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Refraction patents


This page is updated frequently with new Refraction-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Refraction-related patents
 High efficiency optical combiner for multiple non-coherent light sources patent thumbnailHigh efficiency optical combiner for multiple non-coherent light sources
An optical combiner that combines light from a plurality non-coherent light sources and directs it to a single output is described. The non-coherent light sources are arranged within a housing in a linear fashion, with light emitted from at least two of the non-coherent light sources directed towards a focusing lens by reflection from wavelength-selective mirrors, with the focus of the focusing lens directed to an input of an optical waveguide.
Uvlrx Therapeutics, Inc.

 Athermal hybrid optical source patent thumbnailAthermal hybrid optical source
A hybrid optical source that provides an optical signal having a wavelength (or a narrow band of wavelengths) is described. This hybrid optical source includes an optical amplifier (such as a iii-v semiconductor optical amplifier) that is butt-coupled or vertically coupled to a silicon-on-insulator (soi) platform, and which outputs an optical signal.
Oracle International Corporation

 Device for collecting solar energy patent thumbnailDevice for collecting solar energy
A device for gaining solar energy comprises a integral unit with a casing (10 . .
Suncycle B.v.

 Method and arrangement for forming a structuring on surfaces of components by means of a laser beam patent thumbnailMethod and arrangement for forming a structuring on surfaces of components by means of a laser beam
The invention relates to a method for forming a structuring at surfaces of components using a laser beam. In the invention, a laser beam is directed onto a diffractive optical element.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

 Double-layer electrode for electro-optic liquid crystal lens patent thumbnailDouble-layer electrode for electro-optic liquid crystal lens
Certain exemplary embodiments can provide a system, machine, apparatus, device, manufacture, circuit, composition of matter, and/or user interface adapted for and/or resulting from, and/or a process, method, and/or machine-readable medium comprising machine-implementable instructions for, activities that can comprise and/or relate to, generating a gradient in an index of refraction of a material.. .
Kent State University

 Assembly for analyzing a light pattern caused by refraction and reflection at a precious stone patent thumbnailAssembly for analyzing a light pattern caused by refraction and reflection at a precious stone
The invention relates to an assembly (1) for analyzing a light pattern (3) caused by refraction and reflection at a precious stone (2), comprising a light source (4) for illuminating the precious stone (2), a retaining device (5) for retaining the precious stone (2), an in particular flat diffusing screen (6) for imaging the light pattern (3), and a camera (7) for recording the light pattern (3) imaged on the diffusing screen (6), wherein the assembly (1) comprises a semi-transmitting optical element (8) for deflecting, in the direction of the precious stone (2), the light (9) emitted by the light source (4) and for transmitting the light (10) refracted and reflected at the precious stone (2).. .
D. Swarovski Kg

 Solar to electric energy conversion device patent thumbnailSolar to electric energy conversion device
The present invention features a solar-to-electric energy conversion device based on a light absorbing electrode coupled to a one-dimensional nanoparticle based photonic crystal. The function of the latter is to localize the incident light within the electrode thus enhancing the optical absorption and the power conversion efficiency of the so called dye-sensitized and organic (polymer based or hybrids) cell.
Nlab Solar Ab

 Light guide plate, backlight module, and display device patent thumbnailLight guide plate, backlight module, and display device
Disclosed is a light guide plate for use in a backlight module. The light guide plate includes a light incidence surface, a light exit surface, and a bottom surface opposite to the light exit surface.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Optics with built-in anti-reflective sub-wavelength structures patent thumbnailOptics with built-in anti-reflective sub-wavelength structures
Optical elements having an intrinsic anti-reflective sub-wavelength structure (sws) built into one or more surfaces thereof so that the structure becomes integral part of the surface of the lens. The sws is in the form of a structure of identical or similar objects such as straight or graded cones, pillars, pyramids, or other shapes or depressions, where the dimensions of the objects and the distances between them are smaller than the wavelength of light with which they are designed to interact.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

 Flow cytometry  blocking diffraction patterns patent thumbnailFlow cytometry blocking diffraction patterns
Flow cytometer systems are provided having intermediate angle scatter detection capability. In some aspects, systems are provided that include an intermediate angle scatter (ias) light detector positioned to measure intermediate angle scatter emitted from a flow cytometer.
Abbott Laboratories


Embossed frontlight systems and methods of forming same

This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for forming light-guiding layers including embossed light-turning features. In one aspect, an aluminized polymer layer can be embossed onto a light-transmissive layer having a high index of refraction to form the light-guiding layer.
Qualcomm Mems Technologies, Inc.


Polarizing plate and liquid crystal display including the same

A polarizing plate and a liquid crystal display including the polarizing plate include: a polarizer; and a surface protective film on a first surface of the polarizer, and the surface protective film includes a first protective film on the first surface of the polarizer, and a primer layer on at least one surface of the first protective film, a refractive index ratio of the first protective film to the primer layer satisfying the equation: 0.6<r1/r2<1.0, where r1 is an index of refraction of the primer layer, and r2 is an index of refraction of the first protective film, and the first protective film has an in-plane retardation (re) of about 500 nm or less and an out-of-plane retardation (rth) of about 10,000 nm or less at a wavelength of 550 nm.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Substrate with moth eye structures and manufacturing thereof

A substrate with moth eye structures and a method of manufacturing thereof are provided. The method includes: providing a substrate including a first surface and a second surface, and forming a plurality of moth eye structures on the first surface.
Asustek Computer Inc.


Coded-aperture x-ray imaging

A method of x-ray imaging includes passing an x-ray beam through a pre-sample mask 8 with a plurality of apertures 32, through a sample 10, and then through a detector mask 6 with aligned apertures 34. The beams are detected.
Ucl Business Plc


Backlight refraction lens

A backlight refraction lens includes a body formed with an incident face and an emergent face, wherein the incident face has a raised periphery and an axis formed with an angle with an axis of the body, the angle, between the axis of the incident face and the axis of the body, set between 35 degrees to 65 degrees such that the ray light going into the body along an incident angle within 15-45 degrees is mostly projected from the emergent face after being refracted. The backlight refraction lens promotes the visibility and identification of objects on the outdoor kanban board when the outdoor kanban board is in a backlight condition such that the conventional leds are unnecessary to the outdoor kanban board that has a series of backlight refraction lens in accordance with the present invention mounted thereon..


Light-emitting device

A light-emitting device includes a light-emitting body and an out-coupling film. The light-emitting body has a light-emitting surface.
Tatung University


Preparation process of the metamaterial with negative index of refraction

There is a preparation process of the metamaterial with a negative index of refraction, especially the lefthanded composite system (ceramic) built from iron and boron nitride fe:bn with a negative refractive index associated with negative values of the magnetic −μ and dielectric −£ permeability. Method of preparation of the fe:bn ceramic includes mixing fe nano or micro particles (synthesized from iron pentacarbonyl fe(co)s) with hexagonal boron nitride (h-bn), grinding the powders, compacting the powder in form of pellets at room temperature and low pressure, placing a pellet in a container (caco3) with graphite heater, and sintering the pellet from ambient pressure to 8 gpa and temperature from room temperature to 2000 degrees c.
Instytut Niskich Temperatur I Baden Strukturalnych Pan Im


Molds for making contact lenses

The present invention general related to a mold for making a contact lens comprises a first mold half having a first mold surface in contact with a polymerizable and/or crosslinkable silicone containing lens forming composition and a second mold half having a second mold surface in contact with the lens-forming composition, and the first mold half and the second mold half are configured to receive each other such that a cavity is formed between the first mold surface and the second mold surface. The cavity defines the shape of a contact lens to be molded.
Novartis Ag


Adaptive infrared retinoscopic device for detecting ocular aberrations

An ocular system for detecting ocular abnormalities and conditions creates photorefractive digital images of a patient's retinal reflex. The system includes a computer control system, a two-dimensional array of infrared irradiation sources and a digital infrared image sensor.


Laser oscillation mechanism

A laser oscillation mechanism includes a pulse laser oscillator which oscillates a pulse laser beam, and an optical path changing unit which changes an angle of an optical path of the pulse laser beam oscillated by the pulse laser oscillator. The optical path changing unit is configured from an acousto-optic deflection unit including an acousto-optic device for changing the optical path of the pulse laser beam oscillated by the pulse laser oscillator within an effective region, and a volume bragg grating which excludes, from among pulse laser beams obtained by changing the angle of the optical path of the pulse laser beam by passing through the acousto-optic device, a pulse laser beam desired to be eliminated by refraction from within the effective region..
Disco Corporation


Interlayer light wave coupling device

An interlayer light wave coupling device includes a substrate; a first core disposed on the substrate and having a first acute structure; a third core spatially set apart from the first core and having a second acute structure; and a second core disposed between the first core and the third core and having a smaller index of refraction than the first core and the third core. The acute structures of the first core and the third core are disposed so as to have no overlap as viewed from above..
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Light emitting device

A light emitting device (1) is provided comprising a light source (2) adapted for, in operation, emitting light (13) with a first spectral distribution, a first luminescent light guide (4) comprising a first light input surface (41) and a first light exit surface (42) extending at an angle different from zero to one another, and being adapted for receiving the light (13) with the first spectral distribution at the first light input surface (41), converting the light (13) with the first spectral distribution to light (14) with a second spectral distribution, guiding the light (14) with the second spectral distribution to the first light exit surface (42) and coupling the light (14) with the second spectral distribution out of the first light exit surface (42), and a first transparent heat sink element (3) arranged adjacent to at least one surface of the first luminescent light guide (4) and in the optical path between the light source (2) and the first luminescent light guide (4), the at least one surface being different from the light exit surface (42), wherein the first transparent heat sink element (3) is adapted for redirecting light by means of any one of refraction and diffraction.. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Ultrathin light unit

Provided is a thin light unit for a display device that includes, for example, a high refraction film including an inclined portion at a first side of the high refraction film and a flat portion extended from the inclined portion to a second side of the high refraction film; a second member on the inclined portion at the first side of the high refraction film and having a first width; a first member on the flat portion in a middle of the second side of the high refraction film and separated from the second member; a third member on the flat portion and having the first width; and a light source adjacent to the first member at a side of the flat portion.. .
Covestro Deutschland Ag.


Polyorganosiloxane-containing graft copolymer, thermoplastic resin composition, and molded product

A resin composition having all of higher pigment colorability, low-temperature impact resistance, and flame retardance is provided. A graft copolymer is a polyorganosiloxane-containing graft copolymer formed by polymerizing one or more grafting vinyl monomers (b) in the presence of a rubber (a) containing polyorganosiloxane and a vinyl polymer, wherein the index of refraction of the rubber (a) is in the range of 1.47 to 1.56, and the volume-average particle size is in the range of 300 nm to 2000 nm.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.


Intrauterine balloon apparatus, system, and augmenting uterine birthing forces during parturition

An intrauterine balloon apparatus to augment uterine birthing forces and assist fetal descent during parturition is provided. The body of the balloon apparatus begins packaged in a compressed state minimizing volume, enabling delivery through the birth canal.
3vo Medical, Inc.


Methods for objectively determining the visual axis of the eye and measuring its refraction

Provided herein are methods for objectively determining a visual axis of an eye. An optical axis of a measuring instrument is aligned with an unambiguously determinable axis of the eye which is the pupillary axis crossing the vertex of an anterior surface of a cornea and perpendicular to the vertex.
Tracey Technologies, Corp.


Testing slide for microscopes equipped with water immersion or physiology objectives

A testing slide for microscopes equipped with water immersion objectives. The slide has a chamber containing a solid with an index of refraction similar to that of water.
Thorlabs, Inc.


Method for measuring temperature by refraction and change in velocity of waves with magnetic susceptibility

Methods and apparatuses for determining in-situ a temperature of a substrate with a thermal sensor in a vacuum chamber are described herein. In one embodiment a thermal sensor has a transmitter configured to transmit electromagnetic waves, a receiver configured to receive electromagnetic waves, and a controller configured to control the transmitter and receiver, wherein the controller determines a temperature from a difference between the transmitted electromagnetic wave and the received electromagnetic wave..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for operation of a safety arrangement in a vehicle

A method is provided for operation of a safety arrangement in a vehicle. The safety arrangement comprises a seat belt, a seat belt retractor and at least one seat position adjustment arrangement for position adjustment of a seat of the vehicle and/or a portion of the seat.
Volvo Car Corporation


Wavefront interactive refraction display

Embodiments of this invention generally relate to systems and methods for wavefront interactive refraction display and more particularly to systems and methods for capturing and displaying eye wavefront interactive refraction data based on the desired refractive state of the patient's eye.. .
Amo Wavefront Sciences, Llc


Computerized refraction prescription determination with sphere calculation

The present disclosure relates generally to a system and method for determining the refractive error of a person, more particularly determining the person's refractive error by using a computerized screen, and providing the person with a prescription for the person's preferred type of corrective lenses. The system and method do not require the trip or expense of a doctor visit, and are optimized for convenience and cost effectiveness.
Opternative, Inc.


Light emitting, photovoltaic or other electronic apparatus and system

The present invention provides an electronic apparatus, such as a lighting device comprised of light emitting diodes (leds) or a power generating apparatus comprising photovoltaic diodes, which may be created through a printing process, using a semiconductor or other substrate particle ink or suspension and using a lens particle ink or suspension. An exemplary apparatus comprises a base; at least one first conductor; a plurality of diodes coupled to the at least one first conductor; at least one second conductor coupled to the plurality of diodes; and a plurality of lenses suspended in a polymer deposited or attached over the diodes.
U.s. Government As Reprsented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administrat


Display apparatus

A display apparatus includes: a display unit including a plurality of pixels; a connection part on the display unit; a plurality of shape-variable parts on the connection part and configured to deform according to a physical quantity applied thereto; and adjustors configured to vary the physical quantity applied to the shape-variable parts to control refraction of light by the shape-variable parts while the light emitted from the pixels passes therethrough.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Customized lens device and method

A system and method for identifying a custom contact lens for a patient. The method includes receiving as input results from a bare eye examination of a patient including at least a measured sphere power; receiving as input a target or actual measured sphere power of a selected fitting lens; receiving as input results of an over-refraction examination of a patient wearing the fitting lens, wherein the results of the over-refraction examination include at least a measured sphere power; calculating the power delivered by the fitting lens on the patient's eye based on input received from the bare eye examination and over-refraction examinations; calculating an effectiveness ratio using the calculated power delivered by the fitting lens and the target or actual measured sphere power of the fitting lens; and calculating a custom lens power for the patient using the effectiveness ratio and measured sphere power from the bare eye examination..
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


An overlapped chirped fiber bragg grating sensing fiber and methods and parameter measurement using same

An optical sensor includes an optical fiber inscribed with a repeated refraction pattern such that light scattered from a location on the optical fiber is scattered at multiple frequencies in a range of frequencies. The inscribed patterns overlap at every measurement point along at least a portion of the length of the sensor.
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Flat concave micro lens for security as an integrated focusing element

An optical security element for currency or other products. The security element includes a film or substrate and an image element provided on an exterior surface of this substrate.
Lumenco, Llc


Dielectric polarizing beam splitter

The invention is a dielectric polarizing beam splitter including a grating-layer disposed over a substantially planar surface of a substrate. The grating-layer can include an array of elongated, substantially-parallel alternating high-index regions and low-index regions.
Moxtek, Inc.


Optical constructions incorporating a light guide and low reflective index films

Optical constructions use a low index of refraction layer disposed between a low absorption layer and a high absorption layer to increase confinement of light to the low absorption region of the optical constructions. Low index layers can be used in optical constructions that have multi-tiered light confinement.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Light down conversion film and display backlight unit using the same

The disclosure provides a display backlight unit and its light down conversion film. The light down conversion film may include a quantum-dot layer sandwiched between input substrate and an exit substrate.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Multiparameter device for measuring by optical means the filling level of tanks and reservoirs of liquids and liquefied products, the index of refraction, and for image analysis, without moving parts

A new multiparameter device for measuring by optical means, the level of filling of tanks and reservoirs for liquids and liquefied products, index of refraction and image analysis, without moving parts, which is more specifically intended, but without restrictions of application, for the measuring the level of a liquid in a reservoir, besides being able to make possible the distinction and detection of the type of liquid included in this reservoir, by measuring the index of refraction and image analysis of these liquids, performing this task in a simple, practical and efficient manner through a specific configuration utilizing optical and electronic means, without use of moving parts, what allows that the same may be used for numerous applications between them, for the fuel quality control, the fuel identification, the measuring of the index of refraction, flow measurement, color measurement, temperature measurement and pressure measurement, inter alia, and more specifically for application in the automotive and associated industries.. .
Luxtec - Sistemas Ópticos Ltda - Me


Optical and increased oled illumination

An optical and increased oled illumination includes a light-emitting body and an out-coupling film. The light-emitting body has a light-emitting surface.
Tatung University


Image pickup apparatus

An image pickup apparatus includes a lens, an image sensor, an optical filter, and a driving device. The lens focuses light beams from at least one subject to form an optical image, and the image sensor receives the optical image and converts the optical image into at least one electric signal.


System for generation and management of orbital angular momentum in an electromagnetic radiation by means of special lens

The electromagnetic radiation carries both energy and angular momentum. The angular momentum can be divided into the components “spin angular momentum” (i.e.


Three-dimensional display apparatus

A display device includes; a display panel, a lens substrate facing the display panel, an air layer disposed between the display panel and the lens substrate, and a light refraction portion disposed on a surface of the lens substrate facing the display panel, wherein an average refractive index of the light refraction portion taken along a plane substantially parallel to the display panel increases in a direction substantially parallel to a path of light from the display panel to the lens substrate.. .


Inks for 3d printing gradient refractive index (grin) optical components

Optical inks suitable for 3d printing fabrication of gradient refractive index (grin) optical components are composed of a monomer matrix material [100] in which ligand-functionalized nanoparticles [102] are well dispersed at more than 2% loading to induce a change in the index of refraction of the matrix of at least 0.02. The ligands are less than 1.2 nm in length and are covalently bonded to both the nanoparticles and the monomer matrix.


Re-treatment for ophthalmic correction of refraction

A planning device generating control data for a treatment apparatus for refraction-correcting ophthalmic surgery is provided, said apparatus using a laser device to separate a corneal volume, which is to be removed for correction, from the surrounding cornea by at least one cut surface in the cornea of an eye, said planning device comprising an interface for receiving corneal data including information on pre-operative cuts which were generated in a previous ophthalmic operation, and computing means for defining a corneal cut surface which confines the corneal volume to be removed, said computing means defining the corneal cut surface on the basis of the corneal data and generating a control dataset for the corneal cut surface for control of the laser device.. .


Ocular fundus camera system and methodology

An ocular fundus camera system and an associated methodology. The system includes (a) an image sensor disposed along a fundus-image reflection path adjacent that path's downstream end, and in optical communication with light carried in this path, (b) an aperture centered on the reflection path's long axis, operatively associated with, and stationary with respect to, the sensor at a location which is upstream from the sensor, and (c), for accomplishing (1) precision fundus-image focusing on the sensor, and additionally (2) autorefraction, optical, light-content shifting structure, operable selectively for producing, within that portion of the reflection path which is disposed downstream from the shifting structure, relative trans-axial displacement solely of any non-collimated light carried in that portion of the main path which is disposed upstream from the shifting structure..


Puppet control mechanism

An apparatus comprises a puppet device. The apparatus also comprises a control mechanism operably connected to the puppet device to control movement of the puppet device.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.


Liquid crystal display device

The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device, which includes a liquid crystal panel (1) and a collimated exit light backlight module (3). The liquid crystal panel (1) includes a cf substrate (11), an array substrate (13), and a liquid crystal layer (12).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Illumination lens

Light sources include light-emitting surfaces only on a condenser lens side to emit illumination light. The condenser lens and the refraction optical member are formed integrally..
Oshino Lamps Limited


Photorefraction ocular screening device and methods

A photorefraction ocular screening device for assessing vision and corresponding disorders associated with the human ocular system is provided. More specifically, the present invention provides for a photorefraction ocular screening device employing advanced methods of pupil detection and refractive error analysis.
Welch Allyn, Inc.


Broadband antireflection coatings under coverglass using ion gun assisted evaporation

The present disclosure generally relates to broadband antireflective coatings for reducing reflection of light in the infrared without compromising visible light reflectance in multijunction solar cells bonded to coverglass, and methods of forming the same. The antireflective coatings include a high index, one or more intermediate index, and low index of refraction dielectric layers.
The Boeing Company


Polarized light imaging apparatus and methods thereof for separating light from a surface of a sample its deeper diffuse layers

A polarized light imaging apparatus is provided. In an embodiment, the apparatus comprises a light source for producing light beams; an illumination optic coupled to the light source for guiding the light beams towards the sample; a linear polarizer coupled to the illumination optic and configured to produce a linearly polarized light towards the sample respective of the light beams; a tir birefringent polarizing prism (bpp) coupled to the sample to maximize a refraction difference between ordinary waves and extraordinary waves of light returning from the sample; and a detection optic unit coupled to the non-tir bpp for guiding the light waves returning from the sample towards a single polarization sensitive sensor element (se), the se is configured to capture at least one frame of the sample respective of the light waves returning from the superficial single-scattering layer of the sample apart from the deeper diffuse layer..
Mobileodt Ltd


System and seat retraction during an autonomous driving mode

Example embodiments presented herein are directed toward a seat assembly, and corresponding method, for seat retraction in a vehicle during an autonomous driving mode. Seat refraction is provided by detecting a user initiated input for the retraction.
Volvo Car Corporation


Eye surgery system and operating an eye surgery system

A method of operating an eye surgery system comprises operating actuators of a stand such that an apparatus for measuring the refraction of an eye is located in a measurement position relative to the eye; measuring at least one condition of the eye and determining at least one condition value representing the at least one measured condition of the eye; measuring the refraction of the eye and determining at least one refraction value presenting the measured refraction of the eye, wherein a time distance between the measuring of the condition of the eye and the measuring of the refraction of the eye is smaller than a predetermined duration; and outputting the at least one refraction value representing the measured refraction of the eye only when the condition value representing the measured condition of the eye is within a predetermined range of values.. .
Carl Zeiss Meditec Ag


Photorefraction ocular screening device and methods

A photorefraction ocular screening device for assessing vision and corresponding disorders associated with the human ocular system is provided. More specifically, the present invention provides for a photorefraction ocular screening device employing advanced methods of pupil detection and refractive error analysis.
Welch Allyn, Inc.


Light emitting device on a mount with a reflective layer

Embodiments of the invention include a semiconductor light emitting diode (led) attached to a top surface of a mount. A multi-layer reflector is disposed on the top surface of the mount adjacent to the led.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Light core, in particular for flat lighting systems

The invention relates to a light core (1) especially used for flat lighting systems (s) comprising at least one element (1.1, 1.2, . .


System and reducing coherent backscatter in a stitched waveguide integrated optic circuit

An integrated optical circuit comprises a first waveguide section of a first material having a first index of refraction, a second waveguide section diffused with a second material, different from the first material, the second waveguide section having a second index of refraction; and a third waveguide section of the first material. A portion of the first waveguide section at a first interface is angled at a first angle and a portion of the second waveguide section is angled at the first angle.
Honeywell International Inc.


Variable focal backlighting

A backlight unit includes a waveguide assembly having a first wedge and a birefringent wedge disposed adjacent to, and arranged nose-to-tail with, the first wedge, to define an interface of the waveguide assembly. The birefringent wedge has different indices of refraction for light propagating through the waveguide assembly in first and second polarization states.
Microsoft Corporation


Wavelength-converting device and illumination system using same

A wavelength-converting device used for converting first waveband light includes a transmissive substrate, a phosphor layer and an optical layer. The transmissive substrate has a refraction coefficient ns, the refraction coefficient ns is greater than an environmental refraction coefficient namb.
Delta Electronics, Inc.



A photosensor, including: first and second photosensitive cells formed next to each other in a semiconductor substrate; first and second dielectric interface layers coating, respectively, the first and second cells; and a resonance grating formed in a third dielectric layer coating the first and second interface layers, wherein the first and second interface layers have different thicknesses, or different refraction indexes, or different thickness and refraction indexes.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Thermal waveguide

In a high power optical system, a thermal waveguide including an optical material having an index of refraction sensitive to changes in temperature, the rectangular optical material having a first dimension and a second dimension in a horizontal plane and a third dimension in a vertical plane, the third dimension being approximately ten times smaller than the first and second dimension, at least one heat sink thermally coupled to the optical material to establish a one-dimensional thermal gradient across the third dimension of the optical material, the thermal gradient having a parabolic profile across the rectangular optical material, and wherein the optical material is configured to act as a waveguide when a laser beam having a power of greater than one watt is incident upon the optical material.. .
Physical Sciences, Inc.


Method and ophthalmic devices including gradient-indexed and shaped liquid crystal layers

This invention discloses methods and apparatus for providing a variable optic insert into an ophthalmic lens. The variable optic insert may have surfaces within that have differing radii of curvature.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Lens system for presbyopes with inter-eye disparity limits

A lens system for presbyopes utilizes inter-eye disparity limits to improve vision. The system of lens may be utilized to improve binocular vision when viewing distant, intermediate and near objects by requiring a minimal level of disparity in vision between the eyes wherein the level is not objectionable to the patient.
Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.


Optical lens

An embodiment of this disclosure provides an optical lens, which includes, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, a first lens with negative refraction power; a second lens with negative refraction power; a third lens with positive refraction power; a fourth lens with positive refraction power; and a fifth lens with negative refraction power; wherein the second lens has an abbe number vd2, the fifth lens has a refractive index nd5, and 20≦vd2≦30 and nd5≧1.9.. .
Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Methods and systems for nondestructive testing with accurate position

Inspection devices nondestructively sense component shape and integrity such as through ultrasonic sensors. Inspection devices include a positional determinator to give orientation of devices relative to the tested object.
Ge-hitachi Nuclear Energy Americas Llc


Expanded beam lens assembly

An optical fiber assembly includes a lens block with a plurality of beam expanding and collimating elements. Each beam expanding and collimating element includes a first lens and a second lens.
Molex, Llc


Outdoor lighting fixture

A pendant mounted lighting fixture has a decorative housing that includes a cast metal body and two light engines. The body is a single-piece casting that may have a separate door.
Spring City Mfg. Co.


Seat for vehicles

A vehicle seat which can retract a seat body in a refraction floor with components of a refraction structure not arranged on a surface of the retraction floor is provided by a simple structure. This includes: a support leg detachably retained by a leg retaining member, located on a vehicle body floor, and supporting a seat cushion; and a support base connected to the vehicle body floor to support a pivotable seat back.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


System and automating line retraction on a reel

A system and method are disclosed for automating extension and/or retraction of a line on a spool. The system detachably couples a spool of line to an automated winding portion such as a power drill, extends the line out from the spool in some embodiments, positions a distal end of the line at a desired position, performs an operation with the line, and automatically retracts the line.


Led with high thermal conductivity particles in phosphor conversion layer

In one embodiment, a solid cylindrical tablet is pre-formed for a reflective cup containing an led die, such as a blue led die. The tablet comprises uniformly-mixed phosphor particles and transparent/translucent particles of a high tc material, such as quartz, in a hardened silicone binder, where the index of refraction of the high tc material is matched to that of the silicone to minimize internal reflection.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Organic light-emitting module

An organic light-emitting module including a light-transmissive substrate, a light extracting structure, a first electrode, an organic light-emitting stack, a second electrode, and a transparent carrying board is provided. The light-transmissive substrate has an index of refraction greater than 1.5 and has a first surface and a second surface opposite to the first surface.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


System and using pre-equilibrium ballistic charge carrier refraction

A method and system for using a method of pre-equilibrium ballistic charge carrier refraction comprises fabricating one or more solid-state electric generators. The solid-state electric generators include one or more of a chemically energized solid-state electric generator and a thermionic solid-state electric generator.
Neokismet, Llc


High index dielectric film to increase extraction efficiency of nanowire leds

Various embodiments include semiconductor devices, such as nanowire leds, that include a plurality of first conductivity type semiconductor nanowire cores located over a support, a plurality of second conductivity type semiconductor shells extending over and around the respective nanowire cores, and a layer of a high index of refraction material over at least a portion of a surface of at least one of the nanowire cores and the shells, wherein the high index of refraction material has an index of refraction that is between about 1.4 and about 4.5. Light extraction efficiency may be improved..
Glo Ab


Enhanced microfluidic electromagnetic measurements

Techniques for enhanced microfluidic impedance spectroscopy include causing a core fluid to flow into a channel between two sheath flows of one or more sheath fluids different from the core fluid. Flow in the channel is laminar.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Image refraction system and method

An image refractor, system and method are designed to improve refraction tests by allowing an examinee to compare, by viewing through at least one eye, at least two disparate images of the same acuity target, substantially side-by-side and simultaneously. The image refractor incorporates at least two prisms through which the acuity target is viewed.
Sirsvision, Llc


Optoelectronic semiconductor device and producing an optoelectronic semiconductor device

An optoelectronic semiconductor component has at least one semiconductor chip for emitting electromagnetic radiation. The semiconductor chip has at least one side surface and wherein a part of the electromagnetic radiation exits through the side surface during operation of the semiconductor chip.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Module for liquid crystal display apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus comprising the same

An lcd module includes an lcd panel, and a polarizing plate formed on each of the upper and lower surfaces of the lcd panel. The polarizing plate includes a polarizer and a polyester film formed on at least one surface of the polarizer.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.


Two-in-one translucent and colored film

A two-in-one colored and translucent film structure suitable for use in backlit displays having a multi-point illumination source. The film structure utilizes a colored layer and a light-diffusing layer that reduces variations in the amount of light transmitted through different areas of a backlit sign.
Avery Dennison Corporation


Tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction lens and system

A tunable acoustic gradient index of refraction (tag) lens and system are provided that permit, in one aspect, dynamic selection of the lens output, including dynamic focusing and imaging. The system may include a tag lens and at least one of a source and a detector of electromagnetic radiation.


Gemstone registration system

A device for producing a reproducible identification pattern of a polished gemstone includes light directing means for directing a focused beam of light onto a gemstone orientated in a particular known manner to produce an output of the internal refraction and reflection characteristics of the gemstone including reflected light beams having particular locations, sizes and intensities. The device also includes automated means for changing a position of the gemstone relative to the focused beam of light; and also a means for recording the output in a manner to record the relative size and location of the reflected light beams..
Gemological Appraisal Association, Inc.


Lens and backlight module

A lens includes a central portion and a surrounding portion. The central portion has a first and a second optical surfaces.
Young Lighting Technology Inc.


Method for depositing an amorphous layer primarily containing fluorine and carbon, and device suited for carrying out this method

A method for depositing, under vacuum, an amorphous layer primarily containing fluorine and carbon onto a substrate (9), characterized in that it comprises a step for depositing this layer with an ion gun (1) for ejecting ions in the form of a beam of accelerated ions that is created from at least one compound containing fluorine and carbon in a gaseous form or saturated vapor supplied to the ion canon. A method of this type makes it possible, in particular, to improve the adherence of an outer layer having a low index of refraction to the underlying layer of an anti-reflective stack.
Essilor International (compagnie Generale D'optique)


Mirage effect jewellery

The present invention relates to mirage effect jewellery having a rest frame (10) and a plurality of stones (20). The stones (20) are mounted independent of one another such that dimensional variation is absorbable without impairing robustness and appearance of jewellery.
M/s. Sunjewels Pvt. Ltd.


Display device and display method

A display device includes: a display unit that displays, in a screen, images corresponding to viewpoints existing in a x direction; and a parallax forming unit that divides light existing between the display unit and the respective viewpoints with respect to the x direction so that different lights reach the respective viewpoints from the display unit due to light blocking or refraction, and guides the images corresponding to the respective viewpoints to the respective viewpoints. In a case where the width of each of the pixels in the x direction and/or the width of each of the pixels in a y direction is equal to or smeller than a predetermined width, the parallax forming unit divides light beams existing between the display unit and the respective viewpoints so that light of more than one pixel is included in each minimum divisional unit region formed through the dividing..
Japan Display Inc.


Liquid crystal display apparatus and manufacturing the same

The viewing angle of a liquid crystal display (lcd) apparatus is expanded by means of a sampled light redirecting layer, in one embodiment, the sampled light redirecting layer is formed as a compensation layer disposed between a top polarizing plate and the rest of a liquid crystal display panel having a first substrate, a second substrate, and a liquid crystal layer interposed therebetween. The compensation layer includes at least two optical path changing patterns disposed in interleaved manner.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Chemical nano-identification of a sample using normalized near-field spectroscopy

Apparatus and method for nano-identification a sample by measuring, with the use of evanescent waves, optical spectra of near-field interaction between the sample and optical nanoantenna oscillating at nano-distance above the sample and discriminating background backscattered radiation not sensitive to such near-field interaction. Discrimination may be effectuated by optical data acquisition at periodically repeated moments of nanoantenna oscillation without knowledge of distance separating nanoantenna and sample.
Bruker Nano, Inc.


Compound light control lens field

A light control apparatus comprising a first region, a second region and a connector rotationally coupling the first region to the second region, wherein a cumulative refraction angle is selectable based upon a relative rotation angle of the first region with respect to the second region and wherein a rotation angle with respect to the first and second region and an axis controls a steering of a light beam.. .
Soraa, Inc.


Film-forming composition

A film-forming composition that contains a tricarbonyl-benzene hyperbranched-polymer cross-linker and a triazine-containing hyperbranch, as shown for example in the formula, can form a thin film that excels in terms of hardness and heat tolerance and exhibits a reduced decrease in index of refraction despite the addition of the cross-linker.. .
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Optical lens

This invention provides an optical lens, in order from an object side to an image-forming side, comprises a first lens with positive refraction power; a second lens with negative refraction power; a third lens with positive refraction power; a fourth lens with negative refraction power; a fifth lens with positive refraction power and a sixth lens with negative refraction power. The optical lens satisfies the following conditions: 0.50≦efl/ttl, efl/ttl≦1.00, 0.65≦f123/efl, and/or f123/efl≦1.00..
Ability Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Fibre stub device and method using butt coupling for receptacled photonic devices

A novel, hybrid optical fibre stub device comprises a first ferrule transparent to uv light and a second ferrule including a conventional material. An optical fibre is disposed through the first ferrule and second ferrule.
Semtech Corporation


Fresnel lens with reduced draft facet visibility

A curved fresnel lens is provided. The fresnel lens includes a grooved surface and a smooth surface.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Image pickup lens and camera module including the same

Embodiments provide an image pickup lens including a first lens to a sixth lens arranged in sequence from an object side to an image side. A first surface of the third lens facing the object side has a radius of curvature greater than a radius of curvature of a second surface of the third lens facing the image side.
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Decorative, jet-black coating

A jet-black coating that resists wear; first, at least one dlc layer with a high degree of hardness is applied to a component and then a gradient layer, whose density decreases in the direction toward the surface, is applied to this dlc layer. By means of the refraction index progression that this produces in the gradient layer, the gradient layer functions as a reflection-reducing layer..
Oerlikon Surface Solutions Ag, TrÜbbach


Light emitting diodes with improved efficiency

Light emitting diode assemblies having transparent covers that exhibit high indexes of refraction adjacent are provided. Covers comprise polymer composites comprising inorganic nanoparticles.


Methods of optical pathway device construction

Disclosed are devices, systems, and methods for construction or fabrication of optical fiber-like devices by depositing curable optical materials of differing indices of refraction in a controlled manner forming integral optical pathways, the integral optical pathways exhibiting total internal reflection and functioning essentially equivalent optical properties to conventional optical fibers optical pathways.. .


Integrated waveguide coupler

A waveguide coupler includes a first waveguide and a second waveguide. The waveguide coupler also includes a connecting waveguide disposed between the first waveguide and the second waveguide.
Skorpios Technologies, Inc.


Method for modifying the refractive index of an optical material and resulting optical vision component

A method for modifying the refractive index of an optical polymeric material. The method comprises continuously irradiating predetermined regions of an optical, polymeric material with femtosecond laser pulses to form a gradient index refractive structure within the material.
University Of Rochester

Refraction topics: Refraction, Semiconductor, Transparent Electrode, Scattering, Nanoparticle, Distributed, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Irradiation, Second Wave, Integrated Circuit, Light Guide, Data Processing, Laser Vision, Treatments

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