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Refraction patents


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 Near-eye display system patent thumbnailnew patent Near-eye display system
An optical magnification is disclosed. The system comprises: a structure having a frame configured to removably secure a display device thereto; and a pair of spaced apart ocular systems, mounted on the structure in front of the frame for providing a view of the display device once mounted on the frame; wherein each of the ocular systems has an aspheric optical surface and provides a prismatic refraction..
Cinema2go Ltd.

 Small-scale light absorbers with large absorption cross-sections patent thumbnailnew patent Small-scale light absorbers with large absorption cross-sections
A resonator coupled to a system exhibiting a negative phase index of refraction presents a magnified absorption cross-section providing an optical element that can be used for enhancing taggant detection or increasing photodetector efficiency.. .
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

 Disposable liquid chemical sensor system patent thumbnailnew patent Disposable liquid chemical sensor system
Embodiments as disclosed herein may provide a sensor system including a container, such as a bag, having a port assembly integrated therewith. The port assembly includes an optically transparent window and be configured such that a sensor may be mechanically attached to the port assembly to interface with the optical window.
Entegris - Jetalon Solutions, Inc.

 Integrated bound-mode spectral/angular sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Integrated bound-mode spectral/angular sensors
A 2-d sensor array includes a semiconductor substrate and a plurality of pixels disposed on the semiconductor substrate. Each pixel includes a coupling region and a junction region, and a slab waveguide structure disposed on the semiconductor substrate and extending from the coupling region to the region.

 Set of spectacle lens semifinished products,  making spectacle lenses and method therefor patent thumbnailSet of spectacle lens semifinished products, making spectacle lenses and method therefor
A set of eyeglass lens semifinished products is provided and is composed of at least three series of eyeglass lens semifinished products having spherical or rotationally symmetric aspherical front surfaces. The series of eyeglass lens semifinished products differ in pairs in the base material of the series.
Carl Zeiss Vision International Gmbh

 Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods patent thumbnailSelf guided subjective refraction instruments and methods
A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system by a test subject.

 Organic light-emitting display apparatus patent thumbnailOrganic light-emitting display apparatus
Wherein m represents the number of the upper layers, ni and di represent a refraction index and a thickness of each of the upper layers, respectively, dbm represents a thickness of the light-shielding layer, ncf represents a refraction index of the color filter layer, nair represents a refraction index of air, and θair represents a refraction angle in external air after light generated from the light emission layer passes through the color filter layer.. .

 Fibre stub device and method using butt coupling for receptacled photonic devices patent thumbnailFibre stub device and method using butt coupling for receptacled photonic devices
A novel, hybrid optical fibre stub device comprises a first ferrule transparent to uv light and a second ferrule including a conventional material. An optical fibre is disposed through the first ferrule and second ferrule.
Semtech Corporation

 Optical measurement systems and methods with custom chromatic aberration adjustments patent thumbnailOptical measurement systems and methods with custom chromatic aberration adjustments
An optical measurement system method for measuring a characteristic of a subject's eye use a probe beam having an infrared wavelength in the infrared spectrum to measure a refraction of the subject's eye at the infrared wavelength; capture at least two different purkinje images at two different corresponding wavelengths from at least one surface of the lens of the subject's eye; determine from the at least two different purkinje images a value for at least one parameter of the subject's eye; use the value of the at least one parameter to determine a customized chromatic adjustment factor for the subject's eye; and correct the measured refraction of the subject's eye at the infrared wavelength with the customized chromatic adjustment factor to determine a refraction of the subject's eye at a visible wavelength in the visible spectrum.. .
Amo Wavefront Sciences, Llc

 Multi-layer absorber patent thumbnailMulti-layer absorber
In one aspect, a multi-layer absorber is disclosed, which comprises a proximal layer having a radiation-receiving surface adapted for receiving electromagnetic radiation, and a distal layer disposed adjacent the proximal layer to receive at least a portion of the received radiation, if any, transmitted through said proximal layer, wherein said proximal layer exhibits an index of refraction having a real part that is less than the real part of an index of refraction of the said distal layer for at least one frequency of the electromagnetic radiation in a range of about 1 ghz to about 110 ghz.. .
Arc Technologies, Inc.

Ferrite-enhanced metamaterials

A method and apparatus for tuning a metamaterial cell. A set of electromagnetic properties of a tunable element associated with the metamaterial cell may be tuned.
The Boeing Company

Light emitting device, light emitting device package including the device, and lighting apparatus including the package

A light emitting device package is disclosed. The light emitting device package includes a lens, a refraction portion disposed under the lens, and a light emitting device disposed under the refraction portion, wherein the lens includes a top surface, a bottom surface opposite to the top surface, an upper recess formed in the top surface, and a lower recess formed in the bottom surface, the refraction portion is disposed at a first bottom surface of the bottom surface, the first bottom surface defining the lower recess, and the upper recess, the lower recess, the refraction portion, and the light emitting device are aligned along an optical axis..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

Tester for detecting graphene security element in a security document, and the element detection method

A tester is described for detecting a graphene security element in a secure document, such as a banknote, an identification card, etc. As well as a method for detection of that element.

Method and structure for nanoimprint lithography masks using optical film coatings

Structures and associated methods for making high index of refraction surface coatings for masks used in imprint lithography for application to patterning for advanced semiconductor and data storage devices.. .

Self-registering lenses

The description relates to lenses. One example can include a refraction element defining a lens axis and a registration element extending from an edge of the refraction element in a direction that is generally parallel to the lens axis..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Camera lens system with three lens components

An optical imaging lens assembly that may have three lens components. All lens components may have positive refractive power.
Apple Inc.

Wide shoulder, high order mode filter for thick-silicon waveguides

An optical filter for attenuating higher-order modes in an optical waveguide includes a shoulder slab formed of a first material having a first index of refraction and disposed on a second material having a second index of refraction, the first index of refraction being higher than the second index of refraction. The shoulder slab defines a near end having a first width, an intermediate section, adjacent to the first end section, and a far end section, adjacent to the intermediate section and opposite the first end section along a direction of beam propagation.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.

Optical communication system having filter with index selectable material and related methods

An optical filter device may include an optical fiber having a core and a cladding surrounding the core, the optical fiber having a tapered portion. The optical filter device may include an index selectable material surrounding the tapered portion and having an index of refraction being selectable based upon a physical characteristic.
Harris Corporation

Display device, rear view device and motor vehicle

A display arrangement for a motor vehicle can be disposed in a rear view device such as an interior- or exterior rear view mirror. The display arrangement may include at least one light source and at least one optical unit.
Smr Patents S.à.r.l.

Light guide plate and back light unit and liquid crystal display having the light guide plate

A light guide plate, having an light incident surface, a non-light-incident surface opposite to the light incident surface, and a confluence surface positioned between the light incident surface and the non-light-incident surface and opposite to the light incident surface, wherein the light incident surface includes at least one closed groove gradually reducing from the light incident surface towards the confluence surface, and a refraction element is filled between the confluence surface and the non-light-incident surface. Also disclosed is a light having a back light unit and a liquid crystal display having the light guide plate.
Wuhan China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Ion-implanted, anti-reflective layer formed within sapphire material

A sapphire structure including an ion-implanted, anti-reflective layer and a method of forming an ion-implanted, anti-reflective layer within a sapphire component is disclosed. The method includes forming an ion-implanted layer in a sapphire material at a first depth, and annealing the sapphire material to a second depth.
Apple Inc.

Touch sensitive display with graded index layer

An electronic device may include multiple display layers. The display layers may include a matching layer implemented using multiple graded index of refraction sublayers to help minimize reflections.
Apple Inc.

Led lighting fixture

The present invention provides an led lighting fixture, comprising: a lens configured to concentrate light from a light source and project a concentrated light beam; an led module comprising a controller and a plurality of led lamps arranged in a geometric pattern, the controller being configured to control variation in luminous intensity of the plurality of led lamps; a solar module configured to receive the concentrated light beam projected by the lens and convert the received light energy to electricity to actuate the led module; and a lamp shade with an uneven surface; wherein the controller controls variation in luminous intensity of the plurality of led lamps and causes light emitted from the plurality of led lamps to be casted upon the uneven surface which, in collaboration with the geometric pattern of the plurality of led lamps, creates a variety of lighting effects through refraction.. .
Test Rite International Company, Ltd.

Externally protruding light-capture window well

A window well assembly for providing natural light to an interior of a dwelling comprising a light-refracting block, a flange, an outer gasket, an internal gasket, a reinforcing band, and a fastener. The window well assembly is installed into a wall in the dwelling where the light-refracting block externally protrudes from the wall for natural light refraction into the interior of the dwelling.
Dry Basement, Inc.

High efficiency image sensor pixels with deep trench isolation structures and embedded reflectors

An image sensor with an array of pixels is provided. To minimize optical and electrical and crosstalk, the array of pixels may include deep trench isolation structures interposed between adjacent pairs of photodiodes.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Chromatic aberration correction in imaging system including variable focal length lens

An image acquisition system is operated to provide an image that is relatively free of the effect of longitudinal chromatic aberration. The system includes a variable focal length lens (e.g., a tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens) that is operated to periodically modulate a focus position.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Phosphor converted white light emitting devices and photoluminescence compounds for general lighting and display backlighting

A phosphor converted white light emitting device comprises a solid-state light emitter (led) operable to generate blue light with a dominant wavelength in range 440 nm to 470 nm; yellow to green-emitting phosphor operable to generate light with a peak emission wavelength in a range 500 nm to 550 nm; and a red-emitting manganese-activated fluoride phosphor such a manganese-activated potassium hexafluorosilicate phosphor (k2sif6:mn4+). The yellow to green and red-emitting phosphors are incorporated as a mixture and dispersed throughout a light transmissive material with an index or refraction of 1.40 to 1.43.
Intematix Corporation

Method of refraction angle mapping of earth's limb

refraction angles in a planet's atmosphere are mapped using a database of known star locations and a field imager onboard a platform above the planet. The field imager is positioned to observe a region that includes a portion of the planet's atmospheric limb.
G&a Technical Software, Inc.

Optical coupler for coupling light in/out of an optical receiving/emitting structure

An optical coupler (1) for coupling light in/out of an optical receiving/emitting structure comprises an optical fiber (100), a supporting device (200) to support the optical fiber (100) comprising a supporting structure (210) in which the optical fiber is arranged, and a covering device (300) to cover the supporting structure. An end face (e100a) of the optical fiber (100) is configured to reflect the light to one of the supporting device (200) and the covering device (300) comprising a first area and a second area (210, 220, 310, 320) being provided with a respective different index of refraction or a change of the respective index of refraction so that the first area (310) is configured as one of an optical waveguide (311) and at least one optical lens (312) being embedded in the second area and forming an optical pathway in said one of the supporting device and the covering device..
Ccs Technology, Inc.

Intraocular lens systems and related methods

Embodiments disclosed herein are directed to intraocular lens systems having a plurality of materials therein, with at least some of the materials having a diffraction pattern therein and an electrically-modifiable index of refraction collectively configured to selectively alter an effective focal length of the intraocular lens system. Methods of modifying a focal length of an intraocular lens system are also disclosed..
Elwha Llc

Electrically-tunable lenses and lens systems

An optical device (34, 66, 76) includes an electro-optical layer (48), having an effective local index of refraction at any given location within an active area of the electro-optical layer that is determined by a voltage waveform applied across the electro-optical layer at the location. Conductive electrodes (44, 64, 74, 82, 84) extend over opposing first and second sides of the electro-optical layer.
Optica Amuka (a.a.) Ltd.

Cube polarizer

Where t is a thickness of the substrate between the first surface and the second surface of the substrate and np is an index of refraction of the first prism.. .

Transparent display backlight assembly

In embodiments of a transparent display backlight assembly, a backlight panel is operable as a transparent panel, and a light source generates light that the backlight panel directs from the light source to illuminate a display panel of a display device. Light refraction features refract and scatter the light, where the light refraction features are spaced for approximate transparency of the backlight panel and to illuminate the display panel.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Infrared filter

An infrared filter includes a substrate having a front surface and a back surface. The infrared filter includes screened ink and an optically clear medium, or dye impregnated medium.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Organic light emitting diode display device

An organic light emitting diode display device is provided. The organic light emitting diode display device includes a first insulating layer disposed on a substrate and having a first refractive index, a refraction inducing layer disposed on the first insulating layer having a second refractive index, a second insulating layer disposed on the refraction inducing layer and having a third refractive index, a first electrode disposed on the second insulating layer and having a fourth refractive index, and an organic light emitting layer and a second electrode disposed on the first electrode.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Broadband antireflection coatings under coverglass using ion gun assisted evaporation

The present disclosure generally relates to broadband antireflective coatings for reducing reflection of light in the infrared without compromising visible light reflectance in multijunction solar cells bonded to coverglass, and methods of forming the same. The antireflective coatings include a high index, one or more intermediate index, and low index of refraction dielectric layers.
The Boeing Company

Multi-level image focus using a tunable lens in a machine vision inspection system

A method is provided for defining operations for acquiring a multi-exposure image of a workpiece including first and second regions of interest at different z heights. The multi-exposure image is acquired by a machine vision inspection system including strobed illumination and a variable focal length lens (e.g., a tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens) used for periodically modulating a focus position.
Mitutoyo Corporation

Article and implementing electronic devices on a substrate using quantum dot layers

Novel use of a cladded quantum dot array layer serving as a waveguide channel by sandwiching it between two cladding layers comprised of lower index of refraction materials is described to form si nanophotonic devices and integrated circuits. The photonic device structure is compatible with si nanoelectronics using conventional, quantum dot gate (qdg), and quantum dot channel (qdc) fet based logic, memories, and other integrated circuits..

Electronic device with low reflectance and color matched display border

A display may have an active area in which pixels display images through a transparent display layer. An opaque masking material may be formed in an inactive border area adjacent to the active area.
Apple Inc.

Rear projection display screen and device

The present invention involves a rear projection display screen, including at least one assembly including: a film having a surface facing the back of the screen including ridges defining prisms; and an element of controllable refraction index, coating the ridged surface of said film.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system

A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.

Solar refraction device for heating industrial materials

Disclosed is a solar refraction device (“srd”) for heating industrial materials in a heating container, having a bottom, with diffuse solar energy that impinges on an outside surface of the srd and is refracted through the srd. The srd may include a lens array assembly and a plurality of lens panes attached to the lens array assembly.
The Boeing Company

Energy efficient fractionation process for separating the reactor effluent from tol/a9+ transalkylation processes

Processes and apparatus are disclosed for the energy efficient separation of the effluent from a tol/a9+ transalkylation reactor. The apparatus includes a reboiled prefractionation column and a sidedraw tower that produces: 1) an overhead stream including unreacted toluene, 2) a stream including unreacted c9+ aromatics, a portion of which stream may be recycled to the reactor; and 3) a sidedraw stream including c8 aromatics that may be directed to a crystallization or selective adsorption paraxylene separation unit for recovery o a paraxylene product..
Bp Corporation North America Inc.

Light emitting device on a mount with a reflective layer

Embodiments of the invention include a semiconductor light emitting diode (led) attached to a top surface of a mount. A multi-layer reflector is disposed on the top surface of the mount adjacent to the led.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Transparent conductive film

A transparent conductive film 1 includes, in this order, a transparent substrate 2, a first optical adjustment layer 4, an inorganic layer 5, and a transparent conductive layer 6. The first optical adjustment layer 4 has refraction nc lower than refraction na of the transparent substrate 2, and thickness tc of 10 nm or more and 35 nm or less.

Systems and methods for electronically controlling the viewing angle of a display

Systems and methods for electronically controlling the viewing angle of a display using liquid crystal optical elements are provided. Each liquid crystal optical element may be associated with a respective scattering module and may selectively steer a device generated light beam to one of two or more scattering regions of its associated scattering module.
Apple Inc.

Recorded matter, recording method, and image processing method

A recorded matter recorded on a recording medium includes a first layer formed by an ink a on or above the recording medium, the first layer having an index of refraction a; a second layer formed by an ink b on the first layer formed by the ink b, the second layer having an index of refraction b (where b<a); and a third layer formed by an ink c or by a transparent resin material on the second layer, the third layer having an index of refraction c (where c>a) and forming a surface layer of the recorded matter.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Method of manufacturing a laminate and the laminate made thereby

A method of manufacturing laminate, comprising of at least two layers (1, 5) of thermoplastic materials with a diffractive optical element incorporated between them. In this method a layer (2) with a different refraction index from that of a carrying layer (1) and/or from that of a cover layer (5) of thermoplastic material is put on a carrying layer (1) and covered by the cover layer (5).
Iq Structures S.r.o.

Apparatus and suppressing parasitic lasing and applications thereof

Apparatus and methods that enable the suppression of amplified spontaneous emission (ase) and prevention against parasitic lasing in cryogenically-cooled laser amplifier systems, thus allowing sustainable extraction efficiency when increasing the pump power and suitable for large-scale, high average-power laser systems employing large-aperture gain media. A gain medium having a known index of refraction for operation in an evacuated, cryogenic environment includes an ase-absorbing epoxy composition on the perimetrical edge of the gain medium, wherein the epoxy composition has an index of refraction that substantially matches the index of refraction of the gain medium..
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Labeling and authenticating using a microtag

An identifier made using a silicon film. The silicon film has a varying optical index of refraction.
Trutag Technologies, Inc.

Adjustable optical stereoscopic glasses

The present invention provides an optical 3d stereoscopic glasses comprising a housing, a left lens assembly and a right lens assembly wherein the lens assemblies use refraction to create one of the following viewing modes: positive parallax hyperstereo viewing mode, positive parallax hypostereo viewing mode, negative parallax hyperstereo viewing mode, and negative parallax hypostereo viewing mode, which can causes a viewer to perceive 3d stereoscopic vision of a 2d image shown on a planar screen.. .

Lampshade and luminaire using same

An improved luminaire connects a light-redirecting layer between a fixture body and a lampshade to eliminate the need for shielding plates. Illumination sources mounted to the fixture body emit light that is aimed at the light-redirecting layer.

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