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Regenerate patents

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Method for recycling plate-making processing waste solution

Method and high-pressure mixing apparatus with self-regenerating seal

Date/App# patent app List of recent Regenerate-related patents
 Robot simulator, robot teaching apparatus and robot teaching method patent thumbnailRobot simulator, robot teaching apparatus and robot teaching method
A robot simulator includes a generating unit, a display unit, a display control unit, and a simulation instructing unit. The generating unit generates a virtual image that includes a virtual robot obtained by imaging an actual robot having at least one axis and an operation handle capable of operating three-dimensional coordinate axes having a predetermined control point of the virtual robot as the origin.
 Method for recycling plate-making processing waste solution patent thumbnailMethod for recycling plate-making processing waste solution
A method of recycling waste liquid from a plate-making process, including: performing a plate-making process using a development replenisher liquid that includes at least one selected from the group consisting of anionic surfactants having a naphthalene skeleton and nonionic surfactants having a naphthalene skeleton at a total content of from 1% by mass to 10% by mass, includes no or not more than 2% by mass of organic solvent having a boiling point of from 100° c. To 300° c., and has a ph of from 10 to 13; concentrating, by evaporating, the discharged plate-making process waste liquid, such that the ratio of the volume of the plate-making process waste liquid after concentration to the volume of the plate-making process waste liquid before concentration is within a range of from 1/10 to 1/2, thereby separating water vapor; and using the obtained regenerated water as diluent water and/or rinse water..
 Simultaneous high efficiency capture of co2 and h2s from pressurized gas patent thumbnailSimultaneous high efficiency capture of co2 and h2s from pressurized gas
Low-cost and energy-efficient c02 and h2s capture is provided obtaining greater than 99.9% capture efficiency from pressurized gas. The acid species are captured in an ammonia solution, which is then regenerated by stripping the absorbed species.
 Method and high-pressure mixing apparatus with self-regenerating seal patent thumbnailMethod and high-pressure mixing apparatus with self-regenerating seal
A method for forming a self-regenerating seal in a mixing chamber of a high-pressure mixing apparatus for polymeric components suitable for providing a reactive mixture for a polymerisable resin. An annular sealing element is provided in a circular housing seat inside the mixing chamber, in a sealing zone downstream the injection holes for the polymeric components; worn and/or torn parts of the annular sealing element are automatically regenerated by the same reactive mixture delivered during operation of the mixing apparatus.
 Rotary electrical machine control device patent thumbnailRotary electrical machine control device
Regenerated power fed from a rotary electric machine is immediately reduced where connection between an electric machine and a dc power source is blocked. An inverter control section controls the inverter by controlling an armature current in a two-axis orthogonal coordinate system that rotates in synchronization with the rotary electric machine, the armature current being a vector obtained by synthesizing a field current and a drive current extending along respective axes of the orthogonal coordinate system.
 Treatment of contaminated liquids patent thumbnailTreatment of contaminated liquids
Apparatus and method for the treatment of a contaminated liquid to remove contaminants from said liquid. The apparatus comprises a bed of a carbon based adsorbent material capable of electrochemical regeneration, at least one pair of electrodes operable to pass an electric current through said bed to regenerate the adsorbent material, and means to admit contaminated liquid into said bed to contact said adsorbent material at a flow rate which is sufficiently high to pass the liquid through the bed but below the flow rate required to fluidise the bed of adsorbent material..
 Retroactive shared content item links patent thumbnailRetroactive shared content item links
A content management system implementing methodologies providing retroactive shared content item links is disclosed. The content management system and methodologies allow a team administrator of a team to configure a team-wide shared link policy that determines whether non-team members can access content items associated with team accounts using shared links generated for the content items by team members.
 Intelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for engineering machinery engine patent thumbnailIntelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for engineering machinery engine
An intelligent post-treatment and regeneration control method for an engineering machinery engine, comprising an automatic and manual regenerated auxiliary load loading control method: the method steps include, when the accumulation of the particles in a diesel particulate filter exceeds a specified standard and the exhaust temperature of the engine is higher than the regeneration required temperature, an engine controller transmits an auxiliary regeneration packet; after receiving the packet, a main controller determines the external environment temperature; the main controller supplies corresponding current for the regeneration electromagnetic valve of the particulate filter according to the obtained external environment temperature and the corresponding relationship between a preset environment temperature and a loading current, so as to obtain a load matching the environment temperature; and the main controller monitors the exhaust temperature at the inlet of the diesel particulate filter catalytic converter to achieve automatic closed-loop control of the regeneration auxiliary loading.. .
 Engineered microbe-targeting molecules and uses thereof patent thumbnailEngineered microbe-targeting molecules and uses thereof
Described herein are engineered microbe-targeting or microbe-binding molecules, kits comprising the same and uses thereof. Some particular embodiments of the microbe-targeting or microbe-binding molecules comprise a carbohydrate recognition domain of mannose-binding lectin, or a fragment thereof, linked to a portion of a fc region.
 Frequency offset estimation for early detection/decoding patent thumbnailFrequency offset estimation for early detection/decoding
Methods and apparatus are provided for improving the performance of frequency offset estimation in scenarios where reception of a data block is terminated early. When the reception of a data block is terminated early, the wireless communication receiver may regenerate the entire data block using information that is known to the wireless communication device.
Cooling process of heat reactivated desiccant air dryer systems using blower purge and method therefore
The present invention provides a method and process for effectively purging desiccant air dryer systems from moisture load, by a ‘deep cooling’ regeneration means with the use of a primary high heating and a secondary low heating blower purge air flows, a heater discharge temperature set point, and a bottom area bed temperature of a vessel containing desiccant. The system of an improved heat regenerating desiccant compressed air dryer having means to terminate heating operations as well as cooling and dry purge operations allowing for the newly regenerated tower vessel to come back on-line for a compressed air drying cycle without negative effects of dew point bumps and outlet heat spike.
Control system for dpf regeneration by exhaust pipe injection, and regeneration method
The purpose of the present invention is to provide a dpf travel-time regeneration control system of stably raising the temperature even during travel and capable of decreasing the frequency of dpf regeneration when the vehicle is stopped. In this control system, if the dpf (5) needs to be regenerated, the vehicle is traveling on cruise control, and the exhaust temperature detected by an exhaust temperature sensor (11) is higher than a threshold value, then fuel is injected into the exhaust pipe by a fuel injection means (7), and if the exhaust temperature is lower than the threshold value, the exhaust temperature is raised by operating the exhaust brake without injecting fuel into the exhaust pipe..
Heat reactivated process for desiccant air dryer systems using blower purge and method therefore
The present invention provides a system for effectively purging heat regenerating desiccant compressed air dryers from a moisture load, by a ‘tuned’ regenerating means with the use of a variable restriction on the blower purge air flows, a blower back-pressure set point, a heater discharge temperature set point, and a bottom area bed temperature of a vessel containing desiccant, a means to balance purge temperature to a stable, noncycling state preventing an under and overheating heating of desiccant, vessel and associated piping. A valve control means to terminate heating, cooling and dry purge operations selectively operated to allow purge flows to quickly cause water vapor captivated by the desiccant (in a drying cycle) to be released and purged out of the vessel (in a regeneration cycle), resulting in a regenerated tower vessel prepared for a compressed air drying cycle..
Method and program for detecting change-point of time-series data, and method and program for predicting probability density distribution of future time-series data values
The present invention applies a particle filter method to the puck model for calculating a true market price. First, a probability density function of a parameter is obtained by generating a group of particles having parameters representing the state of the puck model each having different values.
Methods and systems for an exhaust gas treatment system
Various systems and methods are described for an engine system with an exhaust gas treatment system including a particulate filter. In one example method, accumulated hydrocarbons are removed from the exhaust gas treatment system by increasing an exhaust gas temperature to a first temperature responsive to a particulate filter regeneration request during extended cold idle operation.
Plants and seeds of sorghum variety gsv548207
The invention relates to the sorghum variety designated gsv548207. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the sorghum variety gsv548207.
Plants and seeds of sorghum variety gsv672338
The invention relates to the sorghum variety designated gsv672338. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the sorghum variety gsv672338.
Plants and seeds of sorghum variety gsv415986
The invention relates to the sorghum variety designated gsv415986. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the sorghum variety gsv415986.
Plants and seeds of sorghum variety gsv370669
The invention relates to the sorghum variety designated gsv370669. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the sorghum variety gsv370669.
Method for suppressing increase in so2 oxidation rate of nox removal catalyst
In a nox removal catalyst used for removing nitrogen oxides in flue gas, when a silica (si) component as an inhibitor that causes an increase in a so2 oxidation rate accumulates on a surface of the catalyst, the silica component accumulating on the surface of the catalyst is dissolved, thereby regenerating the catalyst. Accordingly, the inhibitor such as the silica component covering the surface of the nox removal catalyst can be removed, thereby enabling to provide a catalyst without having an increase in the so2 oxidation rate of the regenerated nox removal catalyst..
Surface functional bioactive glass scaffold for bone regeneration
A bioactive glass scaffold treated to modify the surface of the bioactive glass scaffold for regenerating new bone tissue is disclosed. In some embodiments, the bioactive glass scaffold may include pores in a grid-like structure to promote the ingrowth of bone tissue, and the modified surface layer may include a hydroxyapatite-like surface.
Flame-retardant regenerated cellulose filament fibers and process for production thereof
In a process for producing regenerated cellulose fibers, in which particles of a flame-retardant solid are incorporated into the fiber, the particles are placed into a mold, the dimension of which in a major axis of the particle is greater than in the two orthogonal minor axes of the particle, and the major axes of the particles in the fiber are aligned in a preferential direction parallel to the spinning direction thereof. .
Mechanically agitated, inner circulation reactor for resin ion exchange and adsorption
Disclosed is an internal circulation resin ion exchange adsorption reactor with a mechanical stirrer. The upper part ⅔˜⅘ of the reactor main body is an open cylinder and the lower part 1/5˜⅓ is a cone-shaped body with a slope of 30°±10°.
Rebuilding drive data
A method that includes identifying an inaccessible portion of a first disk drive. The method also includes regenerating data corresponding to the inaccessible portion of the first disk drive and storing the regenerated data to a second disk drive.
High strength cellulosic filament its use, and method for the production thereof
The present invention relates to high-strength, possibly pigment-containing—for example flame-retardant—regenerated cellulosic filaments having improved textile properties, in particular as regards strength and uniformity, to their use for the production of fabrics, and to a method for the production of these filaments.. .
Soak and coke
There is provided herein a method for producing hydrogen gas, comprising: sorbing a liquid hydrocarbon fuel to a gasification catalyst to form a sorbed hydrocarbon fuel; heating said sorbed hydrocarbon fuel to a first temperature for a first period of time sufficient to form coke; and gasifying said coke at a second temperature at a pressure for a second period of time in the presence of water and/or oxygen, so as to produce hydrogen gas and carbon monoxide and to regenerate said catalyst. In particular, the hydrocarbon fuel can be a liquid biomass, such pyrolysis oil, and the method can be co2 neutral..
Surface codec using reprojection onto depth maps
A surface reprojection codec and method for surface compression using non-redundant surface projection onto depth maps. A multiple depth map encoder takes a two-dimensional (2d) surface that is a representation of a three-dimensional (3d) object and divides it into a plurality of surface patches.
Antimicrobial polycationic sand filter for water disinfection
A composition comprised of sand and a hydrophobic polycationic polymer covalently bonded to the sand is provided. Exemplary polycationic polymer are n,n-hexyl, methyl-pei or n,n-dodecyl, methyl-pei.
System and method for the dynamic provisioning of static content
Disclosed herein are embodiments of a system and method for the dynamic provisioning of static content. In one embodiment, information presented on a content delivery system can be refreshed based on information published on a content management system.
Membrane for alveolar bone regeneration
A membrane for alveolar bone regeneration to guide bone generation by adapting to a bone graft material, which fills a bone defect area, includes a central hole through which an implant is inserted into an alveolar bone, wherein the membrane includes: a coupling part to couple the membrane with the implant; a side bending part that is downwardly bent from the coupling part to have an overall curved shape with a gentle slope; and lateral covering parts that protrude from edges of the side bending part and are bent and curved toward an alveolar bone defect area, wherein the side bending part and the lateral covering parts are pre-formed in three-dimensions to fit a final shape of the alveolar bone that is to be regenerated.. .
Regeneration of ion exchange resin and recovery of regenerant solution
An apparatus and method for regenerating spent ion exchange resin and recovering regenerant fluid is described. A regeneration system has a regeneration vat, a regeneration solution tank, a regenerant recovery tank, a chemical dispenser, a solids separator, a ph adjuster and a pump.
Mineral slurry drying method and system
The present invention provides methods and systems for reducing moisture in mineral slurries, particularly mineral slurries containing minerals of small particle diameter, using a granular drying material. The invention also relates to novel mineral products and intermediates useful in connection with the process.
Efficient forwarding of encrypted tcp retransmissions
A network device receives tcp segments of a flow via a first ssl session and transmits tcp segments via a second ssl session. Once a tcp segment has been transmitted, the tcp payload need no longer be stored on the network device.
Silk compositions and methods of using same
The present invention provides for silk-derived compositions for treating a wide variety of ocular conditions. The composition is produced by processing the silk cocoon into a water-based solution (i.e., a dissolved silk), which is then cast into a film.
Pharmaceutical composition for prevention or treatment of steroid-induced diabetes and health functional food
A pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating steroid-induced diabetes (sid) and a health functional food, and more particularly to a pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating sid and a health functional food, contain a ceriporia lacerata culture extract as an active ingredient. The pharmaceutical composition and the health functional composition have the effect of protecting ins-1 insulin-secreting cells by blocking the steroid-mediated proliferation inhibition and apoptosis induction of ins-1 insulin-secreting cells.
Emitter, gas field ion source, and ion beam device
Provided is an ion source emitter that does not cause significant extraction voltage changes even when an apex portion of the emitter is repeatedly regenerated. The emitter has a shape of a triangular pyramid with the single atom at the apex.
Air conditioner for vehicle
Disclosed therein is an air conditioner for a vehicle, which includes: a bypass passageway formed at a lower portion of an air-conditioning case which bypasses cold air and warm air passageways; a regeneration passageway formed at the lower portion of the air-conditioning case for supplying the air passing through the bypass passageway to a regeneration part of the desiccant rotor; and a heater having one side area arranged on the bypass passageway and the other side area arranged on the warm air passageway. The air conditioner heats the dehumidified air passing through the desiccant part of the desiccant rotor and the bypass passageway by the heater and supplies the heated air to the regeneration part of the desiccant rotor so as to regenerate the desiccant rotor, thereby reducing the number of components and the entire size and enhancing heating performance and increasing an air volume by moving the air, which is heated while passing the bypass passageway through a door mounted in the communication chamber, toward the warm air passageway in a heating mode..
Fluid system for hot and humid climates
A cooling system may include a desiccant wheel with a first section and a second section. An intake air supply may be connected to the first section, and an exhaust air supply may be connected to the second section.
Hybrid electric vehicle particulate regeneration method and system
A method is applied to regenerate particulate matter in a particulate filter of a hybrid electric vehicle having a combination of a combustion engine and an electric motor for propelling the vehicle, the hybrid electric vehicle having an electrically heated catalyst disposed in flow communication with the particulate filter in an exhaust system of the vehicle. The method determines whether the combustion engine is or is not combusting fuel, and under a condition where the combustion engine is not combusting fuel, the catalyst is electrically heated until it has reached a temperature suitable to cause ignition of the particulate matter.
System and method for providing conditioned air to an enclosed structure
An energy exchange system is configured to provide dry supply air to an enclosed structure. The system may include an energy transfer device having a first portion configured to be disposed within a supply air flow path and a second portion configured to be disposed within a regeneration air flow path.
Sour gas and acid natural gas separation membrane process by pre removal of dissolved elemental sulfur for plugging prevention
Methods for removing sulfur from a gas stream prior to sending the gas stream to a gas separation membrane system are provided. Two schemes are available.
Surface-active collagen membrane by peptide
The present invention provides a collagen membrane having surface activity by a fusion peptide bound to the surface thereof. When the collagen membrane is transplanted in vivo, the retention time of the fusion peptide in a local region can increase, and the fusion peptide can promote the cell migration, proliferation and differentiation associated with bone tissue regeneration, thereby maximizing the ability to regenerate bone tissue.
Processes for producing light olefins
A process for producing light olefins is provided. A feedstock enters a pre-reaction zone and contacts a catalyst comprising at least one silicon-aluminophosphate molecular sieve and produces a gas-phase stream; the gas-phase stream and the catalyst enter at least one riser, and the gas-phase stream and the catalyst pass from an outlet of the at least one riser and enter a gas-solid rapid separation zone; the separated gas-phase stream enters a separation section; a first portion of the separated catalyst returns to the pre-reaction zone, and a second portion is regenerated in a regenerator; wherein an inlet of the at least one riser extends into the pre-reaction zone, about 60% to about 90% of the height of the at least one riser passes through a heat exchange zone, and the outlet extends into the gas-solid rapid separation zone..
Hybrid type construction machine
Provided is a construction machine capable of achieving an energy conservation effect while restraining overcharge of an electrical storage device, including an engine, a slewing electric motor, an electrical storage device, a generator-motor, and an assist controller which causes the generator-motor to assist the engine to consume an electric power equal to or more than an electric power equal to a difference between the regeneration power and the maximum allowable charge amount, when a regeneration power regenerated by the slewing electric motor is equal to or more than a maximum allowable charge amount which is a maximum amount of an electric power within which the electrical storage device can be charged.. .
Floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate in aqueous solution and method for fabricating the same and method for regeneration of the same
The present disclosure relates to a floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate that can effectively remove phosphate from aqueous phase through reaction between an amine function attached on the surface of a sponge and phosphate. This adsorbent can be regenerated by desorbing the adsorbed phosphate, a method for fabricating same and a method for regeneration the floating type adsorbent for removal of phosphate.
Oil sand production without co2 emission
A plant for generation of steam for oil sand recovery from carbonaceous fuel with capture of co2 from the exhaust gas, comprising heat coils (105, 105′, 105″) arranged in a combustion chamber (101) to cool the combustion gases in the combustion chamber to produce steam and superheated steam in the heat coils, steam withdrawal lines (133, 136, 145) for withdrawing steam from the heat coils, an exhaust gas line (106) for withdrawal of exhaust gas from the combustion chamber (101), where the combustion chamber operates at a pressure of 5 to 15 bara, and one or more heat exchanger(s) (107, 108) are provided for cooling of the combustion gas in line (106), a contact device (113) where the cooled combustion gas is brought in countercurrent flow with a lean co2 absorbent to give a rich absorbent and a co2 depleted flue gas, withdrawal lines (114, 115) for withdrawal of rich absorbent and co2 depleted flue gas, respectively, from the contact device, the line (115) for withdrawal of co2 depleted flue gas being connected to the heat exchangers (107, 108) for heating of the co2 depleted flue gas, and where the rich absorbent is regenerated an absorbent regenerator (116), the regenerated lean absorbent is recycled to the absorber (113), and a gas withdrawal line (121) connected to the absorber for withdrawal of co2 and steam from the regenerator (116), is described. .
Electric vehicle and method of controlling the same
An electric vehicle which travels by driving actuators includes: a monitor unit which monitors external environment or internal environment of the electric vehicle; an alarm unit which outputs, based on monitoring information obtained by the monitoring unit, a vibration velocity signal indicating velocity which changes in a cycle; a travel information generation unit which calculates a target travel velocity based on a steering direction and a control input provided by an operator of the electric vehicle, and generates travel control information for controlling the actuators based on the target travel velocity; and a control unit which controls the actuators based on the travel control information. The travel information generation unit regenerates the travel control information by adding the vibration velocity signal to the target travel velocity upon receiving the vibration velocity signal..
Devices and methods for the regeneration of bony defects
This invention relates to methods for producing a composite bone graft material that can regenerate bony defects in the body. The invention further relates to methods that allow for the production of bioactive glass particles used in the composite that have been surface treated to allow for the production of a highly porous composite that can hold significant amounts of body fluid or other molecules that will aid in the regenerative process.
Apparatus for regenerating vulcanized rubber
There are disclosed a regenerated rubber, a method and apparatus for obtaining regenerated rubbers from vulcanized crumb rubber, such as rubber from scrap. The apparatus is a thermokinetic mixer having the particularity to have an air tight stationary chamber with inner non-uniform surface.
Method for driving a light-emitting unit and circuit therefor
A driver circuit is provided which comprises a series-connected unit having a light-emitting element and a current limiting inductor directly connected to the light-emitting element, a regenerative diode which is connected in parallel to the series-connected unit and which regenerates energy stored in the current limiting inductor, a transistor which controls a current flowing through the light-emitting element and the current limiting inductor, and a controller which controls an operation of the transistor, wherein the controller controls the transistor according to a voltage value of a power supply applied to the light-emitting element.. .
Soybean variety a1037403
The invention relates to the soybean variety designated a1037403. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety a1037403.
Soybean variety a1037394
The invention relates to the soybean variety designated a1037394. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety a1037394.
Soybean variety a1035957
The invention relates to the soybean variety designated a1035957. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety a1035957.
Soybean variety a1035446
The invention relates to the soybean variety designated a1035446. Provided by the invention are the seeds, plants and derivatives of the soybean variety a1035446.
Regeneration system for a forge die
A regenerating system for a forge die (1) according to the invention comprises a detecting device (10) of a shape (2) of a die (1) to be regenerated, a welding apparatus (30) configured such as to deposit welding material in the die (1), and a processor configured such as to define welding pathways (11) in order to activate the welding device (30), wherein the welding pathways are defined according to the shape (2) detected and a predefined shape of the die (1).. .
Separation of impurities from a hydrocarbon-containing gas stream
A process includes contacting a feed stream of light hydrocarbons and an acid gas with a first solvent stream to produce a first methane-enriched overhead gas stream and a first stage solvent effluent bottoms stream including absorbed methane and absorbed acid gas. The process further includes flash separating the first stage solvent effluent bottoms stream to produce a vapor fraction including the acid gas and methane a gas-depleted liquid fraction of the first stage solvent effluent bottoms stream.
System and process for converting natural gas into benzene
A system and process to produce an aromatic hydrocarbon via catalyzed nonoxidative dehydroaromatization (dha). The system includes a reaction zone containing a dehydroaromatization catalyst.
Siloxane removal from gases using lignite-enhanced activated carbons and adsorbent media used therefor
A method of removing siloxanes from a gas stream includes flowing the gas stream that carries siloxanes through an adsorbent media to remove at least part of the siloxanes from the gas stream, wherein the adsorbent media comprises lignite-based activated carbon. A spent adsorbent media is provided that contains the lignite-based activated carbon through which a gas stream containing siloxanes has been at least partially purified, and which may be regenerated..
Flow battery and regeneration system with improved safety
A method for producing electric power and regenerating an aqueous multi-electron oxidant (amo) and a reducer in an energy storage cycle is provided. A discharge system includes a discharge unit, an acidification reactor, and a neutralization reactor.
Pco/uvc/carbon water filter
A water filter will sterilize and detoxify water by taking advantage of two technologies in the field of water disinfection and detoxification—ultraviolet “c” (uvc) and photocatalytic oxidation (pco). The water filter includes a filter body that contains a water inlet, a flow header and granular activated carbon.
Antimicrobial solutions and methods
Contaminants are filtered from a fluid flow stream and the filter is regenerated by a process including steps of: providing a filter material comprising both carbon and potassium iodide; passing a contaminated fluid stream in contact with the filter material; adsorbing contaminants from the fluid stream onto surfaces in the filter material; passing an electric current through the filter material with adsorbed contaminant thereon; disassociating contaminant from the surfaces of the filter material; and removing disassociated contaminant from the filter material by carrying away the disassociated contaminant in a fluid flow mass.. .
Scalable and automated secret management
A secret (e.g. A password, key, certificate) is automatically generated by a system.
Techniques for encoding and decoding using a combinatorial number system
A data storage system includes a memory circuit having memory cells and a control circuit. The control circuit is operable to receive data bits provided for storage in the memory cells.
Collagen biomaterial for containment of biomaterials
A biocompatible, resorbable collagen membrane containment member for a bone regenerative material, and a method of using such a containment member to regenerate a bone defect by surgically accessing the bone defect; disposing the containment member adjacent the bone defect, and thereafter injecting a bone regenerative material into the containment member.. .
Process for producing phenol and method for regenerating catalyst deactivated in the process
A process for producing phenol is described in which a feed comprising alkylbenzene hydroperoxide is contacted with a cleavage catalyst under cleavage conditions effective to convert at least part of the hydroperoxide into phenol, the process is characterized in that at least a part of the deactivated catalyst is regenerated using a oxidizing material comprising hydrogen peroxide and then return to the process. A method of regenerating the cleavage catalyst is also described..
Reconstructing an audio signal by spectral component regeneration and noise blending
An audio signal is conveyed more efficiently by transmitting or recording a baseband of the signal with an estimated spectral envelope and a noise-blending parameter derived from a measure of the signal's noise-like quality. The signal is reconstructed by translating spectral components of the baseband signal to frequencies outside the baseband, adjusting phase of the regenerated components to maintain phase coherency, adjusting spectral shape according to the estimated spectral envelope, and adding noise according to the noise-blending parameter.
After-treatment system and method for six-stroke combustion cycle
An internal combustion engine operates on a six-stroke combustion cycle including a first compression stroke, a first power stroke, a second compression stroke, and a second power stroke. A first fuel charge is introduced to a combustion chamber of the engine at a first fuel rate during the first compression and/or first power stroke to produce lean exhaust gasses.
Exhaust gas after-treatment method
An exhaust gas after-treatment method includes determining a regeneration condition of a particulate matter filter, eliminating trapped particulate matter to a predetermined amount by raising a temperature of exhaust gas to a first value so as to regenerate the particulate matter filter. An exhaust gas flows into a nitrogen oxide purifier is controlled in a lean condition (air/fuel ratio >14.5) while the particulate matter filter is being regenerated sulfur components are eliminated from the nitrogen oxide purifier by controlling exhaust gas that flows into the nitrogen oxide purifier after the lean condition is performed.
Previewing, approving and testing online content
Methods and systems for previewing, approving and testing online content, particularly dynamically-created content, are provided. The methods and systems described herein enable a reviewer to access an online content management system through a user interface and view a dynamically-created item of online content as it would be viewed by an online user.
Method for desorbing and regenerating butanol-adsorbing hydrophobic macroporous polymer adsorbent
The present invention provides a method for desorbing and regenerating a butanol-adsorbing hydrophobic macroporous polymer adsorbent, comprising: successively eluting the hydrophobic macroporous polymer adsorbent with butanol adsorbed therein using a water soluble low-boiling-point polar solvent and water. After a butanol-containing solution, such as a butanol fermentation liquor, has been adsorbed by a hydrophobic macroporous polymer adsorbent, the butanol adsorbed in the adsorbent can be thoroughly dissolved and removed by the desorption and regeneration method of the present invention; furthermore, the adsorbent can be directly regenerated to recover its adsorption capability on a fixed bed adsorbing the butanol fermentation liquor, wherein the next stage of adsorption process can be directly entered without taking the adsorbent out from the fixed bed; therefore it saves a great deal of time and improves the regeneration efficiency.
Regenerated cellulose fiber
The present invention relates to a regenerated cellulose fiber having a multi-limbed cross-section. The fiber according to the invention is characterized in that the cross-section is formed of at least two multi-limbed basic shapes (1′, 2′, 3′, 4′), which basic shapes are connected, in each case at least at one of their limb ends, to the limb end of another basic shape and the length of the connecting limb (12) resulting from the connection of the two limb ends is longer than the length of the shortest one of the other limbs by a factor of at least 1.5, preferably of from 1.5 to 2.0..
Separation of carbon dioxide (co2) from gas mixtures by calcium based reaction separation (cars-co2) process
A reaction-based process developed for the selective removal of co2 from a multicomponent gas mixture to provide a gaseous stream depleted in co2 compared to the inlet co2 concentration. The proposed process effects the separation of co2 from a mixture of gases by its reaction with metal oxides.
Refining methods and agents for rare earth production
Hydrometallurgical systems, methods, and compositions are described in which organic amine-based lixiviants are utilized in the selective recovery of rare earth elements. The lixiviant can be regenerated in situ, permitting the organic amine to be used in substoichiometric amounts..

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