrounds a catalytic converter of the vehicle. An electronic tamper-detecting device is disposed within the cage and transmits an alarm signal in response to detecting motion around the catalytic converter and/or vibration of the cage.

Television remote control with additional features

A television remote control features a rechargeable battery, which may be recharged with either an adapter cord, or a recharging cradle. The remote control also features a simple paging system, which causes a beeper in the remote control to sound off when the paging system is activated..

Fueling station for unmaned arial vehicle of the vertical takeoff types

An unmanned self-sustained fuel dispensing station for fuels of all sorts (gasoline, pesticides, water, fertilizers etc.) a tank, docking, and coupling system for unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) of the vertical takeoff types. The station can be independent of public power and communication utilities and can operate by remote control without an on-site attendant.

Remote operation of a bedding climate control apparatus

A bedding climate control apparatus that delivers, in a quiet manner, forced airflow from a fan/blower within a housing to selectively deliver tempered (heated via a thermal element) and untempered (room temperature) air through a flexible hose to bedding. The quiet manner is attained with acoustic foam in the path of incoming airflow to the fan/blower and by oversizing each of the components that create a pressure drop including the capacity of the fan/blower over what is needed to deliver a required amount of airflow.

Bedding climate control apparatus with forced airflow for heating and ventilating

A bedding climate control apparatus that delivers, in a quiet manner, forced airflow from a fan/blower within a housing to selectively deliver tempered (heated via a thermal element) and untempered (room temperature) air through a flexible hose to bedding. The quiet manner is attained with acoustic foam in the path of incoming airflow to the fan/blower and by oversizing each of the components that create a pressure drop including the capacity of the fan/blower over what is needed to deliver a required amount of airflow.

Media sharing system

A media sharing system includes a television system and at least a first set of smart phone and smart watch owned by a first user and a second set of smart phone and smart watch owned by a second user. Smart watches are connectable to the television system.

Remote control system, remote control commander, remote control server

An information processing apparatus and server apparatus are disclosed. In one example, the information processing apparatus is configured to display content on a first display and transmit an instruction to display the content, which is being displayed on the first display, on a second display of a first external device.
Sony Corporation

Muting notification system

A television and remote control system, where the television receives data over a channel and produces outputs that create a television display. The television also receives notifications over a data connection indicating events that are other than the television display, like emails, alerts and the like.
Vizio Inc.

Removable vehicle operation instrument with remote control capability and related method

A system including an instrument and a vehicle control system is provided. The instrument can include a display and a vehicle controller in communication with the vehicle control system.
Medallion Instrumentation Systems, Llc

Control synchronization for high-latency teleoperation

Robotic system (100) includes a processing device (512) and a plurality of robot actuators (501) to cause a specified motion of the robot (102). The processing device (512) responds to one or more user robot commands (115) initiated by a control operator input at a remote control console (108).
Harris Corporation

Generation of an instant virtual reenactment of an occurring event

A method for generating an instant virtual reenactment of an occurring event and an electronic device for generating an instant virtual reenactment of an occurring event comprising a processing unit, a thereto connected storage unit, at least one remote control, and a network communication device.. .
Sony Corporation

Remote control attachable to surface of metal shell and an electric appliance with such remote control

The present disclosure discloses a remote control attachable to a surface of a metal shell. The remote control comprises a shell, a remote panel provided on a front face of the shell, and a magnet built-in inside the shell.
Ningbo Smal Electrics Co., Ltd.

Remote controller and method thereof

The present invention provides a remote controller for wirelessly controlling an electronic apparatus. The remote controller comprises: a wireless interface configured to wirelessly connect to the electronic apparatus; a user input interface configured to receive a single input command from the user; and a processing module.
Much-ip Co., Ltd.

Construction machine with pilot hoses

Provided is a construction machine where a pilot hose is easily routed. The construction machine includes a seat stand, an operator's seat provided on the seat stand, a remote control valve provided just above a front end of the seat stand at least one of right and left sides of the operator's seat; a hydraulic valve; and a pilot hose interconnecting the remote control valve and the hydraulic valve.
Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

System and data exchange and control with a wireless communication terminal on a welding system

A system and method for determining providing a welding-type system capable of wirelessly controlling, monitoring, and updating various welding parameters from a remote device using a single remote control. The welding-type device includes a welding power source with a radio apparatus capable of operating as a wireless communication terminal (wct) to communicate with a terminal device and provide a user interface for data and file exchange..

System and data exchange and control with a wireless remote control for welding systems

A system and method for wirelessly controlling, monitoring, and updating various welding parameters from a remote device using a single remote control. The remote does not need to have the software to communicate with the welding-type system prior to initiating communications with the welding-type system.

Intrahospital vehicle for transporting and moving inpatients

A vehicle conceived especially to take the hospitalized patient, generally in supine position, lift him and place him on a stretcher (c), to move him through hospital, with the ability to transfer him to a work table, of the type used at diagnostic services, or to an operating table (g), or its equivalent, without demand of effort for the nurse who drives it. It is constituted over a lower chassis (1) mounted over wheels (11), wherefrom a fixed stretcher is projected (c) and a fixed stretcher frame along which it moves, vertically, a lift cart (a) having at least a pair of parallel brackets (7) that are projected to a same side, which support the vehicle's swing (p), constituted by a longitudinal rigid pipe (12) mounted on a turning condition on the free ends of the mentioned brackets (7), of which at least two incurved arms (8) are supportive which, due to their free ends support a longitudinal rigid rod (19) wherefrom a plurality of hangers hang (14) bearing attachment means for the removable arrangement of a bed pad; the lift cart is associated to a first actuator mounted on the fixed stretcher frame, that actuates its vertical movements, controlled by a remote control; while of the mentioned incurved arms (8) is associated to a second actuator mounted on the lift cart, which activates the transversal movements of the swing, controlled by the same remote control.

Method and a context aware remote controller application

An approach for implementing a context-aware remote controller application on a controller device for interfacing with one or more target devices and controlling one or more functionalities and/or processes at the target includes determining a current state associated with one or more applications, one or more content items or a combination thereof at a user device. The approach also includes communicating a change in the current state to a controller device via a context update message, wherein the context update message encodes the current state, the change in the current state, or a combination thereof as a context identifier.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Data transfer in a media delivery system

In one embodiment, a media delivery system including a television, a smart phone and a smart watch comprises an ad hoc communication network. The smart phone is employed as remote control.

Method for controlling cordless telephone device, handset of cordless telephone device, and cordless telephone device

Disclosed is a method for controlling a cordless telephone device for use in a system that allows remote control of a home electric appliance. The method includes a first generation step of causing a first generation unit in a handset to encode audio input via a sound receiving unit in the handset to generate a first stream, and a first transmission step of transmitting the first stream to a base unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

Wirelessly operated heating device of hot water dispenser

A heating device of an instant hot water dispenser is provided with an inlet, an outlet, a pcb, a solenoid valve, a flow meter, a first heating unit, and a second heating unit. The pcb includes a first transformer for supplying dc to the first heating unit, a second transformer for supplying dc to the second heating unit, a receiver for receiving pulses of ir light from a remote control, and a microcontroller electrically connected to the pcb for controlling the solenoid valve, sensing a flow rate measured by the flow meter, and communicating with the receiver so that an operation of the remote control wirelessly commands the microcontroller to control electric current to the first and second heating units..

Mechanics and processes for remote control of live video production

Mechanics and processes for remote control of live video production are disclosed herein. Producing a live, online video currently requires having direct control of the encoding system.
Paladin Innovators

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