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Remote Control patents

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Remote controller and method for controlling screen thereof

Samsung Electronics

Remote controller and method for controlling screen thereof

Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

Samsung Electronics

Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

Merge Labs

Remote control augmented motion data capture

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Lighting apparatus patent thumbnailLighting apparatus
Provided is a lighting apparatus that may form and control a multi-zone of a plurality of lighting devices connected to a wireless network. The lighting apparatus may include a plurality of devices including a plurality of lighting devices included in a network set in advance, a coordinator to manage the network, a remote controller to control a multi-zone that is included in the network and that performs grouping of the plurality of lighting devices into a plurality of groups..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Remote controller and  controlling screen thereof patent thumbnailRemote controller and controlling screen thereof
A remote controller and a method for controlling a screen using the remote controller are provided. The remote controller includes a first screen key; an output interface configured to output a control signal; and a controller configured to control the first screen key and the output interface.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof patent thumbnailMethod and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
A content reproducing method and system for performing seamless playback of contents between devices is provided. The contents reproducing system includes a portable device which, when a short distance communication with a remote control which is configured to control an electronic device occurs during reproducing of contents, generates data required by the electronic device for reproducing the contents that are being reproduced, and which transmits the generated data to the remote control; the remote control which receives the data from the portable device and which transmits the received data to the electronic device, in conjunction with the occurrence of the short distance communication with the portable device; and the electronic device for receiving the contents from a contents provider and reproducing the contents..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Remote control augmented motion data capture patent thumbnailRemote control augmented motion data capture
A head mounted display system for use with a mobile computing device, comprises a soft main body made entirely of a soft and compressible material, the main body has a retention pocket entirely formed by the material and configured to accept and secure the mobile computing device and a lens assembly comprising two lenses configured to focus vision on respective areas of a display screen of the mobile computing device, the lens assembly held within one or more apertures formed in the main body entirely by the material, the two lenses mounted for independent movement with respect to each other, such that a split screen image may be viewed through the two lenses on the display screen.. .
Merge Labs, Inc.

 Mobile device patent thumbnailMobile device
A method for remote control wherein a first mobile device is remotely controls a second mobile device connected to the first mobile device via an audio/data transmission network. The method includes receiving a request from an user of the first mobile device on the first mobile device, performing audio transmission from the first mobile device to the second mobile device, and transmitting data for a displayed screen from the first device to the second device via the data transmission network.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Wireless control system, touch-sensitive module and manufacturing  same patent thumbnailWireless control system, touch-sensitive module and manufacturing same
A wireless control system, a touch-sensitive pad structure, a touch-sensitive module and a method for manufacturing the touch-sensitive module are provided. The wireless control system includes a controlled device and a remote controller which includes the touch-sensitive module.
Touchplus Information Corp.

 Remote control device patent thumbnailRemote control device
A remote control device includes operation buttons, detectors, a power generator, a controller, and an output unit. The operation buttons are movable between an ordinary position and a lowermost position and are configured to move from the ordinary position to the lowermost position in response to a push operation.
Toto, Ltd.

 Handheld information processing device with remote control output mode patent thumbnailHandheld information processing device with remote control output mode
A handheld information processing device such a mobile telephone or portable computer has a normal operating mode in which it executes information processing operations in response to user activation of user controls from the user control interface. Furthermore, the device has a remote control signal transmitter coupled to its processing circuit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Terminal for a motion transmitting remote control assembly patent thumbnailTerminal for a motion transmitting remote control assembly
A terminal (10) for a motion transmitting remote control assembly (12) securable to a control member (14) in a vehicle includes a housing (44) for connection to a core element (20) of the motion transmitting remote control assembly (12) with the housing (44) defining an aperture (48) forming at least one open end (50). The terminal (10) also includes a connecting member (60) having a body (62) disposed in the aperture (48) with the body (62) having a cavity (66) for receiving the control member (14) and a groove (84) in communication with the cavity (66).
Kongsberg Drivline Systems I, Inc.

 Remote control seatbelt height adjuster patent thumbnailRemote control seatbelt height adjuster
An apparatus for positioning a vehicle restraint is provided herein having a track and a restraint support configured to slide along the track. A positioner is coupled to the restraint support and a motor, coupled to the positioner, is operable to adjust a position of the restraint support.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Sensing and stimulation system

A sensing and stimulation system includes a central hub, and a plurality of flexible arms extending from the central hub. Each of the arms includes at least one electrode and at least one sensor.
Medtronic, Inc.


Surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting an operational mode

A surgical biopsy system is provided for removing at least one tissue sample from a surgical patient. The surgical biopsy system comprises an elongated, hollow piercer and a cutter rotatably and axially positionable relative to the piercer.
Devicor Medical Products, Inc.


Osprei raft

The osprey raft is the float on an angler's fishing tackle that has been engineered with electronics: remote communication, a propeller system, and guidance control. It is battery operated and conveys an array of equipment; optional camera for underwater viewing, optional net, optional spare gun, hook(s) and line(s).


Terminal and performing bidirectional iptv service

A terminal device for carrying out an interactive internet protocol television (iptv) service comprises: a near distance communication unit to receive set-top box information from a remote controller which controls a set-top box used for the interactive iptv service; a session setup unit to set up a session to communicate between the terminal device and the set-top box based on the set-top box information; a content information receiver to receive, from the set-top box, content information on content being played by the set-top box over the set up session; a content information transmitter is configured to transmit the content information received from the content information receiver to an information provider; and content-related information receiver to receive content-related information from the information provider, the content-related information is extracted by the information provider from prestored information on a plurarity of contents based on the content information.. .
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.


Method for calibrating the colour of a colour monitor with led backlighting

A method for calibrating the colour of a colour monitor with led backlighting includes at least one area of an image displayed on the colour monitor (1) remotely measured in a spatially resolved manner using a colour sensor (7) configured as an image or line sensor. Deviations of measured colour values from desired colour values are determined in a spatially resolved manner and led backlighting of the colour monitor (1) is actuated for local correction of the deviations.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Clothing accessory

A clothing accessory has at least one element of clothing accessory wearable by a user, and a recording camera associated with the element of clothing accessory and carrying out a recording process while being associated with the element of clothing accessory, said recording camera including a touch sensor for tapping to perform photo or video recording, and said recording camera operating wirelessly with remote controlling devices for wireless data transfer, controlling and previewing recordings.. .


Remote control method, remote control device, and master device

A remote control method, a remote control device and a master device are provided. The remote control method includes receiving, by the master device, a main menu request instruction sent by the remote control device, and activating a main menu in the master device according to the main menu request instruction; receiving, by the master device, a first remote control instruction that is sent by the remote control device, and activating, according to the first remote control instruction, the peripheral submenu corresponding to the submenu activation option; and receiving, by the master device, a second remote control instruction that is sent by the remote control device, and performing, according to the second remote control instruction, control on the peripheral device corresponding to the activated peripheral submenu..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Electric device, remote control signal determining program and remote control signal processing method

When a received remote control signal does not satisfy any one of a plurality of conditions for a qualified remote control signal stored in a signal condition storage part, an electric device determines that the remote control signal is not a qualified remote control signal, and when the received remote control signal satisfies any one of the conditions, stores the remote control signal as a qualified remote control signal in a signal storage part. Next, when the received remote control signal matches the qualified remote control signal stored in the signal storage part, control is performed such that the electric device performs a predetermined operation.
Yamaha Corporation


Method, device and system for controlling cable television system

Disclosed are a method, a device and a system for controlling a cable television system. The method includes that: an intelligent mobile terminal detects whether the intelligent mobile terminal is connected to a home wireless network, and when it is detected that the intelligent mobile terminal is connected to the home wireless network, transmits a set-top box turn-on signal to a set-top box through the home wireless network; the set-top box executes a turn-on operation according to the received set-top box turn-on signal and transmits a television turn-on signal to a television.
Zte Corporation


Remote controlled studio camera system

A system for remotely controlling a camera is disclosed. The system includes five major subsystems; a first subsystem collocated with the camera; a second subsystem which serves as a gateway between the camera and the third subsystem; a third subsystem to remotely monitor the studio and control the camera; a fourth subsystem located at the destination of the video stream; and a fifth subsystem to receive and re-transmit a video control stream.
Videolink Llc


Power supply an electrical appliance

A power supply apparatus includes a power supply circuit and a power-on circuit. The power-on circuit detects a remotely transmitted control signal and causes a transition of the power supply circuit to a turned on state.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Protective cover for remote control

A protective cover is provided for a remote control device of the type having a plurality of buttons designed to be pressed to perform operations on a remote apparatus. The protective cover includes a rigid skin configured to be secured to the remote control to cover a front of the remote control.


Systems and methods for dismantling a nuclear reactor

Systems and methods for dismantling a nuclear reactor are described. In one aspect the system includes a remotely controlled heavy manipulator (“manipulator”) operatively coupled to a support structure, and a control station in a non-contaminated portion of a workspace.
Kurion, Inc.


Method for operating a remote control system and remote control system of this type

A method for operating a remote control system includes the method steps of providing a remote control system with an operating unit having a display and at least one operating element and with a communication unit having a communication connection to the operating unit, providing a control unit, which has a communication connection to the communication unit, of a work machine, detecting an operating unit actual configuration with a plurality of operating and selection menus by using the operating unit, transmitting the operating unit actual configuration from the operating unit to the control unit, detecting a work machine actual configuration by using the control unit, selecting at least one of the operating and selection menus depending on the work machine actual configuration, transmitting the at least one operating and selection menu to the operating unit and displaying the at least one operating and selection menu on the display.. .
Terex Cranes Germany Gmbh


System and remote control gaming sessions using a mobile device

Various embodiments directed to systems and methods that enable remote play of a game hosted by a gaming machine using a mobile device are disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the system includes a network in communication with the gaming machine and the mobile device, and the network includes a first wireless access point located in a first area and a second wireless access point located in a second area of a venue.
Bally Gaming, Inc.


Server for communication with an implantable medical device

A system and method for modifying the parameters of an implantable medical device includes an implantable medical device that communicates with a remote control device that, in turn, communicates through the browser of a computer or any other device capable of using mark-up language protocol. The computer optionally communicates with other computers and/or devices through a network..
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


Air conditioning system

An air conditioning system that includes refrigerant systems respectively including one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit by a refrigerant pipe, and controls the refrigerant systems by one remote controller is provided. An indoor unit includes a human sensor in which a power supply thereof operates simultaneously with the indoor unit.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation



A tamper of a screed includes a tamper bar secured to a connecting rod in which an eccentric bushing is rotatable. The eccentric bushing is adapted to be rotationally displaced on an eccentric section of a drive shaft relative to the eccentric section and to be rotationally coupled with the eccentric section at relative rotational positions defining different stroke lengths of the tamper bar.
Joseph Voegele Ag


Remote-controlled material-conveying system

A material-conveying system has a material-conveying apparatus for conveying material, an electronic control unit, a user interface control panel mounted to the apparatus and interfaced with the electronic control unit to receive user input commands to control the apparatus, a power unit mechanically coupled to the apparatus for powering the apparatus, a data bus communicatively connected between the power unit and the control unit, a portable remote control device for wirelessly transmitting command signals for remotely controlling a power output of the power unit to the apparatus, a wireless receive at the apparatus for receiving the command signals to the electronic control unit that controls the power output of the power unit. The portable remote control device is also configured to wirelessly transmit a control signal to a gate controller of a material-unloading gate of a material container..
Ag Growth International Inc.


Exercise device with portable remote control

An exercise system for integrating exercise related information of a user from an exercise device, includes a portable remote control and a server. The portable remote control provides a control channel for receiving the exercise related information from a control module of the exercise device via a wireless link.


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Inflatable, stowable and portable animal decoy

There is provided a animal decoy which simulates real life motion and life like appearance through sewing and printing technique. Air driven motor fan that is battery operated by a remote control and power regulator to control air speed.


Multimedia device voice control system and method, and computer storage medium

A voice control system and method for a multimedia device are provided. The system includes an image sensing module configured to collect a user action image; an image recognizing module configured to determine a type or a status of a control instruction according to the user action image; a voice recognition status managing module configured to activate or wake up the voice recognition program according to a type of a current control instruction; a pickup module configured to collect voice signal; a voice recognizing module configured to recognize the collected voice data to generate a control instruction; and a multimedia function module configured to execute the control instruction to provide a corresponding multimedia function to the user.
Shenzhen Prtek Co. Ltd.


Interactive television program guide system for determining user values for demographic categories

An interactive television program guide system for determining user input values for demographic categories is provided. The system includes user television equipment having a receiver for receiving program guide information for the interactive television program guide, a user input receiver for receiving user input from user interface, such as a remote control, a microprocessor which utilizes the user input received to determine user values for demographic categories, and memory for storing the user values determined.
Rovi Guides, Inc.


Camera remotely controlling electronic devices

A networked camera for controlling electronic devices is provided. The camera includes a camera module for obtaining images, a remote control module for generating remote control signals for electronic devices, and an orientation module for controlling orientation of the remote control module.
Honest Technology Co., Ltd


Method, device and system for light remote control positioning

A method, a device and a system for light remote control positioning. Position coordinates of a light beam spot can be obtained by a light sensing film, so that remote control of interface elements can be realized.
Shenzhen Skyworth Software Co Ltd.


User interfaces for hand-held electronic devices

User interfaces for hand-held electronic devices, such as mobile telephone devices, touch tablets, personal computers (pc), remote control devices, and/or other devices, assist users with, among other things, knowing which user input elements of a device to use when the device's physical orientation changes. According to an exemplary embodiment, a hand-held device is operative to be held in normal, upside down, left tilt, and right tilt orientations, and includes: a processor; a display; a first physical button located on a first side of the display when the hand-held device is held in the normal orientation; a second physical button located on a second side of the display opposite to the first side, the second physical button positioned diagonally symmetrical to the first physical button when the hand-held device is held in the normal orientation; and wherein: activation of the first and second physical buttons respectively causes the processor to perform first and second functions when the hand-held device is held in the normal orientation, and respectively causes the processor to perform the second and first functions when the hand-held device is held in the upside down orientation; when the hand-held device is held in one of the left tilt and right tilt orientations, the processor causes display of first and second virtual buttons via the display, and activation of the first and second virtual buttons respectively causes the processor to perform the first and second functions; and the first and second virtual buttons are respectively displayed in respective positions in the display in the one of the left tilt and right tilt orientations respectively corresponding to positions of the first and second physical buttons..
Thomson Licensing


System and controlling device location determination

A controlling device such as a remote control has programming for transmitting a signal response to a plurality of control environments, each environment including a signaling device. Each signaling device in receipt of the signal request sends a signal response having a unique id which is chosen to be characteristically attenuated by the surroundings of the environment.
Universal Electronics Inc.


Wireless battery-powered remote control having multiple mounting means

A remote control for a wireless load control system, the remote control comprising: a housing having a front surface and an outer periphery defined by a length and a width; an actuator provided at the front surface of the housing; a wireless transmitter contained within the housing; and a controller contained within the housing and coupled to the wireless transmitter for causing transmission of a wireless signal in response to an actuation of the actuator, the wireless transmitter and the controller adapted to be powered by a battery contained within the housing; wherein the length and the width of the housing are slightly smaller than a length and a width of a standard opening of a faceplate, respectively, such that the outer periphery of the housing is adapted to be received within the standard opening of the faceplate when the housing and the faceplate are mounted to a vertical surface.. .
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.


Equipment control device, equipment control method, and program

A control signal receiver of an equipment control device receives a control signal for equipment transmitted by a remote control terminal from a communication device via the internet. A remote control authorization receiver receives, from a resident of a home, an authorization with respect to the control signal received by the control signal receiver.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


System and remote controlling computing device

A first computing device for controlling a second computing device, the first computing device comprising a processor; a display; a user input in the form of a pointer; and a data link for connecting said first and second computing devices. The display displays image data from said second computing device within a window that is smaller than said display.
Realvnc Ltd


Measuring system

The invention provides a measuring system comprising a remotely controllable flying vehicle system with a gps device and a measuring device installed thereon, a position measuring device installed at an arbitrary position and able to measure distance and angle and to track, a ground base station for controlling a flight of a flying vehicle, a remote controller able to give and take data to and from the ground base station and able to perform wireless communication to and from the flying vehicle system, and a control unit provided on the flying vehicle system or the ground base station, wherein the flying vehicle system has a retro-reflector as an object to be measured and the position measuring device is constructed so as to track the retro-reflector and perform distance measurement and angle measurement, wherein the flying vehicle system obtains gps coordinates by the gps device at least at two points during flight, the position measuring device measures positions of the two points of the flying vehicle system from an installation point, wherein the position measuring device measures positions of the flying vehicle system at the two points from the installation points, and either one of the control units are configured so as to obtain an absolute coordinate or gps coordinate of the installation point of the position measuring device based on the gps coordinates of the two points and based on distance measurement results and on angle measurement results by the position measuring device.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon


System and remote control of home appliances without infrastructure changes

The present invention relates to a system and method for controlling a plurality of appliances, which may be part of a smart home or environment. The method and system according to embodiments of the invention enable using a single easily programmable controller to control a plurality of appliances, each appliance using its own pre-existing control application, with no changes of infrastructure required.
Switchbee Ltd.


Air-conditioning control system

An air-conditioning control system, which controls a central-type air-conditioning system, includes a plurality of auxiliary controllers set in respective areas of a plurality of areas and a main controller capable of communicating with each auxiliary controller. Each auxiliary controller includes a sound wave receiving unit, which receive sound waves that are outputted from a portable apparatus, and a sound wave strength information transmitting unit which transmits, to the main controller, sound wave strength information indicating sound wave reception strength.
Denso Wave Incorporated


Household electrical appliance and household electrical system

A household electric appliance and a household electric system are provided which are capable of quickly responding to the electric power demand in which the peak cut of the power consumption is requested. The household electric appliance comprises: a receiving unit that receives a request for a peak cut of power consumption at a predetermined rate from a remote controller and a mobile terminal; a drive unit that drives a power-consuming object to be driven; and a control unit that controls an action of the drive unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Synchronized speed bump illumination system and method

A synchronized speed bump illumination system and method is provided that includes powered leds that may be seen by individuals at night and in low light conditions, or during the day to increase visibility and direct a driver's attention to the speed bump. The speed bump system comprises sections each with a housing having a flat bottom surface and an elevated top surface to form the bump.
Aervoe Industries, Inc.


Push to talk system with wireless interface

A communication system includes a headset including a microphone and an audio speaker installed on the headset, the headset including an rf transceiver configured to perform wireless communication with a two-way radio having a push-to-talk communication channel. The rf transceiver is further configured to perform wireless communication with an information handling system.
Wilcox Industries Corp.


System and promoting marketable items

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to receive from a media communication system metadata describing one or more marketable items depicted in a media program supplied by the media communication system, present images of the media program at a media presentation device without highlighting the one or more marketable items, present an icon at least at one of a remote controller managing operations of the media processor or the media presentation device to indicate a presence of the one or more marketable items in one or more of the images presented at the media presentation device, detect a selection of the icon, and highlight the one or more marketable items. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Wall-mounted charging device and modular outlet extender

The present invention provides a novel wall-mounted charging device and modular outlet extender that may be inserted into a standard wall outlet without additional wires and provides a platform for charging the electrical device without intruding into the user's environment. The extender provides a housing, an electrical outlet, a set of electrical connection prongs, and an auxiliary charging port on the top wall.
Think Charger


Remote control relay

A polarized electromagnet in a remote control relay includes a pair of armatures into which opposite ends of the plunger in a forward/backward movement direction are respectively inserted and fixed; a yoke to which one of the armatures becomes closer than the other when the plunger is at a stop position; an auxiliary yoke which contacts with one magnetic pole of a permanent magnet whose the other magnetic pole contacting with the yoke, the auxiliary yoke becoming closer to the other of the armatures than the one of the armatures; and a gap maintaining portion for maintaining a gap between the other of the armatures and the auxiliary yoke. When the plunger is at the stop position, the other of the armatures and the auxiliary yoke comes close to each other with the gap, a space is provided between the one of the armatures and the yoke..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Network based video event recording system

The present description provides a novel ethernet/ip process or network based video event recording system, which is to be embedded into any production line (conveyor belt), providing a continuous high speed loop recording with a specially designed video recording and viewing software, synchronized with the factory precision time protocol server (ieee 1588 server), and able to store and retrieve files on or from a remote server. A web based management interface is provided for remote control, as well as to retrieve and view the recorded images and videos.
Imperx, Inc.


Wireless to ir remote control device

An apparatus and a method are provided for a wireless infrared (ir) converter to operate a legacy device by translating wireless commands into ir codes for transmission to an ir receiver within the legacy device. The wireless ir converter comprises a wireless control chip which receives commands from external wireless devices, and an ir output configured to convey ir codes to the ir receiver of the legacy device.


Remote controllable measuring apparatus and measuring system

A remote controllable measuring system includes a remote controllable measuring apparatus having a communication terminal having instant messaging; an input/output for exchanging signals with the communication terminal; a measurer (measuring apparatus main body); and a controller (computation apparatus) causing the measurer to operate according to an instruction from the communication terminal. The remote controllable measuring system also includes a mobile terminal capable of transmitting and receiving signals with the communication terminal..
Mitutoyo Corporation


Photoreceiver and display device

As a photoreceiver for a remote controller used in a display device or the like, a photoreceiver that is compact and has excellent light receiving sensitivity is provided. The photoreceiver includes a light receiving sensor that receives remote controller signal light from a remote controller to convert the received remote controller signal light into an electric signal, and a light guide body that guides the remote controller signal light to the light receiving sensor.
Panasonic Corporation


Remote controlled air nozzles and methods of assembling the same

An aircraft includes a plurality of seats and an input device coupled to each of the plurality of seats. The aircraft also includes a remotely controlled nozzle positioned proximate each seat of the plurality of seats.
The Boeing Company


First-person viewer for unmanned vehicles

A remote control unit of an unmanned vehicle comprises a first communications subsystem, a processor, and a graphics processor. The first communications subsystem may be operable to receive sensor data via a first communication link between the remote control unit and the unmanned vehicle.
Maxlinear, Inc.


User interface device of remote control system for robot device and method using the same

A user interface device of a remote control system for a robot and a method using the same are provided. The user interface device includes: a radio frequency (rf) unit for receiving, from a remote control robot, camera data and at least one sensor data detecting a distance; a display unit having a main screen and at least one auxiliary screen; and a controller having an environment evaluation module for determining whether the received camera data are in a normal condition, and having a screen display mode change module for displaying, if the received camera data are in a normal condition, the camera data on the main screen and displaying, if the received camera data are in an abnormal condition, the sensor data on the main screen..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Base module for a starting apparatus of boat competitions

The invention is a base module for a starting apparatus of sport-purpose flatwater boat competitions, comprising a longitudinal holder arranged crosswise to the direction of motion of the boats, a level adjustment unit, a dynamic stabilizer, and a remote controlled start permitting unit having a mechanical drive unit. According to the invention, the longitudinal holder (2) is made of one or more rigid, hollow pipe or profiled bar..
Polaritas-gm Kft.



An atomizer is disclosed. The atomizer of the present invention comprises a main unit, a pipe, and a vaporizer.


Remote controlled pet collar illumination

A pet animal collar comprises a processor unit configured to effect illumination patterns comprising a combination of color and blink for an array of light sources on the collar. A memory unit coupled to the processor stores multiple illumination patterns, and a radio receiver unit provides wireless remote access to the processor unit to enable uploading and/or selecting at least one of illumination patterns.
K&b Patent Holdings, Llc


Method and operating television application

A method and a device for operating a television application are provided. The method includes: starting an application editing mode of a television; detecting whether a first icon displayed on a screen of the television is selected; if the first icon is selected, detecting whether a designated key on a remote controller of the television is pressed down; and if the designated key on the remote controller of the television is pressed down, moving the first icon, or adding a first application corresponding to the first icon into a folder..
Xiaomi Inc.


Smart television system and turn-on and turn-off method thereof

A smart television, and a turn-off method and a turn-on method for the smart television system are provided. The smart television system includes a remote controller and a smart television.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.


Method for controlling bidirectional remote controller and bidirectional remote controller implementing the method

A method for controlling a bidirectional remote controller is provided. The method includes receiving, at the bidirectional remote controller, menu information from a display apparatus; generating, at the bidirectional remote controller, a menu screen based on the received menu information for controlling the display apparatus; and displaying the generated menu screen on a display of the bidirectional remote controller..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and interference mitigation in a wireless home gateway interface

The invention relates to a wireless home gateway apparatus and methods of wirelessly delivering audio and/or video programs between a home gateway and a client device and to interference mitigation techniques on such system. Specifically, the invention relates to transmitting an audio video program on a first channel, receiving a control signal from a remote control indicating interference on said first channel, changing the transmission channel to a second channel, and transmitting data indicating said second channel to said remote control..
Thomson Licensing


Sensor means for television receiver

An electric and electronic sensor for selecting high resolution multi-medial operative programs and functions, connected to an interface device (2) for an appliance for processing a plurality of high resolution multi-medial operative programs and functions, integrated with a television receiver screen (7), for setting, performing such multi-medial operative programs and functions for personal computers and television receivers, and displaying them on the video screen (7). The sensor includes a set of sensors (12-18) connected to a microprocessor (1) of the interface device (2) and adapted to select the operative programs and function by the spaced away movements and gestures of the user, without the user directly manipulating the various sensor circuits and/or utilizing remote control apparatus, and also by not pressing, touching or skimming any device interacting with these sensor circuits..


Methods and systems for ignoring unintentional key presses

Various arrangements are described for ignoring inadvertent remote control key presses. A remote control may detect multiple key presses associated with various commands.
Echostar Technologies, L.l.c.


Multi-purpose handheld electronic command and control device with ergonomic features

A multi-purpose handheld electronic device with ergonomic features for a handheld device is described. This device may be configured or reconfigured for multiple uses that may include a remote control device, a wifi phone device, a gaming device, a data entry and data display device, and a video display device.


Communication secured between a medical device and its remote control device

The invention comprises a medical assembly composed by a medical device and a remote control which communicate in a secure and wireless manner. The remote control is connected to at least one security token.
Debiotech S.a.


Wireless multi-function remote control device

A portable remote control device (100) for a radio is housed within a key fob housing (102). The key fob housing (102) camouflages a plurality of radio interface functions..
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Electronic device operation using remote user biometrics

An electronic device having at least one operational setting, such as a power setting, with at least a first state and a second state. The electronic device may also include an access controller that can receive state data and authorization data from an external source such as a remote control.
Apple Inc.


Remote management and access of databases, services and devices associated with a mobile terminal

Apparatus, method and computer products are provided for remote network access and management of mobile terminals. The mobile terminal executes a web server application that allows remote network devices to access the mobile terminal.
Nokia Corporation


Device configuration for multiple users using remote user biometrics

An electronic device receives data associated with at least one biometric detected by a sensor of a remote control device. The biometric may be at least one fingerprint, retinal scan, facial image, and/or any other biometric.
Apple Inc.


Device configuration with multiple profiles for a single user using remote user biometrics

An electronic device receives data associated with at least one biometric detected by a sensor of a remote control device that is operable to transmit one or more instructions to the electronic device. A profile for a user associated with the data is determined out of a number of profiles for the user based on the data.
Apple Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus and support system of the same

When a user thinks “is it a malfunction?” and wants to relieve this doubt and worry, the user first pushes a menu button 83b on the remote control 80 and further pushes a minus button 83c or a plus button 83a to set the cursor on the “in a case such as . .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Brushless dc motor fan controlled either remotely or by conducting wire

A fan is provided with a brushless dc motor; a controller assembly mounted in the brushless dc motor and electrically connected to the motor; a control electrically connected to the controller assembly; and a remote control. The controller assembly includes a filter, a full-wave rectifier electrically connected to the filter for converting ac into dc, a motor controller electrically interconnected the full-wave rectifier and the brushless dc motor, a wire control module electrically connected the control, a microprocessor electrically connected to the wire control module, a control ic electrically interconnected the motor controller and the microprocessor, and a remote control module electrically connected to the control.
Perfect Union Co., Ltd.


Remote control for vehicles

A remote control device for a vehicle includes an interior handle coupling lever that rotates in accordance with manipulation of an interior manipulating handle, an exterior handle coupling lever that rotates in accordance with manipulation of an exterior manipulating handle, and a switch device. The switch device includes an interior manipulation detector for detecting rotation of the interior manipulating handle, an exterior manipulation detector for detecting rotation of the exterior manipulating handle, and wiring members each having a detector connection terminal and an external connection terminal connected to the interior manipulation detector or the exterior manipulation detector.
Aisin Seiki Kabushiki Kaisha


Method and system for the powered self push back of an aircraft

A powered self push back method and system for an aircraft are provided to move an aircraft on the ground safely during push back without assistance from an external tug vehicle or the aircraft main engines. The method employs constant cooperative communication and signals between the pilot and the ground crew during the push back process to ensure that push back of the aircraft is safe, efficient, and reduces aircraft turnaround time.


Ground vehicle-like control for remote control aircraft

A hand-held radio transmit controller for remotely controlling an aircraft, and a method for controlling a remote control aircraft offering ground vehicle-like control.. .
Traxxas Lp


Head and cervical spine position articulating device

An articulating device to position the head and spine during imaging and treatment of a patient. The device provides mechanism to lock a patient's head using a posterior head support, and anterior face mask or a nose depressor.
Aktina Corp.


Manure agitation boat

Apparatus and methods for mixing the contents of manure storage lagoons. Remotely controlled floating agitation vessels are provided.
Hydro Operating, Llc


Method and device for achieving remote manipulation

Convenient for the remote control.. .


Reminder dialog presentation and behavior

An intelligent television and methods for user interaction between the intelligent television and the user are provided. In general, a user is provided with navigation, notification, and setup options which enable one or more functions associated with the intelligent television.
Flextronics Ap, Llc


In-vehicle device, control method thereof, and remote control system

An input/output limitation information storage unit stores input/output limitation information in which limitation processing for limiting operation input to the application and display output from the application is prescribed by associating the limitation processing with the application. A determination unit acquires a vehicle state of a vehicle, and determines the limitation processing to be applied to the operation input to the application and the display output from the application on the basis of the application running on the terminal device, the vehicle state, and the input/output limitation information.
Clarion Co., Ltd.

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