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Remote Control patents

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Motion sensing remote control device

Motion sensing remote control device

Remote controller and remote controlling system

Remote controller and remote controlling system

Remote controller and remote controlling system

Huawei Technologies

Remote controller and information processing method and system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Digital broadcasting receiver for magic remote control and  controlling the receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Digital broadcasting receiver for magic remote control and controlling the receiver
The present invention relates to a digital broadcasting receiver for a magic remote control and a method of controlling the receiver. The digital broadcasting receiver for the magic remote control according to an embodiment of the present invention may include: a receiving unit receiving a control signal, wherein the control signal includes a first signal representing that a button of the magic remote control is pressed, a second signal representing the drag state of the magic remote control while the button of the magic remote control is pressed, and a third signal representing that the button of the magic remote control is released; a display unit; a processor; and a platform..
Lg Electronics Inc.
 Multimedia arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Multimedia arrangement
The invention relates to a multimedia arrangement comprising a remote control having a keypad with only six control buttons. All functions of the multimedia device can be controlled via three menu levels, an object group being selectable in the first menu level, an object being selectable in the second menu level, and an action to be performed with the object being selectable in the third.
Fm Marketing Gmbh
 System and  promoting marketable items patent thumbnailnew patent System and promoting marketable items
A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a media processor having a controller to receive from a media communication system metadata describing one or more marketable items depicted in a media program supplied by the media communication system, present images of the media program at a media presentation device without highlighting the one or more marketable items, present an icon at least at one of a remote controller managing operations of the media processor or the media presentation device to indicate a presence of the one or more marketable items in one or more of the images presented at the media presentation device, detect a selection of the icon, and highlight the one or more marketable items. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp
 Remote control system, remote control method, communication device, and program patent thumbnailnew patent Remote control system, remote control method, communication device, and program
A remote control system including a relay device capable of moving around a space where an appliance to be controlled is installed, and a communication device that is operated by a user, and communicates with the relay device. The relay device is controlled by the communication device, and includes an imaging unit, a sending unit that sends a captured image to the communication device, and a sending unit that wirelessly sends an instruction signal to the appliance to be controlled.
Ntt Docomo, Inc.
 Device for remotely controlling a materials handling vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Device for remotely controlling a materials handling vehicle
A remote control device worn by an operator in combination with a materials handling vehicle includes a wireless transmitter and control structure in communication with the wireless transmitter. The control structure is actuated by the operator to cause the wireless transmitter to generate a travel request signal.
Crown Equipment Corporation
 Motion sensing remote control device patent thumbnailnew patent Motion sensing remote control device
A motion sensing remote control device including a motion sensing module, a calculation unit, a motion setting unit, a transmit unit and a receiving unit is disclosed. The present invention controls a remote control car to perform various motions by sensing the user's gestures.
 System and  upgrading the remote control functionality of a  device patent thumbnailnew patent System and upgrading the remote control functionality of a device
A system and method for upgrading a remote control application resident on a device. Information identifying a controllable appliance is caused to be uploaded to a remote server device and the uploaded information is used to automatically display user-selectable, downloadable data files relevant to the control of the controllable appliance.
Universal Electronics Inc.
 Intra-oral balance device based on palatal stimulation patent thumbnailnew patent Intra-oral balance device based on palatal stimulation
A device for vestibular substitution includes a mouthpiece fitting entirely within a person's mouth in a shape that conforms to the palate. The mouthpiece encases a circuit board containing an electronic system that can deliver electrical pulses to electrical stimulators touching the palate based on head movement.
Innervo Technology Llc
 In-situ catalyst sulfiding, passivating and coking systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent In-situ catalyst sulfiding, passivating and coking systems and methods
A system and method for efficiently treating metal catalyst resident in a reactor vessel comprises a sulfiding module, a sulfur source, an ammonia source, and/or a coking source, a hydrogen sulfide detection module, a hydrogen gas detection module, a ph detection module, an ammonia gas detection module and a remote computer all arranged and configured to communicate wirelessly and to allow remote control and monitoring of the modules and process so that catalyst may be sulfided, passivated and/or soft-coked in situ.. .
Reactor Resources, Llc
 Remote controller and remote controlling system patent thumbnailnew patent Remote controller and remote controlling system
A remote controller is adjacent to an electric device with an infrared (ir) signal receiving unit. The remote controller has a case, a signal receiving unit, a signal processing unit, and a signal radiating unit.
new patent

Remote control with user profile capability

A control unit (101), such as a remote control device, includes a profile selector (104). The profile selector (104), which may be a single profile selector button integrated into the side or top of a remote control, allows quick and simple selection of an operating mode or user profile.
Motorola Mobility Llc
new patent

Gesture-based remote control

A method and system for operating a remote-controlled device using a gesture-enabled remote control (rc) includes activating a communication link between the rc and the remote-controlled device. The remote-controlled device may implement a remote control context accommodating gesture commands generated by the rc.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
new patent

Device for data routing in networks

An integrated security system integrates broadband and mobile access and control with conventional security systems and premise devices to provide a tri-mode security network having remote connectivity and access. The integrated security system delivers remote premise monitoring and control functionality to conventional monitored premise protection and complements existing premise protection equipment.
new patent

Storage medium storing digital data correction program and digital data correction apparatus

Digital data obtained by converting, by an a/d converter, an angular velocity measured by a sensor is transmitted from a remote control to a game machine. A cpu of the game machine corrects the digital data.
Nintendo Co., Ltd.
new patent

Safety alert apparatus

Disclosed is a safety alert apparatus, comprising a communication module to connect a communication network, a detection module including an activity detector and a determination module to determine an emergency event, according to an activity detection signal generated by the activity detector, and to provide an alert signal to the communication module, when an emergency event is determined, such that the communication module provides emergency alerts to a predetermined remote device; wherein the activity detector comprises an electrical appliance remote controller signal detector and uses a wireless channel signal of the electrical appliance remote controller as the activity detection signal.. .
Bestcare Cloucal Corp.
new patent

System and automatically setting up a universal remote control

A system and method for configuring a remote control to command the operation of appliances, to capture demographic data, and to provide services, such as automated warranty registration, instructions, viewing guides, etc., relevant to the appliances is provided. The system includes a database and associated server that are located remotely from the remote control and accessible via a network connection.
Universal Electronics Inc.
new patent

Remote controller and information processing method and system

A remote controller and an information processing method and system, which relate to the field of electronic technologies and can improve user experience, where the remote controller is easy to carry. The remote controller includes a remote control main body, where the remote control main body is a wearable ring body; a sensor configured to detect a signal generated by an operation gesture input by a user; a processor, where the processor is connected to the sensor, and is configured to analyze the signal generated by the operation gesture, and generate a corresponding control signal according to an analysis result; and a first wireless communications module, connected to the processor, and configured to send the control signal to a terminal device, so that the terminal device performs a corresponding operation according to the control signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
new patent

Photo sensor package for lighting

Disclosed is a photo sensor package for lighting, which is configured such that a micro control unit having a lighting control function as well as a timer function is integrated with a remote control element receiving a remote control signal of a lighting fixture. The photo sensor package includes a housing molded using infrared transmissible resin, a remote control element configured to receive an infrared signal, an amplification element configured to amplify a signal that is output from the remote control element, and a micro control unit configured to control a lighting fixture in response to a signal that is output from the amplification element.
Raytron Co., Ltd

System and a method adapted to display epg media content from the world wide web

The invention relates to a system, a method of a remote control adapted to display media content from the world wide web. This is accomplished by utilizing a smart-phone as a remote control by an application program, and transmitting the media content through a backend system utilizing wi-fi adapters to transmit streaming media to for instance a hdmi tv.
Magine Holding Ab

System and non-intrusive health monitoring in the home

A hand-held device, such as a remote control, is provided for operation of a consumer appliance and is equipped with one or more biometric sensors to capture and report on the health condition of a user of the hand-held device. The data captured by such a hand-held device may be evaluated locally in the hand-held device itself or may be conveyed to a target consumer appliance either for local evaluation by that consumer appliance or for onward transmission to a central off-site monitoring service..
Universal Electronics Inc.

External microphone array and hearing aid using it

An external microphone array is configured to be used with a hearing aid and comprises a number of microphones configured to detect one or more sound signals from a sound source and means for wirelessly sending the detected sound signal to at least one hearing aid. The external microphone array comprises means for automatically determining the direction of the sound source either by: a) receiving a wireless signal transmitted from a remote control; b) by receiving acoustic signals picked up by the hearing aid(s) and by further comparing the signals with signals received by the external microphone array.
Oticon A/s

Dislike button and associated action on remote control

A method of zapping through a plurality of channels of an electronic device providing content includes: assigning a dislike designation via a wireless transmitter to content being presented on at least one of the channels and skipping the at least one channel during subsequent zapping while the disliked content is being presented on the at least one channel.. .
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Remote control system

The present invention pertains to a remote control system, the objective being to improve operability. A main body communication control unit 13 of a display device 7 permits connection to a remote controller 8 when not being in a connected state to a remote controller 9 when the connection is requested from the remote controller 8, and on the other hand, disapproves the connection to the remote controller 8 and prompts the remote controller 8 to be connected to the remote controller 9 when being in the connected state to the remote controller 9 when the connection is requested from the remote controller 8..
Panasonic Corporation

Initiating remote control using near field communications

A system in which a portable electronic device communicates with a keypad for controlling a controllable device using near field communication to establish remote control of the controllable device over a control network. Upon placing the portable electronic device near the keypad, a control application running on the portable electronic device is launched and a graphical representation of the keypad is displayed on the portable electronic device.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Smart grid appliance control

Systems and methods for controlling small grids of appliances are described. One sample method includes receiving consumption data from a plurality of electrical appliances that are plugged into outlets at a first location and monitoring power usage at the first location.
Atmel Corporation

Set top/back box, providing a remote control device

A set top/back box and system and method for providing a remote control device are disclosed. In one embodiment, one or more wireless transceivers are located within a housing, which also interconnectively includes television input/output, a processor, and memory.
Enseo, Inc.

Digital broadcast receiver controlled by screen remote controller and space remote controller and controlling method thereof

A data processing method and a television controlled by a remote controller are described. The television includes a tuner to receive a broadcast program, an infrared (ir) module to receive an ir signal from a physical remote controller, a controller to change a power-off state into a power-on state based on the received ir signal, a radio frequency (rf) module configured to receive an rf signal from the physical remote controller, and a display module to display a screen remote controller in a predetermined region while displaying the received broadcast program in a screen of the television.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Display apparatus and the method thereof

A display apparatus is disclosed. The display apparatus includes a display, an input unit configured to receive a handwriting trace, in response to a user handwriting being performed at a remote control apparatus; a detector configured to determine text corresponding to the handwriting trace; and a controller configured to search for an item corresponding to the text, classify the item into a plurality of categories, and control the display to display the item on the display..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Pin entry for internet banking on media device

Embodiments of the invention disclose a remote control device for operating a media device that can be used to conduct financial transactions. The remote control device includes a user interface to accept user input, and a communication interface to communicate with the media device.
Visa International Service Association

Display apparatus, the method thereof and item providing method

Provided is a display apparatus including: a display; an input unit configured to receive a trace of writing performed in a remote control apparatus; a detector configured to extract at least one character corresponding to the trace of writing; and a controller configured to search for at least one item corresponding to the character from among a plurality of items stored in a storage of the display apparatus or provided from at least one external server, and display a result of the search on the display.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Plc based thermostat temperature control for heating systems

A system and method disclosed herein are for providing local and remote control of home and enterprise heating systems (thermostats) via the power line communication (plc) networks configured to provide communication and power control capability within a local area network. The plc based control unit allows the remote access and control of the thermostat of local heating systems from within and outside the plc based local area network..
Asoka Usa Corporation

Remote controllable thermostat

A remote controllable thermostat has an on-board power supply with batteries, a microcontroller having a timer, a temperature sensor, a temperature set point control controller and an rf receiver. The thermostat also has hvac state control means for generating hvac control signals in response to sensed temperatures being outside of control set point range and for periodically connecting and disconnecting the rf receiver from the power source to conserve battery power.
Hunter Fan Company

Remote controlled golf ball maker putting-alignment device

A putting alignment device includes a base, a cap mounted to the base for rotation with respect to the base, and alignment indicia on the cap which indicates a target line for putting a golf ball. A remote control unit is coupled in communication to the base to issue instructions to the base.

Remote control apparatus providing infrared control

A remote control apparatus includes a wireless module, a microprocessing module, an infrared module, a power supply module, and a housing. The wireless module, the microprocessing module, and the infrared module are electrically connected to each other in series.

Remote control device, remote control system and remote control method thereof

A remote control system includes a remote control device and an electronic device. The remote control device includes an input element, a wireless transmitter to transmit an absolute coordinate signal and a motion signal and a control unit electrically connected to the input element and the wireless transmitter.
Asustek Computer Inc.

Television programming of a remote control

A television includes a television with a remote control. A user interface running on the television ascertains a brand and model number of a device that is to be operated by the remote control and after responsive to such; the television transmits commands to the remote control to program the remote control, thereby enabling the remote control to control the device..
Vizio Inc.

Adaptive low-battery warnings for battery-powered electronic devices

The disclosed embodiments provide a system that facilitates the use of an electronic device. The electronic device may be a keyboard, a mouse, a trackpad, a remote control, a mobile phone, a wireless phone, a toy, a portable media player, a game controller, and/or a camera.
Apple Inc.

Graphical user interface for programming universal remote control devices

A universal remote control (urc) is programmed to control a particular type and make of electronic consumer device using a graphical user interface. A plurality of images is displayed on the user-interface.
Uei Cayman Inc.

Entertainment environment remote control and audio/video streaming method and system

A remote control and streaming interface for an entertainment environment. The system includes an infrared (ir) transmitter panel holding a plurality of ir leds formed in an led array.
Flyover Innovations, Llc

Remote control circuit

A remote control circuit includes a rectifying filter circuit coupled to an alternating current (ac) power source, a power supply module connected to the rectifying filter circuit; a leakage energy collecting circuit connected to the rectifying filter circuit; a remote control signal receiving circuit connected to the leakage energy collecting circuit; and a switch circuit connected to the remote control signal receiving circuit and the power supply module. When the remote control signal receiving circuit receives a remote power on signal, the remote control signal receiving circuit outputs a first signal to the switch circuit, and the switch circuit switches on the power supply module.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Standby electric power cutoff electronic product

A standby electric power cutoff apparatus for an electronic product is disclosed. A power supply/cutoff unit (20) of the present invention comprises: a power switch (sw) for manually turning an input of an ac power source of the electronic product on/off; a pair of photo-triacs (21, 22) which are disposed in parallel to each other between input terminals of the ac power source, and which receive power through the power switch (sw); a photo-coupler (23) which is disposed between the power switch (sw) and the input terminals on one side of the ac power source and comprises a light emitting diode (d3) and a transistor (q1) for receiving a light emitting signal from the light emitting diode; and a relay means which comprises a relay (k1) connected to a control unit (60) having a microcomputer (u-com), and which supplies or cuts off the ac supply power to a power supply unit (30) by controlling operations for connecting or disconnecting contact points of the relay according to a control state of the control unit (60).
Milpros Co., Ltd.

Power supply device for a fixed power socket

A power supply device includes a wireless module, a controlling module, and a connection unit that are connected in series. The power supply device further includes a power supply unit and a power input end.

Air blower, ion transmitting device, electrical appliance, and remote control holding structure

An inlet port 4 and an outlet port 5 which are open in a body housing 2, an air-blowing pathway 20 disposed inside the body housing 2, making the inlet port 4 and the outlet port 5 communicate with each other, and also having a plurality of divisional pathways 22 obtained by division with partition plates 21, an air-blowing fan 7 disposed upstream from the divisional pathways 22 inside the air-blowing pathway 20, a removable inner cover 10 covering the divisional pathways 22 and having an inner surface which forms a side wall of the air-blowing pathway 20, and a removable exterior cover 9 covering the inner cover 10 to form an outer surface of the body housing 2 are provided, and the inner cover 10 has marking portions 11 formed on an outer surface along the partition plates 21.. .
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Wireless controller with gateway

remote control of energy consumption is realized using a readily installable, flexible approach. According to an example embodiment of the present invention, a remote source communicates with a wireless controller for executing energy usage control.
Honeywell International Inc.

Suspension type road traffic warning signs and sign system

A suspension type road traffic warning signs and a sign system are provided, which belong to the machinery manufacturing field. To solve the technical problem that warning signs must be set at 150 meters away when a car in operation breaks down, a solution is put forward that the warning signs (1, 2, 3, 4) and the sign system (5, 6, 7, 8) are assembled with balloons (1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 4-2), scrolls (25), heavy objects (14), miniature remote control cars (5-1), miniature helicopters (6-1), small rockets (9), skidding tools and car rods (17).

Methods and systems of an adjustable bed

Aspects of this invention relate to an adjustable bed that may include one or more articulating portions, and may include one or more components, including an air inflatable mattress associated with the adjustable bed frame, a programmable logic controller, a remote memory storage facility, a remote storage location of user preferences, a cell phone remote control, a modular control device, an air purification facility, a power outlet controller, a bluetooth remote control, an ultra wide band remote control, a wireless usb remote control, and the like.. .

Tilt motion leisure adjustable bed base

An adjustable bed base adaptable to tilt in a number of different comfortable positions is presented. The adjustable bed base comprises a bed frame, a deck, a plurality of supporting legs, a plurality of lateral leg supporting members, a left elongated structure, a right elongated structure, a mattress retainer bar, a sliding member, a frame reinforcement bar, a control box, a power supply module, a remote control, a backrest motor, a footrest motor, a plurality of levers and a tilt arm assembly.

Determination of remote control operator position

A system and method for controlling a work machine system having a work machine and work tool. Operational characteristics of both the work machine and work tool are configured by a machine controller based upon the type of work tool attached to the work machine, the operating environment of the work machine, and the location of work site personnel or other observers relative to the machine or work tool.
The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

Remote controlling method, communication device, and computer-readable storage medium recorded with computer program for performing remote control

A mobile device is provided with a communication unit which performs communication via wireless communication, a display unit, and a display control unit which controls the display unit to display a setting input screen for allowing the user to input setting of a household electrical device. The communication unit transmits a request signal for checking whether there is a person in the vicinity of the household electrical device before the setting input screen is displayed by the display control unit.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Tele-presence robot system with software modularity, projector and laser pointer

A remote control station that accesses one of at least two different robots that each have at least one unique robot feature. The remote control station receives information that identifies the robot feature of the accessed robot.
Intouch Technologies, Inc.

Implantable system with secure remote control

A fluid flow system for a patient comprises a controller and an implantable pump assembly. The controller comprises a processing unit and a battery.
Circulite, Inc.

Remote control helicopter toy with double propellers on empennage

The present invention discloses a remote control helicopter toy with double propellers on the empennage. The remote control helicopter toy with double propellers on the empennage comprises a helicopter body (100), a power supply, a control circuit board (110), a main propeller device (200) and a tail propeller device (300).

Method and system for application execution based on object recognition for mobile devices

Embodiments of the present invention enable mobile devices to behave as a dedicate remote control for different target devices through camera detection of a particular target device and autonomous execution of applications linked to the detected target device. Also, when identical target devices are detected, embodiments of the present invention may be configured to use visual identifiers and/or positional data associated with the target device for purposes of distinguishing the target device of interest.
Nvidia Corporation

Music player watch with hearing aid remote control

Described herein are devices and methods for enabling a hearing aid user to control the operation of the hearing aid and also select an audio source for streaming audio information such as music directly to the hearing aid. In one embodiment, these functionalities are combined into a single wrist-worn remote device that may also function as a watch..
Starkey Laboratories, Inc.

Wlan-capable remote control device

Operations for a wlan-capable remote control device and a controlled device are disclosed. A first network device (e.g., remote control) may receive a user input for controlling operation of a second network device (e.g., controlled device) of a communication network.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Proxy remote control

In some cases, a method includes receiving first control data from a proxy device at a proxy controller. The first control data is prevented from being received at a remote control signal receiver associated with a media device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Remote control system

A remote control system includes a control unit configured to send a control signal to a machine to be controlled from a position remote from the machine. A sensor system is operatively linked with the control unit, and is configured for registering a presence of an operator in a predetermined proximity to a predetermined location.
Vermeer Manufacturing Company

Integral optical sensor package

The present invention relates to an integral optical sensor package. More particularly, the present invention relates to an integral optical sensor package in which a light sensor for receiving a visible light band and a remote control sensor for receiving a light signal of an ir band are integrated such that the two sensors may receive the light of the unique light bands thereof without mutual interference.
Raytron Co.,ltd.

Architectural covering having a drive mechanism

An architectural covering having a drive mechanism for extending and retracting a covering member between opposite first and second end positions. The drive mechanism includes an electric motor unit having a stationary end and a rotating end for rotating a winding core, such as a roller blind shaft, for receiving wound layers of a flexible element, such as a sheet of flexible material thereon.
Hunter Douglas Industries B.v.

Motorized sheer shading system

A motorized sheer shading system may move a sheer shade material between an open position, a closed position, and a view position. The shading system may move the sheer shade material from the open position to the closed position at a first average rotational speed, and from the closed position to the view position at a second average rotational speed.
Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Power generating fishing reel and remote control lure system

A power generating fishing reel and remote control lure system includes a reel assembly coupled to a fishing rod having a spool rotatably movable to reel in/out fishing line. The reel assembly includes an electrical generator configured to generate current.

On-screen television input management

A television system that provides an on screen display menu system that allows a user to select from available input source using a graphical user interface. The television system also automatically adapts to the type on input signal selected for display.
Robotarmy Corporation

Method and system for performance metric analysis of video assets

A method and system for monitoring video assets provided by a multimedia content distribution network (mcdn) includes an expert test monitoring platform (etmp) configured to emulate mcdn client systems at a facility of an mcdn service provider. The etmp may be used to obtain remote control response metrics, along with internal performance data, for client systems in the etmp.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with scan feature

An electronic program schedule system which utilizes a receiver for receiving broadcast, satellite or cablecast television programs for a plurality of television channels and a tuner for tuning a television receiver to a selected one of the plurality of channels. A data processor receives and stores in a memory television program schedule information for a plurality of television programs to appear on the plurality of television channels.
United Video Properties, Inc.

Communication with on-calls and machines using multiple modalities through single historical tracking

A unified communication (uc) application integrates support actions with client communications. In response to receiving an escalation of an issue from a support technician, the uc client application initiates a communication between a responder and a target device associated with the issue.
Microsoft Corporation

Direct service launch on a second display

Apparatus and methods to implement a technique for using a second display with a network-enabled television. In one implementation, this feature allows the native application on the second display to directly launch the second display application with a requested search term so that the user is immediately brought to a search page with relevant search results.
Sony Network Entertainment International Llc

System and remote control of unmanned vehicles

An open architecture control system is provided that may be used for remote and semi-autonomous operation of commercial off the shelf (cots) and custom robotic systems, platforms, and vehicles to enable safer neutralization of explosive hazards and other services. In order to effectively deal with rapidly evolving threats and highly variable operational environments, the control system is built using an open architecture and includes a high level of interoperability.

Method and system for remote controlling and viewing mobile phones

A method of improving a session in which a remote terminal is linked to a mobile device, the method comprising determining a performance profile for each of said remote terminal and said mobile device, said performance profiles including a set of parameters which determine performance of a session when said remote terminal is linked to a mobile device to receive and display an image of data currently displayed on said mobile device; estimating performance of a session between the remote terminal and the mobile device whilst there is no live connection; identifying a change to a parameter from said set of parameters; changing said identified parameter; re-evaluating said estimate based on the changed parameter; including said identified parameter change in said appropriate performance profile if performance is improved; reiterating, if necessary, said estimating, identifying, changing, re-evaluating and adopting steps until termination; and storing said changed performance profiles for said mobile device and said remote terminal.. .
Realvnc Ltd

Toy vehicle with telemetrics and track system and method

A remote control vehicle is presented that has a telemetry sensor, which detects wheel rotation, and a track sensor that reads track indicators found on a track over which the vehicle is driven. The vehicle receives commands from a mobile device to control its operation.

Image forming apparatus, remote operation device, remote control method, remote operation method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with remote control program, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium encoded with remote operation program

An image forming apparatus includes: a setting information transmitting portion to transmit setting information including a setting screen stored in a screen storage area, screen identification information thereof, and a setting value stored in a setting value storage area to a remote operation device; a remote setting portion to, in response to remote operation information being received after transmission of the setting information, update the setting value stored in the setting value storage area with a setting value included in the remote operation information; and a remote setting screen update portion to generate a setting screen based on the setting value stored in the setting value storage area and update the setting screen stored in the setting screen storage area, after the setting value is updated. An operation is specified based on positional information included in the remote operation information in the updated setting screen..
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Remote controller, system, and controlling remote controller

A remote controller includes a touch module, a main processing unit, a communication module, and a motion sensing module. The touch module includes a touch panel and a touch signal processing unit.
Tianjin Funayuanchuang Technology Co.,ltd.

Systems and methods for room system pairing in video conferencing

Systems and methods for the pairing of room systems, and other systems that lack portability and a convenient user interface, to videoconferences are disclosed herein. In one embodiment of the disclosed subject matter, a user initiates room system pairing from his or her device.
Vidyo, Inc.

Remote controller with touch panel

A remote controller with touch panel comprises a case, a circuit board, a power supply, and signal emitter. The circuit board, the power supply, and the signal emitter are accommodated in the case.
Tianjin Funayuanchuang Technology Co.,ltd.

Command of a device by gesture emulation of touch gestures

A user to machine interface emulates a touch interface on a screen. The interface is configured for operating in a touch emulation mode based on a triggering event.

Antenna apparatus, antenna system, and antenna electrical tilting method

Embodiments of the present invention provide an rcu (remote control unit), an antenna apparatus, an antenna electrical tilting method and an antenna system. The rcu includes a reading device and a driver.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Receiver of remote control device

A receiver of a remote control device includes a receiver configured to receive by wireless communication, a packet including a count value of edges of pulse signals, which are output from an encoder, per a predetermined period and to obtain the count value from the received packet, a register configured to retain the count value based on a write signal input from the receiver, and a pulse regenerating circuit including a counter in which the count value of the register is set based on the write signal input from the receiver, and configured to regenerate the pulse signals at an edge period that corresponds to the count value set in the counter in the predetermined period that corresponds to the write signal. In a case where a new write signal is input before an end of the predetermined period that corresponds to a write signal input most recently, the pulse regenerating circuit is configured to reset the counter, to set in the counter, a count value newly set in the register, and to regenerate the pulse signal at an edge period that corresponds to the new count value..
Murata Machinery, Ltd.

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