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Refraction patents

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Light emitting module


Light emitting module

Date/App# patent app List of recent Refraction-related patents
 Ophthalmic measurement device, and ophthalmic measurement system equipped with ophthalmic measurement device patent thumbnailnew patent Ophthalmic measurement device, and ophthalmic measurement system equipped with ophthalmic measurement device
An ophthalmic measurement device to simulate a retinal image of an examinee's eye includes an ocular aberrometer for measuring an aberration of the eye and a calculation control unit for analyzing aberration data obtained by the ocular aberrometer on the naked eye. The calculation control unit calculates subjective correction data intended for a prescription based on a subjective value by obtaining the difference in each meridian direction between a refraction value in the aberration data and a new subjective value of the eye as obtained by a subjective optometry device, obtains a second polynomial equation wherein the coefficient that represents the refraction value among the coefficients of a first polynomial equation used for approximating the aberration data is replaced with a coefficient corresponding to the subjective correction data, back-calculates the aberration data by using the second polynomial equation, and generates a simulation image based on the back-calculated aberration data..
Nidek Co., Ltd.
 Light emitting module patent thumbnailnew patent Light emitting module
According to one embodiment, a light emitting module includes a mounting substrate, a plurality of light emitting chips, a transparent layer, and a phosphor layer. The transparent layer is provided between the plurality of light emitting chips on the mounting face and on the light emitting chip.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba
 Geometrical light extraction structures for printed leds patent thumbnailnew patent Geometrical light extraction structures for printed leds
A method of forming a light sheet includes depositing a reflective conductor layer over a substrate, printing a layer of microscopic inorganic leds on the conductor layer, depositing a first dielectric layer, having a first index of refraction, over the conductor layer and along sidewalls of the leds, and depositing a transparent conductor layer over the leds so that the leds are connected in parallel. The transparent conductor layer may be a wire mesh with openings.
Nthdegree Technologies Worldwide Inc.
 Organic light-emitting device and  producing an organic light-emitting device patent thumbnailnew patent Organic light-emitting device and producing an organic light-emitting device
The invention relates to an organic light-emitting part having a functional layer stack (10), which functional layer stack has a substrate (1), a first electrode (2) above the substrate, an organic functional layer stack (4) above the first electrode, having an organic light-emitting layer (5), and a second electrode (3) above the organic functional layer stack, wherein a layer (1, 2, 3) of the functional layer stack (10) forms a carrier layer (6) for a diffusion layer (7), wherein the diffusion layer (7) has at least one first and one second organic component (71, 72) having indices of refraction that differ from each other, wherein the first organic component (71) is hydrophobic and the second organic component (72) is hydrophilic, wherein the glass transition temperature of a mixture of the first organic component (71) and the second organic component (72); lies above the room temperature and wherein the first organic component (71) and the second organic component (72) are partially segregated in the diffusion layer (7) and the diffusion layer (7) has a mesoscopic boundary layer (75) between the first and second organic components (71, 72) or the diffusion layer (7) is present as a mesophase (78) having the first and second organic component (71, 72). The invention further relates to a method for producing an organic light-emitting part..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh
 Cross line laser patent thumbnailnew patent Cross line laser
A cross line laser (100) comprises a shell and a hanging system (101). The hanging system has two laser modules (110) arranged oppositely on a same plane.
Changzhou Huada Kejie Opto-electro Instrument Co., Ltd.
 Photochromic composite lens patent thumbnailPhotochromic composite lens
The present invention provides a photochromic composite lens which includes a penetration layer located exteriorly, and a blocking layer located interiorly, and a transition layer located between the penetration layer and the blocking layer. A thickness of the transition layer can be adjusted in view of the field requirements.
 Component-mounting machine patent thumbnailComponent-mounting machine
A component-mounting machine which prevents collision of a sucked component with an optical system capturing images of an imaging reference mark and the sucked component simultaneously when a component-mounting head moves to capture images while lightening the component-mounting head. In the component-mounting machine of the present invention, a sucked-component position detection device includes an imaging unit, which is installed on a side of a base of the component-mounting machine and has an image sensor and a lens; and a first refraction member which alters a focal position of a first optical path that connects the image sensor, the lens and the imaging reference mark.
Fuji Machine Mfg. Co., Ltd
 System and  compensating for and using mode-profile distortions caused by bending optical fibers patent thumbnailSystem and compensating for and using mode-profile distortions caused by bending optical fibers
An apparatus and method for compensating for mode-profile distortions caused by bending optical fibers having large mode areas. In various embodiments, the invention micro-structures the index of refraction in the core and surrounding areas of the inner cladding from the inner bend radius to the outer bend radius in a manner that compensates for the index changes that are otherwise induced in the index profile by the geometry and/or stresses to the fiber caused by the bending.
Lockheed Martin Corporation
 Optical devices including assistant layers patent thumbnailOptical devices including assistant layers
A waveguide including a top cladding layer, the top cladding layer including a material having an index of refraction, n1; an assistant layer, the assistant layer positioned adjacent the top cladding layer, the assistant layer including a material having an index of refraction, n2; a core layer, the core layer positioned adjacent the assistant layer, the core layer including a material having an index of refraction, n3; and a bottom cladding layer, the bottom cladding layer positioned adjacent the core layer, the bottom cladding layer including a material having an index of refraction, n4, wherein n1 is less than both n2 and n3, n3 is greater than n1 and n4, and n4 is less than n3 and n2.. .
Seagate Technology Llc
 Using micro optical elements for depth perception in luminescent figurative structures illuminated by point sources patent thumbnailUsing micro optical elements for depth perception in luminescent figurative structures illuminated by point sources
The invention provides a lighting unit comprising a light source and a transmissive optical plate, wherein the light source comprises a light exit surface for light source light, wherein the transmissive optical plate comprises an upstream face directed to the light exit surface of the light source and a downstream face arranged away from the light exit surface) of the light source, wherein the optical plate comprises a 2d array of micro optical elements for refraction of the light source light in a direction away of the downstream face, wherein the geometrical path length from the light exit surface to the transmissive optical plate is at least 20 cm.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Solid-state imaging device

According to one embodiment, a solid-state imaging device including a semiconductor substrate having a light receiving portion, a color filter layer and a selective reflection layer. The color filter layer includes a color filter portion and is provided above a first main surface of the semiconductor substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Organic light emitting diode display and optical film

An organic light emitting diode display is provided. The organic light emitting diode display includes a flexible substrate, an organic light emitting diode disposed on the flexible substrate, a thin film encapsulator disposed on the organic light emitting diode, a plurality of low refraction protrusions disposed on at least one of a surface of the flexible substrate and the thin film encapsulator, wherein each of the low refraction protrusions is formed having an isosceles trapezoid shape, and a high refraction layer disposed covering the plurality of low refraction protrusions..
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Solar-cell efficiency enhancement using metasurfaces

A solar-energy module is disclosed. The module includes a first electrode configured to receive incident visible light with a different refractive index than the medium through which light travels prior to becoming incident on the first electrode, the first electrode having a first metasurface arrangement formed through the first electrode, and configured to selectively i) match the optical impedances of the first electrode and the medium, and ii) cause light to be refracted substantially away from normal refraction angle, a photon-absorbing material coupled to the first electrode on a first surface of the photon-absorbing material and configured to receive refracted light through the first electrode and adapted to produce an electrical current in response to the refracted light, length of the photon absorbing material substantially larger than thickness of the photon-absorbing material, and a second electrode coupled to the photon-absorbing material on a second surface of the photon-absorbing material..
Purdue Research Foundation

Local seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate

An electroluminescent display or lighting product incorporates a panel comprising a collection of distinct light-emitting elements formed on a substrate. A plurality of distinct local seals are formed over respective individual light-emitting elements or groups of light-emitting elements.
Global Oled Technology Llc

High rate deposition for the formation of high quality optical coatings

High rate deposition methods comprise depositing a powder coating from a product flow. The product flow results from a chemical reaction within the flow.
Neophotonics Corporation

Sensor for monitoring a medium

The invention relates to sensors for monitoring a medium, comprising an electromagnetic radiation source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation, the medium being located in the ray path between the electromagnetic radiation source and the detector and the refraction varying when the medium varies. The sensors are characterized by their ease of production.
Ab Elektronik Sachsen Gmbh

Local seal for encapsulation of electro-optical element on a flexible substrate

An electroluminescent display or lighting product incorporates a panel comprising a collection of distinct light-emitting elements formed on a substrate. A plurality of distinct local seals are formed over respective individual light-emitting elements or groups of light-emitting elements.
Global Oled Technology Llc

Patterned light distribution device wedge (pldw)

A backlight apparatus comprised of a light pipe with one or more light input ends, a top surface, a bottom surface, opposing side, a non imaging optic collimator and scatter inducing elements. The non imaging optic collimator causes the light rays entering into the light pipe to be directed towards the far end relative to the light input end in a specified angular distribution.

Method of deposition monitoring

The invention provides methods and compositions for measuring the formation of scale within a process system. The method involves measuring changes in the cell fouling as reflected on the refraction index measurements of a liquid medium with a refractometer and determining the scale formation from changes in the cell fouling factor.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Variable focal length lens

An adjustable focal length lens structure comprising a first adjustable focal length lens. The first adjustable focal length lens comprises an inner surface of a first side having a first curvature.
International Business Machines Corporation

Antireflective coatings with self-cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties

Coated article having antireflective property together with self cleaning, moisture resistance and antimicrobial properties can be prepared with a topmost layer of titanium oxide on an antireflective layer, which can be formed by a sol-gel process. The antireflective layer can comprise a porosity forming agent, or an alkyltrialkoxysilane-based binder.
Intermolecular Inc.

Isotopically altered optical fiber

An optical waveguide having a cladding layer formed of high-purity glass, or a cladding layer formed of high-purity isotope-proportion modified glass, and with a core of high-purity isotope-proportion-modified glass with the index of refraction of the core glass greater than the index of refraction of the cladding glass, said high-purity isotope-proportion-modified core material having a si-29-isotope proportion at most 4.447% si-29 (atom/atom) of all silicon atoms in said core, or at least 4.90% of si-29 (atom/atom) atoms in said core, or having a ge-73 isotope proportion of at most 7.2% ge-73 (atom/atom) of all germanium atoms in said core, or at least 8.18% of ge-73 (atom/atom) of germanium atoms in said core region.. .

Solar tracker with refraction-based concentration

The invention comprises: a structure (3) supporting at least one refraction-based concentration element (1) and at least one collector (2) positioned parallel to one another; and first actuation means operatively connected so as to pivot the structure in relation to a base (4) about a first axis (el) parallel to the concentration element and to the collector, in order to track a relative movement of the sun. The concentration element is fixed in a stationary position on the structure and the collector is supported in said structure by at least two rocker arms (5) positioned parallel to one another and connected at the ends thereof to form an articulated quadrilateral mechanism.
Compania Valenciana De Energias Renovables, S. A.

Diffraction grating and the production thereof

A diffraction grating includes a grating area having, in a direction running parallel to a substrate, a periodic arrangement of first areas with a first grating material and second areas with a second grating material. The first grating material and the second grating material are solid materials with different indices of refraction.
Friedrich-schiller-universität Jena

Single pixel monochromatic display and signal-receivable module, and a device containing the module

A single pixel monochromatic display and signal-receivable module, and a device containing the module; the module is mainly a combination of a set of lenses and a color mixing screen; light beams projected from color light sources are converged through a light convergent plate, and then refracted through the light refractive color convergent plate which has refraction curved surfaces to same locations on a color mixing screen on which a single color is formed and a single pixel is thereby constituted; even subject to enlargement, there are no more tri-colors in a single pixel but only one single color in a single pixel; the module can also be used to emit or receive invisible electromagnetic waves, or can receive electromagnetic wave signals of another wave length during display.. .

Tissue pathlength resolved noninvasive analyzer apparatus and use thereof

An analyzer apparatus and method of use thereof is configured to dynamically interrogate a sample. For example, an analyzer using light interrogates a tissue sample using a temporal resolution system on a time scale of less than about one hundred nanoseconds.

Quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component and producing said quartz glass tube

A quartz glass tube as a semi-finished product for an optical component that has an inner bore extending along a tube centre axis for the acceptance of a core rod and a tube wall limited by an inner casing surface and an outer casing surface is already known; within said tube wall an inner region made of a first quartz glass and an outer region made of a second quartz glass with a different index of refraction surrounding the inner region contact one another at a contact surface which runs around the centre axis. In order to provide a quartz glass on this basis that facilitates the production of optical components for special applications such as laser-activated optical components in wand or fibre form, the invention states that the contact surface has a non-round course in the radial cross-section and the inner casing surface has a circular course..
Heraeus Quarzglas Gmbh & Co Kg

Methods and refractive flow measurement

An imaging method and corresponding apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables measurement and visualization of fluid flow. An embodiment method includes obtaining video captured by a video camera with an imaging plane.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Method for extracting optical energy from an optical beam

A method includes generating a primary beam using light emitted by a light-source. The method includes generating a secondary beam using a portion of the light using a lens of a telescope.
The Boeing Company

Corneal visual center localizer (or locator)

Daifs corneal visual center (cvc) localizer (locator) is a point light source of infra red (ir) light, attached and fixed to any eximer laser machine, located at equal distance and in exactly opposite direction from the middle of a detecting camera that detects ir light reflection from the corneal surface and the pupillary margin of the iris with a point fixation target or its virtual extension, perpendicular to the plan containing the localizer and the middle point the inlet of the detecting camera, exactly in the middle of the distance between the localizing point light source and the middle point the detecting camera. With the localizer in position and activated, the cvc will be seen on the screen of ir eye tracking as a white dot somewhere inside the white circle that represents the detected pupillary margin.

Polysilazane coating for photovoltaic cells

A method of fabricating a photovoltaic cell, and a device produced by such a method, are described. The method includes providing a semiconductor substrate and electrically coupling an electrically conductive article to a top surface of the semiconductor substrate.
Gtat Corporation

Multi-projection system capable of refracting projection light of projection device

The present invention provides a “multi-projection system” including a plurality of projection surfaces arranged so as not to be parallel to each other and two or more projection devices for projecting images on the plurality of projection surfaces, in which the two or more projection devices include a refraction projection device in which projection light is refracted before it reaches a projection surface.. .
Cj Cgv Co., Ltd.

Eyeglass optimization using an individual eye model

A computer-implemented method for calculating or optimizing a spectacle lens for at least one eye of a spectacle wearer. refraction data of the at least one eye of the spectacle wearer is collected.
Rodenstock Gmbh

Pull-out device for at least two pull-out furniture parts

A device for blocking the pull-out movement of pull-out furniture parts including, for each of the pull-out furniture parts, a driver, a blocking unit which has a shiftable actuating, and a retraction spring and blocking rods which cooperate with the actuating parts, a respective actuating part that is shifted due to movement of the driver when the pull-out furniture part is pulled out and that displaces a blocking rod in a longitudinal axis direction, the blocking rods being blocked from any further axial displacement by a stop. Each of the blocking units has a pivotable catch arm that swivelable about a stationary pivot axis lying parallel to the longitudinal axes of the blocking rods and is loaded by the refraction spring, the catch arm being pivoted by the driver from an initial position to a final position when the pull-out furniture part is pulled out, thereby shifting the actuating part..
Fulterer Gesellschaft Mbh

Electrical plug connector for electrical connection by means of ultrasonic welding

The invention relates to an electrical plug connector in the form of a solid contact pin which has the following: a) a contact section, b) a transition section which adjoins the contact section, and c) a connection section, which adjoins the transition section, for electrical connection to an electrical line by means of ultrasonic welding, wherein the connection section has at least one geometric wave refraction element for refracting waves during ultrasonic welding.. .
Amphenol Tuchel Electronics Gmbh

Light guide plate, manufacturing same, and backlight module having same

A light guide plate includes a main body including a light emitting surface. A number of glues, each with a different, and lower, refractive index when cured, are applied through a covering plate onto the light emitting surface.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

System for monitoring and tracking patient outcomes after surgical implantation of an intracorneal lens

A method and system are described for patient data and ordering of intraocular lens implants. One embodiment is implemented by receiving refraction data about an eye of a patient into which an intracorneal lens is to be implanted.
Presbibio, Llc

Thermoplastic (meth)acrylate copolymer, resin composition comprising same, and molded products thereof

Disclosed herein is a thermoplastic (meth)acrylate copolymer, which includes a derivative unit obtained from a monomer mixture including: (a) an aromatic (meth)acrylate having an index of refraction from about 1.580 to about 1.700; and (b) a monofunctional unsaturated monomer.. .

Methods and devices for refractive correction of eyes

Methods and devices are provided to obtain refractive correction with superior visual acuity (e.g., 20/10) by achieving an astigmatism-free customized refractive correction. The astigmatism-free customized refractive correction involves obtaining an objective and precise measurement of cylindrical power in a resolution between 0.01 d and 0.10 d in an eye using an objective aberrometer, reliably relating the cylindrical axis obtained from the objective aberrometer to that in a phoroptor, determining an optimized focus error of an eye through subjective refraction with a phoroptor, generating a customized refraction by combining the objective measured cylindrical power, the objective measured cylindrical axis, and the subjectively measured focus power, fabricating a custom lens with a tolerance finer than 0.09 d based on the generated customized refraction, and delivering an ophthalmic lens that can provide an astigmatism-free refractive correction for an eye..
Perfect Vision Technology (hk) Ltd.

Gas refraction compensation for laser-sustained plasma bulbs

A laser-sustained plasma illuminator system includes at least one laser light source to provide light. At least one reflector focuses the light from the laser light source at a focal point of the reflector.
Kla-tencor Corporation, A Delaware Corporation

Non-invasive ocular analyte sensing system

A noninvasive method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration (e.g., glucose) in a subject that includes measuring light refraction from at least a portion one or more structures. One example of such structure is the subject's iris..

Light emitting diode assembly with an internal protrusion providing refraction and heat transfer

A light emitting diode (led) bulb assembly including a bulb enclosure having a wall defining an open end and forming a cavity. The wall has an inner surface, an outer surface, and defining an elongate protrusion extending outwardly from an opposite end inwardly into the cavity toward the open end for a distance at least half way to the open end.

Binocular multiplexing

A binocular multiplexing device for a single-channel ophthalmological instrument for objective measurement of at least one vision parameter of a subject, the ophthalmological instrument including elements for generating a single light beam, elements for collecting a measurement beam by reflecting and/or refracting the light beam against the subject's eye and a sensor associated with the single measurement channel. The binocular multiplexing device includes optical separation first elements for receiving an image beam originating from a stimulus target and separating the image beam into a right and left ocular stimulation beam; optical switching elements for switching the single light beam selectively onto a right or left monocular light beam's optical path to form, after reflection and/or refraction by the eye in question, a right, respectively left, ocular measurement beam, and optical combination elements for superimposing the right, respectively left, ocular stimulation beam, and the right, respectively left, monocular light beam..

Frontal view reconstruction for iris recognition

Iris recognition can be accomplished for a wide variety of eye images by correcting input images with an off-angle gaze. A variety of techniques, from limbus modeling, corneal refraction modeling, optical flows, and genetic algorithms can be used.

Ultra broadband multilayer dielectric beamsplitter coating

Coatings for optical devices, such as beamsplitters, are provided. The coatings include at least one bilayer of a layer of a material having an index of refraction n1 in contact with a layer of a material having an index of refraction n2 and an uppermost layer of a material having an index of refraction n3 over the bilayer, wherein n3>n2>n1.

Methods and systems for super-resolution optical imaging using high-index of refraction microspheres and microcylinders

The present invention provides super-resolution optical imaging methods and systems, including: providing a sample to be optically imaged; providing a plurality of microstructures disposed substantially adjacent to a surface of the sample to be optically imaged; and providing a material disposed about the plurality of microstructures; wherein the plurality of microstructures have a first index of refraction; and wherein the material disposed about the plurality of microstructures has a second index of refraction that is substantially less than the first index of refraction of the plurality of microstructures. The plurality of microstructures include one of a plurality of microspheres and a plurality of microcylinders..

Method and system of a vehicle for reversible seat belt retraction

A method performed by a retraction control system of a vehicle for controlling refraction of a seat belt of a reversible seat belt refractor arrangement for a vehicle occupant is provided. The control system determines fulfillment of an activation condition based on an initiating input derived from a vehicle situation sensing system, which initiating input indicates that the vehicle, at an initiating time instant, is considered likely to be, or is about to become, involved in a hazardous situation and/or uncomfortable dynamic situation.

Surgical access system and related methods

A surgical access system including a tissue distraction assembly and a tissue refraction assembly, both of which may be equipped with one or more electrodes for use in detecting the existence of (and optionally the distance and/or direction to) neural structures before, during, and after the establishment of an operative corridor to a surgical target site.. .

On-chip electrically pumped optical parametric source

A tuneable laser source includes a first confinement layer forming a bragg reflector for a pump wave; an active layer made of non-linear semiconducting material, the refraction index of the active layer being greater than the refraction index of the first confinement layer; a second confinement layer, the refraction index of the second confinement layer being less than the refraction index of the active layer; a base with a first width; and a ribbon with a second width less than the first width. The second width is less than 10 μm; the active layer includes at least one plane of quantum boxes capable of emitting a pump wave and the ribbon includes at least the part of the active layer including the quantum boxes plane and the second confinement layer..

Complex optical film and light source assembly including the same

Provided are a complex optical film and a light source assembly including the same. The complex optical film includes a first substrate, a light shielding layer formed on a bottom surface of the first substrate, an optical pattern layer formed on a top surface of the first substrate and including concavo-convex portions, a second substrate disposed on the first substrate, and a first adhesive layer disposed under the second substrate, wherein the light shielding layer includes a binder and organic particles and inorganic particles dispersed in the binder, the convex portions of the optical pattern layer at least partially penetrate into the first adhesive layer to be combined with the first adhesive layer, and a low-refraction area having a lower refractive index than the optical pattern layer and the first adhesive layer is defined between the first adhesive layer and the optical pattern layer..

Enhancements to integrated optical assembly

An integrated optical assembly is provided, with enhancements that are particularly useful when the integrated optical assembly forms part of a laser radar system. The integrated optical assembly produces a reference beam that is related to the optical characteristics of a scanning reflector, or to changes in position or orientation of the scanning reflector relative to a source.

Self guided subjective refraction instruments and methods

A refraction device determines a refraction end point to provide corrective optics for a test subject. The device includes an adjustable optical system providing corrective optics to the test subject and an adjustable viewing target disposed along an optical path such as to be viewable through the adjustable optical system by a test subject.

Effective acuity and refraction targets

A viewing target for a visual acuity and refraction measurement includes at least one line comprising a width dimension that is below a resolution limit width (hereinafter “rlw”) of a test subject visual acuity, and an adjustable length dimension that is initially set at greater than the rlw of the test subject visual acuity. A base, at least approximately intersecting the line, has a thickness along the direction of the length of the line that is greater than the rlw of the test subject visual acuity.

Brightness-dependent adjustment of a spectacle lens

Adjustment of an eyeglass lens or a pair of eyeglasses by means of an individual brightness-dependent centering of an eyeglass lens. In particular, a method for adjusting an individual eyeglass lens for at least one eye of an eyeglass wearer.

Methods and refractive flow measurement with three dimensions and uncertainty

An imaging method and corresponding apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention enables measurement and visualization of fluid flow. An embodiment method includes obtaining video captured by a video camera with an imaging plane.

Method and motion compensation in interferometric sensing systems

An optical interrogation system, e.g., an ofdr-based system, measures local changes, of index of refraction of a sensing light guide subjected to a time-varying disturbance. Interferometric measurement signals detected for a length of the sensing light guide are transformed into the spectral domain.

Bend compensated filter fiber

An optical fiber includes a core region having a longitudinal axis. A cladding region surrounds the core region.

Bend insensitive gradient index multi-mode light conducting fiber

The invention relates to a bend insensitive gradient index multi-mode light conducting fiber comprising a leakage mode dependent optical core diameter that is uniform over its length and a numerical aperture that is uniform over its length, a core (1), an inner cladding (2), a refraction index trench (3) and an outer cladding (4), wherein the core (1) includes a core radius r1, an alpha-refraction index profile and a core refraction index difference dn1 with respect to the outer cladding (4), wherein the refraction index trench (3) includes a refraction index trench radius r3 and a trench refraction index difference dn3 with respect to the outer cladding (4), wherein the outer cladding (4) includes an outer cladding radius r4 and a refraction index between 1.40 and 1.55, wherein for a light wavelength of 850 nm and a full core excitation (ofl), the optical core diameter for a fiber length in a range between 2 m and 300 m decreases by less than 5% and the numeric aperture decreases by less than 2.5% and the bend related attenuation increase for two windings and a bend radius of 7.5 mm is less than 0.2 db.. .

Universal objective refraction

Is the spherical equivalent of a predetermined object distance d for close viewing.. .

Process of laser welding with a calibration unit with refraction means

Provided is a laser welding process, including: emitting and propagating a laser beam having a diameter of between 30 pm and 1.5 mm along a first optical axis; refracting said laser beam including deviating the faster beam along a second optical axis that is different to said first optical axis; and moving the laser beam simultaneously with said refracting step, comprising rotating said laser beam in relation to an axis of rotation substantially parallel to said first optical axis maintaining the arrangement of said second optical axis constant with respect to said first optical axis, wherein said moving step, said second optical axis is moved in a feed direction so as to execute a helicoidal weld bead, and said rotation is performed at a speed of between 10 hz and 500 hz, and in that said laser beam has a diameter of between 30 pm and 1.5 mm.. .

Optical lens

Disclosed is an optical lens having an incident surface on which the light emitted from a light emitting diode is incident and having a concave portion into which the light is received and an emitting surface emitting the light incident on the incident surface therethrough, the optical lens including: a plurality of refraction prevention portions protruded unitarily from the emitting surface to allow the light around a light axis emitted through the emitting surface to travel straight, without having any refraction, each refraction prevention portion having an orthogonal surface formed thereon to the advancing direction of the light incident through the incident surface.. .

Method of operating a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus and projection objective of such an apparatus

A projection objective of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus has a wavefront correction device comprising a first refractive optical element and a second refractive optical element. The first refractive optical element comprises a first optical material having, for an operating wavelength of the apparatus, an index of refraction that decreases with increasing temperature.

Method for automatic optimization of the calculation of an intraocular lens to be implanted

A method for calculating the values of an intraocular lens to be implanted, wherein the results of numerous cataract operations are taken into account in the calculation for intraocular lenses to be implanted in the future. At least the corneal topography, the length of the eye and the depth of the anterior chamber are determined pre-operatively, the values of the iol to be implanted are calculated by means of ray-tracing, and at least the corneal topography, the length of the eye, the depth of the anterior chamber and the objective, wavefront-based residual refraction are determined post-operatively.


Described is an autoinjector comprising a case, a drive carriage disposed in the case, and a plunger coupled to the drive carriage. The plunger is adapted to releasably engage a needle retraction mechanism in a syringe.

Silicon-based photonic crystal fluorescence enhancement and laser line scanning instrument

A silicon-based photonic crystal includes a silicon substrate, a first dielectric with a grating structure formed therein, and a second dielectric with a higher index of refraction that covers at least a portion of the grating structure. The first dielectric can be formed on the silicon substrate, or a fabry-perot optical cavity can be formed between the silicon substrate and the first dielectric.

Transparent pane with electrically conductive coating

A transparent pane is described. The transparent pane has at least one transparent substrate and at least one electrically conductive coating on at least one surface of the transparent substrate.

Lamp having an annular light-guiding body

A lamp having an annular light-guiding body includes a light-emitting diode module, a light-emitting diode substrate, a circuit board, a power supply base and a bulb. The bulb is a semi-circular casing structure.

Reel belt of gaming machine and gaming machine

Provided is a reel unit for a gaming machine which suppresses decrease in visibility of a reel belt due to the formation of image of light source on a reel even if light emission intensity for illuminating the reel is high. It is provided a first light diffusion sheet with translucency having a light refraction surface including a surface formed thereon for refracting light passing therethrough in various directions, the first light diffusion sheet stacked on a base sheet; and a second light diffusion sheet having the light refraction surface, the second light diffusion sheet stacked on the first light diffusion sheet..

Light guide plate with uniform light output and manufacturing same

A light guide plate includes a main body and a number of transparent particles. The main body includes a light incident surface, and defines a micro structure in the light incident surface.

Multilayer license plate lighting apparatus

A lighting apparatus for illuminating a license plate includes a light source and a multilayer light guide. The multilayer light guide is configured to carry light from the light source and to cast light onto the license plate.

Illumination module

An illumination module includes a lens and a plurality of light-emitting elements. The light-emitting elements are symmetrically arranged in a ring shape around a central axis.

Diffractive optical element with undiffracted light expansion for eye safe operation

Aspects of the subject disclosure are directed towards safely projecting a diffracted light pattern, such as in an infrared laser-based projection/illumination system. Non-diffracted (zero-order) light is refracted once to diffuse (defocus) the non-diffracted light to an eye safe level.

Surveying device

Some embodiments of the invention may relate to an optical surveying device having a base for setting up the surveying device and a targeting unit, which is rotatable in relation to the base about two axes, and which defines a target axis or targeting a target object to be surveyed. In some embodiments, the targeting unit has a first beam path for emitting optical radiation in the direction of the target object to be surveyed and a second beam path for receiving a component of the optical radiation, which is reflected from the target object, by way of an optoelectronic receiving element.

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Refraction topics: Refraction, Semiconductor, Transparent Electrode, Scattering, Nanoparticle, Distributed, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Irradiation, Second Wave, Integrated Circuit, Light Guide, Data Processing, Laser Vision, Treatments

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