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Remote Control patents

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Hdmi device control via ip


Hdmi device control via ip

Remote control having hotkeys with dynamically assigned functions

Jamdeo Technologies

Remote control having hotkeys with dynamically assigned functions

Remote control having hotkeys with dynamically assigned functions


Method for implementing split-screen viewing of television programs, set-top box, and television system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Remote Control-related patents
 Distributed interactive television program guide system and method patent thumbnailDistributed interactive television program guide system and method
In an interactive network-based personal video recording system, a user interface is provided that allows viewers to search a database of program guide information according to program title, indexed program attributes such as actor and director, and key word. Viewer interaction is by way of a remote control unit..
Tivo Inc.

 Hdmi device control via ip patent thumbnailHdmi device control via ip
A method including: transmitting information about network devices of an hdmi, high definition multimedia interface, network by an hdmi network device; receiving the information by a remote control device; presenting the network devices of the hdmi network on a display of the control device as selectable by a user; presenting a set of control command softkeys on the display in response to a selection of a network device, the set being selected dependent on the type of network device; generating control command data on the basis of a selected control command softkey; transmitting the control command data to the hdmi network device; and providing a cec command in response to the received control command data.. .
Sony Corporation

 Remote control having hotkeys with dynamically assigned functions patent thumbnailRemote control having hotkeys with dynamically assigned functions
A remote control for a television is provided that can include at least one hotkey having an assigned function that depends on at least one of a currently selected silo and panel displayed by the television.. .
Jamdeo Technologies Ltd.

 Method for implementing split-screen viewing of television programs, set-top box, and television system patent thumbnailMethod for implementing split-screen viewing of television programs, set-top box, and television system
A method for implementing split-screen viewing of television, a set-top box and a television system are provided, wherein the method includes: a set-top box receiving a play control signal sent by a remote control terminal, generating a split-screen control signal according to the play control signal, and sending the split-screen control signal to a television terminal; the television terminal implementing split-screen playing of two or more than two programs according to the split-screen control signal. The abovementioned technical scheme can solve the problem in the prior art that, the television terminal can play a single program at a time, resulting in a poor user experience..
Zte Corporation

 Predicting end of battery life for a remote controller device patent thumbnailPredicting end of battery life for a remote controller device
A remote control is powered by multiple batteries connected in series. The remote control includes a voltage comparison circuit configured to compare a midpoint voltage from a node connecting two of the batteries to a reference voltage.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.

 Portable device and vehicle control system patent thumbnailPortable device and vehicle control system
A control system includes a portable device transmitting to a proximity control signal controlling locking/unlocking of an opening/closing body of the vehicle from near the vehicle, and a remote control signal controlling an engine remotely, intensity of the remote control signal higher than the proximity control signal, and a control device receiving a signal transmitted by the portable device. The portable device transmits by a same transmission antenna the whole of the proximity control signal at a single center frequency, and all of divided signals obtained by dividing the whole of the remote control signal into plural pieces at plural center frequencies.
Omron Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Proximity-enabled remote control patent thumbnailProximity-enabled remote control
The invention relates to systems and methods that enable a mobile device to be approximated with an object in order to enable control of the object. In one possible embodiment of a method of the invention, a mobile device is brought in physical proximity with an object, the identity of the object is determined wirelessly, based on such determination, a remote control user interface is presented by the mobile device, the mobile device receives input relating to a desired control action for the object, and the mobile device wirelessly communicates with a remote computer to facilitate control of the object.

 Display device and control  display device patent thumbnailDisplay device and control display device
A display device that can be used with another display device, includes: a display unit; a command receiving unit which receives a control command or id information from an external remote controller; and a command processing unit. The display unit displays the display device's own id in response to reception of the control command by the command receiving unit.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Orchestrating autonomous movements of parked vehicles to optimize parking efficiency patent thumbnailOrchestrating autonomous movements of parked vehicles to optimize parking efficiency
Technologies for optimized vehicle parking include a parking management computing device and a number of advanced vehicles, each having an in-vehicle computing system. The parking management computing device establishes a secure control channel with each of the in-vehicle computing systems.

 Method and remote controller for transmitting infrared signal patent thumbnailMethod and remote controller for transmitting infrared signal
The present disclosure relates to a method and a remote controller for transmitting an infrared signal. The method includes: generating a binary sequence corresponding to a key of a remote controller in response to a press on the key; encoding and modulating the binary sequence to obtain a pulse string signal; and transmitting the pulse string signal in form of infrared signal at least twice before the press on the key is released.
Xiaomi Inc.


System and configuring the remote control functionality of a portable device

A server device receives identity data retrieved from an appliance through use of a physical and logical interconnection referenced to a standard. The identity data is used at the server device to identify within a database having a plurality of appliance records, each of which is cross-referenced to an appliance, an appliance record having data in one or more record fields which matches the identity data retrieved from the appliance.
Universal Electronics Inc.


System and appliance control via a network

A first remote control application is configured to cause a smart device to transmit at least one command for controlling at least one functional operation of a controllable appliance in response to a user interface element of the smart device being activated while a second remote control application of a bridge device is configured to cause the bridge device to transmit at least one command for controlling at least one functional operation of the controllable appliance in response to receiving at the bridge device the at least one command transmitted from the smart device. The at least one command is transmitted from the smart device using a first transmission protocol and the at least one command is transmitted from the bridge device using a transmission protocol recognized by the controllable appliance..
Universal Electronics Inc.


System and setting up a universal remote control

A system and method for using an rfid tag to automatically setup and configure a universal remote control to command appliances of various types and various manufacturers.. .
Universal Electronics Inc.


Method and device for transmitting control signal of multi-device system

Embodiments of the disclosure provide a method an device for transmitting a control signal in a multi-device system, where a first device determines a second device to be controlled by a remote controller of the first device to be connected with the first device; determines from a received signal a first value of the button for controlling the first device; determines a second value of the button, corresponding to the first value of the button, for controlling the second device; and transmits the second value of the button to the second device, so that the second device operates according to the received second value of the button, and with this technical solution, a multi-device system can be controlled by the remote controller of the single device without infrared learning by the first device to thereby simplify operations of the first device to control the other device.. .
Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technologies Co., Ltd.


Universal remote control

A movable barrier operator remote control is provided having a receiver configured to receive a signal from another remote control, a user input of a control interface, a memory, a transmitter, and a controller. The controller automatically both senses for the receiver receiving a signal and senses for a status of at least a portion of the control interface, and associates with the user input one or more movable barrier operator signal characteristics from the received signal or the status of the at least a portion of the control interface.
The Chamberlain Group, Inc.


Using iptv as health monitor

An iptv can receive a user name and present a screen enabling a user by means of a remote control to select health information categories, inputting numeric parameters into the selected categories which can be uploaded to an internet server for analysis and viewed by the user for subsequent monitoring/charting.. .
Sony Corporation


Cloud-level control loop tuning analytics

A control loop tuning system executing on a cloud platform facilitate remote control system analysis and generation of suitable controller gains for a given closed-loop control application. The system leverages cloud-side analytics and a gain correlation model generated based on historical data collected from the industrial control system and maintained on cloud storage.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus

In an air-conditioning apparatus including a plurality of indoor units connected to a heat medium converter and a plurality of remote controllers respectively provided for the indoor units, the remote controllers each include a temperature sensor that detect a temperature of a corresponding space to be air-conditioned, and are each configured to communicate with a heat medium converter controller of the heat medium converter and an indoor unit controller of the corresponding indoor unit, transmit an instruction to start and stop an operation and data related to rotation speed of an indoor air-sending device to the corresponding indoor unit controller, and transmit the instruction to start and stop the operation, and a target temperature and a temperature detected by the temperature sensor or a difference therebetween, to the heat medium converter controller.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Cloud-level analytics for boiler networks

A boiler control system executing on a cloud platform facilitates remote control system analysis and generation of suitable set point parameters for a given boiler application. The system includes a system interface component, a modeling component and a correlation analytics component.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Garage door operator accessory

Systems, devices, and methods according to the present disclosure can be used to control or automate operation of a barrier door using a transceiver device and a barrier door operator. In an example, the transceiver device includes a wireless communication circuit that receives door operation instructions from a remote control device.


Low gravity all-surface vehicle

Vehicles are disclosed which have a lower center of gravity than existing all-terrain, amphibious, and unmanned ground vehicles due to the location of propulsion units and other vehicle components inside the wheels of the vehicle. The vehicles can climb over large obstacles yet are also able to corner at high speeds.
Paha Designs,llc


Remotely adjustable degrees of freedom for suspension coupling

Apparatus and associated methods relate to remote control over a number of degrees of freedom of coupling between a first suspension member and a second suspension member. In an illustrative embodiment, when in an uncoupled state, the first suspension member may move substantially independently of any motion of the second suspension member.
Skinz Protective Gear


Firefighting or rescue apparatus including a ladder mounted recovery winch

A firefighting or rescue apparatus includes a ladder to which a recovery winch is operably mounted so that the winch can be used to move, upright, lift or otherwise manipulate target objects at an emergency location. The ladder can include a pulley detachably mounted to the ladder distal from the winch, the pulley adapted to suspend a cable extending from the winch at an upper end.
Hme, Incorporated


Method and apparatus of remotely-operated automated external defribrallator incorporated into a handheld device

A rescue cell apparatus used for cardiac defibrillation of a patient, the apparatus comprising: a hand held device for sending and receiving communication signals and configured to be used as a remote control to administer a defibrillation pulse to the patient for cardiac defibrillation; a defibrillator unit having a sensor electronic pad positionable on the patient, the sensor electronic pad adapted to deliver the defibrillation pulse; and a second electronic pad, connectable by an electrical wire to the defibrillator unit, the second electronic pad positionable on the patient and adapted to detect ecg signals and to deliver the defibrillation pulse to the patient; and an image recognition module configured in the handheld device, and adapted to verify positioning of the sensor electronic pad and the second electronic pad on the patient before defibrillation.. .


Blood clotting control

The disclosure is directed to enabling reversible, on-demand remote control of blood clotting and clot dissolution. In one embodiment, a laser at one wavelength triggers release of a dna thrombin inhibitor from one nanorod, which acts as an anticoagulant to stop blood clotting.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Mri compatible surgical motor-powered drivers and related methods

A surgical, motor-powered hand-held mri-compatible drill with a remote control unit and user controls for drilling though target bone of a patient and/or attaching a bone screw.. .
Mrl Lnterventions


Method and system for improved interactive television processing

A system and method is disclosed to provide providing a transactional environment. The system includes a database that stores user registration and product information data.
Hsni Llc


Remote control system for a smart television

A remote control system for a video playback device, such as a smart television is provided herein. The system can obtain a playback task customized by a user via a server or a remote control device.
Xiaomi Inc.


Auto-pairing control device

A host device, such as a television, automatically pairs with target devices, such as remote controls. There may be multiple host devices, and the host devices may exchange information that specifies valid, trusted, or authorized target devices, the signal level or range of signal levels at which the host device communicated with the target device, and other information.
Broadcom Corporation


Remote control unit for an objective and for a camera

A remote control unit for an objective and a camera comprises a base part, an operating element movable relative to the base part, an evaluation and control unit for generating a control signal in accordance with the position of the operating element and an output device for outputting the control signal to an associated camera. The evaluation and control device is adapted to control a feedback device of the control unit in dependence on the position of the operating element to generate at least one feedback signal perceivable by a user..
Arnold & Richter Cine Technik Gmbh & Co. Betriebs Kg


Shotgun stick

An apparatus and method is provided for a shotgun stick for manipulating, removing and installing clamps and other devices to electrical connectors on electric power distribution systems. The shotgun stick includes an elongated, electrical insulating, support rod having a working end and a holding end.
Dominion Resources, Inc.


Configurable bi-directional remote control based on signal input device

An electronic system includes a bi-directional remote control, a console device providing a display and a sound system, and a set of signal input devices connected to the console device. Each device in the set of signal input devices produces video and/or audio output that is transmitted to the console device for display and/or playback.
Lucida Technology Co., Ltd.


Base and display device

The present invention provides a base, which includes a base body used to support a display panel, wherein the base further includes an alarm device being capable of emitting an alarm signal. The alarm device includes an alarm element and a sensing component for detecting a remote controller.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd


Apparatus for data processing of energy management system

An apparatus for data processing is provided. The apparatus includes: a data obtaining unit obtaining power system data from pieces of power system equipment; a power system monitoring unit displaying a power system operation state based on power system data obtained from the data obtaining unit, raising an alarm when the power system operation state changes, and outputting reference data corresponding to data on which the alarm occurs; a db storing the power system data obtained from the data obtaining unit, alarm raising criterion information on the power system data, and reference data corresponding to the power system data; and a remote control unit transmitting a control signal for controlling the pieces of power system equipment based on the power system operation state displayed on the power system monitoring unit..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Remote control method and terminal

The present application discloses a remote control method and apparatus for controlling the state of a movable object and/or a load carried thereon. The remote control method comprising: receiving, via an apparatus, a state signal that corresponds to a user's position; remote-controlling the state of the a load being carried on a movable object based on the state signal; wherein the state of the load is the result of combining the movement of the load relative to the movable object and the movement of the object relative to its environment.
Sz Dji Technology Co., Ltd


Device for controlling a surgical handpiece

A control device for controlling a surgical handpiece is suitable for controlling the surgical handpiece according to control parameters. The control device comprises local control means present on the control device, wireless communication means suitable for communicating with remote control means by a wireless communication link.
Societe Pour La Conception Des Applications Des Techniques Electroniques


Wireless ready lighting driver

A method, apparatus and system for controlling a lighting driver are provided, wherein a lighting driver comprises a driving unit configured to receive ac power through an ac power line, a control unit coupled to the driving unit and configured to affect one or more operating parameters of the driving unit, and an interface port coupled to the control unit and adapted to accept a wireless adapter, thereby allowing remote control of the driving unit operation through the wireless adapter and the control unit.. .


Terminal remote control method, set top box, mobile terminal, and web page server

A terminal remote control method, including sending, by a set top box, application information to a mobile terminal, where the application information is used to instruct the mobile terminal to acquire, using a web page server, a control user interface (ui) for remote control on the set top box, the application information carries address information of the control ui and connection information that is required by the mobile terminal for establishing a connection to the set top box using the web page server; receiving, by the set top box, an operation instruction that is sent by the mobile terminal on the control ui using the web page server; and performing, by the set top box, an operation according to the operation instruction. Therefore, a remote control operation performed by the mobile terminal on the set top box is implemented..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Simplified control input to a mobile device

A method and system for operating a mobile device includes interpreting a user-defined pattern detected by at least one of a touch interface and a motion sensor included with the mobile device. The user-defined pattern may be interpreted as at least one of: a polygon, an ellipse, a curve, a line segment, an alphanumeric character, and a movement of the mobile device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method and system for detecting external control of compromised hosts

A detection engine may be implemented by receiving network traffic and processing the traffic into one or more session datasets. Sessions not initiated by an internal host may be discarded.
Vectra Networks, Inc.


Secure vehicle data communications

A method for performing a remote control operation in a vehicle is provided. The method includes receiving, at telematics electronics of a vehicle, versions of a remote control command sent wirelessly to the vehicle by a dispatcher service.
Kia Motors Corporation


Method for processing key value information of remote control, control device and remote control

A method for processing key value information of a remote control, a control device, and a remote control are provided. The present application can avoid a problem, in the prior art, of reduced operation efficiency and reduced operation reliability caused by the need of simultaneous operations on two remote controls.
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Method, system, and computer-readable medium relating to internet of things-enabled remote controls

This technology further enables the power of smart phones, connected watches, tablets, iot and m2m devices disruptively, changing how we live and interact with machines.. .


Remote control of projection and camera system

A device includes a projection and camera system to create an augmented reality environment in which images are projected onto a scene and user movement within the scene is captured. The projection and camera system have a camera to image scattered ir light from the scene and compute time of flight values used in depth mapping of objects in the room.
Rawles Llc


Methods and remote control service in a network

Methods and apparatuses are provided for providing a control user interface (cui) by a terminal. A location of the terminal is identified.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Landscape lighting with remote control feature

A landscape lighting fixture for outdoor illumination comprising a fixture body, a control board, a protective tens, and a guard. The fixture body, guard, and protective lens form a housing for the control board, which includes a light source and a sensor chip.


Vehicle burglarproof system and vehicle burglarproof method

A vehicle burglarproof system and a vehicle burglarproof method are disclosed. The vehicle burglarproof system comprises a vehicle component, an electrocardiography (ecg) sensor, a first register, a remote controller and a microcontroller.
Wistron Corporation


Control method, device and system for a vehicle

The present invention relates to a method, device and system for controlling a powered vehicle. The device comprises a communications unit operable to receive a vehicle control signal from a remote computer, and a control unit operable to activate and deactivate the fuel pump such that movement of the vehicle is controlled in response to the vehicle control signal received by the communications unit so that the vehicle may be gradually stopped by incrementally cutting fuel to the vehicles pump in a safe manner.
Tracknstop Limited, An Irish Company


Remote controlled golf ball marker putting-alignment device

A putting alignment device includes a base, a cap mounted to the base for rotation with respect to the base, and alignment indicia on the cap which indicates a target line for putting a golf ball. A remote control unit is coupled in communication to the base to issue instructions to the base.


Wearable device for comforting and communicating with autistic persons and working method thereof

A personal and wearable device includes a strap, which is worn by the user, and a remote controller, which is held by a guardian or a teacher. The strap includes a built-in heart rate monitor, a built-in accelerometer and a built-in vibration motor, wherein the heart rate monitor and accelerometer are used to determine the current state of the child in real time.


Apparatuses, methods, and systems for illuminating panels used as cabinet doors and drawer panels

One feature pertains to an illuminating panel. The illuminating panel may include a pane stack having a perimeter and a perimeter light source having a plurality of light sources positioned outside of the pane stack and around the perimeter of the pane stack.
American Heating Technologies, Inc.


Variable lumen output and color spectrum for led lighting

An adjustable led lighting system may allow for a variable lumen output, an estimation of remaining life expectancy, and/or control of lighting intensity, color temperature, and/or wavelength distribution. An led lighting system may be capable of mimicking externally monitored, remote controlled, pre-defined, user-selected, or other lighting conditions.
Dynotron, Inc.


System, device and testing app performance

An automated solution for measuring the performance of one or more selected apps across a wireless network, from a given location. The device of the invention, which may be termed a ‘probe’, performs the automation and validation of a range of apps with their respective cloud services, the probe including a local interface for receiving from a remote controller the credentials intended for testing the target app service if applicable.
Epitiro Group Limited


Method and system for remote control

A method and system for remote control at a client of a multimedia content distribution network (mcdn) enables a user to configure a wireless user device as a remote control device (rcd). The rcd may communicate via a wireless network and an mcdn server to execute remote control commands at the mcdn client.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Disguised ip camera system

A remote controlled ip camera system that permits disguise in a tissue box that is configured to house the camera so the camera is remotely controllable over a network. The camera and tissue box permits covert surveillance.
Sirchie Acquisition Company, Llc


Cooperation system, image forming apparatus, portable information device, remote control method, and remote operation method

A portable information device includes a first display portion in which a parameter that defines a color for displaying an image is set, and a remote operation portion to display a remote operation screen on the first display portion and transmit a remote operation to an image forming apparatus. The image forming apparatus includes an apparatus-side display control portion to display an operation screen on a second display portion, and a remote control portion to transmit a remote operation screen to the portable information device and execute a process in accordance with a remote operation.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Smart mobile terminal remote control system

A smart mobile terminal remote control system includes a smart mobile terminal, a displaying device, a remote controller and a controller, the displaying device is configured to display an operation interface of the smart mobile terminal in real time, the controller is connected to the smart mobile terminal and the remote controller respectively and configured to emit an infrared light and receive the infrared light reflected by the remote controller, obtain information of the remote controller according to the infrared light received, generate a control command according to the information, and send the control command to the smart mobile terminal which responds to the control command. The smart mobile terminal remote control system makes the smart mobile terminal transfer data to other displaying devices smoothly and get a better displaying effect..
Ipgoal Microelectronics (sichuan) Co., Ltd.


Multiple function arrangement for electronic apparatus and method thereof

The current invention relates to the reuse of elements in an device to provide multiple functions of function indication, remote control command reception and touch sensor. The device comprises an indicator element providing a first function of indicating to a user the operating state of the said device, a receiver element providing a second function of reception of remote control commands from a remote control device, means for combining the indicator element and the receiver element to provide a third function of touch sensor.
Thomson Licensing


Rfid security system

Various switchable rfid devices are disclosed. These switchable rfid devices may include one or more rfid tags and one or more switches.


Rfid sensor

Various switchable rfid devices are disclosed. These switchable rfid devices may include one or more rfid tags and one or more switches.


Detection and control of multimedia applications

A mechanism for automatically detecting and controlling active multimedia applications is provided. Software is installed on a computing device that detects a plurality of active multimedia sources, and then determines that one or more of the plurality of active multimedia sources accept remote control of one or more multimedia features.
Google Inc.


State-based auxiliary display operation

Described is a technology by which routing of data may be automatically modified based on detected state data of a computing system. For example, user input may be routed from an actuator set to a host computer system when the host computer system is in an online state, or to an auxiliary computing device when the host computer system is offline.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Radio controlled aircraft, remote controller and methods for use therewith

A radio controlled (rc) vehicle includes a receiver that is coupled to receive an rf signal from a remote control device, the rf signal containing command data in accordance with a first coordinate system, wherein the first coordinate system is from a perspective of the remote control device. A motion sensing module generates motion data based on the motion of the rc vehicle.


Data link for use with components of remote control vehicles

Electronic components that are operable within remote control vehicles include electronic speed controllers, radio control receivers, and telemetry transmitters. Hardware and software are described that support communication between a user computer and electronic components.
Castle Creations, Inc.


Air-conditioning apparatus

An air-conditioning apparatus includes: an outdoor unit; and an indoor unit that is connected to the outdoor unit via a refrigerant pipe and performs air-conditioning of an indoor space in combination with the outdoor unit based on manipulation of a remote control. The outdoor unit includes: a stop switch and a return-to-operation switch; and a microcomputer that, when the stop switch is turned on while the indoor space is being air-conditioned, stops operation of the indoor and outdoor units, to stop performing air-conditioning of the indoor space, and that, when the return-to-operation switch is turned on while the air-conditioning of the indoor space is inactivated by turning on the stop switch, resumes the operation of the indoor unit to perform air-conditioning of the indoor space in combination with the outdoor unit..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Remote control device

A remote control device for remotely controlling a toilet device is provided. The remote control device includes a casing, a power generation device, buttons, and a link mechanism.
Toto, Ltd.


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Interactive target and system for long range shooting

An interactive target assembly is disclosed and claimed herein wherein the target assembly is meant to provide real-time feedback to a shooter or other remote onlooker. The shooter or other party can visually detect a strike to the target by way of a high powered led light that is in wired communication with a target control module.
Roberts Tactical Precision, Inc.


Cement head remote control and tracking

The present disclosure is related to wellbore servicing tools used in the oil and gas industry and, more particularly, to remote control tracking of cement head operations. A system of the present disclosure includes a control device, an onboard device operably connected to a mechanical device of a cement head, and a tracking device, wherein the control device is configured to transmit a user command indicator via (i) a first command signal to the onboard device and (ii) a second command signal to the tracking device, wherein the onboard device is configured to operate the mechanical device in response to the first command signal and transmit a status indicator of the cement head to the tracking device via a report signal, and wherein the tracking device is configured to record the user command indicator and the status indicator..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


System for remotely requesting activation of a vehicle function

A system for activating a vehicle function includes a vehicle and at least one remote controller. The least one remote controller is configured to receive, prior to a user approaching their vehicle, a request from the user to have a vehicle function activated when the user approaches their vehicle, and to periodically transmit request signals indicating the request.
Nissan North America, Inc.


Apparatus for servicing a detector of a fire safety system

An apparatus includes an aerial platform which is remotely controlled by an operator using a controller. The apparatus is used to service a detector of a fire safety system.
Siemens Industry, Inc.


Remote function control system for a vehicle having a data communications bus and related methods

A remote function control system is for a vehicle including a data communications bus extending throughout the vehicle and coupled to a plurality of vehicle devices, and a wired vehicle electrical power system. The system may include a wireless data bus device coupled to the wired vehicle electrical power system and including a wired interface coupled to the data communications bus in the vehicle, and a memory to store vehicle device bus codes for the plurality of vehicle devices.
Omega Patents, L.l.c.


Electrical construction toy system

An electrical construction toy system is comprised of a flat base having a large surface area and a detachable central power block, which includes a battery or dc transformer from which electrical power is provided to building blocks which modularly connect to the power block and each other. The connection between blocks does not have to only be mechanical, but can be magnetic as well.


Upper extremity support device for vascular imaging

The present invention is an operation device that can be used for angiographic operations applied on the upper extremity, comprising a hand-finger fixing apparatus (1), wrist air bag (8) located between preferably the arm support part (13) and hand-finger fixing apparatus (1), a length adjustment apparatus (22) on the arm support part (13), an elbow air bag (9), a housing support part (11), one level adjustment apparatus (23) located on the housing support part (11), a flexible connection band (6), a power and a pneumatic pumping system (2) and a and a remote control unit.. .


Patch-sized fluid delivery systems and methods

A patch-sized fluid delivery device may include a reusable portion and a disposable portion. The disposable portion may include components that come into contact with the fluid, while the reusable portion may include only components that do not come into contact with the fluid.
Deka Products Limited Partnership


Intelligent remote control for digital television

Television system comprising a television associated with a decoder and at least one remote peripheral comprising a viewing screen, and control means as well as means of digital dialogue between the peripheral and the television or the decoder, the peripheral comprising means of remote control of at least one function of the television or of the decoder and means of viewing of at least one content originating from the television characterized in that the functions associated with the means of control of the peripheral are of contextual type and are determined by information originating from the television or from the decoder.. .


System and simplified setup of a universal remote control

A system and method for enabling set up of a controlling device capable of controlling a plurality of appliances, via an interactive instruction set and associated programming. The programming is accessible by a stb or other controllable appliance and is configured to appropriately display interactive instructions and prompts to a user during a user initiated set up procedure for configuration of another controllable device (e.g., dvd, vcr, dvr, etc) available to the user.
Universal Electronics Inc.


Virtual remote functionality

Novel tools and techniques are described for providing remote control of consumer electronics devices, and, more particularly, to tools and techniques for providing virtual remote control of consumer electronics devices that do not have dedicated remote controllers.. .
Biscotti Inc.


Audio based remote control functionality

Novel tools and techniques are described for providing remote control of consumer electronics devices, and, more particularly, for providing audio-based remote control of consumer electronics devices (which, in some cases, may not have dedicated remote controllers).. .
Biscotti Inc.


System and automatically setting up a universal remote control

A system and method for configuring a remote control to command the operation of appliances, to capture demographic data, and to provide services, such as automated warranty registration, instructions, viewing guides, etc., relevant to the appliances is provided. The system includes a database and associated server that are located remotely from the remote control and accessible via a network connection.
Universal Electronics Inc.


Apparatus and web-based tool management

A method is provided, including: establishing a session over the internet with a client device, the session configured to provide for remote control or monitoring of a manufacturing tool over the internet via communication with a controller of the manufacturing tool, the manufacturing tool being one of a plurality of manufacturing tools in a fabrication facility (fab); receiving a request from the client device to access an equipment model defining a representation of the manufacturing tool, the representation of the manufacturing tool; receiving data from a controller of the manufacturing tool that is stored in association with a service object of the manufacturing tool; sending to the client device, via the session, a response to the request, the response including the data received from the manufacturing tool that is stored in association with the service object.. .
Peer Intellectual Property Inc.


Testing system of exercise machine and remotely testing exercise machine

A testing system of exercise machine includes a control signal source and an exercise machine. The control signal source includes a remote control device saved with a plurality of testing commands.
Gee Hoo Fitec Corp.


Remote sling release for crane

An improved remote sling release for a crane has a main plate member including an access hole for attaching a main crane hoisting line therethrough, a hook portion located at an opposite end from the access hole and adapted to selectively hold securely or release sling members thereon. Two sling ejector plate members connected to one another such that the ejector plate members are pivotally attached to the main plate member, wherein each of the sling ejector plate member has a sling notch therein adapted to receive the sling members of a hoist pallet therein.


Driver protection cameras with motion activation and beacon locator

A camera system used to record audio/video data includes an internal visual recording unit, an external visual recording unit, a remote control, and a remote data storage device. The internal visual recording unit and the external visual recording unit are controlled by the remote control.


Manual plasma system with remote control

A torch assembly for cutting or spraying applications. The torch assembly includes a torch connector that connects to at least one cable that communicates with a power supply.
Lincoln Global, Inc.


Lighting apparatus

Provided is a lighting apparatus that may form and control a multi-zone of a plurality of lighting devices connected to a wireless network. The lighting apparatus may include a plurality of devices including a plurality of lighting devices included in a network set in advance, a coordinator to manage the network, a remote controller to control a multi-zone that is included in the network and that performs grouping of the plurality of lighting devices into a plurality of groups..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Remote controller and controlling screen thereof

A remote controller and a method for controlling a screen using the remote controller are provided. The remote controller includes a first screen key; an output interface configured to output a control signal; and a controller configured to control the first screen key and the output interface.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof

A content reproducing method and system for performing seamless playback of contents between devices is provided. The contents reproducing system includes a portable device which, when a short distance communication with a remote control which is configured to control an electronic device occurs during reproducing of contents, generates data required by the electronic device for reproducing the contents that are being reproduced, and which transmits the generated data to the remote control; the remote control which receives the data from the portable device and which transmits the received data to the electronic device, in conjunction with the occurrence of the short distance communication with the portable device; and the electronic device for receiving the contents from a contents provider and reproducing the contents..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Remote control augmented motion data capture

A head mounted display system for use with a mobile computing device, comprises a soft main body made entirely of a soft and compressible material, the main body has a retention pocket entirely formed by the material and configured to accept and secure the mobile computing device and a lens assembly comprising two lenses configured to focus vision on respective areas of a display screen of the mobile computing device, the lens assembly held within one or more apertures formed in the main body entirely by the material, the two lenses mounted for independent movement with respect to each other, such that a split screen image may be viewed through the two lenses on the display screen.. .
Merge Labs, Inc.


Mobile device

A method for remote control wherein a first mobile device is remotely controls a second mobile device connected to the first mobile device via an audio/data transmission network. The method includes receiving a request from an user of the first mobile device on the first mobile device, performing audio transmission from the first mobile device to the second mobile device, and transmitting data for a displayed screen from the first device to the second device via the data transmission network.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Wireless control system, touch-sensitive module and manufacturing same

A wireless control system, a touch-sensitive pad structure, a touch-sensitive module and a method for manufacturing the touch-sensitive module are provided. The wireless control system includes a controlled device and a remote controller which includes the touch-sensitive module.
Touchplus Information Corp.


Remote control device

A remote control device includes operation buttons, detectors, a power generator, a controller, and an output unit. The operation buttons are movable between an ordinary position and a lowermost position and are configured to move from the ordinary position to the lowermost position in response to a push operation.
Toto, Ltd.


Handheld information processing device with remote control output mode

A handheld information processing device such a mobile telephone or portable computer has a normal operating mode in which it executes information processing operations in response to user activation of user controls from the user control interface. Furthermore, the device has a remote control signal transmitter coupled to its processing circuit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Terminal for a motion transmitting remote control assembly

A terminal (10) for a motion transmitting remote control assembly (12) securable to a control member (14) in a vehicle includes a housing (44) for connection to a core element (20) of the motion transmitting remote control assembly (12) with the housing (44) defining an aperture (48) forming at least one open end (50). The terminal (10) also includes a connecting member (60) having a body (62) disposed in the aperture (48) with the body (62) having a cavity (66) for receiving the control member (14) and a groove (84) in communication with the cavity (66).
Kongsberg Drivline Systems I, Inc.


Remote control seatbelt height adjuster

An apparatus for positioning a vehicle restraint is provided herein having a track and a restraint support configured to slide along the track. A positioner is coupled to the restraint support and a motor, coupled to the positioner, is operable to adjust a position of the restraint support.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Sensing and stimulation system

A sensing and stimulation system includes a central hub, and a plurality of flexible arms extending from the central hub. Each of the arms includes at least one electrode and at least one sensor.
Medtronic, Inc.


Surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting an operational mode

A surgical biopsy system is provided for removing at least one tissue sample from a surgical patient. The surgical biopsy system comprises an elongated, hollow piercer and a cutter rotatably and axially positionable relative to the piercer.
Devicor Medical Products, Inc.


Osprei raft

The osprey raft is the float on an angler's fishing tackle that has been engineered with electronics: remote communication, a propeller system, and guidance control. It is battery operated and conveys an array of equipment; optional camera for underwater viewing, optional net, optional spare gun, hook(s) and line(s).


Terminal and performing bidirectional iptv service

A terminal device for carrying out an interactive internet protocol television (iptv) service comprises: a near distance communication unit to receive set-top box information from a remote controller which controls a set-top box used for the interactive iptv service; a session setup unit to set up a session to communicate between the terminal device and the set-top box based on the set-top box information; a content information receiver to receive, from the set-top box, content information on content being played by the set-top box over the set up session; a content information transmitter is configured to transmit the content information received from the content information receiver to an information provider; and content-related information receiver to receive content-related information from the information provider, the content-related information is extracted by the information provider from prestored information on a plurarity of contents based on the content information.. .
Sk Telecom Co., Ltd.


Method for calibrating the colour of a colour monitor with led backlighting

A method for calibrating the colour of a colour monitor with led backlighting includes at least one area of an image displayed on the colour monitor (1) remotely measured in a spatially resolved manner using a colour sensor (7) configured as an image or line sensor. Deviations of measured colour values from desired colour values are determined in a spatially resolved manner and led backlighting of the colour monitor (1) is actuated for local correction of the deviations.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Clothing accessory

A clothing accessory has at least one element of clothing accessory wearable by a user, and a recording camera associated with the element of clothing accessory and carrying out a recording process while being associated with the element of clothing accessory, said recording camera including a touch sensor for tapping to perform photo or video recording, and said recording camera operating wirelessly with remote controlling devices for wireless data transfer, controlling and previewing recordings.. .


Remote control method, remote control device, and master device

A remote control method, a remote control device and a master device are provided. The remote control method includes receiving, by the master device, a main menu request instruction sent by the remote control device, and activating a main menu in the master device according to the main menu request instruction; receiving, by the master device, a first remote control instruction that is sent by the remote control device, and activating, according to the first remote control instruction, the peripheral submenu corresponding to the submenu activation option; and receiving, by the master device, a second remote control instruction that is sent by the remote control device, and performing, according to the second remote control instruction, control on the peripheral device corresponding to the activated peripheral submenu..
Huawei Device Co., Ltd.


Electric device, remote control signal determining program and remote control signal processing method

When a received remote control signal does not satisfy any one of a plurality of conditions for a qualified remote control signal stored in a signal condition storage part, an electric device determines that the remote control signal is not a qualified remote control signal, and when the received remote control signal satisfies any one of the conditions, stores the remote control signal as a qualified remote control signal in a signal storage part. Next, when the received remote control signal matches the qualified remote control signal stored in the signal storage part, control is performed such that the electric device performs a predetermined operation.
Yamaha Corporation


Method, device and system for controlling cable television system

Disclosed are a method, a device and a system for controlling a cable television system. The method includes that: an intelligent mobile terminal detects whether the intelligent mobile terminal is connected to a home wireless network, and when it is detected that the intelligent mobile terminal is connected to the home wireless network, transmits a set-top box turn-on signal to a set-top box through the home wireless network; the set-top box executes a turn-on operation according to the received set-top box turn-on signal and transmits a television turn-on signal to a television.
Zte Corporation


Remote controlled studio camera system

A system for remotely controlling a camera is disclosed. The system includes five major subsystems; a first subsystem collocated with the camera; a second subsystem which serves as a gateway between the camera and the third subsystem; a third subsystem to remotely monitor the studio and control the camera; a fourth subsystem located at the destination of the video stream; and a fifth subsystem to receive and re-transmit a video control stream.
Videolink Llc


Power supply an electrical appliance

A power supply apparatus includes a power supply circuit and a power-on circuit. The power-on circuit detects a remotely transmitted control signal and causes a transition of the power supply circuit to a turned on state.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

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