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Refraction patents


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 Nanophotonic hyperspectral/lightfield superpixel imager patent thumbnailnew patent Nanophotonic hyperspectral/lightfield superpixel imager
Systems and methods are described that relate to an optical system including an image sensor optically-coupled to at least one nanophotonic element. The image sensor may include a plurality of superpixels.
Verily Life Sciences Llc

 Method of forming an infrared filter associated with an image sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Method of forming an infrared filter associated with an image sensor
An image sensor having a portion including interconnection levels formed on a semiconductor substrate covered with a first layer of a dielectric material, including conductive tracks separated from one another by insulating layers interconnected by vias crossing the insulating layers, and an infrared bandpass filter comprising filter levels adjacent to the interconnection levels formed by an alternation of second layers of the dielectric material and of silicon layers, the refraction index of the dielectric material being smaller than 2.5 at the maximum transmission wavelength of the filter, one of the second dielectric layers of each filter level being identical to the insulating layer of the adjacent interconnection level.. .
Commissariat à I'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives

 Led ceiling lamp patent thumbnailnew patent Led ceiling lamp
Disclosed is an led ceiling lamp, comprising a base, a lampshade, an led assembly and a protective cover, wherein the lampshade is permanently connected with the base to form an enclosed space where the led assembly and the protective cover are accommodated; the led assembly includes a lamp panel and several led lamp beads arranged on the lamp panel, and the side of the lamp panel away from the led lamp beads is fixed on the base; the protective cover includes a cover body, arranged on the lamp panel and connected with the base, and several lenses arranged in the cover body with one lens shade on each led lamp bead. For the led ceiling lamp above, refraction of the light from the led lamp beads by the lens shades provides better light distribution and uniform luminance, making the light more uniform and softer and producing fewer dark regions..
Unilumin Group Co., Ltd.

 Lens with controlled light refraction patent thumbnailnew patent Lens with controlled light refraction
A lens for distribution of light from a light emitter having an emitter axis. The lens including an outer surface receiving light from the inner surface which defines an inner cavity and includes an axial inner-surface portion of a conical shape formed by a substantially cross-sectionally linear inner region extending outwardly from positions at the emitter axis toward an open end of the inner cavity.
Cree, Inc.

 Optometric apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Optometric apparatus
According to one embodiment, an optometric apparatus includes a movement mechanism system and left and right optometry units. The movement mechanism system is suspended from an arm.
Topcon Corporation

 Organic light-emitting display device patent thumbnailOrganic light-emitting display device
An organic light-emitting display device that includes a substrate, first and second electrodes facing each other on the substrate, an organic light-emitting layer between the first and second electrodes, a thin-film encapsulation (tfe) film on the second electrode, a reflection reduction layer on the tfe film, and a refraction adjustment layer between the reflection reduction layer and the organic light-emitting layer.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

 Solid-state image-capturing device and production method thereof, and electronic appliance patent thumbnailSolid-state image-capturing device and production method thereof, and electronic appliance
A high degree of phase difference detection accuracy can be obtained using a phase difference pixel (2b) with a simpler configuration. A solid-state image-capturing device includes a pixel array unit in fig.
Sony Corporation

 Optical lens patent thumbnailOptical lens
An optical lens is provided. The optical lens having an optical axis comprises, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens having negative refraction power, a second lens having positive refraction power, a third lens having positive refraction power, a fourth lens having negative refraction power, a fifth lens having positive refraction power, and a sixth lens having refraction power.

 Method for modifying power of light adjustable lens patent thumbnailMethod for modifying power of light adjustable lens
A method for adjusting a light adjustable lens in an optical system includes providing a light adjustable lens in an optical system; providing an ultraviolet light source to generate an ultraviolet light; and irradiating the generated ultraviolet light with a light delivery system onto the light adjustable lens with a center wavelength and with a spatial irradiance profile to change a dioptric power of the light adjustable lens by changing a refraction of the light adjustable lens in a refraction-change zone, thereby causing a wavefront sag, defined as half of a product of the change of the dioptric power and the square of a radius of the refraction-change zone, to be within 10% of its maximum over an ultraviolet spectrum.. .
Calhoun Vision, Inc.

 Ceramic wavelength converter having a high reflectivity reflector patent thumbnailCeramic wavelength converter having a high reflectivity reflector
There is herein described a ceramic wavelength converter having a high reflectivity reflector. The ceramic wavelength converter is capable of converting a primary light into a secondary light and the reflector comprises a reflective metal layer and a dielectric buffer layer between the ceramic wavelength converter and the reflective metal layer.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Treatment system for liquids and interior surfaces of a fixture

A disinfecting device including a conduit configured to carry a flowing liquid. The conduit has a first index of refraction.
Kavo Dental Technologies, Llc

Optical amplifier based on electro-optic effect for electrical signals and its application as semiconductor radiation detector preamplifier

An amplifier for amplification of an electrical signal comprises an electro-optic (eo) medium for receiving the electrical signal, wherein applying the electrical signal to the eo medium causes a change to an effective index of refraction, a device configured for measuring a light phase change for measuring the change to the effective index of refraction, and a photodetector configured to convert the change to the effective index of refraction into an amplified electrical current output signal.. .

Organic light emitting diode display

An organic light emitting diode display includes: a substrate; an organic light emitting element on the substrate; and a capping layer on the organic light emitting element and including a high refraction layer formed of an inorganic material having a refractive index which is equal to or greater than about 1.7 and equal to or less than about 6.0, wherein the inorganic material includes at least one selected from cui, thallium iodide (tli), agi, cdi2, hgi2, sni2, pbi2, bii3, zni2, mni2, fei2, coi2, nii2, aluminium iodide (ali3), thorium(iv) iodide (thi4), uranium triiodide (ui3), mgs, mgse, mgte, cas, case, cate, srs, srse, srte, bas, base, bate, sns, pbs, cds, cas, zns, znte, pbte, cdte, snse, pbse, cdse, cuo, cu2o, wo3, moo3, sno2, nb2o5, ag2o, cdo, coo, pr2o3, bi2o3, fe2o3, alas, gaas, inas, gap, inp, alp, alsb, gasb, and insb.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Microstructured optical fibre with selectively enlarged spaces of reduced refraction index, especially for the generation of nonlinear effects and stress measurements

Microstructured optical fibre with selectively enlarged spaces of reduced refraction index, especially for the generation of non-linear effects and stress measurements with a ring configuration of spaces, located around a cladded core, where the spaces demonstrate cross-section shape close to circle and decreased diffraction index, especially for the generation of non-linear effects and stress measurements, made of glass, preferably of silica glass or polymer and are located in nodes of hexagonal lattice with distances between the lattice nodes equal to the lattice constant, in which, around a single-mode core, there are, at least two rings with spaces of decreased diffraction index, filled with gas or fluid or a polymer, where the diameter of every-second space with decreased diffraction index in, at least, one ring, is enlarged to be lower from the double lattice constant, while the diameters d of all the enlarged spaces with decreased diffraction index are similar in size and the diameters d of non enlarged spaces with decreased diffraction index are close in size and lower from the lattice constant and the ratio of the diameter d of non enlarged space to the lattice constant is within the range from 0.30 to 0.45.. .
Polskie Centrum Fotoniki I SwiatlowodÓw

Light refraction imaging to measure liquid volume

A method to measure the volume of fluid present that relies on the pattern of light refraction as it passes though an airway surface liquid (asl) meniscus. The method comprises allowing epithelial cells to grow on a membrane in a well so as to form a fluid meniscus about the perimeter of the well.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Uv-protective film for oleds

The present invention concerns a plastic foil, comprising at least one first layer of a plastic composition containing a first transparent plastic, as well as 0.01 to 15 wt. % transparent polymer diffusion particles, related to the total mass of the first layer, and at least one second layer of a plastic composition, containing a second transparent plastic and 0.01 to 5 wt.
Osram Oled Gmbh

Microstructured multicore optical fibre (mmof), a device and the fabrication a device for independent addressing of the cores of microstructured multicore optical fibre

Microstructured multicore optical fibre with a microstructure area, in which, at least two basic cells are embedded, where each of them contains a core, preferably made of glass, specifically including doped silica glass or polymer, together with the surrounding it longitudinal areas with lower refraction index vs. That of the cladding, which areas may adopt the shape of holes, filled with gas, in particular with the air or a fluid or a polymer or spaces of another glass with doping allowing to reduce refractive index (further referred to as holes), embedded in a matrix of glass, in particular of silica glass or polymer.
Inphotec Sp. O. O.

Photonic hybrid receive antenna

Methods and systems for determining true time delay from each receiving element of an ‘active electronically scanned array’ (aesa) or a phased array antenna. Embodiments of the invention can include electromagnetic em elements, optical waveguides, and wavelength selective fgbs are collectively configured as a plurality of dual purpose elements that couples an em field and uses an induced voltage to change an index of refraction of the optical waveguide's electro-optic (eo) material, where the eo material will also function as a dielectric in an antenna element, where the signals comprising optical signals propagate through em element acting as phase delay elements, where the measuring system compares the reflected signals with a reference signal with no phase delay to determine said signals phase delay..
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Lamp or display comprising at least one light panel on a carrier plate

The present invention relates to a lamp or a display, comprising at least one light panel (10), in particular an oled panel, lying on or against an at least partially light-permeable carrier plate (13) in a planar manner, wherein according to the invention a liquid or viscous adhesive medium (11) is arranged between the adjacent surfaces of the light panel (10) and of the light-permeable carrier plate (13). In this way, lamps or displays in which one or more light panels (10) lie on an at least partially light-permeable carrier plate (13) can be created, wherein a full-area connection between the light panel (10) and the carrier plate (13) having minimized light losses is achieved and at the same time the connection between the light panel (10) and the carrier plate (13) can be undone.
Emdedesign Gmbh

Computerized refraction and astigmatism determination

The present disclosure relates generally to a system and method for determining the refractive error of a patient, more particularly determining the patient's refractive error by using a computerized screen, and providing the patient with a prescription for the patient's preferred type of corrective lenses. The system and method do not require the trip or expense of a doctor visit, and are optimized for convenience and cost effectiveness.

Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

Described herein is a semiconductor device comprising: a semiconductor substrate; a trench provided at a surface of the semiconductor substrate; a first insulating layer covering an inner surface of the trench; and a second insulating layer located at a surface of the first insulating layer in the trench. A refraction index of the first insulating layer is larger than a refraction index of the second insulating layer..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system

A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.

Light refraction structure and its manufacture method, color filter substrate and its manufacture method, and display device

The present disclosure provides a light refraction structure and its manufacture method, a color filter substrate and its manufacture method, and a display device. The method for manufacturing the light refraction structure includes steps of: forming on a base substrate a plurality of light-shielding stripes parallel to each other, and forming a protrusion made of a transparent material between the adjacent light-shielding stripes, wherein the protrude is capable of refracting a light beam from the base substrate in a direction close to the light-shielding stripe..
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Subjective wavefront refraction using continuously adjustable wave plates of zernike function

A wavefront device produces adjustable amplitudes in optical path differences and adjustable axis orientation angles. Two substantially identical wave plates have a wavefront profile of at least the third order zernike polynomial function which are not circularly symmetric, as denoted by z(i,j) where i≧3 and j≠0.

Device and measuring subjective refraction

The invention relates to a device for measuring the subjective refraction of a person in near and/or medium vision, which comprises, according to the invention, for each eye of the person, a correction mounting (3) provided with at least one corrective lens, the correction mountings (3) being arranged such that the person looks through the lenses. The position of each correction mounting (3) is variable such as to adjust an angle (a) between the axes of the lenses..
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)

System and controlling and measuring steam

A system and method for controlling steam based on a determination of steam quality include a steam conduit defining an interior volume of steam, an emitter for first and second coherent light beams, a receiver for signals resulting from an interference pattern of the first and second coherent light beams after refraction from a droplet in the steam at a convergence point, and a processor to determine steam quality based on the signals. There can be more than one receiver to account for phase differences related to droplet shape and size.
Agar Corporation Ltd.

Optical lens

This present invention provides an optical lens, which includes, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens group having positive refraction power and a second lens group having negative refraction power. The first lens group comprises a first lens, a second lens, and a third lens.
Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Ophthalmic lens for correcting astigmatism

An ophthalmic lens to be worn on or in a human eye for refractive correction of astigmatism. The lens has an anterior surface and a posterior surface shaped such that at least a zone of the lens said lens has a first dioptric power over a first main meridian, a second dioptric power different from the first dioptric power over a second main meridian intersecting the first meridian, and a dioptric power between the first dioptric power and said second dioptric power over each meridian between the first and second main meridians, the optical power continuously varying from meridian to meridian.
Ophtec B.v.

Tunable lighting apparatus

A luminaire including a housing and a light source carried by the housing. The housing may include a first and second set of light emitting elements and a lens assembly.
Lighting Science Group Corporation

Multi-functional sensor assembly

A sensor assembly has a flexible body, and a plurality of fiber bragg gratings (fbg) sensor inserted into the body, the fbg sensor includes an optical fiber extending in a length direction of the body and a plurality of lattices disposed in the optical fiber, a variation of a wavelength spectrum of light, caused by a variation of an interval of the plurality of lattices, is detected, and at least one of force information applied to the body and temperature information of the body is extracted together with refraction information of the body.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Coupling of photodetector array to optical demultiplexer outputs with index matched material

A system is provided for improved coupling of photodetectors to optical demultiplexer outputs, for example an arrayed waveguide grating (awg), using a refractive index matched material. In one embodiment, the system may include an optical demultiplexer including multiple optical outputs corresponding to multiple signal channels and a photodetector array including a plurality of photodiodes aligned with the multiple optical outputs.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

Systems and methods to improve optical spectrum fidelity in integrated computational elements

Systems and methods are disclosed for improving optical spectrum fidelity of an integrated computational element fabricated on a substrate. The integrated computational element is configured, upon completion, to process an optical spectrum representing a chemical constituent of a production fluid from a wellbore.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Fluid-filled implantable structures with internal surface-modifying components and related methods

Implantable reservoir structures include an interior and/or exterior modifying element joined to the interior and/or exterior surface of the membrane defining the reservoir in order to alter one or more physical properties thereof. The physical properties can be mechanical (e.g., material strength, flexibility, shear modulus, young's modulus, hardness, and/or ductility); optical (e.g., refraction, transparency, transmission spectrum, absorption spectrum, fluorescence spectrum, and/or color); and/or permeability to liquids generally or to a particular type of liquid, solute, or suspended material..

Medical guidewire with integral light transmission

A guidewire comprises an elongate metal core, an inner layer, an optical core, and an outer layer. The metal core is configured to communicate torsional motion from a proximal end of the metal core to the distal end of the metal core.
Acclarent, Inc.

Local seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate

An electroluminescent display or lighting product incorporates a panel comprising a collection of distinct light-emitting elements formed on a substrate. A plurality of distinct local seals are formed over respective individual light-emitting elements or groups of light-emitting elements.
Global Oled Technology Llc

Optoelectronic device with improved reflectivity

The invention concerns an optoelectronic device (40) comprising: a substrate (14); a first layer (42) covering the substrate, the first layer having a thickness greater than or equal to 15 nm and comprising a first material having an extinction coefficient greater than or equal to 3 for any wavelength between 380 and 650 nm; a second layer (18) covering and in contact with the first layer, the second layer having a thickness less than or equal to 20 nm and comprising a second material having a refraction index of between 1 and 3 and an extinction coefficient less than or equal to 1.5 or any wavelength between 380 and 650 nm; and conical or frustoconical wire semiconductor elements (24) each having a light-emitting diode stack (del), being in contact with the second layer.. .

Optical concentrator/diffuser using graded index waveguide

An optical concentration/diffusion apparatus and method is provided that uses a waveguide having a graded index of refraction in a first direction. Light propagating in a second direction different from the first direction follows a curved, path being reflected at multiple intervals by a planar interface of the waveguide.
UniversitÉ Laval

Lens assembly

A lens assembly includes a first lens, a second lens, a third lens, a fourth lens, a fifth lens and a sixth lens, all of which are arranged in sequence from an object side to an image side along an optical axis. The first lens is with negative refractive power.
Asia Optical Co., Inc.

Microchip and manufacturing method therefor, and multi-channel fluorescence detection device

Efficient simultaneous laser irradiation fluorescence detection is performed for a plurality of channels of a microchip and simple and highly sensitive parallel analysis of a plurality of samples is enabled. In a microchip including a material m1 having a refractive index n1, a plurality of channels filled with materials m2 having a refractive index n2 and a plurality of channels filled with materials m3 having a refractive index n3 are alternately arranged in parallel on the same plane.
Hitachi, Ltd.

Interference pigments on the basis of perlite flakes

The present invention relates to pigments, comprising a plate-like substrate of perlite, and (a) a dielectric material, especially a metal oxide, having a high index of refraction; and/or (a) a metal layer, especially a thin semi-transparent metal layer; a process for their production and their use in paints, ink jet printing, for dyeing textiles, for pigmenting coatings (paints), printing inks, plastics, cosmetics, glazes for ceramics and glass.. .
Basf Corporation

Article having composite lenticular microstructures and making

Lenticular microstructures and methods of making the same is disclosed. The lenticular microstructures include composite lenticular microstructures having a first light transmissive polymeric layer, a second light transmissive polymeric layer, and an interface therebetween, wherein the first light transmissive polymeric layer has a first index of refraction, the second light transmissive polymeric layer has a second index of refraction, and the first and second indices of refraction have an absolute difference of at least 0.0002..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Liquid presence/turbidity sensor using single optical channel

A multisensor employs an optical system that is modified by the index of refraction of fluid passing between a light emitter and light detector to successfully distinguish between air and water (of any turbidity) and between water of different turbidity values. The optical system may employ lenses contacting the fluid to change their focal length and thus to focus and defocus light on the light detector depending on an index of refraction of the fluid..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Microscope with tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens enabling multiple focal plan imaging

An apparatus, system and method for microscopy. The apparatus, system and method includes a stage configured to receive an item; a tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens having a first aspect positioned to image the received item, wherein the first aspect of the tag lens is configured to have an optical power profile in accordance with an operational frequency of the tag lens; one or more lenses configured to magnify an image of the received item at a viewing point; and at least one pulsed light source configured to illuminate the received item and to pulse at one or more points within the optical power profile of the tag lens..

Adiabatic planar waveguide coupler transformer

Methods of depositing materials to provide for efficient coupling of light from a first device to a second device are disclosed. In general, these methods include mounting one or more wafers on a rotating table that is continuously rotated under one or more source targets.
Demaray, Llc

Substrate for led with total-internal reflection layer surrounding led

A packaged led module includes an led die mounted on a substrate surface. Formed on the substrate surface and surrounding the die is a first layer of a low index of refraction material.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Acousto-optic crystal optical waveguide and acoustic wave sensor having the same

An acousto-optic crystal optical waveguide is applicable to an acoustic wave sensor for sensing acoustic wave, wherein the acousto-optic crystal optical waveguide includes an acousto-optic crystal core and an inner cladding layer covering the acousto-optic crystal core. The acoustic wave is able to change the refraction index of the acousto-optical crystal optical waveguide to make a light beam with specific wavelength refracting to outside of the acousto-optic crystal waveguide when a light beam transmits through the acousto-optic crystal optical waveguide.
National Sun Yat-sen University

Online measurement of black powder in gas and oil pipelines

A method and system for determination of contaminants, such as black powder, in a flowing fluid, such as natural gas, is disclosed. The method comprises transmitting a plurality of light beams over a spectrum of wavelengths through the flowing fluid in a main pipeline and receiving a plurality of measurements relating to transmitted and scattered light beams over the spectrum of wavelengths.
The Petroleum Institute

Extruder for three-dimensional printers

An extrusion head of an extruder is configured to move along a feedpath independently from a heating element so that the extrusion head can yield to extrusion-related forces. Specifically, the extruder may include an extrusion head movably coupled to a thermal core to permit axial displacement of the extrusion head relative to the thermal core.
Makerbot Industries, Llc

Rgb led light

An led light, including: a red (r) light, a green (g) light, and a blue (b) light. Each light includes a light-emitting surface.

Optical semiconductor resonator, optical semiconductor device, and optical module

In order to prevent non-uniformity in emission wavelength among different sites along an optical axis direction, provided is a resonator portion including: a waveguide which includes a first area and a second area being adjacent to the first area; and diffraction gratings formed along an optical axis direction. The effective refraction index in the first area is larger than the one in the second area, and the thickness in the first area is larger than the one in the second area.
Oclaro Japan, Inc.

Device for tolling or telematics systems

The present subject matter relates to a device for tolling or telematics systems provided with a pixel based image sensor. The image sensor is adapted to be arranged above a surveillance zone provided on a road, wherein the surveillance zone has an extension along the direction of the road.
Kapsch Trafficcom Ab

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